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Conference gidday::biology

Title:Biological and Medical Topics
Notice:`Infinite Voyage' DEC sponsored, see Astronomy note 358
Created:Sat Jan 10 1987
Last Modified:Sat Jul 27 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:212
Total number of notes:1572
Number with bodies:0
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1.010LDP::WEAVERSat Jan 10 1987Welcome to Biology
2.01LDP::WEAVERSat Jan 10 1987Topic Directory
3.07LDP::WEAVERSat Jan 10 1987Related Conferences
4.065PARITY::KARDELLTue Jan 13 1987Life Extension
5.018ABACUS::LOMBARDWed Jan 14 1987Good biology oriented schools
6.04RDGENG::WILTSHIRETue Jan 20 1987How/what can we control.
7.02CGHUB::CONNELLYThu Jan 29 1987Pineal gland and depression: role of light
8.09TLE::SAVAGEThu Feb 05 1987"Intentional kill behavior" of Lousiana motorists
9.07BRAT::PULKSTENISThu Feb 12 1987Immunity Breakdown
10.06CGHUB::CONNELLYSat Feb 21 1987Biological origin of sexual taboos?
11.04MLFS1::DALPETue Mar 10 1987DNA
12.0425172::MCVAYTue Mar 24 1987Spiders are exempt from normal reproduction rules?
13.02TLE::SAVAGEFri Mar 27 1987Helping salamanders cross the road
14.017TLE::SAVAGETue Mar 31 1987Killer bees
15.014INFACT::VALENZAMon Apr 06 1987Are Orangutans Our Closest Relatives?
16.04TLE::SAVAGEWed Apr 22 1987The next horror movie will feature...
17.01PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 25 1987Tapeworms
18.03TLE::SAVAGETue May 05 1987Selenium
19.022TLE::SAVAGEWed May 06 1987The cicadas are coming
20.0TLE::SAVAGEFri May 08 1987Snail Darters doing well
21.07BABEL::SAVAGEMon May 11 1987Limb regeneration
22.03GVAADG::GRANDCHAMPWed May 13 1987Computers in Biology?
23.011EDEN::KLAESFri Jun 05 1987Creating Genetic Slaves?
24.01FDCV1Wed Jun 17 1987Artificial Muscles
25.06AITG::FOSTERThu Jun 25 1987Sequencing
26.0TLE::SAVAGEFri Jun 26 1987U.S. Life Expectancy
27.0TLE::SAVAGEMon Jun 29 1987A new class of antibiotics
28.0TLE::SAVAGEMon Jun 29 1987Brain tissue grafting
29.0TRCATue Jul 07 1987Arthritis and Rheumatic Disorders
30.0PSW::WINALSKITue Jul 14 1987well, maybe not huggable, but in season now
31.031TLE::SAVAGEWed Jul 15 1987Biosphere II
32.03EAGLE1::BESTFri Jul 17 1987'Aliens' - an improbable life cycle ?
33.04DACT6::CHASEThu Jul 23 1987x-ray scanners?
34.01CURIUS::LEEWed Jul 29 1987What's a "clade"?
35.0368FDCV18::CURRENFri Jul 31 1987The Theory of Evolution
36.017961::TATLOWFri Aug 07 1987Caffeine
37.06LABC::FRIEDMANMon Aug 10 1987Bizarre
38.07KIRK::KOLKERMon Aug 10 1987magnetic fields may cause cancer
39.06SYSENG::NELSONFri Aug 14 1987Genetic Criminal Behavior?
40.013LABC::FRIEDMANThu Aug 20 1987Parthenogenesis
41.08AKOVThu Aug 27 1987Blue eyed parents
42.01EAGLE1::BESTFri Sep 11 1987A good taxonomy reference ?
43.06EAGLE1::BESTThu Sep 17 1987Phospholipid bonding diagram
44.015NEXUS::SALZERFri Sep 18 1987Nuclear war
46.0FDCV18::CURRENFri Sep 25 1987Coelacanths Photographed
47.0LDP::SYSTEMFri Sep 25 1987Notes Lost - Please Read
48.03WHYVAX::HAMPTONThu Oct 01 1987Biology-oriented bookstores
49.09RDVAX::DELLAFERAMon Oct 19 1987Contact lenses and health problems...
50.06MORGAN::MOREAUMon Oct 19 1987Phobias
51.0DICKNS::KLAESFri Nov 20 1987Biology Humor
52.010LILAC::MKPROJMon Nov 23 1987A question of relations...
