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Conference galvia::cda_bugs

Title:CDA(tm) bug reports
Notice:Conf.write locked: See last note
Created:Tue Apr 11 1989
Last Modified:Wed May 11 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1647
Total number of notes:6350
Number with bodies:0
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1.04DDIF::BRAMHALLTue Apr 11 1989CDA bug reporting
2.01NUTMEG::COYThu Apr 13 1989Question about bugs from DDIF_CONVERTERS
3.01MUNICH::LAYHFri Apr 14 1989features of the DX converter?
4.010EVETPU::GUMBELMon Apr 17 1989QAR from DECwrite
5.03EVETPU::GUMBELMon Apr 17 1989QAR from DECwrite
6.01EVETPU::GUMBELMon Apr 17 1989QAR from DECwrite
7.04EVETPU::GUMBELMon Apr 17 1989Viewer does not display DECwrite BlueStar doc correctly
8.02ELYSSE::WOLFEFri Apr 21 1989qar from decwrite - 1498
9.02LDPMAX::gabrielFri Apr 21 1989Bug in PS back end ?????
10.01ELYSSE::WOLFETue Apr 25 1989text be problem - 3
11.01VALKYR::RUSTTue Apr 25 1989DX converter hangs on /LOG=SYS$OUTPUT: option
12.01VALKYR::RUSTTue Apr 25 1989DX back end accvio's when redirecting output
13.02VALKYR::RUSTTue Apr 25 1989SGML->any: "inv item list" on options
14.01VALKYR::RUSTWed Apr 26 1989SGML->DDIF - causing accvios in DECwrite
15.03KOALA::BRINKLEYFri Apr 28 1989missing CDA converters
16.01VIA::CARIGNANMon May 01 1989Viewer stack dumps on resize
17.03CWORLD::SMITHMon May 01 1989Problem with other DECwindows applications since installing CDA
18.08VALKYR::RUSTTue May 02 1989AFS converter error? (copied fm DDIF_CONVERTERS)
19.01RAB::GLANTZFri May 05 1989ASCII_TABULAR back end doesn't close log file
20.09RTL::NAPOLITANOMon May 08 1989ACCVIO viewing DDIF file from Decwindows Notes...
21.01RAB::GLANTZWed May 10 1989wrong status returned for invalid filespec
22.01DLOACT::RESENDEThu May 11 1989DX -> DDIF bug
23.01VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989Access violation in DX back end
24.02VIA::GLANTZThu May 11 1989domain converter refuses NL: for output file
25.04VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989ASCII Tabular Front End -- Bug Note
26.0VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989ASCII Tabular Back End -- Bug note
27.01VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989DIF Front End -- Bug note
28.05VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989CALCGRD Front End -- Bug note
29.02VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989WK1 Front End -- Bug note
30.010VIA::VLATASThu May 11 1989WK1 Back End -- Bug note
31.01RAB::MCEVOYFri May 12 1989bug in TIFF front end?
32.01VALKYR::RUSTFri May 12 1989TIFF FE - problem with options on specific file
33.07VIA::GLANTZMon May 15 1989DX back end stumbles on /LOG option
34.02VIA::GLANTZMon May 15 1989problem activating DX_OLD back end
35.03HAMSTR::MASONMon May 15 1989CGM to DDIF conversion fails...
36.01SARAH::MORGANWed May 17 1989Bug in Viewer and DDIF->PostScript converter ?
37.02GERUND::WOLFEThu May 18 1989viewer problem using decwmail
38.01VOGON::MIOTTOThu May 18 1989Pagefaults after external refs analysis
39.06GERUND::WOLFEFri May 19 1989text back end problems - epic note 1771
40.02EPIK::MORGANSun May 21 1989incorrect results from ddis$get_value()
41.02RAB::GLANTZMon May 22 1989GRAPHICS back end doesn't want to run
42.02EPIK::MORGANMon May 22 1989Read Analysis converter problem.
43.03RAB::GLANTZMon May 22 1989SGML back end ignores error
44.02RAB::GLANTZTue May 23 1989DTIF front ends not logging certain errors
45.01KOALA::BRINKLEYTue May 23 1989Text backend chops off CR
46.02EPIK::MORGANWed May 24 1989inconsistent behavior within Viewer.
47.04KONING::KONINGWed May 24 1989PS backend problems with DECwrite documents
48.03SARAH::ZASLAWWed May 24 1989Titles Missing From DECwrite-->SGML DTD File
49.07BBM::ZASLAWWed May 24 1989Error Messages When Converting DECwrite==>SGML
51.03VALKYR::RUSTFri May 26 1989SGML->DCA loses paging in PS and viewer
52.01DDIF::BRAMHALLTue May 30 1989Patterns reversed
53.04EPIK::MORGANWed May 31 1989SGML converter loses track of style file specified via OPTIONS
54.01UMASK::BOWERWed May 31 1989Page number truncated in TEXT backend
55.010UMASK::BOWERWed May 31 1989Truncated columns in TEXT backend when paper size of LP
56.04BLT::TRAVISThu Jun 01 1989AFS backend -- footnotes not handled
57.05EPIK::MORGANThu Jun 01 1989Macpaint converter bug
58.03PLAYIN::LLEEFri Jun 02 1989DDIF Viewer & Centipoints
59.04VALKYR::RUSTFri Jun 02 1989SGML & TIFF do not parse option values correctly
60.01VALKYR::RUSTFri Jun 02 1989CGM does not return infinplog status properly
61.01RAB::VLATASFri Jun 02 1989DTIF converters handling of CDA$_INFINPLOG CDA$_INFOUTLOG
62.01GERUND::WOLFEFri Jun 02 1989new cda$access problem - epic 1887
63.03DDIF::BRAMHALLMon Jun 05 1989Line segment mask bug
64.01DDIF::BRAMHALLMon Jun 05 1989Units problems
65.03EPIK::MORGANMon Jun 05 1989DDIF Viewer and DDIF-PS converter - Inheritance problem with LayoutAttributes.
66.02SARAH::ZASLAWMon Jun 05 1989DECwrite Arrowheads Invisible In DDIF Viewer
67.03DDIF::GUMBELWed Jun 07 1989CGM->LN
68.02VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 07 1989DX problems with processing options
69.02VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 07 1989DX front end does not resolve ext-refs
70.01VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 07 1989DX style-guide reference not coded as "$STYLE"
71.02VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 07 1989DCA defining very small galleys
72.02EPIK::WOLFEThu Jun 08 19893-Jun PS back end problem - cde_bugs 832
73.02GRNDAD::STONEFri Jun 09 1989Graphics Back end not reproducing DECwrite graphics
74.01IDONT::MIDDLETONMon Jun 12 1989XYVision QAR for CGM FE
75.0VIA::VLATASMon Jun 12 1989TCV$_TOOMANYROS and TCV$_TOOMANYCOLS in Field test documentation...
76.01MDVAX3::FREDTue Jun 13 1989Rectangle definition-Good/Bad?
77.04EPIK::WOLFETue Jun 13 1989viewer accvio in mail
80.01RAB::REILLYThu Jun 15 1989WK1 Front End rejects some valid ranges in formulas
81.04VALKYR::RUSTThu Jun 15 1989accvio on DX/DECwrite/DCA interaction
82.08RTL::NAPOLITANOFri Jun 16 1989Embedded blank pages in DDIF are ignored by viewers and PS converter
83.01SCRIBE::DONCFri Jun 16 1989Blue_star_proposal access_violation
84.01EPIK::MORGANFri Jun 16 1989Problem with DX converter (when processing DECwrite footnotes?)
85.04VALKYR::RUSTMon Jun 19 1989DX alters hard directive DIR_WORD_BREAK_POINT
86.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jun 21 1989Problems when viewing DECwrite Memo style with 15-JUN CDA LIB
87.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, black background problem in HPGL.
88.01SPEEDI::SANCHEZWed Jun 21 1989VIEWER and Color LUT map images
89.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, DECchart -> HPGL text has background color
90.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, DECchart -> HPGL of color chart, get nothing
91.03GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, DECchart -> LJ25
92.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, DECchart ->HPGL, pie charts have no radial lines
94.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, DECchart -> LJ25
95.01GADGET::TRUEWed Jun 21 1989Graphics backend, LJ25
96.01GADGET::TRUEThu Jun 22 1989Graphics backend, DECchart->HPGL, scatter charts not complete
97.01SEABRZ::SACCOThu Jun 22 1989CDA Toolkit bug - storing ERF_LABEL_TYPE
98.06LDP::LYSAKOWSKIThu Jun 22 1989TXT <-> DDIF, etc. problems
99.01SCRIBE::DONCThu Jun 22 1989Installation bug?
100.02GADGET::TRUEThu Jun 22 1989Graphics backend, what about different fonts?
101.04EPIK::MORGANThu Jun 22 1989Location of Log File from conversion..
102.04EPIK::MORGANThu Jun 22 1989CDA Viewer crash.
103.01GADGET::TRUEFri Jun 23 1989Graphics backend, DECchart->HPGL, missing solid markers
104.03VALKYR::RUSTFri Jun 23 1989DECwrite->DX is muddling font info
105.08EPIK::BUEHLERSun Jun 25 1989Opening an Ultrix DDIF file from a VMS system
106.07LDP::LYSAKOWSKISun Jun 25 1989HELP!! - bad DDIF files !!
107.07MDVAX3::FREDMon Jun 26 1989MACPAINT ->? & ?-> MACPAINT
108.03SARAH::SNOVERTue Jun 27 1989CDA Viewer errors w/ DECwrite docs
109.05EPIK::WOLFETue Jun 27 1989conversions with external references
110.04VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 28 1989Can't convert DCA files
111.03VALKYR::RUSTWed Jun 28 1989DX has trouble with some chart/table files
112.02EPIK::MORGANWed Jun 28 1989Text converter deficiencies
113.05CSSE32::DUTKOWed Jun 28 1989Problems in converting DDIF to TEXT
114.04SARAH::ZASLAWThu Jun 29 1989DDIF Viewer/DECwrite Discrepancy
115.01GRNDAD::STONEFri Jun 30 1989DECwrite -> Graphics ACCVIO
116.02GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKTue Jul 04 1989difference between viewer and DECwrite
117.01SARAH::MORGANWed Jul 05 1989Bug in text to DDIF converter.
118.05GALVIA::SPAINMon Jul 10 1989Bug in the Ultrix CDA toolkit
119.04GALVIA::SPAINMon Jul 10 1989CDA Toolkit Bug - memory Dealloc problem???
120.01GRNDAD::STONEMon Jul 10 1989Toolkit not initializing $T correctly.
121.02MDVAX3::FREDMon Jul 10 1989GRAPHICS B E & NEW PAGE??
122.04MDVAX3::FREDMon Jul 10 1989Tick marks without 'Pen-Up'??
123.011TETLEY::BRUNELLMon Jul 10 1989DDIF viewer still doesn't handle large format documents
124.05EPIK::SNOVERTue Jul 11 1989DDIF (DECwrite) docs I cannot mail
125.03VALKYR::RUSTWed Jul 12 1989DX->DDIF->PS differs from DX->PS
126.05EPSDEV::WINSTONWed Jul 12 1989Viewer chokes on Bezier
127.01EPIK::SNOVERThu Jul 13 1989CDA viewer crashed on open
128.04EPIK::BUEHLERThu Jul 13 1989Did the conversion work, or not?
129.01PLAYIN::LLEEFri Jul 14 1989Translating Search List Logicals
130.04SARAH::SNOVERFri Jul 14 1989DCL converter crashes
131.01FORTY2::PELLFri Jul 14 1989TEXT BE looping
132.03EPIK::BUEHLERFri Jul 14 1989DCA converter crash - CDE_BUGS 117
133.02CSSE32::MERMELLFri Jul 14 1989text backend truncates file
134.07SARAH::SNOVERFri Jul 14 1989DDIF--AFS--DDIF not returning correct docs
135.04VALKYR::RUSTMon Jul 17 1989Log files not created by viewer/text/ps returning ERROUTLOG
136.03ORT::ORTHOBERTue Jul 18 1989LSD Common Usage
137.02FORTY2::JONESWed Jul 19 1989DCA back-end problem
138.05FORTY2::JONESWed Jul 19 1989Page Numbering in DCA document
139.04FORTY2::JONESWed Jul 19 1989DCA back-end, turn-off controls sooner
140.02VALKYR::RUSTFri Jul 21 1989DX does not return proper "log" status
141.02VALKYR::RUSTTue Jul 25 1989DX logging inconsistencies
142.04RTL::NAPOLITANOTue Jul 25 1989Get "Invalid aggregate type " ....
143.03PLAYIN::LLEEThu Jul 27 1989DDIF Viewer & Grey Scale Images
144.09OZROCK::NASHThu Jul 27 1989The text converter back end barfs badly - or where are the missing pages.
145.01KETJE::KERREBROUCKFri Jul 28 1989some practical experience using the DX converter
146.02EPIK::BUEHLERFri Jul 28 1989Obscure ACCVIO in SGML converter
147.0IDONT::MIDDLETONFri Jul 28 1989CDA Converter Library group openings.
148.01GRNDAD::STONEMon Jul 31 1989Graphics back end not producing output
150.05VALKYR::RUSTTue Aug 01 1989SGML FE returns bogus %CDA-E-INVOPTION
151.02VALKYR::RUSTTue Aug 01 1989Graphics BE: problem w/negative ARC_EXTENT
152.03SATURN::BUXTONTue Aug 01 1989DDIF Viewer & DECwrite trash drawings converted from SIGHT files.
153.01VAOUTue Aug 08 1989Problems converting DECwrite .DOC file to text
154.04THRILL::WILSThu Aug 17 198928-page doc w. fig -> text
155.02BTLJUC::HILLThu Aug 17 1989CDA_Viewer exits with "exceeded quota" Error
156.02GALVIA::SPAINFri Aug 18 1989Possible bug in PS converter
157.05VIA::VLATASFri Aug 18 1989DIF FE problem, moved from DDIF::CDA
158.04LEROUF::PALOFri Aug 18 1989OPEN_FILE processing options gives INVITMLST!
159.03KALLON::EIRIKURMon Aug 21 1989Use of DDIF$K_PATH_LAYOUT and the CDA Viewer
160.01CASEE::PALOTue Aug 22 1989cross-posted by request from EPIC conference
161.01RTL::NAPOLITANOTue Aug 22 1989Get error "Missing element is not OPTIONAL or Default"
162.01CASEE::PALOThu Aug 24 1989problem with AGGREGATE_TYPE_TO_OBJECT_ID documentation
164.01EVETPU::TANCILLThu Aug 24 1989Cross posted from CDA conference (I have document ).
166.07CASEE::PALOTue Aug 29 1989problems processing nested documents
167.01LDP::LYSAKOWSKITue Aug 29 1989Bug fix/DECwrite improvements suggested
168.01CASEE::PALOTue Aug 29 1989memory allocation routines...
169.02RTL::NAPOLITANOWed Aug 30 1989Imbedded images placed at
170.07UPNRTH::BRIERLEYTue Sep 05 1989When monospaced text isn't
171.0VIA::VLATASThu Sep 07 1989WK1 BE losing format information for empty cells
172.01SHALOT::BRIERLEYMon Sep 11 1989Is there a known bugs list?
173.01VIA::GLANTZTue Sep 12 1989"Page" not translatable in domain converter
174.03VIA::GLANTZTue Sep 12 1989domain converter truncates running labels in last col
175.04CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Sep 14 1989ACCVIO using VIEW to view a .UIS file
176.02BCVAX::CHEUNGTue Sep 19 1989PS BE: (atend) usage
177.06LDP::FALSAFITue Sep 19 1989User-defined fill patterns (raster patterns)?
178.01VIA::GLANTZThu Sep 21 1989can't pass some language-specific data to domain cvt
180.02BUCKY::FERWERDAThu Sep 21 1989Problem with CONVERT/DOCUMENT: empty pages
181.01VIA::GLANTZThu Sep 21 1989no way to have different percent edit strings in DTIF
182.01VIA::GLANTZThu Sep 21 1989domain cvt uses only 1st char of curr, dig_sep, radix_pt
183.05YUCATN::ALVEYThu Sep 21 1989problem using cda$convert with TEXT input procedure and PS output file
184.03VIA::GLANTZFri Sep 22 1989domain converter ignores row and column formats
185.07MARVIN::COBBWed Sep 27 1989DECwrite frames overlaid in CDA output
186.04RTL::WWALKERWed Sep 27 1989unknown status code from cda$put_document on MIPS
187.03VOGON::HOThu Sep 28 1989Problem with CdaLocateItem routine
188.01DCC::ALDENFri Sep 29 1989convertor accvio
189.03UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERMon Oct 02 1989Access violation with WK1 FE
190.01VIA::VLATASWed Oct 04 1989Problem using DTIF$_USER_CONTEXT for CDA$STORE_ITEM
191.01BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHThu Oct 05 1989DECwrite LIST element - floating bullets
192.0RAB::VLATASThu Oct 05 1989ASCII Tabular FE does not handle -
193.01VOGON::HOThu Oct 05 1989DTIF Generic Column Attributes - CDA Manual Sep89
194.03THRSHR::DINGEEThu Oct 05 1989DDIF->PS accvio on Seg. Spec. Layouts...
195.01EPSDEV::WILLIAMSFri Oct 06 1989unexpected CDA$NORMAL returned by EnterScope
196.010SX4GTO::HOLTFri Oct 06 1989C binding argument passing mystery
197.01BREAKR::UDICKMon Oct 09 1989Unable to EXPORT doc that was a LIST
198.03FORTY2::MARSHALL$PMon Oct 09 1989CDA's style reference files
199.08SX4GTO::HOLTMon Oct 09 1989more ddif polyline bugs..
200.01DEMON::WALKERTue Oct 10 1989RMS-E-FNF error when using PS and TEXT back ends
201.02ORT::ORTHOBERWed Oct 11 1989Negative Indents and viewer/psbe
202.06EPSYS::SANCHEZWed Oct 11 1989(DE)compression problem
203.01SEABRZ::SACCOWed Oct 11 1989What DDIF should be encoded?
204.01SEABRZ::SACCOWed Oct 11 1989toolkit bug discarding local content in a remote_compute segment
205.02FORTY2::MARSHALL$PThu Oct 12 1989DCA converter problem.
