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Conference genral::colorado_classifieds-OLD

Title:Colorado Classifieds
Notice: Moved to SSDEVO::COLORADO_CLASSIFIEDS, see note 2.10leted
Created:Wed Jun 15 1988
Last Modified:Thu Feb 27 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Apr 04 1997
Number of topics:11545
Total number of notes:1208
Number with bodies:57
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.08GENRAL::KILGORETue Aug 23 1994Welcome and rules...
2.0+9DAVIDP::DECENZOWed Jun 15 1988Announcements
4.0207QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Jun 16 1988Discussion
10007.0BSS::NELSONTMon Jul 03 1995Woodland Park Townhome for sale.
10013.0AZTECH::SANBORNThu Jul 06 1995WANTED: Sega GameGear Games
10018.0BSS::jstapc.cxo.dec.com::MBrownMon Jul 10 199572 pin Computer memory
10021.0CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Jul 10 19956x1
10022.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONMon Jul 10 1995WANTED: Rockies tix, 8/1-5
10024.01CSC32::D_BROWNMon Jul 10 1995Beer Sign - "Miller Genuine Draft"
10025.01CSC32::D_BROWNMon Jul 10 1995Various things for sale
10026.0TINCUP::OSWALDTue Jul 11 1995Wanted: Squirrel Cage Blower/fan
10027.0CSC32::S_ROCHFORDTue Jul 11 199591 Ford Probe For Sale
10032.0CSC32::D_PINAWed Jul 12 1995Latest Version of QEMM For Sale V7.5
10033.0CSC32::R_MAYERWed Jul 12 1995Home for Sale, NW Col Spngs
10038.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 13 1995PC Hardware and Software for Sale
10042.0CXDOCS::COPELANDMon Jul 17 1995Bedroom Set
10043.0CSC32::KRUEGERMon Jul 17 1995Wanted: backyard toddler toys (sandbox, etc)
10044.0DV78Mon Jul 17 1995Double oven/stove combination
10050.02BSS::KOVALSKYTue Jul 18 1995BABY ITEMS
10052.0CSC32::J_RYERTue Jul 18 19951995 New Car Buyers' Guide CD
10054.01CSC32::B_GODWINTue Jul 18 1995Offroad motorcycle for sale
10055.01CSC32::B_GODWINTue Jul 18 1995Bikes etc. for sale
10056.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 19 1995'81 Ford F15
10057.01SSDEVO::PULSIPHERWed Jul 19 1995Engine Hoist and Cement Mixer for sale
10058.0CSC32::HADDOCKWed Jul 19 19951939 MG Replica
10060.0CSC32::M_VASKEThu Jul 20 1995Northern Exposure Episode
10064.0TINCUP::SARFFFri Jul 21 1995'9
10065.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 24 1995FORSALE: couch and computer stuff
10067.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 24 19951982 YAMAHA 75
10070.0CSC32::K_APPLEMANTue Jul 25 1995Hotpoint Washer For Sale $15
10071.0CSC32::LYONTue Jul 25 1995WANTED: bike rack
10072.01CSC32::LYONTue Jul 25 1995Floor tile, wire, speaker grill
10073.0CSC32::WATERSTue Jul 25 1995WANTED: Welder
10075.0CSC32::M_CRAFTWed Jul 26 1995MAZDA RX7
10077.0CSC32::RA_HALLWed Jul 26 1995Garden sprayer wanted.
10078.0CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jul 26 1995wanted: rubarb
10080.0CSC32::J_BRATTONWed Jul 26 19951995 HONDA del sol: FOR SALE
10082.0BSS::HANKINSThu Jul 27 1995classic 1966 Lemans 4 sale and range + dryer
10083.0COOKIE::LAWSONThu Jul 27 1995Broncos Tickets ... Best offer!
10085.0FACIL::DEHAANFri Jul 28 1995Old Kiln Wanted
10091.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 31 1995anyone have a hot tub for sale?
10092.0CXDOCS::NICKLESSMon Jul 31 1995House for Rent - Mtn Shadows
10094.0GENRAL::KIDDTue Aug 01 1995Nintendo - For Sale
10095.0ROADKL::HALLTue Aug 01 1995Looking for old spare software/hardware
10102.0CSC32::LYONFri Aug 04 1995Wanted: Climbing rope
10105.0BSS::RSCOTTMon Aug 07 1995Seeking Steamboat Condos...
10106.0BSS::L_BRADFORDMon Aug 07 1995Studded steel radials for sale
10107.0BSS::NORMANTue Aug 08 1995Ford Taurus for Sale
10108.0CSC32::B_GORMLEYTue Aug 08 1995House for sale
10110.0COOKIE::HELLWIGTue Aug 08 1995Moving boxes available
10111.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 08 1995Artificial Xmas Tree
10112.0MERCAT::D_PINAWed Aug 09 1995MS Windows software for sale
10113.0GENRAL::TURCHECKThu Aug 10 1995Printer 4-sale
10116.0CSC32::D_HIGHLANDThu Aug 10 1995Woodmore Garage Sale
10119.0SSDEVO::CANOFri Aug 11 1995Furniture/Lawn mower
10121.0CSC32::M_CRAFTFri Aug 11 1995MUSIC GEAR
10122.0CSC32::R_IVERSFri Aug 11 1995195
10126.0OHFSS1::JAKUBOWSKIMon Aug 14 1995Need Rental Oct/Nov. '95
10127.0BSS::BROPHYTue Aug 15 1995miss. for sale
10130.02CSC32::RA_HALLTue Aug 15 1995STUFF 4 sale
10134.01PEAKS::LILAKWed Aug 16 1995Leather Daytimer/Personal Organizer
10135.0CSC32::M_VASKEWed Aug 16 1995outfitters tent needed
10136.0CSC32::D_CAREWWed Aug 16 1995Smaller Home in central CS location
10137.02CSC32::MARZULLAThu Aug 17 1995Rockies VS Pirates Tickets
10140.02SSDEVO::VANDERWAALLThu Aug 17 1995Pioneer stereo component system
10141.0BSS::ROUNDYThu Aug 17 1995Bon Jovi ticket for sale
10142.0CSC32::B_GORMLEYThu Aug 17 1995199
10144.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 17 1995FOR SALE: Attic Ladder
10145.0SSDEVO::C_SMITHThu Aug 17 19951994 GT Mustang for sale
10147.01DV78Thu Aug 17 1995Boat for Sale
10148.01BSS::SZALAIThu Aug 17 1995ROOMATE WANTED
10152.0--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 18 1995For Sale: propane barbecue grill
10153.0CX3PST::MOUTNS::G_MASTINMon Aug 21 19951981 CJ7 Jeep for sale
10155.0NITEB4::KIDDIEMon Aug 21 19951994 Kawasaki $4
10159.0CSC32::ROGENMOSERTue Aug 22 1995For Sale: Quenn size Waterbed
10160.0BSS::SZALAITue Aug 22 19951979 4x4 CHEVY For Sale
10161.0SFCTue Aug 22 19952 bdrm apt for rent
10163.01CSC32::D_BROWNWed Aug 23 1995Orchestrion Player Piano
10164.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Aug 23 199593 Olds Achieva SCX
10166.0GENRAL::WILSONWed Aug 23 1995Furniture for sale
10168.0NEURON::HALBIGThu Aug 24 1995Futon for sale
10170.0MCITS1::BROSCHATFri Aug 25 1995Single Hung Window for Sale
10171.0MCITS1::BROSCHATFri Aug 25 1995Soft-Side Waterbed for Sale
10172.0MCITS1::BROSCHATFri Aug 25 1995Dinette Table/4 chairs for Sale
10173.0MCITS1::BROSCHATFri Aug 25 1995Wanted, Full Size Wheel to replace 'Donut Spare'
10174.0BSS::BENNETTMon Aug 28 1995Wanted: Bike Bag for Travel
10177.0CSC32::D_SANBORNMon Aug 28 1995Misc. items for sale, Gas range, Dog fence, etc.
10182.0SPECXN::BW_LEEWed Aug 30 1995Box Evaporative Fan
10183.0GENRAL::DTEGELERWed Aug 30 19951991 Mustang
10187.0CSC32::LYONThu Aug 31 1995Need: Software Evolution by L.J. Arthur
10189.0CSC32::VOSEThu Aug 31 1995Entertainment books / Gold C
10192.03CSC32::R_JACOBSThu Aug 31 1995Crib for Sale
10193.0CSC32::C_SNIDERThu Aug 31 1995Garage Sale, Kids Stuff, Computer Bones, TV's
10195.0CSC32::CUSACKFri Sep 01 19951987 Honda Civic SI for sale
10199.0GENRAL::MICHAUDTue Sep 05 19951988 VW FOX FOR SALE
10201.01CSC32::J_ALLENTue Sep 05 1995pc memory
10203.0PEAKS::WASONTue Sep 05 1995Mototcycles Wanted.(NEEDED)
10205.0CSC32::N_SCHENKTue Sep 05 199529 GAL AQUARIUM
10208.0CSC32::D_HIGHLANDTue Sep 05 19951992 Ford Taurus Station Wagon
10209.0COOKIE::LAWSONWed Sep 06 1995Broncos tickets vs Redskins for sale
10212.01SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Sep 06 1995Hart's Diamond Jewelers gift certificates for sale
10213.0BSS::K_LAFRANCEWed Sep 06 1995Baby crib/first bed
10216.0--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 07 1995ENTERTAINMENT CENTER
10217.0--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 07 1995WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEM
10219.0SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Sep 07 1995Short term rental available
10220.0BSS::OSBORNThu Sep 07 1995 fast dirt bike for sale
10223.0BSS::OSBORNFri Sep 08 1995fence rails for sale
10224.0CSC32::M_BERNHARDTFri Sep 08 1995rockies reds tic available
10225.0CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Sep 08 19952
10227.0SSDEVO::LIVELYSun Sep 10 1995Wheelchair Wanted (to buy)
10230.02SSDEVO::PHERSONMon Sep 11 1995large pet carrier for sale
10234.0BSS::R_LOGANMon Sep 11 1995In-dash AM/FM Cassette unit
10235.01BSS::R_LOGANMon Sep 11 1995Looking for dog sitter
10236.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Sep 11 1995free to good home!
10237.0KDX2Mon Sep 11 1995Tickets wanted for AirForce v. NotreDame
10238.0CXOSI::CASCIOMon Sep 11 19952 Bronco/Redskin tickets for sale
10239.0TINCUP::MOEMon Sep 11 19951987 Toyota Celica
10241.01--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 12 19951st place rockies vs braves tix
10242.0GENRAL::T_LEBARIOTue Sep 12 1995Zoltrix Modem for Sale
10249.0CX3PST::SANDR::FRAZERThu Sep 14 1995Need 4 tickets to the AFA game this Saturday
10252.0BSS::K_KREMERThu Sep 14 1995Intelligent typewriter, many features
10253.0CSC32::T_KNAPPFri Sep 15 1995Tires / Snow Chains for sale
10254.0BSS::OSBORNFri Sep 15 19954X4 TRUCK FOR SALE
10257.0--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 16 1995Baby Crib
10258.01CSC32::B_GODWINSat Sep 16 1995Car Audio for sale
10259.01CSC32::B_GODWINSat Sep 16 1995Goffin Cockatoo for sale, $4
10260.0--UnknownUser--Sun Sep 17 1995PC/printer/memory
10262.0KDX2Mon Sep 18 1995Musical Stuff for sale
10264.01MCITS1::TEJATue Sep 19 1995Laser Printer For Sale
10265.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERTue Sep 19 1995DELCO (GM) Starter wanted
10266.0DV78Tue Sep 19 1995Two vehicles for sale
10269.0BSS::SAXTONWed Sep 20 1995vehicle clearance sale
10270.0CSC32::M_VASKEWed Sep 20 1995Toro 2 stage snow thrower
10274.0CXDOCS::COPELANDFri Sep 22 1995Entertainment Center for sale
10276.0FILGER::SARFFMon Sep 25 1995'9
10279.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERTue Sep 26 1995Found some Jewelry...Is it yours???
