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Conference jamin::vms-for-mac

Title:PATHWORKS for Macintosh & PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh)
Notice:Mac client 1.3.5 kit see note 9.2. MacX 1.5 kit see note 9.5
Created:Fri Jan 26 1990
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:4033
Total number of notes:16065
Number with bodies:96
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1.0BRONS::BURROWSThu Jun 28 1990Introduction and Policy
2.02BRONS::BURROWSThu Oct 04 1990Client and Server SPD and SSA
3.010BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Related conferences
4.02BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Conference announcements
5.012--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 29 1990Kit locations
6.0+3BRONS::BURROWSThu Oct 04 1990Formal channels: Product manager
7.05--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 29 1990How to request the lastest PATHWORKS for Macintosh ECO
8.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 29 1990How to submit QAR's
9.0+10RANGER::COPPOLAFri Dec 01 1995Kit Updates
10.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
11.011HERON::DEVRIESMon Mar 05 1990Presentations on-line?
12.03OTOOTue Mar 06 1990Product Schedule?
13.019KERNEL::OSMONDFri Mar 16 1990Can we get a copy of the seminar notes?
14.05WILARD::JENNINGSSun Mar 18 1990Electronic Mail ?
15.04WILARD::JENNINGSTue Mar 20 1990Memory Questions!
16.03WEFUNK::NICHOLSWed Mar 21 1990Field Test Preparation - AppleTalk Phase I vs II
17.01IDEALS::WESSELSThu Mar 22 1990Some usage questions
18.0CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KThu Mar 22 1990PID
19.02RANGER::KALIKOWFri Mar 23 1990Help Wanted: Mac app Creator/Type pairs, MS/DOS info 2
20.03SLYONE::SYLVESTERSat Mar 24 1990Compatibility with exsisting server...
21.03GREG::MERRELLMon Mar 26 1990Maximum simultaneous connections possible?
22.02AUNTB::WARNOCKTue Mar 27 1990How can we get access to the IFT kits ?
23.05THEWAV::WHITETue Mar 27 1990TFA ANYONE ?
24.02WR1FOR::BROMARTHWed Mar 28 1990List of Macs supported for VMS Svc for Mac.
25.0NANOOK::BRALEYFri Mar 30 1990atk/vms problem
26.02HERON::DEVRIESSun Apr 01 1990DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh -- Implications
27.03RANGER::KALIKOWWed Apr 04 1990A modest proposal RE printer queue names :-)
28.010JMPOFF::KABELThu Apr 05 1990Access to OS/2 File services
29.01WILARD::JENNINGSTue Apr 10 1990Details...
30.0WILARD::JENNINGSTue Apr 10 1990Partners Program Y/N?
31.06RANGER::KALIKOWTue Apr 10 1990Check out Mac-related notes in MARKETING and DIGITAL?
32.0SCADMN::MERRELLWed Apr 11 1990ATKHUB to be down 4/13@17
33.08USRCV1::HOLTJThu Apr 12 1990Sizing info for Servers...
34.09YUPPY::HOLDERRWed Apr 18 1990327
35.04HSOMAI::TILLEYFri Apr 20 1990Various Questions
36.04JULIET::MORRISON_HUSat Apr 21 1990 idea for demo'ing LanWORKS on customer macs
37.041RANGER::KALIKOWSat Apr 21 1990Electronic Access to the LanWORKS EFT2 Kit
38.05CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KMon Apr 23 1990Comparisons to ALISA and PACER?
39.0RANGER::HITTMon Apr 23 1990MSA EFTn, BLn explained
40.06OSLACT::ARNETue Apr 24 1990How does MacTCP work?
41.013OTOOTue Apr 24 1990Configuration and Pricing
42.03BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990AppleTalk Router Registration
43.05BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990Executor in wrong state
44.02BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990Apple MAC SMB driver work with PCSA
45.01BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990One set of install notes
46.02PIRU::GOETZEFri Apr 27 1990ACLs; Management menus?
47.02JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 27 1990Where is decnet mac and vaxmail client ?
48.02JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 27 1990decnet tunneling - part of DEC LanWORKS?
49.01JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 27 1990Where are the EFT2 kits for customers
50.019JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 27 1990How do you demo DAL
51.01JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 27 1990Are there any SQL mac client applications ?
52.013RANGER::HARRISSat Apr 28 1990MacUser, June & July 199
53.03ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYTue May 01 1990Ethernet cards - which one?
54.04KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue May 01 1990Can DEC LanWORKS & AlisaTalk coexist
55.01OURFE::SITTERLYWed May 02 1990When will DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh be available
56.01OSLACT::ARNEThu May 03 1990MacX - How is the keypad layout?
57.02GAUCHE::jnelsonThu May 03 1990Bug Reporting
58.02GAUCHE::jnelsonThu May 03 1990Installing Appletalk/DECnet gateway
59.01GAUCHE::jnelsonThu May 03 1990What state must the Mac be in when installing?
60.08LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKThu May 03 1990 Binary file transfer ???
61.011RANGER::HARRISSat May 05 1990Press Releases and other announcements
62.02FPTVX1::CUSHMANSat May 05 1990Apple Ethernet Card rev level??
63.012LISSYS::CALDASMon May 07 1990How about FastPath (Kinetics)?
64.03OILEAN::SMYTHMon May 07 1990Printing and Macterminal...how do we do it...
65.06SCATHA::FLANNERYTue May 08 1990MAC Portable
66.03RANGER::KALIKOWTue May 08 1990Looking to contact NZ and HK for FT info
67.0OSLACT::ARNEWed May 09 1990Network software for mac ?
68.01OSLACT::ARNEWed May 09 1990How do we repport problems on MacX and Mac Terminal?
69.02RANGER::HARRISWed May 09 1990Questions on Features, memory, ethernet boards, installation, printers,...
70.01BDYSRF::UDICKThu May 10 1990ULTRIX interoperability. NFS.
71.01PIRU::GOETZEThu May 10 1990PostScript Interoperability - any ideas?
72.019OSLACT::ARNEFri May 11 1990Ethernet cards (thin & thick wire/fiberoptic/twisted pair)
73.06POBOX::BAYLESSFri May 11 1990SPD Availablity?
74.015SWAM2::VIERS_MAFri May 11 1990Performance notes
75.04BDYSRF::UDICKFri May 11 1990Mac-X to ULTRIX
76.04OSLACT::ARNESat May 12 1990Graphic terminal emulation.
77.03BUOVAX::ARONSONMon May 14 1990Wish List Items
78.07ULYSSE::TIRRONENTue May 15 1990PICT-->CDA Converter problems
79.0WAV13::ADAMTue May 15 1990All-In-1 keys?
80.011SWAM2::VIERS_MATue May 15 1990Will NOTES be included? ever?
81.01HOO78C::VANDIJKWed May 16 1990Problem with printing over a FastPath 4
82.06LISVAX::DELGADOFri May 18 1990Training
83.02DEMOAX::MCCANNTue May 22 1990TTT and DECnet TFA anyone?
84.0SWAM2::VIERS_MATue May 22 1990Apple-Digital Alliance
85.07RANGER::HARRISTue May 22 1990DECwindows over AppleTalk Token Ring to MacX
86.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue May 22 1990Ordering DEC lanWORKS for MAC
87.07CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMWed May 23 1990LAT, DECnet, TCP/IP, AppleTalk, CommToolBox, Async
88.05MINDER::THORNTONDWed May 23 1990Appletalk and SQL services API - availability????
89.08MINDER::THORNTONDWed May 23 1990Sharing Laserwriter Printers with VMS users??
90.03YUPPY::HOLDERRWed May 23 1990Problems with ATK$MANAGER
91.01DEMON::TARQUINIOThu May 24 1990Availability of MAC II running DECLanWORKS for TESTING?
92.01DUGGAN::FALSAFIFri May 25 1990Need tech. info. on LanWORKS *real fast*.
93.01SHALOT::HUNTFri May 25 1990First Impressions From Charlotte
94.02USRCV1::EDMONDSJFri May 25 1990MacTerminal Emulation, Tunnels, 327
95.03DPDMAI::KORNSTue May 29 1990LanWORKS support CAP?
96.011HSOMAI::LINTue May 29 1990MacTerminal - Softkey and Scripting?
97.06ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYFri Jun 01 1990Just want DECnet to start with
98.01GLDOA::HALLBERGFri Jun 01 1990> Help with Excel ICONS from DOS version <
99.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Jun 05 1990 NML listener question
100.03CTOAVX::JENNINGSWed Jun 06 1990Macintosh Future Directions???
101.02ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYWed Jun 06 1990Hidden area concerns
102.02RT128::BATESFri Jun 08 1990Printer Object Limits?
103.03LISVAX::DELGADOFri Jun 08 1990pclan/server package!
104.01SWAM2::VIERS_MAFri Jun 08 1990Training from CMC, in July!
105.0MINDER::THORNTONDMon Jun 11 1990LanWORKS Printer setup - %RMS-E-DNF error
106.04ISEMon Jun 11 1990DAL ADSP Server not found
107.01RANGER::HARRISTue Jun 12 1990Product Review in DEC Professional, June, 199
108.05CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Jun 12 1990Pacershare conversion info needed
109.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Jun 12 1990Connectivity Hardware Solutions
110.08BCSE::HORNIKWed Jun 13 1990Would prefer Mac24
111.01BCSE::HORNIKWed Jun 13 1990Need USER access to MSA$MANAGER
112.02TDCIS3::FRANCARTWed Jun 13 1990ThinWire or ThickWire or the both ?
113.02GAUCHE::jnelsonWed Jun 13 1990AppleTalk Gateway Help: How come I don't see more zones?
114.03MINDER::THORNTONDWed Jun 13 1990DAL demo (RASKIN BOBBINS) on MAC to Rdb database?
115.0BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Jun 13 1990Access to not-yet-CATed files?
116.03COPCLU::RISTOThu Jun 14 1990CTERM and NetCOPY using Localtalk?
117.014SWAM2::VIERS_MAFri Jun 15 1990Where's the mail?
118.03DPDMAI::KORNSFri Jun 15 1990Mac to/from SMTP?
119.02YUPPY::HOUSTONMon Jun 18 1990benchmarks/sizing info
120.020STKHLM::GOLSSONTue Jun 19 1990Whats in MacTCP tools?
121.03FPTVX1::CUSHMANTue Jun 19 1990RDB Option needed to support DAL ??
122.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Jun 20 1990Apple-Digital network documentation ?
123.06CAADC::PMWVESTUTOWed Jun 20 1990alisa purchased, now want DEC...
124.0FOOBAR::KABELThu Jun 21 1990RMS Indexed file access?
125.01WR1FOR::BROMARTHFri Jun 22 1990Some generic questons
126.02YUPPY::HARVEYMon Jun 25 1990Configuration Guidelines Anyone??
127.011CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Jun 26 1990LaserWriter queues/printing from VMS/SCSI Ethernet
128.02CHOVAX::WILLIAMSTue Jun 26 1990Questions
129.09HSOMAI::LINTue Jun 26 1990ADSP protocol in MacX and Macterminal
130.03OSLACT::ARNEThu Jun 28 1990Gaphic Smoothing in DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh??
131.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSThu Jun 28 1990327
132.01CHOVAX::WILLIAMSThu Jun 28 1990Where are PF1-PF4
133.0COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Jun 28 1990Twisted-Pair, and DEClanworks?
134.01HDLITE::ALJAARFri Jun 29 1990LANworks Documentation and info
135.0TROAWed Jul 04 1990CL/1 -> DAL -> Rdb + 3rd Party Packages
137.02TRNOI1::ANDERNELLOThu Jul 05 1990MacX on TCP/IP or DECnet
138.02GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERThu Jul 05 1990Problem with xfering files from Mac to VAXshare
139.03STKAI1::ARFORSFri Jul 06 1990Kinetics/MacTerminal
140.019INFACT::BEVISFri Jul 06 1990MacX questions
141.06CTOAVX::JENNINGSFri Jul 06 1990BL4 Questions
142.04MLNCSC::ORIANAMon Jul 09 1990CL/1 1.1 and DEC LanWORKS for Mac
143.02SAGE::BOEHMMon Jul 09 1990Client install of eft3 problem
144.04BCSE::HORNIKMon Jul 09 1990Using DEC Print Queues doesn't work as advertised
145.04VAOUTue Jul 10 1990DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh and PCSA
146.01MSDOA::KNIGHTLYTue Jul 10 1990Accounting?
147.07MSDOA::KNIGHTLYTue Jul 10 19903 button mouse?
148.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LWed Jul 11 1990Sharing files LanWORKS DOS & MAC
149.017SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Jul 11 1990Help MacX Anyone???
150.06POBOX::BARTELThu Jul 12 1990VTX/File Name/Etc Questions
151.04FMCSSE::ROBBINSFri Jul 13 1990DECwrite problem using MacX
152.01WLW::SHREVESat Jul 14 1990SCSI ethernet for MAC PLUS?
153.02BRUMBY::Colin BeutelMon Jul 16 1990Ethernet Card
154.0BRYAN::ARCHERMon Jul 16 1990Printing from Mac and MS DOS Applications
155.01OILEAN::SMYTHTue Jul 17 1990MSAF$Convert_Alisashare.com
156.02TLE::JNELSONWed Jul 18 1990How is busy bit cleared?
157.01YUPPY::HOLDERRThu Jul 19 1990 DECnet EFT2 Parameters
158.0KAL::PERThu Jul 19 1990DECnet program example, anyone?
159.01MLNCSC::ORIANAFri Jul 20 1990Apple internet router and ADSP
160.01VMSNET::W_FAMBERFri Jul 20 1990Decnet Address
161.02SUBWAY::MONASCHFri Jul 20 1990Backup Mac Hard Disks
162.01DENVER::MEDAUGHFri Jul 20 1990mail comparison: NASA PopMail
163.0LACVMon Jul 23 1990DEC LanWORKS vs Pacer positioning
164.08MAMTS2::SFAIRCLOTHMon Jul 23 1990Performance Stats against Alisa&PACER
165.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990SCACT::APPLETALK conference now available
166.01HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUTue Jul 24 1990DALdemo does not change the demo database !
167.09CGOSTue Jul 24 1990LanWORKS, Localtalk, Decnet and MACterminal
168.04MINDER::THORNTONDWed Jul 25 1990MacTerminal 3 - ADSP futures? localtalk access
169.02MINDER::THORNTONDWed Jul 25 1990DECnet on Mac accessing VAX- username error 2
170.01YUPPY::HOLDERRWed Jul 25 1990EFT3 Questions
171.02MAMTS3::SMOODYWed Jul 25 1990VMS access to AppleShare file servers?
172.01HGOVC::ALECLEEWed Jul 25 1990Trying to copy the kit
173.0CGOSThu Jul 26 1990MAC data base access ?
174.01TRCAThu Jul 26 1990Questions on Lanworks for MAC
175.05DPDMAI::STACKJThu Jul 26 1990Installation times????
176.02WEORKS::ROBBINSThu Jul 26 1990What's available on the EasyTalk network
177.012SSBN2::HORNIKFri Jul 27 1990Can I do anything with a Dial-up Macintosh?
178.03BDYSRF::UDICKFri Jul 27 1990Do I need a License to get to the File Service
179.05TRNOI1::ANDERNELLOMon Jul 30 1990DAL and INGRES
180.0POCUS::BAGDONASMon Jul 30 1990FoxBASE+/MAC and LANworks
181.05INFACT::BEVISMon Jul 30 1990Can't print documentation
182.024CGOOMon Jul 30 1990Kinetics/Novell/Shiva Etherport/DEBNI problems
183.0CGOOMon Jul 30 1990Looking for MacTerm Doc.
184.0GLDOA::JMARSHALLMon Jul 30 1990DEC LanWORKS for MAC "VS" Alisa
185.04GLDOA::JMARSHALLMon Jul 30 1990DEC LanWORKS for MAC
186.0RANGER::HARRISTue Jul 31 1990FastPath/GatorBox upgrade to FastPath 4 offer
187.04OTOATue Jul 31 1990async X.25 access to LanWORKS
188.02MUNICH::LEONHARDFri Aug 03 1990decnet tunnel setup
189.0LISVAX::MSEPULVEDAFri Aug 03 1990FastPath problems
190.05CURIE::RICARDFri Aug 03 1990VAXShare file types?
191.08HERON::DEVRIESMon Aug 06 1990MacX Cut and Paste
192.02WEORKS::ROBBINSTue Aug 07 1990Macintosh Server Licensing and SPD
193.020WEORKS::ROBBINSTue Aug 07 1990Can't get DAL working
194.06STKHLM::THOMASSONTue Aug 07 1990LaserWriters on LocalTalk
195.01ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYWed Aug 08 1990Users define their own volumes?
196.0UTRTSC::BATSWed Aug 08 1990Error in the SSA
197.08SDOGUS::DIAZWed Aug 08 1990R-boot, Clusters & Capacity ?'s
198.0SUBURB::RYBAKCThu Aug 09 1990documentation first, kits can wait (a bit)...
199.0HERON::DEVRIESFri Aug 10 1990MacX and PHIGS 2.1
200.0CGHUB::LIBERTYFri Aug 10 1990LanWORKS for Mac Easy License Program
201.05ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYFri Aug 10 1990Restoring files?
202.08SCADMN::MERRELLMon Aug 13 1990Restrictions and limitations
203.03MARVIN::SCOTTMon Aug 13 1990Synch DECnet links - futures
205.07INFACT::BEVISTue Aug 14 1990CHOOSER and UAM selection
206.05JOCKEY::YOUNGTWed Aug 15 1990Phase II driver for a NUVOTECH box
207.0HSOMAI::MOFFITTWed Aug 15 1990DETPR anyone?
209.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri Aug 17 1990Hypercard stack to explain product.
210.0BDYSRF::UDICKFri Aug 17 1990Sample host files? TCP/IP just 4 MAC-X. Why
211.03CHOVAX::WILLIAMSFri Aug 17 1990DECnet not coming up
212.011CTOAVX::JENNINGSFri Aug 17 1990CDA Converter Library when?
213.023SIOG::ODRISCOLLSun Aug 19 1990Printing through Terminal Servers?
214.05CBWND2::GAUTREAUMon Aug 20 1990Why not a 9" monitor for MacX
215.0MAIL::HYSLIPWed Aug 22 1990Testing specifics...
217.01LEMAN::MAILLARDThu Aug 23 1990DEC LanWORKS for ULTRIX - Q-Number ?
218.03SIZZLE::DALTONThu Aug 23 1990Are Direct Async Connections to a VAX for LaserWriters Supported in EFT3.
219.05BDYSRF::UDICKThu Aug 23 1990Removing the WDEF virus from the DESKTOP file.
220.01GLDOA::JMARSHALLFri Aug 24 1990Serial lines
221.0RANGER::HARRISSun Aug 26 1990UAF fields that count for VAXshare logins
222.02WEORKS::ROBBINSMon Aug 27 1990Competing with AlisaTalk
223.03CGOOTue Aug 28 1990Help with an Internet Router
224.03JULIET::HATTRUP_JAWed Aug 29 1990Appletalk, LANbridge 1
225.01CSOA1::YOUNG_SThu Aug 30 1990Fastpath Setup Trouble
226.01PIRU::GOETZEFri Aug 31 1990Shiva EtherGate info/support?
227.03RTPSWS::DAVISFri Aug 31 1990term server; tunnel; cterm
228.01CSOA1::YOUNG_STue Sep 04 1990Printing problem-Converted LN
229.0OTOOTue Sep 04 1990security, common file service etc?
230.0RANGER::EIRIKURWed Sep 05 1990Pointer: Where to take CDA Inter-operability problems
231.012FPTVX1::CUSHMANWed Sep 05 1990FCS on Schedule? / SSB kit Q? / Net Kit Q?
232.02SAGE::BOEHMWed Sep 05 1990Start printer fails
233.01SIZZLE::DALTONWed Sep 05 1990BL5??
234.02SWAM2::VIERS_MAWed Sep 05 1990End of field test?
235.01IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Sep 05 1990ln
236.03CTOAVX::EGERTONThu Sep 06 1990Can't SHOW or ADD FILE
237.06LOWLIF::VANBUSKIRKThu Sep 06 1990Running DECwrite from a Macintosh????
238.04SUBWAY::CICCARONEThu Sep 06 1990Decnet for Macintosh API?
239.01UBOHUB::WALL_CEFri Sep 07 1990LANWORKS UNDER VMS V5.1-1...
240.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Sep 07 1990SPD for DEC LanWORKS, where?
241.01HOCUS::JEBRINEFri Sep 07 1990Documentation
242.0SCADMN::MERRELLSun Sep 09 1990FastPath 4 Configuration Guide available
243.02WEORKS::ROBBINSMon Sep 10 1990Is there a DECstart for Macintosh?
244.04RLAV::GORMLEYMon Sep 10 1990shiva ethergate
245.02GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Sep 10 1990Adding and Mounting Volumes Causes the File Server to go Offline
246.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOTue Sep 11 1990Tuning parameters for MAC side?
247.04BOLT::MINOWTue Sep 11 1990LPS4
249.02USWAV1::NULLWed Sep 12 19902 Ethernet Controllers?
250.02DDIF::MEAGHERWed Sep 12 1990Specify file signature during COPY?
251.03DUGGAN::FALSAFIWed Sep 12 1990Guide to VMSINSTAL: Newer version?
252.03CTOAVX::JENNINGSWed Sep 12 1990Oh No...Ethernet Cards Again
253.04WEORKS::ROBBINSWed Sep 12 1990Could Mac files become one file rather than two?
254.01GLDOA::HILLMANThu Sep 13 1990MacX to HP9
255.01EMASS1::MARTINThu Sep 13 1990data access across ethernet
256.03SCATHA::SMYTHFri Sep 14 1990Decterm doesn't work with MacX
257.01SCADMN::MERRELLSun Sep 16 1990ClearAccess demo available on RT95/MACLIB
258.02LYOIS1::MINGOIAMon Sep 17 1990Dec LanWorks "VS" Pacer
259.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMMon Sep 17 1990SequelLink (fr. GNOSIS) & DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh
260.0SUBWAY::HERMITTTue Sep 18 1990async decnet:shiva netmodem/decrouter2
261.06WIOVS1::OSCARTue Sep 18 1990Tunneling configuration / access to DTF??
262.012DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Sep 19 1990VAXshare Volume Ghosted - Install Mistake?
263.04SALSA::MOELLERWed Sep 19 1990Apple-DEC booklet correct ??
264.03ODIXIE::HIPPThu Sep 20 1990Task-to-Task with DEC LanWORKS
266.012FORTSC::GAVINFri Sep 21 1990problem with Ultirx 4.
267.05RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Sep 24 1990Any Security ?
268.03STLACT::HYSLIPMon Sep 24 1990LaserPrep verson question
269.03YUPPY::HARVEYMon Sep 24 1990Printing from Macs fails...
270.04BOLT::MINOWMon Sep 24 1990LPS2
271.05HLYCOW::JANESMon Sep 24 1990Screen Capture Tool/Capability?
272.0OSLACT::ARNEMon Sep 24 1990Keymap for MacTerminal?
273.010BEAUTY::ROBBINSMon Sep 24 1990How to copy from VMS into VAXshare volume?
274.04KOALA::LIUTue Sep 25 1990Want to be an IFT site for the ALL-IN-1MAIL Mac client?
275.03DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Sep 26 1990LanWORKS Dir/File Structures from a VMS Perspective
276.03MAIL::HYSLIPFri Sep 28 1990Naming problem with LanWORKS????
277.02CSOA1::SCHWERHAFri Sep 28 1990beta level upgradeable to 1.
278.01STKHLM::THOMASSONMon Oct 01 1990Printer-related questions
279.01SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Oct 01 1990DECterm not working with MacX
280.01RTPSWS::DAVISMon Oct 01 1990reverse LAT, # of sessions
281.02VMSDEV::HAMMONDMon Oct 01 1990Is there a VMS-FOR-MSDOS conference?
282.023DEMOIN::GRULKEMon Oct 01 1990SSB kit & doc. Available???
283.06STKHLM::GOLSSONMon Oct 01 1990Apple LaserWriters and LAT
284.02BDYSRF::UDICKTue Oct 02 1990How do you reset the LAT Admin Password
285.03UBOHUB::WALL_CETue Oct 02 1990MacTerminal and UNIX
286.01DGOSWTue Oct 02 1990DECnet on localtalk node
287.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Oct 02 1990Unable To Clear Zone Multicast Address
288.04SSBN2::HORNIKWed Oct 03 1990ZTerm for Comm ToolBox?
289.01OTOUWed Oct 03 1990DECnet & Graphic Formats
290.06SSBN2::HORNIKWed Oct 03 1990Not all files on the server show up on the Mac
291.02CACT48::BARTHThu Oct 04 1990VAXshare and Clusters
292.02GUIDUK::CHANGThu Oct 04 1990Application Unexpectedly Quits...
293.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Oct 04 1990VAXshare privileges questions
294.03PUTTER::WARFIELDFri Oct 05 1990Mac Plus, 6.
295.03BRYAN::KEENANMon Oct 08 19901
296.01DPDMon Oct 08 1990Imagewriter Printer Queue?
297.04STLACT::HYSLIPMon Oct 08 1990Installing official version
298.05NEGD::MICHAUDTue Oct 09 1990OSI Compliancy
299.02ODIXIE::VPEREIRATue Oct 09 1990DAL - Problem connecting
300.01ODIXIE::VPEREIRATue Oct 09 1990Terminal Emulation Question
301.03CSCOA5::EPLEY_TWed Oct 10 1990VAX is hanging
302.026FSADMN::CARZELLWed Oct 10 1990MacX- Unalbe to Run DECterm from Fileview
303.04BARMY::PETERWed Oct 10 1990Mac to LJ25
304.09YUPPY::HOLDERRWed Oct 10 1990Twin Bin Laserwriters?
305.07STLACT::HYSLIPThu Oct 11 1990MacX and Unigraphics
306.03CSOA1::BRANSTEINThu Oct 11 1990NET COPY and DTF not working
307.03KOOZEE::SOWINSKIFri Oct 12 1990Installer disk question
308.06TRCAFri Oct 12 1990327
309.03MSDOA::KNIGHTLYFri Oct 12 1990DAL and CL1 Compatible on Appletalk?
310.01CSOA1::SHORTFri Oct 12 1990LANworks to PACER
311.02DUCAT2::SMILEYSun Oct 14 1990VMS for Macintosh Presentation
312.03STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LMon Oct 15 1990GatorBox vs FastPath IV?
313.03CSOA1::YOUNG_SMon Oct 15 1990FastPath Performance/Config Question
314.01MUNCHZ::MORGANMon Oct 15 1990Keyboard Mapping of MACTerminal
315.04DORIE::COMPTONTue Oct 16 1990Microsoft Mail and VMSservices?
316.01CGOSTue Oct 16 1990Postscript Printing From PCs
317.04STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LTue Oct 16 1990DAL vs Informix
318.01STLACT::HYSLIPTue Oct 16 1990Print question
319.02STLACT::HYSLIPTue Oct 16 1990Un-named volume
320.03ODIXIE::VPEREIRATue Oct 16 1990DAL Problem - DAL V1.2 and RDB
321.05HLYCOW::JANESTue Oct 16 1990How Many free GBLPAGES needed
322.05IJSAPL::VOERMANTue Oct 16 1990Can't print large files
323.07FSADMN::CARZELLWed Oct 17 1990DAL Error '!DISPATCH FAILED!!!"
324.05NANTES::FARNEWed Oct 17 1990Laserwriter shared with PCs
325.04FSADMN::CARZELLWed Oct 17 1990DAL- Get Time Out Errors With Database Queries
326.01LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Oct 17 1990X.25 questions
327.03OILEAN::SMYTHWed Oct 17 1990using IDAL to get DAL working
328.02OASS::NORRIS_RWed Oct 17 1990MSAP$DECPREP6_
329.07SSBN2::HORNIKWed Oct 17 1990Not all files on server volume appear on Mac
330.01CLYDEY::JANESThu Oct 18 1990How do I include the Apple logo?
331.01SCAACT::BURGESSThu Oct 18 1990Any large reference sites?
332.04TRAMNR::HummerstonFri Oct 19 1990Quickmail and VMS Mail integration
333.03SMPVAX::BLUNTFri Oct 19 1990Lotus 123 files don't work after Xfer
334.06SMPVAX::BLUNTFri Oct 19 1990Print service problems from the Mac
335.03STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Oct 19 1990ACL's in VMS Services for Macintosh?
336.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Oct 19 1990LPS2
337.05ARTVAX::MCHIASSONFri Oct 19 1990How do I get the MAC on the net?
338.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Oct 19 1990Installation Problem
339.03CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Oct 19 1990MAC IIsi?
340.05DWOVAX::EROSSun Oct 21 1990MacX from home?
341.02PIRU::GOETZEMon Oct 22 1990Sequencing of startup events for MSA...
342.03NEMAIL::KALIKOWDMon Oct 22 1990MacX & AlSoft's 'Disk Express' disk vict/optimizer: bad combo!
343.05MINDER::THORNTONDTue Oct 23 1990cannot choose zone at this time...setup problem??
344.06YUPPY::HOLDERRWed Oct 24 1990Various Problems with V1.
345.01SCADMN::MERRELLWed Oct 24 1990NetCopy bug when VMS directory has 'no such file'
346.01NETMAN::SEGERWed Oct 24 1990Appletalk Network Management from Ultrix
347.011PIRU::GOETZEWed Oct 24 1990How do you invoke multiple printer setup modules transparently?
348.01JOCKEY::YOUNGTThu Oct 25 1990Zone and Internet router problem
349.04JOCKEY::YOUNGTThu Oct 25 1990Font from MAC to LPS2
350.0CGOOThu Oct 25 1990ROUTER missing
351.04BOMBE::ALDENThu Oct 25 1990Why does the file server keep a file open, after the connection is dropped?
352.017OSLACT::MAGNEWFri Oct 26 1990Password for Fileserver
353.04SUBWAY::SUENFri Oct 26 1990I need a "Break"
355.04BOLT::MINOWFri Oct 26 1990Lost data copying files under System 6.
356.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Oct 26 1990BUG: DECnet file lookup on Macintosh
357.01HERON::DEVRIESMon Oct 29 1990Change of networknumbers and zones
358.04EXIT26::STRATTONMon Oct 29 1990On files in [MSA.MSAP$SPOOL]
359.02MSDOA::KRESSENBERGMon Oct 29 1990security issues V1.
360.04ARTVAX::MCHIASSONTue Oct 30 1990RDB modules missing. Is this why can't get on NET?
362.01SHIRE::AUNEWed Oct 31 1990I Can't access my printers anymore
363.03RANGER::HARRISWed Oct 31 1990MacX - MSAX$CLIENT for ULTRIX - a Midnight Hack
364.01ODIXIE::VPEREIRAThu Nov 01 1990idal test progam - question on its use
365.05FOOBAR::KABELThu Nov 01 1990MacX performance information
366.08THEWAV::TAKASHIMAThu Nov 01 1990MacX help w/Xterm on a Mac IIfx
367.03LOD::LODFri Nov 02 1990Installation Floppy disk - how to build one
368.06FSADMN::CARZELLFri Nov 02 1990Can't See VAX from Chooser
369.0FSADMN::CARZELLFri Nov 02 1990DAL Error
370.02FSADMN::CARZELLFri Nov 02 1990Doesn't Want MSAP$RCVR Processes
371.03AUSTIN::WILSONFri Nov 02 1990DEBNI Problems?
372.02RUFOUS::ROBBINSSun Nov 04 1990When will MAIL be available
373.04YUPPY::HOLDERRMon Nov 05 1990MOD PRINT/HIDDEN doesn't!!
374.03BOLT::MINOWTue Nov 06 1990Accessing a Datatrieve database from a Mac?
375.02STKHLM::THOMASSONWed Nov 07 1990Filetransfer between servers
376.016NEMAIL::KALIKOWDWed Nov 07 1990VMS V5.4 and/vs PATHWORKS for Macntosh V1.
377.01CSOA1::BRANSTEINWed Nov 07 1990Configuration Help?
378.03KOOZEE::SOWINSKIWed Nov 07 1990Problem installing Communications toolbox
379.02ODIXIE::VPEREIRAWed Nov 07 1990HELP! - Any hints on what happened?
381.03INFACT::BEVISWed Nov 07 1990How do spooled Apple printers work?
382.01FSADMN::CARZELLThu Nov 08 1990Doesn't Want Users To Save Password w/Volume
383.03TRCAThu Nov 08 1990Server Sizing or Performance info (again)
384.01FSADMN::CORDELLThu Nov 08 1990How to add printer with no zones???
385.01SSBN2::HORNIKThu Nov 08 1990ATK$ROUTER Object - what account?
386.04FROSTY::DIAMONDThu Nov 08 1990SPINLOCK error when installing EFT 3.
387.01FSADMN::CARZELLThu Nov 08 1990Can You Use a Logical Name for Printer Queue?
388.04SPACC::MARKEYFri Nov 09 1990MacX - missing decw$transport_adsp.exe
389.08FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Nov 09 1990appletalk not starting
390.018PH4VAX::VILLARIMon Nov 12 1990more ethernet questions
391.03SPACC::MARKEYMon Nov 12 1990Need to get a VAX created CGM file to the Mac for conversion to PICT
392.01CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMMon Nov 12 1990How do I get to the 'virtual zone'...?
393.010DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Nov 12 1990327
394.02LOOPBT::BARTHMon Nov 12 1990Client license for VAXshore use only?
395.03SANTEE::GREENETue Nov 13 1990Sharing files with DOS?
396.010FSADMN::CARZELLTue Nov 13 1990Is FIle Server Limited to 254 Connections?
397.08RUFOUS::ROBBINSTue Nov 13 1990Problems seeing VAXshare volumes through Shiva Fastpath 4
398.01RUFOUS::ROBBINSTue Nov 13 1990LocalTalk and EtherTalk visibility
399.02FSADMN::CORDELLThu Nov 15 1990Special Characters Not Printing On LaserWriter
400.04RUFOUS::ROBBINSThu Nov 15 1990Mac Backup
401.012CSOA1::WILKINSThu Nov 15 1990PCSA/LanWORKS questions
402.05SMPVAX::BLUNTThu Nov 15 1990Disappearing and phantom zones on AppleTalk
403.01HGOVC::BARRYHOFri Nov 16 1990MacX does not manage sub-windows ?!
404.03BOLT::MINOWFri Nov 16 1990Decnet task-to-task communication?
405.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Nov 16 1990MacX quits
406.06BUFFER::CORMANFri Nov 16 1990Getting NetCopy to work under PATHWORKS for Macintosh
407.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Nov 16 1990Mac Hangs during install
408.02FSADMN::CORDELLFri Nov 16 1990Can't make CTERM connection with Macterminal
409.03SYOMV::CROSSENSun Nov 18 1990Farallon-PhoneNet experiences
411.02RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990ln
412.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990laserprep, mult supported?
413.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990327
414.01RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990scsi card, 3com supported?
415.04RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990tcp - 3rd party, telnet, nfs
416.01KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Nov 19 1990async+modem+mac
418.01HSOMAI::LINMon Nov 19 1990MACterminal using TCP
419.02THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Nov 19 1990Where did 14 MB hard-disk requirement come from?
420.02RT128::BATESMon Nov 19 1990Converting Alisa 3.3 Volumes?
421.02THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Nov 19 1990Would the PCshare board in the PC work w/Pathworks
422.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Nov 19 1990DAL server hanging in RWAST state
423.0PH4VAX::VILLARIMon Nov 19 1990more on note 39
424.07MAIL::HYSLIPMon Nov 19 1990Remote boot possible?
425.02RUFOUS::ROBBINSMon Nov 19 1990Does Asante Ethernet board + Mac SE work?
426.07RUFOUS::ROBBINSMon Nov 19 1990LAT MacTerminal session disconnecting at random
427.0NZOVTue Nov 20 1990ULTRIX host for WAN of LANs
428.01MCDONL::BUDNIKTue Nov 20 1990Mitem-View?
429.01FSADMN::CORDELLTue Nov 20 1990How to include LaserPrep V6.
430.05ISETue Nov 20 1990DAL problem - unable to connect to host listener
431.06FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Nov 20 1990can't print to lps4
432.08BOWLES::BOWLESWed Nov 21 1990RMS-W-DME, dynamic memory exhausted (revisited)
433.04UBOHUB::WALL_CEWed Nov 21 1990LaserWriter/PCSA/WordPerfect...
434.032BOMBE::ALDENWed Nov 21 1990PATHWORKS with cluster environment
435.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Nov 21 1990Printer setup in cluster
436.010SEMA::NEWFIELDWed Nov 21 1990printer set-up problem
437.09USWAV1::NULLWed Nov 21 1990DAL DOCS?
438.04OILEAN::SMYTHThu Nov 22 1990Add alias ..... don't work
439.02ZURThu Nov 22 1990Programmer's Documentation - where to find ?
440.06SNERT::RALLINGSFri Nov 23 1990DAL Server Behaviour Changed For SELECT Query
441.03LEMAN::PITTETFri Nov 23 1990Integrating High-end printers
442.01OILEAN::SMYTHFri Nov 23 1990DAL: Debugger works....tester doesnt.......help please !!!!
443.01HARPE::MANAGERMon Nov 26 1990Problem with printer set-up
444.03STKHLM::AAMISEPPMon Nov 26 1990Alias with Swedish character won't work.
445.01BARMY::PETERMon Nov 26 1990DECnet between 6.
446.0BARMY::PETERMon Nov 26 1990One off Access Violation with "Show Connections"
447.01A1VAX::BULKAMon Nov 26 1990ACCVIO - access violation on first connect to server
448.03SSBN1::HORNIKMon Nov 26 1990Reset saved file server password?
449.03GUIDUK::KEROUACMon Nov 26 1990Concealed Logicals for Volumes?
450.05OILEAN::SMYTHTue Nov 27 1990PATHWORKS for Macintosh Programmers Documentation
451.02NOBHIL::RILEY_ELTue Nov 27 1990Importing Excel into DECdecision Calc probs.
452.03CSOA1::BRANSTEINTue Nov 27 1990Active Ethernet Address duplicates?
453.02CSOA1::SMARACKOTue Nov 27 1990Stalled Print Queue
454.010DMSSTue Nov 27 1990Access to Seiko Colormate Printer possible?
455.09GUIDUK::WITTTue Nov 27 1990CD ROM or WORM question
456.04BRSTR1::SCHOOFSWed Nov 28 1990What about customer courses
457.04STKHLM::AAMISEPPWed Nov 28 1990Password error on guest account
458.0UTRTSC::MCCAULEYWed Nov 28 1990%MSAP-F-SYMDIE symbiont error
459.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Nov 28 1990LN
460.08MSVAX::BUDNIKWed Nov 28 1990VAXshare Management and *.MSAF$CAT files
461.02SCADMN::MERRELLWed Nov 28 1990Quick Installation Guide
462.02THEWAV::LEWWed Nov 28 1990VAXcluster Installation Help
463.01SDOGUS::CRIDERWed Nov 28 1990Laserwriter, WPS+, All-In-One printing?
464.02SCATHA::SMYTHThu Nov 29 1990How do I get Mail from Mac to Vax working ?
465.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Nov 29 1990DECnet/mac and TSSnet comp
466.0BRYAN::ARCHERThu Nov 29 1990Licensing Applications?
467.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Nov 29 1990MSA$MANAGER Stack dump
468.02YUPPY::HOLDERRFri Nov 30 1990LaserWriters and CTRL Sequences
469.01FSADMN::CARZELLFri Nov 30 1990MacX - Xtoolkit Fatal Error
470.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Nov 30 1990VAXshare login denied!?
471.04GLDOA::JMARSHALLFri Nov 30 1990Supported Unsupported
472.01WHYNOW::NEWMANSat Dec 01 1990Occasional problem with Comm Toolbox when booting Mac
473.06NZOVSun Dec 02 1990cterm and macterminal,yip I've read 139.*
474.01EVTIS2::LESOTMon Dec 03 1990ACCENTS Laser Apple Serial Connection
475.02WILARD::JENNINGSMon Dec 03 1990Implementation Question
476.07SAGE::REED_VMon Dec 03 1990Setting Up Node For A Gateway
477.0FSADMN::CARZELLMon Dec 03 1990AppleTalk Packets Routed thru DEBNI not DEBNA???
478.09WLW::BENSONMon Dec 03 1990Performance problem using Etherport SE and VAX 4
479.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Dec 04 1990Unable to Create Network Error
480.01BEAUTY::ROBBINSTue Dec 04 1990Problems Porting large Postscript file via NetCopy
481.0HLYCOW::JANESTue Dec 04 1990Printer Related Notes List
482.06CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Dec 04 1990Programmer's Documentation
483.01SWTHOM::LESOTTue Dec 04 1990INSTALL VAXStation 2
484.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Dec 04 1990MacX- Can Xwindows Applications Display Color?
485.05SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Dec 04 1990DECnet Library for Mac
486.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Dec 04 1990nothing prints
487.01BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOTue Dec 04 1990Want to print existing PS files to LaserWriter...
