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Conference helix::realtime

Title:Realtime Conference
Created:Mon Feb 24 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1241
Total number of notes:4452
Number with bodies:47
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1.08--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 06 1926Introduction
2.06--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 06 1926Reserved note: Directory listings
3.0CURIUM::FORBESTue Nov 26 1985Page alignment of IO page map
4.02CURIUM::FORBESTue Nov 26 1985Locking pages for kernal mode a
5.01CURIUM::FORBESTue Nov 26 1985QVSS driver bugs
6.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Process Creation
7.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Image Activation
8.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Interrupt Latency
9.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985File System and RMS
10.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Logical Names
11.0WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Event Flags & Communications
12.03WKRP::KIERWed Nov 27 1985Cluster concerns
13.05DYO78Tue Dec 10 1985how best to schedule?
14.02GT::VANSICLENTue Dec 10 1985Using this information
15.01GLIVET::RICOFri Dec 20 1985Image organization
16.01SYSENG::VANSICLENTue Dec 24 1985VAXeln support
17.07SWIFT::BYRNEFri Feb 14 1986LPA11-K !! HELP !!
18.03KBOVTue Feb 18 1986RealTime Hardware Architectures
19.07OSLTue Feb 25 1986IO perfomance on DMA transfers
21.07CANYON::LEEDSFri Mar 07 1986RSX-11M/M+ realtime performance comparisons
22.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
23.01CLOVAX::MARESThu Apr 03 1986Process to Process Synch'ing
24.0CANYON::MCNALLYThu Apr 03 1986VMS Realtime Application
25.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Apr 04 1986COMM IOP-DUP Anyone ??
26.04TAVMon Apr 21 1986context switch?
27.02SANFAN::WAKEMANLAWed May 14 1986Language Comparisons
28.08NY1MM::MONASCHThu May 29 1986ADV11 Tech Info
29.01CURIUM::FORBESMon Jun 02 1986VMS Realtime App Note
30.02MENTOR::HOPEWELLFri Jun 06 1986AAV11-C and ADV11-C not supported on uVAX II
31.0PYRITE::BELANGERMon Jun 09 1986VAXlab/LabStar V1.
32.0MODULE::PHIPPSThu Jun 12 1986rtVAX Misleading Numbers
34.01USHSTue Jun 24 1986IVP12 drivers???
35.03HKOVTue Jul 01 1986Data Capture From Detached Jobs
36.01CANYON::MCNALLYThu Jul 03 19865
37.02USATMon Jul 07 1986PDP-11 Simulation Project
38.04LA78Tue Jul 08 1986Fast Fourier Transform HW
39.05LA78Thu Jul 10 1986-<MicroVMS driver for IEQ11-A...?>-
40.03USHSFri Jul 11 1986Some interesting results
41.09RIPPER::PIIPTue Jul 15 1986A
43.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Aug 13 1986DR11-W to Plessey MiProc?
44.01TDCIS1::SPECTYWed Aug 27 1986who knows about DHQ11 ?
45.06TONTO::LEEDSThu Aug 28 1986uVMS driver for DRV11-J ??
46.03RADON::WEAVERThu Aug 28 1986DRQ3B internal sites wanted
47.04DYO78Mon Sep 08 1986PDP-11/44 UNIBUS Memory Card?
48.02RADON::FORBESThu Sep 11 1986VMS support for DRV11-WA
49.012RADON::WEAVERThu Sep 11 1986Conferences related to REALTIME
50.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTFri Sep 19 1986"1553" bus, Proteus Digital Channel
51.0SYSENG::VANSICLENFri Sep 26 1986IEX V3.
53.01RADON::WEAVERTue Sep 30 1986VAX VMS Programming using $CRMPSC and CONINTERR
54.03WKRP::ZIGLERFri Oct 03 1986Context Switch Time for VAX87
55.012LA78Thu Oct 30 1986Realtime video/graphics devices?
56.02RADON::FORBESFri Oct 31 1986Mapping DWBUA I/O page
57.01IPG::CABLEWed Nov 05 1986*** Please help ****
58.01BIRMVX::SPRINGALLMon Nov 10 1986RTL/2 (real-time language)
59.0RAMIN::KHORRAMMon Nov 24 1986Wanted: AXV11-C
60.01BARNUM::VIAUTue Dec 02 1986KW11 on uVax - help?
61.0OBLIO::LEAHYThu Dec 04 1986DSP applications
62.0LA78Mon Dec 08 1986Realtime Avionics Simulation
63.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSWed Dec 10 1986KXJ11 Press Release
64.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSWed Dec 10 1986KXJ11 Information Box
65.014RADON::FORBESTue Dec 16 1986VAX Realtime User's Guide
66.01TAVThu Dec 18 1986AP for BI machine
67.02BARNUM::SHUCKFri Dec 19 1986Problems with CONINTERR!!!
68.01RADON::WEAVERMon Dec 29 1986Security Advisory
69.04LDP::WEAVERMon Jan 12 1987Realtime Hotline & Realtime Documentation
70.02ZEPPO::ZELTSERMANWed Jan 14 1987Table driven CRC-16 algorithm needed
71.019CGOOFri Jan 23 19874
72.01SCREAM::WEAVERMon Jan 26 1987QIO performance on a MicroVAX-II with DRQ3B
73.03STUAI::CSCHMIDTTue Jan 27 1987KW11-W on a 11/75
74.01GUIDUK::ONOFri Jan 30 1987CI interprocessor link?
75.01GUIDUK::ONOFri Jan 30 1987CI max packet size?
76.01STUAI::CSCHMIDTMon Feb 02 1987Realtime tools anyone ?
77.0458533::MHAMMELWed Feb 18 1987'Realtime' Design Issues
78.05BMT::MONASCHTue Mar 10 1987KA62
80.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 10 1987Realtime texts
81.05CSC32::GROSSMANWed Mar 11 1987CONINTERR support for 82
82.04USRCV1::GREENEFri Mar 13 1987WANTED: 68
83.06HANEY::WERABFri Mar 13 1987Bitbus/PLC Connection?
84.01NEWVAX::PRUSSSat Mar 14 1987DEQNA and RT?
85.02MDVAX3::SOCHATue Mar 17 1987DRV11-WA Hanging
86.06ANYWAY::WOLFFThu Mar 19 1987
87.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYSun Mar 29 1987Sweeney Non-deterministic Manufactory
91.03GUIDUK::LEWISThu Apr 02 1987Moving DRS/DSS to BI
92.0416627::LEEDSWed Apr 22 1987UNIBUS device support on BI machines
93.08MDVAX3::SOCHAThu Apr 23 1987Need AAV11-DA info
94.08SNO78C::PARKERTue May 05 1987ADV11-C driver? (PLEASE)
95.04WKRP::ZIGLERFri May 08 1987MODCOMP-to-VAX Communication?
96.017WKRP::SHUCKTISSat May 09 1987Realtime Databases - Do they exist?!
97.05GLORY::GORDONWed May 13 1987Locking Pages
98.04PTOSRT::MINSHALLThu May 14 1987fork processing bottleneck?
99.0LDP::FORBESFri May 15 1987Use LDP::REALTIME
100.04SNO78C::PARKERTue May 19 1987AXV11-C driver sans Labstar?
101.02POTARU::NTAYLORThu May 21 1987DRV11 vs DR11-W Performance
102.02FURILO::KAISERFri May 22 1987Thinking Machines: the CM-2's disk subsystem
103.012ROMMon May 25 19871mb/sec cont. to DISK?
104.022273Thu May 28 1987ISR limitation
106.0EVE::NEDVINSTue Jun 09 1987PDP-11's - The Commitment Continues
107.06TSG::TAUBENFELDWed Jun 10 1987Is C a Real Time Dog?
108.0WORM::BRAMEWed Jun 10 1987Need info..stepper motor cntl
109.03TEMPE1::HILLThu Jun 11 1987Looking for Mr. KMV
110.012YOOVMon Jun 15 1987MIL-STD-1553B
111.0CURIUM::THISSELLMon Jun 15 1987Array Processors for Signal/Image Processing
112.08DEMOAX::SENGUPTAMon Jun 15 1987VMS vs. Unix in real time
113.01DPDMAI::DAVISJTue Jun 16 1987DRE11 to Disk throughput - Questions
114.03COOKIE::KITTELLWed Jun 17 1987looking for high-res clock for Q and BI
115.01USWRSL::HATTRUPJAThu Jun 18 1987uVAX A/D Super System
116.03432Sun Jun 21 1987Need Real-Time Extensions in ULTRIX or V.3
117.03GLIND1::AMBLERThu Jun 25 1987VAXELN and RDB
119.01SAYER::MENNITIWed Jul 01 1987Device Selection Helpo
120.06BMT::ZENZEROVICHWed Jul 01 1987Bi to Qbus I/F
121.0152451::LICHTThu Jul 02 1987DRQ3B <==> DRB32
122.03IRT::ZENZEROVICHMon Jul 06 1987Moving data internally
123.01MINDER::ROXBURGHTue Jul 07 1987KWV11-W on uVAX II
124.01SKYLRK::GILWed Jul 08 1987DECnet in realtime
125.01RTOIC1::CSCHMIDTFri Jul 10 1987RTVAX under UNIX ??
126.01ZUDEV2::SEITZMon Jul 13 1987
127.04DPDMAI::GARRETTThu Jul 16 1987Throughput rates - PDP-11/84 vs MicroVAX.
128.05PTOMVX::HALLIGANTue Jul 21 1987HELP for VMS realtime talk.
130.03TAVTue Jul 28 1987uVAX II <==> MV2
131.010BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jul 29 1987seismic performance...
132.05GUIDUK::LEWISWed Jul 29 1987I need a mutex
133.09CANYON::LEEDSWed Aug 05 1987DECserver vs DHU11 performance
134.012SRFSUP::MERMELWed Aug 05 1987help converting SEL's to VAXEN
135.01LEROUF::DENISMon Aug 10 1987KXJ driver.
136.01CHUCKL::LEMONSTue Aug 11 1987Fault-tolerant/failover design tools?
137.03CSC32::P_HIROSSTue Aug 11 1987real time user's guide
138.015LDP::WEAVERWed Aug 12 1987Standalone DRQ3B driver in LDP::SYS$KITS:[HX]
139.03IND::MONASCHWed Aug 12 1987Ultrix drivers\
140.02LDP::WEAVERMon Aug 17 1987Future plans for MicroVMS/DRQ3B driver?
141.012JON::MORONEYWed Aug 26 1987High-speed terminal I/O?
142.0OBLIO::LEAHYWed Sep 02 1987drb32 research
143.01TAVMTS::LAHAVMon Sep 14 1987ADF
144.02WKRP::KIERTue Sep 22 1987Urgent: Help needed for Jet Engine test console bid
146.03TRCOWed Sep 30 1987VAX to replace pdp w/ M171
147.09CSC32::GROSSMANThu Oct 01 1987Device or IO latency?
148.02HGOVThu Oct 01 1987ADF
149.01SLOVAX::MURRAYFri Oct 02 1987UBA buffered paths and ring buffers
150.01MAMTS3::JGALLUNTue Oct 06 1987Instruction timing
151.02CIMNET::TRAGESERThu Oct 08 1987Looking for overview presentation materials
152.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 08 1987Which would you choose?
153.04GLORY::GORDONFri Oct 09 1987VAXELN for Controller
154.02GLORY::APPLEGATETue Oct 13 1987analog input using an AXV11-C
155.02MDVAX1::GOEKETue Oct 13 1987DRV11-J for Serial Communications
156.01MDVAX1::ZAMMITTue Oct 13 1987LSI-11/73 BASED SYS. <=> MICRO VAX ELN SYS.
157.03GUIDUK::ONOWed Oct 14 1987HIGH speed disks?
158.02MGOSFri Oct 16 1987how is VAX ELN promable
159.03CIM6::WALKERFri Oct 23 1987battery backup/recovery?
160.02DPDWed Oct 28 1987Interrput Processing Times
161.01WIDGIT::ALLESWed Oct 28 1987Reference sites? for VAX/VMS projects
162.05CURIUM::WILLINGERFri Oct 30 1987VAXBI Realtime Clock
163.02NEWVAX::KURATASun Nov 08 1987RamDisk Info ?
164.04IND::MONASCHTue Nov 10 1987IEQ Question
165.05DPDMAI::DENIGANTue Nov 10 1987Realtime products recommendation...Help
166.02HPSTEK::SHUCKWed Nov 11 1987Two copies of CONINTERR on one machine?
