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Conference grim::monty_python

Title:Sudden ... violent ... comedy
Notice:Lions don't molt.
Created:Mon Feb 08 1988
Last Modified:Fri Feb 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:202
Total number of notes:3914
Number with bodies:2
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1.021ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988Welcome
2.04ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988Conference Information and Announcements
3.04ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988Conference Rules
4.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 08 1988Conference Directory Listing(s)
5.0220ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988Introductions
6.046ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 08 1988Required Reading List
7.094218Tue Feb 09 1988New Film Rumour
8.023CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENTue Feb 09 1988The Television Program
9.0783169Tue Feb 09 1988TV Broadcast schedule note and SPAM
10.0123ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988John Cleese
11.099ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Graham Chapman
12.046ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Eric Idle
13.025ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Terry Gilliam
14.07ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Terry Jones
15.038ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Michael Palin (not Ellis)
16.0111ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Fawlty Towers
17.012ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Feb 09 1988Is there really a "Curry's"
18.011TSG::CERQUATue Feb 09 1988MPFC Series Video Tapes
19.0228COMET::WALKERTue Feb 09 1988Assorted Songs and Sketches
20.0236ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Feb 10 1988Favorite quotes
21.03DICKNS::KLAESWed Feb 10 1988Upper Class Twit of the Year
22.02ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Feb 11 1988Brucie's Theme?
23.096USHSThu Feb 11 1988The Holy Grail details
24.0111595Mon Feb 15 1988word association-football
25.0242Mon Feb 15 1988Film list
26.021IOSG::PERRYTue Feb 16 1988The Rutles
27.019SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Feb 17 1988Record Albums
28.01226737::FSLFINWed Feb 17 1988John Cleese Productivity? videos
29.0ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Feb 17 1988The Laundromat/Burying-the-cat Sketch
30.025ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Feb 18 1988Piranha Brothers Sketch
31.0111HPSCAD::KNEWTONThu Feb 18 1988Miscellaneous Questions
32.0936Fri Feb 19 1988It started when I was 17 I guess
33.014CHALK::LANDMANFri Feb 19 1988The story behind the sketch.
34.024SHIRE::BARNETTThu Feb 25 1988Not yet completely different
35.026LATEX::GREGMon Feb 29 1988Silly Songs
36.026ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Feb 29 1988The Penguin on the Television Sketch
37.065KAOFS::N_BAXTERMon Feb 29 1988Life of Brian
38.0121ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Mar 03 1988Python Trivia
39.064ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Mar 08 1988Spot the running joke
40.023CHARON::MCGLINCHEYThu Mar 10 1988Mostly Visual Sketches
41.011NOVA::TOLLIVERFri Mar 11 1988The 'Argument' sketch
42.07HOONOO::PESENTIMon Mar 14 1988The pet 'alibut sketch
43.06STAR::BULMERWed Mar 16 1988Cleese as who?!?
44.0419763::LANDMANThu Mar 17 1988Their theme song (signature tune)
45.042NEXUS::G_GEIGERTue Mar 22 1988Brazil?
46.05SUBURB::BARNETTDTue Mar 22 1988Python Troupe win British Award
47.09FURILO::PROPPERThu Mar 24 1988Interviews?
48.04STAR::BOUCHARDMon Mar 28 1988Extract TT: for an invitation
49.03--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 30 1988A Cruel Man, but Fair
50.049OBSESS::JENSENWed Mar 30 1988Favorite Character Names
51.017ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Apr 04 1988Yellowbeard
52.0212Mon Apr 04 1988What's the point of going abroad
53.04STEREO::GIBSONTue Apr 19 1988"Its" the news.
54.020CGVAX2::DONNELLYWed Apr 20 1988The MEANING OF LIFF...er... LIFE!
55.011POOL::LANDMANTue Apr 26 1988East of Ipswitch
56.027HOTDOG::KELLYTue May 10 1988Who is this guy?
57.07POBOX::HACKMANWed May 18 1988MPFC has redeeming value!!?
58.017ILLUSN::SORNSONWed May 25 1988Python Women
59.014TFH::MARSHALLFri May 27 1988opening credits
60.08MALLET::JEFFERYFri Jun 10 1988Strange ministers.
61.020YODA::COOKFri Jun 17 1988Python Animation
63.012HILLST::MASONFri Jun 24 1988Jabberwocky
64.070ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Jun 27 1988Useless competition
65.09NETMON::GREGMon Jul 04 1988Los Llamas?
66.013POOBAH::DOOLITTLETue Jul 05 1988Guest Stars??
67.05ILLUSN::SORNSONTue Jul 12 1988Fan Publications and Periodicals
68.04CHALK::EIKENBERRYFri Jul 15 1988How Not To Be Seen - request
69.047TARKIN::WISMARMon Jul 25 1988A Fish Called Wanda.
70.0EVER11::KRUPINSKIWed Aug 17 1988Rock Notes
71.02CLT::FANEUFTue Aug 23 1988Desirable garment desired
72.011STKHLM::WILHELMSSONFri Sep 16 1988Can't find the blood sketch!
