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Conference galvia::vaxnotes_bugs

Title:Welcome to the DEC Notes bugs conference
Notice:see note 2.16 for kit location
Created:Fri Nov 14 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 21 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1844
Total number of notes:7247
Number with bodies:16
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.06CLT::GOODRICHFri Nov 14 1986Welcome to VAX Notes bug reports
2.016CLT::GOODRICHFri Nov 14 1986Location of online kits
3.018CLT::GOODRICHFri Nov 14 1986Location of online manuals
4.02CLT::GOODRICHFri Nov 14 1986General information
5.01CLT::GOODRICHFri Nov 14 1986Directory of Topics
6.0JEREMY::ERICSun Nov 02 1986inconsistent treatment of abbreviated entry names
7.04DAN::SCHULLMANFri Nov 07 1986bad unseen count on SET SEEN and EXT/UNSEEN/SEEN
8.01VAXCPU::michaudThu Aug 01 1996Web site to see where you have been noting...
9.03KBOVWed Nov 12 1986Cannot SELECT after SHOW NOTE
10.03VMSDEV::SZETOWed Nov 12 1986Repeated ^C in quick succession
11.03CLT::GILBERTFri Nov 14 1986Problem with SEND/LAST/NOEDIT
12.02RDGENG::LESLIEFri Nov 14 1986Notes xxx fail causes ^Z to be misinterpreted
13.06JEREMY::ERICSat Nov 15 1986UPDATE entry-name behavior
14.012CLT::DICKAUSat Nov 15 1986Command line editing has problems with long lines
15.04CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 16 1986Bogus unseen count on local conferences
16.013MOJAVE::PURMALMon Nov 17 1986Network partner exited causes ? solutions ?
17.07THEBUS::PERRONMon Nov 17 1986where is previous notes file located?
18.01THEBUS::PERRONMon Nov 17 1986vmsnotes next version notes location?
19.01ANT::MORRISONTue Nov 18 1986Conf accessed on wrong node
20.01MANTIS::MILLERTue Nov 18 1986Notes pointer inconsistency
21.01COLORS::GOODSTEINTue Nov 18 1986How do I do a DIR/LAST ?
22.05IOSG::BAILEYWed Nov 19 1986Forward Loop ?
23.08VMS::SZETOThu Nov 20 1986Backwards and forwards with DIRECTORY displays
24.09NETCOM::HARRISThu Nov 20 1986Special symbol entry?
25.03BCSE::RYANThu Nov 20 1986Case sensitivity in class names
26.01RDGENG::LESLIEThu Nov 20 1986Enquiry: use of Notebook as Conference
27.04CLT::DICKAUFri Nov 21 1986Delete Entry leaves notes unable to open other entry
28.01CASEE::CLARKSat Nov 22 1986Notebook seen map not updated after session abort
29.01CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986EXTRACT/ALL doesn't extract the current topic
30.0CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986"Prev Screen" doesn't move directory ">" pointer
31.01WARLRD::TRAYSERSun Nov 23 1986PREV_SCREEN strangeness, is it a known problem?
32.01NETCOM::HARRISMon Nov 24 1986Please, a location pointer...
33.02RTOADD::CAAHUBERTMon Nov 24 1986Problems with SEEN/UNSEEN mechanism
34.03SIERRA::LEICHTERJMon Nov 24 1986Lost Seen Map + Hung Server
35.0CASEE::CLARKTue Nov 25 1986Yet another flashing message
36.0THEBUS::PERRONTue Nov 25 1986search command highlight matched string.
37.04ANT::MORRISONWed Nov 26 1986Written text lost when "partner exit" occurs while writing
38.02TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 27 1986Insufficient Resources at remote node
39.07RDGENG::LESLIEFri Nov 28 1986Is there a way SPAWN/NOWAIT Notes will work?
40.0PSW::WINALSKIFri Nov 28 1986Ungraceful handling of file extend failure
41.0CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 01 1986OPEN with auto NEXT UNSEEN failed to find new note
42.01ECLAIR::GOODENOUGHTue Dec 02 1986Operation of SEARCH command?
43.02RDGENG::LESLIETue Dec 02 1986Possible bug in SET NOTE/TITLE
44.07TOPDOC::FRIEDRICHSTue Dec 02 1986problem with hopper??
45.07CASEE::CLARKWed Dec 03 1986Keypad changed to Numeric Mode w/ Callable LSE
46.01OASS::M_HYDEThu Dec 04 1986Customer installation gotcha
48.0PIXEL::PWONGFri Dec 05 1986Loading LSE$COMMAND only once?
49.03PIKES::BILLINGSLEAFri Dec 05 1986Can notes pass the conference name?
50.03DAN::SCHULLMANSun Dec 07 1986moderator privs lost because of node change
51.0CASEE::CLARKSun Dec 07 1986"SPAWN command" cursor positioning
52.01CASEE::CLARKSun Dec 07 1986SEND w/ error blocks out note header
54.0SIMON::SZETOTue Dec 09 1986Introduction to VAX Notes
56.03BRAHMS::REISERTTue Dec 09 1986Need help using NOTES with MicroVAX
57.01USHSTue Dec 09 1986SPAWN Problem
58.01BCSE::DMCOBURNWed Dec 10 1986ADD should not equal CREATE
59.05SIMON::SZETOWed Dec 10 1986Ex-moderator gets message after self-demotion
60.04MANTIS::HERRLICHThu Dec 11 1986ACCVIO in Notes.
61.04CASEE::CLARKThu Dec 11 1986OPEN failure discards "seen" info
62.0CASEE::CLARKThu Dec 11 1986Invisible "read from file" message
63.03CASEE::CLARKSat Dec 13 1986How can a Notebook entry be in no class?
64.01CASEE::CLARKSat Dec 13 1986SET CLASS "" displays all Notebook entries
65.0CASEE::CLARKSat Dec 13 1986Notebook entry named "*"
66.01CASEE::CLARKSat Dec 13 1986Can't delete a bogus Notebook entry
67.0CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 15 1986WRITE/LAST after DELETE smashes text
68.01RSTS32::HUNTMon Dec 15 1986Manual problems in NOTES$KIT:
69.02ECLAIR::GOODENOUGHTue Dec 16 1986Problem with DIR/TITLE
70.0CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENTue Dec 16 1986Accvio on protection violation
71.015DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986my seen map gets "reset"
72.02CASEE::CLARKThu Dec 18 1986Can't SPAWN out of Callable LSE note writing
73.02VMSDEV::SZETOFri Dec 19 1986Belated anniversaries
74.03ULTRA::PRIBORSKYFri Dec 19 1986DELETE ENTRY of last entry in a class
75.0CLT::DICKAUSat Dec 20 1986EXTRACTed note text has extra blank line
76.02OVDVAX::MARTINMon Dec 22 1986Entry ignored on $ NOTE entry
77.012MED::MAYERMon Dec 22 1986Nodes won't Cluster
78.011NEWVAX::BHOWARDTue Dec 23 1986Not privileged to write to this conferenc
79.08MED::MAYERMon Dec 29 1986Wrong interface/section file
80.01MOZART::STEWARTTue Dec 30 1986keypad defs unclear
81.01MOZART::STEWARTTue Dec 30 1986notes under eve under notes?
82.010MOZART::STEWARTTue Dec 30 1986doc on notes$command?
83.0MOZART::STEWARTTue Dec 30 1986how do I get a prompt?
84.04TILLER::SEARSWed Dec 31 1986ACCVIO for DIR/CONF
85.04HADRON::RILEYThu Jan 01 1987LICENSE Expired ?
86.0UNIVAX::SCHREIBERMon Jan 05 1987VAX NOTES Manual wins STC Award of Excellence!
87.05HALLEY::CARLETONTue Jan 06 1987how to define keys ??
88.010SACKET::PARKETue Jan 06 1987Why does Notes always set AUTO-REPEAT on?
89.01CSSGY2::MCCREADYWed Jan 07 1987VAXNOTES kit info outdated?
90.05WKRP::LENNIGThu Jan 08 1987Server ACCVIO
91.01CSSGY2::MCCREADYThu Jan 08 1987NMAIL problems
92.02SERPNT::SONTAKKEFri Jan 09 1987Multiple sessions and lost unseen count
93.06VIKING::FLEISCHERFri Jan 09 1987"no new notes" when there are unseen notes
94.0ULTRA::PRIBORSKYFri Jan 09 1987Hidden topics with conference pointers
95.03RTOADA::CAAHUBERTMon Jan 12 1987*help* using keywords
96.08TMCUK2::BANKSMon Jan 12 1987Max links and Max servers question.
98.023LARKAN::KRALMon Jan 12 1987NOTEBOOK grows when reading notes
99.0MARVIN::WARWICKMon Jan 12 1987Bad feedback on scrolling directory
100.0WHOARU::MCCARTHYMon Jan 12 1987Notes and Disk Quota's
101.02VIKING::TARBETWed Jan 14 1987HELP incorrect(?) on CRE CON
102.0CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 14 1987Lost connection gives "Normal successful completion"
103.03ISWSW::DOOLITTANWed Jan 14 1987Delete Entry - leads to madness
105.0ULTRA::HERBISONThu Jan 15 1987DIRECT/TITLE (with no conference open)
106.03ISWSW::DOOLITTANThu Jan 15 1987Conference Directory should not reset!!
107.01RDGENG::LESLIESun Jan 18 1987Already added to all classes, but not really
108.0NZOVSun Jan 18 1987force unseen count update?
109.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jan 19 1987Conference topic count in error after a DELETE
110.0JEREMY::ERICMon Jan 19 1987HELP for Exit key is incorrect.
111.06SURPLS::GOLDBERGTue Jan 20 1987Too many unseen
112.03HANDEL::STEWARTTue Jan 20 1987protection, lack of
113.010CUJO::BEAUSOLEILWed Jan 21 1987ENQUE quota exceeded
114.02LEROUF::MICKYFri Jan 23 1987EVEPLUS
115.02MDVAX1::HAVLIKFri Jan 23 1987System wide default editor.
116.02CLT::GILBERTFri Jan 23 1987Need STAR::PORTER and TLE::PORTER in same conference
117.04MORRIS::MORRISONFri Jan 23 1987Can't delete or add notebook entry
118.01MLOKAI::MACKSun Jan 25 1987One-fingered hacker looking for information
119.02PEANO::WHALENSun Jan 25 1987Minimum screen size?
120.0CASEE::CLARKTue Jan 27 1987Failure of implied EXIT kills explicit OPEN
121.04USOPEN::KAMWed Jan 28 1987Network object is unknown at remote node
122.02OASS::M_HYDEWed Jan 28 1987Customer problem: SHOW KEYWORD /FULL doesn't
123.03ULTRA::HERBISONThu Jan 29 1987Terminal width disagreement between Notes and TPU
124.02CASEE::CLARKFri Jan 30 1987Seen map covers future notes
125.0VERDI::GRECOMon Feb 02 1987Notes Bug
126.05PLDVAX::ZARLENGAMon Feb 02 1987Moderator privs lost after clustering
128.010CACHE::WHALENMon Feb 02 1987A need to set a note hidden permanently?
129.0ULTRA::HERBISONTue Feb 03 1987Confusing display from SHOW MARK
130.03HOMBRE::CONLIFFEWed Feb 04 1987Notes written to a full disc
131.0CLT::GILBERTThu Feb 05 1987No entry specified -- conference was OPENed /NONOTEBOOK
132.01SAMVAX::FIRTHThu Feb 05 1987Standard usage of commands!
133.0COVERT::COVERTThu Feb 05 1987Mail to two same-name members
134.0CRVAX1::KAPLOWMon Feb 09 1987Base note deleted during REPLY
135.0EAGLE1::LEONARDMon Feb 09 1987^Z after mail fails
136.02BANZAI::HIGGSMon Feb 09 1987Notebook scrolling
137.0TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 09 1987Fail to access HANNAH::USRD$:[OSMAN]TENNIS
138.06QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 09 1987NOTES server goes compute bound
140.0CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 10 1987How to move a VAX Notes Conference
141.02REGENT::GETTYSTue Feb 10 1987Bug with moving within a topic
142.03SCOTCH::CHELSEATue Feb 10 1987TPU Fatal Error from Notes
143.09COLORS::RIZZOLOTue Feb 10 1987Spec Please
144.0ULTRA::HERBISONSat Feb 14 1987Another notes access violation
145.0HUMAN::CONKLINSun Feb 15 1987file defaults slightly strange
146.02JEREMY::ERICSun Feb 15 1987"conference entry"?
147.01MAHLER::STEWARTTue Feb 17 1987 ^C^C creates chaos.
148.0OASS::M_HYDEWed Feb 18 1987Can I retrieve command line parameter?
150.03UTRTSC::ROBERTSWed Feb 18 1987Large notes files
151.01JEREMY::ERICThu Feb 19 1987vanishing message on OPEN failure
153.03MERIDN::BAILEYThu Feb 19 1987Encrypt a conference?
154.01CASEE::CLARKFri Feb 20 1987Conference seen map reverts to Day
155.02CASEE::CLARKFri Feb 20 1987^C seems non-deterministic
156.0CASEE::CLARKFri Feb 20 1987"Success" message in a Notebook display heading
157.01FURILO::BLINNFri Feb 20 1987Stale header data during FORWARD after EXTRACT
158.02FURILO::BLINNFri Feb 20 1987"SPAWN MAIL" leaves scrolling regions set on VT2xx
159.01FURILO::BLINNFri Feb 20 1987Broadcast message scrolls display when cursor at end
160.0552494::CLARKMon Feb 23 1987DELETE MARKER requires an OPENed conference
161.0452494::CLARKMon Feb 23 1987Moderator typos can create new keywords
162.0252494::CLARKMon Feb 23 1987Anyone can do an ADD KEYWORD or DELETE KEYWORD
164.0ULTRA::HERBISONMon Feb 23 1987SHOW ENTRY can truncate class list
165.01DECWET::WICKHAMMon Feb 23 1987Keypad reset when leaving Callable EDT
166.03CLOSET::ADLERMon Feb 23 1987EMACS as my default editor
167.03GIGI::HITCHCOCKWed Feb 25 1987Invalid Login Info at Remote Node
168.03JANUS::BHARRISThu Feb 26 1987FORW defaults to /EDIT
169.02OVDVAX::RYANThu Feb 26 1987VAX Notes as a public bulletin board
170.02NANDI::APFELBAUMFri Feb 27 1987PRINT/SINCE Problem
171.02WBA::BRYANMon Mar 02 1987Display graphs in Notes
172.04CSSGY2::MCCREADYMon Mar 02 1987PRINT/SINCE problem
173.03MILT::JACKSONTue Mar 03 1987terminal width and font selection
174.04NEWPRT::LAWRENCEWed Mar 04 1987Callable interface to VAXnotes
175.02JEREMY::ERICThu Mar 05 1987personal name in SEND and FORWARD messages
176.02TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 06 1987DIR/TITLE="string" gives No such note
177.0CLT::GILBERTFri Mar 06 1987ADD MEMBER NM%CLT::SMITH is not diagnosed
178.02TRIPPR::POLLERTFri Mar 06 1987Keypad help, please.
179.02GLORY::HULLSat Mar 07 1987Help on Notes editing
180.01WKRP::LENNIGSat Mar 07 1987Proxy interaction
181.05STAR::KAIKOWTue Mar 10 1987Display of system messages
182.03CEODEV::FAULKNERTue Mar 10 1987mega note generated
183.04STAR::KAIKOWWed Mar 11 1987Cluster vis a vis node names?
184.011624Wed Mar 11 1987Please don't turn on Autorepeat
185.03SQM::JMSYNGEWed Mar 11 1987DELETE NOTES?
186.02CHEVThu Mar 12 1987file protections - what about captive ALL-IN-1
187.01CASEE::CLARKFri Mar 13 1987DIRECTORY/CONFERENCE goes south after link failure
188.010VIDEO::OSMANFri Mar 13 1987still can't extract BRAIN_BOGGLERS
189.033D::GEROVACFri Mar 13 1987set moderator -- force enable?
190.04COPFri Mar 13 1987/UNSEEN and note range conflict
191.09CUJO::WEBERFri Mar 13 1987SEARCH from the callable interface
192.01TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 13 1987MRGATE V2.
193.06TUBED::LONGOFri Mar 13 1987Server timeout and logging?
194.08TUBED::LONGOFri Mar 13 1987Where's my Cluster Alias?
195.025Mon Mar 16 1987*help* writting note 'n' ?
196.02VIDEO::LEICHTERJMon Mar 16 1987New "Stuck at 1 Unseen" Problem?
197.01STAR::KAIKOWTue Mar 17 1987Can I be protected from my own sins?
198.02OASS::TRAYSERWed Mar 18 1987Unseen ZAPPED - Error parsing & Invalid context block
199.05RDGENG::LESLIEThu Mar 19 1987BATCH Extraction difficulties
200.07SYLPH::ALLENFri Mar 20 1987Illegal Personal Name?
201.04SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Mar 20 1987Misspelled Keywords in DIR Command Not Flagged
202.04TAVENG::CHAIMMon Mar 23 1987Can FTSV copy/share be used on a conference...
203.06STAR::KAIKOWMon Mar 23 1987Is this documented?
204.0VIDEO::OSMANMon Mar 23 1987minor ENTER key help text problem
205.01VIDEO::OSMANMon Mar 23 1987ENTER key fails to show next screen
206.016RDGENG::LESLIEMon Mar 23 1987Lots of nodes: no continuation char. HELP!
207.01LDP::WEAVERMon Mar 23 1987^C not in help screen
208.02ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Mar 24 1987Deadlock Caused by NOTES according to VPA
209.06WKRP::LEETCHTue Mar 24 1987run Notes from a non-Notes node?
210.05NUKMAC::GSMITHWed Mar 25 1987Question about 'seen' and titles
212.08DRUID::MEANEYWed Mar 25 1987Something new in VAXNOTES?
213.03RDGENG::LESLIEThu Mar 26 1987Hidden /Nohidden possible bug
214.01CACHE::WHALENThu Mar 26 1987Notes stay hidden after deletion!?
215.02DUNE::BOYERFri Mar 27 1987FORWARDing to more than one user....
216.01TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 30 1987Network partner exited error message ?
217.03RDGENG::LESLIEMon Mar 30 1987Problem with batch extract/append
218.02VIDEO::OSMANMon Mar 30 1987Be consistant about abbreviated entry names
219.01CASEE::CLARKTue Mar 31 1987NOTES hangs on note 424.
220.07CASEE::CLARKWed Apr 01 1987EXTRACT or EXIT leaves all notes unseen
221.07STAR::KAIKOWWed Apr 01 1987A Moving Experience?
222.06SUSHI::KMACDONALDThu Apr 02 1987WRITE invents filename "." if no filespec given....
223.02JHEREG::TANNENBAUMFri Apr 03 1987Message sent but with an error
224.0OASS::M_HYDEFri Apr 03 1987Some comments from the outside world
225.01VIDEO::LEICHTERJFri Apr 03 1987ACCVIO During Batch Update
226.03VMSDEV::SZETOMon Apr 06 1987Server is running old protocol 2/1
227.0JEREMY::ERICMon Apr 06 1987Server protocol message not documented.
228.01EXIT26::STRATTONMon Apr 06 1987T1.2 change in screen repaint after WRITE or REPLY
229.01OASS::M_HYDEWed Apr 08 1987Customer problem, NOTES/UPDATE from DCL is broke
230.01VINO::KILGOREWed Apr 08 1987Command recall buffer
231.03VINO::KILGOREWed Apr 08 1987SHOW KEYWORDS gives incomplete list
232.03PCCSSE::PEACOCKWed Apr 08 1987Can I "Compress" a conference?
233.010BIGHOG::SHICKThu Apr 09 1987When is a member not a member?
234.04KALKIN::BUTENHOFFri Apr 10 1987T1.2: "Network partner lost" aborts UPDATE
235.04ULTRA::HERBISONFri Apr 10 1987Bad update status: blaming a remote node
237.02ULTRA::HERBISONFri Apr 10 1987Notes confused on screen length
238.03CASEE::CLARKFri Apr 10 1987Can't read past note 234.
