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Conference rocks::dec_edi

Notice:DEC/EDI V2.1 - see note 2002
Created:Wed Jun 06 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3150
Total number of notes:13466
Number with bodies:780
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1.02UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Welcome
2.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Product Name - Trademarks
3.06UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jul 25 1990Engineering Announcements
4.015UKCSSE::DEC_EDITue Sep 18 1990DEC_EDI Admin
5.02UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Oct 15 1990Documentation Order Numbers
10.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990SPD
15.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Oct 15 1990Information Update Articles
16.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Oct 17 1990Next Information Update
20.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990Release Notes
25.06UKCSSE::DEC_EDIFri Jan 18 1991Update Kits
26.08UKCSSE::DEC_EDIFri Jan 18 1991Update Kits Discussion
30.025UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Training Announcements
35.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Feb 06 1991References/Resources
40.029UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Aug 20 1990The PERFORMANCE Note
50.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIThu Jan 24 1991The SPR Log
99.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIFri Jun 29 1990reserved
100.067UKCSSE::DEC_EDIFri Jun 29 1990Who Are You?
101.011UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990SPD - Discussions
102.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990Release Notes - Discussions
103.011UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Training Discussions
104.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990Licencing and Packaging
105.022UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Jun 25 1990Related Notes Conferences
107.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Prerequisites - DECforms
108.010UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Prerequisites - Message Router
109.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Prerequisites - MRX
110.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Prerequisites - VAX P.S.I.
111.024UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 27 1990Prerequisites - 278
112.03DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEMon Jul 02 1990Kit Location?
113.01THEWAV::HAACKTue Jul 03 1990White papers and info to compete against IBM
114.051UKCSSE::DEC_EDIThu Jul 05 1990Wishlist!
115.05IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKWed Jul 11 1990How to fill SUBJECT in P2 message?
116.02IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKThu Jul 12 1990INTERCHANGE crashes every ten minutes or so
117.01WOTVAX::MEAKINSMon Jul 16 1990Sizing an EDI Solution
118.02UNTADH::MACLIESHThu Jul 19 1990Undocumented errors & ID problems
119.05DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEThu Jul 19 1990File Prot Error on Export
120.07GUIDUK::MILLSFri Jul 20 1990Invalid X.4
121.022HLISFri Jul 20 1990error disassembling p2
122.027OCTAD::CSMITHFri Jul 20 1990DEC/EDI V1.
123.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 20 1990DEC/EDI future requirement
124.09TRCAFri Jul 20 1990Proprietary Formats and Fixed Length?
125.0GUIDUK::MILLSWed Jul 25 1990X.4
126.010DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEWed Jul 25 1990Missing X12 Data Labels
127.04MACNAS::JMCCOURTWed Jul 25 1990Connections to GEIS
128.01SAC::GIBBS_DThu Jul 26 1990Inaccuracy in Course Documentation - EY43
129.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYThu Jul 26 1990method for testing decedi?
130.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSFri Jul 27 1990Odette & order Phase Messages support
131.0UNTADH::MACLIESHMon Jul 30 1990TELEBOX project status (Munich)
132.010DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVETue Jul 31 1990ARCHIVE Problem
133.01IJSAPL::OERLEMANSWed Aug 01 1990Message numbering scheme ?
134.02BERNMon Aug 06 1990REPEATDA, error repeating data overflow
136.01PRSIS4::DIDOUWed Aug 08 1990problem using X4
137.0CRBOSS::PIERPONTWed Aug 08 1990Internal EDI position and comments
138.03GOTA1::VIKTORSSONWed Aug 08 1990Only space - Odette version
139.07HAMPS::HAYES_JThu Aug 09 1990TFS failures
140.02NWGEDU::OOTESThu Aug 09 1990TFB error: TRNREFMIS msg ref head trail mismatch
141.020WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Aug 09 1990no path for partner
142.03GOTA1::VIKTORSSONFri Aug 10 1990release character and padding
143.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Aug 14 1990failed to convert, END_SEND problem
145.08CCIIS1::FREULONThu Aug 16 1990DECEDI support
147.018WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Aug 17 1990UNS segment omitted by DEC_EDI
148.04HLISFri Aug 17 1990help on connection id's
149.0SUPFri Aug 17 1990BADALLOC on large file
150.02IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKFri Aug 17 1990How to suppress conditonal elements from UNH
152.05IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKFri Aug 17 1990Comma as decimal mark not allowed without UNA
153.08IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKFri Aug 17 1990Suppress optional element from UNB
154.01SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOFri Aug 17 1990EDI and PIPENET?
156.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Aug 20 1990Incompatible Segment Terminators
157.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Aug 20 1990DEC/EDI and LARGE documents
158.06NSSG::BUDZINSKIMon Aug 20 1990Connections to IIN?
159.018VAXSPO::VALENTIMTue Aug 21 1990APP_server-to-APP_server problems!
160.0243828::REIDWed Aug 22 1990tracing over the network/MAILbus questions
161.013HLISThu Aug 23 1990once again conection id's
162.01CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYThu Aug 23 1990What PAKs for DEC/EDI?
163.08CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYFri Aug 24 1990Installation Problems?
164.01IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKFri Aug 24 1990How to get application reference different
165.05GOONS::CHAPMANFri Aug 24 1990stuck at SEPARATED - DECEDI wont restart
166.01BERNMon Aug 27 1990what is J
167.04GUIDUK::MILLSTue Aug 28 1990TFB problem with new X12 tables
168.01LSVAX::SALZMANNTue Aug 28 1990Translation Server Info
169.0VAXSPO::VALENTIMTue Aug 28 1990Reformating data in site to site EDI
170.03DPDMAI::SIFTARWed Aug 29 1990Help on sizing needed
171.04GOTA1::VIKTORSSONThu Aug 30 1990characterset in DEC/EDI
172.0NSSG::BUDZINSKIFri Aug 31 1990X.4
173.01ACESMK::WOODFri Aug 31 1990List command crashes Interchange
174.03GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 03 1990question on X4
175.01IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Sep 03 1990IA5TEXT bodypart not present in P2
176.04SUPMon Sep 03 1990BADALLOC on large file -URGENT
177.02COPCLU::LINERMon Sep 03 1990Import/Export clearification
178.03VAXSPO::VALENTIMMon Sep 03 1990How to clean up?
179.012UKCSSE::DEC_EDIMon Sep 03 1990Raising an SPR
180.05ROMTue Sep 04 1990decedi$ds crash
181.011IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKTue Sep 04 1990Spurious extra UNZ segment on incoming X.4
182.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Sep 06 1990re-install blues....
183.02GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 10 1990request for more in depth data flow info please
184.01CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYMon Sep 10 1990Trying to setup DEC/EDI Table 85
185.07GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 12 1990questions on ARCHIVE
186.03GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 12 1990question on IMP/EXP gateway defined as another conn
187.08GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 12 1990question on data labels between standards
188.06GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 12 1990error on DECEDI$STARTUP FULL RMS RNF comms hist
189.01GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Sep 12 1990what happens when new standards arrive?
190.02AYOV29::GMCLAUCHLANWed Sep 12 1990Communications machine requirements
191.06ACESMK::WOODWed Sep 12 1990BIG element 7 dropped in X12 invoice
192.0ACESMK::WOODWed Sep 12 1990IT1 segment erroneously requires element IT
193.02ACESMK::WOODThu Sep 13 1990Questionable Conditional
195.010ENUF::CAUDILLFri Sep 14 1990Trying to loopback a document with example programs
196.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Sep 14 1990Need verification or analysis tools please.
197.0ENUF::CAUDILLFri Sep 14 1990What connection id should be used for local?
198.03ENUF::CAUDILLFri Sep 14 1990Problems with the example programs
201.03ELIS::BROWNTue Sep 18 1990Extra Data At End of Transmission File
203.05GOTA1::VIKTORSSONThu Sep 20 1990install on an homogeneous cluster
204.04KIMCHI::KWAKThu Sep 20 1990DECEDI doesn't run on a VAX station 2
206.02KETJE::GORREMANSSun Sep 23 1990Problem with edifact example programs
207.01ENUF::CAUDILLMon Sep 24 1990MRX examples?
208.0DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEMon Sep 24 1990VAX/VMS V5.4
209.014IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKWed Sep 26 1990Can't save local segment contents
210.04CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYWed Sep 26 1990PO1 segment setup.
211.04TAVSun Sep 30 1990Implementing CARGO-IMP
212.0GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Oct 01 1990problems with forms and User interface
213.04SNOCTue Oct 02 1990Application to translation failure?
214.014GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Oct 02 1990problem defining ripple back..
215.03GLADYS::BOUNDSWed Oct 03 1990User interface problems
216.0ENUF::CAUDILLWed Oct 03 1990A repost command to retry failed X4
217.04ENUF::CAUDILLWed Oct 03 1990Problems with running the X4
218.0ENUF::CAUDILLWed Oct 03 1990No non-delivery notification when incoming X.4
221.08ENUF::CAUDILLThu Oct 04 1990Problems recognizing segment terminator on ISA
222.03KERNEL::COOPERThu Oct 04 1990Problem with Edifact example.
223.01SKYWAY::BICHSELThu Oct 04 1990OFTP ID - what is the structure
224.05GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Oct 05 1990%RMS-E-ERRACCAPF problem and solution
225.04ENUF::CAUDILLSun Oct 07 1990%E, document type does not match group type
226.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Oct 09 1990a
227.07BERNTue Oct 09 1990O/R Names per message required
228.02ENUF::CAUDILLWed Oct 10 1990Does DECEDI$STARTW poll or use and event flag?
229.06DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEThu Oct 11 1990Export File Protection
230.02SNOCFri Oct 12 1990Functional Grouping Operation?
232.03HSOMAI::KISERFri Oct 12 1990Only the Data Server starts.
233.015GOTA1::VIKTORSSONFri Oct 12 1990PROBLEM with multinode installation
234.03KYOA::GRADYFri Oct 12 1990OrderNET VAN
235.04OSLMon Oct 15 1990Probl. with decedi access control
236.03AYOV29::GMCLAUCHLANMon Oct 15 1990User interface error
237.03BOSACT::BRUNELLEMon Oct 15 1990Problems installing
238.01ENUF::CAUDILLMon Oct 15 1990Access to the tables?
239.04SNOCTue Oct 16 1990Reseting document status question
240.02AYOV29::GMCLAUCHLANTue Oct 16 1990Problem receiving P2 messages from MRX
241.0COPCLU::LINERThu Oct 18 1990Audit trails & Billing/statistics ?
242.04TPOVC::ROGERLIUFri Oct 19 1990DEC_EDI questions ??
244.01BESERK::MURPHYMon Oct 22 1990DEC/EDI and LSE
245.07BESERK::MURPHYMon Oct 22 1990Future releases?
246.05COPCLU::FINNTue Oct 23 1990X.4
247.05SNOCWed Oct 24 1990Stack dump - from DS?
248.03SNOCWed Oct 24 1990Data Validation ?
249.02TPOVC::ROGERLIUWed Oct 24 1990DEC_EDI User Agent ?
250.02MACNAS::JMCCOURTWed Oct 24 1990Empty Group warning message
251.03MACNAS::JMCCOURTWed Oct 24 1990Convertor crashed with LIB-F-BADBLOADR
252.01BERNWed Oct 24 1990DECWINDOWS interface?
254.08BERNFri Oct 26 1990start connection impexp import/export job
255.08JOCKEY::HUBBARDPFri Oct 26 1990MRX - Orignator not authorized ???
256.04TROPPO::RICKARDMon Oct 29 1990Any examples that actually WORK ????
257.0TROPPO::RICKARDMon Oct 29 1990More questions...
258.04IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Oct 29 1990Error Accessing Communication Audit file
259.03CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYMon Oct 29 1990X12 Functional Ack Processing?
260.02ACESMK::BOGGISTue Oct 30 1990$VALUE $QUALIFIER err on inbound
261.02TROPPO::RICKARDWed Oct 31 1990Reserved operand error !!!
262.07TROPPO::RICKARDWed Oct 31 1990Problem with data labels.
263.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Oct 31 1990moved to 11
265.04TROPPO::RICKARDThu Nov 01 1990Customers view of DECEDI.
266.04GOONS::CHAPMANThu Nov 01 1990Obtaining Standards Documentation
267.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Nov 02 1990%DECEDIX12-E-X12_FILACCERR, error accessing file
268.01SUPFri Nov 02 1990Subelement Length
269.05SUPFri Nov 02 1990Access on User Reference
271.04VAXSPO::VALENTIMWed Nov 07 1990URGENT help for startup forever?!!!????
272.01TROPPO::RICKARDThu Nov 08 1990X12 header standard question ???
273.013BERNTue Nov 13 1990new EDIFACT messages available?
274.03VAXSPO::VALENTIMWed Nov 14 1990X.4
275.08WOTVAX::ADAMWed Nov 21 1990EDI standards to tape
277.02HAMPS::HAYES_JFri Nov 23 1990OFTP Capabilities ?
278.0UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Nov 28 1990moved to 185
280.05GUIDUK::MILLSWed Nov 28 1990Test Indicators?/noedit
281.01GUIDUK::MILLSFri Nov 30 1990Test Scenarios
282.03CGOSFri Nov 30 1990CVP Error ?
283.01SNOCTue Dec 04 1990Stuck at AWAITING_TRANSMISSION
284.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGFri Dec 07 1990fetch example with IMPEXP
285.03SNOCSun Dec 09 1990Functional groups document reprocess
286.0TPOVC::BARRYCHANGTue Dec 11 1990TDCC call Help!
287.04SNOCTue Dec 11 1990Repeat count and loop id problem.
288.03DRIFT::WOODTue Dec 11 1990Problem sending data to implied decimal fields
289.0DRIFT::WOODTue Dec 11 1990X12 converter crashes with error number 1
290.03DRIFT::WOODTue Dec 11 1990How can I cancel an active document?
291.01SNOCWed Dec 12 1990Cannot delete a TP segment.
293.01SNOCWed Dec 12 1990Shutdown with documents active?
294.0IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Dec 17 1990Message version number ignored on incoming mesg.
295.05SNOCMon Dec 17 1990Elements and Codes?
296.09SNOCMon Dec 17 1990Created elements and documents.
297.08OSLTue Dec 18 1990X4
298.08ICS::GORSKITue Dec 18 1990TFB failing documents
299.04TPOVC::BARRYCHANGWed Dec 19 1990EDIFACT on X.25, How?
300.02DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEFri Dec 21 1990Standards Update Service error
301.03TPOVC::BARRYCHANGThu Dec 27 1990IBM via DEC/EDI?
302.02GOTA1::VIKTORSSONFri Dec 28 1990Can't restart OFTP connection
303.02CLO::BARNETTFri Dec 28 1990REVIEW failed DOCUMENTS?
304.05UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jan 09 1991"Mailboxing" with DEC/EDI
305.01HOCUS::WOODFIELDMon Jan 07 1991278
306.03TRCATue Jan 08 1991US VANs utilized by DEC?
307.04ZUDEV1::DECSTARTWed Jan 09 1991Wrong Message Reference No (UNH
308.02HAMPS::HAYES_JThu Jan 10 1991 CHECKSUM mismatch
309.05GOONS::CHAPMANSun Jan 13 1991Incoming X12 document fails during separation
310.0TPOVC::BARRYCHANGMon Jan 14 1991TDCC Support?
311.02BESERK::MURPHYWed Jan 16 1991Which envelope will DEC/EDI use?
312.0RIPPLE::TREMBLAY_EDWed Jan 16 1991decedi testing recommendations (ISA15 issue too)
313.02HAACK::HAACKThu Jan 17 1991questions on filebridge, x.25 in US, dialout async (cross post from chefs::edi)
314.02CHEFS::OSBORNECFri Jan 18 1991Easier catalogue of knowledge
315.016BERNFri Jan 18 1991DEC/EDI X.4
316.03HAMPS::WIGGLESWORTHMon Jan 21 1991Service Delivery Kits
317.09TKTVFS::SAKATA_KTue Jan 22 1991Q: New User Apl. Interface
318.0DRIFT::WOODWed Jan 23 1991X12 converter crashes if doc has no contents
319.01HSOMAI::KISERThu Jan 24 1991Moving DECEDI$EXE to another disk.
320.02CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYFri Jan 25 1991X12 ISA seg problem
321.03CLO::BARNETTFri Jan 25 1991Async to BT Tymnet?
322.01CLO::BARNETTFri Jan 25 1991Use sync port on diff node?
323.05MACNAS::JMCCOURTTue Jan 29 1991Inval. Char in Interchange Id.
324.010BESERK::MURPHYTue Jan 29 1991Question from a customer about to do a pilot.
325.011GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Jan 29 1991? on TDCC and functional acknowledgement
326.02CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYThu Jan 31 1991Problem with X12 v2
327.0FILTHY::HOPKINSSat Feb 02 1991An incorrect assumption about DECEDI$START_FETCH
328.03ZURFCC::DECSTARTMon Feb 04 1991handle new message versions
329.06ZURFCC::DECSTARTWed Feb 06 1991segments with equal names
330.04BERNWed Feb 06 1991propagation of message tables
331.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Feb 07 1991FTX in PAYORD is not positioned correctly by the c
332.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Feb 11 1991how to define a new document from scratch?
333.02SNOCWed Feb 13 1991Created document
334.02BESERK::MURPHYWed Feb 13 1991EMA and DECmcc
335.03UNTADH::MACLIESHThu Feb 14 1991Inbound doc stuck at TRANSLATED
336.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDITue Feb 19 1991EDIGEN demo tool from Holland
337.03UKCSSE::DEC_EDITue Feb 19 1991Utility for processing Internal Format Files
338.0CLO::BARNETTTue Feb 19 1991Problem with multiple translators?
340.05UNTADH::MACLIESHWed Feb 20 1991Interpretation of errors in the log
341.04MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Feb 21 1991Error processing message router request
342.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Feb 25 1991Weird $SEG_QUALIFIER messages..Help!!
343.01HAMPS::HAYES_JTue Feb 26 1991... Testing of OFTP
344.07MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Feb 26 1991Inspect and DEC/EDI Files
345.03TPOVC::BARRYCHANGWed Feb 27 1991DEC/EDI+ENCON barcode
346.03MRKTNG::DUMASWed Feb 27 1991Can't rely on 1 X12 doc per interchange
347.01DRIFT::WOODThu Feb 28 1991Corrupted file receiving from GEIS via 378
348.05TPOVC::BARRYCHANGFri Mar 01 1991How to put ST into TDCC new doc.
349.03HAMPS::HAYES_JFri Mar 01 1991Release and Version numbers ?
350.05UNTADH::MACLIESHMon Mar 04 1991IMPEXP gateway: file formats
351.02EEMELI::RLAIHOMon Mar 04 1991Mandatory segment, but all elements optional?
352.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTTue Mar 05 1991D/E as a gateway ?
353.0GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Mar 06 1991"GHOST" documents arriving at comms server..
354.0TROAWed Mar 06 1991TDCC updates ? HOW ?
355.01HAACK::HAACKSat Mar 09 1991Customer view of DEC/EDI - Response?
356.01HAACK::HAACKSat Mar 09 1991Filebridge can I use it
357.011MACNAS::JMCCOURTSat Mar 09 1991No ripple back, distributed trans. & comms
358.021TPOVC::BARRYCHANGMon Mar 11 1991Implement question from a novice?
359.03COMICS::MAGUIRETue Mar 12 1991/out/map qualifiers ..any probs
360.01HAMPS::HAYES_JTue Mar 12 1991IVP Failures ?
362.01DRIFT::WOODWed Mar 13 1991Several valid X12 element separator characters are not allowed
363.01GIDDAY::CHONGFri Mar 15 1991grprpt aggument in DECEDI$GET_DATA
364.01GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Mar 15 1991resource usage by x12 doc translator
365.02BERNMon Mar 18 1991What happens with X.4
366.03ACESMK::WILLIAMSMon Mar 18 1991IMP/EXP Directories ???
367.02VAXRIO::BIANCOMon Mar 18 1991Problems with X4
368.02TAVIS::NATITue Mar 19 1991DEC/EDI fails to convert !
369.02VAXRIO::BIANCOTue Mar 19 1991EDIPROCERR logged by DECEDI$FS in loop
370.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTTue Mar 19 1991X.4
371.01ACESMK::BOGGISTue Mar 19 1991X12 convertor crash
372.02GOONS::CHAPMANWed Mar 20 1991Fetch Application problem - Data remaining in IFF
373.01CTOAVX::ALLETZHAUSERWed Mar 20 1991blank data in a field bug
374.01ISIDRO::LESTEBANFri Mar 22 1991details on memory min requirements ?
376.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Mar 25 1991seg ITA
377.02ZUDEV1::ROTHMMon Mar 25 1991DEC/EDI on ULTRIX ?
378.03MAJORS::SPENCEMon Mar 25 1991BADPARAM returned from DECEDI$START_SEND
379.0OAXCEL::SOMERSMon Mar 25 1991defining a TP specific document
380.02METSYS::HENSTRIDGEWed Mar 27 1991Input requested from EDIFACT users
381.08GOONS::CHAPMANWed Mar 27 1991Document numbering funny
382.04GOTA1::KLASSONWed Mar 27 1991OFTP Restart Counter, K bytes or bytes
383.04CCIIS1::LEBRUNFri Mar 29 1991Coexistence of several versions of EDIFACT messages in DEC/EDI
384.02GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Apr 02 1991new EDI X.4
385.01BERNWed Apr 03 1991Converter dies on limited system/limited resources
386.01SNOCThu Apr 04 1991LIST TRANS/SINCE Fails
387.01SNOCThu Apr 04 1991Convertor Fails on multi level loops
388.04KAL::VIKTORSSONThu Apr 04 1991Odette flags
389.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTMon Apr 08 1991Control of some UNB elements
390.03TPOVC::BARRYCHANGWed Apr 10 1991Strange list table/output
391.08TPOVC::BARRYCHANGWed Apr 10 1991loop-id define problem
392.01CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYWed Apr 10 1991BT Tymnet BiSync anyone?
393.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Apr 10 1991where is my ripple back ?
394.01UKCSSE::DEC_EDIThu Apr 11 1991Implementation Experiences
395.01BERNThu Apr 11 1991wanted: DEC/EDI patch that fixes the DTS problems
396.02TPOVC::BARRYCHANGFri Apr 12 1991LS + loop id?
397.09ACESMK::BOGGISFri Apr 12 1991TDCC M2/8
398.05VAXSPO::VALENTIMFri Apr 12 1991The X of EDI in X.4
399.0DRIFT::WOODSat Apr 13 1991Excessive and unneed file copying when reviewing a document
400.03MAJORS::SPENCEMon Apr 15 1991How does DEC/EDI use outgoing priority?
401.0COPCLU::LINERTue Apr 16 1991Out of DEC/EDI specialist's - HELP !
402.05IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKWed Apr 17 1991Stuck at "QUEUED" causes deadlock
403.0--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 17 1991
404.02TPOVC::BARRYCHANGThu Apr 18 1991urgent for IMP_EXP trouble!!
405.04HAMPS::HAYES_JMon Apr 22 1991unknown transmission method ?
406.0+8UNTADH::MACLIESHTue Apr 23 1991DECEDI-E-ERRACCIHF, error accessing internal format file
407.04CLO::BARNETTTue Apr 23 1991EDIPAT
408.01KETJE::GORREMANSWed Apr 24 1991Code translation questions
409.07SUOSW4::HARDTThu Apr 25 1991OFTP only ?
410.02TROAFri Apr 26 1991Anybody doing TDCC ??
411.01TROAFri Apr 26 1991Internal format available ?
412.01KETJE::VERVAENENMon Apr 29 1991DEC/EDI prerequisites ?
413.02UKCSSE::DEC_EDIThu May 02 1991X12 Document Failed to Separate
414.01DRIFT::WOODFri May 03 1991Is USRREF or DOCCOUNT better for tracking?
415.012ACESMK::BOGGISFri May 03 1991Warning Patch 4 replaces TDCC files
417.01VNABRW::SCHIMMELTue May 07 1991DECEDI$STARTUP components are timing out
418.02VNABRW::SCHIMMELTue May 07 1991how do GRPLVL and GRPRPT in GET_DATA work?
419.03MAJORS::SPENCETue May 07 1991Using CPU and DISK, doing nothing
420.02VNABRW::SCHIMMELTue May 07 1991how to reply to a faild document automatically?
422.010GOTA1::KLASSONMon May 13 1991Trans-files stuck in TRANS_FILE_BUILT
423.02ESSB::PBOYLETue May 14 1991Post/Fetch with C???!
424.02OSLACT::JOSTEINWed May 15 1991DEC/EDI "not recommended"?
425.02GOTA1::KACKThu May 16 1991OFTP Fixed 8
426.05PROOF::H_HEARNSThu May 16 1991Request for Patch information....
427.05MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri May 17 1991Migration Test to live
428.05KERNEL::COOPERFri May 17 199156
429.01CHEFS::OSBORNECSun May 19 1991DEC/EDI supported standards
430.07OSLTue May 21 1991File naming conventions IMPEXP
431.02UNTADH::MACLIESHWed May 29 1991OFTP: "loopback"
432.03TROAWed May 29 1991Packaged EDI solutions planned ?
434.08IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKThu May 30 1991Urgent HELP for START/
435.02MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu May 30 1991Ripple back again
436.03EVOAI2::LUCOTTEThu May 30 1991Installation problem
437.04OSLThu May 30 1991Building a API-monitor - need hints
438.02UKCSSE::DEC_EDIWed Jun 05 1991DEC/EDI non standard in UCS/WINS/VICS
439.02TROATue Jun 04 1991Accidental edit of envelope
440.04EPAVAX::OBRIENWed Jun 05 1991GM as a trading partner
441.04TROAWed Jun 05 1991Digital no UCS EDI member !
443.01ISIDRO::LESTEBANThu Jun 06 1991concurrent config update,resend,several ?
444.04MUDIS3::TMAYRFri Jun 07 1991DEC/EDI rejects incoming X4
445.01CLO::BARNETTFri Jun 07 1991auto notification if no ack received?
446.02ULTRA::DONAHUEFri Jun 07 1991Where is the Business Plan?
447.05BEEZER::OTHENJMon Jun 10 1991Archiving doesn't!!!
448.03VNABRW::SCHIMMELTue Jun 11 1991how works the DEC/EDI UA within Mailbus/MR/X4
449.03BERNWed Jun 12 1991Multiple EDIFACT Translation Services (Incoming)
450.01SNOCFri Jun 14 1991X12 Conditional Requirements
451.08OSLWed Jun 19 1991system serv error during start fetch
452.01CLO::BARNETTFri Jun 21 1991Anyone have Ford as a trading partner?
453.09DRIFT::WOODThu Jun 27 1991Privilege problem with archive command
454.05SWAM2::FLYNN_PAMon Jul 01 1991DEC/EDI vs. PC-Based EDI
455.09VNABRW::SCHIMMELWed Jul 03 1991one specific segment causes TS to fail - urgent!
456.0MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri Jul 05 1991Docs built out of seq.
457.06MURPHY::PAPPALARDOMon Jul 08 1991Help! How do I become an Expert?
458.0ACESMK::BOGGISTue Jul 09 1991DEC/EDI creating duplicate docs
459.02CLOVAX::BARNETTThu Jul 11 1991Transmission not going to PURGEABLE
460.01KETJE::GORREMANSFri Jul 12 1991Remarks on DEC/EDI from customer
461.01ISIDRO::LESTEBANMon Jul 15 1991cant delete a tp document
462.06NWGEDU::OOTESTue Jul 16 1991TP fetching OFTP file, possible?
463.02CSC32::BEACHWed Jul 17 1991How to change Bisynch WAIT through Interchange
464.02VNABRW::SCHIMMELThu Jul 18 1991how to get DOC_COUNT from DECEDI$END_SEND?
465.0VNABRW::SCHIMMELThu Jul 18 1991how to remove SENT transmission-files from D/E
466.03VNABRW::SCHIMMELThu Jul 18 1991UNB
467.01HOPFEN::DIETRICHFri Jul 19 1991Element 4277 Length
468.06ACESMK::CLIFFORDTue Jul 23 1991DECserver?
469.01MAJORS::SPENCETue Jul 23 1991Help on unhelpful error messages
470.01NWGEDU::OOTESTue Jul 23 1991When is OFTP transm PURGEABLE
471.0NWGEDU::OOTESTue Jul 23 1991automatic default for separator,rel char
472.02MINNY::DECSTARTWed Jul 24 1991Customized UNB-Segment
473.01CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Jul 26 1991Can DEC/EDI talk to a Soft Switch User Agent ?
474.01IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991data labels as qualifier-value-qualifier
475.0IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991data labels for repeating composites
476.0IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991data labels for EDIFACT/912 LOC segment
477.0IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991qualifier related to more than 1 value
478.05IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991how to stop looping translator
479.03GIDDAY::SMALLTue Jul 30 1991INSFARG errors in log file when decnet link is down
480.01VNABRW::SCHIMMELWed Jul 31 1991X4
481.01VNABRW::SCHIMMELWed Jul 31 1991archive needs more VMS-privileges than ALL
482.0CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Aug 01 1991Questions on installing EDI patch
483.01CSC32::BEACHThu Aug 01 1991Sub-elements in X12?
484.03STKHUV::SEVERINFri Aug 02 1991X4
485.07MAJORS::SPENCEMon Aug 05 1991Document conversion failure - can anyone help?
486.02GIDDAY::ROWETue Aug 06 1991standards and availability to users with updates
487.04SWAM2::COHEN_ROThu Aug 08 1991EDIPAT
488.04OSPREY::ADAMSThu Aug 08 1991EDIFACT Financial Messages anyone?
489.04CCIIS1::LEBRUNThu Aug 08 1991DEC/EDI to PC's link via RTC
490.0OAXCEL::SOMERSTue Aug 13 1991Questions from class
491.01OSLWed Aug 14 1991Looking for FT-kit
492.0ACESMK::CLIFFORDWed Aug 14 1991BISYNC and LAT
493.02KERNEL::OTHENJWed Aug 14 1991Optional segments in group headings
494.04SNOCThu Aug 15 1991Interchange Standards
495.02SNOCMon Aug 19 1991Interchange Acknowledgement support?
