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Conference 7.286::osf_archive

Title:Open Software Foundation -- the Organization
Notice:Open Software Foundation -- the Organization
Created:Tue May 24 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 03 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1039
Total number of notes:3470
Number with bodies:0
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1.07NOD::KOZIKTue May 24 1988Welcome to OSF!
2.0NOD::KOZIKTue May 24 1988OSF Principles
3.022NOD::KOZIKTue May 24 1988Software Environment Guidelines
4.08CPRS::WOLFFTue May 24 1988Rumors ...
5.016SRFSUP::GOETZETue May 24 1988VMS is 12/17ths POSIX? which parts?
6.03CPRS::WOLFFWed May 25 1988OSF technical lit available ???
7.03MTA::GRAHAMWed May 25 1988Wall Street Endorses OSF.
8.016NCCODE::KOWALSKIWed May 25 1988New members of OSF
9.013NCCODE::KOWALSKIWed May 25 1988How about staffing?
10.04ACTTWO::WERNERThu May 26 1988OSF & CIM - Hope Springs Eternal
11.014RANCHO::ALLENThu May 26 1988Free UNIX Software
12.02ATRISK::TANCILLFri May 27 1988Press kit? Full list of contributed technologies??
13.017PERFCT::ANKERFri May 27 1988Digital's unique value within OSF
14.03BOMBE::CUMMINGSFri May 27 1988What does it mean to "contribute technology"?
15.01NOVA::BERENSONFri May 27 1988Database Technology?
16.011NAVAJO::MRIPLEYFri May 27 1988Languages and (dare I say) Calling Standards
17.0DELNI::MCCLELLANTue May 31 1988what's known about the "future AIX"?
18.039CAIRN::HARRISTue May 31 1988What is the cost of portability?
19.034DPDSAL::ROBINSONWed Jun 01 1988Customer Reactions
20.09CALL::SWEENEYFri Jun 03 1988Licensing and other restrictions
21.04UTRUST::DEHARTOGMon Jun 06 1988How do I tell my customers?
22.024HILLST::KHALLMon Jun 06 1988DEC's added value
23.02RANCHO::HACKThu Jun 09 1988Computer Consoles, Inc. and OSF
24.01CRLVMS::TREESEFri Jun 10 1988Contributing Software to OSF
25.0LOVADA::SCHERRERSat Jun 11 1988DEC's OSF European Marketing Manager
26.04THEBAY::WOODRIMon Jun 13 1988IBM's AIX - details
27.03VINO::WEINERThu Jun 23 1988History from Apollo
28.01RACHEL::BARABASHFri Jun 24 1988Humorous response to OSF from inside SUN
29.0COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed Jun 29 1988OSF session at USENIX
30.01COOKIE::DOUCETTEWed Jun 29 1988Research Institute of OSF
31.0CURIE::DIMANThu Jun 30 1988European Members?
32.012CANYON::LEEDSMon Jul 11 1988porting from VMS to OSF issues...
33.06TENERE::GLIGORTue Jul 19 1988Advertisements
34.02POBOX::SINGHTue Jul 19 1988Keep the ball rolling
35.02CURIE::CHASEYTue Jul 19 1988Digital Contacts?
36.0BMT::GRAHAMFri Jul 22 1988BAD Press in Unix World...
37.0NOD::KOZIKFri Jul 22 1988Let's Stop Flaming
38.03UBRAD::KOZIKMon Jul 25 1988OSF Moved
40.0USATTue Aug 02 1988OSI/Network Management Forum
41.07SMURF::TEOMANWed Aug 03 1988English: What is the present state of OSF?
42.05OED::BEYERThu Aug 11 1988Rumor control: OSF Licenses AT&T's Unix System V?
43.0MTA::GRAHAMFri Aug 12 1988"Open Systems..Facts and Fallacies"
44.0MTA::GRAHAMFri Aug 12 1988"Open Systems..Facts and Fallacies"
45.01VAOUMon Aug 22 1988Open Systems in the 1995?
46.05PRSNRD::PELIKSFri Aug 26 1988OSF - Ultrix 3.
47.02DENTON::AMARTINFri Aug 26 1988Open Seed Foundation
48.0TPOVFri Sep 09 1988I'm a OSF novice
49.02SSGBPM::PRICETue Sep 13 1988AT&T IN; AIX OUT?
51.0USATFri Sep 30 1988POSIX Made Official
52.08CIMNET::KEEGANWed Oct 05 1988OSF Realtime == 1
53.02VIA::SUNKARAThu Oct 06 1988OSF Timeframes??
54.09DYO78Wed Oct 19 1988AT&T's answer to OSF???
55.02SAFFRN::CUOCOWed Oct 26 1988AIA and OSF
56.0SQM::LYNCHSun Oct 30 1988Impact on Education
57.0MQOSMon Oct 31 1988OSF standard in graghic
58.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
59.01MQOSTue Nov 01 1988 APPROve
60.023NAVAJO::MRIPLEYWed Nov 02 1988XUI status in OSF
61.011THRUST::ROURKEFri Nov 11 1988POSIX notesfile?
62.02SSGBPM::KOZIKWed Nov 16 1988New President of OSF
63.0SSGBPM::KOZIKThu Nov 17 1988European OSF Information Day
64.0SSGBPM::KOZIKTue Nov 22 1988Operational Note
65.03PRSBUR::DUVILLIERTue Nov 29 1988Ultrix 3.
66.0DECEAT::BHANDARKARTue Nov 29 1988Archer group on AIX
67.01LDP::LEVINEWed Nov 30 1988UNIX International, Inc.
68.0NUTMEG::SILVERBERGFri Dec 09 1988DECUS joins OSF
69.01CURIE::SHENMon Jan 02 1989XUI becomes majority share holder of UEC/OSF
70.02MILRAT::KOZIKTue Jan 03 1989HP Press Release
72.01MILRAT::KOZIKThu Jan 05 1989AT&T Annoucement
73.0AKOVFri Jan 06 1989OSF & Research?
74.02LEMAN::DAVEEDFri Jan 06 1989Microsoft sending faxes?
75.01KORNS::KORNSMon Jan 09 1989"Digital Review" had scoop on OSF/UEC
76.06SSGBPM::KOBSMon Jan 16 1989New name for XUI?
77.010WINERY::ROSETue Jan 24 1989How to learn about the OSF style
78.01SALSA::MOELLERThu Jan 26 1989DEC/OSF-Slagging in Trade Press
79.012SSGBPM::KOBSMon Jan 30 1989Are we neglecting ISVs?
80.02AKOVTue Jan 31 1989OS for OSF?
81.03SSGBPM::COMISKEYTue Jan 31 1989UNIX International announces charter
82.05NAVAJO::MRIPLEYWed Feb 08 1989DECwindows --> OSF/Motif Questions
83.01RT128::BATESThu Feb 09 1989OSF/Motif for SUN systems ?
84.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Feb 09 1989Press Releases from Digital
85.07MONSTA::COLLINSMon Feb 13 1989Address of OSF?
86.02EAGLE1::EGGERSMon Feb 13 1989Multiprocessing
87.0SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Feb 16 1989XUI/Motif vs. Sun's Which Windowing System (WWA)
88.0SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Feb 16 1989XUI - A Wolfe in PM's Clothing!
89.019SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Feb 16 1989Marc Shulman Report: extract/nohead 89.19
90.020BOEHM::BLOUNTFri Feb 17 1989Heretical question: Is OSF really open?
91.022SSGBPM::KOBSWed Feb 22 1989OSF and Public Relations
92.0HGOVC::GILBERTTANGSat Feb 25 1989Where can I find info. about OSF ?
93.0SHIRE::PETRAITISMon Feb 27 1989ISV Conference Info Please
94.0SMURF::MICHEFri Mar 03 1989New OSF-INFO Notes File Established
95.010NAVAJO::MRIPLEYMon Mar 06 1989OSF/Motif sample available?
96.01WINERY::GRANTWed Mar 08 1989List of OSF Members
97.03CASEE::CLARKThu Mar 09 1989List of Unix International, Inc. members
98.025SSGBPM::KOBSWed Mar 15 1989Common ground
99.01DPDThu Mar 16 1989Digital and OSF
101.0102HOT::SUNKARATue Mar 21 1989why join the UNIX bandwagon?
102.07DYO78Wed Mar 22 1989OSF Presentation???
103.012SSGBPM::KOBSFri Mar 24 1989Release VMS?
104.03ROBOT::ENDSLEYFri Mar 24 1989Bull's window manager contribution to OSF
105.02TOWNS::BAGWILLMon Mar 27 1989OSI presentation
106.010STAR::ROBERTTue Mar 28 1989Wonderland
107.02NAC::HARBOTue Mar 28 1989Req: C compiler, parser generator standards info
108.06BMT::STEINBERGThu Mar 30 1989Roots...
109.027SSGBPM::KOBSTue Apr 04 1989ANDF Summary?
110.03SSGBPM::KOBSMon Apr 10 1989Help Us "Position" OSF
111.0RAINBO::SILLSMon Apr 10 1989Source of OSF Information
112.04BMT::MAUROTue Apr 11 1989POSIX .vs. OSF ?
113.03TEASE::WEAVERMon Apr 17 1989Will there be other submissions to OSF
114.07FUEL::grahamFri Apr 21 1989Should DIGITAL Join UNIX International?
115.07PRIMES::HOTTMon Apr 24 1989Hotline Support for OSF/Motif ???
116.01CSDPIE::HUTCHINGSTue Apr 25 1989Object Oriented software foundation rumor?
117.0SSGBPM::KOBSWed Apr 26 1989Computerworld story on OMG
118.0GUCCI::WEAVERFri Apr 28 1989Licensing cost structures?
119.01TOOK::BLOUNTFri Apr 28 1989DECwindows licensing terms
120.0SSGBPM::KOBSWed May 03 1989Expanded OSF PR Effort
121.0SSGBPM::KOBSFri May 05 1989May 4 OSF Release on OSF/1
122.03SSGBPM::KOBSTue May 09 1989OSF Motherhood Statement
123.01WELWEL::GRAHAMFri May 12 1989OSF and X/open differences ?
