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Conference 7.286::baseball

Created:Fri Jan 05 1990
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:452
Total number of notes:34354
Number with bodies:47
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1.017ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Welcome to baseball
2.0253ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Introductions
3.05ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Conference messages
4.024857::NEEDLEFri Jan 31 1992Corporate Personnel on Employee interest noting
5.039ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Dear Moderators
6.0ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990reserved for future use
7.0ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990reserved for future use
8.0ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990reserved for future use
9.0ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990reserved for future use
10.01ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Baseball Noters
11.0+629ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990General MLB note
12.068ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990General American League Note
13.0122ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990General National League Note
14.0258ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Chicago Cubs' Note
15.0763ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Montreal Expos' note
16.0493ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The New York Mets' Note
17.0529ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Philadelphia Phillies Note
18.0685ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Pittsburgh Pirates note
19.0428ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The St. Louis Cardinals note
20.0+1823ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Atlanta Braves Note
21.01517ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Cincinnati Reds note
22.0187ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Houston Astros Note
23.0820ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Los Angeles Dodgers note
24.0137ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The San Diego Padres note
25.02391ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The San Francisco Giants Note
26.0+2002ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Baltimore Orioles note
27.01456ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Boston Red Sox note
28.0261ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The California Angels note
29.0215ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Chicago White Sox Note
30.0795ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Cleveland Indians Note
31.0400ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Detroit Tigers note
32.0226ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Kansas City Royals Note
33.0172ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Milwaukee Brewers Note
34.0668ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Minnesota Twins note
35.0+778ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The New York Yankees Note
36.0724ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Oakland Athletics Note
37.02055ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Seattle Mariners Note
38.0428ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Texas Rangers Note
40.01002ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990The Toronto Blue Jays Note
41.0489ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Baseball Trivia
42.046ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990199
43.014VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri Jan 05 1990Senior League Baseball
44.043SHALOT::HUNTFri Jan 05 1990Baseball Films
45.0172VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri Jan 05 1990Minor Leagues
46.056ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Black Sox Scandal
47.018FREE::GOGUENFri Jan 05 1990S.A.B.R.
48.060SCAFST::BOSSOFri Jan 05 1990Baseball Publications
49.0295PAXVAX::MAIEWSKISat Jan 06 1990Designated Hitter (DH)
50.087OGOMTS::HETTICHSun Jan 07 1990College Ball?
51.0131SHALOT::HUNTMon Jan 08 1990Baseball Is Played In A Park
52.065SOJU::FRANCUSMon Jan 08 1990Playing surfaces and domed stadiums
53.061PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIMon Jan 08 1990Major Leage Expansion (Rumors or fact)
54.0160SHALOT::HUNTTue Jan 09 1990Hall Of Fame
55.031NWDTue Jan 09 1990LITTLE LEAGUE/C.A.B.A
56.064SHALOT::HUNTThu Jan 11 1990Pete Rose
58.066OURGNG::J_WARDLEMon Jan 15 1990Baseball Books
59.032CACIQE::CLASSTue Jan 16 1990Baseball and Weight Training
60.011CGHUB::CONNORTue Jan 16 1990Senior Baseball In So. New Hampshire
61.059CDROM::DUPREZWed Jan 17 1990GROSSLY overpaid players...
62.0116MUSKIE::SHAUGHNESSYWed Jan 17 1990Overrated Baseball Players Central Repository
63.04CACIQE::CLASSWed Jan 17 1990Baseball Training for Pitchers
64.023CSC32::G_GEIGERThu Jan 18 1990History and Birthdays
65.067SHALOT::HUNTThu Jan 18 1990Underrated Baseball Players Central Repository
66.050SHALOT::HUNTFri Jan 19 1990The *DREAM* Team
68.08BOOKIE::NEILSENMon Jan 29 1990"Annie Savoy's Church of Baseball monologue"
69.0SHALOT::ANDERSONTue Jan 30 1990Contract Info
70.060SHALOT::ANDERSONTue Jan 30 1990Predictions II
71.012CDROM::DUPREZWed Jan 31 1990George Brett trade?