488.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Dec 04 1990MacTerm and FMS apps
489.01EXIT26::STRATTONWed Dec 05 1990ACCVIO crashing file server, for one specific folder on VAX
490.0THEWAV::LEWWed Dec 05 1990MAC/DOS Mixed Environment
491.03SAC::READING_RWed Dec 05 1990URGENT - Problem with VMS Copy of Mac files to a Mac Shareable device
492.01PH4VAX::VILLARIWed Dec 05 1990is pathworks pcsa and lanworks in one
493.01LOOPBT::BARTHWed Dec 05 1990Non Postscript Printers
494.01KAOFS::C_VERDONWed Dec 05 1990How to select a different zone
495.03RTPSWS::DAVISWed Dec 05 1990print fills disk on VAX
496.0HLYCOW::JANESWed Dec 05 1990How do I handle non-supported printers?
497.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Dec 06 1990MacTerminal - screen update error after line delete
498.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTThu Dec 06 1990MacTerminal - CTRL/S delay
499.04NEMAIL::KALIKOWDThu Dec 06 1990DuPont Alisa/PATHWORKS network problem
500.01SVCVAX::BONFIGLIOThu Dec 06 1990DECNet for Mac FileServers
501.04FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Dec 07 1990Nothing prints, but gets to queue
504.06FSTTOO::BROWNSat Dec 08 1990Help on Installation
505.02YUPPY::GINNMon Dec 10 1990Dovecards and VMS-for-Mac
506.01FSADMN::CORDELLMon Dec 10 1990Vax doesn't see printer from Mac w/Liason
507.02PIRU::GOETZEMon Dec 10 1990VMS Svcs kills MSA DCL interface?
508.01CANYON::GURALNIKMon Dec 10 1990Server crash with old accounts?
509.01HSOMAI::LINTue Dec 11 1990running xterm from MacX
510.01CSOA1::SMARACKOTue Dec 11 1990Grey [
511.04HSOMAI::LINTue Dec 11 1990can't open display - MacX
512.05FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Dec 11 1990SHOW CONNECTION Error 'Object in Wrong State'
513.016BRSTR1::SCHOOFSWed Dec 12 1990LaserWriter on terminal server: why not ?
515.01GUIDUK::KEROUACWed Dec 12 1990CAYMAN gatorboxes??
516.01DEMOAX::KUHLWed Dec 12 1990PC's & MAC's Performance on LAN Server 31
517.05SLO::VUJNOVICThu Dec 13 1990View by Icon of AppleShare volumes
518.07KERNEL::BROWNPThu Dec 13 1990system crashing on startup
519.0MAIL::GAMBYThu Dec 13 1990MAC/fastpath DECnet problem
520.03THEWAV::LEWThu Dec 13 1990SETHOST to the MACintosh?
521.0BIGUN::MAYNEFri Dec 14 1990Telebridge+PAD=Pathworks+PSI+DECrouter?
522.02MEO78B::BARNHOORNMon Dec 17 1990MacTerminal, but with no DECnet
523.03PAOIS::ALIEMon Dec 17 1990error RDB with DAL, what can i do ???
524.013BOWLES::BOWLESMon Dec 17 1990MS-Word/PATHWORKS Fileserver Performance
525.01FSADMN::CORDELLMon Dec 17 1990Laserwriter is Choking on large files
526.010FSADMN::EPLEY_TMon Dec 17 1990MacTerminal CTERM-LAT problems
527.05ODIXIE::VPEREIRAMon Dec 17 1990DAL - Hanging on Inquiries, Hypercard Stack being trashed
528.0OILEAN::SMYTHMon Dec 17 1990DAL...Debugger/Tester Crashes Mac.
529.01BIGUN::MAYNEMon Dec 17 1990Macintosh-to-VAX Integration Toolkit: where?
530.06NEMAIL::KALIKOWDMon Dec 17 1990PATHWORKS for Macintosh -- How're we doing?
531.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Dec 18 1990DECnet for Macintosh-- Proxy Access
532.05YUPPY::GINNTue Dec 18 1990HELP...I'mdrowning in Ethertalk
533.03RT128::BATESTue Dec 18 1990MacWeek Reviews Pathworks for Macintosh
534.0BRISCO::SYSTEMWed Dec 19 1990LAT programmer d Lat programming doc available?
535.0SLO::VUJNOVICWed Dec 19 1990A bug in MSA$MANAGER> SET REMOTE node ?
537.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Dec 19 1990appletalk zones disappear?
538.05PAULUS::BERGERThu Dec 20 1990Copying folder doesn't copy contents
539.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKThu Dec 20 1990Problem with the FILESERVER
540.01TMISThu Dec 20 1990Novice question on Installation Problems
541.04DACT6::PENSOThu Dec 20 1990LN
542.04WILARD::JENNINGSThu Dec 20 1990Confused about Fastpath
544.02YUPPY::GINNMon Dec 24 1990HELP...baffled by a DOVE
545.03PH4VAX::VILLARIWed Dec 26 1990Semantic software??
546.05FSADMN::CARZELLThu Dec 27 1990Mac Hangs After Entering LOGIN Information
547.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TThu Dec 27 1990MacX errors about the gateway
548.05FSADMN::CORDELLThu Dec 27 1990Insufficient Dynamic Memory--ATK
549.0HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGThu Dec 27 1990print text (>8
550.02SSBN1::HORNIKFri Dec 28 1990REAL Name, Please
551.03WILARD::JENNINGSFri Dec 28 1990What is the status of Network management
552.09FSADMN::CARZELLFri Dec 28 1990LOGIN - Incorrect Username/Password Error Message
553.016PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JFri Dec 28 1990Printing from LAT (Again...)
554.0CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KWed Jan 02 1991DAL/Rdb -- READ/WRITE Access
555.04FSADMN::CARZELLWed Jan 02 1991MacX - Questions about fonts
556.04BREAKR::UDICKWed Jan 02 1991Remote System Disconnected error
557.0NEMAIL::KALIKOWDThu Jan 03 1991N.B., all DEC attendees of MacWorld-SF, Jan 1991
558.04ELWD2::PRIBORSKYThu Jan 03 1991DECnet Mac and FAL
560.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Jan 04 1991File server terminates
561.06ROVRUM::ROBINSONFri Jan 04 1991How do I get MacX to work to ULTRIX?
562.014SSBN1::HORNIKFri Jan 04 1991DECmug Meeting Announcements
563.02CSOA1::BRANSTEINFri Jan 04 1991ACL checking on folder access?
564.05SUBWAY::HERMITTFri Jan 04 1991Farallon StarController support?
565.013SUBWAY::LICATAFri Jan 04 1991Appleshare but no DECnet
566.0HGOVFri Jan 04 1991PC print > 8
567.010YUPPY::HOLDERRMon Jan 07 1991File Corruption of VAXshare Volume
568.04BACHUS::VERMEIRMon Jan 07 1991LaserWriter and VMS Printing
569.05SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Jan 07 1991NI Raskin-Bobbins - stack unlocked in Finder?
571.01SCAM::VPERIERAMon Jan 07 1991DAL Issues -- Any comments??
572.04HARPE::MANAGERTue Jan 08 1991LPS2
573.01MRKTNG::REED_VTue Jan 08 1991RDB Export Error with Daldemo.rdb;1
574.03CGOOTue Jan 08 1991Search Lists
575.0CGOOTue Jan 08 1991EXCEL file accesses
576.02SCAM::VPERIERATue Jan 08 1991VAXshare file services and print services
577.01SCAM::VPERIERATue Jan 08 1991Terminal Emulation thru LocalTalk will it be available ever?
578.05TMISTue Jan 08 1991Is hidden printer is what I need?
579.01SSGBPM::MALKIELTue Jan 08 1991MacTerminal on 'Built-in' vs. 'Ethertalk' network
580.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Jan 08 1991MacX Problems...
581.03HGOSPS::ANDYNGTue Jan 08 1991PATHWORKS FOR Macintosh print problems
582.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Jan 09 1991Help with diskquotas
584.01MRKTNG::REED_VWed Jan 09 1991Can't Get PATHWORKS for Macintosh to Run
585.05HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGThu Jan 10 1991Support connection to ULTRIX by TCP/IP from MACterminal ?
586.05MYKENE::MOXLEYThu Jan 10 1991File_server funnies
587.01CACIQE::RUIZJThu Jan 10 1991MacX BUS ERROR...
588.0KERNEL::BROWNPThu Jan 10 1991Errors when connecting to VAXshare
589.03WILARD::JENNINGSFri Jan 11 1991Work with VMS 5.4-1
590.08BOMBE::ALDENFri Jan 11 1991MacX V1.1
591.03AIMHI::TAYLORFri Jan 11 1991Mac IIsi support?
592.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TSat Jan 12 1991multiple pages on paper?
593.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TSat Jan 12 1991Can't see VAX from internet router
594.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TSat Jan 12 1991can't access a volume
595.04FSADMN::EPLEY_TSat Jan 12 1991can't drag the folder to H.D.
596.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TSat Jan 12 1991MacTerminal hangs Macintosh
597.0OSAV26::ASAYAMAMon Jan 14 1991DAL demonstrations ?
598.01MSBCS::KINGMon Jan 14 1991problem connecting to VAX
599.0LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAMon Jan 14 1991Bug or Feature in NetCopy...
600.01KAOFS::C_VERDONMon Jan 14 1991Macterminal 3.
601.01SPACC::MARKEYMon Jan 14 1991Node name change on the file server
602.03COOKIE::BEANMon Jan 14 1991Bigger terminal region?
603.01ATFAM::HARRISMon Jan 14 1991MacTerminal user-defined keys (how to?)
604.0WILARD::JENNINGSTue Jan 15 1991PATHWORKS & TokenTalk & Internet Routers
605.02HSKPRF::KAILATue Jan 15 1991Problems with LN
606.011FSADMN::CARZELLTue Jan 15 1991Want To Print in Landscape Mode from VMS
607.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Jan 15 1991MacX- Error Initializing LAT Protocol
608.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Jan 15 1991managing icon info?
609.05CAPITN::MORRISON_HUTue Jan 15 1991VAXshare on 642
610.011MCDONL::BUDNIKTue Jan 15 1991VAXshare Password Mod Problem
611.0BCSE::KLASMANTue Jan 15 1991I don't understand the default behavior when NETCOPYing 512-byte, fixed length record files.
612.0FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Jan 16 1991password on client volume?
613.0SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Jan 16 1991CL1Init "connstr" string
614.01SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Jan 16 1991DAL - can the CREATE VIEW command be used in DAL
615.0SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Jan 16 1991SHOW PRINTER command in MSA>
616.0SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Jan 16 1991MODIFY PRINTER command in MSA>
618.0SCADMN::MERRELLThu Jan 17 1991Macintosh Connectivity Conference - July 91
619.03MCDONL::BUDNIKThu Jan 17 1991Vaxshare Volume Backups
620.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TThu Jan 17 1991twist on access violation prob
621.02FSADMN::EPLEY_TThu Jan 17 1991print symbiont ?
622.01COMICS::HIGMANFri Jan 18 1991DAL - Returning 5
623.02SSGAT1::ANBEEKFri Jan 18 1991LAT terminal session aborts without notice...
624.03MISFIT::STEIDLEFri Jan 18 1991Are zones forever??
626.01FSADMN::CARZELLFri Jan 18 1991PATHWORKS Changes AREA Router to Routing IV Node
627.01BEBBI::THOMMENFri Jan 18 1991AlisaPrint/PATHWORKS for Mac Print comparison
629.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKMon Jan 21 1991MacX with TCP/IP transport and VMS/UCX
630.09MAIL::WHITEMon Jan 21 1991print from ALL-IN-1 ?????
631.01CSC32::LIVERMANMon Jan 21 1991mBin Bombs (
632.07GAUCHE::jnelsonMon Jan 21 1991DUP key error message on VAXShare Volume
633.07GUIDUK::KEROUACTue Jan 22 1991Alisa AppleTalk for V2.
634.04CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KTue Jan 22 1991Dedicated Lanserver?
635.02HLYCOW::JANESTue Jan 22 1991Disk error when copying large files
636.01HOBBLE::SWEATTTue Jan 22 1991Internal Routing Info?
637.06KETJE::VANHOVEWed Jan 23 1991LN
639.0HDLITE::ALJAARWed Jan 23 1991DECwrite, Macs, and PCs.
640.02COOKIE::BEANThu Jan 24 1991MacX DECWrite Window Differs from DEC Version
641.03SMPVAX::BLUNTThu Jan 24 1991Chooser or PATHWORKS for Mac Service limitation?
642.08ZURThu Jan 24 1991How to include a special LaserPrep ?
643.02BRSSWS::VANTUYKOMThu Jan 24 1991Macterm with Cterm and FMS
644.0WAYOUT::HISCOCKThu Jan 24 1991DAL Server Dies
645.011DENVER::BAILEYRThu Jan 24 1991Serial print to Laserwriter tbl
646.01NAC::GIDDAY::CASEYFri Jan 25 1991WPS printing to Laserwriter on LocalTalk
647.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Jan 25 1991Macintosh LC and PATHWORKS for Macintosh
648.01OILEAN::SMYTHFri Jan 25 1991DAL ...getting it to work with RDB V4.
649.0VISTAS::GAMLIELFri Jan 25 1991MacX - Question about color allocation
650.02TRCAFri Jan 25 1991Rdb (R/T, Int, or Dev) needed for DAL?
651.02CGOFS::CADAMSFri Jan 25 1991Terminal Emulation/ADSP/Cterm one more time...
652.06ZURMon Jan 28 1991VAXshare Files to MacBinary
653.03UEOIS1::MARTEAUMon Jan 28 1991Palatino Fonts problem with laserwriter
654.04ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Jan 29 1991WORD for Mac --> A1/WPS+
655.05ACESMK::ERREDETue Jan 29 1991Insufficient Virtural Memory
656.02RIPPLE::TREMBLAY_EDTue Jan 29 1991how to assign Macs to a zone?
657.0PRMSTue Jan 29 1991WP5
658.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Jan 30 1991novice Q: DAL = SQL/Services ?
659.04CSCOAC::SKAGGS_CWed Jan 30 1991Multiple Remote Commands with MacX
660.02BGOWed Jan 30 1991Mac Print & PAP. Advise needed!
661.06CSTEAM::TURBETTWed Jan 30 1991AdminLAT install problem
662.01VIPVAX::SYSTEMWed Jan 30 1991When are catalogue files updated?
663.05HSOMAI::MORNINGWed Jan 30 1991PCSA Crash
664.01SUBWAY::SENKENWed Jan 30 19911
665.05TRHThu Jan 31 1991Is ACL suported from Macintosh
666.0SSGBPM::MALKIELThu Jan 31 1991Going NUTS with CTERM
667.02PTOVAX::TYRRELLThu Jan 31 1991-SYSTEM-F-ILLIOFUNC error using TDMS Appls...HELP
668.020BOLT::MINOWThu Jan 31 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh on System 7.
669.06TPS::CAIAZZIThu Jan 31 1991Setting correct node address in NCP
670.01ZURFri Feb 01 1991Installing Mac IIfx problem
671.03OILEAN::SMYTHFri Feb 01 1991MacX bombs my Mac when I run it.
672.03MCDONL::BUDNIKFri Feb 01 1991VAXshare NETMGR account
673.02GUIDUK::HEALYFri Feb 01 1991MacX - Suppress "Client attempting to connect" Msg
674.02ARNE::AAMISEPPMon Feb 04 1991Internal consistency error (Duplicate key detected)
675.02FSADMN::CARZELLMon Feb 04 1991Can't Print to LaserWriter - SERVER EXITED Error
676.03SSGBPM::MALKIELMon Feb 04 1991CTERM Keypad problems using Terminal emulation to run VTX
677.02EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Feb 04 1991DAL/SequeLink/SQL/Services/...
678.07MSDOA::KRESSENBERGMon Feb 04 1991Perf. tuning??
679.02MSDOA::KRESSENBERGMon Feb 04 1991transport question
680.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Feb 04 1991NFT Between OS/2 Server and Mac Gives DAP Error
681.01LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Feb 05 1991/NOPASSWORD feature
682.01BGOTue Feb 05 1991Default POSTSCRIPT setup for printers?
683.07FSADMN::CARZELLTue Feb 05 1991Can other FONT LIST Be Used with "/FONT="?
684.04SCAM::VPEREIRATue Feb 05 1991MacTCP and MacX to reach ULTRIX workstations
685.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 06 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh MacX questions?
686.015FSADMN::CARZELLWed Feb 06 1991Wants NON-INTERACTIVE LOGIN time updated
687.01FIXSOA::WHITTINGTONWed Feb 06 1991Performance problems on a 4
689.06FSADMN::CORDELLWed Feb 06 1991Printing to LPS4
690.01ATFAM::HARRISWed Feb 06 1991Some questions about zones and routers
691.04FSADMN::CARZELLWed Feb 06 1991SHOW CONNECTION Error 'Object in Wrong State'
692.06GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Feb 07 1991%LPS-W-INVACC When Printing to LN
694.02KIPPIS::LODThu Feb 07 1991MacTerminal VT32
695.013KURTAN::AAMISEPPThu Feb 07 1991AppleTalk works, DECnet doesn't
696.04KETJE::VANHOVEThu Feb 07 1991VAXshare on 641
697.01SMPVAX::SIMPSONThu Feb 07 1991Backup and Restore Problems
698.05PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JThu Feb 07 1991Stack dump when mounting VAXShare volume
699.04FSADMN::CARZELLFri Feb 08 1991Why are all the *.MSAF$CAT files being Opened?
700.04GUIDUK::HEALYFri Feb 08 1991MacX - Error Initializing LAT protocl
701.01HOBBLE::SWEATTSat Feb 09 1991VAXshare on Ultrix?
702.01RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Feb 11 1991Binary from HyperCard to Rdb Segmented Strings via DAL ?
703.04FSADMN::CARZELLMon Feb 11 1991MacTerminal Having Problems w/ASCII Character 26
704.03SPNDZY::HICKSMon Feb 11 1991Freehand to LPS4
705.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Feb 12 1991DAL Server Going into a MUTEX State
706.04FSADMN::CARZELLTue Feb 12 1991LAT services do not appear when using Mac SE
707.04KURTAN::AAMISEPPTue Feb 12 1991VAXshare ACCVIO during Partial Verify
708.04MILPND::BACCARITue Feb 12 1991VAXshare not seen
709.06GAUGAN::VANDERPOOLTue Feb 12 1991revisited: MacX aborts on and illegal instruction (3)
710.02DPDMAI::VETEIKISTue Feb 12 1991VMS UAM?
711.01TAVWed Feb 13 19914D of ACIUS with Sybase
712.04COMICS::SHOULDINGWed Feb 13 1991MacX using wrong return node (9535 aka 9.319)
713.01FSADMN::CORDELLWed Feb 13 1991Opportunities in Atlanta
714.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Feb 13 1991KEYNOTFND on printer form
715.01SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Feb 13 1991No ZONES listed in CHOOSER
716.01SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Feb 13 19912 questions: LAT tool and Cayman Gator box
717.0SCAM::VPEREIRAWed Feb 13 1991DEMOs any avaiable on line?
718.02IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Feb 13 1991DAL demo installation troubles
719.01GNOCLU::PORELLWed Feb 13 1991Changing default network range
720.0GNOCLU::PORELLWed Feb 13 1991Tracking Print & File Svc Usage/Appleshare
721.05HDLITE::ALJAARWed Feb 13 1991Missing 8
722.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu Feb 14 1991Printer Service Name Too Long Unable to Remove
723.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu Feb 14 1991DECwrite Doc Causes WORD to 'Quit Unexpectedly'
724.04BRSSWS::VERMEIRThu Feb 14 1991LaserWrite and TIFF and VAX
725.04BARMY::PETERThu Feb 14 1991DAL via ATalk dies after connection
726.05WILARD::JENNINGSThu Feb 14 1991Asynch AFP, Please!
727.012SSGBPM::MALKIELFri Feb 15 1991Should PATHWORKS for Macintosh sales be halted?
728.05PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JFri Feb 15 1991Digital/Apple Video Conference
729.08PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JFri Feb 15 1991PATHWORKS-DOS /PATHWORKS for Mac common directory
730.02CSCOAC::FILLERS_JFri Feb 15 1991%MSAP-E-PAP_EXCLFLWQTM error during print
731.04HDLITE::ALJAARSat Feb 16 1991Manuals confuse me! Please, explain.
732.01KETJE::VANHOVEMon Feb 18 1991DECnet tunneling sizing data ?
733.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TMon Feb 18 1991disable print message on console
734.04SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Feb 18 1991Expert Resource pointers? Upgrade/conversion from alisashare
735.03SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Feb 18 1991Is the Mac side installation well documented????
736.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKTue Feb 19 1991Terminal emulation question
737.01GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Feb 20 1991LaserPrep 6.
738.01--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 20 1991Problem w/LAT tool connecting to LAT svc w/passwrd
739.09FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Feb 20 1991MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT change causes server infinite loop
740.08ISEWed Feb 20 1991Microsoft Excel Macros that access RDB via DAL?
741.05CSCOAC::SKAGGS_CWed Feb 20 1991How to use MSAX$MODMAP?
742.04HAMSUP::BBURGERThu Feb 21 1991DECnet Ethernet Address after DECnet deinstalled
743.01IOOSRV::COLVINThu Feb 21 1991MacX v1.
744.0EVOIS6::DAN_MFri Feb 22 1991When will PATHWORKS for Macintosh ship in Japan?
745.04ATFAM::HARRISFri Feb 22 1991MacTerminal/LAT connection gives greek charactors
746.05INFACT::BEVISFri Feb 22 1991MacX to VMS node without PATHWORKS for Mac installed
747.0LEMAN::JOSHIFri Feb 22 1991Performance/Sizing Info?
748.06MALLET::EDWARDS_BMon Feb 25 1991PATHWORKS for Mac Installer Script mods
749.0BOMBE::ALDENMon Feb 25 1991How can I remove the APPLE UAM from AppleShare?
750.0IJSAPL::VOERMANTue Feb 26 1991Comm Toolb. error 2
751.02FORTSC::MOKTue Feb 26 1991PATHWORK question for PC-NFS/Ultrix
752.01RANGER::HARRISTue Feb 26 1991Programmers Documentation now available (QA-YPCAC-GZ)
753.0SPCTRM::WHIPPLETue Feb 26 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh Programmer's Doc now available
754.0RANGER::EIRIKURTue Feb 26 1991Programmer's documentation ships
755.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Feb 26 1991Printouts start low on LN
756.04CGOSTue Feb 26 1991DECwindows Session Manager problems when used by MacX
757.01WILARD::JENNINGSWed Feb 27 1991Left-handed compliment
758.02STRASB::HAELBERGWed Feb 27 1991Problem when using ALIAS command in VAXshare
759.04STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LWed Feb 27 1991Common/other printers?
760.0GLDOA::WESTBROOKSWed Feb 27 1991Wierd DECnet copy Mac>VAX problem
761.01CANYON::GURALNIKWed Feb 27 1991ACCVIO - File Server Stops
762.01NOVA::BARNESThu Feb 28 1991Help with Comm Toolbox & MacTCP
763.0BTOVT::JPETERSThu Feb 28 1991Any sales people in Spain?
764.05PANIC::HOLDERFri Mar 01 1991ACL's and "Get Privileges"
765.06SWSCHZ::THOMPSONFri Mar 01 1991MSAX$CLIENT.COM bug??
766.03SWSCHZ::THOMPSONFri Mar 01 1991Async PATHWORKS for Macintosh Configuration Issues????
767.01CSCOA1::SKAGGS_CFri Mar 01 1991DAL only works with SYSPRV account
768.03USRCV1::STEIDLESSun Mar 03 1991A "Classic" problem with DECnet
769.04SHIPS::COFFEY_JMon Mar 04 1991documentation: where on the net?
770.02BRSTR1::SCHOOFSMon Mar 04 1991VMS Volume Shadowing Phase II
771.0SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Mar 04 1991MacX to Macintosh cut & paste
772.06FSADMN::EPLEY_TMon Mar 04 1991system can't access folders
773.09WILARD::JENNINGSMon Mar 04 1991Request better Docs for Mac & DOS Common Area
774.07KURTAN::AAMISEPPTue Mar 05 1991ACCVIO when doing show alias
775.014FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Mar 05 19912
776.02AUNTB::ZAREMBATue Mar 05 1991Where to elevate??
777.06FSADMN::CARZELLTue Mar 05 1991DAL Dies after 3 Diff Mac Users Trying to Connect
778.0FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Mar 05 1991Connecting to LAT applications?
779.06HDLITE::ALJAARTue Mar 05 1991Mac hangs when copying from Mac to VAX
780.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Mar 05 1991get privileges - ACL interaction?
781.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Mar 06 1991CTERM, Dibol, MacTerminal
782.04DECWET::SERACKWed Mar 06 1991Problem printing from Aldus Pagemaker
783.02SCAACT::WILSONWed Mar 06 1991Stream vs. Stream_CR files
784.07ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Mar 06 1991PATHWORKS for Mac and printer driver questions
785.09KURTAN::AAMISEPPThu Mar 07 1991Gateway and access problems
786.08FSADMN::CARZELLThu Mar 07 1991Is it possible to download fonts to a LN
787.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYFri Mar 08 1991Connectivity...
788.05CSOA1::BRANSTEINFri Mar 08 1991Fonts and Laserwriters help?
789.07VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Mar 08 1991Mac IIfx + Asante + MacTerminal
790.03HIGHD::GOPPELTFri Mar 08 1991Printing Tektronix files to LaserWriter??
791.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONFri Mar 08 1991LW Rev 1 setup code typo?
792.03ORT::ORTHOBERMon Mar 11 1991ACCVIO - file server goes down after a minute or so
793.08ORT::ORTHOBERMon Mar 11 1991Nuvolink, Mac Classic, Unimplemented Trap
794.03FORTSC::MAXMon Mar 11 1991GATEWAY/OBJECT unable to communicate
795.0CSCOAC::YUAN_STue Mar 12 1991connection speed between different tools in MacX
796.02GAUGAN::VANDERPOOLTue Mar 12 1991mirror sample program, task-to-task, MPW programming environment
797.04FORTSC::MAXTue Mar 12 1991MacX and DECterm/DECwindows
798.04DECALP::REESWed Mar 13 1991VAXshare stalled, printer problems
799.03BUFFER::CORMANWed Mar 13 1991DECnet/Mac - Can't access Macintosh from DCL/VAX
800.05LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIThu Mar 14 1991Asynch DECnet/Mac - How?
801.02HDLITE::ALJAARThu Mar 14 1991AppleTalk Zones and File Servers.
802.02SWSCHZ::THOMPSONThu Mar 14 1991MacX - Session manager application startup problems
803.05POBOX::REGISTERFri Mar 15 1991Connection timer expired (when printing)
804.0GAUGAN::VANDERPOOLMon Mar 18 1991Proxy lookup error occuring for an object
805.03SSBN1::HORNIKMon Mar 18 1991Print Servers with System 7.
806.05YUPPY::HARVEYMon Mar 18 1991VAXshare + FIDs?
807.0COPCLU::TROELSTue Mar 19 1991Server size for Macintosh
808.02INFACT::BEVISTue Mar 19 1991Those pesky Printer names
809.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Mar 19 1991DAL - Can't Open Port 2312 Error
810.0CHOVAX::GAULTue Mar 19 1991Mac Client fee vs. NFS Client fee
811.011TOPTEN::MEIGHANTue Mar 19 1991QMS printer on lat port?
812.03STRASB::HAELBERGTue Mar 19 1991Printer problems and questions
813.0RTPSWS::LEONARDTue Mar 19 1991BGL Laser Printer problem
814.01IOSG::MULLENWed Mar 20 1991Kit on Net??
815.02MRKTNG::REED_VWed Mar 20 1991Appletalk/DECnet Gateway & SQL Services
816.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Mar 20 1991Can we print to LJ25
817.03FORTSC::MAXWed Mar 20 1991DECwindows Appl. & AppleTalk?
818.04ASH::MCHUGHWed Mar 20 1991DAL and VMS 5.4
819.02HSOMAI::LINWed Mar 20 1991Gateway not found in the network
820.02EVTIS2::LESOTThu Mar 21 1991Using MSA$MANAGER (ADMIN/MSA) in Batch
821.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Mar 21 1991V1.1 and FT of V1.1, when???
822.03SCAM::VPEREIRAThu Mar 21 1991SYSGEN PARAM's for PATHWORKS Installation
823.04VMSNET::W_FAMBERThu Mar 21 1991Printer Services
824.0YUPPY::HARVEYThu Mar 21 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh Site Info?
825.0TKOVOA::YOBIKAWAThu Mar 21 1991PC Appli. and PATHWORKS for Macintosh
826.03GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Mar 22 1991Can't start AppleTalk-DECnet Gateway- error device not
827.02GOTA1::PERFri Mar 22 1991DECnet/Mac invents its own node numbers!
828.01SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYFri Mar 22 1991Install fails on a Mac IIcx
829.02BOMBE::ALDENFri Mar 22 1991Apple-Digital tool
830.01INFACT::BEVISFri Mar 22 1991Looking for current Alisa comparison
831.0PTOVAX::TYRRELLFri Mar 22 1991DAL vs. CL/1 Incompatibilities??
832.0BOMBE::ALDENFri Mar 22 1991Suggestion for future PATHWORKS for Macintosh
833.01VFOVAX::STOWERSFri Mar 22 1991MacTerminal/VTX reading/Hangs with watch cursor
834.04WONDER::COMMOFri Mar 22 1991<< Installation Problem >>
835.02IJSAPL::VOERMANSat Mar 23 1991can't use system to administate
836.02OSLACT::ARNESun Mar 24 1991Server Unsufficient memory again..
837.01GOTA1::UTTBERGMon Mar 25 1991DDIF <--> EPSF or anything else ?
838.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Mar 25 1991MacX - Session mgr versus fileview applications?
839.03BEBBI::THOMMENTue Mar 26 1991How about FastPath and VAX9
840.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONTue Mar 26 1991-RNF error when printing?
841.01MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Mar 26 1991Anyone see an LC running PATHWORKS for Mac
842.01HDLITE::ALJAARTue Mar 26 1991Passwords, passwords, and more passwords!
843.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONWed Mar 27 1991MSAP_PAP_COMTMREXT when printing?
844.03VMSNET::S_YUANWed Mar 27 1991volume won't mount at the system startup time
845.01HDLITE::ALJAARWed Mar 27 1991Deleting "MSAF" files
846.01CAPITN::MULOCK_PAWed Mar 27 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh - Need Doc Info
847.01ORABX::MANDERSON_CWed Mar 27 1991ATK Tuning explained?
848.02WR2FOR::MAYO_SCThu Mar 28 1991Anyone heard of Helios??
849.03MLNOIS::NEILJONESThu Mar 28 1991Postscript basics
850.04BRSSWS::VERMEIRThu Mar 28 1991VMS backup
851.02TRCAThu Mar 28 1991Postscript Printing - Font cache
852.05CHOVAX::GAULThu Mar 28 1991LAT thru Apple's Internet Router?
853.01SCAM::VPEREIRAThu Mar 28 1991Access violation when issueing MSA$manager>show connections
854.06OAXCEL::KAUFMANNFri Mar 29 1991AppleTalk address to DECnet address?
855.02CSCOA1::SKAGGS_CFri Mar 29 1991DECPrint and MSA$SERVER conflict?
857.04RLAV::GORMLEYFri Mar 29 1991Fastpath problems
858.03OTOOMon Apr 01 1991AlisaShare and PATHWORKS on the same VAX?
859.06VEGAS::GURALNIKMon Apr 01 1991Help with Second Node in Cluster.
860.01RLAV::GORMLEYMon Apr 01 1991Mac connecting to Ultrix
861.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Apr 02 1991Can't access TIF-files from the VAX-side
862.01RDVAX::RICHARDSONTue Apr 02 1991order # for PATHWORKS?
863.010MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Apr 02 1991Dayna EtherPrint kills the ethernet
864.03VMSNET::S_YUANTue Apr 02 1991xmodem help
865.01NJO1Tue Apr 02 1991Folder Protection...can this be done
866.09CAPITN::MORRISON_HUTue Apr 02 1991File Server doesn't handle Fortran Carriage Control files
867.02FSADMN::CARZELLTue Apr 02 1991EtherPlus Box, Mac Classic, 'Unimplemented Trap'
868.05UTRTSC::MCCAULEYWed Apr 03 1991laserprep 5.1 and laserwriter NT and NTX
869.02TRCAWed Apr 03 1991ALL-IN-1 for Mac requires System 7 - is this true???
870.01LISVAX::AOLIVEIRAWed Apr 03 1991HP LaserJet II
871.02BEEZER::SHOULDINGThu Apr 04 1991MacTerminal (VAX CTERM Connection Doc...)
872.01NOVA::WASSERMANThu Apr 04 1991What other clients supported by DAL?
873.0SANFAN::MORRISJAThu Apr 04 1991Everex cards?
874.03CSCOAC::FILLERS_JThu Apr 04 1991Mac hangs when opening a large folder(6
875.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Apr 04 1991Laswerwriter Special Symbols Problem.
876.01YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUThu Apr 04 1991How to stop users from copying mac software.
877.04YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUThu Apr 04 1991DAL/ Password problem fixed in v1.1 ?
878.0NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROThu Apr 04 1991Ethernet Cards TCP/IP 1
879.02RLAV::GORMLEYThu Apr 04 1991MacX - Remote Menu - Access Control
880.02HSOMAI::LINFri Apr 05 1991network range and zone name keep changing
881.02GIDDAY::DUBBERFri Apr 05 1991Common file service - ownership of files
882.03GLDOA::STALLMANFri Apr 05 1991DECnet/Mac - Help with Optional Data in DECnet Connect
883.01COPCLU::GERTSat Apr 06 1991Tunneling over X.25
884.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Apr 08 1991DEC Printer on a Mac?
885.01PANIC::HOUSTONMon Apr 08 1991tunnel bottlenecks
886.05ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Apr 08 1991LaserWriter, VAX, PC, Mac
887.02SEMA::NEWFIELDMon Apr 08 1991Problem with choosing new drivers... help...
888.03VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Apr 08 1991Conversion for Alisa v3.3?
889.01SEMA::NEWFIELDMon Apr 08 1991AppleTalk Phase 1 to Phase 2 Conversion?
890.01VMSNET::S_YUANMon Apr 08 1991Question on DECnet Address
891.0DENVER::HALLMon Apr 08 1991Modify the startup?
892.0SMPVAX::BLUNTTue Apr 09 1991PC & Mac -> VMS 327
893.04STRASB::HAELBERGTue Apr 09 1991DECnet/Mac - Problem with special characters set ?
894.0FSADMN::CARZELLTue Apr 09 1991DECnet/MAC - Can Wildcarding Be Used for Dir Lookup
895.03FSADMN::CARZELLTue Apr 09 1991Can Text/PostScript Be Printed Simultaneously
896.03KURTAN::AAMISEPPWed Apr 10 1991WPS+ resets MacTerminals character set to USASCII
897.01AUNTB::TOWNSENDWed Apr 10 1991V1.1 PATHWORKS for Macintosh?
898.011TMISWed Apr 10 1991Print from VMS to LaserWriter on AppleTalk.
899.01NERSW5::MILOSHWed Apr 10 1991DECshell and PATHWORKS for Macintosh
900.09ORABX::CARZELL_MWed Apr 10 1991Diskquotas Enabled Cause '
901.0ZPOVC::POHINGThu Apr 11 1991problem with Appleshare
902.0LILThu Apr 11 1991Hard disk partitions/PATHWORKS for Mac
903.0STOHUB::T32Thu Apr 11 1991Mac Server load information???
904.013RANGER::HARRISThu Apr 11 1991Mail for Macintosh V1.
905.0NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Apr 11 1991Does 3COM3C553 ethernet board work with PATHWORKS?
906.09CGOSFri Apr 12 1991MacX color map update problem
907.01OGWV5Fri Apr 12 1991Novice Q: How many Macs to VAX4
908.02ZURFri Apr 12 1991Printing, file size, performance
909.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Apr 12 1991Serious memory allocation failure in MacX
910.03CGOAFri Apr 12 1991Built-In Vs EtherTalk
911.0FSADMN::CARZELLFri Apr 12 1991Can't Connect to LAT - CTERM Works Ok
912.01PJWL::LAMBMon Apr 15 1991Appletalk on Ethernet and Broadcast messages
913.01YUPPY::GINNMon Apr 15 1991Recomendations for Mac to use in Course Training
914.05OILEAN::SMYTHTue Apr 16 1991Printing problem using Color/Gray Scale capable Laserwriter driver
915.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Apr 16 1991CTERM tool has changed, use default config
916.02TLSETue Apr 16 1991DEC PRINT V4.
917.07SUBWAY::MOMPOINTTue Apr 16 1991Officical Channels Not Responding - what should be done?
918.01RANGER::GLASSONTue Apr 16 1991PROJECT: MACsimize
919.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 16 1991HOST.CL1_EDITOR and DEFRAG - Creation date 19
920.02BRSSWS::VERMEIRWed Apr 17 1991vms copy,possibel bug
921.02GOTA1::SJOBERGWed Apr 17 1991bugcheck in ATK$APPLETALK
922.03BCSE::NEUMANNWed Apr 17 1991Etherport II problems
923.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Apr 17 1991exit server problem
924.04INFACT::BEVISWed Apr 17 1991DALSVR utility - error messages?
925.0DESTOP::TONYWed Apr 17 1991DECnet Tool error codes
926.03DEMOAX::SMITH_BThu Apr 18 1991TI OMNILASER 21
927.01BEEZER::SHOULDINGThu Apr 18 1991Deleting a Volume that's not there...!
928.03GLDOA::STALLMANThu Apr 18 1991More Optional Data
929.01VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Apr 18 1991Appletalk Phase I vs Phase II?
930.05UTRTSC::MCCAULEYFri Apr 19 1991defineing postscript forms for the laserwriter ?
931.01COPCLU::JACOBSENFri Apr 19 1991Help on programming ATK$...
932.01AKRON1::GRIMMFri Apr 19 1991Apple postscript files vs. VMS postscript files
933.04VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Apr 22 1991MacTerminal + Modem/Serial Tool
934.07TMISMon Apr 22 1991Strange behaviour using print server.
935.01TYSON::JOSEPHTue Apr 23 1991Quick INSTALL of PATHWORKS on 25
936.0TYSON::JOSEPHTue Apr 23 1991Looking to see if someone has ClearAccess Up & Run
937.0EVTIS2::LESOTTue Apr 23 1991DECnet/Mac Directory *.DIR
938.0OSLLAV::BJORNM_PTue Apr 23 1991Macterminal/LAT disconnects randomly.
939.02OSLACT::ARNETue Apr 23 1991Strange behaving MSAP$SYMBIONT
940.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Apr 23 1991Async/DECnet, PATHWORKS but no network??
941.015BRSSWS::VERMEIRWed Apr 24 1991ACCVIO - VAXshare dumps after running out of channels
942.0FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Apr 24 1991MacX and MB3 doesn't work right
943.011HOTAIR::HOSEINWed Apr 24 1991
944.02RDGENG::HAYWARDWed Apr 24 1991VAXshare (AppleTalk) from dialin Portables ?
945.02SCAACT::TERREOWed Apr 24 1991VMS 5.4 Problem with LN
946.0USRCV1::PAULDINEThu Apr 25 1991Backup-mac.com & COPY not working properly
947.06BEEZER::SHOULDINGThu Apr 25 1991-rms-w-isi - when starting a file server
948.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Apr 25 1991Appleshare over FDDI???
949.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Apr 25 1991Problem Printing from FileView in MacX
950.0RT95::LOMBARDIThu Apr 25 19912 ethernet card "Mac-bridge"???
951.01ARTLIB::GOETZEThu Apr 25 1991Any VT42
952.0DRLSGT::TRUMBULGUESTThu Apr 25 1991MacTerminal, Mac SE, Cabletron problem
953.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Apr 25 1991lps-w-typcheck error printing to LN
954.01ART::COHENThu Apr 25 1991Folder Depth Limitations???
955.02CAPITN::MORRISON_HUThu Apr 25 1991Macs as Xwindow CLIENTS
956.0STRASB::MOSERFri Apr 26 1991Link Between Mac and IBM Database requested
957.01COLISA::COLPC3::stalzFri Apr 26 1991Mac and security
958.011STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Apr 26 1991RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set) , after renamed a dir
959.02YOSMTE::JOSEPH_BOFri Apr 26 1991ATK DAL Server in MUTEX state (When Mac used DAL?)
960.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LSun Apr 28 1991/ACCESS=WRITE does not work?
961.01HGOSPS::STEVENLAUMon Apr 29 1991Symbiont looping problem?
962.03TMISMon Apr 29 1991Back to /Hidden & Dev. Doc. questions.
