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Conference 7.286::mac_programming

Title:Macintosh Programmer's Forum
Created:Tue Sep 12 1989
Last Modified:Mon Aug 12 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:359
Total number of notes:1386
Number with bodies:0
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1.05TRCU11::FINNEYTue Sep 12 1989InitConference()
2.02TRCU11::FINNEYTue Sep 12 1989Directory Listings
3.04TRCU11::FINNEYTue Sep 12 1989Related or helpful Notes Conferences
4.01TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Errors
5.04TRCOWed Sep 13 198932 Bit Clean Programming
6.07TRCOWed Sep 13 1989LightSpeed C 3.x
7.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Cross Development
8.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Resource Programming
9.015TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Think C 4.
10.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Developer's Programmes
11.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989SNOBOL
12.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989Prolog
13.038TRCOWed Sep 13 1989MPW
14.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989CASE Tools
15.010TRCOWed Sep 13 1989INITs, CDEVs & DAs
16.0TRCOWed Sep 13 1989AppleTalk
17.02FIVER::HALLOWELLWed Sep 13 1989List Manager in data-entry screens
18.03HPSRAD::NORCROSSThu Sep 14 1989MIDI Manager
19.09HERBIE::MORANMon Sep 18 1989Small TERec?
20.012ORACLE::RAMEYThu Sep 21 1989Launch and return programs?
21.0758418::TOMKINSFri Sep 22 1989Microsoft QuickBasic
22.04MILPND::SHELTRYFri Sep 22 1989Think's Lightspeed Pascal/JEP
23.0151887::ARNETue Sep 26 1989Access to comp.sys.mac.sources
24.02SNELL::HALLOWELLTue Sep 26 1989HEAP Management //Bombs
25.0DSSDEV::MORThu Sep 28 1989YACC for the MAC?
26.05MCNTSH::LONGFri Oct 06 1989Can I twiddle the screen size?
27.02TFH::MORANWed Oct 11 1989how to DIR? VMS format
28.03STOKES::HALLOWELLThu Oct 12 1989Hierarchical Menus - Beware SetItemMark
29.07TRCOSat Oct 14 1989MacGame - sample program
30.031992::HICKSMon Oct 23 1989LS Pascal TRUNC problem
31.03SMAUG::SPODARYKTue Oct 31 1989SuperPaint -> MacPaint ?
32.03MFGMEM::KATZTue Oct 31 1989Think C Debugger
33.033Tue Oct 31 1989DECForms and ACMS on a Mac?
34.01TRCOTue Nov 07 1989MAC-VAX Date Conversions
35.015MOOVTue Nov 14 1989What's a "bus error?"
36.02LEDS::HEATHFri Nov 17 1989C beautifier
37.03BOLT::MINOWMon Nov 20 1989Styled TextEdit?
38.01DENVER::THURYTue Nov 21 1989Follow-on JEP questions?
39.0531Tue Nov 21 1989Simple XCMD for a model?
40.0BLAKLY::YAPLEE_JEThu Nov 30 1989Anyone Tried 32-bit Quickdraw Yet?
41.01HPSTEK::PATTERSONTue Dec 12 1989beginning TC4 and OOP ?'s
42.01PERN::HALLOWELLThu Dec 14 1989Mac Hack '9
43.01BOLT::MINOWWed Dec 20 1989Macker -- The Online Macintosh Programming Journal
44.036283::SHEEHYWed Jan 03 1990Sample code for ADSP Server under VMS
45.014BOLT::MINOWMon Jan 08 1990Generic List Definition (LDEF)
46.01LEZAH::SCANLONThu Jan 11 1990Questionnaire for Programmers and Others!
47.01PERN::HALLOWELLTue Jan 16 1990LSC/Out of Memory error / NVir Virus
48.03TRCU11::FINNEYWed Jan 17 1990Linked List Routines Source code
49.03PERN::HALLOWELLThu Jan 18 1990Printer Support - Seeking exmpl Code
51.07TRCU11::FINNEYSat Jan 27 1990Unsolicited Tips & Thoughts
52.05TRCU11::FINNEYTue Jan 30 1990Data Compression Source Code - Need some !
