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Conference vmsnet::car$note:carbuffs

Created:Tue Dec 13 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:632
Total number of notes:88145
Number with bodies:1619
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.025ACCARS::ALDRICHTue Dec 13 1988 >- PLEASE READ -<
2.0+241MVDSFri Mar 27 1992For Sale & Wanted SEE 2.
2.0 *+88CSLALL::NASEAM::READIOMon Feb 17 1997For Sale & Wanted SEE 2.
3.0359ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Who's Who (With What)
4.03ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Directory Note
5.0551ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Complaints & Suggestions
6.031ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Command Usage In Carbuffs
7.0+21VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKWed Dec 18 1996Street Machines
8.0+46ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Car Show & Swap Meet Calendar
9.0+78ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Pointers to related conferences & WWW locations
10.079ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Street Rod Note
11.0+1117ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Antique Car Note
12.033ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Flatheads Forever Note
13.0107ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Recommended Dealerships Note
14.0175ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Not Recommended Dealerships Note
15.057NOVA::ASCHNEIDERFri May 03 1991CARBUFFS Mailing List
16.0+258ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Recommended Independent repair shops
17.046ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Not recommended independent repair shops
18.0+48ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Confab Note
19.0+974ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Seen In Passing ( note 427 is the license plate/bumper sticker note)
20.0613ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989MiniVans Note
21.0200ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Truck Note
22.058ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Small Pick-up Note
23.0175ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Kit Car Note
24.014ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Musclecar Note
25.015CSSE::WAITEMon Oct 09 1989Back In Time - Hershey '89
26.0+61BUSY::CLEMENTThu Jun 22 1995Remember Your First Car?
27.07MVDSThu Aug 29 1991Convertibles Note
28.0+18ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989'55 - '57 Chevrolets
30.077ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989GM/Japanese car (Geo etc.)
31.0+410ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevrolet Note (General)
32.016ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevrolet Dealer Note
33.020ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevelle Note
34.0+104ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Celebrity Note
35.04ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989El Camino Note
36.0134ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Beretta Note
37.025ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Corsica Note
38.018ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Corvair Note
39.0+353ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Camaro/IROC note
40.0+568ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Corvette Note
41.060ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevrolet Prizm
42.0+214ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevrolet Cavalier
43.0+251ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Chevy (& GMC) Truck Note
44.0762SCAACT::BEAZLEYTue Oct 30 1990Saturn's atmosphere...
45.03NASEAM::READIOWed Aug 25 1993GM Minivan note
46.0106ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Cadillac Note
47.03ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Cadillac Dealer Note
48.0ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989-------
49.012ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Buick Roadmaster Note
50.0+345ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Buick Note
51.07ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Buick Dealer Note
52.0148ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Regal Turbo/Grand National Note
53.043BXBTue Aug 29 1989The Official OPEL Note!
54.0ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989-------
55.0+534ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Pontiac Note
56.021ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Pontiac Dealer Note
57.0213POLAR::TANThu Oct 12 1989Firebird/TA Note
58.013ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989GTO Note
59.0151ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Fiero Note
60.0215ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Oldsmobile Note
61.031ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Olds (Calais) Quad 4 Engine
62.01ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Oldsmobile Dealer Note
63.06ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Oldsmobile Bravada Note
64.0+440ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Ford Note
65.084ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989FoMoCo Dealer Note
66.0+363D::BRANDENBERGTue May 05 1992Australian Ford Falcons?
67.0+209NOBOZO::MARRAThu Jun 21 1990Ford Explorer Note
68.053FROST::WALZThu Dec 27 1990Ford Bronco Note
69.03LABC::RUMon Apr 10 1995Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique Note
70.0347ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Escort/Lynx/EXP Note
71.055MVDSFri Nov 13 1992FoMoCo Minivan note
72.0201ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Early Mustang Note
73.0+1468ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Late Model Mustangs Note
74.09ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Shelby Cobra Note
75.044ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Festiva Note
76.046ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Fiesta Note
77.0132ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Probe Note
78.0737BOMBE::ALLAMon Apr 22 1991New Taurus SHO note ?
79.0+808ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Sable/Taurus Note
80.078ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Mercury Note
81.0125PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Feb 01 1993Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest
82.0445ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Merkur XR4Ti Note
83.010MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed Jun 12 1991Merkur Scorpio note
84.095ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989Lincoln Note
85.030GUSSTO::LINDFri Mar 09 1990Offical Cobra note!
