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Conference ssdevo::colorado

Notice:Welcome to COLORADO on SSDEVO::please type DIR/KEY=NEWCOMERS
Created:Tue Jan 06 1987
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2424
Total number of notes:40416
Number with bodies:304
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1.0+60COMET::ROBERTSTue Jan 06 1987The Colorado file
2.0+20SSDEVO::OAKEYTue Jan 06 1987Related Colorado notes conferences
3.0779CSC32::LIVERMANWed Jan 07 1987Colorado Springs Restaurants
4.0+71CSC32::LIVERMANWed Jan 07 1987Restaurants Near Colorado Springs
5.016KIRIN::R_MISKOWITCHWed Jan 07 1987Theater in C. Springs
6.0111WATNEY::SPARROWWed Jan 07 1987introductions (of course)
7.037NEXUS::GORTMAKERWed Jan 07 1987Things to see and do.
9.038NEXUS::DEVINSThu Jan 08 1987The Best in Colorado
10.097--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 08 1987Bitchin'
11.012COMET::ALLENJFri Jan 09 1987Green Mountain Falls
13.038NEXUS::DEVINSTue Jan 13 1987Greatest Tourist Ripoff?
14.079COMET::MARTINThu Jan 15 1987Winter returns to the Pikes Peak region
15.021WATNEY::G_HEGEMANThu Jan 15 1987x-country trails
16.019CSC32::VICKREYThu Jan 15 1987Colorado Convention Announcements
17.04REGENT::MERRILLFri Jan 16 1987Grand Canyon
18.034NEXUS::DEVINSFri Jan 16 1987The Official CXO Dictionary
19.010PRANCR::STEWARTTue Jan 20 1987A trip to Wolf Creek
20.055NEXUS::SALZERWed Jan 21 1987Super Bowl XXI
21.03PLANET::BASSETTFri Jan 23 1987Sorry Colorado - Geek picks winner !!
22.05FURILO::BLINNWed Feb 04 1987Valentines remailing in Loveland, CO
23.07PRANCR::TIMPSONWed Feb 04 1987Speaking of Skiing
25.064MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Feb 09 1987Some information about CXO, please
27.012CSC32::WATERSTue Feb 17 1987Co. Springs Home Owners
29.027CLOSUS::HOETue Feb 24 1987Best water in the USA...
30.028CSC32::VICKREYThu Feb 26 1987Snow day? Nah, send them to school!
31.034GENRAL::FRASHERMon Mar 02 1987Winter driving tips.
34.04PHDVAX::FANELLISun Mar 08 1987Spring Weather West of the Divide
35.031ZENSNI::HOEMon Mar 09 1987A matter of misunderstanding the law...
36.06COMET::ROBERTSTue Mar 10 1987<= ONE WAY =
37.08ZENSNI::HOEMon Mar 16 1987High plains gardening in the sand...
38.060CSC32::WATERSWed Mar 18 1987How about TREES
39.013COOKIE::ZANEThu Mar 19 1987Outdoor Registry
40.08MUNOIS::PPELLEMANSThu Mar 19 1987A Dutch refugee ...
41.08SSDEVO::OAKEYFri Mar 20 1987Driving in windy conditions, anyone?
42.0+114--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 24 1987Upcoming events
43.022COOKIE::SUSSWEINWed Mar 25 1987TV Repair shop needed
45.023NAAD::NEWMANThu Mar 26 1987Colorado Springs
46.015WATNEY::RYERThu Mar 26 1987Choral groups in the Springs
47.09CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Mar 30 1987Setting of The Shining???
48.09CSC32::M_BAKERMon Mar 30 1987The elevation of Colorado Springs
49.050WATNEY::RYERThu Apr 02 1987Where to buy tires in Springs
50.08COOKIE::R_TAYLORThu Apr 02 1987RADON
51.02CSC32::C_BESSANTFri Apr 03 1987Looking for a Printer for invitations
52.019CLOSUS::HOEFri Apr 03 198765MPH by end of April '87
53.081CSC32::RITTERSat Apr 04 1987Ordered a pizza lately?
56.072RDGENG::LESLIESat Apr 11 1987Hollow mountain query...
57.04DONNER::WALKERMon Apr 13 1987Rocky Mountains
58.013KEEPER::GALETue Apr 14 1987U. Colorado and DEC in Boulder for a flatlander...
59.021NEBVAX::BELFORTETue Apr 14 1987Let's sue the city!
61.032CSC32::M_BAKERWed Apr 15 1987Jobs in Colorado
63.013BLITZN::AIKALAThu Apr 16 1987SUNBIRD(meeting of the fingers)
64.05CLOSUS::HOEThu Apr 16 1987Whole house fan in Colorado Springs?
66.08COMET::STEWARTThu Apr 16 1987Area Codes 3
67.07--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 17 1987New Airport
68.015CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Apr 22 1987Local Trout Streams
69.0166--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 30 1987Only one local Newspaper? -- Gazette Telegraph
70.019CLOSUS::HOEThu Apr 30 1987RV Camping in Colorado; recommendations?
72.0126LANDO::FEINMon May 04 1987Denver restaurants?
74.0154CSC32::VICKREYThu May 07 1987King Soopers
75.0+33QUOKKA::SNYDERThu May 07 1987Bicycling to work
76.016CSC32::S_CONNORThu May 07 1987Las Vegas
78.024COMET::STEWARTSat May 09 1987Red Rocks Schedule
79.029COMET::STEWARTSat May 09 1987Red Rocks Discussion
80.02NEXUS::GORTMAKERTue May 12 1987hey we're gonna be on TV, well sorta....
82.015CSC32::S_CONNORThu May 14 1987Mustang Ranch
83.014--UnknownUser--Sat May 16 1987Scars upon the Mountainside
85.014--UnknownUser--Fri May 22 1987Billboards
87.08NEXUS::K_HUNTERTue Jun 02 1987UNIONS
88.0297NEXUS::GORTMAKERWed Jun 03 1987Colorado Springs NEW smoking policy
89.015--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 03 1987CHIEF MUNGER
91.010COMET::ROBERTSSun Jun 07 1987Colo Spgs Water Bed Stores
92.05SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMMon Jun 08 1987Night Of Noize
93.09ZENSNI::HOEWed Jun 10 1987Aspen refuses to reduce ski lift prices...
95.026NEXUS::MORGANSat Jun 13 1987Favorite Bicycle Rides
96.016CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZWed Jun 17 1987horseback riding?
97.016SSDEVO::OAKEYThu Jun 18 1987Colorado Springs NEW water policy
98.012COMET::AIKALAFri Jun 19 1987Where is Bubba Sullivan?
99.021AZXLUA::MCFLYSat Jun 20 1987Great vacation spots - outside of Colorado
100.06DUNE::MAGGINETTIMon Jun 22 1987Any good western places around
101.012IMAGIN::JARRETTMon Jun 22 1987Para-Sailing
102.011KNEE::WEBERMon Jun 22 198714 'teeners Climbed
103.023PRANCR::AIKALAThu Jun 25 1987Seeking Fresh Basil...
104.014ZENSNI::HOEWed Jul 01 1987Canadians in Colorado Springs
105.034COMET2::AIKALAWed Jul 01 1987No Fireworks Allowed.
107.0+11PUMA::AVERILLThu Jul 02 1987The Quest for Ice Cream
108.020GENRAL::ALBERTUSMon Jul 06 1987Any natural (REAL) hot springs?
109.031REALM::HOEWed Jul 08 1987Manditory Gas-a-hol use.
110.023CSC32::RITTERWed Jul 08 1987Estes Park and the great Rocky Mtn. Nat. Forest.
111.038BLITZN::BITTROLFFFri Jul 10 1987Anyone bought a new car lately?
112.03NEXUS::MORGANSat Jul 11 1987Flora and Fauna of Colorado
114.03COOKIE::DOUCETTEMon Jul 13 1987Drama Clubs
115.04REALM::HOETue Jul 14 1987Manditory cracked windshield replacement???
116.02REALM::HOETue Jul 14 1987Morality, si; mortality, non?
117.0106PIKES::BITTROLFFWed Jul 15 1987Auto repair recommendations, good, bad or ugly.
118.011PENUTS::CPERSONThu Jul 16 1987Where to stay while visiting CO?
119.026ZENSNI::HOEMon Jul 20 1987Where's your favouritest Aspen watching site?
120.014PUPPIS::LENGYELWed Jul 22 1987Auto window tinting?
121.021CSC32::DELKERWed Jul 22 1987A SINGLES poll
122.05MUNICH::SCHALLERFri Jul 24 1987Camper rental needed
123.014COMET::TIMPSONFri Jul 24 1987Singles Gatherings
124.02CSC32::M_PFOFFFri Jul 24 1987Pinball and Video Games
126.0153--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 29 1987PARKING LOT WEENIES
127.013ZENSNI::HOEWed Jul 29 1987Colo Spgs cannot afford to hire more cops...
128.03CXCAD::FAHEYFri Jul 31 1987Taekwondo in Colo Springs
129.012COOKIE::KITTELLTue Aug 04 1987House Painting and Decorating
130.010COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Aug 06 1987Audio Repair Shop Needed
131.0126COMET::ROBERTSFri Aug 07 1987Emissions Inspections
133.03ZENSNI::HOEWed Aug 12 1987Cracked car windshield can be REPAIRED.
135.02PIKES::MAEZFri Aug 14 1987Where is that S.O.B.?
136.0412NEXUS::GORTMAKERMon Aug 17 1987DEC Wildlife......
138.012PIKES::PALLMon Aug 17 1987DecFlag?
140.037COMET2::FULTONFri Aug 21 1987Need a good trash service
141.05DONNER::FULTONSun Aug 23 1987KBDI - Channel 68
142.02GENRAL::HUNTERTue Aug 25 1987Indian Guides/Indian Princesses
145.020NEXUS::LECOMPTEThu Aug 27 1987COLORADO Lottery
146.01PYONS::HOEThu Aug 27 1987Winterizing RV's in Colorado
147.01IMAGIN::JARRETTFri Aug 28 1987Contractors (driveway resurfacing)
148.06MELODY::GRANTFri Aug 28 1987 ....."Leaving New England"
149.06PYONS::HOEMon Aug 31 1987Colorado adoption experience.
150.01MTBLUE::SABATA_ROBERMon Aug 31 1987Just the fact's, Ma'am...
151.039COOKIE::WITHERSMon Aug 31 1987CXO1 Sandbox
153.029NEXUS::GORTMAKERFri Sep 04 1987Out of state tags on resident vehicles
156.03CLOSUS::HOEWed Sep 09 1987Messy interchange...
158.07NEXUS::K_HARTNESSThu Sep 10 1987Electronics source?
159.0244COMET::BRUNOThu Sep 10 1987Cable Television
161.032COMET::MARTINSun Sep 13 1987Keep your hands out of my pocket...
163.01BLITZN::HALLTue Sep 15 1987Suzuki violin programs?
164.04PYONS::HOETue Sep 15 1987SNOW at the peak!!!
168.019NEXUS::STEPHENSONWed Sep 16 1987Chimney sweeps
170.044COMET2::FISHERRThu Sep 17 1987Elitch's Tickets
171.020DONNER::LAFORESTFri Sep 18 1987Fall Color Areas
172.01NEBVAX::BELFORTIFri Sep 18 1987View From the Peak, Please!
173.04GLASS::HUAThu Sep 24 1987Programming Job in Colorado
176.08COMET::TIMPSONMon Sep 28 1987Dec Ski Club Information
177.02COMET::STEWARTMon Sep 28 1987Winter is on the way
178.012CLOSUS::HOEMon Sep 28 1987Star Trek, the Next Generation shown on wed, CH 2
179.05CLOSUS::HOETue Sep 29 1987Mortgage Disability Insurance; worth it???
180.051CSC32::MEHLHOPTue Sep 29 1987Where to Buy FIREWOOD
181.028COOKIE::WITHERSWed Sep 30 1987Well, that used to be a good sledding hill...
184.06COOKIE::WITHERSFri Oct 02 1987Time for Another Noter's Party?
186.026BSS::GUTZMERThu Oct 08 1987It's Here!!!!!! Almost!
188.03COOKIE::JOHNSTONWed Oct 14 1987Voting issues of interest to DCU members
189.012CLOSUS::HOEThu Oct 15 1987Spring Creek Mall/US24 bypas and Monterey Boulevard
190.011WALLAC::RAMSAYFri Oct 16 1987Looking for Coloradoan
193.029SSDEVO::ATKINSONMon Oct 19 1987Realtor recommendation wanted
194.015CLOSUS::HOEWed Oct 21 1987New taxes to pay for prisons.
195.034COOKIE::GOVITue Oct 27 1987Car Insurance--Any pointers?
196.012BLITZN::SPOONERTue Oct 27 1987One Persons Happy Experience with Garbage
198.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Oct 28 1987Best Lodging on the West Slope?
201.011NEXUS::WHITMOREMon Nov 02 1987local bands??
202.013CSC32::KILEYTue Nov 03 1987Telemark Ski Lessons @Broadmoor
204.0125KATADN::SABATA_ROBERThu Nov 05 1987'Springs Economy?
205.013SSDEVO::OAKEYThu Nov 05 1987Looking for Calcium Carbide
208.029BSS::HOETue Nov 10 1987Where's the snow?
209.017NEXUS::LECOMPTEThu Nov 12 1987I need a cheap hole.
210.055BSS::HOEThu Nov 12 1987MTBE gasoline in the springs by Dec 1/GT news item.
211.027COMET::AIKALAMon Nov 16 1987Fatal flight in Denver
212.03CELICA::CLEARYMon Nov 16 1987KEYSTONE Ski Conditions?
213.05BSS::HOETue Nov 17 1987Getting the small engine started in the cold is a pain...
214.037NEXUS::GORTMAKERThu Nov 19 1987DCU another change for the worthless!
215.03SNOMAS::MAGGINETTIFri Nov 20 1987STEAMBOAT information?
216.013--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 22 1987SUCH A DEAL!!!
218.023GENRAL::RINESMITHFri Dec 04 1987Mall shopping in Denver
219.020CSC32::ROGENMOSERFri Dec 04 1987Carpet Cleaning Company Recommendations...
220.010COOKIE::JOHNSTONSun Dec 06 1987Shopping for Christmas Trees
221.025COOKIE::JOHNSTONSun Dec 06 1987Information about multiple sclerosis?
222.015COOKIE::JOHNSTONMon Dec 07 1987Discussion of the MS Topic
224.066CSC32::G_MCINTOSHTue Dec 08 1987They don't need my phone number!
225.06COMET::AIKALATue Dec 08 1987Conference listings information.
226.05COOKIE::REUTERWed Dec 09 1987Colorado theme Christmas cards?
227.059COMET::MARTINThu Dec 10 1987Shooting Information
228.010MAKER::JARRETTThu Dec 10 1987And to your good health
229.045WIKKET::WESTThu Dec 10 1987Home window info., Colo. Spgs.
230.01BLITZN::HALLThu Dec 10 1987Need an Upholstery Shop
231.07GENRAL::HUNTERFri Dec 11 1987Guitar for CHRISTMAS
232.02PHDVAX::FANELLISat Dec 12 1987Strange Colorado MV Violation
233.057BSS::HOEMon Dec 14 1987Colorado winter driving beef file...
235.04STAR::JONESMon Dec 14 1987Conditions at Breckenridge?
237.010COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Dec 16 1987We want your blood.
238.016FSTTOO::STRATTONWed Dec 16 1987Wanted-Coffee Mug
239.022BSS::HOEThu Dec 17 1987Christmas lights in Colorado Springs???
241.013COMET::STEWARTThu Dec 17 1987Local Systems question
242.024COMET::LAFORESTFri Dec 18 1987How do you say Merry Christmas?
243.03COMET::FULTONMon Dec 21 1987Suggestions for shocks needed
244.05BSS::HOETue Dec 22 1987Colorado Sunrise
245.04COLA::FRASHERWed Dec 23 1987Help wanted - stolen trailer.
247.07BLITZN::SPOONERMon Dec 28 1987Glen Eyrie and the Navigators (not a rock group!)
248.01CANYON::KERRTue Dec 29 1987ASU/AFA Freedom Bowl
249.022CANYON::KERRTue Dec 29 1987Hiking Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park
250.04CSC32::KILEYThu Dec 31 1987Ski condition report from Colorado
251.05BSS::BLAZEKThu Dec 31 1987Finishing a Basement (contractor)
252.017COMET::LAFORESTThu Dec 31 19871988 predictions
253.01BLITZN::ROBERTSSun Jan 03 1988Colo Spgs Rental Storage
254.013GENRAL::BROWNBTue Jan 05 1988Day Care Centers
255.0114COMET::LAFORESTThu Jan 07 1988Gas Pains!!!!!
256.017BSS::HOETue Jan 12 1988Will the LACK of snow removal ever happen in Col Spgs?
257.06BSS::HOEWed Jan 13 1988Blown out/in car windows.
258.05PENUTS::CPERSONThu Jan 14 1988Moving to CXO from 'Back East'
259.09CSC32::VICKREYThu Jan 14 1988What Do You Do With A Dead Cat?
260.06CSC32::S_HALLThu Jan 14 1988Colorado Mountain Club?
261.019DCC::LANEFri Jan 15 1988Abandoned Property Law
262.02CLOSUS::HOEFri Jan 15 1988'Springs development council courts religious sect
264.010CNTROL::LOEBIGMon Jan 18 1988Love your BRONCOS
265.06DCC::LANEMon Jan 18 1988Fairplay - A Boom Town (Again)
266.04STKA1::SOKURAWed Jan 20 1988Visiting Colorado: Denver, et al
268.01QUOKKA::SNYDERMon Jan 25 1988Anybody going to Ski Cooper this week?
269.03CSC32::KILEYTue Jan 26 1988Wanted: Skis for a 6 year old
270.05NEXUS::DEVINSThu Jan 28 1988Zipper Slide Replacement?
273.044SSDEVO::OAKEYSun Jan 31 1988(Oil) Recycling in the Springs area?
275.02USHSWed Feb 03 1988Just Breezing Thru...
276.014BRISA::P_SCHMITTFri Feb 05 1988Looking for Beta VCR
277.06WATNEY::D_MCADOOMon Feb 08 1988Favorite CS 4X4 Mechanic
278.04WATNEY::D_MCADOOMon Feb 08 1988Favorite CS 4X4 Parts House/Mail Order
279.045COMET::LAFORESTWed Feb 10 1988Emission test rip-offs
280.019CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Feb 11 1988Grand Canyon: travel & things to do
281.01NEXUS::DEVINSFri Feb 12 1988Where to find Greasewood?
282.056NUTLET::FRASHERFri Feb 12 1988Colorado trivia test.
284.012CLOSUS::HOEMon Feb 15 1988Eel skin wallets are bad for credit cards.
285.09USHSTue Feb 16 1988Need Summit Info ASAP!!!
286.029NEXUS::DEVINSWed Feb 17 1988The Official Mouse Note
288.09COOKIE::DEVINEThu Feb 18 1988Bread and bakeries?
291.025PENUTS::CPERSONFri Feb 26 1988Help me convince my S.O. to move to CO
292.09FTMUDG::NAIDUFri Feb 26 1988carpool
293.04ZGOVFri Feb 26 1988Digital's Jacket!!!!!
294.08COOKIE::FONTANASat Feb 27 1988Cheesey Story
295.03SSDEVO::YOUNGERMon Feb 29 1988719?
297.012PARVAX::WARDLEThu Mar 03 1988Softball/Hardball 1988
298.018CSC32::HADDOCKFri Mar 04 1988Pueblo: Best Kept Secret in the Rockies
299.0123COMET::MARTINFri Mar 04 1988Another Mountain Scar???
300.09GENRAL::KILGORESat Mar 05 1988DVO Employee's family member in accident - info?
301.026BRISA::P_SCHMITTTue Mar 08 1988Lawyer Recommendations in the Springs
302.04COMET::ALBERTUSTue Mar 08 1988Backpacking Three Apostles
303.038BSS::HOEThu Mar 10 1988Red (traffic) light runners.
304.07NEXUS::GORTMAKERThu Mar 10 1988A seperate rate for colorado resident skiers?
306.0+21COMET::LAFORESTTue Mar 15 1988Let Spring be here
307.05QUOKKA::SNYDERTue Mar 15 1988Chess for kids in the Springs?
308.0+58COMET::AIKALAThu Mar 17 1988Hated local commercials
309.095COMET::LAFORESTFri Mar 18 1988Where is 'Back Home?'
310.05SNOMAS::CALLAGHANMon Mar 21 1988KISSELL COMPANY, possible problems and untruths!
311.07HPSVAX::WETMORETue Mar 22 1988advice on ski trip
312.025KNEE::FIELDRTue Mar 22 1988Chiropractors (and holistic doctors)
313.095PARVAX::WARDLEMon Mar 28 1988Car dealerships in the Springs
314.07WATNEY::SPARROWMon Mar 28 1988Babysitters registry
315.010CXUNIX::BEATYFri Dec 15 1989Discussion of the babysitter registry
316.013NEXUS::LECOMPTETue Mar 29 1988You said what???
