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Conference ketje::security_information

Title:Digital Worldwide information on SECURITY
Created:Wed Feb 12 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:955
Total number of notes:5331
Number with bodies:1
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1.03HUMAN::CONKLINWed Mar 30 1988introduction
2.01PRSIS3::DTLWed Feb 12 1986directory of the conference
3.0PRSIS3::DTLWed Feb 12 1986rules when writing documents
4.0PRSIS3::DTLWed Feb 12 1986POWER LOCK 1
5.07PRSIS3::DTLWed Feb 12 1986Computer crime is more expensive than hold-up
6.02PRSIS3::DTLWed Feb 12 1986International conference on systems security
7.05HITECH::BLOTCKYSat Feb 15 1986Most crime "data diddling"
8.015PEN::KALLISMon Feb 17 1986Loose Lips Sink Ships
9.017PRSIS3::DTLSat Feb 22 1986Production versus Security. Which one to choose?
10.024PRSIS3::DTLSun Feb 23 1986Worms, Soft Bombs and other lurking grues ...
11.056PRSIS3::DTLSun Feb 23 1986A strategy against Trojan Horses (Soft Bombs)
12.0PRSIS3::DTLMon Feb 24 1986Someone's directories are private stuff. Care!
15.01HITECH::BLOTCKYTue Mar 04 1986set password/blackmail
16.02FORTY2::ROBERTSWed Mar 05 1986Alarming files
17.020PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 06 1986A famous computer fraud in 198
18.010PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 06 1986some quotes from a book on Computer Auditing
19.02PRSIS3::DTLFri Mar 07 1986news on how to break DEC systems, press articles
20.0132PRSIS3::DTLSat Mar 08 1986Computer Security sign-in interest
21.039HUMAN::CONKLINSun Mar 09 1986Design to Fail Safe not Sorry
22.0PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 13 1986Security Philosophy & Principles at Digital
23.02PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 13 1986European Security Incident Report form
24.07PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 13 1986template for SW security incident report form
25.0PRSIS3::DTLThu Mar 20 1986A contingency plan for computer operations
26.07PRSIS3::DTLTue Mar 25 1986Trust or not trust, that is no more a question
27.01COMET::ROBERTSTue Apr 01 1986The DEC Professional
29.03PVAX::PATTERSONFri Apr 04 1986IDECUS and the "ISC"
30.03PASTIS::MONAHANMon Apr 07 1986DEC's A.I. piracy detection?
31.01PRSIS3::DTLTue Apr 08 1986internal CSRG meeting in Paris
32.07PRSIS3::DTLWed Apr 09 1986two philosophies around here, right?
33.0PVAX::PATTERSONWed Apr 09 1986Emulex/Hess Update
34.03PRSIS3::DTLThu Apr 10 198626
35.02FORTY2::ROBERTSTue Apr 15 1986How to combat node impersonation?
36.02NAAD::DUGGANTue Apr 15 1986VAX-11 SPRINT
37.0PRSIS3::DTLWed Apr 16 1986new cases of software bombs blackmail
38.0PRSIS3::DTLWed Apr 16 1986Computer Loss in France in 1985
39.03HUMAN::CONKLINThu Apr 17 1986MicroVAX security cabinet
40.06PRSIS3::DTLFri Apr 18 1986WARNING when using the idle process killer SPIRIT
42.0HITECH::LYNCHWed Apr 23 1986SE/VMS Internal FT sites sought
43.04NY1MM::SWEENEYThu Apr 24 1986INFORMATION WEEKS tells of a VAX system penetrator
44.021BEECH::ECKERTSat Apr 26 1986Internal info (indirectly) posted to INFOVAX
45.08JEDI::DTLTue May 06 1986Digital Internal Use Only --> by default?
46.0DAMSEL::TEWHEYThu May 15 1986What else do we need?
47.02HUMAN::CONKLINMon May 26 1986Two Laws to Protect Electronic Privacy
48.0EVER::MCVAYWed Jul 02 1986Security, System Design, and Management
49.07AKOVWed Jul 02 1986DES certification
50.03AKOVWed Jul 02 1986FSIST
51.04ULTRA::MASONThu Jul 03 1986
52.04COMET::ROBERTSMon Jul 14 1986Dial-back ?
53.02VICTOR::ROBSONTue Aug 12 1986Assessing Required Security Levels
55.08CSC32::J_SYKESFri Aug 15 1986Need to Know?
56.0AKOVMon Aug 18 1986VAX/VMS receives C2 rating
57.01HUMAN::CONKLINThu Aug 21 1986Todd Morris
58.01NORDIX::CaptainThu Aug 28 1986Using LOADCHKPRT and CHKPRTLOA.EXE
59.0AKOVTue Sep 02 1986security on TSN
60.0DRAGON::MAGUIREFri Sep 05 1986Security Job Requisition
61.06NZOVMon Sep 08 1986Changing Passwords
62.04EVER::MCVAYMon Sep 08 1986Human-to-human breakin attempts
63.01AKOVTue Sep 09 1986Stanford security breach
64.0HYDRA::ECKERTWed Sep 10 1986Another phone snoop
65.0HYDRA::ECKERTFri Sep 12 1986More snoops on the way?
66.03MLOKAI::MACKWed Sep 17 1986Informed employees provide better security
67.0EAGLE1::LEONARDTue Sep 23 1986NOTROJ -- A trojan horse for the PC
68.06CSC32::STENOISHTue Sep 30 1986On clearing VAX physical memory
69.08PVAX::PATTERSONThu Oct 09 1986October ISC Minutes
70.04HSKFri Oct 17 1986VMS default security
71.01PVAX::PATTERSONTue Oct 21 1986Headhunter Warning
72.02DYO78Thu Oct 30 1986secure 85xx machines
73.014JOCKEY::MORRISFri Oct 31 1986VMS Security Checklist Request
74.027OSLMon Nov 03 1986User identification beyond passwords ?
75.07TAVThu Nov 06 1986DECnet security/
76.01OSLMon Nov 10 1986Network hacking and international laws
77.0MINDER::NEWELLThu Nov 13 1986RACAL-GUARDATA additional security
78.0HUMAN::CONKLINThu Nov 20 1986Dreaming about Network and NOTES security
79.03OSLFri Nov 21 1986SECURITY in a VAXcluster
80.08TAVThu Nov 27 1986Encryption and Export, again...
81.01216514::DIPIRROTue Dec 09 1986VMS Disk Pattern Erase??
82.03--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 10 1986<<deleted upon request by moderator>>
83.0WKRP::LEETCHMon Dec 22 1986Remote security test?
84.0HUMAN::CONKLINMon Dec 22 1986MTS Security memo to users
85.01COMET::ROBERTSMon Dec 29 1986LAT passwords
86.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Dec 31 1986layered product list
87.02MLOKAI::MACKThu Jan 01 1987Data security P.R.??
88.013PVAX::PATTERSONMon Jan 05 1987Information Protection Standards
90.03TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jan 15 1987Delete but no create rights
91.0DRAGON::ENORRISMon Jan 19 1987Wanted: Network Security Consultant
92.0HUMAN::CONKLINWed Jan 28 1987Security Alert
93.0TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Feb 02 1987Credit card scam (security is full-time)
94.0FDCVWed Feb 04 1987Standard vs. Policy = Confusion
96.0CUJO::MEIERTue Feb 10 1987(Security Presentation Material)
97.05CHUCKL::LEMONSWed Feb 18 1987FTSV Security Problem
98.0HUMAN::CONKLINWed Feb 25 1987Michael Carter Announcement
99.04CSC32::VENTURELLAWed Mar 11 1987Accessing external customer's system
100.04PVAX::PATTERSONThu Mar 12 1987SECURPACK on EASYnet
101.018NEXUS::DEVINSWed Apr 01 1987New Products, and Other Security Issues
102.09HUMAN::CONKLINSun Apr 05 1987Can a System Keep a Secret?
103.0HUMAN::CONKLINSun Apr 05 1987White House Thaw on Data Base Security
104.03CHUCKL::LEMONSMon Apr 13 1987Generic accounts for Operations?
105.04TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Apr 13 1987People are talking, and others are listening
106.019CHUCKL::LEMONSWed Apr 15 1987Is 'generic' always 'bad'?
108.0JETSAM::NORRISMon Apr 27 1987Security Consultant Wanted
109.04CHEVThu Apr 30 1987electronic approvals - PURDY II...
110.02NEXUS::DEVINSThu Apr 30 1987Security Covers
111.011SRFSUP::UDICKTue May 05 1987Security bug in VMS 4.5 ?
112.02GLIVET::HUSTONMon May 11 1987Help on a possible breakin attempt.
113.0BARAKA::CALLAGHANMon May 11 1987Serious Security Potential with Terminal Servers
114.07CURIUS::KISERSat May 30 1987Can't account for all LOGIN FAILURES reported
116.01TAVThu Jun 04 1987Encryption arguments on other conferences
117.03NAAD::NEWMANMon Jun 08 1987Potential breach of security... Who do I call?
118.04GLORY::FISCHERMon Jun 08 1987DECserver 2
119.01KAOAFri Jun 12 1987Risk Analysis
120.08KAOAMon Jun 22 1987uVax - Physical Security
121.03CHFVThu Jul 16 1987Security book; DEC vs IBM
122.08TAVThu Jul 23 1987Method to Limit DCL Access
123.04CUJO::HARTSHORNMon Aug 03 1987Official Reponse to Security Questions
124.03JOCKEY::MEDCALFThu Aug 13 1987< ACL's and Security >
125.08CAM::JOHNSONWed Aug 19 1987wanted: 1-way encryption algorithm
126.05WARDER::HORSLEYFri Aug 21 1987electronic signature?
