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Conference gvprod::eerp_proposals

Title:Research proposals and other EERP matters
Created:Thu Apr 03 1986
Last Modified:Tue Nov 05 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:746
Total number of notes:5458
Number with bodies:0
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1.02TANNAY::BETTELSWed Sep 09 1992Notes conference undergoing reorganisation
298.034EUROPE::LILOWed Feb 03 1988396/FR CRIM/Medical Image Processing
336.015EUROPE::LILOThu Jun 23 1988444/FR ENSSAT/Imprecise Queries on a Database Sys
348.018EUROPE::LILOThu Aug 18 1988457/AU GRAZ/Computer Assisted Instruction
352.05EUROPE::LILOWed Aug 24 1988461/HL UTRECHT/'SPIN' proposal
353.039DECALP::REESWed Aug 24 1988462/GY STUTTGART TP/Reuter, New Institute
355.014EUROPE::LILOFri Sep 02 1988464/BE BRUSSELS/AI Luc Steels
356.022DCC::BALSThu Sep 15 1988465/GY BERLIN/Object Oriented Design Methodology
360.06EUROPE::MAILLARDTue Oct 11 1988471/FR EARN/Migration to ISO/OSI protocols
366.015EUROPE::BRESLINTue Nov 01 1988476/FR INSEAD/Sigma implementation on microvax/VAXmate
375.021EUROPE::BRESLINWed Dec 21 1988485/UK EDINBURGH UNI/Geographic Info Sys Design
380.020EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Feb 06 198949
381.01EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Feb 08 1989491/NW TRONDHEIM U/ Distributed MPCS
382.05LESZEK::KOTSCHWed Feb 15 1989492/GY DARMSTADT:3D Graphics in CDA
383.05EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Feb 27 1989493/GY DARMSTADT/ Develpment of a Knowledge Base
384.013EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Feb 27 1989494/FR MARSEILLE/User Definable Graphics Emulator
390.06SHIRE::NAGYThu Apr 06 19895
391.07EUROPE::JENEFSKYFri Apr 14 19895
394.09EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed May 24 19895
399.015EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Jun 28 19895
400.015EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Jul 03 19895
402.018EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Jul 03 1989511/SW KTH/TMC
403.020EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Jul 13 1989512/FR GRENOBLE Computer assisted interventions
405.07EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Aug 02 1989514/GY MUNICH/Enhancements of a Cell Controller Sys
409.016EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Sep 05 1989518/GY TU BERLIN/Production Plang & Schedulg usg Blackboards
412.015KASINO::KOTSCHThu Oct 05 1989521/GY DARMSTADT/3D Graphics in CDA (cont.)
413.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Oct 23 1989522/AU LINZ/Parallel Symbolic Computation
414.013EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Oct 23 1989523/HL BSO/Implementation of text-based Knowledge
417.019EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Oct 31 1989526/BE IMEC/
419.013EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Nov 07 1989528/GY WUPPERTAL/Connection Machine
421.08EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Nov 15 198953
423.019EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Nov 24 1989532/FR INRIA/3D Images Interpretation
425.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Dec 18 1989425/HL SSN/Neural Networks
426.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Dec 18 1989535/GY GMD/Supercomputing Test Lab
429.05EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Dec 20 1989536/FR IPG/Seismic Simulation
432.04EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Jan 05 1990539/YU NIS U/Adaptation of MUSIC to Process Simulation
433.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Jan 09 199054
434.013BYENGMon Jan 15 1990541/NW Trondheim U/StereoLithography - CAD - EXPRESS
435.08EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Jan 18 1990471/FR EARN Migration to ISO/OSI
436.08EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Jan 19 1990542/CH CERN/Ops fr Distributed Environments
438.04EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Feb 07 1990544/CH WISCONIN-CERN/A Heterogeneous Farm Platform
440.07EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Feb 20 1990546/AU WIEN/Port of MINIMOS VLSI to PMAX
441.014EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Feb 22 1990547/FR HELIOS/Advanced informatics in medecine
447.021SIEVAX::REESWed Apr 04 1990554/UK HERIOT-WATT,GLASGOW/Dynamic Icons
