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Conference grim::religion

Title:Religion Conference
Notice:Welcome to GRIM::RELIGION - now on a VS4000-60
Created:Fri Apr 04 1986
Last Modified:Fri Apr 18 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:620
Total number of notes:10437
Number with bodies:9
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1.04SERF::BURGESSFri Apr 04 1986Introduction
2.02SERF::BURGESSFri Apr 04 1986KEYWORD Listing
3.01SERF::BURGESSFri Apr 04 1986DIRECTORY Listing
4.014SERF::BURGESSFri Apr 04 1986Suggestions for the Moderator
6.018CACHE::LEIGHThu Apr 17 1986My personal beliefs
7.038INK::KALLISTue Apr 22 1986And Then, There's Paganism
8.026PROSE::WAJENBERGTue Apr 22 1986Omniscience, Foreknowledge, and Free Will
9.0172LITTL::BERNSTEINWed Apr 23 1986Religion and Religions
10.012INK::KALLISWed Apr 23 1986The Gods of Egypt -- A Quick Overview
11.023RAYNA::REGISTERWed Apr 23 1986The Purpose of Religion
12.0152LITTL::BERNSTEINThu Apr 24 1986Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
13.039RAYNA::REGISTERFri Apr 25 1986Religion and World Peace
14.0101GALACH::MORGANWed Apr 30 1986Pagan Prose, Poetry and Story Telling
15.061GENRAL::EMLICHWed Apr 30 1986The future of religion
16.0542LITTL::BERNSTEINTue May 06 1986The Lord
17.012PROSE::WAJENBERGThu May 08 1986The Ontological Argument
19.09GALACH::MORGANFri May 09 1986Dualism
21.014CFIG1::DENHAMTue May 13 1986Maltheism
22.019--UnknownUser--Fri May 16 1986the soul
23.010TROUT::DENHAMTue May 20 1986Present danger to freedom of religion
24.06STAR::MALIKWed May 28 1986I Ching
25.037UNCLE::HAKIMFri Jun 06 1986Religion Science and Reason
26.020MILVAX::LAVEYWed Jun 11 1986Satanic Records
27.052PAUPER::EPSTEINFri Jun 13 1986Universal Forces
28.03GALACH::ZYCYCKTue Jun 17 1986Fact or Fantasy?
30.023--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 26 1986?choice of symbols?
31.021KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKIWed Jul 02 1986Life hereafter vs now
32.020NEXUS::MORGANSat Jul 05 1986Man or God made?
33.015NEXUS::MORGANSun Jul 13 1986Tongues
34.024CURIE::TAKUMon Jul 14 1986Do You Believe In Miracles?
35.025CURIE::TAKUMon Jul 14 1986God is Love
36.08SARAH::L_BUSDIECKERThu Jul 24 1986Unitarian Universalists
37.080--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 04 1986The Mythical Elements of the C.B.S.
38.09UNCLE::HAKIMFri Aug 08 1986Religion & Politics!
39.014YODA::BARANSKITue Aug 12 1986the more things are different, the more they are the same...
40.04NEXUS::MORGANThu Aug 21 19861986 and "Devil Worshipers"
41.031CYCLPS::BAHNSun Sep 07 1986The Million Minutes of Peace Appeal ...
42.041SSDEVO::DENHAMTue Sep 09 1986Does God want worship
43.016HARDY::BERNSTEINTue Sep 09 1986What is Myth?
44.0UNCLE::HAKIMWed Sep 10 1986Metaphors & Parables
45.06HARDY::BERNSTEINThu Sep 11 1986Every Word...
46.013BARTOK::MAHONEYThu Sep 25 1986Free Will
47.038SUPER::BERNSTEINFri Sep 26 1986A baby on another world
48.017YODA::BARANSKISun Sep 28 1986Pope calls for United Effort by World Religions for Peace.
49.072BIZET::MAHONEYMon Sep 29 1986What is the AIC International?
50.08EUCLID::LEVASSEURTue Oct 07 1986Secularization of Holy Days
51.071EUCLID::LEVASSEURTue Oct 07 1986SIN!!!!!!!
52.01YODA::BARANSKIFri Oct 10 1986"A Course In Miracles"
53.02--UnknownUser--Sat Oct 11 1986 Issa
54.075DECWET::MITCHELLWed Oct 15 1986Religion and Homosexuality
55.032NEXUS::MORGANFri Oct 17 1986Hell, Hades, and Gehenna?
56.031NEXUS::MORGANFri Oct 17 1986Paganism, Islam and Christianity
57.015NEXUS::MORGANFri Oct 17 1986Jesus, Paul, and _c_atholic Christianity.
58.015--UnknownUser--Sat Oct 18 1986Prayer
59.04DREAMN::CHADSEYTue Oct 21 1986What is World Peace
60.030ATEAM::BLACKTue Oct 21 1986Let's sort out some confusion.
62.02NEWVAX::LAFFERTYWed Oct 22 1986Rocks and Stones
63.07VNABRW::EICHERTThu Oct 23 1986God the Mother
64.0ILM::REGISTERThu Oct 23 1986Conference Temporarily Write-locked
65.0TIPPLE::CALABRESEThu Oct 23 1986Commandment Interpretation??????
66.0REGENT::BURGESSMon Feb 09 1987Note Deletions!?!
67.011BIZET::MAHONEYTue Feb 10 1987Who is God to you?
68.01SWATT::POLIKOFFThu Feb 12 1987Please interpret
69.039UNCLE::HAKIMFri Feb 13 1987Zoroasterian, Buddhist and Hindu Concepts of God!
70.044NEXUS::MORGANSat Feb 14 1987Mythical Aspects
71.014BIZET::MAHONEYTue Feb 24 1987Salvation or Will of God?
72.010INDY::DMARTELTue Mar 03 1987OF Jesus or ABOUT Jesus?
73.04MOSAIC::TBAKERWed Mar 18 1987Can we talk here?
