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Conference 7.286::visualc

Title:Microsoft Visual C/C++
Created:Tue Mar 16 1993
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1121
Total number of notes:4385
Number with bodies:116
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1.0HASTUR::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Welcome
2.012HASTUR::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Conference notices
3.03HASTUR::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Related Conferences
4.0+94HASTUR::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Introductions
5.06NAC::LOWEMon Oct 11 1993Conference Directory Listings
6.01HASTUR::LOWEMon Mar 07 1994Jobs available/positions needed
7.02HASTUR::LOWEWed Apr 20 1994Keyword List
8.04HASTUR::LOWEWed Apr 19 1995Training and Conferences
9.0HASTUR::LOWETue Mar 16 1993Reserved
10.019LJOHUB::LOWEWed Mar 17 1993Just like Visual Basic?
11.08LJOHUB::LOWEWed Mar 17 1993Which one did you choose?
12.021ROWLET::LOOMISWed Mar 17 1993Differences between VC++ and Borland C++
13.018BRIGHT::GLASERWed Mar 17 1993CDROM Version Questions ...
14.032WDCFBC::WICKERTWed Mar 17 1993Pricing and sources?
15.0158278::STANPC::fosterThu Mar 18 1993Is VC++ a better suppliment to VB than BC++
16.0PLAYER::SPENCERMon Mar 22 1993DRDOS 6 and VC++
18.0DCEIDL::CLARKMon Mar 22 1993How do you visualize C++ classes and methods?
19.09MARX::GRIERTue Mar 23 1993Just what *is* VC++?
20.018TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANTue Mar 23 1993Documentation Questions
21.02EHVVS5::HAMERSLAG_GThu Mar 25 1993Help-files or ....?
22.01PHDVAX::LUSKFri Mar 26 1993Humor
23.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 29 1993How to get window background color?
24.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 31 1993Patch available on Easynet?
25.0RPSTRY::DEDPC::DownieWed Mar 31 1993linker problems with FT LLIBCE.LIB
26.015MAJORS::REVELLThu Apr 01 1993How to optimize MS-DOS for Visual C++
27.01BITBKT::FORBESSat Apr 03 1993end-of-file not trapped by CFileException?
28.013AIAG::CARIFIOTue Apr 06 1993VC++ on NT
29.06CHOWDA::HARNOISThu Apr 08 1993RDB interface
30.016NOVA::EASTLANDMon Apr 12 1993Missing library
31.014TROOA::CURZONMon Apr 12 1993Learning curve tips and tricks
32.04CECEHV::HAMERSLAG_GTue Apr 13 1993Adding interface events?
33.011TUXEDO::ICENOGLETue Apr 13 1993Setup Toolkit?
34.01OFFPLS::ABSURD::RYANMon Apr 19 1993Help needed for calling help w/o menus/dialogs
35.0BITBKT::FORBESMon Apr 19 1993Vis Wkbnch application type sticks like crazy
36.01MAJORS::REVELLFri Apr 23 1993CString and Quick windows.
37.0+6RANGER::NDMMAC::MURRAYFri Apr 23 1993Eliminating Classes from a project
38.02TUXEDO::ICENOGLEFri Apr 23 1993Video bug in editor?
39.04MAJORS::REVELLMon Apr 26 1993Unresolved externals in simple prog.
40.02VANTEN::MITCHELLDMon Apr 26 1993call to GetWindowText fails in DLL
41.028RONAN::RONANMon Apr 26 1993Simple App. Questions
42.03DECWET::KOWALSKIWed Apr 28 1993No output window
43.02RPSTRY::DEDPC::DownieWed Apr 28 1993examing bytes of data using windows debugger
44.05DCEIDL::CLARKThu Apr 29 1993What do you like or dislike about the VC++ Wizards?
45.0CIM::LORENWed May 05 1993Configuring a large project
46.03TINCUP::GRAYWed May 05 1993How to install VC++ through Windows/NT
47.03ANGLIN::WRIGHTBMon May 10 1993VC++ abd ODBC
48.04RUMOR::STANPC::fosterTue May 11 1993_bios_serialcom
49.07SOFBAS::SHAPIROTue May 18 1993SCRIBBLE link error
50.04TINCUP::GRAYTue May 18 1993VBX Custom Controls Development
51.02PHDVAX::LUSKWed May 19 1993Bug in CWnd::GetDlgItem()?
52.01PHDVAX::LUSKFri May 21 1993TEMPLDEF and "templates"
53.01TENNIS::KAMThu May 27 1993How to remove the frame around bitmap?
54.01LEVERS::MCCARTHYFri May 28 1993VC++ and OS 2.1, it's there but will it run?
55.0DECWET::NGFri May 28 1993VC++ vs TC++ (Visual Edition) ?
56.01TENNIS::KAMSat May 29 1993BitBlt and SRCAND operation?
57.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 01 1993How does Visual C compare to DEC C or DEC C++?
58.05VANTEN::MITCHELLDWed Jun 02 1993I trying to convert a hook dll from C to C++ and pointer on how to do it?
59.0ESBSMon Jun 07 1993Software Re-Use. Any DECnet or Encryption s/w ?
60.011LEMAN::PAIVATue Jun 08 1993Windows Programming
61.06EPIK::HEBERTWed Jun 09 1993Can you tell me why this dies???
62.02NAC::LOWEFri Jun 11 1993VBX Control w/o dialog
63.01TENNIS::KAMSun Jun 13 1993BM/BMP/DIB How to display? & is it valid?
64.03021773::GENTILETue Jun 15 1993Any Books Yet?
66.06COFFEE::CHENThu Jun 17 1993SCRIBBLE Compile Error
67.07MAJORS::REVELLTue Jun 22 1993Example of simple dialog box
68.05CIMTWO::OSCAR::JEFFWed Jun 23 1993VC++ just hangs on HelloApp sample
69.015RANGER::DAVEMon Jun 28 1993Installation problem?
70.02PHDVAX::LUSKWed Jun 30 1993setw() gives warning message
71.01VNASWS::EDERThu Jul 01 1993Using a DLL
72.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 02 1993What is scope of this file?
73.01SUBWAY::WATSONFri Jul 02 1993Table Class Example?
74.09LEDS::ZAYASMon Jul 05 1993CFrameWnd to remember size/position?
75.03CUSTOM::SHIVESWed Jul 07 1993GDI objects (pen)
76.04SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Jul 08 1993Use of VBX controls in C
77.01KAHALA::HOLMESFri Jul 09 1993install space ?
78.0NEWOA::BROOMFIELDMon Jul 12 1993Flood fill an area in a dialog box?
79.01KELVIN::LUDWIGMon Jul 12 1993mafxcrd.lib??
80.03CUSTOM::SHIVESMon Jul 12 1993Access to MS Access ??
81.01RPSTRY::LENNA::bahloTue Jul 13 1993Example of a Owner Drawn List Box, CListBox::DrawItem?
82.01KAHALA::HOLMESTue Jul 13 1993Basic c questions
83.01TAEC::HARPERThu Jul 15 1993Another quality Micorsoft product...
84.04SOFBAS::ORNSTEINMon Jul 19 1993?List of all Key Bindings?
85.04LEDS::ZAYASMon Jul 19 1993Visual workbench edit window behaviour?
86.03TLE::GERMAN::wellsMon Jul 19 1993How to merge .BSC (browser) files?
87.015TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 19 1993Visual C++, not enough memory to load debugger?
88.09UPROAR::PLATTPTue Jul 20 1993Windows 3.1 DDK and Visual C++
90.09ESBSThu Jul 22 1993Dynamic Data Exchange, DDEML and C++ and MFC ?
91.01DECWET::NEWKERKFri Jul 23 1993MFC FAQ from Microsoft (long)
92.01TENNIS::KAMSat Jul 24 1993Application error: Fault in GDI or KRNL386?
93.01NEWOA::BROOMFIELDMon Jul 26 1993Scrollbar controls in a dialog box
94.02CADSYS::COOKMon Jul 26 1993Matching messages to commands
95.03NITMOI::MAYNARDMon Jul 26 1993Open/SaveAs problems in the Workbench
96.01EPS::MEGATue Jul 27 1993afxDump to OUTPUT window is slow
97.02JURA::DUQUESNEWed Jul 28 1993"Cannot open SYSTEM.INI" error ??
98.02MOLAR::FLETCHERWed Jul 28 1993anyone using infovbx.vbx in their Visual C++ application?
99.0MARVIN::SCOTTWed Jul 28 1993VC++ crashes with WIN32S installed
100.01EPS::MEGAThu Jul 29 1993*& reference to pointer?
101.0MOLAR::FLETCHERFri Jul 30 1993Can VC++ properly deal with VB string handles?
102.0TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 30 1993Can't get a msg to WM_COMMAND in a child-window proc?
103.0TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 30 1993Microsoft course material from Ed Services
104.07LARVAE::DRSDTue Aug 03 1993Output from afxDump
105.02OSLJAN::ulfhWed Aug 04 1993Problem with loading projects!
106.0ALAMOS::ADAMSTue Aug 17 1993WINSOCK Programming w/ MFC 2.
107.011PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Aug 17 1993CStatusBar
108.013PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Aug 17 1993Documents and Views
109.0TUXEDO::ZURKOThu Aug 19 1993VBX boolean array problems
110.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Aug 20 1993Windows NT questions
111.02BEAVER::MCKEATINGTue Aug 24 1993unresolved externals:- exit,fscanf,... in DLL
112.03RUMOR::STANPC::fosterFri Aug 27 1993Accessing global variables from inside a callback procedure
113.08RAB::TURNERMon Aug 30 1993Realloc problem with Visual C++
114.0ISIDRO::JLUISTue Aug 31 1993Error Handler
115.07MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Sep 01 1993Run from Cdrom trouble
116.02WISHES::CANDELAWed Sep 01 1993How do you size your App's main window
118.03BERNThu Sep 02 1993Word for Windows display in my windows ??
119.0PODUNK::UGRINOWFri Sep 03 1993COURSE:OOP w/Visual C++
120.04IJSAPL::VISSERSMon Sep 06 1993Memory statistics in Windows 3.1
121.08HANNAH::BAYTue Sep 07 1993My "stop" button does't work
122.0NODEX::LUTSKYTue Sep 07 1993Graphical modeling class library
123.01QUIVER::ORSHAWTue Sep 07 1993Font problems in resource files
124.03TAEC::HARPERThu Sep 09 1993Browser problem... Share not installed...?
125.01ESBSThu Sep 09 1993Printing from MFC App - not via View/OnPrint/OnDraw
126.01SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Sep 09 1993C++ DLL called from C main module
127.0MUMPS::GOULDMon Sep 13 1993.sbt file ?
128.010SUOSWS::SJOQUISTTue Sep 14 1993dynamic message-mapping?
129.01DCEIDL::CLARKTue Sep 14 1993Augmenting the Help menu in Visual Workbench
130.05SISE::DITMARSSat Sep 18 1993buzzing, clucking, beeping during debug
133.01STAR::NORDHMon Sep 20 1993Clear a combobox ??
134.02SEND::PRINCIPIOTue Sep 21 1993The browser database
135.08CVG::PETTENGILLTue Sep 21 1993Discussion on Visual C++ 32 bit edition
136.0SX4GTO::OLSONThu Sep 23 1993Partnernet Visual C++ query
137.02TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 23 1993HANDLES in Application vs HANDLES in Heap Walker?
138.0FUTURS::HILL_KFri Sep 24 1993ATI Mouse pointer for DOS
139.0FUTURS::HILL_KFri Sep 24 1993Files for portability?
140.0LEDS::ZAYASFri Sep 24 1993Common souce base, hints?
141.03FUTURS::HILL_KTue Sep 28 1993DOSXNT Error
142.06FUTURS::HILL_KWed Sep 29 1993Compile hanging at initialisation
143.03CADSYS::COOKThu Sep 30 1993How to create a maximized MDI child window
144.02KAHALA::HOLMESThu Sep 30 1993wanted: simplest output function
145.01KISMIF::COTEFri Oct 01 1993Return NULL CString?
