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Conference orarep::nomahs::rally

Title:Oracle Rally
Notice:Rally Kits moved from CLT to Wilbry
Created:Fri Mar 23 1990
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2942
Total number of notes:14664
Number with bodies:71
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1.024GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Welcome to the RALLY V2.2 notes conference
2.0394GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990How to get kits
3.0124GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990How to get documentation
4.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990How to get support
5.014GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990How to report problems
6.024GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990RALLY SPDs and SSAs
7.034GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Related notes conferences
8.024GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Release schedule
9.0204GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990RALLY Training
10.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Operational notes on this notes conference
11.011LOV::LASHERThu Nov 29 1990Slides and other promotional materials
12.0184GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Support Articles
13.014GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990V2.2 Patch Information...See Note 284
14.044GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990V2.3 Patch Information
15.024GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990V3.
16.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Reserved
17.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Reserved
18.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Reserved
19.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Reserved
20.04GL::LASHERFri Mar 23 1990Reserved
21.01MINDER::PICKERINGTue Mar 27 1990ODI & DECforms
22.01DICKNS::FRIEDMANWed Mar 28 1990Upgrade server *and* client?
23.01PRSIS4::LARDUINATThu Mar 29 1990default application problem
24.04MINDER::PICKERINGMon Apr 02 1990Recalling extend QBE parameters
25.06MINNY::OLLODARTMon Apr 02 1990Questions /observations conditional formatting
26.01NSDC::SIMPSONWed Apr 04 1990LOV information to 3GL DSD
27.05COPCMT::RIISThu Apr 05 1990LSEdit and ADL
28.0RICARD::ZANONIFri Apr 06 1990FT2.2-24 kit available from Valbonne
29.04BAHTAT::BLYTHEWed Apr 11 1990Create Default Application
30.01UBEAUT::MACKAYSat Apr 14 1990Visiting conditional formatted fields
31.04GL::HENNINGMon Apr 23 1990RALLY improvements vote
32.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Apr 26 1990parallel installation of 2.2 and 2.1a
33.04TAVWed May 09 1990Why ACMS Example ?
34.03VLOMFG::WUAFri May 11 1990ADL to commit update
35.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon May 14 1990QAR system Unavailable after login.
36.08GIDDAY::SCHIPPMon May 14 1990Stored Running Aggregates problem
37.01LYOIS1::NEJJARFri May 18 1990getting started
39.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed May 23 1990FT2 Installation fail, the FIX is ...
40.01DICKNS::FRIEDMANFri May 25 1990Upgrade recommendation requested
41.08COLBIS::DREHERMon May 28 1990New transaction when reread LOV ?
42.05PRSIS4::LARDUINATThu May 31 1990Bug in RALLY COMPACT (Out or from D.S.) !!!
43.02BEAGLE::ZANONIThu May 31 1990Performance problem
44.09STKHLM::ARENDIThu May 31 1990Global variable in external link gives -F-ROPRAND?!
45.01MEO78B::RINGMon Jun 04 1990After Insert not working
46.014GL::TROGERSTue Jun 05 1990Transaction mgt diagrams
47.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Jun 06 1990Cheers to you folks.
48.05STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jun 11 1990Escape sequenses for printer
49.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jun 14 1990QAR system isn't working.
50.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jun 14 1990LOV is behaving differently.
51.01TOOHOT::PUCHIThu Jun 14 1990need features info
52.04CASP::SEIDMANFri Jun 15 1990Merge bugchecked
53.04ARRODS::HOONHOUTTue Jun 19 1990Problem with SMG example from Cook Book
54.02GOOBER::ROSSFri Jun 22 1990What does FORCE_OUTPUT do?
55.04GOOBER::ROSSFri Jun 22 1990Attributes of FR Packet form is cluttered
56.04HERON::ROBINSONThu Jun 28 1990Problems with Rally and 2PC
57.01ALICAT::MACKAYFri Jun 29 1990T2.2-24 ACCVIO on compact or merge
58.02491Mon Jul 02 1990Conditional LOV pb
59.06MQOUWed Jul 04 1990tracing log on Rdb tables
60.06CASP::SEIDMANThu Jul 05 1990Code bug or UI bug?
61.01GOOBER::ROSSFri Jul 06 1990Minor layout problem in definition system
62.01HERON::ROBINSONThu Jul 12 1990Small problem with fields copied from LOVs
63.0MSDSWS::JANSENThu Jul 12 1990Simple report problem
64.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIWed Jul 25 1990RALLY and ACMS
65.02FROCKY::LINKThu Aug 02 1990Indep. Sibling Groups
66.015STKHLM::CARLSSONThu Aug 02 1990Access Oracle DB?
67.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Aug 07 1990Any timeframe on FT3
68.03LVIRA::STRYKERWed Aug 08 1990Field attributes inherited from CDD/Plus
69.07MEO78B::RINGThu Aug 09 1990Input highlight performance problem
70.01LVIRA::STRYKERTue Aug 14 1990Piddling error when creating DSD from Edit Applic
71.07LVIRA::STRYKERTue Aug 14 1990Before-visit group action site?
72.02GOOBER::ROSSWed Aug 15 1990LOV generates blank record in G1
73.02HARDY::HYNESThu Aug 16 1990How to query against sibling groups?
75.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Aug 20 1990EDIT creates STRANGE integrity errors in FT3.
76.03ZUDEV1::OLLODARTWed Aug 22 1990Install Command Procedure has problems
77.05QCAVThu Aug 23 1990Presentation material
78.010CASP::SEIDMANThu Aug 23 1990STARTS WITH problem
79.04CASP::SEIDMANThu Aug 23 1990Release Notes question
80.04ZURFCC::OLLODARTThu Aug 23 1990Conditional text again and default application
81.07KYOA::KOCHFri Aug 24 1990Bookreader format RALLY documentation...
82.0CASP::SEIDMANSun Aug 26 1990DSD edit bugchecked
83.05QCAVMon Aug 27 1990RALLY performance
84.07CASP::SEIDMANMon Aug 27 1990Documentation Nit-Picks
85.01MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Aug 27 1990History
86.05CGOSTue Aug 28 1990Rdb READ-ONLY DSD WAIT transactions?
87.04CASP::SEIDMANTue Aug 28 1990A pat on the back
88.05ALICAT::MACKAYFri Aug 31 1990Problem with PAK for T2.2-26
89.01TAVWed Sep 05 1990Default application with many tables
90.04ALICAT::MACKAYThu Sep 06 1990SET_CURRENT_FIELD problem with T2.2-26
91.0UTRTSC::MACKRILLFri Sep 07 1990ALL-IN-1 calling RALLY calling WPS-PLUS
92.02PRSSOS::FRANBERMon Sep 10 1990Bugchek on AFRUDD (ACCVIO)
93.06TAVTue Sep 11 1990Bugcheck in extended query
94.04CASP::SEIDMANWed Sep 12 1990Trying to debug LOV behavior
95.05SOS6::FRANBERMon Sep 17 1990Lowercase or UPPERCASE
96.03HILLST::AMELIMon Sep 17 1990Problem with invoking a Local Function from a called task!
97.02LNKHUB::HALLBERGWed Sep 19 1990Integration with CDD/Repository?
98.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Sep 20 1990Confirm query before rollback or commit???
99.03OSLThu Sep 20 1990The only KGB member of these conference
100.05HAMCL3::MARTENTue Sep 25 1990RALLY V2.1<-> DECtrace <-> RDBexpert
101.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Sep 26 1990Worry about old QAR's
102.01RUTLND::CLYNCHThu Sep 27 1990Control Break Form/report & Commit
103.08MSBCS::ESTESThu Sep 27 1990Calling TPU and examing returned condiition values.?
104.06RUTLND::CLYNCHThu Sep 27 1990LIB$GETJPI sample needed
105.011ZUDEV1::OLLODARTThu Oct 04 1990Help on ODI for a Rally$tapes example
106.02PANIC::LILBURNFri Oct 05 1990conditional highlighting
107.04WARNUT::DUANEMon Oct 08 1990Report Writing Capabilities
108.021ACESMK::HAHNTue Oct 09 1990New RALLY Design Course - Proposal
109.08NCDEL::LITASIThu Oct 11 1990Soundex systems?
110.05MSBCS::ESTESMon Oct 15 1990Negated DSD parameters behave strangely
111.06CASP::SEIDMANThu Oct 18 1990Rdb 4.
112.016BODRUM::OZILFri Oct 19 1990performance
113.0ATZTue Oct 23 1990Conditional text-area
114.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Oct 23 1990A non-displayed key field has changed????????
115.02DPDMAI::GREERWMon Oct 22 1990Questions, questions
116.03STKHLM::ARENDIThu Oct 25 1990Aggregate count in parent group?!
117.03GAOV11::EDGARFri Oct 26 1990'Based on' bugchk - T2.2-27
118.0154GL::KIRKFri Oct 26 1990Have you tried GOLD-DO yet?
119.03PAAIEC::SCHNEPPThu Nov 01 1990Help with modifying RALLY application
120.05ODIXIE::MCCORMICKThu Nov 01 1990Demo help needed!
121.04ISTWI1::OZILFri Nov 02 1990RLLY error
122.02CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Nov 05 1990RALLY$DEBUG logical
123.03VINO::ALAMWed Nov 07 1990QBE with wild card match???
124.01CASP::SEIDMANWed Nov 07 1990Naming output files of Reports
125.04SIOG::CAVERLYThu Nov 08 1990Live Version 2.2 When??
126.08MSBCS::ESTESFri Nov 09 1990Rally CREATE in batch
127.07CBOPC3::ROSSMon Nov 12 1990Spurious semicolons in DECterm window
128.016NCDEL::PEREZTue Nov 13 1990Cursor movement and After-group ADL problems
129.02LEHIGH::CLYNCHWed Nov 14 1990Where to get COOKBOOK?
131.04HAMPS::POOREFri Nov 16 1990Free blocks for installation ?
132.04CASP::SEIDMANMon Nov 19 1990Version mismatch frustration
133.02STKHLM::ARENDITue Nov 20 1990Variable field get's wiped out after query execution?
134.02HYEND::SSACKSTue Nov 20 1990No records in executed query?
135.03STKHLM::ARENDIFri Nov 23 1990User key definition "looses" return on QBE
136.01VLOMFG::WUAMon Nov 26 1990Pass parameter to DTR procedure
137.04DICKNS::FRIEDMANMon Nov 26 1990memory-based lov?
138.01TRCAWed Nov 28 1990file read errors on kit copy
139.01BACHUS::BHT452::LEENThu Nov 29 1990get value updated by an after insert trigger
140.03NCDEL::VENTURAThu Nov 29 1990LOV translation for F/R Report?
141.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Dec 05 1990In this a bug, or...
142.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Dec 05 1990Changes from V2.1 to V2.2 in behaviour ?
143.02ESSB::MCKNIGHTWed Dec 05 1990Version of Rdb
144.05MSBCS::ESTESWed Dec 05 1990Field with condtitional LOV being set to null
145.01NCDEL::SHARROWThu Dec 06 1990extended query
146.01NCDEL::SHARROWThu Dec 06 1990calculated field question
147.04NCADC1::PEREZFri Dec 07 1990Popup form from LOV ADL causing blank record
148.019NCADC1::PEREZFri Dec 07 1990Lock error on LOV forcing user to abort entry
149.03CIMPUL::BEFUMOFri Dec 07 1990TEAMDATA<-->RALLY Question
150.07NCADC1::PEREZFri Dec 07 1990Before visit group action site executing every record
151.09NCADC1::PEREZFri Dec 07 1990How to abort current record entry and stay on form?
152.02NCDEL::KERNSFri Dec 07 1990ADL not completing
153.06TAVSun Dec 09 1990Fields had been updated ?
154.02ZPOVC::TEOHENMon Dec 10 1990Where's the doc?
155.014TRCOTue Dec 11 1990Failed to commit -- message
156.04RDOVAX::CARRIGANWed Dec 12 1990Application/Rally qualification
157.04KETJE::LEFEVERThu Dec 13 1990field audit - automatic field inclusion
158.01HAMPS::POORETue Dec 18 1990Additional places you can SET_FAILURE () ?
159.08AIMHI::WILSONTue Dec 18 1990RALLY Dataset from WPS+ List Processing?
160.0HESIRI::FOSTERWed Dec 19 1990Third-party applications using RALLY?
161.02STKHLM::ERIKSSON_CFri Dec 21 1990characters in double-high&width?
162.05IJSAPL::KESSELSFri Dec 21 1990Working... disappeared
163.04TAVSun Dec 23 1990RALLY Hotline No.
164.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jan 03 1991A wish for TID
165.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Jan 03 1991Filler problem fixed ?
166.01BRADOR::EMONFri Jan 04 1991help vistation order screwed up
167.01FRAMBO::LINKWed Jan 09 1991Change digit of external field in a DSD !
168.03NCADC1::PEREZThu Jan 10 1991Removing the selected choice from the LOV
169.03TAVMon Jan 14 1991Performance of performance features
170.0BEAGLE::ZANONITue Jan 15 1991Need for a second European rally update seminar?
171.03MYOPE::MACKAYTue Jan 15 1991RALLY_DESIGNER application design tool available
172.04BEAGLE::ZANONIWed Jan 16 1991Error running Rally-ACMS example
173.03NCADC1::PEREZWed Jan 16 1991How do I FINISH ACTION from an ADL?
174.0DUGROS::ROSSThu Jan 17 1991Bugchk when CALL_CMD SPAWN from MAIN_MENU
175.03NCADC1::PEREZMon Jan 21 1991Undesirable screen popping up.
176.04IJSAPL::KESSELSTue Jan 22 1991Default application / CDD
177.0DELNI::TATETue Jan 22 1991RALLY ---->ACMS
178.03VAXRIO::MICHELWed Jan 23 1991Problem with builder tools
179.04TAVThu Jan 24 1991v2.2 available ?
180.02ARRODS::HOONHOUTThu Jan 24 1991Help/Error default filenames should be .RGH/.RGE
181.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYThu Jan 24 1991Did I miss something?
182.01DICKNS::FRIEDMANFri Jan 25 1991DATE: 14 or 8 bytes?
183.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Jan 28 1991Wrong week numbers from Rally
184.06--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 28 1991RALLY V2.2 training
185.01DELNI::TATEMon Jan 28 1991ACMS backend using Rally Front end
186.01MSAMTue Jan 29 1991Latest Release Date ?
187.02ROMOIS::DIIORIOThu Jan 31 1991define a 'COMMIT' key
188.08PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jan 31 1991
189.03NCADC1::PEREZThu Jan 31 1991Internal error, SPRs, swear words, and RALLY
190.03GLORY::MUNYANFri Feb 01 1991upgrade corrupts DCLTABLES
191.04TOLKIN::SWEENEYMon Feb 04 1991{ copy metadata with rally ? }
192.01HOTAIR::GLOVERMon Feb 04 1991color highlighting?
193.04VNASWS::EDERTue Feb 05 1991How to debug ODI routines ??
194.07HAMPS::POORETue Feb 05 1991Can't see Datatrieve Domains
195.04LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Feb 06 1991How it's going to be rally v2.2 course?
196.04VAOUWed Feb 06 1991Problem creating an ODI DSD (1 field/record)
197.02BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Feb 06 1991Rally licensing
198.07IJSAPL::LOOIJENFri Feb 08 1991FT5 create default application
199.02IJSAPL::LOOIJENFri Feb 08 1991rally$editor LSE
200.01GLORY::LAIFri Feb 08 1991V2.2 officially released?
201.015WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Feb 08 1991delta time?
202.06TRCOTue Feb 12 1991RALLY SALES DEMO and V2.2
203.08CRBOSS::GALLAGHERWed Feb 13 1991What does this error message mean?
204.03ARRODS::HOONHOUTWed Feb 13 1991Unofficial VAX RALLY product overview (PS)
205.04CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Feb 13 1991ODI, consumes virtmem on an OPEN
206.0SUENOS::MURPHYWed Feb 13 19914GL/QCA Project - Request for competitive information
207.02HAMPS::POOREThu Feb 14 1991Required in Query mode disables Extended Query
208.04VNASWS::EDERThu Feb 14 1991How to use implicit STARTS WITH in LOV based on ODI
209.07WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Feb 14 1991basic editing questions
210.03WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Feb 15 1991two bugchecks
211.01QCAVMon Feb 18 1991external program link -- how to create
212.01MAJORS::REVELLTue Feb 19 1991Re-order field visitation
213.014GL::TROGERSFri Feb 22 1991FRS for VAX RALLY V2.2 was Feb 19
214.0TAVMon Feb 25 1991Application commands within error task
215.015TAVMon Feb 25 1991working...message while in external link
216.04CPDW::SEIDMANMon Feb 25 1991RETURN TO problem
217.02WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Feb 25 1991how do you get the first record into a child group?
218.05WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Feb 25 1991screen editor problem
219.05SOS6::FRANBERWed Feb 27 1991ODI and RESTRICT_STREAM parameters
220.02MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Mar 01 1991Variable input editing rules
221.08ZUDEV1::OLLODARTFri Mar 01 1991Technique for easy navigation !
222.02NEMAIL::SOLMon Mar 04 1991RALLY 2.2 availability to customers
223.03VLOMFG::OLLIERTue Mar 05 1991debug problem
224.07WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Mar 05 1991Can't add a LOV to a field
225.02DUGROS::ROSSWed Mar 06 1991Time-only date format
226.03DUGROS::ROSSWed Mar 06 1991Horizontal Scrolling of fields by default
227.02EVTIS2::DELOBELFri Mar 08 1991working during external ling
228.01AKOCOA::DROMANOFri Mar 08 1991Support for Kanji characters (8-bit)?
229.0KOBAL::KIRKMon Mar 11 1991Can you help with the field test of DECtrace support?
230.01DUGROS::ROSSMon Mar 11 1991Accessing previous record values
231.03TAVTue Mar 12 1991prob in conditinal_display
232.08WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Mar 12 1991LINK/SHARE question
233.02ZPOVC::KUMTONGWed Mar 13 1991Problem on aggregate field in DSD on RALLY 2.2
234.06SHIRE::TONINATOWed Mar 13 1991Rally V2.2 and EASE
235.02TAVWed Mar 13 1991DO KEY & RESTRICTION PROB.
236.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Mar 14 1991INSERT mode and new transaction settings
237.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Mar 14 1991Why all those I/O's when Inserting
238.08CPDW::SEIDMANThu Mar 14 1991Report output format
239.09WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 14 1991LOV questions
240.015WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 14 1991friendlier handling of groups that display multiple records
241.01KOBAL::HENNINGFri Mar 15 1991Exciting Opportunity
242.014NCADC1::PEREZSat Mar 16 1991Application APPEARS to be using a lot of memory
243.01TAVSun Mar 17 1991CALL_CMD PROBLEMS
244.01SWTHOM::PERMALLMon Mar 18 1991'M' on last field if ENTER => NEXT FIELD
245.01TAVTue Mar 19 1991RGA documetation
246.01TAVTue Mar 19 1991Query problem
247.06DICKNS::FRIEDMANTue Mar 19 1991RDB 4.
249.09NCADC1::PEREZTue Mar 19 1991Undesired UPDATE/COMMIT from inside of ADL
250.03IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed Mar 20 1991Foreign key and F/R
251.0EEMELI::ROUHUWed Mar 20 1991How to disable CONTROL/C but not CONTROL/Y
252.02ZPOVC::KUMTONGWed Mar 20 1991RALLY Bugchecks when Inserting records
253.02SSGVThu Mar 21 1991Has an Extended Query has been entered?
254.02DUGROS::ROSSThu Mar 21 1991I can name that BUGCHK in 4 keystrokes
255.05WARNUT::PICKERINGSFri Mar 22 1991else; behaviour in ADL
257.05SPACEY::CUMMINGSFri Mar 22 1991Parent Child Problem
258.02MSAMSat Mar 23 1991SPD for Rally V2.2 ?
259.01CRBOSS::GALLAGHERSun Mar 24 1991NEXT RECORD does not preserve current field
260.05BEEZER::HIGMANMon Mar 25 1991RDSBUGCHK.DMP (KOD$PREPARE) caused by app entering rec in empty db.
261.0TAVTue Mar 26 1991Last version of READ_RALLY
263.06GLORY::LAIWed Mar 27 1991Outer join in RALLY?
264.03WARNUT::PICKERINGSThu Mar 28 1991Using Action list for validation
265.01ZURThu Mar 28 1991How about multilanguage helpfiles ?
266.05MUTTON::LAMBThu Mar 28 1991Problem Saving Aggregate from Child Group into field in Parent Group
267.02VEGGI::BACHELDERFri Mar 29 1991RALLY --> Ultrix?
268.06CRBOSS::GALLAGHERSun Mar 31 1991Hundredths of a second display ??
270.02HKFINN::FRIEDMANMon Apr 01 1991field vs. record scrolling
271.06SSGVMon Apr 01 1991Attempted data value change during READ ONLY QUERY
272.09IJSAPL::SEALTIELTue Apr 02 1991only for prototyping
273.010TROATue Apr 02 1991Use of RALLY .TMP files.
274.0FDCV1Tue Apr 02 1991help with math adl error
275.08UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Apr 03 1991V2.2: ACCVIO and LOV after upgrade
276.0SIOG::CAVERLYThu Apr 04 1991Forced use of LOV
277.03SED75Thu Apr 04 1991Rally Licence Req'd
278.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Apr 04 1991QUERY->INSERT!;Symboltable use
279.02LVIRA::STRYKERThu Apr 04 1991DEC Standard
280.04DICKNS::FRIEDMANThu Apr 04 1991before insert problem
281.06YOSMTE::OLDING_NIThu Apr 04 1991Multi-group form/report problem
282.05NZOMIS::MARTINFri Apr 05 1991FIND when no records
283.01MGOIFri Apr 05 1991technical formulas in rally/rdb
284.013CSSE32::PARKERFri Apr 05 1991Information On RALLY V2.2 Patches
285.01GLDOA::VITSat Apr 06 1991Problem - a large text field manipulation
286.04NSDC::SIMPSONMon Apr 08 1991Compressible group question - doc. not clear
287.05GLDOA::VITMon Apr 08 1991Menus and Forms on same screen?
288.01DUGROS::ROSSMon Apr 08 1991Several bugs/inconsistencies found in past week
289.0WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Apr 08 1991Screen editor loses track of character set
290.0WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Apr 08 1991create DSD bugcheck
291.05SWSEIS::DESANTISMon Apr 08 1991rally$...tmp files-- why created?
292.05GRANMA::BJOHNSONTue Apr 09 1991Rally in Batch
293.013NZOMIS::MARTINTue Apr 09 1991excessive I/O on [NEXT SCREEN]
294.014WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Apr 10 1991RMS DSD problem
295.03WARNUT::PICKERINGSWed Apr 10 1991Can I pass DML status about in ADL?
296.04BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Apr 10 1991Rally to PCs?
297.03WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Apr 10 1991how to get the word QUERY to appear in query mode
298.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSThu Apr 11 1991{ and ) in ADL
299.04NSDC::SIMPSONThu Apr 11 1991Initial creation of control break group gives errors
300.01HKFINN::TRUBIANOThu Apr 11 1991Next field when full problem
301.01HARDY::HYNESThu Apr 11 1991Problem reporting NULL data
302.06LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Apr 11 1991after query action .doesn't execute?
303.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 11 1991NULL date joins
304.01BRULA::LAMAREFri Apr 12 1991Position in a group
305.05USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKIFri Apr 12 1991External Program using FMS Scroll
306.01CTHQ2::BEALSFri Apr 12 1991V2.1 Global Variable maximum
307.01STKHLM::MALMBERGFri Apr 12 1991Rally DATE field for Query-By-Example
308.01TOLKIN::SWEENEYFri Apr 12 1991concurrent users and perfromance
309.014WLDWST::TURNER_JSun Apr 14 1991How do you get the current date/time?
310.010WLDWST::TURNER_JSun Apr 14 1991Documentation for end-users?
311.01TAVMon Apr 15 1991LOV with ODI
312.01IJSAPL::KESSELSTue Apr 16 1991Slow perform. entering query-FR. Why?
313.06GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Apr 17 1991Calculation gives fields changed in underlying data source
314.05LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Apr 17 1991could be from the tmp files again...?
315.06LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Apr 17 1991those generic dificult questions...
316.03STKHLM::CARLSSONThu Apr 18 1991display/remove messages
317.04DUGROS::ROSSThu Apr 18 1991Problem with V2.2 external link
318.02UNTADH::BOWENThu Apr 18 1991Erroneous Error Messages
319.06UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Apr 18 1991Segemnted strings, external link, SQL
321.01DSVBFri Apr 19 1991Accessing RALLY Rdb Databases: views , tables From DECDecision
322.05VAXRIO::ABREUFri Apr 19 1991Number of fields ?
323.014POLAR::WEINSTEINFri Apr 19 1991READ ONLY DSD problem...
324.02CRBOSS::WOFFENDENSun Apr 21 1991An attempted updating... error
326.0IJSAPL::LOOIJENMon Apr 22 1991control break:irritating
327.02DSVBMon Apr 22 1991rally design recommendations to be 1
328.012TRCAMon Apr 22 1991Using RALLY and RTE
329.02COMICS::PYMTue Apr 23 1991Floating numbers not rounded
331.02KAHALA::KASZYNSKITue Apr 23 1991New CDD dictionary name problem
332.01CRBOSS::LESSARDTue Apr 23 1991 2 page report with 3 control breaks
333.02GIDDAY::DUBBERTue Apr 23 19912.2 Fixed
334.04COMICS::APPS_GUEST2Wed Apr 24 1991Working...Locking...
335.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Apr 24 1991RALLY demo person needed!
336.01SCAACT::SMITHDWed Apr 24 1991RMS files & Extended Queries
337.03CRBOSS::LESSARDThu Apr 25 1991Help-can you suppress printing of a group at group level
338.06CRBOSS::LESSARDThu Apr 25 1991Trouble forcing a page break
339.02WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Apr 25 1991how to get an external link to run on pressing FINISH?
340.03CRBOSS::GALLAGHERThu Apr 25 1991Mailing Labels, post card printing
341.02CRBOSS::GALLAGHERThu Apr 25 1991Horizontal Scrolling
342.01FSCORE::L_JODOINThu Apr 25 1991CDD/PLUS Field Help Messages
343.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 25 1991Why mode change?
344.01NZOMIS::MARTINFri Apr 26 1991trace log timestamps accurate?
345.03ZPOVC::KUMTONGFri Apr 26 1991Exception at
346.05POLAR::WEINSTEINFri Apr 26 1991Mapping a CLEAR FIELD to key
347.01BRSSWS::DECLERCKMon Apr 29 1991RALLY behavior after trigger executing ERROR action
348.03ESSB::MANNINGMon Apr 29 1991Date LOV Question
349.06UNTADH::BOWENMon Apr 29 1991Screen entry of numeric fields
350.04NSDC::SIMPSONMon Apr 29 1991Dynamic resizing of form query
352.02TOLKIN::SWEENEYMon Apr 29 1991field or var not active, error 15
353.01LISVAX::PASANTOSTue Apr 30 1991invoking the DB/external links
354.03TOLKIN::SWEENEYTue Apr 30 1991combining fields in A LOV
355.06COPCLU::RIISWed May 01 1991Converting from Integer to Number with 2 decimals
356.0MILPND::PARSONSWed May 01 1991WANTED! Experienced RALLY developer
357.03NSDC::SIMPSONWed May 01 1991Repeating field in a format group?!!
358.06ECAMV2::ANANDWed May 01 1991bug, feature, or development problem
359.06ESSB::JNOLANThu May 02 1991RALLY V2.2 works on one node, doesn't on another
360.01VMPIRE::STRYKERThu May 02 1991Where are the ODI language definition files?
361.015UTRTSC::SOBCZAKFri May 03 1991Serious problem after upgrade to V2.2
362.02WLDWST::TURNER_JFri May 03 1991Rally can't create sys$output
363.0VMPIRE::STRYKERMon May 06 1991Any chance of an ODI primer?
364.04KAOFS::B_ZINNMon May 06 1991RALLY$CI_FULL_PLI ???
365.03WLDWST::TURNER_JMon May 06 1991lccnotfnd error from CDD
366.06WLDWST::TURNER_JMon May 06 1991how to set up a front-end to a report?
368.05NMGDV4::DOEVETue May 07 1991Process loops/hangs during LOV !
369.02UTOPIE::KREISLERTue May 07 1991Default Appllication problems
370.07ZURTue May 07 1991Problmes after upgrade 2.1A->2.2
371.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue May 07 1991Minor but very usefull in daily life
373.01TAVTue May 07 1991defualt application
374.02WLDWST::TURNER_JTue May 07 1991dictionary locked by another user
375.04WLDWST::TURNER_JTue May 07 1991why would an external link not be called?
376.02KAOFS::K_MAINWed May 08 1991Internal RALLY Calendar/Scheduling applications ?
377.01CRBOSS::GALLAGHERWed May 08 1991How to get into the QAR system on LEGO
378.0UTOPIE::KREISLERWed May 08 1991Extended Query in German, problem and fix
379.04IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 08 1991lov copied fields??
380.05FINE::HABERWed May 08 1991problem with GET_CMD
381.01FINE::HABERWed May 08 1991validation causing bug check dump
382.06ZURFCC::OLLODARTWed May 08 1991question on copy LOVS and restricting LOVS
383.05KYOA::HANSONWed May 08 1991How best to "spawn" functions?
