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Conference gantry::turbo

Title:Turbo Pascal
Notice:See note 1.6 for V4 ordering info
Created:Fri Feb 28 1986
Last Modified:Mon Feb 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:790
Total number of notes:3349
Number with bodies:2
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.07COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 17 1984Introduction
2.03COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 17 1984Turbo User Group info
3.03COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 17 1984Compas Pascal --> GSX Graphics
4.04COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 17 1984Installation Notes
5.04NATASH::LAFLAMMETue Sep 18 1984turbo editor [mini-edt]
7.06REGAL::CHESTNUTTTue Sep 18 1984Turbo Pascal --> GSX Graphics
8.01CHARON::LISTONTue Sep 18 1984System Logical for TURBO??
9.01KATIE::BONNEAUTue Sep 18 1984Graphics and Turbo?
10.0EXODUS::WICKERTTue Sep 18 1984GSX for MS-DOS
11.03EXODUS::WICKERTTue Sep 18 1984Timer support
12.0ZURWed Sep 19 1984date/time access with EXT. BIOS
13.02COEVAX::STRYKERThu Sep 20 1984CP/M-86 Fast Video program
17.02FSTVAX::DICKINSONFri Sep 21 1984aborting prog under ms-dos
18.02SEENA1::LUGRINFri Sep 21 1984Notes 14-16???
19.01SEENA1::LUGRINFri Sep 21 1984Turbo ToolBox
20.02COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 24 1984Turbo Cross Reference Utility?
21.03COEVAX::STRYKERMon Sep 24 1984KEYPRESSED too slow?
22.04EXODUS::WICKERTWed Sep 26 1984Turbo comments
23.02COEVAX::STRYKERFri Oct 05 1984Limited to 64K Available RAM?!?
25.02EXODUS::WICKERTSun Oct 07 1984New Line
26.01EXODUS::WICKERTTue Oct 09 1984Interrupt examples?
27.01COEVAX::STRYKERTue Oct 16 1984MS-DOS Variables from Turbo?
28.016STONED::YARDThu Oct 18 1984A good get key routine???
29.04REFUGE::PORTERThu Oct 18 1984KEYPRESSED bug...
30.06COEVAX::STRYKERFri Nov 02 1984(EXECUTE procedure)
31.012GLORY::HULLSat Nov 03 1984VT18
32.03EXODUS::WICKERTSun Nov 04 1984Misc routines
33.0EXODUS::WICKERTSun Nov 04 1984Interrupt routines
34.05COEVAX::STRYKERThu Nov 08 1984(CP/M Directory Read)
35.07COMET::JESPERSENTue Nov 13 1984Full screen editing
36.0GLORY::HULLWed Nov 21 1984VT18
37.04OSLWed Nov 21 1984Screen memory
38.0SEENA1::LUGRINFri Nov 23 1984DEBUG and PIC routines
39.01SEENA1::LUGRINFri Nov 30 1984ADDR(procedure)
40.0SEENA1::LUGRINTue Dec 04 1984i/o error codes (funny)
41.01ZURWed Dec 19 1984COMPAS_bug (SET OF ...)
42.010KATADN::AGNEWThu Dec 27 1984i need a good book
43.02EKBVThu Jan 03 1985Turbo for Rainbow
44.011EDSVAX::CRESSEYWed Jan 09 1985TINST 3 Character limit
45.02OVDVAX::ROTHSat Jan 12 1985Borland/Rainbow floppy screwup
46.01OVDVAX::ROTHMon Jan 14 1985Reaching Borland via Compuserve
47.04COEVAX::STRYKERSun Jan 20 1985Fast Video for MS-DOS
48.02GLORY::HULLSun Jan 20 1985Turbo Bug
49.08GLORY::HULLSun Jan 20 1985Using Rainbow Function Keys
50.0EDSVAX::CRESSEYWed Jan 30 1985Learn Pascal on TV
51.05TOPCAT::GUARINOWed Feb 06 1985Turbo portability???
53.01MKT782::SCRATCHLEYThu Feb 14 1985WHILE..DO problem
54.05COEVAX::STRYKERMon Feb 25 1985Rainbow Comm package anyone?
55.0HYDRA::MOOREMon Feb 25 1985Turbo version 3.
56.05OZONE::BARTHWed Feb 27 1985logging TURBO terminal I/O to di
57.0SEENA1::LUGRINMon Mar 04 1985Horrible hack
58.07GIGI::GINGERThu Mar 07 1985Input from Printer Port
59.01ZURTue Mar 19 1985INT_vector for DEBUG ?
60.0THEBUS::BONNEAUMon Mar 25 1985How to program TAB's ??
61.01GOLLY::HOBDAYTue Mar 26 1985TURBO on APPLE's
62.01ROYCE::STEWARTWed Mar 27 1985Communications package
63.0ROYCE::STEWARTWed Mar 27 1985Turbo v Compass
64.03THEBUS::BONNEAUWed Mar 27 1985Redefine keypad??
65.04THEBUS::BONNEAUSat Mar 30 1985Trouble with TLIST??
66.03GLORY::HULLMon Apr 01 1985LINKLISTS & MENUS Support
67.06THEBUS::BONNEAUMon Apr 01 1985Fast Tree Sort Package
68.02LEHIGH::MCCULLERSMon Apr 01 1985Pascal Formatter?
69.0GLORY::HULLTue Apr 02 1985Linklist Sources (Re:66)
70.04GLORY::HULLTue Apr 02 1985MENU source codes (Re:66)
71.01GLORY::HULLThu Apr 04 1985CPM Turbo RTL Patch
72.0GLORY::HULLFri Apr 05 1985MENU w/Fast Video (MS-DOS)
73.03GLORY::HULLTue Apr 09 1985Info on TUG-Lines ???
74.03COEVAX::STRYKERWed Apr 10 1985MS-DOS Function Key Input
75.01MKT782::PETERSONWed Apr 10 1985*** TURBO BUG? ***
76.01COEVAX::STRYKERThu Apr 11 1985MS-DOS Date functions
77.016BOOKIE::GEYERWed Apr 17 1985Distribution media problems
78.05GLORY::HULLSat Apr 20 1985TURBO V3 VT18
79.03COEVAX::STRYKERTue Apr 23 1985(MS-DOS Shelling with Turbo)
80.04COEVAX::STRYKERMon Apr 29 1985(Turbo 3.
81.02COEVAX::STRYKERMon Apr 29 1985(Pathnames under MS-DOS)
82.02COEVAX::STRYKERMon Apr 29 1985MS-DOS Get Current Directory
83.010COEVAX::STRYKERMon May 06 1985Turbo Terminal Emulator
84.01OCKER::RIVETTWed May 15 1985Self referential structures
86.07HAMSTR::STRYKERWed May 22 1985Warning: Turbo Screen
87.0DUBFri May 24 1985Ver 3.
88.08DUBSun May 26 1985GRAPHICS INTERFACE???
89.0AUSSIE::DIMONDThu May 30 1985V3 CP/M enquiries.
90.0CURIE::NORDLANDWed Jun 05 1985Who is Frank Borland??
91.02CHOPIN::FISHERThu Jun 13 1985PushD and PopD
92.02CNJ::MCCULLERSSun Jun 16 1985Help Needed doing Conversion
93.01GLORY::HULLMon Jun 17 1985Borland Does It Again!!!
94.05QWERTY::GUARINOTue Jun 18 1985Exponentiation in Turbo?
95.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 18 1985
96.03SYBIL::FORRESTERThu Jun 20 1985What's With eXecute?
