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Conference galvia::vtx_marketing

Title:VTX marketing
Notice:Read note #1.* before entering anything
Created:Thu Jul 06 1989
Last Modified:Tue Jan 16 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:242
Total number of notes:759
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989Welcome
2.02DWOVAX::HUNTFri Jul 07 1989VTX Remote Update License Issue
3.015YUPPY::CECELSKYMon Jul 10 1989Who is listening
4.02BIGMAC::LITALIENFri Jul 21 1989VTX 4.
5.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Aug 01 1989AT&T may enter Videotex market
6.05IAMOK::DELUCOTue Aug 01 1989Looking for V4 Demo
7.03TROASat Aug 05 1989Steel Reference Needed
8.05TOWNS::ROBERTSThu Aug 10 1989Information about 4.
9.07ZHSSWed Aug 16 1989Support for VTX DOS TCP?
10.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Aug 16 1989STG/DSTAR seminar on VTX - Thursday, August 24 at ZKO
11.01WARABI::JACOBSSun Aug 20 1989FCS VTX V4.
12.01MSDOA::RMITCHELLThu Aug 31 1989Cluster License for VTX TC/CON
13.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Sep 04 1989FWD: Sample applications
14.02YUPPY::CECELSKYThu Sep 07 1989VTX homebanking
15.0CANOVA::ALLEGRIThu Sep 14 1989Credit Agricole
16.01OTOOFri Sep 15 1989VTX sizing and implementation advise req'd
17.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Sep 21 1989FWD: Building a VTX demo database
18.01COIT::REDMOND_NAMon Oct 09 1989MAC TCP??
19.05TRNOIS::SPELTATue Oct 10 1989VTX & VALU Presentations ?
20.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Oct 12 1989Future Enhancement
21.01MDVAX3::CHANDLERMon Oct 16 1989A TCP based on DECforms?
22.01ISOLA::DOMINICMon Oct 30 1989Survey on TSM
23.0CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Nov 01 1989Announcement of VTX 4.
24.01CHEFS::MANSTONThu Nov 02 1989VTX Performance Info?
25.01TROAMon Nov 27 1989VTX/NOTES Conferencing
26.03KID2::SOORENKFETue Dec 12 1989Will there be any new versions of VTX in 199
27.0ZPOVTue Dec 19 1989Consultant needed
28.01VANISH::WILKINSONTue Jan 02 1990VTX Operator training ?
29.03FANTA::EATONThu Jan 04 1990VTx v4.
30.06NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Jan 04 1990Images VTX servers ? ...
31.06GNISTA::BAKERThu Jan 11 1990Announcing VTX-PLUS V1.1
32.03EEMELI::MVUORIOFri Jan 12 1990VTX Slide Presenter?
33.01BIGMAC::LITALIENFri Jan 12 1990New VTX training now available
34.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 08 1990VALU Training Needed
35.012KETJE::DEMOORTue Feb 13 1990UNIX ??
36.06TAVIS::LANDAUThu Feb 15 1990Which DEC infobases may we show to customers ?
37.06KYOA::SACHSFri Feb 16 1990Does VTX do X-windows?
38.04HOPFEN::ALFREDMon Feb 26 1990Problems with Demo-Infobase CYPRIX::43
39.01VANISH::WILKINSONWed Feb 28 1990VTX Based Services - UK-wide
40.03IAMOK::DELUCOThu Apr 05 1990Videotex Industry Association (VIA)
41.01GLORY::HULLTue Apr 10 1990What licensing options do we now offer?
42.0FENNEL::DEROSIERFri Apr 27 1990Macintosh VTX TCP Field Test
43.07ISETue May 08 1990Bookreader?
44.0RTPSWS::MCLAINTue May 22 1990References on print reduction
45.01ZPOVThu Jun 14 1990Cyprix - demo infobase
46.03TROATue Jun 19 1990VTX V4.1
47.016TROATue Jun 19 1990327
48.01CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jun 22 1990BLISS training is needed
49.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jul 02 1990Recommendations for future releases
51.04YUPPY::HOWGThu Jul 19 1990VTX accounting - asset software?
