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Conference galvia::decwrite_archive_1

Title:Went with the flow...
Notice:Archived DECwrite conference
Created:Fri Aug 18 1989
Last Modified:Tue May 07 1991
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1977
Total number of notes:9357
Number with bodies:0
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1.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Purpose and Guidelines
2.06EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Conference Announcements
3.04EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Bug Reporting Procedures
4.03EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Related Conferences
5.02EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Letters to the Moderator
6.0SARAH::SNOVERFri Sep 01 1989Directory of EPIC conference
7.01EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Directory Listings of this Conference
8.01EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989List of conference keywords
9.012--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 18 1989DECwrite kits (shipping versions)
10.025EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989DECwrite field test kits
12.04EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989DECwrite public directories
13.07EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989Customer Support Center Updates
14.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
15.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
16.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
17.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
18.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
19.0EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989reserved
20.073EPIK::WOLFEFri Aug 18 1989DECwrite kit Questions/Problems note
21.0353--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 18 1989DECwrite V2.
22.02KETJE::CAUDRONThu Aug 24 1989Typographical questions
23.0246943::BERKOWITZMon Aug 28 1989CDA Converter Library Availability
24.01QUICHE::PITTWed Aug 30 1989Back to printing 2 up on an LPS4
25.03GLDOA::CROWNThu Aug 31 1989Questions on DECwrite features
26.048FDCV14::VTXLKGFri Sep 01 1989that mysterious PAK
27.06ALLVAX::BEERMANFri Sep 01 1989Encapsulated PostScript
28.06NACAD::BERGERFri Sep 01 1989Cannot save documents with circles
29.05DINER::SHUBINFri Sep 01 1989Finding related files.
30.05VOGON::HOFri Sep 01 1989DECwrite and colours - Re-visit!
31.013MAIL::LUCIDOFri Sep 01 1989UIS to DECwrite
32.05FRAGIL::HOWARDFri Sep 01 1989WYSIWYG ? wel-l-l sort of
33.03LISTNH::SIMONSFri Sep 01 1989ACCVIO and other oddities.
34.0LDP::LYSAKOWSKIFri Sep 01 1989decwrite bugs - need improvements
35.01BIGPAK::HOWARDTue Sep 05 1989'Cooperating' Applications
36.034338::WALTERSTue Sep 05 1989DECwrite Troubleshooting Course / Class
37.06LDP::GAUTHIERTue Sep 05 1989User defined macros
38.02LDP::GAUTHIERTue Sep 05 1989Cut and paste pages
39.02STAR::STEEVESTue Sep 05 1989Changing Slide Styles
40.020SFCPMO::GREENETue Sep 05 1989DECwrite vs. VAX Document
41.01MS31Tue Sep 05 1989Problems getting to DECWRITE
42.03STARCH::GLASERWed Sep 06 1989Journal replay crash and burn
43.08LEVERS::S_SHENWed Sep 06 1989DECWRITE performance Issue
44.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed Sep 06 1989Changing the dictionary ni a Document...
45.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Sep 06 1989List: bug or feature.
46.08KEELER::GARYWed Sep 06 1989Help Using Manual Style
48.01ESRAD::DUGALWed Sep 06 1989Where can I find a later DECWRITE-USER license?
49.015THELAB::ASBRIDGEThu Sep 07 1989DECWRITE won't run on VMS5.3 system
50.01PHAZER::BARNESThu Sep 07 1989Can't LINK TO IMAGE??
51.05SMURF::LONGOThu Sep 07 1989Consecutive head numbering with linked documents?
52.01MAPROP::SPRICEThu Sep 07 1989EPIC 2423 Cont. A How To Manual Suggestions
53.02JHNTHN::SARENThu Sep 07 1989Will not export text correctly.
54.06SHARE::TIMBERLAKEThu Sep 07 1989Text under frames
57.02KETJE::KERREBROUCKFri Sep 08 1989DECwrite generated blank pages at every 3rd. page
58.05PHAZER::BARNESFri Sep 08 1989
59.09ZILPHA::FLANAGANFri Sep 08 1989DDIS/DDIF error with certain style files
60.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 08 1989
62.06CYMRU::READINGFri Sep 08 1989Notes file for Presenter???
63.02BAVIKI::GOODFri Sep 08 1989DECwrite on 1
64.0SARAH::RAMSHAWFri Sep 08 1989Changing Style files problem
65.02MQOSFri Sep 08 1989Installation on a heterogeneous LAVC
66.01STARCH::GLASERFri Sep 08 1989DECwrite and PSPRINT interactions
67.02LDP::LYSAKOWSKISat Sep 09 1989pattern select near-fatal bomb
68.02NZKEA::BROWNMon Sep 11 1989ODA Support
69.01BALZAC::CHALUMEAUMon Sep 11 1989I can't see what I am writing
70.04PAULUS::BERGERMon Sep 11 1989Up arrow in Symbol font
71.019AISG::ROYMon Sep 11 1989Portrait Picture in Landscape Document
72.011WELSWS::MANNIONMon Sep 11 1989Questions On Importing ASCII Text
73.07IOSG::LAWMMon Sep 11 1989Page numbering
74.01HARPY::FULLERTONMon Sep 11 1989Erratic Scaling of Linked Images
75.07TPWEST::JOVANMon Sep 11 1989Classes for DECwrite?
76.03BTOVT::SCHILLERMon Sep 11 1989 help - TEXT BLOCK SIZE
77.0TAZRAT::CHERSONMon Sep 11 1989Sept. E.P.I.C. UI group meeting minutes
78.06DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Sep 11 1989Documentation or help on modifying styles
79.05KONING::KONINGMon Sep 11 1989Style file change not reflected
80.01IOSG::GARDNERTue Sep 12 1989Location of ALT ket please
81.021NRMLZE::ESTESTue Sep 12 1989Can't link to PS file?
82.02TLSETue Sep 12 1989Wanted a Framemaker filter
83.04RANCHO::MEYERSTue Sep 12 1989Help for a Beginner
84.02JANET::LORDTue Sep 12 1989Central location for style files, etc?
85.01THEBAY::MARTINCOTue Sep 12 1989Global Search on Different Documents
86.02STARCH::GLASERTue Sep 12 1989equation editor question
87.02STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINWed Sep 13 1989Standards in DECwrite
88.01GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Sep 13 1989Equation editor bug
90.0DELNI::MHARRISWed Sep 13 1989SPOOL (FTSV) V2.1 and earlier didn't handle DDIF!
92.04DIODE::CROWELLWed Sep 13 1989Can you IMPORT VAX DOCUMENT files?
93.012FRAThu Sep 14 1989life links to EDCS
94.01GALVIA::JKELLYThu Sep 14 1989ACCVIO reading DECwrite file
95.06BACHUS::DECLERCKThu Sep 14 1989Overlaying CHARTS?
96.011KONING::KONINGThu Sep 14 1989Snap to grid bug
97.06SNUPPA::JARLEFri Sep 15 1989question on APPENDIX...
98.01AISG::ROYFri Sep 15 1989Regenerate index keeps giving new page
99.02SKYWAY::BUCHMUELLERFri Sep 15 1989Licencing
100.010EPIK::SNOVERFri Sep 15 1989Calling all DECwindows V2.
101.054933::CARSONFri Sep 15 1989Connect Select Drawn Object
102.01CIMNET::ASCHERFri Sep 15 1989Should Selected text remain selected?
103.08SUPER::SYSTEMFri Sep 15 1989DECwrite license expired
104.03SUBWAY::MENDESFri Sep 15 1989Grouped Object "Phenomenon"
105.02LEDS::MEEKERSat Sep 16 1989CBI - Computer Base Instruction for DW?
106.03IJSAPL::CARLIERMon Sep 18 1989DX -> DDIF gives AGGREGATE type error
107.01MCIS2::BEATRICEMon Sep 18 1989install problem, novice user ?
108.02TOPDOC::LAURENCELLEMon Sep 18 1989Need help:Type Reversing and Scrolling
109.03CGOOMon Sep 18 1989Global replace problems with large documents
110.02CGOOMon Sep 18 1989Font size on Links
111.04SMURF::LONGOMon Sep 18 1989OH NO!!!!
112.01MSD29::ERVINTue Sep 19 1989HELP!FT3
113.03EIGER::PEDRIOLITue Sep 19 1989Image Library for Equipment Layout ?
114.03FULMER::MCERLANEVTue Sep 19 1989Help with a tables problem
115.03CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Sep 19 1989Documentation part numbers
116.04RAB::DUFFYTue Sep 19 1989Spell user interface is broken badly!
117.01DELNI::MHARRISTue Sep 19 1989DECW$PRINTER_FORMAT_PS bug in V1.
119.031BPOHUB::BOHLINGTue Sep 19 1989Changing Chapter # using MANUAL style
120.044Tue Sep 19 1989can't save file
121.01HABS11::MASONTue Sep 19 1989Manual installation of HELP files...
122.01TMCUK3::COLEWed Sep 20 1989non aligned diagrams
123.06MARVIN::RAWLINGSWed Sep 20 1989Recovery Help required, urgently
124.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 20 1989Listing the external links for a document
125.016PTOVAX::SCOTTThu Sep 21 1989VMS and Ultrix .doc file format compatible?
126.01JGO::VERSCHUUREThu Sep 21 1989Current status DECpresenter?
127.02FRAMBO::ANTICEVICHThu Sep 21 1989Help: how do I pass a parm to an application?
128.04BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONThu Sep 21 1989SSB style files corrupted
129.03KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEThu Sep 21 1989Cross References to Equations ?
130.02CELIA::SOULEThu Sep 21 1989Justified text
131.01CIMNET::ASCHERThu Sep 21 1989Adding new document style
132.010AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Sep 21 1989DECwrite on two-headed systems
133.0--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 21 1989
134.010CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Sep 21 1989Underlayment, 'DRAFT' shading in DECwrite
135.03SCENIC::JANEBFri Sep 22 1989Modify Footer Size?
136.019FLAUTA::RESENDEFri Sep 22 1989DECwrite Problems on Satellite Nodes
137.07MASADA::VIAUFri Sep 22 1989transfer Interleaf into DecWrite ?
138.01RIGAZI::SPERANDIOFri Sep 22 1989Combining Chapters
139.03STAEL::CHALUMEAUMon Sep 25 1989DECwrite installation failed
140.01UWRITE::DUBEMon Sep 25 1989Prompt for running footers?
141.0NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Sep 25 1989Header numbering breaks on included documents/text.
142.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Sep 25 1989ln
143.07KACIE::POWELLMon Sep 25 1989Converting DDIF to ASCII text files
144.014STAR::MEREWOODMon Sep 25 1989Text of Level 1 Head
145.014PENPAL::LAURENCELLEMon Sep 25 1989Some comments on DECwrite
146.0EPIK::PWONGMon Sep 25 1989DECwrite for OS/2 Phase 1 Engineering Docs
147.04SEWANE::MASSEYMon Sep 25 1989Min. memory req'd in cluster?
148.03CANYON::WALTERSMon Sep 25 1989HOW?get a .ps doc into a DECwrite doc?????
149.0GIDDAY::KINGMon Sep 25 1989Spell-Check goes into CPU loop !!
150.023SX4GTO::KIMBALLMon Sep 25 1989LiveLink to ASCII text file?
151.0443Tue Sep 26 1989Document conversion problems
152.02UWRITE::DUBETue Sep 26 1989Batch Vs. Interactive Publishing is back!
153.03PENPAL::LAURENCELLETue Sep 26 1989Linking DDIF Picture Error
154.06CADSE::LOUREIROTue Sep 26 1989DDIF Polygon X-lation -- YUCK!!
155.02VAOUTue Sep 26 1989Journal deleted without warning
156.013MALIN::GOODWINWed Sep 27 1989Is conditional output possible in DECwrite?
157.05BZERKR::DUFRESNEWed Sep 27 1989CHART A,B by C ?
158.04COGITO::ARBEITERWed Sep 27 1989ARROWS?
159.01DEMON::HAMBLETTWed Sep 27 1989Sharing Common Dictionary
160.03RAH::HARVEYThu Sep 28 1989VAX DOCUMENT "Style" Anyone?
161.03PENPAL::LAURENCELLEThu Sep 28 1989Import "Tagged" ASCII to DECwrite Styles?
162.04CSOA1::SANDERSONThu Sep 28 1989File just created is not a document
164.02BODACH::JLENIHANThu Sep 28 1989Bug with DECwrite V1.
166.02SCENIC::JANEBThu Sep 28 1989Horizontal/Vertical Lines for charts?
167.01BERRI::ronThu Sep 28 1989ULTRIX TEXT export bug?
168.0PACKER::JOHNFri Sep 29 1989latex to decwrite???
169.01PACKER::JOHNFri Sep 29 1989color ps
170.03URSA::HEUSSFri Sep 29 1989Multipage tables and table headings
171.04SALTHL::MCCROHANFri Sep 29 1989Problem linking to Chart
172.01STAEL::CHALUMEAUMon Oct 02 1989DECwrite crash
173.0FULMER::MCERLANEVMon Oct 02 1989Illustration creation
174.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 02 1989
175.040KEEPER::THACKERAYMon Oct 02 1989FT PAK expires on Sep-3
176.02CSOA1::DICKERMon Oct 02 1989HP Laser Jet Problem
177.031656Tue Oct 03 1989Export to Text missing list numbers
178.04DRAFTY::SHAFFERTue Oct 03 1989Macintosh Scans to DECWRITE?
179.011COGITO::ARBEITERTue Oct 03 1989Session Manager Keeps Disappearing
180.06DONVAN::DECAROLISTue Oct 03 1989.DOC/IMG=1??
181.02RAB::DUFFYTue Oct 03 1989Where is my dictionary? RISC/ULTRIX
182.05ENUF::LEWISTue Oct 03 1989Grey scale images
183.0RAB::DUFFYTue Oct 03 1989print file deleted? RISC/ULTRIX
184.03NECSC::LEVYTue Oct 03 1989Display problem with characters close to margins
185.03AIAG::WISNERTue Oct 03 1989DECwrite % scale factor
186.08PRSUD1::DUPASTue Oct 03 1989Unable to read DECwrite file
187.08SNOFS1::PETERSONTue Oct 03 1989Importing 2
188.05ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Oct 04 1989Callable DECwrite/Chart - How..?
189.02NANOOK::COOPERWed Oct 04 1989A few questions
190.023NWACES::GENTILEWed Oct 04 1989How do I use the DECwrite Bookreader files?
191.03JOELS::SARENWed Oct 04 1989datablock has failed
192.02SABOT::PILLITTERIWed Oct 04 1989Bookreader documentation error
193.035319::LOMICKAJWed Oct 04 1989How do I get links updated?
194.01APEHUB::ERVINWed Oct 04 1989HELP! need pointer to equation editor guide
195.02BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHThu Oct 05 1989List style - floating bullets
196.06STKHLM::HOLMThu Oct 05 1989Page number? Header Text? Live Link to userwritten appl.
197.01ALLVAX::BEERMANThu Oct 05 1989"Localizing" a live link to EPSF
198.05KBOMFG::D_ARNOLDThu Oct 05 1989Creating Own Characters???
199.06FIGURE::REXFORDThu Oct 05 1989CDA convert DDIF => PS, image does not scale
200.04DEMON::CARRIGThu Oct 05 1989Title and Paragraph Spacing
201.04THE78Thu Oct 05 1989DECterm tables -> DECwrite ???
202.06INTER::CORCORANThu Oct 05 1989DEC 3D design tool status
203.02LAOTSE::PETRAITISFri Oct 06 1989Capture a Slide document page by page?
204.01SUBURB::BOYLEJFri Oct 06 1989A Arc(h) Problem
205.05PENPAL::LAURENCELLEFri Oct 06 1989Adobe fonts w/ DECwrite?
207.04USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Oct 06 1989SIXEL or ReGIS Import?
208.01BRSOPI::DELAMPERFri Oct 06 1989TEXT on page zero which can be modified ?
209.05ORAN::ORANFri Oct 06 1989Tuning advice?
211.010LARVAE::BURGESSFri Oct 06 1989Customer queries etc & DECwindows
212.01SKETCH::WEBBERFri Oct 06 1989User's Guide/Functionality Questions
213.02VIA::SLAVINFri Oct 06 1989ACCVIO -- when doing a file open
214.09DELNI::MHARRISFri Oct 06 1989A rediculous question: Is next version a long time away?
215.02NCCODE::SSMITHSun Oct 08 1989DECwrite IVP failed
216.02BREAKR::UDICKMon Oct 09 1989Unable to EXPORT a LIST to ASCII
217.02COMCAD::PMCVAYMon Oct 09 1989Help deleting floating frame anchor point
218.03AKOV11::SMITHMon Oct 09 1989Text on a curve possible?
219.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZMon Oct 09 1989Technical/Protrait Slides Question
220.02DINER::SHUBINMon Oct 09 1989Print file has NOT been queued
221.01SHIPS::STEVENS_MMon Oct 09 1989library problem on vms5.2 using slides
222.010IOSG::GARDNERMon Oct 09 1989Misaligned columns
223.01ACESMK::TUSIAMon Oct 09 1989Data Exchnage Standards
224.07NUTMEG::OROPEZAMon Oct 09 1989Start DECwrite iconized?
225.01CVG::PETTENGILLMon Oct 09 1989DECwrite doesn't work properly on screen 1; here are directions on making a cable for vs2
226.01FIGURE::REXFORDMon Oct 09 1989DECwrite ==> Bookreader.format?
227.01IVOGUS::SHATZMon Oct 09 1989Any ClipArt?
228.01BREAKR::UDICKTue Oct 10 1989Why stop journaling ?
229.04NANOOK::COOPERTue Oct 10 1989TeK and DECwrite?
230.01NANOOK::COOPERTue Oct 10 1989Frustrated user
231.02VESTA::PARASKEVAWed Oct 11 1989SDML to DECWRITE converter
232.01AKOVWed Oct 11 1989COPY doesn't work between documents....!
233.03MALIN::GOODWINWed Oct 11 1989User defined style-documentation - can it be produced by DECwrite?
234.08VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Oct 12 1989Security and cut & paste in DECwrite
235.0317349::COXThu Oct 12 1989Escalation procedure for DECwrite problems?
236.01SNOCThu Oct 12 1989Vicious Circle
237.09SCOTMN::LOATFri Oct 13 1989DEcwrite to DECchart link fails to invoke DECchart.
238.03EVETPU::GOUNFri Oct 13 1989Footnote bug
239.06SHIPS::STEVENS_MMon Oct 16 1989Decwrite Font "universal"
241.07BRILLO::HALLETTMon Oct 16 1989Autocad -> DECwrite
242.041Mon Oct 16 1989Cooyright??
243.02NAC::WELCHMon Oct 16 1989Problem including .RAGS files
244.08ALLVAX::BEERMANMon Oct 16 1989Line drawing chars & reverse video Q's
245.04BOOTIS::PARASKEVAMon Oct 16 1989IMPORT problem from ADT
246.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERMon Oct 16 1989Background Printing of Documents
247.031Mon Oct 16 1989Horizontal spacing
248.02UTROFF::LUITJESTue Oct 17 1989Import/Export formats ...
249.02BOOTIS::COLLISTue Oct 17 1989Problem when viewing .DOC files with the CDA viewer or in mail
250.02FORTY2::ABRAHAMSTue Oct 17 1989DECchart problem
251.01LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Oct 17 1989Letterspacing in leader (within a Table of Contents)
252.03SALTHL::MCCROHANTue Oct 17 1989Createing a Style/Template file
254.05GIDDAY::CULLENTue Oct 17 1989How to change startup defaults? (eg:language)
255.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Oct 17 1989Merging images
256.01APEHUB::ERVINWed Oct 18 1989question on `Manual' style
257.06APEHUB::ERVINWed Oct 18 1989Help exporting text files!
258.03OSLENG::MAGNEWWed Oct 18 1989Import from DX and colour printing
259.0744245::WMURPHYWed Oct 18 1989HELP - DECWRITE EVALUATION !!!!
260.02PRAVDA::JACKSONWed Oct 18 1989DECwrite crashing DECwindows V2IFT1
261.074933::CARSONWed Oct 18 1989Help With Moving Pages.
262.03HXOAWed Oct 18 1989DECwrite French Character Transferral
263.04VLOMFG::BEAUWed Oct 18 1989Decwrite keeps Crashing!!!!!
264.01AMIS::HOLSTENSONWed Oct 18 1989wider than 8
265.055319::LOMICKAJWed Oct 18 1989Booklet printing?