97.0GLORY::HULLFri Jun 21 1985Print Using Output Masks
98.0MUNMon Jun 24 1985mark release bug
99.01OVDVAX::CATHERSThu Jun 27 1985Getting at the ENVIRONMENT
100.04ATFAB::MCCABEThu Jun 27 1985Shelling MS-DOS
101.03CURIUM::GIUDICEFri Jun 28 1985Using Arrow keys
102.08EVE::G_DAVISWed Jul 03 1985Turbo w?graphics
103.01CYCLPS::BAHNMon Jul 08 1985Instructional Materials ???
104.06GUIDUK::HEALYThu Jul 11 1985Where to get Turbo?
106.01BOOKIE::GEYERThu Jul 18 1985note 77 revisited
107.01OSLFri Jul 19 1985Misspellings
108.013HAMSTR::STRYKERFri Jul 26 1985Proposed: TurboFMS?
109.010HAMSTR::STRYKERFri Jul 26 1985Telephone Message System
110.04COMET::UMLANDFri Aug 09 1985CPM date ==> turbo ?
111.01MAXWEL::BANKSWed Aug 14 1985 need help for spella
112.0HYDRA::MOOREFri Aug 16 1985TRUN - generalized chaining
113.01CYCLPS::BAHNMon Aug 19 1985Mac Turbo ???
114.04FROST::DANIELFri Aug 23 1985Reading from LST: Device.
115.01HAMSTR::STRYKERMon Aug 26 1985(Turbo Script Language?)
116.08FROST::DANIELTue Sep 03 1985TURBO V3.
117.03OSLTue Sep 03 1985Script Processor
118.0OSLWed Sep 04 1985Keyboard Input
119.010GLORY::HULLWed Sep 04 1985Turbo ROLODEX available
120.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
121.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
122.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
123.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
124.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
125.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
126.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1985
129.011SEENA1::LUGRINThu Sep 26 1985A profiler ?
130.0WILBUR::BARKERThu Sep 26 1985TINST Inquiry
131.04OVDVAX::STRAUSSTue Oct 01 1985Get Enviroment (again)
132.01PD75Thu Oct 03 1985dialv22
133.0WHYVAX::HETRICKTue Oct 15 1985I hate Pascal
134.0--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 15 1985
135.0EDSVAX::CRESSEYWed Oct 16 1985LSMVAX::TURBO: Contents
136.04MTV::FOLEYThu Oct 17 1985Finding Turbo for Rainbows
137.011SEENA1::LUGRINSun Oct 20 1985TurboEDT (a true EDT keypad emu
138.0GLORY::HULLFri Oct 25 1985ROS V34 Turbo BBS
139.01HUDSON::BENTLEYFri Oct 25 1985IBM to RB?
141.04COIN::ELKINDTue Oct 29 1985rainbow notes file?
142.0GLORY::HULLWed Oct 30 1985DE-ARC utility
143.0ATLAST::WAYERWed Oct 30 1985help allocating memory
144.01MARRHQ::WICKERTFri Nov 01 1985Enumerated output
145.012WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Nov 04 1985MARKET/LSMVAX TURBO: abstracts
147.01WILBUR::BARKERWed Nov 13 1985MSDOS Function 47h
149.01HAMSTR::STRYKERTue Nov 26 1985MS-DOS Show Available Memory
150.01NONAME::HARDYTue Nov 26 1985New PSW for LCG.KERMIT?
151.03OVDVAX::SCOTTWed Nov 27 1985MicroSoft Mouse Support
152.01OSLWed Nov 27 1985BREAK ON/OFF
153.01DELNI::LARSONSun Dec 01 1985Level-1 with Get Time/Date
154.02EKBVTue Dec 03 1985corrupted textfile
155.02HYDRA::MOORETue Dec 03 1985IBMulation - graphics!
156.08KOALA::ROBINSWed Dec 04 1985Can I tell what machine I'm on?
157.04KOBAL::HEBERTMon Dec 09 1985Hex Control Characters
158.01OVDVAX::STRAUSSTue Dec 10 1985Get CON: buffer while loading ?
159.0NONAME::HARDYMon Dec 16 1985TURBO Text Sorting Program
160.01MILES::JONESSun Dec 22 1985GameWorks port to Rainbow?
161.01EXODUS::LARSONMon Dec 23 1985Reading Memory Map
162.0GOLLY::HEBERTTue Dec 24 1985Set Scrolling Window Size
163.02GLORY::HULLThu Jan 02 1986'Using Turbo Pascal' book
164.011R2ME2::HEBERTMon Jan 06 1986Help for a DBM Hack
166.04TROLL::DCOTETue Jan 07 1986CASE using strings ??
167.03CURIUM::PETERSONThu Jan 09 1986SEDT and Turbo Prob?
168.04WILBUR::BARKERThu Jan 09 1986RDIR
169.01KBOVFri Jan 10 1986ERROR-CODES ... HELP PLEASE
170.01DITTO::FRANCINISat Jan 11 1986STILL can't ^C Turbo Programs!
172.02PFLOYD::ROTHBERGFri Jan 24 1986Integer ==> String
173.01MAASSG::WICKERTSat Jan 25 1986Seperate compilation!
174.02MAASSG::WICKERTSat Jan 25 1986V3 Upgrade
176.06PFLOYD::ROTHBERGTue Jan 28 1986True Random numbers
177.013WILBUR::BARKERWed Jan 29 1986KINST
178.0AUSSIE::DIMONDWed Jan 29 1986Borland UUCP net address?
179.01TMCUK2::WARINGFri Jan 31 1986PC-Net, COM-2 & Turbo V3.
180.07TOOLS::HEBERTTue Feb 04 1986TURBO==>TANDY 1
181.0CURIUM::PETERSONSat Feb 08 1986K.Nist's Graphics?
182.010HAMSTR::STRYKERThu Feb 13 1986VAXnotes Anyone?
184.0WONDER::WADEFri Feb 14 1986Complex number routines
185.07TACO::RISTSun Feb 23 1986FastVideo w/Graphics Char Set??
186.06OVDVAX::TEATERMon Feb 24 1986to 'C' or to 'Turbo Pascal'
187.02OVDVAX::TEATERWed Mar 05 1986Save and Restore screen procedures
188.08COMET2::OREILLYWed Mar 05 1986OK, so it's a stupid question
189.01GERBIL::STRYKERThu Mar 06 1986VAXnotes keywords
190.0JACOB::GREENWOODFri Mar 07 1986Turbo Games
191.02COIN::ELKINDMon Mar 10 1986Whither LSMVAX::TURBO: ?
192.01GLORY::HULLMon Mar 10 1986Toolbox crash- help!
193.0HARE::HEBERTSun Mar 16 1986Write EOF to a file?
194.06WIKKET::UMLANDTue Mar 18 1986Problems with overlays
195.0DUERER::EIBENFri Mar 21 1986LSMVAX:: ====> PAR5::
196.0KBOVMon Mar 24 1986TURBO Editor skips line # ?
197.04FUTBAL::HEBERTMon Mar 24 1986Out of Space
198.03MUNICH::ORAThu Mar 27 1986Turbo FMS again
199.04MUNICH::ORAThu Mar 27 1986Windows
200.013OVDVAX::TEATERWed Apr 02 1986Check COMM port status ?
201.02FORTY2::ROBERTSThu Apr 03 1986TurboKey
202.013RAVEN1::RISTFri Apr 11 1986Turbocom Trouble--help!
203.02DUBMon Apr 14 1986turbo toolbox bug????
204.05COMET2::OREILLYFri Apr 18 1986How can I abort a program?
