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Conference hydra::ultrix_tuning

Title:ULTRIX Tuning Issues
Notice:Please read notes 1.0 and 2.0 first.
Created:Wed Jan 24 1990
Last Modified:Sun Nov 03 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:262
Total number of notes:1084
Number with bodies:0
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6.0HDLITE::HUANGThu Feb 01 1990reserved
7.0HDLITE::HUANGThu Feb 01 1990reserved
8.0HDLITE::HUANGThu Feb 01 1990reserved
9.0HDLITE::HUANGThu Feb 01 1990reserved
10.0HDLITE::HUANGThu Feb 01 1990reserved
11.06HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Guide to Sources of Tuning Information
12.04HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Tools for Monitoring Resource Usage
13.09HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The Configuration File and Tunable Parameters
14.010HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The Buffer Cache
15.08HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The File System
16.04HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Process Control and Scheduling
17.0HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Memory Management
18.0HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The I/O Subsystem: Terminals
19.02HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The I/O Subsystem: Disk drives
20.01HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The I/O Subsystem: Tape drives
21.0HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990The I/O Subsystem: Other devices
22.06HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Network Communications: TCP/IP
23.0HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Network Communications: DECnet
24.04HDLITE::HUANGFri Feb 09 1990Interprocess Communications
25.04HERON::LYSAAFri Feb 16 1990Benchmaster?
26.04FSTVAX::GALLOFri Feb 16 1990Diskless Systems Performance Data
27.0NABETH::alanFri Feb 16 1990Why is my system running slow?
28.06SAC::HEERJEE_KMon Feb 19 1990Tuning & Optimisation Guidelines on ULTRIX
29.01HDLITE::HUANGTue Feb 20 1990Workstation Performance Guide
30.07NZOVWed Feb 21 1990tuning assignment, pls help
31.0TIOGA::SANTIAGOThu Feb 22 1990Ultrix Tuning
32.02EMASS::KANGFri Feb 23 1990A Pseudo Diskless Setup
33.08COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Feb 25 1990ULTRIX I/O Characterization with LGUTIL.
34.01HDLITE::DEMPSEYThu Mar 08 1990Seeking info about INGRES users or commercial applications
35.03AZUR::BONETTOWed Mar 14 1990login so slow
36.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSWed Apr 04 1990Heap space
37.06TOPTEN::GREENThu Apr 05 1990swap question?
38.01AZUR::HUREZMon Apr 23 1990Why doesn't MONITOR like travelling ??
39.0OLDTMR::WIRYAMANMon Apr 23 1990Be careful in using iostat in measuring heavily loaded system!
40.06SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYTue May 08 1990Looking for top
41.0SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYWed May 09 1990IPC configuaration questions
42.03GUCCI::BJELTEMATue May 15 1990partition layout confusion
43.03HGOVC::JIMMYCHANWed May 30 1990i/o terribly slow,why?
44.04FORTSC::SHOMOWed May 30 1990ULTRIX Performance Analysis Tools
45.01SWAM1::HERRING_LAThu Jun 14 1990Ultrix Version??
46.02CIVAGE::FOXWELLFri Jun 15 1990Tuning ULTRIX for AFS
47.01EMASS::FLETCHERThu Jun 21 1990use a ds5
48.03INFACT::DATZMANTue Jul 03 1990Need Configuration Advice
49.03HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGWed Jul 25 1990Performance tuning case study
50.01LEDS::KAZOGLESThu Jul 26 1990I/O characterization for different application/environements
51.0VINO::STEVENSMon Aug 06 1990R/CMP - Resource and Configuration Management Program
52.0MISFIT::RHODESFri Aug 17 1990System performance going down on DS31
53.04HARDY::GASIOROWSKITue Sep 18 1990iostat multiprocessor example wanted
54.01STKHLM::LINNELLWed Sep 19 1990Getting process information
56.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONMon Sep 24 1990NOFILE OPEN_MAX adjustment - How to???
57.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Sep 25 1990ULTRIX V4.
