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Conference 7.286::ibmpc_shareware

Title:Shareware for IBM PC and compatibles
Notice:vmsmkt->humane| caldec->trinty| ufrcs1->muccs1
Created:Mon Oct 15 1990
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3369
Total number of notes:24372
Number with bodies:64
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1.08TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Oct 15 1990Introduction
2.012RT128::BATESThu Sep 24 1992SIMTEL2
3.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990Tips on Searching Conferences
4.03TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Oct 15 1990Conference Notices
6.07TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Oct 15 1990Frequently Asked Questions
7.0214TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Oct 15 1990Public Directories
8.015CAFEIN::PFAUFri Oct 19 1990Suggestions
9.051SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Oct 19 1990SIMTEL Uploads
10.0587TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990Who are you? Please sign in
11.04TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990Report discrepancies between SIMTEL2
12.09CHIRPA::LINWed Sep 15 1993Personal Use of Corporate Resources
13.02CHIRPA::LINFri Mar 11 1994Related Conferences
14.013TARKIN::LINTue Jul 26 1994Tips on Finding Files (feel free to contribute)
29.01TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/bbslists/*"
41.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/cmplngmag/*"
42.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/cmu-pcip/*"
43.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/cobol/*"
44.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/compatibles/*"
45.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/compute-pc/*"
46.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/crossasm/*"
47.05TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/crossref/*"
48.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/cu-tcp/*"
49.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/database/*"
50.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/dbase/*"
51.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ddjmag/*"
52.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/deskaccess/*"
53.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/deskjet/*"
54.03TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/deskpub/*"
55.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/desqview/*"
56.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/dirutl/*"
57.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/disasm/*"
58.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/dskutl/*"
59.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/editor/*"
60.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/education/*"
61.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/eel/*"
62.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ega/*"
63.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/emulators/*"
64.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/fido/*"
65.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/filedocs/*"
66.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/filutl/*"
67.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/finance/*"
68.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/flowchart/*"
69.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/formgen/*"
70.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/forth/*"
71.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/fortran/*"
72.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/fossil/*"
73.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/freemacs/*"
74.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/genealogy/*"
75.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/genie/*"
76.022TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/gif/*"
77.017TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/gnuish/*"
78.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/graph/*"
79.07TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/graphics/*"
80.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/hamradio/*"
81.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/handicap/*"
82.07TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/hypertext/*"
83.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/info/*"
84.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/inside-tp/*"
85.07TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/irit/*"
86.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ka9q-tcpip/*"
87.07TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/kermit/*"
88.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/keyboard/*"
89.01TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/lan/*"
90.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/lantimes/*"
91.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/laptop/*"
92.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/laser/*"
93.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/legal/*"
94.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/lisp/*"
95.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/logo/*"
96.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/lotus123/*"
97.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/mac/*"
98.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/mapping/*"
99.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/math/*"
100.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 16 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/max/*"
101.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/menu/*"
102.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/microcorn/*"
103.012CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/modem/*"
104.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/modula2/*"
105.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/mouse/*"
106.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/msjournal/*"
107.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/mswindows/*"
108.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/music/*"
109.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ncsatelnet/*"
110.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/network/*"
111.02CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/opus/*"
112.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/packet/*"
113.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pascal/*"
114.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pc-jr/*"
115.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pcmag/*"
116.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pcpursuit/*"
117.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pcresource/*"
118.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pctech/*"
119.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pctechniques/*"
120.06CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/perl/*"
121.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pgmutl/*"
122.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pibterm/*"
123.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pilot/*"
124.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/pli/*"
125.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/plot/*"
126.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/postscript/*"
127.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/preprocess/*"
128.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/printer/*"
129.02CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/procomm/*"
130.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/prodigy/*"
131.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/progjourn/*"
132.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/prolog/*"
133.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/qbasic/*"
134.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/qedit/*"
135.03CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/qmodem/*"
136.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/qpascal/*"
137.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ramdisk/*"
138.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/rbbs-pc/*"
139.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/screen/*"
140.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/small-c/*"
141.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/smalltalk/*"
142.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/snobol4/*"
143.01CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/sound/*"
144.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/spreadsheet/*"
145.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/sprint/*"
146.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/sq-usq/*"
147.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/starlink/*"
148.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/starter/*"
149.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/statistics/*"
150.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/surfmodl/*"
151.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/swap/*"
152.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/sysutl/*"
153.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/taxes/*"
154.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/tcpip/*"
155.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/telegard/*"
156.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/telix/*"
157.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/tex/*"
158.04CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/tiff/*"
159.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/trojan-pro/*"
160.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/turbo-c/*"
161.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/turbobas/*"
162.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/turbopas/*"
163.03CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/txtutl/*"
164.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/uemacs/*"
165.01CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/uucp/*"
166.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/ventura/*"
167.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/vga/*"
168.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/voice/*"
169.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/voicemail/*"
170.01CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/windows3/*"
171.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/wordperf/*"
172.03CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/worldmap/*"
173.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/x-1
174.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/xlisp/*"
175.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/xpc/*"
176.014CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/zip/*"
177.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/zmodem/*"
178.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990winnah::"/ftp/msdos/zoo/*"
179.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
180.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
181.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
182.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
183.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
184.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
185.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
186.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
187.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
188.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
189.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
190.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
191.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
192.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
193.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
194.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
195.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
196.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
197.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
198.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
199.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
200.0CHIRPA::LINThu Oct 18 1990(Reserved for future use)
201.02VMSSG::J_OTTERSONTue Oct 16 1990Where is a writeable public repository?
202.04ODIXIE::GRACEWed Oct 17 1990Public Bulletin Boards?
203.02RICKS::REISERTThu Oct 18 1990Looking for PAKF
204.05WKRP::HENRYFri Oct 19 1990Coupon Inventory??
205.08TROAMon Oct 22 1990XTREE replacement??
206.051SAHQ::JGONZALEZMon Oct 22 1990Shareware Procomm/Procomm Plus questions
207.08ADVLSI::FONTANATue Oct 23 1990SIMTEL? where? What?
208.023AHIKER::EARLYThu Oct 25 1990Readership Poll - shareware/Rainbow/hardware question
209.013FRAGLE::CONNELLYThu Oct 25 1990GRaphic Animation System for Professionals - GRASPRT
210.02TROAFri Oct 26 1990How do we UPLOAD to CSCMAS ??
211.0DIMSUM::PWONGTue Oct 30 1990OS/2 Bulletin Boards
212.03SNDPIT::SMITHTue Oct 30 1990LZEXE executable compression program?
213.077AYOV27::WESTONFri Nov 02 1990Getting files from SIMTEL
214.054BONNET::CHEFS::SCHMIDTMMon Nov 05 1990Shareware DB (database) suggestions wanted
215.0ISIDRO::SOTORRIOMon Nov 05 1990Looking for AP-LINK BBS software
216.01SNDPIT::SMITHMon Nov 05 1990SCRNSAV2
217.0DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERMon Nov 05 1990PC-MAIL anyone?
218.02REGENT::FITZGERALDMon Nov 05 1990Looking for PL/M
220.01SNDPIT::SMITHTue Nov 06 1990GRAFWK
221.03SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Nov 06 1990Can Digital employees write shareware?
222.0YUPPY::PEGLEYWed Nov 07 1990Project management software?
223.011TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Nov 08 1990Volunteers to help update the CSCMAS collection
225.02DECWIN::FISHERMon Nov 12 1990Working Model Exchange
226.03TIGEMS::ARNOLDWed Nov 14 1990Where is VMS KERMIT that allows big packet sizes?
227.02TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Nov 15 1990Graphics for the NEW Printshop?
228.01--UnknownUser--Sat Nov 17 1990UNIX/gnuish tool syntax??
229.0TROAMon Nov 19 1990Unix utils - how to use?
230.053HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Nov 27 1990SCAN virus checker?
231.0SCAT::STEINERTue Nov 27 1990IBM5218 Printer driver???
232.0251RICKS::REISERTThu Nov 29 1990QVT/QVT for Windows
233.05FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Nov 29 1990Where is source to PCBISON and Cornell FLEX V2.3?
234.05JOCKEY::JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Nov 29 1990Security Policy
235.033ARGUS::RICHARDFri Nov 30 1990I Am Mad! (about removal of GIFs)
236.014AHIKER::EARLYFri Nov 30 1990MENUS, Indexing Files,
237.04WRKSYS::NELSENWed Dec 05 1990ZOO Compressor/Decompressor
238.0168ADO75A::WILEYWed Dec 05 1990STATUS: CSCMAS has been replaced by WINNAH
239.06RTOEU::MNEELYFri Dec 07 1990Lost part of [Database]? Need PC-File+ 3.x
240.012DENVER::BAKERSun Dec 09 1990vt24
242.04BOVEY::FORDMon Dec 10 1990Windows Post-it program???
245.030SUBWAY::GREENSTEINWed Dec 12 1990Help for Beginner - Downloading from CSCMAS|Winnah|...
246.01WLDWST::DRIEARWed Dec 12 1990Top shareware for August
247.013SIOG::DALYThu Dec 13 1990VGA screen grabber ???
248.0COGMK::WOODThu Dec 13 1990Public (software) Library - PsL
249.08TROU31::ZAIDMANThu Dec 13 1990Database for Windows 3.
250.03SCAPAS::ASPSThu Dec 13 1990Need As Easy As
251.015JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Dec 16 1990Problem with MS-Windows V3.
252.010RANGER::R_BROWNMon Dec 17 1990Looking for a Disassembler
253.01RICKS::REISERTWed Dec 19 1990ANSI Drivers downloaded from SIMTEL2
254.012RICKS::REISERTWed Dec 19 1990Omen Technology's X/Y/Zmodem
255.021RICKS::REISERTThu Dec 20 1990Tax Preparation Software
256.05--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 21 1990source for as easy as?
257.020CSC32::R_IVERSFri Dec 21 1990Help with VMSUNZIP
260.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Dec 27 1990Graphics (clip art) for First Publisher?
261.027CSC32::E_LUFKERThu Dec 27 1990Kermit and .Arc help needed.
262.05CSC32::E_LUFKERThu Dec 27 1990Assemble complier needed
263.024BAHTAT::WORRALLSun Dec 30 1990uuencode/decode please
264.020TAVTue Jan 01 1991VGA demo...
265.02AZUR::ATWELLWed Jan 02 1991decorate.arc please
267.0RICKS::REISERTWed Jan 02 1991FRAINT multi-featured Fractal generator
268.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jan 03 1991Emacs and Meta key
269.031LUDWIG::NACCACHIANThu Jan 03 1991Networking again
270.05DPDMAI::PATRICKFri Jan 04 1991-< Shareware Unix OS for AT??? >
271.047CHIRPA::LINFri Jan 04 1991Dieter Heinzer SEARCHT
272.07HAMBND::CHAVISFri Jan 04 1991Some windows programs
273.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAFri Jan 04 1991NNASN89
274.05PEARL::JAQUESFri Jan 04 1991simple menu system
275.05KEIKI::STARRSat Jan 05 1991Help needed with ICONLIB...
276.0STAR::KAPLANSun Jan 06 1991In search of DOS Utilities
277.077SANTEE::GREENEMon Jan 07 1991Latest version of 4DOS
278.0DC1Mon Jan 07 1991Looking for AI in TURBO Pascal
280.09WLDWST::DRIEARMon Jan 07 1991Looking for DF4
281.015FTMUDG::REEDTue Jan 08 1991WORD PERFECT files
282.0PAOXCS::MCGOWANWed Jan 09 1991Desqview PD stuff?
283.022ADVLSI::FONTANAWed Jan 09 1991What term/filexfer do you use?
284.01SHIRE::FITZGERALDThu Jan 10 1991Directory Password Protection?
287.09CHIRPA::LINSat Jan 12 1991FDFRM16A is worth looking at. Faster Floppies!
288.04EFGVWed Jan 16 1991To convert a .BAT into .EXE/.COM
289.07WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Jan 16 1991WINDOWS V3 stuff. Feel free to copy.
290.012ADO75A::STEPHENSFri Jan 18 1991I need a new un-arc programme
291.05CIMPUL::BEFUMOFri Jan 18 1991What's a .BMP file?
292.08CIMPUL::BEFUMOFri Jan 18 1991RECALL for DOS?
293.08SEATTL::MALCOLMSTFri Jan 18 1991A Windows 3.
294.01MUDIS3::TKELLERERMon Jan 21 1991EMS on Harddisk ???
295.03CIMPUL::BEFUMOMon Jan 21 1991How to DE-ARC MATLAB.ARC?
296.01NAC::V_PHANMon Jan 21 1991Converting HP LaserJet format to Postscript...
297.01CHIRPA::LINMon Jan 21 1991Reviews of Windows V3 programs supplied by note 289
298.01CADSYS::LEELAMon Jan 21 1991typing tutors
299.06FRSTSC::PLURTue Jan 22 1991How to copy ARC-Files
300.0SHALOT::THOMASTue Jan 22 1991Any color postscript banner programs available
301.0UFRCS1::VINZENZTue Jan 22 1991Cassette Liner Creator Wanted
302.05GOBAMA::CAMPBELLTue Jan 22 1991BASIC: Undo a SAVE/P ???
303.06CSCOAC::RADICK_DWed Jan 23 1991other Simtel dirs?
304.06MLNCSC::DALPORTOWed Jan 23 1991ACTOR and/or CASE:W information.
305.016EVETPU::EVETPU::EKLEThu Jan 24 1991On Line Directories With Copies Of SIMTEL Files
306.01TEMPE::HUFFAKERFri Jan 25 1991Grading software for teachers
307.02IOSG::MAIGNEGFri Jan 25 1991Help : How can I get some file from simtel ?
309.016BCSE::DESHARNAISFri Jan 25 1991Other Sources of Shareware
310.09HLISSat Jan 26 1991PKUNZIP needs PKZipFix
311.05XERXES::PfeifferSun Jan 27 1991Typing tutor for Rainbow?
312.016SMEGIT::ARNOLDMon Jan 28 1991Any GRAPHIC ADVENTURE games?
313.04RICKS::CHISVINTue Jan 29 1991QEDIT config file for EMACS?
314.01MSBCS::QUIMBYTue Jan 29 1991Easy-to-manage small BBS?
315.06LEVERS::PAQUETTETue Jan 29 1991Sports Scheduling SW ?
316.01GAUDI::BROSSAWed Jan 30 1991Laboratory Soft??
317.04ITASCA::RICEWed Jan 30 1991Laptop Pilot
318.012CSC32::R_IVERSWed Jan 30 1991MSdos Documentation
319.025XERXES::PfeifferWed Jan 30 1991Time Management Application?
321.0CIMPUL::BEFUMOThu Jan 31 1991anyone have copies of these?
322.015HIGHD::DROGERSThu Jan 31 1991SEDT FOR IBM?
323.01WFOVX5::BABYOKThu Jan 31 1991WIN3 PC to PC
324.06DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Feb 01 1991Non-destructive LL format?
325.07--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 01 1991GRASPRT needed
326.02KYOA::PEREZSat Feb 02 1991EMS 286 needed
327.013TROCSat Feb 02 1991Baseball Card DB ?
328.014CSC32::R_IVERSSat Feb 02 1991msdos<->VMS file transfers
329.06BITBKT::FORBESSun Feb 03 1991Mail-order vendors/brokers/companies for shareware
330.02RSNMon Feb 04 1991parallel port as input?
331.020MLNCSC::CESANIMon Feb 04 1991disk defragmenter
332.01CSS::EARLYMon Feb 04 1991DOCSM33
333.04AYOV27::WESTONMon Feb 04 1991MNP emulation?
334.09SHIRE::FITZGERALDTue Feb 05 1991.fli???
335.01SCAPAS::ASPSTue Feb 05 1991lptx->file OR pcfile manual on-line
336.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Feb 05 1991Looking for alternate FAX software...
337.0PDVWed Feb 06 1991BYACC Wanted !!!
338.06CSCOAC::RADICK_DWed Feb 06 1991INTER191.ZIP ?
339.0ECAD2::FINNERTYWed Feb 06 1991HYPLUS Hypertext product
340.015ACETEK::TIMPSONWed Feb 06 1991Math tutorials
341.05WLDWST::DRIEARWed Feb 06 1991Keeping track of interrupts
342.01CGOOWed Feb 06 1991unarc a .PAK file
343.08ALBANY::MCWILLIAMSWed Feb 06 1991PostScript spoolers?
344.01ASDG::ADAVISThu Feb 07 1991Need MSDOS Data Base program...
345.02CBWND4::ACHENThu Feb 07 1991BRK-CNTL.COM file needed
346.023SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu Feb 07 1991Genealogy Software
347.02WYNTON::BMCWILLIAMSSat Feb 09 1991No Memory Test on Boot
348.07TEMPE::HUFFAKERSat Feb 09 1991Need ARC help
349.08GIDDAY::COLEMANSun Feb 10 1991Spreadsheet programs...
350.01CX3PST::WSC183::D_LEWISMon Feb 11 1991Anybody have PPC (C pretty print) available???
352.04ECADSR::FINNERTYTue Feb 12 1991flex/bison, a.k.a. lex/yacc
353.03EICMFG::KARLEWed Feb 13 1991Is SIMTEL in bad mood?
354.05DECWET::PAINEWed Feb 13 1991Looking for newer Nethack Program
355.019FRAMBO::JOACHIMSOHNThu Feb 14 1991Project Mgmt Tools - searching for ...
356.04VNABRW::REINWARTH_KThu Feb 14 1991shareware COBOL?
357.01EFGVThu Feb 14 1991HRAM
358.011SEATTL::MALCOLMSTThu Feb 14 1991Copy one file across several disks?
359.04EFGVFri Feb 15 1991Multi tasking
360.0ZURA6::GUTAFri Feb 15 1991Looking for dowloadable fonts for MS Word
361.05UFRCS1::VINZENZFri Feb 15 1991WINBASIC, Basic For Windows
362.04RIPPLE::GAGE_GLFri Feb 15 1991What's a CRC error ?
363.06LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERFri Feb 15 1991OMEGA archive doesn't uncrunch
364.06JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Feb 17 1991Games for a joystick wanted
365.05JOCKEY::BOURNEJMon Feb 18 1991POWERMENU anyone??
366.0SHIRE::FITZGERALDThu Feb 21 1991Keycaps?
367.05ATSE::LABAThu Feb 21 1991WIN3-compatible version of FIREWORK?
369.043ELWOOD::STANLEYFri Feb 22 1991decompression of .tar.Z files
370.029LENO::GRIERMon Feb 25 1991Port of GNU C++ (G++) to MS-DOS off c.b.i.p
371.0SEATTL::MALCOLMSTMon Feb 25 1991Basic Multi-tasking Help.
372.013TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Feb 25 1991Print List of Clip Art; Pictures & Title/Filename
373.04VANRYN::RAVIMon Feb 25 1991EasyCase - CASE tool
374.089MR4DEC::WILLINGERMon Feb 25 1991ATM Outline Fonts for Windows 3
375.032PDVTue Feb 26 1991BASIC Interpreter for free
376.04MALLET::BARKERTue Feb 26 1991MUMPS anyone?
377.02NWGEDU::CD_DENOUTERWed Feb 27 1991Sailing software
378.08CSC32::R_IVERSWed Feb 27 1991PKXarc questions
379.05CGOAThu Feb 28 1991Mboot from PC Magnet and other multiboot programs
380.013AHIKER::EARLYThu Feb 28 1991DISK CATALOG INDEX UTILITIES Evalutation/Opinion
381.0IVMSU1::ZHENGThu Feb 28 1991source code
382.02MUNLEG::WALTERFri Mar 01 1991Looking for Dr. Dobb's source listings
383.010CSC32::R_IVERSFri Mar 01 1991Church software
384.0UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Mar 04 1991New PD Software Not Only For The Rainbow
385.0NAC::V_PHANMon Mar 04 1991Looking for QFONT
386.05PENUTS::HNELSONMon Mar 04 1991Seek PD/SW for creating building plans
387.01WFOV1Mon Mar 04 1991DIRECTORY SHORT FILES - Possible Problem
388.05WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Mar 05 1991SHAREWARE PAY-UP date...
389.013ADO75A::WILEYTue Mar 05 1991Simtel Games? (also TIXEL status?)
390.012SFCPMO::DOWENWed Mar 06 1991What about VMSZIP clone of PKZIP?
391.012WYNDE::AXTELLWed Mar 06 1991Any S/W for learning Hebrew?
392.0BRADOR::HOOPERWed Mar 06 1991'paint' program for icons
393.014WYNTON::BMCWILLIAMSWed Mar 06 1991The Last Byte
394.016MR4DEC::WILLINGERWed Mar 06 1991Does a reliable DOS Screen Blanker exist?
395.02EICMFG::STANOFSKYThu Mar 07 1991SCANV75 availability???
396.03JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Mar 07 1991TREEDEL for free
397.034CSC32::E_LUFKERThu Mar 07 1991GIF viewer needed.
398.01VLOVFri Mar 08 1991Analog Circuit Simulator, anyone ?
399.01CIMPUL::BEFUMOFri Mar 08 1991Kermit SOURCES anywhere?
400.01CSC32::E_LUFKERFri Mar 08 1991Asembler program help
401.02MRKTNG::BROWN_KSun Mar 10 1991WORDPERFECT / Pop Ups
402.01--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 11 1991DOG for ms-dos 4.XX and >4
403.02SAHQ::ARNOLDTue Mar 12 1991Intro to Shareware Document
404.02CLT::KOBAL::HEINZERTue Mar 12 1991Word Search Puzzle Creator
405.03PAULUS::BERGERWed Mar 13 1991Registering shareware in Germany
406.03SUTRA::ROMAGNOLIWed Mar 13 1991french shareware. Any source ?
408.018KYOA::CHURCHEWed Mar 13 1991touch typing?
409.03CSC32::E_LUFKERWed Mar 13 1991De-Arc'er needed
410.0AUSSIE::BAKERWed Mar 13 1991FST Modula-2 V2 ?
411.02EFGVThu Mar 14 1991New version of background formatter ?
413.07KURIUS::WSAThu Mar 14 1991Scouting software needed
415.04GALINA::SSMITHThu Mar 14 1991Outline for PC's?
416.03BRUMMY::SPRINGALLFri Mar 15 1991Where is ASEASYAS?
417.05SFCPMO::DOWENFri Mar 15 1991OCR software in the PD
418.013SUBWAY::JENKINSFri Mar 15 1991I need CAD software (kitchen design)
419.05TEMPE::HUFFAKERSat Mar 16 1991flowcharting shareware??
420.02GENIE::GUTASun Mar 17 1991HP Laser Utilities
421.07WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Mar 18 1991Apogee's Dark Ages anywhere?
422.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Mar 19 1991New Shareware on-line...
423.01ELWOOD::STANLEYTue Mar 19 1991clueless
424.07LIBNAN::ABEDTue Mar 19 1991Latest PKZIP and UNZIP shareware
425.0SOLVIT::WHITE_ATue Mar 19 1991ASQ?
426.09ADO75A::STEPHENSWed Mar 20 1991Compact Disc cataloger
427.09TROAWed Mar 20 1991Cards/Invitations
428.029HPSTEK::HANSONWed Mar 20 1991Copyright Law Help
429.0ADO75A::WILEYWed Mar 20 1991Keyboard remapping problem...
430.01GENIE::GUTAThu Mar 21 1991Shareware for MS Windows 3.
431.05MUDIS3::TKELLERERThu Mar 21 1991Postscript Previewer ???
432.01MILPND::WILLIAMSONThu Mar 21 1991Ever heard of PRODHP13 ??
433.084MAST::REISERTThu Mar 21 1991MS-DOS Kermit
434.02LIBNAN::ABEDThu Mar 21 1991OSFrame demo available. Anyone wants to host it
435.04SFCPMO::DOWENFri Mar 22 1991testing memory above 64
436.07CSGFri Mar 22 1991Laptop <-> VAXmate file transfers
437.05DLOFri Mar 22 1991CSCMAS ADDRESS?
438.017SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Mar 26 1991Calendar printing program?
439.015TROATue Mar 26 1991Monopoly/jeapardy?
441.04HANDVA::VINCENTTAMTue Mar 26 1991Hunt for Grammar game ..!!
442.010CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Mar 27 1991'advanced beginner' downloading
443.06GIDDAY::HOFFMEISTERWed Mar 27 1991DEC "gold Key" term emulator ???
445.03CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Mar 29 1991sedt for toshiba 11
446.013HOBBLE::SWEATTFri Mar 29 1991Which TCP product?
447.010HPSPWR::SIMONSat Mar 30 1991Print spooler?
448.010FSOA::JSTODDARDSun Mar 31 1991PC Magazine Utilities
449.02TROAMon Apr 01 1991Inquiry about TELEDISK?
450.03MAST::REISERTTue Apr 02 1991UUDECODE
451.07DLOPAS::MOSISI::SHAPIROTue Apr 02 1991New Participant and curious
452.03LAPUZZ::GORMANWed Apr 03 1991Correct file dates
453.01EFGVThu Apr 04 1991Cash book ?
454.018GRANPA::JFARLEYThu Apr 04 1991zip is not zip,arc not arc
455.04UFRCS1::LEIDINGERFri Apr 05 1991Link .obj files for Crossassembler ?
456.01PFSVAX::FULTONFri Apr 05 1991ALCHMY14.ZIP
457.01CSC32::R_IVERSFri Apr 05 1991VMIX questions
458.06SHAPES::HJONESSun Apr 07 1991MS-Windows PRINT/PASSTHRU required
459.012BYENGMon Apr 08 1991Generate complete list of files on a drive
460.018BOOKIE::LAUKAITISMon Apr 08 1991What software do I need for this?
461.05PLAYER::PHELANTue Apr 09 1991Stock market shareware ???
462.02BRSSWS::BURTONTue Apr 09 1991Macintosh floppy disk readable on pc AT compatible
463.01SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Apr 09 1991Roulette or other EGA/VGA games?
464.02DNEAST::PFISTER_ROBWed Apr 10 1991Anyone have CRISP?
465.016STAR::SOMMERThu Apr 11 1991Memory check program available?
466.05KAHALA::SANTINELLIThu Apr 11 1991Searching for a Personal Diary
467.0176LIBNAN::ABEDFri Apr 12 1991Problems with Winnah - access, bad files, etc.
468.03HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Apr 15 1991Archiving and directories
469.018HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Apr 15 1991ZIP shells
470.0UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Apr 15 1991Rainbow Software
471.01CSCOA1::RETTERER_RMon Apr 15 1991AutoPark Hard Drive
472.0CALS::HSUTue Apr 16 1991Database source code in assembly?
473.06TROATue Apr 16 1991Public Domain Text??
474.04PAULUS::BERGERWed Apr 17 1991looking for info manager
475.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDThu Apr 18 1991CHKBK Trouble
476.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDThu Apr 18 1991ZIPMGR Troubles
477.04SEATTL::MALCOLMSTThu Apr 18 1991Small PD Network
478.011HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Apr 19 1991BLAST12.ZIP - Soundblaster Utilities
479.02KAOOFri Apr 19 1991shareware running program
480.04COMET::LEVETTFri Apr 19 1991Shareware Resume and Recipe?
482.06ACESMK::PRSUD1::AGUADOMon Apr 22 1991Looking for ELVIS
483.04RTOEU::MNEELYTue Apr 23 1991How to use RAM Disk + Disk Cacheing
484.01MILPND::WILLIAMSONTue Apr 23 1991VIRUS checkers...How good r they?
485.02TROAWed Apr 24 1991DESKTOP PAINT?
487.01MANIOK::MAPELE::WEIMANNThu Apr 25 1991Searching for a monsave
488.03WKRP::HENRYFri Apr 26 1991Laplink Like program?
489.03MIVAX::CICCARELLIMon Apr 29 1991looking for MILBORNE!
490.015DLOPAS::MOSISI::SHAPIROMon Apr 29 1991Fraudigy
491.05UNTADH::MACLIESHTue Apr 30 1991Logitech scanman : software
492.0N1FTD::BELANGERTue Apr 30 1991Looking for MAPPER application
494.016EJOVAX::JFARLEYWed May 01 1991Lottery PD shareware.
495.07KETJE::PIERSONFri May 03 1991Looking for SYS$UNIX, and SOS
496.013DPDMAI::GRASMANNSat May 04 1991Archiver/Zmodem for VAX/VMS?
497.08LEMAN::PITTETMon May 06 1991PCX Clipart
498.04ADVLSI::FONTANAMon May 06 1991Ziprem deletes files inside a .ZIP on your disk
499.028NEGRIL::BROWNMon May 06 1991Survey - WINNAH:: on CD-ROM
500.012KAOA12::YUENMon May 06 1991Mortgage program sought
501.018CSC32::MOLLERMon May 06 1991PD Spellcheckers?
502.03PETRUS::PAULWed May 08 1991Shareware Licensing
503.04DEMING::FISTERWed May 08 1991Screen Dump-to-Disk
504.020NTHWST::JULIAThu May 09 1991Looking for Captain Comic game...
505.04AHIKER::EARLYFri May 10 1991Where is: METZ and APORIA ? MSWindows PGM MGT
506.014SHARE::DOYLEFri May 10 1991Amiga Emulator
507.020CURRNT::POWELLFri May 10 1991ABC Guide To Faster Comms Reqd!!!
508.01MSDOA::MCCLOUDMon May 13 1991window dir updated??
509.012ADO75A::WILEYMon May 13 1991GIF's in Space?
510.0ADO75A::WILEYMon May 13 1991Prestel/Viatel compat Videotext?
511.014ADO75A::WILEYMon May 13 1991VT22
513.034UTRTSC::BESEMERTue May 14 1991Looking for a music print program
514.09PDVTue May 14 1991NASA on winnah ?
516.01STOHUB::TRIGG::EATONTue May 14 1991Stick-on label printing for audio cassettes?
517.02GOLLY::KNIGHTTue May 14 1991fwiw, be careful . . .
518.026KRAPPA::OSIENSKITue May 14 1991VGA Games with a little on the side.
520.02OPG::RAYERWed May 15 1991UK Location for PD/Shareware Files
521.083D::COULTERWed May 15 1991A "vi" editor for the PC ?
522.04VAXWRK::GRANOFFWed May 15 1991Seeking Hard Drive Write Protect thru software
523.03GVAWed May 15 1991How to read a .PS file ?
524.08CURRNT::POWELLWed May 15 1991I wanna slow PC!!
525.01HGOVC::KIMWAHNGMon May 20 1991Can $25 Network handle file locking ?
526.08KETJE::PIERSONTue May 21 1991Looking for DIS_PKT
527.0CGHUB::HUGHSONWed May 22 1991Hitachi Tablet Digitizer Driver??
528.01THEBAY::MARSHALLREWed May 22 1991I need a cure for a Virus
530.03TEMPE::MCAFOOSThu May 23 1991Driver for Apple Imagewriter II ????
531.01AYOV1Mon May 27 1991'error in file name' - but what?
532.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon May 27 1991MORE for Windows, demo on-line. It's great!
533.04CSC32::A_DEBRITOThu May 30 1991Location of PCLA5
534.013CGOOThu May 30 1991convert to .gif
535.012STUFri May 31 1991zoo-utility needed
536.01SKUNKY::FORBESFri May 31 1991External terminal via COM port as console?
537.018BUGEYE::CLARYSat Jun 01 1991256 color in Windows (DS32
538.018AMUSE::QUIMBYSun Jun 02 1991Hyperdisk: major thumbs-up
539.02MR4DEC::EIBENSun Jun 02 1991New disk for winnah
540.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Jun 04 1991Garden designer ?
541.0OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jun 04 1991BYTE Magazine files
542.06CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jun 04 1991address label printer and mailing?
543.059CHIRPA::LINTue Jun 04 1991playback.zip - CD audio player
544.0TEMPE::HUFFAKERWed Jun 05 1991Deep Space pointer
545.02TAVIS::JUANWed Jun 05 19913192/G emmulation
546.01OSLLAV::PER_PWed Jun 05 1991Looking for util to convert Framework files
547.07CSC32::R_IVERSWed Jun 05 1991file verify read program
548.03CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Jun 07 1991Simple Will Kit
549.01DLOPAS::MOSISI::SHAPIROSat Jun 08 1991dir/since= ??
550.015MSDOA::MCCLOUDSun Jun 09 1991autopath????
552.029WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 10 1991New Shareware on-line include WinGif V1.
553.02KALISE::BURGESSMon Jun 10 1991Laplink Source Code ?
554.02KALISE::BURGESSMon Jun 10 1991Dialup Throughput Tools ?
555.04KAOFS::M_ROYTue Jun 11 1991INPUT from .BAT with NWHAT
556.01SPREC::CHADDTue Jun 11 1991Comm port to disk TSR wanted
557.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTWed Jun 12 1991Mistec virus ??
558.02PAVONE::GIANNIWed Jun 12 1991Looking for ... [wddocs]
559.02HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Jun 12 1991Time/Usage Limiter?
560.05KYOA::PEREZThu Jun 13 1991Command recall
561.05EFGVFri Jun 14 1991Association of Shareware Professionals
562.06GLDOA::MCMULLENFri Jun 14 19918
563.02KAOFS::D_STJEANSun Jun 16 1991Doesn't anybody convert WPG files?
