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Conference futurs::sybase

Title:Sybase on U*IX Platform
Notice:open for business on the FUTURS node
Created:Wed Oct 10 1990
Last Modified:Fri Mar 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Apr 11 1997
Number of topics:507
Total number of notes:1440
Number with bodies:27
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1.02DECWET::GILLMANMon Jan 14 1991Welcome
2.03DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990Software Environment and Version(s)..
3.07DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SYBASE Technical Suport Hotline..
4.08DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990Sybase Documentation
5.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SQL Solutions SQR Report Writer..
6.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SQL Solutions - SQL Advantage
7.02DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SQL Solutions - SA Companion (System Admin)..
8.02DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SYBASE Installation
9.04DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990Rainier Specific discussion..
10.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990SYBASE Meetings..
11.040DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 10 1990Please Introduce yourself..
12.03DECWET::GILLMANThu Oct 18 1990SYBASE Backup..
13.01DECWET::GILLMANThu Oct 18 1990SYBASE restore..
14.0DECWET::GILLMANFri Oct 19 1990In case of emergency on TARDIS contact COG
15.02DECWET::ANDERSONWed Oct 24 1990Using apt or dwb
16.01DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 24 1990SYBASE Callable SQL..
17.07DECWET::GILLMANFri Oct 26 1990Creating new device large enough for new database size
18.01DECWET::GILLMANWed Oct 31 1990Undocumented solution to SYBASE access problem..
19.03DECWET::GILLMANFri Nov 02 1990bcp - SYBASE bulk copy
20.01DECWET::GILLMANMon Nov 05 1990SSI info
21.02DECWET::GILLMANMon Nov 19 19903rd try - but log of DOC given to Documentation
22.0DECWET::GILLMANMon Nov 19 1990Sybase SQL server shutdown
23.01DECWET::GILLMANFri Nov 30 1990DWB (Data Workbench) access via different login..
24.05DECWET::GILLMANMon Dec 03 1990Partioned Databases..
25.03DECWET::GILLMANWed Dec 12 1990Judy Smith - NYC DCC CII correspondence..
26.0DECWET::GILLMANMon Dec 17 1990creating Master.dat database
27.03DECWET::PENNEYThu Jan 17 1991SQL Applications and SYBASE
28.02DECWET::GILLMANWed Jan 30 1991Sybase hints and gotchas...
29.03SUBWAY::KABELThu Mar 07 1991Pro and Con: Platforms for serving Sybase
30.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Apr 01 1991PC based Application question
31.02BOSTON::BIANCOWed Apr 03 1991RISC Sybase versa VAX Sybase in large DB
32.0VEGAS::IDEKERMon Apr 08 1991Initial System Sizing for Sybase system
33.0HAM::CALCOTTThu Apr 25 1991Perf. characterization on RISC/Ultrix ?
34.02KETJE::DELAMPERPMon Jun 03 1991sybase limitations on Ultrix ?
35.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Jun 05 1991Official Product Management status re: >64 FDs..
36.03NOVA::WASSERMANTue Jun 11 1991Want Secure Sybase
37.04TPOVC::ANDYLAIFri Jun 28 1991What are its Q-Number?
38.02NEEPS::GEDDESWed Jul 03 1991DEC vs SUN info req'd
39.02VAOUWed Jul 17 1991sybase conflicts with decnet
40.04HOBBLE::MCFARLANDTue Jul 23 19914GL packages???
41.0DECWET::GILLMANTue Jul 23 1991Sybase Agreement - XA Open Server agreement finalized
42.01EISLMC::COHENFri Aug 23 1991data sharing
45.01SIMP2::COHENMon Sep 23 1991Help needed ASAP to save sales situation
46.03ISIDRO::JULIANRWed Sep 25 1991Large database & # of users on ULTRIX ?
47.06MDRA1::JULIANRThu Sep 26 1991SYBASE references, please !!
48.04TYSON::KURATATue Oct 15 1991SMP/Sybase
49.01KETJE::DELAMPERMon Oct 21 1991sybase open server & Wang
51.01MINDER::SELBYTue Nov 05 1991Conversion required ?
52.03DOD2::PARKERTue Nov 05 1991Sybase and Standards?
53.06AIDEV::NITSCHKEMon Nov 18 1991SYBASE Sales contact for Digital, kit, pricing,...
54.02WASHDC::BUZZERDWed Nov 20 1991Disk Shadowing Within Sybase?
55.08HILLST::AMELIMon Dec 02 1991Locking mechanism under RISC/Ultrix Sybase...
56.02MINDER::EWINGRTue Dec 03 1991SunOS to ULTRIX
57.04HGOVC::KELVINYEUNGFri Dec 06 1991SybaseNET & POWERbuilder
58.02WASHDC::RICHARDSThu Dec 12 1991Sybase tuning guides/products?
59.0HILLST::AMELIFri Dec 13 1991Sybase runs under SCO UNIX?
60.03YNGSTR::FOXThu Dec 19 1991X-Windows Interface to dwb Problem
61.01WASHDC::BUZZERDThu Jan 09 1992Sybase on OSF/1?
62.01BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Jan 13 1992Sybase extensions -- do they run on ULTRIX?
63.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Jan 15 1992FYI ..Sybase Tech Support procedure..
64.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Jan 15 1992Support for UCX or DEC TCP/IP Services ?
65.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jan 16 1992Sybase International Operations
66.0HOBBLE::MCFARLANDSun Jan 19 1992prestoserve and sybase?