206.01IDONT::MIDDLETONThu Oct 12 1989Text FE TITLE bug.
207.05MUNICH::LAYHFri Oct 20 1989WK1 FE over the net doesn't work
208.01LEMAN::GERVAZFri Oct 20 1989DDIF to SGML problem....
209.02THRSHR::DINGEEMon Oct 23 1989ddif->ps accvio
210.02SEABRZ::SACCOWed Oct 25 1989error in description of line-progresson item - MANUAL and SPEC
211.03SCRIBE::ANDREWSThu Oct 26 1989mass11-dx conversion problem
212.01WHOCRZ::GUMBELThu Oct 26 1989Problem with CDA Converter Library installation
213.01SEABRZ::SACCOFri Oct 27 1989What about the Macpaint BACK end ?
214.05STKHLM::GULLNASFri Oct 27 1989TIFF converted image invalid
215.03SX4GTO::HOLTThu Nov 09 1989DDIS$PUTDDIS error = ??
216.05PRSSOS::GEORGESFri Nov 10 1989CDA Viewer and enlarged images
217.0VIA::VLATASFri Nov 10 1989WK1 FE on VMS rejects certain files when extension not given
218.0VIA::VLATASFri Nov 10 1989WK1 BE creates invalid 123 expression for some DIFF_ (date/time) DTIF functions
219.04SEABRZ::SACCOFri Nov 10 1989viewer does not handle scaling portion of transformations
220.01SHALOT::PATELTue Nov 14 1989Copying DDIF files across nodes
221.01OUINON::DERRWed Nov 15 1989Text front end converter - long file names cause errors
222.04IJSAPL::VSTEENISThu Nov 16 1989DX - DECwrite errors
223.01DDIF::MCEVOYFri Nov 17 1989widget doesn't change scrollbars on XtSetValues()
224.02ORT::ORTHOBERFri Nov 17 1989Viewer and PSBE don't like these new pages
225.01VIA::GLANTZMon Nov 20 1989domain converter ignores some cell formats
226.04IDONT::MIDDLETONMon Nov 27 1989MacPaint to DDIF conversion problem (moved from 1
227.02JAMMER::JACKMon Nov 27 1989This file lays out differently in DECwrite and CDA Viewer/PS back end
228.02MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu Nov 30 1989DECwrite --> TEXT problem
229.02BRSSWS::MICHIELSMon Dec 04 1989Superscripts not supported in the Viewer
231.06ATLAST::FRAZERThu Dec 07 1989DECwrite -> remote -> AFS -> DDIF == FNF
232.02XLIB::WORRALLThu Dec 07 1989CDA$ACCESS.EXE regression error?
233.02VIA::GLANTZThu Dec 07 1989WK1 FE converts INT to TRUNC
234.05VIA::GLANTZThu Dec 07 1989Domain Converter page sizes don't match print widget
235.02UNTLED::BUCKTue Dec 12 1989Who destroys item_list
236.0RAB::VLATASTue Dec 12 1989WK1 back end incorrect functions
237.0RAB::VLATASTue Dec 12 1989WK1 front end incorrect functions
238.01UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERWed Dec 13 1989%TCV-W-INVROWNUM, invalid CDA data
239.0RAB::VLATASWed Dec 13 1989WK1 FE, cell values of ERROR or NA, with no cell formula caused float error
240.03TAZRAT::CHERSONWed Dec 13 1989conv/doc problem solved?
241.01VIA::GLANTZThu Dec 14 1989domain converter can't display cell formulae
242.0VIA::VLATASThu Dec 14 1989WK1 BE, BETWEEN function causes acc-vio
243.0VIA::VLATASThu Dec 14 1989WK1 BE, ROW_NUM and COL_NUM incorrectly rejected in formulas
244.0VIA::VLATASThu Dec 14 1989WK1 BE, More functions incorrectly handled
245.0VIA::VLATASThu Dec 14 1989WK1 BE, ROW_RANGE and COL_RANGE off by one for end bounds
246.03MDVAX3::FREDThu Dec 14 1989CGM->LN
247.01KALLON::EIRIKURFri Dec 15 1989DTIF to Text /WIDTH ignored?
248.06SEABRZ::SACCOThu Dec 21 1989Readonly bug
249.01SEABRZ::SACCOThu Dec 28 1989INCSEQCAL error when alloc/dealloc rtns supplied
250.03VNASWS::HELENETue Jan 02 1990CDA does not what it says
251.01FLAUTA::RESENDEThu Jan 04 1990TXT BE -- problem with mixed portrait/landscape
252.02YUPPY::BERKOFFTue Jan 09 1990CDA Installation failure
253.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 09 1990problem with CONVERT routine
254.02EPSYS::BERGERWed Jan 10 1990CdaConvert error
255.01VIA::GLANTZWed Jan 10 1990domain converter doesn't accept zero-width columns
256.02EPSYS::COGANThu Jan 11 1990toolkit doc error
257.01OUINON::DERRThu Jan 11 1990Non-DDIF external references cause fatal errors
258.01SEABRZ::SACCOThu Jan 11 1990Errors in CDA Reference Manual
259.01OUINON::DERRThu Jan 11 1990Definitions and layout in DDIF external references
260.02ORT::ORTHOBERThu Jan 11 1990Line does not show up on viewer
261.01SEABRZ::SACCOFri Jan 12 1990User-defined put-rtn restricted within the converter architecture
262.0VOGON::HOMon Jan 15 1990CONVERT - unnecessary restriction on components of item list
263.04RIKKA::PALOWed Jan 17 1990DX FRONT-END incorrectly passing INPUT_PROCEDURE_PARM/maybe TEXT too?
264.04CSSE32::MERMELLWed Jan 17 1990ddif landscape slides print portrait in postscript
265.0RAB::VLATASThu Jan 18 1990WK1 FE CHOOSE function, offset arg off by 1
266.0RAB::VLATASThu Jan 18 1990WK1 BE problem with certain generic column references
267.01SCAACT::RESENDEFri Jan 19 1990ASCII_TABULAR FE data loss documentation
268.02TLE::DINGEEMon Jan 22 1990DDIF->PS accvio on CDDT output
269.02IDONT::MIDDLETONTue Jan 23 1990An SPR for the CGM FE
270.05JEREMY::GALThu Jan 25 1990Arcs in DECwrite-generated DDIF don't convert to PostScipt properly
271.04RIKKA::PALOThu Jan 25 1990OPTIONS_LINE causes %CDA-F-INVITMLST, invalid item list in OPEN_CONVERTER
273.08OASS::AYALLAHThu Jan 25 1990Export to TEXT revisited
274.012DRIVEN::SANFORDFri Jan 26 1990Converted text files contain a trailing space
275.02RIKKA::PALOFri Jan 26 1990TEXT front-end needs two (2) ENDOFDOC from INPUT_PROCEDURE
276.01CSSE32::MERMELLMon Jan 29 1990ps differences between convert/docu and decwrite
277.0RAB::VLATASMon Jan 29 1990WK1 FE conversion of "date" values of
278.0RAB::VLATASMon Jan 29 1990ATAB FE TCFA$_ATABFE_INFLOSS states option name incorrectly.
279.02KBOMFG::HABY_PFri Feb 02 1990Error VIEWING a UIS file
280.0VIA::VLATASFri Feb 02 1990WK1BE incorrectly returns CDA$_ERROUTLOG when some formula messages were logged
281.01EPIK::SNOVERSat Feb 03 1990From DECwrite notes: an export to text problem
282.01SEABRZ::SACCOTue Feb 06 1990style guide defns are merged with root seg's and output
283.01SEABRZ::SACCOTue Feb 06 1990Toolkit returns failure status when external file is not found
284.07OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 07 1990%SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC, opcode reserved to DIGITAL fault at PC=
285.04SIEGEN::LINDELLWed Feb 07 1990Problem displaying object inside floating frame with the viewer
286.03DDIF::VONSUCKWed Feb 07 1990SEG_SEGMENT_TYPE busted.
287.03EVETPU::KROBINSONThu Feb 08 1990Path based layout - moved from CDA conf
288.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYThu Feb 08 1990TEXT backend loses information
289.0DRIVEN::SANFORDThu Feb 08 1990The Following requirements posted to CDA_REQUIREMENTS conference
290.05TKTV2Fri Feb 09 1990DDIF->PS converts to different pattern
291.02WLDWST::SILVERFri Feb 09 1990Are arrows supported by Convert
292.01WLDWST::SILVERFri Feb 09 1990DecWrite Portrait/Landscape problem
293.04TRNSAM::HOLTFri Feb 09 1990Cannot read ps file after conversion from ddif
294.05SUBWAY::KABELMon Feb 12 1990PC CGM Clipart CONVERT problem
296.01DDIF::VONSUCKWed Feb 14 1990Viewer - Rounded Rectangles
297.01DDIF::VONSUCKWed Feb 14 1990Viewer - Nested FEs
298.02DDIF::VONSUCKWed Feb 14 1990Viewer - Frame shift vs. DW
299.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 15 1990.wk1 WINDOW1 records are optional
300.04ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 15 1990.WK1 should work with cols > 255
301.02ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 15 1990Exit handler problem?
302.02ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 15 1990reply
303.01ORT::ORTHOBERThu Feb 15 1990CGM Patterns #'s to DDIF Pattern map?
304.0VIA::POONFri Feb 16 1990Changes to the WK1's @STD and @VAR function mappings
305.01WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Feb 22 1990Macpaint -> ddif problem.
306.01EVTIS2::HOANGFri Feb 23 1990Error when reading file frome DECPAINT.
307.02GALVIA::KILLIANFri Feb 23 1990CdaOpenConverter ACCVIO
308.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSFri Feb 23 1990SCAN at <3
309.02TRNSAM::HOLTSun Feb 25 1990Lint chokes on CDA Toolkit Include files(RISC)
311.01DUGGAN::ONEALTue Feb 27 1990PSBE Doesn't Support Ext. Refs. to .PS Files
312.02COZMIK::HEILMANTue Feb 27 1990AFS input converter accvio
313.09MTU::HARROWWed Feb 28 1990DECpresent's color won't display in viewer.
314.01TYPO::MORGANWed Feb 28 1990DX converter ignores content category from typedefn
315.01GYRO::GRILLOThu Mar 01 1990Problem Converting LOTUS 123 CGM file to DDIF
316.04SOJU::ERREDEWed Mar 07 1990Viewer: multiple images cause first image to appear negative
317.02VIA::VLATASWed Mar 07 1990Domain converter handling of integers and scaled ints larger than 4 bytes
318.05SPCTRM::GORCZYCAThu Mar 08 1990Images distorted when displayed on PCs
319.02CASEE::MORRISThu Mar 08 1990DX Front End memory corruption problem
320.02MSDOA::KNIGHTLYThu Mar 08 1990CDA Compatibility?
321.03TASTY::JEFFERYTue Mar 13 1990%LIB-F-BADBLOADR, bad block address on DCA from WordPerfect
322.03IOSG::FRAZERWed Mar 14 1990TEXT Back-end requires null terminated filenames
323.02KALLON::EIRIKURThu Mar 15 1990EOF error from DCA FE
324.07BOGGY::FOUNTASMon Mar 19 1990Error writing .ddif to a file with remote node
325.02MTU::HARROWMon Mar 19 1990Viewer won't display some text in DECwrite
326.0FIGMNT::MUNYANTue Mar 20 1990A suggestion for the CDA Viewer (from the VMS QAR database)
327.03LOIOSH::GOUNWed Mar 21 1990
328.04EVETPU::FRIDAYWed Mar 21 1990ANALYSIS front end reverses order of segments
329.02LOIOSH::GOUNThu Mar 22 1990
330.03SNUPPA::JARLETue Mar 27 1990rms problem when doing convert
331.04XLIB::ONEALTue Mar 27 1990CDA Viewer and PostScript Previewer Issues
332.02SEABRZ::SACCOTue Mar 27 1990%DDIS-F-MISSING with INHERIT ATTRIBUTES processing option
333.03TOOLS::IRELANDWed Mar 28 1990Invalid tag code?
334.05CASEE::NORRISWed Mar 28 1990CDA Viewer scales non-square aspect ratio images incorrectly
335.0SARAH::WORKMANWed Mar 28 1990Tables in DECwrite when converted to text - give garbage
336.03SOJU::FOSTERThu Mar 29 1990Viewer can't display part of text
337.04SOJU::FOSTERThu Mar 29 1990TEXT backend handles bulleted lists inconsistently
338.04RAB::SWONGERFri Mar 30 1990Problems with latest CDA$ACCESS and domain converter
339.06STKHLM::TENNANDERMon Apr 02 1990CDA Viewer and lines upon images
340.02HEIDI::CJMon Apr 02 1990landscape mode elusive
341.02STRASB::HAELBERGFri Apr 06 1990DEcwindows hangs !
342.02RAB::DUFFYFri Apr 06 1990convert/docu file/format=DTIF file/format=text hangs
343.04DDIF::MCEVOYFri Apr 06 1990questionable ddif in decwrite file
344.03TASTY::JEFFERYSun Apr 08 1990VM bad status on free:
345.05CCIIS1::SAWICKITue Apr 10 1990TIFF to DDIF problem
346.05EPIK::SNOVERWed Apr 11 1990DECpublishing characters not handled well by Text BE
347.02TYPO::MORGANWed Apr 11 1990Text layout and baseline offsets in DDIF
348.02TYPO::MORGANWed Apr 11 1990CGM Converter Bug?
349.04RTL::NAPOLITANOThu Apr 12 1990Arc start & extent angles differ between the Viewer & PS converter
350.02COBRE::JTRUJILLOFri Apr 13 1990Superscript problem
351.04BIKO::PROCTORWed Apr 18 1990MacPaint Converter
352.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Apr 19 1990PSBE Path Based Text Layout Problem
353.02SOJU::CRONLANDMon Apr 23 1990Losing File Semantics using FTSV
354.05MCNTSH::LONGTue Apr 24 1990Macintosh DCA -> VAX -> DDIF ?
355.012TOOLS::IRELANDTue Apr 24 1990Memory allocation failure
356.03CASEE::NORRISWed Apr 25 1990PSBE can't handle non-square aspect ratio DDIF images
357.0DDIF::MCEVOYWed Apr 25 1990suggestion for viewer (ps resources)
358.0DDIF::MCEVOYWed Apr 25 1990suggestions for viewer (return key, sticky sliders)
359.01DDIF::MCEVOYWed Apr 25 1990PSBE invalid structure comments?
360.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Apr 26 1990Viewr and PSBE different image fame results
361.01GRNDAD::STONEFri Apr 27 1990Repainting performance in the Viewer
362.09EPSDEV::COGANMon Apr 30 1990disappearing TXT aggregate
363.01EPSDEV::COGANMon Apr 30 1990a sequence of root SEGs
364.01EPSDEV::COGANMon Apr 30 1990undetected error in CFE$_EXL
365.04DDIF::MCEVOYThu May 03 1990multiple links to the same image
366.0DDIF::TANCILLFri May 04 1990DAP error on decnet copy of semantically tagged DTIF and/or DOTS files from VMS
367.02TAVENG::BENZIMon May 07 1990Toolkit v1.3 problem with DDIF$K_2D_CATEGORY
368.01VIA::POONTue May 08 1990WK1 FE looses cell level unprotect information
369.01MDVAX3::FREDWed May 09 1990HCBE/LN
370.06AYOV11::DINNESFri May 11 1990Converting DECgraph files
371.03YUPPY::JACKSONDMon May 14 1990CDA_LIB Installation Failed IVP
372.0TAVENG::BENZIMon May 14 1990Small bugs in PostScript BE
373.012BEEDLE::DICKAUMon May 14 1990problem converting Neted DDIF to HPGL
374.02NMGV11::VERSCHUURETue May 15 1990ASCII_FIELD DATE problem
375.02MUNICH::LAYHTue May 15 1990Graphics BE on HP755
376.05OPHION::KENTTue May 15 1990Ultrix dxvdoc crash
377.01IDONT::MIDDLETONThu May 17 1990Crash on SGML conversion
378.01VIA::GLANTZFri May 18 1990Text BE generates text in margins
379.0FIGMNT::MUNYANMon May 21 1990Postscript Viewer Suggestion from the VMS QAR Database
380.01FIGMNT::MUNYANMon May 21 1990Suggestion to augment help texf
381.02SCAACT::RESENDEWed May 23 1990UIS to DDIF conversion problems
382.010ULYSSE::TIRRONENTue May 29 1990PICT and MACwrite converter problems
383.02GALVIA::JKELLYFri Jun 01 1990DECwrite and the CDA Toolkit see fonts differently
384.01VIA::POONFri Jun 01 1990Internal error when invalid date-edit string option supplied.
385.01VIA::POONFri Jun 01 1990WK1 FE gets an Invalid Insert message when converting the following file.
386.07OAHU::BEERMANMon Jun 04 1990Viewer problem with DECwrite floating graphics frames
387.03CRAYON::GENTTue Jun 05 1990DECimage->MACPAINT gives CDA-E-UNSUPFMT
388.02CALBAN::GILLISWed Jun 06 1990file not found...Unexpected error converting aggregate...
389.08DELNI::MHARRISWed Jun 06 1990Re-sizing image?
390.03DELNI::MHARRISThu Jun 07 1990TWO BUGS. ARC and ELLIPSE not working in V1.1 IFT
391.02DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Jun 07 1990Duplicate symbol definition
392.03YUPPY::JACKSONDSat Jun 09 1990COLOUR CGM to PS Problem
393.01LEMAN::DA_SILVAMon Jun 11 1990Problems with DX transfer
394.02WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSMon Jun 11 1990Problem CONVERT/doc DDIF to TEXT at VMS 5.3
395.05EVETPU::FRIDAYMon Jun 11 1990Use of TYD_PARENT breaks inheritance
397.01ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jun 15 1990SGA_LAYPTH problems, test file
398.03ACESMK::CRONLANDFri Jun 15 1990Large chart truncated in DW Mail
399.02EPIK::WITTMANMon Jun 18 1990Bug with DX->DDIF conv. using RULER_STYLES option
400.01ORT::ORTHOBERTue Jun 19 1990Paragraph Writing Differences.
401.04RIPPLE::KRUCKMAKAThu Jun 21 1990DCA Fix in IFT2
402.01WAIT::DUFFYMon Jun 25 1990VMS 5.3 - convert document from ULTRIX???