124.03AITG::LACHIUSATue May 16 1989OSF software sources
125.04SSGBPM::KOBSWed May 17 1989OSF/1 Partyline?
126.0SSGBPM::KOBSThu May 18 1989OSF and UI Join X/Open
127.07SICVAX::TIMMINSMon May 22 1989XUI and OSF -- Are they really perfect together?
128.01DEMON::PANGAKISTue May 23 1989Training materials on OSF/Motif?
129.0TOOK::BLOUNTFri Jun 09 1989OSF RFT Released!
130.05DECWET::THOMASFri Jun 16 1989Online list of commands, libraries etc.?
131.0TOOK::BLOUNTWed Jun 21 1989OSF Sabbatical Program
132.08CIMNET::MANGANOWed Jun 21 1989pointer to latest snapshot please
133.03ATHINA::SKARLATOSTue Jun 27 1989OSF/Motif information needed
134.0ACESMK::ZEMONThu Jun 29 1989AIX Summary
135.0SICVAX::TIMMINSFri Jul 07 1989ICS Sells Motif (since May)
136.025SSGBPM::KOBSMon Jul 10 1989KO on OSF/Motif
137.011CALL::SWEENEYSat Jul 15 1989Competition in exploiting OSF/Motif
138.05LARVAE::JEFFERYMon Jul 24 1989Document on developing with XUI --> Motif
140.0LARVAE::BULLARDWed Aug 02 1989Info on Motif class hierarchy please?
141.036UTROFF::BROUWERSTue Aug 08 1989Motif's status ?
142.02SSGBPM::KOBSThu Aug 10 1989Latest OSF Member List
143.018TOOK::BLOUNTThu Aug 10 1989OSF Interoperability RFT
144.04FUEL::grahamFri Aug 11 1989Motif..Legal Issues..
145.03POBOX::JONESTue Aug 15 1989IBM and OSF/Motif
146.01PAXVAX::LONGFri Aug 18 1989Help accessing OSF Documentation
147.0FUEL::grahamWed Aug 23 1989Motif Conference Announcement.
148.017GLORY::HOWEWed Aug 23 1989HP to ship Motif
149.02TOOK::BLOUNTThu Aug 24 1989DEC's Interoperability "vision"
150.0SSGBPM::KOBSTue Aug 29 1989IBM's AIX sales
151.02SSGBPM::KOBSTue Aug 29 1989Digital, NIST, and X
152.0FUEL::grahamTue Aug 29 1989Sun to Capitulate?
153.011XUI::VANNOYWed Aug 30 1989OSF/Motif V1 Documents available
154.02SUBWAY::GRAHAMWed Aug 30 1989O'Shea Leaves OSF...
155.013XUI::VANNOYFri Sep 01 1989Motif naming contest
156.06SSGBPM::KOBSTue Sep 05 1989Let HP Bleed?
157.0GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKWed Sep 06 1989nroff/troff <==> ddif converter
158.06IJSAPL::ESSERThu Sep 07 1989Open Desktop ?
160.01HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Sep 11 1989MOTIF Needed - Really!
161.03SSGBPM::KOBSTue Sep 12 1989RFT Submission?
162.01MINNIE::EY8Wed Sep 13 1989XUI/MOTIF vs Presentation Manager
163.0AUSPEX::KOZIKMon Sep 18 1989OSPM Organization
164.02PAXVAX::LONGMon Sep 18 1989IBM's AIX running on 386 and 486 ?
165.09FUEL::grahamThu Sep 21 1989Sun and OSF....
166.03TKOVWed Sep 27 1989Could you lecture on "OSF"?
167.01DEMON::MARIEMon Oct 02 1989Help locating MOTIF course
168.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Oct 02 1989OSF to consider MACH over AIX in OSF/1
169.01FUEL::grahamTue Oct 10 1989Motif Wins European Support...
170.03TKOVThu Oct 12 1989Another seminar plan on "OSF/Motif".
171.0ROMTue Oct 17 1989NINA Lytton's Open Systems Initiative
172.01ITAMKT::MARCOMMWed Nov 08 1989AT&T selling USO (?)
173.01TOOK::BLOUNTMon Nov 13 1989Impressions of the OSF Member's mtg
174.0AUSPEX::KOZIKTue Nov 14 1989OSF changes course on standardization
176.06TOOK::BLOUNTWed Dec 06 1989USO/OSF merger?
177.03IJSAPL::ESSERFri Dec 22 1989How can customer order MOTIF
178.02PARSI::KAKAWed Jan 03 1990Will OSF/1 have X11R4
179.021JAWJA::GRESHMon Jan 08 1990``DEcorum'' submitted to OSF
180.05EMASS::KANGTue Jan 09 1990OSF Realtime Support
181.01SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Jan 22 1990OSF "broker" style pushes deliverables, knocks unity
182.0TOOK::BLOUNTFri Jan 26 1990OSF DCE member opinions
183.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Feb 27 1990Pesentations needed
184.06FASDER::AHERBTue Feb 27 1990Looking for Independent MOTIF vs. Open Look rpts.
185.0EOS::REHMTue Feb 27 1990U. Lowell and OSF/Motif in C++
186.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 17 1990more informations about OZIX ??
187.08SUBWAY::MAUROWed Apr 18 1990What IS OSF/1
188.02KYOV5Thu Apr 19 1990About CMU's R&D environment
189.01AUSPEX::KOZIKThu Apr 19 1990OSF Press Release
190.03WARNUT::GALLACHERMFri Apr 20 1990OSF/1 comprises of ???
191.03WARNUT::GALLACHERMMon Apr 23 1990standards bodies origins
192.02MDRADV::MAMORENOFri May 04 1990MOTIF Source Kit ?
193.02SICVAX::TIMMINSMon May 07 1990OSF/1 Training RFT Expected
194.01SICVAX::TIMMINSMon May 07 1990TRAINING (Motif)
195.01TOOK::BLOUNTTue May 08 1990OSF Dist Computing Selection!
196.02HAMPS::SIDDLE_CWed May 16 1990Conformance to OSF/1
197.01WINERY::SANDYThu May 17 1990OSF/1 Software DEMO
198.0AUSPEX::KOZIKFri May 25 1990SCO & OSF Announcement
199.01AIDA::CARCANOThu Jun 07 1990Which are the "pending" RFTs?
200.01DECWET::CREMEENSMon Jun 11 1990OSF Copyright Permissions?
201.03HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Jun 24 1990DCE Clarification, please?
202.01JAWJA::GRESHWed Jun 27 1990OSF endorses Houston 3
203.0TOOK::BLOUNTFri Jul 06 1990New OSF DCE Notes conference
204.03HAMPS::SELBY_MMon Jul 09 1990HOUSTON 3
206.04LENO::GRIERThu Aug 02 1990Obtaining OSF/1 snapshots
207.02SSGBPM::COMISKEYMon Aug 06 1990Distributed Management RFT issued
208.015SSGBPM::COMISKEYMon Aug 06 1990OSF Electronic Bulletins
209.02LOVADA::SCHERRERThu Aug 09 1990Full list of OSF members
210.04HAM::NASKEThu Aug 09 1990OSF/1 and schedule ?
211.06HAMPS::CHISHOLM_DThu Aug 09 1990OSF Kernel - POSIX ?
212.03STAR::MACGREGORFri Aug 10 1990Process for deriving standards from OSF ?
213.04HAM::NASKEWed Aug 15 1990OSF/1 and ADA ?
214.01STAR::MACGREGORWed Aug 15 1990Should VMS support AES ?
215.03OSTV1Mon Aug 20 1990How many file descriptors?
216.0ACESMK::RLEESat Sep 01 19901
217.014CRLTRX::jgFri Sep 07 1990Buying beer at the Cambridge Brewing Company
218.06HAM::NASKEWed Sep 19 1990OSF/1 and realtime priorities ?
219.02DCC::URBANFri Oct 12 1990osf and ultrix fs's not compat?
220.03ROMWed Oct 17 1990OSF/1 is coming...
221.02MINDER::SHEAFri Oct 19 1990LAT information
222.06SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Oct 22 1990OSF/1 -- CLOSED DOORS?
223.03FORTSC::GAVINMon Oct 22 1990Is there a white paper describing differences between OSF/1 and SYSTEM V ???
224.01OSANPO::TAKEUCHITue Oct 23 1990looking for OSF/1's system call list
225.04OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 23 1990"Pure" OSF/1 in the future?
226.02SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Oct 24 1990OSF/1 Ann't Trip Report
227.05OXNARD::KLEEWed Oct 24 1990DECwindows on OSF/1?
228.09GUIDUK::ONOThu Oct 25 1990B1 security and OSF/1?
229.01OSTV1Thu Nov 01 1990ISAM LIB?
230.04HPSRAD::KOMARThu Nov 01 1990who is the OSF liaison?
232.02SMURF::WCAWed Nov 07 1990call for STREAMS device drivers
233.0DECWET::THOMASThu Nov 08 1990ANSI conformance?
234.02HAMPS::CHISHOLM_DFri Nov 09 1990VMS and OSF/AES
235.02KOALA::RYANMon Nov 26 1990Dynamic linking in OSF/1?
237.010LENO::GRIERThu Nov 29 1990Where's the beef? (OSF/1 internal availability?)
238.0GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Nov 30 1990OSF/1 notes file?
239.05DECWET::SAETHERFri Nov 30 1990OSF Open Road process
240.01BRULE::MICKOLWed Dec 05 1990SVID Compliance
241.0MOVIES::WHITAKERFri Dec 07 1990VAX version of OSF/1
243.0SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Dec 10 1990SCSI drivers+ for OSF/1
244.01STKHLM::HALLINMon Dec 10 1990Thanks for the tip on DEC-FORTRAN-FT
245.02PADIS2::PHILONENKOTue Dec 11 1990OSF/1 and STREAMS ?
246.0ASDS::SEGERTue Dec 11 1990INGRES
247.0MUNICH::URBANWed Dec 12 1990Where is snap5 conference?
248.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Dec 12 1990OSF/1 documentation?
249.016TROPPO::RICKARDThu Dec 13 1990When OSF/1 for Suns ?