448.07EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Apr 18 1990555/GY DORTMUND/Tools f Transition Axioms based Specifications
451.023EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Apr 23 1990558/DK TU DENMARK/Mechanical Support of HW Verification
453.08EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue May 08 19905
454.04EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue May 15 199056
455.011EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue May 15 1990561/GY FHG MFG Inst./Software for Semiconductor Mfg
456.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue May 15 1990562/UK LEEDS/DB_Habits
458.09EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Jun 05 1990564/IR DUBLIN/Formal Properties of Mixed-Mode Inference
459.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Jun 05 1990565/IT POLITECNICO TORINO/Concurrent GOOD Simulation
463.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Jun 22 1990569/HG SW TU BUDAPEST/Electric properties in silicon
465.020EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Jul 02 1990571/FR ENS LYON/Dictionary Machine on a MPP
466.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Jul 03 1990572/GY LEIPZIG/Knowledge-Based Simulation
469.016EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Jul 12 1990575/FR LISAN/Object Oriented Design Environment
471.011EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Jul 12 1990424/UK CARDIFF/Extension to project UK-
472.015EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Jul 18 1990577/FR PARIS/Symbolic Computation & Workstation
473.013EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Jul 18 1990532/FR INRIA/EPIDAURE/Extension to FR-
475.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Aug 02 1990579/HG BUDAPEST/Surface Modeling on Free-Form Curve-Networks
477.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Aug 23 1990581/AU TU VIENNA/Image Data
479.013EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Sep 13 1990583/GY REGENSBURG/Atomic/Magnetic Microscopy Device
480.019EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Sep 13 1990584/AU JOANNEUM/Syntax/Semantics of 3D FEM & Visualization
481.033EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Sep 19 1990585/IT CEFRIEL/CASE Real Time & Process Programming
482.010EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Sep 21 1990586/IR GALWAY/Tools to Support Integrated Planning and Control
483.08EUROPE::MURITHThu Sep 27 1990587/UK BATH/MasPar
488.05EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Oct 22 1990592/GY STUTTGART/Programming Environments (DPRI)
489.023EUROPE::GSCHWENDTue Oct 23 1990593/IS WEIZMANN INST/Submicron Semiconductors Research
490.041EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Oct 25 1990594/FR THOMSON/Imaging Processing Subsystem for MPP sys
492.027EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Nov 30 1990596/FR OSF/1 Implementatn on symmetric multiproc.
493.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Nov 30 1990597/FR IMAG/Synchronous Declarative Language
494.019EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Nov 30 1990598/UK FILMEDIA/Strategy Formulatn w. 3D Top Mappg
496.020EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Dec 13 19906
498.015EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Dec 13 19906
500.012EUROPE::GSCHWENDMon Dec 17 19906
501.07EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Dec 28 19906
503.05EUROPE::GSCHWENDFri Jan 11 19916
504.015EUROPE::GSCHWENDWed Jan 23 19916
512.05TANNAY::BETTELSMon Mar 11 1991617/SW Uppsalla/SIP/Porting of "O" Crystallography Program (follow on from FRODO)
513.06TANNAY::BETTELSMon Mar 11 1991618/SW Uppsalla/SIP/Assignment of NMR Spectra by Interactive Graphics
516.020EUROPE::DEVOSWed Mar 13 1991621/SW Linkoping/Integrated Env. Medical Info Systems
517.014EUROPE::GSCHWENDThu Mar 21 1991622/CH CERN/UNIX Data Center
518.015EUROPE::DEVOSFri Mar 22 1991623/FR AIM-2 INRIA,CHRUG,Fulmer,IPA - CAMI
519.09EUROPE::MURITHTue Mar 26 1991624/AU TUVienna/Adaptive Image Compression
520.015EUROPE::MURITHThu Mar 28 1991625/FR IMAG/CHRUG-Neural Network Approach to Parallel Processing
521.054EUROPE::DEVOSWed Apr 03 1991547/FR FR-
522.015EUROPE::DEVOSMon Apr 08 1991541/NW NW-
523.018TANNAY::BETTELSTue Apr 09 1991626/GY Bremerhaven/Rsrc-Mgt & UI for Graphic O/P Sys. in a Hetero. Envir.
