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Conference giadev::decstation

Title:DECstation PC Conference
Notice:register note 2, see notes 3 & 4
Created:Tue Jan 10 1989
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:7470
Total number of notes:34994
Number with bodies:819
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1.01RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989Welcome to DECstation PC Notes
2.0+573RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989Introductory Note
3.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 13 1989see reply 1 for decstationland who's who
4.02RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989see reply 1
5.02--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 29 1989DECstation PC 199
6.098PSYCHE::BEAUDREAUTue Jan 24 1989use 'dir 6.*' for directory of this note
7.04RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989material from todays announcement
8.01RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989Novell Certifications
9.05RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989PC Support BBS
10.0RAINBO::WHITEFri Jan 13 1989<reserved>
11.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMSat Jan 14 1989PC-DECstations support in V2.2 of DECnet-DOS/PCSA?
12.018KIPPIS::BACKSTROMSat Jan 14 1989Europe?
13.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMSat Jan 14 1989How much do PC-DECstations cost?
14.07SHIRE::INGRAMMon Jan 16 1989Request for product announcement documentation
15.01DPDMAI::POPIKMon Jan 16 1989I'd like a DECStation 32
16.04BRDWLK::BRAMONMon Jan 16 1989Option Support Questions
17.010RAINBO::SARGENTTue Jan 17 1989!= DECstation 31
18.08SCOMAN::RAPHAELSONTue Jan 17 1989Tandy vs Decstation value?
19.02SCOMAN::RAPHAELSONTue Jan 17 1989Use DECdirect option hardware?
20.04SCOMAN::RAPHAELSONTue Jan 17 1989DECstations & WPS keys?
21.018GUCCI::HERBTue Jan 17 1989Need Technical Data ASAP!!
22.049IJSAPL::MCADOOWed Jan 18 1989DECstations and RZ disks
23.06MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Jan 18 1989PC Lan SERVER and DECstations
24.06MERIDN::PANZERWed Jan 18 1989VT Terminal Emulation Software
25.02TRCAWed Jan 18 1989Wanted - DECstation PC's disk perf. figures
26.035SNOCWed Jan 18 1989DECstations 21
27.01SNOCThu Jan 19 198924
29.010CSOA1::HALLIGANFri Jan 20 1989XENIX, DECstations and Tandy printers
30.03TRCAMon Jan 23 1989What TANDY Products Supported?
31.024SANFAN::DAIGLEMIMon Jan 23 1989Quality Control on the Tandy
32.03MUSKIE::HENDRIKSENMon Jan 23 1989Can I add an internal drive?
33.07OTOOMon Jan 23 1989VGA - LIMS DEPCA etc.
34.01DECLNE::KENNYTue Jan 24 1989What type of memory is on a Decstation?
36.03MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Jan 25 1989Questions about Note 35 and TANDY
37.01OTOOWed Jan 25 1989olivetti help
38.01MISFIT::HAUSTPWed Jan 25 1989What is our Version of this Solution
39.01ODIXIE::HIPPWed Jan 25 1989Decstation against IBM PC's
40.0516771::PUCKETTWed Jan 25 1989DECstations and the LK25
41.02OTOOThu Jan 26 1989MS-DOS enhancements?
42.04DECLNE::KENNYThu Jan 26 1989Display 132 columns?
43.05DECLNE::KENNYThu Jan 26 1989Software available for Decstations
44.02RAINBO::MONTEMERLOThu Jan 26 1989PC4
45.09RAINBO::MONTEMERLOThu Jan 26 1989DECstation PC Performance
46.011SNOCThu Jan 26 1989OS/2 with SCSI support - when?
47.01SCOMAN::RAPHAELSONFri Jan 27 1989Sell Bios separately?
48.037SNOCSun Jan 29 1989Tandy VGA compatability question
49.05DIODE::CROWELLMon Jan 30 1989What conf for DECstation 31
50.0SPCTRM::HOOKSMon Jan 30 1989Pricing Information
51.016WIENER::SCHOELLERTue Jan 31 1989Disk Drives
52.05OTOOTue Jan 31 1989Hard Disk Coding Schemes?
53.012SNOCTue Jan 31 1989where is the truly diskless DECstation?
54.05TROAWed Feb 01 1989Real Life Problems with a 32
55.018SNOCThu Feb 02 1989why no mouse?
56.02HOCUS::DITHMERFri Feb 03 1989DEcwindows confusion
57.04TRCAFri Feb 03 1989DS316 vs DS32
58.05ANTPOL::PRUSSMon Feb 06 1989SCSI Throughput?
59.025DEMOAX::KUHLTue Feb 07 1989AT disk on 286
60.036VIDEO::SILLIKERTue Feb 07 1989DEC Printers on DECstations
61.05WAV12::ADAMTue Feb 07 1989tech manual???
62.053SNOCWed Feb 08 1989DECstation Services for MS-DOS ???
63.012POBOX::WEISERWed Feb 08 1989VGA/EGA/CGA
64.08TEASE::LEARYThu Feb 09 1989View from the Federal Government
65.03WOODRO::ENGLANDERFri Feb 10 1989Keyboard compatibility ?
66.0RAINBO::WHITETue Feb 14 1989caution: error in competitive update article
67.031OTOOWed Feb 15 1989Mix and Match Memory?
68.010MERIDN::JENNINGSThu Feb 16 1989Written Response needed!
69.02MERIDN::JENNINGSFri Feb 17 1989RX5
70.08MUSKIE::AKERLINDFri Feb 17 1989Where Oh Where did the Memory Go?
71.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 17 1989DS316 - Where's the memory?
72.09WONDER::BENTOFri Feb 17 1989Rainbow to DECStation 32
73.05NUTMEG::MAXIMOUSSun Feb 19 1989Expanded memory not available with DEPCA
74.01TEASE::LEARYMon Feb 20 1989Tandy/Grid Anouncement
75.02OTOOTue Feb 21 1989help on 14$mcdn opportunity
76.02--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 21 1989WHEN PC'S SELL IN EUROPE ?????
77.03BMT::WELLISTue Feb 21 1989Do DECstations replace DECmates?
78.025POBOX::SMITHDWed Feb 22 1989What 3rd party disks?
79.03RAVEN1::STOGNERWed Feb 22 1989Employee purchase of the new DECSTATIONS
81.0MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Feb 28 1989DECstation Package Recommendation
83.02CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Mar 01 1989RAM disk utility?
84.06WAV12::ADAMThu Mar 02 19893 floppies..need help fast
85.012EMASS::PARKThu Mar 02 1989DOS high mem & DECmode problems
86.011NUTMEG::MAXIMOUSFri Mar 03 1989DEMM.SYS using too much memory
87.0RAINBO::WHITEFri Mar 03 1989decstation hotline & hotmail info
90.02BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 08 1989!.44 disk drive problem ?
91.04BIMINI::MACGILVARYThu Mar 09 1989Need Performance Specs SCSI Drives
92.02TRCOThu Mar 09 1989Above-board problem on 21
93.07NYEM1::FERMIThu Mar 09 1989DEPCA mouse don't work
94.01IND::CESAREOFri Mar 10 1989Tandy 5
95.02NATASH::COUGHLINMon Mar 13 1989Is VGA to S/VHS high res TV possible?
96.08BREAKR::UDICKMon Mar 13 1989Missing Operating system - FDISK/2partitions
97.0LDP::HOFFMANTue Mar 14 1989DEClab on a DS3xx ?
98.06TRCOFri Mar 17 1989VT HARDWARE Emulation
99.05MACGPX::MOYTue Mar 21 1989Help in DEMM.SYS usage...
100.02FSTRCK::MSMITHWed Mar 22 1989DS21
101.04GENRAL::COFFEEWed Mar 22 1989Motherboards Anyone????
102.04WAV12::LEAHYThu Mar 23 198916" or 19" Monitor Required
103.03SRFSUP::GOETZEFri Mar 24 1989Our modem card vs. Tandy's?
104.01VICKI::LONGFri Mar 24 1989Booting DECstation
105.04DAVE::MITTONSat Mar 25 1989Is the H8571-J missing some wires?
106.0CADSE::YELTONTue Mar 28 1989Review of DECstation 32
107.01POBOX::DIDATOTue Mar 28 1989Memory Maps for Decstations
108.02CSOA1::NAUWed Mar 29 1989Won't give up on ST5
109.05GLDOA::COHENWed Mar 29 1989Remote Booting 3.5" disk on PCLAN/Server 2
110.02TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Mar 30 1989Desqview, terminal emulation & the GOLD key?
111.01TRCAFri Mar 31 1989DEC32
112.08MAIL::MCLANEFri Mar 31 1989DS32
113.0NERDS::WESTCOTTSun Apr 02 1989No, We don't do Novell!
114.04GRANPA::JZITELMANTue Apr 04 1989DOS 4.
115.03KOBAL::WIXONTue Apr 04 1989FAX modem for 32
116.04GIDDAY::PIIPFri Apr 07 1989Programing VGA Pallet?
117.01BREAKR::UDICKFri Apr 07 1989Keyboard Mapping for DS 32
118.09TRCAFri Apr 07 1989DEC32
119.01TRCATue Apr 11 1989?? 'Wait State' reduction for DECstation 21
120.01LVOVAX::DECKERTue Apr 11 1989DECSTATION 21
121.05ODIXIE::HIPPWed Apr 12 1989Monitor for VGA adaptor
122.05CGOOThu Apr 13 1989SCSI Conflicts...
123.01AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Apr 14 19898
124.02MUSKIE::WITTMERMon Apr 17 1989PCSA/windows no memory left???
125.03MOSAIC::WHITEWed Apr 19 1989sco xenix for decstation
126.0OLYMP::RUEFFThu Apr 20 1989Standard 16
127.07ATLS15::SAKOVICH_AFri Apr 21 1989VGA util & 132 column SETHOST?
128.04BREAKR::UDICKFri Apr 21 1989DS 32
129.05TRCOMon Apr 24 1989Printing from a 316?
130.05MAIL::MCLANETue Apr 25 1989Expensive Problems.. Help
131.03DEBUG::IRONSWed Apr 26 1989Depca and slow clock?
132.05RAINBO::WHITEWed Apr 26 1989European PC program announcement
133.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Apr 26 1989H8571-J
134.018SIETTG::HETRICKWed Apr 26 1989Technical reference manuals
135.03TRCAWed Apr 26 1989Emulation under MS-WINDOWS v2.
136.03TRCAWed Apr 26 1989Mousing Around with a 316?
137.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed Apr 26 1989PC-DECstation 2
138.07KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed Apr 26 1989PC-DECstation 2
139.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed Apr 26 1989PC-DECstation 2
140.01GIDDAY::WALESWed Apr 26 1989Will SCSI and ST5
141.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Apr 27 1989DECstation 2
142.04AVNGRS::BOELKEThu Apr 27 1989Rumor Control
143.08RAINBO::MONTEMERLOThu Apr 27 1989European DECstation Product List
144.03OTOOThu Apr 27 1989DECstation and DEPCA Rev.D
145.02STAR::WILLISFri Apr 28 1989VR29
146.03RAINBO::DIMARIOMon May 01 1989International DECStation 21
147.01MISFIT::STEIDLEMon May 01 1989DEPCA-CA??
148.0TRCAMon May 01 1989Rating Survey/User Polls?
149.02CIVAGE::STASSEMon May 01 1989Disk Access times?
150.02USWRSL::PALERMO_VITue May 02 198932
151.03KYOA::HUSBYWed May 03 1989Searching for 1989 issue of MIPS Magazine
152.02NUTMEG::RYANThu May 04 1989Datalink/PCFS/memory problem
153.03FSTRCK::CURLEThu May 04 1989Printing to local printer in windows
154.06PARVAX::CHRISTIANFri May 05 1989CTI Diagnose Diagnostics
155.04MORONI::THOMSONMon May 08 1989Can I have 3 serial ports and still run PCSA?
156.010TRCATue May 09 1989MEMORY SIMMs Problem??
157.03SIETTG::HETRICKWed May 10 1989Documentation, and Performance
158.02MONICA::LUCASWed May 10 1989SCSI Adapter Problem
159.02HAMSTR::LITMANThu May 11 1989Problem loading application onto DS21
160.03OTOOFri May 12 1989Oracle & Speed Questions
162.08BMT::MONASCHMon May 15 1989DECstation Standalone Kit
163.04MEIS::MAINSMon May 15 1989DECstation Options and the VAXMATE...
164.05BSS::DAHLGRENMon May 15 1989Cache memory?
165.02USWRSL::PALERMO_VITue May 16 1989Utilization of SIMM's
166.07AVNGRS::BOELKETue May 16 1989Keyboard locking up
167.010BMT::MAUROWed May 17 1989Floppy questions...
168.04BMT::MAUROWed May 17 1989Ultrix on the PC's?
169.02CIMNET::RIOThu May 18 1989Certifying Applications on DECstations
170.01CANYON::GURALNIKThu May 18 1989DS32
171.02DPDMAI::WATERHOUSEThu May 18 1989D21
172.09SNOCThu May 18 1989notes from the ANC meeting
173.08WIOVAX::OSCARFri May 19 1989QuarterDeck, PCSA, and DECstation 316??
174.02GLDOA::HACKSun May 21 19893.5 inch floppy compatibility with PS/2 @1.44MB
175.02BMT::MONASCHMon May 22 1989Polaroid Palette
176.0MILRAT::NORMANMon May 22 1989
177.02BAGELS::MCQUADEMon May 22 1989 Monitor and HD Controller question
178.07SAHQ::STANTONTue May 23 1989Memory Lapse
179.07AVNGRS::BOELKETue May 23 1989SEDT
180.016KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed May 24 1989PC-DECstations 2
181.07TRCAThu May 25 1989PCSA/DECstation Rolling Demos Needed
182.01TRCUThu May 25 1989386AIX (UNIX) from HCR?
183.017GOLETA::REDDEN_BOFri May 26 1989Remote package from DCA on DS21
184.01USWRSL::PALERMO_VIFri May 26 19898
185.02TROAFri May 26 1989Hard Disk Disappears (No Boot Device)
186.01LDP::FALSAFIFri May 26 1989DEPCA Mouse driver?
187.04POBOX::SOBELTue May 30 1989VGA mono w/Word Perfect
188.016HACMAN::HACKTue May 30 1989Need modem cable for 9-pin serial port.
189.01PTMUGU::SCHENKER_DATue May 30 1989Shared LN
190.01CIVIC::ISBELLTue May 30 1989Harvard Graphics on a DECstation 316.
191.03FSTRCK::CURLEWed May 31 1989DEMM.SYS performance slow
192.012ATODL1::ISELI_DFri Jun 02 1989Rainbow vs DECstation
193.021STAR::WILLISFri Jun 02 1989Host adpter not found??
194.05POBOX::DIDATOSat Jun 03 1989Quality Control Procedures??
195.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jun 05 1989depca diags
196.02CGOSMon Jun 05 1989PCSA and Norton problems
197.01GENRAL::COFFEETue Jun 06 1989Plug DEPCA in clone?
198.09FDCV26::HUSTONTue Jun 06 1989Problems adding third party floppy.
199.0DPDMAI::GREINERThu Jun 08 1989SCSI Cont.
201.02MORONI::THOMSONFri Jun 09 1989Programs in ROM?
202.01MISFIT::BAXTERFri Jun 09 1989
204.019EMASS::PARKFri Jun 09 1989QEMM example
205.02TOOHOT::BSTANNARDMon Jun 12 1989VR241 with DECstations?
206.011OTOOWed Jun 14 1989Multinational Character Set?
207.015FTMUDG::HAINESMon Jun 19 1989DS316/Symphony/Scholar modem problem
208.02OTOOMon Jun 19 1989Replace v. Add Memory
209.020EPIK::PWONGMon Jun 19 19896-Meg DECstation 32
210.02DELNI::D_SCAVEZZEMon Jun 19 1989SIMMs, DEMM.SYS, and Field Service
211.02CANYON::GURALNIKMon Jun 19 1989Norton SI Rating, Novell client/server, Token Ring?
212.04SUTRA::WHITETue Jun 20 1989europc notes file announcement
213.05TRFSV1::WEBSTERTue Jun 20 19893
214.01LOMBRD::HUDSPETH_WITue Jun 20 1989Stock/Commodities PC Applications
215.07HGOVC::LAWRENCEWed Jun 21 1989DECStation -> LVP16 ?
216.05NEWVAX::FS71RWed Jun 21 1989What is DECstation 212?
217.02CSOA1::RANKINFri Jun 23 1989Software help on DECstation 32
218.01CANYON::GURALNIKFri Jun 23 1989Flaky 2MB Floppy/Diskette Drive
219.013HQBIC::DCARRFri Jun 23 1989Symphony Q&A, init procedures, on DECstation
220.01LAGUNA::BLUNDELL_JEFri Jun 23 1989DECstation ordering info / typo?
221.02BRADOR::BAIRDMon Jun 26 1989TK7
222.05HXOUMon Jun 26 1989DECstation Configurations
223.06LAGUNA::BLUNDELL_JETue Jun 27 19898
224.02ACESPS::SMILEYWed Jun 28 1989BACKUP Reports "Insufficient memory" Error
225.06OTOOWed Jun 28 1989PS/2 Lockout specs?
226.01KAOFS::PEDERSENWed Jun 28 1989ROM BIOS and Slow Display
227.0233MISFIT::BAXTERTue Jul 04 1989SCSI TARGET
228.02TRCAWed Jul 05 19891
229.06CADSE::ABTWed Jul 05 1989How do I utilize the 8
230.02SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu Jul 06 1989Monitor 'pop' / screen jump
231.017MTECHO::MOYERThu Jul 06 1989Mouse, Memory and Window Questions from New Owner
232.0FINSER::JENNINGSThu Jul 06 1989Urgent Help Needed!
233.01SNOCFri Jul 07 1989save memory with HICARD
234.06CADSE::ABTFri Jul 07 1989!!DEMM on DS32
235.01MISFIT::BAXTERFri Jul 07 1989Drive Parking and Screen Saving?
236.010COOKIE::SORENSENMon Jul 10 1989Help with LA75P printer on DS32
237.02SAURUS::YOUNGMon Jul 10 1989Looking for Dust Covers.
238.030SEAVU::DAVIDMon Jul 10 1989316 1MB Question ?
239.05BMT::MONASCHMon Jul 10 1989Keyboard Problem
240.05CADSE::BRANDEWIETue Jul 11 1989HW Maintenance? PCSA? DEPCA? Non-DEC hard drives?
241.01SQLRUS::STOLLERTue Jul 11 1989Tower too wide for Tape Drive
243.017DYPSS1::MOYERThu Jul 13 1989PC return policy != customer satisfaction
244.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jul 14 1989HP scanjet
245.0WAV12::REGISTRARFri Jul 14 1989Intro to MS-DOS & PCs -- training Info
246.0OURBOX::LAZARUSMon Jul 17 1989LK25
247.0GLORY::BURNSMon Jul 17 1989Is DEC selling new Tandy?
248.010DNEAST::HARRIS_STEVEMon Jul 17 1989Temp. Monitor for 32
249.022SEAVU::DAVIDMon Jul 17 1989BAD 3.5" Diskettes ? HELP !
250.02ELWOOD::NORCOTTMon Jul 17 1989DECstation UNIX questions
251.01CALYPS::KERBERTue Jul 18 1989Has anyone done a TANDY 1
252.03MISFIT::BAXTERWed Jul 19 1989DECstation EPP warranty
253.017WAV14::DENTONWed Jul 19 1989DECstation <==> Scholar??
254.02YUBERT::FANGWed Jul 19 1989Does VGA controller use up conventional memory??
255.04SEAVU::DAVIDThu Jul 20 1989DS316 SERIAL PORT HELP ?
256.0LACVThu Jul 20 1989manufactured ?
257.04EPSDEV::MILLERThu Jul 20 1989Can print from Windows but not DOS to LA5
258.01HQBIC::DCARRThu Jul 20 1989DECstation Keyboard map to LK2
259.04HQBIC::DCARRThu Jul 20 1989Print at 132 or 8
260.02CHRLIE::HUSTONThu Jul 20 1989PCSA devices keep going away
261.01MCIS2::POLLERTFri Jul 21 1989Looking for PCSA /DECstation software
263.010LEDDEV::GUSTINFri Jul 21 1989Tandy floppy drive interface?
264.09NAC::J_OBERTITue Jul 25 1989Stealth F19 bomber locks up.
265.02USWRSL::PALERMO_VITue Jul 25 1989BAD Command Interpretor-HELP!!!
266.04LDP::BOWIEThu Jul 27 1989DECstations, Rainbows, and RX5
267.0WAV14::DENTONThu Jul 27 1989SCHOLAR<==>MCI comm. problems
268.07MISFIT::HAUSTPFri Jul 28 1989DECstation 32
269.0RAVEN1::STOGNERFri Jul 28 1989What game card/bus mouse to buy ?
270.03CLUSTA::TAMIRMon Jul 31 1989DS21
271.01SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMMon Jul 31 1989LA75 graphics printing problem
273.02TALK::WRIGHT_RWed Aug 02 19893rd party SCSI drive recommendations ???
274.010ASDS::ROODYWed Aug 02 1989Help with MS windows/excel/dec mouse problem
275.05ELMAGO::DBONNVILLEThu Aug 03 1989Could use help making copies of my old programs
276.04MURP::HINXMANThu Aug 03 1989Before I call Field Service...
278.01SRFSUP::LANGSTONFri Aug 04 1989
279.07CACIQE::RUIZJFri Aug 04 1989SOFTWARE PROBLEM IN DECstation 316
280.03DLOTue Aug 08 1989New Price List Items, What are they (for)
281.01NUKIBM::LEAHYTue Aug 08 1989ds316 failure
282.08TOWNS::DOERINGTue Aug 08 1989DEMM/QEMM with DS21
283.07GIDDAY::WALESWed Aug 09 1989Is the TZ3
284.014FSHQA1::CSUTTERThu Aug 10 19895.25 1.2mb drive problems
285.0HQBIC::DCARRThu Aug 10 1989UNITECH Freeware/Shareware for DS's - Great Stuff!
286.010MOSAIC::CURLESSMon Aug 14 1989Possibly this is the problem?!
287.031SQLRUS::STOLLERMon Aug 14 1989bad diskette drive? cockpit error? other?
288.04WALT::BIRDSALLMon Aug 14 1989EXE2BIN on Tandy
289.01WHTNEY::FRANCIS_ROTue Aug 15 1989LA75P double spacing on All-in-One
290.01ZGOVTue Aug 15 1989Is there any use for TZ3
291.04FSTRCK::MSMITHThu Aug 17 1989VGA bd switches
292.05CALYPS::KERBERThu Aug 17 1989Host Adaptor not found at 3
293.05HAMER::KENEFICKFri Aug 18 1989PIF's anyone?
294.03EXIT26::STRATTONFri Aug 18 1989How to order DECnet for the DECstation?
295.08SNOCMon Aug 21 1989URGENT - 32
296.0OTOOMon Aug 21 1989IDE 2
297.02HGOVC::CHRISWESTWed Aug 23 1989config ?'s + Transfer Costs
298.0HGOVC::CHRISWESTWed Aug 23 1989Far East Region Introduction
299.0NUKIBM::LEAHYThu Aug 24 1989
300.03ELWOOD::LUNKINSThu Aug 24 198932
301.04RAVEN1::MCKNIGHTThu Aug 24 1989VGA Screen saver option
302.02POGY::HAYESFri Aug 25 1989Reverse Video and DS21
303.02POLAR::BOWIEFri Aug 25 1989color monitor/vga brd.
304.04TOWNS::DOERINGFri Aug 25 1989DS21
305.01MAMTS6::JSTROYTue Aug 29 1989Atari to DS316 Conversion
306.01POCUS::OHARAWed Aug 30 1989Touch Screen
307.05CHET::BEAUCHESNEWed Aug 30 1989DS32
308.02GIDDAY::WALESThu Aug 31 1989Changing destination in SYTOS restore
309.04HQBIC::DCARRThu Aug 31 1989DS316 TEAC 5.25 drive prob. - Invalid configuration
311.01MPGS::JMILLERThu Aug 31 1989decstation 21
312.04OLDS::HARRISThu Aug 31 1989DS 316 - DEPCA problems
313.02TOOK::SALEMFri Sep 01 1989The DECstation 212. Do I need it?
314.011MOCA::RAMONTue Sep 05 1989LJ25
315.0MAMET::AMOUYALThu Sep 07 1989DR11W emulation on DECSTATION
316.01BRICHS::BARKER_EThu Sep 07 1989DECStation 35
317.01POBOX::HACKMANThu Sep 07 1989HELP with SETHOST on DS 316
318.016NAC::PURWINFri Sep 08 1989Not every one has thinwire,need vt24
320.07CRACKR::SYSTEMSat Sep 09 1989Editor
321.01CRACKR::SYSTEMSat Sep 09 1989External device
323.01ELWOOD::DMACKENZIEMon Sep 11 1989CGA Applications on DS32
324.02ARGUS::FIELDSTue Sep 12 1989XENIX <-> VMS file transfer?
325.03FSHQA1::CSUTTERTue Sep 12 1989Vertical O.K.?
326.04EXIT26::STRATTONThu Sep 14 1989DEPCA-CA versus DEPCA-KA
327.01TROAFri Sep 15 19893.5" drive delivery problem?
329.03MUSKIE::AWDESat Sep 16 1989STUCK Keyboard Problem
330.04MUSKIE::AWDESat Sep 16 1989SAVING The 24
331.03VAX4::BEELERSat Sep 16 1989Speaking of WPS-DOS ....
332.05CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSun Sep 17 198935MM and lockups.
333.0MQOSMon Sep 18 1989DECstation 32
334.06CSSE::GINSBURGMon Sep 18 1989ALL-IN-1 Gold Key?
335.04WAV14::ADAMMon Sep 18 1989os2 hard disk drives (ers)
336.02WHTNEY::FRANCIS_ROTue Sep 19 1989Application requires DO key!
337.01RAVEN1::KIDWELLWed Sep 20 1989COM3-COM4 support?
338.03CURIE::TURNERThu Sep 21 1989Need KERMIT for DECstation 316
339.04GLDOA::COHENThu Sep 21 1989Documentation Needs
340.02DZIGN::MALKEMESFri Sep 22 1989LOTUS 123 V3 ON DS32
341.06SNOCSun Sep 24 1989how dumb can we get?
342.02OURBOX::LAZARUSTue Sep 26 1989Site licenses for software
343.03KAOATue Sep 26 1989DS32
344.0MUTTON::LAMBTue Sep 26 1989WPSPLUS/DOS & Intg 24
345.02BRADOR::BAIRDTue Sep 26 1989touch screen ,voice and barcode?
346.05JUPITR::SBILLTue Sep 26 19895.25 and 3.5...What's the difference?
347.010DYPSS1::MOYERWed Sep 27 1989Lotus 123 & DS316 & 1 Meg memory
348.01CSCOA5::SMITH_MTWed Sep 27 198936
349.06NAC::PURWINWed Sep 27 1989Hacking AT drives for decstations
350.01WAV12::LASHERThu Sep 28 1989Some video diagnostic help please?
351.021SNOCThu Sep 28 1989IDE disk info please
352.02GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONThu Sep 28 1989DEMM on Model 5
353.01HGOVC::MINGFUNGThu Sep 28 1989VGA & Color Monitors
354.04TRCAFri Sep 29 1989DEMM.SYS not working on DS32
355.02MADHU::SAYANIFri Sep 29 1989Option cards work with IBM-AT?
356.01SQLRUS::STOLLERMon Oct 02 1989DESQVIEW and the DEC Spooler
357.01USEM::HONERMon Oct 02 1989VAX GRAPHICS
358.0ELWOOD::DMACKENZIEMon Oct 02 1989VGA and Video Attributes
359.019DFCON1::BOHRERTue Oct 03 1989trouble installing Fastback+ on DS32
360.012CACIQE::RUIZJTue Oct 03 1989DECmouse on VGA???
361.03DFCON1::BOHRERWed Oct 04 1989condensed print in IBM mode on LA75
362.05LAIDBK::VICTORThu Oct 05 1989Having problems...
363.032CRACKR::SYSTEMThu Oct 05 1989I hate 3 1/2 drives !
364.02EMASS::WESTCOTTThu Oct 05 1989UNIX on DECstation 32
367.02GLORY::SHIVESFri Oct 06 1989transfer between two PCs
368.05MEIS::FERRANTEMon Oct 09 1989Need LK25
369.05MPGS::SCANLONTue Oct 10 1989? 8 meg memory option DECstation 32
370.01NUKIBM::LEAHYTue Oct 10 1989how do i do a scsi format?
371.02REBOK::LEARYTue Oct 10 1989Open Desktop /Unix V/386
372.01CALDEC::LAMBERTTue Oct 10 1989SETHOST defaults changing.
373.05AKOV13::MATUSFri Oct 13 1989Projecting VGA video
375.013NUTMEG::MEISNERSat Oct 14 1989Windows' use of the VGA
376.03RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Oct 16 1989DECstation 212 Service Documentation?
378.01NUTMEG::MAXIMOUSFri Oct 20 1989Resolving Printing Problems with LPTCOM
379.01DFCON1::BOHRERFri Oct 20 1989HELP DESQ View locks up keyboard
380.03CADSE::ABTFri Oct 20 1989DS 32
381.01VIDEO::WELCHMon Oct 23 1989DS21
382.04CLUSTA::TAMIRMon Oct 23 1989Colour monitor only displays B&W
383.04OTOOTue Oct 24 1989Specs for Tape Drive???
384.01MAPROP::SPRICETue Oct 24 1989Digital Source for OS/2 for the internal machines
385.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 24 1989Environment space
386.01CRACKR::SYSTEMTue Oct 24 1989Environment space
388.0CRACKR::SYSTEMThu Oct 26 1989Remote Printing
389.03CGOOFri Oct 27 1989Problem printing .PS on 316....
390.01MAHAN::LAURENCELLESat Oct 28 1989Windows386 and PageMaker on DS316
392.06CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSun Oct 29 1989Shadow RAM
393.08WAV14::ADAMWed Nov 01 1989os2 on 316?
394.03USEM::LAAKThu Nov 02 1989MSmouse prob./Paintbrush
395.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Nov 02 1989local printer
396.07PENPAL::LAURENCELLEThu Nov 02 1989DS316-Procomm-Scholar+ setup?
397.03MEIS::FERRANTEThu Nov 02 1989Tablet/mouse interchangeability ???
398.03TIGEMS::GILMANThu Nov 02 1989DECSTATION to DECserver???
399.01SQLRUS::STOLLERFri Nov 03 1989Symphony Memory [Non]Usage
400.01DPDFri Nov 03 1989CPANEL.COM ??
401.08SALSA::BLUNDELLFri Nov 03 1989DECstation 212 questions
402.016SMEGIT::COHENMon Nov 06 1989Adaptec controller - how to low level format disk
403.03TIGEMS::REEDMon Nov 06 1989DECstation 32
404.03NUTMEG::MEISNERMon Nov 06 1989386 Max Extended mem mgr
405.01AKOV11::KWILSONMon Nov 06 1989Memory Expansion Configuration Question
406.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 06 1989DRAGON voice synthesis - Compatible?
407.03JETSAM::WILBURMon Nov 06 1989File transfer
408.09NEWVAX::THANNONTue Nov 07 1989DECstation questions
409.02MEIS::FERRANTETue Nov 07 1989HELP I lost my cursor
411.02CAM::ZIOMEKTue Nov 07 1989problem with tape installation
412.02EXIT26::STRATTONWed Nov 08 1989DS32
414.07WCSM::KOEPPLWed Nov 08 1989COM2 transmit, no receive
415.021WAV12::ADAMThu Nov 09 1989still need OS2 help
416.07IND::BORDENThu Nov 09 1989Modem Problem
417.02RDOVAX::NICOLLMon Nov 13 1989"Looking for info in all the wrong places"
418.03GUCCI::LOZANOMon Nov 13 1989DECstation can't find WPSDOS DRAWER
419.03ASDS::WARDTue Nov 14 1989DECstation/386SX/Third party
420.04TROATue Nov 14 1989Need The Right Cable
421.05SALSA::BLUNDELLWed Nov 15 1989Memory Upgrade Rules
422.0ENGINE::DORSEYThu Nov 16 1989human factors test participants wanted
423.0TOPDOC::LAURENCELLEFri Nov 17 1989Windows386 Kit for Sale
424.03ABACUS::BEELERSun Nov 19 1989Printer switching
425.01UKEDU::SWIGGMon Nov 20 1989Unix/Dos with DECstation 3
426.01DPDMAI::BERNALMon Nov 20 1989Set screen 132 or 8
428.04SNOCWed Nov 22 1989IDE - one more time (*PLEASE*)
429.07CSC32::WOESTEMEYERFri Nov 24 1989More 5.25 floppy WOES
430.03KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Nov 24 1989ST-125, DEPCA , FREEZE, DS21
431.04KOALA::BIRDSALLMon Nov 27 1989DEC Multinational on pc's
432.02MFGMEM::ERICKSONTue Nov 28 1989DECstation 32
433.08CLUSTA::TAMIRTue Nov 28 1989Do we do this to customers, too??
434.02WAV12::ADAMTue Nov 28 1989unusual memory question
435.01USEM::HONERWed Nov 29 1989DEcstation 316 memory in DEcstation 325
436.03CADSE::ABTWed Nov 29 1989shadow RAM;do I need it???
437.02MKFSA::CLOWWed Nov 29 1989Documentation needed
439.02RAINBO::SARGENTMon Dec 04 1989PCSA notesfile is down for a bit
441.02CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMTue Dec 05 1989ChargeCard & Shadowing.
442.014ABACUS::TOMASWed Dec 06 1989DS32
443.0RAINBO::MCPHERSONWed Dec 06 1989A good deal on modems??
444.04FREEBE::ROJThu Dec 07 1989confuse??????
445.02CADSE::ABTFri Dec 08 198932 bit dedicated RAM Slot
446.02POGO::HAINESMon Dec 11 1989Memory Boards Compatible for New/Old Decstations?
447.03TROATue Dec 12 1989SCSI controller interrupts
448.07TROAWed Dec 13 1989Print Screen With SETHOST
449.026SNOCWed Dec 13 1989design flaws fixed in the new models?
450.06CIVIC::FERRIGNOThu Dec 14 1989316'2 and 32
451.01HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Dec 14 1989resolution of our VGA monitor
452.0SANFAN::FRANCIS_ROMon Dec 18 1989Fatal Exit Code -
453.07CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Dec 19 1989Tandy DOS 3.3 to 4.
454.01CACHE::GOLDWed Dec 20 1989LN
455.03KAOFS::A_LALONDEThu Dec 21 1989Optical disk on Decstation (RRD4
456.03WR1FOR::BROOKS_ALThu Dec 21 1989Positioning?
458.013MEIS::FERRANTEFri Dec 29 198916-bit VGA cards. Useful or not ?
459.0SHALOT::WEIRFri Dec 29 1989Windows 386 - FatalError code =
460.0RAVEN1::STOGNERTue Jan 02 1990Selecting LA75 / Proprinter options....
461.0CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Jan 02 1990OS/2 Product Questions!
462.02CGOAWed Jan 03 19901
463.016WAV14::STEINHARTWed Jan 03 1990DEMM.SYS versus PCSA V3.
464.0NYJMIS::PFREYThu Jan 04 1990DECstation/LCG
465.06EMASS::WESTCOTTThu Jan 04 1990How do you delete NON-DOS partitions?
466.0COGITO::DUBIEThu Jan 04 1990decstation 32
467.04NETMAN::EWALTThu Jan 04 1990DECmouse incompatible with MS-Mouse
468.0MORK::FORMANThu Jan 04 1990Windows286 & PROCOMM+ Strangeness
469.01FREEBE::ROJMon Jan 08 1990Running la5
470.06DFCON1::BOHRERMon Jan 08 1990SCSI vs. IDE hard disk on DS325
471.08TLE::BRENDERMon Jan 08 1990Divide overflow loading SYMPHONY
472.01CTOAVX::JENNINGSFri Jan 12 1990A Course is needed!
473.02EXIT26::STRATTONFri Jan 12 1990Is it possible to print PostScript directly from DOS?
474.0POCUS::RUDOLPHMon Jan 15 1990new user
475.04ABACUS::TOMASMon Jan 15 1990GOLD key on LK25
476.04DNEAST::POULIN_DAVIDWed Jan 17 1990A Security Question ...
477.03MEIS::FERRANTEThu Jan 18 1990IS there software to read MAC floppies ?
478.0TROAThu Jan 18 1990Print With Windows
479.03GSRC::BARRASThu Jan 18 1990VGA graphics board in DECstation 316?
480.0NUTMEG::ROOSAThu Jan 18 1990A good Windows Term. Emulator
482.05RAVEN1::TIMMONSFri Jan 19 1990Int 6D on 16 bit DEC VGA?
483.0ARGUS::RICHARDMon Jan 22 1990LA75 and Mass. Tax Forms
484.012IAMOK::BARTOLOMEOMon Jan 22 1990Memeory question on PC325c!
485.07PLATY::GUERTINTue Jan 23 1990DEPCA Help Needed
486.04MORK::MALKOSKIWed Jan 24 1990SCO UNIX on DECstation
487.03SOSYS::HAYESThu Jan 25 1990Not Quite Hayes Compatable?
488.0POBOX::HOFFMANMon Jan 29 1990Help, RFP questions!
489.02SANFAN::FRANCIS_ROMon Jan 29 199035mm printing problem
490.02PENPAL::LAURENCELLETue Jan 30 1990No Mouse with PageMaker
491.0MCIS5::LESLIETue Jan 30 1990HELP-8MB OPTION!!
494.04CADSE::ABTTue Jan 30 1990EGA color when???
495.01WAV12::ADAMTue Jan 30 1990laserjet
496.01CIVAGE::SPRICETue Jan 30 1990Hi Res Image Monitor ?????
497.010DECLNE::WATKINSWed Jan 31 1990Keyboard Questions
498.0IAMOK::CAIAZZIWed Jan 31 1990LQP45 on 325's?
499.02SHALOT::DROWNWed Jan 31 1990BACKUP problem
500.08TROAWed Jan 31 1990DEC SETUP on 3rd party disk?
501.01CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri Feb 02 1990Keyboard question
502.09SOSYS::HAYESSun Feb 04 1990Technical Explaination of E
503.02SHARE::DOYLEMon Feb 05 1990Part #'s Needed...can anyone help?
504.014NRPUR::TURICKMon Feb 05 1990PCSA (Client or Standalone)
505.0MORONI::THOMSONMon Feb 05 1990OS/2 generally operable?
506.014CTOAVX::JENNINGSMon Feb 05 1990Lead Times!!!
508.02STKHLM::ROSENQVISTTue Feb 06 1990Unix & Decstation 3
509.01DPDMAI::PARKERDCTue Feb 06 1990XONXOFF ver 2.21 ?
511.04DECLNE::WATKINSTue Feb 06 1990Presentation Manager questions
512.01FACTFri Feb 09 1990316 System Hanging in Boot in BIOS?
513.0TRCOSun Feb 11 1990EGA not recognized on DECstation 3xx
514.02ASABET::MAGNANTIMon Feb 12 1990Printer Driver for Mircosoft Word
515.03MUSKIE::GETSCHMon Feb 12 1990Which 316 is the best?
516.03MS31Tue Feb 13 1990325 -
517.05MS31Tue Feb 13 1990Old keyboard - New plug!
518.01CRISTA::LEIMBERGERWed Feb 14 1990Decstation availability
519.0OTOAWed Feb 14 1990MS-DOS GRAPHICS support of 3rd party printers
520.0POCUS::OHARAWed Feb 14 1990Alt Key Question
521.02GAUSS::WEINRICHThu Feb 15 1990Streaming tape problem
522.01BRADOR::BAIRDThu Feb 15 1990Portable 386 LCD
523.02WLW::MOYERThu Feb 15 1990Blown monitor after < 1
524.04MEIS::FERRANTEThu Feb 15 1990Composite output from Paradise VGA 16-bit ??
525.0AKOV11::KWILSONFri Feb 16 1990DECstation Add-on Memory
526.01USEM::BERMANFri Feb 16 19901-2-3 Rel 3.
527.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Feb 18 1990Multimate problem on Tandy
528.021DASXPS::GALVINMon Feb 19 1990DECStation 325c: Will not Boot.
529.05WONDER::LINMon Feb 19 1990CMS JUMBO Tape Drive
530.03TRAMNR::Paul_HummerstonMon Feb 19 1990DS316 questions
531.010CLO::BARNETTTue Feb 20 1990DS212 for employee purchase?
