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Conference horus::ltm-reports

Title:LTM-Reports & LTM-Toolkit
Notice:LTM-Reports & LTM-Toolkit
Created:Thu Feb 05 1987
Last Modified:Mon Mar 11 1996
Last Successful Update:Thu Apr 10 1997
Number of topics:431
Total number of notes:1564
Number with bodies:0
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1.01HORUS::MAGNIThu Feb 05 1987Welcome to....
2.04HORUS::MOLANDERFri Feb 06 1987Looking for a product name ....
3.013HORUS::MOLANDERFri Feb 06 1987Looking for test sites ...
4.05FDCVMon Feb 09 1987WHAT IS LTM ???
5.01NAC::SOHATue Feb 10 1987some interesting? functions
6.01LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Mar 13 1987Cooperative efforts
7.05MINDER::BANKSMon Mar 23 1987911/LTM relationship?
8.06BOEHM::SEGERFri Apr 10 1987terminal compatibility issue
9.0MUNICH::HILGERTue Apr 14 1987Wild card processing in node statistic
10.01NAC::ENGLANDThu Apr 16 1987just one more thing...
11.01SWAFAC::ZHENGMon Apr 27 1987LTM doc. location
12.05CHRISB::BRIENENWed May 06 1987How will a customer get LTM/HDR?
13.02VLNVAX::GMAROTTATue Jun 16 1987Current LTM/HDR availability
14.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jul 13 1987Network kit location for Lan Traffic Monitor
15.01CHOVAX::WORDENMon Aug 31 1987Need field types listing
16.03BUFFER::MOLANDERWed Oct 07 1987Status update
18.012NANOOK::BRALEYWed Oct 14 1987DEBET won't load
19.04BOEHM::ENGLANDFri Oct 16 1987info on upgrading bridge to support LTM-Reports
20.01AKOVWed Oct 28 1987Could the listener be overwhelmed?
21.03DELNI::LANGLOISWed Oct 28 1987Lan Description field has limits
22.01BREAKR::PACEWed Oct 28 1987LTM UI missing Reports
23.02F1Tue Nov 03 19879 hours lost in the 24 hour display
24.05SANTEE::GREENEThu Nov 05 1987Where is LTM/HDR?
25.04MINDER::BANKSMon Nov 09 1987VT34
26.042837::VEASEYMon Nov 09 1987LAN traffic/X*driver
27.0TLSEWed Nov 11 1987Some Feed-back
28.0HORUS::KORNSTue Nov 17 1987LTM-Reports Public Directory
29.0534933::AVERYThu Nov 19 1987Collision Rate?
30.01BUFFER::KORNSWed Nov 25 1987LTM-Reports V1.
31.052Sat Dec 05 1987Collector won't collect
32.08CGOSWed Dec 09 1987Monitor through a LAN Bridge 1
33.02MINDER::BANKSWed Dec 09 1987More feedback....
34.01SPANKY::ROCHEMon Dec 14 1987More frimware questions
35.01DELNI::LANGLOISMon Dec 21 1987A couple of bugs in LTM-REPORTS...
37.01HORUS::MAGNIWed Dec 30 1987BL7 is now available!!
38.01GENRAL::HASTYMon Jan 04 1988Report printing problem
39.03Wed Jan 06 1988Prompting Mode - Suggestion on continuation lines.
41.02HORUS::MAGNITue Jan 12 1988DATATRIEVE layouts for LTM-Reports data
42.0442734::GAYWed Jan 13 1988Comments on the Documentation.
43.0242734::GAYWed Jan 13 1988LTMREPORTS in Europe.
44.02HORUS::MAGNIFri Jan 15 1988calling all profiles...
45.01SNO78C::ELMESTue Jan 19 1988No collected data
46.024Tue Jan 19 1988Stack Dump When Starting COLLECTOR...
47.03BRDWLK::AVERYTue Jan 26 1988VS2
48.04SPANKY::ROCHEWed Jan 27 1988Printing utilization graphs
49.0128776::G_BURTONFri Feb 05 1988Cann't collect anything!!!!!
50.02QRTRS::HENRYFri Feb 05 1988LN
51.04COPTue Feb 09 1988Where is LTM netkit?
52.0428912::CALLAGHANWed Feb 10 1988Location of latest LTM software and Docs
53.0HORUS::KIMMELWed Feb 17 1988How to merge history files
54.02CHEVSat Feb 20 1988
55.01MDVAX3::CLAYTONMon Feb 29 1988LTM CONFIG Questions??
