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Conference galvia::decwrite_for_windows

Title:DECwrite for Windows, 6 meg 386PC required
Notice:Please see PIXEL::DECWRITE. This conference is write-locked.
Created:Wed Aug 21 1991
Last Modified:Fri Sep 11 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:398
Total number of notes:2207
Number with bodies:0
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1.0DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Welcome
2.02DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Conference Announcements
3.0EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Dec 04 1991Bug Reporting Procedures
4.01DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Related Conferences
5.03--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 21 1991Directory Listings of this Conference
6.01DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991List of Conference Keywords
7.07DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Kit Information
8.0DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991DECwrite for Windows Public Directories
9.01DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Development and Product Managers
10.03DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Schedules
11.085DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991User Registry
12.07DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Hardware and Software Requirements
13.04DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 21 1991Documentations
14.0EPIK::PWONGWed Nov 27 1991Guide to using Kermit for document transfer
15.02PIXEL::PWONGWed Mar 18 1992(Unsupported) Floppy Kit Installation Instructions (V2.
16.0XIEXIE::SNOVERWed Apr 29 1992DECwrite for Windows Evaluation Kit
17.01EPIK::PWONGThu Jun 04 1992Instructions on how employees can order DECwrite
18.02MSBCS::SKIFri Aug 23 1991Answer me these questions three
19.01EPS::WILLIAMSFri Aug 23 1991Image support first round? SPD?
20.04MKLC::ENOSMon Aug 26 1991DECwrite and a 2 button mouse?
21.03CANTON::HOVEYTue Aug 27 1991Be specific when reporting performance complaints
22.02HYEND::CKELLEHERTue Aug 27 1991Ruler is missing...
23.05ROSSIN::WAGNERThu Aug 29 1991Access to Software
24.01EMERY::emeryFri Aug 30 1991Better screen rendition?
25.03CANTON::HOVEYFri Aug 30 19913 questions.
26.01OSLACT::JENSHFri Aug 30 1991Support for MS Word macros?
27.0122STRFRY::PWongTue Sep 03 1991Discussions on the (Unsupported) Floppy Kit
28.019GORE::G_FROEHLINWed Sep 04 1991How to get DDIF from VMS to MS-DOS with KERMIT?
30.01FRUST::SPALTWed Sep 04 1991window size and message text
31.04TASTY::JEFFERYWed Sep 04 1991Tool box in window
32.010BOMBE::ALDENThu Sep 05 1991Help on extended memory/Windows needed.
33.04EVETPU::GOUNMon Sep 09 1991Choose a different file extension
34.07BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991Display is TOO large
35.0BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991Minimize should minimize ALL displays
36.01BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991Can't get solid BLACK pattern
37.07BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991UAE on exit
38.012BOMBE::ALDENMon Sep 09 1991where is the font.ini file?
39.018LAVETA::G_FROEHLINTue Sep 10 1991VMS filenames in documents & doc styles
40.08LAVETA::G_FROEHLINTue Sep 10 1991Reducing display causes character overlapping
41.01BOMBE::ALDENTue Sep 10 1991file name on creation
42.01CHENG5::WIDMERThu Sep 12 1991UAE on IBM PS2/8
43.01CHENG5::WIDMERThu Sep 12 1991What are the converters...
44.05BOMBE::ALDENThu Sep 12 1991journal file location
45.02FRUST::HERBERThu Sep 12 1991copy new version
46.05GORE::G_FROEHLINThu Sep 12 1991MathCoProcessor improve speed
47.04DIMSUM::PWONGThu Sep 12 1991Problem with DECwrite for OS/2 files
48.011TASTY::JEFFERYMon Sep 16 1991DDE Cut & Paste with Microsoft Excel.
49.02NSDC::FEUILLETTue Sep 17 1991Support of Cyrillic character set and others...?
50.01DDIF::GOUNTue Sep 17 1991CDA Base Services for MS-DOS vs. DECwrite
51.03SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYTue Sep 17 1991Any Release Info?
52.05GORE::G_FROEHLINWed Sep 18 1991How to get WYSIWYG output on your printer?