127.010SHIRE::MIZRAHIThu Aug 27 1987confidential data protection from Syst. Mgrs
128.0STEREO::SUFFERNThu Aug 27 1987VMS C-2 Final Report
129.04KIM::KNIPPFri Aug 28 1987security analysis plan
130.018SPYDER::SERJEANTWed Sep 16 1987Trojan Horses and NASA
131.03SPYDER::SERJEANTThu Sep 17 1987More on ACL
132.02MDVAX1::LANGEFri Sep 25 1987Audit trails for secure processing?
133.0TELCOM::MCVAYSat Sep 26 1987The "official" fix
134.03BMT::MISRAHIFri Oct 02 1987send a thief to catch a thief
135.0STEREO::HOLDENFri Oct 02 1987ANNUAL CSI Conference and Exhibit
136.06BUNYIP::QUODLINGSat Oct 03 1987Where to get orange book
137.018HJUXB::JUDICEWed Oct 07 1987DES Integrity
138.014OTOOThu Oct 15 1987When is C2 really C2 really C2?
139.03BMT::MISRAHIFri Oct 16 1987Please point the way -- security products
141.06ATPS::BLOTCKYThu Oct 22 1987Hackers and the stock market crash
142.05CSMADM::PORCIELLOFri Oct 23 1987In need of info on ENCRYPTION
143.03DISSRV::NORRISMon Oct 26 1987How do you create this alarm?
144.01SPIRIT::WETTYWed Oct 28 1987Uic protection vs CDD protection
145.06DISSRV::PATTERSONWed Nov 04 1987Brainstorming New Standards
146.03KAOATue Nov 10 1987CPM's demos and ENET
147.0HGOVWed Nov 11 1987Cryto-Disk
148.02HGOVWed Nov 11 1987VAX Encryption
149.08RDGCSS::ROWLEYThu Nov 12 1987SECURE ID ?
150.018SPYDER::SERJEANTMon Nov 16 1987Passwords
151.014TRCOTue Nov 17 1987Bypassing login sequence?
152.04DISSRV::PATTERSONThu Nov 19 1987Impending Proprietary Info Classifications
153.010BMT::MISRAHIMon Nov 30 1987taken from Hackers - bypass min pass length
154.08TAVTue Dec 01 1987VMS SES ?
155.0TOHOKU::TAYLORWed Dec 02 1987Dutch Database Privacy Laws
157.031STEREO::HOLDENFri Dec 11 1987P.C. Virus Warning
158.04CGOSFri Dec 11 1987Security Audit Help/Suggestions??
159.04--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 11 1987SSP, the Customer, and Security
162.0258429::JAMESMon Dec 28 1987Computer Crime in the trade press
163.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 06 1988This conference is corrupted
164.01DISSRV::NORRISWed Jan 13 1988VMS Security Action Plan
165.01SHIRE::BARTASun Jan 17 1988Mailbus/Msg Router msg security (for interest)
166.04MSAVTue Jan 19 1988Modem callback software for VAX
167.0DISSRV::NORRISThu Jan 21 1988Dial-up access presentation
168.010HJUXB::JUDICEWed Jan 27 1988Security Apathy?
169.05WFOVX3::JEMIOLOThu Jan 28 1988Unsolicited Messages recieved
170.033SNOCThu Jan 28 1988Smart card authentication
171.01BLITZN::ROBERTSThu Feb 04 1988<login> Invalid Password
172.01TRCAFri Feb 05 1988Woolongong VAX Toolkit?
173.05TAVSun Feb 07 1988VMS virus?
174.03BLITZN::ROBERTSFri Feb 12 1988PRO Proxies
175.0HYEND::RLEEWed Feb 17 1988Computer Security Seminar/Boston/May 7th
176.05PRIMES::UEBERSAXMon Feb 22 1988File Copy Logging
177.08TOWNS::MILLSMon Feb 22 1988SEVMS VIA INFO??
179.0CUJO::MEIERSun Feb 28 1988Security Presentation at Denver / Slides
180.04UTROP1::KLEINSat Mar 05 1988Check this out
181.03NCPROG::PEREZTue Mar 08 1988customer has security problem with their users
182.010SAACT3::SAKOVICH_AWed Mar 09 1988Securely connecting autonomous networks?
183.06OTOOThu Mar 10 1988Computer Clocks and Security
184.012TELCOM::MAGUIRETue Mar 15 1988reporting security incidents
185.029VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Mar 18 1988VMS Password Guesser For Sale
186.022Fri Mar 18 1988password verification without loginout
187.016ZPOVSun Mar 20 1988Another Blow
188.03--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 23 1988Another Security Patch
189.014BMT::MISRAHIFri Apr 08 1988security patch p.s.
190.02PEARS::HABEREDERThu Apr 14 1988SEVMS and ALL-IN-1 ?
191.01GENIE::LUSTMANTue Apr 19 1988Allowing Outside Vendor a 1 time dial in ?
192.03ARGUS::BISSELLFri Apr 22 1988Contract Security Forces
193.0ROMWed Apr 27 1988list of utilities/vms-decnet privileges
194.014TAVMon May 02 1988"Explode" DECNET accounts
195.010AQUA::SCHULLMANWed May 04 1988possible to get entered usernames on login failures?
197.01AQUA::SCHULLMANThu May 05 1988invalid security alarm ?
199.01HYEND::RLEEThu May 12 1988Alert ! - Email Fraud ?
200.01KYOA::NEWMANTue May 17 1988C2 security for Ultrix
201.01IRT::BENJAMINWed May 18 1988Racal-Guardata Experience?
202.0TRCTThu May 19 1988Application ACEs ???
203.0TRCTThu May 19 1988Security in Oracle (and Others)
204.01CSOA1::FISHERFri May 20 1988Decision Research (legit?)
205.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 23 19881988 DEC-IBM Security Conference
206.0CSOA1::ROTHFri May 27 1988DVN Security broadcasts
207.01HUMAN::CONKLINMon May 30 1988Stalking the Wily Hacker
208.08ANGORA::PTHAYERWed Jun 01 1988VMS accounts for contract workers
209.0IND::BENJAMINThu Jun 02 1988MicroFrame ??
210.06BMT::MISRAHIWed Jun 15 1988product does security == no VMS security ?
211.061STEREO::SUFFERNThu Jun 16 1988NCSC Evaluated Products List
212.033STEREO::SUFFERNThu Jun 16 1988Products in NCSC Formal Evaluation
213.037STEREO::SUFFERNThu Jun 16 1988Component Products Evaluated by the NCSC
214.04IAMOK::NORRISThu Jun 16 1988DECNET/DECNET (Revisited)
215.01FLOCON::AUNGIERMon Jun 20 1988VMS and layered products, list of files
216.06OTOOWed Jun 22 1988Are diskless PC's secure?
217.013TRCTWed Jun 22 1988Authentication Via Keyboard Dynamics
218.014CHEST::WATSONWed Jun 22 1988ACLs and SYSPRV
219.01VOLGA::SWEENEYMon Jun 27 1988Account Management
220.02AKOV12::SYKESWed Jun 29 1988Section 11 Online???
221.02FNYFS::AUNGIERWed Jun 29 1988I only want to give mim priv for installations
222.011GLDOA::COMFORTFri Jul 01 1988Classified-Document Management SW
223.04SKYWAY::CLEMENSMon Jul 04 1988security SW & programmable handheld computer
224.03STKHLM::AMARTENSSONThu Jul 14 1988security-logs on CD?
225.0CSOA1::ROTHMon Jul 18 1988Modems via cellular phone connection are a NO-NO
226.02STLSEE::STALZERMon Jul 18 1988SYSUAF corruption unusual??
227.0SNOCThu Jul 21 1988Dialguard experiences?
228.0CYGNUS::VHAMBURGERTue Jul 26 1988Magazine article to read.
229.030HIBOB::KRANTZTue Jul 26 1988Passwords to get passwords
230.04MJG::GRIERWed Jul 27 1988Security in a distributed application
231.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGThu Jul 28 1988Break-In try Node 1.
233.010TUNER::SUFFERNSat Jul 30 1988NCSC Documents
236.0TUNER::HOLDENThu Aug 18 1988Letter on Computer Virus
237.011SNDCSL::SMITHTue Aug 23 1988How dangerous is LOG_IO?
238.03COPCLU::BJARNERTue Aug 30 1988ACB (Automatic Call-Back)
239.0DSSDEV::CANTORTue Aug 30 1988Trojan warning for VMS BBSs from FIDO network
240.01BMT::REILLYTue Aug 30 1988Get server name for failed login..
241.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Aug 31 1988Is the interest list useful? [moved by moderator]
242.03WLDWST::MEYERSThu Sep 01 1988Security Professionals at DEC?
243.012FNYADG::HUDELOTThu Sep 08 1988Primes needed !!!
244.01EMASS::DEANFri Sep 16 1988VMS/SES V5.
246.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 26 1988VMS Files/DECnet object protection under VMS V5.x
247.04WMOIS::SWEENEYTue Sep 27 1988Disposal of Doc Set
248.03WMOIS::SWEENEYWed Sep 28 1988Anonymous Mail Procedure
249.01DPDMAI::BOLDThu Sep 29 1988Auditing of VMSMAIL
250.01UTRUST::VANHULSTThu Oct 06 1988security update management
251.05POTARU::FARKASThu Oct 20 1988Memory Erase Before Allocate?
