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Conference utrop1::sco_support_europe

Notice:Conference set to read only, please read note 201.0
Created:Fri Aug 28 1992
Last Modified:Tue Jul 12 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:201
Total number of notes:904
Number with bodies:0
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1.0HLDEFri Oct 01 1993Purpose of this conference
2.063HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Introductions
3.04HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Related conferences
4.02HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Digital / SCO information
5.01HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Product support
6.01HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Problem reporting
7.022HLDEFri Aug 28 1992SLS information
8.02HLDEFri Aug 28 1992MLS information
9.06HLDEFri Aug 28 1992EFS information
10.015HLDEFri Aug 28 1992IT-Data
11.015HLDEThu Sep 17 1992Miscellaneous
12.012HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Product Marketing Info
13.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
14.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
15.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
16.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
17.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
18.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
19.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
20.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992reserved
21.01COLSat Sep 05 1992conf/product clarification
22.04VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Sep 08 1992Info-Pointer
23.014TOPTEN::GREENFri Sep 11 1992question about IT data
24.01COLFri Sep 11 1992tuning hints
25.04COLFri Sep 11 1992kern rebuild failed due to .bss to small
26.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon Sep 21 1992RE: 17.1 Bad turbo cache
27.03COLTue Sep 22 1992International Supplement V2.
28.01VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Sep 23 1992Big INFORMIX customers?
29.04OSLLAV::PER_PWed Sep 23 1992Slow configuration
30.04OSLLAV::PER_PFri Oct 09 1992Upgrading from aha154
31.02COLMon Oct 12 1992date vs remote date problem
32.09TOPTEN::GREENTue Oct 13 1992memory fault
33.0TOPTEN::GREENMon Oct 19 1992433mp quality problems
34.07DRAC::CHAVARRIATue Oct 20 1992MPX and kernel rebuild
35.02VNABRW::HERRMANN_CThu Oct 22 1992154
36.03TOPTEN::GREENFri Oct 23 19923.2.4 and more than 4 disks
37.02FRSTSC::FRITZSCHEFri Oct 30 1992WD7
38.05VNABRW::HERRMANN_CMon Nov 02 1992Bug or Bugfix, that's the question!
40.03ROMMon Nov 23 1992Which plans for ODT 2.
41.03VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Nov 25 1992HELP! with VT42
42.01SUBURB::NILSENFMon Nov 30 1992Diskperformance 433MP
43.02COLTue Dec 01 1992I/O error in 3 swap
44.03OSLLAV::PER_PTue Dec 01 1992Upgrading SCO ODT v1.
45.0ZURTue Dec 15 1992ODT2.
46.01DRAC::MUSTETue Dec 15 1992SCO Boot Floppy
47.03ROMFri Dec 18 1992mapkey with 3.2.4
48.02OSLLAV::PER_PThu Jan 07 1993RE: 11.5 rz35 problem
49.01ZURMon Jan 11 1993How to write a tape with QIC-15
50.03OSLLAV::PER_PWed Jan 13 1993SCO ODT 2.
51.02ROMThu Jan 14 19931
52.05KBOENG::GLICHTBLAUWed Jan 20 1993segmentation violation
53.03KBOMFG::MATSUDATue Jan 26 1993Max. size of SCO file system ?
54.01SIOG::TMCKEOWNFri Jan 29 1993Strange system behaviour
55.01COLMon Feb 08 1993Sdsk key
56.010TOPTEN::GREENThu Feb 11 1993disk performance?
57.03TOPTEN::GREENThu Feb 11 1993tcp 1.2 problem??
58.04TPOVC::JAMESLAOFri Feb 26 1993Mass Installation - Any suggestions ?
59.015TOPTEN::GREENFri Feb 26 1993NPROC and NREGION
60.01MAASUP::AUSTINWed Mar 03 1993WIN/TCP no info in database
61.01FRSTSC::FRITZSCHEThu Mar 04 1993cc -Fs don't work on 3.2.2
62.04OSLLAV::PER_PTue Mar 09 1993IT data - setup
63.0TOPTEN::GREENThu Mar 11 1993Lan Manager 1.1 question?