532.04SMEGIT::EMERSONTue Feb 20 1990316sx - some assembly required!
533.03TRAMNR::Paul_HummerstonThu Feb 22 1990IS DS212 an XT or an AT (or both)?
534.05NANOOK::NULLThu Feb 22 199016 MHz 8
535.07NRPUR::TURICKThu Feb 22 19905.25" PROBLEM
536.03TPMARY::TAMIRThu Feb 22 1990Trouble with LK25
538.04TROAFri Feb 23 1990DS212LP, how many drives will fit?
539.04AUNTB::LANDERSMon Feb 26 1990DECdirect pre-assembly of custom configs
540.011USWAV1::SNIDERTue Feb 27 1990Joystick/Game Card?
541.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Feb 27 1990ds212lp vga resolutions
542.01JUPITR::TUORIWed Feb 28 1990"Emulation no longer a Problem"
543.010XFORM::PANWed Feb 28 1990Adaptec SCSI controller problems...
544.05GUCCI::LOZANOThu Mar 01 1990DS32
545.011IMLAY::COHENThu Mar 01 1990PC Differences: DEC/Tandy/GRid
546.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1990DECstation 325C power cable incompatability
547.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Mar 05 1990212lp serial ports
548.02FSHQA2::BJORGENSENMon Mar 05 19901
549.05ELWOOD::STEINBERGTue Mar 06 1990Problem with 5 1/4, 1.2M floppy
551.0KCBBQ::TERRYTue Mar 06 1990LK4XX PC Keyboard?
552.06HQBIC::DCARRTue Mar 06 1990Summary: Windows/Multi-tasking/Memory usage
553.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Mar 07 1990OS/2 v1.1 installation problem on Decstation 32
554.017MS31Thu Mar 08 1990New PCs?
555.01BDYSRF::SYSTEMThu Mar 08 1990Invalid Date - system hangs
556.01KAOS::MSCHMIDTThu Mar 08 1990Controller Address Problems
557.010DPDMAI::DENIGANThu Mar 08 1990DECstation 32
559.03COOKIE::INDERMUEHLETue Mar 13 1990Slow 3.5 and 5.25 floppies
560.01CSOA1::DUFFYTue Mar 13 1990RDD5
561.02TRCAWed Mar 14 1990DS212, wps, VAXes and printing
562.015POCUS::DRESNERWed Mar 14 1990DEC mouse really MS Mouse?
563.05POCUS::DRESNERWed Mar 14 1990Windows 386 doesn't work!
564.03PGG::MCKINNONWed Mar 14 1990PixelLab Image Controller? /Western Dig. Ethernet??
565.01WEFXEM::MINERFri Mar 16 1990Not enough memory?
566.020JAWJA::GRESHFri Mar 16 1990LJ25
567.017CSCOA5::CURLE_AFri Mar 16 1990EXCEPTION 13 with QEMM on a DECstation 325c
568.01JUPTR::LAURENCELLEMon Mar 19 1990How to use Ext Memory
569.012HGOVC::ARTHURCHUNGWed Mar 21 1990LJ25
570.02NETMAN::STRINGERWed Mar 21 1990Connecting an LN
571.08CUJO::TOBIASSENThu Mar 22 1990A New 325c System Designed Not to Work
572.06CADSE::ABTThu Mar 22 1990VGA card repaired???
573.04WFOV11::PITONIAKThu Mar 22 1990Decpa/Microsoft Problems???
574.06BCSE::SENECHALThu Mar 22 1990Another DS-32
575.01SAGE::AUSTINThu Mar 22 1990Postscript, LPS4
576.01ROMFri Mar 23 1990DEMM386.SYS new version
577.01DPDFri Mar 23 1990hooking a VR29
578.0SAGE::AUSTINSat Mar 24 1990For Sale - UPGRADE to 8
579.05HQBIC::DCARRMon Mar 26 1990MAC SE/2
580.09THOTH::FILZTue Mar 27 1990PC questyion
581.0UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDTue Mar 27 1990Diacritic Characters on DECstations?
582.07HYDRA::CALAMARITue Mar 27 1990COM3/4 support on DECstation 32
583.07DUGGAN::PAGETue Mar 27 1990325 Reports 639k of Memory
584.013JUPTR::LAURENCELLEWed Mar 28 1990QEMM and VGA problem
585.0WFOV11::PITONIAKWed Mar 28 1990LN
586.013POCUS::OHARAWed Mar 28 1990PC Tools Deluxe
587.0MEIS::FERRANTEWed Mar 28 1990VT32
588.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 29 1990backup and ds32
589.033KAOFS::W_GILROYFri Mar 30 1990SuperVGA monitor for 316sx
590.01LANZA::LANZAFri Mar 30 1990325C serial port
591.013WILARD::JENNINGSFri Mar 30 1990Comments from a paying customer
592.014PGG::MCKINNONFri Mar 30 1990LN
593.0WFOV11::PITONIAKMon Apr 02 1990LN
594.03MUTTON::LAMBMon Apr 02 1990Hard disk problem (deleted files in top directory)
595.03SELECT::ALVAREZTue Apr 03 1990IBM-AT Hardware Upgrade Questions
596.04SHARE::BENTLEYTue Apr 03 1990MS-Windows and QEMM
597.04WILARD::JENNINGSWed Apr 04 1990DEPCA and Setup Problems
598.03CACIQE::FONSECAWed Apr 04 1990DEMM.SYS not loading on DS316...
599.01JASMIN::mackWed Apr 04 1990
600.02SUBWAY::LEEWed Apr 04 199033
601.09FTMUDG::HAINESWed Apr 04 1990Decstation Monitor Stinks
602.06NZOSWed Apr 04 1990DS316, can't print from MSWindows, can from DOS
603.02KAOFS::W_GILROYWed Apr 04 1990Like your DS316sx???
604.011LEMAN::BURKHALTERFri Apr 06 1990Multimedia and Animation on DECstations
605.03VAOUFri Apr 06 1990Oracle and DEC PCs
606.04CSCOA3::MCFARLAND_DFri Apr 06 1990LK25
607.02DUGGAN::PAGESun Apr 08 1990Source for VT32
608.03SIMP2::COHENMon Apr 09 1990Lotus 123 V3.
609.05CSOA1::DICKERMon Apr 09 1990Need help on questions
610.01HPSTEK::FOBRIENMon Apr 09 1990DECmouse, ECstation vs. First Publisher
611.08SAGE::AUSTINMon Apr 09 1990128
612.03JOVE::reillyMon Apr 09 1990PC212 Documentation missing
613.03KYOA::ALHEIMTue Apr 10 1990Token Ring
614.04POCUS::DRESNERTue Apr 10 1990Disable 2nd Parallel port.
615.04DELNI::GILLIAMTue Apr 10 1990DECstation 316sx and the LA75 : How to set up?
616.05CGOATue Apr 10 1990386sx + Shadow Ram
618.07OSAV2Thu Apr 12 1990"REFLECTION",How can I get?
619.01RIPPLE::NOLLROFri Apr 13 1990AUTOCAD
620.03GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Apr 16 1990Where to get help with assembly language questions?
621.03SAGE::AUSTINTue Apr 17 1990PUBLIC Bulletin Board?
622.0RANGER::WHITETue Apr 17 1990net address for scsiha.sys
623.02HGOS32::KWOKTSEYINWed Apr 18 1990DECSTATION 32
624.03CSC32::J_ROZBORILWed Apr 18 1990DS325c parallel port problem
625.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KThu Apr 19 1990Performance
626.03GLDOA::MCMULLENFri Apr 20 1990SCSIHA.SYS - QEMM (When, Which models?)
627.04GLDOA::MCMULLENFri Apr 20 1990DEPCA mouse or other mice?
628.04CIMNET::RIOMon Apr 23 1990Interactive Systems 386/UNIX on a DECstation 325c
629.02COMET::MASONMMon Apr 23 1990New DEC multimedia 486?
630.06SNOCTue Apr 24 1990Sound Off?
631.02MINDER::EWINGRTue Apr 24 1990bother with cartridge
632.03MIPSBX::robinsonTue Apr 24 1990Problem with DECstation 316 Configuration
634.04WFOV11::PITONIAKWed Apr 25 1990LNO3R problem
635.06BIGUN::SIMPSONWed Apr 25 1990212, C & T NEAT, EMS?
636.02TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 26 1990DOS 'path' command
637.04ATREUS::KILZERThu Apr 26 1990DECstation 325c Memory Speed
638.07JUPTR::LAURENCELLEFri Apr 27 1990can LN
639.01WFOV11::PITONIAKMon Apr 30 1990win386 print drivers??
641.03MEIS::FERRANTETue May 01 1990Memory Parity Interrupt at 16AC:
642.03TROAThu May 03 1990DECstation running mainframe APL
643.011EPSDEV::WILLIAMSThu May 03 1990DEPCA Diagnostics?
644.02WMOIS::SKOWYRAThu May 03 1990scsi tape
646.04JASMIN::mackFri May 04 1990Question on memory?
647.013TROAFri May 04 1990Harvard Graphics
649.01CIVIC::FERRIGNOMon May 07 1990Data transfer
650.02EMASS::COLLINSMon May 07 1990RRd4
651.015GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue May 08 1990DS316SX upgradable?
653.025KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 08 1990decstation 325 and QEMM again
654.010CSC32::RODASTue May 08 1990LA324 and the DECstation
655.02HGOVC::LAWRENCEWed May 09 1990DS32
656.026DUGGAN::DIAZWed May 09 1990Three internal SCSI drives?
657.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu May 10 1990xonxoff again
658.07CSCOA5::HUFFSTETLERFri May 11 1990"Quicken" SW package?
659.07JAZZ::KEEFEFri May 11 1990BOOT 316 WITHOUT A KEYBOARD???
660.0KAOFS::M_VALLEESun May 13 1990VGA mono and any update on #187
661.01HACMAN::HACKMon May 14 1990Digital lap-top PC direction contact needed.
662.0PGG::MCKINNONMon May 14 1990Why does Decstatn21
663.01GLDOA::MCMULLENMon May 14 1990316+ compatibility problem
664.01PROXY::MARSDENTue May 15 1990DS32
665.013CSC32::RODASTue May 15 1990DECcost on PCs - A bit high??
666.02WFOV12::PITONIAKTue May 15 1990Video Bios Bug????
667.03GIDDAY::WINGWed May 16 1990HELP 5 1/4 DEC part number please
668.029BIGUN::SIMPSONThu May 17 1990PC4XS-AA mouse questions
669.06APACHE::MCKINNONThu May 17 1990Where to get DIAGNOSE for Decstations ???
670.02KAOOThu May 17 1990PC4
671.011AKOVFri May 18 1990RTF Warranty.... This is a warranty?!?!?!?
672.0MAIL::EDLUNDFri May 18 1990Laptops good deal!
673.0CSCOA5::SMITH_MTMon May 21 1990specs on tape cartridge!
674.0DENVER::MEDAUGHMon May 21 1990VGA,Disk,Keyboard Compatibility
675.0DECK::SMILEYTue May 22 1990Upgrade DECstation 21
676.042CRAZY::FLATHERSTue May 22 1990help need w/LOTUS on a 21
677.08TALLIS::QUIMBYWed May 23 1990MS/DOS upgrade process
678.015SULACO::JUDICEThu May 24 1990HELP! RZ drives on DSxxx
679.02IMLAY::COHENThu May 24 1990Displaying DECwindows on hi-RES monitors
680.09CSCOA5::MCFARLAND_DSat May 26 1990windows 3.
681.06KAOAMon May 28 1990DEPCA/DEMCA ->9
682.01FORTSC::WIGENMon May 28 1990Porting emacs-18.55 to 325c?
683.01TROFS::WEBSTERTue May 29 1990Electrical Specs needed.
684.03STRAIT::SMILEYTue May 29 1990Questions on Adding Memory to a DECstation 21
685.04CASPRO::GUERTIN2Tue May 29 1990BUS Mouse OK?
686.0NUTMEG::ROTHSTEINTue May 29 1990DECstation 333 Order & Configuration
687.0MEIS::FERRANTEWed May 30 1990Need a serial 9-pin mouse.
688.05FENNEL::ROTHSTEINWed May 30 1990DECstation 333 Configurations & Order #s
689.06GENRAL::HEINTZEWed May 30 1990How to dial out of DEC facility with MODEM?
690.05GENRAL::HEINTZEWed May 30 1990Insufficient memory for MS WORKS?
691.05BIGUN::SIMPSONThu May 31 1990Contradictions in our documentation
692.02NRPUR::TURICKThu May 31 1990Lat line hangs each morning!
693.05WMOIS::REINKEThu May 31 1990Keyboard Problem for "Industry Enhanced Keyboard"
694.010CECVThu May 31 1990config.sys examples
695.03CSCOA3::SMITH_MTThu May 31 1990Problems adding 8mb of memory
696.012TOOHOT::LEASThu May 31 1990316sx, windows 386; serial port & other errors
697.04GENRAL::ROBBINSFri Jun 01 1990Trouble with MS WORKS
698.013JOVE::reillyFri Jun 01 1990DS325c - excellant HW and SW, poor HW docs
699.0TPMARY::TAMIRMon Jun 04 1990Internal modem on DS21
700.07DEMOAX::SOLOMONMon Jun 04 1990background file transfer for DOS?
701.03NZOVTue Jun 05 1990DECstation 333 / PCLAN/Servers
702.01WFOV12::PITONIAKTue Jun 05 1990LJ252/Excel problems
703.03JUPTR::LAURENCELLETue Jun 05 1990MD3
704.0CSCOA3::ROLLINS_RTue Jun 05 1990Requirements for DRIVPARM
705.08CSCOA5::SMITH_MTWed Jun 06 1990Drive type for 12
706.0NUTMEG::ROTHSTEINWed Jun 06 1990please answer 688.1.
707.03CGOAWed Jun 06 1990Floppy config question...
708.05NANOOK::CARONWed Jun 06 1990MS-DOS Positioning White Paper
709.06MEIS::FERRANTEWed Jun 06 1990MS-DOS 4.
710.02WLDWST::PALERMOThu Jun 07 1990333's shipping yet?????
711.03CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Jun 08 1990316sx speeds up (then down).
712.08CRISTA::LEIMBERGERFri Jun 08 1990Decstation 325 turnoff
713.05TOOHOT::LEASFri Jun 08 1990316 SX 2M -> 4M mem expansion prob
715.09SIMP2::COHENMon Jun 11 1990Need help formating an OS/2 disk for DOS
716.01CASPRO::GUERTIN2Tue Jun 12 1990LN
717.06FROST::WALZTue Jun 12 1990Dual Boot OS/2 / DOS
718.02AKOVWed Jun 13 1990CMOS ROM reformat help needed after hard card install
719.01TUCKER::FLEISCHMANNWed Jun 13 1990316+, 35mm, decmouse???
720.0TRCAWed Jun 13 1990WINDOWS 386 & VT32
721.07NETMAN::BREYERFri Jun 15 1990Windows v3 thinks the 325 is an 8
722.01WAV12::ADAMFri Jun 15 1990need to see a 316+ immediately
723.08LENO::GRIERFri Jun 15 1990How can I make my DECstation-32
724.03BARTLE::WINGJSat Jun 16 1990DECstation 325c and additional parallel/serial adapter
725.04UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Jun 18 1990What do we call them???
726.06THEWAV::FANGMon Jun 18 1990How to low-level format a SCSI disk??
727.02CIVAGE::WILDYTue Jun 19 1990RX33 on DECstation 316?
728.012NWDTue Jun 19 1990...windows 3.
729.07BOSOX::SPENCETue Jun 19 1990Help:Freelance Plus on DS316
730.0RANGER::MONTEMERLOTue Jun 19 1990DECstation 325c Reviewed In PC Magazine
731.01KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue Jun 19 1990Can Displaywrite run on DECstation?
732.026GIDDAY::WALESWed Jun 20 1990The part number note
733.01CRISTA::LEIMBERGERWed Jun 20 1990part # serial cable
734.02AKOV11::BAREWed Jun 20 19905.25" Question
735.02USWAV1::NULLWed Jun 20 19902 Monitors on 325c
736.01AKOV11::BAREThu Jun 21 199019" Monitor??
738.0IMLAY::COHENFri Jun 22 1990internal cable connect problem
739.01RIPPLE::NOLLROFri Jun 22 1990reference site request
740.02CTOAVX::POWELLTue Jun 26 1990Help for Keyboard mapping
741.022CRAZY::FLATHERSTue Jun 26 1990which mouse is best?
742.014SCADMN::MARCONITue Jun 26 199032
743.01THOTH::FILZWed Jun 27 1990PC333
744.02NUTMEG::BOEHMWed Jun 27 1990WINDOWS V3.
745.03STRIKE::LENGYELWed Jun 27 1990Async DECnet on a LAT line problem
746.01NUTMEG::LUCAWed Jun 27 199035mm color palette problem
747.01WLW::SHREVEWed Jun 27 1990FASTBACK restore verrrry slow on 325c
748.07USWAV1::NULLFri Jun 29 1990SCO UNIX Installation Problem
749.01LEDDEV::GUSTINSat Jun 30 1990DOS bit stream to VAX record format
750.03SAGE::SWABOWICZSun Jul 01 1990DECstation 325C - New Ethernet boards _ Mouse
752.02PACKER::JOHNMon Jul 02 1990316sx mem and coprocessrr
753.012CRAZY::FLATHERSMon Jul 02 1990need SETHOST program.
754.01MARINR::HONERTue Jul 03 1990VGA and EGA at the Same Time
756.02SWAPIT::ELLIOTTTue Jul 03 1990DS212 and ARCnet
757.0JOVE::reillyTue Jul 03 1990H
760.03CSCOA3::HUFFSTETLERFri Jul 06 1990depca twisted pair RJ45 pinout?
761.02DNEAST::ANZUINI_PETESun Jul 08 1990Table Digitizer
762.012CRISTA::LEIMBERGERMon Jul 09 1990format HD->72
763.02FLATTP::SLOUGH_DEMon Jul 09 1990RFP Spec on Motherboard Physical Mounting
764.01MLNCSC::ZAPPANIWed Jul 11 1990MS-Dos drive to use LG31 in PCSA
765.08SNOCMon Jul 16 1990SCSI & 5.25 FDD?
766.05VAXSPO::LAURAMon Jul 16 1990CONVERSION 12
767.04KL21Mon Jul 16 1990OOTB problem...
768.06CRISTA::LEIMBERGERTue Jul 17 1990confused on VGA
769.03GULF::STEVENSJWed Jul 18 1990de1
770.015MORONI::THOMSONWed Jul 18 1990386's upgradable to 486?
771.01POBOX::REGISTERWed Jul 18 1990212 (old model) Expanded Memory
772.01SENIOR::DONABEDIANThu Jul 19 1990DECstation 333 - OS/2 or MS-DOS?
773.01BRYAN::KEENANThu Jul 19 1990ELF field test data
774.02CECVFri Jul 20 1990Pagemaker/VAXmate/DECstation compatibilty
775.03ICS::WINGJFri Jul 20 1990New keyboard for DECstation?
777.02DENVER::DEGIDIOSat Jul 21 1990Vidio attributes and 8-bit vga
778.05GENRAL::MATTHEWSSun Jul 22 1990EMM for DECstation 21
779.01FORTSC::GAVINMon Jul 23 1990scsi extension ??
780.01CGOATue Jul 24 1990Maybe my MEMORY fials but ??
781.03CSCOA5::SMITH_MTWed Jul 25 1990Error running VGA util on 316sx
782.01ELRIC::MARSHALLWed Jul 25 1990Help wrting files to a VAX
784.04BTOVT::JPETERSWed Jul 25 1990MS-DOS V4.
785.01CURIE::KELLEHERThu Jul 26 1990Wrong drive shipped with DS325c?
786.02CRISTA::LEIMBERGERFri Jul 27 1990Confusion factor killing mouse
787.011IOWAMV::WIDICKFri Jul 27 19901.44 mb Floppy problem w/DECstation?
788.0LACVSat Jul 28 1990EMS4
789.04SYSTMX::B_SULLIVANSun Jul 29 1990PC to VAX file transfer - how?
790.06GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Jul 30 1990Mouse Cursor Disappears in SEDT
791.01STEREO::ANDERSONMon Jul 30 1990More Environment Space
792.04ODIXIE::CHATHAMMon Jul 30 1990316 fan problem HELP
793.02GLDOA::SHOTWELLMon Jul 30 1990LA1
794.02CSCOA3::SATTERFIELDTue Jul 31 1990325c defaulting to com2 on cpu
795.01NWDTue Jul 31 1990...expansion cabs for decstations...
796.012CRAZY::FLATHERSWed Aug 01 199021
797.049WLDWMN::BROWNWed Aug 01 1990Windows V3.
799.013SAGE::SWABOWICZWed Aug 01 1990QEMM and Driver compatibility
800.04DELNI::OVIATTThu Aug 02 1990Looking for some examples/help...
801.04WMOIS::CORMIERThu Aug 02 1990Broken Switch on D325C
802.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Aug 02 1990PC333c & QEMM in IBM environment.
803.04BOHR::CASSONEThu Aug 02 1990Internal Modem with Serial Parallel board setup
804.02GLDOA::HACKThu Aug 02 1990Does Novell provide DS3xx IDE/SCSI driver support?
805.02SNOCFri Aug 03 1990386SX and Two Floppy Drives
806.08AUSSIE::UNDERWOODFri Aug 03 19906
807.03VAXSPO::LAURAFri Aug 03 1990LOCUS/ DEPCA? DE1
808.03CSCOA5::HUFFSTETLERFri Aug 03 1990DECSTATION 333c with 38
809.07CSCOA5::HUFFSTETLERFri Aug 03 1990325c/32
810.02RAVEN1::STOGNERFri Aug 03 1990Big 19" monitor for Decstation 325 ?
811.0AKOVFri Aug 03 1990Color Monitor Isn't Anymore (DS316)
812.03CSCOA3::SMITH_MTFri Aug 03 1990Depca LC in 386's???
813.01NEGD::LOMBARDIFri Aug 03 1990SETUP21
814.08SNOCMon Aug 06 1990PC4XR-CC and the DS316
815.04RAVEN1::STOGNERTue Aug 07 1990LK25
816.01AXIS::STEINFELDTue Aug 07 1990VENIX won't bot on a 325c
817.0BABBLE::MEAGHERTue Aug 07 1990Where's the Help key for the DS 32
818.03DPDMAI::REINSCHTue Aug 07 1990Tape Backups
819.03EVA::READWed Aug 08 1990Cartridge Tape Questions/ Minor Complaint
820.05MEIS::FERRANTEThu Aug 09 1990Hints for Windows V3. Also posted in PCSA 13
821.03MKFSA::LONGThu Aug 09 19907's missing printing w/SETHOST
822.03CUPCSG::LAURENCELLEFri Aug 10 1990Memory Parity Errors
823.09GLDOA::TEVANSFri Aug 10 1990New 2-button mouse & DECwindowsDOS V3 compatibility?? 2-button mouse and DECwindowsDOS V3???
824.011SNOCSun Aug 12 1990LK25
825.07BIGUN::SIMPSONMon Aug 13 1990Windows V3/1-2-3 Rel3 clash
826.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANMon Aug 13 1990IDE disks not reliable?
827.05AKOV14::LYNCHTue Aug 14 1990Help...XONXOFF
828.05MEIS::FERRANTETue Aug 14 1990Need option slides for DS325c system
829.03WJOUSM::SCHWABEWed Aug 15 1990Networked DECstations
830.01WCSM::FOREMANWed Aug 15 1990Dos v 4.
831.0RANGER::WASSERWed Aug 15 1990333c slower than 325 accessing memory?
832.06AUNTB::LANDERSThu Aug 16 1990316+ Shipments Delayed
833.01CAATS::TAMThu Aug 16 1990DECwindows/VGA Mono/ANSI
834.09GIDDAY::FERGUSONFri Aug 17 1990Forgotten power-up password?
835.01BCSE::GENTILEFri Aug 17 1990DECstation 316+ Keyboard Error
836.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 20 1990Doesn't like 1
837.0TOOHOT::LEASMon Aug 20 1990DEPCA / corollary / 325c question
838.01CAATS::TAMMon Aug 20 1990XonXoff v2.21
839.02WOODRO::LANDRYTue Aug 21 1990what service available?
840.0+2DUGGAN::KAPINOSTue Aug 21 1990Serial/Parallel Card Work as COM2/LPT2 ?
841.02CSCOA5::HUFFSTETLERWed Aug 22 1990Benchmark testing on our PCs?
842.06GIDDAY::DUBBERFri Aug 24 1990Warm Boot 316+ with PCSA fails
843.03CSCOA5::HUFFSTETLERFri Aug 24 1990loopback connector for a 212LP?
844.0DUGGAN::BOWIEMon Aug 27 1990Need Mouse BIOS Reference
845.06ODIXIE::APEREIRAMon Aug 27 1990486 and leptop information
846.03SANFAN::FRANCIS_ROMon Aug 27 1990WINDOWS V3 - Printer Problems
847.04CIVAGE::PRUSSMon Aug 27 1990325c - 12 Mb?
848.01NANOOK::COUTUREMon Aug 27 1990need a contact for info on DEPCA's
849.01CIVAGE::WILDYMon Aug 27 1990Etherworks Technical Information
850.0TRAMNR::HummerstonTue Aug 28 1990DEC LanWORKS Server 316 and 333
851.0TRAMNR::HummerstonTue Aug 28 1990many ports on one PC
852.01FSTTOO::LEETue Aug 28 1990ds32
853.09CECVTue Aug 28 1990LNO3R on DECstation
854.010ODIXIE::CLIFFORDTue Aug 28 1990Adding a tape to full box
855.0ZPOVWed Aug 29 1990Convert PC4XV-B2(12
856.01CEDRIC::SYSTEMWed Aug 29 1990SETUP316 needed
857.01CECVWed Aug 29 1990PC4XD-AA as Com3?
858.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Aug 29 1990Change VGA interrupt ??
859.0GIDDAY::ELMESThu Aug 30 1990Help!!! Major setup problem with 212LP.
861.04NANOOK::COUTUREThu Aug 30 1990boot hangup on DS325
862.0CURIE::KELLEHERThu Aug 30 1990Mouse overly sensitive!
863.015WKRP::HENRYThu Aug 30 1990Are there holes in my memory??
864.05KAOS::MSCHMIDTThu Aug 30 1990DS333c Diags & Docs
865.01DPDMAI::BARRThu Aug 30 1990Window and Icons malfunctions
866.02OTOOFri Aug 31 1990Will 36
867.01TRAMNR::HummerstonMon Sep 03 19901MB PC Blues
868.01KAOFS::M_LAVERGNETue Sep 04 1990PC4XR-HA/32
869.02WAV13::DENTONTue Sep 04 1990DS 32
870.03WKRP::HENRYTue Sep 04 1990SCSIHA.SYS
871.013CHOWDA::LAKEWed Sep 05 1990SCSI Partitioning ????? non-standard size.
872.02SAGE::SWABOWICZThu Sep 06 1990SCSI vx IDE hard disk
873.01COIT::FELKINS_KEFri Sep 07 199032
874.04NACAD::SIARKOWSKIFri Sep 07 1990Windows 3.
875.03KAOS::MSCHMIDTFri Sep 07 1990Memory configurations for 333C
876.02DECXPS::SPENCEFri Sep 07 1990Help! ACAD/DS316/VSXXX-AB
877.05CECVFri Sep 07 1990Disk Partitions 1
878.013WKRP::HENRYSat Sep 08 1990XONXOFF and a LA75
879.02NUTMEG::ROTHSTEINMon Sep 10 1990SCSI TAPE & OS/2
880.04ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Sep 11 1990Problem w/Windows 3.
881.013FRAGLE::CONNELLYTue Sep 11 1990Tandy 4
882.05ICS::GUERTINTue Sep 11 1990New SCSI Help Needed
883.04SALISH::FREEMANROTue Sep 11 1990....DECWrite for DECstations?...
884.0BREAKR::UDICKTue Sep 11 1990Proposal Boiler Plate
885.0PULLEN::PULLENWed Sep 12 1990KP.EXE runs different ...
886.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Sep 12 1990IDE diagnostics
887.07RTENG::UMINAWed Sep 12 199032
888.01WPOPTH::BEESONThu Sep 13 1990ms-mouse V7.
889.021SWAM2::LYNCH_SEThu Sep 13 1990316sx DOA's
890.0OTOAThu Sep 13 1990Free sex
892.07GUIDUK::STROMSETHFri Sep 14 1990DS333c and SCSI performance problem
893.02ROYALT::SECINOMon Sep 17 1990Request for DECstation FRU's
894.04NZOVTue Sep 18 1990Novell & Etherwork Cards?
895.03HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGTue Sep 18 1990Invalid machine type when load DEMM.SYS
896.02TROATue Sep 18 1990DS32
897.02CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Sep 18 1990VGA/EGA Problems? MEMCACHE could be it!
898.0WKRP::HENRYWed Sep 19 1990LK25
899.01HSOMAI::LINWed Sep 19 1990Paradise board and DWDOS386
900.04MOMCAT::TARBETWed Sep 19 1990"free" (but unwanted) NUMLOCK key?
901.05SMAUG::SHENWed Sep 19 1990DECstation 333C questions
903.01MAASUP::WALLSWed Sep 19 1990Internal Modem Problem @ 24
904.06MSAMThu Sep 20 1990floppy drive can't read twice
905.0MSAMThu Sep 20 1990floppy dirve can't read twice
906.06GIDDAY::SEIVERThu Sep 20 1990Microsoft mouse on DS212 LP ?
907.02WKRP::HENRYThu Sep 20 1990SCSI DMA Transfer speed
908.02HPSTEK::YANGThu Sep 20 1990Additional 3.5" on DECStation 333 ?
909.03EVOAI2::CHEVRYThu Sep 20 1990Mouse Pb on DS2
910.02EDUOZ::SIMONFri Sep 21 1990LA21
911.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Sep 21 1990212LP & E
912.02FLATTP::THORNTON_JEFri Sep 21 1990VMS 4.7 support?
913.03KAOFS::M_LUKFri Sep 21 1990Help.. parts number please...
914.0KAOTFri Sep 21 1990DECstation 316sx/LOTUS/QEMM
915.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONFri Sep 21 1990SCO Xenix and IDE disks
916.01SAGE::ROTHSTEINSun Sep 23 1990OS/2 SCSI QIC Software???
917.03TPOSMon Sep 24 1990DS52
918.02EVOAI2::CHEVRYMon Sep 24 1990286 Memory Manager - EMS on Extended Memory
919.01TPOVC::FRANKLINMon Sep 24 1990Kermit and LK25
920.01FMCSSE::HEINTZEMon Sep 24 1990How to use LA75 on serial port to print graphics?
921.09SSDEVO::DEHAANMon Sep 24 1990NET Drives Lost after ACAD Startup
922.03GIDDAY::SEIVERTue Sep 25 1990DEMCA and IBM PS2 55SX ?
923.07FDCVWed Sep 26 1990Error reading drive C:, etc....
924.05AUNTB::LANDERSWed Sep 26 1990Serial number on its #$%*
925.02COIT::FELKINS_KEThu Sep 27 1990Help need on 32
926.01GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Sep 27 1990DECstation MS-DOS version 4
927.0NEGRIL::BROWNThu Sep 27 1990IRQs; Which are available?
928.0TALLIS::QUIMBYFri Sep 28 1990LN
930.02KAOFS::A_LALONDEFri Sep 28 1990DECstation monitor PC4XV-B2 parts needed.
931.032CRAZY::FLATHERSMon Oct 01 1990PIF help needed.
932.07ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWTue Oct 02 1990Information required on 325C,316SX and 212LP
933.08YIELD::HARRISTue Oct 02 1990Help needed to find software part numbers...
934.014ELWOOD::DMACKENZIETue Oct 02 19902nd Serial Board Configuration Problem
935.03JAWJA::GRESHTue Oct 02 1990Min. memory for DECstation21
936.02FLATTP::SLOUGH_DETue Oct 02 1990PC Price List On Line?
938.03GIDDAY::CANTLONWed Oct 03 1990Cancel DECMODE LPT1 redirection to COM1?
939.010ART::COHENWed Oct 03 1990DS 316SX & IBM 3278/3279 Card
940.01CGOAWed Oct 03 1990VAXmate & Windows 3
941.0KYOA::ALHEIMThu Oct 04 1990Monitor Compatiblity
942.03HSOMAI::LINThu Oct 04 1990Create file error on DECstation 316
943.0FLATTP::SLOUGH_DEFri Oct 05 1990PC RFP Hardware Questions
944.0SMAUG::SHENWed Oct 10 1990How compatible is DS333c?
945.01SALISH::FREEMANROWed Oct 10 1990...SCSI gotcha!..1 solution..
946.01IAMOK::BARTOLOMEOThu Oct 11 1990Problem with DE2
947.03CGHUB::RYANThu Oct 11 1990Bus Mouse/internal modem???
948.010BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Oct 12 1990Problem with 386 software on 333c
949.08THEBAY::PARKFri Oct 12 1990Emergency Help Needed for DS21
950.01OPAL::SYSTEMSun Oct 14 1990SCSI tape jumper info needed??
951.0USWAV9::ROCHMon Oct 15 1990Boot ROM diagnostics?
952.03AVNGRS::BOELKEMon Oct 15 1990Why no 2mb 325's
953.03OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue Oct 16 1990LA75 print problem - garbled chars.
954.013DUGGAN::RONTue Oct 16 1990DS325 bug
955.09LEVERS::B_EGANWed Oct 17 1990Word Perfect ?
956.04CST3::BURSTALLWed Oct 17 1990325 windows problem
957.01CIVIC::FERRIGNOWed Oct 17 1990Why no warm boot?
958.02NVSD6::BRAVERWed Oct 17 1990PC4XV-BA resolution/specs
959.02NAC::SNERT::RALLINGSWed Oct 17 1990Standards in SIMMS?
960.01NAC::SNERT::RALLINGSWed Oct 17 1990DECstations and REMAP Utility
961.03TRAMNR::HummerstonThu Oct 18 1990316sx internal layout query
962.02BROKE::SERRAThu Oct 18 1990URGENT::2 headed config help needed
963.03CUPCSG::LAURENCELLEFri Oct 19 1990SCSI Fix Kit disappointing
964.01DPDMAI::SPEEDFri Oct 19 1990INFO ON 29-27462-
965.0WKRP::HENRYFri Oct 19 1990Check your 387 if it is inserted all of the way
966.06CSS::MEREDITHSun Oct 21 1990Source for Sytos?
968.0WLDWMN::BROWNMon Oct 22 1990metalwork interferes near parallel port
969.0TRAMNR::HummerstonTue Oct 23 1990DS1
970.01ODIXIE::APEREIRATue Oct 23 1990Hardware specs for DECstations
971.010AKOV12::BARETue Oct 23 1990PC4
972.04OAXCEL::FLYNNTue Oct 23 1990DECstation & WPS+ Functionality?
973.01ODIXIE::CLARYWed Oct 24 1990DECstation 333 hangs w/PC-NFS
974.06HPSPWR::SIMONWed Oct 24 1990Is 512K VGA available?
975.02SUBWAY::LANDWEHRWed Oct 24 1990RZ23 on a DECstation 316
976.04CSS::EARLYThu Oct 25 1990WANTED: CoProcessor / Eprom Packing materials ..
977.05STC::TIMMONSThu Oct 25 1990Monochrome AND VGA? (At the same time)
978.07STAR::WILLISThu Oct 25 1990NEC 5D Monitor question
979.04ODIXIE::APEREIRAThu Oct 25 1990Need informations for customer RFI
980.03BIGUN::MAYNEThu Oct 25 1990DECstation product list?
981.03ALIENS::DICKFri Oct 26 1990VGA/SVGA - Give me colors.
982.05TOOK::COBBSat Oct 27 1990PC4XL-BB errors
983.0--UnknownUser--Sun Oct 28 1990Limits On Logical Links Using DDCMP
984.0NZOVMon Oct 29 1990MUMPS and the PC325
985.0AKOV16::LYNCHTue Oct 30 1990HELP...
986.05LUXWed Oct 31 1990MS-Windows V3.
987.05HPSTEK::NIZIAKWed Oct 31 1990Using lotus w/LJ252
988.02ODIXIE::APEREIRAWed Oct 31 1990Specification for DECstations
989.01NEMAIL::ADAMMon Nov 05 1990new decstations??
990.05SYSTMX::B_SULLIVANMon Nov 05 1990Help! Need monitor (PC4XV-BA)
991.02PFLOYD::WROTHBERGTue Nov 06 1990LAT Multi-sessions using DESQview ?
992.02TROATue Nov 06 1990DS32
993.04BDYSRF::UDICKTue Nov 06 1990Dirty DECstation case.
994.0SOJU::REEDWed Nov 07 1990Colors change when monitor warms up
995.02MEIS::FERRANTEWed Nov 07 1990I need the MODtap H8571-J conn.
996.07FRAGLE::CONNELLYThu Nov 08 1990VAXmate/MS-Windows & DECstation
998.03ROBOTS::NGThu Nov 08 1990Help! system won't boot
999.04VIDEO::CROUSEThu Nov 08 1990Programming windows?
1000.01USWRSL::RETINA_NUFri Nov 09 1990HELP! 24-bit true color imaging on PC
1001.01PARITY::MITCHELLSat Nov 10 1990PC DECwindows & an LJ25
1002.02SIETTG::HETRICKSat Nov 10 1990First-time user questions
1003.03TOOK::COBBSun Nov 11 1990DS325c, Windows V3, Word for Windows...anyone?
1004.03CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERMon Nov 12 1990SYTOS and backup question
1006.01JOVE::reillyTue Nov 13 1990PS/2 (aka keyboard) mouse port
1007.05CECVWed Nov 14 1990Unmovable Blocks (Speed Disk)
1008.02WILARD::JENNINGSWed Nov 14 1990Banyan, Just say Yes!
1009.04ART::COHENThu Nov 15 1990Futures Question -- 2
1010.010ASABET::ANDREWSThu Nov 15 1990Internal vs External
1011.05FRAGLE::CONNELLYThu Nov 15 1990DF
1013.0ROBOTS::NGMon Nov 19 1990Hard drive for the holiday special
1014.01FDCVMon Nov 19 1990All slots are not the same?
1015.042CRAZY::FLATHERSMon Nov 19 1990new order #'s for DEPCA-CA ?
1016.08CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Nov 20 199024
1018.04CGOATue Nov 20 1990PM for 32
1019.01SCAACT::STEERTue Nov 20 1990Need help With Multiple DEPCA Installation
1020.02GIDDAY::SEIVERWed Nov 21 1990Nameplate for 212 LP ?
1021.08NUTMEG::AUSTINWed Nov 21 1990Ethernet Card higher order IRQ settings. IRQ Blues
1022.02CTOAVX::GUMBUSWed Nov 21 1990Diamond Speedstar VGA Card- FASSSST!!!
1023.011TROAMon Nov 26 1990Memory DS316?
1024.013CECVMon Nov 26 1990Config advise needed
1025.01BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Nov 26 1990Help Basic Config Probs On Big Deal !
1027.05GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Nov 27 1990Components/options/parts list in note 6.
1028.017CACHE::FONTAINEWed Nov 28 1990Decstation 3xx series Upgrades?
1029.01BAGELS::NJOHNSONWed Nov 28 1990Q: Connecting LA5 5
1030.0HGOVC::SAMTSEThu Nov 29 1990print screen hang pc
1031.06FRAGLE::CONNELLYThu Nov 29 1990DECmouse and DECstation w/o DEPCA
1032.014BIGUN::SIMPSONThu Nov 29 1990why don't we ship drivers?
1033.011NEST::STAVMon Dec 03 1990HELP connecting to VAX
1034.03CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERMon Dec 03 1990CALYX, anyone?
1035.01BIGUN::SIMPSONTue Dec 04 1990DEMMLP2.SYS
1036.03GIDDAY::LARVINTue Dec 04 1990Decstation Reliabilty??
1037.01MEMIT::POTASHNERTue Dec 04 1990212 and audio?
1038.0ELWOOD::OPTMGR::DMacKenzieWed Dec 05 1990Printing from Windows V3.
1039.014AUNTB::WILSONJWed Dec 05 1990VUP Ratings for PC's?
1040.04SUBWAY::DERISEWed Dec 05 1990333c, WORD V5.
1041.015BCSE::HEADLEYWed Dec 05 1990Virus Detectors
1043.07TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 05 1990What is the real EMPLOYEE PURCHASE PRICE?
1044.01BIGUN::SIMPSONWed Dec 05 1990DS 425c/Super VGA?