86.0+604ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989MoPar (Chrysler Corp) Note
87.078ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Dodge Dealer Note
88.016ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Super Coupe Note
89.0113ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Omni/Horizon Note
90.0401ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Daytona Note
91.0+2195ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Caravan/Voyager Note
92.0+161ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Dakota Note
93.08ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Chrysler Conquest TSI Note
94.0105ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Sundance / Acclaim Note
95.058ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Chrysler VIPER note
96.0+217MVDSTue Aug 11 1992Chrysler Intrepid,Vision,Concorde & other new carlines
97.0187ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989AMC/Renault Alliance Note
98.0+38ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989AMC Note
99.048ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Rambler Note
100.0+95ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989AMC/Chrysler Jeep Note
101.019ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989AMC/Chrysler Jeep/Eagle Dealer Note
102.052ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Eagle Note
103.02ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989International Harvester vehicles
104.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
105.0391ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989British Car Note
106.01ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989British Car Dealer Note
107.0516ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Triumph Note
108.063ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Lotus Note
109.035ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Rolls Royce Note
110.0+222ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989MG Note
111.0158ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Jaguar Note
112.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
113.020ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Land Rover / Range Rover Note
114.014ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Healey Note
115.0665ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Toyota Note
116.096ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Toyota Dealer Note
117.063ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Tercel Note
118.0282ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Camry Note
119.074ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989MR2 Note
120.0+50ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Toyota Corolla
121.096BTOVT::PEDERSENDThu Dec 21 1989LEXUS
122.0+327ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Toyota Celica Note
123.09TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINThu Feb 13 1992Toyota Paseo
124.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
125.043ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Isuzu Note
126.06ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Isuzu Dealer Note
127.020ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Trooper II 4x4 Note
128.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
129.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
130.0+974ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Honda Note
131.085ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Honda Dealer Note
132.0412ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Honda Prelude Note
133.0770ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Accord Note
134.0242ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989CRX Note
135.0654ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Acura Note
136.055ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989Acura Dealer Note
137.06MLCSSE::BENOITFri Sep 13 1991Sterling Topic
138.033SCAACT::AINSLEYThu Apr 02 1992Infiniti
139.0ACCARS::ALDRICHFri May 12 1989-------
140.0+489ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mazda Note
141.045ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mazda Dealer Note
142.0+329ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989RX-7 Note
143.0+396ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mazda Miata Note
144.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
145.0+469ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Nissan Note
146.050ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Nissan Dealer Note
147.026ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Pulsar NX/XE Note
148.0200ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Sentra Note
149.0+180ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 19893
150.05ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Nissan Mid 4 Note
151.0+7SLOAN::HOMWed Jun 03 1992Datsun 28
152.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
153.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
154.03ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Subaru Legacy Note
155.0+522ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Subaru Note
156.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
157.01ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Subaru XT Note
158.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
159.0303BTOVT::BRONSONWed Nov 14 1990Mitsubishi 3
160.0115ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mitsubishi Note
161.047ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mitsubishi Dealer Note
162.07ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Galant Note
163.0460CUERVO::MICHONThu Dec 14 1989Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX & Eagle Talon Tsi
164.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
165.013ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Suzuki Note
166.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Suzuki Dealer Note
167.044ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Suzuki Samurai Note
168.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
169.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
170.077ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Hyundai Note
171.01ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Hyundai Dealer Note
172.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
173.014CSC32::S_BROOKFri Apr 01 1994Kia Note
174.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
175.05ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Daihatsu Feroza Note
176.0+229LVSB::CONNORMon Jul 24 1989Mercedes Note
177.0168ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Audi Note
178.0151KEEPER::THACKERAYTue Jul 31 1990Audi 4
179.034ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Audi Dealer Note
180.01244ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989VW Note
181.024ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989VW Dealer Note
182.0+1560ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Golf/GTI Note
183.0+256ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989VW Rabbit Note
184.0+1154RECYCL::MCBRIDEThu Mar 01 1990Jetta Note
185.0+874ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Porsche Note
186.01ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Porsche Dealer Note
187.0271CEOWS::BALSAMOMon Apr 23 1990VW Passat note
188.052SAGE::LYNCHThu Jul 19 1990VW Vanagon
189.076ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989VW Fox Note
190.0+1012ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989BMW Note
191.023ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989BMW Dealer Note
192.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
193.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
194.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
195.061ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Renault Note (non-AMC)
196.061CSC32::J_LAWSONMon Jul 31 1989Peugeot Note
197.05ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Citroen Note
198.0118ASDS::KLEMPNERMon Dec 25 1989Alfa Romeo
199.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
200.060ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Fiat Note
201.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
202.036MICROW::GLANTZSat Feb 15 1992Hummer
203.015NEAGP::SCOBLICKFri Jun 21 1991Maserati Note
204.025ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Ferrari Note
205.033SPKALI::BOILARDTue Jul 25 1989Tucker Note
206.0+12JUMP4::JOYThu Jul 23 1992Bricklin?