167.02AHOUSE::ALBRECHTKThu Nov 12 1987IEQ-11 IEEE 488 and Serial Polling
168.0LYOIS1::KRAHENBUHLFri Nov 13 1987DRS/DSS RSX11M+ driver needed
169.04PAXVAX::JOHNSONFri Nov 13 1987VAXELN Training
170.01HSKMon Nov 16 1987Realtime or not; KWV11 or not
171.03TAVWed Nov 18 1987ADV11-DA = DATA TRANSLATION DT2752
172.05STKHLM::KJELLBERGThu Dec 03 1987
173.01STKHLM::GOLSSONWed Dec 09 19872
174.04DV78Wed Dec 09 1987The correct clock time is ??
175.01MDVAX1::ZAMMITThu Dec 10 1987UPGRADING FROM LSI-11/23 TO LSI-11/83 ?
176.01GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Dec 18 1987RT SOC?
177.01OVDVAX::SHELLEYMon Dec 21 1987IEQ11 for the VS35
178.0GUIDUK::ONOTue Jan 05 1988swapper at elevated ipl?
179.04BRDWLK::GOEKEThu Jan 07 1988Real-Time Debugger?
180.01HPSCAD::PARTRIDGEThu Jan 07 1988IEU problem with 855
181.02SKYLRK::CASSAROTue Jan 12 1988MV35
182.04CGOSWed Jan 13 1988DRV to disk
183.0LDP::FORBESThu Jan 28 1988Realtime Job Opportunity
184.03NEWVAX::BONANNOFri Jan 29 1988Looking for faster SIN, COS
185.01LDP::FORBESTue Feb 02 1988MicroVAX 3xxx device info - FYI
186.04GUIDUK::MILLSThu Feb 11 1988Sizing question
187.02SDOGUS::ZACHARIASMon Feb 15 1988Simulation of a missile system
188.02PRIMES::UEBERSAXFri Feb 19 1988LPA11-K/DR11-K Replacements. DR78
189.03TAVThu Feb 25 1988ADQ32 and RQDX3 performance
190.06CANYON::YOUNGFri Mar 04 1988Ultrix and LDP products???
191.02PRCSWS::PETERWANSun Mar 06 1988What is 175
192.05PANIC::PEACOCKMon Mar 07 1988Specialised Concentrator
193.04NZOVWed Mar 09 1988IEEE 488 support on Ultrix needed
194.07PRIME1::UEBERSAXWed Mar 23 19882
195.014SOFFIT::BABBThu Mar 24 1988BI to IEEE-488 ?
196.0MERIDN::KENNEDYMon Mar 28 1988ADAC or Able Repeater?
197.07GUIDUK::MILLSFri Apr 01 1988Q-Bus<==>VMEbus
198.05SRFSUP::KROTENKOMon Apr 04 1988Third Party Shared Memory?
199.04LDP::GREENWed Apr 06 1988ADQ32 Manual Available
200.0IND::VAITZBLITMon Apr 11 1988on-line docs for DPV11, KMV11
201.05LESTER::UEBERSAXMon Apr 11 1988Performance sanity check.
202.04CURIUM::YOOTue Apr 12 1988VAX instruction timing help needed
203.01TAVMon Apr 18 1988PDP8 bus emulation ?
204.01REBOK::COLEMon Apr 18 1988SCSI interface for Radar Data ??
205.01MUNTCC::FORSTFri Apr 29 1988xmi_docs_needed
206.026TELGAR::WAKEMANLAWed May 04 1988KA8
207.03GOTA1::GUNNARSONThu May 05 1988Q-bus to 1553 interface from DEC?
208.01LDP::WEAVERThu May 05 1988Q-bus Device BIRQ Levels
209.02CURIUM::WILLINGERMon May 09 1988NASA SAAS problem
210.03BALBOA::SEIDMANMon May 09 1988DRV11 KWV11/BA2
211.02ERIC::LEWISTue May 10 1988DYS5
212.0TAVWed May 11 1988DRV11-J 3-state (high-impedance state)
213.05GUIDUK::BERKUNWed May 11 1988Realtime Workstation Reference Needed
214.07CURIUM::JACKSONThu May 12 1988Realtime Calling Standard
215.06ZYDECO::MCABEEMon May 16 1988DHV11 question
216.010CUJO::GEORGEMon May 23 1988QIO overhead/System clock sync
217.02TRCTTue May 24 1988Multi-type Signal Interfacing How???
218.01PONY::BONANNOThu May 26 1988Hardware question on KXJ11 serial lines
219.0GLASS::RAOFri May 27 1988Help On CIR
220.0HGOS32::CHANSIUYUENMon May 30 1988How to test a KW11-P under VMS
221.011HGOVWed Jun 01 1988Physical Memory Address For DMA
222.04ERIC::LEWISWed Jun 01 1988$QIO's on a DS2
223.016WARSAW::TYASThu Jun 02 1988BI <--> VME Bus?
225.01KYOA::LAFRANCEFri Jun 03 19881553-Qbus Interface
226.06HOGAN::GAVAZZIMon Jun 06 1988AAV11-C Diver???
227.05SRFSUP::ZIEGLERMon Jun 06 1988HSC/BI Performance
228.05TAVWed Jun 08 19881Mb/s input + recording on Q-bus ?
229.02HGOVFri Jun 10 1988Real Time User Guide
231.01CUJO::GEORGETue Jun 14 1988Process activation time
232.0STKHLM::GOLSSONThu Jun 16 1988DRV11-J and CONINTERR on uVAX[II and/or 3xxx]
233.05BMT::BRIGGSFri Jun 17 1988Packet switch application
234.0GUIDUK::ONOMon Jun 20 1988bandwidth vs. throughput
235.01DIXIE1::HALLMIMon Jun 20 1988ATE Test Set Help Needed
236.05CGOSWed Jun 22 1988Q-BUS memory window map
237.03SRFSUP::YEUNGThu Jun 23 1988RTA Questions
238.0432828::SINIMon Jun 27 1988BI OPTIONS LIST !
239.09BRDWLK::GOEKEMon Jun 27 1988More on Nautilus <--> RTA communication
240.01TAVWed Jun 29 1988math accelerator
241.02CANYON::YOUNGThu Jul 07 1988VAX to LORAL SBA-1
242.04GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Jul 08 1988square wave -> VAX interrupt & count?
243.01RHETT::HICKSTue Jul 12 1988VAXlab/IEEE-488 Support Opening - Atlanta CSC
244.010EAGLE1::EGGERSFri Jul 15 1988Help! on multiprocessor data sharing
245.0LDP::WEAVERFri Jul 15 1988LDP:: conferences are back online!
246.08CANYON::YOUNGSat Jul 16 1988Flight Simulator with Visual System Upgrade
247.0HGOVC::ALANCHANSun Jul 17 1988Hi-Perf Asyn Comms on VAX/VMS
249.0PONY::BONANNOTue Jul 26 1988KXJ11 cable question
250.01BLASThu Jul 28 19881553 controller from SBE
251.0ULTRA::KARGERWed Aug 03 1988minimum time quantum
252.01SAHQ::POPPFri Aug 05 1988RTA "reference sites"??
254.03DIXIE1::BAUGHMANMon Aug 15 1988Need DRQ3B timeout
255.0AUNTB::DENTONRITue Aug 16 1988Reference Account for High Speed DA w/Enet
256.01NZOVTue Aug 23 1988Realtime Ultrix ???
257.08DACT6::CHASETue Aug 23 1988Realtime "opportunity?"
258.0RETORT::SCHNAREWed Aug 24 1988Realtime Discrete Mfg. Demo
259.0RETORT::SCHNAREWed Aug 24 1988Realtime VAXELN Oscilloscope (Scope) Demo
260.0RETORT::SCHNAREWed Aug 24 1988Realtime VAXELN Frame Grabber Camera Demo
261.0RETORT::SCHNAREWed Aug 24 1988Realtime KXJ11 Inverted Pendulum Demo
262.011BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed Aug 24 1988In search of GPIB software...
263.016GUIDUK::ONOThu Aug 25 1988CVAX RTA?
264.01GUIDUK::ONOThu Aug 25 1988How to order 88
265.06CANYON::LEEDSThu Aug 25 1988KCT32s still the best option ??
266.02DIXIE1::OXFORDFri Aug 26 1988Connect to Interrupt Synch
267.03IMBIBE::LAFRANCEFri Aug 26 1988BI <---> Q-bus Interface?
268.01BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOFri Aug 26 1988Installing VMS V5.
269.03NWDFri Aug 26 1988Information on lab system needed
270.01BLASSun Aug 28 19881553-like buses?
271.0FOYER::HESLINWed Aug 31 1988Add 92
272.02TRNTue Sep 06 1988INFO ABOUT ADQ32
273.08LDP::YOOWed Sep 07 1988High Speed Digital Recorder?
274.02NAC::VALLEYThu Sep 08 1988DEC interface to VXI?
275.0BLASMon Sep 12 1988LDP cluster downtime for move
276.0HILLST::KAISERWed Sep 14 1988National Instruments seminar
277.02ANNECY::ROUXWed Sep 21 1988KXJ11 shared mem on MicroVMS ?
278.0NAC::MAGLIOZZIWed Sep 28 1988Announcing LAB AUTOMATION conference
279.02ZYDECO::MILLERThu Sep 29 1988Adding VMS services via CHMK trap
280.02DACT6::CHASEThu Sep 29 1988ADF
282.03GUEMUS::SHELTONPAFri Sep 30 1988NTDS Interface ?
283.02EMASS::MCDONALDSat Oct 01 1988HELP: QIO from ISR
284.05BLASTue Oct 04 1988VAX RTA Application notes online
286.03BALZAC::COULONWed Oct 05 1988DHQ11 interface performance
287.01CSC32::P_HIROSSWed Oct 05 1988PFN mapping & SMP environment on 83
288.06DLOACT::TASSANFri Oct 07 1988HP Unibus Card?
289.0TAVMon Oct 10 1988IEX Extended Addressing Problem
290.0VBVWed Oct 12 1988IEEE HELP NEEDED
291.01PADIS1::PETOTFri Oct 14 1988looking for boot of ELN by ELN
292.02LDP::WEAVERFri Oct 14 1988LDP Job Openings
293.0AUSSIE::UNDERWOODMon Oct 17 1988Sync Comms Chips
294.01YODA::LASKYTue Oct 18 1988DRB32-W Data Corruption problems
295.04MEO78B::MANTUANOMon Oct 24 1988VaxLab question
296.0LDP::WEAVERWed Oct 26 1988Upcoming Array Processor Seminar
297.014HGOVC::ALANCHANWed Nov 02 1988VAXELN Supports Two Ethernets ?
299.06DACT6::CHASEThu Nov 03 1988Realtime FFT's & other goodies
300.02MDRADV::BERNABEFri Nov 04 1988TSV
301.08DENVER::MECKEFri Nov 04 1988RTA ON A 621
302.09CSOA1::HALLIGANSun Nov 06 1988IEEE-488 and VAX Basic extensions
304.02TAVIS::SIDSun Nov 13 1988QBUS switch for realtime devices
305.02MDVAX1::ZAMMITMon Nov 14 1988Forking in Controller Init Routine
306.0LDP::ILICMon Nov 14 1988ADI Presentation: Integrated H/W & S/W for Realtime
307.03TAVIS::SIDWed Nov 16 1988VAXLAB - maximum # of interfaces?
308.05CSOA1::HALLIGANFri Nov 18 1988Detached process vs. VMS license costs
309.0CSSAUS::MOSSMon Nov 21 1988TMS32
310.02CHOVAX::CORNELIUSMon Nov 21 1988DRB32 vs DR78
311.01COEVAX::LADEWMon Nov 28 1988New VAXBI Directory
312.0SNO78C::ORMEMon Nov 28 1988AB 6
313.02OKYAH::HARDINGTue Nov 29 1988Wanted: Description of 35
314.011GUIDUK::SOMERWed Nov 30 1988KXJ11-CA and 5
315.03LDP::MULDOWNEYWed Nov 30 1988HARRIS/7 help
316.0LDP::WEAVERWed Nov 30 1988FCS should be 1/4/89
317.03GLDOA::CUTLERTue Dec 06 1988IEEE-488 TO NEFF??
318.03PONY::BONANNOWed Dec 07 1988Multibus II connection?
319.0GOTA1::GUNNARSONWed Dec 14 1988DRV1J/KXJ11 on VAXserver?
321.03DPDMAI::STEINERWed Dec 14 1988Harris Computer Magic
322.02DPDMAI::STEINERWed Dec 14 1988MIL STD Offerings?
323.04ADO75A::CAMERONThu Dec 15 19881.6GFlops VP Design using VAX 62XX CPUs
324.014BRDWLK::GOEKEThu Dec 15 1988Help! Flight Simulation indeterminate frame times
325.01CAFEIN::CHANSun Dec 18 1988PSI throughput
326.04BSS::FROSTTue Dec 20 198862
327.02MDVAX1::MURPHYTue Dec 20 1988DRS11/DSS11 Driver Software
329.0FPTVX1::URONISFri Dec 30 1988IEEE-488 Ultrix Driver Available
330.02KERNEL::HILLISWed Jan 04 1989drq3b support for v5
331.02TOWNS::ORRSat Jan 07 1989HDDR interfaces
332.03TAVMon Jan 09 1989uVAX II QBUS vs uVAX 32
333.03TOWNS::ORRMon Jan 09 1989SCSI realtime options
334.01PRCSWS::LKLEETue Jan 10 1989ADV11-C BR LEVEL
335.03MDVAX1::ZAMMITWed Jan 11 1989Why are you interrupting me?