317.030PLATA::EDWARDSWed Mar 30 1988United Bank Ripoff
318.010PLATA::EDWARDSWed Mar 30 1988Black Hills, S. D. suggestions please.
319.014WATNEY::D_MCADOOWed Mar 30 1988Need Advice on Humidifiers
320.031COMET::LAFORESTThu Mar 31 1988Ah, Snow! Bah Humbug!
321.013SSDEVO::ALDENFri Apr 01 1988Volley/Wally Ball in CS
322.09COMET::BRUNOFri Apr 01 1988Once INMOS, soon to be CRAY
323.06COOKIE::DOUCETTEMon Apr 04 1988Colorado Caucuses
324.016PARVAX::WARDLEMon Apr 04 1988GLEN EAGLE
327.02KIRIN::SPARROWWed Apr 06 1988Noah's zone warning lifted
330.05CLOSUS::HOEThu Apr 07 1988Lawn food; which one to get?
331.083COMET::LAFORESTFri Apr 08 1988Taxes, taxes,taxes,and more taxes!
334.02CSC32::M_BAKERTue Apr 12 1988Colorado Springs Population?
335.04GENRAL::DANIELWed Apr 13 1988Legal Red-Tape
336.013COOKIE::DANIELThu Apr 14 1988LOCKSMITH?
337.03MUHIS::RMARSHALLFri Apr 15 1988Go West young man, wwwaaayyyy west :-)
338.022CLOSUS::HOEMon Apr 18 1988Splashing others is fun?
339.07PARVAX::WARDLEMon Apr 18 1988Colorado! Your tastebuds are in for a treat!
340.012BLITZN::LITASIMon Apr 18 1988Tennis, anyone?
342.06WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Apr 20 1988DEC Golf Leagues in the Springs?
345.07SHRBIZ::WAINEFri Apr 22 1988AIDS/Syphilis Connection
346.017NEXUS::GULDENSun Apr 24 1988Fiddler's Green Amphitheater schedule
347.022MAXMAN::HICKSMon Apr 25 1988DENVER-Hotels,Points of Int??
348.02NRPUR::HILLTue Apr 26 1988Joining CXO
350.09--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 26 1988Can you still SKI in colorado?
351.012BSS::HOEThu Apr 28 1988Temp sensor to shut down sprinkler systems?
352.07BSS::HOEThu Apr 28 1988Gasoline prices up over a dollar
355.05GENRAL::HEGEMANFri Apr 29 198815th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival
358.019DV78Fri Apr 29 1988New Lotto - Get your money ready
362.023CLOSUS::HOEFri May 06 1988Exterior dwelling painters
363.07PLATA::BILLINGSLEAMon May 09 1988Garage door openers?
364.019TYFYS::MOLLERMon May 09 1988Ghost Towns & Related Events
366.06COOKIE::MANITue May 10 1988SOCCER AT CXO...
367.010CLOSUS::HOEWed May 11 1988Is your car out of control?
368.022NEXUS::S_JOHNSONWed May 11 1988Need Lawn Help
370.03PENUTS::CPERSONFri May 13 1988SHE SAID "YES"
373.010COOKIE::MANIMon May 16 1988UCC - boon or ripoff ???
374.0+46PUPPIS::LENGYELTue May 17 1988Window tinting - make up my mind, please!!
375.09COOKIE::MURALIThu May 19 1988Used Furniture For Buying:
376.04COOKIE::JOHNSTONThu May 19 1988College text books to give away -- but where?
378.01GENRAL::GONZALESFri May 20 1988bicycling
382.03WATNEY::SPARROWWed May 25 1988Car show today..
383.0CADSE::ANDERSONWed May 25 1988Llamas near Aspen?
384.032CLOSUS::HOETue May 31 1988Harassment or preaching?
385.04NEXUS::K_HARTNESSWed Jun 01 1988Incubator or brooder source?
386.028--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 02 1988NUTLADY
388.029BSS::HOEMon Jun 06 1988target shooting within county limits?
389.03MEIS::TOWNSENDMon Jun 06 1988Travel to Denver 4th July 1988
390.05NEXUS::R_ADKISSONMon Jun 06 1988info on fishing at 11-mile
391.05COMET::LAFORESTTue Jun 07 1988Alaska Bound, need info!
393.07WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Jun 10 1988Recommendations for C/S Wallpaperers/Painters
394.013CLOSUS::HOESun Jun 12 1988Colo Spgs water and baby formula.
395.02COMET::BRUNOMon Jun 13 1988Permanent temporary taxes?
396.0+100COOKIE::JOHNSTONMon Jun 13 1988Property Tax Increase or Not? Act Now Regardless
397.013OURVAX::CLARKTue Jun 14 1988Construction jobs - availability
399.04HYDRA::MESSINGERTue Jun 14 1988Or is all real estate in Mass ...just joking!
400.03BSS::GUTZMERWed Jun 15 1988A Good Architect in the Springs
401.06BLITZN::AIKALAThu Jun 16 1988A different SOAPBOX
402.04PLATA::BILLINGSLEAThu Jun 16 1988Tactical Assault Games (TAG)/Paint-pellet War Games
403.011QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Jun 16 1988Colorado Classifieds
404.0NEXUS::LECOMPTEThu Jun 16 1988Calling all Hackers (Golfers)
405.021CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Jun 21 1988things to do next week...
406.06CSC32::M_ANTRYTue Jun 21 1988Looking for Nice weekend in Denver
407.02NEXUS::R_ADKISSONTue Jun 21 1988Indian pow wow Woodland Park
409.04DEC25::HALLThu Jun 23 1988Tasteful Adolf Hitler T-shirts
410.08NEXUS::M_WILABYThu Jun 23 1988is that a giant outhouse?
411.029CSC32::P_KENNEDYThu Jun 23 1988DOCTOR recommendation in C.S.
412.011COMET::TIMPSONFri Jun 24 1988SLICK-5
413.04XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Jun 24 1988Wanted: van or mini-van rental in CO
414.014COLA::FRASHERFri Jun 24 1988Directions for visitors.
415.01NEXUS::GORTMAKERFri Jun 24 1988Noters Bar-B-que Saturday July 9th
416.02NEXUS::M_CILETTISat Jun 25 1988orienteering in colo?
417.02SKIVT::SCHILLERMon Jun 27 1988Engineering/manufacturing positions
418.016YODA::BARANSKIWed Jun 29 1988Gold Mining?
419.02NEXUS::R_ADKISSONWed Jun 29 1988Canon City Natives?
420.03NEXUS::R_ADKISSONWed Jun 29 1988Boxing Fans trivia
421.012WATNEY::J_WARDLEWed Jun 29 1988Anyone interested in some afternoon Hoops?
422.010BSS::DAHLGRENFri Jul 01 1988CXO2 Attack Birds
423.05CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYTue Jul 05 1988The Sand Dunes
425.08WATNEY::D_MCADOOWed Jul 06 1988Attention Pike's Peak Hill Climb Race Fans
426.01GENRAL::KILGOREWed Jul 06 1988Wasson High School Class of '63 Reunion
427.016WATNEY::SPARROWThu Jul 07 1988Memorial Park 4th of July 1988
428.08COOKIE::KITTELLThu Jul 07 1988bikers: looking for 4' bungee cord
429.010GENRAL::BOURBEAUMon Jul 11 1988Buckskinners/Muzzloaders
430.03CSC32::A_PARRACOMon Jul 11 1988Nearest "DESERT" to Colorado Springs ?
432.04CLO::BERNARDMon Jul 11 1988What's wrong with Winter Park
435.0+56NEXUS::R_ADKISSONThu Jul 14 1988a good vet in springs?
436.075CSC32::DELKERFri Jul 15 1988Dentist, anyone?
437.016CSC32::M_ANTRYFri Jul 15 1988A Camping we will go, A Camping we will go.....
438.0122949Mon Jul 18 1988Dog training/Obedience school
439.03CSC32::R_SPEARSMon Jul 18 1988notary/attorney
440.02CSC32::R_SPEARSMon Jul 18 1988Rides Wanted/Offered
441.03CSC32::S_HALLTue Jul 19 1988Anybody want to set up FLIGHT sessions ?
442.010BISTRO::RAABTue Jul 19 1988Health Insurance
443.03COMET::LAFORESTWed Jul 20 1988Governor Doom, Please Come Back!
445.02BOOTME::LOVELLWed Jul 20 1988Snugli s'il vous plait?
446.08COOKIE::MURALIWed Jul 20 1988Want to buy a small plot:
447.018COMET::MARTINThu Jul 21 1988Goodbye
448.04SSDEVO::ALDENThu Jul 21 1988Orthopedic Doctor in the Springs
449.04CUJO::THURYThu Jul 21 1988Looking for "remote" cabins
450.043BSS::CALLAGHANSun Jul 24 1988In search of a GOOD Landscaper
451.07CSC32::DELKERMon Jul 25 1988Auto Detailing
452.02CSC32::KLIMASMon Jul 25 1988Racquetball anyone?
454.015BTO::PEDERSENDTue Jul 26 1988House Shopping in CO SPRGS
456.08WATNEY::N_HENDERSONTue Jul 26 1988Black Lab Puppy Found
457.050CSC32::G_ROBERTSThu Jul 28 1988Auto Body Shops
458.086COMET::SERKMANThu Jul 28 1988I need QUALITY FOOD!
460.016NEXUS::S_JOHNSONFri Jul 29 1988Need Chiropractor info
461.04CLOSUS::HOEMon Aug 01 19888 watt florescent tubes; where to buy?
463.062COOKIE::WAHLTue Aug 02 1988I need eyeglasses!
464.033CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Aug 03 1988"K" is for Kolorado Springs?
465.063CLOSUS::HOEFri Aug 05 1988RV parking laws; old and new???
466.08BSS::BLAZEKMon Aug 08 1988Leather and Lace
471.09NEXUS::MOCKALISWed Aug 10 1988Upholsterers, anyone????
472.08BSS::DAHLGRENThu Aug 11 1988Shoe repair shops?
473.010BSS::DAHLGRENThu Aug 11 1988Holland Park advantages?
474.09CXUNIX::BEATYThu Aug 11 1988Bicycle painting and repair
475.08NEXUS::P_NOLLFri Aug 12 1988Recommend a good/reasonable electrician?
476.041CSC32::DELKERFri Aug 12 1988Information on schools??
477.011GENRAL::CLAUSONMon Aug 15 1988Builder recommend. wanted
479.07PENUTS::CPERSONWed Aug 17 1988Romantic vacation spot?
482.03BSS::DAHLGRENFri Aug 19 1988Need aquarium source
483.010CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon Aug 22 1988Looking for info on Widefield
485.08BCSE::CASSELSMon Aug 22 1988Trip to Vail
486.0+29REGAL::ACKERMANMon Aug 22 1988Information on State Fair?
489.021COOKIE::RAABTue Aug 23 1988Soft Water equipment
490.011HPSCAD::DMCARRTue Aug 23 1988Baby boom going on?
491.02SSDEVO::JACKSONWed Aug 24 1988Woodmen Rd to six lanes, meeting at 7pm tonight
494.09CSC32::KILEYThu Aug 25 1988Would you want these guys working on YOUR car?
495.07SSDEVO::RICHARDFri Aug 26 1988Heater/Furnace Repair
498.011BSS::LEECHMon Aug 29 1988CPA needed
499.05COOKIE::CHESNEYTue Aug 30 1988Horse pole barn needed..any local info?
500.06XCUSME::SOMERVILLEWed Aug 31 1988I need info on Colorado
502.03CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Aug 31 1988Anybody live behind the hill ?
504.066QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Sep 01 1988Roofing contractor recommendations?
506.029EUCLID::JACOBSONFri Sep 02 1988Things to do?
508.03COOKIE::JOHNSTONFri Sep 02 1988Shortcuts around town
509.05CLOSUS::HOETue Sep 06 1988The Pueblo image change(ing)
510.05SSDEVO::ALDENWed Sep 07 1988Sailing around Colo, Sprgs.?
513.047GENRAL::PARROTTWed Sep 07 1988BRONCOS 1988-89 SEASON
514.011CSC32::DELKERThu Sep 08 1988Oral Surgeons
515.018PENUTS::CPERSONFri Sep 09 1988Springs Newspaper Address?
516.03CLOSUS::HOEFri Sep 09 1988Snow blowers: tracked or wheels with chains?
517.034NUTLET::FRASHERFri Sep 09 1988Tourist info, current conditions
519.03GENRAL::CLAUSSFri Sep 09 1988Custom Cake Decorators?
521.02CLOSUS::HOEMon Sep 12 1988No gas-ahol for 1 cylinder engines?
522.055CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Sep 13 1988did you have a lawyer for home purchase ?
524.026CSC32::A_PARRACOWed Sep 14 1988Have you checked for RADON lately ?
525.012CSC32::M_ANTRYWed Sep 14 1988Legal help on Mail order hassel
526.058CSC32::M_ANTRYWed Sep 14 1988Freeway?
527.06SSDEVO::ATKINSONThu Sep 15 1988A new business in town?
528.08CLOSUS::HOEFri Sep 16 1988Plastic buckles for baby seat
529.0196PLATA::BILLINGSLEAMon Sep 19 1988DEC summer picnic
530.012NEXUS::P_NOLLTue Sep 20 1988Furnace/heating inspection?
531.0PLATA::BILLINGSLEAWed Sep 21 1988Golf in Colorado
533.09NUTLET::FRASHERFri Sep 23 1988Motorcycle clubs
534.01CSC32::T_DAWSONFri Sep 23 1988Bicycle club at CXO
535.03DEC25::HALLSat Sep 24 1988Let's all get burned at Pier 1
536.0CXUNIX::BEATYTue Sep 27 1988Flags display pride. Good source!
538.014CSC32::JOHNSWed Sep 28 1988Sewage Problems - Roots
539.01COOKIE::WILCOXThu Sep 29 1988Local hair restoration?
540.09CSC32::M_PFOFFFri Sep 30 1988note file split (?)
541.010COOKIE::SPOONERFri Sep 30 1988Bungee cord jumping in Colorado
542.03SSDEVO::BEANSun Oct 02 1988Need Steam Iron Recommendation
543.01EVER11::DELBALSOTue Oct 04 1988Info on a Denver restaurant sought by Easterner
544.01CXCAD::THOMASTue Oct 04 1988country western music
546.019COOKIE::JOHNSTONTue Oct 04 1988Need my boob tube repaired
547.04GLORY::HAIGHTWed Oct 05 1988ASPEN isn't just a Tree... (now CHAMPS)
549.01NEXUS::STEPHENSONWed Oct 05 1988Adjustments for CA cars
550.06SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Oct 05 1988Pet Supply Stores in Colorado
551.032CSC32::M_FRYMIERThu Oct 06 1988Okay, What blew up??
553.020CSC32::DELKERFri Oct 07 1988What's in a name?
554.010NEXUS::L_BUCKLEYFri Oct 07 1988This town needs a new DA!!
555.010COOKIE::MURALIMon Oct 10 1988Chinese Grocery Stores:
556.0BSS::CALLAGHANMon Oct 10 1988DECservice Awards Discussion
557.05FRAIS5::DKELLERTue Oct 11 1988Colorado Matchbooks Anyone???
558.055PENUTS::CPERSONTue Oct 11 1988Where to stay in the Springs?
559.09NUTLET::FRASHERWed Oct 12 1988urgent
560.06GENRAL::CLAUSSThu Oct 13 1988Litter Control
561.073COMET::LAFORESTThu Oct 13 1988Bush/Bentsen ticket?
562.04NEXUS::R_ADKISSONFri Oct 14 1988where to find old movie:Briggadoon
563.033GOLD::OPPELTFri Oct 14 1988Info requested on CS area banking
564.019COOKIE::BERENSONSun Oct 16 1988Housecleaning
565.03CSC32::E_VAETHMon Oct 17 1988In search of a good piano instructor
566.037SSDEVO::BEANMon Oct 17 1988Need Springs Hairdresser Recommendation
568.07PLATA::BILLINGSLEAMon Oct 17 1988Public Rifle Ranges
569.010PARITY::VANALLENTue Oct 18 1988VAIL....places to stay
570.081BYENGTue Oct 18 1988English the Language for Colorado ?
572.0CSC32::T_DAWSONThu Oct 20 1988MTB rides anybody?
573.074COMET::LAFORESTThu Oct 20 1988Tax Payers Bill of Rights
574.05NEXUS::S_JOHNSONTue Oct 25 1988Plumber's Putty?
575.018SSDEVO::MARKSThu Oct 27 1988Tax preparer recommendations wanted
576.01BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
577.0BSS::GALEWed Nov 02 1988Holiday Getaway
578.05WATNEY::METZLERWed Nov 02 1988High Altitude Voting?
579.0+8CSC32::G_UPCHURCHThu Nov 03 1988US Forest Service wants input about Gold Camp Road
580.030GENRAL::XUANFri Nov 04 1988Need some help with the election
581.059ASIMON::SIMONFri Nov 04 1988Gasoline prices...something fishy?
582.010ANRCHY::SUSSWEINMon Nov 07 1988Where do I go to vote?
583.09WATNEY::D_MCADOOMon Nov 07 1988Solvent for Cleaning Auto Parts
584.03COOKIE::ACKERMANTue Nov 08 1988Car radiator repair needed
586.09COOKIE::ACKERMANWed Nov 09 1988How Far is Santa Fe?
587.021CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYThu Nov 10 1988Cut your own Christmas Trees
588.014COMET::INDERMUEHLEFri Nov 11 1988What do YOU think?
590.09ASIMON::SIMONFri Nov 11 1988Automotive tune-up differences
591.020CSC32::KILEYMon Nov 14 1988Ski Report
593.015COOKIE::WILCOXMon Nov 14 1988Need Pediatrician recommendation
594.052CSC32::C_HAMPTONTue Nov 15 1988Are snow tires worth it???
595.020CSC32::SPARROWWed Nov 16 1988looking for a witness
596.010MAMIE::SAADEHMon Nov 21 1988Interested in CSC Colorado
598.01GENRAL::XUANTue Nov 22 1988Houses in Vista Grande or Mountain shadow???
599.056FENNEL::STEVENSONWed Nov 23 1988Barbeque/Mexican(Tex/Mex)
600.06CLOSUS::HOEWed Nov 23 1988Tool to replace studs in snow tyres?
601.031COOKIE::ACKERMANWed Nov 23 1988Boarding kennels for dogs?
603.04EUCLID::BOUCHERMon Nov 28 1988Help for a vacationer....
604.04SSDEVO::SHIVELYTue Nov 29 1988trapping laws ?
605.05DEC25::HALLWed Nov 30 1988Sledding Hills!
607.017CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYThu Dec 01 1988Shooks Run Park Area
608.05ANDECA::BAXTERFri Dec 02 1988Where can I find Polo cologne - Christmas gift
610.02CSC32::WOLBACHFri Dec 02 1988DYNABEE
611.048BSS::HOEThu Dec 08 1988Version 2.
612.05NEXUS::R_LECOMPTEFri Dec 09 1988missing notesfiles?
613.013COOKIE::WILCOXMon Dec 12 1988Looking for a quality jewelry box
615.01MPGS::TOWNSENDCMon Dec 12 1988looking for a place to stay while in Colorado
616.02NEXUS::HOPKINSMon Dec 12 1988ceiling fan installation help
617.01GENRAL::XUANMon Dec 19 1988United Eye Care Phone Number?
618.04BLITZN::WHITINGWed Dec 21 1988New Year's Eve ideas
619.026ANTPOL::FOLEYThu Dec 22 1988Public Radio and Television
620.01COOKIE::INDERMUEHLEThu Dec 22 1988Ice fishing in Colorado
621.012COOKIE::JOHNSTONThu Dec 22 1988Bottle returns?
623.014MADMXX::BETCHANMon Dec 26 1988Home Loan Suggestions
624.09COOKIE::MURALITue Dec 27 1988recycling site for news papers:
626.07CSC32::KILEYThu Dec 29 1988Mayor Issac
627.025COMET::BRUNOThu Dec 29 1988Discouraging Industry
629.01CLOSUS::HOESun Jan 01 1989Resolved!
631.020COMET::ALBERTUSTue Jan 03 1989Dog Breeders & Kennels
632.017COORS::KILEYTue Jan 03 1989Plumber Wanted.
633.024NEXUS::S_JOHNSONWed Jan 04 1989Question of wills
634.05CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYWed Jan 04 1989Labrador Retriever breeder
635.016ZONULE::SCMURPHYWed Jan 04 1989HELP! Steamboat Bound!!
636.011COOKIE::WILCOXWed Jan 04 1989Anyone recommend a great travel agent?
637.05AKOVThu Jan 05 1989Ski HELP!
638.016DEMO::THELLENFri Jan 06 1989Expired tags on vehicles
639.04CSC32::S_LEDOUXFri Jan 06 1989Anybody got a satellite dish ? How big ?
640.077DEC25::HALLFri Jan 06 1989Defining Nativeness
641.024COMET::LAFORESTMon Jan 09 1989Mexican Vacation
642.03CLOSUS::HOEWed Jan 11 1989plastic orange safety mesh; where to get?
643.06ULYSSE::LEVINEThu Jan 12 1989Buying a car in Colorado or in California?