1045.06BIGUN::SIMPSONWed Dec 05 1990Norton benchmarks for 316SX, 333 & 425c?
1046.02EPERNA::HummerstonWed Dec 05 1990SVGA and DECStation 425
1047.01THEBAY::LESLIEDAThu Dec 06 1990LK25
1048.07MSDSWS::RCANTRELLThu Dec 06 1990Technical Manuals Anyone?
1049.01BIGUN::SIMPSONFri Dec 07 1990IEEE P996/ISA?
1050.04KAOU32::SENSKEFri Dec 07 1990OS2->TRAP
1051.02MTADMS::BEISTELFri Dec 07 1990VAXstation help
1052.01TENNIS::KAMSat Dec 08 1990Who designs and manufactures DECstation 2xx and 3xx products
1053.02KAOFS::C_VERDONMon Dec 10 1990DECstation 425 Drives
1054.02ESIS::ALVAREZTue Dec 11 1990Help Please: LJ25
1055.05TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 11 1990DECstation 212 expansion memory
1056.01POBOX::ZWIKELTue Dec 11 1990MS-DOS for DECstation 212
1057.04BIGUN::SIMPSONTue Dec 11 1990no more DOS V3.3 (PC4XQ-AA)?
1059.01BRADOR::BROUILLARDFri Dec 14 1990decstation console
1061.01SKYE::AXTELLMon Dec 17 1990Putting a PC disk on a VAXstation (vice versa)
1062.01ICS::GUERTINMon Dec 17 1990SCSI/Tape Backup Question
1063.03CRONIC::LEMONSTue Dec 18 1990Software required for internal modem?
1064.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Dec 19 1990Word Perfect video attributes !!
1065.05RBW::WICKERTThu Dec 20 1990What type of floppy media?
1066.01CGOAThu Dec 20 1990VGA: On board vs in bus
1067.04CSS::COBBThu Dec 27 1990Mouse problem and QBasic problem
1069.010COOKIE::MANZANARESThu Dec 27 1990power-on password problems
1070.015CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Dec 28 1990Where is Carmen Sandiego?
1071.06FMTACT::MCMAHONFri Dec 28 1990Spurious "Invalid Configuration Messages"
1072.05BTOVT::OGILVIETue Jan 01 1991Problem installing DOS 4.
1073.0TRUCKS::HARDYWed Jan 02 1991OS/2 EE supported on DECstation 425?
1074.03TUCKER::SYSTEMWed Jan 02 19912 button Mouse Driver software info
1075.03SWAM2::LYNCH_SEWed Jan 02 1991PC435 hangs on SmartTerm
1076.01EARRTH::ROLLAWed Jan 02 1991TIF format/extension
1077.02CTOAVX::RHARRISWed Jan 02 1991Tandy1
1078.02CGOOThu Jan 03 1991PC4XR-CB REALLY 4
1079.01GLDOA::MCMULLENThu Jan 03 1991New Product Specifications - Looking. . .
1080.05LUDWIG::LOGSDONThu Jan 03 1991316sx problem
1081.05TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 03 1991How to start from scratch
1082.0BTOVT::OGILVIEFri Jan 04 1991MS Windows V3.
1083.0BTOVT::OGILVIEFri Jan 04 1991DOS 4.
1084.01KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Jan 04 1991Upgrade VAXmate DOS?
1085.05EPERNA::HummerstonSun Jan 06 1991DS 325c questions - cache, password, controller.
1087.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jan 08 1991DECstation 316 is 8
1088.01USWAV1::CIALITue Jan 08 1991DECstation 325 Won't Boot IBM PC DOS
1089.02SYSSTD::ROBINSONWed Jan 09 1991WORD on LN
1090.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 09 1991INFO NEEDED ON MONITORS.
1091.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Jan 09 19915
1092.037R7NET::LOGANWed Jan 09 1991Need NOTES info.
1093.018GIDDAY::SEIVERWed Jan 09 1991Phoenix Bios Rom revision
1094.01MCDONL::SUNThu Jan 10 1991MS Window 3.
1095.08GIDDAY::LARVINFri Jan 11 1991Mouse droppings
1096.08ODIXIE::APEREIRAFri Jan 11 1991MCA vs ESA
1097.02BTOVT::OGILVIEMon Jan 14 1991Help in setting up 316sx & LA75
1098.01BTOVT::OGILVIEMon Jan 14 1991Faulty RESTORE command in DEC's DOS 4.
1099.01TOOK::COBBTue Jan 15 1991printing graphics to laserjet?
1100.017NYTPTue Jan 15 1991316sx opinions please?
1102.09CGOATue Jan 15 1991Compatability Issue
1104.05BTOVT::OGILVIETue Jan 15 1991LK25
1105.02SALSA::BLUNDELLWed Jan 16 1991Help with new memory variants
1106.01TRAMNR::HummerstonWed Jan 16 19912Mb SIMMs in a DECStation PC?
1107.06OTOP14::RiceThu Jan 17 1991URGENT Token Ring + MS-Windows 3.
1108.09RAVEN1::STOGNERFri Jan 18 1991External SCSI devices on DECSTATION 32
1109.0EMASS::PEARLSun Jan 20 1991Small Scanner needed
1110.09ELWOOD::OPTMGR::DMacKenzieMon Jan 21 1991Windows V3.
1111.0POLKST::PURYEAR_RUMon Jan 21 1991Third party IDE Drives in 316+
1112.01BRADOR::BAIRDThu Jan 24 1991Rackmount DS5
1113.012KAOFS::T_CUSSONFri Jan 25 19918514/a not working PC4XV-B2 Color Monitor
1114.02CSTEAM::BURSTALLFri Jan 25 1991Recommendation needed
1115.0POBOX::COLLINSRSat Jan 26 1991DS316 Memory Problem beyond 4MB
1116.014ART::COHENMon Jan 28 1991SCSI and IDE Co-Habitation
1117.0OTOP14::RiceMon Jan 28 1991DISK RESET Function hangs 333
1118.016SALISH::FREEMANROMon Jan 28 1991....DECLaser 21
1119.03CGHUB::RYANTue Jan 29 199132
1120.01CGOATue Jan 29 1991VR299 on decstation
1121.04CGOATue Jan 29 1991Postcript Image of PC Needed
1122.03HSOMAI::SKIESTTue Jan 29 1991File transfer problem
1123.0BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Jan 29 1991TI34
1124.04AUNTB::LANDERSTue Jan 29 1991DECstation 316+ and 1
1125.016LRCSNL::WALESTue Jan 29 1991Do we plan to upgrade QEMM???
1126.04BYTOR::SPRINGERWed Jan 30 1991mouse, windows 3.
1127.03PCOJCT::KOSTARASWed Jan 30 1991Need DS212 Set-up Diskette
1128.04ROYALT::WALLThu Jan 31 1991Microtek Scanner with DECStation 212 problem.
1129.0BPOVFri Feb 01 1991swap "micro-DIN" mouse for serial port mouse
1130.02ELWOOD::OPTMGR::DMacKenzieFri Feb 01 19913-1/2" Form Factor Floppy for DS32
1131.05LUDWIG::LOGSDONSat Feb 02 1991Modem, Serial Ports, 316SX
1132.03DATABS::NORCOTTMon Feb 04 1991Which model ADAPTEC SCSI controller?
1133.01OAXCEL::FLYNNMon Feb 04 1991Keyboard Diagrams Needed
1134.018MAIL::ALLERMon Feb 04 1991HELP!?!?!?!?
1135.06GIDDAY::COLEMANTue Feb 05 1991SIMM memory questions...
1136.0MRKTNG::AUSTINTue Feb 05 1991Help DRIVE Office Software Solutions from Digital
1137.09CSCOAC::SMITH_MTue Feb 05 1991What is Demmlp2.sys for? EMS for decstation 286s?
1139.02CGOOTue Feb 05 199132
1140.016PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Feb 05 1991printing on com2:
1141.010LRCSNL::WALESWed Feb 06 1991IDE drives no-go in 325c and 333???
1143.07CGOAThu Feb 07 1991Novel Referance Required
1144.05KAOS::MSCHMIDTFri Feb 08 1991Trying to configure memory
1145.02OTOOSun Feb 10 1991HardCards ???
1146.01STEPS1::TENAGLIAMon Feb 11 1991132 Column Terminal using Polycom-HELP
1147.01JSOCSS::HAYASHITue Feb 12 1991SCSI cable specfication
1148.04IBSOM::MOODYTue Feb 12 1991SCSI and Disk drives?
1149.04ADO75A::WILEYWed Feb 13 1991DS433 (486/33Mhz) ?
1150.05WMOIS::CORMIERWed Feb 13 1991Communication with DEC systems
1151.02ITASCA::ORTHOBERWed Feb 13 1991DoubleDos and QEMM and DEMM386
1154.02CRISTA::LEIMBERGERThu Feb 14 19915 1/4 floppy disk change please
1155.01LUNER::DLANDRYThu Feb 14 1991need VGA.EXE/VGA drivers
1157.0CAADC::TRAINIGULINOThu Feb 14 1991Problem with VDISK?
1158.02WFOVX8::RATHAYFri Feb 15 1991Are RDxx drive IDE drives
1159.010KAOFS::LOCKYERFri Feb 15 1991PC464 - DECstation 32
1160.02OTOOFri Feb 15 1991XMA - non-compliant??
1161.0NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROMon Feb 18 1991Backup Tape Device for DS 333c
1162.01SOTT::NAULTMon Feb 18 1991PC Paintbrush - Display Adapter
1163.09FDCVMon Feb 18 1991Battery Life?
1164.01GLDOA::MCMULLENTue Feb 19 1991Which VGA controller for 32
1165.01RAB::EWALDTue Feb 19 1991Problem with PC4XV-B2??
1166.04OLDTMR::BROWNTue Feb 19 1991packaged client? (DOS,PSCA,QEMM,WIN)
1167.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 21 1991coprocessors
1168.02HDLITE::TINGLOFFri Feb 22 1991Two floppy drives with PC?
1169.01VICKI::BUSTAFri Feb 22 1991DE1
1170.0TROAFri Feb 22 1991Better than 1
1171.09KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Feb 22 1991(3
1172.05NEMAIL::ADAMMon Feb 25 1991windows on 316 no go
1173.05NEMAIL::ADAMMon Feb 25 1991LA75 driver for WYSIWYG?
1175.03CSTEAM::BURSTALLMon Feb 25 1991Sethost and printing problems
1176.07WLW::SHREVEMon Feb 25 1991Disk Drive Manufacturers?
1177.01NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROTue Feb 26 1991DS333c ROM BIOS
1178.04THERDC::SAMPSONWed Feb 27 1991316sx low profile Diskless part numbers?
1179.0KOURT::CLEBLANCThu Feb 28 1991BC19M Cable Pinout
1180.014SALSA::BLUNDELLThu Feb 28 1991Whatsa applicationDEC 333?
1181.01GTS1::RogichThu Feb 28 199124
1182.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Mar 01 1991PC46M memory adapter board.
1183.01DMSSFri Mar 01 199132
1184.01TOOK::COBBSun Mar 03 1991325 VGA Flicker...problem?
1185.03RT95::LOMBARDISun Mar 03 1991Configuration needeed for DS316sx ...
1186.04SNOCMon Mar 04 1991DecStation 333c & OS/2 EE
1188.07FMTACT::MCMAHONMon Mar 04 1991SETHOST Generating Pyramids
1189.01MUCTEC::WENDLMon Mar 04 1991Print/Capture Portion of Screen - box on DS52
1190.0KAOFS::N_MARTELMon Mar 04 1991Symphony won't load on a 316sx
1191.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Mar 04 1991Expanded memory board
1192.05GIDDAY::SEIVERTue Mar 05 19918
1193.02POWDML::ANDREWSWed Mar 06 1991What's Wrong Autoexec.bat
1194.04EARRTH::ROLLAWed Mar 06 1991DEC and Epson?
1195.03USRCV1::HALLEWed Mar 06 1991Token Ring and AS/4
1196.03TAZMAN::TRIOLIWed Mar 06 1991can this be done and if so how
1198.0KYOA::ALHEIMWed Mar 06 1991External 3rd Party disks
1199.03GLDOA::WESTBROOKSThu Mar 07 1991SCSI Tape and OS/2... let there be light!
1200.07CGOAThu Mar 07 1991DOA too high?
1201.05GOLLY::KNIGHTFri Mar 08 1991PC4XT-CA tape drive?
1202.01CGOOFri Mar 08 1991NEC 5D Problem
1203.01KAOOFri Mar 08 1991KP.EXE PROBLEMS ON DOS 3.3
1204.03MEIS::FERRANTEFri Mar 08 1991Need an external SCSI box
1205.01FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTIMon Mar 11 1991d2316/ds316+ memory
1206.01MLNCSC::MARCHETTITue Mar 12 1991Color graphic printed on LJ25
1207.08KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Mar 12 1991VAXmate Hard Drive
1208.04SALSA::BLUNDELLTue Mar 12 1991Whatsa PC4XR-BD?
1209.08GIDDAY::RASMUSSENWed Mar 13 1991REAL low-level formating requirement
1210.02DECWET::SCHREIBERWed Mar 13 1991PC4XR-CC -- let's make a deal?
1211.06CRISTA::LEIMBERGERThu Mar 14 1991os/2 upgrade ???
1212.01EARRTH::ROLLAThu Mar 14 1991PRINT SCREEN - LK25
1213.01LEVERS::HAYDENFri Mar 15 1991SCSIHA2.SYS pointer needed
1214.0SANFAN::WHITEBIMon Mar 18 1991DS325c/HMA/REDIR3.
1215.012ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Mar 18 1991DECpc 32
1216.05NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROMon Mar 18 199132
1217.01RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GEMon Mar 18 1991How should you connect 2 printers?
1218.02MEIS::FERRANTEMon Mar 18 1991DE2
1219.01SHIRE::BLATTMANNTue Mar 19 1991VGA+ and Windows 3.
1220.0CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERTue Mar 19 1991Memory Map for DECstations?
1221.06YOSMTE::MOTT_DATue Mar 19 1991VGA confusion HELP!!
1222.0ADO75A::WILEYWed Mar 20 1991Keyboard remapping problem ...
1223.03SWRRAT::GENDRONFri Mar 22 1991Color Please ???
1224.013CGOFS::CADAMSMon Mar 25 1991Two floppies and 6
1225.03MSDSWS::LJONESMon Mar 25 1991I/O 33
1226.03CGOAMon Mar 25 1991Banyan Vines to A1
1227.03CRISTA::LEIMBERGERTue Mar 26 1991help building dual boot
1228.02CGOATue Mar 26 1991Trouble retro-fitting new SCSI adapter on old 32
1229.0CECVTue Mar 26 1991PC Training feedback
1230.06CTHQ2::FRERETue Mar 26 1991DECSTATION with at least 2 Gigabytes?
1231.05SPACEY::BADOWSKITue Mar 26 1991Overhead projection part no request
1232.04DATABS::NORCOTTWed Mar 27 1991Convert PC4XL-AA keyboard to PC4Xl-BB ??
1233.01TENNIS::KAMWed Mar 27 1991DECstation 316 and applicationDEC 316 different?
1234.07MRKTNG::SWABOWICZFri Mar 29 1991Memory Parity ERROR
1235.04CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 01 1991MS-DOS Primer?
1236.0GLDOA::GRAEFFMon Apr 01 1991DS316sx and IBM 3278/79 card
1237.03MQOSWS::M_LEMAYMon Apr 01 1991Support for 2.88 MB diskettes format
1238.02ELMAGO::AHACHEMon Apr 01 1991316 and modems?
1239.010TYFYS::LUETHMon Apr 01 1991MAX memory supported on 425
1240.02POCUS::JEBRINETue Apr 02 1991HELP _ REFLECTION W/DECstations
1241.04COOKIE::BADOVINACWed Apr 03 1991High Res screen?
1242.03LEDS::GRINCH::KALINThu Apr 04 19913.5->5.25 HD mounting adapters
1243.027GIDDAY::RASMUSSENThu Apr 04 1991SCSI drives, VDS and QEMM issues?
1244.04TENNIS::KAMFri Apr 05 1991what is the speed of the EISA Multiplexer Module
1245.0GLDOA::GRAEFFFri Apr 05 1991DS316sx with OS/2 V1.2...any known problems???
1246.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Apr 09 1991MS-DOS version differences?
1247.05STOHUB::LUCIDO::MCLANETue Apr 09 1991HELP DS21
1249.0PHDVAX::STOTTWed Apr 10 1991PC Presentation?
1250.01SNOCWed Apr 10 1991DECstation 212LP & DEMMLP2
1251.01RAVEN1::STOGNERThu Apr 11 1991How to do SCSI low-level format ?
1252.01SHARE::MCELHINEYFri Apr 12 1991316sx Memory Epansion Methods
1253.01WNPVFri Apr 12 199132
1254.06SARAH::HOVEYFri Apr 12 1991Looking for Windows V3 VGA drivers
1255.03JUNG::COCHRANMon Apr 15 1991XGA Definition Question
1256.0CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERTue Apr 16 1991more info on DECstation error messages
1257.02DENVER::JESPERSENTue Apr 16 1991QEMM<-->PARADOX conflict...
1258.04SWAM2::KILBY_KATue Apr 16 1991REF SITE FOR 32
1259.05PIHIA::JOHNSTONEWed Apr 17 1991212lp won't write to A: drive
1260.01CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERWed Apr 17 1991NEC 25" or 26" monitor?
1261.011MEIS::FERRANTEWed Apr 17 1991Problem with 8514a card and Windows V3
1262.0YNGSTR::BROWNWed Apr 17 1991SETUP212 needed
1263.02TRCAWed Apr 17 1991win v3 enhanced mode, video errors ds316sx
1264.012SHALOT::JANCULAThu Apr 18 1991How do I PAUSE my LK25
1265.06MAIL::HIRABAYASHIThu Apr 18 1991Novell NetWare SCSI driver for our DECstations?
1266.0FDCVFri Apr 19 1991IRQs, Addresses, Etc.
1267.02MSAMFri Apr 19 1991New Part Nos For Math Coprocessors
1268.02COLFri Apr 19 1991EZ Tape SW, serial multiport SW
1269.019SHARE::MCELHINEYFri Apr 19 1991 DECstation 12
1270.0NEAGP::SAMPSONFri Apr 19 1991help w/ WPS printing
1271.02KXOVAX::MACDONALDSun Apr 21 1991PC4XR-AC 512K SVGA and Win3.
1272.013MEO78B::CON_OREILLYMon Apr 22 1991DECstat.PC + TK5
1273.08BIGUN::SIMPSONMon Apr 22 1991DS32
1275.0SDOGUS::DIAZTue Apr 23 1991ADD CACHE TO 333c..??
1276.02CGOATue Apr 23 1991PIN doesn't look right
1277.06ARGUS::KIVLIGHANWed Apr 24 1991Looking for Excess Options
1278.0CARTUN::LEVINEWed Apr 24 1991Help On Configuration
1279.04YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAWed Apr 24 1991Intel vs. VAX; VUP rating?
1280.04LDYBUG::SANTOROWed Apr 24 1991Sudden loss of comm. from DS 316 to LN
1281.02SELL1::COUTUREWed Apr 24 1991more VGA questions/concerns
1282.0ALOSWS::HEIGHTThu Apr 25 1991Trap
1283.0OTOOFri Apr 26 1991Logitech mice
1284.0BIGUN::MAYNEMon Apr 29 1991RESTORE hangs when LADDRV is present
1285.01MMOYER::MOYERMon Apr 29 1991DECstation 32
1286.0NEMAIL::GRILLOMon Apr 29 1991Monitors Please?
1287.03SNOCMon Apr 29 1991Software Drivers ?
1288.0CSTEAM::BURSTALLMon Apr 29 1991Getting strange errors
1289.02NANOOK::LEBELTue Apr 30 1991Adaptec question
1290.01KAOFS::LOCKYERWed May 01 1991French-Canadian Keyboard For 32
1291.0TAVThu May 02 1991New Drivers for 212lp ?
1292.01OTOAThu May 02 1991Banyan Certification
1293.03OTOAThu May 02 1991Novell Letter of Certification
1294.014NANOOK::COUTUREThu May 02 1991Wheres info on Eclipse and other new PC's?
1295.04LRCSNL::WALESThu May 02 1991Employee purchase of DECpc Notebooks and Laptops
1296.025RAVEN1::STOGNERFri May 03 19914 serial ports on a Decstation 32
1297.05FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNFri May 03 19912 1.44mb floppies on full size 212
1298.07DFACTO::NEWMANSun May 05 1991problems with PC Kwik and IDE drives?
1299.01MAIL::HIRABAYASHIMon May 06 1991DECstations EISA or ISA?
1300.02BUFFER::CORMANMon May 06 1991LA75 to DECstation PRINTER Port?
1301.0YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAMon May 06 1991Weitek vs Intel; differences?
1302.04GOLDKY::WALSHMon May 06 1991XCOPY FAILS DS325C
1303.0WLW::SHREVEMon May 06 1991SETUP32
1304.01WLDWST::PALERMOTue May 07 1991Max Memory for 425c?
1306.04VINO::ALAMThu May 09 1991How to set up DUAL BOOT for DECSTATION 333c
1307.07GJOVAX::GRAEFFFri May 10 1991DECstation compatibility customer questions.
1308.0TROAFri May 10 1991Cursor Speed?
1309.012ALLAN::CORMIERFri May 10 1991RRD4
1310.02TENNIS::KAMSat May 11 1991How to obtain the DECstation User's Manual
1311.02CGOASat May 11 1991Referance Sites Needed
1312.0CGOAMon May 13 1991New Product Presentations on line?
1313.05TENNIS::KAMMon May 13 1991DS316 & DS32
1314.01CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERTue May 14 1991Tape Drive life expectancy and "passes"
1315.05TROATue May 14 1991Keyboard Autorepeat Speed?
1316.05XANADU::RECKARDWed May 15 1991DECstation 32
1317.0HTSC16::NORMANTSUIThu May 16 1991Help! Italic printing in LA324 Proprinter mode
1318.06SNOMAN::AARONThu May 16 1991May 14 announcement & articles
1319.02DJOVThu May 16 1991PC time installation
1320.02KAOFS::D_PAWSEYThu May 16 1991PC to decserver's print service?
1321.02PARVAX::CHRISTIANFri May 17 1991Spin RZ55 from dos
1322.0GRANPA::PLEEMon May 20 1991CDOS help
1323.01RAVEN1::TIMMONSMon May 20 1991Password option not on SETUP menu for our 325c and 333c
1324.01THEBAY::BOSWELLBRMon May 20 1991Remap CAPS LOCK key to be CONTROL
1325.01TRCATue May 21 1991Notebook, Laptop and Eclipse COnferences?????
1326.016SNOMAN::AARONTue May 21 1991Reformat SCO'd IDE drive?
1327.01BEWEST::DUFFEYWed May 22 19918
1328.0TAVThu May 23 1991DecStation 212lp Docs+Diags ?
1329.06NIMVAX::CUMMINGSFri May 24 1991Modem Problem
1330.02CGOOFri May 24 1991Steelcase Desks and Fading Colours
1331.02CGOAFri May 24 1991National Systems Testing Lab
1332.03MXOVFri May 24 1991TKZ
1333.05VINO::ALAMFri May 24 1991DUAL boot installation?
1334.03SOLVIT::LANDRYTue May 28 1991print problem with 316sx
1335.04CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERWed May 29 1991DECstation 333 and rev levels
1336.03TENNIS::KAMWed May 29 1991How to obtain ethernet address from DEPCA cards?
1337.04SENIOR::OSBORNWed May 29 1991PART # for a MOUSE ON A DS32
1339.02TRCAFri May 31 1991MS-DOS 5 and DECstation PCs
1340.02SMOGGY::GSMITHFri May 31 19915
1341.03LUDWIG::LOGSDONSat Jun 01 1991Scholar Modem connector?
1342.03BUGEYE::CLARYSat Jun 01 1991256 Color in windows with DS32
1343.05TAVSun Jun 02 1991Help !! (DS212lp Diag ?)
1344.04HGOVC::WILLIAMYUMon Jun 03 1991Rolling Demo for DECpc433 ?
1345.02NACAD::PLOUFFEMon Jun 03 1991Decstation on its side
1346.05DIVING::DAVISMon Jun 03 1991Adding IDE drives to a DECstation 32
1347.04FDCVTue Jun 04 1991512KB Kits on Sale
1348.04NETCUR::MCQUADEWed Jun 05 1991Does this File mean anything?
1349.01FORTSC::SHOMOWed Jun 05 1991CD-ROM DIstribution Plans
1350.02PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KThu Jun 06 1991Super VGA/DECSTATION 325c
1351.0BBOVAX::DONAGHYThu Jun 06 1991Cipher Qic 15
1352.07CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERThu Jun 06 1991What's in SETUP for a 52MB drive?
1354.02BUFFER::CORMANFri Jun 07 1991PC LRP for DEC
1355.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 07 1991Serial/Parallel combination module
1356.04MEIS::FERRANTESun Jun 09 1991CF
1357.01BREAKR::UDICKMon Jun 10 1991Modem for PC Workstation
1358.02TERTRE::TMMon Jun 10 1991pc 433 configuration for autocad
1359.031ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Jun 10 1991DOS v5.
1360.01LJOHUB::LAURENCELLETue Jun 11 1991How to adjust monitor focus
1361.01AKOCOA::DIODATITue Jun 11 1991Help! From CD-ROM to DECstation Hard Drive
1362.02CGOATue Jun 11 1991Tempest PC's?
1363.0TROATue Jun 11 1991DS325c+Control View=Trouble
1364.03DIVING::DAVISWed Jun 12 1991SCSI support on DECpc 433
1365.01GIDDAY::MURPHYWed Jun 12 199152meg IDE drive part no.
1366.0SNOCThu Jun 13 1991Adaptec 154
1367.01DIVING::DAVISThu Jun 13 1991New BIOS ROMS for DECstations
1368.0CSOA1::HUGHESThu Jun 13 199132
1369.04OTOOThu Jun 13 1991IBM SNA Board Hangs DS325
1370.0FORTSC::SHOMOThu Jun 13 1991Any Glitches w/PCI and DECpc433?
1371.01WR1FOR::CHARLETON_KEFri Jun 14 1991Tech Manuals for 433T?
1372.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOFri Jun 14 1991Lotus protected cell/Hercules mono
1373.04DECWET::SCHREIBERFri Jun 14 1991Is SCSIHA.SYS required with DOS5/SMARTDRV?
1374.01CGOAFri Jun 14 1991433T Evaluation Needed
1375.0BUGEYE::CLARYFri Jun 14 1991DS32
1376.07TRCAMon Jun 17 1991DECpc 433W - Diskette & Hard Disk??
1377.07JOVE::reillyTue Jun 18 1991SCSIHA.SYS
1378.02SNOFS1::PORTERTue Jun 18 1991New ROM BIOS for old PC's?
1379.01TAVTue Jun 18 1991Sytos/Plus Support ?
1380.01TAVTue Jun 18 1991Sytos Plus -> No Go !!!
1381.02KAOOTue Jun 18 1991RX23 Diskettes - To be or not to be ZERO defects!
1382.05DIVING::DAVISTue Jun 18 1991Adding External SCSI drives to DECpc 433t
1383.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Jun 18 1991Using FDFORMAT rather than DOS's own FORMAT...
1384.017KYOA::HYDEWed Jun 19 1991DOS 5.
1386.03CGOAWed Jun 19 1991Current differences btwn DECpcs and Tandy
1387.05NAC::NORTONWed Jun 19 1991OS/2 V2.
1388.06TAVThu Jun 20 1991TLZ
1389.01CGOAThu Jun 20 1991Full height drives on 433T
1390.04YACHT::GETTYSThu Jun 20 1991DECstation 325c and DOS 5 problem
1391.0FORTSC::SHOMOThu Jun 20 1991Drivers for Disks/Graphics Board - SCO UNIX
1392.04VCOUFri Jun 21 1991PC BENCHMARKS
1393.04TROAFri Jun 21 1991DECpc433w Graphics Standard / Drivers
1394.0DUCAT2::SMILEYSun Jun 23 1991Tandy's New CD Reader; Will Digital Sell It?
1395.05OTOAMon Jun 24 1991Going beyond 64
1396.07SUTRA::BASSINNETue Jun 25 1991Assistance for the DECpc 433 WS units?
1397.0SUTRA::BASSINNETue Jun 25 1991Olivetti M29
1398.05EMDS::DORSEYTue Jun 25 1991how to troubleshoot 32
1399.02USWRSL::RETINA_NUTue Jun 25 1991DUAL screen workstation (Intel chip based)
1400.02KAOFS::M_SINCLAIRTue Jun 25 1991DECpc 32
1401.01ATLCL2::KEMPTue Jun 25 1991OS/2 for DEC 433pc
1402.02CSOA1::HALLIGANTue Jun 25 1991DECstation 425C with 12 mbyte memory ?
1403.03YNGSTR::BROWNWed Jun 26 1991Time for another look at prices?
1404.031MEIS::FERRANTEWed Jun 26 1991How about a DEC 19" monitor for the DS325c and 8514A
1405.01CGOAWed Jun 26 1991fax/modem speed
1406.0SNOCThu Jun 27 1991Problem with dual VGA card in 32
1407.0DTENG1::CARTYThu Jun 27 1991DEC35
1408.02SNOCFri Jun 28 1991DS32
1409.02BULLI::BEUTELFri Jun 28 1991X WIDOWS
1410.02VICKI::LONGFri Jun 28 1991PW V4.
1411.0CGOOFri Jun 28 1991Attachmate ??
1412.0RBW::WICKERTMon Jul 01 1991PC4XG-BA without another VGA adapter?
1413.0DFACTO::NEWMANTue Jul 02 1991overlaying devices in high memory?
1414.02GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERWed Jul 03 1991DS425c part number required
1415.01TRUCKS::WALTON_BWed Jul 03 1991Help : PCs for China
1416.01DENVER::MEDAUGHWed Jul 03 1991Can the 433t do TIGA video?
1417.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 04 1991cdrom and decstation
1418.010PRSIS4::DIVIENFri Jul 05 1991Europe needs infos, too...
1419.01SNOCSat Jul 06 1991TSENG LAB VGA Card problems on 325c
1420.08SNOCMon Jul 08 1991CD ROM
1421.01TRUCKS::STIMSONMon Jul 08 1991Reseller Agreement With Microsoft?
1422.01OTOAMon Jul 08 1991Server on Novell Network
1423.03TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Jul 08 1991Touch Screen monitors for DECstations yet?
1424.05FORTSC::CHABANMon Jul 08 1991PC NFS & PC433?
1425.01ADO75A::WILEYTue Jul 09 1991MS-Excel PC/Mac interaction?
1426.01CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERTue Jul 09 1991XENIX drivers for Terminal MUX?
1427.02NZOMIS::SPENDERWed Jul 10 1991DECpc433W VGA Tech Info
1428.01NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONWed Jul 10 1991DECpc 433W & AutoCad
1429.01GIDDAY::RASMUSSENThu Jul 11 1991Do mixed speed SIMMs cause problems?
1430.06OTOOThu Jul 11 199121
1431.011TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 11 1991DECpc 433T & OS/2: can't find hard disk drives
1432.05DIVING::DAVISFri Jul 12 1991SYTOS Plus Works!!!
1433.06RANGER::SHAPIROFri Jul 12 199132
1434.0CSSE32::DORSEYFri Jul 12 199132
1435.06PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Jul 12 1991RRD42 on DECstation 325c?
1436.02CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMSat Jul 13 1991DECpc drivers.
1437.01SANTEE::GREENEMon Jul 15 1991>2 Serial ports?
1438.03SANTEE::GREENEMon Jul 15 1991Move 333c to Tower package?
1439.02BDYSRF::UDICKMon Jul 15 1991Serial Based Ethernet Connections for LAPtops
1440.02BREAKR::ZELLERMon Jul 15 199119" Sony Multi-Sync Monitor
1441.0TAVTue Jul 16 1991DS325 With larger Cache ??
1442.04DIVING::DAVISTue Jul 16 1991PC433workstation monitors
1443.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jul 16 1991digital os/2
1444.05SWAM2::LYNCH_SETue Jul 16 1991SCSI Tape Diagnostic?
1445.04BREAKR::UDICKTue Jul 16 1991Floppy Disk drive DECpc 433 WS
1446.02YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAWed Jul 17 1991Portable printer for notebook?
1447.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 17 1991MS-DOS V5 & Redir
1448.01DIVING::DAVISWed Jul 17 1991
1449.07SNOCWed Jul 17 1991Help needed with DEC325c Floppy Controller
1450.0SNOCWed Jul 17 1991IRWIN External Tape Drive - Help
1451.0ZPOVC::JIMMYTANThu Jul 18 1991433T monitor non-glare?
1452.0SNOFS2::TAYLORGRAEMEThu Jul 18 1991cant boot decstation 32
1453.09SVCRUS::LOPEZThu Jul 18 1991DS 333c DOS 5.
1454.01SUBWAY::YOUNGThu Jul 18 1991Digital as a PC hardware vendor
1455.01AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKFri Jul 19 1991pc package required
1456.012CSTEAM::BURSTALLSat Jul 20 1991Upgrading memory question
1457.01TRUCKS::STIMSONSun Jul 21 1991Disklock Info
1458.01TAVMon Jul 22 1991Intel Chipset for 486 ???
1459.01MRKTNG::BOEHMMon Jul 22 1991Syquest drives?
1460.0CSOA1::MMOORETue Jul 23 1991PC HELP
1461.02BREAKR::ZELLERTue Jul 23 19915.25 SCSI Floppies?
1462.0MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 23 1991OS/2 EE Install Problem
1463.03BREAKR::ZELLERWed Jul 24 1991DECpc 433w 128k Cache?
1464.0BREAKR::ZELLERWed Jul 24 1991High Priced Math
1465.04SUBWAY::YOUNGWed Jul 24 1991Demos for the DECpc 433
1466.02VAXROO::P_STUCZYNSKIWed Jul 24 1991Where can I find SETUPP16.COM.?
1467.06OTOOA::RLAWRENCEWed Jul 24 199132
1468.01TROOA::DLOTENThu Jul 25 1991Where is DECpc 433 SETUP disk(s)?
1469.02AUNTB::REEDThu Jul 25 1991REGIS Driver for MSdos T/E ??
1470.05ARIEL::WICKERTThu Jul 25 1991Memory setup doesn't allow more than 1MB?
1471.02MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Jul 25 1991going from 8mb to 12mb on a 325c
1472.02TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 25 1991DECstation 32
1473.01AUNTB::LANDERSThu Jul 25 1991VR32
1474.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 26 1991Invalid parameter 'com2'
1475.01TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 26 1991DB25 pin, serial printer and cable?
1476.02LANDO::RAYMONDFri Jul 26 1991325c Drive Problem
1477.08TROOA::SPIRITOFri Jul 26 1991433T Novell Certification
1478.0TROOA::SPIRITOFri Jul 26 1991New to DECstation Notes
1479.06DCSVAX::MINERFri Jul 26 1991Intergral modem with sethost?
1480.014MEIS::FERRANTEMon Jul 29 1991Help with second SCSI on external connector of PC4XR-CC
1481.01VCOUMon Jul 29 1991433Workstation drives
1482.02NZOMIS::RIDLINGMon Jul 29 1991HELP 433T and LAN Manager
1483.01NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONMon Jul 29 1991433W Floating Point & Quests.
1484.0VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Jul 30 1991os/2 update disk?
1485.04CGOOA::CHASETue Jul 30 1991needed: high end graphics
1486.0NZOMIS::RIDLINGTue Jul 30 1991Reference site 433T & LAN Manager
1487.01GNOCLU::PORELLTue Jul 30 1991Applications don't fill the Screen?
1488.04RBW::WICKERTTue Jul 30 1991Mouse driver needed...
1489.0GIDDAY::SEIVERWed Jul 31 199132
1490.01GNOCLU::PORELLWed Jul 31 1991QEMM and DECpc 433 8
1491.02LOOUWed Jul 31 1991Hard disk access light
1492.0SMAUG::SHENWed Jul 31 1991Acer PC show
1493.01KAOFS::D_BIGELOWWed Jul 31 1991DS316 Memory Adapter, Correct Part #???
1494.010DECWET::SCHREIBERWed Jul 31 1991Help diagnosing intermittent 'error reading' problem?
1495.010NANOVX::ROBERTSThu Aug 01 1991Can you break a SCSI drive by fformatting it?
1496.01RANGER::BARNESThu Aug 01 1991Pointer to a PC virus conference
1498.04SUBWAY::YOUNGThu Aug 01 1991SCSI drivers for Netware software
1499.07SUBWAY::MONASCHFri Aug 02 19914mm DAT or 525 QIC tape
1500.01KAOFS::D_BIGELOWFri Aug 02 1991DS425C Problems
1501.04MAIL::HUSEMANFri Aug 02 1991433MP SCSI questions
1502.01POBOX::DECAPPFri Aug 02 1991DECpc 433/VGA Applications?
1503.0TAVSun Aug 04 1991How many BitPlans ?
1504.05ODIXIE::CONNOLLYMon Aug 05 1991SCO UNIX on 433T?
1505.03CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERMon Aug 05 1991433T and maximum SCSI size?
1506.07SMEGIT::ARNOLDMon Aug 05 1991DS333: Memory problems & SCSI adapter?
1507.0PRIMES::FINKELSTEINMon Aug 05 1991Neal Nelson on 433W?
1508.0SALEM::LUQUETTETue Aug 06 1991Question about PCpaint (.PCX) files
1509.02CIVIC::FERRIGNOTue Aug 06 1991Chips
1510.01SUBWAY::SENKENTue Aug 06 1991DECpc 433 Workstation - NDIS
1511.05NOLE::WOODINGWed Aug 07 1991DECpc 433 TIGA drivers
1512.0WARNUT::YOUNGWed Aug 07 1991DECPC433-poor VGA performance
1513.05FMTACT::MCMAHONWed Aug 07 1991enhanced windows on a 316?
1514.04NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONWed Aug 07 19913.5" Floppy in 433W
1515.017PTOVAX::BREZLERThu Aug 08 1991MSDOS doesn't see my RZ24
1516.01PRIMES::FINKELSTEINThu Aug 08 1991High-end video cards for 433's
1517.01AMUSE::QUIMBYThu Aug 08 1991Drivers for PostScript LN
1518.01SUTRA::BASSINNEThu Aug 08 1991VRT13 and ECLIPSE ??
1519.0FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNFri Aug 09 1991Sony CDU-61
1520.02ISIDRO::CALVINOMon Aug 12 1991decpc222 P/N
1521.02NANOVX::ROBERTSMon Aug 12 1991Hardware documentation on DE1
1522.07SNOCMon Aug 12 1991Problem with QEMM V5.12 & DOS V5 on 325c
1523.0CMOTEC::HORNBYKTue Aug 13 1991433W drivers for microstation pc v4.
1524.08AYOV24::JVEITCHTue Aug 13 1991LK45
1525.01SVCRUS::LOPEZWed Aug 14 1991svga card
1526.03MTADMS::SCHEIBLEWed Aug 14 199132
1528.01PTOVAX::BREZLERFri Aug 16 1991connect LN
1529.05NOLE::WOODINGFri Aug 16 1991PC433 and DE1
1530.03SYOMV::KRASFri Aug 16 1991433W,QIC, and ODT?
1531.03THEBAY::BOSWELLBRSat Aug 17 1991Print Shop/DEClaser 115
1532.01TDCIS6::PIESVAUXMon Aug 19 1991PC ADD-ON to replace TTY
1533.05SANTEE::GREENEMon Aug 19 1991PCWXE-AA on DS333c?
1534.05PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Aug 20 1991Is a SIMM a SIMM?
1535.01BOSTON::MISCHIKTue Aug 20 1991Switches on graphics board of DECpc 433WS
1536.02TROOA::WEAVERTue Aug 20 1991DECpc433w and MSWindows.
1537.0ODIXIE::CONNOLLYTue Aug 20 1991333C - SCSI drive and tape?
1538.05TRCOA::YUWed Aug 21 1991Setting COM3 and COM4 ports on a DECstation 32
1539.0SHALOT::DROWNWed Aug 21 1991autoexec problem
1540.0BALTMD::GARLANDThu Aug 22 1991CD Rom and R/W drives for 433T
1541.01BDYSRF::UDICKThu Aug 22 1991Does the DECpc 433 officially support SCO Unix
1542.0BDYSRF::UDICKThu Aug 22 1991Does SCO Unix use the DECpc 433 Graphics Co Processor
1543.02POBOX::VOGELThu Aug 22 1991Help with DECpc 433W on NetWare
1544.03CSOA1::MAYNARDFri Aug 23 19913rd Party IDEs in DECstations?