239.0HYDRA::ECKERTFri Apr 10 1987"Note hidden" message obscured by announcement
240.02SRFSUP::LONGOSat Apr 11 1987ATTACH error message has line number?
241.05VIDEO::OSMANMon Apr 13 1987notebook and conference in the same file
242.01VMSDEV::SZETOTue Apr 14 1987"Network partner exited" message not displayed
243.06CEDSWS::HAASWed Apr 15 1987Is this a bad SDC kit?
244.04EXIT26::STRATTONWed Apr 15 1987LAST.
245.04VMSDEV::SZETOWed Apr 15 1987Blank lines in command buffer
246.02PDVAX::P_DAVISWed Apr 15 1987OPEN err msg is displayed, & immediately erased
247.01CEDSWS::HAASWed Apr 15 1987Current class not returned
248.05TLE::CONTIWed Apr 15 1987Deleting a reply, and replying => strange state
249.0BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Apr 16 1987SHOW ERROR does not show Insufficient Priv
250.02VMSDEV::SZETOFri Apr 17 1987REPLY acts like REPLY/NOEXTRACT
251.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJSun Apr 19 1987Fatal TPU Error, NOTES crashes
252.08BMT::FIELDSMon Apr 20 1987Lost conference ??
253.01VIDEO::OSMANThu Apr 23 1987comments produce errors
254.03VIDEO::OSMANThu Apr 23 1987SET SEEN fails to cause new notes to appear.
256.01MILT::JACKSONThu Apr 23 1987JACKSON: still moderator, check memb list?
257.02CIM::KAIRYSThu Apr 23 1987NOTES V1.2 + TPU T2.
258.0BEEDLE::DICKAUFri Apr 24 1987Read error and text hidden by xx$_NORMAL message
259.02ANGORA::MORRISONMon Apr 27 1987Written text lost forever due to "network partner exited"
260.02PIXEL::KRUPINSKIMon Apr 27 1987Deleting notes written from another node
261.02STAR::ROBINSONTue Apr 28 1987"Fatal TPU internal error"
262.06CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Apr 28 1987Unseen count should be zero
263.03SRFSUP::LONGOThu Apr 30 1987Deleting long-named marks if the name isn't known?
264.02REINIG::REINIGFri May 01 1987Why is EVE's cursor bound, not free?
265.01VMSDEV::SZETOSat May 02 1987Pitfall in SHOW KEYWORD
266.03PICA::HIDERTue May 05 1987Help! NOTES_nnn processes everywhere!
267.03TENNIS::KAMWed May 06 1987Notes on Installation
268.04VMSDEV::SZETOWed May 06 1987Help NEXT UNSEEN could be misleading
269.02JEREMY::ERICThu May 07 1987bug list in V1.2 Release Notes?
270.02TLE::CONTIMon May 11 1987Broadcasts permanently disabled
271.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue May 12 1987HELP Keyword_Commands suggestion
272.01DONNER::SHICKWed May 13 1987Editing existing notes...
273.02OASS::M_HYDEThu May 14 1987Customer bug report: SEND/MEMBER Hangs
274.034GL::SCHUETZThu May 14 1987Please use SYS$SCRATCH, not SYS$DISK:[]
275.0CASEE::CLARKFri May 15 1987Virtual memory exhausted using NOTES & Callable LSE
276.03BEEDLE::DICKAUMon May 18 1987Problem with directory protection (V1.2)
277.01SHEILA::PUCKETTTue May 19 1987SHOW ENTRY unreliable
278.01OASS::TRAYSERWed May 20 1987Can't change a keyword to an existing keyword
279.01SYSENG::VANSICLENThu May 21 1987DIRECTORY is missing the last 12 topics.
280.02MTA::SAPIENZATue May 26 1987Lost new note by network goof
281.02GVAADG::ROUSSETWed May 27 1987Error writing nodename::
282.04TLE::CONTIWed May 27 1987Extra blank lines for .MEM file
283.02SRFSUP::LONGOWed May 27 1987Bug in V1.2 NOTES$STARTUP.COM? (MAILSHR)
284.01VIDEO::OSMANWed May 27 1987EXTRACT/NOHEAD, then WRITE, gives extra blank line
286.03EXIT26::STRATTONTue Jun 02 1987Some users' displays trashed after V1.2 upgrade
287.04NFL::GIRARDWed Jun 03 1987Restricted Files Are Locked Up!
288.03RDGE99::HUDGELLWed Jun 03 1987Secure system ?
289.03LESLIE::ANDYThu Jun 04 1987Yet *more* problems with callable mail, no doubt
290.01TONTO::EARLYThu Jun 04 1987HELP with INSERTING new note before an old note.
291.08TLE::REAGANThu Jun 04 1987Misunderstanding with SHOW MARKER
293.01BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Jun 08 1987DIR entry appears twice
294.024GL::GRAVESThu Jun 11 1987Old Protocol
295.03AKQJ1Thu Jun 11 1987Creeping UNSEENs
296.03CSMADM::SCHWABEMon Jun 15 1987More cluster alias questions
297.07OVDVAX::ROTHWed Jun 17 1987Notebook entries have dissapeared
298.0CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENWed Jun 17 1987Notes/TPU crash
299.08CIM::KAIRYSThu Jun 18 1987Lose F1
300.01TAVENG::CHAIMWed Jun 24 1987NPUSHR V1.1 vs. NPUSHR v1.2
301.01INFACT::NORTHERNThu Jun 25 1987V1.1 bug in DIR/CONF
302.01OASS::M_HYDEThu Jun 25 1987Can't pass command to SPAWN when in hardcopy mode
303.01CEDSWS::HAASFri Jun 26 1987Can Client Moderate?
304.02NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Jun 29 1987Redefine help text
305.01CSMADM::BIROMon Jun 29 1987MR/vaxmail/allin1 who'es bug
306.04VCQUAL::THOMPSONMon Jun 29 1987Missing line count (sometimes)
307.07CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 30 1987Error reading BULOVA::DECWINDOWS
308.01VMSDEV::SZETOTue Jun 30 1987Anomaly with titles
309.05CSSE32::MERMELLWed Jul 01 1987where is SHOW KEYWORD's buffer?
310.01FACTWed Jul 01 1987License Expried?
311.03CAADC::TRAINPOGRUNDWed Jul 01 1987"tracking" conferences
312.02KRAKAR::WARWICKWed Jul 01 1987Key redefinition messages with Notes V1.2
313.01JOCKEY::MEDCALFThu Jul 02 1987< Notes in MSDOS >
314.0THEBUS::PERRONFri Jul 03 1987control Y from help clean up.
315.01HOMBRE::DIGRAZIASat Jul 04 1987Ignore write-lock and reply
316.05MDVAX1::KULESSATue Jul 07 1987Can't access from remote node
317.05HYDRA::BLATTTue Jul 07 1987Rearranging notes
318.04USOPEN::KAMWed Jul 08 1987Note 379.
319.01ISWSW::VILAINMIWed Jul 08 1987Can't install NOTES V1.2 on VMS 4.2
320.06TLE::HARRISFri Jul 10 1987Ghostly notes
321.02SINNET::KAMFri Jul 10 1987Copying .NOTE file to TK5
322.05JANUS::BHARRISWed Jul 15 1987Annoying nuisance
323.0JANUS::BHARRISWed Jul 15 1987Wouldn't it be nice if, corner
325.0PICA::BLANCHETTEFri Jul 17 1987Corrupted Conference
326.03PICA::BLANCHETTEFri Jul 17 1987Missing notes stop directory listing
327.02ULTRA::ZURKOMon Jul 20 1987/CLASS type?
328.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Jul 20 1987PF4 doesn't do a complete job
329.03CURIUM::HERGTMon Jul 20 1987Notes 1.2 w/ TPU 2. unwriteable?
330.0SHEILA::PUCKETTWed Jul 22 1987Control-C AAAARRRGGGHH!
333.04VIKING::TARBETMon Jul 27 1987Is TPUSECINI broken?
334.02ATPS::MALLORYTue Jul 28 1987Notes and workstation windows
335.03TLE::HARRISFri Jul 31 1987Problem with members-only conferences
336.05CRVAX1::LAMPSONSat Aug 01 1987Bug using form feed in note
337.03DELNI::CANTORTue Aug 04 1987Notes misoptimizes node names in mailing
338.06CSMADM::BIROTue Aug 04 1987notes$SERVER accnt
339.05JEREMY::ERICThu Aug 06 1987SET MARKER n.LAST
340.01OULALA::KAMSun Aug 09 1987VAX NOTES Kits - Full vs Client
341.01CASEE::CLARKTue Aug 11 1987UPDATE reports "Error reading !AS"
342.07SYRAH::THOMASTue Aug 11 1987ACCVIO doing update
343.02OASS::M_HYDEFri Aug 14 1987DPRI command?
344.03CURIE::JOYFri Aug 14 1987Trouble installing V1.2
345.02SYRAH::THOMASFri Aug 14 1987DIR/CONF and a null listing
346.03BEEDLE::DICKAUSun Aug 16 1987SEND SYS$INPUT looking for RAB
347.09SRFSUP::LONGOSun Aug 16 1987Local users can hack notes conferences!
348.03SRFSUP::LONGOTue Aug 25 1987The notes server created it's own NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE?
349.01CSC32::MANNIXFri Aug 28 1987Callable Interface to Insert
350.04BANDIT::SZYMANSKIMon Aug 31 1987Can't get Restricted Conference to Work
352.08ANNECY::ROBERTSTue Sep 01 1987MAIL restriction on comments affects NOTES SEND command
353.02VIDEO::OSMANWed Sep 02 1987VAXNOTES forces me to retype long lines :-(
354.02VIDEO::OSMANWed Sep 02 1987addresses bunch up at right margin, illegible.
355.03AIAG::BRENNANWed Sep 02 1987notes$write(confname,title,filename)
356.08RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Sep 07 1987Can't remove null member
357.04TALLIS::STEWARTThu Sep 10 1987reply wrongly marked seen
358.0TALLIS::STEWARTThu Sep 10 1987net flakies passed to user?
359.04CADSYS::SLATERThu Sep 10 1987One Line Show Conference
360.02VIDEO::OSMANFri Sep 11 1987NOTES types wrong characters during long-line editing
361.04SRFSUP::LONGOFri Sep 11 1987How do I log each connection to a notes server?
362.02MARVIN::SCOTTSat Sep 12 1987notes$note_get( notes$k_note_title )
363.01WINERY::THOMASTue Sep 15 1987Item code questions
364.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Sep 18 1987define_key Causes Phantom Command?
365.02NIPPON::GREENWOODMon Sep 21 1987Locked everyone out of a conference
366.02DUBTue Sep 22 1987NOTES$SERVER object gone missing
367.01DUBTue Sep 22 1987EUROKOM - Teleconferencing
368.04WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Sep 23 1987How does NOTES$SERVER work.
369.05WORDS::KRISTYWed Sep 23 1987Restricted hours confs aren't restricted!!
370.02STAR::HOBBSThu Sep 24 1987Can MAIL (SEND/FORWARD) be disabled?
372.0SAACT3::PULLEN_MFri Sep 25 1987PC NOTES or NOTES/PC available?
374.02MP::MPALMERThu Oct 01 1987non-member moderator after mem/name= changed
375.08TALLIS::STEWARTMon Oct 05 1987unseen count non-decreasing
376.01VIDEO::FINGERHUTMon Oct 12 1987Inquiry about introductory note
377.0OASS::M_HYDETue Oct 13 1987Noter's Anonymous meeting planned for DECUS :-)
378.0SRFSUP::LONGOWed Oct 14 1987Logical link overhead?
379.06EASYNT::SYSTEMThu Oct 15 1987ACP File EXT. Failed/Path Lost
380.03ARVOX::MARKTue Oct 20 1987/NOWRITE, /HIDDEN bug? + DIR/?
381.01AESIR::SWONGERMon Oct 26 1987Using Emacs from a spawned Notes window?
382.04BEES::HERRLICHWed Oct 28 1987Internal logic error detected
383.02RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Oct 29 1987Have I got a conference open?
384.04SNO78C::SOMMERVILLEMon Nov 02 1987Modifying seen map with Callable notes
385.01WOOK::LEEMon Nov 02 1987Fatal TPU internal error during EXTRACT, ACCVIO
386.01PARITY::TURNERTue Nov 03 1987So, no SHOW NOTE/MARKERS?
387.0TOOK::MICHAUDTue Nov 03 1987Error Messages All Over top of screen
388.06VIDEO::BRODERICKWed Nov 04 1987Help with NOTES$SECTION??
389.01LISVAX::JRIBEIROWed Nov 04 1987Incorrect result on NOTES dir/output
390.022CADSYS::SLATERWed Nov 04 1987Comments on NOTES V1.2a+
391.01TOOK::MICHAUDWed Nov 04 1987Run on sentence, should I explain again?
392.01NZOVThu Nov 05 1987remote read-only copies of conferences?
393.02EAGLE1::LEONARDThu Nov 05 1987TPU ACCVIO sending mail
394.01UFP::MURPHYMon Nov 09 1987Server login fails - Insuff Virtual Memory
395.03FIXERS::GALLOMon Nov 09 1987DCL interprets "N" as "NOTES"
396.02TLE::REAGANThu Nov 12 1987UPDATE ACCVIOs if device is broken
397.04WELSWS::MASONFri Nov 13 1987Unseen/Update again...
398.03STAR::ZACHWIEJATue Nov 17 1987Invalid item length ?
399.03HPSRAD::NORCROSSWed Nov 18 1987Purge of deleted replies?
400.02LDP::GORCZYCAWed Nov 18 1987DIR - Decending or ascending order?
401.03QUARK::LIONELSun Nov 22 1987NOTES T1.2a SS$_ROPRAND with ENOTES
402.05IOSG::LEVYFri Nov 27 1987ACCVIO on mail to MRGATE
403.01DA83Tue Dec 01 1987Notes + TPU V2.
404.04HPSRAD::NORCROSSWed Dec 02 1987Duplicate Usernames
405.01UTRUST::R_DEVRIESMon Dec 07 1987
406.03ME::TRUMPLERThu Dec 10 1987DIR/KEY=<nosuchkey> bug?
407.03SKIVT::JARVISFri Dec 11 1987I'm A Vt24
408.03RAINBO::TARBETFri Dec 11 1987Where are the item-code defs?
410.04ARTFUL::SCOTTSun Dec 13 1987Can you expand the V1.2a TPU section?
411.0DENTON::AMARTINTue Dec 15 1987Notes in high-numbered topics randomly marked "unseen"
412.011AYOV18::WESTONWed Dec 16 1987Unseen count setting from a batch NOTES run?
413.01KGB::TAYLORWed Dec 16 1987Remote notebook ?
414.01ARTFUL::SCOTTWed Dec 16 1987Doc for VAXNotes (especially TPU interface)?
415.03BEEDLE::DICKAUWed Dec 16 1987^C^C and ACCVIO (fatal TPU error)
416.02ATLACT::TRAYSER_BWed Dec 16 1987NOTICE length changes (I thought I saw this before!)
417.01CADSYS::SLATERThu Dec 17 1987Extra DIR output
418.01ARTFUL::SCOTTThu Dec 17 1987NOTES should change TPU's returnable facility name
419.013BETHE::LICEA_KANEFri Dec 18 1987Thrashing when Max Servers and Max Links reached
420.04FURILO::MASONMon Dec 21 1987Summary please...
421.05ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Dec 23 1987Notes conf on read-only medium?
422.03COOKIE::CHAVEZWed Dec 23 1987GOTO Bottom Of Note (without entering EDT/LSE)?
423.01PNO::HEISERWed Dec 23 1987Remote Moderator Functions
424.08RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Dec 24 1987Notes> prompt
425.03MUTTON::LAMBThu Dec 24 1987System wide NOTEBOOK revisited
426.01DECPRL::BERESKIMon Dec 28 1987Can't set a note as seen with NOTES$NOTE_GET
427.02GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINMon Dec 28 1987nodename::username in header
428.03MUTTON::LAMBTue Dec 29 1987SET MODERATOR required repeatedly
429.02VNADC6::GEROLDTue Jan 05 1988How to make 1.2a work ?
430.0PBA::BRYANWed Jan 06 1988Is Null Keyword specification possible?
431.01ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 06 1988Strange corruption of HUMAN::SECURITY_INFORMATION
432.03ANGORA::MORRISONWed Jan 06 1988Back to the future
433.01COLFri Jan 08 1988TPU error in NOTES !?
434.01PBA::BRYANFri Jan 08 1988PRINT/KEYWORD Problem
436.0PULMAN::ENGLISHFri Jan 08 1988Merging two notebook files into one?
437.010QUARK::LIONELSat Jan 09 1988V1.2a directory with nonexistent class shows whole notebook
438.01NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Jan 11 1988Using the callable interface
439.01SRFSUP::LONGOMon Jan 11 1988Server Process Names?
440.0CAIRN::HARRISThu Jan 14 1988BYTLM quota exceeded
441.02OKYAH::HARDINGMon Jan 18 1988Problems with LOCAL_ECHO and Vaxnotes
442.09OKYAH::HARDINGMon Jan 18 1988No moderator access after conference moved to new node
443.0TALLIS::STEWARTTue Jan 19 1988locked notebook scares user
444.05EARWIG::BRIGGSThu Jan 21 1988Can't DELETE an Entry.
445.02GLIVET::MILLERThu Jan 21 1988No Priviledge In Personal Conf.
447.01GUIDUK::BURKEThu Jan 28 1988VAXnotes de-installation command file?
448.02BIRMIC::TURRELLMon Feb 01 1988Guide to VAX Notes.
449.0SRFSUP::ARMSTRONGMon Feb 01 1988FORWARD with ALL-IN-1 mail
451.02DAVIDS::DAVIDWed Feb 03 1988Can't NOTEFILE_BEGIN with ENTRY_GET results
452.02TLE::ZEEBWed Feb 03 1988ACCVIO when opening a conference
453.0DAVIDS::DAVIDThu Feb 04 1988Sort on Notes
454.02DSSDEV::GOUNFri Feb 05 1988VAX Notes aids handicapped
455.0DAVIDS::DAVIDFri Feb 05 1988Mind if I rewind?
457.02STAR::NOZELLMon Feb 08 1988NOTES V1.2a+ can't WRITE/ANSWER
458.0STARCH::WHALENWed Feb 10 1988Unexpected action on FORWARD/EDIT/LAST
459.03REGPRO::LAWWed Feb 10 1988Server and Link Logicals
460.01DIEHRD::JAQUESWed Feb 10 1988relocating notebook
461.01NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Feb 15 1988Can't mark seen.
462.01TIGER::MORRISONMon Feb 15 1988Unclear error message for illegal format in delete
463.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Feb 16 1988SHOW ENTRY total notes - Incorrect Count
464.02HOT::BAZEMORESat Feb 20 1988Send/Author gets a TPU accvio
465.01TALLIS::STEWARTTue Feb 23 1988forward/author
466.03TALLIS::STEWARTTue Feb 23 1988appearence of text vanishing from note
467.013LNKUGL::KACHELMYERSun Feb 28 1988Difference between NOTES_UNSEEN and NOTE_NEXT_UNSEEN?
468.01CANYON::MOELLERMon Feb 29 1988VAXnotes System Load ??
469.02NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAWed Mar 02 1988Error message not displayed
470.0VIDEO::MESSENGERWed Mar 02 1988Anyone can change the title of a deleted base note
471.04CHOVAX::FRIEDRICHThu Mar 03 1988Line drawing chars in a note?
472.0ERICG::ERICGTue Mar 08 1988"Window length = 1, must be between 2 and n"
473.0MUNICH::IONESCUThu Mar 10 1988Presentations on NOTES somewhere ??
474.03HARDY::JKMARTINMon Mar 14 1988Using My LSE Section w/ Notes?
475.01NHL::BRYANTue Mar 15 1988Can you extract date info from note?
476.01INFACT::GREENBERGTue Mar 15 1988Looking for Callable Routines Examples
477.01VANILA::DICKSONWed Mar 16 1988Extracting with more than one keyword ?