74.03APOLLO::RAYMONDWed Mar 18 1987Books on Comparative Religions
75.05BRIANE::MAHONEYWed Mar 18 1987Suggestions from the Public
76.010RAINBO::TBAKERWed Mar 18 1987Quoting Scripture
77.01BRIANE::MAHONEYTue Mar 24 1987Communication with God
78.01BROWNY::BERNSTEINWed Mar 25 1987Moderator Introductions
79.046ERASER::KALLISMon Mar 30 1987The Son of God -- Two Christian Perspectives
80.019BRIANE::MAHONEYWed Apr 01 1987Does God own us?
81.05NEXUS::MORGANSat Apr 04 1987Presenting Beliefs to Others
82.04MOSAIC::TBAKERMon Apr 06 1987Good, Bad and God
83.030UNCLE::HAKIMWed Apr 08 1987Prayers of All Religions!
84.03MPGS::BOYANFri Apr 10 1987 Supremacy of religion
85.027BRIANE::MAHONEYTue Apr 14 1987The concept of Trinity
86.09BRIANE::MAHONEYWed Apr 15 1987Hell does God send us there?
87.07NEXUS::MORGANFri Apr 17 1987Slaves of a Deity
88.04MOSAIC::TBAKERFri Apr 17 1987Blowing the specifics
89.0DECWET::MITCHELLFri Apr 17 1987Intercession
90.04SNO78C::KYRIACOUTue Apr 21 1987Self Realization -connection with the Divine.
91.012MOSAIC::TBAKERWed Apr 22 1987Freedom of Religion
92.02CLOSUS::HOEMon Apr 27 1987$2
93.0UNCLE::HAKIMTue May 12 1987Rejection & Denial in the Realm of Religion!
94.03RAINBO::TBAKERFri May 15 1987Fun in religion (?!?)
95.032BRIANE::MAHONEYMon Jun 01 1987Religion or Cult?
96.013REGENT::BURGESSWed Jun 03 1987A Commentary on Islam
97.026BRIANE::MAHONEYThu Jun 11 1987Why believe in God?
98.024BRIANE::MAHONEYThu Jun 11 1987Why is your Religion right?
99.02UNCLE::HAKIMTue Jun 16 1987Gematriot & Number Symbolism!
100.06HPSCAD::DDOUCETTETue Jun 23 1987The Early Christian Church
101.05HPSCAD::DDOUCETTETue Jun 23 1987The Prophecies for Christ
102.01VICKI::BULLOCKFri Jun 26 1987Bible Study Groups
103.012KIRK::KOLKERFri Jun 26 1987What's it like out there
104.05UNCLE::HAKIMMon Jun 29 1987Morality, Religion and Human Behavior!
105.08UNCLE::HAKIMTue Jun 30 1987Good and Evil!
106.08NAC::PANDYASat Jul 25 1987..Pope's visit a rip off?
107.08RUNT2::BERNIERWed Aug 05 1987What is ECKANKAR ?
108.06CHARON::PAGETue Aug 11 1987Can machines have souls???
109.034NEXUS::MORGANWed Aug 26 1987Who is this God person anyway?
110.03SONATA::CHASEThu Sep 03 1987LADY OF THE WOODS???
111.02UNCLE::HAKIMFri Sep 04 1987Methods of Judgment & Establishing the Truth
112.09NEXUS::MORGANSun Sep 06 1987From Whence Comes the Goddess?
113.06GENRAL::EMLICHTue Sep 08 1987So what is Urantia all about?
114.03ARMORY::CLAYRThu Sep 10 1987Conscious Machines? (part 2)
115.020NEXUS::MORGANFri Sep 11 1987Biblical Dehumanization of Women
117.05YODA::COOKTue Sep 15 1987The Lone Follower
118.06--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 15 1987Catholic Population
119.05RAINBO::TBAKERWed Sep 16 1987To Church or not to Church?
120.09SSDEVO::BUTTERFIELDWed Sep 16 1987Think about it
121.09NEXUS::M_WILABYWed Sep 16 1987Descriptions of Religions
122.044NEXUS::MORGANMon Sep 28 1987Freedom From Religion
123.06NEXUS::MORGANMon Sep 28 1987Religion or Myth
124.057NEXUS::MORGANMon Sep 28 1987Exploring the Atheists Position
125.017YODA::COOKThu Oct 01 1987What is God?
126.025GENRAL::EMLICHWed Oct 07 1987In defense of organized religion
127.014UNCLE::HAKIMFri Oct 09 1987Religion vs. Dogmatism
128.07UNCLE::HAKIMFri Oct 09 1987The Human Nature
129.028GENRAL::EMLICHTue Oct 20 1987Mother Theresa
130.028GENRAL::EMLICHTue Oct 20 1987The delusion delusion
131.075NEXUS::MORGANWed Oct 21 1987The New Age (and associated movements)
132.014CLUE::PAINTERTue Oct 27 1987New Age Philosophy
133.02BEES::PAREWed Oct 28 1987The Paths Leading Home
134.03GENRAL::EMLICHThu Oct 29 1987Is life just a game after all?
135.013LABC::FRIEDMANFri Oct 30 1987Why?
136.024GENRAL::EMLICHWed Nov 04 1987Is 'the rack' in our future?
137.011NEXUS::MORGANFri Nov 06 1987Joseph Campbell
138.012INK::KALLISMon Nov 09 1987Parable Universe
139.029SCOMAN::HAKIMMon Nov 16 1987Raising of the dead / Resurrection
140.043TRFSV2::D_CHAPMANThu Nov 26 1987Armageddon anyone?
141.01CLUE::PAINTERMon Nov 30 1987Mister God, This Is Anna
142.050BRIANE::MAHONEYTue Dec 01 1987Reincarnation and Christianity
143.06CLUE::PAINTERWed Dec 02 1987Theo- vs. Christocentric
144.011NEXUS::MORGANMon Dec 14 1987Confession
145.0101NEXUS::MORGANMon Dec 14 1987The (New) Meaning of Christianity
146.034NRADM5::BERNIERTue Dec 15 1987Discordians and the Illuminati
147.05SCOMAN::HAKIMWed Dec 16 1987The Concept of Reincarnation
148.014NEXUS::MORGANWed Dec 16 1987Confronting the War God
149.013HPSCAD::VERMAThu Dec 17 1987Hinduism
150.07NEXUS::MORGANSat Dec 19 1987Dangerous Relations
151.06CLUE::PAINTERMon Dec 28 1987Fundamentalism
152.024CLUE::PAINTERMon Dec 28 1987Discussions on Fundamentalism
153.015NRADM5::BERNIERWed Jan 06 1988Where have all the humanists gone
154.018NEXUS::MORGANSun Jan 17 1988I must what??