53.024EAGLE1::BESTMon Nov 30 1987Food irradiation: is it a threat ?
54.01TLE::SAVAGEWed Dec 09 1987Hair of the Polar Bear
55.0TLE::SAVAGEMon Dec 14 1987Snake species you'll never see :-)
56.01031449::PURMALMon Dec 28 1987What causes the helium high voice?
57.025MERLAN::RIETERMon Jan 11 1988What do Biologists do at DEC?
59.02TLE::SAVAGEThu Mar 03 1988On human and animal 'intelligence
60.04SDOGUS::DRAKESun Mar 06 1988Genetic engineering software
61.0CHEST::BARRETTThu Mar 17 1988What is a Nondiscernable Microbionoculator????
62.01CHEST::BARRETTThu Mar 17 1988Help...what is a nondiscernible microbionoculator?
63.06SLDA::WHEALTONWed Mar 30 1988The Heart
64.05CASVWed Mar 30 1988Bacteria vs. bacterium?
65.09AIMHI::SMITHFri Apr 08 1988Where aren't there ape-men now?
66.012LEDS::KOONTZFri Apr 29 1988NutraSweet/Birth Defects Connection?
67.010HSKSat May 07 1988Green and grey eyes?
68.0MTWAIN::KLAESThu May 26 1988"The Geometry of Life" on TV
69.03CUSTOM::SAVKARMon Jun 06 1988The Formation Process for Male Gametes
70.0TRCAThu Jul 07 1988How's Dr Pauling?
71.06TWEED::E_HAYESFri Jul 08 1988H.S.C,
72.0LDP::WEAVERFri Jul 15 1988LDP:: conferences are back online!
73.04LILAC::MKPROJMon Jul 18 1988Looking for a good microscope.
74.04TLE::SAVAGETue Jul 19 1988Of what use are bug-zappers?
75.02EAGLE1::BESTThu Jul 21 1988MRI: how does it work ? distinguish from CAT
76.01ATSE::LEVANThu Jul 21 1988Used Microscope needed for Med student
77.019TLE::SAVAGEMon Jul 25 1988Fear of bats
78.04BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Aug 02 1988Biological Kingdoms
81.06MARX::ANDERSONSat Aug 13 1988IGNORANCE - Even among the educated
82.013FROTHY::GONDAFri Aug 26 1988Sneezing
83.01MTWAIN::KLAESWed Sep 07 1988Micromotors for Medicine?
84.08REGENT::MERRILLThu Sep 15 1988Can Video Screen Screw up Sight???
85.01CRUISE::GWESTROPPWed Oct 05 1988Career Search.
86.012DACT6::CHASEWed Oct 05 1988What determines blood type?
87.0MSDOA1::ATCHLEYThu Oct 20 1988Health Sciences Research Conference
88.016LILAC::MKPROJThu Oct 27 1988Survey results of science knowledge of Americans
89.083D::SANBORNMon Nov 14 1988Two colds at once?
90.0HSKFri Nov 25 1988Interactive on Evolution
91.01REGENT::MERRILLMon Nov 28 1988VDTs and vision
92.06BYTECH::MALLORYWed Dec 14 1988Amino Acid -LTRYPTOPHANE
93.01NEXUS::K_STRANDThu Dec 29 1988pharm. sales?
94.02AMIS::HOLSTENSONThu Jan 05 1989rabbits teeth question
95.0BSS::TEEUWEThu Jan 12 1989Nikon Microscope for sale
96.019BRAT::SMITHThu Jan 19 1989What are free radicals?
97.02HPSTEK::JKLINKENBERGThu Feb 23 1989Aflatoxin is DANGEROUS!
98.02DEALER::MIANOFri Mar 10 1989Combining Computer/Biology Interests?
99.01AISG::GANESHTue Mar 21 1989Graduate Studies...
100.022LANDO::BEHMThu Mar 30 1989Genetic geometry?
101.02WHYVAX::DELBALSOMon Apr 03 1989Genetic Engineering and Valdez, Alaska
102.06PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 15 1989gravity and embryonic development
103.03MINAR::BISHOPWed Apr 19 1989Balsa wood (ironwood, etc)
104.06SUBURB::PULLANRSat Jul 01 1989Sodium Chloride and perspiration.
105.0LDP::WEAVERWed Jul 19 1989Conference moving to LDPSCI::
107.07TOOK::TWARRENWed Nov 01 1989Any ideas for a biology seminar?
