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Conference utrop1::decadvantage_support

Title:DECadvantage Support
Created:Fri Aug 28 1992
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:375
Total number of notes:1446
Number with bodies:10
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1.0HLDEFri Feb 18 1994Purpose of this conference
2.077HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Introductions
3.04HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Related Conferences
4.03HLDEFri Aug 28 1992DECadvantage Information
5.04HLDEThu Jan 06 1994Getting Support
6.02HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Problem Reporting
7.0+24HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Bug Fixes
8.014HLDEFri Jun 18 1993Support Letters
9.012HLDEFri Jun 18 1993Release Information
10.02HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Training
11.08HLDEFri Oct 29 1993Support Tools
12.03HLDEFri Oct 29 1993Networking manuals
13.04HLDEMon Jan 24 1994Networking API packages
14.013HLDEThu Feb 17 1994Product Management Info
15.03HLDEThu Feb 24 1994Sales Support
16.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Reserved
17.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Reserved
18.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Reserved
19.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Reserved
20.0HLDEFri Aug 28 1992Reserved
21.010VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Sep 08 1992Obtain DAV over the net?
22.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Sep 08 1992Catalogue, docs...
23.01VNABRW::HERRMANN_CThu Sep 10 199213 Questions
24.01VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Sep 15 1992LAN-E performance summary available?
25.01TOPTEN::GREENTue Sep 29 1992request for suggestions
26.03MAINST::CASTRENTue Oct 13 1992TCP for DOS coexistence with LAN Manager ?
27.05STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Oct 19 1992OSI for DOS and NSEL =
28.05TOPTEN::GREENWed Nov 11 1992Disk Perf. question
29.01TOPTEN::GREENTue Nov 24 1992bas management 6.
30.01FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONWed Dec 09 1992A rather BASIC question
31.02KERNEL::CORNEJFri Dec 11 1992Training
32.09FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONWed Dec 16 1992Base Mangement does'nt work on a 433MP
33.01LUCCIO::VILLAMTue Dec 22 1992What about CSDK on DAV ?
34.03MPGS::BRACKENFri Jan 15 1993Remote Printing Support
35.02TOPTEN::GREENMon Jan 18 1993Performance Analysis toolkit?
36.02DEEIS1::DENAYERWed Jan 20 1993sockdos.dll API
37.01MARVIN::ROBINSONThu Jan 21 1993Online Kit location?
38.01VAOUMon Jan 25 1993OS/2 and Lan Manager Support ?
39.02ZPOVC::INDOTue Jan 26 1993TCP/IP over X.25?
40.011VAOUWed Feb 03 1993Depca vs ELP ethernet card
41.02ISIDRO::POZUELOMon Feb 08 1993Question on 327
42.03MIMS::FINKELSTEINThu Feb 11 1993Problems with pas and tuning
43.03ENSURE::SCOTTFri Feb 12 1993TCP/IP question.
44.03VAOUMon Feb 15 1993Looking for wdn device drivers
45.010VAOUMon Feb 15 1993Kernel Config Failure after Base Mgmt Install
46.04VAOUThu Feb 18 1993Netware / TCP for Dos Co-existence
47.02NECSC::WHITEThu Feb 18 1993Is SNA written using Streams??
48.03NECSC::WHITEFri Feb 26 1993BISYNC??
49.01OSLLAV::PER_PTue Mar 02 1993UPM and remote printing?
50.04MAASUP::AUSTINWed Mar 03 1993WIN/TCP no info in database
51.03FIXSOA::WHITTINGTONFri Mar 05 1993Looking for the Periph support Package
53.02VAOUTue Mar 09 1993Security & remote access with WIN/TCP
54.03MSAMFri Mar 12 1993eiad drivers needed for Megadoc s/w
55.02VAOUFri Mar 19 1993Hlde
56.01TRNOIS::POLETTIFri Mar 19 1993Can TCP/IP over X.25 SCO system act as a router ?
57.02VAOUFri Mar 19 1993Netware & TCP/DOS config problems
58.02VAOUMon Mar 22 1993Support for SCO TCP/Ip?
59.01MR4DEC::JZEMCIKTue Mar 23 1993REELBACK question
60.01NECSC::WHITEFri Mar 26 1993LU62 - Client server config OK?
