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Conference 7.286::humor

Title:Humor - Read Note 2.*
Notice:Laughter - The World's Greatest Medicine
Created:Fri Oct 20 1989
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:947
Total number of notes:13381
Number with bodies:197
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01RAYBOK::WHITLOCKFri Oct 20 1989Safe Jokes
2.0238514::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 15 1989Rules and guidelines
3.0+258323Tue Oct 24 1989I read this conference (Intro note)
4.05338514::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 15 1989The HELP topic
5.044MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Feb 01 1990Moderation/conference issues
6.0MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 19 1990Comedians performing at area clubs
7.0738514::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 15 1989Directories of this conference
8.0103759::T_THEOFri Sep 18 1992The JUNK Note
9.0+152--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 25 1989Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things
10.043RAYBOK::WHITLOCKWed Oct 25 1989So you thought you knew the difference...
11.0426648::REIDWed Oct 25 1989When in Beirut...
12.0+39--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 14 1989Steven Wright
13.0+22878Fri Oct 27 1989Rednecks and Pickup Trucks
16.03326648::REIDMon Oct 30 1989yukks from the old West [cowboys, indians, etc.]
17.0+2526648::REIDTue Oct 31 1989How NOT to rob banks..
18.01226648::REIDTue Oct 31 1989Resumes "R" Us..
19.0326648::REIDTue Oct 31 1989Reagan: Gone, but not forgotten..
20.0418656::DOUCETTETue Oct 31 1989Upcoming Courses
21.0+23221Tue Oct 31 1989"Quotable" Quotes
22.043--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 31 1989Perhaps *we* are the Far Side?
23.017486::MCGLINCHEYTue Oct 31 1989Tenne-C Compiler Announcement
24.07741176::OPERWed Nov 01 1989MY WIFE IS SO FAT ...
25.0+421714::TOBINWed Nov 01 1989Winning the lottery ...
26.0241176::OPERThu Nov 02 1989On The Giving Of 'BLOOD'
27.0349284::LEHMANNThu Nov 02 1989VAX DECpolite and DECstretch
28.0+2549284::LEHMANNThu Nov 02 1989Programmer Humor
29.0226648::REIDThu Nov 02 1989cluck....
30.0326648::REIDFri Nov 03 1989Take my baby - PLEASE!
31.0164Fri Nov 03 1989I TRULY LOVED THAT OLD DOG
32.0138514::SLABOUNTYFri Nov 03 1989Stories, etc.
33.0121568::TOBINMon Nov 06 1989Guide to Performance Appraisals
34.0656958::MORRISSEYTue Nov 07 1989The Corporate Structure/Scriptures
35.0241176::OPERWed Nov 08 1989Pat Folan Humor.
37.06--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 08 1989"Knot"
38.0FRAGLE::BRUNERWed Nov 08 1989Stories from Tennessee Ernie Ford
39.0118656::DOUCETTEWed Nov 08 1989The Ferrari and the Moped Kid
40.0+50338514::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 08 1989Signs, billboards, bumper stickers, etc.
41.049--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 13 1989Yesterday in Church
42.02RAYBOK::WHITLOCKMon Nov 13 1989P.J. O'Rourke
46.01RAYBOK::WHITLOCKFri Oct 20 1989San Francisco Chronicle
47.0+54RAYBOK::WHITLOCKFri Oct 20 1989Computer jokes
48.0+30BOGUSS::DAMIANOFri Oct 20 1989Driving tips in Boston
49.027RAYBOK::WHITLOCKFri Oct 20 1989IBM humor
51.01841176::OPERWed Oct 25 1989Insurance
52.0+2126648::REIDTue Oct 31 1989Rodney Dangerfield
54.0132828::SCHMUHLWed Nov 15 1989Larry's view of it all
56.027--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 15 1989The Russians
57.079--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 15 1989Incorrigable Punster. Don't Incorrige.
58.051--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 16 1989Snappy Retorts
60.018656::DOUCETTESun Nov 19 1989Welfare Applications
62.03642165::HICKSTue Nov 21 1989Drinkaling
63.0MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 05 1990Rita Rudner
66.04958462::LAPLANTEWed Nov 22 1989Old Folks
67.012139225::LOMBARDOWed Nov 29 1989Riddles
69.017426648::REIDThu Nov 30 1989Dave Letterman's Top 1
70.0+3626648::REIDThu Nov 30 1989Military humor
71.02026648::REIDThu Nov 30 1989College/School/Student Humor
73.0+4658521::OBRIENMon Dec 04 1989Light bulbs
74.038--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 05 1989Didja Hear About...
75.03522264::MCGOVERNWed Dec 06 1989Alleged Musical humor
76.01651336::GYULAIThu Dec 07 1989STOLEN! [but not] BY ZAPHOD B-BROX!
77.02726648::REIDThu Dec 07 1989Merry Christmas??
80.0+14926648::REIDFri Dec 08 1989Random Animal jokes
82.0+67RAYBOK::WHITLOCKMon Dec 11 1989Medical Funnies [doctor,nurse,hospital]
83.042RAYBOK::WHITLOCKTue Dec 12 1989Government/Political Humor
84.04298Thu Dec 14 1989Courtroom bloopers
85.017298Thu Dec 14 1989With the English a problem we have
86.01298Thu Dec 14 1989How to find your true profession
87.0+179--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 14 1989MAIL and NOTES headers [personal names]
88.07--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 18 1989Horoscopes
89.0+59--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 20 1989Elephant Jokes
90.0+54--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 20 1989Lawyer Jokes
91.0+7942183::BURNMThu Dec 21 1989What Do You Call?....type jokes
92.052Thu Dec 21 1989Knock Knock
93.03426648::REIDFri Dec 22 1989memorable(?) punchlines...
94.021714::TOBINFri Dec 22 1989Dame Agatha - a fable
95.01621714::TOBINFri Dec 22 1989Good News ... Bad News
96.03218298::BRAMLEYFri Dec 22 1989Farmer Jokes
97.0SALEM::ONEILLTue Dec 26 1989Let's make a deal!