963.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Apr 29 1991MacX - DECwindows ADSP Transport IVP Fails
964.058443::LEFRANCOISMon Apr 29 1991SCSI ethernet controller VS Pathworks
965.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Apr 29 1991Question on file sharing between PC and MAC
966.08KYOA::WILSONMon Apr 29 1991Slow MacTerminal performance
967.02CAPITN::JOSEPH_BOMon Apr 29 1991Does MacX work with MOTIF and VMS V5.4-2?
968.04SWAM2::VIERS_MAMon Apr 29 1991FastPath DECnet routing
969.03NZOMIS::VDPLASMon Apr 29 1991Mac IIsi installation problem 6.
970.01SONATA::COOKTue Apr 30 1991pagemaker to ascii?
971.04BRYAN::KEENANTue Apr 30 1991MacUser knocks PATHWORKS for Macintosh
972.01TV::BOYERTue Apr 30 1991Mac->PSprint->LJ25
973.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGWed May 01 1991MacTerminal reports terminal speed =
974.0FSADMN::CARZELLWed May 01 1991DECnet/Mac- How to Tell Mac Link Isn't Active
975.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed May 01 1991programming with ATK for VMS
976.06FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed May 01 1991CTERM doesn't work to local host
977.09PCMVThu May 02 1991Mac LC into ethernet?
978.03CSCOA1::SKAGGS_CThu May 02 1991MB3 mouse down...again
979.011KAOFS::C_VERDONThu May 02 1991Byte-range locking between PATHWORKS Mac and DOS
980.03HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGFri May 03 1991Can VMS user use Laserwrite printer on AppleTalk
981.0FSADMN::CARZELLFri May 03 1991Problems Printing After Printer Is Turned Off
982.01FSADMN::CARZELLFri May 03 1991MacTerminal CTERM - Unable to Connect to uVAX II
983.02FSADMN::CARZELLFri May 03 1991Using IDL w/MacX = 'MacX Has Unexpectedly Quit'
984.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri May 03 1991Does PATHWORKS for Mac respect resource acls?
986.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon May 06 1991Programming w/COMMTB Extra Bytes Being Added
987.03COMICS::BIGMOREMon May 06 1991network printer-no extended ascii
988.01YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue May 07 1991Excel DAL macro and Pathworks
989.01TRCOTue May 07 1991DAL manual?
990.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue May 07 1991volume locked by user, but really isn't
991.03CAPITN::MORRISON_HUWed May 08 1991Why can't two LocalTalk Macs talk DECnet?
992.03YUPPY::HOUSTONWed May 08 1991Macs and reverse LAT
993.01CSOA1::BARNARDWed May 08 1991Consultant needed A.S.A.P.!
995.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed May 08 1991Auto file catalogue & relative file spec
996.08KITVAX::METHOTThu May 09 1991Server resource utilization
997.04YUPPY::HOLDERRFri May 10 1991Filename Mapping Problems
998.05CSSE32::MERMELLFri May 10 1991How can I check the ethernet connection?
999.01DESTOP::TONYFri May 10 1991Lat problems and table loss
1000.04TMISSun May 12 1991Reading MAILS takes a llooonnnngggg time.
1001.02GIDDAY::DUBBERMon May 13 1991QMS printer LAT 1.
1002.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon May 13 1991MacX to ULTRIX keyboard mapping
1003.01OTOAMon May 13 1991ULTRIX/Mac References needed!
1004.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon May 13 1991Reverse Lat Connection Problems
1005.0YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon May 13 1991Color Lookup tables and MacX
1006.0YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon May 13 1991Color Printer support needed now
1007.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue May 14 1991Comm Toolbox-Where is interface for LightSpeed C?
1008.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue May 14 1991A laserprep for system 7.
1009.01GIDDAY::LIMTue May 14 1991Sytem 7 and pathwork protection
1010.0WLW::SHREVEWed May 15 1991Mac Terminal kills VAX process
1011.01BEEZER::SHOULDINGWed May 15 1991
1012.02MEISNR::MEISNERWed May 15 1991Print jobs failing from Mac to LaserWriter via VAX
1013.0TOOHOT::ROCHAThu May 16 1991Is this possible?
1014.0MARVIN::SCOTTThu May 16 1991Window 3.
1015.02HSOMAI::LINThu May 16 1991MacX and Digital/Appletalk gateway
1016.027YOUNG::YOUNGFri May 17 1991LaserPrep for V7.
1017.0LISVAX::DOMINGUESFri May 17 1991Mac SE/3
1018.02SCADMN::MERRELLFri May 17 1991? LAT group codes under system 7.
1019.01RT93::KALIKOWFri May 17 1991CR vs CRLF in MSA vs PCSA .TXT files
1021.0GLDOA::BSTEVENSMon May 20 1991Gator Box as alternative to Pacer Gateway
1022.04IJSAPL::VSTEENISTue May 21 1991KeyPak and Mac
1023.03DYOSW5::ALLENTue May 21 1991MacTCP - AdminTCP (System 7.
1024.08ORABX::MANDERSON_CTue May 21 1991Disk full error at 8
1025.07YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue May 21 1991How do you start clients using TCP/IP
1026.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed May 22 1991limit of volumes per file server
1027.02IJSAPL::VSTEENISThu May 23 1991MACBIN and File Services
1028.03COPCLU::HENRIKThu May 23 1991ColorMate on PATHWORKS for Macintosh?
1029.07BRSDVP::VERMEIRThu May 23 1991NetCopy problem
1030.04TYSON::HUNGThu May 23 1991Bootable floppy to see AppleShare file server
1031.03PTOVAX::JOHNSTONThu May 23 1991System 7 compatibility with PATHWORKs
1033.04GIDDAY::BLOOMFri May 24 1991Cant get print services to work
1034.02ISIDRO::MANGELFri May 24 1991MacTerminal w FastPath: only CTERM?
1035.0HGOSTS::LIWAICHUNGFri May 24 1991MAC - LC crashes with VT32
1036.04KAOFS::C_VERDONFri May 24 1991file server does not translate some WK1 files
1037.01KAOFS::C_VERDONFri May 24 1991Cell curruption in Wingz using datalink to DAL server on Rdb database
1038.02ORABX::MANDERSON_CFri May 24 1991GET PRIV doesn't change files back?
1039.05CAPITN::MORRISON_HUFri May 24 1991PATHWORKS for Mac and LaserPrep 6.1
1040.0VAXPHW::PHILSat May 25 1991IIci/system 7/decnet problem
1041.07GIDDAY::BLOOMMon May 27 1991MSAF$SERVER
1042.01IJSAPL::VSTEENISMon May 27 1991DECnet/Mac - FAL settings on Mac
1043.02GIDDAY::LIMTue May 28 1991When will PATHWORKS for Mac support System 7
1044.01ADO75A::WILEYTue May 28 1991MacUser June'91 Pathworks article
1045.01MARX::YINGTue May 28 1991Modem Client on Mac
1046.0WR2FOR::MORGENSTE_JETue May 28 1991Macintosh questions - MacX, MacTerminal, Backups
1047.01THEWAV::BRADLEYTue May 28 1991How many MacX sessions on LocalTalk?
1048.01PCOJCT::PREVEDELLOWed May 29 1991Terminal emulation problems
1049.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed May 29 1991network range is 1-65534 with no routers
1050.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu May 30 1991Mac to Vax backup problem
1051.0VMSNET::M_CARZELLThu May 30 1991PATHWORKS & TOPS - Printer Goes Off-Line
1052.06VMSNET::M_CARZELLThu May 30 1991Can you ADD Fonts to MacX Font List?
1053.0NOVA::MATSUMOTOThu May 30 1991Sorry if this was asked before
1054.01CGOAThu May 30 1991V1.
1055.010WELCLU::CRIDDLEFri May 31 19911
1056.04VMSNET::J_CORDELLSun Jun 02 1991Mac sees files in mixed case
1057.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKMon Jun 03 1991Password encryption on Appleshare volume
1058.02RANGER::HARRISMon Jun 03 1991ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Macintosh Submitted to SSB
1059.01OTOP21::macwilliamsMon Jun 03 1991help setting up LaserWriter on LocalTalk
1060.01THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Jun 03 1991Comparing a VAX 31
1061.010MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jun 04 1991Help with Drop Folders
1062.02OSLACT::ARNETue Jun 04 1991Multinational chars. in servername?
1063.0MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jun 04 1991Reality Check
1064.04SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Jun 04 1991No SET/change PASSWORD if expired
1065.0GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Jun 05 1991CD accessible by PC users
1066.09LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Jun 05 1991LaserWriter on LAT printing problem
1067.0MILNER::G_UPCHURCHWed Jun 05 1991Set Host from Mac results in VAX process in RWAST
1068.01PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEThu Jun 06 1991System 7 and PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1070.03DGOSWFri Jun 07 1991Fastpath desig router ??
1071.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jun 07 1991Wierd MacTerminal/LAT problem
1073.02TYSON::HUNGSun Jun 09 1991VAXshare question
1074.01EMASS::VANPATTENSun Jun 09 1991Where is GOLD KEY??
1075.03GIDDAY::DUBBERMon Jun 10 1991Printing in Reverse Order?
1076.04BDYSRF::UDICKMon Jun 10 1991Appletalk problems on large networks
1077.01GLDOA::WESTBROOKSMon Jun 10 1991Postscript ---->LN
1078.0MARSMon Jun 10 1991PATHWORKS performance with Mac (and PC)
1079.02PETRUS::RICHTERTue Jun 11 1991Macs in a Novell Network 2.2
1080.01THEWAV::BRADLEYTue Jun 11 1991Interleaf under MacX window and fonts problem
1081.02THEWAV::BRADLEYTue Jun 11 1991Displaying Interleaf on the Mac under MacX
1082.02SWAM2::MENDOZA_DATue Jun 11 1991DECnet Tunneling over WAN
1083.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Jun 11 1991How to get DECnet via modem connect?
1084.04TAPU::STUARTWed Jun 12 1991How to limit Print Service names in the Chooser?
1085.03GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Jun 12 1991Can't print from Mac to print service - laserwriter s
1086.0KAOFS::C_VERDONWed Jun 12 1991Does DECnet/mac requires a router to work properly?
1087.06ATHINA::RAGHEBWed Jun 12 1991Mac hungs when trying to connect
1088.02GLORY::RJOHNSONWed Jun 12 1991Install Doen't Recognize Ethernet Controllers
1089.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Jun 12 1991filtering on Vitalink?
1090.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jun 13 1991What does VAX do when its seed router goes down
1091.01PRMSThu Jun 13 1991S-L-O-W Vaxshare Volume Access
1092.0CAPITN::MORRISON_HUThu Jun 13 1991Special customer printing need
1093.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Jun 13 1991Sizing a Large DAL Server
1094.0ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Jun 14 1991Is the LAT tool v1.1b1 Available?
1095.01KAL::BARNOFri Jun 14 1991Invisible file...
1096.01KAL::BARNOFri Jun 14 1991Cluster, failover,loadbalancing
1097.02LJOHUB::JOSEPHFri Jun 14 1991Response to June 1991 MacUser article
1098.04RANGER::GLASSONFri Jun 14 1991MacUser - PATHWORKS performance tests
1099.03VIA::CHIPPERFri Jun 14 1991Problems sharing files between DOS and MAC
1100.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MSun Jun 16 1991DAL - Need ASYNCH Login Definition
1101.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MSun Jun 16 1991DAL - Where isthe CL1PUTVAL Command?
1102.04ORABX::CARZELL_MMon Jun 17 1991AppleTalk for VMS IVP Crashes Satellite Nodes
1103.03MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Jun 17 1991"Could not find Ethernet driver" error
1104.014NEWPRT::GRAFT_JIMon Jun 17 1991VAX4
1105.02MUNICH::LEONHARDTue Jun 18 1991Chooser doesn't see VAX but Inter*Poll does
1106.03CSC32::LINDTue Jun 18 1991CLUEXIT Bugcheck w/PATHWORKS V1.
1107.05CGOAWed Jun 19 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh and ULTRIX?
1108.01TKOV6Thu Jun 20 1991File-name-conversion VAX to Macintosh
1109.0ODIXIE::WREDEThu Jun 20 1991Mac to VMS Connections???
1110.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Jun 20 1991laserwriterIIntx and cps4.
1111.02GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Jun 20 1991select works in SQL but not with DAL
1112.03SNERT::RALLINGSFri Jun 21 1991Does DAL Server V1.2 Work With RDB V4.
1113.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Jun 21 1991local printing within MacTerminal?
1114.019THEWAV::BRADLEYFri Jun 21 1991Icon for Excel file on VAX is incorrect
1115.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Jun 24 1991NetCopy file transfer ??
1116.010VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jun 24 1991MSAF$ROOT.MSAF$CAT file fragments quickly
1117.0SCAM::VPEREIRAMon Jun 24 1991MacX to ULTRIX
1118.05RDVAX::GARCIAMon Jun 24 1991DECnet/Mac Errors
1119.06HGOVC::JEREMYWOODTue Jun 25 1991Mac - VMS - HPLaser
1120.02IJSAPL::VOERMANTue Jun 25 1991PacerShare and VAXshare on one node?
1121.03ZURTue Jun 25 1991Special Fonts and network printing
1122.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Jun 25 1991file transfer not working in MacTerminal
1123.06VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jun 25 1991ACCVIO - Server crashes w/Access Violation - a new one
1124.0YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUWed Jun 26 1991Problem setting up more than 6
1125.02YUPPY::YATESAWed Jun 26 1991AppleTalk for VMS version query
1126.05IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Jun 26 1991Concealed logical and Add volume....?
1127.0EVTAI1::LESOTWed Jun 26 1991MacTerminal used with WIPS and ALL-IN-1
1128.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed Jun 26 1991"View by" not saved?
1129.03MVDSWed Jun 26 1991ACCVIO from SHO CONN
1130.02CSC32::M_BEACHThu Jun 27 1991Documentation Error?
1131.04MERIDN::JENNINGSFri Jun 28 1991Gray Matter Software & Printing
1132.0RANGER::PITKINFri Jun 28 1991Lastest Volume integrity notes
1133.0SPCTRM::CARLTONMon Jul 01 1991SELLING PATHWORKS for Macintosh videotape
1134.0SAHQ::HICEMon Jul 01 1991MacTerminal 3.
1135.02TKOV51::MATTHEWSTue Jul 02 1991PATHWORKS and VITALINK Advice Please
1136.02SUBWAY::WANGTue Jul 02 1991MacX - "MacX Has Unexpectedly Quit (*)" Error
1137.0ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Jul 03 1991Oracle Tools on MacX ... Help Needed
1138.01R2ME2::DARDAILLERWed Jul 03 1991Deadly clipboard problem
1139.02CAPITN::MORRISON_HUWed Jul 03 1991Mac DECnet backup is too slow & restoring problems
1140.04COLThu Jul 04 1991No Fileserver Connection established
1141.03KAOFS::C_VERDONFri Jul 05 1991Why Tunnel port cannot be on the primary port?
1142.0YUPPY::HARVEYSun Jul 07 1991Mac/DOS connection to PATHWORKS server via Novell
1143.01AIAG::LINDSEYMon Jul 08 19916.
1144.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Jul 08 1991print service doesn't stay online
1145.0RANGER::HARRISMon Jul 08 1991Digital News Has some nice things to say
1146.06ADO75A::WILEYTue Jul 09 1991MS-Excel PC/Mac interaction?
1147.03MKFSB::GOULDTue Jul 09 1991Use a standard script?
1148.03MERIDN::BUCKLEYTue Jul 09 1991MSCP served tapes in future pathworks?
1150.0TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 09 1991PATHWORKS for MAC questions from customer
1151.03TMISWed Jul 10 1991Freehand printing problems.
1152.05KAOTWed Jul 10 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh install problem on Mac IIfx
1153.0SXMVWed Jul 10 1991Is Apple EtherTalk NB card made by 3COM?
1154.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Jul 10 1991comm toolbox ???
1155.05RCKNRL::RYANThu Jul 11 1991help ... printing empty block/other stays offline
1156.03MERIDN::JENNINGSFri Jul 12 1991Mandatory Update Is It Shipping?
1157.0VMSNET::S_YUANFri Jul 12 1991IDL failed on MacX
1158.04MANIOK::BERLINGHOFTue Jul 16 1991Single quotes in MacTerminal 3.
1159.02PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KTue Jul 16 1991QMS printing Bit Maps
1160.02KCBBQ::HELTONTue Jul 16 1991Support over extended lan
1161.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jul 17 1991file serv crash msaf-e-getreqerr,atk-w-asp_invsesr
1162.02RCKNRL::RYANWed Jul 17 1991HELP installing/using DAL
1163.0CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Jul 18 19911mb Packets OK ?
1164.01VMSSG::DICKINSONThu Jul 18 1991system crasher ??
1165.01BELFST::BURGESSFri Jul 19 1991Urgent ... MacX using TCP/IP
1166.01COPCLU::GREGMon Jul 22 1991AppleTalk Network Management Tools for VMS?
1167.0KURTAN::AAMISEPPMon Jul 22 1991DAL Server has wrong name
1168.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Jul 22 1991Folder Open Performance?????
1169.013VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Jul 22 1991Can't login - MSAF-E-RPLCMPERR, error responding to net req
1170.04SSGVMon Jul 22 1991Print error - Record not found
1171.0DENVER::MEDAUGHMon Jul 22 1991Mac Plus Printing Crash
1172.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Jul 23 1991RACAL-INTERLAN Ethernet Controller ?
1173.04TAVTue Jul 23 1991DAL problems with RDB
1174.05VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Jul 23 1991Printing to LaserWriter from DOS Takes 12 Minutes!
1175.0FLYTE::MCGINTYTTue Jul 23 19918-Bit CTBx Terminal -HELP!!!
1176.03MANWRK::GMGWed Jul 24 1991MacX cursor not as expected
1177.03RIGI::BURKARTThu Jul 25 1991Satelite crash when invoking atk$startup
1178.03SLO::VUJNOVICThu Jul 25 1991File server names and 8-Bit characters
1179.03OTOP21::macwilliamsThu Jul 25 1991looking for V1.
1180.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Jul 25 1991Terminal Server Printer Access
1181.01OSAV2Thu Jul 25 1991AARP cache size
1182.02KERNEL::BURNSFri Jul 26 1991RMS-W-RNF: opcom internal consistancy error
1183.03DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jul 26 1991Full TCP/IP suite
1184.01PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KFri Jul 26 1991Lanmark for Macintosh?
1185.0RANGER::PITKINFri Jul 26 1991Subtle CMWrite issue
1186.01AIMHI::TINIUSFri Jul 26 1991SE/3
1187.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jul 29 1991VMS 5.4 ?
1188.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jul 29 1991DECnet error 411
1189.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Jul 29 1991duplicate Mac files in [SYSLOST], no MSAF*
1190.01SCAM::VPEREIRAMon Jul 29 1991MacX - dxsession failing
1191.01SCAM::VPEREIRAMon Jul 29 1991dterm from MacX - VMS host
1192.015RIPPLE::VELIS_MAMon Jul 29 1991Can't Print to NEC LC89
1193.012OTOOA::BROOMEMon Jul 29 1991Infoserver CDROM access from PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1194.03BREAKR::HANNANMon Jul 29 1991MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT and MS-Word doc problem
1195.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jul 29 1991problems with DCL COPY to backup Mac hard drive
1197.01OGWV47::TAMURATue Jul 30 1991Cut&Paste problem with WordPerfect
1198.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Jul 30 1991Rights Id w/Diskquotas- Is there a workaround?
1199.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Jul 31 1991File Couldn't Be Read & Was Skipped. Disk Error
1200.01FENNEL::KNIGHTWed Jul 31 1991async modem support for PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1201.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Jul 31 1991Mac-VAX backup question
1202.01DORIE::COMPTONThu Aug 01 1991File Server Tunning Guidelines?
1203.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Aug 01 1991DECnet Macintosh anyone?
1204.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Aug 01 1991Phase 1 versus Phase 2 EtherTalk question
1205.07VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Aug 01 1991folder depth allows more than 7 levels
1206.03VCOUThu Aug 01 1991Does Mail for Macintosh handle binaries?
1207.02ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Aug 02 1991Volumes not AUTO-MOUNTing & Wierdness
1208.02ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Aug 02 1991Unexpected Symbiont Process Termination
1209.0MERIDN::BUCKLEYFri Aug 02 1991real backup instead of copy?
1210.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Aug 02 1991MAIL problem with distribution lists
1211.03PARVAX::YANAGIFri Aug 02 1991Routing SW needed to print?
1212.0KEIKI::BROWNLOWSat Aug 03 1991Mac Mail and PF 1
1213.04GIDDAY::CASEYMon Aug 05 1991Personal laserwriter
1214.03KETJE::VERVAENENMon Aug 05 1991Restore 1 Mac file (forks + catalog entry) out of a VMS image backup
1215.012KETJE::VERVAENENMon Aug 05 1991Login and BREAK-IN detection ?
1216.0KETJE::VERVAENENMon Aug 05 1991How can we measure CPU used by the file server ?
1217.03GIDDAY::DUBBERMon Aug 05 1991Desktop VMS in a Cluster - RMS-E-DNF
1219.02YUPPY::HOUSTONMon Aug 05 1991Tunnel costs
1220.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Aug 06 1991NetCopy vs DCL copy
1221.01TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 06 1991VAXshare vs Novell vs AppleShare Comparisons
1222.02POBOX::HORTONTue Aug 06 1991Fourth Dimension/PATHWORKS/Rdb ???
1223.09LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Aug 06 1991performance problem on screen draws for vt32
1224.03OSLACT::ARNEWed Aug 07 1991Screensaver kills the fileserver
1226.018HGOVC::ALEXWUWed Aug 07 1991PATHWORKS for Mac 1.1 Kit Locations?
1227.03YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUWed Aug 07 1991Problems with some of 5
1228.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Aug 07 1991LaserWriter Plus and VMS files ???
1229.01KETJE::VERVAENENThu Aug 08 1991File protection and Multi-group support
1230.01KETJE::VERVAENENThu Aug 08 1991Draging a Mac file from a private folder to a public folder
1231.012OGWANI::TAMURAFri Aug 09 1991Help: Can't define seed zone
1232.08VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 09 1991AppleTalk for VMS crashes VAX
1233.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 09 1991CC:Mail and PATHWORKS for Macintosh ???
1234.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 09 1991MacTerminal control keys not working
1235.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 09 1991LAT over WAN with MacTerminal
1236.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 09 1991folders taking on root protection
1237.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Aug 09 1991FILESERVER crash from msaf-w-security sys-f-nopriv
1238.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLSat Aug 10 1991Another 'Error Responding to Network Request'
1239.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLSun Aug 11 1991How do you do a 'STATIC' Async DECnet Connection?
1240.01GIDDAY::SEIVERSun Aug 11 1991Performance on PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1241.0GIDDAY::BLOOMMon Aug 12 1991Mac Backup to VMS gets QIO and write behind errors!
1242.01KETJE::VERVAENENMon Aug 12 1991Primary Group and Secondary group protection
1243.01FENNEL::KNIGHTMon Aug 12 1991Performance for File service
1244.03KERNEL::BIGMORELMon Aug 12 1991Postsript translator for LaserWriter
1245.03BREAKR::PALASEMon Aug 12 1991Problem seeing VAXshare Volume
1246.02GIDDAY::DUBBERMon Aug 12 1991MacPaint slow
1247.0TKOV51::MATTHEWSMon Aug 12 1991A Definitve Gatorbox Answer, Please
1248.03NEGD::MICHAUDTue Aug 13 1991problem with naming a Tektronix
1249.01BRSSWS::VERCAMMENTue Aug 13 1991VPA/DECw on Mac using MacX - Graph display
1250.05VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Aug 13 1991a new Internal Consistency Error
1251.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Aug 13 1991Mail for Mac and System 7.
1252.0ORABX::MANDERSON_CTue Aug 13 1991syntax for incremental backup?
1253.01ARTLIB::GOETZETue Aug 13 1991
1255.06UEOIS1::BRACHWed Aug 14 1991LF
1256.03FRSCS::SATTLERWed Aug 14 1991SEIKO colorpoint PS problem?
1257.02NEGD::MICHAUDWed Aug 14 1991problem with QMS-PS 41
1258.03SWSCHZ::THOMPSONWed Aug 14 1991VMS file versioning??
1259.04VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Aug 14 1991folders don't copy but files do...
1260.01HOTAIR::HOSEINWed Aug 14 1991MAIL - Invalid user and/or Password error
1261.01OSLACT::ARNEThu Aug 15 1991Restricting access to printers.
1262.04HSOMAI::LINThu Aug 15 1991MaxNotes and DECnet Gateway
1263.02ANGLIN::DICKSFri Aug 16 1991Ethernet Driver Install Bombs Mac
1264.02RT93::KALIKOWFri Aug 16 1991Disappearing Chooser problem
1265.08LEDS::PRIBORSKYFri Aug 16 1991DECnet/Mac NML doesn't work
1266.02GUIDUK::TREMBLAYFri Aug 16 1991Single Mac file restore from VMS BACKUP saveset?
1267.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Aug 20 1991Mail and System 7
1268.011VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Aug 20 1991Quark Express, .TIFF files, and the LaserWriter
1269.01ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Aug 20 1991DAL Sample programs documenation ???
1270.05VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Aug 20 1991Mail - Connect Failed Check Validity Server Name
1271.01SDOGUS::SMITHTue Aug 20 1991Customer Questions - Help
1272.011BOMBE::ALDENWed Aug 21 1991Problems moving VAXshare vol w/Concealed Rooted Logicals
1273.01LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Aug 21 1991Alias problem (perhaps!)
1274.0GORE::DICKERSONWed Aug 21 1991Does DECnet/Mac support solicted SYSIDs
1275.01USRCV1::EDMONDSJWed Aug 21 1991MacTerminal VT eumlation using TCP/IP
1276.01NYTPWed Aug 21 1991Mac Portable, NODEM, DECnet?
1277.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Aug 22 1991%MSAF-E-RPLCMPERR, error responding to network request
1278.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Aug 23 1991MacTerminal: Beeping Inactive Windows Cause Crash
1280.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Aug 23 1991Upgrading to MSAP$APPLEDDICT71 Cause CONNECT FAILED
1281.0KAZAN::VUILLAUMEFri Aug 23 1991Shiva/Fx/Install problem
1282.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Aug 23 1991Node is NON-ROUTING DECnet/Mac Doesn't Work
1283.02TALLIS::CHICOINEFri Aug 23 1991Lost access to LANWORKS volume.
1284.01SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAFri Aug 23 1991Localtalk Printers, Laserwriters
1285.0VEGAS::GURALNIKFri Aug 23 1991CTERM and MacTerminal revisited!
1286.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Aug 26 1991NetCopy problem, pulling files from DOS PC
1287.01LISVAX::AOLIVEIRAMon Aug 26 1991Apple LaserWriter in PATHWORKS for Mac environment
1288.01SSGVTue Aug 27 1991QMS 1
1289.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Aug 27 1991DECfonts LUBALIN and SOUVENIR on mac..how??
1290.06PAULUS::SPIESSTue Aug 27 1991ACCVIO - File Server shutting down during file copy
1291.01KAOFS::C_VERDONTue Aug 27 1991Problems with DECfonts Typeface Collection for VMS
1293.04CAPITN::MORRISON_HUTue Aug 27 1991PC/Mac file sharing with ACL control
1294.01ARNE::AAMISEPPWed Aug 28 1991IR AppleShare and DECnet/Mac on the same Mac
1295.03TYSON::HUNGWed Aug 28 1991Multiple access type to a VAXshare volume
1296.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Aug 28 1991ACP file access failed when starting file server
1297.01ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Aug 29 1991File Server Will Not Appear in Specified Zone
1298.01ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Aug 29 1991Zone Will Not Appear in Chooser
1299.04VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 29 1991VMS Postscript to Laserwriter Problem
1300.03ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Aug 29 1991MacX - Printing from FileView - 'Key Not Found'
1301.06LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKFri Aug 30 1991Powerpoint and MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT
1302.09LEDS::PRIBORSKYFri Aug 30 1991Non-supported AFP command?
1303.03VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Aug 30 1991What parts of PATHWORKS are 32-bit Clean?
1304.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Aug 30 1991Can't print to LPS2
1305.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 30 1991File the Mac doesn't know show as TeachText files
1306.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 30 19911.1 server problems when viewed from System 7.
1307.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 30 1991More on MacX 1.1
1308.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Sep 03 1991Not seeing VAXshare under chooser
1309.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Sep 03 1991DEC LanWORKS for Mac 1.
1310.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Sep 04 1991Possible modifications to MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT
1311.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Sep 04 1991printing using LaserPrep 6.
1312.0PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KWed Sep 04 1991Extended LAN Performance
1313.0OTOP21::macwilliamsThu Sep 05 1991Can't connect to serial printer
1314.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Sep 05 1991DECnet/Mac, Mac IIsi, and 6.
1315.01MINNY::ANTENENThu Sep 05 1991DELETE Mac-files over DECnet
1316.0HSOMAI::LINFri Sep 06 1991MacX - Up/Down Scan Code Mode?
1317.01HOTAIR::HOSEINFri Sep 06 1991LAT driver "Unable to install"
1318.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Sep 06 1991Files are corrupt after dragging to Vax from MacSE
1320.01ANOSWS::COMFORTMon Sep 09 1991Update info request - LAT problem
1321.0ZPOVC::SONGHUATMon Sep 09 1991User Defined Keys problem
1322.07GUIDUK::CHANGMon Sep 09 1991QMS Printers......
1323.02ORABX::CARZELL_MTue Sep 10 1991Mail - 'Gateway Name Not Found On Network'
1324.01ORABX::CARZELL_MTue Sep 10 1991DAL - Server Goes in MUTEX (with PATCH Applied)
1325.02YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue Sep 10 1991Bad Performance with 3com ethernet cards ?
1326.05COLWed Sep 11 1991HP LjIII does not print
1327.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Sep 11 1991Max Connections to a file server
1328.01SUBURB::RYBAKCWed Sep 11 1991Pathworks v1.1 won't install for me... (strange error)
1330.0LEDS::PRIBORSKYWed Sep 11 1991Is PATHWORKS for Mac A/UX compatible?
1331.03ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Sep 11 1991DECnet/Mac and doing a DIR /EXCLUDE
1333.06STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 12 1991copy known nodes doesn't work but define node does..
1334.01CSOA1::FLOYDThu Sep 12 1991System 7 Laserprep
1335.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Sep 12 1991Print Server Supporting Host SW V4.
1336.09KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Sep 13 1991printing from VMS to Laserwriter NT
1337.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Sep 13 1991Number of resources used by printers
1338.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Sep 13 1991MacTerminal w/CTERM -> rlogin?
1339.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Sep 13 1991MacTCP address not working
1340.01GAZERS::REILLYFri Sep 13 1991Yet Another Printing Problem (or maybe just a re-run)
1341.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Sep 13 1991Print symbiont times out or hangs waiting to print
1342.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Sep 16 1991Mail - Unable to PURGE DELETED MEMOS
1343.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Sep 18 1991Mail - Problems with Distribution List w/Comments
1344.0PJWL::LAMBWed Sep 18 1991Help selling against Novel for Macintosh server
1345.01SALSA::DUPREWed Sep 18 1991Queue not seen by Chooser
1346.04CHOVAX::WILLIAMSThu Sep 19 1991Some .MSAF$CAT questions
1347.03MECCA::DUGGANThu Sep 19 1991DAL CLient V1.3
1348.02PISTOU::TROELSFri Sep 20 1991Postscript print on LN
1349.03CSOA1::MCKENNAFri Sep 20 1991Printing to Ethernet connected Macs
1350.0GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Sep 23 1991Reset Modules and Forms w/ setup modules
1351.07YUPPY::BAYLISSMon Sep 23 1991printing using DEClaser 215
1352.014VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Sep 23 1991Performance Problems Saving EPSF to VAXshare Vol
1353.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Sep 23 1991Invalid Device in Volume Specification. No such Device
1354.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Sep 23 1991Any Plans for Zone Names Mapped into DNS?
1355.02PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KMon Sep 23 1991APPLE II/GS
1356.01ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Sep 24 1991Mac LC Problem with LAT ...
1357.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Sep 24 1991Logical Names with device libraries
1358.02SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Sep 24 1991DECnet to a SUN with DNI emulator?
1359.02WILARD::JENNINGSTue Sep 24 1991LN
1360.05MUTTON::LAMBTue Sep 24 1991Capturing DEC compatible postscript for printing
1362.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Sep 24 1991Decnet error copying files from IBM using Netcopy
1363.0DELNI::ROBINSONWed Sep 25 1991Error in system admin doc
1364.0DELNI::ROBINSONWed Sep 25 1991Error in help for ATK$MANAGER
1365.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Sep 25 1991EXCEL from Mac to PC -- cannot acccess file?
1366.05GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Sep 25 1991Pathworks and Alisa
1367.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Sep 26 1991Saving files directly to drop folder, can I?
1368.010CAPITN::MORRISON_HUThu Sep 26 1991Possible diskquota bug - volume owned by identifier
1369.01ODIXIE::HIPPThu Sep 26 1991Network Config Questions
1370.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Sep 30 1991Write protected - no error message??
1371.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Sep 30 1991VAXshare print forms defined?
1372.04KAOFS::C_VERDONMon Sep 30 1991"Ethernet NB Card" from Apple M
1373.03AIAG::LINDSEYMon Sep 30 1991IVP hangs
1374.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 30 1991Mac's display file sizes in funny increments
1375.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Oct 01 1991MacX - XTOOLKIT Fatal Error. Can't Open Display
1376.0KAL::BARNOTue Oct 01 1991DAL-server questions...
1378.02HOTAIR::HOSEINTue Oct 01 1991Bitnet with Mail for Mac.
1379.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKAWed Oct 02 1991special characters can't be printed over EtherTalk???
1380.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Oct 02 1991LAT timer changes
1381.01KERNEL::HIGMANWed Oct 02 1991DAL external CL1Getlist Information Required.
1382.05TMISWed Oct 02 1991Slloowww printing.
1383.02ORABX::MANDERSON_CWed Oct 02 1991Security violation dragging a ro file?
1384.03SSGVWed Oct 02 1991Mac can't see the server it needs
1385.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLThu Oct 03 1991DAL: ATK-E-DSP-CONTORDOW AT3 Recv Failed
1386.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLThu Oct 03 1991DAL and System 7.
1387.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CThu Oct 03 1991Two passwords w/ DECnet/MAC-X?
1388.01PAMSRC::STASIA::BILLThu Oct 03 1991AppleTalk-DECnet Security
1389.07SPACC::MARKEYThu Oct 03 1991files in folders not found
1390.02GOONS::MOOREMon Oct 07 1991ATKGW/ALL-IN-1 mail/Comm Toolbox
1391.06SAC::HAREMon Oct 07 1991What comes with 1.1?
1392.011LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKMon Oct 07 1991MacTerminal and AppleTalk ??
1393.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Oct 08 1991LaserWriter showing in Chooser
1394.06CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Oct 08 1991More on 2
1395.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Oct 08 19912NTX on serial port, whole document does not print
1396.02SAC::DELANY_SWed Oct 09 1991VMS -> Mac -> LaserWriter?
1398.0HGOVC::KEVINNGThu Oct 10 1991Training on Pathwork for Mac
1399.0ORABX::MANDERSON_CThu Oct 10 1991CTERM and MASS-11 crashes Mac
1400.03BEBBI::SCHMIDTIThu Oct 10 1991Licencing for Notes client
1401.01OFONLB::BOURGEOISThu Oct 10 1991PATHWORKS for Macintosh & AlisaShare
1402.07MUDIS3::UKERSTINGFri Oct 11 1991Printing on a LaserWriter from a VAX
1403.01TMISFri Oct 11 1991Newgen printer?
1404.02PRSNRD::AJZENBERGFri Oct 11 1991Mac and LAT
1405.01BREAKR::UDICKFri Oct 11 1991Terminal Server w/Parallel Port PW V1.1?
1406.02DELSMon Oct 14 1991How many Clients support Kinetics
1407.06LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAMon Oct 14 1991Mac Fonts on LN
1408.01MVDSMon Oct 14 1991LAT/MODEM Port Interaction Problem
1409.08VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Oct 14 1991VMS5.4-3, fileserver absent on localtalk
1410.01KAOFS::C_VERDONTue Oct 15 1991Remote command from MacX not comming back with the right node address
1411.0BOMBE::ALDENTue Oct 15 1991'?' for device name breaks DECnet copying
1412.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Oct 15 1991MacX and Name not found error
1414.05VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Oct 16 1991Error Disk Unreadable when Trying to Mount a Volume
1415.0VMSNET::MSTEWARTWed Oct 16 1991DECnet Corruption
1416.01FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNWed Oct 16 1991MacDraw Pro Printing problems!!
1417.07CGOSThu Oct 17 1991Mac A/UX Support
1419.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Oct 17 1991TCP/IP Support?
1420.0PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KFri Oct 18 1991Mail for Macintosh/Distribution Lists
1422.06YUPPY::GINNMon Oct 21 1991NAME SEVICE help required
1423.03ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Oct 21 1991Dayna Etherprint & Pathworks for Macintosh
1424.01YUPPY::GINNMon Oct 21 1991Exec Connection Parameters
1425.01YUPPY::GINNMon Oct 21 1991Routing Cache size
1426.0JUMBLY::DOCTORMon Oct 21 1991No transfer with DECterm
1427.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Oct 21 1991DOS/Mac file sharing?
1428.02TFH::BECKERMon Oct 21 1991Best choice for connecting Mac SE to VAX?
1429.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Oct 21 19912
1430.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Oct 21 1991protection problem with drop folder
1431.02THEWAV::LEWMon Oct 21 1991System 7 File Sharing with PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1432.03YUPPY::GINNTue Oct 22 1991Selecting paper tray
1433.0BACHUS::VANTUYKOMTue Oct 22 1991MAIL: UPPER and lowercase bug?
1434.01ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Oct 22 1991Function keys for MacX and DECterm ...
1435.04UTRTSC::ADEJONGTue Oct 22 1991sharing volume with pc's
1436.0ALBIS::BURKARTTue Oct 22 1991Asynch Decnet on MAC 6.
1437.01GRANPA::MFRANKTue Oct 22 1991976 and DECnet Compatibility
1438.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSWed Oct 23 19911
1439.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Oct 23 1991Unusual Fileserver login error
1440.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Oct 23 1991IFT for the Mac and DOS Server Packs for VMS V1.
1441.01YUPPY::GINNWed Oct 23 1991Do ACL's really work ?
1442.0SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Oct 23 1991No Mac to Vax file transfer
1443.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed Oct 23 19913
1445.05TAVIS::JONATHANThu Oct 24 1991MacTCP and file transfer
1446.08VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Oct 24 1991print jobs are getting mixed up
1447.01ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Oct 25 1991One More Time - Insufficient Dynamic Memory
1448.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CFri Oct 25 1991tuning priorities?
1449.02ARRODS::WILLIAMSONMon Oct 28 1991AppleTalk/DECnet Gateway: max number of connections?
1450.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Oct 28 1991File Server Connections
1451.08HAMSUP::BBURGERMon Oct 28 1991XMODEM Up-loading
1452.02ORABX::MANDERSON_CMon Oct 28 1991LN
1453.04OTOOA::PBALLMon Oct 28 1991Gerneric print queues?
1455.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Oct 28 1991two rooted windows come up in MacX
1456.01NEWOA::BROOMFIELDTue Oct 29 1991PATHWORKS on AppleTalk
1457.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Oct 29 1991DECnet control panel sends AT commands when dialing
1458.02FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Oct 30 1991NetCopy Mac to Mac
1459.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Oct 30 1991file not found, but really is there
1460.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 30 1991CTERM problem with MacTerminal
1462.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CThu Oct 31 1991Cluster Education please?
1463.0CSOA1::BRANSTEINThu Oct 31 1991PATHWORKS Listener ??
1464.012VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Oct 31 1991getting real enet address??
1465.01SAHQ::HICEFri Nov 01 1991MacTerminal LAT Tool see wrong group
1466.0GRANPA::KHARRISSun Nov 03 1991Alisa vs Pathworks:Product differences?
1467.0UTROP1::STEENIS_MSun Nov 03 1991Cayman Ethernet card
1468.02DEMOAX::SMITH_BSun Nov 03 1991ASYNC DECnet Microcom v.32/DECmodem v.32
1471.04THEBAY::GOODMANTue Nov 05 1991Problems with a gateway from certain Macs only
1472.02HALIBT::MCCANTATue Nov 05 1991Server CPU bound, KERNEL mode excessive, poor response
1473.03CAATS::TAMTue Nov 05 1991Manual Client Install on Mac LC
1474.09ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Nov 06 1991Files not copied with folder drag - File Size Displayed
1475.08HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Nov 06 1991Macintosh Quadra not supported..??
1476.010KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Nov 06 1991Connecting to the Same Volume more than once
1477.0KERNEL::HIGMANWed Nov 06 1991ADSP File Deleted During Mac Crash, Whilst Using DAL.
1478.0ARRODS::STINKA::WILLIAMSONThu Nov 07 1991Help needed with VAXshare on an important site!