61.02TPOVC::RICHARDKUOSat Mar 27 1993How to reinstall root FS from boot floppy&tape
62.02INSVAX::VIRGILThu Apr 01 1993Error setting up devices for ELP.
63.02INSVAX::VIRGILFri Apr 02 1993HOSTS or DNS? Both?
64.01MIMS::MORAWSKY_MFri Apr 02 1993LLI Drivers
65.04INSVAX::VIRGILFri Apr 02 1993MAC
66.07ACESMK::GOLIKERIThu Apr 08 1993Technical contact
67.01VAOUTue Apr 13 1993FBS Performance and Benchmarks?
68.01NECSC::WHITEWed Apr 14 1993377
69.04RMRDTO::giaipronMon Apr 19 1993Specialix board
70.02ZURWed Apr 21 1993Any apps. that use TP4/IP for DECadvantage ??
71.03VLJIS1::TRUONGWed Apr 28 1993327
72.05VLJIS1::TRUONGMon May 10 1993PC Local print/Windows 3.1 performance
73.08MAASUP::AUSTINTue May 11 1993PWBIND and TCP for DOS 6.
74.01TPOVC::JAMESLAOTue May 18 1993UPS SW with Non-intelligent UPS
75.01STKHLM::WEBJORNWed May 19 1993SETMAC to change mac addr on OSI-for-DOS
76.01DRAC::EPUJOLFri May 21 1993Error in printing manual
77.03RMRDTO::giaipronWed May 26 1993Base Sys. Mgnt and UPS on ODT 2.
78.02OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jun 01 1993SCO ODT 2.
79.04VAOUWed Jun 02 1993TCP/dos support for 3c5
80.02VLJIS1::TRUONGThu Jun 03 1993Pathworks fos DOS (TCP/IP) with 327
81.03RMRDTO::giaipronMon Jun 07 1993DECadv. products for ODT ?
82.04VLJIS1::MOCHELWed Jun 09 1993Emulator III in 25 lines mode ?
83.07COLWed Jun 16 1993Win/tcp and novell 2.
84.06NAC::BARRYFri Jun 18 1993TCP/IP I_LINK problem
85.03LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconThu Jul 01 1993Telnet Printing under SCO ?
86.01VAXSPO::MONTENEGROWed Jul 07 1993Problem instaling WIN/TCP for STREAMS
87.01STKHLM::WEBJORNFri Jul 16 1993Netbios Name service in OSI-for-DOS.
88.01VLJIS1::MOCHELMon Jul 26 1993X29 PAD no more provided !
89.04VAOUTue Jul 27 19938
90.01HLDEThu Jul 29 1993taken from bcfi::software
91.01CSOA1::SWARDENThu Jul 29 1993OSI for DOS Questions
92.01LUCCIO::VILLAMFri Jul 30 1993DE2
93.04BCFI::OSCARSSONTue Aug 10 1993Token Ring DECadvantage
94.08BIS1::DALEYWed Aug 18 1993SMB print problems
95.08ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Aug 19 1993327
96.03VAOUFri Aug 20 1993Compaq Syspro Ethernet Support??
97.01HLDEMon Aug 23 1993SCO & VT42
98.01VAOUTue Aug 24 1993Not Printing to a HPlaserjet iiid
99.01OZROCK::SMAIRWed Sep 01 1993Position cursor in PS (327
100.02KYOA::GREENMon Sep 13 1993Pathworks question?