250.03DECWET::SCHMITZMon Dec 17 1990OSF SIG meeting (Cupertino)
251.03GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Dec 18 1990OSF/ROSE implementation question
252.05DATABS::ROYALFri Jan 04 1991Shell(s) support in OSF/1
253.04DATABS::ROYALTue Jan 08 1991Getting OSF/1 Source code
254.05TOOK::BLOUNTMon Jan 14 1991A DCE developer's kit on Ultrix?
255.03HSOMAI::PALOMon Jan 14 1991will IBM MVS support any OSF (like OSF/rpc)?
256.03GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Jan 15 1991OSF/1 technical question
257.03WESSEX::maxwellFri Jan 18 1991gettys on OSF/1 (BL1)
258.05XNOGOV::MAXWELLMon Jan 21 1991login/passwd problems
259.02SELECT::WIKOFFMon Jan 21 1991HP/UX -> OSF/1
260.07BIGRED::DANIELSTue Jan 22 1991OSF antitrust investigation?
261.03GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Jan 25 1991selection procedure question
262.04GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Jan 25 1991ANDF status?
263.04GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Jan 28 1991LVM max file size query
264.03DATABS::ROYALTue Jan 29 1991Per kernel thread statistics?
265.0GALVIA::FONEILLMon Feb 04 1991ROFF -> DDIF/SGML Converter IFT/EFT Sites Req/d
266.01CSOA1::HUNTTue Feb 05 1991Unix International Members???
267.04GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Feb 07 1991scheduling policy question
268.02RDOVAX::JELTEMATue Feb 12 1991security level question
269.0GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Feb 14 1991mandatory file locking?
270.04ULTRA::SEIDENFri Feb 15 1991Documentation available from OSF
271.01GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Feb 18 1991unwire: what's it mean?
272.01GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Feb 18 1991shared memory: how?
273.04GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Feb 19 1991Mach servers included?
274.03WARNUT::FORSHAWJWed Feb 20 1991OSF/1, SMP and 58x
275.03BENONI::WANMon Feb 25 1991Ultrix V4.1 -> OSF1 issues ??
276.03KETJE::DELAMPERTue Feb 26 1991tahoe file system ?
277.01GUCCI::BJELTEMAWed Feb 27 1991Which VAXes for OSF/1?
278.01ZENDIA::FROMMERTue Mar 05 1991OSF Internals Class
279.07STRIKE::EMLICHFri Mar 08 1991Shell problem in OSF
280.02AIAG::SURESHMon Mar 11 1991Mountd not starting up
281.02GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Mar 15 1991OSF/1 ULTRIX delayed?
282.03ZURFCC::ROTHMMon Mar 18 1991OSF courses ?
283.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 19 1991IBM demos OSF/1 on S/39
284.01VINO::KOMARTue Mar 19 1991<UNIV> software License agreement(s)?
285.01VINO::KOMARTue Mar 19 1991csh editting in ADK?
286.0VINO::KOMARTue Mar 19 1991meta-question: where should uses ask osf-adk questions?
287.01MILRAT::UGRINOWWed Mar 20 1991OSF/1 Kernel available?
288.06ASD::YOUNGWed Mar 27 1991OSF/1 gcc source?
289.08ADO75A::SHARPEThu Mar 28 1991ULTRIX binaries to ADK?
290.01FCOIS::AUBERTThu Apr 04 1991Licencing management for OSF
291.03ADO75A::SHARPETue Apr 09 1991Andrew File System
292.0CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINWed Apr 10 1991To YP or not to YP
293.01DENVER::DAVISGBMon Apr 22 1991X86 OSF Kit?
294.06TRNPRC::FALORTue Apr 23 1991DEC gives up OSF/1 to SCO?
295.04SNOOPY::SCHIMPFWed Apr 24 1991Suit over the selection of SecureWare
296.02PRIMES::FINKELSTEINWed Apr 24 1991comsat(8) dumps core
297.01FULMER::BEWSThu May 09 1991Shared libraries question
298.0WINERY::NORDLINGERThu May 09 1991Questions about OSF/1 and high availability
299.01TOOHOT::SANFORDFri May 10 1991Will HP's Task Broker Be in OSF?
300.0AIAG::SWARTMon May 20 1991UUCP on ADK?
301.03FMCSSE::WILMESFri May 24 1991ILV encoding services?
302.01SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTMon May 27 1991Variable buffer cache?
303.0MILRAT::DISALVOMon Jun 03 1991Tom Doeppner to teach OSF/1 Intro
304.0NCDEL::WESTMANMon Jun 03 1991Application Profile Question
305.04ULTRA::SMITHMon Jun 10 1991OSF on a DECsystem 582
306.01PIPA::SANTIAGOMon Jun 17 1991pthreads related libraries in OSF/ADK ??
307.01GRANPA::ELOMAXMon Jun 24 1991OSF are you out there?
308.01AUNTB::MASZERWed Jun 26 1991MOTIF Application list?
309.0OLCROW::HSUThu Jun 27 1991Thread-synchronous system calls
310.0RIVAGE::BRUNETTIThu Jun 27 1991Questions about SMS/OSF
311.0FORTSC::SHOMOThu Jun 27 1991OSF/1 Console Error Logging
312.0CFSCTC::PALMERMon Jul 01 1991looking for benchmarks
313.0RIVAGE::BRUNETTIMon Jul 01 1991How to add us to the OSF Newsletter?
315.07FORTSC::CHABANMon Jul 08 1991question on RPC
317.01TONKA::MADERFri Jul 26 1991Oracle port to OSF/1
318.0MILRAT::DISALVOWed Jul 31 1991OSF ROADSHOW: OSF sends 'DCE heavy' to #21CTS-
319.01MILRAT::DISALVOFri Aug 02 1991COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: Porting Applications to OSF/1
320.01RIPPLE::DAVIS_PUMon Aug 12 1991migration to OSF help
321.0CIRCUS::DISCOLOTue Aug 13 1991Stray interrupt on 3max running BL5.
322.0ULTOE::browderWed Aug 14 1991sendmail.cf for OSF ADK (BL2)
323.0LEDDEV::UGRINOWThu Aug 22 1991OSF/1 Internals Course
324.02TLE::WELLSFri Aug 23 1991Sony Portable
325.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 30 1991NEW OSF/DCE Technical Training available!
326.0HGOVC::DANIELYUENTue Sep 03 1991Kits : OSF/1 wanted
327.0VINO::KOMARWed Sep 04 1991Rashid accepts position at MicroSoft
328.01ANNECY::LEMMAFri Sep 06 1991X25 and XTI on OSF/1
329.03REGENT::AUGERIMon Sep 09 1991Hercules/1 or OSF/1/Tin?
332.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTWed Sep 25 1991OSF/1 transparent wrt Ultrix appl's ?
333.01DSM::GOULDWed Sep 25 1991syslog exist under OSF ?
335.01HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHTue Oct 01 1991OSF/1 presentation wanted please
336.0XSTACY::BODONOVANWed Oct 02 1991ANDF snapshot anyone ??
338.04BLGMon Oct 07 1991Mach docs available from CMU ?
339.07NOVA::SIMONTue Oct 08 1991Consortia information requested
340.02GVAThu Oct 10 1991UX,AIX,Ultrix AES Compliance ?
341.01LEDDEV::UGRINOWThu Oct 10 1991HERCULES/1 "link" problem
342.0MSEE::CHENGFri Oct 11 1991HERCULES/1 installation failure
343.04TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEFri Oct 11 1991"pstat -s" equivalent on Hercules?
344.0OSTV1Wed Oct 16 1991Hercules/1 NFS Automounter set up problem.
346.04LEDDEV::UGRINOWTue Oct 22 1991HERCULES/1 Won't Build!
347.01BROKE::NORIThu Oct 24 1991Shared memory on OSF/1
349.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Oct 25 1991hercules gets no mail
350.0MAIL::ALBERTMon Oct 28 1991Motif for SPARC questions
351.02NOVA::SIMONTue Oct 29 1991S.O.S. - any info?
352.0LEDDEV::UGRINOWWed Oct 30 1991Mach RPC&EMMI Courses
354.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Nov 01 1991symbol table, call frame Q's...
355.02RBTRN::EERENBERGFri Nov 01 1991POSIX and XPG3? Related?
357.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESWed Nov 06 1991adding more paging
358.0LEDDEV::UGRINOWThu Nov 07 1991can't run netmsgserver
359.01SSDEVO::WICKTue Nov 12 1991OSF and layered products
360.03MSEE::CHENGTue Nov 12 1991set prompt don't work
362.01THEWAV::KRUEGERTue Nov 19 1991GOSIP Commitment ?
363.02DENVER::BERNARDFri Nov 22 1991What doc sets & man pages?
364.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESMon Nov 25 1991where do I get technial help on hercules???
365.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Nov 26 1991Hercules/Osf1 availability?
366.01WARNUT::THOMASAWed Nov 27 1991Hercules & CD rom's
370.03PIXEL::WHITEFri Dec 06 1991Ultrix -> OSF differences...
371.01USRCV1::LEFFLERMFri Dec 06 1991Maximum # of users in OSF/1?
372.03HDLITE::BUTTRICKThu Dec 12 1991Username length limit/passwd problem
373.03TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 17 1991OSF/1 questions?
376.0PIXEL::WHITEThu Dec 19 1991Can't write to nfs mounted filesystems
377.0TALLIS::PARADISThu Dec 19 1991gcc/g++ for TIN?
379.02PIXEL::WHITEThu Jan 02 1992Can't send mail to other nodes
380.0AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jan 03 1992Novice sysmgr remote printer question
381.01TOPTEN::GREENFri Jan 03 1992mandatory update for BL8???
382.04GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Jan 03 1992andf rationale?
383.04LATHAM::D_LATHAMMon Jan 06 1992OSF compiler warning - why???
384.01PRSUD1::GELYTue Jan 07 1992Embedded OSF/1
386.02AZUR::DICKOFri Jan 10 1992LVM or not LVM Hercules is strong enough
387.03LABC::RUFri Jan 10 1992OSF Privilege and ACL?
388.0DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFMon Jan 13 1992File locking in OSF/1 V1?