72.095EARRTH::BROOKSWed Jan 31 1990Wade Boggs : Great hitter, or Overrrated Singles hitter
73.020ZAYIUS::BROUILLETTEWed Jan 31 1990Rotisserie leagues
75.09SAGE::ROSSTue Feb 06 1990Defense
76.013GALVIA::COMAHONYWed Feb 07 1990US-bound fan needs information
77.022GALVIA::COMAHONYMon Feb 12 1990Little League Baseball
78.0209VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri Feb 16 1990Lockout 199
79.0341MSDOA::RASMUSSENTue Feb 13 1990The MegaBucks Note
80.08SALEM::KUPTONMon Feb 26 1990Sweets for the Swingers
81.025ASABET::CORBETTMon Feb 26 1990Wild and Whacky baseball Oddities
83.0110PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIMon Feb 26 1990Baseball's Playoff System
84.039KAOOWed Feb 28 1990UMPIRES
85.03111SRUS::GEYERWed Feb 28 1990Why not lefty catchers?
86.04WIDGIT::BARRASWed Feb 28 1990Baseball Players Should Get Real Jobs
87.016BROOKE::LAZARUSDFri Mar 02 1990Predictions on when the season will start
88.019PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIMon Mar 05 1990Instant Replay
89.059FXNBS::SECURITYSun Mar 11 1990Baseball's Greates Moments
90.016FXNBS::SECURITYTue Mar 13 1990Great World Series
91.013PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIFri Mar 16 1990Yoggiisms
92.0129ACESMK::FRANCUSMon Mar 19 1990Worst Trades
94.0135SALEM::KUPTONTue Mar 20 1990Agreement = Expansion. Where??
95.013FXNBS::SECURITYWed Mar 21 1990PawSox
96.015CSC32::GULDENThu Mar 22 1990Baseball Tonight on ESPN
97.023MILPND::VLASAKFri Mar 23 1990Japanese buy Birmingham!
98.079ASABET::CORBETTTue Mar 27 1990Baseball Scoreboard.
99.011AISG::KURASTue Mar 27 1990April 1st baseball pranks
100.035SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Mar 29 1990The Strange Injury Note
101.014WJOUSM::SURDANMon Apr 02 19905 Inning Rule for Starters, why?
102.010REJOIC::LOMBARDOFri Apr 06 1990BAtting cages
103.06NAC::PDESMONDMon Apr 09 1990Farm Team Goings On
105.052NEWVAX::FS71RTue Apr 10 1990Cheap Hrs
106.03SMURF::BREAUWed Apr 11 1990baseball rubbing mud
107.031MILKWY::RWHITEWed Apr 11 1990Have players gotten better?
108.0128SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Apr 12 1990Official Nickname Note
109.052OURBOX::LAZARUSThu Apr 12 1990Milestones
110.034COOKIE::WAHLThu Apr 12 1990The `Whatever happened to ...?' Note
111.021GRANPA::DFAUSTWed Apr 18 1990Kinerisms and other announcing blunders
112.02SMURF::BREAUThu Apr 19 1990a sniper at Candlestick?
113.026ISLNDS::HAMERFri Apr 20 1990Hall of Fame: these guys should be in!
114.0135MUSKIE::WIERSBECKFri Apr 20 1990Ryan Express lives on and on
115.056NWDFri Apr 20 1990Announcers: Your favorites ?
116.026PCOJCT::THOMASMon Apr 23 1990Is Stealing too easy?
117.042VAXWRK::NEEDLEThu Apr 26 1990Statistics and baseball - Paralysis by analysis?
118.0WHELIN::LOMBARDOThu May 03 1990YAZ autograph ball and baseball cards at auction
119.027PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIThu May 10 1990To Drink or Not to Drink?
120.010CHFS32::HMONTGOTue May 15 1990Sports Memorabilia Gone?
121.045ROULET::WAXMANThu May 24 1990Triple Crown
122.057MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu May 24 1990Baseball/softball bats
124.015MXOVTue May 29 1990ERA/slugging percentage
125.011SMURF::BREAUWed May 30 1990Baseball Lore
126.04BOSEPM::BARTHThu May 31 1990TWIB & BBM & any others
127.021DCVAX::FS71RThu May 31 19905
128.0135PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIFri Jun 01 1990The 199
129.088USEM::ROSENZWEIGMon Jun 04 1990History of Baseball
130.033PCOJCT::THOMASWed Jun 06 1990'9
131.021DOMO::MILEWSKITue Jun 12 1990Hall Of Fame: Directions To?