252.02TUNER::SUFFERNFri Oct 21 1988TNI Components in NCSC Formal Evaluation
253.02HUMAN::CONKLINSun Oct 23 1988conviction under Texas computer sabotage law
254.03IAMOK::PATTERSONWed Nov 02 1988Correcting Security Problems - Memo
255.01CSC32::C_SUPINOThu Nov 03 1988New V5 file/dir protection changes
256.03SMOOT::ROTHFri Nov 04 1988Unix virus at Berkley?
257.0HUMAN::CONKLINWed Nov 09 1988Corporate Data and Information Security Manager
258.02COPCLU::BJARNERThu Nov 17 1988UAF LAST LOGIN infomation
259.0NEWS::HAKKARAINENThu Nov 17 1988What info to distribute about break-ins?
260.01CAADC::GREGORYWed Nov 30 1988Network Security Overview?
262.03DPDMAI::PAINTERTue Dec 06 1988Kerberos for VMS?
263.02WIDGIT::LUETHThu Dec 08 1988Network Security issues
264.023FOOBAR::KABELFri Dec 09 1988General security guidance wanted
265.01HUMAN::CONKLINSat Dec 10 1988Book: Building a Secure Computer System
267.0STAR::SUFFERNFri Dec 16 1988VSA Job Opening
268.03KYOA::JUDICETue Dec 20 1988READALL really CONTROLALL?
269.0HUMAN::CONKLINTue Dec 20 1988USSR viruses
270.02LOMBRD::BARTON_LAWed Dec 21 1988Securid for VAX/VMS
271.01TAVThu Dec 22 1988Customer product to enhance DECnet security
272.02CRUISE::GWESTROPPWed Dec 28 1988Fear = Security
273.08STEREO::HOLDENThu Jan 05 1989Security Products for Softbase
274.011HOTAIR::PAINTERFri Jan 06 1989break out of captive accnts
275.0DPDMAI::BOLDTue Jan 10 1989Security Review Service
276.030--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 16 1989VIRUS Attack currently underway
277.09CANYON::LEEDSTue Jan 17 1989ACF2 and Security Performance Issues
278.01VIDEO::PEACOCKSat Jan 21 1989Is this a recent security test?
279.032PICVWed Jan 25 1989File security question
280.08CANYON::LEEDSThu Jan 26 1989security audit help needed..
281.01TRCTFri Jan 27 1989Status of OSI Security?
282.05CIMNET::KYZIVATMon Jan 30 1989Digital Distributed System Security Architecture?
283.0STEREO::HOLDENWed Feb 01 1989DEC-IBM Security Conference
284.05HANNAH::LEICHTERJSun Feb 05 1989Understanding the Recent Worm
285.0STC::HEFFELFINGERTue Feb 07 1989More Phone Calls
286.04HANWed Feb 08 1989Press article on U*x security
287.05WELCOM::NOURSEThu Feb 09 1989Some Systems Still not Worm-Proof
288.08ULTRA::NORRISWed Feb 15 1989Is anyone working on forced classification?
289.02SAC::PRESTON_DThu Feb 16 1989Secure Terminals
290.07DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Feb 16 1989Let's audit everything
291.03CSSE::WARDThu Feb 16 1989Security Cross posting
292.018MPGS::PELTIERThu Feb 23 1989Outcome of Mitnick Trial?
293.05DPDMAI::BOLDSat Feb 25 1989What to do to protect your system?
294.011NEXUS::DEVINSWed Mar 01 1989Security of Customer Files during RD Connects
295.017EIGER::OLLODARTFri Mar 03 1989"Russians using German Hackers
296.015ANT::JLUDGATEWed Mar 08 1989Question about info. on ELF
297.08TRCTThu Mar 09 1989Wanted: Cryptograpic Authentication
298.0PAR5::RLEESat Mar 11 19891-3 May 89 / IEEE CS SSP / Oakland, CA
299.022DPDMAI::BOLDMon Mar 13 1989The Magic Disaperring
300.0HANNAH::LEICHTERJMon Mar 13 1989Reports on the Worm
301.01STAR::DUNHAMTue Mar 14 1989Access Mode Protected Files
302.04TRCTWed Mar 15 1989Security in REMOS FX?
303.01BMT::MISRAHIFri Mar 17 1989security bug - where do I go ?
304.02TKOVWed Mar 22 1989Security for Personnel's Computer
305.0HANNAH::LEICHTERJMon Mar 27 1989Viruses Become Deadlier
306.011KAOATue Mar 28 1989Sybase - first B2 secure RDBMS ?
307.02ENGLES::WARDTue Apr 04 1989Top Secret - CA beta test
308.03ODIXIE::BIRCHMon Apr 10 1989Wanted General Presales info
309.024DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Apr 11 1989Cleared Telephone Support People
310.013BMT::MISRAHIThu Apr 13 1989DECnet object passwords
311.01TOWNS::SEPPIThu Apr 13 1989What is PMR?
312.01STEREO::HOLDENThu Apr 13 1989Security Sales Tools
313.04TKOVMon Apr 17 1989Inquiry about P&P 11.1
314.013MDVAX3::ENDSLEYWed Apr 19 1989CASE for the security conscious?
315.014UTRUST::VANHULSTFri Apr 21 1989defence message applications
316.02NEXUS::DEVINSWed Apr 26 1989Copyright Notice vs Official Security Markings
317.04ATPS::BLOTCKYThu May 04 1989MAC label formats
318.05HANNAH::LEICHTERJTue May 09 1989TCP/IP Security Issues
319.06CPDW::ROSCHFri May 12 1989Physical Access to Site
320.01ATPS::BLOTCKYMon May 15 1989Congressional Hearings
322.09BISTRO::WOODWed May 17 1989Dial-in Security
323.03UTRUST::SCHOUTENWed May 24 1989Protecting software distribution??
324.011OSLXXX::STEINThu May 25 1989Network Wide Authentication ?????? Today ???????????
325.01ATPS::BLOTCKYWed May 31 1989Virus author suspended
326.0TRCAWed Jun 07 1989AS/4
327.010SFCPMO::DOWENWed Jun 07 1989VMS Accreditation?
328.0ATPS::BLOTCKYWed Jun 07 1989Internet Worm articles in June CACM
329.0STEREO::BEAUDETTue Jun 13 1989Removable Disk Drives - come and learn
330.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 13 1989RSA Data Security
331.020DIODE::CROWELLFri Jun 16 1989Restricted material in NOTES
332.0GUIDUK::ONOTue Jun 20 1989ASCENT from CDC?
333.08OTOUWed Jun 21 1989remote security alarms
334.02SMOOT::ROTHWed Jun 21 1989Sales Update/Security Offerings
335.018AZUR::OPERTOTue Jun 27 1989Privileged Accounts : Proxies/2nd pwds
336.03TOWNS::BUZZERDTue Jun 27 1989Secure OS Competition?
337.01ATPS::BLOTCKYThu Jun 29 1989Baltimore Conference Dates?
338.03LARVAE::SUGDENMon Jul 03 1989Digital Path Defender? ACB?
339.016ZPOVThu Jul 06 1989Sentry Gate ??
340.03TROAThu Jul 06 1989Need Real Server/Port Name in ACCOUNTNG.DAT
341.01MDVAX3::DONCASTERMon Jul 10 19892
342.05CAADC::PMWVESTUTOThu Jul 13 1989hardware security key for uvax?
343.08MDVAX3::DONCASTERFri Jul 14 1989Help eliminating Terminal, Term Srvr NVRAM
344.016MSAMSun Jul 16 1989Employee Dismissal
345.01BUFFER::CUMMINGSFri Jul 21 1989Proxies to Non-privileged Accounts
346.03TOWNS::BUZZERDMon Jul 24 1989Memory Overwrite capability in VMS?
347.06KETJE::ROBBENSTue Jul 25 1989Who is B3-compliant ?
348.021TKOVSun Jul 30 1989VAXmail address on name card
349.01WFOFAC::BILLWed Aug 02 1989Security or normality?
350.05COLThu Aug 03 1989Window betwenn SYLOGIN and LOGIN ?
351.03TAOVFri Aug 11 1989Material for security education
352.02CAM::JOHNSONThu Aug 17 1989contact needed in corporate security group
354.03TXAATC::MORANDIFri Sep 01 1989VMS security training material anyone?
355.04WFOV11::COBBTue Sep 05 1989Netserver log problem.
357.05SUBWAY::MISRAHIThu Sep 07 1989pointing GETUAI to MY SYSUAF.
358.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Sep 12 1989UK Evaluated Products
360.01SNDCSL::SMITHWed Sep 13 1989Security audit?
361.0HGOVC::RAPHAELHUNGTue Sep 19 1989Documentation tool for Security maintenance
362.05TXAATC::MORANDIWed Sep 20 1989acl on a disk: no alarm
363.04TXAATC::MORANDIWed Sep 20 1989wrong pwd in audit alarm message from network
364.02WLW::KIERFri Sep 22 1989Looking for security document
365.071DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Sep 25 1989Password rules
366.05TUNER::SUFFERNWed Sep 27 1989NCSC Virus Warning
367.016UTRUST::VANHULSTFri Sep 29 1989disk cleaning
368.04SRFSUP::LIU_ROMon Oct 02 1989ACB through Assets?
369.04KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Oct 05 1989Internet cracker on the loose, from RISKS
370.03BIS::THIJSSENMon Oct 09 1989Escrow Storage Service
371.012TXAATC::MORANDIWed Oct 11 1989get access to DCL even from CAPTIVE account
372.01BONNET::BERTHETWed Oct 11 1989Moderator help required
373.0BOMBE::ISHIKAWAFri Oct 13 1989Soliciting FT Sites for VAX KDC V1.2
374.0TRCAMon Oct 16 1989Clark and Wilson On-line?
375.02QUICHE::PITTThu Oct 19 1989What should a "server" process do with a Captive/Restricted account?