390.01TOPTEN::GREENTue Jan 14 1992Support Kits?
391.01EPIK::WHITEMon Jan 20 1992can't talk to VAXstation 35
392.0LARVAE::BURGESSMon Jan 20 1992OSF & Harris & Cray
394.04TENNIS::KAMMon Jan 20 1992Benefits of Loadable Drivers?
395.0XNOGOV::PAVITTTue Jan 21 1992
396.02LATHAM::D_LATHAMTue Jan 21 1992OSF Project Leader?
397.01URSUS::RICKTue Jan 21 1992OSF/1 Support for FDDI, DECcontroller 7
398.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jan 22 1992Digital OSF Press Release
400.02SX4GTO::AUSTINFri Jan 24 1992SPD?
401.06ANNECY::ADAMMon Jan 27 1992boot < 1
402.02LEDDEV::UGRINOWThu Jan 30 1992MAET's OSF/1 Trng Cal
403.03MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Jan 31 1992Location of posix papers
404.02OTOOA::POPHAMMon Feb 03 1992OSF/1 3rd Party Application Vendors
405.0MRKTNG::KANGMon Feb 03 1992Jan 22. Uniforum Announcement Literature available
406.0VAXSYS::ALEXANDREFri Feb 07 1992Has a definitive OSF/1 internals text been published?
408.03TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 10 1992ULTRIX to Hercules/1 Migration Guide?
409.01MSEE::CHENGTue Feb 18 1992OSF/1 Fortran compiler ?
410.02NICCTR::MILLSWed Feb 19 1992VMS to OSF communication via WIN/TCP
411.02KETJE::DELAMPERThu Feb 20 1992'user provided backing store'
413.01DECWET::CARRUTHERSThu Feb 27 1992DECnsr FT sites
414.03PIXEL::WHITEMon Mar 02 1992uid prompt when using adduser??
416.01VINO::KOMARWed Mar 04 1992installing DEC OSF/1 "in parallel"
417.01NLAFri Mar 06 1992Help on customer security requirements
418.03XSTACY::GRAINNEMon Mar 09 1992DEC OSF/1 v2.
420.09ZENDIA::SIEWIERSKIWed Mar 11 1992kit location ?
422.0HXOUThu Mar 12 1992OSF/1 Tech Questions
423.01EICMFG::RICHTERFri Mar 13 1992OSF/1 DECterm and Compose Characters?
425.0TRHWed Mar 18 1992Adding second swap???
426.01HKGACT::DANIELYUENThu Mar 19 1992pointer to OSF/1 wanted
427.0ASHISH::SCHRADERThu Mar 19 1992Multiple rail Ethernet support question
428.02AZUR::GURLEFri Mar 20 1992AES Operating System api volume
430.01BROUGH::DAVIESThu Mar 26 1992Layered Products again ?
431.02LARVAE::SMITH_JONThu Mar 26 1992OSF/1 Alpha/MIPS compatibility
432.0VMSMKT::STOREYThu Mar 26 1992Digital videos on DEC OSF/1
433.05NSDC::KERRISKThu Mar 26 1992Problems use Real-time extns: timer_settime, nanosleep
434.01ASHISH::SCHRADERThu Mar 26 1992OSF Disk Shadowing
435.0LEDDEV::FROLICHFri Mar 27 1992Microsoft Engineers to Speak at Digital
436.03CSC32::HEINZFri Mar 27 1992bind primary problems
437.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Mar 30 1992Minimum memory required ?
438.03TOPTEN::GREENTue Mar 31 1992OSF from SSB??
440.02TBJVOA::MENNITIWed Apr 01 1992Realtime extensions
441.05ROMTSS::CERIOLIWed Apr 01 1992/etc/zoneinfo & zic equivalents on OSF-1 V1.
442.07FRAIS::NOFFKEWed Apr 01 1992OSF/1 documentation ?
443.09GENIE::FRIDLEWed Apr 01 1992Diskless management?
444.04NOBOZO::WEAVERWed Apr 01 1992Silver BL3 Video support
445.03WELLIN::BULLARDFri Apr 03 1992Which version of OSF will have LAT?
446.01BACHUS::LECLERCQFri Apr 03 1992When does installation ask root passwd
447.01SOLVIT::VALCOURTFri Apr 03 1992Ultrix vs. DEC OSF/1 in performance?
448.01APACHE::VIJAYFri Apr 03 1992" What is the Maximum file name under OSF?"
450.01CSC32::HEINZMon Apr 06 1992yp (nis) master setup problems
451.03KETJE::DELAMPERTue Apr 07 1992ppp in osf/1 ?
452.07OGWANI::NAKATATue Apr 07 1992Can I install ULTRIX layered soft ?
453.03SWAM1::SUMRALL_JITue Apr 07 1992TCP/IP problems under (our) OSF/1
454.0RDVAX::HAYESTue Apr 07 1992Users' Forum Trip Report
455.06ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 08 1992BLISS for OSF
456.02TAEC::SILVAWed Apr 08 1992Will ULTRIX/SQL be available on OSF/1?
457.02PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGWed Apr 08 1992OSF/1 self diagnostics tools
458.03LABC::RUWed Apr 08 1992Control key doesn't work!
459.01LARRYC::SYSTEMWed Apr 08 1992OSF doc set -- Where is Motif Prog Reference??
460.0GOONS::LYEThu Apr 09 1992mmap() and load() examples required + comp prob
461.01LIOSThu Apr 09 1992dec osf v1.
463.01VNASWS::GERHARDKFri Apr 10 1992device driver writers guide?
464.03NSDC::KERRISKFri Apr 10 1992What are tasks, ports and messages
465.01PIXEL::WHITEFri Apr 10 1992Ansi standard for structure declarations
466.05UNTADH::LEWISMon Apr 13 1992Hardware Requirements
467.03MASADA::SESKEVICHMon Apr 13 1992OSF/1 Demos Available
468.04SOLVIT::VALCOURTTue Apr 14 1992DEC OSF/1 supporting the MIPS DS?
469.0RLAV::SMITH_DTue Apr 14 1992OSF Rollout Plan, at RISC Symposium
470.0TLE::REAGANThu Apr 16 1992DEC Pascal V5.
471.01LEDDEV::UGRINOWFri Apr 17 1992"Custom" OSF Courses Calendar
472.0TOPTEN::GREENMon Apr 20 1992NFS and LVM
473.05ERFARE::SDWed Apr 22 199259
474.01GOONS::LYEWed Apr 22 1992building programe and dynamic loadded modules
476.01URSUS::RICKMon Apr 27 1992Problem with DECterms and Xterms and ALL-IN-1
477.025TYFYS::PATTERSONTue Apr 28 1992DECstation/DECsystem DEC OSF/1 support?
478.02TAEC::GURLETue Apr 28 1992How to send a mail to VMS node ?
479.0BIGRED::PARKERTue Apr 28 1992What is the max latency possible for Realtime OSF/1?
480.02ERFARE::SDThu Apr 30 1992osf/1+ds31
481.0TOPTEN::GREENThu Apr 30 1992nfs daemon question
482.0LEDDEV::FROLICHFri May 01 1992Software Mgmt Course
483.0MSDOA::SECRISTSat May 02 1992When will the smoke clear ?
484.04MSDOA::SECRISTMon May 04 1992How to fight for OSF/1 on MIPS ?!
485.02MSDOA::SECRISTMon May 04 1992OSF/1 Product Management ?
486.0LEDDEV::FROLICHMon May 04 1992The Application Software Factory
487.03GYUPCC::GOSEJACMon May 04 1992LVM and Filesystem Size Change
489.02TAEC::GURLETue May 05 1992Impossible to change environment variable by program !!!
490.0RLAV::SMITH_DWed May 06 1992Ease of use in DEC OSF/1
491.0MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 06 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
493.028DENVER::DAVISGBMon May 11 1992OSF/1 on Intel?
495.02ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed May 13 1992problem report location
496.02MSDOA::SECRISTThu May 14 1992Final word on MIPS OSF/1 ?
498.0NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue May 19 1992XDM protocol problems on OSF/1 - Help!
499.03GAUSS::BALSONTue May 19 1992OSF to quit OSF ???
500.01TOPTEN::GREENThu May 21 1992buffer cache size?
501.016MSDOA::SECRISTSat May 23 1992MIPS Demise is Public
502.0DATABS::ROYALMon May 25 1992 Kernel Threads API?
503.02DATABS::ROYALMon May 25 1992 Write your own System Call?
505.0QUABBI::"klai@decuac.DEC.COM"Thu May 28 1992chpt vs. disklabel - incorrect disk partitions info
506.01MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 29 1992Rioting on the Internet !
507.01MSDSWS::MARCHESSAULTMon Jun 01 1992Needed, "scamp" like program
508.02SSDEVO::WICKMon Jun 01 1992Any update on Silver kits?
509.02AIAG::CARIFIOTue Jun 02 1992could someone post (and mail me) the OSF V1.
510.08ENTIAT::GORDONThu Jun 04 1992DEC OSF/1 vs HP/UX
511.0AIAG::CARIFIOWed Jun 10 1992booting osf/1 kernal from a remote server
512.04GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Jun 10 19923 Customer Questions
514.04MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jun 15 1992Best presentation stuff ?
516.05SMURF::BEIKMANTue Jun 16 1992DEC OSF/1 Alpha IFT X2.
517.02GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Jun 16 1992more signals?
518.0CRONIC::ANTROBUSWed Jun 17 1992Can't install subsets from X2.
519.0KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Jun 23 1992Silver/MIPS FRS ?
520.02KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Jun 23 1992OSF/1-MIPS CDROM Products ?
521.07CPDW::MCCLURETue Jun 23 1992Are you an EXPERT on OSF? We need you.
522.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jun 25 1992R5
523.01EDGEGU::SPENCEThu Jun 25 1992OSF/1 V1.
524.06MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jun 26 1992Silver on an RZ24 ?
525.02DENVER::MATSUSHITAMon Jun 29 1992Does OSF1 v1.
526.01AIAG::CARIFIOMon Jun 29 1992mre demo doesn't work on dec osf x2.
528.08LARVAE::GRAYTue Jun 30 1992Hardware Support?
