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Conference gvprod::disco

Title:DISCO General users' conference
Created:Fri May 26 1989
Last Modified:Mon Aug 21 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:121
Total number of notes:449
Number with bodies:0
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1.07BIS::VANDYCKFri May 26 1989Welcome
2.026BIS::VANDYCKFri May 26 1989Who is who
3.01BIS::VANDYCKWed May 31 1989Manipulating fields independently ?
4.07CURRNT::OBRIENThu Jun 01 1989Can Everyone "Boogie" (sorry - DISCO) ?
5.06GVAFri Jun 16 1989IMPORT "local updates"
6.02SWITCH::DEBLOCKTue Jun 20 1989Warning : BUG in system_interface
7.02SWITCH::VANDYCKFri Jun 30 1989Some additional training materials
8.0VOLVOX::DEBLOCKFri Jun 30 1989Warning : possible database corruption
9.02FNYFS::AKERLEYTue Jul 04 1989Lost V2 data base in Conversion!!!
10.05AYOV1Fri Jul 07 1989Dictionaries - who has the vision
11.02AYOV1Fri Jul 07 1989Non-conformance issue around definition naming
12.01AYOV1Fri Jul 07 1989When will DEC STD
13.01AYOV1Fri Jul 07 1989Standardising attributes and output from DISCO
14.02AYOV1Tue Jul 11 1989FMIC Public Dictionary now available
15.0244Thu Jul 13 1989Focus problems around 'nested' logicals
16.01HLDGThu Jul 20 1989Directory for output?
17.02HLDGFri Jul 28 1989TPU editor problems
18.0AYOV1Fri Aug 04 1989VMS/Rdb/CDD+ problems to be aware of
19.02AYOV1Fri Aug 04 1989When is a field length the right length ?
20.02HLDGMon Aug 14 1989Data dictionary for DISCO?
21.07ESDDEV::KINGMon Aug 21 1989Disco user training audit.
22.04ILO::MCKNIGHTMon Aug 28 1989How to handle dates - opinions wanted
23.03AYOV1Tue Aug 29 1989More on data definitions - solutions required
24.0AYOV1Wed Aug 30 1989Update Cycles for Data Definitions
25.02CURRNT::SMITH1Tue Sep 19 1989Rdo from DISCO
26.01CURRNT::OBRIENWed Sep 20 1989Wot about VIEWS ?
27.02AYOV1Wed Sep 20 1989Disco v3.1 and Decwindows - Y/N
28.01VOLVOX::VANPAMELMon Sep 25 1989V2 'Element Via Type' versus V3 'Field Data Type'
29.02AYOV1Thu Sep 28 1989>1 Primary key - valid or not
30.04AYOV34::LKEMNAFri Sep 29 1989'Real world record' & STACK DUMP
31.09AYOV34::LKEMNAFri Sep 29 1989Did ya know that, DISCO V3.1
32.08AYOV34::LKEMNAMon Oct 02 1989Bug in CDO-reporting
33.0ILO::NIMHAILLETue Oct 17 1989Parent_key_id???
34.0CHEST::JENKINSMon Nov 06 1989Physical Structure Updates - Beware!!
35.06AYOV28::PDAGLEISHThu Nov 09 1989Long Years YYYY or Short Years YY
36.010AYOV28::PDAGLEISHThu Nov 09 1989Short-list of VMS datatype 'standards'
37.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Nov 15 1989Sequence of file LOV
38.01AYOV1Mon Nov 20 1989'STD LENGTH'???
39.05VOLVOX::VANPAMELWed Nov 29 1989What about a LOV List-Of-Values for KEYWORDS attribute ?
40.01BIS::VANPAMELFri Dec 01 1989Export Disco data elements to CDD/Plus ??
41.04BIS::VANPAMELFri Dec 01 1989DOCUMENT struggling with unmatching Disco ()
42.03SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989Create selection file using wild card
43.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989Request to change "FILE" to "MODEL"
44.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989fast move around DISCO
45.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989Merge file entity and physical structure screens
46.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989Fields - enhancements
47.01SHIRE::ABAGWELLWed Dec 13 1989Include relationships in summary reports
48.0BIS1::VANDYCKTue Dec 19 1989Node name changed
49.0BIS1::VANDYCKThu Dec 21 1989DISCO V3.2 specifications available
50.0BIS1::VANDYCKTue Jan 09 1990VTX
51.02UFHIS::MFREUNDFri Feb 23 1990change of summary report?
52.01KIRKTN::CJARDINEMon Feb 26 1990FILE clarification reqd (as per 43.1)
53.06AYOV28::PDAGLEISHTue Feb 27 1990Avoid the pitfalls - part 1
54.02AYOV28::PDAGLEISHWed Feb 28 1990Keyword Glossary review ?
55.01CROCUS::VANDYCKTue Apr 03 1990Some news about our documentation
56.02HLDGMon Apr 09 1990DEC station 35
57.01HLDGWed Apr 18 1990stack dump when choosing dictionary
58.01ESSB::NIMHAILLEFri Apr 20 1990Keyword Glossary Abbreviations
59.02SHIRE::ABAGWELLMon May 14 1990Cannot delete file operation level
60.06SHIRE::ABAGWELLMon May 14 1990New file gets status of identified why?