478.01OASS::M_HYDEThu Mar 17 1988Digital Technical Journal article on Notes
479.01MINDER::GRAHAMFri Mar 18 1988positioning to NOTES$MAIN with TPU
480.03MONSTR::FRAZIERMon Mar 21 1988(sigh) My mouse has changed..
481.02GYPSC::SWOBODATue Mar 22 1988...error on DELETE ENTRY
482.03WORDS::KRISTYThu Mar 24 1988Error detected while reading prolog - corrupted file?
483.01CASEE::CLARKMon Mar 28 1988Bogus unseen count on SCRIBE::ELECTRONIC_PUBS Conf
484.02GRINS::MCFARLANDThu Mar 31 1988Help Edit a Base Note
485.06MED::MAYERFri Apr 01 1988NOTE$K_NOTE_BLINK_TITLE doesn't return topic title
486.03AAHZ::AAHZFri Apr 01 1988profile/edit
487.03PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 02 1988V1.3 installation problems
488.0TOMCAT::SUTERTue Apr 05 1988Q&D to read Ext/all??
489.02NYJMIS::CATENAWed Apr 06 1988moderator problem
490.02ALBANY::SCHICKEDANZWed Apr 06 19887bit escape sequences?
491.03DELNI::TIME_MAINTSun Apr 10 1988V1.3 Install Fails
492.01ATLACT::TRAYSER_BTue Apr 12 1988Puny brain, insufficient memory?
493.0158Wed Apr 13 1988Figures for "Guide"?
494.03ILLUSN::SORNSONThu Apr 14 1988Node names in NUMBER:: format
495.0TLE::MEIERThu Apr 14 1988ACCVIO sending MAIL via NM% when NMAIL queues aren't defined
496.05STKHLM::HOLMFri Apr 15 19887-bit characters ?
497.02DOOBIE::MILLERSun Apr 17 1988Where's TPU V2.
498.02GLIVET::MILLERMon Apr 18 1988V1.3->V1.2a Installation HELP
499.03IPG::MARSDENTue Apr 19 1988Callable I/F examples in 'C'?
500.02RAMBLR::MORONEYWed Apr 20 1988Notes on 7-bit terminals with Fallback
501.07MDVAX3::SOCHAMon Apr 25 1988Where does nodename come from?
502.03IPG::MARSDENTue Apr 26 1988Trapping network errors from callable I/F
503.02PLDVAX::MORRISONTue Apr 26 1988How do you specify "today - 7 days" in batch job?
504.04SYSENG::STALZERThu Apr 28 1988?? REPLACE NOTE ??
505.0STAR::EATONThu Apr 28 1988%SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND, reserved operand fault at PC=8
506.02ANGORA::MORRISONFri Apr 29 1988Oriental chars in Notes on VT22
507.01DECWIN::NISHIMOTOTue May 03 1988WRITE error - Bucket Format check
508.04WATNEY::K_EDMUNDSTue May 03 1988VAXnotes creates a new notebook instead of using existing one
509.0SALSA::SCHENKERTue May 03 1988performance numbers
510.010CASEE::CLARKFri May 06 1988Error activating image NOTES$MAILSHRP.EXE
511.01SQUONK::OUELLETTEMon May 09 1988Can't get note_id from NOTES$NOTE_ADD_TEXT
512.06LDP::GUILLOTTEFri May 13 1988can set moderator on?
513.0QUARK::LIONELTue May 17 1988No error on mail distribution list file not found
514.01NSSG::ROSENBAUMTue May 17 1988access violation: KATY::RACQUETBALL
515.07NCCODE::COLMANWed May 18 1988Status of V1.3?
516.01MOIRA::FAIMANWed May 18 1988Read-only file, NOTES$LIBRARY search list don't t mix
517.013D::SANBORNWed May 18 1988Notebook directory scroll bug
518.02NSSG::ROSENBAUMThu May 19 1988format of seen map?
519.0142441::TALBOTFri May 20 1988moved for more info!
520.0BEING::RABAHYFri May 20 1988Network link doesn't go away
521.01CSC32::KACHELMYERTue May 24 1988SET SEEN via callable interface
523.04PLDVAX::MORRISONWed May 25 1988How do you create a new class in notebook?
524.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSThu May 26 1988REPLY goes to previous note when topic deleted
525.0ERICG::ERICGMon May 30 1988Updating is not as documented.
526.02POOL::RICOTue May 31 1988members can't access restricted conference
527.05IMAGEN::COFFLERWed Jun 01 1988"Hidden" entry in my notebook file
528.022HOT::CASTALDIWed Jun 01 1988broken notebook
529.04MALLET::BURGESSThu Jun 02 1988Network Partner Exited problem
530.0STARCH::WHALENThu Jun 02 1988Help understanding I/O traffic to conferences
531.01IOSG::GARDNERThu Jun 09 1988Moving_node.COM location please
532.01MSDOA2::GOULDThu Jun 09 1988HELP privledges/screen problems
533.05RDGENG::SJONESThu Jun 16 1988Shall I SPR this, or is it a known bug ?
534.03DPDMAI::POGARWed Jun 22 1988Adding entries and accessing them
535.05NACAD::SITLERMon Jun 27 1988deleted base note won't go away
536.010IAGO::SCHOELLERTue Jun 28 1988Record not locked
538.03NACAD::SITLERTue Jun 28 1988incomplete command analysis
539.02ULTRA::WRAYWed Jun 29 1988Notebook DIRectory gets truncated
540.0QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 30 1988Non-standard file type causes "network partner exited"
541.04BCSE::MENARDFri Jul 01 1988ADDing two different members with same last name
542.0TOOSIC::WALTERFri Jul 01 1988A spurious bug with Ctl T
543.0KERNEL::COHENWed Jul 06 1988V1.1 to V1.2 - Notebook entries lost
544.03ULTRA::WRAYThu Jul 07 1988Shared access to notebook
545.04CHESS::KAIKOWFri Jul 08 1988Exceeded enqueue quota
546.02HWSSSTue Jul 12 1988SEND/MEMBER and member with blank mailing address
547.02AIAG::BRENNANTue Jul 12 1988Login information invalid at remote node
548.0TALLIS::STEWARTTue Jul 12 1988unseen busted again
549.0CASEE::CLARKFri Jul 15 1988Sloooow DIRECTORY/TITLE on BULOVA::VWS Conference
550.01DECSIM::GROSSFri Jul 15 1988Update messages can be garbled
552.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONWed Jul 20 1988KPx - MODIFY
553.02USOPEN::KAMWed Jul 20 1988Missing NOTES$STARTUP.COM
554.06NACAD::SITLERFri Jul 22 1988compression CONVERT fails
555.03BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Jul 28 1988Notebook not indexed?
556.01NEEPS::MCMILLANThu Jul 28 1988Wrong error in $NOTEBOOK_BEGIN
557.04PSW::WINALSKITue Aug 02 1988keypad in numeric mode after note/reply entered
558.07NEEPS::MCMILLANThu Aug 04 1988Unseen count never right with callable interface.
559.02HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Aug 08 1988Network object unknown at remote node
560.02TALLIS::STEWARTTue Aug 09 1988secret name for NOTES$EDIT ?
561.01CASEE::CLARKWed Aug 10 1988READ/MARK can open the wrong conference
563.0HWSSSMon Aug 15 1988'A' is for 'ALL'
564.0WAV14::ZIFFERWed Aug 17 1988General questions
565.04TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Aug 18 1988automatic execution of notes$startup?
566.0UTRUST::R_DEVRIESMon Aug 22 1988DELETE without confirm?
567.02UBRAD::KOZIKTue Aug 23 1988Bug or Misunderstanding on LAVc's
568.0ESASE::GAVINWed Aug 24 1988problem extracting ln
569.0BMT::MISRAHITue Aug 30 1988access_violation on UPDATE
570.02CIRCUS::KOLLINGTue Aug 30 1988unseen =1 (just kidding)
571.0ALBANY::MULLERMon Sep 05 1988SET DEF [top.notes.notedir]?
572.02ARCHER::SUTERWed Sep 07 1988SEEN Map for calls and $NOTE
573.03CHESS::KAIKOWSun Sep 11 1988Compression caused growth of conference??
574.0RDGENG::MOXLEYThu Sep 15 1988Message number
575.09NEWPRT::NESSTue Sep 20 1988New Release of VAX NOTES ??
576.01NEWPRT::NESSTue Sep 20 1988Help Trapping Errors
577.01KERNEL::DOWSETTWed Sep 21 1988Backup and modification dates
578.01ASIC::ALFREDTue Sep 27 1988Help with notes$select
580.0LAVA::LANGENSTEINFri Sep 30 1988Love Story
581.0TOOK::MICHAUDFri Sep 30 1988NOTES$XXX_USER_AREA (User Programmable Data)
582.0UPSAR::THOMASSat Oct 01 1988Server Crash: VAXNotes V2
583.017RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Oct 03 1988Internal logic error detected
584.01DONVAN::FALLETThu Oct 06 1988Double-spaced MEM files
585.0MARVIN::SCOTTThu Oct 06 1988notes$share V1.3 corrupts stack
586.0DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTThu Oct 06 1988<Access Violation on NOVA::COMMUSIC>
587.0LISP::DERAMOFri Oct 07 1988 Attempt to move past the beginning of buffer NOTES$MAIN
589.04RIC::PERRONSun Oct 09 1988ACCVIO With Version 1.3
591.0SSPENG::JOLYThu Oct 13 1988fatal bug while searching
592.02CHESS::KAIKOWSun Oct 16 1988Unfriendly behavior when insufficient space
593.02LISPRO::CALDASTue Oct 18 1988RMS extension not found...
594.011RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Oct 19 1988An example of using the callable routines
595.01ATLACT::TRAYSER_BWed Oct 19 1988Questions about disk usgae from this week's DECUS
596.01CSC32::LUNDYWed Oct 19 1988'Record Not Locked' on delete
597.010CSC32::LUNDYWed Oct 19 1988Deleting keywords
598.03NOETIC::KOLBEWed Oct 19 1988text type values?
599.03ERICG::ERICGThu Oct 20 1988"No privilege to delete this note"?
600.01PAULUS::KAMINSKIThu Oct 27 1988Notes Availability for Today's VMS 4.7 customer
601.01LARKAN::KRALFri Oct 28 1988Note Book Class Directory Display corrupted - V2.
602.05AGBEAR::HORNERFri Oct 28 1988Notes T2.
603.0OASS::AYALLAHFri Oct 28 1988TPU procedure--Help???
604.03HACKIN::MACKINSun Oct 30 1988T2.
605.0HACKIN::MACKINSun Oct 30 1988tough to keep context when using DECwindows
606.02HACKIN::MACKINMon Oct 31 1988invalid context block error
607.0HACKIN::MACKINMon Oct 31 1988DECwindows notes died with ACCVIO
608.0HACKIN::MACKINMon Oct 31 1988NOTES conference-name doesn't work
609.01HACKIN::MACKINMon Oct 31 1988problem extracting notes to a nonexistent device
610.0HACKIN::MACKINMon Oct 31 1988Problems with conferences being read suddenly going away
611.02ULTRA::ELLISThu Nov 03 1988ACCVIO when accessing conference
612.02HAL9Thu Nov 03 1988NEXT UNSEEN NOTE LOOP
613.01197Fri Nov 04 1988Has anybody seen this before?
614.0MU::PORTERMon Nov 07 1988NOTES$STARTUP bug...
615.015HPSTEK::EKOKERNAKMon Nov 07 1988REALLY exit
616.03MU::PORTERMon Nov 07 1988Why don't the &^!%@$@$@!%^% keys work?
617.03KYOA::SACHSWed Nov 09 1988Erroneous UNSEEN?
618.01ATLACT::TRAYSER_BThu Nov 10 1988How to put a message on the initial display
619.04CADSYS::SCHUMANNThu Nov 17 1988hang during update
620.03VAXWRK::TCHENThu Nov 17 1988record operation not permitted by FAC
621.01PMROAD::BURGESSTue Nov 22 1988Question on Restricted Notes
622.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 24 1988Indexed file???
623.07AKAMAI::KONOWed Nov 30 1988Links Not Going Away
624.05NITMOI::WITHERSThu Dec 01 1988Problems running Notes V2.
625.02FORTY2::JONESFri Dec 02 1988No privs to write, even if I'm the moderator
627.06NOETIC::KOLBEMon Dec 19 1988notes$note_add to add a reply
628.02ERICG::ERICGTue Dec 20 1988logical name translation of conference nodename
630.05WILLEE::SARENThu Dec 29 1988Need help with 2.
631.01CPRS::SOWINSKIFri Dec 30 1988Problem with NOTES under v5
632.0TALK::JARVISThu Jan 05 1989NOTEslist entry in Main Class???
633.02SWSCIM::HORNERSun Jan 08 1989SDC DECwindows and NOTES
637.04SHARE::LEMONSMon Jan 09 1989DIRECTORY/SAVE commands don't see NEXT UNSEEN
638.04HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 09 1989are full name memberships supposed to work?
639.0VIDEO::FINGERHUTTue Jan 10 1989Unable to write to notes file
640.06NOETIC::KOLBETue Jan 17 1989moved note date causes problems
641.01BODACH::JLENIHANWed Jan 18 1989Multiple remote access to same Notebook
642.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Jan 18 1989Don't give extraneous marker superseded messages
643.01PMROAD::BURGESSWed Jan 18 1989Messages to Users
644.02HWSSSMon Jan 23 1989Is VAXWRK::VMSNOTES corrupted?
645.05PVX::VANSICLENTue Jan 24 1989A new 'member can't access file' problem
646.0HYDRA::ECKERTWed Jan 25 1989SET SEEN bug in T2.
647.01COMICS::TREVENNORTue Feb 14 1989WAIT
648.02NOTIME::SACKSTue Feb 14 1989Keypad in numeric mode
649.01FORTY2::YUILLEThu Feb 16 1989NOTES$COMMAND TPU symbols?
650.01ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Feb 21 1989accvio with DECwindows and callable interface
651.09ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Feb 21 1989New Item Code for DNS object names?
652.01HANJA::GREENWOODWed Feb 22 1989Notes V2.
653.0KANA::BRENDERWed Feb 22 1989PRINT/UNSEEN with no hits queues empty print file
654.01HWSSSFri Feb 24 1989Suggestion for conferences on VAX Notes releases
655.01HPSRAD::FRIEDRICHTue Feb 28 1989Another ACCVIO using DECwindows interface
656.04PUPPIS::LENGYELThu Mar 02 1989Server not running in a network process
657.0GALVIA::STONESFri Mar 03 1989V2 - decwindows - access violation.
658.0BEING::RABAHYMon Mar 06 1989NOTES$SERVER_TIMEOUT doesn't work
659.02STAR::BFISHERThu Mar 09 1989Invisible markers
660.02TFH::MARSHALLThu Mar 09 1989Can't open captive command file
661.0UPSAR::THOMASThu Mar 09 1989Kits via DFS
662.04BISTRO::GEERDESFri Mar 10 1989unseen questions
663.01KERNEL::PLATTTue Mar 14 1989VAXNotes V1.3 on VMS V5....how?
664.06UFHIS1::MMCCREADYThu Mar 16 1989Forward to Message Router doesn't work
665.02FSTTOO::FOSTERThu Mar 16 1989SET MODERATOR problems
666.01PUPPIS::LENGYELFri Mar 17 1989Submitting a QAR
667.01BOEHM::BLOUNTFri Mar 17 1989brief notes question
668.0SML1DR::KYLEThu Mar 23 1989T2.
669.03HAL9Thu Mar 23 1989notes hangs for an hour so far
670.03TOOK::MICHAUDThu Mar 30 1989X Resource Errors not being handled
671.05HWSSSSun Apr 02 1989Notes server dies with insufficient virtual memory
672.03KERNEL::LOATMon Apr 03 1989DELETE MEMBER problem, no members!!!
673.04WELCOM::CLOUTIERWed Apr 05 1989Notes Protocol needed..
674.01KETJE::BOSSARDThu Apr 06 1989Modifying a note_id
675.03NEEPS::MCMILLANThu Apr 06 1989Dir/title= with callable interface
676.01TRCAThu Apr 06 1989Does VAX NOTES have observer facility ??
677.03BISTRO::GEERDESThu Apr 06 1989NOTES$NOTE_GET and remote conferences
678.03BISTRO::GEERDESWed Apr 12 1989before/since
679.0KOBAL::FULLERTONWed Apr 12 1989Modified Authorization made empty, not absent
680.01KEITH::EDMUNDSThu Apr 13 1989Features of V2
681.05TALLIS::INGRAHAMThu Apr 13 1989Keypad wrong when returning from SPAWN
682.0TALLIS::INGRAHAMThu Apr 13 1989Quitting Notes' EVE can exit Notes
683.01TALLIS::INGRAHAMThu Apr 13 1989Rotten "improved" ctrl-C handling
684.0ENXIO::thomasSun Apr 16 1989.Eng.SSG.SDT.CLT.VAXnotes-Bugs
685.0BUMPER::SHERYLWed Apr 19 1989ADD MEMBER bug
686.0UFHIS1::MMCCREADYThu Apr 20 1989VAXnote hangs
687.02TLE::MEIERThu Apr 20 1989How to redefine ^Z in NOTES?
688.05ARTFUL::SCOTTFri Apr 21 1989Can you get a directory search back?
690.02YARD::BADMANFri Apr 21 1989A few problems ...
691.01IND::DROSTETue Apr 25 1989NOTES V2.
693.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Apr 26 1989Notes V2 hides MODIFY MEMBER /ACCESS=(...) errors
694.03KYOA::SACHSThu Apr 27 1989Recurring nightmare...
695.018CRONIC::SCHULERTue May 02 1989%NOTES-F-NOTNETWRK, server not [] net process
696.01NEEPS::MCMILLANWed May 03 1989Getting the attached conference name.
697.04BSLOPE::BOURQUARDThu May 04 1989v2.
698.0LENITA::SCHAFERFri May 05 1989Notebook problems
699.01OASS::G_MATTHEWSFri May 05 1989Callable Interface and false NEXT UNSEEN count
700.0DCC::ALDENTue May 09 1989Accvio in V2
701.0CHEESE::KAISERThu May 11 1989Invisible text in authorization field (DECwindows)
702.012OASS::AYALLAHThu May 11 1989Text wrap using DECwindows editor?
703.04ULTRA::PRIBORSKYFri May 12 1989Control T handling bursty
704.01WD8EHB::M_HYDEFri May 12 1989Behavior change of direct access between V1 and V2
705.010WD8EHB::M_HYDEFri May 12 1989Get rid of the copyright notice?
706.013QUARK::LIONELTue May 16 1989Server opens links to self, DNS
707.01ULTRA::HERBISONTue May 16 1989Undeletable note (V2.
708.02ULTRA::HERBISONTue May 16 1989Another undeletable note (V2.
709.05DFACTO::NEWMANWed May 17 1989any way to limit retrieval of lengthy notes?
710.01BSLOPE::BOURQUARDWed May 17 1989that must be it! (logical pgtools not defined)
711.07ULTRA::HERBISONThu May 18 1989Errors from SET NOTE LAST
712.07CASEE::CLARKTue May 23 1989DwNotes V2.
713.014THELEM::BEAUWed May 24 1989How to change Editor under DECW Notes (2.
714.01QUARK::LIONELFri May 26 1989Markers
715.05ERICG::ERICGFri May 26 1989access violation on opening conference
716.03TLE::PETERSONFri May 26 1989Menu problems: NOTES READ and CONFERENCE MARKERS
717.01ULTRA::PRIBORSKYFri May 26 1989SET SEEN/BEF=12:
718.01HWSSSSun May 28 1989PMR DIR/CONF; SELECT results in wrong entry
719.04EPIK::HAINSWORTHTue May 30 1989Spurious copies of conferences created
720.08CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue May 30 1989Server not running in a net process ??
721.01OASS::R_QUINNWed May 31 1989Vaxnotes v2.
722.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSThu Jun 01 1989VAXNOTES 2.