10280.0--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 26 1995anyone trying to unload a 386?
10284.0ARKIE::WEBBWed Sep 27 1995Wanted - Marlboro memorabilia
10285.0CX3PST::TARGAS::THOMASWed Sep 27 1995Sony CD player
10286.0SSDEVO::MCSHANEThu Sep 28 199527" Sylvania Console TV
10287.0CSC32::T_HUTCHINThu Sep 28 1995Bessler 23C enlarger for sale
10288.0CXOSI::GREENEThu Sep 28 1995WANTED: Poker Players
10289.02--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 29 1995NordicTrack Walkfit and wooden rocking chair
10290.0TINCUP::WILLIAMSFri Sep 29 1995Washer + Leg Exercise Machine
10291.0SSDEVO::KEITHMon Oct 02 1995Bikes for sale
10292.0SSDEVO::KEITHMon Oct 02 1995Keyboard and love seat
10293.0SSDEVO::PANNETONMon Oct 02 1995WANTED: Used Keyboard
10295.0IMTDEV::WEBERTue Oct 03 1995Chain Link Fencing
10297.0MCITS1::TEJAWed Oct 04 1995Looking for an artist to paint a tree
10299.01CSC32::D_YOUNGThu Oct 05 1995For Sale: 27: Sony TV Console
10301.01CSC32::G_ROBERTSThu Oct 05 1995Antique Buck Stove & free tires
10302.0CSC32::N_SCHENKFri Oct 06 1995Bike Rack FOR SALE
10303.0CSC32::N_SCHENKFri Oct 06 1995Sofa/Loveseat
10304.0CSC32::FLOWERSFri Oct 06 1995MB 24
10305.01CXDOCS::COPELANDFri Oct 06 1995Portable Dishwasher for sale
10308.0KDX2Mon Oct 09 1995Briargate Home - $139,9
10309.0KDX2Mon Oct 09 1995Moving Boxes needed...
10311.0GENRAL::R_STEWARTTue Oct 10 19951965 Ford Mustang
10312.0GENRAL::COULTERWed Oct 11 19952
10313.0CSC32::KUGELS::J_STERNERWed Oct 11 1995Freezer, SoloFlex, Lowrey Organ
10315.0BSS::HALLWed Oct 11 1995Looking for VGA/SVGA monitor
10320.0BSS::HALLWed Oct 11 1995Looking for 3rd seat for Volvo 24
10324.0BSS::MAJORCMon Oct 16 19951969 Corvette T-Top For Sale
10325.0WMGEN1::rixpc.cxo.dec.com::DiFioreMon Oct 16 1995Looking for A
10326.0CSC32::KRUEGERMon Oct 16 1995486dx for sale
10330.01TINCUP::KIRKTue Oct 17 1995Lawn equipment for sale
10331.0CSC32::J_OLSSONTue Oct 17 1995Two kid's modular bedroom sets
10333.0--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 18 1995PC Stuff for Sale
10337.01CSC32::K_GRAHAMThu Oct 19 19951994 YZ25
10338.0CSC32::K_GRAHAMThu Oct 19 1995199
10341.0CSC32::J_FORRESTFri Oct 20 1995Wedding dress for sale
10345.0DRGSTR::FRASERMon Oct 23 19951992 Honda CBR6
10347.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 23 1995Energizer car battery - like new with warranty
10348.0BSS::JSALEMon Oct 23 19958-1 meg 3
10352.0BSS::HALLTue Oct 24 1995Sunrise Acoustic Guitar Pickup
10355.0BSS::TMURPHYTue Oct 24 19951986 MAZDA RX7
10359.0KDX2Tue Oct 24 1995MORE PA Stuff for sale...
10360.0CSC32::LATOURWed Oct 25 19951982 Honda Accord parting out.
10362.0CXDOCS::COPELANDThu Oct 26 1995Multi-family garage sale
10363.0BSS::MAJORCThu Oct 26 1995Looking for a 5 or 1
10364.0CSC32::T_HUTCHINFri Oct 27 1995Bessler 23C Enlarger/darkroom supplies
10365.0--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 27 1995ARIENS SNOWBLOWER 4 SALE
10369.0CSC32::D_PERRINMon Oct 30 1995Dinette set
10371.0CSC32::LATOURWed Nov 01 1995Musical Gear for Sale
10374.0CSC32::SCHLABSThu Nov 02 1995Yakima tower/bar/faring for sale
10377.0CSC32::CSENCSITSThu Nov 02 1995Studded snow tires
10380.0CSC32::C_SNIDERSun Nov 05 1995Radius 19" Color HiRes Monitors.
10382.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERMon Nov 06 1995SnoTrac Traction Cables for sale
10383.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERMon Nov 06 1995Toddler Bed for sale
10385.0CSC32::M_CRAFTMon Nov 06 1995MUSICAL GEAR
10388.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERTue Nov 07 1995Silver earring found...
10389.0BSS::HALLTue Nov 07 1995Energizer Car Battery - like new
10391.0BSS::GAUDETWed Nov 08 19956' X 8' UTILITY TRAILER
10392.0IMTDEV::WEBERWed Nov 08 1995WANTED: Refrigerator ASAP
10394.0CSC32::S_ROCHFORDWed Nov 08 1995Oak Table & Couch Set For Sale
10395.0CSC32::J_CORDONWed Nov 08 1995Various items for sale
10396.0BSS::K_KREMERWed Nov 08 1995Entertainment Center For Sale
10397.0CSC32::T_HUTCHINWed Nov 08 1995Saddle/misc horse stuff for sale
10398.0LILCPX::REITERThu Nov 09 1995Various Items For Sale!!!!
10400.0GENRAL::SPIRKThu Nov 09 1995NES Trade MKII
10403.0CXDOCS::NICKLESSMon Nov 13 1995Mazda Protege
10405.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 13 1995china hutch for sale
10407.02CSC32::BARGERMon Nov 13 1995Baby items for sale...
10413.0COOKIE::LAWSONTue Nov 14 1995Broncos/Jaguars tickets for sale
10415.0NEURON::HALBIGWed Nov 15 1995Wood stove for sale
10416.0CX3PST::WSC5Wed Nov 15 1995Youth Golf Clubs
10417.0CSC32::D_UTESCHThu Nov 16 1995Free mattress and Boxspring
10418.01BSS::HALLThu Nov 16 1995Boy's waterproof/insulated boots
10420.0SSDEVO::KOWALLThu Nov 16 1995Sale... Video controller
10421.0GENRAL::FIFEThu Nov 16 1995Waterbed for sale
10423.0COOKIE::MCALLISTERFri Nov 17 1995air force/notre dame football tickets for sale
10426.0BSS::TMURPHYSat Nov 18 1995Ski Boots For Sale
10428.0CSC32::M_JACOBSMon Nov 20 1995PC stuff for sale
10430.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 20 1995King-Size Waterbed Mattress - $1
10431.0BSS::HOOVERTue Nov 21 1995Used carpet pad
10434.0CSC32::LYONTue Nov 21 1995DF224 for sale
10436.0HOTAIR::SLOMSKITue Nov 21 1995Wanted X-Country Ski Boots
10437.0CX3PST::TARGAS::THOMASWed Nov 22 1995
10438.0SSDEVO::PEARSONWed Nov 22 1995Wanted:: Aluminium Foil Christmas Tree
10439.0CX3PST::MOUTNS::G_MASTINThu Nov 23 1995Westside House For Rent
10440.0CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERFri Nov 24 1995Wanted Skate Board
10442.0CSC32::J_MATHEWSMon Nov 27 1995Wurlitzer Piano
10444.0CSC32::J_FISCHERMon Nov 27 1995Wanted: Habitrail accessorys
10445.0DRGSTR::FRASERTue Nov 28 19951955 Ford F1
10446.01CSC32::G_ROBERTSTue Nov 28 1995computer games for sale
10447.0CSC32::D_BROWNTue Nov 28 1995Tools, etc. for sale.
10448.0CSC32::I_WALDOTue Nov 28 1995window shade (triple cell honeycomb)
10453.0CSC32::MARSHALLThu Nov 30 1995Dishwasher, 2 Years Old
10458.0BSS::WREDEFri Dec 01 1995trade minivan for 4x4 truck
10460.0CSC32::G_ROBERTSSat Dec 02 1995complete bunny setup
10464.01BSS::BUCHHOLZMon Dec 04 1995Great second or college-kid car!!
10465.0AMCCXN::KARIMMon Dec 04 1995Nordic Trak for sale
10466.0AMCCXN::KARIMMon Dec 04 1995Toyota Celica GT - Mint condition
10467.0MCITS1::BROSCHATMon Dec 04 1995WANTED: Carpet Remnants
10470.0SSDEVO::ELLISMon Dec 04 1995Sport wheels w/ low profile tires
10473.0CX3PST::BACA::ESTESTue Dec 05 1995Bronco vs Seattle Tickets
10474.0BSS::BUCHHOLZTue Dec 05 1995Matching Super Single Waterbeds
10475.0BSS::HALLTue Dec 05 1995Looking for mountain bike
10479.0SSDEVO::WICKWed Dec 06 1995Housing available
10482.03CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Dec 07 1995Moving Sale - Lots of stuff
10484.0CSC32::MCFADDENFri Dec 08 1995Cellular Phone for sale
10485.0CSC32::N_BERENZFri Dec 08 1995For Sale: twin bed frames and box springs
10488.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 11 1995Infant car seat and battery swing
10489.0SSDEVO::EDMONDSMon Dec 11 1995Windows 95
10491.0BSS::R_LOGANMon Dec 11 1995WANTED: FAX machine
10495.01COOKIE::HAMILTONTue Dec 12 1995Electric heat Registers
10496.0COOKIE::HAMILTONTue Dec 12 1995Bose speakers
10497.0COOKIE::HAMILTONTue Dec 12 1995Farm gate
10500.0BSS::R_PEREZWed Dec 13 1995486 Multimedia PC 4-sale
10502.01CSC32::D_BROWNThu Dec 14 1995Gas Dryer for sale
10505.01GENRAL::KIDDThu Dec 14 1995$45
10506.0CSC32::ROGENMOSERThu Dec 14 1995Skis/boots for sale
10507.0MERCAT::PINAFri Dec 15 1995VB 3.