73.012DELNI::G_KNIGHTINGTue Oct 04 1988Sorry, I'll Read That Again...
74.04EVER11::KRUPINSKIFri Oct 28 1988How To Do It
76.06STEREO::GIBSONSun Nov 13 1988All About IT'S
77.07TUNER::GIBSONSat Dec 03 1988You Choose the Best Python Stuff of all Time
78.022Thu Dec 22 1988State Issues
79.013STAR::HUGHESTue Jan 24 1989Bedazzled
80.06AKOV75::LAVINTue Feb 07 1989Horace Poem
81.0STAR::HUGHESWed Feb 15 1989It was twenty years ago today
82.02WILKIE::JTAYLORTue Feb 21 1989Help!
83.07STEREO::GIBSONWed Feb 22 1989FINALLY! the questions
84.02BOEHM::BLOUNTTue Mar 07 1989HeLp!
85.039ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Mar 09 1989The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
86.05VAXUUM::PELTZFri Mar 10 1989French Tauntings anyone?
87.04DELNI::JONGWed Mar 22 1989"Python Scholars"
88.0671Tue Mar 28 1989Python food, drink and party ideas?
89.0615957::DOCSVSTue Apr 04 1989Monty Python on the Macintosh
90.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 18 1989The Architect Sketch
91.06DELNI::GRACETue Apr 18 1989Eric Idle in a New Comedy Series
92.01STEREO::GIBSONSat May 06 1989Monty Python's Flying B-day Card
93.0225971::KLAESMon May 22 1989Douglas Adams and MPFC
94.02WLDWST::SUREMon Jun 05 1989No more MPFC on PBS????
95.01317683::COOKWed Jun 28 1989Is it still on MTV???
96.04CSOA1::SCHWARTZ_FTue Jul 11 1989And Now For Something Completely Different Notes
98.056Thu Aug 03 1989?? New Series of MPFC ??
99.01TLE::DANIELSWed Sep 13 1989Close order swanning about
100.01742448::BURNMMon Sep 18 1989The machine that goes PING!
101.04282Wed Sep 20 1989The Bicycle repair man available on Computers!
102.04645591::LESLIEThu Oct 05 1989Dr Graham Chapman RIP
103.012SVCRUS::MCNAMARAThu Oct 19 1989"Eric the Viking" to be out very soon!!!
104.06ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAWed Nov 01 1989Lyrics needed, ping.
105.08SNDCSL::BLEIWASWed Nov 15 1989MPFC on WCGY
106.02VINO::MCGLINCHEYMon Nov 20 1989Motorized Badger?
107.0311499::JANOWSKIThu Nov 30 1989How did the name originate
108.017ILLUSN::SORNSONFri Dec 01 1989On Location ...
109.06STEREO::GIBSONMon Dec 04 1989New Python Books, specials
110.07HPSTEK::XIATue Dec 05 1989MPFC video tape info
111.03SNDCSL::BLEIWASMon Dec 18 1989MPHG script
112.044159::JONGWed Dec 20 1989The Killer Joke Redux
113.07554Tue Dec 26 1989the awful family - who has it?
114.054159::JONGTue Jan 02 1990This had better be a joke
115.022USWAV1::GORMLEYTue Jan 16 1990CONTEST ADDRESS??????
116.047VAXUUM::PELTZFri Feb 09 1990And now for...
117.03SVCRUS::MCNAMARATue Mar 06 1990Desperately seeking Gilliam...
118.07HSOMAI::RENTERIAMon Mar 19 19902
119.01SNDCSL::BLEIWASTue Mar 20 1990Where is MPFC?
120.031ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Mar 21 1990Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Script
121.020HOO78C::FOKKENROODTue Mar 27 1990MPFC episodes on video please
122.04HABS11::MASONTue May 01 1990"alt.fan.monty-python" is now available on Usenet
123.05ILLUSN::SORNSONWed May 16 1990Nuns on the Run
124.046FILTON::BIRCHSat Jun 02 1990I'm bored...
125.04HXOAMon Aug 06 1990Help with a quotation - PLEASE !
126.01252889::POOKThu Aug 09 1990Thomas Hardy sketch
127.01844244::GGOODMANSat Sep 01 1990This conference has demised
128.022KLEE::SOSINKATue Sep 18 1990sketch summary book on the net
129.0842321::SHELDON_RMon Oct 01 1990MPFC The Computer Game.
131.0STAFF::TRUEBLOODWed Oct 10 1990Cheesy Python Imitations....
132.0315445::RMAXFIELDTue Oct 30 1990M_P products (t-shirts, etc.)
133.044844Tue Dec 11 1990Who played the part of...
134.0OTOAMon Jan 14 1991Has anyone seen the invisible man ?
135.054844Fri Jan 18 1991LN
136.02KLEMOM::SOSINKATue Feb 12 1991URGEND !!
137.027FHG::DUBIEThu Feb 28 1991Demised, deceased.... a former conference!
138.01SCOAYR::S_GIBSONThu Feb 28 1991Fan Club
139.07HABS11::MASONMon Mar 04 1991Blackadder
140.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue Mar 05 1991Old man..Im not old ! Help !!