496.02TEXAN::ALBURYTue Aug 20 1991runaway error with DEC/EDI FT1.1
498.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Aug 22 1991Open OFTP connection
499.03MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Aug 22 1991DECEDI$SCHEDULE disconnected
500.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Aug 22 1991Wrong connection id on failed trnsm.
501.01OSLFri Aug 23 1991std edif elem error FT2
503.02IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Aug 26 1991FETCH from detached process fails
504.02GLADYS::ATKINSONMon Aug 26 1991INTERCHG_ID after pat
505.03OSLWed Aug 28 1991I don't want to invent the wheel
506.05KETJE::GORREMANSWed Aug 28 1991DEC/EDI to IMS/DB2 anyone?
507.04GOTA1::KLASSONFri Aug 30 1991Dest/Orig in the OFTP EERP
508.06SCAACT::HARRISONMon Sep 02 1991RECORD NOT FOUND and Patch Kit 5
509.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUMon Sep 02 1991UN/EDIFACT ver?
510.0KETJE::GORREMANSMon Sep 02 1991List problems
511.01KETJE::GORREMANSMon Sep 02 1991Defining new messages in DEC/EDI
512.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Sep 05 1991list/doc fails with uierror
513.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Sep 05 1991Messagr Router id not shown
514.03ASICS::LESLIEThu Sep 05 1991Reviewers needed
516.01OSLFri Sep 06 1991 What does DECEDI-E-TRNREFMIS mean
517.03POBOX::CARLSTEDTFri Sep 06 1991Flaunt your EDI expertise
518.02SNOCMon Sep 09 1991RMS-F-DUP duplicate key error
519.02ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLITue Sep 10 1991DEC/EDI startup failure
520.04TEXAN::ALBURYWed Sep 11 1991REMOTE EDI demo available
521.0SCAACT::HARRISONThu Sep 12 1991Blank Authentication & Sec. Code error
522.05MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Sep 12 1991Archive - BACKUP command error
523.05SCAACT::HARRISONSat Sep 14 1991Functional Acknowledgement Optional Segments
524.03TAVSun Sep 15 1991V1.1 documentation
525.0CCIIS1::LEBRUNTue Sep 17 1991DEC/EDI code translation at application level
526.02GOONS::CHAPMANWed Sep 18 1991Multiple failures in the audit trail
527.01GOTA1::KLASSONFri Sep 20 1991More then 12 documents under same agreement
528.02GOONS::CHAPMANFri Sep 20 1991Multinational Characters
529.07IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKThu Sep 26 1991Need syntax id changed in UNB
530.07BERNThu Sep 26 1991Transferring Document definitions
531.07SNOCFri Sep 27 1991Unidentified EDI syntax error.
532.01BERNMon Sep 30 1991Location of V1.1 Release Notes?
533.05VAXRIO::HELDERMon Sep 30 1991ODETTE contact
534.04SOJU::CHRISTENSENTue Oct 01 1991Auth & Secur. Codes
535.0SNOCWed Oct 02 1991X12 floating NTE segments ordering?
536.01JENEVR::BOGGISWed Oct 02 1991Missing Data Labels on incoming doc
537.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Oct 03 1991trouble cancelling documents after build failure
538.03MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri Oct 04 1991Docs. stuck at created - Urgent !
539.08GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Oct 07 1991seg order reversed in EFF for doc 856? is it ok?
541.02BERNMon Oct 14 1991Data label not found - but defined
542.03GOTA1::KLASSONMon Oct 21 1991Archive on empty DEC/EDI system
543.011MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Oct 24 1991IN_HOUSE_FILE not created by Translator
544.02HAMPS::HAYES_JMon Oct 28 1991 - TRADACOMS - Re-use of segments ?
545.05VNABRW::SOUDATMon Oct 28 1991X.4
546.01BULLI::ROWEWed Oct 30 1991incorrect definition of decedi$top ... problems
547.04HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Oct 31 1991Why pedi and P2 bodypart?
548.05MACNAS::JMCCOURTThu Oct 31 1991Invalid qual/value loops translator
549.0GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Nov 01 1991PASCAL error 1
550.02IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Nov 04 1991Two versions of TRANSMISSION file exist
551.010ASICS::LESLIEMon Nov 04 1991DEC/EDI V1.1 SSK
552.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Nov 05 1991how to remove or re-instal a standard update?
553.05GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Nov 06 1991FILENOTOPEN error from DS - which file?
554.02VNABRW::SCHIMMELThu Nov 07 1991T1.1 translator bug? - urgent - plse. help!
555.02GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Nov 11 1991EDIPAT kitinstal doesn't use DECEDI$EXE logical...
556.0SNOCTue Nov 12 1991Transmission file size limit ignored?
557.03BERNTue Nov 12 1991Spurious data generated for blank fields
559.01GOONS::CHAPMANThu Nov 14 1991Mandatory segment missing - no failure
560.02SNOCMon Nov 18 1991Providing Cluster Failover
561.01CCIIS1::LEBRUNMon Nov 18 1991New release message support for ODETTE/GALIA
562.02DRIFT::WOODMon Nov 18 1991Duplicate TP agreement problem
563.04DRIFT::WOODMon Nov 18 1991TFB causes security violations
564.04CARNTA::ALBURYMon Nov 18 1991Conditional Requirement missing - assumed optional error?
565.01ANGLIN::K_MELCHERTMon Nov 18 1991NEED DECEDI V 1.1
566.01TAVTue Nov 19 1991EDIFACT_ORDER data labels
567.015GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Nov 20 1991PAS - INV STRING LENGTH errors from TRNS_X_1?
568.04GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Nov 21 1991urgent question on comms product installation
569.02SCAACT::HARRISONThu Nov 21 1991GENTRAN/Tradacom/INS func. acks?
570.04DRIFT::WOODFri Nov 22 1991Problem with API to API ripple back with STEEL
571.01EVOAI2::BOIZIAUMon Nov 25 1991Student or instructor guide for DEC/EDI V1.1 ?
572.027UNTADI::BIRSEMon Nov 25 1991X4
574.02VOGON::ULLETTThu Nov 28 1991Can anyone confirm that DEC/EDI will remove all files from a TRADACOMS mailbox ?
575.0GOTA1::KLASSONFri Nov 29 1991ERRLOCKRES, How to troubleshoot?
576.05GOONS::CHAPMANFri Nov 29 1991Upper/Lower case in Trading Partner Agreement
577.03SNOCMon Dec 02 1991Duplicate message screening
578.0MINNY::KURMANNMon Dec 02 1991password check within DEC/EDI
579.07OSLTue Dec 03 1991Probl getting DECEDI to talk to MRX
580.01SCAACT::HARRISONTue Dec 03 1991Security Qual on Funct. Acks.
581.01DRIFT::WOODTue Dec 03 1991EDIFACT sub-element 28
582.05SCAACT::HARRISONWed Dec 04 1991BISYNC direct dial-in?
583.07CARNTA::ALBURYThu Dec 05 1991Do we support 'SNA' connections?
584.020UNTADA::BIRSEMon Dec 09 1991No trading Partner Agreement error.
585.04GOONS::CHAPMANTue Dec 10 1991Processes hang in RWMBX
586.03GOONS::CHAPMANTue Dec 10 1991AS passes to TS out of sequence
587.02COPCLU::JRNTue Dec 10 1991Delivery Reports to DEC/EDI from MR/S ?
588.02COMICS::MARSDENWed Dec 11 1991DEC/EDI and DECdts/Denet-VAX Extensions
589.0NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Dec 16 1991Client access to EDI from PC or Mac?
590.05CPCOD::SULLIVANMon Dec 16 1991Transfer Mechanism
592.01GIDDAY::ARTHURWed Dec 18 1991Document Tracking within Application to SENT
593.06SOJU::MURPHYWed Dec 18 1991Another not-quite-working X4
595.01TAVSun Dec 22 1991EDIFACT messages version
596.07ISIDRO::LESTEBANThu Dec 26 1991OFTP problems with a VAN
597.01SCAACT::HARRISONFri Dec 27 1991X12
598.04BOOTKY::HAM_NGUYENMon Jan 06 1992QUEUED and stuck
599.03GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Jan 06 1992need description, white paper, etc.
600.04BERNTue Jan 07 1992V1.1 and V1.
601.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUWed Jan 08 1992Building new EDIFACT documents?
602.04COPCLU::LINERThu Jan 09 1992Need advice on HW-configuration
604.01GOONS::CHAPMANThu Jan 09 1992Site-to-site ripple-back problem
605.0SYSTEM::ROGGENSTEINFri Jan 10 1992GEIS VAN script file error
606.02WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Jan 10 1992What files have to be on system disk?
607.014GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jan 13 1992problem with DECEDI$APPSHR installed with V1.1
608.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 15 1992V1.1 license problem?
609.06GOONS::CHAPMANWed Jan 15 1992Default directories in EDIT PARAMETER
610.01FLYWAY::PARKERWed Jan 15 1992Configuring Partner Profiles
612.05JENEVR::BOGGISThu Jan 16 1992MR as transport for distributed DEC/EDI
613.022KERNEL::OTHENJFri Jan 17 1992Control and Tradanet problems
614.04GOONS::CHAPMANFri Jan 17 1992extra $GROUP => converter crash
616.05KERNEL::OTHENJMon Jan 20 1992Password change and TRADANET
617.01ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLITue Jan 21 1992communication audit log file corrupt
618.02JENEVR::CLIFFORDTue Jan 21 1992shutdown problem w/ V1.1
619.01VOGON::ULLETTWed Jan 22 1992Does DE generate the TRADACOMS FIL segment data?
620.04GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Jan 28 1992x12 converter killed if error detected??
621.02VOGON::ULLETTTue Jan 28 1992TRADANET mailbox ... Automatic File Deletion ... Can it be overriden ?
622.04WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Jan 28 1992Edifact convertor crashes repeatedly
623.04CLO::BARNETTTue Jan 28 1992How Do I Start Extra File Servers?
624.09FAILTE::ADAMSWed Jan 29 1992OFTP using an x.29 call ?
625.03FAILTE::ADAMSWed Jan 29 1992Multiple Finpays per line
626.01SCAACT::HARRISONThu Jan 30 1992Delete X12 release?
627.03GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Jan 30 1992global section already exists error from DS??
628.01COPCLU::LINERThu Jan 30 1992Standard Update Service
629.02GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Jan 31 1992how do I cancel a TRANSLATED document?
630.02VOGON::ULLETTFri Jan 31 1992TRADANET partner relationships ... blank files = no information ?EXAMINE EXISTING TRADA
631.01VOGON::ULLETTFri Jan 31 1992-E-SCR_SCRIPT_ERRO ... a strange message in error log ... 268435468 ??
632.02SOJU::CHRISTENSENFri Jan 31 1992278
633.07SNOCMon Feb 03 1992EDIFACT Implementation Short Comings
634.0GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Feb 03 1992install failure V1.1 pre-req s/w..
635.01SUPTue Feb 04 1992DECEDI$APPSHR's installation
636.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 07 1992process DECEDI$X4
637.03HSKPRF::RLAIHOFri Feb 07 1992VMS 5.5 and MR 3.2?
638.07GOTA1::KLASSONTue Feb 11 1992Problem with OFTP fixed record format
639.02WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Feb 11 1992Duplicate Agreements for Tradacoms Documents.
640.04OCTAD::CSMITHWed Feb 12 1992Problem removing TP definitions can anyone help?
641.02WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Feb 12 1992Ripple-back on incoming documents.
642.01GOTA1::KLASSONWed Feb 12 1992DECEDI$STARTUP.COM breaks PAMS/DECforms
643.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Feb 13 1992X.435 EDI?
644.01UNTADA::BIRSEThu Feb 13 1992Any Views on this ??
645.06COPCLU::LINERFri Feb 14 19922 ?: UNS AND EXPORT
646.08BERNFri Feb 14 1992Problem with incoming X4
647.08GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Feb 16 1992short doc being received from MR?
648.02BERNMon Feb 17 1992OFTP to PC/ODEX
649.06KERNEL::COOPERMon Feb 17 1992Post Installation Problems
650.011KERNEL::OTHENJTue Feb 18 1992Data server crashing on 1.1
651.03IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKTue Feb 18 1992Suppress Excessive Error Logging
652.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Feb 18 1992how about MR mailboxes..
653.01TRCOA::TROTTITue Feb 18 1992COMMAND_REF won't completely print.
654.03KERNEL::COOPERTue Feb 18 1992Documents Stuck at QUEUED
655.04VAXRIO::BIANCOTue Feb 18 1992Problem using documents with repeated segments
656.0METSYS::ROGGENSTEINWed Feb 19 1992Bi-sync on the 4
657.03MAJORS::COCKBURNWed Feb 19 1992Cancelling documents at AVAILABLE, V1.1
658.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Feb 19 1992How to prevent 'conv prohibited' bit set.
659.07COMICS::MAGUIREWed Feb 19 1992DEC_EDI startup hanging..help
660.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Feb 19 1992getting -PAS-F-NOMSG, Message number 1
661.03HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUFri Feb 21 1992EDI HOSTbridge for IBM mainframes?
662.02METSYS::ROGGENSTEINFri Feb 21 1992X12 Func Ack question
664.0MINNY::WAHLMon Feb 24 19921.1 Update failed
665.07GOTA1::KLASSONMon Feb 24 1992Windows on OFTP connections
666.0CARNTA::HARRISONTue Feb 25 1992Cancelling a non-failed doc/trans?
667.08UTROP1::STOEKENBROEKTue Feb 25 1992DECEDI$ST loops forever
668.08NWTIMA::MARTINCHTue Feb 25 1992Reinstallation Question
670.04VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Feb 28 1992Segment out of order (???)
671.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Feb 28 1992Why does retransmission take sooo long?
672.01JENEVR::WILLIAMSFri Feb 28 1992System Eating time prior to Trans.
673.03CARNTA::RAWLINSFri Feb 28 1992ASCII/EBCDIC Conversion
674.012MRKTNG::SLATERSat Feb 29 1992ASE Performance & Configuration Guide w/ DEC/EDI
675.05CARNTA::HARRISONMon Mar 02 1992Transmission File Size
676.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Mar 02 1992Single or multiple archive operations?
677.01CSC32::ARNOLDMon Mar 02 1992UCS in X12?
678.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Mar 02 1992when does message router id get filled in?
680.06PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Mar 03 1992Communication Module on a Cluster
681.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Mar 04 1992when is v1.2 going to be release
682.02GBIWed Mar 04 1992EDIFACT fetch problems
683.01CSC32::BEACHThu Mar 05 1992Out of sequence segment error
684.01GOTA1::KLASSONThu Mar 05 1992Documents stay i TRANSLATED for long time
685.01METSYS::THOMPSONThu Mar 05 1992WATCHDOG "Locks Up" DEC/EDI
686.02MAIL::LINCOLNThu Mar 05 1992Trinary Systems???
688.010KERNEL::OTHENJThu Mar 05 1992Data server and PROCESSING state docs
689.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Mar 06 1992Bypassing AS and CS
690.04BERNFri Mar 06 1992ORACLE and DEC/EDI?
691.05GOTA1::JHALLDENFri Mar 06 1992How are U** segments mapped
692.02KERNEL::COOPERMon Mar 09 1992Document Failed to Seperate
693.03ACESMK::BOGGISMon Mar 09 1992Cluster Setup
694.03CARNTA::RAWLINSTue Mar 10 1992Validation of Inbound Control Info?
695.03MUDIS3::TMAYRTue Mar 10 1992converter crash
696.010TAVThu Mar 12 1992Error in TFB process
697.010GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Mar 12 1992Failed separation for Odette
698.0VOGON::ULLETTMon Mar 16 1992Which files make up a NEW DOCUMENT ??
699.02WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Mar 16 1992Startup - unsuccessful completion.
700.0KETJE::GORREMANSMon Mar 16 1992OFTP asynch on PC?
701.03GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Mar 17 1992how do we relocate files?
702.011GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Mar 17 1992failed file in transmission, stops all work
703.02ACESMK::BOGGISThu Mar 19 1992TDCC 2/8 2
704.04KERNEL::OTHENJFri Mar 20 1992Looping through TRAX connection
705.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Mar 20 1992Flag BP in X4
707.02GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Mar 22 1992another converter crash in V1.1
709.05GOTA1::JHALLDENMon Mar 23 1992UNB-Interchange Control Reference, how is this implemented
710.0ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIMon Mar 23 1992Table Extractor and Loader CRASH
711.0ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIMon Mar 23 1992No move of data files
712.0GBIMon Mar 23 1992Fetch-OK/Send-FAILED
713.01MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Mar 24 1992FileBridge for DEC/EDI now shipping
714.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Mar 24 1992files getting marked FAILED immediately
715.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Mar 25 1992file fails during TFB
716.01DRIFT::WOODFri Mar 27 1992Cause of a File Server Not Available Problem
717.01TAVSun Mar 29 1992Transmission file problem
718.04BERNMon Mar 30 1992Failed Data Server read, Translation audit
719.01EEMELI::MARKKANENMon Mar 30 1992Bug in DEC/EDI API?
720.05RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Mar 31 1992ARCHIVE does not remove documents
721.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Apr 02 1992x12 transmission files stuck in SEPARATED status
722.01KERNEL::COOPERMon Apr 06 1992ediprocerr
723.04DRIFT::WOODMon Apr 06 1992X12 Converter only allows 99 segments/document????
724.0DRIFT::WOODMon Apr 06 1992User interface error on list table 81
725.03RULLE::KLASSONTue Apr 07 1992Stuck in QUEUED until DEC/EDI is restarted
726.04JOCKEY::HUBBARDPTue Apr 07 1992DEC/EDI V1.1 and DECnet/OSI
727.02GOONS::CHAPMANTue Apr 07 1992History log timestamp discrepancies
728.01IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKTue Apr 07 1992X.4
729.02DRIFT::WOODWed Apr 08 1992X12 converter infinite loop problem
730.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Apr 09 1992Moving DEC/EDI to another disk
732.03KERNEL::OTHENJThu Apr 09 1992Document with status of AWAIT_TRANSMISSION
733.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Apr 10 1992document listing for each version of a standard
734.0KERNEL::OTHENJFri Apr 10 1992DECEDI$START_FETCH hanging
736.04CSC32::BEACHSat Apr 11 1992Stream format transmission files?
737.0KERNEL::COOPERMon Apr 13 1992DECEDI$START_FETCHW fetch application hangs
738.02GOTA1::JHALLDENTue Apr 14 1992New Edifact version based on existing one goes wrong
739.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 14 1992questions about script files
740.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 14 1992fetching documents when a GEIS connection fails
741.04RULLE::KLASSONTue Apr 14 1992LIST PROFILE/FULL causes file protection violation
742.05ACESMK::WILLIAMSWed Apr 15 1992Connect Error limits and counts?
743.03ACESMK::BOGGISThu Apr 16 1992SENDER_GROUP_ID validation
744.01SUPThu Apr 16 1992Delay through DECEDI
745.01GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Apr 16 1992Elements disappear in the wrong version
746.01SOS6::GRAMAINFri Apr 17 1992
747.0DRIFT::WOODMon Apr 20 1992Error in ITA segment in X12
748.02SOS6::GRAMAINTue Apr 21 1992Pb with DECEDI$END_SEND with C program
749.03GIDDAY::ROWEThu Apr 23 1992Data Server hang ... ref: 65
750.09VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Apr 23 1992DEC/EDI performance problems
751.0GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Apr 24 1992how do you re-create the IVP files?
752.02CARNTA::HARRISONFri Apr 24 1992GEIS/EOT not rcv after ETX
753.01SOS6::GRAMAINFri Apr 24 1992Invalid Partner ID ==> EDI document created ???
754.02NWGEDU::OOTESFri Apr 24 1992ODETTE AVIEXP,DELINS V3 available?
755.03KERNEL::OTHENJFri Apr 24 1992Acknowledgements cannot be rippled back
756.01SNOCMon Apr 27 1992Converter operation?
757.01GIDDAY::WANTue Apr 28 1992File server failed to at startup!
758.01ARNE::DIRINGWed Apr 29 1992FAILDSREAD site audit doc stuck??
759.02CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Apr 30 1992Bypass App and Trans Servers?
760.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri May 01 1992TRADANET standard set
761.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1992Archive Problem?
762.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1992TRANS service to COMM service slow
763.04BEWEST::DUFFEYWed May 06 1992Sterling Gentran of a VAX need knock-offs
764.05STKHLM::KJELLBERGFri May 08 1992OFTP VAX <-> AS/4
765.05CARNTA::RAWLINSFri May 08 1992GEISCO via X.25 in Canada?
766.0SOS6::GRAMAINMon May 11 1992DECEDI$FS_1 process crash - why ?
767.0SOS6::GRAMAINMon May 11 1992DECEDI$EXAMPLES is a good directory
768.04VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon May 11 1992Same document to different partners
769.04COPCLU::LINERWed May 13 1992Site-to-Site routing via X.4
770.03KERNEL::COOPERThu May 14 1992Documents Awaiting Transmission
771.06KERNEL::COOPERFri May 15 1992Unable to identify EDI syntax
772.02CARNTA::RAWLINSMon May 18 1992X12 997 diff vers/release from Inbound Doc?
773.02CARNTA::RAWLINSMon May 18 1992X12 TA1 Handling?
774.03CSC32::M_BEACHMon May 18 1992Duplicated Transmission Files
775.05CARNTA::HARRISONWed May 20 1992X.25,OFTP,X.4
776.0TAVIS::LEOSun May 31 1992Tips on EDI programming
777.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jun 02 1992problems with documents stuck in SEPARATED state
778.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jun 04 1992order inwhich documents are processed
779.01CARNTA::RAWLINSFri Jun 05 1992External Loop ID?
780.02BEEZER::COOPERFri Jun 05 1992Various errors
781.03KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jun 10 1992No trading partner agreement
782.01STKHUV::SEVERINFri Jun 12 1992Does DECtie require DEC/EDI?
783.07CARNTA::RAWLINSWed Jun 17 1992DSW42 with V1.2?
784.02SUPThu Jun 18 1992EDIFACT --> ENCOM translation
785.01TRCOA::TOYONAGAThu Jun 18 1992LIST DOC/reference_number=Invoice,PO,etc. for X12?
786.01CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Jun 18 1992Modem Loopback fails after 5 min
787.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jun 18 1992getting x12_fadocnomtch intermittantly
789.01KERNEL::COOPERFri Jun 19 1992Making optional segments conditionally manditory
790.02STKHLM::LIDENTue Jun 23 1992DECnet VAX Extensions and OFTP. How to set up?
791.01DRKGTue Jun 23 1992EDI on *IX*
792.0EEMELI::EINAMOTue Jun 23 1992DCM ?
793.05GIDDAY::ROWEWed Jun 24 1992Functional Ack and multiple version documents
794.01CGOSWed Jun 24 1992current x12 level ?
795.05SWETSC::DIRINGThu Jun 25 1992SPF locked by DS...
796.02CCIIS1::LEBRUNThu Jun 25 1992UNB-
797.03ACESMK::CLIFFORDFri Jun 26 1992Alternative to special cable
798.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Jun 26 1992repost x.4
799.03KERNEL::OTHENJMon Jun 29 1992Ownership of X4
800.05SUPMon Jun 29 1992$GROUP/$END_GROUP confusion
801.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jun 30 1992location of v1.2 documents
802.02CARNTA::RAWLINSTue Jun 30 1992278
803.07KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jul 01 1992Credit note / IRF segment
804.01HLDGThu Jul 02 1992Reset status of incomming messages?
805.03CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Jul 02 1992278
806.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jul 03 1992what does X12_ACKSTATCHNG mean?
808.03BESERK::MURPHYMon Jul 06 1992AccessWorks and DEC/EDI?
809.02UNTADA::BIRSETue Jul 07 1992ODETTE and AT&T
810.01HLDGWed Jul 08 1992DEC/EDI and REPDEL?
811.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTWed Jul 08 1992Fetch all messages of one message type...?
812.06CARNTA::HARRISONWed Jul 08 1992FA Problem (MISSACKSEGS error)
813.01KERNEL::OTHENJThu Jul 09 1992list profile/full error
814.02CPCOD::SULLIVANThu Jul 09 1992DECEDI$LOGICALS.COM - Reference File Sets?
815.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jul 10 1992what do the time out logicals mean
816.0KERNEL::COOPERFri Jul 10 1992Update Tradanet Relationships
817.06MAJORS::SPENCEFri Jul 10 1992Problem with API license?
818.02CARNTA::RAWLINSFri Jul 10 1992TFB Reverses Order of Documents?
819.010KERNEL::COOPERMon Jul 13 1992Transmission Files
820.0BERNTue Jul 14 1992Documents looping at POSTED TO/FROM APPLICATION
821.010SUPThu Jul 16 1992User interface error (mask=
822.06TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUFri Jul 17 1992Examples not Working ??
823.01HGOVC::ANNAHUIMon Jul 20 1992v1.2 network kit?
824.02SUPMon Jul 20 1992DECEDI v1.2 compatibility ?
825.01TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUTue Jul 21 1992V1.2 release note
826.02CARNTA::RAWLINSWed Jul 22 1992Homogenous Cluster with Multiple Environments?
827.01CGOSWed Jul 22 1992Automatic Incoming Processing ?
828.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Jul 23 1992DECEDI$DS dies without trace ...
829.03CLO::BARNETTThu Jul 23 1992378
830.033ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIThu Jul 23 1992OFTP used for connection to GEISCO
831.03WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERFri Jul 24 1992Inconsistent -X12_BADCHAR Errors on N1_
832.06WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERFri Jul 24 1992DECEDI$TRNS_X_ Stack Dumps on Functional Ack
833.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jul 24 1992problems with starting DECedi
834.02UNTADA::BIRSEMon Jul 27 1992Error translation and special logic indicator help required
835.03SOS6::GRAMAINTue Jul 28 1992more than 1 document per interchange
836.0SOS6::GRAMAINTue Jul 28 1992EDIFACT ORDER version 2
838.04DRIFT::WOODWed Jul 29 1992$GROUP/$END-GROUP questions with floating segments
839.03AKRON1::SMITHWed Jul 29 1992DSH32/DF296 and the special cable
840.0GOONS::CHAPMANWed Jul 29 1992Tradacoms script files
841.03KERNEL::PATELAThu Jul 30 1992PROGRAMMING problem with the EXAMPLES.
842.01TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUThu Jul 30 1992V1.2 CVP failed.
843.01GOONS::CHAPMANThu Jul 30 1992Digital supplied table has been violated!
844.01CLO::BARNETTFri Jul 31 1992Assign userref on incoming document?
845.01ROMMon Aug 03 1992EDIFACT Vers. 2 When?
846.03MAJORS::SPENCEMon Aug 03 1992Problem with invoices & interchanges
847.01CLO::BARNETTMon Aug 03 1992SPEC2
848.02CARNTA::RAWLINSTue Aug 04 1992LIST DOC from command file?
849.0CARNTA::RAWLINSTue Aug 04 19921.2 Status?
850.01CARNTA::RAWLINSWed Aug 05 1992TP Specific Data Labels?
851.07GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Aug 05 1992archive ?? for multinode configuration
852.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Aug 05 1992CR's LF's after translating NBS to X4
853.01ROMWed Aug 05 1992UNB seg e Message Reference Number
854.01ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIThu Aug 06 1992OFTP Communication Server start
855.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Aug 07 1992listing of standards and documents
856.0VNABRW::SCHIMMELTue Aug 11 1992quitting my job ...
857.01OAXCEL::SOMERSTue Aug 11 1992non-supported configurations?
858.03MUDIS3::ARTMANNWed Aug 12 1992Help on FileBridge needed
859.07KERNEL::OTHENJWed Aug 12 1992URGENT No trading partner agreement
860.02ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIWed Aug 12 1992DEC/EDI as an UA of MRX on Unix?
861.03CARNTA::HARRISONThu Aug 13 1992BISYNC - Login Command File?
862.0MAJORS::SPENCEThu Aug 13 1992FORD-NET and OFTP
863.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTMon Aug 17 1992Upgrade V1.
864.0STKHUV::SEVERINTue Aug 18 1992Cost of using DEC/EDI?
865.0MAJORS::SPENCETue Aug 18 1992Announcing DECtie V1.1
867.01IJSAPL::TWIGTWed Aug 19 1992Undue "PROCESSING" status
868.03EVOIS7::TIXIERWed Aug 19 1992AT&T connection help needed
869.03CCIIS1::LEBRUNWed Aug 19 1992Coding of elements
870.02MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Aug 19 1992Event Flags
871.0STKHUV::SEVERINThu Aug 20 1992EDI at DECUS in Cannes!
872.01CHTIFri Aug 21 1992PROFILE PARTNER FROM V1.1
874.07FUTURS::SAMSMon Aug 24 1992Example programs
875.04IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKMon Aug 24 1992Discrepancies in 91.1 and 91.2 directories
876.04SOS6::GRAMAINMon Aug 24 1992How to update segment from EDIFACT 91.1 to 91.2
877.0CLO::BARNETTMon Aug 24 1992Partner ID blank in comms history?
878.0FUTURS::SAMSTue Aug 25 1992Inter/Exter doc. mappings
879.04RULLE::KLASSONTue Aug 25 1992OFTP not possible to IBM AS/4
880.03EEMELI::EINAMOWed Aug 26 1992UNB and element
881.05HGOVC::ANNAHUIWed Aug 26 1992UNS suppress, missing data?
882.02GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Aug 27 1992Test of my OFTP connection
883.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Aug 27 1992several messages in an interchange
884.02CCIIS1::LEBRUNThu Aug 27 1992Pb with the
885.05CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Aug 27 1992Bad Segment Terminator from BT Asynch
886.01DELSFri Aug 28 1992File server -FOR-F-ADJARRDIM error
887.01TAVIS::BARNIRSun Aug 30 1992Building private EDI dictinary
888.05UNTADH::DBRODIETue Sep 01 1992empty EDIFACT segments
889.01OAXCEL::SOMERSTue Sep 01 1992OFTP h/w requirements
890.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Sep 01 1992Where is DECEDIMSG
891.0SAHQ::DABBSWed Sep 02 1992EDI Elec. Signature
892.04SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Sep 02 1992How to group messages in an interchange
893.02IDOWS::IDOThu Sep 03 1992BT-Tymnet support protocols ??