58.02CTOAVX::DOIRONThu Oct 11 1990VMSTAT and Novice Ultrix User
59.04ROMMon Oct 15 1990Performance Management Documentation
60.02ROMFri Oct 19 1990Snooper performance package
62.0SMURF::SCHOTTSun Oct 21 1990Prestoserve - Disk write performance product
63.05BOSTON::CHUTue Oct 23 1990xperfmon and top are needed for v4.
64.03SUBWAY::AMMUWed Oct 24 1990disk i/o performance monitoring?
65.02POBOX::KINSLEYMon Nov 12 1990Quantum/process scheduling
66.09DELCHZ::THOMPSONMon Nov 12 1990Any hints increasing file cache'ing -> SYBASE benchmark
67.04STKHLM::LINNELLThu Nov 22 1990
68.0STKHLM::LINNELLWed Nov 28 1990'Tuning' kmalloc
69.05TILTS::YOSHIIFri Nov 30 1990buffer cache question
70.05TRNOIS::POLETTIMon Dec 03 1990How to measure Average queue length
71.0JTRBUG::HABIBMon Dec 03 1990Creating the Digital "folklore"
72.02TIMCHZ::ESCHENBACHWed Dec 05 1990Ultrix 4.
73.01NOATAK::KHALLWed Dec 12 1990Semaphores?
74.04CANYON::SUMRALLThu Dec 13 1990Any info on HANDSPREAD?
75.03HPSRAD::ABIDIFri Dec 14 1990IO Exerciser Program for ULTRIX ?
76.02DATABS::HETRICKTue Dec 18 1990ULTRIX NFS Caching Questions
77.0REDBRD::CHANDLERWed Dec 19 1990Status of DMA SCSI disk development?
78.01MARX::ANDERSONFri Dec 21 1990SNOOPER KIT - where is it
79.01MARX::ANDERSONFri Jan 11 1991windows hang temporarily
80.02SMURF::SCHOTTTue Jan 15 1991System Performance Tuning book from O'Reilly & Associates
81.02SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Jan 21 1991maxtsiz, maxdsiz, maxssiz, swap/page partitions?
82.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Jan 21 1991manual manipulation of param.c param.h config files
83.04SWSCHZ::THOMPSONTue Jan 22 1991Partitions & Strategies
84.07NBOSWS::BLUNDELLWed Jan 23 1991DS5
85.016CSOA1::WILKINSWed Jan 30 1991cpustat giving false info?
86.01TROAFri Feb 01 1991how to config system for INGRES
87.01HDLITE::HUANGWed Feb 06 1991iostat "bps" question
88.03ZUDEV1::ROTHMFri Feb 22 1991dxTopCPU on V4.x ?
89.02JSOCSS::HAYASHITue Feb 26 1991chpt partition a&b
90.01TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOTue Feb 26 1991where is super::... gone?
91.02VINO::STEVENSFri Mar 01 1991Insufficient Virtual Memory
92.040NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Mar 04 1991Pick batch benchmark
93.04VINO::LIAOFri Mar 08 1991SV SAR
94.07BEEZER::MCNULTYSun Mar 24 1991swapon: no such device, also 'not enough core'
95.03BEEZER::MCNULTYSun Mar 24 1991What is SNOOPER ?
96.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers -Interop./Migration Conf.
98.01STARCH::RAMAKRFri Apr 12 1991Needed ! A reasonably load ULTRIX system ...
99.01RUGRAT::ARMANIOUSMon Apr 15 1991ifqmaxlen
100.02KERNEL::MCNULTYMon Apr 22 1991Negative MBUF's
101.04HDLITE::HUANGMon Apr 29 1991PEG Performance Guides
102.05FORTSC::MOKTue Apr 30 1991External per-tuning paper/DS5
103.0FORTSC::GAVINMon May 06 1991Buffered IO performance -- Help !!!!
104.01DEDUCE::HARTTue May 07 1991Registration Info -Interop./Migration Conf.
105.01MSAMFri May 10 1991DS582
106.03BIGRED::DOMINEYTue May 14 1991581
107.02KERNEL::SOLANKIThu May 23 1991Can I tune delay_param.c
108.02SCAACT::ANDERSONThu May 30 1991
109.04COPCLU::BROLINTue Jun 11 1991How do I change LOTSFREE in the FILE /vmunix??