644.052CSC32::SPARROWThu Jan 12 1989Survey for Car Insurance
645.02CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYThu Jan 12 1989Who lives on Platte?
647.010CSC32::REINBOLDThu Jan 12 1989Things that go BOOM in the night..
648.0ANRCHY::SUSSWEINFri Jan 13 1989Ski at Monarch this Monday - ride offered
650.021CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Jan 18 19893-D glasses for the Super Bowl
651.021NEXUS::GULDENThu Jan 19 1989Covered hydrants?
652.05LDPDM8::ROCHEFri Jan 20 1989Skiing near CXO?
653.06LEDS::FORDEFri Jan 20 1989X-country skiing/places to stay recommendations?
654.0CSC32::MEINKINGFri Jan 20 1989living university in colo. springs
655.09LAIDBK::RESKEFri Jan 20 1989Whatcha doing there?
656.04USEM::HQ_REVENUEMon Jan 23 1989Grand Lake Colorado!
657.012COMET::LAFORESTMon Jan 23 1989City is using too much salt!
659.06LITE::REINBOLDMon Jan 23 1989Looking for a place for a Romantic Evening
661.030CLOSUS::HOETue Jan 24 1989GT business story of CXO manufacturing.
662.025CLOSUS::WOODWARDWed Jan 25 1989Recommended Mover?
663.07HAMPS::CARRFri Jan 27 1989Advice please-for English visitor
665.013FTMUDG::HERRERAMon Jan 30 1989CITY DUMP
666.011CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Feb 01 1989So, where's Judge Wapner when you need him ?
667.041USCTR1::CRADCLIFFWed Feb 01 1989^^^ Woodland Park ^^^
671.02STARCH::HAGERMANSat Feb 04 1989Southwestern Indian Tours
675.013GENRAL::KOLLERWed Feb 08 1989Ethanol gasoline???
676.030TYFYS::HODSONWed Feb 08 1989How to make a better taco?
677.01GENRAL::BROWNBWed Feb 08 1989Dr. Genrich Good Pediatrician?
678.07CLOSUS::HOEWed Feb 08 1989Inter-plant bus service discontinued...
679.02PLATA::MAEZThu Feb 09 1989On adoptions in Colorado.
681.06COOKIE::KITTELLMon Feb 13 1989Runaway Trains
682.022WIMPY::KINDTMon Feb 13 1989shall we jugglers get together??
683.01CXCAD::FONTANATue Feb 14 19891989 CXO Digital Golf League
684.017CSC32::G_MCINTOSHWed Feb 15 1989Schools "USING" Kids for Solicitation
687.03COMET::MCFALLSat Feb 18 1989Rotisserie Baseball, anyone?
688.014COOKIE::RJOHNSTONSun Feb 19 1989Location of Post Offices Around Town?
689.05SSDEVO::NGUYENMon Feb 20 1989Hardwood floors
690.04CSC32::C_NORMANMon Feb 20 1989Searching for Dolly llama!
691.0134CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Feb 21 1989Flashing at oncoming drivers...
692.010USATTue Feb 21 1989Winter Park information
693.016CXCAD::KGIBSONThu Feb 23 1989Notary Public in the Building??
695.021COOKIE::MANIMon Feb 27 1989Health Network physician referrals....
696.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYMon Feb 27 19891977 Corvette L82 35
697.044SSDEVO::NGUYENTue Feb 28 1989HMOs VS John Hancock
698.013TYFYS::MOLLERThu Mar 02 1989Vegetarian Restaurants in Colorado
699.024NUTLET::FRASHERFri Mar 03 1989Beards, what's your impression?
700.01OURVAX::CLARKFri Mar 03 1989Entertainment for Young Adults
701.0126COMET::PINARFri Mar 03 1989Sports Arena in Springs
702.055CSC32::SAUNDERSMon Mar 06 1989Where to buy furniture?
704.03CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Mar 06 1989United Consumers Club
705.03GENRAL::CLAUSONTue Mar 07 1989Vollmer Rd Waste Plant??
706.08COOKIE::WILCOXWed Mar 08 1989Where to get a card from the president
708.01COMET::MCFALLThu Mar 09 1989El Paso County Little League Registration
709.0161PEAKS::WOESTEHOFFFri Mar 10 1989Waldo Canyon Strip Mine
710.011RITA::HADDADFri Mar 10 1989Regional Colorado Information Requested
711.05PIKES::BENNETTFri Mar 10 1989Hot tub informantion
712.07CSOADM::BARNETTSat Mar 11 1989Colleges/Colorado Springs??
713.03KNEE::WEBERMon Mar 13 1989Allergy Free Earrings
714.015PLATA::EDWARDSTue Mar 14 1989Bald Eagles and other gourmet items.
715.029CSC32::HADDOCKTue Mar 14 1989House Bill 1312--Comments??
716.08DEC25::BRUNOTue Mar 14 1989Gagging the right to petition?
718.011DEC25::LEBARIOTue Mar 14 1989NCAA West Regional tickets
719.04CLOSUS::HOETue Mar 14 1989AAA moving to across from Community Hosp.
720.014CLOSUS::TAVARESTue Mar 14 1989Buffets in the Springs
721.036SNFFLS::MADDUXTue Mar 14 1989Springs folk music scene
722.023COOKIE::BERENSONWed Mar 15 1989Cheyenne Mtn Zoo
723.02NEXUS::R_LECOMPTEThu Mar 16 1989Need palms for Palm Sunday
724.04KNEE::WEBERThu Mar 16 1989HMO of Colorado Physician Referrals
730.033COMET::LAFORESTMon Mar 20 1989The taxpayers bill is coming back
732.06--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 21 1989El Paso County Fair
733.0173NEXUS::PITTTue Mar 21 1989Colorado law to ban weapons
738.01COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Mar 27 1989DEC condos for rent?
739.010ALBANY::BECKERTue Mar 28 1989need a lawyer for house buying
742.0DEC25::ROBERTSWed Mar 29 1989Security Advisory: VT33
743.019DEC25::KOOSERFri Mar 31 1989Change in City Council?
744.012HIBOB::KRANTZMon Apr 03 1989Head Hunters?
746.015NEXUS::R_LECOMPTEWed Apr 05 1989DCU complaints
747.048COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed Apr 05 1989Cub Food Picketers -- is the Union trying to make a statement or what?
748.07ANRCHY::SUSSWEINWed Apr 05 1989After Work Hiking
750.015COMET::BARRIANOMon Apr 10 1989Do You NEED a Megaphone to Make a Point?
751.021COOKIE::MURALIMon Apr 10 1989Eye Doctors in Health Network HMO
752.05PARITY::SISLETue Apr 11 1989So, what's it like out there?
753.016CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 12 1989Driving from here to there
755.043COOKIE::BERENSONThu Apr 13 1989Free the Felons, Ban Firearms Ownership?
756.012CSC32::G_MCINTOSHThu Apr 13 1989McDougall Support Group
757.012COMET::LAFORESTFri Apr 14 1989Hire the non-degreed?
758.013GRANMA::SSTUARTSun Apr 16 1989Camping in South-West CO?
759.022NEXUS::MORGANTue Apr 18 1989Is the drug war lost?
760.0+117NUTLET::FRASHERTue Apr 18 1989Moderator bashing
761.06COMET::LAFORESTWed Apr 19 1989Digital Colorado Camping Club?
762.017SSDEVO::NGUYENThu Apr 20 1989The city gives away trees, Where and when?
764.015DEC25::BERRYFri Apr 21 1989Fires North of the Air Force Academy
765.08FTMUDG::GRANDETue Apr 25 1989Gynocologist reccommendation
766.023COMET::MARTINWed Apr 26 1989The Springs takes yet another hit.
767.013COOKIE::SANDERSONThu Apr 27 1989Best commercials
768.030NEXUS::V_SCOTTThu Apr 27 1989INFORMATION ON TAOS !!!!
769.012BSS::GUTZMERFri Apr 28 1989Digital and the Y.M.C.A.
771.09PLATA::MAEZFri Apr 28 1989PLEASE VOTE MAY 2nd
773.013LAIDBK::RESKEMon May 01 1989Mazda RX7 on snow?
775.06CSC32::B_PROCTORTue May 02 1989 looking for a masseuse...
776.07SSDEVO::HOFFMANTue May 02 1989CXO obstacle course?
777.032EAGLE1::EGGERSThu May 04 1989Cats to Colorado
780.017QUOKKA::SNYDERFri May 05 1989Rafting
781.013CXUNIX::BEATYFri May 05 1989Photo finishing dealers?
782.01SSDEVO::MARKSFri May 05 1989Backpacking course info.
783.063EAGLE1::EGGERSFri May 05 1989car and driver licenses
784.011CSC32::J_WARDLEMon May 08 1989Chance to see some Owls close up...
785.012CSC32::MI_BAKERMon May 08 1989Water-Saving Toliets
786.011NEXUS::WHITMORETue May 09 1989Sand for a sandbox
789.07WHTAIL::TILLOTSONTue May 09 1989snowmobiling
790.02COMET::HULTENGRENWed May 10 1989children entertainment referals
791.0+19COOKIE::WILCOXFri May 12 1989Remodel recommendations?
792.02CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYMon May 15 1989Ouray??
793.09MPGS::PELTIERMon May 15 1989Teaching in Colorado
794.04MTHOOD::WETHERNJOMon May 15 1989Questions on Dome or Log homes
795.025CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon May 15 1989Who handles removal of dead animals from city streets ?
797.021COMET::ALBERTUSWed May 17 1989why run in the street?
799.08COOKIE::WILCOXWed May 17 1989Best prices on blinds/flooring/counters
803.06COMET::ALBERTUSThu May 18 1989a discussion with the state
804.0144NEXUS::GULDENSun May 21 1989K-Breeze (KBZE FM) [& other radio stations]
805.060MTHOOD::WETHERNJOTue May 23 1989Pros & Cons: Woodland Park
806.05COOKIE::MAXTue May 23 1989Podiatrist recommendations
807.017NEXUS::R_LECOMPTEWed May 24 1989How about a Dermatologist?
808.0+10COOKIE::WROBELWed May 24 1989Financial Planners/Consultants??
809.018NEXUS::R_LECOMPTEWed May 24 1989GOLDEN TROUT???
810.012RIPPLE::MARTINSTWed May 24 1989Monument questions
811.013CSC32::PITTWed May 24 1989Resurfacing the pass again??????
812.09AZTECH::BILLINGSLEAThu May 25 1989Labrador Retriever\Swim\Dog
814.011QUOKKA::SNYDERFri May 26 1989Very low budget accommodation ?
815.01SSDEVO::OAKEYTue May 30 1989The Practice has Begun
817.05COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed May 31 1989Who's good at treating injured knees?
818.011CSC32::M_ANTRYWed May 31 1989"REC TRUCK" vs "reg TRUCK" license plates
821.010CSC32::WOLBACHThu Jun 01 1989Do-It-Yourself Divorce
823.015CLOSUS::HOEFri Jun 02 1989cat burglers in the north end of town
824.026CTDMon Jun 05 1989more taxes to pay for prisons
826.043COMICS::MAUFEWed Jun 07 1989pom seeks info
827.04COOKIE::MUNNSWed Jun 07 1989boardsailing '89
828.010COOKIE::SANDERSONWed Jun 07 1989Payroll payout?
829.08LAIDBK::PFLUEGERWed Jun 07 1989The Gov. sees no evil!
830.05FTMUDG::CHARRONThu Jun 08 1989Help on an Hearing problem.
831.012CSC32::G_MCINTOSHSat Jun 10 1989Star Trek V - the Final Frontier
832.05CLOSUS::HOEMon Jun 12 1989Disappearing license plate numbers
833.018--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 12 1989Springs Apartment Info
834.016CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 14 1989House for sale -- over there -->
835.011RUATHA::WAGNERWed Jun 14 1989How about a note pointing to other conferences?
836.02NUTLET::FRASHERThu Jun 15 1989Physically Challenged Awareness Month
837.010SSDEVO::CHAMPIONThu Jun 15 1989The Elizabeth Younger Fan Club!
838.02NUTMEG::HARGREAVESFri Jun 16 1989visit to colorado
839.012VINO::FAIRBANKSFri Jun 16 1989Dan Fogelberg
840.01NUTMEG::GAZZARAFri Jun 16 1989Outward Bound ?
841.013USCTR1::LKATZMon Jun 19 1989Lunch on Way to Springs from Stapleton?
845.06ANRCHY::SUSSWEINMon Jun 26 1989Sales taxquestion RE: domino's pizza
846.02CLOSUS::HOEMon Jun 26 1989Colorado Seasonal Rip Offs.
847.03CSC32::SPARROWTue Jun 27 1989Looking for a wool spinner
848.063COMET::INDERMUEHLETue Jun 27 1989Liberty Park
851.02ANRCHY::SUSSWEINFri Jun 30 1989Out-of-State Papers?
852.051CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jun 30 1989The weather topic
853.05CLOSUS::TAVARESWed Jul 05 1989Burlington and Kit Carson
854.018COOKIE::BERENSONWed Jul 05 1989Is Digital a part of Colorado Springs?
855.06SSDEVO::EGGERSWed Jul 05 1989hot tubs?
856.016--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 11 1989How do you get a name off a title
857.019CSC32::DUBOISTue Jul 11 1989Exterminator/Pest Control
858.010CLOSUS::HOEThu Jul 13 1989Where to get cow-bells
859.010CTDThu Jul 13 1989Where to Look for Fossils?
860.016SSDEVO::EGGERSFri Jul 14 1989wood pussies
861.024CSC32::J_WARDLEMon Jul 17 1989Ticks....are they common here?
862.011PEAKS::MCCOYTue Jul 18 1989Woodland Park Vanpool
863.02VAXUUM::DEVRIESTue Jul 18 1989Figure skating & Olympic sports
866.016COOKIE::WILCOXThu Jul 20 1989Auto Buying services?
867.061CXUNIX::BEATYThu Jul 20 1989Fort Carson: Status and Futures
868.015CIMBAD::WALTONThu Jul 20 1989Housing and Daycare costs in Springs?
869.01LAIDBK::PFLUEGERThu Jul 20 1989UA 232 Crash
870.08COMET::LAFORESTMon Jul 24 1989Frontier days in Cheyenne
871.039COMET::ALBERTUSTue Jul 25 1989Compassion International or who are they?
872.03CTDWed Jul 26 1989No parking on Rockrimmon Blvd 7/27 -- WHY?
873.05DEC25::HEGEMANGWed Jul 26 1989Know anything about spacesavers?
874.085COMET::BARRIANOFri Jul 28 1989Campus Crusade for Christ coming to Tiffany Square?
875.020COMET::ALBERTUSMon Jul 31 1989Foxes eating housecats?
876.07CSC32::KILEYMon Jul 31 1989Where to purchase carpet in C.S.
877.08CSC32::R_LECOMPTETue Aug 01 1989Info on Atlanta please?
878.0268CXUNIX::BEATYWed Aug 02 1989Moderating Q/A in COLORADO
879.02TYFYS::MUNNSThu Aug 03 1989Telluride travels
880.010COOKIE::RJOHNSTONFri Aug 04 1989Where to get castings in metals?
881.06NEURON::LEEFri Aug 04 1989Dealers' car auctions?
882.015COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Aug 04 1989Fireplaces -- recommendations?
883.01CSC32::G_MCINTOSHSat Aug 05 1989Ordering Videos
884.021SARAH::OREARMon Aug 07 1989Waterskiing...
885.013CSC32::FORSMANMon Aug 07 1989Home Pet Care Services?
886.0110SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Aug 08 1989Colorado ratholes
887.017CXUNIX::BEATYTue Aug 08 1989Suthers: Arrest Porn Rental Operators
891.027COMET::BARRIANOThu Aug 10 1989Ramtron and Its impact on C.S.
892.03MADMXX::GROVERFri Aug 11 1989Roller Skating
893.078COMET::CHAVEZJFri Aug 11 1989Is this what you want Colo Spgs??
894.011CLOSUS::HOEMon Aug 14 1989flooding in your area?
895.029IMPULS::HARTELMon Aug 14 1989Montana -- Big Sky Country
896.024COOKIE::M_PRAXMARERMon Aug 14 1989<UNIMART>
897.020COOKIE::RJOHNSTONMon Aug 14 1989Feeling Good About Colorado
898.06COOKIE::RJOHNSTONMon Aug 14 1989Castle Pines Parade of Homes -- worth seeing!
899.014COOKIE::RJOHNSTONMon Aug 14 1989Buy snorkeling gear in Col. or not?
900.07COOKIE::RJOHNSTONMon Aug 14 1989Alternate routes from Vail; Sunday's pile-up?
901.0AZTECH::BDOUGLASMon Aug 14 1989table tennis - "ping pong"
903.03QUOKKA::SNYDERTue Aug 15 1989Group Excursion Companies?
904.02COOKIE::WILCOXWed Aug 16 1989Budget planner?
905.06CSC32::BURNETTWed Aug 16 1989Beeper coverage question
906.05PEAKS::SAMPLEThu Aug 17 1989Being my own General Contractor
907.010MADMXX::GROVERFri Aug 18 1989Walls of Malls
908.026CLOSUS::HOEMon Aug 21 1989Police using radar on Research
909.07CLOSUS::BANKSMon Aug 21 1989Mountains or bust
910.012CLOSUS::HOEWed Aug 23 1989DEC to reduce staffing in US
911.026CSC32::R_LECOMPTEWed Aug 23 1989Waterbeds, Kids, and Colorado
912.024GENRAL::SWIONTEKThu Aug 24 1989Tattoos in the Springs?
913.04SSDEVO::MARKSThu Aug 24 1989Who offers hot air balloon rides?
914.024RECAP::MONTVILLEThu Aug 24 1989Littering in CO?? :^(
915.05CSC32::BLAZEKSun Aug 27 1989Oktoberfest 1989
916.05CTDTue Aug 29 1989I smell a Rat....
917.04BSS::PELTIERWed Aug 30 1989Accommodations near Boulder
918.024CTDThu Aug 31 1989O-TAY PANKEY!
919.01SSDEVO::HAMPTONThu Aug 31 1989Environmental Film Festival
920.012CSC32::R_LECOMPTEThu Aug 31 1989help!motel around Elitches??
921.07GENRAL::WOOLFFri Sep 01 1989Day care help for a friend.
922.07ESKIMO::LUNDQUISTMon Sep 04 1989new laws for digging in Westcliffe?
923.011DEC25::BERRYTue Sep 05 1989where do you HIKE ?
924.013DEC25::BERRYTue Sep 05 1989BUCKSKIN JOE - authentic western town
925.08CSC32::J_WARDLETue Sep 05 1989Air Force Football
926.02GENRAL::BROWNBWed Sep 06 1989Realtor for Ute Pass area
927.061CXUNIX::BEATYThu Sep 07 1989Uninsured and unsafe drivers on our roads
929.013SSDEVO::GALLUPThu Sep 07 1989Farewell to Poor Richard's
930.04CSC32::ZAREMBAMon Sep 11 1989Is there Jujitsu in C.S.
931.02WMOIS::R_MONTGOMERYTue Sep 12 1989Information On Stroh's Ranch
932.0460AZTECH::BDOUGLASMon Sep 18 1989DEC Cafeterias
933.0123DEC25::ROBERTSTue Sep 19 1989BRONCOS 1989-9
934.04COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed Sep 20 1989Refunds on Panasonic Equipment
935.04CSC32::J_BECKERThu Sep 21 1989interior brick facing
936.05GENRAL::WOOLFThu Sep 21 1989Pet Cemetery
937.012BSS::DAHLGRENThu Sep 21 1989Laundromats
938.06CSC32::BAXTERFri Sep 22 1989In need of a Batman T-shirt
939.012CSC32::G_MCINTOSHMon Sep 25 1989High Altitude and Gasoline
940.014CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Sep 25 1989Recommendation for Lawn Sprinkler Blow-Out
942.03PEAKS::MCCOYTue Sep 26 1989Silicon Mountain Revisited
943.026CSC32::KILEYWed Sep 27 1989Uses of @SOCIAL distribution list.
947.022COMET::LAFORESTMon Oct 02 1989Is the cafeteria food getting worse?
948.051JACKAL::PINEAUMon Oct 02 1989Gyms/Health Clubs in the Springs?
949.01GENRAL::SWIONTEKTue Oct 03 1989Tailor Wanted!
950.07CIMNET::MILLERTue Oct 03 1989Help, Breckenridge restaurants
952.02CSC32::PITTTue Oct 03 1989Wallymart in WP still ON????
953.03KSAFRG::SMITHPFri Oct 06 1989Colorado Cook Book
955.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONMon Oct 09 1989Pueblo Bicycle shops
956.014CIM15::WALSHTue Oct 10 1989skiing accommodations?
957.0TYFYS::MUNNSThu Oct 12 1989Skiing 1989-9
959.01CSC32::A_PARRACOFri Oct 13 1989Cirkut Panoramas on display at CXO3
961.07SENIOR::SULLIVANSun Oct 15 1989looking for good friends!!!!
962.015CSC32::SIMMONSMon Oct 16 1989Cold weather prep for cars?