723.0QUARK::LIONELMon Jun 05 1989Creating keywords with no priv updates display anyway
724.0SARAH::ZASLAWMon Jun 05 1989DECW Notes Ignores Output Filename on Extract
725.03TALLIS::HERDEGMon Jun 05 1989List of comments on DECwindows Notes
726.01SARAH::ZASLAWMon Jun 05 1989Note's View of DDIF File Differs From DDIF Viewer's
727.02SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Jun 06 1989time to exit > time to open???
728.06REVEAL::LEETue Jun 06 1989Divide by Zero Crash from VAX Notes V2.
730.02A1VAX::CAMPKINWed Jun 07 1989Installation failure
731.0TLE::PETERSONThu Jun 08 1989-LIB-F-INSEF, insufficient event flags
732.02CVMS::DOTENThu Jun 08 1989Must NOTES$STARTUP be invoked before net is started?
733.01CASEY::BURACKFri Jun 09 1989Online Doc Location
734.02HANZI::SIMONSZETOMon Jun 12 1989PMR bug: notes sometimes written with wrong username
735.02BOMBE::LINNMon Jun 12 1989Truncated include file under DECWindows
736.02RADIO::CloutierTue Jun 13 1989Connect Reject Reason Code Question
737.0QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 14 1989SET NOTE/NOTE_ID=.N not relative
738.035HWSSSWed Jun 14 1989SET NOTE/NOTE_ID not supported in newly created conference
739.02HWSSSWed Jun 14 1989SET NOTE/NOTE_ID=x.last oddities
740.06DRIFT::WOODThu Jun 15 1989EXTRACT/UNSEEN randomly skips replies
741.03RADIO::CloutierFri Jun 16 1989PMR Does not work to Pre-2.4 servers..
742.0QUARK::LIONELMon Jun 19 1989Modification of deleted note gets wrong note
743.0RUBBER::KAKAMon Jun 19 1989Problem with directory of conference.
744.0RUBBER::KAKAMon Jun 19 1989Here's another.
745.03CHEST::LEETue Jun 20 1989No text added , Counters Updated tho
746.01RAINBO::TARBETTue Jun 20 1989MOD NOTE/NOTE=.nnn doesn't work as expected
747.0VLOMFG::BEAUWed Jun 21 1989Customize Print Causes Crash!!!!!!
748.07RAINBO::TARBETWed Jun 21 1989Spawning to MAIL confuses NOTES
749.04SNDCSL::SMITHThu Jun 22 1989Fatal TPU error during update?
750.0HWSSSFri Jun 23 1989
751.08NEEPS::MCMILLANFri Jun 23 1989accessing the user area string?
752.01NEEPS::MCMILLANTue Jun 27 1989Using TPU$CALLUSER procs.
753.02CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 28 1989Updates using DNS object only fail
754.0RAB::DESAIThu Jun 29 1989Read window position and state
755.0RAB::DESAIFri Jun 30 1989How do I get DECwindows notes to recognoze new classes ?
756.01RTL::NAPOLITANOWed Jul 05 1989ACCVIO doing directory of conference
757.05MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu Jul 06 1989Problem with DECW V2 IFT1
758.01CRBOSS::LEMONSFri Jul 07 1989Can't delete a marker
759.01HGOSPS::EDMONDLEESat Jul 08 1989cluster install prob.
760.02QUARK::LIONELSun Jul 09 1989No error on DNS write failure with CCT interface
762.03HYDRA::ECKERTMon Jul 10 1989SHOW KEYWORDS truncates keyowrd names
763.011BROKE::ABUGOVTue Jul 11 1989Restricted conference - membership problems
764.02QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 12 1989NOTES should report entry name when opening by DNS
765.01BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Jul 12 1989Bug on file ownership when conf creat from priv account
766.02UKCSSE::HUNTFri Jul 14 1989help that I can understand?
767.07MARVIN::WARWICKTue Jul 18 1989Server hanging with VMS V5.2 (Notes V2.
769.02FRAGLE::WIEGLEBTue Jul 18 1989Mail hangs on "Invalid Personal Name"
770.03IOSG::WOODTue Jul 18 1989DDIF documents support?
771.03RAINBO::TARBETTue Jul 18 1989SEND/MEM gets confused by old-style addresses
772.01GOSOX::RYANWed Jul 19 1989V2.
773.09FRAGLE::WIEGLEBWed Jul 19 1989NOTES$DEFAULTS.DAT help needed
774.02RAINBO::TARBETWed Jul 19 1989The "W" privilege doesn't seem to work
775.011RAINBO::TARBETWed Jul 19 1989MOD NOT/NOTE= is incomplete
776.03DINSCO::FUSCIThu Jul 20 1989%DCL-E-CAPTINT, captive account - interactive access denied
777.05SHALOT::LAMPSONFri Jul 21 1989SET NOTE/NOTE_ID corruption - "Illegal String Class"
778.07HABS11::MASONWed Jul 26 1989Using Notes from DECwindows and character-cell on the same system...
779.03HABS11::MASONThu Jul 27 1989SET SEEN for "All Notes" always fails with date format error (no date input)
780.05CREDIT::ABUGOVFri Jul 28 1989Logical name for conference?
781.01NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Jul 31 1989Adding command verb to VAX Notes UI.
782.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Jul 31 1989Note Hidden message hidden by Continuable message
783.08MILORD::BISHOPTue Aug 01 1989license expired....help!
784.03KITKYE::C_MACKAYWed Aug 02 1989Shift-Return in Notes/DECwindows ... and other things ...
785.06CURRNT::BADMANWed Aug 02 1989REPLY but not WRITE ?
786.01QUARK::LIONELWed Aug 02 1989Incorrect error text for MODIFY MEMBER operation
787.011CSC32::B_GOODWINWed Aug 02 1989Changing Font size when using DECwindows and Notes
788.01DECWET::DADDAMIOThu Aug 03 1989Incorrect number of unseen notes after update
789.01NONAME::DONAHUEFri Aug 04 1989X Toolkit Warning
790.03POBOX::CORDONWed Aug 09 1989Error activating image LSEDITSHR.EXE
792.02GOSOX::RYANThu Aug 10 1989DECwindows - setting topic hidden doesn't hide title in replies
793.08GPSDCC::TAYLORFri Aug 11 1989PRINT crashes V2 under DECWINDOWS V2EFT
794.03ISWSW::VILAINMIFri Aug 11 1989Can't send MAIL to existing account
795.05LDPDM1::DITOMMASOFri Aug 11 1989"VAX Notes:Conf" window scrolling problem
796.04HABS11::MASONSat Aug 12 1989How do you do a "SHOW CONFERENCE" in DECwindows?
797.01DEBUG::GALLOSun Aug 13 1989SET SEEN on all confs in batch
798.04YUCATN::LASTOVICAMon Aug 14 1989update work box sometimes won't wait till done
799.06KONING::KONINGMon Aug 14 1989Problem with "authorization node" field in member entries
800.01QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 15 1989NOTES dies (ACCVIO?) on note reentered after link lost
801.0GOSOX::RYANTue Aug 15 1989DECwindows popup menus not centered first time
802.02DBCIC1::BOSCAWed Aug 16 1989Size Of Personal Notebook
803.05NEEPS::MCMILLANWed Aug 16 1989Changing page length in hardcopy mode?
804.05QBUS::MITCHAMThu Aug 17 1989More problems doing "SET MODERATOR"...
805.02RAB::DESAIMon Aug 21 1989notes accvio
806.05HANNAH::OSMANMon Aug 21 1989I'm locked out of my notes file, please help.
807.04QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 22 1989CCT help doesn't display additional screens
808.01ABSZK::SZETOTue Aug 22 1989Whence came moderator info in notebook entry?
809.03ODIHAM::GALVINTue Aug 22 1989VAXTPU Bug?
810.09DEMON::FREEMANTue Aug 22 1989Path lost on large send
811.011ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Aug 23 1989Problem deleting a base note
812.06EZWIND::LEVYWed Aug 23 1989DECW$Mail doesn't work with DECwindows V2 IFT1
813.01QUARK::LIONELWed Aug 23 1989DW NOTES accvios when link disconnected
814.01CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 24 1989"No replies" replace by "Wendy"
815.0GOSOX::RYANThu Aug 24 1989DECwindows dies trying to copy large global selection
816.04WHELIN::LAMBERTFri Aug 25 1989Can't copy-paste with /NODECW
817.02WLW::ZIGLERSat Aug 26 1989Dir/Since=-nn-
818.04MS31Sun Aug 27 1989Is 2.1 a reality?
819.04OASS::G_MATTHEWSTue Aug 29 1989SERVER LINKS hang, user appears seized up, running out of links
820.03CSC32::JJONESTue Aug 29 1989PRINT option causes VAXnotes (/DECw) v2.
821.02MISVAX::ROSSWed Aug 30 1989How to open a conference automatically in DW Notes
822.01VAXWRK::GRANOFFThu Aug 31 1989Bug or feature: Large note.reply numbers don't fit (Dw Notes FT2.
823.015CAADC::SSGREGORYThu Aug 31 1989SET NOTE/CONF=.dns_object?
825.0RTL::COWANFri Sep 01 1989Clipboard locked -> hang
826.02LOGRUS::KELSEYMon Sep 04 1989Apparent NOTES protocol timeout
827.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 05 1989notes reads from terminal, then THROWS IT AWAY!
828.05ETHRFX::MORRISONTue Sep 05 1989Fatal VAXTPU internal error
829.03RAB::DUFFYWed Sep 06 1989Create Reply stays insensitive in popup??
830.04STKHLM::BROGARDThu Sep 07 1989NOTES/NONO Dns-object name don't work
831.04GIDDAY::BOERSFri Sep 08 1989Client V2 system requires NOTES/NOTES-USER license?
832.01STAR::EATONFri Sep 08 1989Apologies if already posted (but I didn't see it...)
833.01FRAGLE::WIEGLEBMon Sep 11 1989New name for "Modify..." button please
834.04MDVAX3::SOCHAMon Sep 11 1989Moderator problem from Notes Client
835.03QUARK::LIONELTue Sep 12 1989Record not locked error on delete - version 2.1A
836.02COMICS::TALBOTThu Sep 14 1989Help req on fatal TPU error in notes
837.02AWAKE::WESTERVELTThu Sep 14 1989problem with forward/member
838.07UNTADC::BACHNERFri Sep 15 1989behaviour of 'Read Note-id' window
839.01CREDIT::ABUGOVMon Sep 18 1989Access list too long in command procedure.
840.010OASS::AYALLAHTue Sep 19 1989SEND/MEMBER not sending mail
841.01WFOFAC::BILLTue Sep 19 1989Audits possible????
842.02HOONOO::PESENTIWed Sep 20 1989ALT?
844.0NEEPS::MCMILLANWed Sep 20 1989Using tpu procs in hardcopy mode.
845.01MUTTON::LAMBWed Sep 20 1989Multiple files/conferences with DECwindows VAXnotes?
846.05MUTTON::LAMBWed Sep 20 1989Can't See Welcome Message in DECwindows VAXnotes
847.03TRON::PYEThu Sep 21 1989Confused about cluster aliases in /ACCESS
848.05CIM::KAIRYSThu Sep 21 1989DIR/SINCE won't find my note
849.09CTDFri Sep 22 1989Keyword problme
850.02MIPSBX::thomasFri Sep 22 1989Why does DIR/KEY=xyz in VMSnotes take so long?
851.01HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 25 1989must I really add ALL cluster nodes as members?
852.02COMICS::TALBOYSTue Sep 26 1989Extra blank line in version 2.
853.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Sep 27 1989why can't I find an EXIT that exits ?
854.03HOONOO::PESENTIWed Sep 27 1989SHIFT DELETE in DECwindows
855.01CREDIT::ABUGOVThu Sep 28 1989Looking at members with long access list gives Xlib error
856.02QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 28 1989Losing connection while entering reply causes new replies to not be shown
857.01GETS::SWONGERWed Oct 04 1989Support for DFS and multiple, concurrent sessions?
858.01EBBIWed Oct 04 1989NOTESA
859.02TFH::TORABIThu Oct 05 1989Extracting only last replies
860.05WARDER::DODSLEYSMon Oct 09 1989Acc. Vio. in v2 on VMS 5.3
861.02OVRTIM::SHEPROTue Oct 10 1989Opening conf returns Network Partner Exited
862.06IOSG::REESWed Oct 11 1989Help with callable int.
863.01CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Oct 13 1989SET HOST causes SET(MOUSE,ON)?
864.08FRAGLE::WIEGLEBFri Oct 13 1989Disabling access to Notes
865.01UTRTSC::XAVEERWed Oct 18 1989upgrade restricted conf. from 1.3 to 2.
866.01TFH::TORABIWed Oct 18 1989Append without page break
867.04UNTADC::BACHNERThu Oct 19 1989Multiple read window question
868.02OASS::AYALLAHFri Oct 20 1989Last note date changed after Upgrade
869.02HARBOR::SYSTEMFri Oct 20 1989Can a corrupted Notesfile be fixed?
870.013VANISH::BAILEYMon Oct 23 1989Problems with callable MODIFY
871.04NITMOI::PESENTIMon Oct 23 1989Problem with DECW$MAIL from NOTES
872.06KERNEL::COOPERTue Oct 24 1989reading by number not changing unseen count
873.06AITG::DERAMOTue Oct 24 1989transparent work-in-progress box
874.03EDITOR::BECKETTTue Oct 24 1989DDIF document as note has missing links
875.04NITMOI::PESENTIWed Oct 25 1989DECwindows NOTES eats (nibbles) cpu time when idle!
876.0EMILE::TREGERWed Oct 25 1989Pointing to DECwrite documents
877.04KAOFS::B_ZINNTue Oct 31 1989Scroll in conf. nit
878.03EDCS::WRIGHTWed Nov 01 1989Probs with xA2.1, decwindows and /interface=...
879.01SAC::POOREFri Nov 03 1989Change to EDT in V2 character cell environment ?
880.02MELTIN::dickFri Nov 03 1989wierdness
881.03OASS::ROGERSFri Nov 03 1989VAXTPU failure
882.04VANISH::BAILEYMon Nov 06 1989Strange happenings with Next Unseen
883.0FORTY2::JONESWed Nov 08 1989Request for help
884.0QUARK::LIONELThu Nov 09 1989ACCVIO in X2.1A
885.05SABOT::PILLITTERIThu Nov 09 1989Directory of Conferences?
886.0GOLLY::MILLERThu Nov 09 1989ACCVIO "Use Existing File" of DDIF file w/o semantics tag
887.01BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Nov 10 1989">" disappears
888.01OASS::AYALLAHFri Nov 10 1989Display help screen
889.01RTL::CLARKSun Nov 12 1989"No more new notes" box format buglets
890.01HGABSS::SZETOMon Nov 13 1989Deleting all notes doesn't zero out number of topics
891.02KOBAL::FULLERTONMon Nov 13 1989I can create silly keywords but I can't delete them
892.017HANDVC::SIMONSZETOTue Nov 14 1989No privilege to write or modify conference
893.06LESLIE::LESLIETue Nov 14 1989Problem with mailing notes containing long records
894.010QUARK::LIONELWed Nov 15 1989T2.1B server wedging itself
895.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 16 1989SET NOTE/NOTE seems to fail, then DELETE fails.
896.05HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 16 1989NlNlNlNlNl why is half my title lost ?
897.02VANISH::BAILEYFri Nov 17 1989Condition handler
898.011CINCI::ROSENBERGFri Nov 17 1989Problem with Batch Note extraction
899.05HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 17 1989has anyone else seen EXTRACT/UNSEEN miss null titles
900.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 17 1989"/title=*" is supposed to match ANY title
901.03ELRIC::MARSHALLSun Nov 19 1989%DCL-E-CAPTINT, captive account - interactive access denied
902.01MOSAIC::SYSMAN1Mon Nov 20 1989can X2.1b run on VMS 5.2 system
903.04BPOVMon Nov 20 1989<CTRL-Y> abort of NOTES gobbles file space?
904.03CASEE::CLARKTue Nov 21 1989Pending delete sometimes doesn't delete
905.04BALZAC::DESVIGNESTue Nov 21 1989V2.
906.010QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 21 1989Note fragment repeated as last line
907.03CRONIC::SCHULERWed Nov 22 1989Odd behavior w/SET HOST on DECW workstation
908.015HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 22 1989Notes fails to properly understand /BEFORE
909.03HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 22 1989why is "comma" 1
910.06CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 27 1989Can't read note 9
911.01HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 27 1989seems like 5
912.02CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 27 1989NOTES/UPDATE loops
913.03SPYDER::SUGDENTue Nov 28 1989Membership problem
914.06CHEESE::KAISERTue Nov 28 1989Too much repainting! (& too much repositioning)
915.02FORTSC::KRANTZWed Nov 29 1989Problem writing topics -- failure W/O error text
916.02FORTSC::KRANTZWed Nov 29 1989Problem with SET SEEN/BEFORE; implied SET UNSEEN/AFTER
917.04STARCH::WHALENWed Nov 29 1989Moderator actions without moderator enabled - bug or feature?
918.07FORTSC::KRANTZFri Dec 01 1989Odd behavior of command line editing in NOTES
919.0FORTSC::KRANTZFri Dec 01 1989Adds entry improperly when duplicate name specified
920.06FAVAX::CRAWFORDFri Dec 01 1989NOTES$SERVER crashing 88
921.05TOOK::MICHAUDSat Dec 02 1989Unsupported Prolog Version
922.0VAXWRK::NEEDLEMon Dec 04 1989NOTES V2.1a/V2.1b ACCVIO when using PAN copy
923.02HANNAH::AXELRODTue Dec 05 1989Widget mismatch with DECwindows V2
924.02TALK::JARVISWed Dec 06 1989Notes V2.1B seems to cause my keyboard to have stuck keys.?
925.01COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Dec 07 1989Reply/Extract in DECwindows?
926.04SUBWAY::KABELThu Dec 07 1989?Suppress output from $Notes/Update
927.03EVETPU::FRIDAYFri Dec 08 1989<RETURN> and <Enter> don't work
928.02CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 11 1989Empty note posted
929.02CASEE::CLARKMon Dec 11 1989QuickCopy from LSE to Notes:Edit fails
930.02COOKIE::CHAVEZTue Dec 12 1989Mail base note and replies
931.013TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 13 1989How do you access a DNS notesfile ?
932.05SCOTMN::CLARKEWed Dec 13 1989Can you define symbols for notes?
933.03LKPDEE::WALLINThu Dec 14 1989Bug with DIRECTORY/TITLE=... and SOME conferences
934.03CIM::KAIRYSThu Dec 14 1989Question and crash report
935.01NITMOI::PESENTIFri Dec 15 1989Unusual Behavior Observed
936.04FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 15 1989conference getting partially accessed?
937.01TALK::JARVISSat Dec 16 1989Notes consumes 1
938.04COMICS::TAYLORJSat Dec 16 1989Problem with NOTES$NOTEFILE_BEGIN
939.01HANDVC::SIMONSZETOMon Dec 18 1989NOTES$MOVE_CONFERENCE takes away local access from moderator
940.0CASEE::CLARKTue Dec 19 1989Notes hangs during Open of RAINBO::MACINTOSH Conference
941.08OASS::G_MATTHEWSThu Dec 21 1989Can you get more info in NETSERVER.LOG?
942.0OASS::G_MATTHEWSThu Dec 21 1989Server process and NETWORK PARTNER EXIT
943.019NITMOI::PESENTIFri Dec 22 1989Question on consistency of function
944.01SUBWAY::KABELFri Dec 22 1989Performance information request
945.03TYFYS::CLINARDTue Dec 26 1989Need help to restrict users access
946.03QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 27 1989Acknowledge button sensitivity is delayed
947.0QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 27 1989Paste from clipboard causes T2.1 to exit with INSFMEM error
948.013SDOGUS::BOYACKThu Dec 28 1989Installation "quirks"... help please!
949.01QUARK::LIONELTue Jan 02 1990Frustrations in modifying member list
950.03FORTSC::KRANTZTue Jan 02 1990Privs of members, non-members in unrestricted conferences
951.01CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 03 1990DECwindows adds to keyword creation confusion
952.02POPI::STUARTWed Jan 03 1990Bug with DECwindows VAXnotes (VMS V 5.3, DW V 2.