132.08MXOVTue Jun 12 1990RBI questions
133.092CRAZY::NGAIWed Jun 13 1990what was the call ...?
134.06CSC32::HADDOCKFri Jun 15 1990Sweet Revenge
135.027HNDMTH::TUTAKWed Jun 20 1990DEC in the majors ?
136.037VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri Jun 22 1990Status of Sports-related Conferences
137.01MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 22 1990Batting/fielding [softball especially]
138.010HNDMTH::TUTAKTue Jun 26 1990Nostalgia made to order...
139.015DCVAX::FS71RWed Jun 27 1990Teh greastest game u ever saw.
140.013AKOFIN::SHAWThu Jun 28 1990Batting cages <help>
141.020SHALOT::HUNTSat Jun 30 1990Double No-Hitters !!!
142.014MXOVMon Jul 02 1990MAX HITS WITHOUT RUN
143.015MARTEL::PKADOWWed Jul 11 1990Best selection of gloves in Worcester Ma
144.017RIPPLE::BRETT_JIThu Jul 12 1990AL vs. NL for real, fulltime
145.010AIMHI::DONNELLYThu Jul 19 1990Cape Cod League
146.029MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 19 1990On-base percentage and other scoring tidbits
147.094CSC32::W_TUTTLEThu Jul 26 1990MVP PICKS
148.07NUHAVN::TROCONISMon Jul 30 1990Salem Jr League - NH Champs Hit the Road
149.041ASABET::CORBETTFri Aug 03 19903
150.04MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 03 1990DEC Softball Leagues
151.035ASABET::CORBETTFri Aug 03 1990Defense...how do you rate it
152.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 07 1990Anyone remember the Boston Post?
153.061WESTVW::LEEThu Aug 16 1990Official Scoring on ...
154.010CSC32::W_TUTTLEWed Aug 22 1990Canseco VS Clark I
156.022SALISH::TUTAK_PEFri Aug 31 1990Fathers and Sons
159.05PTOSRT::SCHRAMMMon Sep 10 1990The best of the 8
161.011PAXVAX::MAIEWSKISat Sep 15 1990MVP of the 8
162.09DASXPS::GKOPPSMon Sep 17 1990help me!
163.014KAOFS::C_HENRYMon Sep 17 1990New major league attendance record
164.014SALISH::TUTAK_PEWed Sep 26 1990Hot Stove '9
166.066RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Sep 27 1990The *Official* 199
167.056RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Sep 27 1990The *Official* 199
168.0131RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Sep 27 1990The *Official* 199
169.019COOKIE::WAHLMon Oct 01 199085 Cardinals/Royals Series
170.022PAXVAX::MAIEWSKIThu Oct 04 199086 Series, Red Sox v. Mets
171.011SHALOT::HUNTFri Oct 05 1990198
173.07AUSSIE::WALSHWed Oct 24 1990199
174.024OAXCEL::KAUFMANNThu Oct 25 1990Free Agent Note
176.02LASSIE::OFSEVITFri Oct 26 1990Old APBA cards, anyone?
178.05GRANPA::RFAGLEYTue Nov 13 1990South Carolina baseball
180.025SMEGIT::FOXThu Nov 15 1990If you had your choice
181.055SKIVT::G_HICKSTue Dec 04 19901991 Noter's Baseball Hall of Fame Voting
182.022SKIVT::G_HICKSTue Dec 04 19901991 Noter's Baseball Hall of Fame Debate
183.020KAOAWed Dec 05 1990Gold Glove Awards
184.0123AKOVThu Dec 06 1990Stupid Questions Notes
185.02BAGELS::MOLLICASun Dec 23 1990when IS opening day?