67.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jan 28 1992Sybase Financial Performance
68.04WASHDC::RICHARDSFri Feb 07 1992MIPS TPC-A or TPC-B results?
69.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Feb 10 1992Sybase mainframe migration story/analysis
70.02POBOX::ALVESMon Feb 10 1992Sybase using DECnet for Token Ring?
71.02ARRODS::LEWISAWed Feb 26 1992Sybase/Ultrix and Asynchronous I/O
72.01WASHDC::BUZZERDMon Mar 09 1992Multimedia data type support in Sybase?
73.02SX4GTO::MACKBEETue Mar 10 1992Digital On-Site Engineer for Sybase
74.01PANIC::CHRZANOWSKAMon Mar 30 1992NAS support for Ultrix Sybase???
75.08MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Apr 03 1992SYBASE & SUN TPC results
76.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Apr 15 1992Sybase Competitive Fact Sheet
77.01MSAMSat Apr 25 1992Sybase Applications ?
78.01KETJE::DELAMPERMon Apr 27 1992Sybase and IPI / Raid
79.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANMon Apr 27 1992FIPS 127-1 Compliance?
81.04EEMELI::SONKERIThu May 07 1992Do you really need to use raw partitions ?
82.02PRIMES::HAHNWed May 13 1992Support for SQL/Ada?
83.04EEMELI::SONKERIFri May 15 1992Sybase on Alpha / OSF/1 ?
84.05SUBWAY::HOANGFri May 22 1992revisiting "PC appls. access to Sybase" problem
85.03HAMSTR::LEE_BTue May 26 1992Information of Sybase company
87.06MARX::ANDERSONTue Jun 09 1992BEGINNERS - questions
88.05MABUZZ::BUZZERDFri Jun 12 1992Support for horizontal partitioning?
89.0ROMThu Jun 18 1992Secure SYBASE server under VMS or RISC/ULTRIX
90.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Jun 26 1992Sybase and Microsoft Alliance
91.02MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Jun 26 1992IBM's RS/6
92.05TLE::VANROGGENFri Jul 03 1992differences between MS SQL Server and Sybase?
93.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jul 21 1992Sybase Q2FY92 results
94.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jul 21 1992Sybase UNIX-system configuration info
95.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Aug 04 1992Sybase acquires GAIN Technology
96.02CGOOA::GUNDERSONWed Aug 05 1992Oracle and Sybase coexistance?
97.07HANMon Aug 10 1992Again UCX /TCP/IP Support for SYBASE
99.01DECWET::FLESKESMon Aug 31 1992On which UNIX platforms is Sysbase supported?
100.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Sep 03 1992Netlib f. Windows
101.04VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Sep 10 1992W3DBLIB wanted !
102.02ODIXIE::STAROSTAThu Sep 10 1992Speed of SYBASE vs. UNIFY
103.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Sep 11 1992Competitive SYBASE Information Needed
104.01ODIXIE::STAROSTAMon Sep 14 1992Backing up Sybase databases in raw partitions
105.02VNOAPP::TIMA_248477Sat Sep 19 1992SQL Bridge, Sockets->named pipes
106.0STKHLM::JOHANSTROMMon Sep 21 1992Sybase & Large DBs and high workloads
107.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Oct 13 1992Sybase reorganization
108.01CHOWDA::ORRWed Oct 14 1992integrate with AS4
109.02ZPOVC::HONGNGEETue Oct 27 1992SYBASE/ULTRIX Bug - Terminal Access
110.0KYOA::SCHERERWed Nov 11 1992Conversions from HP
111.01JUMBLY::BRAINSKYMMon Nov 16 1992Help with SYBASE performance in a C/S environment
112.02MINNY::STEINERPTue Nov 24 1992commitment to ULTRIX?
113.08CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Nov 30 1992relationshop mgr & AXP
114.04FORGET::CRAWFORDWed Dec 02 1992SQL Server and WNT please
115.0TPOVC::AARONYANGThu Dec 03 1992Sybase TPC-A results on VAX 1
116.01MXOVFri Dec 11 1992TOTAL to SYBASE migration.
117.02BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Dec 28 1992Does Sybase run on Tandem?
118.0GLIND1::SDATZMANTue Dec 29 1992SQR kit location.
119.01SUBWAY::CHANGMon Jan 04 1993Development Kit
120.01ZPOVC::SRIDHARFri Jan 15 1993A System that hangs/crashes on simple queries!
121.01FAME::MONIERMon Jan 25 1993Couple of Questions - help ??
122.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jan 26 1993Sybase 1992 results
123.01EMASS::SHAHWed Feb 03 1993SYBASE Corp. SW License ?
124.02VFOVAX::CROWEWed Feb 03 1993SI with SYBASE
125.06ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Feb 07 1993Tuning Sybase on ULTRIX?
126.0VNABRW::PSCSMon Feb 08 1993SQL Bridge and DECnet
127.01PRESS1::SPERLINGWed Feb 17 1993Reusable code using Open Client
128.0MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Feb 17 1993SQL Server to Rdb
129.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Feb 18 19933rd Party RDBMS Program Office
130.03RANIER::ROTHENBERGFri Feb 19 1993Front-end query tool help needed
131.0APACHE::URBANTue Feb 23 1993Porting RDB to Sybase
132.0BROKE::BROWNFri Feb 26 1993Are "timestamp" columns (Browse Mode) common???
133.0ODIXIE::SHILLINGFri Mar 05 1993Sybase front end tools - Gupta?
134.0NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Mar 05 1993Which products for commercial development?