266.04AIAG::SCHWARTZWed Oct 18 1989Logical names
267.03KALKI::LANGThu Oct 19 1989Help for a (former) Document user
269.01KATZE::AKIThu Oct 19 1989Double spacing text
270.05TOPDOC::LAURENCELLEThu Oct 19 1989Picture changes size after save
271.04FULMER::MCERLANEVFri Oct 20 1989LPS2
272.010FRAGIL::HOWARDFri Oct 20 1989Extra pages that aren't there
273.02TROAFri Oct 20 1989White text, black background-one sentence only!
274.0CIMNET::SWAMINATHANFri Oct 20 1989Iconized dialog boxes in DECWRITE
275.05EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Oct 20 1989DECwrite on VAXmate?
276.05319::LOMICKAJFri Oct 20 1989Bug in drawing lines in PostScript output
277.01SETH::CHERSONSun Oct 22 1989Oct 24 UI group meeting
278.04MAY25::YURYANMon Oct 23 1989DECwrite(PS) -->.SDML file?
279.05HPSCAD::KUCHTAMon Oct 23 1989Bug with Saving files and ellipses?
280.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 23 1989
281.01SOJU::FOSTERTue Oct 24 1989Announcing CDA_SWS Notes Conference
282.03ALLVAX::BEERMANTue Oct 24 1989DECwrite and CMS?
283.02MUDIS3::BONFIELDTue Oct 24 1989need PC/MAC wordprocessor -> DDIF converter
284.03JUNO::WESTONTue Oct 24 1989Can't delete empty overflow pages on double-sided document
285.02FRASER::FRASERTue Oct 24 1989Degenerate macro causes ACCVIO
286.0HSOMAI::MOFFITTWed Oct 25 1989Very minor nit...
287.03RAB::DUFFYWed Oct 25 1989ULTRIX DECwrite with UCX
288.06HOCUS::GIFFORDWed Oct 25 1989DECwrite for PC's? ABSOLUTELY!
289.03TRCAWed Oct 25 1989Printing .DDIF artwork outside DECwrite
290.06GIDDAY::CHADDWed Oct 25 1989Today's Date
291.03UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_EThu Oct 26 1989DX -> DDIF?
292.02LKPDEE::HOLWASTERThu Oct 26 1989MAC -> DECwrite
293.011WARDER::DAVIESThu Oct 26 1989PS file disappears
294.01LILLY::GORDONThu Oct 26 1989Decwrite aborts on first keystroke
295.03SARAH::WOLFEThu Oct 26 1989DECwrite usability lecture
297.0622291::BERUBEThu Oct 26 1989DECwrite Resources/File?
298.06SHANE::PACIELLOFri Oct 27 1989Can't copy the sources....
299.03APACHE::MCKINNONFri Oct 27 1989sdc decwrite & bad license??
300.01VIA::SLAVINFri Oct 27 1989UNDELETE Problem
301.07PENPAL::LAURENCELLEMon Oct 30 1989graphics libraries?
302.02HPSCAD::KUCHTAMon Oct 30 1989Chapter renumber problem with insert?
303.05WARDER::MORRISONMon Oct 30 1989Multi-user DECwrite performance figures
304.01LEVERS::W_MELARAGNIMon Oct 30 1989EQN ed. fonts not found?
305.03TROAMon Oct 30 1989WordPerfect and Ventura formats --> DDIF
306.05ACESMK::GORDONMon Oct 30 1989Can't DECwrite handle graphics?
307.05DONVAN::DECAROLISMon Oct 30 1989SHF/MB3 seems broken?
308.04KACIE::POWELLMon Oct 30 1989DECwrite and manners
309.01LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Oct 31 1989Change of DEFAULT letterspacing
310.03OTOUTue Oct 31 1989List processing (again)
311.07DIXIE1::KOZAKTue Oct 31 1989DECwrite and Long Documents
312.0SETH::CHERSONWed Nov 01 1989UI_ISSUES conference
313.05MALIN::GOODWINWed Nov 01 1989Running values: The label of level one head is not shown!
314.04GVAWed Nov 01 1989ASCII Macros -> DECwrite ?
315.02KONING::KONINGWed Nov 01 1989Nested style file bug
316.08KONING::KONINGWed Nov 01 1989DECwrite crash
317.02ORACLE::WATERSWed Nov 01 1989sideways picture on a portrait page?
318.01FYI::KUSEKOSKIThu Nov 02 1989Losing text and bad flows
319.01KONING::KONINGThu Nov 02 1989Index question
320.04ORACLE::WATERSThu Nov 02 1989BUG: can't enter up-arrow char. of Symbol family
321.02IJSAPL::SMITHFri Nov 03 1989questions : equations , SGML
322.04MALIN::GOODWINFri Nov 03 1989Is there a standard Trademark/Copyright page to copy?
323.05MALIN::GOODWINFri Nov 03 1989How to force filling left pages before chapters that start on right page??
324.02SCENIC::JANEBFri Nov 03 1989spell check - license to spell in english
325.03LUDWIG::MESSIERFri Nov 03 1989Table Header Title Problem
326.01GLDOA::OUMEDIANFri Nov 03 1989circular reference error
327.02DELNI::MHARRISFri Nov 03 1989PC-Paintbrush CLIP ART on-line. Can we convert?
328.03VAOUFri Nov 03 1989DECwrite, DECchart and SYS$SCRATCH
330.01TENNIS::KAMSat Nov 04 1989Modifying a Style (or not modifying)
331.02WAR75Mon Nov 06 1989When is a text block not a textblock
332.05CIMNET::BICKFORDMon Nov 06 1989DECwrite journal file question
333.0458Mon Nov 06 1989Header info questions...
334.010DONVAN::DECAROLISMon Nov 06 1989Horizontal Scroll?
335.03KONING::KONINGMon Nov 06 1989Bug when using AFS output as linked-to document
336.01LUDWIG::MESSIERMon Nov 06 1989DECwrite Stack Dump??
337.08DEVIN::LUCASMon Nov 06 1989X Toolkit Error: Can't open display
338.0531Mon Nov 06 1989Print Format Logicals with Postscript & DECwrite
339.02MAMTS7::TMALICKTue Nov 07 1989Lexicons for DECwrite
340.01PENPAL::LAURENCELLETue Nov 07 1989Rotation distortion
341.01SEABRZ::SACCOTue Nov 07 1989transformation needed in ddif encoding for scaled images
342.02SKIME::VEZINATue Nov 07 1989DECwrite CBI Training
343.0317218::DALTONTue Nov 07 1989DECwrite v1.
344.010SUBWAY::WATSONWed Nov 08 1989Network Diagrams?
345.03987Wed Nov 08 1989Table of Contents: Part Headings
346.01VIA::MEHRINGWed Nov 08 1989Accvio during Spell Check Word (when selection is paragraph)
347.03CADSYS::MPHILLIPSWed Nov 08 1989Recursive macros -> Boom
348.01ESRAD::WITTMANWed Nov 08 1989search for string in whole document?
349.03DEMPR4::DUNLAPWed Nov 08 1989Including landscape document in portrait document
350.06MALIN::GOODWINWed Nov 08 1989Cause of DECwrite "owerflowed textblock" warnings?
351.01CADSYS::SLATERWed Nov 08 1989Title vs Paragraphs in Style Files
352.0129518::DCHAVEZThu Nov 09 1989Copy Text Blocks?
353.01UTES15::VANDERNIETThu Nov 09 1989Long entries in TOC
354.01UTES15::VANDERNIETThu Nov 09 1989Versions of DX backend
355.072Thu Nov 09 1989Which spell checker am I using ?
356.01VIA::SLAVINThu Nov 09 1989ACCVIO on edit slides
357.04WELSWS::MANNIONThu Nov 09 1989Bug with tabs and leaders?
358.011DELNI::MHARRISThu Nov 09 1989DECwrite or DECwindows bug. We are at SSB VMS and DECwrite
359.03FESTER::SPIVAKThu Nov 09 1989ACCVIO's while modifying styles
360.01DEKVFri Nov 10 1989information regarding DECwrite glossary
361.02YUPPY::BERKOFFFri Nov 10 1989DX to DDIF - how to prepare doc?
362.0ORAN::ORANFri Nov 10 1989"Quick" Lookup
363.0SAGE::PREVOSTFri Nov 10 1989BOIS Technical Training Center - Atlanta
364.02URSA::HEUSSFri Nov 10 1989Cross references to figure heads for fixed frame figures
365.04SYOMV::KRASSat Nov 11 1989Keeping size for ps links?
366.07SKYWAY::STUKERSun Nov 12 1989skip Pagecounter
367.06WARABI::JACOBSSun Nov 12 1989DECwrite for a large documentation set
368.01HXOUSun Nov 12 1989Creating style problems
369.01WELSWS::MANNIONMon Nov 13 1989Inter-Cap Illustrator II
370.01OASS::G_MATTHEWSMon Nov 13 1989Printing with NON DEC printers from DECwrite
371.011COOKIE::SPOONERTue Nov 14 1989Image frustration
372.013BREAKR::UDICKTue Nov 14 1989Why do we stop journaling
373.02BLYTH::CORNWALLTue Nov 14 1989Placeholder disappears
374.02ACESMK::RUDNICKTue Nov 14 1989Problem with Link to Document
375.04YUPPY::BERKOFFTue Nov 14 1989Japanese version?!
376.02USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Nov 14 1989More on "Link to Spreadsheet"
377.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Nov 14 1989Disappearing Bottom Cell Boarder
378.010343Tue Nov 14 1989DECwrite to typesetters?
379.04ACESMK::RUDNICKTue Nov 14 1989hotline number?
380.04ACESMK::RUDNICKTue Nov 14 1989help with TOC puh-lease.
381.02TALLIS::ZANZERKIATue Nov 14 1989Slow printing....
382.04LDYBUG::PEARCETue Nov 14 1989Get rid of hyphenation?
383.03ORAN::ORANTue Nov 14 1989Limitation on macros
384.08KETJE::PUTMANSWed Nov 15 1989cut & paste ?
385.03HOOLEY::MMCMULLINWed Nov 15 1989Linking to cells in DECdecision CALC
386.04KETJE::CAUDRONWed Nov 15 1989Problems with large footnotes
387.02SARAH::COTEWed Nov 15 1989DECpresent kit announcements
388.03HPSCAD::ANASTASIAWed Nov 15 1989Using DECwindows appendix: can I get the files?
389.019673::EFRANKWed Nov 15 1989lines/inch spacing?
390.02URSA::HEUSSWed Nov 15 1989linked document and initial screen display behavior
391.015ACESMK::RUDNICKWed Nov 15 1989more TOC questions.
392.03CLOSUS::DCHAVEZThu Nov 16 1989Aligning Text Blocks
393.01SKYLRK::WHEELERSUThu Nov 16 1989probably a really silly question
394.03DIXIE1::SPRINGERThu Nov 16 1989merging text with DECwrite from DCL
395.02COOKIE::SORENSENThu Nov 16 1989change style of a sublist in a bigger list
396.08MALIN::GOODWINThu Nov 16 1989Is the "group-feature" for drawn objects broken?
397.02GLDOA::SABOURINThu Nov 16 1989Postscript only??
398.02MUNICH::LAYHFri Nov 17 1989DECwrite linking to a (standalone created) Chart
399.01EMILE::TREGERFri Nov 17 1989no-rectangular text blocks ?
400.04MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMFri Nov 17 1989Linked DDIFs look like negatives
401.07CIVAGE::PRUSSSun Nov 19 1989ULTRIX 4.
402.06CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Nov 20 1989Adjusting polyline withou redrawing t
403.05CADSYS::MPHILLIPSMon Nov 20 1989Repeat+Click 'bug,' followed by much whining.
404.01RUTLND::LARSENMon Nov 20 1989DECdecision
405.05SUOSW4::KNOBLACHMon Nov 20 1989DDIF syntax & Live Links
406.01SCOTMN::LOATMon Nov 20 1989Spell checker causes process to hang.
407.05EEMELI::TUURIMon Nov 20 1989Transferring .ps-files with TK5
408.03STARCH::GLASERMon Nov 20 1989Import Text bug
409.06SOJU::FOSTERMon Nov 20 1989Labels on the left, text on the right
410.010CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Nov 20 1989Which way does "1
411.01DUGGAN::LYSAKOWSKIMon Nov 20 1989HPGL<->DDIF Converter
412.011PIRU::GOETZEMon Nov 20 1989epsf clip art
413.016LARVAE::BURGESSTue Nov 21 1989DECwrite and AIL
414.01PAULUS::BERGERTue Nov 21 1989more unaligned access messages for RISC
415.01YUPPY::CAMPBELLATue Nov 21 1989Promblem Aligning Text
416.02MSD27::ERVINTue Nov 21 1989Help on tweaking TOC !
417.02CIMNET::ASCHERTue Nov 21 1989easy question on references
418.03WPOMM2::FLEMINGWed Nov 22 1989Colour - Color questions?????
419.02FULMER::TAYLORWed Nov 22 1989Import RUNOFF documents to DECwrite?
421.04COMPLX::VANBELLWed Nov 22 1989Percent Scale in Print... Menu
422.04AIRPLN::RNORRISWed Nov 22 1989How do I get sqare bullets too?
423.02VAOUWed Nov 22 1989Print fails - LPS-W-UNDEF ... offending command ..
424.01UILA::BAKERWed Nov 22 1989Where are my Arrowheads?
425.07JUNO::WESTONThu Nov 23 1989Some thoughts on Floating Frames and Figure Titles
426.01GIDDAY::CULLENThu Nov 23 1989"Grey" Text?
427.02VOGON::DRUMGOOLEFri Nov 24 1989Conversion from A to A4
428.01JUNO::WESTONFri Nov 24 1989Bug: Filled Arrowheads won't stay filled
429.03OASS::RNORRISFri Nov 24 1989Journal recovery offered on new installation.
430.03SCOTMN::LOATMon Nov 27 1989DECwrite startup problems......and save problems.....
431.04SHARE::TIMBERLAKEMon Nov 27 1989Can't find/print specific pages
433.09DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 27 1989CGM Computer Images to be available????
434.01SCOTMN::LOATTue Nov 28 1989DECwrite crashes under heavy load.
435.01KBOMFG::HABY_PTue Nov 28 1989DECwrite crashes when trying to SAVE file
436.06PHONE::MURRAYTue Nov 28 1989Font with equal width characters wanted
438.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLETue Nov 28 1989DECwrite Crash when using Distribute
439.07ACESMK::GORDONTue Nov 28 1989Getting rid of blank pages
440.09GLDOA::OUMEDIANTue Nov 28 1989Help with Table of Contents!
441.04LESLIE::LESLIETue Nov 28 1989Upside-down slide titles!
442.04SMURF::DEPPTue Nov 28 1989How do I create a new style file?
443.06GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Nov 29 1989problem with quiting demo document
444.03LESLIE::LESLIEWed Nov 29 1989TM (tradmark footnote) please?
445.01CAM::ZIOMEKWed Nov 29 1989installation manual
446.01GALVIA::JKELLYWed Nov 29 1989DECwrite/AFS interaction
447.03ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Nov 29 1989DECwrite changes file protection
448.04HITPS::FALORWed Nov 29 1989Manual P/N's?
449.02DODO::MARTINWed Nov 29 1989Can't mirror an object with MB3
450.05ACESMK::RUDNICKWed Nov 29 1989Is repagination possible?
451.01WOODRO::KURTAThu Nov 30 1989DECWrite Postscript to LN
452.07STKHLM::WIDBERGThu Nov 30 1989Rulers and Page styles!
453.011TALLIS::ZANZERKIAThu Nov 30 1989Fancy text..
454.01COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Nov 30 1989Another List Question
455.06DELNI::MHARRISFri Dec 01 1989Will DECwrite V2 include XDPS support?
456.03HPSCAD::CANFIELDFri Dec 01 1989UIS to DECwrite
457.03MUSKIE::WALSHFri Dec 01 1989WPS==>DECwrite Transition?
459.01FESTER::SPIVAKFri Dec 01 1989Stuffing graphics inside text pages.
460.03VLOMFG::BEAUSat Dec 02 1989Print Widget Error with VMS 5.3
461.05HOGAN::GAVAZZISat Dec 02 1989V1.
462.01SKYWAY::HONEGGERSun Dec 03 1989customer questions
463.029Tue Dec 05 1989Use DECwrite for PCB Layouts
464.0132884::SAPIENZATue Dec 05 1989Clarification of DECwrite version numbers...
466.06WEHELP::PORELLTue Dec 05 1989Problem with IMPORTing TEXT and DX
467.04CRACKR::SYSTEMTue Dec 05 1989Print remote
468.03SNOFS1::PETERSONTue Dec 05 1989DECchart not printing in document
469.01EPIK::PWONGWed Dec 06 1989Announcing QUEEN::DECwrite_for_OS2 Conference
470.01VNASWS::HAUSBWed Dec 06 1989DECchart for Ultrix ???
471.04BRSSWS::MICHIELSWed Dec 06 1989Problem with tabs not interpreted correctly.
472.02HXOUWed Dec 06 1989link image vs link chart
473.01TOWNS::KENOYERWed Dec 06 1989Print Widget Pointer, anyone?
474.06AFVAX::PARRWed Dec 06 1989Virtual Address Space is Full??
475.01SCOTMN::LOATWed Dec 06 1989DECwrite spell checking problem.
476.0TLE::BECKERWed Dec 06 1989DECmemo document style.
477.04GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Dec 06 1989Equation Editor bug
478.01VOGON::HOThu Dec 07 1989DECwrite support for polylines
479.07JRDLSI::T_KOCHIThu Dec 07 1989Object rotation is needed
480.01STKHLM::WIDBERGThu Dec 07 1989Landscape for specific page in document
481.09SHARE::TIMBERLAKEThu Dec 07 1989Link, TOC, Page #'s problem for Manual
482.01SHARE::TIMBERLAKEThu Dec 07 1989text overflow in frame
483.01CONEJO::GLOVERThu Dec 07 1989More fonts for equation editor
484.01CARTUN::SSHARMAThu Dec 07 1989Questions regarding Decwrite
485.01CONEJO::GLOVERThu Dec 07 1989Problem with list numbering
486.05SOJU::FOSTERThu Dec 07 1989Grayscale images in DECwrite
487.02MUNICH::LAYHFri Dec 08 1989Problem with input focus after IMPORT
488.03AMIS::HOLSTENSONFri Dec 08 1989address manager?
489.02LEMAN::CLAVELFri Dec 08 1989Title numbering breaks between pages
490.03MUNICH::LAYHFri Dec 08 1989VMS 5.3 and RMSJNL T1.1
491.02BM1GSG::GROLLMANFri Dec 08 1989Applying paragraph style does not change font family?
492.02CASPRO::GREENEFri Dec 08 1989Transfer text to Help screens?
493.01VIEWS::DUNCANFri Dec 08 1989Link to chart crashes
494.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Dec 08 1989Rubber band operations
495.06SNELL::GORSKIFri Dec 08 1989DECwrite used - others can't get on system!
496.05SSGBPM::SHIDERLYSat Dec 09 1989RISC/VAX ULTRIX Initialization Bug
497.01ORAN::ORANSat Dec 09 1989Lost Local Tweaks when re-linking to my style file
498.02ORAN::ORANSat Dec 09 1989Defficiency causes a bug - Symbol "Font"
499.06MUNICH::LAYHMon Dec 11 1989LiveLink to document and document corruption??
500.03GILDOR::avolioMon Dec 11 1989Private Libraries
501.01TRNPRC::FALORMon Dec 11 1989De-Link crash?
502.01TRNPRC::FALORMon Dec 11 1989Way to INSERT Link-to-doc
503.01TRNPRC::FALORMon Dec 11 1989Where "Digital Confidential" on page?
504.0LHOTSE::DAHLMon Dec 11 1989Compound Document Management System Conference
505.03CIMNET::ASCHERTue Dec 12 1989Double entries for Figure Heads in TOC
506.01LEMAN::CLAVELTue Dec 12 1989Dialog box for Link to Document Update
507.05MDVAX3::CHANDLERTue Dec 12 1989How to do multiple references to one footnote?
508.03MINDER::COUPLANDSWed Dec 13 1989DECwrite APIs used ???
509.0STKWIN::SAMUELSSONWed Dec 13 1989Interesting observation!!
510.02TAZRAT::CHERSONWed Dec 13 1989conv/doc problem solved or not?
511.0TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Dec 13 1989case change on cross referenced item not propagated
512.02TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Dec 13 1989How to have TOC type lists for each chapter
513.01MSD27::ERVINThu Dec 14 1989Numbering Equations?
514.01MSD27::ERVINThu Dec 14 1989Garbled Equations
516.01OTOUThu Dec 14 1989RISC/ULRIX DECwrite part number
517.01ULYSSE::TIRRONENThu Dec 14 1989Import of TIFF images to DECwrite?