10508.0CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Dec 15 1995Telemark Skis for sale
10511.0PMESD::BEABESTue Dec 19 1995Wanted Student Desk
10514.03PEAKS::LILAKTue Dec 19 1995PC Components for Sale
10515.0BSS::GOODMANTue Dec 19 1995Wanted : Car for teenage son, for school and work
10516.0CSC32::P_PROCTORTue Dec 19 1995Dog to a good home
10517.0CSC32::P_DICKERSONTue Dec 19 1995Sliding Door for sale
10518.0BSS::MARAFINETue Dec 19 1995Wanted: Headboards
10519.01CSC32::BARGERTue Dec 19 1995DILLON AREA SKI CONDO FOR RENT 1/13-1/2
10523.01AMCCXN::KARIMFri Dec 22 1995Ski rack for compact cars
10524.0SSDEVO::SHENTue Dec 26 19958-speed road wheelset for sale
10527.0AMCCXN::KARIMThu Dec 28 1995Queen size waterbed frame for sale
10529.0SPECXN::BW_LEEFri Dec 29 19951986 Isusu P'UP
10530.0BSS::GOODMANFri Dec 29 1995Wanted: Ski boots and skis
10531.0CSC32::B_ALTMIREFri Dec 29 1995Car, 4wd truck, jenn-aire range
10534.0CSC32::D_BROWNSun Dec 31 1995Truck tires for sale
10535.0CSC32::D_BROWNMon Jan 01 1996Free tires
10538.0CXOSS1::huey.cxo.dec.com::RalphFri Jan 05 1996Computer Parts
10543.0BSS::R_LOGANSun Jan 07 1996New X-WING CD game
10547.0DV78Mon Jan 08 199687 Ford Taurus
10548.0CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jan 08 1996Refrigerator for sale
10549.0AZTECH::SANBORNTue Jan 09 1996CDROM game, SCSI drive, lights, bed, and More!
10550.0DV78Wed Jan 10 1996Smalley Videos
10551.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Jan 10 1996Charro Show Saddle
10553.0CSC32::MCLEANWed Jan 10 1996Large Dog Cage
10554.0CSC32::MCLEANWed Jan 10 1996Time/Life Photo Library for sale
10555.0CXOSS1::huey.cxo.dec.com::RalphThu Jan 11 1996Antique Pump Organ
10558.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 11 1996Moving Sale, Oak & other stuff
10559.0CSC32::B_HIRSCHONFri Jan 12 1996Apple Mac IISi Ensemble
10563.0CSC32::S_PITTFri Jan 12 1996Wanted: Student flute
10564.0CSC32::B_BIEBERSat Jan 13 199663 Scout $3
10567.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 15 1996Misc. items for sale
10569.0BSS::MARAFINEMon Jan 15 1996Little Mermaid Video
10570.01BSS::MANTHEIMon Jan 15 1996VT terminals
10572.0GENRAL::INDERMUEHLEMon Jan 15 1996Myst - Computer game
10573.0BSS::MANTHEITue Jan 16 1996Word6 & dBase IV
10574.0CSC32::J_ALLENWed Jan 17 1996pc printer
10575.0SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Jan 17 1996Dual Cassette deck wanted
10577.0DV78Wed Jan 17 199681 GMC 3/4 4x4
10578.0IMTDEV::WEBERWed Jan 17 1996WANTED: Bunkbed
10579.0BSS::R_PEREZWed Jan 17 1996PC Memory for Sale
10580.0MCITS1::BROSCHATWed Jan 17 19969 Post Metal Bedframe For SALE
10582.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 22 1996GE clothes washer
10584.0CSC32::K_GILFORDMon Jan 22 1996Used trailer for sale/rent?
10585.0TINCUP::HALLMon Jan 22 1996COMPOUND BOW for Sale
10589.01CSC32::J_ALLENTue Jan 23 1996pc scanner
10593.01GENRAL::HAYESWed Jan 24 1996Miscellaneous for sell
10594.03BSS::MCINTOSHRThu Jan 25 1996DESK FOR SALE
10595.0CSC32::T_BUNDRICKThu Jan 25 1996Tenor SAX for sale
10596.0TINCUP::KIRKFri Jan 26 1996SKI's and boots for sale
10597.0TINCUP::RIGGENFri Jan 26 1996Couch, twin-size bed for sale
10600.0--UnknownUser--Sun Jan 28 1996Intel DX4-75Mhz Overdrive Chip
10603.0BSS::R_PEREZMon Jan 29 1996GE Elec Dryer 4-SALE
10604.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Jan 29 1996Motherboard
10605.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Jan 29 1996laptop
10606.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Jan 29 1996Powerpoint
10607.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASMon Jan 29 1996Precor Stepper/climber for sale
10608.0SSAG::SNYDERMon Jan 29 1996FOR SALE: Gymnastics Beam
10610.02BSS::MCINTOSHRTue Jan 30 1996Exercise Equipment
10611.0CSC32::G_ROBERTSWed Jan 31 19961978 F-15
10613.0CXOSI::dteja.cxo.dec.com::DtejaFri Feb 02 1996Old Chicago Certificates
10614.0CSC32::N_SCHENKFri Feb 02 1996198
10615.0--UnknownUser--Sat Feb 03 1996baby items for sale.
10616.0SSAG::SUSSWEINSun Feb 04 199619" color TV for sale
10617.0CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Feb 05 1996Telemark Skis
10618.0CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Feb 05 1996Classic Bike - Bob Jackson
10620.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWEMon Feb 05 1996Nikon F camera
10622.0CSC32::KOELLHOFFERTue Feb 06 1996Male chinchilla's for sale
10623.0IMTDEV::WEBERTue Feb 06 1996WANTED: Bunk Bed and/or Single Water Bed
10624.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWETue Feb 06 1996Hand Telescope 25X
10625.0BSS::R_PEREZWed Feb 07 1996PC/MEM/PRINTERS 4 SALE
10627.0BSS::HUDSON_MIFri Feb 09 19961985 FORD RANGER
10628.01CSC32::DECKERFri Feb 09 1996'94 Subaru SVX
10629.0BSS::BENNINGSat Feb 10 1996 Media Vision Premium 3-D Sound Card for PC
10631.0CSC32::B_GODWINSun Feb 11 19961983 Firebird
10632.01CSC32::B_GODWINSun Feb 11 1996MGA 4head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
10633.0CSC32::B_HIRSCHONMon Feb 12 1996Multimedia Kit
10636.0BSS::BUSSARDMon Feb 12 19964 piece sectional sofa for sale
10638.01LORRIN::LEEMon Feb 12 19962) Mountain Bikes -FOR SALE
10640.0CSC32::PRICETue Feb 13 1996'87 Toyota Pickup
10641.02BSS::JILSONTue Feb 13 1996Home for sale in Falcon
10643.0BSS::MARAFINETue Feb 13 1996WANTED: Apartment Furnishings
10644.02SSDEVO::VANDERWAALLWed Feb 14 1996motor cycle helmet
10646.0SPECXN::BW_LEEThu Feb 15 1996Wurlitzer spinet piano
10649.0EYLAK::BATESSun Feb 18 1996PCMCIA portable CD-ROM player
10650.0CSC32::M_MCLAUGHLINSun Feb 18 1996PC 386SX for sale
10652.0GENRAL::RALSTONMon Feb 19 1996Looking for cheap used car
10653.01SSDEVO::KOSATSCHKOWTue Feb 20 1996LA75 Printer For Sale
10654.0PMESD::KENOYERTue Feb 20 1996Rockrimmon Home for sale
10656.0GENRAL::TANZERWed Feb 21 1996Skiing in March - looking for accomodations
10658.01CSC32::K_GILFORDThu Feb 22 1996Back-country hut reservation
10659.0BSS::MAJORCFri Feb 23 1996"1994 Pontiac Firebird Formula For Sale"
10663.0CUFFS::COMERFri Feb 23 1996TV & Fish tank for sale
10664.0SSDEVO::KETCHEMFri Feb 23 19961996-1997 Bronco Tickets
10665.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERSat Feb 24 1996Infant Stuff and Durable Medical Stuff
10666.03TINCUP::CABRALMon Feb 26 1996WATERBED for Sale - 4-Poster Pine
10667.0CSC32::LYONMon Feb 26 1996PC memory...
10668.03CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASMon Feb 26 1996Little Tykes Girls Toddler Bed
10671.0BSS::IRISH_BMon Feb 26 1996Kids Stuff For Sale
10672.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERMon Feb 26 1996CB & Car Stereo Amp for sale. Best Offer gets item
10673.0PEAKS::RICHARDMon Feb 26 1996Looking for 4-track tape deck
10675.0AZTECH::ALVEYMon Feb 26 1996For Sale: Sofa Sleeper, TV, Other furniture
10677.0CSC32::N_SCHENKTue Feb 27 1996Couch, Waterbed, Bike Rack
10678.0CSC32::WILCOXWed Feb 28 1996Baby and Maternity items
10681.01BSS::BUCHHOLZThu Feb 29 1996In search of............
10683.0--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 02 1996'95 Suburban
10684.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYMon Mar 04 1996King Size Waterbed 75 OBO
10686.0CSC32::B_LEWISMon Mar 04 1996Need moving boxes
10688.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Mar 04 19964x and 6x IDE CDROM's
10689.01SIPAPU::KILGORETue Mar 05 1996Healing/Meditation Audio Tapes For Sale
10691.01SSDEVO::VANDERWAALLWed Mar 06 1996Mini truck seat cover.
10692.0SSDEVO::WICKWed Mar 06 1996Furniture - lots!
10693.0--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 06 19964 MB Simms for Sale
10695.0CSC32::M_CRAFTThu Mar 07 1996MUSIC GEAR
10697.0SSDEVO::WICKThu Mar 07 1996Furniture - more!
10700.0CXOSS1::huey.cxo.dec.com::RalphFri Mar 08 1996Sony TV Stand
10701.0SSDEVO::ELKINGTONFri Mar 08 1996Copper Mtn Condo For Rent
10703.0TINCUP::SARFFFri Mar 08 1996For Sale - Ski Equipment
10704.0TINCUP::SARFFFri Mar 08 1996For Sale - Speakers
10705.0TINCUP::SARFFFri Mar 08 1996For Sale - Snowboard Setup
10706.0SPECXN::MCALEERSun Mar 10 1996FOR SALE: RhodeGear bicycle carrier
10707.01CSC32::B_DEMIOMon Mar 11 1996Rides for sale!
10709.0BSS::PERROTTEMon Mar 11 1996WANTED: Dehumidifier & Ent.Ctr.