146.03BERNSun Oct 03 1993Dialogs, Menus & Accelerator Keys
148.05NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Oct 04 1993VC/NT + Digital C++/NT = ?
149.02TYSON::KURATAMon Oct 04 1993Visual Basic -> DLL dropping parameters
150.02KISMIF::COTEMon Oct 04 1993ComboBox won't pulldown?
151.01ALFPTS::ATLUTX::WALTERSMon Oct 11 1993ProtGen+
152.03KISMIF::COTETue Oct 12 1993ListBox ItemDataPtrs ?
153.01TAOVTue Oct 12 1993hang after exit app.
154.0MPGS::SCHWARTZFri Oct 15 1993COURSE:Win Prog Visual C++
155.02WERSIC::MADSENMon Oct 18 1993Interface with MS/Chart ?
156.07PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Oct 18 1993DoDataExchange
157.0DYPSS1::ROPERMon Oct 18 1993Callable Ada from C++?
158.010CACHE::SETOThu Oct 21 1993Winteer.exe
159.05LISTNH::SimonsThu Oct 21 1993Linker exit status 3 ???
160.03SYSMGT::DUTKOFri Oct 22 1993What gets allocated when you issue a new?
161.01DECWET::MIRIAMFri Oct 22 1993C++ DLL using MFC and VC++ question
162.0METSYS::GOODWINMon Oct 25 1993Beware Construct()!
163.0ICPSRV::PRASADMon Oct 25 1993Framework memory management question
164.03MARVA1::RAKTue Oct 26 1993Transform to VMS date needed
165.03CADSYS::COOKWed Oct 27 1993Loading bitmap into bitmap buttons
166.03MANANA::RED911::CUMMINGSMon Nov 01 1993Forms and attachments
167.06NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Nov 01 1993VC++ and CMS (or some source-code control sys)
168.0CADSYS::COOKTue Nov 02 1993Using bitmap buttons in a dialog bar
169.03IRNBRU::MACKENZIEWed Nov 03 1993INT3 causing unexpected break with DLL
170.0KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Nov 03 1993How to capture MCI messages when app is started?
171.02TINCUP::MOEThu Nov 04 1993Conversion from Borland C++
172.01019584::NORDHFri Nov 05 1993VC++ bug ??
173.011STAR::NORDHFri Nov 05 1993Set window view titles ?
174.04MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEMon Nov 08 1993Custom Controls in VC++ for W/NT??
175.06KISMIF::COTEMon Nov 08 1993BitmapButtons, SubClassing in Dialogs
176.03MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFETue Nov 09 1993New name and location for sysincl.dat in VC++ for W/NT
177.01BLKOUT::GLASERTue Nov 09 1993Windows DEBUG KERNEL won't start
178.03SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Nov 10 1993Order within OnInitDialog()
179.02ICPSRV::PRASADThu Nov 11 1993Visual C++ documentation
180.0SISE::DITMARSFri Nov 12 1993appstudio stopped seeing all my resources
181.0DECWET::BARLOWFri Nov 12 1993To build a DLL, specify the .DEF file
182.0IRNBRU::MACKENZIEMon Nov 15 199332-bit Integers non portable.
183.0BASLG1::BARNESMon Nov 15 1993Resource compiler questions
184.01SX4GTO::CHONGMon Nov 15 1993Borland's Project utility
185.04OSLTue Nov 16 1993How to pass an object to my document classes?
186.030DAVE::MITTONTue Nov 16 1993Visual C++ V1.5
187.01TOOK::DUSOTue Nov 16 1993Q: EDITOR: how to insert control characters
188.0GNPIKE::GLASERWed Nov 17 1993Needed: A tool for rendering resource files
189.02MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Nov 17 1993Modify the .grp files
190.0NAC::A_OBRIENThu Nov 18 1993contact for more information?
191.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Nov 22 1993Is there a 'login box' ?
192.0KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTMon Nov 22 1993Running DOS program from Visual workbench
193.02BERNMon Nov 22 1993Memory problem with debug
194.08AIDEV::KASSATLYTue Nov 23 1993Max # of files in a project
195.03OSLFri Nov 26 1993Precautions when using multiple inheritence with MFC?
196.01IRNBRU::MACKENZIEFri Nov 26 1993CL returning error code 4
197.02BASLG1::BARNESMon Nov 29 1993Combo box subclassing
198.05BUMP::GCLIFFORDMon Nov 29 1993API for Program Manager
199.05LEMAN::PAIVATue Nov 30 1993"Windows Internal" by Matt Pietrek
200.04DCEIDL::CLARKTue Nov 30 1993Can't build a static library in a "distant" directory
201.013SYSTEM::POADWed Dec 01 1993Requirements for Visual C++
202.03OSLWed Dec 08 1993Date/time conversion and validation?
203.01EMC2::POGLIANIWed Dec 08 1993Postscript Documentation ?
204.0FUTURS::HILL_KFri Dec 10 1993palette operation
205.02SYSMGT::DUTKOFri Dec 10 1993Debugging assistance
206.0COPCLU::BENTERIKMon Dec 13 1993How to make a CODE-based array
207.0TAMARA::TEAMLK::hullMon Dec 13 1993pointer to Microsoft Systems Journal sources on EasyNet?
209.01DCEIDL::CLARKMon Dec 20 1993Tabs vs. spaces in VC++
210.0HLDETue Dec 21 1993CFormsView and Accelerators ?
211.02OSLTue Dec 21 1993How to get RPC dependencies into the .MAK file?
212.0PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Dec 21 1993OnSize casts signed shorts to unsigned
213.04KISMIF::COTEWed Dec 22 1993Vetical Text???
214.01SUBURB::WARNERSFri Dec 31 1993__asm MOV ES:BX -> buffer
215.03GAAS::JONESWed Jan 05 1994Drawing bitmap in a view (need help)
216.02EPS::RYDERWed Jan 05 1994Class Wizzard, Edit Variables Problem
217.04EPS::RYDERWed Jan 05 1994Fixed Font for ListBox, or Multi-Col List Box ?
218.02STAR::NORDHWed Jan 05 1994VC++ 1.5; database classes problem, CRecordSet::Requery()
219.0STAR::NORDHWed Jan 05 1994MFC database classes; good books ??
220.0DRIFT::WOODThu Jan 06 1994Installing VC++ V1.5 breaks VB3's GRID.VBX
221.03BPSNIC::TELEGDYThu Jan 06 1994Install VC++ Pro on a PATHWORKS file/disk service??
222.07OSLThu Jan 06 1994Next version of Visual C++ for Windows NT?
223.012SSPADE::VANNOYThu Jan 06 1994GO++: Graphical Objects for C++
224.02SYSMGT::DUTKOMon Jan 10 1994Modeless Dialog in a DLL
225.02GLINDA::WAGNERCOFFILMon Jan 10 1994DDE calls from VC++
226.0HLDEWed Jan 12 1994Warning: Task Termination Notification and Debuggers
227.03TUXEDO::ZURKOThu Jan 13 1994Horizontally scrolling listbox class?
228.01KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Jan 13 1994How To Change Fonts?
229.02ISLNDS::COMELLAThu Jan 13 1994Keep CFile obj in scope & RGB documentation?
230.02TAEC::HARPERFri Jan 14 1994Symantec C++...?
231.02TAEC::HARPERFri Jan 14 1994CV1
232.0152HOT::EISENBERGMon Jan 17 1994Custom popup menu, items always greyed
233.01METSYS::GOODWINTue Jan 18 1994Using GRID.VBX inside a window
234.01GAAS::JONESTue Jan 18 1994Help initializing list box.
235.01TUXEDO::ZURKOTue Jan 18 1994handling VBX control messages?
236.01ZURWed Jan 19 1994CFormView, CDialog (AppStudio) and subclassing of Edit control window procedure, sample ?
237.0SOADC1::LAMBWed Jan 19 1994
238.020KISMIF::COTEWed Jan 19 1994CVPACK exceeded???
239.04TUXEDO::ZURKOThu Jan 20 1994Single MDI Application Instance?
240.0OSLLAV::TORHFri Jan 21 1994How do I control the Caret in a CEdit derived class
241.01LEMAN::PAIVAFri Jan 21 1994.DLL & .LIB - LINK errors
242.04DYPSS1::ROPERSun Jan 23 1994Line Drawing Help
243.02LEMAN::PAIVAMon Jan 24 1994.LIB or DLL ?
244.07STAR::NORDHMon Jan 24 1994VC++ vs. VB database apps development
245.011MOVIES::MOORETue Jan 25 1994CFileDialog
246.02OSLTue Jan 25 1994How to turn off special "&" processing for a control?
247.02HPCGRP::HOTue Jan 25 1994Where to initialize static class data member?
249.02OSLWed Jan 26 1994Display a dialog and then fill it in?
250.01STAR::NORDHThu Jan 27 1994VB's VBX in VC++, possible ?
252.02SYSMGT::DUTKOFri Jan 28 1994Ability to detect heap vs stack storage
253.0OSLFri Jan 28 1994How to get current tab stops settings from CList box?
255.02HASTUR::ZYGADLOFri Jan 28 1994Finding security privelages on NT.
256.04OSLSat Jan 29 1994How to customize sort order?
257.01OSLMon Jan 31 1994Problem with tab stops?
258.03HAMCL3::MOELLERTue Feb 01 1994How to write a DLL for VB 3.
259.0MTVIEW::DOTue Feb 01 1994converting icons to cursors
260.02OSLWed Feb 02 1994Serialize to a buffer in memory?
261.04HPCGRP::HOWed Feb 02 1994Problem with memory bitmap
262.01PODUNK::UGRINOWThu Feb 03 1994COURSE: Win Prog w/MFC Using Visual C++
263.01OSLFri Feb 04 1994How to invalidate a single list box item?
264.0OSLFri Feb 04 1994Hoiw to set height of CComboBox dropdown rectangle?
265.09KAOFS::LOCKYERFri Feb 04 1994Modeless Dialog Boxes
266.0XANADU::TEAMLK::HullFri Feb 04 1994Here's how to fail LoadLibrary() without ErrorBox!
267.010FORTY2::FOWLERCTue Feb 08 1994BeginWaitCursor - How does it work?
268.01FORTY2::FOWLERCTue Feb 08 1994Microsoft's Knowledge Base Articles
269.01TUXEDO::ZURKOFri Feb 11 1994Dual platform development problems
270.05LEMAN::PAIVAMon Feb 14 1994"Converting" printf's to MS-Windows 3.1
271.01TOOK::FLETCHERMon Feb 14 1994how to set/get environment variables within VC++
272.012HPCGRP::HOMon Feb 14 1994How to serializing a class with static data member?
273.03TUXEDO::ZURKOMon Feb 14 1994Radio Buttons are second class citizens?
274.01APACHE::PETERSTue Feb 15 1994VAX to IBMpc bininary file writing
275.0OSLTue Feb 15 1994How to use Multi-Threaded runtime option?
276.02OSLTue Feb 15 1994Different .LIB name depending on Build Mode?
277.02BASLG1::BARNESWed Feb 16 1994VBXs in APPSTUDIO causing GP
278.0OSLWed Feb 16 1994How to route window message to active view (like commands)?
279.022HOT::EISENBERGWed Feb 16 1994WinHelp from a c++ DLL called through a C DLL
280.05OSLFri Feb 18 1994Where to override x, y?
281.0OSLFri Feb 18 1994How to get Visual C++ to generate C++ with .CXX extension?
282.0MR3PST::NEPULA::RORATFri Feb 18 1994How to make a custom CPrintDialog class work.
283.03DCEIDL::CLARKFri Feb 18 1994RUNTIME_CLASS fails on classes in an MFC Extended DLL
284.02CADSYS::COOKFri Feb 18 1994MFC Extended DLL
285.04ZURMon Feb 21 1994Update of the status-line (CStatusBar) ?
286.03GAAS::JONESTue Feb 22 1994Large memory model problem
287.01OSLTue Feb 22 1994How set maximum number of allowed characters in an Edit control?