518.01RAB::SLAVINThu Dec 14 1989Version number on file open problem
519.01STAR::STUMPFThu Dec 14 1989spacing between lines of text
520.01NSSG::STCLAIRThu Dec 14 1989Applying a page style lost the document. Help!
521.02AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Dec 14 1989DECwrite V1.
522.03AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Dec 14 1989Wanted: Better screen updating for DECwrite
523.04CIMNET::LEACHEThu Dec 14 1989Index options?
524.03CIMNET::LEACHEThu Dec 14 1989Index glitch
525.02STARCH::GLASERThu Dec 14 1989Paragraph Number problems / questions
526.04DIODE::CROWELLFri Dec 15 1989Field test timeframe for next version
527.03SCOTMN::ALLAMFri Dec 15 1989problem with sub-lists
528.01BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONFri Dec 15 1989
529.01BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONFri Dec 15 1989Cropmarks for 7x9"
530.02HDLITE::CANFIELDFri Dec 15 1989Crash - moving selected objects
531.0BOOKIE::L_FIELDFri Dec 15 1989Documentation Questionnaire
532.03DUGGAN::LYSAKOWSKISun Dec 17 1989xlib io error
533.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Dec 18 1989Should I re-install DECwrite on VMS V5.3
534.02BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Dec 18 1989Link to doc and pictures problems
535.01AISG::ROYMon Dec 18 1989viewer and PS converter problem
536.01GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Dec 18 1989invisible lines
537.01GALSAL::REEDMon Dec 18 1989Error DECwrite disappered
538.0INTER::CORCORANMon Dec 18 1989Documentation Plan Style Document Available?
539.01WB2DCL::MCNALLMon Dec 18 1989Want to be able to apply list structure editing operations to document sections!
540.01WB2DCL::MCNALLMon Dec 18 1989DECwrite V2.
541.0WB2DCL::MCNALLTue Dec 19 1989Creat Section and Section Style needed!
543.017LARRYC::SYSTEMTue Dec 19 1989Clip Art and Legalities
544.06CIMNET::WOLFEWed Dec 20 1989Outlining???
545.04SCADMN::DISMUKEWed Dec 20 1989Index Entry Delete Option??
546.02GIDDAY::OMELEYThu Dec 21 1989Delete a FILLER Page ?
547.01ATOI::ANDERSONFri Dec 22 1989Apply a Style Accelerator
548.04SHARE::TIMBERLAKEFri Dec 22 1989DECWRITE BLOW UP W/Page style create
549.01FSTVAX::HENDERSONFri Dec 22 1989Compatible cadd packages
550.01NANOOK::COOPERFri Dec 22 1989Adding an image to text
551.01DINER::SHUBINFri Dec 22 1989more space around frames, please
552.03DINER::SHUBINFri Dec 22 1989commas between consecutive footnotes?
553.02WLW::KIERFri Dec 22 1989How to control ToC Overflow Pages?
554.02DINER::SHUBINFri Dec 22 1989Little bug w/change bars
555.0BOOKIE::DONOHUEFri Dec 22 1989DECwrite for OS/2 IFT1 Docs available
556.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOTue Dec 26 1989create an integral equation in Equation Editor
557.06HITPS::FALORTue Dec 26 1989Misc beginner problems
558.05GUIDUK::MCKAYTue Dec 26 1989forced image exit when attempting to exit decwrite
559.01VAOAWed Dec 27 1989both pages viewable?
560.01HANDVA::WENDYPANGWed Dec 27 1989What are "maps" ?
561.02DPDMAI::POGARThu Dec 28 1989Bug: List Element Label
562.01STAR::STEEVESThu Dec 28 1989Example to Manual Style change problem
563.01STARCH::GLASERThu Dec 28 1989multi-line labels don't work
564.06SCOTMN::LOATFri Dec 29 1989CGM to DDIF conversion problem.
565.01COOKIE::KODAVALLAFri Dec 29 1989How to fill parts of an object with a pattern?
566.02MAXDOG::kittellFri Dec 29 1989Snap to Contents Too Cozy
567.010MQOUFri Dec 29 1989Side by Side Multilingual documents with DECwrite
568.01LYOIS1::MICHALIKTue Jan 02 1990How to write matrix equation
569.01LYOIS1::MICHALIKTue Jan 02 1990Equation Editor questions
570.01RATH::BROOKETue Jan 02 1990DECwrite files generate DDIS/DDIF errors
571.01OUINON::DERRTue Jan 02 1990Image polarity bug
572.03SYOMV::KRASTue Jan 02 1990RISC/ULTRIX DECwrite - 16MB minimum!
573.02DEBIT::PROTEAUTue Jan 02 1990Problem Creating Floating Frame Style
574.01JAZZIZ::DICKERSONTue Jan 02 1990Export to PS function problem
575.01KIPPIS::AURAMOWed Jan 03 1990The style of a new document
576.01GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Jan 03 1990Spell check word bug
577.06DINER::SHUBINWed Jan 03 1990Process hung while expanding frame
578.02EPSDEV::COGANWed Jan 03 1990patterns in arrowheads
579.03GRUBER::RODGERSWed Jan 03 1990
580.03MEDDLE::ANUSZCZYKWed Jan 03 1990ACCVIO when SHIFT/MB1 selecting graphic text already partly selected
581.0VIA::BOOTHThu Jan 04 1990Last call for requirements input for DECchart V2.
582.02STARCH::GLASERThu Jan 04 1990filler page randomly inserts paragraphs
583.01SHIRE::FITZGERALDFri Jan 05 1990Include .XBM?
584.01GUIDUK::MICHAELFri Jan 05 1990Corrupted tar files for ULTRIX
585.03R2ME2::SIMONSFri Jan 05 1990Crash while exporting TEXT
586.06DINER::SHUBINFri Jan 05 1990Journal recovery after a crash?
587.05HARBOR::TURCOTTEFri Jan 05 1990More spell checker problems
588.09PJVAX::LAMBMon Jan 08 1990Spell check - could not initialize english lexicon
589.02HXOUMon Jan 08 1990Capture screen images
590.017BCVAX::CHEUNGMon Jan 08 1990Link to Screen - Screen Capturing from DECwrite
591.03TPWEST::JOVANMon Jan 08 1990Landscape Slides??
592.01LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Jan 09 1990List processing with DECwrite
593.02CASPRO::SMITH_DTue Jan 09 1990Get only LPS4
594.01MUNICH::LAYHTue Jan 09 1990ACCESS VIO on DX import (superscripted blank)
595.02SOJU::FOSTERTue Jan 09 1990Title doesn't appear on new pages - bug?
596.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSTue Jan 09 1990WRITEDEMO doc bombs printed with NUMBER_UP
597.04COMCAD::PMCVAYTue Jan 09 1990Can startup logicals be redefined?
598.05CTOAVX::JENNINGSTue Jan 09 1990LN
599.01STARCH::GLASERTue Jan 09 1990FIND searches style data also
600.021172::ROBINSONWed Jan 10 1990Printing Bug/Feature
601.08HDLITE::CANFIELDWed Jan 10 1990Document doesn't print
602.01MUNICH::LAYHWed Jan 10 1990DECwrite installation on vaxstation 352
603.03VANDAL::BAILEYWed Jan 10 1990ACCVIO while "Save"ing
604.06SIEVAX::BURGESSWed Jan 10 1990Import/Export of SDML
605.02HANJA::GREENWOODWed Jan 10 1990Reproducible DECWRITE crash
606.05ORAN::ORANWed Jan 10 1990Documentation and/or Bookreader Bug?
607.03BUMBLE::PEARCEWed Jan 10 1990Livelink Update?
608.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 10 1990How to get sequential footnotes on the next page ?
609.09NZOVWed Jan 10 1990Background Printing/logo's/Graphics...
610.01KINRYU::JENNINGSThu Jan 11 1990Old files not readable?
611.01KINRYU::JENNINGSThu Jan 11 1990quota settings?
612.02NANOOK::COOPERThu Jan 11 1990Creating a template
613.03EPSYS::COGANThu Jan 11 1990disappearing text
614.05EVETPU::MCEVOYThu Jan 11 1990postscipt comments
615.03WILKIE::ELLISONThu Jan 11 1990Problem: Ruler Margins within Lists
616.03SCAACT::RESENDEMon Jan 15 1990Customer feedback -- and problems
617.02RAB::ASHLUNDMon Jan 15 1990DECdecision T1.1 announcement
618.05GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jan 16 1990Accvio when saving DECwrite document
619.02HERON::BOSSARDTue Jan 16 1990Print fails: %LPS-W-RANGECHK, when printing a file produced in the US on an A4 printer.
620.06KERNEL::LOATTue Jan 16 1990Page break query.
621.01COPCMT::RIISTue Jan 16 1990Windows are disappering ?
622.03FRSTSC::ERLEMANNTue Jan 16 1990Instal DECwrite american & german?
623.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Jan 16 1990"Rule" Line to Seperate Footnotes
624.01MILPND::DIMARZIOTue Jan 16 1990Problems with tabs I think
625.01GALVIA::JKELLYTue Jan 16 1990buffer length in TXT aggregate??
626.05BREAKR::HADOWTue Jan 16 1990Sort capability possible "in" DECwrite?
627.01SOJU::FOSTERTue Jan 16 1990Running heads and page breaks
628.03CLUSTA::DONATTue Jan 16 1990Unable to save edits
629.013TALLIS::ZANZERKIAWed Jan 17 1990default print queue selection.
630.01EPSYS::COGANWed Jan 17 1990'snap to ruler' doesn't
631.01EPSYS::COGANWed Jan 17 1990'round pen' isn't
632.05EPSYS::COGANWed Jan 17 1990'default directory' pain
633.04THEWAV::HAACKWed Jan 17 1990Milspec demo documents?
634.04EPSYS::COGANWed Jan 17 1990title level number incorrect if no label
635.01GIDDAY::FERGUSONWed Jan 17 1990British version??
636.04SCOTMN::LOATThu Jan 18 1990Create a document with the wrong page size. Can you change it?
637.08WR1FOR::SUCH_KEThu Jan 18 1990Can't Paste Between Documents
638.02MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMThu Jan 18 1990DECwrite 1.
639.02HITPS::FALORThu Jan 18 1990Changing left margin left-er
640.013SDEVAX::THACKERAYThu Jan 18 1990MB2 pop-up menu unreliable
641.01VIA::NORIThu Jan 18 1990Crashes When You Copy A Page From One Document To Another
642.03VAOUThu Jan 18 1990Support for NON DEC printers?
643.01JUPITR::RITZFri Jan 19 1990text and graphics ?
644.07KONING::KONINGFri Jan 19 1990Where are the files that define font appearance?
645.04RAB::ASHLUNDFri Jan 19 1990comments on Links, messages
646.05LSNCSC::BLANCMon Jan 22 1990Print problem on Apple printer
647.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Jan 22 1990DECwrite vs. QuarkExpress
648.06TRNPRC::FALORMon Jan 22 1990Can't change Type
649.01EACTSI::GAYMon Jan 22 1990Crashes when trying to insert text before a frame
650.04DCC::NATHASINGHMon Jan 22 1990It rolls to the 1st page
653.06FYI::KUSEKOSKIMon Jan 22 1990
654.07ORACLE::WATERSMon Jan 22 1990EDT insert-character fails
655.06GPSDCC::ZGRAGGENTue Jan 23 1990Are other local language versions available???
656.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jan 23 1990Equation editor and X terminals?
657.09BARNA::FURIOTue Jan 23 1990Livelinks & Lotus
658.04TRNPRC::FALORTue Jan 23 1990No xfer between windows
659.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 23 1990
660.08JULIET::DAVIS_GETue Jan 23 1990DECWrite -> Bookreader
661.03HPSCAD::KUCHTATue Jan 23 1990Equation Editor Question
662.01RAB::SLAVINTue Jan 23 1990errors - I think on close document
663.01OASS::G_MATTHEWSTue Jan 23 1990CRASHES when doing an IMPORT of TEXT file
664.03EACTSI::GAYWed Jan 24 1990Connecting Text Blocks Question
665.02SHIRE::FITZGERALDWed Jan 24 1990European Map???
666.04AIAG::PRAKASHWed Jan 24 1990Smoothing display bug in DECwrite/RISC
667.071Wed Jan 24 1990Tables - there must be an easier way
668.02HXOUWed Jan 24 1990Logged off
669.01GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Jan 24 1990Equation Editor, ACS, write$equation questions
670.04VUEONE::MCCROHANWed Jan 24 1990Resizing frame anomoly?
672.03CASPRO::SMITH_DWed Jan 24 1990edit page will not merge
673.022KEEPER::THACKERAYWed Jan 24 1990How do you import Postscript files?????????
674.0236578::SLATTERYThu Jan 25 1990DECdecision/Access Live linked Data looks terrible in DECwrite
676.013ZONULE::EHRLICHThu Jan 25 1990How to E-MAIL a DECwrite Document
677.04JEREMY::GALThu Jan 25 1990Arcs turn into pie slices when I use DDIF -> PostScript CDA conversion
678.05VAOUThu Jan 25 1990Field Test 1.1 yet?
679.02FAB2NI::DUDMANThu Jan 25 1990Elements missing from previous edit session
680.02MQOSThu Jan 25 1990Force recover from the journal
681.01KEEPER::THACKERAYThu Jan 25 1990Style deletes text
682.01OASS::AYALLAHThu Jan 25 1990Export to TEXT revisited
683.05WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Jan 26 1990DECwriteinstall problem.
684.03REGAL::SLAVINFri Jan 26 1990what I got was not what I expected
685.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Jan 26 1990copying whole pages, any EASY way?
686.01REBUS::CHERSONFri Jan 26 19905.3 related bug??
687.03BELFST::MILLARFri Jan 26 1990WORDPERFECT & PC-PAINT import
688.06NUTMEG::SWABOWICZFri Jan 26 1990Screen Images problems.. black backgroudn
689.06KERNEL::RWATSONMon Jan 29 1990READ/WRITE Live Links
690.0GODEL::YOUNGMon Jan 29 1990Digital Technical Journal CDA issue available
691.06FORTY2::AMOSMon Jan 29 1990DECwrite ULTRIX printing problems...
692.02CISM::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 29 1990Line Spacing/Format Question
693.02MUTTON::LAMBMon Jan 29 1990Live Link to CALC - multiple pages
694.03KONING::KONINGMon Jan 29 1990License exceeded kills both copies of DECwrite?
695.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Jan 29 1990Right configuration??
696.04TLE::LUPTONMon Jan 29 1990Pending delete of empty paragraph ACCVIO
697.03BREAKR::HADOWMon Jan 29 1990Can the graphical editor handle complex graphics?
699.03STRASB::HONORETue Jan 30 1990how to create a footnote
700.04GYRO::GRILLOTue Jan 30 1990Question regarding export to DX format
701.01A1DDIF::FRAZERTue Jan 30 1990GLOBAL/LOCAL in External References
702.03KONING::KONINGTue Jan 30 1990Replacing \p corrupts document
703.01EMILE::TREGERTue Jan 30 1990Problem when running as a Remote Client
704.08ENTPRZ::NELSONTue Jan 30 1990Crash (cause completely unknown)
705.02KONING::KONINGTue Jan 30 1990Strange paragraph label
706.011VUEONE::MCCROHANTue Jan 30 1990Halftone and DECwindows Tools
707.02KONING::KONINGTue Jan 30 1990Crash on GROUP operation
708.01CGOOWed Jan 31 1990Dictionary 'ADD' error during recover
709.02RAB::NORIWed Jan 31 1990Screen Cuts Always In Reverse Video
710.06KONING::KONINGWed Jan 31 1990Unfillable arrows
711.01CIVAGE::PRUSSWed Jan 31 1990DECwrite wounded by ULTRIX 2.2
712.03CSC32::JJONESWed Jan 31 1990Incorrect Leading after first line of text in a LIST element
714.0515735::FOSSThu Feb 01 1990Disappearing Tabs???
715.05COMICS::ALLAMSThu Feb 01 1990Looping/paging problems with DECwrite
716.01GIAMEM::MCCROHANThu Feb 01 1990List Bullet Markers
717.01COMICS::ALLAMSThu Feb 01 1990DECwrite FT/v1.
718.01RIPPLE::PEARSONCHThu Feb 01 1990Non-printing comments?
719.01GRANPA::BPEEZICKThu Feb 01 1990Changing Default Print Options?
720.014GERUND::WOLFEFri Feb 02 1990How do you run DECwrite??
721.02STKHLM::WIDBERGFri Feb 02 1990Installing DECwrite
722.09MSD27::ERVINFri Feb 02 1990Help! cross reference bug.
723.03KONING::KONINGFri Feb 02 1990"dictfull" error when printing lots of fill patterns
724.03KAOOFri Feb 02 1990SCALEing Fonts inside a Table?
726.05TLE::LUPTONFri Feb 02 1990Problem exporting to text
727.02KERNEL::RWATSONSat Feb 03 1990Excessive TOC pages
728.02COOKIE::KITTELLSat Feb 03 1990DECwrite killed on unaligned access, no djl
729.05DPDMAI::RESENDESat Feb 03 1990DECwrite config using X Terms?
730.01HACMAN::HACKSat Feb 03 1990Change Bars just will not go away.
731.08CASEE::CARLILLMon Feb 05 1990Crash on opening document
732.03CURIE::SINGERMon Feb 05 1990Deletion
733.03XANADU::CAMPBELLMon Feb 05 1990What I see is not what I'm getting...
734.06SUFIX::robMon Feb 05 1990Text attributes for a section of text
735.02USATMon Feb 05 1990DECwrite in batch
736.01EPSDEV::COGANMon Feb 05 1990LiveLink Param
737.04TPOVC::JOHNNYHOTue Feb 06 1990Can not open demo doc. provided by EPS
738.03GEMVAX::BERRYTue Feb 06 199011x17 tabloid on LPS4
739.03IKE22::EIKENBERRYTue Feb 06 1990Looking for Boolean Graphic Symbols
740.03HITPS::FALORTue Feb 06 1990Index: deleting specific words
741.04SCAACT::DAVISTue Feb 06 1990Infinite Loop problem in my DOC
742.0KALLON::EIRIKURTue Feb 06 1990CDA to Bookreader Backend Converter Opens Phase
743.04KONING::KONINGTue Feb 06 1990Loss of journal bug
744.04KIAORA::BROWNTue Feb 06 1990Add a new language/lexicon?
745.01MUNMCC::BALTESKONISWed Feb 07 1990Copying a middle page
746.04KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEWed Feb 07 1990ACCVIO on save doc with "Text of level 1 head" in flow
747.04MARX::WALSHWed Feb 07 1990How can I copy DDIF files from my risc Ultrix machine to a VAX?
748.011AIRBAG::SWATKOWed Feb 07 1990"limitcheck" error printing outline patterns
749.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Feb 07 1990Illustrations Outside of Document
750.01CIMNET::SYSTEMWed Feb 07 1990Missing Fonts ????
751.01ODIXIE::HOERCHERWed Feb 07 1990<DECwrite called from another program?>
752.03ALLVAX::APPELThu Feb 08 1990Case sensitivity causes LiveLink problems
753.02LEMAN::MEISTERThu Feb 08 1990link to DECchart from DECwrite problem
754.04BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Feb 08 1990Page numbering on slides.
755.05AITG::WELLSThu Feb 08 1990Order of loading default user macros and editing keyboard preferences
756.02AITG::WELLSThu Feb 08 1990Default Private Library location?
757.04ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 08 1990DECwrite generates bad PS
758.07TOOLS::IRELANDThu Feb 08 1990CDAviewer vs DECwrite reading .ddif files
759.05KERNEL::RWATSONThu Feb 08 1990How Accurate is DRAW?
760.0VIA::ASHLUNDThu Feb 08 1990sublist message bug
761.01COMICS::ALLAMSFri Feb 09 1990DECwrite - fill patterns
762.05COMICS::ALLAMSFri Feb 09 1990DECwrite and LATEX
763.05VISUAL::WEAVERFri Feb 09 1990Multiple selection when creating objects in frames
764.01EVETPU::KROBINSONFri Feb 09 1990galleys in frames
765.02BULEAN::CARSONFri Feb 09 1990DECWRITE installation Failure on 5.4-xxx
766.02SKYLRK::KURATAFri Feb 09 1990How do tables work ?
767.01EMILE::TREGERMon Feb 12 1990Wish list ?