53.07ROSSIN::WAGNERMon Sep 23 1991Printer Bug (Epson 24 pin)
54.013DUCAT2::ERSEKTue Sep 24 1991DECwrite 'Light'?
55.07GORE::G_FROEHLINThu Sep 26 1991How to define link to image file?
56.05FROCKY::TNICKLASThu Sep 26 1991Supported Output-Formats and Printers
57.05IOSG::HORSFIELDThu Sep 26 1991idle thoughts from a 16Mhz user
58.05GORE::G_FROEHLINTue Oct 01 1991Problem printing DECwrite User's Guide
59.04SYOMV::KRASThu Oct 03 1991what is ATM for?
60.03RUTILE::MACKThu Oct 03 1991Released kit needed
61.04ECAD2::FINNERTYFri Oct 11 1991Observations & Comments
62.012DENVER::DANEKTue Oct 15 1991Questions re: Keyboards and Live Links
63.08YUPPY::BOTTINWed Oct 16 1991Would-be users!
64.04TYSON::KURATAFri Oct 18 1991some first observations
66.01TENNIS::MUNSONMon Oct 21 1991DECpresent for MS-Windows?
67.03NYTPWed Oct 23 1991Performance update
68.03TYSON::KURATAThu Oct 24 1991DOS --> VMS DDIF transfer
69.04TASTY::NISBETThu Oct 24 1991Feedback from another installation
70.010WARIOR::LUCAS_AThu Oct 24 1991Printing the Documentation
71.027TASTY::NISBETFri Oct 25 1991(Unsupported) Printers
72.04NYTPFri Oct 25 1991Pointer to shareware fonts?
73.01NYTPWed Oct 30 1991Problems printing graphics
74.06NYTPWed Oct 30 1991How do I do this?
75.08ROULET::RAPHAELSONMon Nov 04 1991Convert Pagemaker Docs?
76.0DTIF::GOUNWed Nov 06 1991UAE in DWSETUP
77.04DTIF::GOUNWed Nov 06 1991Character spacing makes T2.
78.024ROMA::ENGEBRETHSENWed Nov 06 1991Paste from clipboard, T2.
79.08BLOFLY::GORDONWed Nov 06 1991Novice experiences
81.01BDX64::GUISELINFri Nov 08 1991share DECwrite on a file server and licencing
82.017MUDIS3::FISCALFri Nov 08 1991Problems installation DECwrite on German Windows
83.0NYTPFri Nov 08 1991Free disk space on install
84.05FRUST::HERBERFri Nov 08 1991new kit (2.
85.08DTIF::BUTLERSat Nov 09 1991Can I have the next base level yet?
86.0229Tue Nov 12 1991T2.
87.03DFACTO::NEWMANThu Nov 14 1991real work, real problems
88.05ODAY4Tue Nov 19 1991Memory requirements for DECwrite
89.02NYTPWed Nov 20 1991Hourglass needed in more places
90.07FRUST::HERBERThu Nov 21 1991Problem with default text block style
91.09ROSSIN::WAGNERFri Nov 22 1991My experiences with T2.
92.04DTIF::GOUNMon Nov 25 1991Styles drop-down menu loses styles
93.01FRUST::HERBERTue Nov 26 1991creating Compound Documents ???
94.05BAHTAT::63548::abearTue Nov 26 1991Mail Merge Capabilities
95.02NYTPTue Nov 26 1991Import, Redraw & Selecting text problems
96.03WELWIT::MANNIONWed Nov 27 1991Equation Editor
97.07DIVING::DAVISWed Nov 27 1991Uncompressing *.dll's
98.02LJOHUB::KACK::Conferencing-UserWed Nov 27 1991Is it T2.
99.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Dec 02 1991page down causes a UAE
100.02EPS::CAETANOMon Dec 02 1991UAE on Open Document window on DECstation 325 and Compaq 486/33
101.06--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 03 1991Problem with T2.
102.016ARTLIB::GOETZEThu Dec 05 1991Support for EPS?; What format is bundled clip-art in?
103.09COMPO::batesWed Dec 04 1991Problem installing T2.
104.06CADSYS::SLATERThu Dec 05 1991Where is the Select and Do key?
