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Conference 7.286::boston_celtics

Title:Welcome to the Boston Celtics Conference
Notice:Ticket topic is in 51.*
Created:Mon Aug 05 1991
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:253
Total number of notes:26753
Number with bodies:565
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1.0103OOBIE::DAMOREMon Aug 05 1991Welcome to the Boston Celtics Conference
2.01302491Tue Aug 06 1991Introductions
3.031OOBIE::DAMOREFri Jan 17 1992Conference Issues
4.07FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
5.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
6.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
7.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
8.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
9.028VAOP28::RiceThu Mar 10 1994Atlanta Hawks
10.080FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Charlotte Hornets
11.0150273Wed Aug 07 1991Chicago Bulls
12.02024734::KINGWed Dec 18 1991Cleveland Cavaliers
13.0133FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Dallas Mavericks
14.05229633::SERKMANFri Aug 09 1991Denver Nuggets
15.0513DNEAST::AHLES_ANDYWed Aug 07 1991Detroit Pistons
16.0178MARIN::DODGETue Jul 19 1994Golden State Warriors
17.0+106FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Houston Rockets
18.056FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Indiana Pacers
19.061FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Los Angeles Clippers
20.0+13759629::TESSIERTue Aug 06 1991Los Angeles Lakers
21.099421388::PETRIEWed Aug 07 1991Miami Heat
22.036FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Milwaukee Bucks
23.046FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Minnesota Timberwolves
24.035FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994New Jersey Nets
25.01390BOLT::DFIELDTue Oct 27 1992New York Knicks
26.0146FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Orlando Magic
27.074FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Philadelphia 76ers
28.0+257716421::HEISERTue Aug 06 1991Phoenix Suns
29.04151Thu Sep 12 1991Portland Trailblazers
30.049FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Sacramento Kings
31.077FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994San Antonio Spurs
32.0193VAOP28::RiceTue Nov 09 1993Seattle Supersonics
33.05FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Toronto Raptors
34.052FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Utah Jazz
35.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Vancouver Ravens
36.059FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Washington Bullets
37.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
38.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
39.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
40.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Oct 25 1994Reserved
41.06WREATH::SCOPAThu Jan 13 1994NBA Dribbling
42.012FRETZ::HEISERWed Oct 05 1994NBA Strike
43.08ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Aug 18 1994alt.sports.basketball.nba.boston-celtics ?
44.056TOOK::HALPINWed Apr 13 1994NBA Lottery Watch
45.017VNABRW::KRAMER_FMon Jan 10 1994Salary Cap ?
46.0+20985468::GILETue Aug 06 1991Last Night's Game Note
47.0+2625468::GILETue Aug 06 1991Time Out of Here
48.01815468::GILETue Aug 06 1991RCASO Drive through Rumor Mill
49.03TNPUBS::DIORIOThu Jun 30 1994DEC Leagues
50.0108TNPUBS::DIORIOFri Jul 01 1994Robert Parish
51.0+695468::GILETue Aug 06 1991The One and Only Tickets Note
52.0374158::NAZZAROTue Aug 27 1991Dave Barry Article from Miami Welcoming Orlando to the NBA
53.062319Wed Aug 07 1991Training Camp
54.022629Wed Aug 07 1991Statistics
55.0+22629Wed Aug 07 1991 Scores and Standings
56.025--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991Red and Dave
57.018929Wed Aug 07 1991Predictions! Who will fare well?