135.04SUEWIT::RUBINMon Mar 08 1993Sybase Port to Alpha Schedule?????
136.0VNABRW::PSCSThu Mar 18 1993Who has SQL Bridge in use ?
137.02EEMELI::SONKERIMon Mar 22 1993Sybase on Alpha OSF/1 availlability!
138.01DECWET::PENNEYThu Mar 25 1993Any Objections to this request?
139.0FAME::MONIERMon Mar 29 1993SUNNY N.C.! 1 Wk./consultant needed ...
140.01DELSThu Apr 01 1993SYBASE and OpenVMS AXP: some problems
141.0KYOA::SCHERERFri Apr 02 1993Sybase on alpha is shipping
142.0EEMELI::SONKERITue Apr 06 1993port from sybase to oracle ?
144.01DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFMon Apr 12 1993Performance on Alpha?
145.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Apr 15 1993East Coast USA Support Center
146.011RMRDTO::giaipronMon Apr 19 1993PW TCP/IP and SYBASE MS-Windows client
147.03SAC::EXTON_MFri Apr 23 1993Migration possibilities
148.01MSDOA::CLARKMon Apr 26 19934.8 or 4.9 slower on OpenVMS compared to NEXT
149.0MAIL::KUTZMon Apr 26 1993Forms package
150.01ZPOVC::SRIDHARTue May 04 1993ADABAS-SYBASE interface
151.02ESSB::NIMHAILLETue May 04 1993Sybase documentation ??
152.06MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu May 06 1993Sybase System 1
153.02SNOCSun May 09 1993Performance headaches: Sybase on Alpha AXpAXP OpenVMS
154.0SFCPMO::KENOYERFri May 14 1993Sybase Hogs CPU after VMS Upgrade
155.0ZPOVC::SRIDHARWed May 19 1993Pointer to Note 15
156.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri May 28 1993Resource needed
157.04DECSAD::ZDZERO::scratchleyTue Jun 01 1993Sybase on VMS - two questions
159.04RIPPLE::GOODELL_MAFri Jun 25 1993SYBASE Client/Server on same sys??
160.0333746::WANGMon Jun 28 1993Performance Problem during a Benchmark
161.0DYPSS6::SMITHWed Jul 14 1993SYBASE on VMS questions
162.03VAXSPO::DJALMAFri Jul 16 1993Information about SYBASE in a cluster environment
163.0ZOWEE::ANTHONYMon Jul 19 1993sybase rs6
164.03KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerThu Jul 22 1993sp_who shows no hostname
165.06GUIDUK::DANIELSONThu Aug 05 1993SUN versus ALPHA OSF/1 as SYBASE platform
166.0BROKE::BROWNMon Aug 09 1993Rdb Access to Sybase Gateway: Looking for Field Test Sites
167.04SCAACT::ANDERSONTue Aug 10 1993Sybase 1
168.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 11 1993Row-level locking ?
169.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 11 1993Sybase vs. Oracle (or Rdb)
170.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Aug 12 1993Sybase vs. Rdb, Oracle Info
171.02ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWFri Aug 13 1993System panic using Sybase V4.3 and Ultrix 4.3
172.03IJSAPL::ESSERMon Aug 16 1993V1
173.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 17 1993Summary of V1
174.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Aug 23 1993How to ftp from the Internet
175.05GANTRY::PARSIANWed Aug 25 1993Sybase Documentation/Books?
176.01STKHLM::JOHANSTROMThu Aug 26 1993Sybase 4.9 for AXP OpenVMS - TCP/IP support (server side)
177.03LARVAE::MCCARTNEY_JThu Sep 02 1993secure sybase and ultrix mls+
178.0FORTSC::CLARKFri Sep 10 1993Alpha-OSF-Sybase Configuration Sanity Check
179.01ZPOVC::STANCOELHOFri Sep 10 1993Redistributing the Database
180.0ZPOVC::STANCOELHOFri Sep 10 1993Ever Increasing GNODES...
181.05ULTOE::browderWed Sep 15 1993Looking for sizing info for ULTRIX and/or OSF Sybase apps
182.01HOBBLE::KEMPWed Sep 15 1993SYBASE book??
183.01EEMELI::SONKERITue Sep 28 1993sybase beta and OSF/1 1.3
184.03KYOSTue Oct 05 1993Any recent wins against SUN/SYBASE ?
185.03KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerMon Oct 18 1993DECnet and Wollengong TCP/IP at the same time?
186.01NYOSTue Oct 19 1993Porting, What does it take?
187.01EEMELI::SONKERIWed Oct 20 1993Sybase beta (OSF/1) bugs ?
188.02GRANPA::MCAHILLFri Oct 22 1993Sybase Assistance Needed
189.013471::ANTHONYTue Oct 26 1993Large databases
190.03MSDOA::SECRISTSat Oct 30 19931993/4 Training ?
191.0SIERAS::NAKAPPANMon Nov 01 1993looking for Sybase/ACMS accounts
192.03RDOVAX::SOBECKMon Nov 01 1993OpenVMS AXP 1.5 and Sybase
193.01BASLG1::HICKSFri Nov 05 1993bug in server 4.9.1
194.05MKOTS3::ANTHONYMon Nov 08 1993Performance degrades with 4.9.2 for 1 customer
195.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue Nov 09 1993Sybase FAQ - From the Internet
196.0TROOA::SOLEYFri Nov 12 1993Loosely coupled
197.01ENSURE::GAVINTue Nov 16 1993Agreement to resell/pricing/configuration info?
