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Conference galvia::vtx_bugs

Title:VTX bug reports
Notice:Welcome to GALVIA::VTX_BUGS. Please read note #1 for guidelines.
Created:Thu Jul 06 1989
Last Modified:Fri May 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:643
Total number of notes:2614
Number with bodies:34
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989Welcome
2.06LEDDEV::KAGENFri Jul 07 1989PM form not found problem...
3.02REVEAL::LEEFri Jul 07 1989Weird Parsing in VTXACU SHOW/PREFIX Command
4.0BISTRO::FOUBERTThu Jul 20 1989Was QAR #79
5.02ACESMK::BOGGISThu Jul 20 1989no bpdf entries
6.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jul 21 1989APMS keeps files open too long
7.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jul 21 1989UPDATE only returns first part of first error message
8.02SCENIC::HUSSAINWed Jul 26 1989-SYSTEM-F-EXBYTLM error?
9.03ANT::MORRISONWed Jul 26 1989Save/all error
10.03DWOVAX::LEARWed Aug 02 1989WB will not define fields on Detached Form
11.0BISTRO::FOUBERTWed Aug 02 1989VTXSRV crash problem
12.03SELL3::REICHERTFri Aug 04 1989WORKBENCH and new remote page?
14.01CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Aug 09 1989How to read VTX bugcheck dump??
15.01WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Aug 10 1989Brdcstmbx, Line Editing and Broadcast terminal characteristics
16.0BISTRO::FOUBERTFri Aug 11 1989VTXACU and RESET command
17.03CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Aug 11 1989DASL cannot be initialized twice
18.02SRFSUP::JARASat Aug 12 1989BACKUP - ONE-UP or TWO-UP
19.01CSC32::K_JACKSONTue Aug 15 1989Personal Magazine problem
20.01CISM::DONOGHUEWed Aug 16 1989ELK Server Hangs
21.09SHIPS::CRADDOCK_MWed Aug 16 1989Corruption using EXTRACT...
22.03KELSON::GULDENSCHUHWed Aug 16 1989Line drawing characters missing
23.03EEMELI::HUTTUNENTue Aug 22 1989WPS+/Vista problem
24.05WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Aug 22 1989Protocol Error with some SAVE/ALL, PRINT/ALL
25.05DWOVAX::LEARTue Aug 22 1989Server crashes with MEMMANVIO
26.05FACVAX::ICSFri Aug 25 1989Problem with DEPOSIT HM_IP_NAME
27.08VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Aug 31 1989Dynamic Menus and 327
28.021VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Aug 31 1989Login page and 327
29.02SOKO::SOKOLOWSKIThu Aug 31 1989VTX 4.
31.03BIS::FLAMIONWed Sep 06 1989exit
32.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 07 1989installation/undefined symbols problem
33.01CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Sep 07 1989VIRA-F-BADADR upon saving menu struc.
34.07SOKO::SOKOLOWSKIFri Sep 08 1989Access Violation with VTX Server
35.08NANTES::COSTEUXWed Sep 13 1989Concentrator problem.
36.01HOMBAS::SKINNERWed Sep 20 1989Server Crashing when attemping connection to U.S.JOBS
37.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Sep 20 1989ACCESS VIOLATION during VTD conversion
38.03ANALYZ::STEVENSFri Sep 22 1989vtx 4.
39.02CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Sep 22 1989Possible LAT/CON pr. turning off terminals
41.05LAMHRA::WHORLOWTue Sep 26 1989Emulating a FIND causes a crash
42.01CSC32::K_JACKSONTue Sep 26 1989DECwindows/132 column bug
43.01RADVAX::SKINNERTue Sep 26 1989Documentation Enhancments??
44.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 28 1989ACU Problems
45.03CTDTue Oct 10 1989Form Page *DOESN'T* work w/ VTX?DEV=DECwindows
46.04SCOTMN::LOATFri Oct 13 1989Workbench doesn't update the page file.
47.06CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Oct 13 1989Escape code trash appears on DECterm after PF1-.
49.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Oct 27 1989Problems recognizing new IPs
50.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Oct 27 1989Problems rebuilding a keyword file
51.04RADVAX::SKINNERFri Oct 27 1989/fast_load problems
52.01WILKIE::CARLSONFri Oct 27 1989DECWindows Color Trouble
53.02SPAM1::TOMLINSONFri Oct 27 1989DECwindows V2.
54.02CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Oct 31 1989Accessing continuation pages
55.01CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Nov 01 1989Announcement of VTX 4.
56.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Nov 01 1989ID String Text doesn't display
57.04CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Nov 02 1989Reposting of the V4.
58.04CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Nov 02 1989VISTA is wonderful, but...!!
59.01OXNARD::HAYNESTue Nov 07 1989Out of order "Visible Choices" in VTX V4.
60.0CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Nov 10 1989Choice's still there after deleting them
61.01RICARD::FOUBERTFri Nov 10 1989UPDATE option in WBGI
62.015SHAPES::CAMPBELLSMon Nov 13 1989Workbench returns 'invalid filename'
63.01UFHIS::LALBERTERMon Nov 13 1989ALL-IN-1 V2.3/VTX$QUEUE Problem
64.018CHISPA::WALSHThu Nov 16 1989Protocol Error upon return from User Appl in TCP
65.01CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Nov 17 1989ACCVIO when running 3rd server
66.03CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Nov 17 1989Cluster alias in VTXACU bug
67.02SCOTMN::LOATMon Nov 20 1989Help needed with ACU and VTXACF.VTA
68.01GIDDAY::KINGMon Nov 27 1989x29_server data_mask problem ! ( VTPPSI )
69.01ISOLA::DOMINICTue Nov 28 1989ACCVIO when application not started
70.022VAXRIO::MAURICIOFri Dec 01 1989ACCVIO with 327
71.03CEDSWS::MYERSMon Dec 04 1989RMS "IFI" error on VTXUPD /fast_load
72.010CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Dec 08 1989VT34
73.03CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Dec 11 1989VTX server frequently goes down
74.09ROMCSA::RUSSOTue Dec 12 1989DDIF & VMS V5.3; is it problem ?
75.03TALK::JARVISTue Dec 12 1989VMS V5.3/VTX V4.
76.011CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Dec 13 1989LOGGING problem
77.02SHAPES::CAMPBELLSFri Dec 15 1989SET TERM/REGIS to get VT22
78.0AKAMAI::HILLMon Dec 18 1989Fields in ELK FORM w/ TEMPLATE
79.08GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Dec 19 1989APMS and VTX/PAGINATE broken
80.04WILARD::PANZERTue Dec 19 1989WORKBENCH - PAGE TEXT/PRINTQ function problem
81.04SCOTMN::LOATWed Dec 20 1989Problem with logging. Empty log file?