141.087854::MATTHEWSThu Mar 14 19912
142.03--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 19 1991religion=insurance??
143.014RIVAGE::SABIANIThu Apr 18 1991Looking for Life of Brian script !
144.036GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPTue May 21 1991Happy birthday SPAM
145.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 28 1991"All the Words" for sale
146.0DECWIN::MESSENGERFri Jun 07 1991"I'll have the rat kebob without so much rat in it"
147.04ILLUSN::SORNSONFri Jun 28 1991Rat Food
148.06AZUR::JANIKWed Jul 03 1991I didn't expect the Spannish Inquisition...
149.01HABS11::MASONWed Jul 10 1991Responses to Conference Announcements, etc....
150.0REFINE::BARKERWed Aug 21 1991MPFC in Boston?
151.05SVCRUS::MCNAMARAMon Sep 16 1991Terry Gilliam' directs again...
152.04WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Nov 28 1991A minute past when?
153.0EPIK::VISWANATHFri Dec 20 1991Bye everyone
154.0425911::YOUNGFri Dec 27 1991All wet about the Sprockets....
155.0KERNEL::NIBLOCKDTue Jan 14 1992thank you!
156.02295Mon Jan 27 1992A Real Dead Parrot
157.06PLAYER::VANHOOFMon Feb 17 1992Is it MPFC ?
158.04XANADU::RECKARDThu Feb 27 1992Python GIF files
159.024WLW::TEAM1Wed Mar 04 1992Bad News for Python Fans!
160.05COMICS::COOMBERTue Mar 31 1992Spinney Norman, where are you?
161.0XANADU::RECKARDWed Apr 01 1992Scripts
162.014PEKING::HUTCHISONPFri Apr 24 1992Greetings.. eg "Get Lost Mate"
163.08MRKTNG::CASEYTue May 12 1992Where'd it Go??!!
164.0552264::SABIANIWed Jun 03 1992Do you know alt.fan.monty-python ?
165.0+2849535::BROWNFri Jun 05 1992GOONS
166.02052264::SABIANIFri Jun 19 1992- The Meaning of Life Script
167.02LARVAE::BALDOCK_IFri Jul 10 1992Insults
168.08PGREEN::FAIRBURNJMon Aug 17 1992MoF .doc
169.02TAEC::SABIANIWed Sep 09 1992MPFC sketches list...
171.03WLW::WLW::TURCOTTEThu Sep 24 1992Well I never!
172.0158811::LACAILLEThu Nov 05 1992Gorilla sketch
173.0382Thu Nov 26 1992Film at 11
174.02ICS::ODONNELLFri Dec 11 1992`Zat you?
175.02NOBOZO::CPDW::ROSCHMon Mar 08 1993Lion Tamer or Lumberjack?
176.03OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Oct 20 1993Anybody like Chinese ?
177.0CGOOA::MALONETue Dec 21 1993WHERE o' WHERE
178.08CGOOA::MALONEThu Feb 17 1994The first 1994 note
179.07WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Apr 20 1994what album for "A Minute past" and a certain knight
181.08HAMFri Aug 05 1994New film in 1995
182.023DNEAST::RICKER_STEVEMon Oct 03 1994The Big Two Five
183.02OTOOA::MOWBRAYThu Nov 24 1994No, sorry
184.020TNPUBS::JONGTue Dec 27 1994I'm off
185.018CGOOA::MALONEFri Jan 27 1995The first 1995 note
186.03NEWOA::SHERRATT_SThu Feb 23 1995FILM LIST?
187.066WLW::TURCOTTEFri Mar 03 1995Offical Change the Date Topic....
188.0OTOOA::MOWBRAYMon Mar 06 1995Not Only But Also
189.04DNEAST::WINSLOW_CHRIThu Mar 30 1995And Now for something complelely different
190.0116492::SHALLOWThu Jun 15 1995Monty Python on the Internet
191.0545769::UKARCHIVINGFri Jun 23 1995Autographs for sale!
192.01USCTR1::SANTRY_KWed Jun 28 1995Monty Python Live!
193.050KERNEL::PLANTCThu Jul 20 1995Dead conference sketch
194.07HAMIS3::VEEHMon Jul 24 1995It's funny to...
195.030KERNEL::PLANTCWed Aug 02 1995rumour has it....
196.029KERNEL::PLANTCFri Aug 25 1995The taunt you once more time note..
197.02KERNEL::PLANTCMon Oct 16 1995Fruitland -- is it Palin or not?
198.02SNOFS2::ROBERTSONTue Dec 12 1995Monty Python Repeats Down Under
199.0SNOFS2::ROBERTSONMon Mar 25 1996A Complete Waste of Time
200.0GRIM::MESSENGERThu Jun 06 1996Silly names department
201.03TNPUBS::BDAYMon Jun 24 1996Pest Control Police (PCP)
202.01GRIM::MESSENGERWed Sep 11 1996MONTY_PYTHON needs a new home