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Title:Repetitive Stress Injuries
Created:Fri Apr 17 1992
Last Modified:Thu May 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:92
Total number of notes:349
Number with bodies:1
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1.01DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Welcome to the Repetitive Stress Injury Conference
2.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992DEC Corporate Policies & Procedures
3.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Reserved
4.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Reserved
5.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Reserved
6.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Reserved
7.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Reserved
8.020DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Jun 22 1992Introductions
9.07DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Related Conferences
10.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Taking the Pain out of Computing
11.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Issues and Protective Measures
12.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - San Francisco Worker Safety Ordinance
13.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - VDT Health risks: What to do while the jury's out
14.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - From Reed College's computing newsletter
15.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Computers Don't Belong on Desktops
16.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Human Factors in Workstation Design
17.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome
18.01DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Radiation and VDT's
19.01DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Court Cases
20.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Resources for Adaptive Computing
21.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992VDT/RSI News Sources
22.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Medical Books
23.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Devices to Reduce ELF
24.011DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
25.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992NYT - Epidemic At The Computer: Hand And Arm Injuries
26.013DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992VDT Articles
27.04DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Ulnar Neuropathy
28.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Article - Repetitive-Motion Injuries
29.07DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Physician/Doctor References
30.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Personal Experiences
31.01DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Pointer to C+HEALTH Information
32.0DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992What computer users need to know about CTS
33.01DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992Medical Information
34.04DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1992DEC and RSI Injuries
35.02DANGER::FORTMILLERWed May 06 1992Mice/Mouse and RSI
36.03CSSE::BOURGETWed May 27 1992Ergonomic Vendor Fair 25-JUN-92
37.06KXOVAX::SECRISTFri May 29 1992CTS and Vitamin B6 ?
38.02KXOVAX::SECRISTFri May 29 1992How to find a good neurologist ?
39.06DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Jun 15 1992Sources of RSI Prevention Equipment
40.02NETCUR::CLIFFORDMon Jun 15 1992Get a new doctor
41.0DANGER::FORTMILLERTue Jun 16 1992Mailing List
42.02DANGER::FORTMILLERTue Jun 16 1992Terminal / Workstation Setup
43.014DANGER::FORTMILLERTue Jul 21 1992Alternate Keyboard Topic
44.02EPIK::HEILMANWed Jun 17 1992My experience with RSI
45.010DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Jun 19 1992Sources of RSI Information
46.015DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Jun 22 1992What should DEC be doing to Prevent RSI Injuries?
47.04SMURF::GALLOWed Jul 08 1992RSI Support Groups
48.021DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Jul 20 1992RSI Newsletters from Caroline Rose
49.03DANGER::FORTMILLERTue Jul 21 1992FAQ: Typing Injuries Posting
50.02DANGER::FORTMILLERThu Jul 23 1992Call for Vote: sci.med.occupational
51.03ESCROW::ROBERTSTue Jul 28 1992Why is this complaint new?
52.02DSSDEV::GOHNTue Aug 04 1992Iontophoresis?
53.05VINO::KOMARThu Aug 06 1992Arm pain and Muscles ?
54.01DANGER::FORTMILLERWed Aug 12 1992Complaints about SUN Keyboards
55.02DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Aug 21 1992Employment outlook if you have an RSI injury?
56.06DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Aug 21 1992How doctors treat RSI
57.010LFACAT::TURNERFri Aug 21 1992Looking for a Track Ball rather than Mouse
58.01DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Aug 24 1992Article - Innovations for CTS Prospering
59.01DANGER::FORTMILLERTue Aug 25 1992Experimental Temperature and Volume Test
60.0DANGER::FORTMILLERWed Aug 26 1992OSHA - May draft rules for keyboards
61.01DANGER::FORTMILLERThu Aug 27 1992Adverse Mechanical Tension
62.01DANGER::FORTMILLERWed Sep 23 1992New Overuse Injury Research
63.01DANGER::FORTMILLERMon Nov 02 1992Good Bye
64.013DCEIDL::CLARKTue Nov 09 1993Handeze Gloves
65.02DSSDEV::GOHNWed Dec 01 1993Beware of antiinflammatory drug
66.0SEND::PARODIFri Jan 14 1994Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Vitamin B6
67.07CASDOC::DUNNEThu Jan 20 1994Tendonitis in Wrists
68.01SOFBAS::GONZALEZWed Mar 16 1994elbows, ulnar nerves and telephones
69.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri Apr 15 1994"Cumulative Trauma Disorder More Common Than CTS"
70.01DCEIDL::CLARKThu May 12 1994Monitors, Not Keyboards, Cause Carpel Tunnel? (Clarinet NewsBytes)
71.0CTHQ::WERSTFri Jun 10 1994Farewell
72.0SOFBAS::GONZALEZMon Jun 13 1994Goodbye
73.01GOLLY::CARROLLThu Jul 14 1994dr. brown in nashua - experiences?
74.01DECSIM::HEILMANFri Jul 22 1994Wall Street Journal article
75.0+6DECSIM::HEILMANFri Jul 29 1994New Book on RSI (Pascarelli and Quilter)
76.01DSSDEV::GOHNThu Aug 04 1994Wanted: pointing device w/ foot pedal
77.01DECSIM::HEILMANWed Aug 24 1994I am leaving DEC... Hans
78.01DSSDEV::GOHNFri Sep 02 1994Me too...Don
79.0DECSIM::HEILMANWed Sep 07 1994Compaq to have RSI warnings on keyboards
80.01GOLLY::CARROLLWed Sep 14 1994where is Dragon?
81.0USHSTue Sep 27 1994Recovering after Surgery?
82.0GOLLY::CARROLLThu Nov 03 1994Internet Resources
83.01GOLLY::CARROLLThu Nov 03 1994Typing Injury FAQ
84.0SEND::PARODITue Nov 15 1994"Cold Lasers" for RSI
85.01CASDOC::MEAGHERFri Jan 06 1995RSI-Action (RSI advocacy group)
86.02CASDOC::MEAGHERFri Jan 06 1995SOREHAND List
87.07LJSRV1::mkirk.amt.tay1.dec.com::KirkThu Jan 12 1995alternative pointing devices
88.0QUINCE::MADDENTue Feb 07 1995Tilting the keyboard back
89.01SEND::SEELEYThu Apr 20 1995pronator syndrome
90.0CASDOC::MEAGHERWed Jun 14 1995Message from Eileen Dunne
91.08ORION::DUNNETue Jul 11 1995RSI Aids
92.0PERFOM::ONEILLFri Sep 01 1995Speech Recognition Software - hazardous to health?