58.011529Wed Aug 07 1991Brian Shaw
59.013729Wed Aug 07 1991Dee Brown
60.09929Wed Aug 07 1991Rick Fox
61.01429Wed Aug 07 1991Coach Chris Ford
62.02829Wed Aug 07 1991Easy Ed Pinckney
63.01829Wed Aug 07 1991Derek Smith
64.07229Wed Aug 07 1991Team Schedules
65.010WREATH::SCOPAWed Dec 15 1993Celtics Books
66.089--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991Former Celtics
67.019516913::AMBRAY_JUWed Aug 07 1991NBA Summer Leagues
68.0114016913::AMBRAY_JUWed Aug 07 1991NBA News
69.011TNPUBS::NAZZAROWed Oct 27 1993Celtics Pocket Schedules
70.0407Wed Aug 07 1991Stoyko Vrankovic
71.025--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991Joe Willie Kleine
72.0129--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 07 1991VdM; The Michael Smith Story
73.0867Wed Aug 07 1991The Real McHale Note
74.02077Wed Aug 07 1991The Real BIRD Note
75.0397Wed Aug 07 1991Kevin `Oscar' Gamble
76.02037Wed Aug 07 1991SIR Reggie
77.0225468::GILEThu Aug 08 1991International Basketball
78.01055468::GILEFri Aug 09 1991Rathole Note
79.02MPGS::MARKEYTue Jul 26 1994Celtics at Worcester Centrum?
80.03SWAM2::DAVIS_ROBThu Jun 30 1994Dream Team II
81.02985468::GILEWed Aug 21 1991Thoughts on the Olympic Team
82.02ZENDIA::DONAHUETue May 17 1994Where to send a letter to Larry Bird??
83.01817576::WRIGHT_RThu Aug 29 1991Patrick Ewing & Celtics
84.018DNEAST::WHITE_BRYANTue Sep 03 1991Pre-Season Schedule?
85.0433131::CLOUDFri Sep 06 1991Vinnie `The Microwave' Johnson
86.018516421::HEISERMon Sep 09 1991Noter's Social Events
87.03PHAROS::NORMANMon Mar 07 1994Boston Celtics Youth Clinic ?
88.0173SASE::WEBBERWed Sep 18 1991The Question Note
89.044HAVASU::HEISERMon Sep 30 1991Rotis/Fantasy player info
90.034LIMPID::TESSIERWed Oct 02 1991Afterwork Hoops?
91.07FDCVFri Oct 04 1991Where to get piece of the Celtics?
92.06WEFXEM::STJEANFri Oct 04 1991where is the bruins file
93.0157VIA::PARMENTERThu Oct 10 1991TV and Radio note
94.031ASABET::GILEWed Oct 16 1991De cafe' Old Croak! (Art Neuvo Crow Cafe)
96.014NECSC::OBRIENSat Oct 26 1991Rick Calloway
97.023WRKSYS::MARKEYWed Oct 30 1991Another Boston Gahden Proposal
98.03OTOOA::RICESun Nov 03 1991Who's Hot, Who's Not
99.059TRACTR::SAPPMon Nov 04 1991Kevin Pritchard
100.0109HAVASU::HEISERMon Nov 04 1991Official Trivia
101.026VAOP28::RiceWed May 11 1994The Canadian Hoops Topic
102.014BUSY::BOWIEWed Nov 06 1991Rickey Green?
103.049GUESS::CARRWed Nov 06 1991The "I'm going to the game tonite" (or, I'll bug Nazz) note
104.0187OTOOA::RICESat Nov 09 1991Magic Johnson
105.07TRACTR::WINANSThu Nov 14 1991The "New Celts"
106.0+9WLDWST::MAGNOThu Nov 21 1991Conference for Sports?
107.0+766TNPUBS::NAZZAROFri Nov 22 1991College Basketball
108.019--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 24 1991NBA Images & Logos
109.0526737::CPERSONTue Dec 10 1991Stats on Dennis Johnson
110.06511778::RBLOUNTWed Dec 11 1991Celtic Owners
111.0611778::RBLOUNTWed Dec 11 1991Who Is Better?
112.03957133::CLAFFEYThu Dec 12 1991The Official Celtics Retired Number Note
113.01ATZIS2::KRAMER_FMon Dec 27 1993NBA Headquarters
114.02924857::NEEDLEThu Dec 19 1991NBA arenas around the country
115.01719358::WELLSPEAKSat Dec 21 1991Seasons greetings!!!
