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Conference gvprod::vtxprep

Created:Wed Mar 14 1990
Last Modified:Mon Jun 24 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:328
Total number of notes:1149
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.02GVAWed Mar 21 1990Introduction
2.049GVAWed Mar 21 1990Whos's who
3.0GVAWed Mar 21 1990Geneva pilot report
4.06KBOMFG::KEYESThu Mar 22 1990Guest Account Problem
5.05SKYWAY::VTXMGRFri Mar 23 1990Document set with menu page at the top
6.01SKYWAY::VTXMGRTue Mar 27 1990Different template for menu & screen
7.07SKYWAY::VTXMGRTue Mar 27 1990VTXprep V6.9
8.0GVAWed Mar 28 1990Long fix menu
9.014MACNAS::VTXMGRWed Mar 28 1990XFER$DOC.DOC Not Found
10.0GVAThu Mar 29 1990/Mail: Printing Problem
11.03GVAThu Mar 29 1990<ESC> in ASCII Documents
12.01GVAThu Mar 29 1990Other Word Processors
13.0GVAFri Apr 27 1990Making a Frame with /Template
14.02OVAL::DALEYPMon Apr 30 1990ALL-IN-1 / VTXPREP Version No
15.0GVATue May 08 1990VTXprep 7 FT Sites Wanted
16.0GVATue May 08 1990VTXprep 7 Geneva Pilot Results
17.0GVATue May 08 1990WPS-PLUS/VMS V4.
18.03OVAL::UWINSNThu May 10 1990Version 7.
19.03HAMPS::JOYCE_AFri May 11 1990VTXPREP 4.2 and VTX V4 ?
20.04SKYWAY::VTXMGRWed May 16 1990Keyword for continuation-page
21.0ULYSSE::DAUBYWed May 16 1990Converter FMS to Text wanted
22.0GVAThu May 17 1990Audio-conference Minutes
23.0GVAThu May 17 199018-May Audio-conference
24.02OVAL::UWINSNMon May 21 1990Version 7.
25.03SUBURB::GRAHAMSThu May 24 1990TDE and Text problem
26.04GVAMon May 28 19903.5.3 Default option after delete
27.02GVAMon May 28 19906.2.3 Delete with a Prefix NAME
28.05GVAMon May 28 19906.5.9 Sorting + Same_page Options
29.02GVAMon May 28 19906.18.2 Report content, typo
30.02GVAMon May 28 19906.18.3 Report content, ?, !, and *
31.01GVAMon May 28 19906.19 Using a not recognized Prefix Name
32.03GVAMon May 28 19909.2 TVM Fields and Titles
33.02GVAMon May 28 19909.3 TVM moving between fields, UI
34.0GVAMon May 28 19909.4 TVM Field's title and length display
35.04GVAMon May 28 199011.1 TVD Check before deleting
36.01GVAWed May 30 19906.5.4 Too much messages if 66+ options per menu page
37.01GVAWed May 30 19906.17 Report required - Lower case
38.0GVAWed May 30 19907.2 Task aborted
39.0GVAWed May 30 19908.5.1 /Menu_text 66+ options, no message displayed
40.01GVAWed May 30 1990V7.
41.0GVAThu May 31 19908.1.1 /File and keypad problem
42.01CHEFS::BEALEKThu May 31 1990V7 Documentation
43.01GVAThu May 31 19908.4.9 Mail Utility screens
44.0GVAFri Jun 01 19901
45.01GVAFri Jun 01 19905.1 TV menu second screnn access
46.0GVAFri Jun 01 19902.1 TV Menu on 1 or 2 screens ?
47.01OVAL::UWINSNMon Jun 04 1990Version 7.
