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Conference guiduk::expense

Title:EXPENSE program
Created:Mon Mar 30 1992
Last Modified:Mon May 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:208
Total number of notes:960
Number with bodies:2
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1.02GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992*Welcome
2.086GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992Who is Listening ?
3.019GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992*Kit location
4.05GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992*Release notes
5.08GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992*Limitations and Restrictions
6.02GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992*Installation issues
7.09GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992EXPENSE.com
8.07GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992Other Applications
9.04GUIDUK::SMITHMon Mar 30 1992DOS, PC notebook & file format
10.029RIPPLE::ERICKSODAThu Apr 02 1992ENhancements?
11.012SLOVAX::NEWMANThu Apr 02 1992Leave the glue in the drawer?
12.01GUIDUK::SMITHFri Apr 03 1992Creating PostScript form applications
13.07MSDSWS::DUNCANMon Apr 06 1992EXPENSE a Month at a time?
14.010HOTWTR::THORNTON_JEMon Apr 06 1992PC DOS or Excel version?
15.01SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYThu Apr 09 1992Use explicit spawned commands
16.09LIOVAX::CRAPAROTTAFri Apr 10 1992Kudo's note!!
17.013SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYMon Apr 13 1992What to do w/ extra PLAN A sheet
18.07SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYMon Apr 13 1992WISHLIST - ability to modify print qualifiers
19.05LASCPM::MIYAMOTOTue Apr 21 1992What to do with business travel
20.010ODIXIE::WADEHRAThu Apr 23 1992Help
21.03DC1Fri May 01 1992Ultrix Version Anyone?
22.01ANGLIN::HEYMANSTue May 05 1992Start Miles entry after fact. How?
23.02SWAM2::COVERT_JETue May 05 1992Approver data???
24.0GUIDUK::SMITHWed May 06 1992ALL-IN-1 Restrictions
25.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed May 06 1992expense.ps version discrepancy
26.03KID2::HILESAMThu May 07 1992Double sided printing
27.03HSOMAI::PALOSat May 09 1992Compose sequences broken
28.04GALINA::SSMITHSat May 09 1992Bug: <KP
29.01RMDSRV::BURTTTue May 12 1992new user startup questions
30.03UNYEM::LANDEBSun May 17 1992Personal Miles Default
31.0HLYCOW::ORZECHThu May 21 1992Wanted: To create vouchers for all week-endings dates in EXPENSE.HISTORY
32.06HLYCOW::ORZECHThu May 21 1992About EXPENSE.HISTORY File
33.01GLDOA::SISSOMTue May 26 1992Two vehicles in a week ?
34.04GALINA::SSMITHTue May 26 1992Hints and Tips
35.0GALINA::SSMITHTue May 26 1992WISHLIST - Track corp. credit card expenses
36.01GUIDUK::SMITHWed May 27 1992Monthly expense reports
37.014NWTIMA::OLEARYSTSun May 31 1992Vacation gas
38.01GLDOA::LONGANWed Jun 03 1992Menu Overflow
39.02OPG::DAVEBFri Jun 05 1992Internationalize
40.02ODIXIE::BURTONWed Jun 17 1992How to Edit Co Car
41.05GLDOA::COOPERWed Jun 24 1992Payment Enclosed Problem
42.02SWAM2::KIGGINS_BRWed Jul 01 1992Print change in V 2.13 ??
43.02HOTWTR::KRUG_PASat Jul 04 1992TL Amount=
44.01GUIDUK::SMITHWed Jul 08 1992Barcode could reduce the cost?
45.02GUMBAH::DAWSONTue Jul 14 1992Stupid question alert, but gotta ask
46.0GUIDUK::SMITHMon Jul 20 1992Print queue problems
47.01UNYEM::FEBUSJThu Jul 23 1992Previous screens still visible!
48.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 27 1992Company Expense Guidelines
49.05--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 30 1992Fleet Program FY93 Q&A
50.04GRANPA::MASMITHTue Aug 25 1992Start miles for new car
51.02TEAMWed Sep 16 1992Personal Car Miles Total?
52.05GUIDUK::SMITHMon Sep 28 1992Field test V 2.15
53.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBFri Oct 02 1992Format bug in Personal Benefits Report
54.06POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Oct 12 1992Has anyone dialed up thru KEAterm?
55.01OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUMon Oct 26 1992company travel policy checklist
56.02KID2::HILESAMWed Oct 28 1992documentation: directions for EXPENSE?