155.08CSC32::M_BAKERTue Jan 19 1988Reconstructionists
156.01WAV12::DENTONWed Jan 20 1988Retreat facility for rent?
157.09LABC::FRIEDMANThu Jan 21 1988US founding
158.03CURIE::MULVEYFri Jan 22 1988Help - Religion Course
159.02CACHE::LEIGHThu Jan 28 1988New Conference on the Mormons
160.02128713::MORGANMon Feb 01 1988Making a Video
161.011LABC::FRIEDMANTue Feb 02 1988DEC
162.05SSDEVO::YOUNGERWed Feb 03 1988Smoking and Religion
163.02--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 04 1988"God is Love"
164.02EMASS::BARNETTEMon Feb 08 1988Bear Indian Tribe
165.081XOTE::EMLICHWed Feb 10 1988Questions on Satanism
166.014NEXUS::MORGANThu Feb 11 1988Temple of Set
167.0116NRADM::BERNIERFri Feb 26 1988Comparing Biblical Christianity with the New Age
168.07NEXUS::MORGANSat Feb 27 1988Boulder Book Burners Bite Bullet
169.09XOTE::EMLICHTue Mar 01 1988A subtle slur
170.07GLASS::WETHERINGTONThu Mar 03 1988One of the More Difficult Questions
172.0113MANTIS::PARETue Mar 15 1988Can one be Christian and not accept the bible?
173.03NEXUS::MORGANSun Mar 20 1988Text on H.J. Res. 39
174.05MTBLUE::DIMUZIO_MARTWed Mar 23 1988Everlasting Fire
175.027CSMADM::AREANOMon Mar 28 1988Which religion for child???
176.01NEXUS::MORGANMon Mar 28 1988Secular Humanism
177.07CLUE::PAINTERTue Mar 29 1988Unity Consciousness
178.037CLUE::PAINTERMon Apr 04 1988On Loving Thyself
179.026INDY::DMARTELWed Apr 06 1988Progress?
180.02NEXUS::MORGANSun Apr 10 1988Peoples Temple Revisited
181.0413SCOMAN::HAKIMMon Apr 11 1988Good Thoughts of the Day!
182.011--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 12 1988
183.025LABC::FRIEDMANTue Apr 12 1988Islamic Terrorism
184.018BRIANE::MAHONEYThu Apr 21 1988Creation Science
185.038SCOPE::PAINTERTue Apr 26 1988The Eucharist
186.011EXIT26::SAARINENTue May 03 1988Rastafari as a Religion
187.074VIDEO::MESSENGERThu May 12 1988Evidence That Demands A Verdict
188.029CACIQE::ESPOSITOSat May 21 1988What Does The Catholic Church Say About Itself?
189.059MEMVMon May 23 1988Announcement-Dr. Alberto Rivera
190.07WAV12::BARNETTEThu May 26 1988the desiderata
191.012HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEFri May 27 1988What does Christianity say about itself?
192.0103NEXUS::MORGANSun May 29 1988File 18
193.06CLOSUS::HOETue May 31 1988When preaching turns to haressment.
194.02CASVSat Jun 04 1988Info on annulments....?
195.04CLUE::PAINTERMon Jun 06 1988The Jesuits
196.05VLNVAX::DMCLUREMon Jun 06 1988Mother Earth and Father Sky
197.03UNTADC::DONALDSONWed Jun 08 1988The Bible - historically speaking
198.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Jun 09 1988Science
199.058MAMIE::M_SMITHTue Jun 14 1988Religion vs. Evolution
201.010--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 17 1988The future of fundamentalism
202.03STRATA::HAKIMMon Jun 27 1988Burial Practices from all Religions
203.06NEXUS::MORGANSun Jul 03 1988Gnosticism today
204.01VAXRT::CANNOYTue Jul 05 1988The Aquarian Manifesto
205.012ODIXIE::CARNELLWed Jul 06 1988$165,
206.010SCOPE::PAINTERThu Jul 07 1988Masculine/Feminine
207.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 22 1988Help!
208.080NEXUS::MORGANMon Jul 25 1988Betrayal of Trust: People Abuse
209.014KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Jul 29 1988Animal Sacrifices!
211.024SCOMAN::HAKIMWed Aug 03 1988A Comparison Between Human and Animal
212.05DECWET::MITCHELLFri Aug 05 1988Gloria Patri
213.07AVANT::STROMMon Aug 08 1988Chapel help please?
214.081STRATA::COMEAUThu Aug 11 1988The Last Temptation of Christ.
216.068SCOMAN::HAKIMMon Aug 15 1988An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith
217.034RANCHO::BORDAMon Aug 15 1988Truth
218.020RANGLY::DIMUZIO_MARTWed Aug 17 1988The Millennium
219.01DECWET::MITCHELLWed Aug 31 1988The Baptism of Jesus
220.04--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 02 1988The Secret Gospel (of Mark)
221.08CRUISE::GWESTROPPTue Sep 06 1988True teaching from the East?
222.021SMOOT::ROTHTue Sep 06 1988Christian's rapture in Sept. 1988?
223.022NEXUS::MORGANSat Sep 10 1988Brainwashing, avoid it and heal yourself.
224.0112LABC::FRIEDMANMon Sep 12 1988Challenge
225.05--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 15 1988
227.016LDYBUG::PAREMon Sep 26 1988God's Earth
228.016SCOMAN::HAKIMThu Sep 29 1988Biblical Prophecies Pertaining to Prophet Muhammad
229.078MARX::ANDERSONTue Oct 04 1988Religion and the National Security State
230.060MARKER::KALLISThu Oct 20 1988Thoughts About Hallowe'en
231.01WSE1Mon Oct 24 1988Hand Fasting
232.012RANCHO::BORDATue Oct 25 1988Geraldo tonight
233.016SCOMAN::HAKIMFri Oct 28 1988Public Announcements
235.02CURIE::PEGHINYMon Oct 31 1988Church Organist Needed!