768.02DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Feb 12 1990How to find out reference ID's
769.021DENVER::WOODMon Feb 12 1990DECwrite / WPS+
770.03CVG::PETTENGILLMon Feb 12 1990DECwrite and VAX Notes - what I see isn't what I drew
771.04MUNICH::LAYHTue Feb 13 1990hyphenation of compound words
772.01BEST1::SPECHTERTue Feb 13 1990Define the quick print printer ?
773.01015924::BEERMANTue Feb 13 1990Overstrike mode?
774.04EVETPU::VONSUCKTue Feb 13 1990Rounded rectangles vs./and CDA Viewer
775.01VIA::ASHLUNDTue Feb 13 1990WPSINSCHAR Help frame bug
776.01VIA::ASHLUNDTue Feb 13 1990Quick Print ignores Number of Copies
777.08XANADU::CAMPBELLTue Feb 13 1990In-line frames become fixed after pasting!
778.04HITPS::CONNETue Feb 13 1990Deleting on a grand scale....
779.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Feb 14 1990unaligned data access
780.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Feb 14 1990ddif from VMS to RISC ULTRIX
781.02MONSTA::ZAMANIWed Feb 14 1990I am loosing patience here!!!!!
782.08NANOOK::COUTUREWed Feb 14 1990problem with install on RISC 31
783.02MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Feb 14 1990mdify the layout of the INDEX
784.013RAB::SLAVINWed Feb 14 1990menu too long, goes off screen
785.02MAXDOG::kittellWed Feb 14 1990Release Notes in Help?
786.02MSD36::ERVINThu Feb 15 1990f14 page deletion bug(?)
787.010DINER::SHUBINThu Feb 15 1990Problem with portrait-slide style file
788.02TLE::PETERSONThu Feb 15 1990Losing text attributes going through SAVE/OPEN cycle
789.0TLE::PETERSONThu Feb 15 1990Ideas sought for track chart methods
790.09TON8Thu Feb 15 1990Using DECwrite as a forms editor?
791.01POWDML::EHRLICHThu Feb 15 1990An incompletable Link from DECdec. to DECwrite
792.03ORAN::ORANThu Feb 15 1990Adding to end of base document with linked-to documents
793.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Feb 15 1990Glossary/Bibliography in DECwrite?
794.02TPWEST::JOVANThu Feb 15 1990DECwrite Instructor Needed ASAP in California
795.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Feb 16 1990Accessing doc files accross the net.
796.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Feb 16 1990Equation editor font problems
797.04EIGER::FREYFri Feb 16 1990Equation Editor ULTRIX
798.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEFri Feb 16 1990UNrecoverable crash on VMS 5.3
799.01BOHEME::BONFISSUTOFri Feb 16 1990Link from Paint (.DDIF) problem
800.04SCOHEN::S_COHENFri Feb 16 1990more detail for line numbers, please
801.08DECWET::AURICHFri Feb 16 1990No file recovery after system crash
802.03GLDOA::VALASEKFri Feb 16 1990Error copying .tar.Z for risc too !!
803.02CIMNET::LEACHEFri Feb 16 1990Handle bug
804.02RAB::SLAVINFri Feb 16 1990Import of a text file causes fatal xlib error
805.04WR1FOR::ANDREW_MIFri Feb 16 1990Only runs as root on my machine
807.03TRNPRC::CONNEFri Feb 16 1990Document w/ Live Link TOC, Chapters, Index - in CMS Environment - Where to point?
808.03ORAN::ORANSat Feb 17 1990How do you get a "#" in a label?
809.02KETJE::CAUDRONMon Feb 19 1990another problem with symbols
810.01DCC::NATHASINGHMon Feb 19 1990Linked image name
811.06VIA::ASHLUNDMon Feb 19 1990can't cancel session recovery caution box
812.01SALMON::LITASIMon Feb 19 1990Bug report on EDT keypad
813.05OSLACT::HENRIKWMon Feb 19 1990Maximum size of alphabetical objects?Any specs
814.01SALMON::LITASIMon Feb 19 1990How to do Appendix A and B???
815.02EIGER::STACHERMon Feb 19 1990IF DECwrite hangs, what can you do?
816.01DECWIN::FISHERMon Feb 19 1990DECwrite and CDA Viewer disagree on pagination
817.010YIELD::FANGMon Feb 19 1990Special Characters
818.010SKYLRK::KURATAMon Feb 19 1990Table numbers reset to 1
819.02RAB::SLAVINMon Feb 19 1990Edit/undo ACCVIO
820.01STKHLM::HOLMTue Feb 20 1990Next version of DECwrite ?
821.03CIMNET::ASCHERTue Feb 20 1990Vertical Justification?
822.04VAXWRK::WOODBURYTue Feb 20 1990How to indent portions of a file?
823.02DCC::NATHASINGHTue Feb 20 1990Images changing size
824.02ASD::LSMITHTue Feb 20 1990DECWrite error when reading in a ddif document.
825.04KIAORA::BROWNTue Feb 20 1990Motif / Compose key sequence - Incompatability
826.01KIAORA::BROWNTue Feb 20 1990Macrons ?
827.03MUDIS3::DSCHMIERWed Feb 21 1990NCD X -terminal and DECwrite don't work together
828.05IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Feb 21 1990DECwrite to LN
829.01TLSEWed Feb 21 1990ACCVIO with an ASCII file
830.09QUIVER::WASHABAUGHWed Feb 21 1990copy decwrite file from VMS TO VMS
831.01SOURDO::SILVERWed Feb 21 1990Landscaping with Portrait Orientation
832.02OASS::RNORRISWed Feb 21 1990please add this to the wish list for the next equation editor.
833.01AKOFIN::THOMSENWed Feb 21 1990TOC and page numbers
834.05ALLVAX::APPELWed Feb 21 1990Modify Link breaks Automatic Update
835.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSWed Feb 21 1990SPELLCHECK for Markers in INDEX causes problem
836.03AKOV11::GMURRAYWed Feb 21 1990Question about adding Page #'s
837.08TRNAF1::DELMONTEThu Feb 22 1990printing on LJ25
838.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Feb 22 1990cda converter libray formats?
839.03SNUPPA::JARLEThu Feb 22 1990TIMA STARS articles.....why not ??
840.05ENTPRZ::NELSONThu Feb 22 1990print file name wrong in print menu
841.04ENTPRZ::NELSONThu Feb 22 1990bitstream fonts?
842.07BIG::SCHOTTThu Feb 22 1990Gobe generated DDIF not readable by DECwrite
843.02MDCRAB::HOWARDThu Feb 22 1990Programming with DECwrite - Flow charts in the comments
844.02POBOX::FEIGLEThu Feb 22 1990Mentor Graphics DOC compatability
845.02DLOThu Feb 22 1990Scrolling the window
846.01EOS::CHOIFri Feb 23 1990List of file format handled by DECwrite
848.05THATIS::MANNINGFri Feb 23 1990Cannot save changes to document
849.01CPDW::ROSCHFri Feb 23 1990xlib io error
850.01MARLIN::RICHARDFri Feb 23 1990DECwrite problem
851.0OASS::G_MATTHEWSFri Feb 23 1990SCAN at <3
852.03MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIFri Feb 23 1990Removing hard carriage return from text?
853.02COOKIE::KITTELLFri Feb 23 1990Corrupted documents on Ultrix
854.02CTOAVX::LABICHMon Feb 26 1990DECwrite: Homemade, or Buyout?
855.08MALIN::GOODWINMon Feb 26 1990DECwrite modifies size of pictures that are linked and scaled.
856.02EPIK::DEBRUYNMon Feb 26 1990V1.1 Documentation Supplement Review Draft
857.05SCAACT::RESENDEMon Feb 26 1990Book-building and style file usage
858.03SDOGUS::MORINMon Feb 26 1990Mass Apply a Style?
860.04HXOUTue Feb 27 1990DECwindows terminal problem
861.04HXOUTue Feb 27 1990Frame to span 2 text blocks?
862.05HXOUTue Feb 27 1990Long equations
863.013DELNI::MHARRISTue Feb 27 1990NIH, But REAL Nice! INTERLEAF has PAINT/DRAW now!
864.02RUMOR::MOORETue Feb 27 1990EPS - PostScript "cvrs" command causes error
865.03HXOUTue Feb 27 1990Flow of text blocks
866.06CLEON::KULLTue Feb 27 1990Using DRAW for Network graphics?
867.02FERVOR::LEZONTue Feb 27 1990Widget class PrintWidget version mismatch
869.06GALVIA::SPAINWed Feb 28 1990Unable to export to SGML
870.04PAULUS::BERGERWed Feb 28 1990P-BL1 and UWS 2.2
871.012ORACLE::WATERSWed Feb 28 1990LiveLink(tm) to rotated text using this program
872.02OPG::PHILIPWed Feb 28 1990DECwrite PBL1 installation problem
873.08OASS::RNORRISWed Feb 28 1990Equation editor preview widget has nothing in it.
874.04FESTER::WEISBACHWed Feb 28 1990hidden symbol cannot be deleted
875.03KAOFS::M_MORINWed Feb 28 1990Client/server VMS 5.3 and VMS 5.1-1
876.02STARCH::GLASERWed Feb 28 1990ACCVIO on Delete Style
877.04VARESE::MICHENCIGHThu Mar 01 1990Where is CAL_DAY.DDIF file?
878.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Mar 01 1990Create a TWO-column footnote style ?
879.01AIRONE::HARKERThu Mar 01 1990bullets, ticks and things as characters?
880.02SCAACT::RESENDEThu Mar 01 1990DECwrite V1 & DECchart V1.1?
881.05NUTMEG::BARRYThu Mar 01 1990DECtrace in DECwrite
882.02PHAZER::BARNESThu Mar 01 1990XLIB Error running DECwrite, any ideas?
883.07AVIATE::SHAHThu Mar 01 1990DECwrite hangs reading file
884.06FRSTSC::ERLEMANNFri Mar 02 1990ACCVIO at DECwrite start
885.02POLAR::YUILLFri Mar 02 1990Live Link To Text Files??
886.01KONING::KONINGFri Mar 02 1990Title bug (?)
887.01KONING::KONINGFri Mar 02 1990Crash on shift-F5
888.09KONING::KONINGFri Mar 02 1990Keyboarding conventions during text entry at a prompt
889.02BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOFri Mar 02 1990ex
890.02MLNAD8::POGLIANISat Mar 03 1990DECWrite vs. DDIF Viewer and HELP for a Feature
891.01COOKIE::KITTELLSun Mar 04 1990Conflict with DECpresent on uid file
892.09RUMOR::MOORESun Mar 04 1990Some interesting CLIPART works with DECpage but not with DECwrite
893.02TANNAY::BETTELSMon Mar 05 1990DECwrite hangs when working on tabulated table
894.0CTCMon Mar 05 1990Any placeholder for the Document written by DECwrite?
895.02FERVOR::LEZONMon Mar 05 1990Single space to double space...
896.04HORSEY::GENTILEMon Mar 05 1990ACCVIO on TOC, and preface problems
897.01KONING::KONINGMon Mar 05 1990Change not seen bug
898.05HXOUMon Mar 05 1990Scaled equations
899.02STARCH::GLASERMon Mar 05 1990private library link in same directory doesn't work
900.01SHALOT::FAILEMon Mar 05 1990Looking for AIL H files
901.01HORSEY::GENTILEMon Mar 05 1990Maintaining header/list context with figures
902.014COOKIE::BEANMon Mar 05 1990Maintaining flows across links...
903.0DDIF::MUNYANTue Mar 06 1990Escapement is not handled properly?
904.01WIENER::VARGATue Mar 06 1990Special Greek character set available?
905.018CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Mar 06 1990Bookreader output problem/suggestion
906.04HITPS::FALORTue Mar 06 1990Elements, Style, OR ApplyStyle?
907.0HXOUTue Mar 06 1990Imported document recommendations
908.01HXOUTue Mar 06 1990Dagger/Double Dagger?
909.02ODIXIE::HECKMTue Mar 06 1990Where's PSPRINT
910.03METMV2::SYSTEMTue Mar 06 1990XLIB error running DECwrite
911.02KONING::KONINGTue Mar 06 1990List levels greater than 6
912.06TALK::JARVISWed Mar 07 1990Bitmap Editing?
913.05CEPS::BROWNWed Mar 07 1990DECwrite and automatic update of Live-Links
915.02TANNAY::BETTELSWed Mar 07 1990Can't delete page
916.02OASS::RNORRISWed Mar 07 1990can't find the equation editor fonts from VMS workstation setting display from vms cluster.
917.05NZOVWed Mar 07 1990Style file pointing to page style
918.01NANOOK::COOPERWed Mar 07 1990IMAGE -> DECpaint?
919.09EPIK::RAMSHAWWed Mar 07 19908-bit character searching
920.04ROSETA::DONNELLYWed Mar 07 1990Problem with exprot to a text file in v1.1
921.01GIADEV::MCCROHANWed Mar 07 1990Double sided document
922.02SCAACT::RESENDEWed Mar 07 1990V1.1 ... continuous tone support?
923.01NZOVWed Mar 07 1990Titles not numbering from one
924.013HOTAIR::DEGIDIOThu Mar 08 1990Decwrite -> postscript ->print/setup=
925.03KETJE::LEFEVERThu Mar 08 1990list label counters - page break/export
926.03AYOU31::LORNAThu Mar 08 1990Master Dictionary Missing
927.09SIOG::CARRICKThu Mar 08 1990Help needed with encapsulated Postscript
928.01ROYALT::FINGERHUTThu Mar 08 1990Linked images and renumbering
929.01CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Mar 08 1990DECwrite does good Postscript compression on images
930.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSThu Mar 08 1990Searching for BOLD & UNDERLINE chars. (for DECPAGE convet)
931.03MSDOA::KNIGHTLYThu Mar 08 1990Reverse video-DECimage DECwrite
932.01POBOX::MAMMENThu Mar 08 1990font files not found?
933.019385::LAURENCELLEThu Mar 08 1990Next Version?
934.01NZOVThu Mar 08 19902 Column Bulleted List
935.011STARCH::GLASERFri Mar 09 1990bookreader output questions
936.01SKYWAY::STUKERFri Mar 09 1990TEXT-Blocks
937.02VNASWS::GEROLDFri Mar 09 1990Fonts revisited
938.09YUPPY::PLOWMANFri Mar 09 1990HELP!!!!!
939.04UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDFri Mar 09 1990DECwrite for MS-DOS??
940.04BTOVT::BATES_R_TFri Mar 09 1990Trainer needed (bad)!!!!!
941.04DSSDEV::BIBEAULTFri Mar 09 1990Exporting Circles to PS - V1.
942.04STARCH::GLASERFri Mar 09 1990FIND NEXT searches labels (bug)
943.02MUNICH::LAYHMon Mar 12 1990storing sub-/superscript directly behind each other
944.02THATIS::MANNINGMon Mar 12 1990temporary removal of chapter...wrong numbering
945.01APACHE::MCKINNONMon Mar 12 1990Toolkit warning: --meaning??
946.08KONING::KONINGMon Mar 12 1990arcs are hard to use
947.02OASS::WGREENMon Mar 12 1990Questions about changebars
948.04ASHLND::KULLMon Mar 12 1990SDML to DDIF for DECwrite?? Converter
949.02CRLVMS::HALBERTMon Mar 12 1990Bogus paragraph style created on document save
950.010KAOSWS::SYSTEMMon Mar 12 1990Virtual Memory Errors
951.02MUDDIN::ROBINSONTue Mar 13 1990Can't open new files
952.08STRASB::HONORETue Mar 13 1990Big document
953.011SKYWAY::HOLSTTue Mar 13 1990Table Editor in Rel. 1 .1
954.07MUNICH::RUZICKATue Mar 13 1990system hangs after equation session
955.02VAXWRK::SWARDTue Mar 13 1990A page is a page?
956.03DSSDEV::BIBEAULTTue Mar 13 1990ACCVIO during Apply Page Style
957.04VICKI::SIMARDWed Mar 14 1990problem with the ULTRIX/vax kit
958.02COGNOS::DIMOCKWed Mar 14 1990Footnote Numbering Problem
959.05YUPPY::GAYThu Mar 15 1990ACCVIO on Document Open.
960.02GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKThu Mar 15 1990List items with empty labels
962.05DELNI::MHARRISThu Mar 15 1990QuickPIC is great. try it.
963.01HDLITE::CANFIELDThu Mar 15 1990ACCVIO when switching input focus
964.08VICKI::SIMARDThu Mar 15 1990problem printing with ULTRIX/vax
965.04OZROCK::JENKINSONThu Mar 15 1990Print bug V1.1 BL1
966.03THATIS::MANNINGFri Mar 16 1990End List...Enter...Level 2 Title ???
967.07THATIS::MANNINGFri Mar 16 1990"Previous text block overfilled" ???
970.0--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 16 1990DECWRITE CRASH
971.011KONING::KONINGFri Mar 16 1990Flows disconnected by exit/re-edit
972.06TENNIS::KAMSun Mar 18 1990Can't change size of letters for Table of Contents
973.09SNUPPA::JARLEMon Mar 19 1990scaling of images on IFT 1.1
974.03HABS11::MASONMon Mar 19 1990DECwrite source in MASS-11?
975.04WINDOZ::ADAMSMon Mar 19 1990DECwrite Page Orientation Qusetion
976.02INFACT::DATZMANMon Mar 19 1990Bookreader and live links
977.02TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 19 1990[ ] Appendix in Title Style - Can someone explain what this does ?
978.0216Tue Mar 20 1990Question about manipulating pages in DECWrite
980.012HITPS::FALORTue Mar 20 1990Policy for tables
981.01THATIS::MANNINGWed Mar 21 1990style examples in postscript ?
982.08SHARIF::BULLARDWed Mar 21 1990Decwrite refuses to read files
983.02OASS::RHARRISWed Mar 21 1990Registered Dump during a DECwrite edit
984.02GALVIA::SPAINWed Mar 21 1990Problem with labels on list items
985.01GALVIA::SPAINWed Mar 21 1990Problem with page styles
986.0CLOVE::PREVOSTWed Mar 21 1990BOIS Expert Trng 4/3
987.03CSOA1::BOWERWed Mar 21 1990Greyscale Editing...
988.011Thu Mar 22 1990Can you go back to 1.
989.04MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Mar 22 1990DECwirte crashed
990.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Mar 22 1990Can't connect 2 textblocks
991.02GALVIA::SPAINThu Mar 22 1990Footnote problem
992.012DINER::SHUBINThu Mar 22 1990Problem with searching for " "
993.07DINER::SHUBINThu Mar 22 1990adjusting position of text which is a Figure Caption
994.02AKOV12::ISRAELITEThu Mar 22 1990Disappearing Cursor
995.01SKYLRK::KURATAThu Mar 22 1990Multiple writers, 1 document
996.06KONING::KONINGThu Mar 22 1990Fill pattern doesn't line up in arrowheads
997.03STARCH::GLASERThu Mar 22 1990gratuitous horizontal scrolling
998.06MUNICH::LAYHFri Mar 23 1990Equations editor, small gamma display and print prob
999.05STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINFri Mar 23 1990What version for ULTRIX 4.
1000.0SNELL::GORSKIFri Mar 23 1990Help 1sttime User To-Be Equations!
1001.03STAR::DUTKOFri Mar 23 1990Can you tie a graphic to a title?
1002.03HITPS::FALORFri Mar 23 1990How to Move Tab Setup!
1004.09DINER::SHUBINFri Mar 23 1990link-to-document problem: flows not flowing
1006.01DECWSE::longFri Mar 23 19901
1007.03DINER::SHUBINFri Mar 23 1990filenames, style files and message boxes.
1008.03USWAV1::DYEREFri Mar 23 1990Process form-letters??
1009.03THOTH::KLEEMANFri Mar 23 1990Grammar checker with DECwrite?
1010.01CRLVMS::TREESEFri Mar 23 1990Mail notification when printing (ULTRIX
1011.04NANOOK::COOPERMon Mar 26 1990Equation Preview not working
1012.07SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Mar 26 1990List bug
1013.07NRPUR::CHABOTMon Mar 26 1990Key Symbol for use in Conventions section
1014.04NSSG::R_SPENCETue Mar 27 1990How to Bind Objects?
1015.07FORTSC::SCHMIDTMANNTue Mar 27 1990Ultrix filenames and extensions
1016.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Mar 28 1990Value added/differentiater?
1017.01DUIT26::VASSILWed Mar 28 1990Template pages as Documents
1018.08HITPS::FALORWed Mar 28 1990Included Documents gone
1019.01KONING::KONINGWed Mar 28 1990Re-linking hassles
1020.06KONING::KONINGWed Mar 28 1990Crash on Distribute
1021.019VAXWRK::SWARDWed Mar 28 1990Where did my page go?