10710.0DRGSTR::FRASERTue Mar 12 19961992 CBR6
10711.0COOKIE::HAMILTONTue Mar 12 1996CAR 4 SALE
10713.0CSC32::B_HAASWed Mar 13 1996Looking for small refridgerator
10715.0SSDEVO::LAWYERFri Mar 15 1996Table and chairs
10716.0CSC32::EIDSONFri Mar 15 1996pickup for sale
10717.0CSC32::R_SOMBERGFri Mar 15 1996PC Games for sale
10718.0CSC32::R_SOMBERGSat Mar 16 1996Notebook / Active Matrix for sale
10719.0CSC32::D_PINASat Mar 16 1996Land in Westcliffe Colorado For Sale
10720.0BSS::FARNHAMMon Mar 18 1996Dining room Table, Sliding door For Sale
10721.0BSS::SCHWARZMANMon Mar 18 1996Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer
10722.0CSC32::LUFFMon Mar 18 1996Vail timeshare for sale! - Vacation World Wide
10723.0CSC32::EIDSONMon Mar 18 1996price change
10725.0CSC32::MCLEANTue Mar 19 1996PC Memory for sale
10726.0CSC32::BOLANTue Mar 19 1996looking for Bean Bag Chairs
10727.0CSC32::DECKERWed Mar 20 1996Birds/aviary
10728.0SSDEVO::EDMONDSWed Mar 20 1996House for Rent
10729.0MADMXX::WOESTEMEYERThu Mar 21 1996Refrigerator/Freezer Side-by-Side, in door water & ice
10731.0BSS::CARAWAYFri Mar 22 1996Kids starter Dirt Bike
10732.0CSC32::S_DANNENSun Mar 24 1996VLB MB w/VLB I/O card
10733.0CSC32::M_JACOBSMon Mar 25 1996NordicTrack for Sale
10734.0BSS::ZINNMon Mar 25 1996Appliances for sale
10735.0CSC32::J_KALINOWSKIMon Mar 25 1996motorcycle for sale
10736.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Mar 25 1996Computer books for sale
10737.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTMon Mar 25 199616' Power Boat For Sale
10738.0CSC32::K_LAFRANCEMon Mar 25 1996for sale Queen size comforter
10739.0CSC32::M_JACOBSMon Mar 25 1996Stuff for sale
10740.0CSC32::R_RAKOFFMon Mar 25 19961985 Dodge Colt FOR SALE
10741.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTTue Mar 26 1996Brewing supplies for sale
10742.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTTue Mar 26 19962 auto wheel rims - FREE!
10743.0BSS::B_WEBBTue Mar 26 1996For Sale:
10745.0DV78Wed Mar 27 1996Used Car 4 Sale, under $1K
10746.0SSDEVO::MARTENSThu Mar 28 19961987 Ducati 65
10747.0BSS::MARAFINEThu Mar 28 1996Ladies Ring for Sale
10748.0BSS::MCCANNThu Mar 28 1996Condo for Rent in Rockrimmon
10749.01986GT::BOWSERFri Mar 29 1996For Sale RADAR/Laser Detectors
10750.0KDX2Fri Mar 29 1996Moving boxes needed!!
10752.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASSun Mar 31 1996Little Smart Driver for Sale
10755.0IMTDEV::KELLYMon Apr 01 1996Rower for Sale
10756.0CSC32::LEWISMon Apr 01 1996Glass Top Dining table and 4 chairs $5
10761.01SSDEVO::MARKSMon Apr 01 1996For Sale: Aerobics step exerciser
10762.0CSC32::RA_HALLMon Apr 01 1996Vehicle cargo pod needed
10764.0CSC32::B_HAASMon Apr 01 1996Westside Efficiency Cottage for Rent
10765.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERMon Apr 01 19961992 Subaru Legacy 4WD wheels wanted...
10766.0TINCUP::FRANKLINMon Apr 01 1996MISC. Items for Sale
10770.0ACOBRA::HANNAWed Apr 03 199686 Mitsubisha Mirage
10771.0BSS::M_CAUBREThu Apr 04 1996FOR SALE 1994 FORD RANGER
10772.0SPECXN::REESEThu Apr 04 1996townhome for sale, Rockrimmon area
10773.0SSDEVO::WICKThu Apr 04 1996Winter Park lift tickets available
10775.0CSC32::ROZBORILFri Apr 05 1996RM125 dirt bike for sale
10776.02IMTDEV::WEBERFri Apr 05 1996Birds, Bike, & Truck...
10777.0CSC32::SCHIMPFFri Apr 05 1996Nintendo Stuff 4sale!
10779.02CSC32::K_YOUNGTue Apr 09 1996stereo equalizer
10781.0EPCOT::COPELANDTue Apr 09 19961993 Ford Escort: For Sale
10782.0CSC32::SCHLABSTue Apr 09 1996nuggets/sonics tix (4): 4/21
10783.01GENRAL::BASSETTTue Apr 09 19961985 S1
10786.0BSS::HANKINSWed Apr 10 199667 firebird for sale
10788.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 11 1996free items
10789.0SSDEVO::PEMBERTONThu Apr 11 1996Waterbed - queen size
10790.0BSS::M_BERNHARDTThu Apr 11 1996rockies met/padres tix avail
10791.0--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 11 1996Rooftop Cargo carrier
10793.0IMTDEV::KELLYFri Apr 12 1996Wanted - English Setter Puppies
10794.0BSS::DEVEREAUXFri Apr 12 1996Georgeous Wolf-Hybrid cubs
10798.0GENRAL::INDERMUEHLEMon Apr 15 1996Queen Size Sleeper Sofa
10799.0DV78Mon Apr 15 1996Golf Pull Cart
10800.0CSC32::C_SNIDERMon Apr 15 1996PC SIMMs for sale
10802.0BSS::BUSSARDMon Apr 15 1996Pro bike trainer for sale..
10803.0BSS::BUSSARDMon Apr 15 1996bro-in-law needs trailer for sis's STUFF
10805.0BSS::BROWNFWed Apr 17 1996wanted,hitch/trailor
10809.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 19 19961994 Nissan Quest GXE for sale
10812.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERMon Apr 22 1996WANTED: ladder rack for full-size Ford pickup.
10813.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONMon Apr 22 19961991 GMC Pickup Truck for Sale
10814.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 22 19961985 DODGE COLT ** FOR SALE **
10817.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWEMon Apr 22 1996Bose AM5 for Sale
10818.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWEMon Apr 22 1996Camera- Nikon
10819.0SSDEVO::SCHOWMon Apr 22 1996Quasar Microwave Oven
10820.0ACOBRA::HANNATue Apr 23 1996Multi-Media 486sx PC
10822.0DLOTue Apr 23 1996Lotus Word Pro 96
10823.0CSC32::J_KALINOWSKITue Apr 23 1996Stuff for sale...
10825.01BSS::DOOMWed Apr 24 19961971 Firebird Esprit for sale
10826.0CXOSI::AUSTINWed Apr 24 1996Apartment for rent in COS.
10827.0AZTECH::SANBORNThu Apr 25 1996WANTED: Plexiglass
10829.01CSC32::J_ALLENThu Apr 25 1996
10830.01CSC32::P_SOFri Apr 26 1996Free Door Opener and Dryer
10831.0BSS::MAGWIREFri Apr 26 1996KitchenAid Dishwasher
10833.01GENRAL::COULTERMon Apr 29 1996Music/Movie Videos - $5.
10834.0CSC32::D_STUARTMon Apr 29 1996snow plow, get ready for next year
10835.0CSC32::K_DIMICKMon Apr 29 1996Sears Kenmore Gas Dryer
10836.0CSC32::K_DIMICKMon Apr 29 1996Honda XR-5
10837.0--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 29 1996bikes and motorcycle forsale
10838.0CSC32::K_DIMICKMon Apr 29 1996Bunk Bed - Solid wood
10839.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWEMon Apr 29 1996Quality binoculars
10840.0GENRAL::MICHAUDMon Apr 29 1996vehicles and bike FOR SALE
10841.0CX3PST::CSC32::J_BECKERMon Apr 29 1996Wanted: Backpack camping equipment
10842.0BSS::TURNERDMon Apr 29 1996truck for sale
10843.01SSDEVO::BARTLESONMon Apr 29 1996Baby Stuff For Sale
10844.0SSDEVO::WOODTue Apr 30 199627" Sylvania Color TV
10845.0COOKIE::LEWISTue Apr 30 1996house for sale in Rockrimmon Area
10846.02CSC32::M_HERODOTUSTue Apr 30 1996Loaded but troubled Macintosh IIci for sale
10848.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed May 01 1996misc items for sale
10849.0CSC32::M_MCLAUGHLINWed May 01 1996Bird and turtle for sale
10850.01GENRAL::COULTERWed May 01 1996-Washer, Dryer, Dining Table for Sale-Washer, Dryer, Dining Table for Sale
10851.0BSS::ZINNWed May 01 1996Footwear
10852.0CSC32::K_DIMICKWed May 01 1996Blue Velveteen Couch
10853.0CSC32::K_DIMICKWed May 01 1996BELL Motorcylce Helmets (his/hers)
10854.0SSDEVO::KOSATSCHKOWWed May 01 1996 Sale: Beds and IBM Typewriter
10856.0CSC32::S_ROCHFORDWed May 01 1996Stereo Cabinet & Surround Sound Speaker
10858.0CSC32::J_MORTONThu May 02 1996Wanted: Horse misc.
10859.0ACOBRA::HANNAThu May 02 1996Wanted: Tunturi Bike
10860.0DV78Thu May 02 199693 JEEP CHEROKEE
10862.01CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri May 03 1996Baby Chinchillas for sale
10863.0BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri May 03 1996Coleman Spa For Sale
10864.0CSC32::S_MARTINFri May 03 1996Computer game (U.S. Navy Fighters)
10866.0--UnknownUser--Mon May 06 1996Modem and Software for Sale
10867.0CSC32::B_LEWISMon May 06 1996House for Sale
10870.0BSS::HANKINSMon May 06 1996MISC FOR SALE
10871.0CSC32::D_LOWRYMon May 06 1996hutch and couch for sale
10872.0CSC32::D_LOWRYMon May 06 19961995 Saturn for sale
10874.0CSC32::SMILEYTue May 07 19961985 Jeep Cheerokee
10876.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 08 1996Picket Fencing For Sale !
10877.0SSDEVO::FRASERWed May 08 19961991 CBR6
10879.0BSS::TMURPHYFri May 10 19961995 Harley For Sale
10880.0CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::broschatSat May 11 1996For SALE SoftSide Waterbed
10884.0CSC32::SCHIMPFTue May 14 1996Contractors Skil Saw...4Sale
10885.0PEAKS::OAKEYTue May 14 1996Software firesale
10886.0SSDEVO::KOWALLTue May 14 1996Software for sale
10887.0SSDEVO::SUDKAMPTue May 14 1996two rings for sale
10889.01BSS::L_BRADFORDTue May 14 1996Dresser for sale
10890.0ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEWed May 15 1996Crib, bedding, baby monitor.