953.010QUARK::LIONELThu Jan 04 1990Copy to pasteboard from MAIL to NOTES crashes NOTES (see .6)
954.01VANISH::BAILEYFri Jan 05 1990Empty Notes Files
955.0GOSOX::RYANFri Jan 05 1990ICCCM window manager support
956.0PSW::WINALSKIMon Jan 08 1990DECwindows NOTES T2.1 Kudos and Bug Reports
957.01PSW::WINALSKIMon Jan 08 1990"Acknowledge" button not centered in work-in-progress box
958.02PSW::WINALSKIMon Jan 08 1990lack of positive feedback on "Modify..." note dialog
959.08PSW::WINALSKIMon Jan 08 1990Suggestion: use lock manager to handle NOTES server declaration
960.03CIM::KAIRYSWed Jan 10 1990Crashing Notes 2.
961.01KERNEL::BSCOTTThu Jan 11 1990NOTES$SERVER loop on 835
962.01PEPRNI::HALLThu Jan 11 19902.
963.0QUARK::LIONELFri Jan 12 1990Can't add entry just by DNS object name
964.0PSW::WINALSKIFri Jan 12 1990CREATE REPLY button not enabled when moderator enabled
965.0LESLIE::LESLIEMon Jan 15 1990incorrect error message for dir/conf in DW version
966.08VANDAL::BAILEYMon Jan 15 1990SEEN map and NOTES$K_ENTRY_NAME
967.02SDOGUS::BOYACKMon Jan 15 1990Recreating notes$server and ...
968.02YUPPY::DJACKSONTue Jan 16 1990Prerequisites for T2.1?
969.01YUPPY::DJACKSONTue Jan 16 1990Failed instal of T2.1
970.02NITMOI::PESENTITue Jan 16 1990Cancel Operation does not
971.02PARZVL::KENNEDYTue Jan 16 1990Problem with Member access to local conference
972.01UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Jan 18 1990nodename changed, access 'old' entries??
973.01CAABA::MCCULLERSThu Jan 18 1990Problem Adding Entry Using Mouse
974.019CREDIT::ABUGOVThu Jan 18 1990Waiting for entire note is driving me back to character_cell notes
975.02VAXWRK::GRANOFFFri Jan 19 1990DWnotes SEND/MEMBER sends to first member in list only
976.03LESLIE::LESLIESun Jan 21 1990Scrolling weirdities: T2.1 and VMS X5.4-4CE
977.05TOOLS::MURRYMon Jan 22 1990%LIB-F-KEYNOTFOU, key not found in tree
978.01SUBWAY::ZENZEROVICHMon Jan 22 1990Keypad mapping for IBM/MAC?
979.03LESLIE::LESLIETue Jan 23 1990Fonts: Why is ISO Latin1 the default?
980.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 23 1990first use reaction to DECwindow notes
981.02HOYDEN::BURKHOLDERTue Jan 23 1990network partner exited problem
982.02MUTTON::LAMBWed Jan 24 1990VAXnotes T2.1 & MB2 in Conference directory window
983.02WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSThu Jan 25 1990illegal characters in a keyword
984.01GOSOX::RYANFri Jan 26 1990T2.1 DECwindows interface - infinite scrolling
985.010MOSAIC::TARBETFri Jan 26 1990"First character must be alphabetic"
986.010SUBURB::DARRALLDMon Jan 29 1990hidden area decnet
987.02KERBER::KEWTue Jan 30 1990MOD MEM/ACC misbehaving
988.04STAR::SZETOWed Jan 31 1990Phantom members
989.04WARIOR::G_MATTHEWSWed Jan 31 1990MAIL SEND/MEMBER to ALL-IN-1 - no privileges twist
990.06EMILE::TREGERThu Feb 01 1990Use existing files ?
991.02NITMOI::PESENTIFri Feb 02 1990Automatic right scrolling: Feature or bug? Can I make it stop?
992.01GEIST::CHINNSat Feb 03 1990V2.
993.03A12::MOSERMon Feb 05 1990You are not a member error??
994.012GIANTS::KEANEWed Feb 07 1990Archive/Recreate members only conference?
995.04IAMOK::BANCROFTWed Feb 07 1990Add Member *::SYSTEM
996.012BMW32Wed Feb 07 1990Notes Monitor ??
997.03HPSRAD::KOMARThu Feb 08 1990Help diagnose why members aren't recognized sometimes.?!?
998.06CAADC::SSGREGORYThu Feb 08 1990"Moderator by Default" ?
999.01LEAKIM::ROLFHAMREFri Feb 09 1990Brainstorm about DECUS talk ideas
1000.01AITG::DERAMOFri Feb 09 1990horizontal scroll bar problem in "VAX Notes:Conf" window
1001.04CSOA1::SCHWARTZ_FMon Feb 12 1990Call Interface to get Keywords
1002.02RBW::WICKERTTue Feb 13 1990Using the Callable interface to insert topics
1003.05SUVAI1::KANDERTue Feb 13 1990slow keypad response after vms upgrade
1004.02QUARK::LIONELWed Feb 14 1990DW DIR/CONF leaves link open
1005.02VANDAL::BAILEYWed Feb 14 1990"Related" to who ? (and why?)
1006.01VANDAL::BAILEYWed Feb 14 1990What Version Am I ?
1007.04FRAGLE::WIEGLEBWed Feb 14 1990"Read" window contents selected on input-focus
1008.06NUTMEG::WILLIAMSThu Feb 15 1990Problem with DECwindows global select & V2.1 Notes
1009.01HANDVC::SIMONSZETOThu Feb 15 1990Font too large for Notes?
1010.03CHESS::KAIKOWFri Feb 16 1990Problem with SET NODE/NOTE_ID or sumptin else?
1011.03FORTSC::KRANTZSat Feb 17 1990SEARCH should search titles; Selective case-sensitivity
1012.01SKYLRK::LUKASZEWSKIWed Feb 21 1990Problem w/ print option
1013.011MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 21 1990DIR/TITLE skips notes and conference 'losing' notes
1014.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Feb 22 1990Problem opening new conference when path lost to old
1015.04HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 22 1990is this a problem with notes server? (protection)
1016.02AUSTIN::BOGGESSFri Feb 23 1990Can the system account override Mod privs?
1017.04HANDVC::SIMONSZETOSat Feb 24 1990Time warp problem on BULOVA::DECWINDOWS
1018.03ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Feb 26 1990From the command line..?
1019.01ULTRA::HERBISONMon Feb 26 1990DECwindows DELETE ENTRY stack dump
1020.01CRBOSS::JOHNSONTue Feb 27 1990Open Restricted Notes file
1021.02CIM::KAIRYSTue Feb 27 1990Problems with V2.1
1022.07FORTSC::KRANTZWed Feb 28 1990Question about spawning NOTES/command as subprocess
1023.05--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 28 1990Question
1024.07AKOV12::LAIWed Feb 28 1990Problem of using '/ACCESS' in add/modify member
1025.03FORTSC::KRANTZWed Feb 28 1990Can't DELETE note I wrote
1026.02CASEE::CLARKThu Mar 01 1990Can't get ascending list of BULOVA::FILEVIEW topics
1027.05JUPITR::BOURQUEDAThu Mar 01 1990Inaccessible; DEBIT:: CAREER.
1028.08LESLIE::LESLIEFri Mar 02 1990"Invalid note specification" when I open this conference
1029.010IOWAIT::KRANTZFri Mar 02 1990Can NEXT UNSEEN skip replies I don't know about?
1030.08FORTSC::KRANTZSun Mar 04 1990Am I imagining NOTES sessions?
1031.03COMICS::OTHENMon Mar 05 1990Using DDIF files
1032.04MU::PORTERTue Mar 06 1990Insufficient virtual memory
1034.03FORTSC::KRANTZThu Mar 08 1990Time zone problem with SET SEEN?
1035.05LESLIE::LESLIESat Mar 10 1990SET entry/Multiple classes via callable notes
1036.06FORTSC::KRANTZSun Mar 11 1990UNSEEN note disappears -- Mirage Note
1037.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Mar 13 1990Changing font with DECwindows
1038.03FULMER::TAYLORWed Mar 14 1990Mixed versions on a cluster?
1039.02FORTSC::KRANTZFri Mar 16 1990Seen maps easily corrupted; inconsistent between sessions
1040.03GYRO::GRILLOFri Mar 16 1990Open doesn't search my classes anymore
1041.02ABSZK::SZETOSat Mar 17 1990Redisplaying directory listing
1042.06OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 19 1990Why so many buffered I/O's?
1043.012DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Mar 19 1990Possible handle on a critical window problem
1044.08OASS::WGREENMon Mar 19 1990xlib error
1045.01PANIC::SHORTFri Mar 23 1990
1046.02SWSCHZ::THOMPSONFri Mar 23 1990Callable help - remote note file access?
1047.06RPLACA::HARVEYFri Mar 23 1990Vaxnotes using excessive PHYSICAL memory?
1048.0WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSMon Mar 26 1990Journaling within VAXNOTES?
1049.09GOSOX::RYANMon Mar 26 1990Work-in-progress box soaks up CPU
1050.05BMW32Wed Mar 28 1990MODIFY MEMBER /ACCESS=(...) problem revisited
1051.04--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 29 1990I14Y problem with iconify-deiconify
1053.07OASS::ALI_AThu Mar 29 1990since=today-7-
1054.01WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSWed Apr 04 1990DIR (no qualifiers) gives incomplete list
1055.0MARVIN::WARWICKWed Apr 04 1990How to find bug in customised section file ?
1056.01HACMAN::HACKThu Apr 05 1990DECW print flag page automatically??
1057.03WLDWST::BURTThu Apr 05 1990File locked between clusters
1058.01ATOI::ANDERSONThu Apr 05 1990Dialog boxes, directory refresh, and directory window
1059.0FORTSC::KRANTZThu Apr 05 1990CTRL_C during OPEN -- UNSEEN map scragged
1060.02STRLIT::DCHAVEZFri Apr 06 1990Can't send mail from DECwindows-notes
1061.02AIMHI::TINIUSTue Apr 10 1990VAXnotes see mouse MB1 click as KP
1062.018TARKIN::AHOTue Apr 10 1990V2.1 NOTES & MAIL
1063.0QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 10 1990Server ACCVIO with V2.1
1064.0QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 10 1990Server FILNOTACC error with V2.1
1065.04SHALOT::GOZALOFFWed Apr 11 1990Using spaces with /ACCESS
1066.084GL::FLANAGANThu Apr 12 1990Spaces in a username?
1067.0STAR::SZETOFri Apr 13 1990Unexpected remote node access on update of local conference
1068.01VANDAL::BAILEYTue Apr 17 1990HINT_GET_TEXT inconsistent?
1069.0ARCHER::SUTERTue Apr 17 1990NOTES V3?
1071.01WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSWed Apr 18 1990ACCVIO... TPU internal error.. when out of quota
1072.01NITMOI::PESENTIFri Apr 20 1990Directory of replies in reverse order...
1073.0VINO::TORREYMon Apr 23 1990VAX NOTES V2.
1074.05VAXWRK::PIANTEDOSIMon Apr 23 1990Help!!! Return of UNSEEN bug????
1075.05GIDDAY::CHONGFri Apr 27 1990Problem with SET NOTE
1076.02IOSG::DAWSONFri Apr 27 1990Old Protocol 2/2 - What does it mean?
1077.011GENRAL::CARNEYSat Apr 28 1990Any file size limit in notes?
1079.03DEBUG::GALLOThu May 03 1990(FAC) error setting moderator
1080.03RANGER::HARRISThu May 03 1990Pointer to Product Manager (PM) requested
1081.07FORTSC::KRANTZFri May 04 1990Loosing REPLYs when network crashes!
1082.014HGOSPS::JOHNKWANFri May 04 1990Has UNSEEN COUNT PROBLEM been fixed?
1083.06CNTROL::AMOSFri May 04 1990Set seen/before=(current time) ??
1084.01EVETPU::FRIDAYFri May 04 1990MODIFY/NOTE= too restrictive
1085.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon May 07 1990Following the advancing scanner...
1086.01SICVAX::SWEENEYTue May 08 1990Notes V2.1 installation error under VMS 5.4
1087.02COPCLU::PERJHWed May 09 1990'Network partner exited'
1088.02RANGER::TARBETFri May 11 1990The SEEN map: how does it work?
1089.01WARIOR::ALI_ATue May 15 1990Fatal VAXTPU internal error Revisited
1090.01GUESS::ENGHOLMWed May 16 1990Can't delete my own note (T2.1)
1091.02WARIOR::ROGERS_JThu May 17 1990DNS Integration Questions
1092.03TALLIS::WESTGATEFri May 18 1990Creating Conference from COM File
1093.06TOOK::MICHAUDFri May 25 1990Note-range too big for specified new note id
1094.03COMICS::TAYLORJWed May 30 1990secondary status code from callable notes routines
1095.02KLARGO::HECKMFri Jun 01 1990Help creating a conference
1096.07WARIOR::ALI_ASat Jun 02 1990Parameter 1's data type, integer, unsupported
1097.02ASD::LSMITHMon Jun 04 1990Network object Unknown error
1098.02STROKR::DEHAHNMon Jun 04 1990phantom note after set note/note_id, can't delete
1099.06TLE::MEIERMon Jun 04 1990Truncated conference name display
1100.04NACAD::SITLERWed Jun 06 1990DIR L-
1101.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Jun 07 1990QuickCopy results in "LAST-1" pasted
1102.01QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 07 1990Internal limit to number of links per server
1104.02WHAMMY::SPODARYKMon Jun 18 1990Crash with DECwindows Notes using DIR command
1105.03PANIC::SHORTWed Jun 20 1990Problem with NOTES$USER_xxx
1106.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDWed Jun 20 1990Problem with automatic UPDATE using decwindows interface.
1107.01WARIOR::ALI_AThu Jun 21 1990You are not a member revisited
1108.02LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 21 1990# of notes extracted message is incorrect
1109.08QARRY::BHAMILTONTue Jun 26 1990Included NULL botches DecWindow display
1110.03PRSUD1::DUPASFri Jun 29 1990adding verbs to notes...
1111.03CHEST::HAYCOXTue Jul 03 1990Extract to TT: problem or dumb user
1112.010SORGEN::MATHILDEThu Jul 05 1990PF2 under VAXNOTES doesn't work?
1113.07COMICS::LOATThu Jul 05 1990Problem entering replies. It's not there, but it is???
1114.06OASS::ALI_AThu Jul 05 1990Several server processes created
1115.05OASS::ALI_AThu Jul 05 1990User can't Create server process
1116.01DUGGAN::TARBETThu Jul 05 1990Bug: Install asks for something it doesn't want
1117.01WEDOIT::BARLOWTue Jul 10 1990Problem installing NOTES V2.1
1118.01KYOA::KOCHWed Jul 18 1990Possible bug
1119.02KYOA::KOCHWed Jul 18 1990NOTES/INTERFACE is not working...
1120.03KYOA::KOCHWed Jul 18 1990V2.1 DECwindows problem?
1121.07OASS::ALI_AWed Jul 18 1990Sending mail using PMDF?
1122.02KYOA::KOCHThu Jul 19 1990Error report from a V1.2 VT1
1123.05KYOA::KOCHThu Jul 19 1990Why can't you save screen size?
1124.01MEO78B::MASONSun Jul 22 1990Impersonote, where are you?
1125.02AMRETO::ERREDETue Jul 24 1990DDIF Document Inclusion
1126.06EEMELI::KORKKOWed Jul 25 1990Unseen count remains at 1
1127.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Jul 25 1990DIRECTORY/CLASS (cmd ok) HELP file "broke" .. ?
1128.02VIA::EPPESWed Jul 25 1990REPLY/LAST in DECwindows Notes?
1129.04SDEVAX::ALBOROUGHFri Jul 27 1990Hang entering with identical titles
1130.04SDEVAX::ALBOROUGHMon Jul 30 1990Docset location?
1131.07MARVIN::COBBMon Jul 30 1990Callable access to DDIF
1132.04MOMCAT::TARBETWed Aug 01 1990Access Allocation Question
1133.01POETS::G_SCHULTZWed Aug 01 1990Strange "Network partner exited" problems
1135.03EEMELI::SETALAThu Aug 02 1990NOTES$MAIN V2.1 looping
1136.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Aug 02 1990DELETE , then SET SEEN ... delays a lot
1137.07LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Aug 02 1990DDIF performance
1138.04AZUR::LANGENSTEINSun Aug 05 1990prblm handling notes<>.tmp files
1139.0IW::WARINGMon Aug 06 1990Telling customers about Notes?
1140.01PRFECT::PALKATue Aug 07 1990problem with NOTES$USER_GET
1141.03OLDTMR::STCLAIRThu Aug 09 1990I can't write to ANY notesfiles from my NOTEBOOK
1142.011QUARK::LIONELFri Aug 10 1990DW interface, Update brings up HELP instead!
1143.02LENO::GRIERSun Aug 12 1990Watch cursor not unset correctly
1144.09LENO::GRIERSun Aug 12 1990Focus/Motif window manager problem/comment
1145.0HAMPS::JORDANMon Aug 13 1990Presentations or articles for selling Notes?
1146.01WEDOIT::BARLOWMon Aug 13 1990V2.1 install error
1147.01LENO::GRIERWed Aug 15 1990Cut selection and click kills VAXnotes
1148.01ASD::LSMITHWed Aug 15 1990Local Notes process taking up 9
1149.01SEAPEN::PHIPPSThu Aug 16 1990Human Interface Problem
1150.01DSTEG1::BROWNFri Aug 17 1990parsing error?
1151.06AIRBAG::SWATKOWed Aug 22 1990Motif & notes breaks cut 'n paste
1152.06MOMCAT::TARBETThu Aug 23 1990Absolute node address doesn't work for access
1153.010TROAFri Aug 24 1990DDIF File still a problem?
1154.08SIMON::SZETOFri Aug 24 1990Open one conference, get another
1155.01AHIKER::EARLYFri Aug 24 1990Help! Need specifics of ADD KEY (bug) to WRONG note.
1156.01DEBUG::GALLOMon Aug 27 1990DIR/TIT="*" ?
1157.02NCDEL::SSMITHTue Sep 04 1990NOTES-E-IFF, Invalid notefile format
1158.04CAPT::WALSHWed Sep 05 1990Keypad display gets DEFINE_KEY parameter error
1159.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 13 1990"Operation not supported in this conference"
1160.01BLKBRY::KOLTESat Sep 15 1990delete entry> Internal logic error.
1161.02HKVSMon Sep 17 1990Invalid context block in callable interface
1162.01MANTA::SIMONWed Sep 19 1990Problem using windows with v2.1
1163.0KYOA::KOCHWed Sep 19 1990SPAWN and nonumeric keypad
1164.03OXNARD::HAYNESWed Sep 19 1990Conference lost Restricted status!?
1166.0STKHLM::ASUNDQVISTFri Sep 21 1990TPU internal error after spawning
1167.08MU::PORTERTue Sep 25 1990Cut and paste weirdness
1168.04KYOA::KOCHTue Sep 25 1990Spawning and the side keypad
1169.03WLDWST::MURTHYThu Oct 04 1990problem with notes$keyword_get_note?
1170.04QUIP::MCMURRAYFri Oct 05 1990No "DELETE" HELP
1171.05NEWOA::BAILEYFri Oct 05 1990Give me what I want.. not what there is
1172.01SIMON::SZETOWed Oct 10 1990Comma in member name invalid in DECwindows Notes
1173.04OHMARY::HALLWed Oct 10 1990Cannot SET MOD priv
1174.03EPIK::WHITEWed Oct 10 1990character cell interface doesn't work
1175.02WAHOO::LEVESQUEThu Oct 11 1990Inability to set mod privs
1176.01STARCH::WHALENSat Oct 13 1990NOTES or DNS bug?
1177.06TAVTue Oct 16 1990What protection does the conference receive...???
1178.01RHETT::PICKETTMon Oct 22 1990divide by zero error when using navigation box in display tree option
1179.0TRACE::GILBERTMon Oct 22 1990ACCVIO (with DDIF and protocol 2/2 ?)
