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Conference utrop1::lnximage

Title:LNXimage Notes conference
Created:Wed Jan 25 1995
Last Modified:Wed Feb 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:140
Total number of notes:394
Number with bodies:2
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1.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Welcome to the LNXimage Notes conference
2.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Ask the moderator
3.03HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Related conferences
4.043HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Please introduce yourself
5.03HLDEWed Jan 25 1995LNXimage Software location
6.05HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Product Management
7.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Marketing / Sales
8.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Shared directory
9.03HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Product Support
10.02HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Release Information / Announcements
11.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Support Information
12.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Documentation Information
13.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Course Information
14.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Competitive Information
15.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Bug fixes
16.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995(External) Field Tests
17.01HLDEWed Jan 25 1995Demonstration programs
40.0HLDEWed Jan 25 1995RESERVED
41.01MSAMMon Feb 20 1995megadoc = or not= Lnximage ??
42.02NWDFri Feb 24 1995LNXimage references
43.02EVTAI1::VAN_DER_VEENMon Feb 27 1995What about TIMA?
44.02MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Mar 13 1995Does LNXimage needs Netbios ?
45.03DECPRG::PRBUR::burianTue Mar 14 1995LNXimage and MASS Store - does they suit ?
46.03MSAMTue Apr 04 1995breakup hugh drawing and join back after scanning?
47.01ROMOIS::ATRANI::CONSIGLIOTue Apr 04 1995Pinting with LNXIMAGE
48.01MUNDIS::CSCHMIDTThu Apr 06 1995OCR, DECimage Editor, Multia and LNXimage ??
49.02LACNT1::MezzettiThu Apr 13 1995PDM Demo kit on LNX evaluation CD
50.01HGOVC::SIRCARTue Apr 18 1995COLD?
51.02HGOVC::SIRCARWed Apr 19 1995DCE/RPC from Gradient
52.04UFP::MKINGTue Apr 25 1995Microsoft 1st, Wang 2nd and Digital?
53.01VAXRIO::63Wed May 03 1995Disk space required and QFILE info
54.01MANIOK::GREBEThu May 04 1995FTP-Access?!
55.01MONTEZ::MONTEZThu May 11 1995LNXImage on SCO with RW5** Jukeboxs ?
56.07VNABRW::TEZAREK_HThu May 11 1995LNXimage archiving solution
57.01QCAVMon May 22 1995LNXImage on HP-UX
58.01TAVMon May 22 1995DEMO: Error message "Cannot create batch"
59.0VCOUThu May 25 1995Image capture, view, print on Macintosh
60.02CANOVA::PESCA::demicoTue May 30 1995Using Imagelink & M3
61.03TAVWed May 31 1995TIFF file unreadable in DECimage Editor
62.01TAVSun Jun 11 1995The future is now, at least it should be: Questions
63.0VCOUWed Jun 14 1995Image storage requirements
64.02TAVSun Jun 18 1995DECimage Editor view TIFF & DIFF files in CCITT grp 4.
65.01VCOUFri Jun 23 1995LNXimage Mass Store API/DOc
66.02BER::NOMBAMBAFri Jun 23 1995Migratetool
67.03BER::NOMBAMBAFri Jun 23 1995LinkWorks Image SDK
68.01AUSSIE::LEEWed Jun 28 1995How do I get a password for the network kit
69.015VNABRW::TEZAREK_HWed Jun 28 1995Missing LNX-Functions for LNX Mass Store Objects
70.03TAVTue Jul 04 1995Tools strings in LNX, Language problem
71.02MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Jul 06 1995DEXPC Standalone Solution
72.01MUDGEE::ZORBASWed Jul 12 1995LNXimage info for RFI
73.01TROOA::ILANKOWed Jul 12 1995TWAIN.DLL Urgent!
74.01TAVThu Jul 13 1995How do I control the DECimage Title and stuff?
75.02BER::KLEINMon Jul 17 1995Masstore-Installation-Error
76.01AUSSIE::LEEThu Jul 20 1995Does anyone have DCE software for Windows for Workgroups 3.11 TCP/IP
77.01TROOA::ILANKOTue Jul 25 1995New Course Date ?
78.02AUSSIE::LEEFri Jul 28 1995Help: Problem getting LNXimage going
79.02DECPRG::PRBUR::burianMon Jul 31 1995LNXimage for 3.
80.01ATYISA::VALENTIANTue Aug 01 1995French language ?
81.02TROOA::ILANKOWed Aug 09 1995Need Answers ?
82.05AUSSIE::LEEThu Aug 10 1995Barcode or mark sencing in LNXimage
83.03VNABRW::TEZAREK_HThu Aug 10 1995LNX Mass Store on Windows NT
84.012HGOVC::SIRCARSun Aug 13 1995Any performance data available?
