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Conference galvia::sgml

Title:SGML Discussions
Created:Mon Nov 30 1987
Last Modified:Thu Dec 21 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:84
Total number of notes:277
Number with bodies:0
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1.0ILO::VONSUCKFri Dec 04 1987Welcome to SGML-land
2.04ILO::VONSUCKThu Jan 14 1988Link Type Definition
3.010UTRUST::R_DEVRIESTue Jan 26 1988Tell me more about SGML!
4.01UTRUST::R_DEVRIESTue Apr 12 1988The SGML Standards Arena
5.03KYOA::NEWMANWed May 04 1988Help, need SGML S/W under Ultrix
6.02PAULUS::HUCKERTThu May 05 1988example for SGML/DDIF/ODIF ?
7.0SGML::KILLIANTue May 10 1988Example of a general DTD
8.01IJSAPL::VONKFri May 27 1988need help for a demo and proposal
9.01UTRUST::R_DEVRIESWed Jun 22 1988What to read?
10.0DSSDEV::SURTEESTue Oct 11 1988DDIF Cookbook information request
11.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Oct 18 1988Unedited Draft of SGML Fact Sheet IPG No.24
12.0GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Oct 20 1988Guidelines for the generation of SGML DTDs
13.01GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Oct 20 1988SGML-related documents
14.0GALVIA::KILLIANFri Nov 11 1988A comprehensive new SGML book.
16.03NUTMEG::KELLOGGSun Jan 29 1989Full Text of FIPS 152 - SGML Implementation
17.0DECWET::SERACKMon Feb 13 1989Open Software Publishing Tools Group Announcement
18.0GALVIA::JKELLYThu May 04 1989Conference available via DNS
20.01KOALA::BRINKLEYThu May 25 1989Just one example file please
21.01GEMVAX::BERRYTue Oct 24 1989Heard of AVALANCH?
22.01VAOUSat Jan 20 1990LSE Template for SGML??
23.01PRIMES::VEACHFri Feb 16 1990SGML Editor for VMS on VTxxx??
24.02PRIMES::VEACHTue Apr 10 1990<TAG> The SGML Newsletter??
25.03SCAACT::RESENDEFri May 18 1990Third-Party SGML Editors
26.06THEBUS::KOWALWed Jun 13 1990Will SGML print on an LPS4
27.04GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Oct 12 1990SGMLVerify - Create and verify SGML documents using LSE
28.02PETRUS::HUCKERTMon Nov 19 1990CALS SGML DTDs available?
29.06STKHLM::JOHANSSON_OMon Jan 14 1991ArborText's Publisher on DECstation?
30.02LEMAN::LURASCHIThu May 16 1991MODERATOR ???
31.0HAM::MARTENMon Jul 22 1991ATA 1
32.05GALVIA::STEPHENSSat Aug 10 1991SGML Toolchest available from ASSETS
33.02VAXUUM::KEEFEFri Oct 11 1991DTDLSE
34.02VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Oct 23 1991Parsing the M28
35.04BALZAC::CHESNOTThu Oct 24 1991accented character problem
36.04BALZAC::CHESNOTTue Nov 26 1991Questions on the SGML Strategy
37.02VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Dec 09 1991Logical connectors question
38.07VAXUUM::KEEFETue Dec 10 1991How to include a graphic?
39.0GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Dec 19 1991SGML Frequently Asked Questions
40.02SMURF::MALERFri Dec 20 1991Default SGML declaration on ULTRIX client
41.03USPMLO::KISERMon Dec 30 1991SGML <--> SDML Converter
42.03VAXUUM::WITTBECKERMon Jan 13 1992Error message in ignore section
43.01VAXUUM::WITTBECKERTue Feb 11 199228
44.07VAXUUM::WITTBECKERWed Feb 12 1992Strange footnote behavior
45.02VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Feb 24 1992coding index entries
46.02VAXUUM::KEEFEFri Mar 06 1992SGMLverify ACCVIO
47.03VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Mar 18 1992SGML comments vs marked sections
48.03SMURF::MALERFri Apr 03 1992Instance "maximization" (unminimization?)
49.0BERNTue Apr 28 1992Is SGML simpler to analyze than DDIF ?
50.04SHANE::PACIELLOThu May 07 1992Meeting with SoftQuad, Inc.
51.02SMURF::MALERTue May 12 1992Ambiguous content model problem
52.0GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jun 15 1992Risc/Ultrix IFT announcement for the CDA Converter Library T2.
53.08VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Jul 06 1992SGML -> TeX converter?
54.01VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Aug 10 1992Timing of resolution of parameter entities
55.02SHIPS::RUMMING_KFri Aug 21 1992SGML expert required!
56.0GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Aug 24 1992WordPerfect goes SGML
57.01VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Aug 27 1992CDA SGML->DECwrite converter - define all styles?
58.0IJSAPL::SMITHMon Sep 07 1992vms sgml a la BookManager
59.01KETJE::ERNSTWed Sep 16 1992SGML conformance statement wanted
60.01SMURF::MALERFri Oct 09 1992Comments solicited on OSF DTD
61.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Nov 03 1992SGML used for EC project
62.01SMURF::MALERMon Nov 09 1992Additional source of SGML info
63.04BALZAC::CHESNOTTue Dec 01 1992MIL-STD-1388-2A and IPCs
64.05GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Jan 20 1993comp.text.sgml discussion of FrameBuilder
65.04MAY28::YURYANMon Feb 01 1993where can I get SGML
66.0SMURF::MALERMon Mar 01 1993OSF DTD beta testing to begin
67.05NEWOA::MINDELSOHN_CWed Mar 03 1993Have we delivered any SGML projects?
68.07TERPS::KMOOREMon Mar 08 1993Products that "use" SGML?
69.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Mar 23 1993Announcement of SGML Open, a new consortium
70.03NEWOA::MINDELSOHN_CTue Mar 23 1993HyTime?
71.0GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Apr 21 1993Microsoft looking for Beta testers for their SGML product
72.0GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Apr 21 1993Beta sites wanted for new SGML Compiler component to HyperHelp 3.
73.0GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Apr 26 1993Adobe Acrobat & Avalanche
74.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue May 11 1993comp.text.sgml comments on Frame's "SGML" product!
75.01DOD2::PARKERMon May 17 1993What is DSSSL?.....Help!
76.03YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Jul 28 1993Training course?
77.08COOKIE::MELTONThu Sep 09 1993Does the rubber meet the road?
78.03OSLThu Nov 11 1993SGML database+
79.0ACESMK::RLEEThu Nov 11 19936-9 DEC 93 / SGML '93 / Boston, MA
80.02CECAMO::EIJKWed Nov 16 1994Migration from DECWrite to SGML
81.02NSICFri Dec 16 1994SGML/CALS Projects?
82.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZMon Jan 30 1995DTD for SW Project Documentation?
83.02MFRNW1::RITATue Apr 25 1995iso-specification where ?
84.02ODIXIE::RHONETue Dec 05 1995Need an affordable solution