10891.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed May 15 1996House For Rent - Central Location
10892.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 16 1996Acoustic/Electric Guitar For Sale
10895.0BSS::M_BERNHARDTFri May 17 1996rockies reds priates tix
10896.0GENRAL::T_LEBARIOFri May 17 1996Metal sign/holder for sale
10899.0BSS::BETCHANMon May 20 1996Dog house 4 sale
10900.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 20 1996little tikes toys
10904.01CSC32::B_GODWINTue May 21 1996FREE railrod ties, picnic table & bikes for sale
10905.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 21 1996Motorecycle Trailer
10907.01CSC32::REDDENWed May 22 19964X4 4 SALE
10908.01CXOLMS::GORMANWed May 22 19961986 Plymouth Voyager Van for sale
10909.0BSS::RSCOTTWed May 22 1996House 4 Rent
10911.0CSC32::SCHLABSThu May 23 19961989 Honda Accord LXi for sale
10912.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 23 1996Dishwasher
10913.0PMESD::BEABESThu May 23 1996Wanted
10914.0BSS::BENNETTFri May 24 19961993 Suburu Impreza
10917.01KDX2Mon May 27 1996Tons-o-stuff for sale after the move
10919.0COOKIE::KELLERTue May 28 1996Free cabinet doors, vintage stereo
10922.0COOKIE::MHUATue May 28 1996WANTED: Boy's 2
10926.0TLALOC::ALVEYWed May 29 1996FOR SALE: Matching Sofa, loveseat, club chair, ottoman, and wing chair
10927.0TLALOC::ALVEYWed May 29 1996FOR SALE: King Size Comforter Set and Matching Window Coverings
10929.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed May 29 1996Horse + ponies for sale
10930.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed May 29 1996for sale: 73 winnebago 25 foot
10932.0MFGFIN::BROPHYThu May 30 1996mens and girls bikes along with free stuff
10933.0EPCOT::COPELANDThu May 30 19961993 Ford Escort
10934.01CSC32::T_ABDELLAThu May 30 1996Motorcycles for sale
10936.0ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEThu May 30 1996Lawn Mowing Needed
10940.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYMon Jun 03 1996Formal couch and 2 matching chairs $25
10943.0TINCUP::OSWALDMon Jun 03 1996'87 Honda Accord LXI
10944.01TINCUP::OSWALDMon Jun 03 1996Tape Deck, Lawn Edging
10945.0DECIDE::NELSONMon Jun 03 1996House for Rent - Mtn Shadows
10948.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 05 1996'85 VW GTI, $175
10949.0SSDEVO::ELKINGTONWed Jun 05 1996Copper Mountain Condo For Rent
10950.0CSC32::SCHLABSThu Jun 06 1996glider rocker, waterbed frame, queen size mattress
10952.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 07 1996Horse for Sale
10953.0NEURON::HALBIGFri Jun 07 1996woodstove for sale
10955.0CSC32::SCHIMPFSat Jun 08 1996Lots of stuff 4sale
10958.0BSS::DICKERSONSun Jun 09 199614.4 external modem
10959.0CSC32::R_HUNTERMon Jun 10 19961988 Barretta GT
10961.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 10 1996
10963.01CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASTue Jun 11 1996AMD 368 DX4
10964.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONTue Jun 11 1996Rockies tix for sale; Sunday @ 1:
10968.0SSDEVO::MARTENSWed Jun 12 1996wanted low cost PC monitor
10970.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Jun 12 1996Concert Tickets Wanted - Perry Farrell, June 25th
10971.0CSC32::M_HERODOTUSWed Jun 12 1996CD Cases (Jewel Boxes) For Sale
10972.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOThu Jun 13 19961995 Honda Accord EX wagon
10976.0GENRAL::DTEGELERThu Jun 13 1996Camcorder
10978.0CSC32::LYONThu Jun 13 1996Need Electric Mower
10979.0CSC32::T_KNAPPThu Jun 13 1996Avalanche Stanley Cup Finals game tapes
10980.0CSC32::BOLANThu Jun 13 1996looking for condo in aspen or breckingridge
10981.0SSDEVO::WICKMon Jun 17 1996room for rent
10982.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jun 17 19961988 Chevy Extended Cab For Sale
10983.01CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASMon Jun 17 1996Microsoft Works and Money
10986.0CSC32::B_HORNEMon Jun 17 1996Gemeinhardt Flute For Sale
10987.0CSC32::B_HORNEMon Jun 17 19961986 SUBARU GL1
10989.0THEMAX::HUDSON_MITue Jun 18 1996SCSI-2 contoller for PCI bus
10990.0CSC32::J_RYERWed Jun 19 1996printer switch for sale
10993.0CSC32::J_MATHEWSWed Jun 19 1996Mazda MIATA
10998.0COOKIE::reuter.cxo.dec.com::REUTERThu Jun 20 199687 Jeep Wrangler for sale
10999.0BSS::MARAFINEThu Jun 20 1996Bookcase wanted
11000.01MFGFIN::RODGERSThu Jun 20 1996Dodge conversion van 1982 3/4 ton
11005.01CSC32::LYONFri Jun 21 1996Bike trailier and 12 Bike
11011.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 25 1996Items for sale
11014.0CSC32::BROOKTue Jun 25 1996Girls bike wanted
11015.0CSC32::BROOKTue Jun 25 1996Wanted ... 1988/89 Renault or Eagle Medallion Car
11016.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONTue Jun 25 1996More Rockies Tickets For Sale
11017.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Jun 26 1996China cabinet for sale - corner unit
11018.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 26 1996Rockies tickets available
11019.0MFGFIN::BUTLERThu Jun 27 1996mower and weedeaters
11025.0BSS::ANDERSONFri Jun 28 1996Craftsman 1
11026.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Jul 01 19961993 Saturn SL2 $1
11027.0CSC32::C_REESEMon Jul 01 19967' market umbrella
11028.0CSC32::J_EDWARDSMon Jul 01 19961962 Willys Wagon for sale
11030.0THEMAX::SMITH_STue Jul 02 1996Garth Brooks Tix
11031.0THEMAX::HUDSON_MITue Jul 02 1996486 Motherboard and disk controller
11032.0SSDEVO::MATAICHWed Jul 03 1996dining room set for sale
11034.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSSun Jul 07 1996Calcom 14.4 internal modem for sale
11035.01AZTECH::ALVEYSun Jul 07 1996Pre-Garage Sale Sale
11036.0SSDEVO::KOSATSCHKOWMon Jul 08 1996Adaptec 1542C
11038.0FIVEWT::BILESMon Jul 08 1996Refridgerator for sale
11040.0CSC32::B_LEWISMon Jul 08 1996Moving stuff to sell or give away
11041.0SIPAPU::KILGOREMon Jul 08 1996Wanted - Pump-Up Sprayer
11045.01CSC32::LUFFTue Jul 09 1996Items Wanted...
11047.0FACIL::OMURRAYTue Jul 09 1996Exercise, Motorcycle & Music Stuff
11050.0ARKIE::WEBBWed Jul 10 1996Complete camping trailer package
11051.01BSS::BENNETTWed Jul 10 1996CD's for sale
11052.01SSDEVO::FIALAWed Jul 10 1996Plymouth Colt Vista for sale
11055.0BSS::K_KREMERThu Jul 11 1996MISC FOR SALE
11056.0DV78Thu Jul 11 199626' HI-LO Travel Trailer
11057.0PMESD::MOSESThu Jul 11 1996Washer & Gas Dryer for Sale
11058.0BSS::PEREZThu Jul 11 1996Sega Genesis for Sale
11059.0SSDEVO::KOSATSCHKOWMon Jul 15 1996Adaptec 1542C For Sale
11062.0CSC32::M_MCLAUGHLINTue Jul 16 1996House for Rent
11063.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTTue Jul 16 1996Marshall Guitar Amp For Sale
11064.0CSC32::J_PHILLIPSTue Jul 16 1996bicycles, wheels, tires, misc for sale
11066.0CSC32::TSAKOPULOSTue Jul 16 1996White modern style crib with mattress
11067.0+4COOKIE::HEISLERTue Jul 16 1996Cooktop and Gas Grill
11068.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONWed Jul 17 1996Wanted: Country Western Music
11069.0CSC32::J_PARKERWed Jul 17 1996condo for sale
11070.0CSC32::PITTWed Jul 17 1996WANTED: Juke Box
11071.0BSS::KIDDIEWed Jul 17 1996For Sale 94 Kawasaski Motorcyle
11072.0AZTECH::ALVEYWed Jul 17 1996Multi-Family Garage Sale - July 19 & 2
11074.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Jul 17 1996CDrom Games for sale
11078.01CSC32::J_PHILLIPSMon Jul 22 1996price reduced - 2 classic Volkswagens
11079.0SSDEVO::DONAHUEMon Jul 22 1996Baby items for sale! Lots of good stuff!
11080.0SSDEVO::DONAHUEMon Jul 22 1996Fully-loaded stereo/CD/cassette for sale!
11082.0SSDEVO::LAWYERMon Jul 22 1996Microwave, tires, vinyl rain gutters
11083.0GENRAL::KIDDMon Jul 22 19961982 Ford F15
11084.0BSS::BENNETTMon Jul 22 1996Home for Sale - Westside Colo. Spgs.
11085.0CX3PST::FXSTC::M_BEACHTue Jul 23 199695 Mercury Sable Station Wagon
11086.0BSS::DICKERSONTue Jul 23 19962 Rockies tix for July 25
11087.0BSS::ANDERSONTue Jul 23 1996Wanted: Rockies Tickets
11088.0CSC64::CESARONETue Jul 23 1996Looking for bike trailer
11089.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Jul 24 1996Misc items for sale
11090.0CSC32::I_WALDOWed Jul 24 1996trampoline, 14 foot round
11092.0FACIL::DEHAANThu Jul 25 1996Electric Drafting Table and Drafting Machine
11095.01THEMAX::HUDSON_MIFri Jul 26 1996Bed and Dresser for sale
11096.0SSDEVO::MARKSSun Jul 28 1996WANTED: moving boxes
11097.01CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jul 29 1996Motorola DPC55
11098.0CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jul 29 1996Bianchi 47cm Road bike for sale
11100.0CSC32::C_REESEMon Jul 29 1996hanging lamp and single bed
11101.0CSC32::SCHLABSTue Jul 30 199626" MGA/Mitsubishi color tv for sale -- $75
11102.0CSC32::J_PARKERWed Jul 31 1996condo for sale
11103.0BSS::K_ALSTROMWed Jul 31 1996Couch, Table, & Stereo Cabinet For Sale
11104.0SSDEVO::FIALAWed Jul 31 1996Looking for 3
11105.01BSS::BORENThu Aug 01 1996queen w/bed w/dresser etc.
11107.0DV78Thu Aug 01 1996Yard/Craft Sale
11108.0GENRAL::TURCHECKThu Aug 01 1996Waterbed
11109.04BSS::MARAFINEThu Aug 01 1996Nintendo & Sega for sale
11110.0CXOSI::AUSTINMon Aug 05 1996Nintendo,microwave,answering machine
11112.0CSC32::LUFFMon Aug 05 1996Wanted: Flintstones episode featuring Gazoo
11113.0CSC32::RA_HALLMon Aug 05 1996Bronco Tickets 8/1
11114.0CSC32::RA_HALLMon Aug 05 1996Need floor protector and rocks.
11115.0CSC32::SCHLABSMon Aug 05 1996Rockies/Marlins: 8/5 (tonight)...4 tix @$5/ea.
11116.0CSC32::C_DUNNINGTue Aug 06 1996FREE KITTEN
11117.01COOKIE::KELSEYTue Aug 06 1996Telescope for sale
11118.0BSS::JSALETue Aug 06 1996Wanted: Registered Golden Retriever Puppy, Female
11119.0GENRAL::FIFETue Aug 06 1996Lawnmower, Waterbed for sale
11120.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Aug 06 1996black denim bikini top 87-91 Jeep Wrangler
11121.0CSC32::RUTSCHOWTue Aug 06 1996Lawn Sprinkler Control for sale
11122.0MFGFIN::BUTLERWed Aug 07 1996WANTED: memory modules
11123.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Aug 07 1996Bronco tickets for sale (2 tix)
11126.0CSC32::BSS::FLANNERYThu Aug 08 1996Wanted, Contract Bridge players, for league play
11127.0SSDEVO::T_LEBARIOThu Aug 08 1996Sofa for sale
11128.0SSDEVO::KOSATSCHKOWThu Aug 08 1996For Sale PCMCIA Fax/Modem Card
11129.01THEMAX::MONGERThu Aug 08 1996pool table for sale
11130.0SSDEVO::KRAUSEThu Aug 08 1996Need a Bassinet
11131.0CSC32::K_GILFORDFri Aug 09 1996(2) Rockies tix 4 sale, 8/22
11132.0CSC32::T_BUNDRICKFri Aug 09 1996Tenor Sax for Sale
11133.0SSDEVO::MARTENSFri Aug 09 1996Wanted, Motorcycle Sidecar frame,
11134.0BSS::BORENFri Aug 09 1996camero rally's
11135.0MFGFIN::MONGERFri Aug 09 1996Vitamaster and Bread Maker for sale
11136.0CSC32::T_BUNDRICKSat Aug 10 1996"EVETTE" Tenor Sax for sale
11137.0CSC32::HENNINGMon Aug 12 1996Seeking Walkfit
11138.0CSC32::C_REESEMon Aug 12 1996Rockrimmon townhome for sale
11139.0CSC32::J_LIWANAGMon Aug 12 1996House for Sale in NORWOOD..
