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Conference grim::chess_discussion

Title:Chess Discussion
Notice:Deep Blue beats Kasparov 3 - 2
Created:Fri May 18 1990
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:274
Total number of notes:3256
Number with bodies:29
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1.02HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Introduction & Conference Guidelines
2.056HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Who Are You?
3.04HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Conference Availability Announcements
4.04HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Moderator action
5.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
6.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
7.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
8.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
9.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
10.0HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Reserved
11.013HANNAH::MESSENGERFri May 18 1990Bobby Fischer Chess Clock
12.0138644::BILLMERSFri May 18 1990What's happening with the CHESS conference?
13.04JAIMES::SELTZERMon May 21 1990National Jr. High Championship
14.010JAIMES::SELTZERMon May 21 1990Kamsky article
15.01CIVAGE::LYNNMon May 21 1990Problems/Endgames, anyone?
16.01333972::CARNELLMon May 21 1990Speed Chess
17.05ODIXIE::CARNELLTue May 22 1990Chess Clocks
18.014HANNAH::MESSENGERWed May 23 1990Dream Tournaments
19.07342Wed May 23 1990books & magazines
20.011HANNAH::MESSENGERThu May 24 1990Bug House Chess
21.033OURBOX::LAZARUSFri May 25 1990The best books
22.010OURBOX::LAZARUSTue May 29 1990Karpov-Kasparov match topic
23.05OURBOX::LAZARUSWed May 30 1990Who's your favorite player?
26.03OURBOX::LAZARUSThu May 31 1990Are computers killing postal chess?
27.048HANNAH::MESSENGERThu Jun 07 1990Chess Computers
28.03JAIMES::SELTZERFri Jun 08 1990Glasnost and chess instruction
29.013CPDW::GOFFWed Jun 13 1990I hate the Benko !?#%&
30.0549972::SIMONISFri Jun 15 1990MEPHISTO first box ever made question
31.09JAIMES::SELTZERFri Jun 15 1990chess humor
32.05BARTLE::SELTZERThu Jun 21 1990US Cadet -- Bobby wins
33.0134394::BALCOMTue Jun 26 1990Help for a novice anyone?
34.01BARTLE::SELTZERWed Jun 27 1990Future Watch
35.01125259::SELTZERThu Jul 05 1990Bobby does it again
36.0CPDW::GOFFMon Jul 09 1990Saturday chess in Western MA
37.011ICS::SELTZERMon Jul 09 1990Interzonal (news from usenet)
38.031ICS::SELTZERWed Jul 18 1990U.S. Open?
39.02HANNAH::MESSENGERWed Jul 25 1990Chess In The News
40.03ICS::SELTZERFri Jul 27 1990Candidates
41.04ICS::SELTZERFri Aug 03 1990U.S. Championship
42.06CPDW::ROSCHFri Aug 03 1990What's gnu?
43.05272Tue Aug 07 1990Chess Informants on CDROM
44.05MCIS2::POLLITZThu Aug 16 1990199
45.0TELALL::SELTZERFri Aug 17 1990Dlugy elected
46.02CPDW::GOFFFri Aug 17 1990Chess analogies
47.04TELALL::SELTZERMon Aug 20 1990Judy Polgar's TV match
48.05FACVAX::SELTZERWed Aug 22 1990Six-year old in England
50.01ICS::SELTZERFri Aug 24 1990Korchnoi and Soviet citizenship
51.02ICS::SELTZERTue Sep 04 1990Ilya Gurevich wins World Junior
52.08ICS::SELTZERTue Sep 04 1990Yudasin wins NE Open & relocates to Mass.
53.0ICS::SELTZERTue Sep 04 1990Upcoming Candidates Matches
54.0532884::DAVIDSONWed Sep 05 1990Spassky/Fisher trivia question
55.0136Wed Sep 05 1990World Championship on TV/Video?
