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Conference hanzi::asia

Title:China and other Asian countries: culture, travel, Digital
Notice:Current events: see 1.8 / Keywords: notes 1.1-1.2 / Policy: 1.6
Created:Thu May 29 1986
Last Modified:Thu Apr 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:906
Total number of notes:5405
Number with bodies:5
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1.09HANZI::DAVIDLEEThu May 29 1986Introduction/Keywords/Related conferences/Policy
2.0172VMSINT::SZETOFri May 30 1986Guest book
3.039CURIE::ARNOLDSat May 31 1986travelling to Hong Kong ideas
4.015SCFAC::CHANGSat May 31 1986Where is everyone???
5.07SCFAC::CHANGTue Jun 03 1986Traveling to PRC ideas...
6.04ZPOVTue Jun 03 1986Something about Singapore...
7.06HANZI::SIMONSZETOSat Jun 03 1989Old notes never die; but they get renumbered
8.0PIXEL::PWONGWed Jun 04 1986History of modern day Hong Kong (up to Sept'84)
9.07DRUID::CHEWFri Jun 06 1986H-1 VISA for Malaysian and Singaporean ...
10.05HGOVFri Jun 06 1986Curious about your status
11.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Jun 13 1989Conference announcements
12.04SCFAC::CHANGSat Jun 07 1986Languages-->Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.
13.09CADLAC::CHENGSat Jun 07 1986Immigration quota
14.027HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Jun 09 1986Hong Kong
15.04ZPOVFri Jun 13 1986Jobs in H.K. available
16.08NY1MM::NGSat Jun 14 1986Employment opportunities in HK
17.016HGOVMon Jun 16 1986Digital in the Far East
18.07CADLAC::CHENGThu Jun 19 1986DECCA.
19.03HANZI::DAVIDLEEFri Jun 20 1986Feelings
20.05CADLAC::CHENGTue Jun 24 1986Hong Kong News.
21.02CADLAC::CHENGTue Jun 24 1986Distinguished Chinese.
22.01OMEGA::MERRILLTue Jul 01 1986Any Visitors to Thailand?
23.02AYOV19::SCMS_167222Thu Jul 03 1986Singapore Job Openings?
24.0ZPOVMon Jul 07 1986Opening in Singapore
25.01HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Jul 14 1986WORLD RECORD of Hong Kong
26.01SCFAC::CHANGTue Jul 15 1986Seen any good movies lately?
27.02HANZI::DAVIDLEEWed Jul 16 1986Impact of 1997 to HongKong
28.06HANZI::DAVIDLEEThu Jul 17 1986Insight at PRC
29.01WHOARU::CHENGFri Jul 18 1986HK Student Ambassador.
30.01161521::MIKEWARRENSat Jul 19 1986And from Malaysia ...
31.0VMSDEV::SZETOWed Jul 23 1986Area 6
32.01CADLAC::CHENGWed Jul 30 1986DECCA Annual Picnic, August 9th.
33.07ECAD::CHANThu Jul 31 1986A Great Wall!!
34.03TPOVFri Aug 15 1986Taipei Softalks
35.03BRAT::DAVISGSat Aug 16 1986Need HK Businesses Info...
36.02ZPOVThu Aug 21 1986News on Chinese Computing Conference in Singapore
37.01VIRGO::DAVISTue Aug 26 1986HK Chamber of Commerce?
38.010BRAT::DAVISGWed Sep 03 1986Any HK residents out there?
40.0ZPOVTue Sep 30 1986Openings in the Sales office here
41.029NZOVThu Oct 02 1986Indonesia?
42.08SCFAC::CHANGFri Oct 03 1986And What a Trip it Was!!!!!
43.0215518::CHENGThu Nov 20 1986AI in Hong Kong?
44.015PIXEL::PWONGMon Dec 08 1986News bulletin: Hong Kong Governor died in Peking
45.02HGOVWed Dec 24 1986DEC in KOREA
46.01WME::CHENGThu Jan 08 1987DECCA Annual Chinese New Year Dinner/Party.
47.011657Fri Jan 16 1987ACT in Peking?
48.01DECWET::WESTERNTue Jan 27 1987Hong Kong Sevens
49.0141175::JMURPHYSat Feb 14 1987Karakorum Highway
51.0249296::STAUFERTue Mar 03 1987GOOD OLD EUROPE
52.01NOVA::SQL_TAYFri Mar 06 1987Summer positions in Hong Kong???
53.010WME::CHENGMon Mar 23 1987Far East VTX job openings.
54.03PIXEL::PWONGWed Mar 25 1987Macao goes back in 1999
56.023--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 15 1987any information would be appreciated
57.01WME::CHENGFri Apr 17 1987H1 VISA.
58.0371Sat May 16 1987Hong Kong Food
59.01016566::FRIEDMANFri May 22 1987Housing in HK
60.051Fri May 22 1987 Food and restaurant on this side of the pond.
61.017389::COOPERTue Jun 02 1987SCHOOL REPORT ON CHINA
62.0316611::FRIEDMANTue Jun 02 1987"HELL BANKNOTES"
63.0549394::RUEFFFri Jun 05 1987Where should I go ????
64.02HANZI::DAVIDLEESun Jun 07 1987Share yr experience in FE DEC office?
65.0HANZI::DAVIDLEETue Jun 09 1987Panda doomed to extinction -- researchers
66.0416566::FRIEDMANWed Jun 10 1987weddings
67.0971Thu Jun 11 1987Looking for Business Contacts in Far East
68.09ZPOVWed Jun 24 1987Draining of HK professionals
69.021Sat Jun 27 1987Happy Valley and Shatin
70.024BMT::NGWed Jul 01 1987Kowloon Hotels
71.02HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Jul 06 1987Most expect China to open further - poll
72.0HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Jul 06 1987New Dictionary took 1
73.016HANZI::DAVIDLEETue Jul 21 1987GOOD Movies in the Summer
74.0344Thu Aug 20 1987Visiting Singapore
75.011178::C_LEEWed Sep 02 1987Indians 21 Cowboys 1 from this side of the pond
76.03112Wed Sep 09 1987Shenzhen and San Jose
77.01Sun Sep 13 1987Names, Monickers, Nicknames and Ming.
78.0575Thu Sep 17 1987CHINA FEST '87 IN BOSTON
79.0425998::DEEREMon Sep 21 1987Philippines and Digital
80.081Tue Sep 22 1987TAIWAN ARE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!
81.016HANZI::DAVIDLEEWed Sep 23 1987HANZI::FAR_EAST wish list
82.010HANZI::DAVIDLEEThu Sep 24 1987DECWORLD Report from the Pearl of Orient
83.02HANZI::DAVIDLEETue Sep 29 1987Reports on Singapore
84.012245::CHENTue Sep 29 1987TRADESHOW IN PRC ???
85.02LABC::FRIEDMANTue Sep 29 1987Lunar New Year
86.01HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Oct 05 1987Fung Shui (Hongkong)
87.072522::PHILPOTTTue Oct 06 1987Thai bibliography?
88.05HANZI::DAVIDLEEWed Oct 07 1987KOREA (Old days, 6
89.09HANZI::DAVIDLEEWed Oct 07 1987Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
90.08ZPOVThu Oct 08 1987Hongkong's goodbye culture
91.0HANZI::DAVIDLEEThu Oct 08 1987PRC - from the eyes of two Taiwan journalists
92.0107779::MYEESat Oct 10 1987Visiting HK and the Far East
93.04255Sat Oct 10 1987Asian Business Awareness Conference in ZKO
94.01018583::CHEUNGThu Oct 15 1987Time for vacation?
95.01Mon Oct 19 1987Tian-Mah Chinese character software
96.0837967::WCHINWed Oct 21 1987Hong Kong Stock Market
97.0WME::CHENGWed Oct 21 1987Immigration quota.
98.09HANZI::RITACHUThu Oct 22 1987A Trip to PRC
99.056Tue Oct 27 1987Jinan University - HELP
100.0TOOK::LEEWed Oct 28 1987Article on Far East
101.02TOOK::LEEFri Oct 30 1987$TOCK
102.051Tue Nov 03 1987Movies, an autumn update
103.08TOOK::LEETue Nov 10 1987Outstanding Asians
104.02HANZI::RITACHUTue Nov 10 1987What's Happening to Canada's Mailing Services?
105.051Tue Nov 10 1987SF to HK, scholar's return.
106.02WME::CHENGWed Nov 11 1987Networking with PRC.