105.01DIMSUM::PWONGFri Dec 06 1991Cookbook on LiveLink to Windows EPS files
106.02FRUST::HERBERMon Dec 09 1991can't type CTRL L, see 9
107.016ALOSWS::HEIGHTWed Dec 11 1991Memory problems on PC at lesat it thinks...
108.04NACMIS::CUMMINGSWed Dec 11 1991Portability between VMS and DOS
109.021DYOSW8::WILDERWed Dec 11 1991SSB Ship Date??
110.026NACMIS::CUMMINGSThu Dec 12 1991DECwrite on 286
111.06APACHE::STOHLBERGThu Dec 12 1991additional fonts for DWW3
112.01BAGELS::TURNERThu Dec 12 1991How to remove REFILL pages?
113.02SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTFri Dec 13 1991How did you create Windows Help?
114.0238482::BEAUDETFri Dec 13 1991Help on Uploading
115.02RTOEU::STHIEMMon Dec 16 1991Transfer VMS-DOS
116.02ROSMRY::SKINNERTue Dec 17 1991Invalid version of MS windows?
117.05BCSE::SUEIZZ::GENTILETue Dec 17 1991Running on Windows 3.1 yet?
118.01SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTWed Dec 18 1991Paint??? Chart???
119.04ZURWed Dec 18 1991Printtrouble on a readonly drive
120.011SAC::EDMUNDSWed Dec 18 1991Can't find LIBCDA.DLL
121.04ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Dec 19 1991Laptop Keyboard Support?
122.02EISCSR::BROOMEFri Dec 20 1991Another ATM Question
123.01DIMSUM::PWONGFri Dec 20 1991Volume discount -- $295 a piece
124.04GORE::G_FROEHLINFri Dec 20 1991Still UAE in -12
125.02NZOMIS::GRIFFINSun Dec 22 1991Can you store rulers?
126.01NZOMIS::GRIFFINSun Dec 22 1991What converters come standard?
127.01NZOMIS::GRIFFINSun Dec 22 1991Can you customize menus and function bars?
128.02SKIWI::EATONSun Dec 22 1991Directories
129.03SAC::KINDER_NMon Dec 23 1991DECpc333 portable UAE on 2.
130.02WLW::BROOMEMon Dec 23 1991Is the Documentation Available ?
131.02SOTT::NAULTMon Dec 23 1991Problems with CDA Viewer on PC
132.0NIMVAX::CUMMINGSTue Dec 24 1991Back on track
133.01CUPLET::HIGGSTue Dec 24 1991unrecoverable application error duplicating art
134.07SAAVAK::ZEMONThu Dec 26 1991Wow! I'm speechless...
135.04SAAVAK::ZEMONThu Dec 26 1991Printing Problems
136.01GALINA::SSMITHThu Dec 26 1991How to change default file extension?
137.01CUPLET::HIGGSThu Dec 26 1991Help causes unrecoverable application error
138.01CUPLET::HIGGSFri Dec 27 1991Unrecov. App. Err while closing doc without saving
139.07GORE::G_FROEHLINMon Dec 30 1991Body text block thinks it's a trim text block
140.02AIRSIC::COMOLLITue Dec 31 1991Cool product...Some questions and comments
141.03AUNTB::MELVINTue Dec 31 1991Documentation Only for Universities?
142.02EPS::WILLIAMSTue Dec 31 1991DDIF file fails in DECwrite for Windows OK on VMS
143.05STAR::BECKWed Jan 01 1992Import Text File -> hang -> disk corruption
144.01IBSOM::MOODYThu Jan 02 1992DECwrite T2.
145.01SNOCThu Jan 02 1992Some basic questions!
146.01PRSNRD::JOUVELLIERFri Jan 03 1992Before Installation ???
147.06RDVAX::DEMEMBERMon Jan 06 1992UAE when drawing graphics lines! Help.
148.02DIMSUM::PWONGMon Jan 06 1992Incompatible with VMS DECwrite?
149.08DAVE::MITTONMon Jan 06 1992Cannot find DW_FONT.INI
150.07JEKYLL::HYDEMon Jan 06 1992Can I use PCX art files?
151.0DIMSUM::PWONGMon Jan 06 1992DECwrite V3.