288.03ADSERV::GERMAN::wellsTue Feb 22 1994MSVC++ 1.5 linker error: DX4
289.05EPS::RYDERTue Feb 22 1994Global Vars in V-C++ Anyone?
290.0OSLThu Feb 24 1994How to restore MDI child windows?
291.04TARUGO::ALVAROThu Feb 24 1994Application and Instance problem.
292.01ZURThu Feb 24 1994How to call a DOS program from Visual C++ ?
293.01RANGER::JESURAJThu Feb 24 1994Version 1.
294.06OSLThu Feb 24 1994MFC and threads?
295.01DPPSYS::FOYTue Mar 01 1994Symbols missing in App Studio???
296.02MOEUR1::NAYLORWed Mar 02 1994VB Conversion
297.02MR3PST::RCKGDN::BROWNWed Mar 02 1994Getting files in a directory programmatically
298.0HAMCL3::MOELLERWed Mar 02 1994Texteditor DLL Help needed
299.03JEDI::CAUDILLThu Mar 03 1994DOS/MS Windows equivalent of signal(SIGALRM and alarm()
301.0DCEIDL::CLARKThu Mar 03 1994Visual C++ vs. NMAKE - A Hard Choice
302.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Mar 04 1994HEPLP!! Setup diskette corrupted
303.01SYSMGT::DUTKOTue Mar 08 1994Sharing violation using NMAKE under windows
304.02OSLWed Mar 09 1994Problem with initialize of dialog control member variable?
305.04GL::SUTTONWed Mar 09 1994Custom color dialog won't work properly under NT
306.01XANADU::DOWNIEWed Mar 09 1994CDatabase classes for ODBC access on NT
307.04HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Mar 10 1994How do I get out of Overstrike mode?
308.02OSLThu Mar 10 1994Trace of access vialotions when using CTL3D in Win32 application?
309.07EPS::RYDERFri Mar 11 1994How do you Make DLLs from VisualC++ ?
310.05DPPRIP::FOYMon Mar 14 1994Invoking DOS command and waiting for completion?
311.0MR3PST::RCKGDN::BROWNMon Mar 14 1994Help with _searchseg
312.05OSLTue Mar 15 1994Cview class and menu ID's in Class Wizard?
313.0OSLTue Mar 15 1994How to find control with input focus?
314.02OSLWed Mar 16 1994Direct call to my OnPaint function does not result in any output?
315.0OSLThu Mar 17 1994I want AfxMessageBox to center relative to my window?
316.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Mar 18 1994Main Window without menubar.
317.0ERFARE::SDSun Mar 20 1994compund documents with graphs...how...
318.02PGREEN::LANGTONMMon Mar 21 1994Using MSOUTLINE VBX control
319.01OSLMon Mar 21 1994How to append text in CEdit control?
320.07BATVXMon Mar 21 1994BOOKS ONLINE so slow to start.
321.02OSLMon Mar 21 1994Wait cursor remains enabled until user moves the mouse?
322.02SYSMGT::DUTKOMon Mar 21 1994Looking for Software/Data Library
323.0OSLMon Mar 21 1994Icon doesn't get updated when changing doc title?
324.02ZURWed Mar 23 1994VC++ 1.5, Access DB, RecordSet.Update() -> Permission denied on Windows 3.1, but works on NT
325.01IRNBRU::MACKENZIEThu Mar 24 1994Stack Overflow from DLL
326.09HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Mar 24 1994Using icon in bitmapbutton
327.03SYSMGT::DUTKOMon Mar 28 1994Accessing base class's assignment function
328.07BATVXWed Mar 30 1994Problems moving projects...
329.09DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTWed Mar 30 1994Using multiple dirs with VC++
330.0BATVXThu Mar 31 1994The TEXT ODBC Driver...
331.07RUNT::COOPERThu Mar 31 1994? Making time with a string
332.04MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEFri Apr 01 1994Adding new lines to a CEdit...
333.09SNOFS1::ZANOTTOTue Apr 05 1994Screen control !
334.03KOALA::CIOTWed Apr 06 1994Project (makefile) corrupted after creation
335.02CANDOO::GRIEBWed Apr 06 1994Adding help files to project ?
336.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDSat Apr 09 1994detect disk drive
337.03CAMONE::ARENDTMon Apr 11 1994Can't see grid or tile lines
338.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Apr 11 1994Help with OnInitDialog for DialogBar
339.01DPPSO::FOYMon Apr 11 1994How to trap "Failed to create empty document"?
340.04MOLAR::SCAERMon Apr 11 1994Can't get correct background color for static
341.032HOT::BALLADELLIWed Apr 13 1994Debugging Windows system binaries
342.01DPPSO::FOYWed Apr 13 1994Help fix "Failed to create empty document"
343.04TAEC::VRSIX::harperThu Apr 14 1994Dynamic ToolBar class
344.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Apr 15 1994Using VC++ with Alpha as target system.
345.02MOLAR::SCAERFri Apr 15 1994Multiple MDI top-level windows
346.02LEMAN::PAIVAMon Apr 18 1994Borland's C/C++
347.03CALS::EGOLFTue Apr 19 1994Help! How to change window background color?
348.03BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Apr 19 1994External projects, pro and con
349.0BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Apr 20 1994NT SDK - (NT + VC++) = ???
350.02BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Apr 20 1994Unexplained build error
351.012OSLSun Apr 24 1994How to trigger on return key in a CListBox?
352.01MR3PST::RCKGDN::BROWNMon Apr 25 1994Bug in sprintf function
353.0BATVXTue Apr 26 1994Invoking Windows "Recorder" Macros...
354.01OSLTue Apr 26 1994How to avoid flicker when updating listbox item?
355.03KERNEL::JACKSONThu Apr 28 1994ODBC transaction control
356.0325472::COMELLAMon May 02 1994CWordArray class: How to use?
357.02SYSMGT::DUTKOTue May 03 1994CComboBox::CompareItem()
358.01CALS::EGOLFWed May 04 1994Questions
359.0TOOK::CUDMOREWed May 04 1994Using Visual C++ with PATHWORKS won't allow >8 char project names
360.03TOOK::CUDMOREWed May 04 1994nmake & Visual C++ produce different size object files?
361.0KAOFS::LOCKYERThu May 05 1994Problems Serializing CFont Object?
362.05OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun May 08 1994Need CFormView functionality, but without document association
363.01OSLMon May 09 1994Where are the docs on how to rebuild MFC?
364.02ESSB::NDAVIDSONMon May 09 1994Using VERSION in VC++ Resource Files.
365.024DPPRIP::FOYWed May 11 1994I18N and VC++....?
366.011SOFBAS::BELISLEWed May 11 1994How do I track down memory leaks in my application?
367.05IJSAPL::VISSERSMon May 16 1994Visual C++ and Windows for Workgroups 3.11
368.04BATVXMon May 16 1994Disappearing Resources!
369.01BATVXMon May 16 1994Problem with ResizeParentToFit...
370.09HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue May 17 1994Trace
371.0HLDEWed May 18 1994Wanted: modified CEdit with `correct' scroll behaviour
372.01TOOK::TEEVENThu May 19 1994I18n/Unicode/Kanji/VC++/MFC/WIN32
373.0DECWET::BARLOWMon May 23 1994Nifty NT Build Environment, and it's *FREE*
374.01DPPRIP::FOYWed May 25 1994How to abort a VC++ proggie?
375.05BASLG1::BARNESWed May 25 1994Adding Delta to the Tools menu
376.02SUPER::HARRISThu May 26 1994VC++ on NT - Startup help?
377.0TUXEDO::BMARTINThu May 26 1994free access violation
378.06DEVMKO::LUSTMANThu May 26 1994error c1
379.01OSLMon May 30 1994_lopen?
380.04XSTACY::JLUNDONMon May 30 1994Port from VAXC/DECC to Visual C++ questions
381.07HASTUR::LOWETue May 31 1994Another CVPACK problem
382.04DCEIDL::CLARKWed Jun 01 1994LINK: fatal error L1
383.013DPPRIP::FOYThu Jun 02 1994Always on Top Windows...?
384.0RANGER::ANDERSONThu Jun 02 1994insufficient memory
385.03UPROAR::KESTERTONAFri Jun 03 1994Building MFC V2 on Alpha using Daytona SDK
386.02TELGAR::WAKEMANLAFri Jun 03 1994Get Corresponding View from CWnd
387.02KICKER::N2ITIV::LEEFri Jun 03 1994 Removing vars from Watch window?
388.0OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun Jun 05 1994Problems with SDI CFormView-based app
389.01TPSYS::BONNEAUWed Jun 08 1994VC++ vs. DEC's C/C++ compiler products?
390.03SAVOIA::CERRANOThu Jun 09 1994VAx/VMX date on CFormView
391.02VIA::BALLADELLIMon Jun 13 1994Trapping OnWinIniChange
392.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Jun 16 1994help with dialog box
393.0HLDEFri Jun 17 1994File Open (a la COMMDLG.DLL) sources ?
395.01DPPRIP::FOYFri Jun 17 1994Using a VBX within a resource DLL?
396.07SOFBAS::BELISLETue Jun 21 1994How do I popup the 'WinHelp' .hlp file within my Application?
397.01RUMOR::stanpc.mso.dec.com::fosterWed Jun 22 1994Writing to DebugWin from a C dll ?
398.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Jun 28 1994Help with dynamic menu
399.0MOLAR::DOBKINWed Jun 29 1994Convert the bitmap name to the resource ordinal
400.01AZUR::BERENGERWed Jul 06 1994CFormView Actualization with new resources
401.01BATVXWed Jul 06 1994Irregular shaped windows...
402.03GIDDAY::MILNEThu Jul 07 1994Multiple Forms like in VB
403.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri Jul 08 1994VC++ ignores dependencies in Compiler Options Include Path!
404.01TOHOPE::WSA1Wed Jul 13 1994Insufficient Memory to LINK
405.0NASENG::MUNYANThu Jul 14 1994Problem with SoundBlaster and Trace Output
406.03HANNAH::HENEGHANThu Jul 14 1994Win32 NT Outline or SVN class WANTED
407.01TAEC::VRSIX::harperMon Jul 18 1994Getting an app to start maximized
408.03LEDS::ZAYASMon Jul 18 1994Resource for developers available
409.02BATVXTue Jul 19 1994Width, in pixels, of a displayed string ?
410.0AZUR::BERENGERWed Jul 20 1994Dynamic Internationalization
411.03HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 20 1994how do I find references to a particular part of a structure ?
412.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 20 1994does VK_
413.0JITORI::NAGAHASHIWed Jul 20 1994BitmapButtons in CFormView
414.0TAEC::VRSIX::harperThu Jul 21 1994Need to re-create the form view...
415.0TAEC::VRSIX::harperThu Jul 21 1994PreCreateWindow doesn't look like the answer...
416.01BATVXThu Jul 21 1994Switching focus causes freeze...
417.02UPROAR::KESTERTONAThu Jul 21 1994Use of export and dllexport
418.01BATVXFri Jul 22 1994CTL3D and OnCtlColor...
419.01HANNAH::BAYFri Jul 22 1994Replace icon bitmap in EXE?
421.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Jul 27 1994Receiving events while application is iconified.
422.07HANNAH::MUIWed Jul 27 1994Ownerdraw listbox
423.05HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Jul 27 1994How to implement Pause
424.0MUMPS::GOULDWed Jul 27 1994Debug a child process?
425.06OZROCK::ROBERTSONThu Jul 28 1994Help needed with MFC context-sensitive Help
426.01MOEUR8::NAYLORThu Jul 28 1994Vector Error
427.05MOLAR::DOBKINThu Jul 28 1994Check box and radio buttons
428.0ZURFri Jul 29 1994Interface to WinFax ?
429.0ZURFri Jul 29 1994Compiling resources: Bad or missing Keyboard Definition File
430.07UNITED::MCDONNELLFri Jul 29 1994v1.5 on hard disk?