57.01SWAM1::LAYTON_DOTue Nov 03 1992Edit default business miles?
59.05BVILLE::FOLEYFri Nov 06 1992Find key & Laptop help?
60.02BREAKR::UDICKTue Nov 10 1992What does Reduce do ?
61.01GUIDUK::SMITHMon Nov 16 1992DCL command procedures
62.02NWDMon Nov 23 1992How to handle 2 cars in 1 week
64.02SCAACT::RESENDEWed Dec 02 1992Days Available - how to enter and report?
65.0GUIDUK::SMITHFri Dec 04 1992PLAN A for V 2.15
66.02GUIDUK::SMITHMon Dec 07 1992PLAN A migration planning
67.01ANGLIN::WOLFMon Dec 07 1992multi-month problems?
68.07GUIDUK::SMITHThu Dec 10 1992 Traveletter Going Away?
69.02MJPRMon Dec 14 1992Expense Voucher on EXCEL?
70.07MSDOA::HORTONMon Dec 14 1992Non-Postscript Printer Support
71.03SWAM2::LEEDS_ARWed Dec 16 1992V2.16 "find last + 1 week" gone ?
72.04NSTG::FOXMon Dec 21 1992WISH LIST: Printing Menu Enhancements
73.01NSTG::FOXMon Dec 21 1992BUG: Rounding Problem in V2.15
74.04ANGLIN::WOLFSun Dec 27 1992end miles for multiple weeks
75.04WKOLMon Dec 28 1992Problem: Plan A to Plan B
76.02NWDMon Jan 04 1993no Plan A or B?
77.07DPDMAI::HARTSONFri Jan 22 1993Plan B work sheet needed
78.01GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Jan 26 1993FIND question ?
79.04GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WAWed Jan 27 1993Need yearly reports
80.02ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZMon Feb 01 1993WISHLIST: Reimbursement tracking
81.0GUIDUK::SMITHThu Feb 04 1993EXPENSES for more than one person
82.02ODIXIE::KIMBLEFri Feb 05 1993No Negative Balances forward?
83.02SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRFri Feb 12 1993Missing history file
84.02AMCUCS::YOUNGMon Feb 15 1993Receiver line on Voucher form
85.013GUIDUK::SMITHWed Feb 17 1993Field Test V 2.17
86.04SAHQ::ALLIN1Fri Feb 19 1993Detailed Business Miles?
87.01COWPOK::RABIDEAUSun Feb 21 1993KEATerm42
88.01GRANPA::MFEENYMon Feb 22 1993Traveletter amount incorrectly/automatically filled
89.06THEBAY::LESLIEDAMon Mar 01 1993No combined (shrunk) page anymore with 2.16
90.02NWDMon Mar 22 1993BUDGET TRACKING of YTD Expenses?
91.02KXOVAX::MACDONALDMon May 03 1993expense on UNIX?
92.02GUIDUK::SMITHWed May 26 1993Home system DOS printer question
93.0GUIDUK::SMITHFri Jun 11 1993CAUTION on customer networks
94.02GLDOA::LAIFri Jun 25 1993Blank out Approval Name and Badge?
95.01DYOSW8::WILDERThu Jul 01 1993Printing alignment problem in V2.17
96.01DPDMAI::PAYETTEFri Jul 09 1993Problems with Mileage/Rate
97.05CSOADM::SYSTEMThu Jul 22 1993Extra Reports
99.02TYSON::KURATATue Sep 07 1993Changing start miles
100.06TEXAS4::GONZALEZMon Sep 27 1993ALPHA AXP OpenVMS V1.5 kit available for EXPENSE?
101.02ODIXIE::RYANKETue Sep 28 1993Editing Travel Destination Records?
102.02FREEBE::LAVOIEMon Oct 04 1993Made a mistake, help needed
103.0GLDOA::LAITue Oct 05 1993V2.17 permits a negative Personal Miles value!!
104.0CSOA1::TEATERMon Oct 25 1993<> for round trip indicator
105.01MROA::BWILLARDWed Oct 27 1993Won't compute total mileage
106.02SMOGGY::SILVAFri Oct 29 1993Jumbled screen displays - tab problem
107.03POBOX::SACHSWed Nov 03 1993Bug in Personal Milage Report?
108.01MDCRAB::CULTRERAWed Nov 17 1993Could we sell this to customers?