101.031OZROCK::GRIFFITHSWed Sep 15 1993DE2
102.02EPS::CAETANOTue Sep 21 1993changes needed for inetd.conf
103.02ISIDRO::PEDROMon Sep 27 1993More than one NRI in SNAPPC
104.01OTOOA::TSUEMon Sep 27 1993327
105.01OSLLAV::PER_PTue Sep 28 1993JSB Multiview & dxsession (on ULTRIX)
106.03VAOUTue Oct 05 1993Netbios novel vs tcp conflict
107.01DUCAT2::BONINIMon Oct 11 1993Using UPS from other than TFM
108.03DRAC::MUSTEMon Oct 18 1993SNAPPC calling or receiving mode
109.05RHETT::DAVIDSONTue Oct 19 1993 ReelBackup and NFS
110.02DUCAT2::BONINIFri Oct 22 1993Disk mirroring and hardware configs
111.0HLDEWed Nov 03 1993DAV4 and UUCP problem
112.03HLDEThu Nov 04 1993LAN SUPPORT (ASI) & ODI ON P1392 ADAPTER
113.01HLDETue Nov 09 1993DUAL PROTOCOLS WITH DECadvantage STACKS
114.01OZROCK::GRIFFITHSWed Nov 17 1993Problem getting more than 6 LUs activated - SNA/LU
116.03SHIPS::COLEMAN_DMon Nov 29 1993SMB Server V1.1 - Unable to net use SMB server
117.01VAOUTue Nov 30 1993Problem with net use over network
118.010LEMAN::64534::BezenconThu Dec 02 1993OSI PC Gateway / X.29 connection ?
119.01VCOUSat Dec 11 1993SMB - Cannot connect more than once
120.02VAOUMon Dec 13 1993SMB User limits ??
121.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Dec 14 1993Passing from DAV3 to DAV4. When?
122.01TPSYS::BARRYTue Dec 21 1993memory size of NPROC?
123.02LEMAN::MIMAULTFri Dec 24 1993Can't Access a needed shared library
124.01BCFI::MTAMMThu Dec 30 1993Any plans for a NETTIME function
125.02MIMS::MULLIN_SThu Dec 30 1993need client clone proceedure
126.0HLDETue Jan 04 1994DAVMIT: put any comment here !!
127.01MONTEZ::MONTEZWed Jan 05 1994Problems booting DOS from appDEC 45
128.01HLDETue Jan 11 1994Remote NetBIOS using ASYNC PC in TCP/OSI networks
129.02TROOA::LIUThu Jan 13 1994system crash cause??
130.05DRAC::ANDREUWed Jan 19 1994Problem restarting CICS
131.03BIS1::DALEYThu Jan 20 1994Disk part/striping
132.03BIS1::DALEYThu Jan 20 1994Pathworks
133.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 20 1994DW3
134.05ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 20 1994DAT tape drive for loading SCO software?
135.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 20 1994DAV on DECpc XL?
136.01EVTAI1::VAN_DER_VEENMon Jan 24 1994Print with filter only works for super user
137.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Jan 24 1994Windows for Work Groups and DAV?
138.03DRAC::ANDREUThu Jan 27 1994Parallel Sessions
139.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 27 1994SMB memory comsumption
140.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Jan 31 1994Installing software from another media
141.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Jan 31 1994run-level for installing TCP for DAV?
142.01BCFI::MTAMMWed Feb 02 1994SMB server file sharing
143.0HLDEThu Feb 10 1994Frame types in Novell co-existance
144.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Feb 14 1994MOTIF and DAV products
145.04ZPOVC::DAIVWed Feb 16 1994SMB File Size Limit
146.02HLDEWed Feb 16 19944.2 update woes
147.04OSLLAV::PER_PWed Feb 16 1994remote PC (ppp TCP/IP) + PATHWORKS for DOS v5.
148.0HLDEThu Feb 17 1994LinkWorks V2.1.7 Interim Performance Report
149.01HLDEThu Feb 17 1994U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
150.01HLDEMon Feb 21 1994merging DECadvantage notes
151.01BIS1::DALEYFri Feb 25 1994INFORMIX tbcheck problem
152.02EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Feb 28 1994Adaptec 274
154.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Mar 04 1994Application Performance and Configuration Guide
156.03TLAVSun Mar 06 1994Token Ring Configuration ???
157.06MUGGER::ADRIANTue Mar 15 1994OSI for DOS - no server ?
158.02ISIDRO::PEDROTue Mar 15 1994Remote PC and IRQ's
159.09DRAC::ANDREUWed Mar 23 1994327
161.02DRAC::MUSTEThu Mar 24 1994Menu in DECadv327
163.06ISIDRO::RGONZALEZMon Mar 28 1994327
164.02MUCCS1::SPOMMERENKTue Mar 29 1994SCO-UNIX with 2.