431.05BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Aug 03 1994MFC on U*ix???
432.02SHIPS::DONK::BLISS_HWed Aug 03 1994Image file formats
433.024GL::GIROUXWed Aug 03 1994How to send a message to a CWinApp?
434.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Aug 08 1994dialogbar DC help
435.05MEMIT::SCHIFFMon Aug 08 1994Tab Type Dialogs
436.02SOOTY::HILL_KWed Aug 10 1994run-time error 6
437.0SUBPAC::ALMEIDAWed Aug 10 1994Questions about Visual C++ 1.5 & 2.
438.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Aug 10 1994main window without titlebar
439.02OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun Aug 14 1994Displaying IBM char set
440.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Aug 15 1994Setting focus in a dialogbar
441.04IRNBRU::MACKENZIEMon Aug 15 1994STACKSIZE question
443.05COOKIE::REUTERWed Aug 17 1994Is this MDI or SDI
444.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Aug 19 1994Color text in a Listbox or Menu
445.01EVOAI2::CHEVRYFri Aug 19 1994Access to the TSR list under Windows ???
446.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Aug 19 1994color problem
447.0DECALP::STIEGERSun Aug 21 1994how to get single keystrokes in a QWIN-pgm ?
448.013Mon Aug 22 1994Status Bar woes...
449.06SOOTY::HILL_KTue Aug 23 1994run-time error R6
450.04PGREEN::LANGTONMTue Aug 23 1994re-sizing a dropdown combobox?
451.02LALDIE::D_FORRESTERTue Aug 23 1994Ownerdraw listbox with horizontal scroll bar
452.01PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue Aug 23 1994ColWidth and GRID.VBX
453.04TKOV6Thu Aug 25 1994Building a QuickWin program using MFC
454.08NOVA::KRISHNANThu Aug 25 1994VC++ 2.
455.02EVTSG8::ESANUFri Aug 26 1994Help needed: automated testing tools for Visual C++ programs
456.0TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DFri Aug 26 1994DDEML is 4 bytes adrift - help?
457.02NOVA::MICHONMon Aug 29 1994Multimedia Developers Kit?
458.02UHUH::DILLBERGERMon Aug 29 1994Need help rebuilding Class Wizard DB
459.02MOLAR::FLETCHERTue Aug 30 1994Lost resource palette and can not get it back (VC++ 2.
460.05XSTACY::DROSSWed Aug 31 1994VC++ FATAL error RW1
461.02IJSAPL::VISSERSWed Aug 31 1994Compiling a directory listing.
462.0EVTSG8::ESANUWed Aug 31 1994What are the classical VC++ constructs for tabs, toolbar icons, and grids?
463.02CRIME::BALLADELLIWed Aug 31 1994Using multiple toolbars?
464.0ZURThu Sep 01 1994fixed with RC2 ...
465.05NOVA::MICHONThu Sep 01 1994Other BBoards and ftp sites?
466.01LALDIE::D_FORRESTERFri Sep 02 1994global variables from C++ to C
467.01BALZAC::62552::BULMERFri Sep 02 1994Fatal linker error L11
468.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Sep 02 1994Remove "Close" on system menu
469.05MOLAR::FLETCHERTue Sep 06 1994adding a menu to the main menu (menubar)
471.01PTOVAX::DLUGOSZThu Sep 08 1994ODBC 1.
472.02NOVA::MICHONThu Sep 08 1994OLE Conference?
473.0--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 08 1994Setting the application's icon
474.04JULIET::KURATA_GESun Sep 11 1994How do I add a user message ?
475.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Sep 13 1994Modal MessageBox doesn't work
477.08ANGLIN::SUZDAThu Sep 15 1994Tool Tips Implementation?
478.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Sep 16 1994Customizing a Common Dialog box
479.04NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue Sep 20 1994editors and VC++
480.0NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue Sep 20 1994source code control?
481.0MOLAR::FLETCHERTue Sep 20 1994MFC 3.
482.0ALFA1::SMSDEVWed Sep 21 1994Tracking Down Problems in a VC++ App
483.02TELGAR::WAKEMANLAWed Sep 21 1994Problem with AfxFormatString2
484.029SOADC1::BAAHPC::lambWed Sep 21 1994You can order C++ V2.
485.0EVTSG8::ESANUFri Sep 23 1994Need info to choose a defect control system
486.0VAXRIO::AZEVEDOFri Sep 23 1994MS language integration C++,FORTRAN,C, ODBC?
487.0METSYS::GOODWINMon Sep 26 1994OLE 2 Automation clients
488.03NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Sep 26 1994looking for mfc books
489.02NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Sep 26 1994vc2 bug
490.01IAGO::hovel.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSTue Sep 27 1994Converting from QuickC to Visual C++
491.0UPSAR::ARNAUDThu Sep 29 199416-bit "Protected Mode only" DLLs
492.01IAGO::hovel.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSMon Oct 03 1994How to remove a module from dependency list
493.01TYSON::KURATATue Oct 04 1994Need Chart Library
494.02OSLTue Oct 04 1994How to do popup menus?
495.01DECWET::SIMONICHTue Oct 04 1994Tracking mouse movement in a CFormView window
496.03DKAS::DEPCTue Oct 04 1994MSVC v1.5 Compiler Bug?
497.05SUFRNG::WSA1Tue Oct 04 1994Multiline EDITTEXT w/MFC
498.03SOOTY::HILL_KThu Oct 06 1994DLL float parameters
499.0ANGLIN::SUZDAFri Oct 07 1994CRecordView w/o CRecordSet
500.08SUFRNG::WSA1Tue Oct 11 1994CString Concananation Problem ( CString += CString )
501.0UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Oct 11 1994Problem using guage VBX
502.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LThu Oct 13 1994Accentuation in menus.
503.0NAC::OWENSThu Oct 13 1994Message Compiler question
504.06AZTECH::sephet.cxo.dec.com::MENEFEESun Oct 16 1994ClassWizard disabled?
505.01WARS::JERZYNSKIMon Oct 17 1994MFC v3.
506.02ULYSSE::DOROSHMon Oct 17 1994background of MDI form
507.02ESSB::NDAVIDSONTue Oct 18 1994Forcing Windows Termination.
508.0ESSB::NDAVIDSONTue Oct 18 1994Program Manager and DDEML.
509.0OSLThu Oct 20 1994CPropertyPage/CPropertySheet breakes ES_WANTRETURN?
510.0212Thu Oct 20 1994Displaying a MessageBox for only 5 seconds
511.0NODEX::ADEYFri Oct 21 1994Root Window Application Activation
512.03TKOV6Mon Oct 24 1994View derived from CFormView with ScrollBars ?
513.0OSLMon Oct 24 1994How to get CMDIFrameWnd as parent to CWinThread child window?
514.010UPROAR::KESTERTONAMon Oct 24 1994Opinions requested - Visual C++ v2.
515.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Oct 25 19942 column popup menu
516.0NSICTue Nov 01 1994Default for the radix available??
517.02HANNAH::MUITue Nov 01 1994Informational MessageBox
518.0UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Nov 01 1994Problems subclassing desktop window.
519.0SOOTY::HILL_KTue Nov 01 1994LZOpenFile and Sharing Violation
520.03SUOSWS::GEISELHARTThu Nov 03 1994Problems with MidiInOpen
521.02XSTACY::BRASMUSSENFri Nov 04 1994Invoking & Monitoring a Window Application
522.01XSTACY::DROSSMon Nov 07 1994How do I modify an .EXE's icon?
523.07XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Nov 07 1994Large static array causing link error
524.0TYSON::KURATATue Nov 08 1994Error Installing V2.
525.05TOHOPE::WSA1Tue Nov 08 1994MFC: How to Resize Control in Dialog Box?
526.02USPS::FPRUSSWed Nov 09 1994Using VCXX V1.1 w/ 3.5 SDK?
527.03UHUH::DILLBERGERThu Nov 10 1994How to change application cursor?
528.02HANNAH::CHOFri Nov 11 1994How to make a application to exit with double-click.
529.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Nov 11 1994SetWindowText for a GroupBox
530.0NASENG::MUNYANMon Nov 14 1994Need help printing from Visual C++ V1.5
531.05NOVA::MICHONMon Nov 14 1994MSVC2.
532.01HASTUR::LOWEMon Nov 14 1994Unresolved Externals
533.02RDGENG::NR75Tue Nov 15 1994What is SDLLCAW.LIB and why is VC++ so insistant ?
534.02UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Nov 15 1994How to accurately measure a dialog box?
535.02STAR::ALLISONWed Nov 16 1994GPFs using MFC CString class
536.02OTOOA::ANDERSONWed Nov 16 1994Visual C++ & DOS c
537.04XSTACY::PJMEALYThu Nov 17 1994Getting Information about hard drives..
538.06HANNAH::CHOThu Nov 17 1994Loading Bitmap with a DOS file name, not with the resource ID.
539.01UHUH::DILLBERGERMon Nov 21 1994Font not scaled uniformly when printing
540.04LEMAN::SIMPSONMon Nov 21 1994Dialog box from within DLL?
541.06NOVA::ONGMon Nov 28 1994VC++ hang compiling sample programs
542.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Dec 01 1994Problem with keyboard traversal of dialogbox
543.0METSYS::GOODWINFri Dec 02 1994Impressions of VC++ V2.
544.03TAEC::HARPERMon Dec 05 1994Pushing modeless dialog boxes to the background...
545.01QCAVTue Dec 06 1994VC++ without UI Windows....
546.01NOVA::MICHONTue Dec 06 1994CMemFile Size limit?
547.03GALVIA::JOREILLYWed Dec 07 1994GRAPH.VBX in VC++
548.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Dec 08 1994Making a program start up minimized
549.02FUTURS::MARSHALL1Thu Dec 08 1994Accelerator Keys - What's the full SP ?
550.0356953::SANKARThu Dec 08 1994How to enable & disable a menu item?
551.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Dec 12 1994Q-number for VC++ 2.
552.04GALVIA::JOREILLYMon Dec 12 1994Background Color of ListBox
553.0UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Dec 13 1994Menu item bitmap uses incorrect colors
554.02SOADC1::BAAHPC::lambWed Dec 14 1994Need help with Recordsets
555.01BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Dec 14 1994WIN32 vs. _WIN32
556.02AMCUCS::BROTHERWed Dec 14 1994Problem with "axpalign" command on NT 3.5
557.01MOLAR::SCAERFri Dec 16 1994Why doesn't <CR> call CDialog::OnOK?
558.04OSLTue Dec 27 1994How to save/restore view's windowplacement?
559.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Dec 27 1994How to change filter ?
560.02MPGS::HEALEYWed Dec 28 1994need code sample for Spread/VBX from FarPoint
561.02QCAVThu Dec 29 1994CRecordset class in console Application
562.01TYSON::KURATAFri Dec 30 1994How do you change attribute of form controls?
563.02LGP3Tue Jan 03 1995upgrade no matter what...
564.07IJSAPL::ONDERWATERFri Jan 06 1995Problem with strings in DLL
565.06ROWLET::AINSLEYSun Jan 08 1995gets eats cout?
566.03GALVIA::JOREILLYMon Jan 09 1995Overriding default Help File
567.0QCAVTue Jan 10 1995How to increase the ColWidth in grid control
568.09HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Jan 11 1995What's ControlBar "docking"?
569.02SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERThu Jan 12 1995game development with VC++???
570.0BLAZER::MIKELISThu Jan 12 1995Need info on VC++ Integrated Debugger
571.02HASTUR::LOWEThu Jan 12 1995RPC and exception
572.0UHUH::DILLBERGERMon Jan 16 1995
573.02MOEUR8::PHOWed Jan 18 1995Hangs when rebuilding sample file
574.03GALVIA::JOREILLYWed Jan 18 1995MFC Extension DLL shared by 2 MFC Apps!
575.01UHUH::DILLBERGERThu Jan 19 1995How to set breakpoints with expressions?
576.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Jan 20 1995How to remove a popup menu.