894.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Sep 03 1992?'s on archive server behavior
895.02MAJORS::SPENCEFri Sep 04 1992Segment Groups for Brokernet Messages
896.02MAJORS::SPENCEFri Sep 04 1992Brokernet character set
897.02GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 07 1992another INVALID TRANSMISSION METHOD error V1.1
899.02TAVTue Sep 08 1992segment position in a FETCH program
901.0OAXCEL::SOMERSTue Sep 08 1992multiple versions of single document
902.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Sep 08 1992No trading Partner agreement
903.03UNTADI::BIRSEThu Sep 10 1992X.4
904.02ZURMon Sep 14 1992SYSTEM-F-INVLOGIN, login information invalid at remote node
905.02OAXCEL::SOMERSTue Sep 15 1992Standards install question
906.03WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Sep 15 1992Document seperated but.....
907.04RULLE::KLASSONWed Sep 16 1992OFTP gwy stops sending, file stuck at SENT.
908.0WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Sep 17 1992Password not being changed.
909.01MEOCFri Sep 18 1992EDIFACT 91.2 Dictionary Problem?
910.01WMOIS::MACKAYFri Sep 18 1992Savesets available?
912.05RULLE::KLASSONWed Sep 23 1992Can't delete document - trading partner def. exist
913.03RULLE::KLASSONWed Sep 23 1992Memory leak in DECEDI$TFS?
914.05CHEFS::OSBORNECWed Sep 23 1992Help beat Rumour Control
915.01CCIIS1::LEBRUNWed Sep 23 1992DECEDI$TFB disconnection - access violation
916.01KERNEL::OTHENJThu Sep 24 1992Falied to build transmission file
917.05MAJORS::SPENCEThu Sep 24 1992DEC/EDI and DECforms V1.4
918.01NSDC::BIANCHIMon Sep 28 1992Adding a new service ?
919.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Sep 28 1992DECEDI$AS_1 startup problem
920.02GIDDAY::ROWEWed Sep 30 1992UNOB Edifact syntax ... default separators ??
921.01KERNEL::LOTAFri Oct 02 1992Defining CUG's with DECEDI?
922.02MUDIS3::ARTMANNWed Oct 07 1992CR/LF after each segment
923.02CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Oct 08 1992Deleting Custom Standards?
924.01GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Oct 09 1992V1.2 edifact converter acc vio's
925.02RULLE::KLASSONFri Oct 09 1992DECEDI$OFTP crash in V1.2
926.0RULLE::KLASSONFri Oct 09 1992DIGITAL defined sub-element deleted
927.01OSLMon Oct 12 1992List Transm Entry Still After Archive
928.0OCTAD::CSMITHTue Oct 13 1992DEC/EDI License Requirements
929.02EEMELI::EINAMOTue Oct 13 1992UNB/
930.03EVTIS9::LEBRUNThu Oct 15 1992ADET use against DEC/EDI V1.2-
931.01UNTADA::BIRSEThu Oct 15 1992Help for Bosch.....CAD/CAM.....VDA.....OFTP
932.04GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Oct 16 1992V1.1, excessive server timeouts...
934.05GOTA1::KACKMon Oct 19 1992UNB mapping
935.01RULLE::KLASSONMon Oct 19 1992OFTP - Resending partially received file
936.02UTRTSC::EISINKThu Oct 22 1992Empty FIXED BYTE transmission files
938.02EEMELI::EINAMOTue Oct 27 1992MRX 2.2 and decedi 1.1
939.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Oct 27 1992Object (or title) in EDI messages via MRX4
940.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Oct 27 1992empty MAP with DECEDIMSG 1.1
941.011KERNEL::COOPERWed Oct 28 1992Problem with replacement characters
942.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Oct 29 1992can agreement details be shared with TP's?
943.01GOTA1::VIKTORSSONThu Oct 29 1992User ref in UNH_
944.01ROMSLS::STRACCALIMon Nov 02 1992DEC/EDI and Phase V
946.03WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Nov 02 1992Release character seems to be ignored.
947.01GOTA1::JHALLDENTue Nov 03 1992UNH_S
948.06RULLE::KLASSONTue Nov 03 1992EDI V1.2 + Forms V1.4 + VT42
949.01CARNTA::HARRISONWed Nov 04 1992OFTP problem & X.29
950.0CSC32::L_BARNESWed Nov 04 1992997 Functional Acknowledgement remains failed
951.06KERNEL::OTHENJWed Nov 04 1992RESET document not update audit log file
952.05GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Nov 06 1992X4
953.04KERNEL::COOPERMon Nov 09 1992Archiving
954.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Nov 09 1992Data Label generator , option 2 (pb)
955.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Nov 09 1992no printable separator in profile ?
956.02SUPTue Nov 10 1992DATA SERVER Time Out
957.0SUPTue Nov 10 1992Archive Server limit
958.02GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Nov 10 1992ARCHIVE 1.2 cluster, server started on each node?
959.03GOTA1::JHALLDENWed Nov 11 1992Space characters ....
960.06UTROP1::BOOMSMA_WWed Nov 11 1992EDI DEC/IBM vv
961.02UTRTSC::RONCKENFri Nov 13 1992V1.1 route betw. 2 applics.
962.02GBIMon Nov 16 1992export does not work any more
963.02UTROP1::STOEKENBROEKTue Nov 17 1992Segment tag followed by colon?
964.0GOTA1::VIKTORSSONWed Nov 18 1992What rule uses DEC/EDI
965.0TROOA::NAISHThu Nov 19 1992Extend Appl API to UNIX,DOS,WIN with ACA or DECmsgQ?
966.02CSC32::L_BARNESFri Nov 20 1992Mail distribution lists
967.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri Nov 20 1992$user-reference field for EDIFACT documents
968.0GOONS::CHAPMANFri Nov 20 1992V1.2 RETRIEVE question
969.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Nov 23 1992New Book on Usability Available
970.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Nov 24 1992RETRIEVE pb with DEC/TIE
971.01CSC32::L_BARNESTue Nov 24 1992Using BISYNC: How to find list of unretrieved docs
972.01DELSWed Nov 25 1992EANCOM v/s DEC EDI 1.2
974.03WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Nov 26 1992Processing order for incoming documents.
975.04GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Nov 26 1992EDIT TABLE ...
976.05KERNEL::OTHENJThu Nov 26 1992Tradacoms and multiple invoices
977.09KERNEL::COOPERFri Nov 27 1992decedi-w-faildswrite
978.0KERNEL::COOPERMon Nov 30 1992Indentifying
979.01DELSMon Nov 30 1992Where is EDIFACT ORDRSP 9
980.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Nov 30 1992DEC/EDI performance in VAXstations
981.09WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Dec 01 1992Is there any way to reprocess purgeable documents?
982.0SIOG::BAILEYWed Dec 02 1992Mailbus 4
986.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSWed Dec 09 1992Performance: Docs, Groups, Interchanges
987.02CSC32::R_STEWARTFri Dec 11 1992MODEM "fall back"
988.0GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Dec 17 1992Better performance ?
989.04TAIJI::FRANKLINLAUFri Dec 18 1992Sizing on Alpha AXP syste
990.0DELSFri Dec 18 1992Authentication of originator, EDIFACT
991.05KBOMFG::KRATZTue Dec 22 1992electronic banking ?
992.07VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Dec 22 1992DECEDI$CNV disconnected, access violation
993.09UTRTSC::RONCKENWed Dec 23 1992ARCHIVE: no diskspace available
994.0UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RWed Dec 30 1992Info aboyt Tandems Messageway?
995.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAMon Jan 04 1993Performance: Traffic, Archive, Management
996.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jan 06 1993How many time : TRANSLATING
997.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Jan 07 1993Local subelements X EDIFACT versions
998.0KERNEL::OTHENJThu Jan 07 1993data overflow on document
999.03UTRTSC::EISINKThu Jan 07 1993EDIPROCERR, application service to application service
1000.02SUPFri Jan 08 1993Files DECEDI$xxxxxxxx.IHF ?
1001.014UTRTSC::RONCKENFri Jan 08 1993DECEDI$AFS Unknown Applic. Fileserver Message
1002.05SUPMon Jan 11 1993EDIT PROFILE x /COPY=y problem
1003.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Jan 11 1993Optional element, mandatory sub-elements
1005.04POBOX::ZELASKOMon Jan 11 1993BIDTIMOUT and IIN
1006.04GIDDAY::ROWETue Jan 12 1993load sharing in VAXcluster using Cluster Alias
1008.03ELIS::PIETERSWed Jan 13 1993Severe DEC/EDI problems in Nijmegen!!
1009.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSWed Jan 13 1993Bisync and Immediate Priority
1010.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Jan 13 1993Missing segment ??
1011.01KETJE::GORREMANSFri Jan 15 1993Segment conflicts - how to avoid them?
1012.011GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Jan 17 1993Problem with X12 number schemes V1.2
1013.01DRKGTue Jan 19 1993ISO EDI Standards
1015.06RULLE::KLASSONWed Jan 20 1993X.4
1016.08LARVAE::HAYES_JWed Jan 20 1993Technical EDI support
1017.02MEOCWed Jan 20 1993V1.2 -
1019.02OSLACT::JOSTEINThu Jan 21 1993Supported EDIFACT messsages
1020.01BUSHIE::BRYDENFri Jan 22 1993DECEDI$$FS_ASRV_UPDATE error under V1.2??
1021.04KERNEL::COOPERMon Jan 25 1993What Characters are in the Edifact Char-set
1022.01CCIIS1::LEBRUNMon Jan 25 1993TRADACOMS message version number support in DEC/EDI
1023.06VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Jan 26 1993Error log problem (DECEDI-F-BADPARAM)
1024.05WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Jan 26 1993Ripple-back across remote systems.
1025.03KERNEL::COOPERTue Jan 26 1993Repeat Count decrements after reaching 128
1026.01KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jan 27 1993How to de-install a standard
1027.08UTRTSC::RONCKENWed Jan 27 1993DECEDI-W-FAILDSREAD, failed comms audit record
1028.01HGSWS1::KEPLERLAMThu Jan 28 1993No document AVAILABLE after seperation
1030.05PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Jan 29 1993General Audit Reporting Facility (GARF)
1031.05KERNEL::COOPERFri Jan 29 1993Maximum groups per Interchange
1032.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSMon Feb 01 1993Question about MAX_Documents, Dictionaries, Segment_Tables
1033.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Feb 03 1993P2 interface for DEC/EDI
1034.01UTRTSC::RONCKENThu Feb 04 1993X.435 pedi status
1035.01ELIS::PIETERSThu Feb 04 1993Incoming X4
1037.010LARVAE::HAYES_JThu Feb 04 1993TRADANET /X25 / BT & TRADACOMS
1038.02ZGOVFri Feb 05 1993Failed while copying document from application to translation
1040.04GOTA1::VIKTORSSONWed Feb 10 1993acknowledgement flag and UNB
1041.01MAJORS::SPENCEWed Feb 10 1993Where is the latest SPD?
1042.07CSC32::B_ALTMIREThu Feb 11 1993ADET Help PLZ
1043.0WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Feb 12 1993%DECEDI-E-TR_CNV_REPEATDA, error repeating data overflow
1045.0KERNEL::COOPERMon Feb 15 1993Why can't you have TP-only Sub-elements
1046.0KERNEL::COOPERMon Feb 15 1993More than 1 document per Trad Transmission
1047.02KERNEL::OTHENJMon Feb 15 1993List Table and SET STANDARD
1048.02UTRTSC::RONCKENTue Feb 16 1993"HELP" in V1.2-
1050.04GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Feb 18 1993clarification on ISA segment use in 997 FA
1051.03KERNEL::OTHENJFri Feb 19 1993SNRF and FIL field for checking order
1052.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 19 1993UNS segment absent when no summary ?
1053.02MUDIS3::ARTMANNMon Feb 22 1993CR FF via X.4
1054.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Feb 22 1993DEC/EDI 1.2 and X4
1055.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Feb 22 1993what fields are used when there is no envelope
1056.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Feb 23 1993getting OBISYNC.DAT;% files created in sys$system
1057.07SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Feb 24 1993a lot of -DECEDI-W-FAILEDSREAD error
1058.01WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Feb 24 1993%DECEDI-E-UIOPENFILEERR, error opening file, file = DECEDI$FTF
1059.06MARVA1::KIMMELThu Feb 25 1993Where to start....
1060.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri Feb 26 1993Message Numbering Scheme using TRADANET
1061.04OAW::CHARGOISSat Feb 27 1993Problems with document transfer in DEC/EDI V1.2-3
1062.02MACNAS::IMPACS::DKENNEDYTue Mar 02 1993INVDATAL, label = $END-O, the cause ?
1063.01TOSSU2::PEGNATue Mar 02 1993how do i archive/delete document
1064.03KERNEL::OTHENJWed Mar 03 1993UNS, EDIFACT 91.2 and repeat count
1065.01KERNEL::COOPERWed Mar 03 1993Odette TDI Syntax
1066.03KERNEL::COOPERWed Mar 03 1993Are FTX and DAN defined correctly under odette
1067.0EVTIS9::LEBRUNWed Mar 03 1993Use of retrieve of "PURGEABLE" documents from an Archive Saveset
1068.02STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Mar 04 1993EDIFACT Status on messages and our versions
1069.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Mar 04 1993?'s on multiple simultaneous active connections
1070.01SUPMon Mar 08 1993EDIFACT 91.2 Dictionaries
1071.03KERNEL::OTHENJMon Mar 08 1993Credit extension with empty detail area
1072.0SUPMon Mar 08 1993RMS-E-EOF, during the vminstal
1073.0STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Mar 08 1993Clean up of installed standards ?
1074.02STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Mar 08 1993mandatory and optional segment in a group
1075.01KERNEL::OTHENJWed Mar 10 1993Pad characters for sub_element
1076.0KERNEL::COOPERThu Mar 11 1993Odette VAT problems
1077.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Mar 14 1993no priv on DECEDI$CNV_E_1
1078.0IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Mar 15 1993Store and Forward Mailbox system
1079.02MEOCTue Mar 16 1993Functional Acknowledgment 997 for individual documents
1080.010EEMELI::EINAMOTue Mar 16 1993DECEDI-W-EGSUSERIDENV error getting sender name userid in envelope
1081.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Mar 16 1993OFTP in loop mode
1082.02MEOCWed Mar 17 1993EDIFACT document translation failure
1083.01STKAI1::JHALLDENWed Mar 17 1993X.28/X32
1084.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Mar 17 1993EDIFACT implementation
1085.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Mar 17 1993OFTP : ESID error code =
1086.01KERNEL::OTHENJWed Mar 17 1993DAta extraction tool access violates
1087.06UNTADI::BIRSEThu Mar 18 1993Invalid user Buffer Size
1088.01KERNEL::COOPERThu Mar 18 1993Odette DEL segment in ODETTE-DEL-INSTRUCT
1089.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Mar 18 1993ODET/OFTP distributed : invalid segment or segment order
1090.01EVTIS9::LEBRUNFri Mar 19 1993Problem on termination for File server sub-process
1091.02JOCKEY::4294Tue Mar 23 1993DEC/EDI sending messages out of sequence
1092.01EEMELI::EINAMOFri Mar 26 1993archive with /ingnore=label fails
1093.03RULLE::KLASSONFri Mar 26 1993Exit status from INTERCHANGE ARCHIVE allways success
1094.05KERNEL::COOPERFri Mar 26 1993DECEDI-E-NOSEG, segment not found in memory
1095.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RMon Mar 29 1993Filebridge as universal mapper?
1096.04UTRTSC::RONCKENMon Mar 29 1993DECEDI$OFTP crash
1097.01WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Apr 01 1993Tradanet listings and Document file names - any correlation??
1098.05EEMELI::EINAMOFri Apr 02 1993$convert/create .... over audit-files
1099.02UTRTSC::RONCKENFri Apr 02 1993ODETTE coded tags not filled ?
1100.02SUOSW3::ORTMANNFri Apr 02 1993Message disappears after received from x4
1101.018UTRTSC::RONCKENMon Apr 05 1993ALF record for EERP not found
1102.01KETJE::GORREMANSMon Apr 05 1993Test indicator problem?
1103.0KAL::VIKTORSSONWed Apr 07 1993parallell production and test profiles
1104.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 13 1993are LTA devices as async ports supported
1105.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Apr 14 1993problems with OFTP and BT-TYMNET
1106.023464::DOMINICTSOWed Apr 14 1993EDI & Electronic Securities Clearing system
1107.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Apr 14 1993TFB problems
1108.016MAJORS::HANSONThu Apr 15 1993decedi startup failure - lognotfound
1109.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Apr 20 1993repeated SYSSRVERR & RMS-F-RFA in error log
1110.01EVOAI2::BOIZIAUTue Apr 20 1993pb with a controlling agency with of value GT
1111.02MEOCTue Apr 20 1993Status of EDIFACT Functional Acknowledgement ?
1112.0EVOAI2::BOIZIAUTue Apr 20 1993Pb to delete a table for a partner
1114.01GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Apr 22 1993Segment out of sequence error but OK 2nd time
1115.01KERNEL::COOPERThu Apr 22 1993UNS generation
1116.05RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Apr 23 1993problems with DEC/EDI and x.4
1117.06MACNAS::PMCCORMICKTue Apr 27 1993DEC EDI and MRX on the same node
1118.06TRCOA::TOYONAGAWed Apr 28 1993Security: Encryption and Authentication?
1119.06DLOPAS::SIDKIK::HANSONWed Apr 28 1993Async Dial-In
1120.02GBIWed Apr 28 1993Clean up of internal files
1121.02GBIWed Apr 28 1993Performances
1123.01TROUThu Apr 29 1993How does DEC/EDI 'fetch' x.4
1124.04UTRTSC::RONCKENThu Apr 29 1993Aplic-to-applic routing problem
1125.04MEOCFri Apr 30 1993Representation of EDIFACT numeric data element
1126.02HKOVC::SINGFri Apr 30 1993X12 Translator crash
1127.0MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri Apr 30 1993InterSite implementation, using DEC/EDI and Filebridge
1128.03KAHALA::WRIGHTFri Apr 30 1993DECedi & DECmessageQ?
1130.05COPCLU::LINERTue May 04 1993WISH: DEC/EDI to call application
1131.03MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANTue May 04 1993error disassembling P2 envelope
1132.04UTRTSC::RONCKENWed May 05 1993forms 1.4-8 hang & repaint
1133.01RULLE::KLASSONWed May 05 1993X4
1134.05GIDDAY::BRYDENThu May 06 1993Processes in RWMBX how to recover...urgent
1135.09KETJE::GORREMANSThu May 06 1993Document Status stuck...
1136.01BERNThu May 06 1993instaallation failed - must be V1.1
1137.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri May 07 1993Where to get stuff if you are in the US or Canada
1138.06EEMELI::EINAMOMon May 10 1993REQUOTE 911 and UNS segment
1139.02GIDDAY::PARSONSMon May 10 1993UNS+S' problems
1141.0KAHALA::RIPLEYThu May 13 1993Need EDI employement FAST...
1143.04BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenFri May 14 1993syntax error causes edifact msg hanging into translating state
1144.08STKAI1::JHALLDENFri May 14 1993OFTP and X.28 Special Logic Error
1145.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri May 14 1993Data Compression?
1146.02GIDDAY::PARSONSMon May 17 1993Problems with ripple back on 1.2-
1147.01GIDDAY::PARSONSMon May 17 1993Error log entries about non-existant app serv
1148.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon May 17 1993Proprietary standard in DEC/EDI
1149.02GLDOA::SPRINGSDORFMon May 17 1993Commserver, 278
1150.03ICS::SOMERSTue May 18 1993TFB and IMMEDIATE document processing
1151.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue May 18 1993Userid to large? Don't think so!
1152.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue May 18 1993%DECEDI-I-INFO Error processing remote update req.
1153.0CSC32::S_SCHWEINTue May 18 1993geis script problems
1154.03CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONTue May 18 1993DECEDI-E-SCR_SCRIPT_ERRO, script error: Out of script space, What is 'space'?
1155.02FSOA::GUERINWed May 19 1993Audit Extraction Tool - Help needed.
1156.04COMICS::HALFACREEFri May 21 1993DEC/EDI and receipt notifications..????
1157.03UTRTSC::RONCKENFri May 21 1993Archive leaves files in store dirs
1158.01CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHTue May 25 1993Changing DECEDI$ logicals names
1159.01BCSE::HOOVERWed May 26 1993Reset transmission hangs/loops
1160.0MEOCWed May 26 1993User reference on inbound EDIFACT documents
1161.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNWed May 26 1993disconnect after receiving invalid data???
1162.05MACNAS::IMPACS::DKENNEDYThu May 27 1993Unable to identify EDI syntax
1163.02EEMELI::EINAMOFri May 28 1993NULL is userref
1164.02HOPFEN::DIETRICHFri May 28 1993Presentation/Slides needed
1165.01HGSW32::DOMINICTSOMon May 31 1993Default DEC/EDI Account =/= DECEDI ?
1166.02KERNEL::OTHENJTue Jun 01 1993Docs stuck at QUEUED
1167.02FSOA::GUERINWed Jun 02 1993ANSI Version
1168.01DPDMAI::RITZCThu Jun 03 1993Are DDIF formatted images acceptable?
1169.04HGSW32::DOMINICTSOFri Jun 04 1993Failed to startup DEC/EDI from non-SYSTEM account ...
1170.01ZURFri Jun 04 1993"Data too large for input field" in field 32
1171.03DECSAD::ZDZERO::scratchleyFri Jun 04 1993Seeking newsletter or other info source
1172.01CEDSWS::MYERSMon Jun 07 1993unstructured documents?
1173.02STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Jun 08 1993DECNET Extension and OFTP server
1174.03OSLLAV::BERITR_PTue Jun 08 1993What is covered by the license called EDI-X4
1175.02ZPOVC::HWCHOYTue Jun 08 1993DEC/EDI supports interactive/real-time messaging?
1176.08INSVAX::VIRGILWed Jun 09 1993Comparing DECedi with other EDI products?
1177.02CSC32::L_BARNESWed Jun 09 1993Order TFB places documents in transmission file
1178.01ZENA::ASTRUAThu Jun 10 1993DEC EDI V.1.3 Documentation ?
1179.01CTOAVX::MACKINThu Jun 10 1993Where is ADET documented??
1180.02CSC32::S_SCHWEINFri Jun 11 1993Problems with decedi$vpp
1181.02GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Jun 11 1993what version for DECNET/OSI and VMS V6?
1182.03UTRTSC::EISINKMon Jun 14 1993SRVCALLTMO again
1183.0EEMELI::EINAMOTue Jun 15 1993Data validation with numeric fields ?
1184.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSWed Jun 16 1993Disk Defraggers?
1185.03FSOA::HEAVNERThu Jun 17 1993GEIS 96
1186.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jun 21 1993V1.2 - V1.3 support / MB4
1187.0CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONMon Jun 21 1993How many customized standards can we setup?
1188.01CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONTue Jun 22 1993Filebridge v1.
1189.01WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Jun 22 1993V1.3 Docs
1190.05KAL::VIKTORSSONWed Jun 23 1993AUDIT_EXTRACT "/SINCE" problem
1191.03KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jun 23 1993User interface error on list doc
1192.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Jun 23 1993Error reading element definition
1193.01COMICS::MCINTOSHWed Jun 23 1993decedi$x25 consuming all the cpu
1194.05GIDDAY::MORETTIThu Jun 24 1993duplicate MR file ID's on inbound docs???
1195.0KETJE::GORREMANSTue Jun 29 1993Archive whishes
1196.04FSOA::GUERINTue Jun 29 1993DECEDI$ARCH_DATA files too big!
1197.01MACNAS::BATVAN::DKENNEDYWed Jun 30 1993Duplicate TP Agreements
1198.01ICS::SOMERSThu Jul 01 1993Do we support Advantis?
1199.03AYOV1Fri Jul 02 199392.1 and DEC/EDI
1200.03MUDIS3::TMAYRMon Jul 05 1993Some Questions on ADET
1201.02WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Jul 05 1993Status code T? Shutdown in batch?
1202.05GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jul 06 1993ERECUNUSER, rec service msg for unknown file ?
1203.03COPCLU::LINERTue Jul 06 1993How to suppress Priocessing Priority Code in UNB ?
1205.06CARNTA::HARRISONTue Jul 06 1993DEC/EDI & X.435
1206.01MEOCWed Jul 07 1993Shutdown error message%DECEDI-F-BADPARAM, internal code error calling SYS$FAO -%DECEDI-I-CONDLOGGED, condition logged by DECEDI$$GEN_LOAD_ERROR Shutdown error message.
1207.01KAL::VIKTORSSONWed Jul 07 1993audit problem from service segment
1208.05HKOVC::SINGWed Jul 07 1993Overlapping Job Schedules
1209.0TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Jul 07 1993Data Label Default Value Mechanism
1210.07STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Jul 08 1993DEC_EDI v1.3 - where can I find what's new?
1211.08ZGOMIG::TERESAFri Jul 09 1993Error "no such node in MCF"
1212.01SIOG::BATEMANMon Jul 12 1993UPU scheme for UNB and UNH
1213.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jul 13 1993did I miss anything to configure new appli servic
1214.0SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue Jul 13 1993Site to Site Status & Protocol
1216.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Jul 15 1993EDIFACT dictionnary 92.1
1217.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jul 15 1993problems with getting OFTP to work
1218.02PHEKDA::HEUSSFri Jul 16 1993OpenVMS/VAX V6.
1219.04BERNMon Jul 19 1993DESADV in EDIFACT 9
1221.08KERNEL::OTHENJMon Jul 19 1993Data type and syntax problems
1222.01STAR::MEIERMon Jul 19 1993How to report a bug in DEC/EDI's shutdown code
1223.01FSOA::MELEYTue Jul 20 1993Why Remote Message Router is not supported...
1224.02HTSC19::ALEXLUIWed Jul 21 1993Estimated upgrade time for DEC_EDI?
1225.0CSC32::L_BARNESFri Jul 23 1993What is CADEX?
1226.03SIOG::BATEMANFri Jul 23 1993non-matching UNB UNZ problem
1227.01WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Jul 27 1993X12 Version 3
1228.01CSC32::L_BARNESTue Jul 27 1993+UNSPECIFED added to UNH segment of EDIFACT doc
1229.02CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONTue Jul 27 1993NONUNIQTPA message with a test indicator mismatch?
1230.04CSC32::L_BARNESWed Jul 28 1993Problem with default X12 document control numbers
1231.02UTRTSC::WILLEMSWed Jul 28 1993V1.2-
1232.03FSOA::GUERINWed Jul 28 1993HARB no data message failing
1233.01CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Jul 30 1993EDIFACT FAs and CONTROL document
1234.06BERNFri Jul 30 1993OFTP doesn't get the incoming X.25 call
1235.03SIOG::BATEMANFri Jul 30 1993invalid data for numeric or real type
1236.0TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GMon Aug 02 1993European FileBridge Training Announcement
1237.02UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Aug 03 1993TFS builds wrong external file.
1238.017UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Aug 03 1993How to remove a doc. with status PARTRCV.
1239.05DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Aug 04 1993X12 sub-element seperator causes failure in seperation
1240.0+2BERNThu Aug 05 1993EDI for UNIX,ULTRIX,OSF,DOS and(or NT
1241.0KERNEL::OTHENJThu Aug 05 1993Syssrverr on startup
1242.0RULLE::KLASSONMon Aug 09 1993Reprocess fails with ERRACCDATASET
1243.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREMon Aug 09 1993Need help on 999 FA's
1244.04PERENS::KIMMELTue Aug 10 1993V1.3 on VMS 6.
1245.04CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONTue Aug 10 1993Document numbering (NOT document control numbers!)
1246.02COMICS::HALFACREEWed Aug 11 1993Import/Export Processing Order??
1247.0CHPSC::GAISFORDWed Aug 11 1993Outbound X.4
1248.01PERENS::KIMMELThu Aug 12 1993DECEDI$SCHEDULE terminated/disconnected - access violation (V1.3)
1249.09PERENS::KIMMELThu Aug 12 1993Using the new By-pass facility
1250.04WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Aug 13 1993Strange behaviour with Released character.
1252.0SYSTEM::BABERWed Aug 18 1993Job Openings
1253.09CTOAVX::MACKINWed Aug 18 1993V1.2 to V1.3 Migration issues
1254.02SIOG::BATEMANFri Aug 20 1993Using both LIVE and PARTNER_TEST Test Indicators
1255.03SIOG::BATEMANFri Aug 20 1993Fetching the INTREF and MESREF into the application
1256.08WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DASat Aug 21 1993V1.3 for VMS6.
1257.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Aug 24 1993How to get info from service segments (UNB & UNH)
1258.02HGSWS1::RICHARDLAMWed Aug 25 1993FileBridge error messages
1259.04SIOG::BATEMANWed Aug 25 1993START_FETCH hanging
1260.04CTOAVX::MACKINWed Aug 25 1993Encryption of EDI data?
1261.02CARNTA::YEHThu Aug 26 1993Support SDLC line thru SNA gateway?
1262.03METSYS::THOMPSONThu Aug 26 1993V1.3 Differences
1263.01HKGACT::RICHARDLAMFri Aug 27 1993DECEDI$GEN_LOAD_ERROR encountered at startup
1264.0SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTTue Aug 31 1993wanted: DEC/EDI person in Germany
1265.03FSOA::MELEYTue Aug 31 1993Documents stuck in DECEDI$FS mailbox
1266.0METSYS::THOMPSONThu Sep 02 1993Press Release on DEC/EDI in Healthcare
1268.01KERNEL::NAYLERMFri Sep 03 1993Help needed in setting up OFTP connection.
1269.01BEJVC::PRCSWSSat Sep 04 1993Import/export job associated with connection id?
1270.0UTRTSC::RONCKENTue Sep 07 1993OFTP and DECNIS lowercase chars
1271.03BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheTue Sep 07 1993Shutdown requires sys$node to be defined
1272.0CTOAVX::MACKINThu Sep 09 1993Information on GENTRAN??
