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Conference gvprod::geneva_sailing

Created:Tue Mar 27 1990
Last Modified:Tue Jan 11 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:45
Total number of notes:143
Number with bodies:0
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1.03SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Welcome
2.017SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Who are you ?
3.0SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Reserved for future use
4.0SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Reserved for future use
5.06SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990FOR SALE
6.07SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990I AM LOOKING TO BUY....
7.03SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Crew Wanted
8.01SHIRE::STIFFTue Mar 27 1990Skipper wanted
9.02GVAFri Aug 10 1990Funny Sailing Experiences
10.01SUTRA::JAHANFri Sep 28 1990Cruising rules on Geneva lake
11.0VARDON::DAWKESWed Nov 14 1990Digital Sailing Club AGM - 4th December 199
12.03EAYVFri Feb 15 1991Sailing Dinghies***
13.0EAYVFri Mar 15 1991Press Cutting !!
14.03HERON::WENGERMon Mar 18 1991Interest for Corsica/Sardignia ?
15.03IJSAPL::HOUTEPENWed Mar 20 1991Sailing in the mountains ?
16.012SUTRA::JAHANTue Mar 26 1991Bol d'or
18.06IGETIT::BLYTHESSat Apr 06 1991Geneva Permit?
19.0SHIRE::MEYERWed Apr 17 1991SEAGULL outboard for Sale
20.05EAYVTue Apr 30 1991Mast Set Up
21.0GVATue May 14 19911
22.06VARDON::DAWKESMon May 27 1991The DSC 42
23.02RUTILE::KENNEDYWed Jun 05 1991Sailing Lessons in Versiox
24.0GVAWed Jun 12 1991Want to take lessons ?
25.0GVAFri Jun 21 1991Lac de Garde - boat rental ?
26.04GVAMon Jul 08 1991First time out on the 5o5
28.04RUTILE::PARTRIDGEMon Jul 29 1991Seen on the Lake.
29.0GVATue Jul 30 1991Sailing Jokes Note
30.02SUTRA::JAHANTue Aug 06 1991Skiffs (rowing)
31.0SHIRE::DAWKESTue Sep 24 1991A Chance to Represent Digital in a Regatta
32.01CGOOA::FEDDEMAFri Sep 27 1991Accomodations/Telecom 91
33.0GVAMon Jan 27 19925.5mJI information ?
34.0SHIRE::BOGSTADWed Mar 18 1992Boat for Sale
35.04SHIRE::DAWKESWed Apr 22 1992La Croisiere Bleue
36.0GVAMon Jun 01 1992Surprise Wanted
37.0RDGENG::BEVANThu Nov 19 1992Sailing in Bahamas in Jan '93
38.0PAKORA::RMCOUATWed Dec 16 1992Feb-May '93 in the Caribbean.
39.0GVAThu Mar 11 1993Looking for "Surprise" regatta crew
40.0GVAThu May 06 19931993 Sailing season
41.01GVAThu May 13 1993Looking to buy cruiser
42.0ALBINO::DAWKESThu Jun 03 1993Digital/HP Barbecue June 16th
43.02IOSG::TENNANTTThu Jul 29 1993Chance of a life time !!!
44.0GVPROD::MAX333::wengerWed Aug 18 1993Jeune Genevois cruise '93 details
45.0LEMAN::WENGERMon Dec 13 1993'94 Yachting calendars for sale