56.0742631::DUDLEYWed Mar 02 1988LESSBUFFERS problem...
57.02UTRTSC::VANDOMMELENThu Mar 03 1988Where is LTM-Reports documentation
58.01CLARID::HARYThu Mar 10 1988Gathering expertise on LTM-Reports for NETmon svce
59.010TAVMTS::NATIWed Mar 16 1988Bridging AND monitoring at the same time
60.01ROMThu Mar 24 1988LTM Loading problems
61.03AUNTB::SOEHLFri Mar 25 1988sample reports?
62.0125368::CACIOPPOMon Mar 28 1988Problem running LTM with PCSA
63.01ROMWed Mar 30 1988LTM_REPORT kit location!
64.013Fri Apr 01 1988Event mask setting =
65.03MINDER::BANKSTue Apr 19 1988Station filtering??
66.06NWACES::KORNSFri Apr 22 1988LTM-Reports and VAX DOCUMENT
67.0337448::JZITELMANWed Apr 27 1988"Does LTM require dedicated LAN Bridge 1
68.024Wed Apr 27 1988What does polling include
69.02WOODIE::PDESTEFANOFri Apr 29 1988Why is no data found?
70.02NWACES::KORNSMon May 02 1988Problem Rebuilding DATATRIEVE
71.024Thu May 05 1988Graphing Problem
72.054Wed May 11 1988Time, Graphs, and a Hang
73.02BREAKR::UDICKPWed May 18 1988Downline loading - Same Segment Only?
74.01RDGENG::MOXLEYMon May 23 1988Large log file problems..
75.04STKHLM::LISSDANIELSWed May 25 1988LTM-Reports on Ethermodem III Bridge ?
76.04331Mon Jun 06 1988LTM, ETHERnim and LTM-Reports Simultaneously ?
77.02YUPPIE::HOLLYThu Jun 09 1988VT34
78.01NAC::GOGUENWed Jun 22 1988New "944 Monitor" Notes File
79.0847211::NINNITue Jun 28 1988LTM,LTM-REPORT,944_MONITOR
80.01WFOIS::LANOUETue Jun 28 1988Polling state and no data found
81.0629Fri Jul 01 1988LTM under VMS v5.
82.01NWACES::KORNSMon Jul 18 1988LTM-Reports under VMS v5.
83.01FRACK::ENSLEYTue Aug 09 1988LTM Reports
84.0NWACES::MOLANDERWed Aug 10 1988Market and Product Requirements for LTM-Reports V2.
85.04FRACK::ENSLEYMon Aug 15 1988LTM Reports software
86.05MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Aug 24 1988GKS V3.
87.05MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Aug 26 1988LTM$config.dat file
88.02RAVEN1::KSLOANTue Aug 30 1988Building the LTM$ADDR_NAME db
89.03MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Aug 31 1988LTM vs LTM Reports
90.01MINDER::BANKSThu Sep 01 1988VT34
91.04MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Sep 07 1988LAN tools/packages
92.03HAM::SCHOLZMon Sep 12 1988Start/Stop collection
93.01PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Sep 13 1988Ethernim and RBMS
94.02TKTVMon Oct 03 1988User buffer unavailable
95.0CLARID::VINCILEONIFri Oct 07 1988TPU Error in rebuilding Datatrieve
97.07MPGS::PASQUALEFri Oct 14 1988Multiple LTM'S from 1 host?
98.04TKTVWed Oct 19 1988Bytes per Station?
99.01EMASS::DESTEFANOTue Oct 25 1988Traffic Data on Broadband
100.01WATNEY::RYERTue Oct 25 1988can't zero counters from .com file
101.02PANIC::SWANSONMon Oct 31 1988Continuous Use
102.0NWACES::MAGNIFri Nov 04 1988LTM is up thar...
104.01KETJE::DEMOORTue Nov 08 1988Understanding Bridge load/function
105.04TRCTMon Nov 14 1988Help with Histograms
106.01BOXTOP::HURLEYThu Nov 17 1988reducing ethernet buffer count
107.01CSC32::ORTIZTue Dec 13 1988ltm log file
108.09NBOFS1::SCHIMKUSWed Dec 14 1988LTM-Report graph failures
109.02MINDER::BANKSThu Dec 15 19888
111.03NAAD::DEANThu Jan 26 1989?? V1.1 of LTM availability ??
112.01PUGH::TONYTue Jan 31 1989LTMreports V1.