1180.02DECSIM::GROSSMon Oct 22 1990Sending mail to moderators works strangely
1181.04LEVEL::OSMANTue Oct 23 1990how do I figure out where this conference is located
1182.07LEVEL::OSMANThu Oct 25 1990it's too hard to read a particular note !
1183.02BSS::BOYERThu Oct 25 1990PMR and members only conferences
1184.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Oct 31 1990time gets CHOPPED OFF
1185.01HXOUThu Nov 01 1990notes vs groupware
1186.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 01 1990can't use KP-comma to read NEXT-UNSEEN
1187.08STKHLM::WIDBERGFri Nov 02 1990Set moderator on notes$sample?
1188.0ABSZK::SIMON::SZETOFri Nov 02 1990note text lost in between conferences
1189.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Nov 02 1990Bug in SHOW MEMBER with wildcards
1190.01NEWOA::BAILEYWed Nov 07 1990No User_Area for user records ??
1191.04VIA::EPPESWed Nov 07 1990Save print settings in DECwindows notes?
1192.012IOSG::BURTONFri Nov 09 1990LIB Error Accessing Notes ???
1193.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 09 1990DECWnotes should handle "path lost" better
1194.05LESLIE::LESLIESun Nov 11 1990DECWindows colours all get picked by NOTES.MAIN_SHELL
1195.0ERICG::ERICGMon Nov 12 1990UPDATE takes a walk on the wild(card) side.
1196.02BARREL::LEMMONMon Nov 12 1990Looking for code that determines if device is a workstation
1197.06HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 12 1990DECWnotes fails to open the specified conference
1198.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 12 1990inconsistent clicking needed for SET SEEN
1199.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Nov 13 1990mouse works, but keys fail to work without extra work
1200.05LEAKIM::ROLFHAMRETue Nov 13 1990Changes in NOTES development focus
1201.01STARCH::WHALENWed Nov 14 1990"No more new notes" left up when it should be removed
1202.01STARCH::WHALENWed Nov 14 1990Time displayed in Notes:Edit is local time, time in Notes:Read is host system time
1203.01GUIDUK::KRUGWed Nov 14 1990changing editors in DECwindows?
1204.01YIPPEE::EZLIFE::YURCHAKThu Nov 15 1990Loosing SEEN Info
1205.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 15 1990DECWnotes reads *more* than I asked for
1206.012RT128::BATESSun Nov 18 1990Corrupted Conference - 2 Notes with Same Number
1207.04OASS::BURDEN_DTue Nov 20 1990DNS and moderator?
1208.0TRACE::GILBERTWed Nov 21 1990Wild-carded directory of entries that crosses classes
1209.05TRACE::GILBERTWed Nov 21 1990Window width
1210.04SOJU::CHRISTENSENMon Nov 26 1990set note/note_id= makes topic disappear.
1211.01EAGLE1::BRUNNERMon Nov 26 1990ERROR
1212.02IOSG::DAWSONTue Nov 27 1990NOTES$SHARE.EXE with V1.n?
1213.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Nov 27 1990bad bug in member mail in DECWnotes
1214.06XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Nov 27 1990Changing / setting the note author field
1215.04COGITO::ZIKAWed Nov 28 1990Error writing "" -- can not reply in a local conference
1216.04VIA::EPPESWed Nov 28 1990DECwindows equiv. of DIRECTORY/OUTPUT?
1217.01FSOA::PBAYLIESTue Dec 04 1990Error opening conference
1218.09JAC::COFFLERThu Dec 06 1990How does NOTES determine order for displaying notes?
1219.01JEKYLL::HYDEFri Dec 07 1990Callable routines manual shows up in Electronic Store
1220.0HACMAN::HACKSat Dec 08 1990Widget warning with Notes v2.1 and IFT DECwindows v3.
1221.01STARCH::WHALENWed Dec 12 1990I thought DNS was a place to get a hint, not poll for concensus
1222.0HAMPS::COHEN_DWed Dec 12 1990VAX Notes / ALL-IN-1 GPC Support Guide
1223.0ULTRA::HERBISONFri Dec 14 1990EVE command doubles the shift of displayed windows
1224.04HANNAH::OSMANTue Dec 18 1990default should not be "close conference"
1225.02IJSAPL::DIRKSThu Dec 20 1990Note delete problem, when
1226.05TLSE1Thu Dec 20 1990installation problem with TPU$SECTION
1227.01CGOSWed Dec 26 1990Windows customization?
1228.09NEWOA::BAILEYTue Jan 01 1991illegal string class
1229.02AIAG::LINDSEYFri Jan 04 1991Another KEYNOTFOU problem
1230.03HSOMAI::GARRETTMon Jan 07 1991Insufficient Priviledge???
1231.03WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Jan 07 1991CD ROM has 2.
1232.04IOSG::PYEWed Jan 09 1991Problem with /NOWRITE and /PRIV=WRITE_REGARDLESS
1233.0MU::PORTERFri Jan 11 1991Title misalignment
1234.0OASS::ALI_AFri Jan 11 1991Including DECwrite into notes
1235.03ICS::REICHWed Jan 16 1991?disable SPAWN for non-captive accounts?
1236.01HGOVC::KENNETHCHENGMon Jan 21 1991Presentation material
1237.04THEWAV::MATHEWS_MAWed Jan 23 1991Problem with include file and DECwindows
1238.04MJBOOT::SCOTTThu Jan 24 1991Limiting Conference Creation in NOTES$LIBRARY
1239.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSThu Jan 24 1991error opening captive command procedure - access denied
1240.05NEWOA::BAILEYFri Jan 25 1991Note_Modify
1241.03VAXWRK::HARNEYFri Jan 25 1991NOTES$SERVER crashes with %STR-F-STRTOOLON status in accounting record
1242.0HSOMAI::PALOTue Jan 29 1991BadFont, BadName and BadCursor on an Apollo display
1243.01MANTA::SIMONWed Jan 30 1991Virtual bindings Initialize hasn't been called
1244.05CSC32::M_POTEETThu Jan 31 1991Disable UDATE work box entirely?
1245.03NEWOA::BAILEYSun Feb 03 1991Author selection of notes
1246.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Feb 04 1991A matter of long division?
1247.04WAYOUT::LOATTue Feb 05 1991Problem viewing DDIF notes.
1248.03WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Feb 06 1991ENQUE QUOTA EXCEEDED - raise LOCKID TABLE - new occurrence
1249.05VAXWRK::HARNEYWed Feb 06 1991NOTES$SERVER crashes with %STR-F-ILLSTRCLA status in accounting record
1250.0HANNAH::OSMANWed Feb 06 1991decwnotes CRASHES when entries window is shrunk
1251.02HABS11::MASONThu Feb 07 1991Additional print characteristics?
1252.02TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 08 1991Activiting Notes from a pulldown menu
1253.0VAXWRK::NEEDLEMon Feb 11 1991Notes remains in HIB after returning from spawned process.
1254.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Feb 13 1991REPLY/LAST changes the selected range
1255.03TINCUP::BILLINGSLEAThu Feb 14 1991DECW editor looses text?
1256.01SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Feb 15 1991Questions About NOTES$SERVER_MAX_* Logicals
1257.0VAXWRK::HARNEYTue Feb 19 1991NOTES$SERVER crashes with %STR-F-ERRFREDYN status in accounting record
1258.02AIAG::LINDSEYWed Feb 20 1991Standard directory and file protections
1259.01MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERFri Feb 22 1991Execute Notes twice before getting the Windows interface
1260.03GRANMA::TCANNONSat Feb 23 1991Callable interface/Backlink/Item length problems
1261.05AIAG::LINDSEYMon Feb 25 1991File Specification Syntax Error
1263.06TLE::MEIERThu Feb 28 1991Accessing TPU procedures from keys and notes variables
1264.01GRANMA::TCANNONFri Mar 01 1991Callable Interface/notification of changes
1265.02COMICS::YOUNGFri Mar 01 1991V2.1 Search/note= finds out-of-range note.
1266.01MU::PORTERSat Mar 02 1991Variable cursor colours under DECwindows V3
1267.05SIMON::SYSTEMSat Mar 02 1991NOTES$SERVER ACCVIO crash
1268.02ELWOOD::LANEMon Mar 04 1991Unable to write/reply
1269.03GALVIA::HOGANTue Mar 05 1991Fatal error when trying to paste to window
1270.06NEWOA::BAILEYThu Mar 07 1991Do we sell it ???
1271.02VAXSPO::WELLINGTONMon Mar 11 1991notes performance, please !!!
1272.02RTPSWS::FLACKTue Mar 12 1991Error message box on updating
1273.03AIMTEC::NATHAN_PTue Mar 12 1991"invalid context block error"
1274.01MILPND::BUCCIERIThu Mar 14 1991Need Installation Guide
1275.01SMAUG::WOOFri Mar 15 1991Problem with /RESTRICT=KEYWORDS & /PRIV=CREATE_KEY
1276.0216BITS::DELBALSOFri Mar 15 1991Inability to directly access intermediate notes of last string
1278.01DHARMA::BROOMHEADMon Mar 18 1991Open dialog box: entry in notebook
1279.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Mar 22 1991Trouble with running notes from a detached process
1280.06PSW::WINALSKISat Mar 23 1991News seems to outperform NOTES quite dramatically
1281.03BIGRED::GARRETTMon Mar 25 1991Problems with PASTE & COPY
1282.0SWSCHZ::THOMPSONTue Mar 26 1991Callable notes access violation???
1283.01NEWOA::BAILEYWed Mar 27 1991a half a server
1284.04A1VAX::ALLENThu Mar 28 1991Problem with "work in progress" window
1285.08VCOUThu Mar 28 1991Stopping a READ window
1286.01BIGRED::GARRETTFri Mar 29 1991Next Unseen?!?
1287.0NEWOA::BAILEYSun Mar 31 1991DeteIs this note seen/unseen ?
1288.01CHIEFF::AMOSTue Apr 09 1991dir current-last
1290.02KADOR::MORIAUDWed Apr 10 1991Impact of notes operations...?
1291.013D::DAVISFri Apr 12 1991Setting the geometry of Notes windows
1292.015TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 17 1991DFS access to conferences?
1293.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 17 1991UNSEEN REPLY
1294.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Apr 18 1991VAX Notes with CALLABLE LSE and SPELLCHECKing
1295.05DOLPHN::SEARSMon Apr 22 1991Problem with SET NOTE/NOTE_ID
1296.04IOSG::PYEMon Apr 29 1991Is context lost with next reply from Callable I/f?
1297.02PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu May 02 1991X Toolkit Warning: Cannot convert string "" to type Boolean
1298.0DANGER::WESTGATEWed May 08 1991getting The window is not mapped to a buffer
1299.02AIMTEC::NATHAN_PWed May 08 1991UIC misinterpreted during install of GPC...
1300.02SOAEDS::TRAYSERThu May 09 1991Wierd KEYWORD record
1301.09COMICS::BARHAMFri May 10 1991can't delete non existant topic
1302.01OASS::BONNE_WFri May 10 1991VMS 5.4 TPU/EVE functionality in NOTES 2.1?
1303.05CRLVMS::HALBERTTue May 14 1991Callable interface: _HINT_GET_xxx, _CONTINUE
1304.0VAXWRK::CRAIGThu May 16 1991Problem with autostarting notes
1305.0OASS::HARRIS_RFri May 17 1991vt12
1306.02NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon May 20 1991Motif version?
1307.01OASS::HARRIS_RMon May 20 1991GPC - modifying a note
1308.03CRLVMS::HALBERTMon May 20 1991<LF>'s in Title: field - possible in DECwindows Notes
1309.01OASS::HARRIS_RWed May 22 1991unseen count stuck at
1310.01BEEZER::LOATThu May 23 1991Invalid Context Block error and Permanent unseen count of 1.
1311.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri May 24 1991Problem accessing restricted conference over network
1312.0ZURTue May 28 1991DISPLAY TREE --> empty screen
1313.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 30 1991API: adding keywords; lots of keywords
1314.01UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TFri May 31 1991cda compliant graphic notes?
1315.02LESLIE::LESLIEMon Jun 03 1991LESLIE::PAN is now ASICS::PAN
1316.01SIEVAX::LAWTue Jun 04 1991Callable interface: NEXT_ and BACK_RESPONSE
1317.03SOLVIT::CORZINEWed Jun 05 1991Extract/unseen reset/error
1318.01GBIThu Jun 20 1991ACP file extend failed
1319.01CSC32::VANDENBERGThu Jun 20 1991Notes hanging in a compute loop
1320.0PRSUD1::PERUCHOTFri Jun 21 1991Reading DECwrite Files in VAXnotes
1321.0HANNAH::OSMANTue Jun 25 1991NOTES crashes if stretch during dir
1322.04SANTEE::GREENEFri Jun 28 1991Start Notes as an Icon?
1323.02I18N::SZETOMon Jul 01 1991DIR on VMS V5.4 paints screen strangely
1324.05CSSE32::FRAZIERTue Jul 02 1991OK to "tune" a notesfile?
1325.02HAMPS::PATTISON_MFri Jul 05 1991how to prevent access to remote conferences ?
1326.0I18N::SZETOFri Jul 12 1991Send to moderators who have no mail addresses
1327.01RDGENG::SJONESThu Jul 25 1991Problems running detached
1328.03STKHLM::KNORNThu Jul 25 1991Date retrieval doesn't work
1329.0SEURAT::NEWMANThu Jul 25 1991ACCVIO, RM=
1330.03COPTOR::BIRGERFri Jul 26 1991Dos client ?? DEC or third party???
1331.0STRIK3::GrilloFri Jul 26 1991Announcing IFT of PATHWORKS-Plus MS-WIndows Notes Client
1332.02CVMS::DOTENTue Jul 30 1991Notes 2.1 is crashing with Motif 1.
1333.04SSAG::ZANETue Jul 30 1991Two Usernames, One with Privs
1334.04DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Jul 31 1991UPDATE causes notes to stall the CPU
1335.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Aug 02 1991Section file hackery problem...
1336.03STAR::MEIERMon Aug 05 1991SELECT with DIR/CONF enters incorrect conference name
1337.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GTue Aug 06 1991READSYNC causes RETURN key to need to be hit twice
1338.02IOSG::DAWSONWed Aug 07 1991NOTES$LIBRARY defined as NODE:: bug!
1339.03HANNAH::B_COBBWed Aug 07 1991New version of conference created automaticaly.
1340.01CVMS::DOTENThu Aug 08 1991X errors including a file with 2.2
1341.02OASS::BURDEN_DTue Aug 13 1991print in postscript format?
1342.03WAYOUT::CLARKEMon Aug 19 1991INTDIV error using DECwindows Interface
1344.0KAHALA::SUTERFri Aug 23 1991EXQUOTA, Dynamic memory exhausted (DELETE)
1345.02MAATJE::JANSENMon Aug 26 1991NOTES V2.2_IFT2 SHRIDMISMAT error w/ DECwindows
1346.04LEAKIM::ROLFHAMRETue Aug 27 1991Please give us feedback on LinkWorks support in 2.2
1347.0ILKKA::KORKKOTue Sep 03 1991VAX Notes with DECwindows/Motif - accvio
1348.02JMPSRV::MICKOLThu Sep 12 1991Selling VAXnotes to External Customers
1349.01HIGEAR::AVERYFri Sep 13 1991notes$command initialization file
1350.063D::DAVISWed Sep 18 1991Documentation (or help) on NOTES$DEFAULTS.DAT?
1351.06STAR::BECKTue Sep 24 1991Long messages make DECW$NOTES unusable
1352.01TLE::ROBINSONWed Sep 25 1991Notes incorrectly declares 2 help libraries
1353.03STAR::SZETOThu Sep 26 1991Remote notebook access routines?
1354.03COMICS::BARHAMMon Sep 30 1991Inaccessible notes except via NEXT UNSEEN
1355.02KERNEL::LOATMon Sep 30 1991Undocumented error when setting moderator privilege on.
1356.0AIMTEC::NATHAN_PTue Oct 01 1991PF4 not working properly with toggling fr num to application mode
1357.02WARIOR::HARRIS_RWed Oct 02 1991Long reply text lost - DECwindows interface
1358.02HAMPS::PACK_JFri Oct 04 1991resend mail bug
1359.0DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Oct 08 1991Access violation?
1360.01TOOK::MORRISONThu Oct 10 1991V2.1: On SPAWN MAIL, doesn't scroll properly
1361.07ASKARI::LITTLETue Oct 15 1991V2.2 Installation -- NOTES$SAMPLE.NOTE not parsed ....
1362.01SIMON::SZETOWed Oct 16 1991How to find the value of the /NOTEBOOK qualifier?
1363.04FASDER::PHENNEWed Oct 16 1991V2.2 cannot be licensed?
1364.01MALTEX::TESSIERThu Oct 17 1991EXTRACT/ problem with reply
1365.01CSSE32::FRAZIERThu Oct 17 1991Notes V2.2 no go here...
1366.01SIMON::SZETOSun Oct 27 1991Bug with Gold-Help
1367.010XSTACY::PATTISONTue Oct 29 1991How does SET MODERATOR work?
1368.0NEGD::TRIBETue Oct 29 1991mwm-ized Notes and remoteX
1369.0ULTRA::HERBISONWed Oct 30 1991Long lines give FAO error and truncated note
1370.01SOAEDS::TRAYSERSun Nov 03 1991Add enough keywords and you corrupt the conference!
1371.02CADSYS::SIMSNS::FENNELLMon Nov 04 1991%RMS-E-EOF, end of file detected on Version 2.2
1372.03REDBRD::WRIGHTMon Nov 04 1991Question on Notes' use of privs.
1373.01BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Nov 05 1991Lotus Notes?
1374.0DECSIM::DECSIM::GROSSTue Nov 05 1991Motif scrollbar decorations are invisible
1375.0PSW::WINALSKIWed Nov 06 1991V2.2 bug - misplacement of scroll bars in DW Motif Edit Window
1376.011PSW::WINALSKIThu Nov 07 1991how do I KP7 in DECwindows NOTES? (DW Motif, V2.2 SSB)
1377.04BRSDVP::WILLEMSGSat Nov 09 1991always a new notebook is created when accessing notes
1378.05ANARKY::BREWERWed Nov 13 1991Wrire note from command line.
1379.0AIMTEC::WOODY_SWed Nov 13 1991Diff client v2.2 from V2.1?
1380.0HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 14 1991decwindows notes obliterates characters on the screen (at least with my defaults file)
1381.02AIMTEC::NATHAN_PThu Nov 14 1991VAXnotes 2.2 capability level?
1382.03EISDMF::FEUERSTEINFri Nov 15 1991notes 2.2, Motif display, Keywords window problem....
1383.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Nov 18 1991Exceeded maximum size of seen map !
1384.01IEMon Nov 18 1991Creation date on Notebook changes
1386.02FORTY2::YUILLETue Nov 19 1991Notes in Scheduler limits output to 1 page
1387.02JANVAX::NERLTue Nov 19 1991Ident mismatch problem...
1388.04AIMTEC::NATHAN_PWed Nov 13 1991DECwindows, couldn't find fram main_work_box...
1389.013UTRTSC::STEVENSThu Nov 14 1991Problem with SEND/AUTHOR
1390.06COMICS::BARHAMThu Nov 21 1991'Record not locked' after SET NOTE/NOTE_ID
1391.0DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Nov 26 1991ACCVIO when displaying from VMS to ULTRIX workstation
1392.02BAKER::DOUGWed Nov 27 1991EXTRACT problem
1393.01SIMON::SZETOFri Nov 29 1991Too many keywords put conference in strange state
1394.0BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Dec 04 1991Can't change fonts !!!!
1395.01COMICS::SMITHERSJThu Dec 05 1991VAX Notes 2.2 without Motif?
1396.04LOOKIN::TALBOTThu Dec 05 1991Restrict create conference command required!
1397.03SCAACT::AINSLEYFri Dec 06 1991All notes unseen, when opening a conference
1398.0ZURTue Dec 10 1991NOTES$LIBRARY-Searchlist
1399.02KAOTMon Dec 16 1991/PARITY, /DISMISS, and LAT ports
1400.02TINCUP::XAIPE::KOLBEMon Dec 16 1991how to enlarge the seen map - or should I need to?