577.04TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DMon Jan 23 1995Simple question on window styles.
578.09AZUR::BERREZMon Jan 23 1995Where is the standard C function bzero
579.01SOADC1::BAAHPC::lambTue Jan 24 1995Problem with the minimize button
580.0GALVIA::JOREILLYSat Jan 28 1995GRAPH.VBX - font size
581.02COPCLU::SNEDKERMon Jan 30 1995Messages missing when using Class Wizard
582.01ZENDIA::BEYHMon Jan 30 1995A non windows application using MFC
583.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Jan 31 1995How do you remove a menu Separator dynamically?
584.01IAGO::wort.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSWed Feb 01 1995How do I trigger my app to exit gracefully?
585.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Feb 02 1995How to tell if a menu is popped up.
586.0KETJE::bhp9Fri Feb 03 1995DLL driver and logical port
587.02IOSG::breez.reo.dec.com::FreerFri Feb 03 1995Can I use a custom VBX control in a DLL?
588.09KOALA::DEFELICEFri Feb 03 1995NMAKE switch for VC++ MAK file?
589.03TNPUBS::CLIFFORDSat Feb 04 1995App Errors, GPFs, Stack Faults
590.07TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DTue Feb 07 1995Show errors with WS_EX_TOPMOST?
591.04OZROCK::GROHNSun Feb 12 1995
592.04MEOCMon Feb 13 1995X11 applicat. -> Visual C++ (Windows 3.1)
593.07GALVIA::JOREILLYMon Feb 13 1995Edit Window 64K Limit
594.0OSLTue Feb 14 1995How to "clone" multiple SDI window from one app?
595.06VORTEX::OPICK1::pickowiczTue Feb 14 1995RC : fatal error RW1
596.05VNASWS::GEROLDThu Feb 16 1995multi different doc, how to ?
597.0OSLThu Feb 16 1995Windows 95?
598.02LJSRV1::BOURQUARDFri Feb 17 1995program behavior dependent on debugger breakpoint set
599.02MONTOR::GLASERMon Feb 20 1995does VC++ have sendkey function?
600.07HASTUR::LOWETue Feb 21 1995Conference question
601.06ALFAM7::BALTESKONISTue Feb 21 1995Compiler error on VC++ on NT/Alpha?
602.01GALVIA::JOREILLYTue Feb 21 1995VC++ 2 for Alpha - generate intel binaries?
603.02MQOU18::CHOLMSKYWed Feb 22 1995DBINIT -> warning LNK4
604.02ADISSW::FERRARAWed Feb 22 1995Compiling/Linking with someone's LIB/DLL
605.02HERON::ROWLANDSThu Feb 23 1995cmaexc.h and idl generated C
606.0BROKE::BISSONThu Feb 23 1995Problem installing 32-bit app on both win32s and win32
607.011HASTUR::LOWEThu Feb 23 19952.1 and new Common controls
608.05BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Feb 23 1995Size of wrapped menu bar?
609.0KETJE::bhp9Mon Feb 27 1995VxD 32 and C 16
610.0NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOMon Feb 27 1995DOS int function with access to extended registers
611.06FORTY2::DAVIESWed Mar 01 1995Creating dialogs dynamically
612.01DCEIDL::WONGWed Mar 01 1995Question on Virtual function table (VFPTR)
613.02PAMSRC::MILLERWed Mar 01 1995Problem linking with Visual C++ MFC
614.01RUNT::COOPERWed Mar 01 1995Lesson: using VBX controls to decorate CFormViews
615.0PATTRN::dworkn.reo.dec.com::KELSEYThu Mar 02 1995Passing OLE automation object handles
616.0IRNBRU::MACKENZIEFri Mar 03 1995Import libraries and a v2.
617.01GALVIA::JOREILLYFri Mar 03 1995Owner Draw Listbox - Multi-column problem
618.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSun Mar 05 1995Class Wizard ignorant of CException?
619.010TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DMon Mar 06 1995Simple question on dialog colour.
620.04LYOMon Mar 06 1995How to underline text in CEdit
621.07STAR::RICOMon Mar 06 1995MFC available on OSF/1 ??
622.04VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZMon Mar 06 1995Convert Icon to Bitmap?
623.0SOADC1::BAAHPC::lambWed Mar 08 1995Problem with setfocus and property sheets
624.02OZROCK::GROHNThu Mar 09 1995Callbacks to multiple apps?
625.04OZROCK::GROHNThu Mar 09 1995Custom control - hierarchy + header window
626.03OZROCK::GROHNThu Mar 09 1995compression lib
627.01NWDThu Mar 09 1995C++ kit nt alpha, whereis
628.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat Mar 11 1995Replacing status bar idle message?
629.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat Mar 11 1995Creating a floating invisible toolbar?
630.02FBEDEV::SCHOPPTue Mar 14 1995Looking for doc pointer in InitInstance
631.03NEMAIL::GODFREYTue Mar 14 1995Checking for Write Protected Disk
632.04HERON::ROWLANDSTue Mar 14 1995Link error DX1
633.048912::alphayves.aty.DEC.COM::toubhansWed Mar 15 1995Multi-threading & MFC
634.01FARAN::talen.reo.dec.com::noddleWed Mar 15 1995Registering active objects
635.04PATTRN::dworkn.reo.dec.com::KELSEYThu Mar 16 1995Nesting OLE controls?
636.01FOUNDR::MCCARTHYFri Mar 17 1995Cyric chip upgrade problem or settings?
637.04DATABS::RIELMon Mar 20 1995CPropertySheet as template for CFormView
638.02FOUNDR::GRODERTue Mar 21 1995Anyone use ProtoGen+ ?
639.02SRVRTue Mar 21 1995Installing VC++ 1.
640.05FUTURS::MARSHALL1Wed Mar 22 1995Link error on lafxdw.lib
641.03GALVIA::PDUFFYWed Mar 22 1995creating cue cards and wizards
642.06EST::NTFri Mar 24 1995Documentation for POSIX
643.0FUTURS::MARSHALL1Mon Mar 27 1995Launch and monitor DOS program
644.02PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Mar 27 1995Ctrl-E causes access violation
645.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Mar 28 1995How to add accelerators
646.03METSYS::GOODWINFri Mar 31 1995Catching RETURN in Combo box
647.04PERFOM::TNNSun Apr 02 1995How to name the static control in my form?
648.010COPCLU::SNEDKERSun Apr 02 1995Close app. via button
649.01COPCLU::SNEDKERMon Apr 03 19953D radiobuttons and colours
650.03TNPUBS::CLIFFORDMon Apr 03 1995Testing for non-integers
651.02LJSRV1::circad.hlo.dec.com::CookMon Apr 03 1995Can't find afxres.h!
652.0OWSLA::PROUEMon Apr 03 1995Visual C++ V2.
653.01PERFOM::TNNMon Apr 03 1995Only part of edit string is needed
654.04DECWET::PETERSONWed Apr 05 1995Visual C++ V1.52
655.05LJSRV1::MAFFAWed Apr 05 1995property sheets in MFC USRDLL
656.0ADISSW::FERRARAWed Apr 05 1995REGS definition in dos.h?
657.02GALVIA::JOREILLYFri Apr 07 1995ScrollToPosition behaviour
658.05COPCLU::SNEDKERMon Apr 10 1995SDI & one instance
659.02IAGO::wort.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSMon Apr 10 1995Easy way to center a dialog
660.0VNASWS::GEROLDMon Apr 10 1995Help on help
661.0TOOK::OWENTue Apr 11 1995Need a MSDN CD, even if an issue or 2 old...
662.02MOLAR::JACKIETue Apr 11 1995date/time control
663.04NODEX::NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealWed Apr 12 1995"Cancel" task on demand ?
664.05ADISSW::FERRARAThu Apr 13 1995Problem with DSKLAYT2 in Setup Toolkit
665.01GALVIA::JOREILLYWed Apr 19 1995MFC Extension DLLs and INT3 exception
666.02ZENDIA::ZYGADLOWed Apr 19 1995VC++ won't allow manual updates to makefile... Help!!
667.01PERFOM::TNNFri Apr 21 1995How to make SDI become MDI app. with different name?
668.08OOTOOL::HIGGSFri Apr 21 1995No truncation of #include file names
669.01PERFOM::TNNFri Apr 21 1995How to set the font for the user?
670.03PERFOM::TNNFri Apr 21 1995Connection between bit and width of device context
671.0ROMEOS::LESLIE_DAMon Apr 24 1995Latest Version/Pricing mapping
672.01GALVIA::JOREILLYTue Apr 25 1995AFXDLLX.H and release memory allocation
673.02OSLTue Apr 25 1995CEditView + CDialogBar to behave like one dialog?
674.01PERFOM::TNNTue Apr 25 1995Debugging is my disability.
675.01COPCLU::SNEDKERFri Apr 28 1995Default printer notify
676.04HANNAH::BAYFri Apr 28 1995Bug in mktime?
677.01NETRIX::michaudFri Apr 28 1995ListBox w/Drag & Drop on list items
678.01CADSYS::COOKTue May 02 1995Debugger displays the wrong lines
679.0CADSYS::COOKTue May 02 1995Ctrl-Home re-display bug
680.07MU::porterTue May 02 1995Draggable/resizable column headings
681.06ELBERT::RP_LEWISThu May 04 1995How to display bitmap on a dialog.
682.012MU::porterThu May 04 1995How change icon text for minimised app?
683.03VNASWS::GEROLDFri May 05 1995CToolbar resize
684.01XSTACY::DROSSFri May 05 1995Question about CPalettes and Memory DCs
685.05TNPUBS::CLIFFORDSat May 06 1995Determine # chars in a file?
686.09ELBERT::RP_LEWISMon May 08 1995Is there a fixed font less than 9 pts?
687.02KELVIN::KOUTue May 09 1995WM_COMMNOTIFY support in MFC ??
688.06XSTACY::DROSSTue May 09 1995How to create an MFC Dialog Control with OWNDC?
689.01ODIXIE::CREACYWed May 10 1995VC++ 2.1 and ODBC Problem
690.01PATTRN::rebma.reo.dec.com::kelseyWed May 10 1995Aggregation woes
691.05MU::porterThu May 11 1995Using common dialogues in property sheets
692.04SNUGGL::CODWYERFri May 12 1995Insufficient Memory Error
693.03BSS::SEDILLOSat May 13 1995Debugging Single Step problem
694.02MPGS::DOBKINMon May 15 1995Flexible grid widget
695.0ELBERT::RP_LEWISMon May 15 1995Where did the caret go?
696.05NETRIX::michaudMon May 15 1995Modeless Dialog off a MFC dialog app
697.04IOSG::breez.reo.dec.com::FREERTue May 16 1995How do I use an OCX in VC++
698.02LASSIE::IMMIWed May 17 1995degguging
699.01TELFON::MAILMANThu May 18 1995Bug in workbench editor/split-bar
700.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat May 20 1995printf CString
701.02FUTURS::MARSHALL1Mon May 22 1995Can I access Access ?
702.01RDGENG::JAMBON::LANGTONMTue May 23 1995Need ODBC MS-Access V2 (redist) install kit
703.011GALVIA::JOREILLYWed May 24 1995Exporting Data Items from DLLs
704.03HELIX::THISSELLWed May 24 1995Intercepting Scroll Bar commands
705.01CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERAWed May 24 1995menu command UI handler problem
706.0NETRIX::"eve_li@btgmax.zko.dec.com"Wed May 24 1995how to get fully qualified host ip name
707.03PERFOM::RAVINDRAThu May 25 1995Linker says "Unresolved external symbol "main"
708.05OZROCK::BRAYFri May 26 1995VC++ 2.
709.02GALVIA::JOREILLYFri May 26 1995Use of FILE in MFC Extension DLLs
710.03VERN::CARPENTERTue May 30 1995How to Property sheet/pages
711.0+18LJSRV1::SAROWed May 31 1995CListCtrl & other Windows Common Controls
712.02CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERAThu Jun 01 1995Problem with CProgressCtrl.....