236.028JULIET::THOMPSON_LIWed Nov 02 1988MEDJUGORIA (wrong sp tho)
237.03DECWET::MITCHELLWed Nov 02 1988Consigned to Satan?
238.011DECWET::MITCHELLWed Nov 02 1988The Wall Must Come Down!
239.026HSSWS1::GREGWed Nov 02 1988Demonology
240.014SCOMAN::HAKIMThu Nov 03 1988The Promised One
241.0NEXUS::MORGANThu Nov 03 1988The New Golden Dawn
242.022HSSWS1::GREGThu Nov 03 1988GAIA - The Living Planet
243.087DNEAST::DIMUZIO_MARTMon Nov 07 1988Questions for Jehovah Witnesses
244.01WAV14::BARNETTEWed Nov 16 1988New Agers on the run
246.08FLASH1::KALLISThu Nov 17 1988Demons
247.02NEXUS::MORGANSat Nov 19 1988Set
248.025NEXUS::MORGANSat Nov 19 1988Christian Hate Jack Chick Style
249.055NEXUS::MORGANMon Nov 21 1988Comments on the Satanic Bible and A.S. La Vey
250.05DLOACT::RESENDEMon Nov 21 1988Christian Identity Movement/Church
251.01DLOACT::RESENDETue Nov 29 1988The Philosophy of Humanism
252.045MANTIS::PAREThu Dec 01 1988Seventh Day Adventists
253.011FLASH1::KALLISFri Dec 02 1988Bast, Egyptian cat worship, and funereal honors
254.02DEMING::HAKIMTue Dec 06 1988The Rise and Fall of the Ego
255.054DECWET::MITCHELLTue Dec 13 1988Prophecies of Jesus's Birth
256.0AITG::MAHONEYWed Dec 14 1988Religion is Moving
257.026NEXUS::MORGANThu Dec 15 1988Death
258.01TUT::SMITHWed Dec 28 1988Cable TV series on Biblical Archeology
259.015NEXUS::MORGANTue Jan 03 1989STAR: Your comments welcome...
260.054EMASS::BARNETTEThu Jan 05 1989Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
261.024EMASS::BARNETTEThu Jan 05 1989Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
262.01COMET::BARRIANOSun Jan 08 1989Woman's Spirituality
263.02ABE::STARINWed Jan 11 1989HELP!
264.05AITG::MAHONEYFri Jan 13 1989Question of Mixed Religions
265.03NEXUS::MORGANSun Jan 15 1989Veronica Luken and Mother Mary
266.08MSTIME::RABKEWed Jan 18 1989Question?
267.022NEXUS::MORGANThu Jan 26 1989Pagan News
268.03AYOV29::IMALTMANTue Jan 31 1989Shrove Tuesday
269.04DEMING::HAKIMWed Feb 01 1989Some Food for Thought
270.036RAINBO::TBAKERWed Feb 01 1989Response to "Good Thought of the Day"
271.01DEMING::HAKIMThu Feb 02 1989We may be able to help!
272.03DECWET::MITCHELLMon Feb 06 1989HELP: Lion of Juda
273.018HANNAH::MESSENGERMon Feb 06 1989How do you generate a definition of "good"?
274.03DECWET::MITCHELLTue Feb 07 1989Fight Over Moses's Body
275.0TRACTR::PULKSTENISWed Feb 08 1989Upcoming Event: Boston, 2/1
276.04WAGON::THOMPSONWed Feb 08 1989Seeking Information on the Quakers
277.09DECWET::MITCHELLThu Feb 09 1989Preservative Prophecy?
278.0HPSCAD::VERMAThu Feb 09 1989Buddha's Nihilism
279.014DEMING::HAKIMThu Feb 09 1989Attitude Problems in the Society and its Impact in Our Lives
280.09MUTHA::STARINFri Feb 10 1989A Female Bishop?
281.075HSSWS1::GREGSat Feb 11 1989Why Sunday? (And other intriguing questions)
283.043NEXUS::MORGANTue Feb 14 1989Political Religion
284.037--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 16 1989The Satanic Verses
285.07KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Feb 20 1989Khomeini Rejects Rushdie's Apology
286.023BRAT::SHELDONWed Feb 22 1989Creationism
287.0VWSENG::LLEEWed Mar 01 1989Cakes/CUUPS
288.020KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSun Mar 05 1989Gideons vs. atheists
289.0ABE::STARINTue Mar 07 1989Sermon Story Assist
290.0649ER::STEPHENSTue Mar 07 1989Who is redefining religion in the news ?
291.04LDYBUG::PAREWed Mar 08 1989The Personal God versus the Transcendent Mystical Experience
292.020WINERY::GRANTMon Mar 13 1989Why is tolerance so difficult?
293.01ABE::STARINMon Mar 13 1989Fundamentalists Anonymous
294.01DEMING::HAKIMMon Mar 13 1989Is violence intrinsic to human nature?
295.01ABE::STARINTue Mar 14 1989Elmer Who?
296.04WILLEE::FRETTSTue Mar 14 1989Nag Hammadi Library
297.038CSCOA3::CONWAY_JWed Mar 15 1989What is "moral" behavior??
298.026ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 16 1989Is God an External Being?
299.031COFLUB::WRIGHTThu Mar 16 1989YHVH i can understand, but god with a capital G?
300.010NEXUS::MORGANFri Mar 17 1989A Goddess Is Recognized
301.01149ER::STEPHENSMon Mar 20 1989Is God a racist ?
302.01SPIDER::QURAISHIFri Mar 31 1989Islam: from Learned eye
303.02EMASS::BARNETTEFri Mar 31 1989Church of Religious Science
304.04USWAV1::CHAPLAINSat Apr 01 1989Don't mind dying, but that's weird.
305.020WITNES::HOLTMon Apr 03 1989End Times? Our Lady visits the Ukraine
306.04NUTLET::FRASHERSun Apr 09 1989INRI, what's it mean?
307.06DEMING::HAKIMTue Apr 18 1989The Baha'i Perspective on Family Life
308.02KAOFS::J_MORRISTue Apr 18 1989Is a problem w/CACHE::X'N?