198.01OSLWed Nov 17 1993TCP-numbers on OSF1?
199.01GUIDUK::AUSTINFri Nov 19 1993Sybase on OSF/1 Help Request from Hong Kong
200.01MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MWed Nov 24 1993Sybase 1
201.0TROOA::WEAVERThu Dec 09 1993PATHWORKS netlib support?
202.07BASLG1::HICKSFri Dec 10 1993HELP wanted on 33
203.0MSBCS::ANDERSONFri Dec 10 1993Sybase OSF References
204.05NOVA::YCHENTue Dec 21 1993How to use ODBC to connect to SYBASE db?
205.04EEMELI::SONKERIMon Jan 03 1994Sybase 1
206.04CELAVI::KERNSThu Jan 06 1994Setting up a benchmark
207.01CELAVI::KERNSMon Jan 10 1994Disk requirements for sizing
208.01MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MWed Jan 12 1994SYBASE Magazine
209.015ZPOVC::DAIVFri Jan 14 1994URGENT : HP BEAT ALPHA ??
210.04CELAVI::KERNSMon Jan 17 1994Purchasing Sybase
211.01DYPSS1::SMITHFri Jan 28 1994IMAGEFNF on init
212.03ARRODS::CHRZANOWSKAMon Jan 31 1994Inet driver for Sybase on Alpha?
213.05ZPOVC::DAIVTue Feb 01 1994Sybase locking problem on OSF
214.03FAILTE::TAYLORTue Feb 15 1994Sybase on Alpha - reassurance for customer?
215.03AOSF1::krasThu Feb 17 1994OSF/1 vs. AIX with Sybase?
216.016BERNFri Feb 18 1994Sybase System 1
217.0CELAVI::KERNSFri Feb 18 1994Visual Basic, ODBC and Stored Procedures
218.0UFP::ANOPC1::MITCHELLMon Feb 21 1994Sybase Client on Windows NT
219.010NYOSThu Feb 24 1994PC and SUN users accessing SYBASE
220.03SYORRK::krasMon Feb 28 1994Connect to SNA mainframe?
221.02MTVIEW::DEPLEDGEMon Feb 28 1994sybase winsock and pathworks v5 trick
223.03RCOCER::ROLANDRThu Mar 03 1994Sybase 1
224.07LATINA::CARVAJALMon Mar 07 1994OSF/1 V1.3 -- SYSBASE V1
225.03ARRODS::STOTTORThu Mar 10 1994Level 3 Isolation in Sybase ?
226.01NEWOA::CHEONG_PFri Mar 11 1994Sybase and SCSI devices - Help required please
227.05PRMSTue Mar 15 1994Need RDBMS comparison studies
228.0ROMTue Mar 15 1994OSF/1 & SYBASE V1
229.05BGOWed Mar 16 1994installation fails..
230.0GLDOA::OCONNORThu Mar 17 1994Migration of database from VAX to ALPHA
231.0OTOOA::PRIEURFri Mar 18 1994Secure SYBASE Anyone?
232.01EEMELI::SONKERITue Mar 22 1994Any news on Sybase 1
233.02PTOVAX::SCHRAMMMon Mar 28 1994SYBASE Test Database Help
234.01BERNWed Mar 30 1994RAM needed for Sybase 1
235.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Apr 05 1994SYBASE, MS Access, DECnet and ODBC...
236.05ZPOVC::COLINTONGTue Apr 19 1994Sybase 1
237.02MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MTue Apr 19 1994Digital Sybase Strategy
238.0RCOCER::ROLANDRWed Apr 20 1994Openserver Porting Feedback...
239.0CGOOA::MASONWed Apr 20 1994RS/6
240.04DYPSS1::SMITHWed Apr 20 1994Is SYBASE secure?
241.06LARVAE::MUIR_JOHNWed Apr 27 1994SMP Performance (or not?)
242.02MDCRAB::RICHMONDThu Apr 28 1994ASE, Tuxedo, AdvFS, LSM ?
243.02FORTSC::ORNELASThu Apr 28 1994Open Client - Ct-Lib OR Db-Lib
244.03BERNMon May 02 1994DBLib and error handling
245.0FUEL::grahamMon May 02 1994Neat Ad in "Sybase" Spring'94 issue
246.01EEMELI::KORVENRANTATue May 03 1994OSF V2.
247.01MSDOA::CLICKWed May 04 1994Seeking AXP vs VAX Performance
248.0DPPSO::PALMERWed May 04 1994How reliable is Sybase
249.05TPOVC::RICHARDKUOFri May 06 1994Sybase locking when I run client Tool on OSF/1
250.03SWAM1::ZELLER_CRMon May 09 1994Tuning Parameters under OSF/1
251.01BASLG1::MORRISWed May 11 1994VAX VMS -> Alpha OSF Sybase Port
252.01SX4GTO::MACKBEEThu May 12 1994White Paper: Migrating SQL Server Systems to AXP
253.0SLOVAX::NEWMANMon May 16 1994Sybase Config for DEC 21
254.03PTOVAX::SCHRAMMWed May 18 1994Sybase Report Writer Product Suggestions
255.02TROOA::RJUNEAUThu May 19 1994Experiences with 1
256.0VNASWS::EDERFri May 20 1994Open Client for Ada - when on AXP ?
257.01KYOSS1::TANNAMon May 23 1994SYBASE Presentation ?