377.01TRCAFri Oct 20 1989Human response times
378.01STEREO::HOLDENTue Oct 24 1989CSI Security Conference
379.03NISSAN::STIMSONWed Nov 01 1989A _local_ security threat
380.07ELWOOD::KAPLANSun Nov 05 1989::BLISS is ignorance
381.08PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUMon Nov 06 1989WANKS ??
382.09NIKOS::YANNIOSWed Nov 08 1989NASA Security Breach Article from New York Times
383.05SUBWAY::WATSONThu Nov 09 1989Security Presentation?
384.03TOHOKU::TAYLORFri Nov 10 1989Will your network object username be helpful when you need it?
385.017FDCVSat Nov 11 1989Password Checker Available
386.01HEAT::BOLDSun Nov 12 1989Marking of Disk Media
387.02FLATTP::THORNTON_JEWed Nov 15 1989Async data link encryption?
388.01UTRUST::VANHULSTThu Nov 16 1989Security Framework ?
389.04BLUMON::QUODLINGFri Nov 17 1989vms$securepwd feature...
390.02DIXIE1::SILVERSFri Nov 17 1989bibliograph./ reference
391.0TAVWed Nov 29 1989Is this a new idea to make accounts more secure?
392.05KETJE::GEORGESMon Dec 04 1989How to prevent file deletion from DECNET account?
393.0HUMAN::CONKLINWed Dec 06 1989Seasonal Thefts
394.0TUNER::SUFFERNMon Dec 11 1989NCSC Potential Products List
396.010WR2FOR::LAMB_PEMon Dec 18 1989Clear-All SWR Product for disks??
397.09REGENT::MERRILLTue Dec 19 1989LAT and public usernames?
398.05AUSTIN::BOGGESSWed Dec 20 1989Security and external electronic mail
399.011TRCAThu Dec 28 1989Is RSA still fully credible?
400.08TRCAThu Dec 28 1989Quantum Public Key Distribution Cryptography!
401.03DELNI::B_FLANNERYThu Dec 28 1989Help on validating 3rd party sw
402.04NZOVTue Jan 09 1990Xsecure?
403.01MASHIE::GAVAZZIFri Jan 19 1990Securing end-node DECnet.
404.0TUNER::HOLDENMon Jan 22 1990NCCCD Computer Crime report available
405.07PROXY::CANTORThu Jan 25 1990Morris found guilty. Extract from Telecom Digest
406.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTMon Jan 29 1990IEEE Symposium on Research in Security and Privacy
407.0TRCAMon Jan 29 1990Authentication for Cellular Telephone Use?
408.02TRCAWed Jan 31 1990Partially Wildcarded Proxies?
409.08TKOVOA::OKAMURAThu Feb 01 1990Application System Security on VMS
410.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Feb 01 1990Computer Virus textbook
411.07WFOVX5::JAARSMAThu Feb 01 1990How secure are captive accounts?
412.05YUPPY::AMERRFri Feb 02 1990UK net security consulting???
413.05HEAT::BOLDMon Feb 05 1990Security Positions Available
414.05TOWNS::ROBERTSMon Feb 05 1990Security technical overview/white paper?
415.04NITTY::PERRYMon Feb 05 1990Protection codes on LAT terminals
416.03UTRUST::VANHULSTThu Feb 08 1990encryption software delivered by DECUS ?
417.02ULTRA::HERBISONMon Feb 12 1990Customer complaining about SW_INVENTORY.COM
418.014COPCLU::SIIGWed Feb 14 1990Disabling privs after login
419.04DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Feb 16 1990Security Problem using infected diskette
420.04MSDOA::PETERSONMon Feb 19 1990O/S Government Security Classifications
421.03HGOVC::RAPHAELHUNGTue Feb 20 1990Captive a/c with 'ON' control statement not work---system Bug ??
422.011TPOVC::THOMASYANGWed Feb 21 1990Security tools? INSPECT?
423.02WELMTS::HILLThu Feb 22 1990Hacking in the UK
424.07WPOMM2::BEESONThu Feb 22 1990Virus detection on VMS?
425.01HGOVC::RAPHAELHUNGSun Feb 25 1990ACL Editor startup file
426.04GUIDUK::ONOMon Feb 26 1990Customer notification?
428.0OTOATue Feb 27 1990secure RDMBS's
429.03UTRUST::VANHULSTTue Mar 06 1990order for VMS version 1.
430.04NEST::ROMANOSat Mar 17 1990Physical Identification - Where Info. Sources?
431.01BILBO::PIPERSun Mar 18 1990VMS Protected Subsystems
432.0WNPVTue Mar 20 1990Export advice/Contact info
433.05PEACHS::BELDINTue Mar 20 1990Is there any information on what is going on on the INTERNET?
434.04--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 22 1990PHYSICAL SECURITY
435.04UTRUST::VANHULSTMon Mar 26 1990DECnet ph.V more secure ?
436.01GIDDAY::CULLENTue Mar 27 1990Disable Auditing for System Backup Account?
437.05GUIDUK::KANGWed Mar 28 1990Disk "Overwriting" per DOD standards?
438.010MAIL::RUHLFri Apr 06 1990PCs w/dialup infecting VAXen
439.01PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUTue Apr 10 1990Rumors on Friday 13th ...
440.0HUMAN::CONKLINWed Apr 11 1990Arrests in Computer Break-Ins Show a Global Peril
441.0DPDMAI::WOODWARDSat Apr 14 1990Is the B1 AT&T UNIX good?
442.01DPDMAI::WOODWARDSat Apr 14 1990SPRINT question.
443.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDWed Apr 18 1990Locked work stations
444.02OTOUFri Apr 20 1990Unattended terminals
445.01AUNTB::RELYEAFri Apr 20 1990Can you "SET ACL/HIDDEN" from DCL?
447.0TUNER::HOLDENWed May 02 1990CSI DEC-IBM Security Conference
448.01HEAT::BOLDSat May 05 1990Trusted Path and Terminal Servers
449.02TRCAFri May 11 1990SRI White Paper on Unix Security
450.0BLITZN::ROBERTSTue May 22 1990Measuring Security
451.04TAVMon May 28 1990Auditing without alarms?
452.04PANIC::MOULDNFri Jun 01 1990Auto Security Products
453.03NWACES::ROHNERTMon Jun 04 1990Address Translation Gateway - DECATG
454.03BRSMon Jun 11 1990Tempest systems in Europe ?
455.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Jun 13 1990Third-party products
456.0NOVA::WASSERMANTue Jun 19 1990Secure databases
457.01TOHOKU::TAYLORSat Jun 23 1990'Invalid PIN number selected' aboard an Airbus A32
458.06LUCCIO::MANNINOMon Jun 25 1990Banking physical security
459.012RAMPIT::SUFFERNTue Jul 03 1990NCSC Potential Products List
460.09EISMon Jul 16 1990Digital Security Products?
461.08TAOVWed Jul 18 1990Security weakness???
462.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jul 18 1990NIST - To propose security standard
463.04SAC::WILLIAMS_AWed Jul 18 1990DECnet Object Security
464.020TROU1Wed Jul 18 1990Account Management - OWNERNAME Standard
465.06GLORY::BOLENBAUGHWed Jul 18 1990Passwords on a LAN - Current practice?
466.03DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Jul 24 1990Limited System Management
467.0RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEWed Jul 25 1990Account renewal nightmare !
468.02SARALN::SHEPROMon Jul 30 1990Expired System Account
469.03IAMOK::BANCROFTFri Aug 03 1990FNS factoring of 155 digit number - question
470.018TAVMon Aug 06 1990Restrict access to tapes ??
471.01HAMTue Aug 07 1990Sec. into VMS application - info wanted
472.06TRCAThu Aug 09 1990VMS 5.4 Password Questions
473.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTFri Aug 10 1990computer security applications conference
474.01SEDSWS::PHIPPENWed Aug 15 1990Security guidlines needed
475.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Aug 16 1990Observations and Comments on the ITSEC (from usenet)
476.01HUMAN::CONKLINThu Aug 16 1990Sun Microsystem's Customer Warning System
477.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Aug 16 1990Help tracking image use for security abuse
478.05DAYA::PULSTue Aug 28 1990PostScript Printer Virus ???
479.02SYZYGY::SOPKATue Aug 28 1990 Challenge Issued to Hackers
480.04TAVThu Aug 30 1990set audit/listener question
481.08WINERY::VILAINMIFri Aug 31 1990INSPECT now manditory in the field?
482.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 05 1990Secure LAN Certified
483.01COPCLU::ALLANWed Sep 05 1990File protection confusion using LSE/TPU
484.01TAVMon Sep 10 1990Help with NSA$C_PKT_AUDIT_FLAGS please
485.01RAMPIT::SUFFERNMon Sep 10 1990NCSC Evaluated NETWORK Products
486.02NEGD::TRIBEMon Sep 17 1990Does DEC have card access software?
487.05BEAGLE::WLODEKTue Sep 18 1990X.25 and VAX P.S.I. security services ??
488.04FASDER::RSEGRESTWed Sep 19 1990Security Presentation Opportunity
489.01LARVAE::SUGDENFri Sep 21 1990Transient memory in terminals and printers
490.015TACTThu Sep 27 1990Restoring data from a dead ESE2
491.04ZUDEV1::SCHWARZRMon Oct 01 1990Info on ZERGO
492.0QUICHE::PITTMon Oct 15 1990UK Computer hacking and the UK Clearing banks
493.02LARVAE::SUGDENTue Oct 16 1990VXTD info please
494.06BILBO::PIPERThu Oct 18 1990VMS Security Notice: VMS Versions 4.
