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Conference helix::vax-rta

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Created:Tue Oct 04 1988
Last Modified:Mon Aug 23 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:82
Total number of notes:315
Number with bodies:0
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1.010MUNTCC::BERGTue Oct 04 1988VAX RTA
4.02ZYDECO::MILLERTue Dec 20 1988Needed: BI option power requirements
5.05BLASE::KAUFFMANThu Jan 05 1989DISK performance through RTA (FT2.
8.03ZYDECO::MILLERFri Jan 06 1989Dedicated VMS application
9.06BLASE::KAUFFMANWed Jan 11 1989VMS/ELN mapped FORTRAN Commons...
10.02BRDWLK::GOEKEWed Jan 11 1989Ethernet support for RTA
11.03MUNTCC::PANNERThu Jan 19 1989wish list for later versions
12.02BLASE::KAUFFMANTue Jan 31 1989KA8
13.06BRDWLK::GOEKEWed Feb 01 1989RTA Hardware Interrupt
14.06LDPDM8::ROCHEWed Feb 22 1989Design suggestions wanted!
15.03LDPDM8::ROCHEThu Feb 23 1989RTA file access
16.07WHYNOW::NEWMANSat Feb 25 1989Is the documentation on-line?
17.019BRDWLK::GOEKESun Feb 26 1989Update on RTA driving Ethernet
18.01TOWNS::ORRThu Mar 02 1989VAX RTA V2.
19.06LDP::YOOFri Mar 03 1989What is part# for the KA8
20.05WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Mar 08 1989When can we sell VAXRTA on 62XX and 63XX
21.01MUNTCC::BERGFri Mar 10 1989VAX RTA V2.
22.01MUNTCC::BERGThu Mar 16 1989If you are having VMS DEBUG problems, look here first
23.06BRDWLK::ZAMMITThu Mar 16 1989RTC ELN driver development problem ?
24.04ZYDECO::MILLERWed Mar 22 1989Exam non-existent mem. w. EDEBUG = VMS crash
25.03LDP::WILLINGERWed Apr 05 19894 RTAs + 4 DEBNIs ?
28.014SRFSUP::MERMELSat Apr 15 1989RTA questions & concerns...
30.0349Wed May 31 1989Have 8
31.01MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Jun 19 1989Where's the kit ?
32.01SRFSUP::MERMELWed Jun 21 1989RTA goes offline
33.0SRFSUP::MERMELFri Jun 23 1989Disk read results on a KA8
34.05BLASMon Jun 26 1989V4.7 EDEBUG problem??
35.04TOWNS::PAGANOThu Jun 29 1989ELN Host possible?
36.01TOWNS::PAGANOWed Jul 12 1989ISR Latency?
37.01SMOGGY::AMIRITue Aug 01 1989The RTA, EVKAN & 6xxx systems
38.0THRUST::CZERNYTue Aug 29 1989VAX RTA Residents needed in California
39.08LDP::ROCHEWed Sep 06 1989dynamic program loading question
40.05VBVWed Sep 06 1989probems with the "real load"
41.03CESARE::OLOBARDIFri Oct 06 1989825
42.06MINNY::SEITZThu Oct 26 1989KA8
43.01THRUST::CZERNYThu Oct 26 1989Lost sales?
44.02THRUST::DM_JOHNSONTue Nov 21 1989Vax-RTA V2.
45.0101SYNAP::MILLERWed Nov 22 1989VMS Shutdown problem
46.07PRCSWS::ALEXCHUWed Nov 29 198966
48.0BLASMon Dec 04 1989System Crashes with multiple access to KA8
49.05THRUST::HAYDTThu Dec 07 1989RTA kit
50.04DYO78Mon Feb 12 1990KA8
51.01CERN::JRSFri Feb 16 1990RTA and user-written system services
52.07LOUIS::GOEKEWed Feb 21 1990Does RTA screw up VMS C2 Rating?
53.01CERN::JRSTue Mar 13 1990switching between shareable images not possible?
54.05PRCSWS::ALEXCHUMon Mar 19 1990More slots on 1 VAXBI
55.02PRCSWS::ALEXCHUThu Mar 29 1990DECnet on RTA?
56.011SYNAP::MILLERThu Mar 29 1990KA8
57.0PAXVAX::JOHNSONMon Apr 02 1990VAXELN/Realtime Network
58.01SLAVC::WILLINGERWed Apr 04 1990KA8
59.01ZYDECO::MILLERTue Jun 26 1990Question on VMS privileges
60.0CHEESE::KAISERThu Jul 19 1990On performance and portability
61.0TRNAF1::CRAVEROFri Jul 27 1990Check on configuration
62.06THEWAV::KUSTICHTue Aug 28 1990RTA on VAX 9
63.01THEWAV::KUSTICHTue Aug 28 1990IP and Datalink Support for RTA
64.01SCAACT::FINDLEYLTue Sep 11 1990TCP/IP to VAX 881
65.01SCAACT::FINDLEYLTue Oct 09 1990ka8
66.02CSOMKT::MCMAHONSun Nov 04 1990RT Info Needed
67.02ZYDECO::MILLERFri Dec 21 1990PDI16 vs. DRB32
68.01EMASS::SICAWed Jan 23 1991631
69.01ZYDECO::MILLERMon Mar 11 1991VMS V5.4 problem with V2.
70.0ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Aug 08 1991Anyone heard of this?
71.0MR4DEC::SCHNEIDERWed Nov 13 1991modules available
72.06TAIJI::HENRYKONGFri Nov 29 1991How much better for 642
73.01ZYDECO::MILLERTue Feb 11 1992Has anyone checked VRTA out under VMS V5.5?
74.02BEJVC::PRCSWSThu Apr 16 1992What is the response time of RTA ?
75.0HERCUL::MOSERWed Apr 22 1992RTA 'smell-alike' for VME bus systems on VAX 6
76.01TAIJI::HENRYKONGWed Apr 29 1992RTA with ELN host ?
77.01TAIJI::HENRYKONGThu Apr 30 1992Is RF72 supported via KFMSA ?
78.0TAIJI::HENRYKONGThu Apr 30 1992Will RTA be supported for VAXeln 4.3/VMS 5.5 ?
79.0TAIJI::HENRYKONGThu Apr 30 1992Will RTA be supported in VAXELN 4.3/VMS 5.5 ?
80.0LASCPM::MIYAMOTOMon Jun 01 1992MS8
81.01HIGHD::FISHERWed Oct 21 1992Need to make VMS non-paged pool available to KA8
82.01HIGHD::FISHERTue Jul 06 1993Are we still supported?