564.08PFSVAX::FULTONMon Jun 17 1991Sixel Display/conversion?
565.05KETJE::ROBBENSTue Jun 18 1991Catalogue my books ?
566.04OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jun 18 1991ARJ for Unix / OS/2 ?
567.01CURRNT::POWELLThu Jun 20 1991WordPerfect and Colour Star printer
568.0SANFAN::LESLIE_DAFri Jun 21 1991Convert Leading Edge Documents to more Useful Format
569.023KETJE::ROBBENSFri Jun 21 1991COBOL, editor and linker request.
570.05GANTRY::HULLFri Jun 21 1991software cold boot & Win3 LA75 driver? - Available?
571.0TMCUK2::LEDGERMon Jun 24 1991PC-Sport, League Table or Fixture Gen
572.09KETJE::ROBBENSMon Jun 24 1991Bio-rythms ?
573.03DECWIN::J_OTTERSONMon Jun 24 1991MS-DOS for the Computer Literate???
574.01ZURFAM::SAELYTue Jun 25 1991...ZIP..HOW TO USE..
575.0TLE::GRIEBTue Jun 25 1991Yet another command line editor/history/keys
576.016HSOMAI::SADLERTue Jun 25 1991RISK anyone?
577.032CURRNT::POWELLWed Jun 26 1991Simple home finance?
578.09WAGON::WHEEL::DONHAMWed Jun 26 1991New home for PCBLUE files?
579.017DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNWed Jun 26 1991VBRUNxxx - Visual Basic Runtime Libraries
580.07SNOCThu Jun 27 1991.IMG FAX/SCAN File Converter
581.06CSC32::R_IVERSFri Jun 28 1991Is there a VMS 'zip'
582.09I18N::GREENWOODMon Jul 01 1991Backup programs
583.012UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFMon Jul 01 1991Utility to substitute textstrings
584.05CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jul 01 1991shareware wanted (address database)
585.04CSC32::R_IVERSMon Jul 01 1991Redirect PRN: to file??
586.07CXNFMS::DEHAANMon Jul 01 1991Diagnostics / Drive Cleaner / Exerciser needed
587.01LYOIS2::PIEYRETue Jul 02 1991HEEEEELP!!!
589.029SHIRE::FITZGERALDWed Jul 03 1991FS4 Scenery Files from CompuServe
590.03JOCKEY::BOURNEJThu Jul 04 1991Shareware SORT required
591.010PTOVAX::METZSat Jul 06 1991BASS TOUR - Fishing Shareware
592.02DMSSSat Jul 06 1991What's a .TBK file?
593.02STAR::MORINMon Jul 08 1991modem7?
594.06CSC32::R_IVERSMon Jul 08 1991assembly programming help???
595.01DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERTue Jul 09 1991Windows/286 anyone?
596.0POBOX::FEIGLETue Jul 09 1991Human Resource
597.04STAR::BOUCHARDTue Jul 09 1991CXL pointer wanted
598.06FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Jul 10 1991Decode SIMTEL
599.04BRUMMY::SPRINGALLWed Jul 10 1991Creating animation or cartoon sequences (+video?)
600.0STEREO::WAGONERWed Jul 10 1991computing strings length for a font
601.02CSC32::R_IVERSWed Jul 10 1991looking for shareware DOS reference
602.04SVCRUS::LOPEZWed Jul 10 1991library for 3 1/2 5 1/4 disks
603.0CFSCTC::BREWSTERWed Jul 10 1991When is a .PIC not a .PIC?
605.03COPCLU::JANCThu Jul 11 1991Source for COM-driver
606.010I18N::GREENWOODThu Jul 11 1991Games for young children ?
607.0AD::LAUThu Jul 11 1991Goscript+ vs Ghostscript 2.
608.0LISSYS::MMOREIRAFri Jul 12 1991Patience or data ?
609.03PAOIS::LHERAULTFri Jul 12 1991Task planning/Gantt charts needed
610.0MLNADFri Jul 12 1991Password Encryption-Decription
611.09BHAJEE::JAERVINENSun Jul 14 1991Simple keyboard remapper?
612.0ADO75A::WILEYSun Jul 14 1991Baseball Club Management Software?
613.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon Jul 15 1991looking for a curses library
614.09RSNC::LEMMERSMon Jul 15 1991MCS51 high level language
615.05VIVIAN::GOODWINMon Jul 15 1991Reading Rainbow floppies on Drive 1?
616.015MSDSWS::DUNCANMon Jul 15 1991After Dark files for the PC
617.0OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jul 16 1991Looking for PowerBBS
618.04GVAThu Jul 18 1991KEYPACK ?
619.07MAST::REISERTThu Jul 18 1991LHARC for VMS - need newer version
620.010DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Jul 19 1991VMS->PC floppy?
621.0FOOBAR::KABELFri Jul 19 1991PC Security Conference
622.02CSC32::R_IVERSFri Jul 19 1991Where did 'Games' go??
623.04CSSE32::EIKELBOOMMon Jul 22 1991disk utility, interleave
624.0SANFAN::LESLIE_DAMon Jul 22 1991Determine Keyboard type?
625.0VICKI::BROWNTue Jul 23 1991Looking for site/plot plan program
626.021DECWIN::J_OTTERSONTue Jul 23 1991hot to get at the CICA files without using FTPMAIL
627.02ULYSSE::SOYEZThu Jul 25 1991QWIKNET and others...
628.02MUDIS3::TKELLERERFri Jul 26 1991problems with xvtdraw
629.03IJSAPL::WOODROWFri Jul 26 1991Problems using ARCVAX and UUDECODE/LZDCMP
630.011JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Jul 28 1991MPATH to try out - modify the path.
631.01STEREO::WAGONERMon Jul 29 1991Self-Extracting Archives with subdirectories
632.04MPGS::CHANTHAVONGMon Jul 29 1991using terminal from mswindow
633.02ANGLIN::POPPMon Jul 29 1991wanted: " C " tutorial
634.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed Jul 31 1991WHOAPC.ARC UNARC problem
635.05NACAD::KOCHEMWed Jul 31 1991Text-To-Postscript Converter?
636.0273SALISH::LEARNEDDEThu Aug 01 1991Group Purchase of Shareware (pay .136)
637.01HGRDFri Aug 02 1991A Cannon BubbleJet Printer Problem
638.05EICMFG::KARLEMon Aug 05 1991Help to get BBS Software Package
639.05DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERMon Aug 05 1991Construction?
640.011SMURF::BEIKMANMon Aug 05 1991best fit?
641.011CTHQ1::ROSENBERGTue Aug 06 1991Keypad mapping problem using Kermit
642.05FOOSW6::ZIPPWed Aug 07 1991Horse racing 'handycaping' software...?
644.02EMASS1::OBRIENThu Aug 08 1991In search of LIBWIZ
645.03ADO75A::WILEYFri Aug 09 1991Questionnaire devel. S/W?
646.01SIOG::DALYFri Aug 09 1991dBase DLL required...
647.018SANCHO::MCAFOOSSat Aug 10 1991"PC Magagzine" Utilities
648.0HGRDSat Aug 10 1991Wanted: Shareware for interior design
649.08NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Aug 12 1991More help on kermit and arc needed
650.0149SQGUK::FULLERMon Aug 12 1991zmodem for vms?
651.01SANCHO::HUFFAKERTue Aug 13 1991TELIX and ESC characters
653.02YOSMTE::CABANA_JUWed Aug 14 1991Phone Number/city database?
654.019SIOG::DALYWed Aug 14 1991Demo of Autodesk Animator required...
655.05TROOA::MILLARThu Aug 15 1991User Interface Tools
656.05FLOWER::BARBOSAThu Aug 15 1991Statistics
657.09HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Aug 16 1991Postscript to ASCII converter
658.06SIOG::DALYFri Aug 16 1991Animation software....
659.021KXOVAX::MACDONALDFri Aug 16 1991BILF and FTSV for ULTRIX?
660.04RAVEN1::HARPERSun Aug 18 1991Screen Blanker, Print Spool, Help
661.05ASABET::HARVEYSun Aug 18 1991Scholar Plus Modem and AT commands
662.020ADO75A::STEPHENSWed Aug 21 1991Directory of Winnah::
663.06DESGOR::GordondesThu Aug 22 1991Menu utility
664.01COLThu Aug 22 1991ELVIS14.ZIP spezi anywhere ???
665.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRFri Aug 23 1991CPU Ident/Graphic adapter Ident
666.05KAHALA::PRESTONFri Aug 23 1991Easyedit
667.01AMUSE::QUIMBYMon Aug 26 1991PostScript soft font downloader for Windows (works with LN
668.02TNPUBS::CAHALANMon Aug 26 1991grammar checking software?
669.011RICKS::RICKS::PHIPPSMon Aug 26 1991TSS Shareware Catalog
671.02GUCCI::EWISETue Aug 27 1991Bernoulli Low Level Formatter
672.01ABITOK::wagonerWed Aug 28 1991GEM -> PCX
673.03ROSSIN::WAGNERWed Aug 28 1991Looking for ARC-E.COM
674.05CX3PST::WSCWed Aug 28 1991Image Alchemy, by Handmade Software
675.08KXOVAX::MACDONALDWed Aug 28 1991PC tar utility > QIC/DAT/EXABYTE
677.01IW::GRACEThu Aug 29 1991CMOS Utility
678.034BER::BEOIS1::MALOSCHYTZKIThu Aug 29 1991Ray tracing program available
679.0GUCCI::EWISEThu Aug 29 1991BTU program needed
680.013PENUTS::HNELSONThu Aug 29 1991How to *quickly* determine if a floppy is formatted
681.08HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Aug 30 1991How to subscribe COMPUSERVE
682.05MR4DEC::EIBENSun Sep 01 1991Restructuring of winnah:/ftp
683.02LEMAN::PITTETMon Sep 02 1991Animation- Hints?
684.02TEMPE::HUFFAKERTue Sep 03 1991Pointer to "Copydisk.exe" or its equivalent
685.018HITEKS::DOTYWed Sep 04 1991output to "attached printer"
686.03GWYNED::RWILLIAMSWed Sep 04 1991PC mag benchmark suite location ?
688.04PENUTS::HNELSONWed Sep 04 1991Use VMS search to find SIMTEL files (and directory!)
689.05VIVIAN::P_MILNERFri Sep 06 1991kermit for customers
690.02ISIDRO::BURGOSMon Sep 09 1991Z8
691.01ONOIS1::AUGERTue Sep 10 1991SAM2PS ?
692.015FOOBAR::KABELTue Sep 10 1991SCRIBE, LATEX, ...
694.0BRADOR::HOOPERTue Sep 10 1991Draw Pkg --> Program
695.07HLFSWed Sep 11 1991Disable control C in config.sys
696.02ROMWed Sep 11 1991Disk mirroring (shadowing)
697.02TEMPE::HUFFAKERWed Sep 11 1991Pointer to Printshop graphics
698.01HITEKS::DOTYThu Sep 12 1991AFTER HOURS V3.4?
699.08MAST::REISERTThu Sep 12 1991Mah Jongg
700.06HPSTEK::HANSONThu Sep 12 1991Re-direction of I/O?
702.04CTHQ3::ROSENBERGFri Sep 13 1991Problems with the TSL .IMG files
703.05HKOVC::TERENCESun Sep 15 1991VMS Kermit complains about record size!
704.05LOVADA::SCHERRERSun Sep 15 1991DFS Access Point?
705.018RICKS::PHIPPSSun Sep 15 1991Demos, pass them on.
706.05SHIRE::FITZGERALDMon Sep 16 1991As Easy As
707.02LUGGER::PICKHOVERMon Sep 16 1991Epson VALDOCS Conversion
708.02FTMUDG::REEDMon Sep 16 1991Xon/Xoff driver availability
709.011SIOG::ODONNELLMon Sep 16 1991KROZ where are you ?
710.05SSDEVO::FIALAMon Sep 16 1991Floppies on PC's, several Q's.
711.03MAST::REISERTTue Sep 17 1991SIMTEL2
712.09SKYLRK::ENDTERWed Sep 18 1991Future of winnah?
713.03SSDEVO::FIALAWed Sep 18 1991Read MSdos RX5
714.03--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 19 1991Group SHAREWARE Users
715.09DANEK::DANEKThu Sep 19 1991QEDIT Version 2.15 - fresh from CompuServe!!!
716.0SANFAN::LESLIE_DAThu Sep 19 1991Looking for EGAINT: Freeware Tetris clone
717.06MUNLEG::WALTERMon Sep 23 1991SPLIT49.EXE infected ?!?
718.01SANTEE::GREENETue Sep 24 1991PCK214.ZIP?
719.05SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Sep 24 1991Need VGA text multi-lingual text draw package
720.03AYOCB1::POLVENTTue Sep 24 1991Anyone Macro-Recorder on PC ?
721.07GSRC::SCOTTTue Sep 24 1991Notebook PC interface to VAXmail
723.04SUBURB::JAMESHWed Sep 25 1991HP LAserjet to BJ1
724.03SIOG::DOOLEYWed Sep 25 1991Software for GP's (Doctors)
725.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Sep 25 1991some misc goodies for all...
726.01BUGEYE::CLARYWed Sep 25 1991Turbo Vision Demo
727.05DPD2Wed Sep 25 1991ZMODEM for ULTRIX?
728.04JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Sep 26 1991looking for a MOVE file tool...
729.07DPDMAI::GRESSThu Sep 26 1991True VT emulation from Kermit?
730.018DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Sep 27 1991RX5
731.02DYOSW8::WILDERFri Sep 27 1991Ghostscript a previewer only??
732.05COPCMT::RIISFri Sep 27 1991MSkermit script for use with ACB
733.04CSC32::J_GONZALEZMon Sep 30 1991On-line Weather Info?
734.02SLO::VUJNOVICMon Sep 30 1991Dear Turbo Pascal owners...
735.08KETJE::ROBBENSMon Sep 30 1991Fishing on my screen...
736.0JEKYLL::HYDEMon Sep 30 1991PCKIMMO.ZIP not on winnah
737.011GIDDAY::COLEMANTue Oct 01 1991256 colour BMP / GIF / PCX files?
738.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Oct 01 1991nettest where are you
739.05WISDOM::JERRYTue Oct 01 1991Looking for MINITAB...statistics
740.07DENVER::DAVISGBTue Oct 01 1991Zip Help!?
741.03JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 02 1991File lister/deleter by dates
742.0SLO::VUJNOVICWed Oct 02 1991Strange MAIL/FOREIGN result!
743.023ELWOOD::ROCKWELLWed Oct 02 1991ARC and ZIP- where to start?
744.014AKOCOA::NAYLORThu Oct 03 1991Incremental File Backups
745.02SIOG::ODONNELLFri Oct 04 1991joy-stick calibration
746.012MR4DEC::EIBENFri Oct 04 1991Portable ZIP [from valeria.cs.ucla.edu]
747.01DENVER::DAVISGBFri Oct 04 1991CGA Games Anyone?
748.02HANNAH::BAYSat Oct 05 1991Problem with HYDK421 in DSKUTL area?
749.09MR4DEC::EIBENSun Oct 06 1991new files on winnah:/ftp
750.04SHIRE::HEIMANMon Oct 07 1991Any screen "lock" around?
751.08MEAD::FULLERMon Oct 07 1991eps -> pcx
752.01YUPPY::BOTTINMon Oct 07 1991Amipro V2.
753.01SIOG::ODONNELLMon Oct 07 1991how to open .ARJ file
754.04EEMELI::KOIRA::TOUKKARIWed Oct 09 1991<< Lock software for MS Windows ?? >>
755.03MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Oct 11 1991/ftp/cica/win3 vs /ftp/msdos/windows
756.012MEAD::FULLERFri Oct 11 1991Clipart for weddings
757.014OSPREY::ADAMSFri Oct 11 1991Wordperfect v5.1 Printer Drivers
758.013MAST::REISERTFri Oct 11 1991Duke Nuke 'em
760.011EARRTH::DLANDRYMon Oct 14 1991cross linked clusters, fix?
761.04MLCSSE::PIIPMon Oct 14 1991certificates maker?
762.017SFCPMO::DOWENMon Oct 14 1991Norton DS replacement in DOS V5
763.09FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Oct 14 1991Disk Cache in *expanded* memory
764.07DENVER::DAVISGBTue Oct 15 1991XON/XOFF for DEC Printers
765.02CSSE32::RHINETue Oct 15 1991Graphics Help???
766.014TASTY::NISBETWed Oct 16 1991Sterling to Dollars. UK question
767.04HPSTEK::FOBRIENWed Oct 16 1991MEAN 18 Info
768.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Oct 16 1991Boot from B: ?
769.026NECSC::PORTERThu Oct 17 1991CDROM - turn a PC BBS into a mini SIMTEL overnight!
770.02EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Oct 17 1991Possible to add to cica or SIMTEL?
771.037EFGVFri Oct 18 1991New freeware program - DISK.EXE (check disk space)
772.05LVSB::BELANGERFri Oct 18 1991Upper Memory management for 286?
773.0SNOCSun Oct 20 1991Looking for NOTEBOOK II (PRO/TERM)
774.0BRSSWS::LECLERCQMon Oct 21 1991FreeWare for very young fans - Color Bar
775.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Oct 22 1991Memory Setup for C&T (NEAT-286) machine
776.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Oct 22 1991SUPER 5 EN-P1
777.06IJSAPL::BEIJERTue Oct 22 1991Easy data entry solutions ??
778.02--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 22 1991Looking for VIKING from DELPHI
779.07HGOVC::FEFSSPSTue Oct 22 1991Color driver for LJ25
780.03EFGVWed Oct 23 1991SW to define keys wanted.
781.05AHIKER::EARLYWed Oct 23 1991Disk Space: Options to freeing some up .. ??
782.0STRIKR::RAYERWed Oct 23 1991Olivetti JP35
783.036HELLO::CUMMINGSWed Oct 23 1991Compose for Windows
784.0SIOG::ODONNELLThu Oct 24 1991Tmodem for Vms ????
785.06FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Oct 24 1991Contour software in public domain?
786.01NETCUR::KENNEYThu Oct 24 1991Any good File locking shareware??
788.014PFSVAX::FULTONTue Oct 29 19911.44MB device driver?
789.01TAVWed Oct 30 1991Accounting program for printing
790.017PFSVAX::FULTONThu Oct 31 1991Gif file compression?
791.0ISLNDS::KUGLERThu Oct 31 1991Need pointer to MBSRC.ARC
792.04FRAMBO::JOACHIMSOHNFri Nov 01 1991staff/personal time sheduler - who knows
793.0KAHALA::PRESTONFri Nov 01 1991Financial Programs
797.02TAOM13::MHYUANTue Nov 05 1991SB-SOUND.COM where?
798.02SNOCTue Nov 05 1991Looking For Landmark V1.44
799.0SUBURB::JAMESHTue Nov 05 1991LASI35 Problem
800.011CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Nov 05 1991DOS-5.
802.015MAST::REISERTTue Nov 05 19914DOS 4.
803.08BMEUP::NGUYENWed Nov 06 1991Visual Basic Shareware
804.013EFGVThu Nov 07 1991Cash V1.
805.0TEMPE::HUFFAKERFri Nov 08 1991Dos Powertools 2nd Ed.
806.02CGDEIS::SWEATTMon Nov 11 1991Games Repository?
807.08SIOG::ODONNELLMon Nov 11 1991What is Fido ??
808.05RSNMon Nov 11 1991a85 xasm or CPM emulator?
809.06BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Nov 11 1991PCthreads?
810.06EMDS::THAYERMon Nov 11 1991Latin Dictionary or Vulgate Bible?
811.016BRUMMY::SPRINGALLTue Nov 12 1991Banner/poster greetings software reqd.
812.03SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Nov 12 1991XTREE GOLD replacement?
813.01SCUDIN::DEVILLYTue Nov 12 1991portable compression: can someone compile C programs for me
814.05JOCKEY::BOURNEJThu Nov 14 1991Shareware Disk Cache?
815.01DPDMAI::GRESSThu Nov 14 1991help on XT clock
816.02PHDVAX::LUSKFri Nov 15 1991Updated JARGON.TXT?
817.03VS2K::GENTILEMon Nov 18 1991Enhanced ansi.sys??
818.024DECWIN::FISHERMon Nov 18 1991Diff Utility?
819.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANMon Nov 18 1991d-flat sources ?
820.02FORTY2::JAFFERTue Nov 19 1991Help reading ss/7
821.016LEDDEV::SANTOSTue Nov 19 1991DDIF (Scanner) Converter?
822.08KRAUT::HEINZERWed Nov 20 1991DirUsage - utility to show directory sizes
823.03REALM::WALKERThu Nov 21 1991Help with UNET
824.01DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Nov 22 1991Q-PRO 4 anyone ?
825.04KRAUT::HEINZERSun Nov 24 1991DskSpace - a free pascal utility with source code
826.02TAVIS::JUANSun Nov 24 1991COMMODORE -> PC translation
827.03IJSAPL::ELSENAARMon Nov 25 1991ATM font for the Polish language available?
828.04SIOG::ODONNELLMon Nov 25 1991Fight for Justice
829.08ISIDRO::BURGOSMon Nov 25 1991Copy files Menu Program ?.
830.09AUSTIN::RISTMon Nov 25 1991TSL Group Purch.--Descr. and Review
831.05NC17Mon Nov 25 1991IBM graphics printing translator
832.05UFRCS1::PIETERSONTue Nov 26 1991looking for a CD storage program
833.02CTHQ1::ROSENBERGTue Nov 26 1991Looking for location of WINGIF1
834.01MRKTNG::BOOTHTue Nov 26 1991.ZIP Question
835.03IOSG::PRICE_BUDGENWed Nov 27 1991LOGO for a six-year-old
836.05DSTEG::HAGERWed Nov 27 1991Financial Aid for Colleges
837.012SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Nov 28 1991Need PCX program printer to catalog clipart
838.01HOBBLE::SWEATTThu Nov 28 1991More descriptive descriptions
839.0BITBKT::FORBESSat Nov 30 1991Virus scanner site license for Digital
840.05NODEX::PRASADMon Dec 02 1991FONTS needed for Ventura & Pagemaker
841.05TOOK::R_KIMBALLMon Dec 02 1991Othello?
842.06EISJAT::TEDESCOMon Dec 02 1991RRD42-FA to RRD42-GA Upgrade Possible?
843.029SNOCMon Dec 02 1991Commander Keen's IV & VI
844.05DECOY::VIRGILTue Dec 03 1991Business Plan software package?
845.05ROSSIN::WAGNERTue Dec 03 1991Contact Info for IconDraw Needed
846.019HYEND::EHANSONWed Dec 04 1991Windows Port conflict
847.0DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERWed Dec 04 1991Fonts and WP ?
848.03DOMO::NEILThu Dec 05 1991CSHOW Question.
849.01DECWET::MITCHELLThu Dec 05 1991Location of VMSSWEEP and VMSUNZIP
850.02NOTYOR::MTDEW::WATKINSThu Dec 05 1991FFL Software
851.06KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Dec 05 1991Windows fast comm solutions?
852.013MAST::REISERTFri Dec 06 1991New alpha-test version of PKZIP from PKWare
853.06HANFri Dec 06 1991UNZIP with virus?
854.06ISIDRO::BURGOSSat Dec 07 1991AMI BIOS/disk setup programs/info available???
855.014DYOSW8::WILDERSun Dec 08 1991Slow down a 486/33 system???
856.0SYOMV::CLARYSun Dec 08 1991Looking for PCX viewer.
857.02DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERMon Dec 09 1991Religious Clip-Art ?
858.01RANGER::BRYANMon Dec 09 1991Doc needed for GALAXY Word proc.
859.010EARRTH::DLANDRYMon Dec 09 1991MNP5 - Just a myth???
860.033TINKER::NADKARNITue Dec 10 1991GNU Emacs (PC version) available
861.03OSLLAV::PER_PWed Dec 11 1991DDJ9112 - Special Supplement files ?
862.02DPDMAI::GRESSThu Dec 12 1991need .FLI programs\
863.01HGRDThu Dec 12 1991Can't run windows in Enhanced mode!!
864.02BUSY::NICHOLSONFri Dec 13 1991Serious business software help
865.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 13 1991New version of HyperDisk (4.3
866.0HLDGMon Dec 16 1991EDIT V1.1 for Turbo Pascal
867.05WMOIS::LOWE_PMon Dec 16 1991IDE/Lowlevel Format Tool?
868.03GLADYS::PARKERTue Dec 17 1991Access LPT2: and COM1: from terminal emulator?
869.035MR4DEC::EIBENTue Dec 17 1991CDROM pieces on winnah ...
870.08HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Dec 17 1991print graphics character to LPS2
871.0MUNLEG::TUSCHEKWed Dec 18 1991Looking for XBTX
872.07SHIRE::SCHMITTThu Dec 19 1991RECIPE Programme ...
873.03POBOX::KOCHSat Dec 21 1991Need ATT.COM!
874.010ACETEK::TIMPSONMon Dec 23 1991Memory Managers et al...
875.03AMUSE::QUIMBYMon Dec 23 1991IconMaster
876.01MACNAS::DEVILLYMon Dec 23 1991Portable ZIP for DOS V5.
878.010TAOVFri Dec 27 1991English dictionary, where?
879.01SIOG::ODONNELLMon Dec 30 1991speaker on printer port lpt1
880.04CSSE::LEVINEMon Dec 30 1991SILENCE!
881.0BEAGLE::CSW::WILLYTue Dec 31 1991Mintel Emulator
882.05UGETIT::ATKINSONTue Dec 31 1991Model Railroad Design EDITTRACK
884.037WELLIN::NISBETThu Jan 02 1992Word Processing Shareware
885.08TPSYS::WHITNEYThu Jan 02 1992Apple <=> DOS Conversion
886.01MSDOA::MCCLOUDThu Jan 02 1992detailed map files
887.07FINALY::HANEYLThu Jan 02 1992PCBLUE where are you. . .
888.02JGODCL::BLOEMENDALFri Jan 03 1992File & string manipulation prg for use in .BAT files
889.02BCSE::SUEIZZ::GENTILEFri Jan 03 1992Newest version of WinPOst??
890.03SHIRE::CHAPACOUMon Jan 06 1992.TBK extension...
891.014BUSY::SITEMANMon Jan 06 1992JPG viewer?
892.05MITCH::MITCHELLMon Jan 06 1992Floppy Catalog?
893.020MIACT::BARDELLTue Jan 07 1992Scrabbling for a copy
894.01SUBWAY::GREENSTEINTue Jan 07 1992GMAT Prep Software
895.01DPDMAI::GRESSTue Jan 07 1992Descriptions for files
896.02ANARKY::WILLIAMSWed Jan 08 1992Want Burger Time game
897.06MUDIS3::TKELLERERWed Jan 08 1992solitaire without windows overhead wanted
898.02CSCOA1::STUBBS_AWed Jan 08 1992Lester Wireless Mouse Driver ?
899.021LEDDEV::DINANTWed Jan 08 1992Mortgage/savings software?
900.05CSC32::BRACEWELLWed Jan 08 1992recipe program for windows
901.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 08 1992MS Office for Windows/integrated software
902.03TAOVThu Jan 09 1992327
903.013SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Jan 09 1992Faster up/download software options?
904.02CSC32::R_IVERSFri Jan 10 1992Errors in qTAX91
905.018KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jan 10 1992where spinup2 on winnah
906.01MSAMSun Jan 12 1992Taming Multi-tasking environments
907.04BSS::J_DAVIDMon Jan 13 1992Simple database package?
909.03GLDOA::SPATOULASTue Jan 14 1992Power Point Clip art ??
910.09CSC32::R_IVERSTue Jan 14 1992Looking for original LHARC
911.022BAZZER::CULLEYTue Jan 14 1992PCROUTE PCB software.
912.01ANOVAX::JWHITETue Jan 14 1992Getting LA75 to work on COM1
913.02UKCSSE::KEANETue Jan 14 1992Location pointer please! (Timeline,FNTSH42A,FONTER4)
914.05BUSY::SITEMANTue Jan 14 1992Looking for a Driver
915.04BSS::J_DAVIDWed Jan 15 1992DEARC files?
916.0JGO::PAIJMANSWed Jan 15 1992Automatic critical error handler for disk errors
917.0TEASE::LEARYWed Jan 15 1992GRASP for WINDOWS3
919.02MRCSSE::POWERSWed Jan 15 1992Looking for Sound Blaster Driver
920.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 15 1992screen saver for DOS ?
921.021SNOCWed Jan 15 1992Reading DECMATE II Floppies?
922.02IOSG::HORSFIELDThu Jan 16 1992what are .ART files?
923.05UTRTSC::VANSENTENThu Jan 16 1992Problems with VMSUNZIP
924.01HAMBND::CHAVISThu Jan 16 1992Looking for a mail list program
925.05KERNEL::LOATFri Jan 17 1992Anagram producer wanted
927.04BSS::J_DAVIDSat Jan 18 1992Installing File Express?
928.02SUOSWS::WUENSCHSun Jan 19 1992PSMAGIC, who knows about this program
929.04SHIPS::THACKERAYMon Jan 20 1992Shareware DTP Anywhere ??
930.04MRCSSE::POWERSMon Jan 20 1992Need Help with Luftwaffe Demo
931.0WEDOIT::KOUMon Jan 20 1992LINUX -- UNIX clone with a lot of GNU stuff
932.06NACAD::KOCHEMMon Jan 20 1992Text Editor With *Easy* Indexing?
933.01CCIIS1::MCGOWANTue Jan 21 1992QEDIT has disappeared?
934.05GVAWed Jan 22 1992Reading Rainbow floppies
935.05BACHUS::LECLERCQWed Jan 22 1992SNAKES - freeware game
936.0OSLLAV::PER_PThu Jan 23 1992HiColor supported software ?
937.03UPROAR::OBRIENKFri Jan 24 1992Help I've been Zipped !
938.01MAST::REISERTFri Jan 24 1992Looking for "Names and Dates" - ND42*
939.05CGHUB::FITZGERALDFri Jan 24 1992Looking for Good Forms Software
940.03VANATE::BOULTONFri Jan 24 1992Cribbage Anybody?
942.08PENUTS::HNELSONFri Jan 24 1992Bernie and the Moderators (do-wop do-wop wa-oo)
943.019EVOAI2::CHEVRYMon Jan 27 1992DUKE NUKEN Episode 2 & 3
944.01CHEFS::DICKSONBMon Jan 27 1992Doorway location?
947.0MILPND::WILLIAMSONMon Jan 27 1992Uninstalled Font Viewer
948.02HEIGHT::WKELTMon Jan 27 1992German <-> English translation tool sought !
949.01BSS::WALKERMon Jan 27 1992Appointment Shareware
950.07GORE::R_IVERSMon Jan 27 1992Access to Winnah::/ftp/cdrom
951.06TROOA::ROTHMon Jan 27 1992Grocery Shopping List?
952.02COPCLU::RISTOTue Jan 28 1992Communication program with INT 14?
953.02RTOEU::MNEELYThu Jan 30 1992Add notes to spreadsheets?
954.0BRSDVFri Jan 31 1992STRATGY.ZIP
955.05ASICS::LESLIEMon Feb 03 1992ZIP storing
956.04NQOAIC::BEAUCHESNEMon Feb 03 1992WANTED: a penny picture
957.05SHIRE::FITZGERALDMon Feb 03 1992French SW???
958.05UNXA::DERZINSKIMon Feb 03 1992Copying many Ultrix files to VMS.
959.02CURRNT::POWELLMon Feb 03 1992Disk copying service, anyone?
960.01ALOSWS::MONTANOMon Feb 03 1992Display 256 color bit map (.BMP) files in Windows ???
961.02BODRUM::CALITue Feb 04 1992Joystick pins
962.017SAURUS::AICHERTue Feb 04 1992CGA games
963.014AMUSE::QUIMBYTue Feb 04 1992PC Quick-Start: Guide for Computer Literate Users
964.02DECWET::SHOEMAKERWed Feb 05 1992.ai --> .pcx or .tif or ???
965.0172WCW::WHITNEYWed Feb 05 1992Linux is now on winnah::"/ftp/linux" (1
966.04UGETIT::ATKINSONWed Feb 05 1992Printshop libraries manipulation
967.0TAVThu Feb 06 1992Bitstream Scalable Fonts
968.01ROMThu Feb 06 1992Intercept/Disable CTRL-BREAK
969.02VAOUFri Feb 07 1992BBS, UUCP, e-mail help needed
970.05SMURF::LANGONEFri Feb 07 1992Microlink for windows
971.011VSSCAD::EHANSONFri Feb 07 1992Credit Card Number Validation?
972.02VIVIAN::D_VISTUERFri Feb 07 1992S/w for Building Industry ?
974.02NACAD::KOCHEMMon Feb 10 1992Overlay Linkers?
975.04ASICS::LESLIETue Feb 11 1992WhereamI? - CPU, system info
976.08KETJE::DIERICKTue Feb 11 1992Looking for Image Processing Program, prefer Windows
977.010SDTMKT::HERGTTue Feb 11 1992? Remote Disk Driver via rs232 ?