107.02SHIRE::TALLONMon Nov 16 1987The Founding of Penang. Help required
108.012Mon Nov 30 1987New office
109.077413::BELANGERTue Dec 01 1987DECCA INFO NEEDED
110.0HANZI::RITACHUMon Dec 07 1987Digital Career Day
112.0181Tue Dec 08 1987HK to Canada Exodus
113.01116611::FRIEDMANFri Dec 11 1987The Last Emperor
114.0PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUTue Dec 15 1987Exhibition in Taipei
115.0616957::YIUThu Dec 24 1987Any Singaporeans or Malaysians out there?
116.038625::HOEFri Dec 25 1987Seasons Greetings from Colorado Springs
117.0161658Sun Dec 27 1987Location of node PRCSWS ??
118.0324686::CHOAMon Dec 28 1987THE LAST EMPIRE
119.01ZPOVWed Dec 30 1987How you react?
120.0159153::HOEThu Dec 31 1987Asian New Year <==> Chinese New Year???
121.07LAIDBK::FANGThu Dec 31 1987Chinese Word Processing S/W ??
122.0WME::CHENGMon Jan 04 1988Rating of Chinese U's.
123.08LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jan 05 1988Temple
124.07SALEM::HOWed Jan 06 1988Chinese based DataBase & Spreadsheet Products?
125.07ZPOVThu Jan 07 1988HK should revalue its $ or else...
126.01ULTRA::HSUThu Jan 14 1988Death of Taiwan's president
127.03OSPREY::CLASPERThu Jan 14 1988Help make my visit one to remember
128.03ABSZK::GREENWOODMon Jan 18 1988NTSC and PAL video cameras
129.0HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Feb 01 1988_GuanXi_ ("Connections") -- An extract
130.09WLDWST::C_LEEWed Feb 03 1988New Year Parade
132.0RDGCSS::KOSKUBASat Feb 06 1988Tai Chi in Hong Kong.
133.07HANZI::DAVIDLEEFri Feb 12 1988Happy Chinese New Year from Digital Far East
134.0HGOVTue Feb 16 1988distress calling for a telecom consultant
135.018GIGGLE::CHANTue Feb 16 1988Hong Kong TV shows!
138.014HANZI::SIMONSZETOFri Feb 26 1988Shopping in Hong Kong
139.01HGOVMon Feb 29 1988Cathay Pacific Annual Rugby Sevens Invitational Tourney
140.03SRFSUP::YEUNGMon Feb 29 1988HK Banks not paying interest?
141.011HGOM18::SIMONSZETOMon Feb 29 1988Noble House
142.02DEALIN::CHANTue Mar 01 1988Chinese Film Festival - Boston
143.03HANZI::DAVIDLEEWed Mar 02 1988Announcing HANZI::FELE_PRODUCTS (Hit KP7 to add entry)
144.0ZPOVWed Mar 02 1988LO HEI is popular in HK ?
145.02ZURThu Mar 03 1988Visiting Thailand
146.0CHARON::WEIThu Mar 03 1988What's the interest rate in Hong Kong?
147.04SRFSUP::FRIEDMANTue Mar 08 1988SIXEL Chinese Chars
148.08DV78Mon Mar 14 1988MAINT IN THAILAND
149.02OVDVAX::TSOUMon Mar 14 1988Short-term assignment in Korea.
150.03HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Mar 14 1988Singapore hotels
151.02HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Mar 14 1988Chinese names on badges
152.05BEANCT::CHENThu Mar 17 1988How about DEC in PRC?
153.03HANENG::FELEMon Mar 21 1988SINGAPORE
154.02DPDWed Mar 23 1988SIN/TEXAS PenPals?
155.05HANZI::FELEWed Mar 23 1988Digital Far East Headquarters
156.01EAGLE1::KIRKMon Mar 28 1988Going to Shanghai?
157.01BEANCT::YUANThu Mar 31 1988How do you pay taxes while working overseas?
158.06--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 31 1988HK and beyond--recommendations please
159.01MECAD::MCKINNEYSat Apr 02 1988Help with Chinese visitors!
160.0CHARON::WEIWed Apr 06 1988Needs input for Asian Awareness in the US
161.04HANZI::FELEThu Apr 07 1988The Eagle and the Dragon
162.01ISTG::CORAKFri Apr 08 1988INFO on Hong Kong and Bangkok
163.05HANHUA::FELEMon Apr 11 1988Hair-raising stories pull in the Japanese
164.0HANHUA::FELEMon Apr 11 1988Japan tops for long life
165.06LABC::FRIEDMANTue Apr 12 1988Cuisine
166.04GLTLAB::KRAUSTue Apr 12 1988Price Toshiba 51
167.06LABC::FRIEDMANWed Apr 13 1988U.S. Customs
168.09DPDMAI::STEINERWed Apr 13 1988RAM Chips in the FAR EAST?
170.01JANUS::LIGHTSat Apr 16 1988Overland to/from China
171.07THRILL::CHENGWed Apr 20 1988Question on overseas assignment.
172.013CHARON::YUANThu Apr 21 1988How about DEC in Taiwan?
173.05HANHUA::DAVIDLEEThu Apr 21 1988Movies in the Summer 88
174.01SWAFAC::ZHENGSat Apr 23 1988Nodename in Peking
175.02ZPOVMon Apr 25 1988Hi-Tech Gambling
176.0MECAD::MCKINNEYThu Apr 28 1988CAD/CAM jobs in Far East?
177.07TALLIS::KOCHFri Apr 29 1988What does this character mean?
178.05FDCV18::CHOAFri Apr 29 1988rumor
179.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 02 1988Wondering?
180.04TKTV2Mon May 02 1988Renault agency in H.K.?
181.05VLOVMon May 02 1988Singapore and Indonesia
183.0CPRS::ROSCHTue May 03 1988PR in HK?
184.01PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANFri May 06 1988where are you?
185.011WLDWST::C_LEESun May 08 1988From the top of the world.
186.01KAOAWed May 11 1988More entry to this conference?
187.010WEST::NEWDEVWed May 11 1988Why?????
188.0YIPPEE::GOULNIKFri May 13 1988Abacus Program
189.04OTELLO::LOOITue May 17 1988[topic locked by moderator]
190.01USADEC::MOKThu May 19 1988Chinese Evangelical Meetings
191.07CSSE::BAIRD_2Fri May 20 1988H.K. Law Draft - Comments?
192.021HANHUA::DAVIDLEEWed May 25 1988Miss Universe Pageant
193.04LABC::FRIEDMANWed Jun 01 1988Hong Kong Hotels
194.08CLOSUS::HOEWed Jun 01 1988Air polution in PRC?
195.02HANZI::DAVIDLEEThu Jun 02 1988Ice-cream was originated from China !!
196.0HANZI::ANGIEYIMFri Jun 03 1988Hongkong's firstever Cardinal
197.07HANZI::DAVIDLEEMon Jun 13 1988Roll out the red carpet
198.0MUNICH::WUENSCHFri Jun 17 1988Laptop LP-286 from Golden Time
199.02PRSNRD::BLAIZATThu Jun 23 1988Some info for my vacations !!
200.015BUGEYE::PANGFri Jun 24 1988Music in HK
201.02BUGEYE::PANGFri Jun 24 1988Concerts
202.0716557::FRIEDMANFri Jun 24 1988Celebrity
203.017HANZI::SIMONSZETOSat Jun 25 1988Digital offices in Hong Kong
204.08USADEC::MOKMon Jun 27 1988The Pop Music Culture in Hong Kong
205.06FOOT::TSANGMon Jun 27 1988higher education in HK
206.05BUGEYE::PANGTue Jun 28 1988If you like LAM...
207.07PRCS85::JIMMYCHANTue Jun 28 1988Chinese Hero
208.0USADEC::MOKThu Jun 30 1988Wall Street Insider Trading Scam
209.011KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Jul 06 1988visa
210.01PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGThu Jul 07 1988Don't let them lie about what happened
211.02RDGENG::RANSOMThu Jul 07 1988Thailand Office Questions
212.01TRCOSat Jul 09 1988GENiSYS in HONG KONG?
213.08CLOSUS::HOETue Jul 19 1988DEC fact
214.06WILKIE::HUSat Jul 23 1988Price for Camcoder/CD player
215.03NHL::OLESINTue Jul 26 1988Speaking to the common people
216.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Jul 26 1988China Tours
217.02LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Jul 26 1988..fizz..pop..kumusta Manila!
218.0RETORT::STEINFELDWed Jul 27 1988Jade carver??
219.07ABSZK::SZETOWed Aug 03 1988Chinese input methods
220.01HIBOB::VANLAANENWed Aug 03 1988Traveling to HK and PRC soon...
221.07ROMWed Aug 03 1988Help on trip Bangkok-Singapore
222.04BERNThu Aug 04 1988COMPUTASIA ??