113.06WIOVAX::OSCARThu Feb 02 1989Need LTM Reports sample output??
114.05PRSUD2::SIMONMon Feb 06 1989LTM+NMCC+Ethernim on a VS?
115.01HXOAThu Feb 16 1989Does it work in BATCH?
116.02CLARID::VINCILEONIFri Feb 17 1989Error with the LTM$LTM functions of LTM_Reports
117.01WFOOFF::LANOUETue Feb 21 1989multiple station_traffic displays?
118.01MINDER::BANKSTue Mar 14 1989Chipcom + LTM = AOK
119.06CENSRD::BOUTHIETTETue Mar 14 1989Problem mailing graphic reports
120.0NWACES::KORNSMon Mar 20 1989LTM-Reports, Datatrieve and Protocol-types
121.0NWACES::KORNSMon Mar 20 1989LTM-Reports, Datatrieve & Protocol types
122.02NWACES::GAROFOLITue Mar 21 1989LTM-Reports V1.1 FT
123.02DYO78Tue Mar 21 1989Does LTM Reports require RDB?
124.04TAVWed Mar 22 1989LAN Reports Toolkit
125.05NBOFS1::SCHIMKUSTue Mar 28 1989LTM Byte-count per protocol ?
126.0NWACES::MAGNIThu Mar 30 1989LTM-Reports V1.1 Field Test
127.01NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINThu Apr 06 1989Who knows this protocols and MC adresses ?
129.02TOOHOT::POWERSTue Apr 11 1989online software?
130.06WAV12::LASHERTue May 16 1989Getting event mask
131.01SRFSUP::YOSHIISat May 20 1989Interpreting the frame error data file
132.0351847::SANDGRENMon May 29 1989LTM V1.1 online??? HELP!!!
133.02WAV14::LASHERTue Jun 06 1989Some data colection questions
134.0NWACES::GAROFOLIThu Jun 08 1989New FT Dates for LTM-Reports V1.1
135.03SAC::LEONARD_KWed Jun 14 1989Decoding LTM-REPORTS data
136.01WAV12::LASHERWed Jun 14 1989Corrupted History file
137.0116821::OTTERSONThu Jun 22 1989LN
138.01MERIDN::ATTERBERRYWed Jun 28 1989DECwindows and LTM-REPORTS ??
139.02LISVAX::ANDREMon Jul 03 1989Starting automatically the Listener after a power failure
140.02UTRTSC::VANDOMMELENWed Jul 12 1989NO graphs on VS2
141.0NWACES::DAVEThu Jul 13 1989LTM-Reports T1.1-
142.02ODIHAM::PRUDEN_GTue Jul 25 1989Datatreive and sixel problems?
143.01LISVAX::ANDREThu Aug 03 1989DATATRIEVE Rebuilding Problems
145.01CUJO::MEIERThu Aug 17 1989byte counts by protocol type?
146.02SAC::LEONARD_KFri Aug 18 1989How do LTM-reports Counters operate by default
147.0NWACES::KORNSFri Aug 18 1989Announcing LTM-Reports T1.1-
148.04ZURMon Aug 21 1989LTM-reports V1.1 availability
149.01FOOZLE::ELWARNERTue Aug 22 1989%system-f-ivdevnam invalid device name
150.09SUBWAY::MONDROWTue Aug 22 1989Multiple collectors, same VAX?
151.02YF23::CLAYTONWed Sep 27 1989Need Help w/protocol types = %Enet utilization
152.02METMV2::SYSTEMThu Oct 05 1989Problem with access LTM$*.dat files
153.03NRADM::KDUPONTMon Oct 09 1989Corrupted Utilization Graphs
154.01PRSUD1::LTMFri Oct 20 1989ltm toolkit pb - zero data?
155.02CAFEIN::KAUFMANWed Oct 25 1989Able to do a playback???
156.01DPDMAI::OTTERSONThu Oct 26 1989multable graph/page
157.03PARVAX::KAUFMANThu Oct 26 1989Custom Network Monitor and an LTM "hook"???
158.01NIKOS::YANNIOSTue Nov 07 1989Callable LTM Routines Available?
159.01WFOV11::LANOUEWed Nov 15 1989Utilization stats
160.04NIKOS::YANNIOSTue Nov 28 1989"%RMS-E-EOF, end of file detected" on LTMR COL/START
161.01NWACES::GAROFOLIThu Nov 30 1989V1.1 now available!
