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Conference smurf::notes$archive:ultrix_v2

Title:It's OK to say the U... word, Volume #2
Notice:Read note 1.2 to fix your notebook!
Created:Fri Jun 17 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jan 19 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3492
Total number of notes:16534
Number with bodies:0
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1.02NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Purpose of this conference is ...
2.0NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Conference Policies and Moderation Discussions
3.035NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Topic Listings
4.022NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Related Conferences
5.0180NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Reader/Member Introductions
6.04NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988An Introduction to Using VAXnotes
7.01NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Announcements
8.02NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Systems of Merit or Noteworthiness
9.03NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988The Ultrix KIT Note.
10.02NETRIX::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988Product Managers Note
11.027COOKIE::ROLLOWSat Jun 18 1988Monitor V1.
12.017NABETH::ALANSat Jun 18 1988Sample monitor(8) program.
13.015NABETH::ALANSat Jun 18 1988The Honor Roll
14.06NABETH::ALANSun Jun 19 1988Fine tuning file system space.
15.010DSSDEV::CHANMon Jun 20 1988pipes(2) in V2.4 vs V2.2
16.0POTARU::COUPALMon Jun 20 1988DECserver S/W bundled with Ultrix ?
17.02KYOA::MAUROTue Jun 21 1988PTE bits not defined in SRM
18.011ADVAX::WIRYAMANWed Jun 22 1988swapping wipes out partition table
19.01MANWed Jun 22 1988UWS T1.
20.022TPOSWed Jun 22 198883
21.04FUNBOX::RESKERWed Jun 22 1988VMS/Ultrix .OBJ Compatibility
22.02PRSNRD::PELIKSWed Jun 22 1988MUSBUS Benchmark on VAX 622
23.07KYOA::MAUROWed Jun 22 1988Support kit Part Number??!!
24.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Jun 22 1988What is MAX number of aliases for mail
25.0GUIDUK::MILLERThu Jun 23 1988ethernet multicast examples wanted
26.0MUDIS3::EHRENFELSThu Jun 23 1988addnode -P
27.010SMURF::TIMThu Jun 23 1988Input needed from MODEM users
29.05TKTVFri Jun 24 1988panic in km_alloc()
30.04COPFri Jun 24 1988ULTRIX questions - help needed
31.08SLY::MCGOLDRICKFri Jun 24 1988Termination code 139
32.013VIDEO::HITTFri Jun 24 1988Any good Ultrix/UNIX courses out there?
33.02NABETH::ALANMon Jun 27 1988Two DEQNAs Supported in Ultrix?
34.0SMURF::PARENTIMon Jun 27 1988V2.4 -> V3.
35.02POTARU::COUPALTue Jun 28 1988IBM to dominate Unix market - gag me with a spoon
36.01LISVAX::PRAMOSTue Jun 28 1988UWS V1.1 available or not ???
37.05COOKIE::DOUCETTETue Jun 28 1988Examining core (stack) w/ adb & dbx
38.03GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Jun 29 1988Status reply from postscript printer from lat
39.09GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Jun 29 1988tcp/ip documentation
40.02WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Jun 29 1988Unclear manual section?
41.02MINNY::FELLENBERGWed Jun 29 1988Large NFS network experience wanted
42.04KYOA::STAVROSWed Jun 29 1988NID HELP on ULTRX/C & SuperUsr!
43.06SLY::MCGOLDRICKThu Jun 30 1988parsing pathnames
44.04NITPIK::FIELDHOUSEThu Jun 30 1988Help Setting up LAN for Diskless client?
45.010THEBAY::WOODRIThu Jun 30 1988DEC's growing Internet
46.011GIDDAY::KOTWALFri Jul 01 1988What is .Z suffix in filename
47.01REGENT::RUBINFri Jul 01 1988Ditoff-VAX/DOCUMENT converter.
48.012DYO78Fri Jul 01 1988Is RWALL supported???
49.03DYO78Fri Jul 01 1988List of vendor extensions???
50.08SRFSUP::MEXICOTTEFri Jul 01 1988Requesting Ultrix Change
51.01GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Jul 01 1988Subnet Routing
52.01KERNEL::TBOOKERTue Jul 05 1988LJ25
53.07MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Jul 05 1988Using 2 different filters with lpr
54.01KERNEL::TBOOKERTue Jul 05 1988Disaster recovery
56.02EDFVZTue Jul 05 1988Can you scratch old TK5
57.06FROTHY::GONDAWed Jul 06 1988Force mail not to be forwarded?
58.02TKOV51::MIZUTAMAWed Jul 06 1988Protocol G/W in two Ethernets
59.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENThu Jul 07 1988troff how?
60.04TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 07 1988"MINIMUM" memory for a Sun machine
61.04DIXIE1::ODENWALDERThu Jul 07 1988Large UUCP xfer
62.04KYOA::MAUROThu Jul 07 1988process context & adb
63.01BREAKR::HAThu Jul 07 1988calypso/62xx
64.05WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Jul 07 1988sticky bit feature?
65.014GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Jul 07 1988Bootable Backups?
66.04MTA::GRAHAMThu Jul 07 1988Building "Smarter" Utilities...
67.0POTARU::COUPALSat Jul 09 1988What about help from the field ?
68.02KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Jul 11 19886xxx and which version??
69.04KARCEC::NEIDECKERMon Jul 11 1988Notesfile on 2.4(3.
70.013HSTSSC::LEHTINENMon Jul 11 19888-bit clean commands...
71.01HSTSSC::LEHTINENMon Jul 11 1988Call handling under Ultrix?
72.011COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Jul 11 1988Example program using nbuf(4).
73.08MSAVTue Jul 12 1988TAR magtape -> VMS -> DECnet -> Ultrix ??
74.01WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Jul 12 1988Disk s/n's versus LBN's.
75.01STKHLM::LAJIWed Jul 13 1988How TS can check phys. address of a terminal?
76.02MDVAX3::MANNWed Jul 13 1988Real time data collection using VAXstation 2
77.02CSC32::P_SCHMITTWed Jul 13 1988KSH
78.04IJSAPL::MULDERThu Jul 14 1988Mapper C on Ultrix-32 ???
79.0CSCMA::ELKINSThu Jul 14 1988Statistics on NFS-mounted file systems?
80.01CSCMA::BUSHThu Jul 14 1988exit status
81.013SKYLRK::OLSONThu Jul 14 1988ULTRIX&VAXcluster sharing CI
82.03MEO78B::LOCHFri Jul 15 1988V2.2_availability
83.01TOOK::MICHAUDFri Jul 15 1988saved-set-uid
84.015JRDVSat Jul 16 1988login
85.010TOOK::MICHAUDSat Jul 16 1988Fixing trashed superblock
86.0259594::YANAGIHARASun Jul 17 1988CD-ROM, WORM and NFS
87.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 18 1988CSCMAS""::SYS$UNIX: updates
89.03RHETT::ROGERSMon Jul 18 1988df242 acucap entry?
90.01COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Jul 18 1988RA9
92.021TOOK::MICHAUDMon Jul 18 1988Format a disk
93.04BMT::GRAHAMTue Jul 19 1988"BRU..Backup Restore Utility" kit
94.011TAVTue Jul 19 1988LP11(only upper case) with 865
95.04TAVTue Jul 19 1988xterm/escape seq. & LN
96.011PTOMVX::SCOTTTue Jul 19 1988security enhancements
97.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Jul 19 1988a suggestion for /usr/etc/adduser
98.014SUBSYS::HALPINTue Jul 19 1988?LAT problems & ?X11 for Ultrix 2.2
99.01COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jul 19 1988emacs - can't connect subchannel
100.021NABETH::ALANTue Jul 19 1988The Configuration File
101.04GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Jul 19 1988mop_mom: can't open any DLI sockets ???
102.018FSTVAX::GALLOTue Jul 19 1988V3.
103.012TRILGY::MATUSZAKTue Jul 19 1988real mem don't count
104.07MINNIE::EYWed Jul 20 1988More silly question about unsupp s/w.
105.09PBSVAX::KILIANWed Jul 20 1988RIS Questions
106.05MUNICH::SCHMIERWed Jul 20 1988how to get the physical ethernet address ...
107.010WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Jul 20 1988installation of 2.4 fails on RM
108.013TEACH::DAVIDWed Jul 20 1988Misc. Questions
109.04KYOA::MAUROWed Jul 20 1988more on adb and process context
110.01FSTVAX::GALLOWed Jul 20 1988uq
111.02HEYDEN::FORBESWed Jul 20 1988shmget() ... malloc() bug fix?
112.03BIER::NEIDECKERThu Jul 21 1988mscp_conresynch: What does it mean ?
113.01UTRTSC::KUIJPERThu Jul 21 1988Simple question about using FTP
114.03DWOVAX::BONINIThu Jul 21 1988halt on network transition
115.03BLASE::GAUTHIERThu Jul 21 1988Capacity Upgrade part number.
116.0CSCMA::CHUThu Jul 21 1988console floppy update v1.2
117.07LDYBUG::FULLERTONThu Jul 21 1988LMF on ULTRIX?
118.03KERNEL::TBOOKERFri Jul 22 1988Who do I ask about GKS?
119.03CSCMA::YAGERFri Jul 22 1988Where is ditroff?
120.04TAVSun Jul 24 1988ku_fastsend: ethernet errno 55 (buffer too small?)
121.01TAVSun Jul 24 1988ELM - mail system? where?
122.06WATNEY::P_SCHMITTSun Jul 24 1988bug in T2.4-
123.02FSTTOO::OWENSun Jul 24 1988Looking to be a field test site
124.0EVOAI1::ROGGEBANDMon Jul 25 1988Ultrix to H-B DPS7 Comms
125.01TAVMon Jul 25 1988DRV11w driver on ULTRIX ????
126.04VNASWS::RANZINGERMon Jul 25 1988Installation hangs
127.01UPSAR::THOMASMon Jul 25 1988Mike Karels/Van Jacobson TCP/IP
128.03UPSAR::THOMASMon Jul 25 1988Introduction to Administration of an Internet-Based Local Network
129.024VAXWRK::FRIEDMANNMon Jul 25 1988"where are you" and "no kmem" messages
130.01GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Jul 25 1988GKS without X
131.012TEACH::DANMon Jul 25 1988V3.
132.02CSCMA::CHUMon Jul 25 1988ngnode under v2.
133.010BENTLY::MATUSZAKMon Jul 25 1988pstat interpretation question
134.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Jul 26 1988unlink: No such file or directory
135.03LARVAE::RIZANTue Jul 26 1988Backup/printing/login/accounting questions
136.05BLASE::GAUTHIERTue Jul 26 1988Does opser backup use dump?
137.09DSSDEV::FORDTue Jul 26 1988Diskless workstation questions
138.05TPOVWed Jul 27 1988inetd & getty error during booting ?
139.02RHETT::ASHMEADWed Jul 27 1988Remote System Manager problems
140.019COGMK::STUARTWed Jul 27 1988Ultrix Support Person Survey
141.01POOL::EIKENBERRYWed Jul 27 1988Where is Ultrix?
142.05SKYLRK::MARCOTTEWed Jul 27 1988lex EOF?
143.02SKYLRK::MARCOTTEWed Jul 27 1988lex #include
144.0CANYON::LEEDSWed Jul 27 1988What do we bid for "UNIX V" ?
145.01GIDDAY::KINGThu Jul 28 1988UVIIRC ult 2.2 hang ?
146.08LDYBUG::HERRLICHThu Jul 28 1988Structured Files Under Ultrix?
147.01CSCMA::BUSHThu Jul 28 1988Diablo printcap
148.05DSSDEV::BWALKERThu Jul 28 1988Ultrix 2.4 mail woes continue
149.0SMURF::DIBBLEThu Jul 28 1988V2.3 Release notes on GURU
150.01VAOUThu Jul 28 1988UNIX System 5 question
151.01SRFSUP::HAThu Jul 28 1988rpcgen
152.01KAOFS::N_PIROLLOThu Jul 28 1988Profiling
153.01DOOBER::MATUSZAKThu Jul 28 19882.2 syscalls() == | != 2.4 ?
154.01DOOBER::MATUSZAKThu Jul 28 19882.4 ra6
155.07THEBAY::WOODRIThu Jul 28 1988help with device driver?
156.08ISTG::NBENDERThu Jul 28 1988Boot in single user mode?
157.011SUBSYS::HALPINFri Jul 29 1988?VMS as print server
158.03RANCHO::JENSENFri Jul 29 1988Help! need Gosling emacs for 2.4
159.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Jul 29 1988need product manager name
160.0XNOGOV::JCHFri Jul 29 1988termcap wrong?
161.03TEACH::DAVIDFri Jul 29 1988Sun -> Ultrix Conversion Tools?
162.0TAVMon Aug 01 1988GPX + RD53: setld fails on ver 2.2
163.06KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Aug 01 1988Ultrix32m V1.2
164.0SMURF::DIBBLEMon Aug 01 1988>>>2.4 (3.
166.02CSOA1::BALISHMon Aug 01 1988v3.
168.01PRSUD2::NEYERSTue Aug 02 1988621
169.03NWGEDU::COOMBETue Aug 02 1988Bug ? in adduser with locked passwd file ?
170.02LARVAE::YEATESTue Aug 02 1988Compiler standards
171.01DIXIE1::PREVOTue Aug 02 1988Ultrix SVID Compliance Quest
172.03SUPTue Aug 02 1988DECnet-Internet-Gateway Pb. with DEL/LOG
173.01CSCMA::CHUTue Aug 02 1988gnode v.s. inode
174.012CHOVAX::ALPERTTue Aug 02 1988Ultrix LAT question
175.06WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Aug 02 1988RABADS copy needed quickish...
176.02OSLWed Aug 03 1988Tektronix 41xx ?
177.023IPG::MCDONNELLWed Aug 03 1988A (much) faster ultrixboot
178.023ULTRA::WRAYWed Aug 03 1988Better error messages
179.0MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Aug 03 1988tandem not working with tip
180.0RHETT::WRIGHTWed Aug 03 19882.3 sendmail & bitmap problems
181.09BLASE::GAUTHIERWed Aug 03 1988Username length limitation??
182.03BMT::GRAHAMWed Aug 03 1988Ultrix x3.
183.02OSL1Thu Aug 04 1988NIXDORF performance ?
184.05KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Aug 04 1988NeWS of porting.
186.010COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Aug 04 1988Is the sky falling or have we reached the ceiling?
187.03EDFVZThu Aug 04 1988What happened to SINCE
188.02BLASE::GAUTHIERThu Aug 04 1988Initial LAT connection yields 'strange' characters.
189.011BLASE::GAUTHIERThu Aug 04 1988Problem with EMACS keys.
190.02RHETT::ASHMEADThu Aug 04 1988 URGENT !!! V2.3 fsck problem
191.04KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNThu Aug 04 1988V2.2 + Patches + V2.3 fails?
192.0MALLET::MARTYNFri Aug 05 1988RM COBOL74 Please
193.017SUEDE::LILLEMORFri Aug 05 1988Dump(8) to multiple TK5
194.01COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Aug 05 1988On a clear disk you can seek...
195.010CVG::PETTENGILLFri Aug 05 1988Ultrix Notes Client yet ?
196.05MEO78B::LOCHMon Aug 08 1988V2.
197.04CIMAMT::KELLYMon Aug 08 1988Need hints on acquiring latest ULTRIX rev
198.014DYO78Mon Aug 08 1988BEST WAN for Ultrix??????
199.02VBVMon Aug 08 1988DMV11 support on uVAX III?
200.0SKYLRK::MARCOTTETue Aug 09 1988problem with operator
201.02EDFVZTue Aug 09 1988How to use the *&%# thing
202.01SDOGUS::KEETue Aug 09 1988IEQ11 driver availability
203.07DYO78Wed Aug 10 1988How to get Ultrix source???
204.05KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Aug 10 1988Linking f77 & C
205.04SUEDE::LILLEMORWed Aug 10 1988RSDS and RHM on Ultrix
206.03DYO78Wed Aug 10 1988MACH support????????
208.0NZOVFri Aug 12 1988Ultrix in Realtime ???
209.01COPSL6::BRIANFri Aug 12 1988NFS diskless and swap file space
210.03VMSSPT::ULTRIXFri Aug 12 1988V2.3 notices from CSSE
211.02COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Aug 12 1988DVI to LN
212.05DLOACT::RESENDEPFri Aug 12 1988UNIX TP???
213.02TOWNS::CORDREYMon Aug 15 1988memory error panic?
214.04KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Aug 15 1988Is stty -nl bust??
215.04CSCMA::CHUMon Aug 15 1988Ultrix-- bizzard occurrances
216.01DYO78Mon Aug 15 1988adduser/addgroup broken???
217.03HGOM18::BURANCELEUNGTue Aug 16 1988Send display onto the other workstation
218.06MALLET::BRIGGSTue Aug 16 1988TCP/IP over WANS!!
219.0SKITZD::MATUSZAKTue Aug 16 1988tip setup question
220.05TOOK::MICHAUDWed Aug 17 1988SLiTeX anyone?
221.09MEO78B::LANDSBERGWed Aug 17 1988RD-32 support ?
222.01MUNICH::CARLIWed Aug 17 1988sendmail & uucp problem
223.03SAC::BRODERICKWed Aug 17 1988MVAX II disk config. problems !!! ULTRIX V2.2
224.03FSTVAX::GALLOWed Aug 17 1988Updating superblock backups
225.03KYOA::FARESEWed Aug 17 1988ULTRIX DDS DBMS products??
226.07GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Aug 17 1988Nethelp for a fool
227.0EDFVZWed Aug 17 1988V2.2 + Crashes
228.03HGOM18::BURANCELEUNGWed Aug 17 1988Setup the plotter
229.0KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Aug 18 1988Difference dz/dhv
230.02STKHLM::LAJIThu Aug 18 1988IBM 377
231.01VNAACT::HAUSBFri Aug 19 1988RSM & Ultrix installation
232.01CSCMA::CHUFri Aug 19 1988system time went crazy after reboot(88
233.024SCAVAX::WOLFFFri Aug 19 1988ISAM on Ultrix?
234.011RAINBO::HARRISSun Aug 21 1988Problem with TPU based VI on VMS
235.06GIDDAY::KOTWALMon Aug 22 1988Line numbers
236.02TAVMon Aug 22 198882
237.05MUNICH::CARLIMon Aug 22 1988uucp - permission denied...
238.034CRISIS::OCONNORMon Aug 22 1988Usage of '$' in cc(1) programs
239.0DELNI::D_ROOTMon Aug 22 1988Phase
240.03CIMAMT::KELLYMon Aug 22 1988Seeking unbuffered input technique
241.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Aug 22 1988Copy System Disk
242.03DECWET::KASSMon Aug 22 1988LAT ports hang connecting to Ultrix
243.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Aug 22 1988Bug in ctags or vi -t ?
244.08KARCEC::NEIDECKERMon Aug 22 1988diskless swapping: How ?
245.0GIDDAY::KOTWALMon Aug 22 1988Change font for printer
246.08BMT::MAGUIRETue Aug 23 1988TD/SMP support under Ultrix?
247.02POBOX::HELLMANTue Aug 23 1988NFS directory problem
248.02GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Aug 23 1988xterm font VS2
249.02CSCMA::CHUTue Aug 23 1988NNTPD command........
250.05GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Aug 24 1988C-tree
251.01MTA::GRAHAMWed Aug 24 1988UWS T2.
252.0MUNICH::CARLIWed Aug 24 1988NFS-mountd problem...
253.03RAINBO::SPRUNGWed Aug 24 1988need help with vcc or lk
255.08STKHLM::LAJIWed Aug 24 1988Recommended Database?
256.03ADVAX::WIRYAMANWed Aug 24 1988ufs_mounting a write protected disk
257.014GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Aug 25 198815
258.02DLOACT::MANNThu Aug 25 1988Pascal for Ultrix
259.06COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Aug 25 1988Transcript*
260.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Aug 25 1988VMB version?
261.05DYO78Thu Aug 25 1988Does AWK "do" lower case ?
262.01GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Aug 25 1988LAT/Telnet Gateway
263.02DYO78Fri Aug 26 1988X Client software with Ultrix-32?
264.04CIMAMT::KELLYFri Aug 26 1988'make' error; need documentation
265.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Aug 26 1988cal
266.07CIMAMT::KELLYFri Aug 26 1988List of ULTRIX curses calls available?
267.04TKOV52::TANIMURAMon Aug 29 1988Large diskless config Q's?
269.01DECLNE::AMANMon Aug 29 1988spd and/or DECserver 5
270.02FSTVAX::GALLOMon Aug 29 1988.rhosts
271.02GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Aug 30 1988finger - illegal instruction - core dumped
272.07DYO78Tue Aug 30 1988Problems using lk by itself...
274.04POTARU::COUPALWed Aug 31 1988Pick on Unix
275.022Wed Aug 31 1988sendmail - redirect all unknown mail messages ?
276.03TALLIS::JOHNSONWed Aug 31 1988Dead mouse
277.02DYO78Wed Aug 31 1988Ultrix and E-pub?
278.06DLOACT::MANNWed Aug 31 1988Maximum file descriptors ???
279.0SSGBPM::SHIDERLYWed Aug 31 1988Internationalization Demo Available
280.01CSCMA::CHUThu Sep 01 1988vmstat -s interpretation
281.0MKTUP4::EIBENThu Sep 01 1988new UNIX-C programs on CSCMAS::
282.04GIDDAY::KOTWALFri Sep 02 1988memorandom macros for NROFF
283.03MTA::GRAHAMFri Sep 02 1988Ln
284.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Sep 02 1988man 5 fs
285.0ELMST::DEMBOWITZFri Sep 02 1988Ultrix-32 Internals Seminar in MRO3 9/19-9/22
286.01DPDMAI::MASONMFri Sep 02 1988Terminal Emulation on GPX
287.010DECWET::MPETERSONSat Sep 03 1988ASTs?
288.04UTRUST::DEHARTOGSun Sep 04 1988setld-gotchas (decnet+mop_mom)
289.03TPOVMon Sep 05 1988Urgent_Project
290.05KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Sep 05 1988/var/preserve
291.06JRDVAX::DOIMon Sep 05 1988problems with dump
292.024TLE::DANIELSMon Sep 05 1988How to qar? Should I qar?
293.07BMT::MAGUIRETue Sep 06 1988Asynch DECnet support?
294.06AIAG::BRENNANTue Sep 06 1988unknown mailer error 1
295.02COGMK::ZEMONTue Sep 06 1988sendmail & mail11 bug
296.01RHETT::ASHMEADTue Sep 06 1988Dirty page in shared memory !!!
298.04ZPOVWed Sep 07 1988PCSA-TYPE funct. under Ultrix?
299.0ZPOVWed Sep 07 1988remote boot via fiber optics?
300.06KETJE::MONTEWed Sep 07 1988FUSION TCP/IP ?
301.09MTA::GRAHAMWed Sep 07 1988Ultrix 3.
302.01SIETTG::FLANAGANWed Sep 07 1988DR11W
303.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Sep 07 1988Problem starting DMS on T2.4-
304.03RHETT::WRIGHTWed Sep 07 1988latest sun version of NFS?
306.08DLOACT::MANNWed Sep 07 1988Ultrix on Cluster hardware
307.01TOOK::SIERRAWed Sep 07 1988VMS/ULTRIX connection software?
308.06TALLIS::JOHNSONWed Sep 07 1988printer help needed
309.013MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Sep 07 1988vt22
310.02KETJE::MONTEThu Sep 08 1988Third-party Pascal
311.02KYOA::MAUROThu Sep 08 1988V2.2-1 mchks, V2.
312.04WELSWS::TREVENNORThu Sep 08 1988UUCP without modems. HELP!
313.08TILTS::SMITHThu Sep 08 1988cpio vs. dump
314.01DLOACT::MANNThu Sep 08 1988Ultrix 3.
315.03GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Sep 09 1988TK7
316.0DUBFri Sep 09 1988Configuration Help Needed
317.03WELSWS::TREVENNORFri Sep 09 1988Ultrix > VMS text file conversion. How?
318.0FROSTY::AUGUNFri Sep 09 1988ULTRIX DECwindows 327
319.02KIM::AVOLIOFri Sep 09 1988UNIX and Ada Mix?
320.02ZPOVMon Sep 12 1988vax to apollo via Ethernet?
321.02UTRTSC::PILMEYERMon Sep 12 1988Ultrix V2.2 hangs when using NFS
322.04KYOA::MAUROMon Sep 12 1988mkfs defaults?
323.04UTRUST::DEHARTOGMon Sep 12 1988maximum virtual memory?
324.05GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Sep 12 1988Disk Shadowing?
325.07BREAKR::YUENMon Sep 12 1988XNS port?
326.018GIDDAY::MARSHALLMon Sep 12 1988ULTRIX V3.
327.04TRHVS1::PAULTue Sep 13 1988Release notes for UWS 2.
328.0NUTMEG::SILVERBERGTue Sep 13 1988ULTRIX FABS Market info
329.02HILLST::KHALLTue Sep 13 1988Berkeley's MAGIC
330.02POBOX::KOCHTue Sep 13 1988Apple Laserwriter PS Support
331.01PTOMVX::HALLIGANTue Sep 13 1988DIBOL under ULTRIX ??
332.03GRANMA::FPRUSSWed Sep 14 1988LA75: operator error, h/w or s/w?
333.011GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Sep 14 1988Xterm: Cannot connect to display server
334.03DIXIE1::PREVOWed Sep 14 1988CalComp printcap entry
335.03SALSA::MOELLERWed Sep 14 1988Ultrix v3 layered products questions
336.02KYOA::MAUROWed Sep 14 1988de
337.018DYO78Wed Sep 14 1988Connect directly to terminal server?
338.03KCDEMO::MULLINWed Sep 14 1988Whose Mail?
339.08CVG::PETTENGILLWed Sep 14 1988What does "Disk quota exceeded" mean?
340.01CUZCO::SANZThu Sep 15 1988Time missing at startup
342.02STKHLM::LAJIThu Sep 15 1988Microserver for Ultrix?!
343.04CADSE::DEANThu Sep 15 1988BLISS?
344.01POBOX::PUTNINSThu Sep 15 1988VAXnotes client for ULTRIX?
345.03ULTRA::ELLISThu Sep 15 1988Changing the name of an Ultrix node
346.04FSTTOO::GALLOFri Sep 16 1988UWS kit info needed.
348.03STKHLM::LAJIFri Sep 16 1988Shadowing?
349.013ISTG::NBENDERFri Sep 16 1988Problem with UWS FT2.
350.013CSOA1::CARLOTTIFri Sep 16 1988Clusters, shadowing and LAT ???
351.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Sep 16 1988Pronunciations
352.04AKOVFri Sep 16 1988Ultrix Interest List
353.07WINERY::ROSEMon Sep 19 1988NFS across timezones
354.01ZPOVMon Sep 19 1988Memory Limitation for Ultrix ?
355.011SMURF::KARSTENMon Sep 19 1988Ultrix V3.
356.05ULTRA::WRAYMon Sep 19 1988Help needed on file system
357.04PRSUD1::NEYERSMon Sep 19 1988smalltalk on ULTRIX ?
358.03VALHAL::LAJIMon Sep 19 1988RV2
359.06COGMK::SILVAMon Sep 19 1988VAX VTX for ULTRIX?
360.03HILLST::KHALLMon Sep 19 1988Stupid Backspace Problem
361.01GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Sep 19 1988Networking Questions
362.012TLE::DANIELSMon Sep 19 1988How do I resignal?
363.04KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Sep 19 1988Can I tar to RX5
364.08GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Sep 19 1988Format of Error Log Files?
365.02LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Sep 20 1988OSF Notes File?
366.01DYO78Tue Sep 20 1988Register for ADS???
367.02GENRAL::HEINTZETue Sep 20 1988Is there a counterpart to LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL?
368.06PRSUD1::NEYERSTue Sep 20 1988REMOTE BACKUP and SUN 'S?
369.03WELSWS::GRAHAMTue Sep 20 1988public domain s/w location ?
370.07GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Sep 20 1988Who does SNA?
371.03MARX::KELLEYTue Sep 20 1988How do I become v3.
372.01GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Sep 20 1988LAT to TCP
373.05MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Sep 21 1988setting retry and timer values for ftp?
374.0KARCEC::NEIDECKERWed Sep 21 1988help with super-eagles needed
375.05MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Sep 21 1988savimg file format documentation
376.06POBOX::ROSENKRANZWed Sep 21 1988Unix & VMS on CI
377.01CIMNET::KEEGANWed Sep 21 1988Ultrix FT2 kit/installation question
378.03LDYBUG::JONESWed Sep 21 1988V2.2 patch tapes?
379.02UTRUST::DEHARTOGWed Sep 21 1988Does LAT tell my baudrate to Ultrix?
380.06DECEAT::HARRINGTONWed Sep 21 1988Does system time include interrupt time?
381.02MUNKAD::THOMASThu Sep 22 1988ultrix and multiple uda5
382.03KIM::RICEThu Sep 22 1988Syncronous I/O over NFS
383.02KNINE::MENNITIThu Sep 22 1988Question on ULTRIX Futures
384.02KYOA::JLEONARDThu Sep 22 1988RA9
385.02TLSEThu Sep 22 1988archive ???
386.06MSEE::CHENGThu Sep 22 1988RA7
387.010ULTRA::WRAYThu Sep 22 1988Time conversions
388.01IRT::HABERThu Sep 22 1988driver documentation?
389.04GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Sep 22 1988VMS beats up on ULTRIX LAT ln
390.06POTARU::COUPALThu Sep 22 1988Artefacts, collaterals, etc :-)
391.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Sep 23 1988System Data Segment
392.01MEO78B::LOCHFri Sep 23 1988V2.2 on an 11/73
393.09CUZCO::SANZFri Sep 23 1988Printing over a LN
394.01NERSW5::BORENFri Sep 23 1988dump rdump TK7
395.034NETRIX::THOMASFri Sep 23 1988Flash! 3am software announces... systat
396.05GIDDAY::KOTWALSun Sep 25 1988ksh with xterm loses interrupt char
398.04ZPOVMon Sep 26 1988ibm to vax/vms via tcp/ip?
399.07KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Sep 26 1988Maximum directory nodes ?
400.02LARVAE::YEATESMon Sep 26 1988AIM benchmarks
401.01THEBAY::WOODRIMon Sep 26 1988VMS/Ultrix Connection questions...
402.02GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Sep 27 1988Any CIBCI success storys?
403.03SMURF::CHETALTue Sep 27 1988a USENET question...
404.03VNAACT::HAUSBTue Sep 27 1988HELP on upgrading UWS T2.
405.0PRSNRD::PELIKSTue Sep 27 1988Kind os light Fault Tolerance wanted
406.02DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Sep 27 1988Ultrix Commands and SVID
407.0STKHLM::LAJITue Sep 27 1988Whetstone on 621
408.05NAVAJO::MRIPLEYTue Sep 27 1988VAX FORTRAN & U-32 v3/ UWS v2
409.0CALLAO::SANZWed Sep 28 1988TSV
410.03WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Sep 28 1988DELUA Problems with Ultrix-11
411.010REGENT::KACHRANIWed Sep 28 1988ULTRIX-PrintServer SW is available
412.02DYO78Wed Sep 28 1988Where is /etc/securetty?
413.0DSSDEV::SURTEESWed Sep 28 1988.uwmrc doesn't seem to work
414.06GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Sep 28 1988Error adding additional swap space
415.0BMT::SIMONThu Sep 29 1988SNA and X.25 for Ultrix
417.04GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Sep 29 198887
418.010GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Sep 29 1988LAT/telnet Gateway - What does it look like?
419.07WELSWS::TREVENNORThu Sep 29 1988Ultrix bootstrap flow.
420.01CGOSThu Sep 29 1988HELP!!! TCP/IP OVER X.25 LINK
421.02COGMK::DALLASThu Sep 29 1988Shared memory
422.03MEO78B::LANDSBERGFri Sep 30 1988-n and -r=# in /etc/exports ?
423.02KETJE::DELAMPERFri Sep 30 1988SUNOS 4 next version SYSTEM V compliant ?
424.03AIAG::BRENNANFri Sep 30 1988inc: unable to lock and fopen /usr/spool/mail/brennan
425.05AD::MURARIFri Sep 30 1988UWS T2.
426.01KERNEL::TBOOKERFri Sep 30 1988// printers && white space compression
427.02DWOVAX::BONINIFri Sep 30 1988tip problem?
428.01SMURF::CRANSTONFri Sep 30 1988Ultrix Sys Maint Guide Update
429.01TEASE::NAUGLEFri Sep 30 1988VMS/ULtrix Bridge and Proteon Token Ring
430.04UPSAR::THOMASFri Sep 30 1988Is UEG no more?!?!?! :-)
431.01SNOCSun Oct 02 1988A Server query
432.02ZPOVMon Oct 03 1988ultrix support for 2 E-controllrs?
433.04ADVAX::WIRYAMANMon Oct 03 1988printing troff output?
435.02CSCMA::CHUMon Oct 03 1988cu with ~$cmd flag under ultrix?
436.02PRCFS1::CHAKLEEMon Oct 03 1988Co-exist VMS ,Ultrix LAT queue problem
438.01JEREMY::DANTue Oct 04 1988PCC Doc wanted
439.018COMICS::TREVENNORTue Oct 04 1988Read any good books...
440.03HSKTue Oct 04 1988GKS?
441.05KETJE::DELAMPERTue Oct 04 1988Top-row function keys Vaxstation 2
442.02RHETT::PARKERTue Oct 04 1988ld with the -T option?
443.01KYOA::MAUROTue Oct 04 1988V2.2 -> V2.3 ???
444.01KYOA::MAUROTue Oct 04 1988License = updates??
445.04CIMNET::GADRETue Oct 04 1988Network devices in UUCP ?
446.0SSGBPM::SHIDERLYTue Oct 04 1988Ultrix Widgets Demo Available
447.05WILKIE::WEITue Oct 04 1988What MicroVAX's does ULTRIX support?
448.04FSTVAX::GALLOTue Oct 04 1988Major # = ??? device
449.02GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Oct 04 1988Masking all inputs in X
450.013IRT::GRAHAMWed Oct 05 1988ULTRIX - Setting an Example?
451.02FSTVAX::GALLOWed Oct 05 1988Bad block recovery
452.04ULTRA::WRAYWed Oct 05 1988C-Shell "IF" misbehaving?
453.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Oct 06 19882 Questions
454.03DUBThu Oct 06 1988WAN OPTIONS? LPS4
455.012Thu Oct 06 1988Set host kills children ???
456.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Oct 06 1988Deep Sleep
457.012MTA::GRAHAMThu Oct 06 1988System Security - Technicalities
458.04GIDDAY::KOTWALThu Oct 06 1988xlock/xchess documentation
459.01MTA::GRAHAMThu Oct 06 1988Real-Time..Why,How,When?
460.02THEBAY::WOODRIFri Oct 07 1988School of Hard Knocks: lesson One
461.04GIDDAY::KOTWALFri Oct 07 1988lat and decnet won't startup.
