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Conference galvia::sgml_converters

Title:SGML Converters
Created:Tue Jun 23 1987
Last Modified:Wed Oct 11 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:61
Total number of notes:152
Number with bodies:0
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1.0ILO::SMITHMon Aug 31 1987Welcome
2.0ILO::SMITHMon Aug 31 1987Product Requirements Document
3.0ILO::SMITHFri Sep 18 1987DDIF <==> SGML Converters Phase 1 Notice
4.0ILO::SMITHTue Sep 22 1987Clear Text Conversion Example
5.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987comments on Dev_plan
6.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987Comment on Dev Plan
7.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987Comment #3 on dev. plan
8.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987Comment #4 on Dev Plan
9.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987comment #5 on Dev Plan
10.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987Comment #6 on Dev plan
11.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987comment #7 on Dev PLan
12.0ILO::VONSUCKMon Sep 28 1987Phase 1 Review Minutes
13.0MARK::SMITHWed Jan 20 1988Converter DDIF Usage Definition
14.02GALVIA::MCNELISTue Aug 30 1988SGML <==> DDIF Converter X
15.0DSSDEV::SURTEESTue Oct 11 1988DDIF Cookbook information request
16.0GALVIA::MCNELISMon Oct 17 1988SGML <==> DDIF Converters T1.
17.03GALVIA::MCNELISMon Oct 17 1988Register of Installations
18.07SARAH::BUEHLERMon Oct 17 1988Specifying doctype to the converter
19.03SARAH::BUEHLERMon Oct 17 1988EPIC/writer doesn't read the DDIF?
20.02NUTMEG::COYTue Feb 14 1989New CDA$ACCESS breaks converter?
21.01NUTMEG::COYTue Feb 14 1989SGML-->DECwrite; unusable data
22.03GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKMon Feb 20 1989SDC T1.
23.0136239::ANDERSONTue Apr 18 1989Customer information
24.0GALVIA::JKELLYThu May 04 1989Available via DNS
25.08UTES17::VANDERNIETWed May 10 1989Tables from SGML=>DDIF
26.04GALVIA::SPAINWed May 10 1989SGML Converters V2.
27.02EPSDEV::WINSTONWed May 31 1989Documentation?
28.04GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKTue Jul 04 1989DECwrite and SGML
29.02GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKWed Aug 30 1989ddif enhancements
30.01GEMVAX::BERRYTue Oct 24 1989Heard of AVALANCH?
32.01SNOCTue Feb 20 1990SGML and CDA converter library
33.01UTROFF::OOSTENDEFri Feb 23 1990Error going from DECwrite to SGML
34.03HAM::SCHAEDEFri Mar 16 1990?? timetable for SGML<->DDIF 1.2 ??
35.04SUOSW3::KNOBLACHWed Sep 12 1990trying to convert ...
36.0GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Oct 12 1990SGMLVerify - Create and verify SGML documents using LSE
37.03HAMCL3::SCHAEDEMon Nov 26 1990Airlines and SGML
38.01ANNECY::HUMANFri Jan 04 1991bitmap > HGML cles?
39.01SAPHAX::JANSENWed Jan 30 1991Need help with $CONVERT
40.02MAPROP::FONTAINEThu Feb 28 1991SGML -> SDML ??
41.01EMILE::CHAFFAUTFri Mar 08 1991Batch Conversion SGML->POSTCRIPT ?
42.05BAGELS::CHINTue Mar 12 1991Kit for ULTRIX --- where ?
43.01SFCPMO::GREENEThu Apr 18 1991 Another note about SDML-->DDIF
44.02SNOCWed Oct 16 1991DDIF<-->SGML problems
45.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Oct 23 1991IFT for the MAC and DOS Server Packs for VMS V1.
46.03MCDONL::ANGELILLOWed Oct 23 1991runoff converters
47.02USPMLO::KISERMon Dec 30 1991SGML <--> SDML Converter
48.01ISIDRO::DEDIEGOThu Feb 13 1992DECwrite SGML Gateway Kit on the net?
49.01ANGLIN::HOPPERSTADWed Feb 26 1992CCITT Group IV --> DDIF?
50.0GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Mar 16 1992IFT 1 announcement: CDA Converter Library, T2.
51.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Mar 27 1992Problem converting SGML <==> DDIF
52.01LUCCIO::POLINIWed Jul 15 1992sgmlverify
53.03AZUR::BARESWed Aug 26 1992SGML ==> PostScript/ANSI on Ultrix 4.2
54.01PEACHS::GILBERTWed Mar 10 1993SDML --> DECWrite?
55.01RAGMOP::KEEFEFri Mar 26 1993Is context checking possible in (CDA) SGML->DDIF?
56.06MINNY::PFISTERWFri Jun 04 1993SGML Docu
57.01CECEHV::EIJKThu Jun 17 1993SGML <--> DDIF on SUN:
58.02GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Aug 06 1993Please help us review CDA Converter Documentation
59.0CCAD39::CAMERONTue Nov 09 1993DDIF --> tiff, PBM
60.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993FT 3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
61.0CECMOW::ALIMARINWed Oct 11 1995How can I prepare a book for Bookreader in OSF/1