110.05HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jun 17 1991lean mean kernel
111.0HAMPS::IVES_JTue Jun 18 1991slug a program
112.03CTCThu Jun 20 1991performance problem with KDM7
113.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 24 1991public domain crypt ?
114.01USRCV1::RHODESJWed Jun 26 1991Partition block sizes for swap space
115.0SAC::MAGUIRE_GWed Jun 26 1991Throughput performance on 5
116.0SAINT::STCLAIRFri Jun 28 1991UTLRIX,MS-DOS,etc Documentation
117.01HAMPS::IVES_JFri Jul 05 1991ESE2
118.09WOTVAX::GALLACHERMTue Jul 16 19918
119.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Jul 30 1991monitor memory q's...
120.04CACIQE::FONSECATue Aug 06 1991Performance questions...
121.05NITTY::JURCZYNSKISat Aug 17 1991fastscan/slowscan questions
122.03VAOUTue Aug 27 1991is it paging or not?
123.03FPTVX1::CUSHMANThu Sep 12 1991Sanitized Perf. Mmgt. Guide for Customers ??
124.03DENVER::BOYLESFri Sep 13 1991High sustained disk data rates (how)?
125.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Sep 17 1991vmtune
126.04NABETH::alanFri Oct 04 1991Stupid buffer cache tricks.
127.09MANVC::ERICSUNMon Oct 07 1991Autocad DS5
128.018BEJVC::PRCSWSFri Oct 18 1991Performance on DS5
129.08BEJVC::PRCSWSSun Oct 20 1991Question on vmstat
130.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 24 1991Keep getting logged off
131.0YNGSTR::WIRYAMANTue Oct 29 1991vmstat bug
132.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Oct 29 1991Effects of Disk Shadowing on SPEC SDM Benchmark Suite
133.01UGETIT::ATKINSONThu Nov 14 1991Guided Tour?
134.07ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Nov 19 1991Disk Striping comes to ULTRIX
135.0WARNUT::GALLACHERMTue Nov 19 1991sticky bit obsolete?
136.03HAMPS::IVES_JTue Nov 19 1991root in the middle ?
137.02WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Nov 26 1991Many swapped out processes
138.02MSAMFri Nov 29 1991ARC/INFO - Tuning parameters needed
139.04ISIDRO::JULIANRFri Nov 29 1991Pro/Enginneer poor performance
140.05BOSTON::CHUTue Dec 03 1991screen scroll slow
141.01AZUR::BONETTOWed Dec 04 1991Investment
142.04BELFST::R_DOHERTYWed Dec 04 1991Where is Snooper?
143.01RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Dec 16 1991usage of SWAPFRAG config parm
144.0NABETH::alanFri Dec 20 1991The I/O compass.
145.04TROOA::SOLEYThu Jan 23 19924.1 to 4.2 causes problem -- help
146.01UKEDU::SWIGGTue Feb 04 1992kvar(8) supported for kernel parameter mods?
147.08BIGUN::MAYNEWed Feb 05 1992NFS tuning: number of nfsd processes
148.03IJSAPL::ESSERTue Feb 11 1992scheduler customizing ??
149.0442797::CARTERTue Feb 18 1992Find 'Hot Files'
150.09ADO75A::SHARPEFri Feb 21 1992Page or thrash the bufcache? To be or not to be?
151.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Feb 24 1992SCSI performance?
152.05DSTEG::LARMERWed Feb 26 1992memory questions
153.04THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Mar 02 1992Swap check program
154.01DSTEG::LARMERTue Mar 03 1992Swapping with plenty of free memory
155.03CIGRBX::OCONNORWed Mar 04 1992bufcache < 1
156.02RANIER::KHALLFri Mar 06 1992Graphical UI to system monitoring?