462.015TAVSun Oct 09 1988Printer daemon not present
463.014TAVSun Oct 09 1988producing stand alone kit to TU58 or others
464.010GRANMA::FPRUSSSun Oct 09 1988VSII - Corporate mouse?
465.07MTA::GRAHAMMon Oct 10 1988OLTP & High-Availability Issues
466.07FSTVAX::GALLOMon Oct 10 1988Automatic Kernel Rebuild?
467.02CLOSET::EROSSMon Oct 10 1988Where's emacs?
468.0BREAKR::YUENMon Oct 10 1988DRQ3B driver info wanted
469.01SDOGUS::MUCKMon Oct 10 1988Booting the VAX 62x
470.09SARAH::HOLOHANMon Oct 10 1988Setuid flakey
471.08MEO78B::LANDSBERGMon Oct 10 1988Educational VAXstation References ?
472.07MEO78B::LANDSBERGTue Oct 11 1988NFS security questions
473.03RETINA::GARIKAPATITue Oct 11 1988Too Much Stuff to Link
474.02CSOA1::BREZLERTue Oct 11 1988DDIF in ULTRIX V3.
475.04PNEUMA::D_SHERMANTue Oct 11 1988guest account?
476.022IND::MAGUIRETue Oct 11 1988Buffer caching on Ultrix?
477.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Oct 12 1988NFS mounting server's /usr
478.03CSCMA::CHUWed Oct 12 1988window sofware
479.04DYO78Wed Oct 12 1988Desktop Publishing???
480.0FSTVAX::FOSTERThu Oct 13 1988Like to teach??
481.02TALLIS::ROBINSONThu Oct 13 1988V2.3 Source Kit Kernel says "not clean" but fsck doesn't
482.01BLASE::GAUTHIERThu Oct 13 1988Changing memory configuration.
483.01NWGEDU::COOMBEThu Oct 13 1988Some miscellaneous questions
485.02DYO78Thu Oct 13 19889-pin -> RS232???
486.012HGOVC::KENBERKUNThu Oct 13 1988OSF/VMS
487.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Oct 13 1988"cc -p" problem.
488.0AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Oct 14 1988How do I create ICONS under Ultrix 3.
489.04DYO78Fri Oct 14 1988UWS 2.
490.02HJUXB::ADLERFri Oct 14 1988Writer's Workbench
491.01TROUFri Oct 14 1988commands unique in Ultrix
492.01OSAVMon Oct 17 1988How to know TCP/IP node is reachable
493.01DLOACT::MANNMon Oct 17 1988Ultrix on VS32
494.03OZROCK::LEHMKUHLMon Oct 17 1988ULTRIX connection to X.25 PSDNs
495.06CALLAO::SANZMon Oct 17 1988Fix pages in memory
496.06MUNICH::ROGERTue Oct 18 1988PANIC: trap type 8 during RIS ?????
497.02HILLST::KHALLTue Oct 18 1988Why won't you port to...say...DEC?
498.01TRUTOM::STODDARDTue Oct 18 1988Part number for ULTRIX?
499.03VAOATue Oct 18 1988High Availibility: Ultrix
500.0KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Oct 19 1988ESaGfCLC
501.0TKTVWed Oct 19 1988panic: closedq: stray dquot
502.017DLOACT::MANNWed Oct 19 1988VMS to copy Ultrix tar tape ??
503.02XNOGOV::JCHWed Oct 19 1988fork (good), vfork (bad)
504.010ULTRA::WRAYWed Oct 19 1988How to find the name of a file?
505.04NOVA::SERRAWed Oct 19 1988DTM in Ultrix?
506.01BMT::BRIGGSWed Oct 19 1988ULTRIX SNA Prod Mgr?
507.04TKTVThu Oct 20 1988VAX865
508.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Oct 20 1988Question on read()
509.01JEREMY::DANThu Oct 20 1988PCC under VMS?
510.0MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Oct 20 1988Bisync on a MicroVAX 2
511.02OTOOThu Oct 20 1988Why only 2 user license on Workstations!
512.043UPSAR::THOMASThu Oct 20 1988SMP Ultrix
513.06COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Oct 20 1988Bridge eats Multicast. Film at 11:
514.01MEO78B::LANDSBERGFri Oct 21 1988Driver for Tek 4693D ?
515.03BELVS1::OFLAHERTYFri Oct 21 1988ULTRIX X25 Network
516.0MSEE::FOLLIENFri Oct 21 1988Need for Ultrix Programs,Applications,ect.
517.012MSEE::CHENGFri Oct 21 1988VMS MACRO source to Ultrix ?
518.017POTARU::COUPALMon Oct 24 1988Ultrix vs. BSD and Mt.Xinu, one more time
519.02DUBMon Oct 24 1988URGENT...help on PC/NFS
520.03QBUS::FLEMINGMon Oct 24 1988Ultrix Rookie
521.07NANOOK::CIALIMon Oct 24 1988LAT/Telnet Gateway: A resonable alternative??
522.0MUSKIE::WEBSTERTue Oct 25 1988IEEE 488 <-> Q-bus support?
523.0321541::DESIRAZUTue Oct 25 1988Question regarding /usr/adm/wtmp
524.02SMAC1Tue Oct 25 1988getchar() problems in background mode
525.05KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Oct 26 1988NFS & symbolic links and Pyramid
526.01DECEAT::HARRINGTONWed Oct 26 1988Passive Loopback messages
527.02216Wed Oct 26 1988Ultrix U&C Lecture/Lab course @ MRO 11/7-11/11
528.021AIAG::BRENNANWed Oct 26 1988post: problem initializing server; [BHST] no servers available
529.03DYO78Wed Oct 26 1988Ultrix files -> Wang???
530.01CSCMA::CHUWed Oct 26 1988telnet message: no buffer available
531.06TAVThu Oct 27 1988882
532.08DYO78Thu Oct 27 1988savimg/resimg in UWS 2.
533.01EARWIG::YEATESFri Oct 28 1988DECnet/Ultrix funnies
534.01EARWIG::YEATESFri Oct 28 1988XNS support
535.05MANFri Oct 28 1988memcpy() is too slow
536.014DPDMAI::SMITHFri Oct 28 1988GNUEMACS and vt22
537.03KYOA::MAUROFri Oct 28 1988Some File System Questions
538.05CIMAMT::KELLYFri Oct 28 1988Cannot place TK5
539.01THEBAY::WOODRIFri Oct 28 1988Need more details on 33
540.01NZOVSun Oct 30 1988V3.
541.04MARX::ANDERSONSun Oct 30 1988setld - corrupt
542.0EMASS::COLLINSMon Oct 31 1988Remote console subsystem
543.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Nov 01 1988Ultrix PHIGS?
544.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Nov 01 1988IEEE-488 under Ultrix
545.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Nov 01 1988tftp defaults
546.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
547.06TOWNS::RYANTue Nov 01 1988SNMP for Ultrix????
548.024CSCMA::CHUTue Nov 01 1988SLIP(synchronous link interface protoco)?
549.04WLW::MIDDLETONTue Nov 01 1988Ultrix applications for manufacturing
550.06TAVWed Nov 02 1988mchk:Mbox; dump time unreasonable & no crash
551.07TOOK::SIERRAWed Nov 02 1988Distribution Utilites
552.08MUNICH::CARLIWed Nov 02 1988nfsd: can't find mountd ???
553.02SMURF::PUSHEEWed Nov 02 1988Royalty & Internal Use ULTRIX systems
554.02LARVAE::YEATESWed Nov 02 1988Address space limits
555.03EPSYS::SANCHEZWed Nov 02 1988ISV Interleaf Can't LINK with new ULTIX
556.06GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Nov 03 1988UWS 2.
557.01REGENT::WOLFThu Nov 03 1988PrintServer4
558.06NERSW5::BORENThu Nov 03 1988lat printer file merge
559.01CSCMA::CHUThu Nov 03 1988tu81 error> tms1a: hard error sn
560.04CHOVAX::ALPERTThu Nov 03 1988Swapping drives between VS2
561.0LAIDBK::CREIGHANThu Nov 03 1988RPCgen on a VAX?
562.014POBOX::ANDERSONMThu Nov 03 1988Internet Virus
563.01LATINA::SANZFri Nov 04 1988stty -g in Ultrix
565.04FUZZY::BEVERLYFri Nov 04 1988Ultrix Mail Connection on BSD UNIX ?
566.04ATEAM::LUQUETTEFri Nov 04 1988ULTRIX license question
567.02ARGUS::CLARKFri Nov 04 1988Install 2.2 on 78
568.010KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Nov 04 1988Question on read()
569.02CSSE::FRANGIADAKISFri Nov 04 1988yacc and lex
570.02MARX::KELLEYFri Nov 04 1988DMS client can't login
571.01GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Nov 04 1988How to carve up ULTRIX file system?
572.01TAVMon Nov 07 1988DW78
574.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Nov 07 1988Notes sources?
575.01NZOVMon Nov 07 1988restoring a backup?
576.02FSTVAX::GALLOMon Nov 07 1988New Features List needed.
577.02HILLST::KHALLMon Nov 07 1988bootp vs. bootparams
578.06GIBSON::DICKENSMon Nov 07 1988Equivalent of MONITOR PROCESS/TOPCPU ?
579.017GALVIA::SPAINMon Nov 07 1988Accessing an Ultrix system from a VMS command file
580.04SOLOWA::SOLOWAYMon Nov 07 1988Physical memory allocation algorithm question
581.04CSCMA::CHUMon Nov 07 1988file system mounted read only.
582.02GIDDAY::OMELEYTue Nov 08 1988TELL Utility
583.0TAVTue Nov 08 1988getpwuid() and getpwnam() failed after YP installed
584.018TAVTue Nov 08 1988lat_conn.c missing in sources-needed for lp*
585.02TAVTue Nov 08 1988process family tree
586.05HSKTue Nov 08 1988panic:freeing free frag ?
587.01LATINA::SANZTue Nov 08 1988make & s5make
588.01TAVTue Nov 08 1988switching off terminal should logout!?
589.01LARVAE::YEATESTue Nov 08 1988dbx v3.
590.01HADRON::BRODERICKTue Nov 08 1988DIBOL for ULTRIX ????
591.02STKHLM::SUNDSTROMTue Nov 08 1988V2.2 + COG Patches .le. V2.3 ??
592.02COPCLU::STAEGERWed Nov 09 1988Icelandic Character Set Support?
593.01KETJE::MONTEWed Nov 09 1988VAX621
594.011FRAMBO::WKRAUSWed Nov 09 1988PC integration into ULTRIX
596.05POBOX::GUSTAFSONWed Nov 09 1988Overnight unattended backup???
597.010VAOAWed Nov 09 1988Help adding SLIP to Ultrix V2.3?
598.02MARX::ANDERSONWed Nov 09 1988math library - compiling
599.04THEBAY::WOODRIWed Nov 09 1988U32 278
600.03AIAG::BRENNANThu Nov 10 1988Lex: problem replacing input(), unput()
601.01GLDOA::CLARKThu Nov 10 1988ULTRIX Software Guide?
602.07TOWNS::CORDREYThu Nov 10 1988why is YP soooooo slow?
603.07DOOZER::KERRISKThu Nov 10 1988Parametyer substitution in the C-Shell
604.03HILLST::KAISERFri Nov 11 1988Software breaks lk
605.0FRAMBO::WKRAUSFri Nov 11 1988HDLC driver wanted
606.04GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Nov 11 1988LAT idle disconnect kills my dcp
607.02GRYHWK::WITHERSFri Nov 11 1988Help on starting an Ultrix system
608.016MARX::KELLEYFri Nov 11 1988yellow pages/unknown service
609.01TAVSun Nov 13 1988HELP ON 88
610.011TOOK::MICHAUDSun Nov 13 1988Swap Error(s)?
611.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Nov 13 1988Remtape?
612.02TPOVSun Nov 13 1988Unix in commercial
613.05WINDY::SHARONMon Nov 14 1988establishing links for sets of files
614.05TPOVTue Nov 15 1988How to control total printing pages ?
615.01MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Nov 15 1988problem with shared memory and malloc
616.0MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Nov 15 1988uucp with Micom PAD and large files
617.02MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Nov 15 1988can you select incoming machines on TCP/IP ?
618.02FRAMBO::WKRAUSTue Nov 15 1988DECnet via P.S.I
619.05PRSUD2::SIMONTue Nov 15 1988Questions about backups
620.0GIDDAY::MCGINTYTue Nov 15 1988signals and INGRES updates
621.01GIDDAY::MCGINTYTue Nov 15 1988unable to rlogin to own node
622.04HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Nov 16 1988DECNET under V3.
623.0TPOSWed Nov 16 1988A TCP/IP routing problem
624.02TLE::PETERSONWed Nov 16 1988dbx: nesting depth too large
625.04LATINA::SANZWed Nov 16 1988ltf to VMS
626.012KCDEMO::MULLINWed Nov 16 1988terminfo???
628.06DYO78Wed Nov 16 1988VMS ln
629.02MALLET::MARTYNThu Nov 17 1988Pyramid Competitive Info
630.01MALLET::MARTYNThu Nov 17 1988ULTRIX > Dedicated LAT port
631.07TYFYS::CLINARDThu Nov 17 1988VMS BACKUP tape restore to Ultrix?
632.03LDYBUG::HERRLICHThu Nov 17 1988Is .IFDEF in make?
633.01PARVAX::LASSITERThu Nov 17 1988Help 3.
634.05UPSAR::THOMASThu Nov 17 1988Why is wasted swap space so high under V3.
635.03MUNICH::SCHMIERFri Nov 18 1988problems with login ...
636.03MARX::ANDERSONFri Nov 18 1988Color map full
637.03SCOTCH::FRANCUSSun Nov 20 1988NFS problems
638.06TAVSun Nov 20 1988Look at what I found... nologin;kill 1;cpu/elapse...
639.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSun Nov 20 1988Adding Already-Written Driver
640.04HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Nov 21 1988DECnet-Kit Location?
641.03PRSNRD::CHARMOILLEMon Nov 21 1988board on qbus
642.01BMT::KASSELMon Nov 21 1988ULTRIX Mail Connection and non-DIGITAL UNIX
643.04OFFHK::HENDRYMon Nov 21 1988Training (in supp of Marketing)
644.01ORO1::WHITLOCKMon Nov 21 1988DSV11 Support?
645.03USHS11::EATONMon Nov 21 1988file transfer from IBM VM
646.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Nov 21 1988Commercial Sites?
647.021WINERY::ROSETue Nov 22 1988MIPS R2
648.04PRSUD1::DUVILLIERTue Nov 22 1988System Management Tools
649.01KYOA::MAUROTue Nov 22 1988file /dev/tty* hangs sometimes
650.05DYO78Tue Nov 22 1988Priority control in Ultrix
651.01POBOX::GUSTAFSONTue Nov 22 1988Where's VAX FORTRAN ???
652.0SMURF::PRINDLEWed Nov 23 1988Uniforum Feb '89 POSIX Talk
653.0CSCMA::ELKINSWed Nov 23 1988Monitoring locks created with lockf
654.02MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDWed Nov 23 1988ULTRIX with API, LU6.2 access routines?
655.03XNOGOV::JCHMon Nov 28 1988NFS file handles going off?
656.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Nov 28 1988Opser in Batch mode
657.03LAIDBK::CREIGHANMon Nov 28 1988Problem with installation
658.0HOCUS::TORPPEDERSONMon Nov 28 1988pc unix Fortran compiler compatibility
659.04DECSIM::RAZDANMon Nov 28 1988lex and ultrix
661.01TPOVMon Nov 28 1988printer for troff?
662.05HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Nov 29 1988Config file needed
663.01TROATue Nov 29 1988PLI compiler
664.0TKOV5Tue Nov 29 1988VAX622
665.05CSCMA::CHUTue Nov 29 1988/etc/hosts too large
666.02GENRAL::HEINTZETue Nov 29 1988Random Access to Sequential Files?
668.05LARVAE::YEATESWed Nov 30 1988Port Sun Assembly Code to Ultrix?
669.06STKHLM::HALLINWed Nov 30 1988Trouble with Rev on CPU & VS2
670.03IND::LIPSKERWed Nov 30 1988Yellow Pages problem in heterogeneous environ.
671.02OSAVWed Nov 30 1988want to access directory on rv2
672.0AUSSIE::GIBBONSThu Dec 01 198875
673.016TRUCKS::DAVIESThu Dec 01 1988LAT problems yet again.
674.05MISFIT::FLOESERThu Dec 01 1988VMS -> VISTA? (Allen Bradley's VISTA)?
675.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Dec 01 1988Modify param.h?
679.01CSCMA::CHUMon Dec 05 1988print sixel file on la75
680.07EST::JARGENTATIMon Dec 05 1988A lex question
681.05METZ::DIAKHATEMon Dec 05 1988Modifing system parameters
682.04BOLT::MINOWMon Dec 05 1988Where's the system clock in System V?
683.0RTPSWS::DAVISMon Dec 05 1988internet g/w and sun
684.01RTPSWS::DAVISMon Dec 05 1988X.25 and TCP/IP
685.01RTPSWS::DAVISMon Dec 05 1988VMS and TCP/IP
686.011KETJE::DELAMPERTue Dec 06 1988LaTeX for Ultrix (V 3.
687.010KYOA::MAUROTue Dec 06 1988newfs & wasted blocks
688.03EIGER::IMHOLZWed Dec 07 1988Beware of suid shell scripts
689.03DDIF::SURTEESWed Dec 07 1988VMS DECWindows display on Ultrix
690.07KYOA::MAUROWed Dec 07 1988V2.3 fsck, #191 revisited
691.07MARX::ANDERSONWed Dec 07 1988malloc - memory allocation
692.018KYOA::MAUROWed Dec 07 1988Diskless boot hangs
693.08DLOACT::MANNWed Dec 07 1988Performance Analysis
694.017NEVADA::JENSENWed Dec 07 1988ULTRIX 3.
695.010WARDER::HATTOSThu Dec 08 1988Landscape on LN
696.05EIGER::IMHOLZThu Dec 08 1988QIL ??
697.02KETJE::VANASCHThu Dec 08 1988RPC programmers guide
698.02STKHLM::LAJIThu Dec 08 1988MLS ?!
699.0153D::ELLENBERGERThu Dec 08 1988X1
700.07BREW11::QUINNThu Dec 08 1988P System Enviroment
701.01LDP::FALSAFIThu Dec 08 1988Can I have two ROOT directories?
702.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Dec 08 1988Ultrix less tolerant?
703.03BRDWLK::CLAYTONThu Dec 08 1988What protocols supported wit TCP/IP?
704.013BMT::RBONOMOThu Dec 08 1988ULTRIX & CMS ???
705.01OSLFri Dec 09 1988327
706.01VNAACT::HAUSBFri Dec 09 1988LAT Question - Common Service
707.05COOKIE::NORTONFri Dec 09 1988C++ debugger needed
708.0KYOA::MAUROFri Dec 09 1988dmb(4) & dmbsp(4)
709.015SMURF::PARENTIFri Dec 09 1988V3.
710.07AIAG::PRAKASHFri Dec 09 1988How to get time in milliseconds
711.0DECWET::SHOEMAKERSun Dec 11 1988Problem interaction with V3.
712.01LARVAE::WILTSHIREMon Dec 12 1988more disklees boot prolems
713.01TAVMon Dec 12 1988yppasswdd dies just like that
714.01KYOA::MAUROMon Dec 12 1988DECnet Ultrix sources?
715.08NAC::REILLYMon Dec 12 1988WARNING - Ultrix loses incoming mail
717.02HILLST::KAISERMon Dec 12 1988The serious competition: IBM
718.02CSCMA::CHUMon Dec 12 1988msg: ps: cant read page # of u of pid # from /dev/mem
719.05TYFYS::PATTERSONMon Dec 12 1988LAT printer login hangs...
720.01BOEHM::A_CHENTue Dec 13 1988Support Mayfair II & Firefox from 3.
721.01CSCMA::CHUTue Dec 13 1988error msg: pid # was killed in exec: error reading data area
722.05GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Dec 13 1988dimension table overflow...
723.09UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Dec 14 1988Where's ELF?
724.03GRANMA::FPRUSSWed Dec 14 1988grpck, pwck?
725.02CHEFS::SARFASCWed Dec 14 1988Dual host support for 33/34
726.0CSC32::R_SPEARSWed Dec 14 1988Porting PLI to Ultrix
727.03ADOMV1::SHARPEWed Dec 14 1988<Install Ultrix on dubn?>
728.04PRSPSU::PASCALThu Dec 15 1988uncompress utility ??
729.03PAPERS::RADBURNThu Dec 15 1988Messages Between Processes
730.01CALLAO::SANZThu Dec 15 1988Non-destructive backspace
731.04CSSISG::UBANThu Dec 15 1988Capacity upgrade netkit?
732.01CSCMA::CHUThu Dec 15 1988auto flow control
733.02TOPTEN::GREENThu Dec 15 1988Ultrix 3 Doc. update
734.03MARX::WALSHThu Dec 15 1988info on ultrix
735.07CURIE::CHASEYThu Dec 15 1988Shared Library Images and # Files
736.010COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Dec 15 1988V3.
737.03ADOMV1::SHARPEFri Dec 16 1988Terminals in 8 bit no parity mode?
738.02MSEE::CHENGFri Dec 16 1988missing capacity upgrade disk
739.01SMURF::CHETALFri Dec 16 1988Does Informix run under Ultrix?
740.01MTA::GRAHAMFri Dec 16 1988VAX Fortran for ULTRIX V3.
741.04SVBEV::SIMONSat Dec 17 1988Ultrix boilerplate text
742.03KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Dec 19 1988DMS client swap size
743.016DYO78Mon Dec 19 1988Ultrix V3.
744.03STKHLM::LAJITue Dec 20 1988NCR's 85
745.07LEDDEV::BRASSTue Dec 20 1988Equivelent ULTRIX commands needed
746.0SMURF::ROBINTue Dec 20 1988KA65
747.08KARCEC::NEIDECKERTue Dec 20 1988Information on NCS
748.04LDP::NOLANTue Dec 20 1988Ris questions
749.0GRANMA::BJACKSONTue Dec 20 1988Cambridge Institute
750.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOTue Dec 20 1988TK5
751.07GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Dec 20 1988Multiple Ethernet conrollers?
752.01DECBEL::PUTMANSWed Dec 21 1988<unannounced product> diskless ?
753.02MARX::WALSHWed Dec 21 1988Local Print on Ultrix
755.06DYO78Thu Dec 22 1988Sybase on Ultrix???
756.07COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Dec 22 1988You too can have a Turbo-KDB5
757.013RANCHO::HOLTThu Dec 22 1988tar and NFS...?
758.03PRSNRD::CHARMOILLEFri Dec 23 1988pascal ---> C
759.08BMT::SIMONFri Dec 23 1988Standard benchmark results plus SAR
760.03KIPPIS::LEHTINENSun Dec 25 1988nawk anyone?
761.03PILOU::CIOTMon Dec 26 1988Differences VMS/ULTRIX
762.03BMT::BRIGGSMon Dec 26 1988SIGPOLL under ULTRIX
763.03ANNECY::LOVELUCKTue Dec 27 1988ULTRIX high-availability requirements
764.03TAVTue Dec 27 1988redirecting output to an X window (not xterm)
765.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Dec 27 1988LN
766.04KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Dec 27 1988I want my Streams
767.03WAV14::PHILLIPSTue Dec 27 1988benchmarks between VAXes
768.015MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMWed Dec 28 1988Ultrix Internals Info
769.03HILLST::KHALLThu Dec 29 1988Displaced Pull-Down Menus on UWS V2.
770.0COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Dec 30 1988ULTRIX Phase
771.05WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Dec 30 1988RL
772.0WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Dec 30 1988calendar program core dumps in V3.
773.02BOEHM::A_CHENFri Dec 30 1988Min. system requirement for v3.
774.02SCS72Mon Jan 02 1989References on admintrative applications
775.04TAVTue Jan 03 1989UID of remote process
776.0ZPOVTue Jan 03 1989ultrix config methodology?
777.08LARVAE::YEATESTue Jan 03 1989PVAX support ?
778.0SMURF::TIMTue Jan 03 1989TK5
779.01YODA::SALEMTue Jan 03 1989Licence for code?
780.019SMURF::HOFFMANTue Jan 03 1989if you can't wait for UWS V2.
781.011GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Jan 03 1989waiting to connect
782.01DYO78Wed Jan 04 1989Remote pipes???
783.01YODA::SALEMWed Jan 04 1989Bootstrap for ULTRIX
784.02CSCMA::TOMAROWed Jan 04 1989RIS failure to see client disk
785.05SNOCThu Jan 05 1989ISAM file support
787.02KYOA::MAUROThu Jan 05 1989setld(8)...customer use?
788.02EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Jan 05 1989/etc/doconfig - undefined: _decnetdomain
789.02KYOA::MAUROThu Jan 05 1989/etc/config & files.SYSTEMNAME
790.02SAC::JSBFri Jan 06 1989VAXstation 6
791.04STRAIT::BONINIFri Jan 06 1989KA62
793.06RAINBO::SLICKFri Jan 06 1989History Editing Shells
794.09HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Jan 08 1989Script Bug?
795.04GVAADG::CARTIERMon Jan 09 1989Windows Functions ???
796.07LARVAE::JEFFERYMon Jan 09 1989Booting ULTRIX from a READ only disk.
797.0SMURF::ROBINMon Jan 09 1989Setting window colors
798.03DECEAT::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 09 1989NFS performance question
799.04YODA::SALEMMon Jan 09 1989ULTRIX/PMAX questions.
800.02CSCMA::CHUMon Jan 09 1989file: table full
801.08GRYHWK::WITHERSMon Jan 09 1989Ultrix Ordering info/Installing info help
802.0STUTue Jan 10 1989Old problem: have to hit <CR> twice
803.09IAMOK::ALLENTue Jan 10 1989ULTRIX Training Suggestions
804.02CSCMA::CHUTue Jan 10 1989can not find NOBODY on v2.3
805.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Jan 10 1989Automating system upgrade
806.01GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Jan 10 1989Does ULTRIX know anything about dual port disks?
807.04SKYLRK::GONZALESTue Jan 10 1989Remote Pipe URGENT request for info
808.01ZPOVTue Jan 10 1989Uprocessor emulator under Ultrix?
809.01DSSDEV::FAUSTTue Jan 10 1989la5
810.02BRSDVP::ROETSWed Jan 11 1989monitor-/dev/kmem
811.08KARCEC::NEIDECKERWed Jan 11 1989Bad joke with lock(1)
813.02MSEE::CHENGWed Jan 11 1989Ultrix FORTRAN Manual
814.01MALLET::MARTYNWed Jan 11 1989FTP and Scripts
815.01KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Jan 11 1989/usr/include/machine
816.02SKYLRK::OLSONWed Jan 11 1989How many HSCs will Ultrix tolerate?
817.02WATNEY::REEDWed Jan 11 1989LAT Service Ratings
818.02TYFYS::PATTERSONWed Jan 11 1989Ultrix and PRO LAT incompatible?
819.07HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGThu Jan 12 1989pow function undefined?
820.01MUNICH::CARLIThu Jan 12 1989help on ps command needed
821.010MIPSBX::THOMASThu Jan 12 1989Ideas on improving lcp.
822.01COGMK::LEEKANGThu Jan 12 1989Root sets UID, GID, & sticky
823.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Jan 12 1989Multi-System Disk
824.01FSTTOO::GALLOThu Jan 12 1989rx23 info/help needed
825.08LDP::GAUTHIERThu Jan 12 1989grow failed because stack limit exceeded
826.02AJDVAX::DAVISFri Jan 13 1989Multicast/Link-Level Access?
827.02DUBFri Jan 13 1989Ultrix Sources
828.05RHETT::THOMASFri Jan 13 1989About Time! (in Ultrix).
829.07WLW::VONDERBRINKFri Jan 13 1989Ultrix vs. VMS performance?
830.0MARX::ANDERSONFri Jan 13 1989dms,ypsetup,ed bugs
831.07MARX::ZELTSERMANFri Jan 13 1989problems with mount
832.014FSTTOO::GALLOFri Jan 13 1989DECstation conference info needed.
833.05LDP::GAUTHIERSat Jan 14 1989F77 problems on PMAX
834.01EVOAI1::SABANISMon Jan 16 1989Ultrix & level C2 of DOD Orange Book
835.0WINERY::GRANTMon Jan 16 1989DS31
836.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Jan 16 1989uname - where
837.01ROMTue Jan 17 1989BASIS on ULTRIX
838.0MUNICH::CARLITue Jan 17 1989named pipes problem in V3.
839.04CHEFS::SARFASCTue Jan 17 1989UWS V2.
840.05SKYWAR::MURARITue Jan 17 1989lk setting setuid bit on???
841.01KYOA::MAUROTue Jan 17 1989YP - two domains?
842.02COMICS::SOLANKITue Jan 17 1989Help needed on rdump over ethernet to TU81
843.01COMICS::TREVENNORTue Jan 17 1989non -DSA disk errors required!
844.020CIMAMT::KELLYTue Jan 17 1989worms on ULTRIX systems
845.06COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Jan 17 1989Read-Write ratio on UNIX systems.
846.011SHIGEO::SASAKITue Jan 17 1989Sun RPC?
847.02GLDOA::CLARKTue Jan 17 1989Under usered in Chicago
848.01TAVWed Jan 18 1989DMF32 Synchronous port?
849.01BLIVIT::WIRYAMANWed Jan 18 1989incorrect disktab entry for RZ23
850.02GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Jan 18 1989class 'c' subnet problem????
851.0TPOVThu Jan 19 1989Need helps for TELNET !
852.08LDP::FALSAFIThu Jan 19 1989X windows on ULTRIX?
853.08CSCMA::ELKINSThu Jan 19 1989Increasing maximum number of directories in limits.h
854.0ARGUS::CLARKThu Jan 19 1989Color PVAX anyone ?
856.02ZPOVThu Jan 19 1989Comms from HP-3
857.013COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jan 20 1989And in this corner... Fly by Night Software.
858.07FSTVAX::GALLOFri Jan 20 1989DECstation/Ultrix order numbers needed.
859.0SICVAX::TIMMINSSat Jan 21 1989fyi - APL on UWS 2.
860.02RIPPLE::SEIFERTRASun Jan 22 19892 ETHERNETS with NFS?
861.04ADOMV1::SHARPESun Jan 22 1989Ultrix third party applications info
862.02NZOVMon Jan 23 1989Large ULTRIX sites?
863.06KARCEC::NEIDECKERMon Jan 23 1989Is /dev/kmem secure ?
864.09POBOX::GUSTAFSONMon Jan 23 1989rlimit exceeded on PMAX compile???
866.03KETJE::MONTETue Jan 24 1989ULTRIX V3 LCP ???
867.014VNAACT::HAUSBTue Jan 24 1989PMAX Install Problem!
868.06TEACH::DANTue Jan 24 1989My nbuf(4) go BOOM!
869.03DYO78Tue Jan 24 1989Exterior Gateway Protocol for ULTRIX ???
870.01MSEE::CHENGTue Jan 24 1989how to bring back the lp on-line
871.01WIDGIT::LUETHTue Jan 24 1989net access to UWS documentation?
872.02GRANMA::FPRUSSTue Jan 24 1989FORTRAN order numbers
873.012MUNEDI::SCHWARZWAELDWed Jan 25 1989What's about "MACH"
874.02LABC::NGUYENWed Jan 25 1989Ultrix V3.
875.07IND::ROTHMANWed Jan 25 1989Booting PMAX/PVAX Satellites..
876.010NAVAJO::MRIPLEYWed Jan 25 1989stty > /dev/other_tty
877.03XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Jan 25 1989Looking for ISO D ported to Ultrix
878.08MUSKIE::MILLERWed Jan 25 1989"no loopback" err on v2.3 36
879.05MSEE::SYLVAINThu Jan 26 1989newfs for RA7
880.03MUNICH::CARLIThu Jan 26 1989what happened to NMBCLUSTERS?
881.04LATINA::SANZThu Jan 26 1989scheduling swap space
882.0SMURF::CRANSTONThu Jan 26 1989VAX 63x
883.0SMURF::CRANSTONThu Jan 26 1989VAX 6xx
884.03TEACH::DANThu Jan 26 1989UNIX Domain Sockets & accept(2) call
885.01WINERY::GRANTThu Jan 26 1989Question regarding ULTRIX product reqs
886.03FSTVAX::GALLOThu Jan 26 1989Doc for CI/HSC?
887.01EVOAI1::SABANISFri Jan 27 1989V 3.
888.07MUNICH::SCHMIERFri Jan 27 1989nroff and non-english texts ...
889.0SMURF::CRANSTONFri Jan 27 1989Updated adb Scripts for V3.
890.0WINERY::GRANTFri Jan 27 1989TCP/IP Support for VMS DECwindows
891.04DLOACT::MANNFri Jan 27 1989File transfer and mail between UNIX and VMS
892.03VAJRA::richardSat Jan 28 1989Ultrix on USENET: customer's feedback
893.05ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Jan 29 1989Doc set: tastes ?/more filling!
894.012GIDDAY::PETTERSENSun Jan 29 1989PMAX system troubleshooting
895.01ZPOVMon Jan 30 1989VAXserver 34
896.03TAVMon Jan 30 198988
897.0LATINA::SANZMon Jan 30 1989TK5
898.0CSCMA::CHUMon Jan 30 1989opser utility bug?
899.0LATINA::SANZMon Jan 30 1989"distributed" SCCS
900.08MOSAIC::RIZZOLOMon Jan 30 1989Need documentation on kernel mode calls
901.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Jan 30 1989Okidata printcap entry
902.03HOTAIR::WENDERLICHMon Jan 30 1989LAT LaserJet setup
903.01MSAMMon Jan 30 1989license on ultrix - reinstall ??
904.04CRLVMS::TREESETue Jan 31 1989Kerberos Authentication System available
905.02MEO78B::LOCHTue Jan 31 1989Help V2.2 access to dmf32 printer port
906.0TDCIS2::MEYERTue Jan 31 1989Internationalization Routines Problem
907.05HGOVC::RAYMONDTANGTue Jan 31 1989Max no. of files opened?
908.02KETJE::DELAMPERTue Jan 31 1989Color resolution of LJ25
909.03HGOVC::RAYMONDTANGTue Jan 31 1989LA21
910.013DECWET::WICKHAMTue Jan 31 1989Problem linking with X11 lib
911.04SCARY::MOYTue Jan 31 1989Copy executables from VMS to ULTRIX over DECNET?
912.02DYO78Tue Jan 31 1989LAT-11 Broken with UWS 2.
913.010BRSDVP::ROETSTue Jan 31 1989lat-printer for vms and ultrix
915.02MSDSWS::JANSENTue Jan 31 1989keyboard interface for foreign terminal
916.0ZPOVWed Feb 01 1989Request for confirmation on system size.
917.0BRSDVP::ROETSWed Feb 01 1989rsh:shutdown rshd socket operation on non-socket
918.01EVOAI1::SABANISWed Feb 01 1989Ultrix & Indexed Sequential files
919.03DYO78Wed Feb 01 1989Security administrators information?
