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Conference hanzi::asian_products

Title:Asian Language Software and Hardware Products Information
Notice:Welcome to the world of multibyte characters. Read 1.*.
Created:Tue Feb 23 1988
Last Modified:Thu Apr 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:415
Total number of notes:1383
Number with bodies:25
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2.033HANZI::FELETue Feb 23 1988Guest Book
3.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOWed Feb 21 1990Conference announcements
4.03HANZI::FELETue Feb 23 1988Comments on this conference
5.02HANZI::FELETue Feb 23 1988Keyword Announcement
6.01HGABSS::SIMONSZETOFri Dec 20 1991Engineering Organization
7.03HANZI::SIMONSZETOFri Oct 13 1989Product Management
9.07HGABSS::SIMONSZETOFri Dec 20 1991Old notes on the Engineering organization
10.06HANZI::FELETue Mar 01 1988Asian DATATRIEVE Product Information
11.09HANZI::FELETue Mar 01 1988Asian Rdb Product Information
12.06HANZI::FELETue Mar 01 1988Asian FMS Product Information
13.013HANZI::FELEThu Mar 03 1988Asian VMS Product Information
14.09HANHUA::FELETue Mar 29 1988CVMS V4.7
15.08HANHUA::FELETue Mar 29 1988Asian VMS V5.
16.02HKOVThu Apr 07 1988Where to Order?
17.023HGOVThu Apr 07 1988On-demand Loading a heresy?
18.012CSSAUS::LAUThu Apr 07 1988Hanzi hardware?
19.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOFri Apr 08 1988Survey of competition?
20.02HGOS41::SIMONSZETOWed Apr 13 1988Forum for discussion of product requirements
21.013HANHUA::DAVIDLEETue Apr 19 1988CCVMS info, pls?
22.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOWed Feb 21 1990SPDs (Software Product Descriptions)
23.02HANZI::FELETue May 10 1988Asian DATATRIEVE Product Requirements
24.07HANZI::FELETue May 10 1988Asian Rdb Product Requirements
25.01HANZI::FELETue May 10 1988Asian FMS Product Requirements
26.02HANZI::FELETue May 10 1988Asian VMS V5.
27.05HANZI::FELETue May 10 1988Other required products
28.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOWed Oct 18 1989Asian DECwindows
29.03PRCSWS::CECILIACHENGMon May 16 1988HANZI on VAXmate ?
30.01UTRTSC::CASPELMon May 30 1988CHINESE character set for RSX.
31.01HKOVWed Jun 01 1988Will CT282 Works On CVMS V5?
32.06HANPC1::SIMONLISat Jun 11 1988CVMS
33.01HANPC1::JIMMYCHANMon Jun 13 1988other vendors chinese product?
34.0HGOVMon Jun 20 1988Chinese support for Network products?
35.01HANPC1::ANDREWNGMon Jun 20 1988CRdb question
36.01HANPC1::EDDIELEUNGThu Jun 23 1988HSORT/HMERGE chinese collating in other products
37.02HANZI::FELEFri Jun 24 1988Requirements for Chinese word processing
38.01HANZI::FELEFri Jun 24 1988ALL-IN-1 requirements
39.05HANZI::FELEFri Jun 24 1988Hardware requirements
40.03PRCS85::PRCFSTue Jun 28 1988CVMS V4.7 support LAVC??
41.01HKOVTue Jul 05 1988Can CDD Mix With CVMS?
42.0HGOS42::MICHAELYAUSat Jul 16 1988Announcing VMS Thai Upgrade Kit
43.01HKOVFri Jul 22 1988Display Chinese Characters on Non-VT82?
44.01CHIU::CHIUTue Jul 26 1988New Chinese Keyboard Technology
45.0HGOS42::MICHAELYAUTue Jul 26 1988Announcing HANGUL VMS V4.7
46.07PRCSWS::TONGHOMANMon Aug 01 1988Tibetan support?
47.02HGOS42::MICHAELYAUThu Aug 04 1988Announcing CVMS/Hanyu V4.7
48.06HANZI::SIMONSZETOFri Aug 19 1988Chinese Ultrix
49.02HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Sep 26 1988Digital products in Korea
50.03HANZI::SIMONSZETOThu Oct 13 1988Recent product announcements
51.02HANZI::CLEMENTYEUNGThu Dec 01 1988Asian RALLY Product Requirements
52.0HANZI::CLEMENTYEUNGThu Dec 01 1988Asian Workstation VWS Product Req'ts
53.01HANZI::CLEMENTYEUNGThu Dec 01 1988Asian DECnet-DOS/PCSA Product Req'ts
54.01HGOVC::JIMMYCHANMon Dec 05 1988EPRO information needed?