524.026TANNAY::BETTELSThu Apr 11 1991627/UK Oxford Univ. Press/HECTOR- English Text Disambiguation
525.03EUROPE::MURITHTue Apr 16 1991628/AU AIPH/Revisable Hypermedia Documentation
527.09EUROPE::MURITHWed Apr 17 199163
528.04EUROPE::MURITHThu Apr 18 1991631/IR Trinity/Improved Scene Rendering System
529.014EUROPE::MURITHFri Apr 26 1991632/SW UPPSALA/MT Russian -> English
530.06EUROPE::JENEFSKYMon Apr 29 1991633/AU TU Vienna-CAN/Central European Networks
532.014EUROPE::MURITHThu May 02 1991635/AU SEIBERSDORF/Int'l. Standardization on Compound Do
534.012TANNAY::BETTELSTue May 07 1991636/SU Moscow Institute of Space Research/NASA-Soyuz Cosmic Ray Experiment
535.010EUROPE::MURITHMon May 13 1991637/GY TUMUNICH/Adv. Database Systems Concepts
536.030EUROPE::MURITHFri May 17 1991638/HG Hungarian University Research Infrastructure
537.010EUROPE::MURITHFri May 17 1991639/AU TUVIENNA/Device & Process Numerical Simulation SW
538.033EUROPE::MURITHTue May 21 199164
539.024EUROPE::MURITHTue May 21 1991641/BE IMEC/Extension to BE-
540.04EUROPE::MURITHWed May 22 1991643/HL Utrecht/DPRI-Ocean Circulation Simulation
542.020EUROPE::MURITHFri May 24 1991645/HG Multilogic/AI Software Tools
544.010EUROPE::MURITHThu May 30 1991647/GR TU-Athens/Improving Relational DB Systems
545.06EUROPE::MURITHMon Jun 03 1991
546.013EUROPE::MURITHTue Jun 04 1991649/IS HebrewU/Formal Spec & Automated Deduction
553.013EUROPE::MURITHTue Jun 25 1991656/UK Edinburgh/Geographical Info Systems in MPPs
554.06EUROPE::MURITHMon Jul 01 1991657/FR INRIA/Object Oriented Parallel Processing
555.08EUROPE::MURITHMon Jul 01 1991658/FR CRIHAN/Numerical Tools for MPPs
556.016EUROPE::MURITHThu Jul 04 1991659/FR Neurope Lab/Demonstrator
560.03EUROPE::MURITHFri Jul 12 1991663/SW Uppsala/Equations on Vector & Parallel/Networks
561.01TANNAY::BETTELSTue Jul 23 1991
562.09EUROPE::MURITHWed Aug 07 1991664/GY HHU Dusseldorf/Corrosion Behavior of Alloys
563.03TANNAY::BETTELSThu Aug 08 1991665/UK Brunel/Obj. Or. DB for Integration of Digital Mapping,Online Anal. & Asset Mgmt for UDS
564.01EUROPE::MURITHFri Aug 09 1991666/FR Telesystemes/Teaching & Training in R&D
565.019EUROPE::MURITHMon Aug 12 1991667/BE Leuven/Archiv & Comm System in Medicare (MACSIM)
566.014EUROPE::MURITHMon Aug 12 1991668/UK Glasgow/OEIC - Opto-electronic Circuit Design
567.011EUROPE::MURITHThu Aug 15 1991669/GY Goethe/Dev. & Mgt of Comm SW Systems
568.04EUROPE::MURITHFri Aug 30 199167
571.015EUROPE::MURITHFri Sep 06 1991673/SU AcadofSci/Multipurpose Linguistic Processor
573.05EUROPE::MURITHThu Sep 19 1991675/GY EMBL/HIPPI Link to Supercomputers
574.018EUROPE::MURITHFri Sep 20 1991676/HU HAcadofSci/Hungarian EARN Gateway System
575.09EUROPE::MURITHFri Oct 04 1991677/GY Dortmund/Tools for Transition Axioms based Specs
576.010TANNAY::BETTELSTue Oct 08 1991678/UK Manchester/Joint Project on the VMS RISC Server
577.01LOVADA::SCHERRERWed Oct 09 1991681/FR SpotImage/Adv. Tools for Space Imagery Handling
578.024EUROPE::DEVOSMon Oct 14 1991679/GY Karlsruhe,Kaiserslautern/Networked Systems for Tutoring