920.07DPDMAI::STEINERWed Feb 01 1989Ultrix Boot From VMS?
921.01TYFYS::PATTERSONWed Feb 01 1989TU72 tape driver for Ultrix?
922.06VAOAWed Feb 01 1989"usrptsize"??
923.02ASD::PAYETTEWed Feb 01 1989Server Kit / ULTRIX Kit information please
924.04MARX::ANDERSONWed Feb 01 1989uerf
925.036KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Feb 01 1989vi beeps and capitalizes
926.05WSE159::HOLTWed Feb 01 1989syscall on DS31
927.02ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Feb 02 1989Ever see rwhod stop listening?
928.04MUNICH::CARLIThu Feb 02 1989dump on TK7
929.04STUThu Feb 02 1989Time from net causes clock slow down
930.07SED75Thu Feb 02 1989Security Clearance
931.02LATINA::SANZThu Feb 02 1989Automatic logout
932.03NCCODE::WATERHOUSEThu Feb 02 1989So many mice and so little time!
933.02DLOACT::MANNThu Feb 02 1989KDA5
934.03CSCMA::HODGEThu Feb 02 1989V2.2 - how do you write over memory?
935.02DIXIE1::CASTOThu Feb 02 1989ADA for the PMAX
936.01DPDThu Feb 02 1989TeX on DS31
937.09FUNBOX::RESKERThu Feb 02 1989UN*X software emulation on VMS?
938.06SIMBA::WATERHOUSEThu Feb 02 1989what's a developer's config look like?
941.019DYO78Fri Feb 03 1989VT22
942.0RANCHO::VANGURPFri Feb 03 1989Signal Stack Handling ala 4.3 ?
943.05WR1FOR::GEORGE_CISat Feb 04 1989Questions about 3.
944.01IND::MAGUIRESun Feb 05 1989iostat output
945.02RAINBO::RUMon Feb 06 1989Convert Unix time to absolute time?
946.05XNOGOV::JCHMon Feb 06 1989Runt anywone?
947.05TROAMon Feb 06 1989Is PDP-11 ULTRIX available
948.013VNAACT::HAUSBTue Feb 07 1989MIPS f77 compiler troubles
949.05LDP::GAUTHIERTue Feb 07 1989Force Error Modifer Set: LBN 6851
950.0NAVAJO::MRIPLEYTue Feb 07 1989YP bug
951.018WAV12::HICKSTue Feb 07 1989OUCH!!! ULTRIX 3.
952.012WINERY::GRANTTue Feb 07 1989Ultrix Volume Shadowing: Any volunteers?
953.01BREAKR::YUENTue Feb 07 1989sample .netrc file wanted
954.05ANTPOL::PRUSSTue Feb 07 1989Outbound connection to serial port?
955.09ANT::WHITCRAFTWed Feb 08 1989Beginner wants DOCS for Ultrix & UWS
956.02JACOB::FAZIOWed Feb 08 1989V3.
957.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 08 1989DS 31
958.02ASD::PAYETTEWed Feb 08 1989Ultrix display on VMS server inconsistencies
959.02CSCMA::HODGEWed Feb 08 1989Printer on a MICOM port?
960.01SMURF::CRANSTONWed Feb 08 1989VAX Crash Analysis Tutorial
961.06MARX::ANDERSONWed Feb 08 1989sbrk peculiarities
962.0MARX::ANDERSONWed Feb 08 1989rtpurge message
963.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Feb 08 1989VMS/Ultrix questions?
964.02MSEE::WATERMANThu Feb 09 1989asynch. i/o on DLI socket
965.04IPOVAX::MCKINNONThu Feb 09 1989ULTRIX driver documentation??
966.09DENVER::MALKOSKIThu Feb 09 1989ULTRIX and X.25 Nets
967.03VOX::LEVERGOODThu Feb 09 1989Help on GPX upgrade
968.03VALLE::MOULETFri Feb 10 1989Lattelnet error: "Insufficient Node Resources"
970.08IND::MAGUIREFri Feb 10 1989debug question
971.02SKYWAR::MURARIFri Feb 10 1989Ultrix -> VMS Help needed
972.016BELFST::DOGGARTFri Feb 10 1989Slow DECstation 31
973.011WINERY::GRANTFri Feb 10 1989FEED THE BIRDIE *BEFORE* 2/15
974.02RTPSWS::DAVISFri Feb 10 19892.2 and 3.
975.0KIPPIS::LEHTINENSun Feb 12 1989Midnight Hack Inc. announces... VTX!
976.01TEACH::DANMon Feb 13 1989pipes not socket-based???
977.02LEDDEV::BELANGERMon Feb 13 1989files from ultrix to vms?
978.03TALLIS::FISHERMon Feb 13 1989window server in old Ultrix
979.01MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Feb 14 19898-bit printer problem ...
980.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Feb 14 1989Is Fortran for RISC at SDC yet ?
981.03CADSYS::REISSTue Feb 14 1989LSE?
982.011GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Feb 15 1989More than 16 lat lines.....
983.0KAZAN::MENEBHIWed Feb 15 1989uws 2.
984.02COMICS::BUNNWed Feb 15 1989Printer off/paper out flow control ?
985.03UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Feb 15 1989Support Kit for PMAX?
986.03TAVWed Feb 15 1989Yet Another Bug in C Compiler
987.01USHSWed Feb 15 1989ultrix network mgmt
988.010COPCLU::STAEGERWed Feb 15 1989PC MS-DOS emulation
989.05TOWNS::BAGWILLWed Feb 15 1989PMAX f77 and NAMELIST
990.01NYEM1::YUNGWed Feb 15 1989Ultrix MV 33
991.093D::FISKEWed Feb 15 1989Help with MKTEMP () !!!
992.0VNAACT::RANZINGERThu Feb 16 1989X.25 comm between ULTRIX and VMS
993.04ASD::PAYETTEThu Feb 16 1989ULTRIX session lost on VMS mail broadcast
994.02MEO78B::LOCHThu Feb 16 1989UWS V2.
995.011COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Feb 17 1989Serious dump problem on V3.
996.01HGOVC::RAYMONDTANGFri Feb 17 1989Max no. dhu?
997.0LATINA::SANZFri Feb 17 1989TCP/IP & M2
998.03ROMFri Feb 17 1989Is the DMB32 a bottle-neck in the 825
999.0BRSDVP::ROETSFri Feb 17 1989how to change standalone
1000.033CHARON::BRUCKMANFri Feb 17 1989Looking for a VMS-like editor.
1001.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Feb 17 1989vi on 19" monitor?
1002.026TLE::DANIELSFri Feb 17 1989ULTRIX gets DEC beaten up in press
1003.03TYFYS::CLINARDSun Feb 19 1989Ultrix Console floppy questions about VMB.EXE
1004.01TKTVSun Feb 19 1989V2.
1005.05MTA::GRAHAMSun Feb 19 1989PMAX/NFS Woes With V3.
1006.03KETJE::DELAMPERMon Feb 20 1989UWS 2.
1007.03MRDUCK::LAMBMon Feb 20 1989Ultrix 327
1008.0CSOA1::STUTSONMon Feb 20 1989Sketching Program => LaTeX
1009.04EEMELI::SONKERIMon Feb 20 19893.
1010.01MXOVMon Feb 20 1989terminals in 8 bit
1011.03STKHLM::HALLINMon Feb 20 1989Euclid,sps,top on DS31
1012.04PHDVAX::DLEWISTue Feb 21 1989Need detailed TCP/IP info
1013.023PHDVAX::DLEWISTue Feb 21 1989DECStation 31
1014.01PRSNRD::CHARMOILLETue Feb 21 1989need "ndbm"
1015.01COPCLU::STAEGERTue Feb 21 1989Earth Resources Applications for DECstation
1016.02CSCMA::ELKINSTue Feb 21 19893.
1017.01CSCMA::CHUTue Feb 21 1989835
1018.02LENSMN::boniniTue Feb 21 1989Trouble printing to LCG
1019.07WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Feb 21 1989uid=1 gid=1 causes mail From line problem
1020.07GILDOR::avolioTue Feb 21 1989Calendar and Cardfiler file formats
1021.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Feb 21 1989Anyone for Rdb?
1022.01DPD13::EAGANWed Feb 22 1989DECnet-Internet Gateway TELNET Usage Guidelines?
1023.01KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 22 1989fastboot command ... interesting feature
1024.01TAVWed Feb 22 1989Key Define On Ultrix ?
1025.01PTOVAX::SCOTTWed Feb 22 1989PMAX FORTRAN and Xlib question
1026.06LEMAN::BOGSTADWed Feb 22 1989MAX f77 problems
1027.02DECWET::SWANSONWed Feb 22 1989Another f77 problem on PMAX
1028.02LISVAX::PRAMOSWed Feb 22 1989NFS question - urgent help
1029.04TAVThu Feb 23 1989Gks Ver#? ???
1030.01TOWNS::BAGWILLThu Feb 23 1989PMAX & MAGIC
1031.01RICARD::LAFORGUEThu Feb 23 1989dxnotepad stops DECnet copying
1032.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Feb 23 1989inittab
1033.04KETJE::SYBERTZThu Feb 23 1989PMAX I/O PERF. ... BAD BAD BAD or ...
1034.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Feb 23 1989nroff .CU request behaviour problem
1035.01ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Feb 23 1989login screen (Xprompter?) on X-terminal?
1036.04POBOX::WEISERThu Feb 23 1989UNIX and Terminal Servers
1037.07SMURF::SMAXWELLThu Feb 23 1989FORTRAN for RISC
1038.02NOBOZO::GOODNOWThu Feb 23 1989newinv and kits utilities?
1039.03WINERY::GRANTThu Feb 23 1989SHIPPING PMAX Applications
1040.03GIDDAY::KOTWALThu Feb 23 1989UWS 2.
1041.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMFri Feb 24 1989terminal support across X25
1042.06BELFST::DOGGARTFri Feb 24 1989What can I do with a TU58 ?
1043.0LESCOM::WIRYAMANFri Feb 24 1989dxsession quits unintentionally
1044.0BESS::NAGARAJANFri Feb 24 1989CS seminars at BU Tyngsboro
1045.02ANTPOL::PRUSSSat Feb 25 1989Keyboard accelerators for the Window Manager?
1046.02ANTPOL::PRUSSSat Feb 25 1989Examples of large 'clumps'?
1047.01ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Feb 26 1989Install non-DEC SW in 'diskless' environment?
1049.04ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Feb 26 1989DECstation 'unsupported' tape? ratfor?
1050.013LARVAE::WILTSHIREMon Feb 27 1989PASCAL compiler for PMAX
1051.02LARVAE::WILTSHIREMon Feb 27 1989Pmax Documentation??
1052.05TAVMon Feb 27 1989Desperately seeking F66
1053.06COMICS::SOLANKIMon Feb 27 1989sys V signal causes core dump
1055.03VAOAMon Feb 27 1989Need 15 mflops vector processor
1056.08MRFLEX::MILLERMon Feb 27 1989Available Memory?
1057.02MRFLEX::MILLERMon Feb 27 1989cdoc question...
1058.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGTue Feb 28 198932 users on terminal server
1059.02COPCLU::GREGTue Feb 28 1989Which software is included in ULTRIX-32?
1060.01LARVAE::CASH_ATue Feb 28 1989V3.
1061.03MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Feb 28 1989rename subroutine in f77 ...
1062.01MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Feb 28 1989SIGHUP on carrier lost ?!
1063.01SOS6::BERNARDTue Feb 28 1989PMAX and DMA ?
1064.05CIMAMT::KELLYTue Feb 28 1989setld and unsupported = problem
1065.05KAOFS::G_BREZINATue Feb 28 1989time command output redirection
1066.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Feb 28 1989redirecting ls
1067.012CSSISG::WANGTue Feb 28 1989New book for BSD 4.3
1069.01SNOCWed Mar 01 1989OEM connectivity problem
1070.05GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Mar 01 1989GNU C++
1071.0STKHLM::LINNELLWed Mar 01 1989proxy arp
1072.05CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Mar 01 1989use server to access comm functionality?
1073.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONWed Mar 01 1989Internals training for customers?
1074.06MISFIT::BAXTERWed Mar 01 1989VS32
1075.05TOPTEN::GREENWed Mar 01 1989lat 3.
1076.03MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMWed Mar 01 1989.Xdefaults has no effect!
1077.06NOBHIL::JOHNSON_JOWed Mar 01 1989MUSBUS - Reasons why not
1079.03ETONIC::COLEWed Mar 01 1989synchronous drivers (DSV11, DST32) ??
1080.0LUTECE::MEYERThu Mar 02 1989URGENT : Need rx5
1081.02LATINA::SANZThu Mar 02 1989192
1082.0HESIRI::CLARKThu Mar 02 1989Hale (sic) Assembler?
1083.04MSDOA::MACDONALDThu Mar 02 1989Wildcard expansion BUG
1084.01LUTECE::MEYERThu Mar 02 1989VAX 63xx series and ULTRIX
1085.0UTROP1::VRIES_JANThu Mar 02 1989C-PROLOG on PMAX ???????
1086.02CSCMA::CHUThu Mar 02 1989how much shared memory is being used?
1087.06TOWNS::RYANThu Mar 02 1989VAX Float --> IEEE Anyone?
1088.02PRSUD2::SIMONThu Mar 02 1989VS31
1089.06NOBHIL::JOHNSON_JOThu Mar 02 1989CPIO incompatible???
1090.06TOWNS::BAGWILLThu Mar 02 1989Third-party SCSI devices
1091.02CSCMA::CHUThu Mar 02 1989whereis ULTF77
1092.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Mar 03 1989Accessing Dual Pathed Disks???
1093.0TKTVFri Mar 03 1989crash closing UDP socket
1095.010MSDOA::MACDONALDFri Mar 03 1989How many can DS31
1096.01NWGEDU::COOMBEFri Mar 03 1989v3.
1097.01SMURF::CRANSTONFri Mar 03 1989ULTRIX-32 Pocket Maint. Guide
1098.01CSCMA::WYMANFri Mar 03 1989bsd4.3 filesystem on ultrix v3.
1099.02DPDFri Mar 03 1989pmax/C++?
1100.07YUBERT::FANGSat Mar 04 1989VMS utility to create a tar tape?
1101.0CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Mar 05 1989'LOCK'ed out of PAUSED screen?
1102.02HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGMon Mar 06 1989Miscellaneous questions
1103.02THAMMon Mar 06 1989backup problem
1104.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Mar 06 1989Linked lists anyone ?
1105.04LATINA::SANZMon Mar 06 1989keypad() does not work
1107.0RTE66::ZIMMERMANMon Mar 06 1989UUE/Desktop Applications CBI-pilot test request
1108.03CSCMA::CHUMon Mar 06 1989printing 132-column text in portrait mode?
1109.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Mar 06 1989wrap >8
1111.03ROMMon Mar 06 1989ALL-IN-1 on ULTRIX
1112.04HAMER::HOFFMon Mar 06 1989Device Drivers and Version #
1113.06CSCMA::J_BUSHMon Mar 06 1989df question
1114.04VAXWRK::BLOOMMon Mar 06 1989Need Shared Memory - IPC - information
1115.05IND::MAGUIREMon Mar 06 1989NFS file locking in 2.2?
1116.0KAOFS::G_BREZINAMon Mar 06 1989panic: out of mbuf map
1117.0WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Mar 06 1989dgate problem in V3
1118.02BRSDVP::ROETSTue Mar 07 1989tar argument limitation
1119.03HGOVC::RAYMONDTANGTue Mar 07 1989Not enough core?
1120.02COMICS::BUNNTue Mar 07 1989tcpip over serial line ?
1121.06TAVTue Mar 07 1989PMAX - F77 - out of tree space
1123.05CAM::BERMANTue Mar 07 1989Security for ULTRIX on the E-NET?
1124.02ROMTue Mar 07 1989RF3
1125.08MANTue Mar 07 1989Help against apollo needed
1126.06TOWNS::BAGWILLTue Mar 07 1989Reading MS-DOS diskettes
1127.01BOEHM::A_CHENTue Mar 07 1989Does UWS v2.
1128.0CRLVMS::JGTue Mar 07 1989Common lisp available for PMAX....
1130.03LENSMN::boniniWed Mar 08 19898-bit characters?
1131.01ENGTN1::GRAEMEWed Mar 08 1989Where is ULTRIX wrt POSIX ?
1132.06WINERY::GRANTWed Mar 08 1989$ Potential for DEC Lisp on DECstation 31
1133.03CSOA1::HUNTWed Mar 08 1989ULTRIX and Real Time
1134.0MTA::GRAHAMThu Mar 09 1989OSF 1...Can ULTRIX 'Survive'?
1135.01TDCIS2::MEYERThu Mar 09 1989setenv LINK_TIMEOUT 3 ???
1136.09KETJE::SYBERTZThu Mar 09 1989PMAX, buffer cache, how ?
1137.01TKTVThu Mar 09 1989Static routing & Dynamic routing
1138.01IND::MAGUIREThu Mar 09 19894.3 on a MVII?
1139.016DONZ::SOUDERThu Mar 09 1989ULTRIX/VMS Sharing HSC?
1140.01NITMOI::ARSENAULTThu Mar 09 1989Need Ultrix system sizing info
1141.09GUIDUK::BALSAMOThu Mar 09 1989"Porting to ULTRIX" - the sequel
1142.02RHETT::WRIGHTThu Mar 09 1989MTIO Not As Advertized ?
1143.03CSCMA::ELKINSThu Mar 09 1989Long delay while logging into Ultrix 3.
1144.01MTA::WORTNERThu Mar 09 1989Diagnosing Performance Problems
1145.03THAMThu Mar 09 1989TV news boardcasting software
1146.02HSKAPL::PAAKKARINENFri Mar 10 1989Math-sw and Macsyma for DECstation ??!
1147.02NUKMAC::GLEAVEFri Mar 10 1989PMAX/DECstation 31
1148.0DDIF::SURTEESFri Mar 10 1989What testing procedures do you use?
1149.013SCRIBE::COHENFri Mar 10 1989U**X and client-server applications
1150.04FRAMBO::HOVAGIMIANFri Mar 10 1989Help against IBM needed
1151.03KETJE::SYBERTZFri Mar 10 1989Probl. using loc in F77 MIPS, need help ...
1152.02BARNA::ANNAFri Mar 10 1989TCP/IP HP 3
1153.08POBOX::GUSTAFSONFri Mar 10 1989PMAX-F77-Double precision cosin problem
1154.014RHETT::THOMASFri Mar 10 1989yp problem on PMAX
1155.06SRFSUP::FOSTERFri Mar 10 1989Ultrix CI Support
1156.0DYO78Fri Mar 10 1989Ada/DECwindows/system services
1157.02SRFSUP::JANESFri Mar 10 1989VMS/ULTRIX Connection RPC support?
1158.01WINERY::GRANTFri Mar 10 1989DWMUA-AA and ULTRIX on a 631
1159.02HESIRI::FINNEYSat Mar 11 1989Software Tools For Ultrix
1160.05UFP::AVOLIOSat Mar 11 1989ULTRIX ->LAT->Host
1161.04CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Mar 12 1989sccs suid to sccs?
1162.09UTRUST::DEHARTOGSun Mar 12 1989alternative for yp?
1163.01TAVSun Mar 12 1989Anybody tried vi-PLUS?
1164.01TAVSun Mar 12 1989mx on /etc/printcap - file is partly printed
1165.0STKHLM::LINNELLSun Mar 12 1989DBMS performance using synchronous writes.
1166.09CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Mar 12 1989SCSI(VAX|RISC) v.s. SCSI(PC)
1167.014CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Mar 12 1989clients supposed to use /tmp?
1168.02FSEDU::HARRYMon Mar 13 1989What does RFC mean ?
1169.02HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGMon Mar 13 1989Features of Ultrix system?
1170.02MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMMon Mar 13 1989Can't get good PS output from cdoc
1171.0COPCLU::STAEGERMon Mar 13 1989ULTRIX Mail Connection on DS31
1172.03MOSAIC::RUMon Mar 13 1989Queue programming help needed!
1173.05NITMOI::WITHERSMon Mar 13 1989Help on installing Ultrix Workstation Support
1174.01DENVER::MALKOSKIMon Mar 13 1989Multi-vendor server/clients?
1175.01COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Mar 13 1989HSC Performance.
1176.04TOWNS::BAGWILLMon Mar 13 1989DS31
1177.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Mar 14 1989Memory not contiguous
1178.01LEDDEV::CLARKTue Mar 14 1989MAYFAIR Confusion
1179.03COOKIE::KITTELLTue Mar 14 1989xcolors - show named colors
1180.05MUTTON::LAMBTue Mar 14 1989Ultrix 3.
1181.02KAOFS::N_PIROLLOTue Mar 14 1989fixed length record
1182.01SALEM::ATKOCAITISTue Mar 14 1989DSKX - Coverage vs. Runtime?
1183.01MAXWIT::PRUSSTue Mar 14 1989DECstation 31
1184.04REGENT::KACHRANITue Mar 14 1989/dev/kmem: permission denied on V3.
1185.04BMT::MAUROTue Mar 14 1989VAX C-to-PMAX port
1186.02DPDMAI::VIGILTue Mar 14 1989ld -A option?
1187.0CIMAMT::KELLYTue Mar 14 1989Student driver collides with 'opser'
1188.04THEBAY::CONDEDATue Mar 14 1989Exabyte 8mm tape use
1189.01GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Mar 14 1989ld problems with PMAX
1190.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Mar 15 1989Scheduling questions?
1191.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Mar 15 1989tip(1) and 8-bit data path
1192.06TAVThu Mar 16 1989TA9
1193.03MISFIT::BAXTERThu Mar 16 1989Modula-2 availability?
1194.0CSCMA::CHUThu Mar 16 1989Ultrix SPD License options confusion
1195.07BAHTAT::ALDERTONMThu Mar 16 1989SCSI tape devices???
1196.03YUBERT::FANGThu Mar 16 1989Mips C compiler optimization??
1197.03ORO1::WHITLOCKThu Mar 16 1989Hold on Ultrix V3.
1198.07GUIDUK::MEARNSThu Mar 16 1989tapeless RSM/RISC
1199.09STKHLM::RICKARDFri Mar 17 1989managing files in projects
1200.03SMURF::CRANSTONFri Mar 17 1989Updated Kernel Messages Manual
1201.05HAMER::HOFFFri Mar 17 1989share files with ms-dos?
1202.09ECAD2::GEORGEFri Mar 17 1989print postscript problem
1203.08KETJE::SYBERTZFri Mar 17 1989User's licenses on stations ...
1204.011YUBERT::FANGFri Mar 17 1989Ultrix performance parameters??
1205.01CSOA1::STUTSONFri Mar 17 1989troff driver->LN
1206.018TOOK::MATTIOLIFri Mar 17 1989Network access to ultrix documentation
1207.04BAHTAT::ALDERTONMFri Mar 17 1989Level II Cobol usage??
1209.010LISVAX::MONTEZFri Mar 17 1989PMAX & LAT & X25 & TELEX & FAX
1210.02THE78Fri Mar 17 1989setld tape creation help
1211.04TAVSun Mar 19 1989mail to NFS mounted spool directory - problem
1212.05LEDDEV::BRASSMon Mar 20 1989Killing Zombies?
1213.03SMURF::KARSTENMon Mar 20 1989TO SPR or NOT TO SPR ?
1214.04LDP::FALSAFIMon Mar 20 1989Status of v2.2?
1215.01LDP::GABRIELMon Mar 20 1989This is the same as 1214.1
1216.06NAVAJO::MRIPLEYMon Mar 20 1989Where is 'vmh' documentation?
1217.02MSDOA::MACDONALDMon Mar 20 1989Installing FORTRAN
1218.01SRFSUP::ANDERSONMon Mar 20 1989Sys V Curses
1219.03349ER::PETEMon Mar 20 1989tcsh for ultrix 2.n?
1220.083MIPSBX::thomasMon Mar 20 1989HPWM hints and kinks
1221.01GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Mar 21 1989dxcalendar - suddenly broken....
1222.06UTRTSC::HOSANGTue Mar 21 1989PCSA - ULTRIX over LAT ?
1223.02DUBTue Mar 21 1989F77 Prog Pmax Failure
1224.05MSDOA::MACDONALDTue Mar 21 1989Source for DS31
1225.06HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Mar 21 1989PMAX C VS VMS C Question
1226.06COPDMA::BENTETue Mar 21 1989OLTP Applications ???
1227.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Mar 21 1989System V question ...
1228.05KAOFS::N_PIROLLOTue Mar 21 1989DS31
1229.01NAPALM::KERNSTue Mar 21 1989ACCELL by Unify query
1230.06SARAH::MELBINTue Mar 21 1989FIFO queue for batching jobs ala Ultrix 3.
1231.01HILLST::KHALLTue Mar 21 1989Looking for Devices Upon Boot?
1232.02SKYLRK::GONZALESTue Mar 21 1989Slow LOGIN: Prompts
1233.04EEMELI::SONKERIWed Mar 22 1989UNIRAS availlability
1234.02CRLAW::wolmanWed Mar 22 1989LJ25
1235.01WINERY::MICKWed Mar 22 1989Comparison of server capabilities
1236.010NZOVWed Mar 22 1989kermit?
1237.01BOEHM::BRADCJWed Mar 22 1989Reference this...
1238.06RIPPLE::SEIFERTRAThu Mar 23 1989UWS V2.
1239.01RTOEU::JKREBSThu Mar 23 1989PMAX FORTRAN-latest version?
1240.02EVOAI2::PIKEThu Mar 23 1989punching and seizing module
1241.010MEO78B::LANDSBERGThu Mar 23 1989Problem with UNIDATA across NFS
1242.01CLOSUS::CHESNEYThu Mar 23 1989Wasted swap space - decwindows/vs2
1243.03WIDGIT::CALDRELLOThu Mar 23 1989Verdix ADA Certification
1244.01UFP::AVOLIOThu Mar 23 1989HELP! Session Manager weirdness
1245.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOThu Mar 23 1989Cable vendor for PMAX/PVAX
1246.03DIXIE1::CASTOThu Mar 23 1989DECWindows differences VMS Ultrix
1247.0COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Mar 24 1989Multiuser Ultrix workstations.
1248.03BOEHM::BRADCJFri Mar 24 1989U*IX Licensing Costs?
1249.01UFP::AVOLIOFri Mar 24 1989usage of bad dump tape?
1250.03UFP::AVOLIOFri Mar 24 1989diskless/turbo vs2
1251.0AUNTB::WARNOCKSun Mar 26 1989Looking for /usr/group information
1253.03ZPOVSun Mar 26 1989newfs & no. of bytes per inode
1255.03HOCUS::BAUMMMon Mar 27 1989f77 COMPILER BUG
1256.01CRLWIN::treeseMon Mar 27 1989asm on PMAX
1257.01ABLE::MONSONMon Mar 27 1989Ultrix in Supercomputing Environments
1258.014MANILA::DEEREMon Mar 27 1989Auto log-off for Ultrix?
1259.03HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGTue Mar 28 1989cylinder structure info. need.
1260.03LATINA::SANZTue Mar 28 1989Remote printer
1261.03LATINA::SANZTue Mar 28 1989Index routines
1262.0SMURF::REEVESTue Mar 28 1989float parameter usage on PMAX
1263.09EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Mar 28 1989A fixed address range
1264.05LENSMN::boniniTue Mar 28 1989Cancelling I/O on Ultrix
1265.012MARX::ANDERSONTue Mar 28 1989database tools on Ultrix (db)
1266.02ZIPPO::WIRYAMANTue Mar 28 1989LAT problem (related to hardware?)
1267.0RTPSWS::DAVISTue Mar 28 1989locus products
1268.014EAYVWed Mar 29 1989HELP?? ON BOOT
1269.08LISVAX::PRAMOSWed Mar 29 1989Encryption software under ULTRIX
1270.01CHEFS::SARFASCWed Mar 29 1989JULTRIX? A Japanese ULTRIX?
1271.02SPGBAS::GITNERWed Mar 29 1989UWS V2.
1272.0GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Mar 29 1989Competitive/Performance Info?
1273.05LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Mar 29 1989How works 'touch' ?
1274.05MUDIS3::BONFIELDWed Mar 29 1989X/OPEN Conform. Test?
1275.01KEMPO::BRASSWed Mar 29 1989ctrl<c> blues
1276.01CURIE::DESIRAZUWed Mar 29 1989Looking for a 'Patcher'
1277.0KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Mar 29 1989System V Message Queue
1278.04PEABOD::POMERANTZWed Mar 29 1989tcsh Source Code Availability
1279.04BMT::SANTIAGOWed Mar 29 1989How to modem a VS2
1280.04CURIE::HUSTONThu Mar 30 1989Need new license to upgrade UWS versions?
1281.010OZROCK::LEHMKUHLThu Mar 30 1989OSI in BSD next version?
1282.02DYO78Thu Mar 30 19892-headed systems?
1283.0OPG::SIMONThu Mar 30 1989Little Grey Book.
1284.06MUSKIE::WEBSTERThu Mar 30 1989Ultrix & BSD 4.4 plans?
1285.04DPDMAI::SMITHThu Mar 30 1989Ethernet cntrls in a DECsystem 31
1286.02GOTA1::WANNERSKOGThu Mar 30 1989HP-UX to Ultrix migration ?
1287.04TOWNS::BAGWILLThu Mar 30 1989code management system
1288.01SKYLRK::BARTLETTThu Mar 30 1989PMAX Power Characteristics???
1289.0MUDIS3::TEICHERTThu Mar 30 1989DRB 32 W driver wanted
1290.08AITG::SAVIGNANOThu Mar 30 1989Recover from deleting /etc/passwd
1291.0CSOA1::STUTSONThu Mar 30 1989HELP! troff...
1292.01DLOACT::MANNThu Mar 30 1989%LOC in PMAX FORTRAN
1293.05CSCMA::CHUThu Mar 30 1989serial number of microvax from ultrix?
1294.06AISG::VERDEYENThu Mar 30 1989chsh and chfn -- mode 7
1295.012CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Mar 30 1989ReGIS kilss DECterm(RISC)
1296.03HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGFri Mar 31 1989About file system
1297.04AIRONE::GRAEMEFri Mar 31 1989UWS 2.
1298.02LEROUF::PIANTONIFri Mar 31 1989VAXC problems, where to report
1299.04OTOUFri Mar 31 1989DHCF for ULTRIX?
1300.09MSDOA::EDYERFri Mar 31 1989Devlop under ULTRIX for other platforms??
1301.03CLUSTA::VIRGILFri Mar 31 1989LEX and YACC on VMS?
1302.0BISTRO::LAFORGUEFri Mar 31 1989New tool: graphic df with Postscript output
1303.06IND::ROWLEYFri Mar 31 1989PORTING FROM BSD 4.3 to ULTRIX help needed
1304.03FSTVAX::GALLOFri Mar 31 1989LAT w/o DECnet or TCP/IP?
1305.03PHDVAX::DLEWISSat Apr 01 1989Need 3 GIG, tape for Decsystem
1306.02LATINA::SANZMon Apr 03 1989What is in the screen?
1307.03LARVAE::WILTSHIREMon Apr 03 1989pmax note??
1308.07KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Apr 03 1989UWS 2.
1309.022MISFIT::BAXTERMon Apr 03 1989DECsys 31
1310.03PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Mar 30 1989Decserver 55
1311.07KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Apr 03 1989'yeshup', how ?
1312.0STKHLM::LINNELLTue Apr 04 1989CISCO vs. ACS 4
1313.07MEO78B::LOCHTue Apr 04 1989Problem with 2
1314.02LARVAE::WILTSHIRETue Apr 04 1989pmax page size??
1315.01LEROUF::PIANTONITue Apr 04 1989lk -r ; when ?
1316.0MINNY::BUEHRERTue Apr 04 1989<is RISK a risk>
1317.02AIAG::BRENNANTue Apr 04 1989Ultrix Source Book??
1318.05DUBTue Apr 04 1989Any HDLC support
1319.02HPSRAD::KOPACKOTue Apr 04 1989Can you recover from a fsck "remove"?
1320.03AITG::SAVIGNANOTue Apr 04 1989DECstation 31
1321.07FRUST::KUNZMANNTue Apr 04 1989F77 RISC support
1323.07HSOMAI::GUSTTue Apr 04 1989Need Encryption info
1325.03DYO78Tue Apr 04 1989Another PMAX f77 problem
1326.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 05 1989VAX Fortran Compiler for DECstation 31
1327.01KETJE::ROBBENSWed Apr 05 1989DEXPAND QX questions.
1328.02THAVWed Apr 05 1989DS31
1329.05EVOAI2::PIKEWed Apr 05 1989font loading woes
1330.01TOOK::MATTIOLIWed Apr 05 1989Is setld recursive?
1331.02RTPSWS::MCMULLENWed Apr 05 1989NSE Support for Ultrix?
1332.03IRT::DBARRETTWed Apr 05 1989DS31
1333.04TPOVThu Apr 06 1989How to setup PMAX LAT/TELNET ?
1334.06STKHLM::HALLINThu Apr 06 1989Help with SCSI and jumpers
1335.0EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Apr 06 1989dbx and dynamic code
1336.09RAINBO::RUThu Apr 06 1989how to put dcp in script?
1337.01ROMThu Apr 06 1989LQP45
1338.01GILDOR::avolioThu Apr 06 1989color management in UWS V2.
1339.01SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Apr 06 1989Bad NFS locking for Shared files???
1340.03SCRIBE::TOMGThu Apr 06 1989UWS, VS2
1341.01HSOMAI::GUSTThu Apr 06 1989DS31
1342.01IRT::STEINBERGThu Apr 06 1989Task to Task?
1343.0SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Apr 06 1989Mixing VAX/RISC Fonts
1344.010IRT::STEINBERGThu Apr 06 1989Postscript, anyone?
1345.03MIPSBX::thomasFri Apr 07 1989Repent all your C's! (or your tax dollars at work)
1346.03MARX::ANDERSONFri Apr 07 1989query, Query, routed
1347.0PRSUD2::NEYERSFri Apr 07 1989Dataproduct interface on Ultrix.
1348.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMFri Apr 07 1989Where has connection notes gone??
1349.04PRLVMS::BERESKIFri Apr 07 1989dxterm crash when executed fronm NFS imported directopry
1350.05CLOSET::EROSSFri Apr 07 1989Using 1
1351.02SICVAX::SCHEIBELFri Apr 07 1989Oasys; C++
1352.01KETJE::SYBERTZFri Apr 07 1989bufcache for READ I/Os ...
1353.02THEBAY::CONDEDAFri Apr 07 1989Process size limits
1354.04CSCMA::CHUFri Apr 07 1989file fragmentation.
1355.03LDP::WEAVERFri Apr 07 1989Problems with attached dialog box and scale widget
1356.02CSCMA::J_BUSHFri Apr 07 1989Ultrix,NFS & Symbolics
1357.0COOKIE::KITTELLMon Apr 10 1989dwstdout - pipe text into a window
1358.0BENTLY::MATUSZAKMon Apr 10 1989shell too big?