1273.015CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONFri Sep 10 1993EDI V1.3 and RDB v5.1
1274.01QCAVTue Sep 14 1993X.4
1275.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Sep 15 1993problems with ADET data files
1276.010GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Sep 15 1993Func Acks causing DECEDI$TRNS accvio
1277.06METSYS::THOMPSONThu Sep 16 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 Update Training
1278.01CTOAVX::MACKINThu Sep 16 1993DEC/EDI integration question
1279.01TROUSat Sep 18 1993DEC/EDI with TRADEROUTE?
1280.012SIOG::BATEMANSun Sep 19 1993Stuck in SENT state
1281.02KERNEL::OTHENJThu Sep 23 1993No such node in MCF
1282.07PERENS::KIMMELThu Sep 23 1993List of questions from customer
1283.0METSYS::THOMPSONThu Sep 23 1993DEC/EDI V1.2-
1284.04METSYS::THOMPSONThu Sep 23 1993Standards Update Service
1285.03HKGACT::RICHARDLAMMon Sep 27 1993Send/receive doc using same VAX
1286.03PRSEA7::EBLEMon Sep 27 1993Conversion process crashing.
1287.04UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Sep 27 1993Archive & ripple back ??
1288.01ICS::SOMERSTue Sep 28 1993Transmission File Builder question
1289.0PERENS::KIMMELWed Sep 29 1993242 document?
1290.0GUIDUK::KANGFri Oct 01 1993Is V1.3 (FRS) out yet?
1291.02DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Oct 01 1993DEC/EDI for VAX 4
1292.01RULLE::KLASSONMon Oct 04 1993Routing One COM node --> Many Edif TRANS nodes
1293.01KETJE::GORREMANSMon Oct 04 1993Available file not fetched?
1294.0TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Oct 05 1993FileBridge Training Announcement
1295.01COMICS::MCINTOSHTue Oct 05 1993INS link to IBM,AT&T
1296.03METSYS::THOMPSONTue Oct 05 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 SSB kit and Documentation
1297.04CTOAVX::MACKINThu Oct 07 1993Bisync support for IBM Infonet??
1298.01UTRTSC::RONCKENThu Oct 07 1993OFTP message not a call accept
1299.01CSC32::L_BARNESThu Oct 07 1993How do these logicals affect system performance?
1300.01SIOG::P_HOUGHFri Oct 08 1993TRADANET - Trouble connecting...
1301.04PERENS::KIMMELTue Oct 12 1993Error writing to Trading Partner File (v1.3)
1302.02METSYS::THOMPSONWed Oct 13 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 is not supported until SSB
1303.0STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Oct 14 1993Is it possible to disable E-mail notification for warnings ?
1304.01CTOAVX::MACKINThu Oct 14 1993Point-to-Point Bisync Trading??
1305.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSFri Oct 15 1993OFTP Connections to Two Networks?
1306.0ROMMon Oct 18 1993EDI reference for an Italian Prospect
1307.08SIOG::BATEMANMon Oct 18 1993RWMBX
1308.09SCAPAS::PLATNO::PARODIMon Oct 18 1993ANSI X12
1309.02KERNEL::PATELATue Oct 19 1993OFTP EDI<-->EDI query...
1310.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Oct 20 1993x12 3
1311.03CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONWed Oct 20 1993X12 Func Acks...Acknowledgment flag set in profile but not in ISA
1312.06MRKTNG::TOLANDWed Oct 20 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 loop errors
1313.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Oct 20 1993Pb with EDIFACT syntax UNOA and lowercase caract.
1314.05MROA::GUERINWed Oct 20 1993X4
1315.01HGODC1::RICHARDLAMThu Oct 21 1993A few qeustions
1316.03METSYS::BRUNNOCKThu Oct 21 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 Patches Directory
1317.03CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONFri Oct 22 1993X4
1318.04CTOAVX::MACKINFri Oct 22 1993Support for 811???
1319.02CTOAVX::MACKINMon Oct 25 1993Official DEC/EDI support??
1322.03PRSEA7::EBLEWed Oct 27 1993How to cancel a "sending" transmission file ?
1323.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Oct 27 1993DIRDEB 921 and UNS segment
1324.01CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONFri Oct 29 1993Getting invalid device name during shutdown
1325.01EEMELI::EINAMOMon Nov 01 19931.3 update
1326.02UTRTSC::VVISSERMon Nov 01 1993Qutoa's for DECEDI subprocesses
1327.02ICS::SOMERSMon Nov 01 1993What is a .ERR file?
1328.01CSC32::L_BARNESWed Nov 03 1993V1.3 and vms 5.5-2h4
1329.01HGODC1::RICHARDLAMThu Nov 04 1993Archive to tape device
1330.02HGODC1::RICHARDLAMThu Nov 04 1993duplicate transmission
1331.0CSC32::B_ALTMIREThu Nov 04 1993test versus live documents
1332.02EEMELI::EINAMOFri Nov 05 19931.3 IVP has failed during new installation.
1333.04SKTUFri Nov 05 1993Person-effort and SPEEDY/EXPRESS support questions
1334.01ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Nov 05 1993problem with loops/grouping structure in DEC/EDI V1.2-
1335.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue Nov 09 1993Record struture of Audit trail
1336.01HGODC1::RICHARDLAMTue Nov 09 1993What's X.4
1337.01KETJE::GORREMANSWed Nov 10 1993TEL problem v1.2 - 1.3
1338.06MUDIS3::TMAYRWed Nov 10 1993error conv. DECEDI$DATA:DECEDI$ETWF.DAT
1339.01DC1Wed Nov 10 1993Standards Compliance Questions ???
1340.0COPCLU::LINERThu Nov 11 1993EURAILDATA / CTD message
1341.02KERNEL::PATELAThu Nov 11 1993decedi$van_trax_snrs.dat file????
1342.01ISIDRO::JLUISThu Nov 11 1993SYSSRVERR & SQL Error
1343.01DC1Thu Nov 11 1993Translation Procedure Timing %s
1344.05HGODC2::RICHARDLAMFri Nov 12 1993Create additional EDIFACT version
1345.02KERNEL::OTHENJMon Nov 15 1993Errors after disk space problems on TS
1346.0METSYS::THOMPSONTue Nov 16 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 and Global Buffers
1347.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 17 1993ISO standards support?
1348.03HGODC1::RICHARDLAMWed Nov 17 1993Functional Group Usage
1349.01KETJE::GORREMANSPThu Nov 18 1993Problem archiving transmission files
1350.03EEMELI::EINAMOMon Nov 22 19931.3 installation problems
1351.03GOONS::CHAPMANMon Nov 22 1993Archive Server leaves some (PURGEABLE) docs behind
1352.04CHPSC::LUETue Nov 23 1993Disk quota problem ?
1353.02SIOG::BATEMANTue Nov 23 1993How do Connection window schedules work?
1354.02WAYOUT::CLARKETue Nov 23 1993%DECEDI-E-TR_CNV_REPEATDA, error repeating data overflow
1355.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Nov 23 1993EDI V1.2 does not startup properly after reboot or EDI shutdown ....
1356.02GBIWS4::RADAELLITue Nov 23 1993EDI v1.3 and startup
1358.016UTRTSC::VVISSERThu Nov 25 1993V1.3 messages missing on CDROM?
1359.09EEMELI::EINAMOMon Nov 29 1993impexp/gateway crach / 1.3 decedi
1360.0ISIDRO::JLUISMon Nov 29 1993Field Validation
1361.02METSYS::THOMPSONMon Nov 29 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 ECO 1
1362.012GBIWS4::RADAELLITue Nov 30 1993DECEDI$COMM_SEND not working example...
1363.0UTRTSC::RONCKENTue Nov 30 1993DEC/EDI with RDB 4.2 on RDB 5.1 system
1364.06CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHTue Nov 30 1993Backing up EDI systems
1365.01FUTURS::SPELLERThu Dec 02 1993Transporting Document & Data Label Definitions
1366.02GOOLE::MARSHALLJSun Dec 05 1993OFTP as an alternative to DECtie ?
1367.012COPCLU::LINERMon Dec 06 1993T61 support in X.4
1368.02GBIWS4::RADAELLITue Dec 07 1993Syntax field in connection ids
1369.01ODIXIE::ROBINSONTue Dec 07 19931st level product data needed
1370.01COPCLU::TRIERTue Dec 07 1993DEC/EDI remote XAPI to MB4
1371.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSThu Dec 09 1993X.12 3
1372.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSThu Dec 09 1993Mixed Version Distributed Configurations
1373.04WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Dec 09 1993DEC/EDI V1.3 Error Separating Incoming Messages
1374.0CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONFri Dec 10 1993Data Server timeouts at startup
1375.0MINNY::ADDORFri Dec 10 1993OFTP in SENT status, error in Special Logic
1376.02LATINA::JOSEFMon Dec 13 1993OFTP header options
1377.04PRSEA7::EBLEMon Dec 13 1993EDI on PC
1378.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Dec 13 1993potential problems with the VMS security update and DEC/EDI with regards to mail
1381.0ISIDRO::JLUISWed Dec 15 1993Duplicate Documents
1382.03KERNEL::OTHENJWed Dec 15 1993URGENT: AWAIT_TRANSMISSION documents stuck
1383.03GBIWS4::RADAELLIWed Dec 15 1993A p2 problem with incoming mess.
1384.010HGODC1::RICHARDLAMThu Dec 16 1993Incoming double outgoing proc time
1385.02SNOFS1::FAKESThu Dec 16 1993DEC/EDI Connection to Hitachi MVS or Tandem
1386.0WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Dec 16 1993No Ack Exp - New Option
1387.04COPCLU::TORBENHThu Dec 16 1993Changing /updating the Status field
1388.01CHPSC::LUEThu Dec 16 1993Transmission files can not be identified,...
1389.03MEOCFri Dec 17 1993Single record Stream transmission file processing?
1391.01WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Dec 17 1993Access Violation when accessing a particular connection-id
1392.04CARNTA::GONYEASun Dec 19 1993Error in handling rippleback messages
1394.04CARNTA::GONYEATue Dec 21 1993Another rippleback problem...
1395.07ZGOVWed Dec 22 1993DSW support for DEC/EDI ???
1396.05ITGATE::NETWORKWed Dec 22 1993connecting to IE through OFTP
1397.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Dec 22 1993pb decedi$tel from V1.2-3 to v 1.3
1398.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Dec 22 1993Pb with /since qualifier on ADET (DEC/EDI 1.3)
1399.01LATINA::JOSEFWed Dec 22 1993Odette specs?
1400.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Dec 23 1993why are logical translations different
1401.05GUIDUK::KANGThu Dec 23 1993Message Update V1.2 - EDIFACT 92.1 Available?
1402.02PRSEA7::EBLEThu Dec 23 1993LIST command for Archived documents ?
1403.0VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Dec 28 1993X4
1404.0PRSEA7::EBLETue Dec 28 1993Problem using ADET
1405.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Dec 29 1993HELP...HELP with UDS2
1406.0MROA::VWILLIAMSThu Dec 30 1993Docs stuck TRANSLATED after V1.3 upgrade
1407.03BEJVC::CANDYGAOFri Dec 31 1993can't install message updates t1.3-
1408.02CHPSC::LUETue Jan 04 1994error creating IMPEXP process mailbox
1409.01ICS::MORNINGTue Jan 04 1994startup errors
1410.01PERENS::KIMMELTue Jan 04 1994Sizing info V1.3
1411.017MROA::GUERINWed Jan 05 1994DEC/EDI on UNIX?
1412.0DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Jan 05 1994IIN implementation difficulties
1413.01MEOCThu Jan 06 1994EDIFACT translator TRNMANSEGMIS error
1414.0SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Jan 07 1994WARNING: TRADCOMS, INVOICES and HM Customs & Excise
1416.01MINNY::ADDORMon Jan 10 1994Expected MSG$_CONNECT but received 51
1417.02KAL::VIKTORSSONMon Jan 10 1994Tracking of OFTP and/or X.25 errors
1418.04WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Jan 10 1994No archiving since New Year
1419.04GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Jan 11 19941.3-3 edifact translator problem..
1420.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Jan 12 1994archive server not archiving trans files
1421.03KAL::VIKTORSSONWed Jan 12 1994Automaticly reset a disabled connection?
1422.0UTRTSC::RONCKENThu Jan 13 1994V1.3 messages (re)installation error
1423.01EEMELI::EINAMOThu Jan 13 19941.3 DECEDI can not create local segment from local elements entered by decedi
1424.04CARNTA::YEHThu Jan 13 1994Separated file differs in MIXED syntax
1425.03KAL::VIKTORSSONThu Jan 13 1994Configuration question v1.3 (about 6
1426.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Jan 14 1994PEDI and O/R mapping
1427.02GBIFri Jan 14 1994Bypass and a french person contact needed.
1428.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Jan 14 1994PEDI and MTS routing
1429.05PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Jan 14 1994Disable Connect ID
1430.01METSYS::THOMPSONFri Jan 14 1994Problem with MAIL In the VMS 5.5-2 Security Mup
1431.01CX3PT2::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Jan 14 1994EDIFACT 92.1? DECEDIMSG
1432.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Jan 18 1994How to get element 74 of UNT in an application
1433.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jan 18 1994copy of standard possible?
1434.0SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue Jan 18 19941.3 Backup Archiving Process
1435.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Jan 19 1994any ideas???
1436.0METSYS::BRUNNOCKWed Jan 19 1994Severe warning from EDI Engineering
1437.01STKHLM::BOKLUNDWed Jan 19 1994Diskspace for Filebridge
1438.020STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jan 19 1994When is DEC/EDI with "RDB 5.1 fix" available?
1439.02MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Jan 19 1994OCCURS Clause in DEC/EDI
1440.01CHPSC::LUEThu Jan 20 1994PAYEXT UNS segment can not be recognised
1441.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jan 20 1994What does DECEDI$TOOLS:DECEDI$WHIP.EXE do? Thanks!!!
1442.0EEMELI::EINAMOFri Jan 21 1994decedi 1.2 with 1 Concurent user licence for DECFORMS RT
1443.05COPCLU::JORNMon Jan 24 1994Filebridge location ???
1444.01ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Jan 24 1994error with DECEDI*CVP
1445.02DEKVC::ILLDONGKIMTue Jan 25 1994training schedule in 1994
1446.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jan 26 1994Duplicate TP agreement
1447.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jan 26 1994corrupt API inhouse filespec, file server error
1448.02TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Jan 26 1994OPCOM messages for document failures
1449.01METSYS::GAMIThu Jan 27 1994RESERVED for supported configuration notes
1450.05ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIFri Jan 28 1994two Transmission files
1451.01WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Jan 28 1994File Security between DEC/EDI Services.
1453.07UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Feb 01 1994LOAD PROFILE works OK??
1454.03ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Feb 01 1994DECEDI*COMM_FETCH OR SEND don't return the tx name length correc
1455.03ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Feb 01 1994RDB MULTIVERSION badly supported in DEC-EDI and Filebridge
1456.02TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Feb 02 1994Hang during Fetch - SYS$SCRATCH access problem?
1457.04STKAI1::HERMANSSONWed Feb 02 1994Healthcare EDIFACT messages (MEDRPT,MEDREQ)?
1458.02GBIWed Feb 02 1994Cleanup of messages.....
1460.02KERNEL::OTHENJWed Feb 02 1994Filebridge and no data
1461.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Feb 02 1994getting UNKNOWNMESS messages logged by the AFS
1462.03ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Feb 03 1994transmission files suspended even after a window has reopened
1463.03BERNThu Feb 03 1994DECnet prerequisites for DEC/EDI V1.3
1464.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Feb 03 1994x.4
1465.03PERENS::KIMMELFri Feb 04 1994list doc/status=processing error - unknown keyword
1466.03UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Feb 07 1994transmission file 'problem' ??
1467.012GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Feb 10 1994Problem - Unable to identify EDI syntax
1468.07DRAC::DSMAILThu Feb 10 1994DEC/EDI error message during installation,meaning?
1469.02ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Feb 10 1994V1.3 use of LOCAL MESSAGE definitions with EDIT TAB int-doc-type
1470.01PRSEA7::EBLEFri Feb 11 1994DECforms problem with DEC/EDI 1.2-
1471.01WAYOUT::CLARKEMon Feb 14 1994How to Suppress Reconciliation Message
1472.07MINNY::ADDORTue Feb 15 1994routing in a strange network
1473.01TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Feb 15 1994ADET problem with TRADACOMS-only single node
1474.05DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Feb 16 19941.3 ECO2 information request
1475.03UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Feb 17 1994VMS V6.
1477.0SYSTEM::BRUNNOCKFri Feb 18 1994DEC/EDI V1.3 and IOEXPRESS Problems
1478.01MUDIS3::ARTMANNFri Feb 18 1994bad block address
1479.04BUSY::RIPLEYMon Feb 21 1994Problem linking program
1480.03TAVTue Feb 22 1994%DECEDI-E-TRNERRPRCEXT error incoming EDIFACT Doc.
1481.03MEOCThu Feb 24 1994Inhouse file format changed causes ERRACCIHF error
1482.035SYSTEM::BABERThu Feb 24 1994Graphical User Interface for DEC/EDI
1483.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Feb 24 1994Problem when copying from appl to trans
1484.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Feb 24 1994X.25 gateway w/o tradanet van
1485.01KERNEL::OTHENJThu Feb 24 1994No trading partner agreement (again)!
1486.07DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Feb 24 1994Site-to-Site testing results
1487.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINFri Feb 25 1994DEC/EDI and UNH element S
1488.03TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GMon Feb 28 1994TRAX error: no inbound data received
1489.04UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Feb 28 1994incoming X4
1490.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue Mar 01 1994Move structures of messages to another host
1491.04SYSTEM::BABERTue Mar 01 1994DEC/EDI V2.
1493.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Mar 01 1994Documents in status failed
1494.05MUDIS3::UWEISWed Mar 02 1994error on creating record
1495.014SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSWed Mar 02 1994DEC/EDI, VAX/VMS, DECnet, and Communications Options Support
1496.03HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Mar 03 1994X.25 and Import/Export Gateways
1497.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Mar 03 1994Upgrading DEC/EDI T1.3-
1498.025SYSTEM::GILROYFri Mar 04 1994Message updates kits
1499.04MUDIS3::HHEYNGFri Mar 04 1994RMS-F-DUP error during re-installing DECEDIMSG
1500.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Mar 04 1994EDIF translation failed, don't know why!
1502.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Mar 07 1994Problem with DECEDI$OFTP shutdown
1503.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Mar 07 1994We need some info on ISTEL van
1504.01GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Mar 10 1994DECEDI$BACKUP & archives
1505.02UTRTSC::VVISSERFri Mar 11 1994Incoming documents get lost!
1506.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Mar 11 1994V1.3 with DECnet-Extensions?
1507.05OSLACT::NWOJOS::JosteinFri Mar 11 1994MAILbus4
1508.07CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONFri Mar 11 1994duplicate key reported by archive server
1509.06STKHLM::ALINDGRENMon Mar 14 1994Invalid Data in incoming SFID
1510.05PIETMon Mar 14 1994how does one go about Getting Started?
1511.04RULLE::KLASSONWed Mar 16 1994OFTP broken in V1.3 ECO 2
1512.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Mar 16 1994some 'batched' behaviour possible?
1513.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Mar 16 1994V1.2-
1514.01BLKPUD::RYMERAWed Mar 16 1994Problem linking with DEC/EDI present.
1515.06RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Mar 16 1994problem receiving delivery receipt
1516.03ISIDRO::JLUISThu Mar 17 1994Problems with numeric fields
1517.05STKAI1::JHALLDENFri Mar 18 1994USER REFRENCE problems
1518.02TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GFri Mar 18 1994Training Information
1519.011IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Mar 19 1994incorrect UNZ validation
1520.01WAYOUT::CLARKEMon Mar 21 1994Now to use DEC/EDI to modify unsupported fields?
1521.0DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Mar 21 1994No advert - no sales
1522.020SCAPAS::MAPPED::GONYEAWed Mar 23 1994DEC/EDI Start-up problems.....
1523.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Mar 23 1994Available file not fetched on D/E 1.3 echo2
1524.0GBIWed Mar 23 19943 problems with P2 messages
1525.06SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Mar 23 1994EDIFACT 93.1 dictionnary
1526.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Mar 23 1994D/E V1.3B and RDB V5.1
1527.03DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Mar 23 1994X12 834 (health care enrollment) broken under ECO2
1528.07DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Mar 23 1994X12/85
1529.01MEOCThu Mar 24 1994V1.3 database performance
1530.01MINNY::ADDORThu Mar 24 1994PAYMUL in DEC/EDI V1.2?
1531.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Mar 24 1994MRX DEFAULTE ROUTE in documentation ?
1532.04DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Mar 24 1994Need C prog w/ API calls.
1533.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Mar 25 1994DECEDI V!.# and UNE-UNG segment ??
1534.06RULLE::KLASSONFri Mar 25 1994V1.3 ECO2 inst failed. Meta data update failed.
1535.02WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Mar 28 1994V1.3 and TAXCON message.
1536.02CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONMon Mar 28 1994IIN Scripts...where do we steal the account/username from
1537.02TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Mar 29 1994Inbound sequence number checking?
1538.01UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Mar 29 1994EDIFACT V92.1 & UNH
1539.03CSC32::S_SCHWEINTue Mar 29 1994Audit trail problems
1540.0+6MINNY::ADDORWed Mar 30 1994Change the File Dataset Name in OFTP SFID
1542.014KERNEL::OTHENJWed Mar 30 1994Archive server and backup problems
1543.02TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Mar 30 1994X25 connection doesn't send all TF's
1544.02HGODCS::RICHARDLAMFri Apr 01 1994Cna't start DECEDI$X4
1545.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 05 1994receiving 21
1546.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Apr 05 1994AWAIT_TRANSMISSION again ...
1547.04HGODCS::RICHARDLAMWed Apr 06 1994Unreg. Recipient Name
1548.06KAL::VIKTORSSONThu Apr 07 1994DEC/EDI x.4
1549.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Apr 07 1994application wants to receive bad documents
1550.03CECEHV::HARVALA_MThu Apr 07 1994DEC_EDI Client for OSF/1 V2.
1551.03WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Apr 07 1994TRNSEGOUTSEQ Segment out of Sequence
1552.010KERNEL::OTHENJFri Apr 08 1994RETRIEVE command does not list documents
1553.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Apr 11 1994VMS V6.1/DECnet-OSI/DECedi - will it work OK?
1554.03SYSTEM::BABERMon Apr 11 1994Forthcoming Sales Update
1555.01CSC32::L_BARNESMon Apr 11 1994Audit Server: Record not found & Duplicate Key
1556.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Apr 12 1994TEL, external name
1557.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Apr 12 1994where does the O/R address come from ?
1558.01HGTAI1::LKLEEWed Apr 13 1994DEC/EDI <-> MR <-> DEC MAILwork ??
1559.03MEOCWed Apr 13 1994PRCLM quota exceeded on startup
1560.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 14 1994SPD V2?
1561.01OYEZ::DAMASCHKAThu Apr 14 1994Tuning Tip - How Many Store Directories?
1562.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Apr 14 1994Reprocess not working
1563.021METSYS::BRUNNOCKThu Apr 14 1994DEC/EDI and Rdb 6.
1564.03KERNEL::OTHENJMon Apr 18 1994!!!URGENT!! Install / segment error
1565.02CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONMon Apr 18 1994Misnamed APPFILE_SUMMARY?
1566.01BACHUS::DBCTue Apr 19 1994Archive fails on service routine SYS$OPEN
1567.03BACHUS::DBCTue Apr 19 1994Segmentsplits are gone for incoming transmissions via x.4
1568.06HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue Apr 19 1994X4
1569.01MRKTNG::TOLANDTue Apr 19 1994Func. Ack. test indicators
1570.05SCAPAS::PLATNO::YEHWed Apr 20 1994FORMS Internal Error
1571.01METSYS::BRUNNOCKWed Apr 20 1994Information Required on Archive Server RMS-F-DUP errors
1572.03MUDIS3::ARTMANNWed Apr 20 1994data labels changed with new msg kit?
1573.03MUDIS3::ARTMANNWed Apr 20 1994x4
1575.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 21 1994X4
1576.05EEMELI::EINAMOFri Apr 22 19941.3A instal failed
1577.02WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Apr 22 1994Unexplained - %DECEDI-E-TRNINVSTDCHR, One or more characters etc
1578.0KAL::VIKTORSSONMon Apr 25 1994What comm. gateways on DEC/EDI v2.
1579.010RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 26 1994process creation issue
1580.05KERNEL::OTHENJTue Apr 26 1994Transmission file builder for ODETTE invoices
1582.03TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Apr 26 1994DEC/EDI + Tradanet charges
1583.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Apr 26 1994pb RMS-F-RSZ for TP agreement in 1.3 MUPA
1584.05CSC32::S_SCHWEINTue Apr 26 1994Adet not pulling fa_transmitted_time,date
1585.01SCAPAS::GUINEO::YEHTue Apr 26 1994How to create quoted string from script
1586.02CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Apr 27 1994Should files in DECEDI$ARCH_DATA be purged?
1588.05BONKIN::BOYLEThu Apr 28 1994Debugging EDIFACT messages in DECEDI
1589.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 28 1994DECEDI$TEL and subelements loading
1590.02CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Apr 28 1994OFTP and window schedules, revisited
1591.01METSYS::GAMIFri Apr 29 1994Request for information
1592.01SCAPAS::MAPPED::GONYEAFri Apr 29 1994Honeywell upgrade problem...URGENT..
1593.07COPCLU::LINERMon May 02 1994DEC/EDI V2.
1594.02CX3PT1::FXSTC::M_BEACHMon May 02 1994DECEDI$V13_DB_CREATE saves prior tuning?
1595.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon May 02 1994what mailbox does DEC/EDI write information into?
1596.01CX3PT2::FXSTC::M_BEACHTue May 03 1994Weird: inbound partner_test , ApplFils, stuck
1597.04EEMELI::EINAMOTue May 03 19941.3A x4
1598.04SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue May 03 1994HDLC Gateway
1599.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue May 03 1994SPD for v2.
1600.03VAXSPO::CRISTINATue May 03 1994Doubts about DEC/EDI
1601.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed May 04 1994FA question
1602.03CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu May 05 1994Bisync connection gives incomplete transmission to EDI
1603.03SWETSC::WELINFri May 06 1994Is the EERP command mandatory?
1604.04VIVIAN::G_COOMBERFri May 06 1994EDI for AXP , when?
1605.01MEOCMon May 09 1994OBJECTBROKER licenses V2.
1606.01METSYS::BRUNNOCKMon May 09 1994DEC/EDI V1.3 and DECnet versions
1607.02CSOA1::STUTSONMon May 09 1994Sterling
1608.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue May 10 1994clarification about MULTIPLE
1609.04SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue May 10 1994Audit Database Status Code Values
1610.07COMICS::HALFACREEWed May 11 1994EDI transmission problems
1611.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu May 12 19942 errors that I do not think are related
1612.04CSLALL::DRUSSOThu May 12 1994Questions Re: Futures
1613.01JOBURG::BERETTAMon May 16 1994Data Labels and TEL
1614.05KERNEL::NAYLERMMon May 16 1994Changing revisions or documents, possible?
1615.07PERENS::KIMMELTue May 17 1994Error listing and Detailed listing don't match
1616.010EEMELI::EINAMOWed May 18 1994RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege
1617.03CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed May 18 1994RMU-F-BOUND errors reported after starting EDI
1618.03WAYOUT::CROOKSThu May 19 1994Sequence numbers for repeating segments.
1619.09AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu May 19 1994SQL CURALROPE errors from RSFS
1620.0DECPRG::PAVLUPThu May 19 1994Security and X.4
1621.01ATYISA::LEBRUNThu May 19 1994i: Wild card use in SURNAME field of an DECEDI X4
1622.08CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri May 20 1994AFS query
1623.02ZPOVC::HWCHOYMon May 23 1994DEC/EDI for DEC OSF/1 ?
1624.02WELCLU::MARSHALLJMon May 23 1994How to re-send transmission files using OFTP ?
1625.03WAYOUT::CLARKETue May 24 1994Tradacoms problems with STX NAME Data Element
1626.05METSYS::BRUNNOCKWed May 25 1994DEC/EDI V1.3A Patches Directory
1627.03WAYOUT::CLARKEWed May 25 1994Update Tradanet Relationship Fails
1628.03CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu May 26 1994Inbound X.4
1629.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSFri May 27 1994Archive Server Date Criteria
1630.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri May 27 1994Missing in-house files
1631.06CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri May 27 1994Transmission files stuck in TRANS_FILE_BUILT
1632.06VAXSPO::CRISTINATue May 31 1994New version of DIRDEB
1633.03ROMWed Jun 01 1994Solution on the old MAILbus
1634.03WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Jun 01 1994Unexplained %DECEDI-E-TRNINVCHARSET (2)
1635.013MEOCThu Jun 02 1994X.4
1636.02KERNEL::OTHENJThu Jun 02 1994Wildcard for Recipient Reference field?
1637.011MUDIS3::HHEYNGThu Jun 02 1994DECEDI$$GEN_TRANS_LOGICAL -DECEDI-W-LOGNOTFOUND, logical not found, logical = <*UNKNOWN*>
1638.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri Jun 03 1994EERP and ids set wrong
1639.022GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jun 07 1994Problems with FORMS after 1.3 upgrade
1640.02GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jun 07 1994EDI 1.3 & Bookreader ?
1641.011UTRTSC::KLEINTue Jun 07 1994OFTP channel problems
1642.02WAYOUT::CLARKETue Jun 07 1994Release Character - Data Truncation Problem
1643.02CTOAVX::MACKINTue Jun 07 1994Urgent: Need V2.x pid/presentation.
1646.01UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Jun 09 1994UHN
1647.0DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Jun 09 1994EDIFACT security, recommendations, help needed!!
1648.04MEOCFri Jun 10 1994MUS V1.4 EDIFACT 911 error
1649.01ZGOMIG::TERESAFri Jun 10 1994How do I find out what are the existing job schedules ?
1651.05RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jun 10 1994why is an exceeded group count error returned?