963.016COOKIE::ACKERMANMon Oct 16 1989Hospitals in C/S
964.018CXCAD::FRASERWed Oct 18 1989Ski equipment in COS area ???
965.08COOKIE::WILCOXWed Oct 18 1989Recommendations on marriage counselors?
966.010CLOSUS::BARNESWed Oct 18 1989DECies in SF area
967.013CSC32::SIMMONSThu Oct 19 1989Ham Radio Information and Sources
968.04CGVAX2::VAILLANCOURTFri Oct 20 1989Spending New Years in Vail need Suggestions???
969.011TYFYS::MILLSFri Oct 20 1989What to do for Halloween?
970.04COOKIE::BELLFri Oct 20 1989Any night life in north end of CS??
971.023CSC32::D_MCADOOFri Oct 20 1989Setback Thermostats
972.08COOKIE::WILCOXMon Oct 23 1989How to finance a building lot?
973.07CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYTue Oct 24 1989Denver's Amtrak Station - where is it?
974.017THOTH::MCNEILTue Oct 24 1989Vacation/Horses/Dude Ranchs
975.04CGVAX2::VAILLANCOURTTue Oct 24 1989Vail information
976.02RHETT::MITCHAMWed Oct 25 1989Request activity ideas for week of 26-Nov to
977.0THEBAY::WCSINGLESWed Oct 25 1989West Coast Singles Back Online
978.05MTADMS::DOO_SECURITYFri Oct 27 19893 questions for e.coaster
979.02CSC32::L_BUCKLEYFri Oct 27 1989New Life for the Symphony
980.06CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYSun Oct 29 1989Looking for a general contractor
981.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Oct 30 1989Need Help with CS Dept Faculty
982.021WIDGIT::LIPPMon Oct 30 1989Peak Health? I don't think so!
983.011COMET::MARTINTue Oct 31 1989Big Bucks looking for a home.
984.07DPDMAI::ROBERTSFWed Nov 01 1989Any FUN going on in Durango?
988.02JUNCO::LUNDQUISTFri Nov 03 1989one more time with feeling...
989.05CXCAD::TRANSun Nov 05 1989Property manager recommendations
990.010TOLKIN::OROURKETue Nov 07 1989job market?
991.0110MADMXX::GROVERTue Nov 07 1989Covenants issues
992.029COOKIE::WILCOXWed Nov 08 1989Radial Keratotomy experience?
993.04BSS::DEBRAVThu Nov 09 1989Wanted: Concert listings
994.019CSCMA::DMCMILLEONThu Nov 09 1989Off-Road Motorcycling Info. Needed..
995.05CLOSUS::J_BUTLERMon Nov 13 1989Computer-oriented Explorer Post!
997.010WAV12::VOTAVAThu Nov 16 1989Where to visit on vacation?
999.05POGO::REEDThu Nov 16 1989What's "JTPA"?
1000.022GALVIA::OBEIRNEMon Nov 20 1989Visiting Boulder
1001.01CSC32::B_NICHOLSTue Nov 21 1989Directions to the Denver Coliseum
1002.08CSC32::J_LAWSONTue Nov 21 1989What's the name of the great mexican place in Buena
1003.09COOKIE::RJOHNSTONSat Nov 25 1989Woman Alert for Pampering
1004.02COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Nov 27 1989Home Security Specialist?
1005.020COMET::ALBERTUSMon Nov 27 1989Maggie's Place - on-line/at home library access
1006.050ERA::JAQUESTue Nov 28 1989Thinking of relocating to CXO - information
1007.07GENRAL::WOOLFWed Nov 29 1989Car brokers
1008.060BSS::SPRAYCARWed Nov 29 1989Deer being hit/nearly missed near CXO.
1009.06QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Nov 30 1989District 11 Budget Cuts
1010.014KSAFRG::SMITHPThu Nov 30 1989Brairgate basement problems
1012.01CSC32::J_LAWSONSat Dec 02 1989Colorado bowl games, date/time/network, please
1013.017TOWNS::KENOYERSat Dec 02 1989Altitude & Engine Size?
1016.06TYFYS::MUNNSTue Dec 05 1989Where to find used DEC HW at low prices ?
1017.010COOKIE::MURALIWed Dec 06 1989Inflated Milk Prices. Why?
1018.07SSDEVO::GALLUPWed Dec 06 1989*NICE* lodging in Denver.
1021.02CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Dec 07 1989CO IBM work and/or headhunter
1022.0BSS::BAILEYFri Dec 08 1989Wanted: Photography Assistance (lighting)
1023.034COMET::LAFORESTFri Dec 08 1989Real vs artificial Christmas trees.
1024.02DENVER::LANGFELDTTue Dec 12 1989Sleigh Ride?
1025.02COOKIE::KUNDUTue Dec 12 1989car covers--any use?
1026.03CTDWed Dec 13 1989High_Adventure Explorer Post at Rampart H.S.!
1027.02COOKIE::KUNDUWed Dec 13 1989suggestions on mattress&boxspring?
1028.014GIAMEM::MACKINNONFri Dec 15 1989Looking to relocate
1029.03BSS::DSMITHFri Dec 15 1989More on mining
1030.06CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYMon Dec 18 1989Xmas Eve church service?
1031.039CSC32::J_WETHERNTue Dec 19 1989Trooper and Phil Long okay?
1032.021MADMXX::BETCHANTue Dec 19 1989Auto Insurance requirements/info
1033.011GEMINI::NASHWed Dec 20 1989Colorado Buffs go to Orange Bowl!
1034.011TYFYS::MUNNSThu Dec 21 1989Holy Muffler !
1035.01COOKIE::KODAVALLAThu Dec 21 1989Bio Medical at Colorado Tech
1036.01COOKIE::WILCOXWed Dec 27 1989Where to get beautiful dried flower arrangements
1037.010CSC32::CSENCSITSThu Dec 28 1989Problems w/Daniels Chev
1038.031AUNTB::SOEHLFri Dec 29 1989accumulation in the Springs
1039.08CSC32::M_HENDERSONSun Dec 31 1989CO Mountain Club and Sierra Club??
1040.065BSS::BERGLINGThu Jan 04 1990199
1042.06GSRC::MISKOWITCHThu Jan 04 1990Recipe for Veggie Lasagna at Olive Branch?
1043.02QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Jan 04 1990SwiftCalc on Commodore 64?
1044.097R7NET::BURTTFri Jan 05 1990CAMERA REPAIR SHOP???
1045.09HPSMEG::CYGANFri Jan 05 1990DENVER - Who does DIGITAL sell to ?
1048.02BAGELS::MATSISMon Jan 08 1990School Vacation weeks?
1049.03CTDMon Jan 08 1990Kitchen Cabinet bumpers.
1051.09CSC32::WATERSTue Jan 09 1990Living Dinosaur Exhibit
1052.02CSC32::J_WETHERNTue Jan 09 1990Used vehicle inspectors?
1053.09BSS::M_SULLIVANWed Jan 10 1990WHERE CAN I BUY SKIS???
1054.06BREW11::JEREMY_TThu Jan 11 1990Visitor in Colorado
1056.09GENRAL::WOOLFFri Jan 12 1990Info on SAVE loan program.
1057.075FREMNT::PFLUMMon Jan 15 1990Tragic furnace deaths. Policy should be changed!
1058.013DWOVAX::BROWNThu Jan 18 1990Cost of housing in Denver area
1059.09COMET::ALLENJFri Jan 19 1990Colorado Electronics & Computer Stores?
1060.074CLOSUS::HOEMon Jan 22 1990FORTY NINER fans unite!
1061.023DEC25::BRUNOTue Jan 23 1990Foreclosure Capitol of the Nation
1062.033CTDTue Jan 23 1990Uncle Romer Wants YOU!!!
1063.011GENRAL::KOLLERTue Jan 23 1990Snow Removal
1064.019GENRAL::KILGORETue Jan 23 1990Terrace shops destroyed by fire
1065.0101COOKIE::BERENSONTue Jan 23 1990Colorado SB 93 - Ask Permission to buy *ANY* Firearm
1066.02PEARL::JAQUESWed Jan 24 1990Nursing opportunities in CS - HELP !!
1067.01LESLIE::LESLIESun Jan 28 1990"See Jane Ski" - where?
1068.04CSC32::L_DALBERTIWed Jan 31 1990Boston Bruins Fans?
1071.01QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Feb 01 1990Sewer/Drain Service Recommendations?
1072.033CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Feb 07 1990Digital sponsored transportation in zip area 8
1074.07CSC32::J_WETHERNWed Feb 07 1990Dog/people swimming spots?
1075.05CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Feb 07 1990Square Dance Caller needed
1079.010CSC32::P_TOMAROTue Feb 13 1990Allergist? I got a code in my node.
1080.06KAOOWed Feb 14 1990Pewter store in Colorado Springs?
1081.03DEC25::BRUNOFri Feb 16 1990GOVERNOR Bob?
1082.0AZTECH::JARRETTMon Feb 19 1990Science Fair Judges Needed
1083.094CTDMon Feb 19 1990SB 124 - Forced No-Fault: Who Pays?
1085.012COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Feb 23 1990Back-flow device for your plumbing?
1086.012TPWEST::SHROYERFri Mar 02 1990Losses on Colorado Springs Housing
1087.015CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Mar 05 1990Where to for Auto Parts
1088.021CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Mar 05 1990Need pointer to terriers
1090.014COMET::BUCHHOLZTue Mar 06 1990Ft Collins Info, PLEASE!
1091.014FTMUDG::PFLUMWed Mar 07 1990Genesee 12 horse ale in C.S.
1092.016CSC32::SCHIMPFWed Mar 07 1990Consumer Fraud/Help!
1094.021GNOCLU::SOEHLThu Mar 08 1990hiking spot?
1095.0GENRAL::KILGOREThu Mar 08 1990Skier's Edge exercise equipment
1096.04CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Mar 12 1990Massage Therapist
1097.05CSC32::DUBOISMon Mar 12 1990Clock Repair
1098.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Mar 13 1990Colorado Springs City Comics
1099.013CSC32::HADDOCKWed Mar 14 1990Equal Rights in CO
1100.07BSS::MNELSONThu Mar 15 1990Mt. Rushmore
1101.020COMET::ALBERTUSSun Mar 18 1990Mesa Verde - and thereabouts
1102.05CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Mar 19 1990These doors must remain unlockd during business hours
1103.017EICMFG::LANETue Mar 20 1990Golden Handshake Program for CS
1104.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Mar 20 1990Tours in CXO
1105.013SSDEVO::BOURBEAUWed Mar 21 1990Starting a small business in Colorado.
1107.0183SSDEVO::ELLISMon Mar 26 1990How to lessen a speeding ticket?
1111.039SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Mar 28 1990Daughters of the American Revolution
1115.02COOKIE::ACKERMANFri Apr 06 1990California Closets in Colo Spgs
1116.03CXUNIX::clausonMon Apr 09 1990Cub Food Receipts Help Birds of Prey
1117.038COOKIE::WITHERSMon Apr 09 1990Microwave Cable TV Service? (ATI)
1118.010MSCSSE::LENNARDWed Apr 11 1990Emissions? Sales Tax? Inspections?
1119.03SSDEVO::CHAMPIONWed Apr 11 1990GoG Easter Sunrise Service Info?
1121.01CSC32::J_LAWSONSat Apr 14 1990Need an extra tax deduction? (Exchange students)
1122.02CSC32::MCCLOSKEYMon Apr 16 1990range is on the range.....
1124.05CSC32::R_GROVERWed Apr 18 1990Employee assistance Program
1125.02COOKIE::SANDERSONThu Apr 19 1990Radon mitigation systems
1126.08BSS::GUTZMERFri Apr 20 1990Radio Station in Denver
1127.041DEC25::BERRYMon Apr 23 1990Cablevision's reception poll...
1128.04CSC32::A_GEORGETue Apr 24 1990Relocated to Colorado Springs
1129.06CSC32::A_GEORGETue Apr 24 1990Finishing basement (myself)
1131.073BSS::BLAZEKWed Apr 25 1990Travel From Colorado Springs
1132.010CXUNIX::BEATYWed Apr 25 1990Chocolate/Candy Stores
1133.06CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Apr 30 1990Wanted Storm Doors?
1134.01COMET::GIBSONBTue May 01 1990Vacation from springs
1135.018CLOSUS::HOEWed May 02 1990Ski at your own risk, maybe?
1136.022SALEM::CULBERTThu May 10 1990How about a Guinness?
1137.04BSS::CALLAGHANThu May 10 1990Who's reading Who's e-mail: Furor at City Hall
1138.0148596::AGARWALTue May 15 1990Recommendation on family physician
1139.016CSC32::T_PARMELEETue May 15 1990information needed on LOST CREEK
1140.010QUOKKA::SNYDERTue May 15 1990Denver rush hour
1141.019CLOSUS::CABRALThu May 17 1990Grand Prix of Denver!
1142.05--UnknownUser--Thu May 17 1990COLORADO IN OCTOBER
1143.012CLT::KENNEL::TARLINWed May 23 1990Lodging in Aspen
1144.029COOKIE::WITHERSWed May 30 1990Otero Olternatives?
1145.011CSC32::K_JACKSONWed May 30 1990CO. PLUS System vs. CIRRUS
1146.037--UnknownUser--Thu May 31 1990Limiting Terms of Office in Colorado
1147.07COMET::ALBERTUSWed Jun 06 1990Safe Driver Awards?
1148.012PEAKS::SAMPLEThu Jun 07 1990Drivers Education
1149.02COMET::ALBERTUSMon Jun 11 1990where to get a bumper fixed?
1150.076CSC32::D_TAYLORMon Jun 11 1990Black Widow Spider
1151.01MSCSSE::LENNARDWed Jun 13 1990Window Darkening
1152.02GENRAL::KILGOREWed Jun 13 1990`Traveling' Vietnam Memorial Wall
1153.057COMET::ALBERTUSThu Jun 14 1990Animal prey or ???
1154.016MUDBUG::TIMPSONThu Jun 14 1990Computer Paper recycling
1155.061CLOSUS::HOEThu Jun 14 1990yet another religious group relocating to Colorado Springs.
1156.03GENRAL::KILGOREMon Jun 18 1990Sax on the Hill
1157.017CSC32::HODSONTue Jun 19 1990Colo Spgs jewelers?
1159.023COOKIE::BERENSONTue Jun 19 1990Fully Informed Jury Amendment
1160.030CSC32::R_WILLIAMSWed Jun 20 1990Has anybody hiked down Pikes Peak?
1161.04SSDEVO::YESSEWed Jun 20 1990Seller's Choice
1163.02CSC32::D_GUARAMon Jun 25 1990AKC Registration
1164.09CSC32::M_STAFFORDTue Jun 26 1990Coleman service?
1165.011CSC32::RAYTue Jun 26 1990Investment clubs or groups
1166.03CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jun 27 1990Colorado Wildlife Foundation
1167.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jun 27 1990Mexican Vanilla extract wanted
1168.09CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jun 27 1990Farmer's Market Hours?
1169.015CSC32::J_HENSONThu Jun 28 1990MasterCard/Visa ripoff?
1170.07HOTAIR::BOYLESFri Jun 29 1990Vehicle Dealers In Denver?
1172.018BSS::PONDTue Jul 03 1990Firewood oak?
1173.05CLOSUS::COCKERHAMThu Jul 05 1990Peak Health Name Change
1174.0177R7NET::WALTHERThu Jul 05 1990Looking for place to camp...
1177.0CSC32::V_SAUNDERSMon Jul 09 1990Where to rent bicycle rack?
1178.01BEAGLE::GODFRINDTue Jul 10 1990Bastille day in Denver ?
1179.0137R7NET::WALTHERTue Jul 10 1990FISH IN DILLON RES?
1180.03CLOSUS::HOEWed Jul 11 1990Olfactory Block NEEDED!
1181.07COOKIE::TAMWed Jul 11 1990Knee Surgery
1182.02SSDEVO::EGGERSWed Jul 11 1990Lost xrays at Penrose Hospital
1183.016CSC32::M_COOPERWed Jul 11 1990 help for mushrooms in lawn
1184.055COMET::ALBERTUSFri Jul 13 1990wildlife related ballot initiative
1185.044GENRAL::C_ANDERSONMon Jul 16 1990Accident info needed for protection
1186.03PIKES::MOEMon Jul 16 1990Birds-birds-birds-birds-birds
1187.03CSC32::J_HENSONMon Jul 16 1990Traffic hazards
1188.04CSC32::K_JACKSONTue Jul 17 1990Youth Organizations
1189.010CSC32::WILCOXWed Jul 18 1990Where to get a cat groomed?
1190.024CLOSUS::HOEFri Jul 20 1990sink holes in Colo Spgs streets
1191.06CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jul 25 1990Where is ch 53?
1192.09POGO::HOOVERWed Aug 01 1990Weekend get-away
1194.05COMET::DOLLARWFri Aug 03 1990Midway Ranches Property
1196.02CSC32::HADDOCKMon Aug 06 1990Child Support, Visitation, and Custody
1198.011CSC32::M_ANTRYTue Aug 07 1990Colorado Springs Civil Air Patrol Squadron Needs YOU!
1199.05CSC32::BAXTERFri Aug 10 1990Hauling of trash from the backyard
1200.09COMET::BARRIANOFri Aug 10 1990Can Tab HOAX, Again?
1201.0644CLOSUS::HOEFri Aug 10 1990Conoco gas jumps 25 cents since last friday
1202.017CSC32::B_HIBBERTMon Aug 13 1990Edward J. Peterson Air and Space Museum
1203.024ULTRA::KINDELThu Aug 16 1990Major League Baseball in Denver?
1204.010MUSKIE::FISHERThu Aug 16 1990Classical Music and Theatre
1205.05HANFri Aug 17 1990HELP! Rafting, in Grand Junction
1206.011CSC32::J_HENSONMon Aug 20 1990Supermarket Attaboys
1208.0397R7NET::WALTHERTue Aug 21 1990DENVER BRONCOS 199
1209.09CSC32::HADDOCKTue Aug 21 1990Library cards in Colorado
1210.014UPWARD::HEISERWed Aug 22 1990Cooling & Heating Homes
1211.03CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Aug 23 1990Wanted - CXO poster
1212.01COOKIE::RJOHNSTONMon Aug 27 1990Denver Parade of Homes - 199
1214.047R7NET::WALTHERTue Aug 28 1990Martinez street crossing safety
1215.010GENRAL::KILGOREThu Aug 30 1990"Tree of Peace" located at CXO1 South Lobby lawn
1217.014CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Aug 30 1990Directions from Colorado Springs to ....
1220.016SFCPMO::FOXFri Aug 31 1990New Music in the Springs?
1221.018TINCUP::RANCEWed Sep 05 1990Is this another scam??
1222.04GSRC::MISKOWITCHThu Sep 06 1990Car stereo repair?
1223.08AHIKER::EARLYFri Sep 07 1990Question: The Malls of Colorado Springs? Why MT ?
1224.03COOKIE::KITTELLSun Sep 09 1990IOF?
1225.013CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Sep 13 199022
1226.01ICS::WELLSThu Sep 13 1990Relocating to Boulder
1227.067R7NET::WALTHERFri Sep 14 1990Winterizing Colo. Lawns
1228.07CSC32::D_MCADOOTue Sep 18 1990How suitable are convertibles for winter?
1229.02CSC32::S_MAUFETue Sep 18 1990Colorado Tourist Guide?
1230.03BLITZN::BERRYWed Sep 19 1990Who turned off the lights???
1232.012COMET::ALBERTUSSat Sep 22 1990Pike's Peak lake access
1234.013CSC32::K_BOUCHARDTue Sep 25 1990electric cars?
1236.05COOKIE::BERENSONFri Sep 28 1990El Paso County Scientific and Cultural Facilities District
1237.01COMET::DVORAKPMon Oct 01 1990Executive Jewelry Buyers Club
1238.010CSC32::K_BOUCHARDWed Oct 03 1990change appliance color?
1239.07AMSAJE::LOCKHARTThu Oct 04 1990Boulder to Colorado Springs?
1242.04GIDDAY::SEIVERSun Oct 07 1990Early December skiing?
1244.03ACETEK::TIMPSONMon Oct 08 1990Non-Dairy Milk
1245.036COOKIE::LENNARDMon Oct 08 1990Junkheap Heaven = Colorado
1246.01CARTUN::TREMELLINGMon Oct 08 1990Duplicate bridge in the Springs?
1247.036COMET::CHAVEZJTue Oct 09 1990Keep trash off our walls!!
1248.0COOKIE::BERENSONTue Oct 09 1990Some local economic news...
1249.02CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Oct 10 1990Cam Info Wanted
1250.04CSC32::R_CLOWTue Oct 16 1990Fill-er up (propane gas for grill)
1251.04WIDGIT::LIPPThu Oct 18 1990An update on Carpet stores!!!
1252.03COOKIE::RJOHNSTONFri Oct 19 1990Voter Registration (phone #, FYI stuff)
1253.016CSC32::S_MAUFESat Oct 20 1990TI logo at the entrance?
1254.05--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 22 1990Tourist info on Carlsbad New Mexico
1255.034BSS::S_MURTAGHMon Oct 22 1990Voting for Judges?