52.01CANOVA::ALLEGRIThu Jul 19 1990IIS gtwy?
53.03ZMAN::BOWLESWed Aug 15 1990Public Access Systems and Dialcom
54.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Aug 17 1990DowVision
55.02KCBBQ::ELLISThu Aug 23 1990area code lookup
56.04UTROP1::DRIESSEN_JMon Sep 03 1990Managing information in VTx
57.02DEOWS2::MELINETue Sep 04 1990VISTA?
58.01ULYSSE::JORDANFri Sep 07 1990Urgent**** Marketing informations ****
60.0HERON::DEVRIESThu Sep 27 1990MC-TEL, VTX Unix solution
61.01EMASS::MARTINMon Oct 15 1990AP News Service in VTX
62.03STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Oct 23 1990UK Customer reference site sought
63.01YUPPY::HARVEYThu Oct 25 1990Any ISVs writing VTX Apps??
64.02STKAI1::LJUNGBERGFri Oct 26 1990VTX, ALL-IN-1 & Word Perfect
65.01WPOPTH::BEESONMon Oct 29 1990Macintosh TCP - What's it called?
66.01OCNJ::BOICETue Oct 30 1990Market for a VAX DOCUMENT to VTX Product?
67.06IJSAPL::VANDERNIETWed Oct 31 1990License for ELK ?
68.04NEWVAX::SHEINBERGTue Nov 06 1990VTXprep support, VTX directions
69.03SCAACT::WILSONTue Nov 27 1990VTX 4.1 Server
70.01CASEE::EISENBERGFri Dec 07 1990Announcing VTX V5.
71.01TAVTue Dec 11 1990Where has OPAL$LIB:VAXVTX.PS gone?
72.01CASEE::CIOTThu Dec 13 1990Printer market info needed.
73.0CSC32::VELEZThu Dec 13 1990VTX V4.1 Patch KIt C Available
74.06CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Dec 18 1990Spreak Engrish, yankee dog!
75.0CUBFAN::LABICHTue Dec 18 1990FolioVIEWs Experience?
76.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Jan 04 1991Touch me, baby
77.04OSLTue Jan 08 1991MS-DOS client and security
78.01CHOWDA::DYERTue Jan 15 1991VAX 4
79.01OSLFri Jan 25 1991VTXaccounting to customers ???
80.01MQOATue Feb 05 1991References sites please
81.02EISYFI::ISLERWed Feb 06 1991Hungry for competitive information
82.0EISYFI::ISLERWed Feb 13 1991TARGET > NEWS vs VTX?
83.0MRKTNG::PREVOSTFri Feb 15 1991Office & Publishing Expert Training 4/15 - 19
86.01MCDONL::SIMONIANWed Mar 06 1991EL-NET, Japanese Consortium Electronic Library, Inc.
87.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Mar 15 1991FWD: Customer visit
88.01VAXRIO::BIANCOMon Mar 18 1991Where is VTX TC/CON license for version 4.1 ?
89.01BOSTRN::KAPLANWed Mar 20 1991Microsoft WORD
90.01DELREY::KINNEY_CAWed Mar 20 1991New Code for 327
91.0NANOOK::BREITNERFri Mar 22 1991VTX & DECtalk - questions
92.01OAMGRS::STUDENTWed Mar 27 1991Product Managers
93.03ODIXIE::HIPPTue Apr 09 1991VTX for DOS Questions
94.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Apr 12 1991FWD: Call for V5.
95.01EISLMC::COHENMon Apr 29 1991wordperfect into VTX
96.03DENVER::WENDERLICHMon Apr 29 1991us gov't references
97.0A1VAX::NALLETTTue Jun 04 1991VTX V5.
98.03TRNOIS::TAGINIFri Jun 07 1991refer vtx by minitel's term
99.02EISJPM::MARTINThu Jun 20 1991v5 PID?