403.08COMICS::LOATMon Jun 25 1990
404.02EPIK::MORGANMon Jun 25 1990Galleys with borders not displayed correctly.
405.03DDIF::MCEVOYTue Jun 26 1990Illegal Font height?
406.02EPIK::BRIANTue Jun 26 1990Too much indentation kills ANALYSIS
407.06SX4GTO::HOLTThu Jun 28 1990cdoc balks at old ddif files on RISC
408.01ORT::ORTHOBERThu Jun 28 1990Viewer Scroll bug and Watch bug
409.02GPSDCC::ZGRAGGENThu Jun 28 1990CGM -> DDIF text conversion problem
410.04DDIF::MCEVOYFri Jun 29 1990I14Y problem with DECwrite sample files
411.01SCRIBE::ANDREWSMon Jul 02 1990STYLE_GUIDE bug in DX back end
412.02MUNICH::LAYHTue Jul 03 1990stack dump with Graphics BE V1.1
413.03ROMCSA::RAMPAFri Jul 06 1990Image displays on top of text in the Viewer
414.01RAB::SWONGERFri Jul 06 1990Self-contradicting error message in DX back-end
415.02COMICS::LOATMon Jul 09 1990Problem converting TEXT to Postscript.
416.02BIG::SCHOTTWed Jul 11 1990DDIF file creation problem after installing XDPS (X Display Postscript)
417.03COMICS::OTHENThu Jul 12 1990DATE_EDIT in option file
418.0RAB::VLATASThu Jul 12 1990WK1 back end may loses text alignment from CALC DTIF
419.03ORT::ORTHOBERFri Jul 13 1990Page Counters and Generic Pages with Galleys problems...
420.06RTL::MULHERENMon Jul 16 1990CDA Viewer clipping bug?
421.06WLW::BENSONMon Jul 16 1990DX and DCA Conversion Problems
422.03MYCRFT::PARODITue Jul 17 1990PS converter output doesn't match DECwrite PS output
423.01ISEWed Jul 18 1990Viewer does not display arrowheads
424.01SAC::READING_RThu Jul 19 1990Lotus Freelance CGM --> DDIF
425.04ORT::ORTHOBERThu Jul 19 1990Landscape Galley problem
426.01EVETPU::MCEVOYThu Jul 19 1990psbe problem with too many vertices
427.07OUINON::DERRMon Jul 23 1990Viewer does not handle image with Line_Progression=9
428.05DDIF::MEAGHERMon Jul 23 1990Viewer crashes with nested Front Ends
429.02ORT::ORTHOBERWed Jul 25 1990Color Display Viewer Problem
430.010MDVAX3::FREDThu Jul 26 1990CGM -can't White on Black?
431.02MDVAX3::FREDThu Jul 26 1990CGM - COLOR Problems?
432.02MDVAX3::FREDThu Jul 26 1990CGM - Serious text problems
433.02EXIT26::BREZNAUMon Jul 30 1990CGM BE w/DECPresent .SLI (& .DOC)
434.01SKYWAY::STUKERTue Jul 31 1990Page Marker->loose Text!
435.01ORT::ORTHOBERWed Aug 01 1990Changing Attributes on Paragraphs Viewer Problems...
436.03SNUPPA::JARLEFri Aug 03 1990conv from DCA to DDIF problem
437.02DDIF::FRIDAYFri Aug 03 1990Viewer splits up "Page n" on BLUE_STAR document
438.02DC1Fri Aug 03 1990CGM, can't import, but can view and convert
439.011TLE::D_SMITHWed Aug 08 1990Rectangle problems from GOBE DDIF to HPGL
440.03VISA::ZAAFThu Aug 09 1990Problem converting DX->PS
441.04SCAACT::HAYASHIThu Aug 09 1990DCA conversion problems
442.06MDVAX3::COOLEYFri Aug 10 1990Mail and CD Reader die when trying to convert
443.09WOOK::LEEFri Aug 10 1990DDIF -> TEXT Converter has problems with multiple tabs
444.03MUNICH::LAYHMon Aug 13 1990CGM FE "invalid char in a clear text metafile"
445.02VOGON::HOMon Aug 13 1990cdoc vs dxvdoc on ULTRIX/RISC
446.07MAIL::COLVINTue Aug 14 1990CDA viewer does not see annotated image correctly
447.01EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Aug 15 1990clipping I14Y mismatch between viewer and decwrite
448.03ORT::ORTHOBERWed Aug 15 1990Galley Frame images off of page
449.04TGIRWF::FRIDAYWed Aug 15 1990I14y line spacing problem
450.016KETJE::MICHIELSThu Aug 16 1990DDIF->PS inconsistencies between DECwrite and CDA converttor
451.06RHETT::MACEACHERNThu Aug 16 1990Viewer- Bounding box sides missing
453.02KETJE::VLASIUMon Aug 20 1990Problem to view Macwrite documents with more than 1 page
454.02MUNICH::LAYHMon Aug 20 1990TIFF converter looping
455.04EPIK::WITTMANMon Aug 20 1990PS BE fails with linked DECwrite documents
456.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Aug 20 1990domain converter looking for optional field
457.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Aug 20 1990domain converter not reinitializing??
458.01LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Aug 21 1990Import of a GKS file
459.012SHIPS::WARWICK_BWed Aug 22 1990GRAPHICS BE - DECpresent to color sixel???!!!
460.04EPSDEV::WILLIAMSWed Aug 22 1990Bug/Not implemented problem with Margin Frames in Viewer/PS BE
461.03ORT::ORTHOBERMon Aug 27 1990Generic Content on Generic Pages not Working in Viewer
462.02DDIF::FRIDAYMon Aug 27 1990Removal of private data invalidates ANALYSIS file
463.01EVETPU::SURTEESMon Aug 27 1990/dev/null not recognized as valid output file name
464.01ENVI1::THOMASTue Aug 28 1990DDIF<->TIFF and Image Description loss
465.04MUNICH::LAYHWed Aug 29 1990CDA$EMPTY_item with NOSTYLE_REFERENCE as Option (moved by moderator from 441.5)
466.01DEVIL::BAZEMOREWed Aug 29 1990CDA Toolkit: Can't have a procedure and options too
467.02ORT::ORTHOBERThu Aug 30 1990Arc Rotation Not Supported?
468.01DDIF::GOUNThu Aug 30 1990Margins different in CDA Viewer and DECwrite
469.01XIEXIE::SNOVERFri Aug 31 1990TIFF FE producing inverted images?
470.01DDIF::FRIDAYFri Aug 31 1990Loss of text with image in galley frame
471.02OASS::NORRIS_RTue Sep 04 1990CGM=>DDIF linked to DECwrite, error unable to read image file... whereas the viewer reads ok
472.0SCOHEN::S_COHENTue Sep 04 1990Reporting CDA i14y problems
473.03PEACHS::GILBERTWed Sep 05 1990Problem with DDIF$_SGA_LIN_PATTERN_SIZE
474.03ORT::ORTHOBERWed Sep 05 1990PSBE does not handle long/wierd version entry
475.01EPIK::HOLOHANThu Sep 06 1990Infinite loop converting ddif to text on risc
476.02PEACHS::GILBERTFri Sep 07 1990Problem with DDIF$_SGA_LIN_END_START
477.03PEACHS::GILBERTFri Sep 07 1990Problem with DDIF$_SGA_LIN_MASK_PATTERN
478.02DEMON::PIANTEDOSIFri Sep 07 1990TIFF to DDIF converter bug?
479.02SEABRZ::SACCOMon Sep 10 1990FIND TRANSFORMATION routine does not return proper values
480.05GLORY::SLOMIANYMon Sep 10 1990DDIF->AFS Converter problem
481.01EPSDEV::BERGERMon Sep 10 1990AFS FE inputfile extension
483.04GALVIA::ECULLENFri Sep 14 1990ARC's - closing off end points ?
484.04KITVS::VONSUCKFri Sep 14 1990Hdr,ftr,tab stops, returns loss in DCA
485.02ORT::ORTHOBERTue Sep 18 1990Problems with CDA Manual with new_galley directive. thanks ort1
486.02PUGET::SIPETue Sep 18 1990MAC Microsoft Word 4 to DECwrite
487.06ORT::ORTHOBERFri Sep 21 1990Latest Viewer reports ACCVIO from ISL on Large Image DDIF file
488.06DIGEST::THOMASFri Sep 21 1990Problems with RISC cdoc and CdaConvert
489.03BUFFER::THOMASWed Sep 26 1990Convert/document and options file problem
490.01BLYTH::CORNWALLThu Sep 27 1990Super/sub/super
491.02ILLUSN::SORNSONFri Sep 28 1990CDA$_EMPTY returned for inherited attribute array size
492.01DDIF::TANCILLFri Sep 28 1990Trasnslating from ISO-Latin1 to appropriate ccs before calling CDA file rtns
493.01EPSYS::BERGERMon Oct 01 1990AFS converter Documentation error
494.01EPSYS::BERGERMon Oct 01 1990AFS BE (default file extension)
495.03SNUPPA::JARLETue Oct 02 1990CDA Viewer and new_page directive from DECwrite....problem
496.03EPIK::RAMSHAWTue Oct 02 1990DX -> DDIF error
497.011SEABRZ::SACCOTue Oct 02 1990Viewer and transformations with fonts
498.0KITVS::VONSUCKWed Oct 03 1990We DO hear you...
499.05OASS::ROGERS_JWed Oct 03 1990VDC Extent errors
500.01RAB::VLATASFri Oct 05 1990what does /infer_column do for us? (Moved here from DDIF::CDA)
502.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Oct 08 1990problem viewing postscript
503.01EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Oct 10 1990qar from uws qar database: dxvdoc does not display markers
504.03EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Oct 10 1990uws qar: dxvdoc clipping images on certain servers?
505.01TROAWed Oct 10 1990IMAGE QAR -- RMS XAB error on open to remote node
506.01GRNDAD::STONEFri Oct 12 1990Problem traced to TIFF back end.
507.06EPSYS::SANCHEZFri Oct 12 1990tabs and indent using TYD aggregate
508.04ORT::ORTHOBERFri Oct 12 1990Text Rendition Support, Viewer (psbe) and DECwrite V1.1
509.04GERUND::WOLFEFri Oct 12 1990viewing scaled PS files
510.05OUINON::DERRMon Oct 15 1990Viewing PS locks up color map for rest of session
511.03DDIF::MCEVOYTue Oct 16 1990ddif_write_ps problem with invalid image file
513.08N2ITIV::LEEWed Oct 17 1990 DDIF <=> TIFF data corruption
514.08BIGUN::MAYNEWed Oct 17 1990CDA viewer eats memory and dies
516.01DDIF::FRIDAYWed Oct 31 1990Differing slide border widths between DECpresent and PSBE
517.06PEACHS::BELDINFri Oct 19 1990Viewer under VMS 5.3-1/VMS 5.4 chokes on invalid 24 bit i
518.0EPIK::S_COHENFri Oct 19 1990CDA I14Y dist list
519.01EPSDEV::SANCHEZWed Oct 24 1990informationl messages from converters
520.01DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Oct 25 1990Large page number in Viewer breaks page selector
521.03EPSDEV::WILLIAMSThu Oct 25 1990CDA Character cell viewer doesn't like images (ERF'd) in DECwrite.
522.02DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Oct 25 1990Request for CGM FE to generate minimal layout
523.0RAB::VLATASFri Oct 26 1990WK1 FE handling of cell values not in row-major order
524.07COMICS::OTHENMon Oct 29 1990DX to DDIF conversion
525.04GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKTue Oct 30 1990CDA Toolkit problem on ULTRIX, maybe?
526.02NEWVAX::PENNINGTONTue Oct 30 1990Where is 5.4 PS option
527.01DDIF::FRIDAYWed Oct 31 1990PSBE uses a mask for DECpresent text
528.01DDIF::FRIDAYWed Oct 31 1990PSBE uses different spacing after bullets in DECpresent slide
529.01DDIF::FRIDAYWed Oct 31 1990PSBE skips text on first DECpresent slide
530.02DEVIL::BAZEMOREMon Nov 05 1990CDA Viewer small font fallback
531.05MUNICH::LAYHTue Nov 06 1990Text loss when converting from DX - DDIF
532.02MUNWed Nov 07 1990cda viewer and decwrite arc
533.01BIG::SCHOTTWed Nov 07 1990Getting error: %LIB-E-ACTIMAGE, error activating image CDA$WRITE_PS.EXE;
534.04COOKIE::WALLACEWed Nov 07 1990CDA can't do Postscript now...
535.0VIA::VLATASFri Nov 09 1990WK1 BE problem with row_formats
536.06LEMAN::AKERETMon Nov 12 1990DCA files import -> DECwrite
537.07MUCTEC::EIBLMon Nov 12 1990Printable PS file unable to be viewed
538.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYTue Nov 13 1990PS Backend ignores text on first DECpresent slide
540.01ZURA6::STUKERWed Nov 14 1990DDIF->PS Bug
541.07DIGEST::THOMASWed Nov 14 1990CdaConvert and Memory Problems
542.01SEABRZ::SACCOFri Nov 16 1990toolkit on ultrix
543.05CSSE32::MERMELLMon Nov 19 1990Convert/document to TEXT turns dash into XAD non-printing character
544.01HARPE::MANAGERMon Nov 19 1990Postscript Back End not standard with Adobe Systems Postscript Language
545.03HARPE::MANAGERMon Nov 19 1990Postscript Back End not standard with the Adobe Postscript Language
546.0DDIF::MCEVOYTue Nov 20 1990viewer bug fixed
547.04SCAACT::HAYASHITue Nov 20 1990Bad TIFF file?
548.04VIA::VLATASTue Nov 27 1990Memory alloc failure going from DTIF to TEXT
549.03MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Nov 28 1990cgm to ddif
550.03DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Nov 29 1990Viewer clips bottom line of graphic
551.01DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Nov 29 1990Columns don't wrap equally when Viewer format overridden
552.05SIEVAX::BURGESSFri Nov 30 1990File Semantics and the VMS Directory command
553.04DIGEST::THOMASFri Nov 30 1990ULTRIX Viewer crashes on image w/ non-std scanlines
554.0GLDOA::OHFMV8::DORNBUSHFri Nov 30 1990DDIF to DX Ruler conversion problem
555.01RAB::VLATASMon Dec 03 1990Scale_factor lost by ANALYSIS BE in large scaled integers
556.01DDIF::MCEVOYTue Dec 04 1990viewer fails to report error on ps file
558.02EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Dec 05 1990mips engine bug?
559.04SNUPPA::JARLEWed Dec 05 1990"invalid code type encountered during decompression" when viewing DDIF file
560.02GALVIA::JKELLYWed Dec 05 1990DECwrite's use of 'default' rendition
561.07EPIK::WITTMANWed Dec 05 1990file with Bezier curves crashes Viewer
562.07KAOU35::DLEROUXWed Dec 05 1990Viewer widget not getting exposed?
563.04DEVIL::BAZEMOREWed Dec 05 1990PS Viewer: Bad PS file causes error box loop - can't get to menu
565.03CRACKR::RITZThu Dec 06 1990LCG
566.02DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Dec 06 1990PSBE sets text outside clipping region
567.04PRSUD1::PERUCHOTFri Dec 07 1990DX->DDIF Pb with rules
568.03SORGEN::SUSANNEFri Dec 07 1990view docfile: unsupported layout type
569.03MARVIN::COBBFri Dec 07 1990ACCVIO converting DECPLAN DDIF to PS
570.01MARVIN::COBBMon Dec 10 1990PS BE produces bad negative number in output
571.0MRKTNG::MAXIMOUSWed Dec 12 1990DX-DDIF round trip problems
572.04ROMWed Dec 12 1990Difference between PS DECwrite and PS CDA convert
573.02MUNICH::LAYHWed Dec 12 1990UIS converter crashing on VMS 5.4
574.01GOTA1::UTTBERGThu Dec 13 1990Scanner and Paint/Ultrix don't work together
575.01ZURFri Dec 14 1990%DXF-W-TABLE_ERR, DX from MRS
576.02REGENT::LEVINEMon Dec 17 1990CONVERT/DOC DDIF--->PS multi page problems
577.07REGENT::LEVINEMon Dec 17 1990CONVERT/DOC DDIF---> PS loses EPS amd DDIF image link info
578.01EVETPU::MCEVOYTue Dec 18 1990viewer application close errors
579.02EPIK::HOLOHANTue Dec 18 1990Bug converting ddif to text on Ultrix
580.03EVETPU::MCEVOYTue Dec 18 1990viewer ps doc info problem
581.04SUOSW3::KNOBLACHThu Dec 20 1990v1.1 and Ultrix 4.1
582.06COMICS::ALLAMSThu Dec 20 1990dca --> ddif -- invalid additional info
583.06TALK::JARVISThu Dec 20 1990Can't view on V5.4, but can on V5.3-1???
584.02TAVENG::MOTIWed Dec 26 1990DX BE STYLE_GUIDE option features
585.05TPWEST::UPTONFri Jan 04 1991Problems with DDIF -> TEXT in DECwrite memo style
586.01GUIDUK::BROWERFri Jan 04 1991problem with post script display using orientation resource
587.02EPSYS::BERGERSat Jan 05 1991Documentation or Converter list bug
588.05ROMMon Jan 07 1991Help about TIFF->PS->Printer on LPS2
589.01RANGER::SHAPIROMon Jan 07 1991MS-DOS Installation Problem
590.01EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Jan 09 1991motif open box in viewer buttons overlap
591.03LATHAM::D_LATHAMThu Jan 10 1991CGM->DDIF Converter Crash
592.01DMSSFri Jan 11 1991Feedback on MS-Windows CDA FT
593.05ZURMon Jan 14 1991Bug in TEXT back end
595.04FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Jan 16 1991Text legibility in CDA viewer (vs. old viewer)
596.02ROMThu Jan 17 1991HELP: CDA lib 1.1 invalid tag code
597.02GALVIA::SPAINTue Jan 22 1991Problem with Analysis FE
598.01GALVIA::SPAINWed Jan 23 1991Index out of Range error from Analysis FE
599.04OASS::HARRIS_RWed Jan 23 1991CDA V1.1 - CGM FE problems
600.02EVETPU::MUNYANMon Jan 28 1991Galley Select Problem
601.01EVETPU::FRIDAYWed Jan 30 1991Newest viewer fails on previously working test file
602.02EWOSPT::PALOWed Feb 06 1991CDACVTLIB V1.