978.016RAGS::ARCEWed Feb 12 1992Looking for shareware TAX software.
980.07TFH::MAHENDRAWed Feb 12 1992Shareware for teaching children
981.07WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Feb 12 1992MAC-IN-DOS shareware available in SIMTEL2
982.01MILKWY::SLOMSKIWed Feb 12 1992Need CGA emulator for Hercules Card !!!
983.010XANADU::RECKARDThu Feb 13 1992Viruses and public directories
984.02BOUNCR::WOODSThu Feb 13 1992FAST Audit Check program wanted
985.02MUDIS3::KLEIDINGERFri Feb 14 199265
986.021OSLLAV::PER_PFri Feb 14 1992New Apogee games - looking for pointer
987.04MEAD::FULLERMon Feb 17 1992Windows and printing? (Windows printer drivers)
988.02TROOA::ROTHMon Feb 17 1992PCAnywhere for OS/2??
989.036DENVER::DAVISGBTue Feb 18 1992Problems with Keen
990.04CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Feb 18 1992looking for binary editor for MS-DOS
991.01HGOVC::RAYMONDSIUWed Feb 19 1992Looking for DSIIC.ZIP !!
993.02PERKY::HARRISWed Feb 19 1992Odyssey as Shareware
994.0TIGEMS::ARNOLDWed Feb 19 1992Bowling league secretary software?
996.07UKCSSE::KEANEThu Feb 20 1992PADS LOGIC and PADS PCB Shareware
997.05TODD::WARNOCKThu Feb 20 1992Apogee Games - a list ?
998.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Feb 20 1992ZIP file utility for VMS
999.01WONDER::DOUCETTEFri Feb 21 1992Need LL Format Utility For Seagate/ST
1000.06DECWET::SHOEMAKERSat Feb 22 1992MSWindows Cardfile...export the data?
1001.04PCAE::CARIDDIMon Feb 24 1992Need disk server software
1002.04PENUTS::DASMIA::DREWNIAKMon Feb 24 1992Zork zero ?
1003.03NITMOI::JEMIOLOTue Feb 25 1992PC mag's Benchmark 6
1004.04ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Feb 25 1992Program timing problems under Windows
1005.09DLOPAS::DLO22::BRUSCOTue Feb 25 1992Kermit Problems with VMS 5.4-3???
1006.04SLOVAX::PAGEWed Feb 26 1992Btree/Quicksort Routines
1007.026WLDWST::ZUDECKWed Feb 26 1992Michelangelo Virus
1008.05MR4DEC::RONThu Feb 27 1992Single stepping CONFIG.SYS?
1009.0CESARE::PIACENTINIFri Feb 28 1992Program to receive color pictures
1010.07LURE::CERLINGFri Feb 28 1992Blueprint type package
1011.09ROMTSS::ABRUSCISat Feb 29 1992 Flight simulator scenarious
1012.04HGOVC::DEANGELISSun Mar 01 1992ZIP virus scanner using SCAN?
1013.013GVAMon Mar 02 1992Reading/writing NON MSDOS floppies
1014.020IBSOM::MOODYMon Mar 02 1992Norton Virus Scan available for 6-Mar strain
1015.01RTOEU::MNEELYTue Mar 03 1992Latest Directory Freedom?
1016.0DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNTue Mar 03 1992PC-Draft ?
1017.04IJSAPL::WOODROWWed Mar 04 1992Adventure, Netris, Garbo util briefly available.
1018.06GVAWed Mar 04 1992Disk copy programs
1019.03PDVThu Mar 05 1992Compiler Tutor Wanted !!!
1020.07BAGELS::CHANDLERThu Mar 05 1992"PMTools for PC PageMaker 4.
1021.04HANNAH::BAYThu Mar 05 1992Wanted: small TSR pop-up notepad
1022.04FORTY2::GAMIFri Mar 06 1992Utility to "Chop" large files
1023.011AZUR::PIERREMon Mar 09 1992pc communication
1024.03LEDDEV::DINANTMon Mar 09 1992Alms for the desktop pub novice...
1025.02SAHQ::CANDERSONWed Mar 11 1992NEEDS BBS S/W
1026.04KAOFS::D_STJEANWed Mar 11 1992Need help with VMS ZIP (text files)
1027.01MANIOK::MDB313::WEIMANNWed Mar 11 1992Need ADLIB-COMPOSER
1028.06KACIE::DEUFELWed Mar 11 1992Looking for some old files
1029.015EFGVThu Mar 12 1992Simtel listings/winnah update ?
1030.02GVAThu Mar 12 1992European WINNAH:: somewhere?
1031.01HELIX::LUNGERThu Mar 12 1992(good, better, best) floppy formatters
1032.07DOBRA::MCGOVERNThu Mar 12 1992Print Spreadsheets "Sideways" on LA5
1033.0185DROOPR::GETTYS_KEFri Mar 13 1992CDROM Information
1034.02DSTEG::FOXFri Mar 13 1992Automobile Expense Tracking Shareware/Software
1035.0DSTEG::FOXFri Mar 13 1992Personal Bowling Record Tracking Program?
1036.04PRIAM::OESTREICHERFri Mar 13 1992low-level formatter for WD ESDI drive needed
1037.012IJSAPL::WOODROWSat Mar 14 1992OO Design tool for Windows 3.
1038.03DPDMAI::GRESSMon Mar 16 1992need good EMS emulator.
1039.08SEDSWS::HEGARTYMon Mar 16 1992please recommend a C compiler
1040.02ATHINA::PAGETue Mar 17 1992AutoCad .DWG editing
1041.07TROOA::KINGTue Mar 17 1992Looking for GWBASIC/BASIC compiler
1042.07FAILTE::MURRAYTue Mar 17 1992Looking for GNU C++
1043.03DPDMAI::GRESSWed Mar 18 1992what is SIMTEL-2
1044.01ACETEK::TIMPSONWed Mar 18 1992PQS Compression
1045.025NICCTR::MILLSWed Mar 18 1992WINDOWS version of LOGO
1046.019NICCTR::MILLSWed Mar 18 1992LOGO interest list
1047.012WLDWST::ZUDECKWed Mar 18 1992Looking for new game releases - SHAREWARE magazine.
1048.02WCW::WHITNEYWed Mar 18 1992College selection software
1049.01WLDWST::YANGThu Mar 19 1992Help on MGA
1050.07POBOX::KOCHThu Mar 19 1992Network disk access benchmarks?
1051.01PAOIS::LHERAULTThu Mar 19 1992Commercial zip/unzip wanted
1052.01ELYSEE::FUMSFri Mar 20 1992multi-currency accounting
1053.09ASICS::LESLIEFri Mar 20 1992.bmp repository
1054.097KBOMFG::RHEINFri Mar 20 1992Location of Apogee Games
1055.011TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Mar 20 1992Quilting/Sewing Shareware??
1056.03AIMHI::MACPHEESat Mar 21 1992looking for scorch11.zip
1057.013WR2FOR::HARRIS_MASun Mar 22 1992WinSpeed, Windows Performance measurements.
1058.05TARKIN::QUANMon Mar 23 1992Property Management program
1059.01SHIRE::MORANDTue Mar 24 1992atree2.zip ?
1061.03MQOU16::PLAMONDONTue Mar 24 1992copying from Ultrix *.* to VMS
1062.02UTROP1::HARTOG_HTue Mar 24 1992What source to mention when registering?
1063.02PFSVAX::FULTONWed Mar 25 1992Seeking Launch and RunProg
1064.04SUOSW3::WUENSCHWed Mar 25 1992Can't access IBMPC-92 notes file
1065.03SQM::AXTELLWed Mar 25 1992S/W for a home library?
1066.03TRADE::SHAPIROWed Mar 25 1992He's baaaaaaaaaaack!
1067.08AMUSE::QUIMBYWed Mar 25 1992Statline
1069.04BACHUS::LECLERCQThu Mar 26 1992G1
1070.05AHIKER::EARLYThu Mar 26 1992Need a '<text string> finder for LZH (LHARC) files.
1071.03DISDEV::LAWRIEThu Mar 26 1992bulletin board
1072.01SFSCV1::GARRISONNAThu Mar 26 1992VMS ZIP = Customer Distributable?
1073.02ADO75A::WILEYFri Mar 27 1992JUPITER1.ZIP CRC error?
1075.01DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNSat Mar 28 1992Node Name needed
1076.06GLDOA::RBROWNSat Mar 28 1992PKUNZIP Problems and File Transfer
1077.0DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNSun Mar 29 1992drivers needed
1078.02MSAMMon Mar 30 1992Boot the PC ....
1079.04CXCAD::BERZONMon Mar 30 1992GENOA 64
1080.015MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSMon Mar 30 1992XMODEM?
1081.017KETJE::DIERICKTue Mar 31 1992Good Editor running under Windows 3.X
1082.08BODRUM::YEGENTue Mar 31 1992XMODEM
1083.06HGRDTue Mar 31 1992Question of Encryption
1084.02FUTURS::HILL_KWed Apr 01 1992VMS Binary in BORLAND C++
1085.05SLUGER::KERSCHWed Apr 01 1992Looking for PAINT that supports GSX14
1086.028WLDWST::ZUDECKWed Apr 01 1992Looking for Apogee's "PAGANITZU".
1087.01ISTCThu Apr 02 1992ANIVGA: palette?
1088.0LARVAE::VICKERS_BThu Apr 02 1992Mosaic picture editor ?
1089.06BODRUM::YEGENThu Apr 02 1992Compression algorithm..
1090.02ISTCFri Apr 03 1992More Autodesk
1091.03COMICS::RADBURNFri Apr 03 1992Screen grabber for OS/2?
1092.012ASICS::LESLIEFri Apr 03 1992 Suggsted notebook applications please
1093.03HLFSFri Apr 03 1992How to print MSDOS files via VAX-VMS ?
1094.014TAVSun Apr 05 1992WINPTR.ZIP (?)
1095.09IOSG::MARCHANTSun Apr 05 1992PixFolio - Catalogue your images!
1096.06TENNIS::KAMSun Apr 05 1992what is the suggested way of getting the files to a PC?
1097.02JERZY::LUFKINMon Apr 06 1992Little League Scheduling Tool
1098.01DEC1Tue Apr 07 1992PROMPRO 8 eprom programmer software
1099.02CNTROL::HAMILTONTue Apr 07 1992Need help finding DEClaser 22
1100.07NOBOZO::WEAVERTue Apr 07 1992Looking for Diamond Speedstar (Hicolor, 1MB) Windows 3.1 drivers
1101.01LEDS::WALKERWed Apr 08 1992Adobe & Microsoft type conversions wnated
1102.034ESKIMO::TAIWed Apr 08 1992Galactix -- VGA Shareware Game w/ Ad Lib
1104.0VSSCAD::EHANSONThu Apr 09 1992ZOOM V.32 turbo Init String?
1105.01MSAMThu Apr 09 1992New ARJ anybody?
1106.01BRSDVP::BURTONFri Apr 10 1992Coreldraw and bitmap export problems
1107.037DPDMAI::GRESSFri Apr 10 1992WIN3 Compose util from DEC!
1108.017BCSE::SUEIZZ::GENTILEFri Apr 10 1992Win 3.1 PC speaker sound driver
1109.04CESARE::PIACENTINIMon Apr 13 1992ZX SPECTRUM emulator
1110.09HKGACT::DANIELYUENTue Apr 14 1992power down program ?
1111.01AYOCB1::POLVENTWed Apr 15 1992Keystroke simulation
1112.07CXDOCS::TAVARESWed Apr 15 1992"HyperCard" for the PC?
1113.01KBOMFG::MSCHEIWed Apr 15 1992German Shareware WinAdress/WinArtikel
1114.0HKGACT::DANIELYUENThu Apr 16 1992Microlink doesn't work
1115.01ELIS::PALENThu Apr 16 1992Postscript to BMP, or higher Postscript version?
1116.02ROCKS::PLATTThu Apr 16 1992SVGA 'driver' in Assembler?
1117.06SALISH::LEARNEDDEThu Apr 16 1992Pointer to GeoWorks conference?
1118.02ISTCFri Apr 17 1992Multiple partition booting
1119.0NEXUS6::BERNECICHFri Apr 17 1992Looking for a simple graphic tool to design a lan
1120.088TODD::WARNOCKFri Apr 17 1992.WAV files for Windows 3.1 ?
1122.02AYOCB1::POLVENTTue Apr 21 1992PrintScreen key's code ?
1123.02OFFPLS::RYANTue Apr 21 1992Time reporting sw sought ...
1124.0FINALY::POWELLBTTue Apr 21 1992Nicad or Gasgauge?
1126.02TODD::WARNOCKWed Apr 22 1992FCC Modem Regulations
1127.02LEDDEV::DINANTWed Apr 22 1992Anyone using SURFMODL on WINNAH?
1128.01PHDVAX::STOTTThu Apr 23 1992un-STUFFIT Program for MS-DOS??
1129.018SHIRE::FITZGERALDThu Apr 23 1992Bridge Anyone?
1130.03LEMAN::PITTETThu Apr 23 1992Sailboat bitmap picture ?
1131.02AYOCB1::POLVENTFri Apr 24 1992Assembly Language Compiler anywhere ?
1132.04VOLKS::RYENFri Apr 24 1992G++ for msdos?
1133.01CARWSH::MURRAYFri Apr 24 1992Seeking pointer interface to GIFS & other Pix
1134.08FAILTE::ADAMSMon Apr 27 1992alternatives to winnah
1135.02DSTEG::FOXMon Apr 27 1992Looking for a YMODEM program for VMS...
1136.03HITEKS::DOTYMon Apr 27 1992Any GIFs available for Star-Trek?
1137.06TROOA::RLIMTue Apr 28 1992Downloading File from BBS
1138.08PHDVAX::DLEWISTue Apr 28 1992Tar or Backup for DOS/SCSI QIC24?
1139.04GLDOA::RBROWNTue Apr 28 1992*.GL Files - Now What ?
1140.061BERNWed Apr 29 1992pointer for truetype?
1142.01DPDMAI::GRESSWed Apr 29 1992ETHERNET performance test for PC's
1143.02CACIQE::BEZARESThu Apr 30 1992form generator needed
1144.0PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Apr 30 1992Looking for NetWare tools...
1145.04UNYEM::LEFFLERMThu Apr 30 1992windows phone books?
1146.05MOMO::ANTETOMASOFri May 01 1992MAPLE V
1147.01EARRTH::DLANDRYFri May 01 1992ICOM
1148.05AZUR::BODINSat May 02 1992Looking for an 8
1149.02WA1UAR::McCarthyMon May 04 1992Need Fluid/Air flow analyzer
1150.01ROBOAT::HEBERTMon May 04 1992How to do modem control on COM2?
1152.02LOVADA::SCHERRERTue May 05 1992Font Formats Document?
1153.09EUROPE::ZARKATue May 05 1992X'mas Lemmings on the NET
1154.013CSC32::R_IVERSTue May 05 1992Floppy copy
1155.03LEMAN::BURKHALTERWed May 06 1992'Rubik Cube' in a Window...?
1156.08MR4DEC::RONThu May 07 1992Protest time - the FCC is at it again
1157.03VBVThu May 07 1992How do i deal with .arc files
1158.010BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 07 1992Free MSDOS to VAX rx23
1159.023LEASH::STEVENSFri May 08 1992DOS Window for MSWindows
1160.03CSC32::R_IVERSFri May 08 1992.WRI doc files???
1161.01SIOG::S_FARRENFri May 08 1992Marble Madness Anyone?
1162.0MILKWY::SLOMSKIFri May 08 1992Need Rental App/ Agreement Form Generator
1163.02DEBUG::SCHULDTFri May 08 1992How do I get started?
1164.03SQM::KRYGMA::AXTELLFri May 08 1992Bar code subroutine?
1165.023TAVENG::FENSTERSat May 09 1992Looking for astrology program
1166.03LEASH::STEVENSSun May 10 1992Multi-architecture floppy S/W?
1167.041KXOVAX::MACDONALDSun May 10 1992ASPIBIN (tar) and TLZ
1169.01AYOCB1::POLVENTMon May 11 1992Dos interrupt no ?
1170.0LEMAN::BURKHALTERMon May 11 19923.1 Driver for Moniterm Viking Colour?
1171.02QETOO::BARLOWMon May 11 1992Help with SOFTPC on VAXstation?
1172.03DBSRFX::WAHLMon May 11 1992Backgammon
1173.02SGWS::SIDTue May 12 1992 Mouse interface to VT emulation
1174.03GLDOA::RBROWNWed May 13 1992SHAREWARE CAD Software ?
1175.01MSDSWS::DRUSSELLThu May 14 1992Scanner database??
1176.03ADO75A::WILEYFri May 15 1992Education Shareware?
1177.03WPOCS1::EMMANUELFri May 15 1992Lan Traffic Monitor ?
1178.03HEAVY::JAMIEFri May 15 1992Multiple Comms sessions
1179.09ISLNDS::WILLIAMSFri May 15 1992BILF - HOW DO I RUN IT ??
1180.01NSDC::CAILLEMon May 18 1992Xword generator ???
1181.04CLARID::HOFSTEEMon May 18 1992SHAREWARE CAD application?
1182.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXMon May 18 1992searching for acnet,aciran,cpu24,eedraw,...
1184.01ROMTue May 19 1992How to read Volume label
1185.022ISLNDS::WILLIAMSTue May 19 1992How do I run a GIF file.?????
1186.0BODRUM::CALIWed May 20 1992TILT games
1187.019IBR1::JAINWed May 20 1992If you could design a shareware game?
1188.010PENUTS::DASMIA::PWTKVL::DREWNIAKThu May 21 1992Loan Software
1189.010NWGEDU::DENOUTERFri May 22 1992VT 2xx Emulator under windows needed!
1190.04MSAMMon May 25 1992File tracking
1191.01VNABRW::KASHANIPOURMon May 25 1992Appl.DEC433 streamer tape
1192.0TAENG6::JPENGTue May 26 1992Need WIN31 driver for ET3
1194.05ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed May 27 1992density ??
1195.03ANTPOL::FOXWELLWed May 27 1992TICO for MS-DOS? /TECO/ (for title search - moderator)
1196.016CTHQ1::DEVIVOThu May 28 1992Good-Bye Bernie!
1197.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu May 28 1992Looking for Win V3.1 software for original HP SCANJET
1198.03FORTY2::MOOREMon Jun 01 1992Compress Programs
1199.019USCTR1::JSTODDARDMon Jun 01 1992Word for Windows Office Power Pack
1200.06FREEBE::TELLAMon Jun 01 1992Reset not Reboot !!!
1201.0UTROP1::HARTOG_HTue Jun 02 1992GKS- or PHIGS-like library in share-ware?
1202.03CURRNT::GURRANTue Jun 02 1992Recent AMYPRIME release anyone ?
1203.05LUNER::KUGLERTue Jun 02 1992Need Roland file converter
1204.06POBOX::KOCHTue Jun 02 1992Links?
1205.03AYOCB1::POLVENTWed Jun 03 1992Extra-Cardfiler
1206.05SMEGIT::ARNOLDWed Jun 03 1992Graphics converter for CorelDraw graphics?
1207.014KAOFS::D_STJEANWed Jun 03 1992More ATM fonts ... Looking for a 'Home'
1208.07IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Jun 03 1992Tarot Cards program...
1209.06LEDS::ZAYASWed Jun 03 1992TrueType DIGITAL font?
1210.02HURON::BATESThu Jun 04 1992Digital ClipArt Online?
1211.0AMUSE::QUIMBYThu Jun 04 1992Cache and modem conflict???
1212.018GANTRY::HULLThu Jun 04 1992SENDFILES.COM - use with VMS ZMODEM (SZ)
1213.03RENFRO::POWELLSun Jun 07 1992Org Chart programs?
1214.01CANOVA::ARENACCIO_2Mon Jun 08 1992Help for new user...
1215.01KAU129::CHENIERMon Jun 08 1992UW for VAX/VMX
1216.022WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 08 1992New Shareware including Virtual reality.
1217.03WASTED::tresvikMon Jun 08 1992Network on serial port with Windows
1218.0233516::MASIORSKITue Jun 09 1992Polish Word Processor
1219.02HLFSWed Jun 10 1992Official Sports Competition Scoring Note
1220.0USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODWed Jun 10 1992Voice Mail / Voice Message Center Shareware?
1221.02LEDS::ZAYASWed Jun 10 1992dxdiff/Windows?
1222.04TEMPE::HUFFAKERWed Jun 10 1992PC to PC link shareware
1223.0BAZZER::CULLEYThu Jun 11 1992Booking system?.
1224.04HAM::QUALMANNThu Jun 11 1992SimCity Robots?
1225.013JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Jun 11 1992How to stop keyboard repeat? (better than KBRATE does!)
1226.02JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Jun 11 1992How to use ANSI escape sequences in BASIC?
1227.020--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 11 1992FLASH -- Davy Jones BBS Busted!
1228.01ELWOOD::DLANEFri Jun 12 1992Golf Handicapper?1
1229.05NEMAIL::MARSHFri Jun 12 1992VMSUNZIP/VMSARC Command Syntax
1230.0TAVSun Jun 14 1992game FACES - how to add private images?
1231.06CLT::QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Jun 15 1992Reliable TIFF programming libraries?
1232.02BELFST::CAMPBELLMon Jun 15 1992FLTSIM4?
1233.01RMDSRV::BURTTMon Jun 15 1992a newcomer's question
1234.01CHIRPA::LINTue Jun 16 1992VMS .COM creates DOS .BAT to download to floppy
1235.013BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Jun 16 1992Rules on shareware
1236.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 16 1992OLD QUESTION - APPLE vs PC(BASIC convertion).
1237.03SKI2DY::REEBENACKERTue Jun 16 1992Playing pool on a PC?
1238.02STAR::KAPLANWed Jun 17 1992DIFF/PAR for MS-DOS?
1239.03RZSCSI::SULLIVANWed Jun 17 1992Needed: High-resolution timer routine
1240.02SNOCThu Jun 18 1992? Sonagram from audio file, e.g. .WAV
1241.02POLAR::PERCYThu Jun 18 1992pkfixit ? (pkzipfix - mod.)
1242.01EVOAI2::DUFAUDFri Jun 19 1992Planetsidedemo.anim amiga animation
1243.04UNTADH::BOWENFri Jun 19 1992Requires a New paint system
1244.018EFGVFri Jun 19 1992Writing CD-database, any tips
1245.08PARITY::4MYPC::AldrichFri Jun 19 1992....Request for DISKTRAK....
1246.06CSOA1::MCCULLOUGHMon Jun 22 1992Space Pigs
1247.02GVAADG::AMAZONMon Jun 22 1992ram disk sounds like hard disk
1248.039GLDOA::RBROWNMon Jun 22 1992WOLF (??) Game
1249.09NZOMIS::THAZHATHEMon Jun 22 1992Misc. (Oscilloscope, Astronomy) softwares??
1250.02NWGEDU::DENOUTERTue Jun 23 1992Projectplanning under Windows 3.%
1251.05COMET::ESTLICKThu Jun 25 1992Help finding PCX & Clipart
1252.0SIOG::ODONNELLFri Jun 26 1992Analysis of Qmodem log file program.
1253.05KAOOA::SOWREYFri Jun 26 1992Memory display for windows
1254.04HYEND::STONEHAMFri Jun 26 1992Driver for HP DJ 5
1255.07IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jun 29 1992status of winnah?
1256.0SEGUR::DELARUELLEMon Jun 29 1992Format of Tracker'MODules
1257.08MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcTue Jun 30 1992SCSI QIC Tape Drive Software
1259.08CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 30 1992Address book utility
1260.04IKE22::EIKENBERRYTue Jun 30 1992AmiPro and Freelance Graphic Clipart....
1261.010MAIL::HUGHESDTue Jun 30 1992Project manager for short projects
1262.05GIDDAY::ZANOTTOThu Jul 02 1992An organised mess !
1263.012KBOMFG::MSCHEIFri Jul 03 1992Programm for Disklabels
1264.0LYOISA::SUBTILMon Jul 06 1992GEOWORKS and LN
1265.02SHIRE::XBEIN::<your name>Mon Jul 06 1992GWS program
1266.02COLES1::ESGMon Jul 06 1992software f. slide storage
1267.015CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Jul 06 1992Digital ICON for Windows?
1268.04ACESMK::GUROSTue Jul 07 1992Freeware existing for asynch program to program communications?
1269.014ASICS::LESLIEWed Jul 08 1992Simple printing util needed for windows
1270.0IJSAPL::VIJFVINKELWed Jul 08 1992April, '92 issue of Dr. Jobbs Journal missing on Winnah
1271.02TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonWed Jul 08 1992Callable ZIP?
1272.010TODD::WARNOCKThu Jul 09 1992CGA version of Mahjongg ?
1273.02MILKWY::SLOMSKIThu Jul 09 1992Need pointer to benchmarks
1274.027ASICS::LESLIEFri Jul 10 1992Graphics Workshop
1275.012HEAVY::JAMIEFri Jul 10 1992GAMEBYTES and JILL!
1276.0144282Fri Jul 10 1992MANDELBROT SET (warning - PCSA STREAM format!)
1277.018MAST::REISERTFri Jul 10 1992Ex-Digital employee sued for violating Employee Agreement
1278.05NEWPRT::KENNEY_PASat Jul 11 1992Shareware to Make Own Games
1279.03SHARE::DOYLESat Jul 11 1992Warp for msdos?
1280.03BUCKS::MCGOVERNSun Jul 12 1992set screen to 132 columns
1281.01GLDOA::TRANTue Jul 14 1992Video Catalog Software?
1282.02DC1Tue Jul 14 1992No More FTPs from DECWRL
1283.04CRACKR::RITZTue Jul 14 1992Inventory package
1284.02ASICS::LESLIETue Jul 14 1992 Swap device names to retain applications with ease?
1285.04KBOMFG::MSCHEIWed Jul 15 1992German PLZ Shareware for Windows
1286.06GANTRY::HULLThu Jul 16 1992Can't configure VPIC5
1287.029ECACAD::HenryFri Jul 17 1992Automatically set your PC clock
1288.09GLDOA::RBROWNSun Jul 19 1992PC Repair Tools
1289.02PRMSSun Jul 19 1992direct download to PC
1290.013USCTR1::BJORGENSENTue Jul 21 1992Zipping on the VAX...
1291.08TROOA::MTANNERTue Jul 21 1992ARC Extracter
1292.02LEMAN::BURKHALTERWed Jul 22 1992Sounder (Mac sound to PC)
1293.014NUMPTY::Tagart::grantWed Jul 22 1992Disk Copying the Hard Way
1294.04SEGUR::DELARUELLEWed Jul 22 1992looking for UPACKEXE
1295.0LSNCSC::MEISTERWed Jul 22 1992nrd53.zip wanted
1296.0LJOHUB::STEERWed Jul 22 1992Looking for Windows Remote Startup Server
1297.01CSC32::R_IVERSWed Jul 22 1992Looking for CLIPSTAC shareware program
1298.02AKOCOA::MHUGHESWed Jul 22 19924BOOK
1299.01POLAR::RIDGEWed Jul 22 1992Sound Board Info requested
1300.01HANNAH::BAYWed Jul 22 1992I.V. Pharmacy software?
1301.08DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORThu Jul 23 1992Checkbook Balancing Program
1302.02ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Jul 24 1992Softkey address needed ...
1303.0UTROP2::VLASMAN_EFri Jul 24 1992Shareware Tennis-Tournament?
1304.06TROOA::MTANNERFri Jul 24 1992Low Level Formatter
1305.04NOVA::FELDMANFri Jul 24 1992HYPLUS - hypertext program
1306.0EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Jul 27 1992looking for Canvas.Zip
1308.02ROCKS::KEANETue Jul 28 1992Print TWO UP?
1309.06ACESMK::LINDQUISTWed Jul 29 1992OZCIS for Compuserve?
1310.01SAC::BURNS_TThu Jul 30 1992TSR Unload Module required
1311.04EIGG::DMURRAYThu Jul 30 1992Figure Skating scoring progarm ???
1312.017PARITY::MITCHELLThu Jul 30 1992Need sound files for the sound blaster
1313.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri Jul 31 1992How to view/convert .DRW clipart files?
1314.04JOKUR::BASBAL::FALKOFFri Jul 31 1992Spreadsheet wanted
1315.0VIDEO::VIDEO::PETZNYMon Aug 03 1992Does Prodigy work in the UK?
1316.03ZPOVC::YICKPENGTue Aug 04 1992Problem with Windows 3.1
1317.03JGODCL::BLOEMENDALWed Aug 05 1992MOUSE control routines in QBASIC, wanted.
1318.01BTOVT::SCHILLERWed Aug 05 1992Looking for s/w similar to what notes file allows
1319.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Aug 06 1992Recover DOS BACKUP files ?
1320.021IOSG::VANDENBONFri Aug 07 1992Looking for Clip-Art
1321.020FENNEL::MAURERFri Aug 07 1992Wanted: TrueType font set viewer
1322.07LUDWIG::SADINFri Aug 07 1992Copy directly to disk???
1323.03ROYALT::JAINMon Aug 10 1992Where is WINJPEG?
1324.024RCOCER::EPSTEINMon Aug 10 1992FAX Shareware available?
1325.01BERIS3::BEOIS1::MALOSCHYTZKITue Aug 11 1992Looking for a font editor
1326.03UPROAR::WATSONRTue Aug 11 1992ZIP2EXE & MAKESFX shareware and on net ?
1327.010CXDOCS::TAVARESTue Aug 11 1992Disk Utilities Wanted
1328.02MEXVTue Aug 11 1992Shareware to create True Type fonts (?)
1329.01EPS::LEPINETue Aug 11 1992Software to print show tickets?
1330.010GRANMA::CHUDSONWed Aug 12 1992Database for windows?
1331.041KAOOA::SOWREYWed Aug 12 1992Russian Font?
1332.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Aug 13 1992New version of VMSunzip interface!
1333.04TINGAU::HEFELEThu Aug 13 1992Cosmic and Windows?
1334.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Thu Aug 13 1992MicroSoft Windows LOGO version 2.
1335.04GUCCI::EWISEFri Aug 14 1992Is WINNAH that busy?
1336.03VIDEO::VIDEO::PETZNYMon Aug 17 1992DXF2PS conversion...
1337.014TODD::WARNOCKMon Aug 17 1992Winnah - a brief history ?
1338.02BAZZER::CULLEYTue Aug 18 1992TETRIS
1339.04TRHTue Aug 18 1992Serial -> parallel conversion (Help a lonely MAC..)
1340.010ANNECY::FAILLIE_LTue Aug 18 1992Serial problems
1341.0MITCH::MITCHELLTue Aug 18 1992 Spell Checker
1342.06UPROAR::FINKAMTue Aug 18 1992WINBATCH
1343.09COOKIE::WOODTue Aug 18 1992Fantasy Football League Mgmt Shareware?
1344.01RZSCSI::SULLIVANTue Aug 18 1992?Library to read/write 123 files?
1345.06--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 19 1992Using Zmodem from Within Kermit
1346.03SEDSWS::HEGARTYThu Aug 20 1992no access to winnah!!
1347.07SPECXN::BONOMOThu Aug 20 1992WinQVT requires COMM4 config - Assistance Please!
1348.04--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 21 1992WayStar BBS in Marlboro, MA still here...
1349.02VERGA::MACDONALDMon Aug 24 1992GIF to SIX
1350.01DLBVAX::MAILHOTMon Aug 24 1992BBS: # users, Execute program, recommendation
1351.025ASICS::LESLIEMon Aug 24 1992truetype fonts?
1352.016NOLE2::KIMBELMon Aug 24 1992Hurricane Tracking Map?
1353.01QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Aug 25 1992Microsoft Windows LOGO (MswLogo) version 2.1 is ready
1354.028TODD::WARNOCKTue Aug 25 1992CICA Version 2 CD Shareware
1355.060HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Aug 25 1992Postscript Previewer
1356.02MAST::REISERTTue Aug 25 1992Info-ZIP releases UNZIP 5.
1357.03LYOISA::CAMPSWed Aug 26 1992Playing Midi file with Sound Blaster
1358.08GLOWS::COCCOLIWed Aug 26 1992midi sequencer/winjam21?
1359.04DECWET::HASLOCKWed Aug 26 1992Icon Editor Problems
1360.05CEEOSI::WILTSHIREThu Aug 27 1992CMS Jumbo 12
1361.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMThu Aug 27 1992Looking for aircraft pilot software...
1362.01USCTR1::MREICHThu Aug 27 1992CTI - common transport interface ?
1363.02ASICS::LESLIEThu Aug 27 1992non-windows terminal emulators
1364.0CHIRPA::MOTTFri Aug 28 1992HELP: PC <-> Unix network link over serial(modem) line
1365.013KLUSTR::GARDNERSat Aug 29 1992ellipsis DIRs of unix?
1366.03SIOG::ODONNELLSat Aug 29 1992Odyessy MNP drops CPS rate
1367.03FREEBE::TELLAMon Aug 31 1992Looking for Time and Billing
1368.0NBOIS::JOOSSTue Sep 01 1992Looking for XON/XOFF Shareware
1369.04JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Sep 02 1992disable printscreen ?