713.0KTOV11::SHIMADAFri Jun 02 1995How to delete $(INTDIR) from dependents ?
714.02MU::porterFri Jun 02 1995Retrieving command parameters
715.04AD::MCCALLIGFri Jun 02 1995Trouble with dll's and posix
716.05VAXRIO::IVANMon Jun 05 1995MMD.386 driver not loaded
717.01VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZTue Jun 06 1995ODBC with property pages!
718.0MU::porterWed Jun 07 1995dialogue prematurely ended if parent window not visible
719.02UTROP1::OLERUD_GThu Jun 08 1995Tabbed Dialogs control
720.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Jun 08 1995Where to put the code ?
721.01VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZThu Jun 08 1995Incremental builds - when moving project from work to home
722.01PERFOM::RAVINDRAFri Jun 09 1995How to access parent class ( not window ) ?
723.02TALLIS::KOCHMon Jun 12 1995How to force BC++ tp split large statics among different segments?
724.09LJSRV1::MAFFATue Jun 13 1995greying out tabs in a property sheet
725.05FARAN::vanion.reo.dec.com::noddleWed Jun 14 1995Error spawning: cl.exe - help please!
726.0VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZWed Jun 14 1995Access ODBC drivers with VC++ 2.
727.0OZROCK::GROHNThu Jun 15 1995new/delete from shared memory of a DLL
728.04VNASWS::GEROLDFri Jun 16 1995user defined msg in thread
729.03FUTURS::CROSSLEYFri Jun 16 1995unresolved externals referencing DLL's
730.0LEMAN::HASLERFri Jun 16 1995Pen computing with pressure ?
731.02FORTY2::ODONNELLFri Jun 16 1995PushButtons within CDialogBar's
732.0FORTY2::ODONNELLTue Jun 20 1995Large Icon List View - wont work.
733.02NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Tue Jun 20 1995Dialog Editor/tab controls?
734.0NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Tue Jun 20 1995Dialog Editor/tab controls?
735.0ELBERT::RP_LEWISTue Jun 20 1995What happened to WM_INITDIALOG message for modeless dialogs under NT and VC++ 2.
737.01NETRIX::"ghosh@cranes.crl.dec.com"Thu Jun 23 1994CheckButton
738.02USCD::DOTENFri Jun 23 1995common.h?
739.05TAVENG::PEREZSat Jun 24 1995Appstudio/Workshop print
740.04HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Jun 26 1995Dynamically creating buttons using MFC
741.0FOUNDR::COLLITONMon Jun 26 1995Sample program chkbook it does not link
742.03FOUNDR::GRODERWed Jun 28 1995How to get a pointer to an MDI document
743.02NETRIX::"ghosh@cranes.crl.dec.com"Wed Jun 28 1995changing fonts within a dialog box?
744.0DECWET::PETERSONThu Jun 29 1995NT 3.51 bug affects VC++ V2 runtime
745.01ALFAM7::BAUMERTWed Jul 05 1995Bug in non-US versions
746.01LEMAN::HASLERWed Jul 05 1995MS Visual C++, WFW ?
747.0NETRIX::michaudWed Jul 05 1995Scrollable (vs. Stacked) Property Tabs
748.0ALFSS1::baahpc.alf.dec.com::lambFri Jul 07 1995Problem with service and ODBC
749.02STAR::RICOMon Jul 10 1995Making makefiles generic to support multiple builds and components
750.06NODEX::ADEYMon Jul 10 1995Huge STRUCTs
751.05RUNT::COOPERTue Jul 11 1995? Keeping doc & menu when views closed
752.04NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Thu Jul 13 1995
753.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Jul 14 1995How to display 256 color bmp
754.01SUOSWS::RIEDRICHMon Jul 17 1995NMAKE and _AFXDLL, help please
755.03FORTY2::ODONNELLTue Jul 18 1995How to sort list control items?!
756.05HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Jul 18 1995Horizontally scrolling listbox
757.0NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Tue Jul 18 1995VI-A student
758.01HUSKUT::JONASSONWed Jul 19 1995Foating.point erroe (
759.02TPSYS::CJWed Jul 19 1995MFC CSocket class on Alpha
760.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 20 1995win16 VISUALC generates INCORRECT CODE. Does it for you too ?
761.0NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Thu Jul 20 1995MCI sample code/fiddling with Wave file bits
762.05BROKE::PARTSThu Jul 20 1995Sharing MSVC .MAK files
763.04KELVIN::KOUFri Jul 21 1995Differences between HeapAlloc, malloc and new
764.07BROKE::PARTSMon Jul 24 1995Build systems and code management
765.01VAIL::OXENBERGMon Jul 24 1995cs.style |= WS_MAXIMIZE ?
766.08TALLIS::NELSONTue Jul 25 1995Info on new controls (Tab,Tree) in VC++ 2.2/NT 3.51?
767.04NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Tue Jul 25 1995setting an SDI app's icon?
768.010USCD::DOTENWed Jul 26 1995stream.h missing from MSVC 2.
769.05NETRIX::"jrward@hannah.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 28 1995Is there VC++ 2.1 or 2.2 for NT/Alpha?
770.01HANNAH::BAYMon Jul 31 199516bits and MSVC 2.x?
771.08BROKE::HANCKELMon Jul 31 1995open vs. _open etc.
772.04MICROW::WIMBERGTue Aug 01 1995Problems install V2.2 from scratch
773.0QCAVWed Aug 02 1995Linking using static library or dll...
774.09VNABRW::SCHNABL_RWed Aug 02 1995CTreeCtrl of VC21
775.0CIM::LORENWed Aug 02 1995Scaling an MFC Control
776.02PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAWed Aug 02 1995WIN32HLP accvios building word list
777.0GALVIA::OLEAHYThu Aug 03 1995Version 2.
778.01NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Thu Aug 03 1995INI files
779.0BROKE::HANCKELThu Aug 03 1995Getting full blown nclude file listings
780.06MPGS::HEALEYFri Aug 04 1995how do you detect no more disk space
781.03MPGS::HEALEYFri Aug 04 1995customer specific requirements... how to handle
782.05BROKE::HANCKELFri Aug 04 1995hard-coded breakpoints?
783.02--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 04 1995Sorting titles in a Linked List
784.0DFSAXP::JPTue Aug 08 1995Visual C++ Developer Magazine (Pinnacle Publications)
785.03NETRIX::"ghosh@crl.dec.com"Wed Aug 09 1995setting the title for an SDI app?
786.05QCAVThu Aug 17 1995Repainting the Parent Window...
787.02RDGENG::BAKERSThu Aug 17 1995Currency formatting routines?
788.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Aug 17 19953D controls and Win95?
789.02USCD::DOTENFri Aug 18 1995Where are Win32 types defined?
790.04ELBERT::RP_LEWISFri Aug 18 1995Problem with 3D buttons and modeless dialogs.
791.0QCAVTue Aug 22 1995loading images
792.0METSYS::GOODWINWed Aug 23 1995ODBC woes!
793.010MKOTS3::opick1.mko.dec.com::pickowiczWed Aug 23 1995fopen in a USRDLL
794.07MUZICK::THOMPSONWed Aug 23 1995Crash in _free
795.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Aug 23 1995Easter Egg
796.0MRKTNG::RAJUWed Aug 23 1995Hacked version of a library...how to use it ?
797.02USCD::DOTENThu Aug 24 1995Should wizard create WINMAIN.CPP?
798.07USCD::DOTENThu Aug 24 1995Variable name prefixes defined anywhere?
799.07MUZICK::THOMPSONThu Aug 24 1995Thousands of carriage returns
800.0VORTEX::OPICKO::PICKOWICZFri Aug 25 1995OpenFile vs fopen in a DLL
801.01NETCAD::PICKETTFri Aug 25 1995Multiple developers on single project?
802.02XSTACY::KSOROHANSun Aug 27 1995Returning data in a MFC CString from a DLL
803.02MKOTS3::opick1.mko.dec.com::pickowiczMon Aug 28 1995mixing C++ and C modules
804.03SUOSWS::RIEDRICHTue Aug 29 1995Changes in compiler, linker or nmake in 2.1 or 2.2?
805.01IOSG::JOSLINRTue Aug 29 1995R6
806.04VERN::CARPENTERTue Aug 29 1995missing decl-specifier
807.01TKOV6Wed Aug 30 1995F$SEARCH() ?
808.01SUOSWS::RIEDRICHWed Aug 30 1995Building proxy dll, linker errors
809.06BPSOF::SUPOLThu Aug 31 1995
810.01QCAVTue Sep 05 1995Creating a Program group in WNT.
812.012METSYS::GOODWINThu Sep 07 1995Visual C++ V4.
813.0CPDEV::RAMANMon Sep 11 1995ole drag/drop not supported by all controls ?
814.02TPSYS::GOSSELINTue Sep 12 1995Minimize btn problem on modeless CPropertySheet
815.01USCD::DOTENWed Sep 13 1995How to print UNICODE string using cout?
816.01OZROCK::GROHNTue Sep 19 1995Exceptions and MFC
817.0TINCUP::tiger.cxo.dec.com::rp_lewisTue Sep 19 1995MS Sans Serif not displayed correctly under NT V3.51
818.04BROKE::HANCKELWed Sep 20 1995upgrading .ico files
819.03BROKE::HANCKELMon Sep 25 1995alpha va_list compilation
820.06STAR::RICOTue Sep 26 1995slow performance with VC++ 2.2, WNT 3.51 on Intel NT
821.03MU::porterTue Sep 26 1995Subscription - what's after V2.2 ?
822.05HELIX::THISSELLWed Sep 27 1995Installation Procedure under MSVC 1.5 ?
823.0TKOV6Thu Sep 28 1995question about OCX programming
824.04QCAVFri Sep 29 1995Deleting a class from classwizard
825.01TALLIS::NELSONFri Sep 29 1995Splitter windows and RecalcLayout woes
826.01AXPBIZ::TRUONGFri Sep 29 1995float type on Intel and Alpha
827.016NETRIX::"david_ll@hpc.pko.dec.com"Mon Oct 02 1995What is the SOCKET equivalent of stdin?
828.02SMURF::STRANGETue Oct 03 1995VC++ 1.5 on Windows 95? (need to build 16-bit apps)
829.011PLAYER::WASHINGTONWed Oct 04 1995VC++ 2.
830.0QCAVWed Oct 04 1995Opening more than one recordset.
831.01LJSRV2::ESPERTIThu Oct 05 1995VC++ ODBC error with SQL server
832.0OZROCK::GROHNMon Oct 09 1995is app minimized to taskbar (w95)
833.02NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealTue Oct 10 1995Environment space problem with Resource compiler
834.0MPGS::HEALEYThu Oct 12 1995How do you destroy child windows on MDIFrameWnd
835.0ZPOVC::DAIVC::DAIVC::ZAKARIAFri Oct 13 1995Front-end tools comparison ?
836.010EDSCLU::NICHOLSFri Oct 13 1995latest version
837.03QCAVFri Oct 13 1995Cannot find entry point in msvcrt2
838.0ALLVAX::CIACCIOFri Oct 13 1995Dial-Up Networking Problem from Visual C++
839.01CHEFS::FIGG_GMon Oct 16 1995Newbie needs help with listboxes
840.07PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Oct 16 1995Creating a CFormView without templates or documents
841.03AXEL::FOLEYWed Oct 18 1995NuMega Bounds Checker?
842.0NETRIX::"toubhans@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 19 1995Building an import library
843.03UKARC1::HUDSONThu Oct 19 1995How to address compiler error C1
844.01TKOV6Fri Oct 20 1995mouse event on CMDIFrameWnd ?
845.01EDSCLU::NICHOLSFri Oct 20 1995find unresolved symbol
846.01DUBGEN::PHELANMon Oct 23 1995VB 3.
847.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Oct 23 1995Small window dressings
848.0ZENDIA::DICELIETue Oct 24 1995VC++ 2.2 Debugger problem with long directory names under NTFS.