603.08TLSE1Thu Feb 07 1991DCA to DDIF tabs problems
604.03GALVIA::MCNELISThu Feb 07 1991VAX Ultrix problem with DECwrite and DECchart import options
605.02EPIK::MJDAILEYThu Feb 07 1991Diagnostics from PS Backend
606.02EPSDEV::BURNSFri Feb 08 1991Flow Problem
607.02EPSDEV::BURNSFri Feb 08 1991Tab and Flow Initialization Problem
608.03SARAH::WHITEFri Feb 08 1991can't convert document to text
609.07GALVIA::JKELLYMon Feb 11 1991Viewer displays one page only
610.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Feb 11 1991motif viewer paper size bug
611.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Feb 11 1991xui viewer problem running to Motif window manager/server
612.02DSSDEV::TENENBAUMTue Feb 12 1991A bug in CDA DDIF/PS converter, cap/join styles
613.01SARAH::WORKMANTue Feb 12 1991Text BE doesn't preserve DECwrite subject line properly
615.02EPSDEV::BURNSThu Feb 14 1991Layout problem with multiple specific pages defined
616.07XLIB::ONEALThu Feb 14 1991CDACVTLIB
617.01EVETPU::MCEVOYFri Feb 15 1991problem running motif viewer to small screen
618.01COMICS::FISCHERMon Feb 18 1991Remote PostScript file-not-found
619.01SAC::READING_RTue Feb 19 1991ORAC problems - Transforms and Text scaling in the Viewer and other apps
620.02GALVIA::SPAINWed Feb 20 1991Viewer, nohyphen word
621.03GALVIA::QUIGLEYThu Feb 21 1991Viewer does not display indents correctly
622.03PROXY::SCHMIDTThu Feb 21 1991DECwrite list text overstrikes list item bullet
623.03GALVIA::BROSNANFri Feb 22 1991Viewer does not scale text fonts
624.02COMICS::ALLAMSMon Feb 25 1991cgm-ddif - Element illegal in current metafile state
625.04SHALOT::FRAZERMon Feb 25 1991Can EPS files be packed?
626.06OASS::BURDEN_DTue Feb 26 1991color TIFF to DDIF error - Memory allocation
627.01GALVIA::JKELLYSat Mar 02 1991Viewer/DECwindows V3 EFT problem
628.01DDIF::MCEVOYMon Mar 04 1991possible viewer scroll bug
629.01GALVIA::BROSNANMon Mar 04 1991PS back end and an Image file...
630.02DDIF::MCEVOYTue Mar 05 1991watch cursor for scrolled images?
631.03EPSDEV::WILLIAMSTue Mar 05 1991No centered dot on VMS?
632.01ROMWed Mar 06 1991DDIF images in reverse video-CDA Interoperability
633.01EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Mar 06 1991viewing ps; viewer should disable everything but cancel button
634.01GALVIA::BROSNANThu Mar 07 1991Analysis back end and Image files...
635.02COMICS::ALLAMSFri Mar 08 1991CDA programming problem
636.02ROMCSA::RAMPAFri Mar 08 19915.3->5.4
637.03SMOOT::ROTHMon Mar 11 1991VMS V5.4, PS converter not found
638.01BOSACT::CHERSONMon Mar 11 1991"repeating frame" bug
639.03WRKSYS::NELSENMon Mar 11 1991Mysterious loss of arrowheads...
640.02GALVIA::BVANLEWTue Mar 12 1991Line centering within a paragraph, not working?
641.01EVETPU::MCEVOYTue Mar 12 1991ps viewing key traversal bug
642.0EVETPU::MCEVOYTue Mar 12 1991future enhancement for viewer
643.03EPIK::MJDAILEYTue Mar 12 1991Can't read whole doc after paging to end & back
644.01SARAH::MORGANThu Mar 14 1991DDIF => SGML Converter - misleading message.
645.06SYSTMX::NEZERThu Mar 14 1991CGM (Lotus VMS) to DDIF (CDA V1.1)
647.05AIMTEC::NATHAN_PFri Mar 15 1991err conv DDIF to PS, "unexp err conv agrigate on
648.01FRAMBO::ENDERSFri Mar 15 1991Graphics Back End ==> %GKS-E-ERROR_1
649.01GALVIA::BROSNANFri Mar 15 1991DDIF Image frames, scaling, rotating, etc.
650.03DDIF::MCEVOYMon Mar 18 1991psbe accvio on smoothed or rounded polylines
651.06VLNVAX::DORIANMon Mar 18 1991NO PS option on EWS Workstation?
652.06DEMING::WILSONWed Mar 20 1991DECwrite vs CDA conv. PostScript problem
653.03SUBWAY::RSMITHWed Mar 20 1991Error exporting DECWRITE doc to TEXT file
654.02SARAH::WORKMANThu Mar 21 1991PostScript Backend bug
655.02DATABS::HUBERMANThu Mar 21 1991Problems with counter variables
656.04COMICS::ALLAMSFri Mar 22 1991cda converter - CGM ---> DDIF
657.03RAB::VLATASMon Mar 25 1991Formatting error viewing PS file created by PS back End
658.01RAB::VLATASMon Mar 25 1991Postscript Viewer cutting off top of page
659.02RAB::VLATASMon Mar 25 1991Viewer putting lines drawn in content on wrong page
660.02TOOLS::IRELANDTue Mar 26 1991DDIF ->> PS conversion loses spaces
661.01OUINON::DERRTue Mar 26 1991Viewer fails to display graphics-only DDIF doc, worked on VMS 5.4
662.03OASS::NORRIS_RTue Mar 26 1991SAS output CGM file gives CGM-i-bad_color_def error
663.02GALVIA::BROSNANWed Mar 27 1991Image file(32D compression), and PSBE.
664.01SARAH::MORGANWed Mar 27 1991Text -> DDIF -> Text conversion is unstable.
665.03GALVIA::BROSNANThu Mar 28 1991DDIF Image with frame-position = fp-galley.
666.06TOOLS::IRELANDThu Mar 28 1991DDIF->> PS error on DECw V3 IFT2
667.02EPSYS::BURNSTue Apr 02 1991Tabs don't appear the same in the viewer
668.04EVETPU::MCEVOYTue Apr 02 1991image expose problem in the latest viewer
669.03EVETPU::FRIDAYThu Apr 04 1991word-breakpoint directive
670.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 04 1991Viewer widget: XtAddCallback does not work
671.04OSLACT::OLAVThu Apr 04 1991Viewer widget: Popup problem from mouse callback
672.01GALVIA::SPAINFri Apr 05 1991Minimum-orphan-size & minimum-widow-size
673.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Apr 05 1991VMS viewer does not display on ULTRIX screen
674.01IOSG::MARCHANTFri Apr 05 1991ACCVIO converting TEXT containing form feeds
675.01OSL1Sun Apr 07 1991Viewer changes the cursor
676.09LESLIE::LESLIEMon Apr 08 1991text converter bug/deficiency shown up by DECWRITE
677.06GALVIA::BROSNANMon Apr 08 1991PSBE and a 7 bit greyscale image.
678.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Apr 08 1991image fail in latest viewer
679.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon Apr 08 1991mirrored polylines not displayed in the viewer
680.01GALVIA::SPAINWed Apr 10 1991Flush path formats
681.03DGOSWWed Apr 10 1991ddif-to-ps problem
682.06DATABS::HUBERMANWed Apr 10 1991Writing DDIF to a buffer.
683.02GALVIA::BROSNANThu Apr 11 1991PSBE and an RGB 3-3-2 image.
684.01RAB::VLATASFri Apr 12 1991Viewer gives error that galley wasn't defined when it was defined
685.05GOTA1::BJERKEHOLTMon Apr 15 1991TIFF FE on Ultrix requires file extension
686.03COMICS::ALLAMSTue Apr 16 1991cgm front end converter
687.02FENNEL::KNIGHTTue Apr 16 1991VTX CDA IMAGES access violates
688.02MARKB::BRAMHALLWed Apr 17 1991Bogus "illegal new page directive" message?
689.02GALVIA::BROSNANWed Apr 17 1991CDA/PS Viewers and image translations.
691.01EPSYS::BURNSWed Apr 17 1991Viewer New Line Problem
692.03EPSYS::BURNSWed Apr 17 1991Extra page
693.01TZONE::NAPOLITANOWed Apr 17 1991Fill and Outline flags on objects don't work with new CDA/Viewer
694.05COOKIE::SORENSENThu Apr 18 1991text converter adding blank lines (empty records)
695.014RAB::VLATASFri Apr 19 1991SPR: ICA-45126: Viewer handling of balck and white colors
696.02FIGMNT::MUNYANTue Apr 23 1991PostScript Pre-viewer does not properly handle a nested PostScript Document
697.02GALVIA::BROSNANWed Apr 24 1991dtif->analysis->dtif problem...
698.07TZONE::NAPOLITANOWed Apr 24 1991Inline frames... handled differently ??
699.01MARKB::BRAMHALLWed Apr 24 1991Width/height confusion in character cell mode
700.01MARKB::BRAMHALLWed Apr 24 1991CC viewer and TEXT BE differ in output
701.01MARKB::BRAMHALLWed Apr 24 1991Logging in CC viewer and/or TEXT BE?
702.08EPSDEV::WILLIAMSTue Apr 30 1991DDIF RGB File bad color map?
703.08RHETT::PICKETTTue Apr 30 1991document ps file getting dvc$psfonts error
704.02VIA::VLATASWed May 01 1991PS viewer mismatch with printed PS output (and DDIF viewer)
705.04TPWEST::BARTELLThu May 02 1991dtif -> ascii_tabular : %TCV-W-INVROWNUM, invalid CDA data
706.05GALVIA::FLOODThu May 02 1991CDA Viewer Kills Server
707.03OASS::HARRIS_RThu May 02 1991DX problems with Ultrix
708.01GALVIA::SPAINFri May 03 1991Transforms - Are they supported?
709.05EVETPU::MCEVOYFri May 03 1991problem viewing rotated A3 PS doc
710.04STKHLM::SVENSSON_HSun May 05 1991ddif-dca-MSword mess.
711.01DDIF::KROBINSONMon May 06 1991Can't view file
712.01EVETPU::MACKMon May 06 1991CDACONV for MS-Windows restriction
713.01EVETPU::MACKMon May 06 1991Bug in CDACONV for MS-Windows
714.05TPWEST::BARTELLMon May 06 1991please document integer compression
715.03EPIK::WHITETue May 07 1991cda$convert routine doesn't handle environment variablles
716.03EPSYS::BERGERWed May 08 1991Different behavior VMS vs Ultrix
717.02GALVIA::SPAINThu May 09 1991Unexpected error converting aggregate in the Viewer
718.01VEEONE::WITTMANFri May 10 1991Inconsistent footnote placement with Text BE
719.04OSLACT::OLAVTue May 14 1991CDA Viewer: DvrBottomDocument on unmanaged widget problem
720.03IOSG::HALLCWed May 15 1991%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO converting image to PostScript
721.03PEACHS::GILBERTWed May 15 1991DvrViewer never closes its UID files
722.06BIG::SCHOTTThu May 16 1991DDIF->PS produces first page Portrait, subsequent pages Landscaped
723.03EPSDEV::WILLIAMSFri May 17 1991DDIF cannot be made to PS from either DECwrite or PSBE (viewer OK)
724.011BEEZER::LOATMon May 20 1991
725.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991ps problem with filled nonclosed polylines with arrowheads
726.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991viewer problem with filled nonclosed polyline with arrowheads
727.02EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991ps problem with arrowhead on filled objs
728.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991ps problem with polylines starting with arrows, ending differently
729.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991viewer problem with polylines with arrowheads
730.03EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991dvs arrow problem with short thick filled arrows
731.01EVETPU::MCEVOYMon May 20 1991arrowheads on beziers not supported by psbe/viewer
732.02ROMTue May 21 1991Problem using Sixel Front/End.
733.06SCAACT::HAYASHIMon May 27 1991DECwrite doc/dxmail/Viewer
734.02DDIF::MUNYANWed May 29 1991DECwrite boxes and DECwrite Picture Fonts
735.05KURTAN::WILHELMSSONWed Jun 05 1991.IMG files to sixel produces empty file
736.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYTue Jun 11 1991Viewer misinterprets LineStyleNumber and LineDefn
737.04TGIRWF::FRIDAYTue Jun 11 1991ANALYSIS BE can misname LineStyleNumbers
738.04COMICS::ALLAMSThu Jun 13 1991ddif file - object establish at non zero level
739.0TGIRWF::FRIDAYThu Jun 13 1991Help, I've got a left-over solution that needs a problem
740.05GRNDAD::STONEThu Jun 13 1991Uninitialized switch in Analysis BE
741.02OASS::BURDEN_DFri Jun 14 1991Gally problem with Viewer ULTRIX
742.04PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Jun 17 1991RFT/DCA converted to DX error
743.07PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Jun 17 1991CGM file import problem
744.04PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Jun 17 1991cda viewer complaint
745.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYTue Jun 18 1991Viewer erroneously overprints lines
746.03KADOR::BURNIERThu Jun 20 1991DDIF-TXT converter
747.01GALVIA::SPAINThu Jun 20 1991Bad parameter error from the CDA Viewer
748.03GALVIA::SPAINThu Jun 20 1991Accvio in the PostScript BE
749.08SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LAThu Jun 20 1991TIFF BE ACCVIOs on goofy options?
750.01EPS::BERGERTue Jun 25 1991MacPaint never closes file
751.02IDONT::MIDDLETONTue Jun 25 1991Page numbering problem in CDA Viewer
752.01MARKB::BRAMHALLTue Jun 25 1991Please do not shrink file selection box
753.01IDONT::MIDDLETONTue Jun 25 1991A potential problem in the PSBE
754.05EMASS::VANPATTENTue Jun 25 1991TIFF Convert problems
755.03AIMTEC::NATHAN_PThu Jun 27 1991DCA doesn't convert to DX nor imports into DECwrite
756.08ULTRA::GASSERTue Jul 02 1991Format problems converting to Postscript
757.06PEARS::IONESCUFri Jul 05 1991DECwrite with DEcchart cannot print-limchk-
758.02GALVIA::MOONEYTue Jul 09 1991Problem viewing image file
759.03BIG::SCHOTTThu Jul 18 1991Conversion from DDIF to PS hangs
760.04VOGON::FRYFri Jul 19 1991PS viewer hang in LEF
761.01DDIF::MCEVOYFri Jul 19 1991psbe outputting garbage
762.03EVETPU::KROBINSONFri Jul 19 1991Viewer looping on GKS file
763.04BALLET::HMITCHELLMon Jul 22 1991Missing pie chart elements
764.02EPS::BERGERMon Jul 22 1991AFS/SGML Option Bug (Full File Specs)
765.01EPS::BERGERMon Jul 22 1991TIFF Options Bug (Full File Specs)
766.03EPS::BERGERMon Jul 22 1991TIFF converter doesn't close log file
767.02EPS::BERGERMon Jul 22 1991SGML BE Bug / Options file remote file spec
768.02PLAYER::DEVALCKWed Jul 24 1991DTIF->TEXT conversion error when DTIF$_MAX_TABLE_COLS and DTIF$_MAX_TABLE_ROWS missing
769.03ORT::BURNSWed Jul 24 1991Decwindows V3.
770.05ORT::BURNSWed Jul 24 1991complete ps pages not displayed within the cda viewer
771.03ORT::BURNSWed Jul 24 1991Decwindows mail does not display document with correct attributes
772.06SORGEN::SUSANNEThu Jul 25 1991can't view latex postscript
773.019PEARS::IONESCUThu Jul 25 1991INVSCNLEN Error CDA Viewing a DDIF File from TIFF
774.02KERNEL::LOATFri Jul 26 1991Problem viewing a DECwrite file with fixed frame.
775.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jul 30 1991DDIF front end: Style file not found gives bad (or no) error message on ULTRIX.
776.01GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jul 30 1991ddif to text converter: failure to convert on ULTRIX V4.2
777.07FIGURE::REXFORDThu Aug 01 1991Corel Draw TIFF file
778.02GALVIA::ECULLENFri Aug 02 1991CDAview rotation problems.
779.01FIGMNT::MUNYANFri Aug 02 1991Resize problem with scroll bars
780.02DDIF::MUNYANMon Aug 05 1991CGM appears to go into an infinite loop
781.05LEMAN::FONTOVATue Aug 06 1991CDA V1.1 Conversion problem
782.06AIMTEC::NATHAN_PTue Aug 06 1991DX to DDIF or PS doesn't work..error,"invalid tag code"
783.01GRNDAD::STONEWed Aug 07 1991Converter Selection Widget ACCVIO.
784.05MIVAX::CICCARELLIThu Aug 08 1991CDA Viewer Problem with 35MM/CGM
785.010BOMBE::CORDESTue Aug 13 1991ACCVIO using DvrViewer/DvrViewerFile
786.02EPS::BERGERWed Aug 14 1991Base Serv MS-DOS V1.
787.03EPS::BERGERWed Aug 14 1991Base Serv MS-DOS V1.
789.01SUBGPX::SLATTERYThu Aug 15 1991DX to DDIF or PS won't ignore WPS word wraps
790.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYFri Aug 16 1991ANALYSIS FE generates "memory already free" error
791.02AIMTEC::NATHAN_PFri Aug 16 1991DX and carriage returns...
792.03BRSDVP::WILLEMSGSun Aug 18 1991%DVR-W-NODISPCONT, no displayable content
793.05XSTACY::JENNINGSMon Aug 19 1991ddif to ps problem
794.02COMICS::ALLAMSWed Aug 21 1991cda$convert returns
795.06PEARS::IONESCUFri Aug 23 1991DDIF Capture screen > TIFF on VS354
796.03ZPOVC::TIONGGEESun Aug 25 1991Error compiling example codes from cookbook
797.010PEACHS::BELDINFri Aug 30 1991New Converter library required for DW Motif?
798.03AIMTEC::NATHAN_PTue Sep 03 1991x-tool kit warning, image pixel spectro mapping unsupported.
799.06IDONT::MIDDLETONTue Sep 03 1991DX FE conversion loses text content.