1370.0AHIKER::EARLYWed Sep 02 1992Church Membership System & MEMBER Membership contacts
1371.05KBOMFG::MSCHEIThu Sep 03 1992German Shareware
1372.06JOCKEY::AL35Thu Sep 03 1992how can SCAN check networked drives ?
1373.07RUTILE::MACKThu Sep 03 1992Chinese word processor
1374.0DANEK::DANEKThu Sep 03 1992FASTFLIP
1375.05SISDA::EIBENThu Sep 03 1992A Voice from Beyond. (/Bill - co-moderator)
1376.01STIXS::OBARAThu Sep 03 1992VT32
1377.07HKOVC::KATSONThu Sep 03 1992compresser/decompresser in MSDOS/VMS
1378.04SHIRE::FITZGERALDFri Sep 04 1992Multiple GIFs per page
1379.019NC17Fri Sep 04 1992need whereis...
1380.0KETJE::ROBBENSMon Sep 07 1992Veterinary Software ?
1381.0HITEKS::DOTYMon Sep 07 1992fill-in-the-blank software?
1383.02UNYEM::FEBUSJTue Sep 08 1992UNZIP, where is it?
1385.05GLDOA::RBROWNWed Sep 09 1992Change Printer Characteristics
1386.011ERLANG::TARDOWed Sep 09 1992Rotating Shiny Balls Demo
1387.01OZROCK::GROHNWed Sep 09 1992Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem specs wanted
1388.0SUTRA::GSXR::BERGERThu Sep 10 1992Source-level code performance analyzer ?
1389.025TDCAI1::OUINThu Sep 10 1992Magic Crayon ?
1390.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Sep 10 1992Trademarks of the Windows NT operating system....
1391.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Sep 10 1992New TSL shareware.
1392.03GLDOA::RBROWNThu Sep 10 1992WORDSEARCH Programs
1393.06REDRCK::TINCUP::MOEFri Sep 11 1992Software mouse ...
1394.011GLDOA::RBROWNSat Sep 12 1992Maps Online ?
1395.03SEGUR::DELARUELLEMon Sep 14 1992Windows VGA driver Request !
1396.04CGHUB::RYANMon Sep 14 1992Badge maker??
1397.08DANEK::DANEKMon Sep 14 1992GIAMEM::CAL-V1.ZIP, just another calendar program!!!
1398.09WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Sep 15 1992Star Trek for Windows - with graphics and sound/voice.
1399.016ASICS::LESLIETue Sep 15 1992GL and FLI files?
1400.06HKOVC::KATSONTue Sep 15 1992Japanese Anime .GIF wanted
1401.07KEMER::YEGENWed Sep 16 1992"How to design fonts..."
1402.01SISDA::GAMAWed Sep 16 1992Suspend BAT and/or schedule BAT
1403.06LJOHUB::D_KENNEYWed Sep 16 1992Where is VPIC5
1404.01TROOA::CAUCHIWed Sep 16 1992Where is EASY-NET.arc on network?
1405.04BTOVT::SCHILLERWed Sep 16 1992Needed: Good database Program for XT/AT machines
1406.07HARDY::DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Sep 16 1992FTP
1407.05ASICS::LESLIEWed Sep 16 1992VIRUS WARNING: sched2
1408.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOThu Sep 17 1992English Vocabulary Program Anywhere
1409.01SOLVIT::COOKEThu Sep 17 1992Highlight and Dial out ?
1410.08MEXVThu Sep 17 1992Official PC Magazine Winbench Note
1411.014WIZKID::ESTESFri Sep 18 1992Bibleware?
1412.056HANNAH::BAYSat Sep 19 1992Combined File List of Public Directories (CFL)
1413.01SANFAN::DOUGAN_PASun Sep 20 1992Looking to Convert .DBF to .TXT on a VAX
1414.0MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcMon Sep 21 1992HD Protect Software
1415.012ASICS::LESLIEMon Sep 21 1992' in TrueType fonts
1416.0PECAN::LITTLEMon Sep 21 1992Database or Indexed File routines?
1417.020HARDY::DBLDOG::DONHAMMon Sep 21 1992WinCD, Audio CD player for Win 3.1
1418.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Sep 23 1992Using PATHWORKS to access PD?
1419.02ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed Sep 23 1992EEDRAW mouse question
1420.0DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNThu Sep 24 1992PCblue???
1421.04NEWPRT::SIMON_SASat Sep 26 1992S.A.T. software
1422.03TAVIS::JUANSun Sep 27 1992CALDEC::...CPLUSPLUS]CPTUTT22 corrupted
1424.0LURE::ADAMSun Sep 27 1992Vector Graphics 3 to IBM PC software?
1425.03SEDOAS::HALL_JMon Sep 28 1992IFF > GIF or IFF viewer??
1426.09ASICS::LESLIEMon Sep 28 1992FIT/ZIP needed
1427.0HGOVC::MINGFUNGMon Sep 28 1992Where is UMBFILES.COM ?
1428.0GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WATue Sep 29 1992More Files
1429.08SEDOAS::HALL_JTue Sep 29 1992.GL Anim stripper.
1430.02GUESS::CARRTue Sep 29 1992VMSMKT Top Level Directory, and Descriptions, I hope
1431.014JOCKEY::AL35Tue Sep 29 1992anyone want a good editor ?
1432.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Sep 29 1992MswLogo (MicroSoft Windows Logo) version 2.2 is available
1433.02CAFEIN::PFAUTue Sep 29 1992Mumps
1435.0MARVIN::RUSLINGThu Oct 01 1992anyone know where I can find PDbasic
1436.09TPSYS::WHITNEYThu Oct 01 1992"Disk Inuse" display wanted
1437.01SEDOAS::SEDHAL::HALL_JFri Oct 02 1992DOMO:: Public or Private?
1438.04GIDDAY::SCHWAGERMANNSat Oct 03 1992Missing filedoc files on CALDEC
1439.014CSOA1::FULTONMon Oct 05 1992TSL Revisited
1440.01DREICH::GRANTTue Oct 06 1992Problems database
1441.05HKOVC::KATSONTue Oct 06 1992Harddisk Spec files
1442.02JOCKEY::BOURNEJWed Oct 07 1992Shareware MODULA-2 required
1443.08MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcThu Oct 08 1992CD Player with track control
1444.015WR2FOR::LE_THThu Oct 08 1992printing postscript from DOS
1445.04BAHTAT::FORCE6::hiltonFri Oct 09 1992Auto Virus Checker?
1446.01GANTRY::HULLFri Oct 09 1992Corrupted Uploads
1447.05ISIDRO::ATTO14::Jose_AntonioFri Oct 09 1992Patch for DRDOS6 and Windows
1448.04KOMAIL::VALASEKFri Oct 09 1992Shareware to compress files for use with EXPAND
1449.01SMAUG::LOONIEFri Oct 09 1992Location of CBASE ZIP file?
1450.023ANARKY::WILLIAMSFri Oct 09 1992analyse your dreams software???
1451.01HKOVC::KATSONMon Oct 12 1992Cannot PKunzip in MSDOS
1452.02HPSRAD::ARTHURMon Oct 12 1992Shareware FORTRAN Compiler?
1453.02NHASAD::FULLERMon Oct 12 1992OS to MSDOS
1454.0NC17Mon Oct 12 1992How do I read a non-standard drive?
1455.02INBLUE::RODASTue Oct 13 1992GAKU1
1456.04OSLLAV::PER_PTue Oct 13 1992Any new games around ???
1457.011WARNUT::TUMSHI::NISBETDWed Oct 14 1992Where has all the anti-Virus s/w gone?
1458.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Fri Oct 16 1992MswLogo (MicroSoft Windows Logo) version 2.3 available
1459.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Oct 16 1992Shareware Diet/nutrition/training SW?
1460.015CSOA1::RANKINFri Oct 16 1992Windows 3.1 ZIP
1461.05SICVAX::WICKERTFri Oct 16 1992Win UUDECODE?
1462.02ASICS::LESLIESat Oct 17 1992387.ZIP/Win 3.1 problems
1463.02BUSY::SWANEYMon Oct 19 1992Account reorts/templates
1464.016ROCKS::PLATTMon Oct 19 1992Grep on Windows????
1465.027DV78Mon Oct 19 1992Biorythms ??
1466.08SSPENG::MICKALIDETue Oct 20 1992Dos assem
1467.07UTROP1::HEUSDEN_RTue Oct 20 1992Games Wanted!
1468.04SUBWAY::BENJAMINTue Oct 20 1992Cornerstone drivers?
1469.01SPESHR::HOMWed Oct 21 1992Info needed for floppy drives project
1470.0DYOSW8::WILDERWed Oct 21 1992"tally" card generator??
1471.01SUTRA::NIMRODThu Oct 22 1992C&T Svga drivers ?
1472.0HKOVC::KATSONThu Oct 22 1992HD information required
1473.01YUPPIE::CREACYFri Oct 23 1992.ZIPs w/ Stream instead of Stream_LF
1474.04COMICS::DSMMGRFri Oct 23 1992TIMINGS.EXE ??
1475.03CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 23 1992Need an OUTLINE font
1476.08CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMFri Oct 23 1992Need help with VMSUNZIP and VMSSWEEP...
1477.04ASICS::LESLIESat Oct 24 1992MicroEMACS 3.11c for MS-Windows, update 1.1
1478.03FORTY2::VELLASun Oct 25 1992Large text utilities wanted
1479.05FORTY2::VELLASun Oct 25 1992Deepdrain - laptop battery drainer
1480.010ROCKS::PLATTMon Oct 26 1992ColorBar - Color Toolbar for Word For Windows V2.
1481.0BIGUN::FEIGLETue Oct 27 1992Print Shop or Print Master look-alike
1482.06CACHE::SETOTue Oct 27 1992Car racing games
1483.0KYOA::PEREZTue Oct 27 1992draw a network diagram
1484.04SIOG::41315::siog::kerrWed Oct 28 1992Above and beyond diary
1485.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Oct 28 1992IBM ASCII <=> DEC Multinational conversion?
1486.01WIZKID::ESTESWed Oct 28 1992VideoCat?
1487.010CSOA1::RANKINWed Oct 28 1992Org chart needed
1488.04UPROAR::HALLMThu Oct 29 1992French English Dictionary ?
1489.07GANTRY::HULLSun Nov 01 1992need a *.DL (animation) file viewer
1490.0ACETEK::TIMPSONMon Nov 02 19921
1491.02TANG::RHINEMon Nov 02 1992Produce POSTSCRIPT from impact printer shareware
1492.03DECWIN::FISHERMon Nov 02 1992Windows-aware screen saver?
1493.02QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Mon Nov 02 1992MswLogo 2.4 (MicroSoft Windows Logo) [with multimedia support]
1494.012ESBSTue Nov 03 1992DOS Command Line Editor under Windows 3.1?
1495.01MLNCSC::BARILAROTue Nov 03 1992DXF converted to Bitmap ???
1496.012SHIPS::BATTY_RTue Nov 03 1992Unzip problems
1497.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Nov 03 1992Example simple CD-player for MswLogo 2.4
1498.02TAVENG::FENSTERWed Nov 04 1992Looking for SPSS for PC
1499.08ROCKS::PLATTWed Nov 04 1992FastExit - Freeware from Digital!
1500.02SNOCWed Nov 04 1992View or print a MAC PICT file on a PC?
1501.06NACAD::KOCHEMWed Nov 04 1992Quicken - DOS vs. Win ???
1502.07NACAD::KOCHEMWed Nov 04 1992Shareware Carmen SanDiego?
1503.0MUNLEG::WALTERThu Nov 05 1992Announcing DK (Define Key) Utility
1504.016ASICS::LESLIEThu Nov 05 1992Windows Secrets disks
1505.01EVTAI1::VMCST3::CailleFri Nov 06 1992NeXt Look
1506.02MRDATA::KIDWELLFri Nov 06 1992Anyone seen SUREFIRE?
1507.0DECWET::GREGORYFri Nov 06 1992Looking for a good Make
1508.01ASICS::LESLIEFri Nov 06 1992Hockney?
1509.02GLDOA::RBROWNSat Nov 07 1992Battery Level Tester ??
1510.0GVAADG::AMAZONSun Nov 08 1992Cyrus Chess gives a problem
1511.0UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Nov 09 1992Looking For Animal Quest
1512.01GVAMon Nov 09 1992Electronic components lay-out
1513.015ASICS::LESLIEMon Nov 09 1992GIFs
1515.09SPEZKO::A_FRASERTue Nov 10 1992Backgammon recommendations please
1516.01SPECXN::BONOMOTue Nov 10 1992Looking for Win 3.1 Tseng ET4
1517.02MINNY::STAMBERGERWed Nov 11 1992Scuba
1518.09GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Nov 11 1992COMPILER for PC as shareware ?????
1519.02KBOMFG::MSCHEIWed Nov 11 1992(NEW) DEMOS
1520.03FROSTY::UIDIOT::SmithThu Nov 12 1992WinChess - How do I add the icon?
1521.04MAIL::DPROSEThu Nov 12 1992QVT setup info needed
1522.06ASICS::LESLIEFri Nov 13 1992Reading my ultrix mail files
1523.04SMURF::HAECKFri Nov 13 1992problem with awcmp
1524.0LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue Nov 17 1992(Animator).FLI<->.MMM(Action)
1525.010PARITY::4MYPC::AldrichTue Nov 17 1992FreeCell Game request
1526.03SMURF::HAECKTue Nov 17 1992Looking for....
1527.02WEORFI::DUNHAMTue Nov 17 1992Cica INDEX format help.
1528.0CSC32::R_IVERSWed Nov 18 1992Print .pss file on VMS??
1529.03TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsWed Nov 18 1992Looking for Calendar Program
1530.04SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 18 1992GTS Music Construction?
1531.02PULMAN::AYRPLN::JERRYWed Nov 18 1992Looking for Company.ZIP's (WINNAH:: Originally)
1532.0HGRDFri Nov 20 1992Looking for bitmap editor
1533.01HGRDFri Nov 20 1992Lookin for DOS compress utility
1534.02EMDS::PETERSONFri Nov 20 1992Mechanical Engineering shareware wanted
1535.0UGETIT::ATKINSONFri Nov 20 1992CAMware from CAD Solutions, Inc.?
1536.038BSS::STPALY::MOLLERSat Nov 21 1992Business Card Shareware?
1537.0GLDOA::RBROWNMon Nov 23 1992Pine Wood Derby Designer
1538.03VSSPC::6473Mon Nov 23 1992Sure, but that's for *everything*, right ???
1539.05WRKSYS::THOMASMon Nov 23 1992Problem with SIMCVAX program
1540.07CVG::THOMPSONMon Nov 23 1992Russian Language Tutor Program?
1541.01WBC::BAKERMon Nov 23 1992FLEX/BISON for PC's
1542.03QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Mon Nov 23 1992Looking for MIDI FILE sequencer shareware
1543.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Nov 24 1992Windows TAPCIS
1544.02ROMTue Nov 24 1992Tools for rolling demos ?
1545.03CSC32::R_IVERSTue Nov 24 1992Convert from .arj to .zip
1546.0ETDEV3::BROWN_DWed Nov 25 1992Looking for page scanner software
1547.0CGOOA::BARNABEThu Nov 26 1992Office Lottery Manager Shareware
1548.02TKOV51::FUJIMOTOThu Nov 26 1992FLI Maker & Player
1549.03BITBKT::FORBESThu Nov 26 1992regular expression callable utilities?
1550.06MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcMon Nov 30 1992Newer Neko Anybody?
1551.0COPCLU::HENRIKVJMon Nov 30 1992Win 3.1 driver for SondMaster II ????
1552.02ROYALT::POWERSMon Nov 30 1992ATI FX Soundboard Windows 3.1 driver
1553.02HGRDTue Dec 01 1992UN*X's diff in DOS???
1554.02MPGS::PATTERSONTue Dec 01 1992IP address
1555.06HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Dec 01 1992DOS PC -> mouse cut and paste and scollback screens
1556.01USA::CHAVISWed Dec 02 1992Annimated Wallpaper for Windows
1557.0HAMCL3::HOFHANSLWed Dec 02 1992looking for render-386
1558.04STAR::BECKWed Dec 02 1992Request for info from ex-DECcie and former moderator
1559.01DECWET::GRAHAMWed Dec 02 1992Looking for game in which user balances federal budget
1560.03ACETEK::TIMPSONWed Dec 02 1992COPY/XCOPY Source code
1561.01CURRNT::CARSONThu Dec 03 1992.SND, which archiver do i need
1562.018KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADThu Dec 03 1992Hard Disk Info on Disk
1563.01DECWIN::FISHERThu Dec 03 1992Text to speech converter
1564.02USHSFri Dec 04 1992Merlin, Hurricane Tracking Shareware
1565.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 04 1992Thank you!
1567.07HLDEFri Dec 04 1992Windows Performance analysis tools ?
1568.02GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJFri Dec 04 1992STACKER , DOUBLE-density software ...any comments ?
1569.02JGODCL::KOSTERFri Dec 04 1992DIRMAGIC doesn't work under MS-DOS 5.
1570.0ETDEV3::BROWN_DFri Dec 04 1992interpreting word perfect 5.
1571.0SPESHR::JOHNSONSat Dec 05 1992Needed: scientist cartoon/caricature
1572.0DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNSat Dec 05 1992where is PCBLUE
1573.0MEOCSun Dec 06 1992Looking for *mono* Desktop Paint
1574.015MSDSWS::DRUSSELLSun Dec 06 1992ROCKS PUBLIC DIR ?????
1575.0SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
1576.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Dec 07 1992HPGl converter
1577.0136BUSY::SWANEYMon Dec 07 1992new games!
1578.07LUNER::DLANDRYMon Dec 07 1992TLZ
1579.08STAR::BOIKOMon Dec 07 1992Pointer to Hyperdisk pls..
1581.044HLDEWed Dec 09 1992RANGOON - new solitaire for WIN3
1582.05CSLALL::LANGONEWed Dec 09 1992what happend
1583.01MSBCS::DOLLThu Dec 10 1992Back & Forth Problem
1584.04SPESHR::JOHNSONThu Dec 10 1992I need to shorten VMS filenames to fit on a PC
1585.041JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Dec 11 1992Public Domain encryption ?
1586.05EISJAT::TEDESCOFri Dec 11 1992Apogee's Word Rescue location again?
1587.04SASE::HARRISSat Dec 12 1992easynet anyone ever use it?
1588.015BAHTAT::HILTONMon Dec 14 1992Microsoft Windows Screen savers?
1589.017BAHTAT::HILTONMon Dec 14 1992windows to-do list, reminder software
1590.021CSLALL::LANGONEMon Dec 14 1992cribbage????
1591.0CSCOA2::DUCAT_DMon Dec 14 1992euchre for PC
1592.068KETJE::ROBBENSTue Dec 15 1992How to install GhostScript ?
1593.03KAOOA::KAOP12::shepherdTue Dec 15 1992Game - Warheads??
1594.01GANTRY::HULLTue Dec 15 1992MIDI-files anywhere
1596.0BOGUSS::LEETue Dec 15 1992print color overlays
1597.06JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Dec 16 1992Edit files non-interactively ?
1598.02NCOAST::BROWNThu Dec 17 1992foreign disk and asynch xfer util???
1599.03COLThu Dec 17 1992Manipulation-Tool for .CGM files wanted !!!
1600.04GOLLY::WONGThu Dec 17 1992GNUmake for MSDOS (or NT)?
1601.05NEST::BARBERThu Dec 17 1992Jigsaw puzzle game ..
1602.0GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJFri Dec 18 1992MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you
1603.03TALK::MILAZZOFri Dec 18 1992geography shareware
1604.04HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGSun Dec 20 1992Copy VMS CD-ROM?
1606.017CSC32::R_IVERSMon Dec 21 1992WNQVT and alternate protocols?
1607.02CSDNET::DICASTROMon Dec 21 1992GRASPRT help needed
1608.05QOQUAQ::PELTZMon Dec 21 1992How to market shareware?
1609.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 22 1992BinHex?
1610.08TROOA::BALDOCKTue Dec 22 1992Crossword Puzzle Software
1611.02CSC32::R_IVERSWed Dec 23 1992Looking for MEWIN documentation zip file
1613.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Dec 23 1992Be gentle with my VAX
1614.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Dec 23 1992UNDERWIN - a small (but useful?) goody
1615.02SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTSat Dec 26 1992Global Conquest game?
1616.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Dec 28 1992EasyEdit v 5.1.
1617.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 29 1992PS => EPS?
1618.013VNABRW::PSCSTue Dec 29 1992jpg viewer for windows
1619.04CROWES::HULLEYTue Dec 29 1992reboot.com?
1620.02CSDNET::DICASTROTue Dec 29 1992dearc - unarc ??
1621.03GRUFFY::ZAHORATue Dec 29 1992CRTADJ.EXE - CRT adjustment tools
1623.05KYOA::WINGTue Dec 29 1992Cursor Enhancement software??
1624.01VERGA::CARTERWed Dec 30 1992Unable to locate .doc files from Note 6.3
1625.05LISVAX::MARIANOWed Dec 30 1992WORLD ATLAS or PCGLOBE like ?
1626.027CSLALL::LANGONEMon Jan 04 1993LA75 need help!!
1628.019LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue Jan 05 1993Video for Windows Player?
1629.021WMOIS::ALUKONISTue Jan 05 1993AMTAX-92
1630.04CSDNET::DICASTROTue Jan 05 1993Sound register reset ?
1631.0112MAST::REISERTTue Jan 05 1993PKZIP/PKUNZIP 2.xx from PKWare Available!
1632.0FRSTSC::ELKABETSWed Jan 06 1993Addresses of the popular Games Companies ??!.
1633.06CSOA1::RANKINWed Jan 06 1993DOS Menu Prog or Windows Help?
1634.02TAVENG::FENSTERWed Jan 06 1993Looking for non-smoking symbol
1635.05CSC32::R_IVERSWed Jan 06 1993ZMODEM outside windows(WNQVT)
1637.03DECWET::HASLOCKThu Jan 07 1993Maxtor 712
1638.03MEMORY::SOVIEThu Jan 07 1993note address?
1639.012NRLABS::CONNELLYThu Jan 07 1993HELP
1640.0HKOVC::KATSONFri Jan 08 1993BBS Doors/utilities wanted
1641.035BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 08 1993PC Sound and Graphic demos
1642.014UFRCS1::VINZENZFri Jan 08 1993New Game + Prog To Administer Cars
1643.04CSC32::R_IVERSFri Jan 08 1993Where are old IBMPC notes?
1644.09USCTR1::MREICHMon Jan 11 1993ZIP2EXE for VMS ?
1645.011VAXCAP::BONNEAUMon Jan 11 1993How to program to printer drivers??
1646.01CSLALL::LANGONEMon Jan 11 1993bbs #
1648.018TAVENG::FENSTERTue Jan 12 1993Looking for Runoff for DOS
1649.023STRATA::TAITue Jan 12 1993Sierra's Goblins Demo Available
1650.05HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Jan 12 1993Revision Control Software
1651.01SONATA::KACZMAREKTue Jan 12 1993Get an LA75 to Print DRAFT
1652.010ISTWI1::YEGENWed Jan 13 1993Program to detect phone number
1653.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Jan 13 1993calculator with paper-role ?
1654.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Wed Jan 13 1993Msw Logo V3.
1655.05GANTRY::HULLThu Jan 14 1993Is JPEG compression destructive?
1656.01AKOCOA::WANGThu Jan 14 1993DEC scanner to DECpc?
1657.07LEDS::SKRALYThu Jan 14 1993Prince of Persia demo help
1658.07GRANMA::GTOPPINGThu Jan 14 1993finding unzipped file names
1659.04AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jan 15 1993Cron-like utility(s)?
1660.03UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Jan 18 1993Here's ERBE, Another German Freeware Game
1661.027LEMAN::BURKHALTERMon Jan 18 1993Any .AVI movie files ??
1662.01LISVAX::MARIANOMon Jan 18 1993THE MANAGER ?
1663.021SNOCMon Jan 18 1993Check_book application
1664.010KILARA::DEANGELISMon Jan 18 1993Decoding and decompressing
1665.02SIOG::ODONNELLTue Jan 19 1993.ROL to .MID ????
1666.06CSC32::J_ALLENTue Jan 19 1993Looking for Moria
1667.02ARTLIB::GOETZETue Jan 19 1993Anyone hear of Button Star Plus?--Windows Application menu
1668.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENWed Jan 20 1993CASH 1.
1669.07NEWOA::BAILEYThu Jan 21 1993read notes on PC
1670.010RTOEU::MNEELYFri Jan 22 1993Mouse aware Screen Blanker?
1671.04FRUST::HERRMANNFri Jan 22 1993ln
1672.03BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISFri Jan 22 1993International clock board for PC's?
1673.02MAIL::DPROSESun Jan 24 1993next screen on basstour
1674.01MUDIS3::TKELLERERMon Jan 25 1993SkyGlobe User out there?
1675.01CSLALL::LANGONEMon Jan 25 1993golf games??
1676.054FSOA::SWANEYMon Jan 25 1993"Alone in the Dark!" 3D action/adventure game
1677.01POLAR::RIDGEMon Jan 25 1993Help with DECLASER 1152 and SEDT
1678.01SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Jan 25 1993Wanted: Graphics thumbnailer
1679.013DATABS::FERWERDATue Jan 26 1993Disk error: Invalid media type, Missing Operating System
1680.0HGRDTue Jan 26 1993XV for DESQview/X on PCs
1681.037NLFDC::MULHUIJZENWed Jan 27 1993$25 network | Imodes | I-modes | Information Modes
1683.03SPEZKO::A_FRASERWed Jan 27 1993Musical Pitch Training wanted
1684.012SIOG::S_FARRENWed Jan 27 1993Neopaint..see note 1684.2 for file location
1685.0TAVENG::FENSTERWed Jan 27 1993Looking for source of a container file device driver for DOS
1686.01HGRDWed Jan 27 1993Confused! ddi format?
1687.02ANARKY::WILLIAMSThu Jan 28 1993disk catalog!!!
1689.01KISMIF::MARAThu Jan 28 1993Help Needed for a 433LP problem
1690.06FSOA::SWANEYFri Jan 29 1993Alpha/Numeric Pager software (windows)
1691.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 29 1993Doc Mgmt tools like TIMA ?
1692.01CADSYS::LEMONSFri Jan 29 1993Whither demos?
1693.010MSDOA::63722::RMITCHELLFri Jan 29 1993Software to solve the JUMBLE in the paper
1694.02GVPROD::SCHMITTMon Feb 01 1993Looking for old Turbo Pascal Toolboxes ...
1695.02OTOOA::YURKOVICHMon Feb 01 1993EMPIRE Game for DOS/Windows?
1696.01COMICS::GLEDHILLTue Feb 02 1993wanted 132 char width editor.
1697.0HKOVC::KATSONTue Feb 02 1993RemoteAccess Utilities Wanted
1698.06GVPROD::SCHMITTWed Feb 03 1993Japanese True Types somewhere ?
1699.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Feb 03 1993cartoon library PPT?
1700.014COMPLX::BABINWed Feb 03 1993DECwindows from PC?
1701.03PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Feb 03 1993setting COM speeds
1703.03RSNC::BRUILThu Feb 04 1993Rockford
1704.011VAXSPO::CJENSENThu Feb 04 1993help on kermit packet length.
1705.046FSOA::SWANEYThu Feb 04 1993New games
1707.0PTOVAX::METZFri Feb 05 1993Need ROL player for SoundBlaster
1708.01TANG::RHINEFri Feb 05 1993LI for Win V3.1
1712.04JIT79Sun Feb 07 1993Backup Command(Restore) from VMS's Save-Set
1713.016VNABRW::PSCSMon Feb 08 1993packing to floppy, but more than 1 piece !!
1714.028BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISMon Feb 08 1993Looking for 3-D Sculpture/Design software
1715.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Feb 10 1993Libris Britannia?
1716.0FUTURS::SAXBYWed Feb 10 1993Friday?
1717.0MFRFMS::LEIDINGERWed Feb 10 1993info about Speech Technology wanted (Distributor for 8
1719.08COMPLX::BABINWed Feb 10 1993OCR shareware???
1720.0HKOVC::KATSONWed Feb 10 1993Move Floppy Head Program Wanted
1721.08SIOG::ODONNELLThu Feb 11 1993Artifical Intell software ?.?
1722.01NWDSat Feb 13 1993pointers for Overhead EX like S/W
1723.08TAVIS::TAVWIZ::TAVWIZ::ORISun Feb 14 1993What is the PCX format?
1724.01TAVIS::TAVWIZ::TAVWIZ::ORISun Feb 14 1993256 color graphic routines
1725.0ZURMon Feb 15 1993Easyflow V7.
1726.06EISDMF::FEUERSTEINMon Feb 15 1993DEC32
1727.023FSOA::SWANEYMon Feb 15 1993VMS Zip problems with a large file?
1728.04JGO::R_JANSSENWed Feb 17 1993Software for Soundblaster
1729.08FORTY2::KOKOLAKISWed Feb 17 1993Debugger Wanted
1730.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Wed Feb 17 1993Interpretive Language for developing Simple Windows GUIs
1731.04FORTY2::KOKOLAKISThu Feb 18 1993Specialised Software
1732.05NEWOA::BAILEYThu Feb 18 1993Odyssey / Zmodem woes
1733.02HEAVY::JAMIEFri Feb 19 1993Archiver with extension .i
1734.08TRUCKS::BURYFri Feb 19 1993Tool for writing HELP RTF files?
1735.017TRACTR::KOLADISHFri Feb 19 1993Flowchart software
1736.01AKOFIN::TUCKERFri Feb 19 1993Statistics Program?
1737.06SOLVIT::NNGUYENSun Feb 21 1993Where is PCMAG Benchmark 7 ?
1738.06UPROAR::OBRIENKMon Feb 22 1993Automatic Re-Boot
1739.04HEAVY::JAMIEMon Feb 22 1993BBS-es in General, and Osiris in Particular
1740.07MQOSWS::MQOPMon Feb 22 1993Font printing utility somewhere
1741.06MOUTNS::J_MANNINGMon Feb 22 1993PKLite?
1743.03JOCKEY::BOURNEJWed Feb 24 1993WYNDFIELDS Database Package?
1744.01EVOAI2::PIERRARDWed Feb 24 1993bridge game
1745.018SASE::HILLMANWed Feb 24 1993screen capture
1747.02MXOVThu Feb 25 1993Official Teledisk Note (extension .TD
1748.01GLDOA::NOVAKFri Feb 26 1993Location of Fastbucks
1749.031HELIX::CHANGFri Feb 26 1993driver for LA5
1750.01HITEKS::DOTYSun Feb 28 1993craft software available anywhere?
1751.010TAVIS::JUANSun Feb 28 1993Booting from different config.sys'
1752.013AKOCOA::BROWN_KMon Mar 01 1993Specific Clipart?
1753.06SCARFR::AnastasiaMon Mar 01 1993Is WinKey 1.
1754.01PEACHS::SILVERSTEINMon Mar 01 1993Problems w/ Tape backup
1755.01GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Mar 01 1993Touch typing for children ?
1756.027FRAMBO::JOACHIMSOHNTue Mar 02 1993CAD / floor plan construction
1757.02MYOTT::HERGTTue Mar 02 1993ASPIBIN (TAR) and CDROMS...
1758.06PEKING::MCSHANEGTue Mar 02 1993GIF Car Required
1759.0JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Mar 04 1993looking for: PRECGPF.ZIP for PAS16 sound card
1760.015HLDEFri Mar 05 1993Performance Analysis MSwindows
1761.04QUABBI::"slohia@typee.lkg.dec.com"Fri Mar 05 1993Archive, ftp-server
1762.09QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Fri Mar 05 1993MicroSoft Windows Logo 3.2 (now with context sensitive help)
1763.010ROULET::TAIMon Mar 08 1993Playable Demo of Freddy Pharkas (Sierra On-Line)
1764.04MPGS::CHRISTENSENMon Mar 08 1993*Miniature* Golf anywhere?
1766.01SPESHR::JOHNSONMon Mar 08 1993The Hack Report
1767.01TPWSTMon Mar 08 1993looking for a coroutine package
1768.09LOAD::JAMIETue Mar 09 19933 New Games
1769.04MUDIS3::TKELLERERTue Mar 09 1993shareware C++ (not gnu)
1770.07CTHQ::PANGTue Mar 09 1993What is *.LZH and How do I uncompress them?
1771.013FUTURS::SAXBYWed Mar 10 1993Battery Monitor for Laptop?
1772.09BTOVT::ZUKSWERTWed Mar 10 1993Graphic formats, digitizers, graphic viewers, digital cameras
1773.01AKOCOA::MHUGHESWed Mar 10 19934PRINT
1774.01FORTY2::MILLSONThu Mar 11 1993Does anyone have a copy of SmartCat on the Net
1775.03DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNThu Mar 11 1993DEMOs Please..