61.05SHIRE::ABAGWELLMon May 14 1990Question on SDMl files
62.01GVAWed May 16 1990Exception reports - issues
63.01WJOUSM::LANGANWed May 30 1990'Create Like' Problems
64.01HLDGThu Jun 28 1990Physical structure sequence numbers
65.04HLDGWed Jul 11 1990SQL code generation?
66.03CROCUS::VANDYCKFri Jul 27 1990Announcement
67.05TPLAB::VANPAMELThu Aug 02 1990CDO BASED ON currently not supported by DISCO
68.01CPDW::WANGThu Aug 23 1990DIMS - what/when/where???
69.01SIMD::VANPAMELMon Aug 27 1990Problems with levels in DISCO File screens
70.0SIMD::VANPAMELWed Aug 29 1990Program available to create "Screen labels report"
71.03AYOV1Mon Sep 03 1990CDD/Plus dictionaries for DISCO
73.03ISEWed Sep 05 1990DISCO kit?
74.0PLAYER::VANPAMELFri Sep 07 1990Program to create FIELD CAPTIONS report
75.01ISEFri Sep 07 1990Why DISCO, not CDD/Repository?
76.0BIS1::VANDYCKTue Nov 13 1990Announcement - DISCO V3.3
78.04MLAD12::ROSINIThu Jan 24 1991DISCO error on my VAX station
79.0CROCUS::VANDYCKFri Feb 01 1991HMS problems
81.02CRATE::CROSSLEYMon Feb 18 1991DISCO Support Training ???
82.04MUNLEG::MEIERTue Feb 26 1991Conversion tool CDD/Plus ->DISCO available?
83.03RUTILE::RUSSELLWed Feb 27 1991No progress from KEY TYPE
84.02CRUISE::HCROWTHERThu Feb 28 1991Field Sequencing?
85.03MLAD12::ROSINITue Mar 05 1991FIle Entity "NOTES" reported in SDML???
86.01SHIRE::DM_DISCOTue Mar 12 1991differences report precision
87.05RUTILE::RUSSELLThu Mar 28 1991Relationship reporting
88.01HLDGFri Apr 05 1991Error compiling RDO file
89.02VLOMFG::FINKAFri Apr 12 1991Element Identification
90.0CROCUS::VANDYCKMon Apr 15 1991Selection and poor man's routing
91.02SHARK::DOWTue Apr 23 1991need hms, wms
92.01CRUISE::HCROWTHERTue May 21 1991DISCO vs RDB V4
93.02RUTILE::RUSSELLFri Jun 14 1991139 similar Relation descriptions
94.01AYOV1Mon Jun 24 1991DISCO v3.3 - List Of Values
95.02ISLNDS::LAUBACHWed Jul 03 1991v3.3 - edit/process SDML
97.02PICKET::FOLANThu Aug 22 1991Date on next version of Disco?
98.01PLAYER::VANPAMELThu Sep 05 1991
99.0ISLNDS::LAUBACHWed Nov 27 1991Full Data Model Rpt - Suggestion
100.01ELIS::DOEVEThu Jan 09 1992Upgrade kit requested !
101.04PIETFri Feb 07 1992HELP! creating extract for .CDO (CDDplus)
102.02FSDEV::LWAINETue Feb 25 1992Problem accessing private dictionary
103.09ISLNDS::LAUBACHWed Mar 18 1992Looking for FOCUS FEX
105.01REFDV1::GRAVLINWed Apr 01 1992VMS 5.5 incompatability
106.01ISLNDS::LAUBACHFri Apr 10 1992RDO Modify ?
107.02HLDGTue Jun 30 1992Display problem
108.01DELNI::P_COLEMon Sep 13 1993Upward compatable?
109.01DELNI::P_COLETue Oct 19 1993HMS/DTR
110.04AYRDAM::DAGLEISHPWed Nov 03 1993Could you please add me to the DISCO_SUPPORT notes conference
112.04DIEHRD::ODONNELLThu Feb 17 1994Need installation guide?
113.01CTHQ::ODONNELLFri Mar 11 1994Pointer for LOV?
114.04DIEHRD::ODONNELLTue Mar 29 1994error activating image CDDSHR
115.010RUMOR::MASTROTue Apr 12 1994Misc. Routines, Cautions, Hints, Procedures
116.01PLAYER::LEEMANSTue Jun 14 1994DISCO and DECStep V6
117.01WHRAMI::DIAMONDTue Jul 19 1994Need DISCO V3.3 savesets
118.07BIS1::VANPAMELThu Oct 20 1994Public documentation on PLAYER""::DISCO$PUBLIC:
119.01AKOCOA::SCHWABEFri Feb 03 1995NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number
120.01USCTR1::SCHWABETue Apr 04 1995PRINTER_LIST.MENU question
121.03MROA::CUDAKMon Jul 31 1995Need to change Pointer in Coomand Stream