48.0GVATue Jun 05 19901
49.01GVATue Jun 05 19901
50.01GVATue Jun 05 19901
51.01GVATue Jun 05 19901
52.0GVATue Jun 05 19901
53.02SKYWAY::VTXMGRWed Jun 13 1990Second page with /menu problem
54.01GVAMon Jun 18 19906.14 Vertical centering
55.01GVAMon Jun 18 19906.15 Same_page
56.01GVAMon Jun 18 19906.17 Report not performed
57.0OVAL::UWINSNMon Jun 18 1990RE Loss of Functionality
58.01GVAWed Jun 20 19901
59.03CHEFS::YOUNGMon Jul 02 1990/mail=45 characters?
60.03SUBURB::GRAHAMSTue Jul 03 1990Internal Problem with mail = 268534418
61.01JGO::WIENBELTThu Jul 05 1990Delete problem in TVM ?
62.0OVAL::UWINSNFri Jul 06 1990Loss of WPS-PLUS Attributes
63.02OVAL::UWINSNFri Jul 06 1990How to make VTX pages Text only
64.0OVAL::UWINSNFri Jul 06 1990How to Make Styles Global
65.03CPDW::PALLIESMon Jul 30 1990Documentation
66.05OVAL::UWINSNThu Aug 09 1990Announcing VTXprep V7.
67.01CHEFS::RIZANTWed Aug 22 1990/POINTER question
68.01ULYSSE::DAUBYWed Aug 22 1990/POINTER alphanumeric pagenumbers not accepted
70.02--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 11 1990FMS - URGENT !!!
71.02GVAFri Sep 14 1990Customise default template?
72.02ULYSSE::DAUBYMon Sep 24 1990/KEYLIST problems
73.01NMGV15::WIENBELTMon Oct 01 1990TVS & TVM docu ?
74.0POMPEO::MAINTAINERThu Oct 04 1990A suggestion
75.01ISIDRO::SWASSOPFri Oct 05 1990TVS with 132 columns width
76.03LEMAN::REGINAMon Oct 08 1990FMS error - any idea?
77.0OVAL::UWINSNTue Oct 09 1990VTX 4.
78.02YUPPY::JOSIEWed Oct 10 1990HCMF - how does it work???
79.0OVAL::UWINSNWed Oct 10 1990HCMF Logicals Inconsistently Defined
80.04ICS::GLDThu Oct 11 1990Problem with SAVE/ALL within A1
81.03NEWVAX::SHEINBERGFri Oct 12 1990Documentation VTXPREP V7.
82.03NEWVAX::SHEINBERGThu Oct 18 1990Updating existing VTX infobases
83.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGThu Oct 18 1990VTXprep References needed
84.03OVAL::UWINSNMon Oct 22 1990Keywords on Continuation Pages
85.01ISIDRO::FLOPEZMon Oct 29 1990Mixed 132 and 8
86.05NEWVAX::SHEINBERGWed Oct 31 1990HCMF - Need help asap
87.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGThu Nov 01 1990Global Style Question
88.03NEWVAX::SHEINBERGTue Nov 06 1990VTXprep support, VTX directions
89.01WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Nov 07 1990SYSUAF.DAT probelms
90.04LEMAN::REGINAThu Nov 08 1990VTXprep adds
91.03DGMTFri Nov 09 1990Error No. 9 at line 42
92.01WELMTS::CHONGFri Nov 09 1990Installation and HCMF.com
93.01SHIRE::SPECHTERMon Nov 19 1990Request for next release
94.07ICS::ANTLEWed Nov 21 1990"Problem starting VTXprep" error
95.02CHEFS::NICKOLLSMThu Nov 22 1990Menu_text with /Pointer=
96.0NEEPS::NORRIEFri Nov 23 1990Unable to open channel at startup
97.02CHEFS::NICKOLLSMThu Dec 06 1990VTXPrep STYLE Field
98.01CHEFS::NICKOLLSMFri Dec 07 1990KEYWORDS and Duplication !
99.03WELMT2::CHONGMon Dec 10 1990MASS-11 and VTXprep
100.01WELPUT::CHONGThu Dec 13 1990Help on /mail
101.02GVAWed Dec 19 1990Tested under ALL-IN-1 V2.4 ?
