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Conference cpdev::lotus_notes

Title:Lotus Notes
Created:Fri Sep 24 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:243
Total number of notes:878
Number with bodies:47
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1.06BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Sep 24 1993Welcome to the Lotus Notes conference
2.072BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Sep 24 1993Sign in, please.
3.0BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Sep 24 1993Reserved for conference notices
4.0PCA112::BOEBINGERSat Sep 25 1993Lotus to tie Notes and cc:Mail together
5.01EPS::KUSEKOSKIMon Sep 27 1993Report on Lotus Notes from GroupWare '93
6.01FSOA::WYSOCANWed Sep 29 1993LotusNotes Access to A1 Filecab???
7.010AOSG::NORDLINGERWed Sep 29 1993Lotus Notes and Alpha OSF/1?
8.03SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Sep 29 1993Internal L-Notes Servers
9.011EPS::KUSEKOSKIThu Sep 30 1993Digital strategy for Lotus Notes
10.0EPS::KUSEKOSKIMon Oct 04 1993Lotus Notes Business Update (Boston Globe)
11.01PCA112::BOEBINGERTue Oct 05 1993Lotus Notes/Message Router Gateway?
12.05HLDEFri Oct 15 1993Evaluation Report of Lotus Notes Release 3
13.01PCA112::BOEBINGERFri Oct 15 1993Lotus Forms
14.07NRSTA2::CARIFIOWed Oct 20 1993Looking for a Lotus Notes api, thanks...
15.0COPVX2::SHEINBERGMon Nov 01 1993Lotus Notes Certified Engineers needed.
16.06COPVAX::SHEINBERGFri Nov 05 1993Lotus Notes Software is needed
17.010SCOTTR::ScottRTue Nov 09 1993Lotus Notes & TCP/IP
18.0--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 17 1993
19.07OSLWed Nov 24 1993Windows NT, when?
20.06SEDOAS::DAVIES_GWed Nov 24 1993TeamLinks integration
21.04SEDOAS::DAVIES_GWed Nov 24 1993WAN communications
22.0OLYMP::RUEFFMon Nov 29 1993Lotus addresses our installed base..
23.0336Tue Nov 30 1993on answering prayers...
24.05ZPOVC::POHINGWed Dec 01 1993Lotus Notes & Linkworks
25.01USPMLO::DESROCHERSFri Dec 10 1993Documentation online?
26.03SAHQ::PJOHNSONFri Dec 10 1993Certification Requirements?
27.03GLDOA::WERNERMon Jan 03 1994Bettin' all the ponies...
28.04TROOA::LFUNGWed Jan 19 1994Lotus Notes V3.
29.0GLDOA::KATZWed Jan 19 1994CC > SMTP Mail
30.03WOTVAX::BELLRTue Jan 25 1994New Workflow ?
31.03TOOK::DICASTROWed Jan 26 1994OS/2 server <=> Windows clients
32.04GUCCI::HERBSun Jan 30 1994Lotus Notes <==> cc::mail?
33.07FRUST::STEINMETZFri Feb 04 1994Connect to IBM TCP/IP 1.2
34.01COPCLU::JACOBSENFri Feb 11 1994USAA integration Tlinks
35.03MROA::NBUFTONThu Feb 17 1994Lotus Notes, TeamLinks, LinkWorks positioning (again!)
37.0TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Feb 23 1994LAN Manager 2.1 prob w/EWRK3.OS2
38.01PCA112::BOEBINGERThu Feb 24 1994Sun to bundle Lotus Notes on its workstations.
39.01NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Feb 28 1994how do I get a copy of lotus notes to play with?
40.0CGOOA::HIRJIMon Feb 28 1994Lotus Notes, Pathworks & Novell Requestor - Again
41.04CGOOA::CRONINMon Feb 28 1994Lotus Notes impact on network
42.01ABBEYS::KALINAThu Mar 03 1994Lotus Notes & Banyon Mail
43.014NYOSFri Mar 04 1994Lotus Notes + NT + Alpha + beta NetWare NT?
44.0MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonTue Mar 08 1994Digital Consulting & Lotus Notes
45.03MRKTNG::ORRFri Mar 11 1994Notes Launcher for LinkWorks
46.02OSLACT::ARNESun Mar 20 1994How to change server name?