223.0449ER::C_LEEThu Aug 04 1988Money Help
224.0449ER::C_LEEMon Aug 08 1988HK travel agents
225.011HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Aug 08 19888/8/88
226.01HPSRAD::LAMTue Aug 09 1988superstitious
227.01049ER::C_LEETue Aug 09 1988DECCA where are you?
228.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Aug 11 1988Hong Kong's Walled City
229.0249ER::C_LEESun Aug 14 1988GZ to BJ
230.09HWSSSMon Aug 15 1988"Coca Cola" in Chinese
231.03DEDOWed Aug 17 1988Hong Kong visit in March 1989
233.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 19 1988the bad dreamer
234.01649ER::C_LEEMon Aug 22 1988Hong Kong to US telephone calls
235.013TKTV2Tue Aug 23 1988Thai Classical Dance
236.06LDYBUG::CORBOThu Aug 25 1988Information on Taipei??
238.017HANZI::WILLIAMLIWed Aug 31 1988miracle...
239.011HPSRAD::LAMFri Sep 02 1988but CX does not fly out of Boston
240.08KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Sep 07 1988Hong Kong Water
241.09ZUREIS::SAMPLThu Sep 08 1988Credit Cards / Cheques
242.05ULTRA::PANThu Sep 08 1988Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Changsha info
243.02ROMFri Sep 09 1988hints needed...
244.07AITG::RAVIThu Sep 15 1988Olympics - Seoul,Korea
245.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Sep 15 1988Giving Birth Overseas
246.02WR1FOR::YIP_MIThu Sep 15 1988HKGovt Looking for A.O.'s
247.01KINGSX::LEHMKUHLMon Sep 19 1988Far East DECUS
248.01KINGSX::LEHMKUHLMon Sep 19 1988Christmas in S'pore and BKK
249.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOThu Sep 22 1988Questions on Kanji and other Asian character sets
250.023GVAADG::RICEFri Sep 23 1988Vietnam?
251.01WLDWST::C_LEETue Sep 27 1988Hangover Cure?
252.03KAOFS::R_SANGHWANTue Sep 27 1988looking for prices on AT clone
253.0KAOFS::R_SANGHWANThu Sep 29 1988addition to note 252
254.03549ER::STEPHENSThu Sep 29 1988Jobs in the Far East ?
255.0ZPOVMon Oct 03 1988LUNG CANCER highest in HK?
256.06ROMMon Oct 10 1988voltage, TV std?
257.02SNOCTue Oct 11 1988Elephant Roundup in Surin, Thailand?
258.01DUBTue Oct 11 1988The Bangkok Manhattan?
259.0FRAIS3::DKELLERTue Oct 11 1988Far East Matchbooks Anyone???
260.01649ER::C_LEESat Oct 15 1988Tiger Bomb!
261.02OASS::AYALLAHTue Oct 18 1988Any Pen Pals?
262.07YUPPY::PATEMANFri Oct 21 1988What is HK like at Xmas?
263.0YODA::PANSat Oct 22 1988PRC Tai Chi Chuan teacher
264.0CLOSUS::HOESat Oct 22 1988Chinese DECtalk? what a concept
265.01SPYMon Oct 24 1988short visit to HK
266.04OASS::AYALLAHThu Oct 27 1988English Newspapers?
267.02WMOIS::K_KAMINSKYFri Oct 28 1988Chinese electricity
268.03HGOVC::KEVINNGSat Oct 29 1988Do you have a friend in Singapore?
269.05TKOVMon Oct 31 1988Help/Travel Agencies
270.01TSE::CHEWTue Nov 01 1988Dadah (drug) is death !
271.05ERFARE::FUNGTue Nov 08 1988Nice restaurant for Xmas Eve
272.03SNOCWed Nov 09 1988Whats on in HK Nov 2
273.01HAMWed Nov 09 1988I need to know
274.01OASS::AYALLAHWed Nov 16 1988Any Malay Currency?
275.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Nov 16 1988Chinese Songs??
276.07HGOVC::KEVINNGSun Nov 20 1988Updated hotel rates in Singapore!
277.01WLDWST::C_LEEMon Nov 21 1988Help Needed.
278.01TAOVMon Nov 21 1988Can I connect with BITNET from Taiwan?
279.01DUBTue Nov 22 1988PENANG??
280.02TEMPE1::GAFFNEYWed Nov 23 1988Chinese Medicine Information Exchange
281.02ERFARE::FUNGWed Nov 23 1988AI conference at Hong Kong U.?
282.01SCOMAN::GAUTHIERWed Nov 30 1988Looking for tyravel Companion Jun '89'
283.012DEALIN::CHANWed Nov 30 1988American TV shows
284.03NACMIS::CLOUGHWed Nov 30 1988NOVICES looking for expert advice on Asian travel
285.0MARVIN::RICKETTWed Nov 30 1988Floods in Thailand?
286.0ZPOVSat Dec 03 1988ZOO..FM1
287.04NACMIS::CLOUGHMon Dec 05 1988PRC Itinerary????
288.06TEASE::NGUYENTue Dec 06 1988Manila Philippines / travel
290.01BOEHM::A_CHENSat Dec 10 1988Japanese Restaurant - Grand opening
291.03THRILL::CHENGTue Dec 13 1988Japan, Nippon or Nihon?
292.0649ER::STEPHENSTue Dec 13 1988Tibet anyone ???
293.08ESOCTS::PARKERThu Dec 15 1988DEC Beijing Office Location ?
294.03WLDWST::C_LEESun Dec 18 1988PRC DEC Watch from Afar.
295.07HANZI::SIMONSZETOTue Dec 20 1988Hong Kong phone numbers
296.02ELWOOD::NORCOTTWed Dec 28 1988Dates for Chinese New Year?
297.0ALXNDR::LANDRONWed Dec 28 1988Tokyo/HK Help Needed
298.05BUMBO::NORCOTTWed Dec 28 1988World's Largest Restaurant
299.02CSSISG::CHENThu Dec 29 1988Where can I get discounted airplane tickets?
300.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANWed Jan 04 1989Cross-Harbour Tunnel
301.01ELWOOD::NORCOTTWed Jan 04 1989Which Chinese dialects in Bangkok?
302.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 05 1989Job opening for Product Manager
303.0COVERT::COVERTThu Jan 05 1989Cellular Telephones
304.02CSCMA::CHUSat Jan 07 1989some thoughts about Taipei
305.03KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSat Jan 07 1989Do-It-Yourself Acupuncture
306.0WLDWST::C_LEEFri Jan 13 1989Chinese Medicine
307.03YUPPY::LOVERINGFri Jan 13 1989Lee Garden Hotel
308.04FNYFS::ESCOTSat Jan 14 1989Fiji part of the far East?
309.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 19 1989General Discussion About Thailand
310.0BIS::VANHOOFMon Jan 23 1989Holiday in China
311.0251488::TAMMISALOMon Jan 23 1989HELP! olympic games
312.04ARTMIS::WILSONDTue Jan 24 1989Mainland China ?
313.05GVAADG::RICETue Jan 24 1989Buying Thai Land
314.0LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Jan 24 1989Hong Kong Jockey Club
315.0TROAFri Jan 27 1989Like to visit HK DEC office
316.03BLURB::YOUNGSat Jan 28 1989Books for a Chinese Library
318.010CLOSUS::HOEThu Feb 02 1989"LICEE" protocol?
319.02SNOWY::HEDRICKFri Feb 03 1989TV Schematics
320.011IAMOK::FREREMon Feb 06 1989Year of the Snake.
321.05STKHLM::KVAAVIKWed Feb 08 1989Thailand in august/september?
322.07BLKWDO::GAFFNEYThu Feb 09 1989Burma Information?
323.06TSE::LITue Feb 14 1989Need in access for Chinese terminal/printer
324.02NYEM1::YUNGTue Feb 14 1989Network Competence Center?
325.0WIENER::NEUMUELLERThu Feb 16 1989 KENDO in HK
326.017KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Feb 21 1989Darkie Toothpaste
327.0SNO78C::DEANGELISSun Feb 26 1989Availability of furnished apartements?
328.02HLFSMon Feb 27 1989Bangkok or Singapore ?
329.01BLKWDO::GAFFNEYMon Feb 27 1989Taipei Hotel Reservation Help
330.07SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Mar 02 1989how do people differ ?
331.0HPSTEK::YANGThu Mar 02 1989DEC Taiwan Plant became MRS. Job Well Done !!!
332.03BER::ROSENBERGThu Mar 02 1989A private visit in Singapour from Germany
333.011CSCMA::CHUSat Mar 04 1989US citizenship after 3 years?
336.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 17 1989Any experience claiming back properties in PRC?
337.01KAZAN::MENEBHIFri Mar 17 1989HELP PLS
338.02ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Mar 17 1989Guide books for the far east...