800.03EPS::BERGERFri Sep 06 1991Decwrite: incorrect DDIF for rounded rectangle
801.010BOMBE::ALDENFri Sep 06 1991PICT image conversion problem
802.01JITWed Sep 11 1991CdaOpenFile on Ultrix
803.012XCUSME::APONTEFri Sep 13 1991CGM Converter Looping Problem
804.02EPS::BERGERFri Sep 13 1991CDA Viewer (MS-WINDOWS) spaces between ellipses
805.06SARAH::MORGANSun Sep 15 1991Problem/question regarding content definitions
806.07SORGEN::UWEHMon Sep 16 1991TTIF decompression problem
808.04DDIF::NORIWed Sep 18 1991Problems Viewing DECwite Document With CDA Viewer
809.02KURTAN::SNILSSONFri Sep 20 1991TEXT -> PS ACCVIO when <FF> first
810.014EICMFG::DOUGLASMon Sep 23 1991custom metafile->ddif problems
811.01OZZAIB::PYERSMon Sep 23 1991Problem w/DDIF=>HPGL ????
812.02SUBVS3::SLATTERYMon Sep 23 1991PS backend doesn't hyphenate
813.02PTOVAX::WILKINSTue Sep 24 1991problem with CDA viewer under Ultrix
814.06CARECL::RUDOLPHMon Sep 30 1991Problem with the CDA-optionsfile
815.03EPS::BERGERWed Oct 02 1991Headers/Footers in generic pages in CDA Viewer
816.02EPS::WILLIAMSFri Oct 04 1991Accvio in motif viewer
817.01SNOCSat Oct 05 1991"invalid item code" from Macwrite converter
818.01GALVIA::BROSNANTue Oct 08 19917-bit greyscale image and the psbe
820.02ANGLIN::HOPPERSTADThu Oct 10 1991CDA Converter Not Efficient/DECwrite is
821.08EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Oct 16 1991 PS BE (ultrix) turns ----- characters into something else
823.02TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOWed Oct 16 1991PICT converter doesn't work.
824.02SCAACT::HAYASHIThu Oct 17 1991cgm patch?
825.01JURA::MAURELTue Oct 22 1991DDIF file convert to HPGL file
826.02MAST::SCHUMANNTue Oct 22 1991problems viewing postscript across net
827.02EPS::BERGERTue Oct 22 1991New Galley Directive ignored
828.04VEEONE::WITTMANWed Oct 23 1991DDIF->CGM->DDIF overlaps two pages of graphics
829.02VEEONE::WITTMANWed Oct 23 1991Does TEXT BE process files all at once?
830.02EPS::BERGERTue Oct 29 1991Last line in galley overwrites (sometimes)
831.02GALVIA::MOONEYTue Oct 29 1991Image file problem
832.05BIG::SCHOTTWed Nov 06 1991Graphics back end always rotates my output
833.04BIG::SCHOTTWed Nov 06 1991Graphics back end does not work with multi-page plot files
834.01SEABRZ::SACCOWed Nov 06 1991begin- and end-segment semantic error: toolkit drops data on floor and returns NORMAL
835.04EPS::BERGERThu Nov 07 1991StoreItem returns CDA$_EMPTY not CDA$_VAREMPTY
836.01EICMFG::WAVER::GASSNERFri Nov 08 1991color map problems between ddif and graphics backend
837.02RAB::MEHRINGMon Nov 11 1991Help on diagnostics: Undefined types and fonts - what can cause these?
838.02GALVIA::ECULLENTue Nov 12 1991problem with CDR14
839.02SARAH::MJDAILEYWed Nov 13 1991change default for warning diagnostics
840.01ALEX::CONNThu Nov 14 1991ASCII Field bug using the column parameter in .DEF
841.05DDIF::EKLEMon Nov 18 1991ACCVIO with the ASCII_TABULAR converter
842.02DCVAX::PAVLICEKTue Nov 19 1991Slow CDA PS Viewer on Large Documents
843.06EPS::BERGERWed Nov 20 1991DOS Viewer - Italic text expanded
844.01JUPTR::LAURENCELLEWed Nov 20 1991HELP: Color DDIF to TIFF
845.01FIGMNT::MUNYANWed Nov 20 1991Low priority problem with PSBE and %%BeginDocument
846.01ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Nov 20 1991Command line format doesn't jibe with open document dialog filter spec
847.01WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991Rotated ellipses on MS-Windows
848.02WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991Close bit on Bezier ignored in MS-Windows viewer
849.01WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991MS-Windows diagnostics boxes
850.02WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991DVRDEF.H error under MS-Windows
851.02WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991CDALIB_xx_xx broken under MS-Windows
852.01WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991Font fallback in MS-Windows viewer
853.01WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991Go To box in MS-Windows viewer
854.01WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991MS-Windows viewer: arcs with negative extents
855.02WA1ZCH::mackThu Nov 21 1991MS-Windows viewer & text be: some files cause UAE
856.01WA1ZCH::MackMon Nov 25 1991Open... in viewer forgets previous wildcards
857.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Nov 29 1991DvrViewerCreate, widget name ignored
858.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Nov 29 1991CDA viewer "work_area" background not used when changing page
859.03DSSDEV::TENENBAUMWed Dec 04 1991CDA-viewer, DECwrite have some errors displaying stroke texts, hatches, etc
860.08CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Dec 05 1991ACLs being placed on DDIF files?
861.02PEARS::IONESCUFri Dec 06 1991CGM to DDIF / PostScript / DECwrite looks differen
862.03TRNOIS::ANDERNELLOMon Dec 09 1991PICT problems
863.01RHETT::RROGERSTue Dec 10 1991Any known problems with VMS 5.5?
864.01GRNDAD::STONEWed Dec 11 1991ACCVIO in Analysis FE from misspelled token.
865.02EPS::BERGERWed Dec 11 1991CDA Base MS-DOS CDA$LIBRARY_EN_US translation
866.010WLS321::CRONLAND_LOWed Dec 11 1991TIFF Verify ACCVIO during Install-help!
867.0VORTEX::WA1ZCH::MackThu Dec 12 1991MS-Windows viewer crash upon closing
868.06SNOCSat Dec 14 1991Macintosh PICT converter problem
869.01WKOLSun Dec 15 1991error converting tiff file
870.02BCVAX::CHEUNGTue Dec 17 1991Problem with data size >64KB
871.0DDIF::MACKTue Dec 17 1991Files with characters in the upper half of character set
872.01EPS::BERGERThu Dec 19 1991Incorrect font in DOS viewer
873.04GALVIA::UKELLYFri Dec 20 1991Keyword Converter and/or DECwrite problems.
874.013PRIMES::SAUNDERSFri Dec 20 1991CIS_DOS: %RMS-E-FNF, file not found
876.02EVTAI1::BERTHENETThu Dec 26 1991Error CDA convert operation
877.01EPS::BERGERSat Dec 28 1991cda$typ.h inconsistencies
878.01ZURThu Jan 02 1992V3 TIFF converter crashes DECW Motif Server
879.06BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 03 1992Can't convert DDIF to PS
880.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSFri Jan 10 1992CDACVTLIB
881.04LATNCY::MORGANFri Jan 10 1992CDA VIEWER does not display a Postscript file but the file prints fine
882.04AIMTEC::NATHAN_PMon Jan 13 1992"server doesn't have ps extensions"
883.01FIGMNT::MUNYANTue Jan 14 1992PSBE Structured Comments work item
884.01BIG::SCHOTTWed Jan 15 1992Does the Graphics Back end support Paper_width and height?
885.04MISFIT::VANDEUSENThu Jan 16 1992Image Cropping Problem after First Page in Multi-Page Document
886.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Jan 22 1992Errors accessing links, no errors reported to user?
887.01EUSEBE::STURTWed Jan 22 1992CDA Viewer for Windows problem
888.03CSSE32::MERMELLWed Jan 22 1992RMS EXTENSION for DDIF drops text which is a "variable" in DECwrite
889.012ODIXIE::MOREAUThu Jan 23 1992Errors converting DDIF -> CGM
890.02KURTAN::NILSSONThu Jan 23 1992SGML-conversion adds spaces in doc.
891.03WARIOR::GREEN_WThu Jan 23 1992restore rulers in wpl docs
892.01CHEFS::JONESJFri Jan 24 1992DECwrite -> Text problem
894.02COVERT::COVERTMon Jan 27 1992Font Fallback isn't real PostScript
895.01KETJE::GILARDFri Feb 07 1992Help in converting DDIF to HPGL for a HP plotter
897.07DBSALF::LACEYSat Feb 08 1992CdaGetDocument returns CDA$_INTERR error for DTIF
898.05BLGMon Feb 10 1992DECALC 4.
899.01EPIK::HOVEYMon Feb 10 1992cda$create_file() - environment varaibles and windows
900.01WAYOUT::CLARKEMon Feb 10 1992TEXT BE Performance with Linked DECwrite Documents...
901.03DBSALF::LACEYWed Feb 12 1992Call to CdaDeleteRootAggregate terminates program with core dump taken on RISC/ULTRIX.
902.02DBSALF::LACEYWed Feb 12 1992CdaDeleteRootAggregate terminates with UNRECOVERABLE APPLICATION ERROR on MW WINDOWS
903.0DDIF::TANCILLWed Feb 12 1992RMS filter accvio
904.04PROXY::DDSG4Wed Feb 12 1992ACCVIO using DvrViewerFile
905.06FSOA::HHESSThu Feb 13 1992CDA Viewer Error With PS Files
907.01SASE::TENBRINKEFri Feb 14 1992HLR change text rendition inserts paragraph.
908.03DDIF::MUNYANWed Feb 19 1992PSBE generates invalid %%BoundingBox comment
909.01WA1ZCH::mackWed Feb 19 1992GP Fault on writing zero-length text
910.02SAHQ::SWITTSWed Feb 19 1992Grey Scale ddif->tif Ultrix Prob
911.02OSLACT::OLAVThu Feb 20 1992CDA Viewer truncates drawing, bug?
912.01TLE::DINGEEMon Feb 24 1992Successor Galley on RISC4.2, VMS5.4 not acting the same
913.06OSLACT::OLAVThu Feb 27 1992CDA Viewer not displying link to document?
914.05ALOSLS::RYANFri Feb 28 1992DECwrite <--> MS word conversion errors
915.02XANADU::GANAPATHIFri Feb 28 1992Trouble linking with CDAToolkit in Ultrix
916.05DPDMAI::GREENBERGFri Feb 28 1992PICT File - cannot use IMPORT - Help
917.06BACHUS::VANHAVERETue Mar 03 1992DDIF->PS problem with T1.6-9292
918.03GALVIA::ECULLENThu Mar 05 1992MS-Windows Nested converter call fails.
919.02WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Mar 06 1992DCA FE Prob with Running Footers.
920.04EPIK::PWONGFri Mar 06 1992ANAYSIS febe barfs on LOG= option
921.05KERNEL::LOATWed Mar 11 1992Can't view PS file, but can print it!
922.05RHETT::FORDThu Mar 12 1992dxvdoc -fps fails with "error reading document"
923.06SCAACT::UGLANDThu Mar 12 1992cdoc ddif to ps fails on 24-bit color PrintScreen image
924.03VEEONE::WITTMANFri Mar 13 1992Doc with tables causes loop in Viewer
925.05GALVIA::STONESFri Mar 13 1992CdaOpenFile & CdaCreateFile parameter description wrong?
926.02KERNEL::LOATMon Mar 16 1992Problem viewing DDIF image.
927.01GALVIA::ECULLENThu Mar 19 1992MS-WINDOWS/CDAviewer - text broken up etc ...
928.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Mar 19 1992Possible problem with 8bit chars/DTIF/Converters
929.02DDIF::GOUNMon Mar 23 1992DOTS dies on DECwrite for Windows document
930.0GALVIA::UKELLYMon Mar 23 1992WK3 Backend problem for 8
931.04YUPPY::CARTERTue Mar 24 1992Urgent: installation problems
932.01ROMCSA::RAMPATue Mar 24 1992conv/FDL does not work wit DDIF
933.02GALVIA::ECULLENWed Mar 25 1992conver/doc & erf's across MS/VMS platforms
934.05ARRODS::CARTERWed Mar 25 1992WordPerfect to WPL
935.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Mar 25 19924 'nits' with CDA Conv.Lib.V2 IFT1 Installation
936.05ZURMon Mar 30 1992%AFS-W-BADMINVER , DECwrite V2.
937.08DPDMAI::GREENBERGMon Mar 30 1992CDA Viewer Display of PICT files
938.03OSLACT::JARLEETue Mar 31 1992Image not viewed in the CDAviewer
939.05WAYOUT::LOATWed Apr 01 1992TIFF BE patch on 5.5?
940.01COOKIE::RJTHOMASWed Apr 01 1992Incorrectly displayed data: VAX 4
943.05GALVIA::JODONNELLThu Apr 02 1992Problems with SGML conversions ( missing style file )
944.03SAHQ::SWITTSMon Apr 06 1992CDA convert vs. DECwrite print prob.
945.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Apr 08 1992CDA convert vs. DECwrite print, text attribute (wight bold/medium) problem?
947.010DEVIL::BAZEMOREThu Apr 09 1992DCRS produced file dies with RISC Viewer
948.01OUINON::DERRMon Apr 13 1992Get-Position routine documentation error
949.01OUINON::DERRMon Apr 13 1992$STYLE label type documentation
950.03OUINON::DERRMon Apr 13 1992cda_convert routine documentation error
951.06PENUTS::DEFAZIOMon Apr 13 1992DECchart problems printing file...info posted!!
952.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYMon Apr 13 1992Vertical line differences between CDA viewer/PSBE and DECwrite
953.02SNOCWed Apr 15 1992How long WPL --> KWWO?
954.03GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Apr 21 1992Analysis font end adding junk?
955.05HSOMAI::LINTue Apr 21 1992WPSPLUS to Word conversion problem
956.05EPIK::GRIEP_DWTue Apr 21 1992DDIF->Text UAE on MS-Windows
958.01TRHThu Apr 23 1992CDA - converter library V2.
959.01TRHThu Apr 23 1992Problems with converting Word to DDIF error 2
960.02TRHThu Apr 23 1992wRONG case on after converting from RTF to DDIF.
961.01EPS::BERGERSun Apr 26 1992CdaConvert with OUTPUT _BACK_END_PROCEDURE causes DS != SS in converter.
962.02LADEDA::GRIGLACKMon Apr 27 1992acc vio in TIFF IVP
964.02GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Apr 28 1992Lotus conversion problems
965.09CSC32::LUNDYTue Apr 28 1992Errors EXPORTing to TEXT format
966.05DPDMAI::GREENBERGWed Apr 29 1992wk1 & DTIF -> DDIF & TEXT-truncation format
967.01MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Apr 30 1992keypak installation failes with wrong vms version
968.02GALVIA::CBECKETTFri May 01 1992tiff image compressed into 'strips' not decompressing
969.01OUINON::DERRMon May 04 1992cda_get_aggregate can't handle indefinite encodings of strings
970.02WA1ZCH::MackMon May 04 1992Doc bug on OPEN FILE processing options
971.01WA1ZCH::MackMon May 04 1992GP Fault if CdaOpenFile processing options done wrong
972.02GALVIA::CULLEN_EThu May 07 1992PICT and DECpresent problem
973.02KENSVS::KANOUSEThu May 07 1992postscript be bug?
974.01GALVIA::SPAINThu May 07 1992Calling CDAconvert when the device is full
975.03DPDMAI::GREENBERGThu May 07 1992WK1 -> CDA Viewer problem but WK1 -> DTIF OKAY
976.011CSOA1::LENNIGFri May 08 1992CVTLIBIFT
977.05HSOMAI::LINMon May 11 1992E-size CGM file viewing problem
978.01OSLACT::OLAVTue May 12 1992CDA viewer vs. DECwrite page numbers?
980.02SEABRZ::SACCOWed May 13 1992documentation of version numbers in DTIF, ESF AND CFE aggregates
981.03EPS::2FACED::BERGERWed May 13 1992Doc Error
982.0EPS::2FACED::BERGERWed May 13 1992flush-message in converters
983.02DRAC::ALLOZAWed May 13 1992Problems with CDA 1.1 and MOTIF 1.
984.04YUPPY::WOOLLEYThu May 14 1992Problem with Mail & attached DDIF file.
985.02GALVIA::BSMITHFri May 15 1992TIFF problems, explanations and solutions
986.02GRNDAD::STONEFri May 15 1992Incorrect string lengths cause Analysis problems.
987.08KURTAN::SANDSTROMWed May 20 1992convert ddif to ps
988.02FIGMNT::MUNYANFri May 22 1992DX Converter is making references to undefined type
989.01FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue May 26 1992Invalid option - STATISTICS on WORDP with T2.1
990.02PAVONE::MIOTTOWed May 27 1992cvtlibift
991.02EPIK::GRIEP_DWFri May 29 1992DDIF->PS Bug
992.02GALVIA::JODONNELLTue Jun 02 1992MACwrite Options File
993.014MUNICH::RUZICKATue Jun 02 1992cgm from lotus into decwrite
994.05GALVIA::BSMITHThu Jun 04 1992multiple images processed?
995.01IMSLOW::ECULLENMon Jun 08 1992MACwrite FE on Ultrix.
996.03GALVIA::JJOYCETue Jun 09 1992Using RTF converter to convert Word for Mac files
997.06METMV2::SLATTERYThu Jun 11 1992Unexpected WPS to PS results
998.03VIA::BOWERWed Jun 17 1992CDA$_INTERR on multiple calls to cda$convert
999.02ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Jun 18 1992DDIF -> Color PostScript problem
1000.07RCOCER::MEADTue Jun 23 1992Ultrix RTF front end dies on unknown control words
1001.01GALVIA::ECULLENWed Jun 24 1992CGM/ODA problem
1002.02TGIRWF::FRIDAYWed Jun 24 1992ANALYSIS Front end access violation
1003.04CHOVAX::CUSATOMon Jun 29 1992%CAM-E-LKeyMiss error on convert
1004.01GALVIA::ECULLENWed Jul 01 1992CGM FE Character encoding problem
1005.03ROMThu Jul 02 1992MS WORD5 <--> DDIF or text conversion error
1006.01GALVIA::JODONNELLThu Jul 02 1992Graphics converter problem with DDIF-->HPGL and HP758
1007.01OASS::LUCAS_AThu Jul 02 1992Converting a Decplan file into HPGL format
1008.03EPS::BERGERSat Jul 04 1992Error in Validation Test Suite V1.1
1009.02EPS::BERGERSat Jul 04 1992PS Backend fails on 7-bit gray scale
1010.07AUSSIE::HAINSMon Jul 06 1992why is it so ???