849.03HELIX::THISSELLTue Oct 24 19951/2 Blank Line at Bottom of Listbox ???
850.01NETRIX::"kevin.flanagan@ako.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 24 1995Icon for minimized dialog
851.0JOBURG::LORENKWed Oct 25 199532bit to 16bit call
852.0243866::HUDSONThu Oct 26 1995C2642 error for program that compiles on other platforms OK
853.01WASNT::"\\PAE1\ely"Fri Oct 27 1995Tabbed Dialogs
854.02TELFON::MAILMANFri Oct 27 1995ArgC and ArgV
855.0PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJASat Oct 28 1995CFormView over paints stuff drawn in subwindow
856.0STAR::BISHOVMon Oct 30 1995v1.5, 16 bit: compile hangs; adjust 32 bit access?
857.0SMURF::SEAGRAVESTue Oct 31 1995OLE runtime error ?
858.06ALFSWed Nov 01 1995Problem with ESQL and VC++
859.01ESSB::KILLEENThu Nov 02 1995Debugging Protection Faults
860.0RUNT::COOPERThu Nov 02 1995? Unexplained newline in constant error (C2
861.0GIDDAY::MUNNFri Nov 03 1995Graphing/Chart Library?
862.01MIMS::LESSER_MMon Nov 06 1995WIN16 RPC files?
863.03KAOFS::LOCKYERMon Nov 13 1995Serialize With Different Schema Numbers
864.02TALLIS::NELSONTue Nov 14 1995No status bar under low resolution (64
865.0RDGENG::dworkn.reo.dec.com::KELSEYWed Nov 15 1995CProperty <-> VARIANT Type mapping?
866.05NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealWed Nov 15 1995Help Authoring tools ?
867.03CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AMon Nov 20 1995.EXEs portable across 386->486?
868.06OUTSRC::HEISERWed Nov 22 1995Help with array of pointers in MSVC
869.02QCAVTue Nov 28 1995Execution of Stored Procedures using MFC
870.08CURRNT::CARSONWed Nov 29 1995How to Convert VAX quad date to ascii
871.01MAIL2::YATESThu Nov 30 1995Debug problem with MSVC2
872.02ALFAM7::BALTESKONISThu Nov 30 1995import/export
873.02ALFAM7::BALTESKONISThu Nov 30 1995Sys variables in Settings
874.02STAR::RICOFri Dec 01 1995VC++ warts - lost settings, incorrect dependency evalution, debugger problems, etc.
875.014SKYLAB::FISHERMon Dec 04 1995V4.
876.01ALFAM7::BALTESKONISTue Dec 05 1995Debugging child process
877.0DCEIDL::EVE_LITue Dec 05 1995afxmessagebox hang?
878.01MAIL2::YATESTue Dec 05 1995Looking for a way to walk the task list
879.08EDSCLU::NICHOLSWed Dec 06 1995avoid runtime dll dependence?
880.04RUNT::COOPERMon Dec 11 1995PC hardware fingerprint?
881.06HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Dec 13 1995Problems installing and running V4.
882.01AD::CRUZFri Dec 15 1995Defining a string from the command line.
883.022155::michaudFri Dec 15 1995Win32 API on VMS! (how about on Digital UNIX?)
884.05EDSCLU::NICHOLSMon Dec 18 1995cant find dll
885.06NETRIX::"menefee@aztech.cxo.dec.com"Thu Dec 21 1995Porting question
886.02ALFAM7::BALTESKONISFri Dec 22 1995specifying standard input
887.02OSLThu Dec 28 1995How do I program a SoundBlaster card?
888.06STAR::RICOWed Jan 03 1996tool to draw a picture of an applications objects?
889.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Jan 04 1996Multiline text in buttons
890.014388Mon Jan 08 1996Calling ::GetMessage(), etc. when using MFC application
891.07STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jan 09 1996Pricing on VC++ subscription extension
892.0AXPBIZ::TRUONGTue Jan 09 1996how to view 'this' variable
893.01HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldWed Jan 10 1996CreatProcess problems
894.0WESLEY::pangWed Jan 10 1996Serialization problems with DLL objects in V4.
895.03IRNBRU::JWESTERMANSat Jan 13 1996VC++ and MS Access
896.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTTue Jan 16 1996What causes "app cannot respond to End Task"?
897.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANTue Jan 16 1996_adj_fdiv_m32i ??
898.05HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HossfeldWed Jan 17 1996File close problem
899.01NETCAD::PICKETTWed Jan 24 1996CBitmapButton and then some...
900.0TUXEDO::PHALENThu Jan 25 1996Problems with time mgt. in southern hemisphere - anyone seen this?
901.03NESBIT::IMACKENZIEThu Jan 25 1996Digital Part Number for V4 of Visual C++ for Intel
902.04AXPBIZ::TRUONGTue Jan 30 1996fatal error C1
903.02MPGS::HEALEYWed Jan 31 1996Need help resizing property pages
904.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Jan 31 1996OLE automation: using VB objects
905.02MKOTS3::CHHATWALThu Feb 01 1996Linking error help needed..
906.03METSYS::POADFri Feb 02 1996Converting dialog units to pixels
907.0STOWOA::TALLURIFri Feb 02 1996IDENTITY field updation in Sqlserever 6.
909.03CURRNT::CARSONTue Feb 13 1996Multi exe's for a single target
910.06PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZSat Feb 17 1996Dynamic Views in a Static Splitter
911.06PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZSun Feb 18 1996Document with no Views
912.014388Tue Feb 20 1996Call Attributed Profiler (CAP) and C++ RTL function symbols/timings
913.0CHEFS::FIGG_GTue Feb 20 1996Passing parameters to running applications
914.0TINCUP::tiger.cxo.dec.com::rp_lewisTue Feb 20 1996How to Call C++ OLE server using VB
915.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Feb 27 1996/Tp to treat .C files as .CPP
916.020DCPLHS::GILBERTThu Feb 29 1996VB 4.
917.07IOSG::CARTERSFri Mar 01 1996ClassWizard upset in V4.
918.023486Fri Mar 01 19961
919.03SOLVIT::BENAVRAMMon Mar 04 1996application SETUP fails on CD
920.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Mar 04 1996Convert a project into a subproject?
921.05AXPBIZ::TRUONGMon Mar 04 1996v4.
922.0143424::LANGTONMTue Mar 05 1996GetProcAddress fails in OLE Control (DLL, OCX)
923.01COOKIE::FROEHLINWed Mar 06 1996Access Violation with Debug and GetOpenFileName
924.02TLE::MORGANWed Mar 06 1996Compiling during a Custom Build
925.01AXPBIZ::TRUONGThu Mar 07 1996c2: Fatal: There has been an internal compiler error (C
926.0PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRThu Mar 07 1996CListCtrl and Drag & Drop
927.02SKYLAB::FISHERMon Mar 11 1996Beginner question: Overriding OnCreateDialog
928.04WMOIS::JAMBU_SMon Mar 11 1996.exes from MFC
929.02FORTY2::ODONNELLTue Mar 12 1996Can I invert a CTabCtrl ?
931.01NETRIX::"kevin.flanagan@mts.ako.dec.com"Tue Mar 12 1996Looking for PPP/SLIP code
932.0KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Mar 13 1996MCF calls from non-MFC app
933.08TKOV6Fri Mar 15 1996const_cast
934.03FORTY2::NORRISMon Mar 18 1996Using V4.
935.04EDSCLU::NICHOLSMon Mar 18 1996does VC have condition variables?
936.0PMRV7Tue Mar 19 1996Using 16 bit Visual C++ V1.5 on NT to generate a console application
937.01METSYS::GOODWINWed Mar 20 1996Global variables in DLL's
938.02TINCUP::M_HERRERAWed Mar 20 1996How to truly exit/cancel from a modeless property sheet?
939.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Mar 22 1996WS_MAXIMIZE in PreCreateWindow doesn't work
940.0FARAN::kurik.reo.dec.com::noddleTue Mar 26 1996Threads and CoCreateInstance?
941.03EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Mar 27 1996Ordering Visual C++ 4.
942.0COPCLU::copmob.dmo.dec.com::STRUVEWed Mar 27 1996Ping DLL, memory problem
943.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 29 1996boundschecker fails to find my source files
944.01METSYS::POADThu Apr 04 1996Accessing all document objects in a MDI application
945.01TKOV6Mon Apr 08 1996The way of switching right pane of splitter
946.03HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Apr 08 1996Drag/Drop from File Manager
947.04MPGS::HEALEYTue Apr 09 1996Problems porting 1.51 to 4.1
948.02MPGS::HEALEYFri Apr 12 1996C++ Coding Techinque question
949.01MARVIN::GLANVILLEMon Apr 15 1996Modeless dialog always on top of property sheet?
950.03NAC::A_OBRIENMon Apr 15 1996ImageList on Win32s?
951.05MPGS::HEALEYTue Apr 16 1996How do you cascade dialogs
952.0GALVIA::TRANDLESThu Apr 18 1996typedef doesn't work with template classes
953.05MPGS::HEALEYFri Apr 19 1996Copyright Screen
954.0METSYS::POADFri Apr 19 1996MoveNext error when updating sequence of records with Oracle RDB ODBC driver
955.0GBLAUT::JANICKIFri Apr 19 1996Problem displaying modeless dialog in VC++ DLL
956.0SUTRA::HEMET::goldsteinWed Apr 24 1996IShellPropSheetExt::AddPages
957.02MPGS::HEALEYFri Apr 26 1996Installing OCX based OLE controls
958.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed May 01 1996"Virtual" device context?
959.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed May 01 1996Application Desktop Toolbar problem
960.0SOLVIT::BENAVRAMWed May 01 1996changing the language of a product
961.0IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed May 01 1996DAO SDK causing assert fail
962.06KELVIN::KOUSun May 05 1996Writing background program
963.06MPGS::HEALEYMon May 06 1996How do you customize a common dialog? VC++ 4.1
964.02DECWET::MVBMon May 06 1996static MFC template problem
965.0AWECIM::CIMEXEMon May 06 1996VB & dynamic memory allocated in a DLL
966.07ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUThu May 09 1996Converting VB OLE approach to VC++.
967.0WOTVAX::CARTERPFri May 10 1996How to interface CBM 1571 floppy drive??
968.06WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOFri May 10 1996alpha->intel workspace conversion?????
969.024HELIX::THISSELLMon May 13 1996SetFocus on Pushbuttons
970.04GBITue May 14 1996Library corruption problem on VC++ AXP
971.01MPGS::HEALEYTue May 14 1996How to get HWND from CWnd
972.01DECWET::MVBFri May 17 1996WM_CONTEXTMENU needs right-double-click on col 1
973.01JURA::SCHATTTue May 21 1996VC++ 4.
974.03MUGGER::BURKEPWed May 22 1996OnKillFocus validation leaves button depressed.
975.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed May 22 1996buttons in titlebar
976.04POLAR::MOKHTARWed May 22 1996problem setting compiler
977.06HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu May 23 1996adding programs to Start Menu
978.01OZROCK::GROHNMon May 27 1996CAnimateCtrl and AVI files
979.01MARVIN::MUNSLOWWed May 29 1996question on changing icon?
980.0PTHRED::VIVENEYWed May 29 1996splitter windows and scroll bars
981.03RUNT::COOPERWed May 29 1996? CToolTip used for CTreeView tree items?
982.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu May 30 1996How to Invalidate non-client area
983.04NOODLE::ANDERSONMon Jun 03 1996Standard vs. Pro and memory reqs
984.0OZROCK::GROHNWed Jun 05 1996MFC Dialog Box app with Menu
985.02PTHRED::VIVENEYWed Jun 05 1996drawing graphics in a dialog box
986.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUWed Jun 05 1996creating an import library for a DLL
987.02FORTY2::PEREIRAThu Jun 06 1996Visual C++ DLL Build Problems
988.02TELFON::MAILMANThu Jun 06 1996How to specify /Zl
989.0HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Jun 07 1996Being notified when a file changes
990.05BGSDEV::CARIDDIFri Jun 07 1996Need Inline Assembler Help
991.0IRNBRU::JWESTERMANMon Jun 10 1996VC++ v4, NT and getenv
992.03WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOTue Jun 11 1996Help! Can't see call stack anymore!!