186.039RAYBOK::DAMIANOWed Jan 09 1991Strat-o-matic
187.04ARCHER::MENARDThu Jan 10 1991PtP League
189.018MUSKIE::WIERSBECKFri Feb 01 1991Baseball Trips
190.05DASXPS::STRATTONMon Feb 04 1991Over 3
191.011COOKIE::WAHLThu Feb 07 19911991 Spring Training Schedule
192.053ACESMK::FRANCUSThu Feb 21 19911991 Predictions
193.02COOKIE::WAHLWed Feb 27 19911991 MLB Schedule
194.010COOKIE::WAHLWed Mar 06 1991Spring Training Reports
195.024TALK::JARVISThu Mar 07 1991What's the best way to break in a glove?
196.014KURMA::SNEILSun Mar 10 1991scottish baseball ?????????
197.06BTOVT::MANDILE_AMon Mar 11 1991Exibition Game Reports (All Teams)
198.0TRCOTue Mar 12 1991Fastball in Toronto
199.07SIVA::ELMERMon Mar 18 1991Copperstown HOF Question
201.01MLTVAX::GEYERTue Apr 02 1991Bill Dickey
202.07SHALOT::HUNTMon Apr 08 1991The "Natural" Decline Of The .4
203.03VAXWRK::NEEDLEWed Apr 10 1991Accessing USENET
204.013ASABET::CORBETTFri Apr 19 1991Who's more valuable- a great player or a great pitcher
205.014REJOIC::LOMBARDOTue Apr 23 1991BASEBALL GLOVE needs attention
206.024WESTVW::LEEThu Apr 25 1991So, what did you name your kid ?
207.021SIOG::BAILEYWed May 01 1991Major League Standings
208.02FREE::GOGUENFri May 03 1991THE UpperDEC
209.019CALS::MCISAACWed May 22 1991How tough is it to be a ML manager?
210.0CUPMK::SMURPHYWed Jun 05 1991Baseball books for sale
211.02VAXWRK::NEEDLETue Jun 11 1991Former MLB players playing in Japan
212.08GOLDKY::HUNTTue Jun 11 1991Where Oh Where Did The Socks Go ???
213.04SMOOT::ROTHWed Jun 12 1991Song words needed: Take Me Out To the Ball Game
214.0952HOT::SWONGERWed Jun 12 1991These expansion teams need names!
215.016STEPS1::BURKEThu Jun 13 1991Red Sox tickets needed!!
216.037RAYBOK::DAMIANOMon Jun 17 1991Rating the parks; a visitors opinion
218.038ASABET::CORBETTMon Jun 24 1991Baseball Finances (revenue sharing, salray cap...)
219.0KAOS::ARNOLDSat Jun 29 1991EXTRA INNINGS (game)
221.019OAW::ITZKOTue Jul 09 1991TRANSACTIONS
222.014EARRTH::GROVESWed Jul 10 1991All Star Game
223.092RECURS::WAHLWed Jul 10 1991Colorado Rockies Note
225.01ADO75A::WILEYSun Jul 14 1991Club Management Software?
226.08PRMSTue Jul 16 1991Major League Baseball In Washington DC
227.044HELIX::MAIEWSKIWed Jul 17 1991Scalpers
228.033DEMON3::CLEVELANDWed Jul 17 1991The Florida Marlins Note
229.01NECVAX::LPARMENTERMon Jul 22 1991As to when the game was invented...
230.058HELIX::MAIEWSKIMon Aug 12 1991Minor League Expansion
231.076TROOA::MMATHERFri Aug 16 1991AL EAST RACE
232.02DELNI::FAGANTue Aug 20 1991Ticket exchange at Fenway
233.029RAYBOK::DAMIANOFri Aug 23 1991All-time goats of the game
234.037--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 26 1991AL rookie of the year
235.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 26 19916
236.038TROTWed Aug 28 1991The curse of Ruth lives
237.027OAW::ITZKOWed Sep 04 1991The Curse of Candlestick
238.052RAYBOK::DAMIANOFri Sep 06 1991Dodger hater's registry, or "Why I hate the Dodgers"
239.058HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri Sep 06 1991Dodger Fan's Registery, or Why I like the Dodgers
240.011VAXWRK::NEEDLEMon Sep 16 1991Unsung heroes around the league.