309.015--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 21 1989Rock Music's Effect On Society III
310.017DEMING::HAKIMWed Apr 26 1989Cause & Effect relative to Intellection & Sensation
311.05DEMING::HAKIMMon May 08 1989Discussion of Martin Luther from note 31
312.03CVG::THOMPSONTue May 09 1989Looking for an on-line Bible
313.016COMET::EDWARDSThu May 11 1989Civil Disobedience and Christianity
314.06GRANPA::DFOLEYMon May 15 1989Need Help, Please
315.024DEMING::HAKIMTue May 16 1989On the station of Prophets and the meaning of Manifestation
316.05WAV14::FINKFri May 26 1989Religion (s) incorporating music?
317.016USEM::MARCELLINOTue May 30 1989NOT A TEST
318.018DEMING::HAKIMThu Jun 01 1989"But the tomb is empty!"
319.03COMET::BARRIANOMon Jun 12 1989The Messanic Legacy
320.02SMURF::BREAUThu Jun 29 1989need node for other conference
321.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 03 1989Early Christian sexual views
322.018DEMING::HAKIMThu Jul 06 1989Human Freedom
323.02EUCLID::LERIWed Jul 12 1989sufi
324.036VAX4::RADWINWed Jul 12 1989Cain's child's spouse...?
325.054CSC32::MORGANMon Jul 17 1989Soul or what?
326.040BUFFER::GOLDSMITHFri Jul 28 1989Agnostic Viewpoint
327.02IAMOK::WINOKURTue Aug 01 1989QUAKERS?
328.02CIVIC::WEBERThu Aug 03 1989Birthdays & Christian Scientists
329.04DEMING::HAKIMMon Aug 14 1989Combating Racism & Racial Discrimination
330.03TRCAWed Aug 16 1989What is a Saint???
331.028DEMING::HAKIMFri Aug 18 1989Islamic Scripture & Science
332.03DEMING::HAKIMMon Aug 21 1989The Wonderlamp
333.01AITG::MAHONEYWed Sep 06 1989Looking for Backup Host
334.050COFLUB::WRIGHTWed Sep 06 1989Future religions..
335.024ESCUDO::IS_SYSDEVTue Sep 12 1989... the hour for YOU to awake from sleep,
336.052CSC32::MORGANWed Sep 20 1989The Death of Death
337.04CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Sep 22 1989Televangelist derelict in his duties?
338.06DEMING::HAKIMSat Sep 30 1989On the meaning of Muhammad the Seal of the Prophets
339.0ELMST::VERMATue Oct 03 1989Eastern religions
340.08JUPITR::MOKThu Oct 05 1989Dalai Lama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
341.066SCOLOX::GLIDDENFri Oct 06 1989Catholic vs. Protestant
342.02CSC32::MORGANTue Oct 10 1989Return of the Sky Gods??
343.02LITRCY::KELTZWed Oct 11 1989Jesus and the Dispossessed
345.010JURAN::HAKIMWed Oct 11 1989Pungent and Pertinent
346.0PIPA::AVANESSIANTue Oct 24 1989 " Pangs of Death and Birth "
347.03CSC32::MORGANTue Oct 24 1989Drug War Casualties
348.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 03 1989book of "Yuranchia"? (phonetic spelling)
349.032NRPUR::MCCONNELLTue Nov 07 1989Tolerance?
350.011CSC32::MORGANWed Nov 08 1989Embodiment or Disembodiment?
351.012CSC32::MORGANWed Nov 08 1989Campus Crusade for Cthulu
352.0140CREPES::GOODWINThu Nov 09 1989Balance in belief?
353.03MARKER::S_WILLIAMSWed Nov 15 1989Ten Commandments in Spanish
354.028CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Nov 15 1989Joseph Campbell
355.01AITG::MAHONEYFri Nov 17 1989Moving the Conference
356.01CSC32::MORGANWed Nov 29 1989Church of the Subgenius, Bob Wants You!
357.045CSC32::MORGANMon Dec 11 1989Knock, knock...
358.01JURAN::HAKIMMon Dec 11 1989An Index to the Qur'an
359.01BUFFER::STARRWed Dec 13 1989John Todd revisited
360.04CGVAX2::PAINTERWed Dec 13 1989Amnesty International
361.03BUFFER::STARRTue Dec 19 1989Ours is a Visited Planet!
362.05LESCOM::KALLISTue Dec 19 1989The Star of Bethlehem
363.023CGVAX2::PAINTERWed Dec 20 1989Unitarian Universalism
364.01SMURF::MAHONEYFri Dec 22 1989Happy Holidays
365.0CSC32::MORGANTue Dec 26 1989Mithra, astronomical meaning...
366.0CSC32::MORGANTue Dec 26 1989Hebrew Goddess? With Pentegram even??
367.01CSC32::MORGANWed Dec 27 1989Religion, Politics and Child Abuse
368.04CSC32::MORGANWed Dec 27 1989Bugs in the Wetware, Virus on the Brain
369.032REGENT::BROOMHEADWed Dec 27 1989Story and Sexism
370.0203CSSE32::G_JOHNSONFri Dec 29 1989Why are you opposed to Christianity?
371.01HYDRA::LOOMISSun Dec 31 1989Tibetan Shartse Monks in Boston
372.07CSC32::MORGANMon Jan 01 1990Cult of the Dead Cow
373.05EGYPT::SMITHMon Jan 08 1990Practical help/info needed!
374.08CSC32::MORGANMon Jan 15 1990Geneology of Jesus through Mary
375.017CSC32::MORGANMon Jan 15 1990Larson Symposium--by Rowan Moonstone
376.02CHR27::BARNETTEThu Jan 18 1990Alive!
377.039JURAN::HAKIMFri Jan 19 1990How can the Theists and the Atheists Reconcile?
378.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 22 1990Movies and religion
379.02JURAN::HAKIMMon Jan 22 1990Accessing USENET newsgroups
380.02CGVAX2::PAINTERWed Jan 24 1990World Forum Conference announcement
381.050CSC32::MORGANThu Jan 25 1990Models of Perception
382.03SMURF::MAHONEYFri Jan 26 1990True Christian Charity
383.030JOKUR::CIOTOThu Feb 01 1990Prayer in public schools
384.03VIRGO::ZINKUSWed Feb 07 1990Unity
385.01CSC32::MORGANWed Feb 07 1990Atheists Lose Magazine Suit??