205.01LATOUR::AHAYNESFri Apr 25 1986Borland International coming to Boston
206.03QUOIN::DANIELTue Apr 29 1986Here's one for you TURBO buffs
207.03OVDVAX::TEATERTue Apr 29 1986HELPFREE developement volunteers
208.03KELVIN::DJBROWNFri May 02 1986aux port wont take CRLF
209.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 05 1986High speed line drawing for Medium resolution
210.01NACHO::CONLIFFEMon May 05 1986Help the underprivileged...
211.0ATFAB::MCCABEMon May 05 1986Everything Looks worse in B&W
212.0EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed May 07 1986CRC computation in TURBO
213.04AK1A::NEWELLThu May 08 1986Arrays of strings
214.04KAHLUA::NEWELLFri May 09 1986Keyboard reading
215.0COLSat May 10 1986Problems with QK-Kermit
216.013METOO::LAMIAMon May 12 1986Turbo Pascal -> VAX Pascal Guidebook and Library
217.02BOOKEM::OREILLYWed May 14 1986UpCase on a String Variable
218.05DASHER::UMLANDSat May 17 1986High intensity ?
219.01SEENA1::LUGRINSat May 17 1986exit
220.068681::OREILLYSat May 24 1986Timing problem w/strings????
221.06OVDVAX::TEATERThu May 29 1986I/O redirection no workie
222.03COLFri May 30 1986using ANSI codes under turbo?
223.05QUOIN::DANIELSun Jun 01 1986Where's my overlay??
224.02STKMon Jun 02 1986Help Access files Read Only
225.01COLWed Jun 04 1986Runtime error F
226.02RAVEN1::RISTMon Jun 09 1986Borland Spreadsheet
227.03SNEAKY::OREILLYThu Jun 19 1986Intr 25/26 from Turbo
228.014COMET2::TIMPSONFri Jun 20 1986Novice needs help!
229.0CLT::HEBERTMon Jun 23 1986TurboMenus for TANDY 1
230.02SNEAKY::OREILLYMon Jun 23 1986Unsigned arithmetic in Turbo
232.04CLT::HEBERTThu Jul 03 1986Who's got the <date> time?
233.0COLFri Jul 04 1986WINDOW()-Coordinates
234.03GLORY::HULLSat Jul 05 1986Coding estimate
235.02ATFAB::MCCABEWed Jul 09 1986A Plea
236.03ESD3Wed Jul 09 1986Turbo Pascal on the Commodore 128
237.01CIM::HORNERMon Jul 14 1986Are TC.PAS sources still available?
238.01MODULE::BANKSMon Jul 14 1986when????
239.01SPAGS::MCCABETue Jul 22 1986IBM Key Scan Routines
240.03DUBWed Jul 23 1986Turbo Ver 4.
241.01CLT::HEBERTWed Jul 30 1986Gee Whiz!
242.0GALAGR::MOODYWed Aug 06 1986Looking for an interactive debugger
243.02EAGLE7::DANTOWITZThu Aug 07 1986bug in 3.
244.02CURIE::NORDLANDThu Aug 14 1986Turbo Prolog evaluation needed
245.0COIN::ELKINDMon Aug 18 1986Will Turbo Pascal V4 & Turbo C be on Rainbow?
246.09RAINBO::LORDTue Aug 19 1986New Program Announcements
247.02MODULE::BANKSFri Aug 29 1986screen functions help
248.0MODULE::BANKSTue Sep 02 1986Release of LSPELLA
249.02HOMBRE::CONLIFFEThu Sep 04 1986Graphics Workbench, anyone?
250.01VIRGIN::STIEGERFri Sep 12 1986how to access FCB_information ?
251.01VACANT::HARDYFri Sep 12 1986TURBO PORT array
252.0TOPCAT::SAGEARTue Sep 16 1986Help on SETBLOCK & TURBO?
253.010ECCGY4::JAERVINENFri Sep 19 1986FUNKEY problems
254.04PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSat Sep 20 1986BIG Pascal program
255.0MINDER::KEENThu Sep 25 1986Changing the environment/executing batch files.
256.05ECCGY4::JAERVINENMon Sep 29 1986Procedures as parameters?
257.03FRATue Sep 30 1986How can I use a Disklabel
258.06WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Oct 02 1986TURBO Pascal vs. Modula-2/86
259.016WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Oct 10 1986Can ANYONE reproduce this?
260.01JAWS::STRYKERWed Oct 15 1986Date Math?
261.01CRONIC::NEWELLWed Oct 15 1986Loading MSDOS registers?
262.05SCFAC::LORENZWed Oct 15 1986Asynch I/O? Extended Memory?
263.06ECCGY1::JAERVINENTue Oct 28 1986Reading esc sequences without firmware
264.01IOSG::HORSFIELDWed Oct 29 1986run-time error
265.01ECCGY1::JAERVINENThu Oct 30 1986GINST etc.
266.01PIKES::BILLINGSLEAMon Nov 03 1986Bridge
267.05ECCGY1::JAERVINENTue Nov 04 1986Symbolic debugger??
268.09RDGE28::MARSHALLTue Nov 04 1986IORESULT codes
269.0VIRGIN::STIEGERTue Nov 04 1986TURBO EXTENDER break the 64
270.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 04 1986Wanted...
271.03KOALA::ROBINSFri Nov 07 1986questions about v3 extensions
272.05GUNGHO::RISTMon Nov 10 1986Error openning file on HD
273.05RDGETue Nov 11 1986Return after CHAIN/EXECUTE
274.03VIKING::TARBETFri Nov 14 1986HELP NEEDED: .ARC file decoding
275.0GRECO::WILSONFri Nov 14 1986Adding Environment Entries
276.07GRECO::WILSONFri Nov 14 1986Turbo Forms Package - Functional Spec
277.01LEROUF::LACROIXMon Nov 17 1986CP/M Turbo Modula 2 ?
278.02EGAVMon Nov 17 1986Help on stacks and linked lists
279.04WIKKET::UMLANDMon Nov 17 1986MSDOS Cursor position report
280.0HGOVThu Nov 20 1986Chess Opening Library Modification
281.04MYBOAT::HEBERTTue Nov 25 1986TurboCom terminal speed?
282.0DUBThu Nov 27 1986compiler options & TURBORUN
283.01DECWET::BARKERThu Nov 27 1986Turbo overwriting command interpretter?
284.01MAXWEL::DC322Fri Dec 05 1986YESNO.PAT for Version3 ?
285.0LSMVAX::EIBENSun Dec 07 1986PAR5::TURBO:CCARDS.ARC - Cards game
287.029919::FISHERMon Dec 08 1986For Sale - Turbo Pascal for IBM PC
288.02RDGETue Dec 09 1986IORESULT - Check *EVERY* time ??
289.0HOMBRE::CONLIFFETue Dec 09 1986Setting text colors in compiler, not application
290.03MYBOAT::HEBERTWed Dec 10 1986Straight File Transfers?
291.0557657::ELKINDMon Dec 15 1986Block display in Turbo editor on PC clone
292.0VIRGIN::STIEGERTue Dec 16 1986GSX under PC-DOS & TURBO ???
293.01JAWS::STRYKERWed Dec 17 1986Wanted: One Notes File Moderator, Cheap
294.03WHYVAX::HETRICKFri Dec 19 1986Generic MS-DOS .COM from PC-DOS TURBO?
295.05GLORY::HULLSun Dec 21 1986Modula-2 info
296.04VERDI::INGRAHAMTue Dec 30 1986Turbo BASIC
297.01VLOVWed Dec 31 1986Compas/Turbo Doc.?
298.02GALAGR::MOODYFri Jan 09 1987Found a Sym Deb for Turbo
300.0ANTARE::HWANGThu Jan 15 1987Eureka?