384.06COPCLU::RIISWed May 08 1991[Next Screen] in LOV seems to be looping
385.02WLDWST::TURNER_JWed May 08 1991how do you modify the cdd pathname for a dsd?
386.04HYEND::BPAQUINWed May 08 1991Problem with external program
387.04DICKNS::FRIEDMANWed May 08 1991before FR / computed fields
388.05MARINR::KUMARWed May 08 1991Sub totals - for substring of a field
389.09WLDWST::TURNER_JWed May 08 1991LOV from two relations merged?
390.07NZOMIS::MARTINThu May 09 1991RO trans when insert into child gp
391.012LISVAX::PASANTOSThu May 09 1991update,verify ...nothing works...
392.06TAVThu May 09 1991Rally and CDD/Plus problem
393.013COMICS::PYMThu May 09 1991Gold downarrow performance
395.07ADODEM::LEBLANCFri May 10 1991Config management
396.09FLOPPI::TENBRINKEFri May 10 1991DECwindows interface on Rally
398.012CRBOSS::GALLAGHERFri May 10 1991Changing the database via Rally and VMS instal
399.02DICKNS::FRIEDMANSat May 11 1991AMMHRM Bugchk, QAR #476
400.04ATZSat May 11 1991FMS and RALLY
401.02IJSAPL::LOOIJENMon May 13 1991weeknr format
402.02ODIXIE::CAIRNSMon May 13 1991ADL in RALLY
403.03WLDWST::TURNER_JMon May 13 1991DSD with RSE of DATE EQ NULL
404.06STKHLM::ARENDITue May 14 1991AFRPAF and AFR_FIND_IMPORT Known???
405.09ESSB::VMURPHYTue May 14 1991Problem on 2.2 with DSD
406.01ATZTue May 14 1991Thats what I want
407.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 15 1991Cond next fld only forward direction
408.03COMICS::PYMWed May 15 1991lib$char - problems converting
409.02ZUDEV1::OLLODARTWed May 15 1991Extended Query - Questions
410.05SAILON::KUMARWed May 15 1991Brackets for negative sign
411.019IJSAPL::LOOIJENThu May 16 1991insert in query-mode
413.03MASALA::CJARDINEThu May 16 1991know of any european training soon?
414.03LISVAX::PASANTOSThu May 16 1991another trick to commit everything...
416.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri May 17 1991Rally compared to DECforms (with[out] ACMS)
417.014VAXRIO::AZEVEDOFri May 17 1991Large TMPs files during report creation
418.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENFri May 17 1991Translate Rdb-errors??
419.04CRBOSS::GALLAGHERMon May 20 1991Sequence search's and default input and indexs
420.03LEMAN::DECREVELTue May 21 1991%RALLY-E-ERRCLOFIL, error closing file SYS$OUTPUT:.;
421.012PENUTS::CONNELLYWed May 22 1991Checksum error/eco patches rally v2.2
422.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 22 1991patches
423.02IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 22 19911:menu, 2:multi-line-fld
424.08COMICS::PYMWed May 22 1991Problem with projection...?
425.03QCAVThu May 23 1991How to get page breaks for every new parent?
426.02WHYMAC::HARRISONThu May 23 1991Bugchecks on Write Report
427.01PENUTS::SKASTBERGFri May 24 1991Using VAX Rally Features Class
428.010VMPIRE::STRYKERFri May 24 1991F/R join over different size character fields?
429.04WLDWST::TURNER_JFri May 24 1991report formatting question
430.02NSDC::SIMPSONMon May 27 1991Displaying two (unconnected) data groups underneath each other
431.02IJSAPL::KESSELSMon May 27 1991RDM$RUJ error
432.01ATZMon May 27 1991f/r join with date field
433.03GVAADG::BUENOMon May 27 1991BEFORE COMMIT Problem
434.06LISVAX::PASANTOSTue May 28 1991patches/external link
435.07GIDDAY::DUBBERWed May 29 1991Compressible multi-line string printing bugcheck
436.07IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 29 1991behaviour index/constr violation
437.06SOURCE::ZAKSZEWSKIWed May 29 1991Accessing one RMS file with two DSDs
438.02MR4DEC::TURNERWed May 29 1991Help with Rdb DSD create error
439.0123489::RAMDASThu May 30 1991Extended Query - is ORing possible in multiple fields
440.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu May 30 1991LOV in box changed from 2.1 to 2.2
441.0KOBAL::HENNINGThu May 30 1991A performance *win*
442.04GIDDAY::DUBBERFri May 31 1991Tinyint of Rdb 4.
443.01STKHLM::ARENDIFri May 31 1991Inhibit new transaction on re-reading LOV?
444.04TOLKIN::SWEENEYFri May 31 1991non-recoverable error
445.05KAHALA::KASZYNSKIFri May 31 1991QBE problem
446.03GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jun 03 1991RALLY NOT Resetting Cursor Key Mode After Leav.APPL
448.06VERGA::TRUBIANOMon Jun 03 1991Formatting Problem
449.03BUSY::BOUSQUETMon Jun 03 1991DSD restrictions problem
450.0323489::SETHUTue Jun 04 1991problem with 'write report'
451.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Jun 04 1991db_query and wildcards?
452.02JURAN::MCHANGTue Jun 04 1991WORKING... last forever
453.0323489::RAMDASWed Jun 05 1991How to release a rally program to the users
454.04SIOG::CAVERLYWed Jun 05 1991RMS OCCURS 2
455.01LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Jun 06 1991V2.2? FR packet in insert,variabl/data fields
456.01ZURThu Jun 06 1991Yet another upgrading problem..
457.03IJSAPL::DRIESSENThu Jun 06 1991Returning in update mode after insert doesn't go write: bug?
458.01MISFIT::BARROWSThu Jun 06 1991Notifying User on PRINT REPORT Completion
461.01HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANFri Jun 07 1991Volume test on RALLY on-line application
462.04COMICS::PYMFri Jun 07 1991Global variable bug ?
463.02MILPND::PARSONSFri Jun 07 1991mysterious integrity error
464.04CGOSFri Jun 07 1991Child group violates DSD RSE restrictions...
467.06QCAVMon Jun 10 1991132 column in rally ?
468.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jun 10 1991Actions changed from 2.1 to 2.2???
469.03IJSAPL::LOOIJENMon Jun 10 1991before commit and downarrow/nextscreen
470.07STKHLM::CARLSSONTue Jun 11 1991Cond. display of messages?
471.08CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Jun 11 1991Callable Interface external links?
472.02SCAACT::SMITHDWed Jun 12 1991Default application with Rdb Access for RMS
473.011LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Jun 12 1991error BLR is incorrect" where to look for?
474.01BERNFri Jun 14 1991error in device
475.01FULMER::ANGUSFri Jun 14 1991Numeric Keypad ?
476.05STKHLM::CARLSSONFri Jun 14 1991Protection of a field in a F/R
477.03SMRUTI::KUMARFri Jun 14 1991Across & Sub totals
478.01TAVSun Jun 16 1991Permanent Working Message
479.01MSAMSun Jun 16 1991Rally Training late July ?
480.05GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jun 17 1991Debug external COBOL program.
481.0SWTHOM::DELOBELMon Jun 17 1991conditional lov and copy field
482.06SAILON::KUMARMon Jun 17 1991Exporting data to Lotus
483.06DUGROS::ROSSTue Jun 18 1991How to do a BETWEEN DOWN text area?
484.03DUGROS::ROSSTue Jun 18 1991STARTS_WITH restricted DSD and sort order error
485.03WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Jun 18 1991how to get a child group next to a parent
486.06KAHALA::KASZYNSKITue Jun 18 1991Wierd Rally-CDD problem
487.015TPSYS::FALORWed Jun 19 1991How to pick up node::name & date?
488.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 19 1991Form not working after rollback
489.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 19 1991copy/recall record
490.03CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jun 20 1991Rally CI status codes
491.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jun 20 1991duplicate fields cause 34
492.02TPSYS::FALORFri Jun 21 1991Beginner can't create LOV
493.05ISLNDS::SANKARANFri Jun 21 1991Rdb/VMS Access Method Error 3
494.07MILPND::PROVENCALMon Jun 24 1991version 2.2 - 2.1 compatibility problem!
495.04COMICS::PYMMon Jun 24 1991ADA external link program error
496.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 24 1991simple balance report help
497.04CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 24 1991how to questions
498.010COLTue Jun 25 1991MISSING as extquery operator not documented
499.03COLTue Jun 25 1991Cust.complain missing loc.lang.help files
500.03TAVTue Jun 25 1991An rbd error accured ????
501.02USRCV1::JACOBSMTue Jun 25 1991Date Formatter Error?
502.02BUOVAX::MICCIOTue Jun 25 1991Can RALLY use TPU as its editor?
504.02TPSYS::FALORTue Jun 25 1991How to pre-fill entry fields
505.03TPSYS::FALORTue Jun 25 1991Test for numeric/nonnumeric?
506.0BATMAN::LEBLANCWed Jun 26 1991Multiple RGA's at run-time
507.013WNOUWed Jun 26 1991RALMAC - A macro file parser/generator
508.04STRYKR::STRYKERWed Jun 26 1991Question on the Validation Action Site
509.06MILPND::GALLAGHERWed Jun 26 1991When are DUPLICATE fields not DUPLICATE?
510.01VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Jun 27 1991adl query on null date
511.03CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Jun 27 1991GET_CMD returns bogus number
512.03TPSYS::FALORThu Jun 27 1991Display many records vs one DOWN.
513.05CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jun 27 1991ADL validation on insert
514.08TOLKIN::SWEENEYThu Jun 27 1991adl to handle incoming data
515.03HILLST::AMELIThu Jun 27 1991Rally V2.2 & DECtrace V1.1
516.04TPSYS::FALORThu Jun 27 1991New report not in Menu Choice LOV
517.04GL::HENNINGFri Jun 28 1991RALLY consulting opportunity
518.02MUDIS3::HEYMFri Jun 28 1991trace_log info incomplete
519.04MARINR::KUMARFri Jun 28 1991pointer required for library of common routines
520.06VMSSPT::DONATFri Jun 28 1991DSD joins, RSE restrictions, and RTVs problem
521.02TAVMon Jul 01 1991Error closing file
522.01TAVMon Jul 01 1991infinit WORKING
523.04TAVMon Jul 01 1991More 12293 error
524.04MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Jul 01 1991EXIT after LAST FILED entry
525.01AUNTB::KULVETETue Jul 02 1991mult-field parent/child key for related groups
526.02TPSYS::FALORTue Jul 02 1991Beginner blocked by integrity errors
527.04SWTHOM::PERMALLWed Jul 03 1991NEXT PAGE on a LOV screen can cause reboot...
528.08BATMAN::LEBLANCWed Jul 03 1991Alternative to MENUs?
529.07ZPOVC::SHANYONGFri Jul 05 1991deffered commit?
530.02TRCOFri Jul 05 1991LOV copy field cannot assign any value from ADL?
531.06CRONIC::LEMONSSat Jul 06 1991Question on VARYING CHARACTER STRING data type
533.03CRONIC::LEMONSSun Jul 07 1991Passing a value between forms
534.01CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jul 08 1991Changing a field to become a copy field
535.02ADOVS9::MCGHIEMon Jul 08 1991Change the working message ?
536.010ACESMK::MCKIMMon Jul 08 1991Selling RALLY Tools in ASSETS
537.03FILTON::LANEMon Jul 08 1991RALLY/ACMS vs DECforms/ACMS
538.01ACESMK::MCKIMMon Jul 08 1991DECdesign/RALLY Link
539.04STKAI2::LJONSSONTue Jul 09 1991Renaming relations...
541.01ISLNDS::SANKARANTue Jul 09 1991Upgrade from ver 2.1A
542.04CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jul 09 1991opinions on V2.2 functionality changes
543.04CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jul 09 1991duplicate fields again
544.04TPSYS::FALORWed Jul 10 1991Can't grap date
545.05WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Jul 10 1991How to sort by a computation on a child key
546.04BEDSOX::CAMILLERIThu Jul 11 1991Where is DOES NOT REPEAT ?
547.01HAM::LITSEVThu Jul 11 1991Need example for use the Query-array in C-Program
548.02TPSYS::FALORThu Jul 11 1991Menu Edit oddities
550.05WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Jul 11 1991How do you compare dates in ADL?
551.03WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Jul 11 1991Compact/delete removed System_date
552.03WOOF::HUANGThu Jul 11 1991Store Dynamic Size of Text File into a .rga file
553.01COLFri Jul 12 1991FORTRAN-ODI-Example needed
554.06HYEND::BLOPATINFri Jul 12 1991I'm getting FRUSTRATED!
555.02IJSAPL::LOOIJENMon Jul 15 1991to_number question
556.04MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Jul 15 1991After value change ADL and copy other fields LOV
557.06TPSYS::FALORMon Jul 15 1991Can't create DB w new V2.2
558.05MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Jul 15 1991When is validation called?
559.0VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Jul 15 1991rally/rdb versions, compatibility
560.06VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Jul 15 1991trigger question
561.02MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Jul 15 1991Where oh where doe the cursor go??
564.06ESSB::VMURPHYTue Jul 16 1991Question about deleting records
565.02JURAN::WATSONTue Jul 16 1991How to Edit/Change Report Width
566.07JURAN::WATSONTue Jul 16 1991Wrapping long text fields on a Report
567.03HYEND::BLOPATINTue Jul 16 1991MERGE error
568.05HYEND::BPAQUINWed Jul 17 1991Record Selecting Problem
569.03TPSYS::FALORWed Jul 17 1991when CDD? (again)
570.010VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Jul 17 1991incompressible and computation
571.03MILPND::GALLAGHERWed Jul 17 1991How to position the cursor in a field??
572.01VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Jul 17 1991v2.3 available?
573.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENThu Jul 18 1991different visitation order
574.02VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Jul 19 1991number picture
575.01TPSYS::FALORFri Jul 19 1991Can't get rid of an FR field
576.021WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Jul 19 1991Rally bugcheck running a form/report
577.07CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jul 19 1991eliminate blank lines
579.012DATABS::LASHERMon Jul 22 1991Making reports grouped by month (or other intervals)
580.01UNTADH::FULLARTONTue Jul 23 1991KEY Definitions, ASCII Code in OCTAL
581.05MSBCS::DUPRETue Jul 23 1991Conditional Next Field problem using a variable field
583.07VINO::ALAMWed Jul 24 1991Object definition in text?
584.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jul 25 1991Format groups disable repeatition ??
585.01PLAYER::MCGUIREThu Jul 25 1991New Features for RALLY V3.
586.05STKHLM::HENNERTThu Jul 25 1991Indices, DSD join versus SQL view - questions
587.04JUMBLY::FULLERMon Jul 29 1991Beginner problems !
588.02DEMING::WATSONMon Jul 29 1991Counting Unique Values - need help
589.03STKAI1::BRUNZELLTue Jul 30 1991update/insert mode in rally
590.0MSAMTue Jul 30 1991Any Script for the Slide ?
591.01VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Jul 30 1991insert mode from query
592.02CSC32::S_MAUFETue Jul 30 1991form/report boundary means what?
593.02MQOSWed Jul 31 1991Losing links between records
595.06SOURCE::ZAKSZEWSKIWed Jul 31 1991Change f/r size ?
596.05MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Jul 31 1991LOV queries
597.07CPDW::SEIDMANWed Jul 31 1991Capturing temporary data in a FIX file
598.01PLAYER::PELLEMANSFri Aug 02 1991LOV with conditional COPY ?
599.02--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 02 1991Deleting field, doesn't delete field name??
600.019CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Aug 02 1991RALTBI_LOGICALS.COM needed ..
601.01NOVA::ZAGUREKMon Aug 05 1991Wrapping, Line Feeds, RALLY,DTR, Rdb
602.02MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Aug 05 1991When does copy fields get updated from global fields
603.03COPCLU::JEPPEMon Aug 05 1991Triggering actions when skipping field
604.05WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Aug 05 1991how do you suppress "Working..."
605.02WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Aug 05 1991limit error
606.05KOBAL::TROGERSTue Aug 06 1991Services revenue from RALLY?
607.01HOPER::KPRESSTue Aug 06 1991Creating an ID number for a user name
608.0TAVTue Aug 06 1991Ver 2.3
610.03VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Aug 06 1991skipping fields/actions sites
611.012SED75Tue Aug 06 1991Why Use Rally ??
612.02CSC32::N_BERENZTue Aug 06 1991CDD+ and RALLY
613.01VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Aug 06 19912.1 kit still available?
614.06AUNTB::ROSSWed Aug 07 1991What kind of task is it to write ODI?
615.05STKAI2::LJONSSONWed Aug 07 1991"writeable shareable images must be installed"
617.04NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Aug 08 1991All V2.3 documentation on CD-ROM?
618.05BVEUX::LAMAREThu Aug 08 1991Db_open and read write transaction
619.04BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Aug 08 1991v2.3 message #18134 integrity checker unexp. cond.
620.05DANDY::HABERThu Aug 08 1991problem with Conditional Display
621.02USRCV1::JACOBSMFri Aug 09 1991Can't get Aggregates to Aggregate
622.01SED75Mon Aug 12 1991RALLY Callable Interface From COBOL
623.01MR4DEC::KPRESSMon Aug 12 1991Problem with multiline fields...
625.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Aug 13 1991Retrieval by index or not ret b i??
626.02HAM::MARTENTue Aug 13 1991ODI CDDplus-parameter-record: DATEfield
627.04EEMELI::MALMITue Aug 13 1991Error 2
628.0ZURTue Aug 13 1991Extended query question
629.03HYEND::BLOPATINTue Aug 13 1991New User - Can I create a constant?
630.03VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Aug 13 1991column protection with rally
631.08MILPND::GALLAGHERWed Aug 14 1991LOV appears only when the field value changes?
632.01HAM::MARTENThu Aug 15 1991ODI and debugging options
633.05VMPIRE::STRYKERThu Aug 15 1991Question on LOV STARTING_WITH behavior?
634.04MILPND::GALLAGHERThu Aug 15 1991record streams not using a DSD RSE?
635.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Aug 15 1991An advanced screen technique, have a look
636.010COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Aug 15 1991ACTION SITE Order of invokation "documented"
637.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Aug 15 1991System_date when is it evaluated
639.024GL::TROGERSFri Aug 16 1991Futures and V2.3 slides added to "What's New"
640.0RUMOR::FERRARAFri Aug 16 1991Rally seminar - Thursday afternoon, Aug 22 @MRO3
641.08TPSYS::FALORFri Aug 16 1991False Rdb lock message?
642.02SUBWAY::SAPIENZAFri Aug 16 1991Unusual locking behavior...
643.01HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANMon Aug 19 1991Problem with CDD+, error 184
644.04ZGOMMon Aug 19 1991Code Managment of RALLY Applications
645.04TAVMon Aug 19 1991Strange Behavior on NEXT-SCREEN
646.01NOTIBM::CUNNIFFETue Aug 20 1991Linking Rally with VAXCTRLG
647.04MUCTEC::WESTERWed Aug 21 1991error 39321 and 1871
648.01MQOSWS::D_DESMARAISWed Aug 21 1991PRINT REPORT with graphic characters
649.04COMICS::HISCOCKWed Aug 21 1991invalid access method on form re-order
650.05CRBOSS::WOFFENDENWed Aug 21 1991Request BLR is incorrect at offset 76
651.04VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Aug 21 1991dsd w/projection problem
652.02MURPHY::KAMPFWed Aug 21 1991Trying to lookup desc.in external file
653.04TAVThu Aug 22 1991ODI DSD Bugcheck in form Leave
654.042VMPIRE::STRYKERThu Aug 22 1991READ_RALLY: Translate RALLY REPORT output into VAX DOCUMENT
655.0KOBAL::TROGERSThu Aug 22 1991RALLY/Ultrix in "Digital News"
656.0COPCLU::JEPPEFri Aug 23 1991Field shows wrong value
657.03WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Aug 23 1991DSD Verify bugchecks after COPY DSD
658.018WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Aug 23 1991Parent records WITH children being excluded
659.02AUNTB::MAGENHEIMMon Aug 26 1991RALLY's UI in MOTIF??
660.02FSCORE::L_JODOINMon Aug 26 1991Field Legends in DSDs??
661.04VMPIRE::STRYKERMon Aug 26 1991Simple COBOL example of ODI, please?
662.01HAM::MARTENTue Aug 27 1991ODI : txn restart ??
663.01CRBOSS::WOFFENDENTue Aug 27 1991Commit after each page?
664.04COMICS::JAMESMWed Aug 28 1991Displaying text to show further pages
665.0TAVIS::HANOCHThu Aug 29 1991Pascal-ODI examples (LOV Preferred) needed
666.08TPSYS::FALORFri Aug 30 1991LCO & Screen do not agree
667.04BOXGUM::RINGMon Sep 02 1991Rally 2.3/Rdb 4.1
668.02UNTADI::LEWISMon Sep 02 1991Application Command differences between 2.2 & 2.3 ?
669.05IJSAPL::LOOIJENMon Sep 02 1991Rdb-error only using F8???
670.04BIS6::MOERENHOUTMon Sep 02 1991write report & finish action problem
671.04STKHLM::ARENDIMon Sep 02 1991Form report join with two separate tables???
672.01QCAVTue Sep 03 1991problem in form/report
673.04JOCKEY::HUNTYTue Sep 03 1991when is a null not a null?
674.01TAVTue Sep 03 1991deffer ADL's updates
675.024GL::KIRKTue Sep 03 1991Request for real applications.
676.02QCAVWed Sep 04 1991Variable in ERROR/LEGEND
677.03QCAVWed Sep 04 1991Character Field Format ?
678.03ROMWed Sep 04 1991Problems in upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 version
679.03UNTADC::LEWISWed Sep 04 1991is_current_field problem
680.09TPSYS::FALORWed Sep 04 1991Loop on start of 2-tbl report
681.01CURRNT::SPENCERThu Sep 05 1991problem with a view and DSDs
682.01NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Sep 05 1991Where is a V2.1A kit
683.03STKAI2::LJONSSONFri Sep 06 1991global variables vs. export variables
684.02MLNCSC::VOCIFri Sep 06 1991crash with command spawn
685.03ISLNDS::SANKARANFri Sep 06 1991Rdb database ERROR # 31743
686.01MILPND::GALLAGHERFri Sep 06 1991conditional visitation order problem.
687.06TPSYS::FALORFri Sep 06 1991How to fill report page "down" list
688.02TPSYS::FALORMon Sep 09 1991ADL/DML open-id problem
689.02TPSYS::FALORMon Sep 09 1991Sibling printing problems.
690.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Sep 10 1991EXECUTE and DECtrace stats
691.03QCAVTue Sep 10 1991Unwanted Commit With RETURN_TO ?
692.06KAM5Tue Sep 10 1991lov pointers lost using compress
693.02TPSYS::FALORTue Sep 10 1991Across-down goes away.
694.06ZPOVC::KUMTONGWed Sep 11 1991Bugcheck -> EXCEPTION at
695.04TRCOA::BOUNDYWed Sep 11 1991System Service via External Link?
696.01MR4DEC::KPRESSWed Sep 11 1991RETURN exits field doesn't
697.07PLAYER::PELLEMANSThu Sep 12 1991Variable Legends ??
698.022TRNOI2::LEGATOFri Sep 13 1991File RMS and ODI DSD!
699.017MMONRO::WILSONFri Sep 13 1991Linking shareable image
700.02TPSYS::FALORFri Sep 13 1991Need help with sibling format
701.03ZPOVC::PETERDINGFri Sep 13 1991ADL, default and insert.
702.03LISVAX::PASANTOSFri Sep 13 1991after update action behaviour?
703.03VAXRIO::RAULFri Sep 13 1991showing current mode?
704.02NOTMon Sep 16 1991Foot-notes on Reports ?
705.04UNTADH::LEWISMon Sep 16 1991Aaargh !
706.06ROMTue Sep 17 1991some questions
707.06ZENDIA::THILAGARTue Sep 17 1991Help from within LOV
708.07MILPND::GALLAGHERTue Sep 17 1991Screen Update and high speed input
709.05WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Sep 17 1991How to delete the child records on erase of the parent?
710.01CAPITN::OLDING_NIWed Sep 18 1991RALLY development and Rdb run-time license?
711.02BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSWed Sep 18 1991Concatenating strings in ADL
712.02STKHLM::HENNERTWed Sep 18 1991Can't remove DSD fields (2.1A)!
713.03CSC32::N_BERENZWed Sep 18 1991insert record next_group loops
714.05CSC32::J_KUHNWed Sep 18 1991Child group design question
715.013UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Sep 19 1991Index not used with RdbAccess for RMS
716.044GL::LANDRYThu Sep 19 1991COHESION for Rapid Application Development using VAX RALLY
717.02CSC32::J_KUHNWed Sep 18 1991Wrong date appearing after screen refresh
718.02TPSYS::FALORWed Sep 18 1991Old children littering f/r
719.04VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Sep 18 1991RALLY/DECapp Plans
720.0VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Sep 19 1991conditional lov problem, revisit
721.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANSat Sep 21 1991Rally Poster - AV-LX93A-TE ?
722.02MRKTNG::GUTIERREZSun Sep 22 1991Rdb database error
723.03BGOMon Sep 23 1991NEED SOME HELP!
724.03ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon Sep 23 1991Freeze lock error on DSD
725.01VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Sep 23 1991deleting all recs in a group
726.01VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Sep 23 1991set_current_field
727.04TPSYS::FALORMon Sep 23 1991When does Rally sort vs access?
728.010QCAVTue Sep 24 1991BLR Error ?
729.05STKHLM::ARENDITue Sep 24 1991Can ADL be used to check query succes or fail?
730.08VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Sep 25 1991RMS or FIX for speed?
731.010GIDDAY::HADDADWed Sep 25 1991Who is the Product Manager now and how to contact
732.06MAIL::KUTZThu Sep 26 1991Carryover of protection scheme
733.02ZPOVC::KUMTONGFri Sep 27 1991Print child group with multiple records-> HOW ??
734.03PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Sep 27 1991Inconsistant behaviour with 'in-memory upgrade' f
735.0MLNCSC::VOCIMon Sep 30 1991multiline field and underline.
736.02EEMELI::MALMIMon Sep 30 1991How many Rally-licensies ?
737.02MOMAX1::MURALIMon Sep 30 1991Security/Password for Menu options.
738.0PSDVAX::HABERTue Oct 01 1991help with GET_CMD codes & keystrokes
739.07GIDDAY::CHANMWed Oct 02 1991Report wont reprint record -any suggestion?
740.02FSCORE::L_JODOINWed Oct 02 1991RALLY Trademark?
741.01WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Oct 02 1991how do you bind a CALL statement to a function key?
742.03LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Oct 03 19912 questions : RMS and the other with the DOCUMENT
743.07LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Oct 03 1991text areas highlighted conditionally
744.03CTHQ2::WUThu Oct 03 1991RMS file creation
745.05TPSYS::FALORThu Oct 03 1991Crashes on 2nd ExtLink doing same thing.
746.02MSBCS::BENDREThu Oct 03 1991Does Rallly allow to design screen of this sort ?
747.03NSSMAC::BONNELLFri Oct 04 19911 app. returns to menu, the other doesn't?
748.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Oct 04 1991error number will they change
749.01ALBIS::CAMILLERIFri Oct 04 1991Is MISSING missing ?
750.011WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Oct 04 1991how to insert a child record automatically?
751.07PLAYER::MCGUIREMon Oct 07 1991Disable response area for menus
752.01STKHLM::HENNERTTue Oct 08 1991F/R INSERT display all groups at once?
753.06PLAYER::MCGUIRETue Oct 08 1991DEC Special Character Set
754.04TPSYS::FALORTue Oct 08 1991System reluctant to delete child
755.02PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Oct 09 1991Problem with ERROR task window sizing
756.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Oct 09 1991Preserve Current Field
757.03BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Oct 09 1991v2.1A to v2.3 direct upgrade ?
758.01VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Oct 09 1991CALL <variable> ?
759.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGThu Oct 10 1991Validation from LOV not working correctly
760.04PLAYER::MCGUIREThu Oct 10 1991'Quit Action' with LOVs
761.01TPSYS::FALORThu Oct 10 1991Var fields are empty until visited; useless report
762.06COPCLU::ELINMon Oct 14 1991ALL-IN-1 from RALLY subprocess - WPS-PLUS editing problems
763.02VERGA::TRUBIANOMon Oct 14 1991Querying in child group does not give proper match
764.07MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Oct 14 1991Validation and LOV
765.05WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Oct 15 1991Example of ACCVIO in the Definition system
768.04NOTWed Oct 16 1991Performance, Screen editor and development
769.07NCBOOT::PEREZWed Oct 16 1991Numeric field in query requires an entry
770.02NCBOOT::PEREZWed Oct 16 1991LOV validation error with local function
771.010NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Oct 16 1991Problem with cached attaches
772.04CSC32::N_BERENZWed Oct 16 1991Help! external customer
773.02TAVThu Oct 17 1991Several questions on ver 2.3
774.02UNTADI::STORMThu Oct 17 1991sys. impact: RALLY vs. home-brewed?
775.019PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Oct 17 1991Problem stopping 'working' from sharable link
776.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Oct 17 1991 Cannot store - 2**31 in a signed longword.
777.03STKHLM::HENNERTFri Oct 18 1991"Mixed mode" F/R from more than one DSD ???