55.08HGOVC::MARGARETLAUTue Dec 06 1988How to define Chinese characters ?
56.06PRCSWS::CECILIACHENGFri Dec 09 1988Asian ALL-IN-1
57.01HGOVC::MARGARETLAUWed Dec 28 19884th GL requirement
58.0HGOM18::MICHAELYAUWed Jan 11 1989VMS/Hanzi V5.
59.02HKOVThu Jan 19 1989Ribbon Part Number Needed - LA86 & LA28
60.0HANZI::JOHNCHANTue Jan 24 1989HTPU/HEVE Wishlist
61.01HKOVThu Feb 02 1989Can CVMS/Hanzi V4.7 Work On VMS V5?
62.02PRCSWS::FREEMANYIMMon Mar 06 1989HPHONE there?
63.01HKOVMon Mar 13 1989Hanzi On Laser Printer - Possible?
64.02CURIE::SHENMon Apr 03 1989Need COMPLEX to SIMPLIED HANZI converter.
65.01HKOVTue Apr 25 1989Part Number For TOMCAT Needed
66.01HGOVC::JIMMYCHANWed Apr 26 1989apd of allin1 and pcsa
67.015WR2FOR::ROSE_FLSun May 07 1989Hangul support on DECwindows/Ultrix?
68.0HWSSSWed May 17 1989Asian language product announcement press release
69.01HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu May 18 1989How to order documentations?
70.02HOO78C::BESEMERThu May 18 1989spares for VT286 --> VR283
71.08HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANMon May 22 1989EPRO Terminals
72.01HGOVC::TONYLEUNGSat May 27 1989Localization Level - how much is enough?
73.0CIMNET::MCENROETue Jun 13 1989HANZI SW/Hardware for PC's
74.01HGOVC::TONYLEUNGSat Jul 08 1989Hangul Terminal and Printers
75.010HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANTue Jul 11 1989Performance difference Chinese & English
76.02PRCSWS::HENRYKONGWed Jul 26 1989Comments on VT382
77.015ABSZK::SZETOWed Aug 09 1989DECforms
78.01FESWS1::MATTHEWZHOUSat Aug 19 1989Hanzi Handling within a Spawned Process
80.09SALSA::MOELLERTue Aug 22 1989Asian Lang TABLES avail to Resellers?
81.06FESWS1::MATTHEWZHOUTue Aug 22 1989Message Output in an Integrated LLP Environment
82.01HKOVThu Aug 24 1989Integrate MAXCIM and 2
83.02LARVAE::BULLARDFri Aug 25 1989Chinese Decwindows/Decterm ??
84.01HWSSSSat Sep 16 1989Chinese and Korean character sets
85.03PRCSWS::MICHAELKWANWed Oct 04 1989HEDT switch to "Change" mode
86.0HANZI::CLEMENTYEUNGWed Oct 04 1989DECwrite Requirements
87.01HANZI::CLEMENTYEUNGFri Oct 06 1989ACMS Requirements
88.01HWSSSMon Oct 16 1989Phase
89.07HWSSSMon Oct 16 1989Far East Region product status update
90.01HWSSSMon Oct 16 1989Asian VMS version S5.2
91.0HWSSSMon Oct 16 1989ABSS Interest List
92.02HWSSSWed Oct 25 1989What are Hangul, Hanyu, and Hanzi?
93.08CSSEFE::BURANCEWed Oct 25 1989crdbintshr.exe not found
94.04LMBASS::CLARKFri Nov 03 1989Where is the Japan notes conference located?
95.0HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Nov 21 1989Thai terminal announced
96.04SUBWAY::GREENZANGTue Nov 28 1989JULTRIX questions.
97.0HANDVC::LILIANLAIFri Dec 01 1989Asian Products Demo Available
98.04CLOSET::KEEFEThu Dec 07 1989documentation tools?
99.02CTOAVX::LOVEJOYWed Jan 10 1990JVMS availability
100.03HANDVC::LILIANLAIThu Jan 11 1990Asian Rdb V3.1
101.04HANDVC::LILIANLAIThu Jan 11 1990Asian DTR V5.
102.0HANDVC::SIMONSZETOThu Jan 18 1990JUWS kit pointer
103.01HGOVC::MICHAELCHIUThu Jan 25 1990JVMS SPD in English please?