165.01LUCCIO::FIORINIMOWed Apr 06 1994Specialix drivers
166.0HLDEThu Apr 07 1994problem upgrading to Z26TP4 V6.
167.02HLDEThu Apr 21 1994Multi protocol transports in WFW environment
168.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Apr 26 1994Pathworks with Wollongong TCP/IP
169.08HGOVC::STEPHENLUITue May 03 1994WINTCP with SCO LLI drivers and 3c5
170.02DRAC::ANDREUThu May 05 1994NWP boards
171.03MONTEZ::MONTEZMon May 09 1994TCP for DOS: Abort, Retry, Fail?
172.02VAOUThu May 12 1994PRinter Woes
173.03GOYA::JULIANRTue May 17 1994Etherworks III & WIN/TCP ???
174.03BCFI::MTAMMThu May 26 1994WinTE DDE advise problem
175.02MLNMon May 30 1994Performance XL Server
176.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon May 30 1994SMB can map File Service in another area ?
177.07VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon May 30 1994PC Local Print config help !
178.06VAOUTue May 31 1994Configuring Mail & mmdf
180.03UBOHUB::NILSEN_FTue Jun 07 1994327
181.010OZROCK::GRIFFITHSWed Jun 08 1994SNA/LU
182.03ZPOVC::AKILAFri Jun 10 1994cpio hangs on DEC 4
183.01ADOVMon Jun 13 1994WinTE lowercase problem
184.06MLNMon Jun 13 1994
185.03DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Jun 21 1994NFS with TCP for ELP (slow to very slooow)
186.01DEEIS1::DENAYERThu Jun 23 1994DAV and DECpcXL Server ??
187.03ZPOVC::SRIDHARMon Jun 27 1994Info. needed on 327
188.02ZPOVC::DAIVMon Jun 27 1994NWP and EICON card
189.02MLNWed Jun 29 1994
190.0HLDEFri Jul 01 1994DAV5 available
191.02RHETT::DAVIDSONWed Jul 06 1994disk permormance manager questions
192.01DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jul 07 1994DECpc XL 566 support
193.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTATue Jul 12 1994Name Server configure problems
194.05OZROCK::GRIFFITHSFri Jul 15 1994SN3SRV + HLLAPI (PAUSE) function problem
195.0HANNAH::WYNNETue Jul 19 1994SSU now available for field test on SCO UNIX
196.03ZPOVC::TANThu Jul 21 1994Function 9
197.01VAOUFri Jul 22 1994Rsh permission denied problem
198.01ZPOVC::AKILATue Jul 26 1994How to obtain a copy of MPX
199.01HLFSThu Jul 28 1994Dump possibility on SCO for MUXserver38
200.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTATue Aug 02 1994Netbios startup error
201.01TLAVWed Aug 03 1994disk mirror problem
202.01ZPOVC::AKILAWed Aug 03 1994Snats -problem sending 148
203.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Aug 03 1994re 11.6 (trapv2.exe)
204.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Aug 04 1994SNATS startup error
205.02ADOVWed Aug 10 19943com card config
206.01ZPOVC::DAIVWed Aug 10 1994Error when starting SNA server
207.04BCFIFri Aug 12 1994TELNET emulation
208.01BCFIFri Aug 12 1994TCP for DOS manual
209.01TLAVTue Aug 16 1994SNA process lose
210.02HLDEFri Aug 19 1994DECadvantage & WFW (useful notes)
211.01HGOVC::CARLOCHOITue Aug 23 1994upgrade to pentium?
212.04EVTAI1::VAN_DER_VEENTue Aug 23 1994compiling for WIN/TCP
213.01TROOA::LIUWed Aug 31 1994DE2
214.01MLNMon Sep 05 1994DE422 & TCP for DOS
215.02DEEIS1::DENAYERTue Sep 06 1994printscreen and emu3
216.01OZROCK::GRIFFITHSWed Sep 07 1994Etherworks III (DE2
217.01TROOA::LIUThu Sep 08 1994NB listener dying
218.01DRAC::MUSTEFri Sep 09 1994Two SNA sessions in the same system
219.04DAIVThu Sep 15 1994U: Problem on starting SNA (?)