53.011TRCU11::FINNEYTue Jan 30 1990Text Editor Wish List
55.010MAY2Thu Feb 08 1990Mouse algorithms and TextEdit
56.0632959::LEACHMon Feb 12 1990AppleTalk PAPCalls
57.05PERN::HALLOWELLWed Feb 14 1990? How to launch app from desktop/fileclick
58.0231378::MERRELLThu Feb 22 1990Book review: On Mac Programming:Advanced Techniques
59.0231992::HICKSSat Feb 24 1990File Manager returns wrong free space??
61.01QUASI::SCOTTWed Mar 14 199068
62.0BLAKLY::YAPLEE_JEWed Mar 28 1990Think Pascal 4.
63.0149392::RUGGIEROThu Mar 29 1990SpaceExtra(extra:Fixed) from assembly?
64.0249392::RUGGIEROWed Apr 04 1990Problem with toolbox call FindControl
65.02BOLT::MINOWThu Apr 05 1990Is a character valid in some font?
66.06CADSE::ANDERSONThu Apr 05 1990Help with MacUser Tutorial
67.05HPSRAD::SAWINFri Apr 13 1990C compilers
68.0358418::TOMKINSWed Apr 25 1990C is for beginners?
69.04ENET51::SCOTTThu Apr 26 1990MPW V3.
70.0549234::ILLOUZFri Apr 27 1990FOXBase+ advice needed
71.07DENVER::THURYThu May 03 1990Is there an "argv" in THINKC?
72.04BUOVAX::ARONSONFri May 18 1990Mac Magazines
73.031783::HETRICKTue May 22 1990How to lay out windows using TCL
75.048242::MINGOIAMon May 28 1990Contact needed
76.016ARCANE::SCHEIFLERMon Jun 11 1990Sound Advice
77.0ENET51::SCOTTSun Jun 17 1990Keeping 1,
78.0134248::SKINNERThu Jun 21 1990Can an INIT be 'launched'?
79.03ARCANE::SCHEIFLERTue Jun 26 1990Extracting color table infro from a file?
80.0349965::THIELWed Jul 04 1990Hypercard and disk access
82.0257133::KELLYThu Jul 12 1990Music festivals and Mac's
83.032828::LAMMon Jul 30 1990Limiting # of characters in Hypercard fields
84.02DEMING::FISTERTue Jul 31 1990Mac Serial ports
85.013BOLT::MINOWMon Aug 06 1990TCL-Think Class Library Debugging
86.0232828::LAMMon Aug 13 1990Customized Reports from Hypercard
87.01DDIF::MEAGHERThu Aug 30 1990File path text info from SFGetFile?
88.0157515::HALLOWELLFri Sep 07 1990Help printing sideways and in tiles
90.01SNRKLE::DESELMSTue Sep 11 1990AppMaker?
91.02ARCANE::SCHEIFLERThu Sep 13 1990Alert with 'cicn' gobbles memory
92.0132884::WATSONTue Sep 18 1990Application Development
93.02BCSE::KLASMANTue Sep 25 1990MAC program profilers?
94.02ARCANE::SCHEIFLERTue Sep 25 1990Creating a folder from an application?
95.07RANGER::HARRISFri Sep 28 1990New Mac Programming Primer using THINK C available
96.013DTPSat Sep 29 1990Curses library for Mac?
97.0249392::RUGGIEROMon Oct 01 1990Help writing a WDEF in Pascal
99.049973::DUBOISFri Oct 05 1990How to make multi-segment code resources?
101.05SNRKLE::DESELMSMon Oct 15 1990MIDI programming examples wanted!
102.01TFH::MORANTue Oct 16 1990how do I left-right just a TERec?
105.0DENVER::WATSONCSun Nov 18 1990HELP - need GKS library for Lightspeed C v4.
106.04ARCANE::SCHEIFLERTue Nov 20 1990Looking for GWorld info ...
107.030DTPTue Nov 20 1990Sloppy Think C pointers
108.01TRCOWed Nov 21 1990Help- Need someone to parse my asm code
109.0131998::TOUBThu Nov 22 1990Making Desk Accessories
110.0TRCOMon Nov 26 1990RealToString code fragment
111.02DTPFri Nov 30 1990High level toolbox routine for Open/Create File?