104.02HKOVC::TSANGTue Feb 06 1990Are Asian Language Products Licensed With LMF?
105.03HANDVC::SIMONSZETOMon Feb 19 1990Ordering Asian terminals and printers
106.04HANDVC::SIMONSZETOWed Feb 21 1990VMS V5.2 for PRC, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand
107.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOTue Mar 13 1990VT emulation in Japanese terminals?
108.0TOOK::YIUSat Mar 17 1990New LAT software - with ODL support
109.04HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANFri Mar 23 1990Any literature about Chinese processing?
110.02RTPSWS::BOUDREAUXSat Mar 24 1990Chinese Character Interface?
111.01ZPOVSat Mar 31 1990Hanzi products co-existence with non-Hanzi productt
112.0HGOVC::TONYLEUNGTue Apr 10 1990Great interest from HK University of Science & Technology
113.0HGABSS::SZETOMon Apr 23 1990Chinese and Korean Ultrix V4.
114.04HGABSS::SZETOMon Apr 23 1990Chinese and Korean VMS V5.4
115.0HGABSS::SZETOFri Apr 27 1990Chinese and Korean UWS V4.
116.03HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANFri Apr 27 1990Some typical customer questions
117.03HGABSS::SZETOMon Apr 30 1990Chinese terminal for Taiwan announced
119.0TANNAY::BETTELSTue May 08 1990JHL Research, Inc.
120.06ABSZK::SZETOWed May 23 1990VMS V5.3
121.09SUOIS4::POTTHASTThu May 31 1990*** KANJI.OLB needed ***
122.02FESWS1::MATTHEWZHOUSat Jun 02 1990Sounds like a 327
123.06TKOV51::TOBAWed Jun 06 1990MIX langues in one system?
124.03HGOS55::TERENCELEUNGTue Jun 19 1990MVII CPU ROM replacement for CVMS V5.1
125.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Jun 19 1990Chinese and Korean ULTRIX product announcement
126.02HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGTue Jun 19 1990VMS/Hangul V5.2 HEDT/RECOVER
127.03HGABSS::SZETOWed Jun 20 1990PCSA V3.
128.01TAIJI::MICHAELKWANThu Jun 21 1990ALL-IN-1/Hanzi V2.3B on VMS/Hanzi V5.2
129.01HANDVA::CLEMENTYEUNGFri Jun 22 1990Compatibility Table
130.02FESWS1::MATTHEWZHOUMon Jun 25 1990Asian language processing in X-window
131.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGTue Jun 26 1990CFMS access violation
132.03HKOVC::TSANGFri Jun 29 1990Looking For English<->Chinese Translator
133.04HGABSS::SZETOFri Jun 29 1990Ultrix Worksystem Software V2.2
134.04HGABSS::SZETOTue Aug 07 1990VMS V5.3-2
135.0TANNAY::BETTELSWed Aug 22 1990Japanese work in translation being done at CMU
137.02BIS3::DEROUCKMon Sep 10 1990looking for Thai printer
138.03ZPOVC::GGLOHWed Sep 26 1990several questions on Asian Language Products
139.03PRCFS1::DLCHANFri Oct 05 1990Unclear HANZI installation guide
140.01ZPOVC::LESTERYUNGMon Oct 15 1990Which IBM PC's do I buy?
142.02SALSA::MOELLERTue Oct 23 1990Marketing Help Requested
145.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Nov 01 1990VMS/HANYU V5.2 left arrow key ???
146.04ABSZK::SZETOFri Nov 02 1990Asian DECwrite
147.04HANDVA::CLEMENTYEUNGWed Nov 07 1990ALL-IN-1 DESKtop for DOS
148.0HANDVA::CLEMENTYEUNGWed Nov 07 1990DECnet/SNA VMS Printer Emulator
149.07HGOVC::SHIRLEYCHANWed Nov 21 1990Local printer for VT382
151.01ABSZK::SZETOSun Jan 13 1991Chinese and Korean Ultrix V4.1
152.04ABSZK::SZETOSun Jan 13 1991Japanese Product Status Summary
153.06KAOFS::PEDERSENSat Jan 19 1991Chinese VT13
154.05HKOVC::WARRENMon Jan 21 1991PRINT Chinese A1 mail ?