1011.03EPS::BERGERMon Jul 06 1992New Writing Converters
1012.05DEVIL::BAZEMOREMon Jul 06 1992V1.1 DCA->DDIF accvio
1013.012WKRP::LEETCHWed Jul 08 1992WORD5 - unable to allocate virt. memory
1014.05UPSAR::ROBINSONWed Jul 08 1992Problem converting DDIF to MACWRITE
1015.04WLW::BROOMEThu Jul 09 1992MSWORD for Windows RTF->DDIF Problem
1016.07WLW::BROOMEThu Jul 09 1992Problem with T2.2 and SGML->RTF conversion
1017.01WHELIN::PALMERFri Jul 10 1992No response from cdoc on ULTRIX
1018.02VOGON::AWILLIAMSVFri Jul 10 1992T2.2 IVP fails
1019.04BERNTue Jul 14 1992HLR & Footnotes
1021.02SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Jul 17 1992SGML conversion problem with link to image.
1022.01EUSEBE::STURTMon Jul 20 1992RTF options problems
1023.01DEVIL::BAZEMOREMon Jul 20 1992CDA Detective appears to hang on error
1024.05PTOVAX::WILKINSWed Jul 22 1992blue tint
1026.03ZURThu Jul 23 1992DECwrite: Viewer has problems with tables
1027.02WKRP::LEETCHThu Jul 23 1992RTF to WPL - strange output
1028.01BERNFri Jul 24 1992HLR: naming diffs. between manual and source
1029.01BERNFri Jul 24 1992diffs. between Manual and Source for CDA Devl. 2.
1030.02JRDVFri Jul 24 1992dtif converers pipe error
1031.01BERNFri Jul 24 1992Page Styles
1032.0GALVIA::KEATINGFri Jul 24 1992Tiff converter modifies standard item list
1033.07YAMS::DEHOLLANTue Jul 28 1992Cannot convert DTIF to Analysis
1034.06GHIA::RUTHTue Jul 28 1992TIFF file has different values for X and Y pixels
1035.04SHIRE::ROUSSETThu Jul 30 1992RTF Underline Attribute Overused
1036.04ABSISG::MORRISThu Jul 30 1992RTF -> DDIF Bullet Conversion Problems
1037.03ABSISG::MORRISThu Jul 30 1992RTF -> DDIF Conversion Performance Problems
1038.04JRDVFri Jul 31 1992ULTRIX: DTIF analysis BE
1039.01ABSISG::MORRISFri Jul 31 1992All RTF documents are German?
1040.03BACHUS::RENTYSun Aug 02 1992DDIF to Postscript shifts document to the right\
1041.02GALVIA::KEATINGTue Aug 04 1992CDA Base Services V1.4 / V1.5 -ACCVIO
1042.04GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Aug 05 1992PICT converson problems
1043.02DEVIL::BAZEMOREWed Aug 05 1992Text FE has soft and hard directives mixed up
1044.01GALVIA::JJOYCEWed Aug 05 1992CVTLIBIFT V2.2 IVP fails on a CDA 1.6 system
1045.01BERNThu Aug 06 1992VMS include files for CDA Viewer Routines
1046.01GALVIA::KEATINGThu Aug 06 1992ULTRIX CDA V1.4/ options files/ 47 chars max/ kernel access error
1047.01TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 06 1992Unable to export document to the specific format.
1048.02AUSSIE::LEEFri Aug 07 1992tiff convert prob: tag = 3
1049.04DAYENU::CHERSONFri Aug 07 1992wpl convert bug
1050.01DEVIL::BAZEMORETue Aug 11 1992HLR circle has
1051.01GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Aug 12 1992nested call to CGM BE crashes on simple graphic -- CLD
1052.0OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 12 1992CDA reference manual must be fixed
1053.06GOOEY::FRIDAYThu Aug 13 1992Problems with indents
1054.02PRSSOS::GEORGESThu Aug 13 1992CLD VBO1
1055.01MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIMon Aug 17 1992problems: DDIF --> TIFF in MS-Word
1056.02PHDVAX::LUSKTue Aug 18 1992RTF reader doesn't know \ldblquote
1057.03MODEL::NEWTONWed Aug 19 1992Can Microsoft Word for Mac 3.
1058.03MLNAD1::MICHIELAZZOWed Aug 19 1992CDA DS V1.
1059.03TINCUP::CSENCSITSWed Aug 19 1992Server Internal Error Code (error code = 12)
1060.01BERNFri Aug 21 1992Error in DDIF-File ?
1061.01BREAKR::POURZIATue Aug 25 1992Mac Word to DDIF help please
1062.04POBOX::SELLSTROMWed Aug 26 1992CDA2.
1063.03PTATO::SCHOTTFri Aug 28 1992gks errors converting ddif to hgpl(graphics)
1064.01EISCPM::MANUMon Aug 31 1992TIFF Converter not invoked in DDIF to RTF Conv.
1065.013KORU::SCHRODERWed Sep 02 1992WPL to RTF - format and pagination problems
1066.01JRDVWed Sep 02 1992What ULTRIX version required by CDA cvt lib T2.2
1067.02UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_EThu Sep 03 1992WordPerfect input converter can't take Stream-LF
1068.04TOOHOT::ROCHAThu Sep 03 1992WORD5 -> DDIF fails
1069.01GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Sep 04 1992nested CGM FE accvios
1070.04GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Sep 04 1992CGM FE reverses arcs generated by Xerox Globalview converter
1071.02GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Sep 04 1992CGM BE doesn't handle textblocks in graphic content
1072.07BEDA::BJERKEHOLTFri Sep 04 1992Pict FE problem T2.1 VMS
1073.03GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Sep 08 1992CGM FE misplaces graphic text in file from Xerox GlobalView
1074.04GALVIA::DBOWERSTue Sep 08 1992PICT BE creates illegal PICT file
1075.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Sep 08 1992Converting .DOC to .PS and CLIPART files are ignored.
1076.06MODEL::NEWTONTue Sep 08 1992experiences with converting an 8
1077.03GALVIA::SPAINWed Sep 09 1992DCA converter problem
1078.03GALVIA::SPAINWed Sep 09 1992DX converter problem
1079.09AZUR::BERERAWed Sep 09 1992Styles, footnotes, footnote delimiters and the RTF/DDIF Ultrix Conv Lib T2.2 converters
1080.01UTRTSC::PILMEYERWed Sep 09 1992DECwrite 2.
1081.05TINCUP::CSENCSITSWed Sep 09 1992CDA VIEW can't view PS files
1082.02WKRP::LEETCHThu Sep 10 1992loop test
1084.03RDGENG::SJONESMon Sep 14 1992 CDACVTLIB V2.
1085.01FDCV14::WILLIAMSTue Sep 15 1992SSB kit for CDACVTLIB V2.
1086.05KRYSTL::JOHNSONTue Sep 15 1992DDIF (.sli) to CGM conversion yields errors galore
1087.02GALVIA::ESTONEFri Sep 18 1992DDIF -> ODA -> DDIF highlighting CGM defects
1088.01GALVIA::CBECKETTSat Sep 19 1992CDA Converter Lib should clearly state prereqs
1089.08OSITEL::BADEMon Sep 21 1992vue$read_cgm: %CGMDDIF-I-MTF_EXTRA_DATA
1090.0GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Sep 21 1992Suggestion: font mapping common procedures
1091.07GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Sep 21 1992DCA font information required
1092.03GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Sep 21 1992T2.2 RTF Input: loses rules, doesn't convert fonts
1093.02GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Sep 21 1992Problems with T2.2 RTF Input Converter
1094.03BLKOUT::ORANMon Sep 21 1992Huh? Isn't T2.2 > V2.
1095.04COMICS::BARHAMTue Sep 22 1992can't convert DDIF to MACPAINT (again)
1096.03BLKOUT::ORANTue Sep 22 1992MPS Ultrix RTF reads physical end of input before encoding
1097.05GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Sep 23 1992"DDIF to HPGL" GRAPHICS converter "not found"
1098.0GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Sep 28 1992Pls.chg. conv/doc help to include all avl.formats
1099.04AZUR::BERERAMon Sep 28 1992RTF FE problem with certain fonts
1100.01SIOG::FARRELLTue Sep 29 1992TIFF -> DDIF -> PS
1101.02GALVIA::ESTONEWed Sep 30 1992CGM V2.
1102.04GALVIA::ESTONEWed Sep 30 1992CGM BE V2.
1103.03GALVIA::ESTONEWed Sep 30 1992CGM FE Ultrix/RISC produces a segmentation fault
1104.03GALVIA::ESTONEWed Sep 30 1992CGM FE V2.
1105.03GALVIA::ESTONEWed Sep 30 1992CGM FE V2.
1106.01GALVIA::KEATINGWed Sep 30 1992CDACONV not handling style files on DOS
1107.06GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 01 1992CGM problems with DDIF->CGM->DDIF
1108.03LEMAN::ROSSIERThu Oct 01 1992DDIF to HPGL problem. Output too small.
1109.01VNABRW::WEISSENGRUBEFri Oct 02 1992ddifrtf: Open failure
1110.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Oct 05 1992font unknown if ADD_STYLE_NAME XLFD field is non-null
1111.013GALVIA::BSMITHWed Oct 07 1992CLD VBO-957: CDA Base Services memory leak ??
1112.04VORTEX::REVERI::HubbsFri Oct 09 1992WPS PLUS TDE not supported by MS-Windows viewer
1113.01VORTEX::REVERI::HubbsFri Oct 09 1992Libcda causes uae
1114.01VORTEX::REVERI::HubbsFri Oct 09 1992resdvr.dll not unloading
1115.02VORTEX::REVERI::HubbsFri Oct 09 1992wps plus characteristics not displayed by viewer correctly
1116.01GOOEY::MCEVOYWed Oct 14 1992cdoc bug
1117.04GALVIA::DUKEFri Oct 16 1992Analysis Bug - BE ?
1118.06GALVIA::BREATHNACHMon Oct 19 1992BUG in CDA$CONVERT on Ultrix....broken pipe
1119.01AUSSIE::GARSONTue Oct 20 1992
1120.03SDOGUS::MORINTue Oct 20 1992DDIF => RTF Not Clean
1121.02XANADU::HUBBSThu Oct 22 1992MS-Windows wpl to rtf or wordp
1122.02GOOEY::MUNYANThu Oct 22 1992RTF Front End is access violating
1123.02ZURFri Oct 23 1992CDA convert DDIF => PS, image does not scale
1124.03XANADU::HUBBSFri Oct 23 1992wide lines in wpl files get truncated
1125.05UNTADH::MACLIESHFri Oct 23 1992RTF front end core-dumping (Ultrix/RISC)
1126.01XANADU::HUBBSMon Oct 26 1992CDA directory structure must exist for MS-WINDOWS viewer to work
1127.07WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Oct 28 1992DECdesign DDIF -> Text Problems
1128.01GOODIE::KEEFERWed Oct 28 1992<ff>'s in text-ddif's
1129.02KERNEL::LOATFri Oct 30 1992Page size discrepancies and crash!
1130.05MODEL::POMFRETMon Nov 02 1992ASC_TAB, DIF --> DTIF
1131.02DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVEMon Nov 02 1992CDA v1.5 displays password
1132.09YUPPY::JACKSONDTue Nov 03 1992CDA Lib V2.
1133.03GALVIA::ESTONETue Nov 03 1992CGM BE V2.
1134.05MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Nov 04 1992problems with TEXT output
1135.03WKRP::LEETCHWed Nov 04 1992Problems with the example_read_wpl.cda$options file
1136.04EUSEBE::STURTThu Nov 05 1992DCA/RFT => DDIF: in serious trouble
1137.06AUSSIE::GARSONMon Nov 09 1992TABs and point size
1138.03GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Nov 10 1992DECpresent -> CGM export problems
1139.02USHSTue Nov 10 1992CDA 2.
1140.03CORPRL::RALTOTue Nov 10 1992WordPerfect and Line Wrapping, from CDA Conference
1141.04NZOMIS::SCHRODERThu Nov 12 1992Converted WPSplus file won't wrap lines
1142.03GALVIA::JODONNELLFri Nov 13 1992DCA -> WPS-plus problem ( moved from CDA notes conference )
1143.013GALVIA::QUIGLEYFri Nov 13 1992CDA RTF-Word for MAC problem
1146.01BBM::ZASLAWWed Nov 18 1992DDIF->TEXT converter eats some text in DECwrite table
1147.010LARVAE::GRAYWed Nov 18 1992MACWRITE Bacend IVP Failure
1148.02KORU::SCHRODERWed Nov 18 1992Unknown RTF-control-word "\rquote" encountered
1149.06KORU::SCHRODERWed Nov 18 1992RTF Converter returns SUCCESS status on failed conversion
1150.01XANADU::HUBBSMon Nov 23 1992CDA Viewer for MS-Windows
1151.02KORU::SCHRODERWed Nov 25 1992Problems converting WPL footnotes
1152.013KORU::SCHRODERThu Nov 26 1992Unknown RTF-control-word "\binfsxn" encountered
1153.01JRDVMon Nov 30 1992Round trip conversion between WK3 and ASCII Tabul;ar
1154.03PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Dec 01 1992DDIF TO WPL doesn't work properly
1155.08GALVIA::TSHINEWed Dec 02 1992For CGM => DDIF , what does invalid opcode mean ?
1156.01DSSDEV::PIEKOSWed Dec 02 1992Text in a Galley bug
1157.02PRSSOS::GEORGESWed Dec 02 1992CDA , Frames , and PCM compressed files
1158.03WKRP::LEETCHTue Dec 08 1992error in DCL lexical F$FILE accessing DDIF files
1159.06OSLACT::JOSTEINThu Dec 10 1992 WordPerfect INDENT not converted
1160.0GALVIA::JJOYCEThu Dec 10 1992Writing a double on Alpha
1161.03GLDOA::HOLBELMon Dec 14 1992Empty Wordperfect file causes ACCVIO
1162.05GALVIA::UKELLYTue Dec 15 1992Ami Pro and RTF and WPS-PLUS
1163.025GALVIA::UKELLYTue Dec 15 1992Font problems with styles in options files
1164.03GALVIA::UKELLYTue Dec 15 1992MAC-RTF header too big to display ?
1166.03COWPOK::MCMICKINWed Dec 16 1992WordPerfect 2 WPL: font loss/rulers wrong/table wrong
1167.010AUSSIE::CHATTERJEEWed Dec 16 1992Soft newlines lost
1168.05BACHUS::RENTYMon Dec 21 1992Printing included MSWORD image files to LN
1169.08AUSSIE::CHATTERJEETue Dec 22 1992RTF converter Access Violation
1170.06UTRTSC::EISINKWed Dec 23 1992WO document looping
1171.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed Dec 23 1992DDIF->TIFF messing up colortables???
1172.02PRCFS1::CHANSIUYUENSat Dec 26 1992Installation problem for a new CDA user
1173.04GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Jan 04 1993CLD UVO
1174.02GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 05 1993Winword hangs on RTF file produced by Cvter
1175.02GALVIA::QUIGLEYTue Jan 05 1993-> wordp:probs w.tables/lists/greek/toc/headers/footers/page numbering
1176.03GLDOA::KLAMERUSTue Jan 05 1993CGM->DDIF resulting DDIF is black square
1177.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSTue Jan 05 1993How to QAR CDA???
1178.03GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 05 1993RTF backend crashes on large DECwrite document
1179.01EPS::WILLIAMSTue Jan 05 1993KODAK CDA Report program has problems w/ DECwrite/CDA RT
1180.04GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Jan 06 1993GIF->DDIF error on large file
1181.03GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Jan 06 1993CGM->DDIF yields black square
1182.04OSLACT::JENSHFri Jan 08 1993Error in CGM -> DDIF Conversion (Uniras data)
1183.04CECEHV::LEURINK_MMon Jan 11 1993Problem with DDIF => SGML
1184.05GALVIA::UKELLYMon Jan 11 1993CGM to DDIF conversion (LOTUS files)
1185.02ZURMon Jan 11 1993RTF -> DDIF, default table style, changeable?
1186.03GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jan 11 1993wordperfect -> WPL: No table support
1187.02GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jan 11 1993wordperfect/wpl converter - para formatting
1188.03GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jan 11 1993wordperfect->wpl conversion - TOC problem
1189.05GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jan 11 1993wordperfect/wpl conversion font problems
1190.03GALVIA::QUIGLEYMon Jan 11 1993wordperfect/wpl conversion - fatal errors
1191.06GALVIA::UKELLYMon Jan 11 1993Licence problem with Converter Library and it's bookreader files.
1192.01DEMON::ZIKAMon Jan 11 1993CDA viewer crashes all windows V5.5 Motif V1.1
1193.01GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 12 1993Can't find LIBCDA.DLL, but it's there!
1194.01GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 12 1993DDIS compiler problem processing default value
1195.01SHAWB2::ROBERTSCTue Jan 12 1993***loading FILE INTO CDA causes SERVER CRASH(accvio) ***
1197.02GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Jan 13 1993ddif->rtf conversion font problem
1198.01COPCLU::VAGNWed Jan 13 1993Virtual memory exhausted with CDA_CONVERT
1199.02GALVIA::QUIGLEYWed Jan 13 1993wordp conversion problems
1200.06GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jan 14 1993DDIF to RTF: external "DDIF" to "PICT" conversion, \file not found\
1201.01GALVIA::HENRYFri Jan 15 1993WPL conversion problem
1202.01MONTEZ::MONTEZSat Jan 16 1993How can I create a TIFF G31D file ?
1203.01CECEHV::LEURINK_MMon Jan 18 1993DDIF->SGML: Maintenance of typografical info?
1204.07UTRTSC::EISINKTue Jan 19 1993CLD UVO176
1205.05OSLACT::BJARNEC_PTue Jan 19 1993RTF->DDIF: unkown control words abort conversion
1206.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GTue Jan 19 1993More ACC Vio/core dump CA 2.