339.01--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 18 1989Contract In Far East
340.02--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 28 1989Holidays In Penang, Malaysia
341.05ROSINA::ROBARGEFri Mar 31 1989experience in Korea??
343.08TKOVMon Apr 03 1989Exchange rate in Hong Kong
344.0ZPOVTue Apr 04 1989Jardine Matheson Hldgs Acct - help reqd
345.03SELECT::CHUMThu Apr 06 1989AI activities in Far East?
347.03RTOIC::SGRADNITZERThu Apr 06 1989"Chasing the Dragon"
348.04HANZI::SIMONSZETOThu Apr 06 1989Brief (very brief) visit to San Francisco from Far East
349.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Apr 13 1989Earthquakes ?
350.05ILO::JMURPHYThu Apr 13 1989T I B E T - 1989
351.0RAVEN1::NGUYENTue Apr 18 1989EDI activities in FE ?
352.02HGOVC::JEFFLUITue Apr 18 1989Thailand land
353.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 28 1989Video Camera Import Duty In Malaysia
354.02TUCSON::COOPERMon May 01 1989Seeking South Pacific
355.026AKOV12::HAGGERTYWed May 03 1989hotels in Bangkok?
356.07TUCSON::COOPERThu May 04 1989Oriental Women/Dating?
357.02AUSSIE::TONGMon May 08 1989Help looking for an old friend
358.0HANDVC::DAVIDLEEWed May 10 1989DEC TV advertising/promotion campaign in Far East
360.01AQUA::SONThu May 18 1989ANOUNCEMENT for Korean Digital Employees
361.09TSG::CHANGThu May 18 1989Immigration question
362.02KYOA::YUNGThu May 18 1989PP&P: Section 9 Missing
363.01PRSUD1::SIMONThu May 18 1989VTX job opportunity database?
367.0BUGEYE::PANGSat May 20 1989Actress: Sylvia Chang
368.01HWSSSFri Jun 16 1989Topic 368 is alive and well and living in HANZI::CHINA
369.010HGOVC::TONYLOWed May 24 1989Hotel in Taiwan?
370.0RTOIC::SGRADNITZERSat May 27 1989Job Opportunities in Hk?
374.02WLDWST::C_LEEThu Jun 01 1989Hoping for the best for HK
377.0MQOFS::LEDOUXSat Jun 03 1989Computer chips memory prices?
381.06CRATE::YANDLETue Jun 06 1989Info. needed. Bangkok-Malaysia
387.01FDCVFri Jun 09 1989DIS on using Notes for non-DEC business.
392.013ZPOVFri Jun 09 1989What about Digital PRC?
395.01JANUS::CHOIMon Jun 12 1989An Independent Hong Kong?
397.05FAILTE::CLASPERWed Jun 14 1989Far East was brilliant
398.02ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IWed Jun 21 1989Burma changes name...
400.0UPBEAT::TLEEFri Jun 23 1989Babysitter Needed
401.02NYEM1::YUNGTue Jun 27 1989HK: Sheraton Towers Update?
402.02HWSSSTue Jun 27 1989Simplified music notation
403.05STKHLM::WIDBERGTue Jun 27 1989Trekking and Swimming in Thailand
404.01HANZI::MELINALAMTue Jun 27 1989Hotel Tariff in Hong Kong - 1989
405.06RAINBO::NGWed Jun 28 1989buying furniture in HK can be hazrdous
406.08MPGS::HAMBURGERThu Jun 29 1989Help understanding chinese calendar
407.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOThu Jun 29 1989Taichung, Taiwan Visit
408.0HAMIS3::WUPPERMANNFri Jul 07 1989Sinologist
409.01PAGODA::HOWed Jul 26 1989'89 DECCA annual Picnic - Xposted in the SWATT::DECCA
411.09CHISPA::WALSHFri Jul 28 1989Anybody have any suggestions for Gifts ?
412.08EINE::KEOGHTue Aug 08 1989Train travel in Thailand ?
413.01RUTLND::BERTOLINOThu Aug 10 1989postcards for sick youth
414.01GVAMon Aug 14 1989Religion amongst ethnic Chinese
415.06FSCORE::C_DAMThu Aug 17 1989Travel to FAR EAST
416.01JUPITR::MOKTue Aug 22 1989Our old high school....
417.0GVAADG::RICETue Aug 22 1989Nias?
418.0KETJE::DEVOSWed Aug 23 1989GINSENG
419.0DIMSUM::PWONGTue Aug 29 1989Secondary school poll from soc.culture.hongkong
420.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 29 1989Info. on Tokyo/Japan needed.
421.0SARAH::PWONGWed Aug 30 1989Primary school poll from soc.culture.hongkong
422.012HANZI::SIMONSZETOWed Aug 30 1989Hong Kong Noters Registry
423.04STKHLM::BERTILSSONThu Sep 07 1989Phi Phi Island (Thailand)
424.04HWSSSSat Sep 16 1989Chinese dialects and scripts (also Korean)
426.09MANMWed Sep 27 1989Hong Kong Dimsum
427.0WR1FOR::RAVIKUMAR_RASat Sep 30 1989Singapore - Hotel info needed
428.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Oct 02 1989cultural differences
429.02LEZAH::QUIRIYThu Oct 05 1989korean rock'n'roll?
430.01HGOVC::KEVINNGThu Oct 05 1989Hotels in F.E. with DEC discount
431.010BRGNDY::YIPFri Oct 06 1989Looking for Mr. Ko
432.01HWSSSFri Oct 06 1989Chinese Input Method for the Macintosh
434.0SNOCTue Oct 17 1989Hong Kong/Sydney short accomodation swap
436.03HGOVC::JEFFLUIMon Oct 23 1989HK Vogon news?
437.05AUSSIE::TONGTue Oct 24 1989Licence to drive in HK?
438.02SUBURB::KAVIAVWed Oct 25 1989Drive fromThail
439.02HANNAH::KUMARWed Oct 25 1989Address needed in Bangkok
440.0HWSSSSat Oct 28 1989Hongkong 3rd in stress
441.01HWSSSMon Oct 30 1989MacGyver
442.04MANMMon Oct 30 1989Singaporean Cuisine
443.0HWSSSThu Nov 02 1989Gateways to other networks
444.04JUPITR::MOKFri Nov 17 1989For fun only: A Variation from the British Anthem
445.0JUPITR::MOKFri Nov 17 1989Summary of FORTUNE article on Pacific Rim economies
446.03CHEFS::THOMASG1Tue Nov 21 1989Help with BBC Prog. on Singapore
447.04GAMAY::YIPTue Nov 28 1989Car-seat wanted in Hong Kong
448.02JUPITR::MOKThu Nov 30 1989ASEAN
449.07CHISPA::WALSHThu Nov 30 1989Vietnamese Boat People
450.0JUPITR::MOKFri Dec 01 1989BW: "HK's Software Pirates...."
451.06SAC::PHILPOTT_IFri Dec 01 1989Video/TV format in Thailand
452.0STNING::DSM_SECTue Dec 05 1989Help...
453.01SHAPES::DANIALISat Dec 16 1989More far_east contact
454.09MANMThu Dec 21 1989New DEC-Philippines Office
455.05GIAMEM::J_BELLIVEAUFri Dec 22 1989pinyin
456.02WILARD::BARANSKIFri Dec 22 1989Rabbit/Hare on the Moon?
457.09EST::GARLAPATIThu Dec 28 1989Need info on Far East Honeymoon
458.018FNYMV3::FIRTHThu Dec 28 1989Can I afford to work in HK?!
461.014JGO::TILThu Jan 11 1990Holland - Beijing by Train, info needed
462.0HANDVC::SIMONSZETOThu Jan 11 1990Be careful who you call a Type A personality
463.07HANDVC::SIMONSZETOFri Jan 12 1990Mispronouncing Chinese names
464.0JUPITR::MOKFri Jan 12 1990Chinese computing mailing list
465.01AYOV29::GBUCZMAFri Jan 12 1990CHINA - The post MARTIAL LAW period
466.0VAXWRK::STANGELWed Jan 17 1990Delivering VAXset in the Far East.
467.01NEEPS::PANGWed Jan 17 1990Animals to what year?
468.09MANMTue Jan 16 1990Philippine Notes Conference anyone?
469.03HANDVA::THOMASCHANThu Jan 25 1990Happy Lunar New Year
470.05MANMFri Jan 26 1990PINOY Conference Update
471.01IOSG::ROBERTSNFri Feb 02 1990South China Morning Post wanted
472.01HANDVC::DAVIDLEEMon Feb 05 1990Recommendation of cordless telephone in HK?