47.01HDLITE::WNNT29::WILLISFri Mar 25 1994The Lotus Notes/Pager Connection
48.0ICS::168Wed Mar 30 1994Lotus Notes Training at Digital
49.010MLNPC2::SELVATICIMon Apr 11 1994NetBIOS unit number too large
50.02NEWVAX::SHEINBERGThu Apr 14 1994Problem Open Databases
51.0ODIXIE::SILVERSTue Apr 26 1994Sample of L-notes macro????
52.01BELFST::HARTEWed May 11 1994LOTUS AND VMS V6.
53.09UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed May 18 1994Specific questions on Lotus Notes
54.03AXEL::FOLEYMon May 23 1994Outside training on Lotus Notes?
55.030PCA112::BOEBINGERTue May 31 1994Lotus Notes/TeamLinks Connection Beta1 kit now available
56.09PCA112::BOEBINGERThu Jun 02 1994Problem if Lotus Notes not in the PATH
57.0UPROAR::PLATTPThu Jun 09 1994Lotus Forms Info?
58.02MTVIEW::RYUThu Jun 09 1994Do you have Lotus Notes Release 3.1 on Windows 3.1?
59.01UPROAR::PLATTPFri Jun 10 1994Lotus Notes Apps?
60.04PCA112::BOEBINGERMon Jun 13 1994OS/2 server with TCP/IP?
61.0PCA112::BOEBINGERTue Jun 14 1994ViP for Lotus Notes announced
62.01UPROAR::YATESTFri Jul 01 1994VIEW to FORM
63.06KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Jul 05 1994Notes <-> Message Router mail gateway options?
64.03DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEThu Jul 14 1994OS/2 and TCP/IP again !
65.0PCA112::BOEBINGERMon Jul 18 1994Problem creating a catagorized, sorted view
66.02EPS::JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Aug 07 1994Applications for a VAXnotes/Lotus Notes gateway?
67.015LJSRV1::MARCHESANOFri Aug 12 1994Current Digital Relationship Mgr?
68.01DV78Thu Aug 25 1994Lotus Notes and Pathworks V5?
69.04CGOOA::CINNAMONThu Sep 01 1994Problems with Pathworks 5.
71.0HGOVC::JIMLAMTue Sep 13 1994WANTED Instructors...
72.0123989::REINDLThu Sep 15 1994Locking up OS/2 client
73.02BOEBNR::BOEBINGERTue Sep 20 1994Consulting services
74.01051342::OLAVThu Sep 22 1994Replace OS/2 servers with Windows NT!
75.0EPS::johnpc.mko.dec.com::BOEBINGERWed Sep 28 1994ScreenCam demos of integration
76.0451488::SALMINENFri Oct 07 1994Lotus Notes on SoftWindows OSF/1 ????
77.0649628::KASHANIThu Oct 20 1994DESKTOP.DSK and PWv5
78.0231113::WIEGLEBFri Nov 04 1994SMTP Mail gateways for Lotus Notes
79.069882::KALIKOWWed Dec 07 1994Lotus NOTES integration/hybridization with WWW?
80.036Wed Dec 07 1994?? Macintosh Client, OpenVMS AXP Server ????
81.052915::HUELVESMon Dec 12 1994Pathworks and Lotus Notes problem (DESKTOP.DSK)
82.0123989::DAUGHERTYMon Dec 12 1994VMS Notes access to Lotus Notes
83.0312368::"Pederson@select.mro.dec.com"Wed Dec 28 1994VAXmail-->Lotus Notes
84.0251488::SALMINENThu Dec 29 1994URL to Lotus WWW-server required???
85.0851488::SALMINENMon Jan 02 1995Lotus Notes on SCO unix - does it exist?
86.0122912::ORAPINLWed Jan 04 1995Error activating image L123_A1$MAIN.EXE
87.0152313::MAYWed Jan 04 1995Replication question
88.0251488::BACKSTROMMon Jan 09 1995Using the Notes toolkit on NT?
89.0554291::VUURBOOM_RMon Jan 09 1995Lotus Notes Competitive Info
90.0148332::ALLUCHONTue Jan 10 1995modem connexion to lotus Notes
91.013811Thu Jan 12 1995Digital Logo???
92.0151488::SALMINENMon Jan 16 1995Edit-Insert-Object into RTF-field
93.0254625::BERVOETSMon Jan 23 1995Lotus Notes replication over DECnet
94.015Wed Jan 25 1995PW OS/2 V5 and Lotus Notes ?
95.0923989::RESENDEThu Jan 26 1995Digital Does Notes w/in CSD?
96.019882::KALIKOWFri Jan 27 1995InterNotes Product Line...?