152.01SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTTue Jan 07 1992DOTS pack/unpack on PCs?
153.012JEKYLL::HYDETue Jan 07 1992T2.
154.01HYDRA::ALDENTue Jan 07 1992Zoom percentage display bug in -
155.08GORE::G_FROEHLINWed Jan 08 1992T2.
156.02PRSNRD::JOUVELLIERThu Jan 09 1992Decwrite_for_windows.dsk file access
157.0EPIK::CUMMINGSMon Jan 13 1992Startup performance w/ Full Menus
158.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Jan 13 1992Installation notes for .13
159.03SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYMon Jan 13 1992Product Descriptions - Translation Please!
160.01MEO78B::CON_OREILLYMon Jan 13 1992PRINTER.DSK file - can't get
161.01ODIXIE::YOSTTue Jan 14 1992CDA Base Services Required?
162.05COMICS::RADBURNWed Jan 15 1992PCXAS-AA is a 3 button mouse?
163.01GORE::G_FROEHLINWed Jan 15 1992T2.
164.02TRCOA::MACWILLIAMSThu Jan 16 1992KEYpak support?
165.01SUOSWS::WUENSCHFri Jan 17 1992DECwrite works with Intellifonts
166.02NODEX::MCGREALFri Jan 17 1992Install on a non-system disk ???
167.06HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jan 17 1992PostScript File Support?
168.03NYTPFri Jan 17 1992Page ordering for 8 1/2 by 5 1/2?
169.01DTIF::GOUNSat Jan 18 1992DECwrite T2.
170.01DTIF::GOUNSun Jan 19 1992Three minor problems with T2.
171.01FROCKY::TNICKLASMon Jan 20 1992Floppy Kit -13
172.02LUXMon Jan 20 1992DECwrite for MS-Windows and Bookreader (Green)
173.06SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYMon Jan 20 1992SPD? FCS Date?
174.03MEO78B::CON_OREILLYMon Jan 20 1992DECwrite V2.
175.02WARIOR::NORRIS_RWed Jan 22 1992Bug in 2.
176.018LRCSNL::WALESWed Jan 22 1992T2.
177.09DDIF::GOUNThu Jan 23 1992T2.
178.01WARIOR::NORRIS_RThu Jan 23 1992EFT 2.
179.07SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jan 24 1992ALL-IN-1, TeamLinks, and DECwrite for Windows
180.03MEO78B::CON_OREILLYMon Jan 27 1992Paste Link, Postscript + thanks.
181.06LRCSNL::WALESMon Jan 27 1992Problem printing to LA75P with 2.
182.07MS31Tue Jan 28 1992Using Browser converters with DECwrite
183.03WLW::BROOMETue Jan 28 1992Problem Printing in T2.
184.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Jan 29 1992QARs ??
185.01POLAR::ROSSWed Jan 29 1992Problem viewing documents on VAXstation
186.07NODOFF::SCHWARTZWed Jan 29 1992cannot install T2.
187.02SOLVIT::JSTOHLBERGThu Jan 30 1992missing doc.
189.01GLDOA::TEVANSThu Jan 30 1992ATM font download?
190.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOThu Jan 30 1992VAX Document SDMLs
191.03SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Jan 30 1992Moving documents from Windows to VMS - Fonts?
193.04FENNEL::MAURERThu Jan 30 1992T14 comments & questions
194.03SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jan 31 1992Moving from platform to platform
195.01TASTY::JEFFERYTue Feb 04 1992Questions on Equation Editor and latek.
196.07MANIOK::MDB313::WEIMANNTue Feb 04 1992Need Converter
197.04GLDOA::RBROWNTue Feb 04 1992Creating TOC's
198.01LUXWed Feb 05 1992Incompatibilities between MS-Windows version and ULTRIX version ????
199.04SEDDFS::KORMANMon Feb 10 1992Printing, Pathworks and ATM fonts????
200.01CANYON::BAILEYTue Feb 11 1992Printing problem with frames...
201.09POBOX::SELLSTROMWed Feb 12 1992DECwrite 2.
202.0242721::WALKER_AThu Feb 13 1992PC 333 portable + docking station.