162.07NTWRK::LEACHThu Dec 07 1989V1.1 Help
163.03HXOUMon Jan 08 1990LTM Report/Document Anyone?
164.02CHR27::DUHAMELTue Jan 09 1990LTM-REPORTS V1.1 EVENTS
165.02NIKOS::YANNIOSThu Jan 11 1990LTM$DC Crash - Cause?
166.01SMAC1Fri Jan 12 1990Hist and tables differences?
167.0KORNS::KORNSMon Jan 29 1990Help testing End-to-End (944) Data Collector?
168.03STORM::TSOUThu Mar 01 1990Running data collection without GKS?
169.04NIKOS::YANNIOSThu Mar 01 1990POSTSCRIPT Hangs LPSxx Printers?
170.0NWACES::GAROFOLIFri Mar 09 1990LAN Bridge 15
171.04NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Mar 12 19903
172.03HXOUWed Mar 14 1990How accurate...
173.04KORNS::KORNSWed Mar 14 1990Announcing LTM-Toolkit
174.01MINNY::ANTENENWed Mar 14 1990DATATRIEVE for packetsize reports
175.01NIKOS::YANNIOSWed Mar 21 1990Y-Axis Anomalies?
176.01UTRTSC::NIEUWENHUISMon Mar 26 1990User buffer unavailable!
177.01DELNI::ASULLIVANMon Apr 02 1990Error occurred - stop collector
178.01GIDDAY::CHONGMon Apr 09 1990Access 2nd LTM gets BADPARAM
179.07SRFSUP::JANESWed Apr 18 1990GKS-E-ERROR_26 on VS31
180.0PRSPSU::LOUISMon May 14 1990LTMreport procedure...
181.02ICS::MORNINGTue May 15 1990vaxgfx$rlt error
182.01CGOSThu May 24 1990LTM like plots
183.04CGOSMon Jun 04 1990Size of cpu needed to accomplish this
185.04HAMCL3::HANSENWed Jun 06 1990LTM-R on EXTENDED LANs
187.02HOO78C::VISSER_AFri Jun 22 1990Source - Destination Matrix needed
188.03NZOVWed Jul 18 1990LTMREPORT$SETUP.COM Missing...need pointer
189.04LVOVAX::FULLERMon Jul 23 1990LTM-reports and VITALINK bridge
190.0MSDSWS::LOVEFri Jul 27 1990LTM-Reports Source availablity?
191.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Aug 02 1990LTM$LOAD_DB.DAT used in LTM V1.2?
192.04RDGENG::BICKNELLFri Aug 17 1990ltmtoolkit problem
193.04HOO78C::VISSER_AMon Aug 27 1990Changing the size of the report
196.02--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 10 1990LTM won't Collect...
197.05ODIXIE::KELLENTue Sep 11 1990Can WSQUOTA be lowered for LTM$DC?
198.07MSDSWS::LOVEWed Sep 26 1990Turn off plotting of events, is it possible?
199.01SOS6::PEYROTThu Sep 27 1990look for ltm v 2.
200.01MSDSWS::LOVEThu Oct 04 1990Problem with device 53 (HP 755
201.01AITPLB::PBRIGGSThu Oct 04 1990DCTMO Error Starting LTM Reports Data Collector
202.06GSFMCC::SYSTEMFri Oct 05 1990NONAME error messages ?? and messed up display.
203.02SAHQ::BROWNINGWed Oct 10 1990overflow protocol?
204.04HOO78C::VISSER_AThu Oct 18 1990Polling via VITAlink bridge
205.02RCORDF::HOFFMANNThu Oct 18 1990IEEE_8
206.01SUBWAY::REILLYThu Oct 25 1990Data Collector stops collecting
207.01SUBWAY::REILLYThu Oct 25 1990A Selection of LTM$DC Crashes
208.01SUBWAY::REILLYFri Oct 26 1990Tabular reports problems
209.01ZUDEV1::64598::AntenenMon Oct 29 1990EC in tabular report
210.02BALZAC::PETITWed Oct 31 1990Printing Question
212.06SMPVAX::SIMPSONThu Nov 08 1990ltm-reports stack dumps
213.01AZUR::MARROTFri Nov 16 1990datatrieve 5.
214.02BIGUN::PLEMELThu Nov 22 1990LTM_REPORTS V1.1 on a VAX 4
215.02SEVERN::BREWTONThu Nov 29 1990What does Event Code
216.010CSDNET::DICASTROTue Dec 04 1990Need translation table location
217.02CRANEE::SAFRAN_ROTue Dec 04 1990Error allocating memory
218.02HGSWWed Dec 05 1990comms line speed?