97.0142577::GRACIEFri Jan 27 1995Notes server on OSF/1? Update??
98.0152446::ERANMon Jan 30 1995HELP !!!!
99.03ANGST::johnpc.mko.dec.com::BOEBINGERMon Jan 30 1995Notes news
100.01354Sat Feb 04 1995Printing problem to networked HPLJ IV.
101.0ANGST::johnpc.mko.dec.com::BOEBINGERTue Feb 07 1995Digital/Lotus reseller announcement
102.0435128::PROUEFri Feb 10 1995Notes in WAN with various NOS's
103.0154831::VANHOVEMon Feb 13 1995Notes/TeamLinks integration kit v1.
104.02ANGST::johnpc.mko.dec.com::BOEBINGERFri Feb 24 1995OS/2 and Lotus Notes/TeamLinks
105.058257::CARPENTERFri Feb 24 1995Cant Autodial out,
106.013Thu Mar 02 1995Communications problem
107.0836624::LABThu Mar 02 1995Any happy customers of TeamLinks Mail integration?
108.0223484::SAMYThu Mar 09 1995HELP
109.031113::WIEGLEBMon Mar 13 1995Inbound MIME problem in SMTP gateway
110.05MKOTS3::PC4SRV::HARWOODWed Mar 15 1995Windows NT Question
111.015Thu Mar 16 1995Information about replication?
112.031113::WIEGLEBThu Mar 16 1995X.4
113.0448177::EVTAI1::REISER::StephThu Mar 23 1995HOW MANY CLIENTS FOR ONE SERVER ??
114.023Wed Mar 29 1995Netware
115.0148177::EVTAI1::REISER::StephThu Mar 30 1995Help: Notes integration in Digital LinkWorks v3
116.032Wed Apr 12 1995Lotus Notes Presentation - What is Lotus Notes
117.0ROMA::LAVERGNETue May 09 1995Notes server fails to start after install on Netware 4.
118.04VAXSPO::CRISTINATue May 09 1995LOTUS NOTES and OLE technology
119.0ANGST::boebnr.ljo.dec.com::BOEBINGERTue May 16 1995ScreenCam presentations of the Lotus Notes/TeamLinks integration package
120.02OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMIWed May 31 1995Weekpoints of cc:Mail ??
121.02TAVWed May 31 1995Support for NetBuei on NT server
122.0NCMAIL::YESERSKYPMon Jun 05 1995IBM to buy Lotus
123.01SPEZKO::EARLEThu Jun 15 1995Seems to be a problem getting a copy of Lotus' InterNotes publisher
124.0ANGST::boebnr.ljo.dec.com::BOEBINGERThu Jun 22 1995New information directories
125.02GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Jul 07 1995Lotus Notes server on NT with SMP
126.03TELEM::TREATMon Jul 17 1995Win 95, Lotus Notes, Pathworks; print problem
129.03OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Aug 21 1995competitive informatin?
130.01SCASFri Sep 15 1995Alpha/NT and Lotus Notes (Server)
131.01DABEAN::B_ROSEMon Sep 25 1995Lotus Notes Server Crashing
132.02FAILTE::NORRIE::hallettkThu Sep 28 1995Lotus Notes <-> VMSmail?
133.011OTOOA::PDONOGHUEThu Oct 26 1995Digital/Lotus update?
134.01TOLOSA::MARCIANOThu Oct 26 1995Teamlinks-Notes integration kit
135.04UFHIS::WKARNBAUMTue Nov 07 1995"stop Lotus Administrator first" with Lotus Notes and PW OSF V5
136.0MUNDIS::64844::ErichThu Nov 09 1995printable infos somewhere ?
137.04NETRIX::"trev@pciof3.uvo.dec.com"Thu Nov 16 1995Network operation did not complete
138.02NEOVThu Nov 16 1995ODBC driver for Lotus Notes?
139.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCITue Nov 28 1995lotus notes for AXP OPENVMS ??
140.01CSCMA::PUCHRIKMon Dec 18 1995SMS Package Definition Files and Lotus Notes
141.01ISTWI1::GUVENERMon Jan 08 1996Lotus Notes on Alpha WNT
142.01EISYFI::ISLERMon Jan 15 1996Lotus Notes v4.
143.01VAXRIO::63Thu Jan 18 1996Lotus Notes and X.5
144.03TROOA::RITCHEThu Jan 18 1996Accessing Lotus Notes through the firewall?