258.0CHPSC::RUFFIN::HUNZIKERFri May 27 1994Experiences with SYBASE 1
259.06QCAVMon May 30 1994Sybase 1
260.02ANGLIN::KUTZFri Jun 03 1994advantage cluster
261.06POBOX::OLEARYFri Jun 03 1994Help installing master device?
262.0PINAR3::KURTHCHMon Jun 06 1994OSF/1 Sybase 1
263.0VAXRIO::SCHORMon Jun 06 1994Sybase OSF/1 & PCNFS problem
264.01BLIZZ::PERRYTue Jun 07 1994from Allied Fibers. V/V client with SQL server for WNT
265.02NASRC::CAMERONTue Jun 07 1994Performance Problems - V1
266.02ZPOVC::VIKRAMFri Jun 10 1994SYBASE backend with TFM frontend
267.02FAILTE::ADAMSFri Jun 10 1994Sybase sizing ?
268.0MRKTNG::SLATERMon Jun 13 1994Sybase course schedule
269.01MRKTNG::SLATERTue Jun 14 1994Sybase Technical Newsletter
270.0MRKTNG::MURRYThu Jun 23 1994dstartio I/O request message?
271.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSTue Jun 28 1994Sybase v4.2 mirroring and 2nd scsi
272.01ROMEOS::WILSON_DOThu Jun 30 1994Sybase & disk I/O performance
273.02ROMEOS::WILSON_DOThu Jun 30 1994SA Companion on OSF?
274.02AMCUCS::tandy.pa.dec.com::hunterSun Jul 03 1994Contact the SDC Database Center
275.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGTue Jul 05 1994Sybase and UCX
276.01MRKTNG::MURRYMon Jul 11 1994Problem with UPDATE STATISTICS - kernel corrupt?
277.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Jul 13 1994Gartner Group report on Sybase
278.01SIOG::BATEMANWed Jul 13 1994OpenClient with PW V5.
279.0MCITS1::TEJAFri Jul 15 1994WSMAX needs to be above DEC recommended
280.07SAC::GIBSON_CMon Jul 18 1994SQL Server Benchmarking Questions
281.01NYOSS1::GRAHAMTue Jul 19 1994Key Sybase Wins/References for Digital
282.01GRANMA::BDEHAVENWed Jul 20 1994IPX Access to Sybase
283.01WELCLU::GIBSONFri Jul 22 1994Replication Server?
284.02ISTWI1::OZILFri Jul 22 1994OSF/1 and SYBASE
285.06AMCCXN::KARIMMon Jul 25 1994Performance degradation during data load.
286.03VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jul 25 1994Sybase AIX to RDB in OpenVMS
287.0VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jul 25 1994Sybase in AIX to RDB in VMS
288.01GUCCI::JGRIFFINMon Aug 01 1994Sybase Consult Available ?
289.01MXOCTue Aug 02 1994DECsafe ASE + SYBASE references ???
290.0SWAM1::ZELLER_CRMon Aug 08 1994Socket connect timed out
291.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATTue Sep 06 1994sybase with LSM raw device ?
292.0ROMEOS::BOLTONJAThu Sep 08 1994Sybase Product Certification Status
293.01NEASSG::MARTINELLOThu Sep 08 1994DB lib for PW V5 TCP/IP ?
295.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Sep 15 1994Hashed index holy war ?
296.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Sep 15 1994How well does Sybase scale ?
297.01DEMON::PANGAKISMon Sep 19 1994Demo site in Greater Maynard area?
298.02POBOX::OLEARYSat Sep 24 1994Sybase for OSF/1 vs. 3.
299.01SX4GTO::MACKBEEWed Sep 28 1994Sybase/Digital (AXP) Test in PC Magazine
300.0OTOOA::BROOMEFri Sep 30 1994Looking for Sybase Senior Programmer Analyst
301.0MSBCS::ANDERSONSat Oct 01 1994Response to PC Magazine Article
302.03ROMEOS::BOLTONJAMon Oct 03 1994Sybase on Alpha/NT
303.01DELNI::S_ADAMSTue Oct 11 1994Sybase on alpha vs. Sybase on SunOS?
304.0AMCUCS::SINGHWed Oct 12 1994Sybase SQLServer on OSF/1: Performance, support issues?
305.01ELTOOL::SYSTEMSat Oct 15 1994Sybase on OSF/1 network access with IPX/SPX protocol stack
306.03SIOG::BATEMANSun Oct 23 1994PATHWORKS / Windows Sockets V1.1
307.0TAVTue Oct 25 1994cannot use sybase backup on LSM raw device
308.0LESSST::MCCANNTue Oct 25 1994Looking for Sybase/DEC customers for testimonials
309.02COPCLU::WAGTBERGFri Oct 28 1994Sybase on RAID disks?
310.02ASABET::SILVERBERGTue Nov 15 1994Sybase Purchases Powersoft
311.0EEMELI::SYVANENTue Nov 22 1994Performance related parameters OSF/1 V1.3 + SYBASE
312.01OFOSMon Nov 28 1994OSF ref accts
313.0TROOA::PBLANEYWed Nov 30 1994SYBASE performance problems AXP
314.01CSC32::COLTERThu Dec 08 1994Can SYBASE handle BBRs on SCSI disks?
315.01CSC32::COLTERMon Dec 12 1994How does SYBASE react after a successful BBR
316.014GL::SUTTONWed Dec 14 1994Papers on Replication Server?
317.02KCOHUB::ROCHE::SHERIDANTue Dec 20 1994Waiting for Sybase on OSF/1 V3.