102.05LEMAN::BLANCHARDThu Jan 17 1991TVM error no 2 in line 5
103.03YUPPY::JOSIEMon Jan 21 1991VTXprep 6.9 page numbering query.
104.01GVATue Jan 22 1991continuation page in landscape ?
105.01OPG::RAYERMon Jan 28 1991MENU problem with VTXPrep7
106.01CHEFS::RIZANTTue Jan 29 1991WPS PLUS Picture Problem?
107.05NEWOA::UWINSThu Jan 31 1991VTXprep I/P Course Announcement
108.08ISIDRO::ALLIN1Wed Feb 13 1991FMS ERROR
109.03CHEFS::NICKOLLSMMon Feb 18 1991KEYWORDS.........NEWS ON.....
111.01ASABET::SOUDERSFri Mar 15 1991Hardcopy Utility?
112.02YUPPY::JOSIEWed Mar 20 1991TVM - how does it work???
114.02CHEFS::RIZANTThu Apr 18 1991More Text does not work
115.01EEMELI::WAHLSTENTue Apr 23 1991PREP with Wordperfect
116.02OSLThu Apr 25 1991Pointers to REMOTE pages?
117.02VNABRW::MOSER_RWed May 08 1991Error %X
118.02CHDBThu May 16 1991A customer question
119.02AYOU49::CHARLESTue May 21 1991Installation on machine without VTX manager account
120.05MINDER::WEBSTERMThu May 23 1991VTXprep inserting Randon Page Breaks
121.05YUPPY::JOSIEThu May 23 1991Colour??
122.02AYOU49::CHARLESFri May 24 1991Installation of printer tables
123.02YUPPY::JOSIEMon Jun 03 1991Preview???
124.03YUPPY::JOSIEThu Jun 06 1991Menu - overwriting the numbers
125.01MINDER::WEBSTERMFri Jun 21 1991VTXprep and DDIF Documents
126.02DJENR8::VTXPREPTue Jun 25 1991Problems with /mail[n]
127.02MINDER::SELBYWed Jul 10 1991Problem when running in batch
128.01MINDER::SELBYWed Jul 10 1991Node Name or Cluster Alias ?
129.02COPCLU::TINAThu Jul 11 1991Password not set up
130.03COPCLU::TINATue Jul 16 1991Creating special *dynamic* menu pages
131.02CHEFS::FIELDVTXWed Jul 17 1991Querie on /EXPIRES
132.04COPCLU::TINAThu Jul 25 1991Can't EXIT from VTX when called from VTXprep-menu
133.05AYOU49::CHARLESThu Aug 01 1991Help - pointer not accepted by VTX
134.04ANNECY::VTXMGRFri Aug 09 1991U: Problems accessing VTXprep
135.01WELCLU::LIFri Aug 09 1991Provide Help on menu - possible ??
136.01ANNECY::VTXMGRWed Aug 21 1991U: How to start MAIL ??
137.0ANNECY::LAMIROY_BFri Aug 23 1991Mailing Problems
138.01ANNECY::LAMIROY_BWed Aug 28 1991VTXprep creating /WIDE pages.
139.03ANNECY::LAMIROY_BWed Aug 28 1991VTD not working ??
140.01ANNECY::LAMIROY_BWed Sep 04 1991VTX VTXprep omitting style
142.02SIOG::SPENCERWed Sep 18 1991VTXprep with VTX V5.
143.01MINDER::WEBSTERMFri Oct 04 1991Some VTXprep Questions
144.01LUXMon Oct 07 1991Mail and remote update !
145.01MINDER::WEBSTERMTue Oct 08 1991Creating page
146.017CRISPY::NASHDThu Oct 10 1991Reading VTX Health & Safety facility
147.0CHEFS::RIZANTThu Oct 17 1991Choice of HCMF FMS screens?