301.01RDGE28::MARSHALLMon Jan 19 1987TURBO-Loader?!?
302.0HOMBRE::CONLIFFEMon Jan 19 1987GRAPHIX Fonts??
303.01ECCGY4::JAERVINENTue Jan 20 1987Turbo for Atari/Amiga?
304.01CURIE::NORDLANDTue Jan 20 1987MicroExpert & Turbo Pascal
305.04BRAT::OCONNELLMon Jan 26 1987Help - Just Beginning!
306.07GRECO::WILSONMon Jan 26 1987RANDOM.PAS Doesn't work...
307.03GLORY::HULLTue Jan 27 1987Policy on huge notes
308.01GUNGHO::RISTTue Feb 10 1987VAXmate FastVideo???
309.05PIKES::BILLINGSLEAFri Feb 13 1987Trying to use Index files
310.03DECWET::BARKERFri Feb 13 1987fast video in Turbo on a PC
311.03KEEPER::BONNEAUWed Feb 18 1987Creating/managing "hidden" MS-DOS files?
312.07WHYVAX::HETRICKMon Feb 23 1987TURBO C?
313.0GLORY::HULLSun Mar 01 1987Happy Anniversary!
314.03ZURFCC::STIEGERMon Mar 02 1987Is there a floppy in A: ?????
315.0MKTUP1::EIBENMon Mar 02 1987par5:: ==> mktup1::
316.01CUJO::PAULTue Mar 03 1987Input buffering???
317.02ANTARE::HWANGWed Mar 04 1987Loading Keyboard buffer
318.02GVADEV::LUGRINMon Mar 09 1987An IBM Turbo anybody?
319.02OYSTER::GOZALOFFWed Mar 18 1987DOS return status
320.03DUBSWS::DALYTue Mar 24 1987Public Domain Expert System Shell
321.03MINDER::KEENTue Mar 24 1987Huffman Data Compression.
322.0MINDER::KEENThu Mar 26 1987MAP17 archive information wanted.
323.05CADSYS::KINMONTHSun Mar 29 1987detecting printer out of paper
324.08CADSYS::KINMONTHSun Mar 29 1987interrupts, CTRL/C, and KeyPressed
325.01GRECO::WILSONMon Mar 30 1987Bug in SHELL.PAS
326.0AMULET::FARRINGTONTue Mar 31 1987Philippe Kahn @ BCS
327.01ATLAST::PACKWed Apr 01 1987Pascal for VT18
328.04GUNGHO::RISTThu Apr 02 1987Rainbow-->VAXmate
329.07USATSL::WILLARDPETue Apr 07 1987Big, Random, Numerical arrays?
330.05FROST::DANIELWed Apr 08 1987ASM DIV instruction??
331.06REIFY::CASHMANThu Apr 09 1987Moving Turbo Pascal programs to VAX/VMS
332.02TRFSV2::KELLYThu Apr 09 1987Corrupt? copy of Turbo-87 Ver 3.
334.02TALLIS::GROSSMANTue Apr 14 1987Input off the command line
335.01RAFFLE::LOUGHTue Apr 14 1987MORIA conversion to TURBO PASCAL
336.01HGOVWed Apr 22 1987Notes File for Turbo Basic?
337.0GVASA::LUGRINThu Apr 23 1987TurboExtender ?
338.0ZURFCC::STIEGERTue Apr 28 1987seeking for TURBO_FMS .....
340.01BRSIS5::DUBOISMon May 11 1987Difference Compas/Turbo Fillchar ?
341.03GLORY::HULLTue May 12 1987LA75 Printer Setup Program
344.04LEWS2::MORSETue May 19 1987Turbo C Lives!
345.02MINDER::KEENFri May 29 1987'Too many files' error.
346.01GRECO::WILSONMon Jun 08 1987What happens to recall?
347.05CNTROL::COTETue Jun 16 1987Announcing The "Sched" calendar program
348.01AZUR::DOTTIFri Jun 19 1987Automatic (non)graphic print_screen
349.07RETORT::BANKSFri Jun 19 1987linking turbo c
350.02OPUS::PREISIGMon Jun 22 1987Bug with INT and TRUNC in TURBO 3.
351.06GENRAL::WOODTue Jun 30 1987Program call line input parameters
352.0WBC::SIMPSONFri Jul 17 1987CO-PASCAL ala DDJ
354.01USATSL::WILLARDPETue Jul 21 1987Turbo Basic / Turbo C
356.0CSOADM::TEATERFri Aug 14 1987Sources for MLRB23 ?
360.013MELANG::BILLINGSLEAWed Sep 09 1987Upgrading TURBO PASCAL
361.011E2XE2X::MCCONNELLMon Sep 14 1987Turbo Pascal V4.
362.0FROST::DANIELThu Sep 17 1987Callable Date and Time (CPM)
363.02DONNER::FULTONFri Sep 18 1987Graphix bug fixes from Compuserve?
364.02GVASA::LUGRINFri Sep 25 1987Turbo C DOES work on Rainbow
366.01USMRM7::JHABERThu Oct 15 1987? re:DECmates & Turbo-Pascal
367.01FSTVAX::GALLOFri Oct 23 1987CPM-8
368.04DORIS::BIGWOODMon Nov 02 1987Word counting of a Document
369.04COMET::FULTONFri Nov 20 1987PIBTerm version 4.
370.05GVASA::LUGRINMon Nov 23 1987Turbo-C large memory model bug?
371.07PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Nov 23 1987Turbo problem ???
372.08PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed Nov 25 1987Coding question . . .
373.010CXCAD::HAAGTue Dec 01 1987TurboC Tech Spec V1.5
374.01PRSTRA::DESVIGNESTue Dec 08 1987Hercules graphics???
375.01GALAGR::MOODYTue Dec 15 1987Turbo V3 & Symbolic Debugger for sale.
376.01PRSTRA::DESVIGNESWed Dec 16 1987Direct video in TurboPascal
377.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 28 1987Retrieve printer status
378.03SCRUFF::CONLIFFEWed Jan 06 1988Help? Generating .OBJs from TPascal V4.
379.08OVDVAX::TEATERSat Jan 09 1988RAINBOW.TPU developement
380.06DORIS::BIGWOODMon Jan 11 1988Use of semicolons?
381.02MIZPAH::ELKINDTue Jan 12 1988Periscope debugger?
384.02GVASA::LUGRINThu Jan 28 1988V4.
385.04HPSVAX::RYELThu Jan 28 1988Help trapping for function keys
386.03MUNICH::SCHMIERMon Feb 08 1988TURBO 4.
387.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWFri Feb 12 1988CGA --> EGA graphics problems??
388.03CNTROL::COTEFri Feb 12 1988Piping & not piping data simultaneously
389.0AHOUSE::JWASSThu Feb 18 1988Mouse & Pull-down windows
390.04WLDWST::MILNEMon Feb 22 1988Memory Data Structures??
391.011AMULET::FARRINGTONTue Feb 23 1988Is SEDT callable from Turbo ?
392.05OVDVAX::TEATERTue Feb 23 1988Convert V4 Database Toolbox for non-IBM
393.01SHVANO::WELLSThu Feb 25 1988interrupt routines
395.0JGO::FITZGERALDMon Mar 14 1988Drill-type Sources???
396.02CACHE::LEIGHMon Mar 14 1988Information needed
397.02WLDWST::MILNEMon Mar 14 1988Memory Mapping Utility??
398.05RAIN::CLEVENGERWed Mar 23 1988Turbo PAS V4.