203.010HERCUL::MOSERThu Feb 13 1992Notebook PC Sizing Issues
204.04CRONIC::LEMONSSun Feb 16 1992Attempting to run DECwrite with 2MB of memory
205.03CRONIC::LEMONSSun Feb 16 1992Bug in installation dialogue
206.03ONOIS1::CAILLEMon Feb 17 1992May I've choice in the printer
207.06MEO78B::CON_OREILLYTue Feb 18 1992Font Display changes for me.
208.02WELLIN::NISBETThu Feb 20 1992Memory allocation for optimal DW performance
209.01OASS::LUCAS_AThu Feb 20 1992Problems with Fonts and Landscape Display
210.01TIGEMS::MARTINThu Feb 20 1992Disk storage requirements
211.01EUSEBE::STURTFri Feb 21 1992Problem with linked or imported text
212.03COMICS::RADBURNMon Feb 24 1992UAE on saving documents
213.05BLKOUT::ORANMon Feb 24 1992UAE on big document
214.03FCOIS::JOUVELLIERTue Feb 25 1992ATM
215.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Feb 25 1992Can't edit DOCs from VMS -> Windows
216.06AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Feb 26 1992Kudos!!!
217.04BLGThu Feb 27 1992DECwrite for Windows & Word
218.05GIAMEM::AHARWOODThu Feb 27 1992Vistiors from United Arab Emigrates
219.01WELWIT::MANNIONFri Feb 28 1992Problems with double clicking a .doc after editing win.ini
220.09LRCSNL::WALESSat Feb 29 1992No arrows in T2.
221.011NANTES::FARNEMon Mar 02 1992Using a PCXAS-AA Mouse 3 buttons
222.03PIPE::DUNCANWed Mar 04 1992Unrecoverable application error
223.01TROOA::TYOUNGThu Mar 05 1992Current Kit Location
224.03YNGSTR::BROWNThu Mar 05 1992More Windows + DECwrite
225.01GYPSC::JOEHNKFri Mar 06 1992Print too small
226.04STAR::KAPLANMon Mar 09 1992common font set needed: VMS <-> Windows
227.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Mar 09 1992Printing a sample of ATM compatible fonts?
228.012GLDOA::LINDBLADTue Mar 10 1992Get UAE When Bring up DECwrite - HELP!!
229.02GIAMEM::AHARWOODTue Mar 10 1992Strange Behavoir
230.04CERN::JRSThu Mar 12 1992DECwrite on WINDOWS using eXcursion & SET DISPLAY?
231.07FENNEL::MAURERFri Mar 13 1992T-15 issues
232.05DTIF::GOUNFri Mar 13 1992Comments on T2.
233.01FENNEL::MAURERSun Mar 15 1992User Guide Printing Problem
234.01APACHE::STOHLBERGMon Mar 16 1992EDT keyboard map
235.05WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Mar 16 1992SSB2.
236.03HSOMAI::WINGOMon Mar 16 1992"Control Panel Configuration?"
237.03FENNEL::MAURERMon Mar 16 1992Help with PostScript printing please ?
238.06SLICER::RODMon Mar 16 1992Large WIN386.SWP causes install problem
239.03WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Mar 19 1992Windows CUT text pasted into DECwrite wraps (loses the cr's
240.03ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Mar 19 1992CD kit?
241.05HSOMAI::WINGOFri Mar 20 1992"File View"
242.02TRNING::REYNOLDSSun Mar 22 1992Installation Guide?
243.02DECWIN::FISHERMon Mar 23 1992Installation can't find files even though they exist
244.014WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Mar 23 19923 Hours to install! Tell me I'm the only one!
245.02MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Mar 24 1992Display postscript
246.06AKOCOA::MHUGHESWed Mar 25 1992DECWRITE.HL ???
247.08ONOIS1::CAILLEThu Mar 26 1992PS and colorimage
248.01BASCAS::HJONES_DMon Mar 30 1992Support/Service
250.01ROSSIN::WAGNERWed Apr 01 1992DECmath, Pictures and Boxes Fonts for .ZIPpers?
251.03SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Apr 02 1992
252.01COLA1::ENKEMon Apr 06 1992German Version of Decwrite for MS-WIndows
253.04SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYTue Apr 07 1992Demo Copies?