219.08CSDNET::DICASTROThu Dec 06 1990Stack dump in Sho/status command ???
220.01YUPPY::DUNOYERTue Dec 11 1990LTM and LTMR - Different Results
221.01JDARC::SANTACREUFri Dec 21 1990Mutilple protocole
222.02DGOSWFri Dec 21 1990Protocols and Broadcast
223.02RCORDF::HOFFMANNWed Dec 26 1990EC 18 again
224.02SANFAN::CAIN_GAFri Jan 04 1991Avg Utilization by Period
225.04SPAZZO::SHEPARDMon Jan 07 1991The DC That Wouldn't Die!
226.01NWACES::KIMMELTue Jan 08 1991Collecting to REMOTE history files
228.04SANFAN::ROBAK_RIWed Feb 06 1991Top Talkers And Listeners
229.02SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Feb 25 1991List of Listeners
230.01ROMThu Mar 07 1991Multiple Ethernet data collection
231.03GIDDAY::COOPERFri Mar 08 1991Peak Pie Chart Info
232.03MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Mar 11 1991LTM$DC Crashes with ACCVIO (again)
233.04NWACES::KIMMELMon Mar 11 1991LTM-Reports V1.2 is available
234.02GIDDAY::COOPERWed Mar 20 1991no data for report problem
235.03SPANKY::PETROFFMon Mar 25 1991Full page output
236.01CSDNET::DICASTROMon Apr 01 19911 listener= x reports
237.04ARRODS::SWANSONThu Apr 04 1991Top Talker without Source=* in the DCP
238.08MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Apr 09 1991Pollfailures with remote LAN segments
239.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGThu Apr 11 1991X-axis (time and date) format
240.01BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDThu Apr 18 1991Non standard LTM$DATA problem
241.01NWACES::KIMMELFri Apr 26 1991V1.2 Data Collector problem with timer
242.01DENVER::ARCHERWed May 01 1991LTMR V1.2 install questions
243.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMFri May 03 1991problems with the DTR procedures
244.01FORTSC::MOKTue May 14 1991How to sell LTM Reports?
245.04TROU47::SLEEWed Jun 05 1991LTMR 1.3 QUESTIONS
246.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed Jun 12 1991LTM UI and Reports/same system?
247.01OGWV5Fri Jun 14 1991LTMReport V1.1 LTM$DC hungs ?
248.0NWACES::KIMMELTue Jun 18 1991LTM-Toolkit problems with no DECgraph or DATATRIEVE
249.02CLARID::GACHOTWed Jun 26 1991LTM-Reports V1.1 data compatibility
250.01NGOV2Wed Jul 03 1991LTMR v1.1 work with LTM v1.2 ?
251.02COMICS::LOTAWed Jul 03 1991LTM V1.2 unrecognized command verb
252.02CLARID::GACHOTMon Jul 08 1991LTM_Reports and Polling interval
253.01OSTV14::TAKESHIMAWed Jul 17 1991Question about LTMR version on VMS 5.4-2
254.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Jul 31 1991LTM & LTM-Report report diff peak % utilization
255.015Tue Aug 06 1991total ether I/O for a node???
256.02SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Aug 06 1991polling/retention/traffic
257.06CLARID::GACHOTWed Aug 21 1991LTM-Reports V2.1 problem
258.04MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEThu Sep 05 1991USer Buffer Unavailable = lost data?
259.012DRAC::CAMPOSWed Sep 18 1991Multiple IEEE-8
260.05COLFri Sep 20 1991TITLES available in V2.
261.02CLARID::GACHOTFri Sep 27 1991LTM-Reports V1.3 Pb
262.0NWACES::KIMMELThu Oct 17 1991New name for ASSETS library
263.01TRCOA::FLOTNERThu Oct 17 1991Problem with LTM-Reports 1.3, help ..
264.03TRCOA::FLOTNERThu Oct 17 1991Quoting for LTM-Toolkit?
265.017USRCV1::HOFFMANNDThu Oct 17 1991ltm$dc in LEF state
266.01MILPND::BACCARIWed Nov 06 1991LTM V2.
267.01NWACES::OBRIENThu Nov 07 1991announcing LTM-Reports V2.
268.01COLFri Nov 08 1991GKS-E-ERROR_21 FOR DEVICE=17
269.04COLTue Nov 12 1991BIG V2.