11142.0COOKIE::LEWISWed Aug 14 1996wooden breakfast table with 4 chairs - $1
11143.0COOKIE::LEWISWed Aug 14 1996glass top dining table and 4 chairs - $35
11145.0CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::broschatWed Aug 14 1996Ski Boots, Waterbed, Window For Sale
11146.0CSC32::D_PERRINWed Aug 14 19961
11148.0SSAG::SNYDERThu Aug 15 1996Parts car: '79 VW Dasher wagon
11149.0EPCOT::COPELANDThu Aug 15 1996Must sell! 1993 Ford Escort
11150.0SSDEVO::T_LEBARIOFri Aug 16 1996Needed: 2 Bronco tickets
11151.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASFri Aug 16 1996free rainbow software
11152.0COOKIE::RUBENSTEINSun Aug 18 19961984 custom chev Van for sale
11153.0TUBORG::KOELLHOFFERMon Aug 19 1996Free Piano
11155.0CSC32::LUFFMon Aug 19 1996Tickets for sale to "Saving Grace"
11156.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Aug 19 1996cdrom software titles for sale
11157.0DV78Tue Aug 20 1996Golf Clubs
11158.0CSC32::SCHLABSTue Aug 20 1996Bronco's tickets for sale
11159.0TINCUP::KIRKTue Aug 20 1996Wanted: Twin Matress & Boxspring
11160.0LILCPX::BUCHHOLZTue Aug 20 1996Super-Single Waterbeds
11161.0SSDEVO::HAMPTONTue Aug 20 1996Rockies Tix For Sale; Thu, Aug 29
11162.0CSC32::L_WHITMORETue Aug 20 1996FREE boxes
11163.0CSC32::MCCANDLESSTue Aug 20 1996CD's for Sale!!!
11164.0BSS::HERB2E::TEEUWETue Aug 20 1996Pellet stove for Sale
11165.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASTue Aug 20 1996microsoft office v4.
11167.0GENRAL::BASSETTTue Aug 20 1996AFA Football Tickets for sale
11168.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASWed Aug 21 1996Microsoft Publisher v2.
11169.0CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Aug 21 1996Moving boxes
11170.0CSC32::D_PERRINWed Aug 21 1996miniblinds and pleated shades
11173.01CSC32::J_BOLANThu Aug 22 1996DECstation 5
11174.0CSC32::LUFFThu Aug 22 1996Garage Sale - Please help... 8^)
11175.0CSC32::B_GREMMERTThu Aug 22 1996For Sale:1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4X4
11176.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASFri Aug 23 1996FREE Manuals for Colorado Backup for Windows
11177.01CSC32::MCLEANFri Aug 23 1996PC Software (no Games) for sale
11178.0BSS::DICKERSONFri Aug 23 1996Four 4mb 72pin parity SIMMS for sale
11179.0ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEMon Aug 26 1996Crib & bedding, baby monitor.
11180.0CSC32::LUFFMon Aug 26 1996Free Moving Boxes
11181.02CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Aug 26 1996Couch for sale
11182.0CSC32::LUFFMon Aug 26 1996Free T-lock shingles
11183.01CXOSI::BISHOPMon Aug 26 19961986 Ford Thunderbird - must see
11184.0SSDEVO::LUNTMon Aug 26 1996free kitten
11185.0COOKIE::LEWISMon Aug 26 19963bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car garage, no pets, nonsmokers, $95
11186.0AZTECH::SANBORNTue Aug 27 1996Car for sale - 1992 Eclipse AWD Turbo
11187.0SSDEVO::DONAHUETue Aug 27 1996Jeep Grand Wagoneer - Perfect condition!
11188.0PEAKS::LAWLORTue Aug 27 1996Rockies vs Reds TONIGHT !
11189.0TINCUP::M_HERRERATue Aug 27 1996House in Tri-Lakes area for rent
11190.0CSC32::LUFFTue Aug 27 1996CO State Fair Tickets for sale!
11190.0BSS::DICKERSONWed Aug 28 1996Colo Mem Jumbo 35
11191.0CSC32::LUFFTue Aug 27 1996Sky Sox tickets for sale (family section)
11192.0BSS::BUSSARDWed Aug 28 1996Free stuff!
11193.01CSC32::SHEEHYWed Aug 28 1996Starion P12
11194.02DSNENG::KOLBEThu Aug 29 1996bedroom set and 55 gallon aquarium
11195.0SSDEVO::YESSEThu Aug 29 1996PCI Bus Video Card for sale
11196.0COOKIE::KELLERThu Aug 29 1996Colnago Road Bike
11197.0SSDEVO::FAVAThu Aug 29 1996"Music of the Night" Tickets
11198.0CSC32::G_BURTTFri Aug 30 1996Oak Bedroom Set
11199.0BSS::KIDDIEFri Aug 30 1996Linda Ronstadt Tickets
11201.0CSC32::LUFFFri Aug 30 1996Air Force football tickets for sale
11202.02CSC32::R_GOLLEHONSat Aug 31 1996Formal Dining Room Table For Sale
11203.01CSC32::R_GOLLEHONSat Aug 31 1996Antique oak table for sale
11204.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONSun Sep 01 1996For Sale: Bikes
11205.0BSS::ZINNTue Sep 03 1996Oak Coffee Table
11206.0CSC32::M_HENDERSONTue Sep 03 1996Honda Accord for sale
11207.0EPCOT::COPELANDTue Sep 03 1996Free--ELM stumps ready to split
11208.0COOKIE::HEISLERWed Sep 04 1996Free firewood
11209.0CSC32::RA_HALLWed Sep 04 1996Husky for sale, going quick.
11210.01CXOSI::BISHOPThu Sep 05 1996T-BIRD 4-SALE
11211.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONThu Sep 05 1996Garage Sale
11212.0CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::broschatFri Sep 06 199692 Isuzu Rodeo For Sale
11214.0LILCPX::WANGERINMon Sep 09 1996CDi55
11215.0BSS::ZINNMon Sep 09 1996Antique Server
11216.0MDSMon Sep 09 1996FREE Couch
11217.0COOKIE::HEISLERMon Sep 09 1996FREE desk
11218.03CSC32::I_WALDOTue Sep 10 1996computer stuff
11219.0CSC32::HENNINGTue Sep 10 1996Jogger stroller
11220.0BSS::ZINNTue Sep 10 1996Items for sale
11221.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOTue Sep 10 1996Landscaping wood chips for sale
11222.0CSC32::LUFFWed Sep 11 1996Circus tickets for sale - this weekend
11223.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Sep 11 1996More bikes for sale
11224.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Sep 11 1996House For Sale - Woodland Park
11225.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Sep 11 1996Musical Equipment For Sale
11226.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Sep 11 19961969 Mustang Convertible For Sale
11227.01GENRAL::WADEThu Sep 12 1996Bedliner For Sale
11228.0CSC32::VOSEThu Sep 12 1996Duck Stamp Prints
11229.0BSS::GOODMANThu Sep 12 1996WANTED: FUTON -
11230.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Sep 12 1996Baltimore VS Denver -- did you want tickets?
11231.01GENRAL::MICHAUDFri Sep 13 1996FOR SALE: 1969 GMC PICK-UP
11232.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Sep 13 1996Antique oak sideboard
11233.0VIVALD::SHEAFri Sep 13 19962 1M x 32 (4MB) SIMMs
11234.01SSDEVO::SHENFri Sep 13 1996For sale: Bunk bed
11235.0CSC32::J_MATHEWSMon Sep 16 1996Tires for sale 195/6
11236.0SSDEVO::T_LEBARIOMon Sep 16 1996Perforated Pipe for sale
11237.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTMon Sep 16 1996Marshall Guitar Amp & Signal Processor For Sale
11238.0BSS::ZINNMon Sep 16 1996Dining room table and chairs
11239.01CSC32::VISAGETue Sep 17 1996Mattress/Boxsprings and changing table
11240.0SPECXN::BW_LEETue Sep 17 199614 inch Volvo steel rims
11241.01CXOSI::BISHOPTue Sep 17 19961986 Ford for sale
11242.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOTue Sep 17 199693 Plymouth Grand Voyager
11243.0GENRAL::DEWITTTue Sep 17 199693 Grand Am
11246.0GENRAL::KRUEGERFri Sep 20 1996Need Drywall Finisher
11247.0SSDEVO::HODGESFri Sep 20 1996Rockies Tickets, 9/27 GAME
11248.01CSC32::S_DANNENSun Sep 22 1996Oak roll top desk
11249.0KDX2Sun Sep 22 1996Wheels, tires and dining room table 4 sale
11250.01BSS::KOVALSKYMon Sep 23 1996GARAGE SALE
11251.0GENRAL::FIFEMon Sep 23 1996Looking for a table saw
11252.0CSC32::B_GODWINTue Sep 24 1996sewing machine for sale
11253.0GENRAL::WILSONTue Sep 24 1996Used appliances for sale
11254.0CSC32::M_BERNHARDTWed Sep 25 1996rockies tix
11255.0BIGHOG::ZANDWed Sep 25 1996Toddler bed for sale.
11257.0TINCUP::CABRALThu Sep 26 1996Comforter: Full-size Sedona pattern
11258.0CSC32::BARGERThu Sep 26 1996Looking for a used trampoline
11259.0SSDEVO::SEDILLOThu Sep 26 1996Drill Press, Scroll saw, Belt sander for sale
11260.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Sep 27 1996Snowblower for sale
11261.0CSC32::PINCHUKFri Sep 27 1996WANTED: Rainbow Vacuum D2 model type.
11262.0CSC32::I_WALDOMon Sep 30 1996air hockey, punching bag, abflex
11263.0COOKIE::HAMILTONMon Sep 30 1996LaZy Boy couch
11264.0COOKIE::HAMILTONMon Sep 30 1996LaZy Boy recliner
11265.0MDSMon Sep 30 19964 x 8 utility trailer $25
11266.0CSC32::M_CRAFTTue Oct 01 1996NISSAN/TOYOTA SALE
11268.03GENRAL::ARSENEAUThu Oct 03 1996Miscellaneous PC Parts For Sale
11269.0GENRAL::RALSTONMon Oct 07 19963
11270.0CSC32::GULDENMon Oct 07 1996RCA 27" Colortrak Console TV
11271.01COOKIE::HEISLERMon Oct 07 1996Women's golf clubs
11274.02CSC32::LUFFTue Oct 08 1996Royal Gorge Tickets for sale!