473.02TRUCKS::BRUCEMon Feb 05 1990Paying in Thailand
474.03JGO::TILThu Feb 08 1990PRCTRIP Conference, dead or alive??
475.0JUPITR::MOKFri Feb 09 1990Info for HK Employment
476.0SHIPS::KERVILL_GTue Feb 13 1990Please Help if you can.....
477.0JUPITR::MOKTue Feb 13 1990BITNET connection for HK
478.02TAOVTue Feb 13 1990I WANT TO SAY....
479.01JUPITR::MOKTue Feb 13 1990Soc.culture.hongkong mailing list
480.02BLKWDO::GAFFNEYWed Feb 28 1990Apartment Costs In Thailand?
481.01ORACLE::GRAHAMThu Mar 01 1990Bali Hotels and Advice?
482.01JUPITR::MOKThu Mar 01 1990Job in HK (non-DEC)
483.0JUPITR::MOKWed Mar 07 1990Cover Art of 199
484.0MANMSat Mar 10 1990NOW OPEN:PINOY (Philippines) Conference
485.01DPDMAI::TREVINOWed Mar 14 1990Project In Korea Info
486.02NSDC::ESTILLFri Mar 16 1990Trip to Far East
487.04IOSG::GIBSONWed Mar 21 1990Accomodation in HK
488.02STKAI2::TOHMANTue Mar 27 1990Addr.to Mail Order Co's in F-E?
489.0WLDWST::ESCANOTue Apr 03 1990"Just To Remember Confucious"
490.01CGOSSat Apr 07 1990Buy PC Compatable in HK ?
491.02HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Apr 09 1990Population of Hongkong
492.02AISG::SCHENGFri Apr 13 1990Congratulations to Simon Szeto
493.02JUPITR::MOKSat Apr 14 1990Computer network solution proposed for PRC Education & Research
494.0CLARID::STUARTTue Apr 17 1990Chinese student in France ?
497.01OPHION::YIPFri Apr 20 1990Social Security Tax Withholding
498.0ISESat Apr 21 1990Benefit Concert in Boston
499.0HGABSS::SZETOWed Apr 25 1990Interesting article on Thai localization
500.05CHISPA::WALSHThu Apr 26 1990Dragon Boat Races
501.02SYSTMX::BROWNEWed May 02 19902
502.0696JUPITR::MOKSat May 05 1990China & HK Computer/Telecom News
503.01TLE::HOTue May 08 1990Corporate sponsored Asian Awareness Month - May '9
504.010LEMAN::DAMITue May 08 1990Working/living in Singapore
505.02JAIMES::SONGThu May 10 1990International Job/Relocation.
506.03BRABAM::PHILPOTTWed May 16 1990relo to Thailand?
507.013MANMWed May 16 1990HK Flats: How do you find one and where?
508.0CHISPA::WALSHMon May 21 1990Recent Events in Taiwan
509.0PLAYER::KENNEDY_CMon May 21 1990Has anyone seen John?
511.04STRIKR::KAVIAMon Jun 04 1990Fly from Singapore?...
512.01GIDDAY::LINGThu Jun 07 1990thanks, charles
513.0VAXWRK::STANGELWed Jun 13 1990Looking for Far East travel info
514.03SYSTMX::BROWNEWed Jun 13 1990Admin Rental Reimbursement
515.09SNOCTue Jun 19 1990CD Player Information
517.0DNEAST::FREEMAN_KEVISat Jun 23 1990Golf in Singapore/Indonesia Info needed.
518.0HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Jun 25 1990Far East VideoTex (VTX) Services
519.03HANZI::SIMONSZETOSun Jul 01 1990Far East Engineering becomes Asian Engineering
520.02SNOCTue Jul 03 1990Sports Attire
521.0HGABSS::SZETOTue Jul 03 1990Sony Palmtop Computer
522.0JUPITR::MOKWed Jul 04 1990HK University of Science & Technology announcement
523.01HGABSS::SZETOWed Jul 04 1990Digital Far East becomes Digital Asia
524.01CADSYS::TAIFri Jul 06 19908mm in China
525.05VARESE::MIOTTOWed Jul 11 1990Car Hire in Bangkok
526.02OPHION::YIPThu Jul 12 1990Character Input Keyboard Template for Chinese Word Processor
527.06MGOIThu Jul 12 1990Vietnam, Laos, Kambodia
528.01SHALOT::ANDERSONSat Jul 14 1990Hong Kong -- Beaches
529.01SHALOT::ANDERSONSat Jul 14 1990Hong Kong -- Hiking
530.04SHALOT::ANDERSONSat Jul 14 1990Chinese Language Request
531.01ATREUS::DEAKINSSat Jul 14 1990Laptop PC prices. US or HK?
532.014KAM5Mon Jul 16 1990Job Market in Hong Kong?
533.04OPHION::YIPThu Jul 26 1990Moving to the U.K.?
534.0BURTON::MCCAUSLANDThu Jul 26 1990Cook Islands Info
535.010ZGOMFri Jul 27 1990Food-Asia
536.02JOVIAL::CHENFri Jul 27 1990Digital Chinese Software?
537.09JUPITR::MOKMon Jul 30 1990Lack of Communications in Boston/DECworld: a story
538.05SUBURB::CAMMRWed Jul 04 1990Help with China trip ?
539.0ZGOMWed Aug 01 1990Muay Thai
540.08ZGOMWed Aug 01 1990Buddhism in Thailand
541.04HGABSS::SZETOSun Aug 05 1990Crisis = opportunity (don't you believe it)
542.09JUPITR::MOKTue Aug 07 1990Business conditions in Hong Kong?
543.017AUSSIE::WALSHWed Aug 08 1990Happy Birthday Singapore
544.04SHALOT::NICODEMSat Aug 11 1990Looking for info on video camcorders
545.02HGABSS::SZETOSat Aug 11 1990Job hunting in Hong Kong and other Asian countries?
546.0JUPITR::MOKTue Aug 14 1990Asian economies to play major global trade role in 9
548.04JGO::TILFri Aug 17 1990See Hong Kong in two days??
549.03EICMFG::MALLETTSat Aug 18 1990Singapore, city of lions?
550.06JUPITR::MOKSat Aug 25 1990Big Brother tracking system in Thailand (xposted w/ permission)
551.07WLDWST::C_LEEMon Aug 27 1990Who won?
552.08OXNARD::YIPWed Aug 29 1990NYTimes article on Filipino Women in Hong Kong
553.01JUPITR::MOKThu Aug 30 1990Survey ranks best universities in China
554.0JUPITR::MOKThu Aug 30 1990AWSJ: Asian Youth Orchestra a resounding success
555.06PLAYER::CASSELLSFri Aug 31 1990Chung King Mansions
556.01HGOVC::HEERJEEMon Sep 10 1990Help Needed to Furnish Apartment
557.010OXNARD::YIPThu Sep 13 19901991 Chinese New Year
559.02SALEM::WONGTue Sep 18 1990Small Satellite Dish for Chinese program in NH
560.02TROAWed Sep 19 1990Shanghai Center
561.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 21 1990Mid-Autumn Festival
562.01HGOVC::CRISOLOGOFri Sep 21 1990Bike Shops in HK?
563.0WLDWST::C_LEEMon Sep 24 1990How good is this?
565.01NEWOA::LOVELLTue Sep 25 1990Digital FY9
566.04ZGOMThu Sep 27 1990Loy Krathong
567.01FORTSC::MOKThu Sep 27 1990VAX 9
568.02COPCLU::BOGSTADThu Sep 27 1990I'm coming on vacation
569.07TRCAFri Sep 28 1990Asian Games
570.02ESSB::JMURPHYTue Oct 02 1990Mongolia bound..(not PRC)
571.08TRCOTue Oct 02 1990Plane crash in Guangzhou airport
572.01ZGOMFri Oct 05 1990BAngkok Inferno
573.0FROCKY::LOEFFELSENDSat Oct 06 1990Co op student in Asia ?
574.03WMOIS::COTTON_RSun Oct 07 1990Current views on Hong Kong 1997
575.01CSC32::S_MAUFETue Oct 09 1990Air fare, US to Bombay
576.01PEKING::NASHDTue Oct 09 1990Anyone want an English pen-pal.
577.02HGOVC::GLENDYLAMWed Oct 10 1990Job opportunity in Thailand - SWS Manager
578.01OSTV1Wed Oct 10 1990Shop of Hunting World ?
579.0MGOIMon Oct 15 1990Visiting Thailand, Burma, Indochina
580.02BRABAM::PHILPOTTThu Oct 25 1990Bangkok Post by mail ?
581.06MFGMEM::CONATYSat Nov 03 1990BIWA LAKE????
582.08HAMWed Nov 07 1990Telephone and Telegramme to Thailand?