207.060ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Yugo Note
208.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989-------
209.0581LVSB::CONNORMon Jul 24 1989All ABout SAAB's
210.014MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu May 10 1990Vector
211.0+835ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Volvo Note
212.0+43ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Volvo Dealer Note
213.017MINAR::BISHOPMon Jun 11 1990Lancia Note
214.030GENRAL::JKBROWNTue Jan 09 1990Willys (non AMC) 4X4 Note
215.038TARKIN::MCALLENThu Dec 17 1992your amphibian dream car
216.019ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 01 1989The Official Studebaker/Avanti Note
217.043PNO::HORNThu Aug 24 1989Exotic cars, limited production cars
218.033TARKIN::MCALLENThu Mar 19 1992gas-turbine powered cars
219.080KOOZEE::PAULHUSFri May 11 1990The Best Engine
220.078ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mopar Slant Six Note
221.025ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989GM Six Cyl. Note
222.0+48ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Ford Six Cyl. Note
223.090ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989GM Small Block V8 Note
224.068ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Ford Small Block V8 Note
225.060ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mopar Small Block V8 Note
226.071ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Ford Big Block V8 Note
227.019ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mopar Big Block V8 Note
228.024ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989GM Big Block V8 Note
229.0217CIMNET::VAUGHNFri Aug 11 1989The official GM V6 note
230.03ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989AMC V8 Note
231.08ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 19894 cylinder engine note
232.0+149ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Diesel Engine Note
233.0190MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Jan 08 1990Electric cars
234.026SCCAT::BOUCHARDMon Dec 11 198916 valve?
235.0115ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Head Gasket Questions
236.038MEMIT::SCOLAROWed Aug 09 19892-cycle engine note
237.0+68ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Valve/Valve Clearance Note
238.0+380ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Timing Belt Questions
239.046ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Cam Advice
240.08JURAN::CHANGWed Mar 14 1990DOHC vs OHC???
241.09BABAGI::VIDIOT::PATENAUDETue Feb 21 1995Timing CHAIN Topic
242.066ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989EGR Valve Questions
243.023ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Vacuum Pressure Note
244.013ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Anti-Freeze Questions
245.0+702ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Radiator/Engine Coolant Note
246.0+63ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Fan Questions
247.0+204ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Heater Note
248.0+69ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Water Pump Questions
249.01633328::BMCWILLIAMSMon Oct 16 1989Engine block/oil heaters?
250.0472JOEYD::DIAMONDThu Jul 27 1989A/C (Air Conditioning)
251.0267ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Turbo/Supercharging Questions
252.088ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Ignition Timing Questions
253.0+265ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Spark Plug Questions
254.0+96ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Distributor Questions
255.0+127ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Spark Plug Wire Questions
256.09ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Header Questions
257.0+360ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Exhaust Questions
258.057KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Jan 28 1991odd cylinder arrangement
259.02SUPER::HARRISWed Jun 21 1995Small engine (lawn mower/tractor) note
260.0+145ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Starter/Solenoid Questions
261.0ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989-------
262.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
263.048DECSIM::MAYERTue Oct 17 1989FORD Computer Codes/Interrogation
264.038ACCARS::ALDRICHThu May 11 1989GM computer codes
265.026ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Computer/diagnostic codes
266.027ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Oxygen Sensor Questions
267.032ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989MAP Sensor Questions
268.04ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Prom Questions (Not as in High School)
269.050ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Knock sensors, Electronic Timing, varialbe valve timing
270.03MVDSMon May 20 1991Engine Computer Chip Upgrade Topic
271.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
272.046ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Recommended machine shops
273.026ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Engine Blueprinting/Balancing Questions
274.0+320ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Engine rebuilding / repairing note
275.0+74ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Engine Cleaning Questions
276.0+101ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Engine Pinging Questions
277.017ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Smoking Engine Questions
278.0385ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Hesitation / Stalling / Misfire Questions
279.017ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Engine Dieseling Questions
280.018SMAUG::GARRODWed Sep 12 1990Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Note
281.071VCSESU::COOKMon Mar 12 1990Car/Engine Break-in
282.028VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDWed Jan 30 1991Warming up the car...