98.05--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 27 1989The Tax Man Cometh
99.030ULTRA::KROCZAKWed Dec 27 1989Digital Humor
100.0FRAGLE::GUILLERMOThu Dec 28 1989The Wayside Chapel
101.0+32GOTHIC::TOBINThu Dec 28 1989How COLD is it?
102.022GOTHIC::TOBINThu Dec 28 1989My home town is so small...
103.0FRAGLE::GUILLERMOThu Dec 28 1989An Eddie Murphy Special is responsible
104.0+78WLDWST::MKHANDWALLAThu Dec 28 1989Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
105.0ULTRA::KROCZAKFri Dec 29 1989Hotel humor
107.0CURIE::TOBINTue Jan 02 1990The Rush Jobs Calendar
108.08CURIE::TOBINTue Jan 02 1990Consultants!
109.07--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 02 1990OPCODES, every known
112.044FDCVFri Jan 05 1990Dan Quayle
113.01CLADA::MEAGHERFri Jan 05 1990The Art of BS
114.01FSTTOO::ROYERFri Jan 05 1990How to get a promotion and raise.
115.02NEEPS::IRVINETue Jan 09 1990Maggie Thatcher! (copied from a Customer)
118.01SWAPIT::SCHMUHLTue Jan 09 1990History now till then
119.0+55VINO::MCGLINCHEYTue Jan 09 1990Are you Bubba Hip? (Country/Western songs)
120.02NEEPS::IRVINEThu Jan 11 1990Electrical Jokes
121.04SHAPES::WOODROWJThu Jan 11 1990America vs USSR Humour
125.03DONVAN::T_THEOFri Jan 12 1990Downhill Humor (Skiing)
128.06LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIFri Jan 12 1990Beer (and related jokes)
130.06RAYBOK::WHITLOCKMon Jan 15 1990Divorce
131.09CLARID::SLOMANThu Jan 18 1990Apocryphal (?) Stories
134.030ELWOOD::GROLEAUFri Jan 19 1990Confucious say ....
138.04NEEPS::IRVINETue Jan 23 1990YUPPIES
139.0+34CNTROL::PLOURDETue Jan 23 1990Tongue Twisters!!
140.030--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 24 1990NUNS....
143.013CIVIC::MAZOLAThu Jan 25 1990Ugly babies? NAAAAH!
144.033CIVIC::MAZOLAThu Jan 25 1990is this a POLICE JOKE? or BAD DRIVER JOKE?
145.016ELWOOD::GROLEAUFri Jan 26 1990Johnny....Wise a*s
146.0217SAURUS::BRAMLEYWed Jan 31 1990Limericks
148.038DPDWed Jan 31 1990A Toast
149.091GALVIA::FLOODThu Feb 01 1990Delightful Ditties
150.049--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 01 1990Acronyms
152.01ILOV14::JOCONNORFri Feb 02 1990Irish Times Weekly Competition
153.01WLDWST::MKHANDWALLAWed Feb 07 1990An unusal request
155.03CLARID::SLOMANFri Feb 09 1990Are the filth fair game?
156.0+44CTOAVX::GONSALVESMon Feb 12 1990Michael Jackson
157.0FASDER::CRUSSELLTue Feb 13 1990The X-Window Virus
158.03RAYBOK::WHITLOCKWed Feb 14 1990Clothing Optional Notes
159.0FASDER::CRUSSELLThu Feb 15 1990A Problem in the Making
161.0TELALL::SANTOSTue Feb 20 1990What do you call these?
162.014IOSG::THOMPSONRTue Feb 20 1990Pilot Jokes.....
163.03GALVIA::FLOODWed Feb 21 1990Heard it on the radio, dunno if it's true...
164.0+9STLTH::BIRMINGHAMWed Feb 21 1990Newspaper Bloopers
166.01CLARID::SLOMANFri Feb 23 1990Any other business
170.0+53WKRP::COGHILLWed Feb 28 1990Golf Humor
171.0DONVAN::T_THEOWed Feb 28 1990Victor Borges
172.07WMOIS::HOLEWAThu Apr 05 1990Shopping [and stores]
173.0+65--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1990FAMOUS LAST WORDS
174.02SICKO::HARDISONThu Mar 01 1990Those Darn Monks...
175.038--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1990Women - ya gotta love 'em.
176.068WMOIS::HOLEWAFri Mar 02 1990Oxymorons anyone ?
177.013MAJORS::REVELLMon Mar 05 1990Valuing Differences
179.02MUSKIE::SULLIVANMon Mar 05 1990Help Lord
180.010--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 05 1990Good old Mom
183.083SNDCSL::BLEIWASWed Mar 07 1990Practical Jokes!
187.018SNOCThu Mar 08 1990Cannibals
188.04SNOCThu Mar 08 1990Waiters, spiders ...
189.020SNOCThu Mar 08 1990LXIX
191.028MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Mar 13 1990Tautology (repetition of an idea)
193.07MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 16 1990Psychologist humor
194.05POLAR::MACDONALDThu Mar 15 1990Mother-In-Law
196.02RAYBOK::WHITLOCKThu Mar 15 1990Weight Loss
198.02DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONThu Mar 22 1990Potato's
199.07HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 23 1990Logic/Logic Questions
202.0ODIXIE::BAHLFri Mar 23 1990Potato Chip & Battery
203.0+230--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 27 1990SICK/TASTELESS Jokes
204.020HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 27 1990down east (Maine) jokes
207.02VINO::MCGLINCHEYThu Mar 29 1990Getting near Commencement Time...
211.0HANNAH::OSMANThu Mar 29 1990you'll do THAT for $1
212.04HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 30 1990here's the ANSWER. What's the QUESTION ?
214.0138DPDSAL::JEFFREYFri Mar 30 1990Garbled Lyrics
216.0SUBWAY::SIMURRAMon Apr 02 1990I can hear the boos now
220.063FORTY2::ETHERIDGEThu Apr 05 1990Most embarrassing moments
222.019SAURUS::BRAMLEYFri Apr 06 1990Morbid Humor
223.0249ILOV14::PATTISONMon Apr 09 1990Famous People on the Toilet
226.0210DONVAN::T_THEOMon Apr 16 1990An Odd Thought
227.027SHARIF::BULLARDThu Apr 19 1990Skoda Jokes
228.011KIRKTN::CPATRICKThu Apr 19 1990americans hehehehe
229.037CSCMA::BALDWINTue Apr 24 1990Merging Rock Groups
230.02BIGPAK::HOWARDMon Apr 30 1990Book Titles (for real)
231.03XCELL::WOODTue May 01 1990Make your own
233.04SNOCTue May 01 1990Travel minds the broad (D Quayle)
235.012CORNIS::MEANEYWed May 02 1990Gastronomical Bean Story
236.01CIMNET::TOBIN_DThu May 03 1990Seeing the same thing from two different views
237.05--UnknownUser--Mon May 07 1990At the airport...