116.01054158::NAZZAROFri Jan 03 1992The Annual NAZZ Lottery
117.016624857::NEEDLEMon Jan 06 1992NBA All-Star Game
118.01511499::WINTRINGHAMFri Jan 10 1992Tony Massenberg
119.0815468::GILEThu Jan 16 1992Sherman Douglas
120.02028864::OBRIENFri Jan 17 1992Kenny Battle
121.0CSC32::REIGELMANTue Oct 12 1993new NBA???
122.016RDVAX::LAUFri Jan 17 1992flashbacks - celts' greatest moment
123.014RDVAX::LAUWed Jan 22 1992Warriors home schedule
124.0CRONIC::MCINTYREFri Feb 07 1992Celtics new practice facilities
125.032FRETZ::HEISERWed Feb 12 1992NBA referees
126.073AKOCOA::DANDERSONMon Feb 24 19923 point contest time...
127.053GUESS::CARRMon Feb 24 1992Playoff Matchup Watch
128.0+148GRIND::MMARLANDThu Feb 27 1992Trades far and wide ...
129.0275CTHQ3::BELENKYThu Feb 27 19921992 Draft - Celtics Choice?
130.08BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Mar 09 1992Celtics 6th Star Award
132.0268TNPUBS::NAZZAROMon Mar 16 1992The Annual NAZZ NCAA Tourney Contest
133.056TNPUBS::NAZZAROWed Mar 25 19921992 NBA Playoffs
135.050SENIOR::DEMPSEYThu Apr 02 1992Illegal Defense....?
136.014CUPTAY::BAILEYFri Apr 17 1992End of the season analysis ...
137.093OTOP14::RiceTue Apr 21 1992Round 1 - Celtics vs. Pacers
138.0185LEVERS::BATTERSBYWed Apr 29 1992Round 2 - Celtics vs Cavaliers
139.05WMOIS::COTTON_RTue May 26 1992Best record (including playoffs)
140.04CSCMA::PARADISOTue Jun 02 1992Looked better than Ron Burton...
141.077GUESS::CARRWed Jun 03 1992Bulls/Blazers series: predictions
142.0163TNPUBS::NAZZAROThu Jun 04 19921992 NBA Draft Predictions
143.063DKAS::SHIHThu Jun 11 1992New Boston Garden
144.02SALEM::KUPTONTue Jun 16 1992Supper with Red and the newest Celts
145.0+81FRETZ::HEISERTue Jun 16 1992Available Free Agents
147.03CSDNET::DICASTROThu Jun 18 1992Michael Jordan's b-ball uniform (shorts only)
148.0195LCALOR::PETRIETue Jun 23 1992Olympic Basketball
149.087CSLALL::BRULETue Jul 07 19921992 Rookie Camp
150.010FRETZ::HEISERMon Jul 27 1992Celtics greatest moments on video
153.016ROLAID::LAGASSETue Sep 15 1992Season Tickets
154.01IOWASA::JOHNSONWed Sep 23 1992Address needed
155.010TNPUBS::NAZZAROWed Sep 30 19921992-93 Celtics Schedule for Non-technoweenies
156.093TRACTR::SAPPSat Oct 10 1992Celtics Training Camp News
157.06THATS::FULTIThu Oct 15 1992Past Captains
158.025FRETZ::HEISERThu Oct 22 1992Best Players to Wear Their Number
159.02CTHQ::BASSETTMon Oct 18 1993Directions to the Garden
160.063SALEM::KUPTONTue Nov 03 1992Ongoing Discussion of 1992 Season
161.0CSCMA::OBRIENSat Nov 07 19921992-1993 NBA Opening Day Rosters
162.020TUXEDO::BLOUNTFri Dec 17 1993Rules of the Game
163.015FRETZ::HEISERMon Nov 16 1992Hall of Fame
164.0+34KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Nov 20 1992Coaching Youth
165.0104BOLT::DFIELDMon Nov 23 1992Rookies
166.029PLUGH::NEEDLETue Dec 15 1992Continental Baskeball Association (CBA) note
167.0CSC32::REIGELMANSun Jan 03 1993New NBA ???