583.02AUSSIE::WALSHThu Nov 08 1990Chinese Wedding Questions
584.0AISG::SCHENGThu Nov 08 1990Hongkong A whisper of democracy?
586.03BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Nov 19 1990Bridge on the River Kwai - news story
587.01NEGD::CHAITue Nov 20 1990Far East Hotel Rates
588.012CRATE::BURRELLTue Nov 27 1990Looking for a watch
589.03RTOEU::OCURCIOFri Nov 30 1990Greetings from Munich (Germany)!!
590.0ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEWed Dec 05 1990Need ERACOM's contact addr
591.0FORTSC::MOKTue Dec 11 1990New radio franchise in HK: Metropolitan Broadcast Co.
592.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Dec 13 1990Bhutan??
593.020HGOVC::JOELBERMANFri Dec 14 1990Help with Bo Po Mo Fo symbols
594.0FORTSC::MOKTue Dec 18 1990About Hong Kong
595.01POLAR::HOFri Dec 21 1990US immigration visas to DEC HK
596.0AKO648::SHANFri Dec 21 1990Want to work in Bangkok for 2-5 years ?
597.01FORTSC::MOKThu Dec 27 1990Overseas Graduates Assn HK Questionnaire
598.012QUAKE::LEUNGCHTue Jan 08 1991What happen to DECCA?
599.0FORTSC::MOKTue Jan 08 1991US Foreign Students statistics 1989-9
600.03HGORS6::CULLENThu Jan 10 1991Hong Kong - Photography Advice
601.0FORTSC::MOKSat Jan 12 1991US smoking Asia
602.02POLAR::HOWed Jan 16 1991HK lame duck government
603.04FORTSC::MOKWed Jan 16 1991Billy Graham's recent crusade to HK, beamed to Asia
604.03KBOMFG::KEYESFri Jan 18 1991Visa requirements for working in Hong Kong
605.07BOOVX1::TSETue Jan 22 1991A History Lesson in Drugs
606.02BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Jan 22 1991Operation Desert Storm travellors' adivsories.
607.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNWed Feb 06 1991wanted: used PC
608.016FORTSC::MOKFri Feb 08 1991Big Brother Big's/cell-phones/HK-western cultures/HKers in Toronto
609.0749ER::YIPFri Feb 15 1991EMAIL address
610.02AISG::SCHENGTue Feb 19 1991Panel discussion on DEC Business in Asia, Feb 25.
611.02WR1FOR::KARIMDAFri Feb 22 1991Digital in Bangladesh/Pakistan?
612.010TEMPE::GAFFNEYSun Feb 24 1991Why the coup in Thailand?
613.04CSOA1::WAN_NOORMon Feb 25 1991Gulf War opinions/feelings??
614.03HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Feb 27 1991Measure words?
615.09KLEE::MUELLERWed Feb 27 1991Some questions about HK and SI.
616.08TLAENG::TRINThu Feb 28 1991USENET: soc.culture.thai
617.01HGOVC::HEERJEESun Mar 03 1991Van hire / Removals
618.01FORTSC::MOKTue Mar 05 1991'Ghost' scores in HK and Taiwan
619.0WR2FOR::MOK_CHThu Mar 07 1991Singapore wired
620.03GIDDAY::LINGFri Mar 08 1991chinese s/w for Mac
621.02COAST::KARSEVARTUSat Mar 09 1991What is the GIA's ISOS program
622.05DACT6::COLEMANWed Mar 13 1991Korat Breed in Thailand
623.0249ER::YIPThu Mar 14 1991Computer in China
624.02MSBCS::LEUNGFri Mar 15 1991Singaporeans - please come home
625.09LDYBUG::LAMSat Mar 16 1991Chinese wedding rituals
626.03OXNARD::YIPTue Mar 19 1991airlines ticket HKG/SFO/HKG
627.01HANDVA::MOSESLAUTue Mar 19 1991The Prospect for Computer Professionals in HK
628.02COMICS::TANWed Mar 20 1991Moving back to FAR EAST and need help on jobs
629.03WLDWST::C_LEEThu Mar 28 1991Word processor help
630.01FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 28 1991Countries ranked in order of science ed achievement
631.03TKTV2Thu Mar 28 1991Beach & Inn at Samui & Phukett?
632.0EFGVThu Mar 28 1991Help with address
633.011HGOM1Wed Apr 03 1991DURIAN TO HOTEL?
634.02HANDVA::MICKWIDLAMMon Apr 08 1991CMEX, what is it?
635.02OXNARD::YIPTue Apr 09 1991Mui Wo/Cheung Chau/Lamma Island
636.06DPDMAI::CHURNTue Apr 16 1991Update on Hong Kong??
637.01ABSZK::MCCONNELLFri Apr 19 1991Mongolian Questions
638.06HANDVA::MICKWIDLAMFri Apr 19 1991Maldive ...
639.01BRABAM::PHILPOTTFri Apr 26 1991THAILAND a new notes conference
640.01TLE::HOWed May 08 1991Cyclone tragedy in Bangladesh
641.03HKECAP::RITAMon May 13 1991digital press book for personal use
642.01FORTSC::MOKWed May 15 1991DEC provides technical mgmt training for China cadres
643.01FORTSC::MOKFri May 17 1991Twin Peaks fever hit Hong Kong?
644.03I18N::SZETOFri May 17 1991Is a Chinese "zi" a "word"?
645.014WOTVAX::MEAKINSFri May 17 1991China and HK holiday advice
646.02NYTPSat May 18 1991The "Bob Dylan" of China
647.0BIRMVX::SLOANMon May 20 1991Tah Mah Juk??
648.018TROAThu May 23 1991US immigration program for HK employees of US companies
649.0CALLME::MR_TOPAZTue Jun 11 1991Buying an air ticket in Bangkok?
650.011I18N::SZETOWed Jun 12 1991Chinese reckoning of age
651.0HKECAP::RITAWed Jul 03 1991CASE course offered by CSSL
653.03AUSSIE::CHEUNGSun Jul 07 1991Death of a distinguished overseas Chinese
654.01FORTSC::MOKSun Jul 07 1991UPI: Singapore govt enhorts every citizen to play cupid
655.05FORTSC::MOKSun Jul 07 1991Computer magazine, trade journals in HK
656.08I18N::SZETOTue Jul 09 1991Readership poll, regarding ASIA and CHINA conferences
657.01ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEFri Jul 12 1991Housing prices up ->Airport project?
658.04HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Jul 16 1991Traditional characters in PRC
659.010FORTSC::MOKWed Jul 17 1991Asian stock market reports
660.02FORTSC::MOKThu Jul 18 1991UPI: Philippine domestics battle for respect in HK
661.04CSC32::L_DALBERTISat Jul 20 1991Szechuan Cooking
662.0FORTSC::MOKMon Jul 22 1991Grp says US should revise refugee/immigration policies
663.02OPG::PHILIPThu Jul 25 1991Trip to Hong Kong
664.0NYTPFri Jul 26 1991Saving Cambodia's Ancient Ruins
665.0NYTPWed Jul 31 1991Burma - violating human rights...
666.0SMAUG::SHENThu Aug 01 1991Acer PC show
667.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Aug 01 1991Adoption of a Chinese Baby.
668.02ICS::CHANGFri Aug 02 1991What Happened to DECCA notesfile
670.0SUOIS4::UPAALFri Aug 16 1991Silk Road: Pakistan -> China and HK
671.0NYTPWed Aug 21 1991Archaeological site threatened!!!
672.02FORTSC::MOKThu Aug 22 1991UPI: Opposition bows to ruling party in Singapore
673.01TRCOA::LIUThu Aug 22 1991Hotel corporate rate & recommendation
674.01SHIRE::BUGNONThu Aug 22 1991passion --> collection
675.01TLAENG::CHAMRATFri Aug 23 1991Chinese OS for Macintosh Questions
676.01TLAENG::CHAMRATFri Aug 23 1991MacWorld Asia Exposition
677.03TLAENG::CHAMRATFri Aug 23 1991Chinese OS and applications for PC
678.05WLDWST::C_LEESun Aug 25 1991Baseball Little League World Series
679.04HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Aug 27 1991BBS's and pornography
680.09VNABRW::LOEFFLER_FTue Aug 27 1991Events in Hongkong/Macau in 1991
681.0NYTPThu Sep 12 1991Thailand's Shameful Exploitation of Women & Children
682.02DELNI::MATHEWSSat Sep 14 1991Trade liaisons?
683.04FORTSC::MOKSun Sep 15 1991BBS in HK listing
684.01NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Sep 19 1991Healthcare in Hong Kong?