64.03STKAI2::SWE1Fri Mar 12 1993MUX+LAN Manager
65.02SMAC1Mon Mar 15 19933.2.2 -> 3.2.4 upgrade
66.03VAOUMon Mar 15 1993High Security & Remote TCP logins
67.010RMRDTO::giaipronThu Mar 18 1993MUX problem on a DECpc4
68.010OSLLAV::PER_PThu Mar 18 1993Files used bye ftpd/ftp ?
69.01LISVAX::QUADROSMon Mar 22 1993LOCUS PCI license problem
70.01COLMon Mar 22 1993MPX 2.
71.04SIOG::TMCKEOWNWed Mar 24 1993SOme info please...
72.06EEMELI::TAKKUNENMon Mar 29 199312
73.03COLWed Mar 31 19938x4 1.45 G version wanted
74.07TOPTEN::GREENWed Mar 31 1993NFS and CDROM
75.07SIOG::TMCKEOWNMon Apr 05 1993System hang - NCLIST parameter
76.01MAASUP::AUSTINWed Apr 07 1993The Calyx is one of the BEST
77.0HLDEThu Apr 08 1993Sleeping at interrupt time
78.01VNABRW::KASPAREC_FFri Apr 09 1993ODT > 2.
79.01VNABRW::KASPAREC_FTue Apr 13 1993SLS jungle
81.01MSAMMon Apr 19 1993Porting from AT&T to SCO
82.04EEMELI::TAKKUNENMon Apr 19 1993Kernel parameter FLCKREC >5
83.0VAOUFri Apr 23 1993
84.02MAASUP::AUSTINFri Apr 23 1993ODT 2.
85.04WELCLU::LEWISFri Apr 23 1993Can SCO support Token ring LANs?
86.04COPCLU::PETERCMon Apr 26 1993128
87.06SIOG::TMCKEOWNWed Apr 28 1993Tuning SCO Unix
88.03TOPTEN::GREENThu Apr 29 1993screen saver?
89.02MAASUP::AUSTINFri Apr 30 1993Corollary 8x4 ATMUX
90.03TOPTEN::GREENWed May 05 1993online exercisers
91.06CSC32::D_LOWRYThu May 06 1993rlogin okay, telnet not 1.2 tcpip
92.01SIOG::TMCKEOWNMon May 10 1993( track Mag Tape support on V3.2.4
93.0MPGS::KUSNETZKYMon May 10 1993SCO UNIX and SCO ODT certified on DECpc LP and MT
94.04ROMTue May 11 1993Upgrade to ODT 2.
95.09LUCCIO::VILLAMMon May 17 1993ODT 3.
96.02HLDEThu May 27 1993Avoid perf. loss with Informix
97.03MAASUP::AUSTINSat May 29 1993Install SCO on TIGERII= "no space"
98.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Jun 11 1993SCO UNIX's security
99.05EEMELI::TAKKUNENWed Jun 16 1993DECpc 466LP, mouse and keyboard hang
100.02BRSDVP::FRATERSThu Jun 17 1993Locking and PC-NFS problem
101.02BAHTAT::WALLS_TThu Jun 17 1993DAT Drives with SCO
102.04BACHUS::BOLLENFri Jun 25 19933c5
103.02LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconThu Jul 01 1993Telnet Printing ?
104.05ATHINA::TSILIRAThu Jul 01 1993make disk with id 1 bootable
105.05ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGTue Jul 06 1993Adaptec 154
106.06ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Jul 07 1993MPX 2.
107.04CSC32::P_MARONEYThu Jul 15 1993semaphores?
108.02SHIPS::YATES_MTue Jul 20 1993local bus video-odt2
109.03SIOG::TMCKEOWNTue Jul 20 1993Panic's since upgrade..