109.02NOTAPC::RIOPELLEFri Nov 19 1993Electronic Signature
110.01NWDMon Jan 03 1994multiple cost center issues?
111.01GUIDUK::SMITHFri Feb 04 1994ALPHA: inVESTing in Expense on ALPHA
112.04TMAWKO::TISEMon Feb 07 1994Currency Conversion Worksheet
113.04SWANDC::MAUTZThu Feb 10 1994Special Case Vehicle Personal Use Charge
114.011GALINA::SSMITHThu Mar 03 1994PC: Expense/PC V1.
115.05ANGLIN::MERECICKYMon Mar 14 1994Taxes
116.01SWAM2::LOYD_DATue Mar 22 1994Wpsplus affects printing menu?
117.07GUIDUK::SMITHWed Mar 23 1994Some sources
118.02SWAM2::WONG_HESat Apr 30 1994Printing using Ghostscript???
119.0GUIDUK::SMITHMon May 02 1994 V 2.16 end of life
120.02CAPNET::SADLERMon May 16 1994Excel spreadsheeet for Milage Claims
121.08GUIDUK::SMITHTue May 17 1994 Windows NT Field Test
122.02GUIDUK::KANE_CHWed Jun 01 1994PC: Destination Field Printing
123.02GUIDUK::SMITHFri Jun 03 1994A rumor for changing times
124.03WHOSTue Jun 21 1994PC: Multiple Weeks on ONE Voucher
125.01OFSIDE::MARKOWITZSun Jul 03 1994error: "record too long"
126.02WHOSWed Jul 06 1994Lodging Problem
127.02CHOSRV::HORNUNGThu Aug 25 1994PC: Expense/PC Print Output HOSED!
128.04GUIDUK::SMITHTue Sep 06 1994TMS
129.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Sep 15 1994Move Startup data from VMS to PC Version
131.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNThu Oct 13 1994PC: Meal totals not showing up on all days!
132.03DPDMAI::MCFARLANDThu Oct 20 1994PC based expense printing problems
133.02CSOA1::KLOSTERKEMPEMon Oct 24 1994Plan A change=multi-week problem
134.01ANGLIN::KULESSAWed Oct 26 1994PC Expense Math error??
135.01GRANPA::KILGOREFri Oct 28 1994Need Flat rate for Personal Use.
136.014CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMWed Nov 02 1994Where's V2.18 ?
137.03ANGLIN::DPROSEThu Nov 03 1994LN
138.06TENNIS::KAMSat Nov 12 1994Why is there an Expiration on EXPENSE?
139.03TENNIS::KAMMon Nov 21 1994can clear cost center field once set?
140.01DAVIDF::FOXThu Dec 08 1994Approver Effective Date Bug in V2.18
141.0NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYMon Dec 12 1994PC version 3.
142.01BREAKR::UDICKSat Dec 24 1994Can't get rid of amt owed for personal miles
143.02SWAM1::EDWARDS_RIWed Jan 04 1995Problem using Expense v2.18 with Ultrix
144.0VNZVMon Jan 16 1995PC V2.
145.09BOGUSS::CAPIKMon Jan 16 1995EXPENSE.INT corrupted
146.07ROMEOS::MORRISJAWed Feb 01 1995Whither WIN32S?
147.02MADMXX::DICKERSONMon Feb 06 1995Personal car miles on voucher?
148.02AMCFAC::RABAHYThu Feb 09 1995partial week
149.0ANGLIN::SCHWEITZERFri Feb 10 1995PC: Multiple week alternative
150.02BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBFri Feb 10 1995Using vms expense history and RAWPRINT
151.01DEBUG::GALLOMon Feb 20 1995TELECOMMUTING at the top?
152.02SCASWed Mar 01 1995WIN32: PC Expense 3.
153.08DPDMAI::RESENDEWed Mar 01 1995WIN32: PC Expense 3.
154.04DPDMAI::BARDSLEYMon Mar 06 1995Port printing on PC via keaterm?
155.02ANGLIN::SCHARFMon Mar 06 1995PC: print problem 2.
156.01SWAM2::MEXICOTTE_JEMon Mar 27 1995Where's MAKE?
157.02CSOADM::CCOOPERSun Apr 09 1995WIN32: Can't print with 3.