1022.01PAOIS::MARIETThu Mar 29 1990DX Line Drawing removal procedure
1023.03TANNAY::BETTELSThu Mar 29 1990Problems with list numbering
1024.03WARABI::JACOBSThu Mar 29 1990Final form DDIF document
1025.02LEMAN::DA_SILVAThu Mar 29 1990Pie problem !!
1026.08SCAACT::BRUSCOThu Mar 29 1990Importing Text Files
1027.0536633::CASAGRANDEThu Mar 29 1990RISC ULTRIX printing hangs DECwrite
1028.02SCAACT::BRUSCOThu Mar 29 1990Import Text blows DECwrite
1029.08SCAACT::BRUSCOThu Mar 29 1990Problem w/ Landscape
1030.01ECADSR::KINZELMANThu Mar 29 1990Decwrite frame desplayed in color?
1031.02DECWET::STOPPANIThu Mar 29 1990Crash when deleting title or footnote (on DECstation 31
1032.03FORTSC::LAUGHTERThu Mar 29 1990Help!
1033.04FRAMBO::REHBERGFri Mar 30 1990problems with grid function
1034.03CSOA1::WILKINSFri Mar 30 1990non-standard ascii characters?
1035.02OSLENG::JARLEEFri Mar 30 1990Parts of imported CGM file not displayed
1036.01SCAACT::BRUSCOFri Mar 30 1990Change Style File problem
1037.03SCAACT::BRUSCOFri Mar 30 1990Delete Links don't update
1038.012CLOVE::SAUVEFri Mar 30 1990Not a valid DDIF-formatted file
1039.04QUAGMO::CHERSONFri Mar 30 1990Problem with Chart
1040.03364Fri Mar 30 1990Manual kerning. How?
1041.04CLOVE::KUSEKOSKIFri Mar 30 1990Unwanted visible text block outlines
1042.04DUIT26::CARRIGSat Mar 31 1990Facing-page numbering
1043.04MUNICH::LAYHMon Apr 02 1990DECwrite and windows crashing on Ultrix
1044.03VOGON::HOMon Apr 02 1990DECwrite support for transformations (DDIF$_TRN)
1045.01VOGON::HOMon Apr 02 1990DECwrite - use of attribute inheritance
1046.01KONING::KONINGMon Apr 02 1990Link to Document is user-hostile
1047.02NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Apr 02 1990How to rotate text?
1048.06DUIT26::CARRIGMon Apr 02 1990ACCVIO, help please.
1049.07LARVAE::BARLEY_ETue Apr 03 1990DECWrite enhancements?
1050.01VOGON::HOTue Apr 03 1990Layout Galleys: Is this a bug in DECwrite?
1051.02VIEWS::DUNCANTue Apr 03 1990Problems with T1.1 BL1
1052.07PEKING::HASTONMTue Apr 03 1990Boxes become `text'
1053.03RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Apr 03 1990Section Title Style - 2 lines
1054.07DECWIN::FISHERTue Apr 03 1990%%Document and %%EndDocument
1055.03OASS::NORRIS_RTue Apr 03 1990fatal IO error 65535 on X server
1056.07TENNIS::KAMTue Apr 03 1990Deleting Multiple Pages
1057.01WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSTue Apr 03 1990Crashes when deleting a TABLE Heading
1058.07CSC32::JJONESWed Apr 04 1990Text block CONTINUANCE and LEADING problem
1059.01MUNICH::LAYHWed Apr 04 1990keyboard layouts
1060.01GVAWed Apr 04 1990DECwrite positioning documents
1061.09SCAACT::DAVISWed Apr 04 1990MB3 quickcopy broken?
1062.07OASS::GREEN_WWed Apr 04 1990page numbering when importing a document
1063.03KONING::KONINGWed Apr 04 1990Counter-intuitive labels
1065.0KONING::KONINGWed Apr 04 1990UDK glitch: delete macro does not uncover built-in meaning
1066.028713::DCHAVEZWed Apr 04 1990Entering Key Sequences for Macro?
1067.02MUNICH::LAYHThu Apr 05 1990DECwrite crash when bolding a local equation
1068.02COLLEX::SCARBOROThu Apr 05 1990SCO Unix Platform?
1069.02SMURF::COUTUThu Apr 05 1990How to convert style of entire document?
1070.04OASS::ALI_AThu Apr 05 1990Illegeal format character 'x'
1071.04SMURF::COUTUThu Apr 05 1990Ugly contents pages in Journal style
1072.02PEGGYO::BRADFORDThu Apr 05 1990Importing document content
1073.01EMILE::TREGERThu Apr 05 1990Message misdefinition
1074.01SCAACT::BRUSCOThu Apr 05 1990Copying styles...
1075.0--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 05 1990
1076.07STEREO::CARPENThu Apr 05 1990BL1 on ULTRIX 4.
1077.01DUIT26::CARRIGThu Apr 05 1990Specify starting number of list
1078.02DUIT26::CARRIGFri Apr 06 1990Rotating a graphic object
1079.07UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETFri Apr 06 1990Bolding Symbol font in equation causes crash
1080.015KERNEL::RWATSONFri Apr 06 1990LiveLink Chaos.
1081.05HITPS::FALORFri Apr 06 1990Minor Draw glitches
1082.02ECAD2::KINZELMANFri Apr 06 1990Flow suggestions
1083.05ECADSR::KINZELMANSat Apr 07 1990suggestions - moving styles, and orientations
1084.06VAXWRK::SWARDMon Apr 09 1990How to keep pagenumber over links?
1085.02PARITY::JOSHIMon Apr 09 1990Earlier Reported proble, how was it fixed, Thanks,JS
1086.0TENNIS::KAMMon Apr 09 1990Philosophies of Links
1087.0645236::PITTTue Apr 10 1990Template text omitted from new pages
1089.07PHAZER::BARNESTue Apr 10 1990Crash on a SCALE operation
1090.05UFP::AVOLIOTue Apr 10 1990DECwrite--> PostScript --> 4-up doesn't work
1091.03HACMAN::HACKTue Apr 10 1990DECwrite document to DDIF??
1092.029BONNET::HAITI::SCHMIDTWed Apr 11 1990Library of Drawings, Maps, Logos Etc?
1093.01MOVIES::WHITAKERWed Apr 11 1990Problem ending a bulleted list
1094.02KASINO::NEIDECKERWed Apr 11 1990Unaligned accesses in T1.1
1095.05OASS::HARRIS_RWed Apr 11 1990Font inaccessible message/DECwrite/Ultrix
1096.03POSTS::JTRUJILLOWed Apr 11 1990superscript doesn's show up on print
1097.05DSSDEV::BIBEAULTWed Apr 11 1990Update Live Links? Again? and Again?
1098.03NAVIER::MELLITZWed Apr 11 1990Undelete Page?
1099.05FLASH4::ERVINWed Apr 11 1990How to put a cross reference into a table?
1100.03COOKIE::RAABWed Apr 11 1990Text in-line with header
1101.01COIT::GARRISON_NAWed Apr 11 1990text attributes/live link bug
1102.02THATIS::MANNINGThu Apr 12 1990DECwrite crashed without trace
1103.05HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEThu Apr 12 1990DECwrite to DECpaint conversion problems
1104.01SAC::READING_RThu Apr 12 1990TOC ignores Symbols in Titles
1105.010EBBVThu Apr 12 1990Changing Leading in Objects
1106.02ORAN::ORANThu Apr 12 1990In-Margin frames inside In-column frames
1107.0ORAN::ORANThu Apr 12 1990Peculiar Buglet (BL1, possibly also V1.
1108.02GRUBER::RODGERSThu Apr 12 1990Adjusting distance between text and achored frame
1109.05OLDTMR::TEELUCKSINGHFri Apr 13 1990DECwrite RISC .. unaligned data access ?
1110.01ULTIMA::GARYBFri Apr 13 1990T1.1 BL1: Problems with FIND
1111.03NAVIER::MELLITZFri Apr 13 1990Copyright Character?
1112.05HPSRAD::KOMARMon Apr 16 1990Bug: main window paints at shrunken windows scale!
1113.03HPSRAD::KOMARMon Apr 16 1990BUG: emacs-bindings: ^-k can't be yanked.
1114.05SUBWAY::BAUMGARTNERMon Apr 16 1990What exactly are "object-based" graphics?
1115.01SCAACT::HAYASHIMon Apr 16 1990DECwrite & PC DECwindows?
1116.02HPSRAD::KOMARMon Apr 16 1990BUG: subscript attribute lost between cut and paste.
1117.08HPSRAD::KOMARMon Apr 16 1990Keyboard Bindings: miniconference note.
1118.03HITPS::FALORTue Apr 17 1990How to Update a Link Manually
1119.04HITPS::FALORTue Apr 17 1990Resizing crashes DECwrite
1120.02HITPS::FALORTue Apr 17 1990How to Resize DDIF Image in Doc
1121.09OASS::GREEN_WTue Apr 17 1990invalid file specification
1122.05SUBWAY::HOFFTue Apr 17 1990logfiles for Crash?
1123.01PRSIS4::WDAVIESWed Apr 18 1990DECcalc LiveLinks OUtput
1124.06COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 18 1990Shallow arcs push graphics beyond frame boundary - how to select/scale?
1125.04WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSWed Apr 18 1990DECwrite crashes when deleting a Table Heading
1126.01CADSE::CHOIWed Apr 18 1990Question of DECwrite on risc machine
1127.01TLE::LUPTONWed Apr 18 1990DECwrite loops when deleting footnote
1128.02TLE::LUPTONWed Apr 18 1990Reference Manual - index entries for "table of contents"
1129.02CADSE::CHOIWed Apr 18 1990Another question of DECwrite on risc machine
1130.04SUBWAY::BAUMGARTNERThu Apr 19 1990Connecting Text Blocks in Different Page
1131.012HITPS::FALORThu Apr 19 1990How to resize copied image
1132.01HSOMAI::MOFFITTThu Apr 19 1990Broad-pen circle nit.
1133.02LEDS::EVENThu Apr 19 1990linking to a .ps file created on VALID
1134.01OASS::HARRIS_RFri Apr 20 1990invalid file specification
1135.018713::DCHAVEZFri Apr 20 1990Cursor Movement between Text Blocks?
1136.01LEZAH::MCHIASSONFri Apr 20 1990system hangs and need to reboot.
1137.02MQOAFri Apr 20 1990TABS dialog box displayed
1138.048713::DCHAVEZFri Apr 20 1990Reformatting Short-cuts?
1139.01KONING::KONINGFri Apr 20 1990Saved dialog boxes and journal replay
1140.07HITPS::FALORFri Apr 20 1990GA box gone
1141.02SCAACT::HAYASHIFri Apr 20 1990Bold=Medium, Medium=Bold
1142.01HITPS::CONNESat Apr 21 1990Attempting to delete dup TOC pages crashes DECwrite on regen.
1143.04PASMMon Apr 23 1990required new setting ???
1144.01TRHMon Apr 23 1990Change of fonts lost
1145.01CHOVAX::GILSONMon Apr 23 1990Documentation Pointer
1146.03MQOAMon Apr 23 1990Misc. questions
1148.02ACESMK::CRONLANDMon Apr 23 1990Dictionary Problem
1149.08HACMAN::HACKMon Apr 23 1990DDIF semantic & ACL protection problem
1150.0SCOHEN::S_COHENMon Apr 23 1990clipper conference
1151.02PINBOT::ERVINMon Apr 23 1990Modify Dictionary could be cleaner...
1152.02TLE::LUPTONMon Apr 23 1990Changing header levels
1153.04ERLANG::TINGMon Apr 23 1990DEWRITE crash when print files with linked images
1154.08VOGON::WONGTue Apr 24 1990DECwrite ignores the original Type definition
1155.04AQUA::WALKERTue Apr 24 1990Official Digital Logo
1156.03YUPPIE::WILSONWed Apr 25 1990Reverse Images on connected DDIF files
1157.08SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 25 1990Memory Requirements for Client/Server Arrangement
1158.05TOPDOC::SCARBOROUGHWed Apr 25 1990Some observations from the trenches
1159.02HITPS::FALORWed Apr 25 1990Index ?9 garbage prefix
1160.05THATIS::MANNINGThu Apr 26 1990More work down the drain
1161.0143878::BURGESSThu Apr 26 1990Where are livelink applications specified ?
1162.01BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOThu Apr 26 1990Disrtibute DECwrite... No SET HOST
1163.04ATHINA::GABIFri Apr 27 1990How to license DECwrite for multiple users ?
1164.01DINER::SHUBINFri Apr 27 1990Problems linking to an image.
1165.07364Fri Apr 27 1990Export DECwrite to VAXmail
1167.01PARITY::JOSHISun Apr 29 1990Big document with links to DEChart, Need help to consolidate,JS
1168.09LARVAE::GRAYMon Apr 30 1990Print Problem
1169.02COMICS::LOATMon Apr 30 1990Printing to an LN
1170.02MAJORS::BAKERMon Apr 30 1990Strange file names in DECwrite/RISC
1171.02ASABET::BARRAFORDMon Apr 30 1990Figure head number problem
1172.02WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSMon Apr 30 1990Lists BOLD problems (or drivng cust. crazy)
1173.03CSOA1::HUNTMon Apr 30 1990DECwrite to Bookreader ULTRIX??
1174.07SCAACT::RESENDEMon Apr 30 1990Fonts lost in artwork following save
1175.02COMICS::LOATTue May 01 1990DECwrite displaying on a PC running the decwindows server?
1176.01EPSYS::WILLIAMSTue May 01 1990UI bugs for 1.1 Bl1
1177.01ORAN::ORANTue May 01 1990Obsolete files?
1178.01ORAN::ORANTue May 01 1990Reminder: Icon Pixmap
1179.07ACESMK::CRONLANDTue May 01 1990List Numbering Problems
1180.01HDLITE::CANFIELDTue May 01 1990Error while recovering a journal file
1181.04HITPS::CONNETue May 01 1990INDEX Page numbering starting where Glossary left off....
1182.09WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed May 02 1990VT1
1183.05VAXRIO::IVOTAMBASCOWed May 02 1990DECwrite Equation Editor
1184.01VAOUWed May 02 1990Builder macros
1185.03COMICS::CLARKEWed May 02 1990Unable to read image error when linking to TIFF fille.
1186.07WARIOR::NORRIS_RWed May 02 1990Data links to chart tables seemingly not possible, must do application link
1187.02WARIOR::NORRIS_RWed May 02 1990page created by importing text file won't delete loops and kills process when you try to delete
1188.02MUNICH::LAYHThu May 03 1990DECwrite looping
1189.03ASABET::BARRAFORDThu May 03 1990Copying data to a frame
1190.05CHEFS::CULLIGANHThu May 03 1990Help desperately
1191.08SCAACT::RESENDEThu May 03 1990AFS -- Can you use DECwrite with it reliably?
1192.02GRUBER::RODGERSThu May 03 1990Removing or changing page reference for Preface
1193.06CRLVMS::HALBERTThu May 03 1990Sharing a font among several EPSF LiveLinks
1195.03TRHFri May 04 1990Crash when linking to a EPS file.
1196.011VNASWS::GEROLDFri May 04 1990To view or not to view
1197.03PRSIS4::HARRISONFri May 04 1990Subversive inquiry!
1198.01INFACT::DATZMANFri May 04 1990Need Grammer Checker
1199.01LASSIE::DIRCEFri May 04 1990using VMS "copy" on DDIF files
1200.01BDWISR::HEAFEYFri May 04 1990Can T1.1 BL1 and SSB 1.
1201.0SUBWAY::BAUMGARTNERFri May 04 1990DECwrite Training For the Field
1202.010BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOFri May 04 1990Unable to export... Unknown feature or ...?
1203.01MYMAXX::FOSSFri May 04 1990DECwrite Templates - Document look-alikes
1204.01SCAACT::RESENDESat May 05 1990Style files -- are they LiveLinks?
1205.09LSNCSC::MEISTERMon May 07 1990loading of files with links very slow
1206.02SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon May 07 1990PCDECwindows display of DECwrite??
1207.01TRNPRC::CONNEMon May 07 1990DECwrite abort while undeleting a word w/EDT emulation...
1208.04IOENG::DCARRMon May 07 1990select element => hang
1209.058713::DCHAVEZMon May 07 1990Style Design Question
1210.06SUBWAY::HOFFMon May 07 1990ddif-->wps
1211.06BLT::TRAVISTue May 08 1990PostScript files with lines too long for some mail systems
1212.0COOKIE::KITTELLTue May 08 1990Text chars related to list level?
1214.0118713::COCKERHAMTue May 08 1990The Case of the Disappearing Arrowheads
1215.010LARVAE::BURGESSWed May 09 1990DATE and Time into Document?
1216.09BUFFER::LIWed May 09 1990Segmentation Fault running DECwrite
1217.08AKOV11::SMITHWed May 09 1990DECwrite/DECchart link problem
1218.04MUTTON::LAMBWed May 09 1990Compose key for Trademark TM symbol
1219.08SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu May 10 1990CONVERT/DOCUMENT with DECwrite DDIF files
1220.06AUNTB::OMALLEYThu May 10 1990Spell Check Problem
1221.01FOOBAR::KABELThu May 10 1990FrameMaker: parent of DECwrite?
1222.04CIMNET::ASCHERThu May 10 1990LIVE Links to Charts?
1223.03UNXA::DESANTISThu May 10 1990CDA Base won't install UWS2.2/VAXSta-31
1224.05WONDER::COMMOThu May 10 1990<< DDIF context problems >>\
1225.01OLDTMR::PSMITHThu May 10 1990? change/delete running footer text ?
1227.03COMICS::CLARKEFri May 11 1990How to create nxn matrices using DECwrite....
1228.01SOJU::FOSTERFri May 11 1990Paragraph inherits title attributes - bug?
1229.03SOJU::FOSTERFri May 11 1990Repeatable macros?
1231.01ODIXIE::HOERCHERFri May 11 1990DECwrite, Film Recorders and Typesetters...?!
1232.03THEBUS::THACKERAYFri May 11 1990Text export only gives first page
1233.0DIMSUM::PWONGFri May 11 1990How to print a PostScript file formatted for the wrong size
1234.07COOKIE::WRENNSat May 12 1990Symbols fail
1235.02SAHQ::HICESun May 13 1990Hosed during a SAVE Operation
1236.04MUNICH::LAYHMon May 14 1990problem with incolumn frame
1237.09DC1Mon May 14 1990Printing problems with linked pictures
1238.01NANOOK::LEBELMon May 14 1990Export to Bookreader problems/questions?
1239.09SELECT::WEYMOUTHMon May 14 1990Help with plaky image links!!!
1240.012HOT::SLAVINTue May 15 1990DECWRITE V1 crash
1242.0VOGON::HOTue May 15 1990Does DECwrite support FAS (Filled Area Set) aggregates?
1243.03ESSB::NWALLTue May 15 1990EP Newsletter now available over the network
1244.02HXOUTue May 15 1990Import graphics
1245.03SLOVAX::NEWMANThu May 17 1990DECpage archives to DECwrite
1246.01STKHLM::NILSSON_AThu May 17 1990Bad address-and access vio.in DECchart
1247.03BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSThu May 17 1990ACCVIO reading/saving doc
1248.04SANJAY::LOZOWICKThu May 17 1990Journal file exists but wont recover
1249.01YUPPY::HEWITTGFri May 18 1990Vertical Line spacing: How?
1250.02MDRADV::BELENFri May 18 1990Gothic Fonts?
1251.0336412::ZAHARCHUKFri May 18 1990What will future BL's support?
1252.01STAR::DUTKOFri May 18 1990Problem with PBL2
1253.01WARIOR::NORRIS_RFri May 18 1990Hyphenation wishes
1254.01MAIL::NIEMANNFri May 18 1990Display All Reference IDs?
1255.018STKHLM::GULLNASSat May 19 1990ZOOM problems
1256.02SUPER::HENDRICKSSat May 19 1990Why can I select some objects and not others?
1257.01515924::BEERMANMon May 21 1990PBL2 bugs?
1258.0DEBTOR::HARBISONMon May 21 1990Announcing DECpresent V1.
1259.0415924::BEERMANMon May 21 1990PBL2 - modify link
1260.0515924::BEERMANMon May 21 1990Link to image -> local copy?