240.01KITES::BOWENWed May 09 1990Superheros
241.024CUPCSG::KIRSCHBAUMFri May 11 1990Looking for a Joke...
242.07BOSOX::WILLOWSFri May 11 1990Humor for Contractors and Engineers
247.024KERBER::SUTHERLANDWed May 16 1990Effinic European Jokes
248.021CIMNET::TOBIN_DThu May 17 1990Crazy telephone conversations
250.0CIMNET::TOBIN_DThu May 17 1990Make a wish!
255.04DELNI::T_SULLIVANFri May 18 1990Words with double meaning
256.0SALSA::MOELLERFri May 18 1990Hotline to God
257.0+22KIRKTN::IJOHNSTONSun May 20 1990Sporty type jokes.....
258.012CSCMA::BALDWINMon May 21 1990Celebrity Endorsements
259.027CIMNET::TOBIN_DTue May 22 1990Favorite Humorous Authors?
263.09SAHQ::LUBERThu May 31 1990Enter your Jim Henson/muppet jokes here
264.011DASXPS::TIMMONSThu May 31 1990Airplanes/parachuting
267.013DOOZER::OPERATORWed Jun 06 1990emo philips
268.064PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 06 1990Products We Can Do Without
270.0WECARE::GUIMONDFri Jun 08 1990Should Accordion players register with authorities?
273.023CIMNET::TOBIN_DWed Jun 13 1990Truth - Stranger than Fiction
277.03SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Jun 15 1990Camping jokes
278.03XCUSME::BERNIERTue Jun 19 1990.".back in the 8
279.031STKHLM::GYULAITue Jun 19 1990Whatcha think about ... [The Blues Brothers]
280.09SUBSYS::DOUCETTEThu Jun 21 1990Baseball / Softball Humor
282.08MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 22 1990"Movies not made yet" ... originals by me
283.08--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 22 1990British TV Humor old & new
284.011TROAMon Jun 25 1990Belgian jokes
285.05PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 27 1990Superhero Jokes
286.085HEFTY::FRITSCHDThu Jun 28 1990Incredible lines or Propositional Phrases
288.015SNDCSL::BLEIWASFri Jun 29 1990Communism vs. Capitalism
291.09SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Jul 05 1990a few kids' jokes
292.07WOODRO::KOSINAThu Jul 05 1990Didcha ever notice......
293.09PNEUMA::WILSONThu Jul 05 1990Martin Mull
294.068KIRKTN::JJACKFri Jul 06 1990Mary's little lamb topic
295.0+16PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jul 11 1990George Carlin
298.02KETJE::ROBBENSTue Jul 17 1990UFO jokes
299.06PNEUMA::WILSONTue Jul 17 1990Henny Youngman
300.03USEM::AMIRALIANTue Jul 17 1990Moronic Humor
301.05PNEUMA::WILSONThu Jul 19 1990Comic Strip Live
303.010ILOV14::PATTISONWed Jul 25 1990Shaggy Dog Stories
304.04MASADA::TEMPWed Jul 25 1990JAY LENO!!!!!
305.044PSYLO::WILSONFri Jul 27 1990Messages That Say Nothing
306.0ESSB::SPENKELINKTue Jul 31 1990Explanations
308.0MFGMEM::MIOLAThu Aug 02 1990stolen from
310.05DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONFri Aug 03 1990Blind man
311.08CIMNET::TOBIN_DThu Aug 09 1990Fishing Stories
312.0AKRON::DEPRIESTThu Aug 09 1990orange anyone
313.01CIMNET::TOBIN_DFri Aug 10 1990Endangered species
314.03KAOOFri Aug 10 1990SH*T LIST
316.0+134PSYLO::WILSONMon Aug 13 1990Funny Store Names
318.0ODIXIE::WOODROWThu Aug 16 1990Bush and Gorbachev over coffee...
320.0CSC32::J_HENSONFri Aug 17 1990Let's call a meeting
322.0CSC32::J_HENSONFri Aug 24 1990TV Evangelists
323.018CSC32::J_HENSONFri Aug 24 1990Whadda ya get....
324.012JUPITR::FERRAROFri Aug 24 1990Priest Jokes
326.016PSYLO::WILSONThu Aug 30 1990Separated at Birth?
331.04AZUR::JANIKThu Jul 18 1991Ozzie jokes
334.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 18 1991A partial Saddam Hussein Jokes Compendium
339.0HPSTEK::CYGANMon Jul 22 1991That's a Lotta Bull!
340.016CSC32::J_HENSONMon Jul 22 1991If
341.012--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 22 1991Kentucky Fried Notes, regurgitated
342.09SUBURB::LAWSONM1Wed Jul 24 1991The Mother In Law
343.0+121CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jul 24 1991Blonde Jokes
344.02ICS::SANTOSThu Jul 25 1991In-Laws
347.04PAKORA::JGAVINFri Jul 26 1991GREAT JOKE!!!!
348.05SIOG::FRANCEYMon Jul 29 1991Embarrassing true story(ies)
349.081--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 29 1991Peewee Herman Jokes
350.078CSC32::J_HENSONTue Jul 30 1991Insults
351.082WSEWed Jul 31 1991Jeffrey Dahmer jokes...
352.019WSEWed Jul 31 1991Cow Jokes
353.07RAYBOK::WHITLOCKThu Aug 01 1991People unclear on the concept.
354.036POBOX::REMILLARDFri Aug 02 1991food for thought
360.03--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 06 1991THE LUCKY MALE PARROT
362.03JUPITR::FEEWed Aug 07 1991Time for Breakfast
363.04--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991WHAT LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE MADE OF
364.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991THE FLY
367.08TROTWed Aug 07 1991Leper Humour
372.01CSC32::M_POTTERThu Aug 08 1991World history, rewritten!