148.07OSPREY::TODDWed Oct 23 1991new installation - all sorts of problems
149.07JOKUR::JOKUR::BOICETue Oct 29 1991Miscellaneous VTXprep Questions
151.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 04 1991menu_text..Help!
152.01HAMPS::ROBERTS_RTue Nov 19 1991VTXprep + 'remote' access!
153.03UPROAR::WATSONRTue Nov 19 1991Exiting VTX after using VTXPREP and ALL-IN-1 loops
154.02GVAWed Nov 20 1991HCMF updates from a country to another.
155.01CHEFS::RIZANTThu Nov 21 1991Accounting HCMF pages?
156.02SUBURB::TORRINGTONGFri Dec 13 1991WPS underlining???
157.04AUNTB::DAVISSTMon Jan 06 1992how to order VTXprep for US?
158.011ULYSSE::SOULARDTue Jan 21 1992VTXprep with ALL-IN-1 V3.
159.03HOTAIR::WENDERLICHTue Jan 21 1992/pointer to doc, not submenu
160.01LEMAN::REGINAThu Jan 23 1992HCMF does not like >2
161.0CHEFS::FIELDVTXMon Feb 03 1992MENU1
162.0MINDER::WEBSTERMThu Feb 06 1992VTXprep on a Cluster
163.0MINDER::WEBSTERMWed Feb 12 1992Errors in transferring text pages
164.01CHEFS::ADAMSDThu Feb 13 1992HCMF Mail error
165.01HOTAIR::WENDERLICHFri Feb 14 1992cannot find xfer$doc.doc using rem updsvr
166.02ASABET::VTXPREPTue Feb 18 1992A1 Upgrade Creates PROBLEM
167.01STUThu Feb 20 19922 probl with VTXprep V7 and WPS V4
168.03KITYKT::GITAThu Feb 20 1992INSPECT compliance
169.05DENVER::WENDERLICHWed Feb 26 1992Long page title needed
170.01MINDER::WEBSTERMWed Mar 04 1992Problems with /GROUP qualifier
171.03HOTAIR::WENDERLICHTue Mar 10 1992Need cmd line info for customized VTXPrep
172.03VNABRW::MOSER_RWed Mar 11 1992WPSPLUS 4.
173.01PANIC::SHORTFri Mar 13 1992Formatting problem with WPSPLUS V4
174.0STUWed Mar 18 1992probl with diagrams within wps documents
175.03PEKING::FIDOTFri Mar 20 1992Keyword problem VTXPrepV7 VTXv5.
176.03MINDER::WEBSTERMMon Mar 23 1992Documents With Long Titles
177.01STUWed Mar 25 1992VTX-WPS-PLUS TDE no reset
178.02BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Mar 25 1992Test transferred with VTXPREP is moved to the right
179.05BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Mar 25 1992Modifying page
180.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Mar 25 1992File only partially transferred
181.05KITYKT::GITAFri Apr 03 1992VTXPrep Mailer with a non ALL-IN-1 system server
182.01NEWOA::WILSON_SSat Apr 04 1992VTXPREP
183.02KITYKT::GITAMon Apr 06 1992U.S. VTXprep customer support issue
184.0MINDER::WEBSTERMTue Apr 07 1992Documents With Wide Titles
185.03VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Apr 15 1992VTXprep use with remote VTX infobases
186.07BIGUN::BAKERTue Apr 21 1992Upgrade to ALL-IN-1 V3.
187.01MINDER::WEBSTERMTue Apr 21 1992Bypassing Automatic Menu
188.09NEWOA::UWINSFri Apr 24 1992WPSPLUS V4.
189.02MADBAS::BMCHATTIEMon Apr 27 1992Problem finding current Date.?
190.01AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Apr 29 1992print tables for WP?
191.01NEWOA::UWINSThu Apr 30 1992Are you Running ALL-IN-1 2.4, WPS 4.