1401.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Dec 16 1991ACCVIO on Search
1402.01CNTROL::AMOSTue Dec 17 1991Modifying a MARKER??
1403.0HANSBC::BACHNERThu Dec 19 1991input focus problems
1404.010XCUSME::APONTEThu Dec 19 1991Ident mismatch error when invoking NOTES/DECWI
1405.0FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Jan 03 1992%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=
1406.03KYOA::KOCHFri Jan 03 19923 versions on CONDIST CDROM?
1407.04STAR::CRITZFri Jan 03 1992Problem with extending selections
1408.01STAR::CRITZFri Jan 03 1992One-key noting is broken in V2.2 DW interface
1409.01RDGENG::HAYWARDWed Jan 08 1992Telling /Inter=Decw where to go
1410.0BIGUN::KNOWLESThu Jan 09 1992DECwindows scroll bar misbehaving.
1411.01AIMTEC::WOODY_SThu Jan 09 1992Error reading notes$library?
1412.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Jan 10 1992Motif hangs in 2.2 after dialog boxes display
1413.0STAR::CRITZMon Jan 13 1992Enter key in Conference window crashes Notes
1414.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jan 13 1992VAXNOTES, MOTIF, SUNOS V4.1.1 on SPARCstation
1415.0HANSBC::BACHNERTue Jan 14 1992wrong window title for print options
1416.01LEDS::DJBROWNWed Jan 15 1992Error exiting TPU editor's HELP "window not mapped"
1417.0JER::HARROWThu Jan 16 1992V2.2 Crash opening a conference
1418.02COMICS::TALBOTFri Jan 17 1992TPU file_search or message broken?
1419.09DPDMAI::RITZCFri Jan 17 1992SEARCH a "full text search"?
1420.04KERNEL::LOATTue Jan 21 1992Rebuild section file?
1421.02TINCUP::XAIPE::KOLBETue Jan 21 1992writing the seen map after losing the link
1422.02TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 22 1992Markers messed up after notesfile name changed
1423.01HANSBC::BACHNERFri Jan 24 1992double click at conference icon in conf directory sends Notes into a loop
1424.01STAR::KAPLANTue Jan 28 1992illegal string class
1425.0HANSBC::BACHNERThu Jan 30 1992please make it easier to delete markers !
1426.07SMAUG::GARRODThu Jan 30 1992Bug with EXTRACT/UNSEEN
1427.04FDCV14::HEUSSFri Jan 31 1992Corrupted conference file???
1428.05HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 03 1992having a hard time with SEARCH
1429.01KERNEL::OTHENJWed Feb 05 1992Restrict conference on client node
1430.02ASICS::LESLIEWed Feb 05 1992Help, no "-" key!
1431.010DMSSThu Feb 06 1992Large Unseen Map (1
1432.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Feb 10 1992ACC VIO when staying idle long time in notes
1433.03NEAGP::PILITZTue Feb 11 1992NOTES$SERVER.EXE and object 33
1434.01HKOVC::TERENCEWed Feb 12 1992NOTES V2.2 resource file problem
1435.01BAKER::DOUGFri Feb 14 1992Lotus Notes
1436.02ASICS::LESLIEFri Feb 14 1992send/mem forever
1437.01HLYCOW::CUSUMANOFri Feb 14 1992No NOTES* Process
1438.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GTue Feb 18 1992DECwrite 2.
1440.01OASS::GENUS_VThu Feb 20 1992unsupported prolog
1441.05HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 20 1992how can I see new replies with DECwindows notes ?
1442.07HANNAH::OSMANFri Feb 21 1992vaxnotes insists on obscuring my view
1443.06AIAG::LINDSEYFri Feb 21 1992Symbol definitions file for callable notes
1444.01CX3PT2::XAIPE::KOLBEFri Feb 21 1992Accvio on this conference
1445.0VAXWRK::HARNEYTue Feb 25 1992Invalid sequence of operations error/ACCVIO in V2.2
1446.08CX3PT3::XAIPE::KOLBEWed Feb 26 1992hidden area and restricted conferences
1447.0HANSBC::BACHNERThu Feb 27 1992messages in Info window cut off
1448.03OSLMon Mar 02 1992SYSTEM-F-TOOMUCHDATA problem
1449.0OASS::GENUS_VWed Mar 04 1992Enqlm exceeded again
1450.02XSTACY::PATTISONWed Mar 04 1992Long Lines (>255 chars)
1451.03VIA::FLANAGANThu Mar 05 1992Notes is moving
1452.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGTue Mar 10 1992NOTES V2.2 Documentation?
1453.03WISDOM::JERRYWed Mar 11 1992How to CHANGE ALL entries to NODE::NODE::file?
1454.0VIA::HILLERICHThu Mar 12 1992Phase
1455.07XSTACY::PATTISONMon Mar 16 1992Session Manager - Need to Start NOTES twice!
1456.01MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Mar 16 1992LineFeed characters in keyword=trouble
1457.07HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 18 1992why does PASTE just BEEP ?
1458.0HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 18 1992NOTES refuses to quit
1459.03SIMON::SZETOMon Mar 23 1992SHOW MEMBERS in batch fails in a subprocess
1460.02TENNIS::KAMTue Mar 24 1992invalid marker name
1461.02POBOX::CUSUMANOWed Mar 25 1992Error: You are not the author of this note.
1462.0HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 31 1992why does DECWnotes open the wrong note ?
1463.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Mar 31 1992VAXnotes crash under MOTIF
1464.02HUMOR::EPPESWed Apr 01 1992Can't modify note IDs
1465.02XAPPL::CLARKTue Apr 07 1992ACCVIO from Directory of Notes
1466.02TINCUP::XAIPE::KOLBEWed Apr 08 1992want to change entry_last_status from callable notes
1467.02XAPPL::CLARKWed Apr 08 1992ACCVIO during Close Conference
1468.02KURTAN::SNILSSONThu Apr 09 1992notes$sample change default in notebook
1469.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Apr 09 1992XtRemoveGrab message from "Open in New Window"
1470.033KERNEL::WEBSTERCFri Apr 10 1992Another "Network partner exited"
1471.02WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Apr 10 1992Invalid Context block, 1858 date...
1472.02GENRAL::KILGOREFri Apr 10 1992Record not found - Error reading !AS
1473.0HANSBC::BACHNERMon Apr 13 1992another ACCVIO - when Canceling the keywords window
1474.01HANSBC::BACHNERMon Apr 13 1992Second set of scrollbars in Marker window
1476.03RION::VAUGHANMon Apr 13 1992Conference moderator node not valid, How can we fix this?
1477.01OASS::GREEN_WMon Apr 20 1992DECwindows privledge error
1478.0TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 30 1992I don't want the default of Marker *
1479.02TOOK::FONSECAMon May 04 1992Keypad usablity erratic... why?
1480.0KELPIE::FALCONEThu May 07 1992Extract & Print of DDIF still doesn't work from Motif
1481.0XAPPL::CLARKThu May 07 1992DECwindows DIRECTORY * dies
1482.0HANSBC::BACHNERMon May 11 1992input focus problem
1483.01HIGEAR::AVERYMon May 11 1992Setting Default Editor
1484.0HANSBC::BACHNERTue May 12 1992'Previous Reply' button sometimes doesn't work
1485.0HEAVY::JAMIETue May 12 1992Reply-Only problems...
1486.0HANSBC::BACHNERTue May 12 1992problems with keywords
1487.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu May 14 1992Motif, change icon titles ?
1488.03HANSBC::BACHNERThu May 14 1992no pending delete in Note Id... window
1489.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 28 1992No restricted confs if usernames don't match?
1490.0VAXWRK::SWARDFri May 29 1992Translating NOTES 2.2
1491.03MSDSWS::WADESun May 31 1992Indirect comfile to create notes?
1492.01XAPPL::CLARKWed Jun 03 1992Cancelling a Keywords box killed Notes
1493.011OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jun 04 1992Notify unseen in GPC
1494.02HANSBC::BACHNERThu Jun 04 1992what does the border around the push button really mean ?
1495.03ISLNDS::SCHWABEThu Jun 04 1992Unseen problem again
1496.012HOT::FLANAGANMon Jun 15 1992Sad news about Simon Szeto
1497.03OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jun 15 199217-Nov-1858 and invalid characters
1498.01POOLSat Jun 20 1992updating the notebook dies silently
1499.02ADSERV::WINALSKISat Jun 20 1992Pathworks Conferencing - NOTES done right!!
1500.01ZURMon Jun 22 1992Problem with NOTES$LIBRARY as searchlist
1501.05STAR::SHURSTMon Jun 22 1992Network links are not disconnected
1502.07CASEE::ANKANFri Jun 26 1992Callable interface, NOTES$K_NOTE_TYPE??
1503.0KADOR::SCHATZMANNMon Jul 06 1992Notes$server not responding
1504.02SPEZKO::MERMELLWed Jul 15 1992server rejects new requests after working for a day
1505.01FOO::BARWed Jul 22 1992Identifying current noters
1506.01SMAUG::GARRODMon Jul 27 1992How can I leave UNSEEN notes that way
1507.05KAOFS::D_STREETWed Jul 29 1992Hidden note can't be read by any user
1508.05OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 30 1992V2.3 questions
1509.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 30 1992UPDATE hangs Workstation
1510.02LEMAN::BLANCHARDTue Aug 04 1992VAXNOTES 2.3 and ALL-IN-1 3.
1511.0OASS::ADAMS_SWed Aug 05 1992Link menu hidden from Notes Read window
1512.02RANGER::BOOTHThu Aug 06 1992Is it possible to disable some features in notes ?
1513.0JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
1514.04NEWOA::BAILEYTue Aug 11 1992read 2
1515.07KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Aug 11 1992"Double-Click Open" feature removed in V2.1 CC interface
1516.05KERNEL::DENNISWed Aug 12 1992TPU$CALLUSER / CALL_USER from Notes EVE
1517.0516BITS::DELBALSOFri Aug 14 1992Why is this happening to me?
1518.03XCUSME::LAPERLEWed Aug 19 1992Login Information Ivalid, while all looks okay.
1519.015R2ME2::RICOThu Aug 20 1992Notes stuck in infinite loop
1520.01RANGER::PESENTITue Sep 01 1992Access problem local versus "Remote"
1521.05OASS::BURDEN_DTue Sep 01 1992Image Id for Notes V2.3
1522.05IW::WARINGWed Sep 09 1992VAX Notes wins Reader Award in UK
1523.010NSDC::SOLAYMANTASHThu Sep 17 1992Modifying and Deleting your own notes...
1524.01DPDMAI::RITZCThu Sep 24 1992Icon interface planned for GUI desktops?
1525.01PHONES::KOTOKThu Sep 24 1992Info Window position
1526.010MEDIA::MELVILLEMFri Sep 25 1992ident mismatch with shareable image
1527.03PHONES::KOTOKFri Oct 02 1992Positioning the "Info" window
1528.01ENTIAT::GORDONMon Oct 05 1992X Error Eve Received From Server...
1529.01RICKS::D_ELLISMon Oct 12 1992Funny header info for "dir/conf"
1530.02RAB::LCLARKThu Oct 15 1992Lost keypad commands in DW Notes
1531.0RAB::LCLARKThu Oct 15 1992Overlapping keywords dialog and read window
1532.01MAST::DUTTONTue Oct 20 1992Unseen count, V2.1, and VMS V5.5-2
1533.02GUESS::DOUCETTEWed Nov 04 1992including remote file w/ DECwindows accvios
1534.06BITBKT::FORBESSun Nov 08 1992Notes with over 8
1535.08HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 11 1992why does dcl command after notes cause a subprocess ???
1536.01OOBIE::DAMOREThu Nov 12 1992Background and keyboard mapping problems?
1537.03CORNIS::TURNERWed Nov 18 1992Hung on EXTR/BUF + Ctrl/C -- how to diagnose?
1538.02SWTHOM::NOBREMon Nov 23 1992DNS usage with NOTES
1539.03SUOSW4::RIEDRICHTue Nov 24 1992add member, no effect
1540.03STIKNY::GUENTHERWed Nov 25 1992Is DIR/NOALL possible?
1541.02FORTY2::MILLSWed Nov 25 1992NOTES ACCVIO - When attempting to include a text file as a reply
1542.0HANSBC::BACHNERTue Dec 01 1992input focus not as shown
1543.05LARVAE::DRSD12::PATTISON_MWed Dec 02 1992produce list of recently viewed notes ?
1544.02EEMELI::KORKKOFri Dec 04 1992BUG: Notes server hangs when accessed from PC certain way
1545.05OASS::ADAMS_SFri Dec 04 1992Finalize status of "unseen" (please)
1546.02SPEZKO::FRAZIERTue Dec 08 1992Too many logfiles...
1547.02FUNYET::ANDERSONWed Dec 09 1992NETSERVER bad parameter value
1548.03GVPROD::MSTEINERFri Dec 11 1992QAR for VAXnotes ?
1549.01OASS::BURDEN_DMon Dec 14 1992How to tell which addresses didn't work in Forward/Mail?
1550.01TOOK::MORRISONFri Dec 18 1992Hung on attempt to open conference; why no time-out?
1551.05MIACT::ROWELLMon Jan 04 1993LinkWorks Reported Error: No such LinkBase
1552.02IOSG::PYEWed Jan 06 1993What's the SHOW MARK buffer called?
1553.04OASS::BURDEN_DThu Jan 07 1993VAX Notes V1.3 mod problem
1554.02AIAG::KATOCHThu Jan 14 1993Problem with notes callable for fetching classes in notebook.
1555.0TPOVC::KCFUThu Jan 14 1993two bytes character sethow to show on terminal?
1556.02AIAG::KATOCHThu Jan 21 1993How to fetch associated filename in notes callable ??
1557.01NETRIX::michaudThu Jan 21 1993OSF/1 & ULTRIX tty based NOTES client
1558.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Jan 28 1993why is notes **crashing** on MCC, note number 4458 ?
1559.06NEWOA::BAILEYSat Jan 30 1993unseen and all relpies
1560.02NETRIX::michaudMon Feb 01 1993NOTES$NOTE_MODIFY(NOTES$K_NOTE_UNSEEN), side effect?
1561.015AIAG::KATOCHTue Feb 02 1993Notes Callable for unseen notes ???
1562.05AWECIM::COLBATHTue Feb 09 1993MARKER buttons not enabled?
1563.02HDLITE::NEWMANWed Feb 10 1993Accvio entering note/reading by note id
1564.02VIVIAN::GOODWINWed Mar 03 1993ACCVIO opening conference
1565.0102387::HAYESThu Mar 04 1993compute-bound notes process
1566.0SMPTE::FLANAGANThu Mar 04 19932HOT is back online
1567.03DECWET::SHOEMAKERThu Mar 04 1993Is there any reason that NOTES$SERVER should be attempting this?
1568.0OASS::ADAMS_SFri Mar 05 1993** license issue ** please clarify!!!
1569.01CGOOA::OWONGFri Mar 12 1993Init. file when invokiing Notes Editor
1570.06WEORG::GILLISThu Mar 18 1993 Notes file doesn't show entries after $ANALYZE...
1571.02HANNAH::VESSALWed Mar 24 1993Can not pass Parameters to notes commandin a com file
1572.01PHDVAX::LANDISWed Mar 24 1993VMS 5.5-2, Notes 2.3, SHRIDMISMAT, & Motif 1.1
1573.03IOSG::PYEMon Mar 29 1993Is a remote library supported?
1574.04SKYLAB::FISHERFri Apr 02 1993Kudos on 2.4!
1575.03CAGED::CLARKWed Apr 07 1993T2.4 DW UI observations
1576.0HDLITE::NEWMANWed Apr 07 1993repeatable DECWindows notes ACCVIO sending MAIL
1577.05SKYLAB::FISHERWed Apr 07 1993Nits about 2.4 Decwindows version
1578.0XLIB::BRUNELLWed Apr 14 1993Alpha bug?
1579.01SEFISun Apr 18 1993T2.4 Scroll bar behaviour problems
1580.05KAOU58::MACDONALDFri Apr 23 1993Can't Get Fonts Large Enough to read with T2.4-3
1581.02HEAVY::JAMIETue Apr 27 1993Callable note deletion problems...
1582.01XSTACY::PATTISONFri Apr 30 1993Invalid Context Block - eXcursion
1583.01SEFITue May 04 1993Unseen count nits with DECwindows interface
1584.02OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DFri May 14 1993Notes --> internet news
1585.02OASS::ADAMS_SSat May 15 1993Error handling, Sending notes via Mail
1586.07SUOSWS::RIEDRICHThu Jun 03 1993members suddenly denied access in restricted conference...
1587.03DECWET::NEWKERKTue Jun 08 1993Why can't I adjust the width of the mauin window inb T2.4-4?
1588.05BUSHIE::BURTFri Jun 11 1993Moderators unable to access restricted conference
1589.01RICKS::D_ELLISFri Jun 11 1993ACCVIO caused by scrolling
1590.02TPSYS::PMF_FUJIFri Jun 11 1993DDIF file print hang....
1591.0VBV1A::SYSTEMFri Jun 11 1993AccVio in 2.3
1592.01LGP3Mon Jun 14 1993Why would Note 364.1 break in V2.4?
1593.02OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 16 1993List of all System files and specs?
1594.034CSOADM::ROTHMon Jun 21 1993Next unseen shows older notes
1595.02EEMELI::KORKKOSun Jun 27 1993Notes server (v2.4) logging out every now and then
1596.06UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Jun 28 1993Equivalent of keypad Enter key?
1597.03DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSWed Jun 30 1993Unseen count zooms after "Path lost..." error
1598.08DECWET::SHOEMAKERThu Jul 01 1993%NOTES-W-EXPIRED, your license for this software has expired
1599.04HAMSUP::SONNENTAGFri Jul 02 1993Couldn't install NOTES 2.4 on ALPHA
1600.04OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 08 1993V2.4 window size/resize problems?
1601.03JEDI::CAUDILLThu Jul 08 1993Isn't there a faster dir/key=xyz?
1602.0126Thu Jul 08 1993V2.4 Installation hoses NOTES$LIBRARY search list
1603.07WASCLY::HENNEThu Jul 08 1993V2.4 Intermittent bugs - Mail and Edit
1604.02ADISSW::MONNELLYTue Jul 20 1993problem with installation of notes v2.4
1605.02ALPHAZ::HARNEYWed Jul 21 1993V2.4 ACCVIO, VA
1606.03DCOPST::RIKER1::STEWARDWed Jul 21 1993Notes V2.4 Installation - NOTES$SAMPLE.NOTE cannot be parsed
1607.08FARAN::NODDLEFri Jul 23 1993Update not reporting unseen notes
1608.03126Mon Jul 26 1993DEC Notes V2.4 Server Infinite Loop
1609.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Aug 02 1993How to audit remote access to NOTES
1610.01DEKVC::SUNJOOHAWed Aug 04 1993Where is the management quide of VAX NOTES ?
1611.04FORTY2::YUILLEFri Aug 06 1993Reading profile from callable interface
1612.02DECWET::NEWKERKFri Aug 06 1993ACCVIO in Notes V2.4 when trying to mail a note
1613.01SMPTE::FLANAGANMon Aug 09 1993Anyone interested in using Notes over TCP/IP rather than DECnet?
1614.05DCEIDL::CLARKMon Aug 09 1993Can't get Notes V2.4 to startup iconized
1615.07DCEIDL::CLARKMon Aug 09 1993Extra time stamp precision is distracting
1616.0DCEIDL::CLARKMon Aug 09 1993Normal (non-bolded) in the Read window
1617.05CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Aug 10 1993What are the MAIL_VAXNOTES_... files?
1618.04DCEIDL::CLARKTue Aug 10 1993Thin highlight line (keyboard traversal outline)
1619.01WASCLY::HENNEWed Aug 11 1993Slider behavior (DECwindows interface)
1620.05DCEIDL::CLARKThu Aug 12 1993Disconnect results in 69,357 unseen notes
1621.02DCEIDL::CLARKThu Aug 12 1993"next topic" button doesn't find moved topic
1622.0HANNAH::BAYSat Aug 14 1993Strange corruption
1623.02HYDRA::BECKTue Aug 17 1993DEC Notes is a 16 bit application?