241.08CALS::MCISAACTue Sep 17 1991Switch hitting
242.042CALS::MCISAACThu Sep 26 1991Justice vs. Thomas
243.063JENEVR::FRANCUSFri Oct 04 19911991 ALCS: Blue Jays vs. Twins
244.0156JENEVR::FRANCUSFri Oct 04 19911991 NLCS: Braves vs. Pirates
245.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 07 1991Baseball Book 4-Sale
247.0289RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Oct 10 1991The *Official* 1991 World Series Note
248.012MACNAS::JMURPHYWed Oct 23 1991Baseball help Required
249.011CALS::MCISAACMon Oct 28 19911991 - It was a very good year!
250.06BROKE::ASHELL::WATSONWed Oct 30 1991artificial turf v. real grass
251.0358378::J_DALYFri Nov 08 1991baseball stats program??
252.0595Mon Nov 18 1991Who needs the pictures ?
253.02111184::TUTAKFri Nov 22 1991Fashions from Ebbets Field Flannels
254.08917743::G_HICKSMon Dec 02 19911991 BASEBALL NOTER's HALL OF FAME VOTING (for voting ONLY)
255.04017743::G_HICKSMon Dec 02 19911991 BASEBALL Noter's HALL OF FAME Discussion/Debate
256.0292995::GOGUENThu Jan 02 1992Daily Baseball Trivia -- 1992
257.02617576::KUPTONWed Jan 08 1992Seaver and Fingers Elected to HoF
258.032995::GOGUENWed Jan 08 1992Many Players Don't Stick Around Too Long
259.02441318::BAILEYTue Jan 21 1992MLB 1992 Schedule
260.0114241Fri Jan 31 1992Visitor from UK needs Tickets
261.011184::TUTAKTue Feb 04 19921992 International League Schedule
262.0111184::TUTAKTue Feb 04 1992Looking for a coupla books...
263.0419825::PACIELLOMon Feb 17 1992PreSeason Rotissiere Data (FYI)
264.0311184::TUTAKTue Feb 18 1992Recommended Computer Simulations ?
265.02438482::CARRThu Feb 20 1992Park/Stadium Dimension/Stat Info
266.0428937::MITCHAMFri Feb 21 1992Simpsons '92 baseball pre-season opener?
267.024AIDEV::KURASWed Feb 26 1992Spring Training - local press coverage?
268.037JARETH::YANKOWSKASThu Mar 05 19921992 Predictions Note
269.042SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Mar 12 1992Official 92 Baseball Pool
271.06FREE::GOGUENSun Mar 22 1992Rotisserie the quick & easy way
272.028FREE::GOGUENMon Apr 06 1992Braves game at Spring DECUS
273.0JARETH::BSEGALTue Apr 14 1992Baseball Newsletter: Two Issues FREE
274.02SALEM::BRANNOCKThu Apr 16 1992BB_Stats
275.057AERO::JOHNSONSun Apr 26 1992National League Standings
276.062AERO::JOHNSONSun Apr 26 1992American League Standings
277.0SHALOT::HUNTThu Apr 30 1992Baseball Week In Review -- by Jayson Stark
278.024HNDMTH::TUTAKWed May 13 1992Baseball Lexicography
280.057HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri May 22 19921992 All Star Voting
281.045DENVER::DAVISGBMon Jun 01 1992Little League Coaches
282.02YAKNOW::MCHIASSONThu Jun 04 1992Pittsburgh pirates schedule?
283.05CSOA1::MANKOThu Jun 11 1992How to handle abusive coach
285.01GUIDUK::STANFILLTue Jun 16 1992Field Scheduling Software
286.03SMURF::BREAUWed Jun 17 1992baseball songs
287.024CSC32::J_HERNANDEZTue Jun 23 1992Unbreakable records?
288.08FDCVWed Jun 24 19921992 potential free agents
290.05EPS::WILLIAMSWed Jul 01 1992Tickets for Bay Area Game
291.05HNDMTH::TUTAKThu Jul 02 1992Kill the Umpire...or words to that effect
292.09SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Jul 10 1992You be the (ALL-Star) manager!