318.01BEJVC::HELENZHOUThu Jan 05 1995TPC-A ON DEC77
319.02BEJVC::HELENZHOUThu Jan 05 1995SUPPPORT FOR DECsafe? Advc FS ? LSM ?
320.05WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Jan 10 1995web home page
321.01BEJVC::PRESTONMEITue Jan 10 1995does sybase support pathworks V5?
322.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Jan 16 1995ANy performance hints?
323.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jan 18 1995SYBASE and 275Mhz 21
324.01QCAVTue Jan 24 1995Help Need to size system for SYBASE
325.0NAC::NIELSENFri Jan 27 1995Problem with setting shmmax on OSF/1 V 2.
326.02HGOVC::JOELBERMANSun Jan 29 1995Patched for OSF to improve SYBASE perf?
327.02ALFTP::HOSSEINIThu Feb 02 1995Process Infected Error Message. Any Ideas...
328.08WELCLU::POWLESThu Feb 02 1995Have new SYBASE, need patches ?
329.01ROMEOS::WILSON_DOWed Feb 08 1995OSF Ver 3.2 support - when?
330.02SX4GTO::MACKBEEMon Feb 13 1995Sybase Digital [Alpha] Product Portfolio
331.02OTOOA::PONDWed Feb 22 1995Sybase' Gain Momentum on Alpha ports to OSF/1 and NT?
332.01SWAM1::ZELLER_CRWed Feb 22 1995Sybase as db for Linkworks?
333.03AMCCXN::VOSSThu Feb 23 1995LSM and 1
334.01HOWICK::HOWARDThu Feb 23 1995Two databases kept in sync?
335.01YUPPY::POWLESSFri Feb 24 1995Patches and OSF1v3
336.02SX4GTO::MACKBEETue Mar 07 1995Sybase SQL Server TPC-C Results on Alpha
337.01538Mon Mar 13 1995Sybase 1
338.01DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Mar 13 1995Innersolv ODBC
339.01CHEFS::HANSONNWed Mar 15 1995DB Integrator/Sybase ?
340.04AOSF1::krasFri Mar 17 1995Sybase TPC-C Comparison
341.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Mar 21 1995SQL server to Open server performance?
342.01LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Mar 21 1995kbcreate: couldn't create server region
343.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Mar 22 1995Setup for record TPC benchmark?
344.02KCOHUB::ROCHE4::SHERIDANWed Mar 22 1995Backup Server problem on OSF/1 V3.
345.0BBIVFri Mar 31 1995terminals getting disconnected
346.01FORTSC::ORNELASThu Apr 06 1995SQL Server has incorrect time
348.02SNOCWed Apr 12 1995Sybase - Digital Unix & XA question.
349.02JULIET::THOMPSON_SATue Apr 18 1995Patch location for V3.
350.0EEMELI::SYVANENThu Apr 20 1995SYBASE inst fails. Stack guard size is set to 2
351.04NAMIX::jptMon Apr 24 1995Digital UNIX V3.2 and Sybase update?
352.0MRKTNG::MURRYFri Apr 28 1995Broken Pipes Error?
353.0LEMAN::HASLERTue May 02 1995MS SQL OS2 and novell named pipes
354.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon May 08 1995Sybase System 1
355.03HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu May 11 1995Turbolaser support?
356.01MAIL2::VONROSENDAHLFri May 12 1995Reference Help Needed
357.02JOBURG::MCCULLOCHFri May 19 1995SYBASE 1
358.0GOYA::BEGONAMon May 22 1995Problems when users encrease
359.02ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYWed May 24 1995Sybase on OSF software required
360.01OTOOA::WNOELTue May 30 1995Backup performance of Sybase?
361.0QCAVMon Jun 05 1995Invalid output for float type from a client.
362.04VAXRIO::MEYERTue Jun 06 1995libraries location.
363.02SIOG::MACHALEFri Jun 09 1995Sun Sybase to Digital Unix Sybase..?
364.01GENIE::HARTMANNHThu Jun 15 1995Documentation of traceflags needed
365.02GENIE::HARTMANNHThu Jun 15 1995Experience on OSF 2.1 SQLServer/Repserver 1
366.01OSLFri Jun 16 1995Sybase parallell server on Alpha Unix
367.02HOBBLE::TERPENINGTue Jun 20 1995Sybase 4.2 on Ultrix 4.4
368.010TALE::LAWSONTue Jun 20 1995MF COBOL and SYBASE Problems
369.08GIDDAY::GARDNERThu Jun 22 1995Digital Unix V3.2 & Sybase
370.03EEMELI::SYVANENTue Jun 27 1995SYBASE+ raw device + volrecover problem
371.03WMGEN1::eschpc.mwo.dec.com::eschenbachTue Jun 27 1995DECsafe and Sybase
372.01AOSF1::krasWed Jun 28 1995mapping requirements for sizing
373.0FORTSC::ORNELASFri Jun 30 1995T-SQL subroutine language construct?
374.01YUPPY::WOOLLEYFri Jun 30 1995MS SQL Server / SYBASE Open Client
375.03HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Jul 04 1995A few questions about 84
376.0FORTSC::ORNELASWed Jul 05 1995printing '%' with ISQL 'print'
377.01TROCThu Jul 06 1995URGENT! Benchmark Advises Needed
378.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANSat Jul 08 1995Tophers top 2
379.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jul 12 1995LSM and SYbase
380.02GOYA::ANAWed Jul 12 1995HELP!! References Sybase 1
381.01DEKVC::JOONGSUNJUNWed Jul 12 1995about Sybase Perf. on Alpha/UNIX and OpenVMS
382.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jul 12 1995Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club
383.01PHONES::HESSEThu Jul 13 1995V1
385.03ADCAThu Jul 27 1995Relication & Navigation Servers ?