145.01ACISS2::CARLENTue Jan 30 1996OpenVMS File Access?
146.0SCASS1::BERNALWed Jan 31 1996TCP/IP or LOTUS NOTES which ,,,
147.04CSCMA::PUCHRIKThu Feb 15 1996V4.
148.011CPEEDY::COOKThu Mar 07 1996Notes client setup problem using PPP
149.04NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Fri Mar 15 1996U: Info needed for sizing
150.03ATYISA::bidpub1.aty.DEC.COM::valentianMon Mar 18 1996Notes 4.
151.01CHEFS::astThu Mar 28 1996AltaVista searching Notes?
152.02DECLNE::LICKTue Apr 02 1996Alpha NT
153.0POWDML::copdial1_port1Tue Apr 09 1996Scaling Lotus Notes
154.07UTROP1::HOEKSMA_HFri Apr 12 1996Replication problems with NT
155.01TROOA::rasWed Apr 17 1996Notes Encryption Capabilities
156.01RCOCER::KNIGHTTThu Apr 18 1996Tool for converting All-in-1 document to Notes
157.02ISTWI1::OZILThu Apr 25 1996Alpha and Notes
158.0HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGFri Apr 26 1996Docs for Lotus Note/TeamLinks integration kit
159.01TROOA::dhcpTue Apr 30 1996How is Notes implemented within Digital
160.02MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 01 1996NCR Lotus Notes NotesBench Results
161.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 01 1996NetFRAME Performance
162.0HDLITE::SCHAFERFri May 03 1996http://www.digital.com/info/flash/flash-63.html
163.03UTROP1::GEERDES_BWed May 08 1996MS Office & Lotus Notes
164.04WKOL1Wed May 08 1996high performance Alpha Notes server configuration
165.01VAXRIO::63Fri May 10 1996Notes/Teamlinks integration question
166.01VAXRIO::63Fri May 10 1996Lotus Notes/Teamlinks problem using X.4
167.04DIBDIB::DBATESMon May 13 1996How to configure TCPIP port on a server
168.07EPS::SLATERThu May 30 1996Performance Flash - Lotus Notes V4.1 on AlphaServer 21
169.055228Fri May 31 1996Lotus Notes and Windows NT Clusters
170.01WEDOIT::WOODFri May 31 1996Printing?
171.01HYLNDR::WISERMon Jun 03 1996How to get a Lotus Notes V4.1 kit
172.0133598::OSTWed Jun 12 1996single processor -> multi processor
173.04CHEFS:: Jun 18 1996Notes 4 on OS/2 Warp Connect upgrade to NT
174.0KERNEL::GARDNERNFri Jun 28 1996Asset Manager
175.0124333::GRESSFri Jul 12 1996Best RAID
176.03542Mon Jul 15 1996Connect Notes server to WAN
177.0434544::WALLACEFri Aug 02 1996Domino on Alpha NT?
178.05Thu Aug 08 1996LN Solution architect in Germany/Europe?
179.07423::MIKELISTue Aug 13 1996Need Urgent help in Notes config ASAP
180.0253196::DSMAILWed Aug 14 1996Unexpected error 11
181.024333::GRESSWed Aug 14 1996HSZ4
182.01538Tue Aug 20 1996cluster support
183.03BBIVWed Aug 21 1996Moving for NT to Digital UNIX ...?
184.0123484::BHARGAVIThu Aug 22 1996Decsafe and lotus notes...
185.023415::YEKUANGMon Aug 26 1996sign in
186.0223415::YEKUANGMon Aug 26 1996chinese for lotus-notes
187.0432799::YANAGIMon Aug 26 1996Is the Alpha bug fixed?
188.046Sat Aug 31 1996Development and Production on same system?
189.01226Mon Sep 09 1996how to use the TML/Lotus Driver ?
190.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Sep 11 1996Notes KnowledgeBase contains old ALPHA stuff
191.0+14EPS::SLATERFri Sep 13 1996Lotus Notes Performance Page
192.02CAADC::CUNNINGHAMSWed Sep 18 1996Notes Support on NT V4.
193.0HYDRA::EGGIMANNMon Sep 23 1996technical training on V4.5
194.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBMon Sep 23 1996Business manager/product manager?
195.01MSAMWed Sep 25 1996intel/alpha servers replication ??
196.0CHEFS::gjcpc.reo.dec.com::criddleThu Sep 26 1996Notes, X.4
197.0ZPOVC::PAULCHENTue Oct 01 1996Lotus Notes Consultant Required - Urgent
198.0MLNAD8::LONGONIThu Oct 03 1996Lotus Notes V4.1 on WNT 4.