529.02MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 30 1992OSF/1 vs. The World
531.02MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jul 02 1992Release schedule misses the point.
533.01ROMThu Jul 02 1992OSF/1.1
535.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jul 06 1992Scheme for VMS, OSF/1, and MS-DOS
536.08HIGHD::BRIDGESTue Jul 07 1992OSF/1 on a 5
537.01NAPIER::LAXMANWed Jul 08 1992Does OSF 1.1 include External Pager
538.0NAPIER::LAXMANWed Jul 08 1992Installing Mach 2.5
539.01SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Jul 09 1992Ultrix or OSF1 from a shell script?
541.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Jul 13 1992High availability/fault tolerance?
542.07HIGHD::BRIDGESMon Jul 13 1992Date for silver?
543.05DSTEG::BABINEAU_NMon Jul 13 1992cannot RLOGIN out
544.01LARVAE::WINKWORTH_MTue Jul 14 1992kit for ds31
545.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jul 14 1992Tin: FRS was ? X11R{3,4,5} ?
546.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jul 15 1992OSF/1 and Motif X11R5: How does it address Internationalization
547.0TYFYS::PATTERSONThu Jul 16 1992Center for Migration Services may be going away
548.01LEMAN::AGASSISMon Jul 20 1992Timezone problem...
549.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jul 20 1992Tin/MIPS Layered Products @SSB Now ?
550.02SCAACT::ANDERSONTue Jul 21 1992mount -u ??? Can't get it to work!!
551.03WHELIN::TASCHEREAUThu Jul 23 1992OSF/1 on DS5
552.01DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFThu Jul 23 1992Maximum disk size?
553.02UFHIS::SCHWARZWAELDFri Jul 24 1992RIS - Problems
554.010ROMTSS::CERIOLIMon Jul 27 1992X2.
555.024MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Jul 29 1992questions about lat
556.01PRSSUD::PRONIERThu Jul 30 1992X communication on OSI/TP4 network ?
557.08UFHIS::SCHWARZWAELDThu Jul 30 1992LVM crashes in panic
558.01DYOSW8::WILDERThu Jul 30 1992BSD 4.3 vs. OSF/1
559.01TKOV51::IWATAFri Jul 31 1992Does OSF/1 support Kerberos?
560.0POBOX::GHAHRAMANIFri Jul 31 1992RISC OSF/1 to Alpha OSF/1 migration
561.01OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PMon Aug 03 1992Wher is server PAK for OSF
563.03VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Aug 11 1992simple question - complex answer
564.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANFri Aug 14 1992demo program on OSF and ULTRIX?
565.03MARX::FLEMINGTue Aug 18 1992nfs - ucx unreadable?
566.04SCAM::MURDOCKTue Aug 18 1992dms for OSF..??
568.01BIGRED::DOMINEYWed Aug 19 1992Routing protocol support
569.07RHETT::FISHERThu Aug 20 1992Printing facility questions.
570.03TRCOA::BROWNFri Aug 21 1992OSF/1 continued development? .. by IBM?
571.05ENTIAT::GORDONFri Aug 21 1992OSF/1 on ALPHA info
572.0TKOV5Sun Aug 23 1992system call (2) DOC. ???
573.04SAC::MAGUIRE_GMon Aug 24 1992SVID and the other standards how far does OSF comply
574.04SCAM::MURDOCKTue Aug 25 1992Product manager's name..??
575.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANTue Aug 25 1992Comparison of OSF/1 to SVR4
576.04CIMNET::HOBANWed Aug 26 1992X Window question
577.01ENTIAT::GORDONFri Aug 28 1992Failure Detection Mechanisms for OSF/1
578.01CSC32::J_GOODRICHMon Aug 31 1992OSF differences class??
579.01OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PTue Sep 01 1992/proc ????
580.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Sep 01 1992Max username length?
581.01TOOHOT::ROCHATue Sep 01 1992record file format?
582.03THEWAV::LEWFri Sep 04 1992OSF and OpenVMS Compared
583.03MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Sep 08 1992Is OSF1 on alpha late?
584.01TKOVOA::KONDO_TThu Sep 10 1992Security level B1
585.011HANNAH::BAYThu Sep 10 1992xterm vs. dxterm
586.0QUABBI::"pzl@remulak.pa.dec.com"Fri Sep 11 1992answer to SVID question?
587.01AIDEV::AIDEV::MILSTEINMon Sep 14 1992Plans for the security subsystem?
588.02--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 14 1992NEW COURSE: Porting Applications to DEC OSF/1
589.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Sep 14 1992When does the bookreader doc come out ?
591.03MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Sep 17 1992Can LVM do this?
592.05BREAKR::HAFri Sep 18 1992disk striping
593.0MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Sep 18 1992Is MIT X11 R5 makable under OSF1
594.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Sep 22 1992AIX and Mach kernel
595.03KAMPUS::NEIDECKERWed Sep 23 1992Help me decipher the output of ps axv on Silver BL9
596.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Sep 24 1992Media-only SSB # for Tin-MIPS ?
597.07MSDOA::SECRISTThu Sep 24 1992OSF/1 Strategic Direction ?
598.02SNOCWed Sep 30 1992OSF Command Reference Manual
599.02GYUPCC::HSTWed Sep 30 1992DEC-ELX on AOSF/1??
600.02GYUPCC::HSTWed Sep 30 199232bit compatibility mode???
601.03IAMOK::SEKURSKIWed Sep 30 1992How to start the lat?
602.0DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFWed Sep 30 1992gcc build on OSF/MIPS?
603.015MSDOA::SECRISTWed Sep 30 1992NT Bloat
604.01TKTV81::ISASAKAThu Oct 01 1992virtual memory object
605.01MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Oct 01 1992Is there any documentation on swap space usage
606.01SOLVIT::RUSSOThu Oct 01 1992Kernel Debugging documentaion?
608.0TENAYA::RAHThu Oct 01 1992getsysinfo and GSI_GRAPHICSTYPE
609.0LIOSFri Oct 02 1992pixstats on dec osf/1 ?
610.0HERON::KAISERFri Oct 02 1992A freeware CDROM for Alpha OSF/1
612.0KXOVAX::SECRISTThu Oct 08 1992Sun Revealed as Secret Backer of Anti-OSF Lawsuit
613.01PRSSUD::NEYERSMon Oct 12 1992DECosf1's on one disk !
614.04--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 14 1992TRAINING: 'DEC OSF/1 Porting' course on 11/18/92
615.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 15 1992TRAINING: 'DEC OSF/1 Porting' course on 11/18/92
616.03TROOA::NAISHTue Oct 20 1992POSIX 1
617.0TROOA::NAISHTue Oct 20 1992Realtime Debug Support Needed
618.01SALSA::CAMBRONWed Oct 21 1992File System limits and LVM on Alpha, R4
619.01TROOA::NAISHThu Oct 22 1992Location of XPG3 Standards
621.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Oct 25 1992Upgrading CPU box requires munging or reinstall ?
622.02WMOIS::KHORRAMMon Oct 26 1992OSF/1 (Silver BL1
623.0MUDIS3::SWOBODATue Oct 27 1992....Status OSF with DEC-Products
625.06FAILTE::MACDONALDAFri Oct 30 1992Max UID and GID values?
626.0LEDDEV::UGRINOWMon Nov 02 1992*UPDATED*OSF/1 Internals (w/source) course
627.0LEDDEV::UGRINOWMon Nov 02 1992OSF/1 Applic Prog Course
629.02H2O2::ARBUAHTue Nov 03 1992DECnet
630.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Nov 03 1992Porting classes in January ?
632.0BREAKR::HATue Nov 03 1992increase partition without newfs
633.01KAZAN::BENOITThu Nov 05 1992OSF1/MIPS/BL1
634.01SCAACT::ANDERSONThu Nov 05 1992Can't newfs a logical volume
635.0ANTPOL::FOXWELLWed Nov 11 1992OSF/1 on VAX - 3rd party effort?
636.02SWAM2::KELLEY_SUMon Nov 16 1992TCP/IP, FDDI, Ethernet on AXP?
637.01TKOV5Tue Nov 17 1992Pease teach me some informations...
638.01COMICS::WOODWed Nov 18 1992Basic commands hanging T1.2-BL1
641.0TAVTue Nov 24 1992Help for OSF TCD Program required!
642.04UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Nov 29 1992Any news on HP?
643.03CSC32::P_MARONEYMon Nov 30 1992change login message??
644.0MSDOA::SECRISTTue Dec 01 1992Booting genunix ?
646.0EEMELI::TAVIThu Dec 03 1992DEC OSF/1 Source licensing issues
647.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Dec 03 1992IBM SNA and Token Ring Support on Digital OSF?
648.0ASD::MIDIOT::POWERSMon Dec 14 1992match function in awk
649.01BGOTue Dec 15 1992X11 R5 vs. R4 ?
650.01SMAC1Tue Dec 15 1992AFS and DFS (OSFs) from Transarc in OSF/1 ?
651.07EVOAI2::BRUSSOLOWed Dec 16 1992What is mfs ?
652.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Dec 16 1992vcc ?
653.02CSC32::SCHLABSThu Dec 17 1992How to disklabel boot blocks from osf??
656.03BIS6::DELAMPERMon Dec 21 1992osf/1 on 5
657.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Dec 21 1992How to "$ DIR/SIN=4-APR SYS$SYSDEVICE:[*...]" ?
658.01RHETT::FISHERMon Dec 21 1992128 bit arithmetic?
659.01LEMAN::AGASSISWed Dec 23 1992PrintServer on OSF/1..
661.01NZOMIS::GEMPTONWed Jan 06 1993Demo programes
662.04QUABBI::"jdd@src.dec.com"Thu Jan 07 1993OSF/1 questions
663.0MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jan 08 1993Forced monochrome ?
667.0LEMAN::AGASSISTue Jan 19 1993
668.04MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jan 19 1993A TECO for OSF/1 ?
669.05GALVIA::JJOYCEWed Jan 20 1993Resetting Time
671.03MSDOA::SECRISTFri Jan 22 1993Are we dropping MIPS *AGAIN* ?!