386.01CSC32::MORGANWed Feb 07 1990Put definitions here...
387.05CSC32::MORGANWed Feb 07 1990Einstein Speaks...
388.06CSC32::MORGANThu Feb 08 1990Zen and the Art of building Brain Buzzers
389.0MSTIME::RABKEMon Feb 12 1990Equality in Church?
390.02CSC32::MORGANMon Feb 12 1990Lost Books or False Claims
391.013THEBUS::THACKERAYTue Feb 13 1990Why believe literal interpretation??
392.07COGITO::SPINNEYFri Feb 16 1990What if..
393.016CHOWDA::FRANCEYFri Feb 16 1990Pastoral Counseling (Professionalization of)
394.04ORCAS::MCKINNON_JASun Mar 11 1990Swaggarts B-Day
395.01ELMST::VERMAMon Mar 12 1990Quotes and Commentary from Gita
396.012JOKUR::CIOTOWed Mar 14 1990Catholic sacrifice for AIDS
397.04DELREY::MILLS_MATue Mar 27 1990Rosicrucian/Freemasonry info wanted
398.013EXIT26::SAARINENWed Apr 04 1990A What If...question
400.02BTOVT::HOLLAND_PMon Apr 09 1990Israel, The Land of Our Lord
401.02CSC32::MORGANTue Apr 10 1990Mass hysteria in French Polynesia
402.07HSSWS1::GREGWed Apr 18 1990Christian Scientists
403.016THEBUS::THACKERAYWed Apr 18 1990Can a machine have a soul?
404.023CSC32::MORGANSun Apr 22 1990Memes, Mystery-Cults and Christianity
405.02USEM::LMARINOThu May 17 1990Annulment-going back
406.02DEMING::HAKIMTue May 29 1990Islamic Contributions to Science
407.031DEMING::HAKIMThu Jun 07 1990The source of the knowledge of the Messengers of God?!
408.06SMURF::MAHONEYWed Jun 27 1990Need new home
409.054CSC32::MORGANMon Jul 02 1990Religious Right Right Back At It.
410.0XLIB::JACKSONWed Jul 18 1990Questions and answers about Scriptures
411.030DEMING::HAKIMFri Jul 20 1990Christianity & Apartheid
412.0LEDS::UYENOTue Jul 24 1990Why Jesus Hated Religion?
413.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 25 1990Why I am opposed to communism
414.037SUBSYS::LYNCHFri Jul 27 1990"What They Said About Religion"
415.04JURAN::HAKIMMon Jul 30 1990The Seven Valleys
416.03JURAN::HAKIMWed Aug 01 1990Black race, White race, & Religion.
417.068KEEPER::THACKERAYMon Aug 06 1990The world started 6K years ago?
418.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 13 1990used books for sale
419.09USRCV1::JEFFERSONLThu Aug 16 1990The Mark
420.046FORTY2::YERKESSTue Aug 28 1990The Sun stood still .
421.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 19 1990Announcing Christian-Perspective
422.019INBLUE::HALDANEThu Sep 20 1990HELP!!!
423.02DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Sep 27 1990RELIGION is moving to GRIM::
424.01WR2FOR::NGUYEN_HUFri Oct 26 1990thought
425.014AIAG::WRIGHTMon Nov 05 1990Why should Satan punish "sinners"??
426.0LEDS::UYENOFri Nov 09 1990Curious about Christianity? Check this out!
427.01DOCTP::SWEENEYMon Nov 12 1990Jewish Heritage Month information
428.01BROKE::FEBONIOWed Nov 14 1990Status of Religion in America
429.07CSDPIE::THACKERAYThu Dec 06 1990The deadly sins
430.024JURAN::HAKIMFri Dec 07 1990Argumentation, a unique aspect of the Baha'i Scripture
431.07CSC32::MORGANSun Dec 23 1990Prometheian Generations
432.015CSC32::MORGANSun Dec 23 1990Prometheian Paganism
433.06ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAMon Jan 14 1991Banners at the Ball games.
434.06--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 23 1991the "great Satan"?
435.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 23 1991Walt Disney == The Anti-Christ??
436.036--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 30 1991"GOD is great, Satan is Grievance"
437.035CSC32::MORGANTue Feb 12 1991Two Types of Faith
438.013ELMST::VERMATue Feb 12 1991Ancient Human Nervous system
439.03--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 13 1991Power of the mind is Love
440.05TARKIN::MCALLENThu Feb 21 1991dispensationalist premillenialism
441.012FLOWER::HILDEBRANTMon Feb 25 1991What Bible is "Correct"?
442.01CSC32::MORGANWed Feb 27 1991Religion and War in the Gulf...
443.060CSC32::MORGANMon Mar 04 1991Jesus Seminar
444.01CSC32::MORGANFri Mar 08 1991Seven children die for parent's stupidity
445.015CSC32::MORGANMon Mar 11 1991Personal Mantras
446.033CSC32::MORGANMon Mar 11 1991Religious persuasion or propaganda?
447.02CSC32::MORGANWed Mar 13 1991The year 2
448.05FTMUDG::REINBOLDFri Mar 15 1991Taoism?
449.04ELMST::VERMAMon Mar 18 1991Vedic Mathematics
450.080PEACHS::BURQUESTWed Mar 20 1991Are humans animals?
451.02DELNI::K_WILSONMon Mar 25 1991Looking for a church
452.02HLYCOW::ORZECHFri Mar 29 1991Etiquette questions concerning non-Jews and Passover
453.07REGENT::BROOMHEADTue Apr 09 1991Pointers to information requested
454.05DEMING::FISTERFri Apr 12 1991Possesion
455.011NYTPWed Apr 24 1991scientology
456.03ASDG::FOSTERThu May 02 1991Religion and Money: What we're willing to spend.