293.05734::GROVESTue Jul 14 1992Need Directions
294.0811184::TUTAKWed Jul 15 1992Negro League Hall of History ?
295.01Fri Jul 17 1992Which Witt is Which?
296.042595Mon Jul 20 1992You make the Call
297.071Mon Jul 20 1992Wait 'til Next Year
298.0421Mon Jul 20 1992Adios, it's been a blast!
300.023218::LAMARRETue Jul 21 1992October
301.0118942::MCCOYFri Jul 24 1992another race
302.034223::ANDERSONMon Jul 27 1992Manny's Baseball Land
303.01621581::RANDALLTue Jul 28 1992Algorithm for Hitting?
304.0732391::HETTICHTue Jul 28 1992Olympic Baseball Note
305.01934223::ANDERSONTue Jul 28 1992Baseball's Dream Team
306.0211184::TUTAKThu Jul 30 1992Book of Deals ?
307.0228937::MITCHAMMon Aug 03 1992DAK offers Total Baseball CD-ROM plus free bonus game for $69.9
308.0251Thu Aug 13 1992First African-American Players 1946-1959
309.071Tue Aug 25 1992It Had To Be Said, Or Did It?
310.0102995::GOGUENThu Aug 27 1992Note Index for Major League Team Discussions
311.053261::GRAVINAMon Aug 31 1992No Mas!
312.0154123::MILANESEThu Sep 03 1992Two Grand Slams in one inning????
313.0754123::MILANESEFri Sep 04 1992Differences between AL and NL baseball
314.034873::WIERSBECKFri Sep 04 1992Sports bar extraordiare
315.054123::MILANESEThu Sep 10 1992The new Fay Vincent
316.0132738::MILESKITue Sep 15 1992Frenchman wishes to play in US in Summer '93
317.0358633::STOIKOSWed Sep 16 1992When are the Playoffs????
318.04425415::MAIEWSKIWed Sep 16 19921992 MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year
319.02334223::HUNTThu Sep 17 1992Good-Bye BASEBALL and Good-Bye Digital
320.011Thu Sep 17 1992Little League Coach Selection
321.0129Fri Sep 18 1992I lost it in the sun, coach!
322.055RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Oct 01 1992The *Official* 1992 ALCS note
323.097RAYBOK::DAMIANOThu Oct 01 1992The *Official* 1992 NLCS note
324.0184A1VAX::BARTHThu Oct 15 1992Official 1992 World Series note
325.014HELIX::MAIEWSKISat Oct 17 1992"Give me all your S.O.B's"
326.02PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Oct 19 1992The unofficial bash (or thow water over) Deion Sanders note
327.09HELIX::MAIEWSKIWed Oct 21 1992Give me all your dead S.O.B's (or retired)
328.07A1VAX::BARTHThu Oct 22 1992Obituaries
329.01HELIX::MAIEWSKIThu Oct 29 199219th Century Baseball
330.02HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri Oct 30 19921993 Baseball Lockout
331.0NWDMon Nov 02 1992Mitt manufacturers addresses ?
332.018DWOVAX::EROSTue Nov 17 1992Official 1992 Expansion Draft Note
333.011MTWASH::HANSONSat Nov 21 1992Major League Fantsy Camps
334.04SHANE::PACIELLOThu Dec 10 19921992/1993 Free Agent Info
335.04MR4MI2::BOELKEThu Dec 10 1992Is it or isn't it
336.030SHANE::PACIELLOFri Dec 11 1992The Greatest 4-Man Rotation...
337.02SALEM::KUPTONFri Dec 11 1992Baseball and Anti-Trust Exemption
338.02CSOA1::MANKOMon Dec 21 1992Major League Baseball Survey
339.0NWDTue Jan 05 1993Authentic Ballpark Organ Recording ?
340.09YAKNOW::MCHIASSONFri Feb 05 19931993 schedule?