1545.07SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Aug 23 1991DECpc 433W and VRT-16/19
1546.02OTOOA::DOGIBSONFri Aug 23 19912Mb SIMM support
1547.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOFri Aug 23 1991HELP FOR A RFP (32
1548.07SUBWAY::GREENSTEINMon Aug 26 1991Attn: DECStation 325c, QEMM, Windows Users
1549.01ELWOOD::IMRICHTue Aug 27 1991I/O Mapped Adapter Design Q's
1550.011MEO78B::CON_OREILLYTue Aug 27 1991DECstation + SCSI connects (external)
1551.01RANGER::PITONIAKTue Aug 27 1991OS2 Disk Mirror Problem
1552.04KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Aug 27 1991Serial Mouse on DST316
1553.0MSAMTue Aug 27 1991Slow VGA and disk on 316sx
1554.04GOLLY::KNIGHTWed Aug 28 1991PC433W and PC4XT-AA???
1555.032NEGRIL::BROWNWed Aug 28 1991RRD42/Sony CDU-541 & Windows
1556.03TROFS::M_LUKWed Aug 28 1991Floppy drive issue
1557.03MRKTNG::SWABOWICZWed Aug 28 1991Removing OS/2 for a DOS system
1558.08WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Aug 29 1991Concurrent floppy/hard in the MAIN box? August?
1560.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Aug 30 1991remapping of keys on set host
1562.01SVCRUS::LOPEZFri Aug 30 1991autocad v.1
1563.0KAOFS::K_MAINFri Aug 30 1991Monitors, VDT and VLF Swedish stds ?
1564.01NEWPRT::DUNLOP::KAMMon Sep 02 1991TEAC FD-55B in a DS3xx?
1565.0AHIKER::EARLYTue Sep 03 1991FOR SALE: Norton Utilities V5.
1566.0CMOTEC::HORNBYKTue Sep 03 1991433W & scanners?
1567.01SALISH::LEARNEDDETue Sep 03 1991DRDOS 5.
1568.01RANGER::WHITETue Sep 03 1991Pen based computing notes file....
1569.09SARAH::HOVEYWed Sep 04 1991DECpc 433 and 3 button mouse
1570.08FUTBAL::KNIGHTWed Sep 04 1991PC433W, Windows-3, and DOS-5
1571.01LYOIS1::JACQUINThu Sep 05 1991Doc. and info. on TIGA for DECpc 433W
1572.0BOOTKY::HAM_NGUYENThu Sep 05 1991QNX anyone ?
1573.02POBOX::REGISTERThu Sep 05 1991DECpc 433W and Netware 286 SERVER v2.2
1574.03ANGLIN::CORRIGANThu Sep 05 1991Who Makes DEC disks?
1575.011CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Sep 05 1991Defeat 325c key lock?
1576.01RLAV::GORMLEYFri Sep 06 1991attaching NEC monitor to decstation
1577.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Sep 06 19911 gig drive and 525 mb tape drive manufacture?
1578.03TINCUP::BOTTOMSFri Sep 06 1991Need copy of SETUP disk for a DS425c
1579.02MRKTNG::SWABOWICZMon Sep 09 1991Adding second harddisk to PC
1580.06ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Sep 09 19914 meg simms for the 433T?
1581.01DFS::SAVOIEMon Sep 09 1991disabling IDE controller on 325 decstation
1582.01MANTOW::knowlesjiMon Sep 09 1991disk mirroring/duplexing with the 433t
1583.02CGOOA::ROBINSONMon Sep 09 1991Portable memory std SIMMS?
1584.01GRANPA::FBOWLESMon Sep 09 1991PC-NFS and DECpc433W
1585.02THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Sep 09 1991DECstattion 5
1586.09--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 10 1991Novell Certified DECpc's
1587.02KAOFS::J_PETERSONTue Sep 10 1991PCP2
1588.01RUTILE::MACKWed Sep 11 1991Streamer driver needed
1590.0GNOJP::PORELLWed Sep 11 1991Microstation 4.
1591.0OTOOA::RLAWRENCEWed Sep 11 1991SYTOS+
1592.01TROOA::MORCOSWed Sep 11 1991433W & VR29
1593.012SONATA::HICKOXWed Sep 11 1991Tandy 1
1594.0NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONWed Sep 11 1991PCXAV-B4 Monitors
1595.06MALMA1::PSVENSSONThu Sep 12 1991DECpc433W SCSI driver question
1597.01SANFAN::FRANCIS_ROThu Sep 12 1991In Search of the Missing Links
1598.06NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADThu Sep 12 1991333c on Novell with BICC card
1599.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Sep 13 1991Setup212 has no effect
1600.014SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Sep 13 1991Problem with DS32
1601.03HAMER::KENEFICKFri Sep 13 1991NEC vga card and 4D mon. on ds333c doesn't work
1602.02SOLVIT::POWELLFri Sep 13 1991Pinout of 6-pin mini-DIN needed
1603.01YOSMTE::MEYER_EDFri Sep 13 1991PC X.25 help
1604.05PTOVAX::SCHRAMM_KMon Sep 16 1991Diagnostics Diskette?
1605.05SUBWAY::BROOKSMon Sep 16 1991Printing Problems w/ DECpc + HP series3 parallel
1606.01COLTue Sep 17 1991D5
1607.04HLFSTue Sep 17 1991problem interactive unix
1608.01SUBWAY::DERISETue Sep 17 1991VR32
1609.0YNGSTR::BROWNTue Sep 17 1991433W: Great review!!
1610.01PTOVAX::BREZLERTue Sep 17 1991How do I tell if I have enough power?
1611.012MSBCS::HSUTue Sep 17 1991DECpc 333 portable, QEMM, and PARADOX
1612.01HOTAIR::DAVISTue Sep 17 1991Configuring a 433pc WS?
1613.02EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Sep 18 1991DECpc 433W video drivers for Windows
1614.03THEBAY::BOSWELLBRThu Sep 19 1991Error 1
1615.02GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Sep 19 1991433W and Ventura - any tricks?
1616.01TPCNBT::TAMIRThu Sep 19 1991DEPCA mouse and Windows 3.
1617.08VSSCAD::NEWMANThu Sep 19 1991How to get mouse drivers
1618.04NETCUR::MCQUADEThu Sep 19 1991Non-bootable working HD on a 212lp ???
1619.0SALSA::MOELLERThu Sep 19 1991DS32
1620.09CGOOA::BONTJEThu Sep 19 1991Trouble with EMM386 on 32
1621.0HGOVC::GEORGETILLEYFri Sep 20 1991BENCHMARK 443P vs. the world
1622.0NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADFri Sep 20 1991Adaptec 525 Tape in a Dec325c PC
1623.0ISIDRO::MANGELFri Sep 20 1991? DECpc433W diskless + Windows 3.
1624.05CAPITN::MEYER_EDFri Sep 20 1991Memory upgrade<>modem works
1625.0DELNI::GILLIAMFri Sep 20 1991CD-ROMs on DEC Networks
1626.05NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONMon Sep 23 1991433W with Two Monitors
1628.0JGODCL::VERHOEVENMon Sep 23 1991DS22
1629.01AUNTB::REEDMon Sep 23 1991Async Adapter for TURBOChannel ???
1630.03SUBWAY::SMITHMon Sep 23 1991DECpc433w hanging
1631.03FMTACT::MCMAHONTue Sep 24 1991Instructions for Upgrading to Adaptek 154
1632.0RLAV::GORMLEYWed Sep 25 1991433pc
1633.03NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Sep 26 1991High-resolution Display at low cost
1634.01GNOJP::PORELLThu Sep 26 1991AutoCad Slide Show on DECpc 433
1635.03SELL1::FERRIGNOThu Sep 26 1991MS-DOS
1636.0SAHQ::KEMPThu Sep 26 1991325c/OS2EE/Keyboard problem
1637.0CROWES::HULLEYFri Sep 27 1991error reading drive c (intermittant)
1638.0AIMHI::TAYLORFri Sep 27 1991EtherWORK Cards and Supported Bus Speeds
1639.01SUTRA::BASSINNESat Sep 28 19912x433t successfully installed in France...
1640.0NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADMon Sep 30 1991Fastback and 425c caching
1641.08STOHUB::T32Mon Sep 30 1991316 SX - QEMM AND WINDOWS 3.
1642.0SUBWAY::YOUNGMon Sep 30 1991Lotus 3.1 driver software
1643.0ODAY4Tue Oct 01 1991VGA upgrade problems
1644.02GYZPBTue Oct 01 1991DECpc 433T with SCO UNIX
1645.0BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONTue Oct 01 1991SETHOST, COM2 (Internal Modem) trashing COM1 on 32
1646.01DPDMAI::SHOFFSTALLTue Oct 01 199119" monitor radiation levels
1647.02OTOOA::JDUFFWed Oct 02 1991Shock and Vibration Tests??
1648.02MEMORY::GOODHUEWed Oct 02 1991Help on LN
1649.0SUTRA::BASSINNEThu Oct 03 1991Cross posted from OS/2 --
1650.01TOOHOT::YOSHIIThu Oct 03 1991SPECmarks
1651.01NZOMIS::DUDSONFri Oct 04 1991Help PC433W blank video
1652.0DSTEG2::ELLIOTTFri Oct 04 1991NEEDED: Setup diskette for IDE Hard Drive,DEC 21
1653.017ODIXIE::GRAYFri Oct 04 1991WD EISA SCSI 433t controller
1654.03ODIXIE::GRAYFri Oct 04 1991433T + RAM drive
1655.02TROOA::DOBROVSZKYFri Oct 04 1991need dec433W specs HELP!!!!!!!!!
1656.01LUXMon Oct 07 1991
1657.03LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Oct 07 1991316 sx drive cable problem.
1658.01HSOMAI::MORNINGMon Oct 07 1991Performance Standards
1659.05SNOCTue Oct 08 1991Floppy/windows/qemm/pcsa
1660.03CIM::CIM::HORNERTue Oct 08 1991DECstation 212=>LK25
1661.05ODIXIE::WITMANTue Oct 08 1991Floppy Drive designation question
1662.02AMUSE::QUIMBYTue Oct 08 1991Excel, DECquery and DECpc 433W problem !?
1663.01CSOA1::BREZLERWed Oct 09 1991Need SETUP for DS212 Memory expansion
1665.02RAVEN1::STOGNERWed Oct 09 1991Making Lotus print in color on LJ25
1666.02GLDOA::SHOTWELLWed Oct 09 1991DECStation 433MP
1667.05CHGVWed Oct 09 1991Problems installing MS OS/2 V1.21
1668.01EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Oct 10 1991Windows in standard mode on a DECpc 433W
1670.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Oct 11 1991Prob with rdgi.38g driver on DECpcmp
1671.02AUNTB::MELVINFri Oct 11 1991IPX drivers on Internet?
1672.01BRADOR::BAIRDFri Oct 11 1991What SVGA monitors do we have?
1674.01CLOVAX::FORNERSat Oct 12 1991SETUP DISK for DECstation 316SX.
1675.06BLOFLY::GORDONMon Oct 14 1991VR297 Monitor
1677.01WDCIS::RESMITHTue Oct 15 1991Tandy 1
1678.01WNPVTue Oct 15 1991Power Cable too short 316sx/6
1679.015AMUSE::QUIMBYTue Oct 15 1991433W and LAN 32KB mode
1681.01NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADWed Oct 16 1991Key Pad Pin_Out for Laptop
1682.02AUNTB::MELVINWed Oct 16 1991Disk to Disk Copy?
1683.01AUNTB::MELVINWed Oct 16 1991USL (Novell?) join ACE.
1684.02MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Oct 17 1991SCSI tape for 433W
1685.04TRCOA::MARSHALLThu Oct 17 1991Can I use 4MB SIMMs on PC443-aa (32
1687.02RANGER::GIORDANOFri Oct 18 1991PCXAT & OS/2
1688.01CSCOAC::TUORI_MMon Oct 21 1991Colorado Memory & DecStation 316 DX
1689.0NODOFF::SCHWARTZMon Oct 21 1991433t and NetWare problem
1690.06CTOAVX::PEIRCEMon Oct 21 1991DECpc 433 and Sound
1691.04USRCV2::GADSDENPMon Oct 21 1991Multiple Protocol Packet Drivers for DECpc 433W
1692.0SUBWAY::SMITHMon Oct 21 1991WINDOWS 3.1 Beta Site?
1693.03TRCOA::NAHMMon Oct 21 1991DS-DOS 5.
1694.0SUBWAY::DERISEMon Oct 21 1991DECpc 433W problems?
1695.03LJOHUB::DIMACKTue Oct 22 1991Parsons Technology, Tax Edge
1696.03SUBWAY::SMITHTue Oct 22 1991Intel Scalable Modular Architecture?
1697.03SUBWAY::SMITHTue Oct 22 1991DECpc 433W hanging
1698.01COPCLU::COPFT::JESPERTue Oct 22 1991Euro OS/2 1.3 and 433W,won't install
1700.013ROBOAT::HEBERTWed Oct 23 1991RX33 drive in DS32
1701.03CIVIC::FERRIGNOWed Oct 23 1991Recommendation
1702.04AUNTB::MELVINWed Oct 23 1991Need Video Cable!
1703.0CARTUN::NICKERSONThu Oct 24 1991Intel Above Board help
1704.0CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERThu Oct 24 1991433T, OS/2, and "Enhancement"
1705.06WIKI::PAGANOFri Oct 25 1991Terminal as console?
1706.01POBOX::ZWIKELSat Oct 26 1991DECstation 6
1707.01NYEM1::YOUNGMon Oct 28 1991Urgent! 433T sw driver needed!!!
1708.02SIMBA::AWDETue Oct 29 1991SPOOLER.SYS LOADHI Problem Using DOS 5.
1709.07WA1UAR::Michael McCarthyTue Oct 29 1991SCSI driver for Novell Netware
1710.03NERSW5::MARTINELLOTue Oct 29 19911
1711.03PACKER::PACKER::BACZKOTue Oct 29 1991Printing with WINDOWS and an LA75
1712.013PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGWed Oct 30 1991PC4XV-B3 highest resolution?
1713.03ODIXIE::WITMANWed Oct 30 1991I/O Card Parity Error?
1714.02SPTNIK::SWABOWICZWed Oct 30 1991FAX board question and Lap-top
1715.02TPSYS::CAIAZZIWed Oct 30 1991DECstation 433 / DOS 4.
1716.03SUBWAY::DERISEThu Oct 31 1991433T: disk controllers?
1717.04AIDEV::DRUMMONDFri Nov 01 19912 Button Mouse
1718.026CGOOA::ROBINSONSat Nov 02 1991HELP: 433w drivers please!
1719.07PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Nov 04 1991cheaper DESPR?
1720.01KAHALA::REINERTMon Nov 04 1991Colorado DJ-1
1721.0TAVTue Nov 05 1991DS325 and 2 floppy - cable number ?
1722.01USRCV1::GADSDENPTue Nov 05 1991Zenith Flat Screen Competition
1723.09TRCOA::MARSHALLTue Nov 05 1991Second SCSI Disk drive not recognized by PCW1
1724.010NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADTue Nov 05 1991New 14" Colour Monitor P/Ns
1725.08YNGSTR::BROWNWed Nov 06 1991Horror story
1726.0SUBWAY::SMITHWed Nov 06 1991HW/SW Rev. Changes in DECPC433W?
1727.04DPDMAI::RITZThu Nov 07 1991Conner 12
1729.03HGOVC::JONASLEUNGFri Nov 08 1991433W memory map
1730.08WIKI::PAGANOFri Nov 08 1991FDDI on market yet?
1731.0PHDVAX::JACKSONFri Nov 08 19913COM a DECPA substitute?
1732.02GRANPA::JHAGERTYFri Nov 08 1991Questions on DECpc 433W
1733.08RANGER::SHAPIROFri Nov 08 1991Digital Super VGA speedup
1734.0SNOCMon Nov 11 1991Location of FAST Paradise Chipset Drivers?
1735.03EDKOCH::GRAHAMMon Nov 11 1991Question(s) re:NEW PCXAD-AD Video Adapter
1736.02PICKET::LANGMOREMon Nov 11 1991DECstation 32
1737.031LJOHUB::LOWEMon Nov 11 1991Sound Blaster and IRQ
1738.03EDKOCH::GRAHAMMon Nov 11 1991PC4XG-BA Windows 3.
1740.013BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Nov 12 1991RRD42-GA questions...
1741.02ATLABC::CURLETue Nov 12 1991Mouse Drivers for DECPC 32
1743.06ALOSWS::HEIGHTTue Nov 12 1991Installing OS/2 on the DECpc 433T?
1744.02NZOMIS::GEMPTONTue Nov 12 1991Dates for ODT on 433W
1745.06JOVE::reillyWed Nov 13 1991Does Systos Plus work on DECstations
1746.03GOLF::FBUTLERWed Nov 13 1991LK25
1747.01TYSON::KURATAWed Nov 13 1991DECpc 333 memory and coprocessor questions
1748.02RIGI::KESSLERThu Nov 14 1991DS325, 8
1749.02ARNE::NORDBERGThu Nov 14 1991DECpc 433 SCSI problems.
1751.03MQOSWS::M_LEMAYThu Nov 14 1991DECpc 433W - next version
1752.03TFH::MILLIGANThu Nov 14 1991DS425c bus speed, speed425 utility
1753.07RDOMVX::BRUSSThu Nov 14 1991Video Controller for VR32
1754.03NYEM1::YOUNGFri Nov 15 1991OS/2 1.2/1.3 EE on a DECstation w/IDE disk
1755.03JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Nov 15 1991DECpc 433 and PC-nfs hueristics = 1 no help
1756.02RAVEN1::STOGNERFri Nov 15 1991Using DEC digitizing board on DECSTATION PC ?
1757.0SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Nov 15 1991Need IDE Type information for 433W
1758.02TENNIS::KAMFri Nov 15 1991Can't get DS316 to recognize a 5.25-inch floppy
1759.01TENNIS::KAMFri Nov 15 1991card edge connect on the back of 3.5-inch floppy
1760.01BOGUSS::DEGUIASat Nov 16 1991LK25
1761.0HOZA::HOOGENDOORNSun Nov 17 19912 depca's in a 425
1763.01HGOVC::MINGFUNGMon Nov 18 199117
1764.02MCIS2::NORTONMon Nov 18 1991Harvard Graphics w/LJ25
1765.08WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 18 1991Upgrade daughter CPU card?
1766.04SQUONK::OUELLETTEMon Nov 18 1991Problem with MS DOS 5.
1767.09BKEEPR::BREITNERMon Nov 18 1991Norton Ncache and mixed IDE/SCSI disks
1768.01WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Nov 18 1991DECstation PC Product manager list should be in note 1-1
1769.02SUBDAY::GAUVINTue Nov 19 1991WEITEK & EMM386 COLLIDE !
1770.01TRNOI2::POLETTITue Nov 19 1991How to use SVGA application with DECpc 433 W
1771.01ALIENS::DICKWed Nov 20 1991Technical Reference Manuals to go.
1773.03USWAV1::BRAMHALLWed Nov 20 1991Current PC Software List From DEC?
1774.03KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 20 1991more TIGA questions...
1775.011KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 20 1991LK45
1776.06BRADOR::BAIRDThu Nov 21 1991Max IDE cable length
1777.0SPTNIK::SWABOWICZThu Nov 21 1991DECPC33 - small fonts on 19" monitor
1778.02ALOSWS::HEIGHTFri Nov 22 1991ARC-INFO Drivers for the 433W?
1779.02UGETIT::ATKINSONFri Nov 22 1991DECpc 433T questions
1780.01OWSLA::PUFri Nov 22 1991DOS server using 433 systems?
1781.07WMOIS::BARTOLOMEO_VFri Nov 22 1991DEC color printers on PC's...
1782.0LOOUMon Nov 25 1991DEC/Logitech Mouse Driver vs MS Mouse Driver
1783.01GNOCLU::PORELLMon Nov 25 1991config.sys needed for 32
1784.01AYOV2Tue Nov 26 1991325 & 425 Part Numbers
1785.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Nov 26 1991How can we play music on the RRD42?
1786.01OSLLAV::MONICA_PTue Nov 26 1991DECpc333 Portable install 12
1787.0XANADU::RECKARDTue Nov 26 1991WIN/S and soft boot - 32
1788.02JGO::DEKENTue Nov 26 1991Techn. DS3
1789.03LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Nov 26 1991ds325 clear screen
1790.06GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Nov 26 1991DS32
1792.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Nov 27 1991DS 32
1793.0GIDDAY::SEIVERWed Nov 27 1991PCXAT-AC and 333c running OS/2 ?
1794.02UTRTSC::VISSERThu Nov 28 1991SCSI-disk PCXAR-AA/BA?
1795.02KAOOA::CAHILLThu Nov 28 1991PCXAL-AA Keyboard Schematics?
1796.0TRCOA::MARSHALLFri Nov 29 1991Mixed brands of SIMMS causing problems? PC443-AA, 32
1797.01HAMSTR::GILMANMon Dec 02 1991TANDY Agreement Drying Up?
1798.01MCIS2::NORTONMon Dec 02 1991Freelance to LN
1799.02SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Dec 02 1991High failure rate on 316sx
1800.0TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 03 1991How to 'disable' the on-board floppy disk controller
1802.023EISJAT::TEDESCOTue Dec 03 1991Toshiba CDROM Host Adapter?
1803.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Dec 03 1991"Digital's DECstation Family Performance Summary"
1804.0ASDS::NEWFIELDWed Dec 04 1991Laserprep Header file for Postscripted Powerpoint?
1805.0NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONWed Dec 04 1991433W & HP Scanjets etc
1806.0NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADWed Dec 04 1991LK25
1807.05LEDDEV::GUSTINThu Dec 05 1991IDE with RLL or MFM controller together?
1808.03KURTAN::KJOHANSSONThu Dec 05 1991lk25
1809.04SWAM2::LYNCH_SEThu Dec 05 1991Big discount ahead?
1810.01CXNFMS::DEHAANThu Dec 05 1991New VGA ADI driver for ACAD R11 needed
1811.02RIGI::KESSLERFri Dec 06 1991DS425, WIN 3.
1812.05KETJE::DE_BOEVERFri Dec 06 1991DECpc433W, LAD, SCSI boot
1813.06PCAE::PCSQA::klasmanFri Dec 06 1991BIOS or hardware bug in 32
1814.011TRCOA::HARRISTue Dec 10 1991SCSI and IDE HD on Same System?
1815.01SELL1::NULLTue Dec 10 1991SETUP325 Problem
1816.03BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Dec 10 19911655
1818.04BRADOR::BAIRDWed Dec 11 1991Can you use a SCSI floppy
1819.05WA1UAR::McCarthyWed Dec 11 1991NetWare 386, 425c, SCSI don't work???
1820.02ESMAIL::GRANVILLEWed Dec 11 1991Special offers announced in EPP VTX
1821.06ISTALK::SYSTEMWed Dec 11 1991DS 32
1822.011COQAU::LOVELLThu Dec 12 1991RZ55/RZ56 SCSI disks on 433W
1823.01AUNTB::MELVINThu Dec 12 1991Do we sell the NEC 4FGx?
1824.01FACEThu Dec 12 1991DECpc 433w, LAN 32 KB mode ?
1825.02AUNTB::MELVINThu Dec 12 1991Larger 2.5" IDE drive?
1826.07AUNTB::MELVINThu Dec 12 1991DECpc 433w 33MHz to 66MHz chip upgrade?
1827.02TRNOI2::POLETTIThu Dec 12 1991Is "TCP PC FTP" supported under DECpc 433 W
1828.08LEDDEV::DELMONICOThu Dec 12 1991Spec's on the PCXCV-B2 monitor?
1829.02LAGUNA::PENDLETON_HEThu Dec 12 1991DECpc 433T and OS/2 Ver. 2.
1830.0WLDWST::YANGSun Dec 15 1991Video and Memory problem - Help !
1831.02KURTAN::NORDBERGMon Dec 16 1991DECpc333 Hotkey for OS/2
1832.03PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Dec 16 1991Content of customer mailing
1833.0NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONMon Dec 16 1991433W & Microstation
1834.05SLOVAX::THOMSONTue Dec 17 1991F11/F12 keys on 316SX
1835.08STAR::BLAKEWed Dec 18 1991316 and UAE's
1836.0AKRON::KVOCHICKWed Dec 18 1991Need some help with a small DECstation opportunity
1837.04TOOHOT::YOSHIIWed Dec 18 1991433w and SCO/ODT
1838.05BBOVAX::DONAGHYWed Dec 18 1991DECpc433mp ISA>EISA
1839.05ORO5Wed Dec 18 1991DECMODE FOR DOS 5.
1840.02WNPVThu Dec 19 1991426 MB disk transfer rate
1841.02YOSMTE::DRUMMOND_ROFri Dec 20 19913COM5
1842.04SOTT::NAULTFri Dec 20 1991DECstation 333c with 2 monitors - 14" and 19"
1843.02CIMNET::PEPIMon Dec 23 1991Need an RX5
1844.02ULTRA::WRAYMon Dec 23 1991212LP motherboard memory upgrades
1845.0RANGER::BARNESMon Dec 23 1991Job opportunity available in PC Software Eng.
1846.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 23 1991Math coprocessor ? for 316
1847.05ALOSLS::RYANMon Dec 23 1991LJ25
1848.03RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Dec 23 1991EMM386 Hangs System
1849.04ICEE::BERGMon Dec 23 1991Information From ADAPTEC
1850.04TAVThu Dec 26 1991WD7
1851.01YNGSTR::BROWNFri Dec 27 1991PC4XD-AA, ser/par adapter
1852.08AKOCOA::MHUGHESFri Dec 27 1991LJ252/Windows problem
1853.03--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 30 1991Mouse questions and DEPCA problems
1854.0SIOG::ODONNELLMon Dec 30 1991speaker on printer port lpt1
1856.0HLFSTue Dec 31 1991sysex flop for applDEC 433MP
1857.08WMOIS::DELANEY_RTue Dec 31 1991QEMM V5.13 and WINDOWS 3.
1859.02MELEE::WGORDONTue Dec 31 1991EMM386 not installed - unable to set page frame address error
1860.0PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue Dec 31 1991Invalid Configuration - Revisited!
1861.024SUBWAY::GREENSTEINThu Jan 02 1992SCSIHA.SYS - What is it?
1862.03GRANPA::FTAUBENKRAUTThu Jan 02 1992WD7
1863.02MSDSWS::MARCHESSAULTThu Jan 02 1992Gutted DS21
1864.02DELNI::DEMENTThu Jan 02 1992Mounting PC4XR-FA in 5.25 slot
1866.06SELECT::JONESFri Jan 03 1992Windows 3.1 final beta
1868.01SALES::FRIESFri Jan 03 1992DICTFULL: No more room in dictionary - (Generic queue has LPS4
1869.04KID2::BOSWELLBRFri Jan 03 1992Can I use a TZK1X-HA cleaner in a PC4XT-AA drive
1870.02SUBWAY::BOETTCHERFri Jan 03 1992Problem with mouse on Digital notebook...
1871.03BOSACT::CHERSONMon Jan 06 19925.
1872.03AYOV24::JVEITCHMon Jan 06 1992DECpc 433W graphics compliancy
1873.01CROWES::HULLEYMon Jan 06 1992vga/pc4xg-ab/256k svga pc4xg-ac/512k
1874.05SALISH::BARTH_MEMon Jan 06 1992DEC PC
1875.01CSCOA1::HUFFSTETLERTue Jan 07 1992DECstation 32
1876.02POBOX::ZWIKELTue Jan 07 1992DEMM for DECstation 21
1877.07ASKARI::LITTLETue Jan 07 1992DOS 5.
1878.01LJOHUB::GOLDBERGTue Jan 07 1992Power-up Error on DS 32
1879.01ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Jan 07 1992was there a change of heart?
1880.03ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Jan 08 1992DECpc 433W as Novell server ?
1881.02WMOIS::BARTOLOMEO_VWed Jan 08 1992Three SCSI disks gone away....
1882.02NZOMIS::GEMPTONWed Jan 08 1992433W & SYTOS no go.
1883.07BOSWKG::GARDNERWed Jan 08 1992another floppy problem...
1884.02DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Jan 09 1992Erector set computers?
1885.06ODIXIE::LAROEThu Jan 09 1992What's the diff - 316sx & 316+ ?
1886.03SFCThu Jan 09 1992Can you disable DS333c Coprocessor from BIOS?
1887.020SELECT::JONESThu Jan 09 1992Searching for setup425
1888.02CSOA1::RANKINFri Jan 10 1992Memory and CPU Upgrade for 316+ ?
1889.01KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 10 1992PC disk activity light, ROM Setup, LK25
1890.04DINK::BRODERICKFri Jan 10 1992help understing memory
1892.011BREAKR::ZELLERSat Jan 11 1992Maybe we should put rope-starters on the RZxx's...
1893.02NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONMon Jan 13 1992433W & Bi-Direction Para. Port
1894.01ODDONE::DAVIS_PMon Jan 13 1992Decstation 425 Part Prob
1895.02ROKCTR::GRAHAMMon Jan 13 1992PCXAG-AD Install Problem..Need Help!
1896.03ROKCTR::GRAHAMMon Jan 13 1992PCXAG-AD Install Problem-UPDATE
1897.05SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Jan 13 1992PC4XL-BB vs. PCXAL-AA keyboards
1898.01CGOOA::CHUMon Jan 13 1992433T Banyan Certified?
1899.01SNOCTue Jan 14 1992DEC 3-Button Mouse
1900.02STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Jan 14 1992dec-pc 433 and Novell Lite???
1901.0STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Jan 14 1992LAnsmart and Dec-Pc 433, are we planning net-drivers?
1902.02ARGUS::KIVLIGHANTue Jan 14 1992212LP 3MEG DOS 5.
1903.03ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Jan 14 1992PCXAG-AD/DECquery Conflict
1904.01GLDOA::WESTBROOKSTue Jan 14 1992PowerBuilder + 433W + TIGA driver = UAE
1905.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue Jan 14 1992DS316sx(PC442) vs DS316sx(PC444)
1906.012ALOSWS::STREVELLTue Jan 14 1992DS316SX and missing BIOS Parameter Block
1907.02GNOJP::PORELLWed Jan 15 1992Notebook 32
1908.02HYDRA::ALDENWed Jan 15 1992EMM386 problems with DS32
1909.03BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Jan 15 1992Extended Memory Adapter, 316sx, motherboard memory disappears
1911.06GOLF::STOCKWELLWed Jan 15 1992the end of the DECstation 316?
1912.01VNABRW::HABRICH_PThu Jan 16 1992Async DECnet
1914.0TSGDEV::DUFFYThu Jan 16 1992a replacement for the 32
1915.01ULOWEL::JOHNSONThu Jan 16 1992Power up Password on DS333c
1916.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Jan 17 1992is a Sony CDU-611
1917.03NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONMon Jan 20 1992433W & Apple FX Benchmark Tests
1918.01RANGER::NORTONMon Jan 20 1992OS/2 Version Availability
1919.02KLUSTR::BOSPC1::KelleyMon Jan 20 1992bus mouse card for PCXAS-AA?
1920.015HYDRA::ALDENMon Jan 20 1992Does the PC4XV-BA display 8
1921.04FSOA::JMARIANOMon Jan 20 1992316+ - Memory and DISK addon help
1922.01CGOOA::CHUMon Jan 20 1992433T memory wait states
1923.0AUSSIE::UNDERWOODMon Jan 20 1992How to change the Power-up Password
1924.021CASEE::CARLILLTue Jan 21 1992Problem with DECpc 433W and CodeView for Windows V3.
1925.02KAOFS::P_SAVOIETue Jan 21 1992Dusty PC/filter/and floppy drives
1926.01CAMONE::ZIOMEKTue Jan 21 1992Questions on 433 graphics standard
1927.02NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADTue Jan 21 1992Microstation SWAP on 433W
1928.010NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADTue Jan 21 1992433w hangs with Coreldraw + Windows
1929.03SALISH::WILLIAMS_SCTue Jan 21 1992Please point to the SPECS
1930.0FOOBAR::KABELTue Jan 21 1992Keyboard membrane covers -- safeskin ...
1931.01APACHE::MAZZUCOTELLIWed Jan 22 1992Used DEC PC's for Sale???
1932.03GNOJP::PORELLWed Jan 22 1992Need Sample Config.sys for DECpc 433 T
1933.05MQOSWS::MQOPWed Jan 22 1992problem with DECpc 433W and SCSI hard disk
1934.0KAOU93::SENSKEThu Jan 23 1992433 Stutters CON: output @33Mhz
1935.0MORO::MAPPS_LIThu Jan 23 1992Sidekick/Mouse Problems
1936.01MEO78B::CON_OREILLYThu Jan 23 1992SYTOS
1937.04GIDDAY::CALLAGHANFri Jan 24 1992316sx Disk Add On
1938.02TRNOIS::POLETTIFri Jan 24 1992I'm searching a scanner for DECpc 433W
1939.0BRADOR::BAIRDFri Jan 24 1992Light Pen
1940.03DWOVAX::KEVILLEFri Jan 24 1992Lowering Resolution on a DEC pc 433
1941.02SELECT::JONESMon Jan 27 1992External cache for 425 please
1942.053D::BERGERSENMon Jan 27 199221
1943.01SUTRA::BASSINNEMon Jan 27 1992Quality assembly issue with 433W?
1944.0GLDOA::WESTBROOKSMon Jan 27 1992SCO ODT V1.1.1 to trade
1945.02JUPITR::GREIMANMon Jan 27 1992316SX - Why only 4Mb of fast RAM?
1946.07GOLLY::KNIGHTTue Jan 28 1992de2
1947.01GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Jan 28 1992DECpc433 and 132 Character mode?
1948.02ZURTue Jan 28 1992DS425 and COM3, COM4 access problem
1949.01NZOMIS::CLAPPERTONTue Jan 28 1992433W & DOS 5.
1950.0MEIS::FERRANTEWed Jan 29 1992Does the PC4XG-BA (8514/a) work with teh PC4XG-AC ??
1952.03ZURWed Jan 29 1992DECpc 433 with TokenRing interface
1953.014EISJAT::TEDESCOWed Jan 29 1992ADAPTEC 154
1954.07DPDMAI::MARIAWed Jan 29 1992DECstation 32
1955.01SELL1::FERRIGNOThu Jan 30 1992Loading Dos
1956.02MXOVThu Jan 30 1992Trouble with WIN3X
1957.03CAPITN::MEYER_EDThu Jan 30 1992SETUP325 anyone?
1958.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTIFri Jan 31 1992DECCpc 433 - video driver setup problem
1960.03GIDDAY::HONSCHFri Jan 31 1992425C SPEED slows when memory upgrade
1961.01DECWIN::GMCCOYFri Jan 31 1992DECstation 32
1962.05CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERFri Jan 31 1992PC4XD-AB dual port card in a 212lp (no com3?)
1963.06SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Jan 31 19922 154
1964.03CSCOAC::HUFFSTETLERFri Jan 31 1992316SX with only a com2???
1965.018PCA112::BOEBINGERFri Jan 31 1992Windows V3.1 and TIGA
1966.01ONEDGE::DUNCANFri Jan 31 1992DS333c IDE 1
1967.014GIAMEM::DANEKMon Feb 03 1992Help: 32
1968.03TROOA::WEAVERMon Feb 03 1992DECpc 433 and QEMM?
1969.05AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKMon Feb 03 1992PC_WPS+
1970.06TROOA::VIAUMon Feb 03 1992286 to 386sx upgrade????
1971.01VXCENG::READMon Feb 03 1992Problem with SPOOLER.SYS and QEMM
1972.01KID2::BOSWELLBRTue Feb 04 1992Looking for keyboard scan codes
1973.0KAOFS::P_PEDERSENTue Feb 04 1992433W Monitor Support
1974.01WMOIS::BARTOLOMEO_VTue Feb 04 1992PC445?
1975.0BREAKR::UDICKTue Feb 04 1992What is our upgrade strategy ?
1976.02ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Feb 04 1992Info on DECjet printers?
1977.01NEMAIL::HANRONTue Feb 04 1992Swedish Radioprotection Institute low-freq. PC monitors?
1978.03HOCUS::MILLERNWed Feb 05 1992Memory Parity Interrupt
1979.07FASDER::DWICKERThu Feb 06 199221
1980.01PCAE::CARIDDIThu Feb 06 1992pc465-zz
1981.01NZOMIS::GEMPTONThu Feb 06 1992Norton Disk Doc. on 433W
1982.07EEMELI::PLEINOFri Feb 07 1992433 and ISC UNIX
1983.0LUDWIG::LOGSDONFri Feb 07 1992Monitor lingo?
1984.05MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIFri Feb 07 1992y
1985.016SNOCSun Feb 09 19922 SCSI controllers in a 433T???
1986.02FRUST::SPALTMon Feb 10 1992 radio-net PCs ??
1987.06ECACAD::HenryMon Feb 10 1992BA42 and a DE333c
1988.02MRKTNG::DIONMon Feb 10 1992Unable to print to port
1989.01NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADMon Feb 10 1992433W , Win3, Aldus Freehand slow graphics
1990.06SUBWAY::TUCHMon Feb 10 1992Converting a hardrive from SCO to MS-DOS
1991.02DC1Tue Feb 11 1992upgrade PC/AT with DEC parts
1992.016BAGELS::YACUBOVICHTue Feb 11 1992325/SCSI Hangs 1st Power-Up ?
1993.013WLDWST::YANGWed Feb 12 1992Help on TAPE DRIVE SOFTWARE !!!
1994.0111SRUS::HEWITTWed Feb 12 199232
1995.08WKRP::HENRYWed Feb 12 1992Is PC46M=YY and PC46M-AA the same??
1996.05RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Feb 12 1992DECstation 425 is slow! HELP!
1997.01KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Feb 12 1992a new video adapter?
1998.06SELL1::NULLThu Feb 13 1992DECpc 42
1999.07TROOA::MCNEILLThu Feb 13 1992425C W/ REMOTE FLOPPY
2000.05CSCOA1::STUBBS_AThu Feb 13 1992Error in command number 7E1
2001.0TRCOA::MARSHALLThu Feb 13 1992132 col by 6
2002.0OLDTMR::SECGThu Feb 13 1992"Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary"
2003.01ODIXIE::DINGMANThu Feb 13 1992Help remapping shadow RAM on DECstation 316sx/32
2004.02MSAMThu Feb 13 1992IBM 8514 Driver for DEC PC 433W
2005.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Feb 14 1992Part number for OS/2 and DOS
2006.01RANGER::LESKOWITZFri Feb 14 1992DECstation flakey floppy fix found...
2007.01LRCSNL::WALESSun Feb 16 1992Sytos Plus driver for PC4XT-AA Tape Drive???
2008.012OTOOA::PONDMon Feb 17 1992DECpc433W fails PCweek graphics benchmark?
2009.01SXOSLS::BANKEYMon Feb 17 1992DECstation 316 Setup disk
2010.05GNOCLU::LUBNIEWSKIMon Feb 17 1992LA75 Plus Windows Driver? Where? When?
2011.03BASCAS::DAVIS_PTue Feb 18 1992PC222 Out Of Focus Monitors
2013.01ZPOVC::KUMARTue Feb 18 1992Can't install Windows on 433W
2014.01PAMSRC::QUEUES::HARRISTue Feb 18 1992Cable question
2015.011FPTVX1::CUSHMANTue Feb 18 1992DECpc 42
2016.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRITue Feb 18 1992DECstation Technical Reference Manual Online?
2017.02WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Feb 18 1992SCSI config question
2018.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Feb 18 1992Remote power on
2019.02TPOVWed Feb 19 1992decpc433t &sco unix
2020.03MSAMWed Feb 19 1992AnimatorPro for DECpc 433W
2021.02RLAV::MURPHYWed Feb 19 1992application not taking full screen
2022.07BKEEPR::BREITNERWed Feb 19 1992Stacker Disk Compression on DS325c
2023.03NZOMIS::SPENDERWed Feb 19 1992PC325 & 3Com etherlink-2
2024.03CIVIC::FERRIGNOThu Feb 20 199235MM Express print problem
2025.03STC::STC::TIMMONSThu Feb 20 1992Can you use a RWZ
2026.09DPDMAI::GRESSThu Feb 20 1992433ws-Who is it really?