270.01IOOHUB::HITTENMILLERThu Nov 14 1991LTM Listener is in a wait state
271.04HOO78C::VISSER_AMon Nov 18 1991Access violation end to end listener
272.06HANNAH::B_COBBFri Nov 22 1991LTMR in CEF forever.
273.0NWACES::KIMMELFri Nov 22 1991Problem with /DESTINATION in LTM-Reports V2.
274.0NWACES::KIMMELFri Nov 22 1991Problem with /NOAUTOSCALE in LTM-Reports V2.
275.06EDWIN::LANGILLEMon Dec 09 1991COLLECT /CONFIG /VIA=ELMS .....Problem....
276.02COLWed Dec 11 1991estimation of disk space question
277.04COLWed Dec 11 1991X-axis labeling: feature or Bug?
278.05MILPND::BACCARIFri Jan 03 1992V2.
279.06CUJO::SAMPSONWed Jan 08 1992V2 broke utilization PostScript
280.05CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMWed Jan 08 1992Cannot use EPSF device type
282.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Jan 09 1992Scrolling Line graph output crashes reporter
283.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Jan 09 1992DTR extraction files for reports under V2.
284.015Fri Jan 10 19922.5
285.04COLFri Jan 10 1992more X-axis labelling problems
286.02MXOVFri Jan 10 1992Can I see Cterm frames generated when a Sun station access a VAX system
287.01COLTue Jan 21 1992Unknown Protocol Types
288.06MILPND::BACCARIThu Jan 23 1992END_TO_END problem ?
289.04COLTue Jan 28 1992appending and merging files problem
290.01HOO78C::VISSER_ATue Jan 28 1992Creation of configuration files by hand
291.03COLThu Jan 30 1992more questions
292.02COLThu Jan 30 1992data collection event question/problems
293.02MXOVThu Jan 30 1992Listener in a wait state problem?
294.01NWACES::KIMMELFri Jan 31 1992LTM-Toolkit and DECgraph report problem
295.04COLTue Feb 18 1992error creating pie charts
296.03HOO78C::VISSER_AThu Feb 20 1992Graffics using end to end ??
297.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Feb 25 1992postsript file hanging printer again
298.02MAIL::CLAYTONTue Feb 25 1992DEBET-RP as Listener
299.03TROOA::BWONGThu Feb 27 1992unknown protocol AA-AA
300.02KERNEL::LLOYDAMon Mar 02 1992LTM V2.
302.03KERNEL::LLOYDAThu Mar 05 1992LTM-Reports V2.
303.03NBOFS1::HKLEINFri Mar 06 1992Event codes in graphic output
304.01HOO78C::VISSER_AFri Mar 06 1992two pages of EPSF in DECWRITE
305.01NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Mar 09 1992Listener not found,merge command
306.04MPOSUP::HEISELTue Mar 10 1992Problems creating graphs with GKS 5.
307.05SOLVIT::EARLYWed Mar 11 1992LTM-Reports, 8
308.0NBOFS1::HKLEINThu Mar 12 1992lowest errorrate
309.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRFri Mar 13 1992Why not LTM, LTM-Reports for DECMCC?
310.05BEAGLE::DIVINEFri Mar 20 1992Report in PORTRAIT instead of LANDSCAPE
311.01NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Mar 23 19923.77E+
312.02NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Mar 23 1992date stamp not shown every day
313.03COLTue Mar 24 1992multiple listener and event code questions
314.010AYOHUB::SYS_245975Wed Mar 25 1992No data gets written to my history file.
315.013ODIXIE::PEACOCKRThu Mar 26 1992LTM-Reports 2.
316.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon Mar 30 1992LTM-REPORTS V2 Error
317.04CLARID::GACHOTWed Apr 01 1992LTM Question
318.02LEMAN::BIROThu Apr 02 1992PostScript rotated by 9
319.03SOLVIT::EARLYFri Apr 03 1992LTM-Reports fails to continue on new install
320.01DPDMAI::OTTERSONMon Apr 06 1992Remote listeners and routers
321.04OSLACT::JENSHThu Apr 09 1992Support for DECbridge 6
322.02NWACES::KIMMELWed Apr 22 1992Config Collector problems
323.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon May 04 1992Cycles overrun?
324.0NWACES::KIMMELTue May 05 1992V2.
325.02HOTWTR::SAFRAN_ROThu May 07 1992Lost Traffic - Performance Problem?
326.0NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINTue May 12 1992V2.1 availability ?