254.04SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYTue Apr 07 1992PC Notebook?
255.02SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 08 1992Marketing DECwrite/Windows? R we?
257.02SHLSAM::EWO::Conferencing UserThu Apr 09 1992missing(?) DW_FONT.INI
258.01PUERTO::REPOLLETFri Apr 10 1992Don't find Times, Helvetica, etc. fonts.
259.05AKOCOA::MHUGHESFri Apr 10 1992Arrow Keys don't work on LK25
260.02CADSYS::LEMONSSat Apr 11 1992Printing .EPS on a non-PostScript printer
261.07SHALOT::GEERDESMon Apr 13 1992Installation problem
262.011DOMO::NEILMon Apr 13 1992Resizing Frames and Textblocks ?
263.04CADSYS::LEMONSTue Apr 14 1992Envelopes, anyone?
264.02RUMOR::SCHUHMACHERWed Apr 15 1992Listing document links
265.03OASS::ALIDU::LUCAS_AThu Apr 16 1992Fieldtest Questions
266.07CADSYS::LEMONSThu Apr 16 1992Underline of bolded words is very fat, very far below the words
267.02KETJE::VLASIUFri Apr 17 1992Few questions please
268.01TENNIS::KAMSat Apr 18 1992difference between: QB-XRVAA-AB & QB-XRVAA-AC?
269.0149437::HAUSBTue Apr 21 1992DECpc 333 notebook problem
270.01SHALOT::JANCULATue Apr 21 1992Working Model?
271.012KAOFS::K_MAINTue Apr 21 1992DECwrite and V3.1 Windows ??
272.07COGITO::BAKERTue Apr 21 1992Truetype fonts
273.05RUTILE::MANNINGThu Apr 23 1992Function bar partially overlaid
274.02GLDOA::TEVANSThu Apr 23 1992WYSIWYG for .EPS??
275.01FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERThu Apr 23 1992OLE - when ?
276.02SWAM2::TERASHITA_LYThu Apr 23 1992Client/Server Implementation
277.03TIMABS::GUGLIUZZOMon Apr 27 1992Network installation on Pathworks (shared)
278.03DASMIA::DREWNIAKMon Apr 27 1992Installation help needed !
279.02DASMIA::DREWNIAKTue Apr 28 1992Extract from DECwrite
280.03DECWIN::FISHERWed Apr 29 1992Suggestion to help OOTB impression
281.04EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Apr 29 1992Compose
282.02EPS::BERGERWed Apr 29 1992Images Displayed incorrectlly.
283.01EPS::BERGERFri May 01 1992Image turns black
284.06CADSYS::LEMONSMon May 04 1992Long document names, as in WPS-PLUS and others?
285.015Tue May 05 1992porting tool used?
286.02KEPNUT::DOUCETTEWed May 06 1992will DECWRITE rotate text 9
287.01DEMING::HILLThu May 07 1992DECwrite - DECpc 32
288.03OPG::PHILIPFri May 08 1992Page Numbers not positioning correctly
289.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri May 08 1992Install error "cannot create destination file"
290.01COLMon May 11 1992German floppy set anyone?
291.01MQOSWS::P_BOURASSAMon May 11 1992Startup preferences
292.04SUOSW3::WUENSCHTue May 12 1992Bugs/Problems with German kit
293.01WAYOUT::ALLAMSWed May 13 1992problems with decwrite - do key, image files
294.02BLKOUT::ORANWed May 13 1992UAE's demystified!
295.024273Thu May 14 1992Problem with Mail & attached DDIF file.
296.07TASTY::JEFFERYThu May 14 1992Questions on differences between DECwrite & MS-Excel
297.03DASMIA::PWTKVL::DREWNIAKFri May 15 1992Printing to VAX Postscript Queued Printer
298.01GALVIA::STEPHENSFri May 15 1992How does a customer by DECwrite for Windows?
299.01YUPPY::MUNROMMon May 18 1992Memory resorce
300.011TENNIS::KAMMon May 18 1992Why isn't DECwrite V2.
301.04KERNEL::LOATFri May 22 1992Problems after first installation.