2027.02CRONIC::LEMONSThu Feb 20 1992Maximum weight for the 316+ system box
2028.02MALMFri Feb 21 1992DECpc433W and TZK12 problem
2029.04CTHQ1::PICKARDFri Feb 21 19921
2030.02SHARE::DOYLEFri Feb 21 1992Question about third party board in vaxmate.
2031.04DECWET::ORMISTONFri Feb 21 1992Software for PC4XT-AA
2032.010SOLVIT::MEREDITHFri Feb 21 1992Boot error D
2033.06SIMESE::STARRSun Feb 23 1992DECpc 32
2034.0ECACAD::HenryMon Feb 24 1992AHA154
2035.03ECACAD::HenryMon Feb 24 1992chip set for the PC4XG-AC??
2036.07TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Feb 24 1992DS32
2038.06SPTNIK::SWABOWICZTue Feb 25 1992256 color vga options\
2039.0ARGUS::KIVLIGHANTue Feb 25 1992Service Information Please!
2040.024GL::HEINZERTue Feb 25 1992Can a DEC425 use a TIGA graphics board with a VRT19?
2041.03NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADTue Feb 25 1992433W Graphics additional DRAM??
2042.0WPOCS1::WILLIAMSWed Feb 26 1992DECpc433w Print Port Error
2043.04MRKTNG::ATFNWed Feb 26 1992433W and Fastback Plus
2044.0CNTROL::DORANTESWed Feb 26 1992Info needed on OKIDATA U84
2045.01LUDWIG::LOGSDONWed Feb 26 1992Digital 386 $9
2046.08DKAS::JONESWed Feb 26 1992433T Western Digital scsi utility - RZ57 help
2047.02ECACAD::HenryThu Feb 27 1992PS2 cable for the LK25
2048.04STAR::BLAKEThu Feb 27 1992Disk upgrade for 316
2049.08KAOOA::RANGERThu Feb 27 1992433T setup disk?
2050.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Feb 27 1992need recommendations for tape
2052.01STAR::BOIKOThu Feb 27 1992LK45
2053.01PRIMES::FINKELSTEINFri Feb 28 1992DS 316, RZ24 woes
2054.01TAVSun Mar 01 1992DECpc433w and UNIGRAPHICS ???
2055.04GLDOA::ADIBHATLAMon Mar 02 1992Help.. DECstation 212 Memory Upgrade
2056.03TIGGR::CINQMARSMon Mar 02 1992Keyboard Interrupt Handler question
2057.05MAIL::HUGHESDMon Mar 02 1992PC433W Depca problems
2058.03CSOA1::LENNIGTue Mar 03 1992VAXmate tech ref docs?
2059.01BRUMMY::PARISHTue Mar 03 1992VRT16 on DS3
2060.03MRCNET::BOISVERTTue Mar 03 1992Problem with PC4XV-B2???
2061.09ARGUS::LEBLONDTue Mar 03 1992DOS 'Dual Environment' Question
2063.02NC17Tue Mar 03 1992
2064.04PHILIP::JOHNSONTue Mar 03 1992RZ23L cannot be partitioned
2065.02PAMSRC::QUEUES::HARRISWed Mar 04 1992mouse - can I get there from here?
2066.01NYEM1::YOUNGWed Mar 04 1992IBM OS/2 1.2 and DECstation 325c
2067.01WEDOIT::MILLIGANWed Mar 04 1992/Y switch for mouse.sys?
2068.09MSAMWed Mar 04 19925.25" FDD For DECpc 433 W?
2069.02NZOMIS::BIRKENHEADWed Mar 04 1992433T Memory upgrade past 16 Meg
2070.04MR4DEC::BOWIEThu Mar 05 1992Floating Point on 316
2071.05HANNAH::BAYThu Mar 05 1992316SX memory upgrade problem
2072.06CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Mar 05 1992COM1 serial port <-> modem trouble
2073.08DONGON::YOUNGThu Mar 05 1992video co-processor for DECpc 425c, or ST?
2074.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Mar 06 1992Invalid parameter
2075.048MRKTNG::AUSTINSat Mar 07 1992433W Graphics Performance problems under Windows
2076.04SNOCSun Mar 08 1992DS 316 floppy controller
2077.01EMDS::FILZMon Mar 09 1992Spec on 32
2078.0TAVIS::RONENMon Mar 09 1992backup time for 5
2079.01RTPLMon Mar 09 1992Monitor Specifications
2080.08CSLALL::GALVINTue Mar 10 1992Help with tape drive speeds
2081.06CESARE::EANDITue Mar 10 1992DECpc 433W - S.O.S. !!
2082.06SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Mar 10 1992DOS 5.
2083.01TAVIS::RONENWed Mar 11 1992unigraphics, tigacd problem on 433w
2084.01AIMHI::COOLEWed Mar 11 1992LK45
2085.014RANGER::BIGELOWWed Mar 11 1992DS32
2086.02POBOX::KOCHFri Mar 13 1992Need prod. mgr. for TIGA/RGDI drivers
2087.015DONGON::YOUNGFri Mar 13 1992DECpc4
2088.02RANGER::BIGELOWFri Mar 13 1992Thumbs down on WinSpeed
2089.05RULLE::BEDOMon Mar 16 1992EXIT MS-Windows problem
2090.06BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMMon Mar 16 1992Non standard disk on DS316
2091.013SUBWAY::SMILEYMon Mar 16 1992Asynch chip madness?!!?
2092.05AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKTue Mar 17 1992download to DECstation 35
2093.01ATHINA::PAGETue Mar 17 1992TSENG VGA+/DECPC433W
2094.05DRLSGT::JENNINGSTue Mar 17 1992Configuration details - Starburst
2096.02TROOA::NAISHWed Mar 18 1992Snowy Screen
2097.0LRCSNL::LAXTONWed Mar 18 199232
2098.010UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Mar 18 1992SCSI/32
2099.0KETJE::WARICHETWed Mar 18 1992IBM OS/2 1.31 EE, DEC PC 433
2100.03TROOA::MARIUZWed Mar 18 1992Seeing is believing!!
2101.08SHLSAM::BEANEWed Mar 18 1992433W won't boot
2103.01STRATA::LOGSDONWed Mar 18 1992316SX-Hard Drive Upgrade, Who, Where, etc.
2104.010POCUS::WOODWed Mar 18 1992Speed Doubler Chip
2105.01CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri Mar 20 1992Do my modems work?
2106.03NYDVIA::ROWLEYFri Mar 20 1992DECstation and beeps at power on.
2107.010LEMAN::BEZENCONMon Mar 23 1992433W & Parallel Port with Protection Keys
2108.05UTRTSC::BESEMERTue Mar 24 1992TIGA timeout problem
2109.02TROFS::E_LEUNGTue Mar 24 1992Focusing problems with PCXCV-B2?
2110.0MCIS1::POMALLEYTue Mar 24 1992LA5
2111.02SKYE::BROWNTue Mar 24 1992ASPI4DOS + cache + ASPI calls = fail
2112.04TIGEMS::COHENWed Mar 25 1992425c,Win 3.1,SCSI help needed ASAP for DECworld
2113.016DPDMAI::GRESSWed Mar 25 1992IDE on DEC21
2114.02DENVER::GIEBELWed Mar 25 1992Windows 3.1 from DEC?
2115.02LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Mar 25 1992DECpc433W & VRT19 using all the screen size
2116.0ESOA11::LEVITEWed Mar 25 1992BOCA SVGA Adapter
2117.04MIMS::HUFFSTETLERWed Mar 25 1992Online documentation note?
2118.06KETJE::DE_BOEVERThu Mar 26 1992ASPI driver for SCSI
2119.02TROOA::RLIMThu Mar 26 1992DECpc 42
2120.04MACROW::MCCANCEThu Mar 26 1992decpc 433mp question
2121.07TRCOA::BATLIWALLAThu Mar 26 1992NetWare drivers for DECpc 433
2122.01TSGDEV::KEEFEThu Mar 26 19924
2123.015UTRTSC::BESEMERFri Mar 27 1992PCXAG-AD problems with NEC 5FG
2124.03AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKFri Mar 27 1992fax to pc
2125.01PHDVAX::JACKSONFri Mar 27 199242
2126.025LJOHUB::BROWNMon Mar 30 1992MS Windows V3.1 - From DEC!! (or, Why Do a Store a Favor??)
2127.0ESOA12::BRAMHALLMon Mar 30 1992128
2128.010TENNIS::KAMTue Mar 31 1992PCXAG-AC (Super VGA) question or two?
2129.04HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Mar 31 1992how to display mem layout of DS325c ??
2130.04RENFRO::POWELLTue Mar 31 1992Looking for meaty 32
2131.03HAMER::KENEFICKTue Mar 31 1992EPP purchase - opinions - suggestions - reviews
2132.04USWRSL::WILLIAMS_STTue Mar 31 1992Decstation 333c bootup problems
2133.016LEDS::WALKERTue Mar 31 1992RZ35 SCSI Disk on PC??
2134.04VMPIRE::JOHNSONTue Mar 31 1992Bigger Monitor?
2135.05HTSC19::ANDYNGWed Apr 01 1992DECSTATION 325C with Qemm => hangs
2136.02BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Apr 01 1992Looking for latest SVGA video drivers for 316sx
2137.01TRCOA::MARSHALLWed Apr 01 1992PCP11-FA not executing the AUTOEXEC.BAT on power-up
2138.03SALISH::FREDRICJAWed Apr 01 1992Does SYTOS Plus run on PC4XT-AA?
2140.012PARITY::KLEBESThu Apr 02 1992Part Number for SCSI Termination Resistors
2141.03GLDOA::ISRAELThu Apr 02 1992My 425 ignores drive D:
2142.04BUMPIT::LEWISThu Apr 02 1992DECpc 32
2143.02TROOA::NAISHThu Apr 02 1992DECpc 433w AUI Connection Needed
2144.02LUDWIG::LOGSDONThu Apr 02 1992Parts, what is up?
2145.03NYEM1::YOUNGFri Apr 03 1992Netware drivers (3.1) for 433w token ring
2146.01ACESMK::GUROSFri Apr 03 1992Suggestions on external SCSI QIC tape drive
2147.021TENNIS::KAMSat Apr 04 1992DECstation 316 and RZ24 questions?
2148.01ARRODS::TRFLGR::Conferencing-UserMon Apr 06 1992Starburst and 327
2149.06WMOIS::DELANEY_RMon Apr 06 1992Installation of 'B' drive problem
2150.01MAIL::HUGHESDMon Apr 06 1992PC433w loses setup info
2151.0UNYEM::HALLETue Apr 07 1992Performance PC with TIGA!
2152.017WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Apr 07 1992EISA Adaptec
2153.03AMUSE::QUIMBYTue Apr 07 1992Nice ad, but.....
2154.04GUCCI::TQUINNTue Apr 07 1992316 SETUP from Hard Disk?
2155.01CADSYS::LEMONSWed Apr 08 1992'Cannot run Windows because of video device conflict'
2156.03EMDS::PETERSONWed Apr 08 1992RZ25 spin-up on power-up
2157.04RLAV::MURPHYWed Apr 08 1992st series and disk mirroring?
2158.03ABSISG::CHIQUOINEWed Apr 08 1992333c, Novell, and Windows performance problems
2159.01AMUSE::QUIMBYWed Apr 08 1992LPT1.OS2
2160.0BREAKR::UDICKWed Apr 08 199232
2161.01TOOHOT::YOSHIIWed Apr 08 199232bit ethernet controller
2162.05ARGUS::KIVLIGHANWed Apr 08 1992DECpc 316sx + PC44M + 1MB SIMMs
2163.014MIMS::STEIDLE_SThu Apr 09 1992VGA1
2164.029RIPPLE::CESSNA_MAThu Apr 09 1992DECpc 425 unpredictable results when EMM386 used
2165.01BREAKR::UDICKPThu Apr 09 1992Does the 32
2166.06WELCLU::DREWFri Apr 10 1992Removable hard-disks.
2167.0WMOIS::SKOWYRASat Apr 11 1992manuals info on 433t
2168.02WMOIS::SKOWYRASat Apr 11 1992433T
2169.09PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun Apr 12 1992help with Sound Blaster and IRQ's
2170.03BRADOR::HATASHITAMon Apr 13 1992Video BIOS Problem
2172.02HOTWTR::MANN_ARMon Apr 13 1992486 w/"standard" box?
2173.01EICMFG::DASSMon Apr 13 1992board for decstation 425 / os2 for uts 2
2174.02HTSCTue Apr 14 1992PC4XT-CA flat cable part no.
2175.014WA1UAR::McCarthyTue Apr 14 1992Paradise/Windows 3.1 SVGA drivers?
2177.02DPDMAI::GRESSTue Apr 14 1992SCSI sound device?
2178.01CUSTOM::BEASLEYTue Apr 14 1992Toggling 8
2179.024KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Apr 15 1992monitor for PCXAG-AC??
2180.02WODOO::MIKESWed Apr 15 1992NEED 316 Setup Disk
2182.04DECWIN::J_OTTERSONWed Apr 15 1992Help! DECpc433 SCSI drive won't boot
2183.02AIWEST::SIROTAWed Apr 15 1992Need PF keys on 32
2184.0GLDOA::GRAEFFWed Apr 15 1992Known quality issues with 316sx and 325c???
2185.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Apr 16 1992sftwr driver for VR32
2186.04VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Apr 16 1992decpc 433T OS/2 WD7
2187.02MCIS2::CISLCThu Apr 16 1992Backspace key
2188.01SNOCFri Apr 17 1992? Coherent on DECpc 325sx LP
2189.03PTOVAX::WILKINSFri Apr 17 1992determining file type?
2190.08WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Apr 17 1992SCSI 174
2191.0WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Apr 17 1992433t
2192.09MRKTNG::TOMASMon Apr 20 1992Diamond Stealth & DEC PC compat?
2193.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon Apr 20 1992525MB QIC tape internal only?
2194.09GUIDUK::GUMYBR::kerouacMon Apr 20 1992Can I get 256 colors on my DEcstation 325c
2196.01GYTVOA::TAKAHASHI_TTue Apr 21 1992DECpc433T Keys
2197.01ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Apr 21 1992Win3.1 & Appian Compatibility Question
2198.03GNOJP::PORELLTue Apr 21 1992DE1
2199.01BRADOR::HOOPERTue Apr 21 1992433 + 3rd Party Video
2200.01MJBOOT::COLEMANTue Apr 21 1992using emm386 with the dec 433
2201.0LUDWIG::LOGSDONWed Apr 22 1992Maxtor to replace Connor HD?
2202.03LAVGOD::SUNWed Apr 22 1992PCXAG-AD 5
2203.0RENOIR::HOBSONWed Apr 22 1992OS/2 2.
2204.05WMOIS::SKOWYRAWed Apr 22 1992433t config ?
2205.04RAVEN1::STOGNERWed Apr 22 1992Can you upgrade a DECSTATION 32
2207.0BROUGH::DAVIESThu Apr 23 1992DECpc Systems & Options Selling Guide ?
2208.0TROOA::BURGOSThu Apr 23 1992Tiga Drivers on 433W
2209.03NEMAIL::ADAMThu Apr 23 1992VGA to CGA?
2210.013GHILL::KLETTThu Apr 23 1992433T, SYTOS, TZK12, WD7
2211.0SIOG::ODONNELLFri Apr 24 1992Zmodem znak no download
2213.03BRADOR::HATASHITAFri Apr 24 1992Quirk using SETUP333.EXE
2214.04COPSER::COPBRI::RIISMon Apr 27 1992DECpc 425 can't boot with EMM386 & TCPIP
2215.05JAYJAY::KORNSMon Apr 27 1992DECpc Family Presentation
2216.01HURON::MCKINNONMon Apr 27 1992decstat 325c & DOS 5.
2217.09SNOCTue Apr 28 1992325c to 425c updgrade..is it easily doable!
2218.03TRODON::SIMPSONTue Apr 28 1992325sx LP hi-res drivers?
2219.0CARTUN::NICKERSONTue Apr 28 1992PC to Ln
2220.012MIMS::HUFFSTETLERTue Apr 28 1992DECpc 4
2221.01HGOVC::GUSTAFSONWed Apr 29 1992DECpc performance and comp. info??
2222.0PFSVAX::JMUSSERWed Apr 29 1992 Conner 3
2223.03TOPTEN::MEIGHANWed Apr 29 1992dca sdlc, EISA Bus questions?
2224.0MDCRAB::PAULTERWed Apr 29 1992Bad IOS1X.SYS??
2225.0DPDMAI::GRESSWed Apr 29 1992433w ETHERNET to slow?
2226.04COLSAL::CLSPC1::Frank_SchmidtThu Apr 30 1992SYTOS OS/2 on 433T with MS-DOS
2228.05PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Apr 30 1992DoDot sales information and order number?
2229.08WMOIS::DELANEY_RThu Apr 30 1992CMOS
2230.02MOBILE::rdThu Apr 30 1992ADAPTEC 154
2231.0LANDO::GRANNUMThu Apr 30 1992Interrupt vectors on the DS 325
2232.03TEGAN::LACORTIFri May 01 1992differences between 433T and 4
2233.02CGOOA::DUCHENESat May 02 1992QUANTUM Compatibility ?
2234.06MPGS::WMILLERMon May 04 1992Factory Installed Software Process?
2235.08ABSISG::PICKOWICZMon May 04 1992Scholor/kermit/212
2236.07PHDVAX::GREBLEMon May 04 1992DECpc 433 can't display True Type Fonts
2237.04MR4DEC::PTHIBAULTMon May 04 1992help needed with location for 'copyable" sw
2238.01HTSC19::KENNETHTue May 05 1992Can we enlarge the character size of a DS5
2239.02GNOJP::PORELLTue May 05 1992TIGA CD is not installed - filename?
2240.05BTOVT::BESSETT_KTue May 05 1992HD problem -> not bootable and lost clusters
2241.01GUCCI::GPAULTERTue May 05 1992433T/DEPCA/Serial Mouse conflict?
2242.02GUIDUK::GUMYBR::kerouacTue May 05 1992PCXCV-B2 w/ PC4XG-AC do 256 colors?
2243.010GLDOA::SBURNSWed May 06 1992Upgrade 316sx to DECpc 42
2244.05TODD::WARNOCKWed May 06 1992DECstation 32
2245.03RLAV::MURPHYWed May 06 199216bit scsi over 32bit scsi controller
2246.013MXOVWed May 06 1992Tiger info please
2247.08A1VAX::BOHRERWed May 06 1992Smartdrv.exe from WIN V3.1 won't work with SCSI
2248.01ANTPOL::PRUSSWed May 06 1992TZK12 - how to order?
2249.03DPDMAI::GREINERWed May 06 199242
2250.06DPDMAI::UNLANDWed May 06 1992Memory expander board woes ...
2251.0USWRSL::KLEIN_DPThu May 07 1992color printer on VRT19?
2252.04TENNIS::KAMThu May 07 1992DOS 5.
2253.01TENNIS::KAMThu May 07 1992Kennedy, Model 651
2254.011FORTSC::SHOMOThu May 07 1992Use of 174
2255.0VFOVAX::SKARDAFri May 08 199264-bit on P5?
2256.03CLO::FORNERFri May 08 1992316SX and SVGA paradise 256 graphics.
2257.03GENIE::STOECKLISat May 09 1992OS/2 V2.
2258.02POBOX::PEDONEMon May 11 1992RZ23 on 212LP has dup partitions.
2259.07PCOJCT::YOUNGMon May 11 1992Higher productivity with better graphics?
2260.02SOLVIT::VALCOURTMon May 11 1992trying to install S/W for ethernet card
2261.03BRAT::SMITHMon May 11 1992Support On Site (for Applications)
2262.06GIDDAY::SEIVERMon May 11 1992433W and video ?
2263.0SCUNER::S_GOUDIETue May 12 1992Connecting an LA1
2264.09PRESS1::PAULTERTue May 12 1992SETHOST hangs 425c
2265.07ROBOTS::NGTue May 12 1992What is Starburst ?
2266.04USEM::HALLTue May 12 1992LJ25
2267.01RAVEN1::STOGNERWed May 13 1992Big disk for old DECSTATION 32
2268.01SOLVIT::VALCOURTWed May 13 1992ordering Pathworks?
2270.01TROOA::BAPTIEThu May 14 1992316sx hardware password problem
2271.06KOBAL::ANASTASIAThu May 14 1992Problem with 32
2272.01MSBCS::MSD153::ForemanThu May 14 1992Memory \ Setup 333c new memory 12 meg
2273.01WARNUT::FORSHAWJFri May 15 1992Starburst DAT and BIOS Questions
2274.02RCOCER::MEADFri May 15 1992Xpress Archtitecture and Localbus ???
2275.087DC1Mon May 18 1992PCXAV-EA 16" Multi Sync Monitor ??
2276.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon May 18 1992VAXmate DOS?
2277.04YOSMTE::DRUMMOND_ROMon May 18 1992Super VGA @ 1
2278.01NIMVAX::CUMMINGSMon May 18 1992DOS 5.
2279.08AOKET::KROENINGMon May 18 1992DEF BETWEEN 1542A & 154
2280.012TROFS::BRANTTue May 19 1992DEC SCSI disks
2281.01LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue May 19 1992DECstation 325c with VGA+ Paradise?
2282.08JUPITR::DUVALTue May 19 1992Help needed with 433 configuration
2283.010HILLST::WILKETue May 19 1992MS Mouse Drivers In DEC's Windows 3.1 Kit
2284.05PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue May 19 1992how can we share a CDROM?
2285.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed May 20 1992MODEM in the PCP11 (Notebook 32
2286.01TALK::HARRIMANWed May 20 1992Desperately seeking SCSIHA2.SYS
2287.02ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZThu May 21 1992VGA 256 color Windows driver for 32
2288.058RANGER::BIGELOWThu May 21 1992COM1 problem with some 325c, 333c, and 425c systems
2289.0KURTAN::NORDBERGFri May 22 1992.CFG to EtherWorks wanted..
2290.0PINBOT::ERVINFri May 22 1992Basic questions...
2291.08AUNTB::MELVINFri May 22 1992433pc WS Diskless Boot from Netware Server?
2292.05GUIDUK::TREMBLAYFri May 22 1992Can a PC read a MicroVax formatted floppy?
2293.01MILPND::WILLIAMSONTue May 26 1992212 PS adapter to STD AT
2294.01GRANMA::PTHUMANTue May 26 1992Tiger Info Please
2295.02HOTWTR::GROSS_HETue May 26 1992NEC monitor with an Eclipse ?
2296.010UNYEM::TSOISTue May 26 1992DECpc 425c or DECpc 333c?
2297.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue May 26 1992VAXmate keyclick
2298.04TAVIS::HIRSCHWed May 27 1992DECpc433+qemm(6.
2299.08KLUSTR::GARDNERWed May 27 1992SCSI question
2300.016COLBIS::SCHMITZWed May 27 1992help needed configuring 45
2301.05RANGER::BIGELOWWed May 27 1992DECstation 32
2302.05ALAMOS::ADAMSWed May 27 1992Info required on the 433ST
2303.06WR1FOR::BOYNTON_CAWed May 27 1992DECstation 316sx VGA "text block overwrite"
2304.04LUDWIG::LOGSDONWed May 27 1992LK45
2305.02--UnknownUser--Thu May 28 1992LNO# to post printer
2306.07WMOIS::SKOWYRAThu May 28 1992TZK1
2307.0FOOBAR::KABELThu May 28 1992325c, scsi, ms windows
2308.038AKO55Thu May 28 1992Windows NT and our SCSI Adapter???
2309.03AOKET::KROENINGThu May 28 1992154
2310.08CTHQ3::PICKARDThu May 28 1992433 error on powerup
2311.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu May 28 1992PCXAG-AC SVGA adapter. What chipset?
2312.0OPHION::REILLYThu May 28 1992DECpc 433st missing software
2313.03BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MFri May 29 1992SCSI controller hangs on bootup
2314.02DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 29 1992DS425 -- will it support >16Mb memory?
2315.02SEAWLF::TORPFri May 29 1992PCXAG / VR32
2316.04PECAN::LITTLEFri May 29 1992EMM386 and DECpc 433ST?
2317.0MIMS::HOOD_DFri May 29 1992SVGA modes on DECpc's and DECstations
2318.02INFACT::BEVISSat May 30 1992486 upgrades to 586
2319.022ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZSat May 30 1992425c or 42
2320.04HALIBT::MCCANTASun May 31 1992SCSIHA.SYS and QEMM v6 DB parameter
2321.0HGOVA::TIMA_KIMMon Jun 01 1992Multi boot-SCO, OS/2, DOS, NetWare
2322.01DEMING::HILLMon Jun 01 1992325c and 17
2323.0BREAKR::UDICKMon Jun 01 1992Serial mouse connectors to connect printers
2324.05GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Jun 02 1992Battery part number for 212LP ?
2325.0LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue Jun 02 1992Animator Pro on DECstations
2326.014AZUR::KOREVAARTue Jun 02 1992Windows V3.1: TIGA or RGDI?
2327.011IRDEV::NICHOLSTue Jun 02 1992The password that wouldn't die...
2328.0IRDEV::NICHOLSTue Jun 02 1992Disks for DECpc 42
2329.05ODIXIE::HIPPTue Jun 02 19922
2330.06ANGLIN::CORRIGANTue Jun 02 199245
2331.01HTSC19::TONYLIUWed Jun 03 1992Baud rate of DS52
2332.01MANGWed Jun 03 1992Is PC4XD-CA Hayes compatible?
2333.0VNABRW::PSCSWed Jun 03 1992DECpc433w & TIGA, a bug in ms windows 3.1 ???
2334.0FROSTY::RYANWed Jun 03 1992ODI drivers??
2335.01GANTRY::HULLWed Jun 03 1992Drivers with our 32-bit EISA SCSI card?
2336.02MAOTAI::MIKAO::mullickWed Jun 03 1992433ST Misc Questions
2337.03MSAMThu Jun 04 1992AT&T on 433W anybody?
2338.0TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonThu Jun 04 1992Battery Charger for DECpc 32
2339.0MEIS::FERRANTEThu Jun 04 1992DECwand light keeps going out
2340.03TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 05 1992DS32
2341.01NZOMIS::BUXTONFri Jun 05 1992Mem limit of 433mp losing sales!
2342.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSFri Jun 05 1992433w error
2343.01NAVIER::BLISSFri Jun 05 19921
2344.0NYEM1::YOUNGFri Jun 05 199242
2345.03GANTRY::HULLFri Jun 05 1992Which serial UART chip is on a 433ST system?
2346.03MXOVFri Jun 05 1992RZ58 and AD433MP?
2347.08SUBWAY::PROTANFri Jun 05 1992"OVERDRIVE" option for OUR PCs?
2348.02NWTIMA::HAYESGLFri Jun 05 1992pc433w and ndis driver problem?
2349.02CSOA1::CONNERFri Jun 05 1992Comparison of similar DECstations
2351.05WR2FOR::BARNES_ROSat Jun 06 1992More than 2 SCSI drives with our adapter...
2352.06UNYEM::GADSDENPSat Jun 06 1992Help with PCXAV-EA specs
2353.06MASALA::GHUTCHEONMon Jun 08 1992Corel Draw CD-ROM and DECpc433w SCSI
2354.02MRKTNG::BOEHMMon Jun 08 1992New PC recommendations?
2355.04CSOA1::VANDENBARKMon Jun 08 1992433t, Rs-232
2356.010SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Jun 08 1992DECStation 32
2357.08STKHUV::LOFGRENTue Jun 09 19928
2358.06TYSON::KURATATue Jun 09 19924
2359.02VMSNET::MTSPC::MichaelWed Jun 10 1992rgdi vs tiga drivers - differences???
2360.04PCA112::BOEBINGERWed Jun 10 1992
2361.014WR2FOR::BARNES_ROWed Jun 10 1992Why buy a DEC pc?
2362.05GRANPA::FBOWLESWed Jun 10 1992DX2 vs True 5
2363.03MXOVWed Jun 10 199232
2364.010VERGA::MACDONALDThu Jun 11 199242
2365.016RANGER::GAGNONThu Jun 11 1992DECpc OS/2 V2.
2366.0SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Jun 11 1992Swap VAXstation 31
2367.03JOHNM::JOHNMThu Jun 11 1992OS2 V2.
2368.03AOKET::KROENINGFri Jun 12 1992Sync board for the PC....
2369.02HOTWTR::GRANGRUTH_DOFri Jun 12 1992what's a good joystick????
2370.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Jun 12 1992DECsystem 51
2371.02F18::ROBERTSat Jun 13 1992Dec 45
2372.04TPOVC::CLARKSUMon Jun 15 1992netware scsi driver needed
2373.0EDWIN::CHIQUOINEMon Jun 15 19924
2374.012SIMESE::STARRMon Jun 15 1992DECpc 433W & Bernouli Drives?
2375.0UNYEM::GADSDENPMon Jun 15 1992PC Monitor Emissions
2376.05NYCITY::ELLIOTTMon Jun 15 1992Rom Checksum Failures
2377.0NYCITY::ELLIOTTMon Jun 15 1992LAPTOP at 96
2378.02PAOIS::LAZERGESTue Jun 16 1992new 2,88 MB floppy drive on a DECpc 433
2379.01UNXA::LEGATue Jun 16 1992DEPCA ?= WD8
2380.064WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Jun 16 1992Where exactly do new Win V3.1 drivers for PCXAG-AC exist?
2381.012COMET::GRIFFINTue Jun 16 1992RD54 with DS32
2382.02JULIET::KLEIN_SHTue Jun 16 19924
2383.03MALMWed Jun 17 1992LK45
2384.05TRUCKS::PRICEWed Jun 17 1992DS21
2385.0SUTRA::NIMRODWed Jun 17 1992DEC325C + ISC Unix ???
2386.03VXCENG::READWed Jun 17 1992Floppy disk problem on 325c
2388.01MAST::ARRIGHIWed Jun 17 1992Technical Reference Guides?
2389.01KCBBQ::TERRYWed Jun 17 1992Help with Norton Statistics
2390.04MIMS::TUORI_MWed Jun 17 1992Product Info Needed!
2391.01JOHNM::JOHNMWed Jun 17 1992track-to-track times of
2392.03STKAI2::SAGSTROMThu Jun 18 1992Decpc 433 vs SCO unix problems.
2393.01VERGA::MACDONALDThu Jun 18 1992Coprocessor?
2394.0KEMER::DARUGERThu Jun 18 1992DECpc 45
2395.03DNTPC3::Ed BurkeThu Jun 18 1992433w Reboots when Borland Turbo Debug Starts
2396.06SWAM2::LYNCH_SEThu Jun 18 1992DS32
2397.01DECAPP::DeCappThu Jun 18 1992Intergraph Drivers needed
2398.01DNTPC3::Ed BurkeThu Jun 18 1992433w Reboot take 2
2399.04DENVER::CHAMBERSThu Jun 18 1992PC Postscript Previewer
2400.0LARRYC::SYSTEMThu Jun 18 1992Problem with DEClaser 115
2401.0EVMS::EVMS::BREENFri Jun 19 1992Feeling Generous anyone?
2402.0PAOIS::LAZERGESFri Jun 19 1992
2403.03RLAV::MURPHYFri Jun 19 1992433st - terrible preformance
2404.01CGHUB::RYANFri Jun 19 1992Diff 'Tween PCW1
2405.01FORTSC::SHOMOFri Jun 19 1992More Info on TMS34
2406.04AIMHI::COOLEFri Jun 19 1992slowing down the 42
2407.02GRANMA::RSTARRFri Jun 19 1992Need Products for PC Bid (Help!)
2408.03SUBWAY::ZAMORASun Jun 21 1992Serial port on 425c hangs after NETX is loaded
2410.0SCAACT::OKEEFEMon Jun 22 1992standard VGA graphics capabilities across PC line?
2411.04SENIOR::KIVLIGHANMon Jun 22 19924MB SIMM Support?
2412.0FORTSC::SHOMOMon Jun 22 1992Schematic for DECpc 4XXST Family
2413.02DENVER::GIEBELMon Jun 22 1992"Draft" mode on an LA75
2414.07ORO5Tue Jun 23 1992MS-Word V2.
2415.02SCAACT::OKEEFETue Jun 23 1992programming/tech ref. manual for (Tandy/Paradise) VGA card?
2416.07LMOADM::TWILLIAMSTue Jun 23 1992DECpc 433 Token Ring Workstation - change over to thinwire ???
2417.03MIMS::HOOD_DTue Jun 23 1992425c/SCSI reporting duplicate drive
2418.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Jun 23 1992RAMdrive > 15.6 MB
2419.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jun 23 1992TPC-B/INFORMIX Results for the DS5
2420.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jun 23 1992Digital's DECstation Family Performance Summary
2421.01YNGSTR::BROWNTue Jun 23 199242
2422.05OTOOA::DUNCANTue Jun 23 1992425ST: Co-processor socket?
2423.02SWAM2::WILD_STTue Jun 23 199242
2424.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 23 1992Looking for "unix-ish" RTL for DOS
2425.01LAVGOD::SUNTue Jun 23 1992Need location for win3.1 driver pcxag-ac
2426.03JGODCL::WSMITSWed Jun 24 1992Diskdrive specifications?
2427.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Jun 24 1992Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary
2428.07HACMAN::HACKWed Jun 24 1992Upgrade DECpc 32
2429.01COMET::RADKEWed Jun 24 1992SCSI Controller
2430.06CGHUB::RYANThu Jun 25 1992CDROM & regular SCSI board???
2431.02TROOA::NAISHThu Jun 25 1992TIGA ERROR on 433W
2432.01VXCENG::READThu Jun 25 1992Component parts availability for Tandy DECstations
2433.02WIZKID::ESTESThu Jun 25 19921
2434.01PASMFri Jun 26 1992SCSI TK5
2435.010TODOIT::BYRONFri Jun 26 1992RRD42 and Sound Blaster Problem
2436.01CLO::BARNETTFri Jun 26 1992Internal modem, 2 COMports, bus mouse??
2437.04SUTRA::BASSINNEFri Jun 26 1992DECpc32
2438.010TLE::FELDMANFri Jun 26 1992Special cable for Colorado Memory Systems (CMS) DJ-2
2439.02CRACKR::RITZFri Jun 26 199232
2440.048MR4MI1::RMELVILLEFri Jun 26 1992Help:433t and External RRD42 CDROM Drive !!
2441.07ALAMOS::ADAMSSat Jun 27 1992DECies Guide to the Easynet
2442.0MAIL::HAYDENMon Jun 29 1992Compatible w/CYBEX?
2443.01BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MMon Jun 29 1992325c Memory Expander Rev trouble
2444.04SHARE::FEATHERMon Jun 29 1992DECpc 433 w/DE1
2445.02BGYBRD::UDICKMon Jun 29 1992Disk Stripping on Digital PC ?
2446.02TENNIS::KAMMon Jun 29 1992adding a 3rd external disk to a PC4XR-CC?
2447.03RAVEN1::STOGNERTue Jun 30 1992Digital Deskjet 5
2448.01AIMHI::BARRYTue Jun 30 1992accelerator video adapter
2449.08CX3PT2::WSC275::R_WRIGHTTue Jun 30 1992Serious DisK Error
2450.012ISLNDS::SWANTONTue Jun 30 1992DEClaser 11
2451.07SFCPMO::HENSONTue Jun 30 1992Where are TIGA drivers on the net?
2452.04SPEZKO::MERMELLTue Jun 30 1992DS 425c setup: scsi 32
2453.04CSC32::K_WORKMANTue Jun 30 1992FR-PC4XD-CA (12/24
2454.0TKOV5Wed Jul 01 1992WD EISA SCSI for 45
2455.03LARVAE::GRAYWed Jul 01 1992Performance Request
2456.08REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 01 1992poor 4
2457.0REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 01 1992another possible PCXAG-AD FAILURE ?
2458.01HEADER::DFRIEDRICHWed Jul 01 1992Problem with 316i/LN
2459.0SMEGIT::ARNOLDWed Jul 01 1992Hot failover backup PC device?
2460.095IBRSYS::GOSSWed Jul 01 1992What is a PC446 (45
2462.01MIMS::HUFFSTETLERWed Jul 01 1992DECpc 325SX LP and H8571-J adapters won't connect
2463.0REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 01 1992possible vga and PCXAG-AD contention?
2464.05JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROWed Jul 01 199214" Multi-Sync Color Monitor fuzzy?
2465.03CIM::CIM::HORNERThu Jul 02 1992Is there any PCXAG-AD DIP switch documentation?
2466.0COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Jul 02 1992Video Blaster - feature socket, 5*5*5
2468.06VERGA::MACDONALDThu Jul 02 199242
2469.0KYOA::WILSONThu Jul 02 1992Word Perfect won't install w/EMM386.SYS running?
2471.01SIMESE::STARRThu Jul 02 1992EtherWORKS, Digital or 3rd Party?
2472.0MR4DEC::KRISTAPONISThu Jul 02 1992Reduced price for 32
2473.07SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu Jul 02 1992Networking protocols possible for DS45
2474.01KAOFS::J_PETERSONFri Jul 03 1992LK45
2475.03DC1Sun Jul 05 1992RRD42-GA and Adaptec EISA SCSI controller ?
2476.04GANTRY::HULLMon Jul 06 1992Proper way to set video modes on 16" monitor?
2477.03GANTRY::HULLMon Jul 06 1992Checking for 1MB total Video ram?
2478.04NEST::DABYMon Jul 06 1992PC HELP NEEDED
2479.02DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRMon Jul 06 199242
2480.02SCAM::MURDOCKMon Jul 06 1992How to disable VGA on 316sx/32
2481.07GANTRY::HULLTue Jul 07 19921
2482.02RMDSRV::BURTTTue Jul 07 1992COMM.DRV/DECSTATION 333C issue
2483.0PMWVAX::Conferencing-UserTue Jul 07 1992VRT16-DA/Paradise Board * STUCK IN 8
2485.01GRANPA::DAIKENSWed Jul 08 1992DECpc 433W's bypassing setup?
2486.08FREEBE::REAUMEWed Jul 08 1992PC433ST POST 13
2487.04CGOOA::BCOMEAUWed Jul 08 1992Touch Screen Support ??
2488.05POCUS::MILLERNThu Jul 09 1992316SX Shadow RAM Probs!
2489.02REGENT::BURLINGFri Jul 10 1992Angry at DEC service
2490.03BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MFri Jul 10 1992433T SCSI PART #
2491.02764883::RANGER::MIKESFri Jul 10 1992DEC needs accelerated mid-range video offering
2492.07TROOA::MCNEILLFri Jul 10 1992SCSI BUS PC425c
2493.02AMUSE::MSDFri Jul 10 1992Screen capture of 1-2-3 V3.1 ???
2494.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 10 1992DECstation 32
2496.01HOCUS::WOODFri Jul 10 1992New Systems
2497.07JULIET::MEYER_EDFri Jul 10 1992Setup D316+ anyone?
2498.06WKRP::HENRYFri Jul 10 1992Looking for help with a PC4XT-AA
2499.04TOKLAS::feldmanFri Jul 10 1992Putting 14" Multisynch monitor into higher resolutions
2500.02VERGA::STOLBERGSat Jul 11 1992HELP! I can't get into my system.
2501.09RAVEN1::STOGNERSat Jul 11 1992Big disk on DECSTATION 32
2502.01KYOA::KOCHSun Jul 12 1992Why no OOW pricing?
2503.04WA1UAR::McCarthyMon Jul 13 1992Windows 3.1 PC4XG-AC Drivers location
2504.011CVG::THOMPSONMon Jul 13 1992Keys for a lock in a PC42
2505.01JULIET::MEYER_EDMon Jul 13 1992Help resetting a password - D32
2506.02KAOFS::R_RYANMon Jul 13 1992TIGA driver for ACAD
2507.09ESGWST::NULKARMon Jul 13 1992Windows NT, DECstation 433w and a CDROM...
2508.01OWSLA::PUMon Jul 13 1992DECpc 433 W memory upgrade with 8
2509.01ROCHE::HAEFNERMon Jul 13 1992Digital compatible Flash (or ROM) cards?