336.0LDP::GORCZYCAWed Jan 11 1989Info Sourcing on Competition
337.04HGOM16::LKLEEThu Jan 12 1989RF3
339.01MARX::ZELTSERMANFri Jan 13 1989Realtime 68
340.01KYOA::FARESEFri Jan 13 1989Stock realtime config help!
341.01CHOVAX::CORNELIUSFri Jan 13 198914 sysch lines needed
342.03TAVSun Jan 15 1989Differential DRQ3B ?
343.04LDP::GREENMon Jan 16 1989Manuals Online - LDP Data Modules
344.04NGOV2Wed Jan 18 1989Digital Technology's BIU53 inf.
345.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jan 18 1989Medium Speed I/F???
346.06FOYER::HESLINWed Jan 18 1989CASE Workstations Realtime SUN V Digital
347.02TAVWed Jan 25 19891 Mbyte/sec Qbus - Gould ?
348.04SAHQ::POPPFri Jan 27 1989Help! High Performance Realtime
349.0HELIX::CZERNYSat Jan 28 1989Request for field test sites
350.0CGOASun Jan 29 1989RFP, Help PLEASE!
351.0TAVMon Jan 30 198932 Current Loop lines to uVax33
352.0BRDWLK::GOEKEWed Feb 01 1989RTA Hardware Interrupt
353.0MUNCSS::ROTHFri Feb 03 1989DRQ3B-SC/-AC Differential DRQ3Bs
354.03DLOACT::TASSANTue Feb 07 1989SS8
355.09RETORT::SCHNARETue Feb 07 1989Inputs for the New VAX Realtime User's Guide
356.04CANYON::YOUNGTue Feb 07 1989VME/VAX 1
358.01GUIDUK::SOMERWed Feb 08 1989MicroVAX 3xxx, Q-Bus DMA & KXJ Shared Memory
359.0HELIX::CZERNYThu Feb 09 1989"Friends of Realtime" Distribution
360.01TAVMon Feb 13 1989Benchmarks, references ?
361.02MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Feb 13 1989who knows 'PESOS' (or similar)
362.010MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Feb 13 1989non-expensive portable interlocks ?
363.0BLASFri Feb 17 1989VAX RTA Notes Conference
364.01TAVSun Feb 19 1989DRQ11C, V6.
365.01BPOVMon Feb 20 1989Vaxlab&C code-Junk Written!HELP!
366.0416611::MERMELTue Feb 21 198964+ msecs all at FIPL or greater?
367.03LDP::GORCZYCAWed Feb 22 1989Realtime UNIX: IBM & DG, yes; HP, no?
368.0SKYLRK::CASSAROWed Mar 01 1989Its PROM time again...
369.04CGOSWed Mar 01 1989bit interrupts DRV11/DRQ3B
370.0SMOOT::ROTHThu Mar 02 1989World's Fastest Programmer Contest
371.01BRDWLK::GOEKEFri Mar 03 1989Clustering and Realtime
372.03SNOCMon Mar 06 1989KXT, KXJ in 34
373.08PRSBUR::MIRGHANETue Mar 07 1989RTA VMS processor communication
374.03TAVWed Mar 08 1989documentation for ieq ?
375.0LDP::HOFFMANTue Mar 14 1989DEClab 1.
376.06CSOA1::HUNTThu Mar 16 1989ULTRIX vs. H/P Unix
377.0SYOMV::SCHOLZTue Mar 21 1989Realtime VS31
378.08TROATue Mar 21 1989Interrupt latency on MV34
379.03MLNFri Mar 24 19894 ADQ32 on uVAX 3xxx ?
380.01EMASS::MCDONALDTue Mar 28 1989Screen I/O in RT
383.0MUDIS3::SCHUETZThu Mar 30 1989ULTRIX driver for DRB32W ?
384.04BRDWLK::GOEKEMon Apr 10 1989Realtime Monitor
385.02PRSUD1::MIRGHANETue Apr 11 1989Kalman filter software package?
386.0LDP::WEAVERWed Apr 12 1989Can you say "AhpOLLO"
388.03GLDOA::COMFORTFri Apr 14 1989Connection to Singer I/O
389.0NZOVTue Apr 18 1989Info on Motorola MicroDNET required
390.09MLNTue Apr 18 1989DRV11-J performances
391.01TAVTue Apr 18 1989differential DR11, DRV11
392.04GUIDUK::ONOThu Apr 20 1989DRQ3B online docs?
393.01CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Apr 23 1989SCSI Interface for VAXBI?
395.01SNOCWed May 10 1989IEQ11 Configuration Question
396.0GAUSS::WEINRICHWed May 10 1989DSP accelerator on VS2
397.0TAVThu May 11 1989On line Users Guide for DR11-WC/WD ?
398.07CIMNET::TOMPKINSFri May 12 1989Q-bus to Intel Sbx interface
399.03LDP::GAUTHIERWed May 17 1989MicroVAX Realtime Performance Summaries
400.07AUNTB::SCHMIDTWed May 17 1989Need Digital I/O Options
401.04CSOA1::HALLIGANFri May 19 1989GOULD-SEL to VAX conversion for simulator
402.0MUSICL::BELLCHAMBERSMon May 22 1989The UK STARTS Initiative
403.0FOYER::HESLINMon May 22 1989Open Systems for Realtime?
404.04TAVTue May 23 1989Single-board Processors
405.04GALLOP::BOTTOMLEYDThu May 25 1989Performance data the way HP provides it
407.04YF23::GOEKEFri May 26 1989Is $MGBLSC really this slow?
408.01THEATR::HMITCHELLTue May 30 1989KXT11/KXJ11 and MV33
409.02CESARE::OLOBARDITue May 30 1989VME/Multibus interfac. from ULTRIX?
410.01MERIDN::DOIRONTue May 30 1989SCSI IEEE 488 ?
411.01MERIDN::DOIRONTue May 30 1989Need Adress of Waters Company
412.01SAC::PRESTON_DTue May 30 1989DX11 Info/Replacement
413.04SNOCWed May 31 1989QDSS vertical retrace interrupts?
414.0125415::CZERNYThu Jun 01 1989VAXELN Performance data
416.05CANYON::YOUNGMon Jun 05 1989PTI Q-Bus<==>VME in MicroVAX 3XXX
417.0LDP::WILLINGERTue Jun 06 1989BI <-> Q-Bus hi-speed connection from Aeon
418.02MQOP12::R_PRESZFri Jun 09 1989Real-Time analysis method.
419.02CAADC::PMWVESTUTOTue Jun 13 1989Time-of-day clock for 11/83?
420.01CSOA1::HALLIGANWed Jun 14 1989Honeywell PIU and VMS
421.02ODIXIE::CASTOWed Jun 14 1989QIO times for uVAX35
422.02UTOPIE::HONISCHThu Jun 15 1989Anybody knows Q-bus "Music" board
424.01MQOAMon Jun 19 1989Image Activation/Shared Images
425.05YOOVThu Jun 22 1989BCU-11LB(1553B board) trouble
426.0CTOAVX::KENNEDYThu Jun 22 1989Context Switch time for rtVAX 632
427.02SRFSUP::MERMELFri Jun 23 1989Disk read timing result on a KA8
428.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jun 29 1989rt34
429.01HOTAIR::PORTERThu Jul 06 1989MicroVAXII realtime bus traffic
430.0WHYNOW::SYSTEMWed Jul 12 1989Anyone hear of "NAS" from TRW?
431.0LDP::WEAVERWed Jul 19 1989Conference moving to LDPSCI::
432.06DIXIE1::SIMPSONThu Jul 20 1989realtime issue on VAX 34
433.04MUNCSS::DORNIEDENFri Jul 21 1989MV II & 4 DRQ3B's
434.011VAXRIO::MAURICIOFri Jul 28 1989Interrupt Latency on VAX 6
435.0MALLET::BATESTue Aug 01 1989Page Fault Timings ??
436.05DELMAR::ANDERSON_ELFri Aug 04 1989HP-UX Real-Time Features
437.04GYPSC::FORSTFri Aug 11 1989Too general?
438.02--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 17 1989HPRT-project
439.07GLDOA::CUTLERMon Aug 21 1989VXIbus
440.05HPSRAD::KIRKThu Aug 24 1989Short interval timing
441.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 24 1989Help LDP group
442.0CUJO::MCFARLANDFri Aug 25 19891553 pres/sess sw
443.01SRFSUP::BRADLEY_BMon Aug 28 1989VAXRTA Residents are needed in Ca
444.06SNO78C::PARKERMon Aug 28 1989V5 I/O page mapping problem
445.09HSOMAI::LEPPLAWed Aug 30 1989What is DEC's Strength in RealTime?
446.06UTRUST::SCHOUTENThu Aug 31 1989DRQ3B speed/non-DMA?/driver questions
447.03SRFSUP::BRADLEY_BThu Aug 31 1989IEEE 488 into the BI bus
448.04ZYDECO::MILLERThu Aug 31 1989Problem with SCI 1553 interface
449.04SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri Sep 01 1989NEFF???
450.0EIGER::HAASPWed Sep 06 1989Non Volatile Memeory on PMI
451.04SKYLRK::ROBINSONMon Sep 11 1989Realtime hotline PH. NO#
452.01SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Sep 13 1989sanity check
453.03PAOIS::AGUADOThu Sep 14 1989Using TIR
454.02YF23::MOSERThu Sep 14 1989Novice Alert: C and VAXELN queue problem
455.09GIDDAY::HAHLINGThu Sep 14 19891
456.01HOGAN::SNEADFri Sep 15 1989VMS V5.n forbids use of multiple AAV11's on microvax-II
457.01YF23::MOSERSun Sep 17 1989VAXELN Conference Location????
458.02AHOUSE::ALBRECHTKWed Sep 20 1989Serial Polling with IEX driver
459.0TAVWed Sep 27 1989Environmental Control ?
460.02TAVThu Sep 28 1989ADAC Qbus expander on a Firefox ?
461.02ITASCA::CLIPSONFri Sep 29 1989Need References
462.02PAOIS::DIGNETue Oct 03 19893rd Party boards needed !
463.01CANYON::YOUNGWed Oct 04 1989ELN Driver for Simpact-1632???
464.010ODIXIE::CASTOThu Oct 05 1989VAXeln, RTAs, and VAX6
465.02DLOACT::ZIPPFri Oct 13 1989Realtime/LAVC clustering
466.02VBVTue Oct 17 1989who uses irmx operating system?
467.05GUIDUK::ONOMon Oct 23 1989VAX 9
468.01TAVMon Oct 23 1989Things for systems?
469.01CESARE::OLOBARDIMon Oct 23 1989Remote removable storage device for RTVAX
470.02MUDIS3::SCHUETZWed Oct 25 1989QBUS <--> BI Connection
471.0NAAD::DEANWed Oct 25 1989Thinking Machines
472.015THRUST::CZERNYWed Oct 25 1989lost sales?
473.03TAVThu Oct 26 1989XADRIVER under SMP ??
474.0FIVE5::MIKKOLAWed Nov 01 1989KXJ11 Update
475.03WAR75Thu Nov 02 1989MV33
476.0EVTAI1::VIATOURMon Nov 06 1989Goal!
477.06SAHQ::GUYTONMon Nov 06 1989Gould Competitive Info
478.0CGOSTue Nov 07 1989A/D, D/A on uVAX 33
479.04SUOSW3::SCHMITTWed Nov 08 1989CONINTERR with high-level-language
480.02ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Nov 08 1989Journals, Publications, Magazines?
481.03MINNY::HAASPThu Nov 09 1989DSV11 can't disable polling
482.02DANAPT::HUGHES_JOThu Nov 09 1989Is there an RTVAX64x
483.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Nov 10 1989looking for filter boards on QBUS
484.01SAHQ::GUYTONTue Nov 14 1989Large I/O on a 9
485.0GUEMUS::SHELTONPATue Nov 21 1989CX Questions
486.0TAVWed Nov 22 1989IEEE standard floating point math library ?
487.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Nov 23 1989Sound 1553 bus interface on QBUS ?
489.02CHR27::YEUNGTue Nov 28 1989How many DRV1Ws on a Q-bus?