11275.0BSS::KIDDIETue Oct 08 1996Need furniture for apt.
11277.0BSS::KIDDIEWed Oct 09 1996Need apt furniture
11278.0BSS::BUSSARDWed Oct 09 1996Needed: Rolltop desk, bookcase, daybed..
11279.0CSC32::J_OLSSONThu Oct 10 1996Moving boxes - FREE
11280.0LILCPX::WANGERINFri Oct 11 1996CDI55
11281.0SSDEVO::M_HERMANFri Oct 11 1996Craftsman Table Saw
11282.01COOKIE::KELSEYFri Oct 11 1996Moving Sale
11283.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOSun Oct 13 1996Girls Daybed $125
11284.0SSDEVO::ELKINGTONSun Oct 13 1996Signs For Sale
11285.01SSDEVO::ELKINGTONSun Oct 13 1996'92 Toyota Celica GTS For Sale
11286.0SSDEVO::ELKINGTONSun Oct 13 1996Copper Mtn Condo For Rent
11287.0BSS::HALLMon Oct 14 1996Broncos tickets
11288.0BSS::BENNETTMon Oct 14 1996Green metal desk for sale
11289.0BSS::ANDERSONMon Oct 14 1996Wanted: Broncos-Bears Tickets
11290.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Oct 14 1996Home for sale
11291.0BSS::ZINNMon Oct 14 1996Quality Furniture
11292.02NETRIX::"nancy@csc.cxo.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996Major Appliances, TV for sale
11293.0CSC32::K_GILFORDTue Oct 15 1996Double bed & couch
11295.0CSC32::POTTERThu Oct 17 1996Indian Summer Garage Sale this Saturday!!
11296.0BSS::K_LAFRANCEThu Oct 17 1996toy kitchen
11297.0CSC32::W_LINVILLEThu Oct 17 1996for sale trailer,mower,scanner
11298.01BSS::B_WEBBFri Oct 18 1996FOR SALE: DISHES
11299.0GENRAL::HAYESFri Oct 18 1996Free river rock
11301.01CSC32::R_RASHMon Oct 21 1996Computer Gaming Stuff
11302.0GENRAL::KILGOREMon Oct 21 1996Stock Trailer For Sale
11303.0GENRAL::KILGOREMon Oct 21 1996Antique 4-drawer dresser
11305.0CXOSI::BISHOPMon Oct 21 1996REWARD - Looking for music...
11306.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASMon Oct 21 1996Looking for person to do house cleaning
11307.0CSC32::I_WALDOTue Oct 22 1996overdrive chip and games
11308.0CSC32::T_HUTCHINTue Oct 22 19968-disk EIDE GSI controller for sale
11309.0CSC32::LUFFTue Oct 22 1996Reserved AF vs. Hawaii tickets for sale
11310.0CSC32::LUFFTue Oct 22 1996General Admission AF vs. Hawaii tickets for sale
11311.0GENRAL::DTEGELERWed Oct 23 1996Camaro for sale
11312.0GENRAL::KRUEGERWed Oct 23 19961983 Dodge Colt 4sale
11313.0CXOSI::BISHOPWed Oct 23 1996Thunderbird
11314.02BSS::B_WEBBThu Oct 24 1996For Sale: Sega Games
11315.0BSS::ZINNThu Oct 24 1996Items for sale
11316.0BSS::PEREZThu Oct 24 1996Weider Home Gym for sale
11317.0BSS::MANTHEIThu Oct 24 1996NT Server 4.
11318.0GENRAL::KRUEGERThu Oct 24 19961986 Ford Tempo 4sale
11319.0CSC32::LYONThu Oct 24 1996White French Provincial bedroom
11320.0COOKIE::HAMILTONThu Oct 24 1996large tire chains
11321.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Oct 25 1996#9 GXE64pro video card $6
11322.0GENRAL::ARSENEAUSat Oct 26 1996Desk, Bike, Battery Charger For Sale
11323.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Oct 28 1996PC memory wanted
11324.01CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::cxosi.cxo.dec.com::broschatMon Oct 28 1996FREE Desks!!!
11325.01CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::cxosi.cxo.dec.com::broschatMon Oct 28 1996CUBICLE WALLS FOR SALE
11326.0CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::cxosi.cxo.dec.com::broschatMon Oct 28 1996BRAND NEW SKI BOOTS FOR SALE
11327.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Oct 28 1996PC floppy and Keyboard wanted
11328.04CSC32::R_RASHMon Oct 28 1996PC Hardware/Software for Sale
11329.0CSC32::J_ALLENMon Oct 28 1996PC Hard Disk wanted
11330.0CSC32::M_MCLAUGHLINMon Oct 28 19961985 Firebird for sale
11331.01CSC32::LUFFTue Oct 29 1996Gobs-O-Tix for AF vs. CSU football
11332.02CXOSI::TEJATue Oct 29 1996SkyFort and Beds for sale
11333.0CSC32::SHEEHYTue Oct 29 1996Wanted: Utility trailer
11334.0BSS::DSMITHWed Oct 30 1996HealthRider
11336.01CXOSI::mciatr.cxo.dec.com::cxosi.cxo.dec.com::broschatWed Oct 30 1996Waterbed must GO!!
11337.0BSS::DSMITHWed Oct 30 19961987 Harley for sale
11338.0COOKIE::KELLERWed Oct 30 1996Sega Genesis video game system
11339.0CSC32::VISAGEWed Oct 30 1996486 DX4-1
11340.01SSDEVO::HAMPTONWed Oct 30 1996For Sale: P5/9
11341.0CSC32::J_DAMMWed Oct 30 1996Buick and VW for sale
11342.0BSS::TEEUWEWed Oct 30 1996Pellet Stove
11343.0BSS::TEEUWEWed Oct 30 1996HIGH power spotter
11344.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASThu Oct 31 1996Little Tykes Dollhouse for Sale
11345.02CSC32::K_YOUNGThu Oct 31 1996For Sale
11346.0SSDEVO::PORTERThu Oct 31 1996Tan / Brown Hide-A-Bed
11347.0SSDEVO::T_LEBARIOThu Oct 31 1996Antique Sew Mach. for sale
11348.0CSC32::PINCHUKFri Nov 01 1996FOR SALE: 3.5hp AIR COMPRESSOR
11349.01BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Nov 01 1996bookcases & queen-size bed for sale
11350.0DV78Sun Nov 03 1996leather chairs
11351.01CSC32::S_DANNENMon Nov 04 1996PC parts & memory
11352.0BSS::ZINNMon Nov 04 1996Pony cart
11353.0CSC32::S_DANNENMon Nov 04 199689 Jeep Cherokee
11354.01SPECXN::WITHERSMon Nov 04 1996Epson Stylus II Cartridges
11355.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Nov 04 1996Cardinal 288
11356.0SSDEVO::SHENTue Nov 05 1996Skis for sale
11357.0CSC32::DECKERWed Nov 06 199693 Honda Civic
11358.01CSC32::J_RYERWed Nov 06 1996HiNote Ultra laptop
11359.01SSDEVO::VANDERWAALLMon Nov 11 1996Yokohama (used) tires for sale.
11360.0GENRAL::KRUEGERMon Nov 11 1996Washer & Dryer for sale
11361.0CSC32::J_PARKERMon Nov 11 1996Honda Ace for sale
11362.0EPCOT::COPELANDTue Nov 12 1996Looking for Moving Boxes
11363.01GENRAL::HAYESTue Nov 12 1996AMSEC gun safe
11364.01SSDEVO::BERRYTue Nov 12 1996Waterbed mattress & chainsaw
11365.0SSDEVO::WOODTue Nov 12 1996Canon EOS SLR Camera Lens and Accessories
11366.0PEAKS::RICHARDTue Nov 12 1996Mac Ppinter for sale
11367.0CSC32::B_HAASTue Nov 12 1996For Sale: WESTPAC Mystery Trip
11368.0IMTDEV::POSHUSTAWed Nov 13 1996 4X4 truck for sale.
11369.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Nov 13 199614.4 fax/data modem for sale
11371.01CSC32::D_STUARTFri Nov 15 1996snow plow
11372.0CSC32::D_STUARTFri Nov 15 1996ham radio
11373.0CSC32::D_STUARTFri Nov 15 1996browning compound bow
11374.0CSC32::S_DANNENSat Nov 16 1996Free Refrigerator
11375.0BSS::R_PEREZSat Nov 16 1996Memory wanted
11376.0ELBERT::MORTONMon Nov 18 1996bassinet for sale
11377.0CSC32::P_DICKERSONMon Nov 18 1996"Jingle All The Way" Movie Tickets
11378.01CSC32::RITTERMon Nov 18 1996For Sale: PC Memory / Free: waterbed
11379.0BSS::EDWARDSTue Nov 19 1996Looking For Nintendo Super Scope
11380.0CSC32::VISAGETue Nov 19 1996MS Office
11382.02PEAKS::IANNICELLITue Nov 19 19961988 VW Fox Wagon For Sale!!
11383.0DECIDE::LANGFELDTTue Nov 19 1996Antique Oak Dresser
11384.0CSC32::RITTERTue Nov 19 19964 MB PC Memory Simms
11386.01CSC32::R_BUCKTue Nov 19 1996PC Game Software
11387.01COOKIE::HEISLERWed Nov 20 1996L.L.Bean jacket and ski pants
11388.0TINCUP::HOLSTWed Nov 20 1996Mud and snow tires
11389.0CSC32::D_STUARTThu Nov 21 1996kenwood tr25
11390.0BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Nov 21 1996FS: DECLaser 21
11392.0CSC32::LUFFThu Nov 21 1996Frisco CO timeshare for sale
11393.0BSS::MANTHEIThu Nov 21 1996Washing machine - cheap
11394.01BSS::MANTHEIThu Nov 21 1996Home for Sale - 1
11396.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERFri Nov 22 1996Free Desk
11397.0BSS::BUSSARDFri Nov 22 1996Remodeling sale, lotsa' good stuff!
11398.0CSC32::L_FRYMon Nov 25 199693 Ford Crown Victoria LX
11399.0BSS::BUSSARDMon Nov 25 1996Remodeling sale, lotsa' good stuff!
11400.0BSS::KIDDIEMon Nov 25 1996Country Line-dancing
11401.0SSDEVO::RODGERSTue Nov 26 1996Scroll Saw - just in time for Christmas !
11402.0SSDEVO::RODGERSWed Nov 27 1996Bath / Transfer Bench
11403.0CSC32::LYONWed Nov 27 1996Bedroom set and Bike Trailer
11404.0+1CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Nov 27 199693 Olds Achieva SCX
11406.0CSC32::SCHIMPFSat Nov 30 1996Fantastic DEAL...Shop early!
11407.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOSat Nov 30 1996guitar for sale
11408.0BSS::TEEUWEMon Dec 02 1996Stove-reduced $$$$
11409.0CSC32::D_BUSTOSMon Dec 02 1996Babysitter Available.
11410.0SSDEVO::ELKINGTONTue Dec 03 199612/6 AVALANCHE tickets wanted
11411.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Dec 05 1996Myst + pc parts for sale
11412.0CSC32::B_SHAWThu Dec 05 19961984 FORD VAN FS
11413.0CSC32::B_HAASThu Dec 05 1996Looking for dog kennel
11414.0SSDEVO::PULSIPHERFri Dec 06 1996Have Cat, Will Give
11415.0CSC32::M_BERNHARDTFri Dec 06 1996Rockies Tickets Incl Opening Day
11416.0BSS::BUSSARDFri Dec 06 1996Pickaxes needed! Help!