220.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Sep 15 1994EISA LAN card w/ DAV needed
221.03ZPOVC::AKILAWed Sep 28 1994Cannot obtain database on terminal
222.01ZPOVC::AKILAWed Sep 28 1994Pathways 2.
223.03ZPOVC::TANFri Sep 30 1994Proteon P199
224.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Oct 13 1994PC Local Print - Abort Problem
225.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Oct 20 1994PNS error codes
226.01DRAC::MUSTEMon Oct 24 1994Extra white page in PC Local Print
227.01BCFI::OSCARSSONTue Oct 25 1994Question on /etc/custom
228.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Oct 28 1994RU and MTU relation ??
229.0ZPOVC::TANMon Oct 31 1994Signature downloading
230.01FROCKY::FRSIN::KLINGSPORNTue Nov 01 1994problems with fonts on SCO-PCs
231.02DRAC::ARDEVOLWed Nov 02 1994Problems with MR4SRV::SCO_UNIX
232.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Nov 16 1994FTP using root user. HOW ?
233.06DEEIS1::DENAYERFri Nov 18 1994NFS and TCP/ELP .. hELP!!
234.03ZPOVC::TANThu Nov 24 1994Informix single use license on server?
235.01DAIVTue Nov 29 1994Q: Install BSM on COMPAQ env.
236.01GOYA::JULIANRFri Dec 02 1994CU/UUCP AXP<-> SCO
237.01GOYA::JULIANRFri Dec 02 1994Int. char. on SCO/ODT
238.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Dec 09 1994SCO LLI Drivers 3.4.
239.01MONTEZ::MONTEZTue Dec 13 1994New proxy for HLDE
240.03VAXSPO::RP_PANTATue Dec 13 1994Broacast application. Help needed
241.05ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Dec 15 1994SNA LU6.2 Hang Problem
242.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Dec 15 1994SMB dbglevel parameter ??
243.01VNABRW::JETZINGER_JMon Dec 19 1994P9
244.03EVOCDG::MHAMDIMon Dec 19 1994Can't find SCO LLI drivers
245.02VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Dec 22 1994'ping` like application
246.01EVOCDG::MHAMDIFri Dec 23 1994Could Not Read Ethwrnet Adress PRom
247.01DAIVTue Dec 27 1994LLI Drivers & DE1
248.01ISIDRO::PEDROWed Jan 04 1995SNA LU
249.03ZPOVC::TANFri Jan 06 1995Venturis and Prioris supported?
250.03DAIVMon Jan 09 1995LLI Driver - DE2
251.01DRAC::MUSTETue Jan 17 1995TCP for DOS and Windows for Workgroups
252.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jan 20 1995PC Local Pr w/ 12
253.01TLAVFri Feb 03 1995DOS/MS WINDOWS Driver for SPECIALIX Board
254.01ZPOVC::TANMon Feb 06 1995Windows-NT future
255.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Feb 09 1995SNA PU type 2.1 and LU 6.2
256.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Feb 15 1995DeskJet 5
257.05ZPOVC::PAULCHENWed Feb 22 1995TCP copy error from Venturis to SCO-Server
258.02QDOVWed Feb 22 1995tcp/ip problem
259.06BCFI::OSCARSSONMon Feb 27 1995DECpc XL Server 466
260.03BCFI::OSCARSSONMon Feb 27 1995CD-ROM as SMB-share on SCO
261.06BCFI::OSCARSSONThu Mar 02 1995Slow printing using SMB
262.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGSat Mar 04 1995Disk performace manager questions
263.02HGOVC::SIRCARMon Mar 06 1995NetBIOS question
264.01SNO78A::TAYLORWed Mar 08 1995Time stamp on network files wrong
265.04ZPOVC::SOONKWOKThu Mar 09 1995WIN TCP Streams on ELP
266.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Mar 15 1995SnaTS - Failed to send msg more than 23
267.012ZPOVC::YONGPINGFri Mar 31 1995Source Routing for TCP/IP for DOS
268.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon Apr 03 1995Disk Performance Mgr Enquires
269.03ZPOVC::YONGPINGFri Apr 07 1995NWP card connect to modem sharing device
270.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGTue Apr 11 1995SNATS_SERV Hang while sending or allocating
272.03VNABRW::64246::Brano_GrmanTue Apr 11 1995Application tuning - memory problem
273.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Apr 12 1995PC Local Print - Object is remote ?