1624.03DCEIDL::CLARKWed Aug 18 1993Set Seen thinks "16:
1625.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Aug 19 1993Record not found in NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE
1626.0WASCLY::HENNEThu Aug 19 1993Suggestion: Edit window width - 1
1627.02DCEIDL::CLARKTue Aug 24 1993Two different notes with the same number
1628.04OASS::GREEN_WWed Aug 25 1993word wrap - does it really work?
1629.08FORTY2::YUILLETue Aug 31 1993Access list code from callable interface?
1630.02GEMGRP::CRAIGThu Sep 02 1993ACCVIO when rapidly dragging scroll bar
1631.04XSTACY::PATTISONTue Sep 07 1993Failed to allocate required virtual memory
1632.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSWed Sep 08 1993EXTRACT /UNSEEN : unexpected behavior
1633.02SSPADE::OBRYANThu Sep 09 1993Can't create new Markers. Problem with notebook file?
1634.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Sep 09 1993SET NOTE/NOTE_ID produces unexpected results
1635.04ISLNDS::HEIERMon Sep 13 1993Log for users of notes conference
1637.03OASS::ADAMS_SWed Sep 22 1993This appears to be a real problem but...
1638.0KERNEL::LOATThu Sep 23 1993Unseen count clarification please?
1639.05SHLSAM::BEANEWed Sep 29 1993TeamLinks ASYNC user question
1640.01KERNEL::LOATThu Sep 30 1993SAVE/BEFORE=TODAY-32-
1641.01WWF::LONGFri Oct 01 1993directory using multiple keywords - ???
1642.01ARAFAT::ASUNDQVISTWed Oct 06 1993V2.4, Alpha VMS 1.5 & decnet/osi, ACCVIO when opening an entry with an OBJECT defined
1643.03ROWEL::PONTIUSThu Oct 07 1993Access Violation Opening Conference
1644.01DELNI::ROSSMEISLFri Oct 08 1993cant read or take a directory of a reply
1645.03SNOOPI::ALONGIMon Oct 11 1993Notes V2.4 installation fails
1646.03MSAMWed Oct 13 1993Installation failed, file spec cannot be parsed
1647.01GALVIA::STONESThu Oct 14 1993Page scroll too jerky - Motif 1.2
1648.0GALVIA::STONESThu Oct 14 1993Button highlight confusion...
1649.03MU::PORTERFri Oct 15 1993Save geometry, please?
1650.02BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Oct 21 1993keypad diagram lost in V2.4?
1651.07VELI::KORKKOMon Oct 25 1993Notes T2.5 and ALL-IN-1
1652.06EEMELI::RUUSKANENFri Oct 29 1993probs with DECnotes when LinkWorks link points to deleted topic ??
1653.0A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try conferencing FT2
1654.01NEWOA::BAILEYMon Nov 01 1993Remote keyword user_area woes
1655.02CTHQ::LANGLOISTue Nov 23 1993seeing control characters in Notes
1656.03HANSBC::BACHNERWed Nov 24 1993error accessing a conference with logical names involved
1657.02CSC32::S_MAUFESat Dec 04 1993Since V2.4, NOTEBOOK file gets huge
1658.06DCEIDL::CLARKTue Dec 07 1993Bogus unseen count (1) and modification date (1858)
1659.02OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Dec 09 1993Passing a logical to the /title= switch?
1660.03ICS::POLCARIThu Dec 09 1993Note$notebook.note file increasing?
1661.01JAMMER::JACKMon Dec 13 1993DIR/CONF broken?
1662.02HELP::CARSONFri Dec 17 1993Longnames are not displayed in 2.5 notes headers
1663.01HACMAN::HACKFri Dec 17 1993Notes$Defaults.Dat Samples ...
1664.03FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Dec 20 1993Server errors
1665.0PETERB::CARSONMon Dec 20 1993Notes$Startup fails to see DECnet on PhaseV nodes
1666.05FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Dec 21 1993Crash! Who to blame?
1667.022979::NEEDLEWed Dec 22 1993Error purging SYS$SYSDEVICE:[NOTES$SERVER] during installation
1668.09FUNYET::ANDERSONWed Dec 22 1993Two "current" server processes
1669.04VELI::KORKKOMon Dec 27 1993DEC Notes V2.5 accesses even remote notebook using RMS
1670.01HDLITE::NEWMANTue Dec 28 1993Accvio on VAX/VMS V5.5-2 using next-unseen
1671.010OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Dec 29 1993DNS required in DEC Notes V2.5?
1672.02KELVIN::DEVANEYMon Jan 10 1994V2.4 or V2.5 latest SSB Released?
1673.03HELP::CARSONMon Jan 10 1994XToolKitWarning
1674.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jan 12 1994'next unseen' problems & NOTED::IBMPC-94 in specific
1675.03PASTIS::MONAHANThu Jan 13 1994enqueue quota and server locking out connections.
1676.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dMon Jan 17 1994V2.4 Alpha can't translate SYS$LOGIN?
1677.05OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Jan 20 1994NOTES$HELP and TPU V3.1
1678.03HACMAN::HACKMon Jan 24 1994Forward note via mail with DCL Interface?
1679.01VCOUWed Jan 26 199417-Nov-1858
1680.055Wed Jan 26 1994set seen/before=yesterday fries notes?
1681.03QUARK::LIONELThu Jan 27 1994New "not a member" problem
1682.03PAULKM::WEISSMon Jan 31 1994Performance problem in DEC Notes:Edit window
1683.02HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Feb 03 19942.5 open error
1684.0LGP3Thu Feb 03 1994Mail hangs when called from Notes with RMS-W-RTB
1685.011RDGENG::RAKSHIT_UMon Feb 07 1994"network partner exit" with NOTES 2.5
1686.03FDCV14::WILLIAMSMon Feb 07 1994%UCX-E-SERVERROR - NOTES V2.5 and VMS V6.
1687.01PERENS::KIMMELTue Feb 08 1994COBOL and callable notes
1688.05AIMTEC::WOODY_SThu Feb 10 1994Client license does not install notes$server.exe?
1689.03PERENS::KIMMELThu Feb 10 1994COBOL and callable notes (again)
1690.05PERENS::KIMMELTue Feb 15 1994can't seem to add reply from callable notes
1691.09ULYSSE::PICKUPTue Feb 22 1994Bug: space before member name - not a member!
1692.011DCEIDL::CLARKTue Feb 22 1994Unseen counts stuck at
1693.0TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 23 1994detachable or tear-away menus support?
1694.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dMon Feb 28 1994what does SHO VER do?
1695.02DCEIDL::KEANEThu Mar 03 1994Apparent circularity in unseen list
1696.09759::PORTERFri Mar 04 1994NOTES icon not displayed under eXcursion
1697.0TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 04 1994Remote display windows to V4.3 are 132 columns?
1698.06NETRIX::michaudTue Mar 08 1994LAST.1 gives LAST.LAST
1699.04WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Mar 09 1994Use of v2.5 server causes HANG
1700.03WRAFLC::GILLEYFri Mar 11 1994How to override moderator protections?
1701.03LJSRV2::WORTH1::robbinsMon Mar 14 1994Notes server not releasing TCP/IP sockets
1702.04WASHDC::KMOOREThu Mar 24 1994Windows client can't connect to server
1703.01PERPLE::MARTINThu Mar 24 1994Multiple desktops - same user
1704.03MOIRA::FAIMANTue Mar 29 1994Lots of V2.5 server problems
1705.01MU::TRURL::porterWed Mar 30 1994Buglet - logfile names
1706.02QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 31 1994Directory of conferences aborts - leaves link open
1707.02COMEUP::SIMMONDSSat Apr 02 1994V2.5, Motif, ACCVIO in EDIT while creating reply..
1708.0QUARK::LIONELSat Apr 02 1994Keywords with commas problem in Motif interface
1709.010AIMTEC::WOODY_SMon Apr 11 1994HELP! DNS dependency ??'s
1710.01PIECES::CLARKEJTue Apr 12 1994AXP V2.5 Installation Errors.
1711.01AIMTEC::WOODY_STue Apr 12 1994NOTES_SHOW_KEYWORD procedure code?
1712.01QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 14 1994Support for OpenVMS VAX V6.1
1713.03LISVAX::DAVIDWed Apr 27 1994VAXnotes "accounting"?
1715.02REGENT::HUMMERSThu Apr 28 1994Breaking into a M.O. conf?
1716.01OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dMon May 02 1994Convert utility from V1.1 to V2.5??
1717.02TROOA::PIGGOTThu May 12 1994Postscript Format
1718.04BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri May 20 1994More information on NOTES$K_USER_MODERATE, please
1719.04IOSG::PYEWed May 25 1994Conference Problems??
1720.01GIDDAY::BURTFri May 27 1994DEC Notes 2.4 with ALL-IN-1 2.4 Print problems
1721.01QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 01 1994Auto-failback to TCP/IP is annoying
1722.02DECWIN::GMCCOYTue Jun 14 1994Link menu not supported
1723.09FORTY2::YUILLEFri Jun 24 1994Keyword corruption slugs conference keyword control
1724.09STAR::JSAUNDERSThu Jun 30 1994ACCVIO on Paste
1725.08AIMTEC::HESS_STue Jul 05 1994
1726.0WAYLAY::GORDONWed Jul 20 1994V2.5 window width problems after V6.1 & Motif 1.2 Upgrade
1727.06IOSG::PYEMon Jul 25 1994Can't enter mixed case membership access string
1728.03KAOATue Jul 26 1994Wildcard node access to restricted conf
1729.05XSTACY::PATTISONWed Jul 27 1994(EDT,CALL) on AXP broken?
1730.05KAOAWed Jul 27 1994Incorrect conference list on remote node
1731.02OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUFri Jul 29 1994Product Manager Info?
1732.01CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMWed Aug 10 1994Notes V2.5 Server and DECnet PhaseV have problems with restricted conferences
1733.01FILTON::BAILEYThu Aug 11 1994PAN (support lack of)
1734.03STOWOA::KURTAFri Aug 12 1994Can you measure Notesfile activity?
1735.01USCD::MORTONMon Aug 22 1994%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image UCX$DNFC_SHR
1736.02RAB::BRAUN::BraunWed Aug 24 1994Conferencing Reqs. for Mobile Users
1737.01UNXA::MOKWed Aug 24 1994Want replies to automatically be mailed to author of note
1738.01GIDDAY::BURTTue Aug 30 1994Conference with no notes has "1" unseen
1739.0GALVIA::BSMITHThu Sep 01 1994Attention all conference users
1741.05TEKDEV::TEKDEV::BARKLEYWed Sep 07 1994NOTES and DECnet links
1742.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DThu Sep 15 1994FOR/MEM, VMS V6.1 and SMTP addresses
1743.02TROOA::DLOTENTue Sep 20 1994NOTES$SERVER runs away!
1744.04WOOK::LEEWed Sep 21 1994ACCVIO on pasting text cut from Notes
1745.02MILPND::WILLIAMSONMon Sep 26 1994ECO1
1746.01MROA::BONVALLATTue Sep 27 1994UCX-E-INVRECORD error during 2.5 ECO install
1747.01VMSSG::FRIEDRICHSThu Oct 06 1994Corrupted conference - help!
1748.09VELI::KORKKOSun Oct 09 1994DEC Notes V2.5 and TCPIP cluster alias
1749.01KELVIN::DEVANEYTue Nov 01 1994is there a problem w/ hngovr
1750.012HANNAH::ALFREDFri Nov 11 1994Questions about keypad commands
1751.0WARLRD::BURDEN_DMon Nov 21 1994Cluster only from direct access, not from server access
1752.03DFSAXP::JPTue Nov 29 1994%NOTES-W-UNWIND, unwind currently in progress
1753.01QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 29 1994Forward of empty note in DW interface doesn't forward header
1754.0IOSG::PYEFri Dec 02 1994It must be nearly Christmas :-)
1755.07IOSG::PYEFri Dec 02 1994Undeleteable keyword...
1756.02AIMTEC::HESS_STue Dec 06 1994Annoying reverse flashing on UPDATE
1757.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DFri Dec 09 1994Page faulting server processes
1758.01ZURTue Dec 13 1994NOTES 2.5 on VMS6.1 and OSI 5.8 doesn't work
1759.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Dec 14 1994New installed 2.5 takes all CPU
1760.01UHUH::MARISONWed Dec 28 1994dynamic keyboard layout not working - bug?
1761.06TRU116::WEISSMon Jan 09 1995Where's VIA or a New Kit Location?
1762.07IOSG::PYETue Jan 10 1995SET NOTE/UNSEEN 123.45 ????
1763.0RANGER::CLARKTue Jan 10 1995Notes V2.5 / TGV Multinet
1765.01IOSG::PYEMon Jan 23 1995A Possible Future Release?
1766.011CRONIC::LEMONSSat Jan 28 1995LAST READ NOTE verb
1767.02CALDEC::SCHMIDTMon Feb 13 1995Invalid Item Length error
1768.01FORTY2::YUILLEWed Feb 15 1995callable image member protect loophole
1769.01TPSYS::COTEFri Feb 17 1995Error installing notes
1770.08DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 21 1995NOTES$NOTEBOOK.NOTE still growing...
1771.02CAM3::LINDSEYFri Feb 24 1995Dynamic Memory exhausted
1772.014HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 03 1995how can I type "-" key on PC for decwindows notes
1773.01DIMUND::MATTHEWS_GThu Mar 30 1995CROSS POSTED-GPC Mail members-list never updates
1774.03UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Apr 06 1995weird unseen count issue
1775.09TROOA::PIGGOTFri Apr 07 1995Can't get to remote Notebook via IP
1776.02TOOK::MORRISONMon Apr 24 1995NOTES hangs when invoked on hosted-over session
1777.02AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon May 01 1995excessive i/o count by notes server?
1778.03WRKSYS::DUTTONThu May 11 1995Problem inserting/extracting postscript file(s)
1779.05FORTY2::SHIPMANThu May 11 1995SEARCH is broken
1780.05GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu May 18 1995CCR Cannot connect RAB, create or open conference
1781.02AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKIWed Jun 07 1995"Error opening NOTES$HELP" sometimes...
1782.05HANNAH::OSMANThu Jun 08 1995ROBTOB::BRAIN_BOGGLERS and decwindows notes conspired to TRASH my unseens
1783.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jun 08 1995Can't access conferences
1784.013TALLIS::NELSONFri Jun 16 1995New notes added to conference, UNSEEN map unchanged!
1785.012KERNEL::ANDERSONLWed Jun 21 1995Save Print Settings in Decwindows notes
1786.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jul 17 1995TCP/IP and restricted access
1787.01IOSG::PYEThu Jul 20 1995Known Security Problem?
1788.06AIMTEC::BURDEN_DWed Aug 23 1995TCP/IP issues with DEC Notes
1789.03TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 24 1995New location for docs and kits - how about Note(s) #?
1790.06DIBDIB::DBATESTue Sep 05 1995Bad block address, LIB$GET_VM, LIB$FREE_VM
1791.07DECC::SULLIVANThu Sep 07 1995Can't remove some keywords
1792.04MYOTT::PERRYThu Sep 07 1995undefined symbol in NOTES$SERVER_LOGIN.COM
1793.04ZENDIA::DONAHUETue Sep 19 1995Error messages when logging in
1794.0HANSBC::BACHNERThu Sep 28 1995Deleting a marker requires clicking on Apply in "main" marker window
1795.03PLUGH::needleWed Oct 04 1995Can't use remote notebook via IP from VMS to VMS
1796.03COPSFri Oct 06 1995Network partner exited,object disappears
1797.02FUNYET::ANDERSONWed Oct 25 1995Multitude of problems on HUMANE
1798.01TPSYS::GUNDUCWed Nov 08 1995Availability of usage statistics on DEC Notes
1799.01TKOV6Fri Nov 10 1995A small bug in KITINSTAL
1800.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue Nov 28 1995Multiple versions on cluster
1801.09HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 30 1995serious bug that trashes unseen counts
1802.05TEGAN::LOWEWed Dec 06 1995Corrupted Notebook -> COPY_NOTEBOOK.EXE?
1803.0AIMTEC::BURDEN_DThu Dec 07 1995Access Violation with Notes on Alpha
1804.03BULEAN::CARSONThu Dec 14 1995Notes over TCP/IP File not found
1805.06LOW8::AHOMon Dec 18 1995Record too large for user buffer error when trying to add .PS file to notes conference
1806.01DAVIDF::FOXMon Jan 15 1996Nodename display shows numbers on DECnet/OSI system
1807.05HANSBC::BACHNERFri Jan 19 1996problem with class creation/deletion in concurrent Notes sessions
1808.07STKHLM::KNORNTue Jan 23 1996Not a member of ... revisited
1809.0123Mon Feb 19 1996Open/nonotebook only works correctly every other time
1810.06STDBKR::Burden_dWed Feb 21 1996Noting from a laptop
1811.0NAC::CELENTANOThu Feb 22 1996DECNET links problem (again)
1812.03tunnel2.imc.das.dec.com::boebingerWed Feb 28 1996Questions about callable Notes for PC
1813.02KEPTIN::GRANOFFWed Feb 28 1996NOTES$MAIN V2.5 caused OpenVMS VAX V6.1 SSRVEXCEPT & Crash
1814.0251666::KORKKOSat Mar 02 1996FT 2.7; can I get access to alpha kit?
1815.03WKRP::HENRYMon Mar 18 1996PLEASE help me with notes
1816.07GRINCH::KALINThu Apr 04 1996Possible breakin using NOTES$SERVER account
1817.06HANSBC::BACHNERFri May 03 1996unseen not reset to
1818.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed May 08 1996Getting info from restricted conferences
1819.01HACMAN::HACKSat May 11 1996kit location unaccessable.
1820.02SCAMP::NAROThu May 16 1996Members only modification
1821.01TENNIS::KAMMon May 20 1996next unseen issue with some conferences?
1822.0GALVIA::EMCHALETue May 21 1996DECNOTES installation kit available from WEB
1823.08HAACK::HAACKFri May 24 1996consulting needed here?
1824.02POLAR::TOMKINSThu May 30 1996Shadowing or Mirroring?
1826.03VAXCPU::michaudWed Jun 12 1996NOTES$NOTE_MODIFY(NOTES$K_NOTE_NEW_ID) doesn't accept NOTE_UID
1827.02osovFri Jun 14 1996Gateway(Route Trough) Node specification
1828.0PACKED::VOGEL_WThu Jul 25 1996DIR/CONF <searchlist> produces multiple copies of conference
1829.03DYPSS1::SMITHThu Jul 25 1996ACCVIO during print operations
1830.0GEMGRP::HAMNETTThu Aug 08 1996Problem displaying to Unix V4.
1831.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Aug 08 1996Invalid Media Address over tcp/ip
1832.01METALX::SWANSONSat Aug 24 1996Break in through notes server?
1833.0+1MYOTT::PERRYWed Aug 28 1996Failed to allocate required virtual memory (again...)
1834.0MXOCWed Sep 11 1996TCP/IP transport wont start NOTES$SERVER?
1836.0VAXCPU::michaudSun Dec 08 1996Moving a base note leaves original topic w/no title
1837.0ATZIS2::5Wed Dec 11 19968-bit characters and eXcursion
1838.0VAXCPU::michaudThu Dec 12 1996Bug: Can't move notes in a reply-only conference
1839.0VELI::KORKKOWed Dec 25 1996Notes required more virtual memore resources after upg to V7.1
1840.0 *+1AIMTEC::GRENIER_JWed Feb 19 1997ACCVIO When Using Cut/Paste
1841.0 *+4OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAFri Feb 21 1997Converting Notes entry from DECnet IV to V
1842.0 *+2VAXCPU::michaudSat Mar 01 1997What operations cause NOTES$K_NOTEFILE_LASTREV to be set?
1843.0 *+3VAXRIO::6323Thu Apr 03 1997Year 2
1844.0 *STAR::POMFRETWed May 21 1997ACCVIO in Notes