400.05DPDMAI::FRAMELIMon Mar 28 1988need help on turbo 1.1 for mac
401.0MUNICH::BOEHMTue Mar 29 1988TURBO-C for ATARI ST
402.0DECWET::RMORGANTue Mar 29 1988TURBO C Debugger
403.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 01 1988help, unit???
405.02--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 06 1988???'s on types larger than longint
406.0MXOVWed Apr 06 1988
407.02DPDMAI::FRAMELIFri Apr 08 1988hashing algorithm?
408.02--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 12 1988where is doris?
409.02COEVAX::STRYKERTue Apr 12 1988One notes file for sale, cheap
412.0MUDIS3::HESSLERThu Apr 21 1988readln bug
416.01CNTROL::COTEMon May 02 1988Announcing WORK !
418.0MKTUP4::EIBENTue May 24 1988Turbo Kermit
419.02KAOS::DIFABIOSat May 28 1988Printing hex numbers??
421.0SCENIC::HAYNESThu Jun 16 1988Need I/O util V4
422.0PRSIS4::ROZENBLUMMon Jun 20 1988Toolbox Package
423.01PRSTRA::DESVIGNESThu Jun 30 1988Reading the LK25
424.01MUNICH::SCHMIERThu Jul 14 1988interrupt handling with TP 4.
426.03EIGER::KURTHThu Aug 04 1988Printer Status BIOS INT17 doesn't work
427.01MINDER::KEENThu Aug 11 1988Access to extended memory.
428.05LARVAE::HUGHESMon Aug 15 1988Calling MS-DOS commands from a TURBO PASCAL Application
429.04PLATA::BILLINGSLEATue Sep 06 1988Julian Date Algorithm
430.03ROBOAT::HEBERTWed Sep 07 1988Database has outgrown my capability?
431.02PLATA::BILLINGSLEATue Sep 13 1988Wildcard file i/o?
432.04RTOIC3::RSTANGEFri Sep 16 1988Turbo Pascal V4.
433.020VICKI::MARYFri Sep 16 1988Turbo Pascal 5.
434.01GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Sep 21 1988Question on editor toolbox
435.0HEYYOU::ELKINDThu Sep 22 1988V4 TP toolboxes = V5 TP toolboxes?
437.04IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Sep 26 1988rainbow --> ibm problem
438.01ILO::VMURPHYWed Oct 05 1988Help with Upgrade TC V2
439.01SCOMAN::DESHARNAISWed Oct 05 1988Announcing the TURBO_C Notes Conference.
440.02FRSTSC::LAUERWed Oct 12 1988is lsmvax still alive???
441.02PLATA::BILLINGSLEAWed Oct 12 1988WANTED/MS-DOS/RAINBOW/layered products
442.013FRAMBO::SCHABACKERTue Oct 18 1988I need help!
443.01STORMY::SELLERSWed Oct 19 1988VMS for the PC?
444.02GIDDAY::WILLEMSWed Oct 19 1988Turbo for Macinstosh?
445.0BERNThu Oct 20 1988MacTurbo editor problems
446.05GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Oct 25 1988help on .ASM compiling wanted
447.01GIDDAY::WILLEMSWed Oct 26 1988Current Version for Mac?
448.02SANS::WILLARDTue Nov 01 1988Inline Help for V4?
449.01KAOS::DIFABIOTue Nov 01 1988Dialing out on DF112
450.01SOFBAS::AVNIWed Nov 02 1988Turbo Pascal Version 5.
451.02ILO::MCWEENEYThu Dec 01 1988Maxheapsize and others
452.05RAIN::CLEVENGERThu Dec 08 1988Possible new .TPU for Rainbow?
453.03ILO::MCWEENEYWed Dec 14 1988Screen Dump
454.07ROBOAT::HEBERTWed Dec 14 1988EXEC procedure in V5?
455.01RAIN::CLEVENGERThu Dec 15 1988Symbolic Debug W/ Rainbow and T.Pascal V4
456.032CSOA1::TEATERSat Dec 17 1988CRT Unit Development
458.0GSPMO::DOWENThu Dec 22 1988FORM function anybody
459.0PASTIS::MONAHAN2Sat Dec 24 1988Turbo / EGA / 386 ?
460.04LNZIS1::LATZELSBERGETue Dec 27 1988Looking 4 Version 5.*
461.09GALLOP::SHARKEYAThu Jan 12 1989Help on mouse routines
462.01SUBURB::BIGWOODPFri Jan 13 1989Please help a novice programmer
463.05RAINBO::TARBETMon Jan 16 1989v5 Lib Source: $15
464.08ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Jan 24 1989Who is RAM drive?
465.04IPOVAX::MCKINNONTue Jan 31 1989On which node are public *.pas programs?
466.02LARVAE::HUGHESTue Feb 07 1989ABORT, RETRY, IGNORE or IORESULT on an Amstrad 164
467.0FINALY::PENDERGGTue Feb 07 1989DecMate II
468.02KAOS::DIFABIOTue Feb 07 1989Passing paramaters to a program
469.01INBLUE::RODASWed Feb 08 1989Dump ASCII screen to a Sixel or Postscript file
470.03KAOS::DIFABIOThu Feb 09 1989How to convert String[1] to char
471.015ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYFri Feb 10 1989Advantages of 5.
472.04MXOVMon Feb 13 1989BYTE - Turbo Windows
473.02GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Feb 14 1989Change cursor size in editor ?
474.03GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Feb 20 1989How do I get at VAX files ?
475.04MINDER::KEENTue Feb 21 1989String/pattern search.
476.07ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Feb 21 1989Is the printer ready?
477.03POBOX::BOCHONKOThu Feb 23 1989Prime number algorithm
478.03TROLOP::GRIMSHAWFri Feb 24 1989Turning off all Debug info in IDE V5.
479.05INBLUE::MANUELMon Feb 27 1989How do I mix Turbo Pascal with C ?
480.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Mar 01 1989Watch out for this (TP V5.
481.02GVAFri Mar 03 1989Disable Ctrl-Break
483.02GALLOP::MEDCALFPFri Mar 10 1989< Turbo Pascal Comms Toolbox..? >
484.01GALLOP::MEDCALFPFri Mar 10 1989< Horizontal Scrolling fields.. >
485.02UKCSSE::CULLEYMon Mar 13 1989COM port parameter setting ?.
487.0MEO78B::SMALLMANTue Mar 21 1989V4/V5 ^C directive?
488.05LARVAE::HUGHESThu Mar 23 1989Printer Problem
489.015KAOS::DIFABIOSun Mar 26 1989Why not use global varaibles
490.01GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Mar 28 1989How do I call forward ?
491.04UKCSSE::CULLEYWed Mar 29 1989Passing filenames in command line.
492.012GVAADG::PORATThu Apr 06 1989Turbo-pascal toolbox ?
493.01ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Apr 13 1989PC - LA75 tool
494.01CSDPIE::BONNEAUFri Apr 14 1989WINDOW procedure on Rainbow??
495.045Mon Apr 17 1989I don't like Wordstar
496.04HJUXB::LEACHWed Apr 19 1989Ymodem source
497.05CSDPIE::BONNEAUFri Apr 21 1989Two programming issues
498.03RDGE44::BROOKERFri Apr 28 1989hiding the cursor
499.02SUBURB::BIGWOODPFri Apr 28 1989Help with simple records pse
500.0MINDER::KEENWed May 03 1989MS-DOS file locking / sharing.
501.023RAINBO::TARBETMon May 15 1989Pascal 5.5?
502.0GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue May 16 1989QuickPascal is announced in Paris
503.04UKCSSE::CULLEYTue May 23 1989Reference book recommendations.
504.07UKCSSE::CULLEYFri May 26 1989Reading Disk Files.