108.01WHYVAX::SAVAGEFri Nov 10 1989Computer models provide anatomy lesson
109.032375::WEAVERWed Dec 06 1989199
111.02ATREUS::WHITNEYTue Mar 06 1990Live Donor Liver Transplant?
112.05BRAT::SMITHFri Mar 30 1990Radiometric Dating Accuracy
114.05USMRM3::SPOPKESWed Apr 18 1990zoovival inc
115.022CSSE::NEILSENTue May 22 1990wonderful life
116.0MINAR::BISHOPSat May 26 1990Book Review: Structures, by Gordon
117.01MINAR::BISHOPSat May 26 1990Book Review: Plagues and Peoples
118.01AUSTIN::CHERUBINISat Jun 16 1990MACWORLD Article on Video Monitors and Health
119.010MAYDAY::ANDRADETue Jun 26 1990Sleep Drug
120.04KAOFS::S_BROOKFri Jul 20 1990Colour vision
121.02MLTVAX::SAVAGEMon Aug 06 1990Turtle power
122.0TRNOI2::RICCHIARDIMon Aug 13 1990Coleopters (That little noisy things)
123.01BUSY::DKHANMon Aug 13 1990Becoming a Nurse-Midwife
124.015MINAR::BISHOPMon Aug 27 1990Aging Gene? WSJ article on Johnson's Nematodes
125.07CARWSH::MURRAYThu Nov 29 1990Microscope: Getting microbeings to hold still
126.02LAOTZU::KELLYMon Jan 07 1991Artificial Life, anyone else?
127.02CIVIC::HALLTue Mar 05 1991Epilepsy
128.07CAFEIN::HYSONThu Mar 28 1991Influencing an unborn's gender via food?
129.0TLE::SAVAGEThu Apr 25 1991Doin' time for smuggling what?!
130.02HOTAIR::DAVISTue Apr 30 1991Lupus
131.0VAXRIO::MARCOSMon May 06 1991Living Mastodon Bacteria
132.04LAOTZU::KELLYMon May 06 1991biological vacations
133.0VAXRIO::MARCOSThu May 09 1991Boy or Girl?
134.010CSSE::NEILSENFri May 31 1991_The Search for Eve_
135.02TRCOWed Jun 12 1991Percentage of water in the human body
136.0TLE::SAVAGEMon Jun 24 1991Odd nest-protecting behavior of mockingbirds
137.03BRAT::SMITHThu Jul 18 1991Rigor Mortis? (sp?)
138.09BTOVT::BELLFri Aug 09 1991
139.03RTOISA::SUPPORT_ORThu Aug 22 1991Cervical vertebra ??
140.03TLE::SAVAGEFri Aug 23 1991Frogs and other amphibians
141.01FASDER::MTURNERMon Aug 26 1991Automated Visual Pattern Recogniton?
142.0TLE::SAVAGEWed Sep 04 1991Lyme disease
143.0MFOIS1::TURCHIFri Oct 11 1991ionizers
144.02SOADC::LAMBFri Oct 11 1991The effect of man on the rate of evolution
145.0GOBAMA::CAMPBELLThu Nov 14 1991Arthritis and Crohn's Disease
147.0MCIS5::LEWMANFri Dec 06 1991INTO AFRICA...
149.04MARVIN::CASELLSWed Feb 12 1992Number of nucleotides/genes
150.02WOOK::LEEMon Apr 06 1992All Heads?
151.015SGOUTL::BELDIN_RFri Apr 24 1992Humanity under Natural Selection
152.04DIODE::CROWELLMon May 11 1992Flowers - What compounds are the colors?
153.0TLE::SAVAGEMon May 18 1992Largest living organism
154.01TLE::SAVAGETue Jun 02 1992Walking catfish
155.07TLE::SAVAGETue Jun 02 1992Cockroaches
156.0TLE::SAVAGEFri Jul 24 1992The Compleat Butterfly Park
157.04DIODE::CROWELLSun Aug 23 1992Does soap kill germs?
158.01KALI::WIEBEMon Sep 14 1992Does HIV cause AIDS?: The Duesberg hypothesis
159.01NEWVAX::SGRIFFINFri Sep 18 1992Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
160.01ESOA11::BRAMHALLMon Sep 21 1992Biotech firms in New England?
161.0ESOA12::BRAMHALLTue Sep 22 1992Biohacker Kits?
162.0148451::CLCThu Nov 05 1992ADAM interactive CDROM
163.02DWOVAX::STARKWed Feb 03 1993Bio Energy Fields ever revisited ?