457.02DEMING::HAKIMWed May 29 1991Aryans
458.0NYTPThu Jun 06 1991Bill Moyers: Spirit & Nature
459.07FORTY2::THOMPSONFri Jun 07 1991Gurdjieff's `All & Everything'
460.01NYTPWed Jun 12 1991Eastern Chinese Bible Conference
462.03GRANPA::DC1Fri Jun 14 1991Quakers are Friends...
463.01CSC32::MORGANTue Jun 25 1991HEAD Support
464.04ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Jun 27 1991
465.03DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Jul 11 1991Absolutism vs. Relativism
467.07JURAN::HAKIMFri Aug 09 1991Race Unity America's Most Challenging Issue
468.0RDGENG::LIBRARYTue Aug 13 1991Church of God of Prophesy
469.05CSC32::MORGANFri Aug 30 1991Short lived assent of the McChurch...
470.01BROKE::MAYANKWed Sep 18 1991Lectures on Bhagavad Geeta (chap IV)
471.03NYTPWed Sep 25 1991EST
472.0YIELD::GRIFFISThu Oct 10 1991Salmon Rushdie: What is the story???
473.0YIELD::GRIFFISFri Oct 11 1991Matthew 11:25-3
474.01YIELD::GRIFFISFri Oct 11 1991JOHN 3:1-17
475.081SQM::SAXENAMon Oct 14 1991HIS second coming...
476.013NYTPWed Oct 16 1991Dead Sea Scrolls
477.042SQM::SAXENAThu Oct 17 1991FAITH...
479.052YIELD::GRIFFISWed Oct 23 1991The 4 spiritual laws.
480.032CSC32::MORGANThu Oct 24 1991Burning churches
481.031YIELD::GRIFFISSat Oct 26 1991A bloody mess
482.04NYTPMon Oct 28 1991Extraterrestrial life.
483.081LJOHUB::BOYLANMon Oct 28 1991Operation Rescue
484.0DEMING::HAKIMTue Oct 29 1991Some statistics on religion per Encyclopedia Brittanica 1987
485.0YIELD::GRIFFISWed Oct 30 1991Some favorite verses.
486.0CSC32::MORGANMon Nov 04 1991Tim Leary and Organized Religion
487.0--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 06 1991The True Authorship of the New Testament
488.08CSC32::MORGANWed Nov 06 1991The Greatest Scam Ever Written
489.01DEBET::PAINTERFri Nov 15 1991Kripalu Center, Lenox, Mass.
490.02SALEM::NEAULTTue Nov 19 1991Rosetta Stone (Help)
491.01CSC32::J_RABKEMon Nov 25 1991Texas Evangelist on Nightline
492.010CSC32::MORGANMon Dec 09 1991Religion and Child Witnesses
493.012CSC32::MORGANWed Dec 11 1991Lest we forget the innocent...
494.020CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Dec 18 1991?s @ the road to Emaus
495.03JURAN::HAKIMFri Dec 20 1991A Book on Zorosaterian Faith
496.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 20 1991Mazda
497.04METS::VALENZAMon Dec 30 1991Omnipotence
498.02METS::VALENZAMon Dec 30 1991The computer game "Populous"
499.085CSC32::MORGANMon Dec 30 1991Christianity is pagan??
500.01METS::VALENZAMon Dec 30 1991Topic number 5
501.03CHGVFri Jan 03 1992"Turn Your Radio On"
502.01NYTPTue Jan 07 1992Madame Blavatski
503.013ZUABI1::WUNDERLINThu Jan 09 1992Atheism - Religion
505.05NAMSTE::PATELFri Jan 10 1992NEW AGE
506.0YIELD::GRIFFISSat Jan 11 1992Toothache healing!!
507.02CSC32::MORGANTue Jan 14 1992Religious Censorship in Islamic Countries
508.0CSC32::MORGANWed Jan 15 1992AISB didn't do it...
509.0TOOK::MORRISONSun Jan 19 1992United Church of Christ (UCC)(Congregational Church)
510.01TOOK::MORRISONSun Jan 19 1992Looking for church in Boxboro/Acton area
511.02NYTPTue Jan 21 1992Karl Barth
512.03NYTPTue Jan 21 1992Sun Myung Moon/Unification Church
513.06CSC32::MORGANWed Jan 22 1992The Beast and its Obligations
515.010DECWIN::MESSENGERTue Feb 11 1992Departures
516.01DEMING::DEMING::VALENZAThu Mar 05 1992Native American religious freedom
518.038PRANCR::FLATHERSTue Mar 31 1992which religion was 1st ?
519.0HELIX::KALLISTue Apr 07 1992Isaac Asimov's most vivid dream
520.010SCARGO::LEMIREFri Apr 10 1992Need some advice!
521.0CHGVMon Apr 13 1992"The Sign and The Seal", by Graham Hancock
522.0JURAN::HAKIMTue Apr 14 1992Prominent Iranian Baha'i Executed
523.02CALS::THACKERAYThu Apr 16 1992Prayers for money!
524.0CHGVFri Apr 17 1992Happy Passover/Happy Easter 1992
525.013KERNEL::NIBLOCKDMon May 11 1992freedom to pilgrimidge
526.01DEBET::STEINHARTThu Jun 04 1992Calendars of holy days
528.06DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Jun 18 1992Conference Announcements
529.09JURAN::VALENZAWed Jul 08 1992Text criticism (of the Bible and other works)
530.0HELIX::KALLISWed Jul 15 1992The Angel of Layoff
531.03XCUSME::BLAKEMon Jul 20 1992Park Street Church - need info please...
532.05JURAN::HAKIMThu Jul 30 1992The Process of Social Change
533.01COMET::TROYERFri Aug 07 1992News flash... DEC is dead!
534.0JUNCO::NOURFri Aug 07 1992Visions of Race Unity Aug. 8
535.01JURAN::VALENZATue Sep 15 1992Information available on the internet
536.0JURAN::HAKIMWed Sep 23 1992John WorldPeac, his vision and his walk
537.03WELLER::FANNINTue Dec 08 1992Spirituality of Bungee Jumping
538.01REGENT::BROOMHEADFri Dec 18 1992Biblical Archaeology Review article
539.02ELBERT::FANNINMon Dec 28 1992The Lord's Prayer
540.0TAVSat Jan 09 1993Where is Ishmael buried?