157.03RHETT::LOHThu Mar 12 1992Can't compile xnfsstat
158.09SMURF::SCHOTTTue Mar 24 1992I/O Tuning information update, and available 'products'
159.04TYSON::KURATAThu Apr 02 1992DS5
160.02STKHLM::LINNELLFri Apr 03 1992Tuning for AIM-III
161.06BIGUN::MAYNESun Apr 12 1992Tuning filesystems with many small files
162.014GL::TEEVENTue Apr 21 1992Dynamic Linking on RISC Ultrix
163.02BIGUN::MAYNEThu Apr 23 1992Increasing inodes in a (shadowed) file system
164.02ORTIMA::P_WILLGINGSun Apr 26 1992where has all the idle time gone?
165.02GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERMon Apr 27 1992Problem with monitor on DS5
166.0BIGUN::MAYNETue Apr 28 1992NFS in-depth information?
167.03KETJE::SYBERTZThu May 07 1992VS4
168.0STKHLM::LINNELLTue May 19 1992Urgent need for tty.c(SCCSid=5.2)
169.01BIGUN::CROSSWed May 20 1992buffer cache statistics
170.09HOLMES::ADAMWed May 20 1992Urgent : bench info somewhere ?
171.02AUNTB::POULSENWed May 27 1992deciphering WCHAN
172.03VAXSPO::JADDUSTue Jun 02 1992ULTRIX-651
173.0NABETH::alanMon Jun 08 1992Son of Stupid Pet Tricks.
174.02NABETH::alanWed Jun 10 1992Monitor on ULTRIX V4.3.
175.0OLDTMR::SECGMon Jun 22 1992DECsystem 55
176.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jul 07 1992semaphore tuning
177.02MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Jul 14 1992Alternative location of tuning tools
178.05HKGACT::SUSANCHANWed Jul 15 1992Q: Network tuning
179.01ERLANG::DICKENSTue Jul 21 199296% idle but load average > 1, 123
180.03BOSTON::CHUFri Jul 24 1992MTBF number needed!!
181.03XKOVSun Jul 26 1992Terminals on 4.2 slow?
182.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jul 28 1992Actual memory usage
183.05HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Aug 03 1992IO enhancer result degrade on RZ57,58
184.02HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGWed Aug 05 1992Control buffer cache size for serial port
185.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Aug 10 1992options on 'monitor'
186.01BIS1::BUTTIENSFri Aug 14 1992TCP performance
187.04HPSRAD::LUDWIGMon Aug 17 1992Performance difference on almost identical DECstations
188.04LARVAE::MCCORMACK_SWed Aug 19 1992Part Numbers
189.01VINO::RAMANThu Aug 20 1992some info needed on some system parameters
190.03PTOVAX::SCOTTFri Aug 21 1992tuning help requested
191.01JALOPY::OWENTue Aug 25 1992SPEC M-dot makefiles? M.
192.0GIDDAY::STRAUSSSun Aug 30 1992complete source for devstat.c ?
193.02MEMIT::CANSLERThu Sep 24 1992help
194.0HGOVA::TASMANSIUTue Oct 06 1992NFS tuning
195.04TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Oct 19 1992perf. down dramatically when two processes running
196.01MLNThu Oct 29 1992number of nfsd
197.02NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Nov 02 19928
198.03COLSER::LINNARTZFri Nov 13 1992io enhancer && rotdelay question
199.07TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEMon Nov 23 1992ULTRIX/VAX swapping with LOTS of memory available
200.01HKOVC::TERENCETue Dec 08 1992Filesystem layout help needed
201.02KETJE::BEYENSThu Dec 10 1992Many processes in disk wait
202.07MXOVFri Dec 18 1992Kernel Parameters
203.0MIACT::CARTERRThu Jan 07 1993Message Queue sizing.
204.0HARDY::JONESMon Jan 18 1993DEC OSF/1 AXP Tuning?
205.0DOPEY::DICKENSTue Jan 19 1993PANIC: tlbmiss on invalid kernel page
206.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jan 21 1993overcoming the shared memory 4 mbyte alignment restriction ?
207.02UPROAR::FROGGATTCThu Jan 21 1993serial port performance
208.03QCAVSat Jan 23 1993<--- Problem with Ingres v 6.4 and Ultrix v 4.2a ---->
210.04TOSSU3::ALESSIOFri Feb 05 1993memory allocation
211.01STKHLM::LINNELLSun Feb 07 1993Tuning for high thruput on FDDI
212.04WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Feb 10 1993multiple swap spaces, size, location ?