199.0BLAZER::MIKELISTue Oct 08 1996Notes on NT Clusters White Paper is Available
200.0NETRIX::"christoph.maass@hbf.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 23 1996LotusNotes V4.1x !
201.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Mon Oct 28 1996Lotus Notes R4.1 on NT V4.
202.0ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Tue Oct 29 1996Change of Windows NT server name
203.0MLNAD8::LONGONITue Oct 29 1996
204.0PCBUOA::MCQUADETue Nov 05 1996Notes Server for sale
205.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Nov 06 1996How to access Lotus Partner Knowledge Base ?
206.02MSAMFri Nov 08 1996partitioning and billing features avai. on AXP ?
207.01RIPPER::DRANSFIELDMon Nov 11 1996Alpha Notes patches 4.11a?
208.01ZPOVC::SIRCARThu Nov 14 1996Notes fault tolerant configuration
209.01HGOVC::LKLEEFri Nov 15 1996Networked Lotus Notes Servers config. ??
210.02FRUST::dhcp-2Mon Nov 25 1996Questions about Web and mail
211.01SCASS1::HITTENMILLERMon Nov 25 1996How to backup a running notes server?
212.0FRUST::dhcp-2Tue Dec 10 1996Use an NSAPI application on Domino server?
213.01ROMSLS::ATRANI::romsls::consiglioThu Dec 12 1996Notes 4.5 & domino on alpha nt
214.03MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Dec 16 1996Lotus / Digital contract/partnetship/?
215.0HYDRA::EGGIMANNMon Jan 06 1997cheyene backup agent for notes
216.0HYDRA::EGGIMANNMon Jan 06 1997domino on alpha/wnt goes gold
217.0ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Mon Jan 20 1997Multi-language support & porting issues
218.0 *EPS::SLATERSat Jan 25 1997Lotus Notes AlphaServer 41
219.0 *+1EPS::SLATERMon Jan 27 1997Lotus Notes on AlphaServers Press Release
220.0 *+1UTROP1::SCHEER_RTue Jan 28 1997SMTP MTA for Alpha
221.0 *+1NQOSWed Feb 05 1997Lotus Notes for Digital UNIX
222.0 *+3NQOSWed Feb 12 1997Any API differences on Intel vs Alpha, and Watcom?
223.0 *+1SUBSYS::MCCULLERFri Feb 21 1997Looking for Consulting
224.0 *EPS::SLATERSat Feb 22 1997Audit Report for AlphaServer 41
225.0 *+1NQOSFri Feb 28 1997Running Domino as a NT Service
226.0 *NETRIX::"mike.tidmarsh@ast169.bbp.dec.com"Wed Mar 12 1997UK Lotus Resources?
227.0 *TLAVFri Mar 14 1997Lotus/Note 4.1 & Pathway 3.
228.0 *+2ZPOVC::SIRCARThu Apr 03 1997SMTP MTA on Alpha - when?
229.0 *+1ZPOVC::SIRCARThu Apr 03 1997Rplication and Clustering questions
230.0 *+2ACISS2::DATZMANMon Apr 14 1997Lotus and Digital UNIX
231.0 *+1ACISS2::DATZMANWed Apr 16 1997Notes network bandwidth utilization
232.0 *MSDOA:: Apr 16 1997CC:Mail = Lotus Mail
233.0 *EPS::SLATERFri Apr 25 1997Lotus Notes Sizing and Configuration Guide
234.0 *+1SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONThu May 01 1997The Need to Demo Speed
235.0 *ZPOVC::LAICHANFri May 02 1997Windows NT 4.
236.0 *+2HYDRA::EGGIMANNTue May 06 1997requesting smtp mta field test customers
237.0 *KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 06 1997pw 32 decnet and notes problem
238.0 *+1SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONWed May 21 1997Performance on 3 processor 21
239.0 *+1MSAMTue May 27 1997how many partitions can be created on ALPHA ?
240.0 *+1ZPOVC::SIRCARTue Jun 03 1997Concurrent HTTP hit figures?
241.0 *NNTPD::"kevin.budinata@dai.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Uninstall Lotus Notes 4.51
242.0 *NNTPD::"kevin.budinata@dai.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Uninstall Lotus Notes 4.51
243.0 *EPS::SLATERThu Jun 05 1997 Application Performance Update May 97