164.03DWOVAX::STARKMon Feb 08 1993Book: Molecules_of_the_Mind, Jon Franklin
165.025TLE::SAVAGEThu Mar 18 1993Intro to Evolutionary Biology
166.0DWOVAX::STARKMon May 03 1993Book Review: The Three Pound Universe
167.03QCAADC::SUNDERThu May 06 1993Pediatric Heart Problems
169.02DWOVAX::STARKTue Jun 01 1993The Chaotic Brain
170.03YUPPY::EVANSJWed Jun 02 1993Bird Physiology/Pharmacology
171.01CSLALL::MKELLYTue Jun 08 1993Lou Gehrig's Disease
172.02VNABRW::BUTTONWed Jun 09 1993Male Sexuality.
173.012NITMOI::KISMIF::STUKALINFri Jun 11 1993Bubonic Plague
174.0NIOMAX::LAINGThu Jun 24 1993WANTED: 2 Dougal Dixon books
175.02ANNECY::HUMANMon Jun 28 1993shaving
176.02METSYS::REVELLMon Jul 26 1993Carbon Dating
177.01NAPIER::RAJTue Aug 03 1993Nerve Damage
178.0TLE::SAVAGEThu Aug 12 1993Suicidal rodents
179.0DWOVAX::STARKFri Aug 13 1993Book: Neutral Models in Biology, Nitecki & Hoffman
180.02PEKING::WARBURTONGMon Aug 23 1993Classification
181.01RDGE33::SMITHSONDThu Aug 26 1993MICRO-BIOLOGY...Books to read ?
182.0DWOVAX::STARKTue Aug 31 1993Book: Genetics, Speciation and the Founder Principle
183.08METSYS::REVELLThu Oct 07 1993Muscle strength.
184.03MINNY::GOODMon Nov 01 1993Human Cloning?
185.04ANNECY::HUMANWed Nov 10 1993plant identity
186.0VAXSPO::GILSONTue Dec 28 1993Oligopontocerebellar atrophy ???
187.03PEKING::WARBURTONGMon Jan 10 1994Does the Hays diet have any scientific validity ?
188.02TLE::JBISHOPTue Jan 11 1994Hen's teeth--do they ever occur?
189.0TLE::SAVAGETue Feb 15 1994Positions available: fisheries biology
190.011JUPITR::MESSENGERSat Feb 19 1994Ejaculation composition
191.03QUIVER::DESMONDTue Mar 01 1994HPV -- Human Papoloma (sp?) Virus?
192.020SNOFS1::ZANOTTOTue Apr 05 1994Discussion of Subliminal techniques
193.01LARVAE::WIGGLESWORTHFri May 13 1994Dominant Rabbits
194.03AIMHI::DANIELSMon Aug 01 1994Boiled vs. Unboiled Chlorophyll?
195.0AUSSIE::AMOSWed Oct 12 1994"Australopithecus Ramidus"
196.0RICKS::TOOHEYSat Jan 28 1995Cell Magazine
197.02KAMALA::DREYERFri Apr 14 1995What's autosomal?
198.04MOLAR::DELBALSOTue Apr 25 1995How did this aquatic beetle "migrate"?
199.02MIMS::WILBUR_DSat May 06 1995Your DNA info for a price
200.02MIMS::WILBUR_DFri May 26 1995Genetic studies under attack.
201.03PERFOM::NRAJANTue Jun 27 1995A question of vision
202.03MIMS::WILBUR_DSat Sep 30 1995Human developes from unfertilized egg.
203.01KOZY::SARKOZYThu Dec 28 1995Biological computing?
204.0MIMS::WILBUR_DWed Jan 03 1996Qt Syndrome Gene
205.0MIMS::WILBUR_DWed Jan 03 1996Gene linked to peronality trait (Excitablity)
206.02MIMS::WILBUR_DWed Jan 10 1996Rodents and Rabies
207.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Jan 26 1996Rabbits, Rats,Primates and Tree Shrew Genetic studies.
208.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Mar 08 1996USA today March 7th. Sheep have been cloned
209.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Mar 15 1996Allergen crosses food as genes sliced.
210.0MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Mar 15 1996Gene Maps completed "Of Mice and Men"
211.0ALFSS2::WILBUR_DSat Jul 27 1996Women's eggs to be grown in labs.
212.0ALFSS2::WILBUR_DSat Jul 27 1996Spinal regeneration