82.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Dec 20 1989VTX/PAGINATE sometimes insert blank lines
83.09JETSAM::HAGGSTROMFri Dec 22 1989Loss of Type ahead ability
84.0FRAGLE::EOS_SRVFri Dec 29 1989dasl completion error
85.02LAMHRA::WHORLOWThu Jan 04 1990VTXACU and account names
86.010SCOTMN::LOATFri Jan 05 1990ALL-IN-1 TCP problem
87.0FENNEL::LUCAFri Jan 05 1990VISTA page file not open VTX 3.1
88.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jan 09 1990VAS Server Name length documentation error
90.02BOSTON::HALPERNFri Jan 12 1990Problem with concentrator
91.020KAZUBI::BISHOVFri Jan 12 1990ELK$STOP_APPL problem after upgrade to VTX 4.
93.03CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Jan 22 1990Valid page numbers in 4.
95.0PEKING::FIDOTWed Jan 24 1990Opening SYS$NET in PASCAL
96.02GIDDAY::KINGThu Jan 25 1990WBCL create page/parent ??
97.03CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Jan 30 1990Concentrator-mode ASSIGN command question
98.01WIENER::SCHOELLERTue Feb 06 1990passing Username & Password to Workbench
99.023CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Feb 14 1990Remote Updating Problem
100.09WIENER::SCHOELLERWed Feb 14 1990Strage Behaviour with Failover Mechanism
101.010COMICS::TALBOTFri Feb 16 1990WBCL loadfile blues
102.02SHALOT::HICKSFri Feb 16 1990VTX V4 Installation leaves V3 images behind
103.02CASEE::EISENBERGMon Feb 19 1990ACU problem
104.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 19 1990SAVE/ALL not saving right area
105.05CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Feb 28 1990Problems with PREFIX file
106.0NCEIS1::CHOQUETWed Feb 28 1990VTXCTL is <dir> sensitive
107.03MQOP12::M_DESBIENSThu Mar 01 1990>>> Unexpected TCP$K_TSM_STOP_SESSION request received
108.05LAMHRA::WHORLOWThu Mar 01 1990ELK$K_VAP_LENGTH problem......URGENT help needed
109.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Mar 01 1990Workbench Problem with Identification String
110.05SELL3::BOSSWed Mar 07 1990WB Page-type Problems
111.0CASEE::EISENBERGThu Mar 08 1990workbench server: Non-optimal handling of device full
112.04COMICS::TALBOTThu Mar 08 1990Workbench page corruption
113.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Mar 09 1990Installation problem
114.010COMICS::TALBOTMon Mar 12 1990Different errors Different places Same syntax?
115.08COMICS::TALBOTMon Mar 12 1990%VTX-F-WBCL_INTERRCOD, Fatal Internal Errors!
116.02NUTMEG::OROPEZAMon Mar 12 1990Continuation Pages in VTX 4.
117.08CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Mar 14 1990license errors when accessing VTX
118.08COMICS::TALBOTWed Mar 14 1990%VTX-E-PROTERROR - reproducable!
119.02COMICS::TALBOTWed Mar 14 1990Accvio when delete done with /structure
120.06COMICS::TALBOTThu Mar 15 1990RUSL application with RUSL$DELETE_KEYWORD problems.
121.03MUNLEG::SALMINENTue Mar 20 1990Hidden area vs. VTX V4.
122.02CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 26 1990strange update problem
123.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Mar 27 1990WORKBENCH & temp structures
124.03RCKPRT::DAGOSTINOWed Mar 28 1990Problem with local save and PF3
126.02COMICS::TALBOTTue Apr 03 1990WBCL - continuation page and pagination bug.
127.04COMICS::LOATWed Apr 04 1990Workbench image file - "Invalid file name -->"
130.013LAIDBK::RHVMIIIFri Apr 06 1990Reserved page when it shouldn't be
131.0ZPOACT::VTXOPERMon Apr 09 1990Delete Key does wierd things to modified Keypad
132.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Apr 10 1990Terminals Hanging after mux reset
133.07CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Apr 20 1990ELK$REQUEST_TOKEN help!!!
134.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Apr 20 1990DECwindows choices have no cancel
135.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Apr 20 1990DECwindows watch cursor not reset
136.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Apr 20 1990LISTMENU /DEV=DECW pages not what I expected
137.07CSC32::P_PAPACEKSat Apr 21 1990Keyword clarification
138.03HVNBND::THOMASMon Apr 23 1990ISI error in WBGI, EXTRACT load file
139.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Apr 24 1990WPS_PLUS document with WB Template Page
140.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Apr 26 1990Maximum #users per concentrator?
141.04SHALOT::THOMASWed May 02 1990VTX/WORK puts garbage on VTX Pages
142.04CEDSWS::MYERSThu May 03 1990VALU - Memory Management Stack Dump
143.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri May 04 1990X.29 CONCENTRATOR hangs
144.02SOJU::ERREDEFri May 04 1990Stack Dump Viewing DDIF images
145.05HYSTER::MINUTITue May 08 1990RUSL$START_APPL error in VTX V4.
146.05HYSTER::MINUTIFri May 11 1990LOAD/CUR problem after Patch_B VTX V4.
147.03SQM::TUCKERThu May 17 1990VMS -> Ultrix Interoperability
148.02UTROP2::WERF_BTue May 22 1990MOD/IP=WORKBENCH problem in ACU
149.03WARABI::JACOBSTue May 22 1990Corrupt Workbench file ?
151.05GIDDAY::KINGThu May 31 1990VTX/WORK/LOAD from batch ILLIOFUNC ??
152.02KLARGO::HECKMTue Jun 05 1990Widget Version mismatch
153.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jun 12 1990Workbench Hangs in phase 3
154.03TAVIS::LANDAUWed Jun 13 1990WBGI update does not update
155.07SHALOT::DROWNTue Jun 19 1990MS-DOS TCP in VTX 4.1
156.05CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Jun 20 1990Menu title does not display = LISTMENU
157.09CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Jun 21 1990UPPERCASE only allowed now for ID STRING
158.05CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jun 22 1990inconsistent keyword access to remote infobase
159.02CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jun 22 1990VTX-E-SRVNOWRITE error on continuation pages
160.02COMICS::LOATThu Jun 28 1990Problem with firing up VTX remotely.
161.010CASEE::EISENBERGMon Jul 09 1990show/key problem in UPD/UPDSRV
162.03COMICS::LOATFri Jul 13 1990Problem with 'PRINT/ALL" and strange error message.