490.09MUDIS3::SCHUETZWed Nov 29 1989a) REI side effects, b) Interlocked Instructions
491.01MUDIS3::SCHUETZFri Dec 01 1989need address of CSC/UMN
492.01TROASun Dec 03 1989device driver for DRV11
493.01WIKI::RUSSTue Dec 05 1989IEZ11 Raises SCSI Questions
494.0RHETT::HICKSWed Dec 06 1989Atlanta CSC opening: ULTRIX Realtime Support
495.05GUIDUK::ONOThu Dec 07 1989BI-based AP I/O performance?
496.01DUGGAN::TANMon Dec 11 1989Gould-VAX FORTRAN conversion
497.0DUGGAN::ROCHEMon Dec 11 1989Aerospace Simulation Workload Experience?
498.05DUGGAN::ILICWed Dec 13 1989PDI16: Simpact's DR11-W equivalent I/F for VAXBI
499.09CGOSThu Dec 14 1989DRV-11 additional inputs?
500.04WIKI::RUSSFri Dec 15 1989Rugged realtime
501.0731Mon Dec 18 1989Looking for VMS time to do interprocess communications with Mailbox QIOs
502.0331Mon Dec 18 1989How much time (%) does VMS spend context switching?
503.02MGOIThu Dec 21 1989Don't change the name of ELN !!
504.03EVOIS6::FARISFri Dec 22 1989Using VMS Memory for applic perf ?
505.06SRFSUP::MERMELWed Dec 27 1989APTEC anyone?
506.01UTEP::JANESWed Jan 03 1990DPV USYNRT Purchase Spec
507.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Jan 04 1990kwv-11s clock output?
508.03CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Jan 04 1990Maximum available data rate RA9
509.03TAVTue Jan 09 1990DRV11-DRB32 link performance ?
510.03HACMAN::HACKSat Jan 13 1990Any recent real time VMS papers written??
511.03CGOSThu Jan 18 1990Ultrix Realtime Data Base?
512.02CUJO::FRASERThu Jan 25 1990System Sizing help Needed
513.03PRSUD1::MIRGHANEThu Jan 25 1990And what's that RTVAX3
515.01SKYLRK::TEERLINKThu Jan 25 1990Telemtry processing on VAX-VMS
516.02NOSNOW::MELSONThu Jan 25 1990VAX 38
517.06TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Jan 26 1990IRIG-B QBUS adapter
518.05MUDIS3::SCHUETZFri Jan 26 1990RTCS/VAXlab-support for RTP available ?
519.03TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon Jan 29 1990Internal ELN references
521.03EICMFG::MACDONALDMon Feb 05 1990KA64
522.0WOODRO::SALERNOTue Feb 06 1990New Rackmount rtVAX 34
523.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Feb 06 1990Looking for REAL FFT program source
524.02PRCSWS::ALEXCHUThu Feb 08 1990IBM, Data General in realtime?
525.01AXIS::DAYFri Feb 09 1990AQS Templates for VAXELN Host/Target Configs
526.01TAVIS::SCHORWed Feb 14 1990Raytheon to RS17
527.04TOWNS::BAGWILLWed Feb 14 1990IEEE 1
528.01TOOHOT::ROCHASun Feb 18 1990ELN resource needed
529.01JULIET::BOHAN_VIWed Feb 21 1990$QIO to driver timings?
531.05GSSVAX::GUYTONFri Feb 23 1990IRIG-B on a BI
533.03MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon Feb 26 1990VAX9
534.01DUGGAN::ROCHEFri Mar 02 1990Realtime Prog on VAX slides
535.0CHR27::YEUNGFri Mar 02 1990DT
536.02TAVSun Mar 04 1990Multiple synchronous lines RT system
537.03COLTue Mar 06 1990 Slides for Realtime Presentation
538.010MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Mar 06 1990Ethernet 'best case (?)' predictability (?)
539.09MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Mar 06 1990RT-benchmarks on VAX9
540.026Wed Mar 07 1990IEEE Floating Format?
541.016GLDOA::CUTLERWed Mar 07 1990VME SUPPORT
543.04DUGGAN::WILLINGERTue Mar 13 1990fast status from 1553 required
544.02CESARE::WHSWed Mar 14 1990About MEASUREX
545.01VBVThu Mar 15 1990open bi?
546.0548245::GAUDIEZThu Mar 15 1990IEEE protocol between HP plotter and vax
547.0DUGGAN::VIDYASHANKERTue Mar 20 1990VSL V1.4 Overhead Presentation Now Avaiilable
548.0DUGGAN::TANWed Mar 21 1990Gould-VAX Conversion Guide
549.01CHR27::MERMELThu Mar 22 1990DRQ3B locks uvax 35
550.07RTSUPP::SCHNAREFri Mar 23 1990rtVAX 3
551.0BALTMD::PAGANOWed Mar 28 1990Gov't owned KWV11 driver?
552.0PAXVAX::JOHNSONMon Apr 02 1990VAXELN/Realtime Network
553.03SNOCTue Apr 03 1990Signal Types for AAV11 etc
554.02DIEGO::GASSNERTue Apr 03 1990Calculating DEBUG memory consumption
556.04MAIL::KINGWed Apr 04 1990KA8
557.04DYO78Tue Apr 10 1990CPI information needed
558.02SCAACT::FINDLEYLWed Apr 11 1990Synch. of multiple VMS processes (Event flags?)
559.02LASCPM::MERMELWed Apr 11 1990PDI16 vs DRB32-W?
560.02SCAACT::FINDLEYLWed Apr 11 1990Locking P1 region & are stack variables fastest?
561.0GLADYS::ORMEThu Apr 12 1990lab interface
562.04DUGGAN::WILLINGERThu Apr 12 1990Optical Disk for rtVAX 33
563.01MINDER::EWINGRThu Apr 12 1990info for tender
564.04PAXVAX::LONGThu Apr 12 1990HP and IBM UNIX RT Features info wanted
565.01AXIS::DAYFri Apr 13 1990Proposed VAXELN host + development packages
566.0CSSE32::FRAZIERWed Apr 18 1990Here's an oldie...
567.0GUIDUK::MILLERFri Apr 20 1990Saving & Restoring VMS and Processes
568.05MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Apr 24 1990long line module for DRB32 ?
569.03MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Apr 24 1990converting GOULD HSD handshake to DRB32
570.03LEDDEV::ROSSThu Apr 26 1990DLV as a clock source (?!)
572.01PAXTON::MOORETue May 01 1990Where has all the documentation gone...
573.01MUTTON::LAMBWed May 02 1990SI disks go off line w/ realtime application
574.03TAVThu May 03 199064->16
575.02TOOHOT::ROCHATue May 08 1990macro -> PROM Help!
576.01FREZEN::PROJECTSWed May 09 1990Two REAL TIME Book references desired
577.0MUDIS3::SCHUETZThu May 10 1990competitive info: Concurrent, Alliant
578.0ORIWS::ORIThu May 10 1990Odetics ATG-QBUS ?
579.0NOATAK::WHITEThu May 10 1990Opportunity in Seattle
580.02UTROP1::ATTEMA_HFri May 11 1990DRE11 with VME
581.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon May 14 1990Info on Mercury board for SPARC SUN systems?
582.02THEWAV::BRADLEYThu May 17 1990SCSI to VME on the VS 31
583.01THEWAV::BRADLEYThu May 17 1990Problems with the IEZ11
584.02LANDO::PINKMon May 21 1990Query on VAXELN and VAX9
585.03DUGGAN::WILLINGERTue May 22 1990Realtime Third Parties
586.048955::MPASSIWed May 23 1990DRQ3B and optic fiber for connection of 2MVAX.
587.01TAVThu May 24 1990SCSI 1553 I/F?
588.01MUDIS3::SCHUETZMon May 28 1990ELN support for ADF
589.03OTOAMon May 28 1990VAX/VME will it ever be?
590.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu May 31 1990ULTRIX enhancement for VME access
591.09LASCPM::YEUNGWed Jun 06 1990ACP etc ...
592.02MUDIS3::SCHUETZWed Jun 06 1990where are the uVAX38
593.03TAVThu Jun 07 1990MATE ?
594.01WARABI::DEGROOTThu Jun 07 1990Wind River System Inc / VX works ??
595.02TRNAF1::CRAVEROFri Jun 08 1990Info about PRESTON A/D converter
596.014MFGMEM::ERICKSONMon Jun 11 1990rtvax3
597.012ODIXIE::BEARDMOREWed Jun 13 1990VAX/VMS and Real Time future
598.03SCAACT::FINDLEYLWed Jun 13 1990Preston experience?
599.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Jun 22 1990External multiline interrupt interface
600.0BLASFri Jun 22 1990competitive realtime performance info needed
601.04ORIWS::ORISun Jun 24 1990ARINC ?
602.03TKTV2Mon Jun 25 1990DASBOX on VAXELN
603.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon Jun 25 1990Realtime visualization of program variables
604.02TAVTue Jun 26 1990A/D SCSI Board (for VS31
605.05366Thu Jun 28 1990NON-MIL-STD 1553 Controller?
606.01TRNAF1::CRAVEROMon Jul 02 1990Q-BUS + DRQ3B throughput
607.01LASCPM::YEUNGWed Jul 04 1990double mapping the user buffer
608.04AUSSIE::UNDERWOODThu Jul 05 19905
609.02YOOVFri Jul 06 1990DRB32-E + VAXELN problem
610.01SKYLRK::KURATAMon Jul 09 1990GPIB extender experience ?
611.07DC1Tue Jul 10 1990VAX ELN into Maintenance Mode ?
612.02LASCPM::YEUNGFri Jul 13 1990CONINTERR Questions
613.02KTOVThu Jul 19 1990about A/D translation board
614.0CHEESE::KAISERThu Jul 19 1990On performance and portability
615.03HIGHD::HUGHESFri Jul 20 1990Looking for suggestions for an RFP!
616.09PRSUD1::AGUADOMon Jul 23 1990What about ULTRIX ?
617.02MAIL::DABLERJMon Jul 23 1990KA8
618.07MARRHQ::RICKMon Jul 23 1990KWV-AAV Application with high CPU%
619.0STAR::CRITZTue Jul 24 1990Use of secondary channels in drivers
620.011LEVERS::VALLEYWed Jul 25 1990QBus DMA Performance?
621.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Jul 26 1990Looking info on VAXLINK software product
622.02TRNTC1::VOLTATue Jul 31 1990IEEE-488/VS31
623.05STLACT::MOSERFri Aug 10 1990Engine Simulator for Test Stand...
624.03SKYLRK::KURATAMon Aug 13 1990Setting a bit on a ADAC HCO ?
625.02CSOA1::STUTSONMon Aug 13 1990Concurrent help
626.02SCAACT::FINDLEYLMon Aug 13 1990PSECT attributes, and page alignment
627.02CGOOTue Aug 14 1990VMS to IRMX communication
629.01ROV2K2::DTURNERTue Aug 14 1990RT-VAX Operating Environment Problem
630.07PUPPET::HMITCHELLThu Aug 16 1990VAX4
631.09STLACT::MOSERMon Aug 20 1990COMPAQ for flight sim??
632.0CESARE::OLOBARDITue Aug 21 1990MMS protocol+ RT3
633.05DUGGAN::HPRT_NEWSTue Aug 21 1990HPRT Underground News
634.03LANDO::HAYESThu Aug 23 1990Is Powerfail Interrupt a Requirement?
635.03TRNAF1::CRAVEROFri Aug 24 1990documentation about Q-bus and DMA
636.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUSun Aug 26 1990kct32 error exaplanation from errlog.sys
637.04VBVMon Aug 27 1990more on enet performance, vms in general
638.06MUDIS3::SCHUETZTue Aug 28 1990challenge for UNIX gurus
639.04LASCPM::YEUNGWed Aug 29 1990reset Q-bus devices?
640.08STLACT::MOSERWed Aug 29 1990Bus Documentation... (BI,XMI,XMI-2)
641.03ORIWS::ORITue Sep 04 1990synch port, voice I/O
642.01MXOVWed Sep 05 1990KWV11 programming documentation
643.01MXOVWed Sep 05 1990What is RS485?
644.05LASCPM::YEUNGThu Sep 06 1990Buffered I/O > 64K?
645.03ZYDECO::BODAThu Sep 06 1990Functional Diagram for DRQ3B?
646.04THEWAV::GASSNERFri Sep 07 1990Constant periodic delay in cluster ??
647.010ODIXIE::BEARDMOREFri Sep 07 1990VME on VAX 9
648.0SCAACT::FINDLEYLMon Sep 10 1990VIVA opportunities?
649.0LANDO::PINKMon Sep 10 1990VAXBI EXT. Hardware Products File Now Available
650.0BURTON::HMITCHELLTue Sep 11 1990KXJ DMA Rate
651.05SCAACT::FINDLEYLTue Sep 11 1990TCP/IP to VAX 881
652.01STLACT::MOSERTue Sep 11 1990Quadword transfers on BI possible?