505.011GALLOP::SHARKEYATue May 30 1989Forward reference across units ?
506.03SNOCWed May 31 1989VGA mode $13 (32
507.01AUNTB::STETSONSat Jun 03 1989Other Conferences??
508.04RAINBO::TARBETMon Jun 12 1989BB Sources in Pascal?
509.02WCSM::CHANGWed Jun 14 1989changing character fonts?
510.07VAXWRK::GRANOFFFri Jun 16 1989Blaise Computing Software Tools Mini-forum
511.0ALLVAX::KIRKWOODFri Jun 23 1989Increased memory requirements for 5.5?
513.04JRDVThu Jun 29 1989Turbo Pascal with a mouse
514.0HJUXB::LEACHFri Jun 30 1989Using COM3 & COM4
515.07SFCPMO::DOWENThu Jul 06 1989My editor in TP
516.02JUMBLY::LOWISTue Jul 11 1989Access
517.01VISA::MONAHAN2Fri Jul 14 1989TP4.
518.04JGO::VOSSTue Jul 18 1989problems with labeling flops (VolumeID)
519.04HJUXB::LEACHFri Jul 21 1989DOS runtime errors
520.07TROPPO::GRIMSHAWSat Jul 22 1989Lotus 123 file import/export
521.0EEMELI::HARMANENMon Jul 24 198916-bit CRC
522.02JRDVMon Jul 24 1989Looking for LADDER
523.015GVAMon Jul 24 1989Presentable source code
524.04TROPPO::GRIMSHAWWed Jul 26 1989V5 Multiple Overlay Programming
525.012GALLOP::SHARKEYATue Aug 01 1989help on a legal matter
526.02RTOIC::USTEINHOFFThu Aug 03 1989Help for BGI-Toolkit wanted
527.01MINDER::KEENMon Aug 07 1989ARC compression.
528.03MOSAIC::TARBETWed Aug 16 1989.CHR-file data structures from Compuserve?
529.02POBOX::VANPROOYENThu Aug 24 1989SCHED Stuff Still Available?
530.07EXIT26::STRATTONSun Aug 27 1989What's the difference between PRO and "regular"?
531.03MEO78B::SMALLMANMon Aug 28 1989FILESIZE for Text Files?
532.02KEY::ESMITHWed Aug 30 1989Translator form turbo pascal to C
533.04KBOT19::CSTECKMon Sep 04 1989Hercules and MS-Mouse?
534.0EXIT26::STRATTONTue Sep 12 1989_Inside Turbo Pascal_ - new newsletter available
535.04UNTADH::STORMThu Sep 21 1989Link TURBO-PASCAL & MS-C?
536.04ILO::DMCWEENEYThu Sep 28 1989TBox and 5.5
537.03FORTY2::RANDALLThu Sep 28 1989Multiple Printer Support
538.03GALLOP::SHARKEYASun Oct 01 1989Anyone seen this ?
539.02UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMWed Oct 04 1989COM ports access (interrupt driven)
540.01SONATA::MCINTYREWed Oct 04 1989Pascal Source codes - where?
541.01ILO::DMCWEENEYThu Oct 05 1989B-Tree Filer ???
542.02ILO::DMCWEENEYFri Oct 06 1989' in a set
543.05NAC::KLASMANMon Oct 16 1989TP version of VAX UFB function?
544.01FORTY2::RANDALLMon Oct 23 1989Toolbox Info Needed - can you help ?
545.04ILO::DMCWEENEYWed Nov 01 1989? Type Mismatch Compile Error
546.02IOSG::BILSBOROUGHWed Nov 01 1989Memory resident stuff in Turbo?
547.0ILO::DMCWEENEYWed Nov 08 1989Byte Sources
549.01OSLTue Nov 14 1989Sorry about that!
550.03SKYWAY::MUENGERMon Nov 27 1989WPS-8
552.01VAXWRK::GRANOFFWed Nov 29 1989TP 5.5 and Overlays
553.02VAXWRK::GRANOFFThu Nov 30 1989TP5.5 Unit Confusion
554.0ILO::DMCWEENEYFri Dec 01 1989TP and windows??
555.02AYOV29::GBUCZMAThu Dec 07 1989Anyone used OASIS on CSCMAS?
556.07AKOV11::KWILSONThu Dec 07 1989Paradox Engine
557.09CRONIC::BOYDMon Dec 11 1989External Procedure Calling
558.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Dec 11 1989Borland goodies
559.01AYOU48::SCMS_999Wed Dec 13 1989problems with v4.
560.08GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Dec 18 1989TP with mouse ?
561.01KAOFS::B_KELLYTue Dec 19 1989Turbo verison 4 or 5 on a Rainbow
562.0GLORY::HULLTue Jan 02 1990Unscheduled downtime
564.09AYOV29::GBUCZMAMon Jan 08 1990My V4 Editor is stuck!!!!
565.0KBOT19::GREGERThu Jan 11 1990Is an improved compiler for 386 code needed?
566.03UTROFF::BROUWERTue Jan 16 1990AT&T graphics detection
567.03MEO78B::SMALLMANFri Jan 19 1990Asccii files Ctrl Z or not?
568.04ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYMon Jan 22 1990Turbo Pascal Tutor for 5.
569.08MPGS::RICHARDSSun Jan 28 1990Chars in CRT
570.02HPSTEK::PATTERSONTue Feb 06 1990translating the extensions
571.06AD::BLEAKNEYSun Feb 11 1990Help with TP 5.
572.0GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Feb 12 1990Have fun with EMS
573.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Feb 15 1990How to tell if TPC has erred ?
574.02HYEND::BGORDONFri Feb 16 1990integer/longint conversion??
575.05SFCPMO::DOWENMon Mar 12 1990EXEC & $M, argh!
577.01UTROFF::OTTENThu Mar 15 1990looking for TP GRAPH unit for Rainbow
578.04LARVAE::HUGHESFri Mar 23 1990Help needed from a desperate person
579.021GLORY::RUTTSat Apr 14 1990Object Professional V1.
580.08JGO::ENG_STAGThu Apr 26 1990DT-IRIS with Turbo Pascal??
581.03UTROFF::BROUWERThu Apr 26 1990Who can help?
582.03GLORY::RUTTSat Apr 28 1990Object-Oriented SPACEWAR! Game
583.04SIXTO1::AL35Mon Apr 30 1990How do I convert a pointer to SEG:OFS ?
584.04CSC32::T_HUTCHINTue May 01 1990Too many files open TPV3.
585.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 04 1990For sale: turbo pascal V4 + toolboxes
586.01AYOV16::SMULLENTue May 15 1990help with time in space...
587.04ROBOAT::HEBERTTue May 15 1990Null string when reading a REAL?
588.01VANILA::KOSKUBAWed May 16 1990two-way transparent task to task communication
589.02KBOVThu May 17 1990Starting a programm without EXEC
590.05EFGVFri May 18 1990Creating files from TP ?
591.05ROBOAT::HEBERTTue May 22 1990Size of EXE files
592.04SQM::KOHARIThu May 31 1990Using Function Declarations
593.08JGO::ENG_STAGTue Jun 05 1990Dynamic Arrays
594.0FORTY2::RANDALLTue Jun 05 1990Binary (.BIN) files
595.03JGO::ENG_STAGThu Jun 07 1990VGA screen writing
596.0EFGVFri Jun 08 1990sort with strings/record
597.02JGO::ENG_STAGTue Jun 12 1990Convert .LIB to .OBJ ??