155.0HGOVMon Jan 28 1991DMB32 and DHB32 in Ultrix/Hanzi
156.04ABSZK::SZETOFri Feb 22 1991DECnet/SNA 327
157.02HANDVA::CLEMENTYEUNGWed Feb 13 1991Asian PATHWORKS for Machintosh
158.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Feb 21 1991PCSA/HANYU SETHOST problem
159.06VAXUUM::KEEFESat Mar 02 1991Guides to Asian Language Software Localization
160.01TAOVMon Mar 04 1991INSPECT problem under DECform Hanyu v1.2
161.01TPOVC::ROGERTSAIWed Mar 06 1991Font not found in DECW/Hanyu
162.01HKGACT::CHAKLEEFri Mar 08 1991SMG enhanced in CVMS/Hanyu/Hanzi ??
163.01I18N::SZETOThu Mar 14 1991Ordering Japanese VMS
164.01TRUCKS::PARMARWed Mar 27 1991VT286 questions
165.03PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Apr 09 1991Rdb/Hanzi 3.1 on VMS 5.3?
166.03HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGWed Apr 17 1991UNIcode versus ISO
167.01TAIJI::MATTHEWZHOUWed Apr 17 1991Ultrix/Hanzi installation question
168.04CSOA1::HALLIGANThu Apr 25 1991VMS/Hanzi doc needed
169.02I18N::GREENWOODThu Apr 25 1991Japanese Library Users GUide - in English
170.0PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu May 16 1991DTR link with other programs
171.01LEMAN::PITTETFri May 17 1991United Nations Chinese Documents
172.01HGOVA::SOCHUNWAHFri May 17 1991Can DTR store and retreive Chinese Char
173.0122842::SOCHUNWAHTue May 28 1991Where to copy HANZI V5.
174.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon Jun 24 1991rdb/HANZI what is the impact if not installed ?
175.01ZPOVC::BURNSThu Jun 27 1991Japanese Product Info.?
176.01HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGThu Jun 27 1991Rdb/Hanyu V4.
177.0HKOVC::TSANGMon Jul 08 1991Hanyu On Laser Printer - Possible?
178.0HGRDWed Jul 10 1991Asian PATHWORKS for DOS V4.
179.0HGRDWed Jul 10 1991DECforms/Thai Phase
180.03ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon Aug 12 1991%HANZIGEN-W-INVCNTRL -> Any ideas ?
181.05FORTSC::CHABANTue Aug 20 1991Ordering in the US
182.04HOBBLE::MCFARLANDThu Aug 22 1991interpreting Chinese fax...
183.03USWRSL::MAK_SITue Aug 27 1991where are s/w kits?
185.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGTue Sep 03 1991Rdb hanzi => PSII$REMOVE_BOTTOM +1ED
186.0I18N::SZETOWed Sep 04 1991VMS/Thai V5.4
187.02TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUWed Sep 18 1991Rdb/Hanzi Support Note ??
188.024HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUThu Sep 19 1991HZ window interoperability question table.
189.01HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUMon Sep 23 1991VMS/HZ V5.4 + problems and work around
190.01HGRDFri Sep 27 1991Asian DECwrite V2.
191.01VAXUUM::KEEFESat Oct 05 1991Who manages the non-localized products?
192.0HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANSat Oct 05 1991Does CT382-D handle multi-byte character I/O?
193.01I18N::SZETOMon Oct 07 1991VMS V5.4-2
194.03CSOA1::HALLIGANTue Oct 08 1991LN
195.02ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon Oct 14 1991Any RALLY-HANZI V2.2 ?
196.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Oct 24 1991Looking for HEDT callable system routine.
197.06HGOVC::CHARLESKWANFri Oct 25 1991VT382 totally compatible with VT32
199.01HGRDThu Oct 31 1991Asian DECforms V1.3
200.04HOBBLE::ENGWed Nov 06 1991Multi-lingual word processor needed! : 16-bit font text widgets
201.02TPOVMon Dec 02 1991TPU$EDIT for HANYU
202.01TLAENG::LINITDAWed Dec 04 1991Date/Time Manipulate.
203.01DORIE::COMPTONTue Dec 10 1991Conversational Korean?
205.01TPOVThu Dec 12 1991HEDT performance
206.06HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Dec 12 1991Remove DECwindow/Hanyu
207.03FLYWAY::BRUNPFri Dec 13 1991THAI,JAPANESE,ENGLISH all at the same time
208.0DURDUR::KIENMon Dec 16 1991Medical database
209.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Jan 07 1992ENGLISH Pathworks on HANZI VMS
210.01ZPOVC::POHINGMon Jan 27 1992Is converting GB2312 code -> Big-5 possible ?