1262.01115924::BEERMANMon May 21 1990PBL2 - Journal file does not get deleted
1263.0158258::BARNESTue May 22 1990WPC key sequence crashes DECwrite
1264.03AUNTB::OMALLEYTue May 22 1990Avant Garde 18pt Problem
1265.0124867::GOODWINWed May 23 1990Table of Contents Problem
1266.02CURIE::SEVANSWed May 23 1990Want to see entire page
1267.02NZOVThu May 24 1990Calculating Columns
1268.022HOT::SLAVINThu May 24 1990divide by ZERO error
1269.03ANARKY::BREWERThu May 24 1990DECwrite>LNo3R
1270.03VAOUThu May 24 1990PBL2 cannot link to DECdecision DDIF doc.
1271.04CECVFri May 25 1990page number problem
1272.0CECVFri May 25 1990messages behind windows
1273.03VNABRW::PAYLOR_SMon May 28 1990LPS2
1274.02VNASWS::GEROLDMon May 28 1990EPSF redraw performance
1275.02TLSEMon May 28 1990DECwrite/ ORACLE
1276.02KAOFS::M_MORINMon May 28 1990WRITE$...TMP file created during save operation
1277.03ENGSV1::STADELMANNMon May 28 1990Logical Live Links!
1278.03POLDO::FRACCHIAMon May 28 1990Modifying links to image, changing disk name
1279.012BEAGLE::DIVINETue May 29 1990Any trick for PRINT option ??
1280.02KAOFS::M_MORINTue May 29 1990Page #'s don't print
1281.012HOT::SLAVINTue May 29 1990PBL2 - how to stop session recovery message
1282.02WARLCK::HARRIS_RTue May 29 1990TIFF image reversed after when linked in DECwrite
1283.05MCIS5::LANDINGHAMTue May 29 1990DECwrite won't start
1284.0GERUND::WOLFETue May 29 1990new DFS access points
1285.05LEZAH::LMELEWSKITue May 29 1990History of DECwrite Styles
1286.01SNO78A::JAC_EDUWed May 30 1990Copying DECwrite Documents with linked files
1287.02IOSG::MARCHANTWed May 30 1990Wrong DATA_TYPE for externally referenced DTIF file
1289.02589Wed May 30 1990Questions about DECwrite
1290.011MUDDIN::CHINNASWAMYWed May 30 1990logical link error
1291.01WARIOR::HARRIS_RWed May 30 1990Print job not being queued - DW/Ultrix
1292.02PINBOT::ERVINWed May 30 1990new TOC format in PBL2
1293.011WILLEY::PHILLIPSWed May 30 1990Multiple Image Color Map Corruption
1294.03KAOFS::M_MORINWed May 30 1990Stream_LF vs Variable Length output file
1295.07GERUND::WOLFEWed May 30 1990DECchart on VMS 5.4 with XDPS?
1296.0715924::BEERMANWed May 30 1990How does DECwrite do grayscale -> PostScript?
1297.0315924::BEERMANWed May 30 1990DECwrite/CDA Viewer appears different
1298.01VINHO::MADDERNThu May 31 1990DECwrite and RDB database access
1299.03PINBOT::ERVINThu May 31 1990PBL2 problems with cross references....Still
1300.02AKOV12::ISRAELITEThu May 31 1990Connected Text Blocks
1301.04HILLST::KHALLThu May 31 1990DECsystem and DECstation drawings?
1302.03NSSG::R_SPENCEThu May 31 1990How do I create private libraries etc?
1303.07KASVAX::PORTOSAThu May 31 1990VAX Document --> DECwrite: Text Attributes
1304.02WARIOR::HARRIS_RThu May 31 1990Mailing DECwrite documents to Ultrix from VMS
1305.05DOCTP::YOUNGFri Jun 01 1990Double Spacing
1306.03DOCTP::YOUNGFri Jun 01 1990Draft Mode Printing
1307.014364Fri Jun 01 1990Is there still a need for QuickPIC?
1308.04CSOA1::WILKINSFri Jun 01 1990alternative to Live Links?
1309.01TELFON::MAILMANFri Jun 01 1990Old WRITER$ files
1310.01GALVIA::JKELLYFri Jun 01 1990DECwrite and CDA Toolkit see fonts differently?
1311.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Jun 01 1990moving DECwrite off system disk ?
1312.03COMICS::LOATMon Jun 04 1990Crash when running on a slow machine!
1313.03GBLDEV::BUTLERMon Jun 04 1990Modifying Style files
1314.03VOGON::WONGMon Jun 04 1990Font compatibility among CDA products
1315.03JUMBLY::RICHARDMon Jun 04 1990Page numbering, left and right
1316.06WOODS::GENDRONMon Jun 04 1990view an epsf ?
1317.012DELNI::CALLAHANMon Jun 04 1990Problem with PBL2: Link to Pictures
1318.03VAXWRK::PIANTEDOSIMon Jun 04 1990Including LN
1319.03RHETT::KNORRMon Jun 04 1990DECwrite problem when run on non-DEC platforms
1320.08CRBOSS::MIKELISMon Jun 04 1990DECwrite Crashing Problem
1321.02GIDDAY::ROUTTue Jun 05 1990v5.3-1 upgrade changed document - not wysiwyg
1322.07COOKIE::RJOHNSTONTue Jun 05 1990DECwrite w/DOCUMENT,BookReader,& SDMLHELP?
1323.04BARYON::READING_RTue Jun 05 1990Problem installing DECwrite PBL2 on an ULTRIX VS31
1324.01VIA::GLANTZTue Jun 05 1990accvio from context-sensitive help on pull-right
1325.09USCTR1::KGALLANTTue Jun 05 1990Problem doing a restore?
1326.01STARCH::GLASERTue Jun 05 1990Ultrix (risc) core dump on Modify Link
1327.02NUTMEG::SAVOYTue Jun 05 1990Does it apply?
1328.011PHAZER::BARNESTue Jun 05 1990Problem with REPORT STYLE and CLOSE WINDOW crash
1330.03VAOUTue Jun 05 1990DECwrite PBL2 crashes when removing text block
1331.010DECWET::DAVIDSONWed Jun 06 1990Change Style File Question
1332.01VAOUWed Jun 06 1990Full Size Window loses the horizontal scroll bar
1333.02LANDO::ALLISONWed Jun 06 1990Transfering DDIF files via KERMIT...
1334.01LUIGI::LEIDENWed Jun 06 1990journal and deleted include files
1336.05RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Jun 06 1990In-Margin Frames - Horizontal Position
1337.07ZILPHA::CHERSONWed Jun 06 1990MACwrite/MACpaint imports anyone?
1338.04GEIGER::KAPLANWed Jun 06 1990How to unlist a list
1339.06VIA::BOOTHWed Jun 06 1990DECwrite PBL2 can't read V1.
1340.04AIMTEC::BURDEN_DWed Jun 06 1990Insert new page before current page?
1341.01ULYSSE::TIRRONENThu Jun 07 1990Link to Image - Resizing problem after mod link
1342.02LEMAN::DA_SILVAThu Jun 07 1990Behaviour of DECwrite after transfer from WPS-Plus
1343.023TALK::JARVISThu Jun 07 1990Can't get encapsulated postscript to display on Pbl2
1344.07COMICS::LOATThu Jun 07 1990Problem linking to DDIF image file.
1345.011NAVIER::MELLITZThu Jun 07 1990How to get EPSF.
1346.04PAULUS::BERGERThu Jun 07 1990Problems with auto-connected pages
1347.06WARIOR::HARRIS_RThu Jun 07 1990DECwrite keeps printing 6 copies of a document
1348.06HPSRAD::KOMARThu Jun 07 1990sight->UIS->DDIF editable yet?
1349.01CVG::LEKASFri Jun 08 1990Thesauras ACCVIOs
1350.04WELWIT::MANNIONFri Jun 08 1990Lexicons in PBL2
1351.03DUGGAN::GREENFri Jun 08 1990DECwrite V1.1 Field Test Interested Customer
1352.058791::VIOLAFri Jun 08 1990Deinstall DECwrite
1353.01VISUAL::WEAVERSun Jun 10 1990Ruler markings disabled for reshape handles
1355.02JUMBLY::RICHARDMon Jun 11 1990Page numbering above page 1
1356.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 11 1990
1357.02UTRTSC::HELDENMon Jun 11 1990equation - preview vms5.3 problem
1358.0XLIB::ONEALMon Jun 11 1990CDA ISV Develop. Conf. Agenda: 25 - 27 June
1359.014139::VASSILMon Jun 11 1990Export, Again.
1360.01SQM::HEMBO::HEMBERTMon Jun 11 1990Modifying DECwrite margin and tab settings
1361.05BBM::ZASLAWMon Jun 11 1990Any Other International Problems with Indexing?
1362.02VAOUMon Jun 11 1990Miscellaneous Nits with PBL2 and BL2
1363.015TALK::JARVISTue Jun 12 1990Encapsulated Postscript display shifted?
1364.03DOCTP::YOUNGTue Jun 12 1990Head 1 Titles on 2 Lines
1365.014VNASWS::GEROLDTue Jun 12 1990How will we get fonts ?
1366.02LYOIS1::MICHALIKTue Jun 12 1990DECwrite 1.1 available for customers
1367.02ALLVAX::MCKINNEYTue Jun 12 1990Drop-caps & other stuff?
1368.03MDVAX3::COOLEYTue Jun 12 1990VAXSight->DECWrite?
1369.04GLDOA::OUMEDIANTue Jun 12 1990CUT IT OUT!
1370.01TROAWed Jun 13 1990DECwrite/RISC to POSTscript Printer
1371.05TROPIX::DIRICOWed Jun 13 1990registered trademark trouble
1372.01WELWIT::MANNIONWed Jun 13 1990Keyboard Accelerators in BL2
1373.04POBOX::MAMMENWed Jun 13 1990dechart on RISC?
1374.02AIMHI::LORDWed Jun 13 1990XDPS Kit for EPS display -where is it?
1375.02VUETOO::BOHLINGWed Jun 13 1990Head 1/Date in Report
1376.03VISUAL::WEAVERWed Jun 13 1990Why is DECwrite so complex??? (all I wanted was the date changeable in one location)
1377.05PINBOT::ERVINThu Jun 14 1990Tiny page numbers in TOC
1378.01VOGON::HOThu Jun 14 1990Equation Editor, Bitstream fonts
1379.01WARIOR::HARRIS_RThu Jun 14 1990Crash on a un-link operation
1380.05TROPIX::DIRICOThu Jun 14 1990quick print bug?
1381.04EVOAI2::DAN_MThu Jun 14 1990DECwrite Crash with DX format document
1382.02ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jun 15 1990SGA_LAYPTH problems, test file
1383.0333397::LEEFri Jun 15 1990Bitmap & style & file type
1384.03ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jun 15 1990LSD Aggregate not working correctly.
1385.02DEMING::ACITOFri Jun 15 1990Link to Picture (.ps), No Bounding Box Error.
1386.01THRUST::CZERNYFri Jun 15 1990reverse video?
1387.01RVRCTY::JOHNFri Jun 15 1990TEX and equation questions
1388.02RVRCTY::JOHNFri Jun 15 1990Print/Merge with DECwrite
1389.02TRHTue Jun 19 1990Wrong protection on ruler.doc in BL2 ?
1390.02CIMNET::BELCULFINETue Jun 19 1990BL2/ error activating Write$printwgtshr.exe
1391.02MEO78B::LYONSTue Jun 19 1990Strange after journal recovery behaviour
1392.01GBLDEV::BUTLERWed Jun 20 1990BL2 crash, in page Style or Preferences?
1393.02GBLDEV::BUTLERWed Jun 20 1990Using the page backlground Draft EPS
1394.03ATHINA::SKARLATOSWed Jun 20 1990Problem with 12 pt Times and ord-masculine
1395.02SCADMN::DISMUKEWed Jun 20 1990Changes to linked-to documents
1396.03WELWIT::MANNIONThu Jun 21 1990Title and series labels
1397.03VNASWS::GEROLDThu Jun 21 1990Appending .DOCs revisited
1398.06JANUS::CWALSHThu Jun 21 1990Flowing text around a diagram
1399.06REFLEX::MARCAThu Jun 21 1990Rotated hardcopy of liked postscript file
1400.011WR1FOR::HAYSLOThu Jun 21 1990Links and Filler Pages
1401.08MUTTON::LAMBThu Jun 21 1990Importing DX file selects british lexlicon
1402.01HITPS::CONNEThu Jun 21 1990CDA Detective - Visible Link Tree??
1403.07HITPS::CONNEThu Jun 21 1990Section Heads not working out...
1404.01SNO78A::JAC_EDUThu Jun 21 1990Recording of Redline Text
1405.04SED75Fri Jun 22 1990TEK and DECwrite
1406.03MUDIS3::CMUELLERFri Jun 22 1990LiveLink problem#
1407.03ZILPHA::CHERSONFri Jun 22 1990"backwards", no?
1408.01PAULUS::BERGERFri Jun 22 1990scanned images and memory consumption
1409.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 22 1990Modify Page Style problem
1410.06THEBAY::BOSWELLBRFri Jun 22 19902 pages on 1 sheet of paper?
1411.0242441::LOATMon Jun 25 1990Problem when DECwrite document converted to PS.
1412.02WAIT::DUFFYMon Jun 25 1990Where are my preferences?? Dictionary?? ULTRIX-MIPS-BL2
1413.01MDVAX3::HARTMANMon Jun 25 1990Cross-Ref in Frame = ACCVIO
1414.01RTL::RODGERSMon Jun 25 1990X Toolkit warning causes ACCVIO
1415.05TASTY::JEFFERYMon Jun 25 1990Public Reviews of DECwrite
1416.013915Tue Jun 26 1990TABS..., LINK... Crash window manager...
1417.03GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jun 26 1990Export to bookreader PBL2 Core Dump
1418.04LYOIS1::LEFEBVRETue Jun 26 1990Equation editor//Bitstream????
1419.04QUARK::LIONELTue Jun 26 1990Reserved operand fault creating new document
1420.05TENNIS::KAMTue Jun 26 1990byte record too large for user's buffer
1421.03OSIL2Tue Jun 26 1990Print errors encountered
1422.02POBOX::VANTILBURGTue Jun 26 1990Overheads - Portrait
1423.03364Tue Jun 26 1990Announcing QuickPIC T1.
1424.03GIDDAY::ROUTWed Jun 27 1990gold delete word wps-plus query
1425.03KETJE::CAUDRONWed Jun 27 1990spell checker & graphics problems
1426.02GVAWed Jun 27 1990Print file gets deleted
1427.09OPG::CHRISWed Jun 27 1990Export to Bookreader Causing System Error
1428.07LYOIS1::LEFEBVREWed Jun 27 1990Default values-where???
1429.02GLDOA::LINDBLADWed Jun 27 1990Looking for a Proposal Stylefile
1430.02DEALIN::ODONNELLWed Jun 27 1990Other Style-files
1431.08WARIOR::NORRIS_RWed Jun 27 1990Text cursor positioning error running on SPX
1432.02GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Jun 28 1990PBL2 Export to Bookreader Bugs
1433.03COMICS::CLARKEThu Jun 28 1990Page # of #
1434.011CGOOThu Jun 28 1990DECwrite locks up my VAXstation
1435.05CGOOThu Jun 28 1990Can 'Scaling' of linked images be saved?
1436.012PINBOT::ERVINThu Jun 28 1990Text format for write$defaults.macros ; Thanks!
1438.01MCIS5::DEFOSSEThu Jun 28 1990Help - Automatic Numbering
1439.01PHONE::ZAMBREThu Jun 28 1990SDML -> DECwrite Macros Please...
1440.04ATOI::ANDERSONThu Jun 28 1990Input Focus
1442.06SCAACT::MALONEYThu Jun 28 1990Font/Xserver Question
1443.01KEITHW::BARTELLFri Jun 29 1990How DECchart is bundled with other apps
1444.0343878::GREENFri Jun 29 1990Import files to DECwrite from DCL?
1445.04TROPIX::DIRICOFri Jun 29 1990page numbering help needed
1446.03ASDS::KELLICKERFri Jun 29 1990Framing problem???
1447.01WARLCK::NORRIS_RFri Jun 29 1990selective random mutations in linked documents?
1448.04DSSDEV::LANGONEFri Jun 29 1990Segmentation Fault with DECWrite
1449.01PIPA::SANTIAGOSun Jul 01 1990constant width font ???
1450.01DELNI::MHARRISMon Jul 02 1990STORE file filter masks.... ???
1451.05TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 02 1990Can't install DECwrite on ULTRIX
1452.01SNOCTue Jul 03 1990DECwrite Paint pointer co-ordinates ?
1453.01ASABET::DOIRONTue Jul 03 1990Link to Doc and TOC
1454.01216154::PANGAKISTue Jul 03 1990.PCX -> .TIF not accepted by DECwrite? Any pointers?
1455.02CLOSUS::DCHAVEZTue Jul 03 1990Leading in bullted list
1456.02RAIDER::BEFUMOTue Jul 03 1990Spec templates?
1457.04BREAKR::HADOWTue Jul 03 1990VMS DECwrite works over TCP/IP?
1458.02SWTHOM::LORENZOWed Jul 04 1990How to have a live link with text file ?
1459.01FRAKAD::ERLEMANNWed Jul 04 1990Linkage of dictionaries?
1460.01FRAKAD::ERLEMANNWed Jul 04 1990VMS/Ultrix common disk?
1461.02OLYMP::SCHAADWed Jul 04 1990DESIGNER ps-file into DECwrite
1462.03COMICS::LOATWed Jul 04 1990Training needed.
1463.04SNOCWed Jul 04 1990GEM graphics into DECwrite?
1464.02MANThu Jul 05 1990DECwrite <--> Frame-Maker
1465.02TAVIS::HIRSCHThu Jul 05 1990color&gray scale
1466.05TOOK::M_ELLISONThu Jul 05 1990Link to Document problem
1467.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Jul 05 1990Crop Marks?
1468.03ARIANE::KENNEDYThu Jul 05 1990Can a style define NEW DOCUMENT ATTRIBUTES?
1469.02HDLITE::HOWARDThu Jul 05 1990Help w/Import/Export
1470.010VIA::BOOTHThu Jul 05 1990Problems in exporting a .DOC file to text
1471.05SNUPPA::JARLEFri Jul 06 1990DECwrite support tools...
1472.01AUNTB::OMALLEYFri Jul 06 1990Unconnecting Text Blocks
1473.04SOJU::FOSTERFri Jul 06 19903-A-4 as a page number format
1474.01MSBCS::SYSTEMFri Jul 06 1990DECwrite demo loop possible???
1476.010SKYLRK::LUKASZEWSKIFri Jul 06 1990Help! DECwrite crash with Print option
1477.04COPCLU::TINAMon Jul 09 1990Cut/insert objects on excatly same place
1478.01COPCLU::TINAMon Jul 09 1990List of style file element definitions
1479.04MLCSSE::CARDWELLMon Jul 09 1990prob making txt file
1480.02BARCA::CANFIELDMon Jul 09 1990Problem exporting to text also
1481.02PASMTue Jul 10 1990upgrade problem ?????
1482.0BTOVT::ETHRIDGETue Jul 10 1990Looking for a Dec Write instructor
1483.01PARITY::GORMANTue Jul 10 1990Changing Fonts in Data Block
1484.03SCAACT::HAYASHITue Jul 10 1990BL2 and Link to Database
1485.02MANMWed Jul 11 1990NAS-DECwrite-DECdecison livelink problem
1486.0EIGER::STACHERWed Jul 11 1990When does DECwrite support ACL?
1487.06RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Jul 11 1990Use of Vertical Offset for In-Line Frames
1488.01IRNBRU::IRENEWed Jul 11 1990132 columns text file
1489.01AYOV27::MMACKIEWed Jul 11 1990XLIB and setup problems
1490.04SOJU::FOSTERWed Jul 11 1990A macro to insert a graphic
1491.07GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Jul 11 1990Bug: Titles, footnotes and table of contents
1492.05CLOSUS::DCHAVEZWed Jul 11 1990Chapter Title references in footer?
1493.02BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Jul 11 1990Automatic indexing capability.....
1494.01SOJU::FOSTERWed Jul 11 1990Element Info shows the wrong info
1495.01KL21Wed Jul 11 1990Font help needed...
1496.03MIVC::BURRWed Jul 11 1990HELP! My recovery looks like garbage not my file!
1497.02SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Jul 11 1990print grayscale????
1498.01SCAACT::DAVISWed Jul 11 1990PBL2 Bug - Image display problem
1499.03LASSIE::DIRCEWed Jul 11 1990bad recovery
1500.03MOVIES::KAKAThu Jul 12 1990Accvio in BL2
1501.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 12 1990Problem printing on DECwrite Ultrix
1502.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Jul 12 1990Placement of Equations with a Label
1503.03HDLITE::CANFIELDThu Jul 12 1990TOC - 1-2-3-1
1504.01SCAACT::HAYASHIThu Jul 12 1990Dictionaries, Keyboard mapping & directories
1506.01SAC::HAREFri Jul 13 1990Problem linking to image
1507.08ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jul 13 1990DECwrite 2d hard page break question
1508.015VNASWS::GEROLDFri Jul 13 1990DECwrite didn't pick up ZapfDingbats
1509.01HDLITE::HOWARDFri Jul 13 1990TOC BUG?