598.0SQM::KOHARITue Jun 12 1990FREE coupon for V5.5
599.04EFGVWed Jun 13 1990escape sequenses and crt
600.04CRATE::CLEMENTSThu Jun 14 1990Screen Entry
601.05ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYWed Jun 20 1990OOP Programming for Beginners?
602.02CRATE::CLEMENTSWed Aug 01 1990PARADOX for TP ??
603.02JGO::HILTERMANWed Aug 08 1990problem with com1 (AUX)
604.05NMGV15::FIELDTue Aug 14 1990FILEMODE (sharing) help
605.02ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Aug 20 1990Turbo 5.5 "Second Edition"?
606.04VNABRW::NOVAKFri Aug 31 1990Conversion turbo -> VAX
607.05LEMAN::JOSHIMon Sep 17 1990INDEXED files and Forms?
608.02RTOIC::RSTANGESat Sep 22 1990Tp to VP converter???
609.02BRADOR::HOOPERFri Sep 28 1990Help on Font Editor
610.0UTROFF::OTTENWed Oct 03 1990looking for VGA256.BGI
611.03JGODCL::ECKENDONKMon Oct 08 1990How to unpack .LBR files
612.03COPCLU::FLEMMINGTue Oct 09 1990help to write program for fragmentation
613.06CSOA1::TEATERWed Oct 10 1990Cursor ena/dis & screen saver wanted
614.02SPANNA::BALLETTASun Oct 14 1990Fast Fourier Transform
615.06JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Oct 15 1990Anyone got a fast search routine?
616.01JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Oct 15 1990Replacement for blockread ?
617.011JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Oct 16 1990Spelling sources available
618.02ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYWed Oct 17 1990Improvements?
619.04EFGVWed Oct 17 1990help on EXEC
620.09RTOIC::USTEINHOFFSun Oct 21 1990Exec problems with DIR
621.01EFGVFri Nov 02 1990Update records
622.01JANUS::ID::JARVISMon Nov 05 1990How to reserve memory for EXEC, and assign the rest to heap.
623.026VAXWRK::GRANOFFTue Nov 06 1990TP 6.
624.016EFGVFri Nov 09 1990Some novice questions ...
625.01OTOAMon Nov 19 1990Trying to Read my Comm Port
626.02ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Dec 04 1990What cost graphics?
627.02FTMUDG::HOOVERTue Dec 11 1990Parallel arrays.
628.01TEASE::LEARYWed Dec 12 1990Artificial Intelligence in Turbo Pascal book ?
629.04KADOR::BINERThu Dec 27 1990Text and graphs on one Screen?
631.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Jan 10 1991Compiler error screen dumps wanted
632.03EFGVWed Jan 23 1991TP 5.
633.04COPCLU::BROLINMon Feb 04 1991Porting TURBO Pascal to PASCAL on Ultrix??
634.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Feb 07 1991DEPCA meeses and IDE
635.09EFGVMon Feb 11 1991mouse/read a keystroke
636.01TROCMon Feb 25 1991Turbo C++ callable from TP ??
637.01EBBCLU::GOODNISSMon Feb 25 1991Turbo Pascal 6.
638.02OSLMon Mar 18 1991Bug in TPC V 6.
639.01EEMELI::TERHONENMon Mar 25 1991Exec and McAfee VirusScan
640.04EFGVMon Apr 08 1991Edit contents of displayed field
641.01LENO::GRIERSun Apr 14 1991Language changes in Turbo Pascal for Windows?
642.02DNEAST::PFISTER_ROBWed May 01 1991Whither numerical toolbox?
643.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu May 02 1991TP for Windows note
644.0BELFST::MILLINGWed May 08 1991Help with Burroughs Pascal to VAX Pascal
646.0NSDC::PERNETWed May 29 1991Link TURBO-PASCAL & MS-C - Something new ???
647.011VICTOR::BROOKERNThu May 30 1991More blind mice
648.0IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKSun Jun 02 1991Looking for TEGL, Windows Toolkit II
649.01ANGLIN::ANDREWSMon Jun 10 1991Need simple compression algorithm
650.02ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Jun 11 1991FSearch function
651.02EFGVThu Jun 13 1991Problem with color screen output
652.06IRNBRU::GRANTTue Jun 18 1991A problem nobody can answer ???
653.01HLFSFri Jun 28 1991DES, RSA, CRC-16, CRC-32
654.01MINDER::KEENWed Jul 10 1991Managing the Heap.
655.05MINDER::KEENFri Jul 19 1991B-TREE Filer
656.02ADO75A::COLEMANSun Jul 21 1991Environment variables - how to SET???
658.041KETJE::TRIGAUXTue Jul 30 1991Input on Turbo-Vision requested
659.04TPS::BUTCHARTThu Aug 01 1991Turbo Pascal and Borland C++ overlap - new user question
660.02KETJE::TRIGAUXMon Aug 19 1991how to call C routines from TP ?
661.05EEMELI::LUPANDERSun Sep 01 1991TPW printing help needed
662.03MINDER::KEENThu Sep 19 1991TP Units analysis program ?
663.01SHIRE::BINERSun Sep 29 1991EXEC in TPW ?
664.0EFGVThu Oct 03 1991Floppy index program
665.04OSLTue Oct 08 1991<Not enough memory on heap>
666.05EFGVFri Oct 25 1991intr and read bits
667.04CALS::BONNEAUSat Nov 09 1991Need Help Copying data from corrupted diskette!
668.0KEITHW::HEINZERSun Nov 24 1991DskSpace - a free pascal utility with source code
669.02ACETEK::TIMPSONMon Nov 25 1991Getting Address information
670.01MXOVTue Nov 26 1991Help needed with Access Toolbox values
671.03JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Dec 02 1991bedtime reading?
672.01ACETEK::TIMPSONTue Dec 03 1991Need Debugger Manual
673.02SNOBRD::CONLIFFEFri Dec 06 1991TP V6 and 256-color VGA -- can you use one from the other???
674.0HLDGMon Dec 16 1991EDIT V1.1 string handling
675.0UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFFri Jan 03 1992MergeSort and BinSearch
676.06SHALOT::BOYDSun Jan 12 1992Trying to read DBASE records
677.04EFGVFri Jan 17 1992Critical Error Handler
678.0BACHUS::LECLERCQTue Jan 28 1992SNAKES - freeware game w. sources
679.013BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Feb 03 1992Directory finder
680.011CALS::BONNEAUMon Feb 10 1992ANSI commands under Turbo?
681.01HSOMAI::LINWed Feb 19 1992Collection object limitation
682.027SALEM::DIFRUSCIAFri Feb 21 1992hanging program
683.013MINDER::KEENMon Feb 24 1992Too many conditionals ???
684.01CCIIS1::63498::BouveratTue Mar 03 1992Lan Manager Interface ?
685.03EICMFG::DRECHSELThu Mar 05 1992No init of typed constants ?
686.011RANGER::GRANOFFThu Mar 05 1992(Obejct-oriented) Stream Strategy
687.03HSOMAI::LINTue Mar 10 1992Blockread and records questions
688.0ZURWed Mar 11 1992TP Printing Example under MS-Window
689.0CUSTOM::RUTTWed Mar 18 1992Sample Windows communications port program
690.01FUTURS::SAXBYMon Mar 23 1992Best affordable option for Windows?
691.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Mar 30 1992input testing from keyboard????
693.02TROOA::RITCHEWed Apr 01 1992How is the COM port on a Rainbow addressed?
694.03NYSBU::LIGHTBURNThu Apr 02 1992Graphic/Crt Mode & Cursor Questions????
695.021ROBOAT::HEBERTThu Apr 16 1992Modem control using TP?
696.0NYSBU::LIGHTBURNThu May 07 1992Directed Acyclic Graph examples???