778.01QCAVFri Oct 18 1991Comparison values for Conditional Next Field
779.06WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Oct 18 1991How to track down an Access violatio
780.04CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Oct 18 1991LIB$STOP in an external link?
781.02NCPROG::PEREZFri Oct 18 1991Up and down-arrows work differently
782.010STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 21 1991Switching between insert and query modes?
783.06CHGVMon Oct 21 1991Hints, Tips, Techniques and Tricks
784.06GIDDAY::CHANMTue Oct 22 1991Problem using Relative DSD's
785.01DOWNBE::LOWETue Oct 22 1991Bugcheck when deleting records
786.04PRSUD1::CLEMENTTue Oct 22 1991a second 4GL in DEC ?
787.03CSC32::J_KUHNTue Oct 22 1991RMS NULL field output
788.0LJOHUB::DIMACKWed Oct 23 1991Help for a Telethon Application
789.02VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Oct 23 1991Docs on CD?
790.04CSC32::J_KUHNWed Oct 23 1991Does RALLY disable AST's?
791.09VNASWS::EDERThu Oct 24 1991Rally and CDD/Plus
792.04MOMAX1::MURALIThu Oct 24 1991Action List
793.01NOTFri Oct 25 1991Development machine sizing
794.04BACHUS::BHT452::LEENFri Oct 25 1991"RALLY EDIT Application" while some one else does a "RALLY RUN Application"
795.01COASTL::MISTRETTAFri Oct 25 1991menu choice global variable?
796.02ZGOMMon Oct 28 1991Access Method Error 3
797.01QCAVMon Oct 28 1991Child group to a scrolled group ?
798.02MILKWY::CE_TOOLSMon Oct 28 1991Write report help
799.02IJSAPL::LOOIJENTue Oct 29 1991type/page in task
800.01BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHTue Oct 29 1991v2.3 breaks update dsd field from more f/r fields ?
801.02KAOFS::B_ZINNTue Oct 29 1991Deferred Snapshots ?
803.03NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Oct 30 1991LOV hangs on next page
804.03MILKWY::PPAGELSWed Oct 30 1991Computed fields
805.01ZGOMThu Oct 31 1991How to recover from Corrupted A-file
806.02STKHLM::HENNERTThu Oct 31 1991Anything like a DTR "collection" in RALLY ?
807.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSThu Oct 31 1991Report Creation
808.08VAXRIO::MAFRASun Nov 03 1991DEC RALLY for MS-DOS (Where???)
809.03MSDSWS::HAYWOODMon Nov 04 1991Child group with keys from 2 parent groups possible?
810.03EEMELI::MALMITue Nov 05 1991Prev Scrren/Next Screen <---> 'Up arrow/Down arrow'
811.07BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSTue Nov 05 1991Freeze lock error
812.06NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Nov 06 1991ACMS error messages in Rally
813.02DATABS::ROYALWed Nov 06 1991V2.3 Release notes corrections
814.0KOBAL::LANDRYWed Nov 06 1991RALLY on PC's
815.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Nov 07 1991Followup to 782. Still a bug??
816.03VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Nov 07 1991RALLY vs. 3GL
817.02KAOFS::B_ZINNThu Nov 07 1991AFRRSF + 9F on ascending sort
818.04GIDDAY::HADDADFri Nov 08 1991How can we redefine <REMOVE> globally please?
819.02CARTUN::TREMELLINGFri Nov 08 1991How to do SQL GROUP BY in Rally?
820.01NSDC::SIMPSONSun Nov 10 1991How EXACTLY do temporary workfiles behave?
821.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Nov 11 1991Global Buffers on RGA file doesn't work !!
822.05SIOG::CAVERLYMon Nov 11 1991DSD Restrictions - 'OR'
823.09GRANPA::MCAHILLMon Nov 11 1991Rally vs Smartstar
824.01GRANPA::MCAHILLMon Nov 11 1991RALLY vs Powerhouse
825.01GIDDAY::HADDADTue Nov 12 1991Format Groups and more than one screen!
826.07COCIDO::VICTORTue Nov 12 199131743 & 29
827.03TAVTue Nov 12 1991Records in repeated group don't appears
828.010VERGA::TRUBIANOTue Nov 12 1991Deleting fields from dsd
829.01VERGA::LMELEWSKIThu Nov 14 1991ADL that loops
830.04GOLF::JANOWSKIThu Nov 14 1991filling nulls of a character field
831.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSFri Nov 15 1991Bug Patch ? EC
832.02NIMVAX::CUMMINGSFri Nov 15 1991Before form adl
833.02CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Nov 15 1991DBKEY for a record in RALLY
834.02NSSMAC::BONNELLFri Nov 15 1991Conditional LOV?
835.07ESSB::VMURPHYMon Nov 18 19912 mins to access form problem ???
836.013KAOSMon Nov 18 1991conditional popup form
837.04MILKWY::CE_TOOLSTue Nov 19 1991Error message w/o number
838.01WLDWST::TURNER_JTue Nov 19 1991trapping requests for before first record
839.02POBOX::CARLSTEDTTue Nov 19 1991a few simple questions?
840.02BACHUS::LEENTue Nov 19 1991Problem using a RMS database in a F/R join with an Rdb/VMS database
841.03DANDY::HABERTue Nov 19 1991bugcheck dump on assignment statement
842.021CGOOA::NICOLETTue Nov 12 199113 Minutes to update row... (usual=5 secs).
843.03SLOVAX::NICHOLSONThu Nov 14 1991Keyboard Accelerators
844.010PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Nov 21 1991ODI datasource, and 'find' as 'position to', containing
845.02MILKWY::CE_TOOLSThu Nov 21 1991More Report Help
846.04MLNCSC::VOCIFri Nov 22 1991error on ec_depdata with rally 2.3-31
847.06MOMAX1::MURALIFri Nov 22 1991Supress functionality of default keys
848.03NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Nov 25 1991Field order in default application builder
849.03NSSMAC::BONNELLMon Nov 25 1991Powerhouse - Rdb design issues?
850.06IJSAPL::WOODROWTue Nov 26 1991Help with spreadsheet, but different (naturally)?
851.04BVEUX::LAMARETue Nov 26 1991Update without VMSINSTAL
852.07HYEND::STONEHAMTue Nov 26 1991Conditional display prob. and other questions.
853.03GIDDAY::HADDADWed Nov 27 1991Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving Day.
854.03ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Nov 28 1991RALLY/DECapp: development on ULTRIX and MS-DOS without VMS ?
855.02TROOA::SPACKMANThu Nov 28 1991RALLY Competitive Info?
856.03HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANSat Nov 30 1991Bugcheck logging out subprocess from SALES_DEMO
857.05ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOMon Dec 02 1991Rally development productivity figures ?
858.05VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Dec 02 1991RALLY and FAL...urgent problem
859.02WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Dec 02 1991How to make RETURN=FINISH ACTION?
860.02TPSYS::FALORTue Dec 03 1991Copy Rdb Table with select criteria?
862.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Dec 04 1991Problems with stored running aggregates in 2.2 and 2.3....
863.01COPCLU::NISSENWed Dec 04 1991Rally sets a terminal to /no wrap
864.03MINNY::HIRSCHLEThu Dec 05 1991Wrong Descriptors with ODI
865.03NOTThu Dec 05 1991Display Group in Multiple Columns
866.03BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSThu Dec 05 1991Obtaining record count on query
867.01IJSAPL::WOODROWFri Dec 06 1991Warning - data type conflicts between DSD & form
869.09MELEE::IRWINFri Dec 06 1991Calling rally application from another one?
870.09MILKWY::KNOPPSun Dec 08 1991BEFORE INSERT Problem
871.09CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Dec 09 1991Mixing INSTALLed CI's and external links.
872.03STKHLM::LUNDBERG_BTue Dec 10 1991View (report) with DISTINCT values
873.01DANDY::HABERTue Dec 10 1991RALLY Report giving strange results
874.03EDUOZ::LANETue Dec 10 1991START NEW PAGE with data groups?
875.02SNAX::VIRGONAWed Dec 11 1991Rally v2.3/Teamdata/invalid database error/help
876.01WNOUWed Dec 11 1991Using Rally with CDD/Plus
878.03NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Dec 11 1991After delete action site question
879.05POBOX::CARLSTEDTThu Dec 12 1991RETURN=FINISH on last field ?
880.03IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Dec 12 1991V2.3 behaviour change for 'insert record next_gr'?
881.04VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Dec 12 1991RMU/CLOSE and RALLY access
882.01COLISA::WENGEFELDThu Dec 12 1991In which way I can call Rally and pass parameters to Rally??
883.03WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Dec 12 1991How to make a field accessible only in QUERY mode?
884.05MILKWY::CE_TOOLSThu Dec 12 1991Automatic next Field
885.01SOLVIT::SCHRADERThu Dec 12 1991Problem with using before/after insert action
886.09TPSYS::FALORThu Dec 12 1991How to test for no-date in date field
887.01WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Dec 13 1991What does 'copy other fields from LOV' mean?
888.03TRCOA::BOUNDYFri Dec 13 1991V2.3 initial and null values in F/R
889.01WNOUFri Dec 13 1991Rally V2.2 (V2.3) on VMS V5.5?
890.03WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Dec 13 1991How to enter a LOV if field=null
891.03MILKWY::PPAGELSMon Dec 16 1991BEFORE COMMIT action site
892.05GIDDAY::CHANMTue Dec 17 1991"Dynamic resizing" & Legends.
893.03NSDC::SIMPSONTue Dec 17 1991Display problem with DECterm under ULTRIX
894.08FRUST::GATTINGERTue Dec 17 1991Wanted: Printer output different to screen display
895.05KERNEL::HIGMANTue Dec 17 1991RALLY Application Hanging on Run-Time only version.
896.01CSSE32::SCHUETZTue Dec 17 1991Time for a change.
897.01HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANTue Dec 17 1991JUSTIFIED not inherited from CDD+ to form
898.03ZPOVC::SHANYONGWed Dec 18 1991performance issue
899.05KBOMFG::BLUMERWed Dec 18 1991Initializing fields via external link
900.05BATMAN::LEBLANCWed Dec 18 1991problem: ADL to format a string
901.01TAVWed Dec 18 1991Problems with child group and set update
902.03NRMACB::SCHAMBWed Dec 18 1991Rally documentation
903.01MELEE::IRWINWed Dec 18 1991Validation against AM1
904.01SOURCE::ZAKSZEWSKIWed Dec 18 1991FR questions -- count based on field contents
905.04WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Dec 18 1991Inserting records in a dsd joined to itself
906.039WARNUT::PICKERINGSThu Dec 19 1991FT V3.
907.01UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Dec 19 1991.RGH for german somewhere available ?
908.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSThu Dec 19 1991Unsupported RMS datatypes
909.05ESSB::VMURPHYFri Dec 20 1991The DELETE THAT DIDN'T !
910.01WAYOUT::LEWISFri Dec 20 19916x6 array - used to work in 2.1 fails in 2.3
911.02WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Dec 20 1991How to get the arrow indicator to stay put?
912.08STKHLM::ARENDIMon Dec 23 1991Frequent Can't create temp files 2.1A & 5.4-1A?
913.08TAVMon Dec 23 1991How to creat a spawn/nowait process from Rally
915.02QCAVFri Dec 27 1991ADL at 'After Visit' action site
916.01CACT34::BLAIRFri Dec 27 1991DEC RALLY for MS-DOS availability?
917.02TWISTD::SULLIVANFri Dec 27 1991How to clear field after error 15155 (Not in LOV)
918.0NOVA::JACKSONFri Dec 27 1991Registration Info for '92 DB/TP/EU Symposium
919.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Dec 30 1991T3.
920.04NIMVAX::CUMMINGSMon Dec 30 1991Question/problem on messages
921.02VINO::BEYHTue Dec 31 1991Access to RMS file using CDD/Plus Access to RMS file using CDD/Plus and RALLY?
922.06CRBOSS::WOFFENDENThu Jan 02 1992Problem: cond. visit and req. fields
923.01IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Jan 06 1992"More" message in LOV possible?
924.04NOTMon Jan 06 1992Bugcheck in screen editor
925.03COPCLU::RAHBEKMon Jan 06 1992Rally, ACMS(DECforms) and ALL-IN-1
926.02NOTTue Jan 07 1992Printing screen details
927.03ROMTue Jan 07 1992Italian Language, why not ?
928.04GL::KIRKTue Jan 07 1992Can you help test RALLY V3 for MS-DOS?
929.010IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed Jan 08 1992help:floating groups
930.03CRBOSS::WOFFENDENWed Jan 08 1992Legends with form >24 lines??
931.084GL::KIRKWed Jan 08 1992RALLY - worldwide press coverage
932.05NIMVAX::D_COPPOLAWed Jan 08 1992LOV's and multiline fields
933.01BVEUX::LAMAREThu Jan 09 1992Insert in a child group
934.07CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 09 1992Rally as a detached process.
935.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 09 1992Suppress user input
936.01DOD2::PARKERFri Jan 10 1992Task Management ERROR 2
937.04URSIC::VESTUTOSun Jan 12 1992Have you used BIT Masks before?
938.01BVEUX::LAMAREMon Jan 13 1992Insert and child records
939.03WLDWST::TURNER_JMon Jan 13 1992Better control of function key meanings
940.02BGOTue Jan 14 1992Need help with aggregate!
941.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENTue Jan 14 1992need help on sort in control break report
942.02ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSTue Jan 14 1992Rally versus DECforms - which is the real Client-Server Solution ?
943.03ZPOVC::SAWATOTue Jan 14 1992RMS file creation question
944.06UNTADH::STORMWed Jan 15 1992Request BLR is incorrect...
945.04SUOSWS::FALCKWed Jan 15 1992strange page break behaviour
947.03HYEND::STONEHAMWed Jan 15 1992The DSD arg. in DB_OPEN as an indirect reference ?
948.04GL::KIRKThu Jan 16 1992Get your copy of the RALLY logo now!
949.01TAVThu Jan 16 1992Floating fields/groups problem
950.01HANThu Jan 16 1992Report hints for telephone-book
951.01RIPPLE::BOUDREAU_CHThu Jan 16 1992Documentation prob. with V2.2 manual
952.03SAC::EXTON_MFri Jan 17 1992RAD rapid application development
953.01CTHQ2::BEALSFri Jan 17 1992Migration to V2.2 FR problem
954.03WARNUT::PICKERINGSFri Jan 17 1992control break woes
955.02VERGA::RANGANATHFri Jan 17 1992Running RALLY from C
956.01ZGOMTue Jan 21 1992Cusor Movement Control Between Records
958.03MINNY::HIRSCHLETue Jan 21 1992ODI & Pascal
959.02HAM::MARTENTue Jan 21 1992ODI-example: VMS-Queue-Service (RALLY$ODI_VMSJOB)
960.01KOBAL::LANDRYTue Jan 21 1992DEC RALLY for MS-DOS Field Test Kit Available!
961.01AIDEV::SCHENGWed Jan 22 1992Can Rally do this easily?
962.07PLAYER::MCGUIREThu Jan 23 1992Before Delete Action Site on Child Group
963.06SWTHOM::DELOBELThu Jan 23 1992External link don't send good length
964.03VERGA::TRUBIANOThu Jan 23 1992storing variable on form report from lov
965.05MILKWY::KNOPPFri Jan 24 1992Is Report Fmt possible
966.01SIOG::CAVERLYFri Jan 24 1992Cookbook,Cookbook where for art thou..
967.04GL::KIRKFri Jan 24 1992We want to help you sell RALLY!!!
968.034GL::KIRKFri Jan 24 1992RALLY V4 (Motif on VMS) early ft kit available.
969.011IJSAPL::WOODROWSun Jan 26 1992SQL services vs Rdb remote for RALLY applications
970.02HYEND::STONEHAMSun Jan 26 1992Help with control brks and floating totals.
971.023EICMFG::AJKMon Jan 27 1992VAX RALLY Logo
972.03ELIS::DOEVEMon Jan 27 1992Problems after upgrade to V2.2
973.05WILARD::HEZELTue Jan 28 1992problem with control breaks and floating totals
974.01MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jan 29 1992External FT Contact ?
975.08PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Jan 29 1992LOV's and single matching values
976.05SWTHOM::DELOBELWed Jan 29 1992DOS problem : networks error connecting '....'
977.08NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Jan 29 1992Problem with External Links
978.011CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jan 29 1992"Conditional" LEGENDS
979.02DANDY::HABERWed Jan 29 1992problem with Report Writer
980.01BD31Thu Jan 30 1992Rally-DOS Error # 29
981.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 30 1992INSERT RECORD next-next GROUP
982.03FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISThu Jan 30 1992EFT 3.
983.014CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 30 1992Init MAIN group variables for INSERT mode.
984.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSFri Jan 31 1992VIEW DSD fields undeletable
985.02BD31Fri Jan 31 1992Rally-DOS: %SQLSRV-F-INVSTT, Invalid comm server state.
986.013ZPOVC::SAWATOSun Feb 02 1992Bugcheck dump when install V2.2 as well as V2.3
987.01STKHLM::WAHLQVISTMon Feb 03 1992Prevent editing of a RALLY-application?
988.03GIDDAY::BURKETue Feb 04 1992How to update 2 related records on one form
989.03SAC::BURNS_KTue Feb 04 1992Getting the ASCII code for a character
990.06CSSE32::SCHUETZTue Feb 04 1992RALLY/DECtrace query
991.014DATABS::LASHERTue Feb 04 1992An easy way to process queries in ODI DSDs
992.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Feb 04 1992Historical release notes in current kits.
993.02SNOCWed Feb 05 1992ODI problems with param_field_array
994.08HAM::MARTENWed Feb 05 1992RALLY Transaction MODELL question
995.01MILPND::PROVENCALWed Feb 05 1992Task Managemetn error 2
996.02HYEND::STONEHAMWed Feb 05 1992Error: NOTAFILE encountered on RALLY EDIT SBR.RGA.
997.03TAVThu Feb 06 1992Bugcheck RDB$ATTACH_DATABASE from priv. account
998.01NHASAD::SHELDONThu Feb 06 1992!as !as error message
999.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Feb 06 1992%C-F-LONGJMP, longjump requested/AEMPUA +
1000.04KYOA::GRADYThu Feb 06 1992RALLY Client for Macintosh?
1002.04TAIJI::DAVIDNGFri Feb 07 1992concurrent users vs performance again
1003.02SIOG::CAVERLYFri Feb 07 1992Seven Sibling Groups - Looping
1004.01SIOG::CAVERLYFri Feb 07 1992Multi-Lingual RGA
1005.03SISDA::MNMS::TREMELLINGFri Feb 07 19922 Schemas, Rally chases itself
1006.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for implementation info
1007.02TRCOA::ZAOMon Feb 10 1992RALLY limits...
1008.03BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Feb 10 1992f/r error #15162 field relationships, when ?
1009.02BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Feb 10 1992rally slow over a network ?
1010.04SISDA::MNMS::TREMELLINGMon Feb 10 1992ADL DML Paramaterized DSD Usage?
1011.010ISLNDS::SANKARANMon Feb 10 1992.RGA files in CMS libraries
1012.0MCIS5::KAMPFMon Feb 10 1992Running totals/aggregates not working??
1013.09SNOCMon Feb 10 1992Example Cobol ODI calling sys$getjpi
1014.010BVEUX::LAMARETue Feb 11 1992Space character = NULL?
1015.02SORGEN::INGRIDTue Feb 11 1992action list and interr
1016.01BVEUX::LAMARETue Feb 11 1992What is lost locks?
1017.04PRSUD1::CHAILLEYWed Feb 12 1992Rally evolution client/server
1018.01FROCKY::SCHAMARIWed Feb 12 1992Help needed!
1019.0VMPIRE::STRYKERWed Feb 12 1992One way to merge RALLY files with MMS
1020.06NHASAD::SHELDONWed Feb 12 1992complex key for multi-group f/r
1021.019MCIS5::KAMPFWed Feb 12 1992SET_FAILURE does not seem to work all the time
1022.03CSC32::N_BERENZWed Feb 12 1992LOV can't exit error
1023.07SIOG::CAVERLYThu Feb 13 1992Fill in Cache's
1024.02TAVThu Feb 13 1992dump with AUTRJU ????
1025.07CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Feb 13 1992CDD mandatory in V3.
1026.010GIDDAY::BURKEFri Feb 14 19922.2 Undeleteable objects (placeholder unrunnable)
1027.05BOSTON::LUPISELLAFri Feb 14 1992Rally Demo - Can anyone help?
1028.05DPDMAI::SMITHDFri Feb 14 1992DOS Runtime LINEXE_LOADER error
1029.03IJSAPL::WOODROWSat Feb 15 1992Help with bug check on revised RALLY$ODI_DIR
1030.01IJSAPL::WOODROWSat Feb 15 1992Using DECtrace with RALLY/Rdb in client/server
1031.09PLAYER::MCGUIREMon Feb 17 1992Auto Key Field Lookups
1032.04MLNCSC::VOCITue Feb 18 1992problem after upgrade to 2.3 and virtual memory
1033.06SIOG::CAVERLYTue Feb 18 1992Default Values not working!
1034.03HYEND::STONEHAMTue Feb 18 1992Arithmetic in an RBD DSD restriction ?
1035.04GIDDAY::BURKEWed Feb 19 1992LOV read twice when VALIDATing fields - normal?
1036.04BVEUX::LAMAREWed Feb 19 1992error 184
1037.02VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Feb 19 1992"Please Wait" FR
1038.01POLAR::WEINSTEINWed Feb 19 1992DTR domain restriction
1039.032VMPIRE::STRYKERThu Feb 20 1992Reading LOV without STARTS WITH takes a long time
1040.05NOTFri Feb 21 1992Multiple RGA files
1041.02HYEND::STONEHAMFri Feb 21 1992Control break without page break ?
1042.02CRBOSS::WOFFENDENFri Feb 21 1992AM/PM format missing zeroes
1043.01BAGLEY::FOSTERFri Feb 21 1992Install problem with V2.3
1044.01MDCRAB::CHLOUT::AKILLIANFri Feb 21 1992< <Third Party using RALLY?>>
1045.08ESSB::VMURPHYMon Feb 24 1992Strange problem with LOV
1046.05COPCLU::JEPPEMon Feb 24 1992reread computed-by field ?
1047.01ESSB::MCKNIGHTTue Feb 25 1992RALLY using ALL-IN-1 services
1048.01FROCKY::SCHAMARITue Feb 25 1992Help needed again!
1049.01NEMAIL::SOLTue Feb 25 1992Using RALLY on MAC's and IBM PC's
1050.04SORGEN::INGRIDTue Feb 25 1992set term/notype => rally appl hangs
1051.04CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Feb 25 1992FORMAT GROUP design questions
1052.010LEZAH::FRIEDMANTue Feb 25 1992Leave field after SET_FAILURE?
1053.01SISDA::SISDA::TREMELLINGTue Feb 25 1992ADL Entry Point, Error() text
1054.01KAZAN::POUTRINWed Feb 26 1992French keyboard with MS-DOS RALLY ?
1055.04NHASAD::SHELDONWed Feb 26 1992scrolling
1056.02NHASAD::SHELDONWed Feb 26 1992f/r triggered off another f/r
1057.06ULYSSE::SUPAPPLWed Feb 26 1992Rally Internal error with VMS 5.4-2, RALLY 2.2-29
1058.01MILKWY::KNOPPWed Feb 26 1992LOV RTP's
1059.04VERGA::RANGANATHWed Feb 26 1992RALLY$INITALIZE in the C program
1060.0MRKTNG::CARINO::STRANGEWed Feb 26 1992WANTED Field Test Sites
1061.02DCOPST::RDOBCM::MCCARTYThu Feb 27 1992When Extended Query ??
1062.06IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Feb 27 1992Bugcheck at AAMIFL+5 using FIX file & control brk.
1063.04NHASAD::SHELDONThu Feb 27 1992don't want to use gold insert here
1064.020WNOUThu Feb 27 1992Rally Cookbook V3.
1065.09CSC32::J_KUHNThu Feb 27 1992Before Quit action site
1066.05UNTADC::BOWENFri Feb 28 1992Dynamic Highlighting
1067.02VNASWS::EDERFri Feb 28 1992SQL/Services Class Servers for V3.
1068.06TRCOA::BOUNDYFri Feb 28 1992How do I reset Page numbers in the G1 group?
1069.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Feb 28 1992ODI RALLY$Q_VALUE
1070.02EISNOW::KRUGFri Feb 28 1992Need V2.2 CBI sample files
1071.01KAM5Mon Mar 02 1992LOV arrows also changes F/R record
1072.01CGOOA::LAIMon Mar 02 1992Using DECtrace v1.1 with Rally v2.3
1073.024GL::TROGERSTue Mar 03 1992DECUS slides available on NET
1074.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGTue Mar 03 1992Slow cursor movement in F/R - help !!
1075.01TPSYS::FALORTue Mar 03 1992Wish List
1076.01TPSYS::FALORWed Mar 04 1992Can't turtle in G1, only G2,3,4
1077.01TPSYS::FALORWed Mar 04 1992"Computed field not given value" error
1078.01TPSYS::FALORWed Mar 04 1992DECUS RALLY software?
1079.04MILPND::GALLAGHERThu Mar 05 1992Prevent Next fiel from moving onto the next group??
1080.06DANDY::HABERThu Mar 05 1992problem displaying F/R mode
1081.03WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 05 1992Exception at AMMFGM+
1082.04WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Mar 06 1992Exception at AEMPUA +
1083.01TPSYS::FALORFri Mar 06 1992F/R format: how to repeat G3 downward
1084.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Mar 06 1992Displaying line graphs on a form/report
1085.0KOBAL::KIRKSun Mar 08 1992Using RALLY with SQLMM (multi-media) - see the RALLY group!
1086.06BUSY::PASQSun Mar 08 1992General Question
1087.08ZTOIS1::HONORETue Mar 10 1992ADL error
1089.01CAPNET::BLESSLEYTue Mar 10 1992Quick help req'd diagnosing appl problem
1090.02CSC32::J_KUHNTue Mar 10 1992arrow key on field to field movement
1092.07VANGRD::JCCWed Mar 11 1992Problems with confirm update
1093.05UNTADH::BOWENWed Mar 11 1992Using LOV's on Variable Fields/Data Fields
1094.02ESSB::MCKNIGHTWed Mar 11 1992Advice on RALLY as a solution
1095.01MARVA1::KIMMELWed Mar 11 1992Rally on ULTRIX?
1096.07AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Mar 11 1992compress two fields
1097.03HYEND::STONEHAMWed Mar 11 1992The 255 element DSD join limitation ?
1098.07SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Mar 12 1992V3 info for customer?
1099.04SHOEBX::CONNERThu Mar 12 1992CDD limitations for ODI DSDs?
1100.0KOBAL::KIRKFri Mar 13 1992Be the 1st to see the new RALLY Motif interface!
1101.07WILARD::HEZELFri Mar 13 1992rally$*.tmp files growing due to dynamic refresh
1102.02CPDW::FERROFri Mar 13 1992Problem with Report final totals / Floating Fields
1103.03CSC32::N_BERENZFri Mar 13 1992ODI LOV help please
1104.011SNOCSun Mar 15 1992Gold Do silly question
1105.05CGOOA::NICOLETMon Mar 16 1992Retrieve data does not work - help !
1106.04CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Mar 16 1992Can access database by filename, not by pathname.
1107.06NOTIBM::CUNNIFFETue Mar 17 1992Horizontally scrolling data groups
1108.01BER::MOENCHTue Mar 17 1992DOS: Keybrd and DB-Update Problems
1109.06CSC32::N_BERENZTue Mar 17 1992unrecognized parameter transaction block
1110.08SNOCWed Mar 18 1992Rdb and RMS two-phase commit
1111.05GIDDAY::CHANMWed Mar 18 1992C-F-LONGJMP & Rallybugchk at exception AEMPUA
1112.05HARDY::EARLEWed Mar 18 1992Rally linked to DCL commands,COM files, executables
1113.05SHOEBX::CONNERWed Mar 18 1992Details on RALLY$FIELD_ENTRY structure
1114.08STKHLM::ARENDIThu Mar 19 1992Rally application -> "conceptual design" report?
1115.01IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Mar 19 1992Strange problem with ADL computation...
1116.07NHASAD::SHELDONThu Mar 19 1992defaulting in values in fields on separate f/r
1117.05NHASAD::SHELDONThu Mar 19 1992validation of field with several values
1118.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 19 1992Access DSD fields not on the form
1119.08CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 19 1992FIX file LOV
1120.07WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Mar 19 1992How to tell what group is current?
1122.012VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Mar 20 1992<FF> and blank lines
1123.08SHOEBX::CONNERFri Mar 20 1992ODI INSERT Behavior
1124.013BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Mar 23 1992force new transaction for LOV reread/evaluation ?
1125.04NIMVAX::CUMMINGSMon Mar 23 1992Limitation of Query read only?
1126.03HAM::MARTENTue Mar 24 1992conditioned text areas
1127.02SWTHOM::DELOBELTue Mar 24 1992ODI restrict stream
1128.06BRADOR::CARSONTue Mar 24 1992Data movement to/from VMS
1129.03SIOG::CAVERLYWed Mar 25 1992Number Format - ECU
1130.01HARDY::EARLEWed Mar 25 1992Many to many relationships
1131.01HARDY::EARLEWed Mar 25 1992Initial Value effects
1132.04RUTILE::HERMOUNEWed Mar 25 1992External Link and Install problem
1133.02BGOWed Mar 25 1992PC client to remote Rdb/Database?