11417.0CX3PST::BSS::M_BURLEYFri Dec 06 1996<Ford 4X4 ranger for sale>
11418.0CSC32::B_HAASWed Dec 11 1996WANTED: Armoire (wardrobe)
11419.0PEAKS::RICHARDWed Dec 11 1996Kids' clubhouse for sale
11420.0CSC32::LYONWed Dec 11 1996Free sinks
11421.01CSC32::R_RASHThu Dec 12 1996PC Games for Sale
11422.01CSC32::R_RASHThu Dec 12 1996Sony Playstation Games for Sale
11423.01CSC32::R_RASHThu Dec 12 1996Car Radios for Sale
11424.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Dec 12 1996Wanted: Upright Piano
11425.0ELBERT::MORTONFri Dec 13 1996Wanted: full sized mattress/box springs
11426.0CX3PST::CSC32::KLIMASSun Dec 15 1996Precor Low Impact Stepper/Climber model 718e
11427.0CSC32::L_WHITMORESun Dec 15 1996WANTED - Elmo Saves Christmas
11428.0PEAKS::OAKEYMon Dec 16 199618" Stubben Sigfried Saddle
11429.0BSS::ZINNMon Dec 16 1996Washer for sale
11430.0KDX2Mon Dec 16 1996Bed wanted
11431.0CSC32::MARZULLAMon Dec 16 199614.4 Modem and Games
11431.0CSC32::S_MARTINTue Dec 17 1996Computer Game For Sale
11432.0CSC32::B_HAASWed Dec 18 1996Great house for rent
11433.0NETRIX::"stiles@mail.dec.com"Wed Dec 18 1996Twinner Jog Stroller
11433.0BSS::TMURPHYFri Dec 20 1996Condo available Dec, 26,27,28..
11434.0CSC32::D_DECKERMon Dec 23 19962.3GB SCSI MO drive for sale
11435.0CSC32::M_CRAFTMon Dec 23 1996WOOD STOVE FOR SALE
11436.0PEAKS::BEANTue Dec 24 1996King Waterbed (Free)
11438.0CSC32::KOELLHOFFERWed Dec 25 1996Apartment to share
11439.0CSC32::A_WHITEThu Dec 26 19961994 F25
11440.0BSS::ZINNThu Dec 26 1996Cedar chest
11441.0NETRIX::"stile@mail.dec.com"Fri Dec 27 1996Jog Stroller
11442.0CSC32::L_WHITMORESat Dec 28 199612' Christmas Tree
11443.0BSS::BENNETTMon Dec 30 1996Nordic Rider $ 25
11444.0CSC32::VISAGEMon Dec 30 1996Win95 CDrom caching utility.
11446.01CSC32::GULDENMon Dec 30 1996Sofa-sleeper (queen), Chair and Ottoman for sale
11447.01NABSCO::MURRAYMon Dec 30 1996Copper Mountain Ski Lift Tickets
11448.0BSS::MARAFINEMon Dec 30 1996MAZDA B2
11449.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Dec 31 1996Mtn. Bikes, Hunting Gear for sale.
11450.0CSC32::M_CRAFTTue Dec 31 1996WOOD STOVE
11451.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Jan 01 1997PC Memory and small hard drive for sale
11452.0BSS::HOOVERFri Jan 03 1997Free carpet
11453.0CSC32::J_GONZALEZFri Jan 03 1997Baby Grand Piano For Sale.
11455.0SSDEVO::KRUEGERFri Jan 03 1997JEEP Grand Wagoneer 4X4 for sale
11456.0SSAG::TERZAFri Jan 03 1997Townhome for Rent
11456.0SSAG::TERZAMon Jan 06 1997Townhome for Rent
11458.02GENRAL::KILGOREMon Jan 06 1997Needlework Kits for sale
11459.0BSS::ROBINSONMon Jan 06 1997Townhome for Rent
11460.0BSS::MANTHEITue Jan 07 1997Home close to CXO
11461.0BSS::MCINTIRETue Jan 07 1997Free Chain Link Fence
11462.01CSC32::LUFFWed Jan 08 1997Tickets to Ricochet for sale
11463.0SSDEVO::ROCHFORDWed Jan 08 1997Occassional babysitter needed
11464.0BSS::BENNETTWed Jan 08 1997CD's for sale - $ 5.
11465.0BSS::BENNETTWed Jan 08 1997Black Leather Coat - Harley Davidson Brand
11466.0COOKIE::KELLERWed Jan 08 1997Oak Firewood
11467.0CSC32::D_WILDERWed Jan 08 1997PC Game Software - EA Sports Madden 97 NFL Football
11468.0GENRAL::KILGOREWed Jan 08 1997Crafter's picture frames 4-sale
11469.0AZTECH::ALVEYWed Jan 08 1997FOR SALE: Oak Armoire-style Entertainment Center
11470.0SPECXN::BW_LEEThu Jan 09 1997Steel Rim for Volvo 24
11472.0KDX2Thu Jan 09 1997Stuff for sale - baby goods, sofa, mustang wheels
11474.0CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jan 09 1997Barcrafter ski racks-$2
11475.01CSC32::TSAKOPULOSThu Jan 09 1997baby items for sale
11477.0CSC32::DEMOLLIFri Jan 10 1997Sullivan Stereo cabinet for sale
11479.0BSS::BUSSARDMon Jan 13 1997Household goods / bike trainer / computer desk
11480.0DSNENG::chains.cxo.dec.com::kolbeMon Jan 13 1997steel string acoustic guitar for sale
11481.0SSDEVO::MATAICHWed Jan 15 1997dog kennel for sale
11482.0DV78Wed Jan 15 1997Vacation Week for Sale
11483.0GENRAL::ARSENEAUThu Jan 16 1997Drafting Table, Desk, Battery Charger For Sale
11484.01SSDEVO::ROCHFORDThu Jan 16 1997Washer and Dryer for sale
11485.0CSC32::D_STUARTThu Jan 16 1997snow plow
11486.0CSC32::D_STUARTThu Jan 16 1997amateur radio
11487.01NETRIX::"walt.barrow@cxo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jan 16 1997Software Consultant
11488.0NETRIX::"walt.barrow@cxo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jan 16 1997PopUp Camper for Sale
11489.0CSC32::A_DEBRITOFri Jan 17 1997Single bed and accessories for sale
11490.0CSC32::MARSHALLFri Jan 17 1997Power Rider & Hip/Thigh machine
11491.02COOKIE::HEISLERSun Jan 19 1997Phantom of the Opera Ticket
11492.0BSS::M_BERNHARDTMon Jan 20 1997Need beginner Piano
11493.0CSC32::MARSHALLMon Jan 20 1997'95 Jeep Grand Cherokee
11494.0CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Jan 20 1997FS: Hot Tub
11495.01COOKIE::HEISLERTue Jan 21 1997Child's cross country ski pkg
11497.0CSC32::J_KALINOWSKITue Jan 21 1997Metallica tickets
11498.0CSC32::M_REINHOLDWed Jan 22 1997looking for Greas tickets
11499.0CSC32::I_WALDOWed Jan 22 1997DECjet2
11500.0SSDEVO::TANZERWed Jan 22 1997Looking for 386/486 PC's
11501.0COOKIE::HEISLERThu Jan 23 199714.4 modem for sale
11502.0CSC32::MARSHALLThu Jan 23 1997'95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
11503.0 *BSS::ROBINSONFri Jan 24 1997Townhome for rent
11504.0 *CSC32::S_MARTINFri Jan 24 1997Computer game for sale
11505.0 *CSC32::SCHIMPFFri Jan 24 1997S.W Art/Dolls for Sale
11506.0 *+1CSC32::B_GRUBBSMon Jan 27 1997Super Nintendo + 3 games for sale
11507.0 *CSC32::R_GOLLEHONMon Jan 27 1997For Sale: Saturn SC1
11508.0 *AZTECH::SANBORNTue Jan 28 1997PC CD-ROMS for Sale
11509.0 *BSS::GOODMANTue Jan 28 1997WANTED: Car Seat for toddler, and high chair
11510.0 *PEAKS::IANNICELLITue Jan 28 1997SKI BOOTS FOR SALE!!!!!
11511.0 *CSC32::BSS::FLANNERYWed Jan 29 1997End Unit Townhome for sale in Prestigious PINECLIFF
11512.0 *+1CSC32::G_MIXONWed Jan 29 1997Kitchen appliances
11513.0 *BSS::MANTHEIWed Jan 29 1997Freebie Washing machine
11514.0 *BSS::BUSSARDThu Jan 30 1997Household goods, etc.
11515.0 *BSS::HALLThu Jan 30 1997Want to buy small, cheap guitar amplifier
11516.0 *BSS::MARAFINEThu Jan 30 1997Need Microwave
11518.0 *SSDEVO::FIALAFri Jan 31 1997Looking for the halftime show...
11519.0 *+2CSC32::J_DAMMSun Feb 02 1997PC software
11520.0 *DSNENG::MISFELDTSun Feb 02 1997Musical stuff for sale
11522.0 *CSC32::R_ROOZEBOOMMon Feb 03 19971994 F15
11523.0 *SSDEVO::PHILLIPSMon Feb 03 1997199
11524.0 *+1CSC32::D_STUARTTue Feb 04 1997dog cage (dog not included)
11525.0 *PEAKS::IANNICELLITue Feb 04 1997IDE controller WANTED!!
11526.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMORETue Feb 04 1997curtains for sale.
11527.0 *BSS::DSMITHTue Feb 04 1997looking for wheels
11528.0 *+1CSC32::J_HENSONTue Feb 04 1997Western king-size sleigh bed
11529.0 *+1CSC32::L_WHITMORETue Feb 04 1997infant/toddler boys clothes for sale
11530.0 *CSC32::M_CRAFTTue Feb 04 1997RIMS/BASS AMP
11531.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMORETue Feb 04 1997safety gates/toys for sale
11532.0 *CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Feb 06 1997Weslo Cardio-Glider
11533.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMOREFri Feb 07 1997FREE magazines
11534.0 *GENRAL::OTTFri Feb 07 1997Condo for Rent - Valentines Week !!!
11535.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMOREFri Feb 07 1997Humidifier for sale
11536.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMOREFri Feb 07 1997Recipe Books for sale
11537.0 *CSC32::R_ROOZEBOOMSun Feb 09 19971994 F15
11538.0 *COOKIE::HEISLERMon Feb 10 1997Sears Lifestyler Rower
11539.0 *BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Feb 10 1997'93 Palomino Pop-Up For Sale
11540.0 *BSS::MARAFINEMon Feb 10 1997Need Moving Boxes
11541.0 *ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEWed Feb 12 1997House For Rent -- Downtown
11542.0 *ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEWed Feb 12 1997Changing Tables For Sale
11543.0 *CSC32::VISAGEWed Feb 12 1997memory wanted
11544.0 *+1CSC32::R_GOLLEHONWed Feb 12 1997FS: Computer parts
11545.0 *+1COOKIE::HEISLERThu Feb 13 1997Boys jeans/pants for sale
11546.0 *ARKIE::WEBBFri Feb 14 19971977 Mercury Station Wagon