1652.02SUOSWS::NIESSERFri Jun 10 1994VDAformatted files over OFTP
1653.02METSYS::REIDFri Jun 10 1994DEC/EDI V2.
1655.05MKOTS1::TOOLEYMon Jun 13 1994Help with HEX 15 as a segment terminator
1656.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYMon Jun 13 1994Help with DF296 Modem settings
1657.0DPDMAI::ROSNERMon Jun 13 1994Suspending Archive Server Processing
1658.03DPDMAI::ROSNERMon Jun 13 1994Suspending Archive Server Processing
1659.02MEOCTue Jun 14 1994Error on canceling transmission DECEDI-E-UNABTOLOCK
1660.05WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Jun 14 1994Problems with DEC/EDI shutdown.
1661.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Jun 15 1994getting cursor already open messages
1662.01EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Jun 15 1994RDB errors from the File Server
1663.03SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSWed Jun 15 1994Proper Audit Database Protections?
1664.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Jun 15 1994NICKNAME Question for ADVANTIS VAN
1665.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Jun 16 1994OFTP gateway and call interval
1666.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Jun 16 1994DECEDI$END_SEND problem ....
1667.03WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Jun 16 1994Odette - Separation Problem
1668.01COPCLU::LINERFri Jun 17 1994V1.3 installation problem
1669.01CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Jun 17 1994X12 converter wsextent query
1670.03CTOAVX::MACKINSat Jun 18 1994Plea for detail on v2.* features.
1671.06STKAI1::VIKTORSSONMon Jun 20 1994any experience of 24-hours production with DEC/EDI
1672.0SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue Jun 21 1994More ADET problems on IFF: X12
1673.04MKOTS1::TOOLEYTue Jun 21 1994Maximum Error Count BUT no disable of Connection WHY???
1674.0PERENS::KIMMELTue Jun 21 1994Matrix for communications (required sofware with versions)
1675.01ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Jun 21 1994COMM_FETCH problem on a X4
1676.03SCAPAS::PLATNO::GONYEAWed Jun 22 1994997 Failures at Honeywell
1677.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jun 22 1994MRX supported on DECEDI V2
1678.07EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Jun 22 1994X4
1679.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Jun 23 1994Group definition in V1.3A
1680.0SYSTEM::HELLIARThu Jun 23 1994DEC?EDI V2.
1681.030HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jun 23 1994where does the USERID value comes from ?
1682.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jun 24 1994training announcement
1683.08MUDIS3::SPAULIKFri Jun 24 1994%DECEDI-E-UIOPENFILEERR, on file nnn.IHF
1684.01KERNEL::OTHENJFri Jun 24 1994Odette Invoice fail on translation
1685.05METSYS::REIDFri Jun 24 1994EDI Engineering Web Server
1686.05MINNY::ADDORMon Jun 27 1994does the server run also on AXP?
1687.02COPCLU::CPC22Tue Jun 28 1994Can D/E 1.2 talk to D/E V1.3 ?
1689.01MEOCWed Jun 29 1994Database management and tuning
1690.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jun 29 1994UNS+S' problems
1691.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jun 29 1994stuck on IDENTIFIED
1692.04FAILTE::ADAMSWed Jun 29 1994X.435 over x.25 and others
1693.04KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jun 29 1994X25 process uses all virtual page quota
1694.02EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Jun 29 1994Data for multiple applications in one interchange envelope?
1695.02METSYS::BRUNNOCKThu Jun 30 1994Engineering on the scrounge!
1696.014STKAI1::VIKTORSSONFri Jul 01 1994DECEDI-E-NOTAUTH, Not authorized to access the EDI Server System
1697.0SYSTEM::BABERWed Jul 06 1994HP-UX/IBM-AIX Clients for DEC/EDI V2.
1698.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jul 07 1994problem with VPP
1699.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jul 07 1994DECEDI V2.
1700.01WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Jul 07 1994Data Label Generator
1701.07VAXSPO::CRISTINAFri Jul 08 1994***** DEC/EDI course *****
1702.02NEWOA::CANTYFri Jul 08 1994DEC/EDI, X25 configuration question
1703.02VAXSPO::CRISTINAMon Jul 11 1994Customer's references in USA
1704.04PERENS::KIMMELMon Jul 11 1994DEC/EDI via Internet
1705.05WELCLU::MARSHALLJMon Jul 11 1994OFTP: Have to manually start connection ?
1706.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jul 12 1994VPP is looking at the wrong data
1707.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jul 12 1994Banks using DEC/EDI ?
1709.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Jul 12 1994weird error from ADET
1710.05WELCLU::MARSHALLJTue Jul 12 1994OFTP: Resending transmission files pt II.
1711.0UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Jul 13 1994FAILTFBCREATE error, doc's. stucked in BUILD_TRANS
1712.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jul 14 1994ADET gets all information when accessing archive database
1713.01MUDIS3::UWEISThu Jul 14 1994Can you influence the Message Reference Number?
1714.01SCAPAS::TAQITO::HARRISONFri Jul 15 1994No active client license?
1715.02WELCLU::MARSHALLJFri Jul 15 1994V1.2: Retrieving archived file
1716.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jul 18 1994stuck on IDENTIFIED, duplicate??
1717.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Jul 18 1994pb with question mark in UNH
1718.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Jul 18 1994question about the application file server
1719.02WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Jul 20 1994V1.3A Batching Info?
1720.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Jul 20 1994online help missing for TRADE
1721.0FORTY2::TATHAMThu Jul 21 1994EMEF 94 Slides (incl EDI)
1722.01PERENS::KIMMELThu Jul 21 1994Scripting question
1723.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYThu Jul 21 1994Help with DECEDIX12-W-X12_ELEMTOOSHRT
1724.07RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jul 21 1994confusion around MIXED and MULTIPLE
1725.01VAXSPO::CRISTINAThu Jul 21 1994DEC/EDI v1.2 x OpenVMS v 5.5-2-H4
1726.02RULLE::KLASSONFri Jul 22 1994Wrong EDIF definitions in DECEDIMSG
1727.04WAYOUT::CROOKSFri Jul 22 1994A Space in Administration Domain field for x4
1728.0WELCLU::MARSHALLJFri Jul 22 1994Changing the status of documents.
1729.02EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri Jul 22 1994Scheduler problems with 1.3B DECEDI$COMMS_CONTROL.EXE
1730.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jul 25 1994Interactive EDI with V2?
1731.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Jul 27 1994issue with DEC/EDI and DECforms v2
1732.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Jul 28 1994?'s about the EDIFACT translator or TFS
1733.02UTRTSC::WILLEMSThu Jul 28 1994SRVCALLTMO, request sent to remote data server timed out
1735.0DEVMKO::COFFINMon Aug 01 1994sys$qiow error
1736.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Aug 02 1994what happens in v2 with a comms license?
1737.03UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Aug 02 1994v2.1, When is it due
1738.01SCAPAS::TAQITO::HARRISONWed Aug 03 1994V1.3A Resend Capability
1739.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RWed Aug 03 1994Filebridge as universal mapper?
1740.06DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Aug 03 1994CLEO Conference?
1741.02PERENS::KIMMELThu Aug 04 1994DEC/EDI V1.2 - current
1742.03EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri Aug 05 19941.3A ADET performance and tuning
1743.07SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Aug 09 1994Parts of Content missing in Transmission File ...
1744.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Aug 09 1994Get rid of SEPARATED transmission file ...
1745.05MEO78A::16.153.24Wed Aug 10 1994License question for DEC/EDI V2
1746.026METSYS::THOMPSONWed Aug 10 1994Support of DECforms V2.
1748.09METSYS::GOODWINWed Aug 10 1994The DEC/EDI Cockpit and Pathworks V5.
1749.04STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Aug 11 1994DEC/EDI V2 SPD Question about TCP/IP
1750.0STKAI1::VIKTORSSONThu Aug 11 1994Can't get hook to execute
1751.02EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Aug 11 1994Linking against DECEDI$APPSHR and VAXCRTLG
1752.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Aug 15 1994Filebridge and BREAKON field ...
1753.03VAXSPO::CRISTINAMon Aug 15 1994****CHANGE NODENAME****
1754.07SIOG::P_HARRINGTONTue Aug 16 1994Version compatability ??
1755.03WAYOUT::CLARKETue Aug 16 1994DEC/EDI performance problem
1756.0MEOCWed Aug 17 1994DECEDI-E-INVKEYVAL ERROR removing application record
1757.01STKHLM::GULLNASWed Aug 17 1994DEC/EDI on VMS 6.1?
1758.05STKAI1::VIKTORSSONThu Aug 18 1994Hook to functions that have SQL - code does not work
1759.01KETJE::GORREMANSThu Aug 18 1994UNB modification - how?
1760.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Aug 18 1994incorrect backlinks for files in the archive area
1761.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Aug 18 1994Order of Transmission
1762.02BONKIN::BOYLEFri Aug 19 1994V2/ACAS/DECEDI_MSC not found Problem
1763.0UTRTSC::VROOIJFri Aug 19 1994OFTP gateway and X25 access template?
1764.09HGOVC::CHIKAICHEUNGMon Aug 22 1994Two messages completed at same time merged
1765.02WAYOUT::CLARKEMon Aug 22 1994ARCHIVE failing with 'Error in DEC/EDI user interface'
1766.03EVTAI1::GODARDMon Aug 22 1994Problem with LIST DOCUMENT
1767.05SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Aug 22 1994Ripple back ...
1768.023METSYS::THOMPSONMon Aug 22 1994DECforms and DEC/EDI V2.
1769.0DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Aug 22 1994ASK OMAR to DEC/EDI interface
1770.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Aug 23 1994Tracing ARCHIVE Command ?
1771.06UNITED::MCDONNELLWed Aug 24 1994v1.3b? Does it exist?
1772.04STKAI1::JHALLDENWed Aug 24 1994v1.3, v1.2 and bypass
1773.01VAXRIO::63Wed Aug 24 1994EDIFACT 93A and FBR V1.1
1776.01MUDIS3::UWEISThu Aug 25 1994UNH, UNT, UNZ in Inhouse File needed (INBOUND conversion)
1777.02STKAI1::VIKTORSSONThu Aug 25 1994Missing! the edit profile/copy command
1778.0ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Aug 25 1994CNTRL Edifact message support in DEC/EDI
1779.02CHPSC::LUEMon Aug 29 1994Doc. of API for EDI V2.
1780.06MKOTS1::TOOLEYTue Aug 30 1994Help with V2.
1781.01STKHLM::GULLNASTue Aug 30 1994CC-E-BADENUM with V2.
1782.07MKOTS1::TOOLEYTue Aug 30 1994ICS/ICE vs: ISA/ISE help with customer
1784.02WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Sep 01 1994Clear a PROCESSING document?
1785.04ALLVAX::HARDINGFri Sep 02 1994DEC/EDI startup problems
1786.01STKAI1::VIKTORSSONMon Sep 05 1994DEC/EDI v2.
1787.01VAXSPO::CRISTINATue Sep 06 1994EDI on PC's
1788.02FAILTE::ADAMSThu Sep 08 1994EDI 94
1790.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Sep 08 1994ADET does not find 997
1791.01COMICS::HALFACREEFri Sep 09 1994One off occurance of DECEDI-W-EDISINCIN..????
1792.02STKAI1::VIKTORSSONMon Sep 12 1994decedi_track API gives no result
1793.02STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Sep 12 1994DEC/EDI V2.
1794.02VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Sep 14 1994X.435 support
1795.01VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Sep 14 1994use of X.435 with DEC/EDI
1796.03CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Sep 15 1994OPTF Resend Failing
1798.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Sep 15 1994what is the format for fetched /type=ihf files
1799.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Sep 15 1994need advise on V2 API and post/fetch application
1800.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Sep 15 1994API C-only?
1801.01BEHORN::COLMUN::MUNTThu Sep 15 1994Connection Id logicals not defined
1802.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 16 1994TCP/IP versions in SPD
1803.04ITGATE::NETWORKFri Sep 16 1994Is EDIFACT version 89.2 available?
1804.03EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri Sep 16 1994Missing V2.
1805.01WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Sep 19 1994Tradacoms script errors.
1807.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Sep 20 1994DECEDI$X4
1808.04CHEFS::OSBORNECWed Sep 21 1994Internet sources for EDI???
1809.04STKAI1::VIKTORSSONWed Sep 21 1994INCOMING not handled correctly
1810.01EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Sep 21 1994Unable to resend bypass transmissions?
1811.06PERENS::STODDARTFri Sep 23 1994X.4
1812.07GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 26 1994what type of RDB kit is required???
1813.04BACHUS::64633::VerbraekenMon Sep 26 1994Audit Data Extraction using .dat's on 2 disks ?
1814.01VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Sep 26 1994CLEO Information?
1815.08EEMELI::EINAMOTue Sep 27 1994App License question for DEC/EDI V2.1
1816.07MUDIS3::TMAYRTue Sep 27 1994problem with large record length
1817.0EEMELI::EINAMOTue Sep 27 1994expimp gateway
1818.0SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Sep 27 1994Switching transports with ACA
1819.0EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONTue Sep 27 1994V2.
1820.07ODAY4Tue Sep 27 1994Install Problem w DECEDI V2.
1821.05MEOCWed Sep 28 1994V2.* and Filebridge licenses
1822.0METSYS::HELLIARWed Sep 28 1994EDI '94
1823.03PERENS::STODDARTWed Sep 28 1994X12 too long for GROUP_STD?
1824.07DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Sep 28 1994Alpha-client, VMS-server returns DECEDI-E-ORBSRVDIED
1825.05RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Sep 30 1994problems with ADET
1826.06PERENS::STODDARTFri Sep 30 1994Says no profile, but profile there (2.
1828.04KETJE::GORREMANSMon Oct 03 1994Detached filebridge send/receive problem
1829.01KAHALA::MAYNARDMon Oct 03 19941.3 DS startup failed!
1830.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Oct 04 1994incomplete ISA envelopes
1831.03MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Oct 05 1994HELP with the CLEO placement in the DECEDI$STARTUP
1832.01CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Oct 05 19944
1833.01ELIS::EOUDENHOVENThu Oct 06 1994Upgrade questions
1835.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Oct 06 1994 DECEDI V2.
1836.05PAPERS::MCINTOSHFri Oct 07 1994what defines DECEDI$CNV_EDIF_MBX
1837.0METSYS::THOMPSONFri Oct 07 1994Ordered and Unordered Converters
1838.04UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Oct 10 1994non-interactive modification of TP definition
1839.0RULLE::KLASSONMon Oct 10 1994OFTP files stuck at SENDING
1840.017SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Oct 11 1994DEC/EDI shutdown hang on DECEDI$TFS
1841.05BEDA::VIKTORSSONTue Oct 11 1994%LIB-F-BADTAGVAL error from decedi_post
1842.05PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Oct 11 1994V1.3A + patches : Window State : OFF
1843.05DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Oct 12 1994ACAServices and ObjectBroker
1844.04RULLE::KLASSONThu Oct 13 1994EDI V2.
1845.01MIMS::ZINK_BThu Oct 13 1994SPD in PS format?
1846.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Oct 14 1994TRADE FETCH fails, no connection between ACAS & DECEDI
1847.01BEDA::VIKTORSSONMon Oct 17 1994Can we change OFTP gateway parameters?
1848.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Oct 17 1994async comm using ASTs?
1849.013GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Oct 18 1994How to use SQL to purge documents?
1851.02DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Oct 19 1994v2.
1852.02GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Oct 23 1994V1.3A, LIST/DOC/STATUS=SEPARATED doesn't work
1853.02RTOEU::SRISSETue Oct 25 1994Which version needed?
1854.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Oct 25 1994?'s about FA processing and multiple agreements
1855.04FRAIS::PWOLFWed Oct 26 1994Upgrade from 1.
1856.03UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Oct 26 1994EDIFACT 921 and ORDERS without 'header'
1857.05KAHALA::MAYNARDWed Oct 26 1994DECnet or DEC/EDI setup??
1858.011COMICS::HALFACREEMon Oct 31 1994Reset Document/Transmission is failing...
1859.03UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Oct 31 1994EDIFACT character set question
1860.05DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Nov 03 1994X12/
1861.05HGOVC::WILSONWONGThu Nov 03 1994can EDI send and receive compress file in V1.3a
1862.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Nov 03 1994Possible corrupt .IHF file
1863.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Nov 04 1994Connection becomes re-enabled by a current comms job in V1.3a
1864.06UTRTSC::VDRIELFri Nov 04 1994V1.3B window schedule question + OFTP crash
1865.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Nov 04 1994decedi V1.3b startup wait for DECEDI$TRNS_T_1
1866.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Nov 04 1994decedi$x4
1868.01GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Nov 06 1994V2.
1869.04GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Nov 07 1994V1.3A Unable to identify EDI syntax errors...
1870.01HGOVC::WILSONWONGMon Nov 07 1994invalid lock id when modify organisation name
1871.014SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOORETue Nov 08 1994DECEDI$SCHEDULE dies for single time schedule window.
1872.02HGOVC::MASCOTTANGWed Nov 09 1994RWMBX in system to run EDI
1873.01EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Nov 09 1994Transmission goes from FAILED to PURGEABLE under V2.
1874.09GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Nov 09 1994DECEDI$TRNS_E_1 accvio
1875.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Nov 10 1994getting duplicate document errors from AS
1876.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Nov 10 1994DECEDI$X4
1877.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Nov 10 1994'til we meet again
1879.01ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Nov 14 1994OFTP: Resend transmission files and loss of the virtual Filename
1880.09KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 14 1994Partner Interchange Qualifier is being ignored
1881.03GENIE::TANNERMon Nov 14 1994Failing DEC/EDI Version 2.
1882.04WMOIS::RAHILLYMon Nov 14 1994Destination blank?
1883.03ROWLET::ALBURYTue Nov 15 1994site to site ripple lost
1884.03BONKIN::BOYLEWed Nov 16 1994-W-PRFNOTCHD, Trading Partner Profile was not cached
1885.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Nov 16 1994OFTP send problem , transmission FAILED
1886.02WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Nov 16 1994Mixed documents from IBM IE thru OFTP g/w
1888.012DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Nov 16 1994MV 31
1889.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 17 1994API questions
1890.02STKHLM::ALINDGRENThu Nov 17 1994DEC/EDI and alternate communication methods
1891.06STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Nov 17 1994DEC/EDI 1.3A and bypass connection in SYNTAX MIXED
1892.03SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOOREThu Nov 17 1994CLEO P_GEIS script error for EDI 2.
1893.05KETJE::GORREMANSFri Nov 18 1994Tradacoms question
1894.04DELDPN::C_CARDENASFri Nov 18 1994Problem in sending a message
1895.01KETJE::GORREMANSMon Nov 21 1994Error in translation messages
1896.01ISIDRO::MATIASTue Nov 22 1994Post warnings
1897.011EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONTue Nov 22 1994Snapshots and DEC/EDI V1.3B...Fact or fiction?
1898.03BUSY::RIPLEYTue Nov 22 1994Two docs in one IN_HOUSE_FILE???
1899.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 23 1994change server on client?
1900.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 23 1994client security issue
1901.03SCAPAS::RAWL::MOOREWed Nov 23 1994VMS 5.5 - Is X25/PSI unsupported now ?
1902.02SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOOREWed Nov 23 1994? EDIFACT 92.1 CONTRL Table ?
1903.022ZGOVThu Nov 24 1994Failed to send a transmission file
1904.04SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Nov 24 1994need info on VDA
1905.08BIKINI::DITEThu Nov 24 1994Use of OFTP for non-EDI applications ?
1906.012EEMELI::EINAMOFri Nov 25 1994stucked at status converted
1908.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Nov 25 1994DECEDI$START_BATCH problems....
1909.03STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Nov 28 1994Year 2
1910.02OSLACT::NWOJOS::JosteinMon Nov 28 1994EDI Access Unit
1911.02ROWLET::ALBURYThu Dec 01 1994v1.3a - problem adding doc - invalid rec size
1912.013METSYS::BABERFri Dec 02 1994DEC/EDI T2.1 Announcement
1913.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 05 1994Memory problems on V2.
1914.03BACHUS::64633::VerbraekenTue Dec 06 1994audit db has no longer its original name , after mirroring ?
1915.07LISTIM::MATTOSWed Dec 07 1994DECEDI 1.3A, RDB 6.
1916.04AQUWed Dec 07 1994V2.1 V1.3 site-to-site compatibility
1917.014PERENS::STODDARTWed Dec 07 1994%DECEDI-E-NOTAUTH - but application and node registered
1918.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Dec 08 1994Questions from customer
1919.09EEMELI::EINAMOTue Dec 13 1994decnet copy retry interval
1920.06LISTIM::MATTOSTue Dec 13 1994%DECEDI-W-NOSERVICECOMM error when using EDI
1921.01HGOCS::MASCOTTANGWed Dec 14 1994Can we many jobs in translator at same time
1922.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Dec 14 1994little bug in 'nodes' pop-up screen
1923.013IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Dec 15 1994Pathworks V5/ ACAS / DECEDI cockpit
1924.01NCMAIL::MACKINThu Dec 15 1994Customer training?
1926.03METSYS::THOMPSONMon Dec 19 1994DEC/EDI V1.3A Repair
1927.015IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 19 1994need advise on cockpit/ACAS
1928.0KETJE::GORREMANSTue Dec 20 1994Not too serious, but certainly annoying...
1929.017EEMELI::EINAMOTue Dec 20 1994Training schedule for 1995
1930.01UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Dec 20 1994Rippleback errors again!
1932.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Dec 21 1994DECEDI$STARTUP in batch
1933.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Dec 21 1994DECEDI$ERROR.LOG errors....
1934.09ISIDRO::MATIASThu Dec 22 1994UNOC Syntax Error
1935.0DELDPN::H_SKOPNIKThu Dec 22 1994CR/LF as segment separators???
1936.01MROA::MELEYThu Dec 22 1994HELP...DEC/EDI sending duplicate transmissions
1937.02EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Dec 22 1994DEC/EDI T2.1 problems...startup errors
1938.01BUSY::RIPLEYTue Jan 03 1995Priv problem on call_end_send?
1939.01AQUWed Jan 04 1995V2.1 Referencing no longer existing metadata objects
1940.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 04 1995Problems resetting document...
1941.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 04 1995Space Problem During Document Send
1942.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jan 04 1995DECEDI V2 - MB4
1943.01KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jan 04 1995V2.
1944.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jan 05 1995DECEDI$END_SEND - Insufficient Privilege and file protection
1945.01HGOVC::MASCOTTANGMon Jan 09 1995three errors occur in system
1946.0TAVMon Jan 09 1995Add new Dictionary/support for R/T Applications
1947.01NCMAIL::MACKINWed Jan 11 1995Need help with customer oppt.
1948.01EISYFI::LABWed Jan 11 1995Status of DEC/EDI for OSF/1?
1949.03CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Jan 12 1995x4
1950.05PERENS::STODDARTThu Jan 12 1995DEC/EDI Client on OSF/1 V3.
1952.0HGOVC::MASCOTTANGMon Jan 16 1995order document number
1953.02KAHALA::MAYNARDMon Jan 16 1995urgent request 1.2-1.3 failed~
1954.05CHPSC::LUETue Jan 17 1995EDIPROCERR error returned by DECEDI$$FS_RMS_READ
1956.02MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Jan 18 1995Duplicate Transmissions in DEC/EDI V2.
1957.05UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Jan 19 1995EDIFACT D93A messages available ??
1958.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 19 1995DECEDI V1.3a to remote MTA
1959.011DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Jan 20 1995Cockpit kit available on network????
1960.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Jan 20 1995priority processing code
1961.02DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Jan 23 1995Sending VMS text files via X.4
1962.08KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jan 25 1995MAILbus 4
1963.02KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jan 25 1995Cancel sent message?
1964.0EEMELI::EINAMOWed Jan 25 1995archive server failed
1965.08KAHALA::MAYNARDThu Jan 26 1995fb 1.1 quota prob
1966.016KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jan 26 1995LOAD PROFILE command
1967.05CSC32::J_LINKThu Jan 26 1995X12
1968.02DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Jan 26 1995%FBR-E-INPUT_READ_ERRO on an OSF client file!!
1969.012MINNY::ADDORFri Jan 27 1995wrong OFTP ID
1970.02EEMELI::EINAMOFri Jan 27 1995can not reset site to site document
1971.01DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Jan 27 1995Receiving a mail from a UA in bypass DEC/EDI???
1972.01HOPFEN::DIETRICHMon Jan 30 1995Binary (image) data with EDIFACT and DEC/EDI ?
1973.01SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOOREMon Jan 30 1995378
1974.05KERNEL::CROOKSThu Feb 02 1995%DECEDI-E-MESSNEGFAIL, message negotiation failed
1975.03STKHLM::GULLNASFri Feb 03 1995%DECEDI-E-NOTAUTH, Not authorized to access the EDI Server System, T2.1
1976.02COMICS::HALFACREEFri Feb 03 1995Problem with files sent from IBM IE.....
1977.02HAACK::HAACKFri Feb 03 1995How is x.435 used (real life)?
1979.08MEOCMon Feb 06 1995ACAS V2.1 ungrade to OBB V2.5A problems
1980.09STKHLM::GULLNASMon Feb 06 1995T2.1 Archiving behaviour? Bug?
1981.03PERENS::STODDARTMon Feb 06 1995Missing In-house and/or error files
1982.02EEMELI::EINAMOTue Feb 07 1995batching questions
1983.0232FAR::JSTONETue Feb 07 1995intrusion records
1984.02PERENS::STODDARTTue Feb 07 1995TP info from a "dead" V1.3 system to a current V2.
1985.05KETJE::GORREMANSWed Feb 08 1995X.4
1986.03KETJE::GORREMANSWed Feb 08 1995Message delete error in LOG file
1987.09KETJE::GORREMANSWed Feb 08 1995OFTP acknowledgements?
1988.01SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOOREThu Feb 09 1995Strange Filebridge Error...is it 2.
1989.03SCAPAS::GUINEO::MOOREThu Feb 09 1995378
1990.04KAHALA::FOREMANThu Feb 09 1995Error installing V1.3A on Create default DB
1991.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Feb 09 1995Batchin with filebridge?
1992.01EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri Feb 10 1995Message updates different for V2.X?
1993.02EEMELI::ESKOLINTue Feb 14 1995Rdb licenses
1994.06METSYS::REIDTue Feb 14 1995DEC/EDI PC based Mapper GUI prototype kit available
1995.02PERENS::STODDARTTue Feb 14 1995DECEDI-E-RNF, record not found
1996.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Feb 15 1995fetching live docs, results in failed testdocs
1997.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Feb 15 1995Shutdown seems not to clear all memory
1998.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Feb 15 1995any known ACAS memory problems?
1999.01MRKTNG::TOLANDWed Feb 15 1995BYPASS Trans file dates
2000.06RYNGET::DAMICOWed Feb 15 1995trade fetch of live document failure
2001.01HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Feb 16 1995x4
2002.05METSYS::LEAVERThu Feb 16 1995DEC/EDI V2.1 Announcement
2003.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Feb 16 1995TRAD-INVOICE 9, decimal points problem
2004.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Feb 16 1995some questions on V2.1
2005.02CHPSC::LUEFri Feb 17 1995Invalid direction for agreement
2006.04UTRTSC::VVISSERFri Feb 17 1995"X.4
2007.05GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Feb 19 1995ORBSVRDIED, server process died?
2008.011GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Feb 20 1995cockpit GPT in ACADNETI.DLL
2009.04UTRTSC::EISINKMon Feb 20 19952.1 configuration questions
2010.01CARNTA::PLATNO::MOOREMon Feb 20 1995Need help with an odd X.25 configuration.
2011.02BEHORN::COLMUN::MUNTTue Feb 21 1995V2.1 Configuration on OpenVMS AXP
2012.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Feb 21 1995DECedi V1.3A+fixes and again AWAIT_TRANSMISSION
2013.01RULLE::KLASSONTue Feb 21 1995Upgrade DEC/EDI V1.3A VAX --> V2.1 AXP
2014.04ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Feb 21 1995DECEDI-E-INCARCHDET Incomplete INTERCHANGE ARCHIVE session detec
2015.03MEOCWed Feb 22 1995V2.
2017.02CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Mar 01 1995X12 3
2018.04SUBURB::WALKERC1Thu Mar 02 1995DEC/EDI Install Error 1.3
2019.010BEHORN::COLMUN::MUNTFri Mar 03 1995Error: Document details not cached, file server error
2020.06MSAMMon Mar 06 1995Failed to find instance. ACAS/Cockpit/V2.
2021.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 06 1995licenses with site-to-site?
2022.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Mar 06 1995%VMSINSTAL-E-BADSPEC during DECedi V3.
2023.09DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Mar 06 1995Clustering Alpha & VAX
2024.05SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Mar 07 1995access violation on DECEDI$TRNS_TRADACOMS.EXE
2025.03METSYS::BRUNNOCKTue Mar 07 1995VMS T6.2-2 and DECforms V1.4-5
2026.0132FAR::JSTONETue Mar 07 1995Move from v1.2-
2027.01BONKIN::BOYLETue Mar 07 1995Anyone running V2.1 client on HP-UX?
2028.01BONKIN::BOYLEWed Mar 08 1995V2 Mapper error reporting
2029.07BONKIN::BOYLEThu Mar 09 1995Field Value Validation in DEC/EDI or FB
2030.01KETJE::63559::J-L_HOFMANThu Mar 09 1995DECedi on OSF/1 ... again!
2031.04BEHORN::COLMUN::MUNTThu Mar 09 1995UPU-ETSG Message Numbering scheme not working OK
2032.05KETJE::GORREMANSThu Mar 09 1995"Mailbus 4
2033.016METSYS::THOMPSONFri Mar 10 1995Support, What it is and How to get it (IPMT process)
2034.08SIOG::BATEMANSun Mar 12 1995Getting UNB/UNZ segments to application?
2035.04DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Mar 13 1995FBR v1.1 and DEC/EDI v1.2?
2036.02DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Mar 13 1995v2.1 client + v1.3a App on same node?
2037.012IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 13 1995What TCP/IP stacks do we support?
2038.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 13 1995two transports to one server simultaneously?