1359.07EIGER::IMHOLZTue Apr 11 1989csh question of the day
1360.01KETJE::ERNSTTue Apr 11 1989PC-NFS problems
1361.013CLEVER::RHARRISTue Apr 11 1989magtape to VMS
1362.0CSCMA::CHUTue Apr 11 1989stty mdmbuf on v1.2 and stty autoflow on v3.
1363.01TOOK::SNOVERTue Apr 11 1989Shared Libraries?
1364.01TOWNS::BAGWILLTue Apr 11 1989netkit for VAX38
1365.01USWAV1::PALLONETue Apr 11 1989ultrix decwindows all-in-one conflict
1366.04RIPPLE::SEIFERTRATue Apr 11 1989PMAX panic from sbrk
1367.0WAV12::HAUSERWed Apr 12 1989ULTRIX Source Code Request
1368.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Apr 12 1989Open Desktop Info?
1369.07RIPPLE::SEIFERTRAWed Apr 12 1989PMAX FORTRAN questions
1370.07OSLWed Apr 12 1989VMS 'spool' functionality
1371.02PRSUD2::DUVILLIERWed Apr 12 1989Seeking Language Ref. Manual for RISC
1372.0COMICS::SOLANKIWed Apr 12 1989done volume/maxload test on 2.2
1373.01COMICS::BUNNWed Apr 12 1989Vax Lisp/Ultrix Command Line parsing ?
1374.01TDCIS2::MEYERWed Apr 12 1989ULTAFM
1375.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Apr 12 1989System V <-> VMS: How would you do it?
1376.01WCW::WHITNEYWed Apr 12 1989Problem with NFS file locking
1377.0LDP::WEAVERWed Apr 12 1989Can you say "AhpOLLO"
1378.0ACESMK::FRANCUSWed Apr 12 1989YAFPP (yet another pmax f77 problem)
1379.0CSCMA::CHUWed Apr 12 1989yp---ultrix and sunos
1380.02HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Apr 13 1989Allow root access from other client in NFS.
1381.03HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Apr 13 1989YP is obsoleted???
1382.01BUSHIE::KOTWALThu Apr 13 1989More than one init
1383.0TROPPO::RICKARDThu Apr 13 1989Modifications for tcsh.
1384.02TROPPO::RICKARDThu Apr 13 1989Mods to 'dxmail' for Athena.
1385.0TROPPO::RICKARDThu Apr 13 1989Guide to writing 'ue' scripts.
1386.0TROPPO::RICKARDThu Apr 13 1989Fix for 'docp' UE 'Copy...' script.
1387.0TROPPO::RICKARDThu Apr 13 1989'Print' function scripts for UE
1388.0ROMThu Apr 13 1989MICOM Micro 8
1389.08KETJE::FERTEThu Apr 13 1989PCNFS and lock management
1390.02DUBThu Apr 13 1989File Transfer to Nixdorf 886
1391.03MISFIT::BAXTERThu Apr 13 1989PMAX Alignment?
1392.01UFP::AVOLIOThu Apr 13 1989netw perf degradation 2.2 ->>3.
1393.08EVOAI2::PIKEThu Apr 13 1989it's NOT a game; it's a DEMO!
1394.08GALVIA::GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Apr 13 1989Using a new disk
1395.0MIPSBX::thomasThu Apr 13 1989Helpful Hint: Using and Specifying X Resources
1396.06RAINBO::RUThu Apr 13 1989How to send command to lpd?
1397.0BUSHIE::KOTWALFri Apr 14 1989sh5 - line interrupt broken
1398.01UTRUST::CVDHOEVENFri Apr 14 1989DECwindows on VAXstation 8
1399.06CSCMA::CASPERFri Apr 14 1989Ctime & Informix
1400.013POBOX::ROSENKRANZFri Apr 14 1989Non-standard Swap Partition
1401.012HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Apr 17 1989TCP/IP Network Management?
1402.01BUSHIE::KOTWALMon Apr 17 1989dxpaint - loses alphabetic characters under UWS 2.
1403.01HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Apr 17 1989Is NCS available?
1404.016HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Apr 17 1989Max Virtual Memory
1405.04TAVMon Apr 17 1989UWS 2.
1406.0STEREO::REEDMon Apr 17 198964 user upgrade proglem
1407.07LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Apr 17 1989ULTRIX for PVAX !!!
1408.0PRSUD1::DUVILLIERMon Apr 17 1989DRQ11 driver for ULTRIX ?
1409.06TOWNS::TJANORSKEMon Apr 17 1989Ouch, too much SUN
1410.02SRFSUP::CHANGMon Apr 17 1989tty on PC
1411.03KAOFS::G_BREZINAMon Apr 17 1989KDB5
1412.03MSDSWS::ALLEYMon Apr 17 1989Problems with SunOS 4.
1413.02RANCHO::MEYERSMon Apr 17 1989Help for A Beginner
1414.0OSOVTue Apr 18 1989ris support DS31
1415.01BREW11::MORTONTue Apr 18 1989Ultrix-11 - VMS
1416.02WJG::GUINEAUTue Apr 18 1989Help Setting up an SLIP interface
1417.04VAOATue Apr 18 1989Needed: Ultrix for 835
1418.0KAPUNA::WHITEWed Apr 19 1989ST5
1419.06MUNTCC::BRECHTWed Apr 19 198982
1420.01BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Apr 19 1989Emulex terminal server support
1421.01PANIC::DAIMONWed Apr 19 1989Can DECstation Do Both ?
1422.02PRSUD2::NEYERSWed Apr 19 1989ORACLE V5.1 ON Ultrix 3.
1423.04GLDOA::RACZKAWed Apr 19 1989"Ultrix server ?"
1424.01PRIMES::GUILESWed Apr 19 1989PMAX F77 out of swap space
1425.07HGOVC::KENBERKUNThu Apr 20 1989Domain Nameserver?
1426.04CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Apr 20 1989Any important fixes in 3.
1427.04NAVAJO::MRIPLEYThu Apr 20 1989DS31
1428.03TOOK::SNOVERThu Apr 20 1989Modifications required after a Memory Upgrade=?
1429.02EEMELI::KALINThu Apr 20 1989RM-COBOL for DECstation ?
1430.013EEMELI::KALINThu Apr 20 1989GKS on DECwindows on DECstation ?
1432.01DUBThu Apr 20 1989LAN-MANAGER/X for ULTRIX?
1433.01MLNCSC::NARDOThu Apr 20 1989How long it takes...
1434.0SWSCHZ::ESCHENBACHThu Apr 20 1989278
1435.03LEROUF::PIANTONIThu Apr 20 1989Setld kit library installation
1436.01LISVAX::MARQUESThu Apr 20 1989Mouse and VT3xx with Ultrix
1437.01KAPEC::brennanThu Apr 20 1989Help plugging DECconnect LAT drop into console port
1438.014DYO78Thu Apr 20 1989Another tip question/problem
1439.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Apr 20 1989Show Memory?
1440.04LESCOM::WIRYAMANThu Apr 20 1989remote dxsession?
1441.0DNTVAX::MATUSZAKThu Apr 20 1989Where is tic -the terminfo compiler?
1442.01LFOIS1::GOURDINFri Apr 21 1989DS31
1443.02EVOAI2::PIKEFri Apr 21 1989tiff to DDIF ?
1444.013HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGFri Apr 21 1989Using Telnet and FTP
1445.01ROMFri Apr 21 1989Dual host through NFS
1446.08VICKI::CURRIERFri Apr 21 1989panic: hard IO err in swap
1447.02TOWNS::RYANFri Apr 21 1989strange kernel panic woes (long)
1448.0121357::TYCASTFri Apr 21 1989Startup File for DECWindows Sessions
1449.02SMURF::DELOREYFri Apr 21 19893.1 PMAX kernel optimized
1450.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Apr 21 1989LAT users on DECstation 31
1451.01MARX::ANDERSONSun Apr 23 1989curses-keypad,DECwindows
1452.0CIROCC::treeseSun Apr 23 1989Copying from VMS
1453.07HOO78C::KNOLMon Apr 24 1989help on diagnostics for ultrix systems
1454.0EDUHCI::WARRENMon Apr 24 1989Ultrix vs. Pick
1455.09NERSW5::BORENMon Apr 24 1989HSC7
1456.021STKHLM::LAJIMon Apr 24 1989Ultrix Extensions?
1457.02DIXIE1::ASHMEADMon Apr 24 1989One file system - two disks
1458.01NITMOI::WITHERSMon Apr 24 1989touch yielding incorrect time
1459.01WINERY::MICKMon Apr 24 1989PMAX shared memory problems
1460.01CIVAGE::PRUSSTue Apr 25 1989VAX FORTRAN ULTRIX Link question
1461.04STKHLM::LAJITue Apr 25 1989R2
1462.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Apr 25 1989vi-PLUS anyone ?
1463.01LESCOM::WIRYAMANTue Apr 25 1989panic: qe: Nonexistant memory interrupt
1464.02DLOACT::MANNTue Apr 25 1989Time Zone in Ultrix
1465.09PRSPSU::PASCALTue Apr 25 1989ultserver
1466.07SSGBPM::GERTZISTue Apr 25 1989Topics for ULTRIX/Worksystems Symposium?
1467.06DYO78Tue Apr 25 1989Change "login" screen?
1468.07VAOATue Apr 25 1989I must install ultrix 3.
1469.06DYO78Tue Apr 25 1989Another MIPS Fortran problem
1470.05WINERY::MICKTue Apr 25 1989Where do ISVs turn for real technical support?
1471.07LDPMAX::gabrielTue Apr 25 1989DS31
1472.04AIAG::BRENNANTue Apr 25 1989NFS using eating CPU
1473.06SX4GTO::POMERANTZTue Apr 25 1989RISC KIT FOR mop
1474.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 25 1989SYSTEM V LIB ROUTINES
1475.01KETJE::ROBBENSWed Apr 26 1989VMS/Fortran -> ULTRIX/Fortran question
1476.04EVOAI2::PIKEWed Apr 26 1989stupid printer setup question
1477.011CSCMA::CHUWed Apr 26 1989TIMEZONE without dst
1478.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGWed Apr 26 1989display of dumpfs.
1479.01SX4GTO::POMERANTZWed Apr 26 1989getutent etc. Documentation?
1480.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMWed Apr 26 1989TOP or SPS docs?
1481.024SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Apr 26 1989Help me choose: DS31
1482.02GLDOA::YAMASAKIWed Apr 26 1989Unique Identifier for PMAX
1483.02THRILL::BIRNBACHWed Apr 26 1989knowledgeable on UNIX??
1484.01GIDDAY::KINGThu Apr 27 1989config vmunix - unresolved symbols ??
1485.01MUNTCC::HJERPPEThu Apr 27 1989NFS moved - WHERE???
1486.01POBOX::MAMMENThu Apr 27 1989regis on PMAX?
1487.08EVOAI2::PIKEThu Apr 27 1989Crash my system, PLEEZE !
1488.05PARITY::GORMANThu Apr 27 1989On-Line Documentation
1489.02KAPEC::brennanThu Apr 27 1989ris error: bad entry: incomplete operation
1490.05RTPSWS::MCMULLENThu Apr 27 1989kitsdir.doc for Ultrix?
1491.010RTPSWS::DAVISThu Apr 27 1989two ethernet controllers?
1492.03SKYLRK::WATANABEThu Apr 27 1989Fortran (f77) segment fault error DS31
1493.08BMT::WORTNERThu Apr 27 1989NMAGIC vs. ZMAGIC executables
1494.03BUSHIE::KOTWALFri Apr 28 1989Panic: Protection fault
1495.05MORO::SANFORD_LIFri Apr 28 1989UNIX/VMS/ULTRIX-Router Mail Problem
1496.01CRLVMS::TREESEFri Apr 28 1989Managing LANbridge 1
1497.02PRSUD1::DUVILLIERFri Apr 28 1989DECnet/Internet Gateway with 2 controllers
1498.01MUNICH::PETRYFri Apr 28 1989vt1
1499.0ACESMK::FRANCUSFri Apr 28 1989Host initiated connect (LAT) watch out for this
1500.02WINERY::MICKFri Apr 28 1989Overly large .o files on PMAX?
1501.0DECEAT::HARRINGTONFri Apr 28 1989CI78
1502.03IRT::MAGUIREFri Apr 28 1989Local fs on diskless workstation?
1503.0IRT::MAGUIREFri Apr 28 1989dms shared /usr R/W?
1504.071JULIET::GRANT_GASat Apr 29 1989SPRs and hotline support
1505.05CRLVMS::TREESESat Apr 29 1989lockf problems in 3.
1506.01SDOGUS::HOOKERSat Apr 29 1989benching a SPARCstation I
1507.0MKTUP4::EIBENSun Apr 30 1989CSCMAS update
1508.04TAVMon May 01 1989TK5
1509.0NUTMEG::SILVERBERGMon May 01 1989Porting to ULTRIX
1510.04PRCSWS::COLINTONGMon May 01 1989Support of "two bytes" character in Ultrix
1511.04MSEE::CHENGMon May 01 1989dump problem
1512.07RTL::GRAYTue May 02 1989pmax: can't add rz23
1513.01BUSHIE::KOTWALTue May 02 1989lat - multiple services problem - DS31
1514.02WOODRO::KAYCEETue May 02 1989Max. X Clients/Max. # of Users??
1515.07HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGTue May 02 1989ps -ax for crash dump file.
1516.01EVOAI1::SKARLATOSTue May 02 1989DS31
1517.05BISTRO::LAFORGUETue May 02 1989length of TK7
1518.0TOWNS::TJANORSKETue May 02 1989Its Back... Ultrix-11
1519.01WLDWST::MEYERSTue May 02 1989PMAX Manuals?
1520.02WILKIE::KAYCEETue May 02 1989PMAX DECnet/ULTRIX part number??
1521.01LDP::WEAVERWed May 03 1989Help Widget on Ultrix?
1522.02YOSMTE::LAMB_PEWed May 03 1989327
1523.0BRSDVP::ROETSWed May 03 1989xon-xoff
1524.01TAVWed May 03 1989get processor id
1525.05ELMAGO::RIPLEYWed May 03 1989Help with DS31
1526.02NERSW5::BORENWed May 03 1989TANDEM XON/XOFF FLOW Control
1527.01HSOMAI::GUSTWed May 03 1989Will DS31
1529.05DECWET::MOBERLYWed May 03 1989pmax uld(1) crash.
1530.04DSSDEV::DBROWNWed May 03 1989s5make rules question
1531.0LARVAE::REILLY_GThu May 04 1989PASCAL from VMS to ULTRIX
1532.03SARAH::MELBINThu May 04 1989ultrix network access via modem?
1533.01LDPMAX::gabrielThu May 04 1989RIS from PMAX to Firefox ??
1534.013DELI::PLOUFFEThu May 04 1989emacs, permission denied when invoked
1535.03PRCSWS::COLINTONGFri May 05 1989vi - Support for 8 bit character
1537.02PARVAX::KRIERFri May 05 1989Compression/Decompression on a Board? (DS31
1538.01COPCLU::RISTOFri May 05 1989SIMULA compiler for ULTRIX?
1539.05LARVAE::TIMMIS_JFri May 05 1989TCP/IP performance
1540.06RAINBO::HARRISFri May 05 1989DS31
1541.03HILLST::KHALLFri May 05 1989Sources for MIPS C Compiler?
1542.015VIA::MCEVOYFri May 05 1989problem with libcurses.a
1543.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGSat May 06 1989increasing # of incore gnode.
1544.06EIGER::IMHOLZMon May 08 1989Host-Initiated LAT connections
1546.05MORIN::EXTONMon May 08 1989DECstation TE + All-in-1 or FMS problem
1547.013TOOK::MICHAUDMon May 08 1989DS31
1548.05OZROCK::MCGINTYTue May 09 1989Estimating memory size of a driver
1549.01MUDIS3::BONFIELDTue May 09 1989Locking Problem with lockf?
1550.08KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue May 09 1989cmd to list open files ?
1551.09WAV12::HICKSTue May 09 1989"file system is full???"
1552.01VOGON::PAYLORTue May 09 1989RISC Fortran problems
1553.01ROMTue May 09 1989Greetings from a X25-dubious Roman
1554.08MSDOA::MACDONALDTue May 09 1989dxdb support for f77 on PMAX?
1555.02TOPTEN::CALADIETue May 09 1989Memory limtations??
1556.02WAV14::PHILLIPSTue May 09 1989Ultrix V3.
1557.01POBOX::GUSTAFSONTue May 09 1989crash during RISC FORTRAN compile
1558.01RTPSWS::MCMULLENWed May 10 1989DS31
1559.02DYO78Wed May 10 1989Microprocessor emulation?
1560.0RANCHO::JENSENWed May 10 1989ELF/PMAX available
1561.02KEMPO::BRASSWed May 10 19892nd swap area problem
1562.05LENSMN::boniniWed May 10 1989Two questions on PMAX f77
1563.04UFP::CHRISWed May 10 1989from customer, PMAX faster than new SPARC's
1564.0KERNEL::WETHERALLThu May 11 1989inverted indexing
1565.03GIDDAY::OMELEYThu May 11 1989VMS - Sun/Unix remote login
1566.01SKANDA::rasThu May 11 1989Ultrix WS V2.
1567.06QUARRY::ZGRAGGENThu May 11 1989How to boot a PMAX from tape??
1568.02LARVAE::TIMMIS_JThu May 11 1989ultrix security guidelines
1569.03KYOA::HANSONThu May 11 1989VMS & Ultrix benchmark?
1570.0BMT::BRIGGSThu May 11 1989Smalltalk on PMAX
1571.03EVOAI2::PIKEFri May 12 1989Xpaste/Xpan RISC ??
1572.02AUNTB::WARNOCKFri May 12 1989DAP error copying compressed tar file
1573.0DEMON::PANGAKISFri May 12 1989Naming Conventions
1574.02LAKERS::SHAHNAMFri May 12 1989time command in a script. How?
1575.01MDRADV::JLUISFri May 12 1989Reserving space in swap
1576.08TOOK::A_CHENFri May 12 1989Can't login to Ultrix/DECwindows?
1578.03MLNCSC::MARTINOMon May 15 1989maxblocksize for a filesystem
1579.016BAHTAT::ALDERTONMMon May 15 1989Performance/Tuning tips?
1580.0FLUME::griffinMon May 15 1989Forms standards
1581.01IND::MAGUIRETue May 16 1989mounting 3.
1582.03LASHAM::SIDDLE_CTue May 16 1989Oracle Performance
1583.05SRFSUP::HATue May 16 1989MIPS M12
1584.07ARGUS::CLARKTue May 16 1989PMAX Time Warp
1585.04ABLE::VIVERITOTue May 16 1989Wanted: ULTRIX Guru
1586.02GLDOA::RACZKAWed May 17 1989"DS31
1587.011VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed May 17 1989PMAXes won't boot past Ethernet
1588.07BMT::MISRAHIWed May 17 1989Looking for Ultrix resource
1589.0DUBWed May 17 1989VS2
1590.05KETJE::SYBERTZWed May 17 1989PMAX : rz23 ?
1591.04LESNET::WIRYAMANWed May 17 1989xperfmon for PMAX?
1592.06TDCIS2::HOTLINEWed May 17 1989File System and Powerfail
1593.011MSEE::FOLLIENWed May 17 1989Ultrix F77 Compiler Problem ??
1594.017HSOMAI::GUSTWed May 17 1989dxdb - broken pipe vs. superglue
1595.05ADOMV1::SHARPEThu May 18 1989Boot DS31
1596.01BUSHIE::PETTERSENThu May 18 1989NFS <-> NCR tower ?
1597.07STKHLM::ALINDBERGThu May 18 1989Share /usr Server and Clients !?
1598.0TOWNS::JANORSKEThu May 18 1989dmf32 glitch under ULTRIX 2.2
1599.0SMURF::HOFFMANThu May 18 1989NNEUUG mtg at ZK on May 31
1600.01BMT::MONASCHThu May 18 1989LAT / DS 2
1601.02MORO::SANFORD_LIThu May 18 1989fsck -b Raw device?
1602.01SAC::BRODERICKFri May 19 1989MicroVAX 38
1603.05STKHLM::ALINDBERGFri May 19 1989Disallow single user mode
1604.03TOOK::M_FOXFri May 19 1989Language bindings for library functions
1605.01KETJE::DELAMPERFri May 19 1989device mnemonic 63x
1606.01PRSUD2::NEYERSFri May 19 1989Boot from VMS or SUN servers.
1607.0GLDOA::RACZKAFri May 19 1989"OSF/1 PARTYLINE"
1608.05BMT::DBARRETTSun May 21 1989Comparison of RISC Technologies
1609.07FSEDU::HARRYSun May 21 1989CBI called 'learn()', where ?
1610.04MEO78B::PRIEBATSCHMon May 22 1989Porting VMS Fortran -> RISC ?
1611.01KASINO::NEIDECKERMon May 22 1989MIPS compilers and -O[34]
1612.02EVOAI2::PIKEMon May 22 1989priviledged regs & kernel mode ?
1613.02ULTRA::SMITHMon May 22 1989Configuration file for a VS32
1614.01LASHAM::HEERJEE_KMon May 22 1989FONTS for a LN
1615.07ETONIC::COLEMon May 22 1989bug in libc.a (xdr_float.o)
1616.02ACESMK::FRANCUSMon May 22 1989LAT HIC question (really flow control)
1617.05ELMAGO::RIPLEYMon May 22 1989DS31
1618.07CSOA1::HUNTMon May 22 1989NASA RFI - NEED HELP
1619.0ELMAGO::RIPLEYMon May 22 1989RISC F77 127 arg restriction
1620.0MARX::ANDERSONMon May 22 1989cursor keypad fix available
1621.02AINO::ttlTue May 23 1989Confused over RISC tapes
1622.02TAVTue May 23 1989Decwindows problems - login, event que, X1
1623.05STKHLM::RICKARDTue May 23 1989unstandalone
1624.05DYO78Tue May 23 1989DS31
1625.07HANNAH::OSMANTue May 23 1989how do I totally remove an environment variable?
1626.02KETJE::DELAMPERTue May 23 1989Vax Fortran calling VAX c subroutine ?
1627.02GUIDUK::MEARNSTue May 23 19898-user upgrade kit for DS31
1628.0LESNET::JUCHTue May 23 1989Server Characterization reports available
1629.013ELMAGO::RIPLEYTue May 23 1989DS31
1630.06NOBHIL::JOHNSON_JOTue May 23 1989VMS <-> ULTRIX task-to-task
1631.07TROPPO::RICKARDWed May 24 1989Ultrix page file for VMS ?
1632.04LASHAM::HEERJEE_KWed May 24 1989RCS (Revision Control System) & Sysline: Where can I find them?
1633.04EVOAI2::PIKEWed May 24 1989mud soup printer ?
1634.04STUWed May 24 1989Error 28 errno
1635.02GLDOA::LEIBOWITZWed May 24 1989need troff width compiler
1636.011DEMOAX::HENCHEYWed May 24 1989Bad RISC Kits
1637.0RTPSWS::MCMULLENWed May 24 1989Ultrix and Data Acq.
1638.02FLUME::griffinWed May 24 1989double vs single precision with cc
1639.02LESNET::WIRYAMANWed May 24 1989DS31
1640.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed May 24 1989SETPRT in ULTRIX?
1641.03BMT::SFIELDWed May 24 1989Unix vs. Ultrix (what are they?)
1642.05IRT::SAMBAMURTYWed May 24 1989LAT & Protocol error
1643.01DELMAR::BRIDGES_STWed May 24 1989LAT/Telnet gateway problem with Cray
1644.03EVOAI2::PIKEThu May 25 1989Wrong colors printed
1645.04HEYDEN::LANGFELDTThu May 25 1989Tablet support on PMAX?
1646.05OSLRAT::bjornmyThu May 25 1989notes-extraction from UNIX
1647.04RDVAX::NGThu May 25 1989Is there %VAL in PMAX F77?
1648.011WONDER::BENTOThu May 25 1989RZ23 no good for BOOT disk??
1649.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENThu May 25 1989BSD on a VAX 34
1650.01COMICS::SOLANKIFri May 26 1989? def for colour in termcap(5)
1651.02SYOMV::KRASFri May 26 1989RISC ultrix c and f77 linkage.
1652.03TOWNS::BUZZERDFri May 26 1989Ultrix db performance stats?
1653.05CURIE::URBANFri May 26 1989ARRGGHHH! lpd daemon DIES, DIES, DIES!
1654.05TYFYS::PATTERSONSat May 27 1989Ultrix clients to VMS server?
1655.0PTOVAX::SCOTTSun May 28 1989FORTRAN keyword ; cc on MAX
1656.02STKHLM::RICKARDSun May 28 1989PacerShare
1657.018KETJE::SYBERTZSun May 28 1989GKS ON PMAX, news ...
1658.0LARVAE::BULLARDSun May 28 1989Pmax F77 and Xlib Segmentation problem
1659.04VESTA::CARPENTERSun May 28 1989Ultrix PCA?
1660.02LDP::NOLANTue May 30 1989PMAX fails during boot
1661.03MARX::ANDERSONTue May 30 1989UIL debugger ???
1662.04RTPSWS::DAVISTue May 30 1989LU6.2
1663.05NOBOZO::WEBERTue May 30 1989Need name of currently executing program
1664.04IRT::SAMBAMURTYTue May 30 1989LAT queues woes and STTY
1665.08GILDOR::avolioTue May 30 1989rwho--hosts not seen
1666.02PRSSOS::BERNARDWed May 31 1989Performances : VAXC vs cc
1667.0UTRTSC::LITHWed May 31 1989slow rlogin,dlogin after upgrade to 3.
1668.0LARVAE::BULLARDWed May 31 1989Segmentation error with MAX f77 and Xlib
1669.04NZOVWed May 31 1989Diskless tight fit on RD53?
1670.0DPDMAI::SMITHWed May 31 1989DECwindows and how much Ultrix system do I need?
1671.01ETONIC::COLEWed May 31 1989CDROM RISC install ???
1672.02UFP::AVOLIOWed May 31 1989dxmail crashing on pmax
1673.03GLASS::OWENWed May 31 1989Can I set files creation date/time?
1674.03PRSNRD::PELIKSWed May 31 1989Going on holiday with a Tour Operator and Ultrix
1675.014GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed May 31 1989renaming /bin/sh5 to /bin/sh ... Good idea???
1677.03AINO::ttlThu Jun 01 1989What is ~ris/ROOT ?
1678.0WAV12::HICKSThu Jun 01 1989NTP & bind/sendmail - FYI
1679.02SALEM::POTUCEKThu Jun 01 1989Whither an ULTRIX System Exerciser ??
1680.03SMMVAX::MEISNERThu Jun 01 1989ULTRIX system software order #'s
1681.0VAOUThu Jun 01 19892 controllers on 39
1682.01SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Jun 01 1989any network monitoring tools?
1683.09TPOVC::JACKCHANGThu Jun 01 1989How to setld the pmax.fort.tar ?
1684.0SUBURB::BODDINGTONAThu Jun 01 1989Extra Postscript fonts?
1685.07BAHTAT::ALDERTONMThu Jun 01 1989Setld causes panic!!
1686.07AKO455::SHEPROFri Jun 02 1989Getting started
1687.03COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Jun 04 1989Formatting the time(csh) output to taste.
1688.01COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Jun 04 1989Too much of a good thing?
1689.011PRIMES::HOTTSun Jun 04 1989RISC/Ultrix vs. VAX/Ultrix ???
1690.06KETJE::SYBERTZMon Jun 05 1989Static with non initialized variable ...
1691.01HGOS72::LEOHOMon Jun 05 1989Request for info on Ultrix machine check in 78
1692.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGMon Jun 05 1989dd command error.
1693.011FLOJO::MILLERMon Jun 05 1989DS31
1694.02CSCMA::CHUMon Jun 05 1989controller error on v3.
1695.03DEMOAX::MAJDALAWIEHMon Jun 05 1989Ethernet Hardware Address
1696.05GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jun 05 1989/etc/diskpart anyone?
1697.08HGOSPS::EDMONDLEETue Jun 06 1989tape copy
1698.06ZPOVTue Jun 06 1989DEC software for PMAX ???
1699.011BMT::MAUROTue Jun 06 1989symbolic links question
1700.05RDVAX::NGTue Jun 06 1989Redirecting Output
1701.07IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENTue Jun 06 1989Nroff Postscript support???
1703.019HANNAH::OSMANTue Jun 06 1989I don't want tape or RA6
1704.0GLDOA::RACZKATue Jun 06 1989"DSSI TK5
1705.07EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Jun 06 1989check for error and re-execute dcp command
1706.01GALVIA::MOREAUWed Jun 07 1989Modular Procedures
1707.02MSEE::CHENGWed Jun 07 1989monitoring tape I/O ?
1708.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMWed Jun 07 1989Novice question about Imakefiles
1709.02DAMAGE::TALATINIANWed Jun 07 1989System V tic
1710.02DYO78Wed Jun 07 1989Volume shadowing revisited..
1711.0HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGWed Jun 07 1989Build the standalone boot program.
1712.01CSCMA::CHUWed Jun 07 1989opening the same lat port 2 times
1713.03UFP::AVOLIOWed Jun 07 1989HELP! UWS Problem. HELP!
1714.05CIRCUS::STEWARTWed Jun 07 1989DS31
1715.012TYFYS::PATTERSONThu Jun 08 1989Ultrix distribution contact?
1716.03VESTA::CARPENTERThu Jun 08 1989parser problems
1717.03SMURF::DELOREYThu Jun 08 1989ULTRIX/RISC debugging
1718.03BLYTH::CORNWALLThu Jun 08 1989Diskless VS2
1719.014BLYTH::CORNWALLThu Jun 08 1989Porting Ultrix TCP/IP Client source kit for LPS4
1720.01WR1FOR::ANDREW_MIThu Jun 08 1989Xerox XNS protocol info sought
1721.0VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Jun 08 1989Reversed dipswitches on PMAX Devices
1722.0ASDS::WALSHThu Jun 08 1989How Do I setup an RRD5
1723.09ISLAV1::BJORNMYFri Jun 09 1989DECstation runaway clock
1724.0WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMFri Jun 09 1989Cross filed University Questions
1725.08SX4GTO::AYTERFri Jun 09 1989Test and Set Instruction on PMAX
1726.04WAV14::MAHONEYFri Jun 09 1989Code Management on DS31
1727.015GLORY::BENOREFri Jun 09 1989Help! Need info on mmap() !!!
1728.04TKOV51::H_SHIMIZUMon Jun 12 1989Question about get SID
1729.03BRSSWS::ROETSMon Jun 12 1989fatal verification errors
1730.03DYO78Mon Jun 12 1989How does batch REALLY work?
1731.07CLOSET::EROSSMon Jun 12 1989Struct alignment VAX->PMAX
1732.011LAIDBK::METZIDISMon Jun 12 1989Help -- "data size rlimit exceeded"
1733.0NABETH::alanMon Jun 12 1989RDB/Ultrix - Someday.
1734.01BUSHIE::PETTERSENTue Jun 13 1989/etc/tunefs and SCSI devices
1735.06ISLAV1::BJORNMYTue Jun 13 1989Remote initiated machine crash
1736.03LARVAE::IVES_JTue Jun 13 1989Uniplex'd ?
1737.016EIGER::IMHOLZTue Jun 13 19897/8 Bit Support !!!
1738.06ASDS::WALSHTue Jun 13 1989Anyone Running Kermit on A VS2
1739.01LATINA::SANZTue Jun 13 1989Change environmental variables
1740.05CSCMA::TOMAROTue Jun 13 1989add a terminal to VS32
1741.04JUNCO::KHANTue Jun 13 1989Help needed on ULTRIX installation
1742.01COMICS::SOLANKITue Jun 13 1989Help with 835
1743.06TRNOIS::CARROZZOWed Jun 14 1989tic compiler please ....
1744.06STKHLM::HALLINWed Jun 14 1989ld -G
1745.01MEO78B::LOCHWed Jun 14 1989Forms packages on Ultrix
1746.02GUCCI::HOLPWed Jun 14 1989NEW ULTRIX USER
1747.012SMURF::CRANSTONWed Jun 14 1989Guide to Developing Portable Software
1748.0LARVAE::YEATESWed Jun 14 1989Float exceptions on DECstation
1749.02BOSTON::RYANWed Jun 14 1989FTP access count towards user license?
1750.03COOKIE::HOYTWed Jun 14 1989Some printing questions (enscript and the like)
1751.07REGENT::KACHRANIWed Jun 14 1989ULTRIX-PrintServer T2.
1752.02TOOK::MICHAUDThu Jun 15 1989grow failed sp?
1753.01KETJE::SYBERTZThu Jun 15 198935.5 MB loosed on RZ55 ?
1754.07LDP::WEAVERThu Jun 15 1989dlogin is useless going to VMS with UWS V2.
1755.037MED::ARTHURThu Jun 15 1989VMS user with Ultrix questions
1756.013WR1FOR::YIP_MIThu Jun 15 1989Problem with LA75, won't print.
1757.011MSBIS::LANDINGHAMThu Jun 15 1989malloc: not enough core
1758.02DLOACT::MANNThu Jun 15 1989fortran x windows examples?
1759.0CURIE::UPPUGUNDURIThu Jun 15 1989F77, integer*4 and integer*2
1760.07FUEL::grahamThu Jun 15 1989VAX "Portable C Compiler" Puzzle..
1761.03HGSWFri Jun 16 1989CRYPTO??
1762.01COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jun 16 1989Estimating the capacity of a data server.
1763.0MEO78B::LOCHFri Jun 16 19893rd party forms packages
1764.06VOX::DAWSONFri Jun 16 1989lseek vs driver routines
1765.02ASDS::NIXONFri Jun 16 1989Inexperienced person needs help!!
1766.02BMT::MAUROFri Jun 16 1989What's a SPOOL file?
1767.03WAV12::HICKSFri Jun 16 1989tool to duplicate setld tapes???
1768.0TROAFri Jun 16 1989RFS for Ultrix ?
1769.02NZOVMon Jun 19 1989PMAX / NFS performance problem
1770.01NZOVMon Jun 19 1989Boot VMS or Ultrix
1771.0MEO78B::LOCHMon Jun 19 1989block mode term support ?
1772.04CASEE::LACROIXMon Jun 19 1989Help me become a real UNIX hacker
1773.02HXOUMon Jun 19 1989Advice on diskless config?
1774.02STP::ANDERSONMon Jun 19 1989vi editor for VMS?
1775.017STKHLM::KARLSSON_SMon Jun 19 1989incremental loading error
1776.01CSCMA::CHUMon Jun 19 1989graphics printer filter for lg
1777.01LARVAE::TIMMIS_JTue Jun 20 1989Menu interface for System Admin
1778.0MUNICH::ANDERMANNTue Jun 20 1989DMS - 1 hint to troubleshoot
1779.02HIWIRE::HABERLANDTue Jun 20 1989Problems with windows on PMAX
1780.08EIGER::IMHOLZTue Jun 20 1989dms.new on MAX
1781.06LENSMN::boniniTue Jun 20 1989S5 make
1782.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLETue Jun 20 1989Two TK5
1783.05LENSMN::boniniTue Jun 20 1989More S5 pollution and other questions
1784.06LENSMN::boniniTue Jun 20 1989More ris questions...