653.04THEWAV::GASSNERWed Sep 12 1990Will $SCHDWK w/Affinity schedule in Priority Order
655.01SCAACT::FINDLEYLWed Sep 12 1990Disk I/O performance w/ KDM7
656.0TLE::BERNARDFri Sep 14 1990Digital Ada Network
657.01GBIFri Sep 21 1990How to connect AMPEX digital audio tape to VAX
658.01DUGGAN::WILLINGERTue Sep 25 1990relative performance results from CAE
659.02FILTON::MITCHELLFri Sep 28 1990DRQ3B-SF to DRE11?
660.03AXIS::DAYFri Sep 28 1990VAXELN Stories
661.06TRCATue Oct 02 1990DSSI vs Q-bus realtime
662.0ZURFCC::SEITZTue Oct 09 1990Papertape Curve Scanner Wanted
663.05SCAACT::FINDLEYLTue Oct 09 1990KA8
664.02TRNAF1::FORMIAWed Oct 10 1990VME bus link on VAXstation 31
665.02STLACT::MOSERFri Oct 12 1990RS-422 Device???
666.08ODIXIE::LACORTIMon Oct 15 1990vax 34
667.0THRUST::CZERNYTue Oct 23 1990Realtime Engineering is alive and well
668.02RIPPLE::NOLLROThu Oct 25 1990Build your own 32
669.01SEWS1::ROPERMon Oct 29 1990SONY PCM 2
670.01DICKNS::FRANKELMon Oct 29 1990'RT Products Tech Summary' available
671.0CESARE::OLOBARDIWed Oct 31 1990Any Arcnet - Ethernet gateway?
672.02GUCCI::BJELTEMAFri Nov 09 1990need DEC RTI info
673.06GRANPA::RFOLEYTue Nov 13 1990Power Plant Simulators?
674.06BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Nov 14 1990Modelling or prototyping real-time???
675.0KETJE::DEROECKFri Nov 16 1990help for handicapped
676.0SMURF::MCINTOSHFri Nov 16 1990ULTRIX and Realtime Whitepaper
677.02TAVTue Nov 20 1990DRV11-W documentation ??
678.0TAVIS::RYMERFri Nov 23 1990real time database on risc/ultrix?
679.01MISFIT::SOJDAThu Nov 29 1990ISA Standard F61.1
680.0TPS::ABBOTTTue Dec 11 1990Real-Time Systems Symposium Trip Report
681.04KETJE::DEROECKThu Dec 13 1990RT-CON DO you KNOW ?
682.01ROMMon Dec 17 1990Where is the documentation of DRQ3B now ?
683.0IJSAPL::MILOTue Dec 18 1990URGENT - RT/UNIX engineers wanted
684.04CHR27::MERMELTue Dec 18 1990DRV11-WA transfer looks successful, but no xfer
685.03BIS3::GILLISWed Dec 19 1990VxWorks on DECstation and MIPS target.
686.01VAXSPO::REISWed Dec 19 1990COULD I CHANGE FROM PDP 11/34 TO uVAX ?
687.04STOHUB::F18::DABLERWed Dec 19 1990BI -bus Interrupt Controller?
688.01KYOA::WALKERFri Dec 21 1990QIO processing timings?
689.01MR4DEC::ILICTue Jan 08 1991CASEWORLD'91 Announcemnt and Pre-Registration
690.02CESARE::OLOBARDITue Jan 15 1991TALARIAN and R*TIME info request
691.0KETJE::DEROECKTue Jan 15 1991Uniteq of intrest to DEC ?
692.01ORIWS::ORIWed Jan 16 1991SMPTE Standard Time Code boards ?
693.0DICKNS::POLLOCKWed Jan 16 1991Realtime User's Guide Available
694.02GUEMUS::SHELTONPAFri Jan 18 1991Intel 8255 ?
695.01YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUFri Jan 18 1991PC/VAX realtime performance info needed
696.07SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Jan 28 1991Question about VMS and realtime situation
697.0CHR27::MERMELWed Jan 30 1991Processor overhead time to write to terserver port?
698.03STOHUB::FLYVAX::DABLERWed Jan 30 1991HiPPI Information Needed
699.02TEGAN::GUYTONThu Jan 31 1991Status of 9
700.03WKRP::LENNIGFri Feb 01 1991q-bus I/O vendors
701.04ACESMK::AGUADOFri Feb 01 1991Looking for a VME clock board (a good one)
702.01TRNAF1::CRAVEROWed Feb 06 1991What happened to VAXELN conference
703.01STOHUB::YF23::DABLERJWed Feb 06 1991How to get multi-cast messages on a debna?
704.01SNOCThu Feb 07 1991IEQ11 manual available?
705.03SNOCThu Feb 07 1991Realtime and DECwindows
706.04HIGHD::HUGHESThu Feb 07 1991High speed/High capacity Tape?
707.06WELWEL::GRAHAMFri Feb 08 1991on-line docs for drq3b ?
708.06HERCUL::MOSERSun Feb 10 1991QBUS-BI realtime link advice...
709.014STOHUB::YF23::DABLERJMon Feb 11 1991XMI-Based Realtime Clock?
710.0EICMFG::SCHUETZTue Feb 12 1991CDC 3
711.01FOOSW6::ZIPPThu Feb 14 1991Internet COMP.REALTIME archive established
712.011EICMFG::SCHUETZThu Feb 14 1991BI devices on a 9
713.05GOYA::ELENAMon Feb 18 1991drb32 and rta performance
714.01DECLNE::WILLETTMon Feb 18 1991Sales Solution Needed ASAP
715.05GLADYS::ORMEThu Feb 21 1991DRV1W hardware
716.03BELFST::OFLAHERTYFri Feb 22 1991DEC Real-Time Integrator = VAXlab???
717.02FIVE5::ANDRUSTue Feb 26 1991Seminar on rtVAX 3
718.02CESARE::OLOBARDIWed Feb 27 1991VS31
719.04GOYA::ELENAThu Feb 28 1991rtVAX3
720.03GPSDCC::BROWNThu Feb 28 1991Does VME define byte ordering?
721.04PJWL::LAMBThu Feb 28 1991Ethernet in Realtime network - Guarenteed delivery (determinism??)
722.05TEGAN::GUYTONThu Mar 07 1991VAXada = rt ada?
723.03QCAVFri Mar 08 1991realtime specs for vms reqd
724.09DENVER::RUOFFWed Mar 20 1991Realtime Graph Product available?
725.04RAVEN1::STOGNERMon Mar 25 1991Realtime display on DEC terminal
726.0YOSMTE::HATTRUP_JATue Mar 26 1991QIO and I/O improvements
727.01REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Mar 26 1991How to "smoothly" horiz scroll EEG info in realtime?
728.02USRCV1::SOJDALWed Mar 27 1991Problems with DECnet in Realtime
729.05CESARE::OLOBARDIThu Apr 04 1991rtVAX config. rules: Q-bus boards
730.01BALTMD::BDAVISThu Apr 04 1991q-bus arbitration ??
731.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Apr 05 1991Problem with ELN/IEQ11 (IEEE) driver
733.01COPCLU::GREGFri Apr 12 19912 * 32 bit I/O?
734.0SKYLRK::WHEELERLLSun Apr 21 1991UCX (VMS/ULTRIX Connection) for realtime TCP, UDP?
735.06PTOSRT::MINSHALLMon Apr 22 1991CRMPSC/PFNMAP on 653
736.01COPCLU::GREGWed Apr 24 1991DRV11 Hotline telephone number?
737.02ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri Apr 26 199135
738.0TAVMon Apr 29 1991KAV3
739.01BALTMD::BDAVISMon Apr 29 1991I/O request Rate of Q-bus
740.01CHR27::MERMELFri May 03 1991effect of write back cache on interlocked queues?
741.04SUNNIE::GOWThu May 09 1991DRQ3B Driver Sources
742.06SOLVIT::JBThu May 09 1991VME Adapter for DECstation 5
743.06GOYA::ELENAMon May 13 1991ELN boot problem
744.07GOYA::ELENAMon May 13 1991VME-BI connections?
745.03LIOSTue May 14 1991Question on 86
746.02GOYA::ELENAThu May 16 19912
747.05HELIX::LONGTue May 21 1991OSF and Realtime
748.02WNRWHO::GILLEYTue May 28 1991Migration of DRV11, A Case Study
749.03CGOAWed May 29 1991KXT11-AB TO KXJ11-CA MIGRATION
750.0ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZTue Jun 04 1991DRB32 doc. & functionality?
751.03YOSMTE::HATTRUP_JAWed Jun 05 1991SCRAMnet/SYSTRAN RT networks
752.014NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Jun 06 199164 bits // 1
753.01COMICS::WEBSTERCFri Jun 07 1991AAV11-C rev E -> G changes
754.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Jun 11 1991SCRAMNET/SYSTRAN contact
755.02GLADYS::HUISHWed Jun 12 1991parallel interface for DECstation 5
756.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Jun 19 1991X25 or KMV1A under ELN
757.02CANYON::YOUNGWed Jun 19 1991HP product called RTAP
758.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Jun 19 1991dma chaining with drq3B
759.0BRADOR::BROUILLARDThu Jun 27 19914 ADQ32 on uVAX 4
760.0HELIX::DAYThu Jul 11 1991Realtime Photo for Annual Report
761.02THEWAV::KUSTICHThu Jul 18 1991MicroVAX Q-Bus Programmed I/O Performance
762.01CESARE::OLOBARDIWed Jul 24 1991DRV-TurboCh board/VMS support?
763.0CESARE::OLOBARDIThu Jul 25 1991RT Kernels: Performance comparison
764.01PENSKE::HURLEYWed Aug 07 1991Mirco vax will not halt in a hung software state
765.0FMCSSE::GROSSMANWed Aug 07 1991Fault-tolerant realtime financial market for us?
766.01FOOSER::FINDLEYMon Aug 12 1991VAX 4
767.01HGOVC::ANDREWCHANTue Aug 13 1991ARINC 429 realtime interface
768.0CESARE::OLOBARDIMon Aug 19 1991Kinetics/ VXIbus product line announcement
769.0SOLVIT::JBFri Aug 30 1991VME, TURBOchannel and realtime products at Buscon
770.03SUNNIE::GOWSun Sep 01 1991RS-485 on DECstation?
771.0SMURF::MCINTOSHTue Sep 03 1991EIS RT-ULTRIX vs. Corp. OSF/1 work
772.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZFri Sep 06 1991Ultrix-RT for VAX?
773.01SOLVIT::FRANCISTue Sep 10 1991MICROVax 3xxx (BA2
774.0FOOSW6::COOKFri Sep 13 1991Realtime VAX for Multibus II
775.0STAR::ABBASIWed Sep 18 1991FYI: real-time small OS list
776.02SUNNIE::GOWWed Sep 25 1991Long Cables for ADV11, DRV1J
777.01ROMThu Sep 26 1991urgent help for a D/A converter
778.01BUSHIE::OMELEYFri Sep 27 1991DRQ3B using DMA. Help needed in how to program it.
779.0ORO5Thu Oct 03 1991Console terminal interrupt priority
780.04ANNECY::VATRYMon Oct 07 1991RTVAX3
782.01LASCPM::YEUNGThu Oct 10 1991Qbus/UNIBUS differences?
783.01HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGFri Oct 11 1991VMS vs U*IX again
784.01NCEIS1::CHOQUETWed Oct 16 1991IEZ11 in slave mode ?
786.02NLAFri Oct 18 1991FDDI and realtime
787.02GLDOA::CUTLERSat Nov 02 1991DRQ3Bs interfacing two VAXen
788.01TYSON::KURATATue Nov 05 1991DSP for VAXstation 4
790.02VOLKS::VERMETTEWed Nov 13 19911
791.01CAADC::TRAINMAEGDLIWed Nov 13 1991Realtime on VS4
792.01HELLES::gauthierFri Nov 15 1991DRQ3B question
794.01HELIX::CLARKMon Nov 25 1991DECelx documents available online
795.01HELIX::WILLCOXMon Nov 25 1991DECelx Notes Conference
796.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Nov 27 1991MXI support on DECsystems?
797.04BIGRED::DOMINEYMon Dec 02 1991General OSF/1 RT question
798.03SUBURB::JASPERTTue Dec 03 1991rtVAX 4
799.0TRNAF1::CRAVEROTue Dec 03 1991data lost reading data from preston
800.02SFCSun Dec 08 1991DECram vs. ESE-2
801.04BIS3::GILLISTue Dec 10 1991DEC-OSF/1 & RT serial control.
802.02TAVWed Dec 11 1991DRE11-C equivalent for BI-bus?
803.02MLNFri Dec 13 1991A to D 1 GHz
804.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZFri Dec 13 1991turbochanel-VME?
805.0FIVE5::ANDRUSTue Dec 17 1991RT HW and SW Product Summaries
806.02ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZTue Dec 17 1991Q-bus/VME ?