1256.02CXCAD::FRASHERTue Oct 23 1990gas discount for motorcycles
1257.015DEC25::ROBERTSTue Oct 23 1990Gold C
1258.01COOKIE::GIONFRIDDOFri Oct 26 1990Home Food Services
1259.037CSC32::RITTERSat Oct 27 1990Thieves in CX
1260.056GENRAL::KILGORESun Oct 28 1990Seatbelt Challenge??!?
1261.02PEAKS::OAKEYTue Oct 30 1990Don't vote for Secretary of State
1262.0126CLOSUS::HOETue Oct 30 1990DEC Health Care for 1991
1263.018GENRAL::BANKSTue Oct 30 1990Breakfast Club
1264.017CSC32::ENTLERWed Oct 31 1990Incumbents, Who are they?
1265.02CSC32::PITTSat Nov 03 1990Energy Source?????
1267.0CLOSUS::COCKERHAMMon Nov 05 1990Congrats in Order for CXO!
1268.041CSC32::S_HALLTue Nov 06 1990Phone monitors: What's the PROBLEM ?!
1269.015--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 06 1990UTAH INFO WANTED
1270.01167R7NET::WALTHERTue Nov 13 1990Cottonwood District Questions
1271.02SLOVAX::SUSSWEINWed Nov 14 1990Cirrus machines in colorado?
1272.040CLOSUS::HOEFri Nov 16 1990Gambling coming to Manitou Springs.
1273.026CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Nov 19 1990Falcon Estates - info?
1274.03BSS::J_DAVIDSun Nov 25 1990HMO discussion?
1275.052CSC32::J_HENSONWed Nov 28 1990Curb-side Recycling
1276.014COMET::SYSTEMWed Nov 28 1990Conference backups
1278.0+14DEC25::BRUNOThu Nov 29 1990Mayor Mary Ellen?
1279.05FSTTOO::ROYERThu Nov 29 1990Spousal employment chances.
1280.04CSC32::ROGENMOSERThu Nov 29 1990House building recommendations needed
1281.01CLOSUS::TMILLERTue Dec 04 1990Home insulation...
1282.011SNELL::LAIDLAWTue Dec 04 1990Bed & Breakfast recommendation?
1283.01CSC32::J_HENSONThu Dec 06 1990Lights left on - CX
1284.05NOMUNY::WSC129::LUFFThu Dec 06 1990Mile-High Stadium Parking?
1286.011CSC32::FORSMANMon Dec 10 1990Winter Vacation Spots in Colorado - NOT SKI AREAS
1287.02KERNEL::MOUNTFORDFri Dec 14 1990CSC Interchange Ideas.
1288.03COOKIE::AGARWALTue Dec 18 1990Qualified Domestic Relation Order
1289.04FTMUDG::REINBOLDThu Dec 20 1990Looking for DPMA meetings, etc.
1290.013CLOSUS::HOEThu Dec 20 1990Radiator blankets?
1291.03COOKIE::WITHERSTue Dec 25 1990?Songs from the Back Porch?
1293.0DENVER::HITEWed Jan 02 1991Colorado College Proud
1294.025COOKIE::SANDERSONWed Jan 02 1991Wireless Cable TV
1295.09AZTECH::JARRETTWed Jan 02 1991Service Expectations - How would you handle
1296.010CSC32::KILEYThu Jan 03 1991Parking at Stapleton
1303.012CSC32::J_MANNINGMon Jan 07 1991Escrow tax and insurance payments
1304.01GENRAL::KILGOREMon Jan 07 1991American Indian Activities
1305.09COMPLX::THELLENTue Jan 08 1991Lost & Found
1306.01COOKIE::AGARWALWed Jan 09 1991Physician that bills John Hancock directly
1308.09KNEE::HALLMon Jan 14 1991Looking for a cow's skull
1310.03CSS::SANDISONWed Jan 16 1991Non-skiing Steamboat activities
1311.09TINCUP::BILLINGSLEAThu Jan 17 1991Troop support in the Middle East (Colorado only)?
1312.09CSC32::KINGFri Jan 18 1991Jazz fest schedule
1313.02BSS::C_BOUTCHERTue Jan 22 1991Messages to our counterparts in the Gulf
1314.015CSC32::C_HOEThu Jan 24 1991ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT needed, maybe?
1316.04MOOVMon Jan 28 1991Metropolitan College of Denver
1317.01COOKIE::BERENSONMon Jan 28 1991Isuzu Service?
1318.06CLOSUS::TMILLERTue Jan 29 1991High moisture painting techniques
1320.02GENRAL::KILGOREWed Jan 30 1991Volunteer Speakers needed for area schools
1321.010COOKIE::FONTANAMon Feb 04 1991looking for carpenter
1322.05ANITA::KELLEYMon Feb 04 1991Gas Fireplaces
1325.0329HAND::WALKERThu Feb 14 1991looking for BBB or CofC address
1327.01DENVER::HALLMon Feb 18 1991Info on B&B Onaledge?
1329.014SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Feb 19 1991Trailer licenses
1330.04ANITA::KELLEYTue Feb 26 1991House Sitters
1331.042PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Mar 04 1991United Airlines commuter flight crash -- all onboard killed
1332.017CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Mar 04 1991Where in Colorado can I find ???
1333.01COMET::SALLSMon Mar 11 1991Denver Nuggets games information?
1334.03CSC32::S_MAUFETue Mar 12 1991where to rent european video cameras
1335.043CSC32::J_HENSONThu Mar 14 1991New CS Chief of Police
1336.026CSC32::C_HOESat Mar 16 1991Nashua, NH good or bad for us?
1337.03TINCUP::RANCEMon Mar 18 1991sharpening services??
1338.05SFCPMO::FOXTue Mar 19 1991 Hard to find videos in Colorado Springs
1339.026GENRAL::TIOTue Mar 19 1991ENT Doctors
1341.017MAMTS2::BMCHALEMon Mar 25 1991Summer Vacations - What To Do
1343.037COMET::LAFORESTMon Apr 01 1991The CXO1 & 2 downturn.
1344.05TOSKI::ADAMSMon Apr 01 1991What's the story on Starr Kempf in Colorado Springs?
1345.020CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Apr 02 1991Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center
1346.03COMET::LAFORESTWed Apr 03 1991Tax limitation passage.
1347.017EPSYS::DEVRIESWed Apr 03 1991How do you like *them* apples?
1348.06REDRCK::AGUEWed Apr 03 1991Car in the culvert at CXO
1350.012CXUNIX::BEATYFri Apr 05 1991[Boy, Girl, Cub, Explorer] Scouting
1351.022BAGELS::KNOXMon Apr 08 1991"Live Music" in the Springs ???
1352.09CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Apr 11 1991Are you sure you washed it??
1353.012CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Apr 11 1991Airshows in Colorado
1354.020COOKIE::LENNARDFri Apr 12 1991No-Smoking Restaurants??
1355.011SSDEVO::MARKSTue Apr 16 1991Wood deck construction contractor needed
1357.058--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 18 1991Smoking in the CX
1359.014CSC32::KILEYFri Apr 19 1991Wedding ideas.
1360.02CSC32::J_SHUMWAYSun Apr 21 1991VCR REPAIR
1361.03CSC32::WHITMOREMon Apr 22 1991who builds this home?
1363.06BSS::D_BANKSMon Apr 22 1991CXF to close?
1365.09CSC32::N_WALLACEThu Apr 25 1991Best Wings in the Springs...
1366.012STRIKE::KANNANTue Apr 30 1991Pre-school recommendations....
1367.03CSC32::KILEYThu May 02 1991Glenwood Springs hotel.
1368.09COMET::DEVRIESFri May 03 1991Leadville information
1369.093CSC32::J_HENSONMon May 06 1991CSPD's checkpoints on Nevada
1373.04RMDSRV::LOGANFri May 10 1991Raquetball?
1374.022HORSEY::MACKONISMon May 13 1991If you had 2 days to spend in Denver, and could do anything you wanted....
1375.06CSC32::C_BENNETTWed May 15 1991Cave of Winds laser canyon?
1377.011CSC32::PITTFri May 17 1991Black Cats Gone
1379.08MRKTNG::JANAKIMon May 20 1991Indian needing information..
1380.01LUCCIO::RONCAGLIONITue May 28 1991Looking for an address
1381.08CSC32::R_RHODESTue May 28 1991Narrow boots?
1382.02CSC32::HENNINGTue May 28 1991Access to Queen's Canyon/Douglas trails
1383.04COMET::HOOVERMTue May 28 1991Native American Drum
1384.017CAVLRY::BUCKWed May 29 1991Lakeside Amusement Park
1386.02COOKIE::LENNARDTue Jun 04 1991Limo's for DPU
1389.0124ARGUS::HARVEYMon Jun 10 1991Neighborhood info sought
1390.03COMET::ALBERTUSMon Jun 10 1991Where to get flint?
1391.012CSC32::S_PROCTORTue Jun 11 1991Shuttle to Denver Airport?
1393.09SSDEVO::RMCLEANMon Jun 17 1991ANyone out there had problems with Lincoln National?
1394.01BSS::ANSONTue Jun 18 1991 Pikes Peak Area Trails Coalition
1395.01CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jun 27 1991graduate courses in Colorado Springs/Denver
1396.014CSC32::K_BOUCHARDThu Jun 27 1991Concrete contractor needed
1397.02GSRC::KENOYERSat Jun 29 1991Fencing contractors
1398.07CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Jul 01 1991Water suckers at the Sand Dune?
1401.02IMTDEV::HALLWed Jul 03 1991Looking for group lodging
1402.04CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jul 03 1991Camping in Fall
1404.024IMTDEV::BERRYTue Jul 09 1991Santa Fe Trail
1406.04GLDOA::JAKUBOWSKIThu Jul 11 1991Been to Hovenweep or Mesa Verde?
1407.016CSC32::L_FRYMon Jul 15 1991Outlet Stores??????
1408.026CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 16 1991Gangs in CS?
1411.013CSC32::J_HENSONThu Jul 18 1991Tax Cut -> Crime Increase?
1412.05CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jul 18 1991MG/MGB's in CXO
1413.0CSC32::J_OPPELTSun Jul 21 1991Homestead protection
1414.06CSC32::WHITMORESun Jul 21 1991The Flying Dutchman
1415.03COLES1::SCHROEDERTue Jul 30 1991Urgent, need some contacts in Colorado Springs!!
1416.013SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Jul 30 1991House insurance companies/agents?
1417.05CSC32::K_SWARTZELLWed Jul 31 1991lodging in Buena Vista
1418.08SFCPMO::FOXThu Aug 01 1991Landlord hassles.
1420.092CSC32::M_FRAZIERFri Aug 02 1991FCC, KRDO, & Star Trek
1421.03COOKIE::TAMMon Aug 05 1991full-time math teacher
1422.06SSDEVO::YESSEThu Aug 08 1991Know any good VW mechanics?
1423.0106CSC32::B_SHAWThu Aug 08 1991DCU - GIVING YOU LESS FOR MORE
1424.010PEAKS::OAKEYFri Aug 09 1991United Way fine motor control test
1426.052CSC32::CINQUEMANIMon Aug 19 1991Circus parking scam
1427.02COMET::DEVRIESTue Aug 20 1991Pikes Peak Marathon
1429.02CSC32::LEWISWed Aug 21 1991Pikes Peak Y Corporate Cup Challenge coming up!
1430.03CSC32::M_FARRINGTONThu Aug 22 1991Where to get vegtables in pueblo or Canon City
1431.012CSC32::K_BOUCHARDMon Aug 26 1991used hub-caps
1432.0148PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Aug 27 1991A question of attire
1433.02TINCUP::RANCEWed Sep 04 1991where is fiddler's green?
1434.07SSDEVO::EGGERSThu Sep 05 1991Trailer work
1435.04CLOSUS::JOHNSTONSun Sep 08 1991Getting Rid of Water-Caused Mineral Deposits?
1436.08SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Sep 10 1991Carport contractor wanted
1437.04NEURON::MARTINTue Sep 10 1991Historic Steam Cog Rail trips!!
1438.01TYFYS::SLATERWed Sep 11 1991The Colorado Springs PC User Group
1439.02WLDWST::MARTIN_TThu Sep 12 1991SITE CODES?
1440.01TINCUP::XAIPE::KOLBEFri Sep 13 1991Alterations - of the clothing kind
1442.023--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 16 1991parking in Handicapped Pkg.
1443.02CSC32::D_ROYERMon Sep 16 1991Used auto's!
1444.010COOKIE::KUNDUMon Sep 16 1991Honda Service?
1445.06SFCPMO::WRIGHTTue Sep 17 1991Found: German Shepard mix
1446.08CSC32::DUBOISThu Sep 19 1991Dance Lessons
1447.05CSC32::CINQUEMANIFri Sep 20 1991Mountain Lions ??
1448.04BSS::D_BANKSFri Sep 20 1991Phone problem Thursday evening?
1449.06CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Sep 20 1991Uncle Roy still wants more money!
1451.05CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Sep 23 19914
1453.012CSC32::RITTERWed Sep 25 1991Unsolicited Sales Fliers
1454.0349CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Sep 25 1991CS Curfew TIME!
1455.03DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONWed Sep 25 1991Tennis court in CXN or Ambassy Suite?
1456.012MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEThu Sep 26 1991Roller Blading (In-line-skating) In the Springs.
1457.034DENVER::BERNARDMon Sep 30 1991Western/Cowboy clothing stores
1458.011ARGUS::HARVEYTue Oct 01 1991Efficiency Apartment Info
1459.029CSC32::MOLLERTue Oct 01 1991Gambling in the Rockies - It's here
1460.019SNO78A::BRESSINGTONWed Oct 02 1991Denver hotels near shopping malls
1461.09CSC32::J_HENSONThu Oct 03 1991House Cleaning Services
1462.012NEURON::ANTRYThu Oct 03 1991Open up in there, this is the CABLE COMPANY, Your Cable is LEAKING!!!!
1463.02COOKIE::KITTELLSat Oct 05 1991DIY Sprinkler Blow-outs
1464.026CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Oct 08 1991El Paso County DSS budget cutbacks?
1465.014CSC32::K_HYDEThu Oct 10 1991Photography Studio
1466.063COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Oct 11 1991Digital mailing lists?
1468.043SFCPMO::WHITINGSun Oct 13 1991New Overhead Power Lines along Woodmen Rd.
1469.02KAOFS::S_BROOKMon Oct 14 1991Curling in Colorado (no not hair!)
1470.02ROADKL::HALLMon Oct 14 1991Are you a Happy Faces Day Care Customer?
1471.02COMET::WAGGONERWed Oct 16 1991Venture Capital?
1472.032COMET::WARNOCKWed Oct 16 1991The resurection of CSIS?
1474.024SMURF::LAMBERTMon Oct 21 1991Palmer Lake area info request
1475.094COOKIE::LENNARDMon Oct 21 1991New Airport Terminal
1477.04CSC32::SCHIMPFTue Oct 22 1991A Recommendation..Auto's
1478.04WEPUBS::JOHNSTONWed Oct 23 1991All About Organ Donations
1479.023DEMON::COUGHLINWed Oct 23 1991Things for 1
1480.03TYFYS::SLATERThu Oct 24 1991PARADOX User's Group
1481.0165CSC32::PITTTue Oct 29 1991MASS driving in Colorado:-(
1482.04BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Nov 01 1991The Treat Street, Halloween @ Chapel Hills Mall
1483.0CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Nov 04 1991Recommended : Glass retail store
1485.048CSC32::P_MEADThu Nov 07 1991Mortgage Companies
1486.02--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 13 1991Seller's Choice?
1487.04CSC32::R_RHODESFri Nov 15 1991Auto Emissions Repair?
1490.044CSC32::D_ZABARAHMon Nov 25 1991HMO/HEALTH_INSURANCE discussions for C.S. 1991
1491.039BSS::PRATTMon Nov 25 1991Woodmoor covenants change?
1493.02SSDEVO::PHERSONTue Nov 26 1991dining club?
1495.016SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Nov 26 1991This is Dave calling
1496.08ROV2K2::DTURNERWed Nov 27 1991Discount Ski Tickets - Further Info?
1498.051CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 02 1991Health Network doctors note
1499.07CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 02 1991Lincoln National doctor's note
1500.02CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 02 1991HMO Elect doctor's note
1501.03CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 02 1991HMO Colorado doctor's note
1502.02CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 02 1991John Hancock doctor's note
1503.021BSS::J_DAVIDWed Dec 04 1991Junk phone calls.
1504.05TYFYS::OCONNELLFri Dec 06 1991Construction jobs?
1506.09TYFYS::OCONNELLWed Dec 11 1991Asthma doctor?
1507.013CSC32::J_HENSONWed Dec 11 1991Poaching at DEC?
1508.02CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Dec 13 1991hotel 'twixt Denver and skiing?
1509.04CSC32::BETCHANTue Dec 17 1991Sell-U-lar Phones??
1510.07CSC32::WILCOXWed Dec 18 1991Appraiser recommendations?
1511.010WMOIS::SPAGNUOLO_GThu Dec 19 1991what does colo. have to offer?
1512.0+22CSC32::LUCEROThu Dec 26 1991Local Italian Restaurants
1514.02DENVER::EDGINGTONFri Dec 27 1991Durango Area Cabins?
1515.07CSC32::WILCOXMon Dec 30 1991Weight Watcher's at Work
1516.06IMTDEV::BRUNOTue Dec 31 1991Is this the same "Hoot" ?
1517.06CLOSUS::TAVARESThu Jan 02 1992Astronomy Clubs?
1520.08CSC32::LUCEROMon Jan 06 1992Avalanche Seminar Offered
1521.06CSC32::J_RYERTue Jan 07 1992Change in withholding for federal tax
1522.03SWAM1::THOMPSOND_SHTue Jan 07 1992Opinions?
1523.01BSS::J_DAVIDWed Jan 08 1992Where did it go?
1525.055TYFYS::DAVIDSONMon Jan 13 1992SOCIAL Mail Distribution List
1526.06CSC32::D_RESTIVOTue Jan 14 1992How effective is limited slip in snow?
1527.013CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jan 17 1992Historic train sites
1528.063BSS::C_BOUTCHERMon Jan 20 1992DCU Representation
1531.011CSC32::R_HARVEYWed Jan 22 1992Limitations by vote
1533.01COMET::MCINTOSHWed Jan 22 1992Digital Valentine Raffle
1534.017CSC32::LUCEROWed Jan 29 1992Recycling Support Group in the Works
1535.036PEAKS::OAKEYThu Jan 30 1992The Cripple Creek note
1537.05MOONEY::BEANTue Feb 04 1992Where can I buy used headrests?
1541.07--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 05 1992Paver needed
1542.01SSDEVO::MARKSFri Mar 06 1992Telluride Mtn. Film Festival
1543.015CSC32::J_HENSONWed Mar 11 1992Possible changes in Col. wildlife laws
1544.040CSC32::M_HERODOTUSFri Mar 13 1992Discounts to Digital Employees.
1545.02IMTDEV::BRUNOSun Mar 15 1992Denver Area Schools
1546.03PBST::WILMESThu Mar 19 1992Solar water heaters
1548.017BSS::HEGEMANFri Mar 20 1992need Colorado Springs lawn advice
1549.01COOKIE::MHUATue Mar 24 1992Colorado Springs Symphony Children's Program
1551.01WEPUBS::JOHNSTONMon Mar 30 1992Where are these Nodes?
1552.032CSC32::PITTWed Apr 01 1992Insurance for NON DRINKERS
1555.07PEAKS::OAKEYWed Apr 08 1992Looking for a "Picard/Riker '92" bumper sticker
1556.04BSS::G_HEDRICKWed Apr 08 1992Basketball anyone?
1557.01BSS::D_BANKSFri Apr 10 1992Paperless Petty Cash?
1558.02TINCUP::RANCETue Apr 14 1992horse riding lessons
1559.010TINCUP::RANCETue Apr 14 1992lumber mill in CS??
1560.0124IMTDEV::BRUNOThu Apr 16 1992No-Knock Warrants
1561.014NSCRUE::KNIGHTThu Apr 16 1992Weather Statistics for Colorado Springs
1563.06CSC32::R_RHODESTue Apr 21 1992On-demand water heater?
1564.01COOKIE::MHUAWed Apr 22 1992Private Kindergarten
1565.0156--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 24 1992Another TAX increase???
1566.026CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Apr 27 1992Interesting Landmarks
1567.011CSC32::R_RHODESWed Apr 29 1992Van w/ Manual spcl order?
1568.02CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Apr 30 1992Hotels in Gunnison
1570.012CSC32::S_MAUFEFri May 01 1992all-news radio station
1572.08BASCAS::BOARDMAN_KTue May 05 1992au-pair available
1574.023MOONEY::BEANTue May 05 1992My house isn't worth *that* much!...
1575.02CSC32::VANDENBERGThu May 07 1992Cabins on the Taylor river
1576.07SSDEVO::EGGERSMon May 11 1992Japanese translation?
1577.037COOKIE::MURALITue May 12 1992Water quality in the Springs.
1578.05SSAG::SUSSWEINWed May 13 1992Where to buy DCU compatible checks in CS?
1579.08AKOCOA::STROMThu May 14 1992Need Help...