2039.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYMon Mar 13 1995DEC/EDI and FB on a small AlphaStation?
2040.04HGOVC::MASCOTTANGTue Mar 14 1995create connection ID problem
2041.02CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHTue Mar 14 1995X12_FADOCNOMTCH and Test Indicators
2042.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Mar 15 1995X12 translator ?
2043.016CARNTA::GUINEO::MOOREWed Mar 15 1995Raj, any ideas on this OSI problem with EDI ?
2044.01CARNTA::GUINEO::MOOREThu Mar 16 1995Snapshots on EDI Audit 2.
2045.06KERNEL::CROOKSThu Mar 16 1995%DECEDI-E-TR_CNV_MANSEGMI, mandatory segment missing, segment = ROD
2046.02CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Mar 16 1995Datebase access questions
2047.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINTue Mar 21 1995Tdcc 3
2048.0KETJE::GORREMANSTue Mar 21 1995Example agreement in banking world?
2049.03DSSDEV::RICEWed Mar 22 1995OpenVMS 6.2 Field Test 2 problems
2050.05KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Mar 23 1995DECEDI$DATA:TRAX_MAIL.DAT what does it do?
2051.05DPDMAI::KNOWLESFri Mar 24 1995Host Not Found with IP Node Name
2052.07PCBUOA::SWANEYSat Mar 25 1995Getting started document? or what is EDI?
2053.0EEMELI::EINAMOSun Mar 26 1995OFTP conficuration
2054.03STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Mar 27 1995Pricing for the Message Updates Service
2055.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Mar 28 1995upgrade failed from 1.3A to V2.1 ???
2056.01ZGOMIG::TERESAWed Mar 29 1995What are compatible modem for DF126 ?
2057.0DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Mar 30 1995VAX client requirements
2059.06EEMELI::EINAMOThu Mar 30 1995
2060.02CITGO::LEONGFri Mar 31 1995Insufficient priv from DECEDI$END_SEND
2061.01POBOX::ZWIKELFri Mar 31 1995URGENT: DEC/EDI for UNIX Info
2062.09MINNY::ADDORMon Apr 03 1995where register partner's incoming DTE?
2063.01PERENS::STODDARTMon Apr 03 1995Status not rippled from tran to doc
2064.03MROA::MELEYTue Apr 04 1995E Mail Notifications 1.3a
2065.05KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Apr 04 1995Problems with Bypass facility.....
2066.02ZURTue Apr 04 1995CONVPROHIB and EMX
2067.01CARNTA::GUINEO::MOORETue Apr 04 1995EDI 2.1 Documentation Errors
2068.03UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Apr 05 1995Migration questions
2069.01PCBUOA::SWANEYWed Apr 05 1995Can we get an output of a doc???
2070.04DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Apr 05 1995ARCHIVE savesets, v1.3a to v2.1
2071.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Apr 05 1995AlphaStation 2
2072.02METSYS::THOMPSONThu Apr 06 1995UCX TCP/IP Problems and Warnings
2073.03PERENS::STODDARTThu Apr 06 1995Invalid Iternal File Identifier
2074.04METSYS::THOMPSONFri Apr 07 1995Contents of EDI Public Directories
2076.02PCBUOA::SWANEYFri Apr 07 1995What about a F$Status for Interchange
2077.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Apr 10 1995OFTP pb ( Change direction R --> Why?)
2078.010UTRTSC::DIENAARMon Apr 10 1995The communication between DECEDI V2.
2079.02HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GTue Apr 11 1995DEC/EDI and ISO 8859-1 bodyparts
2080.0DPDMAI::EYSTERTue Apr 11 1995v2.
2081.010KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 12 1995DECEDI$CNV_T_1 terminated/disconnected - access violation
2082.01TLSEFri Apr 14 1995Do we need MRX.4
2083.0METSYS::BRUNNOCKTue Apr 18 1995VMS T6.2-3 and DEC/EDI V2.1
2084.010WELCLU::CRIDDLETue Apr 18 1995Large volumes of messages into the EDI server?
2085.03STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Apr 18 1995Mailbus 4
2086.01CSC32::B_ALTMIRETue Apr 18 1995EDIFACT D94B available?
2087.02GLADYS::CRAVENWed Apr 19 1995V1.3a DECEDI$START_FETCHW problem
2088.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 20 1995PEDI gateway crashes on not installed DTSS image
2089.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLThu Apr 20 1995RDB - which license?
2090.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 20 1995Track gives SQL errors on server???
2091.03EEMELI::EINAMOFri Apr 21 1995DECEDI 1.3A AND RDB VER 6.1
2093.01COPCLU::JORNMon Apr 24 1995Any other reasons for %DECEDI-E-EEXPORTFIL ?
2094.01VAXSPO::CRISTINAMon Apr 24 1995Characters t create a segment???
2096.013UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Apr 24 1995EDIFACT 93A and Filebridge
2097.07ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DATue Apr 25 1995VMS 6.1 and DEC/EDI V1.3B
2098.06UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Apr 25 1995Test OK, Live is No Go !!!!
2099.02CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Apr 26 1995RDB Tuning questions
2100.04BONKIN::BOYLEWed Apr 26 1995DEC/EDI V2.1 Performance/Sizing figures
2101.013IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Apr 26 1995insufficient args on DECEDI$AR_PRIVS_ON
2102.03CARNTA::RAWL::MOOREWed Apr 26 1995Is there a way to do this under EDI 2.1 ?
2103.08VAXRIO::ABREUThu Apr 27 1995EDI and MRX - Truncate errors in MRX$LOG
2104.01ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Apr 27 1995Support of syntax version 2 (UNOA:2) on DEC/EDI V1.3A
2105.013DPDMAI::EYSTERFri Apr 28 1995v2.1 - DecNet and/or DecNet OSI?
2106.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGFri Apr 28 1995How to delete record for non-delivery message
2107.02KETJE::GORREMANSFri Apr 28 1995Bugs in V2.
2108.05HTSC19::MASCOTTANGMon May 01 1995Interface error
2109.0METSYS::REIDMon May 01 1995problems migrating mapper database in decedi$v21_migrate.com
2110.03MEOCTue May 02 1995V2.1 upgrade IVP failure
2111.05CSCRIO::ALLIN1Tue May 02 1995TRUNCATE errors/ Connection-id information ?
2112.05MEOCWed May 03 1995V2.1 and DECEDI$TEL problem?
2113.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed May 03 1995messages stuck at PEDI gateway
2114.03ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DAWed May 03 1995Decnet Issues
2115.01MEOCThu May 04 1995Replace cache problem on V2.1
2117.0CSC32::B_ALTMIREThu May 04 1995ADET extraction ?
2118.03MEOCMon May 08 1995UI error DECEDI-E-UIERRORLOG doing List table command
2119.01MUDIS3::SPAULIKMon May 08 1995DEC/EDI V1.3 with Rdb V?.?
2120.01JOBURG::BERETTAMon May 08 1995Mapper/Filebridge migration problem VAX to Alpha
2121.05UTRTSC::SMEETSMon May 08 1995Implementation of the D93A standard
2123.02GIDDAY::PARSONSThu May 11 1995Problems with EDI & X.4
2124.02JOBURG::BERETTAThu May 11 199522MB - V2.1 Filebridge problem
2125.011KETJE::GORREMANSMon May 15 19952.1 does no honour transmission window
2126.03DBCIC1::HANLEYMon May 15 1995DECEDI$TFB process looping
2127.02CHPSC::GRIFFITHSMon May 15 1995unwanted messages in the .out file
2128.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYTue May 16 1995Remote X.4
2129.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu May 18 1995loosing X4
2130.05PERENS::STODDARTMon May 22 1995TC/4
2131.07MEOCTue May 23 1995LIST FORMAT problem on V2.1
2132.0METSYS::THOMPSONWed May 24 1995Obtaining a Cockpit Kit
2133.01DPDMAI::EYSTERWed May 24 1995RAID technology slow?
2134.09PERENS::STODDARTThu May 25 1995Weird error on transmisstion (%SNO-W-DECOVF)
2135.0OTOOA::BOGARTThu May 25 1995Alpha 1
2136.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu May 25 1995Error message from Comms controller
2137.03HGOVC::MASCOTTANGFri May 26 1995EDI startup problem
2138.04TELEM::MAYNARDFri May 26 1995FBO conversion??
2139.01UTRTSC::EISINKTue May 30 1995CIS process ?
2140.011PERENS::STODDARTTue May 30 1995multiple connection ids for OFTP?
2142.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZAThu Jun 01 1995D/E V1.3 -Code Validation and UNOC
2143.0METSYS::THOMPSONThu Jun 01 1995Membership of ANSI X12, DISA
2144.03EEMELI::PAKKANENFri Jun 02 1995Export and 5 blank lines in output
2145.04PERENS::STODDARTFri Jun 02 1995DEC/EDI to MR with MR type address?
2146.07HTSC19::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 05 1995DECEDI ripple back problems
2147.01CSC32::J_LINKMon Jun 05 1995EDIFACT ack CONTRL ?
2148.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGTue Jun 06 1995Can it support under VMS V6.1 and OSI V6.1
2149.04CARNTA::GUINEO::MOORETue Jun 06 1995Notes on Cleo
2150.05ZURWed Jun 07 1995Fails to start File Server decedi$afs
2151.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jun 07 1995mapper in site-to-site configs
2152.04GLADYS::CRAVENThu Jun 08 1995Programming Error for 857 Document
2153.07BURGLA::TROTTThu Jun 08 1995RDB$DISPATCH_VERSION_VARIANT definition problem?
2154.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Jun 09 1995BISYNC bug?
2155.02CARNTA::GUINEO::MOOREFri Jun 09 19952.1 using 4
2156.03EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONMon Jun 12 1995V2.
2157.01MKOTS3::HAHNMon Jun 12 1995VAN Connection for OrderNET ?
2158.08STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Jun 13 1995Questions about 2.1 VAX/VMS
2159.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Jun 13 1995-FORMS-E-EXPREVALERR and set term/inq
2160.03DPDMAI::EYSTERTue Jun 13 1995LIST TRANS/DIR=IN/PARTNER doesn't work
2161.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jun 13 1995invalid registry OBB after reboot
2162.0DPDMAI::EYSTERTue Jun 13 1995List all docs for a single FA
2163.010SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Jun 15 1995EDIFACT CONTRL documents ?
2164.01CSC32::J_LINKThu Jun 15 1995No TPA found EDIFACT
2165.05GIDDAY::LUCREFri Jun 16 1995DECEDI-W-FAILDSREAD, failed data server read Site audit record
2166.0CHPSC::LUEFri Jun 16 1995MAP_STANDARD missing in BYPASS mode
2167.02METSYS::REIDMon Jun 19 1995mapper futures - any comments welcome
2168.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jun 19 1995little bug with RDMMSGSHR on RDB V5.1
2169.01SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Jun 20 1995OFTP and SFID problem ?
2170.02BRSOPI::GORREMANSWed Jun 21 1995IBM-IE set up anyone?
2171.04ZURWed Jun 21 1995SENT and AWAIT_TRANSMISSION and X.4
2172.05HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Jun 22 1995inquire what affect on EDI after VMS upgrade
2173.07EEMELI::VIRNESThu Jun 22 1995%SYSTEM-F-NOPRIV once more
2174.02PERENS::STODDARTThu Jun 22 1995script log function doesn't
2175.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGFri Jun 23 1995Can we inlcude attachment in EDI
2176.03PERENS::STODDARTFri Jun 23 19951.2 --> 2.1 - profiles?
2177.04HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 26 1995failure to install DEC/EDI V2.1
2178.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jun 27 1995D9
2179.02DPDMAI::EYSTERTue Jun 27 1995WANdd supported under VMS 6.1?
2180.02SWETSC::NORDSTROMThu Jun 29 19951.3 List Doc problem....
2181.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jul 03 1995site-to-site across servers?
2182.02NZOVWed Jul 05 1995More info please
2183.06DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Jul 05 1995DEC/EDI V2.1 and failover capabilities
2184.03PERENS::STODDARTWed Jul 05 1995await transmission ... still
2185.07PERENS::STODDARTFri Jul 07 1995PRCLM exceeded - can't spawn
2186.012CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Jul 09 1995Object broker license requires ACAS?
2187.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jul 10 1995Failed to create instance, Error list is null (PC TCP/IP)
2188.0CRIME::GENTILITue Jul 11 1995Announcing EDI & Enterprise Messaging Forum 95
2189.03MROA::MELEYTue Jul 11 1995Duplicate outbound transmissions V1.3A
2190.03CHPSC::GRIFFITHSWed Jul 12 1995no such node in mcf
2191.05UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 13 1995ATTR[USERID] length still 24 in V2.1
2192.05VIRGIN::ASHThu Jul 13 1995Data conversion on upgrade from V1.2 to V1.3
2193.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Jul 14 1995How to cancel document in "AVAILABLE" status
2194.03VIRGIN::ASHMon Jul 17 1995Invalid IF-THEN-ELSE installing on Alpha with RDB 6.1
2195.03BRSOPI::GORREMANSTue Jul 18 1995How to go from SENT to PURGEABLE?
2197.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Jul 19 1995Hostbridge and Decedi 2.1
2198.01METSYS::THOMPSONWed Jul 19 1995New OBB V2.5 ACAS Compatibility kit - DEC/EDI Client Memory leaks
2199.01GBIThu Jul 20 1995exit
2200.02KAHALA::LEONGThu Jul 20 1995ADD ROUTE - multiple destinations?
2201.0METSYS::GOODWINMon Jul 24 1995V2
2202.011CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Jul 24 1995[DEC][ODBC]Driver not capable.
2203.02ZGOMIG::TERESATue Jul 25 1995System service error occurred on DECEDI$END_FETCH
2204.02BACHUS::64734::larocheTue Jul 25 1995Shutdown fails with account other than system
2205.01EEMELI::AHVENAINENMon Jul 31 1995Rdb V6.1 ok with DEC/EDI for OpenVMS AXP V2.1?
2206.034MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Jul 31 1995DEC/EDI V3.
2207.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Aug 01 1995How to delete index record but no data
2208.04KETJE::MONTETue Aug 01 1995DEC/OSF1 server for EDI or not ???
2209.06UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 02 1995Mapper V2.1 doesn't like $SEG_QUALIFIER ???
2210.02JOBURG::BERETTAWed Aug 02 1995OFTP/X25/NCL setup
2211.05MROA::smoky.mro.dec.com::gregoireWed Aug 02 1995Record Length Limit on "Bypass Receive"
2212.03DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Aug 03 19953 meg file limit under v1.3a & bisync
2213.03TRNOIS::MELEX::Angelo_SPELTA_@TRNTue Aug 08 1995DEC/EDI & LinkWorks ?
2214.03KERNEL::CROOKSTue Aug 08 1995Tradanet postbox listings.
2215.02STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Aug 10 1995Using the data label interface in 2.1 VAX
2216.06UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Aug 11 1995Mapper and removal of mapping set
2217.01TAVMon Aug 14 1995Unable to identify EDI syntax , UNOA & UNOB
2218.012IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Aug 14 1995read and write in/from UNB segment
2219.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Aug 14 1995Scheduler problems with V2.1 on alpha
2220.09ZGOMIG::TERESATue Aug 15 1995Hand at Shutdown & DECEDI$END_SEND
2221.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Aug 15 1995Filebridge crash
2222.0AQUThu Aug 17 1995V2.1 site-to-site to V1.3 status stuck at CREATED
2223.05KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Aug 18 1995Unknown Document Failures
2224.04METSYS::THOMPSONFri Aug 18 1995CLEO Script error P_GEIS P_MCDD Files left open
2225.02STKAI1::EROSENMon Aug 21 1995Problem translate Edifact 93A order document
2226.0STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Aug 22 1995Data label Interface in V2.1
2227.011METSYS::THOMPSONTue Aug 22 1995DEC/EDI V2.1 and DECforms V2.1
2228.05STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Aug 24 1995DECEDI$COMM_SEND and Cobol
2229.01BRSOPI::GORREMANSThu Aug 24 1995Batching question
2230.08CHPSC::GRIFFITHSThu Aug 24 1995Edifact standard 95A
2231.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Aug 24 199521
2232.0DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Aug 24 1995v2.1 on-line error help missing - please fix
2233.04TLSETue Aug 29 1995DECEDI_V12_PATCHES and ZULU unreachable
2235.010MXOCWed Aug 30 1995INSTALLING DEC EDI
2236.0BRSOPI::GORREMANSWed Aug 30 1995OFTP startup failing
2237.01ZURWed Aug 30 1995remote update request - FAILDSREAD
2238.0METSYS::THOMPSONWed Aug 30 1995How big should the Database be?
2239.02NCMAIL::MACKINThu Aug 31 1995Map non-standard documents?
2240.03JOBURG::BERETTATue Sep 05 1995OFTP and Translator Bypass
2241.01OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Sep 05 1995secure transactions over the Internet
2242.04EEMELI::EINAMOWed Sep 06 1995X4
2243.06STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Sep 07 1995Problems with DEC/EDI 2.1, VMS 6.2 and Rdb 6.1
2244.01NCMAIL::MACKINFri Sep 08 1995V2.1 scaling data?
2245.07RULLE::KLASSONFri Sep 08 1995FILEBRIDGE DEFINE loops in DEC/EDI V2.1
2246.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 08 1995how to get rid of $SEG_QUALIFIER???
2247.06TROU48::HANDYFri Sep 08 1995v1.2 Installation Fails With Disk Space Error
2248.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Sep 12 1995inbound document stuck in AWAIT_TRANSLATION
2249.06DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Sep 14 1995BYPASS, priority=high, doesn't work
2250.03TROU48::HANDYFri Sep 15 1995MTA Setup For EDI/X.4
2251.02DSSDEV::RICESat Sep 16 1995DECforms V2.1 and DEC/EDI problems
2252.02EDITEX::BRUNNOCKMon Sep 18 1995Calling all HP sites...
2253.010TROU48::HANDYWed Sep 20 1995X.4
2254.0METSYS::GOODWINThu Sep 21 1995Public areas on EDIENG
2255.012METSYS::GOODWINThu Sep 21 1995The DEC/EDI V3.
2256.05COPCLU::FINNMon Sep 25 1995Syntax Version Number!
2257.0METSYS::REIDTue Sep 26 1995DEC/EDI V3.
2258.03HGOVC::MASCOTTANGWed Sep 27 1995How to achieve information back to on-line area
2259.01TROU48::HANDYWed Sep 27 1995"no agreement to trade this document" in v1.2
2261.02KERNEL::CROOKSFri Sep 29 1995Problem with Trade Track and ObjectBroker
2262.04UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Sep 29 1995site-to-site from V1.2->V1.3 & Float fields
2263.0SYSTEM::NELSONFri Sep 29 1995Question from the EDI-L newsgroup on the internet
2264.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINMon Oct 02 1995Callable trade track
2265.0DPDMAI::EYSTERTue Oct 03 1995ADET and v2.1 - problems
2266.011STKAI1::JHALLDENWed Oct 04 1995DEC/EDI 2.
2267.05KETJE::GORREMANSWed Oct 04 1995How to put to purgeable?
2268.01EEMELI::EINAMOWed Oct 04 1995ripleback to busines application
2269.01CARNTA::GUINEO::MOOREWed Oct 04 1995WARNING to CSC/Reading : MCI access format has changed.
2270.03HGOVC::MASCOTTANGThu Oct 05 1995case sensitive problem
2272.08METSYS::THOMPSONThu Oct 05 1995Announcing Availability of the DEC/EDI T2.1A Bete test Release
2273.0+4METSYS::gales.reo.dec.com::GOODWINFri Oct 06 1995Windows NT Client for DEC/EDI
2274.06STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Oct 09 1995PEDI Gateway loggin error on *.report file
2275.0JOBURG::BERETTAMon Oct 09 1995OFTP record length too large
2276.06EEMELI::EINAMOMon Oct 09 1995please comment
2277.02CSC32::J_LINKTue Oct 10 1995ADET FA_TRANSMITTED_DATE/TIME empty.
2278.02SIOG::BATEMANWed Oct 11 1995V1.* API on Alpha?
2279.02STKAI1::JHALLDENThu Oct 12 1995Site to site routing and TRADE commands
2280.08PRSSOS::CAPAZZAMon Oct 16 1995D/E V2.1 -AXP : RDB-E-DEADLOCK
2281.06SIOG::HANLEYMon Oct 16 1995OpenVMS V6.2 - DEV/EDI V2.1 or DEC/EDI V1.3a?
2282.05MEOCTue Oct 17 1995EDIFACT separator characters in V2.1?
2283.03UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Oct 18 1995How to copy a table ?
2284.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Oct 18 1995encryption hooks in DECEDI V3?
2285.012CSOA1::MCGHEEWed Oct 18 1995X12 translator aborts on large xfile
2287.04ATYISA::CAUSSIDERYWed Oct 18 1995map failed problem
2288.01SIOG::BATEMANWed Oct 18 1995DEC/EDI V1.3A / FORMS V1.4-5 / OVMS V6.1
2290.03STKAI1::JHALLDENFri Oct 20 1995License quetstions regarding ACAS/OBB
2291.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Oct 20 1995how to get Informix?
2292.02SNOFS1::LINCOLNRTue Oct 24 1995BISAC Standard ?
2293.04STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Oct 24 1995AXP 2.1 Client error
2294.03METSYS::NELSONWed Oct 25 1995EDI Related WorldWideWeb (WWW) Sites
2295.04BEHORN::COLMUN::MUNTThu Oct 26 1995ObjectBroker Failure after installation of OBB 2.5A
2296.015IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Oct 26 1995TFB crashes on RDMMSGSHR on Rdb V5.1-
2297.04HGOVC::MASCOTTANGFri Oct 27 1995Maximum number of Servers,converts and translator
2298.01DBCIC1::HANLEYFri Oct 27 1995ACA/ObjectBroker -- DECnet requirements
2299.03ZURMon Oct 30 1995Stuck at QUEUED, BUILT after mistyped connection-id
2300.01KERNEL::CROOKSWed Nov 01 1995ObjectBroker mesages in DECEDI$ERROR.LOG
2301.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu Nov 02 1995Immediate inbound X12 transmission?
2302.01RULLE::WELINFri Nov 03 1995Accvio on OFTP
2304.02GENIE::MUNTFri Nov 03 1995DEC/EDI V3 configuration
2305.02GENIE::MUNTFri Nov 03 1995HP-UX Client and DEC/EDI V3 Server
2306.01CSC32::J_LINKFri Nov 03 1995DECEDI$RECOVER always confirm mode
2307.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 06 1995Is this configuration supported?
2308.0METSYS::HELLIARMon Nov 06 1995Press release which included DEC/EDI V3.
2309.01RULLE::WELINTue Nov 07 1995window schedule
2312.0METSYS::REIDTue Nov 07 1995DEC/EDI V3.
2313.0MEOCWed Nov 08 1995X.4
2314.02GENIE::MUNTWed Nov 08 1995V3. decedi_config script error
2315.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 08 1995V1.3A on VMS 6.2 ?
2316.01CHPSC::GRIFFITHSWed Nov 08 1995x.api component
2317.02CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Nov 08 1995T2.1A Cockpit?
2318.06UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Nov 09 1995Update in batch
2319.09ZGOVFri Nov 10 1995DECEDI$BISYNC is very busy, yet no connection with teh VAN
2321.014GENIE::MUNTMon Nov 13 1995DEC/EDI V3: cannot map librt.so
2322.01CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Nov 13 1995Archive aborts, enque quota exceeded
2323.02CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Nov 13 1995DECEDI$MSF looping?
2324.03CHPSC::GRIFFITHSMon Nov 13 1995'client access to server'
2325.03UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 14 1995X12 build interval not defined
2326.01CHPSC::GRIFFITHSWed Nov 15 1995message rtr and syntax identifier
2327.0METSYS::GOODWINWed Nov 15 1995DEC/EDI CommandCenter (emulated) on DEC Alpha
2328.010GENIE::MUNTThu Nov 16 1995V3 CommandCenter on Windows95
2329.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Nov 17 1995Sending Acknowledgements to IBM machines via OFTP
2330.04STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Nov 20 1995PEDI and body parts
2331.05STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Nov 20 199521
2332.0IJSAPL::utr299.uto.dec.com::VanGeestMon Nov 20 1995EDIFACT Standards on the Internet
2334.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Nov 21 1995IFTSTA table, does it exist?
2335.01SIOG::BATEMANWed Nov 22 1995Rippleback status meaning?
2336.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Nov 22 1995 PEDI and Transmission filke creation
2337.05METSYS::HELLIARWed Nov 22 1995A New Communications Schedular
2338.02METSYS::HELLIARThu Nov 23 1995REQUIREMENT: CLEO connection symbols
2339.04KETJE::GORREMANSThu Nov 23 1995TEST Flag problems
2340.02ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Nov 23 1995More explanations on note .3 from barry
2341.01ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Nov 23 1995TRADE FETCH problem in DEC/EDI V3.
2342.05ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Nov 23 1995A document name already imported
2343.02ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Nov 23 1995DECEDI_MAINTAIN_HISTORY environment variable in V3.
2344.0ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Nov 24 1995X4
2345.0HOPFEN::DIETRICHMon Nov 27 1995Problems accessing A1VAX::LP
2346.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Nov 28 1995suggest method to capture data
2347.02VAXSPO::64Tue Nov 28 1995DEC/EDI Course
2348.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Nov 29 1995Upgrade 1.3 to 2.1 .. Infobroker???
2349.0METSYS::REIDWed Nov 29 1995common client access problems - INV_HOSTNOTFND, ObjectBroker Failure, Server Error, the definitive guide
2350.06MEOCThu Nov 30 1995V2.1 install fails when moving files to target directory
2351.04COPCLU::FINNThu Nov 30 1995Good old test-flag!
2352.03GENIE::MUNTThu Nov 30 1995PEDI Gateway on V3
2353.01SEGUR::COULONThu Nov 30 1995Trade track command problems
2354.08PERENS::STODDARTFri Dec 01 1995Messarge Router vs MAILbus
2355.08GENIE::MUNTMon Dec 04 1995Invalid Parameter for Operation (OBB)
2356.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 04 1995Rdb version on Unix and Commandcenter?
2357.05SCASS1::GUINEO::MOORETue Dec 05 1995C Ya Brent.
2358.03MEOCTue Dec 05 1995TRADE FETCH map fail but documents go purgeable
2359.0EEMELI::ESKOLINTue Dec 05 1995Korea EDI coordinator missing
2360.04KERNEL::CROOKSThu Dec 07 1995Installing the UNIX Application client.
2361.07PLTFRM::STEVIEFri Dec 08 1995Setting up a Bisync Gateway
2362.07PERENS::STODDARTFri Dec 08 1995Encryption (2.1)
2363.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Dec 09 1995need some answers for RFP
2364.01GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Dec 11 1995EDI messages being split
2365.03MEOCMon Dec 11 1995DEC/EDI V2.1, ACAS and multi version RDB
2366.04EEMELI::EINAMOMon Dec 11 1995Need to touch UNH fields again
2367.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 11 1995limit in file size on Unix?
2368.01ZURTue Dec 12 1995Who generates receipts from IBM system?
2369.03PCBUOA::RIPLEYTue Dec 12 1995Fetched docs stay as available?
2370.03KERNEL::CROOKSTue Dec 12 1995%DECEDI-E-NOTPAGREE, no trading partner agreement on v2.1
2371.04MEOCWed Dec 13 1995COCKPIT V2.1 ACAS_INV_HOSTNOTFND problems
2372.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Dec 13 1995Maximum Interchanges Per File
2373.01PLTFRM::STEVIEThu Dec 14 1995V1.3A -> B patches saveset
2374.0649625::GRIFFITHSThu Dec 14 1995ACAS proxy access
2375.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Dec 15 1995error message RDB/VMS is not available
2376.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Dec 15 1995Question licensing on V3
2377.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGSat Dec 16 1995How to migrate EDI from VAX to ALPHA
2378.03EEMELI::EINAMOMon Dec 18 1995An edi offer
2379.02CHEFS::CRIDDLEMon Dec 18 1995EDI and XMR??
2380.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Dec 19 1995v1.3 and v2.1 perf figure?
2381.02FUTURS::SPELLERTue Dec 19 1995Trying to inhibit trailing space suppression
2382.01EEMELI::EINAMOWed Dec 20 1995external WWW DECEDI home page is there any
2383.03BACHUS::COLLARTThu Dec 21 1995EDIPROCERR file not found error with v1.3a
2384.02METSYS::THOMPSONFri Dec 22 1995DEC/EDI and OpenVMS V7.
2385.03METSYS::THOMPSONFri Dec 22 1995DECnet/OSI V6.2
2386.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Dec 22 1995REPDEL Odette doc?
2387.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Dec 22 1995V2.1A ?
2388.01MXOCTue Dec 26 1995EDI on PC
2389.03CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Dec 27 1995ODBC drivers included with cockpit
2390.03MEOCThu Dec 28 1995Cockpit install problems V2.1
2391.01ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Dec 29 1995UNOC support on DEC/EDI V2 EDIFACT
2392.02CSC32::J_LINKThu Jan 04 1996DECEDI$AUDIT_DB_REFRESH logical
2393.01PERENS::STODDARTFri Jan 05 1996Duplicate Store directories
2394.0CANOVA::GERMANAMon Jan 08 1996EDIFACT QALITY - references
2396.0649625::GRIFFITHSMon Jan 08 1996error diassembling service message
2397.09METSYS::REIDMon Jan 08 1996DEC/EDI V2.1A and V3.
2398.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jan 09 1996one app-file with multiple partner data
2399.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jan 09 1996TP and Conn-id addition with SQL routines?
2400.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jan 11 1996ACAS, no servers running after reboot....
2401.0HGOM11::LKLEEThu Jan 11 1996DEC/EDI V3 presenatation material ?
2402.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 11 1996how to go to dual transport config
2403.04MEOCFri Jan 12 1996Upgrading Cockpit V2.1 to V2.1A
2404.02RULLE::KLASSONFri Jan 12 1996%DECEDI-I-CCALRDYON when connection window opens
2405.08CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Jan 12 1996Inbound TDCC processed as X12?