211.01ZURWed Feb 12 1992DEClaser 21
212.01ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Feb 27 1992EXtension field problem.....bug????
213.02TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUWed Mar 11 1992Impact from Rdb V4.2
214.0AKOCOA::SSZETOFri Mar 20 1992VMS/Hangul V5.5 simultaneous FCS with VMS V5.5
215.03HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Mar 20 1992How to create Hanzi DECterm from FORTRAN ??
216.07HGSW67::NICHOLASHOMon Mar 23 1992Chinese input in X Terminal and PC DECwindows
217.0WMOIS::KAMINSKY_KTue Apr 14 1992Chinese Language Word Processing
218.01CSOA1::HALLIGANSat Apr 18 1992ULTRIX/HANZI Loan of Product
219.0HGRDTue Apr 28 1992Characters that defy Western laws of logic
220.0HKOVC::TERENCEFri May 15 1992Hanzi DECterm ONLY?
221.01FASDER::MTURNERTue Jun 02 1992Language Samples Wanted
222.03HGOVC::ANNAHUIThu Jun 04 1992ULTRIX/Hanyu & cursesX problem
223.01SSBN1::LINFri Jun 12 1992VT383
224.0HGRDWed Jun 17 1992Twinbridge Multi-Lingual System on Windows
225.04HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUWed Jun 24 1992DECwindow Motif/Hanzi run on VT13
226.01DEKVC::JEONGGONSONThu Jun 25 1992clock on motif
227.01HGRDWed Jul 08 1992FMS Hanzi question X-posted from DSSDEV::FMSNOTES
228.01HGOVC::ANNAHUIThu Jul 09 1992VMS/Hanyu support on X window?
229.01HGTAI1::MICHAELKWANMon Jul 20 1992PW/Hanzi & A1/Hanzi
230.0HGTAI1::MICHAELKWANWed Jul 29 1992That's what my customer wants
231.03HGOVC::ANNAHUIThu Jul 30 1992Laser printer for graphics & Chinese Characters.
232.05HGOVC::ANNAHUIFri Aug 21 1992How to draw BOX in VMS/HANYU environment?
233.03TAIJI::MICHAELKWANTue Aug 25 1992character sets used on VT382C
234.01HGOVC::GILBERTYIPWed Sep 09 1992user created char with Hanzi pathwork & 327
235.01GRANMA::PMILLSTue Sep 15 1992Input Problems
236.0BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Sep 17 1992Pathworks for DOS/Hanyu kit on floppy?
237.01CHEFS::HANSONNThu Oct 08 1992decforms chinese ?
238.01HGOVC::ANNAHUIMon Oct 19 1992some CP382 questions.
239.03HTSC19::STEVENLAUMon Nov 02 1992Both CFMS/Hanyu and VAX/FMS on same cluster?
240.04CSOA1::HALLIGANWed Nov 04 1992Bitmap distribution files and character fonts ??
241.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Fri Nov 27 1992User defined character from VMS to ULTRIX ??
242.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Dec 01 1992How to change DECforms run-time messages?
243.01HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Dec 15 1992How to disable Motif/Hanzi temperary ??
244.09TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHMon Dec 28 1992Hanyu/Motif xmLabelWidgetClass undefined error
245.0KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Jan 05 1993compatibility with Chinese RDB and Decforms
247.06TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHMon Jan 11 1993Need sample for 'Chinese Input'
248.04TPOVC::FRANKLINTue Jan 12 1993Motif/Hanyu for Drawing Area Widget
249.02HGTAI1::CANDYGAOWed Jan 13 1993telnet support 8 bit transfer?
250.01DECLNE::KENNYTue Jan 19 1993SPD# for CVMS
251.01ZGOVTue Jan 26 1993Decwrite Postscript Printer
252.03TAIJI::MICHAELKWANWed Jan 27 1993Special/Graphic Characters of VMS/Hanyu
253.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Feb 11 1993nonsense ASCII characters on Motif/Hanyu login win
254.05KUOVMon Feb 15 1993LSE,VUIT/HANZI is available?
255.02HGSWS1::KENNETHTOWed Feb 17 1993Info on LA88 Chinese printer ?
256.01HGTAI1::LKLEEWed Feb 17 1993Ordering info for DECnet/SNA PRE/hanzi
257.07--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 17 1993Decwrite Fonts
258.0TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHThu Feb 18 1993It's possible using Input Method(Motif) in Pathwork?
259.0GRANMA::PMILLSSat Feb 27 1993I18N? Languages?
260.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSTue Mar 02 1993VMS/Hanzi on CDROM?