100.0VAXRIO::BIANCOMon Jun 24 1991Need VTX marketing material
101.0AUNTB::WILLIAMSGTue Jun 25 1991CBD feed into VTX?
102.01VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Jul 10 1991IMAGE on VTX infobase
103.0CTHQ1::DELUCOWed Jul 10 1991Videotex Consulting Service
104.01OTOP14::RiceFri Jul 12 1991OS/2 TCP Status?
105.03MERIDN::SIMONIANWed Jul 24 1991Remote access, what software/license is needed?
106.01STRIKR::ARJUNAMon Sep 02 1991VTX v5.
107.01OSLACT::OLAVFThu Sep 05 1991communications matrix
108.01DPDMAI::RITZCFri Sep 13 1991Guidelines for customer's request?
109.01VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Oct 02 1991Traditional or Clusterwide license ?
110.03MSDSWS::NESTERWed Oct 09 1991VTX via IBMland\
111.06CHOWDA::FERREIRAWed Oct 09 1991VTX Language written
112.02WILARD::WALSHFri Oct 11 1991VTX check list?
113.01NIKKOR::EVANSFri Oct 25 1991Examples infobase for customer demo
114.01LUXThu Nov 07 1991Experience, reference in public market
115.01ISIDRO::RAFAThu Nov 14 1991MS/DOS graphics references
116.04TRCOA::KRAUSETue Nov 26 1991Any Glossies?
117.03AUNTB::CLARKWed Dec 04 1991VTXACCOUNTING Asset - V5.
118.01GUIDUK::HUEWed Dec 18 1991VTX/Teamlinks
119.01SIOG::SPENCERThu Dec 19 1991Concentrator = how many license users?
120.01ROMCSA::ALLEGRIThu Jan 16 1992Pls, short but uptodate!
121.05POBOX::CROWETue Jan 21 1992VTX Clients
122.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Jan 28 1992VTX Full Text Search server
123.03FLYNHI::SIMONSONThu Jan 30 1992Is there a VTX presentation???
124.02KITYKT::GITAFri Jan 31 1992Help us compare VTX Page Processors...
125.08ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Feb 12 1992VTX licensing
126.03VAXRIO::BIANCOFri Feb 14 1992FCS date for DEC VTX version 5.
127.01ODIXIE::YOSTThu Feb 20 1992Current brochures?
128.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 24 1992ULTRIX client
129.0DSTEG::FOXMon Mar 02 1992DECUS is Looking for some VTX/ELK Knowledgeable People...
130.03BELFST::64562::millingWed Mar 04 1992Cost Justifying VTX
131.01STUThu Mar 05 1992german kit of VTX V5.
132.0CASEE::HILLERICHThu Apr 02 1992Sales Update Article
133.0ODIXIE::WARNERMon Apr 20 1992327
134.0DENVER::WENDERLICHMon Apr 20 1992Customer wants to copy VTX cartoon
135.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 27 1992VTX helps make DEC top ten visionary company
136.0SWAM2::THAI_MIMon May 04 1992request for reference account
137.013MSDSWS::DUNCANTue May 05 1992Price for UPGRADE from VTX?
138.0WELKIN::ADOERFERTue May 12 1992IBM & Time Warner may bring videotext to homes
139.06KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu May 21 1992Windows client Pre-V5.
140.0VAXRIO::SANTOSTue May 26 1992Looking for vtx text retrival presentation
141.02CEDSWS::MYERSWed May 27 1992SPD for VTX Text Retrieval?
142.012KITYKT::GITAThu May 28 1992Another DEC VTX/TR V1.
143.01KITYKT::GITAWed Jun 03 1992Any interest in an ELK course?????
144.04HITIT::BAKIRMon Jun 08 1992any source to demo graphics
145.0VIA::HILLERICHThu Jun 11 1992US SSB ...
