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Conference galvia::ddis_bugs

Title:DDIS Toolkit Bugs
Created:Tue Aug 08 1989
Last Modified:Tue Jul 11 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:75
Total number of notes:200
Number with bodies:0
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1.0VIA::BAZEMOREWed Aug 09 1989Conference information
2.01AZTECH::GRIERThu Jan 11 1990DDIS will generate duplicate symbols for SDL output
3.03AZTECH::GRIERThu Jan 11 1990Bugs with the GraphSyntax in the RTL guide
4.01AZTECH::GRIERFri Jan 12 1990Missing and incorrect tags
5.0DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Jan 25 1990Compiler has wrong default for /TARGET
6.04CASEE::RAYNERFri Jan 26 1990Access violation in DDIS Toolkit
7.01COOKIE::LJONESTue Jan 30 1990accvio compiling the following DDIS file
8.01COOKIE::LJONESTue Jan 30 1990Compiling the following file causes accvio
9.05CASEE::RAYNERWed Feb 07 1990Problem with SET OF OCTET STRING type
10.0VALKYR::RUSTTue Feb 13 1990Problem using ddis$set_parse_location with SET
11.05PRFECT::PALKAFri Feb 16 1990What extensions are in AD1_ISO_8824
12.01CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 28 1990DDIS Compiler BL6 IVP installation fails
13.04CASEE::RAYNERWed Feb 28 1990%DDIS-E-NOTTYPE Error in BL6 Compiler
14.0DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Mar 08 1990Incorrect tag for unnamed type
15.02CASEE::RAYNERTue Mar 13 1990BL6 Compiler producing less optimal tables
16.03DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Mar 15 1990FIND_PARSE_LOCATION off by 2 at EOS
17.03CIMNET::KISHANFri Mar 16 1990Fatal Internal Error with bl6
18.0VALKYR::RUSTThu Mar 29 1990Bug: BOOLEAN DEFAULT not correctly encoded in parse table
19.05LENO::GRIERTue Apr 03 1990BIT STRING datatype yields LIB-F-BADBLOSIZE
20.01LENO::GRIERTue Apr 03 1990Documentation error - DDIS$PUT
21.01YOUNG::YOUNGThu Apr 05 1990Portability warning
22.0VALKYR::RUSTFri Apr 06 1990FLOATING POINT primitive incorrectly tagged
23.0VALKYR::RUSTFri Apr 06 1990Bug in encoding of EXTERNAL type
24.0VALKYR::RUSTFri Apr 06 1990Bug in DEFAULT values for CHOICE
25.02CREDIT::MCGUIREMon Apr 23 1990SequenceValue bug.
26.04BROKE::MCGUIRESat Apr 28 1990NamedNbr identifier for DEFAULT bug.
27.02BROKE::MCGUIREWed May 02 1990Nested CHOICE identifiers bug.
28.01ERLANG::KIRANThu May 10 1990SET and SET OF ANY are synonymous?
29.02ERLANG::KIRANThu May 10 1990Error with CHOICE types
30.07ERLANG::KIRANThu May 17 1990Infinite loop in the compiler
31.01ERLANG::KIRANSat May 19 1990Value Notation - is it supported?
32.03ERLANG::KIRANSat May 19 1990OBJECT IDENTIFIER value parsing - error
33.02ERLANG::KIRANWed May 30 1990Recursive definitions - looks like a bug to me
34.02BROKE::MCGUIREThu Jun 14 1990ATTRIBUTE macro causes internal error.
35.02BROKE::MCGUIREThu Jun 14 1990Nested CHOICE value bug?
37.01CIMNET::KISHANFri Aug 03 1990DEBUG msgs
38.01CIMNET::KISHANFri Aug 03 1990macro problem
39.03CIMNET::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990Is "type" a keyword?
40.01CIMNET::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990Is "value" a keyword??
41.01CIMNET::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990DDIS Compiler Diagnostics
42.05CIMNET::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990ACCVIO with DDIS V1.
43.02CIMNET::KISHANMon Aug 06 1990Problem with NULL values
44.01ERLANG::KIRANFri Oct 12 1990Value-reference bug
45.03ERLANG::KIRANMon Oct 15 1990Default ANY value cannot be a value reference
46.02ERLANG::KIRANWed Oct 17 1990Object Identifier Value parsing
47.0ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Generates Valid parse table for invalid input
48.01ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Error in Selection types
49.01ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Core dump on "DEFAULT { }"
50.01ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Core dump on ANY values
51.0ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Cannot create value definition of type ANY
52.01ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990core dump on SET type
53.01ERLANG::KIRANTue Dec 11 1990Ambiguous CHOICE value syntax
54.01ERLANG::KIRANWed Dec 12 1990ANY default value has long encoding
55.02ERLANG::KIRANThu Dec 13 1990NULL default value problem
56.02BROKE::MANIThu Feb 07 1991ambiguous grammar using CHOICE not being caught?
57.01LENO::GRIERMon Mar 11 1991DDIS$PUT writing "randomly" on callback address
58.01BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri May 10 1991ERROR with recursive definitions.
59.0DEVIL::BAZEMOREWed May 29 1991DDIS RTL: Skipping on default values causes bad byte count
60.01EVETPU::BAZEMORETue Jul 16 1991RTL: Get/Skip past definite EOC
61.02BROKE::MCGUIRETue Oct 29 1991TagDefault IMPLICIT messes up CHOICE
62.01SEABRZ::SACCOFri Dec 06 1991Sign extension during Get on Alpha
63.02DEVIL::BAZEMORETue Feb 04 1992Invalid record length error
64.0DEVIL::BAZEMORETue Feb 04 1992ACCVIO in DDIS compiler
65.0DTIF::BAZEMOREWed Feb 19 1992Accvio on tagged type with default value
66.02DTIF::BAZEMOREWed Feb 19 1992Incorrect tag symbol prefix for cross-module references
67.01DTIF::BAZEMOREWed Feb 19 1992Extra tag definition symbols generated
68.0DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Feb 20 1992Adjacent recursive CHOICEs bomb the compiler
69.0DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Mar 12 1992Compiler doesn't detect illegal trailing comma after last element
70.0TOREYS::MENEFEEThu Jan 07 1993
71.0MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERFri Jan 08 1993compiler has a problem processing a default value
72.09MARX::GRIERMon Mar 22 1993Bug with recursive SEQUENCE OF <x>
73.03HEART::DIDCOCKFri Mar 26 1993EXPORTing lots of structures
74.02MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNThu Jul 08 1993Second CHOICE element required if CHOICE inside SEQ
75.0DCEIDL::RICOThu Jan 20 1994Bug with top level primitive types in a CHOICE?