213.0BLKPUD::LAWRENCEWed Feb 17 1993Reduce quantum to improve I/O ??
214.07MRKTNG::SLATERSun Feb 21 1993Application Performance and Configuration Guide
215.0AZUR::DICKOThu Feb 25 1993TRAP/BPT ??????????????
216.07KETJE::BEYENSThu Feb 25 1993IO enhancer, how are reads done ?
217.04STKHLM::LINNELLSat Feb 27 1993monitor for OSF/1
218.07LSNCSC::TAVERNONMon Mar 01 1993monitor overhead
219.010FCOIS::KAMKARThu Mar 11 1993Open files on system ?
220.01ARRODS::SWIGGTThu Mar 18 1993xmon: does it work?
221.04KETJE::BEYENSMon Mar 22 1993active virtual/physical memory
222.02ZPOVC::QCAVWed Mar 24 1993Falling priority
223.02KAL::MFORSERMon Mar 29 1993config ULTRIX to run C-isam for 12
224.06NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Mar 30 1993Paging - How much and why?
225.02MUTTON::LAMBMon Apr 05 1993Network Colisions & NFS - DEC, HP, SUN & NeXT
226.02MEDINA::BEELENWed Apr 28 1993B2
227.0VMSNET::K_DECOUXMon Jun 07 1993netstat -s tcp keepalive stats
229.02DAGWST::PIAZZAFri Jul 02 1993How many sockets is too many?
230.01TROOA::SOLEYTue Jul 27 1993Rating SCSI disks
231.01HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Jul 27 1993desfree =lotsfree =minfree =
232.01SIREN::WALTHERWed Aug 18 1993SCSI disk errors in UERF and FSCK
233.03WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Sep 10 1993cam & tunefs (4.3a)
234.02CGOOA::CHASEMon Sep 20 1993sun/ultrix/vms network collisions?
235.01GUCCI::DRICHMONDTue Oct 05 1993swap space for 2 GB memory
236.0KYOSWed Oct 06 1993osf tuning conference
237.012HEN::PLESSASWed Oct 13 1993Need help identifying bottleneck
238.03GLDOA::MAPPLEGATEFri Oct 15 1993DS524
239.0MDCRAB::RICHMONDFri Oct 22 1993
240.03TROOA::SOLEYTue Nov 02 1993mountd/tftpd
241.05PRMSMon Dec 13 1993Help. Ingres. CPU Bound
242.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
243.02PRMSTue Dec 21 1993Performance Monitoring Tools
244.02GLDOA::MAPPLEGATETue Jan 04 1994I/O Enhancer questions
245.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONWed Feb 02 1994monitor on R4
246.04BIGRED::DOMINEYTue Feb 08 1994Does tunefs minfree=
247.0VAXRIO::MANOELTue Feb 08 1994Performance X rcvdup
248.01KETJE::BEYENSWed Mar 02 1994Experience with Uniface/Oracle ?
249.07DELSFri Mar 18 1994Identifying Disk bottlnecks
250.01MEDINA::BEELENMon Mar 21 1994Tools for OSF/1 ?
251.01HGOVC::STEVENLIUWed Mar 30 1994deftimer in dumpfs
252.0SAGE::SLATERFri Apr 01 1994Performance Information Repository
253.0NYOSSun Apr 03 1994Needed: Performance Consulting
254.0TROOA::SCHAFFNERThu Jun 09 1994Increasing MBUF and PHYSMEM
255.01DV78Mon Jun 13 1994Help requested
256.03NOVA::R_ANDERSONWed Jul 06 1994Ultrix tuning consultant needed
257.0BAHTAT::BONDTue Aug 09 1994Shared section > 5
258.03SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu Aug 18 1994A rougue background process (?2??.2??A2)
259.01MSAMMon Jan 23 1995vmstat show high interrupts
260.01BBIVMon Apr 17 1995ULTRIX SLOWS DOWn.......
261.06CHGVThu Jul 06 19954.4 High systime, not swapping, no idle time
262.01NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed Oct 16 1996Software kit for Ultrix tuning