673.01VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Jan 27 1993how to compute number of licences to sell
674.02SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Jan 27 1993How NICE is OSF ??
675.07MCIS2::RIZZOThu Jan 28 1993Help make the case for OSF
676.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Jan 29 1993IEEE 1
677.01GEPERT::KAMMon Feb 01 1993SPD for DEC OSF/1 for Alpha AXP Systems?
678.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Feb 02 1993Max. THREE Logical Volume
680.01BACHUS::FRATERSFri Feb 05 1993"ALPHA" option missing from PAK entry.
681.01CSOA1::WOLFFri Feb 05 1993rquotad on OSF/1?
682.02KXOMAA::ALLEYSun Feb 07 1993OSF/1 for MIPS???
683.0TPOVC::STEVEHSUMon Feb 08 1993Help LVM question
684.02ASD::MIDIOT::POWERSMon Feb 08 1993OSF/1 internals
686.0SMAC1Wed Feb 10 1993DFS 26 partition limit ? and LVM 2GB limit ?
687.01EVOAI2::BRUSSOLOWed Feb 10 1993fastlinks ???
688.01BREAKR::HAThu Feb 11 1993extendable MIBs?
689.02BREAKR::HAThu Feb 11 1993C2 compliance?
690.02LMOADM::KBIPCThu Feb 11 1993Looking for OSF/1 on MIPS Kit
691.03GRANMA::EHEROLDSun Feb 14 1993OSF/1 SMP on Alpha AXP ???
692.01CUSTOM::PATELMon Feb 15 1993Need 3rd party list for PL/I compiler development
693.0AZUR::NAFIAMon Feb 15 1993Implementations of OSF DCE
694.02FILTON::BIRCHWed Feb 17 1993What is 'Unified Unix'
695.01ANNECY::ALLEGUEDEThu Feb 18 1993lvm questions, vgcreate doesn't create
696.0VINO::VOBAThu Feb 18 1993A Sample of How Others See Alpha & OSF/1
697.05GRANMA::EHEROLDFri Feb 19 1993Alpha AXP OSF/1 "port experiences" ???
698.02MSDOA::SECRISTSat Feb 20 1993OSF/1 on MIPS is Dead
699.0RHETT::CHOYMon Feb 22 1993"mprof" on alpha osf/1
700.0SLBLUZ::DABLERTue Feb 23 1993Cannot update root mount
701.01RHETT::CHOYTue Feb 23 1993"cc -n" system crash
702.0LEDDEV::DISALVOWed Feb 24 1993NEW DCE TRAINING: System Administration, DEC-specific
703.0LEDDEV::DISALVOWed Feb 24 1993DEC OSF/1 Training: NEW, two-day, Porting Applications
704.04BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Feb 25 1993Does OSF cc define "OSF" or something similar?
705.02BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Feb 25 1993DEC X11 keysyms don't get defined
707.01NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Feb 26 1993TCP/IP and OSI login limits?
708.04RHETT::LOHFri Feb 26 1993What's wrong with the time command within ksh
709.01AOSG::TAPPANFri Feb 26 1993v1.2 announcement -crossposting
710.0LEDDEV::DISALVOWed Mar 03 1993DCE Training: Features and Functionality courses in Q4
711.0LEDDEV::DISALVOFri Mar 05 1993March Training Calendar: MAET State-of-the-Art series!
712.04MSDOA::SECRISTFri Mar 05 1993OSF sponsored by VMS marketing ?!
713.01BBIVMon Mar 08 1993Questions about OSF/1
714.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Mar 09 1993product manager?
715.0DEMON::ZIKAWed Mar 10 1993OSF/1 File systems and CDROM ISO-966
716.01SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Mar 10 1993Raw Logical Volumes
717.01SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Mar 10 1993LVM Question
718.0NOVA::SUNKARAThu Mar 11 1993strftime() and the converse
719.05APACHE::DIONThu Mar 11 1993LMF problems with OSF-DEV license....HELP
720.0BBIVFri Mar 12 1993Any value added printing features on OSF/1
721.02GTDANE::GOYETTEFri Mar 12 1993CUA 92 CONTROLS ?
722.05MSDOA::SECRISTMon Mar 15 1993Official MIPS death announcement ?
723.01QUABBI::"hitchens@okfest.unt.dec.com"Mon Mar 15 1993DME/Palladium status.
724.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Mar 16 1993DEC OSF/1 V1.2 vs System V.4 - same interfaces??
725.0YNGSTR::SECGTue Mar 16 1993Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 AXP Performance Briefs
726.0YNGSTR::SECGWed Mar 17 1993DEC 3
727.0VAOUWed Mar 17 1993 mmap failed : Not enough space
728.02TRNAF1::BARBERISThu Mar 18 1993Help about a businness bank opportunity
729.0YNGSTR::ONEILLThu Mar 18 1993Alpha Performance FLASHES-they're available again!
730.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 18 1993New Training: Distributed Computing for Decision Makers
731.012CHEEKO::ANDERSONThu Mar 18 1993Is OSF1 Dead ?
732.0BIZZY::HAMSONFri Mar 19 1993OSF Test Suite
733.0ROMTue Mar 23 1993OSF/Motif presentation wanted!
734.05THEBAY::CHABANEDThu Mar 25 1993Sys Admin differences OSF/1 & Ultrix
736.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993Tom Doeppner presents DCE Internals Architecture
737.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIMon Mar 29 1993Accounting oin OSF/1?
738.0LEDDEV::DISALVOTue Mar 30 1993Q4 MAET Training Calendar: 'State-of-the-Art' series
739.0ATHVS2::RAGHEBWed Mar 31 1993PACER for OSF/1
740.01SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Mar 31 1993MIME on OSF/1
741.0ANNECY::ALLEGUEDEFri Apr 02 1993dual ported disks on DEC 4
742.0YNGSTR::SECGMon Apr 05 1993Alpha AXP Delivers Leadership NFS Performance
743.0OLDTMR::SECGMon Apr 05 1993UPDATED Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 Perf. Briefs & FLashes
744.01BERNMon Apr 05 1993PATHWORKS on OSF/1 ALPHA ?
745.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Release 1.2 Update Seminar
746.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: User Interface Design
747.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993STILL MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Intro. to Prog..
748.0LEDDEV::DISALVOFri Apr 09 1993DCE Training: Application Programming course on May 6-7
749.0KETJE::MONTETue Apr 13 1993Alpha <-> HP9
751.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Apr 15 1993V1.
752.0EICMFG::KORNMESSERThu Apr 15 1993disk-data encryption?
754.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Apr 20 1993DEC 3
755.0EDSGRP::DISALVOWed Apr 21 1993Training: DCE Internals Architecture (non-source)!
758.0EDSGRP::DISALVOWed Apr 21 1993Training: DEC OSF/1 Porting Applications course!
759.02GIDDAY::CHAPMANThu Apr 22 1993Streams tcp/ip driver?
760.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 26 1993OSF training for DS
761.01SCAM::MURDOCKMon Apr 26 1993Mirroring, LVM & AXP OSF/1 v1.2
762.01GIDDAY::CHAPMANWed Apr 28 1993What do we pay for OSF licenses
763.01EVOCDG::MHAMDIWed Apr 28 1993OSF with multi-processing capabilities
764.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Apr 28 1993Configuration Assistance Please
765.03RONAN::RONANWed Apr 28 1993Open Look under OSF/1?
766.02HITIT::GOKCENThu Apr 29 1993OSF/1 AXP tar doesn't work.
767.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Apr 29 1993Open Systems Management from OSF and others
768.02EDSGRP::DISALVOMon May 03 1993Training: OSF DCE Features and Functionality
770.0MSBCS::CSGPERFMon May 03 1993AIM Price/Peak Perfomrance Alpha AXPs
771.01LISTIM::ULTRIXTue May 04 1993GKS for OSF not working
772.01EDSGRP::DISALVOTue May 04 1993Training: OSF/1 Source Code Internals v1.1 [5-day]
773.03RONAN::RONANWed May 05 1993DES support
774.03WRKSYS::MCMULLENThu May 06 1993rc2 rc3 doc ?
775.02HITIT::GOKCENFri May 07 19933D "OPEN 3D SOFTWARE" on ALPHA osf/1
776.0NABETH::alanSat May 08 1993DEC Disk Striping for OSF.
777.03RHETT::AMANWed May 12 1993System is unusable when compiling with cc
778.0RHETT::BATESThu May 13 1993adding 3rd party terminals..
779.0URSUS::RICKFri May 14 1993Fatal Error: cannot map libm.so ???
780.0EDSGRP::DISALVOFri May 14 1993Training: Intro to OSF DCE System Admin
781.0EDSGRP::DISALVOFri May 14 1993NEW X Training: SW Dev & Admin for Lg X Networks
782.01WARABI::ROSICTue May 18 1993IPI & 1
783.0SHIFTE::rosicTue May 18 1993IPI & 1
784.0SWTHOM::DORNANOWed May 19 1993Output sections overlap
785.02KXOMAA::ALLEYFri May 21 1993WIP - Jigsaw Performance Test
786.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue May 25 1993AXP Personal Computer Performance Brief-Windows NT
787.01TENNIS::KAMTue May 25 1993Status of Dynamically Loadable Modules?
788.01MSAMWed May 26 1993Preferred OSF/1 TCP/IP data path: FDDI or Ethernet?
789.01HITIT::GOKCENWed May 26 1993Fuse and OSF/1 AXP
790.01RHETT::BATESWed May 26 1993V1.2a "error during install"
791.01HITIT::GOKCENFri May 28 1993ftp problem ( LAN WORKPLACE - OSF/1 )
792.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri May 28 1993AXP Personal Computer Performance Primer Available
793.04DSM::SCHWARTZFri May 28 1993time.h x 2
794.0CSC32::C_REESEFri May 28 1993.telnetrc help
795.01RCOCER::ROLANDRTue Jun 01 1993Modula-2 (or 3) for OSF/1?
796.0EVOAI2::BRUSSOLOWed Jun 02 1993ALPHA PCs for OSF Trainings
797.04KXOVAX::SECRISTWed Jun 02 1993Use of __osf__ precompiler symbol ?