1777.02MKOTS4::ABSURD::RYANFri Mar 12 1993QDhelp needed
1778.07BALMER::MUDGETTTue Mar 16 1993help finding Ride-log
1779.010CLARID::CHARLESTue Mar 16 1993Question: .ARC files?
1780.034FSOA::NBUFTONTue Feb 23 1993Winclock/AppBar - Wither thou be?"
1781.01KAHALA::SULLIVANWed Mar 17 1993Lempel-Ziv sources?
1782.01DEMON::PANGAKISWed Mar 17 1993PC database tools exist that can read/write encrypted data
1783.06JUPITR::BOURQUEWed Mar 17 1993Looking for "telemarketing" SW
1784.023WMOIS::JULIA_RThu Mar 18 1993PC system password protection ?
1785.01TRCOA::TIPPERThu Mar 18 1993Windowing BBS with source code???
1786.03TELGAR::WAKEMANLAThu Mar 18 1993The Breeders Standard
1787.015Thu Mar 18 1993Net or Reasonable Solutions?
1788.09NZOMIS::TOMBLINThu Mar 18 1993screen saver source
1789.03FRANZC::Christopher_FranzFri Mar 19 1993The Incredible Machine (a.k.a. TIM)
1790.05CLARID::CHARLESFri Mar 19 1993Media Vision Thunderboard
1791.031COMICS::DSMMGRFri Mar 19 1993Band-in-a-box
1792.027SPESHR::PICCICUTOFri Mar 19 1993MXRN type news reader
1794.01SNOFS1::GODMANSat Mar 20 1993Horse Racing aids
1795.034JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Mar 21 1993DROP | Dropper (progman replacement)
1796.05ERFARE::SDMon Mar 22 1993DOS screen dump needed
1797.07UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Mar 22 1993Demo Of Whale's Voyage Uploaded
1798.0HSSWS1::GREGMon Mar 22 1993RRX1
1799.04ANOVAX::COMFORTMon Mar 22 1993WEBNET questions
1800.05STAR::GUINEAUMon Mar 22 1993From Usenet - ALW, DEMO3D, FRACVIEW, DROP_12, IN3DEMO, RTIMER
1801.05HYDRA::ALDENMon Mar 22 1993MORECN.ZIP
1802.02WMOIS::JULIA_RTue Mar 23 1993PRO59.EXE ATI driver for Gateway ?
1803.0STAR::GUINEAUTue Mar 23 1993helldiver for UUCP?
1804.07GVAADG::AMAZONWed Mar 24 1993Read-Only file display
1805.06BRUMMY::BIOPC7::WOODSWed Mar 24 1993Dbase Merge UTILITY wanted
1806.012RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackWed Mar 24 1993TIF to (PCX, BMP) ?
1807.01USHS1Wed Mar 24 1993After Dark Files around?
1808.05CSC32::R_IVERSWed Mar 24 1993What is .rtf?
1809.03HAGEL::HAGELWed Mar 24 1993Problem: register shareware, company out of business?
1810.01CLARID::CHARLESThu Mar 25 1993ASTRO 2.71 and ACCEPT 5.
1811.05KYOA::PETRONKOThu Mar 25 1993pkunzip V2.
1812.01MACNAS::G_GUINANEFri Mar 26 1993Pointer to FANTAVISION
1813.02WMOIS::JULIA_RFri Mar 26 1993Problem with 4DOS under Windows V3.1
1814.01ICS::GATTERMANFri Mar 26 1993PKXARC Shareware?
1815.0TUXEDO::A_CHENFri Mar 26 1993differences among .GFN, .FNT, .FON fonts?
1816.0STAR::GUINEAUSun Mar 28 1993Windows based News/mail reader for Waffle UUCP
1817.08SATRN::STEWARTMon Mar 29 1993VMS uudecode
1818.09UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Mar 29 1993Windows Benchmark WINTACH
1819.04OZROCK::RODRIGUESTue Mar 30 1993DOS Screen scrolling?
1820.01JDARC::PAULINTue Mar 30 1993Printing TT fonts on an LN
1821.022GANTRY::HULLTue Mar 30 1993Where is "Jill of the Jungle"?
1822.0EPTVAX::EBRECHTTue Mar 30 1993Audio CD to Cassette Optimizer needed
1823.09ATSE::KATZWed Mar 31 1993What BASIC ?
1824.015BONNET::DIVINEThu Apr 01 1993I would like to backup my disk ....but with which one of theses products ??
1825.07ELWOOD::KEDDYThu Apr 01 1993windows print screen
1826.06TAPE::LKLThu Apr 01 1993PAUSE/WAIT/DELAY
1827.05CUESTA::TLOZANOFri Apr 02 1993Looking for MUMPS for PC
1828.011COKPIT::BMCHATTIEFri Apr 02 1993Resistor Converter Reqd
1829.0SOADC1::STREMICKFri Apr 02 1993Note by Note
1831.09BRSVMS::CORNELISMon Apr 05 1993TrueType barcode fonts
1832.030BSS::BORGIL::M_FRAZIERMon Apr 05 1993Needing a Maze generator
1833.02N1FTD::BELANGERMon Apr 05 1993AccessDOS / AccessDOS For Windows
1834.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJTue Apr 06 1993UFRCS1 ... WHAT'S GOIN' ON ???????
1835.010CSDNET::DICASTROTue Apr 06 1993DEATHBGR problems (inherent ? or coincidence?)
1836.01REGENT::CIAMPATue Apr 06 1993small business software needed
1837.02USCTR1::BJORGENSENWed Apr 07 1993File Recovery (Worksht Repair)
1838.04WMOIS::BELANGER_FWed Apr 07 1993Employee Scheduling programs?
1839.0SOFCAD::KNIGHTThu Apr 08 1993UUCP/UUPC modem script for DF296?
1840.013--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 08 1993Golf Handicapper
1842.017REGENT::CIAMPAFri Apr 09 1993help with winnah:: files
1843.015BITBKT::FORBESSat Apr 10 1993winnah status?
1844.03NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Apr 12 1993Help Desk software?
1845.01AKOCOA::WANGMon Apr 12 1993Production monitor on MS-DOS?
1847.0UGETIT::ATKINSONTue Apr 13 1993Experimental USGS ftp site.
1848.016TENTO1::BOURNEJTue Apr 13 1993Where is NEVERLOCK
1849.037FSOA::NBUFTONTue Apr 13 1993Favorites
1850.09GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Apr 14 1993Shareware prog. for DOS that can create menu with icons ???
1852.03REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Apr 14 1993YMODEM Kit Location?
1853.04MQOSWS::MQOPWed Apr 14 1993Edit file with binary data
1854.09DOMO::NEILThu Apr 15 1993Looking for "Hi, Finance!"
1855.010VMSINT::MONTAGUEThu Apr 15 1993Key click volume control
1856.022BUSSTP::BMCHATTIEFri Apr 16 1993Official PADSPCB Note - circuit layout
1857.02TRUCKS::YOUNGFri Apr 16 1993Educational Shareware
1858.012USHSFri Apr 16 1993Drivers for VAXmate
1859.030COMPLX::BULLARDFri Apr 16 1993MIDI Files To Guitar Tablature
1860.05COLMon Apr 19 1993Wanted: Driver for LA324 !
1861.02UFRCS1::VINZENZMon Apr 19 1993Neue Deutsche Postleitzahlen
1863.06QUABBI::"mills@athena.lkg.dec.com"Tue Apr 20 1993MswLogo 3.3 (Logo for Windows) is ready
1864.03MACNAS::JFOXTue Apr 20 1993Need DPATH.COM and linker.
1865.02FGTMCC::SYSTEMTue Apr 20 1993Print .LBM files
1866.03WRKSYS::ARTHURWed Apr 21 1993Opening more than 2
1867.0COLWed Apr 21 1993NEW LA324-driver in DOS 6.
1868.011WRKSYS::ARTHURWed Apr 21 1993Launching windows things from the command line
1869.0SIOG::ODONNELLWed Apr 21 1993Pointer for QUIKMENU III ?
1870.05MPGS::THIBAULTWed Apr 21 1993how to pull from Winnah?
1871.05MACNAS::JFOXThu Apr 22 1993Linker for Cobol ?
1872.04Thu Apr 22 1993SW for Sociologists
1873.021CZARS::MCGUIREThu Apr 22 1993Demo of VistaPro
1874.0GVPROD::YFOCON::HEIMANThu Apr 22 1993Availability of cdrom1 ?
1875.03OTOOA::YURKOVICHThu Apr 22 1993French Language Tutorial
1876.01FINALY::PRENTICRThu Apr 22 1993Need mouse driver for clipper
1877.02STAR::GUINEAUFri Apr 23 1993ZIP 2.
1878.0HURON::BATESFri Apr 23 1993Technical tidbit... (PSC, Plexus Floware workflow)
1879.0STAR::GUINEAUFri Apr 23 1993File Manager replacement
1880.04MQOOA::LEMon Apr 26 1993Program for KitchenCook's Menu ?
1881.02SOADC1::THESINGMTue Apr 27 1993Typing speed?
1882.05OTOOA::YURKOVICHTue Apr 27 1993How do you decompress .ARJ files?
1883.05TKOV51::FUJIMOTOWed Apr 28 1993Sound Blaster DLL for VB (Visual Basic)
1884.04USHSWed Apr 28 1993guitar
1885.01MPO::MPO13::CWHITTALLThu Apr 29 1993Need Drivers for MPEG
1886.0SAC::EDMUNDSTue May 04 1993Multiple print manager icons
1887.05NYFSTue May 04 1993looking for home inventory program
1888.04ANNECY::ROUXTue May 04 1993Ms windows Brother's Keeper Version ?
1889.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed May 05 1993Pointer to MAC shareware
1890.019MQOOA::LEWed May 05 1993Questions about Shareware programs
1891.09EISJAT::TEDESCOWed May 05 1993PKSFX Self extracting s/w?
1893.0HSSWS1::GREGFri May 07 1993Looking for Fish
1894.012ODIXIE::BONEFri May 07 1993Enlarge your mouse pointer?
1895.0VELENO::MICHIELIFri May 07 1993PC speaker tone dialing: wanted
1897.09PEACHS::SILVERSTEINMon May 10 1993argument to win ignored
1898.02BIGUN::FEIGLEMon May 10 1993Window Drivers for Cirrus : DECpc32
1899.07SED75Tue May 11 1993TPU on DOS ?
1900.06FSOA::SWANEYTue May 11 1993DECDX anyone ever hear of it?
1901.03ELWOOD::KAPLANTue May 11 1993DOS DETAB ?
1902.03LURE::ADAMTue May 11 1993Looking for Epic's ANCIENTS or CASTLE OF THE WINDS
1903.04BWICHD::SILLIKERWed May 12 1993Flowcharting 3?
1904.01KAOOA::GIBBSWed May 12 1993Label Program
1905.06FSOA::NBUFTONWed May 12 1993Upgrading Lotus SmartSuite - Whole cheaper than parts
1906.01TANG::RHINEWed May 12 1993Software to find lost keys!
1907.07GLDOA::RBROWNThu May 13 1993Building Monitoring Software
1908.09STAR::GUINEAUThu May 13 1993CAV1
1909.013ASABET::POMEROYThu May 13 1993Copy dir/subdirs onto multiple diskettes
1910.02SOLVIT::COOKEThu May 13 1993Diagnostic for Laserjet 2
1911.05CHENG5::WIDMERThu May 13 1993TIF MSW printer driver
1912.012GVAFri May 14 1993Identifying used IRQs
1913.03IJSAPL::WOODROWFri May 14 1993Copying one file from disk to disk
1914.0UFRCS1::VISTOLAMon May 17 1993pointer for Winclean 1.1
1915.02ERLANG::TARDOMon May 17 1993NDIS driver, WFW
1916.013GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue May 18 1993French PC Magazine Hit List
1919.07GVAADG::AMAZONTue May 18 1993output page order for HP DJ5
1920.02KAHALA::SULLIVANTue May 18 1993Code Formatter for Windows?
1921.0TAVENG::FENSTERWed May 19 1993Looking for MS Windows source (or DLL) for drawing graphs and tables
1922.013GAAS::KOZIOLWed May 19 1993Looking for WinUpD8R or equivalent PC-to-PC file synch/update utility
1923.01SIOG::ODONNELLThu May 20 1993Apogee's Blake Stone ????
1924.0MUNICH::HOCHHALTERFri May 21 1993Looking for VERMEER
1925.02SIOG::ODONNELLFri May 21 1993ZMODEM for Customers
1926.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri May 21 1993Keyboard .BMP file
1927.04SUBWAY::GREENSTEINSat May 22 1993PostScript Printing on a nonPS printer?
1928.02COMICS::DSMMGRMon May 24 1993ultima help where ??
1929.02BAZZER::CULLEYMon May 24 1993TypePlus anybody?.
1930.02TKOV51::FUJIMOTOMon May 24 1993How to make a Grass ball.
1931.05PEKING::TANDAJMon May 24 1993PICA::GAMES --> 5
1932.02MPGS::MICHAUDMon May 24 1993WFW .PCX picture..Soule collection.
1933.06STAR::GUINEAUMon May 24 1993Amiga ANIM to PC FLI or AVI or...?
1934.04TROOA::BALDOCKTue May 25 1993Auto Dialer?
1935.08USCTR1::MREICHThu May 27 1993SLIP?
1937.09GLDOA::RBROWNSat May 29 1993Getting Around Multiple Diskettes
1938.01TAVIS::RONENSun May 30 1993looking for a roulette game/simulation
1940.07SANDZ::HASSANTue Jun 01 1993Unzip qemm,Download more then one file.
1941.05Fri Jun 04 1993Customize application title bars?
1942.09SYSMGT::HALLYBFri Jun 04 1993What are *.gz files and how do I uncompress them?
1943.0STAR::GUINEAUFri Jun 04 1993CMM - Excellent Windows based UUCP mail manager
1944.07STKAI1::THORNQVISTFri Jun 04 1993Looking for a floppy database
1945.01TROOA::CURZONFri Jun 04 1993.NG format??
1946.03BUSY::MENDOZASun Jun 06 1993FAST EXIT
1947.0KJAVMon Jun 07 1993Lokking for a CAD driver(Cross posted).
1948.02CARTUN::TGAYTONMon Jun 07 1993MS Word or MS Power Point confrence ?
1949.011RICKS::PHIPPSMon Jun 07 1993IN3 Voice Command | Incube
1950.052GWYENG::RAWLINGSTue Jun 08 1993VMS/ZIP/UNZIP etc
1951.017MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterTue Jun 08 1993Making ICON collections (.dll or .exe)
1952.0TOOK::CIARFELLATue Jun 08 1993EZ Project 4.
1953.014MR4DEC::WILLINGERTue Jun 08 1993HP55
1954.011RUSURE::EDPTue Jun 08 1993Windows Desktop Background
1955.05BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Jun 08 1993Envision - DOS Desktop publishing
1956.012KBOMFG::KNOERLEWed Jun 09 1993Serial Port communication
1957.02CIM1::FLOYDWed Jun 09 1993Ami-Pro conference
1958.05KAOU93::HOOPERWed Jun 09 1993leslie??
1959.0HYDRA::ALDENWed Jun 09 1993Looking for Font-me, and Print Screen Manager
1961.06SSPENG::MICKALIDEThu Jun 10 1993New DESKjet ??
1962.05COMET::CASCIOFri Jun 11 1993Looking for PCX for VMS (not the graphics format)
1963.04MARVIN::SHANDFri Jun 11 1993Palatino font
1964.014JGODCL::BLOEMENDALFri Jun 11 1993Big characters on labels, using matrix printer. ?
1965.01BUOVAX::BURNHAMFri Jun 11 1993Creating self-extracting archive file on VMS
1966.06NOBOZO::WILLIAMSSat Jun 12 1993Looking 4 s/w for Screenwriters
1967.01KAOFS::M_LUKMon Jun 14 1993Disk Management program?
1968.014ICS::GATTERMANMon Jun 14 1993Japanese GO Game?
1969.012BUSSTP::BMCHATTIEMon Jun 14 1993ZX Spectrum Emulation Query
1970.03LUCCIO::PANADATue Jun 15 1993TIFF group 4
1971.010BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 15 1993TGA viewer for 16m colours
1973.017RACER::daveFri Jun 18 1993Need font collector
1974.02GANTRY::HULLFri Jun 18 1993Any icon collections?
1975.07RDGE7Sat Jun 19 1993Business Plan S/w
1976.011GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJMon Jun 21 1993New Gameand Demos
1977.06BOOKS::ANGELONEMon Jun 21 1993Hello RANGER !!!
1978.05SNOFS1::ZANOTTOTue Jun 22 1993Neural Networks !
1979.04TINCUP::EDWARDSTue Jun 22 1993shareware to manipulate .VOC files?
1980.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jun 22 1993School management tool needed
1981.014CCAD15::KERRISKWed Jun 23 1993Terminal emulator for modem wanted...
1982.03VOYAGR::HASSANWed Jun 23 1993PC to LN
1983.01OASS::MDILLSONWed Jun 23 1993CorelDraw 4.
1984.01TDCAI1::OUINThu Jun 24 1993CD-I on CDROM ?
1986.01POLAR::THOMPSONThu Jun 24 1993Where can I find CTL3D.DLL?
1987.02SCAACT::COXThu Jun 24 1993Voice-based BBS needed
1988.05DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORThu Jun 24 1993DECPC and ugly WINGIF graphics.. WhyIzzis?
1989.02MAST::REISERTThu Jun 24 1993ZMODEM (RZ/SZ) for OpenVMS AXP
1990.04BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jun 25 1993UK Bulletin Boards?
1991.04OASS::MDILLSONFri Jun 25 1993Scheduler
1992.03NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Jun 25 1993vmsZIP, Kermit, vmsZIP
1993.02TENTO1::SHARKEYAMon Jun 28 1993Fossil driver for R.A. ?
1994.01TEACH::WICKERTMon Jun 28 1993FDISK and FORMAT replacements?
1995.036KAOU93::HOOPERTue Jun 29 1993Where .WAV files?
1996.01SPECXN::LEITZTue Jun 29 1993CRC errors unpacking sw
1997.01ELMAGO::PWILLIAMSTue Jun 29 1993software for a LA75 Plus
1998.02GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Jun 30 1993Demo : Prince of Persia 2 !!
1999.020GVAWed Jun 30 1993Viewing Utility for MS Word?
2000.010GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Jul 01 1993DEMO : Lollypop ( New jump'n Run )
2001.05JULIET::MEYER_EDFri Jul 02 1993Kermit V3.13 Anyone?
2002.07IAMOK::GENTILEMon Jul 05 1993Massive problems downloading files-HELP!!!
2003.05FRAMBO::3HMon Jul 05 1993Formula One Grand Prix (Demo)
2004.04ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jul 05 1993Screen management in C
2005.0SANDZ::HASSANTue Jul 06 1993Reverse print Panasonic laser 442
2007.03CRACKR::RITZTue Jul 06 1993SIMTEL/NONWORK access from PCSA (PC)
2008.03ZENDIA::SCHOTTWed Jul 07 1993Write Protect error writing drive C
2009.02SEDOAS::CLARKE_CThu Jul 08 1993Software List & Descriptions via VMS ?
2010.02RMDSRV::PASTOREFri Jul 09 1993unzip: compression method 8
2011.01TRNOI2::BAGLIVOTue Jul 13 1993LA7
2012.0KYOA::KOCHTue Jul 13 1993PC monitoring software to pick the PC for the job?
2013.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed Jul 14 1993Looking for MIDI-files *.MID , where ????
2014.04MVDSWed Jul 14 1993Get Kipplingers CA-Simply Money for $6.95 (personal finance s/w)!
2015.025GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Jul 15 1993New DEMO : Pinball Dreams
2016.02ISTWI1::YEGENThu Jul 15 1993FDU locking
2017.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENThu Jul 15 1993Biljart/pool scores
2018.06AEOENG::LEHYThu Jul 15 1993good games now
2019.0STAR::GUINEAUThu Jul 15 1993windows graphical disk usage and windows uuencode/decode utilities
2020.07VERS::63627::CAILLEThu Jul 15 1993Get my BMP files
2021.04BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jul 15 1993Lock areas of my hard disk
2022.03JUPITR::STEWARTThu Jul 15 1993PC phone answering/tracking?
2023.0MOVIES::MOOREFri Jul 16 1993modelling sw
2024.0VIVIAN::M_WOODRUFFSat Jul 17 1993Whereis Tempest?
2025.05TAVIS::JUANSun Jul 18 1993Drawing to True Type convertor needed
2026.08CECEHV::HAMERSLAG_GMon Jul 19 1993Mathematical graph functions?
2027.0SIOG::ODONNELLMon Jul 19 1993Neopaint at 64
2028.01CMOPMA::BIGWOODMon Jul 19 1993PSION 'OPL' emulator now PD?
2029.02TENTO1::BOURNEJMon Jul 19 1993Shareware Stock Control Required
2030.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Jul 20 1993SCO Logo ?
2031.0ELMAGO::PWILLIAMSTue Jul 20 1993Where is Plug-It
2032.03RSNC::BRUILTue Jul 20 1993Dream Factory Digital Integration, Ltd. - need address
2033.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jul 20 1993Boot multiple config.sys/autoexec.bat
2034.08DRIFT::WOODTue Jul 20 1993Looking for a diagram editor
2035.032JEREMY::OFERTue Jul 20 1993What is the policy in Digital ?
2036.01TAVENG::SHAITue Jul 20 1993Looking for PC protocols description.
2037.02WR2FOR::LE_THTue Jul 20 1993MultiSound->SB/PAS simulation?
2038.01ABLE::WITHERSTue Jul 20 1993[What happened to CALDEC::PD1:[MSDOS] ??
2039.02AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERTue Jul 20 1993Windows DOS-Box Supporting DDE/OLE?
2040.01ODIXIE::RHONETue Jul 20 1993Looking for CTL3D.DLL
2041.06MQOOA::DESROSIERSWed Jul 21 1993.DSK files, how are they used?
2042.01VNASWS::HONISCHWed Jul 21 1993FFT in Turbo Pascal
2043.02TINGAU::HEFELEWed Jul 21 1993need SET funtion outside COMMAND.COM
2044.010THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Jul 21 1993Kermit & Unzip ARRAAGGHH!!!
2045.013BELFST::DOGGARTThu Jul 22 1993Beat the Dealer
2046.02UFRCS1::PIETERSONThu Jul 22 1993Look for a mail archive program
2047.04SPECXN::LEITZThu Jul 22 1993Enter data w/no Echo?
2048.04RTOEU::MGRABEMon Jul 26 1993VMS: File compression
2051.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 27 1993Kermiting a self-extracting ZIP file?
2052.0WOTVAX::GREENDThu Jul 29 1993DOS Boot Password
2053.03PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTThu Jul 29 1993Video titling software
2054.03DYOSW8::WILDERThu Jul 29 1993Swimmers statistics??
2055.011SNOCFri Jul 30 1993Stock Market program??
2056.02DEITS1::DEITFri Jul 30 1993Tseng ET4
2057.06KIBBIE::MCNULTYFri Jul 30 1993Switch mouse to left handed in DOS ??
2058.03KXOSRV::HAYWOODFri Jul 30 1993Greeting Cards, Nature Scenes
2059.012CSC32::R_IVERSSat Jul 31 1993ZMODEM/24
2060.021RTOEU::MNEELYMon Aug 02 1993Problem in PKZIP
2061.04TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Aug 02 1993Need WMF->GIF converter.
2062.01MEMIT::J_HARVEYTue Aug 03 1993Where did books by shareware go?
2063.0RENFRO::POWELLWed Aug 04 1993ZIFNET files?
2064.07MIMS::HOOD_DWed Aug 04 1993ZipView v2 Anyone?
2065.032SPECXN::LEITZWed Aug 04 1993Simtel closing?
2066.01PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAThu Aug 05 1993source for [xyz]modem ?
2067.01FLAMES::TAFTThu Aug 05 1993PKZIP question
2068.05SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri Aug 06 1993Computer based training
2069.07TRCOA::PYLYSHYNSun Aug 08 1993Rags to Riches demo?
2070.03SNOCSun Aug 08 1993Problem with Unzip
2071.02VNATOM::HACKERMon Aug 09 1993AMI (American Megatrend Inc.) wanted
2072.04KETJE::ROBBENSMon Aug 09 1993Image wanted
2073.01SIOG::JORDANMon Aug 09 1993Z8
2075.07AUSTIN::RISTMon Aug 09 1993Sound/Music players
2076.01TRCOA::ANGUSMon Aug 09 1993new packet driver stuff for PATHWORKS
2077.03KILARA::DEANGELISTue Aug 10 1993Street Fighter II/IBMPC?
2078.08PAOXCS::LHERAULTTue Aug 10 1993poor man software design tool wanted
2079.01VPSF::OLESINTue Aug 10 1993Tranlator or kermit for brothers WP
2080.018GVAADG::AMAZONWed Aug 11 1993Backward: Last Page First for Inkjet Printers
2081.01QUABBI::"stuart@ds31Wed Aug 11 1993Location of PC-WRITE
2082.02LYOISA::SIBONIWed Aug 11 1993Wanted: The Pink Panther
2083.01AIMHI::BARLOWWed Aug 11 1993Sales/customer database
2084.018WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Aug 11 1993New SIMTEL2
2085.03STKAI1::THORNQVISTThu Aug 12 1993GameByte anybody?
2086.01LEEDS::JOHNThu Aug 12 1993E-QUIP Private Station
2087.011RTOEU::DSHATZThu Aug 12 1993Where Is WINBATCH?
2088.03SCCAT::SHELTONThu Aug 12 1993Store Coupon tracker
2089.0KBOMS::MSCHEIFri Aug 13 1993NEW ATI MACH8 drivers from COMPUSERVE
2090.01GVAMon Aug 16 1993ToolBook Credit Screen Remover?
2091.03YOUWOT::BLACKMon Aug 16 1993WIZUNZIP V2.
2092.014ROCK::STRICKLANDMon Aug 16 1993Downloading
2093.06GRANPA::CRILEYTue Aug 17 1993HELP PLEASE....
2094.05CSDNET::DICASTROTue Aug 17 1993Editor for "Terminal" in windows
2095.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.tay.dec.com"Tue Aug 17 1993MswLogo 3.4 is ready to teach
2096.0CIM1::FLOYDTue Aug 17 1993Looking for Lemmings and WINZIP41.ZIP
2097.04MIMS::QUINN_JTue Aug 17 1993Too many fonts
2098.0GOIVIT::ALDENTue Aug 17 1993Looking for eval copy of MAILROOM
2099.05IAMOK::TRIPPWed Aug 18 1993IBMPC_93 WERE IS IT
2100.05SIEBK::SIEPWed Aug 18 1993Looking for EDOS
2101.06MACNAS::BOREILLYWed Aug 18 1993update on gifs rqd
2102.0YUPPIE::CHANDRASEKHAThu Aug 19 1993help to get DOS KERMIT over via VAXes to PC
2103.05MQOOA::PETRECCIAThu Aug 19 1993looking for DISP151.ZIP
2104.031ZURFri Aug 20 1993NEW!! SnapShot V1.1
2105.03STAR::GUINEAUFri Aug 20 1993*Awesome* Windows based UUCP package - DEMO
2107.0CMOPMA::BIGWOODSat Aug 21 1993Looking for Navigation S/W Pse
2108.04LARVAE::HUGHESSat Aug 21 1993Help with TP and TPDB314 Please
2109.03DRAC::PADULLESMon Aug 23 1993GIF Formula One required
2110.0BOUTYE::MULLANMon Aug 23 1993Looking 4 Dulles Tower ATC Sim
2112.02CAPNET::TDOLANTue Aug 24 1993Checkers
2113.016ADO75A::STEPHENSTue Aug 24 1993Bio-Hazzard problems
2114.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Aug 25 1993driver available for MD3
2115.01VERS::63627::CAILLEWed Aug 25 1993SimCity New Graphics
2116.014WOTVAX::HIGGINSAWed Aug 25 1993Book-Reader
2117.02MIMS::SIMMONS_MWed Aug 25 1993Looking For Shareware Games
2118.04LARVAE::BURNS_TWed Aug 25 1993Dates to number of days
2119.0MQOOA::LEWed Aug 25 1993Need CHESS's programs
2120.08CLEON::KULLWed Aug 25 1993ZIP, PKZIP and Lotus Magellan?
2121.04ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUThu Aug 26 1993Is there a forms editor out there?
2122.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri Aug 27 1993DE-ICE???
2123.06CSC32::W_LINVILLESun Aug 29 1993Mac format
2125.016ALFAXP::M_HYDEMon Aug 30 1993Any LSE like editors out there anywhere?
2126.04KAM5Mon Aug 30 1993GIF file image of a cockpit
2127.01SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Aug 31 1993Looking for databases
2128.0LUDWIG::SADINTue Aug 31 1993FDOS to DOS converter?
2129.02AYRMIS::KIRKPATRICKWed Sep 01 1993list of progs and desc
2130.03LUDWIG::SADINWed Sep 01 1993GIF to ANSI converter?
2131.028ELMAGO::PWILLIAMSWed Sep 01 1993Display volume label and space on all drives
2132.05VNABRW::BUTTONThu Sep 02 1993Pics of coats of arms.
2133.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri Sep 03 1993Printers Apprentice 5.61 problem
2134.03VAXCAP::BONNEAUFri Sep 03 1993Need 123 "clone" as PD or shareware!
2135.09CSC32::R_IVERSFri Sep 03 1993Subdirectories and unzip
2136.07GUCCI::HERBFri Sep 03 1993Need SCSI driver!!
2137.0QUABBI::"mills@athena.tay.dec.com"Sat Sep 04 1993MswLogo 3.4c (is ready yet again !!!)
2138.0GLDOA::RBROWNMon Sep 06 1993TEXASOFT - Personal Companion Software
2139.028SEDPCW::MCMICHAELMon Sep 06 1993McAfee Virus Scanner (also Official Scanner Note)
2140.01UTRTSC::VANSENTENMon Sep 06 1993Keyboard scancodes list?
2141.01QCAADC::RAJUMADHAVANTue Sep 07 1993"help For DEATHBGR Game...."
2142.01KAOATue Sep 07 1993New Apogee Game Location?
2143.01GANNON::HAIDES::LeeTue Sep 07 1993Looking for MULTC21E.ZIP
2144.01ZIGLAR::FOXWELLTue Sep 07 1993talk to a TTY for hearing impaired with PC+modem?
2145.05MKOTS3::PCTOGO::KENNEDYWed Sep 08 1993Anyone know the status of Doom?
2146.02STTNG::reisertWed Sep 08 1993NFS mount points for WINNAH?
2148.03RUTILE::BUCZMAThu Sep 09 1993Ingres or SQL shareware anywhere?
2149.02DEMOAX::FAHEYThu Sep 09 1993Slow Kermit through Terminal Server
2150.03NWDThu Sep 09 1993PC Software Archives over the Internet?
2151.05TRKWSH::COMFORTFri Sep 10 1993status of MUCCS1?
2153.01LEDS::BOBDOB::DEROOMon Sep 13 1993Ultrix ZIP Utility?
2154.04ASABET::POMEROYMon Sep 13 1993Format in the background???
2155.013D::SEARSTue Sep 14 1993Looking for programs that test GDI functions
2156.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDWed Sep 15 1993TommyCAD Registration?
2157.02TDCAI1::OUINWed Sep 15 1993font for school
2158.03QUABBI::"mills@athena.tay.dec.com"Wed Sep 15 1993I've downloaded a nice Windows Spell Checker
2159.08CSSE::ATHOMASWed Sep 15 1993Clipart Shareware?
2160.020CIM1::FLOYDWed Sep 15 1993pkunzip help
2161.02MARX::FLEMINGWed Sep 15 1993diploma/certificate generator?
2162.02SMAUG::MENDELThu Sep 16 1993Looking for Greeting Card fonts
2163.01CSC32::W_LINVILLEThu Sep 16 1993pktmux
2164.012GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJFri Sep 17 1993New DEMO : 'The lost Vikings"
2165.01MARVIN::HIGGINSONFri Sep 17 1993Pointer to the "Undocumented DOS" Interrupt List, Please
2166.0438144::RJONESFri Sep 17 1993DOSMAX.ZIP location?
2167.02RDGENG::OWENSSun Sep 19 1993CD ROM drivers for OS2/2.1
2168.08UBOHUB::BALDOCK_MTue Sep 21 1993DOS Driver for DEC LN
2169.0QUABBI::"bernier@akocoa.enet.dec.com"Tue Sep 21 1993diet/exercise program
2170.01KAOAWed Sep 22 1993Setup program for 286
2171.09IJSAPL::KLERKWed Sep 22 1993Official Paint Shop Pro V2 Topic
2172.03QUABBI::"parent_todd%dneast.dnet.dec.com@nntpd.lkg.dec.com"Wed Sep 22 1993JPEG Viewer
2173.01IJSAPL::KLERKThu Sep 23 1993Dashboard V1 of Hewlett Packard
2174.06SQUEST::BONNEAUThu Sep 23 1993C routines for BASIC string functions?
2175.02CSC32::R_IVERSThu Sep 23 1993Pkzip/unzip volume label question!