1510.04CRBOSS::KALKUNTEFri Jul 13 1990Problem with multiple blueprint links
1511.02HYEND::HJAKIELAFri Jul 13 1990Snap to Ruler problem
1512.011VAOUFri Jul 13 1990Non-DEC Postscript support
1513.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZMon Jul 16 1990BL3 install fail
1514.01CSOA1::WILKINSMon Jul 16 1990can't get BL1 going on a PMAX
1515.03OASS::HARRIS_RTue Jul 17 1990Can't create new documents - ULTRIX
1517.08PINBOT::ERVINTue Jul 17 1990Oops. DDIF semantics lost on clipart files in PBL3
1518.04MYCRFT::PARODITue Jul 17 1990Invisible Text
1519.05HDLITE::SYSTEMTue Jul 17 1990decwrite hangs
1520.016SUBURB::DARRALLDTue Jul 17 1990BL2 Installation Failure
1521.03MIVC::BURRTue Jul 17 1990Adjust text (Fill text)
1522.01OTOOTue Jul 17 1990ULTRIX DECchart anyone???
1524.06MUNICH::LAYHWed Jul 18 1990LiveLink to a deleted Chart ...
1525.02ISEWed Jul 18 1990DDIF Viewer bug? Where I can report it?
1526.042Wed Jul 18 1990Font Limits?
1527.02MYCRFT::PARODIWed Jul 18 1990Remote Processing Questions
1529.08FDCVWed Jul 18 1990Installation Error on Desktop VMS
1530.03MDRADV::BELENThu Jul 19 1990CALCS norms support?
1531.09SMAC::MACARTHURThu Jul 19 1990Line Spacing
1532.04ALLVAX::HOThu Jul 19 1990Figure and Table labels in linked documents
1533.01NUTMEG::SIMMONSThu Jul 19 1990problem with title style files
1534.010ISLNDS::ORNSTEINThu Jul 19 1990Linking two chapters in a manual-problem!!
1535.01GLDOA::LINDBLADThu Jul 19 1990Problems with DECwrite/PC DECwindows
1536.02TROPIX::DIRICOFri Jul 20 1990page numbering problem still
1537.04VLISFri Jul 20 1990Under attack from MS-DOS
1538.019CRBOSS::LEMONSFri Jul 20 1990Using the Bookreader style file
1539.02CLOSUS::DCHAVEZFri Jul 20 1990Prevent Titles from TOC Entry?
1540.02PRSUD1::NERAALFri Jul 20 1990Next version ; release date ?
1541.02SKYLRK::KURATAFri Jul 20 1990Replace with attributes ?
1542.02UNIVSE::ORNSTEINFri Jul 20 1990Copying text from one window to another
1543.02ALICAT::MACKAYSat Jul 21 1990Inter-document cross-references - how?
1544.02STAR::DUTKOMon Jul 23 1990Doc Style containing Frame spanning columns?
1545.03AISG::CHANMon Jul 23 1990help! page number problem
1546.03DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVEMon Jul 23 1990Firefox - GS image display problem
1547.01UNIVSE::ORNSTEINMon Jul 23 1990Using CUT from the EDIT MENU and Page renumbering
1548.0343878::MARSHTue Jul 24 1990Problems with including documents
1549.02NITTY::BECKTue Jul 24 1990Version of ALL-IN-1?? Requirement?
1550.01NUTMEG::SIMMONSTue Jul 24 1990Question: Gray Scaling ...
1551.03PINBOT::ERVINTue Jul 24 1990Help! Decwrite stopped working.
1553.0GEMVAX::BRACETue Jul 24 1990Image input vehicle to DECwrite
1554.02CGOATue Jul 24 1990Mouse Bug PBL2??
1555.0316154::EICHTENTue Jul 24 1990Help with DECwrite BL3 journal recovery, please?
1556.01MUTTON::LAMBWed Jul 25 1990Running Value for Revision Number
1557.03EIGER::STACHERWed Jul 25 1990long time to open document (Demo Doc)
1558.05MLFS1::LOPEZWed Jul 25 1990help with decwrite bl3 asap
1559.03YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Jul 25 1990DECwrite 1.1BL3 and DECchart problem
1560.01MLFS1::LOPEZWed Jul 25 1990need pak for decwrite DECWRITEBL3
1561.01GOCRZY::ORNSTEINWed Jul 25 1990Page style question
1562.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 25 1990
1563.03SX4GTO::KIMBALLWed Jul 25 1990Linked document loses running values
1564.03PETERJ::JOHNSONThu Jul 26 1990I need to create a custom style NOW
1565.05BDWISR::HEAFEYThu Jul 26 1990 ACCVIO with T1.1-PBL3, VMS T5.4-4ET
1566.01SEAPEN::PHIPPSThu Jul 26 1990How do I [really] tell the version number?
1567.07MAJORS::SPENCEThu Jul 26 1990Batch printing from DECwrite .DOC file into .PS
1568.012Thu Jul 26 1990QUICKPRINT error message !
1569.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Jul 26 1990Automatic Paragraph after Title
1570.04REKRAB::POWELLThu Jul 26 1990DECwrite's use of windows
1571.06ORT::ORTHOBERThu Jul 26 1990Generic Pages and Galleys with DECwrite
1572.04PETERJ::JOHNSONFri Jul 27 1990Trouble printing to LN
1573.02ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jul 27 1990Breaking Paragraphs Over Pages
1574.0SCRIBE::ANDREWSFri Jul 27 1990Phase
1575.03CLOSUS::COPELANDFri Jul 27 1990Floating text blocks, anyone?
1576.0KONING::KONINGFri Jul 27 1990Import Text suggestion
1577.02ISLNDS::ORNSTEINFri Jul 27 1990Deleting a Style file
1578.01ISLNDS::ORNSTEINFri Jul 27 1990Trying to Add Header Text Block
1579.02TLE::CONNELLYSat Jul 28 1990ACCVIO on Save
1580.0524867::ANDERSONMon Jul 30 1990Advanced DECwrite Training
1581.02HLCCMon Jul 30 1990Can I print a document without manual request ?
1582.05HPOPMon Jul 30 1990Apply a STYLE to CONV /DOC output ?
1583.02NVSD6::BRAVERMon Jul 30 1990Proportional spacing/text alignment
1584.01OASS::ALI_AMon Jul 30 1990Recover file after core dump??
1585.04OASS::HARRIS_RTue Jul 31 1990Change Page Nuumber - Page Style
1586.02FYI::RBROWNTue Jul 31 1990List / Technical Journal
1587.04UTROFF::UTES44::VANDERNIETWed Aug 01 1990Apply style takes no effect after copy from other document
1588.04WR1FOR::HAYSLOWed Aug 01 1990Portraits Appearing in Landscape Doc
1589.01LENO::GRIERWed Aug 01 1990Fail to refresh on PMAX, Ultrix 4.
1590.01MUTTON::LAMBWed Aug 01 1990Pull Down Menus go to left of screen!!
1591.01LENO::GRIERThu Aug 02 1990Problems using Motif window manager and latest DECwrite
1592.06GALVIA::STONESThu Aug 02 1990Crash on exit.
1593.02ARRODS::HARVEYThu Aug 02 1990Adding Appendices anyone?? Problems with appendixes...
1594.01TASTY::JEFFERYThu Aug 02 1990Problem with Colour (color)/Greyscale images on BL3.
1595.01SAC::BARLEY_EThu Aug 02 1990Usage alert queries
1596.01ISTG::DWILSONThu Aug 02 1990v1.1 kit?
1597.02MQOAThu Aug 02 1990Automatic TM list
1599.02SNUPPA::JARLEFri Aug 03 1990percent scale in print dialog box
1600.05SKYWAY::STUKERFri Aug 03 1990BUG in Include Text
1601.01NAVIER::SORKINFri Aug 03 1990Help with multiple pages on one printed page
1602.04BEBBI::STOECKLIFri Aug 03 1990Live Link DECwrite 1.1 to DECpresent 1.1
1603.01GIDDAY::ROUTMon Aug 06 1990Graphic Attribute: ARROWHEAD problem
1604.03HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUMon Aug 06 1990DECchart canNOT select cells
1605.05HITPS::WERBERMon Aug 06 1990Bug adds center symbols, pushes text off block
1606.04HITPS::CONNEMon Aug 06 1990DECwrite looping, attempting close of large doc.
1607.05IAMOK::UNGERTue Aug 07 1990Problem - need help!!
1608.06CLOSUS::COCKERHAMTue Aug 07 1990DECwrite Dropout with BL3
1609.03OASS::NORRIS_RTue Aug 07 1990Page_numbering. Wish list.
1610.02WR1FOR::HAYSLOTue Aug 07 1990Disappearing Page Numbers...
1611.01NECSC::YOUNGTue Aug 07 1990Help on using Multi-Mate files in Decwrite......
1612.03NUTMEG::SAVOYTue Aug 07 1990Multiple Printing?
1613.04SNOCTue Aug 07 1990MS-WORD to DECwrite help
1614.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Aug 08 1990Leading for DX Imported TAB Tables
1615.03PJVAX::LAMBWed Aug 08 1990Would like to reference text in proposal
1616.03SKYWAY::HONEGGERWed Aug 08 1990File Conversion over the network?
1617.011INFACT::CLARKWed Aug 08 1990gif-to-decwrite
1618.010JOELS::SARENWed Aug 08 1990Header Text not consistent
1619.05DC1Wed Aug 08 1990CGM, can't import, but can view and convert !!
1620.01316154::EICHTENWed Aug 08 1990Inverted VAXcamera images in DECwrite Bookreader output
1621.06VAOUWed Aug 08 1990Change bars on right-hand side?
1622.06TRNPRC::CONNEWed Aug 08 1990Mis-connections trying to rearrange linked documents w/BL3
1623.02BRSIS3::BRUSSELAERSThu Aug 09 1990Need help on tables
1624.02MARX::MANZELLAThu Aug 09 1990Problem with BL3 CDA Base installation on ULTRIX V4.
1625.03HPSCAD::DMCARRThu Aug 09 1990Questions & missing help re: Title Styles
1626.03SKYWAY::STUKERThu Aug 09 1990Import Text/Tab=
1627.015MRCJBK::JFISCHERThu Aug 09 1990Need faded "DRAFT" text on each page.
1628.01PINBOT::ERVINThu Aug 09 1990Status check: DECWRITE/ULTRIX
1629.03CHEESE::KAISERFri Aug 10 1990DECWRITE PBL3 V1.1 repaints unnecessarily
1630.01CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Aug 10 1990Trouble with LK4
1631.01EPIK::HOLOHANFri Aug 10 1990FYI, Ultrix DECwrite Post-script printing
1632.01COMICS::ALLAMSMon Aug 13 1990Licencing problems ...
1633.02BRSIS3::BRUSSELAERSMon Aug 13 1990Spell check "ignore" option?
1634.04TRHMon Aug 13 1990Table of contens with wrong numbering.
1635.01MUNICH::LAYHMon Aug 13 1990cross-reference to text of a very long title
1636.03CSOA1::STUTSONMon Aug 13 1990Drawing VAXen and NETS
1637.01MQOUMon Aug 13 1990write$vue.com info needed
1638.03PHAZER::BARNESMon Aug 13 1990
1639.03HITPS::CONNETue Aug 14 1990Bug in TOC and Index in linked docs.
1640.02HITPS::CONNETue Aug 14 1990Journaling in BL3 still not right...
1641.01MAIL::COLVINTue Aug 14 1990How can I size and place DECwrite window at startu
1642.05NSDC::RATCLIFFWed Aug 15 1990French spelling bug
1643.02PINBOT::ERVINWed Aug 15 1990Editing one DOC from two windows?
1644.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZWed Aug 15 1990Including Sample Code
1645.02OLDTMR::STCLAIRWed Aug 15 1990DECwrite Crashed with long title (HEAD 2)
1646.05AIRPLN::RNORRISWed Aug 15 1990DECwrite draw bug with filled reverse arrow
1647.0GALVIA::ECULLENThu Aug 16 1990SGA_TXT_SET_SIZE questions .
1648.01AISG::BARRONThu Aug 16 1990Text Question
1649.01SCAPAS::63648::DAVISThu Aug 16 1990Fold-out pages possible?
1650.06OASS::BURDEN_DThu Aug 16 1990DECwrite crashes while scrolling through document
1651.01CIM1NI::KLEEThu Aug 16 1990Page Ranges Problem
1652.04OK4ME::OSTIGUYThu Aug 16 1990TOC problem !
1653.02CHOVAX::GILSONThu Aug 16 1990Links
1654.04HITPS::FALORThu Aug 16 1990BL3 no scroll bar
1655.02HITPS::FALORThu Aug 16 1990Fig # jammed into Text
1656.01HITPS::FALORFri Aug 17 1990DECwrite lies
1657.01INFACT::DATZMANFri Aug 17 1990Install problem --- XDPS$DPSCLIENTSHR.EXE
1658.05MSDSWS::HENDERSONFri Aug 17 1990print 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 pages?
1659.03OASS::NORRIS_RFri Aug 17 1990decwrite Add Index Entry widget hard to use for more than one word entries
1660.01ALLVAX::MCKINNEYFri Aug 17 1990Horizontal scroll bars?
1661.07SMURF::SEAGRAVESFri Aug 17 1990Including a POSTSCRIPT diagram as a link picture
1662.05DECWET::DAVIDSONFri Aug 17 1990Mac EPS to DECwrite
1663.013CIMNET::ASCHERMon Aug 20 1990What about multi-image files?
1666.02CSC32::JJONESMon Aug 20 1990Batch DECchart?
1667.04CSC32::JJONESMon Aug 20 1990DECchart .PS --> unknown symbol
1668.04COPCLU::BIRGERTue Aug 21 1990LIVELINK TO MACPAINT ???? or ??
1669.02ODIXIE::HOERCHERTue Aug 21 1990Univ. Group -Questions on DECwrite
1670.01PEARS::IONESCUTue Aug 21 1990in search of WRITEDEMO.DOC in different languages
1671.04VBVTue Aug 21 1990clipart ddif files, i want to keep the colour
1672.0WOOK::LEETue Aug 21 1990One-time Glitch in IVP
1673.014EPIK::WORKMANTue Aug 21 1990User problems creating book
1674.02ISLNDS::ORNSTEINTue Aug 21 1990Chapter Header Text Block Problem
1675.02IOOSRV::COLVINWed Aug 22 1990Read only session startup question
1676.03VISA::GENTILIWed Aug 22 1990Encapsulated Postscript pictures in bookreader...
1677.06BLKPUD::THOMASAWed Aug 22 1990live link VMS <--> ULTRIX
1678.01YIPPEE::EZLIFE::YURCHAKWed Aug 22 1990Corrupted Journal File
1679.04DROPIT::PROTOWed Aug 22 1990lettering
1680.04RDVAX::RICHARDSONWed Aug 22 1990DECwrite Crash Dumping
1681.02HURRU::SIEWERTWed Aug 22 1990Print file created instead of being queued
1682.05JEANNE::KEELERWed Aug 22 1990My version Expired! Why?
1683.02INFACT::DATZMANWed Aug 22 1990Problem linking to a color image on ULTRIX
1684.013TODD::WARNOCKWed Aug 22 1990Problem upgrade to latest DECwrite EFT3 kit
1685.05COMICS::LOATThu Aug 23 1990Problem with home-made style file.
1686.03ODIXIE::MURDOCKThu Aug 23 1990Runoff to DECwrite..?!?!
1687.02ZMAN::BOWLESThu Aug 23 1990Automated letter builder
1688.05OLDTMR::STCLAIRThu Aug 23 1990Create a Page Style blew away my document
1689.01PINBOT::ERVINThu Aug 23 1990version number gone in SSB 1.1?
1690.03SNUPPA::JARLEFri Aug 24 1990...sendingmail to engineering...with v1.1 SSB
1691.01DELNI::MHARRISFri Aug 24 1990I need help explaining my problem... (VERY STRANGE)
1692.04FUTURA::MCNULTYFri Aug 24 1990Linked-to doc not start on a new page ??
1693.03DC1Fri Aug 24 1990DECwrite/Ultrix RISC printing to LPS4
1694.02SCAPAS::ASPSFri Aug 24 1990Table Editor - When???
1695.01SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri Aug 24 1990DECchart>COLOR>DECwrite link?
1696.02SUBWAY::LEEFri Aug 24 1990ULTRIX 4.
1697.04SKYLRK::KURATAFri Aug 24 1990DECWrite is ugly on a SPX workstation
1698.03DUGGAN::GREENFri Aug 24 1990Framemaker to DECwrite to Bookreader?
1699.01PINBOT::ERVINFri Aug 24 1990Online HELP out of date?
1700.04ALOSWS::MULLERSat Aug 25 1990Indexes and problems.
1701.03GUIDUK::B_WOODSun Aug 26 1990Where is RISC kit, Cheng has changed
1702.02GVAMon Aug 27 1990DECwrite crashes windows manager
1703.03XANADU::CAMPBELLMon Aug 27 1990Callable DECwrite?
1704.05CLOSUS::DCHAVEZMon Aug 27 1990Print Widget and Logicals
1705.01DDIF::MEAGHERMon Aug 27 1990Text in DDIF Fixed Frames?
1706.01ORT::ORTHOBERMon Aug 27 1990Generic Content on Generic Pages problem
1707.02SDEVAX::THACKERAYMon Aug 27 1990Current version feature listing?
1708.02MUNICH::RUZICKATue Aug 28 1990cannot start DECchart in a Live Link
1710.02UTRTSC::MACKRILLWed Aug 29 1990DECwrite/CDA and Runoff ?
1711.07LARVAE::BROWN_NWed Aug 29 1990Miscellaneous characters ?
1712.01RDVAX::RICHARDSONWed Aug 29 1990DECWrite dump crash-HELP
1714.02KLEMOM::STAUDENMAIERWed Aug 29 1990Where are the ULTRIX AIL files?
1715.02SNUPPA::JARLEWed Aug 29 1990DECwrite crash when floating frame pasted into graphic text
1716.02SNUPPA::JARLEWed Aug 29 1990DDIF -> ASCII, I know I've seen this recently..:-)
1717.02GOONS::MCGUIREWed Aug 29 1990DECwrite Demonstration
1718.01DDIF::ELLISWed Aug 29 1990DDIF Compound Document Problems
1719.03MYCRFT::PARODIWed Aug 29 1990Beyond Angst
1721.01ZENBOX::ARGENTATIWed Aug 29 1990V1.1 Image Problem
1722.05YUPPY::JACKSONDThu Aug 30 1990Japanese dictionaries?
1723.01ORT::ORTHOBERThu Aug 30 1990DECwrite BL3 does not Honor arc rotation
1724.02MAY28::YURYANThu Aug 30 1990Can DECwrite Rotate objects????
1725.09ULYSSE::TIRRONENThu Aug 30 1990Encapsulated Postscript display V1.1 problems
1726.08ULYSSE::TIRRONENThu Aug 30 1990V1.1 Images inverted
1727.05ORT::ORTHOBERThu Aug 30 1990DECwrite Bl3 Crashes
1728.02POBOX::LARKThu Aug 30 1990DECwrite journaling
1729.01UTOPIE::HORINEKFri Aug 31 1990programmers documentation needed
1730.01MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTFri Aug 31 1990Managing documents - CMS ONLY?
1731.05COMICS::ALLAMSFri Aug 31 1990DECwrite and VT1
1732.05MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTFri Aug 31 1990New features to come??
1733.02WLW::BROOMEFri Aug 31 1990Live Links and Logicals (Again)
1734.07COGITO::RAJAFri Aug 31 1990Large document...
1735.02MCIS2::NORTONTue Sep 04 1990Journal File Recovery when .DOC file disappears
1736.0CUPMK::ELCHINGERTue Sep 04 1990My LiveLink chart doesn't look like the original??
1737.0SCOHEN::S_COHENTue Sep 04 1990Reporting CDA i14y problems
1738.01SUPER::EARLETue Sep 04 1990UTOX problem?
1739.01KONING::KONINGTue Sep 04 1990
1740.05AUBER::LORENZOWed Sep 05 1990Lexicon and Primary Language.
1741.02TASTY::JEFFERYWed Sep 05 1990Bug refreshing partially clipped buts of Zoomed in Screen.