146.0SWETSC::WESTERBACKThu Jun 11 1992VTX for Mac
147.0CASEE::CIOTTue Jul 07 1992VTX server to search through vtx notesfile
148.03PERPLE::MARTINThu Jul 16 1992VTX V5.1 and VTX/TR V1.
149.01DVOPAS::WADERS::malkoskiThu Jul 16 1992Mac/Windows VTX Interface?
150.09CGOOA::MAKINWed Jul 22 1992VTX to VTX/TR Upgrade Issues
151.03TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Jul 22 1992DEC VTX Text Retrieval on Condist in September?
152.0SIOG::SPENCERFri Jul 24 1992Prices for VTX TRS competition?
153.0KITYKT::GITATue Aug 25 1992Does anyone have an extra PC?????
154.03CASEE::CIOTFri Aug 28 1992 Announcing DEC VTX V5.2 EFT-1 and DEC VTX TR V1.1 EFT-1
155.07CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Aug 31 1992VTX/TR -- customers and evaluations
156.01UTROP1::KEUKENS_LThu Sep 10 1992Team Document Library?
157.03SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Sep 14 1992Ultrix VTX server plans?
158.0ASABET::VTXPREPWed Sep 16 1992Channels Marketing
159.0GLDOA::CROWNFri Sep 18 1992Examples of VTX uses within HealthCare Industry?
160.06JOKUR::CIOFFIMon Sep 21 1992Introduction to VTX Conductor
161.02HAACK::HAACKTue Sep 29 1992Technical presentation needed!
162.0REDBAC::MORANThu Oct 01 1992VTX and Imaging
163.0ODIXIE::CAIRNSFri Oct 23 1992VTX/TR Boilerplate
164.01CASEE::CIOTTue Oct 27 1992Announcing DEC VTX V5.2 EFT-2 and DEC VTX TR V1.1 EFT-2
165.01NYEM1::FRANZIWed Oct 28 1992Can MS-Windows interface display Autocad Drawings?
166.04ISTWI1::OZILTue Nov 17 1992VTX references
167.02JOCKEY::NUTKINSMMon Nov 23 1992VTX TR User Based Licence
168.01GVPROD::WENGERTue Nov 24 1992No action from mouse click - format question
169.01COPCLU::BENTThu Nov 26 1992Aragon Videotex
170.01STUThu Dec 17 1992VTX maintenance from PC
171.0MRKTNG::CLANCYWed Jan 13 1993VTX/VTR Fact Sheet
172.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jan 13 1993Another question about VTX licensing
173.0VIA::HILLERICHTue Feb 02 1993Upgrades...
174.0CASEE::CIOTTue Feb 09 1993DEV VTX/TR T1.1-4 is now available
175.011MEOCWed Feb 17 1993Demonstration Infobases Available?
176.01KETJE::GORREMANSTue Feb 23 1993European VTX provider... HELP
177.03HGOVC::CARLOCHOIFri Mar 05 1993who're the VTX experts
179.07CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Mar 08 1993VTX Awareness Presentation and Resource List
180.04A1VAX::GARDENWed Mar 17 1993Comments from Expert Training March 1, 93, Maynard
181.0RDGENG::POVEYMon Mar 22 1993feedback from WGS Forum, Europe, March 93
182.0RDGENG::POVEYMon Mar 22 1993feedback from BAT forum, UK, March 93
184.0CASEE::CIOTTue Apr 13 1993notesfile being moved
185.01CANOVA::RUSSOTue Apr 20 1993Windows application vs VTX
186.03KITYKT::GITAThu May 06 1993DECUS in Atlanta June 5-11, 1993
187.01FERRET::CIOTMon Jun 21 1993VTX T5.2-5 & VTR T1.1-5 are available
188.07KXOVAX::ISAACWed Jun 30 1993Do we support VTX or what ?
189.013CEDSWS::MYERSMon Jul 19 1993Future of VTX?
190.04INFACT::DATZMANWed Jul 21 1993Need to evaluate cbr infobase
191.03VIA::CIOTWed Aug 18 1993132 columns pages in DOSCC ?