283.011MR4DEC::DECARTERETThu Feb 21 1991Engine Wear and Tear
284.037ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Driveline vibration problems
285.0+221RUGRAT::MERCUREFri Apr 05 1991Automatic Transmission Topic
286.0+149ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Manual Transmission Note
287.013USMFG::WGRABOWSKIThu Oct 04 1990Rear Drive HP vs. Front Drive HP
288.020ASABET::SPENCERMon Jan 15 1990RWD Conversion info.???
289.0350ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Clutches and related topics
290.031ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Ford Manual Transmissions
291.0172ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Ford Automatic Transmissions
292.0+25ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989GM Manual Transmissions
293.0+239ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989GM Automatic Transmissions
294.05ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989MoPar Manual Transmissions
295.0+90ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989MoPar Automatic Transmissions
296.052ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Transmission Repair Shops
297.038ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 19894WD transmission note
298.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
299.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
300.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
301.0NASEAM::READIOTue Dec 13 1994------
302.0+126MILKWY::MORRISONTue Oct 10 1989Speedometers/odometers
303.0+113ROULET::FBRENNANThu Sep 14 1989Gauge problem
304.0+387TYCOBB::C_DENOPOULOSThu Aug 31 1989Battery topic
305.0+522ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Electrical System Problems
306.02ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Engine Noise Suppression (electrical)
307.035GIAMEM::RIDGEThu Dec 21 1989Battery Charger Topic
308.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
309.021THOTH::BONETTITue Aug 22 1989Replace battery! Car runs lousy!
310.0+317MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Mar 06 1990Charging systems [alternator, battery]
311.063ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Cruise Control Note
312.0+402ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Headlamp/Driving Light Note
313.0254MVDSFri Jul 27 1990The Official FOG LIGHT Note
314.033EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Sep 20 1993 automotive neon
315.0+27ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Mail Order Topic
316.0+111SETH::POWISTue Dec 12 1989Aftermarket Accessories
317.047ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989J.C. Whitney
318.0+4ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Summit Racing, Speedway precision Machine, PAW, etc
319.02ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Factory racing parts programs Mopar Perf, Ford Motorsports, etc
320.06OAXCEL::KAUFMANNMon May 13 1991Automotive Discounts for Employees
321.02ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Midwest (mailorder)
322.031ANOVAX::CWOODLEYMon Nov 19 1990Wheel stud questions
323.010VICKI::DODIERFri Feb 09 1990Problem caused by improper use of fix-a-flat stuff ?
324.041ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Wheel Balancing Questions
325.01514ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Tire Note
326.0106ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Wheel/Hubcap note
327.090ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Alloy Rim Questions
328.014ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Tire Dealers
329.0+549ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Snow Tires
330.0+137RIPPLE::HOE_CAWed Oct 25 1989Anti-Locking Brake Systems
331.08MEMIT::SCOLAROFri Oct 13 1989Stopping Distance
332.0+52ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Technical questions and troubleshooting of Third brake lights
333.0+102ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Power assist brake problems/questions
334.0+177ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Drum Brakes
335.0+429ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Disc Brakes
336.0132ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Bleeding Brakes Properly
337.081ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Brake Rotor Questions
338.052ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Brake Fluid Questions
339.036ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Excessive oil consumption note
340.048ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Greasing Wheel Bearing Questions
341.0+846ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Oil / Additives / Filter Note
342.0422ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Slick 5
343.0229ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Oil Pressure Note
344.021ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Transmission Oil Cooler Note
345.08ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Power Steering Fluid Note
346.0137ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Oil Change Frequency & Environmental Impact Note
347.064ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Oil Disposal note
348.014ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Oil stain removal topic
349.0118MTWAIN::WHEELERMon Nov 11 1991Jiffy Lubes and the like
350.078ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Front End/Alignment Shops
351.0177ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Alignment Questions - front end and 4 wheel
352.09ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Driveshaft Shortening/Lentghening/Balancing
353.0108ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989CV Joints And Boots
354.0+85ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Differentials & Friction Modifier
355.076ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989McPherson Struts
356.06ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Steering Geometry Technology Discussions
357.08ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Suspension Design Discussion
358.0147ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Shock Absorbers
359.030ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Steering column/wheel questions
360.024ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Gas Shocks
361.0+148ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Suspension repair/modification topics
362.0+159ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Steering Questions - Worm, Rack, Recirc. ball
363.041HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSMon Jul 29 1991Strange Noises, Rattles, etc.
364.034TRACTR::TOMASMon Nov 28 1994Wheel bearing topics
365.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
366.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
367.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
368.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
369.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
370.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 16 1994------
371.0138ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Junk Yard Note
372.0+110ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Parts Store Note
373.079ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Muffler Shop Note
374.068WAV12::SONGFri Jul 21 1989Buy Extended Service Plan ?