798.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jun 03 1993Need V1.
799.0KXOVAX::SECRISTThu Jun 03 1993Creation of bootable backup tape ?
800.05KXOVAX::SECRISTThu Jun 03 1993Mung genvmunix from DS31
801.0STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TFri Jun 04 1993 -convert vaxd in DECFortran 3.3 givers Unaligned access in ALPHA OSF/1 1.2 (1
802.02HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Jun 07 1993Install KAP for F77 gets "unresolvable symbol" err
803.01WARABI::ROSICMon Jun 07 1993shared memory problem
804.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jun 07 1993Performance and Tuning References ?
805.02NEWPRT::MOREH_JAMon Jun 07 1993"Location of Documentation"
806.01LEMAN::BEZENCONMon Jun 07 1993MXed Pathworks for Ultrix availability ?
807.02POBOX::GHAHRAMANIMon Jun 07 1993NFS support of multiple LAN connections
808.0LARVAE::GRAYWed Jun 09 1993CD Contents List?
809.04LARVAE::GRAYWed Jun 09 1993VMS<->OSF Binary Transfer?
810.02LARVAE::GRAYWed Jun 09 1993WordPerfect on OSF?
811.01BACHUS::MANISEThu Jun 10 19938
812.01TRLIAN::VAILFri Jun 11 1993Multi-language support in DEC OSF/1 V1.2??
813.09LABC::RUFri Jun 11 1993SMP on OSF delay?
814.03KENT::KENTMon Jun 14 1993Terminal server and getty and stty
815.02FORTY2::LAM_NETMon Jun 14 1993Swap2 area overlap with /usr/users
816.03ROCK::TANCREDIMon Jun 14 1993OSF/1 internals?
817.02RHETT::BATESMon Jun 14 1993V1.2a , hvmunix ?
818.01OZROCK::COURTTue Jun 15 1993After DCE RFT and RFT process documentation
819.02LARVAE::GRAYWed Jun 16 1993IBM327
820.01RHETT::BATESWed Jun 16 1993 vm - questions on performance..
821.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jun 17 1993Is genvmunix bootable ?
822.01RCOCER::ROLANDRThu Jun 17 1993OSF/1 Scanner & FAX Options?
823.0UNYEM::HEMMINGMon Jun 21 1993problems loading OSF from foreign CD reader
824.02HITIT::GOKCENTue Jun 22 19933 part appl. and layered products availability
825.01WHATSA::MATTATue Jun 22 1993On-line patches
826.0TRUCKS::LYE_RThu Jun 24 1993DEC OSF/1 Technical Difference seminar in the U.K.
827.01KYOA::HUSBYThu Jun 24 1993DEC OSF/1 presentation?
828.01NEWPRT::MOREH_JAFri Jun 25 1993"Cannot config DEClaser32
829.02NEWPRT::MOREH_JAFri Jun 25 1993Postscript manuals
830.01REFINE::YOUNGTue Jun 29 1993Pointer needed for OSF QAR Database
831.0HGOVA::TASMANSIUThu Jul 01 1993DEC OSF/1 && dual HSC95 || RAID
832.02VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOThu Jul 01 1993new graphics doesn't work
833.01HADRES::ANGELIKAThu Jul 01 1993disable option negotiation within telnetd ?
834.01NEWPRT::MOREH_JAThu Jul 01 1993"DMS and OSF"
835.01HITIT::GOKCENFri Jul 02 1993X4
836.01LARVAE::WINKWORTH_MTue Jul 06 1993looking for OSF/1 mips kit
837.0DISCOS::MERRYFIELDThu Jul 08 1993Need UNIX sites for capacity planner field test
838.03TKOVOA::SUGAWARAFri Jul 09 1993KAP/compiler option for benchmark
839.07HGOVA::TASMANSIUMon Jul 12 1993can't mount freeware cdrom
840.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Jul 12 1993OSF/1-IFT Conference?
841.03PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Jul 13 1993/dev/rz1a failed on vet test
842.04UNTADH::HITCHENSWed Jul 14 1993Info needed on RPC/ONC/NCS/Apollo/DCE
843.01DECSIM::PIERCEThu Jul 15 1993Where do I go for information on managing production systems running OSF/1?
844.06SOLVIT::SILVAMon Jul 19 1993emacs for OSF1?
845.01CADSYS::LEMONSWed Jul 21 1993File compression software
846.02RIPPLE::COLESJOThu Jul 22 1993Public Domain Software
847.01PINION::SIMPSONFri Jul 23 1993Tuning White Paper??
848.0TKOVOA::SUGAWARAWed Jul 28 1993TPC for DEC 3
849.0OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed Jul 28 1993newfs and lost+found
850.0OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed Jul 28 1993lpr -r option
851.012PHDVAX::RICCIOThu Jul 29 1993Virus scans?
852.0CARECL::CASTIENFri Jul 30 1993Campaign for O.S. SDD logging continues
853.04MSBCS::CSGPERFFri Jul 30 1993AXP and DEC OSF/1 AXP Performance Primer available
854.02RHETT::HENDRIXFri Jul 30 1993(csh)set noglob;echo "abc"`hostname`
856.03HLDEMon Aug 02 1993OSF internals document BARRIS::ey-n461e-sg.ps.Z is corrupt , who is the maintainer?
857.0NOVA::CHRISMon Aug 02 1993How about replies by News Readers?
858.0SALEM::ARNOLDMon Aug 02 1993DECserver 7
859.0TKOVOA::SUGAWARATue Aug 03 1993Workstation device
860.0MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 04 1993Skeleton Server Code ?
861.04EMASS::MACOMBERThu Aug 05 1993"Need" HP print filters
862.04WHATSA::MATTAThu Aug 05 1993OSF/1 V1.3 ???
863.02RCOCER::ROLANDRThu Aug 05 1993PathWorks OSF w/Novell Support?
864.0KOALA::LATHAMFri Aug 06 1993link order of libraries?
865.01SALEM::ARNOLDMon Aug 09 1993Command Line Recall
866.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Aug 10 1993-G, -count & -nocound ld options
867.03PHDVAX::RICCIOWed Aug 11 1993Disk Defrager??
868.02FRSTSC::CHRISTIANThu Aug 12 1993lpr -h , no printable data
869.02FRSTSC::CHRISTIANThu Aug 12 1993austrian german lk4
870.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Aug 16 1993sendmail: permission denied
871.01PHDVAX::RICCIOMon Aug 16 1993OS overhead?
872.0SCAPAS::HEAT::BOLDMon Aug 16 1993Password Functionality Questions?
873.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Aug 17 1993<set replyall in mail>
874.01JUDYL::SWARTZWed Aug 18 1993Disklabel and reading/writing to raw device
875.0NEWOA::BARKERLThu Aug 19 1993Support of POSIX 1
876.0ALFAI::HENNESSYFri Aug 20 1993Alpha AXP and OSF/1 strengths desired
877.02KYOA::HUSBYFri Aug 20 1993Multimedia on Alpha/OSF?
880.01BERNTue Aug 24 1993OSF/1 or VMS
881.0GLDOA::SCHESKYSat Aug 28 1993Need Alpha/OSF commercial references please
882.01APACHE::N2548Mon Aug 30 1993Data backups - informal survey
883.01WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROMon Aug 30 1993xengine in OSF/1 v1.3
884.01PHDVAX::RICCIOTue Aug 31 1993Parallel machine code???
885.05TENNIS::KAMWed Sep 01 1993MIPS Cross Compiler?
886.06TENNIS::KAMWed Sep 01 1993What Graphics Options are supported by DEC OSF/1?
887.01CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Sep 02 1993Mail, permission denied?
888.0WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROThu Sep 02 1993man page for pax
889.01VAXRIO::MEYERFri Sep 03 1993OSF/1 V1.2 AND LN
890.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Sep 03 1993MULMODE, what is it?
891.0RCOCER::ROLANDRFri Sep 03 1993OSF Alternative to Sunvision Image Lib?
892.01CSC32::HANSONFri Sep 03 1993nfs background (bg) mount at boot
893.02BACHUS::BOLLENWed Sep 08 1993uucp over LAT ?
894.0GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Sep 09 1993Tape Questions
895.0URSUS::RICKFri Sep 10 1993Print to SNA Printer from TCP/IP World (OSF/1)
896.02THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Sep 14 1993OSF Executive Briefings?
897.04JUDYL::SWARTZTue Sep 14 1993File name of booted kernel file
898.02TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Sep 15 1993OSF/1 online docs such as 'Guide to Sys. Admin.'?
899.01CSC32::M_TEMKINWed Sep 15 1993Problem with LAT on OSF/1 v1.3?
900.01GIDDAY::SANKARMon Sep 20 1993what are the different licenses for osf/1 1.3
901.0VMSMKT::KENAHTue Sep 21 1993MORTAL is moving today
902.01SX4GTO::OLSONWed Sep 22 1993OSF/2 - what is it? - Digital position?
903.04GUCCI::BJELTEMAWed Sep 22 1993performance analysis tools needed
904.01HGORS7::rootMon Sep 27 1993DEC 3
906.01MQOOA::LECOMPTEWed Sep 29 1993prestoserve
907.0UNTADH::HITCHENSWed Sep 29 1993NFS file locking not working.
908.0GRANMA::EHEROLDThu Sep 30 19933 Monitor AXP WS - "resolution" problem ???
909.01CAATS::SCHROEDERFri Oct 01 1993POSIX 1
910.02GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Oct 05 1993need porting center info
911.01GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Oct 05 1993Financial packages needed
912.03DELSWed Oct 06 1993rpc.pcnfsd problem?
913.0KCBBQ::PRESTONThu Oct 07 1993Possible FSF plans for OSF/1?
914.01RELYON::MITTALThu Oct 07 1993OSF Error Logs
915.0DISCOS::DOUGLASTue Oct 12 1993troff & ditroff location?
916.05MORO::WALDO_IRTue Oct 12 1993strlen () on a null pointer ?
917.02SAC::KERRISON_GThu Oct 14 1993TLZ6L DAT autoloader support?
918.01MSAMWed Oct 20 1993OSF/1 Security Presentatio ?