110.01CSC32::D_LOWRYWed Jul 21 1993logical links, how do you find them?
111.03TOPTEN::GREENFri Jul 23 199345
112.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Aug 03 1993LLI driver
113.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Aug 03 1993Help on STREAMS
114.06ONOIS1::SABIAUXMon Aug 09 1993all network port in use ?
115.02CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Aug 12 1993xwindows and decnet
116.07SIOG::J_LONGMon Aug 16 1993DECpc433 dx dt date problem
117.03COLWed Aug 18 1993decpc66d2 and 1542 question
118.05FROCKY::LUDWIGThu Aug 19 1993BSD-Sockets?
119.05VAOUWed Aug 25 1993MTE 466d2 VESA SCSI Supported
120.04ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Aug 27 1993SCO ODT V2.
121.01BARMY::PETERFri Aug 27 1993SCO OD V3.
122.02FROCKY::LUDWIGTue Aug 31 1993DCE?
123.06SIOG::TMCKEOWNTue Aug 31 1993CPU board swap?
124.01BAHTAT::CLEARYTue Aug 31 1993Use of SCO Merge
125.018STKAI2::SWETue Aug 31 1993Pseudoterminal problem via TCP/IP
126.03VNABRW::KASPAREC_FWed Sep 01 1993PCXAG-AE video controller
127.04ZPOVC::INDOThu Sep 02 1993Problem when instal WIN/TCP
128.02STKHLM::JOHANSTROMMon Sep 06 1993DECnet for SCO UNIX 3.2 r4, SCO TCP/IP 1.2 requirements?
129.05EEMELI::LAPPALAINENTue Sep 07 1993SLS unx257 installation failed
130.02BAHTAT::CLEARYTue Sep 07 1993Access to remote systems via x.25
131.01VAOUFri Sep 10 1993Xircom ethernet adapter drivers???
132.02EEMELI::LAPPALAINENMon Sep 13 1993Panic when using IRWIN tape drive
133.04BARMY::PETERTue Sep 14 1993Scrollable X display/area
134.01TRCT19::ALITue Sep 21 1993Prices for SCO in 4.2
135.014JEREMY::RIVKASThu Sep 23 1993UDP connection problem
136.01FROCKY::LUDWIGWed Sep 29 1993ISDN??
137.03RMRDTO::giaipronThu Sep 30 1993DEPCA with thick wire
138.01PEKING::OMARSWed Oct 06 1993Diagnostics for the 433MP
139.011BCFI::CNILSSONFri Oct 08 1993Maintenance Supplement MLS
140.02ZURWed Oct 13 1993SCO ODT Video Driver for DECPC466d2DT ???????
141.02KYOSS1::GREENWed Oct 13 1993la424 supported?
142.06IJSAPL::SCHEERFri Oct 15 1993Xircom PCMCIA SCO driver
143.01FROCKY::LUDWIGMon Oct 25 1993ODT 3.
144.02KYOSS1::GREENMon Oct 25 1993mass install tools
145.02DRAC::ARDEVOLWed Oct 27 1993CLOSE state on TELNET SCO TCP/IP
146.01KYOSS1::GREENFri Nov 05 1993how many printers?
147.02LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Nov 24 1993print windows applications to HP
148.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Nov 25 1993SMB with SCO TCP/IP?
149.0HLFSFri Nov 26 1993Corollary AT-MUX, contact- and other problems |-)
150.01DEITS1::DEIT4::villamThu Dec 02 1993Info DECpc 433w
151.03KYOSS1::GREENSat Dec 04 1993tape compatibility issue
152.02REDBCK::tomTue Dec 07 1993ODT V3.
153.02MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993LinkWorks V2.1.7 Interim Performance Report
154.01FROCKY::LUDWIGFri Dec 17 1993order no. QIC standalone?
155.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat Dec 18 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
156.09REDBCK::tomTue Dec 21 1993Sco ODT2.