302.02OASS::LUCAS_AFri May 22 1992Copy files using Reflections
303.09CAD::LEMONSMon May 25 1992Spelling Checker Problems
304.01OASS::ALIDU::LUCAS_ATue May 26 1992Q & A reponse time
305.015Tue May 26 1992DECwrite 2.
306.02PCOJCT::FRANZITue May 26 1992DECwrite and Keypak Integration?
307.06CADSYS::LEMONSWed May 27 1992General Protection Fault on WPS file Import
308.03EUSEBE::STURTWed May 27 1992Exporting vector graphics
309.01YUPPY::MUNROMWed May 27 1992Crash with application error
310.04NIOMAX::LAINGWed May 27 1992Purchase for Personal Use?
311.011FORTY2::MILES::MilesThu May 28 1992Window Scale Factor of 1
312.011MEXVThu May 28 1992Can't use Spanish Lexicon...
313.03TENNIS::KAMSat May 30 1992Proprinter works better than LA75 driver
314.01CHEFS::GALLJMon Jun 01 1992Dot matrix printing probs with diagram
315.09CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 02 1992Corrupt journal file
316.01COMICS::BARHAMTue Jun 02 1992cut and paste graphics objects still unavailable?
317.03WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Jun 02 1992Is the SSB shipping or not? They say no!
318.04TROOA::GBARNESThu Jun 04 1992WPL Import... extra page
319.01TROOA::GBARNESThu Jun 04 1992WPS Import, Rulers and Tabs
320.07PINBOT::ERVINThu Jun 04 1992DECwrite priced too high?
321.02TROOA::GBARNESThu Jun 04 1992Performance degrading with time...
322.04WAYOUT::ALLAMSMon Jun 08 1992printing documents containing images.
323.01ROMMon Jun 08 1992ATM licence issues
324.02FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISMon Jun 08 1992DECwrite --> PC Cross-referencing utility
325.03SOLVIT::CSTOHLBERGMon Jun 08 1992Create PS file; send to VMS
326.05MQOSWS::MQOPTue Jun 09 1992PC and VAX integration
327.0521442::COSSTue Jun 09 1992Questions regarding installation
328.018PIXEL::PWONGTue Jun 09 1992Merging this conference with PIXEL::DECwrite
329.01MANSW1::DROSTEMon Jun 15 1992WYSIWYG in Family Menu ?
330.03TROOA::GBARNESMon Jun 15 1992V2.
331.01TROOA::GBARNESMon Jun 15 1992Modifying CURRENT PAGE clobbers text blocks
332.03TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 16 1992Cannot find PSCRIPT. Cannot output to a file.
333.05TROOA::GBARNESWed Jun 17 1992Paste from Paint causes HPIIID failure
334.04ONOIS1::CAILLEFri Jun 19 1992French Distionnary
335.08TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 19 1992Hypenator failed to initialize
336.07JOCKEY::BOURNEJMon Jun 22 1992Some problems with fonts, spell check etc
337.01FILTON::HALLETTMon Jun 22 1992Max Pages/Customise Menu/WPS<->DECwrite
338.04YUPPY::63657::GORARDMMon Jun 22 1992Offending Command on print
339.06CIM::CIM::HORNERMon Jun 22 1992IFT 2.1 causes constant disk activity
340.08OASS::ALIDU::LUCAS_AMon Jun 22 1992Problems with exporting to Text
341.01OASS::ALIDU::LUCAS_AMon Jun 22 1992Setup the LK45
342.05SMOKEN::BRUNELLETue Jun 23 1992Document from PC to VAX
343.06TROOA::GBARNESTue Jun 23 1992Printed Page numbers wrong
344.03LARVAE::SPIRESThu Jun 25 1992Clipart file names
345.02WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Jun 25 1992TIFF from ProImage directly into DECwrite?
346.03OASS::HARRIS_RThu Jun 25 1992Divide by Zero error - SAS
347.02KERNEL::LOATThu Jun 25 1992Super and Subscript under 3.1
348.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Jun 25 1992General protection fault in module DECWRITE.EXE
349.02RDVAX::DEMEMBERFri Jun 26 1992Can I get an LN
350.04MCIS2::NORTONFri Jun 26 1992Problem importing WPL and DX in DECwrite for DOS
351.02VAOUMon Jun 29 1992Problems Printing a dotted-line object
352.02CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 30 1992Removing ATM
353.01KERNEL::LOATTue Jun 30 1992Not enough memory?