374.0134--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 12 1991Mike Royko
375.016--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 13 1991CARS
377.011CIMNET::TOBIN_DFri Aug 16 1991How to tell if your organization is in trouble
378.074--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 16 1991Euphemisms for stupid or Six Bricks Short of a Load
379.02--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 16 1991Murphy's Law(s)
380.03JANL::WILSONFri Aug 16 1991Bad Relationship List
382.07BOGUSS::OROSZFri Aug 16 1991Jokes from the Bible
383.017BOGUSS::OROSZFri Aug 16 1991 - One-Liners -
385.05SNOCMon Aug 19 1991Not the alphabet
386.07CRATE::HAZELWed Aug 21 1991Jokes about DEC
387.033VAXRIO::CAMACHOThu Aug 22 1991Texans
388.06--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 22 1991Yankees
389.06BIS2::VRANCKXFri Aug 23 1991"The Dutch"
390.033SAHQ::LUBERFri Aug 23 1991Need clean, funny, inoffensive jokes
391.02445286::GALVINFri Aug 23 1991The Englishman, Scotsman, and Irishman ...
392.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERTue Aug 27 1991Through the eyes of a child
394.018DUCK::SERJEANTSThu Aug 29 1991On their wedding night
395.0TUNER::BROWNThu Aug 29 1991Insurance claims from the fourth dimension
396.034WMOIS::BEANFri Aug 30 1991Childhood tunes...
397.0GUIDUK::MCKAYFri Aug 30 1991Texas TP
398.04CNTROL::TRICKEYTue Sep 03 1991Little Kid Humor (Jokes you learned growin' up)
399.07TOKNOW::METCALFETue Sep 03 1991Pregnancy and Birth Jokes
400.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1991The Birds and The Bees
401.011BIXBY::MUNSONFri Sep 06 1991The Lone Ranger...
402.03CEP11::SCHUFFELSFri Sep 06 1991rubber joke
404.018CNTROL::COTEThu Sep 12 1991Why Women are Wierd
405.025ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Sep 12 1991Humorous songs
406.023ELMAGO::IVILLESCASFri Sep 13 1991Religion...
407.05LJOHUB::JESSOPFri Sep 13 1991Pickle Jokes...
408.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 19 1991The VAXorcist
409.02OTOUThu Sep 19 1991The "How Much Do I Love My Job" Quiz
410.068JANL::WILSONFri Sep 20 1991Euphemisms for Death
411.025CIVIC::MACFAWNFri Sep 20 1991If Men Got Pregnant...
412.035OBLIX::COTEMon Sep 23 1991Euphemisms for Angry, upset, "burns my briefs!"
413.0HAMPS::MCGREGOR_JTue Sep 24 1991
414.01CSC32::J_HENSONTue Sep 24 1991Executive Interview
415.073522::KRISHNANTue Sep 24 1991Sardarji jokes
417.08PAKORA::JJACKSun Sep 29 1991Jobbie Jokes (turds,ploppers,No.2's etc..)
418.014GALVIA::FLOODMon Sep 30 1991Daft Definitions (the DECdictionary)
420.016ANNECY::ROWLAND_AThu Oct 03 1991The Great Tommy Cooper
421.07DPD2Thu Oct 03 1991Ladies Humor
422.05BOGUSS::OROSZFri Oct 04 1991Humorous Books
427.023KAOFS::M_BOUCHERTue Oct 15 1991How about some Newfie jokes eh?
428.010CHGVThu Oct 17 1991CT jokes, anyone???
429.03ZGOMThu Oct 31 1991The Emperor
430.01NEILSN::RECEPTIONThu Oct 31 1991Officialese Unwound?
431.05DECALP::REESSun Nov 03 1991Slightly Longer Jokes
432.013PENUTS::VIVEKSun Nov 03 1991Humor in Uniform
433.041GENARO::WILSONMon Nov 04 1991Movie Sequels that Shouldn't be Made
434.01WASHDC::RICHARDSMon Nov 04 1991Bush / Quayle Administration Jokes
435.030NEILSN::RECEPTIONTue Nov 05 199121 Laws of the Universe
436.0BASCAS::RECEPTIONFri Nov 08 1991The Creation
438.0873382::PARENTMon Nov 11 1991I.Q. TEST QUESTIONS
439.033522::KRISHNANMon Nov 11 1991The great dudes from the splendid land
440.045298::SYSTEMWed Nov 13 1991Operating System Quiz
446.031ANNECY::ROWLAND_AThu Nov 28 1991Essex Girls
447.02SOLANA::JONAS_ROSat Nov 30 1991Play On Words
449.0STEREO::BROWNWed Dec 04 1991what's this?
452.01ADVLSI::KASTNERThu Dec 05 1991Holiday Cake Recipe
453.010SUBURB::LAWSONM1Fri Dec 06 1991Robert Maxwell
454.07TWIST::MERRICKSun Dec 08 1991Fairy Tales Revisited
457.09POLAR::THIELWed Dec 11 1991Hunchback of Notre Dame
458.018--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 12 1991William Kennedy Smith
459.0GLDOA::MAGLIONETue Dec 17 1991The Immortal Murderer
460.06FUTURS::HAZELThu Dec 19 1991Bean Counters
461.014ELMAGO::IVILLESCASFri Dec 27 1991Jesus as a kid.
463.01DPDMAI::MARQUETTEThu Jan 02 1992Foot-in-mouth disease
464.03CNTROL::MCKEONWed Jan 08 1992Babs~
466.05SALEM::VINCENTThu Jan 09 1992Mime Hunting
467.03CIVIC::MACFAWNFri Jan 10 1992Bald, French and more...
468.012ANGLIN::SULLIVANFri Jan 10 1992Field service trouble shooting
469.01ANGLIN::SULLIVANFri Jan 10 1992Smiley Faces
474.013BLOWUP::LOGFINWed Jan 15 1992DEFINE-A-BUM
477.02NEWPRT::SHALLOW_ROThu Jan 16 1992Comedy Traffic School
478.04STA2Fri Jan 17 1992American Jokes
480.0ANGLIN::SULLIVANMon Jan 20 1992some people never learn
481.0ELMAGO::IVILLESCASWed Jan 22 1992***FLOWERS***
482.0+13GULF::JEFFREYMThu Jan 23 1992Epitaphs
483.034SQM::SAXENAFri Jan 24 1992Help wanted...Embarrasing situation.