579.045EUROPE::MURITHTue Oct 22 199168
580.015TANNAY::BETTELSMon Oct 28 1991682/UK Olivetti/Desktop video and Active Badges
581.044EUROPE::MURITHTue Oct 29 1991683/IS Tel-Aviv/Comp. Fluid (Aero) Dynamics & PPs
583.06EUROPE::MURITHFri Nov 08 1991685/GY EMBL/SIP-Integrating Hetereog. Biological Databases
585.019EUROPE::MURITHMon Nov 11 1991687/SW SICS/Data Diffusion Machine & ANDORRA KL
586.0EUROPE::MURITHFri Nov 15 1991688/UK Queen's/Language Development
587.08EUROPE::MURITHTue Nov 26 1991689/CS UAK/Compat. Testing on Czech VAX Clones
588.022EUROPE::MURITHWed Nov 27 199169
589.014EUROPE::MURITHWed Nov 27 1991691/TK Bosphorus/Turkish Spell Checking
590.026EUROPE::ADDAThu Nov 28 1991692/IT Milano/Computer Supported Coop. Work
591.022EUROPE::MURITHThu Dec 05 1991693/SW Chalmers/Parallel Functional Languages
594.014EUROPE::MURITHTue Dec 10 1991695/FR IRISA/Implem. of GAMMA-language on PAMs
595.013EUROPE::MURITHTue Dec 10 1991696/FR LIRMM/HW Speed-up for Genetic Sequence Analysis
596.05EUROPE::MURITHTue Dec 10 1991697/HG KFKI/Adaptive Signal- and Image Processing Algorithms
597.02EUROPE::MURITHMon Dec 16 1991698/CS Comenius/Comp. Support of Neurosurgical Operations
598.02EUROPE::MURITHMon Dec 16 1991699/CS Comenius/Pharmacological Study
599.020EUROPE::MURITHWed Dec 18 19917
600.031EUROPE::MURITHWed Dec 18 19917
602.052EUROPE::MURITHWed Dec 18 19917
603.035EUROPE::MURITHWed Jan 08 19927
604.03EUROPE::MURITHWed Jan 08 19927
605.0EUROPE::ADDAFri Jan 10 19927
606.014EUROPE::MURITHFri Jan 10 19927
607.012EUROPE::MURITHFri Jan 10 19927
608.017EUROPE::ADDAWed Jan 15 19927
609.01EUROPE::MURITHWed Jan 29 199271
610.04EUROPE::ADDATue Feb 04 1992711/UK CAMBRIDGE/SIP-Handling & Analysis Package
611.031WADD::EERPFri Feb 14 1992712/CH CERN/Event Distrib. in NA48 Experiment Using HIPPI
612.010WADD::EERPThu Feb 13 1992713/CH Geneva/Multimedia Object Oriented Programming Environment
613.015LESZEK::KOTSCHFri Feb 14 1992714/AU Seibersdorf/Ext. of CDA/DDIF Environment
614.0EUROPE::MURITHThu Feb 27 1992715/PL Krakow/Num. Computation on WS and Mainframes
615.06WADD::EERPMon Mar 02 1992716/GY Endrikat/Object-Oriented Source Code Translator
616.033WADD::EERPTue Mar 03 1992717/FR Orsay Museum/Multimedia Workbench
617.02EUROPE::MURITHFri Mar 06 1992718/FR CIFASSIH/Multimedia Network in AIDS Clinical Research
618.028EUROPE::MURITHTue Mar 17 1992719/FN Helsink/Network VENUE Distance Education
619.01WADD::EERPMon Mar 23 199272
620.013WADD::EERPMon Mar 23 1992721/GY CIS/Software for Linguistic Database
621.014WADD::EERPThu Mar 26 1992722/GY Furtwangen/Application-Driven Investigation of Object-Oriented Design in an Industrial Environment
622.012NEWWAY::ADDAMon Apr 13 1992723/GY TUMunich/MACH Kernel with VAXELN runtime personality
623.0NEWWAY::ADDATue Apr 14 1992724/CH ETHZ/Recognition of Man-Made Structures from Satellite & Aerial Remote Sensing Data
624.059NEWWAY::ADDATue Apr 28 1992725/FR INRIA/3D Images Interpretation (Follow up)
625.02NEWWAY::ADDAThu May 14 1992726/IT CUD/Distance Education in Southern Italy