685.0NYTPWed Sep 25 1991Sir Y K Pao
686.02DURDUR::KIENFri Oct 04 1991Looking for DEC Hongkong bank consulting
687.08GENIE::BAUERSat Oct 05 1991MONGOLIA please
688.012SIMON::SZETOWed Oct 09 1991Hong Kong British passport and entry to PRC
689.04BROKE::BERSONMon Oct 28 1991Driving in Taiwan?
690.01JGODCL::APETERSMon Oct 28 1991Hong Kon(g)tact sought
691.01KURTAN::WESTERBACKWed Oct 30 1991Coca-Cola in Chinese?
692.019NYTPWed Nov 06 1991Chinese Mythology
694.04CALLME::MR_TOPAZSat Nov 16 1991Comments on Dragon Air
695.01FORTSC::MOKTue Nov 19 1991UPI: R&R takes center stage in Singapore
696.02QCAVSat Dec 07 1991Coming to S'pore for sight seeing
697.0DURDUR::KIENThu Dec 19 1991chinese character database
698.017ELWOOD::CHANGThu Dec 19 1991Chinese 'middle' names
699.01BSS::DOOMFri Dec 20 19911992 Chinese New Year
700.0FORTSC::MOKWed Dec 25 1991UPI: Democracy in South Asia tested in 1991
701.03NYTPFri Dec 27 1991Asia Now
702.03FORTSC::MOKFri Jan 03 19921991-2 Hong Kong Employment Guide
703.0FORTSC::MOKFri Jan 03 1992EDU article on HKUST and DEC
704.06HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Jan 07 1992Days of the week?
705.06HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jan 08 1992Chinese Dictionaries
706.02SHANE::PACIELLOThu Jan 09 1992Contacting Hong Kong Society for the Blind
707.0OXNARD::YIPSun Jan 19 1992YMCA in Hong Kong
708.0WLDWST::C_LEEMon Jan 27 1992One day in HK
709.01WLDWST::C_LEEMon Jan 27 1992Help for a friend.
710.029NYTPFri Jan 31 1992Tibet
711.09GIGGLE::CHANFri Jan 31 1992Japanese Cartoons
712.04CSOA1::MOULDERThu Feb 06 1992Great Wall / Forbidden city tour
713.011HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHTue Feb 11 1992No rhymes?
714.0SKIVT::INGRAMSat Feb 15 1992locating video stores in China town
715.05OXNARD::YIPSat Feb 29 1992looking for Simon Chan
716.03KAOFS::V_LEDOUXWed Mar 04 1992Shanghai to Yangzhou transportation advice
717.01WLDWST::NCAOThu Mar 05 1992HELP! JOB NEEDED.
718.01FORTSC::MOKTue Mar 17 1992US colleges ands states with the most Hong Kong students
719.019MR4DEC::BERNIERFri Mar 20 1992Taoist practices
720.04KAOFS::D_CHENGSat Mar 21 1992Hong Kong Job Info
721.03HANThu Apr 02 1992holiday-hints for nepal and india
722.03KAHALA::LEEWed Apr 08 1992Air-Fare To Singapore/Malaysia
723.0FORTSC::MOKWed Apr 08 1992Dept of Justice notice on DoD unconstitutional discrimination
724.05NSDC::KERRISKTue Apr 21 1992Digital office in Singapore?
725.01KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Apr 23 1992Chinese names meaning something?
726.02OTIGER::R_CURTISSat May 02 1992Boracay/Dakak anyone ?
727.02RTOEU::RDELANEYWed May 06 1992Singapore-Bangkok-Singapore, flight info.
728.03HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHFri May 08 1992Those cuts in Asia
729.0FORTSC::MOKWed May 13 1992Report on HKUST, CUHK
730.04RTOEU::JGIBBONSTue May 19 1992News of riot in Thailand
731.0BOSTON::CHUMon Oct 05 1992DEC Taiwan
732.05HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Oct 05 1992System Clock needs adjusting?
733.0WLDWST::C_LEETue Oct 06 1992Goodbye to all.
734.02JESDP5::KUMAGAIFri May 29 1992Urgent: new HGO mailing address, please
735.0VMSINT::WATANABESat Jun 06 1992Business news sources?
736.0TAOM11::JCYANGFri Jun 12 1992ex
737.02NMS::CHENFri Jun 12 1992HK in SEPT/OCT ?
738.06VNABRW::LOEFFLER_FFri Jun 12 1992HK -> Indochina
739.05QUIVER::WILSSat Jun 13 1992Fresh food and fresh air
740.02VAXWRK::TCHENTue Jun 16 1992Simon Szeto died Saturday, 13 June 1992
741.03NEWOA::HARRISONMon Jun 22 1992Digital in China & FE
742.0FORTSC::MOKWed Jun 24 1992CallforPaper: Comm of Chinese/Oriental langauges info proc soc.
743.03SIOG::MGALLAGHERWed Jun 24 1992buying camcorders
744.06TROU2Thu Jun 25 1992In search of "Dai Pai Dong"
745.02SIOG::MGALLAGHERFri Jun 26 1992thai weather in october??
746.02MSBCS::HSUTue Jun 30 1992Asia Wall Street?
747.02EICMFG::HILLSTue Jul 14 1992Need Pointers for contracting in DEC Hong Kong
748.03ROMSLS::ABRAMOVICIFri Jul 24 1992Recent prices for hotels in Singapore
749.0MTVIEW::CHENGFri Jul 24 1992Active-DB applications in the Far East?
750.02ODIXIE::ROSEMon Aug 03 1992Exchange Rate Singapore $ vs. U.S. $ ?
751.08FSOA::MURTHITue Aug 04 1992Visiting Hongkong in November/December
752.01HERON::GOULNIKWed Aug 12 1992China - long shot
753.01KAOFS::V_LEDOUXThu Aug 27 1992Chinese terminal/printer info requested
755.01FORTSC::MOKThu Aug 27 1992Another "Coming to Hong Kong" note
756.07CASEE::KULLAFri Sep 04 1992Working Visas in HK
757.0FRIGID::VISHTue Sep 15 1992immigration of spouses from outside the U.S
760.02POLAR::HOWed Sep 30 1992Nepal Plane Crash Recorder Recovered
761.024POLAR::HOWed Sep 30 1992Asia News
762.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZSat Oct 03 1992Where in Beijing might I find....
763.015HGOVA::CARLOSCHUAThu Oct 15 1992First time to Singapore
764.02BERNWed Nov 04 1992Singapore Air Academy courses
765.03166Tue Nov 24 1992Alpha Program(s) ?
766.0ROMThu Dec 10 1992Cheap hotel/pension/housing ?
767.03HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARTue Dec 15 1992< Uptodate tips for Hong Kong visitors..>
768.0TKOVOA::ODAKURAMon Dec 21 1992Information request of Singapore
769.03AKOFIN::LIZOTTEThu Dec 24 1992Chinese New Year 1993 (When?)
770.0ESSB::JMURPHYTue Jan 05 1993Singapore Ferries Question
771.0PAULUS::CSCHMIDTWed Jan 06 1993Want to sell exclusive oldtimer (jaguar)
772.0KBOMFG::COLDITZTue Jan 12 1993Indonesia travel - earthquakes
773.010ICS::DONNELLANMon Feb 08 1993Prices in Hong Kong and Singapore
774.01BBIVFri Feb 12 1993information wanted regarding e-mail in singapore
775.02LANDO::STONETue Mar 02 1993Request for Guangdong Bus. Info
776.0HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARTue Mar 02 1993< Indian festivals in March >
777.0HERON::GOULNIKWed Mar 10 1993Guangdong blueprint
778.0TKOVOA::NAKAGAWAThu Mar 18 1993Designer's Resale Shop
779.02GUIDUK::STANFILLFri Mar 19 1993Tennis/Activities in Hong Kong
780.02UFHIS::WMUELLERThu Apr 01 1993Hongkong/China travel starting April 4
781.05HERON::GOULNIKTue Apr 20 1993Chinese 'character' processing
782.02--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 23 1993,
783.0TKOVOA::ODAKURAWed Apr 28 1993New Asia Territory Manager Profile
784.01MACNAS::EDGARThu Apr 29 1993Touring China for 2 weeks
785.0FLYFOX::JoannaTue May 04 1993Cultural Violence Against Women in China (LONG)
786.02CCAD23::TANMon May 24 1993Food, Food, Food
787.01UNYEM::ADIBHATLARThu Jun 03 1993" HELP ! Need data on support in China "
788.0NEWPRT::NGUYEN_HAThu Jun 10 1993boarding school in HK and/or Singapore ?
789.06SWLAVC::LEUNG_CHSun Jun 13 1993What will happen when Deng dies?