487.018--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 03 1992Brain Teasers...
489.022--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 04 1992I NEED CHICKEN JOKES
490.01VAOUTue Feb 04 1992Self-effacing humor
492.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Feb 12 1992The breakfast of champions
494.010OTOUMon Feb 17 1992Smoking
495.017--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 19 1992ODE TO COWS
496.0USCTR2::LBARRWed Feb 19 1992Barbie....
499.030TECA17::COGHILLTue Feb 25 1992Olympic Humor
500.07VNABRW::HERRMANN_CThu Feb 27 1992Customer demonstrations
501.019SQM::SAXENAMon Mar 02 1992 master bates jokes...
502.016TKOVOA::NAKAGAWAMon Mar 02 1992Scientist's jokes ?
503.038CSC32::J_HENSONThu Mar 05 1992Appropriately named
504.053CIVIC::MACFAWNThu Mar 05 1992You know you're...
505.0481SA1794::BEANWFri Mar 06 1992Mashed potatoes
507.014BUSY::SWANEYMon Mar 16 1992special request "TALL Jokes!!!"
511.0163522::KRISHNANFri Mar 20 1992new meanings
512.05CSC32::J_HENSONFri Mar 20 1992Woodyisms
514.03SQM::SAXENAWed Mar 25 1992Superfluous Language
515.016UBOHUB::HOLLANDS_CWed Apr 01 1992Funniest joke in the world...
516.07TECA17::COGHILLFri Apr 03 1992Out of Order?
518.063382::PARENTThu Apr 09 1992HUMOROUS KEYBOARD ART<< stuff
519.013SQM::SAXENAWed Apr 15 1992HEIGHTS
520.015NEMAIL::CARROLLJWed Apr 15 1992The Goodbye Note
521.0+10AYOV29::SHASSONThu Apr 16 1992Wedding Speech material
523.013MRCONE::COGHILLThu Apr 16 1992Virus Alert - From the Internet
525.02JONEIL::MOSIERWed Apr 22 1992Who's on First
526.01TRACTR::BLAKEThu Apr 23 1992feel safe tonight - sleep with a cop
527.02214Mon Apr 27 1992A note from mother
528.0TECA17::COGHILLMon Apr 27 1992Guaranteed Get Rich Quick Scheme
530.017BREAKR::FLATMANSat May 02 1992L.A. Jokes: They're a Riot
532.0923489::AMARNATHFri May 08 1992Your Manhood is showing
533.01XAXXON::BUTTONFri May 08 1992do it in the dark...
534.0XAXXON::BUTTONMon May 11 1992a penny saved is one that gathers lint
535.08CSC32::M_FRAZIERMon May 11 1992Cat Humor
536.026DORIAN::GEIBELLTue May 12 1992condom jokes
537.02823489::AMARNATHThu May 14 1992 * HOW GOOD FLYING IS.... *
538.0323489::RAMESHThu May 21 1992cold romance
539.01ANGLIN::SULLIVANThu May 21 1992Watch where your mind is.
540.0+7SHALOT::NICODEMFri May 22 1992Heaven and hell
543.0XAXXON::BUTTONFri May 29 1992do-little's cousin: do-nothin'
546.08--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 04 1992Winston Churchill
547.0DECWET::SCHMUHLThu Jun 04 1992Ray Stevens Classic Ditty
549.0317576::PATALANOMon Jun 08 1992my uncle's accident
552.0158633::POECHMANThu Jun 11 1992THE APARTMENT
553.0515646::WILSONThu Jun 11 1992Your Opening Line
554.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERFri Jun 12 1992Trolling for Taillights
555.024--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 15 1992Old Sayings
559.03021752::YUANMon Jun 22 1992cow-tipping experience needed
564.04234238::JEFFREYMWed Jul 01 19921
565.0618Mon Jul 06 1992Oldy but good for a few
567.0658633::POECHMANTue Jul 14 1992Stranded on an Island
568.0958633::POECHMANWed Jul 15 1992I stuck up for you...
570.0+11--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 15 1992sex the hard way
571.0323478::PATRICKThu Jul 16 1992SCORE-BOARD
572.02517765::FRENCHFri Jul 17 1992Ever have one of those days?
573.01931Tue Jul 21 1992LICENSE PLATES
575.0123479::AMARNATHSat Jul 25 1992REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
576.093742::BUTTONWed Jul 29 1992SADDAM HUSSEIN is a CRAZY guy....
577.0119358::BEANWThu Jul 30 1992Thou shalt not...
578.08CSC32::J_HENSONFri Jul 31 1992Hiney Wine and Rank Cheese
580.096656::WAGERWed Aug 12 1992QE2
583.0242443::PF9Tue Aug 18 1992Short Ones (ooh,err!!).
584.0532543::BROWNWed Aug 19 1992Spotted Owl Hunting Regulations
585.0243149::HUBBARDThu Aug 20 1992Last night I dreamt...
588.07133Fri Aug 21 1992Office Humor Wanted
590.0324723::WILSONMon Aug 24 1992Cookbook Comedy
591.0106297::BOUCHARDTue Aug 25 1992Woody Allen Jokes
593.01132542::BROWNThu Aug 27 1992Biker Joke
594.0169--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 27 1992Ever Wonder Why ?????
595.0266Mon Aug 31 1992Irish Humor
596.02242139::ROODENBERGDWed Sep 02 1992Contradictions
597.02142139::ROODENBERGDWed Sep 02 1992oldest jokes in the world
599.0432542::BROWNThu Sep 03 1992Wang joke
601.09CSC32::J_HENSONFri Sep 04 1992Dangling participles
602.010CSC32::J_HENSONTue Sep 08 19928
603.0829572::SHILLCUTT_GThu Sep 10 1992Greet'ns 'n Salutations
605.012--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 22 1992Any FUNNY Star Trek Jokes?