85.03CSOA1::SWARDENMon Aug 14 1995RFI: Linkworks&Imaging
86.01VNABRW::TEZAREK_HThu Aug 24 1995External Mail and LNX Mass Store
87.01QCAVWed Aug 30 1995Looking for OSMS conference..
88.02ADCAThu Aug 31 1995DEC Image Editor and HP ScanJet 3c ?
89.05ADCAMon Sep 04 1995DECImage still orderable ?
90.01ATYISA::VALENTIANMon Sep 04 1995still born ???
91.01UFP::MKINGThu Sep 14 1995Image folder misbehavior
92.02UFP::MKINGThu Sep 14 1995Problem with vladdvol
93.0NEMAIL::MCDONALDJFri Sep 22 1995References ... any out there?
94.01BRADEC::MRAVCAKFri Sep 29 1995Licensing help needed
95.01MLNAD8::LONGONIMon Oct 02 1995Licensing again!
96.01MANIOK::BERLINGHOFFri Oct 13 1995DECimage Editor - German version
97.02ROMEOS::BATESON_MAThu Oct 19 1995LNXImage Sales/References?
98.03MOSDM::AORLOVMon Oct 30 1995Error Installing DEMO3
99.03BER::NOMBAMBATue Oct 31 1995writing to optical Disk
100.07UFP::MKINGFri Nov 03 1995Some simple questions
101.02MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Nov 13 1995Migrating ImageWorks to LNXimage
102.01UFP::MKINGTue Nov 28 1995Migrate tool error condition
103.01TAVTue Dec 12 1995Problem with DECimage Editor and HP LaserJet 4
104.0HLDEFri Dec 15 1995We will move :-(
105.01UFP::MKINGMon Dec 18 1995Twain ADF may do blank pages
106.02TAVWed Jan 03 1996DECimage Editor and LeoScan 61
107.04VNABRW::TEZAREK_HTue Jan 09 1996OCR on Digital UNIX
108.01STKHLM::KALIXWed Jan 24 1996MD41
109.012TAVWed Jan 31 1996DecImage Editor 1.1 Print distorted on an HP 16
110.02ODIXIE::CAWTHONFri Feb 02 1996Ricoh IS42
111.01MLNAD8::LONGONIMon Feb 12 1996Object classes and methods
112.0SCASS1::PATTERSONSat Feb 24 1996W95 Client?
113.0VNABRW::TEZAREK_HMon Feb 26 1996Shares in LNXMass Store
114.05MOSDM::AORLOVWed Feb 28 1996Win95 32bit Client - beta version ?
115.01VNABRW::TEZAREK_HFri Mar 01 1996DAS-Problems with DCE/RPC
116.01TAVTue Mar 26 1996DECimage Editor Problem with DDIF Images
117.01DAIVC::TRIANAMon Apr 01 1996DEC Image Editor and MD41
118.01BER::NOMBAMBAWed Apr 10 1996Problem importing Masstore objects from the server
119.01IBWed Apr 24 1996Problems storing and retriving with DAS3.1 & OSF
120.01HGOVC::SIRCARTue Apr 30 1996Scanning problem with Kodak IL5
121.01DEKVC::SUNJOOHAThu May 16 1996Presentation material of LinkWorks image ?
122.0DECPRG::1Fri May 17 1996B+H 6338 and Editor problem
123.02TLAVMon May 20 1996<<< Scanner Compatibility List? >>>
124.0HGOVC::SIRCARMon May 27 1996DECIMAGE Editor 2.1 and ISIS driver
125.02EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIFri May 31 1996pns.dll and msp.dll
126.03TAVThu Jun 06 1996Can't save image in V1.2 but 1.1 can!
127.04ATHINA::BOGDANOSTue Jun 11 1996Scanner Info
128.05TLAVMon Jun 17 1996Linkworks 3.
129.01VNABRW::TEZAREK_HWed Jun 19 1996problem with lhdll and stmgr.dll
130.02CHEFS::MACLEOD_RFri Jul 19 1996decimage - where ?
131.03TAVTue Aug 06 1996Problem with Celebris GL51
132.0ZPOVC::SIRCARThu Aug 08 1996Check Mass Storage Consistency
133.01BER::MEYERTue Aug 20 1996duplex scanning
134.0TLAVThu Aug 22 1996MassStorage and Failover
135.01CHEFS::tccsFri Sep 13 1996Training Materials
136.02ZPOVC::SIRCARMon Sep 16 1996LinkWorks and DECimage Editor Problem
137.02TAVTue Sep 17 1996Strange error: "Image Error 7"
138.03ZPOVC::SIRCARFri Oct 18 1996DECimage Editor and Delrina Winfax pro problems
139.01DEKVC::SUNJOOHAWed Nov 06 1996propose LinkWorks Image to new customer ?
140.0 *+1ZPOVC::SIRCARFri Feb 21 1997dascached problems