626.034NEWWAY::ADDAWed May 13 1992727/SW Swedish Academy/Digital Camera System for Fast Image Acquisition
627.019NEWWAY::ADDAThu May 21 1992728/GY Fraunhofer/Development & Integration of Information & Communication Components in Assembly & Logistic Systems, mixed with automated and manual stations
628.022NEWWAY::ADDAMon May 25 1992729/SW UPPSALA/Protein Crystallography Computational Environment
629.018NEWWAY::ADDATue May 26 199273
630.036NEWWAY::ADDAMon Jun 01 1992731/PL Warsaw/Methods & Tools Supporting Formal Documentation of Computer Systems
631.0EUROPE::DEVOSThu Jun 04 1992732/FR LILLE LOGINAT - Remote Diagnosis workstation and network
632.024EUROPE::DEVOSThu Jun 04 1992733/CH NEUCHATEL EMR Generator
633.041SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jun 10 1992734/IT LIUC/CIM Open Standard Framework
634.016SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jun 10 1992735/AU TUV/Device & Process Numerical Simulation SW
635.010SHUSHU::MURITHTue Jun 23 1992736/GY Darmstadt/Development Environment for Reliable Distributed Cooperative Apps
636.060SHUSHU::MURITHMon Jun 29 1992737/AU Graz/Integrated Picture Archiving & Documentation System
637.011SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jul 01 1992738/GY Nurnberg/C-B Market Tools with Human and/or Simulated Traders
638.08SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jul 01 1992739/IT Bergamo/Real-Time Trading Analytics for the New Italian Markets
639.014SHUSHU::MURITHFri Jul 03 199274
640.08SHUSHU::MURITHTue Jul 07 1992741/GY Erlangen/App of Event Synchronization Technology in Coop Work Environments
641.063567::ADDAFri Jul 10 1992742/DK Aalborg/Hyperstructure Programming Environment
642.032MTHEAD::ADDAThu Jul 23 1992744/NW OSLO/A Shared Memory Multiprocessor Based on SCI & Decstations
643.014KAMPUS::KOTSCHSun Aug 02 1992745/PL TUCracow/Document Paradigm as Information Interchange Tool in Construction Process
644.057MTHEAD::ADDAMon Aug 10 1992746/UK Rutherford/Modular Architecture for a Distributed Shared Memory System for use in Data Acquisition at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
645.011MTHEAD::ADDAMon Aug 17 1992747/FR TRIVIUM/GINGO (The most antique tree): Development of the first "Knowledge Tree" Software
646.022MTHEAD::ADDAThu Aug 20 1992748/UK LPAC/LPAC NAG Port Project
647.021LESZEK::KOTSCHFri Sep 18 1992749/AU Joanneum/DDIF Extensions for 3D and Multimedia
648.017MTHEAD::ADDAThu Sep 24 199275
649.09MTHEAD::ADDATue Oct 06 1992751/FN SEFT/Development of Silicon Detectors and their Applications
650.026MTHEAD::ADDAWed Oct 07 1992752/SW Latvian/A Meteorological Network around the Baltic Sea
651.044MTHEAD::ADDAThu Oct 08 1992753/FR LIFL/Partner Project (Extension to FR-
652.09MTHEAD::ADDAFri Oct 09 1992754/GY TUMunich/2D and 3D Discretization of Nonplanar Structures in Device Simulation
653.010MTHEAD::ADDAThu Oct 15 1992755/SW Chalmers/A RTI Monitoring Central
654.013MTHEAD::ADDAThu Oct 15 1992756/SW Stockholm/Computer-aided and distance education programs for distributing advanced management skills to Estonia.