274.07ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Apr 20 1995TCP for ELP compatibility with ELP card
275.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Apr 24 1995Searching Print Mgmt Products
276.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSFri Apr 28 1995scsi errors on heavy usage
277.010BCFI::KAJANSSONWed May 03 1995NetBIOS datagram problem
278.02DAIVC::RITAThu May 04 1995DECadv vs SCO Open Server Network System
279.03VNABRW::JETZINGER_JWed May 10 1995SMB Server - Win 95 ?
280.04ZPOVC::SOONKWOKSun May 14 1995log file keeps growing
281.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKWed May 24 1995Pathworks hangs
282.03ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon May 29 1995TCP for ELP problem with pathwork
283.01TIMAMD::ATT542::pozueloWed May 31 1995EHLLAPI on Win 327
284.08DAIVC::RITATue Jun 06 1995SMB problem
285.01CGOOA::SMALLThu Jun 15 1995dll's in TCP for Dos
286.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Jun 22 1995SRM PVBF - upload a sequential file
287.03ZPOVC::TANTue Jun 27 1995MADGE token ring card
288.03DRAC::MUSTETue Jun 27 1995IBM token-ring card
289.08ZPOVC::SOONKWOKWed Jun 28 1995logfile
290.01ZPOTS4::SPSFri Jul 07 1995WIN TCP Help needed
291.04VNABRW::HOFER_CFri Jul 28 1995Terminal Emulator III & pentium
292.02TLAVTue Aug 01 1995pc local print urgent
293.0ZPOTS4::SPSFri Aug 04 1995LIT NOt tested
294.03ZPOVC::SOONKWOKMon Aug 14 1995dc/iva.mop
295.06ZPOVC::SOONKWOKWed Aug 16 1995disk mirroring
296.05ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon Aug 21 1995Decadvantage Win 327
297.08ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon Aug 21 1995PC local print - Slow printing
298.03BCFI::LJUNGBERGWed Aug 23 1995SNA Server access problems
299.04ZPOVC::DANIELLIMWed Aug 30 1995SCO Server 5 + DEC SMB
300.01ZPOVC::SOONKWOKMon Sep 04 1995ELP LLI Driver
301.01ADOVMon Sep 04 1995DAV327
302.01HLFSMon Sep 18 1995update mpx 1.1 to 3.
303.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Sep 20 1995DECadvantage 327
304.01NECSC::DIPINTOWed Sep 20 1995DECAdvantage SNA IND$FILE support contacts?
305.04DRAC::ARDEVOLThu Sep 28 1995listener NETBIOS TCP/IP aborts
306.01DRAC::MUSTETue Oct 03 1995WINTCP+ IBM Token Ring card
307.01ZPOVC::DANIELLIMThu Oct 05 1995syslog error msg
308.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKThu Oct 12 1995LLI Drivers on PCI
309.02DRAC::MUSTEMon Oct 16 1995What SCSI driver is loaded?
310.02DRAC::MUSTETue Oct 17 1995Lazy SNAPPC
311.02NECSC::SNAYWed Oct 18 1995ind$file over Westerberg's SCO Unix
312.02DRAC::MUSTEMon Oct 23 1995IBM Token and TCP for DOS
313.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Oct 25 1995Disk perfomance manager question.
314.0VAXSPO::GABARRAMon Oct 30 1995**** MS-Mail interface ****
315.09ZPOVC::YONGPINGTue Oct 31 1995SNA PU2.1 and LU6.2 question
316.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Nov 01 1995SMB share drive question
318.06ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Nov 08 1995Host remote printer question
319.02ZPOVC::PAULCHENFri Nov 10 1995PC to PC communication over routers failed
320.06ZPOVC::YONGPINGSat Nov 11 1995327
321.02DRAC::ARDEVOLWed Nov 15 1995WINSOCK.DLL 6.1.2 and INFORMIX-NET 5.
322.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon Nov 27 1995LU6.2 program not triggered
323.04NECSC::SNAYTue Nov 28 1995 DFC-PI For LU Type 2 Documents Requested
324.03NECSC::SNAYTue Nov 28 1995ind$file and ehallapi
325.04NECSC::SNAYThu Dec 07 1995maunual part numbers and spd's
326.01KETJE::VANWAMBEKEFri Dec 15 1995SCO OpenUTM Client available ?