163.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jul 17 1990VTXPADLNK.COM missing CHECKING_P3 label
164.01CANOVA::RUSSOFri Jul 20 1990LISTMENU on DECstation
165.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Jul 25 1990lag time in VTX updates
166.0WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Jul 26 1990V4.1 DECwindows interface access violation on unsupported format
167.01WJOUSM::BILLSMon Jul 30 1990Converting from 3.* to 4.1 question
168.0WJOUSM::BILLSTue Jul 31 1990Convert from 3.* to 4.1 didn't work
169.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Aug 02 1990Running WBCL from Batch and WBGI simultaneously
171.06CASEE::EISENBERGFri Aug 03 1990choice range does not work on 327
173.04UTRUST::SYSTEMTue Aug 07 1990V4.
174.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Aug 08 19904.1 and 3.1 TCPs
175.02CASEE::EISENBERGThu Aug 09 1990APMS blown index file
177.04CSC32::M_POTEETMon Aug 13 1990SAVE/ALL duplicates last records of file (ELK application)
178.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Aug 15 1990DELETE/CONTINUATION doesn't work
179.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Aug 20 1990Client hang on node unreachable
180.03NAVIA::MARTINTue Aug 21 1990Problems to relink VTXCTL
181.02COMICS::LOATTue Aug 21 1990Update server dies with Access Violation
182.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Aug 24 1990Dynamic Menu Template
184.01OPG::BRIJTue Aug 28 1990Keyword access causes crash
185.010CASEE::EISENBERGTue Aug 28 1990Problem with MS-DOS TCP on PS/2 systems
186.0CASEE::EISENBERGTue Sep 04 1990VTXUPD, connect/user doesn't pick up node/alias correctly
187.01BAGELS::CHANDLERWed Sep 05 1990VTX ELF hangs up?...
188.05CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Sep 05 1990JBC-E-INVMSG when starting VTX$QUEUE
189.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKSat Sep 08 1990VTXACU and VTX$ACF logical problems
190.019SAHQ::GLADDENMon Sep 10 1990VTXSRV crashes with ACCVIO..
191.03GENRAL::BANKSTue Sep 11 1990Forced exit does not restore terminal characteristics
192.0ISLNDS::MICKEYTue Sep 11 1990132 column prob
193.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 13 1990Internal Logic error with MS-DOS on MITAC 286
194.01CASEE::EISENBERGTue Sep 18 1990workbench strips space from id string
195.03SIOG::SPENCERWed Sep 19 1990A couple of RUSL problems
196.01WJOUSM::BILLSWed Sep 19 1990No Base Page
197.03EEMELI::AMANNISTOFri Sep 21 1990Duplicate page and WBCL
199.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Oct 05 1990Install Doc Errors?
200.01CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Oct 07 1990different results from command file
201.0CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Oct 07 1990Suggestions
202.03KERNEL::CROOKSThu Oct 11 1990VTX/PAGINATE ignores Options file directives.
204.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Oct 23 1990Deassign and reassign concentrator session error
205.02CEDSWS::MYERSTue Oct 23 1990Deleting a continuation page
206.01CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Oct 28 1990VAS Doc. error
207.01SQM::KOZIKOWSKITue Nov 06 1990I14Y Bug report: Sizing of screen
208.02STRIKR::LINDLEYThu Nov 08 1990Problem using keywords
209.02TROAMon Nov 12 1990VTX install with WordPerfect
210.03BIS1::CORNETTETue Nov 13 1990save/all and print/all problems
211.02ISOLA::DOMINICWed Nov 14 1990VTX 4.
212.04MOMUNY::CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Nov 15 1990VTX/DEVICE=A1 problem
213.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWFri Nov 16 1990ELK and RUSL wont work together for me!
214.06VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Nov 19 1990327
215.03NOMUNY::WSCWed Nov 21 1990VTX$QUEUE/WPS+ Header/vTX-W-UPD_KEYLENEXC prob
216.05COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 22 1990WBCL - Image_rmse & ACCVIO!
217.01COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 22 1990WBCL - Keywords lost after MODIFY!
218.01COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 22 1990WBCL allows lowercase, WBGI does not!
219.03COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 22 1990WBCL style & WBGI update gives PROTERR!
220.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Nov 28 1990SET PM on remote server causes crash
221.09CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Nov 29 1990VAS application with EXIT/KEYWORD
222.07HOTAIR::SAUERFri Nov 30 1990Terminal Emulator Woes
223.02CASEE::EISENBERGTue Dec 04 1990VMS TCP does not reset regis color map correctly
224.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Dec 06 1990problem with UPDATE SUBMIT command
225.04COMICS::BYWATERMon Dec 10 1990VTXPAD remote use
226.01HSOMAI::KISERMon Dec 10 1990WBGI EXTRACT produces an invalid format.
227.01CEDSWS::MYERSTue Dec 11 1990Embedded Quotes in Title Option
228.04BASVAX::GREENLAWTue Dec 11 1990VTX 4.1 on VMS5.3-2 has a problem
230.03TAVIS::LANDAUFri Dec 14 1990Stuck in WB Update Pass 3
231.01URSIC::LEVINFri Dec 14 1990Misleading MSG - Windows CHOICE doubleclick
232.01URSIC::LEVINFri Dec 14 1990Confusion on COMMON TCP:
233.04URSIC::LEVINFri Dec 14 1990Incomplete/garbled display with windows interface
234.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Dec 19 1990Windows Color Change on Exit V5.4
235.02CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Dec 21 1990Server Crashes and leaves VTXBUGCHK.DMP
236.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jan 03 1991VTX looking for DECW$TERMINALSHR.EXE
237.018OSLMon Jan 07 1991%DSL-E-INSFMEM
238.03NHASAD::FULLERMon Jan 07 1991VTX pages/DECwindows
239.03COMICS::BARHAMFri Jan 11 1991Headers left justified with /PAGINATE options file
240.01ULYSSE::HIRVOISFri Jan 18 1991backgroud colour
241.05PRSSOS::RICHARDFOYFri Jan 18 1991VTXPFC don't create output file on VMS 5.4
242.013IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTFri Jan 25 1991garbled display of prestel form-page
243.02ROMMon Jan 28 1991TCP$K_REQ_CALL_APPL problems
244.01CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Jan 28 1991SYS-F-ACCVIO with 4.