261.0HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue Mar 02 1993RALLY/HANYU after VMS upgraded fr 5.4-3 to 5.5-2.
262.02TPSP11::SYSTEMWed Mar 03 1993DECPRINT/HANYU usage question
263.01TPOVC::MTLEEFri Mar 12 1993DECwindows Motif/Hanyu for Drawing Area Widget
264.01TKOVOA::URUMAFri Mar 12 1993HANZI OSF/1 is availabele ?
265.0DECLNE::KENNYWed Mar 17 1993Bar code printing on LA28
267.0TUXEDO::A_CHENSat Mar 27 1993differences among .GFN, .FNT and .FON fonts?
268.0DECLNE::KENNYThu Apr 08 1993Apple contact in Singapore
269.02KUOVFri Apr 09 1993Is VXT2
270.04MLNSat Apr 10 1993Conversion from Italian VMS Application in Chinese
271.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Apr 14 1993Corrupted Character when pressing Return
272.0HERON::GOULNIKSun Apr 25 1993WorldScript on Macintosh
273.01HTSC19::ALEXLUIMon Apr 26 1993Rdb Chinese Character Set Support
274.01TPOVC::CHARLESCHAOMon May 10 1993DECwrite/hanyu font fallback problem
275.03BACHUS::KNEUTSSat May 15 1993DEClaser 23
276.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu May 27 1993VXT2
277.0TPOVC::MIKELIFri Jun 11 1993Question about chinese and graphic
278.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Jun 28 1993hedt deletes two characters at one time
279.01KUOVTue Jun 29 1993HTERM print option problem.
280.01HGRDTue Jul 13 1993Apple introduced ChineseSystem 7.1S
281.06TPOVC::DANNYLINTue Jul 27 1993Display Correct Chinese Chars in widget
282.012ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Aug 02 1993VMs 5.5-2 printing problem on lat printers
283.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Aug 19 1993DTR 5.
284.03HGOVC::FREDSHEUFri Aug 27 1993ALL-IN-1 V3.
285.05TPSP11::SYSTEMThu Sep 09 1993UWS/Hanyu problems
286.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Sep 10 1993Some questions about PATHWORKS ?
287.0HGOVC::KIMWAHNGWed Sep 22 1993PCSA$CONFIG problem in VMS/HANGUL ?
288.0HGOVC::ALEXCHUMon Oct 04 1993Chinese Terminal Emulation via RS-232
289.01USHSTue Oct 12 1993Reference of horse track?
290.02ZPOVC::PETERDINGTue Oct 12 1993GP code with Digital charac available on HANYU
291.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Oct 12 1993chinese printing solution
292.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Oct 21 1993value range of CODEINP in HEDT
293.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Oct 26 1993Strange character on screen/paper
294.07ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGTue Oct 26 1993porting guide from Englisth to local languages
295.02TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHTue Nov 02 1993UDC creation fail in Ultrix V4.2A/Hanyu
296.06ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Nov 03 1993Can you help me on I18N ?
297.04ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Nov 03 1993Vietnamese, Turkish ?
299.0HGOVC::ALEXCHUWed Nov 17 1993Pathwork Hanzi kit for OpenVMS AXP?
300.02HGORS::KIMWAHNGThu Nov 18 1993LIB$GET_SYMBOL problem ?
301.0HGOVMon Dec 06 1993Conventional memory overly used by ALLIN1 Desktop Hanzi
302.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGFri Dec 10 1993Compiling Hanyu program?
303.01TPOVC::STEVEHSUThu Dec 23 1993Inserting Text in DrawingArea
304.03ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Jan 12 1994Most popular input/output method for Hanyu
305.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Jan 25 1994Can't locate file for: -lI18n_zh_TW
306.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Jan 27 1994VMS/HANYU 5.5-2 on VMS 5.5-2H4?
307.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGSat Jan 29 1994SETHOST/HANYU CNS<-->BIG5 Mapping Problem ?
308.0HGOVMon Mar 07 1994Color Dot Matrix/Laser printer for Hanyu/OSF
309.0TKOVOA::OKA_JWed Mar 09 1994Chinese VMS Availability.
310.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Mar 10 1994How to use finger to display Chinese font from .plan in ULTRIX
311.04ZPAC19::MICHELLETANGFri Mar 11 1994Product key for VMS HANZi
312.0ZPOVC::PETERDINGFri Mar 11 1994Screen display gets corrupted in hanzi.
313.0234Tue Mar 15 1994PCSA/Hanyu V5?