158.01ODIXIE::PULSIFERTue Apr 18 1995Local Printing
159.01ODIXIE::PULSIFERTue Apr 18 1995online docs
160.0DABEAN::DOBLEWed Apr 26 1995PC: V1.1.5 Subscript out of range error
161.02ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed Apr 26 1995PC: HELP with incorrect Grand Totals.
163.01DV78Fri May 19 1995wish list - car milage
164.05MSDOA::HORTONSun May 21 1995WIN32: Print file Problem
165.05BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBTue Jun 20 1995How to pay dec for phone usage?? Windows Expense V3.
166.03ANGLIN::HITTENMILLERSun Aug 13 1995Can't print MISC page on ScriptPrinter, How?
168.01ACISMon Oct 23 1995PC: Another Print Problem, v2.
169.02MAIL2::GOODMANFri Oct 27 1995WIN32: Cannot be run in DOS mode?
170.04FSAEUR::ROETue Nov 21 1995WIN32: Win95 Network Printing
171.01MPOSTue Nov 21 1995Win32: PC Expense 3.
172.01ODIXIE::KIMBELSat Nov 25 1995WIN32: 2 Up File Copies from the PC?
173.01DABEAN::SALAMONEThu Nov 30 1995WIN32: where can i get 3.
174.01ACISS2::GIVENTue Dec 12 1995PC Expense Software?
175.01AKOCOA::TOMPKINSFri Dec 22 1995WIN32: Help! Expense (PC) doesn't seem to run properly...
176.03SWAM1::JACOMB_SCWed Jan 03 1996WIN32: V3.
177.01SCASS1::ALVARADOFri Jan 05 1996WIN32: History file access error
178.01SWAM1::PRIOR_LAFri Jan 05 1996PC: More printer problems!!
179.0CSC32::RODASFri Jan 12 1996WIN32: Trouble COPYing the kit.
180.05MPOSMon Jan 15 1996WIN32: Improper end date
181.02NQOSMon Jan 15 1996WIN32: Recording Multiple People in Business Mtgs
182.03STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Jan 17 1996WIN32: Insufficient memory to run the application error
183.01STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jan 18 1996WIN32: Screens a little long for Ultra PC
184.03SAYER::ELMOREFri Jan 26 1996WIN32: WIN95 Setup questions
185.0AXEL::FOLEYFri Jan 26 1996QuickXpense - A commercial voucher program
186.01JULIET::MORRISJAMon Jan 29 1996WIN32: WIN32S needed? (for WIN95)
187.0NETRIX::"michel carbonneau @qbo"Mon Jan 29 1996Acceptable in Canada
188.01STOSS1::DPROSEWed Jan 31 1996PC: getting SUBSRIPT OUT OF RANGE
189.02MPOSTue Feb 06 1996new speedometer installed
190.01DAGWST::DAHMThu Feb 08 1996personal cellular calls
191.03NQOSSun Mar 03 1996Win32: print problem
192.029GUIDUK::SMITHThu Mar 14 1996WIN32: V 3.25 with Windows printer
193.01SWAM1::CARWIN_GEMon Apr 01 1996Print problems using PC/HP Officejet 35
194.01NEMAIL::HAUSERFri Apr 12 1996Car Number Change -- Effective Date
195.04NEASYS::MERCUREWed Apr 17 1996V3.28 / Travel destination - Find Key missing?
196.02DECWET::SMITHWed Apr 17 1996New Fuel Plan for Company Cars
197.02ACISS1::ONEILMon Apr 29 1996WIN32: Partial Week on Summary
199.01GIDDAY::MORANMon May 06 1996Problem with kits at GUIDUK??
200.014CFSCTC::SMITHMon May 06 1996VMS V5.5-2 no longer supported?
201.04MAIL2::DUNAYThu May 09 1996Problems with Expense Version 2.2
202.0GUIDUK::SMITHSat May 18 1996WIN32: Expense V 3.29
203.02PRIME8::VAUGHNTue May 28 1996Win32 questions
204.04OAW1::WEBBFri Jun 14 1996not ANOTHER tool,Please
205.05NEASYS::MERCUREWed Jun 19 1996TMS Replaces Windows Expenses????
206.01NEMAIL::HAUSERTue Jul 09 1996How to get last EXPENSE Data?
207.02DEBUG::GALLOThu Jul 11 1996EXPENSE.HIS from VMS to PC problems
208.0 *+1VNZVFri May 23 1997Hey guys, July is after June...!!!