56.02NEWVAX::FS71RTue Sep 11 1990BIRD'S OPENING 3... g6
57.04ICS::SELTZERThu Sep 13 1990white's advantage -- the statistics
58.01ICS::SELTZERThu Sep 13 1990computer vying for world checkers championship
59.022ICS::SELTZERMon Sep 17 1990Deep Thought in Scientific American
60.0104335Wed Sep 26 1990karpov/Kasparov match set to begin 1
61.05ICS::SELTZERThu Sep 27 1990Gata Kamsky now lives in France
62.04DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Sep 27 1990CHESS_DISCUSSION is moving to GRIM::
63.03D::SLATERTue Oct 09 1990chess clubs in the White Plains, New York area
64.0CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Oct 17 1990Inter-corporate chess challenge
65.01NCEIS1::STEMMERThu Oct 25 1990Electronic Chess Maniac
66.03NCEIS1::STEMMERTue Oct 30 1990Writing chess program
67.01ELWOOD::KAPLANSun Nov 11 1990Chess for (small) children
68.01A1VAX::BOHRERMon Nov 12 1990need some chess magazines
69.0PTOVAX::MINSHALLThu Nov 15 1990starting PRO35
70.04ICS::SELTZERFri Nov 16 1990Communications with Russia
71.020TELALL::SELTZERMon Nov 26 1990Olympiad
72.04TROAWed Dec 05 1990Looking for a marble chess set
73.01ICS::SELTZERWed Dec 12 1990Interactive chess TV in England
74.0ICS::SELTZERFri Dec 21 1990Tournaments in Paris in March?
75.01ICS::SELTZERTue Jan 08 1991Timman-Seirawan and other matters
77.019ICS::SELTZERTue Jan 29 1991Candidate matches
78.010BTOVT::KARNESFri Feb 01 1991Chess via the US Mail
79.016ICS::SELTZERFri Feb 08 1991Fischer?
80.03AQUA::FOSSUMThu Feb 14 1991USA Amateur Team Tournament.
81.019ICS::SELTZERMon Feb 25 1991Ivanchuk beats Kasparov, and Anand Karpov at Linares
82.04TLE::EKLUNDTue Mar 05 1991Kaikow is having medical problems
83.05ICS::SELTZERMon Mar 11 1991Pan-Pacific Championship
84.0AIAG::BILLMERSThu Mar 14 1991Answers to frequently asked chess questions
85.05DNEAST::NEDIK_GARYFri Mar 15 1991"En passant"?
86.03ICS::SELTZERThu Mar 21 1991Bobby Seltzer on radio this weekend, TV next
87.019MKNME::DANIELETue Mar 26 1991Chess on "Nova" tonight
88.0ICS::SELTZERFri Mar 29 1991Notes from USCF Policy Board Meeting in Feb.
89.02ICS::SELTZERFri Mar 29 1991Bobby at New York Open
91.05DECWIN::MESSENGERWed Apr 03 1991Time Pressure
92.0ICS::SELTZERWed Apr 03 1991chess facts from usenet (useful as reference)
93.0AIAG::MOOREFri Apr 05 1991ICCA: International Computer Chess Association
94.02HSOMAI::KISERMon Apr 08 1991CHESS_MONITOR - a electronic chessboard
95.017HSOMAI::KISERMon Apr 08 1991CHESS_MONITOR - discussion
96.08ICS::SELTZERWed Apr 10 1991Games from the New York Open
97.03CIVAGE::LYNNFri Apr 12 1991How about a game reviewer?
98.01ZENDIA::CUMMINGSMon Apr 15 1991Nashoba club? ZK people?
99.0+22REGENT::POWERSTue Apr 16 1991the Framingham (Mass.) Chess Club
100.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu Apr 18 1991Speed Chess partner wanted
101.05LEDS::SKRALYFri Apr 19 1991For Sale
102.06ICS::SELTZERThu May 09 1991Kasparov struggling again, in Amsterdam
103.01ICS::SELTZERThu May 09 1991Rigel Cappallo wins National Elementary Championship
104.050DECWIN::MESSENGERFri May 10 1991Tournament/Club at ZK?
105.03GUESS::BEAUDETFri May 17 1991Instructional Chess Set
106.03MISFIT::KINNEYDTue May 21 1991Chess for DECwindows
107.019NIBLIK::CLINTONWed Jun 12 1991Chess fun/trivia/facts
108.01DNEAST::BARNABY_GALETue Jun 18 1991C program to display game
109.02DNEAST::BARNABY_GALEThu Jun 20 1991wanted
110.02ICS::SELTZERMon Jun 24 1991U.S. Jr. Championship
111.05MACNAS::EABBERTONMon Jul 01 1991chess club/funding
112.0ICS::SELTZERWed Jul 03 1991World Open
113.04SMEGIT::GRANTThu Jul 04 1991FIDE Top-28 (From the Internet)
114.07DECWIN::MESSENGERWed Aug 07 1991Easynet Chess Tournaments
115.02NZVM14::ROMANIThu Aug 15 1991world quarter final results from usenet
116.065ROMOIS::FIORINIThu Sep 05 1991Chess Computer: what do you think about?