327.01CLARID::FONTAINETue May 19 1992Are the LTM-Toolkit reporting features going to be updated soon ?
328.01SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Jun 04 1992Is V2 available on the network
329.01WARNUT::PURNELLRWed Jun 10 1992Customer LTM-Reports questions
330.06ODIXIE::PEACOCKRWed Jun 17 1992LTM Toolkit with different Data files?
331.03NWACES::KIMMELMon Jun 22 1992Your help to upgrade LTM-Toolkit
332.03COLWed Jun 24 1992V2.
333.03FDCVWed Jun 24 1992Differences in LTM Reports V1 and V2....
334.01SOLVIT::DESAIThu Jun 25 1992Location of V3.
335.02MXOVTue Jun 30 1992LTM-REPORTS and VMS V5.5
337.01SOLVIT::EARLYFri Jul 10 1992Automatic configuratig as Bridge OR Listener ? How ?
338.05UTRTSC::TIELEMANTue Jul 14 1992gks$_error_26 with report v2.
339.03OSTVWed Jul 15 1992LTMR V2.
340.02NWACES::KIMMELFri Jul 17 1992Question about CRC errors
341.04CLARID::HODSMANTue Jul 21 1992beginning Time in Past
342.02ANNECY::BONNIERWed Jul 22 1992LTM$DC : automatic restart after crash/reboot ?
343.03CLARID::FONTAINEThu Jul 23 1992Postscript for simple lists ?
344.03ANGLIN::URBANFri Jul 24 1992FRAME_SIZE_DIST and DECgraph
345.07CLARID::GACHOTMon Jul 27 1992Corrupted file
346.01ANNECY::BONNIERTue Jul 28 1992LTMR REPORT return status ?
347.04ANNECY::BONNIERTue Jul 28 1992how to troubleshoot LTM listener ?
348.02BACHUS::VANDENBERGHETue Jul 28 1992Abnormal utilization
349.02NWACES::KIMMELTue Jul 28 1992LTM-Reports V2.1 available
350.05CLARID::HODSMANWed Jul 29 1992Gnerationg a list of all nodes
351.02CLARID::HODSMANMon Aug 17 1992Global Section Problem
352.03CLARID::HODSMANWed Aug 19 1992history File Scan Times
353.09DSTEG::FOXFri Aug 21 1992Does LTM-REPORTS work on DECnet/OSI Wave 2?
354.03NWACES::KIMMELMon Aug 24 1992Problems with V2.1
355.0NWACES::KIMMELMon Aug 24 1992New VTX keyword for ASSETS Library
356.04DSTEG::FOXWed Aug 26 1992Problems with LTM-TOOLKIT V1.2
357.01HOO78C::VISSER_ATue Sep 08 1992Poll one bridge twice ?
358.0CHEFS::RIZANTWed Sep 09 1992Product Plans?
359.03MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Sep 14 1992top source report problem..
360.01ASABET::POWERTue Sep 29 1992Configuation Problem with LTMReports
361.06HOO78C::VISSER_ATue Sep 29 1992Unable to trigger ETE bridge
362.01ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 02 1992Differences between End to End & LTM reports ?
363.02TIMABC::JOSEIThu Oct 08 1992Several problems /Configuration VIA=MCC (V1.2)
364.03COPION::BAENAThu Oct 15 1992LanBridge 1
365.0NWACES::KIMMELFri Oct 16 1992Bug fix release - 2.1-
366.02ASABET::POWERThu Oct 22 1992Collector fails to start after upgrade
367.01HOO78C::VISSER_AFri Oct 23 1992Unable to read PIE percentage
368.01MLNCSC::BARILAROTue Nov 03 1992CDA$ACCESS ident mismatch ???? what's wrong ??
369.01ISLNDS::SCHWABEThu Nov 05 1992LTM version 1.2 question
370.01MSBCS::HURLEYTue Nov 17 1992user manual stalls ln
371.02NEXUS6::BERNECICHFri Nov 20 1992Source - Destination Matrix needed
372.01ANOVAX::BDWYERTue Nov 24 1992How to print um.lno3 on lps2
373.07GESSUA::COCCHETTIThu Nov 26 1992wrong report values with 2.1
374.03MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Nov 30 1992LTM-Reports v2.1 incompatible with LTM-Toolkit v1.2 ??
375.01COLSER::LUNTThu Dec 03 1992ltm-listener counters description
376.02MLNCSC::BARILAROThu Dec 10 1992peaks reports problem ???