2176.023STAR::BOIKOFri Sep 24 19933DBENCH - Where can I find it?
2177.0SALEM::YANNONEFri Sep 24 1993Shareware for Fitness Evaluations??
2178.0MUCCS1::VINZENZMon Sep 27 1993PKW-Kosten / Car Expenses
2179.02DWOVAX::EROSMon Sep 27 1993WINMPEG?
2180.016CVG::THOMPSONTue Sep 28 1993Care package for new computer user
2181.09SAFARI::SWANEYTue Sep 28 1993telephone number translated to wod?
2182.0QUABBI::"bernier@akocoa.enet.dec.com"Wed Sep 29 1993fitness shareware
2183.05ADO75A::STEPHENSThu Sep 30 1993Solar winds help needed.
2184.027LARVAE::HUGHESThu Sep 30 1993VMSzip - location please
2185.08IOSG::FIELDERAThu Sep 30 1993UUENCODE for VAX
2186.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Sep 30 1993ASCII flowcharting?
2187.04ANNECY::EXCOFFIERFri Oct 01 1993Looking for GAMES
2188.08ATYISA::ALLIN1Fri Oct 01 1993Tseng Labs ET4
2189.01MLNCSC::BARILAROFri Oct 01 1993NET -> PC -> Amiga directly ???
2190.01MROA::NBUFTONSun Oct 03 1993HP Dashboard v1 - free on Ziffnet
2191.0SEDMTS::CLARKE_CMon Oct 04 1993Map & Database Software
2193.02DELNI::SIMEONEMon Oct 04 1993getting rid of PARITY virus
2194.09CURRNT::CARSONMon Oct 04 1993Organisational Chart Program ?
2195.02TENTO1::HUBBARDPTue Oct 05 1993VESA for ET4
2196.06KAOAWed Oct 06 1993GUI Sound Player?
2198.01QUABBI::"parent_todd%dneast.dnet.dec.com@nntpd.lkg.dec.com"Wed Oct 06 1993PD player for MediaPlayer files (.avi)???
2199.05AKOCOA::JAFFEWed Oct 06 1993WizManager
2200.08KAOFS::D_STJEANWed Oct 06 1993Looking for image cataloger ...
2201.07CSC32::W_LINVILLEWed Oct 06 1993whois
2202.01ATYISA::ALLIN1Thu Oct 07 1993ANICONV.EXE?
2203.01CSC32::R_IVERSThu Oct 07 1993Display for .DDIF
2204.04BUSSTP::BMCHATTIEThu Oct 07 1993Shift Rota planner required
2205.014FUTURS::SAXBYFri Oct 08 1993Simple TSR Calculator for DOS?
2206.03TNPUBS::FORTENFri Oct 08 1993VESA.EXE for Paint 5+
2207.03GLDOA::FINKELSTEINSat Oct 09 1993Image Editor Needed
2208.08LURE::ADAMSat Oct 09 1993Looking for Windows Help File (.HLP) writer...
2209.01NC17Mon Oct 11 1993IBMPC-93 where are you!
2210.01CSC32::R_SWANSONMon Oct 11 1993Mercedes Benz art wanted
2211.03PENUTS::PWTKVL::drewniakMon Oct 11 1993SAT Shareware
2212.012SNOFS1::GODMANMon Oct 11 1993Uploads Review
2213.013DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORMon Oct 11 1993Music/CD playback shareware?
2214.013TINGAU::HEFELETue Oct 12 1993Need editor with rectangle funktion.
2215.04YOUWOT::BLACKTue Oct 12 1993.AU Files?
2216.01TINGAU::HEFELEWed Oct 13 1993.HLP -> Printer ?
2217.01TNPUBS::FORTENWed Oct 13 1993VT32
2218.09CSC32::R_IVERSWed Oct 13 1993Where is simibm.zip
2219.025CSC32::R_IVERSWed Oct 13 1993Which BBS system to use?
2220.027TONKA::JOHNSTONThu Oct 14 1993New Apogee game Halloween Harry
2221.05CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Oct 14 1993Games and educational software for kid
2222.012KBOMS::MSCHEIFri Oct 15 1993Sango Fighter
2223.012NC17Fri Oct 15 1993need a backup for SCSI tape.
2224.04ELMAGO::PWILLIAMSFri Oct 15 1993Need DOD clipart .
2225.015DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTFri Oct 15 1993pcx,bmp file printer/cataloger?
2226.04RDGENG::LYNDONSun Oct 17 1993licencing Issues
2227.02SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Oct 18 1993EMM286
2228.010AKOFIN::TUCKERMon Oct 18 1993Latest Version of PKunzip?
2229.03925Mon Oct 18 1993GDW.ZIP?
2230.010CLARID::HOFSTEETue Oct 19 1993minitel comms package
2231.04BONNET::MICHELWed Oct 20 1993Missing Software for a Sound Card
2232.034HLDEWed Oct 20 1993Postscript to text conversion
2233.01LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Oct 20 1993Help locating decision/knowledge base ware
2234.02RTOEU::TOTTOWed Oct 20 1993MS-DOS 6.2 - Update
2235.03GVPROD::SCHMITTThu Oct 21 1993DOS ASCII -> VMS ASCII Problem
2236.01DEMON::PANGAKISThu Oct 21 1993Use of SIZEIT program
2237.016YOUWOT::BLACKThu Oct 21 1993WinQVT Notes File?
2238.0POLAR::BELIVEAUSun Oct 24 1993PrintShop?
2239.021GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJMon Oct 25 19933 NEW DEMOS for you....
2240.01MILPND::DEFELIPPIMon Oct 25 1993Pointer to WIN VT emulator??
2241.01CSC32::R_IVERSMon Oct 25 1993How to decompress .z files?
2242.02QUABBI::"mills@athena.tay.dec.com"Mon Oct 25 1993MswLogo 3.5 is ready (Now supports MIDI and timers)
2243.06BACHUS::WOODTue Oct 26 1993PGP V2.3a Wanted
2244.06DPDMAI::AUTRYTue Oct 26 1993Help stream to 512/entire dir
2245.01SOLVIT::NNGUYENWed Oct 27 1993q387_35.zip - math coprocessor emulator
2246.023KAOAFri Oct 29 1993KEAterm V3.
2247.01GLDOA::SPATOULASFri Oct 29 1993Win Billiard games any one ???
2248.011UTROP1::FUHREN_PMon Nov 01 1993Back to front printing on DESKjet !?
2249.011JUPITR::SHELINMon Nov 01 1993CMS for a PC?
2250.04JONES::LJONESTue Nov 02 1993PC font containing a SCHWA character?
2251.0ZAMBIA::WELLSTue Nov 02 1993Problem with mouse (from a program) in 256 color SVGA modes
2252.0LEDS::ACCIARDITue Nov 02 1993Keeping a window in the background
2254.011ELMAGO::PWILLIAMSWed Nov 03 1993looking for windows lotto software
2255.01UPROAR::HALLMThu Nov 04 1993Kye
2256.05CIM1::FLOYDThu Nov 04 1993SPECmarks, MIPs,......
2257.0MYOSPY::RUGGIEROThu Nov 04 1993Looking for a Report Log/Notebook Program...
2258.05QBUS::FIELDThu Nov 04 1993NiteOwl CD's
2259.01MROA::KEIRFri Nov 05 1993Help!!!!
2260.02COMET::CASCIOFri Nov 05 1993PC X-Window emulator demo, X-Appeal, on SIMTEL but not DEC mirrors, why?
2261.02CLARID::BLOEMMon Nov 08 1993Problem with UPLOADS.OCT File
2262.05BIS1::BHP275::VanGastel@BROMon Nov 08 1993Genius GS-45
2263.05MVDSMon Nov 08 1993Looking for "Note by Note" Shareware music program
2264.07EMASS1::OBRIENMon Nov 08 1993CRC errors on Download
2265.02UNYEM::CLARYMon Nov 08 1993Sim City Utilities
2266.0COMET::RINESMITHMon Nov 08 1993CHASTITY anyone?
2267.06CUPMK::FANTASIAMon Nov 08 1993"What's in the Box" tutorial
2268.05KETJE::ROBBENSTue Nov 09 1993Request for PC benchmarks
2269.06KAOFS::M_LUKTue Nov 09 1993what to use ? 2 TIF files into 1
2270.08JULIET::MUELA_RHTue Nov 09 1993Label Program Needed
2271.04CSC32::K_WORKMANTue Nov 09 1993Educational/Tutor Software
2272.08GALVIA::RAWLINGSWed Nov 10 1993GNU C
2274.02NEWOA::BAILEYThu Nov 11 1993membership and payments (late)
2275.013D::SEARSThu Nov 11 1993Need .AVI to MPEG converter
2276.05PLUTO::HICKSThu Nov 11 1993unix unzip??
2277.07KEPNUT::CARTERFri Nov 12 1993Does anyone have WMAGIC.ZIP??
2278.03MARVIN::HIGGINSONFri Nov 12 1993Remote PC use from COM port
2279.04CSC32::R_IVERSFri Nov 12 1993When will tax programs be available?
2280.08GLDOA::RBROWNSat Nov 13 19932
2281.04MFRFMS::SFISCHERMon Nov 15 1993PC-Artlib on CD-ROM ?
2282.08MR4DEC::RFRANCEYMon Nov 15 1993how to download from Commodore 128?
2283.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Nov 16 1993access to usenet from PC?
2284.011BSS::RONEYTue Nov 16 1993Make unix files printable on a vax.
2285.02AYRMIS::KIRKPATRICKWed Nov 17 1993knitting program/application wanted
2286.0LANDO::HOFFMANWed Nov 17 1993Need help converting Christian Clipart
2287.04RDGENG::LYNDONThu Nov 18 1993Looking for New Adobe Postscript Drive
2288.0TAVENG::FENSTERThu Nov 18 1993Looking for "Stickit" program
2289.02POLAR::SAVOVThu Nov 18 1993PC Magazine LAN bencmark?
2290.0GREG::MERRELLThu Nov 18 1993Trinty to be unreachable part of this weekend
2291.02MLTVAX::CSASKI::isaakThu Nov 18 1993GIF, et al viewer sought (for windows?)
2293.07SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Nov 22 1993Business cards
2294.013MROA::SVALENTINEMon Nov 22 1993pkzip 5.
2295.016ODIXIE::WATSONPHMon Nov 22 1993Looking for WinZip 5.
2296.0SIOG::ODONNELLMon Nov 22 1993TOM,DICK or HARRY game available on net ?
2297.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Nov 23 1993Windows NT shareware utilities
2298.02BONNET::DIVINETue Nov 23 1993Looking for Wolfenstein V1.4 shareware version to be able to use ENITE III software
2299.04OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonTue Nov 23 1993Xmas Clipart
2301.02AYRPLN::KISERWed Nov 24 1993Can't Find COBOl or SIMTEL
2302.03KAOAWed Nov 24 1993CGM Viewer
2303.02HKOVC::KATSONFri Nov 26 1993X Appeal 1.4
2304.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Nov 26 1993EBCDIC file viewer?
2305.07BASLG1::BARNESMon Nov 29 1993CHESS3D.ZIP not shareware
2306.0BAHTAT::ABEARTue Nov 30 1993Cumberland Software - Address
2307.02CMOPMA::BIGWOODTue Nov 30 1993Business Game anyone?
2308.0JOCKEY::AL35Wed Dec 01 19933 progs to try out
2309.08EBYGUM::BAILEYPWed Dec 01 1993Anyone got any new demos ??
2310.011SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Dec 01 1993Mouse Shape /Size
2311.0CGOOA::CHASEWed Dec 01 1993Text to WAV
2312.09CARROL::COXWed Dec 01 1993Any good SW Music software yet???
2313.04RSNC::KRELEKAMPThu Dec 02 1993emulated modem lights, anyone?
2315.06TRCOA::QUIROGAThu Dec 02 1993TELGAR:: - PRIVATE - check with Larry Wakeman
2316.024MANANA::RED911::CUMMINGSFri Dec 03 1993JKey, Windows Keyboard Utility
2317.06CADSYS::LEMONSFri Dec 03 1993'Tin Plate' font or clipart
2318.03SIOG::ODONNELLSat Dec 04 1993Pedigree Animal Software ????
2319.07ROCKS::KEANEMon Dec 06 1993Pointer to 24 bit colour images?
2320.06GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Dec 06 19933d Studio sample files for home design ?
2321.028TINCUP::MFORBESMon Dec 06 1993Blake Stone available
2322.07CSOA1::RANKINMon Dec 06 1993PC controlled Sewing Machine
2323.04CLARID::BLOEMTue Dec 07 1993Flight Simulator Shareware Stuff?
2324.012USCTR1::BHYNESTue Dec 07 1993Calendar Program
2325.0PARITY::FERRANTEWed Dec 08 1993Looking for 'MOVIES TO GO'
2326.011RICKS::PHIPPSWed Dec 08 1993Looking for PIM for Windows 3.1+
2327.07VERS::63627::CAILLEWed Dec 08 1993GMT TIme please
2328.0KISMIF::WITHERSWed Dec 08 1993Gauntlet game wanted
2329.02MORTAL::WMOIS::JULIA_RWed Dec 08 1993MUCCS1 missing the SYSUTL dir
2330.05GALINA::SSMITHThu Dec 09 1993PC-File v7??
2331.012TDCAI1::BRAUERThu Dec 09 1993Disk Interleave adjustment
2332.07NWGEDU::MACKNEYThu Dec 09 1993Get Date/Time in variable
2333.07PFSVAX::FECICHFri Dec 10 1993More new Demos, etc
2334.06HGORS::KIMWAHNGFri Dec 10 199316 bits Mview (MPEG viewer) ?
2335.01CVG::CAMPANELLAFri Dec 10 1993Role-Playing (RPG) Games?
2336.05MORTAL::WMOIS::JULIA_RFri Dec 10 1993Corrupt ZIP file on MUCCS1 ?
2337.01TPSYS::CAIAZZIFri Dec 10 1993Drivers for 3COM 3C5
2338.098NOVA::BOIKOSat Dec 11 1993DOOM
2339.049FORTY2::TATHAMMon Dec 13 1993TRINTY et al out of date?
2340.027SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Dec 13 1993Free CD Rom disk 1-8
2342.09KBOMS::MSCHEITue Dec 14 1993PhotoMorph Demo
2343.02MOVIES::POTTERTue Dec 14 1993WinMusic Program Pointers?
2344.012LEMAN::EMADTue Dec 14 1993Looking for Print Spooler
2345.07PEKING::MOONTTue Dec 14 1993Diagramming software?
2346.010VMSNET::S_VORETue Dec 14 1993NCSA Mosaic (Internet tool)
2347.03KYOSS1::YORKETue Dec 14 1993Execute batch file at specific time
2348.05BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Dec 15 1993looking for ASCGIF
2349.04SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Dec 15 1993R.I.P Graphics ???
2350.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Dec 15 1993Customized buttons for Microsoft Word, Excel, ... toolbar
2351.010GVPROD::SCHMITTThu Dec 16 1993disable FORMAT C: command ?
2352.04COMICS::WBROWNFri Dec 17 1993SECOND DEMO anywhere ??
2353.05NYTPFri Dec 17 1993Program to look at Kodak Photo CDs?
2354.012ACESMK::BOGGISFri Dec 17 1993Looking to enlarge mouse size
2355.06ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Dec 17 1993Microsoft journal
2356.01EPS::MARSHALLMon Dec 20 1993Quilter's Design Studio, Where can it be found
2357.01DPDMAI::WISEEMon Dec 20 1993RECORD.ZIP A CPU Usage Tracking Pgm
2359.0ASDG::MISTRYTue Dec 21 199312pt Prestige fonts for HP Laserjet
2360.04HERON::NANNIK::ROBB_GTue Dec 21 1993Word-Processor for 286-based MS-DOS?
2361.010SWECSC::THORNQVISTTue Dec 21 1993Nice pictures from Sweden!
2362.0CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Dec 21 1993PKZIP->KERMIT->VMS->FTP->UnZip ok ?
2363.02KIDVAX::VEN_SANVILLEWed Dec 22 1993Problems with VMSUNZIP
2364.03JOCKEY::LEUNGFWed Dec 22 1993Organizer Templates/prog needed
2365.011TAMARA::TEAMLK::hullWed Dec 22 1993FreeWare Windows App to Launch Power DOS app and return.
2366.05SIEBK::SIEPThu Dec 23 1993Alone in the Dark 2 Demo
2367.04EVOAI2::AUBRUNThu Dec 23 1993Install Program under Win 3.1
2368.01OZROCK::GROHNThu Dec 23 1993Association of Shareware Professionals
2370.08HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOFri Dec 24 1993Where is KEAterm ?
2371.0CLOHUB::CLOEIS::COBURNTue Dec 28 1993Searching for corresponce school tracking software
2372.01IAGO::SULLIVANTue Dec 28 1993how to copy PC files to floppy on ultrix system
2373.02CSC32::MORTONWed Dec 29 1993Star Micronics 242
2374.01KAHALA::HOLMESWed Dec 29 1993COBOL65
2375.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 31 1993Problem copying from WINNAH::
2376.03KAHALA::HOLMESSat Jan 01 1994expanding ARC files
2377.02HYDRA::ALDENSun Jan 02 1994Looking for RUMMAGE V2.1
2378.0QUABBI::"stuart@ds31Sun Jan 02 1994Infomap V1.55 shareware location please
2379.02ISLNDS::BISSONTue Jan 04 1994Help in getting games
2380.05BSS::B_WEBBTue Jan 04 1994PINOCLE shareware?
2381.07VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKTue Jan 04 1994Descriptive information associated with file names
2382.066BRAT::JANEBTue Jan 04 1994Room layout software?
2383.05PRMSTue Jan 04 1994TCP/IP for WFW 3.11
2384.03NSICWed Jan 05 1994Image Commander: graphics catalogue like PixFolio
2385.01HLDEWed Jan 05 1994Question on HBMS 4.3
2386.02SHIPS::NEAL_DWed Jan 05 1994IBM games conference?
2387.015WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Jan 05 1994Request for TrueType Font Previewer
2388.04TAVWed Jan 05 1994Display MS-DOS JPEG files on VMS ?
2389.04JUPITR::DAVISONWed Jan 05 1994Problem unzip after dwnload
2390.01BONNET::DIVINEThu Jan 06 1994Looking for a 2D or 3D house design software
2391.0GVPROD::SONAM::FITZGERALDThu Jan 06 1994FS4 Files Available
2392.012BRSTR2::SYSMANFri Jan 07 1994turn down speaker volume?
2393.031ISLNDS::HEIERFri Jan 07 1994PKZIP internal license?
2394.0KAHALA::HOLMESFri Jan 07 1994VAL-LINK.ARC, link error
2395.09TAMARA::DECWRD::hullFri Jan 07 1994Looking for LCD/LED/Seven-Segment-Type TrueType Font
2396.07MIMS::TURCOTTE_SSat Jan 08 1994Looking for PostScript Downloader...
2397.03SSDEVO::FIALASat Jan 08 1994Postscript viewer on PC?
2398.021ANGLIN::RICESat Jan 08 1994Contact Manager Wanted
2399.02TMAWKO::RMANDRYSat Jan 08 1994 SAME PROBLEM AS 2389..
2400.016KETJE::ROBBENSMon Jan 10 1994Playable demoes.
2401.04TAVENG::RAVIVMon Jan 10 1994Games in German
2402.0VARESE::FAUSTIMon Jan 10 1994BLADE RUNNER or ....
2403.03SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Jan 10 1994SETCMOS anyone...
2404.03FAILTE::COLMS::MERRICKCMon Jan 10 1994Trap Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence
2405.01ZHSSMon Jan 10 1994InfoRecall for WIndows?
2406.0HULLEY::HULLEYMon Jan 10 1994math/algebra
2407.0NSICTue Jan 11 1994Shareware payment: local representatives
2408.0CESARE::TESTITue Jan 11 1994Titanic Explorer PC program
2409.06HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Jan 12 1994Windows driver for Appian card (DECpc 433 WS)
2410.01MSAMThu Jan 13 1994Disable Ctrl-Break etc ?
2411.0MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu Jan 13 1994winstart & wingo
2412.0IJSAPL::PLATENKAMPThu Jan 13 1994Looking for aplanr21.zip
2413.03HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Jan 13 1994Combine multiple drives into one logical one?
2414.03GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri Jan 14 1994New CICA Arrivals
2415.011GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJFri Jan 14 1994DEMO : Android Pinball
2418.0MUCCS1::VINZENZTue Jan 18 1994New Uploads to MUCCS1::PD2:[MSDOS.GAMES]
2419.028IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Jan 18 1994cica uploads
2420.03ASABET::ISRAELITETue Jan 18 1994Where Has IBMPC-94 Gone?
2421.016SUBURB::JAMESHWed Jan 19 1994Edit .GIF files?
2422.01MUCCS1::VINZENZThu Jan 20 1994DOS <-> ULTRIX Filename Conversion
2423.0MOEUR1::NAYLORThu Jan 20 1994Btrieve file usage
2425.0NSICFri Jan 21 1994Problems with VMS LHARC download/upload
2426.0NSICFri Jan 21 1994Shareware/freeware on Windows OnLine(tm) BBS?
2427.04AIMHI::RAYMONDFri Jan 21 1994Need COW GIF or JPG
2428.02JUPITR::DAVISONSat Jan 22 1994Looking for a SETUP program
2429.02HLFSMon Jan 24 1994In search of hypertext programs.
2430.02RTOEU::DSHATZMon Jan 24 1994Looking for PCX File to Screen C Code
2432.01SU2PLY::GALLAGHERMon Jan 24 1994Raise Auto Focus???
2434.0MR1MI1::SWANEYTue Jan 25 1994case software
2435.05BLOFLY::GORDONTue Jan 25 1994Where has DECWRL::"/pub/micro" gone?
2436.07RSNWed Jan 26 1994Virtual reality software REND386
2437.05ASABET::ISRAELITEWed Jan 26 1994Windows Graphics Program?
2438.03LURE::CERLINGWed Jan 26 1994REPEAT.COM ?? duplicate file finder
2439.01SALEM::YANNONEWed Jan 26 1994Business Inventory???
2440.0CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Jan 27 1994software for mailorder company
2441.01KBOMFG::COLDITZThu Jan 27 1994old IBM disk formats
2442.02SIOG::B_OREILLYThu Jan 27 1994audio and video label rqd....
2443.011SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Jan 28 1994Text to speech ???
2444.05VNASWS::WILFRIEDFri Jan 28 1994Skat anyone?
2445.08SIEBK::SIEPMon Jan 31 1994XARGON - New Epic Jump & Run game
2446.03READIT::TRIPPMon Jan 31 1994What is Backup Dir
2447.01NC17Mon Jan 31 1994looking for wswedge.dll
2448.041NOVA::BOIKOTue Feb 01 1994 Any Windows UI for Internet (using dialup)?
2449.02TROOA::STANFIELDTue Feb 01 1994New Font View/Print Utilities?
2450.016BAHTAT::HILTONThu Feb 03 1994Random wallpaper and screen saver?
2451.03DKAS::LORADITCHThu Feb 03 1994 MicroSoft telephony SDK avail?
2452.03KIRKTN::APEDENThu Feb 03 19943D Picture Generator Wanted
2453.07PSTVX1::OMARAThu Feb 03 1994Screen Thief?
2454.04ROYALT::PULSIFERFri Feb 04 1994Always on TOP - Topper
2455.03ZGOVSat Feb 05 1994Windows tips
2456.01METALX::SWANSONSun Feb 06 1994Need TTYPE font to display DOS line drawing characters
2457.03MQOOA::LEMon Feb 07 1994World's analog clocks ???
2458.0BEBE::GALLEGOSTue Feb 08 1994Billy the Kid
2459.01--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 09 1994Problems with the SB Pro
2460.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Feb 09 1994My public services may disappear for a while
2461.04GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu Feb 10 1994Truetype
2462.04HLRGThu Feb 10 1994looking for RMORF
2463.012MR3MI2::CLAYThu Feb 10 1994How to (Info-)ZIP text file in VMS?
2464.015COMICS::WBROWNFri Feb 11 1994Speech Recognition
2466.06NASENG::MUNYANMon Feb 14 1994Anyone know anything about ZSCRIPT
2467.0AEOENG::LEHYMon Feb 14 1994initiate file transfer on remote PC
2468.010CSC32::BORGIL::M_FRAZIERMon Feb 14 1994WinTune available?
2469.04WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Feb 15 1994MEREMOTE control windows over Ethernet?
2470.01CESARE::TESTITue Feb 15 1994Art Gallery on mechanics topics?
2471.02POLAR::RIDGETue Feb 15 1994Data flow software
2472.04CADSYS::LEMONSTue Feb 15 1994Diagnostic / configuration reporting tools
2473.04NZOMIS::HOWARDWed Feb 16 1994Host performance monitoring tool?
2474.0RICKS::PHIPPSWed Feb 16 1994Looking for Text Watch
2475.07NOVA::SMITHIWed Feb 16 1994Boxworld type games...
2476.01GEOFF::SCHULTZWed Feb 16 1994Mercator projection of earth showing sun and shadow areas?
2477.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Feb 17 1994NEW DEMO : "Pinball Fantasies"
2478.02SIOG::B_OREILLYThu Feb 17 1994DRAWING PRGMS RQD....
2479.04MQOOA::LEFri Feb 18 1994Auto-Express's prgm for Windows ???
2480.03PCOLA::BATTLESFri Feb 18 1994U.S. Constitution on disk?
2481.0HGOVC::TIMA_BURANCESat Feb 19 1994SPSS V4 for PC
2482.06EVTAI1::CAILLEMon Feb 21 1994MID 2 WAV ?
2483.01GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon Feb 21 1994Quicktime Player?
2485.03ATHINA::PAGEMon Feb 21 1994Terminal emul.with prog keys
2486.05DNEAST::NEWCOMB_DONMon Feb 21 1994Where has Games conf. gone?
2487.012AKOCOA::WILLIAMSBMon Feb 21 1994excel charts>mail blows-up how come?
2488.04UPROAR::PLATTPMon Feb 21 1994Visual Basic V1.
2490.0WELCLU::AL35Tue Feb 22 1994GALLOP is going away (at a canter)
2491.03TALLIS::KOCHTue Feb 22 1994Seek working Visual Help.
2492.05GVPROD::ALBINO::DAWKESWed Feb 23 1994CRTAT ?
2493.04IVOSFri Feb 25 1994po' man's "client/server"
2494.02VERGA::DRAGTONSun Feb 27 1994binary ????
2495.01AZUR::FARRUGIAMon Feb 28 1994ripterm ?
2496.03FRAMBO::TRINHMon Feb 28 1994How to reduce a TIFF file?
2497.0FRAMBO::TRINHMon Feb 28 1994Integratable barcode recognition sw?
2498.09UTROP1::FUHREN_PMon Feb 28 1994EMM286, anywhere ??
2499.02VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOMon Feb 28 1994Bridge/Router software
2500.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue Mar 01 1994Random Changes software ???
2501.01ELIS::GOUWELOOSTue Mar 01 1994File-Structures ???
2502.010AKOCOA::LAITue Mar 01 1994SPECXN::PCTOOLS, where is it?
2503.05GLDOA::RBROWNTue Mar 01 1994Turn off/on the PC Sound
2504.0MSDOA::RUSSELL_DWed Mar 02 1994Bridge design help???
2505.04ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Mar 02 1994Looking for clipart
2506.0HEDRON::DAVEBWed Mar 02 1994MIDI patch editor/librarian
2507.06CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Mar 02 1994directories on winnah?
2508.03SIOG::CORCORANThu Mar 03 1994kermit and zip files?
2509.04ODIXIE::WATSONPHThu Mar 03 1994PKZIP v7.3???
2510.01METALX::SWANSONFri Mar 04 1994Where's latest winfract?
2511.0SIOG::ODONNELLFri Mar 04 1994pointer for COMBAT ZONE ?
2512.04FASDER::HSMITHFri Mar 04 1994Help!! Hard disk/Restore??
2513.010GEOFF::SCHULTZFri Mar 04 1994Play WAV file when application started from Windows
2514.03COMICS::WBROWNMon Mar 07 1994MOD files available ??
2515.09MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonMon Mar 07 1994Personal Favorites and Discoveries
2516.05YUPPY::HARVIEKDTue Mar 08 1994Wanted: DEC Workstation .gif/.exe files
2519.03ATHINA::PAGEWed Mar 09 1994Winnah INDEX files
2521.0ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Mar 14 1994Font Converting ???
2522.07NLFDC::MULHUIJZENMon Mar 14 1994Mini Ethernet network
2523.07EST::ESTPC6::REUTERMon Mar 14 1994CLICKBOOK program for printing booklets
2524.019FAILTE::TAYLORMon Mar 14 1994Zip and Unzip programs?
2525.01TAVENG::POYARKOVMon Mar 14 1994zmodem sources
2526.06TKOV51::KAJITANIMon Mar 14 1994trouble DOOM game diskette
2527.03RTOEU::TOTTOWed Mar 16 1994C64-Emulator
2528.03REDLIT::LWILLIAMSWed Mar 16 1994Prince of Persia
2529.04CGOOA::CHASEWed Mar 16 1994need help finding scribble software
2530.012MUCCS1::VINZENZThu Mar 17 1994EPIC Baseball
2531.03ZURFri Mar 18 1994DD for Dos
2532.0WELCLU::SHARKEYAFri Mar 18 1994Football (soccer) info wanted
2533.03EVOAI2::ALLIN1Fri Mar 18 1994Star Wars images
2534.05TRINTY::MERRELLSat Mar 19 1994TRINTY to be down 3/28/94 for disk restructuring
2535.05ODIXIE::WATSONPHMon Mar 21 1994Looking for 'Chartist'
2536.04ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Mar 21 1994Disk-Catalog-Program ???
2537.0MUCCS1::VINZENZMon Mar 21 1994EPIC's Zone66
2538.01PEKING::MOONTMon Mar 21 1994WINVT info please
2540.06KAOU93::BROUILLARDTue Mar 22 1994Need a Graphics Benchmark progr.
2541.0BALZAC::6276Tue Mar 22 1994Looking for SSAVE.DLL
2542.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Mar 23 1994floorplan plus. ? Name and location?
2543.02WASHDC::SARASINWed Mar 23 1994looking for color and grayscale tiff viewer.
2544.08AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Mar 24 1994Math Equation WYSIWYG Editor?
2545.030SWECSC::THORNQVISTFri Mar 25 1994Macintosh Emulator for PC
2546.0BARIFri Mar 25 1994Flight Simulator V5 Add-On
2547.01SIOG::CORCORANFri Mar 25 1994where are WinVT files please
2548.03STVSat Mar 26 1994ASCII,PCL -> .PS
2549.03TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Mar 28 1994Rhyming Dictionary?
2550.0BSS::M_WALTHERMon Mar 28 1994video and sound mixer files
2551.09SWAM2::ZIEGLER_MITue Mar 29 1994Help ZMODEM PC --> VAX
2552.04NACAD::ATKINSONTue Mar 29 1994Anyone tried WINMED?
2553.016OWLMED::gentileTue Mar 29 1994QuickTime Movies on Net?
2554.04TLE::MICKALIDEWed Mar 30 1994Bilf and any_to_fixed_512
2555.03POBOX::FEIGLEWed Mar 30 1994Shareware to "protect" a CMOS area, if possible
2556.011ADO75A::MCSHANEThu Mar 31 1994LN
2557.0GVPROD::FUTON::VONLANTHENThu Mar 31 1994Training Room Scheduling ?
2558.011AIAG::SURESHThu Mar 31 1994Software Resources tracking tool?
2559.02DELSFri Apr 01 1994English to/from Spanish program
2560.01DELSFri Apr 01 1994Geology or Mining Engineering programs?
2561.08ODIXIE::WATSONPHFri Apr 01 1994Microsoft upgrade?
2562.02TAVIS::JUANSun Apr 03 1994CGM viewer
2563.0LISPRO::MMOREIRATue Apr 05 1994Sesame Street educational software
2564.07ULYSSE::VUILLAUMETue Apr 05 1994Survey
2565.04GOIVIT::ALDENWed Apr 06 1994MSDOS-ANN subscription requests
2566.0MEOCThu Apr 07 1994Basketball League Manager wanted..
2568.0NYOSSat Apr 09 1994486Test Benchmark
2569.026SIOG::ODONNELLSat Apr 09 1994pointer for RAPTOR ??
2570.02WRAFLC::GILLEYMon Apr 11 1994Windows forms designer?
2571.02GVPROD::RITCHIEMon Apr 11 1994Keycoach?
2572.05TKOV51::KAJITANITue Apr 12 1994Uninstall for Windows
2573.017RTOVCTue Apr 12 1994Programm to test benchmark for CD-ROM drives ?!?!
2574.09VIVIAN::D_VISTUERTue Apr 12 1994What does 542xvga.exe do?
2575.0DPDMAI::WISEETue Apr 12 1994Point of Sales Software pointer. Please.