993.0QCAVWed Jun 12 1996how to use the VARIANT data type
994.0ALICAT::MACKAYFri Jun 14 1996? How to access network copies of the VC4 on-line help files
995.0ULYSSE::OSTANFri Jun 14 1996Localization for Kb drivers
997.0PSDV::ICE_CHICOMon Jun 17 1996Get window name
998.07XSTACY::snuggl.ilo.dec.com::CODWYERTue Jun 18 1996VC 1.51 on WNT: RW1
999.0KAOFS::LOCKYERTue Jun 18 1996Thread Termination
1000.05METSYS::gales.reo.dec.com::GOODWINWed Jun 19 1996Corporate deals for BoundsChecker?
1001.03GALVIA::JFEGANWed Jun 19 1996Hang on exit of 16-bit DLL under NT using 1.51
1002.01HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu Jun 20 1996Creating program subgroups
1003.04BASEX::KAIRYSSun Jun 23 1996"LDR warning major performance loss" ???
1004.05HANNAH::FINGERHUTWed Jun 26 1996how do I get an icon index of an icon?
1005.01NETCAD::DESMONDWed Jul 03 1996C7 versus PDB for debugging?
1006.01ADCAThu Jul 11 1996Tell me about your projects
1007.04TELFON::MAILMANThu Jul 11 1996Referencing data in a DLL
1008.03KELVIN::KOUThu Jul 11 1996Any idea when new version will come out
1009.07NOVAMon Jul 15 1996Feedback on "Mastering VC++ 4" from MS ?
1010.02FORTY2::JONESTue Jul 16 1996No ClassView information?
1011.04KELVIN::KOUWed Jul 17 1996Is WININET.DLL in VC++ ?
1012.04AXPBIZ::TRUONGThu Jul 25 1996VC4.1 gave c2259 and c4259 errors on a file when VC4.
1013.0IOSG::CARTERSTue Jul 30 1996Pictures in the Grid OCX?
1014.06BASEX::KAIRYSTue Jul 30 1996Reasons to upgrade from 2.
1015.06POMPY::LESLIEMon Aug 05 19964.1 (non-)installation problems...
1016.03PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZThu Aug 08 1996Borland says our library is invalid
1017.0IOSG::CARTERSTue Aug 20 1996CStdioFile - problems with access rights
1018.0KELVIN::KOUTue Aug 20 1996Use WSAasynselect or Thread ??
1019.0OZROCK::GROHNWed Aug 21 1996accented chracters in edit box
1020.02WOTVAX::sewolc.olo.dec.com::clowescWed Aug 21 1996V4.
1021.0TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 23 1996Visual C++ 2.
1022.01OZROCK::GROHNThu Aug 29 1996CStatic - removing text from middle when too long
1023.02BGSDEV::LANGONEFri Aug 30 1996Current and Future versions of Compiler - need info.
1024.02PAMSRC::ARENDTSat Aug 31 1996Radio button on group box?
1025.0TKOV6Mon Sep 02 1996sample program in Inside VC4
1026.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 04 1996What is the latest version for Alpha?
1027.0STOWOA::MARSEGLIAWed Sep 04 1996fcvt rounding problem?
1028.01NETRIX::"mkuhne@mgofFri Sep 06 1996WNT / MSCV 4.
1029.02IRNBRU::MACKENZIEWed Sep 11 1996MSVCRT.DLL Query
1030.04METALX::SWANSONWed Sep 11 1996WM_TIMER messages slow under Win95?
1031.01OZROCK::GROHNWed Sep 11 1996local text for numbers
1032.0PTPMThu Sep 12 1996Roaming global data
1033.05ULYSSE::JOERG::JOERGFri Sep 13 1996c++ DLL for VB
1034.03AIAG::SEGERFri Sep 13 1996can't stop debugger without killing task!
1035.02BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneMon Sep 16 1996Service, sockets, MFC: the best way?
1036.01AIAG::SEGERWed Sep 18 1996trouble with time
1037.0+10METALX::SWANSONMon Sep 23 1996InstallShield questions
1038.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Sep 25 1996Linking error on Alpha
1039.01PTHRED::VIVENEYWed Sep 25 1996bug
1040.03FUTURS::MARSHALL1Thu Sep 26 1996Error 5 returned from LoadLibrary()
1041.02BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::Peter MayneTue Oct 01 1996ostrstream?
1042.01HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGWed Oct 02 1996pointer need
1043.07METALX::SWANSONWed Oct 02 1996Questions on splitter windows
1044.03MSAMTue Oct 08 1996Alpha/WNT to Intel/WNT
1045.03SHOGUN::JAMBU_SWed Oct 09 199616 bit exes from 4.x compiler aka deceloper studio\
1046.03ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 10 1996MS C++ == VC++
1047.0+12KZIN::HUDSONFri Oct 11 1996I want "printf" to come out on my console window (Win NT)
1048.0OZROCK::ROBERTSONSun Oct 13 1996STL iterators on 4.2
1049.0AIAG::SEGERThu Oct 24 1996problems with build in STUDIO
1050.05TAPE::FEASEWed Oct 30 1996How to get Selected List View item/index?
1051.02TAPE::FEASEWed Oct 30 1996Context Menus and Tree Views
1052.02OZROCK::GROHNMon Nov 11 1996Screen size
1053.02OZROCK::GROHNTue Nov 12 1996CTime out by 1 hour
1054.03ZPOVC::SONALMEHTAThu Nov 14 1996Performance comparison of VC++ appl. on Alpha and Intel
1055.06AIAG::SEGERWed Nov 20 1996how do you init the state of a push-button?
1056.02KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Nov 21 1996System ShutDown
1057.0AZUR::KEHONThu Nov 28 1996Any kind of HTMLEditor or CanvasView class available?
1058.0AZUR::BERREZMon Dec 02 1996_popen versus CreatePipe & CreateProcess
1059.02IOSG::TALLETTWed Dec 04 1996API for Recycling?
1060.04VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOWed Dec 04 1996Help going from VMS to VC++
1061.05AZUR::BERREZFri Dec 06 1996How to delete CString ?
1062.0TAPE::FEASEMon Dec 09 1996Owner-drawn status bar w/bitmap and text
1063.05NQOSWed Dec 11 1996What about next release?
1064.01IOSG::TALLETTFri Dec 13 1996Help with context sensitive tooltip help
1065.04BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneWed Dec 18 1996vc42b.exe on Easynet?
1066.08NEWVAX::OUTMANWed Dec 18 1996VMS Time to VB time
1067.02TREES::THOMASThu Dec 19 1996MAPISendMail on NT Server?
1068.01TKOV6Thu Dec 26 1996VisualC++ to DEC C++ porting guide?
1069.0SHOGUN::KOWALEWICZTue Dec 31 1996_asm int 13h Windows 95 VisualC V4.1
1070.03HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGThu Jan 02 1997Visual C++ on Intel and on Alpha?
1071.0BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneTue Jan 07 1997inproc OLE automation server?
1072.02CIVPR1::copras1_port12.cop.dec.com::DaleFri Jan 10 1997Clarification please
1073.0145448::DAVIESMon Jan 13 1997VC++ & Borland C++ Object Compatability ?
1074.0+2TALLIS::NELSONTue Jan 14 1997Update handler called when menu item selected?
1075.03PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZFri Jan 17 1997Disabling Splitter Bars
1076.04KELVIN::KOUSat Jan 18 1997Use COM1 for keyboard input for edit ctrl
1077.02PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZMon Jan 20 1997Trailing Columns in CListCtrl
1078.0 *+2STAR::DZIEDZICMon Jan 27 1997No more Visual C++ Subscription
1079.0 *+1PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZSat Feb 01 1997Defeating Scrollbars in CFormView
1080.0 *+1OZROCK::GROHNMon Feb 03 1997Esc key causes MFC dialog box app to exit
1081.0 *+6IOSG::TALLETTTue Feb 04 1997RESOURCE.H serialises your development
1082.0 *+1STAR::TCARRWed Feb 05 1997CFormView and Tabs problem
1083.0 *+2MSAMThu Feb 06 1997Calling a .DLL function in runtime
1084.0 *+1KELVIN::KOUSun Feb 09 1997Splitter Window re-size.
1085.0 *IOSG::CHEWTERJMon Feb 10 1997Installing Windlws NT symbol files
1086.0 *KELVIN::KOUMon Feb 10 1997Should I use INNER JOIN or sub-query for ODBC
1087.0 *+1ESSB::PMOYLANTue Feb 11 1997VC++ calls to a DLL (acmsdi.dll)
1088.0 *METALX::SWANSONTue Feb 18 1997Can't seek more than 2 Gig on NT?
1089.0 *PAMSRC::XHOST::SJZThu Feb 20 1997fprintf and std{out,err}
1089.0 *+1434Wed Feb 26 1997CTreeCtrl::DeleteItem and children
1090.0 *+1BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneFri Feb 28 1997A2W + W2A convenience routines for Unicode
1091.0 *+3OZROCK::MOOREThu Mar 13 1997VC5.
1092.0 *+2HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGThu Mar 13 1997Get picture
1093.0 *+3NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Mon Mar 17 1997VC5.
1094.0 *+2NETRIX::"moore@ozy.dec.com"Wed Mar 19 1997VC5.
1095.0 *+1TRHFri Mar 21 1997How to link to external functions
1096.0 *+4EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARSat Mar 22 1997NT v4.
1097.0 *+2NETRIX::"ferrind@main.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997Linker Error
1098.0 *+1GRIFUN::BENVIWed Mar 26 1997Compiler error (VC++4.2) in tutorial application: HELP!
1099.0 *AZUR::BERREZThu Mar 27 1997error R6
1100.0 *POLAR::MOKHTARThu Mar 27 1997Resources in a class library ?
1101.0 *+2NETRIX::"poiani@mail.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997Slow Port from Intel to Alpha
1102.0 *NETRIX::"poiani@mail.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997Slow Port from Intel to Alpha
1103.0 *NETRIX::"poiani@mail.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997Slow Port from Intel to Alpha
1104.0 *+2NETRIX::"mike.poiani@phx.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997
1105.0 *SWAM1::POIANI_MIThu Mar 27 1997This is for the Moderator
1106.0 *+1NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONSun Mar 30 1997Any hints on how to create help files under Visual C++ V5.
1107.0 *12456::curlessTue Apr 08 1997Moderators email addresses are not usable
1108.0 *+26Wed Apr 09 1997Start file from Explorer
1109.0 *+1IBIS3::TALLURIWed Apr 16 1997How to find the owner and size of a file?
1110.0 *+1IBIS3::TALLURISun Apr 20 1997Can I Develope 16 bit applictions using VC++ 4.X?
1111.0 *+1HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGSun Apr 20 1997CClientDC and CPaintDC
1112.0 *HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGMon Apr 21 1997CClientDC & CPaintDC
1113.0 *+2PTHRED::VIVENEYMon Apr 21 1997Windows Sockets 2 extension question
1114.0 *TALAMH::KEYESMon Apr 28 1997MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) notes conference
1115.0 *+3IBIS3::TALLURIThu May 01 1997How to Create GUI That looks like MSDEV Environment Using VC++1.52
1116.0 *+1TALLIS::NELSONWed May 07 1997Unicode DLL, Entry point symbol, ASSERT fails on AfxGetThread?
1117.0 *IBIS3::TALLURIWed May 07 1997Problems in creating Static Library in VC++ 1.52
1118.0 *+1PCBUOA::BAYJFri May 23 1997Invalid library format???
1119.0 *HGOVMon May 26 1997image processing
1120.0 *+2KZIN::HUDSONTue May 27 1997compiler probs on Intel (not Alpha) using optimization since moving to 5.
1121.0 *+3IOSG::TALLETTThu May 29 1997CListCtrl that selects all the way across?