1207.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Jan 20 1993Loosing Graphics and Style file when converting from DECwrite - RTF - Word for Windows
1208.01XANADU::HOVEYWed Jan 20 1993wstext.dll gpf
1209.06COMICS::BARHAMThu Jan 21 1993DDIF linked documents -> Postscript. Bad output
1211.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Jan 27 1993CLD: MUH
1212.03BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed Jan 27 1993Converting DDIF to CGM gives empty file
1213.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Jan 27 1993Pict doesn't write multi-plan images: hope?
1214.04ACESMK::KENDALLWed Jan 27 1993DDIF -> CGM conversion problems
1215.0MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Jan 29 1993printscreen ddif file // decwrite size
1216.06PRSSOS::GEORGESFri Jan 29 1993MACWRITE -> DDIF conversion failure
1217.03GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Jan 29 1993ICA-45145: CGM can't convert doc.from IBM
1218.02GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Jan 29 1993SPR ICA-45145:Viewer can't view CGM doc.from IBM
1219.02GLDOA::FINKELSTEINFri Jan 29 1993WPS==>DX==>TEXT word spacing
1220.03ZURMon Feb 01 1993DDIF->PS: Convertion problems, ObjectWorks
1221.03GLDOA::HOLBELMon Feb 01 1993WPSPLUS line drawings -> WordP
1222.05COMICS::BARHAMWed Feb 03 1993NROFF -> Postscript, chars get smaller after bold
1223.05PRSSOS::GEORGESWed Feb 03 1993TIFF -> DDIF conversion failure
1224.03MSDOA::FRYLANDWed Feb 03 1993Wraps don't work with CDA Viewer???
1225.05H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Feb 04 1993CLD MUH
1226.02KERNEL::LOATFri Feb 05 1993
1227.02DAGWST::CALLAGHANFri Feb 05 1993WPL -> RTF = weirdness
1228.09GALVIA::CBECKETTSun Feb 07 1993Problem with RTF, headers and CDA Viewer
1229.05SAUCER::SCARAMUZZOTue Feb 09 1993DECwrite export file =
1230.04EPS::CAETANOTue Feb 09 1993Looking for CDR14
1231.09OSLACT::63955::Bjarnec_pWed Feb 10 1993CLD UVO-1827: Sub-List gives "/" instead of "-" after conv from DDIF to PS
1232.03CORPRL::RALTOWed Feb 10 1993DX output doc has cut-off paragraphs
1233.0GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Feb 12 1993IPMT CFS.3295 Some RTF control words not recognized
1234.06COMICS::BARHAMFri Feb 12 1993DDIF -> SGML - minor version differs, no $SRQ flag
1235.04FHOPAS::ADCWS3::ElsenheimerMon Feb 15 1993WPS-PLUS Types in TeamLinks
1236.02MUNICH::RUZICKATue Feb 16 1993lotus cgm import into decwrite still not work
1237.0GALVIA::UKELLYFri Feb 19 1993SGML Converter (from CDA Converter Lib V2.
1238.01GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Feb 19 1993Tables styles not handled in RTF input converter
1239.03AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SFri Feb 19 1993Wps to Wordperfect - 1 line per page!
1240.05MRKTNG::IOSMon Feb 22 1993GPF invoking CDA WPS-Plus Conv. Pack from TL
1241.02GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Feb 23 1993CGM->DDIF->CGM -- everything enlarged
1242.02GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Feb 23 1993CGM->DDIF->CGM -- font changes
1243.02GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Feb 23 1993CGM->DDIF->WPG -- text rotated
1244.01WKOLTue Feb 23 1993Problem with WPS-PLUS COnversion Pack
1245.06BIS1::STESTue Feb 23 1993*URGENT* TIFF converter questions
1246.03ARCCAD::TAYOTue Feb 23 1993VAXcamera DDIF display error
1247.05KERNEL::LOATTue Feb 23 1993RUNoff -> WordPerfect problem.
1248.07OASS::HARRIS_RWed Feb 24 1993Ultrix V4.3 and CDA v2.
1249.05GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Feb 25 1993IPMT CFS.4323/CLD UVO
1250.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Feb 25 1993CLD VBO1124 MacWrite FE fails on 1
1251.02NANTES::FARNEFri Feb 26 1993Problem with stream records ??
1252.01OASS::HARRIS_RTue Mar 02 1993Tiff --> PS - only the header created on conversion
1253.04MUDIS3::FISCALWed Mar 03 1993CDA$ACCESS-mismatch with shareable image
1254.06GIDDAY::BURTWed Mar 03 1993RTF convert problems with Word 2.
1255.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Mar 04 1993CLD CXO 9653 - individual issues tracked separately
1256.07GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 04 1993WPL to RTF - Problems with TDE
1257.02PRSSOS::GEORGESTue Mar 09 1993TEXT FE, DECwrite and the SOFT DIRECTIVES...AGAIN !
1258.04GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Mar 10 1993CLD MUH
1259.02XANADU::HOVEYThu Mar 11 1993WPL converter on DOS needs CDAPATH with slash.
1260.02HANWed Mar 17 1993WPL backend IVP fails
1261.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed Mar 17 1993DDIF->TIFF has tag bug on G32
1262.05MLNTSC::DALPORTOThu Mar 18 1993IVP fail on GRAPHICS back end
1263.03IJSAPL::NIESSINKFri Mar 19 1993RTF to WPS-Plus conversion problems
1264.01LSNCSC::MEISTERMon Mar 22 1993definition not found Writer$hidden-body
1265.06NAPCED::BRUGNONETue Mar 23 1993VMS 5.4-3 CDA 2.
1266.01MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Mar 23 1993MAC-RTF Converter and Tables???
1267.02GALVIA::UKELLYWed Mar 24 1993SGML front end converter cannot handle logical name in file.
1268.03MSDOA::FRYLANDThu Mar 25 1993Problems with BOLDING and WRAPS
1269.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRFri Mar 26 1993Problems with the TEXT Converter...
1270.05GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Mar 29 1993DDIF to TIFF to Interleaf? How?
1271.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Mar 31 1993SPR ICA-46353: Incorrect parameter name in installation guide
1272.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 01 1993DDIF to RTF problems
1273.04VNASWS::GACHFri Apr 02 1993WPL to WORDP, View brings DVR-W-NODISPCONT, no displayable content
1274.02GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Apr 05 1993CLD CXO
1275.02GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Apr 07 1993CLD CXO1
1276.04DTIF::WASHCOWed Apr 07 1993CLD UVO-1963: Indented Paras Interoperability
1277.02CALS::COUPERWed Apr 07 1993Translating files that have no VMS file type
1278.02ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Apr 08 1993RTF -> DDIF conversion problem
1279.03GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Apr 08 1993CGM BE fails when called from ODA Gateway. Maybe memory error.
1280.03GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Apr 08 1993CGM FE fails when called from ODA Gateway FE
1281.03GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Apr 08 1993CGM converter loses graphics in DDIF->ODA->DDIF conversion
1282.03GALVIA::STEPHENSThu Apr 08 1993CGM BE segmentation faults when called by ODA BE
1284.01DUCKY::RBROWNThu Apr 08 1993"File Not Found"
1285.02ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Apr 09 1993CGM input converter broken in V2.
1286.01JRDVMon Apr 12 1993Does MS-Windows viewer free font resource ?
1287.01PAULUS::HARTNAGELWed Apr 14 1993ODA V1.
1288.04MSESU4::MCCULLERSWed Apr 14 1993PostScript file kills workstation
1289.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 15 1993Speed and conversion differences in AFS conversion
1290.08NBOSWS::SATTLERThu Apr 15 1993bad error message on font table overflow
1291.01HAM::BREPC3::roebenMon Apr 19 1993Conv.Pack --> WPL to WORDP problems
1292.05TRNOIS::ARTEROTue Apr 20 1993WORDP problem
1293.07GALVIA::STEPHENSWed Apr 21 1993CGM FE large memory leaks
1294.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Apr 26 1993Wordperfect to DECwrite - blank lines.
1295.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993RTF document TIFF image tiny
1296.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993documentation for EXTERNCONVERTEROPTION not correct
1297.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993explanation of IMAGEPATH option unclear.
1298.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993STATISTICS option is described although RTF converter doesn't support it
1299.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993protection problem with Ascii Field example options file
1300.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Ascii Field does not support NODEFINITIONS as stated
1301.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993TRAILING_SEPARATOR is spelled incorrectly
1302.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993unclear NOLUT_MAPPED documentation
1303.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993PICT converter example option should be LOG not logfile
1304.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993unclear sgml CONTENT option
1305.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993documentation for CHARSETMAP option incorrect
1306.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993confusion In example for the VERSION option
1307.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993%CONVERT-E-BADFONTMAPPING, not documented
1308.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993font names should be reversed in RTF_INPUT FONTMAP option
1309.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993confusion around the VERSION=DX option
1310.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Round tripping from DDIF -> WORDP -> DDIF does not work
1311.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993leading directory spec. gives error
1312.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993severe loss of layout
1313.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993COMPRESS, NOCOMPRESS options doc. not accurate
1314.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993COMPRESS, NOCOMPRESS options doc. confusing
1315.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993RTF messages should be corrected
1316.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993RTF severity codes should be changed
1317.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993WORD5 severity codes should be changed
1318.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993If invalid option is specified no warning is logged to log file
1319.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993WORD5 If invalid option is specified no warning is logged to log file
1320.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993RTF severity code should be E (error) not F (Fatal)
1321.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Invalid RTF file, severity code wrong
1322.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Invalid RTF file, status code wrong
1323.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993rtf -NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number
1324.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993RTF stops on nknown RTF-control-word
1325.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993%CONVERT-E-ERRSTYLNO, RTF file produced by AMI-PRO, better error message
1326.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993rtf - no log file created.
1327.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993rtf - can't create log file
1328.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993If user specifies an invalid option no warning is issued
1329.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993embedded images or 'link to document' no warnings are reported
1330.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993correct heading at the top of the FE log file
1331.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993CDA_UNSUPFMT. no log file created.
1332.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993embedded images or 'link to document' no warnings are reported
1333.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993warning should be issued on version number other than 5.
1334.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993attempts to convert an empty file -%NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number
1335.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993log file created should get name from the file being converted
1336.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993no privilege to write, error message wrong
1337.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993file being converted does not have an extension - log file named incorrectly
1338.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993CONVERT.LOG is created, should be name from the file
1339.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993%NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number
1340.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993can specify the LOG option with MACWRITE BE but no messages logged
1341.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993DCA converters do not support options.
1342.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993DCA converters do not return conversion mesages.
1343.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993option that is not valid, warning should be issued.
1344.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993LOG option not valid, no warning is issued
1345.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993documentation of conversion messages incorrect.
1346.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993options file contains an invalid option or value, no warning
1347.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993log file name not used in log file
1348.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993bad message contents on open failure message
1349.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Inappropriate message
1350.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993output file write errors not messaged
1351.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993log file name should be taken from input file
1352.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993log file name specified by option not used.
1353.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993non-PCM messages do not clearly explain the problem.
1354.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993severity code of E when warning should be issued
1355.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993PBE-W-Errors are logged in FOOBAR.LOG but status returned is CDA_NORMAL
1356.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993format of conversion messages issued is incorrect.
1357.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993documentation of conversion messages is incorrect
1358.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993documentation of error messages is incorrect
1359.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993messages should be checked to see if more help can be provided
1360.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993error category should be added.
1361.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993No warning given if user supplies invalid file spec for LOG
1362.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993messages should be in the reverse order
1363.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993user should get indication that a log file has been created.
1364.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993empty input file results in unhelpful messages
1365.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993If invalid CGM file converters accvio
1366.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993If output file can't be written, no warnings or errors.
1367.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993user must do a $SET MESSAGE DDIF$WRITE_CGM_MESSAGES.EXE to enable meaningful messages
1368.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993number of identical error messages are produced
1369.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993conversion should not fail because of an invalid option
1370.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993conversion should not fail because of %DDIFCGM-I-BAD_SCALE_OPT
1371.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993conversion should not fail because of %DDIFCGM-I-BAD_ENCODING_OP,
1372.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993converter is required to support the LOG option
1373.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993invalid option, no warning issued.
1374.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993conversion message is missing the severity code
1375.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993required that the LOG option be supported by MACPAINT
1376.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993create an empty file - the converter accvios
1377.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993If invalid MACPAINT file the converter accvios.
1378.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993an invalid option, no messages issued.
1379.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993MACBINARY header does not apply to the MACPAINT converter
1380.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993MACPAINT documentation of conversion messages incorrect.
1381.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993TCV messages which are common to table converters are not documented.
1382.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993invalid option, a warning is issued but incorrect value for a valid option, onversion stops
1383.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Many of the conversion messages with a Fatal severity code should be Errors.
1384.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993converter cannot write to the log file - no warning, conversion stops
1385.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993Error in example 3-2. of 'Using the CDA Converter Library'
1386.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Apr 29 1993status code TCFA-F-ATABFE_NORESET not documented.
1387.01GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Apr 30 1993ULTRIX CGM converter crashes in DDIF->CGM conversion
1388.01PRSSOS::GEORGESFri Apr 30 1993WORD5 FE Fixed-512 only ???
1389.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon May 03 1993Wordperfect /allin1 / decfax
1390.09GIDDAY::BURTThu May 06 1993Export to WORDP problems
1391.02MLNTSC::DALPORTOMon May 10 1993Problems with TIFF to DDIF conversion.
1392.02KERNEL::LOATTue May 11 1993
1393.010OASS::ANDRES_BFri May 14 1993WPL to WP: hard CR at line end -> page breaks
1394.05OASS::ANDRES_BMon May 17 1993Converting Decwrite DDIF files to RTF
1395.09GALVIA::ECULLENWed May 19 1993DDIF to TIFF conversion accvio's
1396.01WAYOUT::CLARKEWed May 19 1993Text Convertor - Paragraph Spacing
1397.04COMICS::BARHAMThu May 20 1993Headers and page no.s lost for RTF->TEXT and RTF->PS
1398.05KERNEL::LOATFri May 21 1993
1399.09FHOPAS::OHFMTT::DORNBUSHFri May 21 1993Error converting RTF file
1400.02TAMARA::HOVEYTue May 25 1993cda-dos wstext.dll crash on wordp file.
1401.01TAMARA::HOVEYTue May 25 1993msdos cda wordp converter, one word per line!
1402.04GALVIA::STEPHENSWed May 26 1993T2.2_1 CGM Front End shrinking graphic text to 2/3 of the correct size.
1403.010KERNEL::LOATWed May 26 1993
1405.08GALVIA::ECULLENThu May 27 1993IPMT CFS.438
1406.0PINKIE::STONESThu May 27 1993CLD CXO1
1407.02GALVIA::UKELLYMon May 31 1993Hard Returns not preserved with WPL to RTF conversion.
1408.011GALVIA::CBECKETTMon May 31 1993IPMT CFS.44
1409.0GALVIA::UKELLYWed Jun 02 1993Viewer crashes on MS-Windows
1410.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Jun 04 1993CDA-RT V1.
1411.02BLGMon Jun 07 1993WPS-PLUS conversion error using CDA v2.
1412.012COMICS::BARHAMWed Jun 09 1993Monospaced text appears proportional in CDA VIEWer
1413.01GALVIA::ROCKALLWed Jun 09 1993WP -> WPS or TXT, last line appended to preceding text
1414.01GALVIA::ROCKALLWed Jun 09 1993WP<->WPS page orientation lost
1415.02GALVIA::ROCKALLWed Jun 09 1993WP->WPS bold and underline lost
1416.0GALVIA::ROCKALLWed Jun 09 1993Extra spaces inserted when converting to TXT
1417.02GALVIA::ROCKALLWed Jun 09 1993Text of line up to footnote reference lost
1418.01PINKIE::STONESWed Jun 09 1993Layout engine insists on tabstops in ascending order of position.
1419.02COMICS::BARHAMWed Jun 09 1993INVITMLST when converting TEXT to PS on satellite nodes
1420.02BERNWed Jun 09 1993WPL <-> RTF, TDE + CTRL Blocks?
1421.01GALVIA::ROCKALLThu Jun 10 1993WP->TXT subscript text
1422.02GALVIA::ROCKALLThu Jun 10 1993WPS->WP control codes cause printing problems
1423.02GALVIA::ROCKALLThu Jun 10 1993WPS->WP footnote numbers lost
1424.02GALVIA::ROCKALLThu Jun 10 1993WP -> WPS or TEXT, footer text lost
1425.02GALVIA::ROCKALLThu Jun 10 1993Wordperfect date function
1426.01COMICS::BARHAMFri Jun 11 1993Invalid header/ruler with MRS DX -> TXT
1427.01GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Jun 11 1993Text loss in RTF
1428.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Jun 14 1993RTF -> Text, PS builds empty file
1429.015KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Jun 15 1993RTF->TEXT no tables
1430.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Jun 15 1993Error Converting RTF to WPL
1431.02GALVIA::MCCABEThu Jun 17 1993PICT converter ignores SGA_IMG_BRT_POLARITY
1432.03CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 22 1993'Document contains no pages' in CDAViewer
1433.03PRSSOS::GEORGESWed Jun 23 1993CDA Main French Customer's Problem (CDA/DECwrite)
1434.06TENTO1::MARSHALLJWed Jun 23 1993ASCII_FIELD import field truncation
1435.02PINKIE::STONESThu Jun 24 1993ddif -> rtf Table conversion error
1436.06COLThu Jun 24 1993Problem convert CGM-File
1437.07SEDOAS::DEMOPC::RupsThu Jun 24 1993General Protection Fault when importing RTF file.
1438.011CADSYS::LEMONSMon Jun 28 1993CONVERT/DOCUMENT ACCVIO using Graphics coverter
1439.02CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jun 29 1993Converted file won't plot to HP plotter
1440.04GIDDAY::BURTFri Jul 02 1993DECwrite export to WPL - TAB problem
1441.02GALVIA::UKELLYFri Jul 02 1993WPL to Wordperfect problem.
1442.01UNTADH::HITCHENSFri Jul 02 1993I don't seem to be able to enter notes in the galvia::cda conference, Is this a bug ?
1443.02UNTADH::HITCHENSFri Jul 02 1993Problem with DECdesign ddif to rtf conversion, fonts
1444.013COLFri Jul 02 1993WPL DDIF BLOCKS - CDA CONVERTER PACK TeamLinks
1445.03GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jul 06 1993PowerPoint TIFF to DDIF after NFT problem
1446.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jul 06 1993Bookshelf bug in VMS Online Documentation CD
1447.03BUSHIE::SETHIWed Jul 07 1993CDA 2.