1479.0SHIPS::HICKS_RThu Nov 07 1991MacX: Session Hang Problem using GKS
1480.02VEGAS::NUGGET::guralnikThu Nov 07 1991Problems with DECnet Connections (revisited)
1481.01COPCLU::GREGFri Nov 08 1991Management Interface...
1482.03USRCV2::EDMONDSJFri Nov 08 1991VT emulation and TCP/IP
1483.0FENNEL::SKINNERFri Nov 08 1991OceColor under Pathworks?
1484.02SPTNIK::SWABOWICZSun Nov 10 1991Problem "no Internet router available"
1485.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Nov 11 1991Password encryption in appletalk and Pathworks
1486.02GUIDUK::TREMBLAYMon Nov 11 1991TSSnet driver freeze up?
1487.01OSAV2Tue Nov 12 1991DAL demo doesn't work.
1488.02GUIDUK::KEROUACTue Nov 12 1991Alisa to PATHWORKS conversion?
1489.0CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 13 1991MacX: Comm Error 3
1490.02TMISWed Nov 13 1991FastPath IV & DAL problem
1491.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Nov 13 1991MacTerminal and printing selection from saved lines
1492.015GOBAMA::WILSONTLWed Nov 13 1991Do I need a License just to use the File Server?
1493.04KOBAL::DICKSONWed Nov 13 1991Need help with slow MacX
1494.0BOSTON::MISCHIKWed Nov 13 1991Trouble Network printing with HP Laserjet III
1495.0USRCV1::GIORDANOPThu Nov 14 1991Gaterbox/local Printer problem......
1496.0SUBWAY::VOYSESTThu Nov 14 1991Backup 6
1497.0CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Nov 14 1991DAL MUP installation problem
1498.04CGOOA::CHANThu Nov 14 1991ALL-IN-1/WPSPLUS/LASERWRITER revisit
1499.0KURTAN::KJOHANSSONFri Nov 15 1991MacTerminal and SmartStar
1500.0VMSNET::MSTEWARTFri Nov 15 1991Mail File Toooooo Big?
1501.01COMICS::FOSTERTue Nov 19 1991AppleTalk For VMS API
1502.01OTOP21::KathleenTue Nov 19 1991insufficient dynamic memory
1503.01ARRODS::WILLIAMSONTue Nov 19 1991VAXshare with volumes >2Gb?
1504.02KIPPIS::LODTue Nov 19 1991Problem : Mac LC, System 7, DECnet
1505.01USWRSL::ROCH_VITue Nov 19 1991MacPlus Floppy Boot with VAXshare access
1506.04SMAUG::DESMONDWed Nov 20 1991Disappearing VAXshare services
1507.06LILWed Nov 20 1991No more Session Manager with Motif
1508.01PJVAX::HOWARDWed Nov 20 1991MacX's X11 version
1509.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Nov 20 1991Mail: Connect Failed Check Validity of Server Name
1510.02GIDDAY::CASEYThu Nov 21 1991Location of error listing please
1511.01GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Nov 21 1991DAL ASYNC not working !
1512.01USRCV2::GIORDANOPThu Nov 21 1991Connecting a remote Mac?
1513.05KITVAX::STODDARDThu Nov 21 1991Capicity Information
1514.0KITVAX::STODDARDThu Nov 21 1991Estimated numbers of users
1515.03CACIQE::MELENDEZRThu Nov 21 1991Ethernet Card P/N
1516.02GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Nov 21 1991Is DECforms supported with MacTerminal?
1517.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONFri Nov 22 1991DAL & Oracle - is it possible?
1518.0MALMFri Nov 22 1991AppleTalk/DECnet Gateway: Why max number of connections?
1519.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Nov 22 1991More RPLCMPERR Errors et. al.
1520.07RCODDF::FOLTSFri Nov 22 1991Mail Notification???
1521.01ZPUPPY::TUNGSun Nov 24 1991Is Gatorbox supported by PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1522.06XAPPL::CLARKMon Nov 25 1991COPY on VMS + NetCopy on Mac yields bogus Stuffit "document"
1523.01KAOTMon Nov 25 1991'Error Retrieving AFP Record' Msg in the Log File
1524.01CGDEIS::CHASEMon Nov 25 1991PATHWORKS for VMS (DOS) help needed
1525.02GIDDAY::ARTHURTue Nov 26 1991HyperCard - PATHWORKS - VMS
1526.05CGOOA::BARNABETue Nov 26 19911.1 SPD / Telnet / MacTerminal
1527.03SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Nov 26 1991NETTIME for Macintosh?
1528.0STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LWed Nov 27 1991Macintosh -> VAX long distance?
1529.06DEMOAX::SMITH_BWed Nov 27 1991LaserWriter IIG
1530.07ZURFri Nov 29 1991DEClaser 21
1531.0ZURFri Nov 29 1991MacX over Fastpath doesn't work
1532.01ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Nov 29 1991MacX v1.1.7 - 'Gateway Name Not Found on Network'
1533.0BRSSWS::SASMon Dec 02 1991Print DECwindows Mail on PATHWORKS Queue
1534.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Dec 02 1991LAT w/Sys 6 vs. 7?
1535.01YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon Dec 02 1991MacX cut and paste support ?
1536.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Dec 03 1991Is the problem DEC's or the Gatorbox's?
1537.0STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Dec 03 1991MacX-file transfer
1538.02CGOWGS::ADAMSTue Dec 03 1991Calling parameters for MSAP$TRANS_POSTSCRIPT.EXE required.
1539.01YUPPY::GINNTue Dec 03 1991Does Mac recognise tab settings in VMS files
1540.01RT95::LOMBARDITue Dec 03 1991AppleShare error message ...
1541.05PRMSTue Dec 03 1991How much CPU for X many users?
1542.02GIDDAY::ARTHURTue Dec 03 1991Dec Xterminal <=> Mac's
1543.0YUPPY::GINNWed Dec 04 1991Transaction queue limit and response cluster
1544.01KERNEL::BURNSWed Dec 04 1991Mail and why SYSLCK priv
1545.0ORABX::CARZELL_MWed Dec 04 1991MacX - Only 1 Mac Can Bring Up Session Others Hang
1546.0YUPPY::GINNThu Dec 05 1991Printing screens from MacTerminal
1547.01BRSSWS::SASThu Dec 05 1991ATK$EVENT.LOG is empty
1548.06KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Dec 05 1991Possble problem with ECO
1549.012VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Dec 05 1991VMS 5.5??
1550.0SNOMAN::AARONThu Dec 05 1991Alisa -> PATHWORKS migration utility?
1551.0GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Dec 05 1991Trouble with bridges !!
1552.01NZOV97::NEVILLEThu Dec 05 1991LAT tool questions ...
1553.02BRSSWS::VANTUYKOMFri Dec 06 1991Decnet tunnel and routing
1555.0ATEAMS::TEMPLEMon Dec 09 1991Multiple Macintosh Problems
1556.016GLDOA::RBROWNMon Dec 09 1991MSAP$ACCOUNT and DECinspect
1557.0CGOOA::BARNABEMon Dec 09 1991DAL access to DB2/ORACLE using VIDA
1558.04STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Dec 10 1991Patched Print Symbiont doesn't work from MS-Windows
1559.03EVTAI1::LESOTTue Dec 10 1991File Server and Resource Identifiers
1560.03XAPPL::CLARKTue Dec 10 1991MacX + "delete" key doesn't work with Text widget
1561.07XAPPL::CLARKTue Dec 10 1991Problems with MacX's client window icons
1562.04POCUS::JEBRINEWed Dec 11 1991NFS & PATHWORKS for Mac?
1563.01ORABX::MANDERSON_CWed Dec 11 1991msaf-e-opndsktop?
1564.01HTSCThu Dec 12 1991How to restrict more than 1 connection to VAX ?
1565.0STKAI2::ACEDERHAGThu Dec 12 1991Mail: Unknown Node in a list of multiple addressees
1566.01BRSADV::VANHOVEThu Dec 12 1991Comments field disappearing with backup/restore ?
1567.03MLNCSC::MILANAFri Dec 13 1991Managing a networked Macintosh
1568.03SCAM::VPEREIRAFri Dec 13 1991DAL IVP fails
1569.03CALS::THACKERAYFri Dec 13 1991Mac IIfx hangs using Pathworks
1570.02SMAUG::DESMONDSat Dec 14 1991Error 6
1571.01NZMOA::ARTHURSun Dec 15 1991Vt34
1572.03HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Dec 16 1991must the server be a routing node??
1573.03LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAMon Dec 16 1991When are we going to Support 7.X
1574.04MQOSWS::M_LEMAYMon Dec 16 1991Performance prob. w/MacX & ULTRIX server
1575.01HANNAH::B_COBBMon Dec 16 1991System 7 ok with 1.
1576.0BACHUS::COLLARTTue Dec 17 1991MacX Problems
1577.01KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Dec 17 1991MacDraw II on VAXshare
1579.04TRCOA::AHMEDTue Dec 17 1991Terminal Emulator Local Printing solutions needed
1580.02PRMSTue Dec 17 1991SET option on DECnet control panel - what is it?
1581.015SMAUG::DESMONDWed Dec 18 1991How to use MacX and DECnet?
1582.0LAVGOD::ALLENWed Dec 18 1991MAC MS-Word <-> A1 Classic WPS+
1583.01SAC::HAREWed Dec 18 1991MAXnotes with AppleTalk
1584.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CWed Dec 18 1991Install list/summ ATK$MANAGER
1585.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Dec 18 1991automatically cleaning up volumes/directory
1586.01SMAUG::DESMONDWed Dec 18 1991How to restore saved settings in MacX?
1587.0GIDDAY::ARTHURWed Dec 18 1991FoxBASE & FoxPRO on PATHWORKS for Mac
1588.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CFri Dec 20 1991%LPS-W-UNREGIST 215
1589.03KETJE::VANHOVEFri Dec 20 1991Drop Folders in conjunction with ACLs
1590.03KETJE::VANHOVEFri Dec 20 1991Dragging files into deepest level of folder_depth
1591.01SHIPS::HICKS_RFri Dec 20 1991Support Required in the UK
1592.01HOTWTR::THORNTON_JEFri Dec 20 1991Pacer for Ultrix?
1593.0VMSNET::M_CARZELLFri Dec 20 1991MacX: Connecting to SUN - XTERM Command Not Found
1594.07GIDDAY::BLOOMMon Dec 23 1991Max 5
1595.06RT95::MICHAUDMon Dec 23 1991System 7 and "disk unreadable"
1596.01PHDVAX::GREBLEMon Dec 23 1991MSAP-F-ERRGETSETUP with QMS Printer on LAT
1597.02BRAT::PAQUETTE_LMon Dec 23 1991Can see ZONE, can't see services
1598.01VICKI::BROWNTue Dec 24 1991help on ethernet address
1599.0CALS::THACKERAYTue Dec 24 1991Don't use Accelerator for RasterOps monitors
1600.0SMAUG::DESMONDThu Dec 26 1991MacX keyboard mapping call?
1601.03ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Dec 26 1991Is it possible to MOUNT a Ultrix Disk via PATHWORKS?
1602.01UTROP1::KOMEN_AMon Dec 30 1991Note/VTX Clients in Europe
1603.02BOWLES::BOWLESTue Dec 31 1991Generic print queue /param=data=post default
1604.02ARNE::AAMISEPPThu Jan 02 1992Saving corrupt files on a volume
1605.07OSLACT::ARNEThu Jan 02 1992MacTerminal and the PowerBooks
1606.04BOWLES::BOWLESThu Jan 02 1992ATK-E-PAP_OPENFAIL Open failure to ATK printer
1607.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Jan 02 1992Async DECnet/3rd Partys
1608.04XAPPL::CLARKFri Jan 03 1992Comparing eXodus and MacX
1609.01MEO78B::MILLETTSun Jan 05 1992PATHWORKS for Macintosh V1.1 - when is it coming?
1610.0VIA::POONMon Jan 06 1992Need help on connecting a DAL Session from my Mac to a VMS host.
1611.05VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Jan 06 1992$ instead of characters after restore
1612.01SNOMAN::TLMARK::Aaron_SakovichMon Jan 06 1992V1.1-EFT3 goes COMputable, never mounts volumes
1613.03OTOOA::SHAWWed Jan 08 1992Mac to VMS COPY of POSTSCRIPT
1614.01ZURWed Jan 08 1992One folder restore of .999
1615.04TPOVC::LARRYLEEThu Jan 09 1992slow telnet from fastpath
1616.03EWBV31::MANOThu Jan 09 1992%MSAF-I-LOGINDENIED ?
1617.04KERNEL::QUINNThu Jan 09 1992Problem when using Motif
1618.01ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Jan 09 1992MacTerminal - CTERM Tool and SMARTSTAR
1619.01LISVAX::PACHECOThu Jan 09 1992What ethernet board to the Mac LC ?
1620.01KERNEL::BROWNPThu Jan 09 1992SMG$READ and error 244
1621.01THEWAV::BRADLEYThu Jan 09 1992License for V 1.1??
1622.05TKOV6Thu Jan 09 1992P.W.M V1.1 supports 2 Ethernet seg. ?
1623.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 10 1992MacX XLIB Problem !
1624.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 10 1992MacX window manager problem
1625.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jan 10 1992MacX via Liaison - Gateway Name Not Found On Network
1626.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jan 10 1992File Server Crashing - NEW Stack Dumps
1627.0ORABX::CARZELL_MSat Jan 11 1992Problems with DAL After Upgrading to VMS 5.4-3
1628.04DEMOAX::SMITH_BSat Jan 11 1992Percent (%) signs instead of 'bullets'
1629.05THAVMon Jan 13 1992HyperCard and SQL/Services
1630.01MSAMMon Jan 13 1992Problem with DAL connect to Oracle on VAX.
1631.01DRAC::ARRUZAMon Jan 13 1992Mac & LAT Connected Printer
1632.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jan 13 1992File Server crashes, can't connect RAB
1633.08GUIDUK::CHANGMon Jan 13 1992"PING" a Mac device?
1634.01KERNEL::HARRISKTue Jan 14 1992NetCopy problem
1635.01UTRTSC::ADEJONGTue Jan 14 1992changing zone names
1636.03WLW::CYOPAC::shreveTue Jan 14 1992Application file locking
1637.03SALSA::CAMBRONTue Jan 14 1992Mac mail to ULTRIX server?
1638.0BACHUS::COLLARTWed Jan 15 1992DECterm & MacX V1.1
1639.0SLO::VUJNOVICWed Jan 15 1992Sorting resources by Type/ID? *Urgent*
1640.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 15 1992START FILE_SERVER and PRINTER Needs Extra Privs
1641.02KAOFS::R_HARPERWed Jan 15 1992Does ECO 11 include older ECO?
1642.02STKAI2::ACEDERHAGThu Jan 16 1992MSAF filling operator.log with "error freeing virtual..."
1643.01ARNE::AAMISEPPThu Jan 16 1992error creating AFP file on volume that won't mount
1644.01KETJE::VANHOVEThu Jan 16 1992How many PATHWORKS for Macintosh Licences sold?
1645.04THEDGE::DWAYNEThu Jan 16 1992P.W.M. and the Colormate PS on the VAX
1646.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Jan 16 1992ATK$CONNECT - Undefined Reference
1647.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Jan 16 1992DECnet for Mac Error 'Ethernet Board Not In Correctly'
1648.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Jan 16 1992SHOW/START Printer - Invalid Logical Name Error
1649.03TRCOA::VANDUYVENVOOFri Jan 17 1992urgent - QuickMail btn PC's and Mac's work? How?
1650.01PRSUD1::PERUCHOTMon Jan 20 1992PATHWORKS version for System 7
1651.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Jan 20 1992Macterminal hangs via modem?
1652.0TRUCKS::DUGGAN_RMon Jan 20 1992Pacer, MS Mail for PC Networks MAC Client
1653.02EWBV31::MANOWed Jan 22 1992ACCVIO - File server is disappear
1654.04OTOPWed Jan 22 1992DQS question
1655.02ORABX::MANDERSON_CWed Jan 22 1992Another access violation...
1656.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Jan 23 1992MacX not autostarting DECW$applications
1657.03SKULLY::COMPTONThu Jan 23 1992Ethernet NB card on System 7?
1658.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Jan 23 1992What are the values of the LAT Timers?
1659.04GUIDUK::ELTORO::Conferencing-UserThu Jan 23 1992Limit of 25
1660.02STKCRG::EXTEN::cederhagFri Jan 24 1992msap$rcv goes in mutex state when printing
1661.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CFri Jan 24 1992Print from Session Manager and MacX?
1662.01WASHDC::BUZZERDFri Jan 24 1992DAL Interface to Rdb?
1663.01KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Jan 27 1992DECnet EFT2 Crashes on Mac IIx
1664.0GLADYS::HUISHTue Jan 28 1992PATHWORKS with DECnet VAX Extensions
1665.01YUPPY::GINNTue Jan 28 1992catalog cache size
1666.06ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed Jan 29 1992Underline disappears from output
1667.02ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Jan 29 1992PATHWORKS for Macintosh 1.1... shipping?
1668.04YUPPY::GINNWed Jan 29 1992Passwords on startup volumes
1669.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Jan 29 1992how to change font size
1670.02ARNE::KJOHANSSONThu Jan 30 1992Mouse-button + HELP-key does not work with MacX
1671.011XAPPL::CLARKThu Jan 30 1992Whither bug reports and QARs?
1672.022RT128::BATESSun Feb 02 1992PATHmanager by Voila Software
1673.05ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Feb 03 1992ACCVIO when used with a start file_server/all
1674.01BREAKR::UDICKMon Feb 03 1992Is it OK to use Defragger with PW4Mac
1675.02XNOGOV::JOETue Feb 04 1992Documentation access....
1676.01NGOV2Tue Feb 04 1992Notification for mail ?
1677.05STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Feb 04 1992Another Kinetics/Fastpath problem?
1678.01WD8EHB::J_CORDELLTue Feb 04 1992embedded postscript shows wrong name
1679.01KAOTTue Feb 04 1992MacTerm, VT1
1680.0HSOMAI::LINWed Feb 05 1992UCX 2.
1681.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Feb 05 1992LocalTalk & DECnet Packets
1682.04SAC::HAREWed Feb 05 1992Installing the Alisa Gateway
1683.0KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu Feb 06 1992MUTEX state with OCE printers 675
1684.06XNOGOV::JOEThu Feb 06 1992Total Novice help
1685.07TUNEIT::MAURERThu Feb 06 1992Alisa client to PW/Mac server printer legal/supported?
1686.05ZPOVC::TOBYAYREFri Feb 07 1992Powerbook to Ethernet connection
1687.04BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 07 19922
1688.010KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Feb 07 1992DEClaser 215
1689.04ZPOVC::KUMARFri Feb 07 1992Shared printer connected to a Mac
1690.03MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTIFri Feb 07 1992VAXshare T1.
1691.01WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEFri Feb 07 1992Concurrent Read on RISC/ULTRIX btw Mac and DOS
1692.0XAPPL::CLARKFri Feb 07 1992Missing and scrambled fonts with DECpresent on my Mac
1693.0CAPITN::MORRISON_HUFri Feb 07 1992MD3
1694.012MEO78B::FLAHERTYSun Feb 09 1992Apple LaserWriters direct to Ethernet??
1695.01MEO78B::MILLETTMon Feb 10 1992Macintosh matrix
1696.03CERN::BOTHNERMon Feb 10 1992Display from Mac to DECwindows?
1697.07MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Feb 10 1992Printing to LN
1698.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Feb 10 1992Problem with msaf$server_priority logical and V1.1
1699.0MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Feb 10 1992File Server Performance V1.
1700.06MANIOK::BERLINGHOFTue Feb 11 1992MacTerminal and problems again (LAT/VT32
1701.04XNOGOV::JOETue Feb 11 1992Troubleshooting AppleTalk DECnet Error....
1702.01KYOA::PEREZTue Feb 11 1992PacerShare Conversion
1703.04BREAKR::UDICKPTue Feb 11 1992Print Services do not show up in the "Chooser"
1704.04ROMTSS::SERAFINIWed Feb 12 1992DDCMP Asynch Connection BTW Mac and MVAX2 not work
1705.04OSLACT::ARNEWed Feb 12 1992Duplicate key problem again.....
1706.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Feb 13 1992Upgrade from 1.
1707.010LISVAX::AOLIVEIRAThu Feb 13 1992HP LaserJet III with postscript cartridge
1708.0VMSNET::W_FAMBERThu Feb 13 1992Printer Service not Starting
1709.05SWAM2::JANES_DEThu Feb 13 1992MacX & DECterm - Shared memory not connected
1710.03KYOA::PEREZThu Feb 13 1992Kinectics EtherPort II
1711.01WELLIN::SIMMSFri Feb 14 1992PACER for ULTRIX
1712.03ARTLIB::GOETZEFri Feb 14 1992Mail for Macintosh v1.1 Fails to Connect if DECnet tools present but not config'd
1713.0BLSEYE::DELINOSat Feb 15 1992need help fast on server design
1714.017VMSNET::M_CARZELLSat Feb 15 1992v1.1 - SH VOL does not show all MOUNTED volumes
1715.016ZPOVC::KUMARMon Feb 17 1992DAL access thru async connection
1716.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTMon Feb 17 1992Out of Paper again
1717.03AIMHI::TAYLORMon Feb 17 1992MacTerminal vs. DECterm
1718.03KERNEL::QUINNMon Feb 17 1992Problems accross a bridge
1719.03CESARE::EANDIMon Feb 17 1992Terminal Emulation
1720.01SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYMon Feb 17 1992ACL and FULL_ACCESS_CHECK access violation
1721.04KERNEL::IMBIERSKITue Feb 18 1992Laserprep help
1722.0EVTAI1::LESOTTue Feb 18 1992PRINTER laserwriter Fortran Control
1723.01ARNE::KJOHANSSONTue Feb 18 1992Quadra and Daisy-Chain connector ??
1724.01CSC32::D_SLOUGHTue Feb 18 1992RUNPC, SOFTPC, and/or Appletalk on DOS PC w/ ETHERWORKS card?
1725.02VMSNET::W_FAMBERTue Feb 18 1992Asynchronous DECnet
1726.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Feb 18 1992DECmcc & FastPATH
1727.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Feb 19 1992ADS Sent Out Server Only????
1728.03UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Feb 19 1992Fastpath V and VMS V5.5
1729.0KAOFS::A_LALONDEWed Feb 19 1992Multi LaserWrites that look Like ONE.
1730.01HAACK::HAACKWed Feb 19 1992Login Security need "same as VMS", wish list
1731.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Feb 19 1992Foxbase database corruption between Mac and PC
1732.0GUIDUK::CHANGWed Feb 19 1992Multiple Ethernet Controllers on the Server...
1733.02STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TThu Feb 20 1992Losing group membership in MacX
1734.06KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Feb 20 1992File Server taking up CPU time.
1735.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Feb 20 1992VMS vs Mac file secrity...Again
1736.02OSLACT::ARNEThu Feb 20 1992LPS2
1737.04GRANMA::AHAYNESThu Feb 20 1992Help for an old friend??
1738.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTThu Feb 20 1992Lets go back to 1.
1739.06UTRTSC::XAVEERFri Feb 21 1992'device not mounted' when exec routing on
1740.09YUPPY::HOUSTONFri Feb 21 1992Can Fileserver disconnect idle sessions
1741.01SWAM2::JANES_DEFri Feb 21 1992MacX: DECterm Invalid Parameter warning
1742.01WELLIN::HARRINGTONMon Feb 24 1992AppleTalk DECnet Gateway Choser option
1743.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Feb 24 1992Control-D and V1.1 print symbiont problem
1744.05SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Feb 24 1992LAT broadcast & bundles..
1745.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Feb 24 1992PATHWORKS V1.1 MacX & DECmcc on 19" Apple Monitor
1746.02DECWIN::VANDERPOOLMon Feb 24 1992V1.1 installation w/ SYSGEN parameters; mainly CHANNELCNT
1747.05RIPPLE::ERICKSODAMon Feb 24 1992MacTerminal over localtalk
1748.03WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Feb 25 1992Problem getting NetCopy to Connect to a VAX
1750.01RANGER::HITTTue Feb 25 1992PATHWORKS Support Survey
1751.0STAR::BOIKOTue Feb 25 1992Kill MacX - Switch DECW Calendar from Day - Year?
1752.03MATISE::DESELMSWed Feb 26 1992Large windows get cropped in MacX v1.
1753.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Feb 26 1992printer timer expir...again
1754.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Feb 26 1992ACCVIO,reason 65 at startup
1755.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Feb 26 1992LPS2
1756.03ORABX::MANDERSON_CThu Feb 27 1992Groups & GET PRIV
1757.03UTRTSC::ADEJONGThu Feb 27 1992changing printers to another zone
1758.01HANNAH::B_COBBThu Feb 27 1992Network range inquiry
1759.01GUIDUK::ELTORO::Conferencing-UserThu Feb 27 1992Mixed v1.
1760.02LYOFri Feb 28 1992MSAP-E Exceeded quota
1761.02VMSNET::MSTEWARTFri Feb 28 1992Two queues on one LAT port
1762.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Feb 28 1992connection of Classic and LC to enet
1763.08ORABX::CARZELL_MFri Feb 28 1992DAL v1.3, VMS A5.5 - Invalid Userid or Password
1764.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Mar 02 1992DECNET extension install and ghosting
1765.03ROMTSS::SERAFINITue Mar 03 1992Errors during Tunneling startup.
1766.04MEO78B::MILLETTWed Mar 04 1992Router problem
1767.03MSAMWed Mar 04 1992File Server going off-line
1768.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 04 1992Documentation differences between V1.
1769.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Mar 04 1992DECnet network data file corrupted on most Macs
1770.02ORABX::CARZELL_MWed Mar 04 1992VMS 5.5, v1.1- Mac on Enet/LT Can't See Servers
1771.03TROOA::PIERCEWed Mar 04 1992DECwindows IVP failure; image, device...
1772.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Mar 04 1992Resource Identifiers and Disk Quotas
1773.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Mar 04 1992Incompatible X-Apps for MacX
1774.01BELFST::MCCORRYThu Mar 05 1992DECnet Task-Task from Mac
1775.05XNOGOV::JOEThu Mar 05 1992Pacer & PATHWORKS for Mac Questions...
1776.0ORABX::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 05 1992LAT Gateway Load Balance?
1777.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Mar 05 1992Is it possible to stop queue and change forms?
1778.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Mar 06 1992MSAF V1.1 problems with overlaping
1779.0WELLIN::HARRINGTONFri Mar 06 1992Problems with NetCopy - can't connect to server
1780.02VISUAL::SWABOWICZFri Mar 06 1992Kinetics board - Phase II driver
1781.01MAOTAI::MIKAO::MULLICKFri Mar 06 1992CISCO Router problems
1782.01HOTAIR::HOSEINFri Mar 06 1992AppleTalk-LAT Gateway
1783.0JAYJAY::KORNSMon Mar 09 1992Pacer for ULTRIX Competitve Info
1784.04SAC::HAREMon Mar 09 1992MAXnotes again
1785.0RANGER::ROSENBERGMon Mar 09 1992An (Outside) "DAL Interest" E-Mail List
1786.01GIDDAY::BLOOMTue Mar 10 1992VAXshare crash - msaf-e-addrscdir error adding [HG] to catalog can't create msaf$resource
1787.010UCROW::BAIRDTue Mar 10 1992VAXshare Volume Folders Bogus Access Priveleges
1788.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Mar 10 1992Stop file/wait=37
1789.03KAOFS::E_LOKENTue Mar 10 1992Graphics Not printing & System 7
1790.01ZURWed Mar 11 1992MacTCP crashes Mac IIx, V1.1, System 6.
1791.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Mar 11 1992v1.1 Exceeded Byte Count Quota-Only on Startup
1792.05CNTRLZ::WALTERSWed Mar 11 1992ATK-W-INVNETINF - Invalide ZIP GetNetInfo
1793.06VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Mar 11 1992V1.1 LINKBROKEN, error shutting msa down by batch
1794.01ROMTSS::PASIWed Mar 11 1992Does Mac talk DDCMP?
1795.04BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 11 1992DEC IS looks at deploying PC's - Phase
1796.03BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 11 1992Device not found error.
1797.02NIKLKY::ROGERSThu Mar 12 1992Preserving file creator types using VMS copy utilities
1798.07SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 12 1992%MSAP-E-PAP LaserWriter
1799.06SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 12 1992NetCopy & Caymon Gatorbox
1800.01KERNEL::QUINNFri Mar 13 1992Problems with show printer
1801.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSSun Mar 15 1992PWKS & Alisa vis-a-vis Atalk/DECnet Gateway
1802.01LEDS::PRIBORSKYMon Mar 16 1992FAL Object Disappears
1803.016RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEMon Mar 16 1992PATHWORKS over serial (VAX) port?
1805.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Mar 16 1992v1.1 fs hung last err msaf-e-clovoldir
1806.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 17 1992Error initializing LAT protocol
1807.03SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Mar 17 1992Sample Hosts for MacTCP?
1808.06VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Mar 17 1992Drop folders revisited
1809.01STAR::VANDERPOOLTue Mar 17 1992print job fails with cps-f-setupnotfound through a DQS server
1810.02GIDDAY::BLOOMWed Mar 18 1992A1mail 1.
1811.05GIDDAY::BLOOMWed Mar 18 1992PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1 & DAL on VMS V5.5
1812.01ERFARE::SDWed Mar 18 1992Printing to LaserWriters from VMS
1813.0ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Mar 18 1992MacTerminal (Reverse + Blink) Help...
1814.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Mar 18 1992PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1 and Bound Volumes?
1815.03SUBWAY::DIFRANCESCOWed Mar 18 1992TOPS and DECnet together?
1816.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Mar 18 1992Ownership of files copied to a volume??
1817.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Mar 18 1992TCP tool beeps with MacX, can't use it
1818.02COHOES::PARDEEThu Mar 19 1992Unattended Backup for Mac with default folder on VMS
1819.02RANGER::GRANOFFThu Mar 19 1992PATHWORKS for Macintosh Hints & Kinks
1820.0SNO78A::BRESSINGTONThu Mar 19 1992Macterminal 132 mode
1821.01DACT18::Conferencing-UserThu Mar 19 1992Mac IIsi SLOT ERROR
1822.05PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGFri Mar 20 1992LaserWrite on serial port aborts print jobs
1823.01TRHPC1::JOARFri Mar 20 1992VMS 5.5 %QMAN-E-SYMDEL, Unexpected symbiont process term.
1825.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Mar 20 1992record not found, msap$account is there
1826.01GREG::MERRELLFri Mar 20 1992PW/VMS (Mac) V1.1 - ECO
1827.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Mar 20 1992atk-e-namnotfound printing
1828.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Mar 21 1992System 6 & 7 Macs, LaserWriter 7.
1830.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Mar 23 1992/hidden with Etherprint?
1831.06CAADC::RASLAWSKIMon Mar 23 1992ImageWriter as a queued device ...
1832.01KYOA::CARTERMon Mar 23 1992Why AppleTalk hubs not supported?
1833.02VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Mar 23 1992Disk Quota Reporting Problems
1834.03HGOVA::BURANCELEUNGTue Mar 24 1992Print Postscript from MS-Windows to LaserWriter
1835.02EVTAI1::LEONITue Mar 24 1992Problem with MSAP$SYMBIONT
1836.01PBST::APPLETALKTue Mar 24 1992Can't start the LN
1837.01FORTSC::PHILIPTue Mar 24 1992AppleTalk Gateway 1
1838.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Mar 25 1992/HIDDEN does not work for LaserWriter IIg
1839.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Mar 25 1992Mac IIsi takes 2
1840.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Mar 25 1992Can't understand System 7 Laser Prep
1841.04ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKWed Mar 25 1992Terminal Server LaserWriter IINTX Problem
1842.03GUCCI::NFERGUSONThu Mar 26 1992StarControllers Un-Supported ?!?
1843.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Mar 26 1992Accessing ATK$_xxx symbols from Fortran
1844.02SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 26 1992Computer Method's AsyncServer timing out on copies
1845.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 26 1992contiguous copy?
1846.07SMAC1Thu Mar 26 1992Mac Classic and Dayna ethernet
1847.0UCROW::BAIRDFri Mar 27 1992DECnet: How do I know when a connection is broken?
1848.01WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Mar 27 1992AppleTalk Zones appear and disappear at random! Help needed!
1849.02LARVAE::SKEEN_CMon Mar 30 1992Mac talking to Oracle Databases
1850.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Mar 30 1992Error Getting Parameter List When Starting Printer
1851.03LEDS::PRIBORSKYMon Mar 30 1992Preserving characters with NetCopy
1852.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Mar 30 1992Supported Modems
1853.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Mar 30 1992merging volumes
1854.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Mar 30 1992Chooser Automatic Mount broken?
1855.03SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Mar 30 1992Oversized packet loss, DECnet
1856.01BACHUS::SASTue Mar 31 1992cannot start seed router
1857.04SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Mar 31 1992V1.1 Problems?
1858.02ZURTue Mar 31 1992Does MSAF$SERVER work in kernel mode?
1859.02XAPPL::CLARKTue Mar 31 1992MacX and Mail "fight" over window size
1860.050XAPPL::CLARKTue Mar 31 1992Frozen Mac Syndrome & Problem Reporting discussion
1861.01ZURWed Apr 01 1992Mac-upgrade, NCP, Ethernet-Board, wrong slot
1862.0RANGER::ST_HILAIREWed Apr 01 1992MacX Desired Features, requesting input
1863.0GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Apr 02 1992PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1 and DECnet on Mac SE
1864.0SLO::VUJNOVICThu Apr 02 1992Localized versions of PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1 available
1865.01VMSNET::MSTEWARTThu Apr 02 1992offending command od_save again
1866.07NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri Apr 03 1992Problem with manual feed printing
1868.05OTOOA::PBALLFri Apr 03 1992Mac to DOS - click-and-drag
1869.0ARTLIB::GOETZEFri Apr 03 1992Mac Mail fails to connect
1870.02SWAM2::JANES_DEFri Apr 03 1992Consecutive MacX connections fail...Logical problem
1871.06RDVAX::KALIKOWSun Apr 05 1992PATHWORKS database advice sought
1872.03LILITH::CALLASMon Apr 06 1992Handouts from the April 1992 PCI symposium talks
1873.04NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 07 1992Where's the GraceLAN Application
1874.0KETJE::ROBBENSTue Apr 07 1992DECquery in window and/or batch ?
1875.0SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Apr 07 1992LAT address a variation?
1876.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 07 1992PATHWORKS DOS and Mac don't work together
1877.07VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Apr 07 1992MacX, ADSP Transport, and SHOW DISPLAY
1878.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CTue Apr 07 1992File locking local/ethertalk?
1879.01TAVWed Apr 08 1992MacDraw & VMS $COPY in VAXshare volume
1880.08ZURWed Apr 08 1992V1.1 and SET CHAR/CATALOG_CACHE=n bug
1881.09KYOA::KOCHWed Apr 08 1992327
1882.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Apr 08 1992install fails
1883.01WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Apr 08 1992Wanted: MacX Performance Numbers
1884.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Apr 08 1992How to change HP IIIsi from PLC to Postscript
1885.02SUBWAY::LEEWed Apr 08 1992Powerbook arrow keys using MacTerminal
1886.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 09 1992msap$symbiont looping and taking 9
1887.01ALOSThu Apr 09 1992DAL on System 7?
1888.08YUPPY::STUBBSPThu Apr 09 1992MacX 1.1.7 and DECnet
1890.01SUBWAY::LEEFri Apr 10 1992Missing files on server running Pathworks 1.1
1891.0RADBOX::ANDERSONFri Apr 10 1992Problem file sharing with PACER and PATHWORKS for ULTRIX
1893.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Apr 10 1992Can't Mount Volumes when using AppleTalk v56
1894.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Apr 10 1992HP LaserJet IIIsi- Undefinedoffending command
1895.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Apr 10 1992Is Back-in-store Supported with MacX?
1896.01HALIBT::MCCANTAMon Apr 13 1992Appletalk/VMS from 3rd Party?
1897.03YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon Apr 13 1992Fortran Carriage control files - easy conversion?
1898.02YUPPY::GINNTue Apr 14 1992Installing PW/DOS after PW/Mac ?
1899.01ARRODS::MTHREE::WILLIAMSONTue Apr 14 1992DECnet Tool Security Bug?
1900.0OSLACT::ARNETue Apr 14 1992MacX and choser device for PW4Mac 1.1 ??
1901.017YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue Apr 14 1992Color printer support
1902.0LAIDBK::CONSTANTINETue Apr 14 1992Foxbase Anyone??
1903.02YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 15 1992MacX losing part of display ?
1904.01YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 15 1992Selecting Fonts in MacX
1905.01SCAACT::TERREOWed Apr 15 1992PACER for ULTRIX -> TCP/IP Tunnel?
1906.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CThu Apr 16 1992Macterminal print to port?
1907.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CThu Apr 16 1992ACCVIO: DAL Server ATK Access violation
1908.01HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEFri Apr 17 1992DAYNA under V1.1. LAT does not work !
1909.05TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Apr 17 1992Is it possible to mount a volume on a tape drive?
1910.03YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 17 1992VAX crashing with PATHWORKS for Mac
1911.01YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUFri Apr 17 1992Print Receiver processes are taking over
1912.05YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUMon Apr 20 1992UNIX printing to PATHWORKS for Macintosh?
1913.02VMSNET::MSTEWARTMon Apr 20 1992MSAP-E-ERRGETSETUP error again
1914.0PAULUS::SPIESSTue Apr 21 1992Printing from Mac via PATHWORKS V1.1 Fails
1915.05STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Apr 21 1992Fatal printer symbiont error. v1.1
1916.04PAULUS::SPIESSTue Apr 21 1992Problems copying Stuffit/Compactor files
1917.05YUPPY::STUBBSPTue Apr 21 1992RTMP problems
1918.03ASDS::SYSTEMTue Apr 21 1992Problems with Choosing LaserWriter
1919.02YUPPY::STUBBSPTue Apr 21 1992Not a postscript problem
1920.02VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Apr 21 1992WHY device should not be spooled
1921.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 21 1992%MSAF-E-ASINTERNAL error message from VAXshare
1922.02YUPPY::GINNWed Apr 22 1992Problem printing from VMS to LaserWriter
1923.02SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed Apr 22 1992Sun, MacX, and TCP/IP
1924.02TRHPC1::JOARThu Apr 23 1992Printjobs ending with <ctrl D> stops the print queue problem, fixed?
1925.015PBST::ROBERTSThu Apr 23 1992Does MacTCP support SLIP??
1926.05SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Apr 24 1992File Server Crashing- Access Violation (ACCVIO)
1927.02MEO78B::MILLETTSat Apr 25 1992PW/Mac v1.1 and Hypercard DAL stacks
1928.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon Apr 27 1992Printing - Want to increase speed
1929.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Apr 27 1992IOSB errors with DECnet
1930.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Apr 28 1992Error: syntaxerror; (laserWriter NT - Postscript files)
1931.05HGOVA::BURANCELEUNGTue Apr 28 1992DaynaPort E/Z
1932.0SIOG::MCCLUSKEYTue Apr 28 1992Is there a PATHWORKS for Mac Start-up SDK?
1933.01NEMAIL::PRABHUTue Apr 28 1992Printing Problems with Pagemake and EXPRESS
1934.01KURTAN::KJOHANSSONTue Apr 28 1992NetCopy and Special charater on SYSTEM 7
1935.02RMDSRV::HIGHLANDTue Apr 28 1992Prob RENAMEing Printer Name of IIg Off Ethernet
1936.03WELLIN::HARRINGTONWed Apr 29 1992Printing - DOS & Mac - initialization problems
1937.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 30 1992WriteNow not printing to LaserWriter IIf
1938.05BACHUS::VERMEIRThu Apr 30 1992wsquota
1939.03KAOFS::C_VERDONThu Apr 30 1992Some MacTerminal keys not working w/CTERM
1940.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri May 01 1992Problem with Macs pausing
1941.0OSLACT::ARNEFri May 01 1992Will this conference handle PACER related problems?
1942.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri May 01 1992PW Mail can't create message on IIcx
1943.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri May 01 1992Is DECnet for Mac V1.1 32-bit clean?????
1944.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri May 01 1992How does PATHWORKS Notifier work?
1945.0TAVHLT::DORONSat May 02 1992DECnet for Mac and NETbridge?
1946.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MSun May 03 1992HOSTS file-- how many nodes can be displayed?
1947.05EEMELI::ALANNETue May 05 1992%MSAP-E-CONNFAIL and FastPath
1948.0LEDS::PRIBORSKYTue May 05 1992MacX missing some special font glyphs?
1949.06STKAI2::ACEDERHAGWed May 06 1992Printing but not printing
1950.01ARTLIB::GOETZEWed May 06 1992Mail for Mac printing to an HP DeskJet
1951.02SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed May 06 1992File Server v1.1 - a new stack dump?
1952.02MLNTSC::CASAROTTIThu May 07 1992PW/Mac v1.1 - DEBNI - Liason 3.