193.01COPCLU::LINERThu Apr 30 1992No Base Page after HCMF.VTU
194.01MINDER::WEBSTERMThu May 07 1992How do you create a Form Page Using /FORM
195.01LUXFri May 08 1992Migration from VTX 4.1 to VTX 5.
198.07COPCLU::LINERTue May 19 1992Cannot find the ALL-IN-1 document -->XFER$DOC.DOC
199.01KITYKT::GITAMon Jun 01 1992Help need with Style Options Globally
200.01MINDER::WEBSTERMFri Jun 12 1992VTX hanging Problem
201.02JOCKEY::MCCAFFREYJTue Jun 16 1992Long/scrolling document problem.
202.02AUNTB::DAVISSTWed Jun 17 1992exit=="continue" why?
203.05STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Jul 06 1992Keywords on MENU pages ??
204.02STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Jul 06 1992Hardcoding on TV menu
205.02SIOG::SPENCERWed Jul 15 199212 digit page number?
206.05WOTVAX::WEBSTERMFri Jul 24 1992Problems with /GROUP on Menu Pages
207.02PEKING::NASHDWed Aug 05 1992Wrapping problems
208.04NEWOA::UWINSFri Aug 07 1992VTXprep V7.
209.04NWTIMA::SCHORNOROTue Aug 11 1992more than 99 choices on continuation pages?
210.02KERNEL::LOATWed Aug 19 1992How to get a '/' in the title?
211.02COMICS::TALBOTThu Aug 20 1992Page allocation in 7.
212.06AKOCOA::KAPLANWed Sep 09 1992Reverse Video
213.02LUXTue Oct 06 1992Group option
214.02COPCLU::LINERWed Oct 14 1992Various MAIL ??
215.01DV78Fri Oct 16 1992Need help using FORMAT in cmd proc
216.04VARDAF::CHURCHWed Oct 21 1992Giving a User IP privs (documentation query)
217.01EVOAI2::CHARLESThu Oct 22 1992urgent! pb xfer$doc.doc
218.01KERNEL::LOATThu Oct 29 1992Sub/superscript and bolding?
219.02VARDAF::CHURCHTue Nov 03 1992KITINSTAL.COM funnies
220.02VARDAF::CHURCHTue Nov 03 1992Source code for VTXprep Mail Utility
221.03VARDAF::CHURCHMon Nov 09 1992Source file which will only generate text pages?
222.01EEMELI::HURSKAINENTue Nov 10 1992VTXPERT, WPDXFORM ,prefix ?
223.0VARDAF::CHURCHTue Nov 10 1992Not all pages deleted if you have used /MAIL
224.02EEMELI::HURSKAINENThu Nov 12 1992Keep getting ONCE ONLY -form
225.02TROOA::WMURPHYTue Nov 24 1992VTXprep - VMS 5.4-2, MASS-11 VTX 5.
226.010FURFCE::GAUVINThu Dec 31 1992Transfer to VTX hangs
227.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Jan 12 1993allin1 Portuguese
228.03WOTVAX::BINKSThu Jan 14 1993Groups within VTX Prep
229.01LISVAX::DAVIDThu Jan 14 1993editing global styles?
230.01LISVAX::DAVIDFri Jan 15 1993To what file does VTXPREP sends transfered pages?
231.01OSLVS1::GUNNAR_PFri Jan 15 1993Pointer to keyword ?
232.06FURFCE::GAUVINThu Jan 21 1993window or prefix name problem
233.05ISIDRO::FLOPEZWed Feb 03 1993Pointer for kit needed!!
234.01CHMPNS::LAMBWed Feb 17 1993Problem accessing by page with V5.1
235.03FURFCE::GAUVINThu Feb 18 1993MENU problems
236.05ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Feb 22 1993Contact for kit??