495.02ROMMon Oct 29 1990Ultrix Security presentation ?
496.01REDBRD::DONCASTERWed Oct 31 1990Request Current Info/Contact for Boeing MLS LAN
497.0GUIDUK::ONOFri Nov 02 1990NCSC Evaluation Process
498.0LARVAE::SUGDENMon Nov 05 1990Network security info needed
499.04BNKSIA::DEGROOTFri Nov 09 1990Comparisons: VMS vs Ultrix vs "other UNIX"?? Comparisons: VMS vs Ultrix vs "other" UNIX ??
500.01AIAG::MAMROSFri Nov 09 1990CERT Advisory - VAX/VMS Break-ins
501.03TUNEIT::MAURERFri Nov 09 1990Blank remote info in audit alarm]
502.08HEAT::BOLDSun Nov 11 1990An Evaluation W
503.02GUIDUK::ONOWed Nov 14 1990RUMOR: no more C2 evaluations?
504.0GUCCI::CAMPANAROThu Nov 15 1990
505.06GUCCI::CAMPANAROThu Nov 15 1990B3 or A1 Gateway Products
506.0CIVAGE::ANILSat Nov 17 1990Security Implementation Documentation
507.0CIVAGE::ANILSat Nov 24 1990Fort Wayne Virus Case
508.01TRCAFri Nov 30 1990Human availability (no pun :-)
509.01METALS::DEANMon Dec 03 1990INSPECT availability
510.08CANYON::LEEDSFri Dec 07 1990security issues when linking nets
511.05CLO::BARNETTThu Dec 13 1990Description of C2 available?
512.02MLNOIS::MANNINOWed Jan 02 1991Info request on I.Sec.Program
513.01HOBBLE::HANBURYThu Jan 03 1991What level Secure VMS?
514.012UTRUST::VANHULSTTue Jan 08 1991Secure checksum utility ?
515.02ODIXIE::BEARDMOREThu Jan 10 1991What is B1 exactly ??
516.010TRCAThu Jan 10 1991Kerberos/Hesiod documentation on-line?
517.0GUIDUK::ONOFri Jan 11 1991Summary of TCSEC (orange book) divisions/classes (C2, B1, etc)
518.05DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYWed Jan 16 1991Question on security reporting
519.0BEAGLE::WLODEKThu Jan 24 1991DEC site security discussions in notes ?
520.08LARVAE::BRIGGSWed Jan 30 1991Status of Standards?
521.03TRCAWed Jan 30 1991Security Architect Opportunity
522.010TRCAWed Jan 30 1991Submitting Batch Jobs from Captive Accounts
524.02CANYON::GURALNIKMon Feb 04 1991Disk Erase?? Again???
525.01SIEVAX::LEROUXWed Feb 06 1991announcement of SPX for U.S. area
526.05ULTRA::WITTENBERGWed Feb 06 1991See-through device gets challenge directly?
527.03ULTRA::HERBISONSat Feb 09 1991NIST Issues Draft Security Conact Guidelines
528.01ATPS::BLOTCKYMon Feb 11 1991Virus in Mass. Governor's System
529.0HEAT::BOLDSat Feb 16 1991Questionaire on Evaluations
530.08CGOOThu Feb 21 1991Information of policy development required
531.03POBOX::HACKMANDFri Feb 22 1991VMS Security manual online??
532.04REDBRD::ENDSLEYTue Feb 26 1991Help! Searching for Sec Info for a conference
533.02FDCV14::CONNELLYTue Feb 26 1991security audit server info from DCL?
534.0ULTRA::EYRINGTue Feb 26 1991Calling for Field Test Sites
535.03VISUAL::MOSIERTue Mar 05 1991Virtual Terminals (dis)enabled?
536.040TROAWed Mar 06 1991Account Revalidation
537.010ROMFri Mar 08 1991help for DSSA
538.0SHAPES::ROWLEYSMon Mar 11 1991Macmillan
539.03CIVAGE::ANILMon Mar 11 1991Network Security Standards
540.02RTPSWS::FLACKTue Mar 12 1991VMS security hole (published in DR)
541.01TRCAFri Mar 15 1991Wanted: Security-minded Kiwis
543.01MODNAT::GRAYTue Mar 19 1991Security & "IT Framework"
545.022HEAT::BOLDThu Mar 21 1991RFP Response needed
546.07DATABS::DATABS::NEEDLEMANFri Mar 22 1991b1 + posix ?
547.038DYPSS1::TROXELLMon Mar 25 1991POLYCENTER Security Integrity Checker (was DECdetect)
548.02SDOGUS::SPENDLOVEMon Mar 25 1991C2 for ULTRIX
549.02DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYTue Mar 26 1991Classified Document Handling
550.03ICS::ROBINSONTue Mar 26 1991Security Policies now on VTX
551.06KETJE::ROBBENSThu Mar 28 1991A practical implementation of standard VMS sec.
552.02QUICHE::PITTThu Mar 28 1991Proposed X.25 Easynet standard for review
553.02MADMAG::NORRISMon Apr 01 1991DECinspect-ULTRIX Field Test
555.03OTOOThu Apr 04 1991DECalert...?
556.0XDELTA::HOFFMANFri Apr 05 1991CERT Advisory, Unauthorized Password Change Requests
557.05NANOOK::FOXMon Apr 08 1991V5.4 Password History Question
558.04TRCOFri Apr 12 1991Snitch? SecurePAK?
559.0LARVAE::SUGDENMon Apr 15 1991OSF/1 Security Docs
560.01HAMPS::ROBSONFri Apr 19 1991How much do people spend on security?
561.02CIVAGE::ANILTue Apr 23 1991Orange Book for Network Security
562.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Apr 24 1991DSSA, what will it give us...
563.03FRAMBO::ERIKSSONFri Apr 26 1991What is DECsrf (Polycenter)?
564.0KERNEL::MENDELSOHNMon Apr 29 1991Cluster wide intrusion database ???
565.01ROYALT::FOURNIERMon Apr 29 1991YP
566.02THEWAV::KRUEGERWed May 01 1991Declassifying SCSI disks - ULTRIX
567.03LISVAX::RODRIGUESFri May 03 1991Vulnerability in ULTRIX - chroot
568.015BEAGLE::WLODEKWed May 08 1991Taping Unshielded twisted pair LAN.
569.04DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYThu May 09 1991Customer requirement - disk overwrite
570.02COMICS::FARROW_SMITHTue May 14 1991obtaining NODE name from Audit Report
571.06CIVAGE::ANILWed May 15 1991Network Security Crime Scenario
572.09CIVAGE::ANILWed May 15 1991Distributed Reference Monitor
573.02BEAGLE::WLODEKThu May 16 1991Challange authenication for automatic modem dialup.
574.0MCIS2::DUPUISTue May 21 1991Security Management Magazine
575.05DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYTue May 21 1991Video Access Control?
576.01ESPOThu May 23 1991Press reactions to the IFIP conference in UK
577.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 23 1991Hoax Mail Message
578.0TRCAWed May 29 1991Risk Watch?
579.02NLAThu May 30 1991Network Security per ISO model?
580.0NOVA::WASSERMANFri May 31 1991Security Enhanced Rdb conference
581.01RANGER::FJ_SMITHMon Jun 03 1991Need a current copy of the "RED BOOK"
582.06UTRUST::VANHULSTWed Jun 05 1991stripped READ/ALL privilige ?
583.08SDOGUS::PARROWFri Jun 07 1991RZXX Disk Scrubber
584.01REDBRD::WRIGHTMon Jun 10 1991Need paper from the IEEE Security and Privacy Conference
585.05SUOCEA::WILLOUGHBYThu Jun 13 1991On-line policies
586.0YOSMTE::CHAN_EDFri Jun 14 1991Availability of security govt. documents?
587.0MADMAG::NORRISMon Jun 17 1991DECinspect-ULTRIX FT2 Kit Availability
588.03FOOSW6::ZIPPWed Jun 19 1991Use of ACL option (ie SET AUDIT/ALARM/ENABLE=ACL
589.01OTOOWed Jun 19 1991DSSA Information....
590.08FORTSC::MAXWed Jun 19 1991Security tools for customers
591.016FOOSW6::ZIPPFri Jun 21 1991Out going modem call logging...?
592.012ALOSWS::LICHORATThu Jun 27 1991Securing RIGHTSLIST.DAT
593.01LTLKNG::DOUGHTYThu Jun 27 1991Declassifying Disks ?????
594.0ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Jul 02 1991Is there a latest security slide presnetation?
595.02BEAGLE::WLODEKMon Jul 08 1991Real time security monitoring.
596.014VISUAL::MOSIERFri Jul 12 1991Manditory Data Retention?
597.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Jul 23 1991What min priv for "sh terminal" linespeed?
598.0OTOOA::UNDERHILLWed Jul 24 1991Contact for Note files...
599.01DPDMAI::MCQUEENEYWed Jul 24 1991Clyde/Raxco merger
600.05COPCLU::BIRGERWed Jul 31 1991security - pcsa - working at home
601.07METSYS::WATSONThu Aug 01 1991Help on backing-up
602.012NANOOK::FOXFri Aug 02 1991Set alarm on process?
603.03SIOG::M_CRONINTue Aug 06 1991ALARM_JOURNAL ACE on an image installed /OPEN ??
604.03TRCOA::ROUSTue Aug 06 1991Are there competing C2 PC servers?
605.04GSRC::SARFFTue Aug 06 1991Need password info
606.04ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEWed Aug 07 1991How to disable spawning out of VAXmail?
607.021UNTADH::WHELANThu Aug 08 1991*REAL* Security Enforcement
608.06HOTAIR::OMALLEYThu Aug 08 1991How many passwords can VMS gen...