1785.02REGENT::LOMICKATue Jun 20 1989another would-be pmax user frustrated in boot failures
1786.0LDP::WEAVERTue Jun 20 1989Looking for Pleiades note...
1787.04SMURF::PIYANAITue Jun 20 1989Can't login to the session manager !
1789.02LDP::NOLANTue Jun 20 1989Tape reading format on DS31
1790.01SX4GTO::AYTERTue Jun 20 1989smaller executable on pmax
1791.02ASDS::NIXONTue Jun 20 1989mountrpc: pmap_kgetport returned ...
1792.02UFP::AVOLIOWed Jun 21 1989Info on Cambridge Tech Group and Surround Sought
1793.07BUSHIE::KOTWALWed Jun 21 1989Additional swap on *another* system!
1794.02DCC::HAGARTYWed Jun 21 1989Freeze on booting client VS31
1795.02XLIB::ONEALWed Jun 21 1989Segment Fault with VMS WS and Ultrix Client
1796.03UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Jun 21 1989LAT printer troubles (again)
1797.012BOSTON::RYANWed Jun 21 1989ULTRIX-32 V3.1 and UWS V2.1 update kits
1798.08EVOAI2::PIKEWed Jun 21 1989syscall & trampoline code ?
1799.04CSCMA::TOMAROWed Jun 21 1989Emulex probs with v3.
1800.011ASG3::STEWARTWed Jun 21 1989How to recognize new RD?
1801.07DIXIE1::PREVOWed Jun 21 198988
1802.01SKYLRK::CROSWELLWed Jun 21 1989-cord errors using f77 on PMAX
1803.01COMICS::BUNNThu Jun 22 1989Underflow Exception on uVax ?
1804.011DELI::PLOUFFEThu Jun 22 1989logging into the operator account
1805.09DYO78Thu Jun 22 1989TeX/LaTeX for RISC?
1806.01WONDER::BENTOThu Jun 22 1989Frozen pointer in new installation...
1807.010ASG3::STEWARTThu Jun 22 1989DECnet not in running kernel?
1808.0DLOACT::MANNThu Jun 22 1989nounderflow in RISC F77
1809.03RHETT::CASPERThu Jun 22 1989Sendmail & Route Addresses
1811.0COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jun 23 1989So that's what a partitioned cluster looks like...
1812.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNFri Jun 23 1989Misc. Questions
1813.03TIOGA::santiagoFri Jun 23 1989NFS problem across gateways
1814.01DYO78Fri Jun 23 1989Setting up BIND on V3.
1815.02CSC32::REEDFri Jun 23 1989time change on the fly...
1816.01DECLNE::AMANFri Jun 23 1989Ultrix_v1 moved again?
1817.03GLORY::BENOREFri Jun 23 1989RISC F77 Problems
1818.0COOKIE::HOYTFri Jun 23 1989topen(3f) fails when called by VAX FORTRAN
1819.01MSDOA::EDYERFri Jun 23 1989help on dlenv for a beginner
1820.0COOKIE::HOYTFri Jun 23 1989at/atrun problems in Ultrix 2.n
1821.06VAOAFri Jun 23 1989DMS client only boots single user
1822.01IOWAIT::SCHMIDTMANNFri Jun 23 1989TCP/IP internals question
1823.05HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGMon Jun 26 1989SEINTR, unresolved symbol
1824.01PRSSOS::BERNARDMon Jun 26 1989Some basic questions on PMAX
1825.0DYO78Mon Jun 26 1989Can RISC boot VAX??
1826.03BMT::MAUROMon Jun 26 1989groups and file creation
1827.019GOTA1::MFORSERMon Jun 26 1989DS31
1828.05POBOX::KOCHMon Jun 26 1989Apollo/DECstation data file exchange?
1829.01CROTON::frankMon Jun 26 1989How Much Swap Space Should Be "Wasted?"
1830.013NZOVMon Jun 26 1989TCP/IP based printer, term server
1831.012WORDS::BEIKMANMon Jun 26 1989editors/RE/filters Conf?
1832.01TPSWS1::JOHNNYHOTue Jun 27 1989How to use 'ftime'?
1833.01DECWET::ERCOLANOTue Jun 27 1989Ultrix Workstation Session Security
1834.06HANNAH::OSMANTue Jun 27 1989why does "cc" command die on pmax ?
1835.0ACESMK::ZEMONTue Jun 27 1989AIX Summary
1836.01UFP::CHRISTue Jun 27 1989NFS - warning:cant bind to priviledged port
1837.07GRYPHN::PORTERTue Jun 27 1989UWS and DECNet order numbers???....any help, please.....
1838.01VNAACT::RANZINGERWed Jun 28 1989Script Compatibility VAX-RISC
1839.0BERNWed Jun 28 1989real*8 with risc fortran
1840.03DYO78Wed Jun 28 1989LAT Printers and Forms control
1841.01RTPSWS::MCMULLENWed Jun 28 1989Formtech?
1842.01THEBAY::CONDEDAWed Jun 28 1989Unwanted single user mode
1843.0CTOAVX::KENNEDYWed Jun 28 1989RISC Fort division by
1844.04SALSA::MOELLERWed Jun 28 1989Access to DXDB source for DS31
1845.02WONDER::BENTOWed Jun 28 1989Installation fails during Verification...
1846.01STKHLM::L_SUNDQVISTWed Jun 28 1989ULTRIX/RISC, RZ55 and missing blocks
1847.03WAV12::HICKSThu Jun 29 1989mail from ULTRIX to ALL-IN-1???
1848.01BRSSWS::ROETSThu Jun 29 1989risc architecture and debugging
1849.01EVOAI2::PIKEThu Jun 29 1989incore superblock where are you ?
1850.03LARVAE::IVES_JThu Jun 29 1989Adduser problems. Help!!
1851.03LASHAM::HEERJEE_KThu Jun 29 1989Problems with the ScriptPrinter
1852.01KERNEL::WETHERALLThu Jun 29 1989panic ufs_glock:gp type not GT_ULTRIX
1853.01ALIVE::HUSTONThu Jun 29 1989Format of message catalog source file?
1854.01JUPITR::KILEYThu Jun 29 1989looking for a job
1855.04TOWNS::RYANThu Jun 29 1989risc loads decserver?
1856.0IND::MAUROThu Jun 29 1989Ultrix <--CI--> System V
1857.01IND::MAGUIREThu Jun 29 1989UGEN: internal error
1858.05IND::MAGUIREThu Jun 29 1989problems with file locking
1859.0XNOGOV::PROSSERThu Jun 29 1989ULTRIX Tools from Univ. of Kent
1860.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONThu Jun 29 1989mountprc error on vs31
1861.03SQLRUS::WASSERMANThu Jun 29 1989Definitions needed
1862.03UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMFri Jun 30 1989Ultrix V2.2 uerf question.
1864.04RAINBO::RUFri Jun 30 1989Programming help needed!
1865.02TROPPO::GRIMSHAWFri Jun 30 1989Ultrix Risc Benchmark Support Please
1866.01TLE::ELLENBERGERFri Jun 30 1989New find command available in Ultrix?
1867.03DYO78Fri Jun 30 1989RISC f77 ANSI compliant???
1868.05GLORY::JCLARKFri Jun 30 1989Shared Memory Attach twice?
1869.01REGENT::WOLFFri Jun 30 1989PHIGS on ULTRIX???
1870.06CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Jun 30 1989125 ips 9 track tape for Q-bus?
1871.02JULIET::GRANT_GASat Jul 01 1989how did it go?
1872.02TAVMon Jul 03 1989another cc bug? produces unknown assembler code
1873.0COMICS::SOLANKIMon Jul 03 1989Ultrix decsrvr kit ?
1874.01LATINA::SANZMon Jul 03 1989Lat service question
1875.01LATINA::SANZMon Jul 03 1989Print in UWS 1.1
1876.01LARVAE::RIDGWAYMon Jul 03 1989SPD for ULTRIX/RISC
1877.01EEMELI::SONKERITue Jul 04 1989UWS2.1: DwtAppl.h etc ?
1878.04LARVAE::IVES_JTue Jul 04 1989UNIPLEX
1879.02TAVTue Jul 04 1989panic:timeout table overflow Vax88
1880.03TROPPO::GRIMSHAWTue Jul 04 1989wordperfect/ingres/oracle/risc-ultrix
1881.0COMICS::SOLANKITue Jul 04 1989MIT X11 on 2.
1882.02TOWNS::JANORSKETue Jul 04 1989elcsd error upon startup
1883.0SX4GTO::ROSEWed Jul 05 1989What does -feedback do in MIPS f77 and cc?
1884.02OSOVWed Jul 05 1989RISC F77 uncompatible VAX F77 ?
1885.02ZPOVWed Jul 05 1989VAX 31
1886.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWWed Jul 05 1989SVID components compliance/diffs???
1887.0IJSAPL::ESSERWed Jul 05 1989Plot on RISC
1888.04LENSMN::boniniWed Jul 05 1989I want my disk blocks!
1889.01KETJE::DELAMPERWed Jul 05 1989sbrk() VAX versus MIPS ?
1890.05LASHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Jul 05 1989Pmax LAT & TCP/IP Installation Problems
1891.01WARBLY::BIDDULPHMWed Jul 05 1989BASIC Compiler for RISC?
1892.03RHETT::WRIGHTWed Jul 05 1989buffer limit tcp/ip?
1893.05LARVAE::YEATESWed Jul 05 1989Cacheflush on pmax
1894.01CURIE::DESIRAZUWed Jul 05 1989Problem with malloc under ULTRIX 3.
1895.08WINERY::MICKWed Jul 05 1989HSC tape drive support... TA9
1896.06KETJE::SYBERTZThu Jul 06 1989PC-NFS <-> UCX ??
1897.01UTOPIE::ASCHAUERThu Jul 06 1989ptrace(2) on PMAX(risc) broken?
1899.02VNAACT::HAUSBThu Jul 06 1989CDA Programming Examples ???
1900.04BALZAC::MARKOWSKIThu Jul 06 1989Devices supervising
1901.07BMT::WORTNERThu Jul 06 1989X11 Library Missing(?)
1902.06WONDER::BENTOThu Jul 06 1989PROBLEM REPORT:login...
1903.01ASDS::NIXONThu Jul 06 1989FOpenAndCheck in DXmail
1904.02DECWET::MOBERLYThu Jul 06 1989HZ for the DS31
1905.0CIMNET::GAMBIERThu Jul 06 1989Handling of async line flow control through CTS/RTS in Ultrix
1906.01LDP::NOLANThu Jul 06 1989Decterm error on PMAX
1907.03RHETT::CASPERThu Jul 06 1989Ultrix - TCP/IP and SYS5
1908.04ELMST::DEMBOWITZThu Jul 06 1989Ultrix Internals course, MRO4, 7/17-7/21
1909.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jul 07 1989Can Unidata run on NFS?
1910.0LENSMN::boniniFri Jul 07 1989MIPS Pascal compliance
1911.03WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 07 1989patch from diff output on VMS?
1913.08KASINO::NEIDECKERFri Jul 07 1989Persistent buffer cache
1914.03MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Jul 07 1989how to find terminal attributes
1915.012CVG::PETTENGILLFri Jul 07 1989What licensing is required for a 12 CPU 1 user system?
1916.06WAV12::REGISTRARFri Jul 07 1989ULTRIX Courses -- Course Announcement
1917.03ELMAGO::RIPLEYFri Jul 07 1989Plea for simplicity
1918.07ELMST::RUSSESFri Jul 07 1989physical memory usage
1919.0BMT::KHANNAFri Jul 07 1989Call for Papers for USING
1920.0OZROCK::GIBBONSMon Jul 10 1989AT&T toolchest and SAM editor
1921.01MUNICH::HEUBERGERMon Jul 10 1989V3.1(RISC)/cc -EB ?
1922.02CROTON::frankMon Jul 10 1989Calling PMAX C From FORTRAN
1923.02EEMELI::TUURIMon Jul 10 1989Adding a data disk
1924.04CADSE::HARDINGMon Jul 10 1989Ultrix 3.
1925.01COOKIE::HOYTMon Jul 10 1989sort -T dies when pathname is 24 or more characters long
1926.01POBOX::MAMMENMon Jul 10 1989everything in UWS?
1927.0SRFSUP::FOSTERMon Jul 10 1989size of smbrk
1928.03DECLNE::OKELLEYTue Jul 11 1989Ultrix Documentation Tools
1929.05DLOACT::MANNTue Jul 11 1989F77 and DXDB on DS31
1930.01LARVAE::WILTSHIRETue Jul 11 1989ris & dms
1932.0MOSAIC::HARRISTue Jul 11 1989Table Driven CRC generator/routine available
1933.01CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINTue Jul 11 1989f77 benchmark help request
1934.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Jul 12 1989MULKOM?
1935.03ULTRA::ELLISWed Jul 12 1989Stupid csh tricks
1936.03RHETT::AMANWed Jul 12 1989GP: relocation error - f77 RISC
1937.05ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Jul 12 1989mop() subset is corrupt
1938.01BUFFER::MUTHWed Jul 12 1989What does <sys/dir.h> do?
1939.01TRCOWed Jul 12 1989Printing sixel to lj25
1940.05ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KThu Jul 13 1989An urgent X/1
1941.0LUTECE::ANCELINThu Jul 13 1989LISP : .o files stripped in /usr/lib/lisp
1942.05WJG::GUINEAUThu Jul 13 1989xload: What''s Ultrix up to?
1943.01ELMST::RUSSESThu Jul 13 1989RTI Ingres for in-house use
1944.01RT95::STILLWAGGONThu Jul 13 1989PMAX f77 problem
1945.01LUTECE::ANCELINThu Jul 13 1989GKS from PASCAL programming examples under ULTRIX
1946.08SMURF::WENDYThu Jul 13 1989NLS anyone ?
1947.02LDPMAX::gabrielThu Jul 13 1989XWD/XPR under dxwm ??
1948.06DOOZER::DAVIDSONThu Jul 13 1989Create /dev/printer?
1949.04TYFYS::PATTERSONThu Jul 13 1989Ultrix windows security for VMS users?
1950.03BOLT::MINOWThu Jul 13 1989mscp - resynching controller panic
1951.01BOLT::MINOWThu Jul 13 1989Mapping the Qbus I/O space on MIPS?
1952.0HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 13 1989looking for TEK 4125 emulation field test sites
1953.02LDP::NOLANThu Jul 13 1989rgb.dir ??
1954.09ASG3::STEWARTThu Jul 13 1989dxpsview problem
1955.03CROTON::frankThu Jul 13 1989Please Interpret This Error Message
1956.03ZPOVFri Jul 14 1989Backup to RX23 floppy Problem (VAX31
1957.04COMICS::CARLETONFri Jul 14 1989Regular expressions and sed
1958.01COMICS::BUNNFri Jul 14 1989limit filesize ?
1959.011EVOAI1::SABANISFri Jul 14 1989Need info on Unify & Microfocus cobol compiler
1960.0KETJE::SYBERTZFri Jul 14 1989NEED DS58
1961.04KAOFS::G_BREZINAFri Jul 14 1989MIPS ld (f77) fails with "Undefined:"
1962.01TOWNS::BAGWILLFri Jul 14 1989ULTRIX Product Managers, et al.
1963.02RT95::STILLWAGGONFri Jul 14 1989PMAX compiler List?
1964.03LARVAE::YEATESFri Jul 14 1989Losing to a SPARCstation !
1965.03VAOAFri Jul 14 1989Volume shadowing again?
1966.0TOWNS::RYANSun Jul 16 1989Xqdsg crashes and burns...
1967.04LARVAE::WILTSHIREMon Jul 17 1989risc ftn good news
1968.01LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Jul 17 1989LLC1 on ULTRIX - Where?
1969.01VNAACT::HAUSBMon Jul 17 1989PMAX Fortran Docu needed!
1970.04ULTRA::WRAYMon Jul 17 1989yacc and stack overflow
1971.02KYOA::HUSBYMon Jul 17 1989DS31
1972.0DYO78Mon Jul 17 1989VAX/ULTRIX & ANSI Pascal?
1973.03ACESMK::PATHAKMon Jul 17 1989bad boot block
1974.02DPDMon Jul 17 1989routed problem?
1975.03POBOX::CHALTASMon Jul 17 1989DECwindows and F77 on RIS
1976.04EVOAI1::SABANISTue Jul 18 1989Two system disks???
1977.0LATINA::SANZTue Jul 18 1989EPSON & Fujitsu printers
1978.02HDLITE::SUMRALLTue Jul 18 1989Workload performance testing.
1979.03UTRTSC::JONKERTue Jul 18 1989Qst on iofail err from dump util
1980.04EPSYS::WILLIAMSTue Jul 18 1989Looking for a VMS DCL to csh script converter
1981.05DLOACT::MANNTue Jul 18 1989DS31
1982.010DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Jul 18 1989Tower of Hanoi & dump?
1983.02GLORY::OWENTue Jul 18 1989talk returns error message
1985.09NEXUS::ROARKTue Jul 18 1989Ultrix-->VMS via magtape
1986.04DOOBER::GAVINTue Jul 18 1989F77 Pmax Problem -- Fixed in 2.
1987.01MORO::SANFORD_LITue Jul 18 1989U3.
1988.01DPDMAI::SCALZOWed Jul 19 1989# of ULTRIX user licenses sold?
1989.04PRCSWS::NICHOLASHOWed Jul 19 1989VMS-like debugger ?
1990.03DUBWed Jul 19 1989How many WS can boot off RA9
1991.01HGOM13::BERNARDLEEWed Jul 19 1989Tape Copy
1992.04PORVAX::MSOUSAWed Jul 19 1989Can make maintain an archive?
1993.0ROMWed Jul 19 1989SCO unix
1994.01CGOUWed Jul 19 1989DISKTAB entry for RZ8
1995.05STC::STEWARTWed Jul 19 1989HELP! Networking with ULTRIX
1996.02POBOX::GUSTAFSONWed Jul 19 1989RISC upgrade - can't rebuild kernel!!
1997.0COMICS::LYEThu Jul 20 1989tk5
1998.02MUHPM2::rogerThu Jul 20 1989disableing DEC LOGO on PMAX causes very slow login.
1999.02LARVAE::WILTSHIREThu Jul 20 1989ultrix and two heads
2000.0BAHTAT::ALDERTONMThu Jul 20 1989disk problem with v3.
2001.03BAHTAT::ALDERTONMThu Jul 20 1989Yet another Lat printer Problem
2002.01FRSTSC::CHRISTIANThu Jul 20 1989lj25
2003.09CAADC::TRAINISCHMELThu Jul 20 1989Problems Installing V3.1/2.1 Update
2004.03CTOAVX::KENNEDYThu Jul 20 1989Telnet problem to pmax (Knet)
2005.03WLW::SHREVEThu Jul 20 1989Problem with Ultrix on DS21
2006.06TLSEThu Jul 20 1989UFS - RMS - Sequential fixed file
2007.01PHOBOS::WICKERTThu Jul 20 1989Will This Work?
2008.02CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Jul 20 1989VAX 34
2009.0CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Jul 20 1989uucp on 31
2010.02VAXWRK::TRUONGThu Jul 20 1989Install problem on VS2
2011.05HAMER::HOFFThu Jul 20 1989printer problem
2012.08FUEL::grahamFri Jul 21 1989Commercial RPCs...A Study/Paper...
2013.02IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENFri Jul 21 1989interface UWS to HP3
2014.04TLSEFri Jul 21 1989Risc f77 - Version, Doc ?
2015.04EEMELI::SONKERIFri Jul 21 1989
2016.04MAIL::VOGELFri Jul 21 1989PTOC (PASCAL to C converter) info
2017.01WAV12::SLATTERYFri Jul 21 1989K&R vs ANSI in C
2019.04LDP::GAUTHIERSun Jul 23 1989unifind() doesn't find
2020.01KETJE::SYBERTZMon Jul 24 1989Need FORTRAN specialists ...
2021.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Jul 24 1989dms & arp magic...
2022.02ROMMon Jul 24 1989CI host-to-host communication
2023.03LISVAX::PMPEREIRAMon Jul 24 1989Two LAT problems
2024.02TLSEMon Jul 24 1989V3.
2025.01PHDVAX::DLEWISMon Jul 24 1989Please unpack and post!
2026.04MSDOA::MACDONALDMon Jul 24 1989Can dl clients use server's /usr file system?
2027.011LUNCH::HUANGMon Jul 24 1989fail to bring up UWS V1.1
2028.03R2ME2::MULLENMon Jul 24 1989Handling underflow on MIPS machines
2029.05SYOMV::KRASMon Jul 24 1989problem: system switch color to mono?
2030.04BOLT::MINOWMon Jul 24 1989Adding a device driver to Mips?
2031.01UFP::CHRISMon Jul 24 1989vm sizing guidelines: semaphore, msgq's, smbrk
2032.02HDLITE::GHAHRAMANITue Jul 25 1989remote directory listing
2033.03LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue Jul 25 1989setld without RIS
2034.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Jul 25 1989TCP/IP & asynch?
2035.032MOSAIC::WATERSTue Jul 25 1989DECstation 31
2036.0SMURF::HOFFMANTue Jul 25 1989NNE UNIX USers mtg: July 31
2037.0DEMOAX::HODNETTTue Jul 25 1989Forms packages for Ultrix?
2038.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Jul 26 1989Kit of Ultrix V3.1
2039.03MINDER::COUPLANDSWed Jul 26 1989Max user address space?
2040.0KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Jul 26 1989Optical Disks & Jukebox with Ultrix ?
2041.03MLNCSC::BONFANTIWed Jul 26 1989size of uws 2.
2042.08COMICS::BUNNWed Jul 26 1989crash when using vt1
2043.02OLDTMR::LATTERYWed Jul 26 1989Need info on Ultrix/Unix system performance monitoring tools.
2044.02AISG::VERDEYENWed Jul 26 1989DS31
2045.09DLOACT::MANNWed Jul 26 1989RISC UWS 2.1 X server problem
2046.04EMASS::FLETCHERWed Jul 26 1989??df vs. chpt -q??
2047.013EMASS::FLETCHERWed Jul 26 1989DMS paper search
2048.01ASDS::CHUWed Jul 26 1989installation problem
2049.03KAPEC::brennanWed Jul 26 1989Help choosing Server/Client Configs
2050.04LYCHEE::BURMEISTERWed Jul 26 1989UUCP 'chat'ting garbage
2051.03SX4GTO::HOLTWed Jul 26 1989DS31
2052.010VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Jul 27 1989Makefiles and -O3 on DS31
2053.05VNAACT::HAUSBThu Jul 27 1989Start without dxsession on DECstation
2054.0DC1Thu Jul 27 1989SCSI Sony Optical R/W drive works on DS31
2055.0LASHAM::HEERJEE_KThu Jul 27 1989Ultrix Networking Couses Swap Wanted
2056.03CSC32::REEDThu Jul 27 1989RIS: 'permission denied' when try to load root file system
2057.0WAV14::REGISTRARThu Jul 27 1989More Ultrix Training from NEA SWS!
2058.0WAV14::REGISTRARThu Jul 27 1989Ultrix-32 System MGT Training!!!!
2059.0RT95::PALLONEThu Jul 27 1989Ultrix 2.2 to Ultrix 3.
2060.02MAASUP::HODANThu Jul 27 1989uname > 8
2061.01IOWAIT::MATUSZAKThu Jul 27 1989Can getty initiate a LAT connection?
2062.05BUSHIE::KOTWALThu Jul 27 1989Keyboard key map changed under UWS 2.1
2063.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Jul 28 1989VAX dms & risc?
2064.0MEO78B::LOCHFri Jul 28 1989v3.
2065.01IJSAPL::ESSERFri Jul 28 1989Battery backup VAX6XX
2066.07TRCOFri Jul 28 1989Info - VMS vs Ultrix Comparison
2067.02MINDER::COUPLANDSFri Jul 28 1989Optimisation methods?
2068.06SX4GTO::BERNARDFri Jul 28 1989Sys V termio difficulties?
2069.015HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIFri Jul 28 1989CASE tools
2070.02DYO78Fri Jul 28 1989RISC Fortran & Xlib?
2071.05TAVSun Jul 30 1989need a MESSAGE send/receive EXAMPLE urgent !
2072.05TKTVMon Jul 31 1989RV2
2073.03BURTON::YEATESMon Jul 31 1989Diskless support for UWS.
2074.0EVTIS2::DORNANOMon Jul 31 1989uucp problem
2075.05BOOTIS::CARPENTERMon Jul 31 1989Xqdsg in loop
2076.02LARVAE::MOORE_AMon Jul 31 1989TCP/IP on PDP?
2077.0COMICS::CARLETONMon Jul 31 1989Message Queue limits
2078.010DSSDEV::GRIFFINMon Jul 31 1989Questions about read/recv on a socket
2079.04AKOVMon Jul 31 1989Help to extend /usr filesystem.
2080.010R2ME2::MULLENMon Jul 31 1989Question on C fileno function
2081.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Aug 01 1989UWS vs UWS Server kit differences
2082.03DPDMAI::PARKERDCTue Aug 01 1989SCO to ULTRIX port ?
2083.05CSSISG::UBANTue Aug 01 1989Ultrix networked to a SUN?
2084.04PEKKA::PEURATue Aug 01 1989How to change hostname
2085.01NAAD::PHILLIPSTue Aug 01 1989VMS Pascal to Ultrix C conversion
2086.02TOOK::FAIRBANKSTue Aug 01 1989What does the ~ mean???
2087.02R2ME2::MULLENTue Aug 01 1989ftruncate (fd, loc)
2088.07DSSDEV::GRIFFINTue Aug 01 1989problems with MH on pmax
2089.02TOOK::FAIRBANKSTue Aug 01 1989NML
2090.02MEO78B::LOCHTue Aug 01 1989v3.
2091.04GLDOA::RACZKAWed Aug 02 1989ULTRIX on CDROM ??
2092.02BUSHIE::KOTWALWed Aug 02 1989UWS 2.1 on DS31
2093.01LATINA::ROSAWed Aug 02 1989DMS & ultrix risc/worksystem
2094.013NZOVWed Aug 02 1989LAT printer daemon?
2095.01VNAACT::HAUSBWed Aug 02 1989RISC f77 Problem again
2096.02LENSMN::boniniWed Aug 02 1989chown question
2098.0EMASS::FLETCHERWed Aug 02 1989DECWindows examples in ULTRIX/FORTRAN???
2099.0FRSTSC::FRITZSCHEWed Aug 02 1989SCCS error / admin -a destroies f-Flags
2100.010ULYSSE::GRANTWed Aug 02 1989Help on tcp...
2101.01HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIWed Aug 02 1989ULTRIX for 38
2102.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Aug 02 1989please help me make setld-compatible kit
2103.01HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIWed Aug 02 1989ULTRIX hotline
2104.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Aug 02 1989ULTRIX philosophy
2105.01KERNEL::KHILLWed Aug 02 1989F77 >126 are dead meat
2106.05CSOA1::HUNTWed Aug 02 1989ULTRIX vs. VMS
2108.03VAOAWed Aug 02 1989max # message queues?
2109.02AIAG::SURESHWed Aug 02 1989Expert System Shells and Databases avialable on Ultrix
2110.03LDP::COVERTWed Aug 02 1989LPR problem with a local LJ25
2111.0NABETH::alanWed Aug 02 1989RF drives in the 54
2112.02LEDDEV::BELANGERWed Aug 02 1989Installing Internet
2113.01MUDIS3::SELBACHThu Aug 03 1989Pascal on PMAX ?
2114.01ZEBDEE::HAIGHThu Aug 03 1989Always need a second touch
2115.0VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Aug 03 1989What is the User doing ..
2116.02EMASS::COLLINSThu Aug 03 1989Memory Loss
2117.02KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Aug 03 19891
2118.01PBSVAX::FREBURGERThu Aug 03 1989Problem with interval timer
2119.02GLDOA::HEINEYThu Aug 03 1989Where are you? HUH???
2120.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Aug 03 1989how do I figure out what /dev/??? my tk5
2121.02LENSMN::boniniThu Aug 03 1989Make question
2122.04OLDTMR::WIRYAMANThu Aug 03 1989changing NFS timeout value in DS31
2123.02POCUS::WORTNERThu Aug 03 1989Transporting Directory Heirarchy to VMS
2124.0POCUS::WORTNERThu Aug 03 1989Ultrix/VMS "Real Time" Performance
2125.02UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMFri Aug 04 1989dskx exerciser question
2126.06GALLOP::BYNGNFri Aug 04 1989When is 3.1 available ?
2127.09GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Aug 04 1989Creating setld-able tape
2128.06KETJE::SYBERTZFri Aug 04 1989PANIC : V3.1 compiled with DEBUG mode !!!!!
2129.01KETJE::DELAMPERFri Aug 04 1989Use of the async lines on DS31
2130.014EVOAI1::SABANISFri Aug 04 1989Ingres RDBMS on Risc??
2131.01LASHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Aug 04 1989DLI Examples Wanted
2132.08DSSDEV::PETRASFri Aug 04 1989Dollar sign meaning in cc
2133.08EMASS::FLETCHERFri Aug 04 1989ULTRIX System Calls in Fortran?
2134.014CMKRNL::WALLFri Aug 04 1989UNIX?
2135.03LENO::MANZELLAFri Aug 04 1989setld - not enough file system space for subset
2136.01LASHAM::HEERJEE_KSat Aug 05 1989Can I read notes from ULTRIX?
2137.02LENSMN::boniniSat Aug 05 1989ULTRIX System V compliance and signals
2138.04LATINA::SANZSat Aug 05 1989Valid filename
2139.05TOWNS::JANORSKESun Aug 06 1989Help me with mbuf questions under 3.
2140.02NEWVAX::PHARMONSun Aug 06 1989Curses problem (sometimes)
2141.0LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Aug 07 1989Servers for RISC/VAX clients
2142.0LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Aug 07 1989RISC server of a VAX client...
2143.0DLOACT::MANNMon Aug 07 1989DS31
2144.03CURIE::URBANMon Aug 07 1989Help with RISC C-Kermit Hangup problem
2145.04VIDEO::CRAIGMon Aug 07 1989Boot problems with VAX 31
2146.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSMon Aug 07 1989"kits" utility failing ...
2147.04PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Aug 07 1989I can't do a thing with my .shar
2148.08ULYSSE::GRANTTue Aug 08 1989changing resources...
2149.0LENSMN::boniniTue Aug 08 1989Possible problem with include files
2150.03TIMO::ttlTue Aug 08 1989msgs
2151.02CSC32::REEDTue Aug 08 1989NFS: timeout on cp of large file
2152.01HPSCAD::INFANTETue Aug 08 1989VMS to Ultrix porting?
2153.04SRFSUP::ANDERSONTue Aug 08 1989HP-UX Real-Time Features
2154.01OTOOTue Aug 08 1989NFS 3.
2155.02KYOA::LEEGTue Aug 08 1989ULTRIX 3.
2156.04VAOUTue Aug 08 1989Help connecting Exabyte to DECstation 31
2157.012TKOV5Wed Aug 09 1989Question for SNA/X.25 .
2158.06KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Aug 09 1989advice sought on 58
2159.0LASHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Aug 09 1989Printcap entries for Diablo & Genicom wanted
2160.04LDPMAX::gabrielWed Aug 09 1989MIPS C compiler bug....
2161.02ACESMK::HSIEHWed Aug 09 1989ps -v
2162.01LENSMN::boniniWed Aug 09 1989RISC Crash analysis?
2163.06AIAG::KAMESHWed Aug 09 1989Double-headed hydra
2164.05AUNTB::FUWed Aug 09 1989Need help with NFS servers for PC's
2165.03HILLST::MCHUGHWed Aug 09 1989RISC & VAX and VMS & ULTRIX on same Star Coupler???
2166.03EMASS::FLETCHERWed Aug 09 1989ULTRIX C Compiler - product manager?
2167.01WAV12::SLATTERYWed Aug 09 1989Memory vs. Performance question
2168.01SX4GTO::BERNARDWed Aug 09 1989reloc(5): Missing man page
2169.02MARX::ANDERSONWed Aug 09 1989graph(1) to workstation window
2170.03JBSVAX::BARNWELLWed Aug 09 1989LJ25
2171.01GLINT::HAINSWed Aug 09 1989Ultrix ftp and telnet message list
2172.01GIDDAY::MUNNThu Aug 10 1989NFS loses server
2173.02LDP::BENSONThu Aug 10 1989SIGIO with NBUF ?
2174.01UTRTSC::VISThu Aug 10 1989# environment var > 29
2175.03COMICS::BUNNThu Aug 10 1989print screen colour postscript available ?
2176.0POBOX::CHALTASThu Aug 10 1989Problems installing UDSVAXUPGRD
2177.022WLW::SHREVEThu Aug 10 1989setuid on shell script problem
2178.09AZUR::BONETTOFri Aug 11 1989Suitables ULTRIX Trainings ?
2179.01CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Aug 11 1989ULTDL
2180.0OLDTMR::WIRYAMANFri Aug 11 1989different VAX server kit for RISC server?
2182.01CSOA1::HUNTFri Aug 11 1989Serving 386i's - Help
2183.03RHETT::WRIGHTFri Aug 11 1989losing mount pt on ra9
2184.08NBOFS1::HERMANNFri Aug 11 1989How many TELNET Session's ?
2185.02EMASS::FLETCHERFri Aug 11 1989person needed/modify RZ8
2186.0TAVFri Aug 11 1989protection fault on 882
2187.02DYO78Fri Aug 11 1989X client on a cluster?
2188.0HANNAH::PARSONSFri Aug 11 1989Looking for a few good kits.
2190.05GLDOA::RACZKASun Aug 13 1989CSLG and ESL questions
2191.03MUNICH::ANDERMANNMon Aug 14 1989NO 3rdParty Disks on our SCSI
2192.0TLSEMon Aug 14 1989DS <== NFS ==> MIPS mach. / FTP | Pb ??
2193.0CIMNET::SWAMINATHANMon Aug 14 1989Ultrix installation failure
2194.06LARVAE::IVES_JMon Aug 14 1989tell me tell
2195.02BOLT::MINOWMon Aug 14 1989Getting Ethernet Statistics?
2196.07PRIME3::GUILESMon Aug 14 1989Number of TLB entries on DECsystem 31
2198.03MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMMon Aug 14 1989882
2199.03LEMAN::BLANCTue Aug 15 1989f77 io problem on tk5
2200.0COMICS::CARLETONTue Aug 15 1989Mvax & MIPS and NFS
2201.03COMICS::CARLETONTue Aug 15 1989Mounting to SUNOS
2202.02FRSTSC::CHRISTIANTue Aug 15 1989form feet for each line on LN
2203.0NSSG::FEINSMITHTue Aug 15 1989.netrc/ftp equivalent for VMS
2204.01SOTT::NAULTTue Aug 15 1989Ultrix Version on 39
2205.09TAVTue Aug 15 1989NFS on a CI ?? (VAX8842)
2206.02DEMON::ZIMMERMANTue Aug 15 1989How do I refer to RISC version of ULTRIX?