375.0250ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Recall Note
376.0100ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Lemon Law / Arbitration Note
377.057ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Warranty Note
378.025ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 19898
379.03CLOSUS::HOEWed Sep 27 1989AM Stereo radio (rear!)
380.0488ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car Stereo Radio, Cassette, CD Note
381.050ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car stereo repair
382.021ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Aftermarket Stereo Installation Note
383.0+110ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car Radio Antenna Note
384.012ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Mobile/emergency/police scanner/radios
385.019BOOKIE::WIEGLERFri Oct 06 1989Car stereo speaker installation
386.0+740ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Radar Detectors and Ratings Note
387.091SNOMAN::AARONWed May 20 1992Laser Detectors and Ratings Note
388.015ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989VASCAR Note
389.015AKOV12::MULLINTue Jan 02 1990Car Phone Info ?????
390.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
391.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
392.023ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989Auto Related Books, Pro & Con's...
393.0ACCARS::ALDRICHWed Mar 15 1989-------
394.0+130HPSRAD::MELVINMon Nov 06 1989Shop Manual Note
395.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
396.055BROKE::TAYLORMon Sep 14 1992The official Car-Jacking note
397.0131VMSSG::STROUTWed Jun 20 1990Stolen Car -
398.031SKYLAB::FISHERFri Sep 17 1993Car locks and safety
399.091MVDSFri Nov 03 1989Lock & key, breaking-in, etc., Note
400.0428ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Anti-Theft System Note (Alarm or Recovery)
401.07NASEAM::READIOFri Mar 10 1995Visibility -- Blind spots and other hindrances
402.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
403.068ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Windshield Cleaners
404.014YOGI::FYFESat Feb 17 1990Rear window defrost broken
405.0+190ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Windshield/side/back glass questions Note
406.0+281ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Windshield Wiper Note
407.012ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Window Track Question Note
408.0243ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Tinted Window Note
409.041ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Glass Shops Note
410.092ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Power Window Note
411.04BUSY::CLEMENTTue Dec 13 1994Gas Spring Topic (Tailgate lift struts, etc.)
412.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
413.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
414.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
415.0154TYCOBB::C_DENOPOULOSTue Oct 10 1989Car Fires.
416.0717ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car Insurance Issues Note
417.027ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Merit Rating Questions Note
418.0+149ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Cost Of Driving In Mass.
419.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
420.0140ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Excise Tax Advice Note
421.0135ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Sales Tax Advice Note
422.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
423.0237ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Emission Questions Note
424.0221ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Safety Inspection Tips
425.010ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Dealer plate / Repair plate Topics
426.0+191ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989License Plate Questions Note
427.0+1500COFLUB::WRIGHTFri Jul 21 1989Bumper Sticker / Vanity Plate Note
429.070AKOVMon Nov 12 1990Driver's License Topic
430.021ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Station Wagons Invited
431.0113ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice on Vans Invited
432.04ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Sub-Compacts Invited
433.09ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Compacts Invited
434.057ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Sports/Performance Cars Invited
435.0170ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Trucks Invited
436.012ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Southern Cars Invited
437.0160ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Utility Trailers & Towing Dollies Invited
438.06ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Pick-Up Bed Liners Invited
439.023MLCSSE::BENOITWed May 13 1992A REAL Sports Car!
440.0+6MEOCSat Dec 18 1993Formula One
441.01MAIL::ALBERTFri Nov 03 1989Pit communications/frequencies
442.06TILTS::LOPEZWed Aug 30 1989Offroad/sand dune
443.034ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Autocross
444.039ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Auto/Racing School Info Note
445.015ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Rally Racing
446.026EDITOR::MCCARTHYWed Aug 08 1990Stealling his wind aka Drafting
447.013RYKO::NANCYBWed Dec 04 1991What makes a good winch ?
448.05LEVEL4::L4NOD2::SWANSONThu Nov 11 1993Heel and Toeing
449.088CNTROL::MENTALThu Jul 27 1989*** Carbuffs Challenge Note ***
450.05CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Jul 26 1995Ideas for a car club picnic event?
451.0207POBOX::BOLKERMon Aug 21 1989CARBUFFS consumer reports
452.016NANOOK::GRAYThu Mar 08 1990Road test data from various automotive magazines.
453.06MLCSSE::MILLERFri Mar 16 1990Field Test?