2510.02CSC32::M_MENKHUSTue Jul 14 1992specs for 45
2511.08A1VAX::BOHRERTue Jul 14 199216" monitor has strobe light effect
2512.02NUMPTY::Tagart::grantTue Jul 14 1992Dummy Keyboard
2513.01MXOVTue Jul 14 1992Tech manual for Viceroy
2514.02GANTRY::HULLTue Jul 14 1992Table of our disk drive manufacturers
2515.01STKSD2::SoderbergWed Jul 15 1992Viceroy, video
2516.0REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 15 1992*.cfg files for the SCU
2517.0REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 15 1992PCXAG-AD and Windows
2518.01REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 15 1992image bounce
2519.04REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 15 19921655
2520.0REGENT::BURLINGWed Jul 15 1992low voltage effects on 45
2521.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 15 1992KN
2522.03LUDWIG::SADINWed Jul 15 1992LA5
2523.09CSOVM1::ZanggerThu Jul 16 1992386max ASQ locks DECpc 433ST
2524.01KAOTThu Jul 16 1992os2 1.3 for 4
2525.028ECACAD::HenryThu Jul 16 1992MD3
2526.07MXOVThu Jul 16 1992Can I boot from 5"1/4 floppy in the DEC 4
2527.03DLOThu Jul 16 1992SCSI WAIT Time on Boot up
2528.047Thu Jul 16 19921
2529.05OPHION::GAMBIERFri Jul 17 199245
2530.03POBOX::RILEYFri Jul 17 1992Getting a 24x8
2531.02NZOMIS::WILSONRFri Jul 17 1992OS/2, Sytos+ and AHA-174
2532.04LOOPFri Jul 17 1992AutoCAD R12 Drivers for 433w?
2533.02MCIS2::POMALLEYSat Jul 18 1992QEMM 6.
2534.05RANGER::HAYDENSun Jul 19 1992Update on NT with Adaotec 154
2535.0MIMS::MITCHELL_EMon Jul 20 1992Wanted: Adaptec drivers OS/2 version 1.1
2536.07OXNARD::KOLLINGMon Jul 20 1992How to get the RRD42 CDROM up on your 325 pc
2537.06BOGUSS::DEGUIATue Jul 21 1992Decstation 425c with low SI benchmark results?
2538.0NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Jul 21 1992433W and Sytos+ problem!
2540.02YNGSTR::BROWNTue Jul 21 199242
2541.04BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MTue Jul 21 1992Schematics anyone.
2542.03TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 21 1992Can a RX23-AA be used as a SCSI device on a PC?
2543.017TROOA::MCNEILLWed Jul 22 1992SCSI on TIGER I/II?
2544.02CTHQ3::PICKARDWed Jul 22 1992DS21
2546.02ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Jul 23 1992DECPC433 (PC463) IRQ'S default and option slots
2547.0ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Jul 23 1992DECPC433 (PC463) IRQ'S default and option slots
2548.03LARVAE::GRAYThu Jul 23 1992Configuration help required
2549.03TERPS::KMOOREThu Jul 23 1992Questions on DECpc 433W and Win 3.1 (fonts, video)
2550.0ARGUS::KIVLIGHANThu Jul 23 1992PC45
2551.06WR2FOR::LE_THThu Jul 23 1992A MUX for paralel printer port ?
2552.04VBVThu Jul 23 1992325C SETUP DISK?
2553.014NODEX::ADEYThu Jul 23 1992Serious disk error
2554.06DECWET::SCHREIBERFri Jul 24 1992PowerPoint V3/433W RGDI driver problem
2555.02DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORFri Jul 24 1992How can I get past 1mb of memory in old DS 32
2556.01CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Jul 24 1992Need 8
2557.07ECACAD::HenryFri Jul 24 19923.89 hours for Optimize on a 433W
2558.08SDSPC7::KNIGHTFri Jul 24 1992Ultimate PC
2560.01KAOFS::O_KHOFri Jul 24 1992PC4XD-AB dual serial card installation
2561.06TYSON::DORMANFri Jul 24 1992SCSI On-Board Disk Cache and game port?
2562.05SWAM1::JAYME_ALFri Jul 24 1992RZ23-SPINUP (HOW TO)
2563.04ULTRA::WRAYFri Jul 24 1992High-color support in VGA1
2564.010LOIOSH::mackSun Jul 26 1992Need part #'s for CD cables, drivers, & terminators
2565.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Jul 27 1992316+ with the PC4XR-DB 12
2566.011BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon Jul 27 1992DECpc 325sx lp, PC7XV monitor
2567.01ECACAD::HenryMon Jul 27 1992Full Length cards not fitting in a DECstation Case
2568.06LOIOSH::mackMon Jul 27 1992433W: Empty "Devices" box in common dialog
2569.02BUFFER::FAULDSMon Jul 27 1992DE2
2570.010LUDWIG::SADINMon Jul 27 1992Digital Scholar modem with 32
2571.03CXDOCS::TAVARESMon Jul 27 1992PC Speaker Topics
2572.02FPTVX1::URONISTue Jul 28 1992FREEMEM VS Virtual MEM?
2573.013FPTVX1::URONISTue Jul 28 1992PCXAR-AG 245MEG Drive Problems?
2574.0NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Jul 28 1992Lotus 2.3 screen drivers
2575.010ESSB::JNOLANTue Jul 28 1992433W, SCSI
2577.016HOTWTR::GRANGRUTH_DOTue Jul 28 1992425c and none-working programs
2578.01LEARN2::COUGHLINWed Jul 29 1992Will 7
2579.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 30 1992S3 video drivers for Tiger-2
2580.0CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jul 30 1992433W + 8514
2581.03TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 30 1992PC46M-AA design change?
2582.0REGENT::BURLINGThu Jul 30 1992anybody in Boston with a 45
2583.08LUDWIG::HIVELYFri Jul 31 1992Who's building what??
2584.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 31 1992Pc_REFURB update
2585.04INFACT::BEVISFri Jul 31 1992DECpcs - special DEC design?
2586.01HXOUFri Jul 31 1992DECpc 433w: Buttons to control size of display?
2587.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 31 1992PC_refurbs update
2588.02BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MFri Jul 31 1992Refurb List Shot Down in Flames...
2589.02FPTVX1::URONISFri Jul 31 1992LAPTOP Review
2590.04MS31Sun Aug 02 1992Jumper settings for PC4XR-CC
2591.05DKAS::BOGATYMon Aug 03 199232
2592.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 03 1992Snag when adding 5-1/4 to Model 316
2594.01RDGENG::SJONESMon Aug 03 1992Problems upgrading from 425 to 433W - WDCTRL, interrupt conflicts
2595.014SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Aug 03 1992Security erasing of hard disks
2596.01GLDOA::SHOTWELLMon Aug 03 1992Laptop Overhead Projection
2597.0FORTSC::SHOMOMon Aug 03 1992How can one get BIOS V 1.
2598.09LUDWIG::SADINMon Aug 03 1992"not enough memory to print" error...help!
2599.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 04 1992ASPI2DOS for 433W?
2600.01SUBWAY::TEDWARDSTue Aug 04 1992Sys. Excericser V4.
2601.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Aug 04 1992What video chip we use?
2602.018SHARE::DOYLETue Aug 04 1992Dec CD-Rom & Pro Audio Spectrum 16?
2603.016MR4MI1::JREPPUCCITue Aug 04 1992DECstation 32
2604.06TROOA::MCNEILLTue Aug 04 1992disable on-board video?
2605.01NCBOOT::VENTURATue Aug 04 1992Activate COM3 via POKE?
2606.07OTIGER::J_BOOSINGERTue Aug 04 1992LN
2607.06VAOUTue Aug 04 1992emm386, win3.1 memory problem
2608.020HERON::BEAUWed Aug 05 1992DECpc 433 ST and 5' Floppy
2609.02WMOIS::BARTOLOMEO_VWed Aug 05 1992OS2 support on Starburst....
2610.04MXOVWed Aug 05 1992WinWord, DEClaser 21
2612.01STOHUB::F18::ROBERTThu Aug 06 1992pct25-35/17/23 comparing
2613.0CX3PT1::ROBSVX::R_SCHROEDERThu Aug 06 1992Is there an OEMSETUP.INF available for installing LK25
2614.06CHALET::OSBORNEThu Aug 06 1992Severe Problem with TrueType on DEC laser printers
2615.0POBOX::DECAPPThu Aug 06 1992CorelDRAW CD-ROM on 433T
2616.01CGVAX2::LAVES::LAVESThu Aug 06 1992Phoenix BIOS error codes needed for 325
2617.01VAXRIO::HENRIQUEFri Aug 07 1992Technical Manual for PMAGB
2618.03CALVIN::WEAVERFri Aug 07 19922
2619.0533138::GoldbergFri Aug 07 1992magazine reviews
2622.01CSOA1::RHODESSat Aug 08 1992Floppy errors on novell.
2623.08KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycMon Aug 10 1992NONSTD.sys Windows31 IDE EMM386
2624.02MRKTNG::BOEHMMon Aug 10 1992433ST - type 8
2625.01MRKTNG::BOEHMMon Aug 10 1992433ST - well put together
2626.04OTOOA::DOGIBSONMon Aug 10 1992ECC memory versus Parity memory??
2627.06AKOCOA::ANGELEYTue Aug 11 1992Windows 3.1/RGDI/TrueType problem fix
2628.08SOLVIT::VNGUYENTue Aug 11 1992DECStations vertically on its side?
2629.01DSTEG::STRUCKTue Aug 11 1992425c vs. 45
2630.03POCUS::WOODTue Aug 11 1992FAX/MODEM ?????
2631.01DELNI::HYDETue Aug 11 1992MicroSoft Works problem
2632.010CGOOA::DOELLWed Aug 12 1992PCXAG-AC Win 3.1 driver problem?
2633.04SKYLRK::BECKWed Aug 12 1992memory verification @ boot time
2634.011FPTVX1::URONISWed Aug 12 1992386 to 486 Upgrade?
2635.06PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Aug 13 1992VAXstation serial line to PC 32
2636.01PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Aug 13 1992CHKDSK sees errors that NORTON 6.
2637.07SCAM::MURDOCKFri Aug 14 1992PC446 = PC45
2638.052VERGA::MACDONALDSat Aug 15 1992DECpc 42
2639.03NZOMIS::WILSONRSun Aug 16 1992Tiger II Questions
2642.04LEMAN::BURKHALTERMon Aug 17 1992Interrupt Controller ERROR:4 !!!
2643.0GIDDAY::MORETTITue Aug 18 1992Setup/save error on 4
2644.02LYOTue Aug 18 1992DECpc433W with 128K cache
2645.01ISEQ::VBLAKETue Aug 18 1992RS-485 Serial Interface Card
2646.03SIOG::S_FARRENTue Aug 18 1992Hotkey access to setup?
2647.01AIAG::SWARTTue Aug 18 199245
2648.03CARTUN::BTAYLORTue Aug 18 1992Compression Software Dilemma
2649.01BREAKR::ZELLERTue Aug 18 1992Excel can't open files...
2650.03FORTSC::CHABANTue Aug 18 1992 SCSI tape drive in 45
2651.04BAYDEC::GOETZETue Aug 18 1992DS32
2652.03YUPPIE::CREACYWed Aug 19 1992PC Serial 9-pin to LA75 MMJ Connection?
2653.0CSOA1::ROPELEWed Aug 19 1992Bitpaint and LA75plus
2654.03LUDWIG::HIVELYWed Aug 19 1992486dx
2655.05WA1UAR::McCarthyWed Aug 19 1992Latest Adaptec SCSI drivers available
2656.02AKOCOA::ANGELEYWed Aug 19 1992ACAD12 Driver from Appian
2657.02JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROWed Aug 19 1992486DX2 vs. 486D2
2658.01GIDDAY::PHELPSThu Aug 20 19924
2659.01HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Aug 20 1992Autocad 12 drivers
2660.016MXOVThu Aug 20 1992Disk cache confusion
2662.02KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Aug 21 1992power cord part # ?
2663.08RDGENG::LYNDONFri Aug 21 1992Adaptec AHA-154
2664.0SINTAX::MOSKALFri Aug 21 1992Rev A
2665.05MYOSPY::RUGGIEROFri Aug 21 1992What Did I do Wrong..?
2666.02WLW::CYOPAC::Conferencing-UserFri Aug 21 1992Doc for Tiger II 433dxlp
2667.02TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 21 1992Appian graphics adapter, or others, & VRT19?
2668.023SALISH::GRANGRUTH_DOFri Aug 21 1992512k svga video memory upgrade not seen..
2669.03ODIXIE::RICHFri Aug 21 1992Okay so I'a,m a little slowq
2670.03MIMS::MEADOWS_CFri Aug 21 199232
2671.0GYTVOA::TAKAHASHI_TSun Aug 23 1992the outside cover of 4
2672.0OSLLAV::PER_PMon Aug 24 19924
2673.02LEMAN::TELESUPPORTMon Aug 24 1992316-How to slow down ?
2674.0RBW::WICKERTMon Aug 24 1992DECpc 4
2675.0BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MMon Aug 24 1992Diags recommended?
2676.02PERCPT::COUGHLINMon Aug 24 1992path to updated 8514/a drivers for Win3.1 ???
2677.01JUPITR::SWENSONMon Aug 24 1992Etherworks Problem(42
2678.02IEACAD::GAUVINTue Aug 25 1992Appian (PCXAG-AD) coprocessor settings ?
2679.02MYOSPY::RUGGIEROTue Aug 25 1992Help w/ copying files/icons
2680.0KAOFS::LOCKYERTue Aug 25 1992Interaction problem with EMM386 & XONXOFF?
2681.04MR4MI1::RMELVILLETue Aug 25 1992Need CFG file for ADaptec
2682.06CSCMA::SOHATue Aug 25 1992What doc is included w/42
2683.02AOKET::KROENINGTue Aug 25 19923.5 " floppy canle # please
2684.04RT128::BATESTue Aug 25 1992PCXAG-AD & VRC16 - Settings?
2685.011KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Aug 25 199245
2686.02MSDOA::STOGNERTue Aug 25 1992New Digital PC's, any info ?
2687.010SWAM1::WAGNER_RITue Aug 25 1992Need 24 bit TC board
2688.06PRMSTue Aug 25 1992OS/2 2.
2689.02GLDOA::SBURNSWed Aug 26 1992433st EISA Setup compromising my sanity
2690.08DAIMIO::BEAUWed Aug 26 1992SCSI Cable part # for DEC PC 4xxx ST
2692.05MIMS::MITCHELL_EWed Aug 26 19928514 and TIGER II?
2693.0EPIK::D_LATHAMWed Aug 26 1992Displaying font with RGDI driver
2694.0MIMS::HUFFSTETLERWed Aug 26 1992LK45
2695.01ECACAD::HenryWed Aug 26 1992SCSI 2 to SCSI 1 cable for 433W
2696.03SUBWAY::GREENSTEINWed Aug 26 1992Latest Drivers for 433/w
2697.09DKAS::JONESWed Aug 26 1992review of 452st in PC Mag 9/15/92
2698.02KEPERA::RIPLEYWed Aug 26 19924
2699.01RBW::WICKERTWed Aug 26 1992425ST won't boot
2700.02BELFST::PAULM::millingThu Aug 27 1992URGENT: DECpc 425ST and AT Cards???
2701.05KYOA::KOCHThu Aug 27 1992Is 8MB = 7168?
2702.0COSMO::JANICHThu Aug 27 1992ds425 and bios problems
2703.01MR4MI1::RMELVILLEThu Aug 27 1992Need ADAPTEC 151
2704.01SHARE::FEATHERThu Aug 27 1992Is Windows-NT available internallY?
2705.07SCAACT::OKEEFEThu Aug 27 1992"LP" technical information available on the net?
2706.04CVG::THOMPSONThu Aug 27 1992Sticky Mouse
2707.08SCAACT::OKEEFEThu Aug 27 1992what kind of SVGA is in the new "LP" systems?
2708.03THEWAV::LEWThu Aug 27 1992Ruggedized PC?
2709.09ADO75A::JARMANFri Aug 28 1992TigerII, S3 and AutoCAD drivers
2710.02RDGENG::SJONESFri Aug 28 1992Problems with local DEClaser 115
2711.01BRSSWS::BERGMANSFri Aug 28 1992433st running OS/2 V2.
2712.03KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Aug 28 1992Printing questions
2713.04SPESHR::PICCICUTOFri Aug 28 1992DECstation 316 PC SETUP needed.
2714.04DEMON::DEMON::WITTMANFri Aug 28 1992DOS on applicationDEC 433 MP?
2715.0--UnknownUser--Sun Aug 30 1992Seeking WINGIF for Windows 3.1
2716.01KYOA::KOCHMon Aug 31 1992Terminal emulators & modem support for 45
2717.03PIPE::MRBANK::BERGERMon Aug 31 1992Coreldrw CorelDraw Mosaic
2719.05MIMS::HUFFSTETLERMon Aug 31 1992325SX LP and windows 3.1 video
2720.03STUDIO::CONNELLYMon Aug 31 1992Who makes that card dept.
2721.09ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Aug 31 1992PC433WS DEC Monitors only, no VGA monitors?
2722.03SMOGGY::TURNERMon Aug 31 1992smoke! fire! there goes the DEPCA
2723.02INFACT::BEVISTue Sep 01 1992Mapping Video Ram on the EISA bus
2724.03GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Sep 01 1992Lock for PC731
2725.01GLDOA::SBURNSTue Sep 01 1992Adaptec 17xx Windows3 Install prob
2726.01ULTRA::WRAYTue Sep 01 1992Tiger II with VRC16
2727.08CSC32::M_MENKHUSTue Sep 01 1992alpha in a 4xxst?
2728.01ROYALT::HALPINWed Sep 02 1992852MB drive? Anytime soon?
2729.05USA::CHAVISWed Sep 02 1992Need Jumper Settings for the PC4XD-AA
2730.02TROFS::M_LUKWed Sep 02 1992Pc4xr-ba parameter please
2731.01AVIVA::NEUMANWed Sep 02 199232
2732.02NYEM1::YOUNGWed Sep 02 1992White Flashes
2733.03NEOVWed Sep 02 1992PC4XD-AA One serial and one parallel port adapter Spec. needed
2734.01VFOFS::GALVINWed Sep 02 1992Reasonable I/O rate for DECpc316sx w/52mb IDE?
2735.0MAASUP::AUSTINWed Sep 02 1992DS45
2736.02VERGA::CARTERWed Sep 02 19925 1/4 inch drive problem
2737.0ALOSWS::ALTMNT::KozakiewiczWed Sep 02 1992Odd 256 color driver problem
2738.08VERGA::CARTERWed Sep 02 1992HOW to PRINT using an LA5
2739.03KYOA::KOCHThu Sep 03 1992Why can't I print to COM1 or COM2?
2740.08KETJE::PIERSONThu Sep 03 1992433W 35% faster than 433ST ???
2741.011CSC32::JAMIThu Sep 03 1992were is Dr. Watson
2742.04PASSER::PUISHYSThu Sep 03 1992SCSI drives. A VMS Formated SCSI can it go into a pc?
2743.0PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Sep 03 1992Added 2 new serial ports, IRQ question!
2744.013BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MThu Sep 03 1992IDE differences?
2745.0DECWIN::J_OTTERSONThu Sep 03 1992DGIS drivers for DECPC433
2746.09ULTRA::WRAYThu Sep 03 1992Tiger II info sought
2747.02ARTLIB::GOETZEThu Sep 03 1992Pictures of DECpc LP family?
2748.01WARABI::OLIVIERFri Sep 04 1992Help - 82C386SX Chip set programming
2749.016SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LAFri Sep 04 1992Upgrade 425ST "in place"?
2750.08RUSAVD::MCAFEEFri Sep 04 1992emm386.exe and 433w problems...
2751.02CSC32::R_JOHNSONFri Sep 04 1992
2752.0TENNIS::KAMSat Sep 05 1992Can SZ
2753.08CECILE::SCHNEIDERSat Sep 05 1992TheCompleteCommunicator / disable com port / BitCom
2754.03BSS::G_FARRINGTONMon Sep 07 1992Vertical lines on monitor
2755.01CVG::THOMPSONTue Sep 08 1992TrackBall for DECpc?
2756.01NOBOZO::KRAETSCHTue Sep 08 1992RX23 land mine
2757.09SNOCWed Sep 09 1992Tiger range performance spec's ???
2758.01SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Sep 09 1992433ST / ATI Graphics Ultra and VRC16
2759.02MEAD::FULLERWed Sep 09 1992Is it possible on a DECstation 35
2760.02SAAVAK::ZEMONWed Sep 09 1992Can you avoid POST 13
2761.04OLDNO7::LUCIERWed Sep 09 1992Where do I obtain catalogs?
2762.08OTOOA::RLAWRENCEWed Sep 09 1992333c and QIC tape?
2763.01NVSD6::DAMOULAKISWed Sep 09 1992Who handles REPLY boxes???
2764.06SMOGGY::LEYBAWed Sep 09 1992Win 3.1 VGA drivers for 42
2765.03ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Sep 10 1992Print from DOS hangs PCW1
2766.04ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Sep 10 1992Screen display collapsing on the Tigers
2767.02BODRUM::DARUGERThu Sep 10 1992Urgent Help for DECpc 433W (Ethernet) Novell
2768.0CGOOA::BONTJEThu Sep 10 1992Good Review of Desktop Direct in PC Computing
2769.02DEMOAX::GINGERThu Sep 10 1992PC VIRUS - After dinner Speaker!
2770.0SAAVAK::ZEMONThu Sep 10 1992Poor 45
2771.03VSSPC::MSDThu Sep 10 1992ASPI2DOS and DECpc 433W
2772.01LUDWIG::HIVELYFri Sep 11 1992Help with extracting drivers!
2773.03SUBSYS::GUBBERFri Sep 11 1992DECPC 433 and a "FAKE" 8514 using HDILOAD.EXE
2774.05REGENT::BURLINGFri Sep 11 1992i need help
2775.03DACT18::MITCHELLFri Sep 11 199245
2776.03ODIXIE::HARTFri Sep 11 1992mouse freezes on 425c
2777.0TENNIS::KAMSat Sep 12 1992Any information on Intel's Local Bus for SVGA Video?
2778.02WPOPTH::MINESun Sep 13 1992emm386 & 325sx/lp ctrl-alt-del fails
2779.03KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycMon Sep 14 1992TIGA Drivers and DECWindows...
2780.05SNOCMon Sep 14 1992Tiger PC's and DECwindows X-term emulation ?
2781.0HITOPS::RACINEMon Sep 14 1992Memory Parity Interrupt
2782.0SWAM2::LYNCH_SETue Sep 15 1992316sx VGA, and max colors
2784.0+9PCOJCT::YOUNGTue Sep 15 1992multiple serial ports
2785.0AKOCOA::BARNESTue Sep 15 1992DECpc Software Group - release engineer
2786.02PRMSWed Sep 16 1992BBS numbers please!
2787.0ANARKY::WILLIAMSWed Sep 16 1992master boot record not found
2788.02AIMHI::GINSBERGWed Sep 16 1992Adding 3rd SCSI device to DECstation 316+
2790.015SNOCThu Sep 17 1992Overdrive chips & Tigers
2791.02METMV4::DRGThu Sep 17 1992Auto-sensing Power Supply???
2792.0AKOCOA::BARNESFri Sep 18 1992DECpc Software Position
2793.0PCOJCT::YOUNGFri Sep 18 1992Attachmate/DECstation 325c
2794.0CHOWDA::DONNELLFri Sep 18 1992DECstation 316 Plus Documentation
2796.02BIGUN::BAKERMon Sep 21 1992Needed: PC4XL-BB in quantity??
2797.06NZOMIS::WILSONRMon Sep 21 1992DECstation 316sx Co-processor Fault
2798.05NZOMIS::WILSONRMon Sep 21 1992DECtouch - Touch screen add on.
2799.02MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcMon Sep 21 1992Another PCXAG-AD problem ... whoopee!
2800.04POBOX::PATLAMon Sep 21 1992Can't get a 42
2801.06WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Sep 22 1992Are Tiger-II PC's world-wide product?
2802.01EMASS::FIELDSTue Sep 22 1992Who makes the Floppy drives, and memory??
2803.03COBRE::JTRUJILLOTue Sep 22 1992What is the key sequence or command to slow down 45
2804.01VERGA::CARTERTue Sep 22 1992Internal modem not working
2805.01FORTSC::SHOMOTue Sep 22 1992Info on JAWS (sp.?)
2806.04BOOKS::HAMILTONTue Sep 22 1992Compuserve questions
2807.01SELL1::MARRONETue Sep 22 1992Need Info On Financial Software
2808.0SNOCWed Sep 23 1992DECGRAPH & LJ25
2809.0+20LEDS::GRINCH::KALINWed Sep 23 1992RZSPINUP.EXE - again
2810.014ODIXIE::BKURTZWed Sep 23 1992questions on VRC16
2811.01CSSE::FERNANDEZWed Sep 23 1992LJ252 drivers for MSwindows v 3.
2812.0XSTACY::GRAINNEWed Sep 23 1992UK supplier for Adaptec SCSI CDROM driver
2813.08ALOSWed Sep 23 1992EMM386 hangs 425c
2814.01TPSYS::SHAHWed Sep 23 1992Tigers in a tower configuration
2815.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Sep 23 1992IBM 327
2816.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Sep 23 1992Digital's DECstation Family Performance Summary
2817.0OLDTMR::SECGWed Sep 23 1992Digital's DECsystem Family Performance Summary
2818.0NZOMIS::WILSONRWed Sep 23 1992DECtouch - Thanks!
2819.01ODIXIE::WEILERThu Sep 24 1992What is DECpc 466 LP status?
2820.01MSDOA::CHERRYThu Sep 24 1992Tiger II Tech Doc on Enet???
2821.010SUBWAY::DERISEThu Sep 24 1992A Tiger without a ROAR?
2822.08ENUF::DEMPSTERThu Sep 24 1992need driver for CD-ROM (ASWCDDEC.SYS)
2823.09GIDDAY::CHAPMANThu Sep 24 1992LA75PLUS to print colour
2825.01HURON::BATESFri Sep 25 1992Who's mistake?
2826.01GRANMA::PTHUMANFri Sep 25 1992Tiger II -- 15", 17" monitors?
2827.08FACIL::DEHAANSun Sep 27 1992Mouse not responding (intermittently) on 45
2828.03VERGA::MACDONALDSun Sep 27 1992NDW Backup and the 42
2829.02MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcMon Sep 28 1992Cable anyone?
2831.04--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 28 1992Need DEC part number for tape.
2832.01TROOA::MCNEILLMon Sep 28 1992Blinking VGA on Tiger II?
2833.01ELMAGO::JYANGTue Sep 29 1992Can we use VR29
2835.09OASS::MDILLSONTue Sep 29 1992NONSTD.SYS
2836.014NOLE2::KIMBELTue Sep 29 1992DS 333c / Windows 3.1 Supported?
2837.0EEMELI::HAUTALAWed Sep 30 19923d studio
2839.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSWed Sep 30 1992md4
2841.012NOLE2::KIMBELWed Sep 30 199219" Multisync on TIGER II??
2842.018MXOVThu Oct 01 19921
2843.02MPGS::CHRISTENSENThu Oct 01 1992Documentation on Symphony v2.2?
2844.0MYOTT::HERGTThu Oct 01 1992Jumpers for the RZ73 please...
2845.02ITOWER::CARADONNAThu Oct 01 19923.5"DD install in a 433ST
2846.07FMTNAS::SANCHEZThu Oct 01 1992DECpc 316sx Setup Disk Needed (not DECstation 316)
2847.011DRIFT::WOODThu Oct 01 1992Problem booting with Adaptec 174
2848.0SUTRA::BASSINNEThu Oct 01 1992Just wondering what gives for PCXAT-AB...
2849.01STKAI1::HLOFGRENFri Oct 02 1992Olivetti PC + extra disk?
2850.01ODIXIE::AUFDENKAMPEFri Oct 02 1992CPU board for the Tiger
2851.0TROOA::BAPTIEFri Oct 02 1992Idle 316sx hangs
2852.01LUDWIG::HIVELYFri Oct 02 1992ADDING 3.5 TO DEC STATION 333C
2853.013KEMER::DARUGERFri Oct 02 1992Memory Config for DECpc 45
2854.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Oct 02 1992433W /expansion and RZ24L
2855.0BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MFri Oct 02 1992pc44p-bb\pcxap-ba compatibility
2856.01EWSVX2::SCHOLWINMon Oct 05 1992Looking for online copies of Specs.
2857.010MIMS::HOOD_DMon Oct 05 1992Digital gets a glowing review in PC Week
2858.03GTDANE::GOYETTEMon Oct 05 1992External Hard Drives for a 316 ?
2859.09KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Oct 05 1992some Monday stress questions
2860.01EBBCLU::CASWELLTue Oct 06 1992Hook a DEC tablet to a 425C?
2861.0ONOIS1::SABIAUXTue Oct 06 1992NDIS driver or address of PHOENIX..
2862.03DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORWed Oct 07 1992DECstation 32
2863.01MCIS2::NORTONWed Oct 07 1992Problem with extra rows when linking with Excel v4
2864.03MSDOA::CHERRYThu Oct 08 1992Local Bus: VESA compliant or not???
2865.0MSDOA::CHERRYThu Oct 08 1992LP Upgradables & Light Pen Solutions???
2866.07ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Oct 08 19921
2867.02SUTRA::NIMRODThu Oct 08 1992RZ35 - Scsi-1 or Scsi-2 ???
2868.04MSDOA::STOGNERThu Oct 08 1992Digital CD-ROM, Is it a good deal ?
2869.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu Oct 08 1992Does your 45
2870.09SPEZKO::A_FRASERThu Oct 08 1992Sound Card / Joystick information requested
2871.02KAOFS::M_LAVERGNEThu Oct 08 1992Nonstd.sys problems
2872.01HOTWTR::GROSS_HEThu Oct 08 1992425 SX LP cursor problem
2873.01TROOA::MCNEILLThu Oct 08 1992QNX/VGA driver for Tiger II?
2874.0XSIVE::GRAINNEThu Oct 08 1992PCXAG-AD and VRT16-DA in DECpc 325SX
2875.06KAHALA::SULLIVANThu Oct 08 1992PXAG-AD on Decstation 333c?
2876.02EMDS::PETERSONFri Oct 09 1992Slow DECLASER 31
2877.03LEVERS::CHALMERSFri Oct 09 1992DOS V5.
2878.01MIMS::MCFARLAND_DFri Oct 09 1992decpc 45
2879.02GRANMA::PTHUMANFri Oct 09 1992S3 911 vs 924
2880.05NICCTR::MILLSSat Oct 10 19921meg Video card on a 316sx
2881.02NICCTR::MILLSSun Oct 11 1992Specs for PC4XD-CA (VenTel 24
2882.02UBOHUB::GALE_CMon Oct 12 1992OS/2 EE Availability From DEC
2883.08ITOWER::CARADONNAMon Oct 12 1992433ST/Sound/Game Questions
2884.0MERIDN::SUNMon Oct 12 1992Customer like to SMALL Font 1
2885.02WIKI::PAGANOMon Oct 12 1992Adaptec .cfg file for 425st
2886.03DVOPAS::PINHI::PROCTORMon Oct 12 1992How do I use one IRQ and multiple devices on the same IRQ?
2887.05ECACAD::HenryMon Oct 12 1992Multiple disks when there is only one?
2888.03KAOFS::K_MAINMon Oct 12 1992New 17(+) monitor planned ??
2889.02HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Oct 13 1992DS524
2890.03PROMPT::MILLINGTue Oct 13 1992old equipment still in use - need video setup help
2891.057ARGUS::KIVLIGHANTue Oct 13 1992TIGER II Service Information
2892.09BPSWSTue Oct 13 1992Sytos kit needed
2893.02GBIWed Oct 14 1992help needed on video connector
2894.01ODIXIE::AUFDENKAMPEWed Oct 14 1992Ungermann-Bass Card for Tiger
2895.06PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Oct 14 1992Forcing WINDOWS 3.1 ENHANCED mode blows up my DISK!!!
2896.0GLDOA::LEAHYWed Oct 14 1992Add Encryption on Tiger Pc's
2897.01DNTPC3::BURKE_EDWed Oct 14 1992big monitor on tiger II
2898.03PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Oct 14 1992Will a TZ85 work on a Adaptec SCSI controller?
2899.0HOTWTR::BARTH_MEWed Oct 14 1992PC433W LED DS5
2900.01KERNEL::EDMUNDSThu Oct 15 1992PC325, help!
2901.07TROOA::WILLMSThu Oct 15 1992Low Rad Monitor. Is it worth waiting for?
2902.01SKYLRK::BECKThu Oct 15 1992Need internal expansion space
2903.01CIVIC::NULLThu Oct 15 1992DECpc 45
2904.0LEVERS::KIRKThu Oct 15 1992Monitor/Adapters for 433T with NT
2905.0HAMER::KENEFICKThu Oct 15 1992FOR SALE or TRADE-32
2906.01ISIDRO::FELIXThu Oct 15 1992Decpc 433 and IRQ line serial port
2907.04MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcFri Oct 16 1992Tape backup with Adaptec 154x
2908.04HAMER::KENEFICKFri Oct 16 1992FOR SALE or TRADE- 32
2910.0BPSSat Oct 17 1992Sytos Plus: how to set block size ?
2911.01LUDWIG::SADINSat Oct 17 1992scanner and paintbrush problmes on 32
2912.02METFAN::GOLDBERGMon Oct 19 1992MTBF rating for Tiger PCs
2913.02SIMESE::STARRMon Oct 19 1992Tiger-II 5.25" drive bay a tight fit
2914.011GHOST1::SMALLMon Oct 19 19921MB simms 3 or 9 chip
2915.06NICCTR::MILLSMon Oct 19 1992Access via news (Unix flavor of Notes)
2916.03PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Oct 19 1992DECpc 433W - MIA
2917.0MPGS::KUSNETZKYMon Oct 19 1992DSBU Public Directory has moved
2918.07PRMSTue Oct 20 1992Please respond with 1
2919.01BUFFER::FAULDSTue Oct 20 1992AST PC's tech support?
2920.07ISLAND::RAPIENTue Oct 20 1992EISA Options? In or out of DEC....
2921.01MR4DEC::GREENTue Oct 20 1992Good Press for the Tiger PCs: November Byte
2922.01SUBURB::DMOTue Oct 20 1992shadow Rom
2923.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONTue Oct 20 1992433w, TLZ
2924.0POBOX::PATLAWed Oct 21 1992Extended Memory On A DS32
2925.010AUSTIN::UNLANDWed Oct 21 1992Asking for Laser Printer Ideas
2926.0RBW::WICKERTWed Oct 21 1992Mounting rails for BA55 (4
2927.02ALOSWed Oct 21 1992Terminator network for RZ5x part #?
2928.09MIMS::GRANT_PThu Oct 22 1992LK45
2929.07--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 22 1992Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List - DECpc
2930.02LUDWIG::HIVELYThu Oct 22 1992486 upgrade for 333c?
2931.054PROMPT::MILLINGThu Oct 22 1992EPP - latest offering, first LP offering, memory and disk question
2932.03UNYEM::HOVERThu Oct 22 1992IBM info
2933.07SNOCThu Oct 22 1992Disable CPU cache on Tiger II ??
2934.011BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonFri Oct 23 1992433W & floppy drive
2935.012TROOA::MARIUZFri Oct 23 1992TigerII 24-bit yet?
2936.05SUTRA::NIMRODFri Oct 23 1992Starberst Bios upgrade ???
2937.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSFri Oct 23 1992VGA1
2938.06GRANMA::PTHUMANFri Oct 23 1992Banyan Certification?
2939.02MSDOA::CHERRYFri Oct 23 1992# of SIMMS Sockets on TIGER II
2940.02KAOFS::S_BAINSFri Oct 23 1992PC4
2941.01SIMESE::STARRMon Oct 26 19924
2942.05KYOA::PEREZMon Oct 26 199245
2943.07MIMS::HOOD_DMon Oct 26 1992New RGDI drivers?
2944.02ROYALT::KOVNERMon Oct 26 1992Turbo C++/windows debugger doesn't run on a DECpc 45
2945.027KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Oct 26 1992433ST-->466ST??
2946.08SYSMGT::DUTKOTue Oct 27 1992Memory configuration questions for a 433ST
2947.0SNOCWed Oct 28 1992Loosing characters on printout?
2949.04ROMWed Oct 28 1992Mylex or DPT 32-bit controller on 4
2950.02XSTACY::GRAINNEWed Oct 28 1992Animator Pro on 45
2951.02KYOA::LAMMWed Oct 28 1992NEC 5D and Starburst?
2952.03KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerWed Oct 28 1992tech/service manul for VRC16-CA/PCXAV-EA?
2953.01FHOPAS::JAMBE::MacWed Oct 28 1992Sytos Plus, PC4XT-AA
2954.015CHFS32::WRIGHTWed Oct 28 1992drive type 245m ide from dec??
2955.07GRANMA::PTHUMANWed Oct 28 1992Bid Requirements
2956.0MRKTNG::SKINNERWed Oct 28 1992325c and tiga config problem
2957.01SYOMV::CLARYWed Oct 28 1992RZ55 help!!!
2962.02VERGA::MACDONALDThu Oct 29 1992DIP Switch in DECpc 42
2963.0MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayFri Oct 30 1992LAN MANAGER Certification
2964.04SHAWB2::BATTYMFri Oct 30 19922nd HD Help for UK Noter?
2965.04DVOPAS::PINHI::PROCTORFri Oct 30 199232
2966.01KAOFS::R_HARPERFri Oct 30 1992DecPc425sxLP and QaPlus stray IRQ error
2967.02TUXEDO::WRAYSat Oct 31 1992Tape drive eats my floppy...
2968.05BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonSat Oct 31 1992TZK1
2969.02SUTRA::NIMRODMon Nov 02 1992PC7XS-AA Tech info ?
2970.01PTOECA::JOEWMon Nov 02 1992QAPLUS fails VGA test on 316+
2971.0GOOEY::MIDDLETONMon Nov 02 1992PC Users and Network Managers: Installation Survey
2972.01MQOOA::DESROSIERSMon Nov 02 1992Could BIOS revisions stop a program from running?
2973.01SNOCMon Nov 02 1992ASPI4DOS possible problems!
2974.02MKFSA::GOUSLINTue Nov 03 1992Part number wanted for PC433 scsi to RRD4
2976.03PCAE::RYANTue Nov 03 1992PC4XG-AC memory upgrade??
2977.01TIMAS1::RIEDERWed Nov 04 1992TIGA-Driver for ACAD Version 12 wanted....
2978.01TIMAS1::RIEDERWed Nov 04 1992TIGA-Driver for Appl. DESKVIEW X wanted....
2979.03MAIL::CHASEWed Nov 04 1992Kenneth, where's the jumper!??!
2980.05MIMS::HOOD_RWed Nov 04 1992LP SIMM question
2981.05CPDW::ROSCHWed Nov 04 1992VESA
2982.0PTOVAX::METZWed Nov 04 1992Need to disable F1 SETUP on 4
2983.04BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MThu Nov 05 1992lock keys for 433t (PCT1
2984.02PROMPT::MILLINGThu Nov 05 1992old equipment still in use - need utility diskettes
2985.08SWAM1::DAVIS_ROThu Nov 05 1992TEAC Floppy Drive Problem
2986.04SNO78A::BRESSINGTONThu Nov 05 1992Flavours of caching?
2987.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Nov 05 1992Interested in solving the LK45
2988.01ZENA::GABUTTOFri Nov 06 1992DS35
2989.02JOELS::SARENFri Nov 06 1992XONXOFF Date?
2990.07WMOIS::WAITT_DFri Nov 06 1992CHKDSK= PROBLEMS???
2991.04GIAENG::ROGICHFri Nov 06 1992MT family
2992.03VSSPC::MSD524::EstesMon Nov 09 1992333c hangs when using Teamlinks ASYNC CTI procedure
2993.01POLAR::LEVESQUEMon Nov 09 1992Video speed - Graphics Winmark
2994.01MIMS::MCFARLAND_DMon Nov 09 1992PowerPoint v. 3.
2995.01BGYBRD::UDICKMon Nov 09 1992LP Series not upgradable to the 586 ?
2996.07NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Nov 10 1992Windows 3.1 and EMM386.EXE exception error.
2997.01FORTSC::SHOMOTue Nov 10 1992DECpc 4
2998.07CGHUB::RYANTue Nov 10 1992PCWXE-AA-->SCSI-1 male cable/adapter?
2999.0MIMS::DUCAT_DTue Nov 10 19922.5" IDE vs Standard IDE connector size
3000.01POBOX::DITTMERTue Nov 10 1992PC Notebook Articles
3001.06MRKTNG::DIONTue Nov 10 1992CD-Roms
3002.03NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Nov 10 1992DECpc433DXLP and OMNINET card.
3003.02TIMAS1::RIEDERWed Nov 11 1992Reseting CMOS on a DECpc 433 workstation......