245.01CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Jan 28 1991SYS-F-ACCVIO with Server
246.011SIOG::SPENCERThu Jan 31 1991Concentrator with direct terminals problem
247.0OSLACT::OLAVFWed Feb 13 1991workbench loadfile limitation
248.08CSSE32::SKABOWed Feb 13 1991UPDATE problem with DDIF
249.02--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 14 1991PM
250.02STRIKE::LENGYELTue Feb 19 1991Can't run VTX/DEVICE=DECWINDOWS to an Ultrix workstation
251.03KERNEL::LOATMon Feb 25 1991MODIFY in ACU gives the wrong read and write groups.
252.09COMICS::TALBOTTue Feb 26 1991WBGI and reserved pages by another IP?
253.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 26 1991Shutdown of CICS app. causes ACCVIO
254.03VINO::LLAVINWed Feb 27 1991HELP!!! CAN'T INSTALL VTX!!!
255.01HSKPRF::KOKKOThu Feb 28 1991Control-U and COMMON keypad (TCP?)
256.03KERNEL::LOATThu Feb 28 1991Problem with REMOTE and keyword search.
257.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Feb 28 1991/delete_below inconsistent using UPDATE Server
258.02NAVIA::MARTINTue Mar 05 1991Problems with VTX$ACF translation
259.01CGOSMon Mar 11 1991VTX$QUEUE stops when formatting WPS-PLUS documents
260.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 12 1991VTX/PAGINATE adds blank lines to WORKBENCH file
261.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Mar 13 1991Keywords truncated VTX$queue Wpsplus
262.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Mar 15 1991VTX$QUEUE stops withs accvio, PC=
263.03ROMFri Mar 15 1991Problem with JUMP_TO_REMOTE
264.05SNOCThu Mar 21 1991/dev=common broken when default keypad <> common
265.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Mar 27 1991Not able to use alternate prefix
266.0CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Apr 01 1991Release notes documentation
267.0EEMELI::HUTTUNENMon Apr 08 1991vtx/327
268.01CRONIC::PAGETue Apr 09 1991What about this patch?
269.01CEDSWS::MYERSFri Apr 12 1991Help text for VALU forms wrong
270.016BEEZER::LOATThu Apr 18 1991Pagination problem with VTX$QUEUE.
271.02GIDDAY::LEHMon May 06 1991Update field LAST_UPDATE of ACU RESET log file
272.05CRONIC::PAGEThu May 09 1991VTXSRV process dying
273.01UTRTSC::MACKRILLTue May 21 1991VTX and dialup lines
274.02ISOLA::DOMINICFri May 24 1991VTX/COBOL pb from Rio de Janeiro
275.08CSSE32::REEDWed May 29 1991VTX with VXT problem?
276.04IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTTue Jun 04 1991Tab-key in form-page
277.09GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Jun 05 1991Stuck in WB Update Pass 3
279.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jun 13 1991synopsis with keywords out of range
280.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jun 18 1991Clarify CROSSTALK as PC EMULATOR
281.04COMICS::TALBOTFri Jun 28 1991Workbench screen corruption bug!
282.0WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Jul 02 1991VT34
283.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jul 08 1991DISCONNECT status after DEASSIGN of port
284.0MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERWed Jul 17 1991vtx and decterm problem
285.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jul 23 1991PC Keypad problems DOS TCP
286.03BREAKR::UDICKMon Aug 26 1991CTLPAGES was too low need 25
287.04SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRWed Aug 28 1991VTX/PAGINATE chokes on keyword; hangs 865
288.01ISOLA::DOMINICFri Aug 30 1991Problem with DECnet links
289.0NAVIA::MARTINWed Sep 11 1991VTXCON crash with a modified TCP
290.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENMon Sep 16 1991DDIF images in VTX
291.01ROMWed Sep 18 1991Problems with Prestel forms pages.
292.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENThu Sep 19 1991Displaying ddif images without using scroll bars.
293.0SNOCWed Sep 25 1991UPPERCASE field and A1 keypad => KP
294.02ZPOVC::PAULCHENFri Oct 04 1991VTXUPD not accepting DDIF image
295.05GIDDAY::KINGMon Oct 14 1991vtx/dev=a1 exit screen 1
296.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Oct 15 1991Continuation page 42 problem
297.03SNOCMon Oct 21 1991VAS LOAD unhappy with logical name
298.06STKHUV::HALLGRENTue Oct 29 1991VTXACU problems
299.03NEWOA::BAILEYWed Oct 30 1991new database ?
300.01SIOG::ORRTue Nov 26 1991workbench error during update
301.03KERNEL::LOATTue Dec 10 1991GOLD-P gives empty scratch pad.
302.01MTVIEW::SMITHThu Dec 12 1991vtx_motif core dumps - VTX V5.
303.04GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Dec 13 19914.1 concentrator and modem signals problem
304.05HBAHBA::HAASMon Dec 16 1991Stack dump accessing DDIF page from VT
305.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Dec 31 1991RUSL$K_PLP_DEC5 undefined
306.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Dec 31 1991OPEN/PAGE and logical names
307.01VISUAL::DIAMONDTue Dec 31 1991Funniness with VTX V5.
309.01DECWET::STAMSFri Jan 03 1992vxt_motif and PF1-ENTER
310.011EDWIN::THIBAULTWed Jan 08 1992keywords not working in 5.
311.07HBAHBA::HAASThu Jan 09 1992continuation pages problem
312.01TOOK::MORRISONSat Jan 11 1992VTX returns to $ sign with no error message
313.03ZPOVC::PAULCHENThu Jan 16 1992Presentation materials for VTX5.
314.01UNITED::THORNTONDFri Jan 17 1992unrecoverable application errors-windows3 client?
315.02YUPPY::BOE2::GORARDMFri Jan 24 1992DOS 5.
316.0WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Jan 28 1992DEC VTX 5.
317.0WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Jan 28 1992DEC VTX v5.
318.02COMICS::TALBOTWed Jan 29 1992DEC VTX V5.
319.01WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Jan 30 1992RE-appearing closed navigator and next screen keys
320.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 04 1992UPDATE/INPUT=xxx.vtu/FAST problem with multiple .VTD files
321.01SIOG::ORRWed Feb 05 1992Cannot delete page - reserved by user
322.0ROMThu Feb 06 1992QIO failed in VTXCON.
323.0TROPPO::CLAIREMon Feb 10 1992Text for attached printer is nto available for refresh
324.01USPMLO::SHEPROWed Feb 19 1992All Decterms go away when VTX is involked from one
325.02VAXWRK::HANSONFri Feb 21 1992Line 23 missing from Form Pages
326.02DELFMon Feb 24 1992Problems using VTX
327.01OSLACT::OLAVFTue Feb 25 1992VTX/Paginator BUG/strange behaviour
328.01WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Feb 28 1992ACCVIO during init of VTXPAD on control/Y
329.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 03 1992Record length of .VTV file is 137
331.03WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Mar 05 1992Access Violation in Print screen.