2207.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Aug 15 1989uucp timeout
2208.08MEO78B::LOCHTue Aug 15 1989Ultrix curses subroutines -> VAX Fortran
2209.04DYO78Tue Aug 15 1989Telnet with VMS & Excelan
2210.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 16 1989UWS 2.1 dxue icon not set as documented
2211.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 16 1989UWS 2.1 dxue pops up empty message windows
2212.03--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 16 1989adb vs dbx
2213.03ODIXIE::HENRYWed Aug 16 1989Installing 3.
2214.017POBOX::MAMMENWed Aug 16 1989How to use XCOMP?
2215.01CCIIS1::MAILLARDWed Aug 16 1989PMAX ris serving VAX
2216.01LATINA::SANZWed Aug 16 1989LAT, same port=same device
2217.03NABETH::alanWed Aug 16 1989What if...
2218.0YF23::VOGELWed Aug 16 1989PtoC conversion problems
2219.05DYO78Wed Aug 16 1989TCP/IP problems
2220.04CHEESE::KAISERWed Aug 16 1989LAT: "insufficient resources"; DW mail
2221.02TIOGA::santiagoThu Aug 17 1989PMAX cc -O2 optimizes too much
2222.02--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 17 1989Ultrix isn't available over the network ? ha !
2223.09JIT535::SHIMIZUThu Aug 17 1989LAT programming
2224.01STKHLM::LINNELLThu Aug 17 1989IP implementation questions
2225.02TAVThu Aug 17 1989scanf BUG ???
2226.05AMP::GALLOThu Aug 17 1989UWS & YP Problem
2227.04EMASS::FLETCHERThu Aug 17 1989remote (VMS) script startup (ULTRIX)
2228.09BAHTAT::ALDERTONMThu Aug 17 1989Decwindows colour differences.
2229.02DSSDEV::GRIFFINThu Aug 17 1989nfs_mount socket errors - what do they mean??
2230.09TROAThu Aug 17 1989porting VAX FORTRAN to Ultrix (RISC)
2231.02TRCOThu Aug 17 1989Software for ULTRIX??
2232.02GUIDUK::B_WOODThu Aug 17 1989Unix System V for VAX Processors?
2233.02WR1FOR::LEON_SAThu Aug 17 19894.3 BSD vs Ultrix
2234.02WR1FOR::LEON_SAThu Aug 17 1989VAXset on Ultrix
2235.01VAOAThu Aug 17 1989DS31
2237.02COOKIE::KITTELLThu Aug 17 1989Trying to set dxue "highlight" color
2238.01TKTVFri Aug 18 1989How to assign a value using dbx.
2239.01BALZAC::CHALUMEAUFri Aug 18 1989BIG problem with DECterm Windows
2240.03BAHTAT::ALDERTONMFri Aug 18 1989Font Installation under V2.
2241.01TROAFri Aug 18 1989dabasebase sharing from Ultrix/CI
2242.04DECLNE::AMANFri Aug 18 1989Multiple config lines in /sys/conf file
2243.012DECWET::ERCOLANOFri Aug 18 1989shell script to determine if file is a soft link?
2244.0LARVAE::IVES_JFri Aug 18 1989Help with Alis needed
2245.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Aug 18 1989VS31
2246.02MAXDOG::kittellFri Aug 18 1989DECwindows CBI hangs Xqdsg
2247.02CARTUN::CLIFFORDFri Aug 18 1989Available Documenation?
2248.02SUBWAY::MAGUIREFri Aug 18 1989memory upgrade problem
2249.04TLE::SIMMONSSun Aug 20 1989Trouble with installing V3.1
2250.0CHEESE::KAISERMon Aug 21 1989Book review: "Rules of Prey"
2251.01ATHINA::SKARLATOSMon Aug 21 1989Prob connecting to DS31
2252.01ZPOVMon Aug 21 1989Setld failed during dms, (VAX352
2253.01GIDDAY::CULLENMon Aug 21 1989EXABYTE 8mm Drive on Ultrix VAX - help needed
2254.010TEACH::DANMon Aug 21 1989User written drivers?
2255.03CANYON::WALTERSMon Aug 21 1989need ultrix materals/resources
2256.01PH4VAX::BETZMon Aug 21 1989278
2257.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Aug 21 1989DEC GKS/GKS-3D Internal Field Test request
2258.01KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Aug 21 1989UUCP over LAT
2259.01GLDOA::LEIBOWITZMon Aug 21 1989scsi changes from 3.
2260.012CROTON::frankMon Aug 21 1989Error Message: ku_fastsend
2261.01NITMOI::WITHERSMon Aug 21 1989Problems with Ultrix V3.
2262.07SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Aug 21 1989Installation and LAT problems..
2263.04MEO78B::LOCHTue Aug 22 1989VAX Fortran Jacket Routines (jbl)
2264.03VAXCPU::michaudTue Aug 22 1989How to give HSC path priority in seeing disks?
2265.010LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue Aug 22 1989Dump problem
2266.03NOTTue Aug 22 1989*** Need reference site for RISC Systems ***
2267.06LEDS::KAZOGLESTue Aug 22 1989Upgrade problem 3.
2268.014ROZETT::LEONGTue Aug 22 1989Booting other system images from the console prompt.
2269.07ASG3::STEWARTTue Aug 22 1989setld -d : Sorry
2270.02MUNICH::ANDERMANNTue Aug 22 1989sticky 'finger' dumps core
2271.02TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 22 1989Can't open: /dev/rmt
2272.01CCIIS1::MAILLARDTue Aug 22 1989PMAX dlogin to ALLIN1 problem
2273.01MARVIN::STHOMASTue Aug 22 1989How can I get forms on Ultrix, VMS, MS-DOS
2274.0IDONT::MIDDLETONTue Aug 22 1989RISC CDA Converter Library kit available.
2275.0STKHLM::LINNELLTue Aug 22 1989Ultrix/IP (again)
2276.02HANNAH::MISHRATue Aug 22 1989DMS help needed regarding configuration file
2277.011LENSMN::boniniTue Aug 22 1989PMAX crashes
2278.06AIAG::PRAKASHTue Aug 22 1989BW GPX Display Related Problem under Ultrix 3.
2279.01UFP::ROJTue Aug 22 1989Support for > 1 procs on 1 lat port?
2280.02JULIET::GRANT_GATue Aug 22 1989Where to go for 58XX Benchmarks
2281.03TKTV2Tue Aug 22 1989Is EMULFLT option needed ?
2282.02ZPOVWed Aug 23 1989Can VAX 352
2283.01UTRTSC::VISWed Aug 23 1989dump estimations
2284.04KETJE::SYBERTZWed Aug 23 1989Not enough core ... need HELP for BENCH ...
2285.09ELMAGO::RIPLEYWed Aug 23 1989Suggested Terminal User Interface for ULTRIX?
2286.03TRNOIS::CARROZZOWed Aug 23 1989use ps_print from VS2
2287.05DLOACT::MANNWed Aug 23 1989VAX UWS 2.1 curses
2288.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 23 1989Stripping mail header from postscript
2289.05RTL::GRAYWed Aug 23 1989Software for 58xx?
2290.06SKYLRK::LOSCHENWed Aug 23 1989How to get disk names?
2291.02BOLT::MINOWWed Aug 23 1989C code generation bug(?) on Mipsfair
2292.011GLORY::KATZWed Aug 23 1989security check
2293.02GLORY::KATZWed Aug 23 1989unix to vms printing
2294.05WINERY::MICKWed Aug 23 1989C compiler symbol table size
2295.02THEBAY::CONDEDAWed Aug 23 1989uq_reset and system slow down
2296.06JULIET::GRANT_GAWed Aug 23 1989cc -Y and "*" in exec's
2297.0LABC::CARLSONWed Aug 23 19893.1B upgrade ???
2299.015JULIET::GRANT_GAWed Aug 23 1989Twilight Zone behavior: ideas?
2300.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWWed Aug 23 1989DINIS Graphics Package???
2301.03HOTAIR::OMALLEYThu Aug 24 1989Login Validation?
2302.01LINNHE::SYSTEMThu Aug 24 1989Is there an ULTRIX SECURPACK?
2303.02DCC::HAGARTYThu Aug 24 1989[: not found problem in sh
2304.01HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIThu Aug 24 1989What constitutes an ULTRIX workgroup?
2306.07ASG3::STEWARTThu Aug 24 1989Can't login at DEC logo screen
2307.03NITMOI::WITHERSThu Aug 24 1989Command to print text area of an executable?
2308.04YODA::GEARINThu Aug 24 1989Partition Table Information Needed
2309.03SYOMV::KRASThu Aug 24 1989Shared libraries revisted.
2310.01NEWVAX::PHARMONThu Aug 24 1989scr.h - screen management tool
2311.06GLDOA::BENOREThu Aug 24 198954
2312.06NSSG::SMITHFri Aug 25 1989DECterms disappearing in UWS 2.1
2313.01ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Aug 25 1989Any workaround for the following...
2314.0CASEE::LACROIXFri Aug 25 1989Problem upgrading a DMS server DECstation to 3.1
2315.04GALVIA::BODONOVANFri Aug 25 1989uucp and ethernet
2316.011ATHINA::SKARLATOSFri Aug 25 1989Minimum ULTRIX needed to run a DECsystem?
2317.0ASDS::WALSHFri Aug 25 1989Problems porting DECwindows application to RISC.
2318.07MARX::TSOIFri Aug 25 1989Ultrix graphic package needed
2319.03WAV14::HICKSFri Aug 25 1989Two Hosts on one SCSI?
2320.02FUEL::grahamMon Aug 28 1989Physical Memory..Security issues..
2321.04ZPOVMon Aug 28 1989ps shows no process information
2322.02NBOFS1::SCHROLLMon Aug 28 1989Problem with tunefs(8)
2323.0COPCLU::BROLINMon Aug 28 1989Where can I get REDUCE?
2324.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Aug 28 1989what "setld" instruction will work for everyone?
2326.02LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Aug 28 1989AUTOBOOT on RISC
2327.02STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINMon Aug 28 1989ANSI X3.J11 and RISC C
2328.011CHEESE::KAISERMon Aug 28 1989UE windows die frequently (DS31
2329.02NCPROG::WATERHOUSEMon Aug 28 1989Compiler error: out of temporary string space
2330.05TROPPO::GRIMSHAWTue Aug 29 1989"Disk Stripping" ?????
2331.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Aug 29 1989Inter-process communications
2332.03SMAUG::ZOLFONOONTue Aug 29 1989Keyboard error code= b6 (lots of them!)
2333.0COPCLU::BRIANTue Aug 29 1989Airport information system ?
2335.03TROATue Aug 29 1989help setting up service on ds2
2336.09SMAUG::ZOLFONOONTue Aug 29 1989all DECterm windows are #1
2337.01SKYLRK::LOSCHENTue Aug 29 198954
2338.01DSSDEV::GRIFFINTue Aug 29 1989Just a pointer please.
2339.03MU::PORTERTue Aug 29 1989New compilers, anyone?
2340.04LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue Aug 29 1989ULTRIX abc
2341.04ASABET::J_DAVISWed Aug 30 1989system passwd
2342.02LYOIS1::DELECROIXWed Aug 30 1989ultrix and CI : help wanted
2343.011SALEM::JAMESONWed Aug 30 1989What is 'unaligned access'?
2344.02WAV14::HICKSWed Aug 30 1989screwy keyboard/A1 problem
2345.01RICARD::LAFORGUEWed Aug 30 1989lk sets bad protection if superuser
2346.01DSSDEV::BOANOWed Aug 30 1989handle variable argument list (??)
2347.0CRLVMS::TREESEWed Aug 30 1989RISC assembler questions
2348.03KOOZEE::VITIELLOWed Aug 30 1989Can f77 be made to round & not truncate?
2349.05HPSTEK::JACYWed Aug 30 1989Help with print queues
2350.01MARX::TSOIThu Aug 31 1989Xgraph help needed
2351.01TKOV5Thu Aug 31 1989time(1) command QUESTION...
2352.02KAZAN::BARANESThu Aug 31 1989~Patrix/RISC/Stategix/Telecoms
2353.01EEMELI::SONKERIThu Aug 31 1989DECsystem needs a mouse ????
2354.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNThu Aug 31 1989MV 33
2355.02WBC::NICHOLSONThu Aug 31 1989whereis DS2
2356.07SIETTG::FLANAGANThu Aug 31 1989"C" call RMDIR unable to remove an "empty" directory
2357.03LISVAX::PMPEREIRAThu Aug 31 1989Shutdown smoke
2358.03CGOAThu Aug 31 1989VMS Ultrix Comparison Docs?
2359.04EMASS::FLETCHERThu Aug 31 1989DECnet-ULTRIX install tape for DS31
2360.01DECLNE::OKELLEYThu Aug 31 1989EMSP ?
2361.013ODIXIE::CASTOThu Aug 31 1989where was UEG at the 9
2362.03CLUSTA::SMITHThu Aug 31 1989crontab question
2363.04HGOVC::KENBERKUNFri Sep 01 1989DECshell UUCP over X.25?
2364.07CCIIS1::MAILLARDFri Sep 01 1989Vax extensions in f77?
2365.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIFri Sep 01 1989MINIMOS ?
2366.03MPGS::SCANLONFri Sep 01 1989Need help installing capacity liscence on MV II
2367.01WCSM::SOBHANIFri Sep 01 1989procedure to add disk and swap area
2368.01SSAG::SUSSWEINFri Sep 01 1989Adding multi-tech 24
2369.06LENSMN::boniniFri Sep 01 1989PMAX unaligned access revisited
2370.02MU::PORTERSun Sep 03 1989Does 'as' understand coprocessor zero?
2371.011MEO78B::PRIEBATSCHSun Sep 03 1989Any update on ULTRIX/VMS Cluster ?
2372.01HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Sep 04 1989CASE Write Up Available?
2373.04TROPPO::RICKARDMon Sep 04 1989ASMP on 354
2374.0TAVMon Sep 04 1989SLOW/IMPOSSIBLE when csh process uses all buffers/clist
2375.04TAVMon Sep 04 1989Decwindows:Hold Screen / UE questions
2376.06LEMAN::BLANCMon Sep 04 1989lpd ---> fixed up unaligned data access
2377.0WELWEL::GRAHAMMon Sep 04 1989nu/TPU info anyone ??
2378.02BURTON::YEATESMon Sep 04 1989XServer limitations on VAX
2379.01249ER::SADLERMon Sep 04 1989Command Line Editing
2380.03CHEESE::KAISERTue Sep 05 1989Someone out there wants to grab frames under Ultrix
2381.02TKTVTue Sep 05 19892.
2382.05KETJE::SYBERTZTue Sep 05 1989URGENT : Need POSTSCRIPT format of RISC F77 doc ...
2383.0PROOF::BRYSONTue Sep 05 1989Shaping the Ultrix DECwindows Troubleshooting course
2384.02POBOX::ROSENKRANZTue Sep 05 1989Mips cc versus vax cc
2385.07RICARD::LAFORGUETue Sep 05 1989Monstreus bug in UWS for GPX
2386.01XLIB::MARSONTue Sep 05 1989Request Information about T2.2 .pcf files
2387.03EVTIS2::DORNANOWed Sep 06 1989dump block size
2388.0ELMAGO::RIPLEYWed Sep 06 1989NCS Accounting Question
2389.04ELMAGO::RIPLEYWed Sep 06 1989DS54
2390.01GILDOR::avolioWed Sep 06 1989Source Code Availability: A Critical Competitive Issue
2391.02ASG3::STEWARTWed Sep 06 1989Does Turbo LQA work?
2392.010HANNAH::MISHRAWed Sep 06 1989.Xdefaults does not solve the problem
2393.07WLW::SHREVEWed Sep 06 1989tar from 9-track to tk5
2394.01STKHLM::LHOLMSTROMWed Sep 06 1989DS2
2395.04LDP::NOLANWed Sep 06 1989question on dbx
2396.016JULIET::GRANT_GAWed Sep 06 1989dbx "bugs" and X server "bugs"
2397.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONThu Sep 07 1989Restricted print queue?
2398.011STKHLM::ALINDBERGThu Sep 07 1989idraw to customers?
2399.04HGSWThu Sep 07 1989Installation problem
2400.08DYO78Thu Sep 07 1989Start VMS X client from ULTRIX??
2401.06DYO78Thu Sep 07 1989lockf and deadlocks
2402.01ELMAGO::RIPLEYThu Sep 07 1989RISC FORTRAN Bug Fixes, Newer Releases
2403.04DYO78Thu Sep 07 1989a.out header info needed
2404.03DLOACT::MANNThu Sep 07 1989data conversion from SUN to DS31
2405.02RUNNIK::HODGEThu Sep 07 1989IBM db access from DECstation
2406.03SKYLRK::LOSCHENThu Sep 07 1989help with tcp/ip
2407.02COOKIE::WAHLThu Sep 07 1989Volatile types in <sys/types.h>
2408.06AMIGO::mullenThu Sep 07 1989gencat problem when using mnemonics
2409.02SX4GTO::ROSEThu Sep 07 1989Faster linking on PMAX?
2410.06DYO78Fri Sep 08 1989auto kill of bg jobs
2411.04DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Sep 08 1989ld -A ?
2412.01OASS::AYALLAHSat Sep 09 1989data size rlimit exceeded, segmentation error?
2413.05TAVSun Sep 10 1989cpio - how to restore under new directory?
2414.03TPOVMon Sep 11 1989ds31
2415.016VIA::GIROUXMon Sep 11 1989Questions on shmdt and reuse of process ids
2416.0UTRTSC::MIKMon Sep 11 1989ds31
2417.02CACIQE::FARDONKMon Sep 11 1989uVAX33
2418.02KETJE::SYBERTZMon Sep 11 1989RIS and SETLD problem on RISC ... any help ?
2419.06TROAMon Sep 11 1989batch queue management in Ultrix
2420.01GIDDAY::CULLENMon Sep 11 1989Supplementary Docs - How to print?
2421.0BACHUS::ROETSTue Sep 12 1989dbx
2422.04TCC::HEFFELTue Sep 12 1989?5
2423.011CHEESE::KAISERTue Sep 12 1989Time to retire troff
2424.06TROATue Sep 12 1989ultrix security level
2425.02CASEE::RAYNERTue Sep 12 1989Predefined Preprocessor symbols?
2426.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLETue Sep 12 1989Ultrix-11 status
2427.07TOPTEN::GREENTue Sep 12 1989duplicate IP address??
2428.01DDIF::MCEVOYTue Sep 12 1989questions on catopen()
2429.07CTOAVX::LAGROTTATue Sep 12 1989Where is fsplit?
2430.02SALSA::MOELLERTue Sep 12 1989RISC Ultrix dual host/port disks?
2431.05PTOVAX::SCOTTWed Sep 13 1989RISC v3.1 patch available
2432.02BURTON::WILTSHIREWed Sep 13 1989pascal to c converter???
2433.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Sep 13 1989DS Performance Report Location?
2434.01UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Sep 13 1989dcptryhard for Pmax anybody?
2435.03LENSMN::boniniWed Sep 13 198954
2436.0DYO78Wed Sep 13 1989Reverse arp to a VAX?
2437.0BOSTON::SWISTWed Sep 13 1989NIXDORF Targon 35/5
2438.0CTOAVX::LAGROTTAWed Sep 13 1989Relinking large pgms
2439.02EMASS::COLLINSWed Sep 13 19893.1 Release Notes
2440.0LENO::MANZELLAWed Sep 13 1989Terminal console on a VAXstation II/GPX
2441.010NABETH::alanWed Sep 13 1989Ultrix I/O Characterization.
2442.01BELFST::DOGGARTThu Sep 14 1989VAX ULTRIX where is it's future ?
2443.05DYO78Thu Sep 14 1989ltf(1) Problem in V3.1
2444.02ANTPOL::PRUSSThu Sep 14 1989Astronomy anyone?
2445.04TRNOIS::CARROZZOThu Sep 14 1989Problem with RV2
2446.04KERNEL::KHILLThu Sep 14 1989To DO, or not to DO
2447.02EPIK::MELBINThu Sep 14 19893.1 Ultrix and UWS 2.1
2448.0CSOA1::HUNTThu Sep 14 1989X - Client, Server Kits
2449.07CSOA1::HUNTThu Sep 14 1989DECnet ULTRIX Problem
2450.06DYO78Thu Sep 14 1989xedit setup file???
2451.0REGENT::BORTMANThu Sep 14 1989rlogin bug/security problem
2452.07KOOZEE::VITIELLOThu Sep 14 1989Missing fpc functions.
2453.0DLOACT::MANNThu Sep 14 1989semaphore limit
2454.01SUBWAY::MAGUIREThu Sep 14 1989Has the lcp problem been fixed?
2455.01NABETH::alanFri Sep 15 1989Cute Furry Lab Animals wanted...
2456.02JRDVFri Sep 15 1989BSD 4.3 and its protocols
2457.02LARVAE::RIDGWAYFri Sep 15 1989Backup times
2458.01EEMELI::LEHTINENFri Sep 15 198932K restriction on expanding data segment ?
2459.01THAVFri Sep 15 1989ULTRIX & 4.4BSD info again
2460.07CSCMA::HODGEMon Sep 18 1989SLIP at low baud rates
2461.06DEMON::PANGAKISMon Sep 18 1989Supported Programming Languages? Thanks.
2462.07EMASS::FLETCHERMon Sep 18 1989Can DS31
2463.03GILDOR::avolioMon Sep 18 198921
2464.02EMASS::FLETCHERMon Sep 18 1989linking kernel for dms clients'???
2465.02ASDS::ELKINSMon Sep 18 1989Problem with groups running dxterm
2466.0CRLVMS::TREESEMon Sep 18 1989Wanted: Sys. Mgr. for Cambridge Research Lab
2467.02CSC32::YEAKEYMon Sep 18 1989Can you change the TCP/IP packet size?
2468.0THEBAY::CONDEDAMon Sep 18 1989Software Technical Description for Ultrix
2469.016Tue Sep 19 1989pcnfsd
2470.0OZROCK::LEHMKUHLTue Sep 19 1989WAN Device Driver Field Test (POP3)
2471.03EEMELI::SONKERITue Sep 19 1989Xlib&XUI from RISC-FORTRAN?
2472.02KERNEL::CARLETONLTue Sep 19 1989DECstations, SUNs, and YP queries
2473.04KETJE::MONTETue Sep 19 1989ts2
2474.04TAVTue Sep 19 1989where is h_addr_list in hostent struct?
2475.06TAVTue Sep 19 1989pstat lacking when too many environment variables
2476.0146198::DEADYTue Sep 19 198954
2477.01KERNEL::CARLETONLTue Sep 19 1989F77 common block problem
2478.02MU::PORTERTue Sep 19 1989Make doesn't recompile when I think it should do.
2479.01CLEON::KULLTue Sep 19 1989VCB
2480.01CERN::RANCETue Sep 19 1989run time parms to fortran
2481.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Sep 19 1989gprof on DS31
2482.02TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Sep 19 1989less source please ?
2483.01ROMTue Sep 19 1989DECserver 3
2484.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Sep 19 1989VAX/Risc implementations?
2485.02TOWNS::RICHARDSTue Sep 19 1989VMS to ULTRIX Applica. Porting
2487.04SQM::HEATHTue Sep 19 1989lex question
2488.07CURIE::URBANTue Sep 19 1989OUCH! corrupt dump file: how to save
2489.01BUSHIE::KOTWALTue Sep 19 1989Raw mode in f77 (RISC)
2490.0OZROCK::LEHMKUHLWed Sep 20 1989Maximum ifnets per device type
2491.03TKOV5Wed Sep 20 1989Do you know "STAT/LIBRARY(TM)"?
2492.0LARVAE::CASH_AWed Sep 20 1989DECserver 3
2493.02VIA::GIROUXWed Sep 20 1989fcntl() process and system limits?
2494.05STKHLM::SUNDSTROMWed Sep 20 1989Sharing a LN
2496.06IJSAPL::ESSERWed Sep 20 1989DS54
2497.05CTOAVX::LAGROTTAWed Sep 20 1989Emulate INTEGER*8?
2498.02JULIET::GRANT_GAWed Sep 20 1989color support for the lj25
2499.0DNTVAX::CLANCEYWed Sep 20 1989Need ULTRIX System Manager
2500.05PTOVAX::SCOTTThu Sep 21 1989fsck and large disk farms query
2501.04SUBWAY::LEEThu Sep 21 1989How to untar a tape?
2502.07CTOAVX::LAGROTTAThu Sep 21 1989f77 conflicts with archive
2503.04BOMBE::INFANTEThu Sep 21 1989Help on Ultrix training for development
2504.01EMASS::COLLINSThu Sep 21 1989auto.home on SUNs
2505.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMThu Sep 21 1989kernel config question
2506.01LUTECE::DORNANOThu Sep 21 1989selective Xon/Xoff
2507.03LUTECE::DORNANOThu Sep 21 1989help with curses programming
2508.03MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMThu Sep 21 1989Time makes no sense...
2509.01DECLNE::OKELLEYThu Sep 21 1989dxdb and RISC Fortran
2510.0SMURF::FRIEDMANThu Sep 21 1989New ULTRIX/SQL Conference
2511.0VAOUThu Sep 21 1989Help with "tread"
2512.011GLDOA::RACZKAThu Sep 21 1989HELP...memcmp fails
2513.05IJSAPL::ESSERFri Sep 22 1989EXABYTE; 2GB video storage unit
2514.0SAC::BRODERICKFri Sep 22 1989TERMCAP entries for CIFER please
2515.01OSLLAV::MAGNARFri Sep 22 1989inst. prob. on RF3
2516.02RICARD::LAFORGUEFri Sep 22 1989where is f77plot ?
2517.0BURTON::YEATESFri Sep 22 1989Regis support
2518.01IRT::BRIGGSFri Sep 22 1989IP Addresses at Digital
2519.0THEWAV::DIAZFri Sep 22 1989Ingress on DECsystem 581
2520.0EMASS::COLLINSFri Sep 22 1989YPsetup hangs
2521.02TYFYS::PATTERSONFri Sep 22 1989Migrating VAX FORTRAN OPEN's to RISC FORTRAN...
2522.04VAOUFri Sep 22 1989SCSI device driver limit for tape is too low for me
2523.09CTOAVX::LAGROTTAFri Sep 22 1989Yet more file system questions
2524.016SUBWAY::MAGUIREFri Sep 22 1989What does fsck -b do?
2525.016HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Sep 24 1989Another Diskless Question...
2526.06TKTV2Mon Sep 25 1989VAX 835
2527.02TPOVMon Sep 25 1989Loss tu81 drive in version 3.
2528.04LYOIS2::DELECROIXMon Sep 25 1989PC/NFS with ultrix server ? i need help
2530.02ULYSSE::GRANTMon Sep 25 1989Kitbuilding prob. on RISC
2531.01THAVMon Sep 25 1989HIC with modem controll?
2532.02DUBMon Sep 25 1989RISC download terminal servers ?
2533.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Sep 25 1989Irregular ln
2534.03RTPSWS::MCMULLENMon Sep 25 1989UE and Applications
2535.010HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Sep 26 1989Ultrix Presentation?
2536.01ULYSSE::GRANTTue Sep 26 1989couldn't open character device ???
2537.01TENERE::DENISTue Sep 26 1989ultrix<->VMS
2538.04EMASS::FLETCHERTue Sep 26 1989Can't connect to Xserver????
2539.07CURIE::URBANTue Sep 26 1989rdump has a bug
2540.02MU::PORTERTue Sep 26 1989Someone's ignoring my 'static' declarations
2541.02ROMTue Sep 26 1989shared memory problem on DECsystem 31
2542.04CSC32::YEAKEYTue Sep 26 1989Which processors does V3.1a support?
2543.02JACOB::NENONENTue Sep 26 1989Switching to a HSC
2544.0UFP::CHRISTue Sep 26 1989f77, COMPLEX*16, common blocks save status...
2545.03VAOUTue Sep 26 1989SPD for FORTRAN/RISC
2546.0GALVIA::BODONOVANWed Sep 27 1989Software Project Management System (SPMS)
2547.04ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Sep 27 1989Any X Transport Interface Implementation Docs?
2548.02VOGON::PAYLORWed Sep 27 1989st_dev values from stat() ?
2549.03CASEE::RAYNERWed Sep 27 1989Question about pcc/mcc
2550.04MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIWed Sep 27 198938
2551.07UTRTSC::VISWed Sep 27 1989mail to user with uppercase letters
2552.02BIGTEX::STEINERWed Sep 27 1989NAMELIST again and I*8
2553.0GALVIA::BROSNANWed Sep 27 1989ULTRIX Lock Manager ?
2554.01DUBWed Sep 27 1989creating setld tape
2555.02HILLST::KHALLWed Sep 27 1989Digital's RISC-based Family Talk
2556.02CBOSWS::FRYLANDWed Sep 27 1989Devel on Ultrix => Move to VMS???
2557.03EMASS::COLLINSWed Sep 27 1989Pointer to libXmu.a
2558.03COMICS::SOLANKIWed Sep 27 1989URGENT! 631
2559.01LISVAX::PRAMOSWed Sep 27 1989UUCP over X.25
2560.02DUBThu Sep 28 1989conversational boot
2561.02YUPPY::TONNISONThu Sep 28 1989'fcntl(2)': "Out-to-Lunch"
2562.08JRDVThu Sep 28 1989ANSI compliant programs
2563.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Sep 28 1989U*X error msg. documentation anywhere ?
2564.01ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KThu Sep 28 1989How to generate terminfo files?
2565.03DUBThu Sep 28 1989Backup 6GB on 582
2566.02JACOB::NENONENThu Sep 28 1989Automatic login not wanted!
2567.03KERNEL::KHILLThu Sep 28 19898 bit with parity (or not)
2569.06OSLACT::TOREOThu Sep 28 1989DS54
2570.02DUGGAN::GABRIELThu Sep 28 1989Bug in 2.1 server ????
2571.01HOTAIR::BOYLESThu Sep 28 1989Ingres on DS31
2572.01TKTVThu Sep 28 1989NFS mount option "noexec"
2573.022TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Sep 29 1989Security problem! Need help to repel hecker!
2574.09ZPOVFri Sep 29 1989How to change Internet address?
2575.04EMASS::FLETCHERFri Sep 29 1989mop's node db .. loaders??
2576.01EMASS::FLETCHERFri Sep 29 1989nfs_umount -b (no documentation on switch)
2577.07MEADOW::FARICELLIFri Sep 29 1989What are these "SCS Events" ?
2578.0WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Sep 29 1989Problem with diff3!!!!
2579.06DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Sep 29 1989calendar core dump!
2580.02LISVAX::PRAMOSFri Sep 29 1989TSV
2581.01LISVAX::PRAMOSFri Sep 29 1989UUCP over Terminal Server
2582.03MERIDN::BERNIERFri Sep 29 1989RISC f77 questions on switches
2583.02MERIDN::BERNIERFri Sep 29 1989Default boot device on diskless workstation?
2584.02GLIND1::VALASEKFri Sep 29 1989TCP/IP and DS31
2585.0AKAMAI::WHITESat Sep 30 1989Crash routine errlog time stamps
2586.02TROPPO::GRIMSHAWSun Oct 01 1989GKS, RISC & Device Support???
2587.04GALVIA::JBROWNEMon Oct 02 1989Delete a file while doing a read
2588.0TKTV2Mon Oct 02 1989ftp error messages 425
2589.011DBCIC1::MCCARTHYMon Oct 02 1989VS31
2590.07BALZAC::MARKOWSKIMon Oct 02 1989Something like RMS
2592.0BURTON::WILTSHIREMon Oct 02 1989exabyte as a tk5
2593.02HANNAH::MISHRAMon Oct 02 1989dms performance issue.
2594.03HOTAIR::BOYLESMon Oct 02 1989Upgrading to UWS V2.1???
2595.03COORS::E_ROBERTSONMon Oct 02 1989DS31
2596.01NZOVMon Oct 02 1989ln
2597.04CLUSTA::SMITHMon Oct 02 1989sendmail: cannot bind/cannot get connection?
2598.04CLUSTA::SMITHMon Oct 02 1989sendmail.cf & uucp <--> DECnet
2599.02CAPO::FANG_YUMon Oct 02 1989How to copy VMS DDIF files to Ultrix??
2600.03PADIS1::CRAYETue Oct 03 1989RZ and RF disk support
2601.02STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINTue Oct 03 1989Shared memory & MSGSIZ
2602.02AIAG::BILLMERSTue Oct 03 1989Shell programming question
2603.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 03 1989Problem with dms install for VAX client
2604.011IJSAPL::ESSERTue Oct 03 1989RISC and IBM 9377
2605.02DUBTue Oct 03 1989ULTRIX Security issues
2606.03MANTue Oct 03 1989config file on PMAX, please help
2607.04RHETT::HOYTTue Oct 03 1989Curses and the keypad again
2608.0ODIXIE::ASHMEADTue Oct 03 1989DMS woes ???
2609.07SALEM::NAGARAJANTue Oct 03 1989Can VMS/Ultrix share files/disk?
2610.03DYO78Tue Oct 03 1989tip problem
2611.08ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Oct 03 1989remote backups under Ultrix???
2612.02LAIDBK::SCHNEIDERTue Oct 03 1989VRM and ORACE problem on 3.1
2613.0CURIE::UPPUGUNDURITue Oct 03 1989Signal handler freezes up DS54
2614.01RHETT::HOYTTue Oct 03 1989rz55 default partition table
2615.01TPOVTue Oct 03 1989DS31
2616.0IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENWed Oct 04 1989uucp on multiple lines between two systems??
2617.02TAVWed Oct 04 1989filter to produce banner
2618.04TAVWed Oct 04 1989copy remote files and keep their attributes
2619.02DYO78Wed Oct 04 1989How to fix "pause"
2620.0CURIE::HODGEWed Oct 04 1989VAX extensions on RISC????????
2621.06OSLACT::OLAVWed Oct 04 1989Client config fails with: loading vmunix, Undefined: _sdintr
2622.03CACIQE::FARDONKWed Oct 04 1989setting date can hang system??
2623.06DOOZER::DAVIDSONWed Oct 04 1989Delete ris subsets?
2624.07SUBWAY::LEEWed Oct 04 1989Boot from DECsystem 31
2625.03GLDOA::RACZKAWed Oct 04 1989libXt.a
2626.01UFP::CHRISWed Oct 04 1989RISC CD boot - "bad ptb read"???
2627.06TRNSAM::CURTISWed Oct 04 1989Psuedo-device driver init and probe calls
2628.01LATINA::ROSAThu Oct 05 1989diskless/ultrix-risc and windows problem
2629.02MANThu Oct 05 1989LN
2630.0OSLENG::DAGFRAThu Oct 05 19892 problems: cannot allocate colormap entry and frequent server crashes
2631.05TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Oct 05 1989untar problem, need advice!