606.0DUBThu Nov 05 1992The guide to fax
607.01PSYLO::WILSONThu Nov 12 1992Cable TV Offers
608.01CUPMK::T_THEOFri Nov 20 1992Norm!!! (Normisms from Cheers)
609.0CUPMK::T_THEOFri Nov 20 1992Fashion Statements
610.016REEF::JEFFREYMMon Nov 23 1992Movie Lines
611.024PSYLO::WILSONWed Dec 09 1992Bundy-isms
612.016ASABET::POMEROYThu Dec 17 1992SOMALIA Jokes
613.0IOSG::LAYNEWFri Dec 18 1992Moral of this tale
614.04KAOFS::M_GREENWed Dec 23 199225 ways to cope with STRESS.
616.01CSC32::J_HENSONThu Dec 31 1992Twisted Traditions
617.04CSC32::J_HENSONMon Jan 04 1993PC Song Titles
618.015PSYLO::WILSONThu Jan 07 1993Right Job/Wrong Nickname!
620.027SOLVIT::GAYNORWed Jan 20 1993Any Billy Connolly jokes?
621.092CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jan 20 1993Bill/Hillary Clinton Jokes
622.028SAHQ::CONNELLJTue Jan 26 1993A Clinton never-ending story
624.02ESSB::PHAYDENTue Feb 16 1993Those without sin cast the first stone !
625.013STRATA::PHILLIPSTue Mar 02 1993"King Kong" movie spin-offs....
626.030TRCOA::WITTGENThu Mar 04 1993April Fools Day Jokes
627.06PSYLO::WILSONThu Mar 04 1993Favorite Club Lines
628.07BALMER::MUDGETTSat Mar 06 1993WTC bomber/world's dumbest terrorist
629.011997::SPELLMANMon Mar 08 1993The Hasty Pudding
630.05OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Mar 22 1993Jake Thackary songs
631.010WMOIS::LUPIEN_WThu Apr 01 1993 Two old gents
633.01DSSDEV::DSSDEV::FRANTZFri Apr 09 1993Conversion factors
634.050--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 20 1993David Koresh Jokes
635.014CSC32::J_HENSONTue Apr 27 1993Slogans / Catch Phrases
636.028PSYLO::WILSONFri Apr 30 1993Seinfeld
637.06TROOA::BROOKSThu May 20 1993Cheers alternative endings
639.032HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARMon Jun 07 1993"How many ........." series
641.05PEKING::HUTCHISONPFri Jun 18 1993Preferred Suppliers List
642.010--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 30 1993Stupid/Funny Songs
643.039SIOG::HOWARDThu Jul 01 1993Graffiti Note
644.05--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 02 1993Jurassic Park
646.07RADIA::PERLMANSat Jul 03 1993Another request -- funny motherly advice for writing to kid at camp
647.02BCFI::VINCELETTEMon Jul 12 1993Suitable Sales Presentation Jokes
649.05KYOA::HANSONFri Jul 16 1993Material needed for festival emcee job.
653.0+150WELCLU::KINGIMon Jul 26 1993Funny Names
657.03--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 06 1993What no Derek & Clive?
659.05--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 12 1993Criminal, crime, jail, Xcon
665.066214::TORCHIAFri Aug 20 1993need wedding aniversary material
667.03KAOOA::PRINCEFri Sep 03 1993Space, Probes, & Satellites
668.0521411::SACHINRAJTue Sep 21 1993TRUTH AND TRUST
669.0121752::LBERMANFri Sep 24 1993a little morgue humor
670.0916821::EYSTERTue Oct 12 1993'Fahts', as they call 'em in the NorthEast
672.034397Tue Oct 19 1993YO MAMA...
673.0917576::BULLThu Oct 21 1993halloween humor
674.083635::FLAMMINI_CFri Nov 05 1993Sung To The Tune Of...
676.010132895::HANSONMon Nov 22 1993The Official Bobbit Note
680.0128864::EINESTue Dec 07 1993VAX's and IBM don't mix
681.016565Tue Dec 21 1993Funny Greeting Cards
684.018463::LANETue Jan 25 1994A little help needed for a joke....
685.04217576::TAYLOR_JTue Feb 01 1994Skating jokes ???
686.02044247::CHARROWERTue Feb 08 1994Prostitute Jokes
687.01192Mon Feb 14 1994Current Event Valentines
688.09323Tue Feb 15 1994Dentist/Pain/Teeth funnies...
689.0304394::ATHERTONWed Feb 23 1994MASSACHUSETTS
690.027958::ANDERSONMThu Mar 03 1994NATIVES
691.0544Thu Mar 24 1994The fastest thing in the world...
692.055Fri Mar 25 1994If Digital ran a restaurant...
693.0208269::BUSSARDTue Apr 05 1994Vasectomy anyone?
694.0318463::DUNCANWed Apr 06 1994help a mother with distant son?
695.0336Fri Apr 15 1994Stupid Roommate Tricks
700.01116626::CAROLLAThu Apr 28 1994PC dictionary
701.04354797::GOUWELOOSFri Apr 29 1994MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head
703.02--UnknownUser--Tue May 03 1994unix, c a hoax
706.0454487::VOORT_WFri May 06 1994simple solution
708.023811Sat May 07 1994MR MANLY
709.049575::EMADMon May 09 1994The decline ?
713.03NODEX::POLIKOFFFri May 20 1994Organic and other gardening jokes
714.0KAOOA::PRINCEThu Jun 02 1994Denny's
717.0POCUS::GUPTAFri Jun 10 1994What a Trilemma ( Dilemma + 1 )
718.02OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jun 14 1994Generate your own Shakespearean insults (etc !) To: OSITEL::BRITTAIN CC: Subj: Shakespearean insults From: NAME: Peter Brittain FUNC: Technol. Cons. Center (TCC) TEL: 865-31
719.05--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 14 1994Tasteless
720.04FORTY2::WILKINSWed Jun 15 1994Welsh Jokes.....
724.092SAHQ::LUBERFri Jun 17 1994Topic Reserved for OJ Simpson Jokes
728.07SWECSC::THORNQVISTThu Jun 23 1994Windows 3.x
734.04NUBOAT::HEBERTThu Jun 30 1994Make this Teddy's last ride
736.013COMET::SOCORROTue Jul 05 1994It's Football Season Once Again!