1953.01FRSCS::CARLOSThu May 07 1992support for local attached devices
1954.01PUGET::SIPEFri May 08 1992Shiva Etherport II Switch Problem
1955.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri May 08 1992Pacer V2.5 for Ultrix, with DECnet Phase V
1956.0KAOFS::E_LOKENFri May 08 1992GETREQCOMP err VMS 5.4-3 CTLflags
1957.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CFri May 08 1992VMerror; OffendingCommand: string
1958.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri May 08 1992File Server V1.1 ECO 1 - MSAF-W-SYNC_IN_AST
1959.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CMon May 11 1992No output from SH VOL?
1960.01KAOTMon May 11 1992Backup of Drive that has QuickMail Problems.
1961.02R2ME2::OBRYANMon May 11 1992Incompatibilities of PW V1.1 and DW Motif T1.1 ?
1962.02GIDDAY::BLOOMMon May 11 1992Quadra 7
1963.01BACHUS::DHAENSTue May 12 1992MSAP and parallel connection
1964.01ZURTue May 12 1992Mount MSA Volume Over DSSI-LINK Possible?
1965.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue May 12 1992MacX and DECnet-can't display clients.
1967.01KYOA::PEREZTue May 12 1992Why configure clients??
1968.02TYSON::HUNGWed May 13 1992MacTCP/MacX/Multinet on VMS ?
1969.01RIPPLE::VELIS_MAWed May 13 1992Mail failing to one user??
1970.02LYOThu May 14 1992MSAP-E-SERINITERR on XEROX
1971.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CThu May 14 1992Printers in Mutex 1.1?
1972.02XNOGOV::JOEThu May 14 1992MacX and MB1, MB2, & MB3
1974.01EISKVP::VANPATTENThu May 14 1992Mail for Mac ONLY
1975.04WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEThu May 14 1992AppleShare System Error
1976.01GIDDAY::BLOOMFri May 15 1992Pagemaker 4.2 keeps downloading fonts
1977.02XNOGOV::JOEFri May 15 1992Pathworks 1.1 and Mail client for ULTRIX...
1978.02ALOSWS::TURPINFri May 15 1992DAL.SQL: 1
1979.0BACHUS::BERGMANSFri May 15 1992problem to suppress the ^D even after the cscpat3
1980.02TYSON::HUNGSun May 17 1992MacX displaying DECterminal: how to resize it?
1981.01MACNAS::PMCGRATHMon May 18 1992NetCopy Mac to Mac Problems
1982.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CMon May 18 1992ATK on two controllers?
1983.02VMSNET::W_FAMBERMon May 18 1992 Atk-e-nbp_namnotfou, name was not found
1984.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon May 18 1992Print Queues Stall - Device Unavailable
1985.03SALSA::SCHENKERMon May 18 1992Minimum wires for Twisted Pair?
1986.010GRANPA::KMCGINNISTue May 19 1992DAL Server
1987.0ZURTue May 19 1992Laserjet IIIsi, stack underflow, MSA 1.1
1988.04MIMS::GRAFT_JTue May 19 1992Mac Mail 1.1 dialog box.
1989.03SALISH::THORNTON_JETue May 19 1992Pacer for Ultrix and PW Ultrix file sharing
1990.0SWECSC::EXTEN::cederhagWed May 20 1992QMS and out of paper causes hang
1991.010BACHUS::BERGMANSWed May 20 1992Tektronix Phaser III Pxi in cool down state
1992.01HGOVC::THERESALOWed May 20 1992DAL support
1994.04VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed May 20 1992256 FID on directory doesn't mount
1995.04VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu May 21 1992ADSP connection doesn't work
1996.02YUPPY::PATELThu May 21 1992Maximum number of users - how to check?
1997.02PTOVAX::WILKINSThu May 21 1992problems with V1.1 install
1998.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu May 21 1992LAT display font selection?
1999.08VISUAL::MOSIERThu May 21 1992MacX: How do I start the Session Manager rootless?
2000.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon May 25 1992MacTerm/Virtual Terminal- Terminal Type Unknown
2001.0TROOA::KINGMon May 25 1992Basic AlisaShare commands
2002.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon May 25 1992File Server Will Not Start
2003.0NGOV2Tue May 26 1992How to launch decw$startlogin.exe?
2004.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue May 26 1992Mail and Secure VMS...
2005.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue May 26 1992Looping Message-Access to Internet Router is Available
2006.0BREAKR::UDICKTue May 26 1992PACER and DECnet 5.
2007.04KCBBQ::HELTONWed May 27 1992Read only file service
2008.02KYOA::PEREZThu May 28 1992no zone in chooser?
2009.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALThu May 28 1992What machanism decides if Mapped fonts are used
2010.04CXDOCS::CHESNEYThu May 28 1992PATHWORKS for Mac over a modem?
2011.03VMSNET::SPARKERThu May 28 1992Shared volume-icoClean Up Window not working
2012.01DEMOAX::SMITH_BFri May 29 1992Logical Names and Distribution lists...
2013.0VMSNET::SPARKERFri May 29 1992DR
2014.03HALFDM::MERRELLFri May 29 1992PATHmanager is available from DECdirect
2015.0MUNICH::PCI2Mon Jun 01 1992Printing Limitations?
2016.01KAOFS::E_LOKENTue Jun 02 1992Excel, DAL, Rdb Queries
2017.04SFBAY::AFENDAKISTue Jun 02 1992/number_up=2 truncating printed MS word docs
2018.03COPCLU::RISTOWed Jun 03 1992Can PACER share a NFS mounted disk?
2019.03VMSNET::SPARKERWed Jun 03 1992Custom icons for volumes wierdness
2020.04GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Jun 04 1992Copy to network volume slow to return
2021.04GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Jun 04 1992DECnet Tunnelling performance problem copying to server volume
2022.02XNOGOV::JOEThu Jun 04 1992VMS UAM
2023.0KAOTFri Jun 05 1992RESET clears the Saved settings in VT32
2024.01PJWL::LAMBSat Jun 06 1992NetCopy Hangs Macintosh
2025.01CSOA1::BRANSTEINMon Jun 08 1992LAT and DECnet Node Changes
2026.0KERNEL::QUINNTue Jun 09 1992DECnet error 48
2027.03KETJE::VANHOVETue Jun 09 1992GW logical for the ATK-DN Gateway
2028.01OTOOA::PONDTue Jun 09 1992Conferencing for Macintosh V1.
2029.01ARTLIB::GOETZETue Jun 09 1992DECnet/Mac FAL copies MacBinary funny?
2030.01JSOCSS::M_SASAKITue Jun 09 1992Copy error on LaserWriter NTX via T/S.
2031.01NZOMIS::DUDSONWed Jun 10 1992Decnet object X$999?
2032.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Jun 10 1992Performance degradation with MSAF ECO 1
2033.03HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEThu Jun 11 1992LaserWriter and LAT
2034.09AIMENG::REEDThu Jun 11 1992printing problems?
2036.01KIPPIS::MANTEREFri Jun 12 1992How to debug PATHWORKS?
2037.09ECAMV1::FEGANFri Jun 12 1992Flag page strings
2038.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Jun 14 1992AppleTalk Routing Questions
2039.01PDVMon Jun 15 1992Printing random hang
2040.0MORO::MAUTZ_RITue Jun 16 1992PC Net Mgt Questions
2041.01DECWET::SERACKTue Jun 16 1992Need help with System 7 Upgrade and Kinetics software
2042.05KAOFS::E_LOKENTue Jun 16 1992Mail for Mac/w Async DECnet Problem
2043.03ODIXIE::EARLSTue Jun 16 1992Is there hope for the AppleTalk-phobic?
2044.02PBST::ROBERTSTue Jun 16 1992MacTerminal: Can it display more then 24 lines?
2045.01REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Jun 17 1992TSSnet vs. DECnet-MAC
2046.0DENVER::HALLWed Jun 17 1992Mysterious Mac hangs
2047.01KID2::PEPERIWed Jun 17 1992Are Release Notes online?
2048.09PTOVAX::WILSONWed Jun 17 1992Printing Assistance Needed....
2049.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Jun 17 1992Copying MacBinary files
2050.03TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 18 1992File read error (question was ment for VMSnotes Conf)
2051.02HSOMAI::LINThu Jun 18 1992MacX/MacTCP/UCXV2.
2052.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Jun 18 1992Print Spooling is slow
2053.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jun 19 1992DAL Errors - Access Violations
2054.0YOUNG::YOUNGFri Jun 19 1992Undocumented Print Symbiont Logical
2055.0ZPOVC::PETERDINGSun Jun 21 1992FXA
2056.0KERNEL::TRAYLERMon Jun 22 1992LAT sessions to a vax 942
2057.04LAMOTA::HUNGTue Jun 23 1992Installer 3.3 and error type -192 ?
2058.01GIDDAY::CASEYTue Jun 23 1992%MSAP-E-NOJOB, Print job not seen by reciever
2059.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Jun 23 1992Quadra and LAT Service Table
2060.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Jun 23 1992Mail for Mac and printing on LocalTalk
2062.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Jun 23 1992Security on MSAF$* files
2063.0WR2FOR::SMALE_JOTue Jun 23 1992DECforms support for MacTerminal
2064.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Jun 24 1992Expired Password problem under V1.1
2065.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CWed Jun 24 1992Intermittent Printer Hangs
2066.01XNOGOV::JOEWed Jun 24 1992MacX and modmaps
2067.01TARUGO::ALVAROWed Jun 24 1992I couldn't print with LN
2068.010NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Jun 25 1992Problem with ALTPRI
2069.0TYSON::HUNGThu Jun 25 1992MacX and color namer?
2070.03GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Jun 26 1992Problem setting up LaserWriter on serial LTA device
2071.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Jun 26 1992MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT and Fortran files with .DAT ext
2072.05SHALOT::DUNCANFri Jun 26 1992Async MacX
2073.01WHO3Fri Jun 26 1992PacerShare to PATHWORKS file copy over DECnet
2074.01GIDDAY::BLOOMMon Jun 29 1992CC:Mail Mac and DOS compatibiliy over PATHWORKS
2075.03BACHUS::SASTue Jun 30 1992Multicast Address and GetNetInfo
2076.018JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Jun 30 1992Mac->PC->Mac Word doucments corrupted
2077.01HGSW67::CHARLESKWANTue Jun 30 1992How to setup AppleTalk/LAT Gateway?
2078.04KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Jul 01 1992MIRROR.H - DECnet for Mac Programmers Ref Guide p4-3
2079.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Jul 01 1992System 6, PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1 and Comment fields
2080.06FORTY2::JAFFERThu Jul 02 1992Problem removing PacerShare files with afp_rm
2081.0GRANPA::GTHOMASThu Jul 02 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL client packet differences?
2082.05KETJE::VANHOVEMon Jul 06 1992Defining additional LaserWriter Forms (lib & doc available?)
2083.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jul 06 1992Fortran files with on conversion on VAXshare copy
2084.0TROOA::KINGMon Jul 06 1992AlisaShare -> PATHWORKS for Mac experience
2085.06TROOA::KINGMon Jul 06 1992Remote boot queries again...
2086.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Jul 07 1992Timer Errors (-ATK-E-PAP-CONTMREXP) Printing Over 48K Line
2087.01RT128::BATESTue Jul 07 1992OpenVMS 5.5-2 EFT3 Print Problems with 1.1?
2088.02CLPRWed Jul 08 1992FDDI and AppleTalk
2089.07FDCV14::WILLIAMSWed Jul 08 1992invalid logical name - MSA V1.1
2090.01TKOV51::MATTHEWSWed Jul 08 19927 level backup limitation
2091.03BIGUN::MAYNEThu Jul 09 1992UNIX to Macintosh printing via TCP/IP
2092.0BIGUN::MAYNEThu Jul 09 1992UNIX to Macintosh printing via TCP/IP
2093.02JOCKEY::63961::Conferencing-UserThu Jul 09 1992Shiva Fastpath IV problems
2094.01KERNEL::LYDIATTSThu Jul 09 1992Recovering files from the Trash Can...
2095.02AKOCOA::GIAFIN::cleggThu Jul 09 1992NetWare and PATHWORKS for Mac together?
2096.01MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Jul 10 1992No PATHWORKS V1.1 Client Volume Mounted
2097.0PBST::ROBERTSFri Jul 10 1992Notes gives "Network partner aborted logical link"
2098.0RANGER::WHEELOCKFri Jul 10 1992PATHWORKS for Mac V1.2 IFT kit now available
2099.08HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Jul 13 1992MACLINK fails w file service, Word & Word Perfect
2100.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jul 13 1992Asante en/sc in PowerBook 17
2101.01KYOA::GREENJTue Jul 14 1992Sending Binary File from Mac to PC
2102.03DELSTue Jul 14 1992Internet router doesn't work properly!!
2103.0VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Jul 14 1992MacX - No such node exists
2104.0EWBV31::MANOWed Jul 15 1992unknown dbms brand specified.
2105.05VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Jul 15 1992MacX keyboard mapping errors
2106.01ZURThu Jul 16 19922 seed zones with 2 network ranges
2107.01HSOMAI::LINThu Jul 16 1992multiple-zone support?
2108.03DELSThu Jul 16 1992PATHWORKS for Mac Server consumes 1
2109.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jul 17 1992Printing via PATHWORKS to a LaserWriter Plus
2110.05HOTAIR::ANDREWSFri Jul 17 1992Printer output ID needed
2111.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDFri Jul 17 1992LaserWriter IIG config ?
2112.01SKYE::ANDERSONFri Jul 17 1992CTERM connections dropping
2113.01TAVSun Jul 19 1992DAL - host name,connection failed
2114.0TAVSun Jul 19 1992DAL - host name,connection to vax failed
2115.01ZURTue Jul 21 1992Changing zone name on the seed router
2116.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Jul 21 1992VT32
2117.06UTRTSC::ADEJONGWed Jul 22 1992volumes disappeared after upgrade
2118.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Jul 22 1992Error %MSAF-I-GETREQCOMP
2119.02THEDGE::DWAYNEWed Jul 22 1992where to get latest Laser Prep files?
2120.05GUIDUK::GUMYBR::kerouacWed Jul 22 1992MacX and 256 colors help needed
2121.01JULIET::PAIGE_JAWed Jul 22 1992What VMS Versions are Supported?
2122.02YAMS::TWANG::DICKSONThu Jul 23 1992Send/Rcv multicast
2123.09XAPPL::CLARKThu Jul 23 1992"XIO: fatal IO error 65535 on X server" (MacX)
2124.0EVTAI1::LESOTFri Jul 24 1992Farallon EtherMac and DECnet
2125.02EVTAI1::LESOTFri Jul 24 1992DEC325
2126.01CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Jul 24 1992PACER and NFS
2127.0HALFDM::MERRELLFri Dec 18 1992FDDI support in ATKVMS/PATHWORKS for Macintosh
2128.04NERSW5::MARTINELLOMon Jul 27 1992DOS to EtherPort Printer
2129.02KUZZY::KOCZWARAMon Jul 27 1992Expired Password gives Ambiguous Error Message
2130.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTTue Jul 28 1992DOS and Mac files, French characters?
2131.05PWRKS::SPARKERTue Jul 28 1992Disk defragmenter/QIO subsystem/PWRKS 1.1 ?s
2132.0JULIET::MORRISON_HUTue Jul 28 1992Problem installing from DEC 5
2133.04CANYON::CONROYTue Jul 28 1992VAX to VAXcluster Install Possible?
2134.01ZURWed Jul 29 1992Space key gives ^] using MacTerminal and LAT
2135.05CALS::THACKERAYWed Jul 29 1992Volume is grayed out
2136.06NEOVThu Jul 30 1992Sharing a LaserWriter with DOS?
2137.06MFRFMS::SUSANNEThu Jul 30 1992Configure AppleTalk-DECnet Gateway
2138.02SWETSC::LAB4::AAMISEPPThu Jul 30 1992NetCopy won't connect to [
2139.02KEMER::DARUGERThu Jul 30 1992CF
2140.01ZURThu Jul 30 1992first job on Brother HL8 with MSAP$SYMBIONT
2141.02MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Jul 30 1992MacX and MacTerminal with TCP/IP
2142.01KAOTThu Jul 30 1992Out of Application Memory with MacTerminal
2143.02UTRTSC::XAVEERFri Jul 31 1992PowerBook with Asante EN/SC card?
2144.0UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Jul 31 1992Keyboard definition with CTERM
2145.0WD8EHB::T_EPLEYFri Jul 31 1992dxsession and MacX --again
2146.0JULIET::RILEY_ELTue Aug 04 1992DECnet not starting on SE/3
2147.01BACHUS::SASWed Aug 05 1992Fortran Carriage Control and CSCPAT_
2148.019TROOA::IOSSIFIDISWed Aug 05 1992SCSI Ethernet adapter support
2149.03TUXEDO::L_OUELLETTEWed Aug 05 1992Zterm & EVE Editor on Mac LC
2150.08THEDGE::DWAYNEWed Aug 05 1992-RMS-F-IRC on file MSAF$ICON.DAT
2151.07NANTES::NANT24::farneFri Aug 07 1992DECnet Tunneling on Wide area
2152.0WD8EHB::M_CARZELLFri Aug 07 1992Problems with QuickMail and the DECnet tool
2153.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992AppleTalk-LAT Gateway
2154.01RTOEU::MWEHRSIGMon Aug 10 1992ATK$ROUTER <-> DECinspect
2156.06AKOCOA::CWALTERSMon Aug 10 1992is AppleShare required
2157.01MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Aug 10 1992Alternative MacX source
2158.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Aug 10 1992Mac24
2159.01UTRTSC::63674::adejongTue Aug 11 1992Volumes and WORM drives
2160.05PISTOU::TroelsWed Aug 12 1992VAXshare remote access
2161.05VNABRW::HABRICH_PWed Aug 12 1992Reset on MacTerminal?
2162.04MIMS::WEBB_AWed Aug 12 1992pap_contmrexp error when printer out of paper
2163.02CREATV::EASTONWed Aug 12 1992Assign Channel error/Unknown AFP Cmd/Print Queues
2164.0MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayThu Aug 13 1992MAILworks New Mail Notification
2165.05MAASUP::639Thu Aug 13 1992VMS 5.5-1 upgrade and Mac's not connecting
2166.02WD8EHB::SPARKERThu Aug 13 1992SHOW QUEUE-where does Mac chooser name come from?
2167.015SAC::WEST25::HareFri Aug 14 1992Can VMS be a DOS and Mac CC:Mail server?
2168.04DEC352::WaldFri Aug 14 1992Is PATHWORKS for Macintosh v1.1 Kit available on the net?
2169.09WD8EHB::SPARKERFri Aug 14 1992Shared SYSUAF and denied logins
2170.03PWRKS::T_EPLEYFri Aug 14 1992bound volume = negative sizes
2171.05SHIRE::BINERMon Aug 17 1992System 7.
2172.06WD8EHB::SPARKERMon Aug 17 1992MSAF-W-SENDATTN then file server shutdown
2173.03MIMS::WEBB_AMon Aug 17 1992GETREQCOMP and ASP_SESWASCLO errors
2174.04UTRTSC::BAKKERTue Aug 18 1992Print sybiont exits after 2
2175.04SWETSC::KJOHANSSONTue Aug 18 1992Does the File Server have a Volume Limit?
2176.0TARUGO::ZOCATO::luisTue Aug 18 1992Netcopy translation problem
2177.02OHMARY::HALLTue Aug 18 1992DAL XCMD/XFCN have limit of 254 bytes
2178.0ODIXIE::SHILLINGTue Aug 18 1992Ether+ ethernet adapter on Powerbook 17
2179.07GIDDAY::BLOOMWed Aug 19 1992ICONS keep stacking in the top left corner !!
2180.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Aug 19 1992Unable to change filename to ALL Uppercase with Spaces
2181.05UNSINN::HOOFThu Aug 20 1992VAXnotes running on MacX server
2182.02MALMThu Aug 20 1992MacTerminal and saving user defined keys
2183.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Aug 20 1992MacX to SUN and ULTRIX systems
2184.01ZURThu Aug 20 1992LPS2
2185.0VMSNET::RRICKThu Aug 20 1992Banyan Vines VAXnotes Conference Announcement
2186.0JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Aug 21 1992Conferencing remote notebook access problem
2187.06JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri Aug 21 1992MacTerminal and ULTRIX vi editor problem
2188.01KCBBQ::MULLINFri Aug 21 1992Support for AA tax package
2189.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGMon Aug 24 1992MSA$SHUTDOWN hangs at system shutdown
2190.0KAOFS::E_LOKENMon Aug 24 1992Printing Mail for Mac to LQ
2191.08DWOVAX::KEVILLETue Aug 25 1992Printing Postscript in Landscape Mode
2192.011ONOIS1::COLAS_YWed Aug 26 1992MIBUFFOVRFLW / Undocumented message
2193.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONWed Aug 26 1992Multiple ATK-LAT Gateway Process's?
2194.01KERNEL::IMBIERSKIThu Aug 27 1992SLGMS - X application on MacX
2195.03VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 27 1992HP Laserjet IIIsi / serially
2196.08PRIMES::THOMASFri Aug 28 1992Problems Mounting?
2197.03ZPOVC::LCLEEFri Aug 28 1992Setting Up of VAXshare Apple LaserWriter printer
2198.01BRSSWS::DHAENSFri Aug 28 1992Can a VAX be an AppleTalk router???
2199.0ZPOVC::YEECHINSun Aug 30 1992Print Selection has problem ...
2200.04SSGVMon Aug 31 1992Mac Emulation on a VAXstation?
2201.03KUZZY::KOCZWARAMon Aug 31 1992CD Reader as a VAXshare Volume?
2202.03OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMITue Sep 01 1992?? SequeLink versus DAL(Macintosh) ??
2203.05VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Sep 01 1992How to get rid of <LF> in Abode Illustrator
2204.02KAOFS::C_VERDONTue Sep 01 1992DECnet/Mac hang on Mac IIci/Asante 8*24 card
2205.0BREAKR::LOPEZWed Sep 02 1992MacX & UCX V2.
2206.01GIDDAY::COOKWed Sep 02 1992MacTerminal Hangs when using Scroll Bars
2207.0ZURWed Sep 02 1992PACER's addloginmapping command and }{|
2208.05LJOHUB::MFFL::StraubWed Sep 02 1992Lost Data Packets
2209.05TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Sep 02 1992Mac/PATHWORKS Spooler - Jobs Jumping Ahead In Queue
2210.0BMEUP::NGUYENWed Sep 02 1992LaserWriter NTXII problem with postscript file.
2211.0R2ME2::OBRYANWed Sep 02 1992Help Key under Motif via MacX
2212.0MUTTON::LAMBWed Sep 02 1992Pathworks vs. Novell - Clients cost too much!!!
2213.01BRSSWS::SASThu Sep 03 1992empty record in Stream_LF file is not printed
2214.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Sep 03 1992Mail for Macintosh and PMDS
2215.03SFBAY::AFENDAKISThu Sep 03 1992Printing Postscript only get header and trailer
2216.02MIMS::WEBB_AFri Sep 04 1992Volumes and disk striped sets
2217.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Sep 04 1992%MSAF-E-AUTOADDFIL, error auto adding "WORDTEMP-4" to catalog
2218.01ZURMon Sep 07 1992Does v1.2 MacTerminal support TCP/IP ?
2219.03KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Sep 08 1992MacTerminal running WPS-PLUS/VMS
2220.01KETJE::MORRENTue Sep 08 1992MacX, DECterm and German Keyboards
2221.04DABEAN::B_ROSEWed Sep 09 1992AppleTalk printer and a VMS queue
2222.05ONOIS1::DEGATThu Sep 10 1992Restriction for Volume name ?
2223.03KAIWO::Tagart::grantThu Sep 10 1992Mac's Blow my Brains - Printing Problem
2224.02MR4DEC::CARLINThu Sep 10 1992ATK Start EXEC Hangs Software
2225.01MLNTSC::MARCHETTIThu Sep 10 1992MacTerminal problem with escape sequence
2226.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Sep 11 1992PATHWORKS for Mac and NetCopy vs Novell
2227.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Sep 11 1992Pacer for DECstation & Macintosh future support
2228.02MUTTON::LAMBFri Sep 11 1992Client license required for print services?
2229.02KERNEL::TURTONJFri Sep 11 1992Print Problem - Mac SE to LaserWriter IIg
2230.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Sep 11 1992MacTerminal & Easy Bridge -- Session is Freezing
2231.01VMSNET::MSTEWARTMon Sep 14 1992Rdb 4.1 and DAL
2232.05TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Sep 15 1992MacX - ADSP Driver must be 1.5 or later
2233.03XAPPL::CLARKTue Sep 15 1992Mac keyboard keys stopped working and now just beep
2234.03MLNTSC::LANCELLOTTIWed Sep 16 1992MacX, MacTCP, and UCX 2.
2235.01UCROW::GIBSONWed Sep 16 1992Questions on tuning the Appletalk/DECnet Gateway
2236.01KERNEL::LYDIATTSThu Sep 17 1992Microsoft Word 2.
2237.03FAILTE::HUTCHESONTThu Sep 17 1992DAL with Pacer?
2238.02VMSNET::S_VOREThu Sep 17 1992Folder ownership strangeness
2239.02TENNIS::KAMFri Sep 18 1992Active File Server and someone starts a Backup?
2240.02CSCOA2::WEBB_AFri Sep 18 1992network docs!!!!!
2241.05UBEWDY::BLOOMMon Sep 21 1992DAL and Rdb access via MS-Excel v4.
2242.01UBEWDY::BLOOMMon Sep 21 1992DECnet copy of Mac files from VAX errors
2243.01TAVSWS::SHUKYMon Sep 21 1992ULTRIX(Pacer) --> LaserWriter (LocalTalk)
2244.01BACHUS::BERGMANSMon Sep 21 1992connection time accounting and connections counting
2245.0EPS::CAETANOMon Sep 21 1992DECnet Copy from Hypercard?????
2246.01EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Sep 21 1992PATHWORKS for Mac/Netware Coexistence??
2247.03OHMARY::HALLTue Sep 22 1992Who supports DAL/who does new development?
2248.06VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Sep 23 1992Can I insert comments into MSAF$COMMENT.DAT From VMS?
2249.03VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Sep 23 1992896 NETWORK_TRASH_FOLDERS - Files not Being Copied
2250.01KAOFS::C_VERDONWed Sep 23 1992file record structure of the msaf$comment.dat
2251.06MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Sep 23 1992Keyboard remapping
2252.04BRILLO::HOBDAY_SThu Sep 24 1992Programming I/F to VMS (Mac)
2253.010SWETSC::KJOHANSSONThu Sep 24 1992Doing full verify, of one volume many time, then take all CPU
2255.0XANADU::MIERSWAThu Sep 24 1992Quadra Re-Boot Problem
2256.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Sep 28 1992MSAF$SERVER.LOG to alternate disk
2257.02ZURMon Sep 28 1992Ownership of directory and files
2258.04RAYBOK::DOYLEMon Sep 28 1992Printing escape sequences on Laserwritter II
2259.06VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Sep 28 1992MSAF$RESOURCES.DIR bad dir format - vol won't mount
2261.01SELL1::COUTURETue Sep 29 1992When is VT42
2262.0DPDMAI::BRATTONTue Sep 29 1992Dayna LocalTalk routers
2263.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Sep 30 1992Noname Message
2264.02VMSNET::S_VOREWed Sep 30 1992MacX causing MacX to crash on another Macintosh
2265.0ADO75A::SHARPEThu Oct 01 1992Problems printing to DataProducts Postscript printer
2266.01ADO75A::SHARPEThu Oct 01 1992Accessing file service from Unix via Multinet?
2267.02SWETSC::EXTEN::cederhagFri Oct 02 1992Send broadcast and/or Mac "welcome message"
2268.04TOPTEN::MEIGHANFri Oct 02 1992How can I hide printers from Chooser?
2269.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Oct 05 1992Hello Timer??
2270.02WRKSYS::LEMKETue Oct 06 1992PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) on FDDI
2271.05VMSNET::S_VORETue Oct 06 1992VAXshare File Server keeping files open?
2272.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Oct 06 1992MacTerminal CTERM - Problems Accessing 3rd Node
2273.0BREAKR::LOPEZTue Sep 29 1992MacX - Cut & Paste doesn't work
2274.0LISVAX::PACHECOWed Oct 07 1992Memory on EtherTalk cards
2275.01DECWET::SERACKWed Oct 07 1992PATHWORKS for Mac (ULTRIX) installation question
2277.04PRIG1::TOKARWed Oct 07 1992Internet routers and printing
2278.01STKHLM::LORENTZIThu Oct 08 1992Renaming PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) directories
2279.0LEMAN::BAGNOUDThu Oct 08 1992Intermitent printing problem
2280.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Oct 08 1992Laserwriters on VMS queue problems
2281.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Oct 08 1992Printer problem with Laserwriter IIf
2282.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONThu Oct 08 1992MSAP to AppleShare Print Spooler?
2283.03GOTA1::KACKFri Oct 09 1992Dual Ethernet Configuration
2284.03DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Oct 09 1992Shiva Etherport & Accelator Boards
2285.02VMSNET::SPARKERFri Oct 09 1992Can printer "warming up" messages be turned off?
2286.03VMSNET::SPARKERMon Oct 12 1992MacTerminal 3.
2287.012MELKOR::SWIERKOWSKISMon Oct 12 1992System 7.1 upgrade and PATHWORKS V1.1 issues
2288.0UBEWDY::BLOOMTue Oct 13 1992Bug in DAL Tech Notes documentation
2289.01SSGAT1::anbeekTue Oct 13 1992add printer/dest=64 characters
2290.0SKULLY::COMPTONTue Oct 13 1992DECnet Large Reads cause Memory Overwrite?
2291.02VINO::MCARLETONTue Oct 13 1992Do DEC Macintosh's need a Client License?
2292.04WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Oct 14 1992Shared printer between Mac, ALL-IN-1 and Windows PC
2293.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONWed Oct 14 1992Long documents not printing completely?
2294.07KERNEL::QUINNThu Oct 15 1992Error -5
2295.04WELLIN::HARRINGTONFri Oct 16 1992Postscript printing - /passall
2296.01STKHLM::LORENTZIFri Oct 16 1992MSAF-E-GETAFPREC, stack dump question
2297.03WHYNOW::NEWMANSat Oct 17 1992Problem getting a printer queue to start
2298.03LJOHUB::MRCLIF::MuiseMon Oct 19 1992Problem printing large documents
2299.01MLNTSC::CASAROTTIMon Oct 19 1992Pacer installation problem
2300.02LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIMon Oct 19 1992Sharing Binary Files between Mac and DOS
2301.02PRIMES::PRIM13::arabiaTue Oct 20 1992SPD's and Functions
2302.01VINO::MCARLETONTue Oct 20 1992MacX hangs VCS C3 client on color screens
2303.0VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Oct 20 1992Help with PACER 2.4 Problem
2304.04UBEWDY::BLOOMWed Oct 21 1992MacTerminal hangs with big Cut and Paste
2305.0ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Oct 21 1992Special forms merged with Oracle to Apple LaserWriter
2306.02XAPPL::CLARKWed Oct 21 1992MacX V1.2 released by Apple on 2
2307.03VSSPC::MSD524::EstesThu Oct 22 1992DAL Server - Access to RDB and others (RMS, Oracle, etc...)?
2308.02WELLIN::HARRINGTONThu Oct 22 1992auto-mounting a service that no longer exists !?
2309.05MANTOW::knowlesjiFri Oct 23 1992Performance issues with 1.1
2310.01DELSFri Oct 23 1992Macintosh File loses creator
2311.01BIS6::BERGMANSMon Oct 26 1992icon not updated on server after application update.
2312.01SPANKY::SHEEHANMon Oct 26 1992Request for a pointer?
2313.01HANNAH::SICHELWed Oct 28 1992PATHWORKS configuration help
2314.01CGOOA::GUNDERSONWed Oct 28 1992Concurrent file access between PW/DOS, PW/Mac & PW/ULTRIX
2315.04CAPOCO::andernelloWed Oct 28 1992Pacer vs PATHWORKS coexistence
2316.02HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Oct 29 1992File sharing between DOS and Mac
2317.01CAPOCO::andernelloMon Nov 02 1992Pacer vs PATHWORKS volume implementation
2318.01BELFST::MCCORRYMon Nov 02 1992DECnet I/O problem
2319.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Nov 02 1992Macintosh flooding the ethernet
2320.01EEMELI::ALANNEMon Nov 02 1992Unable to backup external SCSI-drive
2321.01DURDUR::NEVEUMon Nov 02 1992What version of PATHWORKS works with System 7.1 ?
2322.04SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon Nov 02 1992MSAP-IOERR in Symbiont when printing Oracle File
2323.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Nov 02 1992BLOCK IO from VMS to Mac does not get first block
2324.01THEDGE::DWAYNETue Nov 03 1992MacX - DECwrite and DECpresent problems
2326.0HMOPC3::kentTue Nov 03 1992LABVIEW and PATHWORKS
2327.03LYOWed Nov 04 1992-ATK-E-PAP_OPENFAIL on Xerox and Tektro
2328.07VMSNET::C_MANDERSONWed Nov 04 1992PBGetCatInfo shows different names for copied files
2329.01ZURThu Nov 05 1992Change ps_plain and stock plain_paper
2330.0TNPUBS::M_OBRIENThu Nov 05 1992DECnet-Internet Gateway Support?
2331.02UBEWDY::BLOOMThu Nov 05 1992LAT tool doesnt send BREAK character
2332.0MOVIES::HIRSTFri Nov 06 1992IFT-2 Of Performance Enhanced OpenVMS File System
2333.03STKAI2::ACEDERHAGMon Nov 09 1992Default database and DAL
2334.02ISTWI1::DUMANTue Nov 10 1992Do I need licence for PATHWORKS for Mac V1.1?
2335.01ZURTue Nov 10 1992x_put_image with MacX error
2336.0ZURTue Nov 10 1992QuickMail and ALL-IN-1 Mail
2337.06STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Nov 11 1992Max 25 Mac's on a server?
2338.01HTSC19::ANDYNGWed Nov 11 1992Not Enough Finder Memory !!
2339.02SIOG::MCCARTHYWed Nov 11 1992Mail problem
2340.02MLNTSC::CASAROTTIWed Nov 11 1992Pacerprint problem on Ultrix
2341.01NERSW5::MARTINELLOWed Nov 11 1992Install Etherlink/NB on ver 7.
2343.04CALVIN::WEAVERThu Nov 12 1992LAT Apple Laserwriters
2344.03OTOOA::PONDFri Nov 13 1992Print Queue Protection schemes?
2345.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Nov 13 1992What fonts make up the MSAP$FONTLIST_xxx?
2346.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Nov 16 1992MacTerminal and Local Printing
2347.0GLDOA::DUNCANSONMon Nov 16 1992postscript for HP
2348.04OSLACT::ARNETue Nov 17 1992How should I use ACL on a Macintosh volume?
2350.02HYDRA::ALDENThu Nov 19 1992Background calculating of folder size
2351.04UBEWDY::BLOOMThu Nov 19 1992VMSinstall fails with ivdevnam odd_disk:[odd]
2352.01EEMELI::HAUTALAFri Nov 20 1992endnode hello timer problems
2353.0STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagFri Nov 20 1992DECnet on LocalTalk, problem with Chooser
2354.05DPDMAI::MONDLICKFri Nov 20 1992COM Port to COM Port?!
2355.03STAR::BOIKOMon Nov 23 1992Mac to VAX - 3
2356.03DELSMon Nov 23 1992Print from VMS to Apple LaserWriter!
2357.01ZPOVC::INDOWed Nov 25 1992Help: Keyboard Mapping for ALL-IN-1 from MacTerminal
2358.01DELSWed Nov 25 1992Finder corrupted with ALL-IN-1 mail v1.1
2359.03SMAC1Thu Nov 26 1992PACER support from Digital ?
2360.01BEAGLE::MCCANNThu Nov 26 1992ALL-IN-1 Desktop for Mac needed
2361.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Nov 26 1992MSAP Error message meaning ?
2362.02VERVAN::THOMPSONFri Nov 27 1992HELP - volume space inconsistencies on the Server
2363.0FRAFS1::ELHAJFri Nov 27 1992Mac can't start MacX
2365.04ZPOVC::KUMARSat Nov 28 1992Extending an AppleTalk Network
2366.01LYOMon Nov 30 1992MacTerminal Keyboard mapping questions
2367.01TNODNS::ANTO::SardiMon Nov 30 1992Can I hide ungranted files?
2368.06TNODNS::ANTO::SardiTue Dec 01 1992How can I "MACCOPY"?
2369.01MOVIES::WHITAKERTue Dec 01 1992PowerBook -> Ethernet using PATHWORKS for Macintosh
2370.03DRAC::BOSCHThu Dec 03 1992LAT Gateway and Shiva FastPath
2371.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Dec 03 1992V1.1 File Server Startup goes into infinite loop
2372.0GIDDAY::CASEYThu Dec 03 1992SYMBIONT_
2373.01LACMEZ::MEZZETTIFri Dec 04 1992Etherport II Rel 3.25 & System 7 question
2374.03GUCCI::NFERGUSONFri Dec 04 1992DECprint Supervisor & PATHWORKS for Macintosh
2375.01VMSNET::S_VOREFri Dec 04 1992Invalid Password Logging
2376.02TMBKTU::ANGELILLOFri Dec 04 1992MSAD process pagefile quota problem
2377.01ROMTSS::SCALELLAMon Dec 07 1992Macs hang using FastPath 4
2378.02CGOWGS::GIBBMon Dec 07 1992Poolcheck Bugcheck at MSA$SHUTDOWN.COM
2379.03DAIMIO::BEAUWed Dec 09 1992PATHWORKS for Macintosh updated presentation ?
2380.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Dec 09 1992DECnet/Mac - Network Access Error 2
2381.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Dec 09 1992Mac,DECnet address in use error message
2382.01ZURThu Dec 10 1992AppleTalk Module for LN
2383.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Dec 11 1992MSAP Printing Errors - SYMDIE, IOERR and CONTMREXP
2384.01MLNTSC::CASAROTTIFri Dec 11 1992Filtering AppleTalk on the DECbridge 5
2385.06CHGVFri Dec 11 1992ULTRIX/Mac/MacX/PATHWORK -- not working!
2386.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Dec 14 1992Can't save from Apps
2388.05SWETSC::KJOHANSSONTue Dec 15 1992Full Verify on volume when page file on that disk
2389.01MSBCS::ESTESTue Dec 15 1992The IVP MSAX$IVP is Failing
2390.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Dec 15 1992When is PATHWORKS for Mac on AXP available?
2391.07TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Dec 16 1992VMS 6.
2393.05VMSNET::S_VOREFri Dec 18 1992.;1 = Unmountable Volume
2394.05VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Dec 18 1992problems with in%mail from non-priv'd account
2395.0CHGVFri Dec 18 1992Pacer installation failure
2396.010DECAGE::HOWESMon Dec 21 1992Supported Mac backups?! (with faults)
2397.01RT93::EISMAC::NicholsMon Dec 21 1992Printing PS files from Mail
2398.01EVTAI1::ROUX_PTue Dec 22 1992Support for New Apple Multi-feeder Printers ?
2399.01CHGVTue Dec 22 1992copy files from VMS -> Ultrix
2400.06SWETSC::LAB4::AAMISEPPWed Dec 23 1992Volumes gray out randomly
2401.01SWETSC::LAB4::AAMISEPPWed Dec 23 1992Asante' driver V5.
2402.05TYSON::HUNGWed Dec 23 1992CR/LF in Mac/DOS common area text file
2403.010HYDRA::ALDENWed Dec 23 1992New XQP features for 1.2?
2404.03OSLACT::ARNETue Dec 29 1992MacTerminal
2405.04TNODNS::ANTO::SardiTue Dec 29 1992Type/Creator List Available?
2406.09GUCCI::BPHANEUFWed Dec 30 1992Using an LA7
2407.0GIDDAY::CASEYWed Jan 06 1993DECnet and Startup problem
2408.04RT128::BATESWed Jan 06 1993Message Number
2409.01GLDOA::TYNERThu Jan 07 1993FDDI Frame size to Large for Enet.
2410.011METMV6::FIELDSThu Jan 07 1993MSAP Print problems
2411.013PRIMES::PRIM13::arabiaMon Jan 11 1993SLLOOWW PRINTING
2412.011VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jan 11 1993MS-Excel file not found, MSAF, cluster
2413.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Jan 12 1993DECnet Crashes System 7.1 on a Mac Duo 23
2414.02TNODNS::ANTO::SardiTue Jan 12 1993Localized version of PATHWORKS for Macintosh?
2415.0KAL::BARNOWed Jan 13 1993DAL disconnect problem
2416.06SKYE::ANDERSONThu Jan 14 1993SuperATM Conflict
2417.016KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jan 14 1993ATK-W-UNACLEMUL - Unable to clear zone multicast address
2418.08DELSThu Jan 14 1993
2419.0COPCLU::TRIERThu Jan 14 1993Diskquota and Pacer for ULTRIX
2420.06ONOIS1::COLAS_YFri Jan 15 1993DECnet for Mac - protocol type 6
2421.02VERVAN::THOMPSONFri Jan 15 1993Identifying printout in PATHWORKS environment
2422.0ONOIS1::COLAS_YMon Jan 18 1993DECnet for Mac and xxx.dir folders problem ?
