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Conference 7.286::decmug

Title:Corporate DEC Macintosh User Group Conference
Created:Sat Nov 17 1990
Last Modified:Mon May 01 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:60
Total number of notes:289
Number with bodies:0
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1.0ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Welcome to DECMUG!
2.08ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Related Mac Conferences
3.0119ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990DECMUG Members
5.03RT128::BATESTue Nov 03 1992Conference Announcements
7.0ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Reserved
8.0ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Reserved
9.0ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Reserved
10.0ROUTES::BATESSat Nov 17 1990Reserved
11.06GAUCHE::jnelsonWed Dec 05 1990Meeting topics
12.08DATABS::HETRICKTue Dec 18 1990Meeting Schedules
17.03EJMVII::JENNINGSSat Feb 23 1991Maybe I'll start one in CT
20.0DDIF::SURTEESWed Mar 20 1991Window was too small to schudule this at a regular DECmug
21.0GUIDUK::OLSENWed Apr 03 1991DECsmug, in the great Northwest
22.0MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Apr 10 1991CT DECMUG Announcement
24.01SONATA::COOKTue Apr 30 1991pagemaker to ascii
25.012EDSAIC::ARONSONSat May 18 1991North East DECmug Meeting anouncements
26.01EBBCLU::SEVIER::SEVIERThu May 30 1991Deneba can demo Canvas 3.
27.08EDSAIC::ARONSONMon Jun 03 1991Decmug group going to Macworld ?
28.06EPEE::GROFFFri Aug 09 1991Corporate Licenses
29.01EPEE::GROFFFri Aug 09 1991DECmug Mousepads or Wrist Rests
30.03EPEE::GROFFFri Aug 09 1991Macintosh Bible -- to System 7.
31.05AMAMA::GROFFMon Oct 28 1991Recent Uploads from DECmug...
32.02EPEE::GROFFTue Nov 26 1991DEC 17 NE Meeting Toy Shopping List
33.02RDVAX::KALIKOWThu Apr 09 1992Looking for a demo of BLYTH SW's OMNIS Database...?
34.02HABS11::MASONMon May 18 1992Retirees?
35.01SKYE::HAMELThu Jul 16 1992Looking for Contact Mgt. software
36.02CSSEDB::GROFFMon Jul 27 1992Possible Oct. Meeting
37.01RCORDF::FITTERTue Jul 28 1992Macintosh Conference status check
38.0ESSB2::GMCCLEANTue Aug 04 1992Prototyping tools
39.05CSSEDB::GROFFMon Sep 14 1992DECMUG wants you!
40.0CSSEDB::GROFFThu Oct 15 1992OCTOBER 2
41.0SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
43.0REGENT::FORTIERFri Jan 29 1993What would you like in a low cost personal laser printer?
44.02CSSEDB::GROFFFri Feb 12 1993DECMUG NE Meeting 2/16/93 - New Macs!
45.01HANNAH::ALFREDMon Mar 01 1993DECmug Meeting (3/9/93) New Macs!
46.05HANNAH::ALFREDThu Apr 15 1993DECmug Meeting (4/27/93) CD-ROMs
47.0ROYALT::SECINOFri Apr 16 1993Color Printer Survey
48.04IJSAPL::IJSAPL::VRIES_RTue May 04 1993Electronic MacWeek?
49.03PIQUE::FREANFri Jul 02 1993MUGgy time of year!
50.0HANNAH::ALFREDMon Jul 26 1993DECmug Meeting (7/29/93) New Apple Hardware
51.04VIA::CIOTWed Aug 18 1993How to quickly search all the Mac notesfile at once
52.01JURA::ROSSET::HOUZEThu Nov 25 1993MAC access to VAX/RDB ?
53.04ATYISA::JOUVELLIERThu Feb 10 1994Backup
54.01SMAUG::DUDLEYTue Mar 22 1994When is next DECmug?
55.0LEDS::PRIBORSKYTue Aug 23 1994User group discount for System 7.5
56.0NOVA::GROFFSat Aug 27 1994goodbye
57.01MRKTNG::TOUBMon Sep 12 1994DECMUG alive?
58.0CURIE::BMCWILLIAMSThu Sep 29 1994VT terminal emulator?
59.02PIQUE::FREANWed Dec 07 1994Is DECMUG Apple-authorized? If so ...
60.01SALEM::MILLER_CTue Feb 28 1995Converting Str255 -> extended or double