332.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENFri Mar 06 1992Multiple Asian language VTX question
333.01NAVIA::MARTINWed Mar 11 1992LINKCTL.COM doesn't work!
334.01TRCOA::HAIMOVITZThu Mar 12 1992Text Blacked out T5.
335.02DSVBFri Mar 13 19928
336.01CSSE::NEILSENTue Mar 17 1992%VAS-E-CTL_VAS_FAIL, VAS process not running
337.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Mar 19 1992Insufficient resourses at server => ACCVIO
338.01ULYSSE::MUGNIERFri Mar 27 1992Your contribution to VTX TXT RET FT ?aire
339.06WAYOUT::LOATFri Apr 10 1992VTX/PAGINATE gives strange breaks
340.02VOGON::AWILLIAMSMon Apr 13 1992Page cannot be unreserved, it has been loaded
341.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Apr 15 1992%VTX-E-WBCL_INVPREFIX, in patch C
342.0ZPOVC::PAULCHENThu Apr 23 1992What is CCITT F.3
343.08WAYOUT::CROOKSSat Apr 25 1992Very slow response from VAS application.
344.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Apr 28 1992degree sign not recognized by VTX$QUEU
345.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Apr 30 1992multiple dynamic menu pages not accurate
346.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon May 04 1992VTX$PADWAIT not recognized in 5.
347.04VCOUTue May 05 1992VTX 5.
348.0VAXRIO::MAUROTue May 05 1992Template page doesn't work
349.08WAYOUT::LOATFri May 08 1992Second page mixes with first page.
350.01GIDDAY::WANFri May 22 1992X29 concentrator not recover after call mask was changed
353.0KERNEL::LOATWed Jun 03 1992TDE disappears!
354.03COSBY::TIBBERTWed Jun 17 1992VTX TR 1.
355.02STUThu Jun 25 1992U: ^E-character in username
356.02HOTAIR::HOSEINThu Jun 25 1992ACL and protection VTX/TR Bug
357.01MSAMMon Jun 29 1992LMF V1.1 causes VTX V5.
358.0KERNEL::LOATMon Jun 29 1992ELK$ASCII_TO_VTXPAGE. 11 digits maximum?
359.0CASEE::CIOTTue Jul 07 1992VTX server to search through vtx notesfile
360.03TOOK::MORRISONThu Jul 09 1992Arrow keys don't work right after VTX error occurs
361.04MAZE::FUSCITue Jul 14 1992VTX V5.1 ACCVIO -- KITINSTAL.COM problem
362.04AZTECH::SCHROEDERSat Jul 18 1992Access Violation on SAVE/ALL
363.05LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Jul 20 1992BUG - APMS access violates on submit /tr v1.
364.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Jul 21 1992Going to server logicals drops keyword on failover
365.03ICS::POLCARIWed Jul 22 1992Functionally Keys not working
366.02ITHIL::CHADThu Jul 23 1992V5.1 install fails, what now?c
367.02TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Aug 11 1992Windows Peculiarity in menus 4 deep.
368.05TRCOA::MCCORMACKThu Aug 13 1992Another windows problem
369.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERSat Aug 15 1992/user at vms dcl ambiguous?
370.05LNDRFR::ADOERFERSat Aug 15 1992From VMS DCL, /userdata goes where in ELK?
371.010ICS::PKOSITEMon Aug 17 1992Access vio on show comm
372.05NHASAD::WATERMANTue Aug 18 1992upcase doed not work under vtx 5.1
373.06NHASAD::WATERMANTue Aug 18 1992characters in field no longer overwritten under 5.1
374.02TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Aug 18 1992Two way flow required on problems!
375.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Aug 21 1992/trans=internet errors with VMS CC (misleading)
376.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Aug 21 1992Just a report of vtx-e-cbrfdelp - want anything?
377.02LNDRFR::ADOERFERSun Aug 23 1992VMSCC - can't default to internet in initialization file
378.01KERNEL::LOATMon Aug 24 1992VTX$QUEUE - incorrect pagination.
379.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Aug 25 1992ELK application behavior different in VTX 5.x
380.03MONMON::BRUCEWed Aug 26 1992Help required on TCPIP
381.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Aug 27 1992VMS MOTIF SAVE (mail) saves only last chunk
382.01COSBY::TIBBERTSat Aug 29 1992VTX TR1.1-1 Installation gotcha
383.01SUBTLE::ROUTLEYSun Aug 30 1992VTX 1.1 Motif Client "dies a hideous death" w/DECCRTL
384.04VLNVAX::MBROOKSTue Sep 01 1992Error Parsing 'DEC5'
385.03KERNEL::LOATWed Sep 02 1992How to unreserve a page?
386.02XCUSME::LACROIXFri Sep 04 1992Message Number displayed on screen
387.03DRAC::JLSOLEMon Sep 07 1992Max buffer size using elk$send?
388.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Sep 08 1992VMSCC - TRV1.
389.0REDBCK::tomThu Sep 17 1992update server dies on connect ???
390.02ICS::ANTLEFri Sep 18 1992What's in a name - VAS ???
391.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Sep 18 1992Templates with dynamic menu pages
392.08HALEVY::COUILLAULTThu Sep 24 1992Unstable net connection
393.06SIMBA::AWDEThu Sep 24 1992VTX 5.1 Install Failure
394.01ICS::SKINNERThu Sep 24 1992TIDE "Print to Attached Printer" not woking under new clients
395.04GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Sep 25 1992extra line when extracting a form page
396.03A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Oct 07 1992VTX Windows Client eats links...
397.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Oct 07 1992Page Number handled as keyword
398.02EEMELI::PAKKANENMon Oct 12 1992Users quide somewhere?
399.04VANSVN::GRIFFITHMon Oct 12 1992X29 Concentrator using DNVEXT (DecNET/VAX Extensions)
400.01VOGON::AWILLIAMSVMon Oct 12 1992Workbench dies
401.09MSDOA::GRAYDTue Oct 13 1992VTX is slow to display, users are in RWAST
402.04SNOOPI::ALONGIWed Oct 14 1992accvio starting VTX with V5.1
403.0GBUSTA::LUSTMANFri Oct 16 1992VAS, VTX TR V1.