1580.019BSS::C_BOUTCHERWed May 20 1992Pikes Peak/Barr Trail
1582.02CASCRT::BURNAPMon Jun 01 1992
1584.04OURGNG::HEDRICKMon Jun 01 1992Vince Vance and the Valienettes
1585.07APHE::BULLARDFri Jun 05 1992Co Spgs EPP tax rate?
1586.02AZTECH::ALVEYWed Jun 10 1992Mt. Columbia
1587.06NSCRUE::WILABYThu Jun 18 1992Care and feeding of Hummingbirds.....
1589.012BSS::CODE3::BANKSMon Jun 22 1992Caution to joggers in the area of CXO
1590.01BSS::VENTURELLAMon Jun 22 1992Planting Maple trees from seed
1594.018QUOKKA::SNYDERSat Jun 27 1992Fourth of July fireworks displays
1595.020WEPUBS::COCKERHAMMon Jun 29 1992Repairing Hail Damage to Cars
1596.02COOKIE::MANZANARESMon Jun 29 1992Looking for 1992 biathlons & triathlons
1597.0+59COMET::WAGGONERTue Jun 30 1992Mexican food in C.S.
1598.04CSC32::A_FROSTWed Jul 01 1992Any recent Mt. Sherman climbs?
1600.05CX3PT2::KOWTOW::J_MARSHThu Jul 02 1992Found Dog
1601.0SSDEVO::RICHARDMon Jul 06 1992Looking for performer - Japanese instruments
1602.037CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Jul 06 1992Bicycle Safety in CS?
1603.029BSS::J_DAVIDWed Jul 08 1992Mortgage rates in Colorado?
1604.015CSC32::R_CLOWThu Jul 09 1992Chinese restaurants
1605.04COMET::HOOVERMThu Jul 09 1992looking for police exp. post
1606.0CSC32::DUBOISFri Jul 10 1992Lamaze in the Springs
1607.012IMTDEV::BRUNOSun Jul 12 1992Local Information and Statistics
1608.02CSC32::J_HENSONMon Jul 13 1992Westcliff
1610.07SSDEVO::RICHARDThu Jul 16 1992Looking for local BB list
1611.04COOKIE::MURALIFri Jul 17 1992Trustworthy electrician??
1612.06MORO::BEELER_JEMon Jul 20 1992God have mercy on Colorado ..
1613.04CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Jul 20 1992Is School District 2
1614.0227CSC32::CINQUEMANIMon Jul 20 1992KKK
1615.02CSC32::L_WHITMOREWed Jul 22 1992Computer Imaging - Hair Salon
1616.05OURGNG::HEDRICKWed Jul 22 1992How much does it cost to clean up bird mess?
1618.010MIMS::DUCAT_DThu Jul 23 1992directions
1619.010CXDOCS::JOHNSTONThu Jul 23 1992Gas Pump Service
1620.0477COMET::PERCIVALThu Jul 23 1992Colorado Amendment 2
1621.035COOKIE::WILKINSFri Jul 24 1992SF Cable Channel, will Cablevision carry it
1624.04ULTRA::KINDELMon Jul 27 1992Historic Context
1625.04RUTILE::BOYESTue Jul 28 1992Universities, info please ?
1626.04RUTILE::BOYESTue Jul 28 1992Flying schools, info please?
1627.06COOKIE::BROWNWed Jul 29 1992Looking for Day Care near Chapel Hills
1628.033--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 30 1992Sales tax BOHICA
1629.04CXDOCS::JOHNSTONThu Jul 30 1992Need Large Graphics Work Done...
1630.04CSC32::K_TOMon Aug 03 1992Martial Arts Schools
1631.05BSS::G_HEDRICKTue Aug 04 1992Olympic Training Center
1632.014AZTECH::ALVEYWed Aug 05 1992Children's Dentist?
1633.06MIMS::DUCAT_DThu Aug 06 1992San Juan Odyssey (Ouray)
1634.05CXDOCS::JOHNSTONFri Aug 07 1992Detecting home energy leaks
1635.02BSS::J_DAVIDFri Aug 07 1992Graphic Designer?
1636.07AYOV16::RENNISONFri Aug 14 1992A helping hand please.
1637.013SSAG::SUSSWEINFri Aug 14 1992Elevation (MSL) of CXO plant?
1638.01BSS::J_DAVIDFri Aug 14 1992Better Business Bureau
1639.05RUTILE::BOYESWed Aug 19 1992University Ski Bums ?
1641.04CSC32::D_SCHOENFELDThu Aug 20 1992Eagle Eyes??
1642.011SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Aug 20 1992Cafeteria oversite committee?
1643.05CSC32::D_SLOUGHThu Aug 20 1992Employment Consulting Agencies
1644.011OURGNG::HEDRICKFri Aug 21 1992Today... let's lay down blue with a green border!
1646.036CSC32::M_ROSSTue Aug 25 1992auto insurance recommendations?
1647.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSMon Aug 31 1992Automotive Upholstery - Need recommendations
1648.032GORE::J_LAWSONMon Aug 31 1992Idea for a little-bit more enforceable (and reasonable) auto insurance discount
1651.010SONATA::JOHNSONFri Sep 04 1992Southwest corner?
1652.05BSS::C_OUIMETTETue Sep 08 1992Lakes, Rivers for canoeing?
1653.04DECWIN::SANBORNTue Sep 08 1992Appliance stores?
1654.06KDX2Tue Sep 08 1992Tour guide anyone ???
1655.0270BSS::PRATTFri Sep 11 1992School voucher program
1656.08SFCMon Sep 14 1992Goodbyes
1657.05KBOMFG::KRONERTue Sep 15 1992Looking for hotel information in CXO
1658.042KAOFS::S_BROOKThu Sep 17 1992Weather forecast for CXO please.
1659.04CHAUCR::REAVESThu Sep 17 1992Colo. Spgs to Grand Canyon?
1660.04CSC32::PITTFri Sep 18 1992Students Protest Holidays?
1661.04SPECXN::MUNNSFri Sep 18 1992Autumn Colors, 1992
1662.02BSS::VIKES::BERGLINGMon Sep 21 1992Colorado Amendment #1 TABOR
1663.010CSC32::J_HEWETTTue Sep 22 1992X spouse removed from house?
1664.010URQUEL::S_JOHNSONWed Sep 23 1992Windshield Replacement ?s
1665.01CSC32::J_HENSONMon Sep 28 1992Amendment I
1666.06KAOFS::S_BROOKMon Sep 28 1992Homes in Tamarron area of Rockrimmon ?
1668.05GENRAL::KILGORETue Sep 29 1992List of Amendments?
1669.018CSC32::K_BOUCHARDTue Sep 29 1992low pitched sound
1670.068CSC32::J_HENSONThu Oct 01 1992Spring Black Bear Hunting amendment
1671.01COMET::HOOVERMThu Oct 01 1992Need Electrical contractor.
1673.03COOKIE::REUTERFri Oct 02 1992Junked audio components needed
1675.02CXCAD::PULSIPHERMon Oct 05 1992Colo. Springs Rocket Society info requested
1676.067EMDS::CHAMBERLAINMon Oct 05 1992What's your #2 guess for snow fall?
1677.06CXCAD::COLECCHITue Oct 06 1992where to buy legal forms?
1678.03COMET::LEWISJFri Oct 09 1992Digital Note?
1679.028BSS::G_HEDRICKMon Oct 12 1992Halloween in Colorado Springs
1680.0152BSS::VIKES::BERGLINGMon Oct 12 1992Presidental Straw Poll
1681.02SFCPMO::WHITINGMon Oct 12 1992Want to rent cabin for Christmas
1682.051AZTECH::JARRETTFri Oct 16 1992Digital News with Local Impact
1683.032CSC32::A_FROSTFri Oct 16 1992Vote Early....but not often...
1684.012SSDEVO::CARLMon Oct 19 1992GOOD Pediatrician Wanted
1685.011BSS::CODE3::BANKSTue Oct 20 1992Textbook store in Denver or the Springs?
1686.012CSC32::S_MAUFETue Oct 20 1992needed : colo(u)r scanner!
1687.015SSDEVO::CARLWed Oct 21 1992Birthday ideas?
1688.025COMPLX::THELLENThu Oct 22 1992Library Bond Question (more taxes)
1689.02CSC32::M_MOSHERFri Oct 23 19921992 General Election Information
1690.01COMPLX::C_WILLIAMSMon Oct 26 1992Tree Removal
1691.07SSDEVO::CARLThu Oct 29 1992sprinkler system
1692.013CSC32::L_WHITMORESun Nov 01 1992Real Christmas Trees -keeping them fresh?
1693.012COMET::DILLOWWed Nov 04 1992School-age children care
1694.058CSC32::PITTThu Nov 05 1992Your vote means nothing....
1695.07CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Nov 05 1992Static electricity discharge???
1696.032BSS::CODE3::BANKSFri Nov 06 1992Looking for Chrysler dealership in The Springs
1697.018CSC32::J_HEWETTMon Nov 09 1992considering RK
1699.010CSC32::S_MAUFETue Nov 10 1992where to buy drapes?
1700.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSThu Nov 12 1992District #2
1701.026PEAKS::RICHARDThu Nov 12 1992Comprecare Doctor note
1703.03BSS::CODE3::BANKSFri Nov 13 1992Call for Volunteers for Clean Air Campaign
1704.03DV78Sun Nov 15 1992Video Conferencing
1705.014SPECXN::KANNANMon Nov 16 1992Health Plan Choices in Colorado... Recent Changes...
1706.02COMET::CATOMon Nov 16 1992TMJ recommendations?
1707.023COMPLX::BULLARDMon Nov 16 1992Movement to recall Romer taking off...
1708.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 17 1992Nintendo vs. Sega????
1709.05BSS::G_HEDRICKWed Nov 18 1992When do I draw unemployment????
1710.08SFCWed Nov 18 1992Takecare recommendations
1711.0128BSS::P_BADOVINACThu Nov 19 1992BOYCOTT COLORADO campaign
1712.09WELLER::FANNINThu Nov 19 1992Colorado Thanksgiving Menus
1714.019CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Nov 20 1992East Junior high in CS gets on ABC
1715.02COOKIE::MHUAFri Nov 20 1992Skiing on Thanksgiving day?
1716.017DWENDL::ROBERTS$PFri Nov 20 1992C4FV
1717.086ELWOOD::LANETue Nov 24 1992What happened to Colorado?
1718.03PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Nov 25 1992Hewlett-Packard (Colorado) awards $6
1720.062CSC32::PITTWed Dec 02 1992Parade of Cubes
1721.08FOOSW6::ZIPPThu Dec 03 1992Residency requirments for school?
1722.01GENRAL::KILGORETue Dec 08 1992Moving Boxes - will buy or rent out
1725.03CSC32::GLODDYWed Dec 09 1992Do you know this man?????
1726.011KAOFS::S_BROOKWed Dec 09 1992I need a bank ... a *helpful* bank ...
1728.05PEAKS::RICHARDThu Dec 10 1992Dial-in access to weather forcasting?
1731.01WELLER::FANNINSun Dec 13 1992Need Denver Hotel Recommendation
1732.08--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 14 1992G/L rights?
1733.038CSC32::PITTMon Dec 14 1992Bath and Boys??
1734.02BSS::G_HEDRICKMon Dec 14 1992RETIREEE's need escort???
1735.0BICYCL::RYERMon Dec 14 1992Unfinished business on Note 1717
1736.08MR4DEC::TRESMANMon Dec 14 1992Need help w/CO. Ski Trip
1737.021CSC32::K_TOWed Dec 16 1992Places to have breakfast
1738.04SPECXN::BROWNWed Dec 16 1992Looking for Short Wave Radio information
1739.01CSC32::K_APPLEMANFri Dec 18 1992Plastic Peanut Recylcling
1740.016CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Dec 18 1992bear hunting attacked again what next?
1741.03BSS::CODE3::BANKSFri Dec 18 1992Tragedy apparently strikes Digital colleague
1742.08CSC32::L_WHITMORESat Dec 19 1992EX-DECCIES' Businesses
1743.02COMET::TROYERSun Dec 20 1992KGAY can't stay!!!
1744.04NABETH::alanWed Dec 23 1992Farewell Colorado Conference.
1745.045COMET::TROYERSun Dec 27 1992KGAY!!! What do you say??
1747.061CSC32::PITTMon Dec 28 1992Dan Reeves HISTORY??
1748.016CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Dec 29 1992Subscriber numbers for Comprecare
1749.08CSC32::J_HENSONThu Dec 31 1992Recent change in Auto Insurance Law?
1750.01CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jan 04 1993laser printer toner cartridges
1752.01CSLALL::GKOPPSThu Jan 07 1993Obermeyer Phone #
1753.030BRONCO::TANGUYSun Jan 10 1993Broncos Fans the Best!
1755.05MIMS::DUCAT_DTue Jan 12 1993Cost of living in Colorado
1756.017CSCOA1::RIVERA_SThu Jan 14 1993Dental Insurance Question
1757.04COOKIE::HAMILTONTue Jan 19 1993Home Heating Referals?
1758.02ACESMK::HAHNThu Jan 21 1993Snowmass Accomodations?
1760.013MADMXX::BETCHANSun Jan 24 1993Clean Air Campaign at Digital
1761.01NIKKII::TRESEDERTue Jan 26 1993Restaurants in Vail?
1762.03BSS::MI_BAKERSun Jan 31 1993Volunteer Opportunities in the Springs
1763.01CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Feb 01 1993Rocky Mountain Magnetics
1764.04COOKIE::SAMPLETue Feb 02 1993Eagle Scout Recognition Ceremony
1765.033MUNICH::TUSIAWed Feb 03 1993Schools and Housing Prices in 1993
1766.0118CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Feb 05 1993DEC supports 'Clarification Amendment'
1767.08MIMS::RIVERA_SSat Feb 06 1993local tax accountant wanted
1768.06CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Feb 08 1993Fire Prevention...
1770.04MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERFri Feb 12 1993Lodgeing: Ouray, Salida, Canon City
1771.031AYOV14::JPRESTONFri Feb 12 1993vacation help
1772.03KAHALA::RAYFri Feb 12 1993Boulder realtors?
1773.09PASSES::S_ROCHFORDMon Feb 15 1993Wedding Reception Ideas??
1774.05COMET::BRUNOTue Feb 16 1993PDC Furniture Sale
1776.010MIMS::LESSER_MThu Feb 18 1993What to do when visiting?
1777.03COMET::VANGPATNAKULFri Feb 19 1993Goodbye
1778.03TINCUP::VENTURELLATue Feb 23 1993Directions to Kerrigan Hall (sp) in Denver
1779.024CSC32::HADDOCKTue Feb 23 1993Address and Phone of U.S. Senators and Reps.
1780.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Feb 24 1993recommend rheumatology specialist
1781.04BSS::GUTZMERWed Feb 24 1993El Paso county Sales Tax
1783.04PULSAR::CHAPMANFri Feb 26 1993Recommendations for Country/Western Dancing
1784.01COOKIE::MHUAFri Feb 26 1993Need info. about a company
1785.014SMUG::BRUNOSun Feb 28 1993Mortgage Lending Bias article in the GT
1786.01BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Mar 01 1993Lodging at Breckenridge
1787.018CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Mar 02 1993Indoor air and our health?
1788.04COMET::BARRIANOSat Mar 06 1993Hiring in Manufacturing
1789.03COMET::MARTINSat Mar 06 1993FIRE on the Mountain....
1790.03EMC2::POTTSSun Mar 07 1993PC shop - Denver.
1791.027CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Mar 08 1993Clinton and Ft. Carson???
1793.03BSS::V_SCOTTWed Mar 10 1993Looking for custom T-shirt shop
1794.03CX3PT3::CODE3::BANKSWed Mar 10 1993Food Service Committee
1795.03COMET::BARRIANOFri Mar 12 1993Colorado Adjustment Bureau
1796.031--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 16 1993Weight Watchers at DEC. WHY???
1797.08COMET::VANSANTWed Mar 17 1993a way around amendment 1
1798.082MADMXX::BETCHANThu Mar 18 1993Why is "Promise" material in CSC ??
1799.015CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Mar 19 1993Year Round Education...thoughts?
1800.095COMET::BARRIANOMon Mar 22 19933/22 Letter to the GT Editor
1802.013ACETEK::TIMPSONThu Apr 01 1993Colorado/DEC
1803.02CSC32::PITTThu Apr 01 1993Business moving HERE????
1804.07CSC32::K_DEITKEMon Apr 05 1993Wedding Band suggestions?
1805.017CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 05 1993Bye bye open space in El Paso
1807.060CSC32::PITTMon Apr 05 1993A Group of Their Own.
1808.013POKIE::DIFIOREWed Apr 14 1993A Barber - A real Barber
1810.019CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Apr 16 1993UFO Sightings In Colorado
1812.031KAHALA::RAYFri Apr 16 1993cars and altitude
1814.09MIMS::RIVERA_SMon Apr 19 1993Log-homes and other alternatives
1815.03MADMXX::BETCHANMon Apr 19 1993seeking EARTH DAY info
1816.026COMET::BARRIANOTue Apr 20 1993"Automatic" Weapons in Colorado Springs?
1817.06SPECXN::BROWNTue Apr 20 1993Happy Birthday to the Lone Star State of TEXAS
1818.040CSC32::WILCOXWed Apr 21 1993CXO3 looks pretty messy
1819.013CSC32::PITTWed Apr 21 1993Smurf Cube update?
1820.02HERON::LAFORGUEFri Apr 23 1993french host family looking for an exchange
1821.02--UnknownUser--Sun Apr 25 1993mobile_home_parks
1822.02CSC32::D_CLOWMon Apr 26 1993Village 7 pool
1824.02CSC32::K_MEADOWSMon Apr 26 1993Mulch
1825.02CX3PT3::MOSPRT::M_HENDERSONMon Apr 26 1993Overnight stays with dogs?
1826.032CSC32::S_MAUFETue Apr 27 1993CSC and careers in the new brave future
1827.014CSC32::R_RHODESTue Apr 27 1993Backpacking suggestion for 1
1828.033MORO::BEELER_JEFri Apr 30 1993Tell me about Denver, Colorado
1829.013MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERSun May 02 1993Springs to Ouray?
1830.01SFCMon May 03 1993Recomendations for TV repair
1831.01ACETEK::WEBERTue May 04 1993Habla Espanol?
1832.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed May 05 1993Colo Spgs School District Info
1833.09CSC32::PITTThu May 06 1993New Call Logging on CSCtls??
1834.017TAVENG::CHANOCHTue May 11 1993May weather??
1835.014SALEM::DEANTue May 11 1993Question
1837.04CSC32::J_RABKEThu May 13 1993Funeral Homes
1839.08COMET::DILLOWMon May 17 1993Need recommendations for Kitchen Remodelers
1840.02CSC32::S_MAUFETue May 18 1993LAN over the cable
1841.016CUJO::WALTHERWed May 19 1993Aspen trees...?
1842.04CSC32::N_BERENZWed May 19 1993Ideas for Memorial weekend
1843.06MIMS::RIVERA_SWed May 19 1993Swamp Cooler Experience?
1844.015CUJO::WALTHERFri May 21 1993Wild Grass...low maintenance!
1845.02ROADKL::INGALLSFri May 21 1993Summer Camps for Kids
1846.022CSC32::PITTSun May 23 1993Bake Sale: part deux.
1847.010--UnknownUser--Mon May 24 1993storage sheds
1848.03CSC32::M_HERODOTUSWed May 26 1993Needed: a place to hold meetings.
1849.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 27 1993Colorado Public Health Dept
1850.0CSC32::S_BROOKFri May 28 1993DECSTORE OPENING ?
1851.05NEMAIL::MOUSLEYTue Jun 01 1993Advise needed
1852.0CSC32::T_CANNARELLATue Jun 01 1993Homes built over Coal Mines
1853.03SFCMon Jun 07 1993Home Inspector Recomendation Needed
1854.05COMPLX::C_WILLIAMSMon Jun 07 1993Nurseries - Plants, Trees, etc.
1856.022CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Jun 14 1993A question on Mortgage Insurance
1857.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Jun 15 1993SI Article on Colorado Rockie Fans
1859.03CSOADM::ROTHTue Jun 15 1993Bolt (lightning) from the blue
1861.049ROCKM1::DROEGEFri Jun 18 1993Backpacking hints?
1862.02CSC32::VANDENBERGFri Jun 18 1993Looking for Childcare
1864.042CSC32::PITTWed Jun 23 1993Any Bungee Jumping locally?
1866.010CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 24 1993Colorado Springs Directory -- the one with the wolf
1868.029OURGNG::RIGGENMon Jun 28 1993Family activities in Colorado
1869.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 28 1993Crested Butte
1870.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Jun 29 1993Country Jam USA Critique
1871.012CRASHR::JILLYWed Jun 30 1993Non-professional Rocketry in CO
1872.0ACETEK::WEBERWed Jun 30 1993McDonald's Family Night
1873.09CSC32::D_STUARTWed Jul 07 1993Steve Waskewicz
1874.01TINCUP::MOEMon Jul 12 1993Dirt-bike rental ...