112.0SUBSYS::COTEMon Dec 03 1990Help modifying SFGetFile dialog
113.03BOLT::MINOWTue Dec 04 1990TCL Code Bloat?
114.0949711::VANDEVYVERWed Dec 05 1990Any good C++ compilers/environments?
115.01TROAFri Dec 07 1990Discounts on MAC Purchases for DEC-cies ??
116.0249711::VANDEVYVERSun Dec 09 1990A Sound Manager problem
118.0249249::MORANDWed Dec 12 1990Hypercard : access control ?
119.01WONDER::HOYTEWed Dec 12 1990Looking for C source to plotting for MAC
120.07RANGER::PITKINThu Dec 20 1990MPW C debugging....
121.0336191::NEWMANThu Dec 27 1990Beginners Problems Programming in C on the Macintosh
122.016TIGNES::HORNIKFri Jan 04 1991DECmug Meeting Announcements
123.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Jan 08 1991Doc on 'icl4'/'icl8' color icon resources?
124.011TROAThu Jan 10 1991Label conventions
125.02TRCOThu Jan 10 199168
126.03EYLAK::BATESMon Jan 14 1991What happened to nullEvent?
127.044822Tue Jan 15 1991Driver help needed
128.0248219::LECANNELLIERTue Jan 15 1991ease of programming on Macs ?
129.02RANGER::RTRME::LichtenbergSat Jan 19 1991SICN (small icon) resources -- how do I use them?
130.0157Tue Jan 22 1991LA5
131.03RANGER::PITKINTue Jan 22 1991Part of a second please?
132.0148219::LECANNELLIERThu Jan 24 1991LC, 68
133.0BOLT::MINOWFri Jan 25 1991TCL List Manager Clone problem
134.047547::CARUSOFri Jan 25 1991Sound formats
135.07RANGER::RTRME::LichtenbergSat Jan 26 1991Multifinder APIs? Can I launch an app from a program?
136.0248219::LECANNELLIERThu Jan 31 1991LC/SE3
137.0TROAMon Feb 04 1991GetKeys...packed arrays.
138.01565Mon Feb 04 1991? How to Embed a FONT into an application's RESOURCES
139.0251488::MANNISTOMon Feb 04 1991Which 4GL for C/S programming?
140.0349392::RUGGIEROMon Feb 11 1991need keycode info for keypad/fkt-keys etc.
141.0347547::CARUSOWed Feb 13 1991lint clone ?
143.0359625::MANAKATue Feb 19 1991Mac File System - Catalog/Resource/Data?
144.0458378::S_BAINSSun Feb 24 1991MACIIsi v Decstation325
145.0151847::FLEMMINGCMon Feb 25 1991Help on init's and periodic tasks
146.0NOVA::BARNESThu Feb 28 1991Comm Toolbox TCP/IP help
147.0RANGER::COETue Mar 05 1991Dismounting AppleShare/VAXshare volume
148.020BARBEL::VANDERPOOLThu Mar 07 1991MultiFinder, PATHWorks, & Task-Task Comms
149.0147116::RONCAGLIONIMon Mar 11 1991Help looking for a Small CAD
150.0RAB::FORGEYWed Mar 20 1991Prograph Demo at ZKO Monday
151.025Thu Mar 21 1991Apple File Exchange `Add-ons'
152.02VIA::QUIGLY::chipperFri Mar 22 1991Looking for DDE equivalent on MAC System 6
153.03RANGER::KOUTAVASWed Mar 27 1991Address for AppMaker?
154.043818Wed Mar 27 1991Need a dummy's guide to C
155.02JAP::PETERMFri Apr 05 1991Any information about the availabilty and/or whereabouts of DAL interface for Think C 4.
156.0ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYMon Apr 08 1991Pop Up Menu / Modeless dialog examples
157.072113::DANWed Apr 10 1991Standard Help display for Macs?
158.03TPS::CHENMon Apr 29 1991Some MPW C function call questions.
159.0TST757::PETERMTue Apr 30 1991Little->Big Endian byteswap code
160.013818Fri May 03 1991Hype about HyperCard 2.
161.0549968::GULLIETMon May 06 1991MacsBug
162.0135186::BARNARDWed May 08 1991Consultant needed A.S.A.P.