354.02PEARS::LAYHThu Jul 02 1992Performance on Compaq DESKPro 386 (German version
355.02OASS::LUCAS_AThu Jul 02 1992printing two-sided document w/land and port
356.06LARVAE::GILBERT_LFri Jul 03 1992Documentation & market position?
357.05BOGUSS::CAPIKMon Jul 06 1992Perfomance vs Disk Cache
358.015SEDDFS::KORMANWed Jul 08 1992Printing Problem with a specific ATM font
360.01AHIKER::EARLYMon Jul 13 1992Unable to print 33" long banners with DECwrite.
361.01LARVAE::HUGHESMon Jul 13 1992Image (.IMG) problems
362.02BOGUSS::CAPIKTue Jul 14 1992DECwrite and the LK45
363.01PIPE::DUNCANTue Jul 14 1992DEC 32
364.03COMICS::BARHAMWed Jul 15 1992DDIF images from VMS appear in reverse video ?
365.02AUSSIE::SARDJONOSat Jul 18 1992General Protection Fault
366.04OASS::LUCAS_AMon Jul 20 1992Problem modifying page numbers
368.01GALINA::SSMITHWed Jul 22 1992Bug: User preferences lost during update
369.01OZVAX::TEMPFri Jul 24 1992Page numbering problem - 2.
370.01MUNSBE::EIERMANNTue Jul 28 1992Converter clp to ddif
371.05FRUST::WAHLWed Jul 29 1992printing problem
372.02GYPSC::JOEHNKThu Jul 30 1992Fonts display but do not print
373.03OZVAX::SYSTEMTue Aug 04 1992Line drawing bug
374.010PIPE::MRBANK::BERGERTue Aug 04 1992Printing from DECWrite on the PC
375.08HSOMAI::WINGOWed Aug 05 1992Printer power cycled
376.04KEPNUT::DOUCETTEThu Aug 06 1992Quality Postscript printout
377.05CADSYS::LEMONSFri Aug 07 1992DECwrite for Windows isn't available yet??
378.09HSOMAI::WINGOMon Aug 10 1992Trouble w/ .EPS File
379.08WELCLU::LITue Aug 11 1992MB3 - popup menu only ?
380.01ROSSIN::WAGNERSat Aug 15 1992Paste Link Dropped from 2.1?
381.03SWAM2::WONG_HESun Aug 16 1992How to display the EPS files on my monitor
382.02ROSSIN::WAGNERWed Aug 19 1992Problem Transfering Document to DECwrite on VMS
383.01CSC32::R_IVERSWed Aug 19 1992Problem with DECwrite users guide!
384.04LEMAN::ROSSIERThu Aug 20 1992color support and color printers
385.03BOOZE::MAIRWed Aug 26 1992DECWRITE V2.
386.06NIOMAX::LAINGWed Aug 26 1992VMS and PC compatibility?
387.03GALINA::SSMITHThu Aug 27 1992Pre-Printed diskette labels for Evaluation Kits???
388.07TEDKAY::SHEPROFri Aug 28 1992Common DISK/FILE Pathworks Service
389.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Aug 28 1992Printing Questions
390.01VANINE::LOVELLFri Aug 28 19923 Button PCXAS-AA Mouse Driver under Windows 3.1
391.01REGENT::LOMICKASat Aug 29 19922.
392.02REGENT::LOMICKASat Aug 29 1992bug report: V2.
393.02OASS::ALIDU::LUCAS_AFri Sep 04 1992Installation Problems
394.06CANTON::HOVEYTue Sep 08 1992Oh Oh
395.01ODIXIE::MOREAUTue Sep 08 1992Problems getting started (arrow keys and printing)
396.01HSOMAI::WINGOTue Sep 08 1992Copying causing General Protection Fault
397.01INFACT::BEVISTue Sep 08 1992Optimal screen configuration assistance?
398.0EPIK::HOVEYFri Sep 11 1992Conference now part of PIXEL::DECWRITE.