1875.04GENRAL::WADEMon Jul 12 1993Tri-Lakes Park and Rec. District
1877.0549CUPID::BRUNOMon Jul 19 1993Amendment 2 ruling (FYI)
1878.040COMPLX::THELLENTue Jul 20 1993Colorado roads and rest areas
1879.02SFCWed Jul 21 1993Construction above tree line?
1880.016CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jul 22 1993NOD ROOM
1881.01MIMS::RIVERA_SFri Jul 23 1993Sunroof Specialist?
1882.011CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Jul 26 1993Details on Denver's water parks needed
1883.02TINCUP::VENTURELLATue Jul 27 1993Looking for a recommendation for a solar repair company
1884.015KDX2Thu Jul 29 1993Mustang Appreciation Day ??
1885.05BSS::PARKSFri Jul 30 1993Double/Triple Coupons?
1888.04CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Aug 02 1993uranium testing?
1890.018TINCUP::VENTURELLAThu Aug 05 1993Hummingbird activity?
1892.03RMDSRV::BURTTThu Aug 12 1993Golf Equipment Ideas???
1893.032CSC32::WILCOXMon Aug 16 1993World Youth Day, anyone?
1894.021CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Aug 16 1993Hugh Woods and getting a discount 8-)/Sawmill/lumber disccussion
1895.05SSAG::SUSSWEINMon Aug 16 1993headlights on 8/15?
1896.01COOKIE::SAMPLEMon Aug 16 1993Band Instruments
1897.019CSC32::D_HIGHLANDTue Aug 17 1993...wing-of-Bat!
1898.010CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Aug 18 1993Black bears roaming around Divide
1899.022HOTAIR::SIMONWed Aug 18 1993Labor Day Colorado Springs Balloon Classic
1900.03COMPLX::THELLENThu Aug 19 1993Peterson Open House/Air Show?
1902.035IMTDEV::BRUNOWed Aug 25 1993Doug Bruce: Convicted Slum-lord?
1903.07CSC32::WILCOXThu Aug 26 1993Orthodontist recommendations
1904.016GENRAL::KILGOREThu Aug 26 1993FREE Household Hazardous Chemical Collection Day
1906.021CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Aug 27 1993lost : one summer season
1907.0117CSC32::PITTFri Aug 27 1993Town Meeting: Youth Violence
1908.05BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Aug 31 1993Free Lift Tickets in Crested Butte Again
1910.04CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Sep 01 1993Who wanted HP sauce?
1911.02CRASHR::JILLYWed Sep 01 1993Quarter Midgets
1912.02CSC32::PITTTue Sep 07 1993Christian Group Get Together
1913.01SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Sep 07 1993Where to send a FAX?
1914.02CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Sep 08 1993Things to do in Aspen
1916.04BSS::BETCHANFri Sep 10 1993LaForet info wanted
1917.035--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 13 1993D-11 and the NRA
1918.04CSC32::J_RYERTue Sep 14 1993recommendations for auto painting?
1919.04NETCUR::MILGROMWed Sep 15 1993Holistic Health/Acupuncture Recommendations?
1920.03NETCUR::MILGROMWed Sep 15 1993Help for Seniors in Colorado Springs?
1921.025COMET::BRUNOFri Sep 17 1993A Sad Ending To A Long Search
1922.015CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Sep 21 1993Laptop theft at CX
1923.035CSC32::J_HENSONWed Sep 22 1993Rampart Range Road access?
1926.07SPECXN::NAUGHTONSun Sep 26 1993Animal Rescue/Adoption Topic
1928.01CX3PST::BSS::M_BURLEYWed Sep 29 1993Health Spas
1929.06STUDIO::REILLEYThu Sep 30 1993John Denver info ?
1930.025CSC32::J_HENSONFri Oct 01 1993Recalling elected officials
1931.05OSAPWed Oct 06 1993call TakeCare if you want them to fill prescriptions in Monument
1932.021KAOOA::LAVIGNEThu Oct 07 1993Cherry Creek Mall to C.S.
1935.04TINCUP::VENTURELLAFri Oct 08 1993Concerned about a rezoning request in the Tr-lakes (Monument) area
1936.022AKOCOA::SMITH_DMon Oct 11 1993Colorado Colleges
1937.06WITNES::BURGOS_LTue Oct 12 1993AM & FM Please
1938.020BSS::GROVERWed Oct 13 1993General Vehicle Registration ??s for Colorado
1939.06BSS::GUTZMERWed Oct 13 1993Cabinet dealers in the Springs?
1940.02TINCUP::VENTURELLAThu Oct 14 1993Recommendations for asphalt
1941.04CSC32::G_OGLESBYThu Oct 14 1993Venetucci's Pumpkin Farm
1942.0CSC32::KINGFri Oct 15 1993Non-smoking Jazz/Blues in Castle Rock
1943.02CSC32::J_RYERMon Oct 18 1993Upholstery cleaners - recommendations?
1944.02CSC32::J_ALBANESEWed Oct 20 1993Head Full Of Zombies is back for Halloween only!
1946.03GENRAL::KILGOREFri Oct 22 1993Elder Care Facility needed. Recommendations?
1949.09IMTDEV::BRUNOSat Oct 23 1993Health Freedom Rally 1993, Denver, Oct. 26th
1951.08MAGEE::CHAVESMon Oct 25 1993Visiting COL - need info.
1952.05CSC32::J_HENSONTue Oct 26 1993Seven Utes - possible new resort
1953.015CSC32::K_BOUCHARDWed Oct 27 1993new insurance from CIGNA
1954.042BSS::BETCHANWed Oct 27 1993What about a new tax??
1955.07CSC32::K_MEADOWSFri Oct 29 19931994 Open Enrollment
1956.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 01 1993Termites
1957.021BSS::IRISH_BTue Nov 02 1993Dwarf Mistletoe
1958.01COOKIE::SAMPLEFri Nov 05 1993Funeral Pre-planning
1959.01CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHFri Nov 05 1993Eye exam doctors covered by Comprecare.
1960.06CSC32::S_BROOKMon Nov 08 1993Buying a used car ... Legalities in Colorado ?
1961.032BOSDS1::CONNORMon Nov 08 1993Curious about religious affiliations
1962.04--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 09 1993MDs in Colorado Springs
1963.017TINCUP::VENTURELLAWed Nov 10 1993PACE Warehouse is closing
1964.01BOSDS1::CONNORThu Nov 11 1993VOO and other facilities?
1965.012CSC32::SCHLABSThu Nov 11 1993Drywallers
1966.02CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSMon Nov 15 1993Second Language Groups
1967.09MAYES::FALDETTAWed Nov 17 1993Help with health insurance, please.
1968.04CSC32::S_MAUFESat Nov 20 1993Wanted : C course on a PC in the Springs
1969.029CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Nov 23 1993Youth Violence
1971.01COOKIE::BREWERThu Dec 02 1993Recommended Plumbers?
1972.01PEAKS::RICHARDFri Dec 03 1993Need Jax or other New Orleans beer
1973.01CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHFri Dec 03 1993Recommendations for powder coating?
1974.077LILCPX::BULLARDWed Dec 22 1993I-25 shooting...Smalley innocent.
1975.09GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Dec 23 1993which areas allow snowboarding???
1976.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Dec 28 1993Woodcarvers Museum
1977.01MKOTS3::MACFAWNThu Dec 30 1993Westminster Hotel Info Needed
1978.0SSDEVO::PARRISTue Jan 04 1994Computerworld article on CSC changes
1979.08CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Jan 04 1994help on a weekend winter retreat. (no skiing)
1981.012ROADKL::MONTVILLEThu Jan 06 1994Underground gas line leak
1982.06TFH::MONAHANThu Jan 06 1994cheap lodging nr Breckenridge/Copper??
1983.036CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Jan 06 1994Smalley is at it again!
1984.062RESOLV::KOLBEMon Jan 10 1994Tough Times in Colorado
1985.013TAPE::LKLTue Jan 11 1994Colorado Silver Bullets - Womens baseball
1986.016RESOLV::KOLBEWed Jan 12 1994training layoff poorly done
1987.03LILCPX::BULLARDMon Jan 17 1994Romer's state of the state speech.
1988.065CSC32::WILCOXTue Jan 18 1994What another local company is doing
1989.01CSC32::PITTThu Jan 20 1994Sylvan Learning Centers
1990.094LILCPX::BULLARDThu Jan 20 1994Colorado conceal carry bills.....
1992.04CSC32::WILCOXThu Jan 27 1994Furniture stripping?
1993.036CSC32::K_PATTERSONThu Jan 27 1994Cellular One DEC rates
1995.011CSC32::J_SANDERSMon Jan 31 1994Where is the refund queues
1997.03RESOLV::KOLBETue Feb 01 1994man's/woman's best friend
1998.013TINCUP::VENTURELLAThu Feb 03 1994Property tax bill, who does it get sent to?
1999.09CSC32::G_OGLESBYFri Feb 04 1994The new indoor playgrounds in Colorado Springs
2000.023BOSDS1::CONNORFri Feb 04 1994Plutoniumphobia....no really, I'm concerned
2002.063CSC32::R_HARVEYTue Feb 08 1994Dangerous Property
2004.097TINCUP::VENTURELLAFri Feb 11 1994Person in Boulder fired for smoking at lunch time.
2005.08BSS::CODE3::BANKSWed Feb 16 1994Smoke to the west of CXO...
2006.036IMTDEV::BRUNOMon Feb 21 1994Smarter Commuting
2008.010COMET::BUSSARDTue Feb 22 1994Paintball Parks?
2009.023CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Feb 23 1994Do we really need another golf course?
2011.011AMWSWed Feb 23 1994Eye exams under American Vision Services (Take Care)
2012.036RESOLV::KOLBEThu Feb 24 1994potty parity hits the spot in Denver
2015.010CSC32::WILCOXThu Mar 03 1994What will MCI be doing in CXO?
2016.0GENRAL::KILGOREThu Mar 03 1994New hours for DCU at CXO1/2
2018.02BSS::M_WALTHERMon Mar 07 1994Fishing Gear Repair Shops
2019.042BSS::MEYERS_NATue Mar 08 1994Hot Fishing Spots in Colorado?
2020.05BOSDS1::CONNORTue Mar 08 1994Beginner Skiing
2021.03BSS::PARKSThu Mar 10 1994Where did VTX EASYNOTES go?
2022.0+9CX3PT1::BSS::DSMITHThu Mar 10 1994NRA Personal Protection and gun Safety
2023.07BLUESI::SYSTEMThu Mar 10 1994holiday in usa
2026.011NASSAU::HALLTue Mar 15 1994Fire Protection District/Firefighting Fees/Insurance
2027.04NETCUR::MILGROMWed Mar 16 1994What's best way to get to Colorado Springs from Denver and return?
2028.04CXDOCS::TAVARESFri Mar 18 1994Incident At A Stop Light
2029.08CSC32::L_WHITMORESat Mar 19 1994Lawn Maintenance Service Recommendations
2031.04BSS::PRATTTue Mar 22 1994Southwest/western style home/lighting fixtures...?
2032.01CSC32::K_BOUCHARDWed Mar 23 1994or direct flights?
2033.03TINCUP::VENTURELLAMon Mar 28 1994Looking for Colorado Publication?
2034.013BSS::M_WALTHERTue Mar 29 19941993 Tax law | Claim points |
2035.02SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Mar 29 1994DCU Ballots
2036.012RESOLV::KOLBETue Mar 29 1994Natural catastrophe
2037.010SISDA::KARZENWed Mar 30 1994Wanted: Room for rent
2038.019FARMS::MARTINFri Apr 01 1994Garden of Gods shopping center?
2039.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Apr 21 1994Lead Contamination from well pumps?
2040.025CSC32::K_MEADOWSSat Apr 23 1994Village Center has a "land use" change request posted
2041.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Apr 25 1994Good counselors EAP or Health Network?
2042.063CSC32::PITTMon May 02 1994Work From Home RE-REvisited (again)
2043.02SSDEVO::MARKSTue May 03 1994Concrete mud jacking contractor needed
2044.08CSC32::C_NORMANWed May 04 1994FOUND - Norwegian Elkhound
2045.04HEAVN::READFWed May 04 1994Job training for who?
2046.02CSC32::R_JACOBSWed May 04 1994Lost Golden Retriever needs a new home
2048.05TINCUP::VENTURELLAThu May 05 1994Where to get a new battery for a Casio Data Bank?
2049.026BICYCL::RYERMon May 09 1994Info on Mueller State Park?
2050.013DV78Wed May 11 1994Penaport
2051.05CSC32::S_CONNORWed May 11 1994DIA will it open?
2052.01COOKIE::MUNNSThu May 12 1994Bronzing in Colo Spgs ?
2053.014BSS::MEYERS_NASun May 15 1994Sun Tea Ice Tea Bags??
2055.03CSC32::P_SOMon May 16 1994Large Shiny Object in the Sky
2056.065CSC32::BETCHANTue May 17 1994Woodman & I 25
2057.01ROADKL::SHEEHANTue May 17 1994Assistance with Drywall Work
2058.042COOKIE::LAWSONTue May 17 1994Parking at CXO2?
2059.07COORS::PITTWed May 18 1994Six Flags?
2060.04BSS::RSCOTTWed May 18 1994Fellow Hockey Fanatics....
2062.01CSC32::KUGELS::J_STERNERTue May 24 1994Locataion of Mamoth Event Center in Denver
2063.07CSC32::WILCOXWed May 25 1994Street safety items
2064.016TINCUP::KOLBEWed May 25 1994The Official mourning note
2065.04BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed May 25 1994Electronic Connectivity to DCU
2066.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed May 25 1994Healthlink phlebotomy lab
2068.02COMET::BUTLERTue May 31 1994help needed - plumbing contractor
2070.05DV78Thu Jun 02 1994Electric -> Gas Conversion
2071.04BSS::B_NOTTINGHAMThu Jun 02 1994DEC salary freeze
2072.02CSC32::J_HENSONFri Jun 03 1994Ed Bozarth's Service Department?
2073.04CSC32::D_STUARTFri Jun 03 1994mother natures light shows
2074.05BSS::V_SCOTTTue Jun 07 1994Case Bonita .... Where ?????
2076.08BUSY::RIPLEYTue Jun 07 1994Polution in San Juan Valley?
2077.0CSC32::WILCOXTue Jun 07 1994Info on therapists needed
2078.057CSC32::J_SANDERSWed Jun 08 1994CONOCO trying to save Ft. Carson- Any comments?
2079.03CSC32::WILCOXWed Jun 08 1994No more CXN2
2080.08COOKIE::MUNNSWed Jun 08 1994Gunshots on CXO property
2081.020CSC32::LEWISThu Jun 09 1994need a deck built, any recommendations
2082.081CSC32::BETCHANThu Jun 09 1994NRA contacts wanted
2083.06PAKORA::JSTUARTSun Jun 12 1994Vacation U.S.A.
2085.011CXCAD::KOSATSCHKOWThu Jun 16 1994Rafting/Convenient/Cheap!...
2087.041COMET::ANTHONY_BFri Jun 24 1994Leash Law?
2088.014CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Jun 24 1994The swallows are back in town...
2089.03BSS::MEYERS_NASun Jun 26 1994John Martin Reservoir?
2090.06GENRAL::KIDDMon Jun 27 1994Building/Buying a Home?
2091.010COMET::ANTHONY_BWed Jun 29 1994High Taxes
2092.082BSS::MI_BAKERWed Jun 29 1994Mail Delivery Problems
2093.06CSC32::MCFADDENFri Jul 01 1994Looking for a lawn sprinkler contractor...
2094.04BSS::MEYERS_NATue Jul 05 1994Cheap but Good Dry Cleaners?
2095.05CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSTue Jul 05 1994Cobblestone look-alike
2096.01ROADKL::SHEEHANWed Jul 06 1994Question re: building permits
2097.01CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSWed Jul 06 1994Statues
2098.03CSC32::HENNINGWed Jul 06 1994Info about Sentinel Pt.
2099.03BSS::MEYERS_NAWed Jul 06 1994Memorial Park - 4th of July?
2100.01GENRAL::KILGOREThu Jul 07 1994Transportation survey?
2101.068IMTDEV::BRUNOThu Jul 07 1994Quantifying Quantum
2102.09PCPLOD::64Fri Jul 08 1994Snowy in October ?
2103.03SNAX::PATELSat Jul 09 1994Visiting Salt Lake city area
2104.01FARMS::MARTINThu Jul 14 1994Indian Pow Wow
2105.051CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Jul 18 1994Response to Mel White re: 42.49
2106.035ROCKM2::CHUMBLEYTue Jul 19 1994Amendment 13 - Gambling in Manitou
2107.010KDX2Fri Jul 22 1994Colorado 'Lemon Law' information??
2108.01SSDEVO::PARRISMon Jul 25 1994Surveyor wanted
2109.019CSC32::WILCOXMon Jul 25 1994New Moderator Needed
2110.08SEDOAS::ROBINSON_VThu Jul 28 1994Australian Visitor to Colorado
2111.0CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINMon Aug 01 1994Open House at Cherry Creek State Park Shooting Center
2113.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Aug 03 1994Was that an observed day of silence or what ?
2114.03CSC32::R_LEEThu Aug 04 1994Plague outbreak in Pueblo ...
2115.06CSC32::M_LOWENBERGFri Aug 05 1994Lamar from CS
2116.0+12COOKIE::MHUAFri Aug 05 1994Karate lessons for kids
2117.03CSC32::D_SANBORNMon Aug 08 1994Daycare recommendations near CXO?
2118.04CSC32::J_NOTTINGHAMMon Aug 08 1994Dancing to Rock-n-Roll - Where?
2120.06CSC32::J_HENSONFri Aug 12 1994Snow - 1994
2121.02CSC32::K_MEADOWSSat Aug 13 1994Needed: Info on APPLE as a workplace
2122.023CSC32::PITTMon Aug 15 1994Looking for work in Colorado
2123.02PEAKS::BEANTue Aug 16 1994Need plumber recommendation
2124.02AZTECH::ALVEYTue Aug 16 1994Bed & Breakfast in Breckenridge?
2125.015CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Aug 18 1994CX
2128.01PULMAN::OLSHAWFri Aug 19 1994rocky natl
2130.016RPSTRY::SUNDBERGFri Aug 26 1994Can anyone update housing market for me please?
2131.03CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Aug 29 1994Furniture shopping in Denver?
2132.019CXCAD::COLECCHIThu Sep 01 1994WACO II - Governement raids local Christain school
2133.07CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 01 1994Oracle
2134.010CSC32::PITTTue Sep 06 1994Disappearing ORACLE notes?
2135.02GENRAL::KILGORETue Sep 06 1994The Colorado Opry
2136.07SPECXN::NAUGHTONTue Sep 06 1994Women only: Personal Protection, handgun safety class
2138.03BSS::MEYERS_NAWed Sep 07 1994Brush Hollow Reservoir?
2139.014CSC32::PITTMon Sep 12 1994Gazette story on the EMPIRE
2140.019PEAKS::OAKEYMon Sep 12 1994Direct TV (small dish satellite TV)
2142.044CSC32::PITTWed Sep 14 1994PPCC students at Digital?
2143.01AZTECH::ALVEYThu Sep 15 1994Where is the National Western Complex?
2145.0356945::CLAFLINTue Sep 20 1994Military status in Pikes Peak Region
2146.012FARMS::MARTINTue Sep 20 1994Beware cheapo paving, esp on 24
2148.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOMon Sep 26 1994Is there wood shavings available?
2149.06COMET::MCCOLLOUGHMon Sep 26 1994Where are "CB" and "UFO" Notesfiles ?
2150.02DELNI::MILLSWed Sep 28 1994daughter moving to Boulder
2151.08COOKIE::HOLSINGERFri Sep 30 1994"Eyes" above I-25?
2153.028CSC32::J_HENSONTue Oct 04 1994Roy Boy's car chase
2154.05BSS::BRUNOTue Oct 04 1994US West has seen better days
2155.05MCITS1::BROSCHATWed Oct 05 1994ANy Comments on Action Amoco??
2156.01CSC32::J_FORRESTThu Oct 06 1994Chihuahua breeders?
2157.089BSS::GROVERFri Oct 07 1994Amendment #1 - smoker's tax......
2158.02CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Oct 10 1994The widening of Centennial Blvd.
2159.01CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Oct 10 1994Yoga Instruction
2161.01IMTDEV::BRUNOFri Oct 14 1994"Hail can't chip your windshield, Sir!"
2162.076CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Oct 15 1994New stop sign at CXO
2163.04CSC32::J_ALLENTue Oct 18 1994cx
2164.094CSC32::J_HENSONThu Oct 20 1994What an election year!
2165.03BSS::GROVERMon Oct 24 1994The OLD airport terminal - what'll happen to it?
2166.04GENRAL::KILGOREMon Oct 24 1994Criminals input hunting info into computers in CO
2167.0BSS::BUSSARDWed Oct 26 1994Halloween's Gonna Be A Blast!!
2168.083GENRAL::INDERMUEHLEThu Oct 27 1994 Choices for Governor......
2169.01SSDEVO::NEWMANFri Oct 28 1994You know you play in the Western Athletic Conference if ...