739.07SIOG::DOWNEYTue Jul 19 1994Action Manager
740.05DNEAST::RICKER_STEVETue Jul 19 1994Rush Limbaugh Jokes anyone?
742.02SUBURB::FRANKLINCThu Jul 21 1994farm machinery fun
744.011ODIXIE::LUBERFri Jul 22 1994You know you're getting old when....
747.014--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 26 1994Hell is . . .
752.0+19AYRPLN::VENTURATue Aug 09 1994Women DON'T have equal rights.
753.01JGO::BOETZKESThu Aug 11 19943 guys .....
757.01LACVTue Aug 23 1994EXT TT Where is it?
758.04CSC32::J_HENSONWed Aug 24 1994Dilbert
759.05TPSYS::APREALAWed Aug 24 1994Bill Clinton
761.013STRATA::WILCOXMon Aug 29 1994Funny Thoughts
762.04GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Aug 31 1994Rules and Regulations
764.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 05 1994The "You can't get in without a tie" Topic
765.036RUTILE::STANDRINGFri Sep 16 1994Short and sweet!
767.0GMT1::TEEKEMAThu Sep 22 1994Let's pick on Europeans
768.0ZEKE::SZCZThu Sep 29 1994The Clintstones !
769.09ICS::POMEROYTue Oct 04 1994Fire jokes
770.05ICS::POMEROYThu Oct 06 1994Helpdesk Humor
771.0DPDMAI::ROSEThu Oct 06 1994Apple humor
774.027GMT1::TEEKEMAMon Oct 17 1994Food and Sex
777.019ROCKS::ARCHERGThu Nov 10 1994Spoonerisms ??? anyone?
779.04ZURTue Nov 15 1994Visual Jokes (Presentation)
780.016LIOSThu Nov 17 1994International jokes anyone?
782.04POLAR::RADFORDFri Dec 02 1994Funny Comercials
784.0POBOX::PATLASun Dec 04 1994James The Butler!
785.0BSS::PETTORINOMon Dec 05 1994When Irish Eyes are Laughing!
786.01045227::MCMICHAELTue Dec 06 1994Intel Pentium
787.0JGODCL::SHERLOCKWed Dec 07 1994sirry iriot
788.010PTOSFri Dec 09 1994The Surgeon General
789.09TECRUS::SELAWed Dec 14 1994Microsoft
790.04COMICS::SUMNERCMon Dec 19 1994Word For The Day
791.08--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 20 1994Joke for the day!
792.02PEKING::SULLIVANDWed Dec 21 1994I wash my hands of it...
793.0DAIVThu Dec 22 1994Me, too!
797.05QCAVSat Dec 24 1994Merry Christmas ... !!
798.03BSS::PETTORINOFri Dec 30 1994Newlyweds
799.03POWDML::GUPTAFri Jan 06 1995Need help ..4
801.03OTOU2Mon Jan 09 1995Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts.
802.075COMICS::SUMNERCThu Jan 12 1995Chat-Up Lines
803.01NITMOI::ARMSTRONGFri Jan 13 1995English Warranty Notice
809.0OTOU2Wed Feb 15 1995Economist Jokes.
810.07BIS1::MENZIESWed Feb 22 1995The Gerbils
812.0BSS::HARRYWed Mar 01 1995POOPIE LIST
814.03FACIL::DEHAANMon Mar 13 1995Anyone have The System Manager's Guide to Power?
816.02NPSS::CREEGANFri Mar 31 1995Difference between HW/SW Engr and Manager
819.07OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Apr 05 1995Humour on the WWW
820.0+59MASALA::DALEXANDERWed Apr 05 1995Crap jokes.
821.02--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 07 1995Reverend
822.021XSTACY::CMAGUIREWed Apr 12 1995Mummy, Mummy...
823.012DECWET::MCCLAINThu Apr 20 1995Idiot Drivers
824.0203MORLEY::HALLFri May 05 1995Fortunately & Unfortunately
825.01GLDOA::MAGLIONEWed May 10 1995Labor Unions
826.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 17 1995Ice CURLING Jokes
827.0VAXRIO::CAMACHOTue Jun 06 1995Combinations...
829.03VYGER::HAMILTONSSat Jul 01 1995It wisnae me !!!
831.0+32SPSEG::COVINGTONThu Jul 13 1995A man walks into a bar...
832.011SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMWed Jul 19 1995Odd condoms
834.05SIOG::1HFri Jul 28 1995Hugh Grant Ha, Ha, Ha!
836.0GVAFri Aug 04 1995Pre-parental Training
837.025VYGER::GIBSONJMon Aug 07 1995Horse jokes.
838.0VYGER::GIBSONJTue Aug 08 1995talking horses
842.0VYGER::GILBERTMWed Aug 30 1995An open letter to Jacques Chirac
843.0+3VYGER::GILBERTMThu Aug 31 1995Classics on the web...
844.04CSLALL::BERGERONThu Aug 31 1995What's the difference?
845.018PENUTS::STEVENSTue Sep 05 1995Help! 1st Grade Jokes
846.04POLAR::BUCCIONEMon Sep 11 1995Any witches,devils jokes?
848.02KAOFS::D_DAGENAISWed Sep 27 1995bungy joke's
849.0CRONIC::SHUBSWed Sep 27 1995Edward Gorey
850.04POLAR::BOISJOLYWed Oct 04 1995Smart Alec's
851.0BASLG1::BADMANJWed Oct 04 1995Steak and Kidley Pies
853.03--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 05 1995oranges
855.0POLAR::BUCCIONEFri Oct 13 1995Warranty Card
857.0POLAR::BUCCIONETue Oct 17 1995The Devil's Dictionary
858.02MKOTS3::FLATHERSWed Oct 18 1995a little DEC humor
859.0CSLALL::COTTERWed Oct 25 1995DOn't underestimate...
860.013OTOOA::HHAYESThu Nov 02 1995Men Jokes!Enjoy
861.050VYGER::GRAYJSun Nov 05 1995"ROYAL FUNNIES"
863.0VYGER::AGNEWDMon Dec 04 1995Musical garden.