2576.02YAKNOW::MCHIASSONTue Apr 12 1994De-installer program
2577.06GEOFF::SCHULTZTue Apr 12 1994Access to win3/winsock directories on SIMTEL or mirror sites
2578.02ULYS::VANGLABEKEThu Apr 14 1994FAST caching software ?
2580.012EVOAI2::ALLIN1Thu Apr 14 1994Mars 1.
2581.05SALEM::DUNNIGANThu Apr 14 1994WANTED:Printer Driver for Word Perf.
2582.0WRAFLC::GILLEYFri Apr 15 1994SGML to anything processor?
2583.04VMSNET::P_HIBBERTSat Apr 16 1994Any shareware Diary programs?
2584.06ALFAXP::MITCHAMMon Apr 18 1994Multi-Media Topic?
2585.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Apr 19 1994Backwards Hebrew font
2586.05DEMON::PANGAKISTue Apr 19 1994Converting BASICA programs to QBASIC?
2588.04BAHTAT::JAGOTAWed Apr 20 1994UNIX Training Software
2589.03SPECXN::WITHERSWed Apr 20 1994Johnny Castaway
2590.09CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Apr 21 1994automatic fax list dialer/sender?
2591.01EVOAI2::ALLIN1Thu Apr 21 1994Pointers for 3D-Studio?
2592.01TROOA::SCHUMANNThu Apr 21 1994Cardinal DSP16 S/B Pro
2594.01DPPRIP::SMYTHMon Apr 25 1994EMM.sys V4.
2595.01GVAADG::AMAZONTue Apr 26 1994print cache
2596.01HGRDTue Apr 26 1994Converter from BDF to GIF
2597.0PACUK::GARMCS::MCSHANEGTue Apr 26 1994Looking for Flag...
2598.06BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Apr 26 1994splitting files [utilities]
2599.01BAHTAT::JAGOTATue Apr 26 1994Problems with Ghostscript
2600.02SMAUG::MENDELTue Apr 26 1994How do I access a bulletin board?
2601.06BRSOPI::HAENTJENSThu Apr 28 1994R 2 virus in NBIRD2
2602.02CSC32::J_ALLENThu Apr 28 1994homemade net programs?
2603.05GLDOA::RBROWNFri Apr 29 1994Little League Shareware Anywhere ?
2604.06SWAM2::WONG_HESat Apr 30 1994Ghostscript and EXPENSE program???
2605.0MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonMon May 02 1994Mini-iconic task managers and launchers
2606.0TAVIS::TAVWIZ::COHENHMon May 02 1994A CD simulation on a Hard Disk
2607.018MRKTNG::DESHARNAISMon May 02 1994Unix Emulator for MS-DOS?
2609.03RTOIC::MREICHELTue May 03 1994GIF ore PCX pictures wanted
2610.03BRSTR2::SYSMANTue May 03 1994DOSDISK.EXE -- request for help...
2611.09EMIRFI::JACKSONWed May 04 1994Rainbow floppies on a PC?
2612.04DECWET::BARLOWWed May 04 1994Tcl Scripting Language for Windows NT
2613.0GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu May 05 1994Issue Tracking App?
2614.01WEORFI::DUNHAMThu May 05 1994WinQVT with Winsock location
2615.02CARROL::YOUNGThu May 05 1994Need info on a PPM Format...
2616.04TKOV51::KAJITANIFri May 06 1994INIBAK
2617.01LISPRO::MMOREIRAFri May 06 1994Epson LX8
2618.09BATVXFri May 06 1994COPY util for /AFTER=DATE-TIME ?
2619.0TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri May 06 1994hockey stat program?
2620.03COMICS::WBROWNMon May 09 1994any new C tutors out there ?
2621.027DANEK::DANEKMon May 09 1994Plug-In V2.
2622.08RTOIC::KERNTue May 10 1994Diskette Copy Program
2623.01MARVIN::COBBTue May 10 1994Windows POP3 mail client?
2625.010GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJWed May 11 1994Playable Demos : NOMAD and Elder Scrolls : ARENA
2627.02NEWOA::CALF::johnson_nThu May 12 1994Thanks
2628.02DECLNE::DAUThu May 12 1994Queueing analysis program?
2629.01ILBBAK::PALUKA::lawtonFri May 13 1994Small business management?
2630.011MORTAL::WMOIS::JULIA_RFri May 13 1994Fix for WD54
2631.0ZIGLAR::FOXWELLFri May 13 1994seeking simple ascii word-search puzzle generator
2632.02GVAADG::AMAZONSun May 15 1994Version Manager? (SMUT - Source Management UTility)
2633.03MINNY::ZANGGERMon May 16 1994persistence of vision?
2634.09HLRGMon May 16 1994SZ.EXE for VMS 6.1
2635.09HANNAH::BAYMon May 16 1994Line drawing true-type font?
2636.020CLARID::HOFSTEEWed May 18 1994GIF and JPEG viewer wanted
2637.04BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithWed May 18 1994What's with SimTel Software Repository VMSMKT?
2638.05UTROP1::FUHREN_PThu May 19 1994double/triple file finder anywhere
2639.07RDGENG::LYNDONThu May 19 1994I Need a Programme that will Run a bat file one a month
2640.06WELCLU::63854::lewisFri May 20 1994Educational progs for kiddies < 5 yrs old
2641.08BBRDGE::LOVELLFri May 20 1994List or Substring Parser for DOS .BAT files
2643.010FAILTE::BRUCEAMon May 23 1994VIEWDATA Emulation
2644.02SMAUG::MENDELTue May 24 1994Curses!
2645.02CSOA1::BENNETTTue May 24 1994Landscape for LA5
2646.02AKOFIN::TUCKERThu May 26 1994Receive a fax?
2647.09BERNThu May 26 1994modem communication PC to OSF/1
2648.06SSMPRD::APOTTERMon May 30 1994PCMCIA
2649.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue May 31 1994Floppy disk copy and verify programs
2650.03SIOG::ODONNELLTue May 31 1994Magic Desk pointer ?.
2651.01MORTAL::WMOIS::JULIA_RTue May 31 1994Vendor contact list?
2652.05POBOX::FEIGLETue May 31 1994Click/point vs alt-tab to active apps
2653.09ASDG::RJONESTue May 31 1994DLLMAN.ZIP location?
2655.01COLWed Jun 01 1994I/O conversion PC<->VT22
2656.0CHEFS::GARMCS::MCSHANEGWed Jun 01 1994Bear Essentials ?
2657.01MQOOA::LEWed Jun 01 1994Print GIF's files on LA75 ?
2658.014ROBSON::ROBSON::PATTISON_MThu Jun 02 1994Terminal emulators & comms SW
2659.04RDGENG::RUSLINGThu Jun 02 1994Shareware Running Log
2660.0WELSWS::BOURNEJThu Jun 02 1994Demo of MIDISOFT wanted
2661.010TPSYS::WONGThu Jun 02 1994Help with PKZIP
2662.0MOEUR7::NAYLORFri Jun 03 1994VB Shareware required
2663.07CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERFri Jun 03 1994Cyrix Verification Utility?
2664.02CANDOO::GRIEBFri Jun 03 1994Wanted: rlogin client sources
2665.0UPROAR::YATESTFri Jun 03 1994qvt font
2666.06RDGENG::LYNDONMon Jun 06 1994PC Boot Util Needed
2667.02SMD72J::WOODMon Jun 06 1994Alpha AXP icon?
2668.09LEMAN::EMADMon Jun 06 1994OMIGOD program ?
2669.0HLDETue Jun 07 1994EPW V1.3 (Executable Protect Password)
2670.06SUBURB::FIXEDASSETSTue Jun 07 1994Modem driven by shareware?
2671.04RMDSRV::BURTTTue Jun 07 1994Windows ZIP Manager
2672.0MITCH::MITCHELLWed Jun 08 1994 Facilities Management Software?
2673.0+5GVPROD::5Wed Jun 08 1994PCL5 viewer and converter ?
2674.011ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Jun 08 1994Mosaic
2676.014ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Jun 08 1994Video driver needed
2677.0SIEBK::SIEPThu Jun 09 1994FLIPOUT - SVGA Breakout variant
2678.0MFRFMS::KLAUSThu Jun 09 1994looking for "Logic Analyzer" Software
2679.06VIDEO::PULSIFERThu Jun 09 1994Payroll
2680.04CONSLT::MYJAM::MYSELThu Jun 09 1994TIFF to BMP converter....
2681.014GVPROD::ISSRFri Jun 10 1994Genealogy anywhere ?
2682.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 10 1994How do non-dec people get files off simtel?
2683.04UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Jun 13 1994Looking for low-level ide diagnostic
2684.03FRAMBO::KREBSMon Jun 13 1994Ghostscript: Problems printing on HP LJ4L
2685.01ELIS::GOUWELOOSMon Jun 13 19948 Characters Problem.
2686.02MORTAL::WMOIS::JULIA_RMon Jun 13 1994ICO to BMP or add ICO to EXE?
2687.05EVOCDG::RAHALMon Jun 13 1994DECpc ALPHA AXP
2688.014SUBPAC::SADINMon Jun 13 1994PGP 2.6
2689.015CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue Jun 14 1994password protect MS-Windows applications
2690.08COPCLU::BIRGERTue Jun 14 1994Screen grabbers/MSword and/or MOTIF
2691.01KAOATue Jun 14 1994Windows Module Lister
2692.07ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Jun 15 1994Garden software
2693.02MLNADThu Jun 16 1994Anyone knows CHIEF ARCHITECT? (Architectonical CAD)
2694.01CURRNT::BAILEYFri Jun 17 1994WinVN
2695.0STARCH::MONIA::moniaFri Jun 17 1994WordPerfect 6.
2696.03MQOOA::LEFri Jun 17 1994Shareware ZMODEM ?
2697.02MR4DEC::WILLINGERSat Jun 18 1994AMI BIOS Setup Utility
2698.04TAVIS::STUXSun Jun 19 1994Database Design tool?
2699.019RMDSRV::BURTTSun Jun 19 1994Disk Duplication Shareware-CopyQM???
2700.04ODIXIE::SMITHJMon Jun 20 1994Need help, "weather tracking" s.w.!
2701.0BLKPUD::BAILEYPMon Jun 20 1994Help with Dyslexia
2702.011CSC32::R_HARVEYMon Jun 20 1994MUCCS1 zip files
2703.07BELFST::MULLANTue Jun 21 1994Problem with ENOTES?
2705.05MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterTue Jun 21 1994Auto. Resizing or overflow to disk RAMDISK?
2706.02GANTRY::HULLTue Jun 21 1994Read Mac floppy on a PC?
2707.03AUSSIE::BONNERWed Jun 22 1994Graphic output on DECwriter 95 printer
2708.03WEOLIM::LIMWed Jun 22 1994Request: Wincat/Pro V3.4 from AOL
2709.02LURE::CERLINGWed Jun 22 1994Check for process running
2710.05AKOFIN::TUCKERThu Jun 23 1994VT Access to the Internet?
2711.033HLDEFri Jun 24 1994Gerry Anderson series (Thunderbirds) pics in BMP
2712.03MR1MI1::SWANEYFri Jun 24 1994soundblaster 8bit driver?
2713.02SEDSWS::MILTONFri Jun 24 1994CDROM.NML Shareware??
2714.02GVPROD::WENGERFri Jun 24 1994Config COM3 from DOS ?
2715.02KDCFS1::KHOFri Jun 24 1994OS/2 DISK to DISK image copier wanted
2716.08CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JMon Jun 27 1994MS-DOS 6.22
2717.02CUESTA::CHAVARRIAMon Jun 27 1994ultrastore 34fa cdrom ?
2719.031CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERWed Jun 29 1994Disk Sector Editor?
2720.015CLARID::BLOEMThu Jun 30 1994E! ?? - To search text files without opening files
2721.08LARVAE::BRIGGS_RThu Jun 30 1994Shareware File Cabinet wanted
2722.02COLES1::LONZECKTue Jul 05 1994search TIME ORGANIZER for PC !
2723.04GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJTue Jul 05 1994DARGHUL - new German RPG ( like Ultima )
2724.025SMAUG::MENDELTue Jul 05 1994Display GIF as Wallpaper???
2725.08ZENDIA::LAURENCELLETue Jul 05 1994problem with VM unzip
2726.03TINGAU::HEFELEWed Jul 06 1994FreeZip and SmartDoc anywhere?
2727.01METALX::SWANSONWed Jul 06 1994Where can I get a Hi-Color BGI driver?
2728.028CSOA1::RANKINWed Jul 06 19943D Pictures
2729.01CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jul 07 1994Looking for Golf scorecard app!
2731.07AXEL::FOLEYFri Jul 08 1994Borland Sidekick for Windows
2732.04MOEUR7::NAYLORMon Jul 11 1994Windows for Workgroups and Backup
2733.02GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJMon Jul 11 1994CHELSY::GAMES what's going on ???
2734.01GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon Jul 11 1994Catalog SW for Syquest Removable HD???
2735.04TALLIS::KOCHMon Jul 11 1994Disk drive software questions
2736.09LJSRV1::NADKARNIMon Jul 11 1994GNUemacs 19.24 binaries for DOS available
2737.08GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJTue Jul 12 1994New demos , demos ,demos.....
2738.08COMICS::WBROWNWed Jul 13 1994mpeg anyone ??
2739.03BRUMMY::GLANVILLEWed Jul 13 1994What is a .WAD file?
2740.03GIGI32::LEHTOWed Jul 13 1994MPNBAL.ZIP anyone ?
2741.01TIMASA::DRABICKYWed Jul 13 1994Converting to/from MSWindows cardfile format
2742.014SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Jul 15 1994Shareware Internet
2743.015AZUR::GEERDESFri Jul 15 1994problems on winnah??
2744.01SWAM2::JAMES_KEFri Jul 15 1994Shoemaker - Levy 9 MPEG simulations
2745.0CIMBAD::MESSIERSun Jul 17 1994Fixed Assets Management?
2746.02WRKSYS::GRILLOMon Jul 18 1994Piano Professor(tm) for Windows [1.6mb]
2747.011TROOA::BARTLETTMon Jul 18 1994Sound/tone generator required for PAS-16
2748.01COWPOK::PROCTORMon Jul 18 1994UPS/system mgmt software?
2749.05MANMTue Jul 19 1994METAED1
2751.05HAMSC2::GBENDMANNWed Jul 20 1994additional After Dark modules available ?
2752.08FRUST::SPALTThu Jul 21 1994hide/set partition ro ?
2753.02EVTAI1::CAILLEThu Jul 21 1994SmartDrive and CD-Rom
2754.05UHUH::DILLBERGERThu Jul 21 1994Recommendations for text file print utility?
2755.01MR1MI1::SWANEYFri Jul 22 1994What's new in BBSes?
2757.015TAENG4::DOUBLEMon Jul 25 1994CUJ (C/C++ User Journal) Source Code
2758.06BELFST::MULLANTue Jul 26 1994Western Digital Video Drivers?
2759.03JGO::HOEKTue Jul 26 1994.FLI file?
2760.02MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 26 1994Macintosh Superpaint files
2761.03VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Jul 26 1994free archiver wanted; searching for "limit
2762.01ASIC::SOMANTue Jul 26 1994fingerprint recognition
2763.02VNZVTue Jul 26 1994Help! a beginner's question
2764.010EVTAI1::CAILLEWed Jul 27 1994BBS file to DBF
2765.0STARCH::MONIA::moniaWed Jul 27 1994Shareware tools for WordPerfect
2766.02GEOFF::SCHULTZFri Jul 29 1994Off to Surf the Internet!
2767.03HLDEFri Jul 29 1994WINNAH IP address?
2768.04MUNICH::BEICHTMon Aug 01 1994How to read atari floppies on DOS pc
2769.02GANTRY::HULLMon Aug 01 1994Can anyone identify this Fractal app?
2770.01NYOSS1::JAUNGMon Aug 01 1994need sample code
2771.0CFSCTC::SMITHMon Aug 01 1994.ICO -> .xpm or .gif ?
2772.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 01 1994ln
2773.011HGRDMon Aug 01 1994CMOS data for IDE harddisk?
2774.0CLARID::HOFSTEETue Aug 02 1994multiple pages in bitfax?
2775.08FRAIS::EDDF17::HEIDBUECHELWed Aug 03 19943 games
2776.021NYOSS1::LEEThu Aug 04 1994Need to read UNIX tar tapes for
2777.05IJSAPL::VRIES_RThu Aug 04 1994Printing PS on a deskjet?
2778.01WOTVAX::STUS::Stuart_HattoThu Aug 04 1994Freeware PPP?
2779.04VAXSPO::CJENSENThu Aug 04 1994Simcity X Spectrum 16
2780.06PAKORA::DCONDIEFri Aug 05 1994Simcity2
2781.01SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Aug 08 1994TAXI/CAB Record program.
2783.01GVATue Aug 09 1994PC version of gzip?
2784.012ZIGLAR::FOXWELLTue Aug 09 1994Need Public Domain Clipart for MS-Word
2785.02WMOIS::JULIA_RWed Aug 10 1994Tax program for child care?
2787.02EEMELI::KALINFri Aug 12 1994Is there a PROLOG interpreter for MS-DOS?
2788.0SIOG::ODONNELLFri Aug 12 1994Pointer for Combat Zone and One-must-Fall
2789.02ZPOVC::LIANGCHYESat Aug 13 1994Autosync pc to As/4
2790.02TAENG4::DOUBLEMon Aug 15 1994Panasonic CDROM driver?
2791.02RTOIC::FSEVERINMon Aug 15 1994BTX User Interfaces?
2792.010BABAGI::COOKMon Aug 15 1994Assembler wanted! (MASM?)
2793.0LEMDAB::WAGENHAEUSERTue Aug 16 1994'size', 'nm' for MS-DOS
2794.0YUPPY::FRUVAX::priornWed Aug 17 1994Looking for BELOW1MB
2795.05YUPPIE::CREACYThu Aug 18 1994Converting stream format to fixed for kerm xfr?
2796.012SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 18 1994Depth Dwellers ?
2798.08BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithThu Aug 18 1994Location for Trumpet?
2799.03SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AFri Aug 19 1994CD player with soft volume control
2800.0ROBSON::ROBSON::PATTISON_MMon Aug 22 1994Any QBASIC documentation.
2801.03IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSMon Aug 22 1994how copying OS/2 to MS-Dos?
2802.01STOWOA::WISEMon Aug 22 1994Looking for map clipart
2803.08CSC32::R_IVERSMon Aug 22 1994write protect hard drive?
2804.0IOSG::FIELDERATue Aug 23 1994MMonitor
2805.05WOTVAX::STUS::Stuart_HattoTue Aug 23 1994Beastie Boys Screen Saver
2806.03GVAADG::AMAZONWed Aug 24 1994UK PC Magazine
2807.0EMC2::BERTUZZIWed Aug 24 1994Looking for a software that manages the execution of a bat file
2808.01BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 24 1994Looking for DX to WP 5.2 Converter
2809.03VMSDEV::CLABORNWed Aug 24 1994Donate a PC to a good cause?
2811.03EVTSG8::ESANUFri Aug 26 1994Help needed: automated testing tools for MS Visual C++ programs
2812.07METALX::SWANSONSat Aug 27 1994Jazz Jackrabbit
2813.031MERIDN::MATTHEWSMon Aug 29 1994QIX anyone?
2814.04LUPO::TONALITue Aug 30 1994Still Mouse thru keys
2815.01TNPUBS::C_MILLERWed Aug 31 1994Kermit missing file
2816.016SIOG::S_FARRENThu Sep 01 1994Gary Larsen's Farside Cartoons
2817.08MIMS::WILBUR_DThu Sep 01 1994Video Conferencing
2818.02AZUR::GEERDESFri Sep 02 1994joystick analog vs digital
2819.04ROMEOS::LE_THFri Sep 02 1994weird request?
2820.010TROOA::TRP3Fri Sep 02 1994VMSZIP with password support?
2821.03SIOG::ODONNELLMon Sep 05 1994TELIX for WINDOWS !!
2822.013CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Sep 08 1994Organization chart maintainer?
2823.01SIOG::B_OREILLYFri Sep 09 1994Mpeg files needed
2824.05XSTACY::HUTTONTue Sep 13 1994OSF/1 Pkunzip ?
2825.0VIDEO::PULSIFERTue Sep 13 1994Demo's by mail
2826.05FLAMER::OXENBERGTue Sep 13 1994pcAnywhere?
2827.03SELAVY::ZANZERKIATue Sep 13 1994good database software to program from c/C++
2828.05IJSAPL::FOKKENROODWed Sep 14 1994How can I get my number ?
2829.01KLAP::porterWed Sep 14 1994kaleidoscope
2830.06UPROAR::OBRIENKThu Sep 15 1994Windows Help to Text
2831.04CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERThu Sep 15 1994Screen Savers MANDEL.ZIP & TUBES.ZIP
2832.03LEEL::LINDQUISTThu Sep 15 1994Mouse radio buttons for dos program
2833.06AIMHI::RAYMONDMon Sep 19 1994Flowchart software Please
2834.011AZUR::GEERDESTue Sep 20 1994monitoring PC's
2835.02SWETSC::WIEGERTWed Sep 21 1994drivers for AHA1542 anyone??
2836.0EEMELI::ROUHUWed Sep 21 1994TIFF group 3 or PackBits compression programs?
2837.0CISVAX::CONGDONWed Sep 21 1994evaluation software
2839.013EVTSG8::ESANUFri Sep 23 1994Need info to choose a defect control system
2840.01GLDOA::RBROWNFri Sep 23 1994Need Some Clipart of U.S.
2841.012CSC32::A_DEBRITOSat Sep 24 1994Internet Access Program
2842.03YAKKA::STEPHENSSun Sep 25 1994CD-ROM eject programme.
2843.05TPSYS::BONNEAUMon Sep 26 1994Shareware/Freeware C Compiler??
2844.0CRIME::BIJAOUITue Sep 27 1994Matrix analysis tools ?
2845.04CAMNET::THURSTONTue Sep 27 1994lvp16 driver needed
2846.06RTDDEE::64749::PC712229Tue Sep 27 1994Oxyd from DONGLEWARE! Anybody?
2847.011MFRFMS::RINGWed Sep 28 1994phonebook software needed
2848.04CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Sep 29 1994smart file copier wanted
2849.03ULYSSE::MOULAERTThu Sep 29 1994LAN Performance Analysis Tools
2850.07PCBUOA::SWANEYThu Sep 29 1994I need to convert a Metafile into an Icon (.ICO)
2851.05STAR::FENSTERThu Sep 29 1994Anyone still have VISIO sample around ?
2852.07WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Sep 29 1994Looking for "WATERMARK" Software
2853.04KDCFS1::KHOThu Sep 29 1994Utility to display BIOS info
2854.04CADSYS::LEMONSSat Oct 01 1994Dump for Windows?
2856.05AZUR::GEERDESMon Oct 03 1994Borland C++ update (4.2)
2857.02LEMAN::EMADMon Oct 03 1994PC <-> Casio SF-75
2858.0DNEAST::JACKSON_KELLTue Oct 04 1994NEOBOOK PRO by NeoSoft wanted
2859.0MUCCS1::VINZENZWed Oct 05 1994DCC Pro V3.
2860.0VIVIAN::D_VISTUERWed Oct 05 1994Psion 3/3a Emulator
2861.01UNTADH::JOEHNKThu Oct 06 1994TOPDRAW anybody?
2862.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 06 1994DOS 6 DRIVER FOR NOVELL NET 3
2864.0BRAT::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithFri Oct 07 1994Pointer to Desktop Set Jr.?
2865.05GVPROD::ROKOKO::LANGTONFri Oct 07 1994Looking for updated WIN uuencode/uudecode
2866.01SIOG::ODONNELLSun Oct 09 1994Xwindows shareware ???
2867.016JGODCL::BLOEMENDALMon Oct 10 1994Screen saver for DOS
2868.0BOHIO::RFARDONKMon Oct 10 1994Car-Workshop PCsftwr Needed!!
2869.02HOTLNE::DOYLEMon Oct 10 1994Recent Versions of PCBENCH/WINBENCH?
2870.011PHDSR1::KHARRISTue Oct 11 1994Phone Chain Software
2871.05BASCAS::BEVIS_SWed Oct 12 1994Font installer wanted
2872.09TKOV51::FUJIMOTOWed Oct 12 1994DOOM2 , QUAKE ?
2873.08BASCAS::BEVIS_SFri Oct 14 1994Copy of VBRUN3
2874.02AZUR::GEERDESFri Oct 14 1994novell winsock pointer?
2875.09XAPPL::GREENWOODSun Oct 16 1994Winqvt and COM4
2876.02LANDO::CANSLERMon Oct 17 1994arc-lzh
2877.0HANNAH::BAYMon Oct 17 1994Screen Saver source code?
2879.08BUSSTP::BMCHATTIETue Oct 18 1994Freelance ----> Powerpoint
2880.04AZUR::GEERDESTue Oct 18 1994Trumpet winsock 24
2881.02WEOLIM::LIMTue Oct 18 1994Deskjet V5 driver on Easynet?
2882.02SIEBK::SIEP23::kringWed Oct 19 1994MUZIKA 3 wanted
2883.03WMOIS::POSCOWed Oct 19 1994SEDT Editor ??
2884.06BCFI::BOGDANOVICThu Oct 20 1994Can't access winnah
2886.06CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Oct 26 1994Current location of Ghostscript?
2887.02AIMTEC::WARRENS_RWed Oct 26 1994DTMF, Touch Tone menu tool
2888.0SSDEVO::LYONWed Oct 26 1994wordperfect macro's to word?
2889.04GVPROD::TONINATOThu Oct 27 1994Riptide & clockwiser
2890.0FORTY2::HOWELLThu Oct 27 1994Neos - packet driver for NE21
2891.05RDGENG::COBBThu Oct 27 1994Win-eXpose-I/O -- useful file I/O monitor
2892.06PAKORA::ESPENCEThu Oct 27 1994GEOCLOCK - any more MAPS?
2893.02MIMS::MCFARLAND_DThu Oct 27 1994Desperately seeking ZMODEM for VMS
2894.0ELIS::ELIS1E::DOOMENFri Oct 28 1994s3m/mtm mods
2895.02ANGST::BECKFri Oct 28 1994FIXUP.COM
2897.07HANNAH::BAYTue Nov 01 1994Needed: *Very* simple calendar (and clock)
2898.06ROMTSS::SCALONWed Nov 02 1994I need a SPINUP program
2899.02DNEAST::STEVENS_JIMWed Nov 02 1994SSWENCODE ???
2900.02HOBBLE::SWEATTThu Nov 03 1994Windows front end for Genie
2901.03COMICS::WBROWNMon Nov 07 1994Assembly '94 winner ?
2902.013AZUR::GEERDESMon Nov 07 1994CDrom caching products?
2903.03RT95::TEDESCOMon Nov 07 1994FDFORMAT pointer?
2904.07SIOG::DECEXECUTIVETue Nov 08 1994How to find what s/w VERSION installed?
2905.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJTue Nov 08 1994looking for some PCX files
2906.09AZUR::GEERDESWed Nov 09 19944DOS what is it
2907.011AZUR::GEERDESWed Nov 09 1994SB AWE32 memory hungry?
2908.019XSTACY::GORMANFri Nov 11 1994Software Activation Keys
2909.04MIMS::LANTEIGNE_CFri Nov 11 1994bankruptcy software
2910.01WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOFri Nov 11 1994gif->bid translator source????
2911.02ANGLIN::SUZDAFri Nov 11 1994Latest Xircom PE2NDIS driver?
2912.012BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Nov 14 1994.bat file from DOS or Win-DOS-prompt ?
2913.06DRAC::EDOTue Nov 15 1994Arabic Font
2914.01HLFSTue Nov 15 1994in search for hypertext program.
2915.05ANGLIN::LIARDTue Nov 15 1994Preventing "UNDELETE's"
2916.07NASENG::MUNYANTue Nov 15 1994Need a tool to fix line endings (not BILF)
2917.010WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Nov 15 1994Looking for a "Dymo Label Maker" font
2918.03TKOV51::KAJITANITue Nov 15 1994Where are recent files of PcMAG ?
2919.03AEOENG::LEHYWed Nov 16 1994packet driver for DE2
2920.03GOYA::64556::MICThu Nov 17 1994How to "read" a CD-I disc
2921.01TROOA::STANFIELDFri Nov 18 1994Jeopardy & Concentration Needed
2922.03SIOG::MKELLYSun Nov 20 1994Location of shareware SCHEME
2923.01AZUR::GEERDESMon Nov 21 1994.au files
2924.09CSC32::R_IVERSMon Nov 21 1994Grab screen to generate icon!
2925.03CLARID::BLOEMTue Nov 22 1994Dr.Dobbs - Aug 1994 - Upload?
2926.017MQOOA::ROBINWed Nov 23 1994MPEGXING viewer
2927.02NWDWed Nov 23 1994Want Mahjonng that can import tile sets...
2928.0ANOHAC::COMFORTWed Nov 23 1994trumpet/ftp problem
2930.01HLDEFri Nov 25 1994looking for DOSMAX/HELIX &GIF/TIFF/BMP files
2931.0+27BRUMMY::WALLACE_JSun Nov 27 1994Official GSview Topic (also Ghostscript)
2933.05UBOHUB::BEVIS_STue Nov 29 1994Simple database tool required
2934.08BUSSTP::BMCHATTIETue Nov 29 1994Latest Z8
2935.03BOOST::WHITEWed Nov 30 1994Looking for Rainbow files
2936.02WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Nov 30 1994Looking for a Floppy Label Generator
2938.06FIREBL::LEEDSThu Dec 01 1994UUDECODE used with UUCP Encode ??
2940.0ODIXIE::GUGLIELMOFri Dec 02 1994Looking for VIDPLAY.DLL
2941.01POLAR::THOMPSONMon Dec 05 1994Marquee Screen Saver
2942.0MUNSBE::HAEGAR::JPolsterMon Dec 05 1994NEMESIS ??
2943.04GMT1::TEEKEMAMon Dec 05 1994Digital Pager software.
2944.026VIVIAN::D_VISTUERTue Dec 06 1994Wintune v2.
2945.01VIDEO::PULSIFERTue Dec 06 1994QMODEM ?
2946.09LANDO::CANSLERWed Dec 07 1994BBS software
2947.020LACVWed Dec 07 1994Looking for PagePlus
2948.06IJSAPL::VRIES_RThu Dec 08 1994QuickTime, .MOV players?
2949.0124683::UGRINOWFri Dec 09 1994Need CHINON CD Driver
2950.02ODIXIE::PULSIFERSun Dec 11 1994Postscript Conversion
2951.02UFHIS::MDUTTON_COXMon Dec 12 1994Logo Language Documentation
2952.08HAZEL::YOUNGMon Dec 12 1994Lotus Organizer - Now Freeware
2953.010USDEV::DBAMon Dec 12 1994SIMTEL directories on WINNAH question
2954.0STKAI1::PROCKSTROMTue Dec 13 1994File Commander?
2955.0SUBURB::JAMESHWed Dec 14 1994NVIEW Slide Information?
2956.0MOVIES::CHANDLEYWed Dec 14 1994PageMate for Windows?
2957.0USCTR1::JOSBACHERThu Dec 15 1994Transport Tycoon Demo
2958.04GVPROD::JISPA::HEIMANFri Dec 16 1994Replace on Text files?
2959.0WRKSYS::ARTHURFri Dec 16 1994James interactive Press Kit
2960.06METALX::SWANSONFri Dec 16 1994STARS - flying starfield of shaded spheres
2961.01AEOENG::MERCIERMon Dec 19 1994Logitech driver, where ?
2962.01TSTMK1::RAJUTue Dec 20 1994where is sofbas::internet_tools ?
2963.01GVPROD::FITZGERALDWed Dec 21 1994FLTSIM 4 and 5 Files
2964.02AKOCOA::aki11Wed Dec 21 1994NFL Team Logo's
2965.01GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Dec 22 1994Floppy lost . Need driver for NEC printer !!
2966.05ULYSSE::DIVINEThu Dec 22 1994Looking for a TLZ
2967.02COMICS::TRAVELLThu Dec 22 1994Shareware Satellite predictor
2968.05MERIDN::GOLDSTEINThu Dec 22 1994family tree software
2969.0JDARC1::DUFAYFri Dec 23 1994Music partitions
2970.04EVTAI1::FARISWed Dec 28 1994looking for aspibin
2971.028TIMASA::DRABICKYFri Dec 30 1994DMF - Distributed Media Format
2972.07ASDG::JOHNSONSat Dec 31 1994Converting .jpg files....
2973.09GUIDUK::HEALYSun Jan 01 1995Driver for Irwin Tape drive
2974.08ARNIES::JULIANTue Jan 03 1995How to remove unwanted EXEs etc.
2975.0NETRIX::"jensen@osfrt.mro1.dec.com"Tue Jan 03 1995Win TAR -> SCSI tape?
2976.02GALVIA::BDEPAOLIWed Jan 04 1995Network Performance Demo
2977.01TAVThu Jan 05 1995Is SEDT still alive?
2978.02HXOU14::FEINDELFri Jan 06 1995COM/Modem Speed Utility?