168.013OOBIE::DAMOREMon Jan 04 1993Johnny Most
169.013WAIT::FINNEGANMon Jan 04 1993Alaa Abdelnaby
171.05RANGER::AURIGEMMAFri Jan 22 1993Ed Pinckney's return
172.0105MSDOA::PARKERJWed Jan 27 1993Larry Bird Day @ the garden
173.064FDCVFri Feb 19 1993Chris Ford TFSO date
174.04CSLALL::DODGE_MMon Feb 22 1993Where's Reggie, Some help with Marevich..
175.050GLDOA::SALINFri Mar 05 1993Quinn Buckner
176.02SALEM::LEVESQUE_TThu Mar 25 1993Celts History
177.0196DOCTP::TESSIERMon Apr 05 19931993 NBA Draft
178.030FRETZ::HEISERTue Apr 20 1993NBA Outstanding Achievement Awards
179.097OOBIE::DAMOREMon Apr 26 19931993 Celtics Playoffs note
180.06SAHQ::NEWSHAMWed May 05 1993French Lick
181.04FREEBE::NEARYFri May 07 1993Hoop it up
182.063VIA::LILCBR::COHENFri May 07 1993Celtic futures
183.071TNPUBS::NAZZAROFri May 28 19931993 NBA Draft Predictions
184.011BRSISD::ROOSENTue Jun 08 1993Drazen Petrovic R.I.P
185.0139LEVERS::BATTERSBYWed Jun 09 19931992-1993 NBA Finals Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls
187.09BRSISD::ROOSENThu Jun 24 1993European Basketball Championship 1993
188.02USCTR1::KINGThu Jul 08 19931993 NBA Transactions
189.022AWARD::COHENThu Jul 08 19931993 Rookie/other Camps
190.01NOVA::SWONGERTue Jul 13 1993Jim Thorpe Sports Awards
191.07ASDG::SACCOTue Jul 20 1993Reggie Lewis not playing???
192.034TNPUBS::NAZZAROWed Jul 21 19931993-94 CELTICS SCHEDULE
193.015SALEM::STIGThu Sep 09 1993Reggie Lewis' number up in the rafters...
194.021SALEM::STIGFri Sep 17 1993Kevin McHale's number retired
195.035SALEM::STIGMon Sep 27 1993Acie Earl
196.011GIAMEM::HOVEYTue Sep 28 1993Jimmy Myers, fired, comments
198.066POCUS::BOESCHENWed Oct 06 1993Who are the Celtics this year?
199.04VINNY::SILVESTRIWed Oct 27 19931993 NBA Lineups
200.031AWARD::COHENSun Oct 17 1993Dino Radja
201.02LEVERS::BATTERSBYThu Nov 04 1993On-going discussion of the 1993-94 Celtic Season
202.015ABACUS::LEARYThu Nov 04 1993Reggies lives on!
203.023SALEM::STIGThu Dec 02 1993Bill Lambier retiring...
204.052HOCUS::BOESCHENTue Dec 14 1993No more interest in the C's?
206.02HOCUS::BOESCHENWed Mar 16 1994Who's Tony Harris?
207.0263VAOP28::RiceFri Mar 25 19941994 NBA Draft
208.0188TNPUBS::NAZZAROFri Apr 29 19941994 NBA Playoffs
209.042MKOTS1::AMIRALIANFri Apr 29 1994Robert Parish is and always will be Boston !!!