1134.04SIOG::CAVERLYWed Mar 25 1992Macro to Amend Multiple V3 DSD's
1136.09KYOA::GRADYWed Mar 25 1992General integration with CDD and RMS questions
1137.02SNOCThu Mar 26 1992LSE template?
1138.02COMICS::JAMESMThu Mar 26 1992error mssg 19626
1139.06PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Mar 26 1992writing variable length records in RMS files
1140.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Mar 26 1992V3 re evaluated conditional displays ??
1141.02BRADOR::CARSONThu Mar 26 1992LOVs and extended queries
1142.05BRADOR::CARSONThu Mar 26 1992Rally/Rdb Mail List application?
1143.05HAM::MARTENFri Mar 27 1992trick with RDMS$DEBUG_FLAGS TP
1144.02CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Mar 27 19922.1 on VMS 5.5
1145.03EDUOZ::LANEMon Mar 30 1992Non-Disp key field has changed???
1146.07CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Mar 30 1992licencing, personal vs run-time
1147.08MILKWY::CE_TOOLSTue Mar 31 1992Batch Help
1148.05ZTOIS1::HONORETue Mar 31 19922 fields in the same field ???
1149.03BUSY::FLAHERTYWed Apr 01 1992Display group on ALL pages
1150.02BGOWed Apr 01 1992LOV and Copy other fields from the list of values?!?
1151.015HYEND::STONEHAMWed Apr 01 1992Summary & detail data from same f/r ?
1152.019JURA::POTTSWed Apr 01 1992Unlinking FOREIGN/PRIMARY key relationships
1153.03CTHQ3::BEALSThu Apr 02 1992Switching to EDIT mode while in Run mode
1154.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 02 1992design question
1155.04KAUFBX::ZERBONIAThu Apr 02 1992Tons of Screens in DTM .BMK File
1156.04MKODEV::PETROPHFri Apr 03 1992Wide Form problem
1157.03TOOLBX::FIDDESFri Apr 03 1992Problem with RETURN_TO... (HELP PLEASE!!!)
1158.09VAXRIO::MICHELFri Apr 03 1992Conditional Next fied X Required Field
1159.01VAXRIO::MICHELFri Apr 03 1992Highlight current Field X Set_current_field
1160.011DYPSS1::DIXONFri Apr 03 1992Need help with variables and ADL etc.
1161.0KOBAL::KIRKSat Apr 04 1992Can you give a talk at Rdb World in Orlando?
1162.04GL::KIRKSat Apr 04 1992RALLY runtime working on RISC ULTRIX!
1163.09BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSTue Apr 07 1992Attachments to the database
1164.03CAPNET::BLESSLEYTue Apr 07 1992How to determine 'tomorrow' from System_date?
1165.03GOLF::RAOTue Apr 07 1992Help Wanted on WRITABLE SHAREABLE IMAGE problem
1166.01HARDY::EARLETue Apr 07 1992Recommended Hardware configurarions?
1167.01SAC::BURNS_KWed Apr 08 1992Calling SQL modules as external links
1168.03STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 08 1992Dynamic database link in DSD?
1169.04PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Apr 08 1992Problem with LOV 'copy other fields' and initial
1170.06POLAR::WEINSTEINWed Apr 08 1992edit contents of field...can it be done
1171.02DNEAST::LEMARWed Apr 08 1992SET_FAILURE not working in a after value change form/report field action site
1172.04VMPIRE::STRYKERWed Apr 08 1992RALLY Manuals on the Bookreader CD-ROM?
1173.05NHASAD::SHELDONWed Apr 08 1992where to attach adl on a f/r report
1174.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 08 1992MSDOS and RALLY_PRINTER
1175.01PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Apr 09 1992Defer total printing for one level higher break?
1176.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSThu Apr 09 1992Blank Totaling
1177.04CSC32::N_BERENZThu Apr 09 1992Conference room reservation
1178.02STKAI1::LUNDBERGFri Apr 10 1992Rally programming quest??
1179.04VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Apr 10 1992change scale factor
1180.04CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Apr 10 1992Can't find external link
1181.015BATMAN::LEBLANCSat Apr 11 1992I NEED trailing spaces
1182.06KOBAL::KIRKSat Apr 11 1992RALLY is running on Alpha!
1183.02SORGEN::SIGIMon Apr 13 1992looking for a specific RSE
1184.03CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 13 1992MSDOS/MS-DOS documentation?
1185.05DYPSS1::DIXONMon Apr 13 1992re-arranging fields on form
1186.04CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Apr 13 1992FILACCERR from MSDOS
1188.01CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Apr 13 1992ROLLBACK and REQUIRED fields
1190.04SNOCMon Apr 13 1992v3.
1191.015STKHLM::ARENDITue Apr 14 1992Rally Dos 3.
1192.06CSC32::S_MAUFETue Apr 14 1992suggestion : Rally MSDOS notesfile
1193.0VAXRIO::IVOTAMBASCOTue Apr 14 1992Problem printing a report
1194.06MAIL::KOETTINGLTue Apr 14 1992Help on versions of Rally, DECtrace & RdbExpert
1195.020CSC32::S_MAUFETue Apr 14 1992all environment variables ignored
1196.07ROCHE::LOESCHWed Apr 15 1992Format Repeat Down Group with Blank Line Separator?
1197.02NOTIBM::CUNNIFFEThu Apr 16 1992Error calling shareable image
1198.04CTHQ1::BEALSThu Apr 16 1992Automatic LOV selection based on "starts with" value
1199.05VERGA::FRIEDMANSat Apr 18 1992remote data access, performance
1200.0CSC32::N_BERENZSat Apr 18 1992AUC_HNDLR + 135
1201.03BAGLEY::FOSTERSat Apr 18 1992RMS problem
1202.08MILKWY::KNOPPSat Apr 18 1992Field Totals
1203.016ATHINA::TSILIRASat Apr 18 1992ADL size
1204.0SPEZKO::PARKERMon Apr 20 1992Job Opening! RALLY experience needed!
1205.05GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Apr 21 1992problem with set failure in after visit action site
1206.04SDOCS1::PURCELLTue Apr 21 1992Help with RALLY 2.3 loop
1207.07SNOCWed Apr 22 1992page formatter error with pop-up
1208.02VERGA::RANGANATHWed Apr 22 1992Can't spwan a process while running Rally from C
1209.03DUBSWS::COLLINSThu Apr 23 1992Puzzling Integrity Error
1210.05TRNAF1::DELMONTEThu Apr 23 1992Rally on RMS questions
1211.03NSDC::SIMPSONThu Apr 23 1992Auto-insert of fixed number of child records
1212.01STKHLM::ARENDIFri Apr 24 1992Parameter DSD's and EQUALS??????
1213.08PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Apr 24 1992Callable interface or IMPORT/EXPORT to analyse application?
1214.012BLGFri Apr 24 1992RALLY for DOS and RMS files
1215.02MATE::MMARLANDFri Apr 24 1992Multiple developer environment question
1216.014CAPITN::OLDING_NIFri Apr 24 1992Rdb view support documentation?
1217.02DYPSS1::DIXONFri Apr 24 1992Want to go to next record but same field
1218.08DYPSS1::DIXONFri Apr 24 1992Need to search on LT a whole field.
1219.01KOBAL::TROGERSSun Apr 26 1992RALLY/TFM Positioning
1221.05UNTADH::BOWENTue Apr 28 1992Displaying and editing Segmented Strings via Rally
1222.09SNOCTue Apr 28 1992what's the best current v3?
1223.05VMPIRE::STRYKERTue Apr 28 1992Will future RALLY versions change REPORT output?
1224.03VAXRIO::MICHELTue Apr 28 1992Handling Rdb ERROR Messages
1225.04NIMVAX::CUMMINGSTue Apr 28 1992Problem Debugging External Link
1226.01DYPSS1::DIXONTue Apr 28 1992Need to select several records to a file.
1227.04DEVMKO::ALBERTTue Apr 28 1992Question on Sorting records for a listing
1228.011MILKWY::KNOPPWed Apr 29 1992COMPUTE/COUNT Variables
1229.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed Apr 29 1992V3.
1230.03OSLThu Apr 30 1992DEC Rally multi-function menus
1231.011DUGROS::ROSSThu Apr 30 1992RALLY should unhook from TEAMDATA and DATATRIEVE
1232.03HYEND::STONEHAMThu Apr 30 1992Cookbook avail. to our Customers ?
1233.04SDOCS1::PURCELLThu Apr 30 1992Copy fields from a scrolled area?
1234.03TOLKIN::SWEENEYFri May 01 1992screen editor question
1235.07WNOUFri May 01 1992Error
1236.03JURA::PAGIOLAMon May 04 1992ex
1237.02VERGA::TRUBIANOMon May 04 1992DECWindows screen is getting set to 25 lines
1238.02WNOUWed May 06 1992Rally/Rdb to Rally/ODI/ACMS/Rdb estimate?
1239.02GBUSTA::LUSTMANThu May 07 1992RALLY$EXTERNAL signaled an error CANCEL failed on routine CANCEL failed on routine
1240.04SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGThu May 07 1992Exclude childless parents??
1241.04BGOFri May 08 1992How to LOAD text?
1242.08DYPSS1::DIXONFri May 08 1992How to position to a place in a query.
1243.04GBUSTA::LUSTMANFri May 08 1992Variables on F/R - write report
1244.07GOLF::RAOFri May 08 1992Help on Underlying data source Problem
1245.011UTOPIE::KREISLERMon May 11 1992Preattached SQL/Services Server-process ? (Execution Server)
1246.016DYPSS1::DIXONMon May 11 1992Can extent be changed for tmp files?
1247.08CSC32::J_OPPELTMon May 11 1992Adding new recs to an LOV.
1248.04CSC32::J_OPPELTMon May 11 1992Visiting a field that conditionally does not display
1249.09RUTILE::POTTSMon May 11 1992Data entry to 2 groups
1250.09MILKWY::CE_TOOLSTue May 12 1992Datatrieve DSD
1251.04STKHLM::ARENDITue May 12 1992Keyboard source files????
1252.04STKAI2::LJONSSONWed May 13 1992RDB error only in external link
1253.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGWed May 13 1992Assign channel system service request failed - Why
1254.05SWTHOM::DELOBELWed May 13 1992Number choice between ?
1255.013DANDY::HABERWed May 13 1992disappearing characters ( plus an Rdb dump)
1256.05RIPPLE::UNWIN_SCWed May 13 1992Need help on control break report
1257.03NHASAD::SHELDONWed May 13 1992adl - action site error
1258.03HOTWTR::LODHOLM_CHWed May 13 1992Parametized DSD problem
1259.04CRUISE::IRWINThu May 14 1992External link to data driven menu driver, with CLI$ calls inside the basic code.
1260.04BGOFri May 15 1992Problem creating external link!
1261.03BGOFri May 15 1992LOV only read/display one record!!??!!
1262.03VAXRIO::ABREUFri May 15 1992NDS_Q_PARAM bugcheck ! TINYINT ???
1263.03HANMon May 18 1992More help on aggregate needed
1264.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon May 18 1992I can't get DECtrace and Rally to talk
1265.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 18 1992DECrally V3.
1266.01RELSIC::VESTUTOMon May 18 1992SPR for Rally Bug Check Dump
1267.011AIMHI::MORRISONMon May 18 1992Single or Multi_file RDB?
1268.03VAXRIO::MICHELTue May 19 1992Behavior of VISITATION ORDER
1269.0MILPND::GALLAGHERWed May 20 1992There is an other 4GL Level4
1270.02ACSCKS::SHARROWWed May 20 1992Make parent have at least one child?
1271.06NHASAD::SHELDONWed May 20 1992merging 2 variable fields to DSD
1272.01TAVThu May 21 1992Mixing Personal Use dev license with rto license
1273.04PLAYER::ADDLETONThu May 21 1992Problem with ODI <REMOVE> of queue entry record
1274.05VMPIRE::STRYKERThu May 21 1992DECworld '92 reports
1275.06ACSCKS::SHARROWThu May 21 1992Query not finding children
1276.03SHARE::WOFFENDENThu May 21 1992HELP message in Extended Query?
1277.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 21 1992Not RETURN-ing from Children
1278.01OSODOG::DJDAVISFri May 22 1992New Record & Child Don't Mix
1279.04CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 22 1992Bugcheck only when DSD used as LOV
1280.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon May 25 1992LOWERCASE of a string, how ??
1281.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon May 25 1992How to get Extended query work for more than one field
1283.08HANTue May 26 1992(More on) .TMP file performance
1284.06NOTTue May 26 1992merging RGA files
1285.06KBOMFG::BLUMERWed May 27 1992Compressed multi-line field+blank line
1287.01IJSAPL::LOOIJENWed May 27 1992Rally/ACMS-odi experience??
1288.01HOTWTR::LODHOLM_CHWed May 27 1992Break on Computed Field?
1289.02SHALOT::FRAZERThu May 28 1992Locks lost due to commit.
1290.04BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSFri May 29 1992Slow response on queries
1291.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFFri May 29 1992Difference between 12288 and DB_EOS
1292.04TRUCKS::HARTNELLFri May 29 1992Upgrade V2.2 to V2.3 problem
1293.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 29 1992Bugcheck removing CDD reference from DSD
1294.07KOBAL::KIRKFri May 29 1992Using RALLY and ACMS with Open Data Interface.
1295.01NMGDV4::DOEVEMon Jun 01 1992How is "break detection" implemented ?
1296.01LEMAN::FONTOVAMon Jun 01 1992Insufficient virtual memory ?!!!
1297.03BRSDVP::DECLERCKMon Jun 01 1992Has an extended query been used for a field?
1298.03GEOFF::G_SCHULTZTue Jun 02 1992Next/Prev screen and pop-up sub-forms.
1300.09NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Jun 03 1992Key Definitions
1301.06TOOLBX::FIDDESWed Jun 03 1992Problem with ADL TRANSLATE_LOGICAL and 'SYS$INPUT'.
1302.02MQOSWS::J_DESILETSThu Jun 04 1992rally 2.1a support vms 5.5
1303.039SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGThu Jun 04 1992Performance, hi page faults - RMS?
1304.010CSC32::J_KUHNThu Jun 04 1992RALLY ODI DSD 2PC problem
1305.06CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 04 1992Update parent and child join fields
1306.0VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jun 04 1992Bugcheck ALGNFR during a query
1308.03HOTBX::MILLERFri Jun 05 1992Color highlighting in 3.
1309.01IJSAPL::NIJENHUISFri Jun 05 1992Rally Update produces RALLYBUGCHK.DMP
1310.04SOURCE::ZAKSZEWSKIFri Jun 05 1992screen display different after selecting from LOV
1311.06DUGROS::ROSSFri Jun 05 1992How to tell from ADL if a file exists
1312.04LILAC::AUSTINFri Jun 05 1992Help Re. Move rga's/rdb's/extract rdb definitions
1313.03OSODOG::DJDAVISSun Jun 07 1992Some Concepts, Plase
1314.0DEVMKO::HURLBURTMon Jun 08 1992Question about error message
1315.02HOTBX::MILLERMon Jun 08 1992How about field highlighting?
1316.03LILAC::AUSTINTue Jun 09 1992How to display insert/update/delete msg. back to user
1317.01SPEZKO::SCHUETZTue Jun 09 1992DECstart for RALLY
1318.02CSC32::S_MAUFETue Jun 09 1992Rally external link, LSE$LSE
1319.04MKODEV::WERNERTue Jun 09 1992RALLY DSD missing RMS fields
1320.06OSODOG::DJDAVISWed Jun 10 1992Too Simple Report?
1321.09WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Jun 10 1992RALLY verb missing
1322.03TOLKIN::KUMARThu Jun 11 1992Printing multiple records on a page
1323.020CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 11 1992Setting other vairables in a COMPUTATION ADL
1324.02DEVMKO::BROWN_JThu Jun 11 1992RALLY$EXTERNAL signaled
1325.02CTHQ1::BEALSThu Jun 11 1992help needed for customer demo
1326.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 11 19923.
1327.07CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 11 1992Size limitations of DSDs
1328.07COLA1::WENGEFELDFri Jun 12 1992Control break on a SUBSTRING data
1329.04RUTILE::PAGIOLAFri Jun 12 1992Highlighting Fields Indirectly
1330.07RUTILE::PAGIOLAFri Jun 12 1992Error Message Confirmation...
1331.01BACHUS::DEKEYSERFri Jun 12 1992bugcheck, exception :ardcod +
1332.05CSC32::G_HUBBARDFri Jun 12 1992Problem running RALLY$DECTRACE_REPORTS.RGA application
1333.014CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jun 12 1992TIME TO WAIT question
1334.02QCAVMon Jun 15 1992RALLY-RMS and other questions
1335.02ZTOIS1::HONOREMon Jun 15 1992ODI for other DB ?????
1336.04SNOCTue Jun 16 1992RAD/RALLY conference?
1337.02MILKWY::KNOPPTue Jun 16 19922 Screens/Rpt Page
1338.01VERGA::TRUBIANOTue Jun 16 1992Corresponding keys for these functions on VR241?
1339.02CIGRBX::MILLERTue Jun 16 1992DECforms to Rally Conversion Tool
1340.01BRUTH::BAUERWed Jun 17 1992RoloDEC Rdb and RALLY Demonstration
1341.03NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Jun 17 1992Can anyone explain this dump ?
1342.01DUGROS::ROSSWed Jun 17 1992327
1343.05CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 17 1992Pop-up subform question
1344.01PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Jun 18 1992How to control the 'scope' of COPY RECORD images
1345.02EICMFG::AJKFri Jun 19 1992Computed field in a LOV
1346.012JRFVAX::HODGESFri Jun 19 1992Rally, Rdb and NULL values?
1347.07JRFVAX::HODGESFri Jun 19 1992JOIN-Some instances=Others: SAME TABLE?
1348.05MILKWY::CE_TOOLSFri Jun 19 1992Need Update advice
1349.04OSODOG::DJDAVISFri Jun 19 1992Activate ADL when control break changes
1350.015PTOVAX::SCHRAMMFri Jun 19 1992RALLY$EXTERNAL error
1351.06SNOCSat Jun 20 1992some Rdb 4.1 RALLY 3.
1353.06IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Jun 22 1992AFTER VALUE CHANGE invoked, but no value change?
1354.08RUTILE::POTTSMon Jun 22 1992Constraint errors/Scroll lists
1355.04EVOAI2::GRAMONDTue Jun 23 1992RALLY/ULTRIX plans ?
1356.05CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Jun 23 1992Design question -- multiple values on query.
1357.04EDUOZ::LANEWed Jun 24 1992Dynamic CALL ?
1358.04BIS1::VANRUMSTEWed Jun 24 1992Re: RALLYT4
1359.011COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Jun 24 1992Rally Advanced course for customers ?
1360.012NACMIS::ERSKINEWed Jun 24 1992trace to another decwindow
1361.04MARVA1::KIMMELWed Jun 24 1992Displaying default values, and more than 1 group
1362.03MARVA1::KIMMELWed Jun 24 1992Chaining forms
1363.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Jun 24 1992External Link
1364.02EDUOZ::LANEWed Jun 24 1992Rally and Real Time?
1365.011COPCLU::JEPPEThu Jun 25 1992ECO 1 not included in V3.
1366.04SNOCThu Jun 25 1992mixing control break and f/r joins in reports
1367.05CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 25 1992Can I DISPLAY BELOW a scrolled area?
1368.01NOTFri Jun 26 1992Highlighting turtle line
1369.04NOTFri Jun 26 1992disable keys
1370.01KERNEL::HIGMANFri Jun 26 1992CREATE DSD $ WAIT IF LOCKED: field not working.
1371.01POLAR::MCGREGORFri Jun 26 1992Fatal error handling in external programs
1372.04GL::SCARFR::AnastasiaFri Jun 26 1992Request for feedback - Using Applications manual
1373.07RUTILE::POTTSFri Jun 26 1992STARTS WITH and query mode.
1374.01MARVA1::KIMMELFri Jun 26 1992Deferring commit on multiple F/R
1375.09JRFVAX::HODGESFri Jun 26 19924 page Form/Report needed!
1376.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Jun 29 1992looking for hints
1377.02MILKWY::KNOPPMon Jun 29 1992DCL LINK in batch
1378.02PLAYER::ADDLETONMon Jun 29 1992V3.
1379.02OSODOG::DJDAVISMon Jun 29 1992Extended Query Bug?
1380.04QCAVTue Jun 30 1992Calling ADL in report mode
1381.09RUTILE::PAGIOLATue Jun 30 1992PSART of WRITE SCREEN outputs
1382.08ACESMK::MCKIMTue Jun 30 1992Leveraging our OO technology
1383.01PRMSTue Jun 30 1992non-displayed key field has changed in the database
1384.03SHALOT::FRAZERWed Jul 01 1992Control Break Totals *AND* Report Totals problem
1385.05NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Jul 01 1992Execute only rga
1386.02STKHLM::LUNDBERG_BWed Jul 01 1992Wrong value BEF VALUE CHANGE
1387.03SAC::EXTON_MWed Jul 01 1992Rally without Pathworks?
1388.06BVEUX::LAMAREThu Jul 02 1992Difference between ENTER and RETURN
1389.01OUTBCK::CHANMThu Jul 02 1992Rally merge bugcheck : AUCCER_VAX & RQ3BUG
1390.0GIDDAY::HADDADFri Jul 03 1992Salute to a nation!
1391.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSSun Jul 05 1992Column Protection
1392.0KOBAL::KIRKSun Jul 05 1992Looking for customers to field test V3.1
1393.03VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Jul 06 1992computed field question
1394.04CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jul 06 1992INSERT CHARACTER_CODE in screen editor
1395.06CSC32::J_KUHNMon Jul 06 1992Blank LOV problem
1396.08CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jul 06 1992HELP with HELP
1397.05STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANTue Jul 07 1992RALLY front-end to CMS
1398.01URSIC::BLAIRTue Jul 07 1992Problem running Dynamic display appl on V3.
1399.06CSC32::J_KUHNTue Jul 07 1992External link & report bugcheck
1400.02TAVWed Jul 08 1992Rally PC and ACMS Desktop
1401.01DLOPAS::DLO22::FIDDESWed Jul 08 1992Possible to re-map entire keyboard?
1402.03SIOG::CAVERLYWed Jul 08 1992Pic 999v99 comp?
1403.07MARVA1::KIMMELWed Jul 08 1992Re-display a new value in child grooup (Parent key changed)
1404.06OASS::AMATO_AWed Jul 08 1992RALLY running in ALL-IN-1 subprocess
1405.01CIGRBX::MILLERThu Jul 09 1992Using RALLY Features course?
1406.04NEWOA::JONES_SThu Jul 09 1992Can RALLY, if so how ?
1407.0CTHQ1::BEALSThu Jul 09 1992V2.3, SET_CURRENT_FIELD problem
1408.01ONETWO::STUDENTACCTThu Jul 09 1992HELP with printing Form Report
1409.04ZURThu Jul 09 1992Bad performance from count aggregate
1410.05AMCUCS::MEHRINGThu Jul 09 1992How to reference DECdecision Query Table (RDB) as Rally DSD?
1412.01CSC32::J_KUHNThu Jul 09 1992Action Site and Query Mode
1413.05BRSISD::ROOSENFri Jul 10 1992ALL-IN-1 V3.
1414.03LISVAX::LEITAOMon Jul 13 1992kit copy for ultrix with problems
1415.04MTVIEW::CHENGMon Jul 13 1992Open Journaling for RALLY and its applications
1416.08CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jul 13 1992Rally pre-selects from LOV in insert mode.
1418.03MLNWed Jul 15 1992Reverse Engineering of a Rally application
1419.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDWed Jul 15 1992Floating below a Conditional Displayed element
1420.03MKODEV::WERNERWed Jul 15 1992LOV copy fields limitations
1421.07INFACT::DATZMANWed Jul 15 1992Runtime sorting with Rally
1422.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 15 1992Removing line feeds from multi-line text fields.
1423.01DOD2::PARKERWed Jul 15 1992Help with Printed Report and Scrolling
1424.04GVAADG::RAPAZThu Jul 16 1992After visiting record action site problem
1425.04SPEZKO::SCHUETZThu Jul 16 1992V3.
1426.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Jul 17 1992date fill mode can actually work for hours as well
1427.01ZTOIS1::HONOREFri Jul 17 1992Variable title in amenu
1428.010MARVA1::KIMMELFri Jul 17 1992Moving between F/R
1429.05MARVA1::KIMMELFri Jul 17 1992Child group based on concatenation of two parent fields?
1430.04GL::ANASTASIAFri Jul 17 1992DEC RALLY V3.1 Cmd Ref Manl
1431.0BUDDIE::GIAUQUEMon Jul 20 1992Demo Resource needed Rally/VMS/DOS V3.
1432.07DLOPAS::DLO28::FIDDESMon Jul 20 1992Horrible Hang with Attention QIO
1433.04BERNTue Jul 21 1992Problem after Upgrade 2.1 to 2.3
1434.03NBOSWS::REITHWed Jul 22 1992Connecting variables to CDD definitions ?
1435.04GL::KIRKWed Jul 22 1992Wanted: RALLY ALPHA OpenVMS field test sites!
1436.01SNOCWed Jul 22 1992field value set on after query not visible
1437.01BRSISD::ROOSENThu Jul 23 1992LOV prooblem?
1438.04CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jul 23 1992error 91
1439.03CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jul 24 1992AOST_WRITE_QIO + 9F bugcheck in batch
1440.05CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jul 24 1992REQUIRED FIELD and VISITATION design question
1441.02AZUR::PIERREMon Jul 27 1992comp,comp_2 problem with rally 2.2-29
1442.012DC1Mon Jul 27 1992Username/Timestamp Audit Trail
1443.08RUTILE::POTTSTue Jul 28 1992Parameterised DSD in LOV
1444.01GRANPA::KMCGINNISTue Jul 28 1992RALLYT4
1445.09ZTOIS1::HONOREWed Jul 29 1992Variable Title....
1446.02SOURCE::ZAKSZEWSKIWed Jul 29 1992DSD RSE Restriction using OR
1447.02ISIDRO::ITZIARThu Jul 30 1992FIX DSD loses bytes
1448.04ZTOIS1::HONOREThu Jul 30 1992Form with noDSD
1449.05HYEND::STONEHAMThu Jul 30 1992Baffling Task management error 2
1450.01AKO588::COLESMon Aug 03 1992Field Navigation Using Arrow Keys, Problems
1451.05CSC32::N_BERENZMon Aug 03 1992ODI error message not correct
1452.015VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Aug 03 1992Error: relation not defined in db
1453.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSMon Aug 03 1992DCL BATCH protection
1454.07SHARE::WOFFENDENTue Aug 04 1992Working... permanently blanks part of screen
1455.06JRFVAX::HODGESTue Aug 04 1992LOV REREAD - NEW TRX???
1456.013CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Aug 04 1992command paths in menus
1458.013SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGTue Aug 04 1992Conditional Record Display?
1459.02KOBAL::LANDRYTue Aug 04 1992URGENT need for V3.1 field test sites
1460.05CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Aug 04 1992ACTION LIST and SET_CUR_FLD questions
1461.05CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 05 1992deadlock error debugging
1462.014TAVThu Aug 06 1992RALLY RDB Viewer tool
1463.01VAXRIO::MICHELThu Aug 06 1992LOV with STARTING WITH problem
1464.02PTOVAX::SMITHThu Aug 06 1992Rally for DOS Hardware Requirements
1465.02DEMING::WATSONFri Aug 07 1992Another control-break question
1466.01CSC32::N_BERENZFri Aug 07 1992RALLY deferred snapshots
1467.04UNTADI::LEWISMon Aug 10 1992What is the latest useable kit ?
1468.05XOVER::GUNNERSONMon Aug 10 1992"Privilege denied by database facility" upon running application
1469.04TOOLBX::FIDDESMon Aug 10 1992Reading all records for a LOV group
1470.07MKODEV::PETROPHTue Aug 11 1992External program error
1471.09PLAYER::TAVERNIERTue Aug 11 1992Memory problems under Windows-DOS prompt
1472.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Aug 11 1992v2.2-29 access violation on ADL
1473.01CSC32::J_KUHNTue Aug 11 1992Duplicate fields displayed in def system
1474.01SNOCTue Aug 11 1992QAR submission problem
1475.01NBOSWS::REITHWed Aug 12 1992<REMOVE> field does not remove the field ?
1476.010CSC32::WENDELWed Aug 12 1992HANDLE IS NOT VALID when verifying RGA file
1477.04GOLF::RAOWed Aug 12 1992Doubts on Trapping Error #
1478.07CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 12 1992Passing zero to ODI instead of NULL
1479.03CSC32::J_KUHNWed Aug 12 1992easy formatting question
1480.02IJSAPL::KESSELSThu Aug 13 1992WAIT=Y : still lock-messages
1481.06IJSAPL::KESSELSThu Aug 13 1992Reread LOV doesn't work?
1482.06WNOUThu Aug 13 1992Sibling groups scroll/page independently?
1483.02STKHLM::LUNDBERG_BFri Aug 14 1992Delete/Insert two relations from one form?