1448.03PEARS::LAYHWed Jul 07 1993severe performance problems RTF -> DDIF
1449.06GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed Jul 07 1993Palette TIFF->DDIF problem!!!
1450.03AUSSIE::CHATTERJEEThu Jul 08 1993Stream RTF -> DDIF loses data
1451.08MUCTEC::EIBLThu Jul 08 1993IPMT CFS.4571 TIFF ->DDIF file can't be read by DECpaint
1453.03PEARS::KIRBACHWed Jul 14 1993DDIF -> WPL, Page numbers lost in WPS-PLUS document
1454.07MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Jul 19 1993dtif >ascii_tabular > dtif
1455.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Jul 19 1993How to size several A4 DDIF pages to 1 A3 PS page
1456.01GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Jul 19 1993RTF converter on teamlinks puts up too many dialogs
1457.02VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Jul 19 1993DDIF->RTF -- style names lost
1458.03GALVIA::JJOYCEWed Jul 21 1993TIFF options
1459.01MUDIS3::FISCALThu Jul 22 1993DECwrite --> Winword
1460.05MUDIS3::FISCALThu Jul 22 1993AmiPro (RTF) -->DDIF
1461.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jul 22 1993RTF ALIGNBREAK option appears to not work
1462.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jul 22 1993WORD5 INFOLINE appears to not work
1463.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jul 22 1993Wordperfect ADJUST, INFOLINE appears to not work
1464.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jul 22 1993Wordperfect USERFONTINFO documentation<>code
1465.06PRSSOS::GEORGESMon Jul 26 1993PICT (T2.2) -> DDIF - %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
1466.03OASS::NORRIS_RMon Jul 26 1993word5 to wpl lacking.
1467.06MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Jul 27 1993Missing SPACES between words using RTF->DDIF converter??
1468.01GALVIA::QUIGLEYTue Jul 27 1993accvio in text BE converter
1469.01GALVIA::UKELLYWed Jul 28 1993CDA Viever logs me out of workstation
1470.04EUSEBE::STURTWed Jul 28 1993RTF FE accvio
1471.04ZURFri Jul 30 1993RTF, no headers/footers with CDA Viewer
1472.0AUSSIE::GARSONTue Aug 03 1993DDIF -> PS ACCVIO (printf bug)
1474.01EISCPM::MCCANNThu Aug 05 1993Ultrix DDIF->PS (called) - READFAIL?
1475.01GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Aug 09 1993HELP CONVERT/DOC misspells OVERIDE_FORMAT option
1476.01GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Aug 09 1993TEXT output converter option processing wrong
1477.06GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Aug 12 1993Ultrix TIFF output converter gives poor results
1478.01COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDThu Aug 12 1993FT1 WORDP converters, 8-bit characters bug(s)
1479.02CGOOA::OWONGFri Aug 13 1993Loop doing RTF -> TEXT conversion.
1480.01TSTPRO::GORRMon Aug 16 1993IMAGE View - DECW$DWTMSG access violation
1481.04MSDOA::FRYLANDMon Aug 16 1993lists created in DECwrite don't work in VIEWER??
1482.0GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Aug 17 1993All output conv.should use attribute inheritance
1483.01GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Aug 17 1993RTF OUTPUT FONTMAP syntax is reversed.
1484.03OASS::BURDEN_DTue Aug 17 1993WK3 -> DTIF with blank space = accvio
1485.03OASS::BURDEN_DTue Aug 17 1993WK3->DTIF with $ and 3d spreadsheets
1486.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Aug 18 1993Wordperfect converter should use attribute enheritance
1487.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Aug 18 1993Converters should report SINGLE facility code
1488.08KERNEL::LOATThu Aug 19 1993
1489.0PINKIE::STONESFri Aug 20 1993double-sided PS document fails in CDA viewer
1490.04BERNSat Aug 21 1993RTF conversion + bad file attribut
1492.03GALVIA::ESTONETue Aug 24 1993WordPerfect to TIFF - Loss of Tabs and L,R Margin Justification
1493.02GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Aug 25 1993Problems with dots$pack, dots$unpack on DOS/WINDOWS
1494.01BERNWed Sep 01 1993DDIF style file synthax?
1495.01GALVIA::FONEILLWed Sep 01 1993Cannot save DECwrite Book (with separate chapter doc.s) if book-style points to a chapter doc-style
1496.01GALVIA::FONEILLWed Sep 01 1993To get correctly positioned graphic printed (DEC logo) it must be offset on the screen
1497.0PINKIE::STONESThu Sep 02 1993Viewer file selection bug in pre-release OSF (Sterling) kit.
1498.01CVG::PETTENGILLTue Sep 07 1993WPL fails IVP during CDACVTLIB V2.
1499.05TAMARA::HOVEYWed Sep 08 1993CDA4DOS WPL front end cannot read Italian wpl files.
1500.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Sep 08 1993IPMT CFS.5335 Some Ps files don't display in viewer
1501.06KERNEL::LOATWed Sep 08 1993cdoc: unsupported document conversion?
1502.03PEARS::LAYHWed Sep 08 1993RTF Fe FT 2.2 loops on RTF filefrom Winword V2.
1503.02PRSSOS::GEORGESWed Sep 08 1993DDIF -> TIFF %Tiff-e-Unsupplanar
1504.05TOPPER::BARHAMThu Sep 09 1993DIF to WPL, invalid type indicator, numeric value etc
1505.01MLNTSC::DALPORTOMon Sep 13 1993DDIF to PS with change of paper size.
1506.05PINKIE::STONESWed Sep 15 1993Viewer won't display PS with included file.
1507.05TETLEY::CHITNISFri Sep 17 1993CDA Converter Library V2.2 ...
1508.02GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Sep 21 1993Need style conversion for RTF converter
1509.08KURTAN::WILHELMSSONWed Sep 22 1993RFT-DCA to RTF, small font
1510.01GALVIA::ECULLENFri Sep 24 1993CGM cleartext encoding causes FE to accvio
1511.05CASE4U::BAUERWed Sep 29 1993export to CGM fails
1512.03GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Sep 29 1993IPMT CFS.6
1513.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Sep 30 1993TIFF to DDIF Converter and Paint from CDA#2153
1514.03CASE4U::BAUERThu Sep 30 1993DDIF->RTF problems
1515.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Sep 30 1993Need RTF MAC MSWORD v5 support
1516.03GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Oct 05 1993"Unexpected error" message from GIF source conv.
1517.01GALVIA::DUKETue Oct 05 1993Only see left-most 75% of PS file when displaying DECwindows mail on Ultrix
1518.04GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Oct 05 1993DDIF->TIFF conversion on ULTRIX vs VMS
1519.03UNTADI::BAUERWed Oct 06 1993DDIF->WORDP problems
1521.0GALVIA::KEATINGWed Oct 06 1993dxvdoc Help On Version has wrong O/S version
1522.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Oct 06 1993Pages of test lost in RTF->TEXT
1523.01PINKIE::STONESThu Oct 07 1993OSF/1 QAR. Image not displayed properly on 75dpi screen.
1524.01GALVIA::DUKEThu Oct 07 1993DECW-SSB QAR : Viewer/PSBE can't handle doc containing font with non-null ASN field
1525.03GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 07 1993accvio on conversion
1526.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 07 1993DDIF->RTF ext.ref.s and style files not found
1527.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 07 1993ddif->rtf soft page break converted to paragraph break
1528.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 07 1993ddif->rtf - incorrect font size in a footer
1529.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Oct 07 1993ddif->rtf - cross-references generate TC fields (TOC entry)
1530.06ZURFri Oct 08 1993CDA PS different to DECwrite PS. Fix?
1531.0PINKIE::STONESMon Oct 11 1993Viewer not displaying pages when "go to end of doc" arrow is used.
1532.02GALVIA::DUKEMon Oct 11 1993DECW-SSB QAR: Graphics are tilted & moved out of view on Alpha not on VAX
1533.08KERNEL::LOATMon Oct 18 1993View this TIFF file?
1534.02GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Oct 19 1993RTF Accvios from fixed frames/text blocks
1535.07PLAYER::WASHINGTONThu Oct 21 1993AFS converter repositions copyright page
1536.06MLNTSC::DALPORTOThu Oct 21 1993Problem converting TIFF to PS
1537.02MTITAN::FREWINThu Oct 21 1993CDA v2.2 ft2 Fails Install
1538.01AIRBAG::SWATKOMon Oct 25 1993RTF back-end converter dies with ACCVIO
1539.05ZURWed Oct 27 1993Ascii Tabular IFT2 not shared installable
1540.03ZURMon Nov 01 1993color/compressed tiff image support?
1541.0PINKIE::DUKETue Nov 02 1993shouldn't repaint screen multiple times in response to an exposure
1542.0PINKIE::DUKETue Nov 02 1993Don't scroll back to top when moving to next page
1543.01PLAYER::WASHINGTONWed Nov 03 1993%AFS-F-CDAFAIL, Unexpected error from a CDA toolkit function
1544.02PEARS::LAYHWed Nov 03 1993sixel FE prototype for customer?
1545.02LOOKIN::BARHAMWed Nov 03 1993TIFF image to DDIF - Unsupported Document Conversion
1546.09GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Nov 04 1993export to CGM problems
1547.01PEARS::LAYHThu Nov 04 1993Graphics BE and HPGL-2?
1548.08PLAYER::VANDYCKFri Nov 05 1993Installation of CDA V2.2 FT2 failed
1549.01GALVIA::DUKETue Nov 09 1993Converter Library Won't Install without DECwindows.
1550.07GALVIA::ECULLENThu Nov 11 1993
1551.01CRAYON::GENTThu Nov 11 1993ACCVIO from BMP input converter
1552.02STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TWed Nov 17 1993RTF -> DDIF conversion !
1553.01GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993Macpaint converter produces error message in IVP
1554.05SIBILO::BARBERISThu Nov 18 1993Help : converting WORD for MAC to ASCI format for VMS
1555.04TOSSUB::CIPOLLONEThu Nov 18 1993rtf->pict->ddif = GRAPHCNVERR
1556.02FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Nov 18 1993CDA Converter Library T2.2-FT3 installation fails
1557.06GALVIA::DUKEFri Nov 19 1993Convert DDIF -> DDIF => doc size goes from 422 -> 2 blocks
1558.01HLDGMon Nov 22 1993Dia criticals, DDIF, RTF and WORD5
1559.02GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Nov 22 1993IPMT: CFS.7135 RTF w line graphics not goog
1560.05PEARS::KIRBACHTue Nov 23 1993CDA-E-ALLOCFAIL converting from DDIF to CGM
1561.01GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Nov 23 19932.2 FT3 install probs
1562.05HLDGTue Nov 23 1993Installation problem V2.2 EFT3
1563.09KERNEL::LOATFri Nov 26 1993
1564.03HLDGTue Nov 30 1993RTF target cvter treats font id.s as case sensitive
1565.05PEARS::LAYHThu Dec 02 1993V2.
1566.01AUSSIE::LISTERMon Dec 06 1993CDA viewer crashes Ultrix session manager
1567.02GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Dec 09 1993Missing lines after RTF->TEXT
1568.04KERNEL::LOATFri Dec 10 1993CGM->DDIF - Invalid opcode.
1569.0GALVIA::DUKEMon Dec 13 1993OSF QAR 1821
1570.0GALVIA::DUKEMon Dec 13 1993OSF QAR
1571.0GALVIA::DUKEMon Dec 13 1993OSF QAR 18
1572.0GALVIA::DUKEMon Dec 13 1993OSF QAR 18
1573.0GALVIA::DUKEMon Dec 13 1993OSF QAR 17884(L): /usr/lib/cda/cl_day.doc_style. gid is incorrect
1574.01GALVIA::DUKETue Dec 14 1993IPMT: CFS.7659 : PS viewer gets 'formatting errors' when scrollbars are used
1575.02STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TFri Dec 17 1993DDIF to TIFF conversion in ULTRIX CDA converterlibrary 2.
1576.01FUNYET::ANDERSONSat Dec 18 1993Nits with installation procedure
1577.0GALVIA::DUKETue Dec 21 1993OSF QAR 18529(H): Core dump when viewer tries to read a file of TEXT format
1578.01GALVIA::DUKEWed Jan 05 1994OSF QAR 18775(H): dxvdoc fails to display a PS doc
1579.04GALVIA::DUKEThu Jan 06 1994CORAL_FT QAR
1580.01GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Jan 07 1994Con.Lib. IVP messaging to be more clear
1581.01GALVIA::DUKEMon Jan 10 1994OSF QAR 18948(S): dxvdoc core dumps with PS file
1582.07GIDDAY::JOYCETue Jan 11 1994Problems importing PICT into DECwrite
1583.03GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 11 1994IPMT CFS.8182 - The MACintosh gives an error that says: wrong flavour of TIFF
1584.04MUNICH::VASSIGHTue Jan 11 1994CDA(2.
1585.01GALVIA::DUKEWed Jan 12 1994OSF QAR 19
1586.04GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Jan 14 1994IPMT CFS.7341 RTF with embedded PICT -> DDIF doesn't work
1587.03GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Jan 17 1994WPL converter fails IVP
1588.015PLAYER::WASHINGTONWed Jan 19 1994DDIF -> AFS -> DDIF Page style problem
1589.0ISIDRO::TORRECILLAThu Jan 20 1994Wordperfect margin problems
1590.0GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jan 20 1994IPMT CFS.7535 problem during file conversion in decwrite
1592.0GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Jan 20 1994IPMT CFS.8568 DECwrite ps <> ddif$write_ps
1594.01GALVIA::DUKEMon Jan 24 1994OSF QAR 19386 (S): dxvdox crashes trying to read ddif files on bl9 pass1
1595.010GALVIA::CBECKETTTue Jan 25 1994Can't convert WPL using V2.2
1596.06MUNICH::RUZICKATue Jan 25 1994isl-f-invargcon with tiff compre to tiff uncom
1597.04YUPPY::WOOLLEYThu Jan 27 1994Include WORDP doc into DECwrite problem
1598.01CTHP12::M_MORINThu Jan 27 1994RTF-->DDIF, problems with tables.
1599.02GALVIA::ECULLENMon Jan 31 1994Conversion of large tiff file to ddif
1600.03GALVIA::DUKETue Feb 01 1994DECW_MOTIF_IFT QAR 578(M): Viewer doesn't display shading correctly
1601.01GALVIA::CBECKETTThu Feb 03 1994Kit install must handle help flexibly
1602.03ANGLIN::KUTZTue Feb 15 1994WK3-->DTIF wide spreadsheet
1603.01LYOISA::ROCHETue Feb 15 1994ACCVIO in WPL front end IVP
1605.07KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Feb 17 1994CDA$PACK problems with postscript files
1606.01GALVIA::DUKEMon Feb 21 1994DECW-MOTIF-IFT QAR 62
1607.01DENEBE::SVIGAMon Feb 28 1994Help about CDA error message
1608.012BACHUS::RENTYWed Mar 09 1994Known problems with DDIF to TIFF conversion , patches ?
1609.05KERNEL::LOATThu Mar 10 1994DEcwrite vs. Viewer
1610.06KERNEL::LOATWed Mar 16 1994IPMT CFS.1
1611.05TKTVFS::HAYASHI_MThu Mar 17 1994Problem with TIFF FE (VMS V6.
1612.01OSLAGE::AGE_PFri Mar 18 1994Strange behaviour when Viewing DECwrite document(unuseable!)
1613.02KONING::KONINGWed Mar 23 1994CGM backend crashes and other bugs
1614.05KONING::KONINGFri Mar 25 1994CGM and Coreldraw V3
1615.01HAN::KUNTZEFri Mar 25 1994%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, with CDACVTLIB 2.2 converting .DOC to .CGM
1616.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKTue Mar 29 1994Capture screen,DDIF->TIFF in ULTRIX CDA V2.
1617.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Mar 30 1994DECW-MOTIF-IFT QAR 644(H): PS viewer display gives blank pages
1618.03MUNDIS::PHOFSTETTERWed Mar 30 1994ddifps does not work correctly
1619.04PMRV7Thu Mar 31 1994Bleeding/dripping postscript documents
1620.01GALVIA::DUKEThu Mar 31 1994OSF_QAR 21621 (S): dxvdoc seg faults when trying to read .ps or .text files
1621.02KERNEL::LOATThu Apr 07 1994RUNOFF to DDIF problem
1622.04KERNEL::LOATTue Apr 12 1994DTIF->PS landscape?
1623.01GALVIA::DUKEFri Apr 15 1994OSF_QAR 2215
1624.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MFri Apr 15 1994After upgrading to CDA 2.2 IVP for WPL failed !
1625.02GALVIA::DUKETue Apr 19 1994OSF_QAR 22298(H): dxvdoc core dumps ion OSF/1 Gold (V3.
1626.01GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994DECW-SSB QAR
1627.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994DECW-V11-REL_NOTES QAR 54(N): CDA Viewer will not find DECfonts V1.1 Linotext text,
1628.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994DECW-V3-REL_NOTES QAR 122(M): PS BE & limit check error from either X or the PostScript Printer.
1629.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994SPR_VMS_V5 QAR 1921(L): The include-file sys$library:CDA$CDA_.ADA is wrong.
1630.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994SPR_VMS_V5 QAR 2215(L): PS viewer - wrong page size
1631.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994V5 QAR 2949(H): text lines up wrong in viewer
1632.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994SPR_VMS_V5 QAR 2294(M): CDA Viewer misses out the last page of the document.
1633.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994V5 QAR 4928(Z): Include PS2TEXT with CC viewer ?
1634.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994DECW-SSB QAR 872(H): only the left hand 75% or so of the page is visible
1635.01GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994SPR_VMS_V5 QAR
1636.02GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994PSBE Exits Unexpectedly - OSF/1 AXP
1638.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 9384(H): libcda calls setlocale(). It shouldn't.
1639.06GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 9866 (L): DTIFDDIF -A, -G coredumps (fixed ?)
1640.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 1
1641.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 131
1644.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 13377(M): PS file will not display
1645.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 15
1646.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Apr 20 1994OSF_QAR 16138(H): cda_open_text_file routines fails
1647.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed May 11 1994See note 2296 in the CDA notes conference (GALVIA::CDA)