454.039CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Jan 06 1994Crash Test Data Topic
455.027EARRTH::ROLLAThu May 23 1991Want Ad Stories
456.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
457.05STAR::BOIKOWed Oct 14 1992AutoMap for the PC - Anyone tried it?
458.011KAOFS::S_BROOKThu Sep 02 1993Commercial Vehicle Weighing station note
459.096MVDSFri Nov 03 1989Toll road topic
460.083VAXWRK::SWARDTue Apr 14 1992Long distance driving. Travel & route info
461.097BTOVT::MANDILE_AMon Apr 01 1991Advice needed; X-country trip!
462.04PERLE::glantzWed Aug 31 1994The Official ROAD SIGN Note
464.012HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSWed Aug 15 1990Year of Manufacture vs. Model Year
465.0+399ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Cars Over 15
466.0756ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989"Why I Hate Japanese Cars" Note
467.0389ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989"Why I Hate American Cars" Note
468.0100ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989The Future of Auto Manufacturers Topic
469.095ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Getting rid of Junk Cars
470.056CSSE::WAITEThu Sep 13 1990Cars You've Always Wanted To Own
471.09GIDDAY::WYLLIETue Feb 27 1990Co-efficient of Drag disscussions.
472.030VICKI::DODIERTue Jan 30 1990Cars designed for customer servicing
473.014VLNVAX::BROCKELMANFri Feb 16 1996Remote hood latch problems
474.01NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
475.0391ENABLE::GLANTZMon May 06 1991Seatbelt/airbag note
476.039ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989I don't believe he DID that!
477.0+1454ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 03 1989Stupid questions and witty remarks
478.0173ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989The Suicidal Bird/Livestock and Road Kill Note
479.059ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989War Stories...
480.024ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Rules Of The Road Note
481.0+426ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 27 1989The unofficial "correct lane" note
482.0+271ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Speed trap note, Slurs will get your note deleted
483.01205ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 25 1989The official accident note
484.0+36IOENG::GOODSTEINTue Jul 25 1989Police not needed in Traffic Court?
485.0+137ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 26 1989Driving behavior/habits around police/cops
486.0101ESIS::GOKHMANMon Apr 08 1991Parking Tickets
487.0425MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jul 06 1990Traffic laws
488.0+2235VMSSG::GELLERWed Aug 02 1989The Speeding Soapbox
489.020ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Sep 25 1989Laws which violate other laws
490.0325ISTG::NOWLINThu Apr 19 1990Traffic Lawyers, Courtroom techniques, Professional witnesses
491.05PSDVAX::MIDTTUNMon Mar 28 1994Pothole And Other Road Hazard Damage Topic
492.019RAB::SUNGMon Nov 06 1989Speed Bumps
493.026HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSFri Nov 01 1991Strange smells and odors
494.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
495.036ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Motorist Aid Associations (AAA, ALA, etc.)
496.014ROYALT::BARBERWed Mar 07 1990Car Clubs and Associations
497.015KAHALA::SUTERThu Nov 17 1994Clean hands, gloves & cleaners?
498.0+532ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Tools Note (Hey, Got a ____ I can borrow...)
499.08CAPECD::HOLLANDMon Feb 25 1991Mechanic can't fix car after numerous tries
500.0181RICKS::MINARDITue Aug 15 1989Garage/towing liability for damaged vehicle
501.0124ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Oct 06 1989Car is broken/breaking down ... what to do?
502.019JUPITR::MOKFri Jul 21 1989Flat Rate for Repairs
503.037DELNI::EDWARDSThu May 30 1991Thoughts on building a student car ?
504.0+112ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Designing The Ultimate Garage
505.044KAHALA::SUTERTue Jun 27 1995Penetrating Oil? What's yours? wd-4
506.0NASEAM::READIOTue Oct 26 1993-------
507.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
508.0165HYEND::C_DENOPOULOSThu Mar 28 1991Environmentally safe gas pump nozzles
509.0+69PACKER::MCCULLOUGHMon Sep 11 1989Gas Tank
510.0+50MVDSFri Nov 03 1989Fuel tank filler location controversy
511.083BTOVT::MELLOR_DWed May 08 1991Fuel Economy Concepts (Q&A)
512.0460ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Fuels, Blends and Additives
513.0131ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Fuel System Note
514.014ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Fuel & Fuel Injectors
515.05WILKIE::KEITHWed Dec 19 1990Fuel Vaporization (induction system discussions)
516.0TIGNES::WHITEMon Sep 10 1990Think my wife was ripped off.