1484.01QCAVSat Aug 15 1992DSD locking problems and Error messages
1485.01TROPPO::MILOVICSun Aug 16 1992RallyDos - Any limits in size of RGA file
1486.04UNTADI::LEWISMon Aug 17 1992Calling a form from itself
1487.09SHIRE::TONINATOMon Aug 17 1992Ext Link with Pascal & RDML
1488.03GOLF::RAOTue Aug 18 1992Count of Records on a Query
1489.03SNOCTue Aug 18 1992report performance problem
1490.04BACHUS::DECLERCKWed Aug 19 1992v3.
1491.04GOLF::RAOWed Aug 19 1992Automatic INSERT after Deletion of ONLY Record
1492.05CSC32::J_KUHNWed Aug 19 1992How to tell if U R on Last Record
1493.05NBOSWS::REITHThu Aug 20 1992Conditional LOV and COPY OTHER FIELDS problem
1494.07DCOPST::RDOBCM::MCCARTYThu Aug 20 1992F6 key assignment does not work
1495.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Aug 20 1992RMS DSD insert behavior.
1496.08SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERThu Aug 20 1992Help with external links and callable interface
1497.04HYEND::STONEHAMFri Aug 21 1992Creation of Ad Hoc error messages ?
1498.02UNTADI::LEWISFri Aug 21 1992Conditional LOV causes value to be NULLed (still)
1499.01TRETOP::DMODEFri Aug 21 1992sibling child groups won't do previous group?
1500.03GANTRY::CHAWLAFri Aug 21 1992Problem with Virtual pages Deletion
1501.010ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZMon Aug 24 1992Paging data (insert here message)
1502.03DEVMKO::ALBERTTue Aug 25 1992Insert to Query/Update Mode Changing Problem
1503.01BVEUX::LAMAREWed Aug 26 1992Limit of 32 fields copied from LOV
1504.04CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 26 1992Rally internal arithmetic
1505.016CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Aug 26 1992Command alias values
1506.05MAASUP::AUSTINThu Aug 27 1992Multiple mulit-line fields ??
1507.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Aug 27 1992V2.3 error 15187 queries not allowed
1508.0MRKTNG::DESHARNAISThu Aug 27 1992Internal Contractor Seeks Rally Field Work
1510.03BODRUM::ERKUSFri Aug 28 1992How can I get An ascii file?
1511.02CSC32::N_BERENZFri Aug 28 1992Development on PC and TCPIP
1512.01SPEZKO::SCHUETZFri Aug 28 1992RALLY trademark protection
1513.0TAVSun Aug 30 1992RALLY in Banks
1515.01DGOSWTue Sep 01 1992application in different langages ??
1516.011AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Sep 02 1992design advise, how to liven up a form
1517.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Sep 02 1992GET_MODE reports wrong mode after INS REC NEXT_G
1518.09SNOCWed Sep 02 1992problem calling TPU with external link
1519.010QCAVThu Sep 03 1992why not sqlmod ?
1520.02PLAYER::BOWENThu Sep 03 1992How does one unbind during a Session
1521.03USDEV1::GWESTROPPFri Sep 04 1992Compute Time?
1522.01COUNTFri Sep 04 1992Bad protection on Bookshelf files
1523.07CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Sep 04 1992why read-to-end-of-file?
1524.08ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Sep 07 1992Rallybugchk.dmp with two error messages
1525.03SNOFS2::JOHNSTONGTue Sep 08 19922 Successive Calls to Lib$Getjpi in ADL produces Bugcheck dump
1526.02QCAVTue Sep 08 1992Trapping RALLY's internal error/Changing 8
1527.06DEMAND::GALLAGHERTue Sep 08 1992LIB$SPAWN and ACCVIO help ??
1528.01QCAVWed Sep 09 1992LOVs and trapping error messages
1529.03THAVWed Sep 09 1992QUESTION
1530.01CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Sep 09 19923.
1531.07CSC32::J_KUHNThu Sep 10 1992aggregate and NULL field problem ??
1532.01CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 10 1992CALL_CMD FINISH ACTION not working as expected
1533.0IJSAPL::NIJENHUISFri Sep 11 1992Using Callable RALLY from ACMS proc. server
1534.02BONNET::MICHEL_JMFri Sep 11 1992Transferring Data between Form Reports
1535.014PLAYER::MCGUIREMon Sep 14 1992Inconsistency between Rally/Rdb/C/SQLMOD
1536.012CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Sep 14 1992HELP with editing HELP text
1537.03JRFVAX::HODGESTue Sep 15 1992BEFORE QUIT action site & CALL/EXEC/CMD
1538.05COMICS::HISCOCKTue Sep 15 1992rally-dos the 's' error?
1539.05CSC32::N_BERENZTue Sep 15 1992Form/report calls second F/R
1540.017HOTBX::MILLERWed Sep 16 1992Should I Use Tasks
1541.01PRSIS7::WOLFWed Sep 16 1992LIB$GETQUI samples needed !
1542.06SHARE::DRJONESWed Sep 16 1992How does RALLY write it's Journal file?
1543.05BONNET::MICHEL_JMThu Sep 17 1992Print reports
1544.05TAVThu Sep 17 1992Change group name
1545.01CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 17 1992INTEGRATE and error 16387
1546.05CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 17 1992set_current_field v3.
1547.02STKHLM::LUNDBERG_BFri Sep 18 1992EXT-LNK Editor in Portion of screen?
1548.05SHARE::WOFFENDENFri Sep 18 1992DYNAMIC FRM sizing and floating group
1549.011USDEV1::GWESTROPPFri Sep 18 1992External link
1551.01JRFVAX::HODGESMon Sep 21 1992RALLY_V3 conference?
1552.03SNOCMon Sep 21 1992rally_windows conf problem
1553.02VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Sep 22 1992Aggregate/compute performance problem
1555.013KETJE::DEVOSWed Sep 23 1992External links (again)
1556.01VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Sep 23 1992fr field vs export, performance
1557.02DOD2::PARKERWed Sep 23 1992Sharable RGA files? how to
1558.01TOOHOT::CGOING::WOYAKWed Sep 23 1992Printing to attached printer
1559.07PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Sep 23 1992ODI, and field-selection for RESTRICT_STREAM
1560.02USDEV1::GWESTROPPWed Sep 23 1992Simple ADL hangs
1561.05NBOSWS::MUELLERThu Sep 24 1992problem with define conditional next field
1562.04CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 24 1992Slow Startup of form.
1563.05CHOVAX::EHRLICHThu Sep 24 1992Installing Rally v3.
1564.013QCAVFri Sep 25 1992Locking problem while using RALLY with RDB..
1565.02VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Sep 25 1992rally$number_vm_buffers
1566.02VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Sep 25 1992memory/performance
1567.06BATMAN::LEBLANCSat Sep 26 1992'Required in QBE' & 'Set Update'
1568.03ODIXIE::CAIRNSMon Sep 28 1992CDD issues?
1569.02CSC32::J_KUHNMon Sep 28 1992yet another display/format question
1570.013SNOCMon Sep 28 1992'previous field' leads to infinite loop
1571.02VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Sep 29 1992update calculations after value change
1572.012PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Sep 29 1992RALLY goes into CPU loop after inserting record
1573.02CTHQ1::CHIANGOTue Sep 29 1992"Shareable image name is invalid error"
1574.08CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Sep 29 1992RALLY startup slower than same operation in SQL
1575.03ADODEM::LEBLANCWed Sep 30 1992Problem navigating sibling groups
1576.04ROMWed Sep 30 1992External Links and Rally for DOS
1577.02OFFSIC::CONNERWed Sep 30 1992Passing dates to external links
1578.02GOLF::RAOWed Sep 30 1992Something to Share...
1579.06KADOR::REVERB::HANNAThu Oct 01 1992Cursor position and running aggregate
1580.012CHGVThu Oct 01 1992Next field inserting blank records (No ADL's)
1581.06ACESMK::MCKIMFri Oct 02 1992RALLY Vs. TFM Vs. DECADMIRE Vs. ?
1582.01CSC32::J_KUHNFri Oct 02 1992set_trace cures all evils
1583.03MILPND::PROVENCALMon Oct 05 1992Parent/Child/Sibling HELP needed
1584.05HYEND::STONEHAMMon Oct 05 1992error closing file, invalid internal file identifier (IFI)
1585.01TAVTue Oct 06 1992RALLY Bugchecked if Aggregate first in visit order
1586.02TAINO::FONSECATue Oct 06 1992Which goes first ?
1587.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 06 1992CDD pathname for DSD
1588.0SNOCWed Oct 07 1992Problem with DOS INSTALL
1589.01BVEUX::LAMAREFri Oct 09 1992Default Data Type
1590.04GL::KIRKFri Oct 09 1992$$$ RALLY/RAD SEMINAR $$$
1591.03SPEZKO::SCHUETZFri Oct 09 1992Queries the user can't enter
1592.0COCIDO::JLUISTue Oct 13 1992Autoskip & query
1593.06CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 13 1992INSERT REC NEXT_GROUP design question
1594.05ROMWed Oct 14 1992V3.
1595.04NBOSWS::MUELLERWed Oct 14 1992Test empty LOV (blank LOV)????
1598.033PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Oct 14 1992Problem switching between different remote dbs
1599.011NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Oct 15 1992Help with Dump !
1600.012CSC32::N_BERENZThu Oct 15 1992CDD and sorted order
1601.01TAINO::GONZALEZEFThu Oct 15 1992DB Server Sizing for Distributed Application
1602.07CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Oct 15 1992Reset PAGE_NUM at control break
1603.05CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Oct 16 1992ADL DML error handling still fails.
1604.01DKAS::QUIGLEYFri Oct 16 1992Quit from error?
1605.03VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Oct 16 1992RALLY X RDB datatypes
1606.07ADODEM::LEBLANCSat Oct 17 1992Wierd Constraint Violation behaviour
1607.03BIS1::SAELS_WMon Oct 19 1992Conditional List of Values
1609.03CTHQ::BUDMANMon Oct 19 1992V2.3, WRITE REPORT problem
1610.07CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 20 1992application locking itself
1611.01TAVWed Oct 21 1992Bugcheck when updating Rdb computed field
1612.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Oct 21 1992Help, redefine Return key in Query Mode
1613.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Oct 21 1992Reserving list problems.
1614.013TROPPO::MILOVICWed Oct 21 1992S3_set_parameter type mismatch at
1615.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Oct 21 1992"Underlying data source error" on ODI DSD.
1616.04NBOSWS::MUELLERThu Oct 22 1992Initial value in the DSD
1617.02SU2PLY::GALLAGHERThu Oct 22 1992Rally and subqueries
1618.04SNOCThu Oct 22 1992writeable shareable . . . hiding under a bushel
1619.04SU2PLY::GALLAGHERFri Oct 23 1992Committing a RDB trigger???
1620.016WNOUFri Oct 23 1992"Missing command parameters" error message?
1621.05DKAS::QUIGLEYMon Oct 26 1992URGENT - help .rgc
1622.03BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Oct 26 1992Escape characters in a form?
1623.05SHARE::SYSTEMTue Oct 27 1992RALLY V2.3-31 explodes
1624.03CCAD1Wed Oct 28 1992ODI with Cobol Example for Sorting
1625.012DOD2::PARKERWed Oct 28 1992What is the printing logical?
1626.04CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Oct 28 1992WRITE REPORT fails to display text area properly.
1627.01KOBAL::SULLIVANThu Oct 29 1992Keywords now available for your noting pleasure
1628.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Oct 29 1992An other error 2
1629.01CIGRBX::MILLERThu Oct 29 1992Conditional DSD's
1630.02VAXSPO::ORSIFri Oct 30 1992How to get the username?
1632.0SNOCSun Nov 01 1992select update ODI record_values query
1633.01SNOCMon Nov 02 1992ODI Field Entry parameter in error
1634.01MSAMMon Nov 02 1992Delete Rally V2.1
1635.0TAVMon Nov 02 1992Aggregate field strange behavior
1636.01VERGA::TRUBIANOMon Nov 02 1992Batch reports with Rally 3.
1637.07DEMAND::GALLAGHERTue Nov 03 1992Unrecognized transaction parameter block error 31743
1638.05GIDDAY::CHANMWed Nov 04 1992Last field in Group_1 to Next group problem.
1639.02MUCTEC::WESTERWed Nov 04 1992Hebrew multiline F/R fields
1640.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Nov 04 1992batch update aggregates
1641.02MITCH::MITCHELLThu Nov 05 1992 RALLY resource needed!
1642.03CRUISE::LHABIBThu Nov 05 1992HELP!!! with RALLY COMPUTED field
1643.01GOLF::RAOThu Nov 05 1992Endless WORKING with LOV..Pls Explain
1644.01VANINE::LOVELLFri Nov 06 1992Simple database apps. from a DOS user's perspective
1645.012CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Nov 06 1992Two versions of RALLY on same system
1647.01TAVSun Nov 08 1992Internal and External symbols
1648.02SNOCSun Nov 08 1992RALLY and DTM - current status?
1649.02CTHQ::WUMon Nov 09 1992How to allow user to customize Password
1650.05CSC32::N_BERENZMon Nov 09 1992write report limits
1651.06MILKWY::KNOPPMon Nov 09 1992Scrolling Help???
1652.06MILPND::S_STRYKERMon Nov 09 1992Copy of SMG routines to SET TERM/WID=132?
1653.02BBQ::JOHNSTONGMon Nov 09 1992Slow Access to RMS files thru Dtr and decnet
1654.06COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 12 1992Can't understand the FIRST/MIDDLE/LAST state
1655.037COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 12 1992Last Group will never reach state MIDDLE
1656.010COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 12 1992An Application to learn from, and a question
1657.03DLBVAX::MAILHOTThu Nov 12 1992Scrolling, Paging, Table Layout, Printing
1658.01LEVERS::HRONESThu Nov 12 1992Inspecting RALLY "code"?
1659.02VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Nov 16 1992error, help, library entries
1660.04VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Nov 16 1992LOV, starts with behavior
1661.03GIDDAY::HADDADTue Nov 17 1992Getting ACCVIO when in an ADL..but only sometimes!
1663.011MILKWY::CE_TOOLSTue Nov 17 1992Query msg
1664.04VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Nov 17 1992db_get_next error
1665.03PECOS::IM_DBATue Nov 17 1992Using TPU from within RALLY ?
1666.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Nov 18 1992LOV computed field and copy
1667.09CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Nov 18 1992Initial read of LOV, TRACE_LOG and VALIDATE
1668.05CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Nov 19 1992RALLY across the network
1669.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Nov 20 1992Print differently from Form contents ?
1670.05NCBOOT::PEREZFri Nov 20 1992How to handle phone numbers?
1671.05KOBAL::KIRKSat Nov 21 1992DECUS RALLY magic - enter your ideas here!
1672.015NCBOOT::PEREZSun Nov 22 1992Copies from LOV possessed?
1673.04SNOCMon Nov 23 1992transaction mode change invalidates buffers
1674.04ATHINA::SERENTELLOSMon Nov 23 1992Cannot Open xxxx.rda - URGENT -
1675.09CSC32::N_BERENZMon Nov 23 1992child query, parent performance
1677.04ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZTue Nov 24 1992In a crunch, ADL is self-explanatory.
1678.01SNOCTue Nov 24 1992version 2.2 release notes?
1679.0NCBOOT::PEREZTue Nov 24 1992How do I move directly between groups on a form?
1680.02MILKWY::KNOPPWed Nov 25 1992Projection Question
1681.06VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Nov 25 1992RTR, Reliable Transaction Router
1682.07STKHLM::HENNERTThu Nov 26 1992External link & DCL com.file - without LIB$SPAWN??
1683.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Nov 26 1992START NEW PAGE on MIDDLE for last group, WHY ?
1684.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Nov 27 1992RALLY Reporting mechanism example applications
1685.03CTHQ::BEALSMon Nov 30 1992LOV PF1-Downarrow very slow
1686.03SAC::RYDER_PMon Nov 30 1992Bugcheck AMMGFM +
1687.07SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERMon Nov 30 1992Help with Trapping VMS messages
1688.03CIGRBX::LEWISTue Dec 01 1992Bugcheck after 'finish action'
1689.05CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Dec 01 1992Adding a DSD field broke the DSD.
1690.01NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Dec 03 1992Format question
1691.05HANThu Dec 03 1992R/W RMS: CDD also for Run-Time ?
1692.02HANThu Dec 03 1992Bugcheck when GOLD-DO & modify F/R screen
1693.08PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Dec 03 1992Q:Ideas for dynamic DB access mode based on ID's (same f/rs)
1694.01HANFri Dec 04 1992Q&A on RALLY - help please...
1695.06GUIDUK::KRUGFri Dec 04 1992Recursive form calls?
1696.01GRANPA::GWILLIAMSSun Dec 06 1992Urgent Consulting Support Needed!
1697.04QCAVMon Dec 07 1992LOV problems in Rally
1698.02RDGE44::ALEUC1Mon Dec 07 1992Default "number of digits" for NUMBER data type?
1700.02TAVTue Dec 08 1992AMMVER + 16 Rally bugcheck
1701.02CSC32::N_BERENZTue Dec 08 1992DML transactions on V3.
1702.04GUIDUK::KRUGTue Dec 08 1992In visitation order = displayable?
1703.04BBQ::JOHNSTONGWed Dec 09 1992Time delay in data appearing on reports
1704.012QCAVWed Dec 09 1992Converting form from QUERY to UPDATE mode
1706.01SUOSW3::FALCKThu Dec 10 1992exec query after LOV-select
1707.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Dec 10 1992RALLY$RALLY iteration used VM
1708.09BUSY::FLAHERTYThu Dec 10 1992Rumour is NOT true!
1709.04CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Dec 10 1992Form navigation problem for NEXT PAGE
1710.06CCAD14::RITCHIEThu Dec 10 1992Exceeded disk quota sends Rally into loop?
1711.02GIDDAY::CHANMFri Dec 11 1992ADL before menu choice-<ENTER> not execute ADL.
1712.03QCAVFri Dec 11 1992How to submit an SPR??
1713.01RUTILE::SAEZFri Dec 11 1992trying to write null string...still
1714.0TEKAPO::HARRISSun Dec 13 1992KIt for ALPHA
1715.02BIS1::SAELS_WMon Dec 14 1992Report hang problem
1716.03SUOSW3::FALCKMon Dec 14 1992action-site in LOV-group
1717.011CSC32::J_KUHNMon Dec 14 1992negative money input values
1718.01ACSCKS::SHARROWTue Dec 15 1992Rally accumulate fillm/fillcnt
1719.05BBQ::JOHNSTONGWed Dec 16 1992Help on visitation order skipping
1720.01SUOSW3::FALCKWed Dec 16 1992actualisation of DSD-data after trigger actions
1721.01BALZAC::SIEThu Dec 17 1992RALLY V2.3 and CDD V5
1722.03CSC32::N_BERENZThu Dec 17 1992write report and insert access violation
1723.010CSC32::WENDELThu Dec 17 1992Bugcheck dump when merging from DCL
1724.03BIS1::SAELS_WFri Dec 18 1992Rally on PC using SQL ...
1725.06SUOSW3::FALCKFri Dec 18 1992after delete action site ignores stmt
1726.02CLPRFri Dec 18 1992After visiting and CALL_CMS(
1728.05SISDB::SISDB::TREMELLINGSun Dec 20 1992How to peek at next record in same group?
1729.03HANMon Dec 21 1992RALLY course student book needed
1730.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Dec 21 1992Error message for undefined key!
1731.06ECGLD3::STEWARTMon Dec 21 1992Update DSD with latest Rdb def
1732.06CSC32::J_KUHNMon Dec 21 1992Lock NOT! at value change :-)
1733.0CICCIO::DELMONTETue Dec 22 1992slides about 3GL/4GL develop. methods?
1734.07KYOA::BOYLETue Dec 22 1992Rally 4.1???
1735.03DEVMKO::WATERMANTue Dec 22 1992start menu or task from adl?
1736.01STKHLM::HENNERTWed Dec 23 1992RETURN_TO - where to return to?
1737.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Dec 23 1992number format not working
1738.01ACSCKS::SHARROWWed Dec 23 1992Problem accessing rally on vax using PC
1739.010CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Dec 24 1992What RGA am I currently running?
1740.0SNOCMon Dec 28 1992Upcoming Rdb changes
1741.05GUIDUK::KRUGMon Dec 28 1992table lookups in scrolling groups?
1742.05AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Dec 29 1992trailing blank/empty line in report
1743.07VNABRW::SCHMIDTWed Dec 30 1992MATRIX,TABLE, ... report over multiple pages
1744.03CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jan 04 1993Aggregate of a sibling's children? (Nephew recs?)
1745.017CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jan 04 1993Legend disappears on SET_FAILURE from AFTER VISIT
1746.05QCAVTue Jan 05 1993DB COMMIT ERROR Message 12293
1747.04LARVAE::RYDER_PTue Jan 05 1993Terminal Overstrike Mode
1748.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSTue Jan 05 1993RSE Null Dates
1749.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Jan 06 1993AMMGFM bugcheck.
1750.03OFFSIC::ZERBONIAWed Jan 06 1993ADL Variables Based on CDD?
1751.014KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jan 07 1993Questions regarding RALLY 3.
1752.06KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jan 07 1993RALLY application looping around CONDITIONAL ADL procedures.
1753.05BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNThu Jan 07 1993boolean expression on parm DSD
1754.04SPEZKO::SCHUETZThu Jan 07 1993field INDEPENDENT value capture
1755.03TAVMon Jan 11 1993Rally DSD based on DTR domains - access problem ???
1756.01MILKWY::CE_TOOLSMon Jan 11 1993LOV COPY or JOIN
1757.04MEMIT::BLESSLEY_SMon Jan 11 1993Storing/Manipulating times in Fiscal Quarters
1758.013SNOCMon Jan 11 1993T3.1-2 kit had a problem; now OK
1759.04ESSB::SGREENTue Jan 12 1993Can't jump to next group ......
1760.02CIGRBX::MILLERTue Jan 12 1993DSDS and Locking
1761.05QCAVWed Jan 13 1993Subtracting dates in RALLY
1762.08PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Jan 13 1993Username for param DSD from MS/DOS RALLY?
1763.07CUKE::VERMAWed Jan 13 1993How to sense the return status of a Call_cmd('next record') in an ADL ?
1764.034GL::TROGERSWed Jan 13 1993Announcing Tony Rogers as RALLY Program Manager
1765.05BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNWed Jan 13 1993Can't change F/r Field size
1766.04NBOSWS::REITHThu Jan 14 1993Concatenate F/R fields without blanks between ?
1767.05LARVAE::PALMER_MThu Jan 14 1993Multi-Character Set Support
1768.0645426::PATTERSON_SThu Jan 14 1993RALLY Allin1 lookalike
1769.07SNOCThu Jan 14 1993previous group command fails when going to main group
1770.02OFFSIC::CONNERFri Jan 15 1993RALLY$RALLY and transaction already started
1771.07ZTOIS1::HONOREFri Jan 15 1993duplicate lines ?????
1772.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDMon Jan 18 1993T3.1 release notes correct, or ?
1773.01QCAVTue Jan 19 1993Using LSE with Rally
1774.010ZTOIS1::HONORETue Jan 19 1993data type !!!!
1775.01CX3PT1::WSC455::P_VANKLEYTue Jan 19 1993RALLY 2.1A compatibility with Rdb 4.1 and VMS 5.5-2?
1776.06VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Jan 19 1993field highlighting
1777.04CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jan 19 1993UNION ALL in RALLY
1778.04MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Jan 20 1993HELP inside HELP
1779.08ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Jan 20 1993Rally for DOS using TCP/IP
1781.02BBIVMon Jan 25 1993Interactive Rally in batch mode?
1782.010SHARE::WOFFENDENMon Jan 25 1993Pleasant surprise: EXTERNAL OBJECTS
1783.08ELIS::BOWENMon Jan 25 1993Error 1
1784.07USDEV::KBEDARDMon Jan 25 1993Can't execute .COM from ADL???
1785.02DUGROS::ROSSMon Jan 25 1993Any RAD books?
1786.06CSC32::S_MAUFETue Jan 26 1993Rally under NT DOS emulation?
1788.04ODIXIE::ABGONZALEZTue Jan 26 1993RALLY DOS/SQL questions.
1789.02BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Jan 26 1993avoiding 'no records' message
1790.0GIDDAY::CHANMTue Jan 26 1993Rally Reports -F/R field missing.
1792.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jan 28 1993problems with RALLY after RDB4.1 upgrade
1793.01SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERThu Jan 28 1993Problem with Wandering Cursor
1794.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Jan 29 1993How to trap RDB error?
1795.0SPEZKO::SCHUETZFri Jan 29 1993Ought to be particularly good for LOVs
1796.012CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jan 29 1993Using MAKE_NULL for query criteria.
1797.01SAC::RYDER_PMon Feb 01 1993Displaying system messages
1798.01BBQ::JOHNSTONGMon Feb 01 1993A little report help please
1799.0CSC32::N_BERENZTue Feb 02 1993RALLY$CLI_PARSE constants
1800.03HANWed Feb 03 1993Group formatting
1801.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Feb 03 1993Disable PRINT REPORT for just one form.
1802.01ICS::SCHANZWed Feb 03 1993Want to have "pull-down" menus
1803.04BBIVThu Feb 04 1993Inserting in child group.
1804.02ESSB::SGREENThu Feb 04 1993Working ..... mesage corrupted
1805.01ICS::SCHANZThu Feb 04 1993RALLY Advanced Course
1806.03SISDB::SISDB::TREMELLINGThu Feb 04 1993Db_commit and %NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number
1807.01HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Feb 04 1993Self-paced instruction location
1808.02SNOCFri Feb 05 1993integrity check failed to find length mismatch
1809.01SNOCFri Feb 05 1993one for a giggle
1810.011CIGRBX::MILLERFri Feb 05 19933.1 SSB Kit
1811.012TAVTue Feb 09 1993Bugcheck at AUCCER_VAX +
1812.05RDGE88::ALEUC1Tue Feb 09 1993DISPLAY BELOW a pop-up subform?
1813.05GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Feb 09 1993error msgs contain control chars in variable fields
1814.03BBIVWed Feb 10 1993Help with form packet attributes
1815.097892::BOUSQUETWed Feb 10 1993Writing multiple records from a F/R to a file.
1816.03CTHQ::WUThu Feb 11 1993Problem with application upgraded from V2.3 to V3.
1818.01CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 11 1993Design question -- print last group on own page(s)
1819.05CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 11 1993Design question -- select rec with highest val
1820.010BBIVFri Feb 12 1993Child Group Records Ordering Problem..
1821.06BBIVFri Feb 12 1993< child in format >
1822.02COMICS::HISCOCKMon Feb 15 1993floating child groups ?
1823.04NHASAD::WATERMANMon Feb 15 1993rdb access violation accessing remote database
1824.03STKHLM::HENNERTMon Feb 15 1993Here is an ADL to get "real" week numbers
1825.04BVEUX::LAMARETue Feb 16 1993Before field action site no more triggered
1826.08COPCLU::JEPPETue Feb 16 1993Rally and multischema DB
1827.0CIGRBX::MILLERTue Feb 16 1993Common RGA Environment Question
1828.057892::BOUSQUETWed Feb 17 1993bugchk while looping through adl.
1829.01SNOCWed Feb 17 1993RdbAccess for Custom Drivers supported?
1830.01VNASWS::EDERThu Feb 18 1993ODI, forcing integers to G_FLOAT
1831.06QCAVThu Feb 18 1993Transaction fundamentals in RALLY...
1832.03MINNY::HIRSCHLEThu Feb 18 1993Using LK25
1833.03INBAL::OFER_AThu Feb 18 1993RALLY / APTUSER Integration
1834.04SNOCFri Feb 19 1993online doc error?
1835.02STKHLM::HENNERTFri Feb 19 1993Call a shareabl.DML+COBOL prog.from Rally (extern.link)
1837.01MXOVFri Feb 19 1993Handle not Valid error in Rally V3.
1838.02RTOEU::RDELANEYMon Feb 22 1993Joining info from 2 tables
1839.03SUOSW3::FALCKMon Feb 22 1993strange key concept
1840.01MLNMon Feb 22 1993rally v2.3 patches needed
1841.01RDOVAX::MCCARTYMon Feb 22 1993Extended Query from ADL?
1842.01CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Feb 22 1993Infinite WORKING loop inserting to scroll group
1843.0NOVA::SMITHITue Feb 23 1993DSDTOSQL tool
1844.05KXOSRV::HAYWOODTue Feb 23 1993Problem installing rally t3.1 for vms and msdos
1845.0VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Feb 23 1993Subgroup Levels Max
1846.06STKHLM::ARENDIWed Feb 24 1993Rally numeric, how treated internally..
1847.03GOLF::RAOWed Feb 24 1993Need Help..on Report Printing
1848.02MEMIT::BLESSLEY_SThu Feb 25 1993What are arguments for Msg Unload $HTF$/$EFT$ ?
1849.01CICCIO::DELMONTEFri Feb 26 1993rally for "nearly-TP applications
1850.01QCAVMon Mar 01 1993Write Report problem
1851.057914::KNOPPMon Mar 01 1993LOV DSD's
1852.016JRFVAX::HODGESMon Mar 01 1993NULL problems in CHAR fields (next level!)
1853.08JRFVAX::HODGESMon Mar 01 1993Constraint evaluation and Running Aggregates
1854.01DPDMAI::AHLEMEYERMon Mar 01 1993DECwindows Motif support and RALLY V4.
1855.07UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Mar 02 1993Loosing virtual memory.
1856.020CTHQ::SCARBERTue Mar 02 1993Rdb Read Access error - Rally 3.