541.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 22 1993Is America a Christian nation?
542.08GLDOA::SAWTELLMon Feb 01 1993"Wives, honor your Husbands"
543.03STRATA::CRAWFORDFri Feb 12 1993Communion in the hand?
544.0HLDETue Feb 16 1993Searching for "The Apostolic Society"
545.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 09 1993Branch Davidian
546.03GLDOA::HACKTue Mar 23 1993Free Will Baptist ... any background?
547.015GRIM::MESSENGERFri Mar 26 1993Josh McDowell vs. Isaac Asimov
548.0153YIELD::GRIFFISSat Apr 10 1993On the origin of false religions
549.02SAC::RYDER_PThu Apr 15 1993question on event
550.020BUSY::DKATZTue Apr 20 1993On the origins of "true religions"
551.06CPDW::ROSCHMon May 17 1993Thor
552.0GLDOA::BSMITHSun Jun 06 1993Search for the Lanphears
553.030SEFIThu Jun 10 1993Is God omnipotent?
554.014NAPIER::VERMAFri Jun 11 1993 As dogmas fall, is Christianity next to go ?
555.021TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Jun 23 1993Global Vision 2
556.03VNABRW::BUTTONWed Jun 30 1993What happened to LGP3
557.016RUTILE::BUCZMATue Jul 13 1993Where do we all come from?
558.02DEMING::HAKIMThu Jul 22 19931993 World Parliament of Religions Itinerary
559.08NAPIER::VERMAMon Jul 26 1993Indian Thought to Conquer the World
560.06NAPIER::VERMAMon Jul 26 1993What is spiritualism?
562.022YIELD::GRIFFISTue Aug 03 1993The Sin Problem of Mankind
563.014DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORFri Aug 06 1993What was Satan's name (when he was an angel)?
564.011YIELD::GRIFFISFri Aug 06 1993The Sufferings of Jesus Christ
565.03CRISTA::MAYNARDWed Sep 01 1993Was Jesus Married ?
566.03NAMSTE::PATELThu Sep 02 1993Baptizing Animals
567.02NAMSTE::PATELMon Sep 20 1993Is there a law in erecting a Statue
569.01SALEM::NEAULTThu Oct 07 1993The Secret Letter of Fatima
570.039CRAIGA::SCHOMPMon Oct 18 1993Basic thought on religion
571.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIMon Nov 22 1993Roy Masters/Foundation of Human Understanding
572.0CPDW::ROSCHMon Nov 22 1993Ingersoll
574.0CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri Dec 03 1993The effect of change
575.03WELLER::FANNINSat Dec 04 1993Cerberus
577.01STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Dec 10 1993a question for the season
578.01WELLER::FANNINSun Dec 12 1993Medusa
579.02NAMSTE::PATELTue Jan 11 1994Interpretation..
580.06NAPIER::VERMAWed Jan 12 1994Hindu Fundamentalism: Does it really exist?
581.02GERBIL::DUPONTTue Feb 08 1994Keith Hauer
582.01GIDDAY::PACKHAMSun Feb 13 1994NIV Bible on CD?
583.01JURAN::HAKIMWed Feb 23 1994The implications of the Qur'anic refernce to Christ's martyrdom
584.02CVG::THOMPSONSun Feb 27 1994Who was Koresh?
585.01NAPIER::VERMAWed Mar 02 1994Catholicism vs all others
586.03CSIDE::WAINEFri Mar 11 1994Looking for Intro book on Islam
587.01SCAHUB::HULK::VELEZMFri Mar 11 1994DOS Bible on-line?
588.03SCAHUB::HULK::VELEZMFri Mar 11 1994The House of the Lord. Where is it?
589.04MOEUR8::GRAYWed May 11 1994Defining a Christian...
590.05NAMSTE::PATELWed May 11 1994The Meaning of Messiah
591.02MOEUR8::GRAYWed May 18 1994Definitions
592.017BIGQ::HAKIMFri May 27 1994Birth, death and resurrection of Jesus according to Qur'an
593.027STAR::PRAETORIUSTue Jun 07 1994the Christian Coalition vs. religious diversity
594.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jun 11 1994Religious harassment in the workplace
595.0STAR::PRAETORIUSMon Jul 25 1994Internation Network for Interfaith Health Practices
596.06COMET::PAULFri Sep 16 1994Mormonism
597.06COMET::MURPHY_TMon Sep 19 1994new religion
598.010ODIXIE::WALTERSThu Sep 29 1994Question about sacrifice
599.01SWAM1::SACHARSKE_LOWed Oct 12 1994Req. Info on Dead Sea Scrolls
600.01SAC::JEPSONTue Oct 18 1994Creation according to Hinduism?
601.08CSC32::DUBOISMon Oct 24 1994Women and Islam
602.0TNPUBS::PAINTERThu Dec 15 1994Goodbye/Farewell (sort of)
603.0SEFIFri Dec 16 1994Pope's View of Buddhism
604.022BHAJI::RBERNARDFri Dec 23 1994Better without Religion
605.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 02 1995
606.0NEWOA::COCKARILLFri Mar 17 1995What invented the mind that invented the PC?
607.0GRILLA::LALIBERTEThu May 25 1995Catholic 'sunday school'
608.03NETCAD::WATERMAN_DFri May 26 1995Pietism ?
610.02LIMEY::HAMNETTThu Sep 07 1995Looking for Muslim community in/near Southern New Hampshire
611.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 06 1995Druids and Druidism
612.01CAPNET::ROSCHFri Nov 03 1995Book on early Church history
613.07ASDG::KHAKIMTue Nov 07 1995The Prosperity of Humankind (Introduction)
614.017ODIXIE::CAGLEThu Nov 16 1995Popular myth...
615.0XCLNT::BTUCKERWed Jan 31 1996Universal Life Church
616.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 24 1996KNEELING?
617.0GRIM::MESSENGERWed Sep 11 1996RELIGION needs a new home
618.01TROOA::JABRAThu Sep 12 1996SEX
619.0 *+1PCBUOA::HOVEYWed Apr 02 1997Shroud of Tourin
620.0 *+5PCBUOA::HOVEYFri Apr 04 1997Shroud of Turin