163.01THEWAV::BRADLEYTue May 14 1991327
164.03MR4DEC::SIMONWed May 15 1991RTF Conversion
165.0249575::SKRIVERVIKThu May 16 1991Any application using DAL ?
166.051887::ARNESat May 18 1991V7.
167.022Wed May 22 1991AppleEvents documentation wanted
168.0357458::YINGFri May 31 1991Modem Client on MAC
169.01SIENA::MUNROETue Jun 04 1991VMS to MAC RPC?
170.0252378::GOLOBARTMon Jun 17 1991LC and SI micro
171.0247547::CARUSOSat Jun 22 1991Alert & Pixmap questions
172.0132738::TOUBTue Jun 25 1991PC-to-Mac reimplementation
173.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Jul 11 1991comm toolbox ???
174.02HSOMAI::LINSun Jul 14 1991Programming on a MAC???
175.03RANGER::RTRME::LichtenbergWed Jul 17 1991Got a TextEdit that does >32K?
176.02ACESMK::GOLIKERIFri Jul 19 1991MPW and 4D
177.09PEACHS::BELDINSun Jul 21 1991MPW vs Think C? Development environments...
178.07SIENA::MUNROEMon Jul 22 1991POSIX Threads for the Mac?
179.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Jul 23 1991decnet cmread, cmwrite block size?
180.03DLOWed Jul 24 1991post script printing
181.03GOLDKY::KLASMANThu Jul 25 1991Looking for Screen Capture program w/ sources
182.01HOTWTR::SYNGE_JAFri Jul 26 1991Null events in background?
183.06HOTWTR::SYNGE_JAThu Aug 01 1991Can my app get CPU in the background?
184.015CALS::DESELMSFri Aug 02 1991Think C V5.
185.0VIA::ADAMSFri Aug 09 1991Library for SQL access to Mac data???
186.06LEDS::PRIBORSKYWed Aug 14 1991APDA drops subscription fees
187.0TLSEMon Aug 26 1991Doc composition/circulation project
188.05BROKE::HARRISWed Sep 11 1991MPW variables and System 7
189.0VIA::REALMUTOWed Sep 18 1991QuickDraw pattern definitions
190.0IJSAPL::VOERMANFri Sep 20 1991request samples Task to task programs
191.0GOTA1::WANNERSKOGWed Sep 25 1991SYBASE server/client API for MAC
192.0DDIF::MEAGHERMon Oct 07 1991Example of scrolling MDEF code?
193.0LEDS::PRIBORSKYMon Oct 07 1991APDA Examples
194.06ALAMOS::ADAMSMon Oct 21 1991Using Resources Not In IM
195.0BERNThu Oct 24 1991link problem with MPW 2.
196.026359Mon Oct 28 1991MultiFinder 6.
197.04LEDS::PRIBORSKYTue Nov 12 1991Disabling physical memory
198.0SUBWAY::SPECTORFri Nov 22 1991How to do CallBack processing?
199.011PENUTS::HNELSONTue Nov 26 1991Starter advice for new Mac programmer, please?!
200.01SEASID::SYNGEWed Nov 27 1991Looking for Sound Manager/Sound Input examples
201.08XAPPL::CLARKTue Dec 03 1991Mac programming training - classroom, on-line, ...
202.03AZUR::DESOZAMon Dec 09 1991Hypercard 1.2.5, Menubar visibility question.
203.0CSC32::R_DESKOMon Dec 09 1991Cursors in Hypercard
204.02LEDS::PRIBORSKYSat Jan 04 1992Dialog box jitters
205.03SLO::VUJNOVICWed Jan 15 1992Sorting resources by Type/ID? *Urgent*
206.02VIA::LCLARKSat Jan 18 1992Symantec's THINK Reference
207.01PORI::SCHMIDTMon Feb 24 1992Kemeny and Kurtz's "True BASIC"
208.0XNOGOV::JOETue Feb 25 1992MacTCP Header files & libraries
209.02THEBAY::PEPERIWed Mar 04 1992How to deal with Mac dates beyond the year 2
210.016359Tue Mar 10 1992Pascal to C String Conversion
211.0GOLDKY::MIERSWATue Mar 10 1992Need a-trap intercept examples
212.0VIA::ANDERSONWed Mar 11 1992cmAttn and DECnet Tool
213.02BELFST::MCCORRYThu Mar 12 1992Beginner Think C and Mirror.c
214.01ERLANG::MILLERMon Mar 16 1992Logo
215.01MR4DEC::RICARDMon Mar 23 1992default view for folders??