237.0CHEFS::RAMSEYAThu Feb 25 1993Change Bars & redlining on VTX
238.010WOTVAX::BINKSMon Mar 01 1993Searching with Keywords
239.0HGOVC::CARLOCHOIFri Mar 05 1993who're the VTX experts
240.06FURFCE::GAUVINFri Mar 19 1993Long pages getting cut into continuation pages
241.03FURFCE::GAUVINWed Mar 24 1993Return menu option in TV
242.0FURFCE::GAUVINThu Mar 25 1993Trouble with data items information entry
243.0SUBURB::EARLYThu Apr 01 1993Problems transferring VTX data
244.04TRCOA::DMUIRTue Apr 06 1993modifying command line
245.09VNABRW::MOSER_RTue Apr 06 1993WPS-PLUS 4.
246.06LUCCIO::POLINITue Apr 13 1993user guide
247.01MEOCWed Apr 21 1993Code for Mail Document?
248.02TIGRA::SCHORNOThu Apr 22 1993"/more" option
249.0ULYSSE::INSERRATue Apr 27 1993problem with /keylist parameter
250.011ULYSSE::INSERRAMon May 03 1993VTXPREP and ALL-IN-1 V3.
251.03PCOJCT::TMILLERThu May 06 1993General Advise Sought
252.03WHOSTue May 11 1993help on vtx sought
253.02GIDDAY::BURTThu May 13 1993ALL-IN-1 & VTX - version & upgrade queries
254.0FAILTE::TODDFri May 14 1993Change Global style - Digital logo illegal
255.01MACNAS::EDGARTue May 25 1993HCMF Startup/ Tailoring Problems
256.07NEWOA::UWINSMon Jun 07 1993New VTXprep Direction
257.07SIOG::LOGANThu Jun 10 1993VTXprep to VTX errors ???
258.02SIOG::LOGANThu Jun 17 1993Cannot find the ALLIN1 document --> XFER$DOC.DOC
259.01SIOG::LOGANTue Jun 22 1993Disk problems, Check Quota/disk space
260.0VNABRW::KOELBL_HThu Jul 08 1993Problem after Upgrade to V 7.
261.02UTROP1::KEUKENS_LThu Jul 29 1993/MENU_TEXT and /KEYLIST??
262.01INFACT::DATZMANFri Jul 30 1993Need VTXPREP basic information
263.05UTROP1::KEUKENS_LWed Aug 04 1993Page Management??
264.03STUWed Aug 11 1993Kit VTXPREP V7.
265.02ULYSSE::INSERRATue Aug 17 1993problem installing mail utility
266.01UTROP1::KEUKENS_LThu Aug 19 1993Control blocks??
267.07RDGENG::POVEYThu Aug 19 1993VTXprep V8.4 pre-announcement and question
268.01RDGENG::POVEYMon Aug 23 1993VTXprep and PC support
270.01FURFCE::GITAThu Sep 02 1993Launchable, Update Server, VTXprep
271.04STUMon Oct 11 1993Support of document formats?
272.0KITYKT::JOYCEThu Oct 21 1993HCMF v. 8.4 need error message clarification
273.01SEDMTS::DAVIES_GTue Oct 26 1993ALL-IN-1 V3 upgrade question
274.0STUMon Nov 08 1993patch/workaround for problem with "!"
275.0RDGENG::POVEYThu Nov 11 1993ALL-IN-1 V3.
276.03WHTWTR::BOUCHARDWed Nov 17 1993VTXprep from BA menu?
277.0WOTVAX::BINKSFri Nov 26 1993TDE and VTXPREP Problem
278.01WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Dec 07 1993Strange ole problem!
279.03VARDAF::CHURCHFri Dec 17 1993WPS-PLUS V4.
280.0FURFCE::CARRIEThu Dec 23 1993Using FASTprep to Build VTXprep infobase shell
281.04KERNEL::LOATMon Jan 10 1994Transferring ! character?
282.03ANNECY::BESSEASFri Jan 21 1994Cluster / IP access control
283.06ANNECY::BESSEASThu Feb 03 1994Display screen doesn't stop from ALL-IN-1
284.03KITYKT::GITAThu Feb 10 1994VTXPrep Doc characteristics
285.01KITYKT::GITATue Feb 15 19948.5 and page attributes
286.02LUXFri Feb 25 1994vtx 6.