2979.02RDGENG::COBBSat Jan 07 1995"Backmenu" or "New Menus for Windows"?
2980.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERSun Jan 08 1995zmodem for SUN OS
2981.03MSE1::PCOTEMon Jan 09 1995shareware to assist in software engineering ?
2983.06UFHIS::MHEIDENWed Jan 11 1995Scanner as photocopy machine ?
2984.0AZUR::GEERDESWed Jan 11 1995POP3/SMTP source examples??
2985.08VYGER::KIRKPATRICKIWed Jan 11 1995Ink cartridge for Multi-jet 2
2986.01BOGUSS::CAPIKWed Jan 11 1995IBMPC-95 Conferance
2987.035JGODCL::KWIKKELThu Jan 12 1995"QUICKTIME" to run video
2988.01TIMASA::DRABICKYFri Jan 13 1995SHASE - SHareware Archives Search Engine
2989.024PCBUOA::SLOMSKIMon Jan 16 1995FTP address for winnah?
2990.01KIRKTN::CHARROWERTue Jan 17 1995QBase wanted!!!
2991.04PROXY::DEFELIPPITue Jan 17 1995PC Board layout shareware?
2992.0TAVTue Jan 17 1995SEDT problem with DELETE CHARACTER
2993.03MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSTue Jan 17 1995DOS/Windows email reader for Unix?
2994.03KOALA::DEFELICETue Jan 17 1995Need help with self-extracting files
2995.06WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Jan 18 1995dir spec for trumpet ?
2996.01IOSG::FIELDERAWed Jan 18 1995Message VBX
2997.026ALLVAX::TERELLAThu Jan 19 1995Need Help ZIP/UNZIP , Alpha VMS
2998.06BRAT::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithThu Jan 19 1995Name/Location of Robot Fighting Game
2999.02LANDO::CANSLERThu Jan 19 1995screen saver program
3000.03BRAT::stimpy.mko.dec.com::SmithMon Jan 23 1995How do I use a .DBF file?
3001.04CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jan 23 1995RAINBOW files to DOS
3002.012MLNADTue Jan 24 1995MindMap programs (INFOTR21.EXE)
3003.01ATHINA::PAGETue Jan 24 1995WINNAH/vbasic-where?
3004.06CALAIS::SIVRET_JOHNTue Jan 24 1995HD full program
3005.08GVAThu Jan 26 1995Memory trainer ?
3006.012LOCUST::LYNDONThu Jan 26 1995Looking for Windows Install Monitor
3007.01UFHIS::SHUEBNERFri Jan 27 1995Intel Plato flash Rom upgrade program
3008.018CLARID::BLOEMMon Jan 30 1995Mah Jongg for Windows - The REAL Game!
3009.01CSC32::VISAGEMon Jan 30 1995Log com port activity to a file?
3010.01GAAS::GATULISMon Jan 30 1995Looking for ZIP code info for database app.
3011.06TROOA::STANFIELDTue Jan 31 1995Stacker V4 Update
3012.01ROWLET::ALBURYTue Jan 31 1995'PAGEME'
3013.01LEDS::MSOUCYTue Jan 31 1995nice windows directory util
3015.04LEDS::MSOUCYTue Jan 31 1995gatekeeper updating?
3016.02GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJThu Feb 02 1995PC-Config , PC check programm ( german shareware )
3017.01BRAT::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithThu Feb 02 1995How do you use a .TBK file?
3018.03SUPER::MACONISSat Feb 04 1995Need help with Comit Software & ZoomFAxModem
3019.04MQOU18::MQOP42::f_agharabiMon Feb 06 1995Conferencing: DEC-NOTES server on a PC ?
3020.01LEDS::MSOUCYTue Feb 07 1995Envision Publisher DTP program
3021.02GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSTue Feb 07 1995Reading ethernet card configuration
3022.041HANNAH::BAYWed Feb 08 1995Simple calendar program
3023.0HDLITE::MORINThu Feb 09 1995Construction business shareware program needed.
3024.05GRANPA::JHAGERTYThu Feb 09 1995Marketing software
3025.03EEMELI::KPUUMANENMon Feb 13 1995C library needed
3026.03MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Feb 13 1995Problem with The LastByte Memory Manager
3027.03IRNBRU::SMALLWOODTue Feb 14 1995.Au player for Windows Sound System.
3029.06GCEJLC::CRUZTue Feb 14 1995Mathcad
3030.0SALES::MCWILLIAMSTue Feb 14 1995Darts
3031.010FORTY2::HOWELLWed Feb 15 1995MPEG Maker?
3032.013FUTURS::MARSHALL1Thu Feb 16 1995Antique PC !!
3033.07MOLAR::BRIENENThu Feb 16 1995Sokoban for Windows?
3034.0SALES::MCWILLIAMSFri Feb 17 1995Winvelope
3035.02HTSCMon Feb 20 1995CD-ROM Only Cache?
3036.012TALLIS::NELSONMon Feb 20 1995SK.COM -- KERMIT equivalent of SZ.COM
3037.02MYMUSE::MASHIATue Feb 21 1995Help...a dad needs CATCHEM.ZIP
3038.02SPEZKO::RYENWed Feb 22 1995Looking for QVTWNT3?.zip
3039.01TAVIS::JUANMon Feb 27 1995Looking for Twinsockets
3040.01RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABETue Feb 28 1995MINICAM.SYS SCSI device driver needed
3041.04CGOOA::MASLIUKTue Feb 28 1995Smart paper program
3042.0NOKNOK::LANDRYWed Mar 01 1995screen capture prgm wanted
3043.04FSTSC1::AURANDThu Mar 02 1995Recommendation for slide show software
3044.06MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 03 1995BBS under Windows for home PC
3045.04MFRFMS::SFISCHERFri Mar 03 1995GREP or FIND Tool for .ZIP-Files
3047.02MEOCTue Mar 07 1995sharing/modifying image
3048.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Mar 08 1995MS Windows font to write East-European languages
3049.0LYOISA::BURTINWed Mar 08 1995Looking for a tool
3050.014LUDWIG::PBONNERThu Mar 09 1995looking for Adobe Type Manager
3051.04ANGLIN::GAINESThu Mar 09 1995DOS Recorder/Playback Anyone?
3052.01ABACUS::BUKOWSKIFri Mar 10 1995Chinese Checkers (spelling corrected by Mod.)
3053.03SUBPAC::MISTRYMon Mar 13 1995TurboTAX free?
3054.010CLARID::HOFSTEETue Mar 14 1995Uninstal shareware?
3055.05AYOV25::APOTTERTue Mar 14 1995Backup to TLZ
3056.05AKOCOA::DANEK::DANEKTue Mar 14 1995FILEX - two thumbs up!
3057.06BRAT::BARLOWTue Mar 14 1995Copy PC to PC via serial line
3058.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Mar 14 1995Comments on QuickBooks
3059.05MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Mar 15 1995Changing the color of my mouse pointer.
3060.024HELIX::MCGANWed Mar 15 1995TDD Software
3061.023KLAP::porterThu Mar 16 1995Wanted, full function programming suite at no cost :-)
3062.026WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaSun Mar 19 1995Plugin 2.51 uploaded for you
3063.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 21 1995Convert .au files to .wav?
3064.017BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 22 19958 Character Filename
3066.010WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaThu Mar 23 1995Who has my resources ?
3067.06MOEUR7::NAYLORMon Mar 27 1995Video Grabbing
3068.08AYOV1Tue Mar 28 1995Shareware to cram files on diskette
3069.08DEMAND::HICKMANTue Mar 28 1995driver for sony CD-ROM
3070.01DV78Wed Mar 29 19951MBFORT solves dll problem in conventional memory?
3071.09CAPNET::BOLTONWed Mar 29 1995GUI Editor on Windows
3072.03ZURThu Mar 30 1995Cybercom.drv where ?
3073.0RTOEU::TOTTOThu Mar 30 1995MULAW -> WAV
3074.02UTROP1::HLBUSR::Alexander_CarpThu Mar 30 1995Edit *.CUR files! Anybody has something?
3075.03CLO::KATZENMEYERFri Mar 31 1995S.A.T.A.N.
3076.04ALFAXP::MITCHAMFri Mar 31 1995Win16-based Invoice s/w?
3077.01FRUST::EDDF21::STARKMon Apr 03 1995Printer Problem
3078.08CUPMK::TALBOTMon Apr 03 1995WinHelp-to-Word Converter
3079.0649Tue Apr 04 1995F-Prot Anti Virus, see note 2139
3080.01KAOFS::D_DAIGLETue Apr 04 1995Latest and greatest VSHARE.386
3081.02CLO::KATZENMEYERWed Apr 05 1995Internet toolbox.
3083.0VAXRIO::TULAWed Apr 05 1995LX-3
3084.043CLARID::BLOEMThu Apr 06 1995Paint Shop Pro V3.
3085.01BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 06 1995How to access DECWRL via DECnet?
3086.01MAY3Fri Apr 07 1995BRUM45.exe
3087.01HDLITE::MODIFri Apr 07 1995What are these quicktime clips with .map extension ?
3088.03MASALA::GAITKENHEADFri Apr 07 1995Resolution conversion ??
3089.011GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJMon Apr 10 1995Vinyl Goddess
3090.05CGOOA::MARLOWETue Apr 11 199564
3091.01LANDO::CANSLERTue Apr 11 1995arch
3092.05AYOV2Wed Apr 12 1995Memory dump to file would be nice ?
3093.03AVANT::WONGThu Apr 13 1995Anybody has a copy of REMSOCK ??
3094.06WONDER::CASABONAThu Apr 13 1995Multi-Volume copy or "zip"?
3095.08DYOSW5::WILDERWed Apr 19 1995Find files based upon date??
3096.012KOLFAX::BOOKERMAWed Apr 19 1995Zounds...this is complex!!!
3097.03SNLVThu Apr 20 1995GENOA Video Controllers
3098.05HERON::MINVIELLEThu Apr 20 1995Looking for tennis game
3099.05SEDSWS::MILTONThu Apr 20 1995SETRES ?
3100.02SPEZKO::POULINThu Apr 20 1995Convert ABC Flowchart files to GIFs
3101.0TINGAU::HEFELEFri Apr 21 1995OS/@ driver for LM2
3102.0HDLITE::GRIESMon Apr 24 1995"printer capture" program and a cable that uses a bidirectional printer ports
3103.05SALEM::YANNONEMon Apr 24 1995Convert *.PCX to *.TXT
3104.02HLFSWed Apr 26 1995conference turbo pascal still exists ???
3105.01MAIL1::SELZAMThu Apr 27 1995WING32.DLL?
3106.01HELIX::LUNGERFri Apr 28 1995printer page counter, anyone?
3107.0TAMARA::POPCRN::CampbellFri Apr 28 1995WYSIWYG Editor Custom Controls?
3108.05NSICTue May 02 1995Dutch phone number conversion program per Oct 1
3109.028STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONTue May 02 1995The Official BarClock Topic
3110.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 02 1995binhex where
3111.05NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOTue May 02 1995Short .COM files which produce PC Speaker sounds?
3112.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed May 03 1995Using the PC to test other cpu systems
3113.02MEMIT::HANSONWed May 03 1995Conference Room Scheduler
3114.07SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed May 03 1995Dark Forces S/W
3115.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu May 04 1995MS Access stuff
3116.04GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJFri May 05 1995what's going on with 'GAMES' conference !????
3118.02BIS1::VANIMPEMon May 08 1995[.gif] directories
3119.01DELNI::FARWELLMon May 08 1995Looking for State Capitals software
3120.07HULLEY::HULLEYMon May 08 1995record startup to a file?
3121.01GLDOA::RBROWNMon May 08 1995CHEMISTRY Shareware ??
3122.01NOVA::BOIKOWed May 10 1995Tool for timestamping window events..?
3123.084849Thu May 11 1995Problem using RZ from PC to VAX
3124.0FOUNDR::ALDRICHFri May 12 1995Looking for BarCode Type 128
3125.03CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERFri May 12 1995PPP Host Software?
3126.02VAXRIO::63Fri May 12 1995WANTED: Windows Polaroid CI3
3127.01MQOU18::MQOP42::f_agharabiMon May 15 1995graphical programming language
3128.0TINGAU::HEFELETue May 16 1995Stomper anywere?
3129.07UTROP1::FUHREN_PFri May 19 1995Looking for 'spawning' screensaver
3130.01ULYSSE::DENISFri May 19 199515x16 Icons/BMP's ?
3131.01PASTA::LUDWIGMon May 22 1995Sharp Electronic Organizer. Looking for PC links software.
3132.02WOTVAX::64Tue May 23 1995disable ctrl-alt-del ?
3133.011OTOOA::OTP142::AndersonTue May 23 1995html viewer
3134.06CIM2NI::SMLFRY::MESSIERTue May 23 1995PPP/SLIP C++ Class Library?
3135.02COMICS::ROEWed May 24 1995SCSI CD DRIVER
3136.04BAHTAT::HILTONWed May 24 1995Batch Graphic scale programs?
3137.04BASLG1::HILLFri May 26 1995Rich Text Format Printing
3139.09SALEM::SHAWWed May 31 1995PC scheduler?
3140.03BETOVN::NELSONWed May 31 1995How to download stuff from PCMAG
3142.05GLDOA::GIVENMon Jun 05 1995Shareware for Learning - KIDS
3143.01ODIXIE::CREACYTue Jun 06 1995MS Windows TIFF Driver?
3144.012--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 07 1995Pretty Good Privacy ?
3145.08MAASUP::MUDGETTThu Jun 08 1995Help needed uploading with FTP
3146.0SUBURB::JAMESHFri Jun 09 1995Animated map?
3147.09USOPS::RBROWNSat Jun 10 1995JPEG to BMP/PCX format Converters
3148.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Jun 14 1995Testing Memory
3149.01soemba.apd.dec.com::RIKWed Jun 14 1995Looking for (Turbo) Pascal dBaseIII library
3150.011STKAI1::MALMWed Jun 14 1995Any Public Screen Savers available?!
3151.05KYOSS1::ELZAMSWed Jun 14 1995A CD Guide?
3152.03AEOENG::LEHYThu Jun 15 1995RCS or SCCS port to MSDOS
3153.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOThu Jun 15 1995Archive Viper Tape Backup
3154.06METALX::SWANSONFri Jun 16 1995Defender for Windows
3155.02ZPOVC::TONGPENGFri Jun 16 1995Data in/out Cmos??
3156.0DAIVC::ZAKARIAMon Jun 19 1995Moremem 3.
3157.0WMOIS::MCGUIRKMon Jun 19 1995Looking for AML41.ZIP - All Media Library
3158.04PERFOM::DONAHERWed Jun 21 1995Baseball League Game Scheduler needed...
3159.04ODIXIE::KIMBLEThu Jun 22 1995MONARCH (data manipulation) clone-ware?
3160.03EXCENT::STULTSThu Jun 22 1995Where's PKWare Version 2.
3161.01UTRTSC::BOORTue Jun 27 1995MUCCS1 not updated anymore?
3162.05NCMAIL::LEFFLERMTue Jun 27 1995Space Invaders/Win/Shareware?
3163.06TELEM::HOLMESFri Jun 30 1995VFWRUN
3164.02OHFSS1::RBROWNSat Jul 01 1995MPG Files
3165.05LOTIMA::M_HOLLANDWed Jul 05 1995Bios for decpc 32
3166.06SHIPS::BUCZMA_GWed Jul 05 1995Where to find a MCI CD Audio driver?
3167.04OOYES::OCONNELLWed Jul 05 1995ZIP/UNZIP for VMS?
3168.026NRSTAR::BACHELDERThu Jul 06 1995Best PC compression tool?
3169.03KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Jul 07 1995red book CD -> WAV ??
3170.05CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jul 12 1995WizUnZip / freeware Windows NT NTFS ZIP utility
3171.08IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSWed Jul 12 1995Editor for TIF-files?
3172.05SALEM::SHAWWed Jul 12 1995How to add *.SCR files to Desktop?
3173.02DYOSW5::WILDERWed Jul 12 1995Some avi files give error
3174.0RICKS::PHIPPSThu Jul 13 1995Act One, Scene One
3175.08SUPER::MCGANThu Jul 13 1995Postscript converter
3176.01DRAC::HUELVESFri Jul 14 1995Swap drive letter
3177.03TINGAU::HEFELEFri Jul 14 1995looking for TWAIN driver for Genius GSC-1
3178.04VAXRIO::LEONARDOMon Jul 17 1995Any Public Circuit Design avaible?
3179.01TAVMon Jul 17 1995.AUD to .SND convertor needed
3180.013HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Jul 17 1995Automatic typer?
3181.02NRMACX::LANETue Jul 18 1995UNIX like FILE utility?
3182.02BIS6::DEPROOSTThu Jul 20 1995remote file-manager + copy ?
3183.09OSAKTue Jul 25 1995NETBEUI
3184.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jul 27 1995TCP trace tool?
3185.0ESBSMon Jul 31 1995PC Lint
3186.023STAR::MONTAGUEWed Aug 02 1995MS Money is freeware for 2 months.
3187.023NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYWed Aug 02 1995WinZip 6.
3188.010JESDP::ITOHSun Aug 06 1995Alternate software to Lotus Screencam
3189.01IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSMon Aug 07 1995graphical editor?
3190.03MUCCS1::PIETERSONTue Aug 08 1995looking for the program Almanac
3191.03VAXRIO::AMORESEThu Aug 10 1995NEC MultiSpin 4Xi Hungs with AHA-2742T
3192.02STOWOA::REICHERTFri Aug 11 1995DOOM/Joystick out of control..
3193.013MUCCS1::SYSTEMMon Aug 14 1995MUCCS1 up again with much more diskspace ...
3194.0MUGGER::WALKERDTue Aug 15 1995Remote COM port connection
3195.07STOWOA::TOUBWed Aug 16 1995Memory problem
3196.03MOVIES::CHANDLEYThu Aug 17 1995Keyboard stuffer
3197.01LASSIE::DALBERTIFri Aug 18 1995Yet Another Graphics Editor/Converter Request
3198.02CITYFS::KNIGHTPMon Aug 21 1995TVI925
3199.01AKOCOA::MINEZZIThu Aug 24 1995NT Zip to VMS Unzip...problem/question...
3200.07TAVMon Aug 28 1995PC App Performance Tool?
3201.05ULYSSE::TOSELLOThu Aug 31 1995327
3202.02ROMOIS::SAVARESEFri Sep 01 1995Translator & Dictionary
3203.06VAXRIO::HENRICHSWed Sep 06 1995Spectrum 16 drivers
3204.01CIVPR1::STOCKTue Sep 12 1995Where is BCK backup utiltiy?
3205.01PCBUOA::SWANEYFri Sep 15 1995CD Player software with more features/functions
3206.03GYMAC::SUPPORT_AJTue Sep 19 1995CD-Player for WIN95 ??
3207.06PCBUOA::ANGELONEWed Sep 20 1995Bowler's help needed
3208.04FORTY2::SHARPEWed Sep 20 1995PARADOX V4.5 free with magazine???
3209.08CSOA1::LENNIGThu Sep 21 1995Trouble with U**x ".Z" files
3210.01KAOFS::C_MENENDEZThu Sep 21 1995CD catalog program?
3211.011331Fri Sep 22 1995How to remove B1 virus from memeory
3212.013FSAEUR::ROEMon Sep 25 1995LVIEW Viewer
3213.02QUABBI::"bernier%akocoa.dnet.dec.com@mrnews.mro.dec.com"Wed Sep 27 1995CROSS STITCH
3214.01WRKSYS::LCHThu Sep 28 1995Copy program for non standard disk formats.
3215.02STIXS::OBARAFri Sep 29 1995Netscape Latest Version ???
3216.0AXEL::FOLEYWed Oct 04 1995daycare admin software?
3217.015STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::NBUFTONWed Oct 04 1995New Shareware Repository on the web
3218.04IROCZ::FAULDSThu Oct 05 1995CuteFTP-16 and the firewall
3219.06HGCSMon Oct 09 1995Sharware to tune up monitor screen?
3220.0soemba.apd.dec.com::RIKTue Oct 10 1995Looking for metric converter
3221.03MQOOA::LESat Oct 21 1995Location of GPA.ZIP ?
3222.09KALKI::LANGMon Oct 23 1995Encryption Software
3223.04OTOOA::otonMon Oct 23 1995Vault for Windows (16-bit)
3224.011ROMSLS::SAVARESETue Oct 24 1995True Type Font
3225.07BIS3::ROSS_ABEWed Oct 25 1995Graphic Workshop
3226.03CALDEC::MUELAWed Oct 25 1995Multiple Calendar/Scheduler
3227.01ANNECY::DEBACKERThu Oct 26 1995typing tutor under DOS/MS-Win ?
3228.0+60NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYThu Oct 26 1995ROPS Postscript Viewer/Printer
3229.0NETRIX::"mills@ultranet.com"Fri Oct 27 1995WWW page for MswLogo (Logo language for Windows)
3230.04MPGS::TUCKERMon Oct 30 1995Looking for Windows 95 screen capture
3231.08SALEM::SHAWWed Nov 01 1995Copy from network drive to local?
3232.02JGODCL::BLOEMENDALMon Nov 06 1995Looking for formatting ASCII to print on HP6
3233.05OHFSThu Nov 09 1995Sideways Printing on Dot Matrix
3234.03ABBOTT::chord.zko.dec.com::krodelFri Nov 10 1995RSH deamon for DOS
3235.011AYOV2Mon Nov 13 1995GATEKEEPER.DEC.COM prob on the WEB
3236.02STAR::FDOLLWed Nov 15 1995Encrypting / CIPHER
3237.02AYOV2Wed Nov 15 1995AutoMAP software info Reqd ?
3238.09KETJE::VANGRIEKENThu Nov 16 1995Problem + request for new Zmodem-VAX location
3240.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Sun Nov 26 1995Any TWAIN s/w around I can use ?
3241.02TROOA::VIAUWed Nov 29 1995Watch 8mm vidoes on my PC
3242.02KEEF::PETERSFri Dec 01 1995Pentium chip tester
3243.01TUXEDO::B_BURTONFri Dec 01 1995Info Request - DEC 32
3244.0WILLEE::TUCKERFri Dec 01 1995Telephone Calls Tracking Shareware?
3245.04ULYSSE::STRATMANMon Dec 04 1995Ghostscript 351 ini kit ?
3246.014849Tue Dec 05 1995Digital extended characters
3247.023MQOOA::LEFri Dec 08 1995Best Software to clean up unwanted files ?
3248.01MROA::HEIER_LMon Dec 18 1995Peer-Peer games
3249.06DAIVC::DANIEL_HThu Dec 21 1995Kit for test performance?
3250.06NETCAD::JORDANWed Jan 03 1996.bmp, .gif, .jpg
3251.01SIOG::S_FARRENFri Jan 05 1996Wing Design.
3252.01QCAVMon Jan 08 1996SCO & FTP SERVER.
3253.03TROOA::LUIThu Jan 11 1996Map a PC COMM port to a network modem port via TCP/IP
3254.01MLNORO::SCHIESAROTue Jan 16 1996TRANTOR T16
3255.01WOTVAX::BRUCEATue Jan 16 1996Black cab Pic's ???
3256.014ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Jan 18 1996VMS DCL emulator for DOS
3257.0+10GIZARD::WETZELMon Jan 22 1996Kid's Software....
3258.08WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Jan 24 1996Buying Shareware - how?
3259.027CHEFS::HARVEYThu Jan 25 1996File Transfer saga continues....
3260.01CLEON::KULLFri Jan 26 1996Where do you find Digital Grabit?
3261.03OTOOA::ANDERSONMon Jan 29 1996Photo retouching software
3262.06BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Jan 30 1996PKZIP supporting long file names?
3263.06DANGER::ARRIGHITue Jan 30 1996CU-SeeMe (or CUseeme)
3264.01UTROP1::HEIJDEN_MThu Feb 08 1996Drawing by entering coordinates
3265.01BIS5::PALMKE::RoosenMon Feb 12 1996Wincook?
3266.01CHEFS::MAYJMon Feb 12 19963D Wire Frame Package...
3267.04QUABBI::"vetrone@zendia.tay.dec.com"Mon Feb 12 1996C/C++ intrepreter
3268.08NAC::CELENTANOMon Feb 12 1996winzipFIX for "broken archives"
3269.0EVTAI1::pcf799.fms.evt.DEC.COM::cailleFri Feb 16 1996Excel French/English Translator
3270.03MSBCS::BROUILLETTue Feb 20 1996Digital logo TrueType font?
3271.02NWDTue Feb 20 1996AMTAX-95, can it be found
3272.02HLRGThu Feb 22 1996program to read serial/parallel port
3273.03ULYS::VANGLABEKEThu Feb 22 1996How to show a *.PCD picture ?
3274.0VAXRIO::63226::MichelThu Feb 22 1996Library Administration Software - Anybody knows ?
3275.019HANNAH::BAYThu Feb 22 1996Small program to measure CPU speed?
3276.0WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Feb 28 1996Picture Publisher V6.
3277.06NETCAD::SHERMANThu Feb 29 1996CD-ROM recorders
3278.0COMICS::WBROWNFri Mar 01 1996MS Sound system dictionaries ?
3279.01FRUST::LUKASMon Mar 04 1996CD Digital Audio to .WAV file converter/grabber wanted
3280.016MEOCMon Mar 04 1996CICA on winnah:: ??
3281.0COMICS::BEDDALLWed Mar 06 1996Problem with Twinsock (V2.
3282.06ANOHAC::COMFORTFri Mar 08 1996Word Processor for Kids?
3283.0MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Mar 11 1996Looking for WININI.EXE
3284.04CHEFS:: Mar 12 1996PKZIP for W95
3285.02MQOOA::LEFri Mar 15 1996Program to read analog signal from joystick's port ?
3286.03OHFSS1::RBROWNSun Mar 24 1996Music Transposition (SHAREWARE)
3287.02BRAT::mk1d25p13.mko.dec.com::SmithMon Mar 25 1996Recommendations for 3-D Graphics software?
3288.01CHEFS::MORRISON_PThu Mar 28 1996Access Directory
3289.03ROBRVW::MITCHELLThu Apr 04 1996Read Mac disks
3290.0MQOU18::A_YASSIRWed Apr 17 1996RAVEN PR-1624 printer Driver
3291.02HULLEY::HULLEYThu Apr 18 1996Internet shareware site
3292.01TYCOCH::absip47.reo.dec.com::williamsgSat Apr 20 1996Directory cleanup tool?+
3293.03VMSNET::WHITTINGTONTue Apr 23 1996Larger monitor for laptop
3294.06ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Apr 29 1996Zippers and unzippers
3295.03CHEFS::BUCZMA_GMon Apr 29 1996Kanji video drivers for Windows95 [mod.]
3296.03PASTIT::SAUNDERS_AThu May 02 1996.MID freebies from inet
3297.08UTROP1::GEERDES_BTue May 07 1996looking for configuration drawing tool
3298.02ROBRVW::MITCHELLTue May 14 1996BIOS Questions
3299.03ROMEDU::NEBBIATue May 28 1996Antivirus for Windows 95
3300.04SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue May 28 1996We want to masquerade as a 486
3301.01TMCUKA::ROWELLTue Jun 04 1996Freeware OCX for Win Sockets?
3302.0MEOCWed Jun 05 1996Whats happened to Winnah:: ??
3303.01ROBRVW::MITCHELLThu Jun 13 1996Extension .wmp
3304.01BOOTM1::GRAHAMDMon Jun 17 1996extension .mus files ?
3305.02NAC::CELENTANOMon Jun 17 1996ICO to something converter?
3306.0LESREG::JACKSONTue Jun 18 1996.TIF to .PDF file converters?
3307.01SNOFS1::JONESCHRISTue Jun 25 1996LVP16 manual
3308.0GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Jun 28 1996Win31 word processor for old system
3309.07ORION::TALBOTMon Jul 01 1996Pointers to recommended shareware sites...
3310.01SEFIWed Jul 03 1996Problem with virus FD622*
3311.08MEOCWed Jul 03 1996Controlling one PC from another?
3312.0JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAMon Jul 08 1996SIMTEL is now at http://simtel.net/
3313.03OHFSS1::RBROWNTue Jul 09 1996Visitor Tracking Tool
3314.01QUAKKS::EGOLFMon Jul 15 1996Notepad like utility?
3315.08GIDDAY::BROWNMon Jul 22 1996How to secure A: drive
3316.05SIOG::E_CUSACKFri Jul 26 1996ATLANTA 1996 Olympics Logo
3317.011GVAMon Jul 29 1996Large files on multiple diskettes ?
3318.07CSC32::R_IVERSTue Jul 30 1996Need postscript viewer/printer app!
3319.01PERENS::STODDARTWed Jul 31 1996Configuration for Digital ETHERNET card
3320.06KERNEL::IMBIERSKITThu Aug 01 1996Network Beverage Selector
3321.01WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu Aug 08 1996Stock control ?
3322.0+7DYOSW5::WILDERWed Aug 14 1996MPEG Viewer for Windows 95
3323.01HITEKS::DOTYTue Aug 20 1996medical billing software
3324.04STRATA::ANTESSat Aug 24 1996Help!!! Complete help file printable?
3325.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Aug 26 1996Print Screen For Win95
3326.01STRATA::ANTESThu Aug 29 1996Looking for "Smartdoc.." program.
3327.010SEFIFri Aug 30 1996WORD6 to HTML converter?
3328.05OHFSS1::RBROWNFri Aug 30 1996PC Calendars
3329.011KAOFS::P_LETue Sep 03 1996Modem's status display program ?
3330.0MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Sep 04 1996Fonts MGR & Publisher questions
3331.03PCBUOA::BAYJWed Sep 25 1996File-info and directory printing apps
3332.01KERNEL::FREKESThu Sep 26 1996Cannon 1F-12X Scanner
3333.07ROMSLS::SAVARESEMon Sep 30 1996convert PS --> DOC
3334.0MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Oct 02 1996TTINSTALL & Windows95
3335.01FORTY2::TATHAMWed Oct 02 1996Self-extracting/installing zip file?
3336.0PCBUOA::BAYJFri Oct 04 1996Wall-paper editing tool?
3337.0BEORN::DONATHMon Oct 14 1996FDO ?
3338.01GRANPA::KILGOREFri Oct 18 1996Stereo Speaker Design ??
3339.016STEVMS::CHENGMon Oct 21 1996UNIX script utility for pc ?
3340.03TUXEDO::WRAYSun Oct 27 1996Graphics catalog program
3341.03RANGER::OSMANThu Oct 31 1996find the largest files (as in "how do i"...)
3342.03WOTVAX::BOURNEJFri Nov 08 1996Landmark speed program needed
3343.03UTRTSC::BOORWed Nov 13 1996MUCCS1 not updated anymore ?
3344.01KYOSS1::MONTARETue Nov 19 1996PKZIP won't zip hidden directories?
3345.02TACOS::PULLANRMon Nov 25 1996AWK implementation for PC
3346.06CHEFS::HENS_COTue Nov 26 1996Christmas Font?
3347.01TINGAU::HEFELEThu Nov 28 1996Boot-Record Save&Restore??
3348.04SMURF::usr717.zko.dec.com::pbeckSun Dec 01 1996LaTeX to Postscript compiler for PC?
3349.09AZTECH::SANBORNThu Dec 05 1996Corporate license for shareware?
3350.0GALINA::SSMITHFri Dec 06 1996FREE Internet E-Mail for MS-Windows -- US of A, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
3351.01SEFIWed Dec 11 1996win 3.11 swap file
3352.01WRKSYS::DOTYTue Dec 17 1996Need Base64 Decoder
3353.0METSYS::POADFri Dec 20 1996Is LCOPY shareware ?
3354.02GIZARD::WETZELMon Dec 23 1996Icon Scout?
3355.0+12CHEFS::WILLIAMSAFri Dec 27 1996Is my PC in use?
3356.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Jan 02 1997KingByte interface for external CDroms
3357.0+8NWDMon Jan 06 1997Share or Buy it: copy WIN95 DFM disks to my harddrive
3358.08TINGAU::HEFELEFri Jan 17 1997Selfextracting Floppy image programm ???
3359.0 *+1MLNAD8::LONGONIFri Jan 24 1997xmodem and stream record format
3360.0 *+1ALFHUB::PC_SECURITYFri Jan 24 1997Need Shareware LJ252 Driver for Tandy
3361.0 *+5TAEC::SMITHThu Feb 06 1997Is there a 'Ping' program for E-mail?
3362.0 *EVTAI1::CAILLETue Mar 04 1997HTL
3363.0 *+17VAXCAT::LAURIETue Mar 04 1997W3.11/WNT3.51 File Manager look-alike for W95
3364.0 *+2VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKFri Mar 07 1997Math graphic symbols (is it a font?)
3365.0 *+3AYOV2Tue Apr 01 1997Copy Many a Zip in one swoop
3366.0 *+5ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Apr 11 1997Shareware/freeware operating systems
3367.0 *+2DYOSW5::WILDERTue Apr 15 1997mp3???
3368.0 *+1AYOV2Thu May 01 1997FTP - Yes please
3369.0 *+3DYOSW5::WILDERFri May 02 1997edit animation?