2632.04SANTEE::GREENEThu Oct 05 1989HELP! Ultrix DECW clients on VMS DECW Server?
2633.02DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Oct 05 1989ULTRIX server with DECwindows
2634.04ASG3::STEWARTThu Oct 05 1989Compiling code - VMS -> Ultrix
2635.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWThu Oct 05 1989RSM support RISC clients yet???
2636.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWThu Oct 05 1989VAX RSM, RISC ris, dms Solution help???
2637.03CLOSET::EROSSThu Oct 05 1989Server thinks 15" monitor is 75 dpi
2638.02ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZThu Oct 05 1989VAXstation35
2639.016TROAThu Oct 05 1989login and logout
2640.06DIXIE1::RICHARDSONThu Oct 05 1989Ultrix compliancy to System V
2641.01DIXIE1::RICHARDSONThu Oct 05 1989remote PC connection
2642.03TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Oct 05 1989Anyone got a dsh thingamajig ?
2643.0BALZAC::MARKOWSKIFri Oct 06 1989dbm subroutines
2644.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Oct 06 1989Ultrix LAN's
2646.04DEMON::PANGAKISFri Oct 06 1989Is there a need for training on tuning?
2647.03CACIQE::FARDONKFri Oct 06 1989partition sizes after newfs??
2648.01CEEOSI::MCCABEFri Oct 06 1989ULTRIX Product management.
2649.01MUNICH::HEUBERGERFri Oct 06 1989f77/risc -LF77PLOT
2650.01ULTRA::SMITHFri Oct 06 1989ULTRIX 3.1 - EMACS problem
2651.03KERNEL::WETHERALLFri Oct 06 1989DXDB and bourne shell.
2652.0TOOK::M_FOXFri Oct 06 1989mop_mom dies occasionally
2653.03MNATUR::LISTONFri Oct 06 1989Is DRV1W (DRV11-WA) supported in V3.1 as SPD states?
2654.019CSSISG::UBANFri Oct 06 1989checking system type from shell?
2655.012SYOMV::KRASFri Oct 06 19894.
2657.05WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon Oct 09 1989Removing a File System ???
2658.05JUPITR::NORTONMon Oct 09 1989DXTERMnn Exited immediately
2659.01CACIQE::FARDONKMon Oct 09 1989shmget() crashes system!!!
2660.01LYOIS1::DELECROIXMon Oct 09 1989tcp-ip on leased-lines ????!!!!%%%%
2661.05NZOVMon Oct 09 1989ln
2662.02NZOVMon Oct 09 1989tcp terminal server printer
2663.011GOLLY::MILLERTue Oct 10 1989PMAX "hangs"
2664.0HGOVC::JIMMYCHANTue Oct 10 1989TCP/IP with X.25
2665.05TAVTue Oct 10 1989Dlogin + 8BIT problems.
2666.05TAVTue Oct 10 1989panic: i/o err in push ?
2667.07ACESMK::TUSIATue Oct 10 1989ANSI C on PMAX
2668.01TROATue Oct 10 1989Xabyte tape drive connected to DS31
2669.01MINNY::FREYTue Oct 10 1989SYSTEM_V XOpenDisplay Help
2670.01SUBWAY::GREENZANGTue Oct 10 1989Message Bus on U* ?
2671.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Oct 10 1989Risc presentation/performance reports?
2672.05LENSMN::boniniTue Oct 10 1989MIPS vs VAX and Interrupts
2673.05MU::PORTERTue Oct 10 1989MIPS C compiler Func Prototypes bug
2674.09BUSHIE::KOTWALTue Oct 10 1989Using Multiple parsers in yacc(1)
2675.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTITue Oct 10 1989Need Risc Fortran Manuals
2676.07WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 11 19893.
2677.03GOLLY::MILLERWed Oct 11 1989Make to/from MMS?
2678.04WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 11 1989Ultrix -> VMS text files
2679.02TROPPO::GRIMSHAWWed Oct 11 1989RIS & alternate mount points for the kit
2680.012LENSMN::boniniWed Oct 11 1989MIPS C compiler and padding
2681.0PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Oct 11 1989ucx : telnet problem ssrvexpect
2682.02SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Oct 11 1989Tip questions
2683.02TROAWed Oct 11 1989diskless clients working environment
2684.04LEDS::KAZOGLESWed Oct 11 1989Growing Root directory ??
2685.05FRSBEE::CARLSONWed Oct 11 1989/bin/csh Permission denied
2686.09MU::PORTERWed Oct 11 1989UWS V2.
2687.01GIDDAY::CULLENWed Oct 11 1989Two ethernet controllers cause PANIC on 34
2688.01IMSLOW::BODONOVANThu Oct 12 1989calling all RCS users
2689.01451Thu Oct 12 1989MicroVAX 34
2690.05LARVAE::NISBET_DThu Oct 12 1989catman confusion
2691.04TRHThu Oct 12 1989Garbled login prompt
2692.01CSC32::M_CHISHOLMThu Oct 12 1989BIND domain aliases
2693.025PEOVAX::URBANOWICZThu Oct 12 1989RISC Fortran V2 When?
2694.01SDOGUS::HOOKERThu Oct 12 1989vi seg faults on 2nd try.
2695.02CAPO::STEINMAN_JOThu Oct 12 1989dbx: Ultrix Crash Analysis???
2696.02BRSDVP::ROETSFri Oct 13 1989fortran malloc libU77
2697.01VAXUUM::EROSSFri Oct 13 1989gnuemacs on DS31
2698.03CSC32::E_ROBERTSONFri Oct 13 1989Tip/uucp support on DS31
2699.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Oct 13 1989WHAT'S U-32 PRE (RISC) TAPE FOR?????
2700.01SMAUG::L_HOFri Oct 13 1989Help on UWS2.2 vs UWS2.4 (ULTRIX 4.
2701.07RHETT::HOYTFri Oct 13 1989Missing *roff files?
2702.03KYOA::ANDERSONSat Oct 14 1989ftp/rcp problem ultrix->System V
2703.0GIDDAY::CULLENMon Oct 16 1989CDROM not supported for install on VSII?
2704.01ROMMon Oct 16 1989kill -1 works different
2705.02STKHLM::STKHLM::RICKARDMon Oct 16 1989and do a "ps ax"
2706.04TOWNS::TJANORSKEMon Oct 16 1989vs31
2707.0STKHLM::STKHLM::RICKARDMon Oct 16 1989AIM III Benchmark ???
2708.06RT95::STILLWAGGONMon Oct 16 1989Raw mode copy???
2709.0BRSDVP::ROETSMon Oct 16 1989uucp assert error
2710.04KASINO::NEIDECKERMon Oct 16 1989Strange rzXX performances
2711.07ODIHAM::MCMASTER_EMon Oct 16 1989Can't build my new 54
2712.01OTOOMon Oct 16 1989System5 on Risc?
2713.0DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Oct 16 1989disktab and chpt disagree!
2714.01OTOOMon Oct 16 1989our 5 vs sun 5?
2715.07TENNIS::KAMMon Oct 16 1989Guide to Server Setup missing, and other things
2716.0RHETT::SHARBUTTMon Oct 16 1989emulate_branch(3) ?
2717.05UFP::ROJMon Oct 16 1989echo to lat port logs you out
2718.01CLADA::KILGARRIFFTue Oct 17 1989VAX 11/75
2719.0BURTON::YEATESTue Oct 17 1989Process scheduling and SMP
2720.01ASABET::J_DAVISTue Oct 17 1989man command failure
2722.02MANTue Oct 17 1989Docu for newcsh
2723.03SUBWAY::MAGUIRETue Oct 17 1989DMS 3.
2724.04TALLIS::ZANZERKIATue Oct 17 1989VAX/Ultrix Compiler problem.
2725.07WR1FOR::BARTLETROTue Oct 17 1989Can't su in X-windows!!!!!
2726.02RHETT::HOYTTue Oct 17 1989What's /dev/bootdev for...
2727.016ASG3::STEWARTTue Oct 17 1989Where is UDTDL
2729.02HANNAH::MISHRATue Oct 17 1989How can NFS be made more secure ?
2730.07NOBOZO::HAYESTue Oct 17 1989ldopen: cannot open foo
2731.06VAOUTue Oct 17 1989TAR file copy from VMS to Ultrix problem
2732.03SYOMV::KRASTue Oct 17 1989Distributed printing
2733.02TOPTEN::GREENTue Oct 17 1989color or B/W??
2734.02TKTV2Tue Oct 17 1989UWS2.1 VS2
2735.02USWAV1::WALTERWed Oct 18 1989VS31
2736.03LARVAE::MOORE_AWed Oct 18 1989Writing Device Drivers
2737.03DUGGAN::NOLANWed Oct 18 1989byte ordering and RISC f77?
2738.010EMASS::COLLINSWed Oct 18 1989Security Concern
2739.04CSC32::E_ROBERTSONWed Oct 18 1989How to find the Ethernet interface type.
2740.02FSTTOO::OWENWed Oct 18 1989Problem with setrlimit(2)
2741.0THE78Wed Oct 18 1989risc/tcp/udp/ip performance
2742.08TKTV2Thu Oct 19 1989time command
2743.05MARX::WALSHThu Oct 19 1989Pmax Problem
2744.03MINDER::COUPLANDSThu Oct 19 1989make and VPATH
2746.04MUDDIN::CONROYThu Oct 19 1989Backing up ULTRIX to a VMS machine??
2747.01UFP::ROJThu Oct 19 1989Shared Mem Prob fixed w/vfork!?
2748.0SMURF::MKROMANNThu Oct 19 1989VMS ULTRIX Connection V1.2 FRS Seminar
2749.01ASG3::STEWARTThu Oct 19 1989Printing sixel files
2750.03MUSKIE::MILLERThu Oct 19 1989Unix "NXM" error on DHQ11
2751.02RHETT::HOYTThu Oct 19 1989Underflow causes performance degradation
2752.01GLDOA::RACZKAThu Oct 19 1989"Local paging via NFS ??"
2753.0TKTVFri Oct 20 1989bessel functions (risc fortran)
2754.06KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Oct 20 1989CursesX, DS31
2755.02LISVAX::PMPEREIRAFri Oct 20 1989Porting from VMS
2756.02CACIQE::FARDONKFri Oct 20 1989Common Data between processes??
2757.05SUBWAY::WORTNERFri Oct 20 1989Kernel/Scheduling Puzzle
2758.03LUTECE::DORNANOFri Oct 20 1989ltaclose() patch for RISC V3.1
2759.01XLIB::MARSONFri Oct 20 1989Problems with the mips C compiler on a DECstation 31
2760.0MINDER::COUPLANDSFri Oct 20 198954
2761.01POBOX::KINSLEYFri Oct 20 1989printing message from sendmail
2762.03CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINFri Oct 20 1989Porting from SYSV
2763.05TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Oct 20 1989Where can we get emacs?
2764.05TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Oct 20 1989ULTRIX equiv for "set verify"?
2765.02USHSSun Oct 22 1989Unable to restore dump on VS2
2766.01SARAH::VISWANATHMon Oct 23 1989Swapping on a SUN disk
2767.0BRSSWS::ROETSMon Oct 23 1989wrt r 5
2768.02TKTV2Mon Oct 23 1989How does printcap filter act ?
2769.05SAC::BRODERICKMon Oct 23 1989QIC tape drives or not ???
2770.03JIT535::SHIMIZUMon Oct 23 1989shared and non swapped memory ?
2771.03KERNEL::WETHERALLMon Oct 23 1989xdrawarcs broken on RISC
2772.04BELFST::DOGGARTMon Oct 23 1989Please run on 54
2773.02GLDOA::HONOURMon Oct 23 1989HP LaserJet Support?
2774.01USRCV1::KRASBMon Oct 23 1989Pass thru DECterm to tty
2775.02ARGUS::CLARKMon Oct 23 1989Booting a 581
2776.01GAOVMon Oct 23 1989Building Ultrix.
2777.01ROMMon Oct 23 1989memcmp fails on RISC/ULTRIX
2778.04HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIMon Oct 23 1989ULTRIX Client/Server Environment documentation
2780.02TOPTEN::GREENMon Oct 23 1989need decnet ultrix???
2781.033D::LEMAIREMon Oct 23 1989POSIX/no char written
2782.011SHALOT::KELLYMon Oct 23 1989OPEN_MAX question
2783.03SCAACT::SMITHJMon Oct 23 1989RISC C Compiler Problem
2784.06CSOA1::HUNTMon Oct 23 1989MAX users of ULTRIX 256?
2785.04SNOCTue Oct 24 1989Features of ULTRIX/SMP ?
2786.04UTOPIE::HORINEKTue Oct 24 1989m34
2787.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue Oct 24 1989Request for help on security !
2788.0UTRTSC::LITHTue Oct 24 1989mail reply and mixed tcp,uucp address formats
2789.06OTOUTue Oct 24 1989NQS?
2790.03MARX::KELLEYTue Oct 24 1989async i/o and SIGIO (SOCKETS)
2791.01LUTECE::DORNANOTue Oct 24 1989ld: bad string table index
2792.03TOPTEN::GREENTue Oct 24 1989interrupts and exceptions??
2793.03HYDRA::DAVETue Oct 24 1989Help with C-shell programming
2794.03ANTPOL::PRUSSTue Oct 24 1989DECsystem/Bitnet?
2795.01KETJE::MONTETue Oct 24 1989VT52-decsystem54
2796.02YAWNY::MARTINTue Oct 24 1989ULTRIX installation on 54
2797.0SOJU::FRANCUSTue Oct 24 1989printcap entry for printronix
2798.03NABETH::alanTue Oct 24 1989VAX 9
2799.010LAIDBK::SCHNEIDERTue Oct 24 1989execl linhibits wildcard usage in 3.1
2800.04BRSOPI::SYBERTZWed Oct 25 1989TK5
2801.0TKTV2Wed Oct 25 1989cat not tar 4.1BSD -> ULT V3.
2802.04KERNEL::CARLETONLWed Oct 25 1989The LAT, programming
2803.05RHETT::FISHERWed Oct 25 1989Part numbers and order numbers.
2804.02XLIB::EIBENWed Oct 25 1989Order-Nr for 8-user License Upgrade
2805.01DUGGAN::NOLANWed Oct 25 1989problems using enumerated types
2806.06STEREO::BREDBURYWed Oct 25 1989change kernel src, rebuild?
2807.03KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Oct 25 1989nested include files
2808.01HYDRA::DAVEWed Oct 25 1989VMSTAT output interpretation
2809.07ASD::WIMBERGWed Oct 25 1989How do I 'show system' on Ultrix?
2810.03MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMWed Oct 25 1989ld errors during kernel build
2811.05XLIB::WIELEWed Oct 25 1989RISC Ultrix ranlib/ar tmp files
2812.0CSC32::E_ROBERTSONWed Oct 25 1989NFS and lo
2813.03SX4GTO::KIMBALLWed Oct 25 1989VS31
2814.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWThu Oct 26 1989SVID Network Services Extension???
2815.02COPCLU::BROLINThu Oct 26 1989SWAP problem on DS31
2816.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Oct 26 1989risc fortran xlib bindings
2817.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Oct 26 1989UNIX performance tools ....
2818.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Oct 26 1989VMS <-> UNIX
2819.01MQOUThu Oct 26 1989TCP/IP active links
2820.0EMASS::FLETCHERThu Oct 26 1989NFS overhead question
2821.0TAVThu Oct 26 1989BUG in CC ??
2822.01ROMThu Oct 26 1989NFS vs TCP/IP
2823.02ATHINA::SABANISThu Oct 26 1989How do I increase shared memory????
2824.04OTOUThu Oct 26 1989Backup to TK7
2825.01OTOUThu Oct 26 1989Printer accounting for LaserJet
2826.03CHARON::BRUCKMANThu Oct 26 1989File descriptor help!
2827.01MARX::WALSHThu Oct 26 1989Trap error messages from within program control
2828.01RTL::GRAYThu Oct 26 1989xman source?
2829.04TROAThu Oct 26 1989boot -f mop() - nothing happened
2830.02ASDS::WARDThu Oct 26 1989Coherent anyone - Xposting
2831.06GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Oct 27 1989make
2832.04TROAFri Oct 27 1989mop_mom dead
2833.07KERNEL::WETHERALLFri Oct 27 1989UUCP UUCICO protocol types?
2834.01LEGLAS::MALKOWSKIFri Oct 27 1989ULTRIX/Tcp/ip Management issues
2835.0COPCLU::BROLINFri Oct 27 1989Release notes RISC-Fortran - Where?
2836.02AIAG::BRENNANFri Oct 27 1989TA78 (TA81) works with Ultrix?
2837.04AIAG::BRENNANFri Oct 27 1989printscreen broken under Ultrix V3.1?
2838.011LEMAN::MEISTERFri Oct 27 1989panic due to LAT/uucp - ultrix 3.1
2839.01CLOSET::EROSSFri Oct 27 1989Max users = 2
2840.010WMOIS::LAMPERTFri Oct 27 1989Windows up, logged in, cursor moves, nothing works
2841.0DPDMAI::BEATTIEFri Oct 27 1989does make suffix~ <- SCCS work?
2842.02RHETT::FISHERFri Oct 27 1989Any TU8
2843.0MAIL::SHAHNAMFri Oct 27 1989Net. Design Appl. on U*??
2844.03TYFYS::PATTERSONSat Oct 28 1989Does TK7
2845.04ACESMK::TUSIASat Oct 28 1989Octal/Hexadecimal/binary Calculators Anyone
2846.02ACESMK::TUSIASat Oct 28 1989Cross Reference Feature for RISC FORTRAN?
2847.01TAVSun Oct 29 1989CC BUG ? PLEASE ?????
2848.02TROASun Oct 29 1989users can login from server or any clients
2849.02TKTVFS::HAMANOMon Oct 30 1989Compile warning message of text sample
2850.01TKTVFS::HAMANOMon Oct 30 1989About -EB option
2851.02BUSHIE::KOTWALMon Oct 30 1989Slow printer losing last lines over lat/muxservers
2852.02GIDDAY::CULLENMon Oct 30 1989swapon -a gives "no such device" error
2853.03TKTV2Mon Oct 30 1989how to use mount(2nfs)
2854.04ROMMon Oct 30 1989unaligned data access
2855.04KERNEL::CARLETONLMon Oct 30 1989CD ate my shell!
2856.04LUTECE::DORNANOMon Oct 30 1989child debug with dbx ?
2857.0CSC32::YEAKEYMon Oct 30 1989BIND Libraries
2858.04MISFIT::KNIGHTTTue Oct 31 1989Unsupported Device Driver routines?
2859.02OSLLAV::SVEINNTue Oct 31 1989pl# pagelength greater than 66 ?
2860.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Oct 31 1989getcmd() ????
2861.02ATHINA::SKARLATOSTue Oct 31 1989Segmentation fault DS31
2862.02AKOV88::SHAWTue Oct 31 1989Undo command?
2863.02TOPTEN::GREENTue Oct 31 1989uws 2.1 rdump problem
2864.01RTPSWS::DAVISTue Oct 31 1989RD53 and 6MB support
2865.03JBSVAX::BARNWELLTue Oct 31 1989HELP! Can't receive Mail
2866.03CSC32::YEAKEYTue Oct 31 1989RIS for both DS31
2867.0SMAUG::L_HOTue Oct 31 1989Curses Library & Color
2868.06TROATue Oct 31 1989YP and decwindow
2869.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Oct 31 1989YP <-> SUN and ftp security.
2870.01MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 31 1989Upgrade X Server w/o upgrading Ultrix?
2871.0JIT535::SHIMIZUWed Nov 01 1989question shared memory lock
2873.04CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Nov 01 1989New hostname for diskless client?
2874.03STEREO::BREDBURYWed Nov 01 1989tcp/ip close stomps write?
2875.01ESRAD::WITTMANWed Nov 01 1989Athena SW in ULTRIX?
2876.02STKHUV::LISSDANIELSWed Nov 01 1989TCP/IP over 8
2877.011TLE::WARDWed Nov 01 1989yacc limitation
2878.07DAVIS::peterWed Nov 01 1989dlogin to VMS system problems
2879.02ASD::WIMBERGWed Nov 01 1989fverify question
2880.01ASD::WIMBERGWed Nov 01 1989devices on Ultrix
2881.02CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINWed Nov 01 1989TARREAD and TARWRITE wanted
2882.011PIPA::SANTIAGOWed Nov 01 1989dbx<->X window interface for DS31
2883.07OSOVThu Nov 02 1989Performance of DS31
2884.011LARVAE::TIMMIS_JThu Nov 02 1989help on sizing file servers 54
2885.01DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Nov 02 1989f77 object file compatibility
2886.01DIXIE1::RICHARDSONThu Nov 02 1989remote install of 75
2887.01BMT::STEINBERGThu Nov 02 1989Pointer to 54
2888.02UTOPIE::HORINEKThu Nov 02 1989install ds2
2889.05ASG3::STEWARTThu Nov 02 1989Set display in ULTRIX
2890.04ASG3::STEWARTThu Nov 02 1989What is missing here?
2891.05TOPTEN::GREENThu Nov 02 1989script and dlogin problem
2892.018TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Nov 02 1989TENA?+?
2893.01LISVAX::PMPEREIRAThu Nov 02 1989Terminal Server Softw.
2894.04VLNVAX::CANUTEThu Nov 02 1989PMAX boot help... PLEASE??
2896.03LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Nov 02 1989FMS on ULTRIX
2897.01TROAThu Nov 02 1989login operator account from DECwindow
2898.03TROAThu Nov 02 1989sed and awk located in which subset?
2899.02TLE::DANIELSThu Nov 02 1989Why am I running out of space?
2901.0MU::PORTERThu Nov 02 1989PMAX "mop()" magic
2902.03WCSM::SOBHANIThu Nov 02 1989stand alone backup
2903.05OTOOThu Nov 02 1989ULTRIX goes Sys V?
2904.01UKEDU::SWIGGFri Nov 03 1989Ingres for RISC
2905.011TOOK::A_CHENFri Nov 03 1989vcc/lk vs cc/ld
2906.08SETPRV::jaquesFri Nov 03 1989Ultrix attacked by VMS worm
2907.02ASDS::CHUFri Nov 03 1989nfs client
2908.0CSC32::D_LOWRYFri Nov 03 1989rlogin out from console is fubar
2909.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Nov 03 1989Characterization Reports
2910.010CIVAGE::PRUSSSat Nov 04 1989build_makefile utility?
2911.08NZOVSat Nov 04 1989DECserver 55
2912.04TKTV2Sat Nov 04 1989print tbl output to LN
2913.03ZURSat Nov 04 1989Double-Click in dxue
2914.02HANNAH::MISHRASat Nov 04 1989Article in BYTE,DEC's RISC Powerhouse
2915.04HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGSat Nov 04 1989Format of a boot cartridge?
2916.05MUDIS3::DSCHMIERMon Nov 06 1989problems sending/receiving ddif mails ...
2917.05HPSRAD::HARTERMon Nov 06 1989Setting Keyclick in Session Manager
2918.015HILLST::KHALLMon Nov 06 1989Setting up a DECwindows Terminal with a DECsystem **
2919.0SCDGAT::SCHWEIKERMon Nov 06 1989question on error -t
2920.01RICARD::LAWSONMon Nov 06 1989DECsystem 54
2921.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTITue Nov 07 1989Fortran risc Problems
2922.04DCC::HUBERTTue Nov 07 1989Missing Curses libcursesX.a modules!
2923.02DCC::HUBERTTue Nov 07 1989SNA comm: Who, what, when?
2924.01CIVAGE::PRUSSTue Nov 07 1989BLOCK DATA, f77 RISC
2925.0OSLACT::OLAVTue Nov 07 1989DECstation 31
2926.03PRCSWS::EDWARDYEUNGTue Nov 07 1989request for help: AT&T system V <--> Ultrix
2927.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGTue Nov 07 1989Inspect system parameter.
2928.01ATHINA::SKARLATOSTue Nov 07 1989F77 Listings on ULTRIX/RISC ??????? When/Why not??
2929.0SARAH::P_DAVISTue Nov 07 1989Bitpad with UWS 2.2 BL6?
2930.04KETJE::SYBERTZTue Nov 07 1989change "ascii" to "ddif" format in ultrix risc ?
2931.04LABC::CARLSONTue Nov 07 1989DECStation without windows
2932.05MEO78B::LOCHTue Nov 07 1989NOFILE-max file desc limit ?!?
2933.03MEO78B::LYONSWed Nov 08 1989Misc. Questions
2934.09THAMWed Nov 08 1989Help! Release notes and 8-bit support
2935.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONWed Nov 08 1989rlogin banner?
2936.0CSC32::M_CHISHOLMWed Nov 08 1989Printronics P3
2937.07UTRTSC::JONKERWed Nov 08 1989F77 risc FT2.
2938.01IOCTL::ZEMONWed Nov 08 1989panic: tlbmiss...
2939.09KLO::ROGIERWed Nov 08 1989Console unusable
2940.03KERNEL::CARLETONLWed Nov 08 1989Cache Parity Errors?
2941.0XLIB::VAHALIAWed Nov 08 1989tk5
2942.07XLIB::VAHALIAWed Nov 08 1989Ultrix disk driver details
2943.01UKEDU::SWIGGWed Nov 08 1989/opr/is_vaxstar ???
2944.0TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Nov 08 1989Using load command to load terminal server
2945.015PCOJCT::LEEGWed Nov 08 1989COBOL for RISC ULTRIX
2946.01USWAV1::WALTERWed Nov 08 1989DF224 ON VS31
2947.0KAL::BJERKEHOLTThu Nov 09 1989DATABUS for RISC
2948.0BRSDVP::ROETSThu Nov 09 1989dbx view part of array
2949.05MSAMThu Nov 09 1989Ultrix/Unix queries
2950.0TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Nov 09 1989Whats st_pdn_idn, idn etc in RISC/f77 ?
2951.08MANThu Nov 09 1989EISPACK Library ???
2952.03UFP::ROJThu Nov 09 1989Pub Dom source for glob?
2953.02ASDS::CHUThu Nov 09 19891159 support
2954.02CHOWDA::FRANCEYThu Nov 09 1989dxpsview "zoom in" requirement
2955.05ARGUS::CLARKThu Nov 09 1989TU81 on a DS54
2956.02HANDVA::STEPHENWONGThu Nov 09 1989use 8bit.96
2957.02OBIWAN::ANDERSONFri Nov 10 1989tracking CU phone calls??
2958.01SNOCFri Nov 10 1989posix and getting compliant
2959.08EEMELI::LEHTINENFri Nov 10 1989VAX->RISC ris install failes...
2960.02LENSMN::boniniFri Nov 10 1989SCSI questions about tape drives
2961.03DIZZY::NENONENFri Nov 10 1989Installation on 11/785
2962.01MSAMFri Nov 10 1989Ultrix/RISC no (a)sync support ?
2963.03UTOPIE::HORINEKFri Nov 10 1989dlogin and set host problems
2964.03WAV12::SLATTERYFri Nov 10 1989VMS and ULTRIX together
2965.03CSCMA::J_BUSHFri Nov 10 1989XSessionManager resources
2966.01PCOJCT::LEEGFri Nov 10 1989Common mail file in ULTRIX
2967.0CSOA1::WILDER_JSat Nov 11 1989Printer losing print jobs...
2968.04CNTROL::GANDARASun Nov 12 1989tar file transfer using tip
2969.09HANDVA::WAIMANLONGMon Nov 13 1989Problem with workstation login
2970.03RTOIC::AHEINMon Nov 13 1989UWS support for pointing device
2971.07HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Nov 13 1989local swap disk question
2972.0ROMMon Nov 13 1989kill fails under sh5
2973.05DOPEY::DICKENSMon Nov 13 1989VMS command line editing doesn't work when dlogin'ed from Ultrix
2975.06TRCOMon Nov 13 1989Keyboard for EMACS users??
2976.03MAY26::FALCONEMon Nov 13 1989Load Balancing Shell & Performance Tools from Toronto
2977.04CACIQE::RUIZJMon Nov 13 1989DS2
2978.02TKTV2Tue Nov 14 1989X terminal with DECsystem 54
2979.0ROMTue Nov 14 1989cat redirect on printer device
2980.01SUBURB::BOYDATue Nov 14 1989where is Lex and Yacc (VMS) ??
2981.02EMASS::FLETCHERTue Nov 14 1989do you have libexc.a?
2982.03TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Nov 14 1989f77/RISC does not read/write 4('s
2983.0SCDGAT::SCHWEIKERTue Nov 14 1989problem with cxref(1)
2984.02TMCUK2::STEVENSTue Nov 14 1989Help in rewriting the terminal driver?
2985.044SMURF::DADOLYTue Nov 14 1989Announcing ULTRIX/UWS 4.
2986.04CIVAGE::PRUSSTue Nov 14 1989DECterm starts to display control chars
2987.01UKEDU::SWIGGWed Nov 15 1989mdtar bug?
2988.011HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Nov 15 1989need more /usr space
2989.07MLNCSC::NARDOWed Nov 15 1989MIPS C: illegal indirection
2991.05TOOK::SWISTWed Nov 15 1989dbx and fork
2992.04KLO::ROGIERWed Nov 15 1989 Interupt Vector Values Wanted
2993.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Nov 15 1989DESPERATE for help with lk ...
2994.09TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Nov 15 1989OK, all you porting gurus out there
2995.05DIZZY::NENONENThu Nov 16 1989Backup doesn't work on TA79!
2996.0BRSSWS::ROETSThu Nov 16 1989uucp SNDFILE cntrl
2997.02TKOV5Thu Nov 16 1989dbx(1) for COMPLEX...?
2998.02UKEDU::SWIGGThu Nov 16 1989ps -lax state D??
2999.07AIAG::BILLMERSThu Nov 16 1989Intercepting incoming mail by a program
3000.01DCC::HUBERTThu Nov 16 1989SABER-C discount for DEC???
3001.0EIGER::SUTTERThu Nov 16 1989Help: dbx on a fortran binary doesn't work!!
3002.01CSC32::GLAUNERThu Nov 16 1989Rlogin not working telnet does work
3003.0KERNEL::CARLETONLThu Nov 16 1989LAT Truncating on printers
3004.01FSTVAX::GALLOThu Nov 16 1989Bind Service Questions
3005.06SNOCThu Nov 16 1989LPS4
3006.01TLE::ELLENBERGERThu Nov 16 1989cscope?
3007.0TROPPO::GRIMSHAWFri Nov 17 1989UNISYS Cobol to ULTRIX ????
3008.02TKTV2Fri Nov 17 1989two head GPX
3009.0COMICS::TREVENNORFri Nov 17 1989Do you support ULTRIX in a TSC/CSC?
3010.05BURTON::WILTSHIREFri Nov 17 1989Huge system time F77 benchmark
3011.01KERNEL::CARLETONLFri Nov 17 1989No Console Messages
3012.09GAON::jemFri Nov 17 1989Mail kludge sought
3014.0BACHUS::ROETSFri Nov 17 1989nfs wait_status op:getattr fhandle
3015.01STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINFri Nov 17 1989dms on VAXstation 2
3016.02MILPND::CANSLERFri Nov 17 1989DRV1W supported?
3017.01TROAFri Nov 17 1989F77 problems again
3018.01MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Nov 17 1989a question about TCP/IP
3019.0CUJO::BROTHERFri Nov 17 1989DECserver 2
3021.02RHETT::HOYTFri Nov 17 1989/usr/lib/libmp.a from UDXBASE
3022.03BREAKR::HASun Nov 19 1989RISC F77 2.
3023.010TKTV2Mon Nov 20 1989help how to use nlist call
3024.02VNASWS::HAUSBMon Nov 20 1989How many processes .....
3025.09AZUR::BODINMon Nov 20 1989Can disk partitions be modified?
3026.03HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Nov 20 1989Internal Internet address Contact?
3027.03BAHTAT::ALDERTONMMon Nov 20 1989MICLAN/1/4" tapes/diskettes
3029.021TOOK::FAIRBANKSMon Nov 20 1989ULTRIX cmds in upper or lower case?
3030.013IOCTL::ZEMONMon Nov 20 1989PMAX Checkerboard on Power-on
3031.01PRSUD1::GHEORGHINMon Nov 20 1989RIS ult
3033.05LISVAX::PMPEREIRAMon Nov 20 1989emacs 8bit
3034.0BONNET::STRATMANMon Nov 20 1989VS2
3035.02PAXVAX::LONGMon Nov 20 1989VMS to ULTRIX via TK5
3036.0COOKIE::DEVINEMon Nov 20 1989Unix, OS of the devil??
3037.012HANDVA::THOMASCHANMon Nov 20 1989Ultrix way for VMS sharable lib and SET PRIV?
3038.03GIDDAY::PIIPTue Nov 21 1989Servicing a TCP/IP Terminal Server
3039.011SUFIX::ROBTue Nov 21 1989Byte swapping problem with Fortran
3040.02EIGER::SUTTERTue Nov 21 1989Can't NFS over SUN Gateway
3041.09VOGON::DRUMGOOLETue Nov 21 1989Separate Compilation using O3
3042.01CIVAGE::ANILTue Nov 21 1989Looking for "Robots" game
3043.01NBOFS1::HABERLERTue Nov 21 1989Console slows down 855
3044.02VOGON::BALLTue Nov 21 1989Unfortunate
3045.02RHETT::HOYTTue Nov 21 1989"schain botch"
3046.03TROATue Nov 21 1989run vt34
3047.03VING::LOVEJOYTue Nov 21 1989Unable to login twice!
3048.06MU::PORTERWed Nov 22 1989GNU Make documentation online anywhere?
3049.02TKTV2Wed Nov 22 1989NFS question
3050.07MANMWed Nov 22 1989DS31
3051.03TKTV2Wed Nov 22 1989shared memory with risc fortran
3052.01SHIPS::CLARKE_JWed Nov 22 1989DECNET & ULTRIX Management
3053.01DLOACT::MANNWed Nov 22 1989opening network devices
3054.02AZUR::BODINWed Nov 22 1989How to move subsets?
3055.0COMICS::SOLANKIWed Nov 22 1989mips cc/ugen problem ?
3056.01HANNAH::HAMILTONWed Nov 22 1989read() hangs on tapemark?
3057.03SYOMV::KRASWed Nov 22 198912MB PMAX seeing only 8MB?
3058.03FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Nov 22 1989EDT editor..?
3059.0CSC32::E_ROBERTSONWed Nov 22 1989RISC remote opser problem.
3060.0RHETT::SHARBUTTWed Nov 22 1989RISC f77, fgetc(3f) problem
3061.03RTL::MULLENWed Nov 22 1989Version in 'ar' archive
3062.04LAIDBK::METZIDISWed Nov 22 1989Sharable images
3063.01VAOUWed Nov 22 1989LAT Patches and V3.1 Patches
3064.010COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Nov 23 1989In the beginning...
3065.02MSAMThu Nov 23 1989Min Ultrix version for VAX 6
3066.01KIPPIS::WIKThu Nov 23 1989FTP -Unknown .netrc option macdef
3067.05KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Nov 23 1989Cover ing up select (Linker games)
3068.01KAOFS::G_BREZINAThu Nov 23 1989NFS root access from a client
3069.01TRUCKS::MOIRThu Nov 23 1989581
3070.05OZROCK::MCGINTYThu Nov 23 1989Problem creating kit with gentapes
3071.02DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Nov 24 1989NFS & fhandle...