3004.0TOPTEN::GREENWed Nov 11 1992imagwriter and DECpc
3005.01SWAM2::LYNCH_SEWed Nov 11 1992Tiger II and Adaptec 1542B --> RZ24L-E
3007.02MXOVWed Nov 11 1992Flash BIOS and GUI accelerator questions
3008.016WMOIS::WAITT_DThu Nov 12 1992DO I NEED THE 1
3009.02KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Nov 12 1992Starburst LCD panel?
3010.01MYOTT::HERGTThu Nov 12 1992Scsi-2 terminator plug part number anyone...
3011.01GIDDAY::SEIVERThu Nov 12 1992QAplus part number
3012.01FSOA::HORNIAKThu Nov 12 1992Does LK45
3013.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Nov 13 1992Viceroy+PICK cannot format high-density floppy?
3014.07UTRTSC::BARENDREGTFri Nov 13 1992Scsi for address D
3015.03NODEX::BHAVNANIFri Nov 13 1992433ST poor performance
3016.01PCOJCT::YOUNGFri Nov 13 19922
3017.01MACNAS::MMULVIHILLSun Nov 15 1992132 columns+Kermit+DEC Terminal
3018.02NEOVMon Nov 16 1992OVERDRIVE CHIP FOR THE applicationDEC 4
3019.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Nov 16 1992DECpc 32
3020.05BUYDEC::KENNEDYMon Nov 16 1992Help - Smoking video board!
3021.0SIOG::K_BOYLEMon Nov 16 1992RX23 INFO
3022.01NEOVMon Nov 16 1992OVERDRIVE CHIP FOR THE applicationDEC 4
3023.03MXOVTue Nov 17 1992Memory troubles on Calyx
3024.02SNOCTue Nov 17 1992Tiger II & SCO 3.2.2 keyboard problem
3025.07LUDWIG::HIVELYWed Nov 18 1992Memory for 333c
3026.08GIAENG::ROGICHThu Nov 19 1992new benchmarks
3027.06STKHLM::IVANThu Nov 19 1992Urgent DECPc4
3028.0TOPTEN::GREENThu Nov 19 199245
3029.07ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Nov 19 1992Noisy disk
3030.03ISTWI1::DARUGERThu Nov 19 1992WD1
3031.05CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Nov 20 1992S3 Drivers - 4xxdxLp Windows - Hard to Install?
3032.03ART::COHENFri Nov 20 1992Any info on the Bapco benchmark suite?
3033.03WKOLMon Nov 23 1992PC Mag "Upgradable PCs" - no DECpcs included
3034.03VCSESU::GARRYMon Nov 23 1992DECpc433W as a Novell Server ???????
3035.05EWBV5Tue Nov 24 1992DECpc can connect with VRT19 ?
3036.0SONATA::REICHERTTue Nov 24 1992325c to 425c Updgrade
3037.02SPEZKO::A_FRASERTue Nov 24 1992DECpc 45
3038.014MRKTNG::BOEHMTue Nov 24 1992433ST and os/2 v2.
3039.03ROMSLS::PETRUCCITue Nov 24 1992Error 13
3040.01MAIL::CHASETue Nov 24 1992ACAD v12 S3 Video Driver for TIGER II
3041.05SWAM2::LYNCH_SETue Nov 24 1992DECpc master keys
3042.01SNOCWed Nov 25 1992466dx2 CPU in a 433W ???
3043.01LUDWIG::HIVELYWed Nov 25 1992RRD4
3044.0MYOTT::DEVONICKWed Nov 25 19928514/a in a 4
3045.04FSSB::SKOGUMWed Nov 25 1992Cache Problem on DEC433 Workstation
3046.04SONATA::HENRYWed Nov 25 1992Is 32
3047.02CGHUB::RYANWed Nov 25 1992Order Sytos??
3048.05MSDOA::STOGNERSun Nov 29 1992Installing extra hard drive
3049.02STKHLM::IVANMon Nov 30 1992Who is the DECPc4
3050.08ECACAD::HenryMon Nov 30 1992help with an LP
3051.0CRUISE::MACOMBERMon Nov 30 1992VR32
3052.0SPEZKO::A_FRASERMon Nov 30 1992PC Memory from DECDirect - Email replies only please
3053.06CSC32::D_LEWISMon Nov 30 1992FR-PCXDF-AA, or CF
3054.01MRKTNG::BOWIEMon Nov 30 1992DS316, hard drives, and grommets
3055.03DABEAN::ROJMon Nov 30 1992vga to sva problem on 333lp
3056.0NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Dec 01 1992WeFax - Weather Fax and DECpc problem
3057.01TRHTue Dec 01 1992Driver for AutoShade V1.
3058.05COPCLU::RISTOTue Dec 01 1992DECpc 433ST and DE2
3059.02TRCOA::COUILLARDTue Dec 01 1992DS21
3060.0LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Dec 01 1992lk25
3061.0NYEM1::YOUNGTue Dec 01 1992Password and boot up problem
3062.02STRATA::TAIWed Dec 02 1992Software for 6
3063.011PTOECA::JOEWWed Dec 02 1992IBM 525
3064.03MR4MI2::HOPEWELLWed Dec 02 1992325 Laptop serial port question
3065.01ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Dec 02 1992QBasic Documentation
3066.06TENAYA::SWHEELERWed Dec 02 1992need 45
3067.01KOBAL::KIRKWed Dec 02 1992Graphics board for PCXAV-DA 19" monitor?
3068.012VERGA::MACDONALDWed Dec 02 1992RRD42 Problem
3069.03NC17Thu Dec 03 1992Need a SCSI terminator!
3071.03ANGLIN::STOCKHOWEThu Dec 03 199245
3072.03DPDMAI::GRESSThu Dec 03 1992Powerpoint 4 Tiger II's
3073.02SHIPS::SMITH_GEFri Dec 04 1992512-Color LCD, 1
3074.03NEASSG::MARTINELLOFri Dec 04 1992Warning 12 amps exceeded
3075.01STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONFri Dec 04 1992Programming manuals for VGA NI1
3076.0BOSETB::BIANCOFri Dec 04 1992Internal error at boot time on 45
3077.01AIMHI::RIZZOFri Dec 04 1992Suggestions? <DEClaser 11
3078.05GIAENG::ROGICHFri Dec 04 1992PC Computing winner
3079.06LUDWIG::SADINSat Dec 05 199232
3080.01TENNIS::KAMSat Dec 05 1992PCI Specification?
3081.0TFH::CRAIGSat Dec 05 1992212lp Processor Upgrade
3082.0GIDDAY::SEIVERSun Dec 06 1992DECstation 212lp memory errors
3083.07KERNEL::EDMUNDSMon Dec 07 1992ADAPTEC help!!
3084.02BACHUS::VERELSTMon Dec 07 1992drivers for pc433 (tiga) and autocad v12
3085.0MYOTT::HERGTMon Dec 07 1992Memory Expansion for PC4XG-BA (Appian 1
3086.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Dec 07 1992Wait states on applicationDEC 4
3087.0COMET::SHICKMon Dec 07 1992DECstation 325c question
3088.0TFH::MILLIGANMon Dec 07 1992mem mapped board hangs DS425c
3089.03WKOLMon Dec 07 1992PCXAR disk inside PCWXE 433W expansion box?
3090.02POBOX::SEILERMon Dec 07 1992Video Ram
3091.010BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONMon Dec 07 1992'Linear Frame Buffer' capability question
3092.02MIMS::MCFARLAND_DMon Dec 07 1992Invalid disk name error, Lotus 433dxLP
3093.0STKHLM::SWE171::Conferencing-UserTue Dec 08 1992EISA chip in DECpc4
3094.05TRCOA::NAHMTue Dec 08 1992IOMEGA TAPE25
3095.0MSBCS::BORSOMTue Dec 08 1992425ST CMOS/No Boot Device Problem
3096.09TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 08 1992Why is the DEC mini-tower $2
3097.0GRANMA::PTHUMANWed Dec 09 1992XPRESS Architecture
3099.04MARVA2::BKELLYWed Dec 09 1992Quick Link FAX II ?!?!?!?!
3100.01SNOCThu Dec 10 1992Tiger 333sx max memory question.
3101.05LUDWIG::HIVELYThu Dec 10 1992refill decjet 2
3102.04NYEM1::YOUNGThu Dec 10 1992DECpc 45
3103.03KAHUNA::PEERThu Dec 10 1992HELP! 316sx mem exp board???
3104.01SUBWAY::TEDWARDSThu Dec 10 1992Tiger II and SCO?
3105.02FASDER::DWICKERThu Dec 10 199242
3106.01TROOA::SODHAFri Dec 11 1992MODEM PCXDF-AA info wanted
3107.06NOLE2::KIMBELFri Dec 11 1992Back to the VESA Local Bus SCSI Issue
3108.02MAXFLI::STEVENSFri Dec 11 1992Need 32
3109.01GIAEN1::CANFIELDFri Dec 11 1992New Appian drivers available on network
3110.05RANGER::GORCZYCASat Dec 12 1992Orientation of a DS32
3111.07NODEX::KITANOSat Dec 12 1992433ST compatibility list
3112.02ODAY4Sun Dec 13 1992PCT26-A2 and 433T/W?
3113.01NZOMIS::WILSONRMon Dec 14 1992DECpc and IBM 525
3114.0NZOMIS::WILSONRMon Dec 14 1992DECpc433DXLP screen fault
3115.014VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Dec 14 1992425C: New user questions...
3116.03BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon Dec 14 1992Problems with new RGDI drivers
3117.01TRCOA::CHENRYTue Dec 15 199245
3118.09WR1FOR::KNOWLESJITue Dec 15 1992FDISK on RZ25
3119.0NYEM1::YOUNGTue Dec 15 1992Codeview problem
3120.02SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Dec 15 1992IBM Token Ring card
3121.057181::ZAHORATue Dec 15 1992DECGRAPH - a DECpc MS-DOS Ver. 5.
3122.02KAOOA::SHEPHERDWed Dec 16 19922
3123.04CSCOA2::DUCAT_DWed Dec 16 199242
3124.04MKFSA::LONGWed Dec 16 1992Help with jumpers on 4
3125.0MIMS::HUFFSTETLERWed Dec 16 1992Printer drivers not being expanded from Disk 7
3126.03WKOLWed Dec 16 1992looking for DECpc clip art for PowerPoint use
3127.08BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Dec 16 1992Tiger II DX2 PCs Banyan VINES server certified?
3128.01SALSA::SCHENKERThu Dec 17 19924
3129.01STKHLM::SWE171::Conferencing-UserThu Dec 17 19921
3130.01TRCOA::CHENRYThu Dec 17 1992Problems with EISA config...still
3131.0CSCOA2::DUCAT_DThu Dec 17 199232
3132.09SPESHR::JOHNSONThu Dec 17 1992Hanging Windows
3133.01MRKTNG::LANCASTERThu Dec 17 1992IDE Master/Slave for 433dxLP
3134.0AKOCOA::SWHITEThu Dec 17 1992goodbye...and thanks...
3135.02GLDOA::SLOMIANYFri Dec 18 1992Really need help locating Adaptec sw...
3136.05FOOBAR::KABELFri Dec 18 1992UMB usage in DEC PCs
3137.02POBOX::SEILERFri Dec 18 1992utilities disk for a 32
3138.010WMOIS::VARGAS_PMon Dec 21 1992Help seeting up new 425c
3139.02DRAC::HUELVESTue Dec 22 1992DECpc 325 and parallel port address.
3140.09SALEM::COVIELLOTue Dec 22 1992help! how do I register software
3141.0VMSDEV::CLABORNTue Dec 22 1992Is the 425C/COM1 problem STILL a problem?
3142.01STKAI1::64286::Conferencing-UserWed Dec 23 1992Diskarray in DECpc4
3143.05USCTR1::JSANDERSONWed Dec 23 1992Video Memory Upgrade for PCXAG-AD
3144.06ISTWI1::DARUGERThu Dec 24 1992VRC16, WD NI, color changing problem? settings? ? Hz
3145.08VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Dec 28 1992Can't enable SVGA on 425C
3146.04KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTMon Dec 28 1992Video Mem Size Tool?
3147.03MAIL::WONGMon Dec 28 1992BANYAN VINES RAM Ceiling on 4
3148.02DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Dec 28 1992Two DE2
3149.01CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue Dec 29 1992EISA .CFG needed for PC4XD Terminal Mux Card
3150.02TPSYS::SHAHTue Dec 29 1992Tiger III info
3151.010KAOFS::D_SCARFETue Dec 29 1992Dazzle hangs on Tiger II
3152.0DUGROS::ROSSTue Dec 29 1992How to get monitor to come up on power-up?
3153.013ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Dec 30 1992Clock/Calendar loses time
3154.05POLAR::AMBROSEWed Dec 30 1992control sound?
3155.013BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MWed Dec 30 1992EPP short a disk?
3156.021RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Dec 30 1992About the PCXAG-AG 924 (S3) board...?
3157.06CSCOA2::TUORI_MWed Dec 30 1992OS/2 Video Drivers for the Tiger II ?
3158.03ABSISG::PICKOWICZSun Jan 03 1993ORCHID 128
3159.0HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Jan 04 1993Decstation 313c == Tandy 1
3160.04VERGA::MACDONALDMon Jan 04 1993Freeing Up More Conventional Memory
3161.01PTOVAX::DLUGOSZMon Jan 04 1993Will this work; albeit slowly?
3162.013VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Jan 04 1993Problem with 1Mb video upgrade kit
3163.0DSSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon Jan 04 1993Booting off of an RZ24
3164.01JCAGE::perkinsMon Jan 04 1993NT Drivers for TIGA Board (where, when)?
3165.01ANOVAX::COMFORTMon Jan 04 1993DECstation 316+, monitor and 1
3166.02PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Jan 04 19933rd party graphics adapter card
3167.03CIVIC::PCTOGO::KENNEDYMon Jan 04 1993Help with Video memory upgrade/installation??
3168.02ART::COHENMon Jan 04 1993Disable 32
3169.06RPSTRY::ATIS::BODGETue Jan 05 1993425c display glitch with game
3171.06ANGLIN::CORRIGANTue Jan 05 1993DECstation 333c SETUP Utility Needed
3172.08SNOMAN::AARONWed Jan 06 1993Everex goes Ch. 11?
3173.01SNOCThu Jan 07 1993486DLC and DEC333c/325c
3174.03STKHLM::SWE171::HansLofgrenThu Jan 07 1993Strange date on S3-drivers
3175.01STKHLM::IVANThu Jan 07 1993Video controller for VRT32
3176.0MSBCS::BORSOMThu Jan 07 1993Appian TIGA card & video passthrough?
3177.01CAADC::SOBELThu Jan 07 1993set password help needed
3178.0KAOFS::D_SCARFEThu Jan 07 1993Tiger II Cache testing
3179.017KAOU93::HOOPERThu Jan 07 1993S3 Drivers - Tiger II
3180.04ESKIMO::FINNThu Jan 07 1993425C no dial tone
3181.07SAILR3::KARZENThu Jan 07 1993DOS jumpy, windows NOT
3182.0STKHLM::SWE171::HansLofgrenFri Jan 08 1993Upgade DECpc433W to DX2 66 MHz chip
3183.0SINTAX::MOSKALFri Jan 08 1993WINterm, etc... ?
3184.0SINTAX::MOSKALFri Jan 08 1993425c ECOs?
3185.01MACNAS::BOREILLYFri Jan 08 1993mfm info rqd for a dec316 ...
3186.03CTHQ::PICKARDFri Jan 08 1993Game question DS333sxlp
3187.05NC17Fri Jan 08 1993How do I read an MSDOS CD-ROM?
3188.01TROOA::MARIUZFri Jan 08 1993Rugidized Case for TigerII
3189.02XSNAKE::WEILERFri Jan 08 1993DECpc 325 SL(C) questions
3190.04POBOX::KONEILFri Jan 08 1993Add-on Tape Drive
3191.01NODEX::BHAVNANIFri Jan 08 1993Memory upgrade to 433ST degrades performance
3192.09STAR::GUINEAUSat Jan 09 1993DECMODE, MSD, COM1: modem control
3193.011TENNIS::KAMSun Jan 10 1993ARCHIVE Python 255
3194.0KAOOA::PINKERTONMon Jan 11 1993Drive active indicator - Add on SCSI drive
3195.01NIOMAX::LAINGMon Jan 11 1993BACKUP/RESTORE - general questions
3196.0KAOU93::HOOPERMon Jan 11 1993Which Video Drivers?
3197.03BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonTue Jan 12 1993Adaptec & 4
3198.020CLO::WERABTue Jan 12 1993DS32
3199.010STAR::GUINEAUTue Jan 12 1993DS 425c memory increments
3200.02AER::SHANNONTue Jan 12 1993A 425 and an ESDI drive
3201.0MYOTT::HERGTTue Jan 12 1993VESA VBE and SVPMI drivers for IGC, S3, 8514, &c
3202.010ANGLIN::STOCKHOWETue Jan 12 1993
3203.09KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Jan 12 1993cable for 4 internal SCSI devices?
3204.04FROST::WALZWed Jan 13 1993DS32
3205.04CSDNET::DICASTROWed Jan 13 1993PC TIPs for NEW USERS
3206.05MAIL::HUMBERTSONWed Jan 13 1993466ST Hangs in PCLABS Bench 7.
3207.01DNEAST::SIMON_ANDYWed Jan 13 1993Tandy equivalent PC names ?
3208.02SNOCThu Jan 14 1993Appian contact number ???
3209.06CSDNET::DICASTROThu Jan 14 1993DEC333c 512kb upgrade question
3210.04SWAM2::LYNCH_SEThu Jan 14 1993DE442 EISA diags?
3211.05KEIKI::WHITEFri Jan 15 1993Problems when memory size exceeds 64 megabytes or Hard Disk:-)
3212.02SEDOAS::DEMOPC::RupertFri Jan 15 1993Pointer to TIGA driver Version 1.8
3213.016MSDOA::STOGNERFri Jan 15 1993New Adaptec 154
3214.02METMV4::DRGFri Jan 15 1993Need Drivers for PCXAG-AD
3215.01FUTURA::MCNULTYFri Jan 15 1993TIGA on a 42
3216.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGSat Jan 16 1993PCXAR-CD (Quantum 24
3217.06SPEZKO::A_FRASERSat Jan 16 1993Wanted: 8
3218.03TAVIS::RONENSun Jan 17 1993AT72
3219.01SNOCSun Jan 17 1993Tiger II doc problems and SCSI boot problem
3220.0SNOCSun Jan 17 1993Tiger II Drive Bay Bracket ECO details wanted
3221.01KELVIN::BLISSSun Jan 17 1993Seeking PC system for Engineering Student
3222.01SNOCSun Jan 17 1993S3 SCO ODT Driver available??
3223.06HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jan 18 1993Maxtor 7213AT Jumpers?
3224.03TRCOA::NAHMMon Jan 18 1993Setup Utility for DECpc 325sxLP on net?
3225.0TROOA::LFUNGMon Jan 18 1993MAX. Configuration for DECpc4
3226.01LAVGOD::SUNMon Jan 18 1993Tiger II LP S3 vedio driver Ref. Menu avail?
3227.01KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Jan 18 1993Easynet video driver location confusion...
3228.02RONAN::RONANMon Jan 18 1993Starting Windows - SMARTDRV?
3229.04MJBOOT::SOUDERMon Jan 18 199345
3230.02SUBWAY::DERISEMon Jan 18 1993DECpc 325c & WIN-NT: Help?
3231.07KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Jan 19 1993DEC and PC Mag *AGAIN*
3232.04NODEX::BHAVNANITue Jan 19 1993256k cache on 433ST
3233.02GLDOA::MACKTue Jan 19 1993DECpc433_IBM_tokenring adapter_?
3234.05HAL9::gauvinWed Jan 20 1993Appian (PCXAG-AD) Windows NT drivers...
3235.02CLO::WERABWed Jan 20 1993Reverse/correct a low level format?
3236.0PARVAX::YANAGIWed Jan 20 1993IBM baseband adapters?
3237.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 21 1993325sxLP and VRC16 - display problems
3239.021TROOA::AKERMANISThu Jan 21 1993DECPC 433 5.25" Floppy Problems
3240.02DATABS::ROYALThu Jan 21 1993DECserver 55
3242.04LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Jan 21 1993Setup through floppy only
3243.03CTOAVX::GUMBUSThu Jan 21 1993LOSS OF ROM SETUP! Why?
3244.04NRSTA2::KRONKThu Jan 21 1993Need info on DECPC 433 - PCW1
3245.03SYOMV::CLARYThu Jan 21 1993SuperVGA on DECpc433?
3246.01AYOV4Fri Jan 22 1993DECpc333sxLP and serial lines
3247.03ABSISG::PICKOWICZFri Jan 22 1993config info for DE2
3248.01LUDWIG::HIVELYFri Jan 22 1993Qemm and windows.
3249.02NYEM1::YOUNGFri Jan 22 1993applicationDEC 45
3250.03RONAN::RONANFri Jan 22 1993Configuration Diskette for 425ST
3251.01NOLE2::KIMBELFri Jan 22 1993Shadow ROM and BIOS questions
3252.08MXOVFri Jan 22 19934
3253.0STKHLM::IVANMon Jan 25 1993PCXAG-AD together with 327
3255.02GUIDUK::LOVBUG::WittMon Jan 25 1993Help with Multimedia and Tiger II PCs
3256.01TROOA::MARIUZMon Jan 25 1993PCXCR-BA - CDROM
3257.03ADO75A::ZEPPELTue Jan 26 1993Problems installing maths co-processor on 425SXLP
3258.03ISTWI1::DARUGERTue Jan 26 1993Rumor: TIGER's will be EOL?
3259.01IRNBRU::GRANTTue Jan 26 1993Documentation Search
3260.02WPOPTH::MINETue Jan 26 1993325sxLP Rom Setup Query
3262.05DATABS::FERWERDATue Jan 26 1993Invalid media type?
3263.0LEMAN::PAIVATue Jan 26 1993DECmouse driver ?
3264.02SWETSC::NORDBERGTue Jan 26 1993OS2 V2.
3265.05SCOTTY::CONNELLTue Jan 26 1993New Memory - DECstation 316
3266.0ISEQ::PDEMPSEYTue Jan 26 1993RTS and DTR programming
3268.0KAOU93::HOOPERTue Jan 26 1993slow VGA palette changes
3269.0TRCOA::MARSHALLTue Jan 26 1993Really on GIADEV::DECPC_ENG
3270.012TRCOA::MARSHALLTue Jan 26 1993Need Specs on PCXAR-C* Hard Disks - HELP
3271.01POWDML::GUERTINWed Jan 27 19934
3272.04KAOU93::HOOPERWed Jan 27 1993SMODE.EXE - what is it?
3273.0STKHLM::IVANWed Jan 27 1993Urgent PCXAG-AD (APPIAN) controller questions
3274.0ROMSLS::PETRUCCIWed Jan 27 1993Screen mode
3275.0SALSA::SCHENKERWed Jan 27 1993QIC Tape on a Novell Server
3276.01ADO75A::ZEPPELThu Jan 28 1993PCT25 (45
3277.0STKHLM::IVANThu Jan 28 1993Urgent PCXAG-AD information needed
3278.0CERN::BOTHNERThu Jan 28 1993Fatal problem with built-in Ethernet "card" in 433W
3280.03DC1Thu Jan 28 1993<error> 135 on DECpc 45
3281.0WSTENG::HICKMANFri Jan 29 1993OS/2 Crash on DECpc 425 SX LP
3282.07POBOX::PEDONEFri Jan 29 1993PC433 bus question.
3283.04KAOU93::HOOPERFri Jan 29 1993S3 Driver?
3284.01MQOOA::LECOMPTEFri Jan 29 1993Intel ZIF socket
3285.017GIAEN1::CANFIELDFri Jan 29 1993New S3, Cirrus, and Appian drivers available on SWOPS
3286.0AKOCOA::ROLLINSFri Jan 29 1993JOB: 2 PC MGRS, GIA, Acton
3287.02MXOVFri Jan 29 1993Disk limitation for MS-DOS 5.
3288.0DEMOAX::KENNARDFri Jan 29 1993425c Tech Ref Manual needed
3289.010TIMBER::CORDEIROFri Jan 29 1993Help! Need Memory Adaptor Board for 32
3290.03GIAMEM::J_AMBERSONSat Jan 30 1993Logging on to DEC network with PC333sx
3291.01DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEMon Feb 01 1993433W PSC and XONXOFF
3292.011AKOCOA::ANGELEY_MMon Feb 01 1993Loading S3 drivers on the DECpc LP series
3293.02KISMIF::MARAMon Feb 01 1993Help Request, 433 LP Locking up
3294.02SIOG::K_BOYLEMon Feb 01 1993DECpc325 Password Removal
3295.01ADO75A::ENGLISHTue Feb 02 1993Interleaf 5 S3 Support ?
3296.02BRAT::VIDIOT::PATENAUDETue Feb 02 1993PC45
3297.01CSDNET::DICASTROTue Feb 02 1993Video drivers for 1
3298.02GUIDUK::KOWALSKITue Feb 02 199332
3300.0ALFAI::HENNESSYWed Feb 03 1993Runaway date
3302.0DRAC::HUELVESWed Feb 03 1993DECpc 433 and cache memory problem
3303.02DRAC::HUELVESWed Feb 03 1993Diagnostics for CALYX (APP 433MP)
3304.02DNEAST::NEWCOMB_DONWed Feb 03 1993tape drive cable
3305.07IAMOK::TRIPPThu Feb 04 1993Cable for PC to LN)3R
3306.01SUBWAY::YOUNGThu Feb 04 199345
3307.04GANTRY::GLDXThu Feb 04 1993Video Problems with 14 inch muti-sync monitor and DECpc 42
3308.035PRMSThu Feb 04 1993RRD4
3309.011MXOVThu Feb 04 1993SX and DX concepts ...
3310.0DV78Thu Feb 04 1993Best LP for Windows/AutoCAD
3311.011NICCTR::MILLSFri Feb 05 1993Are VMS users that internet illiterate?
3312.02DRAC::COMELLASFri Feb 05 1993decapp 433mp cpu/scsci
3313.02INTERN::SWABOWICZFri Feb 05 1993DEcstation 325 /disk problem drive D:
3314.04SYOMV::CLARYSat Feb 06 1993VS31
3315.01TAVIS::RONENSun Feb 07 1993S3 drivers and a network windows
3316.01TAVIS::RONENSun Feb 07 1993AT72
3317.06LSNCSC::BRAUNMon Feb 08 1993433 ST & DE422
3318.05FACIL::DEHAANMon Feb 08 1993ASPI Disk corruption on 433w
3319.02DKAS::JONESMon Feb 08 1993PowerPoint V3/433W RGDI driver problem (revisited)
3321.02RANGER::SVOBODAMon Feb 08 1993IBM's OS/2 V2.
3322.04NOLE2::KIMBELMon Feb 08 1993Questions about Low Emissions Monitors
3323.04MACNAS::MERLEHANTue Feb 09 1993Add rz25 to old 425 ????
3324.01ALOSTue Feb 09 1993IRQ 7 and the Tiger machines
3325.01STKHLM::IVANTue Feb 09 1993DECpc 45
3326.08CX3PT1::OBFSKT::G_THROWERTue Feb 09 1993Cardinal 144
3327.07SUBWAY::HOANGTue Feb 09 1993DECpc466d2 LP cache questions
3328.06TENNIS::KAMTue Feb 09 1993PCXAG-AG VGA Video 924 S3 Chip ISA?
3329.04KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycWed Feb 10 199345
3330.04UTRTSC::BESEMERWed Feb 10 1993NEW RGDI driver problem
3331.05HAL9::gauvinWed Feb 10 1993433T + Adaptec 172
3332.01BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MWed Feb 10 1993Farout File Manager..
3333.01012GAGE::DERIEWed Feb 10 1993Can't Boot Adaptec 152
3334.04BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MWed Feb 10 199332
3335.01SNOCThu Feb 11 1993Environmental testing procedure?
3336.04KOYADO::COLLADOThu Feb 11 1993DECSTATION 316 Problem...
3337.011SONATA::HENRYThu Feb 11 1993Help: 32
3338.01PCOJCT::YOUNGThu Feb 11 1993memory and local bus video
3339.07WMOIS::VARGAS_PFri Feb 12 1993LA75...what worked??
3340.02ISTWI1::DARUGERFri Feb 12 1993WD9
3341.0ISTWI1::DARUGERFri Feb 12 1993WD1
3342.0BACHUS::VANTUYKOMFri Feb 12 1993Filemaker Pro 2.
3343.03GANTRY::HULLFri Feb 12 1993433ST questions
3344.01PHAROS::NORMANFri Feb 12 1993Screen blank after new S3 driver?
3346.03FSSB::LILJAMon Feb 15 199345
3347.01USA::CHAVISMon Feb 15 1993What is the difference between the VRC16-CA and -DA?
3348.02KAOU93::HOOPERMon Feb 15 1993Bug Report. How?
3349.0UFRCS1::JBAYERTue Feb 16 1993sethost 132col S3 problems on Tiger PC
3350.02PHAROS::NORMANTue Feb 16 1993SVGA on the DECpc 425C
3351.02ELMAGO::BRAPIENTue Feb 16 1993Configuration files for 433T upgrades?
3352.02CSDNET::DICASTROTue Feb 16 1993Where are the printer drivers ?
3353.07NCBOOT::KERNSTue Feb 16 1993DECpc and no mouse
3354.06NWDTue Feb 16 1993cd rom package
3355.03AKOCOA::PDICKERSONTue Feb 16 1993MS-DOS 6 features (advance information for internal use)
3356.07CSDNET::DICASTROWed Feb 17 1993DOS - DEC DOS - differences = ?
3357.06SUTRA::SPATOLISANOWed Feb 17 1993DECstation 316+, Ms-Windows 3.1 and EMM386.EXE
3358.02GNPIKE::GOGUENWed Feb 17 1993DECpc 325 laptop in UK?
3359.03PCOJCT::YOUNGWed Feb 17 1993Recommended sound cards?
3360.03STKHLM::IVANThu Feb 18 1993DECpc 333 LP with 6
3361.0XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Feb 18 1993New Conference - PC Multimedia
3362.0FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNThu Feb 18 1993P199
3363.0LEMAN::PAIVAThu Feb 18 19932.88 Mb drive problem
3364.01ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Feb 18 1993Start anew?
3365.011NEMAIL::HANRONThu Feb 18 1993P5 upgrade possible for Tiger II LP series?
3366.02NCPROG::KERNSThu Feb 18 1993SCSI and a TK5
3367.03SWAM1::BAXTER_STThu Feb 18 1993PC peripherals
3368.02ANGLIN::BRUNNERThu Feb 18 1993persistant Keyboard Stuck problems
3369.02STOPAS::MADWT::WATSONThu Feb 18 1993AutoCAD Problems w/ DECpc433DX and SummaSketch??
3370.0MALTM1::SMEDBERGFri Feb 19 1993Problem Configurating a DECPC 466DX2-LP
3371.0QUIVER::ORSHAWFri Feb 19 1993scsi and windows 3.1 FASTDISK
3372.02TROOA::VIAUMon Feb 22 1993212LP Chipset number
3373.0PAEROA::LLOYDMon Feb 22 1993425c,OS/2,sytos+,backup hangs
3374.0XSTACY::GRAINNETue Feb 23 1993Inhibit setup from ROM on ST series
3375.08MIMS::WSATue Feb 23 1993TIGA drivers and the DECstation 452ST
3376.01ASD::POLSTERWed Feb 24 1993Need BGI driver for 1
3377.09PSCPCWed Feb 24 1993Drivers for S3 (TIGER) and OS/2 needed
3379.0SCHOOL::LEKASWed Feb 24 1993Extra COM and LPT ports for a DECpc 433T
3380.02MIMS::FINKELSTEINWed Feb 24 1993Multiplexers for MSDOS
3381.03EEMELI::ROKKAThu Feb 25 19932.88MB & DECpc466LP
3382.01CSSE::DEDRICKThu Feb 25 1993Help W/DS Printing Problem
3383.01TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 25 1993DS32
3384.07LILThu Feb 25 1993Video Accelerator for DS32
3385.09SNOFS1::ZANOTTOThu Feb 25 1993(29) Parity Interrupt
3386.0KXOMAA::ALLEYFri Feb 26 1993Known Keyboard Problems??
3387.0SANTEE::GREENESun Feb 28 1993DECstations 325c/333c/425c/42
3388.02VANINE::LOVELLMon Mar 01 199345
3389.01MEAD::FULLERMon Mar 01 1993DECstation 316 &* 3 com card
3390.01MDKCSW::EAGLEMon Mar 01 1993Memory Configuration Problem
3391.02WKOL1Mon Mar 01 1993info on 127MB IDE disk needed
3392.03ORING::GULATIMon Mar 01 1993customer has 316 bios problems
3393.06INTERN::SWABOWICZMon Mar 01 1993Wrong setup on 425c
3394.08FSOA::NBUFTONMon Mar 01 1993SVGA+ Card and PC4XV-B2 Monitor
3395.01FAILTE::OLIVERSTue Mar 02 1993DECpc 425i
3396.07SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DTue Mar 02 1993Benchmark vs DELL
3398.01XCUSME::MACINTYRETue Mar 02 1993316's,DE2
3399.01TOPTEN::PLEVATue Mar 02 1993Lastest version of DEPCA mouse driver?
3400.013TUXEDO::WRAYTue Mar 02 1993Questions on MT series
3401.01FPTVX1::URONISTue Mar 02 1993DECstation 32
3402.05LUDWIG::SADINTue Mar 02 1993Windows printing problems....why me?
3403.05WKOLTue Mar 02 1993The Case of the Missing Hardware Cursor
3404.0CACIQE::MELENDEZRWed Mar 03 1993Tandy PC & Tiger Monitor
3405.02MSDOA::STOGNERWed Mar 03 1993How to setup data/fax modem...
3406.03TNPUBS::FORTENWed Mar 03 1993Operating System not found
3407.02FAILTE::OLIVERSWed Mar 03 1993Two 425i's
3408.03POBOX::CBULANDAWed Mar 03 1993New NIC #'s Needed
3409.0POBOX::DECAPPWed Mar 03 1993Token Ring Drivers & 45
3410.0MRPIBB::GREGWed Mar 03 1993On-line docs for PC44M-AA?
3411.05EMDS::OWENWed Mar 03 1993VERY fast clock on DECstation 316+
3412.01SASE::HILLMANWed Mar 03 1993LK45
3413.05CTHQ::CURRIEWed Mar 03 1993333sxLP & LA75
3414.02TAVIS::RONENThu Mar 04 1993change the speed of tiger II by software
3415.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Mar 04 1993QIC tape information
3416.02MUDIS3::SWOBODAThu Mar 04 1993...SETUP-password needed!
3417.0TARUGO::ALVAROThu Mar 04 1993CodeView over 2nd monitor on DECpc 425
3418.0MTHOOD::SIPE_MIThu Mar 04 1993PCW1
3419.01VIA::EISENBERGThu Mar 04 1993ethernet card in 433t
3420.01CLEMSN::FERNANDEZFri Mar 05 1993DECpc 325P Notebook display upgrade?
3421.02FAILTE::OLIVERSFri Mar 05 1993DECpc 425sx LP
3422.010AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Mar 05 1993433W vid drvr, novice questions
3423.04HAL9::gauvinFri Mar 05 1993Unable to plot to a LJ25
3424.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Mar 05 1993Need help with 433W video, please.
3425.01SUBWAY::YOUNGFri Mar 05 1993specs on 15" monitor
3426.011TENNIS::KAMSun Mar 07 1993Invalid media or Track
3427.0SUTRA::NIMRODMon Mar 08 1993Micronetics MUMPS ???
3428.04DONVAN::62667::YOUNGMon Mar 08 1993Replacement PC parts - PC4XV-B2
3430.02FSOA::SWANEYMon Mar 08 1993anyone have a VESA driver for th VRT32
3431.08STAR::GUINEAUMon Mar 08 1993425c memory options
3432.01BUMP::HONERMon Mar 08 1993Need Part Number
3433.0SUTRA::BASSINNETue Mar 09 1993Problem with DECpc325SL and math coprocessor...
3434.01FAILTE::OLIVERSTue Mar 09 1993Can't buy 425sx LP ?
3435.05ROYALT::MAYTue Mar 09 1993How do you remove forgotten powerup password on 433
3436.02DPDMAI::HAGENTue Mar 09 1993DECpc 45
3437.03STAR::GUINEAUWed Mar 10 1993DS 425c and Dismond speedstar 24x performance
3438.0ERLANG::TARDOWed Mar 10 1993433ST UMB and EISA Configuration RAM
3439.02CSDNET::DICASTROWed Mar 10 1993Modem AND Printer options = ?
3440.03BUSHIE::SANKARThu Mar 11 1993Can DS316sx boot from 1
3441.02JEREMY::OFERThu Mar 11 1993Config. Diskette for the olivetti DECstation 425 ?
3442.0BLKOUT::GLASERThu Mar 11 1993obscure BIOS bug -- DECpc433T
3443.01STOWOA::FAULDSThu Mar 11 1993Quick access to a DECpc MT?
3444.03AIMHI::COOLEThu Mar 11 1993DEC monitor vs NEC monitor
3445.0GIAENG::ROGICHThu Mar 11 1993ISA card plug and play proposal
3446.04SNOCFri Mar 12 1993PCTAZ-AB Netware drivers/ mirroring ??
3447.013BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Mar 12 1993Disk performance problem, pleaes explain
3448.03TARKIN::CALEYFri Mar 12 1993433ST with S3 adapter problem:
3449.06SPEZKO::A_FRASERFri Mar 12 1993Wanted: DECpc 45
3450.01TDCAI1::62799::TABARYFri Mar 12 1993PB graphics S3 decpc466D2MT and WNT BETA OCT
3451.01CAM2::HENRYFri Mar 12 1993Part # for Logitec Tracball
3452.03KAOFS::M_ROLLINFri Mar 12 1993SCSI hard disk and Tiger II does not work...
3453.03VANINE::LOVELLSat Mar 13 1993RZ55 on PCTAZ-AA Adaptec 152
3454.03VANINE::LOVELLSun Mar 14 1993Adaptec disk activity indicator on 433ST
3455.04QUASER::WILLIAMSJSun Mar 14 1993Need Monitor Help
3456.01WKOL1Sun Mar 14 1993help configuring LP/MT for dual monitor support
3457.02GIDDAY::SEIVERSun Mar 14 1993DECpc 45
3458.01TKOV51::TANAKAMon Mar 15 1993OS/2 and TCP
3459.03WEORFI::DUNHAMMon Mar 15 1993433dxLP and Comm3/4 glitch ... again. AAAHHH!
3460.019TPOVC::CLARKSUMon Mar 15 1993DECPC45
3461.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Mar 15 1993Paradise PC4XG-AC Card Windows Display Prob (WD9
3462.05TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEMon Mar 15 1993Is the DECpc 433w prone to keyboard noise??
3463.05CGOWGS::GIBBMon Mar 15 1993Window Display Skewed to Right Using 8
3465.08AXEL::FOLEYTue Mar 16 1993Pictures of MT systems?
3466.03ADO75A::JARMANTue Mar 16 1993S3 performance problem in Tiger III
3467.013OLCROW::PHILLIPSTue Mar 16 1993Problems with a DECstaion 425c
3468.03BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MTue Mar 16 1993Laptop (32
3469.02ANGLIN::ZWIRTZWed Mar 17 1993decpc notes file
3470.03MRKTNG::BOEHMWed Mar 17 1993What Video board and monitors exist?
3471.02REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Mar 17 1993Phoenix vs. AMI BIOS??
3472.0TAVIS::RONENThu Mar 18 1993autocad 12 s3 driver - a problem
3473.03SNOCThu Mar 18 1993Unixware S3 drivers ??
3474.03NC17Thu Mar 18 1993Jumper for RZ57 spinup.
3475.03REGENT::SKRIVANEKThu Mar 18 1993Parallel Port Performance
3477.02WHOSThu Mar 18 1993dec433MP PROGRESS DATABASE
3478.07WHOSThu Mar 18 1993DECPC 45
3479.030GUIDUK::STANFILLThu Mar 18 1993Zero K Memory Adaptor
3480.0POBOX::CBULANDAFri Mar 19 1993Cost of Ownership Study?
3481.013VANINE::LOVELLFri Mar 19 1993COM1 COM2 broken on 433ST
3482.06NOLE2::KIMBELSun Mar 21 1993Which Serial UART on the LP, MT and MTE family?
3483.03BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon Mar 22 1993128
3484.03VERN::CARPENTERMon Mar 22 1993mscdex says I have a bad dos version
3485.06ISLNDS::YOUNGMon Mar 22 1993ST's vs LP's
3486.01WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROMon Mar 22 1993Memory above 192MB for DECpc 4
3487.0SNOCTue Mar 23 1993Norton Performance Figures - Full Reports needed!!