387.03DYPSS1::COGHILLFri Jul 28 1995Can someone loan us a license?
388.01WRKSYS::CHIMP::KASWed Aug 02 1995C++ and Sybase
389.01IJSAPL::FREKEI::VanGeestFri Aug 04 1995Sybase vs RdB?
390.02LJSRV2::ESPERTIMon Aug 07 1995Sybase system for testing
391.0AOSF1::krasWed Aug 09 1995Replication server questions
392.04ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Aug 17 1995Sybase V1
393.02ALFAI::HOSSEINIWed Aug 23 1995Interactive Query Accelerator
394.01COPCLU::BENTThu Aug 24 1995Stored procedure, memory size?
396.01DV78Tue Aug 29 1995Sybase license info.
397.01SEAWLF::POISSONWed Aug 30 1995Sybase Product Help?
398.01LABC::NGUYENThu Sep 07 1995Sybase version supported on TurboLaser?
399.03TAVMon Sep 11 1995Future of SYBASE on vms
400.01CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Sep 14 1995Sybase References Notes Conference
401.015228Tue Sep 26 1995Inactive connections disturb the results.
402.0TLAVMon Oct 09 1995SYBASE on VMScluster - Common connect for PC ?
403.01ISTWI1::OZILMon Oct 09 199584
404.02GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeTue Oct 10 1995OS 2.1--> 3.2 upgrade
405.01CSC32::COLTERFri Oct 13 1995server Error: 1129 causes SYBASE to shutdown
406.03SMARIO::BARKERTue Oct 17 1995New Sybase White Paper available.
407.0SDOGUS::MORINTue Oct 17 1995Training Agreement?
408.01COPCLU::GREGMon Oct 23 1995OMNISQL Server and Digital UNIX?
409.01NYOSS1::GREENBERGMon Oct 30 1995Sybase queuing packages
410.0CALDEC::VELLAMon Oct 30 1995Sybase System 11 Training
411.02HGOVC::JAMBUTue Oct 31 1995Were is the announcement/TPC-C nos.
412.08ALFSS2::FOLDEVITue Oct 31 1995was that a lame event or what?
413.0CALDEC::VELLAWed Nov 01 1995Sybase Teleseminar Training !!!!
415.0+1CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEWed Nov 08 1995patched decnet for axp 6.1?
416.01NQOSWed Nov 08 1995WNT & System 11
417.0CALDEC::VELLAThu Nov 09 1995VMS/ALPHA 6.2 Certified
418.0CALDEC::VELLAMon Nov 13 1995Sucessful port from Ultrix to Digital Unix
419.0DV78Mon Nov 13 1995IN NEED OF ODBC HELP
420.01ALFSS2::FOLDEVIWed Nov 29 1995OmniCONNECT questions
421.02TKOV51::KURANUKIThu Dec 21 1995UNIX parameters for sybase total memory?
422.02HGOVC::JAMBUWed Dec 27 1995Record SYBASE TPC on 84
423.01MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Dec 28 1995LSM / ADVFS / RAW (again)
424.08OSLMR::MARTINR_PWed Jan 03 1996Sybase V.11 and IQ availability?
425.01DOD2::PARKERFri Jan 05 1996ver 4.8 conversion question?
426.03HERON::ROWLANDSMon Jan 08 1996Sybase feature list questions
428.04DEKVC::JAEHOLEEWed Jan 10 1996comparison between ORACLE and SYBASE?
429.03TDCIS4::VANNIERWed Jan 17 1996Digital Unix/sybase and SMP
430.03OTOP89::tsueWed Jan 17 1996TZ87N-VA Supported in Sybase 1
431.03OSLLAV::MARTINR_PFri Jan 19 1996Just a simple question from several customers...
432.0CALDEC::BOLTONSun Jan 21 1996Sybase IQ Beta Sites Needed
434.01AXPBIZ::twinfn.pa.dec.com::Conferencing-UserFri Jan 26 1996Sybase TMP area Contention
435.0+4OSLLAV::MARTINR_PSat Jan 27 1996Sybase configuration and sizing guide?
436.01CTPCSA::CONNOLLYMon Jan 29 1996odbc on a VAX
437.01MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIMon Jan 29 1996performance gain for reads and writes not as significant
438.03OTOP89::tsueWed Feb 07 1996Urgent Sybase Backup with LSM RAW Partitions
439.01GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeFri Feb 09 1996Block vs Character devices
440.0AXPBIZ::MACKBEESat Feb 10 1996Farewell
441.0MSE1::BAKERMANTue Feb 13 1996VMS Sybase and SHAD_
442.0TROOA::MOKBELThu Feb 22 1996SYBASE server Hangs on VMS/Alpha
443.0MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSTue Feb 27 1996min alpha config Sybase on D-Unix
444.02NETRIX::"MIPAKO@"Thu Feb 29 1996Sybase TPC-C on Alpha 8X
445.02CSC32::KIRKTue Mar 05 1996SYBASE BUILD slow on system with larger memory config.
446.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Mar 11 1996Backup using TL81
447.0SCASS1::GROVETue Mar 12 1996Sybase Server 11 & Digial UNIX 4.
448.0ISTWI1::OZILThu Mar 14 1996Sybase and ASE
449.0NYOSS1::GREENBERGTue Mar 19 1996Replication Server assistance?