1857.05SISDA::AMELITue Mar 02 1993Rally & snapshot usage...
1858.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Mar 03 1993Stars in numeric fields??
1859.09VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Mar 03 1993number format picture
1860.02VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Mar 03 1993RDB Versions
1861.02SOS6::FRANBERThu Mar 04 1993Rally & Rdb multiversion
1862.03VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Mar 04 1993bugcheck AUCCER_VAX
1863.04CSC32::N_BERENZThu Mar 04 1993first/last page performance
1864.04OSAPFri Mar 05 1993Cannot run build .COM for RALLY$CI_FULL_CC.EXE
1865.037914::KNOPPFri Mar 05 1993DTR DSD error
1866.01QCAVMon Mar 08 1993USING RALLY FOR MS-DOS
1867.08YEOLD::PROVENCALTue Mar 09 1993display text file on menu screen...
1868.05CSC32::WENDELTue Mar 09 1993Problems unloading messages
1869.02TAVTue Mar 09 1993ANSI DATE fields and RALLY V3.
1870.04PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Mar 09 1993Q:Visitation order for nested conditionals
1871.03GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Mar 09 1993RALLY in 4.1 MV needs 4.
1872.03GIDDAY::CHANMWed Mar 10 1993QBE on variable LOV fields.
1873.01BBIVWed Mar 10 1993Visitation for a specific child group??
1874.05GOLF::RAOWed Mar 10 1993How to Economically use Paper..Pls Clarify
1875.03COPCLU::JEPPEThu Mar 11 1993Rally/SQLSRV:'No connection for statement'.
1876.0COUNTThu Mar 11 1993Advice needed fast: 4GL with Sybase on OpenVMS AXP
1877.01CSC32::WENDELThu Mar 11 1993Control break report formatting
1878.03ESSB::MANNINGFri Mar 12 1993RALLY executable ?
1879.03CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Mar 12 1993Floating format group between 2 groups.
1880.04NCBOOT::PEREZFri Mar 12 1993How do I do STARTS_WITH in an ADL?
1881.0CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Mar 12 1993Rally Revenue Oppurtunity for DEC
1882.04BBIVMon Mar 15 1993Accept only alphabets in field.
1883.010AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Mar 15 1993archive, data-centric vs. transaction-centric
1884.03SNOCTue Mar 16 1993RALLY WINDOWS conf?
1885.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Mar 16 1993Does RSE require value not be MISSING?
1886.014SNOCWed Mar 17 1993external links in MS-DOS
1887.04GL::TROGERSWed Mar 17 1993Good stuff in RALLY_SWAT_TEAM
1888.0NBOSWS::MUELLERWed Mar 17 1993Forms-mistake after compress
1889.05NBOSWS::REITHThu Mar 18 1993Passing parameters to external object (ADL)
1890.02RDGE44::ALEUC1Thu Mar 18 1993FORMAT group as a pop-up subform
1891.03BAGLEY::FOSTERThu Mar 18 1993Control breaks on time fields
1892.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 18 1993RDB$REMOTE uses FAL from RALLY but not SQL INT
1893.03HYEND::STONEHAMFri Mar 19 1993The ODI & record descriptions.
1894.01TRCOA::BOUNDYFri Mar 19 1993ENQLM exceeded - error and work-around
1895.07CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Mar 22 1993Successive calls to seg string ext link fail.
1896.012GOLF::RAOMon Mar 22 1993Back onto Same Group..after Deletion
1897.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Mar 23 1993Mechanism to toggle LOV's on and off????
1898.0MCIS5::STELZNERTue Mar 23 1993dynamic update across f/rs
1899.01ICS::GATTERMANTue Mar 23 1993Two Dumb Questions
1900.03SWAM2::SCHNEPP_ERTue Mar 23 1993Strange Error when Deleting Records
1901.031VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Mar 23 19933.1: "Cannot find text for error..."
1902.03VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Mar 23 19933.1 Release Notes?
1903.07ICS::SCHANZThu Mar 25 1993Numeric Keypad
1904.014TOOHOT::CGOING::WOYAKFri Mar 26 1993Tracking applicaton usage
1905.05OSAPFri Mar 26 1993Picture symbol needed for fraction of a second
1906.08STKHLM::ARENDIMon Mar 29 1993vmsspt::via disappeared??
1907.03GVPROD::TONINATOMon Mar 29 1993Callable Interface reset terminal
1908.02PLAYER::ADDLETONMon Mar 29 1993with Rdb 4.2, will read only be READ COMMITTED?!?
1909.03FAILTE::THOMSONITue Mar 30 1993Forms modification - methods...
1910.012CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Mar 30 1993Multiple computed field design question
1911.01SANDZ::CE_TOOLSTue Mar 30 1993LOV does not exist
1912.03SWTHOM::DELOBELWed Mar 31 1993empty a field by key
1913.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 31 1993Better resource utilization
1914.04CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 31 1993COPY OTHER FIELDS and LOV using a computed field
1915.02HGRDThu Apr 01 1993RALLY V2.1 + VMS V5.5-2 + SMP
1916.018NEWAGE::SHARROWThu Apr 01 1993Scrolling lines of a form?
1917.04DECRAL::TROGERSFri Apr 02 1993Urgent need for help at DMO in MK
1918.06GIDDAY::CHANMFri Apr 02 1993Aggregate field count -RDB DSD.
1919.0EVOAI2::GRAMONDTue Apr 06 1993RALLY$KITS 3.1 files protected
1920.08JRFVAX::HODGESTue Apr 06 1993URGENT - info needed about 2nd Sanity FT kit!
1921.07SALEM::SHAWTue Apr 06 1993Is there an easier/quicker way out?
1922.03BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Apr 06 1993how 2 decode a RGK file
1923.04JRFVAX::HODGESWed Apr 07 1993PCA & DTM usage with DEC RALLY?
1924.05SAILR3::STELZNERWed Apr 07 1993Rse's using RMS and LOVs
1925.02BVEUX::LAMAREThu Apr 08 1993%LINK-W-MULDEF with ODI and C
1926.03CSC32::N_BERENZFri Apr 09 1993rollback issue
1927.07NEWAGE::SHARROWFri Apr 09 1993The object is an undefined action
1929.04BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Apr 13 1993INSERT screen def NULL values
1930.039NOPCS::TROGERSWed Apr 14 1993V3.2 requirements?
1932.02GIDDAY::CHANMThu Apr 15 1993Square root in ADL.
1933.04NAPCED::ALLOGGIThu Apr 15 1993DB_GET_FIRST problem
1934.05CLOVAX::MOLLEYThu Apr 15 1993C/S App with COBOL link.
1935.02VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Apr 15 1993Patch 3.
1936.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Apr 16 1993Underlying data source error revisited in 3.
1937.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Apr 16 1993V3.1 is V3.
1938.05HYEND::STONEHAMTue Apr 20 1993Bad DB Handle & shared image.
1939.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 21 1993System_date differs in Mother/Child group?????
1940.06TOLKIN::MEHENDALEWed Apr 21 1993Rally application menu behaviour.
1941.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 21 1993ADL variable same name as GLOBAL variable.
1942.03PENUTS::WONGFri Apr 23 1993Questions
1943.01VERGA::FRIEDMANMon Apr 26 1993FY, extra week
1944.06MASALA::DHOLLANDTue Apr 27 1993LOV re-read again
1945.014GL::CMURRAYTue Apr 27 1993V3.1 "UI" enhancements
1946.02IJSAPL::BEERSTue Apr 27 1993using TO_DATE to validate date
1947.09CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Apr 27 1993Update a clock field every minute.
1948.01COPCLU::JEPPEWed Apr 28 1993sqlsrv and integrity errors
1949.04MCIS5::STELZNERWed Apr 28 1993Losing keypad functionality
1950.03TAVWed Apr 28 1993long forms in 132 mode
1951.04STKHLM::HENNERTWed Apr 28 1993Task runs in batch, but not interactively ???!
1952.01UEOIS1::PAWLOWSKIWed Apr 28 1993Rally and BASIS+ ?
1953.01CPDW::FERROWed Apr 28 1993Rally v2.2-29 compatible w/ Rdb v4.1?
1954.01UEOIS1::PAWLOWSKIThu Apr 29 1993quest. about Rally MS-DOS
1955.07JEREMY::OFERThu Apr 29 1993Error creating run-unit journal file
1956.0CTHQ::BEALSThu Apr 29 1993SQL SERVICES "Unknown Error"
1957.08PLAYER::ADDLETONFri Apr 30 1993Upgraded afile can bugcheck on some device types
1958.06BOSMCH::NOCELLAFri Apr 30 1993Positioning to a specific record
1959.09VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Apr 30 1993CTRL-Y Problem
1960.01BACHUS::ROELANTSFri Apr 30 1993display text field vertically?
1961.03VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Apr 30 1993pc keys/emulators
1962.01VERGA::TRUBIANOFri Apr 30 1993%RDB-E-NO_PRIV
1963.011CPDW::FERROFri Apr 30 1993problem accessing Rdb database
1964.02ISIDRO::OLMOMon May 03 1993RALLY$CLEANUP not returns VM .
1965.07CSC32::J_OPPELTMon May 03 1993Design ideas sought.
1966.02SANDZ::KNOPPMon May 03 1993DSD index problem
1967.01LAVGOD::SIMONIANTue May 04 1993Rapid App. Dev. vs. Info Engr.
1968.06HAN::DOERINGTue May 04 1993Deadlocks during INSERT
1969.03ICS::GATTERMANWed May 05 1993Scrolling Group on a New Page
1970.04CSC32::WENDELWed May 05 1993Visitation problems with sibling groups
1971.07VNABRW::SINGER_GWed May 05 1993DISPLAY ONLY, but query on a field
1972.014OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PThu May 06 1993REPRODUCABLE Insert record -loop problem like entry #1572--need help
1973.08TENTO1::BYNGNThu May 06 1993reference site required
1974.011CSC32::N_BERENZThu May 06 1993easy way to recompile 4
1975.04SANDZ::CE_TOOLSThu May 06 1993Report FMT help
1976.04CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 07 1993DB_CLOSE getting error 14665
1977.01TAVSun May 09 1993Error 1642
1978.05BUMP::MMARLANDTue May 11 1993Limit number of characters in Menu response area
1979.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed May 12 1993Getting access to system relations, how? (For use in DSD's)
1980.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed May 12 1993RMS file attributes change
1981.03ZURThu May 13 1993Child still in memory after parent deletion
1982.08SANDZ::KNOPPThu May 13 1993PAGE BREAK problem
1983.05SAC::POOREFri May 14 1993Dynamic Menus (options not shown due to security)
1984.05VERGA::FRIEDMANFri May 14 19933.1 bad bug
1985.05VAXRIO::MICHELFri May 14 1993Adding hours and minutes to dates
1986.0SOS6::FRANBERMon May 17 1993v2.3 vs 3.
1987.05CSC32::N_BERENZMon May 17 1993DSD error when adding a field
1988.09TOLKIN::LWAREMon May 17 1993Spreadsheet type form/report - help displaying Zeros
1989.01CARTUN::EJONESMon May 17 19932nd child has a problem?
1990.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon May 17 1993RALLY-USER license
1992.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue May 18 1993Use of conditional display causes loop.
1993.06SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGTue May 18 1993From Query to Insert without error??
1994.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOWed May 19 1993RAlly for DOS in Remote PCs. Does it work ??
1996.02SNOCWed May 19 1993RALLYer needed ASAP
1997.02VERGA::FRIEDMANThu May 20 1993Implementing Report Variations
1998.04NCBOOT::PEREZThu May 20 1993Trigger ignored from Rally, works from SQL
1999.0COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu May 20 1993Can't reopen qar's on LEGO
2000.04COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu May 20 1993ACTION SITE not invoked when it should !?!
2001.06CSC32::J_OPPELTThu May 20 1993Design question: "query" by computed field.
2002.04YEOLD::IMTPC1::CUMMINGSFri May 21 1993Question on Parameters in External Link
2003.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 21 1993Limit on number of params for external link?
2004.02DBSUK2::GRICEMon May 24 1993132 character field wraps at 8
2005.0DBSUK1::HOBBSMon May 24 1993CDD Book from Digital Press
2006.04CSSE::BOURGETMon May 24 1993Increment COUNTER in Key
2007.02CARTUN::EJONESMon May 24 1993Variable length child data, column report
2008.05STOHUB::DSCGLF::SOCHAMon May 24 1993Mixed VAX, Alpha RALLY environments
2010.01QCAVTue May 25 1993Problems in RDB with RALLY...
2011.01DUGROS::ROSSTue May 25 1993Strange error with rally key defs and highlight menus
2012.05SNOCTue May 25 1993aggregates (totals) incorrect with non-displayed children
2013.011OSAPTue May 25 1993scroll regions having inappropriate message
2014.06COMICS::HISCOCKWed May 26 19933.1 problem referencing databases via cdd
2015.02NAPCED::ALLOGGIWed May 26 1993Two ask on date on menu and a special key definition
2018.01BVEUX::LAMAREThu May 27 1993Internal error - line 1599 - SQL_DEF.C;1
2019.02DUGROS::ROSSThu May 27 1993Number format -.999 not working on V3.1
2020.01DUGROS::ROSSThu May 27 1993How to call external link in other RGA?
2021.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu May 27 1993batch and error handling
2022.050DUGROS::ROSSFri May 28 1993It's the QUALITY, stupid!
2023.05BBIVFri May 28 1993EPL Problems
2024.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri May 28 1993T3.2 looks VERY good, check this out
2025.0DECSP::SHARROWFri May 28 1993Add records to Table/LOV
2026.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 28 1993Relink RALLY$SHARE?
2027.06CSC32::S_MAUFEMon May 31 1993ODBC for Rally?
2028.01THEMV1::PANOSWed Jun 02 1993V4.2 and Rally
2029.08UEOIS1::PAWLOWSKIWed Jun 02 1993pb of performance - URGENT !
2030.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 02 1993RGA breaks on one system and not another.
2031.05QCAVThu Jun 03 1993Rally and Virtual Multitasking
2032.02ZTOIS1::HONOREThu Jun 03 1993RDB transaction management?
2033.05CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 03 1993Design suggestion
2034.02CIGRBX::MILLERFri Jun 04 1993Restriction clause with floats
2035.05CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jun 04 1993Trap and override FINISH ACTION
2036.011ANGLIN::SEITZMon Jun 07 1993run interactive RALLY noninteractively?
2037.06NAPCED::ALLOGGITue Jun 08 1993Form/Report fields number limit
2038.02VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Jun 08 1993write report problem
2039.02VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Jun 08 1993Rdb Tables Lov, Sorting
2041.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Jun 08 1993Locking problem between external link and LOV
2042.02SUOSWS::APPENZELLERWed Jun 09 1993Problem with BEFORE-DELETE
2044.0PRSSOS::MISTLERWed Jun 09 1993Rally_sql_rdbe4
2045.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 09 1993Extra line on WRITE REPORT output
2046.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 09 1993ODI LOV problem -- cursor already open
2047.014GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Jun 09 1993Shareable image name invalid problem again......
2048.02PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Jun 10 1993Using RALLY with(within?) ACA Services?
2049.0UTRTSC::VVISSERThu Jun 10 1993RMS DSD and date fields with hundredths of second
2050.011STKHLM::ARENDIFri Jun 11 1993How achieve "2phase" commit within Rally???
2051.07BBIVFri Jun 11 1993LOV with containing search
2052.04XKOVFri Jun 11 1993Jumbling of data in the child group
2053.05PLAYER::GRAILETMon Jun 14 1993Internal error when creating a new DSD
2054.015VAXRIO::MICHELMon Jun 14 1993Help with batch reports
2057.0MASALA::DHOLLANDTue Jun 15 1993LOV Option 'Copy other fields'
2058.04NBOSWS::FRIESTue Jun 15 1993LOV number data fields
2059.01LARVAE::POORETue Jun 15 1993Change screen width on a PC ?
2060.07CHGVTue Jun 15 1993Problem adding ctrl brk group to existing f/r
2061.08YEOLD::PROVENCALWed Jun 16 1993how to tell if application file is corrupt?
2062.0164GL::TROGERSWed Jun 16 1993RALLY resource needed in FLA for 2 wks
2063.05BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNWed Jun 16 1993how to trap a
2064.03VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Jun 16 1993Need V3.
2065.09CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 16 1993Working message seems to contribute to a hang.
2066.06UEOIS1::PAWLOWSKIThu Jun 17 1993RE-performance problem !
2067.04SMAC1Fri Jun 18 1993History of RALLY ?
2068.06GUIDUK::FLOODFri Jun 18 1993screen dumps
2069.05STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jun 21 1993Column protection revisited...
2070.013JRFVAX::HODGESMon Jun 21 1993Update of READ_RALLY
2071.01KAM5Mon Jun 21 1993upgrade protocols using CONVERT/DIC
2072.09WHOSWed Jun 23 1993Remap Keyboard
2073.04VENLA::PAKKANENThu Jun 24 1993Exception at
2074.01LYOISA::PONSARD_PThu Jun 24 1993RALLY on ALPHA
2075.0CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jun 24 1993truncate date to midnight
2076.03LISVAX::HELENAFri Jun 25 1993LOV using RMS file
2077.05GIDDAY::CHANMSun Jun 27 1993COMMIT ERROR Message 12293
2078.02ZPOVC::QCAVMon Jun 28 1993Strange RDB/RALLY errors...
2079.0STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jun 28 1993Another AUCCER_VAX +
2080.01ZURTue Jun 29 1993update calculations updates any F/R ?
2081.01UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Jun 29 1993Bugcheck dump in AMPVTR on low pgflquota
2082.04PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Jun 29 1993Good uses for ACTION LISTs?
2083.06JRFVAX::HODGESThu Jul 01 1993Before Delete Trigger & Action Site
2084.03PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Jul 01 1993Same LOV 2 times on a record - with COPY OTHER values set
2085.01CHGVThu Jul 01 1993SQL/Services pointing to wrong database?
2086.01STKHLM::ARENDIFri Jul 02 1993Hangin update calc... ADL?
2087.03CHGVFri Jul 02 1993Skipping LOV on insert
2089.02TAVSun Jul 04 1993Change of behaviour at 3.1
2090.02ALCALA::ECSO_LTHMon Jul 05 1993RALLY RT and Rdb DEV ?
2091.0BVEUX::LAMAREMon Jul 05 1993Consecutive CALL_CMD
2092.03MUCTEC::WESTERTue Jul 06 1993access violation using RDBaccess for RMS
2093.02STKHLM::HENNERTWed Jul 07 1993Rally global variables based on SQL domains?
2094.01YEOLD::PROVENCALThu Jul 08 1993Trapping for F1
2095.02PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Jul 08 1993Q:How to update 'computations' for initial display
2096.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jul 12 1993dbkey ?
2097.025CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Jul 12 1993Two fields point to same DSD
2098.04SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGTue Jul 13 1993How to put form feed into written reports?
2099.03MR4DEC::CSURDAMTue Jul 13 1993Reset Prev Field Value
2100.05PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Jul 13 1993Difficulty with START NEW PAGE in CONTROL BREAK f/r
2101.03JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jul 14 1993MS Windows Prototype!!!
2102.02MKOTS1::ESTRELLAWed Jul 14 1993child group won't display
2103.08HYEND::STONEHAMThu Jul 15 1993Observed operation of ERROR().
2104.03SANDBG::MILLERMon Jul 19 1993Hang on Finish Action
2105.01GIDDAY::CHANMTue Jul 20 1993RALLY VERIFY bugcheck RDB-F-IO_ERROR.
2106.03BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Jul 20 1993how to remove trailing '
2107.01DECRAL::TROGERSWed Jul 21 1993Performance of external obj refs?
2108.02CHGVWed Jul 21 1993Moving Rally tmp files default location
2109.07CARTUN::EJONESThu Jul 22 1993RSE on child gives ALL parents
2110.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jul 22 1993RALLY imporperly RENAMEs some global variables
2111.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jul 22 1993external objects pointed to by logical
2112.03RIPPER::CHANMFri Jul 23 1993Scroll region performance problem.
2113.03CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jul 23 1993ADL QUERY on ODI DSD.
2116.013CSSE::BOURGETMon Jul 26 1993Querys on Digital PART NUMBER
2118.04CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Jul 27 1993LIB$GETJPI fails in absence of symbol table.
2119.08USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKIWed Jul 28 1993Query requires data entry TWICE to write report
2120.011MILPND::R_MARTINWed Jul 28 1993slow database attach
2121.07CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 28 1993VERIFY of external references
2122.01JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jul 28 1993Tuning Rdb/Rally in Puerto Rico!
2123.0SAC::RYDER_PFri Jul 30 1993looking for rally person
2124.0SNOCMon Aug 02 1993T3.2-2 QAR 76 - RALLY T3.2-2 does not rollback RO transaction at Local Function
2125.01CSC32::S_MAUFETue Aug 03 19933.1 WRITE REPORT mucho slower?
2126.03BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Aug 03 1993control characters from error msg in data fld
2128.0CSSE::BOURGETFri Aug 06 1993Initializing CHAR fields to SPACE
2129.02MUNICH::SBECKERTue Aug 10 199319625 Rally error - store a number into a 32 bit field
2130.04JRFVAX::HODGESTue Aug 10 1993performance trade-offs; help needed!
2131.0235292::FIDDESTue Aug 10 1993Key Definitions by Screen
2132.01CSC32::S_MAUFETue Aug 10 1993Task management error 2
2133.02CSSE::BOURGETTue Aug 10 1993RALLY$ERRORS problem in v3.
2134.04ANGLIN::LEHTINENTue Aug 10 1993ADL call from macro?
2135.02MUNICH::KLEINWed Aug 11 1993rally v3.1 bugcheck - vm corruption?
2136.04COMICS::HISCOCKThu Aug 12 1993f/r pkt action site problem
2137.011MR4DEC::CSURDAMThu Aug 12 1993Slow Start Read/Write Transaction
2138.02HUBIE::WOFFENDENThu Aug 12 1993Exception at
2139.01JRFVAX::HODGESThu Aug 12 1993DECTRACE report won't take title option
2140.05MUNICH::DOERFLINGERFri Aug 13 1993Rally Verify problem ?
2141.06SNOCMon Aug 16 1993problems with recursive calls to same f/r
2142.04GIDDAY::CHANMMon Aug 16 1993After upgrade DSD edit bugcheck- AUCCER_VAX
2143.08WERSIC::BLAIRMon Aug 16 1993Error display location
2144.04VERGA::TRUBIANOTue Aug 17 1993Can FF be eliminated from reports?
2145.011PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Aug 17 1993ODI Code for $SHOW QUEUE/FORM/ALL?
2146.05MAASUP::AUSTINWed Aug 18 1993STORE perfomance with upgrade to >4.
2147.03VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Aug 18 1993Text Area Not Displayed
2148.06BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNWed Aug 18 1993no more DSRI?
2149.06SAC::WARBURTONThu Aug 19 1993Can't RALLY RUN while batch job executing.
2150.01CIGRBX::WARDThu Aug 19 1993Default values for fields
2151.01CSC32::N_BERENZFri Aug 20 1993RALLY causing RMU/backup to wait
2152.07MUNICH::KLEINTue Aug 24 1993db_insert returns no_priv
2153.0CSC32::N_BERENZTue Aug 24 1993max globals restriction
2154.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 25 1993action site invoked on query
2155.05CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 25 1993query help
2156.03COMICS::HISCOCKThu Aug 26 1993Problems using 'RECALL RECORD' 3.
2157.064GL::SULLIVANFri Aug 27 1993Should Set_Failure() re-trigger action site?
2158.01ACESMK::MCKIMFri Aug 27 1993Job opening
2159.05DECRAL::GIROUXTue Aug 31 1993RALLY V3.1 patches
2160.094GL::GIROUXSun Aug 29 1993RALLY V3.1 patch report note
2161.03SNOCMon Aug 30 1993client server/DOS/Windows/RTR/ODI question
2162.012GIDDAY::CHANMTue Aug 31 1993RAlly V3.1 - DTR DSD problem.
2163.05FOR26::BRAMBLETTTue Aug 31 1993Rally available on OSF
2164.015MASALA::DHOLLANDTue Aug 31 1993Record Selection Expression problem - RSE?
2165.07RDGE44::ALEUC1Tue Aug 31 1993Window manipulation from ADL?
2166.01TAINO::FARDONKTue Aug 31 1993Rally Error 12293.
2167.010VERGA::FRIEDMANTue Aug 31 1993CDD problem
2168.010NWDTue Aug 31 1993Local function vs ADL vs something better ?
2169.03EWBV51::NAKANOWed Sep 01 1993version-up trouble ???
2170.01CSC32::S_MAUFEThu Sep 02 1993compact, dump at AUCCER_VAX +
2171.05CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 02 1993UPDATE and DSD based on RDB VIEW
2172.015NWDFri Sep 03 1993External linkage assistance...
2173.0PRSMAI::PICHAUTTue Sep 07 1993Pb of date and floating
2174.03YEOLD::PROVENCALTue Sep 07 1993finish action from 2 fr/pkts
2175.05PLAYER::ADDLETONWed Sep 08 1993I:C & SQLMOD code for segmented string manipulation
2176.04CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Sep 08 1993CI help needed -- RALLY$_CANNOTCONTINUE?
2177.02SNOCWed Sep 08 1993Is T3.2 field test kit in rally$%kits FT3?
2178.01BERNThu Sep 09 1993Rally 3.
2179.02KERNEL::WILESLThu Sep 09 1993Resolving DSDs when Rdb database moved
2181.01MUNICH::SBECKERFri Sep 10 1993Upgrade from Rally V2.
2182.05VAXRIO::RSI_SIMONEMon Sep 13 1993How can I retrieve data entry? - Help
2184.02CHGVTue Sep 14 1993Re-locating RDA data files onto different disks...
2185.06TOLKIN::MEHENDALEWed Sep 15 1993Record selection criteria for dsd
2187.0VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Sep 17 1993AUCCER_VAX + 37ac
2188.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Sep 17 1993Constraint handling changed after Rdb upgrade
2189.07NWDFri Sep 17 1993Rally is soooooooooo much fun...
2190.08SU2PLY::GALLAGHERTue Sep 21 1993RDB data types TIME, TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL
2191.07PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Sep 21 1993DSD Initial Values not used with ADL DB_INSERT operation
2193.07VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Sep 22 1993INTEGRITY error for a REMOVED FIELD
2194.04CSSE::BOURGETThu Sep 23 1993Force MOVE cursor to Field
2195.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Sep 23 1993A question on QUERY BY EXAMPLE
2196.013MASALA::DHOLLANDFri Sep 24 1993A rse problem
2197.05CSSE::BOURGETMon Sep 27 1993VAXmail access from RALLY
2198.07HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue Sep 28 1993Exceed Enqueue Quota in V2.3.
2199.0DECRAL::SULLIVANTue Sep 28 1993DOS TCP/IP Field Test Sites Needed
2200.06HOTWTR::GOLDSMITH_THTue Sep 28 1993printing from a inquiry ?
2201.047KRAUT::HEINZERTue Sep 28 1993DEC RALLY Run-Time for MS Windows Demo
2202.09MUNICH::SBECKERWed Sep 29 1993 How to position a child field into the parent area ?
2203.09GOVTWed Sep 29 1993RALLY V3.1 crashes with DECsplit V2.
2204.09CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Sep 29 1993Design Question -- making floating format visitable
2205.01MR4DEC::DDEANGELISThu Sep 30 1993delay when delete is selected
2206.019YEOLD::PROVENCALThu Sep 30 1993function key to do a print-screen
2207.01MILKWY::KNOPPMon Oct 04 1993V31 LOV DSD's
2208.05BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNMon Oct 04 1993COMPACT and local function items
2209.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 05 1993RALLY-DEV on AXP?
2210.04GL::MCDONALDTue Oct 05 1993V3.1 (and V3.2) bug for repeated failed DB insert
2211.0DECRAL::TROGERSTue Oct 05 1993RALLY price list; VAX, AXP and DOS
2212.01MAYNOT::STONEHAMWed Oct 06 1993Report output in RMS stream_cr format instead of variable len ?
2213.03VNABRW::SCHMIDTThu Oct 07 19933.1: cant define before executing query action
2214.0114GL::SULLIVANThu Oct 07 19933.2 now available
2215.08VERGA::FRIEDMANSat Oct 09 1993.TMP file problem?
2216.03VERGA::FRIEDMANSun Oct 10 1993Bugcheck dump, 3.1
2217.05TAVMon Oct 11 1993Starts_with Parameter and SQL/Services
2218.03CHGVMon Oct 11 1993Way to reduce RSE's
2219.03SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGMon Oct 11 1993Variable/Computed field in child key?
2220.06DEMING::KARTHIKEYANTue Oct 12 1993Upgrading..
2221.06CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 12 1993Calling multiple RDB External Links.
2222.010UTRTSC::VVISSERWed Oct 13 1993Is RALDOA
2223.0VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Oct 13 1993"Change in application behavior..."
2224.04VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Oct 14 1993scale, rounding, number formats
2225.01DEVMKO::WATERMANThu Oct 14 1993rally upgrade v2.3 to v3.
2226.022PLAYER::ADDLETONThu Oct 14 1993format group DISPLAY on LAST comes on all pages
2227.01VAXRIO::MICHELThu Oct 14 1993Development using MS WINDOWS
2228.06HUBIE::WOFFENDENThu Oct 14 1993NASTY VMS 6.