655.011MTHEAD::ADDAMon Nov 02 1992757/FN Tampere U/Signal Processing for Medical Imaging Systems - Status & Perspectives
656.015LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Nov 09 1992758/FR Found. Resear.Inst./OSF/1 Microkernel on DEC Alpha AXP
657.08MTHEAD::ADDAMon Nov 16 1992759/GY IPP/PVM/HeNCE on Alpha: GY - Fusion Research Collaboration
658.02MTHEAD::ADDAMon Nov 16 199276
659.026MTHEAD::ADDAMon Nov 16 1992761/FR INRIA/An Operating System Exploiting 64-bit Address Spaces in Managing Shared, Persistent, Protected Distributed Objects
660.09MTHEAD::ADDAMon Nov 30 1992762/AU Salzburg/Wavelet Transform of Rough Surfaces
661.016SHUSHU::MURITHMon Dec 14 1992763/FR EERIE - LERI/ Natural & Artificial Vision
663.012MTHEAD::ADDAThu Dec 10 1992765/SU Cyclomena/Data Compression
664.07SHUSHU::MURITHFri Dec 11 1992Proposal for PVM Pilot Project
665.012MTHEAD::ADDAThu Dec 17 1992766/IT CRMPA/Object-Oriented Languages & Transactional Environments for Massively Parallel Architectures
666.016SHUSHU::MURITHMon Dec 28 1992767/UK ICBL/ETM Distance and Open Learning Programme (DOL)
667.015MTHEAD::ADDAFri Jan 08 1993768/SU NIITP/Software for Industrial & Municipal Wastes Processing Equipment & Computer-Aided Design
668.022MTHEAD::ADDATue Jan 19 1993769/CH CERN/GIGAswitch-networked Alpha AXP Workstations
669.0MTHEAD::ADDAThu Jan 21 199377
670.016LLANDA::KARINTue Jan 26 1993771/AU Vienna/Software Tool Kit for Multi-Method Imaging Material Analysis
671.014MTHEAD::ADDATue Jan 26 1993772/SW Linkoping/High Performance Computing in Computational Solid Mechanics
672.011MTHEAD::ADDAFri Jan 29 1993773/CH CERN/Exploiting a New Architecture for Image Processing (NAIP) in the context of RD11/EAST collaboration using DEC Alpha AXP and HIPPI.
673.029MTHEAD::ADDAThu Feb 11 1993774/UK , NL Cambridge/Hippocrene
674.013MTHEAD::ADDAWed Mar 03 1993775/GY Karlsruhe/DCE++ - A Distributed Object-Oriented Framework on top of DCE
675.013MTHEAD::ADDAFri Mar 05 1993776/BE VKI/PVM/Hence on Alpha Farms
676.012MTHEAD::ADDAThu Mar 11 1993777/SU Russian Academy of Science/"Signal integrity investigations, derived from detection and processing of optical pulses from radio pulsars and black holes"
677.03MTHEAD::ADDAMon Mar 29 1993778/UK Reading/Use of Historical Patterns of System Usage to Guide User Environment Construction
678.042MTHEAD::ADDAMon Mar 29 1993779/GY GWDG/IBM 3
679.033CECTUV::JOHANNMon Apr 05 199378
680.022ANTIGA::ADDATue Apr 13 1993781/GY UAK/BIG (Berkom II, ITEMS, Gigaswitch High Performance Networking and Multimedia Service Development
681.015ANTIGA::ADDAFri Apr 16 1993782/UK Olivetti/Active Badge and Pandora
682.011ANTIGA::ADDAFri May 07 1993783/FR LIP/Computer Arithmetic algorithms on a DECperle-1 board.