327.010NECSC::SNAYMon Dec 18 1995Ehllapi interface
328.0HLDEThu Dec 21 1995DECadvantage on the move between Xmas and Newyear
329.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Dec 27 1995Extra line feed for 327
330.03ZPOVC::MIKEYUNThu Jan 04 1996Are you still there ?
331.02ZPOVC::DANIELLIMTue Jan 23 1996Static Pseudo ttys assignments
332.010IBMon Feb 12 1996SMB conection problems
333.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKTue Feb 27 1996time sync for servers
334.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKWed Mar 20 1996<turn off logging>
335.02ZPOVC::DANIELLIMWed Mar 20 1996TCP lpd Printing Problem
336.01ZPOVC::TANThu Mar 28 1996Device sharing PC hang problem
337.01ZPOVC::DANIELLIMTue Apr 02 1996Refuse response to foreign subnet
339.04ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Apr 04 1996WIN TCP for stream with Specialix IO 8+ card
340.04ZPOVC::DANIELLIMTue Apr 09 1996Server Panic on IP Packet
341.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENTue Apr 23 1996Question on LLI Driver.
343.02VNABRW::fiwi18.aui.dec.com::Brano_GrmanThu Apr 25 1996WIN/TCP - Domain name.
344.01IBMon May 13 19962 ELP in the same system with TCP/IP
345.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGTue May 14 1996Netbios listener process died
346.09IBTue May 21 1996PC Local Print and two TCP/IP subnets
347.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed May 29 1996Network drive error
348.02VNABRW::fiwi18.aui.dec.com::Brano_GrmanWed May 29 1996Installation of TCP/IP
349.02ZPOVC::TANTue Jun 11 1996IBM 3278 spec?
350.0ZPOVC::YONGPINGSat Jul 06 1996Compatiblity of P1392+ card with LLI Driver
351.0visserj.uto.dec.com::VISSER_JFri Jul 12 1996replace hlde
352.02NETRIX::"yongping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jul 17 1996Wollongong TCP version incorporated in WINTCP for Stream 6.1.3
353.01NETRIX::"yongping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Mon Jul 29 1996System Panic after upgrading to WINTCP for Stream 6.1.3
354.0ZPOVC::SOONKWOKTue Jul 30 1996source routing
355.01HLFSThu Aug 29 1996How access printer with remote service?
356.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGSat Aug 31 1996327
357.0ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon Sep 23 1996PC local print configuration over Asyn for DOS
358.0NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Mon Oct 07 1996RARP for HP JET DIRECT
359.01HGOM19::CHARLESCHENMon Oct 14 1996NWP card
360.01IBTue Oct 15 1996TCP/IP over X25 priority?
361.0IBFri Oct 18 1996TCP for DOS and X25
362.01NETRIX::"verdick@axpone.uto.dec.com"Wed Oct 23 1996TLZ
363.01NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996PU cannot be activated after being deactivated in Token Ring environment
364.02IBMon Oct 28 1996SNA over Token Ring
365.05NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 31 1996XID retry to SNA over Token Ring network.
366.01NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Sat Nov 09 1996Is DECadvantage software year 2
367.01NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Tue Nov 19 1996EMM386 occured while starting 327
368.03ZPOVC::SOONKWOKMon Nov 25 1996<< LLI driver for DE45
369.0UTROP1::16.197.2Wed Nov 27 1996Sna customise hint
370.01IBThu Nov 28 1996Decadvantage KITS ?
371.0 *+1ATZIS2::TEZAREK_HThu Feb 06 1997Problems with WIN/TCP and LAN Workplace
372.0 *+1NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997MS TCP 32 with PC local print
373.0 *+1NETRIX::"yong-ping.heng@zpo.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 19 1997PC local print configuration over Proteon bridge
374.0 *NETRIX::"Mats.Ljungberg@jar.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 19 1997Nonexistent permanent file (fserr52)
375.0 *+1CHEFS::16.19Wed May 07 1997TCP/IP over X25 and RIP protocol