192.06EEMELI::TAVIFri Aug 20 1993Public statement of futures needed !
193.0SOLVIT::HAEFNERThu Sep 23 1993Need Quick Rough Estimate
194.0KETJE::GILARDFri Sep 24 1993Public videotext in Germany ?
195.02BOSMON::LYONSThu Sep 30 1993LAT Concentrator Support?
196.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERSun Oct 03 1993Information available via WWW
197.01CLEON::KULLFri Oct 15 1993Where is vtx tech conf?
198.01SNOCTue Oct 26 1993Next release when??
199.01ANGLIN::ROGERSThu Oct 28 1993PID Available?
200.01CSC32::VELEZFri Oct 29 1993New VTX Pricing Structure?? and VTX on BOOKREADER?
201.022HOT::BALLADELLISun Oct 31 1993Announcing VTX for Windows X5.2-6 Alpha test kit 2
203.02GUIDUK::BALSAMOMon Nov 08 1993Mac Client -- revisited
204.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Dec 01 1993REQUEST for DECUS party line
205.01KITYKT::GITASun Dec 12 1993VTX V6.
206.01VNABRW::KOITZMon Jan 17 1994Pricing and Packaging for Win Client ??
207.02SCAMIN::BROWNFri Jan 21 1994Licensing Confirmation
208.03BRAUN::BraunMon Feb 07 1994DEC VTX V6.
209.06STUThu Feb 17 1994Migration path to MWwin client?!
210.05ANGLIN::ROGERSThu Mar 03 1994Alpha AXP update? Last chance for VTX
211.01STKHLM::51971::andersson_lWed Apr 06 1994VTX 6.
212.01MEOCMon Apr 18 1994MAC client? Any more news?
213.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu May 05 1994Kits for client and server
215.03KAOAThu May 19 1994What happened to TCP/CON?
216.04SIOG::MKELLYMon May 23 1994Text retrieval - Downsizing
217.01MEOCTue May 24 1994MAC Client for VTX?
218.0CTHQ::DELUCOFri May 27 1994Minutes, RENEW Technology Review
219.0KITYKT::HARPINWed Jul 20 1994Videotex Services Group expands services
220.01VAXRIO::MALICEThu Aug 11 1994License from VTX client-VTX for MS?
222.0BAHTAT::62641::ABEARThu Aug 25 1994VTX and Mosaic
223.01BIGUN::BAKERMon Sep 05 1994Demo infobases no longer there?????
224.05ATYISA::LUCASTue Sep 13 1994VTX presentations?
225.02VNASWS::HELENEWed Sep 28 1994VTX-Client on Mac Intosh
226.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Oct 11 1994VTX costs to administrator
227.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Oct 11 1994Live feed details?
228.01SNOCMon Nov 07 1994Video data for VTX demo ?
229.0XANADU::BRAUN::BraunThu Nov 17 1994VTX V6.1 Sales Update
230.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERSat Dec 17 1994ALPHA (OpenVMS V6.1) VTX V6.
231.0SHRMSG::DEVITue Dec 20 1994Alpha client/server Field Test Sites Needed
232.02HAACK::HAACKTue Feb 28 1995consultants from outside?
233.03GIDDAY::sno148.pc.sno.dec.com::pritchardpThu Mar 30 1995Can't order VTX for MAC ("T" code)
234.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Apr 21 1995MS/Windows 2.
235.01MQOU18::M_HUELThu May 04 1995May 1995 - Current Versions
236.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon May 08 1995WPS_PLUS going away????????
237.01GALVIA::EGREYFri Jun 02 1995Request for statistical data.
238.04HAACK::HAACKFri Sep 01 1995the future - is there one?
239.02A1VAX::BRAUNTue Sep 12 1995VTX Strategy
240.03KERNEL::CROOKSTue Oct 10 1995Workbench and its replacement.
241.0SHRMSG::DEVIMon Oct 30 1995RHYME::VTX_GATEWAY conference
242.01FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Jan 12 1996VTX client for OSF?