118.015ICS::SELTZERFri Oct 25 1991Tilburg & what do people want to see in this file?
119.09SNOCThu Nov 14 1991Paris speed-chess Masters tournament
120.08CPDW::GOFFFri Nov 15 1991The Kings Indian Defense
121.03SNOCWed Nov 20 1991Computer Chess Championships
122.0BAGELS::CHANDLERTue Dec 03 1991Play N.H. state Champ!!!
123.04REGENT::POWERSFri Dec 06 1991Learn from computers, not just by play
124.015POLAR::MOKHTARSat Dec 07 1991Colle-Euwe game
125.01221Thu Dec 12 1991advice sought on "how to offer draw"
126.03ALICAT::BUDILOVFri Dec 13 1991M-Chess info sought
127.028JANUS::JACKSONMon Jan 20 1992ChessBase
128.0430STAR::ABBASIMon Jan 27 1992CHESS GAMES
129.021CPDW::GOFFWed Feb 05 1992GM Judit Polgar
130.092XSTACY::PATTISONWed Feb 12 1992Ratings. What are they?
131.01ROMSLS::FIORINITue Feb 18 1992Methodology to study chess
132.0DECWIN::MESSENGERFri Feb 28 1992New Hampshire Futurity
133.017JANUS::JACKSONThu Apr 16 1992World Candidates semi-finals
134.022SUBWAY::DAVIDSONSun May 17 1992chess machines?
135.01ICS::SELTZERFri May 29 1992Bobby Fischer as Cold War Symbol
136.0ICS::SELTZERMon Jun 01 1992Mark Dvoretsky at Boylston Chess Club
137.0GRIM::MESSENGERSat Jun 27 1992Barry Spiegel R.I.P.
138.05GRIM::MESSENGERThu Jul 02 1992A champion passes on: Mikhail Tal
139.013NIBLIK::CLINTONFri Jul 10 1992Women and chess.
140.0126JANUS::JACKSONMon Jul 27 1992Fischer to play Spassky in Yugoslavia
141.09MORPHY::MESSENGERSun Aug 09 1992Massachusetts Tournaments
142.05PRIMES::FINKELSTEINFri Sep 04 1992Chess games available
143.0ODIXIE::BEARDMOREWed Sep 09 1992Why GNUCHESS display mess up?
144.028DELNI::POLLITZThu Sep 10 1992Why Spassky WILL Win
145.05PRIMES::FINKELSTEINTue Sep 15 1992Chess Magazines?
147.01QETOO::FERREIRAFri Sep 18 1992Why Fischer Will Win
149.01GRIM::MESSENGERWed Sep 30 1992Scholastic Tournaments
150.02NZOMIS::PELWed Oct 07 1992Chess olympiad ????
151.0117STAR::ABBASIWed Oct 14 1992CHess Trivia topic
152.018FSOA::OGRENMon Nov 30 1992Should I "clinch" or "open up" against strong players?
153.04DELNI::POLLITZWed Dec 16 1992Arrest Warrant for Fischer
154.025STAR::ABBASIMon Jan 11 1993Timman-Short semi-finals world champ. games
155.015AMAMA::MPHELPSTue Feb 02 1993Spassky - J. Polgar match, game 1, 1/2 - 1/2
156.035AMAMA::MPHELPSTue Feb 23 1993World Ch. in Manchester, UK, 8/93
157.015COPCLU::DVORACEKThu Feb 25 1993Larsen against Deep Blue in Copenhagen
158.050AMAMA::MPHELPSThu Mar 04 1993Linares '93 (games)
159.04AMAMA::MPHELPSFri Mar 12 1993Anyone at Eastern Class Ch. in Needham, MA?
160.07KYOA::LAZARUSWed Mar 31 1993Seirawan Interview
161.01--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 02 1993 chess FAQ , frequently asked questions, chess info, etc..
162.01ICS::SELTZERTue Apr 06 1993Chess School: Masters of the 21st Century
163.026OPTION::LAZARUSMon Apr 12 1993An expensive hobby
164.065STAR::ABBASIWed Apr 14 1993chess openings questions/analysis etc..
165.03STAR::ABBASIWed Apr 14 1993anyone knows about these commands for uncompressing?