341.077HELIX::MAIEWSKIThu Mar 04 1993Interleague Play
342.0MR4MI2::SOFTBALLTue Mar 16 1993softball Players Wanted
343.036FREE::GOGUENFri Mar 19 19931993 Predictions
344.016NWDWed Mar 24 1993Roster Bereavement and Replenishing ?
345.0EARRTH::HOUSTONWed Mar 31 1993Book on basics.
346.02MIMS::VORE_SFri Apr 09 1993Eight Men Out
347.04CSOADM::ROTHTue Apr 20 1993Who's on first? (text of sketch)
348.016Fri May 07 1993Coaching Skills, drills & techniques
349.036RIPPLE::KOPEC_STSun May 30 19939 different ways to score from 3rd with 2 outs.
350.060TROOA::KIMMon Jun 07 1993Brawling in Baseball
351.0MRKTNG::LUCIANOWed Jun 09 1993Baltimore tickets
352.058KYOA::SCHULZThu Jun 17 1993New playoff format...
353.06ANNECY::HOTCHKISSFri Jun 18 1993SUNS help
354.0152WKRP::LEETCHTue Jul 13 19931993 All-Star note
355.011FREE::GOGUENTue Jul 20 1993And we thought a career at DEC was unstable...
357.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STTue Aug 31 1993Pitcher's mound origin?
358.05CSC32::T_WATTSThu Sep 02 1993strikeouts
359.05CSC32::T_WATTSFri Sep 03 1993Young/Old
360.010CSC32::T_WATTSFri Sep 03 1993Help SF
361.06CSC32::T_WATTSFri Sep 10 1993# hits
362.0TAVThu Sep 23 1993How are the Phillies doing ???
363.04716Tue Sep 28 19931993 ALCS - Blue Jays vs. White Sox
364.010416Tue Sep 28 19931993 NLCS - Phillies vs. Braves
365.0198MSE1::FRANCUSThu Oct 14 19931993 WS - Phillies vs. Blue Jays
366.06NWDFri Nov 05 1993Hot Stove '93-'94
367.01CSC32::T_WATTSFri Dec 03 1993Williams an Astro?
368.07OPNGDY::BAILEYFri Dec 10 1993Baseball (caps) merchandising
369.01SIOG::BAILEYSun Jan 09 1994Phillies schedule
370.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 11 1994NY Yankees & Oakland A's bag&hat for sale
371.031MSE1::FRANCUSTue Jan 18 19941994 schedules
373.06RAYBOK::DAMIANOFri Jan 21 1994It's my turn...
374.028CALLME::MR_TOPAZTue Feb 08 1994Perfect Game Question
375.031SIERAS::MCCLUSKYWed Mar 02 1994Is it becoming the Hall of Shame?
376.0MKFSA::LONGMon Mar 14 1994American Legion Baseball
377.07SYSTEM::JOHNSONMon Mar 21 1994World Wide Web URL for Baseball
378.09ANGLIN::WIERSBECKThu Mar 31 19941994 Baseball on TV
379.01MR3MI2::DAMICOTue Apr 05 1994pictures?
380.0GCEJLC::CRUZFri Apr 08 1994Nedd Pitchers/Players for Baseball
381.08TEACH::SMITTYFri Apr 08 1994Any baseball GIF files on the network??
382.017KAOTTue Apr 19 1994requirements for a Saved Game ?
383.014USCTR1::KINGTue Apr 19 19941994 Injury Report
384.02MSBCS::HARTNETTMon May 16 1994Going to see BB Hall of Fame
385.0FREE::GOGUENFri May 20 1994Casey Anthology
386.02FREE::GOGUENWed May 25 1994I'm just about outa here
387.03RUFUSL::JANOWSKIWed Jun 15 1994need some team emblems
388.08BIGQ::WETHERELLWed Jun 22 1994Formula for Greatest Pitcher?
389.021GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZTue Jul 12 1994All-Star Game???
390.02STOWOA::FARHADIWed Jul 13 1994Red_Sox Tix
391.0WREATH::GRAVINAWed Jul 27 1994Note from Bruce...
393.029NWDMon Sep 19 1994Ken Burns' "Baseball"
394.07TNKSYS::DBROWNTue Sep 20 1994The Final STATS...
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