3488.03FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSTue Mar 23 1993Problems with tuned DECstation 45
3489.04NODEX::ADEYTue Mar 23 1993DECstation cooling
3490.022STAR::GUINEAUTue Mar 23 1993Overdrive (DX/2) in 425c
3491.01VERGA::CARTERTue Mar 23 1993Internal modem problem
3492.02MALMWed Mar 24 1993Microstation,Windows and 433w problem
3494.04SOFBAS::NASHWed Mar 24 1993rgdi driver problem? - alt-enter doesn't toggle dos-prompt
3495.06HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Mar 25 1993CDROM driver for 433T WD controller
3496.04INTERN::SWABOWICZThu Mar 25 1993433ST will not boot from C
3497.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVFri Mar 26 1993Drivers for 433 pc not the 433W
3498.05TUXEDO::WRAYFri Mar 26 1993S3 HiColor video drivers?
3499.03WHYMAC::KENTFri Mar 26 1993DECstation 45
3500.05TAINO::MELENDEZRFri Mar 26 1993External Floppy Drive
3501.05MRKTNG::BOEHMFri Mar 26 1993SCSI-2 to SCSI-2 cable?
3502.01GYTVOA::TAKAHASHI_TFri Mar 26 1993Is it bug of Qaplus ??
3503.06GLDOA::MACKFri Mar 26 1993DECPC 45
3504.03SIMESE::STARRSat Mar 27 1993Tiger-III/MT Video Problems
3506.02NEOVMon Mar 29 1993S3 Video Driver for 64K Colors w/Windows 3.1 in TGER II
3507.01STKHLM::SWE171::HansLofgrenTue Mar 30 1993Change TigerII videomode in batchfile?
3508.01STKHLM::IVANTue Mar 30 1993DECpc433w video board together with NEC 5FG ?
3511.0CODS::ESBECKWed Mar 31 1993Disable Tiger Floppy Problems
3512.05TRHWed Mar 31 1993DMA channels on DECpc 433W
3513.010AKOCOA::GAGNONWed Mar 31 1993MS-DOS 6.
3514.01POBOX::HELLMANWed Mar 31 1993FTP's telnet fails on DECpc 433dxLP
3515.04XSTACY::GRAINNEWed Mar 31 1993RRD42-GA correct part # ?
3516.08HDLITE::HOPEWELLWed Mar 31 1993PCXAG-AH and the VRT19-HA
3517.02TROAThu Apr 01 1993why no Pentium upgrades for new MT series?
3518.04NZOMIS::WILSONRThu Apr 01 1993DMA conflict - Buslogic BT545S and DECpc
3519.01GIDDAY::SEIVERThu Apr 01 1993DECpc 45
3521.02DWOMV2::CAMPBELLThu Apr 01 1993Help! Memcache cockpit error.
3522.05GIAEN1::CANFIELDThu Apr 01 1993DOS 6.
3523.03BLASTA::PelkeyThu Apr 01 1993Question: 425c and Wietek Coproc.
3524.03GANTRY::HULLThu Apr 01 1993Do I need an update?
3525.016GANTRY::HULLThu Apr 01 1993Moving CD from PAS16 to Adaptec 174
3526.07STKAI1::HLOFGRENThu Apr 01 1993VESA graphic specification
3527.02INTERN::SWABOWICZFri Apr 02 1993Cannot write to disk.. write protected..
3528.0LAVGOD::LOWSun Apr 04 1993win/os2, os2 2.
3530.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Apr 05 1993Phillips word processor to DOS format.
3531.0QETOO::ROGERSMon Apr 05 1993DOS 6.
3532.02POKIE::PATTERSONMon Apr 05 1993Some LP/MT questions
3533.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Apr 06 1993Help on NCR pcs
3534.03HARBOR::JACKSONTue Apr 06 1993DECpc 45
3535.01NEMAIL::ADAMTue Apr 06 1993video driver help needed
3536.02VSSPC::MSDTue Apr 06 1993Giving customers PC Mag "Abort, Retry, Fail" entries ???
3537.0DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORTue Apr 06 1993Where can I find DOS drivers for SCSI QIC tape?
3538.09MRKTNG::BOEHMWed Apr 07 1993EMM386 - 433ST and MS-DOS V6
3539.01APACHE::MYERSWed Apr 07 1993MS-DOS 6.
3540.02ZGOMIF::HWLEEThu Apr 08 1993Adaptec SCSI controller in DECpc 433dxLP
3541.0TOSSUB::CIPOLLONEThu Apr 08 1993Hung using com1,com2 on decpc333sxlp
3542.010TROOA::MARIUZThu Apr 08 1993DE2
3543.04AIDEV::LANDINGHAMThu Apr 08 199345
3544.03BTOVT::LYON_JFri Apr 09 1993DS32
3545.05MAST::DUTTONFri Apr 09 1993How to install a CMS tape drive in a DECpc45
3546.02SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Apr 09 1993ASPI on 433W?
3547.03SYSMGT::DUTKOFri Apr 09 1993How do you figure out what drivers you need
3548.01BOGUSS::DEGUIASat Apr 10 1993Master Keys for DECPC LP and MT chassis
3549.03AIMHI::DECARTERETSat Apr 10 1993More problems with 425c
3551.01ANOVAX::COMFORTMon Apr 12 1993Monitor/video card question
3552.012ANGLIN::BENNETT_GMon Apr 12 1993help with Memmaker
3553.016THAVE::TEMINTue Apr 13 1993os2 Video drivers for Tiger II Wanted
3554.0MYOTT::HERGTTue Apr 13 1993Please Verify 433w -> 66DX2 DEC Part #
3555.0MYOTT::HERGTTue Apr 13 1993Appian board, Font rendering, drivers
3556.05TROOA::SODHAWed Apr 14 1993S3 graphics drivers on 433dxLP
3557.0TOSSUC::MIONWed Apr 14 1993BIOS handle of keyboard buffer full
3558.01DLOWed Apr 14 1993xonxoff-smartdrv problem
3559.01GUOVWed Apr 14 1993PCXAR-C* 127MB HD SETUP info Needed
3560.03REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Apr 14 1993SVGA vs. SVGA+
3561.0LSNCSC::BRAUNThu Apr 15 1993MIRO MAGICPLUS & DECpc 45
3562.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLThu Apr 15 1993DOS mode switch problem with DE32K.SYS on 433W/TIGA
3564.09DC1Thu Apr 15 19933rd Party Memory in Tiger II PC's
3565.06BOBBYT::TEDESCOThu Apr 15 1993212lp,LN
3566.011MCC1::DITMARSThu Apr 15 1993Any luck with PCXAG-AE APPIAN Graphics video adapter?
3567.01GYTVOA::TAKAHASHI_TThu Apr 15 1993PCXAR-AD SCSI HDD, difference capacity
3568.05SNOCFri Apr 16 1993486/66 D2 upgrade, non-P23T in 433dx LP ??
3569.01OSLFri Apr 16 1993Help DECpc 433 WS and PC/NFS
3570.011ISTWI1::DARUGERSat Apr 17 1993PCXAG-AH: OAK or Appian? VRC16? WNT? ;-)
3571.01BTOVT::LYON_JSun Apr 18 1993upgrade Decstation 32
3572.01MALTM1::SMEDBERGMon Apr 19 1993PC7XV-DE SPEC's?!?!?
3573.02GYTVOA::TAKAHASHI_TMon Apr 19 1993QAplus run-time
3574.04RMDSRV::BURTTTue Apr 20 1993Upgrading DECstation 333C Question
3575.02TRNOIS::POLETTITue Apr 20 1993Can I find a driver for Interactive Unix for DECpc lp
3576.02NWDTue Apr 20 1993Poor color on 433dx LP with Windows
3577.05JAYDA::LOFTINTue Apr 20 19934MB SIMM differences....
3578.02PONDER::WEBBERWed Apr 21 1993Information Set/Documentation Design
3579.06FSOA::NBUFTONWed Apr 21 1993Ventel Modem - ID Needed
3580.06BKEEPR::BREITNERWed Apr 21 1993DEC-provided add-on UART?
3581.01HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Apr 22 1993433T driver for Netware 3.11
3582.02DVLPThu Apr 22 1993Adding 2nd IDE disk to DECpc 45
3583.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Apr 22 1993DECpc 433w very unstable in Windows...Help!
3584.01MALTM1::SMEDBERGFri Apr 23 1993DecPc325SLC Problems With DOS-EDIT....
3585.07VCSESU::BOWKERFri Apr 23 1993How to get > 1
3586.01SYSMGT::HECTOP::DutkoMon Apr 26 1993Any experience with DEC's LA95 printer?
3587.01SALEM::YANNONEMon Apr 26 1993What SCSI Drive is it???
3588.0DNEAST::SIMON_ANDYMon Apr 26 1993316SX video mode problem
3589.04BLASTA::PelkeyTue Apr 27 1993help with S3 drivers (8
3590.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 27 1993latest bios for 333c
3591.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 27 1993adapters for LJ25
3592.04GRANPA::TTAYLORTue Apr 27 1993How do we make our CDROM Sing -- need utilities or something
3593.06ORING::GULATITue Apr 27 1993Why are the ST series the only ones updreable to P5/Pentium??
3594.03KAOFS::D_SCARFEWed Apr 28 1993Need DS316 Setup Util
3595.02ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonWed Apr 28 1993DECpc 433 Workstation and Modem/Fax
3596.0MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIWed Apr 28 199345
3597.018MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIWed Apr 28 199345
3598.04SNOCThu Apr 29 1993Jumper setting for RZ24-E spinup.
3599.01SIOG::MCCARTHYThu Apr 29 1993DE2
3600.03TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 29 1993DEC Monitors on PCs??!! e.g., VRT19 or VR297
3601.0STKHLM::BACKSTROMThu Apr 29 1993CDR Multispin 84-1 & D2LP ?
3602.0CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri Apr 30 1993DECpc 466 S3/928 information please???
3603.04GRANPA::TTAYLORFri Apr 30 1993INTERNET - How can it be accessed?
3604.01BGYBRD::UDICKFri Apr 30 1993Latest RGDI Crashes eXcursion.
3605.0TAVIS::RONENSun May 02 1993decpc 32
3606.02MIZZEN::DEMERSMon May 03 1993V6 upgrade and Word
3607.03NZOMIS::WILSONRTue May 04 19935.25" 1.2MB not reading 36
3608.0105Tue May 04 1993How to use ST15
3610.0PVCSSE::PICCICUTOTue May 04 1993433W has noise on COM2 with modem connected.
3611.01GLDOA::SBURNSWed May 05 1993? on 4xxst Mem conf (unusual)
3612.0SUBWAY::JASONM::MALKOFFWed May 05 1993S3 drivers on a shared copy of Windows (by hand?)
3613.0PULMAN::HENRYWed May 05 1993Need inof on 433 PS1
3614.05HGSWS1::ALFREDThu May 06 1993Conflict between using RRD42 CD and Pathworks
3615.0VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOThu May 06 1993Part-numbers for 34
3616.01CALS::PETERSThu May 06 1993S3 drivers w/over 256 colors
3617.07TARKIN::QUANThu May 06 1993DECstation 333c problem with EMM386
3618.02SPESHR::ROCKWELLThu May 06 1993VPIC Config for APPIAN?
3620.02PHDSRV::CALIDASFri May 07 1993?How to disable COM1/COM2
3621.0GIDDAY::PACKHAMMon May 10 1993PCXAG-AD or PCXAG-AE which one?
3622.0IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon May 10 19934
3624.01BACHUS::VERELSTMon May 10 1993appian bulletin board
3625.03GYDMO1::DMMon May 10 1993BIG problem with EtherWorks III and tiger
3626.01MPGS::KUSNETZKYMon May 10 1993SCO UNIX and SCO ODT certified on DECpc LP and MT
3627.06STKHLM::IVANMon May 10 1993Urgent DE2
3628.02BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon May 10 1993VRC16 & Tiger III (466MTi)
3629.011KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerTue May 11 1993more video madness (MTE this time)
3630.02HOO78C::VISSERSTue May 11 1993Programming information on S3 924 video controller
3632.06SWAM1::BAXTER_STTue May 11 1993Non-integrated sytem board?
3633.07TELGAR::WAKEMANLATue May 11 1993DECstation 425c and Teac FD5
3634.04ANGLIN::BENNETT_GTue May 11 1993cross linked files on 466lp's
3635.02SNOCWed May 12 1993MTE options queries, PCTAZ-BA & PCT7H-EC
3636.02SIOG::ODONNELLWed May 12 1993upgrade 316 to 486 ????
3637.0SUTRA::BASSINNEWed May 12 1993DECpc 4
3638.07MXOVWed May 12 1993Please help me, monitor flickering
3639.02SWAM1::BAXTER_STWed May 12 1993EISA VS. ISA
3640.02POCUS::SPIKER::jebrineWed May 12 1993Documentation for the Tandy 433 Tower
3641.05GIAEN1::CANFIELDWed May 12 1993New S3 Windows drivers (version 1.71) available on BBS and DECnet
3642.01TONAGE::HOPKEWed May 12 1993Tiger II bios question
3643.06HELFUN::LAAMANENThu May 13 1993Maximum speed supported by DECpc 466 DX2 LP Com Ports?
3644.05I18N::GREENWOODThu May 13 1993DECstation 425c and DECjet2
3645.04ERLANG::TARDOThu May 13 1993Floppy hangs on 433ST
3646.06ISTWI1::YEGENFri May 14 1993S3 drivers and AUTOCAD
3647.0ISTWI1::YEGENFri May 14 1993SCSI controller versus MYLEX
3648.01COSME3::LAVIGNE_AFri May 14 1993SVGA on 425i/dx2
3649.04AKOCOA::PDICKERSONFri May 14 1993Suggestion: Include CD drive with every DECpc
3650.05PRMSSat May 15 1993425c, can't see anything
3651.0ISTWI1::YEGENMon May 17 1993S3 and TIGA at the same time...
3652.0SNOCMon May 17 1993ustation ver 4 drivers for S3, Tiger II??
3653.03MALTM1::SMEDBERGMon May 17 1993DecPc 45
3654.02TRCOA::MARSHALLMon May 17 1993DECpc 325slc trackball and mouse on notebook pc.
3655.04FRSIDE::CRAPAROTTAMon May 17 1993Utility/Setup Disks
3656.0LYOISA::SABIRONTue May 18 1993PCdecwindow "Save unders" pb with TIGA-433w
3657.01HWSSKTue May 18 1993Low level formatting of Quantum drives
3658.0IJSAPL::BUITENENTue May 18 1993Hidden power functions in Windows
3659.0POCUS::SPIKER::jebrineWed May 19 1993Any response to 364
3660.02RMDSRV::BURTTWed May 19 1993borland info????
3661.026THAVE::TEMINWed May 19 1993Alpha PC Monitor and Keyboard to Intel PC
3662.02MMOVX1::LILTOY::MHENSONWed May 19 1993Repair DECpc MT Integrated Components????
3663.01ISTWI1::YEGENFri May 21 1993DECpc425 with 1.2 MB and 2.88, does not work
3664.01SPESHR::PICCICUTOFri May 21 1993I mixed up my SIMMS!
3665.04DECWET::THOMASFri May 21 1993Tiger III DECpc 466d2 MTE and Windows NT?
3666.011CSOA1::TEATERSun May 23 1993DEC MS-DOS V5 Internal Site License?
3667.01MALTM1::SMEDBERGMon May 24 1993Adaptec 174
3668.01VANINE::LOVELLMon May 24 1993433ST - Expansion bay attachment accessories
3669.02EISJAT::TEDESCOMon May 24 1993SCSI floppy and 154
3670.04AKOCOA::PDICKERSONMon May 24 1993Digital BMP wallpaper files for Windows 3.1
3671.03PWTKVL::DREWNIAKMon May 24 1993PVGA1A & 256 colors ???
3672.01STKHLM::IVANMon May 24 1993Urgent EISA problem with DECpc MTE 486DX2
3673.0MUMPS::KFLANAGANMon May 24 1993DECPC 433W setup hangs
3674.07PWTKVL::DREWNIAKMon May 24 1993Wanted, PC46M-AA
3675.01STKHLM::IVANTue May 25 1993TKZ12/AHA-145
3676.0OREGUN::GREGORYDATue May 25 1993PC73
3677.03MALTM1::SMEDBERGWed May 26 1993Autocad 12 Drivers for TIGER PC Where?
3678.02BLKPUD::SAVAGETWed May 26 1993DECpc 433dxLP and XMS
3679.01HLDGWed May 26 1993Filename for setup configuration utility?
3680.02SNOCThu May 27 1993Tiger II IDE controller 16 or 32 bit ??
3681.03STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenThu May 27 1993MTE setup diskette wanted
3682.01MLNCSC::CESANIFri May 28 1993winmark for 45
3683.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri May 28 1993DX/2's: poor disk I/O performance
3684.02SUBWAY::YOUNGFri May 28 1993Adaptec drivers for OS/2 1.3
3685.01MXOVFri May 28 1993Security on the initial setup with F1?
3686.02NZOMIS::WILSONRAYMon May 31 1993DECpc PC7XL-AA Keyboard competitive info
3687.03KAOFS::D_SCARFEMon May 31 1993DS316+ bios-current rev??
3688.02KAOFS::R_HOUDEMon May 31 1993PCXAG-AE and a VR32
3689.09GVATue Jun 01 199345
3690.01YUPPY::PORTWAINTue Jun 01 1993Where to find SYS files
3691.03CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Jun 02 1993256 colors on generic tandy card
3693.014ALOSWed Jun 02 1993Problem with PCXAG-AG in SVGA Windows modes
3694.0JULIET::LEE_CAWed Jun 02 1993PC741 format and write with "verify on" fail to floppy BIOS 1.21
3695.02NZOMIS::WILSONRAYThu Jun 03 1993DECpc 466 and Windows empty Drive Box!
3696.01SIOG::CHANEYThu Jun 03 1993decpc433 where is my memory
3697.0KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Jun 03 1993Pass thru video cable required...
3698.03FSOA::CKELLEHERFri Jun 04 1993Sethost Documentation Needed!
3699.03MORGIE::JENNEYFri Jun 04 1993Prob. with 42
3700.02KELVIN::LUDWIGFri Jun 04 1993vrt16-ha with what video card and cable?
3701.01SPESHR::JOHNSONFri Jun 04 1993Needed: TW Ethernet card for 425c
3702.02TAVIS::RONENMon Jun 07 1993S3 drivers and SOUND BLASTER 16 ASP
3703.04YUPPY::PORTWAINMon Jun 07 1993DS425 won't load ASPI*xxx managers
3705.02BELFST::DOGGARTMon Jun 07 1993PCXAG-AE and dual screens
3706.0TKOV51::TANAKAMon Jun 07 1993Has Someone Diamond Stealth Boad ?
3707.04MALTM1::SMEDBERGTue Jun 08 1993DecPc 45
3708.01ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGTue Jun 08 1993netware 3.11 driver for 433W
3709.02SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Jun 08 1993OS/2 2.1 certification
3710.01BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 08 1993DECpc 45
3711.02STOWOA::MOSCHILLITue Jun 08 1993Help with PCXAG-AD and DECpc 466
3712.03RCOCER::RCODDF::FOLTSTue Jun 08 1993WINFAX supported with14.4/14.4 modem???
3713.0BAHTAT::WALLS_TTue Jun 08 1993Asynchronous Cards in M/U environment
3714.04ONE9Tue Jun 08 1993problem on DE2
3715.07ECFAWed Jun 09 1993433ST and DE2
3716.05BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 09 1993Can't read 72
3717.0ISLNDS::TANGThu Jun 10 1993A rose by any other
3718.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRThu Jun 10 1993DECtouch Help Needed....
3719.010ISTWI1::DARUGERFri Jun 11 1993PCXAG-AG Does not Work!
3720.02VANTEN::MITCHELLDFri Jun 11 1993PC6XR-CC and PC6XT-CB
3721.01ROMTSS::SCALELLAFri Jun 11 1993TZK12 problem with OS2 1.3
3722.01DPDMAI::GREINERFri Jun 11 1993DECpc42
3723.01NYEM1::YOUNGFri Jun 11 1993lk45
3725.03ISTWI1::YEGENMon Jun 14 1993Can MTE support 1 GB disk
3726.06VANINE::LOVELLMon Jun 14 1993PC (Workstation) memory management blues
3727.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jun 14 1993Pink Scroll Bars
3728.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jun 14 1993What is the SVGA card on the LP?
3729.02SMURF::VALENTAMon Jun 14 1993DS325 to DS425 HD transfer
3730.02IRNBRU::GRANTTue Jun 15 1993DecPC 45
3731.035Tue Jun 15 1993decpc setup floppies
3732.03TNPUBS::FORTENTue Jun 15 1993Removing SIMMs from 433T PC
3733.02NWDTue Jun 15 19934
3734.05CROWES::HULLEYWed Jun 16 199332
3735.02NC17Wed Jun 16 1993What does it mean!
3736.01IAMOK::GENTILEWed Jun 16 1993433T can't do SMARTDRV or defrag s/w?
3737.09CUSTOM::REISTERThu Jun 17 1993Toshiba SCSI CD driver?
3738.0SNOCThu Jun 17 1993QIC 117 and the DEC 333c/325c PCs
3739.02DVOPAS::COWPOK::PROCTORFri Jun 18 199345
3740.02HELFUN::LAAMANENFri Jun 18 1993Bad Memory (User's): How to Reset DECpcDX2LP CMOS?
3741.01CSLALL::GASPAROLAFri Jun 18 1993where is IBMPC-93 now
3742.02ROKCTR::GRAHAMFri Jun 18 1993Adaptec 154
3743.05CSLALL::GASPAROLAFri Jun 18 1993About to buy a 433dx LP - Any Advice?
3744.02MIMS::HARGUS_EFri Jun 18 1993What are you doing for service??
3745.01DPDMAI::GRESSFri Jun 18 1993HELP-TLZ
3746.02BKEEPR::BREITNERFri Jun 18 1993QEMM V7 /problems/hints/kinks on DECpc
3747.0TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANFri Jun 18 1993DECjet 1
3748.01VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOFri Jun 18 1993Use VRT19 with DECpc xxxLP
3749.06HOBBLE::YOUNGSat Jun 19 1993Problems with the 433T
3750.03ASDG::SHOERMon Jun 21 1993Comments on 3.5" floppy drive?
3751.02BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon Jun 21 1993Tiger II/III & QEMM stealth
3752.02ZPOVC::ENGSOONMon Jun 21 1993DECstation 5
3753.05SNOCMon Jun 21 1993Australian PC Configuration Guide
3754.02SIMESE::STARRMon Jun 21 1993Diagnostics required in RFP - Eng. help please
3755.02ISLNDS::YOUNGMon Jun 21 1993MTE System 8
3756.01ROMTue Jun 22 1993EISA NET PERFOMANCE with decnet task to task
3757.02ZPOVC::YICKPENGTue Jun 22 1993DECPC466lp cannot work with QEMM VIDRAM
3758.04BIS6::CANTWELLTue Jun 22 1993LP to MT box change??
3759.06WILBRY::HORNTue Jun 22 1993Which SVGA driver to use...
3760.02ISLNDS::YOUNGTue Jun 22 1993Config. ?'s on MTE's
3761.01KYOA::HYDEWed Jun 23 1993Another DECpc 433 and VRT16 problem
3762.05NZOMIS::WILSONRAYWed Jun 23 1993433 MTE and PCTAZ-BA VL-Bus SCSI controller
3763.02STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenWed Jun 23 1993Will 2,88 MB floppy act as a 1,44 MB?
3764.02YUPPY::PORTWAINThu Jun 24 1993??? last reply
3765.05FSSB::LILJAThu Jun 24 1993Help with DECpc LP series and PC6XR-GD 51
3766.06NIBLET::COBBThu Jun 24 199345
3767.03GANTRY::HULLThu Jun 24 1993Hard drive LED not working
3768.03METMV4::DRGThu Jun 24 1993Problems running games on DEC 466DX2LP
3769.06NC17Thu Jun 24 1993e'works turbo or 433dxLP problem??
3770.01NYEM1::YOUNGThu Jun 24 1993Full Pentium versus P24T
3771.01NYEM1::YOUNGThu Jun 24 1993DRAM/VRAM questions
3772.02WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROThu Jun 24 1993Use Appian Rendition III w/VRT16
3773.02WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROThu Jun 24 1993Rendition III vs IV?
3774.04KYOA::KOCHThu Jun 24 1993PCXAG-AE specs?
3776.02CSCMA::SOHAFri Jun 25 1993May I borrow your 42
3777.0DV78Fri Jun 25 1993316sx system crashes-venix
3778.07KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerSat Jun 26 1993Quantum IDE drive specs?
3779.06WKOL1Sun Jun 27 1993Can a DECpc MT be upgraded to an MTE?
3780.0BOSNET::COLUMBUSMon Jun 28 1993Problem running IBM SDLC card...must slow down clock on DEC 433
3781.03VMSNET::MTSPC::MSMITHMon Jun 28 1993Sethost in 132 mode on 45
3782.04BINKLY::JOHNMon Jun 28 1993RZ26-E RZ26-UK auto spin up pin???
3783.01SUBWAY::MONASCHMon Jun 28 1993DECpc OS/2 Certification
3784.02NYEM1::YOUNGMon Jun 28 1993part number identification
3785.0WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROMon Jun 28 1993New S3 Boards for STARBURST?
3786.04GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Jun 29 1993Video display turns to 'snow' on DECpc's...
3788.04CHOOKE::KLUMPESWed Jun 30 1993Problem with ASPI4DOS driver , Sytos and EMM386
3789.0GYDMO::DMWed Jun 30 1993DECpc 466 MTE and IBM 16/4
3790.0TNPUBS::FORTENWed Jun 30 1993DEC 433T PC problems
3791.02DPDMAI::GRESSWed Jun 30 1993LP's being replaced
3792.01ATHINA::PAGEThu Jul 01 1993ACAD-R12/S3 PROBLEMS
3793.04WKOL1Thu Jul 01 1993Adding memory to 316 and 32
3794.01PHAROS::NORMANThu Jul 01 1993Trading up...Trading down ?
3795.01BOSNET::COLUMBUSThu Jul 01 1993Whit is the slow clock speed on a DEC 433lp?
3796.02EPS::YOUNG_DThu Jul 01 1993VRT16-DA and PC425c, which video board?
3797.08SUBWAY::MONASCHThu Jul 01 1993VGA Cards - Which one is which?
3798.01GOONS::AISBITTMon Jul 05 1993PC6XT-CB (Wangtek 515
3799.0STKHLM::IVANTue Jul 06 1993CP3
3800.016SUBWAY::MONASCHTue Jul 06 1993PCMCIA Adaptor
3801.04SIOG::FITZMAURICETue Jul 06 1993433dxlp with SICOH print problem?
3802.06ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Jul 06 1993Mixing IDE & SCSI Drives
3803.02FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Jul 06 1993help on disk performance
3804.01HTSCWed Jul 07 1993DECpc 4
3805.0CSLALL::GASPAROLAWed Jul 07 1993Lotus "Agenda" for sale
3806.03PIETWed Jul 07 1993Driver for VRT16-DA monitor?
3807.0SEDOAS::WELCHWed Jul 07 1993PC6XR-EC Jumper info needed
3808.03SOJU::QUINNThu Jul 08 1993More ?s about IDE 52 MB drive and configuring it PLUS mem mgt tools
3809.06KAOFS::M_ROLLINThu Jul 08 1993433W ethernet adapter question.
3810.05NC17Thu Jul 08 1993The PC support BBS
3811.04FAILTE::MCERLANEVFri Jul 09 1993S3 drivers on another node??
3812.01KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerFri Jul 09 1993*WARNING* PCBYDEC strikes again!
3813.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 09 1993DECpc333sxLP performance and the effect of memory enhancements
3814.0WPOPTH::WADMMon Jul 12 1993PICK V3.1 & DECstation 433dx/lp
3815.015AIDEV::LANDINGHAMMon Jul 12 1993Use Tandberg TDC 38
3816.0PHAROS::NORMANMon Jul 12 1993DECstation 425c i486/DX 25MHz for sale
3817.02CTHQ::PICKARDMon Jul 12 1993General protection violations
3818.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVMon Jul 12 1993iNTERRUPTS what does this mean
3819.05IAMOK::GENTILEMon Jul 12 1993How do I disable COM2 on DECpc 45
3820.07ZPOVC::KUMARTue Jul 13 1993Windows 3.1 (Enhanced Mode on DS 316 with Adaptec)
3821.010ISTWI1::YEGENTue Jul 13 1993MTE integrated VGA controller???
3822.02ISLNDS::YOUNGTue Jul 13 1993CD for 433w
3823.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVWed Jul 14 1993PC BBS where are you all
3824.01GYDMO::GYDMO::TKURTENWed Jul 14 1993Tiger-PC: 2 serial Ports???
3825.05NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Jul 14 1993Small mouse driver for DOS for DECpc 433ST
3826.0225Wed Jul 14 1993NETWORK NODE FOR ACCESS TO BBS
3827.05FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Jul 15 1993S3 32 bit drivers for OS2 2.1 HELP!!
3828.03ATHINA::PAGEFri Jul 16 1993PCBUHD--files??
3829.03SPAZZO::SHEPARDFri Jul 16 1993Looking for Looking for ADP 154
3830.03SNOCTue Jul 20 1993Displaymate testing s/ware & LP's (tigers)
3831.04SMELT::SOJDATue Jul 20 1993COM3 Not Recognized by DOS
3832.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 21 1993Real time clock problem with DECpc ?
3833.04CMOTEC::AUSTINWed Jul 21 1993TIGER III power specs (I've looked at service guide)
3834.03STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenThu Jul 22 1993BBS 72
3835.03GYZPBThu Jul 22 1993RRD42 needs CD to boot ?
3836.0HYDRA::ALDENThu Jul 22 1993Will a PCXAG-AE work with a VRT19-HA?
3837.011TRCOA::CHENRYThu Jul 22 1993RRD4
3838.01VLJIS1::MOCHELFri Jul 23 1993Qic 12
3839.017AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jul 23 199345
3840.03TAVIS::RONENSun Jul 25 1993TMC166
3841.01VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOMon Jul 26 1993EISA configuration and EMM
3842.01KAOFS::M_ROLLINMon Jul 26 1993Etherwork 3 IRQ problem >..
3843.0VLJIS1::MOCHELMon Jul 26 1993Any help about 12
3844.01SNELL::MOOREMon Jul 26 199345
3845.03NWDMon Jul 26 1993On/Off switch won't latch ON.
3846.02DECWET::FUNKTue Jul 27 1993Wanted: PC5
3847.0MJHOHO::COLEMANTue Jul 27 1993s3 driver problem when using freelance graphics version 2.
3848.0VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOTue Jul 27 1993Monitors from Philips
3849.03ANGLIN::MILLERTue Jul 27 1993Help on PC4XD-DA terminal mux
3850.0STOWOA::ANGELEYWed Jul 28 1993problem with vga monitor at 32K colors
3851.02GYZPBWed Jul 28 1993DSP31
3852.0GIDDAY::LILICWed Jul 28 1993DECStation 316, EMM386 + Pathworks causes Logitech Mouse to hang
3853.02HAZEL::MOOREWed Jul 28 1993CFG File for DEC422 Ethernet card
3854.02KEIKI::WHITEWed Jul 28 1993486 33 or 66 or DX or D2 or ??
3855.0MIMS::HOOD_DThu Jul 29 1993Installing CDROM on a pc... Pointers?
3856.03PULMAN::HENRYThu Jul 29 1993 42
3857.05STAOFF::DERISEThu Jul 29 1993DECpcs and gremlins!
3858.03BELFST::BURGESSFri Jul 30 19932 FDU & PCXAT-BB on DECpc MT ??
3859.05SUBWAY::YOUNGFri Jul 30 1993benchmark info for MTE
3860.02MORGIE::JENNEYFri Jul 30 1993S3 1
3861.017IJSAPL::WOODROWSat Jul 31 1993Help with configuring MTE and S3-8
3862.03CGOOA::OWONGSun Aug 01 199345
3863.07VANINE::LOVELLMon Aug 02 1993Modern hi-res graphics for 433ST?
3864.01BACHUS::VERELSTMon Aug 02 1993device drivers !!!
3865.0TKOV51::TANAKATue Aug 03 1993525
3866.03ISTWI1::YEGENWed Aug 04 1993VRC19-DE and MTE
3867.01VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOWed Aug 04 1993AutoCAD R12 and ADI4.2 DRV
3868.03CTOAVX::KENNEDYWed Aug 04 1993Memory for DS325c PCs?
3869.0DIVING::DAVISWed Aug 04 1993DEC MODEM PCXDF-AA Switch Settings
3870.05CAATS::TAMWed Aug 04 1993PCXAC-F, 128
3871.01CCYLON::ANDERSONThu Aug 05 1993PCP2
3872.02SNOCFri Aug 06 1993OS/2 Drivers for S3's 8
3873.014SNOCFri Aug 06 1993PCTAZ-BA VESA SCSI device support ??
3874.08TALE::ZGRAGGENFri Aug 06 1993External disks on a 45
3875.04VSSPC::MSD524::EstesFri Aug 06 1993APPIAN RGDH drivers & Windows = Hang
3876.04GIDDAY::MITCHELLSun Aug 08 1993316sx EMM386 hangs Windows
3877.018MLTVAX::RIESSMon Aug 09 1993 CD-ROM spec questions
3878.05KYOA::KOCHMon Aug 09 199345
3879.03BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithMon Aug 09 1993Things in Startup Group not starting...
3880.01USFHSL::SPATOULASMon Aug 09 1993Monitor changes collors ??
3881.02GYDMO::DMMon Aug 09 1993Problem with AHA 1542 C and DSP 31
3882.03NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJMon Aug 09 1993UltraStor and the 466d2 MTE / PCT73 /466MTE
3883.08CX3PST::WSC478::R_JOHNSONMon Aug 09 1993Trouble Adding IDE Tape Drive
3884.05SUBWAY::LALLAMon Aug 09 1993DECpc 433st BIOS rev ?
3885.03MARIN::KIRKMon Aug 09 1993DECpc that can accomodate Pentium overdrive chip?
3886.03PYRO::VANZUYLENTue Aug 10 1993OS/2 and DEC TIGA (Appian) video
3887.0KERNEL::PCIOF3::HORSEYCTue Aug 10 1993PCXAG-AE and True Colour support (Windows 3.1)
3888.03PONDA::65219::MEANEYTue Aug 10 1993Will PC4XV-BA work with 34
3889.04CSLALL::GASPAROLAWed Aug 11 1993DOS 6.
3890.08DECLNE::LANTEIGNEWed Aug 11 1993SCSI tape not recognized
3891.0BELFST::BURGESSWed Aug 11 1993Problem with LP & 24-bit video card
3892.02IAMOK::TRIPPWed Aug 11 1993PC7XV-BA ?
3893.0NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJWed Aug 11 1993S3 928 / 433MTE config questions.
3894.02ATSE::VMILLERWed Aug 11 1993Adding more than 16 MB to 433ST
3895.01DEKVC::KWANGHYUNPARThu Aug 12 1993Inquiry for DECpc 45
3896.03DPD1Thu Aug 12 1993PCXAG-AJ and VR32
3898.02KAOFS::R_HARPERThu Aug 12 1993RX26 in 72
3899.01DVLPThu Aug 12 1993PCXAG-AD video controller?
3900.028COFFEE::PFAUFri Aug 13 1993Poor 45
3901.0WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROFri Aug 13 1993Any interest in SVR4 on STARBURST?
3903.0AKOCOA::COHENSun Aug 15 1993Problem with Tiger II - 386-4
3904.0JUPITR::SWENSONSun Aug 15 1993425c Memory Adapter
3905.0ASDG::SHOERMon Aug 16 1993Errors/Ambiguities in DECpc 3
3906.0SSDEVO::ELLISMon Aug 16 1993LA75 driver in Windows NT release, seems to be hosed.
3907.08TAVIS::RONENTue Aug 17 1993data transfer rate of MT ide disk - different res results?
3908.01CSLALL::GASPAROLATue Aug 17 1993EMM386 Question ref:#3876
3909.010DECAUX::BOOT2A::MEZERA_HTue Aug 17 199314.4 FAX/Modem and DECpc433W or 45
3910.01TNPUBS::FORTENTue Aug 17 1993Postscript Printing problems
3911.01ESSB::CROKETue Aug 17 1993Setup error #83
3912.02ANGLIN::NEWSTROMTue Aug 17 1993dec 466d2 mte pc/nfs and windows hanging
3913.01KXOVAX::MACDONALDWed Aug 18 1993DECpc 466 and Keyclick noise
3914.02AKOCOA::EINERMANNWed Aug 18 1993Parallel -> Serial Converter?
3915.01VAXRIO::SCHORThu Aug 19 1993452ST SCO TCP/IP and DE422
3916.02ODIXIE::KIMBELThu Aug 19 1993Freeze Phoenix Bios Level?
3917.02STKAI1::SWE171::HansLofgrenFri Aug 20 1993Videomemory for MTE systems
3918.02BSFDRO::WEBERFri Aug 20 1993Schematics for DECPC4
3919.07NEMAIL::ADAMFri Aug 20 1993316 hung, help!!!
3920.0TAVIS::RONENMon Aug 23 1993need data on 525mb ide drive (pcxar-cg)
3921.03ISTWI1::YEGENMon Aug 23 1993Memory specifications
3923.02CSLALL::GASPAROLAMon Aug 23 1993DBLSpace load high
3924.09BINKLY::JOHNMon Aug 23 1993What IRQ for spectrum16 board??
3925.01ISTWI1::YEGENMon Aug 23 1993Monitor part number help
3926.03BELFST::MCHUGHTue Aug 24 1993DS22
3927.012DELNI::CHAMBERSTue Aug 24 1993Help with DE2
3928.0VAOUTue Aug 24 1993Raid or Redundancy for Sco Server???
3929.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Aug 24 1993Mouse problem on DECpc-333 laptop
3930.01VAOUTue Aug 24 1993VESA SCSI vs Adaptec SCSI clarification for the confused
3931.01KRELL1::SNYDERWed Aug 25 1993MTE Hardware Guide needed
3932.01ANGLIN::BENNETT_GWed Aug 25 1993Bad Mother Boards??
3934.02KAOFS::M_ROLLINWed Aug 25 1993ALPHS NOTES FILES ???
3935.011ALKAID::HEUSSWed Aug 25 1993DOS drivers for 433MP video adapter
3936.04CHIPS::LEIBRANDTWed Aug 25 1993DE2
3937.02NZOMIS::WILSONRAYThu Aug 26 1993DECpc MTE and DPT SCSI controllers
3938.05VANINE::LOVELLThu Aug 26 1993SCSI Controller Compatibility 4xxST to 433W ?
3939.01POBOX::PATLAThu Aug 26 1993433 w / Tiga Video
3940.01BELFST::BURGESSFri Aug 27 1993Write-Protect Hard disk on LP ??
3941.02SPOCK::IRONSFri Aug 27 1993Newer ACAD TIGA (Appian) drivers (3/3/93)
3942.0TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 27 1993DE2
3943.01KALVIN::SCARAMUZZOFri Aug 27 1993Location of DECstation utility files?(DECstation 32
3945.02SOADC1::THESINGMMon Aug 30 1993RE24L-E? Information
3946.010KAHALA::SULLIVANMon Aug 30 1993S3 Driver problems with DECpc466D2LP
3947.01ISLNDS::YOUNGMon Aug 30 1993Internal RRD4
3948.014CAPNET::ROGICHMon Aug 30 1993Any feedback welcome
3949.01ADO75A::MCSHANETue Aug 31 1993TI 8314a driver for 433 and autocad r12
3950.02TOOK::FAULDSTue Aug 31 1993DECpc 425SL w/ dancing pixels?
3951.04ASDG::SHOERTue Aug 31 1993How does Digital manage product transitions?
3952.01STAR::MISCIOSCIATue Aug 31 1993disk drive problems
3953.06WILBRY::HORNTue Aug 31 1993LA75/DECpc 333 problemsLA75 user
3954.0ARNE::NORDBERGWed Sep 01 1993EISA,DE2
3955.01LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Sep 01 199312 MB RAM and DECpc 45
3956.06LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Sep 01 1993Jumper doc 4xx ST
3957.05HERON::BEAUWed Sep 01 1993Qvision on DEC pc 4xxxST missing CFG file