2170.044BSS::BRUNOSat Oct 29 1994Colorado - Home of the hapless assassins?
2171.022CSC32::ROGENMOSERMon Oct 31 1994New roof being offered - Am I being paranoid?
2172.0BSS::DSMITHWed Nov 02 1994Black Powder training
2173.04AMWSFri Nov 04 1994Books about Colorado
2174.07CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Nov 07 1994High curbs at the street corners.
2175.0BORGIL::M_FRAZIERThu Nov 17 1994Voice your oppinion on the COS Weather Service changes
2176.04SSDEVO::HAMPTONTue Nov 22 1994Colorado Springs World Arena (CSWA)
2177.08CSC32::L_WHITMORESat Nov 26 1994Charitable Organizations
2178.020STRATA::STILLSun Nov 27 1994Help Where am I??
2179.08NASSU::HOLDENCThu Dec 08 1994Need Your Assistance
2180.014CSC32::SCHIMPFThu Dec 08 1994Winter war stories....
2181.01CSC32::SCHLABSFri Dec 09 1994Looking for stereo repair place
2182.035CSC32::WILCOXThu Dec 15 1994Jibba Jabber to be taken off shelves
2183.04PEAKS::BEANWed Dec 21 1994Can't find Godiva Chocolates
2184.013CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Dec 21 1994buy it in bulk ?
2185.0100BSS::RALSTONWed Dec 28 1994Colorado Springs Expansion
2186.08CSC32::J_HENSONTue Jan 03 1995John Gotti - our new neighbor
2187.08CSC32::P_YOUNGMEYERThu Jan 05 1995No medical coverage!
2188.053CSC32::L_WHITMORESun Jan 08 1995High School #4 and Digital.
2189.01CSC32::WILCOXMon Jan 09 1995Furnace and ductwork cleaning?
2190.013BSS::RALSTONWed Jan 18 1995Doug Bruce, Hassled or Hassler
2191.09CSC32::LUFFThu Jan 26 1995Need details on Gold Camp Road
2192.02MCITS1::BROSCHATThu Jan 26 1995Where to find Manual Reel type push lawn mower
2193.06STRATA::STILLThu Jan 26 1995Colorado Stuff
2194.07CSC32::M_BERNHARDTMon Jan 30 1995Broken Windows and Wannabee's
2195.038CSC32::WILLIAMSTue Jan 31 1995MouseTrap
2196.05CSC32::KINGMon Feb 06 1995Colorado Dog Sledding
2197.0CSC32::BETCHANThu Feb 16 1995Bike passage around Woodmen/ I 25
2198.02CSC32::WILCOXFri Feb 17 1995Need carpet/linoleum installer
2200.05SPECXN::WITHERSWed Feb 22 1995Homebrew beer in the Colorado Springs area
2201.031TRLIAN::DUGGANWed Feb 22 1995Stapleton closes Feb. 28
2202.0124PEAKS::OAKEYThu Feb 23 1995Concealed carry arrives in El Paso county
2203.08CRASHR::JILLYThu Mar 09 1995CXO3 Employee Activities Committee
2204.01TOOK::MORRISONWed Mar 15 1995Colo. rail/bus loop tour, has anyone taken this?
2205.014BSS::V_SCOTTMon Mar 20 1995CHEERS CLOSING !!!!!!!
2206.024SPECXN::WITHERSTue Mar 28 1995Cray Computer files Chapter 11
2207.076CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 29 1995Local News
2208.08GENRAL::KILGOREWed Mar 29 1995Pet Adoptions
2209.01CXCAD::BARRYFri Mar 31 1995FLY FISHING ?
2210.011TALLIS::KOCHFri Mar 31 1995Seek hiking / sighseeing pointers
2211.0IMTDEV::BRUNOWed Apr 05 19951995 Municipal Election (4/4/95)
2212.02CSC32::LEWISThu Apr 06 1995yard waste collection area?
2213.0GENRAL::KILGOREMon Apr 10 1995Site SNOWBOX for Digital - still valid phone #
2214.06CSC32::WILCOXWed Apr 12 1995Big changes at Albertsons
2215.07CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 12 1995Music lessons
2216.09BSS::RALSTONThu Apr 13 1995Internet Services
2218.04PEAKS::OAKEYFri Apr 21 1995Where can I buy a special batteries?
2219.012CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 26 1995The end of an era -- Drive-in to be leveled.
2220.06GENRAL::KILGOREFri Apr 28 1995Noxious Weed Management - It's The Law!
2221.041IMTDEV::BRUNOFri Apr 28 1995High Property Valuations
2222.0CRASHR::JILLYFri Apr 28 1995Wings Over the Rockies Aviation and Space Museum
2223.044CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Apr 28 1995Baylis verdict -- not guilty.
2224.05CSC32::N_BERENZMon May 01 1995Rockies park and ride bus
2225.05BSS::BUSSARDMon May 08 1995Trashy folk around these days...
2226.021CSC32::J_OPPELTMon May 08 1995Heartworm in Colorado?
2227.04SCHOOL::SHOOPFri May 19 1995What ever happened to - Milt Shively or Gary Papazian
2228.01CSC32::J_OPPELTSun May 21 1995Soccer in Colorado Springs
2229.020COOKIE::MARTINTue May 23 1995What about Western Pacific Airlines?
2230.046BSS::G_MCINTOSHThu May 25 1995Colorado NHL
2231.0TINCUP::KOLBEWed Jun 14 1995DEC/MCI work on video/phone lines
2232.02TOPTEN::PLEVAThu Jun 15 1995Furnished appt info needed.
2233.01GENRAL::KILGOREFri Jun 16 1995ATMEL
2234.015BSS::KELLY_NATue Jun 20 1995Sanitation Companies in CS?
2235.03CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZWed Jun 21 1995Rockies baseball home schedule
2236.08GENRAL::KILGOREFri Jun 23 1995Oldest C/S Burger King closes
2237.02CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jun 29 1995Colorado Spgs Digital PR REP?
2238.01SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Jul 06 1995Dangerous parked semis in CX
2239.02BSS::MENDEZFri Jul 07 1995Delayed phone service in Briargate!!!
2241.03SSAG::SUSSWEINFri Jul 14 1995Who manages NNTPD2 (usenet news server)?
2242.07COOKIE::MARTINMon Jul 17 1995Butterfly Pavillion near Boulder?
2243.09COOKIE::MHUAWed Jul 26 1995Doctors near digital facility
2244.0114SALEM::NEAULTThu Jul 27 1995Should I move to Colorado Springs?
2247.026MCITS1::TEJAFri Aug 11 1995The Elementary School at Centenial & Wickes (until recently)
2248.03CSC32::CSC32::D_WILDERTue Aug 15 1995AF Academy on the Internet?
2249.05CSC32::PITTThu Aug 17 1995Shuttle Bus to Cripple Creek?
2250.0SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Aug 17 1995Great American Beer Festival
2251.07CXDOCS::COPELANDTue Aug 22 1995District 2
2253.07CSC32::LEWISWed Aug 30 1995where to shop for motorcycle leathers in CS
2254.02CSC32::LYONThu Aug 31 1995Need: Software Evolution by L.J. Arthur
2255.02PEAKS::BEANWed Sep 06 1995Need Piano Teacher Recommendation
2256.06PEAKS::RICHARDMon Sep 11 1995Used Car Dealers
2257.010MCITS1::BROSCHATTue Sep 12 1995Rate Increases for Mountain View Electric Assoc.
2258.063CSC32::PITTTue Sep 12 1995Colorado High Schools Sports Rule
2259.02GENRAL::KILGOREWed Sep 27 1995Trying to locate ex-employees
2261.01SSDEVO::LUCASMon Oct 09 1995Property Management Class for Landlords, Oct. 14 and Oct. 21
2264.05CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 17 19951995 Library tax
2265.022CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 17 19951995 I-25 tax
2266.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 17 19951995 Prison tax
2267.09CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 17 19951995 School district bonds
2268.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 17 19951995 open-spaces tax
2269.08BSS::BRUNOTue Nov 07 1995Attention CS Shoppers!
2270.01ROADKL::HALLWed Nov 08 1995Looking for Santa Claus suits
2271.017CSC32::J_HENSONFri Nov 10 1995Spray paint ban in Pueblo
2272.02CSC32::WILCOXTue Nov 14 1995Small business lawyer?
2273.029--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 14 1995United States is shutdown
2274.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 28 1995Channel 11 skiff?
2275.03BSS::KELLY_NAMon Dec 04 1995Documentation for Sun SPARC Station?
2276.0CSC32::D_DERAMOMon Dec 04 1995GNU Emacs on CSC32?
2277.071PEAKS::LILAKWed Dec 06 1995Stupid Imported Driving Tricks
2278.01SPECXN::HIMESFri Dec 08 1995Pan-Fried Trout Restaurants
2279.01BSS::BRUNOFri Dec 15 1995Poodle leads Council to Unwise Gun Ordinance
2280.03BSS::BRUNOMon Dec 18 1995Paul Kavanaugh's Speaking Disorder
2281.02CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Dec 19 1995Anyone going Christmas Caroling?
2282.07CSC32::L_WHITMORETue Jan 02 1996Diet Program Recommendations
2284.017CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Jan 17 1996CS Police kill church bandit...
2285.08CSC32::MCFADDENWed Jan 17 1996Slow paystub delivery in Colorado Springs?
2286.05PEAKS::OAKEYThu Jan 18 1996Pagers for the Front Range
2287.01COOKIE::MHUAMon Jan 22 1996Sailor Moon - cartoon show
2288.09TLALOC::ALVEYMon Jan 22 1996New sign
2289.02CSC32::BROOKWed Jan 24 1996Proposed Height of Houses Zoning law
2290.05PEAKS::BEANWed Jan 31 1996Where can I buy a hygrometer?
2291.015CSC32::B_GOODWINWed Jan 31 1996Common law marriage in Colorado...
2292.017GENRAL::KILGOREThu Feb 01 1996KKTV Freemail
2293.02CSC32::SCHLABSThu Feb 01 1996Good/Great travel agents??
2294.01BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Feb 02 1996Baby; it's COLD outside (shiver...)
2295.0PCBUOA::RIPLEYMon Feb 05 1996Openings in Education?
2296.010BSS::BROPHYMon Feb 05 1996Bread makers
2297.0CXOSI::tempst.cxo.dec.com::DtejaMon Feb 12 1996Cheap entertainment this week!
2298.012MKOTS3::toppcb.mko.dec.com::SPENCERWed Feb 14 1996Rocky Mountain high
2299.01CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Feb 15 1996FHP Obstetricians
2300.010BSS::HALLThu Feb 15 1996Phone card deals in the Springs
2301.0CSC32::MJONESTue Feb 27 1996ride from Colorado Springs to Denver and back
2302.05PCBUOA::RIPLEYMon Mar 04 1996Internet addresses for Colorado Newspapers?
2303.0SIPAPU::KILGORETue Mar 05 1996Core 4 Clean Room Demolition in CXO1
2304.01CSC32::LEWISTue Mar 05 1996Any body have any experience with Keller Homes?
2305.01CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHTue Mar 05 1996Construction Dumpster Service Recommendations
2306.07SSDEVO::MARKSWed Mar 06 1996CS to Cripple Creek railroad
2307.029SIPAPU::KILGOREThu Mar 07 1996Traffic Concerns
2308.032BSS::BRUNOMon Mar 11 1996Police Helicopters
2309.016ROADKL::KOOSERMon Mar 18 1996Ford Fleet Sales for Digital Workers.
2310.02CSC32::J_RABKEMon Mar 18 1996Driver's License Test?
2311.010COOKIE::MHUAThu Mar 21 1996Tax return instruction
2312.0CSC32::ROGENMOSERThu Mar 21 1996Foundation Repair recommendation needed
2313.034IMTDEV::KELLYMon Mar 25 1996Advice Needed on Aerobic Riders
2314.0SSDEVO::LUCASThu Mar 28 1996Colorado Landlord/Tenant Information and more now on Internet
2315.07BSS::HALLFri Mar 29 1996Looking for 78 RPM turntable in the Springs
2316.097BADMXX::GARZANITIMon Apr 01 1996The destruction of bird's nests on Digital property
2319.02CXOSI::AUSTINMon Apr 22 1996Apartment lease problems.
2321.02KDX2Wed May 01 1996Adult Education - Wood Working classes?
2322.022CSC32::L_WHITMORESun May 05 1996Window Well Covers?
2323.01CSC32::M_HERODOTUSMon May 06 1996Job Fair on May 9, any details?
2325.0TINCUP::KOLBETue May 07 1996Horticultural Arts Society Plant sale - May 17-19
2326.07TINCUP::KOLBETue May 07 1996Xeriscape Garden tours for National Drinking Water week May 6-11
2327.0BSS::KELLY_NAWed May 15 1996Need Training in NT Server?
2328.054BSS::BRUNOThu May 16 1996Grocery Strike '96
2329.08CSC32::C_BENNETTTue May 21 1996Buck Snort?
2330.024PEAKS::OAKEYFri May 31 1996Colorado Springs Graffiti Ordinance
2331.010CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jun 06 1996Colorado Avalanche Hockey
2332.06CSC32::J_RYERTue Jun 11 1996Denver International Airport (DIA)
2333.09CSC32::R_RHODESThu Jun 13 1996Private schools in Colorado Springs?
2334.04BSS::HALLThu Jun 13 1996Looking for an old truck
2335.0PCBUOA::RIPLEYFri Jun 14 1996Colorado Rememberences...
2336.07CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Jun 17 1996Sweet Adelines
2338.013CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZFri Jun 21 1996COMPusa grand opening???
2339.07BSS::KELLY_NAMon Jun 24 1996Indian Reservoir Info?
2340.029SSDEVO::BARTLESONTue Jun 25 1996Wall Street Journal Story on MCI's move to Colorado Springs
2341.04BSS::GOODMANThu Jun 27 1996Ace Auto Engine Supply - ? - Experiences ?
2342.08TINCUP::KOLBETue Jul 02 1996is there anyone that can post the layoff article on Digital
2344.0TINCUP::KOLBEWed Jul 10 1996Hauling for dollars
2345.07BSS::M_BURLEYWed Jul 17 1996Dog lost in the Holland Park area
2346.05CXOSI::TEJAFri Jul 19 1996National Forest access near MCI
2347.02GENRAL::SPRAYCARMon Jul 22 1996Vantage Homes (Home builers) pro's & con's?
2348.0BSS::BUSSARDWed Jul 24 1996Motels, B&B's @ Evergreen CO.?
2349.05DSNENG::KOLBEMon Jul 29 1996lost cat in Kitty Hawk area
2350.0CSC32::B_HAASTue Jul 30 19961996 Race for the Cure
2351.098CSC32::C_REESEWed Aug 07 1996proposed parental discipline amendment
2352.0BSS::FLANNERYThu Aug 08 1996Are you interested in playing Contract Bridge, in a league?
2353.09TINCUP::OSWALDTue Aug 13 1996Move me a rock...
2354.08CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Aug 19 1996Monster Trucks??
2355.024COOKIE::MARTINMon Aug 26 1996Why all the tailgating?!
2356.025CSC32::KOELLHOFFERWed Aug 28 1996California toxic waste in Colorado
2357.013SIPAPU::KILGOREThu Sep 05 1996Songs/Poetry
2358.010LILCPX::THELLENTue Sep 17 1996CXO1 Maintenance and Cleaning
2359.02SIPAPU::KILGORETue Sep 24 1996Harry Weinbrenner passed on today
2360.010BSS::KELLY_NAMon Sep 30 1996Sport Bars
2361.05SAPPHO::DUBOISTue Oct 01 1996Seymour Cray
2362.01MOUTNS::G_MASTINMon Oct 07 1996Anyone do calligraphy?
2363.02BSS::BRUNOMon Oct 07 1996Adios Mayor Bob
2364.03CSC32::L_WHITMORESun Oct 13 1996Magician or Clown recommendation?
2365.07CX3PST::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHMon Oct 14 1996Colorado TV programming questions
2366.02CSC32::HENNINGWed Oct 16 1996Looking for Washer Repair
2367.010CSC32::PITTFri Oct 18 1996something fishy at channel 13 news
2368.013SSDEVO::BRUZENAKMon Oct 21 1996Pepper Spray?
2369.030CSC32::C_REESEThu Oct 24 1996proposed Amendment 11
2371.09CSC32::C_REESEThu Oct 24 1996Referendum A
2372.02CSC32::HENNINGTue Oct 29 1996Modular Homes in ElPaso Cty
2373.023PEAKS::OAKEYFri Nov 01 1996Amendment 12 -- far, far more than term limits
2374.04CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Nov 04 1996Neighborhood Caroling?
2375.07BSS::BRUNOWed Nov 06 1996General Election '96
2376.05OLD1S::SYSTEMWed Nov 13 1996Car insurance for Teen Drivers
2377.01BSS::HALLThu Nov 14 1996Looking for baritone or euphonium
2378.04GENRAL::KILGOREFri Nov 15 1996CXO1 Employee Activities Committee
2379.06CSC32::HENNINGMon Nov 18 1996Thanksgiving - share the bounty!
2380.02CSC32::GULDENSun Nov 24 1996Help putting XMAS lights on a outside tree
2381.01LILCPX::THELLENMon Nov 25 1996Digital logo items for sale
2382.0BSS::BUSSARDFri Dec 06 1996Help! I need pickaxes fast!
2383.05SSAG::SNYDERTue Dec 10 1996Lost puppy
2384.04CSC32::BOLANThu Dec 19 1996Strangest gift you have ever received?
2385.05KDX2Fri Dec 20 1996Dalmations needed/wanted/traded/sold/whatever!
2386.0CSC32::J_RYERFri Dec 20 1996 buffets for Christmas dinner
2387.02MDSMon Dec 23 1996Saturday's Adventure on I-25
2388.0CSC32::W_LINVILLEMon Dec 23 1996Biodyne problems/concerns
2389.0CSC32::RUTSCHOWWed Jan 08 1997Girls Softball Classic in Woodland Park
2390.0+10BSS::GOODMANMon Jan 13 1997Packer FAns ONLY - Let's hear it.....
2391.0NETRIX::"mullin@alf.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997HELP-need quarters at Keystone
2392.06CSC32::BROOKThu Jan 16 1997New Coke Machines == Price increase!
2393.05ALFSS1::MAZIALNIKMon Jan 20 1997Real Estate Law?
2394.0+1CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jan 22 1997Pueblo internet providers
2395.0 *+7BSS::KELLY_NATue Feb 18 1997Any Upcoming Fishing Tournaments?
2396.0 *+2BSS::BRUNOMon Feb 24 1997Death of Troy Moseley
2397.0 *PEAKS::OAKEYMon Feb 24 1997Theft in CXO1's core VI
2398.0 *+12CSC32::BROOKTue Mar 04 1997Driving from COS to LA
2399.0 *+1SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu Mar 06 1997wanted: old PDP hardware, old electronic junk
2400.0 *+4--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 14 19971955 Chevy 2door street machine
2401.0 *+6CSC32::D_STUARTMon Mar 17 1997Spring Construction
2402.0 *+10KDX2Tue Mar 18 1997ISDN Problems with US West
2403.0 *+11CSC32::BROOKWed Mar 19 1997"Plain clothes" Police and Car ...
2404.0 *+1--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 19 1997Hale-Bopp as seen from Colorado
2405.0 *+8PEAKS::OAKEYWed Mar 19 1997Hale-Bopp as seen from Colorado
2406.0 *+4DSNENG::KOLBEMon Mar 24 1997Dog Fancier Nov 96
2407.0 *+1SSDEVO::MARKSMon Mar 31 1997info/recommendation for house window tinting
2408.0 *+2PEAKS::BEANWed Apr 02 1997Cellar discounts available to Digital employees?
2409.0 *+21CSC32::PITTWed Apr 02 1997Mayor MaryLou?
2410.0 *SSDEVO::BRUZENAKThu Apr 03 1997Be There Golf Here?
2411.0 *+7DV78Mon Apr 07 1997Dr Kautz - FHP - CSHP
2412.0 *+8DSNENG::KOLBETue Apr 08 1997free money - or at least it should be
2413.0 *+21COOKIE::MARTINFri Apr 11 1997Mary Kay has come to Digital
2414.0 *+1CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon Apr 14 1997Name That Tune?
2415.0 *+19METSYS::POADWed Apr 30 1997Cost of car rental
2416.0 *+1NNTPD::"AustinK@mail.dec.com"Fri May 02 1997Day care in Colorado Springs?
2417.0 *+4METSYS::POADTue May 06 1997Public transport Boulder/RMNP - buses, hitching, taxis
2418.0 *CSC32::L_WHITMORETue May 13 1997Window quilts?
2419.0 *+2CSC32::L_WHITMOREMon May 19 1997Neurologist recommendation.
2420.0 *+2DSNENG::KOLBEFri May 23 1997week long horse camps
2421.0 *+2CSC32::G_MURPHYThu May 29 1997Kayaking Info Needed
2422.0 *SSDEVO::PULSIPHERFri May 30 1997Candlelighters Public Auction this Sunday
2423.0 *+4COOKIE::MARTINFri May 30 1997rewards for good report cards?
2424.0 *+2SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Jun 04 1997Small Claims Court