2423.0ONOIS1::COLAS_YMon Jan 18 1993NetCopy & files xxx.diryyy apears as folders
2425.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Jan 18 1993DAL & ACLs on RDB
2426.0PNDSCM::MORSETue Jan 19 1993C++ and Laptop Dailin access
2427.04XAPPL::CLARKWed Jan 20 1993Mac/PC file sharing via PATHWORKS?
2428.0VSSPC::MSD524::EstesThu Jan 21 1993Some problems with RMS access...
2429.08PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Jan 22 1993ARA & LAT
2430.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Jan 22 1993Customer comments on V1.1b Mail for Macintosh
2431.03MOVIES::WHITAKERMon Jan 25 1993Problems with ATK on V5.5-2
2432.0ODIXIE::EARLSMon Jan 25 1993PRoblem w/ CTERM and V1.1
2433.03LICAUS::LICAUSETue Jan 26 1993Where are you getting node name from?
2434.01BACHUS::DHAENSTue Jan 26 1993no connection frm local- to ethertalk aftr upgrade
2435.06PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Jan 26 1993DECnet on Quadra 95
2436.05VERVAN::THOMPSONTue Jan 26 1993Losing PATHWORKS for Mac Volume passwords
2437.01VERVAN::THOMPSONTue Jan 26 1993Moving MS Word .PS output around the network
2438.02LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Jan 26 1993LaserWriter NTR
2439.03KETJE::VANHOVEWed Jan 27 1993New Apple Internet Router software
2440.05VMSNET::S_VOREWed Jan 27 1993RWASTing away in Margaritaville
2441.01KETJE::VANHOVEWed Jan 27 1993MacX causes endless loop from Motif restart
2442.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jan 28 1993Quark Express - Dayna EtherPrint and slow printing
2443.08KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jan 28 1993WordPerfect for VMS V5.1 and transfering to Mac WP V5.1
2444.03KAL::BARNOMon Feb 01 1993Mail for Mac - Can't choose connection
2445.01LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Feb 01 1993ATK$STARTUP has NCL syntax error
2446.05KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Feb 02 1993ATK$CONFIG not working
2447.04SWETSC::NORDBERGTue Feb 02 1993SYSTEM-F-NOIOCHAN - channelcnt?
2448.01POBOX::GHAHRAMANITue Feb 02 1993PATHWORKS BACKUP client for Macs
2449.04VERVAN::THOMPSONThu Feb 04 1993System 7.1 and Mail-for-Mac problems
2450.02CREATV::SHAROSFri Feb 05 1993PATHWORKS for Mac v1.1, EtherMac and 7.
2451.04MSDOA::FRYLANDFri Feb 05 1993Need to View PostScript under MacX??
2452.07VNABRW::PAYLOR_SMon Feb 08 1993V1.1a SSB Kit ???
2453.01ZURMon Feb 08 1993MacX, DECnet to ULTRIX host
2454.01ZURMon Feb 08 1993MacX, DECnet to ULTRIX host (see 2453.1)
2455.01ONOIS1::DEGATMon Feb 08 1993Incorrect file size
2456.03SWETSC::KJOHANSSONMon Feb 08 1993AppleTalk for VMS Router Question?
2457.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Feb 09 1993Restore Volume Disk Problem
2458.07TRCOA::AHMEDTue Feb 09 1993Printers Supported under PATHWORKS for Mac
2459.08ONOIS1::DEGATWed Feb 10 1993file name & period.
2460.01KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed Feb 10 1993%msap-w-flushing at multiple sites
2461.02DRKGThu Feb 11 1993PATHWORK to Novell via AppleTalk
2462.03EVTAI1::ROUX_PThu Feb 11 1993Alpha VMS servers support when ?
2463.012EEMELI::ALANNEMon Feb 15 1993Mac LC and Asante Problem
2464.0BLGSUP::BONORAMon Feb 15 1993MacTerminal dies via LAT transport on Pacer
2465.01KAOFS::P_SAVOIEMon Feb 15 1993Displaying Italic VT32
2466.02CHOWDA::HARNOISTue Feb 16 1993client software?
2467.014VMSNET::C_MANDERSONTue Feb 16 1993-RMS-F-CHK, bucket format check failed for VBN =
2468.01CREATV::SHAROSWed Feb 17 1993PATHWORKS support
2469.05TRCOA::AHMEDWed Feb 17 19931.1a, system 7.1 and DECnet
2470.04ONOIS1::DEGATWed Feb 17 1993Tuning Internet
2472.0CREATV::KERBYThu Feb 18 1993PATHWORKS for Mac and A/UX 3.
2473.01BORON5::WIGHT_BRIANThu Feb 18 1993Will the current Pathworks work with the new Centra series?
2474.02VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Feb 18 1993MacX hanging in same place starting up
2475.03VMSNET::S_VOREThu Feb 18 1993MacX 1.2 Missing Fonts
2476.03UTRTSC::XAVEERFri Feb 19 1993nomsg ,
2477.01DELSMon Feb 22 1993How to manage the VAX spooler from the Macintosh?
2478.010SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon Feb 22 1993Q: AppleTalk-DECnet Tool / AppleTalk Startup & Config
2479.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Feb 22 1993Problems with remote displays in MacX
2480.05VMSNET::S_VOREMon Feb 22 1993%MSAP-I-SYSTOOSML, SYSGEN parameter MAXBUF is low with many printers
2481.02ONOIS1::DEGATTue Feb 23 1993MSAP$SYMBIONT in a loop
2482.02ZURWed Feb 24 1993File doesn't find application
2483.0USHSWed Feb 24 1993MacX and XIE?
2484.01OSLACT::ARNEThu Feb 25 1993AppleTalk (Gateway & general tuning) Questions
2485.01OSLACT::ARNEThu Feb 25 1993Printing on LWIIG and generic print-queues
2486.01WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Feb 25 1993Problem with MSAF$SERVER.LOG file filling up
2487.07XANADU::CLARKThu Feb 25 1993Allocation granularity is HUGE/WASTEFUL (NOT!)
2488.01HKGACT::FRANCISHUNGMon Mar 01 1993Missing file in the kit location!
2489.01NASZKO::GILFIXMon Mar 01 1993DECnet Question for VMS V6.
2490.05SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CMon Mar 01 1993Folders not changing owner - ECO4 Installed
2491.03LSNCSC::LE_VIETTue Mar 02 1993Random trouble with Mac and LN
2492.0TKOV5Tue Mar 02 1993HyperCard XCMD for DECnet for Macintosh?
2493.06SWETSC::LAB4::AAMISEPPTue Mar 02 1993MSAF-I-ECHOERR, error establishing retry interval
2494.01GUIDUK::DANIELSONTue Mar 02 1993How to access LPSxx printer features
2495.04INTERN::SWABOWICZWed Mar 03 1993VMS UAM and the Mount at Startup option don't mix
2496.0ODIXIE::SHUCKTISThu Mar 04 1993MacX & UCX V2.
2497.0VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Mar 04 1993DAL access freezing Mac
2498.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Mar 05 1993Cannot Dismount Volume - VOLINUSE
2499.02EWBVFri Mar 05 1993"Query for list of known fonts"??
2500.01ODIXIE::SHUCKTISSun Mar 07 1993MacX and MSAX$MODMAP
2502.08VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Mar 08 1993(Wierd) Problem Copying Folders
2503.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Mar 08 1993Is there any way to bypass mouse to select VMS UAM
2504.03BIGUN::KNOWLESMon Mar 08 1993Bad Ethernet Frames from PC/Mac
2505.02CSC32::D_SLOUGHWed Mar 10 1993Disk Quotas on PATHWORKS for Macintosh
2506.06ICELAN::ADAMSWed Mar 10 1993Print to printers on terminal Server
2507.09DPDMAI::SMITHDFri Mar 12 1993Mac LC II, System 7.1 = No DECnet
2508.03KERNEL::OSBORNEFri Mar 12 1993HP LaserJet IIIsi
2509.05ONOIS1::DEGATMon Mar 15 1993VAXshare write performance
2510.02USSAIL::MARTINMon Mar 15 1993Printing Problem (LN
2511.03DPDMAI::SMITHDMon Mar 15 1993DCL COPY of Mac Hard Disk Problems
2512.02DCOFS::MSTEPHENSTue Mar 16 1993HP LaserJet IIIsi
2513.0PRSST4::HENONTue Mar 16 1993Mail for Macintosh and Apple Modem Tool or Serial Tool
2514.02LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Mar 16 1993Missing character
2515.01DELSTue Mar 16 1993Menu to manager PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh)
2516.05VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Mar 16 1993Symbiont page faulting
2517.02VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Mar 17 1993Xfering file w/ lots of
2518.03VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Mar 17 1993Remapping STD keyb for MacX term to Unix
2519.02SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Mar 18 1993MacX complains of unloaded license
2520.01LSNCSC::LE_VIETThu Mar 18 1993NetCopy, DECnet for Mac and restore Hard Disk
2521.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROThu Mar 18 1993AppleTalk, Ethernet, TCP/IP, Tunneling...
2522.01NEWOA::HARRISONFri Mar 19 1993DECnet error 1
2523.04GIDDAY::COOKMon Mar 22 1993MSAP Symboint and CTRL-D
2524.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Mar 22 1993Corrupt MSAF$CAT File Causes Volume Not To Mount
2525.01ODIXIE::SHUCKTISMon Mar 22 1993TCP/IP for VMS supported for MacX V1.1?
2526.07BACHUS::VERELSTMon Mar 22 1993cat files
2527.017USWRSL::ROCH_VIMon Mar 22 1993CENTRIS
2528.0EPS::CAETANOMon Mar 22 1993Looking for Documentation on CTB Tools for CTBConfigure routines
2529.01VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Mar 23 1993Volume gray
2530.0VMSNET::S_VORETue Mar 23 1993Odesta's ODMS vs. ATK/DECnet Gateway & Sys 7.
2531.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Mar 24 1993Network Problems - Unusual Pattern for Tranferring Files
2532.05MOVIES::WHITAKERThu Mar 25 1993MacX over Async DECnet
2533.03MOVIES::WHITAKERThu Mar 25 1993Does Mail for Macintosh V1.2 EFT2 work with System 7.1?
2534.03MAIL::SHAHNAMThu Mar 25 1993LAT and TCP possible?
2535.01MALMFri Mar 26 1993NetCopy and DDE like connection
2536.09LSNCSC::LE_VIETFri Mar 26 1993EPS and NetCopy on PATHWORKS Network
2537.07GIDDAY::CASEYMon Mar 29 1993Invalid Logical name/Vol Overlap/Volume Set problems
2538.01EVOCDG::CHANCETue Mar 30 1993Quadra 7
2539.02GLIND1::BURNSTue Mar 30 1993256+ zone limit on AppleTalk-DECnet tool?
2540.03KAOFS::C_VERDONTue Mar 30 1993Adjustable Keyboard from Apple and Macterminal
2541.01TYSON::HUNGTue Mar 30 1993MS-Project for WIN/Mac on PW server?
2542.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROTue Mar 30 1993PATHWORKS, PACER, PS Accounting...
2543.01VMSNET::S_VOREWed Mar 31 1993Where's MSAF get UIC info (RIGHTSLIST.DAT question)?
2544.01MEDUSA::STEWARTWed Mar 31 1993How to install client bits on in-house Mac
2545.0BIGUN::KNOWLESThu Apr 01 1993Anyone using Synoptics hubs?
2546.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Apr 01 1993Tektronix Phaser 2PX Printer Problems
2547.01UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Apr 01 1993LaserWriter II NTX and /HIDDEN
2548.03ONOIS1::DEGATMon Apr 05 1993Mail for Mac & ULTRIX
2549.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Apr 05 1993DECnet error -36, type 8
2550.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Apr 06 1993Maximum number of print queues?
2551.03LISVAX::PACHECOTue Apr 06 1993Presentations on-line - PowerPoint format ?
2552.02GRANPA::STJUDE::THOMASTue Apr 06 1993Terminal Server Support in 1.2
2553.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Apr 06 1993AlisaShare move to VAXshare problems
2554.012ZURWed Apr 07 1993Quadra 8
2555.04RDGENG::CLAYTONWed Apr 07 1993Printing from Mac to a VMS attached LN
2556.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Apr 07 1993Powerbook and MacTerminal
2557.0LYOISA::SABIRONThu Apr 08 1993MSAP-F-SYMDIE with LaserWriter IIf
2558.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 08 1993Size of the LAT Service Table
2559.05BACHUS::GOOVAERTSThu Apr 08 1993V1.1 LAT Tool Disconnects with LAT/FDDI Config
2560.02TNODNS::TITANO::SardiThu Apr 08 1993AppleTalk VMS & Mac Version numbers requested
2561.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYThu Apr 08 1993Capture LaserWriter PostScript communications
2562.0BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Apr 09 1993Infoserver client soft on IIci 32bit addressing
2563.01CHOWDA::DONNELLTue Apr 13 1993LocalTalk/LaserWriter/VMS Print Queue
2564.01WELLIN::HARRINGTONWed Apr 14 1993Is this the right place for the EFT 1.2
2565.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Apr 14 1993msaf-e-asinternal and -rms-f-chk
2567.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Apr 14 1993MacTerminal CTERM - Function Keys Not Working
2568.01TNODNS::TITANO::SardiThu Apr 15 1993Problem with PW performances!
2569.02CERN::BOTHNERThu Apr 15 1993VAXshare files loosing resources
2570.01HANNAH::B_COBBThu Apr 15 1993Printer errors on V1.1
2571.01MSDOA::JANCULAThu Apr 15 1993Install client w/o server?
2572.01CHOWDA::DONNELLThu Apr 15 1993LocalTalk / FastPath / TCP/IP
2573.01VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Apr 15 1993Upgrade from V1.
2574.018326::BRADACHThu Apr 15 1993Can we get an extension on Field test Lic.
2575.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLThu Apr 15 1993Print Queues Still Stalling After Latest ECO Installed
2576.03HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Apr 16 1993HP LaserJet IV cannot print PC PostScript file
2577.03ONOIS1::DEGATFri Apr 16 1993LaserWriter IIg and Photograde
2578.03INTERN::SWABOWICZFri Apr 16 1993Cannot create PostScript file
2579.01OSLACT::ARNEFri Apr 16 1993Disappearing files driving mr crazy (Pacer)!!
2580.011PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Apr 19 1993Can't startup if FDDI link between 2 VAX
2581.07TRNOI2::TESTAMon Apr 19 1993Too slowly Mac !!!!
2582.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Apr 19 1993Mail via SMTP Quit Working wtih AppleTalk ECO11
2583.0VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Apr 19 1993Why do different paper trays require separate LPS queues?
2584.01SOJU::HALLMon Apr 19 1993ARA and MacX
2585.03UNSINN::HOOFTue Apr 20 1993Printing problems after Mac-Client 1.1 Install
2586.02DELSTue Apr 20 1993Questions on PATHWORKS and DECMail Works
2587.01THEWAV::LEWTue Apr 20 1993NetCopy Performance
2588.0GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Apr 21 1993Latests CSCPAT XEDRIVER Kills Appletalk and NETBIOS
2589.01MAASUP::HARRISWed Apr 21 1993Doing $Dir/Exclude to a Mac
2590.06VMSNET::C_MANDERSONThu Apr 22 1993Dimmed services after power out
2591.0GCUVAX::PALMERFri Apr 23 1993MacX Reference Needed
2592.01JUPITR::STEWARTFri Apr 23 1993Does the Client kit come on Server media (TK5
2593.01MIMS::VORE_SMon Apr 26 1993Mail and odd Logicals
2594.06ONOIS1::DEGATTue Apr 27 1993LPT_PLAIN problem
2595.011VMSNET::M_CARZELLTue Apr 27 1993Can you backup a Mac to a Tape Drive?
2596.05ONOIS1::COLAS_YTue Apr 27 1993Hang of file server ( long note )
2597.05KAOTTue Apr 27 1993help change ethernet from BNA-
2598.01CSOA1::SIEGELTue Apr 27 1993Drop Folder problems w/PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) V1.1
2599.01VIA::HAMNQVISTTue Apr 27 1993Adding a MAC to development environment
2600.01DPDMAI::GREERWWed Apr 28 1993Performance Problem when opening a file
2601.02MAASUP::HARRISWed Apr 28 1993PowerBook 18
2602.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Apr 28 1993%ATK-E-DBP_INVENTNAM, invalid entity name
2603.03MR4DEC::KPRESSThu Apr 29 1993Questions about VMS-for-Mac for a bus. partner
2604.01TRACTR::BOOTHFri Apr 30 1993 ATK-F-NMRVERMIS when starting PW/Mac 1.2
2605.01TALE::PILOUI::PITTETMon May 03 1993Print Server and DEC PPL attributes
2606.04VMSNET::J_MORGANMon May 03 1993Max open files for gateway proc
2607.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue May 04 1993Any one used the PW for MAC V1.1a kit on WETCAT ?
2608.02VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue May 04 1993SoftPC on Mac adds file extensions randomly???
2609.04STKHLM::WIDMANWed May 05 1993Color printing using CANON CL-3
2610.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed May 05 1993Sharing MS-Excel docs between Macs and DOS
2611.05RTP4ME::POWELLWed May 05 1993PATHWORKS for VMS (Mac) V1.2, VMS V5.5-2 and Alpha AXP
2612.05POBOX::DIDATOWed May 05 1993Building MacBinary files
2613.02VMSNET::J_MORGANWed May 05 1993MSAF$SERVER.LOG fragmentation
2614.04CCOFThu May 06 1993all volumes mounted.
2615.0IJSAPL::VANHAMBURGThu May 06 1993AppleTalk-LAT Gateway with 5
2616.01BOSETB::BIANCOThu May 06 1993Printing Problems with SAS
2617.04LEMAN::BAGNOUDThu May 06 1993DEClaser 1152
2618.07VMSNET::S_VOREFri May 07 19931.2 New Features, Changes, etc
2619.025VMSNET::G_CHANGFri May 07 1993MacX DECterm Session F1
2620.0ANGLIN::SEITZFri May 07 1993automount w/o same username at boot?
2621.013ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon May 10 1993PATHWORKS 1.2 does it really support LaserWriter 63
2622.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon May 10 1993PW1.2 PPD file diff LNTX47
2623.05RENDER::goetzeMon May 10 1993PSprinter 8.
2624.012LEDS::PRIBORSKYTue May 11 1993/SHEET_SIZE with V1.2
2625.01DECALP::ANDERSTue May 11 1993Client Kit Installation Woes
2626.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed May 12 1993LaserWriter character with accent
2628.03EVTAI1::ROUX_PThu May 13 1993MacX to OSF/1 hosts
2629.0ONOIS1::DEGATThu May 13 1993DEC Technical Char Set & MacTerminal
2630.01ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu May 13 1993Printer cscpat_3
2631.07PORVAX::JMOLIVEIRAThu May 13 1993vmsinstal-e-badspec
2632.07HGOSPS::DENISLIFri May 14 1993Local printer not work if EtherTalk is selected.
2633.02FILTON::HOBDAY_SFri May 14 1993V1.1 DECnet does not work on Mac LC II's
2634.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat May 15 1993Changing UIC for PATHWORKS accounts on OpenVMS ??
2635.03KERNEL::BROWNLOWHMon May 17 1993ALF from MacTerminal via LAT
2637.04TROOA::HANWELLMon May 17 1993New Mail Notification
2638.08VMSNET::SPARKERMon May 17 1993Items "disappear" when opening subdir
2639.0RENDER::goetzeMon May 17 1993Printing to IP-based printers without Pacer*...
2640.02TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CTue May 18 1993Username on Show/Que
2641.06FLURRY::HICKSONTue May 18 1993UAM error in Chooser with 32-Bit Addressing
2642.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed May 19 1993KANJI TALK with PATHWORKS for Macintosh 1.1, 1.2
2643.02MRBEEN::WATTThu May 20 1993Where can I find the PATHWORKS V1.2 SPD ?
2644.05TRNOI2::EANDIThu May 20 1993% MSAF-E-GETAFPREC
2645.01DPDMAI::SMITHDThu May 20 1993V1.2 Client kit status ?
2646.01SNO78A::BRESSINGTONThu May 20 1993What APIs are in PATHWORKS?
2647.07TKOV66::BAKOSHIMon May 24 1993MacTCP-UCX not supported?
2648.02MIMS::GRAFT_JMon May 24 1993ATK connect fail. with ISIS
2649.08VMSNET::G_CHANGMon May 24 1993Files not copying from VAX to Mac via drag...
2650.06CMOTEC::AUSTINMon May 24 1993MS-MAIL <-> VMSmail
2651.04ASDS::SYSTEMMon May 24 1993Problems setting up a Secondary Seed Router
2652.01MIMS::WEBB_AMon May 24 1993DAL IVP FAILS...1.2
2653.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed May 26 1993Error connecting to gateway - limit of connections 25?
2654.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed May 26 1993AppleTalk for VMS and Alisa Mail Gateway.
2656.01VMSNET::SPARKERWed May 26 1993Does MacX support XDMCP?
2658.01DV78Wed May 26 1993Macintosh File Manager PBCatSearch() function Support
2659.07VCOUWed May 26 1993Client T1.2 install problems
2660.07VMSNET::J_MORGANThu May 27 1993Runaway Receiver
2661.09VMSNET::S_VOREThu May 27 1993MacX 1.2 Icons Larger than 1.1.7
2662.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu May 27 1993TECHNICAL questions on LAT (and where's it all documented except in our heads???)
2663.02DELSThu May 27 1993MSAP$SYMBIONT Consumes 1
2664.02VCOUThu May 27 1993DAL login fail
2665.015ONOIS1::DEGATFri May 28 1993ADMIN/MSA SHOW CONN returning %SYSTEM-F-IVTIME
2666.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri May 28 1993Printing w/PRINT/PARAM=PAGE_LIMIT to PATHWORKS Queues
2667.07VMSNET::J_MORGANFri May 28 1993MacX Color compatibility with Sun
2668.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Jun 01 1993DAL and Ingres
2669.05KERNEL::LYDIATTSTue Jun 01 1993Incorrect File Size reported on 2Gig Disks
2670.02MIMS::WEBB_ATue Jun 01 1993MSAF$COMPRESS.COM and Active Volumes
2671.02PRSSOS::ROBETue Jun 01 1993Gateway crash w/DECnet-VAX extensions V5.4
2673.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jun 02 1993 Control-Ds with PATHWORKS V1.2 ??? Broken again?
2674.06SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CWed Jun 02 1993HP 4m and PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh)
2675.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Jun 03 1993V1.2 File Server Looping On Full Verification
2676.01GIDDAY::COOKThu Jun 03 1993 Printing problem to LPS2
2678.03EMASS::FIELDSThu Jun 03 1993Can Search List Logicals be used with VAXshare ??
2679.0EEMELI::ALANNEFri Jun 04 1993 MacTerminal, LAT and TTYs
2680.06GIDDAY::RALLINGSSat Jun 05 1993PPDs - What's The Story
2681.01ONOIS1::DEGATMon Jun 07 1993File sharing in multi-environement
2682.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jun 07 1993MacTerminal, LAT, FDDI, sessions dropping
2683.04VCOUMon Jun 07 1993Server 1.2 causes system crash (resolved - see 2683.4)
2684.02DECAGE::HOWESTue Jun 08 1993Questions/problems with DECnet 'unreachable', system file
2685.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYTue Jun 08 1993backup of some files doesn't work
2686.0NEOVTue Jun 08 1993PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) and Performance
2687.03VMSNET::T_EPLEYWed Jun 09 1993Mapping Mac name to VMS file names is not always unique
2688.01MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Jun 09 1993MSA V1.2 PAP receiver vanishes
2689.07VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Jun 09 1993printer errors with v1.2...queue dies
2690.01GIDDAY::COOKFri Jun 11 1993Cobol Generated files with VFC format will not print correctly
2691.0UFHIS::GVIPONDFri Jun 11 1993Multinational Chars /NetCopy DECnet v1.1
2692.01UTRTSC::XAVEERSun Jun 13 1993DAL V1.3.6 (server)
2693.02UTRTSC::ADEJONGTue Jun 15 1993Creating a file with WordPerfect v2.
2694.01KAOFS::C_VERDONTue Jun 15 1993LaserWriter 7.2 setup button and PPD files
2695.05VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Jun 15 1993Tickle Timeouts - differences between 1.1 and 1.2
2696.03PRSSOS::ROBETue Jun 15 1993PowerPoint MS-GRAPH option on a read-only volume
2697.02MIMS::WEBB_ATue Jun 15 19931.2 client kit on CD??
2698.01HAACK::HAACKTue Jun 15 1993API for file access control?
2699.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Jun 16 1993Icon information not being updated
2700.0UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Jun 16 19931.2 Client: no DAL under installer
2701.012BACHUS::DHAENSWed Jun 16 19931.2 and LaserWriter IIntx, queue blocks, firmware related?
2702.03KERNEL::OSBORNEThu Jun 17 1993DECnet Errors
2703.01MALMMon Jun 21 1993P
2704.02HOULA::DEGATMon Jun 21 1993DECnet Error -91
2705.07HOULA::DEGATTue Jun 22 1993V1.2 MSAP$PROCSET
2706.03THAMWed Jun 23 1993HP LaserJet IIIsi from PC and Mac
2707.06GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Jun 23 1993PATHWORKS V1.2 and Mac 6.
2708.013VMSNET::S_VOREWed Jun 23 1993VMS 6.
2710.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jun 23 1993Can't Change VAXshare Volume Icon under 1.2
2711.0ONOIS1::DEGATWed Jun 23 1993V1.2 MSAP$RCVRx Problem
2712.03ONOIS1::DEGATWed Jun 23 1993Folder Icon Sometimes Disappears
2713.03VMSNET::M_CARZELLWed Jun 23 1993PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) v1.2 and NETBIOS
2714.08VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Jun 24 1993V1.2 file server crash - SYSTEM-W-BADFILENAME
2715.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jun 24 1993V1.2 printing. Queue busy, job stating, prterror
2716.03MKOTS1::WREDEThu Jun 24 1993Can't see any of the files in the Volume
2717.03KAOFS::P_SAVOIEThu Jun 24 1993MSAF process crash MSAF-F-INSVIRMEM ERROR in log
2719.07ZURMon Jun 28 1993 DQS with PATHWORKS 1.2 and LN
2720.02VMSNET::MSTEWARTMon Jun 28 1993Customer getting 'ACP file access failed'
2721.04MIMS::WEBB_AMon Jun 28 1993ACCONFLICT starting file server 1.1
2722.02HAM::HBDUCK::KUHNTue Jun 29 1993New kit location ?
2723.02MIMS::GRAFT_JTue Jun 29 1993Novell, FDDI ring, and PW 1.2
2724.01GLDOA::STALLMANWed Jun 30 1993PCMS for the Mac Client?
2725.02ZURThu Jul 01 1993NetCopy PC to Mac / Subdirectories not copied
2726.02VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Jul 01 1993Problems logging into Mail
2727.012MARIN::ROSSIThu Jul 01 1993Stuffit files
2728.01HANNAH::ANDERSONThu Jul 01 1993External CTERM connection problem
2729.02SWETSC::AAMISEPPFri Jul 02 1993Message number
2730.011VMSNET::S_VOREFri Jul 02 1993VMS Files Don't Exist for Mac
2731.08OSLACT::CSMAC::arneMon Jul 05 1993Print reciever problem with 1.2
2732.01OTOP14::gormanMon Jul 05 1993More Dayna EtherPrint questions
2733.08VMSNET::S_VORETue Jul 06 1993DECnet "DRn:" Devices
2734.08DRAC::BOSCHWed Jul 07 1993MacX with TCP/IP - How to get remote address?
2735.01SALSA::SCHENKERWed Jul 07 1993Version levels for MacX, MacTCP
2736.03NEMAIL::ROBERTSONWed Jul 07 1993Migrate Pacer to PATHWORKS - is it Worth it???
2737.02GIDDAY::COOKWed Jul 07 1993Add Printer Fails
2738.01GIDDAY::COOKThu Jul 08 1993Printer out of paper produces timeout errors
2739.02MIMS::WEBB_AThu Jul 08 1993Chooser address error after selecting server
2740.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Jul 09 1993AppleTalk-LAT Gateway
2741.01VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Jul 09 1993DO key under MacX doesn't work
2742.0VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Jul 09 1993Mail for Macintosh gabbles messages
2743.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jul 09 1993MSA V1.2 server crash, access violation, frevirmem
2744.03VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Jul 09 1993MacX hangs at 765
2745.03BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Jul 09 1993file server V1.2 crash and can't be restarted
2746.01MIMS::WEBB_AFri Jul 09 1993PATHWORKS Listener Messages
2747.0CHIPS::PAGEFri Jul 09 1993Missing a link...
2748.02LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Jul 12 1993Printing from system 6 & 7
2749.02TBJVOA::M_SASAKITue Jul 13 1993How to instal DAL on System 7.1 using V1.2 Client Kit ?
2750.02KERNEL::CUNNINGHAMTue Jul 13 1993Troubleshooting Byte range locking ?
2751.08VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Jul 13 1993V1.2 Fortran files print doublespaced
2752.0VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed Jul 14 1993Whats DYN BUFFS: ?
2753.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Jul 14 1993DAL - Problem with Application Terminating Unexpectedly
2754.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Jul 15 1993Upgraded to V1.2 and now mail is slow if notification set for pc or mac
2755.03KERNEL::JACKSONThu Jul 15 1993DAL, -1
2756.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 15 1993msaf-e-setfilatt, error setting file attributes
2757.03BRSDVP::BERGMANSThu Jul 15 1993LaserWriter IInt not working correctly
2758.0HANNAH::ALFREDThu Jul 15 1993Ethernet Transmission Errors with FastPath4
2760.02KURTAN::WILHELMSSONMon Jul 19 1993add printer/dest="foo"/sheet_size=A4 gives error
2761.04KERNEL::JACKSONMon Jul 19 1993DECquery failing when using AppleTalk
2762.04TAVMon Jul 19 1993DALNET.LOG and PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) V1.2
2763.018VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Jul 19 1993Volume control files locked
2764.01KYOA::LAMMMon Jul 19 1993V1.2 new features?
2765.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Jul 19 1993Mail truncated to LaserWriter
2766.02ULYSSE::DONZEWed Jul 21 1993V1.2 Client install problem ?
2767.0MFRFMS::RINGWed Jul 21 1993Get VMS to use custom PostScript Font to LaserWriter
2768.04VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed Jul 21 1993ACCVIO in V1.2 file server
2769.012MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Jul 21 1993resource identifiers and trash folder & 1.2
2770.02VMSNET::S_VOREWed Jul 21 1993BACKUP-MAC.COM Missing From 1.2 Client?
2771.01ANGLIN::RBARBERISThu Jul 22 1993Need PEC 'kd' for V1.2 Mac Server
2772.01TREES::MARSHALLThu Jul 22 1993Locking VAXshare volumes on the Desktop
2773.04WMOIS::JAMBU_SThu Jul 22 1993MAC -> MS-DOS recursive copy using DECnet
2774.05VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Jul 22 1993Need cheap editors...
2775.0ONOIS1::DEGATThu Jul 22 1993DAL Install. Checker question.
2776.01MIMS::WEBB_AThu Jul 22 1993Receiver goes away in 1.2
2777.04MIMS::WEATHERSPOONFri Jul 23 1993%SYSVERDIF System Version Mismatch in MSA V1.2
2778.07VMSNET::S_VOREFri Jul 23 1993SHOW CONNECTIONS reporting errors
2779.02MIMS::WEBB_AFri Jul 23 1993Device class for PS devices?
2780.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSSat Jul 24 1993XQP+ install and CSCPAT_1
2781.02ZURMon Jul 26 1993Disk host unavailble status mounted
2782.03KERNEL::CUNNINGHAMMon Jul 26 1993OPCOM: 'exit from server loop' for LaserWriter IIg
2783.02LASCPM::BEAUREGARDMon Jul 26 1993VMS BACKUP save_set -> Kermit -> Mac -> PW -> VMS Problem
2784.08HGOVA::CORE_SFLITue Jul 27 1993MSAP$RCVR process go to COM state.
2785.02MIMS::GRAFT_JTue Jul 27 1993/Setup, 1.1 verses 1.2
2786.03MIMS::GRAFT_JTue Jul 27 1993DECnet V1.1 verses V1.2
2787.013XANADU::MIERSWATue Jul 27 1993AppleLink for you guys
2788.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jul 28 1993MSA 1.2 and DELUAs, problem with AppleTalk
2789.01OTOOA::GORMANThu Jul 29 1993DECserver with modem
2790.01VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Jul 30 1993Char in dev and folder name cause COPY failure
2791.08WMOIS::JAMBU_SFri Jul 30 1993Macintosh Disk as a virtual drive on PC..How?
2792.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jul 30 1993Any Gains AppleTalk over multi enet cards
2793.01HGOVC::INDOMon Aug 02 1993Negative file size -- again
2794.01KERNEL::CUNNINGHAMMon Aug 02 1993MSA V1.2 Stops DECnet with PowerBook DuoDock
2795.06VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Aug 02 1993Can't Delete MS-Word temp files
2796.04PRSSOS::PROTMon Aug 02 1993Mac format on VMS
2797.020VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Aug 02 1993V1.2 %MSAF-E-GETAFPREC, error reading .MSAF$AFP record after running msaf$compress.com
2798.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue Aug 03 1993PATHWORKS v1.2 and VMS 6.
2799.02MIMS::WEBB_ATue Aug 03 1993Macs Disconnect using LAT on FDDI !
2800.03VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Aug 03 1993PostScript Problem
2801.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Aug 03 1993Files with record format fixed 54 byte records, file org sequential = one big file on mac
2802.0TKOV66::BAKOSHIWed Aug 04 1993DECnet unsolicited msg
2803.02MFRFMS::DIRKWed Aug 04 1993Directory Levels on the VMS Server
2804.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Aug 04 1993PW1.2 Performance file server HPanalyzer trace
2805.02VCOUWed Aug 04 1993LaserJet IV info and questions
2806.03MEOCThu Aug 05 1993Cannot access kits area
2807.07ZIGLAR::PRIM13::barabiaThu Aug 05 1993Mac's with built in Ethernet
2808.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Aug 05 1993MacTerminal and LAT Tool. Unable to Edit a Doc
2809.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Aug 05 1993MacTerminal CTERM-Response on LC III Very Slow
2810.02DELNI::P_COLEMon Aug 09 1993Mac Hanging on startup
2812.02MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Aug 10 1993MacX with Intergraph??
2813.04VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Aug 10 1993Invalid logical name on 1.2 install
2814.01KERNEL::WILLIAMSNWed Aug 11 1993LPS17 PPD file
2815.02PRSSOS::ROBEWed Aug 11 1993MSAP$RCVR and lots of open files hanging around
2816.04PRSSOS::ROBEWed Aug 11 1993ACCVIO in MSAF$RCVR V1.2
2818.01HIGHD::MELENDEZThu Aug 12 1993Is Alpha AXP PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) Avaialble?
2819.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTThu Aug 12 1993OPCOM again
2820.03TKTV2Mon Aug 16 1993Digital PC Developer's Program ?
2821.0VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Aug 16 1993Print Spooling to AppleShare
2822.02VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Aug 16 1993DECnet local nodename/address call on Mac?
2823.06DABEAN::CRAPAROTTAMon Aug 16 1993Printing order for files
2824.08VMSNET::S_VORETue Aug 17 1993Priv'd Account Can't See Files
2825.03DELNI::SIMEONETue Aug 17 1993LN
2826.03MEOCWed Aug 18 1993file locking on server
2827.05HGOVA::CORE_SFLIWed Aug 18 1993Printer (MSAP) generating lots of OPCOM messages
2828.07PRSSOS::ROBEWed Aug 18 1993Idle_disconnect_limit
2829.03KURTAN::AAMISEPPWed Aug 18 1993Finished time < Started time when printing...
2830.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Aug 18 1993Print Jobs Not Being Spooled to VAX
2831.0VIA::CIOTWed Aug 18 1993How to quickly search all the Mac notesfile at once
2832.010ONOIS1::DEGATWed Aug 18 1993Unable to see VAXshare file server
2833.02VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Aug 18 1993Photoshop 2.5?
2834.01GIDDAY::COOKWed Aug 18 1993PowerBook 17
2835.0GIDDAY::COOKThu Aug 19 1993PowerBook 17
2836.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Aug 19 1993Printing under V1.2 - name of PS files
2837.09AMCFAC::DISHNEAUThu Aug 19 1993MacTerminal Access to Alpha AXP systems?
2838.01BACHUS::COLLARTFri Aug 20 1993Do we need licenses to read CD from Bookreader ?
2839.0DCEIDL::CLARKFri Aug 20 1993MacX 1.2 mouse cursors are smaller
2840.01TOHOPE::WSAFri Aug 20 1993Mailing list for PATHWORKS-related CSCPAT kit updates
2841.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Aug 20 1993Can't Access PATHWORKS Doc on CDROM - License Needed
2842.05SUFRNG::CARZELL_MSat Aug 21 1993NetCopy-File Not Being Transferred In Correct Format
2843.02ONOIS1::DEGATMon Aug 23 1993DECnet COPY & Folder name
2844.01VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Aug 23 1993How to add fonts in the PPD files
2845.04LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Aug 23 1993HP LaserJet 4 not printing from VMS
2846.03VMSNET::S_VOREMon Aug 23 1993CMA$TIS_SHR - what is it?
2847.03CAATS::TAMTue Aug 24 1993DECnet vs AppleTalk
2848.06GIDDAY::CASEYWed Aug 25 1993Parameter dump in log file
2849.04IJSAPL::KESSELSWed Aug 25 1993File transfer from SQLMM<-->Mac via ACMS
2850.03ZURWed Aug 25 1993GETREQCOMP, GETAFPREC Errors, MSA 1.2
2851.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Aug 25 1993Aliases and file service protection
2852.02BACHUS::COLLARTWed Aug 25 1993MacX doesn't start on a Mac IIcx 16M mem sys 7.1
2853.0VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Aug 25 1993Problems sending mail...
2854.07VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Aug 25 1993Receiver stuck on job for hours
2855.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Aug 25 1993File server MYSTERIOUSLY shut down
2857.05MLNTSC::CASAROTTIThu Aug 26 1993MSAX$MODMAP unable to open display
2858.02ONOIS1::DEGATThu Aug 26 1993Personal Writer & LATprint
2859.01VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Aug 26 1993%SYSTEM-F-EXBYTLM when adding an Login Alias
2860.01BACHUS::COLLARTFri Aug 27 1993How to start MacX in color ?
2861.09BACHUS::COLLARTFri Aug 27 1993Print from diff Mac system to same printer ?
2862.05MAST::ARUMUGHAMFri Aug 27 1993Ethernet problems
2863.0ZURMon Aug 30 1993Need 23
2864.07VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Aug 30 1993Upgrade to V1.2 but keep print receiver at V1.1?
2865.01LEMAN::LE_VIETMon Aug 30 1993LPS17 & Adobe PSPrinter 8.
2866.03DCEIDL::CLARKMon Aug 30 1993Gatekeeper complains about pushing file from VMS to Mac
2867.04ROMA::ROMA::arneMon Aug 30 1993AppleTalk DECnet Gateway confusion
2868.0VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Aug 30 1993rmsjolt & rmscreat message then rcvr dies
2869.06VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Aug 30 1993resources required on the gateway for 3
2870.05KURTAN::KJOHANSSONTue Aug 31 1993Can only see 1
2871.0ONOIS1::DEGATTue Aug 31 1993Form and /Page_setup
2872.02SLICER::RODTue Aug 31 1993Cluster Alias Support in V5?
2873.011SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Sep 01 1993MSAP-E-SNDJBC, Status 98994 on Submit File, Ref 1
2874.04FRSIDE::CRAPAROTTAWed Sep 01 1993CC:Mail will not work for both Mac & DOS clients
2875.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Sep 02 1993Cluster queue_manager config with lps2
2876.01ROMCSA::ROGOFri Sep 03 1993Icons underneath (Stacked) on a Mac/DOS file server
2877.05VMSNET::S_VOREFri Sep 03 1993RMS Questions (ACP_HDRCACHE, ACP_DINDXCACHE, control_cache, actalog_cache)
2878.02VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Sep 03 1993not allow any additional users to login
2880.04VMSNET::T_LESLIETue Sep 07 1993Alias and Auto-Remounter for PowerBook Duo doesn't work
2881.06PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Sep 07 1993How long does a dead Mac keep files locked?
2882.07GIDDAY::OLLISWed Sep 08 1993PowerBooks and the Asante SCSI<->Ethernet adapter...