216.01MACNAS::JSCULLYWed Mar 25 1992Basic Programming required urgently
217.01ROYALT::HENEGHANWed Mar 25 1992Changing MENU resources
218.01DSTEG::DRAGONThu Mar 26 1992Need to Tap Testing Experience
219.0IOSG::JONESKWed Apr 01 1992Mac Programming Course Needed
220.02BELFST::MCCORRYWed Apr 22 1992Think C XCMD's from Supercard
221.01BERNTue May 05 1992How can I find all mounted volumes?
222.0BARMY::PETERTue May 05 1992VAX/RISC communication with SuperCard ?
223.0RANGER::COEThu May 07 1992MPW C 3.2.2 Pre-processor broke?
224.02SWAM1::GRANT_BOTue May 19 1992COBOL on the Mac ?!?!?
225.03LIOSWed Jun 03 1992Macro assembler?
226.0KAOFS::E_LOKENThu Jun 04 1992DAL, Excel and RDB useage
227.0HANNAH::REITHTue Jun 09 1992DYnamic LANguage - Dylan
228.0SUBWAY::VOYSESTWed Jun 10 1992Declaring a network object HELP!
230.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jun 12 1992Hints needed for making ROMs with Think C
231.02VIA::ANDERSONTue Jun 23 1992Multiple CMNew's problem
232.01BAGLEY::FOSTERTue Jun 30 1992Front-end development tools for Rdb access
233.0ALOSWS::DRACEWed Jul 01 1992Error 33
234.01IOSG::JONESKThu Jul 23 1992Faster I/O in C
235.0BELFST::MCCORRYTue Jul 28 1992Mac Guru needed urgently
236.01VMPIRE::MURPHYTue Jul 28 1992SFGetFile file type help
237.04TENAYA::HJPFri Jul 31 1992MPW Availability
238.0RAB::WALSHFri Aug 07 1992Color on MAC II
239.01GLINDA::GODFREYTue Aug 18 1992Local Mounted Volumes and Zone Information
240.01XANADU::JAHNSWed Aug 26 1992Think C ZREF error ???
241.05FORTSC::DUFFYTue Sep 01 1992Backup SW, or CopyFile Code??
242.06MOVIES::WHITAKERThu Sep 10 1992New user - What C compilers are available
243.02RANGER::HARRISThu Sep 17 1992Why couldn't I win a PowerBook?
244.02RANGER::HARRISMon Sep 21 1992new Inside Macintosh books
245.06JITThu Oct 01 1992HyperCard -> DECmessageQ
246.0HSKPRF::KOKKOThu Oct 08 1992MPW, Think C and Apple Events
247.0GLINDA::WAGNERCOFFILMon Nov 09 1992Image & Thumbnail display solarized
248.02AUDIBL::MOSIERWed Nov 25 1992"C" examples for a beginner?
249.01SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
253.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Dec 14 1992Memory allocation tools?
254.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Dec 22 1992Mapping dialog resources indicies to their meanings
255.01IOSG::JONESKThu Jan 07 1993Launch App and Pass filename as input
256.0TBJVOA::M_SASAKIWed Jan 13 1993How to change Print Margin ?
257.04PNDSCM::MORSETue Jan 19 1993C++ Compilers & Laptop Dailin software?
258.012PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Jan 26 1993How do I request a password in a dialog?
259.02ADO75A::MCSHANETue Feb 09 1993PC or DEC screen on MAC LCII?
260.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Feb 15 1993Anyone want to give me MacBinary code?
261.02ZOWEE::ANTHONYWed Feb 17 1993MAC 4gl /app generator
262.01ESSB::KKELLYThu Feb 25 1993hypercard & other 4gls
263.0TALK::HICKSON_BThu Feb 25 1993Monitoring resource ID's
264.0TALK::HICKSON_BThu Feb 25 1993Convert PICT to TIFF
265.04IOSG::JONESKFri Mar 05 1993A question on 'Patching' an application
266.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Mar 09 1993Code 13 in DrawString acts weird.