2406.0749625::GRIFFITHSTue Jan 16 1996dec/edi patch for dup. msg. rtr. ids
2408.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jan 18 1996Problems batching documents with Tradacoms.....
2409.0149625::GRIFFITHSThu Jan 18 1996bad server node selection
2410.07STKAI1::Thu Jan 18 1996Error message to a beeper
2411.02SWETSC::WELINThu Jan 18 1996oftp protocol version
2412.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jan 18 1996Tradacoms document fails with "invalid sub element...."
2414.01MROA::MELEYFri Jan 19 1996Can warning error msg's be disabled?
2415.03RULLE::KLASSONMon Jan 22 1996INTER ARCHIVE - only tranmissions archived
2416.01DBCIC1::HANLEYMon Jan 22 1996DEC/EDI V2.1a IMPORT file ACCVIOs
2417.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jan 22 19962.1A network kit to customers?
2418.01MUNDIS::SKERSCHLTue Jan 23 1996Documentation needed
2419.05IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Jan 24 1996LOAD tool <-> DECEDIT$TEL
2420.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 24 1996Tradacoms document missing MSRF sub-element....
2421.0EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu Jan 25 1996Problem with comma in EDIFACT-IFCSUM
2422.05UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Jan 26 1996file format and Trade fetch and client/server
2423.03FUTURS::SPELLERMon Jan 29 1996Cannot create Job Details for Bisync gateway (1.3B)
2424.05UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jan 29 1996DECEDI$MONITOR & V2.1
2425.06CSC32::B_ALTMIREMon Jan 29 1996CSFS/RSFS error?
2426.02CSC32::J_LINKMon Jan 29 1996Need for TPA on Apps node??
2427.0MEOCMon Jan 29 1996EDIFACT D94B message version and release number incorrect?
2428.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jan 30 1996Archive server parameter option missing
2430.02STKHLM::NORDSTROMTue Jan 30 1996EDI 2.1 and to much logging...
2431.02GENIE::MUNTTue Jan 30 1996PARTIN document has empty Header section
2433.01JOBURG::BERETTAThu Feb 01 1996Conn details - x4
2434.06WAKKO::STARKSFri Feb 02 1996Failed TFB work file create
2435.06SWETSC::WELINFri Feb 02 1996LIB-F-BADBLOADR, bad block address
2436.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Feb 02 1996profile load also on V3?
2437.02WMOIS::RAHILLYFri Feb 02 1996Table is invalid or not compiled
2438.05MXOCFri Feb 02 1996EDI in Colombia
2439.02SYSTEM::HELLIARSat Feb 03 1996Product Requirements
2440.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSSun Feb 04 1996error starting data server
2441.01JOBURG::BERETTAMon Feb 05 1996One Header, One Trailer per interchange, many docs
2442.04CYCLIC::TURNERMon Feb 05 1996DEC/EDI Version 3.1 Field Test.
2443.03SIOG::HANLEYMon Feb 05 1996DEC/EDI Startup - Min Privs reqd?
2444.06RULLE::KLASSONTue Feb 06 1996Purgable files not archived
2445.05SWETSC::WELINTue Feb 06 1996Not authorized to access the EDI Server System
2446.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLTue Feb 06 1996COSI_F_EXQUOTA Error creating comms audit log file record
2447.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Feb 06 1996DECedi and Objectbroker queries....
2448.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSTue Feb 06 1996error translating message
2449.02KERNEL::CROOKSWed Feb 07 1996%SQL-F-NODBSINTXN, No databases specified for this transaction
2450.06ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Feb 08 1996sql -1 error in dec/edi
2451.02MUDIS3::KBARTHThu Feb 08 1996Link to IBM with EXPEDITE ?
2452.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Feb 08 1996Objectbroker/EDI and VMS Clusters....
2453.04WOTVAX::SPREADBURYThu Feb 08 1996Future of API calls ?
2454.03PERENS::STODDARTFri Feb 09 1996RCI call DATABASE_CREATE invalid for Rdb/VMS (2.1A of DEC/EDI)
2455.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Feb 12 1996%ACAS-E-INV_TRANSERR address already in use
2456.04RULLE::KLASSONMon Feb 12 1996Error reading file DECEDI$SRV_CONFIGURATION.DAT
2457.06KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Feb 12 1996Access Violation on accessing the editor....
2458.05UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 13 1996SYSTEM-F-MBTOOSML after upgrade
2459.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Feb 14 1996problem in archieving from disk to tape
2460.0UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Feb 14 1996%ACAS-E-INV_TRANSERR, broken pipe
2461.06EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu Feb 15 1996%DECEDI-E-UIERRORLOG, error occurred in the DEC/EDI user interface
2462.01CANOVA::GERMANAThu Feb 15 1996DEC/EDI client on VMS 5.5-2
2463.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 16 1996RE: dir/full
2464.01MEOCMon Feb 19 1996Mixing V1.3 and V2.1 on the same cluster?
2465.01METSYS::HELLIARMon Feb 19 1996ANyone tied into the standards bodies
2466.03PRSSOS::CAPAZZAMon Feb 19 1996VPP: Privileges ? required
2467.06COPCLU::FINNMon Feb 19 1996SQLCODE= -461
2468.02RULLE::WELINTue Feb 20 1996emtpy transmission files
2470.01KERNEL::CROOKSWed Feb 21 1996Batching and EDIFACT.
2471.03COPCLU::FINNWed Feb 21 1996Permission denied
2473.012PERENS::STODDARTThu Feb 22 19962.1A - accvio + more
2474.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Feb 23 1996DECEDI$TFS process keeps crashing....
2475.02UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Feb 23 1996DECEDI$TRNS_EDIFACT crashes
2476.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Feb 26 1996ODBC datasource failed with V3 ComandCenter
2477.07CSC32::J_LINKTue Feb 27 1996Exceeded ENQLM for Inter Archive
2478.03COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Feb 27 1996Problem after upgrade of DEC/EDI to V2.1A
2479.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Feb 27 1996Calling SYS$GETMSG does not work for V2.1
2480.05SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Feb 28 1996Ease of use: Installation
2481.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Feb 28 1996segment out of sequence error
2482.02COPCLU::FINNWed Feb 28 1996Driver not capable
2483.01GIDDAY::LEHThu Feb 29 1996Intermittently store incorrect MPDUID on outbound msg
2484.01SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Mar 01 1996DEC/EDI V2.1A Logicals
2485.01ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSFri Mar 01 1996accumulating many DECEDI$AFSFWF.DAT files
2486.03EEMELI::EINAMOFri Mar 01 1996ver 2.1 decedi and vms 5.5
2487.07STKAI1::Fri Mar 01 1996Connection and window scheduling in 3.n
2488.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Mar 01 1996decedi V3 database and raw devices
2489.03COPCLU::FINNMon Mar 04 1996No connection data + pedi?
2490.01WMOIS::RAHILLYMon Mar 04 1996Site to site?
2491.02MEOCTue Mar 05 1996INFORMIX DB and platform requirements
2492.01JOBURG::BERETTATue Mar 05 1996Documents stuck "SEPARATED"
2494.06COPCLU::FINNThu Mar 07 1996CommandCenter errors
2495.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Mar 08 1996Combination two document into one transmission file
2496.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Mar 08 1996bucket format check failed
2497.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Mar 08 1996EDIFACT D.93A and UNB
2498.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Mar 10 1996config errors V3.
2499.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Mar 10 1996Informix V7.1 -> V7.12 is a must
2500.02EEMELI::EINAMOMon Mar 11 1996%DECEDI-E-NOTPAGREE, no trading partner agreement
2502.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Mar 12 1996ask information on data archiving
2503.04UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 12 1996CORBA processes stay alive after DECEDI$SHUTDOWN
2504.013IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Mar 12 1996CommandCenter problems and questions
2505.03PLTFRM::STEVIEWed Mar 13 1996Batching documents with V1.3
2506.02COPCLU::TORBENHWed Mar 13 1996How to cleanup v 1.2 ???
2507.05EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu Mar 14 1996Message update kit
2508.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Mar 14 1996just a matter of ctrl-j's
2509.02JOBURG::BERETTAThu Mar 14 1996EXquota problem since tuning edi 2.1a alpha vms
2510.08IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Mar 14 1996constructive feedback and questions V3.
2511.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Mar 14 1996Stability of V3.1 FT2 ?
2512.0EEMELI::EINAMOFri Mar 15 1996OBB generates extra processes
2513.01GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenFri Mar 15 1996Fails to translate the UNT in 2.1A
2514.03MEOCSun Mar 17 1996X.4
2515.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Mar 18 1996Ask question on automatic archiving
2516.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Mar 18 1996Cannot delete connection ID
2517.011QUICKP::KEHOEMon Mar 18 1996W95 or WNT support for Cockpit?
2518.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 18 1996where is 'edit subelement' in V3.
2519.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 18 1996wrong timestamps in errorlog
2520.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Mar 20 1996some more feedback and questions
2521.01RULLE::WELINWed Mar 20 1996Data Label problem
2522.01JOBURG::BERETTAWed Mar 20 1996RAID and RDB 6.1
2524.03KERNEL::CROOKSThu Mar 21 1996Data loss over Tradanet gateway
2525.01DEKVC::SUNJOOHAFri Mar 22 1996Service description please
2526.05RULLE::WELINMon Mar 25 1996HP-UX post bypass
2527.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Mar 25 1996Corba/ACAS, UNIX and OpenVMS clients problem...
2528.01RULLE::KLASSONMon Mar 25 1996EDI V2.1A/OFTP/Bypass/Fixed Record Length files
2529.03CSC32::B_ALTMIREMon Mar 25 1996IMPEXP record formats supported?
2530.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 25 1996batching in V3.1?
2531.02CSC32::J_LINKMon Mar 25 1996Can ISA14 be set to 1
2532.04SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Mar 26 1996Audit database refreshment ?
2533.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Mar 26 1996BYPASS - Sequence Checking
2534.014PERENS::STODDARTTue Mar 26 1996ObjectBroker - No Server Found (UNIX client - AXP server)
2535.03EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Mar 27 1996
2536.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Mar 28 1996A small query about API calls...
2537.02MEOCFri Mar 29 1996X.4
2538.03JOBURG::BERETTAFri Mar 29 1996%SQL-F-CURALROPE, Cursor SHFUPDLST was already open
2539.04CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Mar 29 1996trade track inter/type=doc/database=?
2540.08MROA::MELEYFri Mar 29 1996Failure appending outbound transmission files
2541.02MXOCSat Mar 30 1996Configuring DEC/EDI V2.1
2542.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Apr 02 1996transmission file read error
2543.03BIKINI::ADAETue Apr 02 1996Problem with the oftp comms module
2544.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Apr 03 1996what is, how does batching work
2545.04JOBURG::BERETTAWed Apr 03 1996DOC numbers out of sinc
2546.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 04 1996how much is MANY?
2547.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Apr 06 1996questions about batching
2548.012MROA::MELEYMon Apr 08 1996How many 2.1 installs out there?
2549.01HGOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Apr 09 1996Have you heard of this?
2550.01METSYS::GOODWINTue Apr 09 1996Switch servers with DEC/EDI Client
2551.01ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Apr 09 1996DEC/EDI integrator for SAP R3 training class announcement
2552.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Apr 10 1996Cockpit error "row value out of range"
2553.01GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxThu Apr 11 1996DEC-EDI supporting muliple processors
2554.01TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Apr 12 1996DEC/EDI Client on an UNIX Alias maschine
2555.010CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Apr 12 1996Any DEC/EDI v2.1 working on VMS v6.2?
2556.01TAKEOF::BLATTERMon Apr 15 1996Generate a CONNECTION-ID
2557.08UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Apr 15 1996Unable to start second edifact converter
2559.010KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Apr 16 1996DECEDI$AFS_1 process keeps dying....
2560.03CSC32::J_LINKWed Apr 17 1996error list for inbound doc's
2561.03MEOCWed Apr 17 1996Cockpit ACAS_INV_NOPROXYFND problems
2562.010KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 17 1996Cannot start second file server.....
2563.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Apr 17 1996conn-id = file extension transm file ?
2564.05COPCLU::FINNWed Apr 17 1996DEC/EDI V2.1A and TAXCON.
2565.0METSYS::THOMPSONThu Apr 18 1996Inbound Tracing of TRADANET VAN (For V1.3A)
2566.02CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Apr 19 1996DS only + Archive Servers = SYSTEM-F-NOSYSLCK (v2.1)
2567.01CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Apr 19 1996Ask and thou shall receive
2568.0SWETSC::WELINFri Apr 19 1996build/cache accvio
2569.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Apr 19 1996Adding a blank space to TRAD, OLD and ORD segments
2570.06ZURFri Apr 19 1996Server not registered after upgrade to 2.1A and OBB 2.5A
2571.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Apr 19 1996failed to assign mailbox DECEDI$CNV_EDIF_MBX
2572.04CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Apr 19 1996v2.1 DECEDI$TEMP files
2573.06MEOCMon Apr 22 1996ACAS process hang RWMBX problem
2574.03RULLE::KLASSONMon Apr 22 1996DECEDI$SHUTDOWN.COM and no ACAS installed
2575.01MEOCTue Apr 23 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 NETWORK KITS
2576.014COPCLU::FINNTue Apr 23 1996insufficient priviledge
2577.05GENIE::MUNTTue Apr 23 1996DEC/EDI V3.
2578.04GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Apr 24 1996Translate error codes?
2579.03SIOG::HANLEYWed Apr 24 1996 DEC/EDI V2.1A Repair tool
2580.02CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Apr 24 1996X12
2582.07RULLE::KLASSONThu Apr 25 1996Objectbroker V2.5B-
2583.04GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxFri Apr 26 1996DEC-EDI in a DECsafe environment
2584.02NZOVMon Apr 29 1996DECEDI Version levels?
2585.07COPCLU::FLADER_RMon Apr 29 1996DEC/EDI-application inserts CR+LF after each segment in the documents
2586.0GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxMon Apr 29 1996Thanks
2587.02KERNEL::SMITHTue Apr 30 1996Objectbroker configured by EDI ?
2588.04METSYS::REIDTue Apr 30 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 Field Test 3 announcement.
2589.02CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHWed May 01 1996Allowed Segment Terminators
2590.01UTRTSC::SMEETSWed May 01 1996Linking in V2.1A and OBB$SHR.EXE
2591.06GENIE::MUNTWed May 01 1996PEDI Gateway Timing Out on Startup (DEC/EDI V2.1A)
2592.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed May 01 1996Using TRADE POST and having problems....
2593.01JOBURG::BERETTAThu May 02 1996TEL problem
2594.01SCASS1::EDITEX::MOOREFri May 03 1996Unexpected exit from 378
2595.01HGOVC::LKLEEFri May 03 1996UNB - Partner identification code qualifier
2596.0EEMELI::EINAMOMon May 06 1996time zone usage (edifact) ?
2597.01GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenMon May 06 1996CONDRA/CONDRO & BIN
2598.01GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenMon May 06 1996AUTACK ???
2599.06RULLE::WELINMon May 06 1996x.28 checksum problem
2600.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon May 06 1996TEL on Unix server?
2601.03COPCLU::FINNWed May 08 1996bypass & edifact
2602.04COPCLU::FLADER_RWed May 08 1996EDI-COMCEN license ??
2603.02EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu May 09 1996
2604.0EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu May 09 1996Improvements to DECEDI V2.1A
2605.02EDITEX::BRUNNOCKThu May 09 1996Renaming V3 Nodes
2606.02GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenFri May 10 1996MUS 2.
2607.05COPCLU::FINNMon May 13 1996(who can) TEL
2608.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon May 13 1996DEC/EDI V2.1A LIST TABLE User Interface Error
2609.07ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSMon May 13 1996mta/pedi problem
2610.01VAXRIO::MAURICIOTue May 14 1996INFORMIX: minimum # of users?
2611.014HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue May 14 1996document encountered error in translation service
2612.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue May 14 1996%DECEDI-E-TR_CNV_ERRREADD, error reading document area file
2613.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri May 17 1996TRAX gateway not rippling back status
2614.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri May 17 1996V2.1A fails to process incoming EDIFACT file
2615.0ATYISA::LEBRUNSat May 18 1996DEC/EDI UNIX FT3 problem at customer/office site
2616.05COPCLU::FLADER_RMon May 20 1996Problems with CORBA and DEC UNIX Client
2617.04COPCLU::FLADER_RTue May 21 1996The ObjectBroker test performed by the DEC/EDI Network Tester fails !
2618.06RULLE::WELINWed May 22 1996SunOs as client
2619.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed May 22 1996API's in next version's of DEC/EDI ?
2620.04CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed May 22 1996Multiple invoices in one outbound Tradacoms message
2621.03VAXSPO::CRISTINAWed May 22 1996Global system ???
2622.020CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu May 23 1996OBB Comms w/V2.1A
2623.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu May 23 1996invalid segment or segment order
2624.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu May 23 1996invoking V3.1 FT startupfile at reboot?
2625.05MEOCFri May 24 1996DEC/EDI Digital UNIX sites?
2626.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSFri May 24 1996cockpit software and tcp/ip
2627.06CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri May 24 1996Slow MUS 2.x
2628.07GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxTue May 28 1996Performance DEC/EDI V3.1
2629.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue May 28 1996what is UNSIGNED NUMERIC?
2630.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed May 29 1996database behaviour Informix on V3.x
2631.011MEOCWed May 29 1996DEC/EDI V2.1 LOCKING PROBLEMS?
2632.02GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenThu May 30 1996Cockpit and new views
2633.02GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenThu May 30 1996ENGDAT and corresponding files
2634.02GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenThu May 30 1996DEC/EDI and ISDN
2635.03GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenThu May 30 1996MUS and IMPDEF
2636.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu May 30 1996Buffer problem, large transmissionfile record
2637.0METSYS::THOMPSONThu May 30 1996Filebridge Logicals in V2.x (V3.x)
2638.011GENIE::MUNTFri May 31 1996DEC/EDI V2.1A, OBB, TCP, OSI
2639.01ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSMon Jun 03 1996problem accessing error log file from cockpit
2640.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jun 03 1996resent documents, but DECedi still believes it has not bee delivered...
2641.02DECPRG::prnet1.pp.demo::pavlupTue Jun 04 1996PEDI message type problem with Isocor's Isotrade
2642.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Jun 04 1996DEC/EDI and Encryption?
2643.08BBIVWed Jun 05 1996DEC/EDI support for Oracle 7?
2644.02EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Jun 05 1996Archive problem with v 1.3A
2645.06CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Jun 05 1996DECEDIX12-E-X12_ERRPARCR errors
2646.011ZURThu Jun 06 1996Stuck at TRANS_AVAILABLE because BYPASS set?
2647.04HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Jun 06 1996V1.3a upgrade
2648.05METSYS::REIDThu Jun 06 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 FT4 field test kit announcement
2650.05GENIE::MUNTFri Jun 07 1996
2651.02METSYS::THOMPSONFri Jun 07 1996BISYNC Gateways (VAX278
2652.02PERENS::STODDARTFri Jun 07 1996%LIB-F-KEYNOTFOU, key not found in tree
2653.03ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSSat Jun 08 1996DEC/EDI questions
2654.012ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSSun Jun 09 1996MTA Delivery Queue problem
2655.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jun 10 1996Problems with large documents.....
2656.07HGOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Jun 11 1996DEC/EDI strategy for VMS customers
2657.01ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSTue Jun 11 1996access violation
2658.03EDITEX::BRUNNOCKWed Jun 12 1996ObjectBroker Warnings
2659.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Jun 12 1996"get_cache_entry: global buf not NULL"?
2660.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jun 12 1996Objectbroker 2.6 Upgrade?
2661.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jun 13 1996error calling the system service routine READ_CALF
2662.01RULLE::KLASSONTue Jun 18 1996Failed during separation - Part-id/Appl-id mixed up?
2663.02METSYS::edimap.reo.dec.com::REIDWed Jun 19 1996V3.1 SPD - draft available for review
2664.03ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Jun 24 1996connection-id type = MIXED and "No translation on inbound"
2665.04BIKINI::DITETue Jun 25 1996OFTP - "mode & capability incompatible" ?
2666.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Jun 25 1996pb with STATUS_L field in the history table
2667.06CSC32::B_ALTMIREThu Jun 27 1996TDCC/
2668.05MXOCFri Jun 28 1996X12 and DEC/EDI v3.
2669.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jul 02 1996Command syntax incorrect
2671.01ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSTue Jul 02 1996Edifact standard D95a problem
2672.01MKOTS3::LAWLERTue Jul 02 1996CommandCenter Structures
2673.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 02 1996TEL load fails with RMS-W-RTB record too large
2674.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jul 02 1996S
2675.04GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxWed Jul 03 1996Import Format
2676.01CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Jul 03 1996TRADACOMS RSGRSG MHD version?
2677.03EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu Jul 04 1996Problems to separate different verions of a document.
2678.02IJSAPL::JONG_AMon Jul 08 1996Installation V2.1a on OVMS 6.2 crashes
2679.01RULLE::KLASSONTue Jul 09 1996OFTP store and forward
2680.01PERENS::STODDARTTue Jul 09 1996Receive "empty" segment
2681.0METSYS::METSYS::hiber.reo.dec.com::JOHNSONWed Jul 10 1996FBEXPORT for DEC/EDI V2.1
2682.04ZGOVThu Jul 11 1996List Doc <specified session does not exist>
2683.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Jul 11 1996Expected MSG$_CONNECT but received 51
2684.01CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHThu Jul 11 1996OBB v2.5B work with EDI v?.??
2685.05MEOCFri Jul 12 1996Mapper failing with internal error
2686.0GENIE::MUNTFri Jul 12 1996Conditional segments set to mandatory
2687.012ZURFri Jul 12 1996DECEDI-W-EIENCODNOTENV with ISO6937 and X.4
2688.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jul 15 1996
2689.01TAKEOF::BLATTERMon Jul 15 1996Problems with DB Update from FT1 to FT4
2690.09COPCLU::FLADER_RWed Jul 17 1996Setup data source failed (Intersolv ODBC Driver V2.12 GA for Windows 95)
2691.02METSYS::THOMPSONWed Jul 17 1996First low priority document sent as hight priority
2692.02EDITEX::BRUNNOCKThu Jul 18 1996Transport level send timeout
2693.02BIGUN::TANNERThu Jul 18 1996DEC/EDI Internet SMTP/MIME gateway?
2694.02TAKEOF::BLATTERThu Jul 18 1996Problem with deleting incomming File wich are AVAILABLE for Fetching
2695.03COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Jul 18 1996Automatic startup of DEC/EDI V3.
2696.05NZOVTue Jul 23 1996DECEDI Upgrade
2697.01RULLE::WELINWed Jul 24 1996command get override
2698.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Jul 24 1996can it take out acknowlegement for a user
2699.0HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Jul 25 1996Oracle RDB license revistied
2700.06HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Jul 26 1996ask status in transmission file
2701.01NZOVMon Jul 29 1996Support for 1.3b as API on OpenVMS VAX
2702.05SWETSC::WELINMon Jul 29 1996obb accvio
2703.02ZURTue Jul 30 1996V2.1C, PEDI Gateway on same node as MTA is possible
2704.03NQOSTue Jul 30 1996X12 3
2705.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Jul 31 1996DECEDI-W-INVSEGORORD invalid segment or order
2707.02UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Aug 05 1996Report utility for DEC/EDI
2708.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Aug 06 1996Does EDI support Alias cluster nodename
2709.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Aug 06 1996Extract profile <partner-id> -> incomplete result
2710.05UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 07 1996Version confusion
2711.05JOBURG::BERETTAThu Aug 08 1996DECEDI$CNV_E_1 dies on a large interchange
2712.05MEOCFri Aug 09 1996V3.1 Mapper application exception error
2713.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Aug 09 1996cannot read message
2714.06ZURFri Aug 09 1996V1.3A PEDI remote from rest of EDI?
2715.04MEOCMon Aug 12 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 startup error "cannot map libpas.so"
2716.0METSYS::edimap.reo.dec.com::REIDMon Aug 12 1996DEC/EDI V2.1C kit announcement
2717.01GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenMon Aug 12 1996EDIGUI.MML and server selection policy
2718.02NZOVTue Aug 13 1996DECedi 2.1 and Message Router - Support?
2719.01NZOVTue Aug 13 1996BYPASS and DECedi 1.3 / 2.1
2720.010MEOCTue Aug 13 1996V3.1 CommandCenter Comms editor cannot start IMPEXP gateway
2721.04JOBURG::BERETTATue Aug 13 1996Corrupt file names reported by PEDI
2722.02TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Aug 13 1996Problem with OBB and DEC/EDI V3.1 FT4
2723.0TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Aug 13 1996
2724.0METSYS::THOMPSONTue Aug 13 1996DEC/EDI V2.x Versions
2725.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Aug 14 1996Does VMS V6.2 support DEC/EDI V1.3B
2726.04TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Aug 16 1996Problem with a VMS/VAX Client
2727.07TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Aug 16 1996CC V3.1 FT4 errors
2728.06EEMELI::AHVENAINENFri Aug 16 1996V1.3B conversion fails w/ NODTALB, reprocessing succeeds
2729.02EDITEX::BRUNNOCKFri Aug 16 1996Asynchronous OFTP!
2730.010HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Aug 19 1996How to extract data from live database
2731.08MEOCMon Aug 19 1996V2.1B client stack dumps on TRADE commands
2732.030MEOCMon Aug 19 1996V3.1 CommandCenter questions
2733.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Aug 20 1996FT4, numeric fields and spaces
2735.05SEAWLF::SYSTEMWed Aug 21 1996Windows 95, CommandCenter, Informix not working
2736.01EDITEX::BRUNNOCKThu Aug 22 1996DEC/EDI Startup LNM$FILE_DEV problem fix
2737.07SEAWLF::SYSTEMThu Aug 22 1996ODBC failed to configure ODBC source
2738.03ZURFri Aug 23 1996XEDI? X.5
2739.0METSYS::edimap.reo.dec.com::REIDFri Aug 23 1996DEC/EDI Version 3.1 SSB internal kit announcement
2740.06CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHFri Aug 23 1996FBR v2.1C segment references changed?
2741.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Aug 25 1996licenses on Non-Digital platforms?
2742.01MXOCMon Aug 26 1996doubts with the application file
2743.04SEAWLF::SYSTEMTue Aug 27 1996WSANO_DATA Error Intersolv ODBC driver
2744.02CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Aug 28 1996error "EDEDED" logged
2745.01SWETSC::WELINThu Aug 29 1996proxy on HP-unix
2746.03CSC32::B_ALTMIREThu Aug 29 1996DECEDI12-E-X12_READVERR errors?
2747.02EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIFri Aug 30 1996Training schedule for autum 1996
2748.05SEAWLF::PHILLIPSSat Aug 31 1996Unannounced Disconnect
2749.011SEAWLF::PHILLIPSSat Aug 31 1996Compile Error
2750.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Aug 31 1996transport timeout memory problem on V3.1
2751.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Aug 31 1996Informix, non-printable chars in dbase?
2752.05WOTVAX::BRACEYMon Sep 02 1996Worldwide support???
2754.06METSYS::THOMPSONTue Sep 03 1996Remote Access to DEC/EDI Server's using Trumpet Winsock
2756.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Sep 04 1996database Upgrade steps on EDI system?
2757.01GENIE::MUNTWed Sep 04 1996Document version/release incorrect for S93A
2758.01COPCLU::FINNWed Sep 04 1996CMC security
2759.09TAKEOF::BLATTERThu Sep 05 1996Problems with authorisation in V3.1 trade command
2760.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 06 1996FBEXPORTed FBI files are corrupt, how to solve this
2761.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Sep 08 1996archived data on VMS to Unix audittrail?
2762.03COPCLU::FINNMon Sep 09 1996wrong X.4
2763.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Sep 10 1996mapping problem for '
2764.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Sep 10 1996Cache file questions
2765.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Sep 10 1996edifact timestamps 2
2766.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Sep 10 1996data mirgation from one system to another system
2767.05KERNEL::CROOKSTue Sep 10 1996%FBR-E-INVHIERKY, Data does not agree with Specified Source Hierarchy
2768.0METSYS::REIDTue Sep 10 1996EDI Internal Home Page has moved - please update your Web browser
2769.09METSYS::REIDTue Sep 10 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 CommandCenter Demo kit location
2770.03ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Sep 10 1996DECEDI-E-ERREDIFSYNTAX invlid EDIFACT syntaxlevel - DECEDI V2.1B
2771.08GENIE::MUNTWed Sep 11 1996OFTP unexpected data received
2772.02UTRTSC::DIENAARThu Sep 12 1996Difference between D93A and S93A standard
2773.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 13 1996How to cancel an issued postcommand?
2774.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 13 1996memory complaints from SSB ComCen applics
2775.08EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Sep 16 1996DEC EDI v3.1 - objectbroker v2.6 - DU 3.2c invalid method...
2776.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Sep 17 1996Copying to a private version
2777.01CSC32::R_GOLLEHONTue Sep 17 1996Error locking Transmission File time
2778.0+2IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Sep 18 1996Archive deletion performance Informix 3.1 SSB
2779.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Sep 18 1996No translation errors logged in DECEDI$ERRORS.LOG
2780.01EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Sep 18 1996Document fails when using TRADE FETCH
2781.04ATYISA::LEBRUNWed Sep 18 1996X4
2782.019IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Sep 18 1996trade post VMS-Unix fails, cannot open mappingtable
2783.010IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Sep 19 1996what VMS privs needed on single VMS client?
2784.03CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Sep 20 1996OFTP support for PVC's?
2785.06ZURMon Sep 23 1996V1.3B, stuck at failed, translate_node_mixed logical
2786.02UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Sep 23 1996FBR database tailor utility ?
2787.09CSC32::B_ALTMIREMon Sep 23 1996OFTP EERP?
2788.02MUDIS3::LONGUETWed Sep 25 1996Connecting SAP R/2 MVS system via CPI-C / LU6.2 and not using DEC/EDI MVS client software
2789.03UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Sep 26 1996cached connections ?