2883.05MALMWed Sep 08 1993MacX 1.2, DECterm and ADSP problem
2884.03VMSNET::S_VOREWed Sep 08 1993Does MSAP use LAT$SYMPARAMETER?
2885.01GIDDAY::CASEYThu Sep 09 1993Compatible System 7.
2886.0VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Sep 09 1993DECnet for Mac problem - COPY-E-CLOSEOUT, RMS-F-NETFAIL, FAL-F-RMSABO
2887.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Sep 10 1993MSAP-E-PAPFLOP - Starting printers
2888.06KURTAN::AAMISEPPFri Sep 10 1993Print service offline, no errors...
2889.05VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Sep 10 1993Error writing files with Mac
2890.01VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Sep 13 1993Trouble sending mail....
2891.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Sep 13 1993How do you make DECnet work on a AWS95???
2892.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKTue Sep 14 1993DCPS and LTR_12 or msap$simbiont
2893.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Sep 14 1993DAL FAQ availability (from Pacer)
2894.0KURTAN::AAMISEPPTue Sep 14 1993Postscript errors on LATprint w LaserWriter Plus
2895.02SIOG::MCCARTHYTue Sep 14 1993DECnet Address Display Changed in MSAX$CLIENT
2896.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTWed Sep 15 1993RCVR.PS files stick around
2897.01VMSNET::VMSNET::j_fillersThu Sep 16 1993Mail for Macintosh 1.2 and Ultrix servers
2898.0GRANPA::KMCGINNISThu Sep 16 1993SQL92 ANSI DATE, Rdb 4.1, and DAL?
2899.01GIDDAY::CASEYThu Sep 16 1993IPX for Mac
2900.01TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CFri Sep 17 1993Invalid bucket format 1.1, EO5
2901.01CACIQE::RUIZJFri Sep 17 1993Bad Sectors in Upgrade media
2902.03MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTFri Sep 17 1993Config. problems with FastPath 5
2903.012VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Sep 17 1993Where's BACKUP-MAC.COM ???
2904.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Sep 17 1993ACCVIO - File Server crash
2905.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Sep 17 1993Printers NOT showing up after V1.2 Upgrade
2906.01AKOCOA::SECURITY_NUGFri Sep 17 1993License question
2907.04VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Sep 20 1993system-f-exbytlm when starting printers at boot time
2908.0SPEZKO::MERMELLMon Sep 20 1993DESKtop PC Integration Focused TEP session
2909.03GIDDAY::OLLISMon Sep 20 1993PW for Mac V1.2 - MSA-E-LINKBROKEN when mounting volumes
2910.03KURTAN::AAMISEPPTue Sep 21 1993Bitmapped graphics printing with LaserWriter 8.
2911.01STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagTue Sep 21 1993Error -91 when printing, ADSP and Mailworks
2912.01BLGTue Sep 21 1993What Etehrnet Card for DUO 23
2913.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Sep 21 1993STRANGE V1.2 printer errors
2914.06GLDOA::TREBILCOTTTue Sep 21 1993Macintosh and OSF/1
2915.05BLKPUD::SAVAGETTue Sep 21 1993AppleTalk-LAT GW-Internet Router
2916.03UTRTSC::ADEJONGWed Sep 22 1993Backup a Macintosh Quadra Server
2917.03CGDEIS::GERTLERThu Sep 23 1993PostScript Viewing
2918.01ONOIS1::DEGATThu Sep 23 1993Can MacX talk to multiple Nodes at the same time?
2919.08MIMS::WEBB_AThu Sep 23 1993Unable to see Folders...1.1
2920.01UTRTSC::ADEJONGFri Sep 24 1993MSAF$FILE_TYPES and PW for Mac v1.2
2921.01CEFOLA::VITARA::SARDIFri Sep 24 1993PW unable to create volume on a CD-ROM
2922.03KAOFS::P_SAVOIEFri Sep 24 1993msap-e-papconn,msap-e-prterror,msap-e-papwr errors
2923.02LASSUP::CLARKEFri Sep 24 1993PAPCONN and RMSJOLT errors/printing failures...
2924.01ZURMon Sep 27 1993PAPCON connection gone
2925.018VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Sep 27 1993ACCVIO with V1.2-1
2926.02MARX::GRIERMon Sep 27 1993MacTerminal: no terminal emulators available
2927.0BACHUS::DHAENSTue Sep 28 1993MacX background color on Mac IIci and Mac IIcx
2928.06KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Sep 29 1993System 6 printer driver and V1.2 Mac Server?
2929.04SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Sep 29 1993Large Print Job Causes Apple Internet Router To Crash
2930.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Sep 30 1993Mail for Mac, connection timeout, 1.2 DECnet tool
2931.01VMSNET::RRICKThu Sep 30 1993Interleaf Worldview on Mac?
2932.01HANNAH::GABBEFri Oct 01 1993*** Help DCPS engineering with AppleTalk and AliasPrint symbiont replacement ***
2933.04VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Oct 01 1993Form numbers
2934.01CALVIN::WEAVERMon Oct 04 1993Problems printing jobs specifying 'Scale to Fit'
2935.05METZWed Oct 06 1993ACIUS 4TH Dimension and VMS
2936.0VNABRW::PAYLOR_SWed Oct 06 1993Can't print after V1.2 upgrade
2937.013LEMAN::BAGNOUDWed Oct 06 1993Copy of system folder
2938.02HOBBLE::GERTLERThu Oct 07 1993VAX to Mac Postscript Printing
2939.03GIDDAY::CASEYThu Oct 07 1993No EOF flag in our PAP ?
2940.0TKTVFS::HORIE_HThu Oct 07 1993XCMD/XFCN DAL Question
2941.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Oct 07 1993Quadra 84
2942.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Oct 07 1993Second Copy of Single Page Document Comes out Black
2943.01MIMS::GRAFT_JThu Oct 07 1993Modifying PPD files?
2944.02MLNTSC::CASAROTTIFri Oct 08 1993PW 1.2 DAL with ORACLE. info needed
2946.01JUPITR::STEWARTFri Oct 08 1993DCPS printer problems
2947.07BACHUS::DHAENSFri Oct 08 1993Etherprint and LAT-gateway
2948.01VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Oct 08 1993Assistance needed w/ PATHWORKS for Mac and DECfax...
2949.04GIDDAY::COOKMon Oct 11 1993Hard Disk Names that have a ' in them
2950.08ONOIS1::DEGATMon Oct 11 1993Looking for documentation on Creating Forms & Setups
2951.06KURTAN::KJOHANSSONMon Oct 11 1993Does Mail for Mac v1.2 work on Mac SE & Mac Classic
2952.04MARX::GRIERMon Oct 11 1993Problem with client and Network Installer V1.4
2953.0VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Oct 11 1993Problems installing v1.2 Mac client
2954.0COPCLU::PISTOU::TROELSTue Oct 12 1993Pathtracker?
2955.02VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Oct 12 1993Personal LaserWriters
2956.01VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Oct 13 1993LaserWriter with short term memory???
2957.04STKHLM::SAMUELSSONThu Oct 14 1993How do I change the encoding vector ?
2958.0ONOIS1::DEGATThu Oct 14 1993MacTerminal Window resizing
2959.05ONOIS1::DEGATThu Oct 14 1993Problem with Mounting a Volume
2960.02HANNAH::MAROTTAThu Oct 14 1993Intro to AppleTalk Doc Order number, pls!
2961.0MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTFri Oct 15 1993On-Line DAL Programmer's Guide??
2962.04COMICS::WOODWARDMon Oct 18 1993Filemaker Pro anyone ???
2963.09BIGBLU::BSPMon Oct 18 1993help on AXP / MXed image
2964.04NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Oct 19 1993Send print job unmodified (for HP4) ?
2965.0KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Oct 19 1993DECNET/OSI V5.6A on a Server?
2966.03MALMTue Oct 19 1993MacTerminal and escape sequence problem
2967.03VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Oct 19 1993DISMOUNT/ABORT didn't seem to work
2968.02GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Oct 20 1993MSAP-E-CONNFAIL and -ATK-E-PAP_OPENABORT, Open request aborted
2969.017ZURWed Oct 20 1993password visible - Mail for Mac
2970.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Oct 20 1993PW1.1ec
2971.0KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Oct 21 1993TCP update?
2972.02VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Oct 21 1993Print jobs not going through
2973.04DELSFri Oct 22 1993WP Office DOS/Macintosh share files!!
2974.0NWTIMA::HAYESGLFri Oct 22 1993DAL commit instead of rollback after abort
2975.02VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Oct 25 1993Starting file server from SYSMAN (VMS V6.
2977.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Oct 25 1993CD Reader on the net
2978.04KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerMon Oct 25 1993OS/2 LM V2 or NTAS is better with Mac+DOS??
2979.08OSLACT::ARNEMon Oct 25 1993Control files and file typing
2980.03DV78Wed Oct 27 1993Error - Network data file - #-48
2981.05TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Oct 27 1993Problem saving Claris Files to Volume on 2GB Disk
2982.02BACHUS::VANDORENWed Oct 27 1993Drop Folders and Replacing files
2983.01VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Oct 27 1993Improve performance of Backup Procedure?
2984.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Oct 27 1993pw1.2 colormate Ps No? Lps2
2985.0ONOIS1::DEGATThu Oct 28 1993Statistic tools
2986.03KURTAN::AAMISEPPThu Oct 28 1993Can't connect to DAL after upgrade.
2987.01USHSThu Oct 28 1993MSAP$SYMBIONT and ANSI setup library
2988.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Oct 29 1993ACCVIO during Full Verify
2989.01TNODNS::GTI2Fri Oct 29 1993Are localized versions available?
2990.042HOT::CIOTFri Oct 29 1993Underscore in filenames
2991.03BIGRED::THOMPSONFri Oct 29 1993CTERM problems...
2992.0216925::BEAUREGARDFri Oct 29 1993PCL To LocalTalk HP 4m?
2993.06VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Nov 01 1993PW1.2ec
2994.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Nov 01 1993DeltaGraph Files Saved to a VAXshare Volume-- Revisited
2995.0TRINTY::MERRELLMon Nov 01 1993Sonic Systems miniSCSI needs V1.1 ROM for DECnet to work
2996.04IJSAPL::VRIES_RTue Nov 02 1993Sharing PPT files -- DOS--> Mac
2997.06WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Nov 02 1993AppleTalk-LAT Tool
2998.02KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Nov 03 1993Symbionts and File formats.
2999.01ONOIS1::DEGATWed Nov 03 1993DECps and MacX
3000.03BOSSOB::CHAFFEEWed Nov 03 1993LPS2
3001.01VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Nov 03 1993Print from WFW to LaserWriter...partial print.
3002.05KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerWed Nov 03 1993Mail for Mac: a question and a wish...
3003.04XANADU::CLARKThu Nov 04 1993half-mounted shared disk
3004.0DRAC::HUELVESThu Nov 04 1993Set MacTerminal Font Size with an escape sequence?
3005.018VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Nov 04 1993Bound volumes and 2 gig limit logical
3006.0GREG::MERRELLFri Nov 05 1993DECinspect and printing
3007.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Nov 08 1993IBM 4
3008.05BACHUS::VANDORENMon Nov 08 1993how to install client without server ?
3009.03ONOIS1::DEGATMon Nov 08 1993NetCopy V1.2 & Fixed-Length Records
3010.02ROMA::PACHECOMon Nov 08 1993ATK File Services over X25/Assync lines ?
3012.02DWOMV2::CAMPBELLMon Nov 08 1993Looking for Laurie Neder!
3013.03MARSMon Nov 08 1993DECNET/OSI supported on the VMS server ?
3015.07GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Nov 09 1993MacX access to Alpha AXP workstations...how?
3016.01VMSNET::T_LESLIETue Nov 09 1993index doesn't return all files
3017.01EBYGUM::FARRINGTONRTue Nov 09 1993Problem printing to LaserWriter from Mac or VMS
3018.03VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Nov 09 1993Kodak ColorEase Postscript Printer - Will it work?
3019.0BRONS::BURROWSTue Nov 09 1993Help? Got a Q8
3020.0ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Nov 10 1993job holding terminal server port
3021.07VMSNET::S_VOREWed Nov 10 1993MSAX$MODMAP & Shift Keys (MacX)
3022.02VMSNET::GHEFFThu Nov 11 1993MacX 1.2 color map questions
3023.02VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Nov 11 1993DECnet and changing hard drive names
3024.03BLOHRD::HIPPThu Nov 11 1993Backup Questions
3025.03COMICS::WOODWARDFri Nov 12 1993Different trays on a PRO 63
3026.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Nov 12 19931.2 PW client install to non-networked Mac, help
3027.05MIMS::WEATHERSPOONSat Nov 13 1993Mail Forward Notification string cause stack dump
3028.01GIDDAY::COOKSun Nov 14 19932 printer queues pointing to the same device.
3029.0ISIDRO::HERREROMon Nov 15 1993DAL error when access to Rdb v4.1 (TINYINT)
3030.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Nov 15 1993System 7 to 1.1 Server problem..
3031.02COMICS::WOODWARDMon Nov 15 1993Net Copy Security ?
3032.03PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLMon Nov 15 1993Slow Mac to VAXshare Volume copy
3033.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Nov 16 1993Centris 66
3034.02EMASS::HEBERTJTue Nov 16 1993HP Deskwriter 55
3035.02KAOFS::P_SAVOIETue Nov 16 1993MSAP$RCVR process in Mutex no BYTLM quota
3036.02ZURTue Nov 16 1993Mail Notification problem with DECnet/OSI
3037.02WKOL1Tue Nov 16 1993PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) tuning/config recommendations
3038.04VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Nov 16 1993Cyclone from COLORBUSS?
3039.05BOSSOB::CHAFFEEWed Nov 17 1993LaserWriter, Landscape from VMS
3040.02TRCOA::MOKBELWed Nov 17 1993Support for the Argonomic or adjustable keyboard
3041.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Nov 17 1993PW1.2eco2 performance problem
3042.0WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DAWed Nov 17 1993MACX V1.2
3043.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Nov 18 1993How to specify /SCHEDULE=NOSIZE with mac print queue
3044.06LEMAN::LE_VIETThu Nov 18 1993MSAP-E-DISCONERR, still there !!
3045.0VMSNET::MSTEWARTThu Nov 18 1993PB18
3046.0PEARS::PCI2Fri Nov 19 1993Copy Table from MacTerminal
3047.05VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Nov 19 1993WordPerfect 3.
3048.0EYLAK::BATESFri Nov 19 1993Background printing problem
3049.0OSLACT::ARNESat Nov 20 1993Printer problem on LPS2
3050.0SWTHOM::JACOBMon Nov 22 1993DAL: -1
3051.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Nov 22 1993File Server Hangs When Mounting Volumes on RA9
3052.03VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Nov 22 1993PATHWORKS Talker - customer reported problems
3053.02VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Nov 22 1993msap-e-nosndjbc
3054.02MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon Nov 22 1993A "simple" printing problem!
3055.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Nov 23 19931.2eco2 VAX crashing on shutdown, INVEXCEPTN
3056.02RT93::LOMBARDITue Nov 23 1993CC:Mail with System 6.x and PATHWORKS....
3057.0WMOIS::STOLL_DWed Nov 24 1993DECnet: Error message Code 3:
3058.02GIDDAY::COOKWed Nov 24 1993EOF not detected printing to 3M Rainbow laser printer
3059.01JURA::ROSSET::HOUZEThu Nov 25 1993Mac client for VAX/RDB: Which are the software products
3060.0BLKPUD::SAVAGETFri Nov 26 1993CTERM change in V1.2
3061.03KERNEL::SAVAGETSat Nov 27 1993Problems with TALKER
3062.04GIDDAY::COOKMon Nov 29 1993ATK-E-DDP_SOCTABFUL , Socket table full
3063.03BACHUS::DHAENSMon Nov 29 1993Bad AppleTalk config after upgr 5.5-2H4 for V41
3064.03DCEIDL::CLARKMon Nov 29 1993Can't see AppleTalk Zones outside of ZKO
3065.01DCEIDL::CLARKMon Nov 29 1993"File cannot be placed in the Trash."
3066.012DATCHA::PICQTue Nov 30 1993V1.2 Client Kit
3067.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Nov 30 1993Async DECnet on Centris 66
3068.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Nov 30 1993Powerbook 23
3069.01SWTHOM::JACOBWed Dec 01 1993DAL help needed
3070.07GRANMA::EHEROLDWed Dec 01 1993Routing Question from U. of Md.
3071.0KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed Dec 01 1993LaserWriter Pro or 8.1.1
3072.010STAR::GPAULWed Dec 01 1993PowerBook Duo 23
3073.01BACHUS::VANDORENThu Dec 02 1993MacTerminal V1.2 Closing sessions.
3074.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Dec 02 1993Strange backup problems
3075.01ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Dec 02 1993Async Configuration
3076.03USHSThu Dec 02 1993Infoserver for Mac Client license
3077.01SUBURB::HANDLEYIFri Dec 03 1993Support for LaserWriter 81
3078.04VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Dec 03 1993Privileges for starting print services
3079.08KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Dec 06 1993ACCVIO When Printing
3080.04VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Dec 06 1993Problem with CTERM tool and MacTerminal/VersaTerm...
3081.0KAOFS::P_SAVOIEMon Dec 06 1993MacTerminal and VT32
3082.0VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Dec 07 1993Mail for Mac - big distribution list - connection timeout
3083.08VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Dec 07 1993DECnet programming - object name versus number
3084.01COLThu Dec 09 1993Reading mtools written mac.binarys
3085.02HGOVC::CORE_SFLIThu Dec 09 1993Mail for MAC !Get Message Dir ?
3086.0ULYSSE::DONZEFri Dec 10 1993Kit diskette copy problem
3087.02CEFOLA::VITARA::SARDIFri Dec 10 1993problems connecting a Duo!!
3088.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Dec 10 1993Pathworks 1.1patched with Newgen post printer
3089.01BOUGY::BRAUNMon Dec 13 1993F11CD mounted CD as volume ?
3090.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Dec 13 1993volovervol v1.2 eco1 volume overlaps itself
3091.0HGOVC::CORE_SFLITue Dec 14 1993Connection time out when broadcasting 2
3092.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Dec 14 1993PW 1.2-1 print prob msap-e-papconn only from unix
3093.05KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Dec 15 1993Ethernet/Local talk.
3094.04FLYWAY::ISPCWed Dec 15 1993Printing on LaserWriter from Windows
3095.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Dec 15 1993MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT strangeness
3096.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Dec 16 1993Can you put an ACL on AppleTalk PS1: device ????
3097.02VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Dec 16 1993Edit MSAP$PRINTER.DAT?
3098.08VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Dec 16 1993PPDs and additional fonts
3099.0ZURFri Dec 17 1993Mac System 7.1 and VT Terminal Settings are lost
3100.01ANGLIN::SCOTTGFri Dec 17 1993A workstation emulating an Apple LaserWriter printer
3101.0MANIOK::BERLINGHOFFri Dec 17 1993DECnet - Designated Router Problem
3102.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLFri Dec 17 1993MSAP$RCV at 1
3103.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Dec 17 1993PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) kit copy failed
3104.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Dec 20 1993Capturing/Replaying ACMS Client/Server Traffic?
3105.05COPCLU::TROELSTue Dec 21 1993DEC Rdb 5.1 / DAL?
3106.01TALLIS::HERDEGTue Dec 21 1993PowerBook hangs on wakeup with StarNet microSCSI
3107.02DRAC::HUELVESMon Dec 27 1993Quadra 8
3108.01DRAC::HUELVESMon Dec 27 1993Quadra 8
3109.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Dec 28 1993Introduction to AppleTalk needed
3110.02FIRTue Dec 28 1993If I only need to display Xapplications?
3111.04VORTEX::DDIF::VONSUCKTue Dec 28 1993AppleTalk Zones/Node Disappearing-HELP!
3112.02VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Dec 29 1993Original LaserWriter and 1.2?
3114.03OSLACT::CSMAC::arneThu Dec 30 1993What about LaserWriter driver versions?
3115.0429572::WEBB_AThu Dec 30 1993Last non-Interactive Login field Updated w/ VMS 6.
3116.02ONOIS1::DEGATFri Dec 31 1993Problem with Volume name
3117.017VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Jan 03 1994WordPerfect Office 3.1 and mail gateways - Catalog file growing Biiiiig!
3118.08BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Jan 05 1994setdefaulttimeouts error after upgrading to V1.2
3119.01VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Jan 06 1994Problems with Network Trash Folder...
3121.0VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Jan 06 1994memory usage for msap$symbiont
3122.03BACHUS::DHAENSFri Jan 07 1994MSAF$GUEST not created during upgrade
3123.01GMTNET::SYSTEMFri Jan 07 1994PATHWORKS Upgrade - beginner help wanted please...
3124.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jan 07 1994System 7 Pro, PWKS V1.2, login problems to server
3125.016VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Jan 07 1994Privs needed to start print service???
3126.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNSun Jan 09 1994Pacer on OSF/1 yet ??
3127.05HGOVC::CORE_SFLIMon Jan 10 1994LaserWriter IInt does not print
3128.05MIMS::CORDELL_JMon Jan 10 1994VMS 6.1 field test and V1.2
3129.01VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Jan 11 1994Wollongong WinTCP upgrade causes printing problems
3130.06SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue Jan 11 1994DCPS v1.
3131.05VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Jan 11 1994Loosing LAT session when using Apple Express Modem
3132.01BRULE::KNIGHTTTue Jan 11 1994MacTerminal Font Renumbering
3133.04EEMELI::MLEINOWed Jan 12 1994Is there a VMS based API for MSA$MANAGER info
3134.0BLKPUD::WARNESGThu Jan 13 1994Mail Forwarding Problem
3135.02FRIDAY::T_LEBARIOThu Jan 13 1994S/W for File Transfers?
3136.02VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Jan 14 1994intrusion source ::pathworks ?????
3137.07INTERN::SWABOWICZMon Jan 17 1994Problem removing VAXshare from a node
3138.05IOSG::TALLETTTue Jan 18 1994Help on ATKGW$SSI_Open requested
3139.06VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Jan 18 1994VAXshare ACCVIO during Full Verify
3140.04TBJVOA::M_SASAKITue Jan 18 1994How to declare the statement of MODMAP for MacX ?
3141.03MIMS::WEBB_AWed Jan 19 1994Shutting off "paper-out" messages
3142.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jan 19 1994InfoServer Mac, -2
3143.05HGOVC::TIMA_BURANCEThu Jan 20 1994Mac LC 475 print problem
3144.011GTI2Thu Jan 20 1994Problems with new router!
3145.011SWETSC::JANSSON_JThu Jan 20 1994MSAF-F-UNEXPECTED_SHUT, unexpected VAXshare shutdown
3146.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTFri Jan 21 1994PATHWORKS utils - ATViewer, NBPing, and NBPingJr
3147.017MEMIT::MALKIELFri Jan 21 1994Impossible to share MS Word Files over the net?
3148.06VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Jan 24 1994l.ru directory needed on *BOTH* Mac and DOS
3149.07VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Jan 25 1994NetCopy file type problems
3150.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Jan 25 1994msap-e-sndjbc status 98994, 1.2 and 1.1 systems
3151.04ROMEOS::MULLICKDATue Jan 25 1994NCP loop ignored
3152.04MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Jan 26 1994VT32
3153.02VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Jan 26 1994SET TERM/WIDTH=132 crashes Mac plus or Mac Classic
3155.0HGOVC::CORE_SFLIThu Jan 27 1994How to change different CPI in Mail for Mac
3156.03BACHUS::VANDORENThu Jan 27 1994Macintosh SE incompatible with MSAP symbiont V1.2????
3157.0BACHUS::VERELSTFri Jan 28 1994Looking for v4.
3158.02SALEBT::MARTINFri Jan 28 1994Remote Services vs. Async DECnet
3159.01MIMS::WEATHERSPOONSat Jan 29 1994RMSJOLT Errors in 1.2 and/or CSCPAT 31
3160.011VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Jan 31 1994IVP fails for V1.2 print server...
3161.05GIDDAY::COOKTue Feb 01 1994How to remove DECnet address from the ethernet card
3162.02BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Feb 01 1994MacX, special fonts & XClient ...
3163.01VMSNET::T_LESLIETue Feb 01 1994rcvr#.ps files stay open & can't delete them
3164.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Feb 01 1994TGV Multiware and MSA printing problem
3165.03VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Feb 02 1994Problem with user alias'...
3166.03REGENT::FITZGERALDWed Feb 02 1994How to read ethernet card Hardware Address
3167.04VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Feb 02 1994DECnet can't rename folders on mac with V1.2...worked with V1.1 client
3168.06VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Feb 02 1994Strange ending page for printing with v1.2
3169.08FIRSC1::FROSINIThu Feb 03 1994Xerox Printer and PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh)
3170.02STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagThu Feb 03 1994Will Local Password Policies be Used
3171.04OSLACT::CSMAC::arneFri Feb 04 1994Setting time from a VMS-server
3172.05FIRFri Feb 04 1994DDIF files and Apple printers
3173.04VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Feb 04 1994Printouts come out on wrong printer
3174.01LTLKNG::SHREVEFri Feb 04 1994Form Feed gets dropped using DECnet copy
3175.011VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Feb 04 1994error autoadding file but no secondary message
3176.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Feb 04 1994PATHWORKS V1.2 PPD's for PrintServer 17
3177.04VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Feb 04 1994File copy affecting perf. of all Macs...
3178.06MIMS::WEBB_AMon Feb 07 1994EXCEEDED PRCLM starting Print Services
3179.01CADSYS::LEMONSMon Feb 07 1994'Network Services User's Guide'
3180.01TROPPO::BROUGHTONTue Feb 08 1994System 7.1 alias with VMS UAM?
3181.04VMSNET::J_MORGANTue Feb 08 1994Enumeration problems?
3182.06VMSNET::W_FAMBERTue Feb 08 1994Using Print Accounting
3183.010NOTAPC::DIOTALEVITue Feb 08 1994Mail for Macintosh not working
3184.092HOT::6266Tue Feb 08 1994PATHWORKS V1.2 and TCP/IP Support ?
3185.01ZURWed Feb 09 1994Printer Problem: MSAP-E DISCOMERROR and OPCOM Message
3186.02TRINTY::MERRELLThu Feb 10 1994MacTCP quick setup guide
3187.02VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Feb 10 1994DECnet backup errors
3188.0BLKPUD::WOODWARDJFri Feb 11 1994DAL & PATHWORKS questions
3189.01NUTT::DANIELFri Feb 11 1994Old driver for EtherPort board
3190.0TYSON::LACKEYFri Feb 11 1994DDIF files on the Mac
3191.03OSLACT::ARNESun Feb 13 1994DAL "plug-in" for Ingers
3192.01BACHUS::DEACETISMon Feb 14 1994DECnet for Macintosh Status Codes
3193.027KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Feb 14 1994Centris 66
3194.08VMSNET::T_LESLIEMon Feb 14 1994LaserWriter Select 36
3195.01ODIXIE::VANESSOMon Feb 14 1994Printer Questions
3196.01KISMIF::MULDOONTue Feb 15 1994WANTED! LAN programming examples
3197.03PMRV7Tue Feb 15 1994Mac -> DCPS -> LN
3198.02ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Feb 15 1994EXCEL 4.
3199.03OSLACT::ARNETue Feb 15 1994MSAF-server is grdually getting sick!!!!
3200.02DPD1Tue Feb 15 1994LaserWriter IINT, PCs, Macs, and PATHWORKS
3201.06VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Feb 16 1994Can't add any more printers...
3202.02VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Feb 16 1994Restore from backup to diff location...
3203.02VMSNET::S_VOREThu Feb 17 1994AppleShare Tracking Ultility/Option
3204.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Feb 17 1994Noname Message
3205.01BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Feb 18 1994DECLaser 1152 on LocalTalk - naming problem
3206.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Feb 18 1994File Size Limitation? 182Meg File Can't Be Seen
3207.01VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Feb 18 1994Problems with DECnet backup
3209.0VMSNET::W_FAMBERMon Feb 21 1994Page Layout
3210.04STKTRE::jnorrbomTue Feb 22 1994TCP/IP and PATHWORKS file-service
3211.02BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Feb 22 1994Error 431 with Infoserver 15
3212.01ONOIS1::COLAS_YTue Feb 22 1994Is LAT Tool supported on Mac System 7 Pro ?
3213.04GOVTTue Feb 22 1994Network Options on Mac Quadra 61
3214.05ONOIS1::COLAS_YWed Feb 23 1994File Size and Disk Quotas
3216.01BACHUS::DEACETISThu Feb 24 1994Trash folder creation at mount time ?
3217.01ZURThu Feb 24 1994Error from MSAF$COMPRESS
3218.09NEWOA::MCMICHAEL_IThu Feb 24 1994HP Laserjet IIP - Stalls or is Unrecognised
3219.01BACHUS::DHAENSFri Feb 25 1994ATK-F-SIP_ERROR, Responder Error
3220.012ONOIS1::DEGATTue Mar 01 1994Backup MSAF$VOLINFO with nopriv
3221.0ONOIS1::DEGATTue Mar 01 1994Mac IIsi bombs
3222.03MIMS::WEBB_ATue Mar 01 1994Error printing
3223.01VMSNET::T_LESLIETue Mar 01 1994Can't start print services
3224.04OSLACT::CSMAC::arneWed Mar 02 1994Can NetCopy do poor mans routing?
3225.01VERVAN::THOMPSONWed Mar 02 1994DECnet Error messages with Mail for Mac
3226.08MVSUPP::RYMERAWed Mar 02 1994Writing to a Mac file
3227.04VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Mar 02 1994Problem with Mail for Mac forwarding via MRGATE
3229.01GOVTThu Mar 03 1994MacTerminal Emulation over TCP/IP?
3230.02LILThu Mar 03 1994Tray Select LPS17 from Mac side ?
3231.01GIDDAY::COOKFri Mar 04 1994LAT Sessions are dropping out
3232.03WESTMon Mar 07 1994Performance data?
3233.013BOUGY::LE_VIETMon Mar 07 1994PATHWORKS for Macintosh 1.2 & HP Laserjet 4PS
3234.042HOT::MAPLEY::CIOTMon Mar 07 1994Connection errors with MacTCP
3235.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Mar 08 1994Long time to open volumes and folders from a program
3236.0JAYJAY::KORNSTue Mar 08 1994MOP-CC for Macintosh?
3237.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Mar 08 1994DQM/VMS/Mac and the AppleTalk-DECnet Gateway
3238.06LISTIM::SILVA_AWed Mar 09 1994Printing ALWAYS hangs Mac
3239.010VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Mar 09 1994PATHWORKS V1.2-1 and VMS V6.1
3240.0GIDDAY::COOKWed Mar 09 1994DECnet NetCopy to UNIX box fails
3241.07VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Mar 09 1994file attributes
3242.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Mar 10 1994EtherPrint & /hidden - LaserWriter name disappears
3243.02IOSG::TALLETTThu Mar 10 1994Intrusions and OPCOM messages when no gateway
3244.05GIDDAY::OLLISThu Mar 10 1994ATK$MANAGER show known ports differs list known ports
3245.01ONOIS1::COLAS_YFri Mar 11 1994When will LaserWriter Pro 81
3246.04VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Mar 14 1994Automounting a volume with a volume pass...NOT!
3247.012CCEIWed Mar 16 1994Power Mac (aka PowerPC) and PATHWORKS for Mac V1.2
3248.02KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Mar 16 1994Trash Can Proliferation on PATHWORKS for Mac v1.2
3249.02VMSNET::S_VOREWed Mar 16 1994Multi-Node, Multi-Server, Multi-Volume Performance Tips?
3250.09VMSNET::S_VOREWed Mar 16 1994PATHWORKS Talker totally empty on no-zone network
3251.04EVOAI2::FARISThu Mar 17 1994PATHWORKS for OpenVMS Alpha AXP (Macintosh) ?
3252.04LTLKNG::SHREVEFri Mar 18 1994Security problems when changing owner or connecting
3253.06BACHUS::DEACETISFri Mar 18 1994VT32
3254.03VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Mar 18 1994Can make no more connections to the server...(no limits set).
3255.02VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Mar 18 1994Can't Mount Volume
3256.07VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Mar 24 1994Mac LN
3257.01BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Mar 25 1994MSAD process number question
3258.0VMSNET::J_MORGANFri Mar 25 1994Goodbye!
3259.02MIMS::WEBB_AFri Mar 25 1994deleting file server directory
3260.08VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Mar 25 1994"MSAF S1.2-1_E
3261.0GBISat Mar 26 1994Foxpro + DAL + PATHWORKS + Rdb/VMS
3262.01COPCLU::COPVM3::RUDMon Mar 28 1994LaserWriter 8.1.1 dosn't work...
3263.01BOUGY::LE_VIETMon Mar 28 1994LPS2
3264.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Mar 28 1994Mouting volumes on a Jukebox takes 5 to 6 minutes
3265.0SPEZKO::MERMELLMon Mar 28 1994PCI focused T.E.P.
3266.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Mar 28 1994Is there a way for POWERTALK to see VMS UAMS?
3267.02HANNAH::B_COBBTue Mar 29 1994PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (LANMAN) V5 command verb conflicts
3268.07WMOENG::ANDERSON_BTue Mar 29 1994CTERM/MicroPhone Pro conflict
3269.014TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Mar 29 1994PDM Quadra 61
3270.04GIDDAY::OLLISTue Mar 29 1994PB1
3271.03DRAC::DSMAILWed Mar 30 1994PATHWORKS for Mac Mail - Password Visible
3272.03VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Mar 30 1994System Update 2.
3273.03SWETSC::KJOHANSSONWed Mar 30 1994%MSAF-E-GETFILATT, error retrieving file attributes
3274.03TREES::HICKSONWed Mar 30 1994NetCopy times out with -1
3275.0LEMAN::BLANCHUTThu Mar 31 1994Doc on error code for PACERprint VMS
3276.03OSLACT::ARNEThu Mar 31 1994Print queues stopping!
3277.09OWLMED::gentileThu Mar 31 1994Can't install, unstuff kit
3278.04DELNI::SIMEONEFri Apr 01 1994Printer OFFLINE on startup
3279.01EVTAI1::MACSRFri Apr 01 1994about asynchronous DECnet communications...
3280.07TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Apr 04 1994MSAF$COPYPROTECT and Missing *.MSAF$CAT Files
3281.03VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon Apr 04 1994accounting info with printing changed from v1.1 to v1.2
3282.01ONOIS1::COLAS_YTue Apr 05 1994LPS32 PPD ?
3283.04ONOIS1::DEGATTue Apr 05 1994*.MSAF$CAT decsription
3284.03LAOSThu Apr 07 1994PW4MAC messes up PW4DOS Server V 5.
3285.0VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Apr 07 1994Modify the form prolog file?
3286.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Apr 07 1994Mail V1.2-1, distribution list, forwarding, aborts with PC
3287.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 07 1994SoftWindows
3288.02VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Apr 07 1994Any Inspector Clueseaus (sp?) out there???
3289.01MIMS::GRAFT_JThu Apr 07 1994PowerTalk and VAXshare password protected volumes
3290.02VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Apr 07 1994Mail for Mac problem with REPLY
3291.01DAGWST::CHINNFri Apr 08 1994possible to run server V1.1 and client V1.2?
3292.05MALMFri Apr 08 1994Power Mac 71
3293.04VMSNET::G_CHANGFri Apr 08 1994V1.2 Access Violation Attn: Engineeering
3294.02BACHUS::VANDORENTue Apr 12 1994MSAP queues hung
3295.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Apr 13 1994(Again) LN
3296.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Apr 13 1994more print problems with v1.2
3297.03IJSAPL::NATERThu Apr 14 1994AlisaShare 1.3-
3298.01PYRO::VANZUYLENThu Apr 14 1994Queue hang with Novell spooled LaserWriter
3299.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Apr 14 1994Programming on Mac, DECnet, PBWrite, hot to send data to multiple clients
3300.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Apr 15 1994Mac Duo hangs with Farallon Ethernet Card & DECnet
3301.04AUSSIE::GARSONMon Apr 18 1994Mac, AXP, PATHWORKS, AppleShare, SQL/Services
3302.04COPCLU::TROELSMon Apr 18 1994NT Advanced Server on AXP?
3303.012MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Apr 18 1994%MSAF-E-GETFILATT, error retrieving file attributes - no such file
3304.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Apr 18 1994Mail for Mac prints 1 blank page for each page of text
3305.02GTI2Tue Apr 19 1994PATHWORKS for Macintosh: What is in its future?
3306.01ROMEOS::MULLICKDATue Apr 19 1994Frequent "..unexpectedly closed down" error
3307.09VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 19 1994Mail and MacTerminal won't connect using DECnet
3308.05VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Apr 21 1994WordPerfect Office on PC running ATK and PWRKS DOS
3309.0436194::MARTINThu Apr 21 1994Can't use VMS UAM with Auto-login & Mail Notification
3310.02MIMS::GRAFT_JMon Apr 25 1994Volume mount problem, 1.2 e
3311.01DRAC::NANO27::RAMOSWed Apr 27 1994Migrating PATHWORKS for Mac from VAX to AXP???
3312.01ZPOVC::DAIVWed Apr 27 1994Problem with LAT-shared QMS printer
3313.01BACHUS::RENTYWed Apr 27 1994Global questions about XQP+
3314.01RAB::QSORT::RackemannWed Apr 27 1994Mounting a VAXshare Vol from a Program
3315.04VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Apr 28 1994NetCopy file limit?
3316.08VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Apr 29 1994Mail for Mac and logicals not working
3317.02OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed May 04 1994EtherTalk Print Protocol
3318.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed May 04 1994Mail forwarded to UNIX system
3319.015MANIOK::BERLINGHOFThu May 05 1994ACCVIO in the file server
3320.01HGOVC::CORE_SFLIThu May 05 1994Mail for Mac - How to set default paper size ?
3321.02MOSPRT::SPRAYCARThu May 05 1994ASYNCH DECnet question: Modem Initialization
3322.02VMSNET::G_CHANGThu May 05 1994Need list of MacTCP result codes...
3323.03VMSNET::G_CHANGThu May 05 1994Intermittent problem with printing ASCII file...
3324.04BACHUS::VERELSTFri May 06 1994Power Mac, SoftWindows, and DECnet - getting hangs
3325.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon May 09 1994Can DECnet open multiple session from the same app
3326.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLMon May 09 1994Wants to track who prints to what printer
3327.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon May 09 1994Can MSAP$DEVCTL modules be consolidated?
3328.0TRINTY::MERRELLMon May 09 1994Looking for ATKVMS and ATKGW application developers
3329.04GIDDAY::COOKTue May 10 1994LAT session under Reflections 2 drops out
3330.06LISTIM::SILVA_ATue May 10 1994Mac LC with System 7.1p = No DECnet
3332.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue May 10 1994MacTerminal - Serial Tool - Port in Use Message
3333.07VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed May 11 1994? on MSAF$COMPRESS.COM
3334.07CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed May 11 1994TIFF file from VAX to Mac - How?
3335.02KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed May 11 1994EXCEL and %MSAF-E-GETFILATT error
3336.01KAOTThu May 12 1994XQP+ and mixed cluster (ALPHA & VAX)
3337.07VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu May 12 1994Alternative suggestion to AXP ?
3338.02KOALA::COHENThu May 12 1994error on ATKGW$SSI_Open
3339.02HTSC19::DENISLIFri May 13 1994Mac IIci, Apple EhterTalk card, System 7 - slow....
3340.02ONOIS1::DEGATFri May 13 1994Latest ECO for MSAP
3341.01STRWRS::KOCH_PFri May 13 1994Terminal Emulation using DECnet CTERM
3342.03SMAUG::DUDLEYTue May 17 1994DECnet for Mac doesn't perserve any of the dates
3343.07CADSYS::LEMONSTue May 17 1994CSC patch for ACL problem
3344.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue May 17 1994Webster routing problem, log files showed DECnet prob
3345.01COPCLU::NISSENWed May 18 1994Excel to Rdb gives "Error -1
3346.05CSC32::J_FORRESTWed May 18 1994Deinstall AppleTalk/DECnet Gateway
3347.09CGOOA::RATHNOWWed May 18 1994Mac user beats interactive login limit
3348.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed May 18 1994Problem printing to LPS4
3349.02SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERThu May 19 1994New mail notification w/ Teamlinks 2.1?
3350.0HBFDT1::HBDUCK::KUHNFri May 20 1994Async DECnet / System Update 3.
3351.06VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri May 20 1994Feels like V1.
3352.02SNOCMon May 23 1994DAL and DBI/Gateways
3353.01KAOAWed May 25 1994French system 7.1 support?
3354.03VMSNET::G_CHANGWed May 25 1994Farallon PhoneNET can't connect to VAXshare file server
3355.03EYLAK::BATESWed May 25 1994Ethernet startup error...
3356.08PCWOLF::TEDWARDSWed May 25 1994CSC Patches ???
3357.01GIDDAY::COOKThu May 26 1994Disk unreadable do you want to initialize ???
3358.0USHSThu May 26 1994MacTCP 2.