683.017ANTIGA::ADDAThu May 13 1993784/BE IMEC/Two-Dimensional dopant Profiling by Spreading Resistance (Extension of BE-
684.03ANTIGA::ADDAThu May 13 1993785/HG Miskolc/Production Activity Control Prototype System
685.025ANTIGA::ADDAFri May 14 1993786/SW CCMM/Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on Alpha AXP Farms
686.013ANTIGA::ADDAFri May 14 1993787/CH CERN/Event Distribution in NA48 using HIPPI <<EXTENSION>>
687.059ANTIGA::ADDAFri May 14 1993788/IR Dublin/Development of parallel computational algorithm
688.020ANTIGA::ADDAFri May 14 1993789/AU Vienna/Device and Process Numerical Simulation Software
689.028ANTIGA::ADDATue May 18 199379
690.019ANTIGA::ADDAMon May 24 1993791/UK Cambridge/ODP Test & Collaboration Platform with Enhacements to Encompass Time Constrained Performance
691.014VNABRW::HIESBERGER_KThu Jun 03 1993792/AU Vienna/Theoretical Support for the Multifractal Analysis of Cleanroom Data
692.014ANTIGA::ADDATue Jun 15 1993793/UK RAL/Alpha AXP Farms Collaboration to achieve a robust production environment for scientific applications
693.047ANTIGA::ADDAMon Jun 21 1993794/FR Onera/PVM/HeNCE on Alpha: FR - ONERA Research Collaboration
694.024SHUSHU::MURITHTue Aug 17 1993795/FR CITI2/BISANCE
695.033SHUSHU::MURITHFri Sep 17 1993796/GY Karlsruhe/PVM/HeNCE for Speech Translation on Alpha Farms
696.031SHUSHU::MURITHFri Oct 08 1993797/FN Helsinki/GSM into DoDaNets
697.026SHUSHU::MURITHWed Oct 27 1993798/GY Dresden/Dis. Office System Support on HP Networks & Mobile Computing Systems
698.036SHUSHU::MURITHWed Oct 27 1993799/GY Siegen/Tools for Developing Parallel OO Applications on WS Farms
699.011SHUSHU::MURITHThu Nov 25 19938
700.043SHUSHU::MURITHWed Dec 22 19938
701.014SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jan 05 19948
702.013SHUSHU::MURITHWed Jan 12 19948
703.025SHUSHU::MURITHTue Jan 18 19948
704.027SHUSHU::MURITHFri Feb 04 19948
705.040SHUSHU::MURITHMon Feb 21 19948
706.043SHUSHU::MURITHWed Feb 23 19948
707.017LLANDA::JOHANNWed Mar 02 19948
708.018SHUSHU::MURITHThu Mar 03 19948
709.028LLANDA::JOHANNWed Mar 16 199481
710.076SHUSHU::MURITHFri Mar 18 1994811/UK Imperial College/A SuperJanet Shared Image Resource for Synchronous Apps
711.058SHUSHU::MURITHThu Apr 28 1994812/UK Ral-Manchester/Modular Architecture for Distributed Shared Memory System
712.024SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 02 1994813/PO Lisboa/Parallel Distributed Prolog and Applications (PADIPRO)
713.016SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 02 1994814/AU TUVienna/Dopant Profiling by Voltage Contrast Scanning Electron Microscopy (VCSEM)
714.017SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 02 1994815/BE Louvain/World Ocean Modelling on a small parallel computer
715.029SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 02 1994816/SU Moscow/High Accuracy and High Performance Computing in Modelling