166.02SCOBIE::DOWENSThu Apr 15 1993Ulf Andersson
167.05POLAR::MOKHTARFri Apr 23 1993challenge for CM3
168.04SICVAX::WYATTSun Apr 25 1993Why so little sponsorship of Chess?
169.017SICVAX::WYATTTue May 18 1993Chess Computers impact on Chess
170.05SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue May 25 1993America, the land of opportunity
171.01OOLONG::ENGLISHTue Jun 08 1993Wanted: Opponent for lunchtime games
172.017STAR::ABBASIWed Jun 09 1993Peter Leko note
173.06CPDW::GOFFWed Jul 14 1993Distractions and irritations
174.032STAR::ABBASIMon Jul 19 1993InterZonal 1993 note
177.050STAR::ABBASIFri Jul 30 1993Timman-Karpov world championship
178.082STAR::ABBASIFri Jul 30 1993Kasparov-Short World championship note
179.019KYOA::LAZARUSMon Aug 02 1993Searching for Bobby Fischer (movie)
180.015STAR::ABBASIMon Aug 02 1993on dividing prize monies in tournemnts
181.03AMAMA::MPHELPSMon Aug 09 1993Fischer to play Polgars in blitz
182.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONFri Aug 13 1993Farewell
183.01STAR::ABBASIThu Aug 19 1993Chess Journalists of America's 1993 Awards announced
184.04MUZICK::SPELLMANThu Sep 30 1993Playing Up a Section ... One Guppy's Experience
185.010STAR::ABBASIMon Oct 04 1993 on sudden death time control, is it neccessary?
186.044STAR::ABBASIMon Oct 11 1993PCA qualifying tournament, PCA world champ. cycle etc..
188.09STAR::ABBASIThu Oct 21 1993FIDE rules, anything about FIDE etc..
189.011STAR::ABBASIWed Oct 27 1993the ladies world chess Championship match
190.01UHUH::MARISONThu Oct 28 1993chess via email, anyone?
191.06STAR::ABBASIMon Nov 01 1993 World Team Championships 1993 note
192.027STAR::ABBASISun Nov 14 1993Tilburg - Interpolis 1993 note
193.02WAYOUT::TALBOTThu Nov 18 1993Kasparov Sensor - Chess Computer
194.06BASLG1::BARNESMon Nov 29 1993CHESS3D.ZIP not shareware
195.01EVOCDG::REAMSTue Nov 30 1993Chess in other Countries
196.01AMAMA::MPHELPSWed Dec 01 1993Anyone at DECUS
197.01ANNECY::ADAMWed Dec 01 1993where to play near San Jose ?
198.03TOOK::MINTZThu Dec 02 1993Computer programs for kids (learning?)
199.0KERNEL::JACKSONThu Dec 02 1993Chess in Basingstoke
200.01STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 15 1993World championships history
201.02STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 22 1993 US closed chess championship 1993 note
202.03STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 22 1993 Belgrade Tournament December 1993
203.08STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 22 1993 Hastings 1993-1994 note
205.01STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 22 1993Petrosian games (LONG)
206.01STAR::ABBASISun Dec 26 1993GM open/PCA , 1993
207.038STAR::ABBASITue Jan 04 1994Linares 1994 note
208.01TOOHOT::LEEDSThu Jan 06 1994Mate declared but not real ???
209.02TFH::MAHENDRAThu Jan 13 1994Chess club/coach for 6 year olds
210.03SICVAX::WYATTThu Jan 13 1994InterNet Chess Server - ICS ???
211.042STAR::ABBASISun Jan 16 1994FIDE 1994 candidates matches note
212.02ROMA::JACKSONFri Jan 21 1994Looking for chess in Nashua
213.02KIRKTN::GILLESPIESMon Feb 07 19943-D CHESS
216.01OPTION::LAZARUSMon Apr 04 1994 Murphy-ACF International Results
217.020OPTION::LAZARUSMon Apr 04 19941994 NY Open
218.0STAR::ABBASIMon Apr 11 1994PGN standard (long)
219.015STAR::ABBASIMon May 02 1994chess , is it on the decline?