2229.05PADNOM::PICHAUTFri Oct 15 1993How to see the last field of the previous page
2230.02DECRAL::TROGERSFri Oct 15 1993V3.2 Status Update
2231.03CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Oct 16 19933.
2232.08DECRAL::TROGERSTue Oct 19 1993V4.
2233.01ISTWI1::GUVENERTue Oct 19 1993RALLY error messages
2234.04MSDOA::SECRISTWed Oct 20 1993Live trace of RALLY query key values ?
2235.02WOODBX::WARDWed Oct 20 1993RSE w/ Date MIN, MAX required
2236.06VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Oct 20 1993null date->parameterized dsd
2237.0UTOPIE::ROEHRICHThu Oct 21 1993Also CDD-Problems
2238.03ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Oct 25 1993Invalid database handle
2239.01GLDOA::BASSMon Oct 25 1993Rally V3.
2240.01KXOVAX::SECRISTMon Oct 25 1993Debugging "symbol not found"; RALLY$CLEANUP meaning ?
2241.0KXOVAX::SECRISTMon Oct 25 1993Meaning of AUCCER_VAX symbol in RALLYBUGCHK.DMP
2242.01XKOVTue Oct 26 1993page skipping while printing
2243.03DEMING::KARTHIKEYANTue Oct 26 1993Just upgrading from 2.2 to 3.1. Couldnt use 3.1 at all. Even to create new appl.
2244.07CIGRBX::MILLERTue Oct 26 1993ADL DML locks
2245.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Oct 26 1993CREATE ODI fails with error 12288
2246.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Oct 27 1993How to call DCL commands in RALLY ?
2247.0MUNICH::SBECKERFri Oct 29 1993Differences 3.
2248.03ESSB::CMAGUIREMon Nov 01 1993Empty field Error
2249.02MILKWY::KNOPPMon Nov 01 1993Strange bug
2250.0ZURWed Nov 03 1993empty pages while printing, must the sum of all group line sizes be less then the main group line siz?
2251.01TOLKIN::SWEENEYWed Nov 03 1993logicals lost in batch
2252.04SNOCWed Nov 03 1993set_current_field in before visit group corrupts stack
2254.0JRFVAX::HODGESThu Nov 04 1993RALLY, Rdb, blanks & NULLs
2255.06VERGA::FRIEDMANThu Nov 04 1993bugcheck: ATMGKY
2256.010ISLNDS::SCHWABEThu Nov 04 19933.2 upgrade ivp error
2257.0MERIDN::BUCKLEYFri Nov 05 1993merge and virtualpagecnt
2258.03VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Nov 05 1993Global Buffers
2259.04SHARE::DRJONESFri Nov 05 1993Problem with Database retrieval using V3.2
2260.03PRSSUD::GALANOTue Nov 09 1993PAK RALLY AXP V3.2
2261.07STKHLM::ARENDITue Nov 09 1993Disable scrolling in a subgroup???
2262.04BVEUX::LAMARETue Nov 09 1993RMS DSD and segmented key
2263.05CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Nov 09 1993Map screens to global sections?
2266.04DECRAL::SULLIVANWed Nov 10 1993ALL v3.2 kits are now available for internal users
2267.05CSC32::N_BERENZWed Nov 10 1993rdms$$free_econ V4.2 and RALLY V3.2
2268.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Nov 10 1993CONDITIONAL DISPLAY design help
2269.01USDEV::GWESTROPPThu Nov 11 1993passing form field to form field
2270.02COMET::DILLOWThu Nov 11 1993RALLY versions supported by VAX/VMS V6.
2271.02SISDB::MNMS::TREMELLINGMon Nov 15 1993How to disable Spawn command?
2272.010JRFVAX::HODGESMon Nov 15 1993RALLY Expertise available mid-December!
2273.02ELIS::DOEVEMon Nov 15 1993External Link Error
2274.03QCAVTue Nov 16 1993Rally Application 'hangs'
2275.09DEMING::KARTHIKEYANTue Nov 16 1993Creating Shareable Image..
2276.07CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Nov 16 1993Which global will an external ADL use?
2277.01JRFVAX::HODGESTue Nov 16 1993RALLY events not in DECTRACE database
2278.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Nov 16 1993Multiple attaches to an external database
2279.02COMET::BOSNIACKTue Nov 16 1993Addressing each field in a repeating form group
2280.01QCAVWed Nov 17 1993Rally and Rdb version
2282.028JRFVAX::HODGESWed Nov 17 1993RALLY and DECtrace out-of-synch!
2283.02KERNEL::HIGMANWed Nov 17 1993
2284.06KERNEL::HIGMANWed Nov 17 1993Rally ODI READ ONLY Transaction not calling ROLLBACK when error occurs.
2285.05CSC32::J_KUHNWed Nov 17 1993RALLY 3.2 dtr/dsd problem (?)
2286.04GL::TROGERSThu Nov 18 1993Sales Update article on V3.2 (Vol 35, no 1
2287.06SNOCThu Nov 18 1993question on furshlugginer QAR system
2288.0384GL::GIROUXThu Nov 18 1993Proposal for dynamic sorting of data groups
2290.02SNOCThu Nov 18 1993text area not displayed in dynamic display format group
2291.01ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Nov 18 1993error activating image lseshr.exe
2292.0ZPOVC::PETERDINGFri Nov 19 1993Other info
2293.07SAC::SMITH_M2Fri Nov 19 1993Computed Fields
2294.06HTSC19::MICKWIDLAMFri Nov 19 1993problem occurred in RMS DSD
2295.0PADNOM::PICHAUTFri Nov 19 1993Group Format in V3.2
2296.06ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Nov 22 1993Issues after upgrading to 3.1
2297.0CSC32::N_BERENZMon Nov 22 1993RALLY V3.2 exception at ATKDKY +
2298.05PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Nov 23 1993F/R verifies ok, bugchecks at run-time - nothing very unusual
2299.0114GL::SUTTONMon Nov 29 1993RALLY V3.2 patches
2300.08CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Nov 24 1993Network DB access inconsistent with SQL
2301.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu Nov 25 19933.1 performance
2302.01ZURThu Nov 25 1993db_get_first, gives some MISSING STRING in trace log ?
2303.04COPCLU::JEPPEThu Nov 25 1993auccer_vax+
2304.02MQOSWS::P_SECKINGERThu Nov 25 1993ODI example with DBMS Gateway
2305.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Nov 25 1993Loop problems in V3.2 and V3.1
2306.02NZOMIS::GODFREYThu Nov 25 1993Rally on Alpha
2307.05MQOSWS::P_SECKINGERFri Nov 26 1993Migrating RGA to PC environment
2308.04USDEV::KBEDARDMon Nov 29 1993Rdb .vs. RMS
2309.016CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Nov 29 1993External objects and missing symbol table
2310.03SNOCMon Nov 29 1993suggestion for the conference
2311.010JRFVAX::HODGESTue Nov 30 1993Screen Display Problems - X-posted multiple times!
2312.034GL::SULLIVANTue Nov 30 1993EPL Restrictions on AXP - Not in Release Notes
2313.012CIGRBX::MILLERTue Nov 30 1993Reverifying and Compacting File Corrupts File
2314.04QCAVWed Dec 01 1993Rally and Rdb Update problem
2315.0GIDDAY::CHANMWed Dec 01 1993Broadcast messages on screen.
2317.04JRFVAX::HODGESFri Dec 03 1993how to reduce page-faulting?
2318.06BUMP::MMARLANDFri Dec 03 1993Conditonal Visitation while in query mode ?
2319.0GRANPA::MLEVINESun Dec 05 1993motif field test?
2320.0QCAVMon Dec 06 1993Rally Compact causing BugChk.Dmp
2321.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSMon Dec 06 1993Patch needed...
2323.04ESDENG::BOWENMon Dec 06 1993EL returns error on screen write
2324.02CACIQE::FARDONKMon Dec 06 1993VERIFY V3.1vsV3.
2325.02CSC32::B_NICHOLSTue Dec 07 1993MERGE doesn't merge correctly
2326.04CARTUN::BEATLS::jonesTue Dec 07 1993RDB-E-BAD_DB_FORMAT error?
2328.011ESSB::CMAGUIREWed Dec 08 1993Problem with dates
2329.01CACIQE::FARDONKWed Dec 08 1993V3.2 VERIFY=>S
2330.02BUMP::MMARLANDWed Dec 08 1993Problem with Re-read LOV
2331.04SNOCWed Dec 08 1993bugcheck at ATKPVN+164 - quadword problem?
2332.03VAXRIO::MICHELFri Dec 10 1993How to know if it is VMS or DOS ??
2333.0VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Dec 10 1993bugcheck - RADRMOD
2334.0SPSEG::SANKARANFri Dec 10 1993RALLY/HANGUL 2.1 BUGCHECK problem
2336.03LUXMon Dec 13 1993RALLY : VAX vs AXP compatibility problems in Run-time ?
2337.01PLAYER::ADDLETONTue Dec 14 1993Q:How does RALLY map sharable images (parameters etc)
2338.04DECRAL::GIROUXTue Dec 14 1993RALLY V3.2 known bugs
2339.014USDEV::GWESTROPPWed Dec 15 1993Loop in an ADL with external link?
2340.05CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Dec 15 19933.2 breaks using 2.
2341.013CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Dec 15 1993Wants to immediate lock record from all other users
2342.06GIDDAY::HADDADWed Dec 15 1993Two unconnected groups on same form!!!!
2343.02DECRAL::GIROUXThu Dec 16 1993RALLY V4.
2345.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Dec 17 1993SQL services access might not work right
2346.04TOOLBX::FIDDESMon Dec 20 1993Problem with V3.2 ( moving app from V3.1 )
2347.0TAVMon Dec 20 1993MOTIF RT ?
2348.09KERNEL::WILESLTue Dec 21 1993message number 31743 & various bugchecks
2349.01GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINETue Dec 21 1993serious restrictions?
2350.02TAVTue Dec 21 1993RALLY for DOS and OSF/1
2351.01VAXRIO::MICHELTue Dec 21 1993Problem with RECORD LOCKING OPTION !!
2352.02UTRTSC::VVISSERTue Dec 21 1993Bugchecks with V3.2 and RALLY$RALLY
2353.01DUGROS::ROSSTue Dec 21 1993External link valid from one RGA but not another
2354.03VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Dec 22 1993VARIANT records
2355.03DECRAL::TROGERSThu Dec 23 1993*DRAFT* V4.
2356.03VAXRIO::MICHELMon Dec 27 1993Exclusive and Protected access to the database
2357.08CSC32::B_NICHOLSTue Dec 28 1993spawn prompt
2358.02DUGROS::ROSSTue Dec 28 1993Trace log should not show RALLY internal objects in V3.2
2359.02QCAVWed Dec 29 1993RSE for DSD through ADL not working
2360.02COPCLU::NISSENWed Jan 05 1994Maximum number of Global Variables
2361.02BVEUX::LAMAREWed Jan 05 1994Number format: 1.5 gives +1.
2362.05SNOCWed Jan 05 1994LOV DSD reading a record unnecessarily
2363.0DUGROS::ROSSWed Jan 05 1994Bug in DSD create -
2364.04MILKWY::KNOPPThu Jan 06 1994Increase field size
2365.01SNOCWed Jan 12 1994RALLY needs a scripting language
2366.06RDGE44::POTTSGThu Jan 13 1994LOV with ODI DSD.
2367.06CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 13 1994Design question
2368.03CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jan 14 1994External links with privs
2369.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONSun Jan 16 1994Bug re: parent w/ force page-break and children w/ running aggr
2370.02LUXMon Jan 17 1994RALLY : Strategic Product ??
2371.03CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jan 17 1994edit text area takes a long time V2.3
2372.01GIDDAY::CHANMTue Jan 18 1994Null Fields using DSDs in an ADL.
2374.04CSC32::B_NICHOLSWed Jan 19 1994LOV not being pared down
2375.01VERGA::FRIEDMANFri Jan 21 1994string validation...need adl
2376.01ICARUS::BOURGETMon Jan 24 1994F/R to act like TEXT EDITOR
2377.08THEMV1::PANOSTue Jan 25 1994Rally$external not found in rallyext
2378.0TAVWed Jan 26 1994using RPC from MS-DOS
2379.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFWed Jan 26 1994Strange error using RDB ECO3 for 4.1
2380.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Jan 27 1994V3.2 appl can run under v3.1 ??
2381.04STKHLM::ARENDIThu Jan 27 1994Error 14657 after merging on 3.2!!
2382.04BVEUX::LAMAREFri Jan 28 1994Inserting <ESC>xxx in a write/print report
2383.06CIGRBX::MILLERFri Jan 28 1994Rdb pre-started transactions
2384.0QCAVMon Jan 31 1994RALLY$DECTRACE_REPORTS gives error
2386.05OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Feb 01 1994V3.2-1 Kit available
2387.04OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Feb 01 1994CSC Contact Name Request & Intro to New Support
2388.02WHOSWed Feb 02 1994ADD Rdb field to DSD
2389.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Feb 03 1994sqlcode -2
2390.04JRFVAX::HODGESThu Feb 03 1994Process quota/sysgen parameter information needed!
2391.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 03 1994RALLY may be crashing system
2392.03CHGVThu Feb 03 1994Mailmerge/Word Processing design help
2393.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Feb 04 1994WRITE REPORT get PRINTER ERROR 19873 !!??
2394.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Feb 04 1994RALLYEXT is invalid or the image was not found !!
2395.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Feb 04 1994Multi-segment index again!!!
2396.012HALIBT::MCCANTAMon Feb 07 1994RALLY install error w/LSE
2397.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Feb 07 1994V3.2 LOV scrolling
2398.01WHOSTue Feb 08 1994Display Multiple Rows on Form/RPT
2399.01BVEUX::LAMAREWed Feb 09 1994Access violation with Rdbaccess and RALLY
2400.02BIGVAX::BAILEYWed Feb 09 1994question cursor movement
2401.03QCAVThu Feb 10 1994Strange Integrity Error In Rally
2402.01ROMThu Feb 10 1994problem with rally-dectrace
2403.08BVEUX::LAMAREThu Feb 10 1994How to report problem?
2404.011UTRTSC::VVISSERThu Feb 10 1994Bugcheck dump when RGA doesn't exists?
2405.0JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONThu Feb 10 1994Another 'Copy other Fields from LOV' discussion
2406.04ISIDRO::JLUISThu Feb 10 1994How avoid <FF>
2407.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 10 1994Strange error on RMS DSD create
2408.01KERNEL::HISCOCKFri Feb 11 1994delete cnf bugchecks in 3.2
2409.07CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Feb 11 1994Varying format design ideas sought.
2411.04CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 17 1994Unusual query behavior fixed by FORCE_OUTPUT
2412.01MILKWY::KNOPPFri Feb 18 1994Conditional Visitation Question
2413.03SNOCMon Feb 21 1994DBI support?
2414.01SEDOAS::CLARKE_CMon Feb 21 1994Form/Report Heading Problem
2415.05DECRAL::GIROUXMon Feb 21 1994DEC RALLY T4.
2416.01COPCLU::JEPPETue Feb 22 1994Status of ext.obj/missing sym.tbl ?
2417.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Feb 23 1994Basic SQL/Serv question...
2418.0--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 24 1994
2419.02WOODBX::WARDThu Feb 24 1994Support for RDB V5.1, RDB V6.
2420.013JRFVAX::HODGESFri Feb 25 1994Rdb + RALLY + DECtrace + RdbExpert = ???
2421.01POCUS::VONROSENDAHLMon Feb 28 1994Rally Person NEEDED
2422.016IAGO::PROVENCALTue Mar 01 1994RDB Database error problem
2423.02SALEM::SHAWTue Mar 01 1994Novice question...
2424.01COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Mar 01 1994T4 and DECtrace ?
2425.03IOWASA::JOHNSONTue Mar 01 1994AXP processor support
2426.01ISTWI1::GUVENERWed Mar 02 1994RALLY V 3.1 relase Notes
2427.01KERNEL::HISCOCKThu Mar 03 1994MISSING STRING and privileges
2428.05LISVAX::HELENAFri Mar 04 1994Sequential Sibling Groups - Pagination Problem
2429.05BACHUS::WAUTERSMon Mar 07 1994Location of aggregate field
2430.02JUKEBX::CONNER_DMon Mar 07 1994F/R Insert does both Insert and Update?
2431.01WHOSMon Mar 07 1994Can't Change Computed Field
2432.08VAXRIO::ABREUTue Mar 08 1994SQL commands and Rally
2433.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Mar 09 1994How to "stack" field appearing on a F/R?
2434.03MILKWY::CE_TOOLSWed Mar 09 1994copying records between forms
2435.02UTOPIE::ROEHRICHWed Mar 09 1994Rally Compact results in Errors (Rally V3.2A), problems using entry points out from the definitionsystem
2436.04CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 09 1994RDB view vs DSD join.
2437.01CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 10 1994AUCCER_VAX bugcheck accessing remote DSD
2438.024GL::SULLIVANThu Mar 17 1994V3.2-4 is available -- CLT::RALLY$KITS:RAL_V324.BCK
2439.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 17 1994WORKING keeps flashing while external link executes.
2440.03BVEUX::LAMAREFri Mar 18 1994not a recognized command...
2441.02SIOG::CAVERLYMon Mar 21 1994Cant create DSD - Various errors?
2443.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 23 1994Limit to the number to tables/views RALLY can handle?
2444.05GIDDAY::CHANMMon Mar 28 1994RALLY computing values -Incorrect result.
2446.07HAN::DOERINGTue Mar 29 1994How to do a control break on date fields... but
2447.09CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 30 1994BEFORE/AFTER UPDATE getting called at the wrong time
2448.05UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Mar 31 1994V3.2-4: Task management error 2
2449.02MILKWY::KNOPPThu Mar 31 1994Rally Database Utility
2450.03GLITTR::DRAGTONFri Apr 01 1994group print failure
2451.011CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Apr 02 1994Example CI program on alpha.
2452.09BIGQ::KARTHIKEYANMon Apr 04 1994Stack Dump after calling EDITORS
2453.05ISIDRO::JLUISTue Apr 05 1994Date Upgrade Problem
2454.0TAVTue Apr 05 1994RALLY$MESSAGES and HEBREW
2455.0TAVWed Apr 06 1994Release locks after constraint error
2456.04WOODBX::WARDFri Apr 08 1994Control Ascii escape sequences?
2457.07LISPRO::HELENAWed Apr 13 1994PROBLEM :Rally v3,
2458.02DEMAND::HERSEYFri Apr 15 1994before update action site
2460.0GRANPA::CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Apr 18 1994experiences from vax to alpha?
2461.02ALFETA::MICHELTue Apr 19 1994FT2 problem ! Great access to DBI !!
2462.02CACT34::FIDDESThu Apr 21 1994Global date format change ???
2463.01EILVFri Apr 22 1994Repeating records in child group
2464.0MAYNOT::JBRUNOFri Apr 22 1994** Urgent ** Need Rally Consultant
2466.048DECRAL::GIROUXTue Apr 26 1994RALLY Application Visual Environment
2467.0ISTWI1::ACARWed Apr 27 1994RMS index usage failure
2468.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Apr 27 1994GOLD-DO dumps to the screen
2469.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLThu Apr 28 1994Rally 3.
2470.024GL::SULLIVANFri Apr 29 1994T3.2-5 available -- See note 2.28
2471.04SNOCTue May 03 1994DB Integrator and Gateways in v4.
2472.01SNOCTue May 03 1994V4.
2473.01SNOCTue May 03 1994dynamic sorting and extended query in ADL v4.
2474.05SNOCTue May 03 1994ODI support in Windows RT?
2475.07SNOCTue May 03 1994GOLD D problem with V4.
2476.03TAVWed May 04 1994Error 53
2477.09LEMAN::SUBRIWed May 04 1994Fatal error in RALLY$ROOT:[WORK]MM.C;1
2478.01MILKWY::KNOPPWed May 04 1994controlling multiline displays
2479.06STKHLM::ARENDIThu May 05 1994Behold of libots.exe version 1.2 on AXP!!
2480.01USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKIMon May 09 1994display MIDDLE of field first?
2481.06CSC32::J_OPPELTTue May 10 1994UNDELETE parent with deleted children
2482.01BOHIO::RFARDONKFri May 13 1994Rally 3.2 on RDB V6.
2483.010SNOCMon May 16 1994Port to Alpha AXP
2484.03CSC32::J_OPPELTMon May 16 1994VALIDATION allows bad values to sneak through
2485.010CIGRBX::CONNER_DTue May 17 1994Problem creating Rally Report in Batch
2486.01VAXRIO::63Tue May 17 1994News on the LIBOTS.EXE problem for AXP ???
2487.05VHSSA::S_STRYKERTue May 17 1994Hello, I must be leaving...
2488.03MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 18 1994RALLY "Lessons Learned" ?
2489.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 18 1994Logging/Pop-Up of Vital Locking Info ?
2490.06CSC32::B_NICHOLSThu May 19 1994highlight current record?
2491.07GIDDAY::CHANMFri May 20 1994Upgrade problem:CALL_CMD('COMMIT') not execute.
2492.01CSC32::J_OPPELTFri May 20 1994Install RALLY images
2493.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri May 20 1994Allow 'logical:file' referencing of External Objects
2494.06QCAVSat May 21 1994Displaying multiline reports
2495.08SNOCMon May 23 1994DBI Gateway for RMS/DBI/Updateability differences
2496.012JRFVAX::HODGESWed May 25 1994RALLY$MESSAGES & Domain Constraints
2497.05XSTACY::KBOWENThu May 26 1994Conditional LOV's and INSERT Mode
2498.0STAR::ASWINFri May 27 1994Compatibility Chart for Rally
2499.03GUOVFri May 27 1994RDB 6.
2500.02HYLNDR::SCHUETZFri May 27 1994Last Entry
2501.04TAVMon May 30 1994Rally strange behavior
2502.05POWDML::FIRMANITue May 31 1994FTLEXEERR - Need a clue
2503.02INBAL::RINATWed Jun 01 1994refresh according to underlying record
2504.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 01 1994Easy way to split .rga?
2505.04BACHUS::DECLERCKThu Jun 02 1994DEC RALLY Application Development???
2506.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jun 02 1994access fmt grp interactive
2507.03USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKIThu Jun 02 1994How to visit 2nd child sibling from parent
2508.04GL::SULLIVANThu Jun 02 1994V3.2-5 now available -- see note 2.29
2509.01NOTICL::CUNNIFFEFri Jun 03 1994Page footers by group
2510.010CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 03 1994sql/services RALLY V3.2 attaches
2511.0CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jun 07 1994RALLY and C passing data
2512.02CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 10 1994conditional visitation V3.2
2513.02CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jun 10 1994task to task management
2514.01QCAVMon Jun 13 1994Entering more than 512 characters in a field
2515.02UTRTSC::LIEMMon Jun 13 1994Bugcheck exception AMPGNC +
2516.05VAXRIO::MICHELMon Jun 13 1994Cobol and External Program Links
2517.02UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jun 16 1994Bugcheck AUTGNL +
2518.08QCAVThu Jun 16 1994Creating an aggregate sum field
2519.03GIDDAY::HADDADSun Jun 19 1994Should parent/child work here! Any ideas please!
2520.02VAXRIO::RSI_SIMONEMon Jun 20 1994Rally 3.2 Bugcheck
2521.09AUSSIE::GARSONTue Jun 21 1994RALLY V3.2 (AXP) wont create databases?
2522.05DUGROS::ROSSTue Jun 21 1994Does RALLY hold locks while error mes are displayed?
2523.02CACTWed Jun 22 1994Problem with RMS DSD and DELETES...
2524.04CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jun 23 1994rally dos system protection fault?
2526.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri Jun 24 1994ODI INSERT w/ failure calls ROLLBACK before error msg
2527.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jun 27 1994will V3.1 work with VMS V5.4-2
2528.05KERNEL::HISCOCKMon Jun 27 1994No externals links work using vms 6.
2529.05XSTACY::KBOWENMon Jun 27 1994High res causes text to become junbled
2530.01WARS::SMOLAKMon Jun 27 1994VMS NCS support in RALLY ?
2531.03CSC32::N_BERENZTue Jun 28 1994help displaying zip code
2532.02GYMAC::DCASSIDYMon Jul 04 1994Referencing the 'field buffer' in ADL
2533.0LISPRO::HELENAMon Jul 04 1994Conditional LOV field COPY Problem
2534.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jul 05 1994Null values in CHAR fields
2535.01DECRAL::TROGERSWed Jul 06 1994Phase
2536.0ROCCER::KRISHNAWed Jul 06 1994Child group to be printed on every page.
2537.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jul 07 1994new action types in parameter packet definition
2538.02GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Jul 08 19943.2-6 LOV prob, next scr/prior scr=bugcheck
2539.02GYMAC::DCASSIDYFri Jul 08 1994Number not fitting a field
2540.0POCUS::VONROSENDAHLFri Jul 08 1994More Rally People Needed
2541.01JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri Jul 08 1994RALLY query much more CPU intensive than SQL
2542.01ZURMon Jul 11 1994get_cmd and select,frfunction doesn't work with rally 3.2, any hints?
2543.02DECRAL::TROGERSTue Jul 12 1994New DEC RALLY brochure available
2544.07TAVWed Jul 13 1994TIME(2) data type in Rdb and QUERY Mode
2545.03VAXRIO::63Mon Jul 18 1994Problem Updating DBI / DSM
2546.01KERNEL::HISCOCKWed Jul 20 19944.
2547.0MSDOA::MORGANWed Jul 20 1994Resource needed for customer assignment
2548.01GIDDAY::HADDADThu Jul 21 1994How do we ignore blank lines when printing!
2549.01BUMP::BROBINSSun Jul 24 1994invalid database handle - previous solutions haven't helped
2550.01CSC32::WENDELTue Jul 26 1994RDB$ATTACH_DB exception using multi-variant Rdb
2551.012CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 27 1994COPY OTHER FIELDS from LOV breaks in 3.2-5
2552.04GYMAC::DCASSIDYThu Jul 28 1994Easy way re-reading current record.
2553.0MUCTEC::DREHERThu Jul 28 1994MS DOS C compiler version?
2554.0232FAR::JSTONEThu Jul 28 1994epc$shr and rally v3.
2556.04GIDDAY::HADDADTue Aug 02 1994Cursor behaving differently to v3.1 when calling EPL!
2557.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu Aug 04 1994system crash RALLY V3.2
2558.04STRASB::HONOREFri Aug 05 1994Rally presentation
2559.01CSC32::WENDELMon Aug 08 1994Internal system or global error calling ext link
2560.05VAXRIO::63Tue Aug 09 1994Doubts about V4.
2561.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Aug 10 19943.2-5 RT from July CD does not install
2562.04HAN::DOERINGThu Aug 11 1994V4.
2564.03VAXRIO::MICHELFri Aug 12 1994Develop on VAX and run on ALPHA. Does it work ?
2565.02VAXBOX::LINDGREN_PMon Aug 15 1994Rally v3-2-5 verify /compress HANDLE IS NOT VALID
2566.04KERNEL::HISCOCKMon Aug 15 1994rally 4.
2567.01DUGROS::ROSSMon Aug 15 1994Problem with callable interface after upgrade from 3.
2568.02LEMAN::BOURAKOFFTue Aug 16 1994Rally V4.
2569.0134GL::BROWNTue Aug 16 1994Proposed RALLY V4.1 Features
2570.09CACTWed Aug 17 1994Sharable Image Not Found Problem...
2571.06MUCTEC::WESTERThu Aug 18 1994'Display Only' and SPAWN
2572.01ISTWI1::GUVENERFri Aug 19 1994RALLY License
2573.0SISDA::BTHOMSONFri Aug 19 1994Indented BOM for Rally objects
2574.0JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONFri Aug 19 1994ODI UPDATE routine resets field_array flags too early
2575.04TAVSun Aug 21 1994V4.
2576.01GEMVAX::FRIEDMANMon Aug 22 1994error handling
2577.01VAXRIO::MICHELTue Aug 23 1994Pak for MOTIF
2578.0CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Aug 23 1994Can't add HELP or LEGENDS to help rga.
2579.05STKHLM::HENNERTThu Aug 25 1994Rally V3.2: AUCCER_VAX +
2580.0NOVA::EBAUERThu Aug 25 1994Job(s) Available, RALLY/Rdb
2581.0MATT::JACOBSThu Aug 25 1994Need a technique for moving to a user-selected field on a f/r
2582.05GIDDAY::MUNNMon Aug 29 1994Don't understand selection params
2583.06ESSB::SGREENTue Aug 30 1994Suppress display of zero dates
2584.03CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Aug 31 1994Local function behavior question.
2585.01PADNOM::PICHAUTThu Sep 01 1994One more with .TMP Files
2586.01COPCLU::JEPPEThu Sep 01 1994Loop problem again (V4.
2587.05SWTHOM::DELOBELThu Sep 01 1994LOV & copy field with version 4.
2588.04CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Sep 01 19944.
2589.09DECRAL::ANDERSONFri Sep 02 1994Just in case it isn't clear--RALLY is very much a part of the deal!!!
2590.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Sep 02 1994EVALUATE clause
2591.05DNEAST::PCAWed Sep 14 1994CDD/Repository compatibility with Rally 4.
2592.0SISDA::GERACEWed Sep 21 1994Limits in ADL parameters?
2593.0184GL::GIROUXWed Sep 21 1994V4.