267.03TAMARA::NEUMAN::Stan NeumannFri Mar 26 1993World-Wide Development, Guide to system software
268.01ORING::GULATIThu Apr 29 1993Advise on creating a front end MAC GUI for accessing Rdb/SQL multimedia objects??
269.0TKOV51::FURUTAWed May 05 1993Help needed on DECnet for Mac device driver programming
270.03CGOOA::GERASFri May 07 1993ThinkC/DAL/Rdb
271.022DNEAST::MCNVAX::WIGHTFri May 14 1993THINK C V6.
272.0XSTACY::DMCCABEThu May 20 1993A question about registers products with Apple
273.01COPCLU::PISTOU::TROELSFri May 21 1993How to make an API Mac--VAX?
274.02TREES::HICKSONWed May 26 1993SQL/Services API w/ 32-Bit addressing on
275.03HERON::LAFORGUEThu Jun 03 1993replacing Teachtext by Edit?
276.04BBIVMon Jun 21 1993>>NEW TO MAC PROGRAMMING<<
277.02NSTG::J_LEEWed Jun 23 1993Any Device Manager routines used to call drivers in C?
278.04NSTG::J_LEEFri Jun 25 1993SCSI manager and drivers?
279.07MEOCWed Jun 30 1993small PD C compiler wanted
280.06UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROMon Jul 12 1993how do you simulate different screen size?
281.0EEMELI::KOKKOFri Jul 23 1993VIP-C environment (Cwith flowcharts and functions)
282.0TKOV66::BAKOSHITue Aug 03 1993DECnet option data
283.04VIA::CIOTWed Aug 18 1993How to quickly search all the Mac notesfile at once
284.0HSKPRF::KAILAThu Aug 19 1993Think C 6.
285.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Sep 01 1993Disk initialization?
286.03TAMARA::MIERSWAFri Sep 03 1993Anyone know how to call MacTCP?
287.0PEACHS::BELDINTue Sep 07 1993Any pulled Harvest C compiler?
288.03FSOA::MSTJEANThu Sep 09 1993Question on using external modem on Classic
289.03D::NISHIMOTOThu Sep 09 1993Think C V5.
290.0ELWOOD::PETERSMon Sep 13 1993Wanted: Macintosh Programmer
291.01UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROWed Sep 22 1993Problem with SourceServer and Think Project Mgr
292.01TYSON::KURATAFri Sep 24 1993Need rapid development tools
293.014PACWH::SLOPERFri Oct 01 1993Smalltalk on the Mac
294.0RICKS::PSHERWOODMon Oct 04 1993ADSP (AppleTalk) source code examples
295.012PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Oct 06 1993Menu as a dialog item?
296.01HANNAH::ANDERSONWed Oct 27 1993Looking for code to do drag and drop.
297.062HOT::CIOTThu Oct 28 1993A special substitute utility
298.06DECCXX::COTEThu Oct 28 1993ex-Symantec employee
299.02A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try Conferencing FT2
300.042HOT::CIOTMon Nov 15 1993Problem calling C function from C++ with ANSI functions
301.0ALXNDR::NICHOLSONMon Nov 22 1993E.T.O.
302.04OZROCK::TAYLORWed Nov 24 1993error -9
303.042HOT::MAPLEY::ciotWed Dec 01 1993Conversion routines from ISO Latin1 to Mac character set
304.0CGOOA::GERASThu Dec 02 1993Mac accessing PC databases?
305.0TLE::WELLSMon Dec 06 1993How can Digital group purchase from APDA?
306.02UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROThu Jan 06 1994shared libraries
307.04RECV::MCEVOYThu Jan 13 1994can an appl delete itself?
308.01WRKSYS::ARUMUGHAMThu Jan 13 1994HFS questions
309.06GTI2Mon Jan 17 1994What about Visual Basic?
310.01OSTVThu Jan 20 1994[SC++,TC6] How to use SouceServer
311.01NYOSThu Jan 20 1994TransSkel
312.0TAPE::DTBTue Feb 01 1994Info on Apple licensing and other stuff
313.0DNEAST::MCNVAX::WIGHTTue Feb 01 1994Is there any way to Split large file into smaller files that can be transferred ot non network MAC.