3359.03VMSNET::G_CHANGFri May 27 1994Last Login feature in EC
3360.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri May 27 1994DAL question: Can you disable the MSAD$SERVER_VIA_ATK.LOG
3361.01VMSNET::M_CARZELLSun May 29 1994VMS 5.5-2, Files not being deleted from MSAP$SPOOL.DIR
3362.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon May 30 1994Disk Icon Could Not Be Changed???
3363.04MIMS::GRAFT_JMon May 30 1994VT32
3364.03GIDDAY::COOKTue May 31 1994MSAF$SERVER.DMP being created continually, filling system disk
3365.01CERERE::SARDITue May 31 1994Problems restoring a volume
3366.03TREES::WORCESTERTue May 31 1994Postscript file will not print
3367.08TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue May 31 1994Executing ADMIN/MSA Causes File Server To ACCVIO
3368.03GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Jun 01 1994V1.2-1 ECO 4 File Server ACCVIO - Other servers OK
3369.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Jun 01 1994BYE
3370.09CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jun 01 1994%MAIL-E-ERRACTRNS, error activating transport PCSA
3371.02TKOV51::TATSUKAWAFri Jun 03 1994Q>WordPerfct/PATHWORKS for DOS & Mac
3372.02COPCLU::TROELSMon Jun 06 1994DAL support in PATHWORKS
3373.01BACHUS::VERELSTMon Jun 06 1994files don't get printed !!
3374.02BACHUS::VERELSTMon Jun 06 1994VMS 6.x Support ??
3375.01TROOA::BBUTLERMon Jun 06 1994Can AFP be used to serve a LANman Share (cc:Mail)
3376.02RT128::BATESWed Jun 08 1994LAT w/System 7.1 + PW v1.2 on a Mac SE
3377.02VMSNET::G_CHANGWed Jun 08 1994Problem with locked files...
3378.03SNOCWed Jun 08 1994PATHWORKS over dialup lines?
3379.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jun 09 1994cnx5
3380.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jun 09 1994Anyone heard of Efiy 125i....?
3381.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Jun 13 1994INSFSPTS on startup (1.2)
3383.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Jun 14 1994Infoserver for Macintosh Clients
3384.04KERNEL::CUNNINGHAMTue Jun 14 1994file modification dates going to year 2
3385.0SUTRA::PATELThu Jun 16 1994DAL information
3386.09VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jun 17 1994%msaf-w-closesess, error closing session, idle timeout, server shutdown unexpectedly
3387.0ELWOOD::PETERSFri Jun 17 1994Desktop Backup FT2 available
3388.020VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jun 20 1994undefined command ykcolor, cant print form vms to IIntx but can through unix
3389.011FLYNHI::DALTONMon Jun 20 1994DuoDocII w/ Integral Ethernet Doesn't Work
3390.04BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Jun 21 1994NFT COPY between Mac and PC ((PWRK5 & PWRK4MAC 1.2)
3391.0TRUCKS::RICKETTS_CTue Jun 21 1994DECnet vs TCP/IP Performance
3392.02GIDDAY::LILICWed Jun 22 1994Error 2231 when installing 1.2 on System 7.1 Mac IIci
3393.07BACHUS::VERELSTWed Jun 22 1994Print problems when printing from DOS to a Mac printer !!!
3394.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jun 22 1994MacTerminal LAT tool PW V1.2 (Mike/port
3395.03MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Jun 22 1994atk$appletalk_rtl error
3396.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Jun 23 1994Printing to LaserWriter 63
3397.018TAMARA::MAC2CI::boucherThu Jun 23 1994problems printing using LaserWriter v8.1.1
3398.09WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOMon Jun 27 1994"Basic" MacX Install??
3399.01BACHUS::DHAENSTue Jun 28 1994No Gray Scale with Excel and DEClaser 1152 PPD
3400.07DBCIC1::FITZMAURICETue Jun 28 1994MacX V1.2 hang
3401.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jun 29 1994VMS COPY from VAX to Mac and back - Max len diff
3402.07ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELWed Jun 29 1994Peer to Peer environment?
3403.04RAB::KMAC::morarosThu Jun 30 1994Can't get Mail for Macitosh to work with Sys. 7.5
3404.05PRMSThu Jun 30 1994Mail for Macintosh hangs Mac when sending attachment
3405.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jul 01 1994PCSA_MAILSHR.EXE startup error - Entry already exists
3407.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jul 01 1994Power Outage Causes Server to Crash & File Disappear
3408.04KERNEL::WILLIAMSNTue Jul 05 1994Suppress last login time update Audit Alarms
3409.02VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Jul 05 1994SET CHAR/SERVER_NAME='...' - 'Invalid User' error
3410.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Jul 06 1994Access to PATHWORKS for SCO V1.1
3411.03TRNOIS::SORRENTINOThu Jul 07 1994DECnet for Mac: DAP error
3412.01VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Jul 07 1994File server ACCVIO V1.2-1
3413.02PTGSYS::HOSANGThu Jul 07 1994Change Password using the Mac Chooser Fails
3414.03HOULA::DEGATFri Jul 08 1994Unsupported tools
3415.05PRMSMon Jul 11 1994128-byte block on front of sent binary files (MacBinary)
3416.04TBJVOA::M_SASAKIMon Jul 11 1994PowerBook 52
3417.04PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Jul 11 1994Microsoft WORD V5.1 file locked intermittently
3418.03EYLAK::BATESMon Jul 11 1994Missing files on PATHWORKS volume
3419.06VMSNET::T_LESLIETue Jul 12 1994Print job resubmits itself every 17-27 minutes
3420.01VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed Jul 13 1994PAPCONN errors...again
3421.05VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed Jul 13 1994Decwindows ADSP transports & standard DW transports (patch 1121)
3422.03VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Jul 14 1994NetCopy file size difference?
3423.013VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Jul 14 1994PageMaker printing isn't working
3424.010VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Jul 14 1994PW support for Mac System 7.5?
3425.02VMSNET::T_LESLIEThu Jul 14 1994MacX + EEsof application
3426.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jul 14 1994DECnet problems with Duo 23
3427.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jul 14 1994RMSJOLT and writer errors, status 99684 and 99716 with EP
3428.03ONOIS1::DEGATFri Jul 15 1994RMS-F-RSZ with DECnet
3429.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jul 15 1994MSAP-F-SYMDIE, fatal symbiont error, access vilation , latest patch EC
3430.012VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Jul 18 1994Weird SHOW VOLUME behavior...
3431.05DAIVTue Jul 19 1994one Printer two queues ?
3433.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Jul 19 1994OffendingCommand -- nostringval -- Printing to LN
3434.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Jul 19 1994NetCopy v1.2 and AccessPC
3435.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jul 20 1994ATKGW$USER intruder detected with Mail for Mac, no one can log in
3436.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Jul 21 1994TokenTalk, DECnet and AppleTalk phase 2
3437.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jul 21 1994I think a quick question over ATK$PAP_OPEN statement
3438.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jul 22 1994MSAP symbiont and receiver owned by different usernames
3439.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jul 22 1994ATK config for FDDI device but some ATK on enet
3440.011VMSNET::G_CHANGMon Jul 25 1994Mail for Mac performance questions.
3441.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MTue Jul 26 1994DAL - Contacts/Phone Numbers for Upgrading
3442.02OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed Jul 27 1994AppleTalk Name lookup/display utility
3443.010BELFST::HARRINGTONWed Jul 27 1994System 7 Pro and PATHWORKS V1.2; Mail & DECnet problems
3444.07VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Jul 28 1994I'm drowning in this log file...
3445.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jul 28 1994Macterm FDDI and LAT, sessions drop immediately
3446.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MThu Jul 28 1994Request for Icons/Clip-Art
3447.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Aug 01 19947.1.1 (7.1 Professional) & mail
3448.01BELFST::BVOVAL::FITZPATRICKMon Aug 01 1994[-98 m] Error opening DECnet
3449.01BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryTue Aug 02 1994U: Need (part of) Prog's' Ref Manual faxed asap
3450.01KERNEL::IMBIERSKITThu Aug 04 1994LAT failover time
3451.01GIDDAY::COOKMon Aug 08 1994PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) V1.2-1 startup errors
3452.04TAKEOF::SICOIS::NueeschMon Aug 08 1994Broadcast
3453.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Aug 08 1994Directory Protection of O:RE prvents writing to folder eve
3454.03TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Aug 08 1994MSAF$SERVER v1.2-1_E
3455.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Aug 08 1994pw1.1 ep
3456.01WEORFI::DUNHAMTue Aug 09 1994PW4DOS on Mac
3457.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Aug 10 1994printing null characters using pathworks mac and ltr_12
3458.04TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Aug 10 1994PowerBook 52
3459.01WRKSYS::PANWed Aug 10 1994Transfer of binary data
3460.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Aug 11 1994Problems access 2GB disks (Negative and enormous values)
3461.04GIDDAY::CASEYThu Aug 11 1994%MSAP-E-NOSNDJBC, status 98994 on submit file to queue, ref 1
3462.03GIDDAY::COOKFri Aug 12 1994RMS-F-DUP, Duplicate key detected.
3463.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Aug 12 1994PW1.2-1 system hung on gateway
3464.07SEND::MCNULTYFri Aug 12 1994DECnet won't start
3465.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Aug 15 1994System 7 Pro to LW63
3466.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Aug 15 1994Mail for Macintosh and "out of quota" message
3467.04CSOA1::BRANSTEINMon Aug 15 1994LaserWriter Pro 63
3468.01VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Aug 16 1994??? about PV_PARMISMATCH after running COMPRESS
3469.04KAORSC::C_VERDONTue Aug 16 1994%MSAF-W-ET_SECURITY, "LGURRIERI" can not delete
3470.03EVTAI1::BERTHENETWed Aug 17 1994MacTCP Hosts Example?
3471.03GIDDAY::COOKWed Aug 17 1994Print Err: limitcheck; Offending Command: imagemask
3472.02BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Aug 18 1994Get The ETHERNET Hard Address
3473.06BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Aug 18 1994Hang with MacTerminal & Power Mac 71
3474.01KYOSS1::MONTAREThu Aug 18 1994Update needed for Bound Volumes >4GB
3475.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Aug 18 1994backup and ;999 not restoring correctly
3476.02OSLACT::ARNESat Aug 20 1994DECnet copy from VMS conversion?
3477.01OSLACT::ARNESat Aug 20 1994NEXTSTEP to PW4MAC 1.2
3478.04KAORSC::C_VERDONMon Aug 22 1994LaserWriter Pro are hanging up frequently.
3479.08WRKSYS::PANTue Aug 23 1994Problems after DECnet address change
3480.02AUSSIE::TAJALLIWed Aug 24 1994Client Kit.
3481.01SUOSWS::MOOGWed Aug 24 1994Power Mac and PATHWORKS for Macintosh ?
3482.02MANIOK::BERLINGHOFThu Aug 25 1994How to migrate from OpenVMS to OSF/1 ?
3483.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickTue Aug 30 1994New License Options?
3484.01INTERN::SWABOWICZWed Aug 31 1994Best way to transfer PowerPoint between DOS and Mac
3485.01BACHUS::BERGMANSThu Sep 01 1994DEClaser 51
3486.01SUFRNG::WSA1Thu Sep 01 1994MacX Fonts - Type & Creator for BDF files?
3487.07TAVMon Sep 05 1994%DCPS-F-SETUPNOTFOUND for module MSAP$PROCSET5
3488.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Sep 06 1994Can VAXshare volumes be mounted under NFS
3489.07UTRTSC::HOSANGWed Sep 07 1994MSAF-F-UNEXPECTED_SHUT version S1.2-1_E
3490.02RDGENG::BICKNELLWed Sep 07 1994Printer problems
3491.02KAORSC::C_VERDONWed Sep 07 1994system version mismatch after installing VMS 6.1
3492.01HGOCS::ANDYNGThu Sep 08 1994VT32
3493.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Sep 08 1994PW V1.1-EC
3494.02BACHUS::DHAENSMon Sep 12 1994NetCopy with Quadra 84
3495.02VMSNET::M_CARZELLMon Sep 12 1994Creation Date Changes When Viewed From The Mac
3496.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Sep 13 1994PowerBook 17
3497.06KAORSC::C_VERDONWed Sep 14 1994System 7.5 Quickdraw GX not working with MSAP
3498.01MIMS::LOKIETZ_SWed Sep 14 1994Print Service Audit Trail?
3499.0SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Sep 15 1994DAL-Privileges Needed For Network Connection
3500.03ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickThu Sep 15 1994Telenet support in V1.3?
3501.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Sep 16 1994PATHWORKS V1.2 AppleTalk Broadcast Question
3502.0YUPPY::HOLLANDMFri Sep 16 1994NAMNOTFOU error from ATK V3.
3503.07VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Sep 19 1994File on server locked after Mac hangs
3504.03NAPCED::LUSCIANOTue Sep 20 1994MacTCP
3505.02ROMTSS::SC_ROMATue Sep 20 1994Installation Problem on VMS 6.1
3506.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue Sep 20 1994LaserWriter Pro 81
3507.02BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Sep 22 1994PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) on Alpha AXP - When?
3508.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Sep 22 1994Problem creating print service with the /ZONE qualifier, kinda an appletalk question
3509.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Sep 22 1994Diskeeper, "Placed" files, volume sets. Is it ok for Diskkeeper to move them
3510.04EVTAI1::BERTHENETTue Sep 27 1994LAT
3511.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue Sep 27 1994Copying Files Changes Format or Attributes
3512.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Sep 27 1994pw1.2-1_pf trash will not empty
3513.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKWed Sep 28 1994Upgrade Path ???
3514.03VMSNET::MSTEWARTWed Sep 28 1994V5 and drop folders
3515.04TOHOPE::WSA1Wed Sep 28 1994PW for Mac and PW for VMS (Mac) dropped from CONDIST
3516.02MALMThu Sep 29 1994Reading & Writing RMS INDEXed files on the Mac
3517.03RDGENG::BICKNELLThu Sep 29 1994Can't boot from tools diskette
3518.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSSat Oct 01 1994Server recursively creating MSAF$RESOURCES.DIRs
3519.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Oct 03 1994Disable pw1.2 auto full verify on volume 2gig
3520.01GIDDAY::COOKWed Oct 05 1994Login Breakin , should there be an intrusion record
3521.06EVTAI1::DEGATWed Oct 05 1994MacX killing window
3522.05EVTAI1::DEGATWed Oct 05 1994msap$symbiont
3523.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Oct 06 1994Using Drop folder sees 4 min hang
3524.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Oct 07 1994VAXShare crash !!
3525.08SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Oct 07 1994How Can You Prevent TRAILER/BURST Pages From Printing?
3526.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon Oct 10 1994NetCopy "Bad Local Filename. Error code -37"
3527.04TOHOPE::WSA1Tue Oct 11 1994MacTCP & System 7.5
3528.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Oct 12 1994ADMIN/MSA not working, needs CMA$TIS_SHR INSTALLED
3529.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MWed Oct 12 1994Changing the CATALOG_CACHE-- Memory Usage
3530.05MARIN::JONESWed Oct 12 1994CTERM Problem on Duo 28
3531.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Oct 12 1994MacX, System 7.5 freeze ups
3532.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Oct 13 1994PW4Mac V1.2-1 Slow Response to large Stream_LF file
3533.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Oct 14 1994Start v1.2 PATHWORKS Listener before volume automount
3534.04KAORSC::D_CHENGFri Oct 14 1994Binary mail (attachment) to DOS
3535.03LEMAN::HASLERFri Oct 14 1994PacerShare to VAXshare migration
3536.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Oct 17 1994PATHWORKS V1.2-1 PEC 'ph' - SHOW INTRUSION/OLD needed
3537.06VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Oct 19 1994PATHWORKS V1.2 Mail - Server name cannot be Null
3538.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Oct 20 1994Pw1.2 Mac mail security issue
3539.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 20 1994ACCVIO while installing NMail - wrong conference
3540.09SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Oct 21 1994NetCopy Problem On a PowerPC 81
3541.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Oct 21 1994VMS 6.1, 1.2-1_EC
3542.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Oct 21 1994Infoserver client connector -2
3543.07PRIME8::VAUGHNFri Oct 21 1994Gateway max number of users problem...
3544.02GIDDAY::COOKSun Oct 23 1994DECnet OSI seems to cause problems with cluster operation
3545.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Oct 25 1994Simple Question about the Listener
3546.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Oct 26 1994Problems using DCPS V1.1
3547.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Oct 26 1994PW V1.2-1 ECO 5 - Mac hanging on large file copies
3548.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Oct 26 1994MSAF server not honoring ACL [*,*],Access=none
3549.06KELVIN::DEVANEYThu Oct 27 1994steps after installing pw server/client
3550.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Oct 27 1994Can NetCopy be used with AppleScript?
3551.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Oct 27 1994Strangeness with the pre-expired password message on some macs.
3552.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Oct 28 1994Is there a later vt32
3553.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Oct 31 1994Print from mail truncates pages going to local imagewriter
3554.01BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Nov 01 1994VMS Mail from Mac Client to AXP ?
3555.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Nov 02 1994DECnet over ARA 2.
3556.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Nov 03 1994pw1.2 4gig raid Appleshare 7.1revc display size
3557.02UTRTSC::HOSANGFri Nov 04 1994V1.2 won't release queue on terminal server
3558.023PLUNGE::HITTFri Nov 04 1994Announcing field test of PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Macintosh) V1.3
3559.04DECWET::slip32.zso.dec.com::snowTue Nov 08 1994QuickDraw GX
3560.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MTue Nov 08 1994PC w/ATK Card Canon Color Laser- Problems Printing
3561.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Nov 08 1994Another instance of %MSAF-E-GETFILEATT
3562.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Nov 08 19941.1 of client and 1.2 of server
3563.03LATINA::ARANCHAThu Nov 10 1994Termination date & New License (doesn't register)
3564.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Nov 10 1994PW1.2-1e
3565.04BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Nov 10 1994Volume protections ?
3566.01BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Nov 11 1994Randomly Login Failed with PATHWORKS 1.2
3567.04SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Nov 11 1994Problem With Protections After Installing PEC_PH
3568.0EVTAI1::MACSRMon Nov 14 1994
3569.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Nov 15 1994Phantom nodes in 1.1 decnet, during configuration
3570.02CODS::ESBECKWed Nov 16 1994Print jobs for AXP users
3571.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Nov 16 1994PW1.2 Time before Macs drop from server
3573.0VMSNET::W_FAMBERMon Nov 21 1994Loading Proc SEt "(AppleDict md)" 71
3574.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Nov 22 1994pw1.2 ATK multicast storm from atk stack on sun
3575.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Nov 22 1994VMS filenames and DECnet copy from Mac to VMS
3576.01MALMTue Nov 22 1994MSAF-F-INVIRMEM and MSAF unexpected shutdown
3577.01MLNCSC::DEPOLIGWed Nov 23 1994EXCEL Links are not portable between PCs and Macs
3578.0BACHUS::DHAENSWed Nov 23 1994HP LaserJet IV, POSTERR with wrong papertray selected
3579.01HGOCS::WILSONWONGThu Nov 24 1994how to suppress the message when I do SPAWN
3580.02EWBV89::OKUNOSun Nov 27 1994%ATK-E-DSP_CONTORDOW
3581.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Nov 28 1994MacTCP with both Ethernet adapter and PPP serial line
3582.06TAVDAC::DORONMon Nov 28 1994Push TCPIP in order to start?
3583.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Nov 28 1994LPS17/6
3584.03VIVARA::LUSCIANOWed Nov 30 1994Client Kit on Alpha
3585.0DRAC::HUELVESWed Nov 30 1994MacX and SUN
3586.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Dec 01 1994New PATHWORKS License PAKS have they been updated?
3587.03HGOCS::KENNETHThu Dec 01 1994Problem with set terminal/width.
3588.02XSTACY::THEALYFri Dec 02 1994Problems installing PATHWORKS V1.2 for Mac
3589.03SWAM2::BARNETTE_NEFri Dec 02 1994Can't create DECwindows session via MacX
3590.02PEARS::PEARS::LeonhardMon Dec 05 1994Macintosh FDDI interface
3591.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Dec 05 1994LaserWriter 81
3592.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Dec 06 1994DAL and the month of December, problems?
3593.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Dec 07 1994setdefautltimeouts, dcps and msap, strange problem
3594.07VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Dec 07 1994How are creation times calculated and stored on a Mac?
3595.09OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMIMon Dec 12 1994PowerPC are supported ?
3596.02GIDDAY::COOKMon Dec 12 1994AppleTalk file copy slow (or so the customer thinks)
3597.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Dec 12 1994Training and courseware (up to date)
3598.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Dec 14 1994Wordperfect changes creation date on closing document
3599.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Dec 14 1994Pw1.2-1 security question
3600.01STKHLM::WIDMANThu Dec 15 1994Looping print job
3601.09AKOCOA::POPIENIUCKThu Dec 15 1994Problem with NetCopy
3602.03SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Dec 16 1994Non-virtual QIOs MSAF$SERVER
3603.0BSAINT::CoppolaMon Dec 19 1994A way to check Ethernet and DECnet addresses on Macs
3604.04EICMFG::CUSHNIETue Dec 20 1994Using Apple Printers from OpenVMS and Mac
3605.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Dec 20 1994Bob, here are the expired password sequencesfrom Amherst
3606.03STKAI1::SNIKPC::cederhagWed Dec 21 1994MacX and 'shift-7' in notepad doesn't give '/'
3607.02CSOA1::FLOYDWed Dec 21 1994Alpha or VAX? That is the question.
3608.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Dec 21 1994PW1.2-1 file size diff moving file to volume
3609.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETWed Dec 28 1994NCP ASK error
3610.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jan 03 1995AppleTalk addresses and MSA
3611.01CROWN::SAELYTue Jan 03 1995DEC CD-ROM with IIci ? How does it work ?
3612.02UTROP1::SPOELSTRA_AWed Jan 04 1995PATHWORKS 2.
3613.03COMICS::PEAKESFri Jan 06 1995Performer?
3614.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jan 06 1995Why is AppleTalk-LAT gateway run on a Mac and not VMS
3615.0GIDDAY::COOKMon Jan 09 1995Macterminal with CTERM tool drops connection with WEBSTER multigate
3616.09BACHUS::DHAENSWed Jan 11 1995file services not seen via ARA!
3617.01VMSNET::W_FAMBERWed Jan 11 1995Available Patches
3618.02BRONS::BurrowsFri Jan 13 1995Goodbye: So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish
3619.01MR4DEC::LEVINEFri Jan 13 1995Where to get NetCopy?
3620.02SUFRNG::CARZELL_MFri Jan 13 1995Dymanic Memory Exhausted When Install v1.2-1
3621.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jan 16 1995Volume icon views as Document. Cust. thinks hacker
3622.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jan 17 1995Is DIR/EXCLUDE supported with DECnet for Mac
3623.01BOUGY::LE_VIETWed Jan 18 1995PowerPC 61
3624.03HLDEWed Jan 18 1995Latest DECnet/Mac ?
3625.05RDGENG::BICKNELLWed Jan 18 1995DECnet on 61
3626.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jan 18 1995PW1.2 MacX TCP/IP SETENV in .cshre
3627.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jan 18 1995How to convert Alisa volume to MSA, shared with PCs
3628.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jan 18 1995Appltalk config question, one VAX two enet controllers
3629.03LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DThu Jan 19 1995PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Macintosh) Alpha edition when?
3630.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jan 20 1995PW1.2-1 accessing Norton Admin file on VAXshare vo
3631.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Jan 20 1995unable to print using LAT without DCPS
3632.04GRANPA::BARABIAFri Jan 20 1995V5 Upgrade Breaks Mac access?
3633.0GIDDAY::COOKMon Jan 23 1995Mail for Mac hangs when sending to large distribution
3634.07VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Jan 23 1995MSAF problem with file and folder have same name
3635.08TKOV66::BAKOSHITue Jan 24 1995Trouble of DECnet COPY
3636.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jan 26 1995Question over how Mac restores a file with VMS COPY
3637.05SUFRNG::CARZELL_MThu Jan 26 1995PowerPC Hangs When Copying Files From InfoServer
3638.01MALMFri Jan 27 1995Invalid entity name for MSAD$STARTUP
3639.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Jan 27 1995MSAF, msaf$file_types.dat sanity check
3640.08VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jan 31 1995PowerMac 71
3641.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Feb 01 1995Programming question on server, force update of window
3642.03ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickThu Feb 02 1995Hydra product on the horizon? PW V6.
3643.06AKOCOA::BETTROFri Feb 03 1995How do I get to print from both the VAX and the Mac?
3644.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Feb 03 1995Copying Folder to VAXshare Volume Causes Mac To Hang
3645.04STKHLM::WIKMANMon Feb 06 1995Write continue error & Session was closed
3646.07NWDTue Feb 07 1995Slow performance on Alpha
3647.02SSPADE::JOYCETue Feb 07 1995VAXshare processes?
3648.02GRANPA::BARABIATue Feb 07 1995ConDIST CD-ROM - where is the PATHWORK kit?
3649.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Feb 07 1995MacX 1.2 and X11r5, compatible?
3650.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Feb 07 1995MacX v1.2 and Blue Stone motif x11r5 supported?
3651.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Feb 07 1995Is there a .
3652.03DELDPN::A_LENIZWed Feb 08 1995LAT lost sessions!
3653.05VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Feb 08 1995Customer asks why the .MSAF$CAT files are so large
3654.01STKHLM::SJOGRENThu Feb 09 1995PW 1.3 OpenVMS (Mac) over FDDI ?
3655.01ZURFri Feb 10 1995looping MSAP$RCVR process
3656.04HGOVC::CORE_SFLIMon Feb 13 1995PowerMac 81
3657.010TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Feb 13 1995Motif v1.2 and MacX - DECnet Task Name Not Known
3658.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Feb 13 1995Pw1.2eo4 msap-e-symdie,atk-e-pap_clsconreq
3659.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Feb 15 1995pw1.2 PBcat search failed against fileserver
3660.0KAOFS::M_ROYWed Feb 15 1995Mac Excel to RDB question
3661.01CSOA1::SCHULMANWed Feb 15 1995Version of TCP/IP?
3662.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Feb 15 1995Pw1.2-1nopatch msaf-w-volnotmount msa-e-volmajiddi
3663.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Feb 17 1995And suddenly a "Login Denied" appears !!
3664.01EVTAI1::DEGATFri Feb 17 1995AppleTalk-DECnet Gateway Security
3666.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Feb 17 1995PW Name and location of .H file for C include file
3667.05XSTACY::THEALYMon Feb 20 1995Connected to file server through VAXshare on a VMS node
3668.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Feb 21 1995pw1.2,1.3ft slow transfer over Wellfleet router
3669.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Feb 22 1995Customer getting adjacency up messages every 15sec
3670.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Feb 22 1995Pw 1.2-1e
3671.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Feb 22 19951.1 server hung and msaf-e-wrtfrkerr error
3672.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETThu Feb 23 1995DAL status
3673.01EVTAI1::DEGATThu Feb 23 1995DEClaser 51
3674.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Feb 23 1995msaf-e-opndsktop, s1.2-1_ec
3675.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETMon Feb 27 1995OSI
3676.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Feb 27 1995P4M1.2 MacX keyboard map in autostart after MacX
3677.01BBIVTue Feb 28 1995PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Macintosh) on Alpha - when?
3678.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Feb 28 1995Client-Server Workload studies on PW4Mac
3679.04RANGER::EIRIKURTue Feb 28 1995Client V1.3 kit available for internal test.
3680.0WASHDC::PAGANOWed Mar 01 1995VMScluster vs UNIXcluster as Mac server
3681.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Mar 02 1995PW1.2-1 mail distr list with acl gives access
3682.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Mar 08 1995MSA 1.2-1_qc, access violation and shutdown
3683.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Mar 08 1995PATHWORKS v1.3 SPD support of Laserwriter 6
3684.01PEARS::64644::BetzlerThu Mar 09 1995Does PATHWORKS for Mac (Client) support FDDI ?
3685.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Mar 09 1995pw1.2-1e
3686.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Mar 10 1995ATKLIB.H include file where is it?
3687.0TOHOPE::CARZELL_MMon Mar 13 1995 ATK-E-PAP_NOTOPEN, connection is not yet open
3688.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Mar 13 1995Folder depth being exceeded 1.2-1_ec
3689.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Mar 13 1995Large file name corrupts display of folder contents
3690.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Mar 14 1995PW1.2 PEC_dd printer disconn paper tray empty
3691.04MALMWed Mar 15 1995Licensing for AppleTalk-DECnet gateway?
3692.02MARIN::JONESThu Mar 16 1995Printer queues startup on PATHWORKS 1.3
3693.04HGOVC::CORE_SFLIMon Mar 20 1995NT's printer hang when printed from PW-FOR-VMS.
3694.01EICMFG::CUSHNIEMon Mar 20 1995LaserWriter 8.2 and PATHWORKS
3695.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Mar 20 19951.3 Server requiring a license. How do we get?
3696.04WNOUMon Mar 20 1995Correct license for printing only?
3697.02VMSNET::W_FAMBERTue Mar 21 1995Add Printer /ZONE=
3698.01GIDDAY::COOKThu Mar 23 1995Out Bound errors make NetCopy very slow
3699.06VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Mar 27 1995DECnet, 84
3700.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Mar 27 1995Can't remove zone from list under MSA v1.3
3701.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Mar 28 1995Performa 6115, Mac 7.5.1, NSI 1.5, Mail for Mac problem
3702.02FSAEUR::RODGERSWed Mar 29 1995Help With Apple Printer
3703.01SIOG::J_DUNNEThu Mar 30 1995MacTCP and MacTerminal
3704.02OFOSS1::TURBETTThu Mar 30 1995Mail for Macintosh - customer question
3705.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Mar 31 1995PATHWORKS v1.2 LAT tool timer settings retransmit etc
3706.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Mar 31 1995Quickdraw GX 1.1.1, Msap_DD, cant print again.
3707.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Apr 03 1995Quick question over installing MSAF ECO 6
3708.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Apr 04 1995PATHWORKS v1.3 - only system access to volumes
3709.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 04 1995New folder creation times off by 1 hour on one volume
3710.02STKAI1::BLUNDBERGMon Apr 10 1995Intrusion NETWORK::APPLETALK(1) ?
3712.07SFIZIO::ROGOMon Apr 10 1995Client documentation; where???
3713.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 11 1995Can the Hex value for MSAF$ACCESS be changed?
3714.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 11 1995S1.2-1_E
3715.08VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Apr 12 1995MSAF 1.3 on Alpha. Non prived user cant access volume.
3716.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Apr 14 1995Can the MSA API's be used to find servers with guest access
3717.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Apr 17 1995PATHWORKS v1.3 questions around ltr_1
3718.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 18 1995Resouce IDs, and creator ACEs, 1.3, order they are created
3719.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Apr 19 1995MacTCP, how to obtain IP addresses from a server
3720.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Apr 21 1995MSAF-E-VOLNUSE error when a server start
3721.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Apr 21 1995PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Macintosh) V1.3 and OpenVMS V6.2
3722.07VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Apr 24 1995CC:Mail database becomes corrupt with MSAF 1.2-1
3723.01OSLACT::ARNEWed Apr 26 1995How to stop saving password?
3724.08PCPLOD::DRYGIN::PiesleysThu Apr 27 1995VMS->IP->DCPS->HP?
3725.03BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Apr 28 1995Appletalk-Telnet tools over modem ?
3726.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MFri Apr 28 1995Does DCPS v1.1 Require AppleTalk for VMS v3.1?
3727.03EISYFI::LABThu May 04 1995Local printers shared by PCs and Macs in the network?
3728.05THEWAV::LEWWed May 10 1995MacX version for PW Mac v1.3?
3729.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed May 10 1995Infrequent problem with Mail and DECnet Mac
3730.02UTRTSC::WIEBENGAFri May 12 1995Double quote (") in mail header and print"
3731.03BACHUS::FOLENSFri May 12 1995PATHWORKS:: intrusion on VAX/VMS
3732.03KERNEL::IMBIERSKITFri May 19 1995DECnet Mac programming info sought
3733.0SUBSYS::GOLDMANFri May 19 1995Field Test for Desktop Backup/Archiver
3734.01GIDDAY::OLLISSun May 21 1995SNA,NetCopy and the Mac...
3736.03ROMThu May 25 1995PATHWORKS for Macintosh V1.3 - how to install?
3737.010VMSNET::W_FAMBERThu May 25 1995Pcsa$mail_server
3738.02SNOCFri May 26 1995DECshare process in seeming loop
3739.06VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri May 26 1995Pcsa$mail_server Pcsa_mailshr to sysprv or not to
3740.06KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue May 30 1995Mail for Mac V1.2 on PowerMac not working
3741.07ADOVWed May 31 1995Accessing VAX hangs the Mac ...
3742.03PEARS::EDERWed May 31 1995%MSAP-E-IOERR PW VMS MAC V1.3 - no Printout an NTX
3743.05SNOCWed May 31 1995MSA$PROCSET5 missing error setting up printer
3744.03OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PThu Jun 01 1995Privs req. to start MSA queue
3745.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jun 02 1995PW1.3 mail install with PW4.1 access violation
3746.02LITE::ROSSFri Jun 02 1995MacX - decw$session startup error
3747.03LJSRV2::16.12Fri Jun 02 1995Copies from VMS Server to Mac terminate prematurely
3748.02SNOCMon Jun 05 1995problems with MacTCP use from desktop
3749.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Jun 05 1995quoted mac filenames cause msap$rcvr to loop
3750.04BACHUS::FOLENSTue Jun 06 1995Poor support for cterm emulation on Mac...
3751.01ROMThu Jun 08 1995UU:Mail for Mac on OSF
3752.0KAOTThu Jun 08 1995MacTerminal V3.2 Cursor keys and OSF/1
3753.02VMSNET::W_FAMBERThu Jun 08 1995Saved WordPerfect Files
3754.09WKOLThu Jun 08 1995License Administration Question
3755.06MARIN::JONESMon Jun 12 1995PATHWORKS Mac Server won't startup
3757.013VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jun 13 19951.3, MSAP cant start receiver, cant get msap opcom messages
3758.06TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Jun 15 1995Device is not moounted..what do I check?
3759.03BACHUS::64889::DHAENSFri Jun 16 1995ple_laspardec, with pathmanager
3760.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jun 19 1995PW1.3 msap-e-connfail no secondary error
3761.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Jun 20 1995PW1.2-1 msaf$compress file size 49/63
3762.07ADOVWed Jun 21 1995%MSAF-F-NOMSG, Message number
3763.06VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jun 21 1995Another 1.3 msap$receiver dies quietly
3764.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jun 22 1995Printing from Mac to SUN via UCX on VMS
3765.02DRAC::DSMAILWed Jun 28 1995LAT problem in a 61
3766.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jun 28 1995OpenVMS ALPHA condist pw1.3 macx vax images
3767.03VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jun 28 1995pw1.3 sharing ftped as4
3768.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jun 29 1995512 character limit of 6.
3769.03MSAMFri Jun 30 1995Is LanWORKS V.
3770.02EVTAI1::DEGATFri Jun 30 1995dcps V1.2
3771.03LISTIM::SILVA_AMon Jul 03 1995PATHWORKS for Macintosh (client) 1.3 SPD?
3772.03ROMTue Jul 04 1995Print through NT server
3773.01GIDDAY::COOKThu Jul 06 1995Arrow Keys on Powerbook 17
3774.04VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Jul 06 1995Out of Paper error generates dump file in 1.1?
3775.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Jul 07 1995PW1.3 MSAP-E-RMSCREA STATUS 99524 (324)
3776.02GIDDAY::VELDMon Jul 10 1995Compact Pro (compactor) - MSAF$FILE_TYPES mods
3777.02NEOVMon Jul 10 1995MacTCP trouble shooting Tips?
3778.03MKOTS3::HAHNTue Jul 11 1995DCPS S/W & Licensing in PW Mac
3779.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jul 12 19951.3 Client, What is in the Standard Install, Version?
3780.05VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Jul 13 1995Mail for mac 1.2-1 corrupts mail.mai on VMS6.2
3781.010VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jul 18 1995PATHWORKS for Mac on 95
3782.03GIDDAY::COOKWed Jul 19 1995-SYSTEM-F-EXBYTLM, exceeded byte count quota
3783.03VMSNET::P_ALBRECHTThu Jul 20 1995HP and legal size paper
3784.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MThu Jul 20 1995Documents Pause and (sometimes) continue loading
3785.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Jul 26 1995PowerMac 61
3786.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONWed Jul 26 1995PW1.3eo1 nonpropagating ace fix for 1.2-1 patch
3787.0MAKEME::HITTFri Jul 28 1995So long - it's been fun
3788.02CERN::HOBBSTue Aug 08 1995"File locked error", directory modified at about the same time
3789.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Aug 09 1995Netcopy , invalid username/password
3790.02XSTACY::THEALYWed Aug 09 1995"Cannot create network data file #48"?? any ideas??
3791.02VMSNET::T_LESLIEWed Aug 09 1995native apps for PowerMacs?
3792.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Aug 11 1995DECnet for Mac, how does it determine if address is in use
3793.011ZPAC12::MURALITue Aug 15 1995Create a VAX/VMS queue for an Appletalk printer ?
3794.04VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Aug 15 1995PW1.2 framemaker 4.
3795.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Aug 16 1995Apple announced MacX 1.5, are we going to supply it.
3796.02BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Aug 17 19951.3 Client Kit, when ??
3797.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Aug 18 1995No MSA
3798.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETMon Aug 21 1995Infoserver Client
3799.01GIDDAY::COOKWed Aug 23 1995PW v1.3 printer out of paper causes problem
3800.04MUNICH::GYVM3::leonhardFri Aug 25 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO in msa 1.3
3801.012CSC32::M_FRAZIERTue Aug 29 1995Can TCPack be found without installing Pathworks Client?
3802.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Aug 29 1995Two printers on Etherprint box, macs see two, vax one.
3803.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Aug 29 1995pw1.2-1 tracking VAXshare file deletes
3804.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Aug 29 1995PW1.3 pathmanager, increase session log size
3805.01WELCLU::CLIFTONThu Aug 31 1995Captive flag on v1.3 on AXP v6.1
3806.02VMSNET::D_THAXTONThu Aug 31 1995Pw1.3 access violation starting printserv
3807.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Sep 01 1995PW1.3, VMS 6.2, and intrusion records
3808.03VMSNET::T_LESLIEFri Sep 01 1995Image files change resolution when moved
3809.06ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Sep 05 1995Printer Problems, Pacer and Pathworks MAC Coexist??
3810.07VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Sep 06 1995Two folders, same security, one has a belt around it.
3811.07RANGER::EIRIKURThu Sep 07 1995Open Transport/PCI/PowerMac strategy.
3812.05ANGLIN::SEITZFri Sep 08 1995Windows NT as a server?
3813.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Sep 08 1995MacTerminal, Fonts and print screens
3814.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Sep 11 1995Mail for Mac, extract or save message without header?
3815.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Sep 11 1995How to program you sockets?
3816.02EVTAI1::DEGATTue Sep 12 1995Printer Offline V1.3
3817.02GRANPA::BARABIAThu Sep 14 1995VAX to AXP Migration ?'s
3818.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONFri Sep 15 1995pw1.2-1 Files locked
3819.03COPCLU::BIRGERMon Sep 18 1995Support for MacX v1.5 - When?????
3820.01VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Sep 19 1995PW 1.3 on Performa 52
3821.02GIDDAY::COOKTue Sep 19 1995ADSP server process keeps dying
3822.023BACHUS::VANDORENWed Sep 20 1995Power Mac 95
3823.05BOUGY::CACHINThu Sep 21 1995Power Mac 71
3824.03BOUGY::CACHINThu Sep 21 1995Power Mac 75
3825.04--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 21 1995Client kit for PW-MAC, Where, Which ?
3826.02DRAC::DSMAILFri Sep 22 1995X Error '16' running MacX
3827.03VMSNET::J_FILLERSFri Sep 22 1995Can you change the AppleTalk DAL server name?
3828.03HGOSPS::DENISLISun Sep 24 1995LaserWriter OpenVMS queue see MSAP-E-POSTERR message
3829.05STKAI1::SPORSENMon Sep 25 1995PATHWORKS Listener
3830.04STKAI1::SPORSENMon Sep 25 1995PathManager PATHWORKS v1.3
3831.01CHUECA::ARANCHAMon Oct 02 1995OVMS 6.2 AXP && compatibility Rdb and CDD !!!
3832.03UTRTSC::HOSANGMon Oct 02 1995set modification date to null
3833.01EVTAI1::DEGATTue Oct 03 1995MSAF$GUEST Appletalk address
3834.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Oct 03 1995Mac hangs copying some font files?
3835.03BOUGY::CACHINThu Oct 05 1995Pathworks 1.3 & Licensing during setup
3836.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Oct 17 1995Performa 63
3837.03MLNCSC::DEPOLIGMon Oct 23 1995Trailer page from PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Macintosh) queue
3838.01BACHUS::VANDORENMon Oct 23 1995Client version ??