807.0MR4SRV::SYSTEMMon Dec 30 1991LDPSCI:: going away, use MR4SRV::
808.02NLAMon Jan 06 1992Realtime UNIX/POSIX for missile simulation?
809.06STLACT::CORNELLWed Jan 08 1992Who Do I Talk To? Resurrection of the RTA!
810.06CIMNET::PIERSONThu Jan 09 1992How accurate a TOY, for Real Realtime?
811.01COMICS::LOTAFri Jan 10 1992DRQ3B and DRV11
812.07ROMWed Jan 15 1992help to connect a KWV11
813.0CIVAGE::LYNNFri Jan 17 1992Fault Tolerant + Real Time issues
814.03TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Jan 21 1992POSIX 1
815.06CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jan 22 1992What time is it?
816.01F18::FLYVAX::GOEKEThu Jan 23 1992Help for RFP!! Benchmark for Task-to-Task communications across nodes
817.01STLACT::CORNELLMon Jan 27 1992DRQ3B, RE: External Interrupt Bit
818.04CESARE::OLOBARDIThu Jan 30 1992NT Realtime Features?
819.0BACHUS::BRST2Thu Jan 30 1992rtVAXxxxx Operating temperature range
820.02RT93::MCDONALDJTue Feb 04 1992ADS-1
821.0COOCHZ::BECKERTue Feb 11 1992SPOX?
822.012PRIMES::FINKELSTEINTue Feb 18 19926 DRQ3B's on a 4
823.01XKOVThu Feb 20 1992MIL STD 1553B interface to DECstations/VAXstations
824.01HELIX::JENSENFri Feb 21 1992NATO Advanced Study Institute
825.01MTMRCY::POPPThu Feb 27 1992realtime signal processing
826.05CSC32::J_LINKMon Mar 02 1992DRV11-WA BURST MODE
827.0TKOV51::FUKUSHIMAWed Mar 04 1992Context Switch Time on VMS
828.03ZPOVC::XKOVFri Mar 06 1992Comparing VMS with other RT operating systems
829.04JSOCSS::TSUTAGITue Mar 10 1992Performance of DTI 1553 I/F
830.0F18::FLYVAX::GOEKEFri Mar 13 1992Anyone familiar with MIL-STD-2179A Tape Drive?
831.02UNYEM::SOJDALFri Mar 13 1992Need IP-11 Documentation
832.01NBOIS::JOOSSTue Mar 17 1992DECelx Conference, where?
833.0PRIMES::FINKELSTEINThu Mar 19 1992Hartstone benchmark available
834.01TLSEFri Mar 20 1992VME to SCSI on VAX6
835.02TKOV51::FUKUSHIMAThu Mar 26 1992Shared Memory option for rtVAX
836.03LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Mar 30 1992connect VXI with VAX4
837.0WIKI::PAGANOMon Apr 06 1992CITTM.1
838.01RT93::MCDONALDJThu Apr 16 1992Alpha VME computer info
839.0BIGRED::PARKERTue Apr 28 1992What is the max latency possible for Realtime OSF/1?
840.0TYSON::KURATAWed May 06 1992Realtime and OSF issues
841.010HELIX::JENSENWed May 06 1992Realtime Colloquia Series
842.03BIGUN::ANDERSONThu May 07 1992Realtime questions?
843.01ANTPOL::PRUSSMon May 11 1992ULTRIX LAT for LAB PERIPHERAL control
844.01GLDOA::GIVENWed May 27 1992Do we support VXI?
845.0GIDDAY::KINGThu May 28 1992DRQ3B quio att_enable retuern DRQ3B qio setmode| IO$M_HX_ATT_ENABLE returns BAD param ??
846.0PDVMon Jun 01 1992SCI228
847.01LEMAN::MBROWNTue Jun 09 1992OS/9 & Microware pointers ???
848.03ZYDECO::BODATue Jun 09 1992Job Opening
849.01SYOMV::KRASThu Jun 11 1992async I/O and multi-threading?
850.01ZPOVC::XKOVWed Jun 17 1992DECrti?
851.0PRIMES::FINKELSTEINWed Jun 17 1992piwg code available
852.03HXOUFri Jun 19 1992UDIP Connections
853.02PRESS1::WARSHAWWed Jun 24 1992qio modifiers
854.03NLAThu Jul 02 1992VAX 4
855.0LASCPM::MIYAMOTOThu Jul 02 1992request for resumes
856.01LANDO::ODONNELLSat Jul 04 1992XMI-to-VME course to be given by ENGINEERING in ALF
857.02GUIDUK::DANIELSONTue Jul 07 1992IEEE-582 Support
858.01STOHUB::FLYVAX::GOEKEThu Jul 16 1992Anyone familiar with ACSL?
859.02LEMAN::MBROWNMon Jul 20 1992OS9
860.0HIGHD::FISHERTue Jul 21 1992Looking for CVAX operation speeds.
861.03HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUMon Jul 27 1992Interface to standard time sources needed
862.0LASCPM::MIYAMOTOMon Jul 27 1992DRB32 help (no docs available)
863.01TKOV51::NAKANOThu Aug 06 1992Looking for VAX4
864.03UNITED::NEWELLGThu Aug 13 1992Noddy Question on rtVAX
865.0ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZWed Aug 19 1992A texas instrument processor?
866.02ODIXIE::MCLEANWed Aug 19 1992what is rate-monotonic scheduling???
867.011CHEFS::WARWICKBThu Aug 20 1992MPP device driver for RQZX1????
868.01MUDIS3::AMOUSSETThu Aug 27 1992network traffic recording
869.0UNITED::NEWELLGThu Sep 10 1992Scheduling frequency/resolution on Alpha OSF/1
870.0LORD::DLEBLANCFri Sep 11 1992Alpha Worksystems - TOEM Product Features/Requirements
871.0TKOVOA::NAGASHIMA_MWed Sep 16 1992URGENT OSF/1 Realtime question from High Energy Physics Labo
872.02ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZThu Sep 17 1992AADC/DAC/array proccessor?
873.04HEARNS::MCCALLFri Sep 25 1992DMA latency problem on 33
874.0UNITED::NEWELLGWed Sep 30 1992References needed for DECelx or VxWorks
875.01BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Oct 02 1992HP's PA-RISC realtime systems
876.0RT93::MCDONALDJFri Oct 02 1992MCM/RadHard Alpha
877.0TROOA::NAISHTue Oct 20 1992Realtime Debug Support under OSF
878.06HIGHD::FISHERWed Oct 21 1992Need to make VMS non-paged pool available to KA8
879.0RT95::MCDONALDJThu Oct 22 1992VME for VAXstations!
880.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOTue Oct 27 1992VAX clock increased interval rate
881.01TAVTue Nov 03 1992Ready Systems & Digital
882.0MLWS::LICHTWed Nov 11 1992Support for VS4
883.0RT93::MCDONALDJThu Nov 12 1992RT Clock for TURBOchannel!!!!!!!!
884.01CESARE::OLOBARDIFri Nov 13 1992Enea's OSE - competitor kernel?
885.05RLTIME::COOKMon Nov 16 1992DRB32 to VME
886.02TAVMon Nov 16 1992VMS drivers for VME boards?
887.0I8BEVO::FINDLEYWed Nov 18 1992Harris and IBM jointly marketing realtime
888.0VERGA::THORSTENSENWed Nov 25 1992DECmessageQ on NT
889.0BITBKT::FORBESWed Nov 25 1992Need realtime Telemetry expertise, or equiv.
890.0CESARE::OLOBARDIFri Nov 27 1992Preliminary data/ AlphaVMS latencies
891.0I8BEVO::FINDLEYSun Nov 29 1992Scramnet for XMI machines (VAX 66
892.02NAPThu Dec 03 1992DRQ3B and the BIG BUFFER
893.0RT95::MCDONALDJThu Dec 03 1992Say goodbye to Triadd?
894.0LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Dec 07 1992C++ for PSOS ?
895.0LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Dec 07 1992distributor of OASIS ?
896.03RT93::MCDONALDJMon Dec 07 1992HP RT VME SBC & Workstations
897.0RT95::MCDONALDJMon Dec 14 1992AP's for VME anyone??
898.0ZPOVC::XKOVTue Dec 15 1992Comm. s/w btn VAX and Yokogawa DCS??
899.01HOTAIR::ENGQUISTTue Jan 05 1993Realtime PIDS?
900.04GUIDUK::DANIELSONThu Jan 07 1993Native A/D cards for Turbochannel?
901.08VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Jan 19 1993Serial WWV interface needed
902.03GLDOA::CUTLERMon Jan 25 1993Futurebus+ vs. VXI
903.0LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Jan 25 1993IXV11 driver on VMS 5.5_2 ?
904.01CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Jan 27 1993Intel cross compilers?
905.0CHARON::BRUCKMANThu Jan 28 1993Turbo-VME support on Alpha
906.03GLDOA::CUTLERSat Feb 06 1993POSIX 1
907.04TKTVFS::KAWABATAWed Feb 10 1993What type of connecter used?
908.01SEDSWS::SAMPAYOWed Feb 10 1993Help with Customer Solution
909.01TROOA::NAISHWed Feb 10 1993Porting Problem with Shared Memory on OSF
910.01ODIXIE::MOREAUThu Feb 11 1993Looking for customers for VME on OpenVMS
911.02UNITED::NEWELLGFri Feb 12 1993Does this seem sensible ?
912.02ROMMon Feb 15 1993Looking for FAST Parallel Card
913.0WBC::DOERINGFri Feb 19 1993Time Variance when running program over and over
914.01UNITED::NEWELLGWed Feb 24 1993Solid State Disks ?
915.01EICMFG::GAUTHIERThu Feb 25 1993VxWorks notesfile from comp.os.vxworks newsgroup
916.0HELIX::COMSTOCKFri Feb 26 1993Galway and SBCs
917.01LIOSWed Mar 03 1993VMS realtime help needed
919.0POCUS::BRAATENMon Mar 08 1993HP 1
920.0RT95::MCDONALDJMon Mar 08 1993RT clock for FB+?
921.02OSAPMon Mar 08 1993Anyone ever modify TTdriver for full duplex?
922.05TKOVOA::SUGAWARATue Mar 09 1993DECelx for Alpha AXP and VxWorks V5.1
923.03TOOHOT::LEEDSTue Mar 09 19931mSec wide area time syncing
924.0YNGSTR::SECGTue Mar 16 1993Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 AXP (including RT) Performance Briefs
925.0RT93::MCDONALDJThu Mar 25 1993FB+ Product Catalog!
926.02TKOVOA::SUGAWARAFri Mar 26 1993Threads on DECelx for Alpha AXP
927.03EEMELI::TAVIFri Apr 02 1993VXI & Alpha AXP ?
928.03UNYEM::ADIBHATLARMon Apr 05 1993Need status of KAV4
929.01CESARE::OLOBARDITue Apr 06 1993IDV11-B unsupported on VAX4
930.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Apr 20 1993DEC 3
931.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed Apr 21 1993INCONSTATE crash during driver load
932.0RT95::MCDONALDJFri Apr 23 1993Mindshare...
933.01CUJO::BROWNTue Apr 27 1993Design Analysis Assoc. IEEE interface problems.
934.03EEMELI::TAVITue May 04 1993Alpha AXP proposal questions
935.01KYOA::BOYLETue May 04 1993MODBUS Interface???
936.01NLATue May 04 1993Info on Concurrent/realtime UNIX
937.02SOLVIT::ACKERLYThu May 06 1993One-Way Gateway? Current Platform?
938.01TAVThu May 13 1993A VME config w/graphics, video, database?
939.05EISJAT::TEDESCOThu May 13 1993DEC Ada Realtime services?
940.02YZR5Fri May 14 1993DRQ3B - QIO giving missing leading bytes on 2nd buffer queued. QIOW works Ok.
941.05TOOIS1::MIRGHANEMon May 17 1993Guide to RT prog. on ALPHA/OSF1 doc.
942.0VERGA::THORSTENSENWed May 19 1993UNIX Competition Guide - good stuff
943.02CESARE::OLOBARDIWed May 19 1993VAX-VMS to Moto147-PSOS+ SCSI comm. example?
944.01GBITue May 25 1993Urgent info.about SCSI connection
945.02LASCPM::PALASEWed May 26 1993Timing Data needed for SYS services
946.0LASCPM::YEUNGFri May 28 1993Determining Q-Bus Loading
947.07AMCUCS::YOUNGWed Jun 02 1993Turbochannel->Unibus; GADS!
948.01SMARIO::LOWEWed Jun 09 1993C++ to target Intel ?
949.0AMCUCS::YOUNGThu Jun 10 1993DRB32 upgrade path?
950.04CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Jun 21 1993OSF, VME, ELX? vs HP
951.06QCAVThu Jun 24 1993VMS vs. HP-UX
952.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jun 25 1993osf alpha realtime ref' sites?