919.01WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROFri Oct 22 1993No. Ethernet Cards limited by OSF/1?
920.0SMURF::BLINNTue Oct 26 1993OSF Newsletter--September 1993
921.0SMURF::BLINNTue Oct 26 1993OSF Newsletter -- October 1993
922.0ROMWed Oct 27 1993OSF's Microkernel osf/1 can run SV.4 apps
923.0KYOSS1::BOYLEWed Oct 27 199327" Monitors on Alpha machines
924.01JUDYL::SWARTZFri Oct 29 1993sigevent & sigev_value
925.0ZPOVC::MUICHOOMon Nov 01 1993RX23 supported ?
926.03GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Nov 01 1993OSF/1 on a 16MB machine?
927.01RHETT::CHOYWed Nov 03 1993'ld -A': executable always cores
928.01DELSMon Nov 08 1993OSF/1 Upgrade
929.0GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Nov 09 1993need chargeback software
930.03MSDOA::SECRISTThu Nov 11 1993AXP/15
931.01FORTY2::SAUNDERSThu Nov 11 1993Setld hanging ???
932.02CSOA1::ECKFri Nov 12 1993OSF Applications listing
933.02KXOVAX::SECRISTThu Nov 18 1993xterm logifile security vulnerability
934.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri Nov 19 1993AIM Results for newest Alpha AXP Servers
935.0MSBCS::CSGPERFFri Nov 19 1993SPEC SFS 1.
936.02NWDFri Nov 19 1993POSIX CERTIFICATE?
937.03KYOSS1::GREENTue Nov 23 19931.3b and jensen problem
938.02HERON::PATEL_AFri Nov 26 1993using vxt and fonts from OSf to VXT ?
939.01CRANES::SMITHThu Dec 02 1993panic u_shm_detach - What does it mean?
940.0DIEHRD::KENNEDYThu Dec 02 1993Requirements wanted for FTS (File Transfer Spooler) on DEC UNIX
941.02MSDOA::SECRISTFri Dec 03 1993Why does this code work ?
942.0CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Dec 07 1993<pop3 and osf 1.3>
943.02LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Dec 09 1993vnode: table is full
944.02LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Dec 09 1993kernel memory fault
945.01CSC32::DEPAOLANTFri Dec 10 1993ultrix to osf hardware
946.0XKOVTue Dec 14 1993pathworks for OSF sizing info./ doc. pointer ?
947.03LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Dec 14 1993file: table is full
948.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROTue Dec 14 1993Multi-byte Kanji support
949.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Dec 15 1993OSF/1 S/W Dev Tools Presentation
950.03TLAVTue Dec 21 1993display error when startup system
951.01LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Dec 23 1993lg31 resets to factory default
952.06LANDO::CANSLERTue Dec 28 1993help if you can !!!!!!!
953.01RHETT::BAYMONTue Dec 28 1993ascii file transfer osf to nt
954.0SSDEVO::BRADACHThu Dec 30 1993Getting SCSI device information
955.0RHETT::WRIGHTThu Dec 30 19931.3 Release Notes needed
956.02RHETT::WRIGHTThu Dec 30 1993upgrade firmware via network & OSF?
957.0MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jan 09 1994OSF disbanding ?
958.0MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jan 09 1994Digital renaming OSF/1 product ?
959.0ALFAXP::WALTERSMon Jan 10 1994phillips cm425a scsi cdrom won't mount anything
960.01VAXRIO::MEYERWed Jan 12 1994V1.3A and delay_wbuffers
961.02VMSNET::W_LATTAWed Jan 12 1994Support for rz57?
962.01COPCLU::PETERCThu Jan 13 1994pstat -T on OSF/1 ?
963.01VMSNET::W_LATTAThu Jan 13 1994Problem installing OSF/1 on VMS disk
964.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jan 14 1994Digital's GOSIP/OSI plans
965.05CHEFS::BUXTONRWed Jan 19 1994OSF -vs SCO ease of sys mgt
966.03AIMHI::BPEARSONWed Jan 19 1994Help with 3rd party under osf/1
967.0VMSNET::W_LATTAFri Jan 21 1994support for lmf V1.1?
968.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Jan 23 1994About Digital products & Open Standards
969.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Jan 23 1994About Microfocus COBOL, ORACLE or SYSBASE & SQL
970.01TAVMon Jan 24 1994OSF/1 1.3 dbx "addobj" problem
971.01BAHTAT::WALLS_TThu Jan 27 1994SMP Info
972.0RIXRAX::jptFri Jan 28 1994if you have *any* DEC OSF/1 AXP related questions!
973.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jan 28 1994Preallocation of files?
974.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jan 28 1994ULTRIX->OSF/1 Migration Issue slides
975.01EPS::VIJAYFri Feb 04 1994NT or DOS emulator available on OSF?
976.01WEORG::GILLISWed Feb 09 1994OSF bookreader docs
977.04GIDDAY::CHAPMANWed Feb 09 1994Support for DECpc XL
978.03LARVAE::GRAYMon Feb 14 1994Bookreader doc list request
979.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Feb 17 1994DEC OSF/1 LSM question
980.04MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Feb 17 1994What is the 'DEC OSF/1-de V2.
981.01LISVAX::VILANOVASat Feb 19 1994How to set bsize bigger than 8192 with newfs ??????
982.01TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 21 1994need config entry for 8mm, was not available during installation?
983.0MIMS::POWERS_PTue Feb 22 1994parallel printer problems with OSF????
984.0ARRODS::PIERCYPThu Feb 24 1994Accounting reporting wrong CPU usage
985.0VAXRIO::MARCELOThu Feb 24 1994Where can I get training manuals?
986.01BREAKR::HAFri Feb 25 1994memory mapped I/O - TC to VME
987.01EPS::VIJAYMon Feb 28 1994" fopen to open a file on a remote VMS system?"
988.02EPS::VIJAYThu Mar 03 1994"FTP to VMS system possible from OSF?"
989.05NEMAIL::ROBERTSONThu Mar 03 19942 MB file size limit?????
990.02NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Mar 04 1994Pointers/demos/whitepapers
991.04HTSC19::ANDYNGWed Mar 09 1994us_lk4
992.01MUNICH::SCHERMERWed Mar 09 1994NFS & netgroups prob. OSF/1 1.3
993.01LARVAE::GRAYWed Mar 16 1994OSF Guides & Shelfs
994.01HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Mar 17 1994"kernel idle process" eats memory !!
995.01RAISSA::MORGANTIThu Mar 17 1994ncr 647
996.01HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Mar 18 1994spc
997.03RIXRAX::jptMon Mar 21 1994newsletters and other (new) information?
998.01VILIS1::GOBERTWed Mar 23 1994LMF
999.02NWDWed Mar 23 1994Help with Token Ring and OSF/1
1000.01VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZWed Mar 23 1994CMDEDIT - v1.3 OSF /usr/bin/csh
1001.06EEMELI::TAVIThu Mar 24 1994OSF status and futures ?
1002.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Mar 24 1994Bulletin Board Solution?
1003.0NEMAIL::ROBERTSONMon Mar 28 1994Mac emulator for OSF
1004.02CSC32::HAGERTYTue Mar 29 1994Change the greeting prior to the login prompt
1005.01TLAVWed Mar 30 1994record management in osf/1
1006.02DEKVC::TAESIKKIMFri Apr 01 1994Need slip for PC
1007.02SSUPD::CESARATOWed Apr 06 1994Problem with "sh=\" in printcap file
1008.01ASD::ASD::POWERSThu Apr 07 1994adding another disk on a 3
1009.01GIDDAY::MORETTIFri Apr 08 1994w and f commands give erroneous idle time
1010.0DEKVC::TAESIKKIMTue Apr 12 1994OSF - DS7
1011.02GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Apr 15 1994need telnetd source
1012.01SOLVIT::EGHLIMASun Apr 17 1994Help, how to connect to a remote server port
1013.0DEKVC::TAESIKKIMTue Apr 19 1994Dial out from PC through DECserver
1014.01BSS::A_SALEWed Apr 20 1994OSF Internals/Memory Mgmt documentation?
1015.01GENRAL::LUJANThu Apr 21 1994Trying to locate OSF Users Guide
1016.01ODIXIE::GORDONDFri Apr 22 1994GNU C++ for OSF v2.
1017.01FRUST::BERNHARDTMon Apr 25 1994OSF V2.
1018.01FORTY2::SAUNDERSWed Apr 27 1994DEC OSF/1 V2.
1019.01SNAX::ERICKSONWed Apr 27 1994Connecton closed error while running rdump from OSF/1 V2.
1020.0SIOG::J_LONGThu Apr 28 1994Adobe Fonts implementation
1021.01LJSRV1::RICHARDSONFri Apr 29 1994file open limit reached - hlep
1022.01GUCCI::HERBFri Apr 29 1994COSE specs for MM & Security?
1024.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 05 1994RFC 1247?
1025.01HANNAH::OSMANMon May 09 1994could someone tell me what waitpid really does ?
1026.03JUDYL::SWARTZMon May 09 1994Cycle Count Freq and Restart Parameter Block (RPB)
1027.01MUCTEC::WENDLWed May 11 1994documentation on paper - only my problems?
1028.01GLDOA::RBROWNThu May 12 1994OSF and BACKUPS
1029.0TAVSun May 15 1994Network device driver guide?
1030.0HTSC19::ANDYNGWed May 18 1994Is it possible to print selected pages ?
1031.01MUZICK::MAGERSWed May 18 1994Windows wont start after instal
1032.0MSAMThu May 26 1994kernel parameters
1033.0R2ME2::BSIMONSThu May 26 1994Purpose of -D <root>?
1034.0LATINA::CARVAJALThu May 26 1994Old problem with curses
1035.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun May 29 1994New name for conference?
1036.0HTSC19::DENISLIMon May 30 1994Any automatic method to kill orphan child processes?
1037.01TRU116::WEISSTue May 31 1994Optical Jukebox drivers available?
1038.01TLAVThu Jun 02 1994default block size for tar command
1039.0DATABS::BALARAMANFri Jun 03 1994NFSSTAT: Is V2 and V3 information always listed