2594.07GIDDAY::HADDADThu Sep 22 1994Somehow insert child under 4.
2595.02DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYFri Sep 23 1994DBI in DSD syntax?
2596.03DECRAL::RALFri Sep 23 1994RALLY V4.1 project moves forward
2597.06VAXRIO::ABREUMon Sep 26 1994Bugcheck AFRINI in 3.2
2598.0CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Sep 27 1994RDB ODI example wanted.
2599.08CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Sep 28 1994Motif problem
2600.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Sep 28 1994wants last name that is exactly 2
2601.03VAXRIO::ABREUThu Sep 29 1994Applic in Working forever
2602.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Sep 29 1994looping may be causing quota problem
2603.011LISTIM::RIBEIROOFri Sep 30 1994How to disable the copyright message?
2604.05OHNO::CASSELLSMon Oct 03 1994%RDB-F-BUG_CHECK_CALL, internal consistency check failed, called from 8
2605.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Oct 06 1994AMMGFM+157 Bugcheck
2606.03COPCLU::JEPPEThu Oct 06 1994Fatal err. in rally$root:[work]aa_obj.c
2607.02JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONTue Oct 11 1994Scrolling Group display behavour changed under V4.
2608.08ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Oct 12 1994except code AMMFTM + 23
2609.01DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYWed Oct 12 1994Header fields in aggregate report
2610.01COPCLU::JEPPEFri Oct 14 1994Corrupt Appl. after VERIFY in V4.
2611.02POBOX::OLEARYFri Oct 14 1994Number of customers/licenses?
2612.01VAXRIO::MICHELFri Oct 14 1994RALLY FOR DOS for V3.2
2613.01CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Oct 17 19944.
2614.03CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Oct 17 19944.
2615.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANMon Oct 17 1994Print report with > 132 columns?
2616.03CHGVTue Oct 18 1994Help with 'next record'
2617.01HAN::AUEFri Oct 21 1994Installiation of Rally 4.
2618.04HAN::DOERINGMon Oct 24 1994Trigger the LOV by RETURN-Key
2619.05CSC32::N_BERENZTue Oct 25 1994using copy fields in computed field calc
2620.04BVEUX::LAMAREWed Oct 26 1994SET_CURRENT_FIELD on Alpha (V3.2)
2621.03ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Oct 26 1994Report Formatting
2622.01MXOCWed Oct 26 1994List of values subset
2623.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Oct 27 1994GOLD-DO from a non-DEC keyboard?
2624.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Oct 31 1994extended query from adl syntax
2625.02SAWA::SMOLAKWed Nov 02 1994READ ONLY QUERY 'last record'-infinite loop!
2626.01MCITS1::TEJAWed Nov 02 1994DEC C version of RALLY$CI_DEFINITIONS.H ?
2627.03CSC32::N_BERENZWed Nov 02 1994cdd error on verify
2628.01CSC32::N_BERENZThu Nov 03 1994LOV validation source is from several tables
2629.03CHGVThu Nov 03 1994Restricted Aggregate???
2630.02MAYES::MORIARTYFri Nov 04 1994RALLY internal errors v2.3 to v3.2
2631.0--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 04 1994Problems creating EPL using code in 2175.1,2
2632.06VAXRIO::ABREUFri Nov 04 1994COMPACT error in V2.3
2633.05CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Nov 07 1994CI on the alpha.
2634.02MUNICH::KLEINWed Nov 09 1994errors with v4.
2635.010JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONThu Nov 10 1994DSD Record Limit not the same as Form Limit
2637.01QCAVMon Nov 14 1994Returning values to the RALLY application..
2638.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANTue Nov 15 1994ADL executive error 14677
2639.034GL::CMURRAYThu Nov 17 1994Hebrew translation request
2640.034GL::CMURRAYThu Nov 17 1994French, Spanish, Swedish translation assistance
2641.0DECRAL::BROWNFri Nov 18 1994Any Oracle knowledgeable RALLY users out there?
2642.03ZURMon Nov 21 1994...did not logon to all needed access methods.
2643.02ZURMon Nov 21 1994kanji, japanese version ?
2644.0LISTIM::RIBEIROOFri Nov 25 1994Rally 3.2 - Bug Check
2645.0GIDDAY::HADDADMon Nov 28 1994Thanks for all your help and ciao....
2646.05STKHLM::BELUNDBERGMon Nov 28 1994Finishing more than one form simultanously
2647.04ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANTue Nov 29 1994Calling another RGA file ?
2648.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Nov 29 1994Unpacking MYSTERY.RGM macro file
2649.01DECRAL::HEINZERWed Nov 30 1994Public access may change soon to RALLY$(KITS/INFO)
2650.02CSC32::N_BERENZSat Dec 03 1994exception at AA_DECOMPRESS
2651.0TAVSun Dec 04 1994V4.
2652.06CSC32::N_BERENZMon Dec 05 1994call_cmd last record loops
2653.04ZURWed Dec 07 1994RALLY-MOTIF PAK required after ECO5 installation
2654.01PLAYER::SCHROEYENSFri Dec 09 1994ERROR - Needed locks have been lost
2655.03UTOPIE::ROEHRICHThu Dec 15 1994German Equivalent for Sort in Extended Query ?
2656.05OTOOA::MOWBRAYThu Dec 15 1994Be patient with dumb question but...
2657.0EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOFri Dec 16 1994Installing v 4.
2658.02RDGE44::ALEUC1Fri Dec 16 1994Problem using RDBaccess from RALLY
2659.0KERNEL::HISCOCKMon Dec 19 1994rally 4.
2660.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Dec 19 1994Internal error already solved?
2661.01LISTIM::RIBEIROOTue Dec 20 1994V3.1 - Merge causes an error.
2662.07UTOPIE::ROEHRICHWed Dec 21 1994Rally V4.
2663.04VAXRIO::ABREUWed Dec 21 1994Integrity Error 1642
2664.0WILBRY::STERNWed Dec 21 1994RALLY V4.1 field test sites
2665.04JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONWed Dec 21 1994V4.
2666.05CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Dec 21 1994DECC$SHR.EXE and the 4.
2667.01RUFUSL::JANOWSKIThu Dec 22 1994automatic insert of more than 1 line question
2668.02RDGE44::ALEUC1Mon Jan 02 1995Transaction scope with external links
2669.03CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Jan 03 1995AFTER VALUE CHANGE for a COPY OTHER field
2670.02VIVARA::ALLOGGIWed Jan 04 1995How can I known open DSD?
2671.02BACHUS::ROELANTSThu Jan 05 1995rally-dev pak??
2672.02GIDDAY::CHANMFri Jan 06 1995open data interface problem on AXP.
2673.01KERNEL::HISCOCKFri Jan 06 1995Loosing decimal places in 3.2
2674.0RDGE44::ALEUC1Mon Jan 09 1995PASCAL routines with ODI
2675.0ZURTue Jan 10 1995Behavior change in 'Local_Function and Field Actions' gen. problems.
2676.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jan 11 1995handle not valid
2677.02MKOTS1::HOLLAND_KWed Jan 11 1995Rally keystrokes for a PC
2678.03CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jan 11 1995default for conditional not displaying
2679.01LISTIM::RIBEIROOThu Jan 12 1995A question about fields with legends
2680.03DECRAL::SULLIVANFri Jan 13 1995RALLY Contract Position Available
2681.04PLAYER::LEWISWed Jan 18 1995Version 3.2 ECO
2682.01CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jan 18 1995s3_vector_elt bugcheck calling RALLY$RALLY
2683.014GL::ANDERSONThu Jan 19 1995RALLY support files moving
2684.03PLAYER::LEWISFri Jan 20 1995***** Exception at
2685.03CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jan 20 1995performance issue after upgrade
2686.0EEMELI::MHANNULATue Jan 24 1995The maximum number of fields will not fit
2687.05GIDDAY::CHANMTue Jan 24 1995"WORD WRAP ON" not working on AXP.
2688.0PLAYER::LEWISWed Jan 25 1995Record Boundary
2690.03PLAYER::LEWISMon Jan 30 1995LOV from two tables
2691.05UTOPIE::KREISLERTue Jan 31 1995Rally integrate FROM dictionary (CDD) ?
2692.01LISTIM::RIBEIROOThu Feb 02 1995Performance problems with Rally 4.
2693.02PLAYER::JANSSENSFri Feb 03 1995Rally - C/SQL program error :
2694.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Feb 06 1995silly date problem
2695.07PLAYER::LEWISTue Feb 07 1995Infinite Loop
2696.0LISVAX::ANSELMOWed Feb 08 1995Rally 4.
2697.0PLAYER::LEWISWed Feb 08 1995AFRFRM +
2698.06CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Feb 11 1995Asterisk in front of Table name in DSD?
2699.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Feb 13 1995What version is supported on OpenVMS 6.1 VAX?
2700.02COPCLU::JEPPETue Feb 14 1995Bugcheck with no bugcheckfile ?
2701.024GL::GIROUXTue Feb 14 1995Oracle RALLY V6.1 FT1 now available
2702.01PLAYER::LEWISWed Feb 15 1995Exception at
2703.024GL::SULLIVANWed Feb 15 1995***** This Conference is moving to NOMAHS *****
2704.02CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Feb 16 1995Grow screen to 55 lines
2705.01CSC32::N_BERENZMon Feb 20 1995validate from LOV but not display
2706.02SNOCWed Feb 22 1995conference message?
2707.0TOLKIN::BENNETTThu Feb 23 1995LOV problem RDB 5.1/Rally 3.2
2708.03CHEFS::YEOMANSDFri Feb 24 1995Redefining error messages
2709.0DECRAL::GIROUXFri Feb 24 1995Engineering's view of the RALLY_WISH conference
2710.0CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Feb 24 19954,
2711.04BVEUX::LAMAREMon Feb 27 1995How to prevent the usage of the INSERT KEY?
2712.024GL::GIROUXThu Mar 02 1995J,I,C chars after PASTE in F/R image editor
2713.0RDGE44::ALEUC6Fri Mar 03 1995Report Control/Break & Totals in Rally V3.2
2714.0RDGE44::ALEUC6Fri Mar 03 1995RALLY 3.2 AGGRGATE fields causing a crash
2715.01GEMVAX::FRIEDMANFri Mar 03 19953.2 Kit?
2716.012RDGE44::ALEUC5Thu Mar 09 1995where is the documentation?
2717.01CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Mar 09 1995Microsoft windows and RALLY breaks.
2718.01ARNIES::RYDERPFri Mar 10 1995RALLY 6.1 & 3.
2719.02PLAYER::LEWISMon Mar 13 1995Backward compatibility
2720.02LISTIM::RIBEIROOMon Mar 13 1995QAR ???
2721.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Mar 14 1995formatting form should be simple
2722.02COPCLU::JEPPEWed Mar 15 1995Date field problem
2723.02CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 15 1995Where be the 6.1 kits, please to find?
2724.02CSC32::N_BERENZWed Mar 15 1995RALLY dump at AICVIM + 99
2725.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Mar 15 1995Auto-add of associated records.
2726.03RDGE44::ALEUC6Thu Mar 16 1995Looking for V3.2-5 VAX Kits
2727.01CSC32::M_RANDALThu Mar 16 1995Rally V4.
2728.02SWTHOM::DELOBELFri Mar 17 1995
2729.02CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Mar 18 1995design idea sought
2730.02RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Mar 20 1995[Q] Rally DBI DSD - RMS Files/Rdb Tables
2731.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Mar 20 1995Wants form to look like spread sheet
2732.0VAXRIO::ABREUMon Mar 20 1995Bugcheck AMBHLT in 3.2-7
2733.0RDGE44::ALEUC6Wed Mar 22 1995Looking for ODI code to manip DEC schedule jobs
2734.02CLPRTue Mar 28 1995VERIFY 4.
2735.03RDGE44::ALEUC1Tue Mar 28 1995Unwanted behaviour from 'next screen'
2736.01CSC32::N_BERENZTue Mar 28 1995RALLY report does not show view change
2737.01BVEUX::LAMAREMon Apr 03 1995ATESHT + 15D and ACCVIO
2738.04RDGE44::ALEUC6Mon Apr 03 1995RALLY/DBI sort & virtual memory problems
2739.02CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Apr 04 1995COPY OTHER from conditional LOV
2740.010ARNIES::RYDERPWed Apr 05 1995ACCVIO and page faulting in 3.2
2741.06RDGE44::ALEUC1Wed Apr 05 1995External link works only on first record in group
2742.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Apr 10 1995write report computed field gets 15166 error
2743.03GIDDAY::CHANMWed Apr 12 1995Date column rounded to the nearest .
2744.0UTRTSC::VVISSERWed Apr 12 1995External link with packed-decimal datatype
2745.02GEMVAX::TRUBIANOFri Apr 14 1995mappings for PF1-SELECT on a PC
2746.01CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Apr 18 1995Specifics of the Spanish RALLY
2747.02CSC32::M_RANDALWed Apr 19 1995Report??
2748.05UTOPIE::ROEHRICHThu Apr 20 1995access violation using DTR-domains; Rally V4.
2750.034GL::MCDONALDThu Apr 27 1995Stored procedure example - EPL vs ODI?
2751.02VIVARA::ALLOGGIFri Apr 28 1995Will RT be motif?
2752.03MILKWY::KNOPPTue May 02 1995BEFORE COMMIT not Executing
2753.02LEMAN::ROHRWed May 03 1995Rally V4.
2754.0GIDDAY::CHANMMon May 08 1995AOST_WRITE_QIO bugcheck fixed in Rally V4.
2756.04CHEFS::QUINTFTue May 09 1995External Link from Captive Account
2757.01SAWA::SMOLAKTue May 09 1995Automatic LOV - can't exit error
2758.010USDEV::DKAMPFFri May 12 1995INSERT RECORD NEXT GROUP error - please help
2759.01ARNIES::RYDERPMon May 15 1995RALLY V3.2 Docs?
2760.0DECRAL::CMURRAYTue May 16 1995Non-English RALLY for Windows help files
2761.01MILKWY::KNOPPTue May 16 1995Can't Modify DSD
2762.01BABAGI::PANOSKYTue May 16 1995Key Mapping via RALLY$EDT.RGC
2763.03TROOA::TAYLORWed May 17 1995Training?
2764.0HERON::GODFRINDFri May 19 1995Rally developper - 3weeks - June - Paris
2765.02GVAADG::RAPAZFri May 19 1995No symbol table in rga
2766.03TAVWed May 24 1995OPCDEC in RALLY after upgrade to VMS 6.1
2767.02CSC32::N_BERENZThu May 25 1995carriage return in text area
2768.01HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri May 26 1995RALLYEXT_TFV.OBJ not found in AXP
2769.01GVPROD::TONINATOMon May 29 1995Rally 3.2-5 description
2771.02VIVARA::ALLOGGIWed May 31 1995Change field rendition from ADL?
2772.03CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 01 1995Retrieval design idea sought
2773.02CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jun 05 1995how to dynamically pass sort order
2774.02KERNEL::HISCOCKMon Jun 05 1995How do I enter a minus value in a dsd rse?
2776.01CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jun 07 19954.
2777.05CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Jun 09 1995before value change ADL sees different values
2778.05VIVARA::ALLOGGIWed Jun 14 1995How issue an AST updating a field on a form?
2779.0CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jun 14 1995trace not working on external objects
2780.03MUNICH::KLEINFri Jun 16 1995rally for windows v4.
2781.07STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Jun 19 1995No privilege when accessing the windows kit
2782.02CSC32::M_RANDALMon Jun 19 1995NEXT SCREEN? V4.
2783.0OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Jun 27 1995Oracle Notesfiles transfer Notice - Effective July 2
2784.01ARNIES::RYDERPTue Jun 27 1995SQL Services class servers
2785.01TKTV2Thu Jun 29 1995null field message
2787.0CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jun 29 1995App developer access to RALLY$ERRORS.RGE
2788.04ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 05 1995CALL_CMD('extend ...') against RDB VIEWs.
2789.019ORAREP::JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONTue Jul 11 1995RDB$REMOTE vs SQL/Services re: Performance
2790.02ORAREP::SNOFS1::MARSHALLMTue Jul 11 1995aggregate count not copied for all in group
2791.02ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 12 1995No AFTER VALUE CHANGE if source is LOV?
2792.01NOMAHS::WHIRSCHLThu Jul 13 1995Access to kits from the Oracle world?
2793.01ORAREP::GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jul 17 1995RALLY EDIT problems.
2794.01ORAREP::GVAADG::WANJATue Jul 18 1995Executing a routine in a DLL
2795.03ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Jul 19 1995CONDITIONAL DISPLAY ADL unnecessarily invoked
2796.03ORAREP::BACHUS::ROELANTSThu Jul 20 1995Rally default repetion direction
2797.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZFri Jul 21 199529
2798.04ORAREP::JURA::JURA::RAMETTue Jul 25 1995Getting out of circular menus
2799.01ORAREP::POWDML::FIRMANIWed Jul 26 1995Virtual Memory Error
2800.01ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::ABARRETTThu Jul 27 1995Versions for VMS 6.2?
2801.02ORAREP::ARNIES::RYDERPTue Aug 01 1995before quit confirmation
2802.02OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Aug 01 1995How to obtain Kits
2803.03ORAREP::GIDDAY::MENDOZAWed Aug 02 1995Rally 2.3 to V4.
2805.0ORAREP::MILKWY::CE_TOOLSMon Aug 07 1995Remote Access Help
2806.02ORAREP::HEN::JACOBSTue Aug 08 1995Display Only field with a LOV in query mode: behavior change?
2807.072Fri Aug 11 1995Access to rally kits?
2808.02ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Aug 11 1995phantom bugchecks in RDS
2809.06ORAREP::SNOFS1::MARSHALLMMon Aug 14 1995disappearing children
2810.03ORAREP::HAN::DOERINGMon Aug 21 1995ODBC for Oracle RALLY ?
2811.01ORAREP::ARNIES::RYDERPTue Aug 22 1995RALLY and TDMS
2812.03ORAREP::SWTHOM::DELOBELWed Aug 23 1995change of behavior passing Rally 2.3 -> 4.
2813.02ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZWed Aug 23 1995remote performance and netserver logs
2814.02ORAREP::CSC32::M_RANDALMon Aug 28 1995TCP/IP
2815.01ORAREP::CLPRWed Aug 30 1995Avoiding re-entering a field value
2816.03b-wFri Sep 22 1995RALLY and RALLY-RT-USER licenses on same system
2817.011itvms1.it.oracle.com::FALLOGGIThu Sep 28 1995Rally and Oracle7?
2818.0DECRAL::GIROUXWed Oct 04 1995Looking for DEC internal field test sites for RALLY V6.2
2819.03ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Oct 06 1995Insert 4 records from BEFORE FORM adl
2820.0ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Oct 07 1995Stack dump after GOLD-DO edit in 4.
2821.05OOTOOL::CRAIGTue Oct 10 1995Problems with memory usage / paging problems - Help requested
2822.0ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTWed Oct 11 1995NEXP SCREEN behavior changes between 3.2 and 4.
2823.02ORAREP::NZOVThu Oct 12 1995LOV not scrolling properly
2824.034177::MHAGEThu Oct 12 1995Bugcheck logicals?
2825.01ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Oct 13 1995Different error message from RALLY RUN vs RDS
2826.04ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Oct 14 1995UPDATE after DB modify does not always take effect
2827.0ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTFri Oct 20 1995Problem with COPY OTHER after SET_FAILURE
2828.02ukvMon Oct 23 1995Check for record existence
2829.03atxap1.at.oracle.com::RROEHRICTue Oct 24 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, Exception at
2830.08ukvTue Oct 24 1995V6.1 install problem
2831.01ukvTue Oct 24 1995Rally$cleanup consumes pgflquota
2832.04ORAREP::SKTUThu Oct 26 1995V3.
2833.03ORAREP::CSC32::B_LEHLBACHThu Oct 26 1995Bugcheck Dump at RDMS$$RELEASE_USER_REQUEST
2834.01ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Nov 09 1995error 15162
2835.08283::PDELOBELThu Nov 16 1995rally verify and distribtrans rdb privilege
2836.02ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTSat Nov 18 1995ADL compile changes in 6.1
2837.02ORAREP::AMER::HONORETue Nov 21 1995Compatibility between VAX and ALPHA
2838.03ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTTue Nov 21 1995Design question
2840.02ORAREP::TAVSun Dec 03 1995RALLY/SQL Bugcheck
2842.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::ABARRETTTue Dec 12 1995Versions of Related Products?
2843.04CHSR38::ROHRWed Dec 13 1995Sept Dist A saveset for AXP 6.1 is the wrong one.
2844.041Tue Dec 19 1995Problems calling external modules?
2845.03atxap1.at.oracle.com::EKREISLEWed Dec 20 1995Latest Version on AXP not orderable within Oracle
2846.03ORAREP::CSC32::M_RANDALMon Jan 08 1996V6.1, Extended query & overstrike problem?
2847.0ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZWed Jan 10 1996Is there a V4.
2848.01ORAREP::CSC32::J_OPPELTThu Jan 11 19966.1 install multiversion
2849.03ORAREP::VAXRIO::DJOPC1::CONDEFri Jan 12 1996Rally for Windows Kit
2850.068283::PDELOBELTue Jan 16 1996file currently locked and rms dsd shared read
2851.010ORAREP::USDEV::DKAMPFTue Jan 16 1996Access Violation when using RALLY RUN
2852.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZThu Jan 18 1996vmis$root:[syslib].exe on install V6.1
2853.01ORAREP::CSC32::N_BERENZMon Jan 22 1996bugchecks abound
2854.05svrav1.au.oracle.com::AMENDOZAWed Jan 24 1996ADL compilation error with set_trace() in Rally V6.1
2855.03M5::MRANDALWed Jan 24 1996Rally/Motif V6.1?
2856.03b-wMon Jan 29 1996Rally windows 'external object references' ?
2857.019ORAREP::XSTACY::LMASONWed Jan 31 1996Rally and Rdb Triggers.
2858.01ORAREP::NSICTue Feb 06 1996Problems with RALLY and RMS indexed files...
2859.04M5::MRANDALWed Feb 14 1996ON NET instead of TCP/IP or PATHWORKS??
2860.058283::PDELOBELFri Feb 16 1996New version ?
2861.058283::PDELOBELFri Feb 16 1996delete leading blanks and rally 6.1
2862.011Mon Feb 19 1996Prestarted transactions off possible in version 7.
2863.021Mon Feb 26 1996Date formats and year 2
2864.03NOMAHS::KLEIMANWed Feb 28 1996More Phantom Bugchecks
2865.011UKVMS3::SHISCOCKFri Mar 01 1996rally 6.1 bugcheck NRSGAB
2866.01M5::JOPPELTFri Mar 01 1996STD$DUMP on AXP -- discrepancy between RDB and CDD
2867.031Mon Mar 04 1996Can Rally avoid constraints?
2868.04b-wWed Mar 06 1996Windows NT Rally client plans ?
2869.021Thu Mar 07 1996INTERR 41 and a bugcheck?
2870.02UKVMS3::SHISCOCKFri Mar 08 1996Format group query/problem (6.1)
2871.08292::PJACOBFri Mar 08 1996Error 18368 : feature only supported with CDD/PLUS T4.
2872.011Thu Mar 14 1996Which versions of RALLY will run on VMS 6.2?
2873.02ORAREP::NQOPS::MUDGEThu Mar 14 1996v6.1 install problem "RALLY$MULTI_VERSION"
2874.018286::FBERNARDThu Mar 14 1996ATMGST + 4d -- RALLY 4.
2875.03svrav1.au.oracle.com::AMENDOZAMon Mar 18 1996Can't customise error text for ODI COMMIT
2877.041Thu Mar 21 1996File not found error. Could it be a table?
2878.01esvms1.es.oracle.com::JMAURIMon Mar 25 199618131 after def. restric. on ANSI DATE field
2879.064GL::SULLIVANTue Mar 26 1996Release 6.1-5 now available
2880.02ORAREP::ANNECY::AYADZEDDAM_AThu Mar 28 1996RALLY translator needed.
2881.021Tue Apr 02 1996RALLY 6.1 ECO 5?
2882.018283::PDELOBELWed Apr 03 1996RALLY$VM_BUFFERS
2883.01nomahs::SECRISTWed Apr 03 1996IM Quick-Start Course ?
2884.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKTue Apr 16 1996action site query
2885.05M5::MRANDALTue Apr 16 1996RDB errors...customize
2886.03M5::MRANDALTue Apr 30 1996Rally v6.1, Stored RDB procedures etc.
2887.08283::PDELOBELThu May 02 1996befero and after update after delete record .
2888.0M5::JOPPELTFri May 10 1996Changing TRACE_LOG output.
2889.01ORAREP::TAINO::JRODRIGUEZThu May 16 1996Scrolling region record not commited
2890.06NLVMS3::VVISSERFri May 17 1996No tcp/ip for Oracle7 DSD on AXP.
2891.05ORAREP::CHGVFri May 24 1996Control Break/Scrolling
2892.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKThu May 30 1996rally and access to global sections?
2893.01M5::JOPPELTFri May 31 1996New page only on certain value in CONTROL BREAK field
2894.05M5::JOPPELTMon Jun 17 1996Insufficient Event Flags.
2897.01OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Jun 27 1996Part Number for Rdb Tools CDROM
2899.01DBSUK2::HISCOCKMon Jul 01 1996S3 set_parameter[] error on a p.c.
2900.05nlvms3.nl.oracle.com::ADRIELMon Jul 15 1996V6.1, no bugcheck dumpfile ??
2901.03ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKThu Jul 18 1996Rally support for windows95 & win/nt
2902.01ORAREP::RDGE99::RYDERPMon Jul 22 1996MODTOOOLD in V4.
2903.02192.188.17Thu Jul 25 1996deinstall RALLY
2904.09svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANWed Aug 14 1996ODI -looping & bugcheck
2905.0ORAREP::JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONThu Aug 29 1996ODI Query Problems under V6.1-5
2906.08283::PDELOBELMon Sep 16 1996rally compact and symbols file
2907.02ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKMon Sep 16 1996Field positioning problem
2908.03583::ZIONWed Sep 25 1996constraint violation after rdb6.1-
2909.02CHSR36::LCONSWed Sep 25 1996EXTERNAL LINK is not working
2910.03UKVMS3::SHISCOCKMon Oct 07 1996lib-f-insef rally 6.1-5
2911.0NLVMS2::VVISSERWed Oct 09 1996Rally V7.
2912.03ORAREP::HERON::GODFRINDTue Oct 15 1996Latest Rally kits and documentation ?
2913.03CHSR36::JSUBRIWed Oct 16 1996Rally V7.
2914.01UKVMS3::SHISCOCKFri Oct 18 1996vt4
2915.01NLVMS2::VVISSERWed Nov 06 1996No Float or Double function values on AXP/VMS
2917.021Mon Nov 18 1996SQL*FORMS and RALLY?
2918.04M5::JOPPELTWed Nov 20 1996SET_CACHE_SIZE for DBI databases.
2919.0+4ORAREP::STKHLM::BELUNDBERGTue Dec 10 1996RMS DSD, changed behaviour for ALPHA
2920.01M5::JOPPELTThu Dec 12 1996New 7.
2921.04svrav1.au.oracle.com::MCHANTue Jan 14 1997Upgrading Rally V2.3
2922.0 *+1M5::DDAYBERRMon Feb 03 1997RALLY 3.
2923.0 *+2ORAREP::JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONTue Feb 11 1997Disable Rally Required Field Visitation Feature
2924.0 *+2ORAREP::JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONWed Feb 19 1997Questions re: RALLY to Developer/2
2925.0 *+3OOTOOL::CRAIGThu Feb 20 1997Rally 7.
2926.0 *ORAREP::JRFVAX::FREDRICKSONTue Feb 25 1997DML failing due to F/R data changes??
2927.0 *+5ukvms3.uk.oracle.com::SHISCOCKFri Mar 14 19977.
2928.0 *+14GL::SULLIVANThu Mar 27 1997Oracle DSD's and TCP/IP problem
2929.0 *+8UKVMS3::PJACKSONWed Apr 02 1997Problem upgrading application from 2.1a to 7.
2930.0 *+312293::ALLEMEERSCHThu Apr 03 1997Rally v7.
2931.0 *caotv1.ca.oracle.com::MROYFri Apr 04 1997.TMP file extents again
2932.0 *+2M5::JOPPELTFri Apr 04 1997bogus time value inserted into SQL.
2933.0 *+2M5::JOPPELTFri Apr 25 1997Remote oracle7 database from RALLY.
2934.0 *+4caotv1.ca.oracle.com::MROYMon Apr 28 1997OpenVMS Delta-Time problem affecting RALLY ?
2935.0 *+2ORAREP::NNTPD::"RodriguezJo@mail.dec.com"Mon May 05 1997Rally report
2936.0 *+4CHSR36::LCONSFri May 09 1997field not updated without an activation
2937.0 *+1ORAREP::MILKWY::KNOPPMon May 19 1997Installing Rally 7.
2938.0 *+13789Wed May 21 1997Rally to DEV/2
2939.0 *+41Fri May 23 1997RALLY 7.
2940.0 *+1NLVMS3::ADRIELMon May 26 1997RALLY$SHARE IIF file ??
2941.0 *+2ORAREP::SNOFS1::SCOTCHFORDPMon Jun 02 1997RALLY down the toilet !?!
2942.0 *chsr38.ch.oracle.com::RROHRWed Jun 04 1997Report and RALLY-F-INTERR