157.01BACHUS::ROETSTue Dec 21 1993pcnfsd disapears
158.03JEREMY::NAOMITue Dec 28 1993Multiple SCO Unix partitions on the same disk
159.0ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Dec 29 1993Adaptec 274
160.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Jan 03 1994Installing MLS 4.1 after replacing N1, N2 & M1
161.0HLDETue Jan 04 1994DECadvantage Mass Installation Tool
162.01IJSAPL::JANSEN_GFri Jan 07 1994SCO activation key
163.03MANEGE::GREBEWed Jan 12 1994DAT-Drives ?
164.01VNABRW::JETZINGER_JFri Jan 14 1994Problems with TLZ
165.02BACHUS::DEMEYERMon Jan 17 19943COM-5
166.01BACHUS::VANDORMAELWed Jan 19 1994SCO ODT 3.
167.0TROOA::LIUWed Jan 19 1994Backup to TLZ
168.01KYOSS1::GREENTue Feb 01 1994ODT, MPX 3.
169.01KYOSS1::GREENFri Feb 04 1994muxes again!!!!
170.0HLFSThu Feb 10 1994Wrong UPS cable: Garbage or Loose cable .. message
171.01KYOSS1::GREENThu Feb 10 1994mpx 3.
172.01KYOSS1::GREENTue Feb 15 19944.2 update woes
173.03KYOSS1::GREENThu Feb 17 1994what is correct hlde
174.0KYOSS1::GREENThu Feb 17 1994D as MSDOS 6.2?
175.09KERNEL::COFFEYJSun Feb 20 1994Hi-res on 466st w/tega blanks screen on start of decnet on depca 92
176.04DEITS1::DEIT4::villamMon Feb 28 1994Bad Master Install Floppy
177.06LEMAN::DYSLIMon Feb 28 1994Where are the latest SCO SPDs on EASYNET ?
178.03COLThu Mar 10 1994problem when booting
179.04LISTIM::SILVA_ATue Mar 15 1994Slow printing on parallel port
180.09ISTWI1::OZILThu Mar 17 1994system integration
181.04DRAC::ARDEVOLThu Mar 17 1994DECpcXL and SCO UNIX
182.0LUCCIO::VERGANIATue Mar 29 1994Reboot problem on DECpc 56
183.03DRAC::MUSTEFri Apr 08 1994SCO doesn't take care in the seconds
184.02CAPNET::KUSNETZKYFri Apr 15 1994On the move...
185.06DRAC::MUSTEWed Apr 20 1994Parallel port hanged
186.07LISTIM::SILVA_AWed Apr 27 1994Slow parallel print on 4.2
187.01PIKOFF::MCGOVERNFri Apr 29 1994URGENt assistance required: SCO Unix customer references
188.03HGOVC::STEPHENLUIThu May 05 1994use netconfig to add WINTCP->e3A
189.02KERNEL::COFFEYJThu May 05 1994bad ports under netstat -s
190.0UTROP1::62767::KLEIN_MTue May 24 1994SCO System V.4 for Dutch Post?
191.01HRLTue May 24 1994SCO System V.4 for Dutch Post?
192.02BIS6::VANDENBRAN_PTue May 24 1994PCXAT-BB under SCO
193.04EEMELI::TAKKUNENTue May 31 1994Slow parallel printing, 3.2V4.2, QFS119
194.0VAOUThu Jun 02 1994MMDF mail & WIN/TCP for Streams
195.01LUCCIO::VERGANIAMon Jun 06 1994Appian Rendition 3 Driver
196.02COLThu Jun 09 1994how to change dpy[xy] values for the Xserver
197.02TOSSUB::DELLISANTIWed Jun 15 1994VT42
198.01IJSAPL::JANSEN_GWed Jun 22 1994DECpc 45
199.03DEEIS1::DENAYERThu Jun 23 1994problem with config of COM ports
200.01ISTWI1::BUYUKONALFri Jul 01 1994SCO UNIX Autocalback Utility Needed
201.0HLDETue Jul 12 1994SCO support discontinued