314.022533::DONWONGFri Apr 08 1994Weird display on Hanyu SETHOST with Oracle V7.
315.03226Mon Apr 11 1994Chinese codeset in OSF/1 V2.
316.0223535::ANDYNGThu Apr 14 1994osf/1 hanyu "kernel memory fault" panic
317.0123Mon Apr 18 1994Hanzi print support for A3 laser printer ??
318.03226Wed Apr 27 1994can't create Motif/Hanyu IM
319.02HGRDWed May 04 1994VMS/Han??? within a C/Bliss pgm
320.022268Mon May 30 1994PATHWORKS/Hanyu product manager
321.012268Mon May 30 1994Hanyu for Pathwork???
322.01226Wed Jun 01 1994motif/hanyu input chinese char.
324.02876Fri Jun 10 1994Power cord for Singapore
325.0223284::SEOWHURNFri Jun 10 1994Rally and Rdb Hanyu version and VMS support versions ?
326.0647611::GADALETAMThu Jun 16 1994questions from a novice ...
327.04HGRDThu Jun 16 1994I18N in the industry
328.0558378::M_LUKFri Jun 17 1994Chinesestar doesn't work on LN
329.0123Mon Jun 20 1994How to use vi to move the cursor in the 2bytes pattern ???
330.01ZENA::ASTRUAWed Aug 03 1994Open/VMS/Hanzi information requests
331.01SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERFri Aug 05 1994need VT and printer
332.01OSANPO::KINUGASAFri Aug 19 1994Open VMS HANZI question.
333.0USHSWed Aug 24 1994Success in Financial Area?
334.0HGOVC::PETELAMMon Sep 05 1994SNAPRE/Hanyu
335.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRTue Sep 06 1994i18n & Mail
336.0HGOVC::PETELAMThu Sep 08 1994problem in setting up param for queue
337.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Sep 23 1994Demo PAKS?
338.01TKOVOA::MATSUNO_RMon Oct 03 1994RDB and DTR for HANZI/AXP
339.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Oct 04 1994Question on LLV environment setup
341.0MLNORO::CATTOLICOFri Oct 21 1994vaxdocument & bookreader
342.0HGOM22::CKCHEUNGWed Nov 09 1994Is VXT2
343.01TPSPS1::MTWUMon Nov 21 1994HSY$SYSTEM:SHOW.EXE terminated with ACCVIO
344.02HGOM22::CKCHEUNGWed Nov 30 1994Where is patch AVMS_RTPAD_ECO
345.0ZPOVC::SOONCHEONGThu Dec 08 1994Chinese language Client/Server support
346.0OSANPO::FUJIMOTOThu Jan 05 1995problem in HANZI/VMS INSTALL_ID
347.04COMICS::RINGITue Feb 07 1995OpenVMS/Hanyu AXP Operating System on a 33
348.0BEJVC::ALEXCHUMon Feb 13 1995Excursion for Hanzi
349.0TPSPS1::MTWUFri Feb 17 1995DECform/Hanyu for OpenVMS AXP needs
350.0TBJVOA::MINAMIZAWAWed Mar 01 1995Hangul printers
351.0RTOEU::AMAYERTue Mar 07 1995Japanes Character set
352.0ZPUMA::MONGKIATue Mar 14 1995Rally for OpenVMS/AXP
353.01HGOVC::LKLEEThu Mar 16 1995Supported Laser printer ?
354.02HANDVC::HOMANSANGFri Mar 17 1995ASPS V1.
355.0OSANPO::FUJIMOTOTue Apr 18 1995LPS32 hanzi support?
356.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DSat Apr 22 1995printing hanzi characters on osf
357.0HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGTue Apr 25 1995DECnet/OSI in VMS/Hanzi V6.1?
358.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Apr 27 1995How to setup the locale env to correct display the HANYU char.
359.01DECLNE::WATKINSFri May 12 1995HHNYU
360.02DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 16 1995Kanji, TELNET/TN327
361.01TAVThu May 18 1995Thai versions for:
362.05OSOVOA::TAKAHASHI_NOFri May 19 1995ASPS HANGUL for AXP order number?
363.03TKOV51::ASAKAWATue May 23 1995question HANZI character set
364.0OSOVOA::TAKAHASHI_NOThu May 25 1995X-terminal for HANGUL ?
365.0SVELTO::GUESTFri May 26 1995hanzi layered prd CD part number?