609.06MUDIS3::AMOUSSETFri Aug 09 1991X.25 and Military
610.08OTOOA::UNDERHILLTue Aug 13 1991Security presentation...
611.0TAVMon Aug 19 1991Iraq / U.S. & Gulf Crisis ??
612.017NANOOK::FOXTue Aug 20 1991Write-only directory?
613.01OTOOA::UNDERHILLWed Aug 21 1991PC Network Security Requirments...
614.010TROOA::RITCHETue Aug 27 1991Acceptability and Risks of Anonymous Suggestions?
615.01BSS::BORENTue Aug 27 1991Quota's on sys$sysdevice ?
616.0HEAT::BOLDThu Aug 29 1991Internet Help
617.0KAOU14::MANIONFri Aug 30 1991STU lll Interface
618.01NEWOA::NEALEMon Sep 02 1991Defense Investigative Services & DoD 522
619.02TRCOA::ROUSTue Sep 03 1991Anyone in Japan working in security?
620.0BRADOR::HATASHITAThu Sep 12 1991Seeking Security Architect
621.03OTOOA::UNDERHILLWed Sep 18 1991Address for Orange Book?
622.04MOVIES::BENSONTue Sep 24 1991Manipulating ACL's from the QIO interface.
623.08LISVAX::DAVIDThu Oct 03 1991Orange Book: where to get it?
624.014BEAGLE::WLODEKFri Oct 04 1991Password management.
625.06HEAT::BOLDMon Oct 07 1991Pathworks Security Requirements Request
626.017SKYLRK::HITCHCOCKLITue Oct 08 1991Ever heard of "C-Delete??
627.011OTOOA::UNDERHILLWed Oct 16 1991DESNC Info...
628.07GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Oct 17 1991Auditing file CREATE failure?
629.017NLAWed Oct 23 1991DECwindows pause screen secure?
630.0CAPITN::MORRISON_HUWed Oct 23 1991Pathworks security model conacts needed
631.02ULTRA::DONAHUEThu Oct 31 1991DECinspect/ULTRIX and DECsrf/VMS External FT
632.010TRCOA::ROUSFri Nov 01 1991Extended User Authentication for VMS?
633.01TRCOA::ROUSTue Nov 05 1991Pathworks and Windows NT Security Positioning
634.03BERNWed Nov 06 1991asynch encryption PC <-> VMS ?
635.0UTRUST::VANHULSTTue Nov 26 1991audit trail analyser
636.01KAWPHY::LEMKEFri Dec 06 1991Inspect V2.1 vs VMS 5.5
637.03TAVThu Dec 12 1991decsrf
638.0SYOMV::CLARYThu Dec 12 1991Simple network log?
639.0COPCLU::ALLANFri Dec 13 1991Novell security help needed!
640.04TAVMon Dec 16 1991Security changes in VMS 5.5?
641.03NLATue Dec 17 1991Key management?
642.06TAVThu Dec 26 1991Spoofing over PSI?
643.06TARKIN::MCALLENFri Jan 03 1992PROMIS, Trojan Horse, INSLAW
644.0BRADOR::HATASHITAMon Jan 06 1992Canadian ADP Security Centre
645.07ERFARE::SDTue Jan 07 1992smart card system access systems ??
646.01SGWS::SIDThu Jan 09 1992Security and DHCF
647.0PAOIS::HILLTue Jan 14 1992Hashed time stamping
648.03HKGACT::SIMONYTCHANFri Jan 17 1992Protection of $MOM & $NICONFIG
649.0HKGACT::SIMONYTCHANSat Jan 18 1992SPM$REMOTE has priv'd account
650.05BIS6::ANTOINEWed Jan 22 1992Communications server & security
651.0BILBO::PIPERFri Jan 24 1992Bug: V5.5 upgrade deletes password hitory list
652.0TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Jan 30 1992Amailtpu V2.1 (Privacy Enhanced Mail)
653.0ROYALT::LECLAIRThu Feb 13 1992Need help - DT data policies
654.0TRCOA::ROUSThu Feb 13 1992Electronic "Handcuff" War Stories?
655.05CONTRA::PMCVAYTue Feb 18 1992Open flame: I am quitting on INSPECT
657.01CRACKR::RITZWed Feb 19 1992callable routine to encrypt/decrypt record (not whole file) needed.
658.0REGENT::HUMMERSFri Feb 21 1992Customer Benchmark access
659.05NLAMon Feb 24 1992FLASH-EPROM?
660.03KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Feb 25 1992New Security PID???
661.02OTOOA::CORBINFri Feb 28 1992Physical security for workstations
662.07SGWS::SIDMon Mar 02 1992DEC SecurityGate on a LAN
663.0PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Mar 02 1992Security articles/references needed
664.02STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Mar 02 1992What is DASC?
666.0STKHLM::AMARTENSSONThu Mar 05 1992MAC-Pathwork security, do we have anything to say?
667.02TAVThu Mar 05 1992Prevent conversational boot on a large system?
668.0NLAFri Mar 06 1992Help on customer security requirements
669.04KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Mar 09 1992VMS Menu Based Front-end???
670.037NLATue Mar 10 1992automatic logoff/screen lock for ULTRIX?
671.05NLATue Mar 10 1992Digital video on system security?
672.015KETJE::STAESMon Mar 16 1992About (VMS) Identifiers
673.0KAOU14::UNDERHILLThu Mar 19 1992IBM Lanserver expertise...
674.01FOOSW6::ZIPPMon Mar 23 1992VMS security package comparison
675.03NLAMon Mar 23 1992HSC Enhanced FORMAT utility query
676.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Mar 24 1992BSSS and BSMS online Info...
678.013HEAT::BOLDMon Mar 30 1992Username=Password
679.0DPDMAI::WOODWARDMon Mar 30 1992VMS 4.3 -> VMS 6.
680.0BERNWed Apr 01 1992printer security problem!?
681.05YUPPY::STUBBSPThu Apr 09 1992Networked SYSUAF.DAT?
682.03BLOFLY::KISSWed Apr 29 1992sys$hash_password algorithm for PC's
683.09CTOAVX::CARLSONMon May 18 1992VMS Security Help
684.0TRCOA::ROUSTue Jun 02 1992How to protect publicly accessible systems?
685.02EACTSI::FRANCESTue Jun 02 1992DCSA - can we do business with you?
686.02AUNTB::HYMESThu Jun 04 1992Why is ACCESS=READ required on executable ACE?
687.01SCOOTS::henryMon Jun 08 1992CA-ACF2 for RACF
688.02VAOUThu Jun 11 1992Have we implemented DSSA?
689.05LARVAE::SUGDENFri Jun 12 1992READALL about it! The privilege is yours.
690.09ORO5Mon Jun 15 1992Questions about BACKUP
691.0TROOA::RITCHETue Jun 16 1992How to erase hard disks securely before reuse?
692.07VMSZOO::ECKERTTue Jun 16 1992Distributors with Easynet access?
693.04ATPS::BLOTCKYWed Jun 17 1992New Digital ad
694.01LARVAE::SUGDENFri Jun 19 1992Security Toolkit error
695.01POBOX::MULCRONEFri Jun 19 1992Career Path Suggestions?
696.0IAMOK::NOBLEFri Jun 26 1992Reference to External Access Policies
697.01NETMGR::KOPECWed Jul 01 1992Security issues for dialup access to a LAN
698.0ROMFri Jul 03 1992VMS Security presentation
699.01STEAD::PATTERSONFri Jul 17 1992FTSV - Security Advisory
700.01DCOPST::VBVDF::DFOSTERMon Jul 20 1992Production System Security on VMS: How?
701.02LARVAE::SUGDENThu Jul 23 1992Export encryption - Hasruw
702.014KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Jul 31 1992Pathworks C2 Test Plan???
703.0WILBRY::WASSERMANTue Aug 11 1992SERdb Evaluation
704.02MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Aug 12 1992IEEE 8
705.07TROOA::JORGENSENWed Aug 19 1992VMS UAF and MVS ACFII Link ???
706.03DARGLE::COUGHLANFri Aug 21 1992SYSPRV and system files
707.01SOLVIT::EARLYFri Aug 21 1992Software/Communication Products between VAX & PC's ?
708.0STEAD::PATTERSONFri Aug 21 1992Internal Security Advisory - EISG 92-8
709.08ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEMon Aug 24 1992SYSPRV reqd for BACKUP?
710.01FRSCS::ULRICHThu Aug 27 1992File-level protection on magnetic tapes
711.013HOCUS::FIELDSTue Sep 01 1992Pointers to Biometric ID devices?
712.0WLW::DOUGHTYWed Sep 09 1992Oracle in distributed world
713.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTWed Sep 09 199215th National Security Conference, Programme
714.03NWGEDU::JANSSENThu Sep 10 1992examples security problems
715.03BEAGLE::WLODEKFri Sep 11 1992DecAthena and Morris worm.
716.02SKYLRK::CASEMon Sep 21 1992How to secure VAXstation 4
717.04HEAT::BOLDMon Sep 21 1992VMS Documentation Part Numbers
718.06UTRUST::VANHULSTTue Sep 22 1992security risk board-game ?
719.04OZROCK::GROHNTue Sep 22 1992Using history to detect possible problems
720.03STAR::CANTORWed Sep 23 1992VMS Monitor vulnerability -- from CERT via usenet
721.0XDELTA::HOFFMANWed Sep 30 1992Draft DEC Corporate Computer Standards Available
722.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Oct 05 1992Security Presentations...
723.0NLAFri Oct 09 1992Console password on DECsystems?