378.01ANOVAX::BDWYERTue Jan 05 1993%SYSTEM-F-IVTIME, invalid time
379.02MILPND::BACCARIFri Jan 08 1993LTMV2.
380.04LUCCIO::CAREMISETue Jan 19 1993Protocol Distribution reports ??
381.05MLNTSC::CAREMISETue Jan 26 1993Protocol Frequency on output file ?
382.03NWACES::KIMMELMon Feb 15 1993Program to zero spikes in history file
383.02FILTON::DAVIESJSun Feb 28 1993LTMreports V2.1 kit for Internal use
384.02PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Mar 01 1993LTM report generation
385.04CSOADM::ROTHTue Mar 02 1993Cannot make .DDIF output (/DEV=25
386.0SPAZZ::KIMMELWed Mar 03 1993Restart DC after reboot procedure
387.05MSBNET::KELTZMon Mar 08 1993Can allocate virtual memory??
388.03SWTHOM::NOBREFri Mar 12 1993end_to_end mode problem
389.01BAHTAT::TAYLORThu Mar 25 1993LTM Reports using AUI port B ?
390.07MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Mar 29 1993PS portrait import in Vax Document ?
391.02SHIPS::NEAL_DTue Apr 06 1993Ltm reports retired? Kit for internal use?
392.02YOOVSun Apr 11 1993Unknown Address
393.01UNITED::THORNTONDSun Apr 18 1993how do i determine cross-lan traffic ??
394.0KERNEL::LLOYDATue Apr 20 1993Network copy of Users Guide ?
395.01SFCFri Apr 23 1993LTM and LTM-Reports technical questions.
396.01PAKORA::BFJONESFri May 14 1993LAN-to-LAN Reporting Problem
397.02SNOFS2::ROYSat May 22 1993Where is LTM Tool Kit?
398.07UNITED::THORND::thorntondTue May 25 1993help me explain this source destination display please!
399.07MLNCSC::BARILAROThu May 27 1993EOF, READERROR, how could I solve it ???
400.01GLDOA::DSMITHFri Jun 04 1993hex bytes in protocol type descriptions
401.02WARABI::CHIUANDREWFri Jun 11 1993DIP switch on a LB1
402.01TAVTue Jun 29 1993Rate calculation in TOP nn report?
403.01YUPPY::HOUSTONFri Jul 30 1993Bad address
404.02GANTRY::BEASLEYTue Aug 03 1993Wanted: Just a list of the nodes!!
405.01MSDOA::REEDThu Aug 12 1993LTM$FRAME_ERRORS.LIS & LTM$DC both ???
406.03GLDOA::DSMITHFri Aug 20 1993multicast traffic problems!
407.02SPANKY::WALSHTue Aug 24 1993Fix to spikes in history file???
409.03CLARID::GACHOTWed Sep 15 1993Question on LTM & LTMR
410.03LEMAN::BRUNNERThu Nov 11 1993Pointers to manuals ?
411.01YUPPY::HOUSTONFri Nov 19 1993Peak Utilisation Again
412.01TPSYS::BRITTWed Dec 01 1993Listeners won't start with LTMLIS
413.01SPANKY::SAWYERSun Dec 05 1993Problem with X AXIS Time stamps...
414.02MROA::DEBARROSThu Dec 09 1993Show/Config regarding DEFEB-LA's
416.0157263::PETROFFTue Mar 01 1994Custom "averaged" report
417.01ZPOVMon Mar 07 1994Is LANBridge 1
418.01ZPOVC::VENKATTue Mar 29 1994Help on Interpreting LTM reports !
419.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELWed Apr 20 1994 %LTMREPORT-E-NODATA, No data was found for your report
420.01BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEWed May 04 1994LTM and LTM-reports on Alfa OpenVMS ?
421.03GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed May 25 1994LTM end-to-end report traffic is gretaer than Ethernet Bandwidth
423.0VCOUTue Jul 26 1994invalid multi-block count on large disks?
424.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWWed Jul 27 19948
425.0ZPOVC::KASINADHUNITue Sep 20 1994115% Peak Util.!??
426.0DPDMAI::BERNALThu Oct 27 1994LTM 15
428.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Nov 16 1994Listener won't start with LTMLIS
429.02WDFFS2::64517::SENAKMon Dec 05 1994Where is NWACES?
430.03ZEKE::OBRIENMon Feb 20 1995hellooooo
431.04WROSS2::MADSENThu Feb 22 1996LTM-Reports documentation location