864.05BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Dec 06 1995Management jokes
865.0AYOV29::MTHEODORESONThu Dec 07 1995Star Wars
866.05VYGER::GIBSONJThu Dec 07 1995Whats the Difference
867.011BTATST::EDMD_4Tue Dec 12 1995Get them talking on your first date!
868.018VYGER::GIBSONJFri Dec 15 1995We can all play this one.
870.047KERNEL::AMISSMThu Feb 01 1996Chris Evans appreciation society
871.03WOTVAX::WILLIAMSMThu Feb 15 1996Programmers
872.015BBIVMon Feb 26 1996CRICKET,,,jokes if any
873.04LIOSTue Mar 12 1996George Burns One Liners
874.028SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Mar 26 1996MAD COW'S
875.04COOKIE::MUNNSWed Apr 03 1996Le Petomane
876.010POLAR::LALUMIEREThu Apr 18 1996Blowing CHUNKS!!
877.0EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARThu Apr 25 1996Consumer Report: Selecting a Girlfriend
878.036VYGER::GIBSONJTue Apr 30 1996A gid yin.
879.03CSC32::D_PERRINThu May 09 1996interesting news item - Mozart's body found!
880.02HETHR::BLAKELYThu May 16 1996
882.04SEND::FRANTZFri May 17 1996I'm pretty sure this isn't just another Mrs. Field's...
883.05SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue May 21 1996Value jet humor
884.01SLBLUZ::WINKLEMANWed Jun 05 1996Allan Sherman
889.06THEMAX::G_CARLSONThu Jun 13 1996INCEST
892.0CSC32::MACGREGORMon Jun 24 1996Letter to the IRS
893.01VIRGIN::BILLWed Jun 26 1996Business in China
894.03CSC32::D_STUARTFri Jun 28 1996yankee
895.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 01 1996Michael Winslow
896.01DRDAN::KALIKOWMon Jul 15 1996CERT Advisory: ID4 Virus (Note release date carefully)
897.0TNPUBS::MILGROMTue Jul 23 1996Humor/ Radio interview and workshops
898.017KERNEL::HOBBSAFri Aug 02 1996Cyber Sex.
899.0190ALFSS1::connap.alf.dec.com::CONNELLJMon Aug 19 1996A new never ending story ... Please add to it !!
900.045SUBSYS::TURCOTTETue Sep 03 1996technical support hotline
901.01TNPUBS::MILGROMThu Sep 05 1996Humor-related and Educational Workshops/presentations
902.0TNPUBS::MILGROMWed Sep 11 1996Jimmy Tingle - recommended
903.06CHEFS::LUND_YATESThu Sep 12 1996You can do just about what you want!
904.02KAOFS::maverick.kao.dec.com::t_petersThu Sep 12 1996Genie Jokes
905.0+100KERNEL::HANCOCKMTue Sep 17 1996The Questions game...
906.0+8CHEFS::lolife.reo.dec.com::CARLINDWed Oct 02 1996Animal Jokes
907.08STRATA::COLEMANThu Oct 03 1996ideas for Halloween costumes
908.02KCBBQ::PRESTONTue Oct 08 1996The Darwin Award
909.01DAIVC::KEVINThu Oct 10 1996A Programmer and An Engineer
910.0ALEXWS::GEULASun Oct 13 1996Intelligence is not a feature; it's a bug!
911.0+2MPOSTue Oct 15 1996Does this remind you of anyone?
912.0CHEFS::JOHNSTONE_PFri Oct 18 1996Odds and Sods
913.03WOTVAX::WILLIAMSMFri Oct 18 1996More fish
914.0POLAR::LALUMIEREThu Oct 31 1996Birds of a different feather
915.01FABSIX::J_WATSONMon Nov 04 1996The gift
916.0+3FABSIX::J_WATSONMon Nov 04 1996Heaven
917.0+30BSS::BUSSARDTue Nov 19 1996Favorite T-Shirt note
918.03JULIET::COSTELLOMon Dec 02 1996Bubba Jokes
919.0+4TNPUBS::MILGROMWed Jan 08 1997Workshops on Healing Power of humor and more
920.01ASABET::DENAROThu Jan 23 1997gene for shyness
922.0 *METALX::SWANSONFri Jan 24 1997The Finger
923.0 *+2OTOOA::maverick.kao.dec.com::petersThu Jan 30 1997Just a statue....
924.0 *+1--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 10 1997This Telemarketer phones a house
925.0 *DELNI::RCN42A::NusbaumWed Feb 19 1997Drug Dealers vs. Software Developers
926.0 *+2SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Feb 28 1997Larry Glick (WBZ) ?
927.0 *NETRIX::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997UNIX Expertise Classification
928.0 *OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Mar 06 1997Creative Writing
929.0 *+9KERNEL::AMISSMMon Mar 10 1997Beer
931.0 *+6BUSY::SLABSat Mar 22 1997The Jerky Boys
932.0 *ZEKE::MAILROOMMon Mar 24 1997humor 832.
933.0 *+2BUSY::SLABMon Mar 24 1997Steve Martin
934.0 *+1HLFSWed Mar 26 1997Upgrade your favorite software!
935.0 *+8ICS::CLELANDThu Apr 03 1997Heaven's Gate
936.0 *+22BUSY::SLABTue Apr 08 1997Adam Sandler
937.0 *+5POLAR::LONSDALETue Apr 08 1997Test
938.0 *+2MIPSBX::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Tue Apr 15 1997Customer : A general nuisance ...
939.0 *OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Apr 16 1997Cojones!
940.0 *+2KERNEL::FISHERCMon Apr 21 1997How to rule the galaxy
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942.0 *+1POLAR::KURICHHWed Apr 23 1997Electonics Humor
943.0 *+1MILKWY::CRUZFri Apr 25 1997MS Exchange
944.0 *KERNEL::FISHERCMon May 12 1997The Drinkers Fault-Finding Guide
945.0 *+3CSC32::LUFFWed May 14 1997Hmm...
946.0 *+2DECC::ROTITHORThu May 29 1997Found this USENET clip humorous
947.0 *LEXSS1::PUCHRIKSun Jun 01 1997Adults say the darndest things...