953.01ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue Jun 29 1993vme/488/drv on tc/vms?
954.0SMARIO::TAYLORWed Jun 30 1993IRIG-B for Turbochannel ?
955.0EICMFG::GUILBERTTue Jul 06 19933rd Party OpenVMS (VAX&AXP) drivers for IET11
956.0MIASYS::REEDWed Jul 07 1993POSIX 1
957.02EVOCDG::LUCOTTEThu Jul 08 1993RTL/2 on ALPHA/OpenVMS
958.01EICMFG::CUSHNIEMon Jul 12 1993Location of shareware cross compilers for Motorola mprocessors
959.04CENSUS::BOLLINGERTue Jul 13 1993Interrupt latency time quest.
960.02UNITED::NEWELLGWed Jul 14 1993Performance comparisons
961.01SYOMV::BYERSTue Jul 27 1993PLM386 NC386
962.01EICMFG::GAUTHIERThu Jul 29 1993European TOEM Information repository
963.01UKARC1::CHAMBERLINWed Aug 04 1993undefined functions when compiling aio_write etc on Alpha OSF/1
965.01BAHTAT::WALLS_TWed Aug 18 1993Future of QBUS
966.0STOWOA::PASTORThu Aug 19 1993DECelx Headstart Program
967.01DV78Mon Aug 23 1993ROM boot from SCSI or other source
968.04NETTO::SYSTEMFri Sep 03 1993rtvax 4
969.09TAVMon Sep 06 1993R/T performance numbers ??
970.01WR1FOR::LEZAMA_ROThu Sep 09 1993DRV11
971.03ADO75A::MCSHANEFri Sep 10 1993RT SOC ONLINE?
972.0HELIX::GOTOFri Sep 10 1993DEC OSF/1 RT perf. is slow...
973.02SUBURB::JASPERTWed Sep 15 1993Futurebus+ to VME, are we in ?
974.0RTOEU::PYOOTue Sep 21 1993POSIX.4 Approved - re-numbered to IEEE 1
975.06GUCCI::HERBMon Sep 27 1993Anyone hear of "LIBRA"?
976.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Sep 29 1993MAGMA TURBOchannel async comms?
977.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Sep 30 1993OSF TURBOchannel/VME driver...
978.08GLDOA::CUTLERSat Oct 02 1993VAXstation 9
979.03SYOMV::CLARKMon Oct 04 1993Data pointer table question
980.04UNITED::NEWELLGThu Oct 07 1993VME i/f to VME (medulla & adaptor)
981.08NLAMon Oct 11 1993Alpha AXP/RISC bad for realtime?
982.01TAVTue Oct 12 19934
983.0SOLVIT::PERRYTue Oct 12 1993Furturbus+ announcement
984.03MLNFri Oct 15 1993RTAP -> ALPHA AXP
985.0MLNFri Oct 15 1993DEC RT products
986.0I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Oct 19 1993DECnet - (ELX to VMS communication)
987.03CMOTEC::JASPERThu Oct 21 1993IEZ11 on Alpha/AXP
988.04GLDOA::CUTLERMon Oct 25 1993Silcon Graphics - Realtime?
989.02ANNAP::JFLUHRMon Oct 25 1993Help on a IP112 replacement !!
990.09GANTRY::ALLBERYMon Oct 25 1993Realtime with multiprocessing on a PC
991.02ROMTue Oct 26 1993IRIG-B for (E)ISA?
992.07ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSThu Oct 28 19931553 VMS Alpha?
993.03UNITED::NEWELLGMon Nov 01 1993Refelective memory with Encore ?
994.01LASCPM::PALASETue Nov 02 1993Vax 661
995.03ICELAN::EDDIEThu Nov 04 1993DRB32 Support for Turbochannel
996.03BALTMD::BLASINGAMEThu Nov 11 1993HiPPI connectivity to Alpha OSF/1?
997.0ICELAN::EDDIEMon Nov 15 1993Bitbus Support on OSF/1 ALPHA
998.03TLSEWed Nov 17 1993Buffering very fast data (lots of it)
999.0MUNICH::KRNETASun Nov 28 1993RT priority/mem_locking setup tool?
1000.02BRUMMY::WALLACE_JMon Nov 29 1993Latest on POSIX 1
1001.06HGOVC::ANDREWCHANTue Nov 30 1993VXI to ALPHA
1002.02VNASWS::HAUSBThu Dec 02 1993RT Performance of AXP OSF/1 System needed
1003.03VAXSPO::CHICOThu Dec 02 1993Context switch VAX4
1004.06TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Dec 07 1993Wind-tunnel A.P. in realtime system
1005.055Thu Dec 09 1993Any pointers to the last triadd catalog?
1006.02IJSAPL::JANSEN_GThu Dec 09 1993PROFIBUS
1007.01UNITED::NEWELLGFri Dec 10 1993IEEE488 connectivity from VAX ?
1008.02MSBCS::PSMITHFri Dec 10 1993Looking for RT Clock & RT Expertise on OpenVMS
1009.01TAVSun Dec 12 1993FFT accelerator ??
1010.0HGOVC::BVISHWASTue Dec 14 1993TURBO to Q/UNI bus controller & Driver S/W
1011.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Dec 14 1993Swedish Telecom video switching system?
1012.03SEAWLF::COLEWed Dec 15 1993IET11-AA support for OSF/1 ???
1013.0VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed Jan 05 1994CAMAC support on OVMS AXP?
1014.01ODIXIE::SATTERFIELDWed Jan 05 1994Win River/ELX directions???
1015.012RICKS::NORCROSSWed Jan 05 1994PCI and realtime?
1016.0HGOVC::QCAVTue Jan 11 1994Timings required OSF/1 Alpha.
1017.02ZPOVC::XKOVTue Jan 11 1994Interrupt Latency for OSF/1
1018.0FORC1Wed Jan 12 1994SGI/RT and MIPS
1019.04NLAThu Jan 13 1994Realtime process monitor/debug?
1020.0SOLVIT::PERRYWed Jan 19 1994CSS/TOEM Realtime Shows
1021.0TYSON::KURATAWed Jan 19 1994Recommendation on "Labview"-like prod for VAX/VMS
1022.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed Feb 16 1994RS-33
1023.01VAXRIO::IVANThu Feb 17 1994High precision time sync under VMS?
1024.0SUOSWS::GRAMMERFri Feb 18 1994I/O cards for PCs (ISA, PCI)?
1025.0QCAVMon Feb 21 1994interrupt latency time benchmarking.
1026.0MROA::PASTORMon Feb 21 1994Call for Papers: Fall ESC
1027.03MIMS::ZURIK_EWed Feb 23 1994replacement for rt34
1029.01ANGLIN::STOCKHOWEMon Feb 28 1994AXP to Harris interconnect for RT?
1030.0RLTIME::COOKFri Mar 04 1994Embedded systems annoucement from the OpenVMS Partners
1031.01MROA::PASTORMon Mar 07 1994New VxWorks for Alpha AXP Datasheet
1032.0MROA::PASTORMon Mar 14 1994TOEM Advertising
1033.01KERNEL::MCCULLAGHATue Mar 15 1994Can anyone help out with this?
1034.04MLNTue Mar 15 1994OSF1: ADA cross compiler for Motorola 68k
1035.01ATHINA::GABIWed Mar 16 1994Info. on iRMX needed
1036.02SUOSWS::GRAMMERWed Mar 16 19943964R protocol for PDP11/RSX11M available?
1037.0MROA::PASTORFri Mar 18 1994March 1 Press Releases
1038.0ROYALT::LUCIERFri Mar 18 1994Embedded Systems Conference Comes to Boston
1039.02TLSETue Mar 22 1994ALPHA real time clock
1040.03LYOISA::GAUDIEZFri Mar 25 1994DEC reference for rtVAXstation4
1041.01GUIDUK::SOMERTue Mar 29 1994KXT11-AB and KXT11-CA Boards still supported ?
1042.02SYOMV::NEWTONWed Mar 30 1994References for OpenVMS in Simulation
1043.01TAVMon Apr 04 1994DR11 - 1 Km - DR11
1044.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Apr 06 1994Help ! An Opportunity in Need
1045.01NSICThu Apr 14 1994IEEE on OSF-AXP ?
1046.06SWAM2::JOHNSON_CUMon Apr 18 1994Need Realtime Aplication Dev Help
1047.01MLNORO::TOSOTue Apr 19 1994Interrupt manage on OSF/1
1048.06GUCCI::KILGORETue Apr 26 1994AXPvme16
1049.0ZYDECO::BODAWed Apr 27 1994RPSU name change to "Realtime Expertise Center"
1050.08DOGONE::WOODBURYFri Apr 29 1994POSIX 1
1052.0SWAM2::JOHNSON_CUMon May 02 1994RT VAXs anyone?
1053.0FORC1Thu May 05 1994IRIG card for TURBOchannel?
1054.04BRUMMY::WALLACE_JFri May 06 1994Configuring OSF/1 RT for minimal memory+disk usage
1055.07MLWS::LICHTFri May 06 1994EIAS or PCI RT clock ?
1056.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon May 09 1994multi-CPU mechanism ?
1057.03CSOA1::STUTSONTue May 10 1994Processor Affinity
1058.02IMPERO::OLOBARDIThu May 12 1994EISA/ISA/PCI Boards Catalogue - pointers?
1059.03RT95::MCDONALDJFri May 13 1994X-server need for VxWorks?
1060.02FZOVAX::NICHOLSONMon May 16 1994which VMS docs for RT?
1061.01MLNTue May 17 1994ORACLE on AXPvme64/16
1062.04SYOMV::CLARKTue May 17 1994PDP S/W conversion
1063.01HURON::BATESThu May 19 1994PCMCIA Specification ?
1064.0CSOA1::STUTSONThu May 19 1994Test Cells
1065.0F18::GOEKEThu May 19 1994Sable multi-process performance vs. VAX 654
1066.0CSOA1::HOLLERANMon May 23 1994Mixing POSIX and VMS RT?
1067.02ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSTue May 24 1994Step One Device Drivers manual?
1068.0WONDER::WILLARDWed May 25 1994Realtime widgets for PCI
1069.05DVOPAS::SQRONE::HOOVERThu May 26 1994High Speed Data Acquisition on PCI
1070.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri May 27 1994Pb using /etc/motd DEC-OSF/1V2.
1071.02ATYISA::MORIN_DWed Jun 08 1994VAXELN on 4
1072.05KERNEL::TAYLORAFri Jun 10 1994how many kwv11 clocks ?
1073.02RLTIME::COOKTue Jun 14 1994Guide to Writing EISA device drivers
1074.0+4BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Jun 15 1994rtVAX 1
1075.02NLAFri Jun 17 1994JOVIAL for AXP?
1076.0SWTHOM::VOUTERSMon Jun 20 1994VAXELN driver for DEFQA (FDDI) ?
1077.0CGOOA::KONYNENBELTMon Jun 20 1994DECNET install with OSF/1 Realtime Kernel
1078.02BRUMMY::WALLACE_JTue Jun 28 1994comp.realtime posting wants info on OSF/1 RT vs Solaris
1079.0MEOCThu Jun 30 1994MODCOM Library Error Handling?
1080.01DV78Mon Jul 11 1994LIMS
1081.01PCPLOD::64Wed Jul 13 1994Frame Relay on VAXeln
1082.02RT95::MURDOCKThu Jul 14 1994RT3
1083.0BRUMMY::WALLACE_JThu Jul 21 1994VMS POSIX V2 - includes POSIX RT extensions
1084.01YOOVWed Jul 27 1994Experience with Q-Bus VAX + DTI-2162
1085.02CHR27::YEUNGSun Jul 31 1994Any more rtVAX systems for sale?
1086.02UNYEM::ADIBHATLARFri Aug 12 1994: MENTEC telephone #
1087.0ADISSW::FERRINWed Aug 17 1994Realtime problem running fddi on OSF/1 V2.1
1088.03BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Aug 22 1994X11 realtime issues?
1089.09DEKVC::YOUNSUNGLEEWed Aug 24 1994ELN on Alpha/OpenVMS
1090.02HIGHD::FISHERMon Sep 05 1994Can PDI-16's run with VAX 6
1091.0LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Sep 14 1994Macro Assembler for Motorola 68HC
1092.01CSOA1::STUTSONMon Sep 19 1994Trimming down NT
1093.04DECIDE::MOFFITTMon Sep 26 1994Tc/VME adapter performance under OSF/1
1094.01CSOA1::SCHULMANThu Oct 06 1994Need turbochannel equivalent of DRQ3B
1095.03MUGGER::LIVINGSTONETue Oct 11 1994Help on contacts for IDV11
1096.03TAVWed Oct 12 1994RS422 connectivity
1097.010SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERMon Oct 17 1994replacement for VAX41
1098.05ARRODS::HARDINGFri Oct 21 1994Urgent: Information of DRV1J needed
1099.07KAMPUS::NEIDECKERWed Oct 26 1994IBM microkernel ?