287.05FURFCE::GAUVINTue Mar 01 1994V8.5 kit issues
288.0BAHTAT::ABEARThu Mar 10 1994VTXprep Licensing and other questions
289.03OSLThu Mar 10 1994Is it possible to create a zero (
290.0OSLFri Mar 11 1994VTXprep editors / Word (MS Word) / Teamlinks ?
291.04VNABRW::KOELBL_HFri Mar 11 1994shared VTXprep usage
292.07GRANMA::RSHEINBERGTue Mar 22 1994VTXPREP Mailer Problems
293.01DRAWRS::SIMONEAUTue Apr 26 1994Login Pages & VTXprep
294.01VAXRIO::WILLECKEMon May 02 1994Kit and DOC
295.06RDGENG::POVEYFri May 06 1994Happy Birthday to you...
296.07SHRMSG::SIMONEAUTue May 31 1994TM appearing in text in VTX
297.01SHRMSG::SIMONEAUWed Jun 15 1994Subscript supported by VTXprep V7.
298.02ULYSSE::INSERRAThu Jun 23 1994vtxprep & allin1 question DT TV command
299.0CHEFS::RAMSEYAMon Jun 27 1994Copying to scratchpad
300.01CODS::ESBECKSun Jul 24 1994ALL-IN-1 V3.1 Support?
301.01LEMAN::MAX333::wengerWed Jul 27 1994Future of VTXprep
302.03DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYTue Aug 23 1994Information Needed
303.02UROVTX::POVEYWed Aug 24 1994Information on VTXprep -- Text from Info Sheet
304.01SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Aug 24 1994VTXprep V8.6 (FT) install
305.02PEKING::MANLEYGTue Sep 06 1994HCMF timeout - an old problem ?
306.03KITYKT::JOYCEMon Sep 12 1994hcmf & vtxprep 8.6
307.01KITYKT::JOYCEThu Sep 15 1994VTXPREP and USER option
308.05SHRMSG::KUMLINFri Oct 07 1994Loading IMAGE files into VTX using VTXPREP 8.6
309.04SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Oct 12 1994Error accessing VTP from ALL-IN-1 menu
310.03SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Oct 12 1994TVS_EDI edit and disabling ALLIN1 broadcast mode
311.02SHRMSG::KUMLINFri Oct 28 1994VTXprep 7.
312.02SIOG::ESBECKTue Nov 01 1994Menus not required?
313.02WARNUT::YATESWed Nov 16 1994VTXprep version for OpenVMS VAX 6.1?
314.04WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJThu Nov 17 1994Scrollable Pages.
315.0SHRMSG::KUMLINMon Nov 28 1994TVS_EDI.SCP file - how to set nobroadcast in A1
316.03GVAADG::PENETMon Jan 16 1995Too many 'New Page'?????
317.01CURRNT::POWELLTue Jan 17 1995.VTD file naming ??
318.01SHRMSG::KUMLINThu Feb 09 1995VTXprep - 7.
319.01UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Feb 17 1995VTXprep on Alpha AXP
320.01SHRMSG::KUMLINThu Mar 09 1995VTXprep executable file V8.6
321.02SHRMSG::DEVIWed Mar 15 1995VMS 6.1 and OpenVMS Alpha
322.03FAILTE::42Wed Mar 29 1995How do you retrieve deleted documents
323.01KITYKT::JOYCEThu Mar 30 1995Numeric sort - question
324.05EISYFI::ISLERMon Apr 17 1995How to order?
325.04KITYKT::JOYCETue May 02 1995/scroll & /long_page in 8.6
326.03SHRMSG::KUMLINFri May 12 1995VTXprep 8.6 /VMS 6.1 Kitinstall problems
327.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu May 25 1995VTX with PC images
328.04SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Aug 16 1995White space being created in documents