404.03KITYKT::GITAWed Oct 21 1992Problem with FORMS in VTX/TR
405.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 26 1992VTX/TR search of Stop Words does not return message
406.0FIRFri Oct 30 1992WBCL/WBGI/Keywords Problem
407.01ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZMon Nov 09 1992VTX Client/TeamLinks Problem
408.0ICS::ANTLEWed Nov 11 1992%VTX-E-PROTERROR, VTX Protocol Error
409.03MSDOA::GRAYDWed Nov 11 1992error parsing 'INTERNET'
410.03CEDSWS::MYERSThu Nov 12 1992SAVE with DOS client
411.02CEDSWS::MYERSThu Nov 12 1992Error when SAVE from MSWindows
412.03JOKUR::BOICEMon Nov 23 1992Navigating in a FORM Page
413.0ESSB::LMASONTue Nov 24 1992VTX V5.1 Form Field Input
414.01SANFAN::LESLIE_DATue Dec 01 1992VTR 1.
415.06HSKPRF::KOKKOTue Dec 01 1992STOP SESSION/id=xxxx-nnn-
416.05CGOSTue Dec 01 1992KEYWORD interference/bug
417.04ADO75A::BAIRDTue Dec 08 1992Escape Sequences with PC clients.
418.05KERNEL::LOATWed Dec 09 1992Cannot use VTX$QUEUE
419.01DELSMon Dec 14 1992Cannot find CFC.DLL
420.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Dec 17 1992Urgent : Async VTX under Windows
421.0UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Dec 18 1992How can DOS VTX under Kermit be robust
422.0SANFAN::LESLIE_DAWed Dec 30 1992Another document nit
423.06UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jan 21 1993ELK bug ...
424.02STRIKR::ARJUNAMon Jan 25 1993Menu Icons incorrect
425.0CASEE::CIOTTue Feb 09 1993DEC VTX/TR T1.1-4 is now available
426.0PDVFri Feb 12 1993Help on Workbench Duplicate Numbers
427.01FDCV14::DOTENWed Feb 17 1993Can't find VTX$SECURE_FILES.COM during install
428.0CSC32::M_ONEILWed Feb 17 1993MENU to LISTMENU problem.
429.01CASEE::CIOTWed Mar 10 1993Support for VTXPREP
430.0TROOA::PIGGOTThu Mar 11 1993Can't 'unreserve' a prefix
431.02DIODE::CROWELLFri Mar 19 1993VTX V5.1 - Access violation
432.06AYRPLN::KISERMon Mar 22 1993VTX/TR T1.1-4 bug when deleting/recreating an index
433.01NOVA::MCNULTYMon Mar 29 1993problem with vtx profile
434.03KERNEL::LOATMon Apr 05 1993Unclickable menu options in Windows client
435.01ULYSSE::INSERRATue Apr 06 1993vtx 5.2 tr 1.1 - crash server when updating indexe
436.0CASEE::CIOTTue Apr 13 1993Notesfile being moved...
437.04VIRTUE::TRUMPLERTue Apr 20 1993Bug in SAVE?
438.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Apr 22 1993PF3 causes user exit on main menu sometimes?
439.06SNOCTue Apr 27 1993VT terminal emulation session hangs on PC
440.0SNOCThu Apr 29 1993Comments in VTX/PAG not being ignored (TR1.
441.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed May 05 1993Concurrent Use Licensing Problem
442.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed May 05 1993MENU page with no choices, causes looping
443.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri May 07 1993printing on new sheet of paper per VTX page
444.08CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue May 18 1993VTX/TR search syntax
446.02CORA::65219::MEANEYTue Jun 01 1993change in LOCAL function not documented well
447.05CORA::65219::MEANEYWed Jun 02 1993VTX changes DECTERM keypad to Numeric
448.04ICS::HALLGRENThu Jun 03 1993TR Search from ALL-IN-1
449.02ICS::HALLGRENThu Jun 03 1993Refresh causes stack-dump
450.08VNABRW::KOELBL_HTue Jun 08 1993Print on SYS$PRINT and VTX/TR v1.
451.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jun 08 1993ELK and CLUSTER ALIAS
452.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jun 17 1993VTX/TR 1.
453.01MILPND::DOWSEFri Jun 18 1993KEYWORD Function Problem
454.01FERRET::CIOTMon Jun 21 1993VTX T5.2-5 & VTR T1.1-5 are available
455.01UBOHUB::LOATTue Jun 22 1993VTX server crashes.
456.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Jul 06 1993searched word not highlighted on 2nd sccreen
457.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Jul 20 1993VTX crashed, why ?
458.02SNOCWed Jul 21 1993Cannot find XTIDNW.DLL
459.019CISVAX::CONGDONMon Jul 26 1993Can't find .VTE file
460.0WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Aug 03 1993VTXALLIN1.INI printers not being made available
461.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Aug 06 1993messed up help diagram after SEARCH or FIND
462.0EEMELI::MPULKKINENFri Aug 27 1993Connecting VAS to VTX
463.01FORTY2::ABRAMWed Sep 01 1993New variation on colour inversion following VTX EXIT
464.02FURFCE::WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Sep 01 1993MS-Windows problems list from a customer
465.01EEMELI::KOKKOThu Sep 16 1993/MAX_REQUEST=1 and free subchannels; still queue for the first subchannel
466.03KERNEL::LOATThu Sep 16 1993Workbench update hangs!
467.0MYGURU::TCCTSS::peterWed Sep 22 1993Search for words in title Problem VTX/TR
468.02EEMELI::PAKKANENFri Oct 01 1993VTX/TR 1.
469.07CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Oct 12 1993ATTACHED-PRINTER: is double spacing output
470.02DRAC::DSMAILThu Oct 14 1993Application V4.1 to V5.
471.0EEMELI::PAKKANENMon Oct 18 1993Wind down errors in concentrator
472.02CSC32::M_ONEILFri Oct 22 1993Highlight bar not selecting ?
473.06CSC32::M_ONEILTue Nov 09 1993Is ELK working with 6.
474.05SEND::MCNULTYWed Nov 10 1993vtx getting %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
475.010WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Nov 16 1993VTX$QUEUE formatting problem
476.016KERNEL::LOATThu Nov 25 1993Unable to start server ?
477.01MQOSWS::M_HUELWed Dec 01 1993SEARCH and user interface
478.03EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Dec 07 1993Accvio when updating indexes
479.01KITYKT::GITASun Dec 12 1993VTX V6.
480.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jan 06 1994EXTRACTING/UPDATING launchable pages not working
481.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Jan 21 1994VTX 5.1 DECwindows interface hangs w/ LPx 466d2 PC
482.0KURIUS::LIBOVETue Jan 25 1994"TEL" page "DTN codes" menu option causes ULTRIX motif client to botch fonts
483.02NEWOA::FIDO_TTue Feb 01 1994PAGE HELP on form causes stack dump
484.0USCD::DOTENTue Feb 08 1994BUG: VALUE attribute missing in ELK$LIB:VTXELKDEF.PAS
485.010USCD::DOTENThu Feb 10 1994VTX/UPDATE EXTRACT command - ACCVIO
486.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 17 1994MODIFY/I HELP not available within UPDATE utility
487.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 17 1994Inconsistent search results
488.03KITYKT::GITAFri Feb 18 19946.
