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Conference hanzi::china_news

Title:China news and current events
Notice:Please read notes 1.*
Created:Fri Dec 13 1991
Last Modified:Mon Jan 13 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:79
Total number of notes:8971
Number with bodies:0
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1.05HGABSS::SIMONSZETOFri Dec 13 1991Conference charter and other notices
2.05HGABSS::SIMONSZETOFri Dec 13 1991Conference announcements
3.06HGABSS::SIMONSZETOSun Dec 22 1991Questions? Comments?
5.08JUPITR::MOKTue Aug 28 1990Pointers to obtain news on your own
6.0FORTSC::MOKSat Apr 25 1992Taiwan Email information
10.0218JUPITR::MOKWed Nov 15 1989China & HK News (from SCMP and HK Standard via HKU)
11.02895JUPITR::MOKMon Mar 12 1990News reports from the net
12.0237JUPITR::MOKMon Mar 12 1990Commentaries from the net
13.060JUPITR::MOKMon Mar 12 1990Announcements and Information from the net
14.058FORTSC::MOKMon May 18 1992Book Reviews
20.012JUPITR::MOKTue Sep 12 1989Events in Boston Area
21.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Jul 31 1990Events in New York/New Jersey area
22.06JUPITR::MOKFri Jan 26 1990Events in Washington, D.C. area
23.029JUPITR::MOKSat Feb 03 1990Events in San Francisco Bay area
24.012JUPITR::MOKWed Mar 14 1990Events in Los Angeles area
25.018JUPITR::MOKWed Feb 07 1990Events in USA (general)
26.08JUPITR::MOKWed May 09 1990Events in Canada
27.06JUPITR::MOKMon May 07 1990Events outside North America
28.02JUPITR::MOKWed May 02 1990TV programming announcements
30.01JUPITR::MOKSun Oct 29 1989Hong Kong Alliance bulletins and news
31.05JUPITR::MOKWed Mar 07 1990Alliance of Hong Kong Chinese in the U.S.
32.03JUPITR::MOKTue Mar 20 1990Assn of Overseas HK Chin. for Demo. & Human Rts (Boston)
33.0FORTSC::MOKTue Dec 04 1990Amnesty International announcement and information
40.0HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Jul 31 1990Chinese (PRC) students in the US
41.039HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Jul 31 1990Vietnamese Boat People
42.0WLDWST::C_LEEFri May 25 1990Most Favored Nation status for PRC
43.07JUPITR::MOKWed Jun 06 1990Hongkong Basic Law
44.02JUPITR::MOKTue Jun 26 1990Fang Lizhi and other Pro-Democracy leaders
45.039FORTSC::MOKThu Jan 10 1991Nanking Massacre-Japanese textbook-WWII Atrocity-related news
46.040NYTPSat Sep 21 1991An Independent Taiwan
47.0FORTSC::MOKFri Mar 27 1992Draft of Macao Basic Law
48.0FORTSC::MOKWed Apr 08 1992Dept of Justice notice on DoD unconstitutional discrimination
64.01531571::MOKWed Jun 05 1991June 4th, 1989.
65.01POLAR::HOMon Jun 15 1992Simon Szeto in peace
66.0FORTSC::MOKMon Jul 20 1992Info on HK from CIA files (via CND)
67.010FORTSC::MOKWed Sep 23 1992Less News
68.02TENAYA::MOKWed Mar 03 1993Goodbye
69.016POLAR::HOThu Apr 08 1993Tibet, part of China?
70.07TROOA::DCHENGFri Aug 06 1993Explosion in Zhenchen!
71.05101KAU134::HOSat Aug 07 1993News from net
73.06USHSTue Oct 12 1993Horse track in China?
74.02OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Feb 08 19941
75.01617Wed May 04 1994Nevaho and Chinese
76.019TESA::HOTue Oct 04 199412th Asian Games
77.012TESA::HOSat Feb 25 1995Chinese Text Magazines
78.0PVAX1::JPHIMon Dec 09 1996Frenchy looks for language help...
79.0HGOM22::DAVYSUNMon Jan 13 1997vms hanzi 6.2-1h3 kit