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Conference 7.286::white_castle

Title:White Castle
Created:Wed Jul 01 1987
Last Modified:Fri Jan 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:93
Total number of notes:630
Number with bodies:0
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1.05EXIT26::STRATTONWed Jul 01 1987Introduction
2.081EXIT26::CREWSWed Jul 01 1987Nearest Castle?
3.015QBUS::MITCHAMThu Jul 02 1987How do White Castle and Krystal compare...
5.016CADSE::CERNESEThu Jul 02 1987Phone/Mail order?
6.05EXIT26::TURIThu Jul 02 1987Bill of Fare
7.0EXIT26::AYERThu Jul 02 1987BURGER RUN......
8.08CHESIR::MORINMon Jul 06 1987A bargain at 32 cents
9.07SMURF::REEVESTue Jul 07 1987Slang terms
10.010SMURF::REEVESTue Jul 07 1987Favorite Stories
11.03FRSBEE::BEVERIDGETue Jul 07 1987Why so hot?
12.01DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Jul 09 1987Sliders & Slurpees (WCs available at finer 7-11s)
13.06EXIT26::CREWSThu Jul 09 1987Home Preparation Recipes
14.04USPCFri Jul 10 1987Buger King goes WC
15.02EXPLOR::GONZALEZMon Jul 13 1987Burger King Assault?
16.03HECKLE::YANAGIMon Jul 13 1987White Castle commercials
17.03ECADSR::SHERMANMon Jul 20 1987Maybe I'll surprise my wife with *dinner*...
18.03RAINBW::DOBKINThu Jul 23 1987Where have all the WCers gone?
19.03CIMPLE::STRAKAFri Jul 24 1987Jogg(l)ed Memories
21.035EXIT26::TURITue Aug 11 1987Taylor Ham
22.012CHFVMon Sep 28 1987NICKNAMES?
23.07ANGORA::MLOEWEWed Oct 14 1987Top Hat - White Castle
24.017DENTON::AMARTINMon Nov 02 1987Promotional items?
25.08ARNOLD::ROTHTue Dec 08 1987Just found this file/Columbus, OH is HQ
26.04SMURF::REEVESThu Dec 10 1987Novel: "White Palace"
27.09SKETCH::KORELLISWed Dec 23 1987New Chicken Sliders
28.02HOMSIC::DUDEKTue Jan 19 1988Yum!!!
29.025OVDVAX::ROTHFri Feb 05 1988Xmas is late/WC information
30.01HANEY::ROTHMon Feb 08 1988WC's and politics
31.05HOMSIC::DUDEKFri Feb 12 1988The Modern WC
32.01USMRM9::JMITCHELLWed Feb 17 1988 New Yorkers will remember this!
33.02NANUCK::VENTURAWed Mar 02 1988WC Revisited and other observations..
34.02SMURF::REEVESSat Mar 05 1988Imponderables: the five holes
35.04CADSE::ZAFRISTue Mar 29 1988Dress code
36.0FRAGLE::WHITTALLFri Apr 15 1988Corporations Parties and White Castle
37.020EXPRES::FINGERWed Apr 20 1988Greetings Fellow Castle-holics!
38.02CSC32::J_PARSONSSat May 21 1988Phone Number for WC Headquarters?
39.01USMRM9::JMITCHELLFri May 27 1988 Is there nothing that is sacred?
40.01SALEM::D_TAYLORFri Jun 03 1988Which is it EAT TO LIVE or LIVE TO EAT
41.0CSOA1::ROTHMon Jun 13 1988Chicken Nuggets
42.01SKYLRK::OLSONThu Jun 16 1988Foggy Ohio freight crossing
43.06DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Jul 11 1988Where to get frozen WC's in New England
44.06NYJMIS::CHERYLThu Jul 14 1988Good News - White Castle Branching Out
45.06SPGOPS::CAMPBELLMon Aug 01 1988new additions
46.07--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 11 1988BURGER FANATICS NEED HELP!
47.04CURIE::BBARRYMon Aug 29 1988Well travelled burgers
48.07REORG::SCHORRWed Nov 02 1988CASTLE Locater (V1.
49.04CHOVAX::ALPERTFri Dec 16 1988WC comes to Philadelphia!
50.0MSDOA::LSMITHThu Jan 05 1989My uncle work there
51.03CADSE::GLIDEWELLSun Feb 05 1989History of White Castle - Chicago Trib
52.04WR1FOR::ADELMAN_AAWed Mar 08 1989*Kick the "Sliding" Habit*
54.010ONFIRE::VLASAKWed Mar 29 1989Red eared slider!
55.0DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Apr 12 1989Anybody catch Monday's Doonesbury?
56.03CSC32::J_PARSONSThu Apr 20 1989St. Louis Castles?
57.0HESIRI::CLARKFri May 19 1989CONTEST ALERT!!!!!
58.06EVER11::DELBALSOMon May 29 1989White Castle trivia - movies and novels
59.03EST::FINGERThu Jun 08 1989Any 'Castles in the Twin Cities?
60.02BMT::TROTTAFri Aug 04 1989How to cook frozen sliders
61.01116BITS::DELBALSOTue Sep 26 1989Trip reports to WC's
62.0NYFSWed Dec 13 1989Maybe it's the Technique...
63.03NCDEL::VENTURAWed Jan 10 1990Dumb WC Commercials
64.07VINO::DZIEDZICThu Jan 18 1990White Castle T-Shirt
65.05BOGUSS::RAWLINSThu Jan 25 1990West Coast Appearances
66.022TLE::AMARTINSat Feb 03 1990Verona, NJ White Castle - R.I.P.
67.013NCDEL::SHARROWSat Mar 31 1990What do you order?
68.02NCDEL::SHARROWSun Apr 15 1990Any Breakfast Sandwich Junkies?
69.02ALLVAX::MARCOCCIOSun Nov 11 1990White Palace
70.04EXIT26::STRATTONThu Apr 18 1991Conference needs new home
71.03TRLIAN::SMOLINSKITue May 14 1991Thanks Jim
72.01SKIVT::ROGERSWed Jun 12 1991Castle Quiz.
73.01SHALOT::TROTTAThu Dec 05 1991Help
74.0USWRSL::KLEIN_DPMon Dec 09 1991Happy 7
75.0NCBOOT::SHARROWMon Apr 13 1992WC now takes VISA!
76.08ESMAIL::WOODFORDTue Apr 21 1992White Castle withdrawal case.
77.0ODIXIE::BARNARDThu Apr 30 1992What! Swallow the thing!
78.03TLE::AMARTINTue May 19 1992Bunny Burger
79.026TALLIS::PARADISMon Jul 27 1992Sliders spotted in Massachusetts!
80.01LAVETA::J_PARSONSWed Sep 30 1992Castles in Illinois (but not in Chicago)
82.0TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIMon Mar 01 1993white castle ad
83.0TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIFri Aug 13 1993state of the company
84.0ROMEOS::KLEIN_DPWed Mar 02 1994any WC in NC?
85.05TRLIAN::SMOLINSKISat Mar 05 1994disney marathon
86.0TRLIAN::SMOLINSKISun Oct 23 1994Univ of Mass (Dartmouth)
87.01TRLIAN::SMOLINSKITue Nov 08 1994WC coupons
88.01TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIFri Feb 24 1995Purity Supreme in Nashua, NH
90.0TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIWed May 17 1995Free WC
91.0FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Feb 15 1996White Castle Web sites
92.02DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon May 06 1996One more reason to work at Spit Brook Road
93.0DECCXX::AMARTINMon Sep 23 1996White Castle on the Web
93.0FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Jan 10 1997News involving White Castle