489.02FURFCE::GAUVINMon Feb 21 1994ACU and/or BASE PAGE problem
490.04TAVIS::LANDAUMon Feb 21 1994VTX-F-UNXPECT, Unexpected error : system not properly configured
491.0PULMAN::ASHBIE::henryFri Mar 04 1994MS Win v2.
492.0BACHUS::WILLEMMon Mar 07 1994VTXUPD looping & NOPCR
493.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 08 1994VTX$PANESHR failure on VMS 6.
494.01THEDGE::DWAYNEFri Mar 11 1994VTX 6.
495.0MFRFMS::RINGMon Mar 14 1994undefined symbol IMG$... during installation VXT 5.1, VMS 5.5-2; Motif 1.1
496.06FHOHUB::OHFMTT::DornbushMon Mar 14 1994Enter vs. Form-Enter bug
497.016GRUFFY::ZAHORAThu Mar 17 1994V6.
498.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Mar 18 1994BUG? MOTIF return doesn't form enter in IEG infobase
499.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICSun Mar 20 1994click and font problems in 2.
500.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 22 1994Launchable pages on CC client
501.01UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 22 1994Problems with in title search
502.0EEMELI::KOKKOTue Mar 22 1994VMS stop/id a VAS serviceprocess forces VAS to accessviolate
503.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Mar 23 1994BUG VTX 6.
504.04POWDML::YLOJKT::BROOKSThu Mar 24 1994PAGE HELP in VTX for Windows 2.
505.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Mar 28 1994BUG? DOC - DOS MAKE_FLP.bat?
506.01CSC32::M_ONEILMon Apr 04 1994TR problem
507.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Apr 04 1994Bug in SEARCH dialog box
508.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Apr 04 1994Help on Result menu does not work
509.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Apr 04 1994Bug in help on DDIF document
510.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Apr 04 1994DDIF documents do not highlight words searched
511.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Apr 11 1994BUG? Query pages just return info is not available
512.01TOOK::MORRISONTue Apr 19 1994BUG: VTX error leaves terminal fouled up
513.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Apr 20 1994VTX.INI / VTXALLIN1.INI bug
514.01BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Apr 21 1994VTX 6.
515.02CSC32::VELEZWed Apr 27 1994VTX 6.
516.011MXOVThu Apr 28 1994Direct acccess to KEYWORD
517.0219325::ADOERFERFri Apr 29 1994CDA$CONVERT in ULTPROTO linking vtx$client_cc
518.01VNOTSC::RANISCHMon May 02 1994Reload of VTXBASE.TXT lets server loop
519.01VNOTSC::RANISCHMon May 02 1994Client crashes after second search selection
520.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue May 03 1994.RTF converted to .DDIF causes ACCVIO during INDEX
521.01XIRTLU::schottThu May 05 1994ULTRIX Client, Print core dump
522.0DRAWRS::DEVITue May 10 1994VTXUPDSRV.COM file incorrect
523.02KERNEL::LOATThu May 12 1994Windows client stops responding msg
524.04EEMELI::AMANNISTOFri May 13 1994VTX$QUEUE and scandinavian characters
525.0CSC32::VELEZTue May 24 1994VTX 6.
526.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu May 26 1994CBR directories do not have Delete option
527.04VNABRW::KOELBL_HFri May 27 1994saving 132 columns page
528.02BIGTOY::LEThu Jun 02 1994 VTXWIN 2.
529.02IOSG::GILESLThu Jun 02 1994Install fails with undefined Symbol.
530.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jun 06 1994Wide screen on MS_Windows 2.
531.01KERNEL::LOATTue Jun 14 1994Failed to create new CBR partition?
532.02ZURThu Jun 16 1994VTXSERVER crash with ACCVIO on VMS 5.5-2/VTX V6.
533.0FROCKY::65477::LEHLThu Jun 16 1994VTX with Super VGA on Intel PC crashes sometimes
534.0RDGENG::POVEYFri Jun 17 1994server hang after UCX licence expires
535.03RDGENG::POVEYFri Jun 17 1994multiple transports on PCs
536.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Jul 13 1994VTX for Windows GPF passing command line parameters
537.0ADOVThu Jul 14 1994NCP and Memory - Windows Version
538.04LEMAN::5Fri Jul 15 1994UPD stack dump when adding large pages
539.06LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Jul 27 1994BUG V6.
540.02UROVTX::POVEYFri Jul 29 1994windows client: locators and horizontal scrolling
542.02LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Aug 04 1994BUG - VMS CC V6.
544.0GALVIA::MCCABEThu Aug 25 1994DECW UI and text entry fields
545.012SHRMSG::DEVITue Aug 30 1994Can .VTU file contain ASCII and launchables?
546.01BIGUN::BAKERTue Sep 06 1994T2.3-1 CBR hangs dead on any CBR'ed infobase
547.04GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Sep 16 1994CBR highlighting, document display incorrect (from Hydro-Quebec)
548.02GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Sep 16 1994CBR hilite of document incorrect after next, then prev page
549.04GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Sep 16 1994cbr display of document pages is out of sequence/incorrect
550.01GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Sep 16 1994searching in multiple indexes and selecting indexes
551.01GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Sep 16 1994pages lost when printing a VTX page that has many printer pages
552.0STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENThu Sep 22 1994Page Reveal bug in T2.1-3
553.0SHRMSG::DEVITue Sep 27 1994Multiple choice selection on menu pages
554.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Sep 27 1994windows t -3 accelerators?
555.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 03 1994fonts very small on VAXstation 2
556.01GALVIA::MALLIN::ROCKALLFri Oct 07 1994Is it the Windows client or the CC client ??
558.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Oct 19 1994vtx$ivp failed invalid process name v6.1
559.03GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994LOAD BASE command results in endless loop
560.0GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994Problem with full text search using dates in German lang.
561.01GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994Exact match search not working for German lang.
562.02GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994Full text search with German national characters not working properly
563.0MSGAXP::HANSBURYTue Oct 25 1994< keyword / VT51
564.0GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994No error message when basepage missing.
565.0GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994ACCVIO on using RUSL$DELETE_PAGE when pageno. is a read_only variable.
566.03GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994Questionable print management on Motif Client??
567.01GALVIA::EGREYTue Oct 25 1994Building CUG index limits access to SuperUser group only.