724.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Oct 20 1992ESORICS 92, Nov 23-25, Toulouse France
725.01EVOAI1::LACROIXFri Oct 23 1992Vax Encryption References sites
726.01BIGUN::TANNERMon Oct 26 1992Security for ultrix systems
727.05EEMELI::SRYYNANENWed Oct 28 1992Predefined passwords
728.02MAIL::NITTELFri Oct 30 1992Shopping for commercial system management utilities
729.02AIDEV::BRYANTMon Nov 02 1992DECinspect ID IFT BEGINS - Want to help?
730.06NEWVAX::SGRIFFINMon Nov 02 1992Internal project/program security practices?
731.01MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSThu Nov 05 1992Hardware theft?
732.0STEAD::PATTERSONWed Nov 11 1992Corporate Security Advisory
733.01PF::CONKLINSun Nov 15 1992re: FBI digital telephony article in IEEE; conflicting goals
734.015KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Nov 30 1992Canadian Computer Security loss....
735.0OSLACT::NWOALS::steinmWed Dec 02 1992When the going gets tough, the tough gets smarter
736.02MLNCSC::MISLERWed Dec 02 1992Miscellaneous questions about ext. access via DSG
737.02VTNC5::TOWNSENDFri Dec 04 1992What are these security documents?
738.03FSAEUR::PACETue Dec 08 1992DOD erase patterns?
739.05FLYWAY::VELALOPOULOSThu Dec 10 1992Backup and Encryption
740.05AKOFIN::GLEASONWed Dec 16 1992Vax->Tymnet X4
741.08SNOCWed Dec 30 1992Adding security classifications to ALL-IN-1 mail
742.0STEAD::PATTERSONThu Dec 31 1992
743.01MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSWed Jan 06 1993Help needed with security article
744.0KAOTThu Jan 07 1993ACCE Conference Feb 2-4, Arlington
745.02QCAVFri Jan 08 1993Help on Some Book(s) !!!
746.08MSDOA::HYMESFri Jan 08 1993Security training info needed
747.0VARDAF::CHURCHThu Jan 14 1993European Information Security VTX Infobase
748.09BIGUN::TANNERWed Jan 20 1993encryption, WAN routers?
749.0COPCLU::ALLANWed Jan 20 1993DECinspect ID presentation needed
750.01TRCOA::HENDERSONFri Jan 22 1993Finger Print Matching
751.0MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSThu Feb 04 1993Perot Systems Security Snafu
752.01DWOVAX::STARKThu Feb 11 1993Chaos Digest
753.03AIDEV::CHENThu Feb 11 1993Security auditing differences between VMS versions
755.015KETJE::STAESMon Feb 15 1993VMS Security Presentation available
756.0ESTASI::MANNINOWed Feb 17 1993Info on IBM ICRF/ICSF?
757.05KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Feb 23 1993Presentation - Overview Products/Services?
758.021STEAD::PATTERSONTue Feb 23 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
759.0AKOCOA::PERLMUTTERWed Feb 24 1993x.8
760.02IJSAPL::63515::Conferencing-UserFri Feb 26 1993Integration with RACF from UNIX
761.06DEMAND::MADDENTue Mar 09 1993ACL usage security question
762.07CADSYS::LEMONSTue Mar 09 1993F-Prot for PCs
763.03SNOCSun Mar 14 1993C2 document on-line?
764.013DV78Fri Mar 19 1993Announce msg restrictions?
765.0MKOTS3::BAILEYFri Mar 19 1993Call for Papers-MLS+ User Meeting
767.02SFCSun Mar 21 1993C2 Certification for OSF/1 AXP?
768.03QUICHE::PITTMon Mar 22 1993Digital's involvement in recent UK hacker trial
769.0BALTMD::SINARSMon Mar 22 1993RE: .1 AND .2
770.0STEAD::PATTERSONWed Mar 24 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
771.02KYOA::KOCHMon Mar 29 1993Modem Security devices?
772.010TAVTue Mar 30 19931
774.0MKOTS3::BAILEYFri Apr 09 1993MLS+ Users Group Meeting Invitation
775.01SALSA::HUFFWed Apr 14 1993NSA PMSP
776.03OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Apr 16 1993security standards
777.07OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Apr 16 1993SEAL
778.0TOSKI::HAYESTue Apr 20 1993Security PID pointer needed...
779.02NWGEDU::JANSSENWed Apr 21 1993VMS V4.3 or V6.
780.0NEWOA::NEALEMon May 03 1993Gemini trusted network processor
781.03STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANThu May 13 1993TEMPEST product manager/products?
782.05GIDDAY::DONALDSONThu May 13 1993EIGEN vs POLYCENTER Security products
783.014BONNET::WLODEKTue May 25 1993Photocopy paper that can't be copied.
784.04NLATue Jun 15 1993VXT (X terminal) memory clearing
785.03KETJE::STAESThu Jul 01 1993BOOKREADER version of 11.
786.024EICMFG::KORNMESSERFri Jul 09 1993Q:Secure Processor Box for encryption algorithms???
787.01PASTIS::MONAHANFri Jul 09 1993Hacking at the end of the Universe
788.06EDWIN::BERGERWed Jul 21 1993Mag Tape C2 Security Erase
789.01SNOCSun Jul 25 1993European E2 Standard
790.0MADMAG::NORRISFri Jul 30 1993Engineering Office of Field Security Programs
791.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 09 1993CMW audit requirements
792.0KAZAN::LEROUXWed Aug 11 1993CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENTS & Call For Papers...
793.0QUICHE::PITTFri Aug 13 1993Polycenter Security tools saved within the company
794.07HEAT::BOLDMon Aug 16 1993Password Functionality Questions?
795.02BIGUN::TANNERTue Aug 17 1993verified "C" compiler??
796.06ANGLIN::NITTELWed Aug 18 1993NSA-sponsored training?
797.04BLUMON::HOLDENTue Aug 24 1993Success using Intrusion Detection?
798.07ESTASI::MANNINOWed Sep 01 1993Banking data encryption?
800.02EEMELI::HEISKANENMon Sep 27 1993NCSC-EPL-93 ?
801.01HGOVC::LAWRENCESun Oct 03 1993TEMPEST conference ?
802.06ESSB::PHAYDENTue Oct 05 1993Encryption advice needed !
803.016CADSYS::LEMONSWed Oct 06 1993Sending files to another company
804.0STEAD::PATTERSONMon Oct 11 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
805.0MSAMWed Oct 20 1993Security presentation for OSF/1 ?
806.0SLBLUZ::PENNYWed Oct 20 1993SVR4 Security Features Info Needed
807.0MSDOA::HYMESFri Oct 29 1993Soap box - security management products
808.01STEAD::PATTERSONWed Nov 10 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
809.08ESSB::PHAYDENFri Nov 12 1993MD-2/4/5 Message Digest Algorithms ?
810.04NLAWed Nov 17 1993Strong authentication for OpenVMS?
811.0STEAD::PATTERSONFri Nov 19 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
812.05INGOLD::POIRIERMon Nov 22 1993Determining access from TCP/IP node
813.02ESTASI::MANNINOWed Dec 01 1993DCSM information request
814.05NYOSWed Dec 01 1993Single User Signon across Mult. Platforms?
815.08STEAD::PATTERSONMon Dec 06 1993EISG Security Advisory #93-
816.02RANGER::DEEMon Dec 13 1993EXARC Request...
817.03MSDOA::HYMESWed Dec 15 1993Need help finding security documents
818.0PASTIS::MONAHANFri Dec 17 1993Use of DISIMAGE and DEFCLI for security
819.029CADSYS::LEMONSFri Dec 17 1993Encryption packages for non VAX, worldwide use
820.010BALTMD::GLOCKTue Jan 04 1994SCSI Disk Erase Utility??
821.06ZEKE::HOLDENWed Jan 05 1994Do we need a new "Security for VMS" handbook?
822.02MLNOIS::MANNINOThu Jan 20 1994IT security guidelines?
823.01SNOCSun Jan 23 1994Encryption for PC's, Ultrix and OSF/1 ???
824.08DELSTue Jan 25 1994OSF/1 qualification
825.01MEOCMon Jan 31 1994info on "SESEAME"....
826.0VARDAF::BERBIGIERTue Feb 01 1994Polycenter Security Compliance Manager for NetWare request for requirements
827.01SNOOPI::ALONGIWed Feb 02 1994Security Patch broke SMTP under UCX
828.04ELWOOD::KAPLANMon Feb 07 1994Network Access Security - Any easy way ?
829.05MSDOA::HYMESTue Feb 08 1994C2 compliance document needed
830.02ATPS::BUDNIKThu Feb 10 1994DEC SecurityGate-IP V2.
831.01NWGEDU::JANSSENFri Feb 11 1994privileges?
832.01BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Feb 25 1994CERT?
833.0ROMThu Mar 03 1994European standards
834.0STEAD::PATTERSONThu Mar 10 1994EISG Security Advisory #94-
835.0STEAD::PATTERSONFri Mar 11 1994Corporate Security Communications Process
836.0BIGUN::TANNERSun Mar 13 1994HUGHES STUBS product?? any pointers/Information?
837.0ZEKE::HOLDENTue Mar 15 1994Article on OLE Security Problem
838.02NYOSMon Mar 21 1994Client Server Security help
839.0GALVIA::ESTONEWed Mar 23 1994POLYCENTER Security Tools V3.
840.0STEAD::PATTERSONWed Mar 23 1994EISG Security Bulletin #1
841.02ZEKE::HOLDENWed Mar 23 1994Security Conferences 1994
842.0ZEKE::HOLDENMon Mar 28 1994I-4 Security Meeting Report
843.0OSLTue Mar 29 1994Goodbye ! And good luck !