716.025SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 09 1994817/IT ITIA - CNR/Development of Interactive Graphic System to show BASEstar's capabilities
717.034SHUSHU::MURITHFri Jun 17 1994818/IT Padova/Development of Durable Concrete
718.02SHUSHU::MURITHFri Jun 17 1994819/FR LEPSI/Elaboration of X-ray Images coming from High Performance Detectors
719.036SHUSHU::MURITHFri Jun 24 199482
720.043SHUSHU::MURITHThu Jun 30 1994821/IT CNUCE/Advanced Information Servers for Multimedia Networking
721.022SHUSHU::MURITHTue Jul 12 1994822/AU TU Vienna/Surface Characterization of Al (Cu) Alloys
722.0SHUSHU::MURITHMon Aug 15 1994823/GY Frankfurt/Alpha Computer as a Basis for ATM Switches
723.012LLANDA::JOHANNThu Aug 18 1994824/AU Vienna/STARPULS
724.035SHUSHU::MURITHMon Sep 05 1994825/UK LPAC/Porting & Extension of Financial Apps Libraries to Alpha Farms
725.020SHUSHU::MURITHWed Oct 26 1994826/GY GMD Fokus/MHEG Engine for GLASS
726.07SHUSHU::MURITHTue Nov 08 1994827/GY Kaiserslautern/WWW - MHEG Engine for GLASS
727.034SHUSHU::MURITHWed Nov 16 1994828/CH Geneva/ATM Network Development on University and Observatory Site
728.029SHUSHU::MURITHFri Dec 09 1994829/SW SICS/Porting & Support of SCICTUS PROLOG on Alpha with OSF/1
729.010SHUSHU::MURITHFri Dec 09 199483
730.09SHUSHU::MURITHThu Dec 15 1994831/NW IKU Research/Fast Finite Difference Modeling of 3D Elastic
731.019CECTUV::JOHANNThu Dec 15 1994832/AU Uni Vienna/Global Optimization
732.02463667::MURITHMon Feb 20 1995833/AU Linz/Interactive Multimedia Teleservices over Euro-ISDN
733.04763667::MURITHFri Feb 24 1995834/GY Karlsruhe-CMU/Speech recognition on DEC Alpha ComputeServers
734.03263667::MURITHThu Apr 13 1995835/CH CERN/High Speed ATM Backbone
735.04563667::MURITHMon Apr 24 1995836/NW-SW Bergen-Linkoping/LINPARC-ALPHA, EUROPENGER-ALPHA
736.03263667::MURITHThu Apr 27 1995837/FR DAUSSET/Porting, SMP Impl. and Dev. of QUICKMAP on SMP Server
737.03263667::MURITHThu May 11 1995838/CH CERN/Data Mining using PIAF for Physics Data Access
738.02763667::MURITHTue Jun 06 1995839/AU Vienna/Performance Evaluation of HP Fortran 9
739.02963667::MURITHTue Jun 06 199584
740.01763667::MURITHTue Jun 13 1995841/GY Darmstadt/Modelling Heterogeneous Multimedia Mail
741.03863667::MURITHMon Jul 10 1995842/GY Karlsruhe/CARMA - Comms Support for Apps Research & ATM Network Mgmt
742.02063667::MURITHMon Jul 10 1995843/GY IPK Berlin/Application & Utilization of Comm. Info Services based on WWW
743.01263667::MURITHThu Aug 03 1995844/HL ESTEC/Large Scale CFD Simulations
744.01063667::MURITHWed Aug 09 1995845/GY ECRC/Port of ECLiPSe
745.010GVAWed Dec 20 1995846/AU TUVienna/Device & Process Numerical Simulation Software
746.022GVAMon Feb 05 1996847/IT Politecnico Torino/Public Key Security Environment