366.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Jun 01 1995docs for Thai vt382
367.0HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMThu Jun 15 1995Input Method cannot bring out in Hanzi Motif
368.0HGOVC::KITTYCHIMTue Jul 11 1995Simplified Chinese version of SNA gateway?
369.03HANNAH::ALFREDThu Jul 13 1995Are the specs for our asian terminals available?
370.01HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri Jul 14 1995input method for two displays in Motif/Hanzi
371.0HGOVC::KITTYCHIMTue Jul 18 1995IBM file with simplified Chinese -> VAX file with simplified CHinese
372.01HGOVC::KITTYCHIMTue Jul 25 1995LA88-C/LA38
373.01TAVENG::CHANOCHThu Jul 27 1995Any written standard on DEC MultiByte Code sets?
374.045769::HOWLETT_TWed Aug 09 1995set up with Hanzi w/s?
375.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Aug 24 1995Extract user defined character library?
377.0TPSP11::TSC11MGRWed Sep 06 1995Start AIDA svr failed with SHRIDMISMAT error
378.03HGOM2Wed Sep 06 1995FMS/HANZI on ALPHA OVMS ?
379.06OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Sep 12 1995Chinese VMS + keyboard: Part numbers
380.01TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Sep 12 1995Pathworks/Hanyu for Windows 95
381.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Sep 25 1995Ctable-f-invdevtype, invalid device type
382.0TLAVWed Sep 27 1995Replace of VT382 ?
383.0HGOVC::FEFSSPSFri Oct 27 1995can't get input window?
384.0TPOVThu Nov 02 1995VXT 2
385.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Nov 07 1995Double Byte Char in RDB/HANZI ?
386.02SMURF::SHAThu Nov 16 1995Print Asian language from a printer ?
387.01TPSPS1::TSCMGRThu Nov 23 1995installing errors
388.0NETRIX::"aumayr_w@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Wed Jan 03 1996Support needed
389.0SMURF::WENDYFri Jan 12 1996font naming standards - need help
390.0HGOM2Mon Jan 15 1996LA88 Chinese printing from a PC?
391.01HTSC19::KENNETHWed Jan 17 1996After Chinese VMS installed, DCL SEARCH not work.
392.02TPSPS1::TSCMGRThu Jan 18 1996Patch for OpenVMS
393.02TPSP11::SYSTEMFri Feb 16 1996OVMS/Hanyu AXP V6.2
394.0SMURF::SHAWed Mar 13 1996Need IFTs for UNIX Internationalization.
395.01NETRIX::"aumayr_w@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Thu Mar 28 1996VMS Hangul Version/Printersupport
396.01HGOM26::MISSUPPORTWed Apr 17 1996HANZI Printing on DEClaser 35
397.03BLGFri Apr 19 1996Bookreader and Hanzi: how to write texts
398.02HGOVC::ERICSIUWed Apr 24 1996Where is the ADCPS pointer
399.02TPOVC::THOMASYANGFri May 17 1996Thai language support in UNIX?
400.01TKOV5Wed May 29 1996EPSON printer under HANYU VMS
401.0HTSC19::KENNETHTue Jul 02 1996Can we print bar code via CP382?
402.01TKOVOA::TAKAHASHI_AWed Sep 25 1996BIG FIVE on DigitalUNIX
403.02BALZAC::KUOCHWed Oct 02 1996Chineses font and Netscape
404.0+1PRCFS1::SOCHUNWAHWed Oct 23 1996hanzi printing on lps17
405.0248913::GINDRESat Dec 14 1996Hanzi and Hanyu products
406.03HGOM22::DAVYSUNWed Jan 08 1997pointer of alpha vms 6.2-1 H3
407.01DETTIX::blundellThu Jan 16 1997chinese WNT available yet?
408.0 *+2TPSPS5::SYSTEMTue Jan 28 1997chinese filename + pathworks
409.0 *+2HGOVC::NANDANWed Jan 29 19978
410.0 *SMURF::WENDYFri Feb 21 1997AltaVista Forum for I18N/L1
411.0 *+2TKOVOA::TAKAHASHI_ASat Mar 08 1997Where can I get BIG5 code set?
412.0 *STAR::CHANThu Mar 13 1997Asian OpenVMS Alpha and VAX V7.1
413.0 *+4TPSPS8::TSCMGRThu Mar 13 1997fms/hanyu for alpha
414.0 *+3TPOVC::MIKELISat Mar 15 1997Chinese print from laser printer under openvms
415.0 *+3ZPOVC::MONGKIAWed Apr 02 1997Traditional Characters from HANZI ?