3072.09TKTV2Fri Nov 24 1989panic and memory board
3073.010AUSSIE::BONNERSun Nov 26 1989Terminal Servers and ULTRIX
3074.0VAOUSun Nov 26 1989scandinavian language support?
3075.0VAOUSun Nov 26 1989Internationalization and "strcmp"
3076.04HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Nov 26 1989ULTRIX VS Other UNIX Competitive Info?
3077.01SPYDER::MOORE_AMon Nov 27 198931
3078.06TAVENG::BENZIMon Nov 27 1989Any info on mm ???
3081.02LEARN3::MUTHMon Nov 27 1989Can we read 1/4" tape cartridges?
3082.0HAMSC3::ROLANDMon Nov 27 1989bind()/setsockopt() again
3083.02GILMOR::TESTAMon Nov 27 1989Tablet support for DS31
3084.01CSC32::D_LOWRYMon Nov 27 1989Stratus as NFS server, incompatibilities?
3085.01RHETT::CASPERMon Nov 27 1989Questions on TraceBacks and reading symbol tables
3086.02LENSMN::boniniMon Nov 27 1989Remote printing question
3087.01TOOK::DUSOMon Nov 27 1989DNS alias question
3088.03CANYON::WALTERSMon Nov 27 1989PC as good as a DWT?
3089.02HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGTue Nov 28 1989DSRV on Ultrix RISC?
3090.0HAMSC3::VOLKMARTue Nov 28 198954
3091.01KERNEL::WETHERALLTue Nov 28 1989diskless /usr & symbolic links
3092.01HAMSC3::VOLKMARTue Nov 28 1989f77 porting vax->risc
3093.01GLDOA::RACZKATue Nov 28 1989"nfsd troubles"
3094.02DOPEY::DICKENSTue Nov 28 1989Problems setting up ris server
3095.01BREAKR::ANDERSONTue Nov 28 1989ESE2
3096.01OZROCK::MCGINTYTue Nov 28 1989Guide to Preparing Software Distribution?
3097.04TPOVC::HCLINWed Nov 29 1989random number generator problem on double precision
3098.03NOTWed Nov 29 1989DEAD URGENT- Semaphore Info Required
3099.03TRCOWed Nov 29 1989Ultrix TCP/IP questions.
3100.02SHIPS::CLARKE_JWed Nov 29 1989TSV
3101.04DPDMAI::STEINERWed Nov 29 1989RISC FORTRAN is not industry compatible
3102.02PEKKA::PEURAWed Nov 29 1989ksh documentation or man page?
3103.02TOOK::SWISTWed Nov 29 1989"bzero" in C rtl clobbers R2-R5?
3104.02DYO78Wed Nov 29 1989printer attached to terminal server problem
3105.021ERA::JAQUESWed Nov 29 1989Help walk thu of disk init and setting up secondard page and swap files.
3106.0RHETT::FISHERWed Nov 29 1989Name of 25 pin port on 352
3107.03DPDMAI::MANNWed Nov 29 1989Acces terminal server ports from Ultrix
3108.01OZROCK::FARAGOWed Nov 29 1989V4.
3109.04ZIA::SFAFRAKWed Nov 29 1989dms.a -- Where can I get one?
3110.01GLDOA::RACZKAWed Nov 29 1989"uid limit ?"
3111.04MEO78B::LOCHThu Nov 30 1989stty/terminal query ?
3112.0HANDVA::FREDLIThu Nov 30 1989Any info on Extended Unix Code ?
3113.06ELLI::peuraThu Nov 30 1989lcp -h problems on T4.
3114.01DCC::HUBERTThu Nov 30 1989SCSI/ULTRIX Docs? 3rd Party SCSI attempt...
3115.09DCC::HUBERTThu Nov 30 1989Get at HW serial # ???
3116.01ELLI::peuraThu Nov 30 1989T4.
3117.03CANYON::WALTERSThu Nov 30 1989Tools to measure QBUS loading???
3119.03CANYON::WALTERSThu Nov 30 1989Need SED help
3121.07KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri Dec 01 1989tape read error when installing T4.
3122.03AIAG::BILLMERSFri Dec 01 1989Weird behavior seeks explanation
3123.08UTRTSC::JONKERFri Dec 01 1989Kill parent should(not) kill child's ?
3124.04EIGER::FREYFri Dec 01 1989TELNET segmentation fault
3125.0LASHAM::PRUDEN_GFri Dec 01 1989YP sizing
3126.0KERNEL::SOLANKIFri Dec 01 1989limit on cxref(1) ?
3127.03CSOA1::COLLINSFri Dec 01 1989f77 v2.
3128.04WAV14::HICKSFri Dec 01 1989HELP!: lpd security bug, info needed...
3129.03SCAACT::MANNFri Dec 01 1989host iniated lat devices using 54
3130.015FSTTOO::GALLOFri Dec 01 1989V4.
3131.01INTRN1::WEAVERFri Dec 01 1989Postscript Extension
3132.02MORO::SANFORD_LIFri Dec 01 1989How to find {vax,ultrix}boot Error Mesgs?
3133.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERMon Dec 04 1989lk(1) doesn't like huge programs!
3134.06EMASS::FLETCHERMon Dec 04 1989dxmail dies on nfs served client
3135.03EMASS::FLETCHERMon Dec 04 1989modem control on DS31
3136.02EMASS::FLETCHERMon Dec 04 1989DS13
3138.01BELFST::DOGGARTMon Dec 04 1989ANSI 3.64 conforming terminals
3139.01POBOX::BAYLESSMon Dec 04 1989Help RPGII Compiler anywhere?
3140.02LSNCSC::BLANCMon Dec 04 1989fortran common block question
3141.04CSC32::D_LOWRYMon Dec 04 1989Login is too slow?
3142.011TLE::PRADHANMon Dec 04 1989NFS (Locking Service) Questions
3143.016DECWET::PETERSONMon Dec 04 1989core file not created
3144.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon Dec 04 1989More X hints info needed
3145.02BUSHIE::STRAUSSMon Dec 04 1989lpr -f fails to print (ultrix 3.1)
3146.02CVG::PETTENGILLTue Dec 05 1989On a `Unix' keyboard
3147.0IJSAPL::KUPPENSTue Dec 05 1989DECsystem BOOTING SUN workstations ? URGENT!!
3148.03LSNCSC::BLANCTue Dec 05 1989dbx V2.
3149.04STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINTue Dec 05 1989printer port and speed ??
3151.0ARTY::gauthierTue Dec 05 1989Snapshot in ISR
3152.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Dec 05 1989Can we support these terminals ?
3153.01215367::vandyTue Dec 05 1989getting things done in a parent script
3154.01ATHINA::SABANISTue Dec 05 19898 Bit - Printer Problem
3155.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Dec 05 1989Terminal connections
3156.02PH4VAX::NERITue Dec 05 1989SPD for Ultrix V3.1 ?????
3157.01DIXIE1::CULLINSTue Dec 05 1989Questions on three INTERNAL products
3158.06LABC::CARLSONTue Dec 05 1989Multi Volume Ansii Standard tapes???
3159.03CADSE::REHMTue Dec 05 1989file.1, file.2, file.3 Need a PURGE script!
3160.0DELNI::AUGUNTue Dec 05 1989Internet Portal Info here!!!
3161.0TOOK::MICHAUDTue Dec 05 1989realloc(3) not X/Open complient?
3162.0CIVAGE::FOXWELLTue Dec 05 1989need copy of /etc/sec/audit_events ASAP!
3163.01TAUGHT::DANTue Dec 05 1989RISC Fortran question
3164.01WSETue Dec 05 1989force scheduler to run???
3165.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Dec 06 1989How to turn on NFS debugging?
3167.0CAABA::MCCULLERSWed Dec 06 1989Using RIS to Tapeless 54
3168.0LSNCSC::BLANCWed Dec 06 1989RISC fortran fsplit command
3169.016KASINO::NEIDECKERWed Dec 06 1989RZ56 (double enclosure) on DS31
3170.01BELFST::DOGGARTWed Dec 06 1989Will DUMP do this
3171.01OBIWAN::MAUROWed Dec 06 1989ufs inode size
3172.01CSSISG::UBANWed Dec 06 1989HW configure cmd in Ultrix?
3173.01XLIB::MODIWed Dec 06 1989linking problem for Vax Fortran
3174.018MARX::KELLEYWed Dec 06 1989emacs probs on ultrix 4.
3175.05NZOVWed Dec 06 1989current time?
3176.0WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Dec 07 1989DS31
3177.01HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGThu Dec 07 1989Question from pstat -T output.
3178.07PAXVAX::ROURKEThu Dec 07 1989Ultrix file sys support diskettes?
3179.0TUNER::COPPERSMITHThu Dec 07 1989shm help needed!!!
3180.01EEMELI::LEHTINENThu Dec 07 1989Slow login w/ UWS T4.
3181.03LSNCSC::BLANCThu Dec 07 1989f77 new bugs under PMAX risc station ??
3182.01BELFST::DOGGARTThu Dec 07 1989Anyone have this book
3183.07MORO::SANFORD_LIThu Dec 07 1989How to ERASE a Disk to sat. the Gov.?
3184.011EEMELI::ROUHUThu Dec 07 1989where does addnode(8) put the hardware address?
3185.02TKTV2Fri Dec 08 1989ioctl and sscanf
3186.01GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Dec 08 1989stdarg.h in ULTRIX V4.
3187.02TKTVFS::SATOH_AFri Dec 08 1989rcp: protocol screwup: mtime.sec ...
3188.02TKTVFS::SATOH_AFri Dec 08 1989"sa -u" what is "*" ?
3189.01DPDMAI::STEINERFri Dec 08 1989RISC f77 Misaligned Common
3190.01RHETT::SHARBUTTFri Dec 08 1989VAX fort(1) executables size
3191.06CWBNGA::FOSTERFri Dec 08 1989wysiwyg for nroff/troff?
3192.02CRLTRX::treeseFri Dec 08 1989PVAX floppy problems?
3193.02--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 11 1989running decwindows across the net
3194.0CRLTRX::treeseMon Dec 11 1989Files on crl:: reorganized
3195.04ACTORS::SCOTTMon Dec 11 1989RISC Ultrix clients for RSM?
3196.0GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Dec 11 1989pic
3197.03SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Dec 11 1989Serving DS21
3198.01CACIQE::FARDONKMon Dec 11 1989More than 132 char when printing
3199.01CSSISG::UBANMon Dec 11 1989devices not in shoadrs
3200.03NZOVMon Dec 11 1989problem installing on MV2
3201.02SNOCMon Dec 11 1989Gaussian 88 on ULTRIX/RISC ?
3202.01MANMTue Dec 12 1989VS2
3203.03BELFST::DOGGARTTue Dec 12 1989How much disk space for ULTRIX
3204.011ULYSSE::GRANTTue Dec 12 1989Loading Ultrix on a 54
3205.03KAL::MFORSERTue Dec 12 1989Missing libisam.a in in RISC-fortran
3206.02SMAUG::L_HOTue Dec 12 1989Building distribution kits in ULTRIX V4.
3207.01RTL::JUNETue Dec 12 1989Plea for help with symbol table filestack overflow error duting RISC compilation
3208.04DSSDEV::GRIFFINTue Dec 12 1989Questions about non-standard partitioning schemes
3209.01OZROCK::MCGINTYTue Dec 12 1989Does setld -v really work?
3210.06EWBV37::HIMEWed Dec 13 1989Initial value of COMMON block ?
3211.01TOSSUB::CREMASCOWed Dec 13 1989Ultrix on 6
3212.04CSOA1::COLLINSWed Dec 13 1989f77 FT2 V2.
3213.01EMASS::FLETCHERWed Dec 13 1989tip give segmentation fault
3214.02KERNEL::WETHERALLWed Dec 13 1989what is cord2
3215.0XLIB::MODIWed Dec 13 1989mmap and ultrix, any alternative ?
3216.01WAV14::SLATTERYWed Dec 13 1989Can I run WAN TCP/IP over asynch line
3217.02SANFAN::STONEALWed Dec 13 1989Character I/O with Timeouts and Terminator Char.
3218.02CACIQE::FARDONKWed Dec 13 1989Need UWS2.
3219.02TMCUK2::GUESTWed Dec 13 1989Important Benchmark, NOW, some questions
3220.03WR1FOR::BARTLETROWed Dec 13 1989Why SYSV diff3 on Ultrix ?????
3221.02DEMON::PANGAKISWed Dec 13 1989eroff? xwd?
3222.02SEJOUR::kannanWed Dec 13 1989Ultrix 4.
3223.02TMCUK2::STEVENSWed Dec 13 1989/Ultrixboot and /vmb.exe files
3224.01MOSAIC::FLAHERTYWed Dec 13 1989Generic Print Queues?
3225.01DUGGAN::RICHTERWed Dec 13 1989F77 program generating NaN's
3226.01SX4GTO::HOLTWed Dec 13 1989libdps.a documentation...?
3227.02SNOCThu Dec 14 1989INGRES: Patch for RISC Ultrix?
3228.016LSNCSC::BLANCThu Dec 14 1989Funny C compiler reaction
3229.03LSNCSC::BLANCThu Dec 14 1989et voila another f77 RISC problem
3230.03FRUST::CSCHMITTThu Dec 14 1989DS31
3231.03ULTRA::WRAYThu Dec 14 1989C-shell change to if?
3232.01TRADE::BAILEYThu Dec 14 1989Ethernet/8
3233.01CSOA1::COLLINSThu Dec 14 1989Where's V2.
3234.03CSOA1::COLLINSThu Dec 14 1989Windowing symbolic debugger
3235.01CSOA1::COLLINSThu Dec 14 1989LAT out from DS31
3236.01EIGER::SUTTERThu Dec 14 1989LAT printqueue problem with an LA75 on a DS31
3237.04TOOK::FAIRBANKSThu Dec 14 1989One SCP for VAX and RISC?
3238.01CHOWDA::FRANCEYThu Dec 14 1989RISC DS31
3239.016NABETH::alanThu Dec 14 1989What if... There were an ULTRIX Striping driver.
3240.01WR1FOR::ANDREW_MIThu Dec 14 1989Where is UDSVAXUPGRD
3241.04FORTSC::SHOMOThu Dec 14 1989ULTRIX Systems Dispatch
3243.04CACIQE::FARDONKFri Dec 15 1989How upgrd 3.
3244.02MDRFri Dec 15 1989tip problem on DECserver 2
3245.02MARX::WALSHFri Dec 15 1989LIB$FIND_FILE in Ultrix
3246.04TLE::ELLENBERGERSat Dec 16 1989Where is cbreak() ?
3247.0TKTVFS::SATOH_AMon Dec 18 1989rsh is changed in V3.
3248.04TKTVFS::ISHIGAMIMon Dec 18 1989r option with tar
3249.0TKTVFS::ISHIGAMIMon Dec 18 1989how to set B192
3250.08IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENMon Dec 18 1989where to get ksh over the net?
3251.07COPCLU::BROLINMon Dec 18 1989Byte swap problem on Risc
3252.01GALVIA::BODONOVANMon Dec 18 1989unusual error in ioctl call
3253.04CSC32::D_LOWRYMon Dec 18 1989HIC query thru shell?
3254.04SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Dec 18 1989telnet IBM 327
3255.01VIEW3D::VANDERPOOLMon Dec 18 1989make compiling source or local
3256.010TOPTEN::GREENMon Dec 18 1989netsetup question
3259.02SCACT::COLLUMMon Dec 18 1989problem with dxmail in FT4.
3260.02NZOVMon Dec 18 1989LAT printer 'cannot open...'?
3261.013KERNEL::CARLETONLTue Dec 19 198954
3262.07VAXRIO::ABREUTue Dec 19 1989Performance problem !!
3263.02VNASWS::HAUSBTue Dec 19 1989SLIP Question - DS31
3264.05ASG3::STEWARTTue Dec 19 1989Swap space and performance
3265.08BABY::STEINBERGTue Dec 19 1989/usr/new?
3267.09BABY::STEINBERGTue Dec 19 1989Trouble with doing MAKEDEV
3268.09DUGGAN::NOLANTue Dec 19 1989customer cannot rebbot DS31
3269.01TLE::PRADHANTue Dec 19 1989what does ln -f do?
3270.02MOSAIC::FLAHERTYTue Dec 19 1989Is MOP included in the ULTRIX kit?
3271.02TKTV2Wed Dec 20 1989V3.1 VAX88
3272.04ATHINA::SABANISWed Dec 20 1989Unisys 6
3273.05TAVWed Dec 20 1989NFS Mount only ONCE in a Life time (ver 3.1)
3274.04BURTON::WILTSHIREWed Dec 20 1989internet portal question
3275.02SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Dec 20 1989Multiprocessing question
3276.02TOOK::SWISTWed Dec 20 1989I give up, how do you pass an INT to a subprocess?
3277.02CHEESE::KAISERWed Dec 20 1989Indeterminate system provides innocent merriment
3278.06CSSISG::UBANWed Dec 20 1989vector #'s in config files?
3279.016HDLITE::SUMRALLWed Dec 20 1989Performance issues and tuning anyone?
3280.03TOPTEN::GREENWed Dec 20 1989telnet question??
3281.01CSC32::M_SPRATTEWed Dec 20 1989CSC/CS ULTRIX Network Support Request For Help
3282.02CIMAMT::KELLYWed Dec 20 1989Questions about 'yp' and security
3283.04BREAKR::ANDERSONWed Dec 20 1989problem installing RAND MH
3284.03AITG::DERAMOWed Dec 20 1989"sccs admin -i$file $file" fails (cannot create lock file)
3285.012SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTWed Dec 20 1989Security: PATH with "." first or last?
3286.010FRSTSC::CHRISTIANThu Dec 21 1989boot to multiuser only ????
3287.04OSLLAV::ANDERSTThu Dec 21 1989Ultrix V3.1 on M31
3288.04COPCLU::BROLINThu Dec 21 1989DS31
3289.04COPCLU::BROLINThu Dec 21 1989DS31
3290.05LEVERS::RLEAZERThu Dec 21 1989help with pipe buffer
3291.02HERON::LYSAAThu Dec 21 198954
3292.02GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Dec 21 1989serious wierdness with xbdx on VAX
3293.07GLDOA::RACZKAThu Dec 21 1989need 'setld' key
3294.01BURTON::YEATESThu Dec 21 1989DECserver s/w support on RISC
3295.04GILDOR::avolioThu Dec 21 1989Disk Sanitizing Software
3296.0KERNEL::CARLETONLThu Dec 21 1989Runaway syslogd on 58
3297.02SUBWAY::HABERThu Dec 21 1989NFS problems
3298.03CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Dec 21 1989Unimplemented Server Function?
3299.02AIAG::MAMROSThu Dec 21 1989"osi_8
3300.03GIDDAY::CULLENThu Dec 21 1989dump(8) doesn't fit as much on TK5
3301.01COPCLU::BROLINFri Dec 22 1989Segmentation fault, what is it?
3302.01EMASS::FLETCHERFri Dec 22 1989named pipes in ULTRIX32
3303.0MEDINA::THIRIOTFri Dec 22 1989 RPG conversion with Ultrix
3304.01DLOACT::DAVISFri Dec 22 1989Need old kit - V2.3
3305.01MDRFri Dec 22 1989ULTRIX-3.
3307.05NZOVFri Dec 22 1989segmentation fault on RISC C
3308.01NZOVFri Dec 22 1989RF71 support VAX 38
3309.04HATHOR::carlbTue Dec 26 1989Command Recall of Current Command ('1-
3310.011RVAX::ERICKSONTue Dec 26 1989Why can't backups be easy?
3311.04CURIE::HODGEWed Dec 27 1989When UWS 2.2 Available?
3312.01SANFAN::ROBAK_RIWed Dec 27 1989syslog for lattelnet
3313.0IORST::mfoxWed Dec 27 1989What cost semaphores?
3314.02DOPEY::DICKENSWed Dec 27 1989/etc/disktab entry for RRD4
3315.05TLE::PRADHANWed Dec 27 1989Line limit restrictions for grep, awk, sed
3316.01VING::LOVEJOYWed Dec 27 1989Fortran & Tape Writing Problem!
3317.01XLIB::MODIWed Dec 27 1989'make' fails with unaligned access errors
3318.0XLIB::MODIWed Dec 27 1989rsh hangs with large amount of data
3319.02OSLLAV::KJELLNIThu Dec 28 1989PATCHES ??
3320.01BOLT::WAREThu Dec 28 1989support for muxserver
3321.03BCSE::MILLIGANThu Dec 28 1989UWS 4.
3322.03LAGUNA::BELTIS_PAThu Dec 28 1989Pro Engineer Patch???
3323.03CSC32::REEDThu Dec 28 1989RIS install: trap 3 panic breakpoint
3324.04IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENFri Dec 29 1989shared mem code example??
3325.01TKOV5Fri Dec 29 1989Help BIND setup!
3326.0MARX::ELKINSFri Dec 29 1989Problems booting from a RIS network kit. VMB errors
3327.01MAXDOG::kittellFri Dec 29 1989dxpsview color
3328.06SKYLRK::WEYBREWFri Dec 29 19894.
3329.02MISFIT::SCHWARTZGMon Jan 01 1990UWS History
3330.01MISFIT::SCHWARTZGMon Jan 01 1990Sun booting/bootee
3331.01MISFIT::SCHWARTZGMon Jan 01 1990Hypertext
3332.017MISFIT::SCHWARTZGMon Jan 01 1990third party boot disk
3333.017MISFIT::SCHWARTZGMon Jan 01 1990System Build Speed Contest
3334.08SYOMV::KRASTue Jan 02 1990ds31
3335.02LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue Jan 02 1990Ds581
3336.02UFP::ROJTue Jan 02 1990flushing typeahead on RISC?
3337.03WLW::SHREVETue Jan 02 1990RZ55 on RISC and VAX
3338.02HGOVC::SHIRLEYCHANTue Jan 02 1990machine for running Informix & Accell Unify
3339.01FRSTSC::CHRISTIANWed Jan 03 1990color plot from fortran (RISC)
3340.01OSLACT::TOREOWed Jan 03 1990Smalltalk8
3341.03UKEDU::SWIGGWed Jan 03 1990Help on Ultrix System Calls
3342.01KETJE::DIERICKWed Jan 03 1990Looking for a patch for XGetImage
3343.03TOPTEN::GREENWed Jan 03 1990multiple tm78's???
3344.01VOX::LEVERGOODWed Jan 03 1990Device driver logic wrt signals
3345.02UFP::AVOLIOWed Jan 03 1990LN
3346.03UFP::AVOLIOWed Jan 03 1990MOP Wars
3347.05DUGGAN::NOLANWed Jan 03 1990question on read() from tape
3348.02RYN::russesWed Jan 03 1990LINK_MAX in /usr/include/limits.h
3349.010HXOUWed Jan 03 1990Virtual Memory
3350.04TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Jan 03 1990Weird file protection
3351.01PRLVMS::BERESKIWed Jan 03 1990Scheduler problem in 3.1 with huge amount of memory?
3352.07PRLVMS::BERESKIWed Jan 03 1990How is performed mutual exclusion on HSC mounted disks ?
3353.02GIDDAY::CULLENWed Jan 03 1990resync restore, skipped 1 block - should I worry?
3354.01LISVAX::PMPEREIRAThu Jan 04 1990Reliability
3355.02CHEESE::KAISERThu Jan 04 1990Ultrix V4.
3356.01CHEESE::KAISERThu Jan 04 1990Ultrix V4.
3357.05RICARD::LAFORGUEThu Jan 04 1990ALERT: quotas do not work on 54
3358.01AITG::FOSTERThu Jan 04 1990Lucid LISP on the PMAX is available
3359.05TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Jan 04 1990diskpart for CDC Wren 66
3361.09GRANPA::MROBERTSONThu Jan 04 1990POS for ULTRIX
3362.09CSOA1::HALLIGANThu Jan 04 1990SUNview and FORTRAN RISC questions on DECstation
3363.04MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Jan 05 1990username is limited to 8 charcters
3364.011MANMFri Jan 05 1990Still with DS31
3365.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKIFri Jan 05 1990Standard directories for a product
3366.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Jan 05 1990Booting SUN off a DECServer??????
3367.03BELFST::DOGGARTFri Jan 05 1990Problem installing FT1 V4.
3368.05LABC::CARLSONFri Jan 05 1990Print/crash 581
3369.04NOTMY::LEEFri Jan 05 1990Modem on terminal server
3370.0MSEE::CHENGFri Jan 05 1990install TK5
3371.03EMASS::FLETCHERFri Jan 05 1990segmentation fault during restore?
3372.0EMASS::FLETCHERFri Jan 05 1990NULL date & time -> in uerf output
3373.0SDEVAX::ALBOROUGHFri Jan 05 1990Any DTM-like capability out there on UNIX?
3374.0EMASS::FLETCHERFri Jan 05 1990new temp file gets NFS write error 7
3375.04CHEESE::KAISERSat Jan 06 1990Ultrix V4.
3376.0SYOMV::KRASSat Jan 06 1990Backup servers?
3377.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon Jan 08 1990Need 582
3378.0VMSDEV::BALLOUMon Jan 08 1990Looking for fork - exec profiles
3379.04TAVMon Jan 08 1990pwadm, pwexp, /etc/passwd administration programs
3380.01OSLLAV::KJELLNIMon Jan 08 1990Problems with calendar.
3381.03COPCLU::BROLINMon Jan 08 19903 Risc Stations with ONE common keyboard/mouse?
3382.02DECLNE::OKELLEYMon Jan 08 1990581
3383.02FENNEL::FLOWMon Jan 08 1990looking for Xtrek
3384.07SALEM::NAGARAJANMon Jan 08 1990Can't assign requested address! HELP!
3385.05CIVAGE::FOXWELLMon Jan 08 1990Need info on CMU AFS.
3386.03NOTMY::LEEMon Jan 08 1990Getting an Internet Address
3387.02LAIDBK::METZIDISTue Jan 09 1990Risc/fortran problem in format statement
3388.02STKHLM::ALINDBERGTue Jan 09 1990Software Source Book (latest)
3389.04MINNY::FIRTHTue Jan 09 1990On Ultrix/RISC where is ether_addr?
3390.03FRAMBO::LUDWIGTue Jan 09 19901/4"-Cartridge with SCSI-Bus
3391.01UKEDU::SWIGGTue Jan 09 1990/usr/man/cat[1-9] rwxrwxrwx
3392.03EIGER::SUTTERTue Jan 09 1990UWS2.2 on EASYnet ??
3393.07COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jan 09 1990PMAX screen hiccups
3394.05ULTRA::ELLISTue Jan 09 1990Weird csh problem
3395.03COPCLU::BROLINTue Jan 09 1990Authorize security bug in UWS?!
3396.01RTL::BMARTINTue Jan 09 1990Internationalization Library: problem with catopen().
3397.02MLNCSC::M_FRANZONITue Jan 09 1990f77 FT2.
3398.0SELECT::BOGATYTue Jan 09 1990HP's HP-UX vs. Ultrix: any info ??
3399.01CACIQE::FARDONKTue Jan 09 1990Is DECwindows really installed??
3400.01VAOUTue Jan 09 1990LAT Service Ratings & Failover
3401.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Jan 09 1990Competitive info wanted
3402.01MARX::ANDERSONWed Jan 10 1990socket, SIGIO ...
3403.0TKTVFS::SATOH_AWed Jan 10 1990umount error "sh: Memory fault"
3404.02UTOPIE::HORINEKWed Jan 10 1990ds31
3405.0TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAWed Jan 10 1990DS21
3406.07EMASS::FLETCHERWed Jan 10 1990mt status dies
3407.02TOOK::SWISTWed Jan 10 1990Adding custom errno(2) values. Is it done?
3408.01EMASS::KANGWed Jan 10 1990Process binding(SMP) & Concat. disk part.
3409.07PEARL::JAQUESWed Jan 10 1990LAT - insufficient resources ???
3410.0CSC32::D_LOWRYWed Jan 10 1990printer off xns gateway via tcpip
3411.02EMASS::FLETCHERWed Jan 10 1990prog. fnt keys
3412.01MARX::ANDERSONWed Jan 10 1990local loopback, lo
3414.01PJVAX::LAMBThu Jan 11 1990Differences btwn VAX Fortran & RISC Fortran
3415.06EWBV31::NAKAMURA_CThu Jan 11 1990Risc Fortran problem. IIOR
3416.04MUDIS3::SELBACHThu Jan 11 1990Apollo-DS21
3417.07EWBV31::NAKAMURA_CThu Jan 11 1990How to get "NaN" message. May be easy..
3418.05TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Jan 11 1990This notesfile too big
3419.0UTOPIE::HORINEKThu Jan 11 1990dxterm - functionkeycode
3420.01UKEDU::SWIGGThu Jan 11 1990egrep: something's funny
3421.03TOOK::SWISTThu Jan 11 1990Undefined dnet symbols after 3.
3422.01LIBRT1::REEDThu Jan 11 1990Problem Printing to ln
3423.01RAINBO::RUThu Jan 11 1990How to change a system name?
3424.05UFP::ROJThu Jan 11 1990RISC Fortran f77 NAMELIST Problem
3425.02GIDDAY::OMELEYFri Jan 12 1990DS31
3426.08WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Jan 12 1990stty and altering PMAX tty settings ?
3427.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEFri Jan 12 1990ULTRIX V4.
3428.01MUDIS3::BONFIELDFri Jan 12 1990Dutch Benchmark Report anyone ????
3429.0BALZAC::ANAKOKFri Jan 12 1990Curses and cursor position
3430.03DYO78Fri Jan 12 1990Copy multi-volume tar tapes in VMS?
3431.02IORST::mfoxFri Jan 12 1990getpagesize(2) lies
3432.01MUSKIE::LANKFORDFri Jan 12 1990DMS - VMS and RISC Ultrix
3433.01POBOX::CHALTASFri Jan 12 1990What is /dev/elcscntlsckt ?
3434.011DYO78Fri Jan 12 1990vi files not preserved after crash!
3435.0DYO78Fri Jan 12 1990lo for printcap?????
3436.010BUSHIE::KINGFri Jan 12 1990where is my disk ?
3437.05DSSDEV::GRIFFINSun Jan 14 1990Installing a DECsystem 54
3438.02STKHLM::SUNDSTROMMon Jan 15 1990Fortran cross-reference tool
3439.05DEMON::COURTMon Jan 15 1990ULTRIX or DECnet problem?
3440.02COPCLU::BROLINMon Jan 15 1990Security at login and logfiles
3441.04EPIK::MJDAILEYMon Jan 15 1990newest awk(1)?
3442.0COPCLU::BROLINMon Jan 15 1990Ultrix Porting Guide, where?
3443.03NOTMY::LEEMon Jan 15 1990Untar pmax_tar.z
3444.01NUTMEG::FLOWMon Jan 15 1990How do you hook up a PMAX to a LN
3445.010KYOA::POELKERMon Jan 15 1990Enet address for tcp/ip?
3446.09TAVIS::LANDSBERGMon Jan 15 1990Don't want Unaligned Access Message
3447.0FORTSC::SHOMOMon Jan 15 1990Ultrix V3.1 - V3.1B Diffs
3448.05TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Jan 16 1990Want (/etc/update > 3
3450.01MARX::KELLEYTue Jan 16 1990ulxbase
3451.0WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMTue Jan 16 1990F77 2.
3452.0CSC32::D_LOWRYTue Jan 16 1990permissions on nfs files act differently
3453.02COPCLU::BROLINTue Jan 16 1990C & X11 Risc porting
3454.01HEARTS::maderTue Jan 16 1990having trouble using ltf
3455.05FORTSC::CHABANTue Jan 16 1990Framegrabbers, Firefox & ULTRIX
3456.01CRLTRX::treeseTue Jan 16 1990BIND name server kit available
3457.06TAVWed Jan 17 1990Why doconfig in single-user?
3459.06TKTVFS::KATSUMATAWed Jan 17 1990stale nfs file handle
3460.0VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed Jan 17 1990Porting To ULTRIX: Options Implications & Insights
3461.08LEVERS::S_HARVELLWed Jan 17 1990Bad file number (EBADF) errors
3462.0MUNMCC::BALTESKONISWed Jan 17 1990vcc and gprof incompatibility?
3463.01BURTON::WILTSHIREWed Jan 17 1990System V.2 compliance and streams
3464.08YUPPY::TONNISONWed Jan 17 1990RA9
3465.01SMURF::SREILLYWed Jan 17 1990RZ56 and UWS 2.2
3466.02BELFST::DOGGARTWed Jan 17 1990Panic - Segmentation error
3467.01SCAACT::MALONEYWed Jan 17 1990UWS V2.1/CRAY/DECwindows problem
3468.01CSC32::YEAKEYWed Jan 17 1990What is /sys/conf/newvers.sh?
3469.017TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Jan 17 1990vcc v. cc--relationship?
3470.03TLE::DANIELSWed Jan 17 1990Computer-generated passwords?
3471.01XLIB::MARSONWed Jan 17 1990DECstation 31
3472.07TLE::DANIELSWed Jan 17 1990How do you debug crontab entries?
3473.03COPCLU::BROLINThu Jan 18 1990Print of X11-window(color) to printer
3474.0COPCLU::BROLINThu Jan 18 1990UCLC comm. DEC Risc - Unisys 8
3475.0TMCUK2::STEVENSThu Jan 18 1990How to crash in a controlled manner?
3476.02SIOG::CARRICKThu Jan 18 1990Help copying binary file over net via VMS host
3477.0NOSNOW::RYTHERThu Jan 18 1990Florida - Sales Support Position
3478.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 18 1990
3479.05DECSIM::RICKABAUGHThu Jan 18 1990Ultrix 4.
3480.0CACIQE::FARDONKThu Jan 18 1990LG31, DS2
3481.05LEDDEV::MCMASTERThu Jan 18 1990out of swap space ?
3482.01LISVAX::PMPEREIRAThu Jan 18 1990SCSI tape drivers
3483.0DANAPT::MOREH_JAThu Jan 18 1990"A Comparison bet. Sys V and ULTRIX"
3484.03VIRGO::SEKURSKIThu Jan 18 1990Problem with creating a new File System.
3485.0DUGGAN::NOLANThu Jan 18 1990fp exceptions on DS31
3486.01MDRFri Jan 19 1990GPX-II. UWS 2.
3487.04CACIQE::FARDONKFri Jan 19 1990dump levels explanation!!!
3488.01HDLITE::GHAHRAMANIFri Jan 19 1990Who are ULTRIX customers?
3489.0CSC32::D_LOWRYFri Jan 19 1990ln
3490.02VING::LOVEJOYFri Jan 19 1990Unable to Kill in Fortran
3491.03NOTMY::LEEFri Jan 19 1990Crash dump
3492.0SANFAN::ROBAK_RIFri Jan 19 1990BIND is barfing...