568.0GALVIA::EGREYThu Oct 27 1994STACK DUMP when using Text Retrieval Search.
569.0GALVIA::EGREYThu Oct 27 1994VTX Server Crashes With ACCVIO
570.08KERNEL::LOATWed Nov 02 1994VTX/PAGINATE fails with error: VTX-E-OUTPUTERR
571.03STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGWed Nov 02 1994Search problems in V6.
572.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Nov 10 1994X.29 consentrator/exceeded byte count quota
573.02STOPC2::forevr.shr.dec.com::YOUNGFri Nov 11 1994More search problems from UBS
574.01SHRMSG::GAUVINThu Nov 17 1994highlighting and paragraph proximity problem
575.0STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENFri Nov 25 1994Client loops when server node crashes
576.01SHRMSG::KUMLINMon Nov 28 1994VTX 6.
577.011SHRMSG::KUMLINMon Nov 28 1994VTX CC client (V6.
578.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Nov 30 1994ACCVIO in cc-client with Control-W (V6.
579.0SHRMSG::DEVITue Dec 06 1994Windows client/Unknown Node bug
580.0SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Dec 07 1994CBR Hits menu and incorrect document dates
581.0STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENThu Dec 08 1994Swutch Windows client
582.05SHRMSG::GAUVINWed Dec 14 1994ELKs and HELP
583.03POLAR::SYSTEMWed Dec 14 1994INFOBASES.V2 bug
584.02SHRMSG::BUSKYWed Dec 14 1994Problem with dynamic overlay pages
585.02SHRMSG::BUSKYWed Dec 14 1994Problems with editing (Ctrl-U)
586.07GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Dec 22 1994PRINT on cont page accvio on VTX V5.1
587.0BACHUS::RENTYWed Jan 04 1995VTX 6.
589.03VNOTSC::RANISCHThu Jan 19 1995Sporadic server crashes V 6.
590.04UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jan 24 1995VTXACU and language Dutch
591.01SHRMSG::DEVITue Jan 31 1995Announcing DEVI::VTX_ALPHA conference
592.07GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Feb 02 1995VTX$QUEUE err %RMS-E-DNF, directory not found
594.0GALVIA::EGREYWed Feb 08 1995Searching for date - problem with different formats
595.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Feb 09 1995BUG - VMS CC V6.
597.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Mar 10 1995VTX for DOS and registering the PC in VTXACU
598.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Mar 16 1995Can not locate infodatabase via VTX/WORKBENCH
599.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Mar 17 1995uggestion - VMS CC dialog box or questions on unknown launches
600.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Mar 17 1995Suggestion - VMS CC progress indication during launch
601.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Mar 22 1995Error : Queries cannot be posted at this point
602.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Mar 23 1995Help line .. is it possible to customize it ?
603.01WRKSYS::REISERTThu Mar 23 1995VTX v5.
604.02LNDRF4::ADOERFERTue Mar 28 1995BUG - UPDSRV 6.2 FT doesn't start an update server
605.05SHRMSG::DEVIFri Mar 31 1995If you select Teamlinks and you aren't - watch outt
606.02SHRMSG::DEVISat Apr 01 1995CHECKMARK (Form Enter) Icon is missing
608.08UROVTX::POVEYWed Apr 05 1995deleting continuation pages
609.02SHRMSG::GAUVINMon Apr 10 1995BUG- Multiple choice menu selections
610.01SHRMSG::GAUVINMon Apr 10 1995MAIL and TeamLinks error?
611.04SHRMSG::GAUVINMon Apr 10 1995SERVER CBR BUG - Number hits/current hit counters are off in document
612.02SHRMSG::DEVIMon Apr 10 1995Where oh where has the icon gone?
613.0LISVAX::CORREIA_CTue Apr 11 1995Problem with allin1 keypad - VTX V6.
614.01WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Apr 12 1995Server 6.2 /title on cbr_query gived inappropriate request
615.01WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Apr 26 1995BUG - VMSUPD Create/ind with invalid dir bugchecks
616.04WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Apr 27 1995BUG CBR Locators and pointers arn't update on menu choice
617.01WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Apr 27 1995BUG - VMS CC SOMEtimes displays 2 lines on long pages
618.05BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 16 1995VTX 6.
619.0STAR::BISHOVFri May 19 1995Minor problem with VTX 6.2 IVP
620.04TROOA::PIGGOTMon May 29 1995Very Slow Menu Displays
621.03ATYISA::MANCIAUXWed May 31 1995VTX 6.2 installation failed
622.026GALVIA::EGREYTue Jun 06 1995WTSPX problem from Windows Client (TCP/IP)
623.03GALVIA::RMARTINWed Jun 07 1995Cannot find CFC.DLL - Attempting to connect to failover server
624.02BACHUS::COLLARTWed Jun 28 1995Help needed for VTXBUGCHK.DMP !
625.09CECAMO::JAGERMANFri Jul 07 19954
626.04GALVIA::EGREYWed Jul 19 1995Quotes in VMS CC SEARCH command line -differing results
628.04CX3PST::WSC5Tue Aug 15 1995cda$access_tv.exe missing on 6.2.
629.07BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Aug 30 1995VTX/CLASSIC gold s + Accented characters in French language index.
630.01GALVIA::EGREYWed Sep 06 1995Printing continuation pages hangs if a VAS page
631.0NETRIX::"warren@matbug.mko.dec.com"Sat Sep 16 1995Pager Tool problem with VTX V6.
632.02264734::larocheWed Sep 20 1995ACCVIO. VTX V6.2
633.01ALFSS1::CAMPThu Oct 19 1995Error with launchable page on client
634.01EVTAI1::LAMAREMon Oct 30 1995VTX (Alpha) and CDA$ACCESS_TV
635.0SHRMSG::DEVIMon Oct 30 1995RHYME::VTX_GATEWAY conference
636.08SHRMSG::KUMLINThu Dec 14 1995CBR problems - Teamlinks V2.5/VTX 6.2
637.04ICS::CLELANDMon Mar 11 1996Library Services, Servers Defined
638.0+14GRANPA::PETERSONTue Apr 09 1996TLS 2.7-
639.03TROOA::PIGGOTMon Aug 12 1996Command Procedure to Clear Reserved Bit?
640.0 *+10KERNEL::CROOKSMon Feb 03 1997VTX bugcheck dumps.
641.0 *+9GALVIA::8krpm.ilo.dec.com::imslow::emchaleWed Mar 19 1997WinVTX Divide error TL v2.5-
643.0 *SCASS1:: Apr 26 1997GPF when running VTX on W95