790.01SNOCWed Jun 16 1993HK Shark Attacks
791.023GWYNED::SHAFri Jun 18 1993Are Korean, Mongolian and Vietnamese also Chinese?
792.04CLASSE::KOCHFri Jul 09 1993Will someone in HK help me check Email while on vacation in HK?
794.08HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARThu Jul 15 1993Currency query
795.0GWYNED::SHASat Jul 17 1993Korea and Koryak ?
796.02GWYNED::SHASat Jul 24 1993History of Korea
797.05AKOCOA::BYLANDER_YWed Jul 28 1993Brighton Information Systems?
798.01TKOVOA::HAMADA_YThu Jul 29 1993Traditional Medicine
799.012AKOCOA::BYLANDER_YTue Aug 03 1993Let's work together!
800.07YUPPY::AMERRFri Aug 06 1993Can you help???
801.04HGOVC::GUSTAFSONSun Aug 15 19932
802.01EDWINC::HENNINGTue Sep 14 1993Q:Singapore & HK offices?
803.05APDNS1::PKOWWed Sep 15 1993Korean Air?
804.04ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Sep 21 1993Monasteries in Hong Kong
805.05BOSDRW::LAMARREFri Sep 24 1993My Hong Kong husband and his Chinese mom
808.01DSSDEV::SCHANThu Sep 30 1993Is Rita Khoo still the right contact name for HK DEC employment?
809.02AKOCOA::BYLANDER_YTue Oct 12 1993SI in the PRC
810.0APPLE::RLEEWed Oct 13 19931-2 DEC 93 / 2nd Tokyo GNU Technical Seminar
811.0TRUCKS::GIFKINSMon Oct 25 1993SI work in south-east asia
812.01CHEFS::BUXTONRWed Oct 27 1993HANSI translation
813.010SNOFS1::ZIESIGTue Nov 02 1993Accomodation for Hong Kong
814.08MOEUR1::RUSSELThu Nov 04 1993Craving for a good time!
815.0LDVDS3::ANTHONYThu Nov 04 1993return to asia
816.04SNOFS1::ZIESIGWed Nov 10 1993Hong Kong for computers
817.02ELOG::BAUMANNMAYERFri Nov 26 1993Looking for a Travel Guide for Vietnam
818.05HGOVC::GUSTAFSONWed Dec 08 1993Hotel list for Asia
819.03PROXY::DDSG1Thu Dec 09 1993DTN/Mailstop of DEC office in Vietnam?
820.03HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARMon Jan 03 1994What will 1994 bring?
821.0LARVAE::CARR_DWed Jan 05 1994Where is the MALAYSIA conf.?
822.01LACVThu Jan 06 1994Status of Philippines NOTES Conference
823.0KAOAWed Jan 26 1994So long
824.01OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Feb 08 19941
825.01OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Feb 08 19941
826.05COMET::BUSSARDTue Feb 15 1994Coming to Hong Kong soon, Help!!
827.01BERNWed Feb 16 1994Singapore: Living & working?
830.02ELWOOD::GLATFELTERSun Mar 06 1994need help finding a car
831.04033395::JAUNGThu Mar 24 1994Outlawed American boy in Sigapore
832.0552925::AUNGIERFri Mar 25 1994Employement Agencies in Hong Kong
833.032HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Apr 07 1994A note for India bashing.
834.0254442::LIEOUThu Apr 07 1994right contact for emploiment in asia
835.023HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Apr 19 1994Help me with your opinions.
836.02AKOCOA::TALEGHANIThu Apr 21 1994What is OECD?
837.036417::CHERSONSat Apr 23 1994Penang plant
838.0HGRDTue Apr 26 1994Everything you want to know about Hong Kong
839.06Thu Apr 28 1994Power cable in Singapore
840.01617Wed May 04 1994Nevaho and Asian
841.0521689::LEEFri May 06 1994Malaysia Note
842.03149::JNELSONThu May 19 1994South Koreans in Boston
843.0122166::LEETue May 24 1994Travel Agents Inf'o Needed
844.01HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARTue May 24 1994Moderator please!!
845.0392268Wed May 25 1994Another Hongkongers view
846.02133374::JAUNGThu Jun 09 1994Confucius' democracy
847.0306Fri Jun 10 1994The Indian struggle to keep our beloved Kashmir free
848.012CNTROL::ROBERTSONSat Jun 25 1994what language is this?
849.04FRAMBO::LENGLERTue Jun 28 1994Looking for info on living in PRC
850.021GIDDAY::CHEUNGFri Jul 22 1994For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - which is the best language to use this knowledge
851.04SIOG::KEYESThu Jul 28 1994medical shots
852.02VMSNET::G_CHANGSat Jul 30 1994Computer based language translators?
853.076GIDDAY::SETHIMon Sep 12 1994Chinese sports persons are cheating or are they ?
855.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Sep 27 1994Digital Asia organisation, where
856.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Sep 27 1994Hong Kong accomodation long term
857.01GIDDAY::BURTTue Sep 27 1994Plane Down
858.05GVATue Oct 11 1994Headhunters - Singapore & Hong Kong
859.01MUNICH::STUMFOLLThu Oct 13 1994OS/2 Programers and Hotel rates in Singapore
860.02GIDDAY::SETHISat Oct 15 1994The Asian economic power house and investment
861.04HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri Oct 21 1994We are not that poor!
863.02HGRDWed Oct 26 1994Fortune Names Hong Kong Best
864.0MARIN::PAULSUSat Oct 29 1994The New Power Structure in Asia
866.027GIDDAY::SETHIMon Dec 05 1994The treasures of Asia
867.06GIDDAY::SETHIMon Dec 05 1994What's in a name ?
868.077Sat Dec 24 1994Ethnic and Geographical Expressions
869.07HANDVC::KKCHEUNGTue Jan 10 1995Farewell
870.03ISLNDS::BELLIVEAUWed Jan 18 1995singapore to Bangkok by train
871.0WOTVAX::NEARYMThu Jan 19 1995hello
872.01PLAYER::PETITFri Jan 20 1995need contact name in Hong Kong
873.03CGOOA::PONEILLSat Jan 28 1995Looking for MALAYSIA & THAILAND Conference
874.0GIDDAY::SETHIWed Feb 01 1995Indo-Chinese relations
875.01STAR::FENSTERTue Mar 21 1995Weather and dress code in Singapore
876.012HELIX::CZERNYTue Apr 25 1995Things for a 5 year old to do in Hong Kong?
877.04KERNEL::DAVIESPTue May 16 1995Contracts in Hong Kong........
878.066NYOSS1::JAUNGThu Jun 08 1995No apology from Japan
879.02HLDEFri Jun 16 1995LinkWorks Asian Countries Local Web Sections
880.0TKOVOA::OZAWATue Jun 20 1995Frm Junior High School in Japan
881.07HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jun 21 1995An interesting article
882.03CSOA1::ECKWed Jun 21 1995Reseller Contact for China??
883.0ADCAMon Jul 03 1995Get to Know more about China
884.0MOEUR8::CUSSELLFri Jul 07 1995Computer price in HK
885.0DCETHD::WONGTue Jul 18 1995Word for Chinese Opera's actors' makeup?
886.01SOLVIT::CHENWed Jul 19 1995Seeking "Kimchee" recipe
888.03YUPPY::IANKNG::KINGIMon Sep 18 1995Fuzhou?
889.01MQOOA::LEDOUXTue Sep 26 1995Chinese fonts under OpenVMS / printing
890.01ZPOVC::ROBERTSat Sep 30 1995Durian
891.0GIDDAY::CHANMMon Nov 20 1995Rdb/Hanzi
892.044513::SETOThu Nov 30 1995Contact for asia employment...?
893.0245769::PHILLIPS_MFri Dec 01 1995ObjectBroker and jobs in Singapore
894.0TKOVOA::OTSUKA_YWed Jan 24 1996DLS in Asian Region : Impact ?
896.02BUMP::LEEWed Jan 31 1996boston chinese tv channel
897.02OTOUTue Feb 27 19961996 rates for Hotel
898.01TAVIS::ERANSat Mar 23 1996names of country managers
899.03VYGER::PRESTONJWed Mar 27 1996Tourist Info.
900.03LYOISA::LEFEBVRETue Jun 11 1996contact Vietnam ???
901.01VYGER::PRESTONJSun Jun 23 1996Travelers Cheques
902.01TAOVC::JEFFCHIAMon Jun 24 1996How to get on Internet in mainland China
903.0UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IMon Jul 08 1996information requested
904.0WHOSTue Oct 01 1996the Japanese Youth Federation and the crime organization
905.0 *+3MARVIN::SZMIDTWed Mar 12 1997Where are the opticians in HK
906.0 *STUWed Mar 12 1997<<<Accomodation July Hongkong>>>