516.017BINKLY::MINARDISun Sep 09 1990Offical Air Filter Note
517.0+442ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Carb Questions
518.047ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Choke Questions
519.019ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Weber Questions
520.0177ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Fuel Injection Questions
521.042ENOVAX::DIBIASIThu Dec 14 1989Just say N2O
522.095MVDSTue Nov 13 1990Cheap fuel -- where is it?
523.03RAMBLR::MORONEYThu Jan 23 1992Dry Gas Topic
524.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 16 1994------
525.027SCAACT::BEAZLEYMon Aug 06 1990Back end billboards??
526.044DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 01 1989Ford, no maybe GM, to buy Saab?
527.062USEM::MCQUEENEYThu Apr 05 1990Wanted by Authorities
528.0+165ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 02 1989News/stories including cars
529.04AKOCOA::PILLIVANTThu Apr 04 1991Automotive Memorabilia
530.06DVOPAS::PONYX::CHANDLERWed Sep 11 1991Gas Pump Restoration?
531.038ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 02 1989All show and no go
532.0258ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 02 1989Ugly cars
533.096ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 02 1989Nice looking cars
534.0115KOOZEE::PAULHUSTue Jul 24 1990Slowest Car Ever Built
535.01220ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Don't Ya Just Hate It When...
536.0106ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989What Is A "HAT"
537.0+167OPUS::GAGNEFri Oct 13 1989Car Joke Note
538.018ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Rathole depository
539.088SCAACT::AINSLEYSat Dec 08 1990Things I've found in my car...
540.02JUPITR::GAUDETTEFri Mar 02 1990Official Video Note
541.02THEWAV::PFLUEGERThu May 03 1990Fresh Engine Storage Tips
542.090ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car Storage Topic
543.037EXIT26::CONLEYThu Dec 21 1989Corrosive effects of: Road Salt / Acid Rain
544.0260ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Body Shop Note
545.0+140CECVMon Sep 18 1989Auto Body Repair Note
546.0+62PGG::MYERSWed Aug 09 1989Sunroof/T-roof questions
547.02516BITS::DELBALSOWed Aug 01 1990Roof/luggage racks/carriers
548.025YEOLD::PROVENCALThu May 20 1993Official sandblasting note
549.0+275DECSIM::DEMBAWed Dec 13 1989Welding Questions
550.016CUPMK::T_THEOMon Nov 25 1991Vehicle Customizing Note
551.0+130SMAUG::LEGERLOTZThu Jan 13 1994Parts Restoration (paint stripping, derusting)
552.0+346ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Car Paint Question Note
553.0454ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Automotive finish preservation/cleaning (& waxing) Note
554.0+53ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Decal/Strip Note
555.027CADSE::SHANNONThu Sep 07 1989Polyglycoating [teflon/clear-coat]
556.0+248ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Interior Questions Note
557.0140ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Rustproofing / undercoating Note
558.065ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989The Best Car Wash In Town Is...
559.016958Fri Aug 18 1989Detailing shop recommendations?
560.03817736::BROWN_JThu Aug 17 1989caring for leather
561.04CSSE::BRISTERMon May 11 1992Mud Flaps?
562.066RAVEN1::BLAIRWed Sep 26 1990The low down on Nose Masks (bras)
563.0+64NITMOI::BROWNMon Sep 09 1991CONVERTIBLE TOP Info Request.
564.0+14ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Bumper Maintenance Note
565.0+29ACCARS::ALDRICHSat May 13 1989Mechanical Terms/Definitions/Formulas
566.0153ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 18 1989Horsepower (HP) and torque
567.024ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Sep 06 1989Metric to SAE conversion chart
568.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 16 1994------
569.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 16 1994-------
570.030ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Mechanics Courses
571.08KAHALA::SUTERMon Apr 25 1994Aluminum & Steel Compatibility?
572.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 16 1994------
573.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
574.019SMAUG::VONHALLEThu Nov 12 1992Night Vision Driving Problem
575.021RAMBLR::MORONEYWed Dec 09 1992Waste-O and Spike Bike
576.0280ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989CARBUFFS Trivia
577.011GVAMon Dec 28 1992Help needed to solve X-mas puzzle
579.010SNOMAN::AARONWed Mar 03 1993Nat'l 55MPH protest day! 4/25/93
580.0+170ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989TV/Movie Cars
581.030HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Jun 20 1990Advertising Jingles
582.015NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993cars with a soul
583.019RACER::daveFri Jun 18 1993Company Names
584.0158ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Cars In Commercials
585.047ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Your Favorite Acronyms
586.023MVDSTue Jul 28 1992Why "record not locked"?