220.0OPTION::LAZARUSTue May 03 1994Kasparov-Polgar at PC Expo
221.03OPTION::LAZARUSMon May 09 1994Chess software repository
222.09SLO::VUJNOVICTue Jun 07 1994Chess and health
223.0OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jun 13 1994Munich 1994
224.01OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jun 13 1994Las Palmas 1994
225.012OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jun 13 1994Intel Sponsered Tournaments
226.03OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jun 13 1994Monaco 1994
227.017OPTION::LAZARUSTue Jun 14 1994PCA Candidates Quarterfinals
228.0OPTION::LAZARUSTue Jun 14 19941994 US Amateur
229.09OPTION::LAZARUSThu Jun 23 1994Reintros
230.08OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jun 27 19941994 tournaments
231.011OPTION::LAZARUSTue Jul 05 19941994 World Open
232.01OPTION::LAZARUSMon Jul 11 1994Socrates Computer Program
233.02OPTION::LAZARUSThu Jul 28 1994ESPN Chess
234.05GRIM::MESSENGERMon Aug 08 19941994 USCF Delegates Meeting
235.04OPTION::LAZARUSMon Aug 15 19941994 US Open
236.02OPTION::LAZARUSMon Aug 15 1994Another one bites the dust
237.01KYOSS1::LAZARUSFri Aug 19 1994Expert vs GM
238.03CCAD36::ADAMSMon Aug 29 1994Nasser 's Chess Career
239.07OPTION::LAZARUSFri Sep 02 1994Kasparov loses to Chess Genius!
240.01EVTPUB::COUILLAULTWed Sep 14 1994FTPing games?
241.0DNEAST::DUVAL_GEORGEFri Sep 16 1994Looking for opponent
242.02CCAD36::ADAMSMon Oct 03 1994PCA Candidates Semifinals
243.01TLE::EKLUNDThu Oct 13 1994New in Chess - contents?
244.01GRIM::MESSENGERWed Nov 02 1994NM Joel Johnson burned in house fire
245.03WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Nov 07 1994GNUchess
246.04EVTPUB::COUILLAULTWed Nov 16 1994Beginner's openings
247.0WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Jan 04 1995Kasparov RISC Advanced Turbo Trainer
248.02MUZICK::SPELLMANMon Jan 16 1995Tournament director/pairing software
249.07DECWIN::MESSENGERFri Feb 10 1995PCA Candidates Finals
250.0SPEZKO::OWENSWed Mar 01 1995Want Clock and Tapes
251.0SPEZKO::OWENSMon Mar 20 1995Amoskeag Chess Club 1995 Spring Events Calender
252.0248649::ADAMTue Mar 21 1995PC chess-positions editor
253.0KERNEL::TALBOTTue Mar 21 1995Chess is Salem?
254.0GRIM::MESSENGERSun May 07 1995Mikhail Botvinnik R.I.P.
255.0NYOSS1::YANNIOSMon Jun 05 1995Chess for Digital Unix (OSF/1)?
256.04NEMEA1::MOLLOYWed Jul 19 1995Location of Billerica and Westford chess clubs?
257.0SPEZKO::OWENSThu Jul 20 1995For Sale: Chess Set...
258.012KERNEL::TALBOTThu Aug 24 1995IM Norms
259.030RHETT::MOORETue Aug 29 1995Kasparov - Anand PCA World Championship Match
260.0STRATA::DUVALThu Oct 12 1995Promote Chess at all levels
261.015STRATA::DUVALWed Oct 25 1995VT-based chess program... Where?
262.01STRATA::DUVALTue Nov 07 1995Woman wins Maine Open makes history for ME Chess
263.0POWDML::GOFFThu Dec 07 1995New US Champ(s)
264.03POWDML::GOFFMon Jan 22 1996Another Super K
265.0+38POWDML::GOFFTue Feb 06 1996John Henry Kasparov
266.0JOBIM::VUJNOVICTue Mar 05 1996Time for 64-bit Alpha chess programs???
267.04SLBLUZ::BROCKUSThu Mar 28 1996A Digital chess program
268.0POWDML::GOFFThu Apr 11 1996How to Contact USCF
269.010REGENT::POWERSFri Jun 14 1996Karpov - Kamsky World Championship 1996 - games in 27
270.019REGENT::POWERSFri Jun 28 1996games from Karpov-Kamsky 1996
271.0RHETT::MOOREFri Aug 02 1996looking for lunchtime games at ALF
272.06SMURF::DANIELEMon Aug 26 1996The World vs Karpov
273.0GRIM::MESSENGERWed Sep 11 1996CHESS_DISCUSSION needs a new home
274.0 *+1ROCK::SAXONFri Jan 24 1997want a game