844.02TAVIS::ERANSun Apr 03 1994Do we use Raxco's STK ?
845.05GUIDUK::MACHThu Apr 07 1994Alpha - Data Encryption Help
846.02ZEKE::HOLDENTue Apr 19 1994Public Key Crypto and CommerceNet
847.01SIOG::DOOLEYTue Apr 26 1994PASSWORD recording in Journal file
848.02TIKVAH::ARTHURWed Apr 27 1994Presentation on OSF/1 V2.
849.05IVOSS1::MOREH_JAWed Apr 27 1994"Public Key overview"
850.02MARX::FLEMINGWed May 04 1994signing packets?
851.03BBIVFri May 06 1994security monitoring/enforcement standards
852.01BSS::BORENFri May 06 1994(I) notice of pending sec kits of ULTRIX & OSF/1
853.01STEAD::PATTERSONWed May 11 1994Ultrix and OSF/1 Security Advisory
854.0ZPOVC::MONGKIATue May 17 1994ACL for UNIX vs OpenVMS vs ACF2 ?
855.03KETJE::STAESFri May 20 1994Question about CSI
856.0MINOTR::NOBLEThu Jun 16 1994Cryptography and Government Debate
857.029CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 21 1994Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
858.01BIGUN::TANNERWed Jun 22 1994privs.. again
859.02BRSOPI::STAESWed Jun 22 1994DCSA/DCSM product status update request
860.01IJSAPL::VANHULSTThu Jun 23 1994security comparison of OpenVMS vs Unix
861.01GYPSC::CASE4U::KLBARTHThu Jun 30 1994 Is VAX Rdb V5.1 C2 compliant and ...
862.06MLNCSC::MISLERThu Jun 30 1994Home Work with ISDN and CUG requires ACB?
863.0DPDMAI::WEINBERGERFri Jul 01 1994Another casulaty of War
864.0ZEKE::HOLDENTue Jul 05 1994N.Y. Times on Kevin Mitnick
865.02BERNThu Jul 07 199411.3 or other doc related to application security
866.02OTOOA::WEISSTue Jul 12 1994Virus checker for OSF/1 AXP?
867.02VARDAF::CHURCHMon Aug 01 1994DEC SecurityGate (DSG) cookbook document
868.0ZEKE::HOLDENWed Aug 03 1994I-4 Trip Report
869.03BBIVMon Aug 22 1994security standards description
870.02TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Aug 25 1994CONTRL for OpenVMS AXP V6.1?
871.04ZEKE::HOLDENWed Aug 31 1994Trip reports to X9F1 and OURS Data Security
872.03UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_AThu Sep 08 1994DCSM-Digital Cryptographic Security Manager
873.03TNPUBS::CLIFFORDFri Sep 16 1994Need Product Info/Comparison
874.04KETJE::STAESTue Sep 20 1994Client/Server Security presentation?
875.0STAR::PRAETORIUSTue Sep 20 1994Network Security Observations (journal)
876.01GRANPA::MSTENNETTTue Sep 27 1994SEVMS AXP Training Desired
877.03BONNET::WLODEKTue Oct 04 1994Generating many passwords .
878.04CADSYS::LEMONSWed Oct 05 1994Whither DASS (Distributed Authentication Security Service)
879.01SYOMV::NEWTONFri Oct 14 1994ALPHA Security Issues
880.01PASTIS::MONAHANFri Oct 21 1994NCSC Conference
881.0IAMOK::MAGUIREThu Oct 27 1994DIGITAL Speakers at Boston Meeting November 1
882.02MINOTR::NOBLEFri Oct 28 1994Export Advisories - Crypto on the Networks
883.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 31 1994show intrusions question
884.0ZEKE::HOLDENWed Nov 16 1994Minutes of October I-4 Forum
885.01TAVTue Nov 22 1994UCX security consulting
886.02KETJE::STAESThu Nov 24 1994Liability issues with resetting hardware passwords
887.0ZEKE::HOLDENTue Nov 29 1994Fight over Triple DES standard in US
888.0BERNWed Nov 30 1994palmer a security risk?
889.02VENGER::SAUNIERWed Nov 30 1994Comments on a security solution
890.0ZEKE::HOLDENMon Dec 05 1994Hackers Take Revenge - from WSJ
891.0ATEIS::FRENCHTue Dec 06 1994Need input for Security at DECUS
892.03DELNI::SHAHThu Dec 08 1994CySecure (Kerberos) FT Announcement
893.03RULLE::SJOBERGFri Dec 16 1994Hidden
895.0LISVAX::DAVIDMon Jan 02 1995Application Security Consultant Needed
896.04GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Jan 04 1995Disk Scrubber ?
897.03QUICHE::PITTThu Jan 05 1995Windows NT being evaluated
898.01ZEKE::HOLDENTue Jan 10 1995News from RSA Security Conference
899.012IJSAPL::VANHULSTThu Jan 12 1995firewall evaluation
900.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jan 19 1995Internal use PAK for VAX Encryption
901.05GVPROD::WBKFri Jan 27 1995Security solutions for laptops
902.0BRSOPI::STAESMon Feb 06 1995"Securing with Kerberos" by Bradford Harrison ?
903.01CSC32::WATERSTue Feb 07 1995Good Day Mate, virus ?
904.06DV78Tue Feb 14 1995ChannelWorks as a secure data network
905.01BRSOPI::STAESFri Feb 17 1995Programmable security functions on OSF/1 ?
906.0ZEKE::HOLDENTue Feb 21 1995Yves Leroux joins Security Program Office
907.04--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 24 1995Info - RECENT SECURITY ADVISORIES about SENDMAIL
908.0PRMSTue Feb 28 1995Info re. ISO 11577 Network Security
909.01ZEKE::HOLDENTue Feb 28 1995Digital to say the "S" word on TV
910.05JULIET::SINGER_THFri Mar 03 1995DOS to VMS Software Encryption
911.01RHETT::HALETKYWed Mar 08 1995SIA Examples
912.0DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Mar 21 1995COAST Program
913.016OTOOA::THOMSun Mar 26 1995Firewalls & Satan
914.04DEBUG::GALLOMon Apr 10 199599nnnn Badge Numbers/Info Needed!
915.08IAGO::SULLIVANTue Apr 11 1995Scanned Signature
916.0ZEKE::HOLDENThu Apr 13 1995Did anyone attend ISSA Conf.?
917.0ZEKE::HOLDENThu Apr 20 1995I-4 Forum 24 Summary
918.01REGENT::HUMMERSMon May 01 1995anal/audit and real usernames
919.0VAOUThu May 04 1995bootp intrusion from stack.zk3.dec.com ?
920.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jun 02 1995Secure Inbound-Only Gateway SIOG
921.02TPOVC::TONYCHENGTue Jun 13 1995semaphore communications
922.06BRSOPI::STAESThu Jun 22 1995Chip Floppy?
923.01IJSAPL::VANHULSTFri Jun 23 1995support secure subsystems
924.0BIGUN::TANNERFri Jul 14 1995Risks analysis papers?
925.05DEVMKO::SORRENTINOMon Jul 17 1995Secure Network solution needed.
926.01MARX::FLEMINGWed Jul 26 1995SunSoft Solstice Fire Wall-1
927.07DELNI::WHEELERWed Aug 23 1995US Computer Security Forum
928.02SRVPC::USTINOVThu Aug 24 1995Data Encryption Standard is needed!!!
929.0CRONIC::LEMONSTue Aug 29 1995Dynamic vs. static IP address assignment
930.0CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsWed Sep 06 1995Computer Virus Attacks Word Documents
931.02ULYSSE::BAILLYWed Sep 13 1995Access MGT SERVER ???
932.01SLBLUZ::BROCKUSMon Sep 18 1995S/Key from Bellcore on VMS? Authentication.
933.01TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Sep 21 1995New DAS product announcement - Any more info?
934.01ANGLIN::CAMPBELLWed Oct 04 1995External Security Consulting?
935.03VNZVWed Oct 04 1995DES implementation for Digital UNIX needed !!!!!
936.06ULYSSE::DOROSHFri Nov 03 1995PC/Windows data encryption utility needed.
937.02BIGUN::TANNERSat Nov 04 1995VMS Security Engineering?
938.03CSC32::S_EGGLESTONWed Dec 06 1995
939.01KAOFS::R_DAVEYMon Dec 11 1995DECinspect broken with OpenVMS F7.
940.02VAXRIO::63197::MeyerThu Jan 11 1996help on DAS
941.012HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardFri Jan 19 1996Encryption for general desk-top use?
942.01KETJE::STAESThu Jan 25 1996Crypto Law Survey
944.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Jan 31 1996What kinds of services are available ?
945.0ULYSSE::DOROSHThu Feb 01 1996Checksum utility for Windows???
946.04ENGPTR::SULLIVANMon Feb 12 1996Can't disinfect a system
947.0KETJE::STAESMon Apr 01 1996Microsoft Web server security flaws documented
948.01ZEKE::HOLDENMon Apr 29 1996I-4 Forum 27 min. and Upcoming 1 day Conference
949.05CRONIC::LEMONSFri May 03 1996Accountability for outgoing ftp transfers
950.01SNOFS1:: Jun 05 1996Anything better than Sweep coming?
951.0BIGUN::TANNERFri Jun 14 1996is ultra:: dead?
952.0POWDML::WHEELERMon Sep 30 1996General Review - Internal Policy 11.
953.01SCASS1::HARRISONTue Oct 08 1996Connect to Secure Web Servers?
954.01KETJE::STAESThu Oct 17 1996PKZIP3
955.0+1KETJE::STAESWed Nov 27 1996comp.os.vms about security holes in OpenVMS