587.09GRAMPS::BERMANWed Dec 13 1989job market info??
588.04BUCKY::VANDERPOOLMon Jun 25 1990Starting an Auto Shop/Gas Station
589.03COMET::BUSSARDFri Aug 05 1994Life after DEC?
590.0115CSSE::WAITEFri Feb 16 1990Dearly departed, TFSO and other similar circumstances
591.020CSTEAM::FARLEYTue Jul 13 1993R.I.P. Note
592.037BTOVT::BROWN_JFri Dec 22 1989Happy Holidays
593.01MED::D_SMITHFri Dec 22 1989Are we started or jumping this am
594.03VIA::GLANTZTue Oct 10 1989Travel Advisories
595.0145MVDSWed Jan 24 1990Sure, it'll go anywhere, BUT CAN YOU GET IT TO STOP? (FWD vs RWD)
596.0215AIAG::WRIGHTFri Dec 28 1990The not-so-official Winter/Snow driving Note
597.048SSGVThu Feb 17 19944wd or awd ?
598.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
599.039ACCARS::ALDRICHSun Jul 16 1989Advice On Buying A Used Rental Car Invited
600.0+50MILKWY::WCHINMon Oct 23 1989Car rental topic
601.0472REMEDY::KOPECThu Aug 03 1989the "Which car should I buy" note
602.043SCAACT::BEAZLEYWed Nov 21 1990Buy/Repair...Maintain!
603.020TROOA::DPURDIEThu Feb 18 1993Maintenance recommendation, products and procedures
604.014VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDFri Sep 28 1990Keeping Resale Up and Mileage Down...
605.061CPDW::LACAIREThu Sep 28 1989Winter cars
606.016CSSE::WAITEWed Aug 02 1989Cheap Wheels (inexpensive transportation)
607.021VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDWed Jun 20 1990Rebates, Cash back and other incentives
608.0+246MFGMEM::S_JOHNSONFri Apr 27 1990Used Car Buying / Selling / Financing
609.051COEM::SCOPAFri Dec 08 1989The Financing of a New Car
610.036WILKIE::SMOLINSKIWed Aug 23 1989Bill of Sale / Take over Payments / etc
611.041VELVET::MICHONFri Aug 18 1989Auto Loan Rates NE
612.0+85IAMOK::KOSKITue Sep 05 1989Mass Buying Power
613.046AKOVWed Sep 06 1989The Broker Note
614.029FOO::BHAVNANIWed Nov 01 1989Blue Book Topic
615.0120NOPROB::COMEAUTue Oct 03 1989WHAT IS REAL PRICE/COST -- Invoicing tacticts of dealers
616.019ABACUS::KVAAVIKWed Jul 29 1992car appraisal
617.043VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDTue Aug 14 1990Buying Dealer Demo Cars
618.022ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 27 1989Sweepstakes and other car give-aways
619.0NASEAM::READIOFri Dec 17 1993-------
620.0+149COEM::SCOPAMon Aug 07 1989Better to Lease than Buy??
621.0103TLE::LEGERLOTZWed Mar 20 1991Dealer responsibility for used car
622.0210ZONULE::HOLTThu Jan 18 1990Selling car w/damage?
623.07CLARID::LEBIDOISMon Oct 09 1989How can I sell my car when I am 3
624.042NETMAN::COHENFri Aug 18 1989Purchase & Sale contract, let's get tough
625.08QUIVER::ARGOMon Jul 19 1993refusing delivery
626.010NUGGET::MENARDWed Mar 03 1993Caution when test driving a car
627.077TYCOBB::C_DENOPOULOSThu Aug 17 1989Government, Police, Bank, etc. Auctions
628.05TERPIN::SUSELWed Apr 11 1990help verifying mileage
629.0+109TOOK::E_HATEMThu Aug 31 1989Vehicle shipment/transporting Note
630.039MVDSFri Nov 03 1989Overseas buying/selling/shipment of vehicles
632.0+41GIAMEM::T_WILSONWed Jun 24 1992Order from car factory??
633.0 *POLAR::FERGUSONRThu Mar 06 1997Hollinger/Hollinder interchange manual?
633.0 *+9SSDEVO::LAURENCEWed Apr 02 1997Engine Oil Flush?
634.0 *+2TKTV2Thu Mar 13 1997Any Mercedes dealer in Honolulu?