2790.07COPCLU::FINNThu Sep 26 1996UNOC:3 on V3.1
2791.02COPCLU::FINNThu Sep 26 1996UNA on V3.1
2792.011COPCLU::FINNThu Sep 26 1996V3.1 and binary bodypart
2793.07ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Sep 26 1996relocation of decedi$temp
2794.01MUDIS3::LONGUETFri Sep 27 1996Package licence not recognised
2795.0GENIE::MUNTFri Sep 27 1996Shared Lookup Tables
2796.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Sep 30 1996problems with ODBC errors on RDB-Unix
2798.03RULLE::KLASSONWed Oct 02 1996Edifact TFB and "next start time"
2799.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Oct 02 1996More than two minute gaps in transmission......
2800.03NQOSWed Oct 02 1996UNIX, Cleo, lp
2801.02NQOSWed Oct 02 1996UNIX 3.1 install problems
2803.05CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu Oct 03 1996Outbound 4
2804.0NQOSThu Oct 03 1996EAN Spain Message Support
2805.07NQOSFri Oct 04 1996Right overpunch numeric on 3.1
2806.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Oct 07 1996Informix CLI V2.5 experience?
2807.01PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Oct 08 1996V3.1 UNIX patch directory ?
2808.03MXOCThu Oct 10 1996Problems with RDB
2809.02NZOVThu Oct 10 1996X4
2810.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Oct 10 1996compilation error???
2811.03COPCLU::FLADER_RFri Oct 11 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 EDI TABLE EDITOR hangs !
2812.02METSYS::POADMon Oct 14 1996Input requested for 'User Access Control' functionality for DEC/EDI V3.2
2813.01NZOVTue Oct 15 1996How does the old API (v1.3) work with 2.1 client?
2814.02BALZAC::KUOCHTue Oct 15 1996DECEDI_FETCH problem.
2815.02TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Oct 15 1996Refference installation of V3.
2816.06SWETSC::WELINTue Oct 15 1996Hit 1
2817.03TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Oct 15 1996Performance values
2818.04TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Oct 15 1996Migration from 2.1 to 3.1
2819.06COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Oct 15 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 Cockpit: Invalid cursor state
2820.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Oct 15 1996how to remove empty TP-id on V3.1 TP-editor?
2822.04NZOVWed Oct 16 1996%DECEDI-E-ORBERROR, ObjectBroker Failure
2823.04NZOVWed Oct 16 1996EDI client install - failed IVP normal?
2824.02NZOVWed Oct 16 1996DECedi with Multiple X.4
2825.09ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed Oct 16 1996request for D96A
2826.01GRANPA::bjodial1_port1.bjo.dec.com::stoddartWed Oct 16 1996Not seeing end/start of doc?
2827.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Oct 16 1996Creating an EDIFACT outbound message...
2828.01CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Oct 16 1996Supressing warnings with TRADE
2829.04NQOSSun Oct 20 1996Problems with DEC/EDI v3.
2830.05MXOCSun Oct 20 1996problems with cache dec/edi v 3.
2831.01TAKEOF::BLATTERMon Oct 21 1996Installing V3.1 with a remote X.4
2832.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Oct 21 1996Bypass and %DECEDI-E-SRVERROR
2833.0WMODEV::FOREMANTue Oct 22 1996Upgrading application side from V1.3A to V2.1 ?
2834.0MXOCTue Oct 22 1996
2835.09TAKEOF::BLATTERWed Oct 23 1996Curses on DEC/EDI V3.*
2836.03MEOCWed Oct 23 1996V2.
2837.01PERENS::STODDARTWed Oct 23 1996Problems re-loading an Oracle7 database
2838.01ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Oct 24 1996field initialisation for inbound in 3.1
2839.05GRANPA::bjodial1_port4.bjo.dec.com::stoddartThu Oct 24 1996CC on network drive?
2840.05TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Oct 25 1996Informix V7.13 & Intersolv V2.5
2841.01METSYS::THOMPSONFri Oct 25 1996DEC/EDI V3.1 Mail address limitations
2842.08IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Oct 28 1996raw device name and LSM
2843.012COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Oct 29 1996WIN95 and Informix CLI V2.5 problem ("Invalid sqlhosts file format")
2844.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Oct 29 1996Old filebridge interface still supported
2845.01KERNEL::CROOKSTue Oct 29 1996Alphas, DEC/EDI and crashes.
2846.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Oct 29 1996
2847.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Oct 29 1996impexp agreement failure, bug also on PEDI?
2848.01NQOSWed Oct 30 1996Problems with Table Editor
2849.04HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Oct 30 1996Cannot change "purgeable status"
2850.011UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Oct 30 1996DECEDI_IMF_IMPL server questions
2851.0+2ZETHUS::HANLEYWed Oct 30 1996Year 2
2852.03UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 31 1996mailbus 1 aka Message Router retirement.....
2853.01BRAT::TOOLEYThu Oct 31 1996Help with Production CommandCenter and OBB
2854.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Nov 01 1996Corrupted profile cache ??
2855.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSSun Nov 03 1996fallover required for oftp
2856.0MEOCMon Nov 04 1996Migration to V2.1 warning
2857.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 04 1996V2.1A fails on second TRAX re-transmission
2858.02METSYS::REIDMon Nov 04 1996TRADANET will no longer support 278
2859.09GENIE::MUNTMon Nov 04 1996Internal Error using Shared Lookups
2860.03EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIMon Nov 04 1996UNH_s
2861.0EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIMon Nov 04 1996DEC/EDI is version 2.1A for Digital Alpha OpenVMS
2863.03ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSTue Nov 05 1996mismatch error
2864.02COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Nov 05 1996Does DEC/EDI V3.1 support INFORMIX ONLINE DS and CONNECT V7.2
2865.03RULLE::KLASSONTue Nov 05 1996X.435 edi-bodypart-type ISO646
2866.03UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 05 1996Objectbroker exception
2867.03TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Nov 05 1996Mapping problem in DEC/EDI V3.1
2868.02CSC32::J_LINKWed Nov 06 1996Docs stuck at BUILDING_TRANS_FILE
2869.06ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed Nov 06 1996archive server not working
2870.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 06 1996CDROM distribution V3.1 problem?
2872.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 06 1996Oracle Rdb startup?
2873.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 06 1996explanation mapper messages 3.1, line
2874.03UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Nov 07 1996performance bible ?
2875.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 07 1996tricky question
2876.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 07 1996ODBC problem on RDB, classname invalid?
2877.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Nov 11 1996where can I copy DECEDI$REPAIR2.COM
2878.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Nov 11 1996EDI and clusters ( VMS and Unix)
2879.0+4KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 11 1996EDI V1.3a - Document queued for outgoing conversions
2880.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Nov 11 1996Problems sending a message to a Trading Partner....
2881.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Nov 11 1996V3.1 mapper problem re generic flag
2882.03SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Nov 12 1996Help with Informix CD's
2883.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Nov 14 1996Cannot perform data extraction from DECedi Cockpit
2884.04TAKEOF::BLATTERThu Nov 14 1996CRT in outgoing EDIFACT file after each Segment
2885.01TAKEOF::BLATTERThu Nov 14 1996Problem with librt.so
2886.06COPCLU::FINNFri Nov 15 1996Application Batching
2887.08MEOCTue Nov 19 1996Archive not picking up purgeable documents.
2888.03MEOCTue Nov 19 1996V3.1 and Duplicate checking
2889.07ZURTue Nov 19 1996V2.1 C trade fetch fails on multi-doc transmission
2890.014FLYWAY::BLATTERNTue Nov 19 1996Problems with IMPEXP sheduler in V3.1
2891.0MEOCTue Nov 19 1996Mapper UI bug in V2.1C
2892.01MEOCWed Nov 20 1996V2.1C Archive Server database locking
2893.01SIOG::HANLEYWed Nov 20 1996DEC/EDI V2.1a reserved characters
2894.01GENIE::MUNTWed Nov 20 1996SYSLDFAIL when configuring ObjectBroker
2895.01ATYISA::LEBRUNWed Nov 20 1996Use of TRACKING_REFERENCE field with "TRADE TRACK"
2896.02SWETSC::WELINThu Nov 21 1996Services\Authentication\TRS'
2897.03GENIE::MUNTThu Nov 21 1996DBCONNERRN Failed to connect to database
2898.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 21 1996mapping expressions multiline MTE
2899.011IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 21 1996level problem edi-table and MTE
2900.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 21 1996V3.1 mapper problem evaluating applicationfile
2901.02COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Nov 21 1996Wrong syntax version for an EDIFACT standard transferred to UNB segment
2902.04CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu Nov 21 1996Do caches get refreshed?
2903.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 21 1996oftp gateway problem
2904.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 21 1996cockpit using decnet protocol stack
2905.04TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Nov 22 1996Error in INFORMIX DB
2906.0+3NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Fri Nov 22 1996Hardware sizing - help needed!
2907.0METSYS::HELLIARFri Nov 22 1996Engineering Alert - Informix On-Line
2908.0METSYS::HELLIARFri Nov 22 1996EDI in Denmark
2909.04MEOCMon Nov 25 1996GUI Mapper table development
2910.02NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Mon Nov 25 1996Communication with a MVS environment.
2911.01ZURTue Nov 26 1996Archive error - invalid backup filenames
2912.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Nov 27 1996HL7 support
2913.0+4UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Nov 27 1996Hit 1
2914.03COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Nov 28 1996DEC/EDI Cockpit V3.1 fails with "file is too big for buffer"
2915.0+1ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 28 1996large filesize
2916.02GENIE::MUNTFri Nov 29 1996Timeout on Fetch causes Post to hang
2917.02ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Dec 02 1996V2.1C and EDIFACT D96A
2919.0MEOCTue Dec 03 1996Outgoing 997 stuck at failed
2920.01MEOCTue Dec 03 1996Mapper test indicator actions
2921.04EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKITue Dec 03 1996Fatal error installing v1.3A to VMS 6.2
2922.05SCASS1::EDITEX::HARRISONTue Dec 03 1996URL for CCDEMO not correct
2923.0METSYS::THOMPSONWed Dec 04 1996Local TRADE works, REMOTE TRADE doesn't
2924.0METSYS::THOMPSONWed Dec 04 1996OFTP Notes
2925.06ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Dec 05 1996obb failure on unix
2926.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Dec 06 1996too small character buffer assignment MTE 3.1
2927.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Dec 06 1996Use of UNS (section control segment) in DEC/EDI
2928.0+8KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Dec 06 1996Upgrade to V2.1c and receives during IVP a checksum error.
2929.02GENIE::MUNTFri Dec 06 1996Transport error `not owner'
2930.01ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Dec 06 1996V3.1 and view of "Syntax version number"
2931.01ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Dec 06 1996TRADE FETCH DOCUMENT issue in V3.1
2932.03ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Dec 06 1996V3.1 ,CommandCentre and Date range choice
2933.010KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Dec 09 1996Upgrade to V2.1c and receives many error in the DECedi Errors Log File
2934.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 09 1996coded elements in D95B, DECEDI V3.1
2935.03TAKEOF::BLATTERMon Dec 09 1996Problem with privat edifact files in V3.1
2936.01ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Dec 09 1996V3.1 and OBB V2.6 : "start gateway" failure for user accounts
2938.0METSYS::REIDWed Dec 11 1996DEC/EDI and large volume peaks
2939.04METSYS::REIDWed Dec 11 1996DEC/EDI in the automotive and/or manufacturing industry
2940.02METSYS::REIDWed Dec 11 1996AT&T easylink users?
2941.0+8IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Dec 12 1996defunct processes seen with DECEDI/RDB Unix
2942.03WEFXIT::OMSEDI_TESTThu Dec 12 19961.3 upgrade to 2.1 service??
2943.023TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Dec 13 1996V3.1 and ORACLE 7
2944.05CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Dec 13 1996Need license help
2945.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 16 1996stop/start EDI to reset processing documents?
2946.06COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Dec 17 1996ObjectBroker Failure, timeouts and disconnections
2947.0+3COPCLU::FINNTue Dec 17 1996Client on NT ALPHA?
2948.04COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Dec 17 1996Build and replace the cache problems !
2949.01KERNEL::CROOKSTue Dec 17 1996
2950.03ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Dec 17 1996Tools to be used to migrate 2.1C to UNIX 3.1A
2951.0+3IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Dec 19 1996syntax error buggy in Commandcenter V3.1
2952.01COPCLU::FLADER_RFri Dec 20 1996Start and turn off of ObjectBroker Server logging caused a very bad DEC/EDI performance !
2953.0+16UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Dec 27 1996RDB V6.1 + Enhanced C2-> no go....
2954.0METSYS::REIDThu Jan 02 1997DEC/EDI User Documentation on the internal Web site
2955.04NQOSFri Jan 03 1997Cockpit & DEC/EDI v2.
2956.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Jan 03 1997history info incomplete V3.1
2957.0+8UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jan 06 1997Looking for V2.1D VAX/VMS
2958.0GO4GUT::SYSTEMTue Jan 07 1997Upgrade problem from 1.3 -> 2.1
2959.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Jan 07 1997can not sort rows on V3.1 cockpit
2960.0+7METSYS::GOODWINWed Jan 08 1997ODBC and Cockpit/CommandCenter V3.1A
2961.0METSYS::GOODWINWed Jan 08 1997Informix CLI 2.5
2962.04KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Jan 08 1997Problems with documents in AWAIT_TRANSMISSION
2963.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Jan 09 1997cannot start dec/edi
2964.04TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Jan 10 1997CommandCenter with Informix & Oracle
2965.011GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntMon Jan 13 1997Access Violation with Mapper on NT
2966.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Jan 14 1997Keep the archeive files on disk
2967.04CSC32::B_ALTMIRETue Jan 14 1997Cockpit 2.1 times changing
2968.01SCASS1::HARRISONTue Jan 14 1997V3.1, test & live docs
2969.06TAKEOF::BLATTERWed Jan 15 1997Account information with Cockpit View
2970.0+5TAKEOF::BLATTERWed Jan 15 1997Reset File wich are in status AWAITING TRANSMISSION in V3.1
2971.06ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed Jan 15 1997Large file size again
2972.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 16 1997DECEDI and OBB V2.6 supported configs?
2973.08RULLE::KLASSONThu Jan 16 1997V2.1C DECEDI$TFS intermittent crashes
2974.0+1SCASS1::HARRISONThu Jan 16 1997Oracle7 Support Question
2975.01CSC32::LINKFri Jan 17 1997Store dir greater 999
2976.04COPCLU::FLADER_RFri Jan 17 1997Problems with Application File Batching
2977.0+2KERNEL::CROOKSFri Jan 17 1997Cancel Tradanet relationships query
2978.0+9METSYS::THOMPSONSat Jan 18 1997OpenVMS V7.1 and DECnet plus V7.1
2979.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jan 20 1997corrupt view on MS-Win Cockpit summary views 3.1
2980.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jan 20 1997little bug during translation
2981.0ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Jan 20 1997Unitialised fields in application records shorter than defined
2982.08SCASS1::HARRISONTue Jan 21 1997Cockpit Licensing
2983.01SCASS1::HARRISONWed Jan 22 1997UNIX license question
2984.0+1METSYS::REIDThu Jan 23 1997DEC/EDI kits downloadable via Web browser - kit location
2985.0 *+1ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSFri Jan 24 1997problem with HpOpenMail
2986.0 *+3UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jan 28 1997UNIX V4.
2987.0 *+7RULLE::KLASSONTue Jan 28 1997PEDI and case sensitive O/R-addresses
2988.0 *+1GIDDAY::REIDWed Jan 29 1997Filebridge recieve failing with a ERRACCIHF error
2989.0 *+1GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntWed Jan 29 1997Soft Error causes Mapper to generate duplicate header info
2991.0 *+3CSC32::LINKThu Jan 30 1997When will X12 version 3
2992.0 *+2GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntThu Jan 30 1997Mapping Questions / Nothing in Output File
2993.0 *+3TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Jan 31 1997DEC/EDI HP Client
2994.0 *+4ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSTue Feb 04 1997data migration from vms to unix
2995.0 *+2COPCLU::FLADER_RWed Feb 05 1997Problems with setting up an Informix Database !
2997.0 *+3NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 06 1997Oracle RDB 7 and DEC/EDI
2998.0 *+4EDITEX::bjodial1_port4.bjo.dec.com::stoddartThu Feb 06 1997MARKER does not follow MARK_BLOCK on stack
2999.0 *+6ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSFri Feb 07 1997OFTP Gateway
3000.0 *+10IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Feb 07 19973rd party EDI packages on Digital Unix?
3001.0 *+4ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Feb 07 1997AFS cache refresh
3002.0 *+2FLYWAY::HOTZTTue Feb 11 1997LSM and Informix
3003.0 *+4IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Feb 11 1997logon sequence DECEDI/Oracle
3004.0 *+4UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 11 1997delete gateway and connections
3005.0 *+3UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 11 1997Restricting Cockpit users
3006.0 *+4CSC32::B_ALTMIRETue Feb 11 1997User_reference and cockpit ?'s
3007.0 *+5CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Feb 12 1997Structure layout repeat count?
3008.0 *+2ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed Feb 12 1997OFTP crashed with accvio
3009.0 *+1GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntWed Feb 12 1997ORACLE 7 with DEC/EDI on OpenVMS?
3010.0 *+3UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Feb 12 1997litte bug in decedi_manage help text
3011.0 *+10TAKEOF::BLATTERThu Feb 13 1997Some Bugs and questions in the V3.1A Mapper
3012.0 *+13TAKEOF::BLATTERFri Feb 14 1997UNOC Caracter set
3013.0 *+2GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntFri Feb 14 1997No output from Map without generating Soft Error?
3014.0 *+12CX3PST::MICK::M_BEACHSat Feb 15 1997VMS v2.1C server;client ?s: unix,edi,obb,cockpit,ucx
3015.0 *+2CX3PST::MICK::M_BEACHSat Feb 15 1997Cockpit work with DHCP?
3016.0 *+1GIDDAY::REIDSun Feb 16 1997Inserting header into unstructured documnet
3017.0 *+11UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Feb 17 1997Looking for the gui verify status/recover
3018.0 *+1ATYISA::LEBRUNTue Feb 18 1997Problem to support mapping set calling TP or TG specific EDI doc
3019.0 *+2GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntWed Feb 19 1997Access Violation running DECEDI$CONFIGURE_ACAS
3020.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Feb 19 1997DEC/EDI V3.1A + Oracle 7.3.2 + C2 security
3021.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Feb 21 1997decedi_arch and defaults
3022.0 *+1ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSFri Feb 21 1997OBB on UNIX fix required
3023.0 *CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Feb 21 19973.1 mapper string length limitation?
3024.0 *+9CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Feb 21 1997Shared lookup caching, V3.1
3025.0 *+3RULLE::KLASSONSat Feb 22 1997V2.1C Audit Database indexes
3026.0 *+2ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Feb 24 1997UNOB and standard default delimiters (the ones for UNOA)
3027.0 *+3ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Feb 24 1997VMS 2.1D and reprocess of Transmission files "FAILED"
3028.0 *+5MSAMTue Feb 25 1997ORA-
3029.0 *NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@dhcp14.ugo.dec.com"Tue Feb 25 1997Versions for UNIX!
3030.0 *+2EDITEX::bjodial1_port5.bjo.dec.com::stoddartWed Feb 26 1997Site-to-site with different TPs?
3031.0 *+10GENIE::qmodo.ebo.dec.com::genie::muntWed Feb 26 1997Specifying increment on FOR loop?
3032.0 *+3UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Feb 27 1997V3.1A server with 3.1 CommandCenter/Cockpit ?
3033.0 *+2EDITEX::bjodial1_port5.bjo.dec.com::stoddartThu Feb 27 19972.
3034.0 *+6UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Feb 28 1997Excessive page locking
3035.0 *+6CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Feb 28 1997Command Center "JUSTIFIED RIGHT"?
3036.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 03 1997Secondary archive is very slow
3037.0 *+3BULAN::sooras-2Tue Mar 04 1997Hints to a EDI-partner
3038.0 *+11UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 04 1997some observations regarding V2.1C
3039.0 *+2BULAN::sooras-2Tue Mar 04 1997More partner questions
3040.0 *+5EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Mar 05 1997Inhous field problem
3041.0 *+3IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Mar 05 1997additional application fileservers ?
3042.0 *+5UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 06 1997How to reset a lot of active TF's
3043.0 *+5UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 06 1997PEDI problems....
3044.0 *+2CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu Mar 06 1997Appl Client, 3.1 => 2.1 compatible?
3045.0 *+1COPCLU::FINNMon Mar 10 1997EDIPHARM REPORT
3046.0 *+11KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Mar 10 1997DECEDI$TRNS_EDIFACT process keeps dying....
3047.0 *+8ALFETA::MAURICIOMon Mar 10 1997How to trace OBB_INV_NOTAUTHORIZED ??
3048.0 *+2NETRIX::"jolsson@sooras-2Tue Mar 11 1997Multiple sql statements cannot be active when FetchAhead=Yes
3049.0 *+3CSC32::LINKWed Mar 12 1997Unix EDI status message listing
3050.0 *EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Mar 12 1997Problem with DEC/EDI client inhouse routing
3051.0 *+3SCASS1::HARRISONWed Mar 12 1997Oracle7 More Table Spaces?
3052.0 *+1GRIND::BFMAHERWed Mar 12 1997Parallel Testing with DECEDI 2.1
3053.0 *+6UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Mar 12 1997Wfw V3.11 Cockpit and SQl-F-SYNTAX_ERR
3054.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Mar 12 1997Connection Timed out and extended areas and defunct
3055.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 13 1997Fetch delay
3056.0 *+6CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Mar 14 1997Obb transport error, ivbuflen
3058.0 *+3COPCLU::FLADER_RFri Mar 14 1997Does DEC/EDI V3.1-A support multi processors ?
3059.0 *+2ATYISA::LEBRUNFri Mar 14 1997PEDI connect-id and invalid OR-address
3060.0 *+1UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 17 1997Migratie from Oracle RDB -> Oracle
3061.0 *+4GENIE::MUNTTue Mar 18 1997OFTP Gateway hangs on startup
3062.0 *+6NETRIX::"jolsson@dhcp2.ugo.dec.com"Wed Mar 19 1997OBB_INV_SRVPRCDIED
3063.0 *+1GENIE::MUNTWed Mar 19 1997Upgrade to v2.1D aborts with File Access Conflict
3064.0 *+3ZURWed Mar 19 1997Moving V1.3A to a system with different disknames
3065.0 *+1GENIE::MUNTWed Mar 19 1997OFTP over TCP/IP?
3066.0 *+3GENIE::MUNTThu Mar 20 1997DEC/EDI V2.1D & ORACLE Rdb V7?
3067.0 *+5GENIE::MUNTThu Mar 20 1997OFTP Incoming Access Filter
3068.0 *+1UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 20 1997UNB help text confuses
3069.0 *+2UTRTSC::DIENAARThu Mar 20 1997Different owner/protections in store directory
3070.0 *+1VAXRIO::6323Thu Mar 20 1997DEC/EDI 2.1A and Decnet OSI 6.3 ?
3071.0 *+2GIDDAY::REIDFri Mar 21 1997Year 2
3072.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Mar 21 1997Complete list of codes
3073.0 *+3UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 24 1997orbguicmderr, unknown commandcode received
3074.0 *+3IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Mar 25 1997Client/server overhead?
3075.0 *+3EEMELI::EINAMOTue Mar 25 1997OFTP crashed with accvio HELP!!!
3076.0 *+4TAKEOF::BLATTERTue Mar 25 1997OBB 2.6 with V3.1
3077.0 *+2NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 25 1997Automatic startup/shutdown
3078.0 *+2NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@malux2.ugo.dec.com"Wed Mar 26 1997CC and DHCP again...
3079.0 *+1MSAMFri Mar 28 1997Oracle Archivelog mode
3080.0 *+2EDITEX::bjodial1_port6.bjo.dec.com::stoddartFri Mar 28 1997decedi$configure_acas trashed OBB
3081.0 *+5HITOPS::MAYNARDWed Apr 02 1997Filebridge send error!
3082.0 *+3JOBURG::BERETTAWed Apr 02 1997SFID and BYPASS with OFTP
3083.0 *+3KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 02 1997stuck document problems......
3084.0 *+2KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Apr 02 1997decdtm system service call error...
3085.0 *+1ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Apr 03 1997UNIX 3.1A: Unable to fetch a document after "map failed", reset
3086.0 *+2ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Apr 03 1997More than one interchange per transmission file for n EDI partne
3087.0 *+9UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Apr 04 1997EDIOBDDE and GPF in module USER.EXE at
3088.0 *+1CSC32::B_ALTMIREMon Apr 07 1997RDB 7.
3089.0 *+4UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Apr 07 1997OFTP problems after VMS upgrade
3090.0 *+7EDITEX:: Apr 08 1997FBR compile not working
3091.0 *+1PANTRA::VWILLIAMSTue Apr 08 1997OBB V2.5A-
3092.0 *+6GIDDAY::REIDWed Apr 09 1997Functional Acknowledgements and EDIFACT/Document Priority
3093.0 *+5EDITEX:: Apr 09 1997error reading DECEDI$SRV_CONFIGURATION.DAT
3094.0 *+2UTRTSC::DIENAARWed Apr 09 1997post processing Import/export gateway
3095.0 *NETRIX::"gramain@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 10 1997pb filebridge and clipboard
3096.0 *+1RULLE::KLASSONThu Apr 10 1997Client node name as seen from server
3097.0 *+9JOBURG::BERETTAMon Apr 14 1997Creating an Oracle 7 database - problems
3098.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Apr 15 1997DEC/EDI V2.1D VAX/VMS available ?
3099.0 *+2RULLE::KLASSONTue Apr 15 1997Is "dbkey" used with V2.1C audit database?
3101.0 *+10RULLE::KLASSONWed Apr 16 1997DECEDI$CONFIGURE_ACAS problems with OBB V2.7
3102.0 *+8JOBURG::BERETTAThu Apr 17 1997Objectbroker problem
3103.0 *+2ATYISA::LEBRUNThu Apr 17 1997DEC/EDI SAP integrator refrences for Europe/DEC/EDI on UNIX
3104.0 *METSYS::REIDThu Apr 24 1997EDI InfoCenter Web site
3105.0 *+5BERNThu Apr 24 1997UNOB without UNA (DEC/EDI V2.1D)
3106.0 *+3EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIThu Apr 24 1997Delta-time problem?
3107.0 *+3IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Apr 24 1997How is database determined to start from DECEDI-Unix
3108.0 *+1HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Apr 25 1997cannot recieve EDI files
3109.0 *+2CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Apr 25 1997Data Server ACCVIO
3110.0 *+1CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Apr 25 1997378
3111.0 *+1ATYVMon Apr 28 1997DEC/EDI UNIX 3.1A and PEDI gateway: Field(Subject) Support ???
3112.0 *+4CSC32::LINKTue Apr 29 1997Fixed length Record Format for Impexp
3113.0 *KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Apr 29 1997Documents in PARTRCV status
3114.0 *+9RULLE::KLASSONTue Apr 29 1997How get rid of DECEDI_IMO_IMPL servers?
3115.0 *+2NNTPD::"blattern@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997Numeric Field
3116.0 *+2GIDDAY::LUCREWed Apr 30 1997EDI Version 2.1C EDIFACT 9
3117.0 *+6NNTPD::"blattern@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997OBB on Win
3118.0 *+1CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed Apr 30 1997%SQL_F_SYNTAX_ERRfrom Cockpit
3119.0 *+4GIDDAY::LEHThu May 01 1997 duplicate transactions sent to trading partner
3120.0 *+1ATYVThu May 01 1997Use of a wild (*) card in the SURNAME field of PEDI gateway
3121.0 *+1KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri May 02 1997aufit files are too large!
3122.0 *+10NNTPD::"blattern@mail.dec.com"Wed May 07 1997V3.1A + PEDI
3123.0 *METSYS::NELSONSun May 11 1997Good Bye
3124.0 *+2JOBURG::BERETTAMon May 12 1997CONTRL message in edi 3.2
3125.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSTue May 13 1997decedi__input_open_error
3127.0 *+1UTRTSC::SMEETSThu May 15 1997V1.3B X4
3128.0 *+2METSYS::POADThu May 15 1997Warning about V3.1A Comms Editor crash and Access 97 ODBC driver
3129.0 *+4JOBURG::BERETTAThu May 15 1997Unauthorized to access edi server
3130.0 *+2EVTAI1::5dhcp36.evt.dec.com::gramainFri May 16 1997error FBR-E-INTERNAL_ERROR
3131.0 *+1KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon May 19 1997DEC/EDI 2.1D, problems with DECEDI$CONFIGURE_ACAS
3132.0 *+2JOBURG::BERETTAMon May 19 1997CANTGETAUTH ObjectBroker problem
3133.0 *+5JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 21 1997Urgent Help with some questions please
3134.0 *+1JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 21 19972.1d fbr$runtime.exe
3135.0 *+4JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 21 1997More problems since upgrade to 2.1d
3136.0 *+2ATYVFri May 23 1997problems with FDL script called from the mapper 2.1D
3137.0 *+2ATYVFri May 23 1997Transmission file too big in cockpit 3.1A
3138.0 *+4UTRTSC::SMEETSSun May 25 1997serious bug in CC for MS-Windows V3.1A
3139.0 *NNTPD::"blattern@mail.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Lookup bug in V3.1
3140.0 *+3JOBURG::BERETTATue May 27 1997Attachments and PEDI ??
3141.0 *+3JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 28 1997Filebridge behavior in 1.3 and 2.1 - the same?
3142.0 *+6JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 28 1997CC 3.1a and EDI 2.1c
3143.0 *+2CSC32::B_ALTMIREWed May 28 1997FAILDSREAD, error reading FTF table
3144.0 *+6VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed May 28 1997X.4
3145.0 *+2CSC32::LINKMon Jun 02 1997Delete of Lookup Table - Deletes Wrong Table
3146.0 *+3ROCCER::WSWANEYTue Jun 03 1997DECedi Unix 3.1 (new user questions)
3147.0 *UTRTSC::DIENAARWed Jun 04 1997Surname and decedi v3.1
3148.0 *BERNThu Jun 05 1997OFTP & WAN Support V3.
3149.0 *+4BERNFri Jun 06 1997Translation Services licence
3150.0 *+2UTRTSC::DIENAARFri Jun 06 1997Fetch returncode 248