1742.05AKOV12::ISRAELITEWed Sep 05 1990Storyboarding Help
1743.02RUMOR::MOOREWed Sep 05 1990Tutorial on Appendix can't get B.1 B.2 numbering sequence
1744.02SNUPPA::JARLEWed Sep 05 1990linking problems
1745.01OASS::HARRIS_RWed Sep 05 1990opening a document from a command line
1746.02ORAN::ORANWed Sep 05 1990Can't Read Ulrix-created Bookreader files with VMS bookreader
1747.01ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZWed Sep 05 1990Alternate between LPS2
1748.01MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Sep 06 1990crash after print chart
1749.01COPCLU::TINAThu Sep 06 1990Page style lost when creating style from ex
1750.03JAC::COFFLERThu Sep 06 1990Why is a <document-name>.DOC_BACKUP file being created?
1751.04COPCLU::TINAThu Sep 06 1990Limitcheck error: off ending command is eoclip
1752.04OASS::NORRIS_RThu Sep 06 1990Vertical distribute function for List elements wanted
1753.01JAC::COFFLERThu Sep 06 1990DECwrite exports exceptionally big Bookreader files ...
1754.01USRCV1::LEFFLERMThu Sep 06 1990V2.
1755.03BACHUS::DEFEYTERFri Sep 07 1990Hanging, CPU loop again
1756.012KYOA::WHITECOTTONFri Sep 07 1990Can't print on a Linotype printer
1757.02WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSFri Sep 07 1990Lexicon for Spellchecking disappears
1758.0135475::HACKMon Sep 10 1990make ps, but no print document.
1759.01STAR::NORCOTTMon Sep 10 1990How do I get rid of all margins??
1761.0632Mon Sep 10 1990DECwrite V1.1-1: Access violation, virtual address=
1762.02WIMP::METHOTMon Sep 10 1990DECwrite/DECwindow/VMS version prob?
1763.02GIDDAY::LIMMon Sep 10 1990super/sub script in smaller size as default?
1764.01HSOMAI::LINTue Sep 11 1990Link to picture problem
1765.01BHAJEE::MAYRTue Sep 11 1990Page numbering on INDEX pages
1766.01SNOCTue Sep 11 1990Different Fonts with Database access?
1767.01SUPER::EARLETue Sep 11 1990"Smooth" diagonal lines on screen - How?
1768.07INFACT::DATZMANTue Sep 11 1990DECchart Risc V1.1 corrupt
1769.03STKHLM::NILSSON_ATue Sep 11 1990Open doc.- ACCVIO every time !
1770.05SAC::READING_RTue Sep 11 1990Printing made easy?
1771.013SALEM::GAUTHIER_ATue Sep 11 1990DECwrite crashes with image intro.
1772.04EPSDEV::BURNSTue Sep 11 1990Live Link Problem
1774.01RANCH::DAVISTue Sep 11 1990BL3 still available?
1775.0XIEXIE::SNOVERTue Sep 11 1990Two additional Bookreader style files (for Report & Example)
1776.04BHAJEE::MAYRWed Sep 12 1990CRASH when regenerating INDEX
1777.09CLOSUS::MILLERWed Sep 12 1990Center Align Goes on Upper Left Text Block
1778.03TOOLS::IRELANDWed Sep 12 1990Export PS vs Print PS
1779.01RVRCTY::JOHNWed Sep 12 1990Purchase Fonts from whom???
1780.07LNKHUB::MALMBERGThu Sep 13 1990DECwrite over NFS
1781.08EIGER::STACHERThu Sep 13 1990Print performance, lines with raster pattern
1782.05EVTAI1::BERTHENETThu Sep 13 1990nonDec printer information
1783.07TASTY::JEFFERYThu Sep 13 1990Customising File Selection part of DECwrite.
1784.03NOBUGS::MOOREThu Sep 13 1990limitcheck error - lineto
1785.04FORTSC::GAVINThu Sep 13 1990DECwrite to Bookreader DOC example anyone ??
1786.04BUFFER::LIThu Sep 13 1990Picture size of data block readjusted problem
1787.02BREAKR::MADDENThu Sep 13 1990How to demo Decwrite, sample docs?
1788.02ORT::ORTHOBERThu Sep 13 1990DECwrite Does not Read DDIF Landscape file correctly.
1789.05DWOVAX::LIPPINCOTTThu Sep 13 1990Large DECwrite documents??
1790.01ODIXIE::CASTOThu Sep 13 1990trouble installing V1.1 risc
1791.04AKOV12::ISRAELITEThu Sep 13 1990Shutting down while marking text lines
1792.06COOKIE::OAKEYThu Sep 13 1990Can't select a line to delete
1793.02FROCKY::UNGEHEUERFri Sep 14 1990EPS- display with the SET DISPLAY - command ?
1794.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 14 1990EPSF-display with SET DISPLAY-command?
1795.03BHAJEE::MAYRFri Sep 14 1990Linked image to a style file
1796.07CRONIC::ORTHFri Sep 14 1990Docmumentation on Clipart?
1797.07RIPPLE::COLESJOFri Sep 14 1990V1.
1798.08WJG::GUINEAUFri Sep 14 1990DECwrite V1.1 and VMS 5.3-1 mail
1799.01TPWEST::RANZENBACHFri Sep 14 1990DECwrite 1.1 foreground frames...
1800.012SSDEVO::MORGANFri Sep 14 1990Internal A saveset
1801.06DECWET::MCCADDONSun Sep 16 1990DECrite Editor KP Defaults?
1802.04YUPPY::JACKSONDMon Sep 17 1990Mailed DECwrite & Live Links?
1803.08ODIXIE::EGEORGEMon Sep 17 1990"True" WYSIWYG?
1804.02VLNVAX::GRIECIMon Sep 17 1990Equation Editor Problem
1805.03ORT::ORTHOBERMon Sep 17 1990Galley naming in Style Files and Gallet Selects
1806.04AIADM::GIUNTATue Sep 18 1990how do I get single-spaced lists?
1807.02SNUPPA::JARLETue Sep 18 1990Chaging lang. for entire document?
1808.01ORT::ORTHOBERTue Sep 18 1990New Galley Directive not Working Quite Right
1809.07AKOV14::ROSICTue Sep 18 1990LPS4
1810.01SUCCES::PASQUALETue Sep 18 1990DECwrite for 7
1811.07BLANEY::TUCKERTue Sep 18 1990BOOKBUILD-Link to Document problems!?!?
1812.05ULYSSE::JORDANWed Sep 19 1990A graphics library ????
1813.02SAHQ::VIENSJWed Sep 19 1990?? .PIFF ??
1814.01SAHQ::VIENSJWed Sep 19 1990Lots of Style Questions
1816.04TRNING::REYNOLDSWed Sep 19 1990displaying eps files
1817.03MOVIES::GROSSMITHWed Sep 19 1990Need some help with V1.1 style files & languages
1818.01TRNING::REYNOLDSWed Sep 19 1990turn off message area window
1819.02GLDOA::LINDBLADWed Sep 19 1990DECwrite 1.1/Converter Library 1.?
1820.01COMPLX::THELLENWed Sep 19 1990DDIF link problem
1821.02MGOIThu Sep 20 1990License is dynamic ?
1822.01BOOKIE::NEILSENThu Sep 20 1990Source for tiny decorative elements?
1823.0DECSIM::RANDALLThu Sep 20 1990Lecture-Lab Doctype in DECwrite?
1824.01OASS::MATTHEWS_GThu Sep 20 1990DECstation 5
1825.01MCIS2::NORTONThu Sep 20 1990Errors with .DDIF file
1827.0ORT::ORTHOBERThu Sep 20 1990Generic Content Galley Frames with External Reference Problem
1828.02CIMNET::ASCHERThu Sep 20 1990Bookreader Popups possible?
1829.01WR2FOR::LAMB_PEFri Sep 21 1990DECwrite, SPX & 1
1830.01HAMCL3::BRAUKMUELLERFri Sep 21 1990questions to decwrite
1831.06SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Sep 21 1990EPS print problems
1832.04KETJE::ROBBENSFri Sep 21 1990invalidfont
1833.01CRBOSS::DYERFri Sep 21 1990HELP! TABS?!?!?!UGH!
1834.01UHAINA::RODASFri Sep 21 1990cp error message file not found at end of install
1835.06BOOKIE::L_FIELDFri Sep 21 1990New Book -- Covers DECwrite V1.1 VMS, ULTRIX
1836.05BARCA::CANFIELDFri Sep 21 1990Part Page Label Question
1837.07PASMMon Sep 24 1990a BUG in veriosn 1.
1838.01BHAJEE::MAYRMon Sep 24 1990Change highlighted index entry text attributes
1839.05TASTY::JEFFERYMon Sep 24 1990DECwrite & QuickCopy Clipboard.
1840.01GNPIKE::GOGUENMon Sep 24 1990Recover, recovers crash?
1841.01BARCA::CANFIELDMon Sep 24 1990Linking problems
1843.03GRUBER::RODGERSMon Sep 24 1990Time-critical problem: Cannot read .DOC file
1844.04TLSETue Sep 25 1990Help needed on exciting project !
1845.03ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZTue Sep 25 1990How to specify page order in style file?
1846.0434823::LARKWed Sep 26 1990V1.
1847.0237448::GHULETTWed Sep 26 1990document directory?
1850.01OASS::ALI_AWed Sep 26 1990Import a DX file into DECwrite/RISC
1851.01STARCH::GLASERWed Sep 26 1990crash on creating empty INDEX, journal garbaged
1852.03TRAMNR::HummerstonWed Sep 26 1990running head & index questions
1853.05TRAMNR::HummerstonWed Sep 26 1990Fonts for V1.1 query
1854.02BLYTH::CORNWALLThu Sep 27 1990Super/sub/super
1855.06KONING::KONINGThu Sep 27 1990Bug with figure labels in the TOC
1856.02PRSUD1::GHEORGHINThu Sep 27 1990reusing the journaling after problems
1857.01GARIT::VANSICLENThu Sep 27 1990Logicals for "File Location Type Field" and "New Document Attributes"
1858.02AHIKER::EARLYThu Sep 27 1990Problem reading files from V1.1 on V1.
1859.0349246::STUKERFri Sep 28 1990Word Count / Line Numbering
1860.01TMCUK2::VKAKAFri Sep 28 1990Problems creating CHAPTER in report style
1861.01GOONS::MCGUIREFri Sep 28 1990Lecture_lab.doc_style
1862.02ADVLSI::FONTANAFri Sep 28 1990Chapters/Header Levels, Ugh.
1863.02SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri Sep 28 1990Auto update link applications broken???
1864.01ADVLSI::FONTANAFri Sep 28 1990[x] Network Library? What's that?
1865.0SCRIBE::ANDREWSFri Sep 28 1990WPL/DX to DDIF Phase 1
1866.03CXCAD::SCHAFFERFri Sep 28 1990New User . . Strange Happenings
1867.03WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Sep 28 1990DECwrite LINK to PICTURE/ DECdesign DDIF files won't display
1868.01ESCROW::WIMBERGFri Sep 28 1990Multiple sublist bug?
1869.0349Mon Oct 01 1990DCA->DDIF PROBLEM!!
1870.0242441::LOATMon Oct 01 1990Foreign PostScript Printers with DECwrite
1871.01GALVIA::SPAINTue Oct 02 1990Importing documentation into DECwrite
1872.01BHAJEE::MAYRTue Oct 02 1990Sorting Of Paragraphs On The Wishlist!
1873.04SEURAT::NEWMANTue Oct 02 1990I get *lots* of X traffic when moving the mouse -- any reason for this?
1874.03HAMSC3::VOLKMARTue Oct 02 1990convert dx-file to ddif
1875.07VNASWS::GEROLDTue Oct 02 1990Spot color and registration marks
1876.04TROPIX::DIRICOTue Oct 02 1990bringing postscript into decwrite
1877.01ORT::ORTHOBERTue Oct 02 1990Does DECwrite V1.1 Support Line Markers?
1878.02LEZAH::SCANLONTue Oct 02 1990Problems Creating Style for Structured Documentation
1879.03WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GTue Oct 02 1990Separate window for Export to Bookreader CROSS REFERENCE
1880.01CUPMK::SCARBOROUGHWed Oct 03 1990Abrupt termination of DECwrite session/journaling
1881.01KAOFS::M_MORINWed Oct 03 1990Recovery aborted, wrong copy of document
1882.01OASS::SAMADI_MWed Oct 03 1990How to Live link an application w/DECwrite
1883.08SMURF::COUTUWed Oct 03 1990PostScript output can't be printed everywhere
1884.02STAR::HOLSTEINThu Oct 04 1990Em dash not displayed correctly
1885.01STAR::HOLSTEINThu Oct 04 1990Help text describes old behavior
1887.02NETCUR::LEVINThu Oct 04 1990Stack dump: OPCODE RESERVED to DEC
1888.03COOKIE::OAKEYThu Oct 04 1990Getting default text on a new page
1889.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Oct 04 19901.1 FT customer has crashes and other problems
1890.06KERNEL::LOATFri Oct 05 1990Change size of page styles?
1891.05ADVLSI::FONTANAFri Oct 05 1990DRAW and TEXT pt size?
1894.03LARVAE::BURGESSFri Oct 05 1990MOTIF and Cut and Paste clipboard?
1895.01COMPLX::WANGERINFri Oct 05 1990Gobe DDIF-->Decwrite problems
1896.03EIGER::STACHERMon Oct 08 1990Change default startup definitions?
1897.04LYOIS1::MICHALIKMon Oct 08 1990Liveliink to ASCII text file in DECwrite
1898.04LEMAN::DA_SILVAMon Oct 08 1990CADRATIN OR Fixed space problem
1899.01LEMAN::PITTETMon Oct 08 1990Recommended high-end printers ?
1900.01CGOOTue Oct 09 1990slow printing????
1901.01FROSTY::DIAMONDTue Oct 09 1990DECwrite V1.1 doesn't print pictures..
1902.01NZOVTue Oct 09 1990BRITISH for RISC/ULTRIX ?
1904.08KERNEL::LOATWed Oct 10 1990Access violations galore!
1906.01PHAZER::BARNESWed Oct 10 1990PostScript files with
1907.04MKLC::THEBAULTWed Oct 10 1990UNABLE TO SAVE FILE ....
1908.03TLE::D_CARROLLThu Oct 11 1990deleting pages causes jumbledup document
1909.03WILLEY::PHILLIPSThu Oct 11 1990DECwrite V1.1 on DESKTOP VMS 5.3
1910.01GENRAL::NAUGHTONThu Oct 11 1990Pre-coding
1911.02ADIDAS::WOLFThu Oct 11 1990MacDraw import to DECwrite ?
1913.0249246::STUKERFri Oct 12 1990PS bad form DECwrite
1914.02GUESS::GOLDMANFri Oct 12 1990.SCRN ?
1915.02CWORLD::SMITHFri Oct 12 1990Printing problem with Ultrix 3.1/DECchart V1.1
1916.01TMCUK2::VKAKAFri Oct 12 1990Copyright page
1917.05MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Oct 12 1990crash after recover .DJL
1918.03BLYTH::CORNWALLFri Oct 12 1990Remote access problem
1919.017QUARK::LIONELFri Oct 12 1990Viewing/receiving in MAIL a DECwrite document
1920.01FORTSC::CHABANFri Oct 12 1990decwrite & Ultrix & vt1
1921.0KONING::KONINGFri Oct 12 1990BUG: Bad ACL and protection on output .PS file
1922.03DOCTP::GRAVESFri Oct 12 1990Need help in creating very specialized styles
1923.0SCRIBE::ANDREWSFri Oct 12 1990Phase 1 WPL/DX to DDIF Closed
1924.05XANADU::CAMPBELLFri Oct 12 1990Problem exporting to TIFF.
1925.06LEMAN::PITTETMon Oct 15 1990"em space", footnotes and table of contents
1926.01ORAN::ORANMon Oct 15 1990Anybody got a ZAPF Dingbats crib sheet?
1927.01ORAN::ORANMon Oct 15 1990Title text gets windowed/orphaned with no way to prevent it!
1928.02STKHLM::NILSSON_ATue Oct 16 1990"Draw object circle" won't work.
1929.02YUPPY::JACKSONDTue Oct 16 1990Windows highlighting question
1930.05DDIF::MEAGHERTue Oct 16 1990Scaled images -> garbled result
1931.01HACMAN::HACKTue Oct 16 1990Can not open American English Lexicon database
1932.03KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 16 1990Renumber ALL of the titles,pages etc?
1933.02ARCANA::FULTZTue Oct 16 1990'error activating transport mr'
1934.02TROU31::ZAIDMANTue Oct 16 1990Print to LPS4
1936.0442238::DRAPERWed Oct 17 1990Problem importing ASCII text files
1937.01STKHLM::NILSSON_AWed Oct 17 1990DDIF-picture from DECwrite to VTX???
1938.03TROPIX::DIRICOWed Oct 17 1990ultrix -> vms file trsfr
1939.07BBM::ZASLAWWed Oct 17 1990Analysis File for Finding Doc Links
1940.02TELFON::MAILMANWed Oct 17 1990how to reset page numbering
1941.01OPG::RAYERThu Oct 18 1990Is Semi-Global Replacement Possible?
1942.05DSSDEV::BIBEAULTThu Oct 18 1990More troubles with %%BoundingBox in EPSF
1943.011DSSDEV::BIBEAULTThu Oct 18 1990Cannot export to PS with V1.1
1944.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZThu Oct 18 1990Style Attributes File?
1945.06KAOFS::M_MORINThu Oct 18 1990Workstation hangs with large DDIF picture.
1946.0149212::STUKERThu Oct 18 1990Bug ?
1947.0135742::BOISVERTFri Oct 19 1990Can't print square along left and top margin
1948.0145825::GOODENOUGHFri Oct 19 1990Help needed using style with A4 page size
1949.01OASS::BURDEN_DFri Oct 19 1990Hang after disconnect text block - VT1
1950.0SCOHEN::S_COHENFri Oct 19 1990CDA I14Y dist list
1951.02CIM::GARTNERFri Oct 19 1990Set the default directory for the File Filter?
1952.02CELTIK::R_QUINNFri Oct 19 1990Import/Export no format options under Ultrix v3.1
1953.04ORAN::ORANMon Oct 22 1990Keeping indices and TOCs in sync with text
1954.06TROPIX::DIRICOMon Oct 22 1990draw - selecting and resizing
1955.03SCADMN::DISMUKEMon Oct 22 1990DECchart Fatal Error
1956.03NSDC::SALAWed Oct 24 1990Can't save a new version...
1957.03HOCUS::HOLLANDWed Oct 24 1990Hang, crash when using DRAW menus
1958.03BELFST::DOGGARTWed Oct 24 1990Unaligned access on DECwrite V1.1 on ULTRIX V4.
1959.02OK4ME::OSTIGUYWed Oct 24 1990Security notation wanted on every page !?
1960.01TLE::LUPTONWed Oct 24 1990DECwrite loops
1961.01TLE::LUPTONWed Oct 24 1990DECwrite loops again
1962.02MUNLEG::WAGENHAEUSERThu Oct 25 1990macro aborts when importing documents
1963.02RAB::MEHRINGThu Oct 25 1990Hang on page up (scrollbar)
1964.04WILARD::BARANSKIThu Oct 25 1990print 2 ds booklet pages per sheet?
1965.06ORAN::ORANThu Oct 25 1990Images and non-dec printers don't seem to mix
1966.02MACNAS::JWALSHThu Oct 25 1990reording pages to match flow
1967.03CRBOSS::MIKELISThu Oct 25 1990How to STOP Hyphenation entirely?
1968.03WAGON::MAGIK::DONHAMThu Oct 25 1990Structure Level 1 Heads and page numbering
1969.0EPIK::DONOHUEThu Oct 25 1990Announcing Proto-1: DECwrite Bookreader prototype
1970.0EPIK::DONOHUEThu Oct 25 1990Creating Bookreader Graphic Hotspots w/ DECwrite
1971.01ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYFri Oct 26 1990DECwrite for electronic publishing ???
1973.02OASS::LUCAS_AFri Oct 26 1990Ultrix/decwrite and VMS/ULTRIX Connection
1974.01OASS::NORRIS_RFri Oct 26 1990Managing DDIF files with DFS, need pointers on how to avoid loosing DDIF semantic
1975.01SYSTMX::LEIDENFri Oct 26 1990keypad keys unknown
1976.01MAIL::JOHNSONMSat Oct 27 1990DECwrite V1.1 Crash Dumping
1977.0GERUND::WOLFESat Oct 27 1990Done - 27/oct/9