697.02BERNFri May 08 1992error-handling?
698.04GVAADG::REGADWed May 13 1992Run-time error #6
699.0AYOV29::POLVENTWed May 20 1992Demo for TP-Windows ?
700.03BRSTR2::SYSMANFri May 22 1992command parser in tp?
701.01BERNMon May 25 1992any hints for OOP programming??
702.05AYOV29::POLVENTTue Jun 02 1992Can't load Windebug.Dll ?
703.0NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Jun 08 1992Writing text at 2
704.0MIMS::STUBBS_ATue Jun 16 1992Prime-number division remainder hashing function
705.02ESSB2::DMCWEENEYFri Jun 19 1992tp v6 hanging my machine
706.08EFGVThu Jun 25 1992Window(x1,x2,y1,y2)
707.0MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYThu Jul 09 1992EMM386+Windows3.
708.02TROOA::CURZONTue Jul 21 1992disk space for tpw?
709.02OSLWed Aug 05 1992handshake from pascal (LA-5
710.01BERNFri Aug 07 1992dBase IV access
711.01HSOMAI::LINMon Aug 10 1992Disk usage report?
712.01NYSBU::LIGHTBURNFri Aug 14 1992EXEC passing arguements.
713.07SCUNER::S_GOUDIETue Aug 18 1992Turbo Pascal V6.
714.01CSOA1::TEATERFri Aug 21 1992Comm Port reading example
715.01SHIPS::GIDDINGS_DThu Aug 27 1992TurboVision colours
716.0KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Sep 09 1992price of PARADOX engine ??
717.0TENAYA::HUNGLEThu Oct 08 1992TEST
718.06NEWOA::MACLEODMon Oct 12 1992.BAT run from TPW program
719.05STKAI1::HLOFGRENTue Oct 13 1992Win colors?
720.02TROOA::CURZONWed Oct 14 1992MEATY books for TPW/
721.02LISVAX::NUNES_RWed Oct 14 1992TP version of "C"'s memcpy ??
722.056KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Oct 26 1992Borland Pascal with Objects 7.
723.04BAZZER::CULLEYTue Oct 27 1992Turbo v3.
724.01ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Nov 30 1992Shell problem from TP 7.
725.04BAZZER::CULLEYTue Dec 15 1992TP v3.
726.0MANWRK::KEENTue Dec 15 1992TV/OWL usage ?
727.0CUSTOM::RUTTTue Dec 29 1992The WinSight tools is very nice
728.019MEOCTue Jan 19 1993Volume Serial Number access?
729.0KAOU93::HOOPERMon Feb 01 1993Changing Colors - Slow!
730.05GVPROD::SCHMITTTue Feb 02 1993looking for some "oldies" ...
731.086489::gauvinTue Feb 09 1993using E-mail in a app...
732.0TROOA::CURZONFri Feb 12 1993legacy
733.06COLTue Feb 23 1993Wanted : DIR
734.0--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 19 1993HELP on REAL numbers please
735.0MEOCFri Mar 26 1993EXEC -> Pathworks USE cmd
736.01COLTue Mar 30 1993ARROWKEY !
737.0COLThu May 06 1993Play WAV-Files in TP 6.
739.01MUGGER::KEENThu May 20 1993Problem with WIN/SHARE/VIDEO.
740.05MUGGER::KEENFri Jun 04 1993BP7 and DDE.
741.0ROBOAT::HEBERTWed Jun 30 1993Support numbers
742.08CSC32::MORTONMon Jul 26 1993Protected mode and ABSOLUTE clause are Incompatable
743.06LARVAE::HUGHESSat Aug 21 1993Help with TPDB - Bad format TPUs
744.01RANGER::DAVEWed Sep 22 1993Any TP WINDOWS 3.* examples?
745.03LARVAE::HUGHESMon Sep 27 1993WRITELN('test'); - file not open error
748.01STRASB::HONOREMon Oct 11 1993Turbo PASCAL on ALPHA/NT??
749.03RAINBO::DAVEFri Oct 15 1993Int/Long/Real->str and vice-versa
750.09LARVAE::HUGHESMon Oct 25 1993Use FINDFIRST and FINDNEXT to display all files in all dirs
751.0FIREVX::BONNEAUTue Nov 02 1993Timer-based processing?
752.03HLDEWed Nov 17 1993CD-ROM/MSCDEX detection problem
753.0EMIL::RENHORNThu Dec 16 1993ALLSWAG.ZIP PD library for TP, where is it ?
754.02MEOCMon Dec 20 1993RTE
755.02OSLSat Dec 25 1993Converting from TP to BC++
756.0BONNET::SEZNECWed Dec 29 1993High Resolution Graphic Mode ?
757.01SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMTue Jan 04 1994printing bitmaps in TPW 1.5 - help
758.010TLE::REAGANTue Feb 22 1994DEC Pascal looking for Windows NT input
759.01RSNFri Mar 11 1994How to get F11 & F12 to be visible?
760.015TROOA::CURZONWed Apr 13 1994Borland - the shakeout and the future
761.0242619::KEENFri May 20 1994Printing from a PASCAL program.
762.04HAN::SCHORMANNMon Jun 13 1994Need help for prgm running in config.sys
763.08RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIWed Jun 15 1994ZMODEM protocol for TPW 1.5 ?
764.08TROOA::CURZONThu Jun 16 1994Delphi95 / Object Pascal
765.0HLDEFri Jun 24 1994Turbo Power patches available on Internet, and Easynet
766.0MUGGER::KEENMon Jul 04 1994Stoney Brook compiler ?
767.02FLYWAY::ZURZI::WITZIGWed Jul 13 1994Help for searching a thesis.
768.0NEWOA::MACLEODThu Jul 14 1994Quattro Pro Developers Kit?
769.01HLFSSat Dec 31 1994Printer port bidirectional
770.0VMSNET::STUBBS_AWed Jan 11 1995Async Professional for Windows
771.0BPSOF::GYONGYOSIWed Feb 01 1995V2 or V3 needed. Any helping hand?
772.03HLFSWed Feb 01 1995TTT hangs SYS$NET
773.0ESCROW::HEWITTWed Feb 01 1995Stupid Debugger question?
774.04NUBOAT::HEBERTThu Feb 02 1995The end of an era
775.012NYSBU::LIGHTBURNTue Feb 07 1995Don't say that P word.
776.06SUBSYS::WOODWARDThu Mar 02 1995Struggling with procedures
777.013BIGUN::BAKERFri Jun 09 1995Delphi Class Library??
778.05HUMANE::soemba.apd.dec.com::RIKWed Jun 14 1995Looking for (Turbo) Pascal dBaseIII library
779.03LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIFri Jun 23 1995Array of Object Pointers?
780.04CSC32::MORTONFri Jun 23 1995DELPHI help needed
781.04HLFSThu Jun 29 1995MAPMEM modules for TP
782.04NUBOAT::HEBERTWed Jul 12 1995Delphi FAQ - with Internet info
783.0STOWOA::LAITue Jul 25 1995DELPHI - ReportSmith and ODBC???
784.04LJSRV1::BONNEAUMon Sep 11 1995Getting status of printer from TP6??
785.0518Wed Oct 11 1995TPW 1.5 compile error 'Too many variables'??
786.02MEMIT::CIUFFINIWed Oct 11 1995... POS in Turbo Pascal = VAX Pascal?
787.0GAAS::BRAUCHERTue Oct 31 1995For those with Pentia...
788.03BROUGH::DAVIESWed Feb 07 1996V2.
789.0BROUGH::DAVIESWed Mar 13 1996DELPHI conference
790.0 *+1MDRMon Feb 10 1997TLZ