1100.02COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Nov 08 1994ELN toolkit with OpenVMS V6.1
1101.0CSOA1::STUTSONSun Nov 13 199464bit PCI on 21
1102.01CESARE::BELLONITue Nov 15 1994RT simulators and Alpha
1103.01LABC::RUTue Nov 15 1994How to run OSF as realtime?
1104.02XKOVFri Nov 18 1994OSF/1 Drivers for IKON Model 1
1105.01OSLWed Dec 07 1994A possible Realtime prospect?
1106.04VELENO::MICHIELITue Dec 20 1994OSF/1 & Real Time question.
1107.04XTINE::HARDINGWed Jan 04 1995BS
1108.03TAVSun Jan 08 1995Convert VAX->AXP Macro
1109.02RT93::TEDESCOMon Jan 09 1995IRIG-B interfaces- Who sells?
1110.02HGOVC::QCAVThu Jan 12 1995urgent info on Fbus cards..
1111.03EICMFG::CUSHNIETue Jan 17 1995Support for MicroPowerPascal customer.
1112.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDMon Jan 23 1995Timer Granualarity?
1113.03ANGLIN::LANKFORDMon Jan 23 1995Atomic test and set on OSF/1?
1114.0OZVAX::MCNAMARATue Jan 24 1995IVAX replacements?
1115.012MQOU18::CHOLMSKYFri Jan 27 1995dedicating CPUs to processes
1116.0MQOU18::CHOLMSKYFri Jan 27 1995floating point cycle time
1117.0MLWS::LICHTTue Jan 31 1995OSF RT references
1118.03MEOCSun Feb 05 1995VxWorks Version 3.1 Experiences
1119.04LEMAN::DYSLIMon Feb 06 1995ETHWAY drivers for TELEMECANIQUE robots
1120.0DV78Wed Feb 08 1995ELN Expert Needed in Colorado
1121.0CSOA1::STUTSONMon Feb 20 1995need digital IO card
1122.01HGOVC::QCAVTue Feb 28 1995Need Address of CDI
1123.05SWTHOM::VOUTERSMon Mar 06 1995KBDRIVER source and build command files ?
1124.0TLSEWed Mar 08 1995RT & sync
1125.04DECIDE::MOFFITTTue Mar 21 1995PCI/ATM Mezzanine card?
1126.01CHR27::YEUNGFri Mar 24 1995TCVME device timeout problem
1127.0HELIX::THORSTENSENFri Mar 24 1995DEC OSF/1 Firmware Version
1128.0HGOVC::QCAVSat Mar 25 1995VMS/AXP vs. SGI IRIX
1129.04GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Apr 05 1995OSF RT present ?
1130.02GUIDUK::SOMERThu Apr 13 1995OSF/1 Real-time and Priority Inversion
1131.04TKOV5Sun Apr 16 1995OSF V1.3 signal doesn't work with realtime
1132.01WOTVAX::UNITED::NEWELLGTue Apr 18 1995Rackmount 82
1133.01RTOEU::PYOOWed Apr 19 1995AXPvme Partners Catalog (PMC and VME I/O options)
1134.01EICMFG::CUSHNIETue Apr 25 1995Real-Time Computer Shows Europe(R)
1135.03PRSSOS::VOUTERSTue Apr 25 1995Looking for SPD MPP/VMS V2.5
1136.03CSOA1::STUTSONSat Apr 29 1995frame based scheduling
1137.02HGOVC::QCAVTue May 09 1995Better 1 mS RTC resolution
1138.02VELENO::MICHIELIFri May 12 1995VB drivers from VxWorks to UNIX (DMA)
1139.02OFOSS1::CAREYMon May 15 1995Help finding VAXlab info
1140.01WMGEN1::absMon May 22 1995Event timing ( microsecond granularity )
1141.01SAVOIA::CERRANOFri May 26 1995Real time test SW required
1142.01GRANPA::JCONNORSTue May 30 1995Clock Interval ?
1143.0YOOVThu Jun 01 1995CONINTERR for OpenVMS AXP ?
1144.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jun 02 1995A/D, D/A PCI, ISA/EISA converter?
1145.01GBIWed Jun 07 1995Very low level profiling tools under Digital Unix??
1146.06SWTHOM::VOUTERSThu Jun 08 1995OSF/1 Internals ?
1147.06SWTHOM::VOUTERSTue Jun 20 1995what is a driver according to OSF world ?
1148.01BEJVC::HELENZHOUMon Jul 03 1995DRV1W WITH OVMS V6.2
1149.03SUOSWS::GRAMMERTue Jul 04 1995Chorus
1150.01EICMFG::CUSHNIEThu Jul 06 1995DMEICE::VME Notes conference - where has it gone ?
1151.03ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSThu Jul 06 1995VMS, SMP, Documentation?
1152.02OZROCK::TAYLORTue Jul 18 1995mq_send ok from SIGIO handler?
1153.01TAVThu Jul 20 1995GPIB on 21
1154.02QCAVTue Jul 25 1995realtime timings on VAX
1155.04QCAVWed Jul 26 1995A/D card on TC
1156.03ANNECY::BULTEWed Jul 26 1995Impact of realtime
1157.05TKOV5Mon Jul 31 1995kill -CONT doesn't work (signal)
1158.06MQOOA::LEDOUXWed Aug 09 1995Any serial line async RS232 type? on PCI
1159.01IJSAPL::KUPPENSTue Aug 15 1995VME Volatile versus NON-volatile PIOs (factor of 4??)
1160.04BBPBV1::CARTERThu Aug 24 1995What breaks at high posix priorities ?
1161.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Aug 29 1995real time, unix multi user mode?
1162.06TPOVC::THOMASYANGThu Sep 07 1995IEEE488 for AS21
1163.07CSOA1::STUTSONFri Sep 08 1995clockgettime function
1164.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDITue Sep 12 1995Digital UNIX debugging and tuning tool (a la WindView)/ Any pointer?
1165.02ROMSLS::FARRAUTOTue Sep 12 1995EISA/ISA/PCI A/D revisited
1166.01ADISSW::FERRARAFri Sep 15 1995Preventing Preemption in Driver Code
1167.06PRSSOS::VOUTERSThu Sep 28 1995AXPvme Technical Description Manual ?
1168.02HIGHD::MARCTue Oct 03 1995How to get a DRQ3B schematic?
1169.01XTINE::HARDINGMon Oct 09 1995Electrical & Protocol Specs for DRV1J
1170.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Oct 16 1995B3VME
1171.0+2ADISSW::FERRARATue Oct 17 1995Need help with realtime and Digital UNIX
1172.02HELIX::THORSTENSENFri Oct 27 1995diskless alternate - useful or not?
1173.03ADISSW::FERRARAMon Oct 30 1995Understanding realtime issues...
1175.02ADISSW::FERRARAThu Nov 16 1995Frequency-Based Scheduler
1176.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIThu Nov 16 1995DRV11-J alike, PCI/ISA, OpenVMS, for external interrupt selection needed
1177.07CMOTEC::JASPERMon Nov 20 1995VAXeln/TZ87/TLZ
1178.03CHR27::YEUNGTue Nov 21 1995DRV1J and BS
1179.04FRIXEU::OLOBARDITue Nov 21 1995Flight Simulators/ any reference lately?
1180.04BBPBV1::CARTERThu Nov 30 1995rt libraries and interrupt handling ?
1181.05MGOFMon Dec 04 1995OSF - rt with priority and policy problems
1182.0OTOUThu Dec 07 1995More detail, is it out there...?
1183.01TAVIS::SHAPIRThu Dec 07 1995Performance on R.T UNIX
1184.0ACISS2::STUTSONThu Dec 07 1995Mercury Computer?
1185.05MNATUR::LISTONFri Dec 08 1995DWPVC (PCI-VME) Support Status
1186.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIFri Dec 15 1995Optical cables manufacturing/ any reference?
1187.0TAVWed Jan 03 1996Looking for Drivers for I/O boards
1189.010XTINE::HARDINGWed Jan 17 1996DRV1J on VAX 4
1190.02ADISSW::FERRARAWed Jan 17 1996Distributed Realtime Services (DRS) ??
1191.01TAVThu Jan 18 1996Realtime problems with EISA device
1192.0TAVIS::SHAPIRMon Jan 29 1996Slow loading time of R.T application in V3.2B - no problem in V3.2C No Problem
1193.0SAYER::ELMOREMon Jan 29 1996Application Generators ???
1194.04AUSSIE::PENNYThu Feb 01 1996I/F card supportt
1195.02GLADYS::HUISHThu Feb 01 1996RS232 ports on OpenVMS/Alpha
1196.01NETRIX::"jem@mars.iso.dec.com"Mon Feb 26 1996assign_cpu_to_pset returns positive #
1198.0FIREBL::LEEDSWed Feb 28 1996realtime gurus available for sales support ?
1199.01STLTH::FISHERWed Mar 13 1996Need IPL for Turbochannel on DEC 3
1200.01TRLIAN::GORDONWed Mar 13 1996realtime options, cross posted
1201.0CSC32::HOCKETTWed Mar 13 1996Priority 3
1202.0SUOGRA::GRAMMERFri Mar 22 1996VAX4
1203.01NETRIX::"mervyn.weis@alf.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 28 1996C++, Threads, Libraries: Question
1204.01GLADYS::HUISHTue Apr 16 1996Programmable Clock
1206.015OSLMR::MARTINR_PFri May 03 1996A/D converters available on Alpha with Digital UNIX?
1207.01ATCJPN::SYLVIAWed May 22 1996ISA or PCI based DI/DO cards???
1208.03TAVMon May 27 1996DSP & SPOX & Digital ?
1209.01ZYDECO::BODATue Jun 04 1996Anyone seen interrupt problems using VAX 4
1210.016UNITED::NEWELLGMon Jul 01 1996UNIX Determinism
1211.0HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGMon Jul 08 1996I/O card & OpenVMS dirver???
1212.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDITue Jul 30 1996KAV3
1213.0AUSSIE::MCNAMARATue Aug 20 1996MIL std 2179 tape interface?
1214.01NETRIX::"fh@frt.dec.com"Mon Sep 02 1996Parallel I/O for PCI-Bus OpenVms
1215.02SEAWLF::GUILESTue Sep 10 1996POSIX 1
1216.01NETRIX::"robertsheen@"Thu Sep 12 1996CompactPCI
1217.02NETRIX::"robertsheen@ Sep 17 1996Encore Real Time Product
1218.02HYDRA::AXPDEVELOPERWed Sep 18 1996User Signal Number Range
1219.0TAVSun Sep 22 1996VISA for drivers ?
1220.01NWDMon Sep 30 1996pciBaseAddr.pciOptBase address?
1221.03HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGFri Oct 25 1996The problem of interrupt rate???
1222.0+3BBPBV1::WALLACESun Oct 27 1996RT clock, custom driver, re-triggerable ASTs wanted
1223.0+8ADOVWed Nov 06 1996Unix realtime performance data?
1224.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIMon Nov 11 1996HP/ Machine Tools Control Architecture CNC/ Mori Seiki
1225.07DECIDE::MOFFITTThu Nov 14 1996SICL on OpenVMS
1226.01CSC32::R_GROSSMANMon Nov 18 1996How to speed up IO bound app
1227.02TAVTue Nov 19 1996Digital discretes PCI board
1228.01ADOVTue Nov 19 1996RS485 support?
1229.0TAVThu Nov 21 1996Serial Controller PCI ?
1230.0TAVWed Dec 04 1996Mercury & Sky Systems
1231.0+5NETRIX::"robertsheen@tpovc.enet.dec.com"Tue Jan 14 1997Tech. Support
1232.02NETRIX::"davenport@seawlf.enet.dec.com"Tue Jan 21 1997Priority Inversion Issue
1233.0 *+3FRIXEU::OLOBARDIWed Feb 05 1997DECterm with WinNT SCADA/MODBUS protocol?? anyone?
1234.0 *+3AUSSIE::MCNAMARASun Feb 16 1997PM for 2T-IEA11-CA?
1235.0 *+15HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGMon Mar 03 1997Is the realtime features of DU capable of?
1236.0 *BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGFri Mar 07 1997
1237.0 *+5RICKS::OPPTue Mar 11 1997?What constitutes real-time??
1238.0 *+3COMICS::SHELLEYThu Mar 20 1997Can Alpha (OpenVMS) act as load host ?
1239.0 *+1AUSSIE::MCNAMARAMon Apr 21 19972t-iea11-ca problems
1240.0 *CHR27::YEUNGFri Apr 25 1997KXJ11 migration options?
1241.0 *+2CERN::GUGLIELMITue May 06 1997clock_gettime