450.0PAMSRC::STUTZMANTue Mar 19 1996Visual LAN Probe debugging tool
451.04DV78Thu Mar 21 1996Sybase Alpha Product Portfolio?
452.01HGOVC::JAMBUSat Mar 23 1996SYBASE problem with OSF 138 patch ??
453.02HGOVC::JAMBUMon Mar 25 1996DU 4.
454.0QCAVTue Mar 26 1996Ultrix 4.4 and Sybase version ?
455.02GUIDUK::WU_CHThu Mar 28 1996How to find out who use Sybase database
456.01ISTWI1::OZILMon Apr 01 1996advise on sybase
457.0+3AOSF1::krasMon Apr 01 1996SQL Anywhere on NT Alpha?
458.0ACISS2::PAPPASWed Apr 10 1996reference site running Sybase and COGNOS needed
459.0NQOSThu Apr 25 1996SQL Backtrack alternatives?
460.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 04 1996Dodge Group OpenSeries on UNIX with Sybase 11
461.0DV78Wed May 15 1996Problem with a code port.
462.0123329::JOELJOSOLMon May 20 1996How much RAM per db connection? no record-locking?
463.01NQOSFri May 31 1996Tru-cluster & System 11
464.01STOWOA::HAGGERTYFri May 31 1996Sybase, Digital form S.I. pact
465.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Jun 27 1996Sybase on DUX 4.
466.01NETRIX::"bolton@pa.dec.com"Tue Jul 09 1996
467.02AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon Jul 15 1996MicroFocus-COBOL diff. DEC-COBOL?
468.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Jul 17 1996MF-COBOL <-> DEC-COBOL syntax/behavioural differences?
469.01VIVIAN::A_STOCKThu Jul 18 1996Help on Sybase 11 please !!!!!!
470.02MEOCThu Jul 25 1996VLM demo for sybase/d-unix ?
471.02MOSDM::GALITSKYFri Jul 26 1996Fault tolerant database and transparent failover
472.0NETRIX::"hadia@pa.dec.com"Tue Jul 30 1996Sybase on VMS update
473.01LATINA::ARANCHAMon Aug 12 1996Error sybase && UNIX 3.2F && Cobol
474.02NQOSTue Aug 13 1996SYSTEM-11 LOAD Extremely slow.
475.02TAVWed Aug 14 1996Sybase & Powerbuilder in X.25 Environment ?
476.0NETRIX::"hadia@.pa.dec.com"Mon Aug 19 1996Sybase SQL server certified on Digital Unix 4.
477.0NETRIX::"hadia@.pa.dec.com"Mon Aug 19 1996Sybase SQL server certified on Digital Unix 4.
478.02CHEFS::SHADBOLT_STue Aug 20 1996Companion Server, VMS and Windows client questions
479.0+1NETRIX::"hadia@.pa.dec.com"Wed Aug 21 1996Sybase System 11 now in Beta for Windows Alpha NT
480.02NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Wed Aug 21 1996Implementing Async. I/O with a raw disk
481.01TAEC::FRESNEDAFri Aug 23 1996Sybase versions vs D-Unix versions
482.0VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Aug 28 1996Error during link...
483.0STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Sep 05 1996Sybase 11 TPC-C record on AlphaServer 41
484.03HYDRA::SHENTue Sep 10 1996Open Server slow on DU comparing with HP
485.01NETRIX::"hadia@pa.dec.com"Fri Sep 27 1996Sybase product update
486.0PRMSMon Nov 11 1996help on 41
487.01CHEFS::SHADBOLT_SFri Nov 22 1996Problem trying to relocate tempdb device
488.01COMICS::CORNEJMon Dec 02 1996Sybase and Advfs (again - sorry!)
489.0TAEC::FRESNEDATue Dec 10 1996OS login versus server login
490.02SEAWLF::COLETue Dec 10 1996Sybase 1
491.02RDGENG::WILLIAMS_AFri Jan 10 1997Memory Channel stuff..
492.02PRMSFri Jan 10 1997page ownership error
493.0116875::LANGFELDTTue Jan 14 1997Sybase 11 on OpenVMS?
494.0PRMSFri Jan 17 1997libdnet.so probs: Replication Server Dunix 4.
495.0 *+1VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Jan 28 1997Is Sybase supporting MF Cobol?
496.0 *+1NQOSWed Jan 29 1997Help! Sybase won't start!
497.0 *NETRIX::"zanni@nio.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997SYBASE addressing memory greater than 1 gig
498.0 *SEAWLF::COLEThu Jan 30 1997Bufunhash errors ???
499.0 *+5SEAWLF::COLEThu Jan 30 1997sysconfigtab settings gh-chunks ??
500.0 *SEAWLF::COLEMon Feb 03 1997downgrade Dunix to 3.2G to support Sybase 11 !!
501.0 *ANNECY::ISERE::POMMIER_JCWed Feb 05 1997Moving from RDB to SYBASE
502.0 *+2STOSS1::KUTZThu Feb 13 1997web.sql
503.0 *KHUFU::EVENSONTue Feb 18 1997Oracle and Sybase simultaneously?
504.0 *HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMThu Feb 27 1997Sybase restore got write i/o error
505.0 *NETRIX::"jeffrey.zhou@bej.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 12 1997Sybase 11 problems on vms cluster
506.0 *VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Mar 24 1997Oracle and Sybase at the same Alpha?
507.0 *PRSSOS::DIETZFri Mar 28 1997UCX vs DECnet performance (INETDRIVER, SYBASE appli)?