210.085TNPUBS::NAZZAROFri Jun 17 1994How to rebuild the Celtics
211.039WREATH::SCOPAThu Jun 30 1994The Eric Montross Note
212.021WRKSYS::KNIKERThu Jul 07 19941994 Rookie Camp
213.04CSTEAM::FARLEYFri Jul 22 1994Tragedy
214.045CTHQ::SCARBERMon Jul 25 1994The Human Highlight Film in green ???
215.04ELWOOD::KAPLANFri Aug 05 19941994-95 Celtics Schedule
216.0452TNPUBS::NAZZAROTue Aug 16 19941994-1995 BOSTON CELTICS
217.044TNPUBS::NAZZAROThu Aug 25 19941994-95 NBA Transactions
218.093ILBBAK::SILVESTRIFri Oct 07 19941994-1995 NBA Preview
219.013VNAOFC::KRAMTue Nov 15 1994BB Internet, WWW pointers??
220.015DRAGN::BOURQUARDFri Dec 02 1994Garden photography
222.021DRAGN::BOURQUARDMon Jan 30 1995Favorite Boston Garden stories
223.0221ILBBAK::SILVESTRIThu Mar 09 19951995 NBA Draft
224.036ILBBAK::SILVESTRIMon May 01 19951995 Playoffs
225.023ILBBAK::SILVESTRIThu Jun 15 1995Expansion Draft
226.0+22DRAGN::BOURQUARDWed Jun 21 1995The Official M.L. Carr Note
227.0116USCTR1::GARBARINOMon Jul 10 1995Another Sport with Labor Problems
228.0CHOWDA::GEOFFROYMon Jul 10 1995Basketball Stat Services
229.010SUBPAC::BJUBINVILLEWed Aug 02 1995The 1995-1996 Celtics Schedule
230.012AKOCOA::BREENFri Aug 18 1995Maxwell returns
231.08MKOTS3::COVEYFri Sep 22 1995Dana Barros
232.079SHRCTR::BLOUNTWed Sep 27 199595-96 Training Camp
233.035FREEBE::NEARYMon Oct 23 1995Who's going to win it all this year ?
234.08WRKSYS::KNIKERMon Nov 06 1995Stellar guard play
235.0206TNPUBS::NAZZAROThu Nov 09 19951995-96 Celtics Games Discussion Note
236.02TNPUBS::NAZZAROMon Mar 11 1996Annual NAZZ NCAA Player/Points Contest
238.0+65TNPUBS::NAZZAROMon Apr 22 1996What does the future hold?
239.0179ILBBAK::SILVESTRIMon Apr 29 19961996 Off-season
240.070JEREMY::RONTue Apr 30 19961996 NBA draft
241.035MROA::CESARIOThu Jun 13 19961996 Playoffs
242.010TNPUBS::NAZZAROTue Aug 13 1996Basketball Movies
243.0DABEAN::NEARYWed Sep 25 1996Anyone going to the auction ?
243.0RDGENG::REEDRMon Sep 23 1996Forever an optimist? Celtics/Bulls tickets?
244.0+6DRAGN::BOURQUARDFri Oct 04 1996The Eric Williams Note
245.034NETCAD::BATTERSBYFri Oct 11 19961996-97 Training Camp
246.0+213NETCAD::BATTERSBYFri Oct 11 19961996-97 Celtics Games Discussion
247.023CIRCUS::DODGEFri Nov 01 1996The 5
248.0+184SU2PLY::HOPLEYWed Dec 18 19961997 NBA/Celtics Draft
249.0 *+7TNPUBS::NAZZAROWed Mar 05 1997The Annual NCAA Points Contest
250.0 *+59TNPUBS::NAZZAROTue Apr 29 19971997 Celtics Off-season Note
251.0 *+22DONVAN::SCOPAThu May 08 1997PPP Time: Predicting Pitino's Performance
252.0 *WRKSYS::RADLERTue May 13 1997
253.0 *+6PKQRY2::SCOPE_MANMon May 19 19971997 NBA Playoffs