314.02UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROThu Feb 03 1994darkening portion of a color PICT
315.03OSLACT::CSMAC::arneWed Feb 09 1994Programming with ApplTalk for VMS
316.01REGENT::POWERSFri Feb 18 1994futureBASIC
317.01GTI2Wed Feb 23 1994Who knows "Serius Developer Pro"
318.09SPECXN::ELLISONMon Mar 07 1994Symantec C++ 7.
319.06NYOSTue Mar 22 1994MacTypes and TermHandle, CommToolbox
320.073D::NISHIMOTOWed Apr 06 1994MacWrite internal format?
321.05MOVIES::WHITAKERTue Apr 19 1994Async I/O ?
322.02ZURTue Apr 26 1994Custom Folders ?
323.01RAB::QSORT::RackemannWed Apr 27 1994Mounting VAXShare Vol from Program?
324.0OZROCK::MITCHELLWed Apr 27 1994Writing Mac install program
325.0AZUR::VALETThu Apr 28 1994Q: RPC on a mac... What is available ?
326.019WELLER::JAHELKAThu May 05 1994MetroWorks CodeWarrior
327.010PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jun 10 1994How to I get back into the higher debugger?
328.01HAN::ROEPERTue Jun 28 1994How to get the frontwindow fr bg
329.0HAN::ROEPERWed Jun 29 1994MacApp ViewEdit extendible ?
330.01BUDDIE::KORNSMon Jul 18 1994MS Windows HELP for Mac?
331.03RANGER::HARRISWed Aug 03 1994Microsoft Visual C++ coming to the Mac
332.06POBOXA::COMMOWed Aug 10 1994<< Impressions of Symantic C++ V7.
333.0AZUR::DESOZATue Sep 27 1994DTS and Apps To Go
334.03NASTue Sep 27 1994POSIX "Threads" on a Mac?
336.02OSLACT::ARNESun Oct 09 1994App. stopping due to type 1 error??
337.0PDVThu Nov 03 1994DSP 321
338.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Nov 15 1994Drawing double width text - coming soon to a VTstar!
339.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 02 1994Dumping allocation blocks(VNmAlBlks) from a volume????
340.0RANGER::HARRISFri Dec 30 1994MacTech "Sprocket" FrameWork
341.0ROWLET::DIBBLEFri Jan 13 1995Universal Headers
342.02XSTACY::THEALYMon Jan 16 1995help with using rdVerify Please!
343.01XSTACY::THEALYFri Feb 03 1995How to create a CDROM for mixed platforms eg. Dos and Macintosh
344.0PAMSRC::STASIA::BILLMon Feb 20 1995DECnet Tool and CMListen
345.02XSTACY::THEALYTue Mar 14 1995need a location of code for this problem or has anybody done this before???
346.03NETCAD::EZRIDR::SIEGELFri Mar 24 1995Help! - Menu bar not drawn correctly
347.02BORGIL::M_FRAZIERMon Apr 10 1995Need recomendations for porting MS VC++ & MFC cod
348.0BORGIL::M_FRAZIERTue May 09 1995Mac Programming books by Dan Parks Sydow
349.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Jul 12 1995NFS somewhere?
350.0SSPADE::UHUH::BINGHAMMon Aug 14 1995Drawing with RGBForeColor set to the result of GetGray() ?
351.02WRLDYD::HASHMIWed Sep 20 1995Basic programming
352.01NETRIX::"gervais@taec.enet.dec.com"Fri Dec 08 1995How to hide other application windows ?
353.010XSTACY::OSHAUGHNESSYMon Jan 22 1996Recommendation for C++ compiler
354.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Mar 20 1996MPW Crashes on my PowerMac with 7.5.2 or 7.5.3
355.0UNIFIX::HARRISThu Mar 28 1996Anyone want to get in the business of VTstar builds?
356.012AZUR::DESOZAMon Apr 01 1996Sun Java language note
357.0EVTAI1::MACSRMon May 13 1996About AppleScript...
358.0VCOUMon May 13 1996Quick Mail Experience
359.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKAMon Jul 01 1996how to write Netscape helper for Mac